The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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S,,,* With Pob Wright in Ban Antonio and Doc. (Fernando) Ta.
'pI in St. LouIs. I find that The Boquete Bugle i getiNsg a bit
)n1. SIo, if you do not mind a few false notes, I'll toote a few
CSalle Janon and party came up Jly 2 to L M .
.*1Was. The party included 19 black Daw flager rItt
trlvedi that morning froni Florida, and aware now* srate
nPtamanian minnows in the lakes on the hailed. A lo,
ito three out of 200 tingerlings on suich a long trip must be
u ilan e to recodete Sunda evening u.t time fer the
amorgasbord at the Hotel Panamone Now I'll try and
notes a la PoP.
i SuB y tootedthe weather which ias been pluperfect,.
op of rain,.nor enough balareque f. rainboww. BUt they
bhad too much rain. in fact so much that gome of *0 root
I vt rotted in the ground. Thi maybe goofnew. afor the
d'whoee parents make them -eat arroti but It's Had for
S pigoos. was another of Pop's notes Well, they were aU
ndd Monday morning. Casle Janson and I culipbed almost
e end O El Salto road in .his Britih Land Rover jeep with-
seeing bne pigeon, but we did ee many acrea of veetables
where there was only scrub Jungle whon Pop left BO-
mM nnt-drive would do his ieart 'a Ld ugod .
W e w 1told that the pimona wer!fl "on otro lado,"
Sedrov to Lerida, thelautiful cdeeIfinca of To let and
SMonn e. We found Tef recovered from hisn rent
tn just eding off the laat of, N00 bags of coffee to
I at ount ope. ell. only three pigeons were
SUt at almost SM feet elevation, but CaUle shot one
.wI will be M onnidheL
r moveadl to naltS lot an me the t of
rihdlnlforskllpg.r Heddn't iay whei ltaultlmus
been a lo time A that he waes a mmor It the
QMi Gat competed in the international* near
tdmlt4 that he was the weakest member of the'tern and
tinVtw!l5 were the atare. The NPreiet of th, Vienna
ICub at lnner tMe night before the"' 'petitloP, wh1ch
bro we e became they. were In t .
Tollet f lot went to the dinner, but, Jp 6 ad no return
S lil. And had to get up t ot
;- ."Ab. the bt V# atnd the beenutful )MM." he

oen hf Vinla ad IN

a f. -l IMto with

out j .i lit how real the
Communism Is in Cuba, .
ly from labor's sth
The g eat ority of wi p
bers of Cuba's 04inbl.JI
eludes their leaders-ar .
trlotle and democrat It
Is Important to keep
in ppraistg the iu w
mlcht Inour eort to the
ommunist danger, itl
do harm to the subsI ae
and women who make up Oar usi

You want to knowthe
Communists have their
actvtid recenty 4tW4tise
toSeII*t.Ie labor's .ra. UAWor-
tunsately, h', have '. '
Some weeks prior to hot May 1,,
we discovered that Communists
were -Jdn an all-out e rt to I

lug :Iany Py celebrate i thrCune.
olt aioba. another B*Ian i oreaU te.
called that the oMi bad
achieved some succe iiss i i
forts to -worm their w to taw6,he
union. This was istur
Once we were cerhatoe ot he
Comnmunteeoapilraacy, wl.a ite
Pint we cancelled allYMa
Day celebration. We e the
labor leaders and to
clean house. We ezpl ou
very clearly that. l h the
x onent was in aynth, with
t unions"' legitiUmte ainls;,' ft
would not tolerate Communit in-
filtrationm anywhere-4nalde or fout
Ide Ilabormnd we foRI thiatt the
reapousible union pe. wer
complete agreement with this ap-
preami. ..
We feel certain that we-blocked
the tCnitauintta' .nlhU'M & tMI&

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Peter Ed on In Washington

WAS N (N A)- A vestigator ad consultOt. Thlis i -weren't sIt wa .
faked, made movie, mr. man, who O w than ably t dressing dowa
porting to show "American atroci he was some
ties iraM" is all ready re. A LL He
loease l oeign coumries as the amt co ed t A "Mega p
tat Comnist propaganda trick a company in i. a t a n
o th cold war the enes took his training a p gen go at
it sws 4 U4 ibup of 'American a"raft a.
rean" childreato a church AM 4 eD0y'aa mll),
was then "oakEid ih gasoline a
burned. Another scene -show B, a .br arry ,e to.
"A nG. I" throwing a child tPosI $Mfts. sr .U
W 3447 have ban ut ul er hto bl detie f sash tann i t ts!im&

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b,, ,,,fofof-,. If th tue on, sel e. O. l .' I.ll n -,." "*1 n wWW-
Smembers become srf lose eer ilas man th e atm
M,. ly' aS to tell .S T I a.boutAt all the rig.s and I w a A d11 ta, Or ato
opanaMahVc from the slight are ofrat =a@;. odaa cs latBget hg
Wuurun%*wira 5.-r5 Ll. -T",,t
a *caln*u the Maoytook sevMybr tnt 4 atIn. gretlwaM ad
ste .to tightes up on mmu. drea et State eaer o a de baa
-.Proous Pup n. _s from pliaonret w. W eled In tMhe a o chalet.
'-- ofl e- < ple." t, re at 9M AM% cl" toWs ow _r tha t, s to W. ., l ,
in r Mgt, we aa ed aa active, artleipat.dhadt a in Thell Atomte MAir.s
-permapeut comnlasai cabinet they would hot v Uderstory Smith swan Air Foce Rasiasn di
Sqbabttingp col iN were hil tarr r f wt ui w wer
Sled to toata weral At leAt o per has bene. a were a clt B. t
SIHeIn tthel wh. One w the am. ed afrtoe w keil l-dre ta" nt great a
S7 Pertaining to a ployet Ina any Senate tom lAted one aide, to e sag a
Snpublic svlce., uh ae nation- into the affair e 'a most n this -comment got to See- ca as m rany
t meats. l a, rme r s a i pof to have observed, "Oh those clear war ."

putt whAat (Bw 'l
11 nI"WYsmaldat27inin e ai one 41 cavity feaun to a '|t1,

% l S? oef buet 4i5 Come S ,t lBROADWAY **3USTKI matter 1161 it in thL ^ Mv *eaaS
Is,-No'.)heAwuR ,.. .hse.t0

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Kind, tof'"misa, ,,, scnsari wao Y
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lle al g tut in
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DoJuy 10 "cticaV' 1laI. 1e was not con.
ry- sided out danger until four
shill KRUM CA "M daafter that his re-
P -..... ... 41P.0 k o. ...over wa sWiQ.
anallf Ws" ame hoift "feel- Mr, TruM*818a physician, one,
........ .4 time White 4ouse side Dr. Wal-
President, secom- lace Graham,.declined to esi-
-B............. Idra. Truman and In- mate the length of the eax/Preu-
53am l 'sile h.Polwceman U i k e idents home convalescence.
'Rio,* i: o whiro chauffeured the His recovery, already rapid
m as ,B** oa. uy car, departed was expected to be accelerated
SRearch Hospital at 6:30 even more now that he is home.
For the Iast week. Mr. Truman
K .. ............. p T ".:.....". .. .ad arisen a half-hour had shown Inreasing Impa-
W S4 L On Is..TA.- d and told Mrs. Truman by tience at being confined and re-
I.- I &. that he was ready to marked frequently he needed to
A. -- a, .s. a and QTRS aw.. M 5 ,n > w get back to work on his memoirs
S. ... .... ..3 r left the hospital which are to be published prob-
lbro/e a ld, bl 4. my aK tal d :nn t year.
In .1 Me -asstated ow the fifth floor He received cheering news
S.d ONm. IN ., ..*, ........ B...: .* : corrIdor, rode down an elevator. Wednesday when he learned the
C= Aa! a "a < iamtal *, j ... s walked to the ambulance en- trustees of the proposed Truman
W ............ trance and entedlls car with- Memorial Library had selected a
S' P wedud. ...'.'.. out help. No nurat 4accompani- park here in Independence as
S .. I a M a-R .... ........ :45 ed him home. he site for the structure.
i -- aar. *********^3 m After the 30 minute drive to I assure you that I shall do
s' .'. -|, l ds aj adAo ad? UI R ......- ..... 10:25 Independence, the former chief everything posslbler to get con-
a e' .Ji. o nd .o executive ate a "hearty" break- struction started and the library
e. .- mst u. M m ..... ::...:.... :4.5s m1: fast prepared by Mrs. Truma.. finished at the earliest possible
A iTAT ION, RDMAN personally. The Truman cook date," Mr. Truman said.
,. IN ..... .. ...m.. am ..... ....... ...... """ ": had not yet arrived. Since the announcement, he
.... i s:a 'aI .m. a s i .. a ewish His first remark, accorin to has been more anxious than
S......... I u. d- JI CLm T Mrs. Truman was It's good to ever, associates said, to leave the
I Sw.uI P"i" n: '. Ar I_',,, Z "01nu XtnM.. MM..k ..unoo .A n'Rx'BAE'- be home. I'm feeling fine."_ hospital and get back to work.
i w o', a- DA,.80 drma ao hibe a.ikfs ....__y_ ................... I N Mr. Truman ate his breakfast_
s---: ier : MSS-" s- (U V i -- In the cool of a screened-in
i 1 'SS.r. ;..; PAR a n i -' So:0 a__ Stu ud oup- Mo_ _. at ATLANTIC 80n I back porch of the old Victorian /
*r f *.*-PA L ature a oo Prn. Protestant mansion and remained there
on W m VAL Saturday. a st Avia for some time reading a book.
Kumme oun LADY or IPTA cIImau Sufse I asim s Wr .chool (Educaton C *3an "He went to bed about 7:30,"
-5aBH oly m S -" :"" .An. I0 "---.I worship............=... l "i Mrs. Truman Said. He was seen
. .. "- Ue .. t o 5"_ase orem .' s:eo :M A Cu of .... c1h 5 .... FRT GUIronT K .C.. a short time later, however, badk i 'L llA
'""- S'u- I..,I..: e O. ,, B. ,. a.w. Id -~,~,f 8 0 ............... .0 onte ,porc had entered th.
110M. .ftM Class: Im *1. H OSOLO NAVAL STATIOI! Mr. Truman had entered the
S S B ~IW". --- I..Fo Frm ..*P a Chursh,0 .' so ................. 1:9o hospital at midnight June 19 for I
I i lrf .5w .....U SaaiaS'..c -_ --m dB,. u m .-- --,-.| .w- lp_. .............. emergency removal of his gall-
D "N"....ew : D S ao in. 41 M "IS" .s-- u.." ........................ bladder and appendix.
i a a: '. so B Eot- Ea ..m30 '-e .p.nd.r M .............. -. He was recovering normally
i. kd,. L-J ... Pray '" l. l M ........ .....** ... o from the surgery when five days
.,* ~ -.~ .' lTk.-. a oase -d ask .... ................. t :4s later he suffered a violent re- 1/
:00* D p'**UI VeS&! PbIr. Araslu S .COCo OLO NAVAL STATION lapse cause by reaction to anti-
Std 6. MA Sundaay mosm ............******* dent was carried on the hospital
SCla: TM p.m. h Thursdar Ch NAVAL HOSPITAL....
/ I- I Ci M e re.ssm c Ye. 8. Ab e.".;.;..-unaL LA b "a"'""" "y Ar***'"im Ie*
a eda avens: S aIm CRY.. Chmb aMA1XwI1
/ l. .........5__ct Cam : Ala 60 ,aMa.-.Yam .. .A, ..........M g a .. l
I b/ar-" -= Ote OhIdces THE I SAVINGS BANK

|4 1 SSm :::::Sy: nSay .*"i.'t-.ia "'. Mst'W" A.'oran. U i'a Institution Guaranteed by the State
.::: hip. e_,. J S. .ei u i..... .it -
a|d Thursdao. First wa. sCol a l INae s a5 Serum. u .5wamslP
a D c. ifc. D Gym Pays 2% interest Annually on Savings Accounts
Chunk ... a Parue Lafsw .:Ap..-' nd aa Worship 1h:o 3.7.
*ud IaF :0 *. C.. .. d meda .. 7 pv UL Ind l Otler ce hur ches .c

