The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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mm' Tenim .For Twrdiote

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An announcement of two
changes In membership on the
board of directors of the Pana-
ma Canal Company, made by
Secretary of-tme Army Robert T.
Stevens as stockholder of the
eftaoany. has been reelved at

F "- --- MAW-
Mluu-Miseis of the board.
S Rot n har served oh the
Ioasd of directors for the past
two year during which he haa
Imde, sral tip .fo the Canal
- Z n, on, of| t. M..

A communique issued by Victor Jiqfoo,
general of the presidencia, promised thg
m6n would tke inmiedikte steps to :
problem in a, emnneantsfactory to li.
Twelve pers i including chau9toai
nist agitators, are under arrest ,tod 1 fV
threatened to spread to other etivitloge'TM
shortage of bread .i Ponamd City rtis mrni
Bakers UnioW coled a sympathy strike i sippl
driver' demands, '
Bus transportation was only about 2S r
mal today as. most of the strikers refused rg
work although 'the strike has been declrerd i
despite the offer from bus hiM operatoreialt
be no reprisals.
~a .

hpe a are "a acnmawgw
ame bt I do It fira.plMdeOl."

arer Moglo ?e sit

rcyTo view ft

*ig' 4 c cow-e e tomorrow Mpl Bbae
titbteok -ocfK sd
fid i~he five ch ousement
oun tb4 antec= e .will be met fl or by h
0 Jodge Aliander whar, .lhn ebol who
U ou t a d .con e t Presl-
I.. beio bfro ad t Upbea of his
tons, l id*p dtofh the con-
to hire ,Scked the q wrt th
mice of tnatlor." POUD WIl roceed to
3k that the (our dipla, e m w e wUl
fret and remorse an brd the anne 0 Atlas for 'a
sinoontrition." tbrou d Cut to
d i;Oheend of ju H. .
^w met ohv by met ton aore
bmum penaltleaid a Mr. e to be hon-
S Sat a W be gton)
od Ihpvely ahe s Presudent
udg bench as Anto on antm
Mteo A. BoVer n.

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so Mar
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S. "
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The dtfu plants produce f- n barriers osheat
aae urawum M. AThese barrikrw billions
halrnrn Lew.l Strauss sid "t holes smaller than two-mllionths
iMe4til to the d of a pi a inch.

Another atomip eMploiv6 pluto. C 1L e :WouldT a isrupted f
I, is ad at the holes became enbrged or plog'
ab. E.d Savannah River, S.C.* re-st of c or -'
wM eh are not evolved IA. 4 states i hlM e.
Mb rs the urdshan i-
S oide, c to .. sed whal
'.t.aus UM Ae Pi ?the teaperatur drops to ordinary -
"h ft~ 'o '" W. tem p e a ur e.0
i.f me-, Presumably, this would Bapp- e
\ PIf the strike Is prolonged a -
Ovsry personnel cannot bp I
S '4 b Chplaots Tle A=Crdne w
b. "W to. i faasrltp *u t r. p-b.

pi '& ~~- -ohas sA I f muchA aanem

u ot a.etes Debel Orba- t d be.
Te, s trst .wtewr
e-r e- .la ,. rc le AEC also rf.sed com -s .
7"ue B e 61 aa Wepgrts int e the

I f Mo~tha ofthess so stiea
5 It erauam ingtope 235 and at Paducab are mfuajmpi haft
asm Spa a ga-us d ttoo Ding .
---be 99 -
.J5 .. ... -. '
:_-a :-- .. ... ..

Inbwn tConem c ff
kA in ijia atpltuw attaffaUM

a' iofcwo t out of the W "jA "
ihe to v a, e. tw O
were b .bted. by as

I PaiC o a e Vd ra i i

. dw r o- di A nhe t as toe ordy b juO i ^
ti name maor AFor R s
Mr e C oarr M a te-n
el Aa jid in Jhyd t ieg of fian cet *

Sie tIrao t aan Spy Ring e tola eu i n
ore e ,the iuusey h

m the n fite r a ino s the u i esl a
porwde cares hand ix ob s u
o fle fat C lk uistell official es1 mo e Mrtie1 4t9 re 9 ex w. t
m e Ant*hbe Westra ot b a ad their renvese flu
a ayesalWT o tea riratiOn coi"i- mako photrapw Aoes o
i.0ded inthe alis .lde p forEno e
.Ito powerand.the e.bum. et h

bid asio z ralpollee -counte crackdo wn.atris 1
'IlgWO ranc anouncd Ylt~r a = wo: mvemm be

The spies Were reported ,anm.
going to ship -dhe documes"ats fl
viet espionage agents in CzecedO,
Those arrested included Mario
Caluvl 42, head of the diviemn
of nsftry of hustry and cor-
ice handUng supply erd.e',
and self-styled enters Aldo Pin-
to, 44, boss of a ose real estate
Police said C a I o r supplied
classified informa to Pfato,
who was elleved to b the orgi
saUon's bras. They were Icb.
ed to believe Pat's claim that
_he .h* b= o ifora.,

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u lne
* r-ja

id several bakon-s. thi,
dMoert of tbaberes.

,,. th onebad t nodewd
nedu ases. Aby
Mo strofed, bru BOw ar

ee at I p.;
Ie attempt.
oe sever of

ktirna It i
I rgle6i actii

u m NO ".
it.-M the strike. No p
Se pimitted to i4 M

The police UbAd
action to
that all
eal strike V11 .be
argues of p
ies of frim$efu o 5

benefit CaBsop
pens To

2he rete I
aGmi- := 1t
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of passion,
I aue ls a


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"' noara Bakers

wt,, CNoes W
.harman Cal

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dita r Ptealdebt Ja.
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AJM n"a. JoBUM OM1r. NO.



sl Ia 2 l I m *es The PFmem AMeW
a -d ebeailed .l ea w e.piy

.rees b held I stell esetudmhe.
no eepelMb Iga Iar le events **ap se he
to a* pop eo,.
---n" ItoB..i 0 ----
wording tdpo0e standards, parkink meters are used only
pvw cosekad traffic, and not let hoppers park too long
A. Wlon you would think you idewalks of
MetW.4)WlV* sprung out of u w .]w vp.
tre metea In every available Ira even
.ere care have never park.b' "INdflll
ho0 meterv1s in frontOf thfa' ,Ii ii
there is neause they have | .. awp
t want to go to an early show oith
110 the show.
Le t= used to park on the right-hand'le.of BoUilr be-
10th *nd 11th street. Meters were put on thatside so the
moved Jfrou the street.
: _"e '"- Nickel Poor

Iranian cursion

Answer to Previous Puzzle

ACRO iS Malt drink
1 Capital of Sea nymph
Iran Is 7 Plowman
It iesbetwen s8 ..
the iver 9 Obtiln
Indus and 10 Ratleo
11 Pasge n the
i Interstice l brain
UWA,"MMM no-%; blwe4 8b.)

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p6i King of Pylos gras 45 Top of th I
24 Instruments 37 Brovwns bread head
for stamping with heat 46 Solar disk p
dates .38 Vendor ; 47 Trial
5 '"2 Abuse (India)40Oriental 49 Biblical name
26 Ukrainian measure 50 Diminutive of
,, oilty. 41Rowhi, aney '
27 Praise ImpImenIs 2 .2Rubber tree
2 Short barb 42 Notlor" 3 Short sleep I

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Cost Le To Sell
a Hose This War!
frn ol at t ewl we et M
sties vi selg.At lsa.eeae **
sw sk sm m I MIk We wo
Ad tn ka. .seee a neilesn.

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EconoMi ,


It was no accident that Prei-
dent Eisenhower singed out Ja-
pan's eOnoi plight a areent
off-the-uff speech. Japanese
are getting close to.te ra d
ed President put the e
bluntly when he said Japan ill
fallto the Communistu if th U-
nited States denies that coutl
aid and opportunities for trade. -
In that eventuality, he emphas-
ized, the Pacific Ocean would be.
come a "Communist lake."
As everyone knows, before World
War II Japan had a vast trading
empire in China, Southeast Asi%
and other areas of the world. .
The Japs drew in raw materialV
and sent out finished manufact-
Today China, under Commu.
Past heel, is largely closed tA
Japanese traders.
Barriers of resentment, raiets
by Jap depredatons in wartime
remain hgh in Soutbeast Asia,
though there is some hope for bet-
ter relations there.
As for America, tariff wails and
changing tastes and habits have
robbed .ran of many old outlets
for goods.
The bitter day of reckoning was
put off first by direct American
fin.-ncial aid and then by the In-
direct benefits flowing from our
use of Japan as a staging base
in the Korean war.
There is still some hangover
from this effort, but the advantile
is dwindling fast.
Some might say: "Well, Japan
lost thL war. Why shouldn't if suf-
But such an attitude would re-
flect only the greatest shortsight
edness on our part.
Jaan. seems to have made a
genuine conversion to democracy
and the ways of freedom.
It still has the greatest indus-
trial potential in the Orient, and
as such il a crucial prize. For us
and al the West, it is a bulwark
again. communism.
These are the considerations
which must rule when we decide
whet to do about Japan.
At the very least, we must
itrive to work out arrangements
for the security of Southeast Asia,
b for the .safaot of te ,ijme-
at countries involved ad for
the sake of preserving as free an
area which can perhaps be drawn
lusolly into a nealthy economic
iL t lvew
Al d oa erl of his
ioii family that we must go
beyond this and make tariff on-
cosslopn whi.h will allow Japan to
do r e business in America.
eI Britain, Japan mult trade
or die. We cannot expect it to re-
main our good and true friend
for lope If we deny to it the
h n .ld be pleasant r -'e' an
were to an tsfet. But it
is not.
As in so much of our affairs to-
day, we havq only a choice a-
mong prompts of varying degrees
of unpleaatmness.
We .an all readily understand
wbV Pteieont rank .in this
case that. al.l odds the most un-
pleaa/atWluh be to nave Japan
go Communist.

oulder Crashes

Dowen Os. Mors

A rarge boulder crashed dlown
on three Negro prisoners drill-
ing on a ledge at the city pris-
on rock quarry today, killing
all three.
I. X. Branme, assistant su-
Dexmfp~dent 'of city prisons
I^ 3fclrms, Identifien the
1MR> John Tony, 33, of
ohattanooga+ Tenn.; William
Wlioon and Jams Grant, 27,
both of Atlanta.
Tony and Orant were pro-
nouneed"dead at the scene and
Wilsoan died shortly alter he
arrived, ambulance at a
Tba accident occurred five
mlnutes before the three were
scheduled for a rest period.
Jack Briltt, foreman guard
had loolened their safety belts
to come down off the ledge
when the boulder hroke loose.
Britt a..dL477 men wore work-
.n.. e* thertae that 'the

Srt ym] / f*ltd touujle~R.'s teu' or
___Iw o a 310, .at

way r

mtdot+ mm Ge r al m t ml and Eden.
wLT \ve /De retvnosd. Later th.e
... ..nCate sith Bntitish were.

