The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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If I May. I should like to submit few questions relating wod rle-olution vill -gi eatly
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precise answers for honest agprSal ... the world.
Here are the questions:m
(1) Where, does a craft exist labeled "Towing Locomotive This may explain-why th Ru -
oprators slavng Joined tihe Un ied Natios I
2) Whe re In all the world c oa n uashwme pipfthers, national. Scientistl 'and
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Kelly and others attest to this fact. If the craftsmen are to re- Ukraine showed up a tM e recent ./ is it atM s
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ad on the lock or seveealmont, have ee ty of 33 high-riking afraid to e diles en With l t to th"who
Tob see.rva onwain the c nd ry fr s tae rea teIh aan IJ sendt in C uaI TreyP ~uhe lh iti mTn aveey f oeab the y, b t. aa udl erry d a by.t e 5
nt .amule with s no romati ase i eh'dotend to overturn some cherish- norma calm a hop. ro- wea'dl re to saug lge t at h sSm l ss
gen S s eralamo llty; this down'texcludr the loeksr naiY reobe sosreeadnotionis. vko .nd k h- obtlnt
(2o)w,.. ...The old ides tht kbusis be oMserth;i t n v t o .r &. m a rd,
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ven e\bout A o h 'MmIlo"C books In the UNlEN ERASEin
extende a 'aker m"ld' "U 'W end fo the.-l (the
..i -ar os ma 'e .W d rotor- ih .t iytfiff hn us ) 7W
so"toE" the.l IInds to'-cone &Ireal that "liE ,,,e Fol "
"M ,, n, frequent me. -,_ IL West suspece m, finesse .

.one ithe reas a Use b e Mr., BENJAMIN SUISMAN MARY HENRIQUES
(on rpane) sits e the MILDRED MORRIL Dr. ALAN LOKAN
Oot pem a oftbe.e 1 w IP e CHARLES GARCrA JOHN MEDLIoG .
tal of a coutrif we the D. PAGENTA m ANA DE LEE
S i S "fa@ boariwa us. en to to am RALPH P. DIALS
S while their posite visited. T.

..". ..l. wa g mIiIi a nOite b emteoms is a mm,
-ait r I" ,FAYORS You!
rst" "r .. V...a.
-2 0TORS IIC N ---

NWO 27 ACotmedAe Row .-
.-A-.A.A *Ysr-A-. -. .. .
8286rlS-~l~a~iL~t I~Y~li' and~ 81/2 P- W" sLwar usa g ,4 P-, E

." ,,,,,.,, .;, 1,, n,- R '.

1 '1., :. *" '*^^ ^

., "3. ." ,.: '];.
^. -^"*'.- v'-


-. ..

~,~;:~~l~;if~lg~a~~?' P'
'"' '~;~~-~B~e~-~ / '~
'. ~9

Reopcl y


. -. U

bert Merrill confesses that
he sings for his own pleasure
bowers and other o-public
'ge-he sings tenor arias, rath-
than his own baritone special-
S The gras is always grener
the other side of the tonsils.
stood in the spotlight on the
ous Palace stage. Her hai is
black and her face is sUJl
looking. Her figure has,
Prcild out a little. But her
ce s the same, and she was
glag the same song:
'l Wanna be loved by you, just
~len Pane is making" a come.
k, and doing pretty well. The
intriguing part of the whole
ners, to her, is that the teen.
of today have suddenly dil-
red her. She thought perhaps
!'d sill appeal to people of her
generations-the 40- and 50-
olds-and she does. But this
age excitement is i big sur.
)r1tt. ~

She's made a few TV apper-
ances a few radio shows and then
came the Palace. .ow. se has her
heart set on more TV and possibly
Broadway. She used to be a come-
dienne, and she thinks she'd do
well with a comedy-singing show
ti tele, vision or the stage.
"You probably don't remem-
her," she .aid, 4nd her eyes were
fL-r ~w "but I was the ingenue
with the Marx Brothers. That was
when they were the Four Marx
Brothers. I learned comedy from
She's mixing some comedy in
her act now. But mostly she sings
new songs and her old stand-bys,
"I Wanna Be Loved By You,"
"Button Up Y o u r Overcoat,"
"Gim a Little Kiss," and the
rest. All liberally sprinkled with
that grand nPw-old aCund, "Boop-
Comes word from London about
an e-.ect that has escaped general
y..plug .4ui'o. A* **wM* mu*.? ,LU

* "I'm a new sound" she said. ruso's will Mell'ed that a fash.
"Imagine that. Boop-boop-a-doop is ionable London tailor should each
something they've never heard. year send a man to Naples,.where
hey like it. At my age, I'm all of the famous teaons body rests. And
I sudden a new sound." each year the representative of the
Helen Kane, whb reached her firm dresses C. in a new suit,
peak In the lati '20s and early according to the latest fashion. His
0, was retired for something will has been done. -
like seven years. She was "Just a
housewife' W i t h her husband,
Dan Bealy, another show business Harvey Orkin, one of the top
veteran, she lived comfortably on Broadway press agent, s quitting
Long filand, with a farm in up- to join Sid Caesar's writing staff
state New Rork, neae Saratoga. for hkih nw show over NBC-TV
"I'd qit the business she next season. Oridn, asked what
iaid, "because I was tired. I re- sort of a show Caesar is planning
member I used to say, 'If I ever said, "81d lust says he'l: try any.
aida bed without wheel, I'm go- thing as long as it's funny."
ilg to stay in it forever.' Bdt, you
klow this -business.,It gets you. Perhaps this season's most un-
'And then Hollywood'asked me to usual rty was tossed by Du-
dub In the singing for Debbie Rey- Mont's Marge and Jeff (Marge
~ aOd in 'Three Little. Words.' Greene and Jeff Caln. Marge a.
*, aJt started it. 1 made some dog, Paisley, the, show's almost
Ial appearances with the pie- co--tar, was In a eale hospital
:a.a wtat's when I discovered for nine weeks. On '. release
"lai3 fkiked my voice. It was there was a big comif ut party
dibrC to t s. So I fAsured Itor thr almal.
ive it a t1,. "Yw. 'dr y t it on the do. .
.: ",4':T .


' -

leurYe fore' I. dalola's

o il


&S. 'IENVTA" .................,, ...... J.....Jly 21
M.V. "SARMmBEI ........... .........4. .
M.V. "BRINA DPL. .1CWV (* ) ......AW.- 7
M.V. "SALNAS ................. ................Aug. 1
M.V. "SAMANCO" ........... ....... ...... .:.:Av. A W
M.S. "DURANGO" ................;.......J.....July IA'
L.S. "DONGEDrY .................... ..... ul.y- I
M.A "DUIVENDYK"................ ... ......... .Aug 4
M.S. "LOCH RYAN" ,.... :.. ................ A.ugI. 11
-' ,- = ,.i
All Sallinlas ulj to rba.M Without Notle "'
F NORD CO. NfFANAlA-Avt. PFOr #M., TeL l-1W2l I
FORD CO. INC. WAL -Term Bid. Tel. 2-INS



Great White Fleet

New. Orleans*IcW



"CnRIQUI ........................... Iady
"VI AGUA"y ..................... uy
"BYFJORD".. .... ....................... .A g.
"AGGERSBORO" ..........................Aug.
" HI QI ............................ Aug.
. f *anllas KedsleMred Chilled md Omanl Carp


8.S. "ALOCTON" .....'................... ..........Jly
8.. "B=DIA" ..................................Jl s
.8. I Ol&' ..................................."" AUS. I
8.8 "MAE ............................A
8.8. 'PRA BELANGA" ................ ...... Aug.*

Weekly ai ig .f twdle pasangr ships to New Terk,
New OrlOM. L4aAnyOl, San Franes s and Seattle.

BMWlerofI arf Ctdobal to New I ork
s 'LeZans A a se annd out"aea
Ta zW .*j...,... ,.;.............. ....lf* g
To Anelwk d i e ..........
To e An sad ........... .
T **'*-* ... ..................SE0

.. : w-y -. --:-':--. -- ..... ,-

. ..., ............ ...,.... ... .. ...Jhy.S
.... ,-,' ............... ..... ;.... ,
......;......... ....... ......... 2I .

I I: cIaIBbAL sn1 A PAuAMA 2-Ms4 COLON
, I '/,-.


JwiF~eratia see pour Travel Apnt or

1pr" A'VA or a so Afk
Pamnmm L Steet Ne'H TIl. 47 Ca Glasla i i ., fTL .1M
EESIi.P 7 .J

,lc, -7'--

ft4b4R.J 6ai ld


Nothing Left?


.I. *ws -uu

CuraLT0 1



Not* VInuastwol u ><
AT "F% L VL A* .



Effieat palooyk

Am IN"N '
IMeT mwr ....


i' .-

I* '.

, i :, -
., ".. *** '...".

General Speaka

Is. "

SE 9.1. U*1~i~ -.

SOT$S AMr Et8 8.D' I .No BRumpor a AlTu -

mots f .m~ mi u .-' s a "4.



'tue OF FAGLE = WEu0W6E 50L Ot/r.
TWO ^ =r t*rPV TOd A uL a A0 rL


arjs as

- "


i3 I OUS WU ..VA .

,.-i ;ri .e -t
-'~~ ~ L 7~. ~Ja

. .
]. :;,- -... .. .
.. .'.

