The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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HANOI, indoching, My 1 (U.P). Fm
troops holding on at Dish Blien Phu we6td for is
that never come.
Tdday is May Day and th_ defientpsw re
for a possible Communist offenive nrthg ti
French fortress on this red-letior day l

; Down come hw.the oxpe*ced m k AW'etxIee
Nguyen Giops cwSery is tis 6hHiow b
!French lobbed shisob Brig. Gen. de
positions throughout the aight but n grao a ci
. reported.
Thq French, who nmod etterfay l m d the A
.before to attack Giop's ;M le
nMr" petrol actorr ,l der~J"t :.

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brluI hseriemly. re'*e
r .- 3s' repo i ed
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44 ;'4./j xv- rT.wS% 2 4~eguhtArwl

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Bir A i i '

WBBfte oedto the e

the deceased wa u
g- f'r ean, but
kn.Mt a 0= of
44- tueat o0% tj
m-st b and his fals
member of the RedAsa

N~ :~ I:URYU
-J I,
.,- 'I -,
j~ -i-c


*VEen oGtwo
i i- arry t .s^ g ett

"upb & n Bo

force -on eo; s r
t t. wduuat. *it of ,ae
talre e WO. theyrh

S to relieve Canal Zone
mean ofUpu tati guard
abd Sto I= entirem
46-on more Vib.* JAW- S
anlinentamWtpow onam
guard duty at tEV gate and
wln the NoiAM Hooe corn- h a,
Ar msrOpliqt aft will be re- who -iMe
fl loal te watchmen,
smit wad annoi eeyterday t tAr
SBalboa ReightsM

ts, beees te h -y
*teHd tote lstatMyesterdwY

a t m .< / 4 -. .
r. th. water riei. t-ae who weT
tir report to the O!e a2 of I CJ eWflptra.

At theme It 9 wafsI 1na-fJilm
no mced U.w rate SuaRdI WMsa&ijj
wICaal ZoVm, is-" -
a:t n o t preset 60 d, st "

In usolu 04s lrt<
tnF e th -over be coM-m- IaH
pletd Nw tqW .9t ohe forQs
pretarj yeat a sone f. r

illt, ive l^t th -' ^ I B^"^E

UWV,1tH aik *J^J i]f"

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s E*oflig t S teo s U ble wh i wil be* qb n

W e io n a dj wh at ltl"t algigfSB world tan s e w ereIttsst
ytear wa u dr c tha sea mon Tohn hast o pay f
boa .buy la

th ICe INCRbcASS ao. Virtually ev t s eemk .. Ile h
tennis have bee n81r a sXi

0 lathe sameKpapey we cS to ligrul.t gur Of amily or be- ;outed
A the rt. d dnou r 5 a n o we r or l he go asthoagt the ull w he- dof '

S' ld e or a year or so, we wll ha to take we of the Light- nation have elmbeen e the aeI
tt hAd a few other divionf mn e, d .

m*s 5 '_' ghe ea tra ta dowt he f c e the mney rea .so eo
citin u of yea overuor p.acksnoo orthtoue nw,,d- Temdof -AU4
Wm o6me fam Iso said you notice the ita on -which me, th'w te' wd
aM ar O.K. s, were IapIt ? The o items most ued b y thea mer,
at b oar, for m lstance on margarta insteadul of butter.-- to oc

U..t. aLM h fo r thrwe in gs udo t scot,_, ,_.ob s'? _" "dc"

o m N toav my t h oe 4 i tb e riond-, MlMlewe wat w _t
bjw=l do"nhereat onet .t DA but ca ein hi s -. .. .

