The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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he P Cant; lstorical
-tr W its meeod mest
oa 7Widey at 7:30 p.m. in
Ltl Gae of the Hotel Ti-
e subject. for the evenidng's
mussil will be "The'Educatioe.

4 "-- - m mew
wunism me is Qtwls
wo., odlesuneus means av
e:*. fitery mean WprAitrw
communisman Is as sple sM
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MlaW hi rnmiflflxnus l1 In the


, C.

Tiby = 41 be held in Gv r UCo. ienant Coodtal
B as CMlt ,. Cockle.
Ps Fender is a member of the Canal bZe Shooting Association
ly of the Crittobal H ig5h K a presented by Captain EarL
and Mr. Peterson liassw J. WV49'%, PUS and T, C. Z. R.O.
ploy the Commisary Divi- T.C.: ary 3 Cadet Master
onat fIlop. Segeaut Deetro T. Tagaropu-
lo.s; Mlitary 3 Cadet Sgt. James
R.O.T.C. 1369s Fourth S. Facer; Military 1 Cadet Cor-
Anmual Awards l BaR paraiJa tmJMaccubiWn.
The Criatobal R.Q.T.C. held its Cristubal Gim Club Medals to
Fourth Annual Awards Ball, Fri: the nine eadets showing the great-
day' at the Coco Slo Officers est improvement in rifle marks-
Cil5 manship'premented by F.H. Smith,
president of the Cristobal G u
The club was beautifully decor- Club to Military 3, Cadet Sgt. Ma-
4ted for the occasion and mustc nuel A. Perez, Cadet Master Ser.
was furnished by the 60th Army geant Benjam favorite pad Cad-
'asd. t t et. C.. Sva

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eta Monday...
rhe regular monthly
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yO 4v0 this ggest
eby ourf peril... (Wbe). bit -.
SMt f attack I being
wagd ,h ia t bewI n God.

'- an L religions and aU denomin l-
Stion must work closely to-
; Ms. E sa es, ; ether"
M l M egether.' Xxi
GC fobj, via Mrs. aa Mc Hoover spoke Wedney be- tr

rst o 5n 5. mnhaoclatlon of the united States.
labsUngExecutive Commitse Wo He received the organization' s
0 Ol ae ted IWincluded Mrs. Mae Me-
Nn Ela wi, ,'theh 1954 award for his work U l
MCI Vthr hi 3.Maresnat eersMruve Director of the M3.

IR K.;_ts st enet-7 'marteldve All religious and all denomln-
So are era -l Mrs Ei tins. The Communlsts play no w
Wu.. OM~ri. Mie a neNt. favorites. They would annihil-
.alaed *to attend the at all that is good.rv. l' ey
Cu i5tnwUo to be held vigorously fight Ourt trttons
t Sr .im l W at Margarita are and seek to undO fi
It b rs Pat Georg, dence in coa otholty.
IR i.a Wrm, Joan. O'- "They would s and
m a. Me Mnr. fetter not .M y ia bodies
hl r tap but deny the, Yr,,ianBce of
Mifciure andl a supreme *xtug;TIyW could
turn cathedrlti. nhu prad
to the eon- ayagogues nto party meeting
Mrs. houses. They would abolish all
SMrs. At Me-religious schools. T' would
-tie t Ur. Ilqudatehapl lrg-
Salboa dAK Mrs. Joan maen".
4 ,*JdB. m hos, Mrs. Mary ttle The. PBI Drtctor "the
ispt( hAnn dacksm. Oadless tyrman of aetic
at communinm: has recognlB titht
s lt cannot arlve ia a
Sno. I. or-religifon that clhmag. men's
So hearts because that it tahmes
SW OrO Gsr.i- f" ve as trduhai pl to etithction
eB4 farikt serve dur- when ped@ before truth
-Ir -u tau.t that nti e :
Sss are D* 'by.,
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imbts wnd ill
t -to ladle who conl
.of.ter Ritlus th
ia powder for .ac
D owlo i fti
1 be 11e .at C&aBkh
B to-order their "wery

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were won by 1, CSat t Iften.-
arvey D, S Z Cadet lit
nant AndWew epJ .
I Governor's t

BrIggla d
S. Id.bld. They Were w
1, gold cup to Cadet it Lieuw
tenant H a r v e y D. Smith; 2nd
WaoB plae Cadet Master Sergeant Jobhn
t at- N. Right; 3, Cadet Master Ser.
Sa fw at First Class Dodninador B.
Ot the az.; tCadet Sgt. James B.
pplOntr Tay
s tr5'~ -1477. VAters of Foreign Wars Med-
B1roelm 1Bldt i ac" ls ded by Poet 3857 of Cris.
y. to the total and presented by Donald L. "THE WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL
t uhiple HUlgbsDepartment Commander
h dt 1,fula 1 Cadet Corporal Joseph P. *
hence of ltgi whoWtakher 2,. Cadet Cor l
detc Advt Jw wh. Maccubbin 3, edet oua. Awhv iON nl 'ad Kf t-
SCJa Raymond C. Croft. e" soeemon I gkbig eta bwon& se4 w Chie
*DThe a Dstinguishbd Cadet be fo ud i6 as0qui@ n "'tl,
medali awarded by the Atlantic
CDap'r Reserve Offics Assoi-s.
andl ReserveOrer Navel. a
we, 0%i b sentedbyDr, I B An i

R.OA. ta Cadet Mph* AlA s L,

' e-a tl~:lt, y, l:tad, Ruler to ......
I. I .I ,. .-E .. l f .

LOIT Sihwm-if 'h
of 4mfe eafomanul6b dut
bek to 100. YI Ii arit
dds rich auklpd0 f f -
now abt Iradbem bh
VIM* M-IjMS"BB of J-- ohf ldm-

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the twning motropo% thtt anks omea the wed's
most u i, visitt 4 q .

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ar P nt tc 4 .13t4 to iutda o .mm

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,Vhis me j Ca irve. Is leprinhr mth
Sd ot ier m other is explafnla1
euty of their skin by eathni fl
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* *... ; i ^ ..- .';..*:,, :.* ., ,.,.
*;* ,- : **..: .... : ;. .' .;,"

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-: / .-y .-- .... .

loe meri te n re-
ly woman preserve
with a gentle sap.

i; desire of little girls to imi- her sacin clean. If they will help
ta t*'heir mothers 'manifests itself hei to grow up to look like Mom-
*' ways: in their playing at. ry.'she'i. be all for them:
erketing, in their donning. At the sime qime, you can teact
dresses and high heels her the importance of selecting
r giving loving attention hei soap wIth care; You-can poin.,
shing, feeding and bed- out that any old soap won't o t<
otvua& of their dolls. take caie of a girl's fine skin, ihaz
yswili learn to ive as care- you cause a certain apso becaUsB
Sattendon to their ownt clean- it's gentle as can be,
as when their mothers point Should- you be in doubt as to
S at such itnugs-as plemy of the beeaty-benefits of te soap you,
a d water, a ell as con- are now uminq, yQ may be Inter-'
iarn behind their pretty ebted wt know tat one of the po-i
nce pularly priced brand claim p
time your little girl is tha* a recent test by skin Special-*
viu three, you can make a ists showed its soap is. 100 per
$ufothit that the soap with clent wild
vou bathe her helps you .
reTr skldn.moott and fine And. hays the company, this
*, .o mild soap will cleanse away remI
'ay woman.; she'll be much nants of modple-making .u.t as
tIMpressed fW hen she knows efficiently and as. thoroughly aa
tat sdsings do more than rub .any harsher soap.
'4-. _______ ______ -------_______-


Thruthfulness Is Vita factor

'A A Successful Marriage

Vewteir e11eincs; 4WD aflth
S our nre t di- toll
I ut y husbad is al
Slr. Not about anything .- '
J'Jt ftyfla things illke

t.8 S to'le

E are nyehotogi rue. ;Giv, I
t t be tells J.

ADD.eq r.-mhave a 'he. tirha, A&. him tt"
tsbt hia and land put. tnes wa
Sbeftr ao. 1 fo a wha e qltks he wB
e -i o because receive tho I i y as new
and dreams, to, these stor- toys *
dream .never- refer '
tince i- 6r education A Jut like aidul"t fbles fall IMp
9p. ty Te ks-but this set. a b y don't enjoy
Shelp. What can I hav distured. Remember th q
4 ev o .confronted him when iitroduuing Baby tO new
e lies. Should I? Or foods, If he retises. orange luice,
Tlowitlnue as I have been-- he my merely be objecting to its
to repeat anything he tells, beig offered in the qup he's itped
t fear it is not true?" for milk Try giving him the new
1 beverage in a different cup. ;iy
lard Problem to Solve blue plastic instead of white crock-
. .- ry.
nm/y able to do any- By the time a child reaches th-
M bK tar obleu.. sine l it age of four, he has developed
WBtos of one adult's trying tables in clothes. Baby's i d u s
hi a basic character flaw wil' be formed by the commiets
atduk.. he hears you end others maind.
.. Sog, making your comments caqe-
, 40ean try. Since your fully, you van tlin him to prtf-
t-iWhuily wants you to erence Nver force him to wr
or t him. why not tell anything that makes hdm feel self-
j.'..o. lmuct It means to coa6dious.
co .. o.. .

