The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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.U ti eni ge amw i n sim n PImene ALm tary of State John Fofter .WOuBi
*nfiiB~BRo qmsi@asd fa *n- kega"n in e whe*y -f& much misunderstood proposals thr
-* united front to save 8---at
-e---Su iss e den ~ia be le.n el ---ItSdue.'i ap lei Asia" has an l interesting back,
t dle eea ds# nved. ground.
4a -to kedoIsmlea41-Hlabtfe se apw l"ath 'Tha idea is not so new.
of Sio we_, tho ian el sd In s pritest hat u It ii so t a surprise pae, pulled
-' auejM M *-ilijef ta j&teemts is -elei out of the hat on ve of the
*-j'ini G-eneva aiderece, Abd i-
*- -. o.. ..slilon to the

4'T .1' J% 1 i AV I L 6 O A and Pacific island c f_ _
~, ~ ~pose Communistpressln thf
.. --- a fundamental objeeti il i
policy for over three years. was
FINE GESTURE impredcal and impossible to form
IS my $1 contrbutionto add o t;' to payhe alliance er. o I
tthal t thyaoung Lather who was lined $80 becausee his nerves aspects
ditde.he notse of a compiesor and jackhammer. It is necessary to go bab to
l l excuse anyone can give lor permitting such th spring and summer r
b o abbatdl. I aoub, there i any place in the the egi-nI, of thisl
yl where the commanament "Honor the Stb- Foster DFU- was then made, a
einap it holes Is brottl so brissnly. speciall ambassador by President
S i U no war-no.hlni to warrant such work being done Truman, His aslgnment Wal to
Sa And'. ... prepare and n-gotiate a peabe
'iTile same thing happened in Cristobal a few weeks ago and treaty with Japan.
through Holy Weei and Easter Sunday. Much to our Dulles workm on this jobolar
t they did stop on Good Friday, but, not Palm Sunday months. He went to Japanl ij4he
summer of i to 'talk s over
S.the people living in the QCanal Zone deserve one day with General adArth ,u m the
Il'aeloh of peace and qulet, and that day certainly should be Japanese. He was there when the
Itindsa-the Lord's Day. Korean war broke out.
TIA young father had the sympathy .of the resL of us and That did not stop the Japanese
did just what a great many would like to do but lack the spunk peace negotiations. In the fall of
to do It. 190 Dulles dealt ipth Rusil's 1a-
i hope the gpod. people of the Zone contribute tlhe $50 to cdver cob Malk during the Unted Na-
hsisnie 'and 50 more to pay for the damage to the jackhammer tions se.sion.
was forced to pay,. Early In 191 Dules weIl J eI
.- A Zonlan nan a secrol time. The 0".waent
-r --- --..-..- to Australia, New Zealand, o-
m. osa and the Phl1ippines, -el-li
S-- Answer tP Pu A their ideas on the treaty-,-id to
n nsll his owvt.
Songs an Singers,. en h q me back to A rica
"_._-_-. : 1 __lh i6 the sprmg of 1951, it looked as
-DOWN E though the United States-might
D "v ,r have to maki a separate feace
1 ----Black I Atop treaty with Japan. After baYt,.the
Zee 2 Cut of meat other Pacific countries uahitve
SUagraPerry 3'"Meet me to make separate treatle oo.
..... tonight In M The third step-int bezJ .-pro-
e south -- gram was to tie everything to-
q jpborda 4 Carved gem gether in a Pacific pac,. The pur-
i Pera poet se po of me nt be to
iii d4U d m
1%11A ft Tnnn ntn gn -41" st~nn-an

7 Poem
1 "i he the IHur wors3Alger ian
*t ~hn Sica~ward seaport
S i..t ii So part 2s Ptt forth
Ia IA2 11 advantage 27 Ch*ked
"Pt Laureate- 17 Mudel 23 Bake
il asses ending chamber
a AsW i o lSUIy fowl 29 Impudent
.-'Ol- 23 Paper 31 Weirder
S* es sura 33 Antic
,V0 4 8U we., Mor banal

a U
S40Wody plants
41 Marls
42 Pace
43 Excavation
44 panldMh J '
48 Heredity vnit
47 Weary
48 Bridge
50 MWhammedan
name .

