The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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P. Carr und "I. W means" The of new
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o 1munlat guerrilas eIyn

A rani whor- Wt e only ,12 miles rouoe
intnce for teMn t empslg to uonlaht on theted to unity l

rn f ed: ft at o
Ador t To Lear Ab
ed adl obllr ongin to 'ft years. with, thesea-
MP .=r mfaer, m ta t qdriv-tcmaing more and morew
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ago tosao dI J Orul, a 21- el.a0Iunaid of Captain Ne tpn
yea. o Rnanani, whoa x-X MCfat V is one ofie te
I3 t Lod onhim n the States kn a belnd-the-cenes
O Ippot unit overhadowed by redp
arJ. foor baiste e hler charges. .

however, ctlUns ofe the Canal
leBritainh m aZone and IRepublc of Panama
sum troe nerot o consider her hunklwn.
B 1 Th Will' have an exculent
Io vt- B chnwimr et eoam about" the Shi
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-t o Jre cnktr by alomtin ritthe ablD yhen It L sfR
HwYbesI ffot A m elopem n mr .ubUC Inspnctlon dur- w ..
I nouh to be hald at the NUsal U e beea Na
A3MO1C, May 13 (UP) -The a= RCbe Solo, Satud.
IBT m government refused today Thinbaer I 310 felony
toe Birm tan's assistant h 41-oot beam and. tpoV-
nLHBU attache to return to eor4 hi toui die el engbisu. Her
sp1*. 1fatbl ^00-ton displace-
RT O aUo follows Britain's meatm er large enoh to
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toro eitzbllIhed bases. yet =Bia A NAVt F* Pau SOL I
eno nvigate into the rel- t-he planetau
f i" bet Foreign Office In- ative&helri bodies of water erth U fl
f tWcBritish Km3ay that needed for tae stfet eaplane
u R. P. iadn wll landIa tke-of.L
tted to re-enter Iued in the unort be to the water ud =@eW I
I9 oWlt visirt to BDrit- fers are fuela roeicIare e buIy e
SUL part, ad nlt&aneE a Mag ara d
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vred in Panama f
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am tram thastb
austly reading
Bs sad customs 1
A my neishborhi

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IM@Sao@ Waiem
WASHINGTONi2- -t. 4.,, -big.~
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or to yersath unt anp rei yearns
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nere In rnm atS d-yethe Caurnhi sowenthi5,ign"c-cold.havea.good lok. ..
_PA ..--. flaf MOP*.of Mnha a s Aslsap -

tbs-to hot, a what d." te_ u.y,,nd noth m Wentiow board the traffic control -.
it the d that ug crew forgot m about this
p va ofl va, som o benir X load of brass. It was. allowed ..
,iyan of the odor Al ts1 h e fu sotan" on. ,.b !r"6
exr ey exect anelll lj C to talk oihaven tetn" of Tokyo. The bomb went eoff. A
M after 9 tm. But they can make as the noTse they w Those on baid msed the whole
wbatner they wish I.g how. When It was all over some- -
Then they constantly complain of their rent being too bo. remember about the lo
actcomplain of the neigSbola and tAry o vget their rent cut. Al- ,n backi b ase..
ways, comoplallg "Ir entalup won t give out the .N U1
Why don't the wake up to the fact tipt.they are not in their en "ager liss, but among the l
nativ land of USA, be congenial, and realize just how stupid -own tn have been or. board were I
thy for try$s to expect the residents here to change their Gen. it.o P. Weyland commdad- I ld
wa of tlng And custom. to suit them. It's the same as it peo- log general of the i tactical A i irIi
im. k here loe'oto goW to he US and expeo.ttSq A.shge the way .Commn in, and Mr. Hyde. OG.In, I) ., ,,a.way_ h n.m _t.h.t __ ..... t .
t fd and t t~ o ~ ~S. .deputy assutant secretary of the A t, _
Vwoa re..c.t arrival on se- = the -owlann of there ll. mrna" gemet.X -ar Iam xaton
0ak Ognr4mtrutiicos, eand Of horns0:44trainengine. A Fo.-ce maoax
Shl d id you expetto find here, a of parad e? Why Whilt'lte p resent series of bomp
don't "7 to 4d08 h.ouru elf h erematSof complaningl? test in the racificis n aot yetcom ,.
-You w i i elp ch nfr..'poeai, there are no plan sU By b Ot w v
If yot nMe. I tB n sccitMun have an easy life here newspaperman or other no ra. .. t "
woan w what i I theOm would bave if they were liv- wmat -ivilita observersW. taTere is an of y c r. e Vt yr1one ol o make .
-A oa awei or bie wl, f adi th Pla' w ere me tut o tho e i wben Roit f hlea ra iseantlh h on n'sroposde d. t.hls 4ro, e .rean. a s h b a wlnd has turned .m
.tiut. i~t'6 taf to tr _Ito rent a houe-or apartment in the states nine' of thuts testaeries to allow hi. u. uta pepose tasmmn. wawsn- !liing ito-h inid A amtan aso mlre -totmd ha. turned ro..!e
i a7ot thve o f fou ere, you t we UScomel citizen but feel rozed.i. Dar, itnm t of Defensea as, i.e dollar used. toI Dhou there'd bei a bit of per.-ime nc _em i -.
H. I' motr of Don pr ethn ce and ctthe way u ie e do. Atomic aergy Commdission per. Morgenthat and Roose re- soue bouh re him at II 4 threw away state-bo
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...- l e r o r andb e e I* b be.a le h ..self had been at a Sthere njy e t awiw le
LETTERB OF TANK...nt o aset In ose eld c ced grim
';-^T- u- -J.' I Me, min .ofi-en. .......fla bit io t edmmalt- m These w4rein6. t0s ( oldmnste Is oVxedin y ym Dne G Ieino e
....Balboa C. Zf Ay Wd ta s will beti.t te csrenta n Ma.rxlsn" 'TV dy, when the-.k rzoundi thelet r. w .
Balboa, C. Z. Anyanw a to exacti sa eung a hId w lbedZSb _aate ee a b have..&
yr w, rI dW Box I d like erp e Srwlem he mh t n er ere. a He da s_ HWlad aadb I i
*hgh y r. s out. readaisexw e1weu lin t e s urine l S euastcommittee to limit W r t* n p arg e.Azw bjey 6hin. L9nsaflred pa Incor xes to a mmxl
7b ", Wbf MY ; e 2 2 P w m e oru at a tm a s l an us a g witth trhbe Fin ::ce iru sIn of m u :na d a adve rrt head mrm .e X v -y .t
States Army (7406 AU) tets e o w. But when it mum 2 oeretj ordinary inm. dr in't hiavute to holler e IWashas tb ec auseW etheaaamy ola dse poff metat
d 1 Force Group a Supply fo theusanstotest Another fxcit of ho r docost 'a. HelrA dime the lart thing a hebvl te. N dvertr aic aW f
ted o landss who, in one way or v bbande- d--hardw ba whatman madeby--ee*or ft dme d .e
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Ramod oCalTo -, le- .but he gallon, and things were al. speel fed wa that you d1ould or enst KrIghtUtham aely a toer lunc ht N
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hlthat noble Decusn the National Citizens uti wasrn a ue ti t its mmenfor fear sme in the hin for his short-time dough, i
eate beausto them abe was a Commit*4e will be working pri. store was set on money. If a man body'll take It away from them. keeps the maximum n. "And there's Pat Hllllgu," a ee- series of hearing be said u
!ph Tyeyy because she wea naril, fMr rate sand local candid. Worked "r,. and saved little It is bitieritrne that incentive IshneutfoL pains. I think Mr. tinued the governor, so the GOP madet e tl.. ae the rius
.- dates. tiere's some thought of try e we k, be could evenitualla s. bees, robbed -loose from he Dresser has a wonderful Idea. It's coneqsman who's close to Nix w- tht the heasa .would be
Thh and fl that will not for t your Ing to localize the sloa to help owis Mi site house in astff average working stiff, because he a shame nothing'il come of it, g. arrived-lat. "I know Pat's bee. .pib. Yo later said they poud
thma remaa lnt gs we live, lor once esch individual up for election. Agrles. edocat is thilr e and es't save. He can't even be a cause we got a hungry Treasury womkind on bhs manifold problems welevasd. I sse ne reno to
o_ r i lost sdue cam eROe Me are: Thom&& .,"Mike for Ike and Ike for leavE 4. tl devils f I-cts speudt.rift on what he makes, and nobody ever seriously lowered and couldn't get here earlier hnethrules tt time.
.eek Louis Mike." to apand oan es nt0men without the tax folks asking him a tat the3 had In force. All this, of course, was spdoe
A w ,.l.. Louie. Mee."curdin and TV Su sM NO TE-What