Hoinemakerr who are thinklngl of e hanglat ome of thel well
used furniture would do well to consier .Mpletely revamping
their bedroom, aceordiag to interior deeireerM Km mHoffmana ian
Stephen Heidrieb. Free i oto-spaee bked by bed I* this
reoomnt (above), they bankjdiedl clau without saerfieing cqsforL

NEA Staff Wrier .
The turnitire with which a young
couple starts married life usually
lasts well through 'their ehil4ren '
school days By the time there are
(en-agers in the family, father is
ready to meact on mother's deter-
mination to "do something'" about
the furniture.
But in those 15 yeanVor e that
have elipsed since at iMbtuy-
Ing spree, many hote makers
have give scant attention to the
changes in interior decoration.
knowing they were in no position
to act On the new Ideas,

So It you have tqached the hap-
py time when a change is at last
In the-oftlm youre probable won-
dering JIxM wher to begin.
' Should ea t e over .e whstole
house b a tw things

oe .'toula .-t "two interior
dOrjews* alln Hoffmanon and
Stepen eidricb. may dlear up
such a predicament.
Hoffmann and l[eldrich, who
are alpo IndustriaLeMlgners, sea-
gest that you loo bond the 1dM
liture to the changap in the am.

2fTen-Ageip :, E& rcise

You teen-aera Ih have bnee
gr0wiDg upw, rd without adding
curven doh'l haV~.4o:wait for n.-
hire to take ita's, ese. Start a
daily exerelse lpiram now and'
you'll have lovely tle curves ia
ti'me'for the bathMi'suitp eas6n.
The following Pxercises are aim-
ed at developing the bust. hips,
legs ard arms:
1. Standing wlh-armn held out
straight from the shoulders, put
your right hand 6O your left arm
at a point-about three inches be-
low the elbow';, do the same with
tJe other han. 'Spread your fin-
gets pushing thbmsinto the flesk
and.movingtha -i* ds up ward
the -elbows. -or qJtsta two weeks,
do thl .24 time.ti times a dat.
Gtaduotly wotk.up to 100 times.
sd PM armj s o ,
sides Keptilefa-oO floor,

beadnd19M Ch est ciolg
... ... to o, ll the wal
'. ton -he ," .-.the wa to
-O....#..shl.ons 3-W the left .tie oil
S3 ---- .... at a od"a rest body,

on hea and shoulders and put
hands on hits for support. Stretch
m .legs as wide am muxble and close
them seiors fashion Do this
i" slowly. 2. tiq tfirsit, 50 times
"A-" afler several veeps.
i 4. StandIng wI h hands at sldes'
:i als rms ooit usad, and clap
i .. palms sogedil.,.Then throw arms,
palm o. striLht at to the aides
m-0-., on a levee with shoulders. Bend,
I. i ws and touch s hulders with
fingers. Let arms -fall to sides. Do
this I0 times.-

City's way of living that gradually
are taking place .
With the youngsters beaded to.-
ward adulthood, ou'lL. Have to
think of giving them toeI to en-.
tertain their frlead. The Jokes
about Ma nnd Pa being stuck in
the kitchen while Susie and her
crowd take over the living room
harbor more fact than fancy.
Another factor to consider is the
pychlogicl y tb change.
e Mbut I n oldI
4iat and will never giv< -a the
lift a new one il the deigning
duo point opt --
So, too,. itn riot r docs.ting.
YoJ may iutrIvre t appearance
of each ro soe aoS extent by

py subslHutdax aa-bed toralleit the wa-
window wall with ejstls drapery (whlk "0
eonditiontr and teolvleon) antu n i ,or4
walls. floor a fnIMltwe, the dedgmems.- .y
of spacioeusnes IN the new sitting bedvl

switching the fbraiture around, roughly ret
reupnostering oie:. pieces aud reaus aud.
adding a few new one' but you cai dinguliN
won't get the thrlldm that entire- pose durla
ly new look will give, service
Sijne few can afford to to over The far
an entire housr .,parti mnt at. I fts 3
one time, these dxpta suggest wIE e
doing y6ur bedroom irt. k b dr o
For one thing, you iaN't have daughter.
to bold a fouifly council .0ow to ever yeta
refrnish it. JutM you add your ever hpr
hidsbad will decide on 1he type, of Your dats
Iur'utare and col.t scheme .. mg her in
And (so very important if your thing th
home it not-a large one) you can down s t
convert your bedroom into a sit- learning fr
ting room very easily of iut"uMrIAr
Sdoing so, you ;ewll eerIanly ii ng lg
achieve a change that will bi theo- ance .she (

S'..-, pt.t"d= o w "- ,a" j-' 1' '

.s" -. t- -, '-."'. ..d '. ..
I. .pro. t e oad bW .. .,.'._k.


$4Z. ami4 Run. -Ldy

TleW mewi
I= n. -.

fneLt re -le~rara *tae fl r 'e1
Wra"e sp bead is made ofl een
niabc w -yar Uep wasd

when suhe n n At least
in our bouse od, w n I'm about
to chauffeur fastidious friends tot
a club meeting, the car always
looks it., wot (with not a manI
in sight to help cle a ft up). I
With a bucket of lukewarm wa-I
ter and a new mop, designed es-I

By United Press
Potatoes will retain their white-I
ness if they're boiled in water tor
which lemon juice or vinegar has
been added Use bout one tea-
apoon to eaeb quart of water.

- A leather binding along the edg-
is of sleeves ao jcketa -that get
hard wear will prevent fraying.
CrayoVr marks can 'b* erased
hfo spurehmemt type shades if a
bhal or ft bread is rubbed over
the pots

To remove scum from the sur-
face of wash water us t whisk
broom The scum stidek 1 t0 c
broom a d can be wam&atoP eas-
ily. ', -_ ^

a' i to gfve
. -- I a fresh mt;

II.-. -. -. *~ ,.. -

4' 4
-r -: -.4wa.

[ace, saile ti curves, Ctam
and grillwork. The mop alh P
up the excess waterer the
faee is clean. A four-foot hian
makes it.easy to reach the carl
without' strainlg.
As eis-to use as self-polish
waxes on the kitchen foor ans
new liquid shiners for cals. Ii
wipe s.-wipe-aft routine, these
dlIsn and laVe a .
)Jbei^T'm (1be Matfare. The*
however offer the prometon 1
man AUout waxing JQb does
Another handy gadget, PIve
covered, Ib a tube of *Wh-up J
quer complete with uin -aas c
ped In a slender cyine.abot
sioe Ot'an ovoruf fflf l t
Given though wom e at -
drivers than m he is alw
the other ielo ww Ipatdm
close, or tmhe rtrb M ickt
too high. Boh;ok re ready
scratch the lfepMer.
A mall si ntch ca.. W l


we- ... tr mw wa
m "m an to fe l-es" -ba
WL9- -

ig. ibPA
are di4s



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ea a.

*ae. .
b il^
49~ Roof
lar ig

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. a r'. tr* f.;-; .. t ,"- o;., 4 .f t --

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are e.a-_BA tE .i .4 .24
..aitar4~uawes 4" -

An old-fashiohned ee.Jce a '
staring mamy of the oxcflgi .ys1
an-aromas tat iadfd 'fW ~Wj]'
err t1reben Qbe of t,
cinatinr haunts ofM ',-.a-
ft deern fo .

-.. tauA F,..,
n. mem 7-,,


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__~*II~ ____~~_1_Cl

., I I I m a .

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. .. i....

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. o

-is leatted on

DTWT 514
* flfmei

a pWra


Esrnrs hFAum.mBS
..iank nu : 6. b t .0 1


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a Coop id 6C

seasy IKmlu
ut Medical

I.~. .1. -


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No Treumle




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vWoW v-t c mp ma
sa wo cou 1

' 45


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ZN Ilk

The "DmnisI HuE'

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FO SALEt-1946 HudWi;-Six Tudor
&dmn, ood running cndItion, Ox-
- cell" transprttion, Pfbnu4-303.
Q g SAL rar48 con-
ditn, point valve iob,Tel-
(phpfr.e .95 Mogarrita, 802 0

FOR SALE -..Leving 'soon, muar ll-:
1947 Fletmaster Chevvy, rq*dio "
other eti~,. $525.
dijan. 61t3-C,-Cocmli. Phone Navy
3Tm8.. __.J"
FOR SALEA-194iL FEod convrunl.
Aadie, heIater &'0erorive. qrxnMt,*
condition. PIce $650. Con be fi-
nanced. Call Ft. Cloyton 5123 ,r
FOR SALE:-'5 Chevrolet two-deor,
deluxe with Powerglide. Excellen
condition. Telephone-Amodor 82-
4239, Quortrs 24-A..

