The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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federal Employe Groups Win

Appeal In Job-Guaranfy Case
The rollowig article, of inter- Thatcher was retained to rep-
eOt t 1vU O Eerc pC employSD wan re.fa M' ,.
extracted from t Mondy' .- "i o the employ or 1 -o
me of the Washington Evining xaUonsj dendh contrbte
-- and wrAtten by Jbseph n iI it on the grounda
PSver-met employee leadersI otretr uiteu. Mr. Dohpty
.h aU atrenedp M replied that Roth wax t a
etoryt United Stated urt member fthb better carriers, et*-
of- isadeci~don in the Leo other, but that the Imaes Involvdl
MA s whch upholds the fft all Government em-
abrbtotton frights of IeceaRw wi. I
service employes. "Roth was a Justice Depart-
4e merhinx a District Court de meOt ttouey with civil service
M ,on the ap._llate trt *tatui whO e job later wae
hed that the Lloyd-LaFPOUee tran .rred-to a non-luil lerv-
Act-of 14 guarantees er- Ce ce rom which he wa
-t-civl Wervice employes th* later fiM Te District court
t lt arbitrary dmisn' decision upbold hi" srbtalry
m their jobs. dtsmlnal n iaed t tcvll\ rv-
se appeals' court .micson fe em piu e transferred taon
cOm le a irat morale boater Civ b los o e rjob
to-iav im or t federal emply- proteeton rights and cosld ub-
as, been great ly ust e uenly be summarily disle-
or eprtmeioyc attorney. eanedh*
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Gatun, C.ZL

This Is for that 25-year- craftsman.
This writer finds it hard to see how your stupid one watt
eo eto emulate BadeyeS plus your little black book could poe-
hllelt the rest of us in 9rganised labor.
Rarely has the Job vacancy and transfer bulletin felledd to
aertse a vacancy for a qualified craftsman In the Power
Where salarie&sare based on similar Job qua leations
Si employ in the States engaged in the generation
i ef &leottic-power, certified here by the Person-
a wage and classification section, and recounmended to
r by thp Wage Board. as prescribed byl a.

Answer I

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Vla4ntlt SSicker
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prim mud shelterd side
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condlmenmt 11 PolitIcal called the
37 Laminated faction of Italy "Emerald
ro k 12College eoMdll -- "
S1 Spring bird 20 Clutches 29 Bamboolikc
1l Unit of energy2l Be present graou
I SOM2r 2S Heavy rods 30 Son of Seth
23 Ewchangy (Bib.)
S premium' S Girl' name
27 v name 24 Incline 40 Peruser
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42 Irish
' "conettl"
45 trW dritrls
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47 Fruit of the
palm tree
49 Roman date
50 Irritate (coll.,
51 Soothsayer
3 ye (Scot.)
54 'ype of boat

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t sauht he was seeing things when be found a &hW 1a LiUefral,
*upatreet. He was really surprised whn he eUa it was a
s mother bat with two of her youngsters cingU't hebat.

OPeers of the Whisky Ream'd


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By vImCO;

Sherlock Holmen s
somewhere, 'm cr
faJkom over at i
te ,gence will torS~fe WS
tour leuthg .-...
I did' want to atv the
Communists had ltr
English atomic labor
radar and electrookni p t'
other, centers of eieet.i
cal production, as
In other words, -i*re aey
secrets from the Comp: t?
There aren't. The Codimj have
succeeded. The ditish. etroee
and aircraft industry e ag -
.nificent. They beat back the Nazis
once. They can do the same in
any contest with Soviet .aircraft.
The Comintern obviously was not
going to overlook them.
The tovarischi started o this
project a long way back. They sa.
ways do. Shortly after the first
World War, in fact. Soviet mill-
tary intelligence believed that the
next war would be fought with
chemical we ;pons-gas, mostly.
So the Comlutern dispatched
word to the British comrades to
infiltrate the British chemical un-
ions, This they did In the Twen-
But then along came some
bright brain in the Kremlin who de-
cided that the next war would
not be fought with mustard gas
after all. The next big blow, and
the final conflict they sing about
so much, would be push-button af-
fairs, electronic brain stuff, it sald
in their crystal ball.

So in the early Thirties, both
the American and the British Com-
munist union chiefs werf ordered
to forget some other projects and
to hurry into the electrical field.
The British party crwd was told
to ease up on the chemical unions
here if they didn't have manpower
for both assignment;. "
It did not take the local tovar-
Ischi very long to Wl: control of
the highly strategic electrical
Trades Union and alo consider-
able influence in the Amalgamated
_g-_eering Union (which is the
British counterpart rf the are-
ilvely anti-Communist Ameran
Union, the AFL's Intornatl
Assn. qf Machinists wljt
whose members there can beko
War industry, no air fleet, no t-
ulous weapons" or guided
smiles ) .
Measure of the Communistsf'
cess in this operation intltrat
caw be seen in a report. ro
f....k lif -m *ut bxAL B 4-- x B

The vital Ekal T
"the -" a ,
ly ,t wede,- to
passe every one ble ret-
Uons introduced byt he party Qd
Its friends. -
Nice crowd to have In ider
atomic bomb and aircraft fields.
Tow of these resolutlens called for
the end of atomic production and
increased trade with the Commu-
nist bloc.
Today the electrical union has
ts people in all strategic plants
-radari, air-eraft, atomic build.
langs, research, and whatever else
goes into. the making of modern
Futthermore, it has its men con-
centratedlJ luch vital areas as
the Live .d t, Birkenhead
docks, Rnd the -Osyside indus-'
trial area.
This union -,- the ETU is lead
by the-toughest Sovieteers in the
business. It his a training school
out at Esher, Surrey, where it de-
velopsa new cadres of leaders. Thus
there is little Ohenee of a revolt
within the ranks or the splitting
away of sections of this union in
years to come. Following the sug-
gestion of a friend in London, I
called the uniot as an American
newsman (pressman, they say)
and asked j"I couldn't sit in on
some of the classes I couldn't. No
one could.
You can have tea. You can see
the building. But you can't sit in.
This unoa is a tightly controlled
outfit-an ready to roll.
Not too long ago, the ETU had
what might e described as re-
hearsal si radical action. It ran
a series of selling "guerrilla
strikes." A few men were pulled
off the Job. first in one plant, then
another. Each place was paralyzed
for a day, and resumed work as
the next one went dead.
The union's central headquarters
ordered its members out of the
huge Capenhurst Atom plant,- and
out of the HBrwol Atomic Researe
Station, where they worked on con-
struetlon of the most. secret fa-
ceilte; aNd t of two other aom-
ie enters. They strk a giant
reinary at Mieere. Important
docks where sMU Ran be para-
ed by the iof a faw m
were crip d as wee a score of
other plate.
In all U disciM id electri-
cal workers it theb on or-
ders from their Comaeglt lead-
ers. The deck strike ts called
over a hikang rival Others
walked o atp sity pay ereasoe
-but whatever he remse, they
did take mers to deads paeduae
The MIS*y at a y eas it
tchested on the -e h thee
iM eat. Bt are lant
Ie Two saay thi maely
a -I a n -,
MOM caa be wa
40 1ROPW I -4a

Fr?. M
'^. i a

*t '-

'lJI~1 SWMUS ppka?.

d o_

," -. i

...... ... C


Lie Detectors

The recentt whodunit stuff with
the ~le detetors has been fascinat.
Ing to read about, and there is
no denying that a plea for a new
trial for Paul A. Prefer, e. young
Brooklyn, N.Y., truck driver, was
based vn a series of sueh tests.
Pfeffer's tests indicated he was
not lying when he denied the mur-
der of Edward S. Bates, whom
rapist John ot4 claifas to
have killed, others,
It may wll hbe that PfiRr I.

read se
was o
assist fo
They rei
tlon to
wide op
A cop

eomae on
who As
even *h
tripped u
The av
or innoc
ed, and
cent, y[

down, wi
got to r
or a pei



graph is apt to be pretty bumpy. is crimtoal scum, men who' have
Anyone who might have recorded reason to be suspected and are
me the day I had- to make a picked up for that reason. An odd
speech in Spanish coad have found lump or an egged eye seems to
me guilty of sinking he Maine. me to make very little difference,
When the day comes that ma- rough andlng gets at the truth.
ehine will give you Irrefutable evi- In tifte of the innocent by-
dence of guilt or innocence, -all ptLder, it Is very sad but cope
the lawyers, judges and jurists will are I. the business of catchmg
be out of business. There wo't be criminals, and your can't eatn
a more lengthy tals or wrdng. them entirely with cream.
ufl, Bunisnhe Innocents. Just tie Wht I was around about the
on Bwre ai d ask him If he dafl. Doce courts as a Idd reortter I

ntenced 4he murer ,, or e.. Thenerp a, mean o m. set vam tine w. h '" .
ent we an lre eba e or sot him fas e cop a lot of -mb cops, They o the taxpayer $12,000,- .
r the ma but gu am not too anu d s .0U5 ept oups. 'IBut most .000 develop. 2. A ia. Ea Pvate
too sa in t aee et a g ot the wmee Jt u doig a is' awer re .,s a__e
cord a pre "ce h rd_ had-on feeD a hard Paraed d icalArkai s whea ...r
emot, th ad e dtd he

n to e o re r afr U os emlAlie a a nitio d w M
we 16Dow up _. .U v a *

emot ao ly unstab or hat o i .w r t aeas itee to
uavily exted can get ut I tileounhat In abitart Se4 .0 m2L- '.er'1 n I tie ea
up on the detector. percent of nmost police "late o Inela who f r-do als t wa o Ndaee it
average man, looking at a i ons" the laws are not e s Ido no believe ta her is pssaU eoasup iorteno
that could mean his t with what is commonly ter m an caused f sor oye sll ment When m rat senator would
ance, is going to bdi c "lc" people. "Nice" people are about .the dence o pole bru- line up to count nodes regarding
tne i so ift he i-W .rather rarely suspected of erime ality leading to false nviaton, an ue dealing with Mcaflh
hw a t m -lso serious at it takes a hev of you have ever spent any tmeism, there were always three c-
Idr-M.OMVy o,, Sjt- detectives to uond a little truth In. a penitenti y ou will be apt they could not d nOnt
when the chips are really ou of them. he aceldenal mur. to conclude that mot of-d-e 0 af s Z1&ra= of Nevada, Cef.and
heber it's a %ech you've derergenerally doesn't pose much n see belng there and # a& of and Mcleln oe
maks, of a trip to anrt, of a problem. He's glad to cooness andging by the poUce I pu Arkansas, i.Demoerate. Demo-
risonal tragedy. You hook and get it over with. 'e m there, a. busted rib or so Is eratic leaders just sever could tel
to a lie detector and the What cops generally deal with not really very impoeteat.* when McClelan would end up bot- :
ing with Joe.
| This wasn probably because of .
A f A McClellan's economic ties back in
na Arkansas. It Youe l3k up the cli-
denta' of MceUml as law firm, Gau:
EgIban, Mcqellan and Ga an of
By LEE M RTIMER ,saentm you : iandardO,.a th it Tde- H
water Aseocltted Oil, Seaboard Oil
S-of Delaware, and Cater O.4
Uoulter:y thi t his ans explanda M
The Store For Walter: small cops and constables in..1udson washesuthis DubIonpie -Clean's vote foe tidelands h Woaandi ,
rwi ww Is-& 6-ui o zuncay lUZU5 usqa new minet ani. MM tha win Auw i.a n-uw1Ak6&-* n te whih w alt.r-. Yu (L., .). a