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Ftea n- B, Iw Wilkins ylI Anpia rtice .A r l e by m Army den. be sent back to tal forI e m beae u
A.raCs on lret h W i I a e o er.n 5-Inkrw asif.... bia ouM" -,..o v ab.u ton tGovernor' Knight b ad e bs .tt
icrtdmpr te at o' tna w Cred eNt hme in-nmoreTprivart lmentiso iwith
f n.unbrm er a: any men in uniform on ( R moreiprivate meetinguwishlaIeS'*ewoflglhe
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W .- -s .c A 5apubhc ove e rofrmed-Bother a Mw Fis re c ems,
SIeta oAmtheMccar hy'targetsesd(altero .s lte.peantsT heC arrage- 3n,_opareians e ," he toldD
s eels"bodies. Arry ,T o'hey woeresI nay mde.. b el .a s .a)willbeA in Army per. T s may It moves at e R tpubdceas, 1s unnecessary. ro amun so ,t e
Per n h, pe(then) Prosidea of the Bar Ass' sonalit w h Wall Street offices. ast pac, thanks o Gee. Abbot, Unlike Watren, who alwy s atradof ac n ie _i
whr4$,eof the Whiskyet nmesa d "Stock c 5ep
S U o L D aIthat' CommunistsIn governmental, t)o Qe NY .ho y 'rC li, wente One ofIts isga e rwas
-P EtIsent h .E power's n whose 50on5 s pr Decud ostelol He gafclv was ontae 'by mastr a' this sort of funtertain., de the fence, I'm going wthe to the Encclopeda
bAd a l "u. the 15 zeamg bqNd &aine 'aga 'la hip a oa.elegathat wheno sh se swsh
election. apparently u rmade ,no&sInce Auri wo f he brfM ata )worth evenly T a button on a mn's pan, ,-youd __
impression -Ma-tthw ye thebIe cf ad o au new Pacific ..., Th). eCathy target will b e think shc was pouring tea for the --
Xitegs e ,Mr oFBI- elagentwho s ie aa(R., r auizatimn plan" .e charged wi t. o hienr .un ot .ongmanda" s Tid
p 4b U. 5. Party andis mI In pap.a the colyum's during his visit to tirmn in thp -
.--Republican.ticket in rennsYlvanlSt.1i14ig toethepIan. ste. a enormous fe'e. wn port by a Washington ixie: That A
in th course i one typical e te *M o... and .Y lawys .. t s the a'
Cyelie camp s e he men- a '09a1sfr pagepublIc ma e been a Million dollars r'..up -scat. The fact: We were ITumid&aIs we lImB u
Whiteley's dotos commas 3 times. H e (viuldlgI O n- oIs ut lesel ca nt .. a.s rick Carr, ne i assigned to ABC' susection"whichwe oT hetdomer 2 Wleih d
Finest mentioned PreoddetiSnho lehw hui ter nap Broadway ss aides,. gets an mail learned would on ar- Ba tbar
-o" "o "ly." b y.Ver o ..Duke, Jerom e o Vi p direc ily- "bhaRoyIIt. ... ....
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Whiskies A public airs er fromBEi-aufirm. showisiae"Finan's is.=- of.airatnter l p e.) sn ..

m taelAlstft Nowes th Ra,. wL .-ews .e
Mh up"M anbow.iir eWaManoereeOgt. AndtalostlamsteItd whish
u a r Ho s ame B yi ck- nom w, ,,illen ssR ,otatth.e-
h i bi. .o f n a t i v e Alt o, ',dcr a f t s 'oer ohi c h sa w M e 1 v e d 5 a c a me .f r o m3 i t w e w e5 TafteO nla

~the USES man and.said:"This ism w.enonrkMc ir

or ASIIIUOTOV. Mar U 18 th t~agertw*ktsM.TWOg-i .- ._C-, Nwf n ey n-f~if ~ ~ .ta sa

flW Ir lw r f-Thl ag er Commit-. kgeymoos'i o3mqag M exe 1h3 rfer a fl le a D LhIi o tOme -B h r
teeoday to mTrwe a l the .. ,(the mr b t .b
a et World1f mar y4 r a vc42
War I vean o uld gI orm doO e& ~ ,.. A towm ta WA, a!,
l1 The Alm rt Wr ae ,ay maa dd onth .. A .(aMt 4- d I am e|
S.War I veterm aam.We bet. h a t iuut eway _mo am .ban i n. II He ow ta n arg .k r).aIe IS W a nu rpta-b
,-ran"r vetersM of World War rof ha1 3dvedae ..n y ai .. irem MMMr .... Jas a to
SII and re.. hatew If .. be.r-p B'tre-rs wineftf a m .atst .. .-'- .-."
S The comnuttee r Ce fre", a; aItI_ ?. I M- '
a buil to *Ie a of Se Boaysmgt gA WiCet *I
A 10easn tal e o Ease1 fen' r I -m-TV it s e
Sre rj ts o MInCIA. ib edwk1 t Z a7 t Pep, bg whqmsc so me r 9

U-... l... ...... ... i..... .. i 4 4 *.a.... .. 5 t e ani-- 1. .. .* In i*ii i.,l nlt' L i l j i .i 4.
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it*" w

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tsib- ftt re- .Asem da us Damotamta com-
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eyqsr=e had
Sbout the ewhe-
>m- po'.r o ma-^eve

a a r .m -F .adi. Pthanot
,-mmork .5 n u abdeewtTes d an ao...h

a lthB guitar 'iq h M iiu i

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Mitt and his
nconw d. and Wis

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PITpo8 a4.

I 'rift ~eSV*~

** tx- -.



See it today in our store,
the queen of sterling pat-
terns, International Sterling's
"Queeni's Lace."

Ink ofnt stain
your fingers.

Never leaks
Never smears




1 MA~n an &"'M

at *&- .T.

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'. ,- '

Thn. s, anal George Gersh-
-Wk- Awamrd eat to James Dal-
Alo. al. N York and Kentneth
bm.V L, LkeChimte, lA. Dal-
ant&doit for Orchestra," wuas
pa$ the New York hmhar-
b in its last concert
'a wp-wtmer u was deferred
AlmM, 4t na,& 'ran_
e se as t 1d and his.
u. aMlia t, arJ
TIP... ram ie..,a ,

whtue M idtng ing London and
MS Adadmem Is embarked n
U. CtSqine t re Argentina.

shute S play the Us.
other Abin ti o..rI beginning
nmxt Janufl.
RUe.tur To Circuit
Rid.wt Advocated
MA W. W). ) A, *ay lin r. l -

9 49


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*- T-ssimW -

-" .. ,m miapag







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Mate Pen with tts formulaO*"
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SMakes writng net



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PlJ' W tle a ,e

Below are action photos tIkik 4rN
t munist odds at Dien IihAn Phi. DiAt
Buteven under stress p hte thi:
fou," which means "Hoeld tr, fo.."A
I In/ I.n :
lel -. F -


SJqanne, a S-year. old RouS",wninmnflo*Gt.
*tneud" ctartid dancing at the .. Pater Nty e.
"It i( good moviq,'fhe said,
S "hdut t can-an dances are ele
S Sb C renCtarv compared to what we do
.iidrtt igihe uin .. h re.". ;...
'-. Su- ne eUnea that although the
..'A I' EaaaM-m mu i h remained the same and
WUWV Us riivwulw i the steps are similar to those
.I dnnced hv the first dncers at the
S "" Moidin Rouge late nl the last cen-
qAf w- ICftH C ':~urp thm Pace has change:'.
? 0 "w go much fatr now and all
1. Q 5 D s Jur movements are bigger and
:il DON. May 13 (UP) The muse acrcbatic," -she said. "It
vf Ye f "injustice, In- comes irom hard daily training."
Wvitr ration and in- Ma4ieJeanne said tbt in the
ltroy American p.t dancers kicked the is legs
S .l oopletely as Com- w it high while now they kick
could, former h-ead-hlrh. Splits were made by
Lewis Douglas holding, while now they are made
.. p er (In a powerfu! Jump. The rhythm
^-ilB Ik.Sw ta dinner if the'md ilc Is asho after.
^ii -.WE-speakjung The, Lklac e, arndcests, .white
president petticoats, long leae.aud glimps-
'e, of ba/e thighl spring the kicks
6l names. -but ar' thp samse as.lways.
W 1obt that hLs critiU- ,.' M
ad agalpat Sen. The part of N ee" Valentin"
L McCarthy and the--he man who performs in the
i tUnin before a Senate middle uf the can-can-is danced
now by 25-year-old Jean-Louis Bert
t he noise, the hurly- w .o, after appearing in the "Folios
isj clazhor. there re- Bergires," turned to the can-can
'my countrymen in becat se ol his long legs and ex-
im.Uttlft villages, O the broad trenmely thin figure.
.a I. he. Reat cites, a 'I ance- my part, using more
i-seatd as, i balding sense of a-fJletlc ad acrobatic movements
ae anl fair play," Douglas the first Valentin ever did,"
h ~baid "but it is normal as I
r" O ouaid I &te no doubt that f.iow : steady physical training
- a sense, refr ced' by the plan. which ws unknown in Valen-
SAmerl cosns otplon'nad rA- tis a time
Iet .4for the oi un alaw, will On. novelty of thc Moulin Rouge
Iev ai.galflat'a' t ld".. p. 'dances ;s a 25-year-old American
:P. defe d i thidvid- dancer from Texas, Doria Avila,
Sfr ht to lco a plan- whj_:rforms subtle modern danc-
Si ety^14 e't ".by. law- g e .
l \' "After dneing on Broadway, I
per "in'ty;be fool.- caqe t", France on a holiday," he
i -.he Acessarily dia- sid. "and on my first night I went
IA tio wktctt he Moulin Rouge show ., b ,lftl beIssues aofrj t hev hired me for six months."
nind -1a ve become --
aup _l h f l w- J J b Priestley, English chem-
San ti cent Ik, coveredd tkat' lb gum from
y of f eranqe, crt trees wooi rub out pen.
vatyop ane 8a n rks. giving rubber its name,
to I ,, ----.,
Staht a thkes lesa that 18 hours for
i. Rt s4- fr'a. to pass .throughthe Sbez
the r of. r
the ri .1 -.-" I
are sao .n4 bin rlraldbnts of New Mexico
te4igc5 fr4 -tby dipping strings
;. :- "; .. 't.-