FOR SALE: Buick station wagon.
1950 Super 4-door. Radio. mier.
Dynaflow, undercoated, excellent
condition, olgilnal owner. Phane
Ouarrv Helahts .2-2265.

*:-r' Record player. FOR SAL5.0.1.50 two-tfo' 8tk
Swithb lgating element 2-door URiviera, Dynailo*, ralo.
$10; Aopulr carrera $25; w/l/w tir", nylon & lstic Sea
C Av1ritwrq -Bobae" covers.k EisllenLcondltion.,throulh.
A, out. Cqnr J fiE
Pdoehle Siger 1wrr Ii.. '". :
conditi, 53-OR SALE:- 6 Super pd
Wetlnom r Loundto, canaonditln. radio rnew tirer ,w
~e l -moe.l H6ur'055O-,. slelneZr St., 841l-
4-cu, ft. deep P hh : ..
fM* P $"; 71 jiWiMI~-aALE: *'Wst 55by
rigbm drape S5; Meo nn, 1949 Buick Cpover-
e camera $45. tel, ellnt tirs and .ip, new
Spw..eitdli, theater, sptllght. opd
e wsh- cntlon throughout f- O. Phn
,Albrok. Ao 86-5146 anytime.
00K.S May be FiSCEs-lW Chevrolt ,wM
,fld o, lrOn otI__ rot t'isnataion; gl ;mob,.
PmpI tPrm. I Duf 2 l oaver-
it TeFP, -42449. surgce. Gall 7-75
'ustgO h l. FOR SALE..

oit" W knihp" AFO R -Cott Irn
e~at.&S5 1: n ama sA- =.. hub rhnCyuaefriS E ns&4&

ulf1 Jim 0. R0M1
najei1 01-J or. 4S.6-J. tel

uIt bqilt In "Los Cuebres": LiV-
Iuu' pAnd. 4infligel -front. gorcpi.
k binramp with corempodin
privwts bths. klhin, laundry
rqpm, rabid' bedroomh with its own
bethrodsrm. grdo. Tleph6dn and
ehot wt ,o i stletins, '600 M2
fach i at. 13,000 m'th: Call Pem-
emB', "

UP) -

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~4 P.....
~ &

Day-Night ServI*e -f 4 .E" Street r,
CnBtrao Avenue ,.-T.lphone 2- 79
TO Miami vim AERA--kb*gnl 4-em
0in planes. Lsvinv overy
Wedndy. reumrtne every e
Sturdy. $'70.0e-way. $126.00
round trip, PANAMA DIPAT
SERVICE, 36 Avinlda Naiclnl
(Automqbile Row)l Telephone 2-
S F655.

Zenith Transgoonlc radio with bat-
tery $100; Webcor 3-speed auto-
motic record player $40; Hoover
vacuum cleaner with attachments
$50. Want late model combination
rAdIo-record player. Phone 3-4249
House. 22, 44th Street, Apt. 1.

FOR SALE:-1952 Plymouth 4-door;
25-cycle washing machine; 25-cy-
cler ta 18-In.; 25-cycle Westing-
house refrigMotor; household or'
des. 2-2538.-5066-B, Morrison,

FOR SALE: .Ecycle. 26-Inch, od
condition $25; e*lctric rinp, aulo-
iatic. Tl. 25.127._.
R QUICK SAULZ;-Cusrtirnbn mtor
scooter 1947 good engine & tires%
needs point 75; sewing table 4x5
fist, sturdy construction $15; ploy
pae, excellent condition with pod
$15. Phone Albroek 86-5146 any-
FOR SALE: Electric brioedr. 200
chicks up to 6 week& Telephone
3-3658. Aportado 2147..
FOR SALE:- Ptd dd ftlew Can-
ories Tel. 3B-2'8--3-4953.

LOST:--' Pariarotvellow 4edi tolks.
SIf sen or captured please cpll Bol-
boa 2-2622.
REWARD.-For thl return of any or
oil of'the papers contained In btown
olefcse tokeso from car Friday
l a.m.- Are of value only to me.
Phone "Alkrdak 4231.

Positi on Offered
a.Pu WANWD- Meien hd women
for I=t N U7 .2
end i n. rs
hour, Electricilns 54.00 hour. Car-
penters $3.75 hourLoberers $3.00
hour. Office clerk; from $300.00
Monthly on. Write to Cia. Con-,
structor Ppnomericorn. S.A., P.O.
:'B 3590, Coracs, Venezuela, giv-
ing, futl Informati=nefor ppllcatloh,
Must include $1.00 for epplicetion
expenses. When accepted, the'l.
pony will secure transportation ex-
pensem, -possport vises eand living
: ooditlons in the country.

Help Wanted
WANTED:-Expert cook. Good salary
* For information see Federico Boyd
Avenue N6. 29. "
ANTED:- Good cook-housekeeper.
Slap in. Must bring references.
Good salary Apt. No. I. Riviera
.Building, No. 18, 40th Street East.,

irnr Cidlltac. lPohmte and
GOI.C. Dealer. Offer to you a
"FORD 111"
Ir. CyL. delue, ..4m 4-door
ow slmt eeOve, new pint.
ne-ndloand sAd guaranteed.
It t ClwA ,. A.

Rural Milk Can
IsOn Woy Out,
mlk a )n-Ia, m auLlaI.a e .

Ikj~A u CAW country crosroadef, is beOi
filwou ke Cow ate by
$.yg~$w A formw
v MtS 4UP)-Judy, the reedy into tr, ak
bo .at the Mil-iwork for the famer ad ;
A& &_..... ... ,mih

s fear of slaug
d6ever cami
was when
up the ramp

'C? ~

anr d a

L. Flintlock
a sai c

titg YFlnti

r apt
ig push


FOR RENT:- 3-bedrowmWn furiumd
cholet. 6th Avenue, aco dl 4Mar,
San Francisco. Tel. 3-4642 .
FOR RtNT:-House with 4 botdooms.
\three'bthrooms., rmld' room Ith
bath, hot water, lariW lawn fenced.
Suitable for 'childwC No fusryture
or half furnished. Apply-at 48th
Streer No. 3.
tOR RENT:-Home in Las Cumbres;
sltuat4d in the coolest llaJn.
beautiful wow, two bedroonf, 3600
mffters of land, privqte concrete
rood, American neighbors. Call
Panoma 2-1046 or Loa Cumbres
2;66 for appointment ad- details.
POR RENT: Coton 21, New
Coroxal. Available 114 through
J41y 13. Phone 8obM 256T.. I
FOR RENT: -- Bleautful rIldence
three bedrooms, two bathroom., hot
weter; American family preferred.
If interested ph nw23O S5, Ponse .
FOA htmT .
ATTINTION t. L Just built mdiies
rfurhised epofneq o ra, two
berdons. htw G"id water Tel-
oph* Parw 34194J1.
FOR RENT:-In PaltIloa,.ma ad mId
indspqdn' *powent; ldreoms.
combnlor iving and diningroom,
QIid'i;oom. 1s wits. 14th St.,
M .

FOR RDNTfl-1-hs loiWa, moddrer
tool aoortmelt w bpedroma liv-
FIa-dllningmm, 5 closets.. hat wr.
ter. Justo oAemmna. No. 97, top

FOR RENT:- Lrge,'modefl o'ti-.
neiN. tile 'flons, mdid's service, IS
rage. at 17, 44th St. Key 't 19.
4!4, upstets.
rFOR E-NT:-- 2-bedroom prMtment
i. In "El C4 rao." For' Ifaorftatio,
No. 53Albrto Navarro Sktrt, Apt.
2. "El Cangrel'e
FOR RENT:-Furnished op'tnownt: 2
-Irl ,- l I,* d mm.,
Pprch. 2 bathrooms. 48th Street
No. 27.
FO R6NT- 2-bedroom apartment:
vlngroom. bedroom, diningroom,
htlid s roo. No. 30, 44th street,
Telephone 3.0925. .

