The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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(NEA Newumap)
qDZ NDBNCE-Frmnee a Sd O
et Nam have signed a de- l
iraton agreeingt to give the-,
do-Chinese state full Ulde-, i
mdenee within the irseb
Wion. In the .battle afor plean
en Phu Frenoh forces have
ned and re-occupied M .ona
bouam -whkeh Is a_1o.t M
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surrounded fartrm. -k

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the Canal Zone is a contractors' paradise. Seven days
ee. as many hours a day as their men can endure, and al
tratOttie. AndaOve all., the Balbo* police admit taey hav
fnouu Uon to declare the Ote a breach of the peace, thou h
witnesasdmt It did disturb the peaceful Easter services at SA
UniChuroh. fully two city block away.
The peace and quiet of the families in the surrounding neigh-
bow ood WaS crtalnly d~turbed. Normal conversation could not
-beItMhsI inthe homes.
AIa M cubic foot comrpressor with four air tampers in
rt Imyagine thisnose a your front yard from 7:0 In
-, thi atotn tMl! 12 noon. as was the cue of the young father
,- VwIetr four and a half hours could no longer stand to see his
* Wife and babies upset In their own home.
Yeto, police say this was not a dlturbance of the peace,
ead tat they had no juridlicton over, e normal popesses
thd work program.
InThe contractor would not have attempted to make this noise
-* In~ anama. Why cannot the Canal Zone authorities protect the
taxpayers In the Zone?
Please advise where I can contribute my buck to help pay the
fine of the young father.


r .



OT: Bend It to us. We'll a

oot it to him..

54 CO Point

-*. *sc l i -

3 Cram of -,-II Consmes.
lw". ,, Op'" l~emual l

.r of 7 everage 25 Duration
Sk wr ICoentestsof 26 Give forth]
amsoup se .d... T27 Shad
S Osir "l ois 38POeN.
1' .IWlmv*v 0Lei at -
tomb 31 Oe to bed


pral veins
ratole solo
Ie straps




cost roni

$25.65 Up
Canal Zone Deli ery

AvlWauble WiUh Inner Cove. ...
Awilable With Zippers.
.. o lAnd lYf -n.


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It was during the fMtr'wea t *
thi ast August h sw for
j bakow brave men lived fur-
Wvet in constant fear of a fan-
mtae Soviet network of murderers
sad kidnapped.
At fint I thought It wa a a
wa I was hurried out of my Mi
hotel, whe Vier Jahreszelten, ut up
the sreet from Hitler's 91dbeer.
hail. It seemed lke the "beraice'
of a foreign intrigue TV fiben. got
into a long, sleek bUes Ng, drove
papt tbe beer ball whee'ter itm-
Ju n J3O 20 attempt to -mast er
Fuehrer into well 0erd p a,-
tory took place, out to the aluoba
d pat Bercbtesgaden at high
speed. We stored ogly at the Aus-
triad border. Tn on to a render.
vous with a fellow from Vienna who
had kept track of two Americads,
'George and Mleanor Wheeler.
These two had spied on America
and are now living and working la
Czechoslovakia. Their job is to
handle propaganda aimed at dis-
crediting the U.S.
As we all started to leave, my
Viennese contact curtly told us .to
stay put-hbe wad lapping out first
He cud not want to be kdnapped
or murclJored by MVD squads, he
grimly pond out as I started to
grin at all the cloak and dagger

Once back in Munich. I learned
from my freqds n the big h ti-
Communist RBuian comtn
exile there exactly What he feared.
Soviet kidnappig squads ream
Europe. Sinoeh e4 they ve snatebed
at least 8,000 and-Communist writ-
qs, editors labor officials, uder-
ground workers, intellectuals 'ho
lead such efective ant-Soviet uait
as the League of Free Jurists",
and even soae American GIs.'
A few mount before I got to Ger-
may, a loerng member of the
East Germ secret police by the
name of Beoker had broken with
the Russians. He revealed in Ben
that the Soviet dipping squadg
-U drug, eial1 guns and a-
l toe for 0 is assignment'
ad been the'kidnapping of a lead-.
er of another effective anti-Commu-
nist organization in Berlin called
'The k'ighting Group Against In-
bh vanity."
Becker's Job' was to be the first
snatch in an MVD operation de-
signed eventually, to kidnap the en-
tire staff of "The Fighting Group."
When I referred to -my jittery
Austrian friend, it was explained to
me that at least 250 of the 3,000.
kidnoppd aaui-Communists had
been priced up by the Russians in
Austria. He had reason to be jit-
jery. Just to cite a typical exam.
pie, these anti-Soviet sources gave
me the case ofne Paul Kateser,
a high Austrian railroad official
His jpb was to negotiate with the
I lgupowers ofr the re-
rail equipment
he had learned t4o
uc a the Russiana. On Dec.
R' .1A. oi_ t te Soviet squads
Sa m. Last year, the Aus.
trian le n in Moscow was in.
4ormne t tKatsoner had died in
June 10, while serving a ten-year
se$teain. for indlaclosea "crimes".
a gu labog, knows of hun-
drEils hifut,. ases. Lucien
rodche,, then heen of the central
.aor group in teneva, had a aos-
S j i' WLtumeiLtag tae acuvitivies
oa the iussian secret police nIu-
. .". .,.u-uai ui ueut'al iwitzer-
une of the most notorious kid-
9 s wad tat 91 ur. Waiter
aMi eI..Anjuut woritua.g ior
"League o ri ee-Jurinst' in
eriln. Hu &neW no ,as ulidA ea--
u suarueu nunieh. Three times
ae ijvu squats tried to get him
iaueu. mie iourtau tuiae tney
uceeae in scoupmag aim up oui-
lni house in uie American
wor'. luat was it. 'o one has
wuet near of u"r AAne again.
, xuat was iaat year-anu ualinap-
ph ta tuou L ulrcai ig in the news
unr last weex waen Du aeiecuons
ree Mvu agents were unxeda
... ....... .A" ....M.jles, wita ae-
tails uiso ui u.eir fantasuc guns
dnU pui.ut inicet 6auie'r uab.,ieu
as a pack uL cgaleioes. nut ie
Mauu.,,ppiug lneLAv ,easeu. in many
casC., aI a ids .cau it'arne. tue owv-
let .secret police uoin t tiiit tnear
owa muscle men. 'Tney nire pro-
'saijOuai t.,lUn urecu, 'oian te
iadere as evidence of this in a
volume written by a former bpian-
1sn LbiauiiunO UaiLUM nhaiiiie "'J.l
One of the few copies of this
b. .. ...... .. .. is a juiaea i.iLre in
the State Dept. El Campesino de-
W s u..t I.Lsi i.. .t: LUabaBZ nS
and finally got himself out of Mos-
.... a,, wo, .ufa tae ui booK in
wacilt he states that the Comintern
has an okucial list of those to be
liquidated in each country-and the
muivldrs' wno can be contacted in
these lands for sucn assassination
contracts. I
There is no doubt that the
United Stales is also on tUat liat-
along with West Uermsay, -,rance
.inrd Italy.

s .'


'?M !i'



9 '^

--. wW w w ".." ----

| s5iness Incentives

By Peter Edson

.WA4WINGTON-(N Ther e sprt in time of war. Proposed leg- sense.
ii a far bigger Issue t te.'.Urmnt islation now before Congress would But does there have to be an
In4stsfations of sFedP sing even increase these incentives, opportunity for unlimited profit
Adpinastration irregi *than It applies also to the newly pro- by unsesopulous. operators and
shows on the la e,.it'. how posed incentives including a reauc- racketeers?
mua of an b Id!iv ivate tion of taxes, on divI ends, a The answer to. the war profiteers
busias needs t a-p sery- c e in depreciation allowance of World War I was the renegotia-
ie l in t 'a5 est? m. rules for tag purposes, ald lion act of World War II. It en-
A t fe pout- tax reductions io income ro for abled the gbvermuent to recapture
ed t6 the :& t aio 1 ment e ilovet1nelts m=d. a.upport excessive profitson defense con-
should get out of all business-ty ot lg p4 t the tracts. It would seem to be no
activities and.11eave-everythingo ecemmN l o meao-o frltdlyU more mthn simple justice to pro-
private aeterrire. nn-Com a1 l st cou les. .. vide a renegotiation clause for
But the experience of govern- Biggest'of al the Ipcentfves giv. housing contractors receiving the
meant over the last 20 years has en to private enterprise Isa, of benefits of government insured
shown that unless private doter- course te arm price support pt- mortgagba .
prie is guaranteed a handsome gram, Price sports were ,or An eximoinatio_ oft cngreshloal
pa&t on public service it will not ally intoduce during th d eadngs on i,,1
takt job. preapsion assure farm 4 van
This is true not only with gard m, H e. The
Io the'varSoa~ t hon Wi

ta Ito9 r eeele0am tax we ." ..
amort zadon plans in effect since I
the begningn- of 'World War 11. red.
They were considered necessary v
to provide business with an incen- tive p
tiye to tackle, defense production, excess of Ait a *t .-ad
It a plies to theahg ah dpla- billons. f do t She- .axpay
tucr a ,in e tt gegrt The question OB a the_6 lgeeiEt Wey
i D oh*4ea t lsw gtA4 w. tive.s is, Jiow big do they have to members f .
it applies tb*thel subsidies be to make the socalled private -This is the same Cole whoI
given American ship buldeq and enterprise system function? now, as Housing and Homne Fl
abmlg line operators. These in- The obvious answer is that no nance Administrator, kicked of
atv are considered necesaar: businessman or anybody else is go- asking Congress for .000 n-
to maintain an America merchant ing to risk money on an enter- vestigateWthe rreguIMr evel-
marine In peacetime so that it prise if he thinks he'll los his oped under these extra-Incentive
will be available for military tran. shirt at it. That is just plain horse programs.
S. ,' 8i.