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i, y 'e buf f imll. brt this black
~ezniw a menny at aWesRt Bkerln

* W bituona lent.t t a West BedlinI
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,, ; < -. -. ,,:

^IN^ ^ elk.
.'. .s^ ****^ -*- i' -* Ad

t ai a an su aniiau BiM| *u
that an off-shore A-iaft grou would
be barrier to Communist pene-
tration in the Pacific, That was
the baginnittg of Dulles' united-
front idea.
The British, French and Dutch
were to be kept out of this Pacific
alliance to avoid giving it the fla-
vor of old-time colonial imperial-
Ism.. Their consent to Japlnehe re-
armament and inehluion in the al-
lian-e had to bo obtained, however.I
This was also opoee,dby Na*
tionalslet Chinese on Formosa thee
Filipinos, the In'oneuians and the
Southeast A.iuans whod 'h be"a in-
valed. ,. h -L
a. orAmas an& sm.wa M ni

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odc hildn Afca


NAIROBI, a British at If this is a little boy, he will be
Africa.-The raui have co e, iad the luckiest little s' in the world,
I am goik L tis becamuhe his papa .in h- ,. a
Robert Selby so and aun Mtu and the E 0at1g Cl8b,
I just stopped h. .anh to and tne youngster w. V_.av e a
supervise the appeara e one f iy great many unmuq playIes,,
first African godi *elt as unusual ables. 4
We are not BJqter lnnf Itn 1i. i He wil have a baby th1noto
picion that young Selby will be. a ride on and lion cubs to t -and
girl, becsee pisaa I a wrofes- snkesi and bugs aMd ho.. ioWds
selonal hunter amid we have alrea to frightens is, sisters W
bought th young Mellow such suitb. die time .he Wo 10 ybaj old
tat ma as .470 double elephant he wfl know how to traci and
rifls, hunting cars and such seout and hq will sever have seea
truck. It would b a shame to have a televltioi show or a come book.
to iade them I. Utl t.
one Some ame atim

S -


who will treat him respectfully as,
an adult, because his old man will
raise i V, t a ma ot a boy.
A'wl11 Jw.,arughvl up to be
polite to evbdy, to say "sir',
d 'j ow.11
awd W fL aln Ga ynd
tan sbritebes.
'-He will know some atee beau-
Iso tra loM 1= 1 urple
Province, r 9 f1% 0 "'IM, aft*r -OW
rains in the. Ma add Ie wmll
watch the Iac of life eve
season when telope ad
sat a. 4 ad grad ff d
.,yoqpg : .. ...:l

eTr, Alboassaer" I.u I a won isom = ; UncWsN ION UCWu w Bm .in m .a evw =a a l:w ---T Us unw-uff-wo wl .
agreementt for k, general Japanse asn innocent babes .,A the wihh it dirty., can taste if ypu' i cent-"
leace conference at which aiul. hunter are i t because of He will not Ow t nu aboit I wish I wen e ent 9 I
trilateral treaty could be ratified, the rains, and we have been liO vypanlism. or or I io wish h'd a p ang
instead of the series of bilateral tifte', with-m .ts father lbtding otods t n, ot s for ik at matse his appearance. I wamt to ow
treaties that had been planned, him comfort of Dn sort or ad0oth J; aUle orgies. He will ea t. o home and see amsati a the "
Dulles also salvaged two pieces or. It the 'il by gees an ier day, mike 'his owi amusements o dogs, but first I, must mhl surn b ldW
of hiq Pacific alliance. The first I believe tb wil all be hospit te arotmd hm, and e wl d is baby a21d t ha fe. ou
was the ANZUS pact-the mutual case out; sheer serve stal fd hi. fun in mbW horses ad d buffalo. You see I Iapw his C
defense agreement among Austral. andt' e remedies therefore. and I Lather ahf fatheIg friends, pappy rather well. dw to
a, Nw Zealaand and the United -
States. It was signed in San Fran- Bew

