The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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eb while the U wAmier t on. red op
-Chater wasl4ein omU.I hmn le .m
P PPPPtI.B anfd recalled the te t ok nbed Xtado
SILV tha ae tht

"di"fOr Idul" A"The....
r- 'veret -T-O= IR, M11, PAhe balance betmwoun univer- ben tolled.
rlas P.... ,C ecutive dl W struck at a Francisco was have been
H -- -put to a sever test In-t4 tue- p the.
S- I setsI through 1

L ia V .fa a
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lunmsE a pIN
i beopuw few a
sought asylum

Isthmin v To Visit

Texas Staoefffr In October '"
..T as ito
-is --* '. ,* "bi
.....- ............... .. ''_ '+U1* l ~ 1H ^

ih d1Wav

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-~ lude a plans



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.it retr)
to Nesve
p -ken


i ur 26 .reeds of the finest
Ivefock in the United States is
being ,nged especially for tie
co eni ce, pleasure, and ap-
on of out distin ghed
inds Itn Lath America," WIl-
o tod newsmen.
S"n the Judging arenMa resid.r
.a over bY Internatlonally sa-
I Ve aek authorities show
he held or five breeds of
b cattle, five of dairy cattle,
eight.of sawl, six o-f ho p,; -tx
f Mr Ango .goats and
orsBs. h ries will
proxmatly ,000," the direc-
ta added.
As judges slect the chan-,
ions. of each labed, specla trO
terpreter will spai the de
ion for te Vn ce of the
show's Latta ~ierican guests.
o that visiting cattlemen may
und"atd exactly what U.S.
ranchers are ting to attain In
producing the be types of ani-
mals, lUdges of the exposition
wMl. al the .uaIties of.each
animal. The na s-will also be
vd In h panwh and Portu-
eel ng place for Latin Amer-
can vsltcrt tI'dtpwntown Dalls
will be Brsnlff Airwiys' hosp-
ptty room in- the Adolphus Ho-
tl and a reception room atvthe
lir grounds has been set side

ye' Uabae V

Tn Hip Wftkcks'
W i J 17 (UP) -
The U ctaral Work-
ers' reeomm de de
sntabUnshmni a Joint US.-
Mexican mmCi o aseek o Tar
iIlnurtaadilub theareaa
ter the United Sates.
rnela t ba research ab
education dvwt of the uaioRn,
uroosed the atin a state-

weomas aunaadg an SIN

SXarms aned s baye
otowf g frtlha view of
th Jx I"Vert
S the automobile display,
in the museum. of fine
artb aM natural history and
atomc d electrical .d a
ae ai = to the public. .
In the giant air conditied
audltotium will be the popular
New York play "The 'ing and
I" witg tIts original roadway
cust. Another production of daz-
ty Is the Ice Cycles of
1 two performances dally
6 tq Ice Arena during the Fair.
SP1OW October tours to the
TV IS VW and livestock abow a
wla11S to other U.S. cities are
Ofin arranged by Bra1 ff and travel agencev Ip eaMI
countries to whle $th#
f 1ies. Hotel reservyations
made through Ba
or by writingto MayW1
ron, -ane State Fair. Dallas, Tex-
as, U.SA.

' Io"iiu:r ".a+,+ +m.i++ y a weduz.
Thet general. whd srrj veilBer NPart5 had, t su, dc

M the -eel millV VQt penetrating r ndn
SThe expansion p skies. *
I& te plant will boot
from 710 lO tons to 'German teaperaturis
e ton figure. degrees, In
T .* an steel exeutw hotter place a
o to WashingtOn l bra. In theheec the1
w confer with Mxport-r- -laun boot, where the
ort pak officials concerning etWI W read 84 degteed I
loan oUpplement new Bral- te usual 90.
i lan Ca which Is being e were a few places,
'M the project., ,whete the sun hone
teksdent Varga of Bra al- ,tmpratures were ple
la ) authorized the ll- recovering fron a w
lan to arrange fo the of. food. enjoyed a pleasant
Aer v capital. day and Vienna was merry un-
Wspaper quoted the de ght sun and a tem-
prmitiUinki had
Si remlttani ofm-a:rth, elsinki had
$a repaysient o2 oYxb t 69 drees.
x4* Import baek to nor-
company Was iia of cly rains
000,000 of Brazilian counter- which cut a tourist trade by 35
ar funds In the U_. ..p Cat.S.

Agencies Work Dinigently

To Make Adoptions W.ork Out

Although there Is no certain During this period of Indecli-
way of knowing how the adop- aln the child is uusally a wat4
tida of .bbildren will work out, f tGl5stste. When possible he
socl. agencies in the Unt lives.In a temporary foster home
:am e are working diligently to rat* than in an orphan's
mur success in each of the bodke.
thew d of cases that they han- The agencies' doctors and so-
dle every year. examine and ob-
These agencies, whether ub. er the chi's health, person-
prvat or rligous are staff- and group responses. These
e4 bY traded experts who study ful phy psyhologcal
Mad evaluate every factor In and -petrio tests are impdr-
reaated adoption before re- tant factorsi the final decision
oneanding its approval by Uhe regarding adoption am bas
couts. ^die amuchto increase uis
tMfONMaIn thepotentli
The fuar principle in each c f led
ik9L ith the welma. of the tnda. needs care lnL
W *F~aer navants m aim bea Ah Oheal Il"nlow

S. ; (UP) when
~ tmagal has tion n4
-- wg, suet, Its Mai

* ... -
"Noaon- himself

Alo; "wag"

m-n~~ nj, ,E- ^ iiii^^>uf.jf^j3,'^.^ .^ -

f a f .Where they do nol
want to- av.
. 01cEi to an ado)p-
itlo are Nit zd court action i
neI3,Pstg the adoption

I Mr. Alnav

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-* -.;..- WfS ^ -l. .t ** "'* -- -- ^ ----

"..aa M w* r ". i..
-. '* '-tA USE is e isWS u m

j;W 4 w S ATNJOB;.

I .9
'.,-x~cA~~ AS

ady Aids Will Help Pknic
** .'i, ,;;.

blo^^ M gi

"AcAlpmf A"um

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a*t *ima flU uramare

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as ash tir
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can be used on
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JTOytaiiped a MW days.

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0BOISm.- (UP) Mere
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li.-1; ~ -9 t ______________ S
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ID --1 -

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S O .o--
Hymns Of AUll timites-

voic oFas ia

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J., *W, *A

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lr-fS'. 1.2 l-I~~;-i~I;J~L*~~ I

London SmilePO
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m. Baind TIh6e k

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MusidcsmA US.A. (VOA)

Cilmbti UnitUNT
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Salt Lake Tabernacle Ch


3irjA6l Advi by she Veiy

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Gum km (USTD) BolAIla (VGA)

Haur Of Cbu

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$. U.S.A. (VOA)


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UJS. Amy t (I"A)

Life ii The Ls(iC)

rar h A)

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Ye Asked he (tA)

Sam seWa Tm w (YA)

gaigerIni time ntmI

Nail U
NOM lse l ma.

