The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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pastee much. Its les tat 1'm paid too little. It mke a- back
quite a store! sat iwas awful to get the dope on Nahb tr11 on the We flant more
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I t If as lothto1 W Behm sad tind. She Afnds the leta immedilatelf ter ..
eaem teiRmi am ti-tei -, m sake-. weIk-lit I
AMd she koliews t 'hat l ufi eleanming, stslselaI uleamur
ia a. e, inMg it an iaeahed ho _w _ortat It Isto l ow. traes 9 nmUma ^ lt.Water
et ( etet) ues a crinmy skin ,io, o old make-up fr6m ho akln. he abls taken taar elr te pl
'ad to coa atte KgtP Y of WS mft wft ."t p her skin clean at AD MOM p gap.p si =11natyewi i
oU -milat herb ha ot* to t emmbera to yt at. etiotivP Id Is using
'abI doM to A 0PWtoo int Inervnls :irf@ aM ng 9. contain a m
Lu ^i he doesi turn the boi* .the sun and ectU lola a cream.- T
Lu | fril rob", Ito a beauty aim where playing th .ar. Thia gmhs 4,1M- na on your |A!
or auir ur ourt ,he yo0ll acquire a golden, n face a Ianough
t h to be w thean- or yor e la
w She ln on .a relaxed -end aund "lt water ly.h o1.Th~ n ssue nd 1
.L t i and ,uhae If to kpand a 6; niched daily s yeH
bhaLher va d the outdoors, re- it r face, ne el- certain to any inake-up,
... n .eopr oue the oy.wbp ad heel. Y O suitan oilr t at may Venetlan Blithds
:r Arf that dra*n, ttght have clogged a pores.
the r'lln tosr- of tay n, y li[fteei skin M"ave from
S eed, This electing your skin, you'll ac- too sWh sunning. By keep our skin soft and r
eludes- an' oil, re a painful burn and the ug- A fresh, clean face is neces- au le, you )ok putty in your X f
ai lotin anlapoble cot- ly redness and peeling that ac- ary in ordpr to have a flawless ba at and summer frocks.
tIN ca-panies It completion. so, renemler to re- And your week-end wil result in
8hW be skeA b,* again, too, T avoid abur, ua an- main faithful to our facial your feeling refreshed and rest-
If amemsto akse up her tan otion, mit offe 4 prote- cleansing routing each day. A ed. Tel. R-171
g1 -- AAutomobile.Row No. 38
iFSign Affairs Experts See A-olR

"al9( -, adhe rona 9". red t ere were
hey on China the US. ougt to re the issue is settld.ith the S m ster
Sft rem ) ou ted to th United ett, oil theo w
i But bld M .. coward in. yar or sometime from the world organiaton. "At least we ought to send
SCheas -to1f*or *e ete SmithRo W ua t e flower to the burial he said,
`tnos 1)h ne ed eMyed )- a predo the Aer eean Ft DO"m E Richards warned that the Us. .
rem ..a sm. da nd U a "eid not settle anythingb. Remembers to wind itself Built-in "'I
't_ ithe.iU.N.W$-MO.. ,thdrawal.
T.r *itWo. .i IkS-.Wla-r If'BAid eP- -------changes there Datc-Window every 2
ftrg iAsi b d h det4 the Reds wId not a ats P Fee
a wmr t e xandr Smith (R- get nto te U.N. In the crease Plaa blity IimperviouS to water dust ad
"a .fai5 W fla3r ard p.) aid they bothP. t CHAMPAIGN, l.-( UP)-,
tarl1y o 1 sei f. Pos Dfmuch a course,y but mth aeed about the pros Br extension clastk t t and get t.
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Par. ei as ,e ewRean doupie toash S meaf products are now b I'The nw sclf-winding Seamaster Calenar watch is
UthemenUl o t me ant fats.hayl t he Most Wthfu servnt of time ever devised by
e u A omnlanait suho Is cors is in reducing the dust problem tei a
Fore '7" Richards maidb e -won = Mnpe',s, thim tchmaking cie... telling the n ct time gnd
the Dihads nsadl he-r o -.'w anted too see ,theU more palamtable. -h
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'".1 .40efth Taw rich. just a few years. Thcdet year.weightgains, Bray silld, the Olfir,
Spots p rmenm how Ion it om t Smith and Richards rateof gain for broilers has noyou youcan forget
Sin 4 weeks. up to $5,000 baufid r own Com6tuatle." geed It would be "folly" to a- usually been increased. i
per nlit. Smith, ank member ot the stand sugested by Sen- Because of special equipment old-fashioned item-winding. lThe instant you put on
of the.Ste r ~ ate RepVublican leader William Udato mix the fats Into fiee
O ttee, warw that the U.S. hod added that the process w Seast C t it starts winding self.
Mu. two Latins (with alon: f Red a wuou M withdraw from the U.N. In practical for e avem .
SJAnt s a "the dwth of he event jd Cinal's il a r raiser. Every flick of your writ stores up the power that
S^ .1^ '.A -m ,,, ,, ,, ,, elps it going... cnouh so that even off your wrist ;
Fo I t will run for over a full day and night.
1ST IALM S VIEW NEW CONIiSTOGA STATION WACON Automatically, too, the d mechanism changes ..
S-... every a4 hours. Simple,. study, foolproof... the ,'
0 liqsuthSemas Calendar Is the most carefree watch you
in ,(t *All G
on,, can wear.

DS*,anyl I. v:Francis Carr,
Mcar.:60u1th1now has i Why is Omega famous for precision?
tn so.Six times i .fir z?, Oa'e Ji Aw od bkt .of

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Piece Place Setting 18.


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etion for a hot night: ok Those are, Hnley says t e
ie' fanra while v:atchhg TV. main problem coroh mer-
ases co much interference today, o at least
creenthat yo give up some .Ameles. a
go to an air-onditoned though. His main roem
to convert "Makie
-- to TV, a switch be will come
el.n ("Boop.-Bpa-Doop") some day.
Sbaek at the Palaeq, i at-
I in the famous Drey sV
m Numb-r One. She's at home,
pot happy. Sometime between DON McNarIL (ABC-TV):
S(r'e first used the room a The husband is head o the house
, .IM) someone has pmilted a d the pedestrian a the right
t.It used to be noted for of way and everything l fine.-
!tures ofaEl-time reats on the until they both try toprove it.
it has i- oaf of gray..
it,'eO thirds th is a trage- "I've seen too many w 0 adilo
BnhMOable to the decline ald shows ruined," he. sa by ef-
R o .ian mp'*re. forts to make it over into'some.
S.a, thing visual. We'll.have to make
a=t nOte: In next sea- some changes, of course, and I
of "All Summer have some idea already, but one
n Kerr June thing I'm going to insist on is that
40. He is June Walker's the basic idea stays put."
a' c Heo' definite oS that pV In
vy, as producer of the fact, he's made up bbmind.

S YaMd."1 Is learn- te King d Sin G
saI t alos t human aW. =, Is back In town, Basin
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himself witr a so M
A.df',- no n wr i on w th i t's a hppy *-
mtolwork w ti
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o itould do in a spe. Charge averu was
SA.nd. the- M Oenern efeetivs, speoeally or the o
Q to send r. the sits. Dixielan number, **Tha t' a-
They do, to the tune of ev. Plenty."
a d week.He and
sread ten i o It's nice thn like
01 Z thesefhot Jut'o MM n M Y4*
M ,. doh angte.

Se," he Te'IJ e CBSRad* "World tld
ty or jeal FestiVals," whichtop up with in.
Ut ue tW tidbits from here, there
SadS ipore. takes micro.
nto a retaur phones to Elsinor Castle in Den.
S OsOia.g h er mark es Aug.S to pick up the
.1pths0r wom- first bradcast of "Hamlet" from
.11" that gpot. It'll be performed by
4does 05 ls EngIlaid' Old Vie vompmuy, and
Art Henle should be worth hearing.
*t a- d 821nd Alas, poor NBC, I haew It well.
The Claude MarIehea dance
f>v' e, wk b will eton. Arthur

M_ dmoe In show business, Two of the
Init on troupe ,.terbug, braoot, on a.bed
........... 0 bl T net almost pain ua do-
~1 O I a e,roo dapee floor.