conference opened In San Frangresin
.... trWalter Win e llinNewYd m
peace treaty was signed for the .. '. I r [ l
48 non Commurist powers, the t. 'B
United States and Japan concluded MiV ABOUT gfWN cals t ad television stae for the Gander," dueb Ue t (Thb th! .
their defense alliance. Under it, tircaln ie tely after contoer- lies about me are all b '
provision was made for keeplg Mrs. JackB Glesomn's pals claim sial apei s have been a, t.
U.S. troops on Japan, and the u.S. she he o d a tram card in her, wrltlIezts of propagada ato the The femme t'1.)
was given certain bases. separalies l paitp. ease ar tus awapeii.".('etters to the.g Itemed here (arrestends ,= u wau* Thi-, d
The United States hba previously allegedly in reprise tor, etc.) Likwe've been saying! and battery). Bends O waa ltifars 1
given guarantees of defense to hP to the star' Co etcut retreat. ... the one assaulted Adsa thi- ,a
Phlippines. Mltary support had -. ... k's 'an"i P 1"truth will ome out i Ldown" .
lsio ien given to the NaUcnalit Marsaret O'Briln's mot sermiois c, t, i s amr Trhil Rven jta'e
Chineas on Formosa.
More recently the UinlteStates ma C: AWisrPdhter. l ast. i'oot exteriors. No as candidates for thereon
ha. contributed heavily to the sup. e a wek.. (Cost $31,00 WOO .) and 3750 Kalierwing
Port .of IdoChina. Japanese rep The ihaile. (Elsa Lancheter) ear: dW. V. Bb soitco
arationsagemienthave been e. Iaughteos??? The Gaborsv m"st have a. seo donc. College Pv .. he vote
aotiated with the Philippines and s. a. y Bva bowed o at te ... Pvt. 1st Class- a And
Indonesia. linaly Uited States The Dist. Atty. can expect a Mdiso & 63rd Hapbuti Heaven han, care Postmaster, Si an. trislonl
mitary assistance for Janan will complaint from a grL Regarding f -sa-La's ex, G0o. Sandefs. v Clso .. Hele L o8. Igof holtie
probably be approved by (orets a W. th S ter a "swimming ... ma Pa .Mail Ts wa
this year. parties at lrated alth Cdul LM t- W "t eeked it 1) belt lw
A h hease are Steppini),le7s t iPO( .- ." t s d & .. a Imili 4 su I
ward the general Paciicuoed Hedy LaMa and new groo tota Is to .w e BeA Co a c w.i to -,
front which Secretary Dul tried Howad Leeif Texas) are gun- e Men s .. Over notn --
to reach three years ago ning for. supposed-tobe-friends -' ....., inuaing proper vaei at lU1
ec e apreajling t mers. i Alk Woo da inWF.... A as ms 8 SI WD
I .-: .' .,^ .. .. C. C l we -N' (wone 36). -,w :1 "-
I A wealthy playboy will be named He bou ali .... .- .
O in a pa-pa arn action. The girl 'i 'q Wash o ao On May 3rd Matlts auCoi. be
involved hs 3 ntials. (Scramblqd: '", ahp" and re-aiaed It comes the Stock Echangeu's new,
lll TheyareBJIM.) "JHtid." e t member. T%#_ e / I
Bob Hope's desription of Earths ... phon clerk on. t .
Kitt; "A cobra in drag!" Acpuselty Set call the Duchess not too long ago.
K.. otWaiesor's u"sarrender" t a -* a
6' -. mdr h.ow pi Zisa's enjoy@in M w, U (.tdlns a feudl): Ms. It the Mayor's grepused .
Illi )ll ~ Mliss, Hutmtons blieimoon? higiand cae to the ML A s onf'the sales (
... ... ... a agents) goes
^* ~ The April Harper's Bazaar (par M dfl. Xbattwr Cugat (Lolale Ilieos bl hi:
93) has the nudiest cosmetic ad you A I) is pxpeeted to become. hir Mi~neaapoa isays
ever saw p'p ted. The models ~ f Statley Stalford, a L bere. Saving i m.t ,
name is Jullana. 1 m.lnt. .i I
S-- ... ... Of the -n aw e viy Av .imagp
Comment by Ursula Thiess: "I .lE. Lewis. was never. funlier sines January oile liall keis -
don't think a man belong in the wftuw quips and hilarious asgal --
kitchen. He shouldn't lo anything at aqeho. Vega. 141 St. Cr A singer w a, t
about the house." (Thless ILike!J ather miodlest) ce-stafs. li lihit S
From a N. t. Times movie rs Wall 8trfte hear Lew's te -
i view: "'isa Fleming, in diaphas k news. A court Wae d t
oum has me habiliments." (The il pedde a ntlr th 4 ap st
tman is tryta rto usy "flimsy e ui l