Bad News n Indochina e...ahtrni:.uNat :;
Sade t nitederb Pesar, the-

m ~,tshk _mat he's ome- e a't A now
WASHING'tON- (NEA) -What Uives has ru approt another salvagedl out of th Indo4~hlas Wtar atfsi y 'nA iaKt lS ~mlus anrce i aS
came out of the ElseOhower- $800 million ct aid for carrying on ii the retention of southern Viet 'i' tld*la c.eusi in or o.t.
Churchill Dules Eden conference the Indo-hine war next year. Nam and the demilitalzin W n N s -
in Washington was not as optimir- But for all praetleal purposes., neutiahtdnELf Lao. and Cam to the heUer W1 le rth
tic as it may have appeared on Washington soma to have-written so that tey 'vIl not fUll Int Corn- Guteuala ad I BRITISH. Unted Sti9i im.a l wl
the surface of the. fine-sounding off a ony sibut for a victory munslt hands Immediately. ertryDules seemed preoc- an pthIna we .ith .even
communique-, over ae tute in ta aea _Ot~e .1i misht cme, If the ithoTugh .O ital gvl esHri! tohe Ri Bed
Not mentioned in ether state- A miracle might olnow save French agree tot, a new linehe on pert t al H River Delta two t of
moent was the firm Britsh opinion the aritaon. But the French are which the anti-Comuhit foreu Sept eo nl bae toa at. setoe tto aaet-imi s .t.
that no British soldier woud be surrendering t.p rich ricebowl in mIght stand. There mih be an Afiter-,' ilSolt o ae Etiaemowr i h a te th'Cb-r-l@ does
allowed to go to ide-China to the Tonkin des a around' Hanoi, i reenement that if the Commuanist ed abbbeen Bi als notldke uth rinp
ght. Tno ey may try tohave the Mekong merose th new line, It would Ve n a oime ia bck at Gm arb that withpoq Combl.e
SThat dashes completely any delta south o Saioan. considered n act o aresOa ten taga its a ."..o unem aits, but the on way to It
aopy r.ra united action program Whether the actual dividing line that would call for retatlitoom (3 iNh f(tl aod In the weA oun e uordabe _auae ltwoudl
u Amad at tMth b the 20th The 3wa th hwa lde uthst lb 4l a"..l..K Sgff Changhite n
mundat aggrsion, uin ifts of the pojliL or anywhere in_1etWeet they might pose n- this a s vL td A* uL waofr,. M
.im .UdeearaiUon .ife t commu. lfy-it bft impor~n .t. The prto- new lyte of routheut Asia do. a it oS3S-aW BBwwr. a tea!c...
pat wt a t twtfth t Fen ~ihat the e t n i t M t to br a .

the British might, be willing to ever is given wup i the aris they woI Jolarl any uar i sur u., +Wh di ao kn nSa rv
make anoUther .Her of historic ia lone for good. an ye te r theSeeuerltyo. n o ^. Wh ath d- p. hhind
ADCA L Ton for tiN edefensevls aea.ndawa t b on 'M :te-tP bh#
last stands. They would then want The French ramy try to hang On- a particular. 1 re dort u "X a his hint thastte
plenty of help. In the meantime, to a beachhead around Haipg. t. of rthe ferul.Chou Itni r ow g- sedtd aaSdens npoto aot.
any fighting to save Indo-Chlna make an oCderly_ t vhcuatale d meat to support ",,,e r e' ;ot dlnta. h-t--and a l c iateatsabout. facn
rwil have to be dl by others, their forces ^uB Hanoi and in the dpetrent" stats s oydo-e a s.tht eeelms 4Jndo lest'n ti Bith-_
Thtrc iB a, cell amount of north. ;iwy Vlet Name. Uie Communist and VlIe heas ath orcannsiane
buck ,.p8sing..n<|wioing on be. forces' jf_;cuated, or h~w ..irh forces, of course.waa when an little fatln couldn't hiS- that il poss.ibl
tweo W aksind Paria over many. t se to reve south Vioeat 5a n at saok andt atse t. the Semsit'
who takes respolmibillty for what with l ^P -d .tff course, un- Ca.inbodha, for thaat msttw.e aniL st t'e Sa mu" -"'or commonu
hsppaoa next. ,ey n' o.u. e. u may choose abeh of any Southe Afis u cas e, .- tohJI t Ans
he renh ay they wont de. to ty and t to the pact, it is recognized that at the A
dde on what part of Indo-China Vhepl ch an e order e n m m theE Co mS e
they will give up to the Commu. be Withie force av the power t souo- wrff Ce
ilts untlthey now wrat e A mp ddl i Mw mue what they wnt. 8tIOa IUboionldsin wade tis
United States wilL do. of the more nab .f dpsafT' But If te Communis dld take ofA-nhmtSrt tmt, Three ataU chiagii Were an-
part is waiting to see what deal equipment fthed to fl Frech that the reacioe e ni hs entire visit. at q ,6' C ad.
Premier Mendes.. France makes in 'ndoChlna can be 1_agel in States wu take the wort s o'fA-oaln must he uoli h and ch one-. s ao.EB .
Er m n r for doer -.
with the Communists, as It's up the rthern wh pro to a :en-ra war. at i.. A eon
to him to daw then ceamne fire pect is that a lot of i ata rl pubc. but to- s h .. a ii... ~, tre Joint

line- S. reent a will be lost e. t enohat codoeasf mou : reW Sai e re Me
tonhte U.l n hos' ye an.Wh .eaL the 'M tat cm a Aercan teos e Pon
In Xmn rrde lSXn. ha

ho .sai tdeehe- Phaded ihorpanto su het-or r :-
a l lonen to ason d&K~fftPMe 8t, a

By WAD CANNL The eatln a to he In No medieval agent i ao h eae t l fr ti
to worahio at other al. r o ha of guard n d e
NEWARK. N. July 3.- from October to July.. dee. No weddng rotb
(NEA )- A~lbert otockl c let a big nyi w.--s hawy. Nwee eduld
rolNdownk h" e thekrewturnIt a Newark o thin um .
~"The hc~eradtht he said poAmt? i -. *.T*as1 o conat. 0n o dnhr..
slwy ad e In the room Ah, it"d rede tA
froze. s wOderful." cause we wanted an iU-e t el.a -
Eerye went back to work. rey mea. And what better e V hi-.
nohe cs pased In the place than New Jeey

WASH aa teor as-Wa it frn tas ar1ponds erday aouodw t
ktche nof the lsawrker Re- packed Into five-oot-our
rthe ourmet Sdety of Am- only length to whrie hesoh aat f IB f s er r A in r
Crch DolaenEe onfere ncehe forwdin.n ery ear .
Out In w inception rooms rck has paddBid ethe jrontcentli t 1oo: urtrwenes l apple-
huaway f eineMi ng tlOe and canal from continental AmerIcsa Jank eq.D s an l a f
w ine, 0u. usu4" --.6 seasons
winners. h Back In the kitchen, Bhchat a eti C i "
In n g American Maiftre e'hotel Cre. Wa a s 11
allowedBtogo t findo- a twha really longefnough to ^ Arinatnd that U the Wa
fl ht. s may try torsmyav thevealM eMaybere oselt to bllo"
tW com Heir to a- cap i ofAnd wait anthr da ak l

hopr w.e a unitedaction pWhether nthine w astea ind th was at war tha t thela SSS J 'N
tosalve ^SoutheastAsiaf mi m lmle right.' th c* hefsaid had A 1r by ^W|M t g I iaC

oel e tOf to vary it waUS S di. Thea eadi -. [ .' ,, W 4m 114 de
y sthtbg 4if.jN

. V .,



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' tzlamn


- i- .1 .


LI U kml L I iZi tj -4: f I Ll LA M LA
V91 'Ut ILF]
i IN r-j Li ri a w EJ u r.3
(-JA Ll u Ll u u 1. 1 LZJ LA IN [A 10
jukd(JI.3 UMLJ[A

S -Isms*-

__ __ ~


; ..

? *'unr--lr







.%,. 4"i^~ i


o w t4:fh e "ss mr iwr
.1er pooror ^Ink jaw S. oBe^

lemimet t hsrt vt til olttra orn
gig .7ulW 4~ <
Un sI (IP) A- the waived u d tmost c- rSone .. I"ng" when a boy changes his
teIirljchyad "uEv timsb. meeloes to will and ala. days later 14 dead.
SR a F G drch Bilt A taJcolegat reported yeuter
as Setus Co Giant Equipmrn Tfre et d ad mt 1 alcool and whti
I: capswa ls, a eneorst th 'r tj" g t e morphine were

Is; t4v ~ ~r fwtt *ae^> ~i~l ofclU ru fptwto anN n brought i~ e~mwttjicdse of death.
luS^o. b~thlM:~nriraU- ovsn ots irai avsiMAbrJW'e wit liv MrbTptfLelusl! hadl sa1d
Uvu dkeha tSht wjire S sat pade- ai aepnA
wh thn g". ..A Theme were
135t*erB|t ttaplkc .A A<^dstn to -r Eret -hsadi~rr y coce l otr :iu
t We desuibed 3. I. ,o u o i Co.. Inc., then w pis5 te the motasr finished haer
beBi a~Ud;B^Ni^^ ^^N entnjttneqiutiPrvo "heflxteo thf afea~ntj lett^11 hat d~dTbonie
flea-lia haul biswrtM load bn .,tob e outytoi"% the1^?1,1? ortitegh
VIA a ran Ace aid -m dent at veruity
rp B n.e thte "frlawia Aner Monty'. mather saw that he never. nwatioped a fiancee.
eid had Wer of the nto p0 ma u high o nton w ir Monty liked me, mh' didn't wat Misa Mu m:id the .* uld
soi' d~te~rini(aldthe cent rtage he proposed. etc athe-ritad operaaiotf bl to see age say aleofe/ Miss nt hwe goaut wlih him? Uf
Ivhr~t'tad vep toied k ::'t~treTlon13. Rier me:. seer:: nw twce agd
I fdt aled to 4.000 e sali the 2 p cent figure oen In conclutbg two day. of tet- said se- a ed to
CK wiG i to ca off s trike would have 'UQt, if n, effect be- The ne ~ir, alse )4.00 by 24 motiy earlieiMrs. 'lhorne vowed testify teause she thogt 'the

at |faaU-,iut ui ei arsedlU 1. wo 1ave. prvete an wbut ee timnes as lare to "flght'e u tahe *baro~ke ** a. wag rte tr ihde Se a id
iann cGau sa s? at eartoe., tQ esse of her son' one. this." .
Clth stu- "Te a 10 t Ws t ] thn don'tnt need that w" he Mr. Thorne brtndeda u a
dy ~ ~ eh .rtght f(*nfr *ypt the .Bsctl tfw anud curd B, 12osrcM p~. "filthy, rotten athtcnment" the tes
,suport wag. 25.B *ant I -'ibthers is something ga Wo Pol BtM l r
1. *P, l1i had spread word
-P Va *':left^y? ^s ^
a a heas a the lapk

c*oiio c eack awrwrj)JrmobiMabii(4e

.w-7td b*i ir a g e arei i "W' g o .
P".. 9 v h th me
-A vwth ted a tmotamlda tc r Calen ar 4-$ u).ehe o n

