The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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pem It the aim-
our primary m-
=f a ituat soep.
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st the s,00O-miug
is ear'er. 31.
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of the Unit
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A brief anmouncememt f*0
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a frt Ut a Liteey are wellknown th out the world Din Ben Phu and the bst
t= a lno just' n why the Pimp1 0s In sc room of New York's Hoti
ent necessary in clearing our yard of the But the world n
a gid a 3 bMe e uraged. really far from, any 1p4
lOlbdi of, I were. lt -btack home on the dayv. Her a how atean
WaBdy 01 cCUMnWthe K 8ublj oft Pauma for bet p1- up: It was to BH 4
plati dtuq olcned by-Achool athertIifa. t 1M dse'sB grand Uwln
t he early .1t0 of those eekling after knowlo*.. M MiMabower a1
Appearance fted no purpose other thae tO IM.,o k
aga a 9eI9 from another. It ha so proven incentivef alostf 4aA
rea~s Osar expressed In 'ome quarters for the de- ing p ee deleosa
never before officaily as
a toful to learn of the number f children who never I "convetnon, any cmndu
t26. tho ability of their puenA s he 1 -.fJuivenile delinquMwt..wil how that t.e "Hir ;,All,
9 nl 11ed 11ounh grlme. Wio In higher grades, AFJ 9P u wt^
mental absrtlon' Iiproblems reduce time apent in witP- "M tbioyru
It helps to supply them with the power of understand- spoke. The AFL t eentl
fairly assumed that if the wa~L*ard group had to krre tushim Aor li
6I special apUttude..a aiseable number would be ho nad spoken. Thea, In d
Om atl for further PaUdla. to stOp the eiipected.di
..Ith i atB motvlr world the devflop~amnt and progrer- ofI r tohe ali
tieadi cWfl on the skill It clean, and those trhre l m
oIn-mot b 4ed without Xnowledgi. If greatnMes.
re untl 4 i to achieve, let us not deeive, to break unions. .IFBt
-Interested Parent change America watli
liccfmscg union bu i," i
n o -o "Neither do L"
'riaio this moving says thlinl don't look good for tf. t these wordI, lt
a I as old Contractors.ll Slide Is kicking up her a, union-bustin
to closetbe L Cant Wite fsaec
T .IVaIM. and say It sl the FPaniama Railroad that will go. Pealdent dad chara
M trip .to Panamsa I l0ke d over:the NbrOalln the the s of th, Tnlart1 A
y opinion was ther-li'road would alide-down ain .-lbar forde ~n
er way and ;he same, low-moving a.ese would (da' w'ar those
t buy for a long time vive. He ha
Not much chance of me livlng.tq see thelast of that a oll s4n; 4
-- Jl. ftap Wri$ al Hoo so 4111
TI A- LA eWanted seuatguial aIe n M
~* -* THER LAF .i M an ElIers '
S r. ler. wip .o
A lot of people feel they have troubles. Well let me tell yov d e "h
*$eBV sa character on our base that has adopted a q a
it bJIms fine, but he does not think enough of the d4g red
I -p tead he lets t o around waking 'u rg far
A 4 .Odawon iundayL.
At MMO- d ilke to Aik *you WWlr you lhoot the dog
on-.., ..t.n.les. ,ll b :p e. 'ru,
Mosis-.- -^ an .*-.....^ ^Ad lg lc~ i*


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ti' today from.
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no"t adoutte-
tecrime prolliggY


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R-ol '78-.. l bl Aall can telL tthtp thas

dim Emit im kihet I. e ,
S, g Tat 1 adt. e bill' ws os not much to eer
-ls:a a 4lee,

d wit.whic h ,lsenho
2T oldl 42l ke

Pre umeS 8Cam R*a" t 10wthe White House policy peo. MAN AOT TOWN ot how .. how many ere upheld

SI -NUBMim wite House usaead a o4n "-fctOW do "a
M""went .e..fblican by comr e.M

p f e at ly few tteslat time ain eob_ "r, ar
tha Eve president El a
blower ha, L "Ilmehed whe m1 .. ~
!as uiodunl eu n7 Theo an ...

5 tbellbvee tbe ga- chfs an rer .
1 him euwn-reda w to give him a

chance to make good a l personal tiV
T JM ie. bcm however wll 5r3 N
t"w. Democrat
fig-thrt R uatnthat ohe..
S F. e a all the a foregoing Tuaty at n i ti
Spolitioal k oda weres dl Col merce

prmbed b e rtic senators b read (t S
6 T t a" they m Fbowever, widay. Ten b .

lic Dal rat voted as a beis, m sere .
mniuding tb e sonl.ern seaters, trwis to a t 1ot r Beo. un"g dcion .
was high: os makes war th. Th .
'55. l' a senat ereb,
r.La 16..

In teJ.WXT .SmithkMi.

OF DR. dTh" phd nvy 10 VsEx-PC E ioy N"I.

-f 1 r. of John W'
,. D BafftNvotedas blo, merew e r at
be: pas -e m ea- p 2hwashigh:lPoe Mak 0 esI ..ITh." lot.


-Dies In,,-BuffaloI

ism t6* iPini
ft MIM"M"M
.-! ," ,[on as I ,
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mr. iurnI-r. .. .
ow," replied Chairman it

aluitd ,'4e "s ,,
maybe I' our own ult r
instnio bd m i n h Amm o thme.
We've pepUa. facd s ap

itl'a.impdrit t '1 ,, a Wl tb&Vt

shtf noteho a r.

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T Presidency
E1Y wYO-U3,Xay1 "up)
ha. ieW o.

Tbhi adm We-oe t was al. at
Brown, Bembt pubHe

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SIs (s aecondI
s~fe~o^1 I5ree *
aO! by
tV~f'lbU~rB~ri~brt preide P

tta b smoaCbJo* wnr
MW TOME Way 12 (MA) -

ator2 tle gsirn al.ear-
ta pya wh. age rant
StS jfrtoBs to el

, AM wh.Gj ;Bp*A'ed at IL
New York luncheon ub of ed-
tom, wntm" and other personal-
.t.. aecudtomed to b e sophis-
twated entertainment. they left
m ny spectatbr mintgdamP

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1le device

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mDIGm I THEm 1 .
by Iorean Children.'
a crippled chil i

* ww iA apabittkss W. i as b p .. .I. n.. ,,
u0f, rMiaela Mast .qtw
2roca. 'U'z- eaV
I ua"Wt&W at thl n6 p t.'new

tea .mi in tmu u "

~hile tiS. autopsi was' hanles
c pit'epbyst an t4ed iKlua-

i-uu Oa ,.temn oZutiamUe DUc.
euI ias whien taboratory. M*-.
amount aS a Msrange oay
.on tft tl q*u waL sepdia

bythe joee, moowmeter anal mu.

oL or. winapIa U culy hI c tka
smau amount et Me poaiun sat ais
manout inm new agecuphomme-
CdU'. -

sthe "fiterprt o thoy poibcI.
etle d& etuM wa i te u oms oft

=40%ya Antt eIn omtni amdt & cI- l- J

eu u. whica o ru a in the ray. .u
S.ustald an ext"ady, an ea '1>
amount a. masr o-y aN U- u = .

...UAt, W liqtu was psractoially
thi new tspompleter anaia
UWd as* sdnnMintla te, a v" .ad


161 ,. COMMA 2Msa ^M
.. ,- ^_- t. .,"" -,, .,.e PAWN"

16!- | ItlI pl#~ _p^-..fc- *fitAM&, ,.- ..f^^^^
iT tI* 1**1W U.

ame laor sea e$ th1 0

bn&f of snglnd caa b-
thr amem win theB-
e~bogth ah

urirament on Deembgt 11,

U ide-hturn, tloallow, 0 toer-
rttonm waters sof uti tend
due mles oft.l=tn mme as
mesuarrd from mean low water
l a 4 m the eawrd limit
4a bay orI of a river.
Irnfd Codee, third bt dam
in the world, is 580 feet nor base
to Wp. i

TrH. NiES OF R. T"
i i -

TSL. *


Your Syle and Fabric to fit you


Don't kid yourself, Mister!!

of them n trI ta'

st actr er lWa
-" IB AmAerian

TEPMtca Rem urtys

.A small car with


S1, Comparison proves it Is the
world's BIGGEST small car buy!
MIO Canal Zoe aaPa

Convertible .......... SISGNA
S twe-door :........... 1 .MM.S
Hourtemat te & Arias, s. A. f..r.d..r *........... 18..