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-~~~~ ___________________ I...-* .g fc .s :

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en101ANISSSofw ter IL I dlScm ,

S-ates V. -, 1 MW, -teg ,. ...
..~.o t l e bile .
MI! I7lmne at Phere YVVe'rhoA

A. d. 'n ',author ha. more
Prlos" IVA., S.o S a n Atne S& ,.

....go ,.'.t back door of the p.a 4.
4fwas ratbr tragle

o. *a t h trl woe one- of lote abeastof i
Called se Mary Ane
MISS BABBABA L L JONES h held her tulle ten rltallate agaaint teis ..
eal Fle A a a ceA w. W. ,ho lfetrayed here in*

V rONES-UO ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED tNowid r gw ad ad.n ne*as ts aoa f
er.. a,', .o.en Joe.e of have annene the Mi A.n dElene M sot, lat i hr ero r a

rat weaehlfs* rof th n lfter iwide, wa-; mld oi f Carlo" e a wtr ie. .I "
Ge eers Geoe ern t o a, d hfan. t-r bewo A a wi of e o o re#markablepr
he bridesmaids Mher thous e on

-" 6iDi saeV'd, Ora aL"r .e own. whit T. backdof the1 p" ,

o. "E Fo DISi k .urto .Celebrate. G cia de Predes M a d wu p r and t is r'trle, st

StateS to Panama, -Iden Cha -: ns adtg i fen. ,m a o. eroe ae,ala G
and %aa:p Burtqp, O Iner parofof X11 Op afco teat e 0. e"

adlad". T r *. e.N son Mr el m ber wt ho Union] Clwub. r Ga o l r -to Upain. teh te he .-
at the Residnwe on La rated the th anniversary Evelina o, MiA Gra. Prly and rs. T. B ti headed; it a actually th
Create in taor, o( voting S emR h" L blrthJaO at a surprise rty ciela Stanshola, Miss Sandra r3eta FOrt Ebia OISa' WIves Club .tatt- e the second world war.,
her. of the BoIrd op Director. oS gwven Saturday morning by ara ta aid Miss Crlotita Boyd, wore Lichema Guest, were Mrs. J. y, Fallow of the appearnemet policy
--he Panamar Canal Company red Mounts at her home ie oal er whte tlle over tadea Tls regular nl lcheo MrA W. S. Laey, a C d effective alpo iten Axi
S boa. anied carried bouquet of pwlk and business m g nd o the ort Evansl Mr J. B. Plane r atf vi i to e lbi war el
JONEStoO-Off AA U Dh.i"

Mr. s o ed The bet men wa Raul Ora, p heat Thur idaS at she'va. OM Br, Mrs.. T.n W. a 7e, Jr., rit. raat elsewhere in Et r p,
have been vialtiOg on the Isthmus fbteFlumach, Cookie Michaelb' who wasmalrtd by ushers at. ficers' Qem Mesa with ers. J. M. klemey, and Wpa Cow. he said.
with her moNter, Mrs. Geor g o Mi chaels, Jimmy M c cardo Orlf ta? Ricardo Arasgp K.B* Wasake U V. J. 'Z..I~ntry ley. a he g
BenrnettofGoHeibtwJ, haeleftLaJ i, Cal Mou, ~e Calo anfredo. St. Mnalo, ur.d Mrs s. other sevng -i thue
for the United Statea, where Mi ruti-.- osm. Alves, Jan ". Alfido i.Luls Caries Is. as hoatesnes, Pea Wor.. Te xest revolution ase explangd Nphis.
GrB will enter. Was ibets osh Kochyr and Charlie a BPorrras, Rene e Canl Zone ranch e u Mnishsion to lWar. lI
pal nOVlle, Salutf de Janon,. Gabriel The uestrsperker was Diana. Natlosal League of Am n Pen u). Avr Azca
Inthe Forduced by r.,CCo ere in bdarhair. .1&$,w ebeiun ol..a,:. "7ep,.
hmeaeTh, .r debmrdso ot NAandT BuAo Pla e nbconceiled a sk.r d ree

f H C T AS Ln Fr anese. ArOaF n .v T Eh CnY O E Y' the th
AmbsadbrW the Unted beaN inrer. Pll y Sva, MisseA a a~el N _tlse it iin o w a
mediately f.loaroMk s l0 a hto-0. l Isgaleobt. a not
states t Me. md Mrss a tta, par. Mrs. *.t. e .. 1. .u.Toaern atTais C. attte o .A ", were hC.1OtfNrDUnio on W 14 ,n t Hc.b. g lo,- e-ad.Aed .

a ifi4 TbI ADIAnSE th. he. ofNp e, a it MZ e N Bu*o of An, Gonle. MISS
Nthe mb I beside on Labrated the ninth anniversary o flina V- MiA ra-Prsley. and Wi .T.)3 tj h itIltlth

Fet W s dn she iod whM
Unused Factory New Not t tauilt ya ddGestseai ofe a nl
to atte id ting. s andMi th rlotit Bdwore r .sh Repu lans,
, oft hGovBoard oftuerooefrgivt enl i r.morning byeMorsa. 17 v pudower .arg a tha ohad t toA IsM
,-the Pawi--CanalCompany. /Fred Mounts at her home in Bal. Se otat re, M ulea ov Oaer S2teaThes 5 9egl ar. 30 |e to tenl, ' S.tLn.ny e-j w eC.
TO ----- IGET "--- bbe Officers, Wives ubham W balsMts.T W. oter r Is e murs ,1

Le Cash Price ...........$Ave .. 1U.7C S S .. "

du ed to Th.. ....$1 L g A~ t ." W. B.t.Ofi e.' ( have triumphed in a month." -.
have been.visitla on Isthmusl.0bk Flumach, Cookie Mi-el--s, who wea a.Istd wby. ushers RI-.fleee'.'. I(W- .

Ted c e oa d& St o is$ be 5 7 1 2 .ed by M rs. D. l m s oeVJr Gounkoly the Soviet code
with her mo, .rs. Fe urGeorgeGo Michaels, 9-Jimmyr R. ML-ae Mrs. matgert. lerk who obtained polt w calsiou s:,*
er th ted ors. Monat froms eAlva, Jllu .,Luiaxrlosan Ep nas hoes e. l.2ho t r C ein- kaJ5.e

n Hosp inWa non, D.C.AVowe.aee. deJa n.a v; the time i.d the middle r .tleq
fgor. .. -'e byMas .hn--.l.A t .. -e madt..

OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK g.ino, Na wP staln wai. s.i. t. ,. ..e..
C|dt ",n Het eanld Offlee: FSine. Stet enser of Maa., New Trk T 21ee0 CIt is di0ic- ilt toAtll whet last M
U I t i l weTl "--y o- a hllhidI s tt ee nto M

NECCIdI, beside the Lottery Office. RESOURCES e posted h Mr. ad r.whlv
,Cash .and Due fros Banks .. $1,372,624,418.89 d 's ror of wht he wr-e- .
U.S. Governen Obligation .' 1,267,914,789.71 A tfl are.. _anou nel

oState, Municipal and Other Securities 579m420,233.30 b. t
fort$au s .e h 26282,637,187.2882 r r a refe Nat s, R
LM. ... Sp p.le.sP."tMorp,,;s . 8,63,8. mt

P" AcSrued interest ReceivableN. eat 14,833,453.13 e CalF boa Road
O,ier Assets wihe10,072,341.58 les eaoio.a athL

$5,678,726,511.83 eulibeon ho. revie
beo W ves Are But ve."I
eat.or w.ooeely bri,..eWdgeCtobr. *

T eRight SyLe D ....... $5,174,415,072.21 l theCarRra

The omForeign Funds Borrowedn. 9,180,187.00 e te ool.
Aill t rAaray Reseraves-Taxes and Expenses. 28,612,680.61

otherlsiabilities. .N. 24,527,167.51
Acceptance Outstanding. 57,463,031.83
ALM:eoe iorfolio 5,771,015".05 n t

AT THE- CHEAPEST PRICE II C $111000,000.00 Compete by Publishers' Weekly)
one meso he o er fi Surplus 219,000,000.00 NOT Al A TRANGER-Mortoun


' h Ea No. 1
Ter "TrIANIA" Dealer


S 390,299,390.72

M aW Sk OweMmill r i m-urMttaM oMtsd at
SIT.a0l.0... O plwll-e So mmes puLue and wt d*-
.a- rueam -, u.ara. uLw- *. mr.m~w.=m- M w.% .-w,...- ,,- I .
u .anmPsolk. P. I_ eue rn -

o wn e Ow .m .NWOOD i ari 1 A
me mf -.... *&*to w .m ad p e a1wds-
mEmmafir bsh se slaml* ,a