S the proed cbditions and higher morale, he thought hoe ror h e t e
I d 1nI beter nothe Nandho ates. to he -oln We- IY Ih
You don't take a family doctor andstis him In a stall san d ous pi
tell a*. l o lS of Medicine helaet. e wicanlUl m, abl. AIaul'e,
w7= 00 Id namd, here for the some oreasono eof smt ea Moae a4. e
oTh few .,,it any left hay d r eoorld 413110
thed=has0ben4seatof tetrseto elm hethousandstangle omehn mle e
S" I hav6 heard it said that the authorities believe that the .
OK her Is It? When you did h"v people that tre-IamIa A m e
here sto f use they liked It. the y ended this C de aoe rt
W e Wirsfo tw thney. o : wli I the D t soN PIts s es y oa has.-- a 11
SbS Vi eghn el d ivng h .m of a A r nd, fulg; -au t "e the o qua -er war w tZ MKZM A *. T

Oases"' -oiilt frI t -u ce n "n e t wsn eel a ." e A. Thtahdb- led I -^
VW*i&MhD t MIG op r. a a thoe cut oa fA. made new .t.w "was rein g u

Aeense t eto.the needs the heaele now f a tat r an l ie so e a.=6 al
9a1 songT s |beItn aw n tugbMU *3 -A-o dao M ore. CON
tfanIreahven asg to t e r up their al gau hsAr H a td to asets e e n lt h ntefaf n
-eiMSB u o rto bea contracts tansln tag dt s e ad .doa- o paitf cra lea tame Ineat n mi i bo0m
St k ~~t heD o toiasrs, Nri a um a t a *t b da i
I al sa g M r-Th 1at, oa Soee ..S iI e A

fthewoderSnandS ies t i1r seanis I
ailr4-' h qtui ** Wl U Kinteve 4$I qOtbSio ldla g tee s .1 ow1, eve seelbe ra lR rIM thad

I S FUrt, S 3du, Sill bird o or M y. te M M a- clean over my heba. I dd. aoreatp tag about
r a NIL- 40Mo pl M nore ay A iomh ad t nu to e iTa& heat. a t be_ -b.. were a ta M -up.. a rt a
-agers a t ea r. the airprt.a tds go. b kn
^*ithem ass uset aooyt completed aalrtri as a l-in abay that they well bask to the plo-. Any-
A n-.- t.. e p r n "n apaPnIetfo" blad o or arrived .tW Ie a over h5 e city wa$od heard sary rd ( Iti and the way aYe
S41 Mf IAmo s "'a strict" o n .n r m aMon, t e irplrt. r ti_. ve. (Ad well it .i aniyy y l owT SteepX poss iol the i4r
l .prhayey wI.ea peacock dohlh tUs love The talb I've beefeellaanly me stes ko d t
rt. ?efoda ."We're going o organsze every.
'4 Ter orputsg t olU, toad Lupt l Wm a ,l
lien. nrpwey, woo sueceued Joeo

"ag tyan.i as Sad ottoe water- DaU I B
JontSyaow n expled o-m toe A a,- ruetf I&6a .a.
on charges of eang racket-runa. hi1 a v i a ta
As no outlined at to mraoley and P e otr Edaon
other lesm ers of. 1te UIt, there are .
M J.,WM' me o w run tagboats and -- --
teor badPbat
nawforaor-, a
and ewvena r c ee. aln gaA

quidr rairt -

Panh w tra.. .. .nIn e a 1 pa. As asI L S
mye IaI%, -a
cas York.bAndathere areHalmost up

vera'un o. t h aSoMIMI unferencedomay
00w1emomage inthisaheardqatr,,tr e. it t.. mbe d eaanm feI. sy,,ftheve..fg.

,miid ot- d g r d 10-- S

do w. brotafter I
mbtHe at m s w lda ba.

oldMa- P. A. q.SIFIEP

g o he.s a tv w A n.w '+-
.+ ... h ." "f" g

II--____________________________ .,
..-.. t' rI.
at aUhi tam

.iU, la,, ._,i. ..p w._ ... ... ,.o .,S
M, .. -.. llllq .
+.- ,. ... ,.: .. ... .. .. .. .. ... .- "::. +
... ;.++, TL IiI -., ++ + .... .. .- .. ..+ja g &..-;.i-. di Ifii .e

w jr
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T- -.. ;' .74 -7 .-,-
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"' ~ ,,- o -hed '" r -R C ee ,ei e