Compare them a...

* i wA. .-ig
Its Rpomlnses its Qualty -i ft Prit
", .: *. X




.To Canal Zone Residents:


-q -

Go to a side street tailor
mnd you'll get a back al.
Iey mil. Nobody can per.
form: l~rIay e. You'll get
j.ut wWb yupay for.

I w haveto dbra tow.U mere ai
oy bn" a r .a a ..ot

*, :J

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I Cf Ir fulmTo Sefo
Ad b I ,i .e -i

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Z5 A vA :. .


In C.nJlnct, With Year Int.ernMdoal Trni,,.ti,

...:., ... ; _--. -* _._,-r ._ *,' -^A-ai 2-r- fffa ~


''- -, .Si

A. -
is ,- --
* S *~ ~ -~ y -,
5 5,.* -A-
.-)./ k-. j.
2 a ~******


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... .?, ....


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71 AY

T T- .1I

I-!,:- -m. ,.. ** ., "
.9: :.~.. ,. ., : ,

. -.M i ... i -' -" a' ." *
-.'', .'" "* ,. t. "*


;, ...'-n

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.. Oki&


M R-b RaboviIs a new gadget that
the back-bre.bhdn drudgery out otliUteh digging.
ta w atlCr ip instaillatlons. It's a plsttle pipe layer. In
s. d mtration at Franklin Pa. 1000 feet of pipe were
Sithbn teff rinute:. Tihe ckvice uncovers a narrow
Ad the ,petad bscl-fllls In one contiftbous operation.
It s 4demribed a a great labor-saver in Installini underground
Wter lines foM house to barn or other" outbuildings or lawn
Wrinkle systems.

mate "Aprove Amendment

i Prevent Coirt Packing

aSIOTON. May 12 (UP)-|New Deal and was blocked In the.
sto todayOvterwhelming -,lalte,_
sed proposed constUtu- Fifte Democrats jo d 43
3lUtdment to liWit the *ePDbliasan In supportof. the.
ur to nine judges donstitutional arnndment,.
force them to retire atI Efghteea Democrats and Or-
-of 7S. *. independentt Wayne
e ent as passed by opposed .
to 19 pmre1vote. '* The .58 to 10 margin Was 20
i preventing an. ore. than the required two-
OnI -.the 'court-packing" istrde vote.
,th o ,ordealtRooase- I
and keen Conreus from r The amendment wopld fix the

now. pro-
ICourt bWt
ts all ,"e
e menbi-

9'- ,. ", "x 9** f. ,
Mvibnf that Supreme ient at 75, committee md
[iWM amo ;retie at continued w. .y jJudges lt
p e..g sii to Reese- tha '"ndto weaken
.. "to I= & S like the
Press dent triedto add court packn plan to corrt
STwto hen tbE altuation by undesirable
r LIoSual routes."
r Fa -0'tbe The first member of the pre.-
.. -- ent courb who could be affected
MM mone Is Juitice Felix Frankfurter, who
the fa now 71.

. l

-A-- -

^*- *
M */-.-
" *'^*''
^.(,. .,*

ro F.i'i r. ,
M.S WASHN TON ........... ......... .
ro COLOMBIA EC1nn. FM EW tl &,-
s.S. PORT XN BESSIN ......... j .
M.S. WYOMING .....;......... ... .... ..........

PA-sN.oGm C-P.nc3 our CA.TAOa"Y pr To
s.s. ANTt s ................. .... ..I..... ...... t, .
*AIRNim vlmvICr AoM Nw. n OMt o ft .TtMo1 OM v tt
S.s. IL, DEFRAN CI ................ ....... .:,-!.-lr.6d

msfwoLrsMt sUm .
Weekly Ftl Owa sr e.vt l Bewtmn CrIsbl. li-,b- BOMCP r t 0 .
U.S. and Ceada .da r ti p ti .#ad C.
Crist6bal: FRNCii LIU o. O n Nil i .?L & f Ml'.,
r6mi: .UNDO DiMP. UA. A. -, I
*l fa 3L. b I .24"k.
9 -,. '

I *.** -.



I- I 9V-. *w 'a .
'' A'eeestln, Og3ilpa, laiy'f: ,'
a 3AST COAST AND GiUlV roi R WS .#-
.9 5 5..I
Sailings: Every ;iftee Deays for
Houston an4 Wew Orleans

New York Philadelphia Boatimore

fGulf VaeseIcll at VIEAGUAS and TAMPICO
(MEXICO) every lix weeit)

Wilford & McKoy, Inc.
Mamnic Building, Crlstobal, C. t.

6' StiUl~hpe

'...c M .n X.

m~f~ eeoelo*CusoED t
wL.fil NrO 1UEL
'w.MFaNofi noeis



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uaarQ~ BCW

Y O 14MI b OW?1

M B AUtf\


OUT uvrl WAr

521 .wznS

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; -. -+. ; :"
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nea r

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Prdfo ad.
hkr, Ha

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dust arn i ha

M % ad s o"es a.
o whe sUph an aece New N Kelso is the fourth lug.
w remiquale d 0. p state in hbe Union. *
I. he do Cad v o ad pri. Amy M Cr -
.r mack wi h Mrs. Ji-m s e Pratda --jj
?fN,~ lbf HJt Ut tJh Sand r e. l Ma Pou 49t *aha"
f i" gA hundred eek. "was pre. I h. std Sa
I r 4 Ienteo Mrs.. Julia K illai dfar th a i r.
Calm1 Red Cros.. -*vow
wil ldt stale -, The average feuale live abo s OD ser
minS r said.; ,. Mrs Cl Crw .A four and S ha fear lSa
taw f oit of T7e YeaO "an the average male. 0 h u
t1n0 fo.i So ll o S th Te. jrbs hear eof BletA : _a r WPh i A. Chairb
tt.l&Lef a ts 180 : i 28 and 1 SIt 8 sorr id their Ad *nual Girl of It.h l tak rest o-l d rm vd .
Mep.m, Time lreft of the mona ban the Year Dance at she lhs Home new a ppl varloy.from ee*dWa
.L b eheldd aMnn ,Joseph Wrg l S ht.,- o ,Hughese end the a air. Schai
i fr t n _ga. Mrs__ Jean Cofey addressed the Virtually anl t6 hola predh
: h audred members uad er t- a te united t ih e. *'. hClit
.l bli Old Folks Boom d aM.'e twe Ft i ,..,,
eation- ,Mrs. Clow',had for.Wast..:. , .0* CV
Y.0cis i oVeI, Tourism. a'o. bl ansd mwer. ".

St N le 1o p to cdr a, the o on rit. ifAdsI
"to ow d Jean J a

,00 D yovleag1lehh rodmen and wOe .hara J e mastedi' the' i fkI *uigA
temwhe arhd anda, mei trenater she agreato m.'.

.Si ,S l t
1,'IoatDm 4 lmer o aIayd. they .weZth At one Ssre J g
V.s 9:g ~. at.' Th |et *.l^n .e- w i n_ ome__ _and Shawo I The d ae' r w e New F
.l Cr ore .,l A,,, Bids k .J, g, t Mr.L P ...