S.- -...,-- -.

, -.
a^ ~

New YIrk Service





S ... ... ,R :w,

7.' r~~~QLI~, 1

VI .- tgg a

'Z Ir -

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- .------ ----





I_I i,.
:~T "'"
-- -\ 2
1 ;, ;';-;' ?~ ~~~u.?
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ri: ;., ;-:


'r" "., .t ; .i
wr^: **
'.' *;



7 '' '*c n i -i t ii tf.'i ." #
A AW*r

. .l .!i. .. N" .'ii .Bt i Bp^ "
r4 1 0
a Y1Cji~i~-17 -7 L

-M 1A, PAU LNr lAUUE.I'u
lOe"- THerrSNCTbNS61 0




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~rc-- .-

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-.. ,.; ..- i
. ; .
. ., i .

"' tf
- 'a

we taui. en w
Ii" the fa.I

To Lere'MIlJ *V. U
Mr. m rd Mr. Jonp
idm to lave t*' humu
l o.e l.t*d SUtatsm wh
ioet lb a their nw
.to C.
The Inter-Aardea W
Club will hold its July i
the tra of a luncheon oa
day St t36s p.m. at tb

atve Your Vitat
Daily. ..
and enjoy thorn
farm fresh egs fi

quarAdt d frnl
A 60 Aim'm bL; I

I *

.- .. Cup after

4. .
The School b Balletof
Wil epes its ebftratio=a for tLhe Wm cean
la the cmingt week.
the af is located at the lbtdmrasetie Woe
Clah, 'sMaltdefA vee md 6th Street.

.' J y ..



-i .-- i *-' *-


I t: Ir

I -- -
S -., .-- -
*s^'' ".' *-^ *5'.- -

i OF i jBT-boan-m Zfter Ame tn student board
thiohn wil rr Pgi from New OrlSe vs tev Or-
Itqa next week to demoaatrate f"ahiong and friendship to
dents i latin Adietea. The tour rponred by the "Centro
de u Amerleas" at Maton Ulande, OrMa' department
6- -. u m a-A la an n tll hld & f*a hla *ea sWat the

Uritd 0-"this veing at 7:30 at se ad PTfAC tflar sB^,
Sstat l m anaa'spt turda ulyl, p.m.
M a S" show wil be sponsored lcanY by the lPanama RetCros.
at COs T7.- .LuWt speaker, Mr. How- members, from left-; re:; elen s lit,B Gal Baidebhave, E
vetts. ard c wllve and llustrat ewman and W y9 Rehau, The 14-member group will
d lecture te work ashe nd lodged at Hotel El Panama.
her husband u aq ssIoariee
Pilonueoli tb. Phmlpaa nd. *
s today All ladles Io ta Church are --
le"thy ied to atxtW thi me ngl.-
s I n vy Studenb From New Orlean
ocW, -, the Balbd o al- Mo.-del Fabloms For Charity
Smen l' e t Tuesday, July ,
olat il te.I Pariors at 6:; p.l .
wms. Wa cover dish sie i O w.uMW, I., p S Norton, Masauahuettl: ,8S
*e Uao pMr.. 3Sad hiMr bbowill Helen Kenny, tapheas Col
i ct ad =iRare l i4atot Oy Ctourolumbtis MuO; Oall Bl
te.oaI Coat. C *IX sbd Panama save, l P CoUllege, Ca
a .ll. bie .A.ou. ,l m wl. %, --- aw* nd "'b-ri -p--rt10 418519, and Sh
r ti -t. th ee' 1 6S0-. futand e LitrSt.e. 0- Cto9llege, b2ttMib, MZuZ

rom fajg b Rio a ritn- RioJWtIr-Amnerlcn Student Boan
roa t AbId ae pinned In recaogntior of
LuW IB 0 6 u stfWre ofrof at number of Latin-An
I SI and by TACA In- ta enrolled in schools of
S11= 16"I 910 161. United tae partlculrly t
Si .Ia sub- sebthedulti to of the New Orlean aiea.
en uly ( tral The board is madi up
Sma i i m n of outsmandng co
S a ved un i who provide exet
a td the toother'coll ep-glrls
-e ...e their c mar- .wf, dr"

Y tI lo.PnNO It Fk_ e o Deciso ntorex-d tisvad
2-3. 11 er ito Ltai -zhe .rlca

,e r .Irlaoo/ Bponaor the show In .!in
le na delea- which. wilr be .-d. i the patio The egram,i deilgamned
n w be ter of of El Panama, atuday, help Lat-A aa t
k a re s e~onoy. .Tly int connemto with a lt their 1' 2
condmfor anal ,. /o th'm'wl i fw
ar ac oo.n.: theo& ine Pl ..s r
Cd .w.cor -tMj Or -an1e---e-- -s h-- ee n ant.
The conence will emphaw li tar I the or- student llnugat Moiagt
Lain Aerlos coner abtot ofl-atLEn. E ,The tui Lady of teal.eala Airpon rt ol

market. for5rawNmaterialataU, InMAIi^th comfort aeuvenlaee
S of n essagpie l oa l no ^ ICrOe h, cerpted schoelmfer *saoier W

n t lt se tr Braz WI Allsow
The eonfe rs newill alsean- .LUU 1 the or-.,p.4t f uaaaT As

Itc' "1 "i^/ Dsics To Alle,
I Latin A eHowlth a me. dt .. Lady offash tlnonApert Who I
sar.le asirea nfor stia. iaon, eraa co-oncr coJulssy

St to ba e the met the Interhe Na- th) The oretn
7 {nited aos os Co nal Ioaentn Board and the brlts angVl
i'ion f Aeahave reh$rIn# represent aer Helen ian dlai predet,
eenemay Samid t Mate Uenwst- zqcd toda. It wU auo
Iatou I oofa sl-laer illal e irc. a er Coatn
IO'r -Aopg Or r l ay In amab
14 r markets, e I, 6Ba, nCA .ean;an
t aft oeat ,,. a .Mbry's Domin- The fdregn office maltd
SeS-foe mw.H o-w al- IN nbal how

!1 vit c 1 I liool Su3ullos ahd stay at Vtsorreu Parque l-O .a 6
S where you ea.n rder the e fines of wIk f
ell F --- ---" ona rim.r amma
II It fIa ", oF oancer aear, i

th |1 6 wth thb n -n

Special Club brv Sc
I- e ne Bard ad the itaa m -
-In smm* i W lw Ca- a- CAN lt ayt-Iw
parzeaal cancer i

Wil ifi4- 2.. C r t p rthe ft reit e %o da
Ote1 to 1

TBo Isfbi. Molt iniB
-k^Hetr oft m Canc r roueB 6W
VYIA owl 8*11ce and afty at V3i rr.- Parque go. urm tbs f 0


... .. .
r /. *
/ l ** -' .* : A--A-1



l tb, " ,i i ,14.50 .
d ftt A i."n.'.-s

ja~ hdr. an. eWW O W.ATERPR"OO
hi t "uM-T fl ..-,

Ie tbr t ply. He'U
-'* sul-a ir =It tretclhel,
wha ha ras i tnd trying
tomb gt hisU itoy wTa .
l tteee he ,,
Imum ktr i otlm AteIs hewls.

kesman this to with.
Later on, he'll startrowing
thifan, from ddl br pn or hlg
chirW. 7Thi to bef he flnt
dveloped abllit t1 object, u fjf |
tb to let tbem jo. But.don'L
hand isa toya bo at ope4 or
he'll start throw them regular-
ly for you to retriee.
You'll fid that Baby wi lose '
a little weightrt' some day ft. a
er he's boin baorn b he von't be RwEw ill.IU.WU
taking much fad. But don't let .
tora He'll as ben to gala L
WIT,, A.

S I hd so
2gad for youl I

Yol'n ai' "1
so enjoy
savetalAla ,..

wiUM lo ,
c.ab IFiIS O



wit h:

Ffflrn _~



A style for eey Sto
Design from HAVANA ad' NEW YORK




Deoliouos, refreshing

Of10 ases.. from
just one envelope!l

-~ -w,,u, emqe-- .dinn -0m'w'

Millions and Millions lovp
x -. and yo will too I

""!: I

p.den Lips
New fomunll For Ip tht loek nol-
rely Iwevly iwn lor ...for radit
olor thaf flys and on-ean en-
everybioy's ,ayrii s Iry fini "Ips."
The creemy nw fooa m-es Ups toy
asnelhea, rmee e S law ble
me we lgwl And nrw-fand's ipe"
Sraon eahie mw golden ce.
Iqgr AM sw-ns Us

^^--^k :


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.I. ,- -
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A-W 5-. .
r" : '

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A :
? '--

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No uwaHueatud powder can ri-
Inave us boby. DIMr JAsh.
Diaper Chafc. Urine lsld and
PtfcIy Red Rash ua Ammum
p'srim. i ltmpcidlysedl
ted to m the,. prbnsa ad Ahel
MlSa f iM- a ib o M^t,
Wk mmitc ilbo y cummW
al challd din s ffai







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,,-+. -_ ,':.,. ::

s't rT

. .- -A-.-.-l". AD AT.'
i~ ~ ~ Am M I "' I: ,ii : it :'- I ii'iI

* I-



..T-ajj,. ..iitie n FOR SL 1 0 2 F S E ..oto- -. *, ja an a .R.WR II A
S^f'irt- --G.E. _-c-A 0 ae ~oj F-L:-U-*tp -.,n .r .