With semnt
,what thed
to th.Ruai

talking" he said hi
i^^ t~e wi2 trh
L *- 1 r

Lor can't eep Nene 4m O
ck o the ed,'# a6 td S(l
secretary of state L.
He told how he& Bi apocpSM
meant to meet Vietnam's Bmpero
Bao Dal in Pariadurig an earlier
trip, but the EmpZ er rver showed
up. Iull sMa a ly
that the Nlit e a
himself on d Jv d ,hdr.
were probably "too many retaur-
rants between the Riviera and
Senate Major ty leader Know-
land of CaIlia, somnetnes call.
ed the "Senator from Formosa,
wanted to know why Pormosa aad
South Korea hadn't bee* Included
in the Asiatic NATO po -
"We can't do everything In a
week" replied Dlleas, ackwledg-
ing that Knowland's friend, .hlasg
Kal-Shek, may later be invited .to
Joi tis Paclnfe,,Soutl PULt -
door meeting and did most of the
takiqdg. One of his sharpest critics
OOP Sen. Styles Bridges of New
Hampshire. had to leave early.
"Do you have anything you
would'1UKA to say before you leave
Styles?"- Esked th ecretaW .y.
state. Bridges smiled, shook his
head, an4 walked oat the doer.,
However, Senate Foreign Re%-
tions chairman lex Wile of Ws.
consin paussl as he also war abo
to leave and rel arnked how "great-
ly disturbed" he was Over "the
chance that Rusia might use the
(ieneva conference to get world:
recognitie for Red China.
V ,8e0ars ea unibupded," re-
0lIo will not recog-
as tGiMeva under
aM, asli

Though most senators fear Mce
Carthy and few wll criticize him
publicly not more than three or
four really like him. This applies
to b o t Republican ,ad )emo-
Chief reasotl Is that Medarthy Is
essentially a showman, not a sena-
tor. His attendance record is the
worst In Washington. He is off
speaking in every corner of the
united States instead of being, on

- om

WMN t e a O t.e TV

geng to dake a ma
ePole, El*er- said w.n

Lao ,a. He rDtot e.

To -It o a

ars. "

anyrm Iuaw cl l
ACAPULC6, %or Aprll A
S-(UP)e ury ea- e A-
ano ,Ca;,i om wi Mx
co today atrt it la~e to
tighten Its belt durin e aread.
justaent period stemhiftg froa\
the -ment dwalpaties aft Mexo
Joan currency i Itervas U.Sl did a

FIn ,w.. am UAW

persons and
hup*e weilnrt by the md.
l but said the tSe
e .as preparing an orve
all economic action prorlim that
would'take. car of any ."leyti-
made seeds."
The government, he said,
reciting u policies towarti fran

re i commerce i
public teryseu, and am pla
credit w
The new rate of exchange, ap-

piece of legislation of any im at1 104ua am
tance has ever passed C aOnre t sasricstedt
bearing his name. the' Impored ma-
In contrast is a qt st, uWn.'m- rials.
in senator who h7%bsen inCon- '4%itl. i01 makG Ith
oress 1i years-.A lo.mostn, -Od :V vI tO
Lou isana The avn 'yj _,gew ,,eo pnatr in rM wdip
ea tr in the N h 't lad QWpermi sale in e
much about Allen i -7. 'Ta't ma t" S dd.


SNINGNG T1E BLUES-While one f them pipes. otherVtI Narms soldiers sing tl w
during a rest period. Their farawaY loe indicate a tIon to get home and wearing@ Of the
Iun bUng in Indo-Cha .- -.


k -

r 4 -. .
-- -'*

IHBU I~ ;" 'a'1' ''" *"!* ^' ?* *

E~t^ ES-"A< "*.' .',* '. .
;-...., .t (. .. n Kc&

** X', -
; -. .....l^ ^ ^ ^^ ^
.'.' PBBi ^' ^

^ .?''% .^ B ,, ,"-. .. '.. ., .. .

- ~

- i

.. ..



. .- E' -. ; '-.






. ,



~--c~ ~LL~Sc~~


S .* -' .. .' '.


S .*. .. -, -. .* ,

f'rllog twslgbair :U dues
Sdo- Am '.ad ',.
2* o.., ,.'" '. ... B P

&: W W -1 bt. .-,

ho w.... ... ..d..h.
HIkmt mark

.., -.. ,-- .PO ... M A ii.4:71


~TP~~? w

I -~ ~5u.

P vuzu:


" 'f
" '
* a

t east aim.. He other at luwcr, dttash
be ,ld the or ml p,* womt '. mi l
t lam ered. Ho

im. "'InduciIt1 wai M s abt unig
' to getbrsg to ndetak i. a hFMy te my
Ipjs r S yI" a w
Sard3 who hua hegi A vti t'asbt. f e in.
F-;i.-161r n mw .$f

;1014mg'we a a ivlM


q ~zf L-r. -.

oelui ai
Both HUI6 M&,
Arth ......-

.ge'. .. aee i -
ut iiao w e of at ablet

efeere I C O m v .M tW

mydt" o uoerto Ai e aLyt.
Obw a m ott N rovmrlwei goffim expeto'

"IDe1 3 l&IUd ]uatle W. IL 1*u&kwoItb of
mid anai.t *dk etheImut oean
id t beladde p(a rmen ts
c b n e anerstood he a trn.

a said -they
out their

ThlWeso= Tiemft
. k tiluwy ncM da.C Tdode
, Viepo~*M^ ~ n'ti*

,A D ...... ,. ,. _

Mon, L-. Ir S..r t."*e"TTh
.Monte rrl S -eet No a TROTTTe O,- .i.

mwoybyRmd 0mM

directt from the Phiippine...




TeL -1712
Automobile low NO. U8
2fth street at No. U
Opem unt a pm.




HAVJNO UN-?elevjubon
leg~a *~T~peam to Nw %Is
~It1. The talented ciump is
two yea old.

'HB BUICK V deM locaiy

cu e Tu ick les

SWcar pictured here is the 1954U i
'.- au 2udoor. sp..a er Sedan -
ad it.tomorrow in every line and curve
and fature-even to the
desiln of that broadly arched new

teprie carried by this glamorous auto.
mo ?e, ready to roll-the local delivered
prio -- is loner lhm some models of the
S *riced r c r. .
-N. ow- just put this car an4 this price
0gaI0 anything on the autea 1i 1 bori.
AoM today, and you I know why it' literal
,truth when we my, "Bui4cd beautiful

t give you more style .bdbraity, more
visibility, more distinction, and more
dvced feat than other cam in this
Buick's price range.
Bat even Mtnqre important it gives you
nore ronm nd power, more ride comfort

ini in d check the pr I .
S11T 1954 Buik SPECIAL
2-v,& uPssenper Se,"

I~t lts -pice hrpi
and ut*netw, ful more solidity of struck.
tUre thaM qthe ears at its price.
Come and d k that-in this bg, bold
= & # that delivers io you fOr
"st a lawogrs moreO than the so-calked
"IsstnVie threep. -
We'll gdly seat iyou at the wheel and let
this WBai t automobile tell its own
story. baRyoe make it this week?

the beautif il bi

iii' Ft diasAif ip,. 4. ...6.1.

MIUGHS 8p MAss aain su


H' '. ...

naebp Answer

w NOsT (D) I

T J$74

9V V.
'-I I*It ,,

% U Pan I611 et

I* Pm I x. Pw.
3V Pasm s T. PO
4 PaMPas PBs
OpDi4g lead *e K

Iaa great many bridge hands
the delarer's bet plan Is s cash
two Uap trumps and than switch
to a o29 side. ul. Much de=end,
howveow. the eamct makep of
*-ra boa w played,
and limediat
Mw ind kin. IT i have
bee wif the trump had con.
"vemkuty broken lM but # -
St 4-1 break was vey award.
-FOtf couldn't afford to lead an-
bue mp wane dttmy, for
West wl laze queen of
bearts id lead another Ipade to
make duinmy trump wvte Jack.
ki there was no way to stop
Wedt from making two trump
tries, South began on the club
sat Wet Would be unable
o:trf, aWOO, truff early.
his dd iods od for Wet ruWred
the second eu with the t d of
hearts and switched to diamonds.
TIhe defeders thui collected two
It was a sound id"e for South
to daw two rounds of trumps
bi i wth theaWe aud king.
cm Alar talking the ace e harts.
IV ["ago Sout shi6 dalN t eIsto w
,wan* duomy's tek. West could
take Mt s =ea then

IC u~u s .1..* -^ e Mwi

' ..ave


1000 dives

* ur. Wiliam Badds, Marer Diver
I the Pm..m Cw., i known Ith.s
ou th Slwab for I&kin c wqn dafis
f bMavry. After w kf U.S.S.
SM., wa.A As rh aked Ald Afe to a e
IS aumben of the crew, President
Rwemalt prMented him with the Cox-
Amd= of MedWl .1 HWe. te hhe Art
dAthlwime tWaMrfor.acs of bAvwy.
-S, a feep -


r ~
2..' -

*'*, ..1'^

' *., *'*i
.,. 'i
vi *

in the Panama 3


p... declares Mr. William Badd *i. Qute
Souly Mr'Bddei has jut addmsN d the f
'P ilter to us: "
Gentlemen: I want tolnfomynbout -
n ance of the MOVADO Watipoof wrids .
cane No.9 40 which I besht pM thie 1Olum
sao from your local ditributors, C e F s -.
During this period of dm I hav bhave uik :1 ,
inuouoly in my divine optlims orm.-
in depths of from 10 to 130 fet oar~,
and slt wter. lanI nanntl oM
V in tbese 10 yoasI h11a.b?^ theb l If
but my co@serivti OmU te t is it was lu IA

four qkb later I *muNS^t^^ .,j
S chked twier. w i

Yourm vey.5 'Very

W; Ja ,a4 .6?V. :

Tho MOVA DO N0,erupoof yw, w O *
%u omod the Im af Omws der wy cqint


. "' ..