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47- -*.*-




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sn batew.
1IA d1-ljkd^

luupjumlu tel ili fk dl

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get the w s fbw
dren's bedr <
be deoratl IbI
right), a m
banners. Tou I
If she canBi
from a n4 taN p
NEA Beslty EtMer

f the miale
r than any I
mirror fro
ed trinke (

*uls. serea

fi* ro
iR.- hm

MW"o -

it a1 lmrror and ask your h grocery stl.e. A *mall hasusc
* ned .make a franm for it in can serve at a seat, and a mirror
r her o -A oft wd. A soon or glass will serve nicely as the
ad' 6 bUdrea beL deeorat table's top.
6, It wit Stems in ri nt coa
ten eetion,. the mirrTr. be ate Another a to tilize mirror
oes a 'teo of interest Ih their remf. In your' traho program is to
in Amer way of pointing up the frnwe a wall. bulebourd with
im oi e of appearance with- mirror panels. ','hey will. relel
W -out fuing is 'to install a full- colorand add ipte.rt as w.U
lth -nirrc -Inside your chil- call. attention to, chalked che
r@ l' lp1 t'. door., This will en. Keep yo,bchildrea in lad
lar- ~u ige t caro sa dreasim., whoa.Rpli fta mtrr, o ar .
e' l lda. In the ing zom or brghmakst pook. Giv
ee- %M'you mht provide her on an u mortunilt, to. ae the.
the with a' Wgsing table. You can selvesa they eat, they w
at's easily mike one from an old end more UiX to. be fi
table and remnants of material, your efforts to intigood tb
med Or get an orange crate from the manners.

rw a M;

'1la-e .L.c "1oa-
.sw- *4


-0 f- w
a wonma who ends be qualified to make good homes
SI of Weir own, a husband whose
d u lf.ha.. been enriched by a
a W Iw "i, r nd n.and a happy
* I m'ue?"-a reader And aa for ae drudge. she isn'
."' _. '-wulv S wud a ut a worn


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S wae asutl p"fw
Oi beh meyorf ur
4 "t e=.Pas weI

eS wctde cloths i1-", e
p(l t t ) tt f0- mwlindow-shaae.f-.
ot)Sa (w seater) Oea cork Beat mhnA tvaf.7
(wo towl nt e iw s, this unique aMrlt
so fem two b (right). M e itope skirt is net.
big beach just face cloths. Th cork a bot
awise -tIn t he cloths, you'll hole loop ceba
for your nd k fish loalts. ter a
co to five ba s, two 12- beg. To a
I teraw inch dl fton twim tape wme the
fthe ex- or t and a small piece .of ts.frev 4
bis tp 't make a buttonhole at the b '
I for one of the eor floats.
Uf for tue by p n cloths atop. Thia
Ip of terry u another and sieb them to- h a A
and ,twie other at two adjoining edges to' that :am beh e
*as a halt a triangle. Stitch a cork ban fahl .
S ,Ait to the botto* of the bag and
another two inches in from the For .tek l after- si
4a m elh lOgonaly opposite corner. you cam MALat&'
W*taffiMbliffiffi. % of heachear IN
b 3rsrcdtTohelargeheled IY-t

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A. 11 .le tide cork

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-Is California Fav orite

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While we drovetlfough fragIOant whipjaed crst.ardup460ge of
lemon gOww pOUhw^ J^ QWSh wtto 0 ttl or o
fresh lea in. -l recippeld. e f YO u Graboli.rt.or c 'ro
agree they ee god. u Grab. Cragr Crust
Leamong Cwt Pie with O(e and one-quarter cups grin
R Upberrves ham cracker crumbs, crushed fine,
cup melted butter or prtgaltine.
Your egg yn ) t baspoon salt,
S taspooWa I le a Sir en ted butter or margarine
*up lemon ler cutp sugar, 1 Into graham cracker crumbs. Pat
tablespoon lan gelatin, cup a" ts#te firmly with as, again
cold .Wat, 4 whites, % cup the bottom and sides 9-mel
ur, 1 cup cream. to form a pie shell. Bake
at egg y ad salt, egrs oven for 15 minutes.
lemon i and (K
ntil thick.Cream Cheese Dressag
Remove geltin (Makes I1 cp)
until One package cream

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rend = ams M rlm stor
oie .Frst Presbyte rch
InBarger, Texar,. armed the
ce* l aonth. puil~e e
Va U em.July 10.
M. uli, organit,
pl 1 dtioT w ea rdi ag
n 'and, hemoopanled )nr
Mayflhrd Drake, wba r_
cauer apd "The ___
Schuich wasa tebfl with
flor stand arrpngpqenta of
witcatedraltapers in white
wrought iron candelabraa, against
Sttg of ere pals trees. Th
altar wak cailere4 wl* On arch.
of fern and wers.
The bride was escotedf a" hv
was gown

ed with g arrower lace rl and
e, ss was
Inc. ,' 1 td a high

a til, in a l bouur t

M T Nelaon. sister ot the
bride, served as the matron of
honor.' Ier g wn was o yellow ny-
1ib organdy fashioned In empire
stle,.c ct, eoee was covered
wna waltz gth.. Be cared a
bouquet of gulde. 'low roia"
withW matching strpamara and va-


_& DOW-t'X--. *DOW


line tufts, similar to L, lride's. He *u Iis
Her headdress pathedb her dress.
The- brife's niece, C h rylJ
white yele s wore shoit m
ne.t sil to rim Aon. 4 L o -e

thin hea heks were Mr. -Vabon A 4.
SThudt, a i coun ofCthe rede holntCtet was o
Mr. Richard 1. Angel, ;R6 th n- floer t 40 va Mrs.
law of the groopL U 56 for the
iA teot hi e oJe unei M JD f-l.d had,
mony In tde &hur&egaee *r,0 r Jd ,,gfawdMs. JStean
the p 'ntsr of the ri.ud lta Mer,
S with thm memr-,tI tN afeby

MrS, RI st Gatus, will conduct his last Dery.'
ough, a Mrs. Jane orel.

a. loverend J.W.L.Grahamof
-the gramiuNee el th'e Gatuh Union Churc
o % tthis ma at 1100 a.m.
ux iuV t e, ai Agat fnewsembers to the
ot W arI. aAr brdB fel tor an Sallyhinvtld to
and groom cut the first slice of fd.
the beautifully decorated tiered
cake, it" w usetwed by Mrs. Ce- Mrs -e TO
dric .d.dMrsw. Jack Bich. On
Mrs. t an Mrs. James Mrs. L' as Will
0. Hufleo. tin a Ie. a
Mrs. :p Parkinson had ij. at t V DavSB
a .o m bon.l. O
er u boot et maPs r
I si merManMNd qIiet&o hai 1Wo

Mr. fIo vIi^lte IV al to sitinG time.
New York on route 6ttg Canal m i has just o W.mplel-in
Zae. They will arrive. prrow tensitve course with the rInta.

Where Ia isUT



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It's tri Th y I've a
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bruise I

GQ61 to Work

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FOR SA r-LE *- ..947 Vouxhall o- Eb i a I ga Z r 7 cl t p in, i h-b
f.or. quic sI. C a, .-5 .t ed Lea vst hm Pa n

u i 2 ; 4 8"or -,-8 0i ch9ol.mlboo k cs t al bd

me good so .n FOR SALE:- 1950 Bulck Specia 2- atth n 2cl 3-pne virill

19. WSt. r rl wnr,- FO r. isAE 5 o-194 Vur wlSt, G o r- FO o -cu ftoe, 0-ce ea llc-o
lnrom mboo), un o Bboo 3307, Q ather t worth On the other o L
Fe-l, nSma 3-515 FOR, SALE0-Pa ckErd-89 4.dr. bl ok 563-8 Hos l Aea, I U ..s 4i p
Iso .se holdfu.-nturc 2-..00 mile:.. e. 741-C.,Es- FO. SALE.-.Rdio tr.nsmtter *C- A L n H ma oup d ..