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1 .. ", ..;, l 3 a Ii.-...e-..a. D aa" .e Pok e to gtmiin-a- ndan anla t IrI io taki oIn
.: .... "

'. --,..,-,' "- -" ., M M /. oeaer D h n make lo n thl nte
weorwegl. C.-. *hn med Jahe Itotl Ii weelP*l "ub"i that thts ztup

/i / I ,,a lam,,,, S, gt. so --E ,AVIN G I ." ""...r, ".o /w o abo 1h00. I e- o w ir

^8.- S ".o..," S s ........... -,,,.... 11=0 So-me.o. tehe lnu -
---."...- Cin" -j*:":atp r n tI..... ... is,,/ io
.. ... -." .-- (p.?*. d Wr s hfd L b d ..t.nOSitutioe actedI

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I>--- e'.l i.q. ..... a. "a ,, -: ab--,, _-s, t .e^-,8 o os e- Payd 2% hi.i tedult Afe ip alty lg a
a'U muDs. ova te f:lee Aminine and iorrcaton5 t ak n p erod-

.*. ......... if-i U 8b63 i- d a eb lin l _. g .. a' ... I vini i s a e n o e INITIA. -DEPO

f *.... you want m to d you co"n-273 apa ""'. project" '.n-" ".f '
-- -. --_- _..- I N tb.o aiob t e n et mu W p IJIOlhe ho pro-
.l S. W L WasdINcI.gU. todsy.

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no I-, ,U .0 2V Oppait II D. tof irr.l _nd pl edrs ttSlm n G Iauh re .

I I "^ff^l^ S------^ p_ _.._ i.. amco- i----c-,ai.g **.l'*BB lM* opo ed Jtd deduc bospadeI ofthe d by thtlF/akhng her to e *-*-,-I-h
',- ...- ( t am m : :....... Bi ynd 5W2. ?cosuoale yse r i ot w how d whcl oed od y.

p n A-^i r g .. ......De ImeIs: T:. p.m. i as .. .. --- e7 w r Vule o b- la.+ -=- l ort... s aid h Ve act re i li I n A sisSEl
,_: S. .oh,. a pade..., eerWe itsor whet, i the. oSos ecI

*i e .i* 4JSaiO A At e tam he bkwin yth me t oo of therb n u uft L eetb i

jI I. ;.L' w e -.S. .t M n A- woes ser toe ank do ier olae d tht woud Mne i n .
S.. s o o n o r n t a s e re tu rn. hter er m o n o

M ae -. Is and < aagg aR e.. event tually ......d... b r a wid re
:I SAL =1e.4msideeZ=pt aMs w onn gnO :Cinginia

_n, I Was M I -a" ae ndlub, b D lso o iI or Cro u a ,. Iut

'iBBB'" m u -- gn. n s-" :_--- I J a saed I r ae E p l houdht I em prince might keep Yaomin I mlnc m _--. o-
S... ......a le t t" d e o- in, oe
..-,r: b...0 a d. u.a ,m.. .*... .mm y's ct o ac attorney ee'le.Mlt Hay- !1 (U

e.. r.. ,So SA ... .......--. ....restA i- .-- oth and huod boe paII| I-tn t
Ipm S!t ue '-N I M I o dB neeo teoru ooar o Iy mA atloney I itlli llflffih.fllllei.l
-' *., a: "m aQ -"" "tant twa th ,erot only t whe ad ht ctrion a yd r e ) ian inienat ,tfNC
of. a'nI r P a wh*i c tually o b ao re *mit H h ill e
M-- -IINI-I- A' --.l tdhi o- .--
'. .~.r l.l to s the recs Et06 GAN g naldes a1 r eraf o fIIer ta thI

Uu I 7+W ,.al resI,..40 ,*- a. -,- n.. .* Ic-*o. .. .. .... .... .as d"lsd.auramete rinc ca-no eet al owi tUUI U
.. I. pdumCy' S ine ohen ted teory d hato mps yo r th e a ttornoya.