T'H tftin and drama in
tWh Cvenatures of a stage
,-r..,ck daughter

t. a

&< -- .

e* *




" >.1^ up in -




/ I,,t \

Special Attraction:
The FamoLu Cartoon
from Fdai Allan Poe
and narrated by

I"The Glenn.J
c ra .


Plus: -
43s of The Hawk"

-g. 9 DAM I SUL
i Pck. I" Robert Mitchum. ih

r- '.10o 4 4 -
".s- Wiluama, in

are .- .... ..-;;*
"-,'.. '. : .' -- .' "
f-c- f.- :'z -: .
e :'-*.c : .. -.*

\ ~%-


ro .. -. 9. i9 ,
, ".'

' *Moab ,t ..G. m. f*


I -

r f

3".- g

* i -

WW r..r'nal I.

bridge ,4 ek. -
loumbnr ewn'frtm tenire
of a fl:.. Fuatinb ut w8ii f
fous f the Royal CaOl'e of'
b.. ..medleua j sme rnw '
'- f r- to" atiaU sgta
through lmnot 40 *ears.
'. -c *' --" ',

a7 '.,
* J .'4ri

UiUt saddeam,

agtS at the crew's aia-


As sousnern -na .eg arsW.trlp.ease French Pnlen osedier .jhb
.i mn- a a?,.
rn# IT i t l I b i.'. a'. ,-: :- .

IegIhs Ttohson Missisiippi HousewiiW Has
,,- ,- T MorKer Fonr tea
Conviction Upheld ToKY.) -(UP on .. of
A... eih worl,'s tru e "i usees, r v
Dy eAR ls 0oul tomers in theUited sates, and ---o
.;-x. Canada but has found r'ifex-.
o I Ma 13 Dt p rket hinas o -.ud ex- UCK HILL, Miss. -(UP)-Mrs. When a passenger train was

rr Pre MMohammed Japa(n now; to the Orted Wil'-i Riley may be-jinxed but wrecked near Mounds, Ill., in 1923,
SSSeh's treason conviction S,.tes r. ala only, 14- per' ah alao leads a charmed life. Sur- Mr. Riley was aboard. That put
'd three year prison t-orm in f oat '.f _leaves those coun.- vi .or of m my mishaps, she landed her In hospital for three days.
jtary. confinement were up- tricks .oug_ befte World War II in the .osptal oily once as re- Sue ws riding in an auto ner
M today by an Iranian Mill-! ut Afr.ea particularly the porth- su.t f them. here when it went off bridge and
.. Appeals Court. ern part is emerging as one of Oddly enough, shoe ven hd a o,'erturned. She wasn't bun.
Ji.phn's most important customers. narrow escape from the Army On a trip to an island off the
The court vot.-d 6 to I, to re- Although growing some black dra't. I Mississiprri gulf coast a waterspout
ject Mossadegh's appeal of his tt::. Japan drinks and produces Mrs. Riley started early as a dippedt' down and sent waves crash-
original conviction on 13 countsi mostly teen tea. North Africans irl on a farm near here Sheling a J .ver her boat. Mrs. Riley
of attempting to overthrow the aklo llie the light amber green shed -er brother to let her plow just got wet.
Shah and illegally dissolving variety that Imost takes the place a field. The horse ran away, her Mrs. Riley has survived five
parliament. of water in this country. lh.nds were tangled in the reins, major operations. In 1938, doctors
Japan'.:e tea gardens, nearly aSd she took some rough bumps told her she probably wouldn't live
-It also voted 5 to 2 not only to r'dijd beruse of abandonment hei lz-being rescued. Not long aft- tnrourh surgery, but sbe was up:
reject the appeal but to increase durinhtne Pacific war. now are er that, dhe slipped while swinging and about .a month later.
two to thrr. years the falIl nr.-ng 124 000.000 pounds of green mter a creek and wal knu'ked un- She's been bitten by dogs and!
*hbince imposed on Brig. Gen.' tea, 90 per cent of the pre-war l"nsciot.s but suffered no serious had numerous mishaps aroual the
liut RIphl, former Army chietneak. Abont 16 per cent-21,600,- Ilury.. She was caught in terrflk house.
ft'who was tried with Mos-,Jw pounrIs-now is sold overseas win dte Jtwice as a ciBd, es-.
SdegBh. Put green tea exports are 60 per In 19.. th 0otel where Mrs. -,. 194-. Mrs Riley was rder
cent beiow the record output of Riley was staying .in. Chicago indAtc'e tIto the Army. Investiga-
.Mossadegs went on trial last q a though 193 exports in- burned, bar she escaped'from her tion showed a man had stolen a
Nov. 8 after a political crisis creased 'U per cent over the pre. fift- flow Room. check from her mailbox rAisterd
which cost him his job, brought vious ye ar The next jime she was caught In nf! the dralt in her male-soundinl
about bloodshed and violence, Although most Japanese snub a Chicage hotel fire she decided rpme and th2n used thed raft reIs-
alMd caused the Shah to return iblek vta' the9 have found it a she was leading a charmed life. traction card to cash the check.
quickly from a short-lived exile valuaole overseas Item. Japn sold That- was-19 years after the filt "'Fai'b in the Lord" has brought
o Rome. 1,110.361 pounds of blek tea to fir'. She went bek to her room her through all her mishbps, Mrd.
Throuhout the trial. Moa :foreign Ouiers last year but none through the smoke to get her false Riley said In recent years things
degh challenged the competence tic yeai bclore. tee.4 have calmed down.
Sthe military court, shed manyv, -. -- _.. ....
az., gave .emotional testimony ..- ""' -.-
ad at one point offered to wres- -
tS the prosecutor.
At its end he cried out tear.-
fully, "I have not done anything

Akron Man Paints
flowers On House,

S. AIRON, 0. (VP)-One thing
you murt admit bout Charles
M le -'c house is that it's differ-
He became somewhat tired of is
plain wlh'te house, particularly aft-
er .eeinj "so in ny homes painted
in past,' colors."
So. in an effort to get "some-
thing different," he painted clus-
ter:. of gay red and yellow tulips
all over his two-st-ry home.
Jhou he had some reserve.
tL-.ns bout it at first, he says that
he,. an: his wife and t ree children,
"k:nd of like it now."

Ship Man Retiring
With Model Trains
V .LDOtAUB j( UP( TAndew
I J. ap liaison offir
wih j Orient Steamship Co. has
S epp r JL miles_ of oceap
f'e t Pfy Isf trains.
'le ta model railway in h.
cabi until things got a bit cramp-
id there. Now he has walls hung
wh pktum of tr ins.
~mpt m has bad 30 round trips
between Britain sad Australia and
oom retires, to travel by tr in
Slr, h.e aes.

Special Week-End Release,
dedicated tc the ARMED
in -



The two most rUthtba mob
monarchs who ever- term I
reigned across the spreWOf
- t.... A

And :
W MOO- R. -,_, _,_

m ,,

" 7

.4,. .
A~.S4,,', a'at.L-~
I 2 C -


. '-.. I
;..'. .- ,- ,4* i +

; '.. [,., ..' ,,.. ..