:^ F ..I ca :;c xe .41-C, Loer. o; rpri4e S eet, Bo -boo. _in ,i, wt ,h colt s and tuning units c a ll lm l brdod laurels ia, er
eat ^oise efrlge -ltin F'-OR SALE ---1940 Vui l eoino-l FOR SAE -ocmo Gs soe5 30-gaal a t
r i~lJome SArmc trns portat i"d,0le dor ed, exdton A Prcedln ond iti ga FO R weL harabye chwsher ra A0mDdat irib. 4 .. of.l ld
510. Phnew o 3e FR r q ic sa.l0 n- 1 4 orworjhrr r c ee el. 3 olo. bed.. Leain Isthmus. Pans- _:-prWd .,,'e
:.rwo Refrlertr, eCe- FORn SAE -a 195 eep a oat .2"*

Ly~" ?-n : 3-E:l .bb. d.ulep fSreS loe' dtoor coCsa oly. T.e Pans mo3- seO. nE mah oa .e ganyndsffk

i d eluxe mod BSA l-.5-2 c ; 3-/,Br to. r g odton S led bids for opening in publi ll FOR RENT: r- ll t e w h ued h a '
a e* :. 52. .o::g No. 2, cni O Phone Albrook 2232 at he ived unt. 2030 a.m., Juy 20. ent, voi orto i' t P a for P, itorma moo leather holder gra t ta

iA .;.s a, 3o-an910. o 1954. l in he office of the. Suer in- wL 3- 79. fu ture ponge it with a
House 352 Apt. Storhner. useF, Blboo, for FOR RENT: tdero two-bedroom rfor example, $ on in the water to keep Ift tl. i budgets
.LE: sMh n- dn roo ,FOR ,ALE:-t9, 2 Ford Foatlrdeh ea-TypwritersL hnd comptomrters le p aser- oporment, lr1t Str .t No. 42. For-
: Refrigerator.ew coer excellnt covIetr aon be seepdat 10 RBns o ny bc e; 2-pr gsi cdric en. or c3t- ***' f||| _ft-- A n tfl V x^ro t .A4zi' H

%A. ni -r Vanetlon bW.type 9 95 Acce tro-i.e 2531.P- bnln.est e s lAted .1 Ne:io aprment Bed- IleBtal Ae. Te. 3-M W ise r Kpe 0 More .1 ears Fr VeIs
a rt~ moe 5160; 2 r 3ub35d. 2-2291 F DabALr--gt94s BHck Sdrneet 2ro272r tnvytetlon No. 103r y be roomr- th. %re*r !^1 Ion

?elr 1 .^ 1A 51B_ FOR RENT:-B est located furnished _Htel B Pa :IBI _--0
AFOR SALEo Bolc-Cmn@ U s apartment; splendid for one or two ( a H S tA L .-. 9ta Fr novet ble fo 04 By A5TH0 e rs eUDOIN- efits ier thu b btel rea
.20O r .- ".4y. on Luaire 2,emotori Sf oa i t 43hod Sadtrt No n3ng But e-a e re or r Wihle m P a

n. "" ,tnch siet edge- FO R SALEl-A buaio /lw itn3r olow 07 Ecn uo Aeo.t N. 2 FOR RENT: -N-c apirtmnt on cor- I o berye arn thaon ob
SroCompnl milfronfr tn blind 12 in 34 to 3 n o Mexico nd Ecudor Ave- 11 on a s 154 h le v n
;"0 Both i rA Grn d watlm tollabl. Phone d Rn'hes a at ro u nd record- n uer.: LCvng a nd dinrar nm, tho yar an re rt- which a m Yre y'arn a the-- .

u a- .-,63I phn rayee. Everoth, o Jd gdod Pp. bedrooms.M oAroe nd modP quNr. h.- Nlo.1 BlB IurCnAaBT Of COn o 0h "
'er -.' l. m ----- $ Ter hoe 12. d or IC A N ers, mhan mpseu, Tel. 2 O.rnett D u__ l.aed nor puiteton today. -. i es h

'I al & Mc.W9f- F-R ,o- F "Ci SALE:- -'/i he50 P o with two 24 19 ) Depositn-d o-"1. FOR SNLEi al oimationlofm e lohh tive.orats on Truanis .3ft ion 1o54 a- em.h yr FE Ntoc on 't o( H o me, loan *aio -'be or e -
: 7.d -:'d r o1o- r ." lw tros. er, g prndti dbsfr n0gn begtR RENT. -- roIehdrm psrtme- *: ma n .8 o a e olJllo r ap to e- u a al,
o JLe. r i. P. c -lof e 232 00. r h sidn, l a S atr dee.T 136 Co 22lo between L, ,Ooehnt e .mea

aa: 0-foor motor cruisr culvotions. LoO nurb3 sellng for -bedroom house in best rsidrtnfrl Fourth of July Ave., 8 pkins. no ,fm lISl on the a e
llin-120," 93-h: Grey m. 35c, mater. My price F mr r. ecHionr; onM bedroom otr-condition- FOR RENT: Furnished aotmept, 4R 7ni- d a t
t Fo- unceon .rfWge-FOR SALE:--1949Bic, MeeoFbLaa2 4tove, tra Thetv nCtarsCl-s

g'n oleor C. W. Mlsn Phon 7 r. o d.. Kchn ursl, for cple only.Vntlad, c
3y c9n.'er 4;l.S ber ceived un i d'e e a murI, Jul 20c. ivc2in g &slrng oom. A d'u G. I anam 1w -T z '" setl u "e W *
woo ........ ov 60-FO SL:- 1.- Se ,kr

aE : -- bd e Horeue or1952 F rd Wvs e tPners., cpo0ne. c alpartme, 3-2 051st Steeua.4. o to I-n dek g bu ss
WnI S'. go dc od Te lALE:-. 1 7 k oronEttcn ll- &og e Pr, he g ain .reianidel t *an. ( ra N Ze ta 3-8 r no
I neti b s, type 81395. Accept tradeln 2531-D, pnd cash rgster2e- located at Sectiona F"-RENT:---.- -ll ep-rt'n:ed C.- o nus wufl ne

01582 Apt.D p. owner Firs I Hl gkerIt, Ib gaut le @or c-o.l o du ro b we g Ui, u onth t t hnor
$reaM r egaaA. .- abo.a rifrct. rad io. d urtoo th avre$ m prment Ina-t o r eolle eo a l the t g to aAJetn Sir li
S_. 4 oa lT from office of Su rlnt ,-et of Sutable for tlemlan or ldy. f
Rerle r eozr ore uo m-r. K n tOe' se ses Balboa- i B l elep- e E ene 3- 0. aMl le o

,r' .x b.due a FOR 2SALdEr ENf rl g FOR RENT:- B-esot oa urt ed n fu rn rshed pan-e a --
EfrR ErpL. KoJE: -- Bolce-Cra-i saw o apartment; splendild t or on e or two t1 dlaI IC stokvo gy ARaI oo.. 00141 rlllo P made for a&,u. ;
$1, .BID 4t2 b treaus, bed. 1mlt Diablo Heights her 1iv a r 21ta
SFOR SAL:-ot In ool pr nd point spray un; vne- FOR NT -Nice htrt"1t n car oresonaelans n o m o l th mt
C ;ra Corpna;'0 mee- from far- tJin blnds, 32 in a s, 34 to 36 net of Mexico qd Ecuador Aye: L'ar ts tsue t o nO March P 1954 n 1f .ha e .Ionly U morr, te 7 t va In gOueatteah
l si eSu d water enollablt. PhOne 0inhs width, radio and record- lubl"vng and dint hrr pom, to ee-I m t l enort s e ii .th
W, Fanqm3 31 f FORpLE.' y-. Everythont .r goorFd shape. bedrooms. gr e o nd moid s uor- neetf Dtu tatea of o nio M to act. I
'-'_H4.A o 69. Gptun. ten, sioo. (Chmpsaur, Tel. 2- ___ Dunn !- Dill loa ,epp.cua- uo.emda.,

j321 f-a -eca riot.O P I l : o o o KoR o o
er obtr, .o Transsmle. Highway, FOR RENT F i RENT urnshedp rn TOedFtAL4-RuiCOrnOtIaeortedalutnttgt e A...7v.