-,. W:s taas- -.-- n Iky nto. be. leoaRtl.........da.m rNle Cumai Ilte .... ""
c m. .fmte ad e to inad g aste ds ed age r ta o ra ep e fth e pr-
iJ.W?3 .."r jAS. Ho nb Tdo *l Sr wA2mon with the jackb of spade and pMa that would Include iving
m .E. i -.. r _L, w Nintou a w huddle with h d, tfor aMpr custody of their Ill I llll

SIiP .p...mese, I:. o -- lo Wn I, -s .rt .. t u..z.- h a 3f dsrlirwo l umm w r three months oft'ai-tl
am ..aAL. a sof Wamd .. io+ h as higningett

am.a m ,ii aun.c........... ..a. a s a oi thear Ct d ofhe
tN" a a: 11p a.I- te ten lub to as' 0wi not sig the ree

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**-- I 5.- v lund.,,,w-- .... ...., I-o. antya asrt w l tthtiiene t he oaIa ar te I ,erem the Me
____ SSw", ifuMo: 03 a 503 wThujrsday.gloTois jMm eturo interested Mrs. Mc. worth should have absolute s-i
5a c amor. a-.yei stuAy. now. S So wria=Lislgo f &J Cogejp&le very much. Of even suree that she can take legal
-E Nfc ; --4 -"- a 13 -Ia.eM. um -* -UlE -i amaue interest wa the fact that action abroad to regainfcuse "ntody O m U
i a......... .a- _u_! aisII r _. .. ..-.B -_not led" "of Y0 1bchaPituatilwon B u
~~ II s.T.-o Ieo. r'*ke rs __ .. I lhisltwo chanceI to lead f a .
V,,da. m i 4 ,.m. <..-- diamond return looked so unsafe .
c' lass.astsue-yhaon Taffc. ea1h
------- i :':::B:::?gs^ Acting on Ahu0 assumption, do-i --

__ =.mIA sond eti akrIapoDTtEA were
.M4, Ii 1M e Iadu w ore 111 01 _V1a n nl y ace of
S, UL L--,a mm ..m ea as it-I SCT.=, S .a. b and rufe"d -um "s lastT- A m. -n |IIIIIIIIn"l"M '='"

u- No ov.:-- --1 a..:-- m A,. .- sB ...... .5a- spade.^~. thnledalo .iam d ---. -- --......nhwatche aresoen.ldX
*W now: 6:0 W a ldaSCSALau r Seport-A -a wooTfysa
.. ,: S s aauClas: Afe l .ob as an VOL sohs Would sd re- gar ttlaled 2,550, t
Ma'ua wow st mad 103 am. 7j No card S herwnh beand.Wett re- o t per Dod a or. 0z f J C
Vasiifim* 403- mea *Saaw sal a 2 tt 6e7!trer would guess waonlwhthe monthse deaths yrat o tU Se a
: J.. aB l M .. m. -i .. 1p.SinceMrs.Mctually had -a -----dk-- Ps Ha.yw0. 0 thehcinc l re-aic on- T| l t
Endal and 926 -M. L'- IF. EL Er i .fanst ead d don The isred fl i th 3o 220du Mongthe cor--i
"Mo- Om SAL =4 sm k in; o a dlao ds heplayed bya low .eaolndin pefrod l das y ea r

Fu Cb ^on^ n.1 19 imfeofpn etaray.

by St.te ..

T ,' .': 3
OT. $5 P-.; -

- 14


u a pe 1
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ren.' hl

tlh uopl iA
^ .

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and srrlced
he world. In
in Panama


I- *'..~.. 'A

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'.-^--_ ,- .S a "-




~t4,.. ~
4 ... -a.. 2~ .~

.. .

