The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Tea and Coffee Seta
Hand Made
Finest Workmanship.

We re JeweOere. You can depend
on our knowledge and, experience.

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Si thi nki Se tantaa e a al 0e," she said. "But don't be too r
of human no her." aurpried if we hav a woman )n Is m "he
f r froosevel Edwards, chairman S the the White gouse bsy aI" paa tflephobe.
& d 1, t the United i mi e a division o! the Demoor. .
al;?-"She has the common
l. .... -A ". .i t ,"-: .. ..d l g ,.w e- rop-:- .. ..a'- uc a ci ,* twhe Wi of ther ... .....
& at. Uxcha0 resident ,gkerPriest, treasurer jL
the U.S.-"wlfe, motbher- home-m'. tR t .. U. oi'k
m e ws maker, politician; combined bhore
"p ban-=-, ,. .and community relationship and *M m [
for A years of service." MoeU4
Margaret Truman, daughtEr of
| WASHGTO, f7,T "The "Important enough n dealing former President Harry Truman--%
Inclusion of e offe n tternation- within cne's own country, the "she's had the experience of lIRv.i
al cM;do,' n aod.gir slative smooth mnoetioning of thee mmin. lng through this; :.,magntie per-
act in dos estler com- di exthe is doubly imp ortant sona ity."
i moditDes ed threat to in r ta nal trade.. Mrs. Margaret Yeo oer Repub.
6 ls -ath il trade and hem- ding at a di e- LboUl dHean nominee for e f Califor nia i fX i
1S4 Sinae'ex' pi the 'new look'
M, t .... ne.-" lisphere, OGustavo Lobo.sW "it is mucha molia, t to Senate--typies the new loo k I't'
Jr., Na w, f at of New man a day to diAr; k o In presidential candsidwtes-honest,
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a two dia et nt m death f whether he.thought er son. was feet in ua cosmption. The
her mall order hi Bon, said tot aude: the influence of drugs. act would require submission of
The odds were 7 to I agalne day he once tried- to buy marf: Tears streaming down her face, sclentifld data to support all toler-
losing all three of these finesses, Juan.. arettes abd on another oe, the mother also said her son was ance claims.
butte hand is an absolute cin clon came home reeling ad "afraid of something" before his No residue could be' 1f in or
If yed properly. Do you see the "ont-of the world." and that someonee w as on any agricultural aommodities
rIh line of play? The mother said her son, Montl blckmailing my boy." until tolerances werf established,
gatomry Ward Thoral, 20, came However, one of her atta s. The secretary of. ea h educa-
STh-r was no need to take two home appearing to e ~drunk b Bartlett Merriman, quickly u the tion and welfare d a toler-
fpi ses. After winning the' flnr she coud smell no liquor on his iquest that the distrauft oth- ance at zero-prohi a
trick wit the ace of bean, South, breath. or was only "surmising this in- resiue-when scien e ta fail
hoiwd draw three rounds of Thorme, heir to 1,300,000 was formation. ed to justify a greater tolerance.
trpis ending in dummy. paed dead In hist d y apattnmeaf Mrs. Thorne testified she
shoud then lead the ten o J amid evidence of a nar. that when her son was
mounds, allowing it to ride to ,e de-iei sex party. Lake Forest Academy sl an- _-That's Gratl de
queen. his deqthb has not other youth went to a place here
bu' ahorlties ha to buy marijuana cigarettpo, )mt SIOUX FALLS, S. D, -UP)-
West returns a 'club (th-e .tl equld died V a mimture were unsuccessful. Whe George Aker, a bhfnool
defense) and dummy's wf'iij W and aldlell. On another occasion, she aid, student, was "sworn in" sheriff
the queen lose to X 's- Thoreme approached collapse phe found out Thorne was ls-as part of Student Goernment
East cannot continue iti a e testified. "_ .. ted at a hotel where drug aSd.t Day ceremonies he p ptly a
on clubs, and can do. no t Meanwhile noe ofler afne! halag out and dispatched a lawyer rested" his father, Auditor Edwin
than. to return a heart said he.wO re to get him "out of there." W 4ker, on a crarge of illegal park.
weal Ia. t e Aridif- n Thorne already had 1 ing
South ruffs the second rouBn of fa ts to twe bhen the lawyer arrive .
hearts and leads the king of dia, week. Kalhemt a bhe l .t ties are seeking to
mends to force out at West's adepende agency" worI.on abie whether youn Thorbe, rt.
When West returns another, It a- lMtoi oner of ths
dumay's Ace Is put up at The wealthy, solafly-pro i Ward mail order firm,
SautB gets to his hand ar. tis, Tboe said two yea p o m narcot or .
huamp and easips two a-t her etin inlate at thi q et foul plar.
monda to discard both of e l.' u 1 i Lake Geneva, W resh meedl marks. were fOd
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S .' n, a mari ana cgarett:
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For free, friendly, dependable advice and
we invite you to our completely

Air-Conditioned Office




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Use Unew

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your hair will be
sunshine brightly
fabehlse arteS tawsefly ed

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or Telqhone Panama 2.1661 .
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.eof the sun ranger and accompanist, uie
ti to watch. travels around the country, Thet
vistas for Is also a y daughter named
pbheom. Abbe, agod aj_" t who goes
$ along, too. M tens to be
E nhfam a druiumer t th sbe grow up.
u." Loves to pound on thing. Fine
aoubd, sense of rbhthan says Momma.
of the Joanne ourneyed from things ,
Ssociological to tbing melodic in
") easy stages, ..*e- u, her oaU.ds f ..'
graduate work at Berkeley Col- Sat9. IN
tlevisig lege in Caloia (Phi Beta Kappa, er, ne axntx a on on
t-be too) and tb b headed for Columbia PtofItuoum They
aem for Universaity here In New York for
oast. her master's degree. Her celr .
44 Cst club theosi-cellar clubs are hang-
'ont lend out$ for twmngerp-wau well-re- A C E