ell drained, slightly bok i F Frm Augut 15 t rooms; one bedroom wt pa levotor,, 41 Ma l na ,a

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eMante-2" 9-hh. Gray e. $c, mhetr. My prio 6c, mqlter. secLon; one bedroom air-condition- FOR RENT: -a Furnisht apartment, 1thu i danj a a oo.a daaleIsmu trdf te

il e g n.B o h Jt n wc o pl tel o r C-3 dI ng M eis- i nPtone. oK t h gt sris d for c o u lel. VCe n t l e dE c n a S tAeet T e 1 8nk t c hidba
ate edmtreeln 3 2p.mlitoZ. u sed. Te proof 3. Ho ed7p4 I ,, o-- V105 P .. ja thatli o ta Po f 1m

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.Modernizen 7121oe

Tel. ob a fore dr a T -b e droo chn al FOR RENT: p androo an lo No-bed-
0=1roo.aTp;rot sagvhA, c gANoo.. 1. tment, E bIreV C enr T. to h aO

lel $8r eP s .do.r5Pse4 W ith Alls r r B s Sl
5."e m m.. "cl an Dr:de ou--O' RENT:-' RSleF.bI 2 8HINES FedR RENT: Ba oe Cal 3n ae a Bq~boe made ao l gtw
FOR 3ALC- an5e btghFSrlbute oLE thein June6FI 27,159tu ohear.tw0p

d-w-f A res.Ve7 frle 4Q pm 10, AndHeas adr. C befen.c Mt ille Panamhondp togiscgtOgn
7 2faqbt ad ., tn bedrooms, mod's quarters, ot 57, including utilities. All a. I REUPHOLSTERING m -a fo
,e, eha0rate2.I. fDs lerand 't0e a _ryito
4. _W.i...nrdTyeewrioes hous: information Barren. FOR RENT:,- Smell apartment, pri- 80O051- o a m 'ith N5,O O,7fl on Un.

0 fsh -ngrs A @de -, .l No, 25, suitable sr office or rr Ingca fftrlie hours, M w 1ne -d Ii" LeA U lA (o
rtsm l S lc n ra. Fr Inorol ontnire 8er aF ENT- l-lL.
a 55 ..i 73-Al ,L 5c l g. 7*-"l" BalbloatnrS.mototorr $h 5-6P p .m. mr tn be aubotiful sde" ampoA- .T e b me o:n
mytOnnIrmner S3.2 9 2au 1"Cor-n.I Ce istlbeare
Stint,'bolbp e ~.A 4 t ur RENT -2-d m ch&it, fur- re.' ga e. For details oil teltond.
$125 a18tao ofan A I *1Bagaonst loss ofrthehewabnvofoguarantee entitle.
', Kel in .oodie_' ted orunfumlshgd, meld's d- e ,on 3-46.. to m ,$ it ot 'tosa

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I&,1174 *-'30.1b.NT-Co a FOR(punk h Best lousted!;. -ih R thet,111111 loan arantees tL.Vi:er. t
-wR RENT:;- 'Twor- nbed soA ft o M, d, aoftespuprtsude
fuiu24 nh.4a-p r roupes.4rd StreettNo. 1u.Boee ll called .GI+ Dill. 'o.n & Wi elt ora at
.' 'I OhCSnindlE a tcllnR ao.,'oo Vsa.i i m ple*oaa BloJne a mms o K j ,- ; 'lt proie pubise use,. destroyed by fire or.
ON 6 1A. tSteet CuWetighoseefrgertora Ndeftrr Center for pared .with_ CD1 3 nMarch -1' tu a ..W
CaletsNo. lktCollTele-honenNooynspy.-31;-*OR.RaT-icyearsmentonc0r-he e ae te pnqu enj atonal pel gt rl-Pa t devoid f tault o
111 T e.i f Hotel El o Panama, qlaehot water. f l mounted elb 5.3and .- W ALTER VAN Et'S" OULD rarst
6.' .. a to bye sm- ; l E For further infograean aold 3- /9eJ. pe Im o s1a.. _o O..ones o. af R.a6,
HuL1 o 3,4210. .4 he.ss7T 2 t e& sun scen'eor fdpItOF R ORl
-hrysler motor FOR RENT: -- TwFurn ed apart- mnca gt fl G 8jgf half o Wdt (P1 or 61.713.,
w mIna 2larg berooms. sh otaleptor. Viab t. Ne 5 s V. "n v orele sa -d State

over f be r Mn 111 1i nelb with moad's ro.m onk goroge in ah $. per havi 6Ompuadwith
of hma ighway.iw5,000iw aparwsde.hous en Comp515,246, d i e, for

werqranits fest;val n Wl pb'esa y ly Dee. to o ___datnr-have",, B X TE R, $. A _ay

I .fif iid pllgrai sflnesoAlmtacl, sn t f s J5 3Lte.. ii a FOR RENT:-a+ RfoaevslPueblo Nuevo b" '
uo rls yeatnseor clteiesV and Ls hauW s olint Snee.-arI, t bse ste week 43ia 79. l iuln ea, p1m.
......9 ry ar45.motor,.Myfpic 6.mRENT:-FrnsdpbgfuItrnish.d a
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d e c d etdt o.aiba nl l NTelo3. N ,.9 n ea r Ped .,Te L 3 1 8 6 9.4 5Ua wB AsC Irmat
cn,..l as esura tDavid:o, PN 'and Lleracoobmiotted0 FO" a z z:z A "
ce.Mar12fo n that It be 5eo2 ,tad effac- du A ex evyo btVWAce. aI59
,59A lm, 1. t st i understood en cabinet. Tel. 3-0*38. rnea_,ion facltitse j1euih

bal diUBr Mad eni.'e *,Regular sessions of the coun- WIRE* ATIONS 1
ther isaserie. I Davila, a famer President t IPANAMONfl OQURTE .
playsI Chile and a noteiddiplomat and 'rued bmld-,
,- journalist, ,rlnvad here last' t itW
:0 :45 4: night to me the Laboratory 'Nose' thsm h
*-TAIpoet to whle W asu elected l0o 0sen176 Thelreoan
011 TW Y 5:3 p.. unanimous by the council. above
Sam" He is to se,, Can Sniff Food '.
allses Hela _ps out the unex- vain
Ared term of lana, which will SAN FRANCISCO-(UP) Sel. aidk
end on MsyIY 1, 165Davilawill ne~c, which has made many inno. An
then be eligible for election to a vations in methods of processing 18
Full 10-year, term, because he and ookin g foods, has now oner 133
m chosen durftpg e last half a step farther and developed atne.
on of leras' tenure. laboratory "nose" that can smell st4m10. .
the aroma of coffee or freshness of The
Llens Planeto salJ for Co- fruit. .ha.
lmbial aboard. .the ateamshlo
ts Ross leaving New York Dr Lionel Farber, biochemist at he
Wly 30. the University of California Medi-
cal Center, said Ste "ano" can irem
be used to determine the quality of In k2
SPer Seol Cllaimbers a p product dsuch a some varieties
NEW RAVEN., Coal-(UP)-A odor. Early sta ges of In ey
Yale solologt. Dr. August D. possible of detectionmhman Aa66&:
the- is a "'df- senses, also register as sme.g- se
.'between ins device. no WNW 49r
bcmd adi0 l ae Thelhigh. Commercial uses for the "Nose" M 11
ebm M above his e- are seen by Dr. Farber in ,oeM
'4 AAAStI. -%Il'
t sha uusd the moe severe quality of frth. frozen and e ,s- w1
a. s bf 5 s may be, he foods and of meat and butter in t..he-ir .
storage. and kss.
.-.-* .