I, Ma..s 65i,,=i' ,* *j a .,, ., ., -- ,,,N',:.. ,a..".n g e1 INITIAL. DEPOSIT $5.00
wae W .B i. .s- o a -. ., ase .nd ISowe OA ua, JW,.,u0. II -a 9m I
aon turda i t Tr n
S...... 1mmi sim .e a ls. e1. Jw 3 uA /ft Ao e-W. A s. m&yrs We make loan with guarantees on first mortar es
S1 Cotnv laemdrtS Cl::0pm. udy. Ca. 5:80 ..c. anhTesdal. 6a M a Purto or other securities.
: I. ...... ,I25c. 50c. $1.OO and $5O
S. .. -l I:a mamunday. I Mon nJ g "- i p
S__da.. aU D,-M 0 iu r d.s a- Cu n Ie accepted thru a period
Sun& Day ma 6:309.i IM Ap m_ SO so5eSS TOO P.n
.5..*. I y -A .I e .D. .0em e sIndividual safetdepsit bo xe for jewelry andr

ISO -r ..c..... .a... .S..1.--*: AeS M 's. Iijrma a msIn ma documents, In 4 different sizes.i
Is. nj Expo. s' an on vFiunij an day. Se OFFICE IN PANAMA: COLON BRANCH:
ISO.. R. an- 1:0 Saturdai: t inu .A-nsaalsi bea IN Ce m tral la e, at roan t St. at corne s
s oLT Cas 3:00 an Suday p A lrmew ef '3 street. ef 7th ot
...." .... "r:'::Mmas: 1M 5 W "and. ISO. .. -- .. M
p*m UdS**ld.i 'SO..-..- ,- ,:.--1A*.:-- ; 11 0.,-jD ROUX, $1.00 and $5.00, V

I ..d _. eatiLCt is : :. BST ua da aSoem. Onam s ansis re c e t Bab- paaerio
Teamaa Club: 7:15 p.m. a11n Weess.- mebof4wek
rri dIAk tol ay Devotins: IS .m. F IN PA mAM A: ....a ...A I :
vat"" a1d Jesu:s : a .ATUDAS ern e: aAm, tad Ia p.m.
M- -t. 21 SO SA"S M m. AtL / i 'an ^ .... A. It
I g ga-- g- ..onfs : Saturday: S0 hs and a m. Prayae Gunld. 3l. weet, W So II .

|0i @mo w.m. Dnformai Talks an. lORa:
l. e" i. Miraculous D Medal Novena 6:15 d FRI DAY Mo lursdays. ......... .0 p .

S- -.Sacred M eart Novena: 1:15 p.m. a 1 a0 aram' s ar ... D. C, o it re ae ...... a

CleI- aew.gWnisS.dlm.etIiz,. .in

u age N Ight'-.er_ ;s.i /" I I O C NA .
1 -_ Da e ": M;"s mm,, and Su l eF, Iae msl I d e am. .I

.0 a .. h.,....CII 5m all m.,s: ,Iow ... as pm u _l_; .- .
i,1l 9M ugs ^ rl^ .-i Y M *d n n .... .u_-.- T, o d a

suwes C Cami 4-r S =a. a- *M -. ri ine a- 5h10 Ruev G W. feio e..W ft I e
a n Tn Btudi C : i. pA fe .m. am osr: s eb w S: Mayi eas' aWt" | &.......... t m .m.
ST U r .and. .m. Ino ant- as ineSoe i 1:1 5 a
SIt AWl COIa C Fist Bie "y 211 I O PANPMy: IS.AoN. ICH
Mama:I and O SAL .. Youh f Vfonshw-T.u. T. d of 7th St.
100 Mm: I:0 a and 5.19 19081T (d

.........-. ... I..... -..... -- ...-.. -1.. ,.-.. I ................................. am .- I
_IIJ -B Wi O- eda. Snmd W S. /da.a TVdaI Sc H" !Now .m" a
PIIAwE lm Tn -u. ; :- -p. a:m ,u-0 j-- e--- I2 GO A DV
Ie..da. Clb: ISOurS. OSA :0 1. anm. n y

-C.L. SCM. .- I-eVa. 1 ails. Chat A" r' M etin S p at. I-- .. Mei .s I SO O
^" .=-S'b,,.l A.S and .......... ,L--" a= VAL cum SAAW A

i~--~~~'~H s lsy VA uisan,: s4"9A: e seb"a.ool. ....' '....100 am.
_IM: 'i. .n-. t asft. M.. :3 Mri WDr a... 1954...... .:as Airm te.
a m aPsalee & Balbm 1mttrS 5esai .... ..ty... ini Fai
* p. .rened i= I, --- uetmJ a i 5. .. an Tom 1: c01 M of New '.ontiem
Maisie ..i ,-, Pr Mm _a. _a .., 1 s
IM, ITSOI ,. n. ,I C D1 .... D We are proud to preJaI the newest, most beautiful

MI I -trAi-Pwer a u Sunl. Ch. uWe I7 5Pm. ca n the world the '% w Nash Ambassador,
__.I -I ,,. D R Cra Pr. ._ M8an&... .. ...... ..e .. Sates an and Rambler, styled exclusively for Nash Powi

SIMON" 1411ne3w interiors that are truly fabulous in roominess Over
Sonly)- s. ,- ,_..e_ ... .. and luxury. We invite you to try all the new "push Nash
cer T chama mas* .e-e g~ butt.." con veniecew -Power Steering, Power Brakes, and i
of s, gsaidl- 211 --i mnmopva Io, Ma LPoe ......Bm d-- I .-m Iaem SR a mbLe, styld "Cru y for Nas P* B
Sa-m al al. elr Fve. WM. We invite you to all new

-. ,i, .. CL ,, ,e Si-=" "n "'o" tSEE THE WORLD'S MOSm

"- I-. 4-^"I r-CIA. CYRN

-.-.... ,P a,--_ ,. a U E .- -.-, NASH A
n# i..& a One block Im Tivoli Ave.
tom-f y IJ le a awl .'IP MOSd;
u:~I BOOM_ .
a -: '" P-1& ."te._ _SOUL : ,

;.~a. I~, -

(NEA Telephoto).
JET HITS HOMES-Rescue workers probe the wreck .
the first of two houses hit by a jet plane which crashqdfan
the residential section of Kansas CitO, Kan. The pilot, d.-.
John H. Kapeles, was killed and three other person ms .
known to have'flied in the houses. .


by Axwka'

Fonoded 111

Kihk Rim


iu & weight,
end beavly


for generotl
of ous and

WadAlId &


are nie
di Nmltyed


o eeemplete
WOle ftt 'e

Sold Menrr~md



Include many
fin serving

lrk King


(tR L...e

~R~' '.


VtAWa CUStOM 4-OO s~Ra \

er-Lift Windows Dual Range Hydra-Matic
e a new kind of Overdrive with Instant
take. 16 new models, including a brand-new
i Rambler 4-door sedan. Come feast your eyes
see what's new in automobiles.


OS, S. A.






- ~.r ~-

Met n To Partie l

SReview For Gen. Whitlook

we review Mor i "ffloe.

u5 ld-t~t>Kobbe at 10 the mounted east=
i wit more than 3.- As a part of the eromony.
personnel of UsAR- Whitlock will formally sur over
Ai rtlpating. the command of the US. Army
SW tlok. accompanied Caribbean to MaJ. Gen..L. C.
by Whitlo, scheduled MeCa who arrived iln the Ca-
to art for the United States nal Zone the latter part of June.
U4Mooy evening for his subse-
q VA Irement from the Ar-
rh4-rvlew will be a combined
Smountd. dismounted and serial
sale to the commanding gen-
ral teidents of the Canal
Zome nd the Republic of Pana-
nwfto Invit.m to attend.
exadluarters, USARCARIB.
annoonIed that ample parking
sp!ce tad seats will be available
oFo tars and that spectators
shusdAe seated by 0:30 a.m. Ad-
Iu1cllIs scheduled for'9:45
a1m. I8ltors should follow thel
sans to the parking area. I
OamountedelementR in the
reuo will Include the 33rd In-
f Regiment; 504th Fleld Ar-
;37t, h engineers; 65th
Group; 45th Recon Battal-
UaORCARIP. Bpecial
Wgnal and the Post of I
Ulted elements will Include
45111Recon Battalion: .3rd
ityRegiment; 504th Field
ry and the 65th AAA
from the 2nd Light A-
SBeetion, 33rd RCT, 45th
Battalion and IAO8 will
~art i the Aerial Flyover
will climax the review.
'lst and 60th Army Bancids
provide music for the c.ore-
SYle J., Fit.patr.ick. co-.. CRYBABY-It looks as though
Lyle J. Fitpatrick, com Lia Leon will cry enou
d officer of Fort Amador tears to ill the cup she won as
named commander of the "Cryingest Baby" In the
for the review. (nW. A. ( annual baby contest of the
commanding officer of New York Chinese Com..Punity
RCT, and Col. H. 8. Clul. Lisa is flanked by "King"
commandinR officer of ri Louis, left,a and "Queen"
th AAA Group, will be' Prise lh Lsu.

Pacific Steam Navigallon company
Royal Mal Lines Ltd.


1.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" ..................July 14
"E KUT4"....................................July 21

Aug." I.

S..................... .. July
...TW G.................July25
...... .a .,".......................'July 37
STA N ............. :a... ..Aug. 3.

,PANAMA-".Av *A,*. L II ,,,
VmO CO c. IBALBOA-TerI B5Mr.. Tel. 11-1M




IRA Ai.,S. A.
Salineg: every Irten Days fore
Houston and NeW. Orleans

Sallins: Every 'Ta pay lr f
New York Philadelphia Baltimore ..
(Gulf Veeeb earl st VyRACMUr and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every pl* weeks)
Wilford & McKay, Inc. l r
Masjuon U ,Mlgf, C fti.AC. .L
TLE HONES: C1OUAL: 1700 25.


Great White Fleet

New Orleans Service
*S.S.: "VERAGUA" .........................
*s.S. UCBIQUIU" .............................
*58.. "JAMAICA" .............................
S.S. "AVBNIR" ..............................
eadllua bstrtgerted Chilled nd Oemal Car

New York Service

8.8. "PARISMINA" ..........................
8.S. "MAnELLA" ............................

Weekly sillings of twelve passenger 5hlps toI
New Orleans. Los Angeles, San Francisco and

.....July I1
.....July 11
.....July 18
.....July l

....July 12s
....July 24

New York, d
I Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Crlstobal to New fork,
1- An.rml U..Bn*'....4. S..i *d61
U8I5C~W wmI U W1U um muu

To New York ..................
To Lo Angeles and San Franeseco
To Seattle ....................

FortnJlhtly passenger service ft
New Orleans via Santa Marta
S.S. "CHIRIQUI ...................
8.8. "JAMAICA".. .................
S.S. "CHIRIQUI' ...................