,e V TV .ToPpM9 '.o
accepted Ray.,-" ): Las
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-passes this RBi th lU thise year of
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-dgt a1she' been singing. Her par-
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Chapter In our story." career moI reined and respect-
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SHend he the was Just Just and tremolo
eBgar to c on to a radio pn .it
New its She think b onit all
lk. at her ia. all, how that ee of sodol-
Swith Ezio Plaza the og'ba hel er get along with
i l, "FaUn." elee l gets-and read-
Swatheder ay o al journals, as well

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know she was a socjol.
"aut* .a solological oSi l'i traded her Phi Beta
^ W 4Cta. knocked taf for a few other key.
lxL. This
t le-tur. o_ ews that Walt
awe-he was Disney ha d Dr. Hans Haber
Su g own to his ma. is an authyort
Jve m on spaee Disay' new TV
4K.64 mwi t, er a In anad," will
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l tt ith of tom o Wro 1 W0,2M 6 ItUfl as
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*s Edith Adams on TV 5. the t *a.
or. "I k both. TV' mflre re-
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Philadelphia BalIf ore
(upe I ,, oLatV Tan d TA. W
X. (INIEXIM .wW 1tz weeks) t.
|-, ,AIiT
. Wilfor4& McKay1, ,
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Out, ~b e sh and getting ot Into the worldd l

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AseepuUm enmall ft for
Buenaventura, Tumaoo4artagena, Barranquilla.
Santa Murta San Andres


WIrd 6 McKay, Inc.
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Jvb.'frJl S f'om s :0 to. ,6:3 0p.M .. 'ie at 1 I pm
.wys Chh. AdFdChurch. '3 n
k Oman fr. young and old areCialum iN ee
Mrs. EUsas eurtematte enter- w d1 one 1t 6A1mda Caldron will hold Its
.. i... S .weted b th% bydthe SeniorRih snka 1. eS, .in1,
ay taei es mt e Io 0 P m in Girl
ntrawell to lbs dbwip. neod House,, Pe Miguol.
.Mjor t o hamburgers ce
SJ. and am e and coffee wll be
S lwho01oeave oh $00 to 6:30 p.m. G* U
heIthmUas u Jlaor Ie .Ut- admisn is 25 ents, nOt to
*4e t e ed $1.00 per family. 'a
tilt.& i..'' Dr. White To Le-tre Mnday W YORK- (UP Wi tern
r. Doa re i expected to Dr. Weldon C. White of the H We rt U -" lt e i
O thB mna from B aos Coro al Hospital Staff wil give a an eonductoras re al a d Orlea
At? to irlsit o the illustrated lecture on Holland sd and ct o t Oes a
end ot the We*k. ay at 8:00 p.0. at te a
e M e Bra niffAir- th Armed Forces Se- e Ai A L Mss v Wer te, be nurse) ia of
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Membersof the-2OUtOr "'. ,ACINVITATION FOR PRP.L CZ".33329

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letob eb .N0 lc become the the villagne o1 C.Va09ov oa In No. 9. ear La PiOna. ARt. C. Tel. 2-3 707. In the Atapr.m the im e' rinf m uai e ng.MUlBt hmiion Fofdsev ie of wrto pntt e"n o nc,- L3_; POla noca te-mjr
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wih Clark: WCC "r.. rowr",tB:r0r at e.6:T HFTp.m. -In- '2 mo 2-0027 or -076. List Of hm u nclae darN. criticized aClrk veth a.-
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7 a aentiNo.t 34th Strd No.22. Tel' .d onJtBn &th'ef.srafrndendre ou nt ixerteWa-. dWeuiced-chr. Bca
Mrs. Anna K. Ke dr ewhad reco-knhisv Ina e *phone 3-4700. enue Day ldanse wha nave OltrkMe a It 1 -it and a to "dec.nm d deMl .eonser- os c ns d. ,.
N NW B C Mr whilsn dn i been unclaing wa released to- Carthv nd Mundtdiued the former adttO .'; l
B erenle Conn the t es Stau manian Ta&ttrs. FOR RENT:--Screnerd large 2-bed- day. a modest war" the t He aid -it w with M Martha
ORK J 7. -(UP Kaaoea. arret ree- room, 3-both apartment- Hot wa- the D ae bart ha "half-trthls. M
r 0 l, J r 7. -(UP)-,- Ka-,nmoa. Manrre.lramet- tar, maid's room, garage. New mod- The list reads refused to kiretacutr ,lear enmles of he tir tech. Mr. d Mrs.
-o ermajo in rs nn, a l~l -.., IY o n- ern b uildin g near Hote El P anam a N O 47. W S .. W 0.' O, 1101, anre to the = ant 1 0e; "M 7. d M rs.
ofchuslo n; N. 37 D: o. to ws w n- ,o wri-
pan a.n IStreet, El Cangrejo. Call 2-3483'NO name: No. 1916, b *. M |n- staff feM_ .w The autwrte chiar1 wid b-; -
.mtha, Charles ba T .. *t FOR RENT- -shdoee two 3301, Joe Hudson No. .no,Dt. r weflall:
a ham Stanl.and bedroom oprrtret, .acellent loca- Johnston; No. 1. R. shop; 10-Yer er
Sto t on. Fedeico Boyd I. Phone 3- No. 2099. B. .. Lee: No. 164, S. 'I 1 l exd W *'f'te*- .
___'____' 1 ', '516. Fulop. Curundu; No. 1009 Mr. Of CafC leb tert fo -rmer At Att .' ..a.-
a^ ^^ hinr r. .* -Nichols: No. 1141, Bill H algo, mar Caudlo-wer e spota. Ngholas 3. P
GAMboa: Nd. 1473,id.A'Wilsion n ai n -a ndan--b .
.- A4141 FOR IENT:--Large and independent N. 54, Mr. 7arez No. 1370. n .
Sfurnished apartment, two bedrooms. R. H. Rodel.
WOCRCE MssA Phone Pnamae3-1036. P maybe claimed at the Shella ba t ten
butanmsMe hfls>. FORRENTM.fumrIshed 1- Aeric Legion 0 rear-qid nasa p
S600,eagamt for 2 months, tacting Mr. rarrell NU&'Caletreb-leaa.MIX1r 201110b"M
...,..' c lu add. a.,presentlingthe M City. di bedA6
Av. AJuto Arasesapi. No. 95, Apt. -011 of ticket. wa. fgAM.0-