School's Roster
AJJme Family

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I .f m -& if :;I n'. .-
"Lester said l4hght things couldn't be any worse if we
were marredand if that isn't proposing, what Ills"
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ann v wwk a oa 8al
"wssianat herm" al ngs. 8m beliat
thk Is the fUst time. "At" ab tibosed in this n a, nnW. The
soator iroMs s to help M .-Slvema2 fni ,ort bs
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UP, YOU NQ-b w W P "Mechanleal rulWl bl per- & el
1k fur ate! by a ur.s. crwawl J In thi case the ises, e thy
aduts a the lte umn tho wn "u dwa
t ground. Priary pi OeA the vehicle, now belW.A tgted at
Sr, Aberdeen MroIa. MO wwil be trn 74 Mfet
f Ger to the front line. Ato' It weighs only 750 ponla llhty
dleton. vehicle can arQ evtr.W a ton of equipment, t s d nges
-- .mne to 25 mph.

Independence 6By WlI& 8CRUGG'

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cf Li *" onne Quint Feaves onaveni' afo |en
vand g .lu. IlatR .. via ..i% at the d. .anld Baby to. adjust But ito
f theIsn .4 -ot into_ ,ying In Montreal towee.k out i
group tbeq r frlst.." ..are t lbs Unveriy Uihood W Hostess fo b m tW,9 I An$ don't worry about the
s, l -- u willl be orey, Wray, M. ,- household things that remain un-
C. ..done mdink taee months. You,
Amba. aw..nd C1.. M a rs.Al p"ebi DIONNE QUINT INSID bshe entered the convent No. 3, your husband. and Baby will be
were h adir ta u .W .i .. .. VltiV g memb ~p on the lath. QUEBZC CITY, GOe., Jily 19 1953. much Iaptper If you're relaxed.
given t eveiS ., ali McKrdta, lsu re lted t tend. M(UP) Maere Dianne, t shy, The order chosen by Marie is not barlsd.
Z idence i noome Fla t, Se. with ler husband lamns tleav -- fral quintuplet who teea aone of the strictest. The aisters '
retar Land Com IOfflJLer e t f near .future ur doeUit au e d Palm eeFlse convent o b Oatto a meua sarly take turns praying 24 hours a day Most babies like a snack, both
St.. ms m .mSts., States to make their home, WT Pacific Royal. Pm abne months ag, avet up a for CaAadlaL. soldiers who were midmoining and midafternoon e-
Guon u; i e l AL ame of honor at a WuOr of the Eastern Star willifr e of prayer for killed in World Wqrs and II. The though they have good ap-
fairs Oucr, y S. Caler. eo ven saturday at the hold its regular monthly meeting alth reasons" and left the clai- only times they are permitted to for their regular meals.
----- .T.ou ia .v, Anco'm sy a group Of Tuesday at 7:30 ap.m. at the Ar. tersto Io late a Montreal, speak are ..ft.r dinner and supper Baby does want a snack, be
h erO 1 myNavy Club, Fort Amador. All it was closed and during occasional visits from. sure that he gets it regular e-
Visiting._a .. attendingg work Mrs. Al members are asked to brina a At alioat theap nm0oent outsiders separated from the ais- very day and at the same time.
Mr. and Mrs. Jorge Ricardo RI. Jenkins. Mrs. F. B. B.pHsVLtI. white elephant gift to thia no-t Marie gave up etr h titiae Fi- ters by heavy Lon grillwork. Make ft eight so that it doesn't .
ba, and Carita Navarro, are vip- R. E. George, Mrs. Joh Dolan, meeting. day night, another f the famed, spoil his appetite for his next
Citing on. thae Isthmus from their Mrs. J. D. Hennessey, Mrs. Earl o.year-old quints was found wan- When Marie decided to take the meal. You might try a smill
home in Washington D. C. with Best, Mrs. Edward Haydel, Mrs. Card Wema's Club Meelag during in a daze an a Monreal veil, she renounced her share qf glass of milk and a cooky or fruit
his parents, Mr. am Mrs. Pope Nelson Wise, Mrs. W. J. Rose, The Curandu Woman's Club street. the million-dollar fortune she and juce and a cracker or two,
Riba of El Cangrejo. Mrs. Emma Barlow, Mrs. Celll will hold its reguar weekly meet- Emile, who has been studying her sisters earned through -
--- Waldorf, Mrs. Margaret Her, ing o wednesday,at 9:00 a.m, at domestic science at .a northern dorsements and the trust fund s.t A nA
S .. Mrs. Leonor Lombana, Mrs. EH- the Community Building. Quebec convent, told poeshe up for them. by the govemrmeit. '.4 'r ilc,. l 7
. MAgoeri M Pireeat Iabeth Fears, Mrs. Gomes Mrs. was on her way too City When Emilie was found by t m
ArL M .- a y Clemmons, Mrts. A.rlee TIw/e C.Diaer-Meeting to see Marie when e became patrolpn she told then she hm --
His e the Prsident Green Mrs. J. J.leurt, Mrs. The Tower Club of the Cathe. lost. Marie also was Montreal ravel6ed b bus from St. Agathe, .. ..--
of the Panama, Jos aul ll pso, Mrs Phomena dral of St. Luke, Ancon wil hld Marie's deeislon to l.veIe or. QuebeU, n mnles north of Mon. By GAYNOR MADDO.
Antono.e m a Mrs. Rem=o upper Mrs. Juas, and& Mr s. its regular monthly dinner meet- der of the Servants of the Blessed real. She said she decided to take NEA Food and Markets Editor
were t66 it hoa l or at a l Mclatyre. g this evening at 6:30 in Bishop SacrameBt was .ifslfed by the a walk while waiting for the bus
luanheon. ,~taM y the -w MorriHall. mother superior..X* maid Marieto Quebec City anf then could leach Jam is Easy t Make Using
Com an .iatain L ey P. re Freol N rew York needed "a ret" aMliat mem- not find the depot2 These Georgia Recipes
A. es ard the ratan Mr. Rogelo Navarro New bers of her familyp-itre with her
sTraiaft. whenshe A.- Emile left the Institute Famn Our good friend, JujKMg, who
-uarfm v h '-' fM feredfronim gaIlMe studying, -two weeks agot194Pacheshs been Ulftliguo
Xl ltoaaa '. li. .W .AiSo Hb. We lY small chld,bJke tier We a Ob at thel,.tbi=#* a .peach Sml poa ja wu. mL bead.
PNaamasid /- -ia s*oa i-- "ti.p :mjc Ktmle a ,convent several moiths ago. Obe ,.Mhouy Sisters a S t. actHere are wom ofhc her ipee:
he A of Spain to i. When e q b y
bithIe wraoreMaieta dW the s m as l0 lettl e r lnlc ad fral.t and thsewal easitandi wen there ei ae ae (YI d: 2 8 m sa Penn
91 Exlr- 0" to:WtoU8:0. Io :doubt she wuesurvive. bmrnghheir.xamnd weelin*"l a-i,/toI
p.m. at th Embassy ResidenceHEPRDSTOWN, W. Va. -her childhood suffered from"Therle~w m expanation for Three and one-hai fup armed
in Bella Vista in celebration of U Attendance records at fhep. one weak eye, whiclb-rquired that There was o twexplana r fruit i2 cup sliced can c er, W
the Spanish National Holiday. WASHINGTON, July 1 (UP)- herd College here revealed the en. she wear a black eye-patch, and her de rture two w" l4% cups sugar, one 2-ounce ox
Sen. George A. 5n. accusedd ronment of three mother-daughtr a muscular ailment in leg from e convent an th powdered fruit pectin.
S the State Departmet todaof student combination during the She anoue after'the qtsi declined to. discus t First, prepare the fruit. Peel and
K blocking bloa fefrt to an past semeter lh birthday pit last year that mattr. pit about pounds soft, ripe peach-
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telephone number s


Why Look for
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Our Absolutely

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All Slips Ending in 5 Win.