SFast Pht Service to Colo
ACeepting General Car
Buenaventura, Tumaoo-Cartagei
Santa Marta, San Ai
Wilford & McKa
Telephones: Cristohal:W 29 -

Mrs. Boekinbham Arrives

I iaS.'DU. NAvpNAP
I wt o I a na ss a m .1

IR. fteaY o usoa

OVA A0 ,

S.......... 82 .1
............ .0

rom Cristobal to
a, Colombia.
...............July 12
.. ............July 19
.............July 26

U04 COLON 24


- S.A.
mblan Ports
ge for
na, Barranquilla,


y, Inc.
179 8m53


flrUcw j

N,,Ma, RM

". "If

I a.



r tr4

Help Coming


MUOUTS AND N5 K DIM 0 The Cynle im al AI


Xoa'e arpeeb'-

Ma 1.04 lL as...A"..

VIA FLIAN Delivering the "Suit" X MiaMACAL U'MALLEx

*SMLaJAl'W pOur

Better Than Nothbil


Aoeurate Predile

^ l B^ i A jmm.N Ir .T

OUM *IOAstmaha MUet4r

MAUJOR 4uILu Uta Uuk WAa a d. M. suaua

- C


- I.

nA&~ ~


A. .. -,-a

-n .t



.. .' -1W,:_* '


- --,^ ,.

_...- ,

.- 1


~*.1 .


J-*.t, ;i

,) : .


ED, w Ie

* Card Group
i's Club met
St tesidenee
Ritton and
' serving ash

Those attending included Mrs.
A. H. Plinuer, Mrs. Thomas T.
Mc Kri Mrs. Mary Morton,
MrTs. Ple M. DaIy. Mrs. Ja-
coba Mrs. W. C. Mer-
chant, M a.M u u e Cionohard,
Mrs. WRaM)a, rp.
Mary Cylswe. M,Bdth .d ppley
Mn. A-i iBamM, Mrs. eA 1
Seh l 7a.r Cornelia Stephen,
Mrsp. Z QaMrs. EH. Free-
man'o,e J3b1y, Mrs. Nel
son Wi H. P. Cran-
The fteiaof this
will be
Bote l AMicoa. em

I.u .


0 nf bidge tMo ur- i feeding him, since It Woo ogflure. Albov NW3chrt sOew decline of the doltl r's 'd"
r t-coiebank. Ins -18 It leached 62 ceets and in 1983 It ellmbed
bridls al Iitsle e w t a- Uots.Dta cogspil-lby National Industrial Conference DoerS ;E" .
ftbnows 81m schedule. He's forced -il
Sa te the be takes on n un- ,
disco b fod there.
A rBy GAN MADDO T get him back Into his sleep
11A = =kiter habits, try iovlK the bed to ao1tebe l
atDIo digerent part to the room or sly- "xrt wdcieothei"de. '
The strawberrya sson alt.o..Thon when it grpw dark there were jTM a new the to take to. d
When I was a boS myth"a Or a G foo works. b c
adte of the Panama thref ways made a huge s of f esh SFok the ee we used a hand freez- core othe a en o h r
wide Diataff Councile were laud- strawberry lee every Sunday in er and it was my job to turn it. will take bold more firmly
ed a a tque fourth defense July. It was a wonderful set, Here's my mother's reci pe and a
"Frlace by Maj. Gen. L. J. Whit- witC a gleaming angels food a good recipe for angel food cake. rcte b
loek, bommandyne Gene ral, beside ita She always ha a new For the game, try "Go to the '- *. or
G1nerl U cOflMARIB recently at Port ie for us, one b o the tdas and Head of the Clasd It's eltw ayd be a h
Amador during a proara ob* e grownups could play together. good fun for all the famy. ) NI The Ierfect camera
gs^* ^ B erring toaahe second td OfneUidte anniverjy --free-er ,mInda e t dtakeso t hn u
of the orantion. Ja Ainbasadors Onff To ) nAur I with the best Optic.
"i have had at opportunity to

Sobserve cloely the remarkable South Amberica On A ood Two quarts berries, 2 cups ug- I I
change that haW taken place in a *r, a cups water, lemon juice n't coucht o.estr wou ap '
s ithe Panama Area during the ut W1 MIaet To Foster s t re tata r tonihr anoi the fh be nlhar s yo
Stwo years," Oeneral Whrit k rifle berrfie with sugar, oco'. gert ostaon't l mon r cr -
caaid. molvee ow odf er, and let stand 2 hours Mash trye1 Mendy, This re a a n Ia aterndr ela
e"FProm a military area protact- vndl f,,s squeeze through cheesecloth, and mp *ttnrv d I V^rMM ilISTP^^
oGnerl continued, "It hu pro- a iateen "Junior Amtba dors" taste. Freeze t l hd or electric mone bronc, tue.. Th o. ayo d .
lossc o hanor withGenearalbei t.healysathe w nFor.t heS. Meg h iat ta r h
Lwlat.ia Ge.r the mi.rtar, but lo rive tHn Pa am l tn a The teen hen .d cmore ado eafsathClst rb rbm out .
*toc at reed edtingwer e aand hentrohs o u ldetwp ia and bteat ul ea s nefine t mya. ii' ri o perf e came
t w l m ano.d tatff volunteer eB.. ama Colom bis Bua aPer, One cup aUsted our, 1% cups an. ,M m.$.om CyN Aaw ,-rDt V E1
w"a' e rI h Boviarb, Chile-" and -Aidna sIar, 8 egg whiteti teaspoon tvh. See how much better you my
Equipment of any descrllon. It officials of these Coutries. Thet tea8pon almond extract. l

y n a faon the military by Pana and' p Sift the flour and half he sugar
Scoul never hope to duplicate" proval of the U. 8. tate De" together three or f etonims wA f
observeclos teemr artbent. wA l eralOA the boys ;alt to egg wqltes and be R NII
S uest4 of honor with o eneral who make friends atall age levels froby l hen add cream of artar f Rn I T
WIlitioek at the meeting wre and Broaden their underbtand- and beat until peaks begin to form. I l VI M iC I I l e
Lt. Gen. Wt, Harrtson, com- int of the way in which people .eren. c
manner n Chief, Caribbean and work in the con tre Adtey Fold int ho e rest of the sugar.
C C d; Rear AdRo. M, E. will S.esa, Then sft the obur-sugar mixture.

d ; fmooh fo a themootAdouSavoring.e t
L.(3 wf who as tll red; qky nIghtirpreed with dh-

"From a o mlt pald tr a u pte c at-e atc e lh te s aa.. ger tip. Invert tUhe pa, and allow w k
eIf o the Coucil, to a ry,. sponsored by the arcine. Ad cake to cool for ta least u hour
.h. Dik rmee before removing r p exquisite dancer and slnger. Cuban
depart Monday with the Gen- i olipop from the mot famous
eral for the n.. S f .; ., e s .night-clubs in New York
y.and Hollywood!
Bitr '" --t e b yar ... ....a--Tn-."- ISO LD

,",- 'I .- NOW! for sun-burnt, sun-faded, de rMeuo ...
theram4fag.--, ClotMo nt- mdm ordug
her "ihu unfrwihuhe Colo0r-refresing Brlazilian dancer who bring y
Sto Pa n hfla- the romant
could nr hp tNO f'olor, su p tnebr s n-ham ded., drms.oe Mellim.o -

aoatame, o intolieof ona night in R

de Janeiro.

-,ake up to a .e day,

- w o fiawAm**** ram

A beusr day's wolk witih

speed. S. .aooth. Try i Ten
i1w9jyaw Sd The ALL-NEW
"tel Wte oSmith Coina
"d&Y it coui

*tqbEb Lahtq* I. inni

SNo- 16 TIVOLI AIL 6 TEL: 2-2101

AAA eni toe

otaes teu "iaer's t
Pretty ion, you'll acquire the
kind o ldm tan ou want for
the ret of the umir.
Once yo .do, it's ai to check
the clr f your Upe and nail
polih. It aould b a ade that
er compliment yoes,
Pink is a pretty and cool-look
I cng r for bo b r Upsk aOd
_NM Zr ts umpmr,
yoWU l end that p shades
ran the way fm pales
tone' t he deeper, more Int-
enie ahadft
Newst d those is a dreantie
pink. W Iha i aim ward-
robe In uMb It wil aCua "ga ts
bea Is, els, lmt ms pyvy

fogrt. 8sho a h a
. e n

to.. .. .. --

Ah, these glorious, glorl-.
ous u n n y dayst Oh,
those pbor, poor hnads of
hair Lucky for you, we
have a quick, easy, blaUd;
tiful answer, With ROUX
ments you can repair the
damage the sun has done
to .your hair color. Put*
fresh new color, natural.
looking color, into every
v I s i b I e gray or faded.
strand. And with Roux's
lustroux 17 colors, you
can match your original
hair shade, or brighten it,
or darken it, as you'd like.



according to directions.

tdUmi amOsw Ca 44e #mA... 1 Va-a


SISTEI S'-.....
,s. *
Couple of precious daneef
with all the grace an & 4
enchantment of a pair
of castanets. ,

Master of CernciaaW, '.

and His Orchestra.

I ----1


Have the most pleasant moment
ef your life! Pay a vbit to
S the air cenditodlobd


- '5.

r -

__ __ __

__ ___ 1__1__ I__ _______ 1_ __~_______ L

____ _~_~_~____ I 1~

r '




~ )rp ~nr~b,,

t /;i

%NJ K LAS'Vaj % ,

- ".' 1- .

I1~:~~;"~J~-;r~: '`

';, A .


, ti NN' lS ,


%41a A T*.IM

!A r ,ul A.e.



FOR 3 Congalona rugs one FOR SALE:"-1957 P 2fil2-dor 8-
Balboa 3750. $1400. Balboa. -6432.. Foster.
R E-Westinghouse 1 -952 re-FOR SALE:-195 Morrls Minor 4-
f t r, freeze chest, autOmoati' door, excellent Cohdltpi', law-,mile-
t; mahogany double bei, S.m. age. Phone Balboa 1003.
spring S mattress 3 drese,', FOR SALIE:-Mercury hard top,- ex-
It iffomer; Two bamboo cha,.s, cellent'condition: 5'new~tires, rO-
I tick bamboo shodes; 5 .loor do heater, diractiIonl lghts. CallI
lamps; several 'uQ'. 'o.js sizs;'l 2-648 or 25-3150.8
caioilal clh ir; cot & mottir ess
o oher rrs. household and kitchen FOR SALE:.-1949 Ford 8, 2-door se-
S dishes. 577 Ancon,.2-164 1. dan.deilpe, good motor. id.i, tires.F
*a --. --- Meat covers and point.' Phone Navy
FSALE:-Chaop- 7piece bamboo 3789. ______
hlgny r.foon insetaOb or turC L6 ; r)2 FOR SALE:-1950 Hillman anx St-
bhogny d.n9 retre e t Cr ion -Wgon. 'Phone Co'n 1446.
i.'. e P.a j 514. A rbri Idg.. Front Street Apt. 29
88 S -nr'.' E.,. Vi.a Espa'.-. FOR SALE:- '50 Chyvrolet 2-door 6-
'.. r'r-.". '.a ter 50. West. poerger, exelIrSt,ocrnrdition. Tel-
.. gr"2 7 ': 2 fiooa ephore 3-1410 or see at 8053-A,
Ic.,.' e- -, ,', e .el.raod c-. Marga. rita.
p -. -,. -- Ke-. :re ou o- FOR SALE .1953 B.. ick Riviera.
m .r. -,'hBr w,th LCIt .3,er. 0-i 8000 miles. one .owner, Dynatlow.
c' .e "1 ': L' ht api u D urchosed in November. Owner
2 r.a4 c her ', e,:1.,. : -"'kler i 'ea. for Srtlps. Phone Cjrundu
S': aiden too.s bo'r. se..eis. 31C8. Amazingly low .price.
'* -.8 Cur-.-dJ MH t S, -1. FOP SALE- -- 1949 Kaiser 4-door.
FOR SA'.E.--Beaouifulr nohogany boa, Dut% paid $270. House 2615-B,
w.r. three large mirrors., noder'.--I Cocll.
,. sung glass too and 'irs. ustbeIFOR SALE:-. 951 Studeboker Com-
four Leather up- mander-8 coupe.. Fare 5. leather
een to be ap Le r upholstery, Hydramatic- drive. Tires
Sholstered IPntri'goov set. 4 peho r paint excellent. W Rments.
6Phone Panao:2-29:i-ehour- HOPKINS, Phone .Ba 2966.
R SALE.-T o 9tt oprch screen FOR SALE:-T195 Py -h. hard-
very reasonable. Tel. Bolboo 29.81 O SAE b a-ck blueh
ofit 3 m .too, red and block.' i a ro, blue
af ftt 3wm. loss, white idewoll til; Hy-
T'ORSALE:-Bodroorm set $125: 60- Drive. Will c6qiiierirddl. 6463
cycle washing machine $50. Phbne Cofe bil Ndw.'I sioi '.Ar.oTale-
..Curundu 3168. phone 2-3422.
SSA-E:-- -plece m bple bedroom FOR. SAs'-.l' V'4 Custom
setv .'h r ina rnd mottires s80 deluxe. Excellent buy. "Rev. Gray,.
A",c- 8 .-723".' Garmbre 6-130.
------' --- -r e-
FR S.Lr --- 1nIrioogrrO tur'.uret. FOR, SAL. :-1940 Fjrd.4-d6or Cus,
Nxcelernt c -d'ttin. tob e. buffet. E loni V-B In goa brnnlo condition,
chair. 2C65-A 4t Street. Cur-, nw t.i r.. 1._C b, W F"lgh i 91
du j ... telephore 2-3q9 O"lmer leaving
--Z rne.
FOR SALE-New livirqp9m Igreen e
upholstered furniture: 1 studio FOR SALE:-1947 -uick sedan. Bar-
couch. 2 easychoirs. 2 ead tables, gain price! Must sell today A-.I
one corner able. Phone Balboa condition. Rad6o, spotlightl, qtfost-
3173. er. white sidewall tires. Seer day or
ng--ht at Los Riqj, ,6244-A Boqye-
W onted Position rStree Tep ,one Balboa 2.
*N.... _________-- ------- ^ J o e l I ''