L-. '9it ROCHE.,Vt. _-- UP)This do
to lgd wsdnt SSE J"A- hiWs uYIISwo- town thinks it has the aive C053 .
eM A Iears, *0nin Canerelo. woman in the State*k
-3- 2-4ittwho isemp~l-innb e o aS"
...~~~~ ~ ~~~.-. T I ="'' P

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a s (Pwrn lo native hd comm Atteeu at
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v:SBr. '- eIr: Ms h Mra^ r )

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( f -Thentnst. 4 Shei ch s
m: p wSdosir. Th e 1. ro e t, t Sumi (t S

Ta e dM th enand M S, w.h d

) 8.o Udthe noer the. m portn July e p tl
3: -emlC or Wedvetewdhilch mli ht thve sto be ma uhi

..:- ------e **1 ,-.e Ot. edau::mn t.: lu d
OSte Ltamtents'
.pMoYTe b-eo wit" stitwatlanoue~
:hL-MUr Dw~lazin rer I 6 y o ntr e ted By Mr.Jom

(eQA) The I" ni iolt ometn which 5

V-- .o aot --UP)-.- Indoor dher
=;Fr, O1H M ThM-) fS.,S ,SAuttt, d
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6 Mu / 3rt norten ee laapo r. ta~t congos U

Pfwkrtoc migh h ae t eatte S

8:ECAlar en aear it wa
--- > Is a jointo copmuf Jcall l,.

yiB-Saauny~WO -41>- Indon aml o ort shee. t-
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Am.^^ ^^11^ -*I tbeik*t h./-Ua ;-gu- wo

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3. V. vanB .;
J muS. Ur (UP) Wlaim.
.w stand a,.


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w .gf for. spIt
BMtt flat~Z~ine~ih
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A bleb power aiw, a
ua bo m e to o a t
rhen. r amvd pl. .n of Ose

we1 e I iChtd ,e) r-

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ows -adt hIQ tee call.r
Ae atew a.Is dpoed for e
ediae a ues. (Bursess-Ma p
(im h.e.) Bm "

the mov ie rodaer ooid.a the re-
qd5- "SB '_

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s slbWeek

after week e rn charac
tore. But these's hsory frown*
os Thomas llttCk's .forehead

r 'r aYor oa
he Town" uaui tbeM "I'II
Just he' myie ,
One of the hlamitars to do
live TV fiv; fan, ago. MItcheU
"You can do asyh4na omet em
TV8an4 et away I&t, but you

tuned dowu a nmsy of rm,
I ouldt be _my:'l,.utin ,r,

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Squqr. D.inftg
Tonijh At AtYMCA

"tte "o' "- Mly 'orM~ '" a
45eIn a flua and thaw wui b


LODIBWZE1Ky. '-(UP)- Old
sagr neks fled with diamond
dust are vEs some ladtrifas
lsu Medad ofdoa day. IA-
dustatl diGsondb am uued to
girad Super tough us By ,itg
a sags sack to cateh tle diamon
duat weva off In the githding pro-
re rtles can be
rei.ite lo ute e


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BTh Ui.S
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Pil I lo t ator: "TMm""

halre unod to be a aU
Apieceot a herffftk
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dwMoll. g o Ekes to "look uptoI

Aocter wa ee it
There'n. n to the date
Clark. ibt gear

eoadrwet sad ,w..'t fell e'a'
weesemtqfupiece of her row
othz studsO except hPrjmuptel,

Inns. Meg hita, is awglj4iw
blood greatre_. coMpumwso r
Mack 8amps tided that his
1920 lsumKp%55ay Ou ,rte
,,u.jiU.u oafht o be _sf'tmd :l
-at_] the tronia~tr
ry MOOM ia ~beiai to pq'B
h par. .7 1 Mqa're, wto
stole crItical nofien in U-Ire 'You
gumyka," Is ur the the- lad
For the role otie

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The uea who mw his whisky isot fussy -
but wise; ,adwiseut ofl is he who chooses
Wit= H-one, iSy idmp is whisky at is
nest, distilled byheme loag time-mtesd method
in which Scotlan4,-and only Scodad-et ,
To ",pprcdats thi" .oble Scotch is to dwhe
wisdom; but tk f(r White Horne by as "
w *eak the Mconnoewi.

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has literally Sone HOG.wild to bring YOUthe best sae agen .