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"L E A V E .O N E o Or.. .. .. .
- ts 'WA D r I su m Ar
MUM abC44trgll Ameb J S
so" oom IPARMACIAf -Al V ;awlsR

R Street No. S7

Honseold Automeblles "Tfall Tc ih POPES1ONAL I Mrs uMUs
fc >li -ct I. I -ft. KelMn- FOR SALE: 1950 Studebaker 2- FOR SALE: Portable dishwamher. Blbog 2-1866.. Mrs
., t o. 30-lb. frzer. door. Cash only. Tel. Panama 3- Runs oWater pres or .. i S.
15 Cl 87;4142. 314 8to..5...o 3-5320oevenings acity Rustprof. House 5754 Dia- eta stm L
mu no... M211I F5..cyc FOtR SALE:-- '0 P ontiac O2-door.P bLa -1 87-.Cri sastobam-17m. Apa mu wlsanM. of
25. albo 2-3291. Phone Albrook 2282, Qtrs. 24 Inches, %-hp. motoo r; -9ftC....

AHelp Wanted E: -- R- I Mr.OS piano, Apaonbl aDIlcN.; Gefar&.
6195______ pric. Evnin up to 9m. No. 4, ATTIMTIH I. Jut d sE Mr. AB ..3t lar.'ao
fuA Rchest of dic.okand FOR SALE:-191 Studker coupe, Apt, 2, Domingo D rt Pn fum prtm t

ho )O t mt.,M hv, .retfem st '. Is 8her upholitery, Autom acc drive, Iman. hre, old wlesr. --Tel- t uel 1" rls pl a W frtoi, M .ca n'
App.y FIX'S, Tlvol Avnu ires nd p ran excellent. Cor wa INVI bION P ROPOSAt L FOR 6 phor -aname -.4941. NT. U alnld..ogtyIO5. J g- .. ...w..I .
seki.. mPhe90oo k29. FOR SALE:-'50 Studebaker coupe@. player. Ev!rythi in good shape. FORd n unT tot i | S r to y3o a Ms.. : a- thc ,i s S ? ap.h

, .alF i_-- 29 ,,, .el W onted ARE YOU LEAVING te Ishmus? Lumbe -A or unde-Ml 6db for opening Street, Tel. 13u Colon. .. r .- ffm ,WOu t tham OOP weentrSo" y b.PnM
.l lr ^ ^k Wont to sell ya s Iyour3 = qick nd inpubic It 10;pO ubm.o 0:u S y 23,;s Fu PFM. F. .n ..RE..N: -A rtm_ I1Cn. e wo lai;,_aeul uo eLdmI portr e b "110111 i! pla tnlenf -
cof Storehouses, IholboM I Invitatin No" nra t h d4, I C-entrsl The- eppos luded Earl
SFOR SALE:-C n conomical 1947 a ano, reason above nuM o. nqu C. on the fo d r of

, yudAibrw khrT dd wi and ofticdoe, eet-r. ,t"EN s a room apart. J M, M i--a. *,ubm xyt b o oS -,f Yt t e
S, e-9 aver.~,6R SL:0 No, 98r FOR RENT: =r b r m I S2 a nd Pf Mod w b gaultuneClsm ttf.eeee
Respnbc okanod prics. Evenings up to 9 p m.P N. 4, ALE fN T tdI.L Just built moe -M180 GEO. F. NOVEY, INC" AhrMnd e am

Srn FOR SALE 19co51 Studebaker coupe, Apt. 2. ,Domingo Da Street, Pn- furnished aptmnts, n d al A -
ly I leather upholstery. Automatic drive 1954 in the office of th up. r tment splendid wfor on-Tel- Prtland

__I_____-- niee r, Pi on i -2 n. 6 FURNISHIm p.m ndrw Ty UM FOR RENT: FurnIwrt oed ansta. d1. n nn l-a tM i~s s iemaf t w MiIi;M rs.
Fourth of July Ave. Tel. Balboa m ... C aliniter s -n.sed. l r E m e prtmet. '--
-OanLmA.VING tne,. L r nr ,,oNosealed i s p i fonp en i Sttret'. n e 35,C olo. " M dc Oebd o In

Ai uR hEaverR iS i, pe tt t rosps too or = ondCp7,f. a 2" Amarillo Contact Al- Furn d tmnl Paol ; Mr. and Nm.a a
11'S l have to l on the gray- verA E e .YOU L A BNGelaIs tShu. Lu nd b rd Str=Zt, H1o4f No. 9' for couple only. V1 ntlltd, Cl ntral-. |J..k Pe opl; Man 1. w h larlottefa l ll 0
to itth Wan t to sell your car quick and In public at 10:30 at. 3-1405ul. l y 3Pein; Mr. 3FaO M is RGeoar n .^B

FRo'SAEJ .JnfStorehousblbo took aFOR SALE Oldmobil-tation N 4ra r ORSAter LiuuInCentrblack alv.t Mr. l SLIPCOVERS M*. The F. Hot
St uALE:-Cd edaen. Hydr i, wi under, Cape, a ortnd si, whte ao nue No. 141. Inquire nt .rl Ts- With i I orettatwocathman; Mrs. Eleanora hR' aae

u 1d I ,td 1. ., nt cn -" lirng., 'studiantp, Apt. 10- Io veAnu.e1, 2-1 REUISHOLSTERING l-a fL k--.-d- .L -
l .] ne,"0 9. _I o. bel Ftlanl drEnat heao-ovee dron op 1h; I,-
dio an dl obrookl411 office, telephone 2-1115.' .!I m, aW* l cvln .r Am, l i -ai --le Id eCO M A Mi R ats. 0l. Iu M
rwl% 'S ^^^^^ oi ce type- FOR RENT: Threo-bodroom aw- M. Mr .Wan I L Wbet odat Sian his sIctr

l It'iL tA LE T 8e oo a-vlr ot -FOR SALE :-o erem Cocker of n-e rage, yard, laundry cltl t A il- daur and Bernard
1 Cold Auevrla, who d.-e t .P rs.eaving. Mstellltoen. 10th Str ,l Sin Fra .so md ... ., o
tib, excellent motor ado, white writer. FPirst or _eIntlitn don,. groom, med No Canama fep aa No."an", Lee M i -aIM i -

SuGood co ndt!ion ai.r ," 49 rm ar-c 7.441 room, heowater. Tel. 3-2279. 19fitD07 d w dow JIanM A. lo et t e; W llm
I- tt d sidewall tires. Gon a 257-B, Phone ae60FO two-M.Bedro KSa Mila C.Mi tms a-thrine

SePANAMA CANAL C apartment tchen utenlil, dit Sreet No. 41 For L ynch P& Ce d. o anld nd
ebFOR SALE:-Crosl 2 y Sport Car, gu oodO P F Sl further details call Zubeprtm 3 d J -. so n ra BOD. BLOOD BEATMN MGN

I I ,,O w,,ERTY't EWRITFOR RSsi": -_ Two-_ _cl., new_ -p.- ar4 rE F Ie
Mechanical condition 250. Firs eld bids forom, Tppeni In public,Iwill or r3-3337. Mr.a A &r l .. H ee .
King Midget car on Isthmus, brand e received until 10:3C t n, July 22. FOR RENT:- ie locted fAv uri s edd son an ohs.