FOR RENT:--Vcotlon quarters avail-
22 through August 22.
rm Atun 5-490.1

FOR RENT fltlful wIa mernt.
furnished qr ui .wrmlAIuhlsd, )ZO0
Via Ptroa7 next Rtoosvplt The-
ater. Inquirni ift l i. Tel. 3-5024.
FOR RENT: V6atfloA'4uaers, '3
bedrooms, I V2 baths. 6382-A, New
Coroal. Tel. 2-Z983. 12 June-21
August. ..I



t &. K r Dun












l **- 'OR '






$&-RENT:--Vacation quarters, three
bedrooms, June 3 to Sept. Tel. |
R RENT:-VacatIon Q rs ao-
twoe May 2th o a s 3 |


ree irnaundl I the product.
e to Prof. R.P. March, of the Cornei
aha. Uiversty dairy lad stry depart.
and meant said the new system is bas-
m to icall *sovnd pd-ba. predicted a
bright iuttr fo r t tanks. There
arc upward of ,Ma such installa-
part onsothe. out ad more thha
ig. u Nl w Y klte., he added.
.I "Th tanks wt1tray for them-
selves, with the savin labor a
b, ndlihn the 110-pound, 40-quart
:ter. means, and ta waate o fluid," Ihe
tock pointed out.' Ie t milk quality
Over ican be imprv trough use
be- tanki." .

r..,T.oday :
N Lhp Deskss

E.P f P. l qpocgas a [
toe U*iwdty UafSha, is he
of a .sa t owamm 3,865
dock I wa sa
tke Today' aveng I 14-year-old
aIt Ilt S am w Ib Rmh, twm
t a ri M hiler thu B
W .1inUtw *1 R
LVI~so arl?

lands, May 8 (T) -
[ohlor, editor of the

.N. Secr
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Paekm4. Sbwn, sno

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ma aw -
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of Moosnaoa ofm

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'il ^ e< a Master in*c
ttthem lltram

hamffhalS At wtrth tth Tbu. M ibe D.


arith U Ad an l
Sa,,11 11p& gbd t The worThe uld k M ,
_m: f.i r. n nw fti one 4d uMtS. An:' d6 so ? S ,

tijb.W 1Ig4 liu -a 'tol n b
^^.r ondlih r t Cnbrete l
at tdalfto ?. .... i i f l iinfl
i of c. 7. frie p.. .
'a s eerX Uofdi ev 'InadauM"
couldn't d on ien 61d* laboratories'Y teiICA 41
w l urge and w Dt:
freight o n Wake Wlp" r. ill are using the "lft-
bUM ad b seen od rai 300,000-
acton and led la.emp fri Vd4)illU..
ka mowilth Louat. 1 n He f siana e
PWI harbor, An4 saow ee-story building.
a4rmy MP. Wasson waa .4.A
4sed at t1e 1'anforaa rack W sK S% e
tek which. was being. used as a grboad with steel col umns
qpoqwound 4ort Japna ne aij Ith'e*igh bcr.
pner it-end aan Jac with theded tt d .
a dt toyerTVa tie slabs is on each on,
at Fort Ord, Cafo i, .
They mfgbtbavk met -ot bloy to.w0,werpW n Hisk
were on their way to EuFlpoaWM ,7 1,tlas,
nabwlv crMndieslnnedi offienra 1t .tOOeUtOre .st bjOprok,.



eyening of Mf .SIiet 'until that Captain reorganization said that a 27.
A Ml e eight..Course our :anreroad Mhd 8
mets in ner lr bo .
Stad 'a r1t..- e .. ....g e d .
#orae ble accomnpa"lm IT nent trade ._f;Ergoa-I. "
StCrn ald Of 21,2TV beadof oea
mberlp to th e 0.- Q rter'Mst r at Ckar e. Bsa .ese 14'q were brudsed.withl a'
M deCuhipaue 't Inie 4dracks. Pa. -lorgpof p.i&per animaL -
= 0e will be limited to In d There was also Captain Cha- L!l*ek Osservation, Inc, said
tyfve eentlenen, and formal ves at the Pennrylvania post In that .tle e*agtsivestock farmer
Il-re will be de rigeur May of '47, He wAa attending the wl have ttie badly bruised hog
I AG school. The world travels a out of eve 12, and 'mie badly
This is the first time that the nfixd orbit. bruised oft eatale out of every'.
Atlantic side of the Isthmus ainin the war in the Far 15. ",
oill sponsor an event of this t Io d in Korea and '
Pe which is In keeping with ,aan. A gr~veW regstattaonI Tha orrniatinototed fanmer' ,,
IU 9llcy set by the. Moth iwas the jo' for. WaM. Chavnas to ku2 yardsU -d "-pens free r.r
toers In brln anh the finest NW. a8n, Infan try la t -o 5?- sharp'bbleeta, to.keep chubts s1
r entetanmen od t long nd .W.omgline' good wd*In-eorder and to par <
#Alantic Bide residents. at the-fiont 'lcd tatew a Hg- ton wise Uwusect load.
Gentlemen desirlng to make mentalM4aeor 0ool Sle gea
eervatons for the lr a At et W l. Strike Cmit IS
ll M. ranclc the Buyambev, another war *as38fM
tre daHotel of the W of the melwe.brsin.rh .UNIFRUCO Plant-
.under whpae able aun were re-maltetd for UNUe an
on the dinner w eor Ie T ep gglpp
'Diamo 'Suert A y'berfi fter enfltCoa b e WC=_:

i miaqonly h e mn d
*ten'e real.
1kmiur st "dian d"
*jWole I who was reason sure

ar whitish qartf pc
y the sizse d at al
hbean. In addAlta t- rasm-.
Swhitish spaes. f
that are roe, eamralmn,
r yeWw, amber and bacI.
meas can be fund Oa the
SMa "diamondie" 'Saal
te eomHelaaL
w mt ase ne aWioa
asus sO fouon. "&*& way
aW where astsf ta

Ideal m wan kt as

*i1k1 .aeM4 "faH1


f. ; 1. .e;.**f/ S -, ..
6 _m Pfto_ oPW Bbdi Comnmls
OUw s ,.
:bw~lidawmk'dkf dotat or thb
helfl. fr chfiA for 'IPA* Ifi!<
met 0"- aaf rae mpr I
*bbSp MCIt

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;^l*I 'anc \ ^"""^
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4 -i-1

dt> a -'dtrunk, noya

tic, fnch frgheur, rufs
i n's Jom & 3 mSe idro; -

1ro- refigc ftorfr opr- e
| n Jomp mef dress-

|M :--Orn. refrieneroor Ine per-
$55; washing ma-
new. 0779-.C Wil-
,it. oitt rn ,


W, wqe


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tuamm 'Vya C
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CA 44 ,
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the ha
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d oee outis tew it
B '-yetto see AlM's htgir
. --*i"ed bt
.Iftith. *ipan te. in- M;i

-Akveomedis," .n Steeye, :
shn *,_.TVl. think I
bi tMi, 10 luuMO tHe withduA

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bag noa~a
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114re, -ee!o trl

oUry iTA,. if "ee th
th ePT -i a story tterl or
ernjiM tAt ene of bis Walng.


A Dream Comes True

ff .'" -. '-ttoo radous. Wme prmpied |
Ih A~hF or Plucky Lucille
"a".rho. tme,_A nl aalei t J4;ir.4 dwas fed f o
equay d t at sometmnbe- wi- l wa. through a tough
twee Low abd then it will go out telhberhood th his wtls. HOLLYWOOD, May &-Pluck, a eevvn though her contract was di-
ao the fuI~,petwork. Hi .hl to a vI vivid personality lus' the lift of solved. Bit parts, extra roles kept:
*I lnf that ngh abow," he fast, ia tai pi e ade aing-haired Lu- her going until "Roberta" resulted
*>*, "" I e wrimtasl nd up wiTh him. The next fIled Ba" a star. In an RKO contract, return to
f I could d only one or te pals n met him. He'd been mThe daughter of Fr ad Do- roadway "He, ddle, Diddle,'
other, it d bethe nighttun awl badly beaten. Didn't beW asre Ball. a aing iNe and next the fe mini e lead in the
S w." fast? s onert pianist, epectvel. music J Too Many Girl.." That
-- "S." .aid. h mananA. 1#._ J'| Ball came to New Y o rk the film which catapulted her
Splenee to the rescue! If you fully, 'I walked .a fast soIt Ino in: on a dr ulk career, into the arms of the dating Cu-
hJv(e '. youtgtr ifyl our houe, ,*e anedd ..Ite up to .U. I Her mother jld e.-. might ban Desi Arnas and marriage on
you kiow that it TVfme time tn urnatelyd however, anaaged )eeome a pianist, but If was the November 30, 1940.
noilsu lvel cat be frightful. Wel, ti catih ut.o iebody.'. tare whlh'I ocupled all of Lu- On Aug 6, her birthday, 142.
the Hoffmun Radio Corp. is out **-,- e.20's attention. Her first impor- she signed Jtrmterm contract
wiib headset for the small ones, .ebuP yo u havm't g .ife. is tint bwrek came e was in- at M-G-M where the reiged for
to fit th:. TV sets, so the kid. aw .tmght. but .la ger' -a..MR cod to FIlo i.gfeld after live yea-s .a. .on, of Jgt; studio's
atone can bear the peculia din WIV _n't ..s imble f .Miin he had bemn playing with a tojr- most glamuIoio musical and comn-
they seem om enjoy. Ad,. v make Mie. s.Sh r-u tltink1tMs oth er g repertory company. She was edy stars.
the ider more' entrancing, 'e .. t..h '- l eed fq the kbi4'Ro F- U vas h dream to work
headsets are :l4 lateed up l ^W-l-. .* ..i.w. h" ;.- Deal as a l aband.and.wfe
cn1 alss* hISyIi' I After five *W'dV as job- team. A vZudetti. tour in a ktch
Wr .wr. Wr'peoible -to, have hay to iaye, es. .r, t less. Her most 'luertive Broad- prved that audiences agreed With
a .ad daf all tho e p yeau ld 4mn't wy -ark "_ shh e her- hnr. Then cael a solo tour..with
r l U ot t saoy s oda the re pertor ny of Eler
-.r- t I Wbea -., t-- n. g r. Rice' ', o D e ..U an, o
Ma. 1ay, la.i.dr tra --., I---.n ihe e e t successful tour .vith Deal, and the id6e for
However, tragic aomo-h 7t. 4u remtd inthe