While WW i ou to lunch j lm as an w New Mexeo 1n on the
motto is "Business as Usual. eut cut. It's not uncommon to find bod-
we warn yitr.ow, the temporary les along the highways and no re-
manaemesnt el inferior mer- ports made ... Most rectnt "di.
chandise., rectors meeting" of the "Syndi-
.-"e,.- cate" took place In a plush gambl.
The Old School '-ie: Did you ing lodge at Lake Tahoe on the.
know that Senator Ralph Idlanders California Nevada line. Among
is a fellow alqmnas of his Derma- those present and voting were the
cratic oppose number. Stu Sym- Capon bo, Joe PiscbetUt and
ington? ther-oficial bies p s Tony <(ne o gj er) A ardo, all
note *S la l well-imobwa
Corme 4S1V11 Co h well as Mey of our kw
malmas~af ltbeb aleng and I wasW prominent "Doe
yet. But Fljaders' blog not Stacker, who doctor. Estwe
mention thlst (1) He has )o large where art thou. ,
interest in a Vermont cenpany Way of All When Reo
that shipped machine tool to So- -
viet Russia. (2) Before the Canadi-
an Commonwealth Parliamentary
Assn. (in ) he demand "B et-
ter 1 ..ce tats "for the s es
People's Volunteers" flg for -
North Kora. (8) In 19& came ITII ATI IL
to the deftla d the b w ver- .
sion of the (|aLaAmeri- Iot a M
can plane. t O. s. WAItE Ca
Air Force ehad a f"als ref- -
port" to M the public. U Hf
No P i F : Ed "Duff's .
Taveru. en route to Ku-
rope feor p tri.p, _old me, i
*"'Tis is la fis time I'll see I. I
I've been x the wagon for four
Lost AsS, Cal: Son* Hae

(I doa
Neal P
a capH
der w
ria Je
JFee 7t
yer. w
at imm
ah re

mdin .




a g ntuoh in p;rLbe Ml ly back toi
the arms of Joan Crawifod, t i
If Leace Fuller hasn't two-tiuM
him out .. MMa .k, whoi
winged it from Demark st to
send a few days wit Steve (ex-
Mr. Lana Tuner) Crane wbhe he
we& here, consDina herselfat e
Morocco with Marty Kla el,
who's. onsollag him f his
bust-up with Gloria DeBve&
Can't think of more
cyou? .. seen stABij a 'd
lte Club: Francbot and
e Von Furstaeberg.. NMpea,
4W we have to go thaug taat

The Forty Ninth State: No kid.
ding. N4w that Hawall figures
statatoe is iam iuals, tfre's a
vea.on. to rtre the mOa-
a ith an heir aM OUslkal-
S ee. Started as a as of
he"di (Bao d
Ij eof ne); new uet


What Yeou W V l
m oaer Auer s2
ewho 1sedto SSt

endinanet^ &S~"^

& C ." ".


eve a elwe to me ovweuw wure
SL. Bud, the Texas oil mil-
ire, has made to McClelan.
Runt, who is a strong hacker of
McCarthy, a former employer of
Mrs. McCarthy and aerate.
Fasts Forum and various TV-ra.
die p ramr- tried to pesure
MeClellat at the start of thie hea.-
ings. phoned Hamilton ,
ea, prgdeto Arkanasa Fwr

meter of be Frahnrfairs
Committee, says thaeU. must
win the allegiance of Asia or
be p to go down like a
houns cards. He urgea for-
mation of a NAT.4OJ isecurj

ity pact
I -


t 3*

for Asia a Coppoee
ce of Red China to the
United Nations.

By Calbroith
_, _





* 'IL



J 44z1

I --r -

y. .


4 -' -

- ----. --~-

E __ ___ __..~~,,,

-- --- --I




". l.! ,





Mee, ill


Ie tesm ntefuwed
the eemmittee on

1 -
p aetOterf Haitti mec
Dr. a
and stepson. Carl Jt. Legume.

R; Rlph CrOwIC
ronicas Curtx.'

X.. and Mrs.
and 3 chtl-
. Richard E.
r; Mist Ruth
CottreI; Mr.
Couches Mrs.
w Joan Crow-
Y and Mis

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth T. Daly
and 2 children; Miss famia E.
Daniel; Dr. and Me. Donald W.
Hearing and son: Mr. and Mrs.
IAmlm W mf= anid rnauwan '~

SHo m

Twi WVaNKR Acktr- fatrh
awiud to hr many honors. Ti
au the bet actress of the year b
ward is given in honor of th
Sarah I

Senator Says US Tc

Meco-Panama R4

IAMI, Florida, July 22 (USI)
--Tes U.B. Government will con-,
tinue its financial support of tne
Pan American highway, a U. S.
aienator predicted nere this week.
Senator Spessard Holland of
Florida said on his arrival here
from the Pan American Highway
Congress, still in session at Ca.
racas that the United States has
reacted legislatiqn to help In the
construction of the road from Me-
xico to Panam&a.
"The United States has footed
a part of the bill At s*t
ndI,, go .O do g d," d


/Ile handed
if elf Ith
c Ing Atyard P.
And MCallfon,
Gordbna P personal
l9titor in ae e, for a
def.meag th emerg-
htm a ths n thU A k

SLA e adds the arh iddon by ykes an his battery of In-
Strophy was preented to her vestlatorasay
S oup n Chco, I. The In anothercluding

e 18th century English actress, day, the Russell County electlci
idd ballot from Alwlery, rob
bake a eay nexta

.r- week to -stuy evidence com led
*W .HOn adds the Barah 81ddon by 'Sykeeasn hs battery of In-
be trophy was presented to her vestigato. .i
by a group in Chicago, Mll. The In another development t r
e 18th century English actress, day, the Russell County eldetio,.
.L"on, ballot from Al.ama's two Dem ,
...... '- oeratle primAes were ordered
Impounded for the second time
S-- A- P-- this month-this time for poa- 1
) Con e A r r able grand ury action.
No official link has ever been
jlJ'f C ..lU.-&l.. established between Patterson's
01W CO BelJe "n murder and alleged election Ir-
regulartles here and in Jeffer-
-- son Birmingham County, but
there have been meetings among
particularly significant, or Flori. top investigators In an effort to
da because e whether the two cas-1
the traditional nds, Mtween thles are related.
state and Latin America." Jones ordered. Russell Sheriff

Nw;.T J hmought,"l
bhe Mt h- er dere were
no buanrlft eUl... Pat-
wter t' R l oan$ owls In-
babited the hert that gam-
blini; at M id murder
run unec 'Vithat ,a few
miht feet hIa is otened
nw th the Ut f money made by
violating the laws of od ad
The Moutgoeiery judge said
thoe charged wfth eecuting the
law in Rumell County Will not
be deterred fMoW their Sworn du-
ty by "threats nor intimidation.
"Th1e v w ig be terrified
and f 6%h y the vireats
and ateonS .af lwleus me."

He apparently 8 referring to
reported thres made against
Gov. Persons, Oi1on and others
responalble for the anti-crime
crusade that swept this city, the
county and evefth estate since
Patterson's mznumr,
John Patterson, 32-year-old
ion of the alain man, baa been
signeId apeclal National Guard
protection a-in he was name
as nominee for attorney general
n his father's pboe.
Special security precautions
aNs also been- taken to protect
he governor both at his man-
ilon and at hisoffice In the cap-
itol In Montgomery.

" ow ris- my owN osMs
rul A,. DeVil,, former
LowK MMechanic
Now nms Ovver silo

2 C
'I can hardly believe bow quickly rve
tonen ahead In the Uloptola trade.
was a mechanic malmng a b oau t S 3 a
week. Now I erni more than o100 a
Iweek lor mostly contract work. UTS
raulii has been invaluable."
FeftabIe Busulg..A Bteafdy Job-
wore r e hre all
welillt feor eINa I stheag-gg r-
sale caste; Casl Itm

at the Car

A Ufct

every Saiurday Night from 7:30 -o- p


No Cover

No Mfimum ';

U- -i~










mama M.arene Difti (who
=p71h u B itfa her
a im nquito net

w nese m .. whiche
ton powerful
aBft udons
Isa "' ,oev, the

Bafht ihOtw. beauty

I Wonm What Beeame of: Jo-
Welch, Whoverbe was. (But

Names Muke News: That was
Joani Fostaine suppig at El Mor-
occe with Pierre G sthe Par-
is .ca mag seeu le's ea.

uforated with Ua.I
tare pia key-
ie Fild shortly
cementt on Capri
singing career-
w.. Need loot,
S(I tlnak she's
will.take a shot
this Fil
beWr husband's
V'Jll, the foam
sion: Wh the y

Mis Janr Jennlson; Miss.
ant Jobhalon; Miss Regina
Kelly; Mr. and Mrs. Maurice 8.
Kelleier and 2 children; Mrs.
Hi1da 14 =chen; Ms l y Ketch-
en; W. a.d MM, ank KUpper
and daughter Miss Adele
Lee; Anthony Liparl; Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur. McOettric and,
daughter; Rhard McGrath; Mr.
and Mrs. Charles H. McKeow
and children; Mr. "od Mrs.
hbad J. M ney and 3 chi-
dre: n a W. Meper; M .
Christu Newhouse; Eric
ordeal; Muiss Florenee OMrien!
Misa EdithM. Olrway an mW
May vuJan.
Dr. and Nc. Harry W. Paias;
Miss Euguta porsinger: Donald
R, Rathgber; Mr. and Mrs. Carl,
W. Reynolds and daughter; Mr.
and Mrs. Paul D. Richmond and
daughter; Berney J. Robinson;
Mfr. and Ms. Vance Rogers; Miss
Lymnn V. R ; iss JaMn A.
Roger ; B W.t W. es Mrs.
Droths Rthtelain z ford

vaMto at. smiar ma w -auw wn
America, the U S. gyvu[mar t is
fav-oray l.dsoesed -o ~a"der
means "of aidng the con tsri
south of Panama to finish or
Improve sections of the highway.
within their borders.
"As for the-part of the highway
located in South America, he
said, "I am sure that the Congress
will give proper consideration to
a. program, aimed at completion
of the road."
While in Caracas Senator Hol-
land received one of the two an-
nual awards Peseuted by the
American Roa builder Associa-
tien for his work on 2Liat of the
highway. The other went to presi-
dent Marcos Perez Jimenez of I
The Senator Is noted as an
'authoritative spokesman for inter-
AkAerienw interests and one pf
the Senate's strongest advocates of
the P6n American highway; Pres-
ident Jimenez ha given the fullest
support to the highway.
SRemarklg on his it to Ca-
racas, Senator Holland said "e-
conomic development is goin on
apace in V epilals. The pros-
perity lI simply astounding, he
added .
"Despite the faet that petroleum
consuttute. 14 i a o f the
Venesu la.n; m ts re
beihg Wade dIveSy the eo-
3037.Uirougb pLoB. ;

. wamMee ana son; ana Mr. a"a or those itre
Mrs. John A. Wilkns; Mr. and OverdR stablit
Mrs. Nefl Willger. the reason why
.-_ meant can nqp5U
S Commutrst originste basis."
Nebraska's name eame from the Senator Holla
Otoe Indiaf wed for 'lat water." his admiration f
c- ared oaby It
te heat "of X "IiUne Is Iv. Discrfbing it
elected by ugret baHot wfth one for tiose Inter
member of each household eating inter-American 1
one vote. that "Its m eeo

.., AA,,, OSO_ I-PANAMA.. Mb..