& available ,.
jHO0 rOaches 100,00 e iten pa uma and the Cal Zae with baying power o .vww
1100 reaches apoera'la$saaa H~t
.. aualy. .., ..:
i Wihi the blett MuSazd differed by star! such as IdE. Fioer, gawpy Kaye, tea
lt .oria do Haven, 0 eq.i:hle a d oSther, spew sen can reo e sure-re sales at a low .r
lesbdS.ellar lusi by htllsg .sia in
"' m ln -n' .' '' .^ .mum : ..,, .". '. ***,v"-"tl[


.*-. WOIK FOR YOU! '$3

PHONE 2-3S6 N W!
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SYankees Lose
S ly 7 (UP) If the ClevelanM
the same kind ofball, they'll
'es and Casey Stengel may
otin with the Yankees.
liush of Elsewhere- In the America
ast, League, Virgil Trucka of th
I d have .Wht oX, ruy who has pitch
uBlated ed two major league no-hittei
e only.an4 says he'I't especially In
1i to win termed in third one., jti
I i missed byrone-hitting the T
an roll gets for a 4-0 triumph, Harve
BT g% Ca e oueno's third ioning .single -
S' league clean anash to center-was th
aIJ lever- lone Detrt,. safety. It wa
last 27 Tru0k's 11th triumph.
; astening Washibgton rallied for there
runs in the sixth to beat Phila
S delphia, 6-2, as Johnny Bchmit
no. *top Iwas the winner despite a home
Jf", exF- by Lou Limmer.
er over
They The Giants, refusing to let u
In- on their econd-place Dodger
Lni Dupn- beat them for the fourth atralgi
Goce time within a period of nin
one days. Home runs by Alvin Dar
E dmw 0. Willie May. and Mote Irvi
f. 'amahed were the key' Giant blows. Mar
r-4me Mon- OGrissom prerved Sal Magie
raw.agdlinat eighth viotay by relievlnx bil
homer. Aft- with the bans loaded and non
I walk load- out in the-ninth and ;ettinft th
y-V Weatlake next three men in order.
&L ,le9,then Curt Aimans, the Phillie
,Jt George hot.and.-old 4outhpaw, hurled
,,1 e more one of hi. etthr ames of th
s completed uason to b Pittsburgh. 3-0. o
/ a seven-hit- ob. Smokey Burges
lm e' olne- ,and Earl TOrgeson. with fou
ry ,Wy .hits apleee, paced the PhIllUe
until j.' 17-hit attack.
a the ibghth.
rioles got to GOery Steey pitched a nine
hits, Wy bit shutout a tle Cardinals de
l.-bagI[f f the Reda, 6-0 in a victor
"a o WI featuld Rd bchoendleni
nmaa lamb Tttendint his hitting streak t
5 straight games.'Harry Per
kowakl yielded all the Cardina
g n n -ing runs beoaW rookie Moe Savran
4 In d nesky out out the fire.
their way to Milwaukee masiaored Chicago
be'CBd Box 14-3, with big Gene Conley coat
plup,'fwtled jng to his seventh victory. Jo
h f" ?a ed Adcock and Del'Candall homer
ftn. ie ed for the Braves while Ralpl
Sare: an a ICiner' hit for the circuit for th
S. Cubs.
ieke of the White Sex
A h-bie d one-
t h t to beat
. A f .

w. _.

SNr A t.

5:00 7:.02 9 P38 .

st of a
Eamne a cut



LUXt ; "
The Picture iat Surprised
7e1 '0wta


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-w q

areen: EleIMI sham. Illll
Ew -'^d
~ D
aL,,gdy N(g Orusggr
l- with -


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At 0.




Athletics lose

Wilmer Shntz

For Ten DasE
I ;* ., ,

hv sold pitcher an ad
leuiml that'"one of their-
setetin wJl be out of so-
tilon.r a .week or 10 days.
RibhtUander Bill Upton
went to the A's in the deal
that sent Outfielder Dave
Pmilley to, Cleveland. Up-
ton started". w ith the A's
and pitched only 'five in-
a Is otero. being shipped
to Ottawa, Philadelphia re-
called the r gthtander two
weeks age bat hadn't used
him since.
The club says catcher
Wilmer Schantz, who was
cut below the right elbow
Sunday at Boston, will be
out about 10 days. Eight
stitches were used to close
the cut.

Along The fairways.

- v.-.4 I



eo gol zor sJ m
thrm ."Ae courte- y r P airing Auft(
Mi MW. y t.andy Br
pan ; J im
the local mmm
.The al. qualifying eveat wi close contact with
be i boiol eaci day--July M3 rector of apo"rte
and 24-and any young gof.I on for the National .T

Naval Station Gets Cha

To Recapture Atlantic C,
_. 'L _' '' ";*'

~. I 1~:I'r
~ ~

Oil aU4

thom Imi'h
EL's sinougle
sESand two walft


oPPed- 4 nt-wth an even
Par twe x.#* .54 hole play
and captie4 -the team that
went on4 t-he National at the
UnlveiTrofof Miehigan. It was
oom po~ a fdylinkle and
Zonue L Moya of Ban Jo-
e-e b0I' gave. a finLe ac-
ceountif [ftg nUa and ao
lempreltg MMa Iad gal-
lerles.the'-that another team
from heal'eing pressed for by
this organiza-
tion. '
.The tournament
over thea ourse will
pro vldeia Ls with a real
est _q-' lde 'comparable
play. The I will be a part
of the 'more'than 25,L000 young-
stors w Wo wi be teei off on
2.500 so uriee during July 4n
hopes of: _jizlAlg for a spot In
the iuni golf clce.
The our Juniors from
each of the 46 states. Canada
and aItaall and (let's hope)
Panama-Canal Zone will be
comprtng athis big event tot
the IW D llara.n college
scholar abips put up by Nash Mo-
tors' n.t .Delrs, a trip .o
rope for thf national champion
as the resul of a grant from the!
p Itidnal Golf Fund, Inc. .and
regtion as a neal big league
iane Littler, repentrunner-u
Ie thci Natona p won th
J Ngayee t__ nt 'iuf
t ore details on where local en-
trg are to be made, starting
I .._ other datea n, n

i Mor t t .ere-
Se 0one 2417 at

Chss Tourna"ment
Fdrext MOnth
The Ialbe T.MZCA. Chess
CIu. hi. elmuau,a... "........ .,

.(0-, INet a md

B y 200 000--2 9 1

PNelw o 000- 0.0-4 10 1
ed 3-(6-4), 'Ormeon and

ReOO ( -3) aca and

Pittaburgh. M D0008000x-0 T 1
Ph"la. -. =700100X-3 17 1
Friend 03-7), Otonwefi and
Simmosa (8-6) and Burgess.