now n ot-dutyrad1$80- .1.K Both wTl m .atllen Ka, ffiiswt Cin--ll
ew, nn taty7 4t-e8 m Ent5. B lc n ,1954, in the office of the Sup n- apartment; splendid for Aone or tn te t o te li 3
ar. e en t 43B Ete I sP t ent of Storehouses, Balboa, for couple. 43rd Street No. I3, Bella

SvF E-1949 buik sedan, 22720. Invittin aI CN. 24rOOR E P"psheuOrt aIi He PAE AI

3 lar georooa ms, suitable.. for iwomcou- Jh m A.. LORK s-dh

1o od ipda. wW,,bE at Viso .. o, o ta. ma dO;kitchn rBb etwe 11W.
N0a0."^"'d on from o ne ag bedroom wiathmth Is a 3-t s M
diancO don J oly9o 5 0blD wietolfStorehouses, telephone2-A815. am,' o ner dC h.NoI3Ob

Who m wny h le th rihe aSt o "tinmel" t a onn PQB Tl.,: 2-88 roil pc hscreenedand t pile .flyo t .B n Fn Charleg
W a d riv erdo meopa le wigset throp), good condition., ChonTn e r t. olu c; r.a ndlrs .
11 have to n on the gray covers, good tires.A argl9 $595. Land, 3rd, Street House No. 9. FOR RENToup nl eilaedocenapartmnal-A M a dMrs.

tos.... sme ..... i 5 it the anm-SMOOT PAR rEDI FO Apt. y e coate n.Venl.en- a Me

tfo FS A E :r l fk hl B^^lll *tId II I P1t.i lArlt..i j
e pa m d sedan. Hyd r 1t 1Ep under-. capes.Tl assorted sie, white onLorettaath 1 2 h. IO p D oara d anst _a

Sa. 'e2iry cSla.. ol 4o otcdm re 0 lin- gs -Estudi-ont. Apt. h Fourth: .of .July.Avnue.T i,2r491e Dn d Mar
daltiDFO 2 .... e .r M .-L.. i f officeabv during o s. onffce ous. T.7 e1elM Dolwr.
eavab Aft-ob eA.,Me.o. FOR Rh oENT:-9,Milli=000apart -fud 14 R dDlrhn
S et goodke 3 p tu2montwfth lorge g*. no"R ou.sell.
AustedaI an who d-R9 SM FOR iNTrsoCocker Span- rage, cdD orefilit es at
eel. Popems. Leaving. Must sell soon. 10th Street San Francisco doela

a a driver FOR ENT Brandneo rooF ha r and Mrs
the first time in..** i In CamonAer c FipEN rand
tt ham 0ppened. = IL'further Infor ormation c* Wrugt rrew
during alpra6ficR N54 IMr.Sad ce ou.Au u e I
n .whichIbstrsieni l a -dnminb*trot10e6iRNT: Two fumrninedaar. M .o
ata d rlmsection, one bedroom air-conedition. me-nts 2 drons, hot water.rVialot an cir
.4hn[on* after a it. L r RUa FRsl tmWL. IRatta and Mr. S

ht. .roomceaa l. fee e hed


igme ggll lnfSJmation
a1h1pit i .t .. _.. I4-00
Il slalOft Mo Hh Ie ee _: _- 'lf.A ea
"""* **- --- -'-- ine181 G.-


..., ... ..
_ '*- .-- *



IM 'S as
,NBA .Te-mse's lS
U .B. udctioq~ of gowa-p
l *g w rgy now for

pase kis ahe re w S* s
WIth Hbs dIof Inao isa
w feeater) wears olhow phi m

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Bnruda, or long H"ilUons,. plclca e rjbbu. These
comes la mall al s i fgcome n gay Pa colors
foa back yard pIay, rand can be md '.th blouses
i c 'Countryside ex p orM cotton .





- 1st Prize

- 2nd Prize

- 3rd Prize



rilhant withl color, these eot-
tor are the kind of clothes tht
ard tut for a small girl to weo
ahd fqn for others to 'e. And
tW h ey wash aud Iron wh
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The squaw. akirt, which h a a
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.- 0 i s1 teau NmOe. U-se~to GeraQ, Oeaf m enJng ,
ata easly age. Police tra1c patAt = Fto lthildrem
d J Azs drying habits. ttern Includes main arteries,
.. kv t+.' a Y o,,t1, lbt-a nesstl {'P-IP-
'p i


Changing Your Empty Packs & Cartns





Ra e, IW

**A d *~'-~
"I. ~-' -





1. You get a ticket with only 5 digits for every 20 packs or cartons
of "PANAMA" or every 30 pack or v 'tons of "DOS REALES."
2. When your number plays 'you get a "Creit Certificate" which
will be accepted as full payment in any commercial pstablish-
ment in the Republic of Panama.
3. See Reverse Side of Your Ticket to Answer Questions.

First Drawing Sunday August 22, 1954

has literally gone HOG-wild-to bring YOU the best sales agents


WOWO beaches Ik O listeners in Puama. and the Canal Zone with a buying power of $20,000,00
UMoody. .. ..
-With_ i easy, etttr Hsteai offered by stars such as Eddie Fisher, Sammy Kaye, Tex Beneke,
W aude a 'n, OeoMelacdino aad others sponsors can promote sure-fire rules at a lower cost per
safewatha m aaw oter advertisfts aedinaB.

PHONE 2-3066 NOW!






6th StL, Lefevre Park
* KITO CHEN, Eloy Alfaro Ave.,
Near the Market.
in De Lessep Park.


9th St. & Central Ave.

* MR. RENE BERNAL, Agudale


P.* .





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:1s "* -' W &7 -z ..
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-1i.:- lot' I- I ail I^- =64,^'