bask site tt news through A tr Nal t eorts e s a ad

the Of Dr. 3 Its aa
Robert otas a sur. e. a wi s. = ..'"
ty ris. O heer is F ra I e ao. .ts. .:
p W htv told the H- -:, -

-- A I; / ", i L .- '.--'s' *i. .

-_ .. t

i yo

&A na wsm iNW, g,-,
IAim ab his pest,sjh ihad c
tually ta Sears I meet thm e
other mn.tnof the subcommit.

ous i i bla Ijdeia ila
had W r a d fromgn
after him with his flats.
The President's economic' advise
er are more worried than they
like to admit over the spring bah,
nel 'booo.
Ike t for worry is' that- the
boom hasn't be. as b s ir they
expeei llere has be a 0-a-
s$al spurt of proserity, "partieu-
larIy Is the- o oto
But retail sales ar down, though
the figure has never bee made
And a flood of high school a4nd
college graduates will pour iqto
the Idbr market in another month
and a half. This almost- etai*-l
meAI "os unimemilsoment thi
sudimerilmess rumors of war in
ndo-Clina pick thlng .up.
Desplit .a pit record of anti-
farm voting, Snator "Jumping
Joe" McCarthy ies cocked a poli-
tical ear to Wlsmehatm rumbling
.coIb the agriculture department.
Theiif 'W der re: Ferret out the
,'- 'Pm- -

in th motion to recomqKi
.*.-wanted 4ibsI
mg to-70 cent

Id Bot end a
oting record, vWt. He
d Against the farner right
the commodity credit cor.
wanted to Ie rease its bor-
authqrity by ;2,0?.00,0000,
uld4ay'the pA4 WupW r,"
I no.
heolthe T.-mai adm:;j-i
wasted a st= gI1 8
i, MeCah:.' alp vote lo.
s tiw o ht bl'" "Jul.i.jin
a ate*% at 1': 0.." 01t
armem surpas ait as

im rai for naiy e

'a. k ie t- ui "

-soris -dmAey is pouring br*

mie anoil tye wh .
well* saim s eeji t

=C Pil, H9 9J

abds e for tl e.'.r .
.o* "Ti ble is" einarketmie

to be a itSepa r heA tie. ll
df M ,abims, nt JUtOr the i
t t ers ts

interests", B e ieo ..

a Hin 4M8 of beir
I* Iusta link in our aWO
security is reported to ho"
writtn a letter ti Dir."
Oppenbeamer. acteu mh
* hinmsel by turg

1949. Oppelpmwhae
am _

s4 ibrid4~i

- It

' .



~ 4







- ~V 5-

* I


* I

. 1 .J,

* 'At.--
~': ,-j~'~

i Mi


- r -

S. :~: -'';

, 7' ',
e.-' jrf

* -..~:

' s' .'

'4 O May 3rd


.: .. v f a ~, -
.. ,. -',o .,., .-.
mop W "' 'M
"Sl 777-7

SN t4i .
. .. ...