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tIsngcs the Date-Window every
IlAprviouatto water, dust and
ok IJust set it and forget it.
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Wy is Omega famous for pcision ?
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and direct, its outline smooth. .
Come in and see how easy it Ib to #w
or to give this channrming new pattenm-
Wi priced for modest budgets at $24.7
the siz-pice place setting, $3.08 the
teqapoon. Serving piieces from 52.08





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Fly ILM for Business aid








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KLM has beun called's a sn'sa beauOisualfitta
eAcient ervims to aD parts of the budsine. w Ldd.lBut.k t bdale -
pleaure ailb whether you are just going Ssan JoS or "seeig
Europe", you wilt appredaist the comort tof a jourmey aboard noatf
the luxurious KLM Airim

10 l ..a5,. .al
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I- "We ea e o-
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nature being what it is, b"st. P
every player occasion- Mrs. D rmi an, V h l e
cpa spade among his ... M 0 r ane r i s among dim- andMwrs. 6%5
oKm.oe players even do this and ft..- ii n na o trs, &
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dead. He bulled his abil
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S. d conjated pilot WflIWt
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"A copllot distracted the
long enuBh to allow B.I
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shot twice before Raymond h
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"It feared for my IIfe and for 4
of the psuengers and the.W

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....NYWOOD .July S (UP
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M, ft .. At, ob e AtoZ' *ej ill
oCrbtrtal contract with p670rW
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SB. O I, ...-..... ..... Julyi r an C"I
J.uly 12


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Lo mide his eontret
I sliesht adifculty.

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leqa~ra~eare~ ---- -...--..-.~..~ ______.....-_ .._._...~_.._ _._~~_~~~_

All facilUities of Reg ly Cost:
"La Retiga" only 5i9: pted Only .2).00
atallable. ead week. per eek

Sponsored and operated by comopen staff OWe Mo**
* ,.d '. .TO RE m IfM: id^jMl^'k^ -^:"i

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IC-gl' ives. ylo", ul sksses...', '

just one envelope! I, J"Vow,
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S .. -- E. l _.S +_Ma, a, 1To ., "t S Jml 8 then d pe Tll J Ulnt.,
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to et 3p.lst h rs. Jame s VIntW be e w n o

m. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ij atre th aaa Cu yid, D ehl hseetg t8 or(R pdivewaseghat 2,00 ounds,
of ISS.'sClbd10 ore oeCtrat inBM hou and two ooinn homes down." ..- ,
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ofIinb lemiy emwerle rv cw or aLl v ehel fee the ted car blowed upward immedia ely.
a f ba eohr Fhe 19 flames W ith it, Firem an fought the blase for
p +Ji ^fo tl en- l go CM.mmunit0 P ,sI .'yourFle.avorite AI& t dead ro wa s Identi- more than An hour before they
hWet easo 1E shoatbyhe ** htn ren;d) e eg u.d a 2nlt.john LDne. ape- .were able to rover the bod-
r 'l*-o -- o pln to ....for righe..ach_: .. -The 10r, otf u -teh e t inM of t_ victims.. The area
-ns the and of July to j o fhr h Jfune fei oad li of let' 6* TOur r- larm lock epw Journat of Go ata l Is comprised of modest two-

odool a ace Inside(e e &&shLxYu -vt i ld IEaea Mtt edn ntoan B n
Left 0 ihe of 1806C U (cnlTd) &A air-- story old fanme houes. Only
-rulle iA-df the _T h f :00o-9I-m and Commenta by re t t--. even or saeight f eet s separate
of t s, .Xn.Paul E. Mlil saiwe B :et Deer u Class T'. Allen Jacslon (VR]QL) iUlflfln RfUklH tft them.
coll aM 4Vof bonor at a h. reofuwar 0t de0oratg .IN-Welt RBBN O TB Vabv mtrH The Thundertreak, orateda t
eW to. mf t 4:30Np.clasas,taughtbyMr.J RXV w better than 00 mles an hour
m.a tMelant Golf Club by ndy, wil be hld this eveng at 6:S0-Telehone Hour (W ) ieder h, and Weihi 2,000 ound.,
th embe' ofthe terAtnrri- 7n:3 p.m. at the USO-JwB Arm- 7:00.-NSAnS ORGA. M..'L-UVer htW AIMb has been described by the Air
caa a Club. ed Formeme Sfiie; Center, JA ODMf _- .Force a one of Ameica's
.-"" ".'o a Beet Red, Balboa. V: 16-18][ VI CLASSIC (TlOpel- HMLIN. '"r 7 VS --Tro- speediest and mot effective
it%,may^^ make^^?^ ---ee-' ----- Lysenk*' wo. who u~asefta- jets.
{95 W -.I < a .. ,:&-Beport Prom the VU." bame _virtual dictator of -o.f
C ,s HeaMquar ... < a-A) sa .. oete Uion. -l
Um"4Bkasl T o U 8:3l 0-90se
,,. ,u +. m u_, i :3o-YheL o le Act S)A oviet prook. er '
be ." ,' b" SS:J fSI q t"-~lt i:00-YoW. z S^Saullr'& .v.lz.Z iJ h--l-I .-k
-W t^-fli^am.--f z--'- 'os MW a_-._ U ...... mea s a W y
... .. -""- "'S --fi thS; z~te one Conmunit Pe- ll:5 "ggA ell ]p^^ta T^."^ giSS iS? s~ ~v-mereaaut T trwe intO ^ ^J^ ^ AL ." a a'da- etl onf dUeei
.Biop tns"a for set of t the tt, "dy, Jy I The current ^e of the Moth tS-N
Japt, n the end e& July to joenor ".' June tay of soviet .+ d. (t Al ,,,,Htlal 11 P w a- ormus l.of rai l e lol.o wter a aSu a U.8. B tct
= *Zb oo, who B 1stationedthr e. trained o mpmeuPnlics o of-cers. 1 ( SR uereade, ple(VOA) w ,, a u im.z ie eonr:T eeolingK uelney B i ni &toU.
Tny i July fe P and te^ c n iunit eg e monthued sSftbt S?o1ar htM 2,1 Serenad t'ie. Into %Me$ tree
a_. poli WW, I t1 -I" IIIday ia I Onfi n d&o there is[

Jaan?!" the .L. .m NO ofu July toi join he onta -:5tee Heart Clock, ep KLSJounlo as A' 11OI~ Vkter *ua9DUA 9118n TUea wAtO
"and, wo b sttinethr. traoine peoples Mc~e officers,*W A R~eqests The June total Of 0SSL rhrst rizs Ineoe t^est ing ar. near Bikinib atoll
-+ who voted with tahea ir le oI by :0e 0) 'Plum e a:s ."1ubjtM .w. .*an Olson- A cadlo to the ond'a

Suds^T^ ^ Atsl> nowW^^ jK *mm j 11 ahrta e nTeWl
7h aetu iw. nmvm Ard v --atft -otel-orfree atack R te ladinol t Soviet rom "I ciit nfs n
AREu t egm, includeda_4 ..0 -BasebllUToday b001-tetidNe atack mrme ifin t.'m .test,__res.
4Mrs. W. B0'Cak, o e rL P tin s rgie owt. :0 1ato aa r.In the Moscow ]press Tefnigs ront
ve_.., _. ID .. :_ Arnnt oaw seond WW ,... 4sw. Beat p .o.ram ........ ...... .. akran sfmmar uesa._will -
x"ol ofsi Bel a;, apd Mr. .hus.....this Yewi96 ut -face fo m .the reruollfrsuyb e

:d m u O&.. u.Ir ~. have. -im voiced 1lO101-,0fftTU et Ror .,_za.. ,..vestigatiOat ad=-:reoIxch. ee-,
..,,. -r. ,,.-. _--., -,n-_ "' .,.,,t Lwslll x thlertes L |(I'I said.'4
,an % a r pa ; I
i~l.,ml O~i p ; m i i,.m. __ -_ A LA m t mvl lm


* TRAV-O -leAA_8ft OM.-StuntM atr the -MemoTola, Tn,
naval training station are seated In an expandable truck-trauler
while Isleaong to Iatruetor M. S. Camp. Dlrigned by Trail-
Smobile'u)a., the trailer is comfortably hated and air conditioned.
About 4 11Men Ican seated in the clnoftoom, but current plans
'C1 for a 15-man limit.

9-12 years

:..:_.., .. : I- FT___S_ y _'etchiem of the or between t -
stotf ~ INO S& Afth NaJ^b tude 250 and 175 0161refs, ona,,
: IQ..... I W ,!_ _*. _oii --u of and toolk entlve aa"nee
,,o S' ;_-?x. "o .Soviet of ir. water. oo fls. ea-
Poe d'do his weed. and o atM ,t "he mi-
V1Snmev oreCiro*. atWlonsacon- nute oifanaim on which flah
NO.(RW dane bw111 NN"ttt Xhrtwhehev. feed&
wood l]rrst See o the Sovit i
feans comunnum t.rtmy./ *oit "Country to earlier fears",
how Som. e obj .w ,ee o (the Ultai a saaid. tunsa. so Impr-
.6Me._l m eniM.t atfEx; .arsenko a tfts to the Japanese diet. were
,aE. /"0Move[b? V the enkov r'eilme found harmless for consump-
to +10d..A Lsea tfor the oor tion.
W. ^ha.t.n t, ,soie t Union.
jig S--_o- S n tin i.1 citiem of What was described as a mi-
.K l y^ the urn4al of Gen- nor Oaanger are was found on-
vo t|erali a- i d his so-called lV it a& current getting north-
.av f p on idn ce of0 e environmental wad from the islands, the re-
w"ehange. such"' U ANnea Inato prt said. No contatdination was
spruce. -had befa found "clear- found Iti waters near the Jana-
FaerttV fIed- d "oe nese coast.
of- t, an, t l on ,ofw,.hea
htim rPS ~VOoI rW e into oats The official study was
t yI ORT8 loteda .v." prompted by what are now re-
Conce aenko'e claims erred to as "seoare stoWe'ls"
iiQt uWtht bard wh coald betran- circulated after 23 fishermen
bae stormede Jment into were burned bv falling ash aft-
a0inp30 '*f oat.. det.lua ugest- er a taormonuclear t&Ab expla-
*I ed t i informa- sion *If Bikin' last March. The
g Party tion" but the otdina al tihel b are receiving ,hoopl-
** 07"", 1nbry results 6t#a
of UiAtAblo h of U attention although none Is
The BA Need. ....reported to be .erlou l
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Pond's Cold Crissep id B(