L .I

ia 'bn which ls to be dis-
ed by the three service In
34e Albrook hangars.
4Ttt ,tudente are due to com-
We their studies early in June
id will return to their reec-
rye countries ,shortly after-

Newr Books

'It e ae *isrch of Henry Mo6r-
a3 d his men against Pan-
gs C reeves full treatment
n i'hfe Great Buccaneer" a his-
bieeat account of the mont fa-
ious of all rates. Sir Henry
The book. whlo his packed full
Sroaring action and high ad-
enture, was placed In circula-
Ion during the paot week by the
anal Zone Library.
The: book is .Phtitp Lindsay's
Trhd volume on buccaneering
p Spanish Main and in bas-
1 In part on a source document
prtn pby a Dutchman, who was
0m of Morgan's crew.

&\' a-

1" '1

AND EVERY PLACE THAT DAVID WENY .. bavyd Smith returwr to his IMarshlll.t
school clan with bis pet lamb, two-week-old "Liberace." At the school door to greet tbe lp.'p f
David's mother. Mrs. Eugene Smith, kindergarten teacher, and some of David's 'a
------ ---- ; -- -- -- > -- ~ -* -. -- -- .-., ^r i..i~t n.

. V
V> ...

'p ;--i

4thbI ti the xA-4'BBuc Privte," onie-man. Jet he'le6btdr
Initon, D. C. The Arm clauits tbht the let engines are so si
loechanic can cal p i them with a czew. ttH .i-

-* /


oMMu wwumm. Plate



On the Prewl


wE M*UZ PL Wo".

,* ILK -

-ess WI-IBT M

a ;ZF4

or- A laT
111$ PESWS
y O *(I

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1. .,C, .ON,
,L' ,ir

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1 .
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Osla Fpo On
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Wha tit Dol

obbOy Is Plreaa

-* *- 1

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S 44.

IX 11a1 tF~.Mi9

IfOWsLL. "It WFtm m IU. 18M f 0 Kw o..KWIND TWt
O C/l ~~ART mawwM.FMIl IML ". YOU WON'T i MUCH=
jWAM.6W0NeiSmt WILL- dr PLgAAN ^^ulewL. so
wAD QukLTeURS! tKUG To OU T0g?'!

vli; T1043


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F4,- T.
,- .,,

* ~ *-e.'* -~
.5 '. -

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inuos auIOa'lS


as J. 9 WBJJA*M


t'aL-. a
.4. ~
- *2~,* p..

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'apt "' ''- 4 U ;- "
-- : : -.---T **.a. -.
,.h. t ,, ... *i v "tf+ii ,'-h*ii i, -ri j ,'l)i

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A.K10n aws (S- 'A




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or lW

M rs.. MB. e.

Mrs MA

Mrse. Mt ne
n k td. n
o .du, timc e as alt r anSd

MTus In. thlr 'eirl
^B ma ,, D am ,Ir ones

atec Pe o m t ..ue.m
Mrs. llaeep jitll Mr. and

o Ofle x h h

M -itj Mt ," M Ted_ Mard and
*"-2.85 M4t

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* r, i etc., etc. e


Tel. 265
- i e wI. >-

,-- --f .-me,

*0 Cren d aoor obt am

I TeAn t o

-l nemti ad tdtear:a

Fal'e i nb.'dp'n le ,the Can-
ThiM.end the i

D=.t S ad Coa r:

vice er. M .ma 4:p.oo
bzft nomnat at thi. their

son" Mi-faaY
Mlembs d the and arb askl-
mr o uee In the Ub of the
on I Arm Foreas Bar-
ce Center M42dlq s,.4:0 p.-
Oflere or t.F coftJc year wfl
Membbn o USOJWB dOratXs Np. prew

hold its regular month busmae
meeting at W00 a.m. Wednesday
in the Commuit .Building.'
IA.w.C,.Ma it a
One MAy Social'for Ae mere-
be' of the r-American Wo.
an's Club wilL be a bride lunIh-
eon tobe m m as
ible with M. e Heurtemsatte,
Mrs. Alice I ,; or at lu
Headquarters.4 nbs may g
The annlal to attend areas ak-
ed to k *. ..r.wn a cards.
N. c. O. 0wlS.eCH Moef
The AlbmnokX N. C. 0. ivea

S ., n .

with actual tint found in

fhe:i liest complexions

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fieii.Tlf iteit ^ H -
a' hMt~~~uli ^---

etfvqfrrmwtoplx '^ ^ ^I B

AL 22

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a rewe avdable a a,.