Cinipeati 000 000600,-o 9 9
(1-7), Bavransky
5to-7) and Sand l.

Cleveland 1 '.
(Night ae'
Baltimore Ooooi

d Iman ('-7), .. k, fox
and Court .

Boston ,0010000--1 T 0
New York 00001012z-4a 8. 1
Sullivan (54) and White. -
Ford (7-'), Ban and Bera.

hllal 01 010- 6 0
Washgton M I1 0x-u 1 i
Trice (0-7) aid Robertsor.
Stone (8-1) and Ilptop.

SFrc Seals interntoiii
Si Loop Sndings

SAN 5IBCO. (aP) R chster ......... 50 30 .625
Toronto ...B... B 46 8 .0 16
-Th p -o tu t of to MontrIanal ....... 41 i.n16
W a-ea dbe delghtedtoe-... 458
have Dr. Bo Brown. the a ""...... S
New-?.. p Zl for 1 -a'ssam ...s0 44
0 Sa ........ ., w1 4D-3T
But M, a s on.ate -'.-t o....*-.. ..

... Ott aw 186m-00t-7 1 3
3racua- Sn0001000--4 9 1
Miller would. want. him to Sisop, xaenxsoa (1 and
Brown reenly a ttahelod laiimbo LovenIut: w, (l)
18*0aVus h stWu is orApnd urBtt (u.wr-
ebal r ue bo h Lraemi W R--
wae aftehe arrived in an upio LIt
PFrancisq oi the first of atI ." .
pIhth for a medical residency Montreal o01 00-1 -- 15 1
t the City and County Hoap- Buffalo 0130000110- 1 1
Black, Hood (8) and Howell
"I kow Brown t a major Froats, Harrist (M, LA. (9) and
leage third aeman but he Ryan. Lakeman ). .WP-lack.
coUnt keep jerking our reg- LP--Harrat, H R-la, King,
ular ifleld'aeund to spot him Caawell, Black, Isksrann.
there whenever he had time to -.- 0
play;. sayv Miller. 'toronto 101003 01 -4 6 S
le R- Richmond 010.1000 0-2 8 0
'"That's wrhy m for posting
him in t-e outfield," says Mil- Blake, Shore (9) d, Howard
ler. "It We .ot him. And Nardella. ad Tabhk. -
that doesn't look too nme- Blake. HR-Luta, Hotrd.
diate. .e tu- belongs to New -
York and h .'d have to be re- Rochester OlOfOWOo 13 0
leased bef we -ouil work Havana 010 00 1ix-5 8 0
a deal w i- wr n1."
"Al.I e nIs no*b s that Jacko, Boyer (a), CnaleUy
Inlt Ite -nested tIn he (8), Jacob (8) and:inan; Rat-
gOyst '"If we could fensberger, HAiTls (, Sanches
land l0m room on (0) and Noble. W.P. an. LP.
thespB"_ ,oneR.