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"C B 0G-ll
Two PERmIOs ,+

3 years and up

AUGUST 2-7 7 .AUGUST 9-14
.A eCnLOOUt'Af'-ki*"9 i


i Millions and Millions

sMrs. Guet

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C7CP m ....cs P!44' DhIdoft: 111W or lle -'
1DLE;I I U* Croritral AV& .._-)j1 yosi". Will A .9.


household A C Motion Picture Service, Quarry SHRAPNEL'S furnished hou ps on fu o 1
Houec boLHeights offers for sale to the high- beach at Santa Clara. Telephone tainted.
S 'i -piece bamboo ret o FOR S ALE:- 4 en, ry. t bidder one "7-Phone Inter-Of- mHo 2 6 b n d THOMPSON lboa 1772' ovs- 4 -D.. .8 Ou Ali n t-U oen -
3.3496 or 3-1477 office'6 FOR"Mo SifEdresoa BicN Rood
'- Mor 4 -door sedan, good shape for fice and theater equipment. Bids necessary. Doncing every Saturday HOne pa ed high bel units fpr enroll- a l
""'T -, ^u-e -reir4 erOa- 8npO.2 tion2 gBox 579 Crt will e opened publicly on 21 July night. eMt in eit r the Llrleuil u Arts E MM- All s .
O, -West.nghouse reigera 7025, Rnsp lorin 2 t C 1954. vi station to Bid will b gag or eom l at Le mau.E- twU eL .
forf 3elain, $75 or A.I house Cl025o, 1m loed upon request. Telephone 82. FOSTER'S COTTAGES. one mile post rolleht be limited to aull-tono t d t ;e
Eoff 3o0-rV GPnt..4 5-573 .ve., Co.. 4~213 or Pan. 2-2294. Santa Clara. Low rates. Phone Cae I 8 d e time student Julus D.
:-25rcycle West.i.ghou-e FOR SALE:- 1949 Ford V-8. Ae 4b 1 or Balboa 2-1866..n hew cr tt it d g6ta tirL Jculiu M l. .d
almost. ne -good con- ler r ngne, tires and body, r FOR SALE Pi 8ip. Oceanside cottages, Santa to take 5, 10 e MS ear f The Liberal Art crric i ulum f I
PIaNma 3ond7Tr C ristobal 3-13 Liadv lA B hrtshau ricatul eamM;r.
dit honeT 2-4449 foa 8 aR- L 2-2663 aofer o00 prri Mi Clara. Box 435, Balboa. Phone the ae of yeor ous will Include ou8l i n spanish Mi. L.-Fuitta and two "
to 4 -,ngs' FOR SALE:nBlok 19 NMrio Mi- Miag88s Panama 3-1877. Crestobol 3-1673. New. nmeders, loo w Lawlah g mlah ton. Literature. ,
tab uet. s r, eblen low mileage, new baer. 8-521. FOR SALE:-Beautiful modern living- Gramlich Santa Clara Beach cottages. English Comoition.tin A-
e .F t SA -lr room, bedroom. studio:L 4-door Do- Electric cafrigeration.egas ovesM glassaousie a
con n. 2065 -A Curundu. Tel-FO SLE:-1947 Frd -dFoor s-.Solo. 1950. ExcellentS paying rondi-e Moderate rates. Phone &441. will 2O6 Mif h'orv of Music.W Oand h nsicaiHe0 1 ""
S232 ., A-I runn.hg condition. good tons 45th Street No. 28, Apt. 6. 4-567. a a llat education. dor a o te
rge dry lucer e.-ht paint, good fires oil around. An ex- A---- FOR HEALTHFUL change of climate, E rfullen rt r rental Te C curriculum rd o
r e a s o p r oi h C c c u c u lu m G r a n d e ",
or' c ihc cllen, b and nothing better or FOR SALE.- Proiector 16 mrm silent, FOTRhHn CEoT HcFur ri Mr.hange o.f irm t e
rCa F4 rtor e tch' w. L0 I the mprll et b f orth money. Will sill Bell & Howell; movie camera 16mm visit Club Compestre in El Valle. lal ncue a n mr in nis- Mr. r
-'. E f Ca, be ne he-e Revere magazine type. Call 211. Jut 80 miles from Panama Cty. en mall nvestmt. lanuae at ercan his-Mr e
c 0 : -e J cr li .tc-,ar cn e n t h. Co lon Newly remodeled under American p Cl V er short ad- Beale; -an i~t. l. n
arrrbed on the Ridge, TOt
b 7-3c r2 0 bh cpe be- e. A Rd Tl 6-464.-management. inquire Tivoll Travel n t eaing aco-n ; Mr. and bm ecetn ro a.nt
O.-, *ppc.,--te .c' S -4 FOR SALE-1 TBS 500 Transmitter. Agency.8 Tivol Ave., Tel.2-0461. M dAnCd tYWin cal education. cs. a ; V IJ .*
,F iB'oEb--Cn ,o ruonon .n; CO.L *ar^o *m.o 5n shIua,,U O In courses will Huber; T.. a' M.s. J e A. C ia
'5 a4. 2,( or6O.e ..8C ntr.t T Qe R SBlboE:-I.952 Ponfloc.2-door 2. power serppliy: I Super Pro receiver, ab- CC- wt bI Isrgiob i" Joe A Hbere D a ,n Jos yA Io
2 1o 3 cv de Hvdraa 0 m. IVHF 152-A convert, 6- abin in COOL Cerro Campan Moun-
I c-;,s5 E I MA ro. i Oo SI 400. S abE-6 j 2Dr. fI0tr 1 oH ol -crofter radio. 2013-Ay, tains. Telephone THOMPSON Bal- be in -nel with stron e m Johen-eD; Mia Mu eela lmlo e ; t
fT a, [ and-400.Slb.Fo r .1dboo 1772 evenings. Aluminurm SaJlesJe ites Phuals oh anish as a sec- Mrs. Ola Fee Johns Mr. and ou'l t
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Ir 2-31 7 Hs door, Peel do 2966. FOR SALE.- International HarvesterF FOR RENT 1/ Pi 3 rvies pr te is na Kimba Miss ; OthKimball; a rull calendar year.
t .,..o fit any oul window, and deM to ovefr tste pu-rnk n&im per; ll.s Frances8MksRut
*o.r'o St.e Ancon ae. Phbne 9.6-cu. ft. freezer, 5-cu. ft. refri-e* do b g ei Kc per ; *r Ko n d Ido 8oir
B .. -* .g e ro to r. c a n o p e ra te b y g a s o r e le c -c an d 'O d p tt o C ove t hese i cr a k tr ;.M ia s .
9,-auro 'ul .. -hoga bar FOR SA'.E.-Mercujr hard op. e- tricarv; Upright piano with bench: w_0 M'! 'u.rable on res gtration andGabriei K;6uraMy. n Welker da the ee
.:-r .r.o... moernis- ce'le-t condit in, r noew tire. ra- Metal Neter 6t: all-metal lec- FOR RENT: Two-bedroom chalet, GEO. F. NOVEY, I |C. day which Will be n... Mis ppenberg; Mr. ad
St ; cba "re end dcr ecit do theater, dijr o nal I ghts. Cal tr c combintion Chick starter andtr maid' room, Tappan stove, ool. i M J n
e cas. st b 8 r 2 50 brooder; complete hoy bed- No. 59 Arport Road. Tel. 2-2418. 79 Central Ae. Tel On 1. ean Roer Hack- daughter Mr. nd M. chael dt r nate
seen te Le rer e p- FOR SALE.--1947 Bick sedq. BAar. room set with desk white pointed ett l neew student at Ms A L LN : Mr.
'l Iisng-oon' ot 4 'iecet. gc:n" p-rce' "MIt sell today'A" bamboo hlbngroom set with pillows. FOR RENT:-Two-bedroomlcomplete' the Lam^ HOlho n M.ihghoa Jr: M R e nAenHli t
Panama 2-2298 ottacq h ars. cnditin.. Rod, sprlgh d May be Psen by dpointment tele I furnished houselted a bus i and Mrs. Woodrow H. McCOy te e dicat committee said
p nanAlate3Jlnyta.HToe- 56422-A B renwrwet.Telephone 9 a.m.-6pm. mon s, beginning ltter JulY.Tel.H0 1h e dan at aA. lo MRa u i r share fn their hearts the s -
nBwo-x; metal Iet FOR SALE--1951 Henry J. in verym eonI theo"hMarued b;M. and Mrs.n1o30
aolboo 3FR50. R.... ---E-- Nconon d cc tonaigh rs.OneMi'sMa-5He-2 J.n,"ue FOR RENT:----Chalet, 6th Ave., S-ta- B 2 48Teh onm pm" _ch Maru udrie A. Mauer; f er
:S-pece niale bedroom FOR SALE ker Cornm godcondion, a nd Singer Indus- FRN Calet. 6th Ave., Son Nva; M Augusta Oberle- R and other countries
-wwith ''a nrd mattress $80.1 mander-8 couC.. e b5. leather trial sewing machine. o25-cycle.- Francisco d I&M Caleta. Telephonel.24= 10 Pal .bnd er ; Mr s Aenr e OBri e r un
-olter Hv4ramatic drive. Tire, 2212-C Curundu. Thdrs. or Fri.. 6 2-1612. W. an tn blank ma be
'A o'. 86723. &O Co rnt excelidpl. Easy pIments. to 9 p m All day Sot rFOR RENT.--- Concrete bungalows lbaterba Ta beee, nbta n on rebt at either
rt.S-A" C-' h'.- any beid 0 wae-. HQ rNS, Phcr &iboo 29t6. FOR SALE Fi:hlrg reels 12/o. 9/O. bedrooms, 3 services, parlor, din- Le4#rl rl" ,., the La Booca or Rainbow CitY
r 7sr -, G ianq to rnS aes OR c IE -1949 Ford 4edaor'Cu- 6/o and four rods miscelloneouW ingroom, big closed porch, kitchen. itheSchoolsC
C 0v, A T ton V- 0in ad In snd-Io tacklesLS75: Engineers' Wyelevel maid s room. wshrom garage, Dunn E
5AS .J'-Cheap: 1-I o lephe 29 Oner lain mat co switch nd loaderse- Bo& Sabanas 810. Phone 3-3041. mOUf .Olympus
Sanri, nrthoster rld- Z~o h. cars, original value $300, take $75. FOR RENT:-3-bedroom chalet, fur-0 Lo T tHOSPIT
1 t let, I on9rs 2.,-hp. electric motor 25-cy. 20.- nished, on 7th Avenue No. 5, San
e ilr abletor chairs 2 evp 50. Phone 25-3163. House 260-A, rcico. For information tele- ie"1
Itov t. Tel. Panarm a3-51-50. Cocol1.iF- rC RAReceaV a2- @I

WdSAoE:Share0sCl 1421, Ualboo. Apa a'mmerts U ?inl-mIn
c ... fur.iabed opart-at. .- e, a-