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sot 0 financially hopeful 'It took us three months to get
.Wht with Cressimlg a 'leIt the act ready. 'Eddie said.
w b Mou lon loses and t e rMe- I Two montifs;' aid Margo.
l of spoasors to pay mner, rhrOee months," Isi Eddie. "Two
h! wks M are caught a tMi iddlo. months." said M .r "Well, two
a lt is jst what yO'd ex- or four months, wn s the differ
iet In such a dollar diemma ence." said ddle, it .was a
'2e networks have to trim. ex.!of work."
- ntws. One major network ip Mergo danced atlthe Waldrf
thout to sla.h 40 per cent off its "as a kid," but hab bon n ted
Myrol, according to one highly mostly for her 'teajerking per-
; acoed source-the unkindest cut formances in such asnie movies
f all. as "Winterset" and, "Lost Hari-
son." Eddie whbo hap done same
Tl: possibility of commercial TV song-and-dance stuffMn the past,
l tEn land iq intriguing. has been noted mosatt for his light
Se te happy. spmlng faces supporting roles g stage and
D On the Britons who make bracpa. screen. So it was a -pring for
Their TV ads will go to town: them to bob up as a nightclub
.London britebes can't fall down." team-sort of like maL whipped
It was Eddie Albert's birthday. cream and tabaaco sauce aid
Mirgo. his wife and partner in winding up with a bwl of clam
their new nigbemt aet, brought chowder.
ge prints la u analbk hm al-The 're botof=PM
l isdir rurneath each with their e n
iO Wa d a pe nal o daf hapy, sause
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atLe ice cream their mar. .al
t:meloth robe. Coming out of sen
dd M Cae, se watched (a Ight'act, against he
mU he inspect hi stuff shehdid;,Mi -i t
B. ore S re vest. amOS where daed
N# was. obviously well three-way pleasure. f.
e ene was a good tip-off on-
ShIe laerte. who are among the TV Toppie: Robert Lewis
lues~ people Is,show business. Ev- (CB-TV) ew aguy otrf
foryoe s or them, now aw Il of his t foy to
.eti W'e u their talents in. second chhood.u
thett of the year-a delight
melange o( singing dancin, It's imce to see a couple' good
of comed generally kids making out.
aplrhid earrx n. It's the shot- --
ae 46anu round, and they Bob Hope poking t a d er
a- wowpire oom of said that Joe 3. LewU s lost al is
11 WI A lad. money In A-" 9 minutes a the
..... tra. uck."
SWhen President ElseMbo ad.
dressed the American pew
Pubslshers' Association me In
New York, his apeeh w le
STeha T1.viad. ABC-TV was feedio the
networks. They had a' le
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badly the whole picture we di..
S torted In reserve there wa as s
SEo t lu r inch tel o camera, blt
Ow So couldn't e usd-ft show
S. background ier
a aw*..^MI"^n?^ Pglident Herbert evpr I

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ndo and J=tt"
o.wlIn May. With a cheqO .
yi suosoring it, that blo
ight come out like.,
e bu1gerj mburepr! J l
.... w .,- mburgerf (do .
tee= tere -you are. ?

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_I.,o 'IAV r

NEW YOR, Abril 30o (UP)-- tt of once
Att. Oa. Brownell Jr., ale dusty
disc led for the *i1rVo *.want toe
time tight Department of thfspae is
Ju*tPeeh to investigate the a- thSe-, uenc
tomb la. Id4utry to detealate Iaesfy at
whether there Jave been any anti- pw W or more of
tt law vilAo. aunt to cornll
Brownell, speech area of comr
for deliv berre the e oeomic two
Club of New York, said increasing fTe Department
cenacptration in su ch en iport- .pa-asume that
at try" contains dangerous of competitors l.
,odtla." the.g num
He mneRdoied the d In- i
qir after rel.ewIng t1e ante
Cop. nd i- .m*ue. h at,
quent settlement. serious shria
"It Is against the immediate or compebtors aa
background of these at mesa- Indes, the
sures taken the a p liti-..that0 sg M
a tion that I a oulod refer ti0..For t
to the department's penIa ex- s* e
aination into the automiobie in. are- b" to r a. mum
.P Set I, tra Yi

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Swanson Boned Chicken
A hew tiwa daost. No bo mN. No
waste, SwanMrmabickft-finaemt the slad.
Chess-Wf peultrspCt- Spedally bred and
fed. SwaUopW-eooek4oWiWrfmectiona Woade..
fW for maids ad cmrilm. Quick I Thrifa, mlet

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Whole Chicken
. .W.. w eka.. ..
- hi *hral s~oke. broth.
Easy to dt Ready too erm.
V.r MWimm.

Chicken Broth
Extra rich, whol.ome
broth made by slowly sm-
mrIpt. spedsly ulisctd
chicken. Simply best and

Chicken a la King
Plenty of chicken in rich,
real cream. muce with ten-
der button mushrooas-
spicy pimento.

- -in

Egg Neeoodle
Giblet Dinner

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Boned Tuy

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It's all met, eady to 'At.-
Solid, juicy turkey-cMuAdly-
boned -Swameoniceoked
to juicy perfection. IFtra-
delicious. A salad treaty


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Chicken Erps'w

Egg Noodle
Chicken Dinner






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Chicken Spred/

Hntoaltd pl use in.
.doik Sfiets. Quik-f.
Reey for bvs.

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11 ..u-wdi.iSH AOtOLe. g NURSERY SCHOOL, CURU- a
SALE:-Ln. Grnd 8- FOR SALE- 92 d Cll Curundu 2 morn- dr
.. =ft .. -- -- n; Tord$ Miami 1 u ARE.- bln g 4-n- "l
*f. Ire rIA iv geratrV0 Var k 1 Ings or Balboa 1214. later. 4-6
S... -tube' .with ,stand; House 834. B oalbo. Tlo..b r -- .,
,nuommons folding bed with mattress 3050. in pane. Leaving e wve second Sa. Low rot. -
-mirror-door wordroMes; tabls:' FOR SALE:--1946 Chevolet pick-up W einudlv. returning sry cond n rone :
$ks; chair. Via Epol 1461op- 300. Phone 1094-J or call oat turday. 470.00 one-way. $F 26.00
S p4lte VistallHermoeo entrance. In- 9073. 7th Street. Coloe. round trip. PANAMA DISPATCH r lg -s
omation Tel. 3-493. FOR SALE:-1952 Pontl Convert- SERVICE. 36 Avenida Nacional pgys
SSALEr -Smmrons livingrom fur- ble Con be sen at B Watch IAutomobile Rowi. Telephone 2- i
nitue. Call Tel. Curundu 6182 or Shop Y.M.C.A. 1655. FOm--r
anara 3 DO-329. L. uaELF by
S cond. 3ition, 25- O n .Conver te- FOR SALE ALM-
9I dW% .+ ,o.....$45;.baby o Isop I-Ws24i23.-
Wk tabNle1 tl DunlopNv_ 2423._F _We _111_______1811 L3 r f .
crib withInnerspring mattres FOR SALE: Cash. 19 HillN n TH HEAD 5M -mdD or t the pri
Ei 4 M C0ll2194, Sgt. 0'- 5:002p.m. sh oppinolorkshpT
ion C FortCW9 PFOR SALE:-y original. ow r, 1950 problems s hu .. .any oa th g e ing
tSAL:- New bed frame, sin le -tne Buick two-do Rivier..: tim. CON LLO ARTS A~~ EO P. O lf,
reasonable. Call Balboa 27 9. o, w/aw tires. D noop. spot- ALMACINT have arranged 2 ,:$ Cou.wl .- g.. l. ,
S SALE-.- light, nylon 2 plast e r coers-. for your coineni ce yr o ain, toa furnished. A
S sE- l rt:--wingle bhi r m$3ach Muan Inspect and drive to al]y ap- Ing oil chool 2el.
10 each: wicker chairs $" each.; predate. Can be financed- Cristo- Cusasel AveIeR 87Te:Cm-e o*
,dresser with mirror 50, House bol 3-1794 after 6:00 p.X. f7aS A es Ne. V, hsm L
145-8, Curundu 6th Street. Cann b.l. ra e p _, eoate
sen betwm I p.m. & 4 p.m. FORSALE.:- Packard 2-. Kl6da, .ORSALE.:-1948 Ford Six142 Tor 3. Tel. 3- 7 ul$0 f Ms etig oe
t turdaymay let.27.000 miles, condition I" now I miles) $500.. Ualso wearing ou0.
well equipped everything e
$10; wardrobe, plastic mattress to start out. Can be seen Sat. 6 effects. hone 3-4668, H ous FOR
'c h airs ,. tal and ,TNn eit Oea o f M a the Panama. b1 e M S.
P flcionol a c. e. Pe. B 5 alboa. No -iPurCo 1 -a
No. 10. Apt. 19. --L-- ;O. R SALE: Accordion, piano,. A120 AP b4 Co Y w he. aerag 1 wi sU
FOR-' 5-"FO"' L bass Francirni, white ivory finish, I of 2I .4 0jm aneeOh ave0 retied
ALE:-Wnhou 9.. 25- FOR SALE-1949 Ford 2door light wt-tble and 2 b. fr shd duiont month of April and oa 1ta Lw oS 28
cycle refrlgeraotr, porceln inside New seat covers and radio. On inol shits. I vear old 5195. Phone Gr- o n w r re p wanted with re mente ate Pa i n
h i65 3" cmplete ownr. 500. 5669-8 Dialo,b .T 1 o0l 3105, 73 to 1:30: work l days. AP i Panma qS TRANSPORBTES evi. or Ca te hm
dr1 pl af abh: rug; spice cabinet; c2-2608n. t 'arr c ue includI-d.,t Flies-ret theiry
9m3ns dils heNs m i e. 0166 E t FO R .R NTAL -, M .. 2 4 projectorspeaker, j cei nt and length of ar d ow1obf. mo- day a
OR SA LE:- D ou lo fbl e w ithbed w ith inner-i a.. --to F ALE--'r ..i 11 = 11 tr e t il1. of uer S i ; 4 yeansp rtonatio eanRi m e atn d o1 -f --'h e a lpqo dle

Spring e matures Zyltr Apartment Tel. Panama S30739. SuA .ed 4t ?as osfl r ? Mq a zteal ier am al-vu ison;22yearan, 7lac e ofa a sr la
m, 14 Tivol l Ave. Phone 2-1481. FOR SALE:-Saillng May 21stub C5 p i :- -l. young m ore..J FOR RENT:- .i m e monthstand 14 days.r ,94 r, ran w Grl b1 saD t'

,, n, s, Ro.- "'"o ...... H'' se mender Tudor, low mileage, ra ,. FOR SALE.-Spinet Diano, vung G OOMl ond11exaco ndI.n ,, 4 -9- months ofd 8 d a.. Ma g for fo- ,, of ..
omna. Ford V-is tFordra, rindtor. e condoundition; chn loe t ur- room EM TM t Joseph Artur R. Oraer, rsenial for e- tchi e 8tefor e Wth i etoWb

l or. 2,9. 9~3 _.cond, 5on, 49100, Crio ure Iu 1ra r ,l 2 111 11 ttr .,e-- a, Dt w ibotandte de o te.e rutli C de -
S S .SALEA-L F"ns nfu:i i rec. In- mFRt a o a nae. Fr E einoo Hr Ri i m ri can~ an a o. At thee far net ie
i i P hon" e4 2-4inK r"nl Im9 y T n.- -t A ri ou2nr mbivia ont; as years nd meat. he was C. bn r fo
SPh one',5ta .5ki tl c Ponen equip7 fdysmad. iup ab nd1-orn, wey his tf In o ndo te- -:" f