4,' V


*.. -. ;.;' ES S.E. ,$... naming
.bout. ow at


pg -l- t12 Count Slight Factory Imperfections
tx Twin bId siz e............. Sal 2.50 ea.
7 41i" Long twin b1d sin ......Sale 2.75 a.
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iuL. E 54*x 36.- 1. 2 count ....0.60 ea.

P*rMeOte. 130 oout. Pastel Shades
72 x-9 Twin be1"la .......h ....Sal 3.2J5 a.
S1 x W6O Double bedt size ...........Sale 3.95 a.
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Wine Bottles from Spain from ...... .from 1.95.
Ornamental Firurines .................from 1.5
Roval Haerer Lamps .................from (0.95
Candlestick Holders with silver trim ......frik. 7
Cocktail Shakers (crystal) .............t.f M}
Flower Pots (Ceramic) .............. ...R T S
On famous Bavarian Chins Dinnerwv aR

PLA3Ti--white, blak, solora.-..+' "
AaSORTED BAOS **-**** **
AFTERNOON BAOS '......--s.+-
EVENINGO BAGS. silver, gold, oqwes ..9.,9

Fine SPORT SHIRTS, ce* 4.9
washable, plain oo,
prints, cheook, stripis

POLO SHIRTS in colors..........L... A75 LR
SWIM TRUNKS-Plai and prins. ..4.
TIES-Pure silk--Il sobare ...4.2...95- 4" I
RAZORS ...I...s.-. .4"* .* .
TABACCO POUCHES ......... .. .1k
POKER CHIPS ..................***
HANDKERCHIEFS ................... f "
*' i

7w-'- .-


-~ ...!~'.*,. 4k-.. -
I *~ ~




S. A.



- .- '--- -: *~ -A
- C. -* *.

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Inool ; ;ss
-' ',- ., "A --

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* LI
4,- .-
*;t 4
.: I"

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. ..: ,'.,.^ li tl -.| \:

". L .'.; ., .'* *'
mi; L OI, ft


n < I ,^ i* j a'* .. -i b. L .


.. ,


......from 1.00

_ ~~____ __ ;~_ _____

~~- I~~~pl -_-~-i- ___ __ _I _- ~ L-

6A %


'*^ :'.






'4 tf~

SWASHINGTON, April 23 (UP)-Sen. Harry F. Byrd
. (D-Va.) demanded yesterday that the Justice Depart- -
)OWt start criminal action against .former. federal hous-
ang. official Clyde L. Powell and apartment builders in-
"oleid in FHA scandals.
S "It has not been officially publicized," he said in I
Slettr to Atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell Jr., "but it was :
8owel e losses in gambling first attracted the
of the FBI" to alleged irregularities in the Fed- OilitI I1
using Administration.
l chlrman of the joint He aild the full extent of the
Ma committee on re- alle&ed proflteerlig and graft #
I la= non-eential federal could be brought to lilnt only ]
S9 that to his through an examination of per-
Poweu was 'the key zonal income tax returns and /
l elapest to over-val- noted that the Justice Depart-
i1r aprtmIent loans un- ment has access to such returns. %
a asked Brownell to Meanwhile, Ben. Francis Case
.7 i lmmedlate criminal action (R-B.D.) asked the secretary L
Ie.tat a.apartment build- of the Armu, .1"rvy and -Atr
bai accused of reaping a Force to Investigate operations
l of .100 millionn dollars of the so-called Wherry housing /
1i a o in government backed program, under which buUdera
construct military rental hous-
.._ ll~wa assistant tHA cornm- in under a government guaran- '-
In charge of the a- tee.
ot rogram.
have charged that Ve *aid he has reports that
I If rs obtained govern- some of the builders may have -,
M toured loans on apart- been reaping the same kind of
i .Oleets for. more-than the windfalll" us are charged to
of the projects. They paid other builders under the FHA
ti on the excess as a "wind- apartment construction pro- cr. it IA g**d. .
'or capital Rain at a rate gram. -
tower than regular income ------ "That tak
Ox rates.
The j.Ustce Department Is[]
-hopeful a test case In Brooklyn *9aml T A
m ble. i to force these 'ST l THE DUr
ibufldw olay. taxes on such -.AK FRiJN -OS
Income at normal rates. ._ _