.-4.LO y 1. wo o
family 20 M6ee y
obletrutworthy. Cll
Betty Ratheeber,
POStTIQN WANTED: -__ Mold seek
job.-Will livetin. Has references.
No cooking. Call 2-3926.
plali my ironing woman before
..tJ ing Isthmus. Day work. Excel-
a'irlb"ferences. Phone Mrs. Parker,
Balboa 4477.

Real RFtate
FOR SALE: 8.000 meters fenced
land with concrete home complete
with fumishitngl, in Santa Clare
$5,800. Terms may be arranged,
Norman Hodstate 25-3295, offtr
4 p.m. or may .be inspected ony
w -eand.
SALE:-BARGAiN. $1000 down
ay nt, $60 monthly
Wae, half block CoYH i
sdrmoso. Price S7.7. PA I

i mouthlyj three-bedroom
SAbajo. 400 metem. PA'
,2-2346. ,i
SALE:-S1.125 o i
250 meters, Ingentle via
near Colon Highway. PA'
., 16, Ave. "A," 2-Z346

tbu e fer a shert
t, o*ouly rested
" B~m && aiUt..
Atlas sc
y, beck .....SUMJI .
b-giex It %-p MD.
.bla k ............ 4.M .

............ .
............ .

31.16 ,e
i ............ .

if 'L .iIt I ea

Chevrolet 4-door
'ed i tn, redlte

LOST:-Hunting ,o, femae, block
and ton, mane "Lady." If found,
hold and telephone Curundu 2208.

St Pote's Pastor

To Le Tomorrow

Aftj chbl communion sat
morrow rnao,17, the. Rav. Jobn
S. MeDuffe. priest la charge,
will -eave for i.' Vol.ta o& L




SMr h 'I M flA
Pan" sae I f "She



FOR SALE-- International Harr
9.6-cu. ft. freezer; 5-cu. ft.
aerator, con operate by gas or
tricity; Upright piano
SMetal Nester 161; all-metal
tric combination chick starter
brooder; complete mahogany
room set with desk; white pa
bamboo livingroom set with pil
May be seen by appointment
phone Pan. 3-1565 Sears, bet
9 a.m.-6 p.m.
FOR SALE: Share (t'. intresr
flying club using Luscombe HP
$40 equity at a saving. 88 F
Club. Box 1421. Balboa.
FOR SALE:-Air compressor, sui
for garage or paint shop, 60-C
qutorotic cutot:; one set tinrs
sheer metal takes. complete
mournting pDc.te. Phone Cur
7191, 4 30 to 6 30 p m.
FOR SALE--Cocker Spaniel pup
reasonably priced not AKC.
Williamson Place, Gomboa,
FOR SALt :-Roto 400 broiler, r
used, 25 or 60-cvcle, $50. 2-4
FOR SALE: Thoroughbred fe
Dachshund. 17 months, black
ton markings, "Satan" strain,
Consuela Christian Kennels. Po
547-B Curundu Hts., 83-528
FOR SALE- 1947 Pontiac s
coupe $400; Norge refrige
575; oak buffet $5: lawn m
$5. C838 Amodor Road, Balli

FOR SALE:-Deep freeze, large, 60-j
cycle, excellent for under hose or
basement storage. Sturdy and de-
- pendoble $70. Phone 83-2139
Curundu Heights.
FOR SALE:-Girl's bicycle, red and
white,. good condition; 'e-inch cir-
cular sew;: 1/6-inch planer; 1
sandinrg machine House 769-D, Son
Pabao Street, Balboa. Phone 2-

FOR SALE: Ironer clothes dryer,
small refrigerator. Quartets 6440-
B, Los Rios, 2-3291.
FOR SALE:-BAby Grmnd piano $375.
Queaters54-AAlbrook, Tel. 4243.

FOR.SALE: Jpright piaro $100;
bamboo livingraom st, 5 pieces
$30; Easy Spindrier washing me-
chine m. lsplent condition $185.
No. 3 "ila Perras. Son FroenefSee
Tel. 3-3619 afte 5':00 p.i .

FOR SALE:-Feale rIegltedblonde
Cbcker puppet 35, .endl auto-
matie wosh. ex, cellent cohditle
$100. 538-B Curundu HeightS.

FOR SALE: Eight new venetian
blinds 4x5 for bedrooms and bath-
room composite hillside cottage;
Small 25-cycle fan; studio couch &
wicker easy chair with cushions,
4-piece under house set; electric
train set complete with loyout
board, horses, villoge, switches, etc.
Phone Balboa 3269.i
FOR SALE:-Electric train with lots
of accessories. everything new, sell-
ing very eh4aea Estudiaiot No. 92,
Apt. 'D0." "
FOR SALE:.- Pure bred Dachshund
motpe upu aI, B -weeks old. Call
Pon& 3-96. ___r n

Water Winchell

.. hes, ir..ts are el.

Pan of vadr -A.

Duru g l-wlag of the Core-
demcr.i Queen Salote
wk"se actoH we cannbal
ls) =*a* b. A vmp tny mian
at kwo. gekfr. 'wviensab,
do's thfltttI"Irse Cowad't corn.
-3'p aqi-'

"Heor lunch, gggld Noel.
Confession by MovRta "a I oy
want to be Maron Brndos frie
to hoL him od hmion mail

D (1' Seared Qw),... Not
u 0 0ha Dept-: Bsdu L.
PhEl Urid as society osator of
the N.~. Times. e was replaced
R ussel Zdwards, the Obituary
i.., Mut-Not-ia Itses: Ted
rather '"ftma ud Wbe oa his
daily Tomy Teali
2e44 lrvoM if yea z the
*lB l ra fihtic rod ... Isn
L J U !,. .
eam 7y'e mwe" pastb this
a. y3r mirr: lUb ft

au t I e m.

5. dln' y "I _.a

S nI, '.1rsu .13,

FOI S COTTAES, oer mile post
Sensi Clara. Low rates. Phone
Bellboa 2-1866.

ref ri-
ail- PlIUl. Ooenside cotwes, Sata
c'.* Clam. Iek 435, Balboa. Phare
Panama 3.1877, Crstaobal 3-1673.
and Gramih Santa Clara Beach cottaes.
bed. Electric refrigeration, goes savS.
hinted Moderate rtes, Phon 6-441 ar
lows. 4-567.

t) in Homues

FOR RENT: Two-bedroom chalet,
maid's room, Tappan stove, cool.
No. 59 Airport Road. Tel. 2-2418.

FOR RENT:-S-bedroqm cholet. fur-
nished, on 7th Avenue No. 5, Son
Froncisco. For information tele-
phone 3-4697.
FOR RENT: Completely furnished
residence with office, three bed-
rooms, garages. big'yard. Informa-
tion in Ave. Justo Arosemena No.
76. Phone 3-3042.

'"ve FOR RENT :-Two-bedroom concrete
44. house in Los Cumbres, completely
.' furnished ond hot water $100. Tel-
male phone 6- 05.
trom FOR RENT:-House, 3 bedrooms, hot
rs." water. Apply Mexico Ave 41 t St.
rs. No. 19, from 9 to 11 o.m. and
...- frem 2 to 4 p.m.
.1 i

Apartmu its
ATTENTION 4. I. Just built modern
furnished apartments, one, two
bedroom, hot, cold water. -Tel-
ephone Poname 3-4941.
FOR RENT: Furnished and unfur-
nished 2-room modern apartments.
Contact Alhambra Apartmerlts, 10th
Street. Tel. 1386. Colon.
FOR RENT:-Modem three-bedroom
apartment, ventilated. 34th Street
No. 22. Telephone 3-4700.

FOR RENT:-Apartment above Cen-
tral Theater, -ullding, Central Ave.
nue No. 141. Inquire Central The-
ater, manager's office.

FOR RENT: Thr e-bedmn" apart-
ahent,. living fr dinlngre, maid's
room, .hot watr. Tel. 3-2279..
FOR RENT:- U ifumnle two-bed-
rlff~ *iporn ~~i~rw-i~ weight
w tf h 7, S ai m le r y w a t
veneftln blinds, et. Nice qui
neighborhood See it without obll
etions whatever. Phone Panaru
2-0027 or 3-0763.

FOR RENT:- Small apartment, fur-
nished-unfurnmihed. for coupe or
bachelor. 4th Street, 7040, Colon.
FOR RENT:-Comfortable apartment,
"A" Street No. 11, "El Cangre*o."
Lions Club buHding. Tel. 2-3132.
FOR RENT: Modern two-bedroom
apartment, 51st Street No. 42. F6r
further details coill Zublete: 3-
1802 3-3 37.
FOR RENT:-Furnished one-bedroom
apartment, artchen, both, dining-
llvingro6m and balcony. 46th St. &
Avnido Juho 'Aromeno. Tel. 3-
489Q 0 :''__
FOR RENT :-.Top-flpr rtwo-bedroom
Apartment, bolconlqa. Price reduc-
ed, ello Vista. Coil 3-0934.
FOR RENT:-Fdirnlthed one-bedroom
modern apartment anrd oteage, gop-
rage. 168 Via, 11ellsaio Porras.
FOR RENT; .-- Two-bed.ortE opart-
met. scrmnWd.- fti*ori Porras 56.
$65. Apply-for Icy apartment No.
6. Phone 3-0E1.
FOR RENT: .- C- mpIte residential
furnished apartment' For Informa-
tion Phone 3-4d45. .
FOR RENT: -4.t.nlo-d apartments
new furni"ur, oye et inspect-
ed and 7creAsddi.Cell Panama 3-
3404. -
FOR RENTr.--41tort mort: Liv-
ing-diningm with light. Ra-
mon Cante" PB- o. Telephone
3-2023. 4


or uhfumrnh-
rg apartment.
leerio Porros.