40a-- ri-do -JulriAeT&aoiod cndd, 101i ,Te..7 2P 04r5.t L r.

onii tire1Hu 11Asp. r c ln ign Comfora bl O N Co, n- o
-d : ; d r REN o r: em t. l. the s

F- A O S tidst a.0t t No. Up h pPinen t5tin- Tioll T w Aen cy, 8iol ve7. C g l h
C. uundgR uU FOR .SALE EAAr 1.--.oESRT s
FOR SALE. I? Sif",tI

ace anerO wt t- 9056 cdi.. Be Air Conlqr goad condition ChanladteL 2 rates. P
l5sald b iEe W T l Ldr S tre HFus o IC CGeamanae o a ddr e
-I E -Beautiful Cu^e li"ving- *" .-. rn q FOR L o r elT m 1972 i r. .r g. 2 l SALE: f.-C" n UI

Ee .rto & Ms FOR EN F RT -rr 0,. .....S .. I
..r. C mh only. l. o .Inch, er hp. motor; 9loTo e~l T

S3134, 8 to 5. Ps W tin- hous r. fria oaior; a r "a 1" -

_I_ __. u_,__ M re e i qN o r. l 5 i n B a lbo a v. n ; -K M1 + a' o ti i I i

FO E 2ere a ebu .......ds...obl -6 F R SLoS S ar Tw .vin,. t ; r -Tl- ermsF .-O V E- .. T
G.- -- Et. ct ref.r spreatsn ga ors u..ndpoint srA re n.y gunal ,

Qa SeA n.- 95 Ny orerna ic. r ilo. un-h-or h 7 -C .o r an blindshc, 12 in a oteest, 34 to 36 B.E TC mi-no w u
oS & 8 n. der.. e. o ...l c e t a o l e r w. k. r l rat es. Phone 6p ecial S h e ar fluJe a 'wue .. .U Y UUsEnfleP U, o-. ..
workgFOR condition wRtirSL. E:- w-pry b omh Incha width; radio and re ord-s REocS iNT es me. Ia thas PLba rm
E~,Sd19rCn et I- .ingo s ,r. Ev 9y;hin eg in good sap i u ss ra u o n cool Eu .l o fllo t R 1
a e257-- 1 tA or --169, P mies ", d a iirr,.ky "" .

S&" ab s s one wgrigr.ft C under etENa o-nm a pagemont. O t HMnd Du" b ted h
iEd m ,oto. new For -nthp O 5 cba. 2 w. F r, c, Tivol TraveGd l Agncy; 8 Ti vespos1t leMod. u.U oe

Ippi vt'd esnensFO R2- Fordrom$Z3 6e*t atrViltmrUrgtPbl
FOR Spiecet wicker lo Gchasp. y Ma-W I83N LdId. 3rd Street, House NoeS 9 to. 0 l o`X11,
iS.UIsa,,igt, ll,,n^ n IC Cerro Campani Moun- ,.t ,a

'"e $ I.Ha u a 2 1m1 63 .a mahe .a f .Uw-e. k
_.. __.oO "EN.6 -tat Telrphone THOMPSON Bee-.eeues. ..s1t lwiIiSi .

I0sF.OR-o .,ss.,tmmS2, ,t 27o beeta,
R EN F .SAb oooelv .n.l jngoe NOW,_r.e._ 1. 3~I ...-
.., 0 Pro ra. ., l0i ving,,..noupepu month o 1. uith od rnI, t it c modem an Pritt a uriedeco

S, T r Bit / A -. FOR RENT .:- onnod fr 435, Balbr e ons. Phonehe p.e a r a ,e t i
FOR Icl furn shed 5-094.. Street No. A- arie

.. "..eeiie e a m e* s e. t : I tMriat be e Av enue r. -e l- AEOe F.w N OY TE C. ..',B .n .a -e U. .ti .
.. 3 --FO .r sed ,lltFOR SALE:-nBSA'l Star Twin, m h ." Mat blis a t l

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dn. xellent c ni. RA Alamba 10th T.: D.- Iu d att Investm J re. e on, ,a /tpmo". a t~ ~ '.tb- i
o o FOR -E Phone 3-0547Conta c rur t ote BTuiaMO ThetSar aCto Mn wee -nt ao Clare. Low r te Phon
,e g cag oniy Staio rLagf$58.e Pn Balboa g nerat:r By.PAmericanfam Bly, boa 2-1866. .
.griniron In@--Ne.0iortwers 4 A. Ga. I FOR RENT FOR RENT ALefevr. TEor so L wa to e R & eld

fgnshd a-ttra O-rc te i a m. Wtreet. T Co. ..e. ,ia S uSm Pe oIpe lvalg o he a Urd n ern.,it ofe rnouai thb a.w,
T o. niee l tSAE 1 3 r&O CI IS gdar RENT:-gA.Apartmet a ho

re se-int fa I F ar- .... ... tu it ln J l t he om fu1 nalt hone-t 4to l ru e N 1 I na e tm aI r lo i a, t ai n a dei
St R RRENT:- rom hat FO RENT:- M ta m .. .. ,, r A.. b s' .. a ,
eI' M a b e11it00hSceu 'et no 41. o"nnt, 51st Street No2. 42. Fofrwearr o.e 63i. wo t *otcas t e .ad t re slptuod
A.+t,.B I Ro.w aB~ fr~lI.~untlo.e lTMen. m FOR RENT,:-- rFwushed or wo unc- a T roi* to eome. |~ 1- 1 .. l /be.r- or..337 e t-e frr

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.... .. SA) ..o m ho u wth ga a lean and mon with lr lvn o. oc- h-ve Andrew. 7g.j c -h
-b l Rm ho. cd wr. -Te- GEO. F. .E _NOM, The- L. m- e__ .- V, 4 a. l a r W
Moin' 8' l v' -t u.- + aroar .- r Og y nar d.e ludy aclties t- h ats .~, -,mv-loead.,..ndd i a
..dmatoo Kitchen uten: dishes ,,tc.ioom-an'a-ed 3 941m.h.tmo. .o r aeris a o
a840oulIoRoice-otr FLO included. N. 3, 52nd St-035t. TelW10th StNrt. S FrancIsc dre Uotcthoiti Oalpi Dsw hvt .or wouhe hat

.Jus-FOR.RE NT, ,Fr nhe o, C.FORRENT: -N 5. hatend o vidinin ace WUlIUotolAha na

no:fo ,^ .m .-." p."'..' .d.rdI e I. _". __- i ... d I
A S toAr S.ep. M o M m ie 4 .& g8a 6.6S- iTc w ha i d" .
i. elte C BB, ixclli ondita PIo .suoroomm A mrn C. Tith TpreO M a -Jr. Sna.lrG Mhodwa tonda In I i
iiia oituOp3IR RENme n-sBy me 2 b oo. rb at Via o/ncAh ar 'ark.t p. 1r i c .
completely furnished, n.ttr,.ctl t C...orueied) -cf&"Q *
us h a usebine Be ;4 sta l p Yar-FOR RENT: Mod toapaten 1n cbua amrnuam rity, are I= on the nb lnt
1 WP lie FAvOrlble fr three monf -con- tr I Theater bGoolding, Cntrl Avr- aporsm. r e .u e I,. -
ofi e hours; 3-2765 after 5 p.m. ater anagrou office. income remain con- "medly raft tt a bs loa d ..

w .-- ..p, V 51 Tl ephon N. 1. Aely to Juli, ...ew o ,.tock o 0c rnsd by the W i-
FP esents laitt In TOR RENT: Modeen twa-buseon houseTo.%c theme a

gb Vista 50thStteeeNo._ .. garament,51tSlO. ptre Julio.4 FrQu

Tel..1713..furthte Nod. 9ls. Te ll Zubi.rT: 3- 18 0me trend of lv169 tPana 3 49p eBOthe OK e a u efvay tahree emnt c
July 29 i- FOR RENTu--Partly furnish err F R T t a c o untn-- SP "-cr'i, b iPat s& X- Rhodes wa s drivig i a auoa
SN'furnished complete small i -b FT-w o-bedrp toom tapartmn- weritter6 that ate papon a st ci. b e l ,-- po-.-h. thv"c ofse
S No 69, room houso with gar. Clealandf m.e ith d "arg*"nroom ea- Harnett Dun'i
Matparmen In cocrt .hlye htulio QBe-yno. a 00l. 43. l -penan 22, resr. Ted- ra ge.pard. laundry facolities nat
For Tue -IRE~tb~df &- PLETE TOP np). FLOOR sphong 2-0335. aOth Su n Franciac do lia n common c tS plu, t IinCt o

Sa Cox W a-tlr business. I Ju;- NT:-Furni-sIhed owie-itsMa5 .Poeanv ns,_t widetN .aleof attractive. Ixm bi wi hav tob
W.i. a 2-0027) AAvu; F.ICAZA modern' 331637. proviing cddition. l income FkenieW

FSealr It FN -.-. ,I OR RENT: TwoIfurtibedapartmen.U II I th ps wl TloI.Ov se Wt teI..." aUi
.;..-- *a..,p_. nts ,_a.12be r AT k exacl. hot wat fla tr to o ith- It, mese ed a t aeEhie. s ..
YoTeucrd faeguteV lia rrie Porrak N. 10B1 .A X TE S. f lathS iLrke prIW. wow plainly