T-v r ; -II
aa. hve hsd ie

St. Theorua'W 'B nki.d o -f
=dade fo te a

mlpcduent euhm id

wl re -iv d pw.lom
that thre a eligible for ae
A hu bee,, ,
t. There 'kird e

;-It tow.

The results-of the flrst.eount
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Let our expert

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Edith Eli

Helen Slider

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7 Wilford & MoKay, Inc.

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A" Street No. 3




By Set

or by es.

Belter Quality

at Better Price!



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HI FO SALE .-anRd '50 Ford C ridi- prp vde d Call C ndu mo.
| oS S bi $60. Cali $t. Ings or ebom 1214, later.

Scrib with Ion murin. FOR SALE: 5 Csh 2 Hillmn. FOR
S 12; E Spindrier w Ing Telephone 2.2112. 900 a.m.-
Call 2194, Sat. O0'- 500 p.m.

5 w dl tn-3A w l *vio. FOR SlaytoE ate 161 ; r54A or
rriri.Cl y.FOR SALE:- y original owner 1950 FOR SALE.-- Am.mre ~urd .tn 5 1t14
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, soble..CallaolO 2o .flow, epotl condition. Sl rta0.O for Ji fR U M-
SaLE :Wl fi ght nyo 0twm aS w Cava& o Tels home 31use4. $3R 00NT
S cyclerefrigeratorPorcelain insidesse I et. end drive to fully ap P .Me: 34739.
drleaf table; rug; spice cabinet b 317 r enable. Call CunuindS 3.2-4L RENT:- ICo Of s
e tb,4 irs; bookc ; FOR SALE Packard 2-d cor i FOR SALE:-Splnet plane, very odI nam dining Th. *

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$I $'g, aM i on n .15; sema0sll 5$5 realrelin $5;Tirod- T- r ealA -. ...
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-'SALE.- 8-cu. ft. a rv. radio, undercoatnReoe

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.sS ar, 60l llel,.- 4 e.ats ill bla o, m s.aMe1:.1Mo0 p.m. .Pn e ameda .5n MA.
,,* 5175; ,-drwer dresser- No. 3019, o l lln t 3 r living .an dii u i h "w e o t 'nde .

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wdith mirror, tmap le finish, $20.cAJl OR SALE- A-51SudebakerCorn- FOR SALE: .1 PhIlco ir-.on.ition l."nd.I a s, 141W e-hel t
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tO no3A as-hp. motor. Must l IbeforP T e May
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iSqe a, ,-d ^ PANAMA CANA ICOMPAY h f ua l Idoen aa smne ay atbn aF r
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De n blht o bero room received until 10: m. do. May -'- 9 -o o l 9 4l o tobal School Wi grwuli o l reia a
IT. 1954, lIn the office of Superintndent ch.OR. gro, rd rTbrated A. detIWrn g scce Iti d ane 4th me ts a

^3^iao~criter. ~~~W. S- an insaoode look at the "Power for room 74 qure mtrs of lon a pro onWedned nang, a more T W
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IMngr at Balboa, Clerk-In-Char corner wl t wALERI UMr : -
at4Pedro Miguel Hdusirg Office, CiatgoiI VAN" out c l-ia a j *
2torehouIses, Balboa, telephone. 2' 'Hot water mpplad*kn ad, tt a
"WFtra a 6:30. nialr rnStorehouse ofmI Suplertely ent 1 0*1111111" sf .. If- -ro% a t at wh enn1:

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FOR SALW.:- nW Wfrh loto of hind oo Goeflflnt Wak phtot M mefrt the$ o