.^ I i Pr D Mrs. Ia Brad s
Aft shod an r-. .aramillo Mr. Dr...
In^! ash sqpyM^\ ^ DoS wo tr be A dod ns s vd / eb^r tw
I Itoday the office of the om was fXnis66 sy u ,ddv .n.t44,

B i .,. M ..:.fa ; i Fr duTir ct wu be. i.e -f! .Ne mu a ., -
e e at that timerMs, Ge.rror i th d e s
,dl.*A' ." .tram.. ab'"'" r Wsh "I A

weAa sartB art er boreo.Ie .w-. "

o wn 5P uro....%44,,,w6. M6do
muscws mio da t goo luoks..

toftbh e the favonte of wsll-dmsed men.
___ ufmh m m w It is percbom itself!
.UDART ALL ARROW shirts) .
UP r .- iqin A. ,eio. ,rut.uhes f the A.,owc ol r1

., akin "e' '.et, is bwlm the anchoeed-to-stay
Wb bnsr-wi lsastaslon
.I'klyft OMA e .-" IBM -lasthe :hirt m r

.Amlum 1..e s su pee-tM g ashtho

st)kdi a.tndbp.d- ARRow shirts aOW s D RoU.JZD-
,ly. meb. ls ,s .M,. b t ill never shrink oW / 4.t.-
164 ,. olat t ins. lof isat! No wnder ma comufider

s"- "ap l OiNs Mrainp eraaler-the DAi.Ta insert y

a Drop la rt y r ARImOW de h I.

KI An. R oW,,yb.a -
,: w" -.her-ga es wasGoy dpd. ma s

--a ot -m I10"

K U~f, :Q~.*.

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',.. .- ..
.. .- .
M v. ..) ., ; :'

*. *" A:'_ f'-i,_.-^ .'

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t T

;,-" .4


--. ;_ -.S
I^r ./'

, A.-
; .-? 6

-7 .

*~5 ~J'~:

I.-. .
: / .

a a '..k

s ;-;... & >
-. -.. | I ^ ,1

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.. WEa?

12' -

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- WOW..t 'Ot., m.'. ,7 .

n *
Uke.t "eP ', :G l 11,1,
*sel:h=_ai ] q0 Ii :I
,- ,I L, d., ,.LTVON' "i

L'I .


I Unf ler. ; hitrni- FOK SALE:-.-I04 rd FordS r sedan. m nt. electric loc s I .
B? ,^and atta O.a-d 2 Call ECaptE 1 edi, Ar k STP BY AID TRY.!*,,T l
= 8427.051.AFl offl 4ar rce 11 TEST .A., Tet
S ,, ..'r -a. alo ALE:-f94 Ford 4door Cu"sedan..- 2451 -2- .,V
after 5 P utomi m sedanc, hear. Over-
chwshln machine, like cut. OrlgI, w't awner. Cn be ft- T.T,
/Sot. pM. Clayton 87- .nncd. Deytire *2-.5124, evening q, ,

S- Eelent condition: r 1950 Traveler. Fl in) $50;%i9. 41, *.5
strand "Seq Pruf" bamboo d condition nie r uber. See at 2.4492. 5324-, Diabl. .
gpjtianal id chair, 6 vel FHolH Capt. Dusinbrr. SAL=:--ft..rfl r t
tables.., blonde wood, FOR .SALE: Buck Station Wagon lin. $50; 194" n ne0
found coffee. 2 and, 1 '1956 Saup 4.door, radio, heater. 2-4492, 5824-8, Diqbto. EO, P.
Is'md, I qua;; I knee-ho Dynfjow. 4ndqrcoated. Original FO NAL:dU-T i. 1| tIIq
rkoo; I floor omp; 1 Call Qw rr. l.y Hehts 82- FO SA LE:.- achshd puppies
tr 4W.rcan be Mtched. -il FOR SALE:-VA. d.3.pd2 t
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le l top 31"x63"; Ban- HydrmaticInIt., at 216,- B- -:l 1 ,
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Cally I C_83-6146_after for $400.;ZbuyFOR SALE '- Man's new woolter.
a mt bseen It quarters FOR SALE:--Ljavntg Must sell 1947 never worn, cheap slap
.. ,,- Curund. Chevrolet 4door sedan, radio andio 4-586, Pedr
SA E:-,9-ui f. Westinghouse other extr s $475. Excellent con- FOR SALE: Underwood t/piwrttr LS
r v ,e. xcellent dilao. m Nyow 3188, Cocoli $60. Good condition. Pho" Te1 .
r on 50 H Ilelboo 26131C. Porai.o, C.Z. House No. 6 A.-
:ghts; Phone 2-1219 after 4:30 FOR SALE:-t9IQ Ford Fordor. Call FO SALE:-Srnith-CoronisT 6 El
;,. Bolboa 2.14,4 qr, portable. like now ,. $55M.M
$ALE:-9-cu. ft. Westinghou se M ALE.--195. Chevrolet 4-door phone Navy 3758. T..'m. ,
Slg etqr. 25.cycle; metol chest seden, twoble ceam metallic FOR SALE:-With a little know ,
1es; tabla, 5 choirs. Balboa on Drivers |1 then 3000 miles, this $350 2- engine electric ra -
14. _________. Telephone Navy 3758. "Itrack Install s' on table. I.VolI .i '- T _Q t
KSALE:-Westinghous porcelain 1 lALl-- Chevrelrat DeLviue Ught any bov. $50. 614-X, h oritw dbs.
i.:srotor. 25 cycle $45. Cal: Sp Coupi I0.000 miles, oel- at Balboa gas ation. ,
.ca 1335. le4 0 endll in mshp fitily. Red FOR SALE: 6 wr.' -old'c ra FOR RIN.' so s4 Taer TrwaMpie Trtaon
SALE:- Frigidaire rfrioerator. plaid smet eqers. Re enable. Li-v- SrKherd puppies. Ts. 3.4604 bth atr VAL EqO twith
.e li, k-year guarantee; 36ptr il 5u Ip .e, ~ kSOR. .--- er for children. without furniture.
v. llke new. 36th Street No. 5 r.S'.l 1gnih. .-OR SA-Lr:---One-ploc setting Inter- Apply to 48th Strat No. 3. mRloea.nd me M efr
-. -tI. national Sterling. Enchuntress pat- FOR RENT:r-, *.P rltly _Hllt PaAle yofei' h n. mu
SA :---4-pioc red plastic covY- L SS uL --; naE u p -FOR RENT P Pfr a
Ilying r m set, price $110. 127 size film. excellent ens speeds, p.. 6 10 n
2-1891 after 4:30. PRSEWAITES 'oOD n to 1/200 sc. Phone psa0ok -.e-
nday. May be seen at House r w s4 for x- 8-2293. FOR RENT:- Th -bedroom Chel, a
-A.S Di bl se rCourse &ih'tlng May, -at,-I -I, UI__ _t"_of
I -A. Diablo. Real Ma, I l, 9:00 SALE:- Transmittr, 18 watts. 2 bathrgeems Iarn m, dining, sa
SALE:-M.hogano cofe table. 12:00. Lode .l, Tel- VFOnd crystal, voice. MCW e d Etl, Vit.. ead. tar
; Quartermarttr dresser $5, ta- *.one 2e 2 .. CW. 2 to 4.5 MC, new dytamootqr last of this month. Tel. 2- I l W B. -
and choirs $5; Innersa. ring ma- 12 volts ir-put. units shock mount Pnam"ma,1. Me: nde ("iyei
&. O coil springs ". 0440-4, A4ed: 18 spore tubes SI10. Apt. Mpej )
s ,.'$20cl n.' 40, 2069-A East 4t Stree,,, IN ".d'u
Swi ry ch, MVE FNSTbFl Phone 83-7140 after 5 M
idrsr *t Affords much