S bffl GOP FOR RENT:- Apartment: Two 3 ad-stw enoe.%oveoe Tt. 0.4M
Umiowern. Tali. 3-3329S 2-1227. & rC

'4111" 1116 -e --bedroom, livin inlngr kitchnIbath
nt Inspected.sJraA Francisco do In apc AvenuetE H LSEN G
i ll1r1r ute:'. 't 14 ginol e t $50.06 n ns tetr 6t Stree S Tel. 3-1648. X.vFors bachelor. s 1n Jpipe o-rag
OiFOR RENT:house an hous No. PAnA INN exeb i ca Armed SOC aomotlve U.S 9 .
T.09e 1j uW.8jnAt attAr" Ii FOR RENT.,-Mwdkm 2oatatteUesWleo
e....&.............nw w d. mn -k mont, Avenue noerrwe. pae- __ fl wor h reby 'st-ill
n at "to Lllngr o an q bedroomsm, IN Amu tdtche. etc.l w
of w....los *re r............5.0 IwIutth1te i u rte. Co lae drIniNo. S., "old'se room,4T me uz.nuowIs to a.rt adce, 1a101111
3nermd'TAweriit (Re-ar q Iona. would-b investors-". Tacker.
r t td-FOR RENT:-d Furnims$ d ll Anuscon PM the parlatm nt wlls c-REgasand .

-oruert ORoRNT -Taitpehtts, one wI II a oef t will- e l SI
_________LFOR RENT:- h oil cmforts, un- US rIdiaIsdet of c a. or hip calow aa
113s nudis all"arne at (furniRhed two-bedro compartment Wh die yesterdynd a vsriii' beC aucw eak tha ntrb.o

alanqflffl rtbeuu Tl. 2a2416. al" e innyte the. e ldlwebad hoaagvlue as smnasiua.

46tk mmiT711T~l_4. jW i2- &- = = r

t..,'. .p:4 S tellq ..15 7I a'. : m ewime+s, h w Iel S U A jg, 8 uoei en c I tat....e "'+ ~l ,+
.M p*Adflac.1aSASYW

$"s,.M =AL m
J6 wnuaNu-44 h
r~~m~nn~~ sin ~cmsmn-ep~e.3n

I a. *- U

'I.-: I


a tt7tasf.kL.--.J a----.- -*'.. --S--i.

- .1000
-...u~-. c- 'a '


' .... "-... ,',..."
* -.; + "- ... ".. .. ;
,-P.-. i'., ,,1
*wmei~id^U~jc' '* Bnn~ffi~f- -jUa"'

Aii8STt ^i'

tlLtm~r.*;e -t..j.

. ,> .-,.'. .;..
e .. .,-'**' *'"

*.:...' :', a -

.- "-'. .,
::., ~;. -. .;./ ;


-w ~-

, '--a. *~





II~I' SA i~t:a 5k
d na 4the

m at" I

Saturday adeg Ug-'b Clement and chil-
was decoftesi with a dnml Mary, with Miss
.0s.if Sonw awidthe. i W 20h haave returned
p t mal ads ewas e "Mid- rT wedkesad spedat Santa

IB. attended. a

t a, Dr. L. C yna, r everea 1 Mr. Graham f US
f b M rwlReverarend and Mra. J. W. i
SGrahamv were the gair U I I U
b ~Iy = iaw* Ovr- a Mat Irs. Lee asbhXatuim Wfor
.dier Swmy eviag. The Gra- i MIa lfey
A|ke -r TN's tur to the States UioC k. U p. N.t., Jul t20 (UP)

AIMn OW. aittT ulev20o(dror
A be ._,lvi uan lmbasadlor Victor
St r Also t-were r. and Mrs. Andr a believe that Latin
Swho recently return- merlanstllU do not kno
C. .2 of d froMthe States, with Misws *hther the United Statos to
illabeth MeLaren and Andra willing to embark on a lnf-
Swera Naob. term policy of case eIoIe
cooperation with Iem developed
oremuadt, eep To countries of the world.
dy threeched 1i#ver Roevknd- And rs. Grahasr ,Rcalling in a speech at-a Col-
as.lahruhlin white A "Deapedida" is planned ftor 41UTnortrforeign po1
PMo. Reverend add Mrs. J.W.rL. Gra- eon eTnce thatbe i united
B :ata the atun Union Church, stAL uilt Ita T peat economy
AVegtochteit. tha. tea service 'Wednesday evening. Friends are witbou centUraHMed direction or
akkn mrthetaany wer Gsa, the ivited to attend and meet in the -aticd sae aid:
'Adow rS ;N lr.e. e m ra body the at 10 0 a ntAyet know whether
ipfl^1y1IratoJi g" PCwa!p.m. for aibort musical program. fo not ye kow whether
No. Order ad the at. A reception wil be hel in the ramao or whether th
Sar; and Mrs. Clara Chanm. aa dining room, following the adraghe o realtionthat
Wfft y ts riff m pAWpn sm i ti rbecloser ther
eared to the prosperity and
IEWSunda y WD ner .t llt oif th e other natios of
Chambers were co-ehair Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sule -em-e orhd n M id
inas for the tea and were aisst tertained a group of friends fo thL 'nnatlc oitLoes of the
S es'Diane hedsdegg, dinner a bt their home in' Gatu n, the Vc at i lner fe
a ey Jblean p, Their guests ware Mrs. Ew. the united Strates bman its
mnd.Pat Eaves. Stevens, Captain and Mrs. E. o lfterest demands th
eadgsoo Sr. cange boyzinds Pthe wat and needs of other
Ao a a the irs w er e Ua Amridtrsg of Panama City. l t beten c
e. e reed -is. ele A .t
tar al^in In di-4issD Pooe wr o we want thi
rtwad.s foud ded Ma jSiren to follow the ottemo oft
Vitorfro iboaincluded Mr. and Mrs. Conrad e eith 5S
3thaletv aUrcBte Zoyl to #Richmotnd, Virginaa. itGaN, CulS baiesr,.

4.5 at the Cla l Hteal. Shen disappe ared d ^~a~wer 'he Ahor s? dtnrofdaytha
0 If Fel Sougah try lton tIe air sent:

ta sh _e a temoartew atoary Ar orera
-______ or -_r __d__morn_ irier tuar b and that
Acaarmae9 l the future?

S Wie and Soughtd i n Killing tunity tornabr. an Intaer
meld tshe oAme theCmepollee that Will avoid
,Oaa Ihargionis a Ivalries within

She e Ier;t a policy that
SPre ty Small Towna G lre pt s u cen eftf

H y t Bf d -The ma d to usyhe o th em en ef it of
ANAP pad., July So ry Mills, a.'I clerk at the hotel. crate a spirit of Amecs.

a said today A maid desra eb ained him a redw lch, In turn. will anof
a sex a fiend faced, b lue-e i d wih dark ibrow n A rmes w
4 .11W7 raid aopt S s- ifa vy i'rand said he looked for aW orld Pea.
I* m owgrl id rto It ames Widt-eyd %rhen sohe entered the
bere aheias her and rsoom tohea ans bloody linensri-
S e6 he nearly ade bodty ine aie v u v bt
drawer'a r W. g- 'h tt mai Evelyn erWynnZ si blU2Lm I
said o 0 sh.eexplained &h1 b16Qd1 Al *"
oothy Pees, atItractti c a cme frim his tdraining sinus.. MTraing Itu Pron*
Ier *tIota Ch te, in&, di- a Miss Pate cwas an berthird
wasfyoundde ad of m as- visittoIndian fora Altsmmiuv
sensesyeteab Her. Wstenographic followingc h e, r a S i MI h1bFuu sve
doabe u ad arms ainS ta Jf fromHClinton Hi gh hWASHMIGTON July 3e (uph
b a3tra Sesin5 ool two ,months age. The Air Frc sold today the first
hanugh t a n..wheroy ls- telangth e manager oe a3 ns e ill a%
'.ai^^aM regis- t^ t l a n trb cia at the air academy s
rfmJk0 a ofNow mauhautlwhens she rented aRtemporary site at Lowry Air Force t
room that she was going to bed aseDenver, Colo., next July.

'tfled like a Mindwet investgators tried to connect oi that k
.)etPeiva, -mod with, a the colMehlme of the same time temorry-it,-aidtht
of the man Shea" withithe crime.gronda d hnorth-
tul fam feared theyrert of t! ba ibe re- I

S uSai1 oesaid construction will be suchr

*.-=- ____e_ 5o 7W vIol ee but tha
1$XVUNjF,1 N l A ., tab sare being made.