*6' e atlges eUs im- Is
T O sWe e

I OU m A"ma M M c
F*sst an hs 91pL
P"mM ~s

-~u 4
MedS9 M-
Walk -

'Fee bulmem w plewsm Ip M o
Cismb lte M te "It PANAMIgW
b,6 Pemmse ets.814 we 6Med
w Ceem CHAN m Opus.
', wep0Ouade, smAV sa .
W Og MY. OAYT & f liTW
N4w eseeuftba af kh a&

! *b1"

f e:'. .. .=' -^

Way to A
this aM-s
pay, bit
tltrade -
-ean Vs-.
N, N.Y.

"i m- -

No other pen gives you the nooth "diek.
click" action and matchless writiti luuay
of the Paper-Mate. Paper-Ma te'W ilul -.
Formula X-217 ink is guaranteed to okt
perform any othbr ball pen lik in t&e !F t 1
So insist upon the finest of all tral
pens the Paper-Mate.


Rtamin mub, red,


SM^.B *li'

A .J lifi,

- -.----~` ~


o ber
.8 efitewo




"., a -H s -
ib'. Gr ;-,- 'ililla h ^
:" ,',, a "*' 'f '*- q[ ,'

-, ,
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' 1


**:C .j4;

.;. ... .

The' Italian TV network wants she said, "Thirty-nine, just like
I, J:'. Fred Muggs to make some guest you."
appearances over there during his
AE'Uropean tour. The NBC-TV. "M' mother cried when she saw
S ,ehimp's trip to the old country is me," Dolores says. "And it didn't
the most publicized European in-iht.. me any jobs."
v : Vasio since D-Day. But how can
t he do Italian TV? He doesn't speak 1 But then somebody got the bright
S Ithe language. idea that Dolores Sutton would
.-- make a grand waif, and her die
Most of the radio and TV stars was cast. Now she'd like to get
appear in programs dreamed up out from under the label, but it
S b somebody else. Very few of *'t "- There isn't much de-
wasm have a hand in the actual maud for ex-waifs.
Screatio of a new program. But a ---
-ahow coming next fall is the result Eloise McElhone, who never was
"of an idea that hatched between a slow gaL with a vocal cord, is
Amos 'n' Andy-Freeman Gosden outdoing herself this summer. She
and Charles Correll. has a five-minute spot on the Tap-,
After the idea was born, they a.Cola "What's New?" show over
did the writing and recording for NBC-TV. In her five minutes-ac-
tItet broadcast. And they flew to tually, only four minutes and 20
ito4ly.t for their friend seconds-she gives a commercial,
S 5' Bill Paley. And news items for women, weather re-
Sn so the "Amos 'n' port and much other stuff.
-l* Ht all"[ will go to the
e q+. radio network next Septem- "I've never talked faster by the
.Jie clock in life," she saks. MSe
'v .'bidea, incidentally. Is b radli does the sHoW twice a day, with
-"'o run -by the Kingfish, and six hours off In-between. What does
i o kids radio In neral and she do in toose six hours? She
aisn arti r w.ah can't talking--or, rather, she does
e'_om'erewah 8 very little talking.
lw-anli i
Speclallnation is a fine thing, but Hildegarde and her long4jme
there are limits. Dolores Sutton is manager, Anna' oseako are noted
crowding the limit, unintentionally, as collector of paintings. They
She's become television's waif spe- were one of the first to buy a
clalist Understand, this Is not her Grandma Mtoses (which they sold
doing, but it's happened anyway. for a $100K profit) and now they're
,Miss Sutton Is, off screen, very collecting 'e works of another un-
.inwalflike. In fact. she's a pretty. known. He'A so unknown they don't
naturee vivacious brunette, with a even remember his nae, but he's
0.*k that ia far from lean and hun- a Detrolter who used to work for a
S*itL But somehow, onsreen, she milk conmlny. They bought the
anoibe downtrodden, put-upon, dis- cream of ;Is art.
W tesed and long-suffering. It's a I
First submarine was built In
TV Toers 160 for James of EngJ
a TV Tppers.-sA .-As-&u..-.Af- u ,vu I

.,p4-Hollywood, DuMont): I've
added up the number of people
before whom I've performed in
np. r career, and it's over 14 bil-
lio. NMakes me feel like the Na-
: tional Debt.
;' -------
S ba has waited her way through
SU toop TV dramatic shows-like
*; oOne, Motorola Danger-and
a i cu ntly w Valiant
CB6 detergent opera-
S s a waif what am a waif.
a. e she's married and psy-
and g ambles on the horse,

beca on the
I, I 't be kiss-
a. waif, as Miss Sutton
goe art, is a negative tal-
aia s he'd retr bed ai
',Xgeu ut "I'm not taUll and
twiy. sheIs not. Sbe's a bru-
and stands about "five-one-
quarter." She look like a
,.asger, but she's really 25. Most
S the tme, she plays teen-agers
'(w o evr heard o a 25-year-old
9M got her TV start paying
ai4d woman. That was
last Jack Benny show to
voweout 61f N f York. After a
'two-day make-up Job, she looked
,*5,ry month of JO, and was cast
t a. gwlZng grandma who showed
SWhen he asked aher age,

*au ToaxW"MAI'PNA. WIIOnNsellt
A~l ir+' r p,,,,+di~

land, and was rowed for several
hours at a depth of 12 feet in the
Thames, sa ording to the Bncy-
clopedia Btitannica.

7 .6 bJ, II A U. 6p-. F O.L -
lgr.111NIm o SEA ... "'&
"Certainly I'm here ewry day-einde I beamoos
to th lifeguard I want to see who he a

M- AI -


Great White Fleet
Orleans Servie. Cristoba
"CHIRIQUI" ...............................l
"VERAGUA" ...............................July
"BYFJORD" ................ ...........Aug. |
"AGGERSBORG" ..............:.......:....: AuI a
"HIBUERAS" .................................. Aug. I
"CHIRIQUI" ................................Aug. 8
0eandilans erlrgend Cblled mad Gmnal Cori

New York Service


8.S. "ALCYON" ................................July a-
s.S. "UNOR" ..................... ......... Aug.
SS.. "MABEIA", ...................... ........ ..
8.8. 'FRA BERLANGA" .......................... Aug.-

Weekly saillng of twelve pasenger ships to New York,
N~ewOrleaMs. L sAnlep, Sam Franceo ad Settle.
Special road trip tares ftm Critobal to Ne letik
Los Aneles. San Flanelsco and Seattle.
To New fork ..... ... ..................aVM
To Lee Angeleu ad Sa anciseo ..........gM.eeM
To Seattle w....... .................... "S ,

I. 8 ."C lM ......... .............. .. July 26
.$ ***" *** ............Aug. 9
.B.S. ......... '........... .....'.. Aug., 23

. 1- b'-w.Jy Reds a4

Her Answer

MORE C~ir itagsF
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A Different Tune


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rE'MNLY ttS.'N '33"
)TERE'6o iIRD m, ER OW

OUTI' ANDA Bi i1DM" ma

a Samtft
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Al Out

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tee Ms0*~kJgkb


A kl AMP \0
MA MiD 0


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M1 MMSa meS A

* *


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*. *- '\ 1.' ". .' .' *

oS j
'.. .,. ., -f .-. .
. . -' r "'. ,7,' ^ ]
....-'1;! ''' .',;'. ""-^ -' '- : ', i .. -.A .-.+. .-

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,.,., ,... i E ,. .., .M ., .
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,_ ., L,: :"1 "

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fcr WvMers. a

S o mers'Ibes clodb

C rs r o A Mors o,.

suma. r, i* rA .

'r. wi. ra Be
atamRtatd a atCmiz
W the rtcla

... ,
N. W tis X. L
NinwaU y for the 4al o I

aet a te at Me.i

the tno ~SuiteheACI
MoK.C. Wimes MCu

.Jeat ., Se.a .dDin
WIvesL Cad brl AI. Rg G

The fort lai' e

.(* J 2b. "ONUDW thi

!B *-f. 2!Saa "' I I
t075 aih

w ited u a,'111n terome .emlge by the
dmI. v ted to

,nd a ,Scout News.

L. f a aof Chap El Vore i ue. Pll Swwing
aU E C llp V0" Canal Zone
Son Club for he tour be Boy sett M Chriqui
ve hSarovinceis rd bn B Au ustnd
he the Zone arc ejob a full pro-

P r -. ,1 .- camp 12ua ort eRalston.
"ee r-ing. S o, met '0'oP 1, U overd.nor; Wilam
me ,.* t-oM rLbS lave, l t S M L Lt, oeror;
G.. D. flr;nk27 Lie at A y Munner, Troop 17, w as-
r M... .- -4 t-i
Ambt. of six doars to be5e d Sutt and ord Tates,
e s advance, wp n cove-u t'p 1: Griffith, Post 4;
.IB .S touisment. tach 0aed will play M um ,
to PIa- the same pare "I,-'ee irsItwe week cabin medere In-
avaggio. W --h---s-. -,,,e G-',-* ielde Gorge Camby, Troop 3,
1 5 ere Jon Oniodgrasas Troop 10; Jay
Choies AUioar ,5i;d ide IBellamy, Troop ; Jaies Peder-
EM gatSh ve- Troop 10; John Blakealey.
a,+. I Ve- "r frut'ew..>Troop 15; Albert Nluadh Trop
tarai. *Fo t _n i* i meeat4 Po WJo el BX ng Troop 3.
)108>" t : X aHMme fr'iPost'Te advancenen program is
a m5 "-a- n CarunW-o or" R.I. Mm, along with -g MeIt
regola tl o nUu ddg c1td te 1st w.-ek
x a andthe fouwing= tank advance-
of Con- wl be tde f ~loot; 61 aed? dPhilip
In"" -O tto Cun.d .Vom.n's vin. xd H e rife.
Club Card Group a t its bi-month- L v, ,ui%.enhey i ..f ....
ly .ti to be isLo form of O- ,- f I s, bein ,xper,-
iaudist ton Tues yt90Ud dby the Scouts Wlth a day
c. o- a bef, on^S Tues da iat 9:0i0 Ike to : lMert .Lakg aid one to
r 9 S' i ----,.,, v- rthe Chiriqui River alread cou -
Hff a pletedso leal as an a
s : *nd Retun" tip os=o rtt arly
J.,,Z ll rs a L ,. hursdy morning under te

South could' en today's hand
that wo Ishow.a to e points
was*,: ., .wtpde,
W9=4 o With
one spde outh ad to
come out groa v, .614 buoe.,
North ou o for a
ade stopier W ount of at
least a po nts. HirlMe all suits
would be sfely aitoped and the
combined count ould t least
enough for Mae Smh'i energetic
leap tou tsres aouP showed his
immene .streagth
SThe contract was quite reason-
abe, but Smuth should have been
defteted. Be b extract be-
eaqae East in the ort of player
who likes to trnu to Ins tinct
rather than to seslMlc play.
West led the ak of diamonds,
and South won andled kaspade to
dummy'L king. '-lut played the
six of spades,ad B0 a very prop-
erly held o. euuieDor success-
fully finesesd the- queen of clubs
and led hUs ott 01 dme awards
duanmmy's que est followed suit
with the e=g t of apate ,' and East
consulted his natlUct owes aiain.
* It was a baddy for insiUnct, or
perhapa the wVi& ws blowing
from the wrong diecton. At any
rate East held sup ae a second
time. .hif was-p a -wous mistake.
South took a6nd club'nesse
and then clank-d doWn the ace of
clubs. He woound tip with ten
tricks: four chlbs, three diamonds,
two spades-and one heart.
I t East had been sepntfic he
would have know that West held
three spades and that South oufd
therefore hold only two. (- West
hbad two orf our.spadu be would
mlay t t first a.a. then the
4nd then 01e tfi ^ how-
4d that he'o~ad~eUa three cards

mwe osrei
tiek -.