Wugt sa add of career e e ise TheLMot
't-y;earvs. Doeo a said, "She'll tIarrin w husband Deal

...OLLIWOOD (.....EA) Ioi- a-a. rbi,.'.. absence TV i rmaI "Dein and1 ilHollywood, ay r tng
n th Rrd: MAR' h 'g ou-larer clovuWe bow we
A- -to. *I. : .;Ndancen i WWy bae been icky and-we ar hap

Sot Hoywood h Mar I haves'imoth*con- py and gratf IA bd nl
e Sh'. woderfu. Sh'Se m4e "r tsren ebut rng together .a U n and we
tly reason I go to the moviesto do more, epecm it.y a mw-b
IOLLrWOOD (NAch! A) ol anA uwla a see fr TV Luci e remained in Hollywood, says Min al,
oSh the END :no?" Ahshows-h w M rer: DOR SE WAITES e

ITRiQUIN, on Itwood'saa- JUNE ALLlaON B car tarring t h
ue mca giramor: wl* Jiry Stew t he Glenn .. 'nd
cu -t llyeood. has Marilyn. Ihavent 'a he" ibu. !
'ew She's WesK.She"teEtheE"ItisL tTUES AYob!PUB.IT.U.E 5- r..-_I
mly reomnon o to the movies. Ji& d I wt. to do at SE-NT ANN

Srel regular o east tfa i vi. a year together. IO' ,DANC. RE_ .L
Aumui. woman o: s~ tm,, sd want .,, tdOR EatE ,ANITCI. v

Smas feves. We wars so the modern Janet
N o aynor and Charlie Farre L Au- .
'It Italy, dn eb tof Milleres like to see a team. toresen
wlan as e, -m ut ther"'' e s t. In ttyI e
qH!m.wk a a to_ crat a team if two peopl HE
T.e ot, want 0 web dw on't a o th ealto E
.1 i eat manII to dojatt r. *T N -

DOROTHY TOWNI. on the ap gemh ur tow SHOW"
ett of JIack Wb.ovee. whe wthe ar to emtumoaerab Janyet
.wed when, "I d o is fNal atin special rgetheFr elAu-M.' ",,-
.19 tb.. 'J. 9 IIWM lk fa ona-ea.WITH- -
13 But ,h e'ed u in ^ hg I -" .'

e to.y a team tt two peop
140L. tne wants do die'te left 1hav e .=Meleal-I.RE.lit -

(IIPJGMU- 3065, before *he .-n. gI ao r g,.
signed tu e-star w P giti -
.D OaROiY OwN Ji unt, t' h ams oe b t he tons- I f
h Jack.Webtb.hRwOtS UTO RSAY OF vbiiHOMAWNS"
hwed Wfib, Us oM is, aI recb i 8 rI s

with0' s le n I do t" .

HI think I h. "Beachhead.' which ope next -
. e k o n asa i ed. 12 at the at t TAC L OheatreC[ aN

m'. ewanad as dir er d b ,ad
hard "I 80. I tUbk ucqWU Z

.-I .-
iF'. ad- that t em o M
ep~m s from havg had
S that I

ZIELV, Ute et amss

Swgi% 17a4


j r umm n a emacuun Brar
Tony Curtis rind Frank Lovejoy,
mnd the larce ampiern ea& L :Is

KMI, Bo ouB flapad of .
HE. Haw flan group. m alMeI
b Mai leation site for'the luii *
Y I product ber e it h .
'Wft feMtolefor Sture, he

t Iaim.h.b0 ad m iA" AVa 1




Anowitr a hs

I he sse .WA SLo ddyet'hci. J.u Ma r J

shor when I wa asingg ,lan tehbit' *l
M| dancing in nlibt, clbs.".'-,wS? in rair to H
,rf ring to Guy Madison i '9 .. .. story S..i..

Raver and went from that I 'h.b.,, ca.ltal of the Pharo.h. theo n
y beig referred to a overnight t o
"I youloat*ther. rd u'll ,
i "e that- GMbe oUg for hht Asstt e .
year to etoabllsb hlnself as -an I^MIII Tr^mmK ^^ -
actor. When i. careerr a, a glam- i
or boy dipped heo went oan the stage ..he tr
to get the experien he though, | o.i e ti e
needed. After G absence from the 1 1 !f NIoo lur "p P tl
screen ho mrae a baig d-tl tele- II III I1lS. --,l ^ a
vision ai WIld Bill H tok but i iti,,i.-aBf
thire's nothing overnight about S.l
his success. It took him years to m ,.. A M M .S .... r..
get where i e in." 'T. h a .it" A Aoro, w I-' "., :.", ,
Virgin loen't think that v I or .. A I ~5-i1 M
Mar1-nn Monroe may properly be t h P a ,- .-

'The Asnhah Jungle' wmt lywond' big-boy actors let a --
an. remember that rio a of choice roles beue of their -
In h.. with John Husto' a e di ci height. but the personit pro -
to, you'll realre th at a lems ae oLten a paine l l he nek, -bk ae
Sheloey Winters, D4oald Oth on "For one tuco, cat_'t bruy o, Ao.
no., Audrey Hepburn, DanBy ready-tad. plea_' Ihid said, "I NOT _. A mTANW PI
Kaye. ',ave at various imet. been weo r st 42 long. The coat might fit, lBI.?. .S .- .
called overnight stars, Virginia but the pal a u are sla 3h which .hA^hu Ah. NIh
said, adding: won't Sothiv tbgtve aI my iLORD VAtITY-aet ag" ..
"Aert alny these people and mab uitt hmde. a, A P i u
ny O,,iaerr I can recam served a "Also I'm a hard guy to fit from &S.5 N aiL --"i"m. av i
long apprenticeship, taak dlu aUl th waiit. UP ylagh Uf rus Jai gS a.5. q- O n
the odd g ob they could fip on my Iau.".Feafr o aor..".. l ,ai,
both itreen and stage, befaSe they Another. dliadvantagh ca being Eathe re ar F tho
i dgot their narne up ia lghte and so tlol is tha t h opt a I ev enS t '
weri d over nhtsta r.." ltar '

WAnt A Castle? losbeamof-^
BOireme Germany-(UP) You RoWk. Surreetly hapd Trwrk ia
can now buy or lee'a German his eo-starin role with Arletne "{,,,*"^ q ,d
ias wiat bargain priceia n Diahl ui Uleversa, M1a '|bu .O P P p.o---
count,, an4 harona a~lon thelhine haps he tKghe~t ,11alH ,lls.;0yo obal W^'L"ni"o
Rive' are starting a l eout of Ger- a step ladder, hero'lte ttr e *-, .
manys medieval romance, of locF ton beda. .... -.- ..
Dr. I"'Ev(..y time we shoot a ftlm Mn|*,,l' Mdh ', .
nstuce. a real brick.stone ocati I dread he thou -
tower overlooking the legendary enteritg my hotel room, says ...-- A.."- .
Ridine i for lease at nearby Over- Huds w. ThLqey.w ,.lv6 lt, ^.aamy
wesel fhr 528.81 a month. No heat-s enough beds for esontt5 menr, -Thlr. Ia'f -.S
ad b theyn armored suits tof streten a pair of' mattreas Y ,eIMe
Ihet a ?are iOnduni Tuscans ut-o
fsem nights around the plaeo e thefl ,!,, and vmi o s e. g1

wre'ldK ,mn 100,00 casstie-most lem., 'Ihol .. i, .'i' '_fle&S_'
o thm on or nerthanonrn he Rhine former thali the atud"tpoeItty .. -,-.
wRer-ere for sale,- including the department is experimenils withu s ,dqp. t
le.genary Phlllipsburg at Brau. the minutacture of a portable bed! soy,
bach Burg Rheineck, sad Schlois s- even.fret l eng which can he caare ar""*gtboe ._
bunt, andoro, but there are nol ries to oaos in the property g atbe

showing at
M 15 : 1 .