* .. -,

It '1


iys he'll -it

a PWGA Handicap Tournament League rirsl rice ion w
e The first rounds of the Pana-
.1 ma Women's Golf Association
Handicap Tournament have fin-
' ilhed Winners In the first flight TIt STFANDINGS thbalf tuime. 33 to 32. StUll blas-
idare Connie Bishop, Doris Hamil- h h the thra Igd quarter
Is ton., nn Little and Sylva Car- Atlantl Basketbali Lague th winners manage Ithl .
n center. Connie won her match ; n their 1 point advantage, 47
it easy win and Ann Little won Gibraltar ae ..... .8 2 Id-way through the UAt pe-
s' from Cleo Burnsby default. This NavaJ S4UM .... 7 2 gf.lof play Naval.S p 8M esem-
week the matches to watch are Powells,..... .. ..4. 4_ .. to se emeael for
Doris Hamilton versus Connie V. P.-45 ........... 4 l .44 t hoe.tretch drlV'* 1pen.-
- Bishop and Ann Little versus Fasron *..........2 6 .3 a three point lead,; s this
-" ylvs Carpenter, Albrook (Out) ..... 2 8 J00 W shortlived a OIeR, Nmoble
I In the secolW flight thhe win-'. and Co. charged back to a 4
t ners are MaeAskew, Pat aWring Monday's I point lead an held the ball for
o and Alyce ech. Mae won 5 Ob1raltmr.10 Powe the fia. l minute of play or a 60
- 'and 2, Pat w- 3 up and Alyce V.P.-45 O'Naval& S 46 to654 win.
al won 5 and .. So the matches Joe Oliver led V.1.-4 to their
- coming up for this flight are Teolght's Oames fourth 1954 victory with 17
Mae Askew versus Pat Wkring Powells vs V.P.-45 -- points, aided nobly by Noble'p 16
o, and Alyce French versus Ethel Fasron vs Naval Station and Andrioulo's dpzen markers.
- Perante who had a Bye te first The Gibraltar Life Insurance Rupert qad Steluer ha 19 and
e round. quintet has yet to score a vie- 18 respectively but could Ret no
- Winners of the third fight are story over Naval Station n the punch from the rest of the of-
h Irene Robinsog, MargS Dal. first two times these teams have fenslve staff.
e ton and Barbara Clark. Margaret met this season, but neerthe- P.P.-45 will be seeking the
Dalton and Mai ~.eybold payed less the Inmuranep-men now rule third place, slot .tonight when
the only match )at the roost, thpugn only by_% f tey meet Pows~ the open-
the 18. Margaret won ol the- game,in f, rst in the Atlan- er at Matpariti a- 7 Vp.-
hole. So this week *we hay B sktb1 League1. 45, now a 4 a th "Giant
Margaret atlton versus e it tis- to whMA ihe G- s.. a o e p g. de-
Robinson and Barbara O ark rl1tr.n uw we a vote of fleat b a 4f to 45 Oount At the
versus Barbara Ithodes who hQ4 Ik* ooi7t 4in- hands P t en
a Ae te first round. L rt.'", d t. .r .Mmlp B Iee b. W-.-.'O tht
TM, tournament deter il an o, 'M .be.s 1t Itno be n ta..TJW.P.-
the PW.A Hancap Chamylan B0ck t th athes teZam kon.isa i o
or 19.4. The 7oM, __- anrgV m .et this tm Never eir lowly .iaaum t the loop
I ece of hllver, are any o f o i 6. i. 1 14at oth,"T -.
s ;l a r w'd be V.P.45 been behind y more They rt rule as
al'ls o. wisae than points and on Maday favorites to dlslae Powells
medalistt on July if at Ama- afternoon nightcap event they from thid pr with
Sat(e-.v ..s.cor.y _e what could be classifi eda s 14poisnts..A lfkhgt h. year'
lune hontf Oth PW OA. csal c mset 60 to 4 win over ag.hmscorong a__ nd will
o-- .. thle defenlng champs, havwe to do a splaemnt job
Golfing Gosip From the The holiday card, winding upthere too, thW e or Gib
Amador Ladles the Indpelend ee Day Athletic o, who., f s. I Gyears,
I evetns a M Iit started off hai monopm t depart.
Thq "Chiers" Tournament on with a bang. Gibraltar Life M11ntd 1
',Ladies' Day last Thursday was five had a c tussle with Pow- Nvali Station, only a half
Won by: ell for three quarters, then pro-game behind Gibraltar Life,
l, lt Sylva Carpenter Net 61 needed to open agap that they d have eaW, with
Tied for Secod: widened to points, winning FaiIon and to
Mals raha_. -Net 6 out70 to Noel Gibson banked be dloek after
Mary Jand s. -Net 62 24 for his aiernoon's work and tonit's nip ~ato the
Congratulate to thq win- upd his o total to .144 boo Th
ners, and wea to the new- p 9 ta, nW 6 points behind tW1 t4.a
cooper among Winner a V.P.-45's a Joe er, John Hati alag 35
Tomorrow 4e r will be a was lead man for Powells wit cou aand ie-
"Match Play par" Tourna- t.ado
ment, full allowed An But ltW really the nightcap murder ciA't
Informal Ofthe Lady that* thw attention and awe N ao Sr
Golfers wd after the of thefans that gathered at the is al p
Tournament,, and, everyone l Margarit gm for the Indepen- ures gor-
urged to attnd. Why don't you d ine ty win-bill. Nip and ing a t
plan to Wahw l at the tuck from. start to finish, never tal anI. Ru-
Cof ls will be was ag these two teams pert h
able to I I the meet- more v se points out in gam
Ing? front througBut the contest. ment ts
The P.W.O.A. Tour- Naval Btiet led 16 to 15 at in t 1
Tnament w e held at Amador the end of the fiwt quarter and oft M
thisamnthw The. sign-up T VP-45 took a peek at the lead champdi6 -
1s 04 th. bulle board. Please "'- sre oi ', w ',
check the bulletin board for any ._
toV.Weato t Some Of BaseballU'-s.te

at Aaoi thC." Hexes' Can Be

Cicket 'News Others Baffle Best e#iI

'What probably w prove to M -
be the dedng game of the By STEVE SNIDER cut With

I I tap for this n w. gard
jo ilUvw Icty *.3W -.ORK_ July 7 -Sa ,s of euny..
I S Exce la C. be ex-lained and others can't, but The n ,
dl..W1It's a iusch they do exist. as their
S ejo a ecld- A I Maga of the Giants regards year. The I-
ta "ov "e BSurrey te Bodgi as his favorite "cous- 11 tims Ils.
whose champion- me." He has licked them 21 times thereby
I. dim hied In hile losing only seven in his life- Warren
hour w ch dis. ti and yet Dodger Duke Snider tough c
rulat scheduled game hits agie as if he owned him. In the I
two f0- Thus. S s is to be oer- won a gawee
te.mnter. tain .o,11 U '0ar"e *o n bass when Brook i
ths 411 Ctlub rienced the Duke comes. or it'sar- Ellis
11ld toube with a patched-u s tains en murdrsE
MOrltan team whom Wto lws .J f te Dodgers has troubwilth
St made in y to 74 *ra7 & New York's ton. *
J fby the win __nr L ackJ a hu ne I W Is PeGo
llkWR *.B and G. Atherly bac ee. yers whos, la eme Is cenalde et
Stp run-gettersfor game, G elted foer homers a- cheap heb
w3e W. Desousa salie Bravey. H berth was ews of the
hWbt for -2 runs to r h .gdd- ae .
beISnd e en eN a da,
f4 *or 0,sa"d 0. Virgil Truks of the White Sox, an ancient
19 f S am sirec against Detroitedo
2S1l c e r m a s.W i l e, s o w bo

t*ck Phi ;',rim be Piryas. alEd
W 9 te* has D trheis,wihed
lamsin a e a

ivPp ur uuuamw.
Carey's -.l
apped. len
ankees on I

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.. .'* .: "-
........ ". ...-........-. .... .'. -
- .... '" ". -. '

stio. w Yark a
tt-is sac,, h ,af

210 rubber a2=med W ilhelm can
by tin .. mi. h t = pitch .very da. rtd a rim
AM am:0in : _mo taking his ,b owthe North