'A. ~4 --, ,' L; 4 / At"C '
S.. '. A -"t_"- i.. ".:. 2 a
; .'. ,,+ + Z! + ..,._ : :. +._ ;.w++. o ,; +,+,/ ... :_" : -' "D A


Ih ~Su~d~g ma~z~eu of a- and t a m. a down 8 tte b htgse s b9 absuely weto
.a r : .t i'm i

homeTo ".-a A&-s h h gg
fsw nter ao fa orae n'rs og n
to d.eb umIs r .,, jui.

M 1 M f t t ,b a ou ,ed We Oi J St
V, ar 5 Sr a opposite Lan. T i "F me ll rea b a .. .. .olutel pw..,yAs

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Stwl T Mia ty b o Pariali cch st she say "I i, ,.id
SJesaiate MacDfoiilds pl' Btoi w Fadl Me r-wi o, Thomu*om Is eager fo it screen with searnag f. efui- deing, J i s bsha e &a ey.. "I u
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G ,L, oke. ovr s*e "I hard r toe t pe o ool he e o t eat thae d l
Sae ms be ae than willi to play inte str t ''he ob her ch i arsnd I'm o that. ,I
Sa EWe'e No An- wied
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our, voym eat I remd me back ala ula iff "nlame ly hap tn my Florida says: "The Miami tory a shop? Theatre Do ap b 11 f
~~A rMa ev oeal at. fer 11bthe ) astt ably u hqbws what a few courife- She doauentgttdh: "Casembert, toovr aS
Ske .t wa. ed n, a sita Uon 4 r with ewhbo ehe ago m great ri o s ltlbas, honest poli as and du fa Camembert, deux i
f"b'pae0".smM a an al muma r0 m. e a cf, o
esBur._ v. back ont he .. ..t. an- t c n m h.and o-- e .... ... .--_ dot r thecie o ,nlan cs-"ow name Paln onte

lt coa influence "Th s how I b the laryngl.
e S tM a" .aa T urnorIne" .Fla m "A nd, of ee *RedI m.o m y n" t for the screen by l o b- e suddenly rem m bered ow e m fro hi T t s

the3% Ol ogo w aSef < te r. c bt w U Rd"' an 9 Las^or
per I 1a0 Dr o dooung amoan d-atit
l t .atabio eimor '"oe,"wronsgviWgthisOfto et" I M w t wiaan3who,_s.op.e-n ewda t a n hr borneT, embe th n e.

SeIv iIitations of piano-thumper oes Taisnw omltg Nood "f thAhe t 1?" o mt t boy fria
erace on th et of "Desiree." MLeod r and produced by. o tMah ls it e eti Jan August, i 9
ite In ei 1y s tto e .d n m of.U. ... t hM a o b to P ar a

,-" 'aoe4 a A quetionTs -T--why F" .' E------ gI"-i'- ":e, and" J
r-P n;i a_,Iosa '--"-" "& r1amna ,,it A sIniEW PLaCero TO EAT AS ora z^ rois ngr as'.aucha

i an IN T.ATRE d ehOptal HAtRALoLY A TREAT!b- .,

tOCKin. forhe o g absc ment o" oa 8w ] HOLb W B. MIR XBo Dycover wuat a h le at time it i to riywe pait here p but it s het ot e p

a. time _aM ,Ionad. th. a t te1 oma d r lh-c Wook neth, --sero oiL aficee.,_ ji, u ..e..
49. a. mP'' eomd Ic, inte Wroe.

_rs D VeStoto s t Jc .....ohn....on.. 0 i ....g p son, Oroin Par Ats
idsit d, i ~ra of ,e CEsd. TH",R eS Twar granted

W 4. ate c .' th at may a lkoka chic has a wordly, titilating' Al-CONDlTIO
... ..ei s.go esntr. s D" L T T I o
bo- TOM aRRO. eeud. ..I -ge of ch aracter, il i, .Sh

bir th ofhe a ,,'.. .. .,hhor N ina T eray, te gei
/s ,,,i- plaI-- sh in Columbia't "medy. -_ ----I_ U|Ii_ _. _n_ _ou ,n n n
SKAsnlS ,.Gr"P .o," In which Judy tars with .. s ti
S' Jtk Lemmon and Jack Ca n. i 'I n
-,-rTiM'sORW-- !" Fo y r a Park Avenue deb .- -

b otbc t heaam and finBg
I befe boredpm so. Isi f b th-

Md~uA Q14 am hLd JeckiA -Odid that to i ntehretlst pe- l -
W." ai o .ee has first to look interest.m ",

w. .. aoms out n Fith Ave- -
A'. if ec pear'acw. Jak ,, v- T)N

4= ffobanm meet, they look like newypeo- osmo '
S to each other freh, si iit- .....
ic e .a.W fennfb hyJudy believes -: Fie Ma :
,tha I rg up .d livin bgt up,
Ato fact, too. eo
veCY o 8fa" value," she said. "Andlvrtn___o
wxd. ceSrtalaly come dr, the
h avi m # th s r e .D =C DPoah.lle'is 'o1I .1f ,11 m t,,' a s far sI s b'mNow you PcA W-yi dbryclatl, i

ItYucamtan Channel o noiem afLis N
ace Un-, tri of 9r. a r and prwith only a few m inute 4 3w e t 3ifte

M c o a rpdy T exao4 & ,ACaA st bet teaknn fr n To-d I at 6 45 a '
'July- eaive. bt l mintat 3.00 dy Yu
thban d e, mueata VERY LOW ATES. ,
e rb0 I shalow"ogaV d.- 1 o

,D-. C.I) warm AL 1M..AT
.11111 / ....... .-c. .i WI, ,s. "o dr.v" Put h-e"e am.",

..... 3%?"a'-~" ... "* .... -"-'--"
Sl-. i-,.no-w__ s sow, .E S L" A ND
S' 1 s i SPEC Y
____________________i____arnMointretI n.. IV"A'".C"A
Ae 7-gt

,,'.^ ,,'+.. *,,4, : .. "-
_ .,.- ,i .' **

,. .-
:'t-. ... .: : -"
,+;. ^^v .S: .+: S


%. WV ,-. al -.---r.0-'r. 0'-. qpp t

rie e

". ''o.r-.0
mat. ed horse. today wi. Y dui"t
o0ffvQ for the featured .*ven.f riuNp
tenth rae at the Juan Franto race track
I a vrita expect, went to outsiders with DriM
'd.- O Note.Y Roal pay ing $14 In the first% Quo- -a
Dny Boy. Howver. former din $14.20I Inthe scon nd. Don
Spi r a n t Wende $17.0 thne frmst tit.
"perform- The dividen .:
1 --z dM;iittent Mer- 2::'.-!ACE
air sa' also sure to be 1-Darlene $14, 640,
a backed in the mutuels. 2-Silver Domtino $6.80, 3 '
ole which will be ridden 3-Tilama 320.
boy kolando ipe Gil, has SECOND RACE
taken the measure of I-Quo Vadis $14.20, 6.20, 4.40
P Royal and was strong fin. 2-Amat $4, 3.40
cond to Jaquimazo last 3-LuJoso $4. (Dl .-
First Double: (Darlene-QuOp
ge 4oyal will be under the Vadis) $14L
o~g youthful but steadily T DR
eja..dro Yeaza, This THIRD RACE
o up a poor ird with 1-Don Wend $17.50, .40, 320.
Joel. o Poin the middle his pro- 2-Don Jaime $12.20, 3
vlm time out. 3-Coran $7.60.
io Boy, second to Soft Note. One-Two (Don Wende.
hilast thime on te track, will be Don Jamae) i .173.
MA i e by Alfredo "Chinito" Vas. Vam AE
quez, as usual. This vastly i. FOURT RACE
moved racer will be a tough nut -Ro B $11.80. 7. 2.80.
i' e!rack. 2-ConLi ndsa $4, 2.20
, ...dravo will have the leg up on 3-Juan uincho $4..
t King's Prize. This combination ac- Qumnelia: (RoseM B-MCon n-
S"t'ounted for the $20.000 Cincuente-. d ) $36.0.
f... io Classic (No%. 3) which has I R
- itnMrmental in making King's FIFTH RACE'8
1,ri, the biggest aU-time one- 1-Bisca $6.80 3.40
\ dar gleaner in Juan Franco his.- 2-Men Mtr $3.20
O 3ryz. with $24.000 last year. The SIXTH RACE
, rockers" report that the Prizei -Westow $'4.40. 3.20-
S. In fair uape and could take to. 2-Sal1 ip 5.40, 4.46.
i., y' purse. 3-Val"ey BU tr .60.
' ',...6 rl ,-willbl e mIn us the. 1__oi, Cui mm A5. 8 4.20. 2..f