- .- -

- --- r--- J~IIeFY*;T~r~=7) C~--~- ~i.-~P~ISI~ ;tl~li7RE~~P -. il--~LT~~~-

. C- -'-















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I, -i
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mw at
hS Its

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few"N" "-WW Pot^ll
.* I- SUsu7lkt M 0t1011Uape.a
.Ueb et"I r napt e ll

I r*'lfij ya- *' v.. # It. ~~u ^*'f.*' ^'
a~ ~ **f^, .S.... .. l "; ,,, y i '. i-. ,
LI ..-."...-,- ,* / .. ,* .* S -& v .: .f +:

oy:; au, w
1s*wlq'y Ste ^-










t 4'



C. Jhim.. Unv M Mr
be, LSe s.Otja Run-offs lf the 1o
Mrs., Mrs. t N. Pmwama when th.
OhmburngMrs.-Ralpw Otm. Nrs
Ge Jajk Mrs. W. N. Pe lowal
IMi.'A t I. Plumer, Mr.. H.
ars.X 'u -emt. Pat Snd us bwe name
A: Mrts.j ast Van
S ,t Al-
P t[I*tLL o ............
tP' wnor.... Mrk c. j Addlep .......*....
M~t C. .'.pries, t is.
AnSad Mrs. Ella W Mrts. 1" L
Pat Moraan.

rE hNew Cor Ar u .hoots
ey fg.vt--- ""PA

wi *visii' clA

a ... *..- .

mE A pm 1 6. OPP- 4.
is v nY-

: partt.lmt In the Intern
se onteit tith a chAmwe
cal contest will be held Ju
e local beauties will model
stores at,a fashion show a
necessary Information and
on this oaopon

- .0 .* .0 0*..

a on-.*NS"-




Attention Ladiqs

f.'Arthir Well; from New York has
ned the staff of Diablo Beauty
lop, penalizingg in

S* all branches of beauty culture
e* Kilrstyling cutting
Appentmeot lstU Balbon 3.1322

a shg

ti erto, M, i
Vfi tMo is v so -',--. J^..

atiToally fWnoi M iss
no 12, 19 A 26 at El
I latest fashions from
nd d.anoe.
a fete before June...

Ag .... ... ....
-o n

!'A Eutu r W



LW_ lhll~tr-



fYAL just one




J 1 --!VA X-; -A
^. *** r-' ,
'," ,,',*

Yours for $95.00
Easy Paynento .*. !. S

p '"%o'
r 4rk

w. --- .a .$

.3 4..

Try it and you'll tell us that they're yours at their belit


t the moa-and the beot-for your money Then
in now. See what a demonstration drive will show
about power. Find out what he figures show about
and economy. We're ira tha the plain facts will
i to you that Chevrolt is your aonae best buy.

5. ml; 0.5
r_ _'' l

2 : ".. .

| -
." t".
-* .' .

Ut "

., "-i
A' h

.<;. V ,*

*. *

Only Chd pfn In vhe f ow-mie. ftM
gives d awNe.. 'e"Se gevw-
* RoSO TU*, a- Y sA .
* IM-6BT MAS ) W

Comne &In w and prote t for yourself

OT & PAREDES, S. A. Pansi

Your Buick Oldemoblie and Chevrolet Dealer

-' .- :
3-. ..-u:
A .:.'-

e -

34~5~ i 3
4 '~1~ *.. r-4

- ,*3 -_

r.' *. .

- .- #~ 0!!




and th rihbt t

. A



^ --,

A.eA M..R A"& 'M, -





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Ox I
F *. wi D r!t4, a -





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*; "- jrw "
9' ^! 1 .-*^
iriw*f *** j ,-Ut~
& ^*N
!^*^ kl,=.J'.., .^ -'^.I^

..IWMt .Aswdan. r l Tel 2-94.

i' rs-tablit 5,- 825-961b"5124 7 L0: ..... T S* _i lE '
Mater. Over-
1833. d82-5124, evening
E -- Frigi ref t2tor. 258FR5. 7
I. ke new 6th Street ,*. 5. OR dE:*Ch4tl7er o IT rit
fo.m 300 m. --. N r-l H1spi .'a Captl Dusinberre.-SALE- r
,piac.. red tstic W .w.. pu s. Tel. 5-
,r :30. except 1950 Super 4-doore rW hpto LE -r. r -
Dynaflow,- underseao*e. Orllnl 9I r W E:=i:- irununTuer. 18 flUE
M a be -en I awnr. Coil Quarry Heights 82- VFO and crystal, IOi0. MCW owNU
2245. CW, 2 to 4.5 MC new dy nao' .
aress P0* SLE:-*147 Oldsmobile Tudor. volts InpUt, unftshock. -
S ,I u at.. 2164-. 18 tspore tubs 110. rit,EP 1 R"
I g' W;aq.. 69-AEat -t .h.' "
Fod I ".or. Cal FO1 .a-ro"of .du.
. t- i Fo.d "in force- 19'7 Old.kou, .inW,"
l eft. ms-2.1,9!, buy atn 75; boat No. 174, k t,.
Fev-"0 *---93 Chevrolet 4-door on Madden Lake. A sound m hu II- RNT:
e dn, two ente cream metallic consed for six, canvas top. Th I ..
-- i r Driven et then 000 miles. a goodbuy at$40; fon,' escIllat 1th
Household iture. gioee. 37% 1" Drivenc $15 cam"sC 300
o 1 $1,25 Telephone Navy 3758 cle 515; camo C

SL SALE--pch tury Sp 9b coupam. o c a houi .24-A U
S -, 9-cu." t.- .'eelndh O ReSp --10go"s o all accessories, tebe, tripod, and in my i, 's
01g ,,fr Werq -er" 2 haNoad IM l ea P ehl ealo lyexcellaet nt.....on, 1,50; Ssth- I we a
1 E Ir Sor, 2B-cyo.e. N. emd aemf0aRedL Corona portabl. Jots of wq&.%ft G 1,

-- SAL.-3P ma oa ny d. in- aInformationphone -44t7 t l,
nIr o.w t; 2 ach0 electc,. lod tI'f & radio. Phone 2-1358. Street. Balboa'. lea M. Pa.yne. ..'SW
rhI *?'5'"'"' dep *fat ,fryearIdmetal

downstais... -- WATED;-To.Lpqnor, : f e& 144,0 Ap A, Gva St., n. Roo, B1o-
dr l Drhe "O L Hwll 202-prlct a FOR SAL-Slide rule with 2 .g- .
,I cT"ur chaIr; 1 draftsmen lomp. cs e 82Od L Telecphon 3-l.-'4. T "5oW..*.
ap p. drapes.C Cll 3a ,ln tisof drawers; I steelwdr, -B ,
SeFOR SALE Help Wonted it m e; .t s.
da, w n tOa WANTED:- M0T0.ipr opri ent: fr 40 .T A F t., z .::
St Dishes "a idyS Howell 202-projector fct Mr. Phone albo 2 9.

E i f, Dish igt: M rs 4. MODELS
A complete sat iin l p- Krdle Tel. 82-510 dy.F SAL. ondi
_"a 8371a8lbloa 3414. _13-781 I6vening). t:oI,. A -ot n ew r2-1282.* W. 'I

'f. Ty t"on. ReAlmostn te 202
FOR.SALE HelpWant dnc cott, 2 bed- F

25i nw, f robs. I a w or n sid o n SR m C o are. Refnrtbr ou 0.

aI i n As testled t t 2, Soa n Fr"nciKco. F. ICAl,, s0ot .
SA 4 p t ... o 4 C14 day) or bring to 2418-., 1M uORuRENTr i
ootNtIPed eled; sasii-V be 'u1d0y. S u p

o m ].1,hm^r.n l .i -- ar g b.'i- r bt she tht*d tA -L-^ .,i -.. t o '" /
N *C1A011.^ TqIh. U In o oupR

Wd |A FOR RENT:-Furnlshed apartment, 2 $ 1095.ooW I
SS employee n bdrms Ilvinrom, dninr .
.1*h, nsde-aulde FO R tVINT

-, a X. i "a .o.. nal "r e ik n s ic athfr MoA t, inte o d 1
t' fro jviMl Uo lO I. before Santa Clara. 5Reabn l .--- ..
I"t'swoEl d bbe. n I.- k-p" ."y e stio.ns n FOR SALE:- U VDIN: Suit enta ENT-T 5.oi I o
IBA A .ev i!a..e ...fuisC TERM S

o eAud tho 12 t tesied teh moiH2Streets, Son Francisco. m$on 3 9 o
d to "wrek the ble-Cm" w ex r disa -eed Hen Ja. CN A m P3

ShI Robert T t: with Army tre,',tmet of N.J milla1w0 New York
I-.f oe ba Mnt 4, U rrtrhtold aahim In Poiw io iStnd-t--" Bfer e".rdET' '"m
.af l |ospi ut, 14 lbr 5Ue that ob =i4a l d .S I vin oom, bl en dboa throom, .. I
t ambeZgyt, 1 Baa 1924.. up r.

t eMt. St LwutmretarMaldtb. l. Ada McCSmal can- r '

I ]tt eatha Cohn^i,, o .e t l n Jar1 s o te'ical FOR RENT:-lVehtion quartrs Dio-- '|
liBke it23n Yhe Ba 114 AAuuAn-Bolbe C240,1

A'tified most of tha n e ld be asp and r FOR RENT:- Furnished apartment, 1
Sl role. B mployeut e. Adam ul'a d thELCe p e ordeal TJw o ror rn rg hrndo

h rm daslat! b Iu lls. .rDail moy w ooU eof hFOR RENT: rooms. yprt-

i i'a M Mr 1_ Cr bse. "ro d. rm ha*ld ea if*t alr t But -o-_ow mehe o n -sn.r No. 46, 45thH .1 1
:a ,,ta. s e in S tr--i 4. 3..
ot uoprtnR .s -."I ctdLd have tl t another ee .