*~ ~~ 4.VVi9: DtttoO 8TB. *;U iN
.6. 4Iy *M310 WL s m .Im
iW i 0 ik ~


mOL -9201M JO. 7:

jllll m uBTe lax
ThML oftU *I AltAn '

wee, "AU. W5*F
w^Mw VOsuiM Us Aamase

***i *B l' s omoe .:I 3 :8 :
ft...n ax luus
mow w"

" A l* j

O rg *5. C.,s ab s NOT
Sfra pictures. aShelving
goda that se h -
W. Jloean sit
t h i s e xWs v t t t a ~ u h r u, t
tin J. wa .; I ..
"I do rolIntend to give ie
teNe I ased for and received an
eigt-week leave from VON, dgr.
l W h time I was married ad
e btudo has a immediate pc-
twe plans for me so I won't be
back in Hollywd for at least a
moat or ro..
va Gabor, far from being over
heat ad on at Z sa Zea as re-
poaled, Won't say one word, good,
bwt oa indifferent about the a"*r
Ws may make her the In.-'
of rf. r o Rubiro.
The calmer Gabo merely points
That family members shouldn't
a about each other a0 clams
up with a "No comment" if
pressed for quotes.
Beth button showed s uat Ciro's
to -'elebrate her divorce from
Chardes O'Curran with constant as-
coArt Alan m vUgton, a record ox-
eetiveD But she asd V
esnot to snap liar eing Rh a
all over the place.
edmund'Purdom, who worked
hiW inouth while Mario Lanza's ten-
or voice boomed out In "The Stu-
dent Prince," is --ard as a bari-
tone this time In MGM's "Adam-
and Athena.." Again, it's a voice
di o for the Britial star.
XK because you can't sing does-
n'gmoen you can't bol a singing
star in the movies.
A rodeo gal, it's being told, was
seat to a vocal coach by a atidia
executive who thought she had be
makings of a tar. All day long
thq sagebrush beauty went aroud
"How now. bronco."
Reports of a reconciliation be-
tween Don Taylor and Phyllis Av.
ery we unfounded R*ylis may
hasve sailed to ES"op, but it
wae t t9 join Don, who@ making
e MO 9f S wood west" in
ndon and datin !rey JiU


ADU s Mo *BrS -----I
t ecaped newsprint that MGM Save Your 'I Told You So's' And
p uc r Jack Cummings legally VO'.1 Keep Friekd
Stevern haW j son- of
u wife. Betty an Her ex-hus- Some remarks rub almost every,
MB tirxr'r^-w. Tttrl t nBw ae the wrong way. And yet haH
S gives i6er4 bg often we hear them.
mew:rfrlflitthProg ay6Ad1ato
A handsoeme as much mar- "I tolq you so." Th only person
ri p p who .is ever pleased by tat .re-
mark Is the one who makes ft.
Carmn Jone,' "Oscar Ham- ("You wouldn't, listen to me."
merstels South of the Mason. I~t0one is ustiall U addresaed'to
Dixon line version of "Carmen" ehildat one who Us gotten
with Bizet's music, was a 1943 hurt as the result of doing some-
Broadway hit nixed by Hollywood thing his, mother told him not to
for 11 years because movie makers do. 9ut it's the hurt. not the right-
were afraid of mn all-Negro cast. sous "You wouldn't listen to me"
One studio "genius" almost that really teaches tre child a lea-
bdught the film rights until Ham- son.
merstein read the small print. "If you had only told me. .
~~_________ ~That. is always said when it is
too late for the telling to do any
C ngreSS G Vie s oodso why frustrate a person
IL1 I y saying If he had told you what
Assent To EForest he was planning to do you could
Assent To Forest have do ne such and such.
Fire Protection Avoid Antagonistic Remarks
WASHINGTON, July 20 (UP) "I was afraid you were making
-Congress gave its assent to- a mistake, but it wasn't any of
day to a forest fire protection my business." -'hen it still isn't,
compact among sBoutheastern so why say .- thing?
States. "I think you ought to know what
people are saying." That Is an uq-
Under legislation passed by pleasant sentence because It is i-
the House and sent to the White variably used to introduce an un-
BMuse the pact becomes effec- pleasant subject.
tive among those states asignin "You're v-rong about that."
t, whenever it haa been raf oThere,are ways of disagreeing with
by two or more of the following. others that don't arouse antagon-
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, ism, but a flat-footed "You're
Kentucky, MlsalapL, North wrong isn't one of them.
Carolina South Carolina, Ten- "I hope you aren't making a mis-
nessee, Irgina and West Virgi- take." That can't even be argued
nia. against like the more honest .I
think you are making a mistake,"
In addition, states not men- and it is just suggestive duenough
toned. but which are contiguous to leave a sneaking doubt in the
with those cit.'d. may join the other person's mind.
compact. subject to nDproval by "The trouble with you is..."
the other members. The Senate Whoever wanted to hear ibe end
previously passed the bill. lof that sentence?



*The bratp w tedg Asto toe

of 'No"AaeN York office

But aow $btera
e tr in (fl rPrtalatearkOe)

e Adams te "ut UPical ands

Fight 'Till Yes Hear te Bell"
musle flexor who h an an
exers intry Vof ated Dorty, d

Pearl Bailey's Ia for a couple'Uit
Preminger is e ra heis tpni e
to array a G.n, ( for takin nte)
wod Adams hda te ond Upi and

Fight 7knoaHe playr s the ll"

hechseiso h M e wy Mnoe's
muscle I aeme w the se-

Bonerts istea ohwof sart, offd
Pearl Baley's r

s uong enot or
prempill ng4wrd I aeis s topper
nng XIn t ~e L o o nakiwang the

haned with ohe det sohe n on by
cast. Says be:. =^niksa, hw

Although Pthe c M was made
that Fox had the. Ben

MHecht Sisserie on Monroe's
BettSt.John wa woe Us artd run-
nigi h Loando newspaper.

Seven or eight installments haveos
appeared. with, ona due soon on
Marilyn's Veatto h"r feud with
Joan Cra= 04B,
Betta St. John, wfco started off
great guns as a movie dogl, is
temporarily giving up her career
to be plain fns. Peter Grant in
London. When her success out-
stripped that of her actor hus-
bands, wt.m she met in the cast
of "South Pacific," Butts decided
her marri ge was worth saving.
Three Los jingeles Rams pro-
fessional grid stars Don Paul,
Stan West aid Tank 'Younger, join
teammate EWroy Hirsch as sat'rs
in "Unchained."
When scenes are filmed at the
California Institution ft Men at
Chino, they will work out with the
inmates' footballl team.
Maybe they'll wind up calling
the picture "Pros and Cons."

Adf ifffell


W th*is


tort, Carfibbeat | CMmad
last week.,
IThe awar4 Wo Al-
brook in recgMuie msub-
Icivilian 146Ina
1 190, over;-The. a-
the field of gr ubaeeddftit pa-
Merit& for the'0 mCre -based
on safe operatght of linaterance
shops, operatibA .f vehicles of
both military asd vtwilan peroan-
noela Idividusal ateresrt to wNven
i tion of riddles *crdents and gen-
eral safety prevation campgua
conducted for sae operation a
military instaBation

Corib Conmpond
Has New Assist.
Plans Officer
IU. Col. e=geYe .7. Richter,
has been named assistant plans
officer, J-3, for Headquarters Car-
ibbean Command.
Richter was stationed with the
Air Material Command ,t Wright-
Patterson Air Fore Vase, Ohio,'
prior to this aabamr .He ar-
rived in the Cana Ze last week
with his wife, Helen, and three,
children, Eugene Jr., 18; Rich-
ard, 16 and a, .
To addition to Wi staff change, i
M-Sgt. James E. Taylor has re-
placed M-Sgt. Eugene 8. Slider
as chief clerk of tha J-3 division.
Taylor was formnirly Megeant faJ.
of the 20d Battaln,, m Infantry,
Fort Kobbe. Slidec will assume
new duties with the Colorado Mil-
itary District, Denver, Colo.
M-Sgt. Sidney Goffey, chief clerk
in the office of the chief of staff.
has departed the Isthmus for a
new assignment at Nellis Air
Force Base, Las Vegas, Nov.
An electronic "brain" has been
joined to a television "eye"to
y i e I d a mechanical laboratory
technician oan can beat as human
specialist in counting blood cells.


000 A#A-NI
tH"I' m"Na S 4


* .-.,

; .
tNt( M

rU 't '.
.-* $ la -
fl. ^ *


,Walter Wanger's I


e, II -


Ever note bow
"play fasoriteet i4;
have their favorite Ms
thebr favorite toys eveft thoirfijtttb
soupI More than likely this faevuttesl
Caippbell's Chicken Noedle Swif
Evy spoonful is steepedtIwou a mud '
through with the soodgami ati p
tender chickens ... s-erMlnMlm i r* i
yied a gseetsng woth.,.
pye eggaoeuileeate
pieces of chich adteuf
belUp Chiduan Noodle

I-- -riir

71 -'
..Ab~'h -

.-. .Lu.: -



N*2IA-A OMI0i 4:U5 :

~i__ __




or j

H -

: (I

L~. 'I"

- ,

V~ ~.jY4~
'2 Y~.. .1 ~.J


, W,1* ,

.- .-~ -.w

S .