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Ilellent'Id fur e home : rl ,rRunningeho .water, e- coImpltelyfurnis BW rs la vallone lyIMay.
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Ih."with Buaer B ats4133. missths st1ttit1 A .. Visit th ere W Mns.m e 10)hwclR EIl-Seijh
i~'cs~iderlea~sg.4fngr and all utilitiesem a."l bSGeneral L&, the 0caruset"e*c-

Ti-- l Id. t OR SALE:-REALr .ARGAIN I Bow -r$5.-eat 112 Viaclh. obeneiw i mI thmeouhtA,
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of, P I rom .i*, i Un00 dSt. i0 -1;;n: reanymber INrNexomInd Yo wth
i. 'on.yi $,e a of old favorites to be h der-
.PATRLSON, Panama 2-2346 30.H -e-
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Np so0 N 1 .r3 aMGO w t n t "DIAMON OQEN" with Arbus _ehl
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'ri .i'May Day -.S.b aa i m ....-i.
,er r r, "- '
iy ".' -
ewg arming int this "e
W asingssm town' am 44
.,werdistst cousins at T NT-NW A "
DaytheU. S. answ e

a5 xnd'er Wiley, wa thahl pers oscreamed by Japan's Diet Mw 1mke the main *d '. o ,Wa.n t American hydro- The panic over the bomb te. To raly..
May Day demonso OV
ng"Do w hi to atteAmerndJpnee in the Pacifi or plotd Jpne

. w. The commiunterp e didS fa ss

an, Gser ush- B
Osin's senior -senator, Re- TOKYO,.' y 1 (UP)- More der a treatyratified.thlisweek. ma.a lwV3 popular supj
. Alexander Wiley. w asmthah 12 0,AOQ persons screamed by Japan's Diet (Parnament). rqsOlutlon adopted bY
ito wape ie. matn ,d-log a Ameri can hydro- The panic over the_ _bmb tests ToWrll.
"Do wo i~rec-,te Amer-|gen bomb est, and Japanese in thePacific W 1 exploited for -i, Japanese I.neq
1 junior ewiterprt Sen | lre~rlament today In Japans
.. "b epand minor scuffles but moat
i.. McCarthy, wil tah rg ~ w dn ma d
from the seariqx Army.-. element led'by for-
y dispute in Warnhinonhtomer- t ot vrmler Tetsu At&-
k on 'Let's redisover Amen .yama blocked any Communist
spdat1 plane was to bring Plan''CaO r ledin the Slake-
&lobed guests from Washing-/daning demonstrators into acts
I Except for minor scuffles there .
commander of the Ross were no. oIase_ ,and no blood-
7'ost 79 of the American shed at any of the more than
hi'said at least 25.000 visitors 200 ralli _. .
!be-In town for the celebra- U. S. troopsia their amole
tprtig with a four.-ourstayed oU the.A t to ,vod
mI...,. ,,,,of -6-.'o12 its in


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mW,4 Test.|

fi p. a.
e st

S8 tuna- and tagd with
a gt card "to Mr. kWh

16 Tornadoes

D O-- A-.-- -

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IRMY Mw alb3X .G8ac tftbE
headrtilY a&shtwhndh wlMeJLawt
N.J.. at the Me -Af'rirhcdwb i s m ..

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-matpi Mas h asg W'ch riCan o ccIe Iu w cross""
IFe bicculedWASaHJOTW.ay I-(M .
,1- es s.dicidedte-Wi .k dth or JW 0, Mui *