Rlut i .some .mombr t e. .T o Ar lawyeer alo suppo rt- poun. wt ht d sh e," FroOm i30ler 4 4hSre
said was d te testimony that ad. a than a

r woul-d hbe nohn told .oos Kenneth E. t er wood aor. a -.m 2, -:
of. l wR AENaT-y was go*, hae T berm c omplete- rtmetC .
fJ u n'r t O t-a e to es d ofurnsha d Beautifu25a-.

tonMdlto'rsi eak .the.mler 1. 2 when ,be dliM d1 Se.w e k! wt bw a rk t cooin-g-f.

have__ ob t mTh. Ut e wthv ram e tre tm entI dof bl toe Wemjm bel, =ea, : ';-'"- I
called be ait. a sag York "ItRENT bedrotnunedrom
aton s4aid5othermit o res hena ad gm d

Cohnh~d il. enneh: F-urnbwoo it.tm3asa





thM on. ,t.
- art -

su qt'itji .
*-. '. ^ *- .J'E J I

- A


r' h-

Te pugum Is h$ied to attgaL

inte. M 35taeo
a te e a k2 5". .
1.6 U ah be

lent to cnm. .
he welcome
ppearac FOR SALE:
a n' .unn.nn ...
Ah t 'Do q lPrm with th
I Unbu, Int .)
m'* 5f .o*o. .a ,> '.

U p

., _-.- l _

gur. g -,

:, .^*~A .H. V "T:- .-yT1 ,
. /, -." ~ i~ jM ^ -::,

.. rfTi 'e '.F-'. .L:

.: ,- k, ." i "- M ."S Ste. )
:- : -. .- .- U S- i ,. .-.
* "' ,- *t -- ^ -T. i *- v-. .... .. .. ; .

?A S LaCi4n.i -i- s w
4ho ei- EYWA th e YS


4 : _..-^

- ..--~ U: --~: m.n r ."' '-e

'-I- $..,~

*. "*-


1.. -.

* .4 *

,. V.. "'

* 4- ..


. .- A


C'FI ~~I-






I '!

L... r




L- A
L j


It Ploom by
;WM Je-lu,

masso ~

r e**

tm.l. IoD a

SSerge Rubiitein Rrm

Nfcimed In. ig Damage Suit
....- us.- '

lu lbrue RubaitkLlcfto ltwo and me-halt year feders
Pah t"t a' ur ,.liSa He has ortatl

QEJL Ydmp'if Ildb

-- 'dl .li

I .--. rbyw .


' S -k 'R. ----o -

C er FundF .
chi'n For '54

l Untt evlen
< i

came a

of aila conviction as a draft

Senair Sees 6eed
ForiNom w lek"-

MiBlry. Mpedinglll

e'"E. X: Maybank (D-
SC)s1d 1y the Defense.Di-
wtimemt DSIr the Far at-
era ri W iMte an in-
crease in ate. "SIeaw look" nll -
tarm budge.
However, Sen. Homer Ferguson
(R-Mich.) Iold the Senate the
departme ha no present


i liti. i
hm *u^at u. Ii

J ""_med^Ei au T driven
ANAopen inbCanal Zone 8at-

wiAm fa to 10orm. the
pudbic theltt facts about
Ocncer. *
New Crab Trap
Closs Quickly
VLaWWOOD, N. J. (UP) -
CharLLi Ilmb has come up with
a llivreqtla that he claims will
take the axiety out of crabblin.
Malt rabbers know the frustra-
aon of nseting rabs escape from
the old lia square rapbecause
there so slow in clo in. Lamb
,al desed a crcular trap that
ubs ahut in a twinkl.n
Present. Lamb is experiment.
I t .*ik ors that may be more
temtl l o the crab platio.d

The loveliest Eau de Cologne in th

. ;


Eau de

A dry d refmi
of superb quali
appre.iate Anea

, I I

uA M* ldl G'old Mrd Zaw die Gdy *
in yoWrIo1rnfig b4d, nootb it on
bonds, nck and brow wluring the ay
tdri now to make vry day *eur ursa.

Ba g s,,,,g,, a"' g"

w.t_ -",
Cologne ;"

Mag Saio olog ;,,'
ty, for ti wh ;
ado.ely.: t*,.WW



Maob in Zngland y ATKINSWMW 4 OU Bnd Strut, ladm
Moa)rf"nf"uaunaohi=ry f -

--- -


,A 7
* I r "


More than one man has been swept off his feet by a
dazzling smde... the kind of smile Pepsodent Tooth
Pate give to youl
Pepsodent' I AL WmuaITc cleans teeth cleanest of
- any leading tooth paste, cleans even where the tooth
brush can't reach It keeps your breath fryqa, smile
brightest! Gives you ocean mouth taste for hours.
Use PeSodent with OAL DEmRGTrr regularly for
the dealing n rsomw r sum

CM Sba5 .


.-- .'-_*- t .
* 2''SQ


W'-' .
. .. :--^ .;-..-:, -"i:

';. .. .. :.


44 t 1w,.





i --4- i .

- -. -- Tr----I--r- -. ~ ,,,,

fA a OW
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L~CC~ ~u



iflffih 'Ad*ls

'b did it1 'n.d

"eelmesa "lys
WWI sno.he'sIn
.did was to em
onher first lih TV
Berle. She one
L smile amd a .a M
s she raced _up .a
TV's Center Toiesan
the show.
did it! Jimy jinl t-
pie., I did I"-.
0rbably gatheVtdVi-
a. bg. Sthe woma.
i. Mostly, she's ent.u-
I Love .Lutey" (CS
thow she Mertes on each

,10oe many mullions think
S been Merbf all her
Ai. oredind in luadyi at
i f0.plea be advi hat I

I er**ith ateneall wou lanas

aa t Me was one
teandg the other woman
ain the Turtle." She
Ethel ht own. And
i m rave danger of being
Edna Ferber's 'Giant,'
takin her make-up off,
dW a T2 a prt in it I ws
V -to do in th movie. But
ou n't ive it to me-they
t ~rald the audience e would
le kand gasp. "There's Ethel
Wi,',,.hat's one thing about Hol.
It. In New York, .t h.e y
l;'t be afraid. I'm going to
lar,,ek and do some live dra.
AA snows, now that I've gotten
.. b. g typed in such co-.
I im as "Lucy" is a
y have a eboie." she says,
a o ott o. different
be o. of work at times.
,taB et p and be in

"^'i^^^'i' 'C

veIvs. 'Mre's a let to be said for
walvm." ,
The. play' h tg, ad even
more f a th on3 TV a any
other medium. Tgobbles
up rits sad writers a small
bby at laig In a cady store.
Ladet the writer ha b getting
bit more flnancia recognition.

2TV To n
HERB SpUlNBR ("Two for
the Money,'" (CBS-TV):-. house-
wile I kor.vw was really business-
minded. She bought a garbage
dispo-en unit and started taking
In garbage.