F-,R vL -hollow ar 2fur niturR. .Incharge~~. oa a Aar re o
E tO 8 Coi- feurnift ure. For L:pl 51t Sdit uelboa C pno.e "nel Q. No 4 Nd FOR RENT:-L odr, A n gln William d audette. or e w A tithe At-n owrak o

u Re Minton Cchina.HomeF'511 12 OR R L,4 VI F I Sa
7tnt0orcallaboa Tudor, low mileage.,ra .ORSALE -SpinetPiano, very good andMexicoPb-olicthDivisiand 23 y ears. I r."and MrsOr W wr

IfHK+ jKL^ SS"*. tT n h. r .a _p n ...a s. ,, ,_rE-rro--- ,, .-.C.. A ^W. ,rll, o lter at t Job w .h .e 5St s \, i O -
Wer condition, $1100 Cr1 Citur.t H& i r ri rawars. I SiB o as t I a s taos sr

K W l1 1 0 o41 1w^1 "t 'xrfti CI V A S PA .l IQ ,,*,o f u ro h. e d v/ .e5- N, i t. ."oaeo ti te t hv P.o r to. -e rht rh e l e C -1l a J -i y r11 r -
ea o B alo-s! wtLS n"m r et. m an ,-h ging lo-- -ore i their home In Cedsar- sor .
ihg sea Willy St at We FOR SALE-Man's suit, naRENT: -Wt, a the o

, C AA 1930. .o. tay on be s ee S oieoty Cri um form R 20,- 1. Pd y o h b e e .. fo d 7 e yW, L. H-- er6 ra T., .... "-M TO.: -."10. .t cam Fa
81at udeI l3w t r th S)3 adboWr .kT. COUP -. eOR RENT:40 -h 4- 586, 2... ,,4 t prnote ton .braigN. oM o .r rta ile Pian
0 1 i W Crrnia kd dt a s a 1 P edro M i u el .

SB n C t ateret.Cm. day.o, d. -.- Ch at ."K.nALL WQ= IOmARr.. ,WilliamL.r Howard, PDost iva l n h-
mbaai .. n' .. t.lm C N. Complete FOR SALE. or the o oo, t W O 1 mPostal tom and I
A. Wd, Gahi. o u -Aar nration.DIvision;3B years and e l
of$ n $ ll FOt SALE w* i*,* pia "" ^.wr op. ofi eee G e ab s ofe rloyp)1.
FOR SAL-"8 Ick Super 2. d4,ss0Street No. 10. Sys.e e

o h c It.n .-la on a To P Yodori t r FOR RET:-L-A ertn ll ment in- -Ro nd bpeP riinl a t .p* i l
Ir __ L m a i llmelors Ceo 'ot L d ra rnn, O FFIC K.S..s aantra8Ifi -- --l a la
s *knwlegefrfg ndSpeic -r Cm Pqe~ *f l a porch. living

Ka In. ? sst water upplie d. mse" r1 to

o nd Spealth .s d Pst ear H se lHe FORm RENT:- CwolnL.. u lyro i et.
MR*ue .oIvorn both Io, tm es h rpon-niito a n h nof h V.d Oklahom Vi was fir st< theS 1htP

0 "i 41 "'" .... hai BU "" -.'..ll. m i., A SS' w- ....
guages to P.O. 0Aoe25-cycleft Dvin s am '1on

-i--B.....E" .an.. fdeIl. CV moll bfe a .l inds.. w r l FORn en. f RENT: -4 C ly fu rnih a h d e a mmi

n-h M e brBt b e o a w i t 's tp d E pn k S v ni a blet on Loh d N t--af t e r h i s A n a ti v e f T r t a lto b ut v aI w i h e ag 4
Sa. The o fetoure fon .. : me l or~ae FOR RENT:, --$15. Tel, p on-o hed W te th e a- 1 0 ai.

y 0 1 oave e Ci Co a o lf h hl e oe is cram i aS t WgS. nt p.
0hPries ...da n... Tnrt l O nt No. 71 Ap.iERCHA DISE CU B ,6 sre B g psmae r-at Ju
K11, tr 4d denodarbl amn waier1 htwarerlineidDTmopesra.o o t ca torthe Ista.HeeBloao

Ti vn i -.2 Y taf e FOR RENT: -- part3 rn FOR RENT t rke d t s t"el egaph 0
roskitchen, bathroom.OpAnotherw 1

I '.Pah" i t .5 cdeoe CIVr, S A. Bi'--" Cof lPa.-- 1.Also o..S Di Naa d
rt..-_r, oAma. a rAi .B -betwseenna__ ndaH e4 l eWYJ Po.ta-.trr l

IeRArt0-_.__--'- Gr oI 2.e s e.175"- 19I, PGeA 1 RA5a~
M & MM to hPsshFOR RENT:-mCooH apartments michos hic hel f t tel time at Anoar tram *94 som
A" o FOa R oCI N tory u wh h drn. W pa.als orga niat nd b as or e hewashnhear CD.mis aryith B
then JaDl- Aor R e monT .aO well ven tilate d 2tme to the s ec ame c e ran t3 a ephe InI95. It ohfll owing.ayou I
tozr the of n- e r e rr D 22 96 0du reo o Vital oer atr withthe D.C. He o ie from 1947iO t 1 -
wLIi h D#01 ave R on nd make other. nt Ltraundnew or'serat orardtera inspit al.o 4 pterpre.h re heaelst-er v d tw 1
Winnersg .will om ro ad andn 1937 becameSn
UWAV IS. Zyubody got Into the act at
btheen, owO o. L5000 feet elvton. 250lFOR RENT: One-ra prtment. m ir.l t.Of dMiVfrthema blothat attc. Apri19
bgins .mt. on T f wrn i m loa se-bearing trage, small furnish- complete:l furnished. rest roSidsn- atite 'hav o tein Di ssant hi be0 a de Wth 'OI Iiater o UigU l
ge eo dn by* commme rciatrl Aprl A real baeain for $2000 bal helor No. l 43rd Stru. mtaed N g gght 01 January illo t 9 lt he sb l
tou and aF SSndar y night. o disount for cash. C. S. 3ian t o. 7, Arpltd. 9 ike acighMr n 19 1 .HR Rdeo h ai o
ZVoneeease, H esel- An RET: o-beom part- rom t e and w rand M7eger loeft l-
maTirs t.MRedltl t t :- Hous cmplelyfur- washpu, gae mOid tuui in thea FerdiTCtt A and ofth
Sand w me the opulr dand I are land in e a ro m sceneot weer COnn-
1,000 person. n Hadhtm Navy 3295, aoft- aheftsnppror, It can be reM ne
lPn-i a5,thin FOR RENT: Four-rom apartmentr1lan. i-. 1 a lr.
begatd uAp. PI-f *lt a g=at the1 x.-r INo144 I -d Sth fore sta the gd lattwMIrtaedo1'
apo r b theSoety Tehone 3-2814.healththe.Railroadandin vote"
______ Juinagle-5o1 and DA 'Inon. p FOR RENT: SII one-bedroomapa Jn7. dra1 .
i CAMPANA. Completely s io inAmoolarngeAlftborsdm Mr.iBlan thee rourtrofm, ew'asomtno
according t ohe OW E,;um hame: Runing water ru- RId m ould'srlt I. Thl.usathe. etndofd. thrOU 0 U MTt.tnorh 0lftth
aiort gas toa, etc.hOne meH otu of the whichumr oo-dlrbton Ad'iprpl 03
c newocheauienofuovPanama. You can't afford to FRRENT:-FUmlshd aprment in- heul an y. ucker c n e GIpD
epeo Is te t SWi consider leasing. P5o. Loctd et 3 12 Vi5 lalistric -i t 3 a"ieI0h1a1t, astha ta
1010 verababWrshitp NIL 'o Pras nea RoeemPt Thiatv. entirthe eaurtooa the a-MHeas
datons Alm eial recnat the I -!FOR RENThe ea iapaEmbassy.thfr ts two e
theQ0arm1,- fa' apartment with 00.C fl5o- sIld tug O W1 sr oD-
fAndteIaIiiTo 3 are bji'hii21 3p.ri uan I oondfo u ntW e r I u In owill sail
am an -tln andt Ba oistrict att ey. Don G lZ- elg
or- h~t oIncome Pcona, 5 *4 K 1 o in aonsisten oellne s dredge.'D ai
CIR CAMPA A.ROOM. me co pAnne Dennison andansealrnchigey wthir oneSldWsel
inp entrant e to the a. search FOR RENTh Coro, nicly funrsentished lyinhed wan11111a
wOSet' 711 he d Rai areas of Ves- bedroom to cuple wvittc Ohildren usy been1seen In walk-on varte his t. 4 ., 9 h0,U t theth various
o-rstb Dr. RaWasI Er- or entleeman Phane Peo 2- othi sthuab prdUCslear dorothnIOn
on $0 In Len"V isiuthosplal. hnterpretation ofiAIL ndoldrr nsast tIr
eotWiill consaiderl la in.or me wnueo a k tc P noI 34, Bol la Sd OfORt i Ehrke (who we a iet r W Im0l Hnasad bm
W isto w ihDr. Lor baere to Venepueua _rtonear_ also paodJler) greatly added V 16etheU. tous197eftw ithM=
an"w il feature kin. He let S FOR RENT:- Clan cools furised oe~ witno a who took theahomeSIrlbi
In S oclplmg dasil WIn uie small pltne, ac u room, c achelor only. CI1ce Ettu- ) pith
tw morrow night. AsGstaDon dnte NO. 71a At. 5.elsa.ofainI M e
&Vega-_s. 64 Ve Ml In. 11ij e iooda g o r Oto

pdseealf )amLIN& NowNlo to as.a
+ra ._ _____ + .... o .?yw_.
-.-. -"h ai ..+.,- --a "' D D / 1 "+.
U -a.. "".o+m -. .
,. m ... t. i .l .. A --- I~ m m .-V-on- -+_ l

S -. .. .
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Iast, *' h-wt-Die? bvate:meyn golde
oa ot Amour ttI Bttfe It's typed
in the, AnSt .d ivwau _... to y.
with every bit ef a ri d
Savor. Pick tiWs AIlUyi bt ewen you'o
ping tomorrow.