* ,- .'~ --

. -Pals are

expeUng a mar

: IfLoqdi p Biien fl from Gloria Gralame and1m I tius So i' lt
.hu f elMy dnoeseey a Y Howard. Patrol Squadron 1 will be .the l'.
te io na be the reeFpo. Out- first Air Reserve squadroa to be
Sin Se, woakingt here in Ppwer of TV note: Gale Storm's sent overseas during peacetime,
on Dllar ~laby," Is due for cra king all box office records in the Navy said.
grprise-Anak Ml Fecrrero's "Wish You Were Here" at the Dal- AJl T s 7ta A
L* on an adoing sound las State Fair auditorium ... Jim r'he t -Is -ade up of about
.' for another tis flicker Backus debuted his richest-man-in- 100 navel "weekend warriors" ro7 a19 9
Blask Wklothr,"here shoid the-world-night-clib act in San*Di- from Jk&bnville, Fla. *I89$ 6
.b a hot time in Oliviertw--An- ego, and hit mink golf balls out The. "weakened warriors" are I
the doll Sherlle accused of into the audience! reservists who practice oi. week-
ihubby Vitor Gassman. ends at th e Naval Air Station in VA.43 1 J
Fred Astaire will make his TV Jacksonville, an pursue their he
S cho Marx is sna pi while debut in the new "General Electric civilian occtpatlns during the
1i" friend den Hartd blushes Theater" play stanzas to be em- week.
at e "Didn't you really get mar- ceed by Ronald Ragan. -
rie in Cannes?" question. They The resrv* e msd a a cross see- a- 'A u We w
d'ti. I William Powell nixed the use of tion of A riren-salesmen, e 1 l 4
T.. .. bhis name as one of the platinum clerks, docvo,: wyers, students | Jp Pa Doubl
athryn Grayson's mother, who blondes boy friends in "The Jean and businessman, m ,-
beeailing With a heart cq- H arlow Story." ... CBS is predict Stos 'are scheduled at Bermu- I"'&
for several years, is now ing another "-'Dragnet" musical hit da, the Ar ,,.p Fach Morocco,
a r special medical care at a for "Old Trail." theme tune for Lisbon, M 'thas, Istambul, i
Starium. its western radio series. "Gun- I Naple sr a es London, ors us,"
smoke.". Irel #d A d. er.
S Riders 'dadt expe a hitching The squadron, , h "iout was a
en Jane Powell and P-at Ner-, isix long-range contp bombers, e ntraqt of doubled on
this month, which is final de. Whether Billy Ecatne lkes it will leave the UneStates Sat- ea d ever.
flme for Jane. She tell It or ot, his almost ex, June, will urday, July 2t.
she's going to be too busy hit the nitery circuit in August as H P mf
l "Hit he Deek"t o hitt he a songstress and will use June
at path. Eckstine as her profssSonol, tag. lWi"South wo other polIr
t She makes her movie bo* in "Car- Tol aMod lad i r a
". men Jones." IlS- I~la--m down the ace *i .e then movie queen.
imic Will Jordan opines that decided that. W~m have both "viepre ttye
stiny shapes people's ends, but Fan magazine editors, stymied M V W out w t
denjy was really inspired when by Marilyn Monroe's million and h UaU lElt were so have ambit ions
It4hped Marilyn Monroe's." one excuses for not watching thel ws iin tI las two e 0but Eden has o l_
-birdle, are giving the covertsot In. h a th.., the
Buttons, Who lost his TV planned for Marilyn to Doris DIz JEAN EGlAN BRMutmsM.O wb E hs
por. Abra w s TeHOLLYWOOD, July Ae cashed e Ja f cubs ookln gl fro Salt ae
rie break w send his stock pose. lea announced today -win s t lke Modern dancing, a a Marthaare classes in toe, tap. ballet and trled aoth on of clubs City, ta, a worked as a O h
g. An agent is ma he against the three maj net- Oraham seems destined tOlpazals dancing, but rt irahamn the hope dideamd both of model in New York and iHolly- m
i r s in Hl onion room fash- works July 21. come to our ahorea in the veOry ha never been attempted h his spades on dulmy's ong suit wood. S met Goucho three
's beha. Arojeclt to the last fniker The TWA said eig l mouths of near future. Not-for ust a series Atualy, Jean contends, East ruffed the seOnd round of Years go th ster h BM
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Dr. Roy B. Stinrmns, the county The cptain said Obhes paid. FORTMADISON (Up) Redm
Plans for a film. biography 0. The pro Gov. Shivers group coroner who .performed an au- in advance for the room through ink sales by one t,.i. maker
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Chairman St nsell. He aid there was no superficial evi-
called the -votp "dlrstlll, file- dence the girl had been sexually
gal and undemocratic." attacked but tht further tests
may be made.
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~ 6:15.3:20 officials decided -to. investigate. "
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'.1EW YORK, July 19. (UP)-Leave it to ever- & A
"1e iarl Torgeson to touch off the third free-for. r AN
U.n-eIr-old feud and cap coml nor, A
bl, career, renew a two-y ."a. ." "
^um- $ the stormiest 8-;ndays in baseball history. 4..P1011 .omen'so ."
iestosbattle with Cardy i which put the Indians ahead for pioelu. rnament en ned dd itI fatli
r, 1W ral yS te.Ie 1 Eddie Yosth elpe dChuck Ann .L $om Amadorns.

X a IeoSk w foth ri.&ost on r- the Eddie octorty in the first idel u tb eadma. The tourn-7unTrnt cloitff ,! .-e^ S' OK .
i" July 1' .~~52 f ity re-ri e with a dfum ble, -triple and men ee, I n three ligh ts.and
r's'e Babe ell's omer. First otht: r-Ann Lit. !Mble rewW=
Nw of a nightcap to the There were more ruzrInus .le, ncU h t, ori; Hamilton. bf b a t
Uslies, 9-0. after Phils also at Yankee Stadlut where the Seemon i il l i winner-Mae As.-e .VA
To '. a t eerk-e.h kIS .. e.It, .- on thirz 13th, klarn. ooukr,,by. -- e
., won the opener. 11-10, in ankees woon their 13th kew, Alyce French. I
Sastraight game by defeat Third a. winner-Barbars brl to e
I u meek-looking Detroit, 8-0her. on Harry Byrd ho Clarkd. Th d p-Maarart Dal to' the sa
who wears horn- fie tterIn theopen hen o t m_.a.a.
s er and sleeveri role first lace by ; 1. in 8ev-et pros dent rare v i o. ls ar hat.... the a itep. Ejented from the at the I lo rday July L it Alee
S rd in rst one premises ing the twin-bill 17.'All tI r ee were large,. piter o V The dividends:
i nPrl of 1948 wheri, while or giving the umpires trouble handome pee sl ver that ma-ned thetaa ll athe wy.
aTmember -of the 0oe tnI were Bob Wilson, i Hoeft will be engraved. I ercuro's Ro yal opened I T
ni he and popped Billy, and bob Nieman of the Tigers. if the winners-w I The press length lWith-. n
4itphEook w th a right on the Eddie Joost. the Athl etl ident thake. the tournament closest ,'
Wl~ers during a "city series" manager. fumed and fretted committee, Irene Xabinson and a.u saw-U te c 80
bibitiongae. kn own v lenty, not only .because the Alyce French for the efficient Red b enieadt SE 59 *CONDIG AN
"Torgy" as known ii the oxa ptdoubleheader, way in which the tournament c ame d te t
er nomet, to k p tIn 10-2 and 4-3 to stret ch h Phll e wa s run. and- 7 ini 1 9
secor d m rentf tor-alon June phia's losing streak tonight anNd flnUI ta MONTHL SoIfftt -3a o s
.1050 when he felt Pirate games Ip a row. but also because LYNN JONES MONTHLY menno ugg FtDouble:- ofti.
ther Cliff Chambers had of Paul Richards' le itimate but TOTNK pehei t IM !a Wo.nder) 0lt m)
dusted" him off. net.e-wrackin hmet odin the have b ie t iaTH D A Cf
The first trouble with Yvars nightcap. Wi the White Box Lynn Jones, a e unbor gofer, had go^ y .with the .ru e O'42.3 .anaI1 -n a i t6 ,
iurred uly L 1952 when hea-5 and the Athletics Won low nett WO closed mal ftter tha a1WSo $2.40.wr*:oSS -
Torgeson opened a deeln gash threat Ing in the eighth Inning monthly tournament with a other 1the-event *Tw:h (Fra Vt F-A ged- wana D e o W
Bever the reeier' t ee the .e1 damCT.. Ric had gross 92, net 67. Lt plays a i a Bar*p an .. b afi n a caa m 4- 010 1 3.on an, (. ,

m^ag ^fleu-al i.t i law-, ill foo,Ann aly jh. I t,,PqH.g*?." and __.l ni^e .__dw ped 11 nd (,lut).. i^_, art.
one of hi bats. No pitcher of the inning. ] : under Low gross 78 was turnedet a b win ducat a. C llt. rt t ... ". al .. -' I
rt mes te lRo t ae r-law, howe th eAn nLittle. evalc ap 14ud .0 k.' r e .lIM-. D ACAl lesan gOa30Tu

e n4l r l r e h, wu.h.Phil0del00 a w re 11-490 .Ofl3 (4) 4u
l a t e an d of ln In S Clyd. grg, (Beass .-("mp.R Coela.d S 0,m "m

1oreso re roa40-prdounnd t,4 :.efatedk 32" f rlle twPte(h nT 1O' 01 1 0-l 0 oad
Rhore adon p lceb a in butthereCoo nnn ieB ishop C rpners d o I.'s o .o a
.8d to "-Al Jc1prpe s srd O rs d* of 1 G i, 4.0 3.6ne

nOwit an the ito wasu p retDadiuutetiithe wn t Woe-t-lJones 76"l, 1..t$1 5 4.40;p3.00