11 refused
the Sen-
, lso in-

The wife' 'ho' accompa
her husband on a business t
or to a convention, Is du
bound to be gracious and frim
ly toward all of her husbai
bipehas associates and U

-,.r :-" *

'.~.., .~.,





es, care-of Chopin'r 8th

- '

*;.. ~rJ !-~l -i .5-I


'.-.. -A~-~

* .. -I



t drink.
one dhat
-J" 3
cup ad
*t' deli.
hat rkh

SWIl \


"8 4-Ih.- A..U I

.w e EH o I --

I ^iE~ric!^l-

.B'A I
aggg1 SRI ,Wf *g-^-l-
V^^E ^*J^fi
Gk*^B ffe Bci

ad-! -


MIE~jnql~ 6"rB VSU T Oi
7,2 >^ IMNf

:wn-APs I, '

diefn Dated?


ki ll, WD / ORwK&iS!


Pow TATrrW aE A
S~UI wmwT~r *AMy lb" wMWS

Good Buach

f I ( '* ?
a "'..



- A
69 IN

O .onseue *


It's Chewy

We Get Of nera

Vw #2un4

Uuib pelasdLtl. MUtAIB

MA30m UWiW




It J. tI WUh5lA

- ..... ,. --.
. ..-. .;.... .

Swsors a ho

gset Near6 Everii
THEI SNT *dd hot water i
COCOA *'f"'H ll "
"" chculate f .sv -
nies Mede Right In the cI .

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kow" m^

v" ,. .. 4' r.

p~q~ it

Snl, Pi t .J N

at osresDto I
Thley mr he tc
Bruce Quinn UE
Richard Wriht.

,n adr a i utmo
SOterh a .d their
Vitori- w4. Nic
b- a pffrneal,
have trd iw n I
Xath Pram U.
Dr. and -Mn
Uwe among m
today aboAmedrt
from New Yoret-
months towur f a
mas, Teddy and
Former a~ddes
Mr. a n4N. H
borme Catnl Zoa
their two chidre
Tommy, arrived
end for a visit of
Mr and Ms. Ja
at their home In
S The,; arlowI pi
|sthm gbyplame
Or 1*hi5 accept
businfls manager
of Inter-Americal

world f

S .

SCollier Mu
What du

o lure exploit

Hi -

** thuEr,
i aI

.p M

:.' .ir^Srr 'ri^ rn. ... *f:-I f.o f. ,,lxevg wm r w zs m s
-i^fani i~j LlBif3BfBH^^~ J .-^O ~^H .* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H *^^.7W- "W Ev &t U ^-^-^^W -^^k Ji~ Jd .' f^A^&~' -f~. JB~cJnjfJt-JlB

a* aqvmw &4 at the co" Aga: for I aea bef tare s
abrooapgegto foCNt. t

SP jnlinoteIio- tlont tprolo ng
Eve, pow Al, ktie

la. accopant at the For^i"1-es-^ tra st fo I su* t Chrv Na C ApriRattantt wao br in Meoasas h
,h ...: nu wAt ,.ionAt:rook,.May M,:I /umed stnar ...

,11 1 rR,, a l er c aa .n hhe eb'b .
-by, ,, ., .. 1% .*,d
_,____._ c_ m rast- l= ic i. iP t M ml; St,,I,
Unit. Y meeduthen eai tat p' .... e ga_;.P,,. gu- e anIot. ned efLormrtho SO, .
SO n th inn tha P t lower had been aed

-m/ y bD'lr er r Wy, cepted h 'vitao. to -peak here.L a. .- the f oanatle pen .on. e
k .. The a e "Trio e. e wa y 1 two Toda r p bnch fter a confere, ne with a large Peran oaeInt and ewele- r