. Li~ttq Mein Pagtd,Tnpi nples
HQMs., Bridg .............. .from
* Immortal FIgurins .9" ............
* Singer Jars all sies and
design from .................from 1.69 e*,
* Sandal Wood Fans .............from .75 .
* Carved Salad Set (fork and spoon) .. ,95 e4

Many other distinctive items to add chtarm
your home, too namerous to mention bUe3


Remember to FAVORR thea' -


Ii -y?

9,s,,,o R,.;asa. n rf/f r ;Po 'i.
dalIa 09 C0140,IFOOI 10# AOlI NA h i f/WI drift #118 .

Ftsf-eon i n -th 7

Bif S'n EYE F- IN,

tri" I

, '" .. -* .. .
.1,' MIS. U 5. NAL FA, R. are pletured following
slu^ ab ,nraf*'at the fort Amador PoSt Chapel. Mrs.
?m- Na]lI, t.' the former Zoe Ann Kat.
a -
".+- "-"-.-,-.'O--
o,+5 +,, .,m

of .If "dI
of IMS, id
of I95. He

Fernade4-J: .e a ltatles Out
Invitations are being issued for
the marriageA.VfMsiM"a eFsan-
dea, dngtr" of Mr. ad Mrs.
sanow. PVr.' andes of Managu ,
Nicaragua, to G1abel, Ju'ns,
mon M Mr. and Mrs. Juaa Antes
do Jimene, .Jt. of W4U Vste,
to be solemalnzed Saturday, July

of the SalAe islh 1
ItaE' ttWB~ma 1.ghl
the Uniyersw.ef Coloe
ittoned at Parks Air

24. at 10:00 a.m. at the Ilesia del
Perpetuo Socorro in. Managua. ,

Leaves For W ee
The Govear Canal Zone,
mBrigader ea e S. Se-

Make meals
S- with


year Maih Fo;JMar r-Har cekiis,

,a .m -a m m'

.... -... .... .. .- .
;*-* .* ;: --+

mw lUk 5u=es t UOIa atl -aLZa
well reception to be held Sunday
avennlg k & e Gamtesa- Vivic
Center. Friends from both sides
of Isthmue aew. nvited.
The honorees plan lo sal for
the United States July 30 to make
tdir new AmB. -
Ri4mbow GM HaN W atileM -
Bafbo! : mall Wo."7 v & r
of Raibw for b"iis heLd' an. ar-
tiastom aof MW .. a "s, Judy
Titus. l a7l Jibmwlm. and San

The Altar hary Society of the
Sacred -Heart Chap. Aneof held
its regular monthly meeting
Tuesday evening. An eleti of
ess meeting, following which a
social hour was held. Hoateases
wre Mu. A ade biulwbsa, M-s.
Joseph Wood. aiM .fp Anne. M
New officers eeated were Mrs.

The aa Wo. end's
Club is spm ..g a tries o f
Games Oames fRi o.flayed at the U-

-MLr l. i



Rmw your
Bedrom, Diig Roing Udvng Room


A stybe Jar every castmerm .
AtMfrvcw deMigs ter HAVANA and NEW YORK


lership of Hani 8enn, "SwIMBJ
nselor for mountain l
n assisted by WillianiTay .
, Fulton, Aim tevens d
sa Hawke from the CAmP
L softball league with four
ms has been oaned and
r together wi hotseshoe
Chlng, atchery, and other
rt keep the Scouts busy ,n
Ir off time. Protestant church
prices were held In the outdoor
pel last Sunday with Rei
m 8; McDuffle officiating. as-
ad by Geo'rge lull, Olark
oks,.and William Fusselima.
o 6ooka report that all the
p sla in fine appetite and eat-

:* TE .

Delicious, tender Haddock, Cod, and Pearch
Cleaned, lled, quick-frosen im ediatly aftw
the catch. There's absolutely NO WAflTE EM iy ..
ounce is upr ah-eating.; you'll love R anuWd
EYE FISHi Baked, fried or broiled-any o.m .e '
fillets is a wonderful supper dish!
Featured In your commissary



Gives you 10 ful1 glasses... from

just one envelope!


Gm me leon v
) .__ e*am"f



Naitio -mo M,

4 5 --?* --
Mv f#IDA lb t ged


3,u. "
1*. A! 1" Pm
S p.T.m P
Openly tlld .I -


-1 td. I -Z

. -. w-

SL r .

: 1 ra~


i m:

+t+br^ -17A 'Ts*'hy
W AI.. ,-,'.lnr;-
fia'1 4Ow'

- "..'. .^


T?. i~


! '- ;1 n
. "' ? 'i ;' ? ; "i ," .'.' S

.... CA 4.....
.. -. '* ''* ~
,' ": -, "

b AT 14:
"5_' ~>

s''s2: 5ameg* M
N o iou A* s A

10M IL
&OYR IS ftmA3Mi
Lm C~rejqLWW

9-cubic feet Westing-
u Ice oxN. aH porcelain. S75
9, Apartment A, Diablo 2-3442.
E Diningroom set :'6 cha;r.
sidebtard. chino closet, pr.e-
he*y Restl bargain. Jose A
rano ., "Barriado de Miro-
to 7pm. ____p
'5A1 3-strand Philipping
rt chirs and sofa. $40. House
,'A. Curundu
L:-1 mahogany china clos-
ht me w-kitchenatte- et. maopl
riOm set. 4 lawn chairs, small
.. 270-. Alb,ook. Tel. 86-1

ALE: i.'atBag maQ
..;l a .J:ent c-n ;.:,r-. M ,I
,..*e'21ts2-A or phone Cu-
n t R42C .SA E.


-Mo.. ew Plip
Foorb ofJ age,

Rifree lhaofl I '


FOR SALE: 1950 Studebaker 2-
door. Cash only. Tel. Panama 3-
3134, 8 to 5. or 3-5320 evenings.
FOR SALE: '50 Pontiac 2-door.
v/s/w tues. Very good condition
S630( Phone Albrook 2232, Qtrs.
FOR SALE;-1953 Ford Fordor Cus-
tomline, w/s/w, 8700 miles. Phone
* Navy 3759 or Quarters 4-A, Far-
fan Radio Station.____
FOR SALE:- 1950 Pontiac 4-door se-
don. good condition. Hydrarnatic.
rodo, only $900. Caloil 2-1442 or
FOR SALE'-1952 Mercury hardtop,
Excellent condition, radio, heaooter,
5 npw tires, directional lights,
$.1450. Call 2-1442 or 25-3150.
FGR SALE -1950 Chevrolet 4-door,
roaio. Excellent, buy at bargain
prize. Poanamao 3-1586 after 5'00

"j p np or Curundu 4205.
'Ai* Mg4lf*4rd ___ FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet 4-door.
Si-ALE .- 5rce Triumph T- r.dio, 3 new rethreads, I new tire.
iL hke new. Call 2-4479 offer! under 30.000 miles, original own-
., ke new. all r. Call 2-2192, 796-B Tavernillo
Sp.m. Sreet. *0lboo.
positiono n Offered FOY SALE: 1952 Oldsmobiie-88
_____._---- f,'.ur-door sedan. 8eft offer takes.
FIRM in the Canal Zone requires Phone 3-2121.
',. ographer for four n-onths. Only
Siogropher for four onhs O FOR SALE:--1950 Buick Super, plas-
wifn "excellent shrthand ic s ovradde-
S' Write Lx 8 B37 l- tc seat ,o,'er, radio white side-
st sla O ting q oliftication and ex- EDES.
I nce. Enclose recent picture.- .. -
ol interview will follow. FOR SALE -1949 Buick Super four-
Cor.espcndence clerk shae good tires, $700. SMOOT &
about 30. able to meet people, PAREDES.
typist. neat legible penman- PRES.-
.~ mut know English and Span- FOR SALE:-1948 Buick Super fdbr-
.floently. Submit application in door sedon, plastic seat covers. Ex-
aitg In both languages. include cellent rhape, $595. SMOOT 6&
jo1ph, specify previous expe- PAREDES.
Box 528, Ancon: .Z FOR SALE:----1953 BuikV- I
r'. 8000 miles. Wilt consider I
1 *%!l.I. reo6-nable offec. Phone Curundu
tlBMK U3168 before 7 p.m.

'. lW- Iir

:AW..t J^Q

CASH WAITING: Will buy good
uMd cars. Late model peferd.
No. 31, Automobile RW, Tel. 2-
4624 .

A- : Floa. I

OUR customers and the public in gen-
eral ore advised that Felipe Wong
Gonzolez and Wong Wing Chang
ore no longer connected to "Abwr-
roteria La Union" and are there-
fore pot authorized to transact any
business In the name of sold com-
mercial firm. Beorrz Gorcio More-
no, owner.

FOR SALE.--Cocker Spaniel male., I
month old, with pedigree. "Clinica
Veterinaria Dr. Femrndez," 50th
Street No. 37.
FOR SALE:-Like new, 16mm Bolex,
reasonable price. Call 3-4117 be-
tween 12 .30ar.d 6 7 p.m.
FOR SALE:- "Black Beauty." A reli-
obe duty paid 1947 Nash 4-door
$250; good 4-burner gas, stOve
$50. Panama 2- 1259 office hours.
FOR SALE: Dog, Brendal Scottyo
registered. House 2162-A, Curun-
du or phone 83-4205.
LOST--2-month-old puppy, ton col-
or, in Bella Visto. Good reward.
Diaz family. 48th Street No. 19 or
Almac6n Rhoda.
Wanted Position
GOOD MAID, available Aug. 10 till
Nov. 1. Ironing specialist, for Fri-
days, immediately. References, Call
B~iboo 3489.
Help Wanted
WANt:--Expenenced cook. Bello
Vista. Telephone 3-1852.

BR6at & Motors
FOR SALE- 75-hp. Chrysler mqtor,
rebllt .With Intention of using in
boao. 'For'fdrther information call
. Sherwood, flaboa 4 236, Monday Strday. ..
.... -PQ l.R i9.W 1 ;


St WCaUl AWe. '

.abln in COOL Cerro Campana Moun-
tains. Telephone THOMPSON ,Bal
boo 1772 evenings l
PfilUip. OMenaid. cottagee Smtq
Cla. 435. Balb
.Panama Sel877. Criobt 3-1?
Gramlteh Santa Clara Bee8h cctti :
Electric refrigeration, os n otedw
Moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or

FOSTER'S COTTAGES. one mile past
Sonto, Clara J1.w rate%. .Phone
Balboo 2-18.6. .,
SNHAPNIL'S furnished' houspa on
beach ot Santo Clara and a aobht in
COOL Cerro'Compopo Atounhf
Telephone THOMPSON, lboa
1772 'evenings.,


FOR RENT:-From Augut I15- hru
November 15, beautifully fumilhed
2-bedroom house in best esidential
section; one bedroom aoir-conditlon-
ea. Kitchen utensils. dishes, etc.
Included. No. 3, 52nd Street, Tel.
3--06W.-- .
FOR .ENT Copl, well furn
resldnce in Ave. Just A
and 38th Street, Vioe del `4
bedrooms, 2 porches. Apply PIoe
Aparment u
ATTENTION I -. Just bu
furnished oartments, one ,
bedroom, hot. cold wetr. -D..
__ aptg1o

FOR RENTI Furr 'end unfur-.
nished 2-ram' moew 'opartpents.
Contact AlhaotnbrApMtOnents, 10th
Street, Tel. 1386w 'Ceton.