,,.-l. .,. .,, -, ; .. areDi e P ay sif f ou i d me
.. i, .. anin ndarhomson. e paarr r mte el, l Ml ..wl orik 10 I

toreord W he npW .Anir a.te B Mt e a e 8.eeverA n h.i..el s thlry JDife 1$. 20 their re t. r o N O v ll .. t .. 0or. 1 0.a. -o -. _. "o I
th wpolk- I t ixaIn the Rlcoftd inilingK Sylva Carpenter, 76 9:1 00414(

at + "t athed "eln n, l .. --.w o Donl inoA --v L a O .0lo la -14.ha, and the 11---I I la.., (i:i 6;- and ioeI
'No" ita t chat a frAmi n w'h the B utrc bolC Catfherine Purdy 7'tin ao ranville. 8 Cin Aa .a g"a ao e i hlt a 3 fe 1

SrusedI-eII than five eorechangtdehis eciulo ith Alyc e French '77 L e1a eee haqagdINT, t pt : -tId -
efd C -r "". f ourth o 0i10ee dlsi0 b10Cs.0w-4i b e 1 li e fOut IAh i itthaeptCn1 1htound, h0f ""es ."' a 00 X 1 WWa mr0 0
the bases full an* irul .thatBarbara Rhoden 77 Is heao tuE)b.

a at Phil- a"Pittsburghn-1 urbtNona .ut ui .o tI ven, a s a 0n 4 noan pd Ii0I BoiO 1 5
e i Pitt rh e r nPaul La- Margaret Dalton 78 J .

it the hd a s rfuyt.rapt.ofma Riuis &iuTpsU. r. be fa n a

__4 _l- ', !i h Diavdt slontDavwdson the8PlTh.l. f s,,sle a_ ."eobII on.e G a he0. I!0PIrI 12
Isltjeini erearan hismates. Rhr ora.New f 0l 43 i at 02t0010-100solnAl
orrfa m ;ht hornwed io.Loa Among the prices n atot weelemhe Ns' 38. I .r s le ..*l" NO 100-1

,h --he" In th!p r, ,T lwa- tohl._, wh a o oboron ton, 4co, n. I .I II emAnS e -0-n
theo idi.rto8, lM N re)Sw the 4o la A the :altol a.e owfase (, h ii&do h A A

...oved sut. c sRsb Kig' 1s Rno 104nnmh p eouck upoehr port IsM s IP 1be ....4t .1t be. roude4 3te Tu n. 00WARD ." -S
tb pp repe be one pernent- Meyer hurledth o ee bkSaba&rwoand sh e q 1e

*he !1 .ia cP,'o ,1t nn t .,b_ u .,Lim-l.s_ ,.le-C- ,-- .- A"e lI I! .._e. Iea-
"st" "- wdeci ionove b gwithbotonto 00ee 00 w-0 N 0 rte oea h toiy a ou r o5 teate dr ne ar

i | IIrand F AM L e hitterothe Orndd ha-i Bl ,,A nth butor, July l0. ..m i, tah ast, scor.s. eiait__. aP Vp II?Ot -C-l,..,aw ,-.-aa'.I Al*o *orR'
iinl he a to"l lf"- t.he, Jul .A A iirs w c e Iin "sm p. -- ma. '. _I se. -, D a nl~,- and hf I
bil--at twnz Oakl-t a nrae n oddityoA lato C w r the M w o gae e W o w 8 : 0 d 1
eet apreated.The d *en owithc wGa rt eotshl ird loes n 40,'S up o h I o Th E paS S

atI -mllt blesttseebas toem O ak l a l thir0e retsnfeee "O wbyllbase-a 126 5 the 3jOkjriaA 1Aa -7'as no-i8 E .l
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Ing Ithat. PIA tei ps owho mabe hoU t w El Itch, r0 ** 701
wilh pla"ro opre ay, t"he eu e( tm4)

idk., 4 I <. hei-4' :tI ( Ti. Hohn-to_ Iau vnn win..i-..up i | s-. l '..-l, i./' i
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andfih0 -- Y 8 ssrriIs seturned wio. cthre ln Oe
h h ft ahe er s f9turel nd 1ecoureover R t hen earJly inthe oi18,

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dOle ashise n h inins nogetlawm 0rthe e bers 10o 1th 0- p 'lf t e a htt, JeA it f T O lDWAeD A. RODANAON
f r a n -Pth l. win- t o beatonealts ul's t iWom en's 000 000 00-b0 0sIn r l aenar ato c-,adJe u0 o-neI P
GriWee I Aed Dhe at ofbu thes net torna t wl beuAM J tlyLe e w otals and I ru u hesseconhd summeO
ndseethehurledthem Ntoar(r aatnd rIny waslthough hs tea wsi n th e Poasi rtodaywe.mbs
Sranm edP houplme. H or thewoar ei hita h oe In yesterday yten
W iliap s did lt he d 4 to int e irst gam e of 21 NASCAR rot ls shfthehat pars-
R`beat Onlyn" -imadeitr on eoore1a-tottalsday ofttle Vie.
t o e sk4 4 .aWemn 's G olfum b so ci atiom r n d rt.h ele at e r es ,aMi a mterar-lnd pE n
TODAY'S Son, Cat BcFle Daflte Clasnel ort sm a painter eThe-te
oL ea, e wen t th e h eaaj o bMatthetw ow s Mscors .
B illA N A M A rL b dmth e T h e n e x t Tto u r n l am e t w fo r l th e mpla er s h a edAA A t eLe a g u e w a s A te 'a v e ae& v e n ta. tio
aRn o-hic tter 0 isted roume to on the one biiting'.15sevr theasekedalytheor d
ab ll o but ga 10d h 03-8 firte m ao BenyTaylr h eamaost. CIn theao I ".todpay d-eft mpeete Wings a bp f gicaver.. was 62old1Fn 10

hel p Toa Ongaw abeatToronto playasont tof First"' h tee D rot-y' Ca

V.S Aonigh manap. w n th r eu tacof 'T o r wObe usedtoim i aiuew eaatotalof
PU. AM tin hsb Ea s Le** agoue was fined $50i00 in e ac clae.o -wta fi

CAZW wllbe-ed 0Ia

la OL. ,I a ww Immlmlts when he (UI- ...... .
IN -Ll hurled a total of = 1-3 tnntngs North Zast Ptedeb
(84 Gd l&me), I i to min both gama of a double. won the .
iBuffalo 100om1-1 4 11.MWne Jl7er "-r'au'ofw. ..
~... h,namo 010 650-250 hader wt 'l..L i t- ma.
.'71ine and John =o Baa riltand C, lark s reM oved In me se m vi' reI3m o v
M MRn. R D yckt a m ew 4Nd In uthe op m. H is tine., M U .. ...... .

MIA M M 30O~ -12 20 Ootefifteimth Inni0Ngato ga, nra Stablinft!."M
Ole 100 6001-2 7 3: toavitory. He fumed 21hot..._n fo ..
1id-... Milton. 8 (61 end Owe.ii t In hlh isWrs work. w k sau ...
- ij :~~~~~~~pa Znms 44) and IHm -Wd as" UP 0111y five earn-, o* inme. M ..J ..~ -. ..*-d.a

IPA w r 4f r
lj' .-". *.,,i = ..'
a b--.y o ..*.-. .-..

~~ii*.~1'. '-ib-.* -.


i" ". n -


*"*- 7..'-
* ~ t .B '~. .


.~.,- tp ..