LOST: -itfold In B a A t.r e Zd W
m ay 9, 154. Rerik". f QsLof;tW
LOKT:.-Mon's block billfold. aidm D 111
y keep money for return of n r .
RtBeB & fold *rdcontents., Phone Cbrogal2 17, 44M1W s. ___,_
rtn Mr.. 4114 Wday, or bring to 241J-8, a 44 St.a1 t
i-i13 0 (ldq ) C 6 f7venings0 4 4th tirs; .t .. .... .
S ~ FOR RENT. Beautiful spatment.
..unfurnished or seml.futnished, 120
F iI SALE Via Prm..n, net te Roosevelt Th .-
FOR-Cf: SALE oWiater. Inquire in rear. Tel. 3-5024. Law lso 'aa
Rceal E~sise FOR RENT-Specious r ndevnPart- LA A SEN
FOR SAl.E:---Concrete cottage. 2 bed- ment luxuriously furnished. be- c
room,. completely furnished. lIorg rooms, two bothrooms. shI steps, Wlea sa ps U
electric plant, beach front, interior garden, garage, service room. 3-
Splumbir. Inside- tside showers. 374.
PauIb Imeach. SanCarlos, 14 mile rOR RE : One-bedroo apart -
Sbefore Santa Clam. Reasonable. Nept furnished or unfunishad with
4M 9 13 (UP) T o Caloil Curundu 5261. rniel( kitchen, bathroom, porch Seea
r AlAt tn0 o %l- F*tilbreg personally at East 29th
A o.e dayt carr- reet No. 18, rear "Mercado Vas-
k $50. e a sition Offere o," 10 to 12 noon and 3 to 6 p.rn.
n of the lsigbt- WANTED: IPA graduate beginner FOR RENT:-In Paitillo. modern and
ORe own the na- lingual shorthand typist to learn independent apartment. 3 bedrooms,
SL ards. "z ee10 l lee *s crertarial job. Snall tartina 5 lnati- living & diningroa;,
l...'WrI 4t-24.4, ,nco, .Z, Mold's roor. Hot water. 14thS
S Ire ($24), FOR RENT:- Compltely furnish
('4$partment, 2 bedrooms, 2 both.
le ac rooms. Tel. 2-1458.
,FOR INT:-Furnishc opiortment, r
d IRA3 bedrooms, lvilngraa dininbroom

Thetimed $ Q ihreea -- ]o ]Bowers, nu u -
AL_ nrh 2 batimoom. 48th Street

op rheeallagither lgeat sa.

*n p elolle lined were -enteneed to prison for

S Pn"o roPl- .O M ofa the notor .)-

t her. were inh e ol I-treasurer of inNgt w CTiIitaieeotlli
a r 'iMoal91, a ec sentence ih of bO t $7._1 uAm___/_eetesa_ _m._
u eea Juge arold P. by U= lee-
hand levied tre fItnem sand sen-
beo"t1e tco l .r de JurS o v eedwr W wathe f ..

M4saed t re aeightr ge a brought rike.h
MIRT he nthr wee- eBoerst, i a t

tNE age of a211

Yheu-tK-um. '* -- S~:#5A-vow-


U h~F~'"~lm~ i Metr::

,U Mecis a hy vhfm -at' a
ai do' det, Penn a friri
!.0. ,4 ..,.
rt is a p e

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aput' i,

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np of =An.- aqmiru


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aomvi-M.vmw. s om UW luwqior a
Rut lonuea 'teat6r msovie-hold.
.ne sUr 'I BrSuy.M
..Weli cn'taW Jigger'
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~p'm o Il h IN
-a m
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mat wk R. Fran),
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det!' cause .e received ,1 of
,s electoral vo cast and iman?
felt thi majority ws ass

pl~~ooest of corw
N .av. re bushel of
ers*a. ... .

In race e oltiona ItU e
... .. P hilp Mi with the over-

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NI te yt en the

?II .o lq, Idn"- fwmf .idtei ovlw .. l n tatth Am efn e dt ;mnrofd u t on .. o. OfIt
In-ad i, to10 N1 ACP wil.
....$03 (UBIS) .EW YORK, MaB lir h enni tb of. the PUUpu
.. .I ... .Jh l of WrPhi rA. .,_ ward t t o be ve n

Co .u' -L"C"-e_ h fl d fi pnddemrM ern sate- "tioe Pil Amerein taMl oiden. Joser. inv P o

. '-- ----- -o tneye Be L i on 3 W tenf3 of -- -o ul e Unimon md
SBr- Ia I ui 1w- o THUt
S .1 b e actor "ott. and b to th Attorne for the tit Ueme the exact na eor e oA an

..i.t. he B th a* ber and locat.o. "f t b
.... uble I. x treatment
j 1' "B..--. ,.ouher, kMSI d) rnaAe -r.

erc OS. B hBi. ut Th JoYo eo ri-l V

tNo eoer S. onraso thee We QlCae o them \- I frt m) G: .9
Wi5-ticm t hove verena de e 0 n ANNITO1 ( Pher hlainstory, there said Can
l ariurs d -srin Ad fPte woud othoedns atersndred bmin at, oe fA
ona ournrKof"er Richarf --nnon bo-- a-.17~,p oc l biis.ors.edto iol
o owen htion bop-cl aeto-* t-ae ueeo "mti. [ee npthe boo and

dbut a 3.4 Jail library and escaped before he tOe Uw CA booklet contaning thei
and t i durable i Ibed olead Te b ook aion' e omplek iens
Swa 2800 r-e 'tldc-d o Can't o Rome a t ,woll bu!d. nb 'E

er ad hoih or e theaae aa as a Agin." and "The Houe fWithouet A rl USAC members are we- OPcai nt Pl
FI the volum wol. o e wer in food a O .l to "tteld the meeting. T

Gna ilto thi"prdh tobacco product and --e bn

ever guilty text,.le product wth gains m em ,I A. '
ofn fo many payment in the apparel and MORE UNUSUAL nAmericaVe ir among ocu
chemical indur trel partially off- Aoove, ,M pryo n C.q st
Sthe de e Abog ite ligt penetrate

I fo t u well as colored l
irt onumen to the laus mob.ans favor saabec or lear in t b mi A House 9il Qfwh
S cot f ofeeracy wa s le I laps ten to one. Thi m eN av nn r

S ends at y, Ala., a I becae aber light WASHINTON, May (UP)-
t 0M a *residentahao: e mo m

.0. .La ,soahte. o he bae T ea ls
eIo De .ranli S. oeiit I -rdds
atsfzuos "C m r II -s ..,o'b

oiv Hiwwoove r oltuner b the repin elA nk in
r be e, Hoovseret I t kuC n'teH pome a ms'*w l d
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nevertuiltypti--tw gasn em

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-Yet Yentm's eIrannUdp M
telging ris story oe ond
murder around the actions of a
curious child establishes him ps a
promnif. Iadr.

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haven't you

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eiwe. The ic heas fm AnshtH & I a os
la--b s _k Th -' I--r



Brazil's capital of commerce and thoe,A f
-growing city. Go in the height of lumaey-a
El Conquistador, Breniffs upertbDC4 si0ap0.
fine nww DC-6 tourist flights wih suhie aiflOF
uvings es- fee-es ULme. Ihsrww wy yaIrW B
million mile captains and apehhp'nc-d ". 7

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aw so O.ew*.^*^.

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-. .. .,. :. .;-.-. -. ; .. -K .,.i4 ,- A .- .'-r :*.. ,-. ^ -. ...
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S ay. 12. (Usis)
at pe ee ful 1
i energy fan n;:w be
a viorous ind'tiry .
lMldtoy in public
jbi te n eongres,.
lettee on atomic ener-
'ot Nucleonics, the on-
i ubiueation in the U.'
a devoted solely to a-.
'was the first of a se-
.WitPvernmentmt witnesses.
mrteen is cons i d ring i
'hr the Atomic Enrgy Act,
to- pe-rit wider Industrial,
ini atomic develop-
committee also is cons-!
r'halges that would make
a* broader exchange of in.
Swit. other nations.
t Jerome D. Lunt;, re.'
on 6' survey among 351 in-
concerns and professional
terested in atomic energy.
tUe survey showed over-'
M dpport fo revising the;
1 [g the lines suggested by
chairman of the join comrn-
*. representative Sterling
0 ssed hope the commit-
bja able to submit the
m ,bed legslation to con.
p action In the present
S'Coie- said some of the
obiaget have been thI
t of etiive discussion ani
& r during the ne a r I y.
the Joint committee
h'as Min existence.
a, M'President Elsefhower's I;
f om an international pool,
elop peaceful uses of atmic
pints the direction in
we al hope o move."