AMRAl ,-



Blanks Gits

id Win Over NY

NW YORK, July 20-(UP)-Harry Perkow-
ito.his hobblei as hunting and fishing but the
SI Yok Glanth know the Cincinnati southpaw's
te form of amusement is making manager Leo
r tear out his few remaining hairsn.
Scan what his record hitter for hi. seienth win
Sar sid recently dis-1 without a lo h ln the
"' _.iBpor.kowsli's 1-7 won- Braves to a 4-1 d ehi over
a' k and &817 earned, the. Pittsurh Pirates. WU on,
aivff" "He alw s pitches who pitebd a no-hitter a-
'SU mthee 0lanta and he I galnsr the FbUi on J4ue 12,
ood pitcher to me.' Istruck eut t and Wawlked
Seul 31-yer-a left- the same number.
SDoda whoe anly l previous win
V erk a over New York on: Brook, Lawrence, maklng.his
0-e, made Durocher an un-j fifth pitch In fappearancSe In St
pybut accurate judge lastLouis' last seven akJns., scatter-
nliht when he pitched a brilliant ed 10 hits In leading the Cardl-
,hree-hitter to give the Reds a nals to a 5-L tiumpih over the
S 12-inning, 1-0. triumph over the Phullies. Red schoendlenst and
SGiants The triumph enabled the Stan Musial drove in two runs
. Reds, who have won nine of their catch to spark the Cardinals' 12-
last 12 games, to take over third hit assault that kayoed Bob
place in the National League and Greenwood. Lawrence's win was
Sleft the Giants "only" sixgames his fifth.
ahead of the second-place B rook- T
Iyn Dodgers who blew. a,12-6 de. o Catcher Mickey Owen's ninth-
O on to the Ohicago Cubs. Inning grand sIlam gave the Bds-
.'4 Perkowuki, speed "LeftyI ton Red I a 9-7 victory In the
Grove" In the Giants' club- opener and five homers, Includts
u stck out ixa t baterl Ing two by Jackle Jensn, paced
S l did net a permit a New them tou an 8-5 win in the night
fork base-runner to advance cap of an AL. daylight double,
asi far as third base in turning header with. the DBtimorel
In one ef the finest piteling Orioles. The ed Sx ha won
pertotipatce the your. of their last 11 games ;l
Don Liddle, Marv Orisson and their best drive of tle year whiti
'.fAl Corwin matched Perkowskl's the Orioles have lost 13 of 15
S,.. ..hutout pitching for 11 1-3 in-gamiles.
nings but then substitute catc- ---
: ra Hlobe Landrith lofted his fifth i
:'holme run of the year Into the YESTERDArs STAR-Harry
.. jtlht field bleachers: to break up Perkowski of the Cineinatl
he LgamL. tie Reds-tabbed for Reds, who pitched a three--'t.'
S .s second division in pre-ses- iZInning 1-0 vIctory over :
i. .O ratings-now lead the fourth New York Gitants.
ce Milwaukee Braves by a half ,. --
S me a the fifth-place Phila- Il l
,, ,himle abPhfladeluha game. Gr1n i
rylud I ans, mean- ad.onrh a ri
'., 4 *.i ) nel half game lead
can Leae wi Team To Get New H
S -te, i'toty over the ilngtorni l Iw
,.wg~ito; whitUle the New York .
2". A,,the A" ssistant Coach
iBi1r _.. 15 g e,3PHILADELPHIA July 20 (UP)
a ei~' ,erlloft -,--his-first- The Philadelphia LEagles of
SYOU ,-. ,sz'' ,i, the National Football League
H[] uufnsr for =nc. w:ll have a new Massistant coach
turnt forinM while fcn'wh t o training at Her-
V esl WbeS glna, next week.
*s W Ryol'S ttar, I. .It Tha who start-work-
Sight winous July ,ave signed former
I ..uwLjs .Sans_ dyend CharlesG Oaure. Oauer. who'
~B-, KWl ,cow- ends and quarter-
I firstGL O s es n11 ba k, replaces Fmrank Reagan I
[ I .B se7sn10 left recently to accept theI
",i,- LheXad coaching Job at Villmanova I
S 'aSix. I University.

rits hace the
PuRO bmaera end
pitcbel atrw


it,; Irt 4:40, 4 I A p.m.
...Xnhn I l Acion Sueapenserf
41 L asd HIGH. WATER'

S" w-m- acu

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Four other pro teams opened
training camps today. The New
York Giants qre at salem, Ore-
Won. the San Francisco 49-er xat
Menlo Park, California. the Chi-
cago Cardinals at Lake Forest.
Tllinolq and the Weahlngton
Redskins at Occidental College,


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The story of a woman's great
iove... for a scoundrell



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Beak Dayl "' M.. H.

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Panama Area A i erft
Basketball League
Teams W
Coco Solo .>

Special Troops '1 :
(t-Withdrew frem .lidanm 1
The three too n te
Armed Forces loop the
three second-divilsn cUlbs ln
games set for tonighIt.'
. Front-running Cm bTIoj, now
enjoying a two-gami l .dw trai.
Ueis to Fort Davia whert A y
angle with the Army At
iv eat 7:30 p.m. this eveailg.
n two previous tneoio ICw a
#rmy Atlantic, the Si ot0
some on top both titUs r- 7to
!58 and 65 to 58.
The Fort Kobbe 1,e1lners,
deadlocked for second place b
the league standings, ply hot
to the Special Troop. cub, als
at 7:30 tonight. The UIfeill'f
have twice beaten t Troopers
by counts of 64'toy 4 8d 74 to
67. The league's two top scorers
will see action in thie battle --
Kobbe's Howels McCallen and
Troops' Lyle Lackner.
In the third contest slated for
Tuesday evening, Fort Clayton
visits the Flyers from Albrobk
AFB. These two teams haveyspft

tneir meetings, me Flyerp o.-
Ing Clayton at Albrook 93 to 51
and the Claytonites Whlppini
the Flyers in a game played at
Clayton by a 77-94 score,
As a result of games played
last Friday, Coco So0lo moved In.
to a two-game lead by downing
Fort Kobbe 84 to 78. In other
Friday battles, Albrook AlE
flared up In the final quarter
to best Special Troops 81 to 64,
and Fort Clayton bluate4 Army
7 to 62.


Loop Standings

Team W L Pet
Toronto 57 33 .633
Rochester 57 37 0 a84
Havana 52 45 .538
yracuse 45 4B. .48
Buffalo 38 51 .432



of. que g
il-. Blullt

essay to mike this
interesting one to dae
Panama Club Ef
Anibal Macaron, hai

JOLTIN' JOE I BACK Highly rated g lgit contnder
Joltin' Joe Brown of New Orleans tep off L Pan-Az.erralA
World Airways plane at the Toqumehe aIirport.n nhl return to
the Isthmus for his scheduled ten-round 40-pound biatUe with
Panama lightweight champ'Wilfredo Browh July 0U at the Colon
Arena. Joe returned laest nitht compiled by trainer Tony
Cn Canicela. "
-,--------- -=m .---,-- --.--,-

Giles To Hold Hearing

On GCard.Philly Riot

hRichmond 36, .400 -- --
FOttawa 35 *M By UNIT PRESS all. Moore says "we felt pitch-
ler Ellis Deeal was throwing
vTn=rnAY'S RESUTiS National. League. President at Torgeson."
tCom ln of Juno 13a) WArren Gileshas stepeinto
S00 00I 1 r u Armed Forces Tennis
Erickson, bytack (5), Hud- Gilds has ordered a hearing
son ()NRyan.BarnS Lan- today In In the mean- y 5lI.L
de Hahn (3) mbar (6), tme, Giles has sspended nln TouramH en Sned

I nnins 161 PhiladelphIa first baseman uEarl Pnama. AaA l
(iort Game) Tgeso. Tennis competition gets
Richmond 01) 100 00- 1 G 1 at. says the suspensions of way tomorrow morning the
Moitreal 00) 100 01-2 7 1 stanky. Yvars, Deal and Torge- port Amador courts when 18a s-
Fonv chi and Johnson. Cox son will be In effect pending the ges entrants clash In e oen
and Howel. HR -- Nelson. outcome of the bearing. Ing round of a sg lminato
/ .The Lgrgue president says he tournament. Singles ply i
i(ScOnd 01, 1 0.0- 9 ,, 2 will set a time for the hearing ntin through Saturd ,
icmonid 01 N 200-9 1 2 t He dds that the hearing doubles matches willbeg o
Montreal.. 10 oo002- 12 3win be a med affair attended Monday.
tanrdefi P and johnrisn. Black, will l h r fe ba o ,
Hood (4). rabbro (7).Owen (9) only by S tin. Dea Yvars and Wednesday's opening round is
Hdoo m n. LaPr n. ( two Cardinals coaches plus Phil- scheduled to start at 8 in-
and Thompson. LP Black pdelphia manager Terry Moore. Thursday's second. round of Lpm
1 Inn... b d-'--" Torgeson and two coaches, and sated to begin at the same.
i(11 Inninp 01 the umvIres Involved. Not more ipe,, while Friday's semi-final.
Hana vOil 00 4 than ts re representatives of get underway at 8:30. The Sat
Ottawa. 0m..10(0010, aW 2 each clu also Will be permitted urday finals ar set for 9:00.
j"'1 dNoe. to atted. Matches on Wednesday and
Trice. ApnCha (s i and Watlin- eto e Thursday will be decided on the
ton. WP -- BHr.s. .P San- Giles called the bearing after bals of the best two-of-three
chea HR Trice. Watln ton, the Cardinals protested umpire set. while semi-final and fia
MoralPeM (with bases loaded i Babe Pinlli's decision in fortet- matches will be three-of-flve a-
elevenrth). Ing ther second arme of SundavW fairs.
0roufo noo 0 O 001.-2 7 2 accused twk of stalling with crowned In the six-day tourney
his team fraillingr by seven runs although ninemilitary pots
nd a .a In t.he to of fifth LtmanL e represented In th oompet The -iilo t are ton ithe Iplill s r%&
lron Ste wo m at the Po-w- phies wl ~u awarded
Jacksonand Rgga. al.Owens amd an trselattand o thMeaor FparanWa Area
Qusunda wuUSX of end Tennis team from the fdb dia-
and -rut_ aL t s e '-ir. Po-lle and layed by the varto entrant
S l .useri f lv d break that I the coming tournament The
Indian Gridder but fdellnrs still wies run- Panama mAr tea m wl be o
S ninii hih ii th fifth Inf. to te top Antllte r et-