A script for one of the half-hour
dramatic shows now brings any-
where from 600 to 100OO. with
"Justice", (NBC-TV) paying the
mo-,t-41100. For the hour shows.
the playwright, dpeadlng on the
show and the puthr s reputation
will ppcker fro IPMp-to 400. Fred
Comes TV JP hatus. foi egomple
start a new author at U1400. and
each succeeding play brings more.
Yep, the' play's the meat of TV
-and now the writers are getting
a little gravy.
Dennis Jamera#and Earl Wright-
ion. at the seventh anniversary
party of she Kraft TV Theater,
we:e e2mmenting on the hundreds
of actors and actresses there
whose fabes they knew but whose
names they couldn't remember.
"h'a funy," sif James: "I can,
memorize a. whoM, kript in- five
mintpsi. btW two esekia after the
sh6w Leap't iremembr the names
of die. other 'actors."
Te vry fancy party, thrown.
by Krat, naturally featured
chep.jia the menu. There ss a
p .ebeese on eagdrable.
che!s ketce qu the ch itn. and
c4teos it the spu. When, It ame
time f'r e cream, some won.
dered if t wotlddbe "Lrmburger
Ripplr." Finally, they Introduced
Kraft' i president, and Peter Cook-
son, of"Can-Can.", whispered to
his wile, Beatrice Straight, "That's
the big cheese."
Bernar4 asruch's former1 home
on Filth Avenue is now me atse
of. the Orace Downs Air .Career
School. When Grace's young
daughter met:SBaruh for ,(e first
time he'd tMe O W e'M.ep
he r6n4 kid.A -wih ehldii^
curiosI. ae asked him what i
wap, He explaied gr ciously. A
w =omentA lately 'ci ad to turn
up the ,olume. "What are ydu do',
i?" B", s1asked. "Switching ehin9
"y .' *:;**- '-*^,

I"' ',. K


.' I

"You surely have slimmnd dewn during L.ntI
you always manage to sl4rtk'4 of your u ld
beforeaRtlHU "

THE 5,000


f~ ; i

5*7~ *T~'.'


Great White Fleet

* ri..


New Orleans. Service

*8.. ."TOLTEC. ....................... .........
s.S.. "AzTIC" ...................................
SA. "FIADOR KNOT" .......................
.g "HIBURA" .............................
B.S. "BYPFJORD ..-.............................

eimafas hewaea chaem rnGam es 0g.

New York Servlie



GA .............. ......


~4. -.

Speelal Bush 'tap faMen ioftM Ceitoto t4S lk .

Te New rk ...........................,..liM
To Los Angdleand San .r.eamoe..~,...... MWOI
To SeatUtle .......................... ........8

u JI I M

, BBK- ii ',. -. I


Franei sf Car

M 0eo OMY.

Theb spdew
...1 i -r

E\~AJJ ~

wr wiuou. tV5UGG

woNoirwu^HjTP ii^
WuzRisDoN6lR CWrcuur
LUPuTsc ME.Jkl.cTOMa_1


r~~t ~

'Xrs b~b'.

A .~,





a -


.-.~' w~s

~ -$'#-' I,-



S~'~I~ 't:
- .4.*.-..-vj'~ a

MSt Di CUam! ..gT" .L

IT9M0 .N"'O I1


'. ,

"-*5* 5"




;- I

-~4~ ,?:~


V: .v

l '.ie' ; .-i ,

-A t A~.

I _____________





v t1



L: 'i:t


* ,

* .vw:-
:**-* V.Cf,

.-0 4


* li IHI ---** "

U' f '# 5 'Ate.' 1 .
W baek. ble i

reA.". A e, W3 .. tm ap,

as w~kige~ tearop3 -A4 ap

,p 3 c b ...C p'.-p ..-4

b-. I IB -e
V IM $ eat

..- a t n tie=6ge s o4 '
..,-i .. i t e owa...,,. ..n

I ofat autm d jo tahe Phiia m emf

t.' !-c + t-- I hat time M m- ela-,l ;l2

.. as WONDi THE d B o ,sS5p ,ll-purd ith ...o,

d ty-v f t t a Mt trute hav Dr. 5e q: i

for iT !. iio The tenture "tWt the at er UTad d oo .
,,- .:, a ,n o..*; (,. o clut, o f-. TI, 00 r. a ,.,B e
As h3 .a The al E o s rday eol nmder o a anu the dea
14 .e4zf t e r the tablespoon B k t l
4 Vin a'tla

ea ,m -. ni ror h et
.,, .. Wts o.t bj.Jerrye t a a opatedhupe Lestdr. n oe'O ol .1 ,h 'a am .a-.t F.a1. T' .QUINTA

.e tes rollet wa__es l ess boas wa t atrbrtedNtE t h DR. eT .Sauise
im a* 'Z.."l .... ." ..* ,y .htw erTo
i Npber bof end

Of. am ofhe Dr. Nr the nwil re o .d bAe InteIDo lM Dr

-i.i p cgh e .s ro rMtmtn. meram. n6o j pl" *ee a*r is Na.,m
t tesasTeVo ..w tarin aui ,Ple aT o The at sf.h 1n r ol..f.-- me

: -P'-.. +. ". ." "rl'Ei rad a r $t- e (AT Tte r
S.., t,. + Yt"s:l si owpt tl I ,e e'o oe

CBand Is;'- mi x .... ,1 '- -.
u4a lkJ sti I e th lb t cc-n e bend of mit wer la th e =o .theoi

*'aWA d if-rent N T W t o ne W lY, twn all athro e U-o o

= In kfl e a I n4 "orT e 1r a"bowsc fantl a n. o Worl dW@VI

doEmrop. I 3|^ r A 4 \ees weo cll' i World War I.
I.: .. N RO F T,. / .0 t,-,I*,
-. ...ce Ne clote of the I ,reeof co.

One'.lIp An, t o'dti-. ,rSedg tl asoesa.vprl +se

e ;oun til Fd Jdr- .s....
lardedtr d o.
he was m ilsdtoo
a .oo,, ,.,,, to-soon LUX TitedrePon r ajd estale d*e

saw It Isi ,not,.. 3-D ,- T. ir ItW Lnthendhtaansiteveowarsowo o

". Blme yeAar wia stwer Imsill e Unio-

.,, __ oil efIin' iharm

yItstO r 0...s As thme sitoWo 1m War U.

_..k C,, -.. G.s.. _2,,+ .


.- -.b f. r elS o um.... ,
.L S .s. .
*7.+ 7." a
er Da,.s now a

s, .r..seLit
- it bdM-
A.' a. C"d- off 69
n~*** '*-I4-. -*- -
- r fa c tiig K ik-*

p ~
C -


e C2i0t F ie Brideweser

In Rout Of Buc ORaeppy ToU, J

i here won't be a full moon until next Monday O o l e C A I
Cardinal's rookie center fielder Wally Moon -
Ash ing in all his glory today. and YOK a b u- ., .P) n-
Wally Moon. the 24-ja double and three singles and fielder Jim Brdtoewes iiha
.'lefty swinger with 4 each batted in four runs. over soing from War
degree in educt io But, n Brooklyn and New York Champion ew York Yankoes to
As AM Collede o there was no evidence that Peter the second d'vrskin altire
orn Slaughter out of a Rabbit Instead of Warren C. Orioles.
job with the Cardinals Giles wasr autopaplna the of- Bridewewar says "I got tired
"ty yesterday that Ai icial N L. bal1. L Bew urdette of asttlng on the beach with the
,dream of but seldom a- missed a no-hitter for Milwau- Yankees. l get a'chance to play
w Tkee by just one pitch a fat now and it' what I've been wait-
with a 380-foot one to Oil Hodges.,-who sluged in for."
t1e first Inning, then it for a home run the Dodger'sT e Yankees su ended Bride-
?01r more singles to bopst only hit in a 6-i. defeat. woser when he refused to re for
reie to a lusty. .364 In aI The Giants made only three to Kansas City. He was traded q '.~
$3. rout of the Pirates.hits against Cincinnati but one Baltimore Tuesday night to
otakle reported to the was a two-run ninth inning thrie pla ors who were aent to
in Florida this homer by pinchwswi o Kansas City.
and wasn't even the Hotman for bo runs in a 2 tmore dropped to the
a(str until the season defeat of FyamPerkowski. player limit by sel2 outfielder S
But, to mix a celestial At Philad the Phile took Don ulanhardt to the oston Re
S, ak destined a grip on rt lacel bybeating So giving pitchIr Vern BDick-t-t.s
o semr s the Cubs, 5-4. to an unconditional. releaheb
led that when in his There were many silent bets and optioning out two others.
at bat in an exhbi- in the American League too. Catcher Darrell Johnson and j .
witthe Y- anks at S. Don Johnson pitched a two-hit pt.her Mike Bly ka were op-. rid' ..... .
ts. he blasted a homer. i-o victory for Chicago over tioned to Richmond of the In-.
sted it again when Boston as loser Tom Brewer e international Lea Te.. .e,
in his first offial up only three hits, 'red ay Pittsburgh cut its roster to the T .. a
dax Y esterdy 's edged Washington 4-2 while the players and a na fourth VTSfFABS L 2o3
per aHis fourth. et Yankee M took e odd game from out g iht toI Waa o I I i "
tll be with a cardinal Cleveland, 5-4. tai Leae. Outfielder- Gaf h S lo e t"""n*b h S O C95 S- *f5e. s .
t-ll Ie .prted to --- Henley, catcher 1 BDall and -

a Beach this spring in- aOa at Nln iw ,
of to the I Iyuex h ud" Ot-STIuDAT'" STAR Ho, 'd to New Orleans, first an e 1

base at Deland. Fa. for willy n, who ad a bsen Al Grunwald was as ......