1 A0omik Pool

-Wh "i eHuse pre.s sec',ti.y Ila-
leity s&id today that a Snoviet
aote on a world atomic pool is
c. considered by the United
5U11 'cov&rnment.
bov!e note was delivred
. W MrU 2 in reply to a U.S.
MM to the Soviet government of
rt. was queried ahout to.
SNcw York Times stury from
a by Thomas J. Hpr'lton
I te Sovie Union C('emands
t, i n on nuclear armi before
P.'aldemnt Eisen h o w her's
al and that thil Soviet at-
doons the atomic pool plan

jull s ana
<-w ur

lth Mr. Dullles his
. tells meo that he
sy t thit time
*as a&, ant s hea
wa .o May 1. A
SwasW osued by
Mr. Molotov which

4oMoy ead'Mn. Dutles
i 0 a series of
wtth n atomic e.,
6 0on- April IS
or March 1", msH
will be further
ai VOited States In
was. In thst ai t
May 1. AL I
is tIhat the Sovtet
presently being. studied
Wrbhlmstoa b* the U.S.
ten.t" '


m^^ *'

.4 OR ,.

u- a PO OI
*, Ni bINA U--* k

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... .

"Oh, Wafter, you mustn't fall in Greek! It's suh a valuable
study-why, that's the only olass we have togtherI"_




Happy landlords and
tenants get together
through our want-ads
every isue. Turn .to
the want-ads. Check
M now I

Every mt *. every week every day-
than all other dally papers In Pasmi combined I

I tax
S at both f 1e *
Ie prN cte u t
aseedman if apoed
be quickly .t.. o
nstats To

Sung Tonight.
At St. Peter

Myrtle Greene, pFruikln -We,
Ierman Bayne ani Artihu Ri-

Reserved Tables
Nearly All Cone
For 'Rosy Affair'
Reserved tables fop the "Rosy
Affair" to be sponsored by Los
Calmadoas Social chb on Satur-
day, were practicalr l one to-
day as memberla of wj club com-
leted final a n ents for
the dance..
Tomorrow has ber set u the
deadline for reservations, which


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The Way of Woman

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W a&-~~ c~rr~l
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T sipm= heat a4 Alea

rl l the ceread de troyed,
eres .th od thae
erns i Order wil be dt -ba "' bb
j prsidntm mAm elan y Isr i iqt seaway, Ark.,
day. I ue.i t.Lbu
-- at a pack-

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F 'Juias elm

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Company Is Busy

bad MS eutomens. Now heIa
He nverte we the da dkd
MA au elanw d tm wath "the fB
faeB s se let cmpany be

ahatd SinEes the atar a
eCneh!ve a eiltahe rnt

S- -
utS PiCture r
maer uSqoadd F e' r ta N.
of Hm el

0 COMM Ctto bd
B iwade ii W tt A ton a

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dho wate irda-
eipm *M ft t was

lmar s Ie al It .9 a
e etra havelblnte u el ina to
M Cjty Cu b._

BidderAt Auction
'IGs Picture
Of Himself

, h at h ree 1 bt ila.e-
4be j w j..,edak,- ,i..-
I i d *l ji md ou r a

autolr k k hew t-reI to
Depositor Owns

Io i .641" Spib No i sr ae

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work dme- eool uma
how h w~n6va
av.rae oo c Si on
iplub 6ottt~trf
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pa withth l op.
It a a .t

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al Mbh of the
s~* l k

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hibMIt are A. o.

j uyal a boathe to t w il to

o the1B a c M a a o ne o f maw e.
e B *he Ba W65e can beal obyAb sit er.
tor $. e 1s ee r. A aed a othre'e o member.

. Gaawely sIa it,' tes the hram, as dsthe b
asr la et oDu the orudi heg oisf* feparmy1e thexI

or.. ,iti pot a rte s aA d Otee leub mm nbers.
lr ta 7 They emphsie that no. aae. iept
-$1.40 A bargaMin lelti C tn3* iermt hat teoh molve o techer
has in ublln arestaurats jfo 40 beshol Ise prepare tee sb

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ASHMAW..7 (tit) i,--d- ek tear o a to. aem ,ork
arine Notiime

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t a rmy ctaage tis t isin
s I ItecThe lM SaMs la e.v n ed aThea-
forc* 0 U"" M eas resuitogq meta wen ton rla d the

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f or a doto Theyemphantpie. tato re_ .attmpe

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Aaa %e ~, Simle
fruit = .1 1A ?2 to sum. I

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Ats am Tm ysuw w's, o elI

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thepi~iet eeulfdme r abe-.
toIs bse. ar;e he to o t n eein
Sevr, i.eeds ar ad the
miounsin call them0 "whllf'
weld Ahm lt April it t rrp d.
diets eM t~h am e.taw, be t ey-

i rat peerp ol o the & uo ntil
moueosen ets.all then "whitV
;Wheld tle ht Ap r Ubt Zip nd-
dies ont went tae t* V08e1d
firt sl",y see the 1=li: %nlU
the stems bewoe, puhlp-r, oy l1-
,the rsums. t
them n.V, ed.
The NWrd, r Va chapter of

the thicol Conty a" faten
Wal bfg-Wh a spring but
they are going to nae sure aprin
iI elly here before oai after
te rpmps.,
Atdi. a nt UMb Im
d oi be cmaev a in
I fdtort j-ndr had to t on-e

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Vi*W I
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fir frmt, sea leel & io at.
oMtjMAcae .said Itcan

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merging from 100e4bove to 60-below
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R. P. Ijnriag, Bendix vice-pwir
dent, srold 3,000 konoepower, at1
enough th mateh diesel locomo.
tive. is poured into te tet eolik
*ad!c] caD"atra inlsde a jet air-
creft It high altitudes.
He cited art example of how t
tat an aferburner ftwl pnp,
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Maude Duacin at m t1.
publisherdt, edor, rept
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hado stovine the wb-n f.
4ne to #WaMdlw: 4
Sometm suscr 'ies
ly expresses her vIO
or station for
July i flout p W 14a
headll"e acro-s -e B-
"For President, '__WW
of Arkanbas."
That was It. Perbed. 2
no story under the banat.
Mrs Duncan has b
nev.'s to Winslows eOO 40 .
other subscribers
the ntlon p on Uo

over th paper.
The M a
made ww ii -f1

6 ee e go .
i -v to,
N Yawrl


~. i',


.":- -.

lives' 2 -T.e-Loser'

ally Makes Grade

MrWYORX. May 12 (UP).-LenA Gene Canley ta d a few
*I.u toasy iqto the baseball ositp that he was lust an-
b mor league marvel who eoeldn't quite make It in the

agban Gene, the six-foot White Box back into seco
ch rookie right hand place ahead of Cleveland.
lMilwaukee Braves is the T--TERDA-'f STAR
or In professional base- Y3STERDAT'S STAR
rry e o ena e Gene Conley of the Brave
an-manor leaguea layer of who shabut out tie Dodgers, 2-
S ,year." But after two pre- for the first time since i
us unsuccessful trials withrJuly 11, striking o ut seven
'raves, there seemed to be walking none in a neat eign
bt, as\ to hia major league hitter.
.ast d-night, with the poise of D
vMetran, he turned In the first l l llr IS
-4 tout over the Dodgers since
-ilt of last season, beating
l 2-0 and' strilMng out seven TO Ullted Slates
1* Walking none. It was his
straight route-g, o I ni n w 10ur
h sd h e was at is best For One-Week TouM
en on bases. striking out
pes with two on and LONDON, May 12,- (UP)
Snider with one on in Roger Bannister the 25-year-o
Jplbaesome situations. British medical student w1
Sother National League broke the four-minute mile ba
other National.e.the rier, left by plane for New Yo
S the Phil. defeted C e last night to tell Americans ho
8 -7 l'In the i0th on at he did it.
i"I by Del Ennis after
..- me Ashburn walked and Bannister told reporters th
ed nu by a wild pitch, he thinks. he was able tI ri
=jV't the Giants came from the long-Nought-after "fou
,A. hld4 to top Cincinnati. 5-4. minute mile" because he forg
.4A. the Pirates and Cards to be afraid of not being able
Sraeined out at Pittsburgh. do It.
ftBob Keeean made it four vic-
tiele or Chicago when he six- "It seems to me the more yv
lttd the Red Box, 2-1, and try without succeeding the Ie
ohed off the winning rally chance there is is of makdnaI
lth a triole, while Yogi Berra because you become frightened
clouted a two-run double in the he said. "I had not raced f
te ninth as the Yankees edged six months and had forgotten
Cleveland 5-3. Joe Coleman what some of the agony w
pitched a two-hit 2-0 shutout like."
.10 Baltimnre over Philadelphia Bannister will make radio an
Sad Bob Porterfield pitched a television appearances in th
r" r-hiter and hit ninth in- United States. The proceeds w
1 nin homer in Wpshinton's 5-3 go to charity, He said that h
,n ,wn at Detroit in the American will return Saturdav to wnt<
"Lattue. the homecoming of Queen Z 17\
rnnis drove in four run in the beth II from her commonweall
Ily triumph. which wqs a- tour.
d after the Cubs had gone .-
front with a four-run seventh NEW YORK. Boxing mae
minink .ally. Ralph Kiner had r rive won more money fa
ur Chicago hits. main-event fighters at Easter
p.i s Io Xrvin tripled home the Parkway Arena in Brookly
IHn run for the Giants in Starting next Monday, ead
n iuOtiehth after Willie Maya and main-event fighter in a teleri
I" tofl Locl.nqn hit earlier ed bout from Eastern Par kw-
werkS Ted Kluszewaki hit his will receive $2.900. The purse hi
I .bder for Ciney. tying him been S2.100 since last Septembe
tbe .m ior league lea4. Starting next week. Eastel
? E*tUa tripled an(' scored the Psrk~Wpy tlecast. Aill affth fro
"i]trT ruln for Chlcago o" a Dnimout to the American Broad
AL Mie0a Fox, moving the iahti* Company..
.. ..