BIAnO f. July *20 bae ; dr eshman HO. 1 a)p or D ro V atne a, Co-rt

Onl ee o mem the i 1 me ao e -T 'IWv Mo.i for ctu vse. Plc. Don Bergan,
Dartmorth Csis' e iSothi teia s'tflnmort
dam 18 top shape. i.-i ; minbh w _e ...letehm

Stestyos as wiith th. iwac to MC ilanm- i
Sould Rthe n e n u o thie 1 1 p cl. D dort PnetmrosI, o-
Drihye s W uworwt-A t-tm I j
aBpk^Uu t ^*BAI UM slllHBM~Mm ^^W^^^^^~~^t~ -f~if v'wi-^e-M no 1LI.DWNvn r *- I

Iw ***

OH ; -*

4it. of thi

Sto oon
a taam, J 2n7
-o ys 5 theloa- l"

and c WfatieOJ l of V ,
eurtia, and".."vol tsU
office o. ns rSh .ol ,A

playfor th group wl b d ded by and W um. Prkowk (2-7}
udden play on Friday Bad Seilatk, Iandrinth.
Jboyswho wlU corm-
pulyte n the a n.hip fntll 00 10f0 000-1 1 l
or ctce o on o i 21 000 20x- 12 N
buquerque and for the ownership ond.iod (0-1). Wehmter
of the State Champion Trophy and 5 lutpMBeLawrenc (5-3) and w- W i C _
beoade the title / thmloan JunSal. ,
tlor c h l wi. play ---- -- .
bolesda Ch da o1 July 23e, 2 g i. .oGe) e e l "_ -,

and M. 1uld ae ex for any ?Itspt 000 010 000-1 St g
of the four places In th- Mlil 100 00f l-4.10 0 i
flight the playoff will take SU*.rn (6-12). et0 l and "
place the Ifternoon of Saturd esay A ~ Wuon (7-0) an Crn- -
July 2. This means that there o
is a poeibl ity of some boys g.o- l t.
of 3he 1eA en the flnal daysiopn* .c.w-d ui'"d la-lt.
All ptay will be conducted un- _a. b aI r *("7
clation eas~ofa amended by local A -
,o.-. '.Softball Leagiuen oronto oosts
own falrway and on ,tlni i jU^ ...
greens violation of rul l -
carry t.e prescribed penalty for. -- | | | 1
al y iPn n IL LeadTo
f' i.ys whortUeci ,Iq Fol Ga In e'

n is ra8iuhsfioo8
fa A utle, yvaol arpeguo er ofol- cni Moderna 1 .0 I

1 Aorqe andflinood. 1Snr. a 43
of the y SSndXj1*'1iy. *^Wo e (5- 3 ) end

-besd -thed01 B 1dJuo|

^,- .. *** ""' MS ,' I' 1 .---- ,
tl Jr- !L Ajf0July .. "'.. .a

and da sexisfrm 000100000e 1oed p

July Tu-"that rthre, -- d,
bci madou as folldwP.It riidc'ces .t a PlCl o. and a
winner of thairm antour dnament n l
Ai n silent dlc a d unr led a rl
tion coandust, of he n wthe le
euts b Ahn t ite o ent t re fie t a l
Andi ird31ba l loa e1= oslt hin bal fo thelo cto : g t o t o t M
wnffy adand onei anbed .thatLt aro

It hi mean *lo that thid In the t te vth i to h ebe
that or 0hn e.oa t wioi st h e tt,

bres m l aflonlwo fSrw rilla

paiy t ien u Bi ,ake pele l n h R BEnalkty orQi.
iaiable for alonlyo r the lRa hlT
M" wlintoere thOibs 0nt wthPa-_eW nl. LLL -la -To-
fboys d-w l ow Can d 'a eihe. li" 0
they wilbe the Abre a5rgmi s 1"A U -_
nc-up. in the t'rm ,n,
shwll e the winner and ra tr S team
eprnd .... t por ea o _a.atm AVuTiw bheld t 4:4 pm4 teim ae,'
Canal onne. i an oh ere I .r h nAio l Fy e .14d .
as annm d l vi wa s "e. i ". -- -

Its osiloer thAin tWoatoual hI ..i
aw imoreM should two -s i
/in the event ullr ieL IuIo ,
is ulutd for the fe o-Nro fm
te lam o apnd ot antdill o I ntaI
lot the two lowea ortnh t PIsi
Ib s ab the twoWulow reana l onea
tion nmo the dto rname _l r111.
'rBie eoand trtee has considered
mthat thiwrll provn etfor a trulyII i
ipres JmtBtllve 1inkl o Pqanma- _
@Y, thne ingthe Inteanalonal
sabloe Imtb el or e ismus ,.
So t he.l thourn t am:, '-
... w.illhdepartaboutAlygt. Bu-
Iutomob"le dealero *tls havl. E.A illmf ,t.nwa .--m h, i
than new W it A L9 e. th.e'"I.a ,

'ard .t, E i lL.G",
uno boxfand escorter .t.~...-dw

.it bul Pa n..a. -,sn ", -a = y
t.'h i"-.-I A od"in of tai re soi

h- YK~ ~






I-.- .- s




~a f

., 1 .

I,.. I

ip d-a

NW 5'~r Wq.1fUU -

*t:. .' ... -. .

; .* ,, "- J.. l 1w~nhi

ar- rdo t 5he IS that ItMNols pi a
w N ~-o a barrel Ad ky's pilot Is about ready to apltmu-
ltn the Meantme, what aboutValdes When and where doest
theh on of Cuba and Nouth A meSc next find more Or
a I yI e employment?
S has bemTen talk of NiAo's fighting the winner -of the
September title contest in Mia'sOrange Bowl, in February.
But Bobby Gleason, who mdnages Valdes, fs not counting too
M msn Independent operator.7u fact helps to ex-
wh010 wowU forced to let Valdes t James ..Parker here
it so long ago. The beet the Cuban could get out of that match
was trouble.
Valdes was thrown in with Jackon, piloted by Lippy Breid-
hart-oldea also Independents, because one heavy-
wZlrt e23r tad bound to be eliminated, with the ponl-
bnilltthat t both prformers would he ve themselves out of the

a 0 geb eao htl 4 roetesaonally
so =. comp etency.
A tu 7 hav
aft er. cooking all washed up
S a a Che fharles gets a mtad Heo
yee. NI, or two a half years, thb
bet two and a blf of ighung ex Among'~l o-
compl eita under g mte i a 10 round victory over Charlues
W altokIf heat St Mlii B ach on Augus t I 1 .
I ve that ma e could beat Charles once a month for. a
I "Vades" u e c. d ftfrom July 18 19M, when he knocked
out Amelle .Agramonte o the h .avyweight championship of
Cuba n oth America. financial reward for that victory
was I0, 0 W thneg, title cost me about $400.
"Valdea hadlost bfOur I n a row, to. Harold Johnson, Archie
Moore, 1 1Ofilanm and Bob Baket, when I called No into cmn-
Sferene, a nd asked him Whether he had reached the end of the
?eN Jsaid that he felt he was suffering from a curse. He
complained of being listless and off his feed. I suggested con-
ulting a or. A friend of NIo's had a better Idea ,. ead-
vised me to a Valdea to a voodoo specialist. Well, I took him.
It turned the trick. A month later, Valdes knocked out Agra-

Jackson would like to meet Valdes again. But there appears
to be Uttle chance that this match will be made. Gleason
is not for i Id It ts doubtful f the flghtp ewanti .It
" '( There iqta beep .onliderable .cojecture since Wednesday
S igtht 'as t te cane eight ove one to Niflo it re-
S fetee 'A t had noA1t2ped the figh However, It was my
Impression that, had the sorsp continued, Tommy would have
lm pauInted out bef ong.
'-ackooperaS, in a Untastic setting. If he is bewildered,
for one, his mother orawho hassles with him

.W o lutmxs t RoerLv pp.y
L :''-,S l bse N f t.', e into B 'aldbt, U.ppy
1k ^ tra of odiew do d
S .be R14in. Nor did nIdbt ealze what
P ... 5 | Wthat hunk of.Jt1 to oold-
,.jlW^P 9 t me Jashed up _ltak e .a.d re,

4,^ Ki!ne M. -^ b


sa .d conservative wsya, the
] franchise w1l be a ve.
Sative ffr It wll ove
S sa trying to beat the
andlrd o a month's reat
33. WOLVES HAVE started
to howl in the Maryland city al-
ready. But. as is the usual in
baseball, they howl for the man-
ager. Cigar-smoking Dykes is def-
initelyunder pressure at t h is
wilting. Ehlers, informants say,
has made' up his mind to stick
with Jimmy.
The future, however, is in Eh,
lers' hands. A solid front office
player-geting Job would insure a
'healthy Baltlimore franchise for a
ong time. This is a mandatory
affair. The Orioles cannot asit
#g0ht. Some artful tradin- plus
dilcious farm system handling
must be brought into'playtuick.-
ly in order toep the OriL ans