A _4.aGeiseionah he hqu ortie t I n1 t. is a1te h i o r .
'. .t .. .e.& F ."ga ,. Theawrl o-.ip--c..-_ .p, t m
WILLIAMS OhT d acurS ely J AnPI Te aretgm dea change i ul han bagmiwmlahe beau itO and wrn &

J O E' ree" ml. j m n a w hil *' +. .. W leth e m n lo- 'p
dudonsitqbtbe cboanlAron whe allith e momli 0
rt Cr -ru coet h e utent ie lde1r. ofa siMael dc. thearn ar aas b ow- em et er nt W .Ie

iohsro _e e -" C AR 8 ,.Atmn of sta afas-tat-
DIncer Wa W bewr on p t ke ll N-n echF am m-iII W A ou, sh taro lu a dcnr,-,n in d. nl tlFui tebon l reel. A NA been RIi L n. l.otlder ce sl

-,s t. m ,o, ans agrok, W hot nC dae fly de. v-'eloD AT wle overt h ptati ,t gele
tor c 7l ami e *kee' .p uuttIno bede ea t th r n .anuese owr G e afunny 1lk

bo e lis d ar e a lpue t w e o r 0 g tent nnte to tc rel. nd l b sp i ngmat- nOutwClub rte1 myer.nohie aen. be.T P Si d
d heWesnt yo, oh r'~ae-~l 0.b wotne o.heMI rpar o1ny- enthou t 7oadi g Ugt
a Mr a..P ieuoit p .outsks.0A. _aPwbthgo4,dola ...'t t__ .e -- t H

aive f is mrne than a t hii*..a ge the witcbe btng nom hnaeId from a t cose went lie H o ...a.... I 3
V l ds. a ef It c ar W Dei sma t oagvF previous local resf aa rnhterthae two, "I ..rsM'
nighiowK goosu and. Arate iaafrl Usevgrdht .4UI b are -- .---- 'P. bum d awtui b hs u the 5pin widb bsdS ID 0..Teplaees
Thai 0 1953-lA "

.m teams lessIn. T54 s _n ....... Ieo ITher.
o th I we -aUtu well wn itia r hln l II.) oH w D'ne e mo thhe scarcty ot he y e si The match, w aod .3l t hih trm gme w rth -
e rof It we ian a t l e ineo we a ro u erl f rn re $ d*e
,- prdaew osya-othero

noIT t l r l t h ae l l e ar fusttlist JS

r O 3 i.., a 'u s % ha7 pe en ut b e MrOk Tc andt leo t sf. ,
S'r -- + .o-r,1. a h d "o f ,. a y sh l -u s t e r.n..... .d
%I iitlnut l Ia s-e b rt twee'oe Ia "1neteh theC p l os... ...dA..d aInmA
eA e ae O u oferhele be a tegvd e et be te uavao ei ad- &aI a 0 reo
pln Ay Mo y ga l awaa = 1 uw tas te o t bn -m a1lseJafl Thto top ola a ue A Ht ...."..heey. abSr 1u :

inte will me e n CSteu eo ouie d o mweas n usoelea auetpB .e....... 23 a

o3fia'twoao SrT.atie M.k's.- !wn-.ri ,' "W ht &Orftft Net:::::::::oe s.t.miso
t "ere has beenGM bbu igheut tihean etlss ais dera ale d bin pafto e ree. iadleiIe Ah faorI. S

II mshI ebot6 t1 T0es the wegh of e
.heho way be-Su. erg d the1tr Wi I lists ,rticly nm* to welne-to .am-st, -.rar.,.mhebad meoe te aehibm 113u A -1
,=g u u ie hmu o f, Ofyte t? *n h e mnW 1e na.n orI l TheflImot .n nhatiofoatemt ar Ath he-

NJoe... g4wiHI tgtt tow it th rs YpP edc aaedt h.tmseId..........and" attefor intcn t og 12e 11 15 W -,' 3 H" .

Ilo*,wt ulhiit sI 7 .i s wa eal in moe ti ularly athm e ini b, +tllhe-eeep. WAu- rasadfby t 16erfor
h.. ]?aeouLoMakerbum P JrOVL. Public Y ou dontfpeto todvbual__ _slim.__ ___of_13

hmyae tedlgive faother t h a n the 14 ate ofi rslhe t, trog malmo #nIsrfrt he to ee n w A wHlr
02tkeh.e p aboh, he reel, U ipcand ge *5er tee thaee a d l ow y i1o ther h bee A hee bettermfre-e
andt his .t, nilad you.oBoh bbe oa'Tnhin aeoe wi t fnP0ebkc hadea n e
G l ft Wtn't heeaey 10 eat ian w oeres t e iy oGrouuds u ts., eyrI nHo ball lub Al ail Alor up a nair s o fT

big M pt Iwer. oncei t proles by -1e tect ii re tl.a Beac404 a A). -Paid

a r-wP t b g h's Gb otP thi mdoti .. w u he Al m te -I* V -

ra nder girt .... .... ...... -
the cmpi-d fa-
to cktch UP. Tu am f Totl ............... .,
IN Alkam Wfu 'a to w,
o sn sart I Ii ..t Ba elm Cliub
of st me tr o -

a "Is M .. .....