PC h bedroom, hoe, cold wite.M 'tRANSPORT- a

FOR R-NT:.For couple, big furnish- OR RENT modFuern a .. ..unt"AXTER S A-
:' (Centamuletfm ]age 1) ad room, kitchen, go refrigerator, lashed 2-mom modern apartments --
dp iron and washtub.-B ist Street East Contact Alhambra Apartments, 10th Packers, Shippe, Movers
pres dent eo ank Of Befle- No. 9, near La Piscina. Street, Tel. 1386, Colon. F.. S. RUDKrBSI
I i*e" new boarnfember. a ht. FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
Teran of World W ai"e wa a,, lAA i Ha meant, small family only. Via Espa- VALERIO TUltON
S atedLin arts and la lromI the S' -It- -FZU u rh e No. 106, Apartment 5. across Bxpert Mechanic in Ultra-
laN Unlverstv of Nebra )'m e holds from Pasadena Police Booth. matic and Hydramatic Trans.,
the dlanctldn b i~t i g the FFOR RENT:- Furnished apartment, mnIsion offers bh professional
ent Washint Sre peron r elected to EWE tEnU splendid for coupJe s bachelor, services.
ls t o modern conveniaces.-rd Street --
Men a wf l opt having becopie astte represen- igurd N Euser. superintend- No. 13, Belia Vist. Repairs, installation of gas
Staotive at the. age 0t. He has ent of CanalZoAe Schools. has atoves, water heaters, et.
S otelf i ~. taken a promlnlpart in Re- reLurAed toe.%ty following a FOR RENT -- Two-bedroom apart- -.
.of a Oi- bllcan state d national pol- visit, of e 't ei .. to there .mr*in Bella Vista. Call Ponaom SID_ MRRL I
Si le The- tics for moee an 3S years. United States on vacation and "2-2601. General Supervisor.
v" 'ee e He servediF 1921 an 4922 4s olficiai business. He and his FOR RENT: Modern apartments. Tels.: -2563 1-2451
too memo 15hr11,h. at1ea r.l of No- famlyv rMurned Mo)ndav. on the Tel. 3-4911 Panama.
Paul Dav -" brMk d Aa'dele.te Panamal* It NewYok. FOR RENT:- Unfurnished two-bed- ALL WORK OUARANTEED
to' every Republicap state con Esser an liiy it room apartment with large hving-
oUst for "The Glass Men- mention since 1931. He has also some time -on vacalon lh Min- room porch, int'parome kc. TOPICAL
S includes three Pacific erved as eber of the State nesota and- North Dakota. bafh. maid's room' beth, laundry.
Ors' oene amps=, who Central Rqlblegn committee garage. etc. tfledw screen-
S ve r Maiel, j ireqD- I the Pa ears and s del- Durinr their tria west, the inrag. hot water heater, venetian
*lGoodbye My F and te-k -laIge o'the last three Superintendent of Schools visit- blinds, centrally located on quiet
t Must ll'" as the sym- national conventions. ed several aIdrattles atd col- street Bello Vista, upstairs floor of PUarro. ca $301 ea
tie mother; Am Wing- He has lon been. active In Ieges anif4 with leading two.aptrmeAt house, completely 4 V W .0 5-5411
firsthv affairs h city and educator 1i for the estab- private entrance for apartment. (Beside Cen6tr Is l~erls)
Into. 0"do l Intfrdent-of 'hment- Organization Of Rent 115. Co see it! Phone
Sts a rce.VNota Wherry
mm ber;f 'n. Bll under 0 ovr 200,0 Esser attended the 92nd an- FOR RENT:-Modrn three-bedroom
t orstad, 'amily yen nats ave been nual nation AEducationS l A- apartment. ventilated. 34th Street SLIPCOVERS
i hitestt tril; etem nd r nervationn soa.0'aUCtin mention which was No. 22. Telephone 3-4700. EUPTIN
on the loala bygovtWtorwitto^ ht d Yor for a week ronH2-bd REUPHOLSTERING
In A any bovernmentap-2 room, 3-bath 4artment: Hot wo. 'm
SVariety Night Reed' w big h He also met with the Secre- tar. oiNd's room,* umog. w E ma
y To F tre and ave also f the Mdd t A- L Street, El Cro. Call 2-3483
OV Tor nature brought him istinctips. He socattion of Collel ond See- office hours; later 2-3525. anto.IN&8-M
lds the world's record oat of ondar Schols for conferences n- T .
monaire CGroup the golden trout whichIs .fed on the ev tMon of Balboa and FOR RENT:-Complel furnished 1-
In both Field and U* t d In Oi lstobe l i il hoo1ls-d the bedroom apartment for 2 months.
O-JW vart ni ht World AlmanSrerd iok H cannl Zoheil* r Collbhlch starting July 15. Utilities include. r
S ,t 8 pvi 3betWi honor it to n ,ry will be done raryand Ave. Just Aromna No. 95, Apt. .
Feature "The Haromalrap elud belong dentt of March ny tMi ldle states A- 17
ttandiag talent and enter- daha Aeoclton' l eur sociation. *40 FOR RENT;-4wFunWhed on-bedroon 49 P
t. Miss Judy Rosear wll Chefs. modn _prtr_ od gtw g Go,
with the roup n a- Reed dth rage. "
a hand-balaaihng act. rto WA1 adlin MI
inln Ftrank Mapeulco d attend'- FO N ew B l ln1e
oU M, wil bePir6eted. mltlee sof os --- MI L Bs O
o *- ufara M 3e"fe l
SThe Harmonalres" recently nal C An een addition to every
*ufned from the United Mtes, FOR RENTS-tats. Cemw | an
|lefe they appeared 0- the e Beter womSn O0er," an In-
an ,r ted wdon=h oorerorant is9boo1.
o and television coat to ructonal Rolf book by Luis Frncco. FS. i fue i 1 0 Old
rk program of Ed T.- Stanley wch was placed in Aroma A w
ban's "Tout of the Town." 111110.a cIrcutison dmagt the week by- 3 S
Se Thnrou p wpi i Written innsimple1 language I A
| o. ax and with an authortattive grasp _____ I________ _1 3
CaB *S, ei1s1 layer. n He eeds house with 2 or 3 bedrooms ,
caml ieana CaM 3-5708also Rewi To. Hon Tr
a-o'-"'-'i-t- s t .'.o sh ot," Funerol SerVic Gen. Whilock b 1n8 F
fingPMayg o".,,*. Set For Tomorrow Monday At Kob
*-be hev.?as permitted T ibacon late a of new books For Mr. 0.
^*kfeMlar mon- ea uti announced by 1r
HorBoa ene Ouatauiaa attorney Gen- the lbrar y this Mek flow: Puneral mer i. w !U be held MlL. CMLJ.,m k. -
aefor to4WMl CatbtA wasul el e -, Noo-fictlon: Wft with tomorrow for Mrt Zip orab h ll 9
Te a f. d-.?a Hatred, Red Tank. who bd Tat & e
San112 p. Dean; Sato TOm u Bs i te U i
P*M H e utbdard G toxA and other two- of 63. 1111 re 1111 w cycle ngldafM --Anek; The Se- Interment IS the H* era Ce- .O.
.,' lO-.ts of the TGr "thumb meter. ._'- wilfolW
-B-H 11 CoOm alii to be a Better to be held Uin1 1 6
forithe .Gi-ir4 U;i by
Lo; .... ; g &g
m~And -OWN

* :~. -





e6 4-Door. The popular 76 ,aodelequipped
k amatie, radio ad *-t 0ove., U!i, (r ,
.i..'- ...... ............... o S9 )
lCh Coup 13000 OO ul rgh"er OnesAe
Weand mo oKpopular umed ami-toewu4
L-I ... ...... .... .. .. ,11395.00
"..Irt Convertible Coupe. ceFaent top ire. and
out thi. bargain for e topped
... .......... .. ... ..... 00

'p trade. prV a .7 a'. ** *O


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A T'.14

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to warry at
mostat of he

*47 E I'

*GeVtr ter

LQ A- Min Marion Di-rickpon ( ) _WaUl wit
a Sune honor graduate from .Qlatobal High
is-AeW fretotent of the Cana Z-pe 'Art League
te A 0l- Washingtn, D. C., n with friends
acrl the eontlnt, "te will go to JAs Angeles where Miss
Didrlephuswill enter Occidental Colege to major In art and
*. ,. ,- -.. .... oed nation.
... -.. a. -

.e @# e VW bs befor the ihr teputure 1W the
Other eteads frome o Solo were also present.
The UlmbnalTf'eI t the IgthU s Literature Group at her Gatn
ratbrde r No, Va., alter residbrAe.last evening ,
beigtuaIMd at Coco Slo Na- Mrs. Joaseh lalkoa ski rejt
S.u,_on th- paWrtwo gr.. oo."Wor -ough and Ti."
-;-' The other members of te Cb
FO.skf -oe an CoUeg Club a
Bin h ider wre Mrs. John Purvis, ,ld
.w t.Y6 aA ni. T r T.M.Kasovsky,* rl Carl ff; Mrs.
Smith, atn, leaviv. for Bain- Viltor Young, Mrs. R. T? Conley,
hgal atument.Aver, r,, Mr4 ,.L L. f 4 and Mrs. RugI.
IwOr,'ia1!."q b. nsD momq., n o.Arthur Lney.
a w iFaOR R M ,,- =__-- "

-to t miniature. plam
Stars and trn motif on
be table.
-i presented the bhon-
"bs voyage presents. Mrs.
received a ateyt O4WS
and Mrs. Smith was pre-
at pair of white porcelain

we wer Ay and a so-
orming anoeyed by the

nation in. Cob Aetil
Three new member
comed. Th6se were ]
Simes, Mrs. George
Mrl. Cecil White.
Guest of membi
Mrs. Jevnager, ,M. E

-,.wil t mWI eeat,

aM U
i To ( > u ';.k ,.
aM e laurly invited to W. YORK Tt' WiltW t
pe;nk n at t'a. cof the compoer of"La Bo.
:h6 k"rch, toArWW AMo" wo thecutomhe i
0 9 9I.p.m, toM .R t. m wmtui on i

oC u aucee ul prthmance of
SPupg's "The Girl of e Oden
S the sring' p uslc edtlval
] iropouloe als conducted two
lympheme programs in Florence,
S the Fsival Orchestra, of-
e sch fre as Schumann's
second 7mphony and MeandS
o v tw nation" Sy h0
OI^ He vlt two 0ercertk iththe
IS CAOrhreesuing Milan.' Afker'j
SeovCnduetngin Germany during the
mfirt weeks of July, e returs toh
I ly, to conduct iVenee.
Jeunie Tourel is in Bouth A*efrica
,e her first tourthere. Sho606edA
I ballU mating j5O a it wa a
Ups-out. She ad IflnO i cson-
I- cts in five icaes tr fvre weeks.
But now she plans to double her
SAohannesburg appearances from
three to six-and stay'in South
Africa though July.
Alan Watrous, manager of theft
Wichlta4 (a.) Symphn Orehes-
trare ha-bqeu reeleted president
of the Ameriean S'ympon1y'Or.
ch e Leak. Te followTng re-
gipmal vice-prildmnts abo were re.