11. 1t0 7:3., p.m.
buck I A ast ktis!
ou are traveling In

~~34M's '~
~shedy romencel


b, rt=, In

bof IwmR C"

o~we ~i I


u sI W m nmws: I:M .*,:-
LUX X Ti- -'M p.
The Wonder Oirl of "Born
Yesterday"... more wonder-
ful. than ever It's 8martl
Tarti Terrific I

A film of .Htroic. Adventures
with -
Special Attraction:



,CA .L

with UT A8T

lwVbwS&fW, i



' V

The Panama Area As
es Swimming Chiampi
1s5 are slated to be,
Fort layton Swimming


.. -w--.-

d May28
alvitd to etser ,the competition
are Frtr Kobbe, Fort Clayto,
Poit Coro al, Frt Am il
Quarry Heghts Fort Davis, .1f r
Gulick Navy Pacific Navy -At 1
lantic, and Albrook ir Foe e
Team rosters for theevnt must
be subndticd to Chief of Special
services, USARCARIB, not Itaer
Than Maj 21.
Events will include the 50meter
free styie, the 100ameter bac k
- stroke the 200-meter free style,
Ald the 100meter breast strok th
ho 100 mete- free style, the three.
r- metei diving, the 200-meter riay
rk with four men and the 300-meter OW'TING BAPt',. ithman featherweight :ttl .e t .nde
)w medley with three men. I tlolfo Franael frator one of his dally wor*'i snt atR
An .ward will be presented at the Colon Arena wf he will meet the No. 1 I e hal
,the conclusion of the ebhampion- lelger leidro Martn for Pedro Teals' crown this comIg a *
at suhps to the team garnering the day night. Souett of c' legion of admirers ae show e
n most points. stuntedfng hi %befl the workout while mza*6trlr
r- First, second, and third place Aibrey Woodrufft Ii H sistant "Matty Bab-" uts puiat
ot swimmers Jne ach event will also On his gloves.
to je given en award, as will each ,i; *
member o. the first, second, and --.
thurd place teams in the relays.
ou High point man for the cahm-

s 1st Round Winners

SIn Amador Tosey
hTc Play This Wee
th By Long John Cramer
The shepherds with their
n- crooks and pebbles of yesteryear
or were a far cry from the one
rn hundred and twentyix talent-
n. ed swingers that q d for
ch the 1954 Amador di Tour-
17 week'sslug-tfet omei xty-three
ad of the more fortunate brethren .
or. will continue their q fet or the
m somewhat elmve ia I si
mn The 1o9m4 uM*A I "
d- to be completed by. undown on M t
the sixteenth of May.
sheetsewe fid in Our galwxy oft
stars w qme of the ble4r know
) l ,tAPaama an and. Ca-
fn the first flight whilee "rirtf voe* ot- t
Mittean and "Oberst" Meekha -eked or e rm e cub..t co .
out close victories, others in- dor Army-Navy club. ; forgound,
sludn "HaS" ean. "Silver" left t ig.t: Redr:Admil .M M..ilel. ?v
WIls, Junior DesLondes. "Goe- Distrct Mr. HO rd Ros, Drector.of QperaIoa; American ed
tarmee V mith ",it 'em" Miles Cross and e6acb of the Caribbean Command niael MaP oea. L
and lVui truly'won by somewhat J. Whitlock. Commanding general. UgARCARIB, and Brig. en.
more comfortable margins. M. F. Hans. Chief of Staff. Caribbean Command.
The second flight finds Herr- f___ redlt D'-'. of Defense U.S. Army pifto)
mane Ledbetter, Bartholomew
and bishop ready to enagse |
Ksaldng, Basuse Le Brun and
Aneesta e Alabama Grid Greats Carrr

oers in fourth place, Cark. Tay-
lor, Walker and Rhodes will TUSCALOOSA, Ala., May 12 ago ad fought for his Ife
In the third plwthChae slot te-(UP) Almost a full team of
lophens. Des Lnd Fher, whle former Alabama football reatDrennan B use re suc I
nd Costello w find as their belve coach, coac Alabama to 115 vict
stumbling bloks, e avor, Kin-oe Frank Thoma, to hi goma raven
,aid, C.Rs.e and A.,ha.- C .
A Anoun the Ium handicap-_-"0
ones in fourth" od, MahewsClark terday while old rivals haed h tie and cing si
r, Walker and hode will TUSCALOOSA Ale., May 1of the No- teamsd few emeor his life-

ro putt served th haptiony (UP) Almost a ful team o a 'coureemeou
SpGez., aReves and Filmer. while former w labama football greats Becuseoin h who s o success In
th fifth race Ittle. Williams, carried their beloved coach, coaching Alabama to 115 victor-
wnging and eavmers will "Jse Fra- cik Thomas to his grave yehs- le Itagnst 2t losses and
onest John"n-.od, Mathews, terday, while old rivalsahailed his ties and $roBelng six

ky" Hayter, Wigg, Hardle and Tommy" turned out Crimson horsan aAe
tdut o Cm ean
Ischive. Tide football teams eclipsing T Itartd
Irland, McCol gan, Johnstone even those of his predecessor, asftantat Oemrgela an3 s
and Blake will trade blows with Wallace Wade. on to- Chat-ana Un...t -a
Hammond, Sugnet, White and Funtral services for the 55- and f IlWl b 44 banP
Robinson to further narrow year-gld retired coach who died Wade left to go to Duke.
down the field in the seventh. Monday night after a long less Perhaps Thomas' greatest
Among those survivors of the were held at Canterbury Chapel was Gen. BobNeyland o
last but not -least eighth, are on the University of Alabama nUsee. The T.nnessee-A1I baom
Pe, Carroll, "Snooper" Levitt campus. The Rev. Dbose Mur- bttle each year still .
ad IcBsin, who kick-off a-phy conducted the ri s. tonaly a bowl producer.
gathst Petrilli, Dehne and Hick- n Neand hailed Thomam tA
man. Then the In diana born a'oneof the truly g ma
Thus endeth the firth round, Thomas was borne to rest at. e0l0r time" and saidlk"s
and commenceth the second. Memorial Park in the Alaba- trfI ltio to football at.
Next week your t"cub reort-f ma. il that e had advItted Ip elsewlrethi ha
er" will bring you the results of as his homeland after h isne .th p lr s long bee r .aem*
the second round in this e cit- coaching career. l iW"Usaec.tion of nn ei.
Ing nd unnredictable battle oft IE
S .lrert eitped ohamoons. Pall-bearers Lowell Tew, mT otte foked In
V Don't forget, folks. "keep a Harry Gilmer, Norwood Hodges, r 'u at f A ihs.i wit
stiff upper lion and a straleht left 'Tom Whitley, John; Woniak, ;Je el< rattent ps2y
Arm" courtesy of Buddy Ham- Dommanovlch, Vaughan Mah- who him that 1 4 S
mond. cha, Lionel Rod h ronan and onra that footba er
0----- ,Bruno PhllplI. senmaterial a id
nGym Exhibit'eions Almost al nhem had pla o %and ely a
m Exhibitions ron thetasiS onat Th eigosu s"
a. o e ctt favorite even over the 1935 Rose -
Scheduled Friday Bowl woner9 tei U45 war-.
yr "'cutime .team that went undefeated AnrI t .r .t hal
At MargOrita and crushed Southern California this eutUa.ajvakfII
in the 140 Pasadena classic. onl- s. ha a