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4W. 1.q"- .L&

&MM 0 DW ...........
UAW Aft" S_________ re presentatROA WA ibE -4.:]._

A -ST re ,-- entauv
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In, hin 'Com ni t"

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o resUly 7(tr)ft t which ..French -M ef

sa.h b t' o lulp h on g to"o.,e. .',
unfnugsfenelk opm ~I lo years reported t0 ~etbelf, f.ted IIl

T r hlrheld city In 0rn.,Se a t rnd ,l tha
his tat Hu ofen la all-routre Ie week. .*
south, Of P 51F ph 1 p a C-e "N,",ly- ( 7
the .~~'troe I v@4 g ou lld we I* ~ff

i 8. IcL. ~ ea a m q wlthdra ,border niW gw R e Indubhbn t e o o l
mortr. sh o c r and at hee aidorth of Had of

sa n soi th o IO inol, are prr f a.uoh
~~ Clp~ T. M m m l. ne A e avyo flrow ittI 1 fo
mL.le,.Hong, Wien lind the. ranlhrop4 eed t III-forcee

It encloses. en, at thsouthaueevuated b Red Chiny
The.renc, aI uer e~ rnch akes ~ le trthata

m iens lh d bythe wh.go e thatoan 'res jal eterte
d 1~ b wit o froadsgo n ion attTrdthaataHun Y en t ln. at o .er A srl r euie
ad.- to Hanol Wde t o Chi de sed w e. ryo the ,h,
We f@ T e t h ed currPenthFha :OIfi h u h it s& I

aw o iith drw Wod b o ras d 0y gmea n h Eie ho ler An -ur rb aa
or kc tiof 1 s meatse ao end mal f uogt e at go t haot r the ar .ha n boki s P in t. the
led morier g"ta tro hC ahoun without the Ne of.V- 1 t.d
ro-.. .$,thraIroabFnrecmetthe,

tiae~a'~. erhaf on th
=Ues Chage .
'' ne d ro D elta 0 ron' wIdeledChins ..rnla-O e&othough dnanotttose
badnmortna rshepeocd d ... /, .

1 i n l"wth' -a~el~ b th RdsIwhgs, toay abec wa-Io
drm, 0.h"and at art oo
Ills ouho,,7 o1. EMU;'-

THE are0InICTograN.,pnt n a d imrUneti tt..
00 Na e 1144o
A .heav y(T"PHpt e r. an e-iso-high .n,- 4es..

 1 .e.*5a Itv O;D aes he ranteor ohe to ilibe thr ee~n
RedsChe g inaedI., uthat Cho .t -the l,

1Last Prida iftarby makes Wesnot
ofheRe. ,th. se:on a ordered.
OT al 7 (U ) vo;- al b l or t e, re t,.--

.69 hl:rUgow a,- ti6d -L

bsaanpre id, aaanhecl i Aier Ti as

n .. ....* f not....wieacresJo, aled t
,, : ane Dr, the e54 8,0 nRodeuay aid

a.;-WthNkebyand mrears iens forpofem't releateof
cstevenrEsporesetio4dren& 2edp
d0 toNb'80 h

.tmtesh l 8Th e agt .e p r;"

ha wei pby
!roorer ZA k em, curreontlys bhey Cudh Cob a a t wI leDOW o f
finhting e8 1roceed- 1 'o te bp
.Ines, tod-eat ra, eac g war- IroN ain....
,Eman.rant ilam esme taht on r.r
woubded go pshoub d fbin e rved mntd-aticm I

c.ntem pt beh liaento Cch, bo.delo tpDm %
,-. THEION PICTUJRE IN p= = .]= m 5ieom.h
'_N &Vmataestate-he c0me5h.r16f11001-A M L *

app eMart ted orta icans I.
DI-! *I G rA iv rc poan w rant over to .Ge" three -e
aa .., ,eto ne rIha. five days. Czech,.
Ifeetoortgt t thoe fr "W a e sl s egly r

at e rtha dhan the claimed lwa r
Vdiwk P~e Dlt sd~iroi keke lonwIMithoutthe i lof'sadht

of o .-w e, c e Jo- talked, to
'--.b"o"0 S regr" w anne D i 1 I 48,O0 i today inA I St
,."' HN' arrears in payments for sp
-pt o t o be in cod te m pta r n 'l
No ra lba nhs lur, who dn
If-Pom the Ogd, "' ng he The m i
rh a d a p 4r S $ a w ee k u b *.3 5i 4'd, w

onlade onlythey
,o rceduhrr o ruit. v. cithe U 4 1o t he
S ua an a the rta orWede. ." .
r I foff''.ie. aorft .. -
cuu -am ~dto Spro ug rgue

IE El e Do l t at d hi s cl et to ra irm er '
sh uid ~ o h ve been served m atic o1 O ..*
,wl 's a tlb n onthe alimony caia

repot ed ,la 01 the deported a icpan tl abw : _
t~o he ~ jth udge, hOw- 1 i '
.me S proper for "We haUe A

Eu thi to he contempt merely ut~*e
o "r hV I lre, for any
"' ':0 m 1 il th !lough sented In have aboutLdn
h ied out of .the sif feet no
a .m the d t- border. T e
re ONOtd eLVeg U aparent'A tI?7t
tae hl
fig tionk d On proesent d- ose
j -9 .t .. b-._e;ach. .war-, ..I...ron,,:



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ond the


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^^^AM^B"?^ A *B-.e
M. *jifea ttm^ Wit
a-wiw.- te^
b imhr.hoi^' roE
'*,*- .. ;- .
, ^ \ *'..* '.. **

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