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,iIw, au

I '5{$~ cc
) Lii
K, -~




tA trir

', ";. "o .-.-,a 'a e

i w -*fl3...wee Ph.tS4, 71 -
fr -. c -int P t 'Ir -d t. H te ss

.... ...oi-

*iIS&S S^ =. yS *lo

l_, i n-. o -,a snno SO
Aa.l e f th Ii" whotd t i- wrt eor f toA
w as sa th ,hr. the

Inaa mtaI oar
WMA ir*& s UtaHUik s9" 0 n-

on de s uwt hoe m oa ma rbl dayo I1 deamn. aed.
a itoe.d there oe In ma nae
th ecff to 1 'n3 teh am he

reteoien him theat h whonlt hmer ma-.rcordo

.in S A-
. who..,.V _. 0*W "D. AB'rtr

aS b.., to,,= ows.,. t he Ant=m
two .X-'.n- ,- ,.g, ...- f. th

ofa "e ILr amwha th & Shdlsb ad

-R^^ak a-jK JBB| liiRMHUM 1- Jfiifcl-I-' iW-ttBw1 jP~eB uB~KCit

de wabheet
. -, : -*-- ,o -
"'~ j^j d M -^ ".jk .. ;^-- .., ^^^ -. .,- *.; J,
WI i- 1 B.-wp .^k /' 'J

* 'T-W- we

ht a t

w-. ...- .
over Tole n teilr .Lt'e

In lcother tennisne himAw
00adMw Torten Ul"tarf ane-

i a bt ho..eadn e
b"oat dowa" i n abt te
i who W turnedshi
cFtLWimm~m rt-

Liottlo te Lea gM ue
13jt TOet. Jfy 11 (NRa)-

lYou'ft got nki h mm te
"Yeay mo *Uoa's mh

make -up here," 'tS aiger
Grima .
Re bell. b -V a
throw i b ek ri wall

fh AilS k1y, A p4, en- d
brute, amtatred back to the dua.
" frted at Middletow
CL_'_ ,the strapl ;g 19yeMrJl
aid. "Plated ib aU[le Lease
-pemoed by the Moese CIq-.b
They had me at first d b ean
saee that league had a rndeu
aMlast l2-ye r-old kids ditchl.
"When I finished In that Us
I went to Woodrow Was =b
B -poitched there. 'The srSve
S mewhen I graduated.
"TiB Littlei League gave me a
real sold backgVoimhd fe IIId
babool bae. It had an awful lot
tedih getml s this MIlwause
IsJay's second year 6I the

im ays, they look for tto
i tt Leage. cr-
-ushe m JirdAm are more
Iayftln le.'s the intae
tomaue It-but won't be the lart

lean Lego prra.
Maa, who graduated from Ut-
te Lc *-ue with an mouL. at
te- ad last sMaOc, AS apa-
thete eams a as child. Every I
be tried to walk. hi le aul
gie way and he'd tuv Ie. BV
whea erwling, his reflets.
w .*'t allow him to aegtite
a straightt path.
i-t t "t eigh t heart-breaag
year t treflmtat before ti bay
eU walk as then do-sad
darifg the lat year. all Cin p
C L think of WE little ,1m
he wasI to start tis hib
rt- ie, the ear .he was
vw"I was ited
Slea L blek ,.t ad dk
e with a rea
aat year. This year, i r
' f M of the rn-e wba
WImb AI AlHubbard, hi d mnt-

1sa hers.m V"d

to roet d and a

1.oSbe somie-the
har -. ran the year y
la liorlns and now n A
eed amultaneqe raelngIn'
Si my A id b -. art'sn

'. wt T e U so a tar
Cu her OSeptn s JI thd, oeI

a. .loobn 'Imr oo s a 1 ede s"
and snd M dboon IS M demand |.50 YriIne. No i2 1 mi-

t rm c* o f mt,- M Sni aI nHt
Nw hat o ba. I

nt3.acor4 w, man pon- Ma X h 0
syr oan ino ,tetak e A laI wI11 4

.I 13ed n 17 O WN m s 0. 0 nz. t
These cost.OAf-

tow tek.t .m ut amoae
-r oe I bla0dh bo yloth", p neh ofthitM

Nt Un the b sof o n for, I s el..o
ths 0s t tu olm t tt. ote td -,..

od0. FnCascare. NE t: re d

z Basex ty am andC its wthee nusre tatetit.
tw t tlP, reislthl o -I r '
U ol au pe toii k a, n l I -

SWhhu op do tyou s uppos a b too"h
troupertou.h way sim t areer o f olde la."..

iciUt toan the *tca ndvt mas a) as as
aprl o at club I neat or ;

Bahansb0am That's s three? s ret LC2T
a. Ar gh of thtetoe ur ; ot, .

owan the fareiowayee t our tthereata
relaxed byth r. Bteidim,

i BC.lac ed Why ta i lsg t an p gwt ao m 'I see that its so.
gulf Zycrehet wAa oft
b.ike In t5e thea a

tx Jn e- 8, 17. 7 bl endedtog et her
a Woclimer Mw I3 ps ti r

SSl2rbsa d uFrnch._P.s o tr ,
we .-lhehai 4 cam l lea h -

ui n the Dunlp b yorll. Yu tkalt t eT u-ri
,sso ad b -W A.....O*-

'hrizele? wit iOse td p nr
hand, so rele byn Ii the. -

ltW tln.wtheg owitdenA ihake
wl rstio oNfop ureaVirgtitob a co, "e
tbeat rdo dyogteerrmesem

tenramea lB ?mDupst" Pansin o an p lsesuan-
WIA i~dn't- Thesne L thetewye LUKY TNI

aE, tOn, ,wns a I nob
yubnlerwllinkasamte. WeFblen dthWe fast trbCCC
o D Iro mI Inll iahd iol thme ae

hour mall laopc e Yon- t t litg eboaa f-tt e y Turu ish = r -
.ed' men y. for ml.
yf uLOWany tou smoeal LsUCKe. :

,fl it'. J- bw..d they're e e
Tmmee f t lro d of Si u t en oee.
neto lsn the thIe.
tprn, thingdout sayontses

UraWto- obby d

Me w ile-no

-, re..m No. ottr wombination for S g Ipr n

Du" nan pt. ad es "
-pro.. ._...... ....s t+.
.. .1didnt,.,- -j nam. hatsthe wy
21M,. wants .,a. .n,.bo" .-.
As WeNWI ofg -the fine."+st" .....#@-be=-"
% blen aks-. -, t m r ; "'- ++ "... ;.... ..+...:+-
WA ...etroi.. 'In- .Is* and in all "-. W04-. ti- make- C.. ..41.. ...
+- .. --,,,+ I,... v ..a .75. .-.+. ...,.AP
ho Mai ft. tc .. Me tha...... e'" a p lme agag'. ft to you. "o:.:,L-'':"f .. <<,.%,- o ..." '.

;j*-~ ~-
*4 -

in.1 ",.1-


. .( -

_ ________ _C_~__l




MaE. i

* j



*. -e

ttlns." -
Interrupted testimo-
i Uc hearing to say,
S during them not to
S alidbae did not know
ful he would be."
Aot Identify the staff
Essay how many of-
qut. He said he might
~ce that today or tomor-
SArhy made his announce-
on the eve of a showdown
lag with members of the I
e. Investigating Subco~m-
e who have demanded a
housecleaningg." Those
ng the clean-out are the
Democrats and one Repub-]

N' A

* iv

* .4**


M.*- .4

t .