FOR RENT -- .ufnlshed bedroom,
kitchen prltvNwP. Private mntraw?.
Corner 4th f*July AtS .No. 21.
Juan 8. Sit Str O.'Apt. 3, oppo-
site RoeSitHotl. .

FOR RENT:.-4N4 2-bedroom apart-
ment, ne Lux Theater, II, 36th
St.. $90; Ga m .Per Avenue.

FOR RENTs -m "A;s"4rt" in Vista
Hermoo for AmeWican uple. Ap-
Mly No. 4, Contra Avenue.

WANTED:- North American family
needs house with 2 or 3 bedrooms.
Coall 3-5708.


I .t

FOR RENT:--For couple, biumlsh-
ed room, kitchen, g. refwIeitr,
Iron and watub. 3t drS I
No. 9.i

Position OffeWed

to tutor girl In 8 e Iad I-7
echool. M.a. Msd 1n"sto
two months. Cal 1Pama 3.-5487.


HoUniA arpwtemm

nwlas jaloier

increase o f and oattia
on a mail nlvemtentt

Modernize how
Aluminuim n tomalee ardwaMr
Desiged and ma BaketuWd
in Pasam for Pus,
to fit 3 aly h windowC .

379 Central Ave. TeL 3-14

Special Summer Rates

Ufts ll A. 4 45* fa m
MO-4a sM i. .3MM

Learn V waS...

Harnett & Dunn

iu El .


.l a --e

Mr t )

I I Ii

Packers, uhippeum, Meove
Tailor TramnpoMrtus atzer
Mpert Mechanic' n. uitu-
nuate and Hydramatic Trans-
mission offers his professional
services. e
Repairs, installation. of ga,
stoves, water heaters, etc.
General Supervisor.
Tels.: 2-3562 2-;41

Parrot cages $22.50 ea.
49 Va Espafta Tel. 3-5411
(Beside Central de Lotherlas)


EoMUs ornces CLeaE
Call for irn tMlein>
"M -M
Aft ew 1i fL s4S


49 Sae BOOK
Uudewmta~ni '.r algDEIJTT

HI-Fidelity Coutw for

yo ar arcomne

Si9 L.. Noe I a Bek

te House
(CUttIaed ftrem Page 1)

0ittoa. The Improvement d
ohp between cie b
poniel matters would, foroe-
mpe, be of material benefit in
ttansfer of employee from
aMeney to another."
ioth Du FtM ad MeOurr't
that theU purpose of tham
hre is "to be edatesd" gs
p blen s In thWIs Ia mdase

have nwer ite uatemla of
the opetaular scen-
, 8sp ake .mou.tain cl-
mate and odera prices.
Ouate once entertained
many toMUds of tourists from
the Ameril. each year but the
number t pd off sharply In
recent, MOM.
Now, h"tel sd shopkeepers.
restauratehus, travel agents and
others. engaed in Guatemala's
once thr tourist Industry
are brushlb up and Improving
their facilities in readiness for
a fresh Influx of tourists.
CooperaUtng in restoring GUa-
temala to Its rightful predomi-
nance as a tourist center is Pan
American World Airways which
flies into Opatemals City from
all over Latin America.
South Americans can easily
fly- to Guatemala via Panama.
Mexico and the other Central
Ameritan republicss are connect-
ed with Guatemala by daily PAA
Cuba ,pand other Caribbean
residetnI cab fly n via Havana
four times weekly.
PAA has sent one of its top
Latin American Division pas-
senger offlual to Guatenfila off
special assgnment to survey fa-
cilties for visitors a"d coopqr-
ate with the new regime in re-
establlahlnk the tourist indus-
Visitors to Guatemala will find
little 'or no trace of the coun-
try's recent troubles. The an-
cient chiams and modern conm-
fort; per'atit In happy partner-
ship and' prices remain agreea-
bly low.

At exotle Chlchlcastanango,
OWl a few ho'rs' drive from
M OGuatemala .ty by tour-
ist.oldr uy attired

vlllage, r6 rent
Ef before magnificent old
churches to chat pray-
er amid clouds Of burning in-
Antigua, once Guatemala's
proud capital, drowses on fa the
awhadow of toweritn volcanic
peas..The rufs of Its onl
splendid Spanish colonial build-
'ing, destroyed by earthquake in
177. fulfill a sightser's drem.
A few hours' drive from Anti-
gua, tourists may still swim, fish.
ide horseback or visli by boat
aMn-of the 17 colorful Indian vil-
lagoahuging the shores of In-
coparable Lake Atlatn, a
sparl blue gem set 5,090 feet
hig amoR Guatemala's forest-
ed mountains.
Guatemala City, an old world
metropolis in new dress, re-
mins sparkling clepa, proudly
modern and unrivalled In beau-
ty. Its more than 20 luxurious
hotels and its many spart res-
taurants and nightclubs have
preserved their high standards
of sleanllness, service and.mod-
erate prices.
Shops are well' stocked with
Guatemala's famous hand-wov-
ea ttes and breghtlt coared
pparel, finely wrought
silver work and leather goods-
most bearing bargala price tags.

bw by Ow n-Im
MIww -- im n m -S
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w.t i mm m ,
' f i Bd vermlu i sill
w. sirt. Jacket has deeo.
and fled -in with rem
$j,-ft DUGEiASME


lfREELOADlN~it4~-j~ ~A Mangy JISI~J~)Sae
IC~ nIl 070 Oft her catch. MIs~
Apple Is reIt~YUh1i'~ for the
I Saugglito, Calif., Salmon Derby, -July lY'~spt .16. IN-.


Vk Peorn, 42 TL-13*; .-'"
CLINIO tlM.ft 2-. 6 -'
ew B.wle .1, 4w'e, ;-* :

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-(,r.RA t)-on*a b fr .M- catmou-
I lerry ... Dai
w. saw OR t-i .t., ',, ..e
iesb .OlM T ime o AK QJ
41 ft e t" 64W s %he Bmoning 6 6 5,43
erhib lp it "V s V061 V2AU9T.
...ame W 'ile"' heor in % bon a e
dThe Idh B f eaf rt aelatedoldo to If s ut oera A 1es c
,.e .,e Mi. PIl iOp P. Do, w*l 61 i- w t&v i that ive J h o
.i t, o i.m s Calt._r., .s.he doeteu t ilo'clock i eu cept a .
BWenSt q e,. t w i use. it afew ,t of s t ayeo d ,e -in ao "S
S-al b atta t. n. Cragt U Be bS sT I uy btn W 8 heart atack f Xa 4
hugqg Are' athe post olte sy and ered the S two 1:48 s m~rekmnt TV show using that dav Pricef Anne Francis' hi. Pam a Double
,*'. ... o st ,. s aui t .te resol lug -.te P a tral erib, ge dem bn l; : al ste of Pass Pam Pa
tao 061tF. .. ..b ela a. ho IaurF p n tt ~o upart Opening lead-9i
in& priest WerO am*s. CX.. -,cCormasr of othe S.t e 3-u. a asb iChurchll and &og t1gllb se ped da staywic
: mWpeddHa-Si th ismieiestlol, Rv.- .el- ea, Bopd s C. uhap -nedi n.t say wheth er It's very hard to blame Northl
''-a.l do the aa oriani m of l att _iat ev,, ., tamw_ Price 4pl h. .Fran- for Insisting on a slam contracts
r d ai ,n o _y ell wil preach tt dapd When -ey o brv ch e a de o goes into the in t today's hand. After all Sou th
th m OESe akm ibrs t' oat .l thel M ri a Union Chureab for the U. -,.o Sarah's two final curts n July .ask for aCai Oor had probably as bad haad, con .
p' e Daeg Ue bus s 'e the last timSunday at y :he arm. dal d arkPlayhouseTV shows. usi divorce from Bruce Canct. adering his bin, as it wa0 pob-l
'. -h t .-.E He w Famplhtie g "s yeareds a wiI l also agea p for next a earo n obtai. al money and child support. South managed to make the co-
service onqthe ,ithmus and is goga wis Hallmark while she os f- tract.
na Pa. He wj1 a month ao follywood with Sophie Tucker, Frankle hearne
[.oi the a PoteBlvn 6aptist com. tchamp. and Eartha Kit l ead the parade East was very foolish to double
I an vehteia and be connected with' f-- o big names booked at the Cal- the final contract The double ofn
m. th &. t- their drive for "New Churches for HOLLYWOOD'S sending stars Neva Lodge at Lake Tahoe for a voluntary ba4 sm asks for an
S New Frontiers." His address in and camera drews around the the summer season opening June unusual lead. If East had not
the States will be 1703 Chestnut, world for new movies but, tle-film 25. doubled, West would have led the
SPhiladelphi budgets lsrire sue h half-hour unbid suit, and the conH .ct would
lu to 'P.-deb Pa.dra ms as Jan S erlll g'y latest, "A -"I ,_ have been defeated immediately.
SSumer Recreatia RTrip Aoua d the Block.". .Peggy hateprdEast's double influenced West to
vProgram Amuaecement Kwi dsent, who rtfre n 19IMS to the1m make the fatal diamond opening
I MlIMg ~ qM I The Summer Recreation Pro- betmine Mrs. Jim Jordan, Jr., is M9,AK r-, i. ., lead.
r d i am for Criltobal started d on returning to the screen for Ast MaAK FRIENOS
u .. I'esday at the Cristobal Zlemss- time since edompnI the mother of se This favorable opening lead was
S' .' .'r .- ,U ar Secool, and the future leet- three daughters. Producer Hal i ot enough to assure the contract.
!f uit huumidity lay ifs po_ s day, one day home lgs will be at a.m. onTuesdays Bartlett sg nUed her for Un- .. South had to draw tree rounds ofu
S'I pate o dai.e dyop day and soron, and Thursdays. claimed," to be filmed at the Call trumps before cashing the dia-
a' -t i sn't Maists -, .er, a tall attract. The Margarita program started fora Instuon or Men at Chino. mond d e cld the before
than ave missed a, bet ive blon'e with a pair of disarm. on July 7 and will continue on -- make only five trump tricks alto-
aWla .toa not re acing lag blod nyes, has a wosi derlf Wednesdays and Fridays at I Sa. Screen Extras Guild officials gather (four li his own hand and
Sl w ter more ia epin. knack tr getting people to loos- Thea classes are only for children may or may not like the idea of one. ruff in dummy). There were
i wi ltts a. The replacehmnti e up. lwho have signed up for them. Cleo Moore playing an extra who alsoIs six diamond tricks, but this
l be nice and summery: Sle has three methods for "un- -- .ets out to rula directorin S m ade a total of only 11 tricks.
g Sid C.esar, a home reing a dog"-her way of sy. Mrs. La ey fetar Hugo Haas' "T i'.." Bu.t Cleo t as e
fr r getting a shy guest to start The las plas the conniving girl with the i But for East's double, Southe
tor erso (F. e), a sshin Mrs. Arthur Laney, who has reasm of an Italian movj queen. ... might have led-the kingof hearts
day. rst is the shock treatment.- been visiting her daughter an d -- for a ruffing finesse, playing West
Bl ot Beerle a bathing girl. ye i.. something ueeted son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Lou Costello, without s wife, hw to have the ace. The double made
foinr.hnz80sie cool. whlih will produee-a vTe. Rushing of Gatun, left by P.B.. BadAbbott ora elgq, want No matter how pleased one as it obvious, however, that this kind
.betted. Second is huior 's boat yesterday to return to her toSsail around the word alone this to meet another person, It of play wouldn't work.
Siim pot, ights not l a l to ma g eo- home in Park Forest, Ill. s are puzzled by ver a corect rr sa ead w of pa out w o
M, ... e 3s ." *-- --- thS Grbe a Leu. imeet you" The correctt thing ,o After much thought, South saw
..For Montgomery, aweat~ner _d th," she says, I like Mr. and .e say i.s ,How do you do" or the light He drew three rounds of
o .l and they seem to kapw it, AoMe uirth _.l .t Faith Dom igue and Director so glad to know you. trumps, and followed with three
al summer relace- imals know whom you Mr. and Mrs. Knn onta Hugo Fregose, who ad domestic h teen-age and eolle set rounds of diamonds, discarding one
pom Fo se r th nye, formerly Ao the Canal Zone, sps about hs yen to live n p sbtitue "Ielle, Alice" fr low club from his hand. He then
dy ;cool, comfortable ibase- .As oup, .dotore givse fr the and now of Baranqulla, Colom- and her-yen to reside in Ialy, wl t more formal "ow do ou led a club from dummy towards
B ltu ol_ 'most .o.ble, be cause "tu:;_'r so bla, announce the r of their leave Hollywood for Rome, Italy md*e,, his jack.
." ".-- s with fashion de gers third child, a daughter, on June .George Tabori, the novelist me" hs j k
pt on his thinking i-use "they hay only 30 in Barranquilla. who wa oncprlle/cl with Garbo. ast had to tep up wh the
eab ted with :larel oa.sotlBi to sad's The baby has been named Carol is d to arrive in Hollwood rmer ISthm n queen of clubs to win this trick
e, t wit: what 4"* ab al 1 at fall( ." Anne. any a oyar his marriage to Vivecai .. -but now East was en.-played.
: l -Mer- The maternal TPh r .n' O. T Sin Tomo rrw ast ad to ead one of I aes.
Fo "5lB m "lnd .4.A.. s r SAYS, '01 a d u -' igtHdws o
-.. ry ,pa IM i .. .t. .. a d this ,Iould giv duclarer