1I e the me.
mft tNfIS Ibuuluded BarbaW
ra Ayeock,- pay 'f I t
Boyer, V"r a n =. =,G a
ft, 106 A, w.r Jeantse
ovel, 'weSyaringen, Cons-
ance h P rt
Virginia Wi Paulin on and
Mrs. Pat Morgan, ponsor-Diree-

Has. SBi To Resme Classes
Mrs. Bety nBent haa returned
from die Laited Staes and will
resuie her Wed y morning
oil paintings clause on May .
Tboe wishing to enroll in a class
or desiring further information are
asked to telephone Mrs. Betzs,

ebehah amb NotIce
The regular monthly meetag of
the Rebekah Club will be held Hay
7 at 7:30 p.m. J the Wirs Mem-
orial an Balboa Road with Mrs.
Maude CUschard and Mrs. Yvaone
Bakker serving ar co-hostesses.
All Rebekabs visiting and real-
dent, on the Isthuus are invited to
College Club Labtefon P eP as.
The annual spring lunchuo,< of
the Canal Zone Colege Club will
be held as Hotel El Panama, t-

former Streas V Muic-at
Academy. of Danes-Ara An ItU
Rock, Arkanil..
Reservations which ll clme
May 13 May- be by telephoning
Mnrs. R. C Stoekbam, 2-0072- or
Mrs. Walter A. Dryja. 2-202 The
luncheon is $.00 per person.
Gremp Toes
Ceummuleatl Center
A large group at members of tN'(


100% 9Pul ColFTE
s. AM*146A

S. 1NlPY100 ot
MS smeAm ewm s
usae sw111'ealpo U .
TUM AfhISN no.
m wst" wtat
WAS"t j
ir~wfMa ^_.uAy

find a suitable come t the
aiouth Pacu teme, cqae m la ir
moat casual wear. or bet
"c e a are." L
May lt 7 Hotel Tv a, 8:0 pM. to
16 a.m.?, i's ie Bern Arts
,"Bali-Lo' Ba.l. sTie ar I0
nd may be purc d s the or.
The Canal Zone Art Lag mbpour-
rn the Beaux A Bal 3B.Hyn
ly for a Scholarship menus



t- twj,
the behe
rhk In
Vbe., ft h
COud bei

man'sbtft.l It
tratton In 'her
hMni swimsuit.
- f i- ?


llio J i--

-,! ; ...; 'r" .3.W,
,I. -
. I*^ *.... d
','1 .' -t. : i'
.. ... f -, "

-"* .-. :
,*" '' -% .c





ar y
$ irw ^

Prices drdstmally rmdpst
on our bet artdem .


Mia An. Re. a



Guard the charm pen can'c it
Use new, longer-lasting MU..
Don't give uodearm od a
chance to start. be awr
arnide to be nmr..: ;
Delicately fragnt Mu I -
jrh .adgto mw=a NJEt *
boc rot or discolor otfios
M-3 Is the seWetl
Mumm cms a
daron a4r-- n


a* a



Yn'toe lwways m at after-bath
aweatumse mad sdatg d aindm
wha you ame PoodBi mulonower
Tac. For coo0FamP s Talo
ppers you a meday
ofes...i aoMr.9 ow If
dm ot coo minarI a abso \

saiy H f4wN rr*
,oBis s -_ allry. Mey d-a,
stay truly 11 5ra d




WIduI.suf e **

of NOWaM*
B.MW- 401%


SO MAT O WAS* AND O Q g -0 M i


S 1 1 UT S L VI


tfll W

r" +.


Milk Supplies More
Nutrients Thi.n
Any Food
Repor at .oted nutridonu
aunthnitl show that milk sup
plie more of the substances
needed for 'Iood nutrition than
does any other single food. The
-m aukades of mdlk which
are em al to everyone's dief
are: protein, fat carbohydate,

a 2 EST.- PHONES .2-1830
&. 2-1833





'I -. ifrin -U r '
o thoe any people who rely on it year after year
the name Klm is almost like another ward for purw.
JKHiilk is made whb sudh srupulou care that
it ib mpdln reomIniatd by doctor foray bIde.In
ts aacly pcked in mamnilk ooms to yo froh
wat. day tet was made basew cta ow' bk.
KMimalways fb-BMng It i always pure
WheBs M yoMaW b l w yu kmwys buy whoW
A.. -M

^-^^ WIcW ^ B(d-

.. V

'*- ...~
----. -a
-- I--







* .

arraa~ar I I


j'l' I

- ,' _' 1

++!* .,'-

. M

. -

aWesw 4adddd to A ,w' v
l b providing funds for.
l. fvralment agencies
S 30.
measure, totaling $4786,248,-
to conference With thj
which approved a $456.470 -
not Including. the anti.

q tiles BrMdge (3R-
Seate- Ap ropriatlons
oeffIered the "dust
n dmeent. I was endors-
Republicans and Democrats,
fron the affected areas,
* Oklahoma, New Mexico,
, Kanaus msd Coloradb.
s said 11.6,00.000 acres of
Lands and about S200.-
Sdaged." b~ ravages ,
Storms, and many more
be ruined t action is not

Sktnate also boosted funds
qi hM for payments to .Kdrean
Ir ans from the House-ap-.
lurs.o( 15.00o 0 to a24,-1
. It voted to earmark $50.-
if previously appropriated'
f to conduct. the admlnistra-
ouig scandal is lnquiryy
gh Jtae so.


WELCOME BACK-Smiling haWpily as a reports bie t to h
Hollywood studio, Marilyn Ma poans alongside p altit of
her husband, ex-ballplayr Joe mt0agglo. The glamor girl will
son start work on a new movie, t was the flrst mr she bad pul
in an appearance since the studio suspended. bpr for uig Ut
apper in a muscat '

ss" -



Here's the portable
wing mahiOne you've
bomn waiting for,
fIt's mall, t's Ught-
weight, just 4L% lbs..
It sews anhxflnr, any-
where. Comes In p





Sile leatherette car-
rying case 'that also
serves as t own sew-
inl surface. Stop in
for a deqosntrattein
of the ailasing new
Bell portable today.


$ 799. S

V *

.v: F -r r

I- wum'~.*._


rf^ S i :

if^-^ ^^i*-a -y

wa~nw .6-

u.nsi bpa .e ,,ly ,.
dY vri^ raopt


I: .

is an. adventure.
Th bosses at American A Si.
sayt atltie Is age 32e WAi
suad Mie a g repsonabnige,.
Lad inbue To eOke,
So why get upset? By ge 1
a woman ought to come ftd, l
remaliatioe that yedr by Ya hi

I f ought not only to be wlI
to be grounded, she ought to
!come t', chance to qu W
or ompetton and gt into a
Where he has som t
of.e besides youthful od 1-.
All women who count Sfte pt
4nd beauty to get them by have
o come down to earh some day.
That is Just one of the ant f.&A
o life. .'
And it is certainly simpler for [
deadline to be set by somebody
else than for a woman to find the
couragee to say to herself: "Look,
Si, you aren't getting any young.
er. From here on in you'dbetter
not count on oyur looks to get
you by."


nlk Outa r Whe* 1
is speaki g-.
Bete to Uberalbf

the same nim aW n map ag
studio rounn. pse for
after tei an *t dWW
"I play so sweet e girl In
s aevlee and s ay I
w i se gslamer. I pree agaln
va seie." _
-MIGM doesn't kaw It yet, but
lehael Wildi l and. Eliabedh
Taylor plan to ,PWd three months
a year in LonioL Wfldiw's aged
ents and i new-alen resi-
wdut stams that allows him to
make films In England are the
fltOL FLYNi 150 daugh-
ters by Norma Haymes, Bory and
beidre received post card from
Argentina from their famed dad-

. I tt!t, *

M.E-. i

&," .?. U." l ., : 4:I
k. .;- .t.
.. ," H .'-' H''' "' P- 4 *- -
,- '.. ; .- ..;- l -. '

,'a .

At *'*1.




7' ,
nu" noq r-. ( XA f tl & Tr-
I p. ,040 v Car"
44," over Pope Air Pftrc f Thi rp is Iang 1a ju sbn.:.- .^ ^^-^ "-< '// .'

ml di;
can't r
Zia at

ringer for Audrep .Hepbarn. She's
due in New Yorl Soin to help
exploit the movie.
THERE'S NO ry t U-I about
Jeff Chandler pi out of char-
acter with his wabnS of "I1
Should Care" aad "More Than
Anyone" for Decca. "I don't think
it's going to hurt me ab a dramatic
actor," argues Jeff, "and the stu-
dio agrees with me. Singing roles
in pictures tfoe bla "Sur, why

-' .Y.~'r' :r' -

--5 a
* ~..6t I
* .. it
b. -


ITa. Broodwoy"





--- -- -- ---- --



** .Y > ,
< fl


I----".'- ^

R Fri,

. -

I 1 '.



*35 th~ ~ma1

i lR

wapr Wr, .AU --
nOW- PImmI .


A 11:00 aJo AU members, -gum
d friends to the Canal Zone are
ia lay Invited o attend.
ien Voyage codas
ieutenant and Mrs John r -
ant entertained with a cocktga
arty at their quarters at Fort
Gulek, to honor C.W.O. and MrL.
William A. Hawklua. who a r e
levn s oon for the States.
STwelve couples were present
*ith the honoree.
Mn. Bari VWU
Mrs. Elsa Brth, who Is en
route to Edinbgh, .Scotland,
from Call Colombia, l the houqe.
guest of Dr. and Mrs. Harry Eno.
Se expeeta mto contmue her trip
early next week.
"Areud The Clefk"
ecital To lt
-.The eeoad eentation of the
UAround the Clok" dance recital
wi be hpreentedd eveains at

S p at. dt th IMCA-.
itu Aia m t. Whhe
*~ W out*hlden

tour to

I r

U, We ha
tnd no

I pl."