FOR RENT:-Aportment shove dC -
tral Theater building, Central Av4-
nue No. 141. Inquire Central .T W-
oter, manager's office.
SFOR RENT:-Modern two drU
oapartoment, 51st Street No, 41. For
further detoils call Zubto('3-1602
or 3-3331,7
P' RET --- 0e-bedre i .rt-
+ +J;i',+

vi: -
"' "1 ."



new, e S

0 0 1
O n ,_ l "

lassin Jaouslaie

Deuned m aaidatf-oed
In Panama feor paa
t fit any sise w .aiw

TS7 Cntral Ave. TA. 314

Special Sumer Ritell

al em 4 .tou -'.
mambe. e im, SwS.
Babr& rhooe, -,Wat,
r~ 1.,

Harnett & Dunn


<^M ~o UNS:ya~i>M

Saet e C .tI-

ty Chest Its actvi.
iues on thi. tat any organi-
.. o or e in the
woject of toe. et and desirmS
to participate'" the present com-
bined campaign, esn make writ-
ten applicata fo r Institutional
At the regular July meeting of
the board o' dAlretor held Tues.
day at the aewlh. Welfare Board-
USO on La aoe Road in Balboa.
P.A. White, chiet o the Dredging
Division, was elected as chairman
ol the 19I4 Community Chest

Radio Programs

Your Coing lity Station
(Telephb6e: 3-3w8)
Where 1,* W People Meet


Today, Thulidy. July 22
:l5-Preddy Martin Show
S3:0---Masc For Tufrsd .
4:00-Feature Rav : T
Theater (VOA)
4:30-WhiaMt's Yout. .FaTvorite
I(Reueoto e e Wphone
be(olft) :w


,a Your YFavorI
d) ...

S TO ..Y", .

m creen with u
.in. gun fire, Col.
ureat "The Miam
;h opens today at
atre, emerge as a
ulger of the masah-
on dollar crime yn-.
a embattled eitluen
e eity. BaUMy Sul-
ih eri Adierhead '
Bat. that alIM In-
Baer0Adalo Beb

*Vliri o t
The gang lord i

ie wreaare off
oIt a =


FOR SALE: -. Thl I It-Sae ver
sd m l $7501 Elceptional chance to get a
Sm, ilartoar tfthes lne ofrealWtofotoless thon
M ar last year' saftlY 'ast.-Ep*mllet location for business,
She pae .Qanal Co.- warehouse or resideride. I am retire
te wgovernmentM n all ing from the Panama Conaol leavi.
^ awards erWe_"t te Ing the Isthmus for good. Selling I
O to to e M"aun- this lot wdrth over $3500 for only
Digion anId to tie Health $2750. 630 meters fqcinu Trans.
Presentation of ,the lthmian Highway and 115 Street,
Sthe later two unita near new Los Angeles Development.
llnmaide later. MEISSNER, '582-8, Ancon Blvd.,
a0V' Ancon. .
i-1 fnnlna DIvIsion award Fn'-c. --
^ te n CteworFy OaRty FOSALM-3-bdroomchalet. 50th
kllch bettered Its par sg- P street, Poitillo. Caeo Segura S- al
r ent for accident mortgage. Agencios Thomas, Cen-
21 per cent or trial Avene 259. Tel. 3.1069.
FOR SALE: Bargarn lot (8,500 t
Mano 'ar for frequency I uaor meters) fronting on Trans- f
It actualy estab- lsIttien highway, 16 miles from f
2.f 3.. The par for i Balboo. Electric service ovailoble.
a .Ua.40, a compared Mast sel' in two weeks. Curundu
ltua rate of 1.0 $ '3C-5294:
SOR SALE -House and.. 000 meters
ttian of Award. ed lan n Santa Clara. Terms.
which is g ven, b -
a ftelty Council, wil FOR SALE: Lot in "El Cangrejo" I
.the presence 9O Ter- settlement, 20x45, 900 square me- t
eipltoyes who t, ood location $7000. Tele.-
lanUted to a1tteud. The phone 3-030.
;* b ecelved by A. X.
ote uent of the
um attend the NO'W.
it fty I and nthe te. to bay c

say a raraan- We abua la q election |
aF rau ftnepror.
award bf theW pu t le tsa |
^itobD*Iop wll hi attraethlylti
Dtofly the pn an eea with.
I lk In the TtuVi-fI

S | Wolff & Company Ltd. |
5th l eft S 2ln. S U

of 1 I---------n tma
ss.3 NEWTKlS
h#hwoli heln 670 x 16
om ut B7e with your
u men6tary 1 J old tire

swk aUn for the
% wlfl be tM='.8
S. -

and hiwe er i-

go -*

w, r

47b) :15
.. .-, ..-.,,


7 m 3ish"d two. bed= 7:l IN ot 1riulli Wg a g
a Vir a .EsD b tw ruis EUI (Tropeleo) inS, t fi rae. th M Ji
S .470C,,Stet No.2 .g T:3-Beort From the USeA t g d
SFO RENT:- BeunWlne-bedroom IM 8:06.-lPat Star Time (RDF) back. A ettlien's committee of -hzrp-tad- a 3
S ^ aportment ifurnished unfurnish- "A 84 .mS 8:--The People Act (VOA) deelded to fight fire with are. Wh _5,JtoA.
'A s di. Splendid location. 43td Street 8:00.-YOU Aked For It (Re- way -o b tre re.
'_U bt No, 13. o w .W. ou8wW-p.ea phone be- W icled -upon Sullvan. appe9, .1 dr2
Sfore.8:) to'rmed gangster, to get the uon, hUs rueeve
A f the FOR RENT:-ApnrtmeattglSllding 14,ver Eo Y (B |ood3 on Adlr, the mob' boa., meant of da'pSeNa. e8es- A.
Pan .th .000 apartment 2-C, Th Avenue, one ll:6-Muic From Hotel E Pan Sullivan was given carte blache matherw thilataw,
lamagei_ L wblih.4 ae block from Anedn *- Office. Tel- na ato hs methods and Was ex- shownwhat awtag
Balboagig phone 2.5327. 49 page BOOK 11:15-tri Serenade (VO) tended the complete cooperation citizens, honest upoBdla.d
.lnjmr sto* er yon. FOR RENT:-.otifult cool two- 11: .- aht Serenade of the police department. His ap- though, alert pole agm eSa
njur to herygon bedroom opargts u tag tidade 6FIId 12:0 -agnO0t. proach wasto11n settinglBupdotoridtheirrcitietofgaBpland
The $90. Bello Viste. Io.'3034. I rtt .a itl emrow, Friday, Jly SS his own racket n Adler's do- Inluence."
1 do main. .This. of course, brings him debeing a ih-owed
Attorney David Mzn," asks FOR RENT.- Furnoheirtr 2I In ratpa ', 2 6:00-ign On Alarm CIock Io conflict with the gorilas of thriller, "The iMamBto .
.hat its jde04iriO e sustained bedrooms, tinclondarietor PI- eliv Cnter for Club (Requests pleU the.gang chieftain. After some also a prepyeaative tbilitfr
for ea e of diyisasal and stove. 43rd Street o. 7.year py. pone by 7:0) exq ting a kimlses with Adler's show verty sr-ridde
or cot eul. FOR RENT:- Fumished apartmeN ". 8.: urch In The WdAwood uges. u laha the o-n America Wht to dabo
Ma(rily OR Rwo fiesit independent larm balcny, "facit -Musical Reveille re rack dotian on one of Adler's underworld a ho to d'lt.
independent sMrk Ju4y, fol4. A raht
harolyn,%r fWhr iled suit British Embossy end the seao r-. 1, :0-BseballToday most flourishing enterprises Ar.
tends ther at er Aert, gon- frigerator. Suitable for gentleman r.uaRw
ens th was not ven or lady. Ecuador-Avenue, 30. M ll--htZ d Heare I dp; ,

hit n b a rock near E Pnm oel, ready to

browns t.te wLOW A o occupied o Aug. s t. F3for fourthi CANINE HOSPITAL ,
were returnape it ttne from p.m. to 8 p.m. 1'RANSOR 11:0'--4ff The Record (cont'd) .. Via -Porrs No. 42 Te. 3-2113.
a football tmde h.l ID Crl'to- FOR RENT: Furnishbed apartment 30-Mt The ntetane
:one bedroom and both. No kitch BAXTE R, A. 13:0-New CLINIC HQURS: 3 -6 P.M. -

Bul V1sa1. FOE 3 2-bedr8 IamgUes ., I* MONDAY TilROyCH SATURDAY .
esof the Canal zopne Code on apartment, r=ving and diniRgr Tel.: 2-356 & 3-51r 1:0-Ne ..
mte around sat ,i "nd- terrace, moId', room and arel1-SSSc Of Mandhattan CLIPPlo
ou "-b th. e hot water nda srea 4 e ne-. 1 -MO.MOfThe PioneeU .O ON
l.erefrnm whberO tnta in further infornioflon call 3-342 1:r () 0--,s mho ITTnm)k

a Tllges that. .d from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. :E 2fom- .tonNolywoo 8 :-...
hmatI r The FOR RENT: Completdy furnis l PITANA ORTIHTI h: SSlAulnaieE -VNT- .- -- -
onplaint. -t Is tails to upstairs .tprtmemt in a two-fain y,0 3;-TeaZ Deke Show -
iad facts whether house: Uvthg-diningroonm, kit Ta e Hoese 'a Coe 2:4-Balnk Snow And Hia Rain- -
ihl. Ai t the train 2 bedroom Independent ma eAjete1, 3 M P1 AlL bowElo .
with he ites-tio of ping for room, garage, telephone, hot w: -aVal Wa w o.17So
he ete nd ntIemding that ent entrance to a1 'treflt. Sih 0e Pr r *
nt aiu furnished un- atEl Congrej'M-near Hotle M.N0-Dsir FRiy P -
the gr pusi.--a. maiTX2-d545. Xsi3
Dtna a gu e c FOR R NT dssced.K fc *"hoefi Our Big Ued CADILLAC exhi btlon?
e l aw FRa- RENTtl u e, R h v foi al Beautiful used Cadillase to choohe "
at21u ok 5:lr T e 4 Pa rtn U s eO
b e FOR RENT:-Fi/ or mplont, Cfurar2xal.
heteh-s.e o---I-ot-e AC h AIUO 1'R6mUeICAL OR s 2 s e d C SMe
Twins Among Seven n" cbit. N. .Tnd Street. el. i *hCA DILLA C
Births At.orgoas FOR RENT:.- ..d; pcom n.oI L_... *.. 5
.. 0_ Met cinma.P.w*_hhl 46tho.tVSreet, i
Then s sWis wre am sevenrrIli adW v0r.c mental po heum 7

priate -- bat-- h ,.,nea'r wna 'Mi-4-daw Sda "6" Afil".S ." aI'
u erevw=1,4 dmtilonss and 182-193. Ca Houses Fwr SelC '51-4'daa' Soa to e8 ':
*ma.,d at the FOR RENT:---r coupl fur Co l PultsB) U1 3m nr e .. v o P?