~ ~.'t w




rthy blocked a staff W it Cries 'St I ...
.. ,i refuWitness Cries 'Stool Pigeon, were
r the proxy vote of Sen. triation. no
McolellanP p-Ark.) who ment to
Gett. ut o the West
,'c vhGets' Tossed uOt O fHe aring
ruled fo. no toorrow. here who a
ty said hat e re-A -as a Pan
as Game frd Zen i WASHINOTON, July 19 (UP) McParthy asked 4 "0e were who bees a
havin done mot ou A young on defense plant to testify d u4 oath. youn mn
W wroer "Atlng "stoof pl- moeIwaki said JAe .d" nqt translate I
r offered to u4 l Oh' at an undercover in- rtdy untif'e cou ittdy the According
ey felt there wa lortant was ejected from a stand flud'oat w escaped flr
the smear attaos S CAto hearing room today in a mad, thm. ne trieLto Germany In
But because f i to en. Josep l rthr et but he was ho l
,lir famiUwsen r -nhave RMc t' Tnve atlon of lthy refused 0'lei himi friends whhOa 44
S d becue Communhim in defense plants. eak unless he sto a t;he oaty. Legion andi t ]
L&4;ft 4 1aer The fijrt hearlg, at which Wojdhowesa, a austy, weu Dutch shi I Mars t wht
destroyed their useful- McCarthy was the only Senator dkeaed young man wIth crew- was bound fd0 North Ajica ma
present, also was. featured by cut black hair 'eAnounced Mg-8Saigon.
Testimony that Ann Burlack a y for sending a nteleram aid e kedh
Stem woman known k. "Tkhe Red ta le Chalners nothing Prolich id e workedhis wt
ae one" on ce headed a% cret mei that he would M nam to Hanoias&a lk.e iri, bi
rles tthe Con unlst unit in theM generall He said it ,pracueaiyp cost when poice askedhito re
a otld pnt at. Mass. my job." with his papers, 1Sklppedoi
t i rst 0, 1 em- of
a real f the U R pWUJla "-I don't know.who the ato pi .i i*
WW.ABSHS!t'LSPa 0t8Mn W cas rtan fm me ech, F- iSl SO2 or6 .*na. 0uit wa yr Vrl wifeno- i

;nlv i I

kWIF I Y W jup. e the otfie;t,
dnW e Jll. t .hrl. a olld I .r- y
S aithy 0 all t were
t W pe names and t an
h ed s I r. o y W0nOlfr ti
,, hup.a The otift WM ent
r In ey would appear tainor-
i te- &. -
hie al he nflare-up c.airmo WO)-
In Re U- Qhowki. called RUMnny.
s amoe out of the V aw nd
Sout took his set eat-newitness
's S ta. nd.

en' drive imlh I m

'Muediatels- IsO
'ch no
hb Of A** y
nnrthe nd from
itnd t In deed t ry Ron ON] rom 28
l bp.raonl le aeks opened Mpecnd inter.
the ti itadige isops conference
a h b our serious a t s harnessing the
Jas. It conc |_erns n for pease.
aM. I cr w Sir J~ohn Cookereof director of
world w W the Departma of Atomic Ener-
worl in I y, told the delegates that his do.
S. reIpou pprmint would workt "maki.
hdb- m>le e en mmfum speed" to share' its knowl-
he rUelive to- atomic energ.
L present. although they could at.

tiy hs M tend"' Mif they wished," an offidal
.*ItV A-totalQ( TO p rpor sek sw
uled to be ead the
ferenee; Tkese will be publlw
In November
Tides a o at topls to be dia .
8 Vu 3 a n ow ." M* thod of
Sub, J 3 M is n grafting u 1w for
Low 11e are
.1SM a.m. Ingo = at t.Plkyb T heater
......... 12:5p.m. and at the Claad aioW y.
L 040.1

.Ai,*" .he s ia -g

S." 0 .. me
-." B. tt ,Nert .r.
y, ,,

w inwnym w w i"
"ii com. bact wojchow
replied over ftt iuae 23r B ne
.The offie. lea.m down o me
stairn to tfie stret loor Miev.
"That fellow M ana a
stool pigeon," W*eiowsgul aou;-
ed to photogp6 .

-Gen. Otto P. l Tac.
he opens will
bomb Red Chia.i tf-, country
interv~ees Wn i!al ar.
.a He sa "I ha" the
dan o World g.Mreater
now than In C. u be
predated tiM .U.ot bomb-
Oing f Chinda" amt touch if
off de Bus' ady had de-
dedh -nl .a gMneral
"f the Chlada Imnists
pefo m emte e ver aggres-
sioN it lodoeoinsM b would
r t our gv nt to comr-
mit aur air MO.i' 1 tat opera.
to," he ad that such
air Ipwer eat be mnot on the
haiesi tow"s ad villages with-
in ndochina blond the main rom-
.mtnAmi am supply centers,
u niu used by the
S bd m- de. time statement
in a coaprilhted interview in the
U. & News & World Report ma-.
gadlnw. He emphasized that he
IWn spmalhg as a 01llitaO man.

-Secretary of. A e Etra
0. Benson indicated today that
19S wheat price aupportf will not
drop below 10 percent of parity
no matter what .~1i Congress
takes, '
Benson told a news conference
he- is sympathetice" with Presi.
dent Else*howr's finthat so
percent of arity prdps for heat
next year would be a "pretty good
The mandatory 9. percent of
parity supports on' at and oth-
er basic crops &oh with this
ear's harvest .eo -u* hah
voted to a ,llo UW O the ?49S
basic rops td .' a % 2 to
90 percent, f l _. Agricul.
ture Committee IsM Voted for a
one-year eztenak4" *4 10 percent,
but Chairman (eoeig. D. Aiken
(s-Vt.) plans t le de an a.
amendment to the bmb allowing
berops to drop toe Oeet on the
live basic crpers. Wiat is one of
Beson out that if no
action nfer. ttk, the Agricultur-
alAct of 19AM WW -d.go Into ef-
et, allowin support to be set
from 75 to LW M L This rdnge
18 the only t wheat growers
can be certaelk when they vote
on tiff federal eop controls Fri-

Benson predicted wheat farm-
ers wCl ap e stringent
acreage contal program even
with the pommie of less than 90
perest parityupports.

U.S. 'Task Force

mentI the DO;
and CDA od

San Blas
i In a e
or pe
I~A ti
h Court.


.4. l

the aeonda lmspHei ft i
O ye ar probation, 1 I gun
was to be held GAth l%-ae
po lie until he .
Ball of$10 was b
Paul A. Linll, a t-year-old
AmOrlean who f .& appear
In court this m e Ws

TI e spoeon It.
lan. wrh floed' wr.ancy.
ae wa found w eltn the Vala-
Inor o 6atf theLOdr g uiel
rara station.

Chaplin Dines
With Chou tn-1o
GENEVA, July N- (UP) -No-
tion picture actor arle Chaplin
dine witltRe4 hImautremiler
Chou En-I1 at 'hJils eid Vil
near Geneva y.ury evening,
a Chinese deilgat e spdikesman
The spokesman paid Mrs. Chap.
lin, the famer 'Oa O'Nql also
attended te diamr. It was not
diydosed wheth there were any
other guests. qpaptia lives In a
large villa In OCrler, on Lake
le has lived In Switzerland
since the fall of IMa. On Way 5
this year the ellet film comedian
received the 8I8t Cemmunist
peace prize-wil 1 kpie al dele.
nation of Reds presented to him
In his villa.

'To Study

19 CIA s 'Security' MachineryC
WMNGTON, iy (UP)- force ad t would acce ide t Herbert I hiel'
.-. ZoIeCoa I# lls ty are pre- Government 'm C m .
Mk vD. CludE 'uave Cirkis nos bu
em e ral LeB WbukI.,.,, ,-,- .. ,.o-e, se e wk. *.
D.foud haef 'dowatrip.n %eC Te to h-a U ead- I
"seMit ui is loose in ntW Natitms onm
tor check- rea As now head f
1VI ftne prob- fan,'. South uhap
Ms coluee.
to make Clark has do h

11110 M a CIA is the, t e
lessctidedototwj -

Us Jr-tty ....
";~~t .h ,A "I" ,,"

c outdo
8tree & '"'.t :. .'

to tor,
gsuch bn.
or o s

21 #

cent; in


an 5-d

. -. *: *


in 1,

. .

/ -.!- ..

../*- I




iW& T ',

I --I mi.l.$Ill,,1 -------- I .-



A li,, i '*i." .
. ', 1" ..-. ..

c .t.j4. ,
'^Bp ^ ... .. *
' -.. .'' ,*i_- vj -'
*- .

I -'ill~~

'" ~ ~~ "~

Anfir J

T .

*. .





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