Counterfeit $100
US BIils Being
Passed Ih Chile
-AN __, Chile April 3
(Up-,, .warned today tha i
eoldenrabe number of outer
Mfft Ud Sttet llo IdBiare dr.
etlati hefr.
T wanral eae after an in.
vetigl i. r-a complait by a
leeoal meahant who said he had
W in t the bopus current.
ey a a man who aaeared
a i havt8 promised to e more
The Chilean Bureau of Invel.
tigetito said the counterfeit l.1
ap~ ared to have been b ht to
aI group o at soen, in "con.
smderable" r a ou,.
Fair Tonight
At St. Crist.pher




Invtes al the people of PMumO fd ud ',
Cmnl Zone to the exhibits e. the um -
ekshnt at the Commercial ExhbldbI
Fair opening at Curundu tod*.,

Nattoml1 Brewery
Hetel 1 Panama
PanamA ladle Corp. ,
Tehml Jewelry Store
PlItuplae Rattn Store
Amerles a@ r .
Tagardpule, .A

.a.1 emerge"
TiveS Travel Ageaey
CIee t bems

1 DiaMto Frue
Nauh Cywue

m* DiutMer hletrea
Ca.a Motta

S&etaek & Co.

* ': S.

SPECrALI DRA.NG in- aid of






0100,U0 ... FIRST PRIZE

000 ... SECOND "

15,OU ... THIRD "

To a g .i. ..... t-MUNS

Tickets on Sole: $50.00 entire ticket
1.00 per fraction


I Il rIMD C. I

- (

The WorW's Best Lottery


"%A .oil.
*^ ^^^^^^^^^ iRliRIIIIIIB^f^^IIHBIII


What to do this weembd?
Dur eAgpstion Is tha you
spend it in cool comfort at
the Hotel Washingtoh In
Col6n. Call to inquire about
our special weekend rates
from $19.50 per couple In-
bluding meals. And rempm,
bher, there's dancing too;
every Saturday Night from
8:30 p.m.

7 -U. 1 V

:; F.

f ~- -. ~1* .d*9





..* C.

I. i

I .'- *'-

:X _, .. o



_ I

; :~1~. ~

Im re"
n=. ,

. .'e


P r



T. Ta. 1, Ag ain
; lAw -maitched eight-horse field tomorrow aft-
S 'wiil battle for the major share of the $500
Sd silver trophy for Class F" racers in the e oe rpe
tured Panama Labor Day Handicap over the Mary m ore 1o e111a1 l "4-
t distance of six atd one-half furlongs, within eide pit of ou
y t .. o a ^ release In the mlon., I
S mutues chofie s the backstretch when he made bases loaded, nowr out, sors
l.a, th tchorough-his first move then came up tied and Orissoam arve Up three
owh, lan of 7the m three were S tres. Ja two RUP
e tneOf-S one Dr Juan whth a rush when inalhlr free to bs i-liael..e3 'enBtac
bena classy racer has finish a creditable third fotree d-an strikes, to trp up
soe. Inmpresaive in recent Ruben' Caliche" Vasquez will ol readw teo ump from Ida ra"
That last week the handi- agtin ollot Stone Of Socne. This w a c rekad to hump fro Sa
r ontem lated excluding time. however, Cadrlno should mento back to the paoors....
I rom utoo betting. get better from Virgl o Castillo Leo Duroehem sthuser was
verbal owners, however, In- who will replace Osvaldo Chan- mS-ed intq the mWn polo
I Ocar Orimado. who is. Blas Agulrre, a* usual, wll Groaunds dnS rheit at R r-
ae remahinable Riqul. and ride native champ Rlqul. aoe MStnd a pop t abot so The
man Aleandro "Toto" Dark Sunset (Jose Bravo), LP couldn't pop off about his
S who owns Cadrino, re- winner of three of her lart six Player In the prlcy of his o -
H that the racing ecre- starts: Orande Dame II (Victor feon- t r- i es
ve Stone Of Scone in theOrdoflne), another impress inve An-dd a dul nde tJack ie ob-
v because they thought victor last week, and speedy a-e re ently told ie "Pou mutndett
horses could beat him. dur (Lua Giraldo) could ut- s recently told cSal, eou must
tCadrlho managed to finish a-,prise the above mentioned trio. be a mal n-tO w'l get
of Stone Of Scone but wa Chic's Ne4 (Amador Valdlvlai out with the unk you thro--...
by the speedy BSularplunm. and Oranero cFreddie Rose), which recalls that two yulea Ors a
wound up fourth two which have just been dropped a -" Rabble, afte r tw o utile pop -ut
s behind Stone Of Scone clara, complete the field. "alnst Maglie, was thrown out
offering interference The secondary attraction on a drsd bt o... and eas awIu A
Sthe 5600 Clar "D' slx-and-one- thoroughly aroused nRl .bbie
tSO Scone made a bril- halt furlong dash In which seed h ed .ross f ist, ald run-
vervy after being virtu-lmerchants Patrioti s. V~ettevou reIndhe wroe bush..thaenext day and trae I
S knocked off his eet at the and Barge Royal are scheduledou're n the w busi .th t day and tagi
You should have bedn a clon "out." ... e
H turn. e was-blocked on to match strides. Two long dtstanoe Sa.lgghe
-'-- BOO wl rund ,qu -o- who choke up on their bats rte
SI pros mwer iod enough toAl Rosen of the Indians and Del
hennJe. S ttes Op- I le ~compete with and agJnrt eoUs- Ennis of the Phils.... Phil lr-
on httieanp In e0 World, Wn wr ar U. why dener Johnny Wyrostek lovto
S,-hould Fort Ord sprinter (ad play against the Reds, h is t-
SI fullback) Ollie Matron be tnelf- while mates, because he c get
r, ibTl now?... or was he winning Cincinnati trainer Doe Andeison
dloo many dashe?... to knead his aching bee .
I The Yanks' Jim McDnnaled Marty Marion was compj llg
.to chew tobcco-until a lne Oriole hurler Bob Tutley to Iob-
By JULIUS BOROS drive through the box ade him in Roberts one season baF If
-n -r--- swallow hin cud.... The Hous- anybody bothered to listen...
ton Biirff have p youn., pitcher -
named Tony Stathos. who used Turley's the East St. LOals IL,.
SJULIUS BOROS r to walk around saunig a boy who passed up better offer
'ponRe ball to strengthen histo sign with the defunct Brwn
erd &w l n 1952, hand.... The Nats' Jim Busby ro he "could ta.y eeser to home"
hte te states Open laved t.lback for Texs Chris- ...only to find the club moved
twod In Dallasa nd then tin in the 1945 Cotton Bowl to Baltimore his second year
on to hitthe $25,000 World, with a broken collarbone taped up....
Ulonsbinp jackpo t ChIea- .. up... A Uight ovemrentwon't bring
1 l oShanter. I o -n-- out the munahin a our slied,
C. ou ld the stranre omnlmlon olfbut It produces t e b1t reep-
I L Tha two m th lead-. one aof the m talented coc-tl n io your baWseall telecast...
ma O I Bw Ieaon basketball dIrft be due to some credlfot thtl-hourn te
.had a lot of great shot "n the faet he lk, an occasional because t played au av t-
ioari buta putt an the nip or two?... erhooo tbo .. liereas
green a isort odB mv B auh was the boy- with te old m, start, they
Sd ya. hood idol of Har Aganis (who wanted to. etitoverwh-s-
I nt also"wore No. 33) and was In- peclU my hem was a pressing
strumental In swerving him to a engagement that evening....

l U. a couple year ba and m'et d an der, weaned on, sft
By r ltr Den o r' Nau. sManny Ba. torsok one toehu on tg p", should
4.7a1 drt e dro, yop ..

oh Ia in a feet a ocig a oadcaster ot nwoasl h's ehe a broad"
So. olf t it bk "of a to wte khe Rmeai
o Motan P.. ed the putt added, the hohe. p M Fuito r mx h. o pn s a Rochester. I'd stiln be playing trallngt...

nt is Ol hre lantus Baseball Aspires Toe Begtween yLeagues l-

Y oup.e oi h "l ano n P o-e
Yr h t apan. f: tfS r i vv wh thePUrman -hbatketball
D Nop. Pinper rfiu aelltin Mi a broadcaster shot, was dh tA firtt by Raltp-

a lter Denniamn o er "f ." r' o can't wrie anthn bad h met d beAhord is notcou
SMI Faiax When you're playing against

D, ,sen dentist Wvorl Mental a tItt~ ku a dtseee, onl theft Nert to umpire in
counts ir eal i ts ame.or zed baseball, but onmpre of In Organized
i t h rre are ia ne. l i anT convi e It e fe who has drawnound
'our Deft ist could beat Dfen i qfL p6heof n pjiluse.

+f outmeb chisel' (uulr Bones will among of the more competent arbitermy i a
Ia couple of inch- tlfh.eI ten o- in the Pa Apftc. COagt
."1h wf -n ._ unI 5.0 by' : the A [as hI s goal. io

l- I be hastila.y noted, how- and Life M ilie. Amateuhe 1 Ashford a resident of that cl- 3
Sth~lt Denning is a veteri-, will use Io h cndaps on ty. launched his career In -Lo-
S-detst and his patient M their oawn Nt Saip iAnteley M a teml-fro. Lea Pow-
i Iatandardbred horses. Snead.Y rr. nrpsnl nt "f th ,*hb -nm BBmBB

1- *~-




The pube is hereby notified that the National Government ia decided
S to f for sale "HIIPO)DOMO NACIONAL' bonds for a value of one mllUio
b Mead (B/I.1,MA5.M).
The toal proceeds of this issue will be used exclusively to finano the
SW NaMtioalt Hippodrome, now under conatruettp.
i f WW rt iU~ be aeep$td at the Bate "aelonal de Panma,. Cala de
a ", ia dueIad410 PInamA, 4. A., National City Bank and Chas
.- i. f.rm this date to the l31t of May, 1954.
l ) AllT~MDrTY: Law a oof Aril n;, 1 ap d Decree No. 377 of Mar&h
) M IE: B/.,MeMS.
,).. OP DATE: July 1 1 I.7L
d) %,WW 6% annual, payable qaartwly through the Basae W ldoIm
of'" a, upn prMentatioa of coupn or coupons representlar In-
aO' .-'l- m te ww b 0l1be made at the expiration o e eah
U& "m k st, July It, and October 1st of
Sp) foMepme of thee hbonds will be made every three
Wl sm wfb On afsertielm plha for retirement of the
S* ~-1 lkq W a d other rffelal labstittio
X) gM- goiis hm 6p t ea at of aln o annual
!a/00' 9, B/.IMA


M Eawn

2,-TruMe ug'ne
.chBe. n *m .. 1,..-

5-Aprontes u.
S-Veranda .ra 0 -
I-M. Princesms Mal. U3 -s M; ,

o Rae e else:

I -P. Canela
2-8. Na eto
3-Jal Alal
7-La Chula

H. Rul I
V, O~i. 1I
J. goo. &I
0. Chants
F. Ood ,1
Mana R. 1


4th Race "F" Native .g% Pure: W Peel elems: A

1-Malay& LOrtega 112x--Surprised In last 8-1
2-Don Wende J.'Oongo. 109x-favorite rl4er no, 10-1
3-T. TIln 0. Orae 115 -W win 14md -1
4-Okiland r. RUls Bx--Light heiBe 4-1
5-Sirena 0. A onua. lOOx-Not!hing ida e 25-1
B-Proton V. Ordo. 114 RateS tr chace 8-1
7-Rabiblanco L. Otral. 115 -Should, beat thev e 3S-5
8-Souvenir A. cam l03xs--Could score at price 8-1

5th Race "A" Native. 7 Fpa-Purse: 7L.Ut Pool else: 3:U
1-Valarla .- Pir ps 110 -Tougher fle here 10-1
2-Dalida P S. Carva. 9 t-Notain bt tom 15-1
3-Petite Rose 110 -In excellent shape 8-1
4-B. Sambo V. Ordo. 122 -LAst was revealing even
,-Golden Tap S, Ruit 112x-The horse to beat 2-1
'.-(Biscaya R. Ol 110 -Was never better 3-1
7-(Sun's Moon V. Cst. 115 -Improving slowly. -1
6th Race "H" Imported 6% Fga.Purse: P4.0 .Pool cloew:. 2:35
First Race of the Double
1-A. Fulmar E Orte. 97x-Has shown much 15-1
2-Rina Roi H. Rul 107x-Dangerou.)eontender 3-1
3-Pincel H. Ruiz 107x-Rates first chance 3-1
4-Black Bull J. Chuna 110 -Could be upsettet 10-1
5-Paris Midi 0. San. 118 -Could score too 5-1
6-Full K. Flores 11S -Better this wek 5-1
7-W. Justice Mena R. 1-IEarmy speed oly 25-1
8"-S. Domino B. Agul. 11S -Must be considered 3-1
0-Mrs. Cristina V. Casti. 115 -Depends on start 5-1

7th Rac "F"

Impartad O Fgs.PaFne: ISU Poel elee: 4AM
Second Iace of the Double

o V 1 ."0

5-Beduino Mena R. 1051r-Po a e U e -
6-R. Light J. Sama. 120 -Dr a S-I
7-R. Signal B. Agul. 110 s early foot 10-1

8th Raee "I" Imported 7 FS.Pu it I75.0 Pool closes: 4ad
1-L. Frolic H. Al.a, 110 -Outside chance here 5-1
2-81smo A. Angulo 112x1-00iSide on tarns 10-1
3-Pla J. Cado. 110 -Molng to recommend 10-1
4-Begonia L. GOraL 120 -- best bet 1-5
5-Double In A. Verga. 105x-Jockey hanodleap 15-1
6-More Fair H. Rus 06x-Distana too long 0-1
7-Forzado K. Flores 110 -Uturn from layoff 30-1

9th Race "Labor Day Handleap"Pusei MUM.0 Poeel lees: 5:15
(F) 6% F a. ONE TWO
1-Cadrino C. Casti. 112 -Post position help even
2-Oranero F. Rose 120 -Good early speed 15-1
3--D Sunset J. Bravo 11 -Rates fair chance 5-1
4-4. of Scone R. Vas. 115 -No. 1 contender 2-1
5-Riqul B. Agul. 110 --Rough competition 10-1
6--. Dame I V. Ordo. 113 --Top class prospect 5-
7-Sodur L. Qlral. 118 -Blazing early speed 10-1
8-Chic's Ned A. Valdl. 115 -Not against these 15-1

lra tame "D" Imported 6% FaPurMe: oW.0 Pool. cles: l5:4
,V. 8,; at0WaY 4-1
,Coute K. l 11- veU tor
6--earge al V. Ordo. i u.Busels f1avong 1 ,eC
*VR. Vas 15 R. next best. d-,

ai ee "Elip. 'a-ilon" 1Mi!Pa0rwW.M peol clset X
H. Rua io atx* good chae -
Oy 0. OCha 11 *Dtance elutmmateo 1 1
3-Ro J. Bravo 0.Ike short route
L b. l. -yrewell victory. ",
I ip ls &rfx B. Acn. 1, -J.itn contender -,I
X09 a K. Flows i3 L ImPosbeA SO-i1

lBW Eunett
Atllfe upe5 be the Jackie
Relison of the umpires

.:~ ~.'

wThe anaing t the !
hoce daff% t@aw ad t -

tag ae that he t b a
when It as mtaaly
nr ti t ge ery M
haot of "ev

be relievEd t knw Fred C
this week.

*.-'e 0'

ahors&-. I

I Betty's U. everybody else that hW a D be
gol*ile fanaft'or=. ie bad agn toaa to-
tend mnuienl Iuinte a wtheeateld ee0dx die"r
about his herms. But-well, when toe take BDitty nlUal eut el
the town you don't want to waste yer timf talking ablmt
unromant thian wm arly feet,o du e, peo.te
eome-frem-bernden. Certanl _wh'-.
"Where did you my Jamee. boa. tern hew, 3M-
"The Far Wet. This week* lts la

.. -4A0 p.m.

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The Mxlcma Stykat

TM Penuvia mwrkcu


., A

: -7. 7.

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..j _;-*.* .
,-,- -o ri i &. _,^- :.

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-CAM, vmmmUA %. %H. DUULIIWCGa1i-

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, Ti -.

Balboa High School Sweeps

I ahlrscholastic Swi. Meet
.. .- :. o .






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-'P I t 1.. '- 1

( el" -

'x a Ct Rlng ln %t y

In th al g t-

ai h rn. RaW Jo- (
rf f

, htl al Cardinal hComer. ao

d, fteaud s

tert sicee alst nr no-
hliter jlit week to Cleveland.
e Yankees cahed in on
inlKalet b their xphensiveM
I e Siet. inos Sloghitr and
d to oose lltwo runs
the ath and give lefty Edowt

Wkw Garcia ainsed beis frtn
lt oeton. Way Wr #e p~

Iles drove in tee while Dve
&nd1 S two-run

Tr.ibetaui-.. i ia
Wrll. Bay Ja- 0

.. a
-hto a C a l hom. .
b Turley ruck out nine f
NtBr i tmy GeuI. t.

S lt lik to Cleveland.
the sixth and give jetty xd Lo-

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Ke ona1
S logt,-by a- lro e d eft). M.--
Kentuaky Deby Paciftc visional
me-r.. g E*** *

Attracts rheld

Of t18 Horses


Bt hte trou ter, Corelation
lke mud, le too. b
The ttalner of "Determine"

'pqU~ trained r of Flaner-

Wbeth lwO restart Correla-
ti definitely the hone to
Weatber oonditls will decide
h 1m o field will go to the

W mebnler, Judsion mna ll.
001w 00 0004 11 01

Mllalatee 0o00oo ,ol-g O_
?Pitt^Sbg 001 001 02-4 1 0 Wal
a.r(2-2) nB ().Btf

PU e (-1), Hetkt ad Thep- Dern
rd- udii i(-l. ltalev., rae

lied 3g^

11-2) ,ud

3lngton 0o0iooS
rley (2-1) and -M
Aiott (1-3) and 'I .

S spow ai uhaltPati i ve (Bu r)t. *- -
V a I Oamfial 14 1, unnms meY Saturday and Rice. iat a,._,,, rw- MI
SOW Le L g eUC afteroo. Other are 231 three- -,.,. N.I,, ..' t
Ne(YoCtu a e r hicago. (Not.
S -year-oMdl listed as possible start- ew aYork at Chicago (Not
r oe it air ~end "Super Scheduled)._________ r
8AWND as bW' Am almost certain to be
a"f=bl L eek dcabr" l out i Bhe track I s fas
W a wi start whether jAedlegs Buy
Z NRUtCollml1ers l S A1e1 M A bes coltt dotan't like,
. i X 00ey." the mud. .
Up Lipon; Jackie

S n :Navigation va, s Youth Day Bruises Heel 1 *
A T 'UI "O a I Queslton: With a
S d Mactlonal. Distillers NEW YORK; April 30 (UP) first, the batter hi
~ v wt mi a llieonal. i Cincinnati and Br6oklyn both down the right filln
bra Wi ,, Army .Trianpor. iSwi Jn lMeet made news yesterday. The Red- bail is past the first
t VA Ce eria Naciona -- legs sold infielder Johnny Upon foir. a ppren it, lIt
i l yNioL: atuonal DIstillear va. to Havana of the International the m andpie ad
N7 NoA-lkl. L [League. Upon-a veteran Amer- tand. What's the
rd ----A--rac lean Leaguer-jolnbd the Red-.
AeL N u Craese ,-a legs in the recent deal bhich Answer: The ball Is
he Nation Dist. r 9 Cerve ri sent Orady Hatton to the White It t the uimsire an
,he Ntuonal DtiMle held Cerve- --- S-- 8ox. nor and latter afe
'in cert Nlonal, stralht ea ,,- ........... The Dodge took another e- ea. .-' e
ow chLimplo to a drawI. It's "kids dp" lat Balboa Pool trle Do X-rays on the lred .r t aaOa I'row with m than G0 left o of catcher Roy Cam- Q. Do baserunnqr *io
r- .ries. This game wlIbe re-. si ed up d swim in the panel Th- X-rays show a teal W4d pasa along lgM
Sad Tuesday, May g*4. ie t hh Da a-Mete p ters? -
S the_ d al dren Pro a o-r the Zone rr a h t
_ Verveeari" Naolo ni, l,' 7 to swih t Omi 4 years cast. say It w 't be ag- A. If a raner en
1* but a P of runs In fifth old tl. ankmOlOding 14 rayv If Campanell keeps with a full view oif.
- and anoth thflU e cupe for torv play .' does eateh the a ef
4 of the seventh gamq thu ned byatheb Ca Say he'll tayin to the bftt. N IsM
SJers a9 dge. C .ee S Ol. 13 14. r s alone the d M.a. Walter I thn
the Si" of t this t a wnd a elar A green 0
far, with jan p 'Os5pv: a}s Aso.a