MARGARITA 2:30 6:15 1:20
S.IDoris DAY 0 Huwwd XK.
T-ssdn "IamUUiD

BA LBO A Air-Condition,
2:30 4:30 6:30 .:30
AL ,

cam .

-TI-' -
.!j4' ~,'



1: 5. 7T.



-* -

~3~- 'I~



7- 9~7~
'4 .7-.- -. '7
7 7 7
4: .7 .' -
- '7 *1

.. .' ..

.. .

Awide open $750 sevn-furlon, Sprint for .mi
Sted thoroughbreds of Classs and '" wi
,batbh flride this afternoon at the Juan France
trai tkin the day's main event. ,
.- 7 -'---- -- m 1.i.

i the $10.000
f the RpubtleClas-
p weals ndo s sure
lte'mutpu lschoic-
Mam a.nd Postino-
IlPkt p tyof sup-
ihtu LU d ei6th-
1 6.aitdl-off the Is-
ma. u Op Impre-
.we a lthou!jj
hpa been
Well and has
) lIWpt live

WY I ,-i and i-lam-
U wtawmed poory last
'b-at suell to do better
Ale. They o:ae longshot
ltt let 'thi t r oe. The on-
bhr scheduled starter is
Swb returns from a
id seum to be com-
tlae i watched raen
Am todasa program.
qear-old Cbll-
otrera ed to a
length victor
itea .a the fietured.
". seven furlong

tIue favorite Dlxiprne
. Up a dbappotntlcg third
!-ItdefaD hero tsix

k0e Vudatte to retjwn
t VnWuou soVedeth off
t time and was content
- ae Patriotio
i te distance, Midway

afth leon to save the
from- Dlbprincess' weak
orit."e other were
dJn hot. win-
an otherwise
Jd raptrnuRIna Rol,
H rtie"- i bon with a
payoff h the Alxth race
ide tl major ler of a
ndouge conblha.

a Vi...f, d.u Br vo and
dC~~r&cTh waullyahared

1-Golden Tap .0, 440.
2-La tneas 40. r
Wihrt mbler f(Afabards-
Golden Tap) W28 ..
1-La Quararefta .0 2.8m, $2..
20, ,
.-Burlaequlto $3.20, $2.80.
3--Jomar 64.40.
One-Two: (La Guanmis.i
Burlequlto) $4.6.
-Villarreal 4 $240, $2.20.
2-Con da 15, 2.0.
3-Ta Lady 5.
Qunlel: (VUilarreal Coca
Lindma) $.,

1-Black Gold $4.40, $2.80, 02.20.
2-Golden Bound 1440, $2.20.
3-Ocean Star $2.2.
1-Rina Aol 6DoM. $5.40. 7.60.
2-Avnme Roa $4, $ .30.
S-Full $2.30.
1-Pin Pn .20.
2-B-Sonla #.8, P3at'
9-ChIrL$2Prt 2.20.
amnd. Mln& (Ini Rol-

31e TH. RACE
1-oLexdn U18, 1.40, 2.60
2--ot Note $12, 103Jo
3-Oharl er14.0.
QNoLM (Leaden-8 o t

-Noa) $o87.40. 1 o
2-Soedut 8.40. 2.40
3-My Dear n 2.60.
Oe"-Two: (Granero-Sedur)

1-Vedette 65.30. 430,2.20
2-Patriottes $17:60. .o
S-DlxIptlncesm 82.20.
I-Rabiblanco $3.40. 2.0
2.-Miranda $3.40.

Juan France lips

io. wit htwo vietorlo 1-Bull Fles Domino
;. T _- Lad Moon
a Goldenl Wode
.... e'IPlrote irp
SBlack Same
wo Toletan
h. $0 ,.20-. ,--Mora MeAdam Eseandalo
$10.+O 9 Rsest. Happ Abods
-iB_.,E l r *mmon P/l. ,.*




.. s

winth seop

!, *. P.i ROORAMi


Marion irsado, to
WRtE wiut m-

.7 I.
* .1. ~.

PUNCHINr THER Ao ibiolo m une punce h ba
at the Maraftion Gym a-pnNrel for him May 14 re-
turn bout with Iidro Mi neI at the Colon A .lo'
handlers and admirers srround him during the wr

Juan France Graded Entries
0 a

P,. Hors.
lIt hae. "G"

I-Bull Plea

3nd Raee '"3"

S-Lady Moon
5-Don Pitin
--8herry Time

3rd Re "0"

-D ktjl
4-0. Wonder
i SGrau

.ocke wi. COMMENT


Native 4 Ps.Prse: St15.01e Pol eees: t1.ia
F t lEe of the Double

K. Vas. l112 -Ba tough ohoie
R. L.OiL 118 --Depends on start
Mena R. 117x-Distance wilj help
U OtraL 112 -Rate slim chance
C. A. Oom. 11xt-Osnmigrous o0nt9mde.
B. Aguire 12 -Sferious efotM here


Native 6 % gI.Purse: B.6, FPeool elee: t:iij
second Race of the Double

Vas. 110 -Returns ln shape -
B. ul. 110 -Distance to king 4.
,o 104 -Rte good nce 4.
J. PhUllp. 114-Best L'e d. 4-
H. Reaen 1x-Seeina O 30-
0. 8aa. 114 -Mard to) hat 1-

Naive TI T Pus: ASS We l uleuisn4

r. Rot -'brop bad-
R. LGi 11' -Dflow e forltt .
Mena R. lOTx.-We moer bterw 5-
R. Vas. t4 n r fAnikh eve
PF. Ball 6--Meodi Iftridr 3 0-
I. Phillips 110t-.SfleoujeffrI now 1!-



_-mutocu J. mo. 80-UMul uy Am@ up 8-1
Uth Rae "H" Native 61 P9% hPur; $5WTe Pool eleds: 3:3 I
1-Colirlo Orte. 11kf-Nothing recently -1
A dft"aR. 4 lox-"t reumn raues. 16-1
on ,,," Ban. 108 ,. ,e t. winner 4-1
!.. _t ( .( nn(o. 400z.-R ate o ance 10-1
--P. Canela J. 11P0 huhln to Ihtdlete o10-1 t
--Sinceridad J. Cado. ll .-Chance not fractious 5-1
7-Brimal5.I A Enrl. 1a.0 -R tf .ance -8-1 -i
&t'Uttle Blma F A. Meua 120 -hould beat these evea ,

Ihi Race "G" Inpmlwed I MilePure: 4W59am Fool elses: 3:1: ,.


Ilb Race "I"

S-Sir he

-Gay Spot
L2!uamo .a
BA. Fulmar

Se I

so *0 r

R. Vas. 120 -G-Ood chance In mud
V. Ordo. 115. --Meeml much the beat
0. Ban. 11 --Distace aut style
, Mena R. 105z -Ditae M lon
M. Rurley 118 -Outalde chance onl
J. Bravo 113 -Bas strong flnth
^ I f

Imported 41% Fgs.Pu : $"7 Podol los: 3:I
Finrt Race of the Double'

V. Ordo.
L. Baeza
J, Oongo.
, Mena
B, Alul.
F. Rose
L. Giral.
K. Florea
V. CaaU.


115 -Back In top form 3-1
112 -RHa abown, nothing 15-1'
o103-Nethtal to hidicate -.i
S-ood e ed 15-1
ll--good I e o 85-1
116 -ga speed to mo evea,
112 -Must imprw more 8-1.
115 -Favorite dltanq 8-1i
118 -wNot good e=Ouh 20-1

"tn L csfw~tV w sleaw: 5::6
Sed con-d f ie luotir "
& Yea" iWK-Returns lfniua lf v-1
Mena R. l-Dtance. -
L. 0ral. 118 -Depend 1-1
3. Otte. x10 --3rm lndl 1-2
J. Congo. 1Ott-Return ttiS 15-1I
F. San. lmx-Oood eufmoro
A. Angulo 15 -Ret-1rn lo- -
laupeted 4'Jflj~e: $715 Pep lof uioen-t

1-Our Nicy V. Brown l~b-Nothisre t msend 1i-t
I-flomnadto V. Cast. U 11 --kes 3."tiltace s -I
3r- Rra SonRg PF. Rose l em .t-
4-Iah R Gome ts -aSeei a -s b
II R 1o. G -..1 ., I,1.." ,

.a. l. en r ., O

I ilee-d, 'r iJid , % ,
T Agul. Iu -flatt l
S. Drvo II. -r-i i
.OM a, ai l4aui te
I-W^loianbaio A. [b). 1l fa a.u r* i- V

A'0t en Itarewte) P4wg is eMu: OIP


ITo -3. vms.
J. u. rley
-..- O... k. ,: -.