.Vi1bCaeto ...'eo a .. S i aS..'.sotr._.i alP fac almile mee out to bedom n upra t North Carolnat delegation ial Ba hall him- ,,-
Tafri a d 'hby Sains_ o_ _, -, OW Now. t r eet to the Am The .b be the ond wner in ui. re .

ewrest a u SSef rtmas, r4o toM w n.? sue ?tisw wr ersub el from the Naval Iir Peai." Obe o Ha cha e the head et a poll- mote 6uuu na of the Turkpsh W
,eDe es p and Bfrhta ad ssteibnytb a on taon, B- r l a n two A Empire, etna.m iay.t
'aSo Se.vic t ns a. d u2 b k.T e n I -n o. w. t M an Z r addr -ed a o. neaer for thf avennr g, wdl a l

kfL 5one h<5 w* g m^ T, The i N t^ "Comm Cnt'," ^0 af i fow- convention of Young DemocratC be "ed and the top e h
. a b.. ... Thatyou wi ed trailer I_ t l popularly called, la the only c l s Wt B or e here April -. will be e d on mtBtes andl i,- IAi
Ba he lbo Y. M. C. A. Che ope ak for 1 th population aaer o ed m ember o aha co
Ta r he Mr whi even at: wi o he vae of raw the 10th Congreonl D t, re multy of Lo Anelb whre he W

daog )ma a a pll cheosa tourom0t. rmoU-When I oS ow ots Im tlng equipment. And thiedloa ted by Rep. Char Jo was active ine th l I dr"-.W
cr l tbat open to both me. $ atlin A d an u n ort o 'e eym na wer tate'P only Republca haver tao n idn

Affa w adayhe. "pp andpre i o t of the he rats have announced ture r opf SWa't enforn wl .
a t a hets1 l0t b.1 r ebay lAfolo e tlt s of th. RepuTl- c PIa-s Aodm ns tae t n f tZ it-nthte a t waue an anoun can television tain.Prior t D- .

~~* itednds er l C Nat o Plae IAUe e ..e boa. came heea e gt regad n the diPetrie a-nd rrtval Io n a hhe bn t ce hhe l

asa e a trn:'e give, n is 'nat lh I.feas -, a e' a i.itato tpada, her the Iam natil the New lt -l
nbion irokte5sdMetllnea y mF d ) eon thar "or -t.. .. .... "'h o:""...
TheBeve i el u m "Trio c ca1MAreeuwaytt vn ddwle

- r i b y les it e r a n d "' r o u N1 l e I e at ea r aBts tr i a h e l e n fad o u t Thodrferas ad C79ath an by C g i in or homeaia an o maonnte u erp wcrtp Aa n i ith A me i b tw a

y. b wilS. te 5d 1at 1eis lb ofhhyepero ne fom the Naval ,rPe "Oyofts- lncbarttte t head a mt t hl f Tk
PUGH ii yWB Arm__ For. ep.Srvie Hdr oft aC .IN A
. "ant io ter Monday, i4:p.m. Nom- h B t I hat e :ayourI w i waa o. on ry t mo.t re a
in"abM= 0ioarffe.nI _.rU1 ,1. td-mo ftemte2deth fa d170 0 a t i- t. ,. m A S
eett ba l .e oe co'nvent i 'otY o ungDe m o ras
fiae. o the.ey o" re Cahael Nav "EoCC. er T it el addressed a Sin k rbfore e vn 0 fl
j atc.p iso91w ta It eIThisy cit yoaSte xtilte entheofGd'er e adu benMrt re wienty r
anleaete ss u bt : an dse life Mo soe tha n l a"om ot atah Forea mat- Pa t o ri hte top ea knr m e efnier oti t no BtheC
fore"Tr io youPl yorpIee wa S 'f ma h1111k t 11 o pratte b nc te z- i t arg Pema g n d

r Noi Wi tamth' r a it r a y wb't ef
.Wtot o mWes jij ya h R equipment o ti ssi s.,A KEb as active IK the ANTAGFa
fg ^Apr taecelo wf'hat you wat fo r the repst h ma a f agI cps a
IN2 Cfore00 Club d M eJbyainh ons othmepubic of thmapbe m mtn'o sellaewaif n a *Be In AMe