SwMk. One ed roo. Thrty e all .
Noo. 9.. fneriscmo ,he. sT el.- 1 vi oa UP"-M--

,s.,Twin..s were mfase lt F to Ni
e 'I'ltre, R opposieTa tdoYr, l.-p44 -k 'Sedli -
a. 4 sa NtG 1,, e. ..

,_+ Ji, ._to -Ho-se "60,- "3,"d"S"'rait.

. -ic .' '

was WANTED gTilr .-




. -~~i *. o.

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,a C"


a -aW soft 1!0

er *. R d"Cit Det t Cameron last us tiba ra r m r; tm h a d-

Ar "My 4as asked teaspoon 1eballneo. Theater Aug. M. on your b
*ht, e rSri.e 4t5 Now. tiny wlrsU mieh 4"ro- 1k v
Celeraaq s bour b ban T, p omln l m
a bldladr met" t W e

S|ina soea r the tra am tta a the o
se B am toE. M mufflta (old tah drea, ad the slto-na
u4 the toat the ei c, Spread nghtly a et nTO AY
EStbg with bater or margarthm. Ar. Hnli mn:mm. Th: a1trep. of 1
7( p.iB< ~the pp each mumfn half, toasted side up, tomorrow.
fl s MWsit Colonel Wofihne.-i. Orn a hated glats. Top with hat.l astead of an agent she'U3hS A
oof ach the e9 In genfly btelain an electronic repairman. .T
salted writer, te girt c p anceis1
at d d .., over tha l5. the gam newr bi capped by a
S h a ach en can en er own SOa ILP
*r '^^^5^5^^ ^the hot a tr rn ho awahe to fwn fa late
oives i u wish. r wtaem meas

al"-t the ot M TA John d better
r cat S o. Iston on July 31, n Augst R i 1Bhand far the nearest air-raid abel-
S ierane^ St- Coet and Bremer Joretad t hd maybe I better be right
r the Con the fst production of this pl
OTrg~alattanarla as0tr 0tr p. pne aR dho
V eee mag conblete id4Mts out of -
W expt id ae n ale t the Margarit average American ma." IR
Ihes Sn GClnfI ma hr or donaatedott sNid O for Sa dnAee "Mo I

W~ushn t-eSl m IM
a4" the-=e bet a h areb tae I a

el wrk d wfeof of tise aooks I hvl s
|ip movi e4Bos Rom Gndmabe oo cdine oal dce. t tht isa
dlre r ts e ma it

am d h cd n oe Ctameeo oinlsttui Oralsa cV ott
""M muraasi st It to bg IS ceveral oi evl d nIho atr In$h o tU a

emnC nmmunist flag wae Itlmis Bu t at ARTIit reader BenRANale1
go s inm t to gOe t r of t h R eds
4 tath 5)o home S a en Aeer w.mre the atoalreU tha- W
e Sat tyr hks na oa Fhe a I
eof Cml me"ni e. o4ha thes fy tMarge
mdp u16hi trtgn ei bumesa Tw tf.el A t A

f cart that larprc
na i outcry froml

tusk us e W I be as 4isl Nal Wfrwom.- -
Z!5 .-by dhes: and tt all hamt oergean s haoe spm it c

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a -oml 1 o0
% i7= e Wod oarta _i_ _e_ ct all__n
hot Wabed o, wl m iucar i tp f: 9 maI

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ha i we and the a o htrat l htl a el t

the se-ek mum tocale nda tonaor.

isro or re t Toal i t th e I t a n rem t chov ur
ofaso, e ft. s de s how

am -mail hat lava an


Robert RYAN

'^^^fiiaIitto F. I
i at

*** F. H. -I ***

- a 1C

'o IM.

* 115



plunoes. CMAtL WrA gives )U n
enchanting mase. It 4easm tAMt. clineE 4A
y leading toot pte .eps yowur breath
fr gives you ade'mEoutA tpte for kos.
Use Pepsodeut walk uMn.L r M1asT dib
Ns ^^a

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fo( so little ..

You'll be surpimd how much you t
.(r your 4fionoy who I comiito..


IAot to Say anythIiqg about
Lb all thA. port yoIu wil m anib'iC
you cona to our CLUB CAMPtotRl

m^ ^ r*' M~t**M C

I TvoU Tnrvi Agmer
Cven AvA. ve. M& -Tol. -24M Pnmmam
r~ ~~1 Y'd |I<
jL^ .ownes useass. Tel. crte. 21s

D .g .fA C
----- ** *Jaim* L




'.. v

wherever disainpished and interst
get together, you're surie find PALL MAI
tratv packageg. too.. or'c Wtbq..
igan of a distingukbed cigarette.
People who appreciate the beLt. always ehdose
PALL MALL for a reus4n. They like i-ts
delicious blend of fine tobaceos... ther
rS like it extra larg*eie
whichh fiters the s"9 a'
S.* and nuakesit melloker...
and. mot of a*1k they
like tWe eleang atU
PALL MALL. wafs t *
more tobseco t6e4 a-



-L--l--. _I~? ~ .~i ~LII--LI--

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.. -: ':' *1
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-. .,,.:tr

uNow Has Won ..-f,
At I Parian
f Last Eight Games. TiAinow A To. A* C l n
,-- aE .o-" T Owc
NEW YORK, July 22 (UP)-The WashltontsES at 5 P.01..
rs, who know a good manager when they see eofsl.i swimming tlt e
were rallying behind Bucky Harris today with bob movalsu'
MAted drive that may save the popular pilot's job. 01i nstymreatri
.s atll what the Pentagon win for the White Sox behind aI es are A-
call S limited offensive." 19-hit assault that included four esod by Charlesa
Blmore Orioles last night' Johnny roth._ The Whiteo ...
Sclub owner Clark Oriffith fve-run first inning and con rr A n ue
S a vote of confidence. tinuedtheir attack on Marlin
the bat showing the Sena- Stuart and Kuzava to even the M T.
a have been Rbe to make four game series at one win a- r ff 00 The Aa side Te da day of
pte plunged into a 13-23ple Dnmn tbpice A.AGacUea It V
shpln'onn tJuner 3 lSonnny Dixon. mAlN his be W in the Ga Wfte /"
,,gumph was doubly im-, first start since June 2, 1953., P Auu, In a
bes a.m. A contestants a rmeiea am..
~t, to Harris because it en-ended the Philadelphia Ass 10-a All Des totn ec foa rllard NoA lv NOW 000 -1 4
the Senators to go into a game losing streak with a s tix-l e Dam Ist Mre with Amateur 1e, may e mr fal meet
tbthe Boston Red Bo for hit, 4-1 triumph over the TI V. h.albonl beorethe are. o at the sa1m e p h place only one game behind er. Lou Llmmer, Joe De- D pr to in the Jr. oan4 as cubhs "4 (; 1.d
jumping fourth-place Do- Maestri and Jim Flnian hit y UNTED PRfrst, secon and A contest a ra te
t Tigers. The grapevine in- homers for the A.s and D In MwineT ers in the pre.lmilfeln d u o nly t a a be ndi ....
'In Milwaukee, manag the Jr. all i dtS'0 g A It+be/"n
thamst Participate in the Jr. Paciic C age oo aS
that Harris must finish retired the last il battersIn Moore of the i a a vision at c, -l
S to retain his job and that order oor club ai tobi held t bo th
fourt lae finih wuld Ph- t BIl Taylor's t the worst of the eal In the Swimming Pool on August 31, pondli to his or h ae. I re
sret.rn in 1955. nnth-Inning single scored Hank Unday rhubarb at St. Louis. 18l. ays, however, teamsiay include
elle pitcher Camlo Pascual. Thompson to give the New or Moore says: "We lost a -front The National A. A. U. Jr. Olym. members whose ais below that
ho held thol tO wo s ats a 2-1 victory over the u an in first base a rl pies mee&ts ,.u. t mb el .b t
ot ni "tahold tne' redit olest ow -te e n-.0,a
dunq the last even innings. re- Chicago Cubs and maintalnesd Toresn All the CardlMnls 1t contestants in the naul Jr. A-hntestJ,.uA parel in .
byn th bye suspension.w selo''Scnd Olympic meets will be. awarded o thraee(-a min vts,.

d credit for his second vi- their sevengame e I sthe te s ioe ls w b awr de a s a e v t
Ito when second-ba mn Jim National League. al Malle srng catcher Sal Yvars and a certificate of participation amdi iuding rlat.
leweer f edJimithed four-hitter or h nager Eddie tanky." Thatall first, second, and third places A eh the rules for the

under with the base file 10th win two more thande himc aPW u r m
"twner wilthO Jim Busy pitc hedn two more-thai htte o uld be Interpreted a' qilr wleners, s certificate of a aSl 14 Jr. O ly O m jmde the h v ets, .law, l, La.
ahnd onte outin the ninth T o gained all last season. l at tanky. Moore he itt .l b A. A. U. Jr. lmp Butr rlyn onelol ao
Sh n t fi r two-hitter, love for the Cardinal manage r. ram haln be diltvid i g Ot n ol) a .er
cr sRm Eh ed i et to Pras twohitth ofe 6T.
a Bo Trisl intoy eilhed strikeouts President Warren (iles'oh fo r sm a ch for ko and e itaoA
Wll' oNail emotional League, Tuesday aus 4 I &%d N o ftaid; -
lr rout the Ories aed t econd-place Brooklyn t th oiaro Laglo, da o- (drthe 1 s n an seaD entry an s or mt rge

prlt Innii -gpacd'- e seonlrodA.B.4.,ad .",8otrn i rs t hrwi a- oart Via te 6 r
fht s to ti the score at Dodgers to a -I trnh l ended Stanky for five days, Y years and under). Junior D .. n es be cmped ot

t4 or Cehtd tAe Id. Drag Ras B tb Leg* ----- b aev Atbra lers. tie bu f es oreaa P
s orerratrs rfor three and Torgesol for (11 and 12 years), ntrmedat before a contestant y par "el~ *Mte,

e ee i lt the d ws C excellent. Gdefst wame Totala 1@ 21B14 52 latayonh OrlP o e !ded`,n flber aL
l5-5 I ithd twon d i s tankyproed to beave D vision (1 year nd Iyrs), pate in the the A
o ard-lu DIn rsmer. whn who retired the last 23 Reds n wo n th. tin orn "-. w .- evr0 0e p0-l
rd lwd himself after a r lles announced .U.enior D ivis. 5 n (15 years and 16 A. U. Jr. 0 se forms
tre'fe.edT urleywandb llg esucnson. wast supp C er rui hils ,l but Moors doubts d year. ).- u000m000r-141
siey s715-hii assault thatiinerludo I are atthGatoSw-m
010 % cooled sixn.- bThe bfrthdmte must be certified ming Pool, Ma -9) -AndOWN m ss