wles of her favorite jockey 2-Sun's Moo 4 2
Ior doflAez because of the 3-KeUphrale $2.40.
l weigt assigned her. Up-and- Second Double:
apprentice Anacleto Mena Real Chum) $40.6
5Hwil pilot the Hares Carin EIGTH R
da'Ls tar, R Ebor won with 1-Athys $3.60, 5.60.
,Teulous ease lest we ek and 2-Remero $5.60, 2.:
e'd repeat. 3- renze 9.40.
I.-gny Mason returns following Qulnle'v: (Ath
,vo week kveff after fininhi /.en.e) 8157.
trrto Barge- oyal in a one mile r
r0i. ie has been working well aNINTH I
vtois & g eood chance. i l-Lexden $10, 2A,
. other TntereaUnS races are 2-GOrande Dame
h on te progapin. 3-Snn Feiner 3A0
Dbl soA lpeed king one-T o: (L
a YaceY rl d to his Damef)-03i
Juan rm eo y attory o f th' *XO"
an cWu four- 1-Alarm A
U Pooc-to-uoat trlumnh in ijza sio 03.
f1 tred $1,000 Cs A" six- M M ,IIx- '
t. ,e-haul fdrlfng sprint., 1-Sinceridad M.60,
y Alfredo Vaique hustlaed 2-Marnoete $4.
'to the front at the _". ._
t.i h1 06- J1 rEnM
lead which he awin- J
..y-" V thb way around the By COWNU
H ao wound up loOftd' _..
but almost lost pll wlen Wonder

I a tls worst -loeal pWt- 5-NiAo
ce mince roun4lg pllto! &.-! ao '
ishanet .%s .e.., -, i-:,(e)
ra eI a
TW 9 r -

, 2.20

ys (e)-F

2,20 3
2 .10 ,.2:

, 3.20



Ta %4
us *we

~' Iw'- l~
p-A 9W

4:41, 0:5 pa.
action! Suspense


,-* 00 AMa ~ ~ .i'
"Creatr Fr om The
Black .goon"

JlaMM ^^


W"wj .,'cbbe, SOO UZ

Nla- ths

S ill


a., --~ -.
- a -


Juan. FaitUo..
s 'ari

Vr is "p


a2nd Raes "D"

5-0., Wonder
6-(Golden B.


k. *u,'n-4
E 1A. Sa .
re. BrA01 7
V; brdo. 1l(1-
e B. IgUl. l -

Native 7
second Rall oftf

0. Pres. 1I
J. Oongo. l0xI
A. Vas. 112 X
R. Vas. 115 I _


~J~l-~ 4- .'..S .....A A ~.a

Si i:

. .

7-WInaba) J. Reyes 115 a.lW ,,.
8-Martua) A. Reyea R. 104x- '.

3rd Rae r'E* Native 6 Fr.S *Rl
ONE TWO". :, .. '
1-Pregonlo A., Yaza 110 1
2-Lady Moos 3, Agul. 110x-Mo4f;'.a
3--Fruruu .Jtulz llx-ShoJ on ev1
4-Muieco," V. Ordo. 110 -RItLu an sloe. ; I
5-W. Fleet F. Roe 114 -Muddytr' .:-spolal I

4th Race "0"

4i-i !

Native 6 Fgs.Purse: SMJ0 Pool elowes: Xit

1-Tuira A. Mena R. 108x -Will improve here 5'.
2-Consentida S. Carva. 115x -Jockey hnudaps 10*1
3-Riomar V. Ordo. 118 -Disappointed lt 5-1.
4-Enriqueta 0. Press 112 -Also was diappontment 8-
5-8. Velluda F,. :daL 112 -Not aa tese 0 -
a-Jal Ala l .- 115 -Imprw, -t.U 1
'7-Birens A ga. lax -Rates fgtB ss f4
8.-Doff. OA114 aJ 'IW 109xz-Could ued*' gain ;-

M Race *Non-WIMsOfl4 nsU.Purse: P od elase:es
-1acho & 112 -1w 4
'I--Chepanita A. Vai. 117 --Usal. .i
,'. hTJahlln R. Via. 112 -u g
.Coral A VdL 112 ut '-
ft(NMaranjaze Gen. a. Ix--Sh t I
6-(Duque Cho ns .-Unklo '

r First Irat a ef the olb"e
',-WUsadon V. s 115 -'l" n; erly Apeed -1 I

.1too hae f;-

6th Race "0"

in4- -,
thenu I

a. i sa. 1
..... lip "
A. Mena 110 bu-1ae et OB pe'
B. Agul. 11 -Rtunis from iE bay

ImportedA 1% Fge.Pure: .W Poo elesie:


--Numbers *. H. tB 10-1
2-Wild Wire 3,A6t in EatWrist
3-A. Maid vo '0,r 1dworu 14
4--anluqueflo A Vs. To -Rai od ha 5-1
5-Courtly P. A. Meos lS. -Not agiBit thts bunch 5-1
6--Fairlyable R. Vta. 115 -Won't, ml this thao even
,l-(Toletae j. Orts, 115 -Rates next bW -. 3-1
.8-(Rose I.ip L l108 -Could be 1dnW up 3-1
th Race "D" Imp~t7 I F.Punse: $39.0 Peel doses: 5:15
1-State Buase R.uMa 112 -Raclng to tp .fttm 2-1
2-Chingrl J. Cado. 118 -Bothered by bad legs 20-1
3-Florers B. AguL 115 -Back in good. Jorn 5-1 i
L-Tempeatad R. Odmes 115 -Slated to mate debut 20-1 A
5-Saupweaun F. Godoy 101x-Poor recent re" 15-1 A
A. Vua. 115 -Impressive worel0ts 3-1 J
--Vucanado 0. San. 110 -Will fight tr oi 2-1 A
.&9rdBasur BI Cana. 115 -Impresuivteneweeor 5-1
-(r. m II Bravo 110 -Poor reca. e*f.rtb 5-1

1Kth Race '%AC' Impolted 7 FS.Purse: $71M.M Pfl elsee: 5:49
o se lY A. Yeasa 115 -Will be loup 2-1
Note R, L. 115 -Hard to bf2be 2-1
--- PI J.nt_- 118 -Returftl if*4 ap 4-1
A. Te. 110 -Will hoot 3-1
l-.R or Mena R. 102x-Could cotb i 5-1
41-M. Mason 0. Chanis 105 --Always dangetou 5-1


I >d

Ju~tter College 2 3 .e five
=s0 GardMen 0 G 6 IriLt hs
***,A-"l the le
TONMGTW M l M of pl
7:00 Abernmathy alport r Sharp an
unior College.' ahot r
1:15 Albro"o. AFB vs. 28th Air taw ee t tmi.ore at
esous. aple. '
urt ta rf tthe Pacific w. L= S.