-.i ond un nedtt e ahge aols A-d evlp
tln will Tb g a t Mar- com: bina tOCrn n T19-5 fl1

Hiie th Sch ool. & a .w
STheprogsrhamwll vry wit all-ubniversity e rdto
Act 1-Sperlingbard an S ide- president the.Natio nal, ;te- a k dgama)A
rm" -- courtesyo BuddoleiatemAlaetoichA, n. V an Ma- ll ee
Act ct (Two.o ev. oul the 3o Bfikei.lS ~S
At Miufre iig Fretd irustone apo .labama .C fornS l

Bb ~~ lif~ll-,--~~ :i;*;~l .4

7" .#~5 *~


su -

r Mn Je Adlon

In ProtnsM Stakes
NEW !OK, May 13 (,pe-
elal). m WNeloy, trainer for
s ElUaoth Arae GONa-
MM td, ithat JJet Ato,

the Prehkbeim uia"e -May 32
and Chilen Javae C OUwu

Il a
*5fti *

Warms Geysamr whlh i
ridea#Z jB~g AtWr. -

ED B'S NOTE: Cematbf
Is a one-thne taverlte-me
local rae aua at lua J am n-
eo.) I_

Cricket Newsr

Sunday. Mat 16
Midland vs Surrey flghtn
Silver City vs Excelsior IM.
Mills va Morland ClnDp
The positions of the leading
clubs in the Atlantia Crcket
League remained
over the week-eat as w aW. -
rey-Silver City and J -eelor,-
Mll matches eft r a L_
while the Wan4erew *
encounter wasi r
Desperate effo we Sole
by the contending Julbto.tfrce or even a draw demltthe

Iunu Ian IM MUIU.
It Is the opinion of ay fu
that the club mlet a r t- *t.
the weatherman wi M bt
to emerge vcto a, r
k A
lantic Cricket LeAue hs %IS fta
this riday alht at -the Ralnbow
City High School. Al club re.p
resentmves are urged to be
'remut at 7:30 pVm

-Sports Briefs

Nm YO3l.aMay I ( --
Youth was srled Mo aj nt
tMew Yo*r iy"""*- ':"

6-a I-S, winl o arfta -Bl1
lif In then arn itla- riw

Trank Wllams V. Pul iob-
C .. Law is w p,'_Whit -



first round

. Club.h withZ

rte "

* fI'q

- ..

~;: ~

v-i. .~,-
*'Y i- "


~' ,' S

p^ -"a -- "**
-S.S^ l

tk s
1|| I-.R

. '




I:..' I

no to

S .. .

.; /'. '... '... .- .

.1 A


U' -K. 7 ? '.




- tf < -*
.< -_. ---



,& -- Jh i a J _
i-~hTB~lRL MeiNS
7f -i, t' ''^stts

^S i


~i.* 1~;


c FM

4 SArCaib Small A+'s Oel* m plc
"r.Champion ip On :ih7
r'",'I """'. A, Y 0g onth

*ral 1?L a Mre tr ee n Olympic Pre ent A wry M n The font hee
ndnAf#o .Bt t on Id t '' '4 o da n op d the thi w ard

Lr atDe er, ente the oh ,r s alaton reach 52 Se v4 of 30 totdor nr who hets
Sotherohod Atheong th dIe sd MaAe *. oe wIaerr

WC -..(, A h m U c Wo* i fi
Wsetk tie SnS e Aoas ota I eg o

*o Nlhb o "er8n ope t"e ubr'hu Rdire I af Cha m lo r ftl fi 2 t mpldPeashi t Ae u rOitsirst I

*Itiprtment was P at ed5euLdthir dsuot bin t r- ntya, IST rereer rlan, thu tu 1 8 r eve,
O n.n a n .t S i .,e T o e B 5, f 61r w t trophy

..ser ylo e rhe Aea cft remaiciona so
ppF 36.13 (UPte-) -mtaction& The r wimlo

Fia screfr he"' be e er re l s ar ne ,, tor'pl Lna g: wir

o i the A l c h po la -sSS <,, .,t,' o wiynMonl Dis til r ,.
tem tre T tMl e r e- B Irs Th i 7: remy ralnpiort e d
I.iU h au T i WI 'a WMe Then c i on
:lo 21 U ll, ) 1rud a:rWrnoi)dalT4oVV. .d
that tl hi to OP ap frontIn T ) 1310e Pre'oeent otsid ofa- f

S, .G ,o h fll liul eo ltt oa td will be seo-. I
; .1, ,, s.-J .. = x -a nm

adsyin) Deb t boundand ada M e. '14loo

*k TWato e, tembe frt ooe m Taylr, enna, Enk W Cert Naceos
an foaPmsll sft B s ttar- the e Aido ,i Tur- .b .ro.l l na eit. atrel as e Th eew

*.+" +. -i ,,o~ w m e -i ll ,,i .... m ,.m wu r.-_re: w re ,gr o N ot, + ., ", Ml 3y Amy T anlp ort *
of G. Is.. thwr t. ..u.., i t n r tra Fa 1 da:, r Traora e'

.. ....*=" -- ": ; "L~ ffl ~1 be 30f J-Xu "fDeenBa N r tU We Bare, htheb, en. a, R te r Duno m t ra p Naio nao l
SI o rt A a 5 a a n s
Mre ot oTrtie clu lnd C itad-
as obulerd s Fot A*re Olrts a aerde a l Leag teI
?SRkI ment, n t id. a J. HihD______,^ Sim ... p .. .... .... .,- .ai.

inh* i dOu oRala Ta MeAl Rloo) 53. 1f9h) 8 l t A i n o frin
'Who."'"^- "1i P be 2 i. !
I.. hi ,mAan I offl thn wio A e et a s siteforniv a'.

C....*hI ca lls ngma hI los t we at TI _b.u La Malo aeulnm, iebos
ba, r MAORI- R Vict Prsdn Tllkt ho,3n, OtatobaR O S. i Sor t

tern w Paul Ta Nr U trd. 1d1. wilyl bear'
e t. d nd a13 tra 2 60 Wd I
oan oF tl trls Id I ofra
ofr e s Treday: AUiy Transportai
to.,ielTatone, l miijekse wirel -, ildo, elmT, Zink- c lthe n Sa N eChampo.
1o,'7 Wdt:onhGboI Wy: be;ILl. 15 J A
1 #a--Dudl e Port lay- T D.,l lolly: i..,Ctistoba,

7.le Ror ts, w ort: O-brla, I -lalbo

It W1ond C0teMa lo l.e a35 tltlahold-

S. mera, are vm edige for solb eaner

.- am I .r
"r0 YO fiik h rtdysssinree

withe teB2

"thy Vwill a l p
winner of the

t alp. Thoph ft

a O the lone l
the trned: bof a
the ar of aL frth
d. Trop thle n t-

the selnl dM ro-
whaleh neve bA

mt, and B ster

d to the contest- h
Ia thie ncla eve
bi the Canal o
bate rsm a rtwN"M
koot a, gta

alr: U .imle.

AN ww -,.
Vid vftw. .. ;.'."-. -
t et-^ It '. .-. .^ 1 .c^S ^ ^

icy will "rl~t m

lP ttrbe ~etdr

CXTA nmt


W Uiv you tried the
and delightful "fresh fla
J of KOOL igArettio tlg
Slightly ,.entho~t tOli

|..e r ta i
,, w .^,W .ON
|~~~N fHir^;.4t-


,' ,

~ LA.
~s~a'a ds



C ~ ~K4.