*even less experienced. He's homersa f l our .rsingle. g and si ed to Waco. r tiS JTho"e L
hne- t _sharedl the1y Crdnhei13na i the serPi by e t oinme S IwS .. t"

+. ,I D, MT^^T llnt ap-awn)a a0ta0tnb0o w da.h... 0 i J ..... I.i
a hot-shot ever h o since. drove In four r

honors w M oo. wh -..M. abt uaa C, o ..rookie pitcher Rono s. *
honrsit Moo DSyracuse of dthe Intaw ao "

a p mostan -a b- so Williams 0 s made terse o h.b Th. .
quilte0unpopulare ri th t2anW hited White, John S

wea lo. .L- 5 a. .m1n n..Dag) Woe ... ..;
ni hI. solon. pune kilrr CnteCae 'r "ut ;' ufawrt '.... *
4old nueo b. ifo o Wandds h bac k rnaf S E

E b I A U D SIinen theseventhi in by .w ..t.. ihup r3 Il ji' Y 'Ii I wI htIrr =, 4d* Sr .* ...* 3I
to his seat-but not Paforalof e I. ol .eitejy- ,atest eLCril =
rsiba001la0g-4" 9 to bt bala h hp(o Im edia 8 e Ga Se L c 4o wI a \ an B
jailed oCowe 0 peants.I r20'.Ca

S. e he es oAsa a I esulto Dri .hfonnipeld- ,.a ree". la o
W L ret.Teams WoPn wo.hit 3P oT it I gell
id39 .591 nDetroit 12 6 of e al F- 5 At

r 565 Coi-Ameca oI WA our Ceta1- ls _- n-- '.
13ank ,o ,54 PrCev ln d r in 1e tstookh* e.runlb tt ed a a us. ,n aro nd t ol rl n og T h eF.d r "
14 12 .58 Philad-sytems of l orn. bouts e m ul w. at anNow i*dly ~ Powells team The3 wlleture ia
t: :....... ": t f1amoh 9a J at Rinow r h n ene tmro o a at

game of,.Sa by ch+,rman Pred 81ddyoof the lity i rr Tourn0ment e1art-htnb she Peowellmanaget" thehan.etahool o ra eai. le_.U,
... ..... i S t rating committee (boys 11 riseW, a,- -e fM n IN road on re- t pongap for Crasu fr..i w ., D e P .-,
.ndra_ Prealdent Del ildo Du- 9 am., J at Santa Cru.c "Wil l., t would be To o the 9

1Nreal edged te arte of colon told us that he Tabte o"enid Tournamens- cloe caut."r, for the so1.11,- years run nf -..
2" w al a "speWlNl meetif" a (boys unr. The-) son, now month a- Spo 0m have

coBn M.ona to rcanabny .l 9 s.m., u 11, at 8onto C w l rasl to a bla
phi a (N)h oNe al t li llor e 4 ( )ee n, 1uLo papcm, got." W U-a

at -letr .,S -)-mele eple '-__'s7mybus-
and Sp1otada iad 4 p to the Francis- ,. WTn., tre undaunted A an
tP Mfrtluezeuout at tbe Colon Are- (Up),pro hunter Tommy Bolt vad wupalra Hwih vastly i-s
.... na. of Houton .ma."e himseo one- .fod H.quneet t .couh ltke 'iamh, Bsobellfr oanht4 o"t,'- eIgh eIbi
SCC Prexy D. '. unarte told thousand dollars y e s t erda s Mar. Topper Didler sed 0 d wl lay, Ithe I. Roc _tus that 'this net-together with morlsbw e moest person still t. Mhe wanks of scorers who at.role when pn ,h
Gon d _tue oronto the PRC will deal on the bring-. wwljo*de'the bMt of the of- need
LfA,-, I-8 and the Cu- Inm of the mortal remala, of Solt. .I who hu the fe power Tor te garage. tar
i rallied in the Pnaim t Brow, one-time up under m-e WA- choit tat offense Ia u :i w--
wa aettrM chapon, to the lath- ;PcagiwJ:,u wo stAr tK.w a out hisr la Bt-men e a m
anm DufqgattS Weatbury, N. aectr ger at Cf has been othe 9flr gap
-"s .-o .e ip *. qt t ile t em o*ir Robern "pi... '*. -..t--r
tosi', 4 .jeuug of 'itW it-A I i.__r Oui .4s.a a playing it ,... _. .ha..

4* 9 e'.


DL r .

~9 Wfl4aa*44.' ~n-4.r
I -.

% -..
u?.*.*) *- .*i ;..
~^.;-, -. = "^

- .'-

.-, '.-.- ,
=. ,a .

,- ;
..-. ,- -..


..-, b

$r *fl

Y *". '* .t -
., f ..-:_: ;

' "M i r
+.*1 as




' '. .

64W, '1

the BatS.r.w-
-y t .~wd

Bl.anIsto f ,
nana i do and aWS

Athlei -s O.K. In Mi.litary

Unfi iBass Deals in Stars

n -pss ,hip out boee J found for Mar Woa, om-
Stories out of WaU tOjalkt nee ome power I a ..
the inv t s a or tt -hrbor su ,te.IN.
n m na Lasi fer al-s


W. - c

i-lhi madt lOt corn
"lbntV, in' a sense
a thg ,big time,
u the fal round
a0a Open of 192L
ie aisecond hole, I
1whi we thea
i b.k. The blll
I t the hole.
t by a stroke, so
ass vital.
e t I made was
to i and 71st

IIemrI. *nW I under
1i +tlee of the final 11
B-* by Jhopitn the
aoles ln uI nder.
th hole played about 0o
lha gradual bankJust

lett, o ljp d t e
u tny YPto protect
tm hit perfectly 7ith
mggestU of a hook
he Jreera took care of.
covered the in, bit the
out 20 feet short of the
rOled On lx or seih'
ised a 1-foot midbU)
p Just touching the
he cup and rbHing a few

n,, -"

tw i

,acs ewsiami-Sfi wm=
I mrred the final hole to' wind
up -a shot behind Lawson Little
Ind Gene gararon.
(m-ert 8 -mkh win be among
ToUelf tn to beat Ben Hegan
an HAtleSm Golf Day, June 5,
by the PGA and Uf e
Amaters will -e lo-
cas handicaps on their own
coorsee, Next: Chick Harbert.)

I vho absorbed aot a
le freom t*he publSr'

G9B,' *tf.or. --_ .,
.wa nralyam-wad. -a
. 1 lr oi I W il,

n wwwntw 1w. r
we rw poZU pails'

to ther? i IMrtw I
%tort, 012o
wn ulfoaevent

'..7 F17; ;rulr ^ ^_- f 7 L. .-f j..,
. ~. rf Inhma.n

Twi Ib T... Twi .**. BeImft.
See dM WlWe r a miv* %mkmeu.I .,
tAhnes wmolIdihrts a ed 6 ~1
Yo. -o bond ReItvdr tM-jwf t4 o
Se ledt V tlikitvia
n-w eaoe V Yawn emansuu
shirts wd't dnkle...evwrl Nut alt
w Ihulmdity -m mlMa It pit. Almo a
Wo Va- .nW t 2wbtkl mi. -
.me" -OW '

VAN pigASNl Sl
v *** t s~~

~.- ttrt?

I -


tlttem forl~i-iR+ NR "We -
a.Uon: bttW reaches Jo i tn f
ids L teo aftbe services cold
twoh.udy vaity t
l th elb .ow *"AI n.mwould everA holeU
,am W In. The .- tlto
e swe frpoi the heA f t tarte
r. Oeas thts -givv tae run noL
he to mke fir4 bs whe iv o- t
n. al t, oftu of the

Htee i, f ll" c-, u .
,o-r ya the 'Tiwet L fate w 0i the flew ri
kei hf If nt o t hmnd1 eatmletin b a I woe
baat Is nWme and u eia.t. L1as the
of BUly a~.r nke- abov Lhn ad ao b t _tha*. -9o e
b no Army? tic Sho r atoa u a.JW

fn I la ad of sere men from the
er.. lU other efto-mhtlelaa. pelam- .,
hat Isa po. wa-y to Iste. barb9M> w a o f
ifStar eohnt atgaky and Tebbetta. When omine yards wi
latyerw Rot order to ship out, shott of
? were Op tha e*
he tm e aw-Isato pip An tey wT he.. o1
with tep of one ad a t Camp ShltU to ee it fro
the t.f ow tHi" they could use a good man b of td
e riegAS ej fiht fore w too tate.
isa ".rf may Stan MlX a aPtato 8 asg
for Atf f hitter. Btalbrid iup a Juln
elnhl td heitste the amn dtye 4-iadNavy DuOS ftbh
umat iarft to 3 The tranngcentr at SamepoftTe ball
Wk tN ij W to N.Y.. alWso eeded a left-hand slope ab
he up hitters and you could hear the cup aM
oking sqeBqawking ,fom LAke Geneva feet. Iit
re grip clear downto Port Depoit. Baln.e putt, the
eS .- r bridge offletabs were accused of edge of t
f er 0 lyagea calling up the draft, board. InchM bi

Stars gmplp u..i *. *e. Reedy seq i

DeWitt raised
metn lIkeN
ffdllfl a
atdU oll V-fse

-- Fl

wlemn n d am da. or
0the low for. lt .adr, d
other Jimmy
described sZoldk as the
pltob r i ever nw who fell Uq
eep beUte r pitches.d
DeWit dea1l the Tnemi a
lemon in Fred Sanford and 0
,o=rnan tiuher, .oy Part". di
foro Mo. W 4ad.Dlck Starrt. ed 9
now a star with the W ait III
He nicked t poor, old At, tIch R4
for a a iure and four 0
and PaaLI.tagr.
hired bmak f orBob Di ger,.