. .'F F, ".a i E S

1 beh in
he Aber-
Itn thiy I

Great White Fleet

New Oirma. Series


w,: ." ,cj. i 1.-.J? l
5 .- -i 2
a "' a 1 7, ?

-" -' A* A 1l

y .',..

"m ;. ^ ^ i'; .. i l>': ..;"

" -, '. j

'. ..S7., l '.

-. .

. .


8 LA E"

,s,.A. a.r


.1 '

F -w

-, -. -- I- ,-. -. -..-:r .-y :,- ., -
:.-y; :., o r .. .. : ., .- .. ... -.: .. ..*I:. ,-- .
A -- ; ... -' J,-^ = ..* .-22-. -\

- -u-s. -. +


S AMAIC" ................................. July 18
a OTAVA .................................. July I1
LL "AVNM.R" ................................... July l
L. ................................... July 2
8:. M" RAQUr ..................................July 25
8s.8. JAMAICA ..................................Aug. 1
CmiI"aRmftum'hC IbDISa" us Oma m

New fork Servne


8.. "COMATAGUA" ............................. July U
S.S. "ALCTON" ...................................July 24
L.5. ",M RIDIA" ..................................July M

- -4-

Weekly gflHse of twelie paaser Cly to New Jerk,
New Or L- IaAgelS and Seattle.

!lse -a- .i w.T as

eWt uTi-neteie *ee ftom CrAtMa to
@aske arve CAI@Mabe b o
.... ... ........... ..... ..1
a .. ..............................

.,mtostM, WS -PAAMA -s. COuLON



J l 1. 11U. 1.



--~ .~.... .. ~ ru


by:tt esp

'Tn MFr..,e l"

scet and. ,J so ir.T -. t I .. o-
for th eep purple CoroWT W;G Ot 3tl a h' i B
ib soChiqw 1o a Avonea y g W .[1 when" ha 1W. 0 a-r, i oe
raised six ainl b t mhree bla ckt ealy good
ksing, Don. 01o- d '- '" t ew d
I t l o o k s a s i f t h e e .a r a n d t o r ,M o a
in t^he Pansai U lid last ^w s TeeagelyaNf
"H da" boated M to have KrtlW (. .)
I ir '-. ,Otr usJohnnie (-).

soy '!.. I 'ai.ouI (1) N T ana

aN r o anc t 4,
aa bsTa 1w.ilo-o-0

w Majrr tIgh reld,5
g aow #ORwrtiL aI e saw 1-t

le --ope you bigger ,
>-w'" -. ',pm).

....L- tbll W e bo "-/adu"O
a i it heP-.fou

W op L e t a
"th Air Rei -&. 1 ( "ias Al-

b.nathy h.spart 2 2 a an **
Ant and'-wn'r -(

-oWn; l .
A~broV of OR b ibi&OF _e ,

&A 11* v 1-1 1i




ft w'':

r I

.. .-.....


.-'t tl

* .

. "n



obatt'la wu
oastuirf|l9 i


*Aent t to ear o ru e i he you
r lMr. om "sanP ld br th n
Q~ 4 rMree. a

t~ 1 o N J .You?..wa.

lffcam slEt 'tar a^r, saars 'J'fhnea shopplg at m
S at-'e, ar. Mo. A w'an l .
th e i e ; t sa v t
o e :" m l b a l most:#ol l

fcr .l fy )igg^ out. v*er Fl have to find even more time
b b elaure on*d th -for
q;ui a r tbIm anZAV. den

la are the Id o whatever tencot iuran l

Sl p ar short hr them. -A'

.. ,A tohe for a 1l| *r**l
Sspur s A. I r a Ud. sThoa e

e tola mdWa e en. M o Opa wy
.I"a e bone sthel ebd, es
"1;I't w hhada't haP f m. a

Sd atvM have OB ln a

,__ tmi -oe.a ar and a halSD.., LS .oil n lar hoe wail- n.ha
Staa ~ us qua ofr wtst n
111 tto WS
A9 11t0 w y ViI IO ha. Stofind even mo limei

aheiA 49 d t
htb W Ii soi p ester yis t he i
1 w sar It fremtsthe pa r ilnul ban

Ioftowa B LrYWroh-CVs DlnlewlWork
weigh o af rwa anM eld SyJ1 ouret ousr ho W.m IT.,

b'-sto~ s" hair aI w was. ri. amy ftars

-p o q 804* ft 'I hadBd onEBd -B tad
,i I, _t g Nwh t o,- wat b o w s t u t 0 10 10 .

S I mWhrp~- d tre el tiee ony air Mie

*w :__', thqfd yfr l eat m ,
^aHIt, it ha n t .e M'4%
A'd neverf have at and WR

Siatb anti (NE ad kds worS.

twiga ant aeI r oun f a
be Gwass

.p .. riht-had pttarc
Say .. *
Aft- _duel-a
e -- b-. ,W ,a

7_a .a-s ait "
w eased.-~ ean td a.n Ni 21 k S
*ao Cpalit (NUAI fo rhdnd c au

sllrt amh -id Re. vmCng

Ali sC $9*kai frtm Vorw

. i ..'t..... WallyrN
p Moon, left, of th Cardinals sUt1* ift'iere among the National leaguee
e also Is found tb-Aed' Oua ?tEAr. It was something ln the way
&r, Moren of the Takees took the eaderhip of th Americ


irwef""nthr. wem&"I
twersd t wvm Ja-M
cut 5oyer ie enth reu.d

' al.h

efwrift a. eyXM^^
a i

^Bka the ama ..

ir -
th mA
te. .

,ove rOs sideau* a lle

a.. ta. AantnClt i
lith JaSt.e par Itul

1.. :V C.




* *~g* .8

. I f .'.'

, 1I


entertlumn nt capital and key to world finance.
It's a ity of skyscrapers and you'll have i wonderful time-
Ns js you'll have a wonderful, flight by Braniff. "t
PFd El Canqulitador, superb DC-6 sleeper, is a perfect complerrm tJ '

to any visit In the hemisphere. Or enjoy fineonew DC-6 tourist" "
. sericme at savings up to 25%. Either way, you fly to
Mij4ml coAnections with Braniff's million mile stains and a
3 billion mile safety record. .

I I#. -

S. .- .
7- .. .
' "..f


T s, "J .. t .. .

F ForJnfor.nafon and reservations call your travel agent or Braniff at
Avenide Tlyklf 18, telephone 2-0975, Hotel El Ponamd, 3.1660,
,tj 130, or Panam6 3-4726, Col6n Ticket Office, telephone 779.

A ^ifM- lf~e r '**" -

ePj~-. ~.p
Xe I
-- MS St St.

aI i N A T t O N A L
.; -'


a' a.. iSe-u. & is..



rY. %I

? *




. '

* ,c "

I VY RAINFALL fails to call off a visit by Qu` i
in London where she inspects Britain's famed 'CI
ing-an umbrella, is followed (third from left) by her'

', 4. ,

tirlo thd HorseO
v soldiers." The Qu;
isbard, the Duke of
.. -. I.: /, -.


. months,'
a.,'/ ** ,
,L .- .^

. '
, p.'** ***

)'S Jimmy Stewart takes a

tour of Rom- ding a -.aopr trip. ;

. ..,

t, .R.--

.- .- i -



1r *
.- -

1 1
**.' ".,* *_" ;- :"- I

-; "-. .-; .-..-*
- .. ..-.. ..-. '. .


is 4 Mtuft

2', r'


a -.


'fc.. ",

K'' ',





*1~~ ~-

A k' Aw'l'*.
1..,.* s .

' af i&

He sits on

.:"w "*.?.. '

," '
i ,.'

k' ..|*
.i o 1.

~V.- i,,*

- .-
-' ^- *

* ^

, .:C



. \^.. :. 'u ,*- -.'y .- .- .a. '- ."

.. ..... ., -,.. 'r ,'


IM 2/66d






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