'.'A ,

- *

-" 2

.1 -..





.i'i -,t j

"r .'. ,. ( ..
,* ",.
", .^ .- ,, *;.'. .- 8.
.( .: "'; *i t.". (-".i
.-. ,* :.'. ..,.. -.'. V
"' ."" ', .''. '*.';.*

.' ... ...: ** .'i.


WA ,HINGTOW. 12 ) -.o Juls or l game m-r-..--
-Army counuelr J. T peed
Cohn flew into a ragqc apd d Sea. ear
U oTesep"lared this i war" we A

SI William, F. re hi from y serl r dr ao a0 y holdlag ulgh
nomination of Tmpkin A An Aistant trny last cs te0. tated taday. Mund

Chen by Prealdent Blnhowe, Tbmpkins has been Ad who replaced Stevenp to a eet
tin as Federal District Attorney hor New Jersey. on the WInDss staM Oh the i b vote on ther
a -ombtl onoe Cancer D ve incident a.darently was a a v he eay aMtl t
Co s nb P rdeeph .M arthy'tlnve r eo'mpk es hist.wo ubeene d"'--. .vteMud ser t Uo -"

Adams waid h told aa rm he weuM eppes Dlrksen's anmatdm

anal zon e Cancer Drive genc n the Canal one. This because Con had o the case Dirkeen o de- Aro
Ill of ficially open Sat.- iolicit~tdn will begin next week. to control the subcommitteeA e 4 to s w hSae o"
/jBrigadier General not employes of government a- terminably." Democrata. The De a end levigag cover 'of leav
Chairman of genctesd who wish to assist Jenking asked If he felt there off plar wak defeat by ae ias.te- tr3 p
4Trute of the Ca- in this drive to help contpl and was "undue or unusual prealre" Cluse he a o, wI
SCancer Committee. eliminate cancer may forward concerning Sch-ne._ C lwa, a o of to
been endors- their contributions to the Ca i Ike i
SSebld, Hon- cr Fund by mailing their dona. Adam y saM Ie esuld not ticelnd
e, Toh el, Canal Znone, sure." but it certainly was Whi
Carcr 0.h usui alaon of Ft. mouth. e at A
e rof thhe anaetrs to er-omm i i d a rerf i tit S me It t le-- wmeet-o
ItXmportn a so tenmt.,placatecenr t trvh Ohle anded dw mr eve. at..Let Ulk aI gueso :
eni Cne AIne m~. bthe..Cdanial Zone. Teps erile "oin sAtheid tpa otrksen ks..-

Mane agb tc furnish cebroo temperature which snomrtarebr n-, Ot
ltanc to those In neari the same froi dey control the s- bcommitteed.4 to wth
Wiplekl roffessional l.nneoat Maeaso to season.. bu a le e- umRe

S wand tos ann cold-blooded animal changes its aroany dra out thblems a a spe- a of ta.Rhei eof its We ttr
a tcarpal.n for temperature with cehangeD of a the a sadvDler m eat, .l I n ur s
a weathee. Defnse ini r al tld ft A Q m e8 ( t ln
t 'ienk asked I he felt them Off pl waiddelcovehat It rwa R wIekaOal Tq

s. ftinances On- he island of Tap; roud.m! nrvic canea. haaaonnwdtlo a'thoreetl Caesr llanare dlad tny- gS u".
ofe othe Ca-thio s tdie hto f-he lpcnt e rter D idarwsa thhe uao o ni ni car thpinoe are doa-
c mmitte. Imniaerc atne a form "myreee." anmni hiee 'el- .m 0,Wt al a

sWureent a4- the ircointiu tenitt daail Ie e't C ton i- an M Vn"
e F b thi t ith, B-rs eg-
a C a n alcons... .. 1V. ., S R. Pa ; ..

r, -'th local Chte *-wrbcatlOB of eeml tee!, ver lnt ittehaI tinsd thted o trlo r the
'n e r ca-uual .Id a t

rw arfty comno before wpuld support proposal for be thought It waA ."In agree with evey bodev" he 1 n w i
Sfor? ,=,the C oner nt,, a,4'O toeIih. Uncyulope. Mundt (,l-SD) warned tte andtoUence iithehS Ua un 'ef whotnSthyare umug-
oAfem rloyes

ier government a- BLOO DrIthnuc_________ DI'lnjfs ui" -t drag on until the lne toWtPI b YaIn Brtedto
rdyh^ei hed- -- atrta in a.k Legka

i en file Doesn't Cl -t H ".
H.f4__ 1 -- I..,nc., t of

....y"f$"e -:' ...... nouth -reoksffeg

'(We -ident WK Still Ia7I. Th i. have now had __ ___
S1 Many K~n Still Nace and cauwe a death
is*aUuri)y close 0 1
Sout a file n Wot Believe ely. d Public w aw
T0 ere shouL- be no missing
l are learning n men left In Ko by July 26
ris at ,oe olea dn Koren Reports Howe-r, there prably wil e
. and 2dr.AirorMe men.and four Navy

SLum pernumiato atretcher by the North Koreans.
-a 'aan~ 1a id h 0e Rkows a this but stead-
dmiatrative rd-. fu fuses to accept the "pre-
s. been ldteu e ve finding" letters she has
action" for ro ore r .MOd ,
Lpd.a day. provid-
Mene has turned An eant alle the-Kin
antlmne t h a t he Of Amrlda'sl orgotten Men" has
g. L, been owned by more than 350
Ule liw 400 was persoUW wh refu to accept the
tI ,rean co0- death ruling. They have made
flicker of trips tW. New York and
m.M., of many to Wn But they haven't
hd -,-,e weetheart come-uovth any new Informa-
Nt their Johnny on hi Vqid change the
im to, make a lie Pen a d about the ata-
tu lis of me n question.
Wte p lI e .b_ all the person who
.eer.. a ibe}ef ofPablic Law
ra *ft t e case
Ithee who. r- Of Pvt. Waitr P; DBion .d At-
r I4- Law 400 lant, 0, who artrned from
S -.the d~~~a Korea to ftnd his
wife remrred,. "The Dixon cue
S ie.1has ts. is d Wn t 1k the Pentagon pa-l
treRnW ulaos. But It don't
,rhiate O Men aboo' mind.
M was listed as "kdek inn
auICt*'W uhrourh an error of .e-
opt o f hb comrades.
iThe P g paperwork which
cal a ,man presumptively"
S-dead l unfortunately more ac-
n curate -thba ,0me eye-wltnes
SThe re- ports. At east the records tend
Sto bear this out Not once adice
l Pace- ~ic Law 490 w a.sed dar.
y pa- ~igwrk Wr War I has a ware-
ey suaptive death' turned up auve.
Withi nore- .
The s arvie, have .lw ei=n-
I nnm. lOted a study o: monre tha St,.
the 0 Ne'rate atatemet ande-
e. -= -r* p mtheu W es a

S. tas

meb still carried a. minsin. The
A Imen crase Manchuria.
according to Cnee Commu-
nit reports, and are being held
as .political prisoners. The four
Navy men are considered pos-
dibly alive, too. and .till In the
hands of the RUanM L .
The dethls of the cases of the
23 men are bejig kept secret
pending attempts to get them

It Is he that the eneva
oonfemrena14 rmit the Quar-
t ermate uto behind' the
North Korean In to recover
the bodiesm nd mslsing there. A.
the lsh wagedd up and down
the p si1Mn _many temporary
cema laes had to be abandoned.
urtwmaut.r Corps- graver "''- .
that the.aret about 7000 unre- "___ _a
covered remains of men buried OeIMterv W
in these teampon cemeteries '
and In gra js a onln POW identiTfied. W.bdlewil be t I Vit War II'wa
camps. If they are permitted to buried In IHa._~ "up. i. ,t h1" JihO a
to into theme areas, they believe After WoldWr I 6 mean i d.8000 unidenltIdU pe
they can'wa sI up Korea with were still AesPid as.moinas m .- -
only a total of 700 remains un- 1091 because their 'o Pub o .

o y z ro fa Drag t on V oA*
he receivedkwhaen befell off an
airplane win while look at
.a Zda Gabor. The aeti
Slnded here briefly Monday.



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