!w i-t _4 ;-,I MIontazye haLs.% .. Iit isgl ea _c 0- 1 n foll o "" ---
IM 'To ohgB dro- vist rMontanye has ~ om tim. around. ona Freeman vis- Mrs. Umrnice Richardson sec-wi .b r.e.nte, In concert
0i9 ,d. .f apo- a "am vsit with her son wand his fami- aIag Frarhk imatra In Las Ve/as retarv to the rector of All Soul's ol f be p,,sn .. i.'sad oner
Ith the*l.r a ayt o-rk,. of the l The TV iBdaUr y s t l dic ion Parish of New York. will be the the Jamaica Society Aud.tortum
SeI. rado o"a e her b ar --- that there webe about a0 video ouest soloist with the choir of undes the sponlsomr dp of Group
l how tt o the prob. to t.; ln I adl- Woman's Club Plans broadcasting stations in 190. St. Paul's Church on Sunday at Two of the Woman's Auxiliary.
SIn ce. in Lsas Vegas shea -go- Card Party Ollie Crawtord's qui in TV Guide, the 9 a.i. service of Holy Eu- Mrs. Richardson Is the former
Sg to swith and giv out our- The Board of the Cristobal Wom- about Las Vegas ustag TV to catch christ. Bernice Woodruff of La oca.
S. leaf lovers. an's Cub met at the Red Cross gambling, cheats: Other orvices for the day will
Att! building with Mrs. George Both "It's lke a new panel shew- be as usual. There will w no charge of ad-
IGARR MOiRE (CBS-TV): ,,t the end of Guy Lombardo's presiding. What's My Point?" Next Friday Mrs.. Richardson mission for the program.
ne a lyante way of get- 'Arabian Nights," the extravagan- During the business meeting
Srhn~e from an aert at Jongs Beach. the rnce they planned to have a dessert e
-tow ac is to end princess sail away in a Chi- card party at the Red Coss Build-
er a copy f the lafi column nese Junk. The a-*a Ing on July 35 at 1 pA. Tlckots
SgfiLm --i pr, with ue ro about whro mad t rgoae 71 ctr person. n
tor out to bewthegoodahpTere wilea pinefor ecata-
l '. t 1 of a show is 1t" "An. y," ownd by Mfr.Nlson, ble. These have donated by
S l e edw "---'s a good qt- a Mutual Bra ,m ystem en W Nottas and Shawrs.u /i
Maybe, son ghody canhelp me l he .s fam liv- Guests e quested to bring
I,. It v aro and Lomn- their cards a mnd score pads." -r i
e i ter bard-. ID catt ttrm be o v it The oard Ae mbers present
Inews, in "I's Ba, Ioff Jones Beamh, were Mr. J. b ro st in Meha. Mrs. G.P
o .comments on for the sajgomer. Ncysona himself, N. Mrs. W. is Brtoko,
a toa. t- hee e e ger a fur- TeBr ofteCri a

l eaf clovero m g o of s lvb g e At e R ria will R
hAt to evbry pedht onat' umd Ir Fria b. er
CARR "o w ve "e ab r tive N a ted b id s 9:30 g.m. e Ju-
." ... In tsenessl arp automotive Re Cs

-.o and reale Or alU s I
b cio I ae ,cengeu ,
S0At aNt. T otnma Juls o e-
-le- clipped&- ..sL--noI beob d from I.
It Solo, o t d p wll be ope for echp-
A_ rtive bedei n -d na te. an 2:3
1 soft dnoefdns tI "hrvoug Man-

SW-e BIloodin g _up, eoa M, at Bth e a
"pe Inter- ..j -" u-tie o e sale.a- aa a n
____I Co. in frh mese fhurmhel 1o Nia v tation to I W
veass urtheel tarroun may- e

":Y .... .,.=oib tn \ i ed ntra Un the th
sale offoie, phoae Ro4man 3847, .
or bY ca Mr. Dell, phone Co-

Bethel Mission
To Observe
. ... i..e. c .,, o TODAY- GREAT RELEASE AT YOUR
,. ..- -- ---np t-, d .C h ailren', s. --
ft a in s awa d it m ns t oue Z co w Vs Ore'
monia i osr 011 bi -- "
***< "-c~nf "" Z Ias s^&i~auarssT-, i n" n r cun w _
-. a-- TAKE ME TO '1
0 l &me ni-%hi ms Peopl. al at &Won as orA
a" 1^6'S. G& beVat.1*a.Ur SONGS ROMANCE AC
week P wl be_____________________


BOOTY AND THE BEAST-It takes two West Berni :
salesgirls toJIt this customer with a pair of suitable boots.
elephant was given the special shoes for comfort while wa u..
on city pavement Thp big fellow is with a citeuseist
in West Germany.

The perfect



Here Is the mattress and
pUlow that b t ev ,
th In deep e -1p .
E'coomic .,

14 Central Avenue Tel 2.2171


4 :
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*, **.. ,.



* ALSO 2:30, 4:25, 6:20, i:5 :


DIABLO HTS. 6:15 8:4 Pedro 7

H ad dAk oN John WAYNE
"SAN ATOr~~~ "Lang Yoyae gespf 0

Ci SasiU -1:31 MABGAITA :15 st
*Pqa KAT RIsbard TODB
rIO3" "-iON WOOD" "ROB O "
b) 't -"TLMA JOg;Acr |,


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_-"-,, '.A

S :, A-;" s ''.

panella's Two-Ruin anerna

lwBreaks Up Game Loop Standings
S(y United Press)
ANEW YORK, July 10- (UP) "There's the Toronto 4 i a2 '2 VN AL LEA( | 7
m ," said Duke Snider pointing to Capt. Peewee.Con532 *1 t3SWa8
SRape amid the turmoil of the Brooklyn Dodgers' avana --.54 1 a- .13- 6V *
'cl ihftouse. "There's just the best player in baseball U Ehaind -32 104 04- 1s 1 ea 1a
!* clutch." Buffalo 2 4 ula 0 nt toss a
--gue's-leding eOttawd 32 53 376a .. M.O .3 : 42.476 817 mo.. z
as i a sineere tribute from Yankees score three runs In the C l ap0 .48 .8.I 725 B ttmiote ?
ath tional Lea ue's leading eighth n"g an .d they AMdded t. tt .6 30 B 2s5on a8 4163
ittr Ito the little shortatop who two more in the ninth on a walk YESTERDAY'SREUL --zs--atbg 55ston *._
In the clutch last night sin les by Gil MaDougald and (First Game) i Tmr'g at MeS YorDk N.
the Dodgers' pennant BiD Bkowron and Mickef Man- Toronto 000 100 0-l1 6a 0 ittab t New York
bW to life*. Peewee has tie's sacrifice fly. The loss went Richmond 000 000 o- 4 1 h at Brooklyn 1 le lM
a ofin the clutch so often to Dean Stone,A ls second com- Powell, Crimlian 16 and Grift- il I Cincinnat i ot t
his 12 campaigns withpared toseven wins. fin. Fine and Johnson. WP hicato at Louis (N) Baltimore
I t count but all ag reed victory for the White Box -- -----o. unM ClAlt IfZ
r had made a more im-h the A. L. when Chi- (Second Game)PittsbuPghb000 002 010-3 a
hit. ocago rapped four Cleveland Toronto 202 200 000-6 10 2 NewY 000 0 00x-6 8 0 Datmrot 0s0 s
t was with two out. the bases pitchers or four runs in the Richmond 000 000 2004S 5 1 at 2e 0 -, 1e5l, Ano/i P8lletrt (o-10o ga.
id and the Philadelphia Phil. seventh.Two-run singles by Ch Barnes, Crimian (7) and Grit- (1- 0) and es trom. n. c Mm, .
lies leadlng 5-2. in the bottom co carrasquel and Nelson Fox tin. Thompson, Medlinger (4). nelli (13-2) 3nd *estnzm. Zuverin.k (4-4), arw
6f the nh.Stu nned oby their reduced ten four runs after two Epperly (7) and Tabacheck. W HOPEFULS-Tom Mbc n t heoriletani a taYankeesnia.0 000 01 05 8 d House,
dbbsele in the recent series with omers by Jim Rivera had kept Barwes. LP Thompson. HR bank to kep than la tin Ameriass race. (NEA) .rooklyn 000 0003 1-8I9
Sthe Ne York oGantse the Doda- the White Box in the game forl- Jethro. tRoberts, ....... n
n-t' Intor ams.ele, w'ere bck I tiroa.=s :da :Perer inor son W""s B rillsh gew oAounclflt
-'fa tend tat lt the l ed the Boston Red Box. 93 eszholz and MCardle. Iott, (Nigha t Gad)(v Mat

-*t was then that theuite DuaneePilletteoa wo .. bu w R CO Hn e ld eas ow n h his o sixth anh ,s tne ( _n s-r,, B t.. m s 00 0f(i ght
long, looping double to the decision as ethe Baltimore of rioles a chean G e O e r o Ka n l lee
e e oer beat the Detroit Tigers, 7-5,In Iott.-TDnoT.001 clea0ed -26(Nha
In the 10th when catcher YESTERDAY'SeSTAR Ro chest 0 10 100 010 20-4 9 1 RBIRKDALE, England., July 10 When Thomson finished, he and shot an iron landed on
." 'lapnella s delivered this e ee wh es e f it e bo Hl awin va t(7) and ,erg- usoe o us- h the gallery a far corner of the green 40p s(i -me) ( Gare'
"aa nru t, the season with l with I n Ie Ra yoc (-7). trallan has won the Briti.shOpen of 20, na the 1th, en. Feet from Sthe e ep. /LuCI 003 l00 00- 1 ,1 as 0 a -~
*.' osa- agreed t was Re's hit ninth A.linu to reduce a 5- Blayloc Golf Championship. And he won There Thomso sat and e .i -