Dewitt ,tfe rd.t4 h eatet
tiwfacttibn r, ant eorae
the Indians 'o m$.000A d to

I .
DeWitt mreals t

02019.oreb loiblalht

wep supuwr PP

I 1" a~

A ~


PALL MALL'S ttsWtive. bright-red p
always present in place where imp1 r tM.
disdtagueised oe meet.... bo .ICBUt it
eigartte of dstinetion.

People who know quality, choose PALL 44L1
because of the ouperb bIn "

not m mok.

plansure. PAL NA,

,+' reu plar *m S&
; -

I..- k~A
.t -..--ra.A

41 1

-.A. i i-

*;.. .... +

a, 4j

_ t

, ;' ; ."
*.'* .'-.- '

. ,1

I Ue Y Eaw rUw '. .w-

r "

.:'.,- in.s kd r ,t
.+ : ,_.+-..-an r D :.KJ:'.-.



r 91

: -A1f,





~_ _~_~_


--- ---

. 8


I mirth

T4 calmner



. L'" -TaH --.



\ yrom e M mm



- -. ..

"--. -' a,-. _-.'



* -- U .-.~., ~ ..'w. mar

Ia. -1'3 ,. -(UP) .

,, AX e ". kepeeop*&tne. .wh_. .
today left the SeateS
division at 47 Demo WflI=f2Nfw -run
47 Republics and one
ent number, S e 3.

-..majority Is ase Ilet byim n

y whose term was- ot

!P-"-May Erase

e "7,ctedly yes- $ibbling sway at the face of price per cubic yard of material the p,.rack has Vw
Office, ap- Ceontrctorp 4 by mesa of removed. Th contract w Vl ntpa than six tfl
e, "c ynamnite blastY" probably be salgned in Washing- fat4"s seven tnd
-.can 9wnaie e possibility'of ion. here fixdd
ir hlith, aea retfgall that would cloe theI Removal of the rock facern. lished. Thb
m a Is *a ea PaPma Canal to shipping In der the strictly controlled safe lerIt
tics .Be wsr Iesat- the; opinion Aot staff engineers' ty conditions that muat apply avagg
i es e j..t*=__d consultants. will' take many months. e" e
Is Ndluit office M.G JohnT- Seybold reveal- bold explained that the reth
amoha l oef ~ .41o conclus i S on to newsmen involved will depend somebtWA t
U .U yyevtrd o0 u Il return from on whether, the contractor t
coehrencea in Washington on crews work shifts, double flauru go
Ta.son a2nouionced hib the potentially dangerous move- shifts, or arouad-the-clock, andt inore-ti
tto a n Senate the int In the hard rockmass. five, six or seven-day weeks.
tuso a jumned almost armin f a lInldmark, hereto- He added that the problem matter aU
ateV, on-tA motion of fore condaere- one of the most was not like that of a neW Job o cot
leader William ., stable plts along the bank of on which earthmovers might Jaat the ft
r tiad laway. j Just "shoot It down." Instead th 4Is doing.
Highly skilled technicians wil and other to
.. aid v's body was stressing t the conditlo move carefully so as to. dump ut3#to see how
f of his office causing g es s and execu-, as little spoll as podble into ngig,
:al1 hadnotas i aLIt he governor the Canal'channel
i u cd ~ recently. adptnd that oe crack wnich"
rae e0 has been widng slowly since What does fall will be reh. inal
h a, mendous num- at leas gM is demanding such ed by dipper dredge. Most of
home concern that the-Pan* the rock will be removed by *
SAald spe ymilllons to rectift Replying to questiloi as t W m
.. .who would ut up t on
*' -o of, the Senate's ftovTal of some ti. v 6 tio of dollars the work wUl costArloI ,
oinembers of the and.-'. quarter mllifnh cubic Seybold said they will be
t A tall man yards of material will bq node& charged In the same way that
p shmboulder,, he mwary. the original. Canal fonqtruatlon PARES. May
boS ther, bu Thton wiofk will be performed was char as part the Latakl.fght to
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4 .o.s

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tnd tons


n two nill-
Swith only 237.-
"I to plknt for

most part, this
the major x-
e, tobacco,
r ydroponks -
aknd- without AMIl
e 1pm lfld. so

S at Vega Al-
6W i Land Au-
w this Miami.

wP" value.

qn Pilot's

MaI Found
lfe .Border
o13 y (UP)-
td American

ile fond recently' In
BleL- Fpitre, Tarapa-
t stme' wasin Os-

after 1an

HtDROPONICS harvet ef to-
matoe that have never tested.
bJw is exandmined by worker.
HiUs farm Is five acres today.
But he has another 115 acres to
'uof he needs them. And he is
bu.y producing 75-day miracles
- tomato plants that yield hea-

Damaged Fisher
'Queen Mary'

Due, Tomorrow
7% Qieen Mar, a W0 ton
fsing bat which Wa .round-
e of alapagO M .L Is exz-
pected to arrive a boaC to-
for an m o the
t fdamsa s*e.
-anam AcAge t for
145 ft. tun said
htm tO ea diver
bte of to e *hip.
Shae the damages r

jas teifts km n
., astaf of the.Queen

= ." I

vy and luscious fruit that have
nevet tasted soil. Hie per acre
yield: 80 tons, aloTt five times
m6re than an are of soil prod-
i lone, to t r and con-
ner.howefer, ~ field unit
b ton owsealup

house and II ah belds with
rl who once
a ti rUd U. Army's
VIMt so s I t Japan, this
arg Onexp to set up
hundreds of n .tjltute farms.
iacf. has-acr plot called
iaFarm they plan to
1 4% et concrete
house and 2 c5 ient beds with
flpaes rlMton, cisterns
aMd, 'g nd all naces-
t ea pre-package
the various trients, insecti-
cides and fu cides for the
farmer. In addt ,n. trained nu-
triculture ta an would be
sent to .ervice farms.
The cost th farmer; be-
tween $8500 and $10,000.
SToay there aq O110,000 Puer-
to =Rtcan p1"rPo More than
half of thw hve only three
acres of lad which is beset by
erosein, .oor pi and long dry
Should hydroponics work com-
mercially produce would depend
on chemoia IJeefn with rain-
fall playlpg no' part. Possible
crops include cucumbers, lettuce,
peppers egsrplant, Chinese cab-
age, strif be an, green onions,
okra and doom of others.
But woulMd e a Uiel hood
to the ,f Hydroponics,
Inc., has tl that a haltN
acre of tomW would yield
average ofW a1 000 pounds.
Average i on thi
two-c ilbout $ea.0 .
2 is a able
tax =a I Puerto Rican
Jaws,. new ian ustrls
are a of tax-free
productlo B called
on by loI .Ira fals into
UIna j4e D i d-No 4 prole-tiVon
could also lead Sew allied ln-
duetiders ins t al
c a r o f a r b o a s **e s
But a t futoN,
hydrm he th e po-
e.r to cb tui h ge -
and lip p Pet a

'"Ss^^miStSafw **"
Bmast? BePHB! Bii-*.'*~
Heln th auudr-With M?
ItS~idS? ^^fflSuntf

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NeH*wasre-rnaplcuxeAby .h*
mm C4'*1^^K &W wd

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#Ai t1
4*". -

n TSo TUE FARMER In the s )pleee of hydrepeMe ,c
chemleals.take the place of il med water. Wereat.
Ric Sar H, Sy Rebbins tete Dutrien t Seedlg

S-', ,:. .^ .*

S Il IrMt made of eoea
= In them e
--, l.,.J =a eted

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Yk* T',
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bn [ W m d


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