^^S.^Hf u.: Dr. Et B conguet r
--^*- f_ (the QlaTc (n SyAphony was
elected vle-prddtd for the Mid-
The Phladelihia Orchestra
deled i 56th season with net
.. .deficit of only 2A,3L. It would
ruy Ttlnde weea have been 'M. plus a $ 70
O-pice swimsuit made carry-oer e t from the pre-d.
t s sea-g f trrr.. ous season but for public contribu-
h I '-the tons whieh totalled U$06,17. The
Mn'to *Aia the orchestra. gave 1* concerts andits
300 .^ audiences totalled 410,12,.

GRAND OPINING Shows start at 1:59 4Mg 4:50 and
9:00: Im Adm. Prices: 0.6e A 8.30
TOD D A Y! AML- coor Cartoon and News. !


Thoses s
* elgaftaop all



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iiB^^ aK ti'ea ,-h -I
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Spotu f r
e l to i aftr. .er,

labor ot. lovre aafh te d ,/ oW r p ingON n SS. i

1pM his datE the v uVlan. .mo
r.-- will Just .r h p theP. racket"

woeald co-tar t Claude Dauphin

trist." have any brothers-just one sla r.
Shades of Sirme Silva,. the doll Shelley Wbterg 2ot uoly gea 51
nes apd whp was refused a work phere gross a at her UrIU* may-
for. poesorumoM 11 &1

per*Itt in the U. Brigitte Aiberj le, "Mallon Pollar .Dp o" buat al-
a n o-w Europ atie featured in so l to keep t e 'm s and

Alfred Hcocs To Catch a bles movie fr designer ATl
l nudiit. She's due In Hlly- picture. Let Jim Stewart. who
w~ood amo d" wnabout aw a eo.

wood sn to comet the Cry started the actor percentage kick,
Grant-Grace Ktely film, which has match Shelley ounthat
been on location In France. F e.
-p- Virginiea Grey, Wh used to date
." biography. aooy brthfla-ust one.out.
Shmany touhy uece about hedoll elley W

most recent marriage .... Rory French movie queen Maltine
Calhoun, accustomed to seeing his Carol, who is athe Mrs. Steve
name in big ttye over the title, Crane and looks like Steve's ex,
Is tar from jubi ant over the 7 Lana Turner, nised a Fox emot-
letters spedbW Is "To CatchFox's a sables movie fur desl Alen about an
Tefr adRive ob Return." It wae actlorba "e's traveing upder
inX nudist. She's due InRalHly-lpictire. :Let Jimmy Stewart, who

is swan saong at the studio, assumed d tair.
boen on location Inbby's offirance I. Overiard:
WashmtO; cpt of "Q'ee Work- "d Bill reaDy a nce fellow.. He'd
Pdl." I her i bioiraphy. Too flarm; went out.

many toe by equee with about let you do anyth "
most recent marriage .... Re French movie .-ueen Maidne
Calhoun, accustomedto seei Caro, who l Mrs. Steve

Repbin looking for a e th Al Crene nd look Ie Soc'sl taxi

tie for "Zsap Goes West," the pay, offers free transort
ure' that wi staor ithe ti o L a Tu rner, nixedw Fox emot
Sand PRiver o Retubros. Studo o tor: "He's to ravelih on Sundays

' Have you tried Otf
Boy.-A-Dee's SPANISH
SAUCE? Rich. pp- i
many delicio th o
Speaidsble dish Try
it on fried e S chees
andwicbhe, over asm...
sad may oMner dEid


- ,. .

De.s Sauc whick have wua
db passe of kihen cull-
nay expos' SPGHETfl
mawx any spl*d or raviou
as tase .asm

Her rival
was his
loe of


Chef 3o-Ar.Dse Swm wih
Madm is deliou or
sg sleam, m wid
Si.Mfeld ...... "

er iadanes ready a

iswo yarreeagayi

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.. i 'r "' ,' --n be

Sbrerete th ef .giv@yo. alsn
m' ou th" e '.f eer td

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* psaftht et, fe* olea ,.
in, tht-aoetarhul .yltod.t .-.*i '.

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tobaceoa ihn"'*tae
farerte uallt puaIbjl$
wbo spprciKate lap
j ci ntce k tiafte.
PALL uMJaL8 ihive l
20f moew opuaws t, k
any reffgulscigaretta,
This et ft fge

makes it a nlewer,
prolptiga SUte S .
lng pleasure.

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*1 ~.,z -~

L -. a.--J.o ~ ___
*t *

A. '"

'h0Cusuw Fr.hi Black goo i"'
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l...| ,-* -??
*. *i-,

Win OverD ..g0rs

-o-W YOR, JulySB & 1t d si
gets hired Walter Alston -, W t tey fPit he
heat the Yankees, so all V at'. ngUl dW1 1O I .. UntedsP
who can beat the GlaRs and ,ookly will '

didn't halve the formula scored 11 m fn
rht, the oians defeat ning i@open

stngiae rn .W 3inder-pr 1.2.,mrranii
with the fit s lrl ee I ft so ie sixhsl tofrTole a g*
ome ua a and Jim
a eight-hit pitching., gave in W Irvkt3 -2
saglowing record of Nor New
in1 Iames with r i .41 t w t riple Germantown, New

Willie Maya' 28th and I e. Miokoy Mantle And Barm King and Tom S ence- New rtB
the ar, bracketedar and- Joe alsoomerd for Nehe19 bo o 3 England-itoo tO lead a
n the circuit courts of Yok T Williams., Gradyg eahh hot a four- andr para oa r
and Dark m e s i ae es ago ,Spence was adnseb1 .. F
b o doctor to give up 391t2 be- DEY Avidn(Night (ecsh a7
te asta mfveramemyou Clckoy, mo ca use of stomach ulcers. ring .-
'the year oomraetd as hir elhia he bought at an antie shop hoen bemn congratu ated by Charles Abe thy, r o gZ'f e e a ketbars boawf o Wad f Nwq00nb 10 of' (5I :F M
-BaltImore 00 10- 0
Jo Cs1'n L ba ., eA.. for" ow .brei ofEngland- t l 101.. ,,- -.

k, ,wPe thi circu t, a0-erodofputteriiTe Wieimsaysdy FOURs hOF JUL JA OrnEy(n2
d vin" euthrwn i fully, Lr. rd ro T. Lvy y, C., J) 1yeat rsnao S en-Oseb

Tam HoTuan mI says u I satn nternationalsed with his

beI-- ... .... dle.l O Tp ito nd sow
over in a the roon a te bigd ctto Htt'bort eyolgov e I tw -O o
t." .e.. ... -n wh rie t im.n A t o t he Bcrhet ule o s.'se of
orlwhca poctranahan had troubleAndwth

-B 1 el-rn T arde lot < m 0 lk a n ane t S putt -ing. Te Toldo ss le-.

asbed 8 i, fnn l a s ,, n tthe iram Drivate lhrotg ot th eI g odeiotams seddhre .u1-" to u.
I nd rnts, th tankee -- eo he fir-t fiPv hols. Str.aiu-

,eh tsasF; East Plcklngs bum** Wis**" Ho dyoGEme ntnt,. s ..-tgtams

? ,. .__ .._. w- ,. 1-_4,.-,-A-a--... ,..-5 5 ......... ch.
basis:.3i~.1. b0 ,,..l;

30 -r.....r...5. peo. ...lT r '. ... ,5 to,-6 o'40 t,, e 000
aonth e ...... M ei 0 h toat e han re -put .leI ouhe -s.u .ti a. '

g dul1thrnm ,1 ..... .... h I F .1 ort 1obb Al B all lb ea te. .ok .y.e- "gp .h
s ... 0 23 il he wc'aln 14) w Scont (10) an th t th s^ at I
InPI3n forI the see in>rWb bbFrida ...a ga"e'- "of -..l.o..t Zinkr,
B1 bi hu oib lat 0ro t ho winrgh:Er onbe rum Ju lrr nat uSond:ro oy tw:D.nBaent.s Th -EnLArthut fcrn..HR.01 O--owAan
a C ah .iB_ _Oe ...... B v p 4 dlta oa ya rin -. two tetae Dulall i(0l Br .own ).r o uagl anhda .t w
I frontofthe akeh, 1- woer ........ B o 0 0 At earinr c Aher theKob. (_a0f, el e (0), Nitw.tlw A (4), monf t _W L.r. ,e e (Seeond G Q l a)

Idn der c o b ........ 0 7 bl l co rttho e headedd by enm. ond o a n (0 n De pa e .(u4);T t S areu_- nie the goo (or Ottawa 001001"000-- 0 1
k ckedoff. t1 1 9 0 unikLt o .Ai i tournament favorit(, shota, ,s e aIbrook t e ad..g At fotheren of. i r onu e w1 n" 0 -r h s 0 a n2 T a nCoo te O r has won the Bl e e e s n o

LUP" -a .... SO 1 0 0 a e alt a core Tburter: rady rhitefor points Meyon **ay 4 2o
New mbe p ..... 0 0 Wh he oand Coco r obbe 15 0 to d e Ab

i a y dp ........ 0 0 1 u dSlc tled o e al loor, rook AFB 11 3 1-75 w Ae r at aea'dO m m y..'

0'MeI ndians.-i A M i & i_- _h......... 0 0 00Co coeo o wfkd wry with a O holas:s l lhice ad .rese WnfW.,ia te n ca Tnalsad"ov Mr M.ntereal 10 00
B bH...- ... 00B .. ev A sue Rn 00) 0o M y Bcffalo l O00O000---1 7 0 Noble. WPuela. I. LOdD
r ;"f"' -.1In the third amee of the eve-Clo "Tex" ar'o h was w .over ISlpecal --roops aol Eg Cx and d-"S wi. aHR--Maitb -
I.ito ary Atlanfro, Sa :0 f er, He 1 3 Arm anadd r Atlantic ..., e. Rh e o l and s ttrte st- ei
i i. li I ,.d t r a 0 1 b I specliAl rooply ... 7t .125 to t. 40` -;l at t0e,

GiratMnM for a, 0 10 0 A a eight footer ande lhee r bore th c rson Shore (.
22 0 u....- e a e or (V Wlthduey r m Ies n-)

e Iund1 spue oeal oA_ r Pa /S .e lr' wve w% oAlbrook r Base team WaO 5 -
Srror or C paella, e by roClaon Lyl nr, 18 pon am pove rC
Ayt., Ji mP ob-theAb( 0 btted hya-Dark h e to 8, 0 n Aibroo wabs --gll. on f eldop LT..i.

l andscored 'Stiti: oi 3 rva- ay 6?agdumptdnr or ksghisput 7er.5 to 64 r,

ili11 !T == ""--,,,,, -- i, B T .e.- 2.- Gll,,,-,,. pec i Toop: .hor, o 2-, e, n b < a t_ A.w.) .-. ... I. C -
ins'for -the.. 0 2 r 4 cor Jimmy, T ems. aer (10, ws nkinCAranaigotl -beat2theA ItFlyers

1:7InsMu Ib 'it f0Hean. acr ice cor in thono ror le salors- lintheon ( 0).. 0 i-.. o () i ah-o it
Hostyalb on..., /a1 1 a9 ther won l at on by h n 8iberAtitt le:1h rael ()ledI'vei ut ournament.