R egh' tL"are a ll,,w.on.t.tie. an d thDogersfroItfi" i"
Thits mOrea s moreotos h"th e and Save the s dodgers fros Montreal 000 000 050-5 8 1 it from the outside... looking in. the others who had a chance to Then came the-dramatic m -o Misner0 Davis (4-2), and 00p1* Ki. (2-) rer0 Drown
"S tt Cth" the ir fourth straight le. TheM e Twenty-five-year-old Pter catch him .- is shot. ir. L at.Presko Lawree, Bra- ad te. Keller
S to Dodgers went on to win6-5 Syracus son the Australian PnGA Bobby L eq a three-ti e If he s nk the p tt, he would ltoe. (3- and Yvars. Astroth.
another win." said manager] he -vCo-emanI I ,Wiettvy(ld),IRoebuck If h e.a .
etlf s to Ith 'i lou tho nienes in the 1,th. (2p nd Howell. William, P te m a ol e of 283. But the Locke split the fairway t roelya-the e ont d te
a ptheavnts we could get." e son (3), tinker (9) and Lo blond Thomson had to sweat ou d his drive on Wie 4 putter
| An d a )resultW Pthe Dodgers man- TeYOR Iu T c (Era)t 9). Wr Roebuck. LP the victory. hole onTe 1eh t t h L ie golf e. .ot odoedomietteno ee 5o --e a tAt
5 Wo W striking Giomes rean r p n l ihs rounds f 60 walked up to nthe a dra time. The gallery he its b reath
*. f;o streaking GOsixants, who el ate @ch, to n. and 71 yesterday over the par- in whiteS ncp,, lungWt stoki as Locke's putt rolled right for
r p withea h -v right TOgain Only gt es scheduled 73 course at Brkdale, England.dIngs and kiek he rs. stn the cup... hien stopped 18 inch-
the .Pittsburgh Pirates. South- of vict ory ft r Britis s .
,paw Johnny Antonelli went the La Ovr R ester Sports Briefs O a vit n aferp w trh t -
for t he Glt -ants recording years. Loke finish ,in a sec.- .,-
d Ii eiht ea row. An- NEW YORK, July 10 (UP) Rn oa W ae s a nd Bd SNtto Go Commite annouoned today lanic
eP'. monte Irvin. Alvin Dark The Toronto Maple L.eafs, recu- (By United Pr e R es)e o e dSo tht O de d sS ua b an i
e Gants, who have hit 15which saw them &Ulp out of the Mrddlewe apt Enmpga od t. thsathan added flight has bege The C. mit- bt -os aY o
1ie5Gt o -"dw Cha ion B oloA aot 256 netwo troresbacofmade to t
"ound-trippers in four games. league lead, were back In first Olson has st a short vaca- atherl tewo strorknes bacon ore o eld "untir t aa Junio otheeh boss
s Greengrass drove In four lace in the International tion before training for his title Briaroliff, New York: Antorse o J 2 and 2td inhh 'birthday by August i,
na th a three-run homer ague today. bout with Rocky Castellani. 01- Cards of Argentina and Jimmy whicheeswl ben iacl e ors l a ter this toumanN y
and .&single to lead the Cincin- The Leaf scored their third son meets Cas tellani Auguste 20o r plealA B .ei SN
s tfe wueea victor over and fourth victories of a five- n at San Francisco... t Jimm Demaret of Kiamesha These fair sex lasslesi o tournamelto provd t
.and the set with the Richmond Canadian distance swimmerA pithrro kane e clubodaeN dwo York, tied forl thPete a in ahoe med pia r ot a
r Cubs defeated the St. iinians last night, 1-0 and Winnie Roach blames seasick t or oa oa s le a les o e o ma Amador, Gam
cardinals, 6-4. n the e-, aind moved back in first ness for her failure to swim Cao- J o oGo ne araon of GermanatownM p A-n o o FA or se.Bookp .a s ,lla-..
SNational Leaguegames. lace, while the Rochester Red tslnea Channel Thursday. But mates Nworuddertbh pl e tieMfrseveanl sTleco t ps r im..
slugging enabltl spit a pair of gauze with Mrs. roach isn't giving up1) Trom we 208. I Fran. So,....e Ise les Wo kpo;:-.hp r to
nto gain his aixth t U p rinshg. he hopes to swim the 21-milet as Shers -is beheg "t"mi -- vdeaor sedg
tlten'aminwhile@the nalangels nelnext fail.t-., tia 'Gir, ,iewb
ndht=ged otheirrt ugCatarioa. trie forthe Ist hmlan lea then.
)at his sesn.sw_ h Winsth scored a -2 triumph teams hae signed ree United *oe Creel. lead I s tat ge epores Idea w a m atm
l, .arosnin tertopener with Havana. but States players. The Toronto Ar- sees managers "Come oad't ied g.oouglfO, ept t4t
SNew York Yankees raIln- draped eghtcap,-1s signed guard Elmermarynange in generasome tn
the late innngs to boutTheMontreal Royals, kept itoloni from the Univers gjy o efloms. a pre y oung ladles expected uc to enter W In Canada
o_ -th _-- --,,_.pce with the Leafs and Wings southern California. The a n A e-__ to ous.ot Maucky BPar- has tireled around Mra. lo tle h "a bu cnuteing Nash Dealers oaa
e n a 5-2 trihuph over ton Cats have landed tackle ris hO his et In W.ashinjto The wo t s a g i the start of the present summer tNo o l tr
Sh racuse Chiefs. It was the Marlin Craig from Southwestern jistw -org i teAou -a r e u
1 Royal fifth straight victory and Missouri and halfback Billy' dan a the p oung blood .' he changed clothe"phs schoo l vtonh perio n ox- nament in Sefber
*C. ml a left the only live games off Lowe frod n Trinity University in faction nhe fr-nt ofie heade- ane h uaorn round o poet sal oer stoe
,. res. pc C. n- the pace Texas... lug the plotting because the thik he would look hiseat for the al th stroe f uO GWN
disalOw hlped The Buffalo SeeIns and Otl Bucky's too close to Clar Grit. j presentation ceremony. the best that are expected t UBBOK, Guard
Yost's a helped the tawa Athletics were idle. Line coach Bud Boeringet has fight and can Slways gt his own Horseab will be thelone a.
resigned at Cornell. His replace- way....Could Eddie Yost be I n But Thomson had to scram- D W k il e tn ots
mont is Louis Conti, I star on mind as eventual successor --be. ble on the last nine holes. He
the 1941 Cornell team... cauen he's intelligent, clean-livin brdld.the 14th After coming
ela Buxton of England has and, this is important, an al:m out of ithe rough. He was in 0r his Jockey______I
utJ m iedht ootmdergHManeeno.n- .hs Hw'nebninmFor ThisIJockeya
qul l aed t e r ody In the i wthohisrf bellow n hu. trouble on the 15th and 16th but OCEANPORT N.J. July 10
'lolth eofitin s tofy one isam-l wit 'sa flo" ta :... escaped with a par and birdie. (NEA-A jockey's agent walked
Iinalsoie-f h- mI senns paim ot win thao n i oTho m s m'Led a five-foot into the tack room a Moniou
onship at Dublin. Miss Willie ys, with ral pitchers HrS utt on the 1th for a bogey. Park and snapped to his boy
eat Ginette Bucaille of France, scarcely delgaing to eueaedl bean. gut his score proved good e-PaBndspeditothiswboy:
6-4,.6-4... bails.anugh. Thomson admits he was "Bet get into thatweat hox
A field of nine s enter d in street ngthen hisl and de- acar to driven miles te ky. a thr ," Yv ot Ito 1
To ade Brooklyneled strengthen iven ,/ a !i ia. "Don't wor"erdesid nhto1o i
t 0andic,000 added Brooklyn delop mrey spee s Aein- naln deliver a ea.-Thomson Also had the right "I'mt1rnow wandritheder in o don
The over-nightNiavoritAeTs Ro al hands of a ayarlfina the nexte morning... Thie M. Cecil Timm. Last year. races before the last. That should aeu rn
Vale, sgisned top weight of 2 last winter... and has never hadosI r ltheorM w ain caddied for Ben woganta o"."on
paoundnsof.Sauk such a season for aching hoots tremea kIck..., w tWkwhen -he B little American won c ListenI the agent saof. "the the m
ontrav Mesotas solved his pnof omplacescy that the Between you'n'me, almost ried club for Joe Carr last year way you've been riding tw ods .m
Centy problem, s as solv e Brof n clubhouse is -turned into very manager would prefer the and Dick Chapan in 1951 when races are liable to put two p ch et ebee
cadyp rob aemVbToi n Ito.%theBrooitu .. I cluo. u is tr ne io Natonal" League Ierv inI field the wontth A Iateur, r on you.
Sst i tours the course knowing his take m field to do or don't?.. Jackson to the duly elected All- as a caddy? "I didn't pick h
-84 6:20 :00 pam. The Greatest Magfcln of caddy won't give him any back Ted Lyons' heave-ho as a De-.Stars.-,,
Prices: .60 .30 0* 1 ._- l t r.lm coach after las s.eas _______________
-" "l lytakOUDINI" sat ct-tsourgon Au L Ted o oa

,IChard BURTO No roohnA the Hail of FamN.. Ir Vito Vale..tinettR "Spaghetti"- p

.A "S Now" omorrow" rPMiL...
InvN The IcInvitaibonale Entry Z-Wg In the cl.a. col aroIIN a -in-
BiaB a~ oSM .B I V "" S u... ^ c ^- sB WAS KINGo or A "TAKE ME
Deadline July 16 4bur", 1 t ilt 5 o lsabNd by /M

a. ckU in For Rosters,f ees ith= g,
d.. Rocke Heudson, t | Relg outfielder Merri- oa NG 8
S ". "I c To "o cAl entry fee' sn-d team rosters wa iAdNo...
Bo r ais'i .musta be smen tolo-m, Balboa -coilegiate do"A at Stan, bneat+
ui1 Bor ". .I t b-~ ~tg ,-Gym. Box am o 0 says h* e's not morry be didn't m- --
starantedaninColl kseaundthe
SineM as
e ew Aenetry f 1i otaanosUNDER THE GUN"
^ ^-'Ts M-b. m=mC ai M -.. ,!,.*_ I
'awe nor tmi' hands in snipte in y rn glass DANE 7USSE ma G OtS?
St-il fx te 1n2Seh*t d So Aft A*y.Sjp* "THE FRENCH LINHt. :
('ed-, t sd emats s, r tM % FINE OLD SCOTCH WHISKy as an S 351,
'b ..WM, o &a:r m, rarSons-La n*-d. r..-1
mod"s_. ..,/-.,--


Ai .- -

4 f

j. -'-3 -;
- k nLiAL .~ -~A~raLt L..~. .era


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,w.:, p, ( :, A... ,,.
! -,A -? ... +, .