1440 i B A 0 a-
11F S p 8. poted m wester *Bdterdal fTe see d- fewl" -
-- -.-.-' t~olraph ald~phtArmph secre a1
..... ..TW Robert T. 8te po a s al t ..
yDALLAS, Tex., Mpa 1.(UP)-At Pyt. C. De. i; bn. OW:eha 4
least 1 tornadoes hit Texas 0. Jultas aParaer i t, r al
klalioma. Arkansas and Louisians awoare he old=rW and r01eatd sPWh
yesterday, killing oae person, in- the photo "on _, own. .
.,J uring 17 others and spreading de- Esat he emit ho had n*o "Dm- anaut
ALEX RETlIMS AlbqasWW Mahews (right) Reeelya a gl struction that probably will run in-l ]iesos latest' as wis not a0010oloa
lettered book of geodbe age s 4odlk letters from msaitensac. to millions of dHollars. i tryl to tibio doeeeive"
engineer Frank H. LUmrhen, on the eve of his retiftmenst after U More tornadoes were expected the Senite subdemiutee in- 4.
years of service with the Canal organization. Looking on is one as s d rvestigating the* ArAmY-MeCar- ist t
ofAlex's former bosseT11 newe* tornadoes were re- thy row. t UVklPli
." / In Hporteensterh and Central The- eveath 6dqof alet.le- BBO,
Loulsiana. A twister killed Mr.l vifd hearUli Also was hih- tona" .-n
great comm na thy to ofDOOROuta
Old Alex Gets Gifts, Praised 60, al i *i n the e"'lihted by" td a het

After 50 Years With PanCapal : '

fy years is a long time in The high spot of the ie r trade lI. Luslan hit
#oi. mli.time for anyone to have W r;1lo"inof asold e sain d th re wo re not injates ait to t Av s t -
S. po ttWatch A[I' es r rnoij a TaV, Adams-
testrday, Alelinder Mat-a *i o dial iunlaea of the or .a Athsy IonA l .h N. Wh
tswho cme here 'from Ja- mntle.k t hoe Dt,
Sf aroVo of e an to leit storms th apparent said the Yde "cdrop.o oen

naith0,he o0yarfvalubae dd atofu nR w s ev.en wo erse nodtornaos t manyoa ou"JenT rd a d iorn the -od l .
1rteet rhr teorn orLtot nhow e o serli clth the C and our organization ad o enedonjy eti nSn' mnw se picturFto@ hadt l ta .appea ra L
nt whee rw while the mlng wlmsA you. Your. toiv lex an pOf in Waout through Ar one iwtch orgamltoy

S% C~arle dV to theeQeen Mother, faithful ayd.extranionary serv- ec mud outheatr luded a.third p'don-e"OD c A

r ,on o1indeed a decord to be 1 ,t ob_ -D0Force nmroog u InISlanAu To radley, M tylr J tea
,-v iO zoer wihlntenancef Division .. waatCalebra cuttog shou deB U coat wnd h i eeve ga E:
workers In fthetUter n ancer s flo a rpn ore mterorloeot ein San Anto- the
Svd Io Whoo a "- "Asked Alex" W en he to ahewa h -Ga&old uno te atn The'lt =d miles ,

whenever, he yn aqded to know le W a railroad hr o Blob a A .s rre r yefaoed untri w
anlytl about the Division's 1hslo. Disastrous rri- ain hp Test, a tna n ho p e
I. r". ts eor a pr its his- c a b .In businea b edr-h a*d o of '
,- o -- l.C ale.r. fofd Jhim Whea or the S is"nd dropped of. I 1o, e ir n at es

Charge and to t ho Cete instead. of oetolt: a uwell Potter er lwta di r; tot o d Cmm lit at Ft.

eere the queen can see her Pee la r a. t
heir pent children aboard the Britannia. Another aft toob ith the Fourt land M. L. J U the
f a andtorm a will de Ina bulletproof was a book on th Panama nalettered phydcal changes he has rut coldCo. at B octda A w a d ld
Interfere hermre 2,000 ,Al rom Mood luck Toro. in his theyteacher, who or. etdoWn. cturo hat-
and the D dead f d War re bur parative Wr t he divi- mind. Their tee o s the vst woRay d M

erecheduledto edsi amosa trees. uihton whose had bought improveJkl4et treatment f.t
Sft vit King dr, the book twoin a sec- of colored p190le. the United ne of Tides anl
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