IAI. A *.. on balls.0 30 markers, while b l wll e 11)m lae t ( 4), Wi h ar( t w ra' D abuee 0 04
frurlfaneea1-,e I w_ ,_ H._ d, 0p1.. e2rItoa m.,edet to te Navc...boto cb .ar. (0),aD. YTo ung bMoteams.i-th r g o tea. '..te td
Lk .XESf : Ii .wa,.. ._...-c eoou e 1 1f-pola man r _e,,y- the re (4) ed i, l l .e i- a .

._IIiihetoIrn a 3mi ewnombe 7--,s otea wTeam sWL .mo who .c- Aatc--a-es (4), (2), t .,.
am & 1 .0i *Right victor I..... 4 L e e-a ske ba WdL ea cogu fb ro okor the los Ai thn ()e Mrdiof ( J99 1eo As .
white and W stb itn IL Loke has wonteBru winCltshn tlhre (0S, Howald (0) and ma 53
Old-1ombe ., rbin 3p-1n, Wadre 1-1, (, .me.". .t.o r. 5 1-..
Her 4. Hit by-Hearn (Hodg0 1oeo me Ft. Clap. Sore by quarters:. .~ir adt fer, w a e3
0e&toth- 0i rw8elaoered o t So f b kS am bOF Romer (k TrooVs111 2

,n& 'Ne aoye (Pi-5. ,ot ns. 1mon_ t at-.an4 3a s1 1 T Tr m e wh.-
eTnwho1000 ri n Boo walkedOawaywiyhtarOthi Bcullhc d10) sa thme fnl ad
T.RemW00di9L wi tMosley (Pr) a-fsve -owsge nda tr a INo 11C 0

Deal,... l8 r 1 ,d ioubThtution: CoUo hd B l -f- pn

..ot34 86ate atidMefter fromhe.. '- '"Tea" .ah,-' (h)-wste anwid Durrall1 ropu s0),d F .' -_.d- ., r Hf,,, J n ,i "'S1s:.'ER
SirlPlninglAlbrook C ~playo p h(1t0big gun as he can the pla Sol ta:k IS: E :3bo (6.a (3)-
toor aoC lCoE, /h 5 iV 2ega, (0) and Chatwin TO.TO4- & H e an
5 1 14 rA tlanticth eFr aisg i Ho v eA age0
3 1 2 01 Tuesdary. c of .1: n to b ent*nc 40the a tD (4), (a
o.OO,,o..,,As a neau of_,,m- y-- r-tbeforewi ing ..@32 40. Aas!f.rcrew. &n1 6 (6) ."W's__._- ne "aC =

41200000- to30 e 8
"2 .Cae.....l4a0 0 2 e3by. trfaCay toCn LlenL(1kneV, a g1ot (ints a d t m lA rher. Col age.
atted in-D ark 2.n83 to 66. 116 Aitoo waE alls on.f( eW)goals. T eam3H51.

TAps&30 Ivi dumpi2g Fo r lr d RHaein* _____ _TEdT_

.. r -w mw .* ~ n -*-- .*0be 550tJo 64- ~LUwyf
tacalr, ,201618 1-46 ~~?~-Irvine r 1k
T--M#W *nAl!a .

thez or i-uiI
-3 rak- ThWK& useufe r-Albrook the flypght king will- -
-t, ost h tAt U Vy t Zto an OOtt. .hoen...
p 'ndWith. On@ Of th* sam ArM Sharp. execto return h~m o E8ME3G
so.owJIM Dhaonds 32- points and Beptembher.
A r mom demiaon T.
< : Q. P C A 'I 1a79ou.. .
"-IM tI w as. ws out nhis

GE ntos45.E ANn
Mr. Abemnathy on your winning enaksthsR I rey
Male a* fkinSpeart gGoods &woe.
S- y w smay more and- sell Iota o.sporting
-! wub m itu-d to d busnes wt h .$ _
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P .. .''^ T *,, ,+ e J -

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1 ', ',* ', -.. *? ; -,-: .- ,,
..tO-B- *'^"'i '' ..** '-,* i
& o.- :,-+Iiklh ,^mi:+

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i la the city.


uwaspn i i!

Sk wamo T in the fourth t f tracks
1Usd to tut, tnS t k r n- en dle. 4M
tS Ilelper-hour pactD tu agrica alu bst all known quotations for Oxygena a a tump ROCh t
--vifor o.m a Ua truml. Rocheoter
Sa l an e r factor in innJng. (NA) fl man 'Om Alato h it
8ulder a brulped armr (NA) seMuses to -he o7 home run of the ame M tr
mthe'w FM In the seventh with the ae
. .....=.. a r is n -* Hogan adu ErmeY. *
t",o I .6n --...**.,..,. *,...., o.. .W...

bis-d oomad by vicera J9GE Ca p V E a th Buffale B twl 9. wr, n
by ." mu-mS ayl M ONear End In U.S. w n4-1 teto *to '
,S---- fiveEd one-halfam.fath,.
MaOlEsWIL IAMSasbIt et he Jthn CampbURacnd a s. Eettc
SJOE WILL A S Old Man Of US Rac g, -Gne Sarazen 'ra" Ches pta.A
nBot glw Manager Branch O
ahif t te -t denlelh v a
.The youngest of a r,, .:-. a,, a- Dies Of Heart Attack ,1w -- 1 r
arminsm. a"e 0910, 64.htte. teiWstDsDO Heart Attck ^ J c ISf -s'
53d .^a. >nL.^it4 -. W i m Juy *lostl^t aM oi) and eM s a. S S insd of eesl: rmtn
PO:=-, laet ,, ,o 3 ., ,~, NEW T; a. ,W,: a 8 (UP) -o thorough that one racing au,- toannd In the U med Stat

wht up or the morning ofht a hdieart tack estn bl Ca mpbell's weight ign- ara e d. o brub .tolow you i..At y
There was anyway of duekin0 that one, In tact, It had l h mU New York City home. The veter- i ents for the 1944 Carter Band- eye-brow Nfgag by alinling creim oclo g ourau.Jiu pesb ,ae..
Sbeaen o the r 'o armi i Glooaondoe an hanAdcapper was on the Job ICap brought about the first and out GJeme UIherr su eflfea sutcomesatolt That'. AhnoSAvs...the
atrand Cenotral tation.e e d.N o o Ooo dand feerefreshl at the Aqueuct track only Tues- on~y dea-heanwt i in an who sbme day will be "muh04 we1nerufeul new "cannd sher" ha coai
bells. Just go to bed .searly... ., o5 tcourge, It wdy b en lh ht the gal day, Aue7 w4a race. Capbell greater e Hoga." beard.omftenmn to wit through~ B aiske I
S twter of fa t nraif ih m f mgf Campbeu worked behind the handicapped that ".ousuet..," th golf offioelals should ast/ agaluj ts i Irrais
e ad S Tl d e st *i h dBrknehe Dusty Saturdy, July 17 at 8:00 a.m. cwan rra nn y l o
t hat sti ne ofothehee8 paidfthht save hor1e erhit the wre at thesame i time. eds for e ,- o Suv m;om o.ay..
' in A a lrofdoark pfllt p er the. ad Play Tournament in d8 g the Campbell would scudy the r- pb-lalned Whn"o Campell .It r wt tohe I ltne t o hat won' leak whenm omi
as w tell It isn' 1 a necllpe," snau. Cilowl.y stem, the day 11be formnies o mf ll two-yeari- a t. a particularly large weight bu a Ity with Unl States
brar It a't bone u ba things in h p#es spark awrds for anole- m in every January, e he released he always febt he was doing if r ney permitted only their s iout 'mIs
t o adS cals wh en $iinog,, eN can ou pyat at st a tt .Con ac ap, a theK b sereldn A rIygh e reclved ome rt- to enter the '.: 6i^hams I-- -b.stp

r ie, m -r- n ,e re pb prite frde bhle o f( dirl- -- Y ,,ni aal bcnal
ONmy filS urday 1i t 0am. _iAGehash t U

th#. deatmsu.toheehvow a hmed. "I right ton Golf Club a Cour adre two o'elock at the trap and hkeete U h
on ft kis s ofIs ce, eat takeyou t ofth o d ye ar a'o all i l, n-y Iersonnel, el o tealb osGu Club. c ms'p w
day "c- tpyoul"acCmpbel bl you are to dt ivie program w.ud[l con[it of twen d. Mb ampbell w b e J
xsini t-t ppyof mdrsowe.ta io employed by the Department of ty five skeet target, twenty five ..
.lis sh ltal'" the Army, scored to Major each ixteen yrs l and handicap i lllah ...
i d ot seS. hd .frRething o cer, toJo. tThey were D.lh e.phdi nti11-o Ieont cn n W rIftMest O-t st p.