'same- .in I. Louis s yer,
said It would bed a five-yeaX pr-
positoa to rebuild the .tsm. %h
ild Mr. Shortstop better to wef
on this one. It is a lead-pipe cinch
Baltimore won't wait five years
jor a respectable club.
AT THE SEASON'S outset, Bob
Turley and Don Larsen were the
big Oriole hopes. The two strap-
ping pitchers looked like winners
with anybody's ball club. But
Turley and his fast ball became
completely unnerved by a flood of
publicity and advice. It will take
some smart handling to straight-
en this lad out.
Larsen is another case, how-
ever. He had only a 2-10 record
by mid-July and those close to
the Oriole situation contend he
was the first guy in town to give
up on the club.
Baltimore would howl if Ehlers
traded either or both of these
players unless be received a cou-
ple of btan Musaals in return. As
an alternate, the Birds' boss can
look to his San Antonio farm,
which is leading the tough Texas
Pat Qitana, a shortstop, is the
big man domQ there and they are
calling him the league's best
sho W since Vera Stephen$.
This Includes Cbhico Carrasquel,
so Quintana might be a welcome
change net year.
my Dalton, a .300 hitting ascond
sacker with Anderson, Id.t and
San Antopo hurlefa Ryn~ burn
and Charley Locke appear the on-
ly solid prospects in the minors.
Batimote has gotten by this
year. But the bsig job begins the
the seon Thrt's when
Ehlers mut start to get Dykes
some r ca. movin
5'Ijr-tha or call j. moving

SBalboa Swim rool
Cleaning Day Set

For This Friday
The alboea swimimin pool
SJuly 3,. tr elaaLar, tt wa.
Manoncee by the Physical
oEns= eu and Reeeatles
Dramee tedoy.
The wMrk will be done by the
3atuteMaqiO Di*dem fereesl
am It Is.Ethat it will
be fel d In n- e hM ve
"0 ed MMfeleI=g

U- S. ~%~TLW.u[ (icr -

That's been the only trouble
waiting the Open (t=o le,,did I
say?). 've been so buy going
from one social or business func-
tion to another I've hardly had
time to touch a club and keep my
muscles in shape.
As a club pro, I naturally had
to cut down on my tournament
play. Lest year I wa. only in six.
Befoe packing my bags to go to
Baltasrol in Ju, I turned to
Hetle and saM, "This one I'm go-
gto win. I feel'it."
A long course like Daltusrol
called for consistency, which I
H Look at my rjunds-440-7-.
72I missed oy two gregas the
last 18 hLles and neither by more
than a yard.
I won because I hat absolute
control of myself.
You need luck, too. I got that
e"i my ee shot Into the woods on]
the last hole. There wis that
opening in the trees onto an un-
used fai ay of the upper course
and a wedge shot got me out oR
Pm not overly religious, but, I
r-sd the Bible before. I go to bed,-
ou know. you don't do It eUl by
self, .There- someone helping
ou. '
Other people had confidence In

Last of three articles
U. S. Open Golf Champlon
Written for NEA Service
When I became a teaching pro
in 1951, after a half-dozen years
of touring the circuit I had to
realign myself mentally.
Where was I going, I asked?
What did I have to show for
those years of traveling? Were
Helen and I ready to settle down?
You bet we were. It was my
luck to meet Harry Tennenbaum
and Sid Salomon, Jr., in Miami
Beach and play with them. I
guess they liked the way I talked,
because next I was flying to the
Westwood Country Club outside
St. Louis, where they're .mem-
bers, for an interview and a job.
Most name pros pay little atten-
tion to members. I worked as a
teaching pro day anc night the
last three years. I averaged 1009
lessons a year and with my wife's
help ran the pro shop.
Gof's a game where you have
to lick yourself first. We all tend
to be self-cpnscious. Who knowA
better than I with my bent le
anm? The mn o s t self-conscious
man I know 1g Bam Snead. What
I stress in teaching i. building
confidence in people.
Ceoing to Westwood, for the
first time I knew real security.
With it my game matured. I-no
longer had to worry if the putts
dropped before I could count on
the next meal. I still played 3&
holes and hit hundreds of prac-
Uce balls daily.

----i~a s -

Qstion; Bow far is it from

me too I wasn't eligible nor in-
vited to this year Mrsters, but
Vice-President Vincent Richards
of the Dunlop Tire and Rubber
Corporation signed me up, a no-
body. Vinnie Riebards flew me to
Augusta from St. Louis and made
me the Dunop ll representative
among the profess als.
With the cooperation of my
club. I'm going to play in more
tournaments thisyear. My object
is to exhibit what little talent I
have. I want to be a playing
I am to play exhibitions in the
United states Canada. England,
South Africa and Australia. Bob.
by Leeke and young Peter Thom-
son, recent winner of the British
Open, figure in these.
I came up through public links
play. My older brother, Henry,
now is a pro at a municipal course
in Utica N. Y. My youJger
b the l; 4'aed. 9 a do.~d amateur.
My wife is an amateur with a six
han scap. I met her on a course
Lat lfyveraemI, h wMra.

That's the least I can do for. a
game which has done so much for

uls' and twm gala

The two of them saw more Ua.d.
learned more about everything In .
general including thease-lves- ,altr top thad
Sthose three weeas than they to seep aboard br a
could have in five years spent In can pch ashoe n
the reading room of a library or out of tte one,
stretched out on a couch llstening Di"stbuted by .Nr4A
to psychiatrists.
"We were really living. T f
aboard our bo&t every s'Toildgi t W .l .
night, too. And we ate mapt of
our meals afloat," Don said.
What did they do all this ain? I U A
A 14-foot runabout fitted with a
convcrLble-style canvas top ha H
Don bought trom a maill-o order V
tirm, and powered by t -hor 'se-
outboaru motor. By UN" .
They did their cooking om a lt Ownerp of 0 f
tie gasoline camp-stove, akd lept the Texas LeauA j
on i pair of air mattresses. Their amo the
boat nan hinget backeasts that lblile of
fold down to augment the thwarts chslae moving to )
l forming a dix-fbof platform Sur The owner of thD
the. mattreue., ILeague team =
"I ordered an extra piece. of ha pleaded innonat
canvas that I attach to me boaie tryiOAg to wreck 1
top at.night. It makes a cabin out Loop hd basaeWll I,
of the wnole iide of. the boat promoting a biJ leag
when we're .-eady to turn in." Don for Dallas.
explained. "And Marge oauia cur-
tains for the tpp'd, clear plastic Burnett learned of t
side windows to give us PrivacYthrough Minor ,eagui
when we want it.", Geore Trautamu.,'
told Burnett thab-
Now, here was a guy who had seven other Tgas Ue*
wised up to the fact tat to go Sat exept Homta
cruising you don't need an ex caused, Buet
sive 5-to 30-foot caulna ob. H's metal to baebalL
a camp-cruiling enthusiast, and In reply, Burnn s-
he's not all by himself. There are mee of ot
plenty of others. wlthou Jotting b9 u 1
Not all of them have the tim l d
6r the iclnatkm to go s o T da,
O-mile w itor 'h f--- xit betwe. n ii -
their bebta oaveo r tog&
weekending an*l yaWqldg t ui;iu
the writer.
They diovered that a node4t fa4
amount of camping gear and a to paga ather. t







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Snweiz an ron masH "GLet the peelpe k(Uso the truth and is h aden m-I
islows. gometilweT

nl i- Carthy Probe Reveals 'Red
n dwe.he -. ,+.. m.,..,-

0 -nthouh
had brought ln ur WASHINTON, July 30 (UP) of the Fore River shipyard at Mid he 'had to spend my week's members o

WaI.ed right in and mad( Irom the room and another turn rene T. Parish." he sakd. A present when the earning March or t
iX at home. Being pretty out to be the "wrong man." "That's not the right name." oened but was joined later by .
, explained. just Coz- Hitting the investigatin trail Be identified himself as. Law- e. Karl E. Mundt (R-..D.). In tellIi alot bI rov-
Sor the first time since arch rene W. arrish of u cCarty said he was very di-.- work at t L 9aR t
tuner tenant, noodlums wit McCarthy also produced testi- Mass., a Fore River worker, and appointed" that the Democratic Glatis 1dentlifed; ag. station
kreited to learn, makes a mony that a Communist unit in leader .a wmi^iL 1
Be or locking lthe iron the General Electric plant at -* Burak, al"I
a twhats Flame." She did not work at themo
tr O Word plant, however. P
ehipranaguinder oh u

l Healh Will ttgum ee W. Va. Valleys, One Dead
Scribe I Informants, James -
S a b n W. Olat of Boston, and Wi RICH WOOD, W. Va., uly 20 a'hehre about 4 a em. Within tree a.
S11am H. Teto ohf Ahby, Mc a (7) A 14-hour rainstorm hers the lower sec -tiooeh of the A

eigB B. Rees, Director of Glatis named Charles Wojo- that niled water up to 20 feet town were covered by 12 feet of so .
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