Bylt_-b went A nr te *for w.ns e seaon ot remove the boniM iis lt l
t- Distillers and aeldet 11 its. have thet r emor eve tleor at
i Sar t re for athe m -ha. re? epteres with jU efeakO Dodgers also had X-ray Q. bw manyo
Spl ts but gave ay anthe third eqUlrIn heat&S Thri events taken of Jackle Robinsln' birul- clubs has AndyPa
Mado lr belsrav. t gave abe over thirty nes.Seven ed heet. The pictures show and how lon he
Id up 12 saf0tes g av a overnie J and tere is no break. Robbinson was ;anons
iad l B ad Sealr Setbbell Leaiue o evat. the 12 years oa free adigld to toae X-ray -treat- A. Pafke Is in. Mhi
Sst- le for boys, ha 41 entered. ment and wear a cushion In a Sational LeaguM l
Spring training has started for This staggering total is general- theeel of the shoe. Jackle wit eas with the G
I the six istar-studled., teams ly the amount tha enters a m lw one or two games. rr gelag .to the
the La Doca Senior lof whole swimming. Ieo-t.gno
1 League lh is scheduled to Med ._ Arrite
I underway, 3a 17. A league All the medals have ritMved
I meeingis scheduled far May 3 Irom the States an gre on adis-
at othe L BocaBa l nl k. -play In the albo o Ient-
SNdrge, defending cha mplow s er. Thie inedals M be p l ent-
e will work out each day on Mp e h ot the first, second and third
t La Boca Ball Park. .... Wn i er of all events at
31 t" tilat ome on La Boca road,
a Uleia ed by the loss of his me tely folowl the free M AMA
tle Mild, Sob Welland Mai.- U aMehl that is glin vd I to all
W as come up with entri-es of themes IU.
6 .Ri..cha r e.who Ortn time U nsfor the meet T H giE
l.pported eidb@., such will be an., with allievents II
campaign as heats being run off
I Raymond fir.A qualifiers will get a
r. d Robert o W h5W. hir rest before competing
#Ad the Lynch. In a.finals
~ I~t D 3km 3.15 -I3 g a

w mi "Il S*a" ym

hmi. r

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you can DOUBLE
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the AMirHles and Panam
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Ot%0i 1

A mother and
fighting for the =
(Itallan M lDalgm


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C A P tilfi
o14 IBM'aLq a
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-. .. ..... a .-... ,, .+.. .. -^ ... a ^. .. .. ,* "-. J+-,' -+i-

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r :51, 1 "41 p.m.
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oplmish Titles)


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L -

"Let the people e t rut hy fi ,f

S-To Go Get HIe A LI

WASHINGTON, Apki1. 3.0 (UP)-.
Pt David B lArnlne from r-a

ther tmtimon today after some
of them r Il"t he peopslt a Seer f -

(Ntable" A ht be an ph tarkn at Mauire.
OMEN Marine Col. rank Schwable is em raced Fore base. NJ., last a r
f e u he arrives at his Arlingto n, Va., home after a The Army chrg th
rt of inquiry cleare him of any disciplinary ts tifid that re was "oete d a B

ing a false germ tan tohe mounain bon while he was a tMcCaRth i. to s se- dotken ? pi3 dhe ged the b *
with Schie and to belsI erho
Charge Stevens tried to rry il'n"d "ar lyv
ortfavor with Se. Jeph Mee m~e of
St ed the stormy tel hearings
Srn the pture e .. tbhy decri ang t r o theua toWa
-SGeorgnate Anavto a ors excused was the
subcommittee stat member, was secretary to stand a
UrnCO S ve Ing on David howt pee from fur- Schin a tow i
of them e c t onsult a sworn a1 talid tie4runt

rolte wealthy young private te a ae la a etne
S testified yesterday .bout po- stand to teti a bout the pho-
( ole rotary a .e itograph nt a c tday by
GTON, A ri l 30 P- farally uns hwble" ail might a rn chine had te, NJ., led et, the Mcarthy taide.
00 t of Inquiry cleared him of any displinary acting t e tr was, "doctored bY th e taken." '210 a coul d the-"b f i

d S. Dfakeon urm d easy pre onfessior Commun whiet bulhe was he delivered to tos The hoto becmere-ke
of a famous rerl Bu Coner. Emmett B. Litter ay R, which showed Jacek he n the a'm charged that th e
with d th hs. ly nsne" and w epele ens an.chne. terhne,
while a primer i his actions we ps in A s thdto e rlo thei., a m li o-t
North altere with n. Joseph R. Me- andt the ma eoiL Z weie Iddle of
miore- the prosecution Meanwhier the Defense Dwla'- did act know Who ,h .. a third peraanh- r Force Col.
^& urtted their cases, ment was considering creation of di o.- (NRA Te.ehe) Jack R. Bradley-and the c-|t
cairn beard. deposition a special bo iSto stedyhCoasknedt Anth ato said hclle d le r e"ehleok
IeoeSwlnner who also training policies for Americans thos he put t on a 3ny. (right) qaneols Army alrffiyaVriuneatS hintea 8al W telh an h l **
Sprion ce. wh may be captud in fute s smtee pff a Mcrth one ei Wai
e nd."terle ThD e boad s would result teh he lo earac
Gte ynkt make ar -e con f ria ion inae q n ui t Aantuestion:"he-sthe
romwtteeedLeembrWas secretna dtolndai
cna rs nafe a crt s cl d is- off itueI
Ingson how th 8 a e-S"-nd e ,etom heHoh

Ss Commre happened to t cut (.) ad erwa called tohe whe
0finrg El Cal, Marine M It a lawyer re they dm d f ff ished th
Sm sa bl pe us oa i Her D ohak (Rt astan uto tetipad consultant the h-
Itor ca ste i c out hites a al es o w litnes. Ida.) also thought it was "ao Mctarth7d
ret o betn, or lot. inKoe a pee mad Wasml ar waone INlot i ontror wchd Mo _nday by_-

, April 30 ( er)- ll arey unstable e fnde ght e ant hhane had tete eaed the McCa rings nered thethy ide.
D S. D denton ubed easy prey for Communist bulges, he delivered is h1utosa W."a, The photo c h am I key
S of a famous geeral But Col Emmett B. Litteral, an which showed :o akW, | when the Mrnha dwged tht e

te e Army psychiatrist, testified that ley, o aof MstcCart o tidheir seo duced week,
r res ntthe moulltaerm boy was "t leP- AFB, waso present wthresd"eno t o sedhewer toldRBl

lw fnat the D kens" n d courtIartle hensland.chPne.s w t o the
r nfor his acti" ns while n prison I A kte hmid _tha ..itebe ( alon. the e r ougee h
North Lorqal .e fou tated -the gt i that the-o---h-'-'-" d

SMe antwhile the Deaense Depa the in- talk tt and hopes ey
ie and said h end slee ly.
. The' court He maid he would claulfy Dick. mch W10nR"a third noersa d-ramatCol.
N&- r tod Mthei ea s on "asscon sidering- i ofdidse Ad acskRw l theaccused of ato
.i -n. eoard tdostino a ust Ant si toe study Cs un od~os -et oi ci oo o eelan s Me "r
aoWilliam F, Dean, torture of War pisoners and onesthaphotogr pMV a thb rder-- en.o eph.Welch imMy-

o o rsid alefor Ameriat s tha he autt on a de.g(rght)estionsArmy:rtStevens wA e roi tohea-

three-manboar od' f whs tr ,inng'. ac,_x,-,' e" indn Stoma wef d|fI
4a1 3411 dPrb= MM w hote wucm cf m ay be ck captured r In futu As ubc erm .t e f i. Moit-h o- nro ert __(_olot m y suddnl yrv a thg --am p. -out no.

atned Thre hebroad study would rest er ulti Of thatoheAWAh e t ateo *e
fahs ok AidA- from s ecelebraotned t camm which ee. b fl- a a t ippi"tted boult tAhe llanatda riealoneeut "o-
i hrppgn to m ake Marin te C o. Frant ory i.divisrw y 'I at ttt9 otandma le: MlW i th i n t antt- 1rhy se c onuhiib h Pt

ImBe an UdrreremnaiodolenC ontessionaatderie adhwere m In u cdneh
wcleare d after a otikent o hadLyp of"IIhb-Z aon-ed the Arm oparPA m.e
Nu k, Va ., .fareioeelng of hope lssnes and told... A... 8..e taid t had .l .
ren.mdd torture "the py 'atrs t 'at d "hebe.ieved A-phooh te s ef .r th l :
Go.tWn a l-broard- ewasprDLsea toy eh .01des.18tryd IEorl E d les adtl mng i fo ub rc t i
abou .'A hte Ar a "ehadrnowy~'T o adwhe te r ra

e pel dene oe cmbat' I l artea-- qreh.) -- i lwanted .to e ra r h o Newa.
ouuero ater as udeh red ae al te p o d

DacknoT ta t e lo eas' a ideskndtondBeli e .hJoUtAte
oa3ureat the pchtriseh o the alleged offensRs esebasie ** ainntpal- t W OE E W haotographedry nfit,
and broab- wasn proctuch am to keep himsfromd Aleavatfo .0ub le wcuaot e
he thISe d disiguo ahingo-e froom wape n.e.rngn dSH D .ry e atoaf e st rAt n pde fornchne dtw

h mtro.s C. o e d at- A R T wgot ime th Are Edward G. Roiihsoi, Jam C y

pm dpuaalnbegerm waare ig hoe. achn unti an r s he had consulted a "IttLE CAESAR'o and "BLI
gonlraodu t W elTerm a aawdefse witness lawyer. tt thie

told drive from Ctacker's Neck to tea- f yQP f. Cart, Cohn oranyone else onh
earle that toin her son's def Her Bharles I. Ptter (R-
'Fit ,Mid lekei swrudro hiyea- s thn eyl'

.ThefgcourtH dhewyckad he Fiea by theselohn
dpersonality"wib114tdo H ildoed a ,S t'lAdm wasaccused of tl
..---," ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ft4 C Ye.o ,..,. M. ~t here aond 4x ,-uwuo~._r,--m o ,,. i~~ qeton!8l~"
anial 'anfn tramr aa... .... ..]"S.....e ;;"e"s" 'S'"-__ ; V : &X r iakre.

J- 7

if ..
'- ,K

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9- .'


he ('jI*IjRALT *

Iluimphrey Boprt
i', two pacap*40


.4, 4l I w- wi IA at'se,, am1

a -
1. -
,~ ~
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'-4 .-..----'. -

,yY..- ~..

~&- 4,.- t

S- .,-. : ... --
, ; -. -. *". 4... -, = .
', ; -.


. -. -. -,






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* .4 m .. *

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