imAevIySTA Udbe It *H*h -T u hitsa by Carl F*r il a .rG ym ao a IOS The lIa
fer 18"e y. -rt ;iSpp, &W otrofhRW=tud Hon P I .(.-.). .u. ^^^*^H^ .j 0 1ba 2 n s -sn ,
The Cleveland Indiaa -men Robin IRoberts won i "'sth ky was very much e lped do ontestant Is permitted to comI. ... _e -
It ewenxel-mae year aOs the Phil- Tinhebulbe ke Wllfninio he beh- l rown-Joltin' .- "b "
While went a half-Pine te gae of the Phil- w tiTt~nbe wro kn.,hewh he, Borpwn 140-pound ten-round
th NewYorknkees in the eph Phillies downed the wet g.'Whetheen 1-poundtehln er ound~n~ an, nr
AhmeNowhYorknt enLh aiedu akeep ItoupmIs to be seen."f( tur bbfhut at the Colon A rea rom
rllo Ltn e 1-tie with he ned Clna shded th Moore adds: "I, wonau hold any vvtPacif, .J s.a1ly Lo LSunday lit ilooomsacertainyl BWoca ..w
,t,.t grndt1-7otie rith lst.bLouis Cardinals or Th er1, grudges If ankstraightens "OwnJPrtodAttractco, aefrout crowd. -
wohtle the world cb t. pittsburohdPirates ,, ,. ... ..hea "
m eredt& a hu i,.tti..154. '3.40-other Nhtinal League ga.mes. out.rllle 100prrcent, for him icketsOr the "fight-of-theI fe e :b -n,-
s at the hands Of the Ch- Roberta lost his shutout on if .10 "conpnducts himself like ayMnltl c e p op'
1 FB.nint1- nnIzhomer wd eman. .GamesOnTarnfl'ye1are" atte Aintoanti that spfans U II It
., iniusleo -,-el rear-dtew w th Card ,i.s nut ore. stilllis bitter about pg itoer c.t +Irn-obtaining reserved .
,abiltlam cJthre e i n the f ifldhows n.thlu H rvCad di nawho lstru hk"WeI y eto useouTfie iseat-ioaed th atr Le a gu e r
e d '- ith four runs l aon. ee sigh -titchems, includ- tse 1 : Torgeson. Te a ~e~~.~
x- toLieO-ta d the se nintw prv adtes n wheonith befrw-. t"rst Vase eat a tinei who a the p-oin me frr wdth at u.o t .o1e .. m e. dayp-.d
-th m e'sM tiedthe, score th clr inc the ninth, be- ba d e rifled e Pacificraketbai l League the Rescue Squad 6 7.. Hig Promote Znriquer Martinr r .

i17rJmT O' e s ,, byo1ee h i.San dgs orelent men for the ers was ed ty-tu ooeTmWLP
WillaMs' dubg. i H.R. ._-rry -, Team W L 0B .sharp s hoo.ting Jim Diamondseats are steady poig In. Nge7
infbeo I the sxt. AT$' STAR a26th Air Rescue 5 2 with 18 tilis Dmon sere meanwhe,. 4u" Spec Troops 5 2 .71
AnIs'fbLoK 1 ..A woo-.r. Albrook A.J..... 5 2 sli16.o.unters in th firstalweihtchapWnN6
"-;go41 the Drag RhiAbernth ...Imno ple ,, f ply. Is work agistgai several broo kFlyeursre7Wg, -
-A uo twAtlas Oarden ...... 0 4 Thehosoorxues: I spdiingpaebtnrs. Iflc aMo1de.1a.'

"+T' I ,.'. ..,AB S. I',*'*..g b*r 0. .
e erUt.tD lspUniport. Wson ............. 0u "I -
by, hDO M4tecormich ............ 0 0 3 e. N0Jlye. i.30as 0
rt won theotherhand.MesitorOo a
bCEC.LI ll1..... ,,,...., b.eowing pl*'ore8..
*A~ua TH Aa Tna6..L ,raaoi| ma te ht._In the Smith ............... 1 0,02ltefom ohis ;e d..duringb Juw5: .c ..Tr we
I b .0UU tLa ueMthey vipl...l rihlV victorious lal ose-N.i'.
Oniedby theredewas the Gross ilsOLfJunio lo hD RAmonth. -

dM "About pt, e sfrom thep Numgpo Hey-................6 9 5.21,AOtuepanamS n. Noise maintained a torridOr ea. tO
The---oi- ,s.ou be ..s. ricd e"0 2 0 5 "uI pace in theIA-L Boca Seniors.'- second should prove Hody...................0 2 2 mudstar ogam Leagu#l c Albrpou f.-sies Aksq, __k sglsen of
pioe s eios pucto? obettwemeoKoray............2 2 1 6 and two four-roundprelimin- eom, 10 to 2.b`= :b .. 'W thereti'n-maJOls '
neth amtwo ritonsowaswde-MArhur...........2 215 *5rm. The mii-windup pitshit pi.chigd A.'. r .f& pn-b
A ..X. point margin Watson............. 1.0 3 2 flashy t.olo C..( ;Wk.r The league %ealUP of
SWatsopn. ....................... .1..0 1Francs-Againsthrd-ng Lu- Oft Galsoni, ugfreu,
Last .und.. nht bath Pai. ,a-k-f-- ............. 2 0 2 pe Panchq at l 28-pOunid e'lght totar sxrun@ the firs three Stt 6,_ u ,n ete
were excellent..In nhe first game Totals 17 1832652 .One prellminMr, will be be- yided IDntl p__ ftb .oSmiock. Albert lowe of ana 5.
due to Inconsistent calling, the tween lue-pounders Battlin si! O-- o u wasb_.1m- hurler. -I ..L*

enabling Junior oliee to iSa............-"h "."..... 5 2 2 12 and M. Preset TI-ict -aWhic ulesatdfu- It e- ..... w hc ea .d four- cun o ux s
57-52. ThM third quarter 1orScOtte ............... 2 0 0 4Olin ba rros nal t teoiM-bIib i." J the wol memp em inoh
Unisport fii e- astheysa s red a Flaherty..".......... -1 0 1 2 pound limit. .,I "lg,1-.2 ; P. Malcolm, 24;will' beapoun ced until t6- +
total of only four markers In the White............ 2 1 2+ 5! nl bl cha.,". 2 .5. f.Tofw_._w p officalshavewe-
entireperiod. Paz na"............. 2 1 1 5 A sp 1ia _l ague m:eMe ing ll.cek. _e, .e
While play fine all-around Diamondn ........... 7 4 0 18! %bl dat. 4:4$'pm- p on. w nlday. mu h rurna o Loreutt wet

FifteenCofA,. Ma-i' pt cm Aenyr............n20

evenin't!eR2btoo yers

.. ...s ... O "a -- ummer. -. (UP)i T7he racial color
S. coached the lsadtter he Fh oear Little h t I 'S .rown.fromline finally as been brokenI in HOTTBTTR-1M.
91lp COST Diego Tuda..a u .ft a League after atwo-year attempt
C- a "atmur .ta d mitNelro S l ae iLr- --
chb44 be, The color line fedl,
"Do.., amit lagres a p l ytorkt' a aight when Negro oy. d Ren- *o'-ren+S IIrt

B-S.- u w i m onth. of r sp started for Hot "- '
oLkeenin ishowed the a hif s rian. Misin&nrmI C si,
de a ~~broken is.the am immeridlan. Mission ,7kmvp

. .I 4

Is. Swallow Touney
1,.. | oUwtRs4. ul. a. hh i

L"t I ar-t;
-'-a .0
.+ + +i

*4 ;pY.;

;*" +
'- C


~.t .7;

a iaim

~., ~.>t*.


;'. .. *-- +'O
., *. -.
Wi ,t .i1" ,. *+ .

S s, .- .. ..:


^ 's + ,, -' ..,. U


~. i.n~DsuW

00Matz ,, 1 O'N41 lreay had founAd the growing %W
- tem eas--ohof a.dub,. which was tailog It players with
p vaute dtuctls, a bit too much for hI l a .Ior did tve meet
.thd d of the uanlie-mystem-brd Barney, who
fond l pterns of Svernmento t and pas
AllMI War -. waq-loae for Steve Was bruted about
and Tuesday. Hotar, thert was no*
( at^ 9 Mox am hMilkely nceuO r. Bate a
S1I- ttst.uDroegex and Jim Turner, watching tpro r o
S"igh' )O O, outield marvel of the C idinals ,
St.gey oSnith-e_ ly_ de1


/ VOW, MJuly 22 (UP) -
A i kb,.f~ter may hanx up

to k ris A = .
ranked alth among the
# contenders, say.: "IM
d d.what to do withinua few
O :I'm afraid my legs are
gone. They couldn't do what 1I
The 31-year-old New Yorker
Was aA ,#d (1-8) choice In the
Brooklyn bout. though he had
fought but once this year. An
apendtom a enda ured
andl t.e- ring rust she es
COUlat rm .oced the p
with. ong fand rg .
Gra am who los by A pUt
dec n say, "I thought I
won, hough ,I was way oftf nmy
SAdd: "I'vre been rusty
before. -t it never iroe*ntd
ate- traH 'beating a potato like
Chrl0temen, When 1 It-a
like him make It eve* cle,
a*en I'm thrown k.!


Feller Is Top Candidate For

.Comeback Of Year Honors
By JACK CUDDT b e'p won mo s ame- then any With 10 weeks of the season
United Press Sports Wrter mmber of. "Big Four." left, Feller is a fair beW to wind
It's a far ry m last year up with 15 victories -P which
NEW YORK i seBms like when epwll ,ped home with a would give him, a 17-year career
only yesterday that Bob ell e 18-7 recoridWa seemed determine. total of 214.
was t y wonder of baseball ed to cI t a career at the and Another 10 .vitorles then would
yet today he's a strong candidate of the season, make Bob the .ixt highest win
for "-omeback Of The Y e a r" nor of the modem era and that's
honors. It would be fitting for Feller to where he'd figue to stay. The
.ho. .. .. climate the campelgn with "Come. next brigest winner would be Lef-
The one-time Van MeterIa., back honors" because he's alr. ty Grove and Fellr concedeS 300
farm boy has shed his Illusions dfaised tw. milestones -s wins Is "out of question "
ol winning more D1iS RatSp UO M have ben su r. OddIy, IRA's auM- o being
other itcher in .s -h.story, p bused 0 *y Walter 30ba-4son as as "eme.Va
but has emerged as a key man and Cy Youg and hbi 256 trJ. oMI" I mee a.,aB d oi
in the Cleveland Indians' fa to u.umsph have been surpassed in the se$0 U1 by eby te ber -
end the Ifew Ya Yq* e4 five- i0ei ra by d. nle tehers e Coleman tofthe Balsdre 0-
year'reign over the 'Atercan e eni .Ro rates a World Series roles.
League, Victory as "My No. l ambition"
and he's more than willing to have Coleman, troubled with a lame-
The nladias may or may adt his personal record suffer if it arm after almost three years, has
beat the YankeTs thi h r but wil help the t aam. pitched effectively for Baltimore
It's a cnch =bey wtel hae ve "'ve eaapelh and packed my all season and owns a 9-9 record.
had's chaaee to Iwtt b p-' ak to earn gs,"_ Fe lle r ex. But Feller is doing a more Ira.-
ler's caeacL "Anothr victory i two portion. ,om tt tapnt
T. s .d-yedrld eighth a i der da'make daay daue e to of w or lo, r P, nant
threw his weight intLo the peMant me pem ly because I kpow I and that's the factor whchusual.
fight at lust the right moment ad cani reach 3W wigs anyway, ly pays ff Bob Jaht e htoo
has been Cleveland's mqj l 'eO The Ul thing M cas about popular aWikb
tiv.e lter ftr the last Weeks now Is heo win t r m afn Taf abou 't ..i-f l.. .wi^La

th lnj
ume with

wwFnd yovr hands, aso
cording to the position of the
)6 in relation to your feet.
The body Us the generating
power In your swing, the hands
the controlling power.,
Accelerate through the turn of
your body.