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-- Uy 'AeO .ehasWe 1
a. emonra l ame e
B J 'I H 9? Ots Mo- 3yiU

pukevieoageon lossRoad"&I:e
%* w l-s tol eas bll t nuorer"#y se L04, ndrat
Sign ft1ed off 0the ar cme
WomeWTaDwi 3&life
AI"t.'"MMidattheFort" over
t=oti An t-NB^ 0 Norg *Wil be wrmrg 5N*iKA 9

S of o thre frslt-ple team QUESTION: I mll c play In .nai.l rT etgT. 2
Mrs.Zletr Mr. C'-el our or .afive yea0s ago 0 a .t n that
Lrs Walker, Mrs ineev- which I wlth you would, le i*: up. h alt are abedsM to
d ad Mrs. Crisp, who each It looked as thougI- T a c A Rudl U Lch Went th route one.
e alver dinner gaxo. Tucker was about t cte a flr the r n ht-hlt
flowerholderwent.bal when Larry aDob t ifIoat effort. T. e- M rtil is bUN
Sof the ner-up of him. The bael tru Doy tn aradw fith a homer and Ma t is St2
ai pd of. Mrfle the holder and bounced 1 two 101= pto r p.anp Jrg-
OUlvan, Mrs. MoOhee, ra Tucker a love. It was nried a .man, the eoors and Jules
wbold and Mr. capenaro. ftr h. Wa th, corretT- for OZe, had 2 In i apiece. Turn R
Individual pries were also a-Johnny I d
warded to te following ladie: Ayswe: 's a f*r a
?aim^e. Davtis,)ig average-4p44. i 'ega f it4a.6 Sf l1rs aft S
a(cE3 w _,.AHAUU U., July 1.
S.. Waren, high merles Q. How long did BM b bhawkey r.. iJ~htlsu (NLA) SMlaa Jul
r t-47. manage the Yit an d wheel-and-dlwYnth tyle tait
Mr.Nebold, high single with 4hr famous plteuhenl w,-.ork won him fame as a member of
hdl p- in red flapael sl evaT-'hPlil P. the Cardinals' Grahouse Gang.
Ms. Medler, high single okae h
of the i bo h-190. Trk No manager of the Miami
iuft l Liak ue Pacific Women's League fltueurd l Poe rof the Clss B Florida
fmase has been active nce May of wcl laterna onal League Oyear-
tn, casran 10p3. havian completed our a thtr vohntee to play

Ha Mola, who recently left for the f il. r wam L ague rs.e 3
t1 nuxt'I61 o pewho!d14AshbmT'he Wild Norse of te Osage
will inbued up no-hitter.
alwh w b Ma-tin waq still a slic article
... ar.nd .the hot eorp g a.


ha rke* nhthe dM sr. abeht thie Ja *tb
S. isth wrlWM e.rie ha. teeth n ItL
v.k vag h hauaa" p"Ieq-en tnr
t. iheWNa 4jt amed The aeanta haven 't
g that #Ae"r the the Yaier
d entry rning for it In the Am-can Lague
kea dW pl an hared the Jead tt the
N day, morn ag of a raity, Iucldentaly.
4ta Is mioetby fr huthpyers end 4feam
B or the winern. t t.T han Idbe
eeyn w alth ive worked sth s wel tam
of o u quent winmn
I&..": a W 5 hiMP the AJi n account of the
he~ Ut veai tor Itf a*. the Yankees
M-I11 of 12 they =mad tbettadltton of the
for the selles. There have been
would have worked jtut as wvel In

S S *


*W Afth

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8 Tear 91o
8 u e Olds P.
oncehltat raves,

. Jimy annng, rit
-34:7 "
. James Jacksonm, atun
STom DugsO, Osatun
a yd. OGiu Beast Stre
. Patty Da%,V Gatun
u gLo viyw *RUtA'ek,
. T Bm Do alit.u6
..Try yV tr., tSu


W T mE BISK Tvar bet almost leaped into
vingr in his Wbmb 6do i7m-flJal match against
tf AustralI. Hampered, l, bIsters on hands and
S8. K avi Cup player was eliminated. (NEA)


has literally gone HOG-wild to bring YOU the best salWe aeu

available!! ,. -

HOG reaches 100,000 Uisteners In Panama ad the Canal Zone wift a- bB pews at*w
With the easy, better llstaing offered by starn such as Eddie Fisher, Sammy K Tt
Gloria de Haven, George Melpohrlo. sad others, pmwos Cn s e proAlte l sufirie liaes < 1
sale-dollar than any other advaertislaut gdiaml.

:' 'I

PHONE 2,30060' NOOW1'

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WOW! !

TO tdWN!



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rn natte bo !f "Let the people knew the truth and .he country i. -We
of the Panama, Canal
.,ur tte ween w At- N

to harrieo Soe.' Atomic Strikers:
for the meetings

wasriPtTo Work, Others Reman
ve tomorrow after- RGE Tenn. July 10- of winning wage demand by the If cnut reeoime .,
e from Miami ac- P 35 striking CIO returning voltarily Instead of the governmmet's a i .
dby Mrs. atomic workers here voted to re- being forced back by a threat relatc-i panel.
p turn to work today but 1000 oth- ended court Injunction. Supervisory employees are f
ho. .w AU tathewers at Padueah, Ky., "almost Thomas Fee, international CIO ing the plants operating.
ato membere of the unanimously" rejected settlement representative, sajd however, the produce U235 which is m In
a s ly Monaay proposal "Wi by government, worke at the Paducah atomic leaking atomic bombs.
p-ane from Miami union and management officials plant voted down the proposed
d Whit- The majority of the strikers settlement "almost unanimous- President isenhowei nvok
Bu t andW here decided by a standing vote ly." the Taft-Hartley law aft te i Al
to return today Fee called for additional time workers spurned is a to
ched ar- The vo cae at the request so that voters at Paducah canstu. stay on the job in the Q um1 din- '
L. Schleyrt- wee o f ns t s ecurite.p.'n-,--. ..a s. 04of
pn. Allan Li. e last of their local redl est who told dy the proposals and take anoth- of nation security. He te6 Ucra of -
to Attend the subcomveCr. p ag John 5,
foar the suecom- t erh ve b le Mo"dayai badg.. .,

ward settlement of the strike l Genai said It will submTit a

Informed ces'aid. today. t
p rdlo f To fhelr Thelre rs.cffret *~frdky ^ laJ' pn 'V S a t! V c
S_ ui l eThi m ere was a secret fih"ove-hour The board .must decide whether
mete i Tihursday night between the dis ute is etDlangering the nan. a
Mitchell, Reuther, President El- tonal health safety or w ftor ?tS-
10... (UPI The t phere of thae o wood Swisher of the striking CO It is virtually certain o tos.|
o- -ue"nid t l-Thebtmosparsycothke, and chemical workers this conclusion and the Jurl" .

faid the reaction aar. ace tie lduae a i ru a aet t e o a e. other have been
s orth r the s Tuect ltey bolt
ynurct V "apiw tOa e hn. &oda a.vofted,
l iui-nbeS in Proceedh from the dance will Union Carbide and Ch emical In tyodem bill llaLoIL-with t Me i n,
33a 1 roo at. be u ieed to purcha s N.000 Buddy CorpOperatore O ft of1th l t S podve a e atue s b llederw theoitn fm Re potgv cai
sign y ty now Packageb lor stlbmel to frehch ham refused to grant more than 80-day per3da is up. a oa t afture se Muow dby. Pident on rat i
teoto p n 17.1 0- fitinxftores I Indochina. t Ae
wdFlor- TWo or._sotra, one of them tw
;S nSnp whoesofr1a 954 Farm Output Forecast0et 3 .. 3.. 0
BES,,i..h ted. m.abr hn wThe Ilr"m reor oaert apd ricr borest .

astro, RteesAs Feourth Lr onesat Evy eo uer tm$he

Bd. aTwo Bt~cal aorpfg o a o uave n3in, d rope, and abovn- barley; :735hEn r i o;; 241,.. .or ^-ED '.iis hto opto .wilttot eh1,r00 sho amw thenice French an1 dried bean nhd peas. I0trkeor.p0M tn1, 106 00,-r e 't aaB aathent= a .

otr a Aace number and. the oWr It thensdinoates are realized, 000; dried beanw: 18,0,00i. che. wi er p hetrta
SI offer an or ginal version o the nat' already bult ing pound bags. s- d.ed -

we French oan-can, as inter-granaries will be overflowing eas: 3,73,000 l-pound b. :. d : ; : ken.w a -t
ato crop mted by Prod Hedom n, e Who come faw, ponong new headaches 5,350,000; potatoes: M5,622, will to their govern- eteon the a e td w.r
B .i -er pof nop-*s.ntly returned trotn Parny to a government seking to alter buthels. 373.711.400;: h t pottm "ens The next mode- up to MT i chawe of fl thi .5g,
Sdrill xhon to be e b t row s e. 000; tobacmed rom the pport 7t
r l IenLe woemberilaer The new wesatorecas, how- und ,057,221, rcane dcrea
# ran th Pthe a neb. c er,. estimated t year's crop 6706000 tons 7,1.00ar heand u butter
Si i uaL may besobtarit d U. T las orecat and abova61- The board gave ducio ae a .

St aeAmericgalnClub the 00 of0 barley, rye and 01ate or5o a ll w otg" the il,
'red ao ffe anom or tabversio of te aree ad le gvern- pent ov r ant ear I e le Its ptoperiu..i
e bn r k'ntiena control roeramd peanuts at 1.014,00. ars e S t defe e t t tr Add.0 acreDt
year. u -h cap-ca- ,asthe dga ar i report Turi of l i per cent,, b ap serth -,h e ro.,.-im-n,-a <
Ie k A erY Ubav 'tcenew "sharply" under 1, t oued Witer-o ,. P *
Tikets otedanie arca o n.:n, an I t 93,a31 r0e b aoerl sow info et 1em: 0 7 03. ,9,000 r w d .

mta be oIMaad aMontlgfo of 9e9d9a56 1,- ThaTherdil r teoporst that ondn4 4fiag "$bra pnin

o and thNo nd lure to keep to the ght hh, to oDn o te ille
CHJ[ o*t 00o b o se and ln d yeari whlse drimate or Ans wil L5a,2la s
ht o b oy i The 19a4 corn estimated cor1. street in the new Canal town of

.Ti p s ed e ,la I the coverrn-cep t o vero lasbrut yb ,1 ehane lao mBaelt ted It- .- .' hte
B'iheo. don fpott Tbarey, of l.' per3ln cn ao At H aqi- Hb.
A oe'a c 8utt L e o 1 program .eau000at1,914,dt thae a lbrs eos rl eie s uo tein oG E the f ., 0 t0t. "l 0,000l are. t s o ." i
to b eF h .by-Ct d ow-anre oy 3,ll e 0 n otherpl es. or MC;r les ,T c 2, 0 at- 1 t.-- y A Tn p"a '.Sn, i f 0 a esn ceas

b 0t.6 c r her control lng ald r te d.
ai Crop n Bodard ad rl ein dea rporeporthsho. wee n-i_-leg' .m haid y O t B E t
dceWp n c h cornwiren.ase, pants of feed an- an 0o0au' ,a piitlTeao wnessst oarItA u p
e eo esm ther ro t es tro alr -
n o r7 n T new whea aoredas ho- :0or urs. 0e-=r d iuJ d- ts. J re" tt
Shar e one cItnml0 0 b muels, down from. eeant :a1301neto osi t Wua r i t
B -II^.Ti,.cfftstf.r the0dnce, IfMe bo afI echet6 rutIa..h

tyear' t fal ro p wleata- topIe in gave. echt hamttso d vor W.
sa-d. lbeobned a byuta -mo n0e breo D, mnel ever out-ouln .' .
Ame WonClub, the00u cborarend well under lsetimated oord soyStreet Itenew Coaona nille o N quO.hi ,.. .,hM
I pa year'd 1,1red w ,tc lobushel' O harvestan O ban n r a1fe n 'tf. argued TuancPU ,.no~mn :.t

5ushels: onb, b -Yehar-nld American f ormagTO sas. 150 men vormee
Th. recAr ithu e goverm- cntover luabst ye&. iest-m i e the s 4.1

-mneft~ wsn~.tht atooafthnefro
BuLt yeda report showedrIn-al cro ataxAi u.saOe "eits on t
H: = m cunrols on wuea t farpro-p.dtond an _elwa. .ra. e
other crops orffsetthe federal -mPo- a1siilar-AUe aYit4l .10,

ROthearestcestiae un. 34, waslfie to kee for & t

: A- o d ea im F (15)


^6000 1

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