*orM'efmMplteOlpI M t 00* 9
wIh a alerable exhibition rent
they wont le the cempaigs" a

Service Basketball
* 1LA .


,+. ,

d(-1) HBR -,I M ais-).
Brooklyn.t .lUadbAphia (N).
New Tork EPIUbrg ih (N)

S';. A9 .

m am. M t.i, .-,

ae,~aaaa (IX

Dodgtrs, Yanice And
.r ',..

1954 Much Dtjtwr


You abouldn't get
t a there are mte.

P -. '



b on'


w aminE th

woump- f ave 13
break when he W
meamt,. which would
to tiecz the m ijta;
to win wars. Your
meM congresman



INCOeAtl N ;.


I VioWt ft fMW

:; C ::..-. -...-
** I ;. .

m + .---.
A .

S .. "
... % .



I. &.1~

"B.TWW^~ j
q, ; '

.7 ~4wm


"f 7W" fl.W

~1~ -
asklt __ .~

7- -".

* b

S" 'T





- ..o"



',i, "

w up wur
geb @OWN



. k. -


states as~ Somervli was on in two-farther
maey V away thqugh-ad hs rat putt
Xn -A). wound up two and alfs et a
wa from theetop Ivwasatherein cur
,.o. '"three ant also wa- ", styled b b. to
S' Somertle ball.
K .e l. .uII wasuaway,l so Itwas my eaIn
m1NoThe gallery took one look at m it
ilf 'predament and promptly str e mo.
-PAM -.m nyoe 9 o ..u'll.h r|w ed r walk to ihe 16th we. The en '
'f unmimifno's '"w" "Ro-m '"' t, *V culd see, was an Sy '
f, ]*-wthe ,i,,,From AulmhorDelmaret one for -8iftr"'lge
"~~~~~~~~~~~ ;, r li'" -. ._ .,' -' I. .,,.o...-But,_Like I .sa I was too
but onlwtvad i@ l: GesttreY, "s -SFBY IANE ILEARDON toe)Maw @Werence. I atuda
Ay..s Y ARRY'ORATBON one it athleIes a a stirring 2 4 .re and dn.ddIo Mto ue I abwumthes.m i
"a 4wDf ,Write&na few gA br lg and decided to try it with te~
rrdre-in erd eel 'of IW YORK, May 8 (NEA).- Demaret lgtou- nine .ro
bImmy Dom twb eumre
TwF-M 8JCM" WthaIt s"or o
_. ...ash.)t.. that he while ba. ...d.oneo the bat-
ketca~use -alttsbabtal le601 s bot te ato the fr htliekld.The
....q, a.ud g tise i .,. With the .een: kob only a rect f i the runnsr's 'Vision
when D t _egn wto golfer of the reot ccan and before the catch is made
Sgolf and, inparlar, a ive, Jimmy tas rt the ma- swaYS his body from Side to aide.
you take notes as raoidly Jar points In Bed a M tchless What action should the umpire
% ..l a possible. And when you're ame. He spends c.ualderb le take?
through, you find you have a lot mie dealing tith wbat he consi-
Wlnow than .can be squ eId Into ders the most important angle-. Answer: The third baseman is Wli
al..:n "n 'o st a. his ability to control tet of neerv-,ob.r-eest the runner f lm ad-
PnIsits cause of thli a spar- es. vaa.l .. The.-umpre awards the
kling I /hunk of If o I no w This 3s not a book for boxinners, runner the right to 00ore
e ,- "-.. "tI canb found it ..Wl as most all golf bDo yin, Itsa -." WhLt, exactly, doea screw-
tt n ane'store. "-My Pa&.M.Both" history of-the Royal 8n1an'A~ent, bUdo?
hbre lin(the river. Mind iing by Jimmy (Me raw life on the tournament trail an A. It break. opposite from a
14 $.. qfdA.! ,.M& have HillU,.M) is f-the real story ofH hogan. curve. Thrown by a right-hand-
pLa Ewbl t at* eek, the tm ot EAet, the Pitch breaks Into a left-
.e.rvice befur.. nade o s A 'CHAPTRR, "Hogan's Game hand batter, the opposite it
Stoic f~gt o olast As -1See. It," is rev alir I t and twoed by a sh outhpaw. o r
i'ma '. highly Instructional.
Whoeon artswas td with "One key to IUogan'ehswingaIstQa How many types of bunting
-thoemot,- dli -as meuch. left hils allt? to Wait. He, .as tbe arethere? t -
toat* sad e rmea ead-th So widest hi.M area ain At He A.~ Three-bthe sadfce, Oe of-
t i nfctr th mt wesit be a brings his club down in wide are. feuie buG t for a bit add the
no o l. pel read it..He drags tdAlT AAlong the groundsqueeetA
when dein'lt k tewell Company in an are so.- lt that it I s almo sto
y ti e When he turns all the Q. What old-time pitcher was Spend tow ysheInec1
to th. irt at s wI-r he. f ytrough tehe known p Blh enchanting valleys an'ct o hn
Resaif, g'ireati t prHan au t l e ao d a mting pM01stoew Y.the-x tnit
who e liv~as ee eane it 0 a then = Q. Were did the term, rhu- pr e ..
efeas d ae e waro esre adlthepowEr at e.Ikst a po g b a t barb, originate? atr al t o, ,. .
knmo s him besthro.g This bct o AhGarryrnchu macer, then a
,A ad "#of.-W devel H H p.lyi .- t brtbase...t writer, aIe unsed it .mtIn' "
___.__ am_ a..s_ _Dine hewOn 2 tHoWga nabiout asanhs he nrook- h I nt- :
great comeb ack ngen In" bed teadnere ilyn.
.....sabl.@ur- aD emaret i bist desribed by to S 5
dMefDem. FreCorcoran,ohogolf proootionb "...k.nn AT NO ADDaIm0NAL en. "o.
up an"ei't toftawell "Myd 'i uivited Demar too a .bok .COST! R $ r onth
kn, ,ea ,,.a tW.a -you tedinne.,r in AugusC," he rall.
tf tke .m first paint stirrings of y the t ae he got through walk- ,
-,--tris--Yoa es o nm' en the roadn an d gl UYr o rmay travel to av e .U. i
deftas he met which once-arove Be--eJust.w.alks ANong.,andDmey
him froSmo ..Thben ...h rohhise he. nwaspAV ] e M WR i n .-Cost& Rie s W4then il,. I to..
first mor' victories and the ter-d-we found we had 25 un cwt ,Uov

S tubsts at the dinner, moon of.140 osn.,

Writeri etrOal, tha m duuU no /nl :dll
.. .., Dema, ,w s o w ith Hogan in the them in .Prshir. t, .

Wands ...6.9'. .. -..
.......l .I..... .............. Ju t I e en a- ,.. .. a2

'--i ,, ft, pipan al uJ y m e o he A "PHU

O I --, r;.- '. b A"---T AL t "
*keep M.ytorn.aforlieout to write a corking book on y e or any Travel Agn
-uitre i purposes -4 e sets dea on Ben Hogan and golf.

stbJl...HctaveN .

"". ae P au 4 Alebaids.Ome

-1$,U. COMPAN. -of-n teWht OF, .1
01 a.y.WMEa Agamnlofo
Ran. aebler eneB E SURE ANI[

in him fm-Jesn Nilr.'
*9 stik- r o CAN FILL VdUR NEEDS SP

O. wann adondersd

_. ., ..+,.. ... +. ....,,,,,. ,+,+.,, ,,,REPUBLIC OF PANA...
Liga *orM Mak, that19P0not19nl
casese ary onw saan eed Tea at ~tth toalGv e

M V .ga V 1js"I f "/- ,pi h -..a irOba t -oI '.w t

ta"sdu goh Sex in *ewill be s I .
COMP1 T 91 morb iAit oreven~thi

rs -as 10 Mid t thal ha Me .-. ., -- 1 .s offerdrorstr.ctle,.n.'" -.
.p.. e.i't b"c om' g- alilants, d. huberlp111 wil be a .e "s"t a t ,eu c s. --

-,.- ,. m f. w a A--res" co ld'u'+lptss r asnf e, 4
...f.'.i .. t..aer o.... "o. .i '- ,

t.M. rI ,,- ) AUTUOIiTY Law i of April 34,1l4 and ere i. ._
de t Murray IS up, 16t.e

,ea hower', i IIINMISnT u al payale rtU R BLC .P
..kkw--'of the- 1111111"081, Jackie a t.w swit ,. mt. B.,f.o.e to
Jensen ol theeRed W2 Dony 0'- the ateiee wbaft bebobviousl

...i. ....t.R,) Adama. eter- .e..l Is r +. y @-, on +. : i
ftti. wd-JteBed a -melt ytaro
Slevprs plague

was a big pn3OMe
X! 7- :e

* -- .:+ .-- xr .n o, x s-"'4 T ... I ... i
bi b ---.94._m amsv"e
lim....---.- -e -

!t. : : i'.
_- A I'




:. (MNEA.Telephoto)
,- President Elsenhower (left) enjoys a hearty
-i. Cliffbrd Davis (center) of Tennessee and Rep.
of Oregon in the White Houe The occasion was
g of a highway construction bill by the President.