fraect~ 4~wmi ~'


U s blig*-

irs of lii

able Now you a n go
its oofht a Bc ...a wi -o -
Noebu tod slowrd downF..eeoo a "
crnam pdloourraowr.Juslmvalhve. ..
woodAl s od bts ..p ope
3b at m s owi IouL- b":A a .

a ee ibP e Plkash b N. es's
Iwn st aolteermuen ea nd u ,-

i n t -e -,.o ". ." ~ & ,

.a~. *...

syot 0 to d g wit Th n
I u Mugl y chased o u ter after MO,
pevtne br the report that tak himself a
rea Siton. the chief charge beng"mis-

O'H01e wU- dis issed In spits of the fad. the Philies were
just about as bigh In th National Leagufs stad "I they
served to be, h Itwere third. 13% lengths behWinda Giants.
When Steve was Bnedas eu Bdde Sawy's replacement on
Jun 17, IPi8, the club was sixth. O'Nelll managed to coMe home
fcurLt. tryear O'Nell finished in a third-place tie with the
CW OsO'NU& and Carpenter did not see eye-to-eye on players
and meOos hardly wa secret in the ClearwAter, h., camp
ot te..Wlales stMac
V$ the Yankee for a e .h blttbl, m a ater
'of tfsam y Hule a n the thick o the tiflaprt bo-ort,
tg Tdb 0a nekll a mpro hous 20-yoear-dd who had batted no
e .th a-n io.W--I games with Ue Phikes in IM.
Carpnt /'Ia anr throwing Dsin* Into the Shortstop
berth, wliO'Nell InAsted that Ted was In Nwd of at least an-
.I re aIn. gpttg ready for a tough battle, with a bunch
of PfMI. frof Ter ae and or the important short-
.sto job." O', I -d,
timeF sIllw was the loser on the Kazanslh front.

,,.-, :, .-M, *. .:. .

.-~# ~. -

cagg '
i i1 /imm .'S i i --- --- *'- >> i l
.- .I

Mid '...
P. ~ 62 ,W :- +. .. -

~wu~a. ~ ,~ jM~P~W'~ MI MM
it staPt )tIVt10ine-beck~

24 Yean o Nt f tt10 l agiu
Written ft NBA Sovice
QUEStION The Clants lost a
game in Brooklyn last soe..on on
a passed ball because the catch-
er ouldan'f ateh Havt Wilhalm'm

Sports Shoities
MWe Mawauira Braves hav

oed tiyupn toPns an
GrIl wiD M.1ort to th

sin umriar

r-- ~ .'



AiMoWua s *ay tb wiian U mW
ZoY started hlo a a if' le
Since then he's l
Stroigbt victoriTe, Idclu "M
one-run games, a two-rtu tfoi
and a shutout,
Feler unomnihally ranks i ebn
Mike Garda, M' ALemo, Bari
Wynn and Art Houtteman ca tR
Cleveland staff but siace Jnne


Teams W L Pet.
TOronto 60 33 .645
Rochester 5 9 38 ,60
Montreal 52 42 .553
Havaps 54 45 .54
Syracuse 46 50 .479
Buffalo 38 53 .418
Richmond 37 56 .398
Ottawa 35 64 .354

(First Game, 7 Innlmn)
Richmond 000 0-0 2 S
Montreal 000 000 1-1 4 0
Medlinger and Johnson. Leh-
man and Howell.
(Seemsd Game)
Richmond 000 010 000-1 0
Montreal 010 010 OOx-2 10 0
Habenight and Johnson. La-
Sorda and C. Thompson, IMR -

tta *We '-.1-1 1q 0

o nerra. What,
A HailW a1aWatU"'to1. -
SWheat. H ,- Formental.
(en e) -
g Havana 000 110 000-2 6 1
Ottaa -100 000 000-1 1
a RaogoTin and Noble. Kellner,
SHaag (8) -and Plumbo.
(MlsSt ameM, f ImninM
SBuff1alo 000 2W 00-4 5 0
Tornto 000 004 014 7 3
Ma,. Harrist (6), Johnsao (7)
" and ramaa. Minardt, bore
(4) ad otfin. WP aore.
LI' Johuson. HR Oenert,
LMa. A
M(gggl OGMe)
Su o 01 000 00- 6 1
Toronto 053 200 0a-lti 1 1
Lar. Hudson ()M. Swart (4)
and RM. Sarns Ubater (l),
Landeck (1) Shre (3) and 01f1-
WP Mme. LP --- o
waFs. L
pl ochester 000 0m 0 o0- 7 0
skracusse w O P1-i 11
S(2Blayk and M d Ardte
(a). mome MAd Wpit-t

o o .






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-., ... + S, .IM P" KI.

Socrats WantSaynCh...

"~~- 'L "" -V- +
r" rt !:.__ '" v.--T

L counsel 1To rewpce LKUpla 1FJ9W.uwuvu a
t0X,1 July 22 (UP) with successor to the 27-year-oldm t@14nde on a en e At n g f- t .
0 Jackson (D- Cohn. dent law gk n w h erde- Wath o e-

L: Studo AIo vLSo,!0in, rolln en I -- hi ,",.
56 (ded today that Mundt said the staff shakeup t Riviatby: rth 1i 0 g ro ga'
l be accorded a full means the decks are cleared... The roup, the AMelc ayA eL W Uh aw yearf le
hoosing a successor to We can to into an era of unano- tude An., was hat k 7 aga could to
Sas chief counsel of mous action again." a rth t n .
Iavinvestigating sub-1 ntho Potter, sp r e h se bandor-.t- e Philip its 85t.
housecleaningg d now the !up who watls don thelgrOUP'5 Th ieloing of the eatextpI in grosmsI
seph R. McCarthy (R- thing to do is get going on our letterhead as a faculty adviser ueegsary J -t'a
ed no in in di omedee.r.r"toW *up. Jessup Was i Plro- ra oto Vag united on the 4 1a ..
ConOther subyon- Cohn signed under fireIN as a esarath time. ar lit a Never" days ..n I% -
bers including Sens. 'dramatic result of the recent Ar- Inveti said be attend the t a nI as e t. The mpw r r etun to: .
t D.) hoed my-McCarthy hearings. investi- assoclaton'a oraniatn meu .
L a tff shakeup would asor Donald A. urine was In Dec. 2,103 .h :t a- .e ..... r. -e s.s a peJc &!d. wik,, '
o o lhtransferredto McCarthy"M per- i off Coals of St. John's ai m. gatrday ta..rat" ",wdowr.014 oron. ..

ton Vlan.-1955-een "ur "c mtratl--hi.ow a' eosb-- ,'ied,.,.
Moatol reporters the Thomas W. Lavenia wasenotifiedWEasast .le tC bme0 s e teo .
bihpHe said he walked out when Y1hisRtmoU-tfe wll m vils Macbrr
sos tt emen]eoraso edsisa.forc ing rfrda nlwllbe Th Diefense Department de- proposed a minimsmtAo s! the Canal byT Wld ef cold htdn o educt ee p t4"

on enfortn arul "rTh ehDef Ikedot ciad. cares wi froW obtpar. A 't.a.In
s.eancuil Sen. Hedn Slth lerr-er S1s wou leda e a man g." P. A sor =

br, aii w .. doppe fre te- W-St. or Tde wc sheaul en min the co
eMcCarthy com up ever, that 17 yearn a .nohe 1 o v te rg t iw oted were 1a0tw heoont. rto 4ba aN ism e e .e'
Meanwhile, Sen. Ha rmtat o n %O IfIDc mn i t S log w asl
W r -Ida.)r told the gSenate t:rea e w as necd e d t e. an I t one re fi t er e

aue ^u8 r IniS tu e rior e weretocoveriont their ake : bplatem. S e'eoq..b caalledwere 0.. ....n ths was re eo "''J S &. o. nf- '
"the time will come when It is Di Sodtte-wai ffIl ThWe iewotKhse ir ebr -oe .1i of no o_
W nr omum retof

going to be rather hard to geort'l bos hars meINlngoaaobo- sons oMe exempt

eO experts' like Cohn to serve on willT e-tahe rU Pthe pt m re in h and
at1lgressional committee staffs, a oidnight toua lofres m wor, uoffsae wia MUM w fm -

He praised Cohn as ,the beosue atd the..oIu tahff. A nuad aar o0-toe ,mileiata ile p lt "

k oeown" d epe hiptas h a youth. in O eng atapas d I iveWuld. d e a a' r en
rta8o taismo w m M re e5 oild-oyoe w... p heo o
W t e~'~Wa ierh not ea subcommit tewoe t -o ar tl o A loe .als we l 's a le bto n

Sa S member, sa I hope the o mran- i a d les e artefl to g
hfarcma f funho b rong motion" from his orde t tion be-he Fr AY, JULY 23 a gtandwut ae b gllyarte as o o to %&'h

on cause other young Am ereica"n High Leja taxinduoe to a a .t 6

ene r.ady to carry a n the tight #: 3:5a1e f aisk. p .. ands buy nw machinery A d I A wenewre uAfd wood Cl

Tre h h heoe Case Of The Cjommuronistu br s

... ..1to.r te ad, cI de ro c.. ro I ..D.Ii i i
DnIuSHa ( 'aeof ui^iu^ 1 A A

o .__11Leeh i n ta tWfT
_nr__ct ono fCAM mGORDON.y Ga bi(lE ),0U ale Sam m came close to ft- a-r nc m
nTan ng ar o uplOfe dOf R wtped edrvsi s aga t Its ow tow n e labIn.. dth fl a t obn
Korea. m-ujufojj,11

0on. r owe .easrange thbehind this riSrevealed fo the ot thim hos Te bd
from the V.8S. Army Miltary' Police Criminal Invhtigution files rimhe

eGt;. Tshrewd The o usAbills were no ga d f ltarhiseomadePiha
at b nto ncdun tarfeiterseeverdmehtI afeweda' e'bad

0-betimes, fromXMarch11,0WI,,,toanddW. o
SJuly 21 P) made nt mpha allyM set up elaborate ket. Only Personnelarqu t

aparihe-n fakeobill ..asnWas..c.Mani
ton th Atoulc hear he has n intention -ofp and p--sing org a ni thori-ed to posess mltaryMoon.Iaribo-. intwot l e o ag

-...... .St....rd. a..... ,,hetpiets+,l-.
hr e L.ret ..ating.from his o..over-intewt.iftarySmfr asa
he w- tar currency -no tes confiscat..them.r e h
o eon ed. The pten was untold mU Ocpfpatioa offices saw t h la

h rmark of frequent-bringao riatr e raWS moneo y Ma e C a: Jiv ev ays oig fofbogs b printed on un-tiontog
officer of the M kI'detachment the hills through petty c ro9k g, cut e

*. :.
* ,Ik


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.-A L t, ...*PINA..,.

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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID EJ8JLL9YU_AUUH4K INGEST_TIME 2012-08-16T13:24:27Z PACKAGE AA00010883_00451