-h -. An it.:w n't necesary to do m eudroppig to .fiedr. T"ee .t l p may en- The trap r t l
t.hy "a T ea h. s s.. ofOeeIA.cs inX a- the gadufarttepltie, eh wr e r teru with the AmaSur Tra i p' i
the swf lat bat, tootaheA. 3cO Ind AVhe As- ody o- norhotg faar l o tfo. r Lrentr Cot., T OE

Atul..IysAn aes, numbe r o-la ds th~e bl mee.n I em..ed Into Al hedl o evend t Fort Cla- Mar widoll be heldThaturda t
t' e diea o i win' t, t h att they hd- w hayed tobinauCr e arnde thw se la ick ati be dea se
o hare te fie th yetw f ott were still po oyoi. 096 o .mt -Openal of ulb- Col Marsh has bte e one of thea l b o aGnCu
aHe t hesIn e amtill would rather Te w wMes os.o h...Tubbv, Post com- most sonsstet and popular LOO K
thn ht re ra. otoatrn knn hth, h .rtt t y meme h l at be E .W AMM KAYt
Nm w andn1 i'- ere s ,u es and .h o a' heai tp er teeroneOsre"al.of "n e wt th At T
teb .lgae. semeTer hhe ... ,hedule.oeen"r aofwo do .ill bEca rdO

hea Ca mp. ge ll teoe oot. then ene-to- our s:hotmn-gtarA 1-holeourcaa ionr nel ntryl fo e
I wtor .. e fellow aMe_ the were wth11:00 p.MM eDrpvin g ontft Ca.d e the dr
dPuthavnbeeiethth ela yite dg Oct. 0. has IteMlly sHb.e to bkrineYoU best sles a
youn.s.ers, wh byno00, hdb....e.gnto ge. .st.o neie l Pvg-oa- d -...e ra--years ahnwlb ssEDI
Nowte x andG then C LBerel w n quiet andI yo'd "n". .-.

the 7secon noffiwil l-so e a"e

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M. P IR-v bp -

With the easy, better listeiug offered by stars es as E p ol er, Sammy Kaye; Tae B e,
Gloria de Haven, George Melachrioo ad 6bttrs, speasors can promlte sure-fire sales at a lower cost W:,
sales-dollar than ay other advertaliog medium. I


PHONE 2-3066 9OW I

Goa W- 0

3 B Wei I -Bf sp
PL .ie es .n s .
8*si eas m us gi. s..

INSBAll--wfth Pee Wsu
Ikee ea Me Wag le,
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frogt hat t*ey bv t160
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, :- -^' tt^.-;-^ ** i .....". -" -L-
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R i,.. .- .1,.


eve "Les the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham LbwdlM
7. -A *. .' n.


uts or pIAMA I TUESDAY, tY .
4it not.

e ..ach ot her'.po), inre

ohbl.. tel ,. tlate-e s u re
riS4rinf r(UP do- la ienddoc be reached -atc.alie a ceasefire la lads Meanwhile, e States
cts fe chin dct apdl. K,0 chla," Ho said. and Britain f secod
Sto Chth-mihb t ttrate the po. Ho's interview was distributed round of alks to.
es for ccep to aid- of ( s itt to and monitored in London a So- day on howt "
e wh their poll Asia ceasefire aC the Ge. et foreign nmil ter Vyachleslav wth plans for defensee s*e
yatend Satlent Indoas may be a eva cn otne as as rapidly to M. Molotov returned to Geneva Southeast A*.
-|oe al conference on Indochina, to arrive in G~eva Sunday or 3a1W15 .oti
in a letter to eig par. .. p t r

edhis foreign pl o t the pre Ho aid progress toward Monday with thp 10 days v
l Preier li-'rnce. i at Geneva was "rather low remaining to o on hi
outside ere-tor of said t talks in Switzerland "pay pledge to end I" war
mn tas se 'the edant ldBchIna news T ral ed the way for establishmBat of or resign. y
ff isr&ff '$Ltf Iicrumtll- j-l service that was distributed by I UMUN peace in Indochina." Chinese Comanmnist p -for. About' asaihei t EHIJIoi:
rt Peing New China New Aeanwhile in Washington, dipl eign mintr al. rs a n ed to reut
a*cble tWoi o l.i" &V "I tion on e U. .-propoased Sonduth. rita ceh s t Pemlis
't cedt a rev ad aid he wel- east Asia defense pact hinges on retarS Anthon en wil tura iSt of e noe-Hal g roa .
comed M se edflhro One vacancy for the initial class what price the Communists will within a few dayt. Latest ryeas asd se rebel c AmS La
p 0teintiWO french Pre- of the recently established Unit. demand for & ceasefire in Indo- ta& o. P being drectqd a a seo
St hiar said believed a ceasefire ed States Air lorce Academy has china.terview was distributed round oall t
been allocated to the Panama Can. They said the terms should lie eriAcnrletsai-e plate The rp' the ou i
a o at Zone to be filled on nomina. known at least by July 20, the d b'y PoIroorWi ndmtC b- ho tas theo- e
A -ia c a lt idon by Governor Seybold, accord deadline whi' h Mendes-France has e try Woalter nl Bth would selfls fret ec can-
Stor In el ire *lg to official notice received from fixed to obtain peace ain ndochi. u re L thert met eear fMd pee a
S i the Headquarters of the Ilted na or resigned The Geneva at hetop lev e. vast mei a
SStates Air Force n Washngtonference on Indochin broke a. to arrive week ago. ncle
eIAs To S ~ Wanted StatesAir D. i asingtn, the Communlst teras arej aretaker com have con- up aiur re4L? klnfr n c ote. so stiff that io g aars that pal ued Mcunday l te with tsnh de. wphe '

SS e plePtmlierIir than 10 persoM fornthe Air Force officials expect Britatherln and Moscow va East Be. Be was last nightouflaag a. o
fUt Oil C o ofo B, L lO t Qtj July 8 (UP) Academy and from this group the other nations to agree to speedy met by vice-minieter Vassili Kou.- fkom a aeuallte of gun post. ath-
Son Oil Co. o Fz-irl, seleeon for appointment as Air formation of n allied pact to netsov, acting head of the Soviet tions surrudig the city. Power-
W Gramt h o c in hel to t gd jury to rce cadet wIl be made in or- halt further Red advances I delegation. ful seadtebh swe the Be
g.ial ,h m c0 d.Dlda fo ett an. rto. e of merit as established by Southeast Ay for esta bh Tof was no ceremony at the er te c w
regionalS manSS' r, n daforsety i n fto a school competitive e:s minations. American officials believe the airport. Molotov jot out of the tyo keeping She horitor like mitd
th maagr of th e attended V y hr because Nomination for the initial class British might be reluctant to press plane and i mmeiately entered a ay. "
activities Panma, he wanted t force authorities entering the Air Force Academy ahead too rapidly on the pact. sleek bullet-proof limoasine. Dogs barked and howled with
the check r to to send th ego children News in JulynWashngton, 155o will be mde priormi to
ta, president of the claes with e children. February S.eastAsiadefenseat hinges on rtary Anthony -
t, ot o- The eng r, father of three v c fo t i l l wa.* pc I *W
e enh Pre. of the r eently establishednce congressmen W arn Aga st Haty Dedarations
tOfin, ; .mli o ing because hef-
a te aid believe ae On U.S. Reaction To Red China's Enteringe SI.ctld

b. e ttd o 0 o The owill last until T Repuby cn and th e terms shouldcrattroi A anyone would k.
t Zone to be filled July 17. n cautioned today against put- He aid it t Fp the But he' alt. the heart o t
chedt h ImmedIately Headuarters of the itd n or resign. The Genevatof Co a
j h States Air Force in Wash sNton, el broke down st such ago.ircle l

5g th, U.S. Ambassador Seldea Chapin co now mpull n t of t he munatt China to the c wup or
lacoolbiding program wa inaugural address United Naon I' d Chin the adverse effect" uch aco do e
slo stiff that iowly and that two dance Rogers t Four admitted woat all have on the intern- e .wa up
fKlg: n elemen r choolI being con- tor in Panama, and Dr. James House Speaker Joseph W. tional organization, to rally the .wortl moral feore-
ao P a tructed would not be complet- hownsend. director of the Cooera. Martin, Jr. said he was "ao Homer Ferguson (R- ea and any action to withdraw -
15gbf""0"* -d for three yqars. ve Health Service will be osta solutely oppoSed" to seating Mich.), a member of the Sen- would require moast cartufl
oat the conference the Reds In the U. I. But he ate Forein Relations Commit- study.
I i Partridge salthat he feels Purpoe the coo nominate not mor sai he was al to the Comm against ma- tree, add he agreed with 'thedrl
sksody wit h111 will be abohe 2 0 y ears discusedos and methe Air Force oa kind ae commBritain and Moscow vlat except that "we ih oticials si o ntou Ls e

~. lo o.A before they do anythingg with rovidia technical assistance in ait io to agree oui to indicate that those connection -the OPrMsofit ai
Philip Pl g e." 43, was selection for appoth intmentuch a way as formia *. lli e (D nacto n who vote to take Soviettons r of State Jot n Poer
e o the a id to me t wil be d mads in or- halt furtkineRed oadce Red China... are voting us E toh soaed
rgoamaars oolmetive e- minations. Americant officials believe the airport. Molotov gm rhiot out at theIUv. Am

i M. saa th united States Te President said he be- and eir outlook -d h l t rs i
entrin thivAesForeAmhoad noto "predetermine"s lievek a per cent of the Amer ee ichangedan by the d Ir- The iy t

the chek fr to to send t le said ren to in did not uly 1955 will be made prior to
S reint fPresents the greatest story o ov d at ver h Martin and George took A it
B brought to rto screen... t Congr essmen W arn ainst Hasty eda

thic ay scraid the question of a U t. President El wer said sryr-
notho s urve the hViefNaeuop tive prom"..ose!tbecauseltea

Urefhuw n united wageda aestif battl

P.cutioner" of ted Uited N a-

Presents-Je the great e sAToRy lovel Nd faith ee Bowtarn han eocrge too Auppo t..iii Camyirip
tote sce!tgerybcaly ithe a al Dos tio c i- EsnhIoe j urt -Ci the state'
..~.,hoe inhisorun T tdnal Conference tnOnUSh news conference b T l
yesterday. ,Eisenhowersaid.'..PV VIHIgntbvabyutheuW.

sl otahe whas r"Run alyad oeosrenha etdrotr noe ould"a
e sl.aidttens d Ttoofa USt President E dlnoer tai the.

Pacarl stuadnt lmashould noat on sms fron a dese o a d
The c c m win e eundled, waharlta i is dlred vocen ete andiust rahsk.e

0 tNr sP.M. rewouldnoDWF Ko a advocatred w sportg
*rumerican withdaapfo he isenoherN madetheeo
bd or three "' ve t eew be o Martin, Jr., mo ihedWahnab- Sen. Homer Ferlgus o(R.- and any acton to wid

at the d onferene. the Reds in the U. int e e t it consider ecaommit- tn udy.
J Partridge soldNithat he IolM a PurpoE Mc the conference is to said he was a tia and ake- at ho, ald he freed with nces
hhaesrmsdtt except thogt "wea:eirepoferclflhwdoInu'-"p
"Itastillwill be about 20 years discussgolds and methods for Ingshny kind cOf hoisptm ort us"In seektng egiala to

efoe they do Anythng wthroviding tec al asitance in at ths o tme. o to indicate that those n
T Sen te F orei vee eati ng-s au-, oei. t htheelaw
mittee,akido te Peip4 r-0 -m ion aePresident sOf hebe-
-hognU yeste rda ttingited aea' viebot
d a.levno f 5 per cent of the Amer- beenN -sopldebY-the.1:
whathIte w i peoples ofdochina. BC His agree with ohisty Of *4dC"
reitdmed Cinaseted over Ameri- stand. He oid he did not sane
-JenSGMONS itod a te wa was Pc"pa- tfor all the pclnese, Cm-"

dUrTO .ates w Iareainatinc.RedCMana'sy. mnladon.l. o- p.Y
country to become the flel i tIst-


1p4 ,1t

S- .


CHILL: A Man and an Era (13)
7.... .A "., C .-t a ..

By Ward Cannel and Ratph Lone

Ir-y -
I hwd

ad Isater
S -i

i~#'~;rt#~;~ C-;f' -':-... -





* 'r'- ;"*-.



W "'.
;- > 4


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