A Counsel Given 14 Days

SFace Charges Or Be Fired

HINOTON, May 8 (UP).- Bovard, who has been on
Federal Housing Admin- leave since he refused to resign
Nr aoraih Mason charg- several weeks ago, is the third
tay thatt FiA counsel Bur- FHA official ordered by Mason
%-Bovard hai faledl to do to answer hargei or be fired.
S"sa tsfactofly" and gave The other two, both employed
Sdays t anaer the in the Philadelphia PHA ofre,
.t -be ljed,. have until Monday to answer
In named to clear up al- charges that they accepted gifts.
l*wiespread housing scan- They are appraiser John P. Ma-
aid he has "no evidence Grth and Inspector Wilmer
Sativity" by Bovard. Russell
the charges involve Bo- Others who rel or were
S"allteue to satisfactory fired since the F. ij andals
tt dtus of general came to, lng ilt om
EiiS tl io_ ,answer the Deputy Cominu
S the' counsel reene, and Al a r
"4 moved from office" Clyde L Bowell and thJr .
offered to give Bo-
l l earig within 21 Bovard a 61-year-oM ntive
e to testify un- of San .Jos, Califf Jolped Be
d suiject tocross- FHA In 355 andthSm bn g. p
6 o ,eral counsel sinueHW. Previous-
Sen. Harry r. Byrd ly, be haild years aft m e
4 said he has gent the banking eeri ee in Ilndlna-
ep art*nt information polls and New rTok.
s be telpu" In pin- Mason aid Bovard will -
sibohallit" tot Mti on annual 1ave unt he
.D)a Is itherit dscharged of resdtod
i ra..p.e .0 to a to
dollarift "wfidll" The so adAle involve the
now-defunct emer alpa-
aso disclosed hahus for- meot building P and tite
to the Internal Revenue home lm ovemenorogram. A
Other m tal which mpistration offidea hve said
year-long builders jot big profits by get,
m ed ting meg loans in excess of
0.- constr l costs.
--*-" '--.--------- ------

orid Localities Being

tor f Heavy Expense
TON 0 UP-The hisb- less than lhtradredjujt the ed.
the United Sttes li ves t!r saloons with sawdust ,or,
'so built American and the ramsackle board
Sand frontier towns scat- remain as a reminder of the
throughout the country. former glory.
The restoration tend not obit
SW ranging from Wil- Includes cJmplete towns, but po-
n ,,Vi to Virginia City, tlons of towns and private homes.
.bm ue re-created by Refrub. lh brought Georgetown, D. C., and in near-b
Sds tieN as well as Alexandria, Vs., has brought back
k season restorations of an eighteenth century atmosphere.
a srrutures, reportsthe Na- In some cases, old buildings have
aeogaphic Society. been brought from around the.cous
try tr form "typieat" early Amert-
e political cul- can settlement that never actually
Center of colonial excited This has been done in Old
most century- Sturbndge and Storrowton, Mass.,
retired as the result of Sh~ mrne, Vt, Cooperstown, N. Y.,
of k and early $SO,- and Henry Ford's Greesfield VII-
4A n d MOOm re last Dearjborn, Mich.
S pledged ge f ry on ineweth century New Bg-
land tcaport now can be seen% t
Mystic. Opn Besides stores Sit
Sold buildings have been workuhips tycal of the time sad
and more than 340 others trade, the arles W.. Morgan
to make colonial Wil- lasn at the old whaling ships and
egali for present- the square-rigger Joseph Conrad
are m; ored there.
s m Projets fior restoration aleo have
western mountains of N been launched St. -.pguattne
Swha was once a "ghost iFa. tre oldest town la the United
r is a popular tour- States
Virginia City. The ............
mi ers from ai parts m iu A s I
has dwindled to a Nr L
S with a population ofr

g1" In Wba Repealed
Point Out By bie Cine
-lck SYebl.mCM( I
e HAVASA. May 8 (UP) -The
SFre Wom so-called "Pubu Order 'Law"
vesting special powers on the
w have execve ws re the
has is e om- Council of .
S a, lemic The law was eAIM the
AiRi jtf O Corucim fortati. a kvi on114
A revoiuons mae t a I

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red Mi"
rWI Jff~g 'Plot



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4- --

Roblnusl-turJt. himself injt)'a -o
veteLran hospItal after b. R
'AWOL" three days and shot ath
thereafter :celied a Mso wcell dy Sac
"ei n r 8o dih tX
Robinson's case was taken p .
by a House armed service itsU
committee investigating d pro
"coddl!ig" of drafted big-aMze E'n E
athletes, 's thi
The subcommittee went. into d
executtivq sion to. hear fu'- g ith
other detail .after members eax .
presed surprise the ftle wsar It Ar
granted an honorable AIrt Rob
ter being .charged a time
with desertion. to Jdo
The subcommittee talto was baue
told that h ehenanni apl O rch
adRly w s Nei, g Wl- bo-er. wei
hee Mya, t ti
ider, .fl~S4 tqfl tenive totj
Vs., where s ba .raisin petna
was delayed. .rngt .basbal 0 WhAI
seasonri. C eflttk up
O r ter. y .M given a- w rnot M
bout' the servIe reo&H oP Alex- U

Won Go To
Wo~n'tr Co To ~-~~~~i

Sea Anymore

SEATTLE, Wash. -(UP)- The o
oLde t essel in the American Mesr-
aut Marine has seen her last
days s a ship In the trade, but
she may have a fllg at the nmow.;
le bitore going t he scrap he&.
The ryear.old Vitorit which
probnly rohtmoe old out of
Alaska than any other sp aoat,
has been sold by the Alaska Steam.-
shlp Co, to Dulen Steel Products
Her new owner thewere
conaasien several n for Ot
Vie, Inlt ltsh,3,5-ti t
Thvev b ine
l, an.def n COPt
sp. .lac fd South
was ee t" a wkei
liuhe Od in- Sodlnd.

ptiie m~r -
AmIerieih watWie a d the pirate-
inesred test 1a~e4.
j In 3W she.was sailing out of
Vancouver. B.C., to'tKe Orient fo
the Caediain Pacific, Railway and
thD she wont back to the Britis4
tsles for-L overhaul and at the
siine timfl gt*a" nw name-Vie.

Dmiw thele .o right after .be
Spanish Ameiean War sh became
a tntpsbltp" gain, tr.Ansprthig
United States soldiers to. Manila.
Meanwhile, she had become te
r yeprty of the f rthera P
Bteatnsip Co., the Stmrs and
Stri w?. And first taste of
the ortlh-a Utp to Nome in 190.m
No oe eat p timate how how
muckl gat she braughL out of the
territory' It Is .koon, however
that oa a tlIg tripshe transrted
as much as ga 0 worth.
SVie was ed aid up in Seat-
lie L l7rI, World War It
became aaWfl she- was -preas
back into s rviO and was going
full stean: bIhy. tiLe the Japan.
e.e tschked lS Harbor. Itl
she was towdiiK Houghlon a
Lake Wals hgtOb from Sea
wherr her O rg l hand-w
Swedish tr plates have be

Color important
In So.iAg Lives
oHoT io1O ..-(UP), Ta
Navy ',AdM eltaae na"

Iland .that yeUew
life raftr b much wb i
vhie<'sps troughs and sm tl
refelea l M as scarlet objects
are or e sp petted.
1t1a6s was reached
Navy r sng f ee .
p e oe by the crew of 0
t *a PU S. subma la -
A e *a trails, the
searc rs ke recommends
e and Air e
ra~lte .B and Yw ee

.+. .' ":.. .. .. .. .. .. "_. +",,-,-.-' : ". .. .
ss'%*"' "-"+* .- + -^s-' ;++
ma .,..,i- ". *t. ;, +mp. .. j r ff ^ .


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e pub.

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l w Bi iitp ++ ,

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+ tp "k SBan Prdhrb-wi
I Oa i'ln a plastle-lined .
s1i. y.- .This allows the ni
4, 6dwr!, as. oure. tight, cajo
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''S m'.''.l. "the -'. N ed^

WI%.Tt*~trW ^

LU 2/66d







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