led win4ll In you and th IsIs e g lIs te
duinat Hotel E anaiga, tat- your wife.nk?"mi
Suraay m Cho wl m at *# evepinga 3S I e lle a*h .& W -&ty too ow t he e- l tI e .. ^ ; ro n. g d h h
*h .eI f s he4 Donb1'tr l tits | aH macfudg .- dra-
wI to l &.Chu nOera simple matter M ots l egp tthpra ge

r.... ..Mr. Millington .Y .
IDies; Funeral oit,,e, as.,.. t at **,, -
ffsbl Ct he Rep Novemberll"
Service Tomorrow 1otura i ri*ad-" h
Funerl serviceiwilll o w.yht ew. nextray pr n
aa"r._w It NeI ir
ooglda. a"to n l Ouri.entfy
iunn!rwileher' uh the, atsSl. if a the basic

been o ,an- studioon oft
Win for an. again In

-y to t,, Nan 1, duig t*-.., i'll-find about everything shat'l make your Se

lnice and cosy.

Pam-REF RE-SCO S. A. Our prices are amazing and you can DGUBLE y

S4 ook Thie SeaTon. o s c hereby given that the 'Annual Meeting oa. the.
tofoffiersforaof re, S. A.,' a moIoragn of thbe Shop at RATTAN HEADQUARTERS
.ie- .!this. be ,heI th. 17th day of ,May.
spit a WheLboardw the foren`1ad tale of the
-ims" to- meetLinCo" ,st a todyumont,, 20to Porto A Braeil 9
th US 4. tCrlou bOt. C @t:01:M5 the005141 OPEN ALL DAYY FOR
percedin st NOW ON WM. SPEC aIAs : outd.

3. raadcomsleersaport of th a b fof tM
so l hmootfeTsuud mangee,. t .9to i-
aHw to dt- the -*i ye A a ona ito nui

Don'to. -t r e e..ha

4- Y.44-

AM..., 7 -lII -"" '-"-" -
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..1. .. /,

/ -.. "' i ..' i

... % .

., JN'A .,. .. ...,

fl? .... .46i365..-;, .. J, ',-- '."
,:, I "...,.,.... i. @ _____ _____ _____ ____ v---"I
E .fi +l' I ,- n,,i .."--:.
.-.1, ,,,+,vm,, I m ~ m ~ ~ + .:.I



1 .4


7 is th-

-M 7.
C,,+"'++,-. oI-. -. -" '- -

-M.o.m.IN Au ko0*h1 PROF L
,.,, a.. U_ 1
p ice nnish FOR SALE--L vi May I -$I 0 01.2 TH- HEADVT. ..., ":
lvngroo a Foerd V 4-dor, lack $1100. Sinae it isso u t to mal ends
party ket. 2 a cw. ow85N134-I, Balboa. Te. Balboal me t ard yur school pp n A "
th 19th 20th m, .t F OR SALE: --194 Pntc-hmu, ep, A.LMAC TAO1BA o a ranged San
u1. e Chur6h 3050. p!o' FORuld be B iqA harv EY1r
4 new upholstery, excellent mechmni- for your convenience ye obtain. e ref
E, --Refrigerator gos stove,. cal cO tion $500.002 Phone 3- ng all necessary school p arel A l e rt
l : desk. pNo. 1, 40th St. 039 m. 4 4-7i7, R i ;d .., k *
____fi Ce3.-l 4 :267, Am =.U
-0657.FOR SALE ---1949 Ford Club coup tralT Aveaue Me. 9,n Pemime. f. "S ua h |
-SALE --Laving Gu 'ranteed "- delu*, radio, goodtires & enine. FOR SALE-Stump. Collection 30000 e orb e c .aal aI a. .ge t hu with, a,, ,, I

FOR.j SSA =,]:S2 PonCioc 3i00I DrO,. WNM" '
I.feolgi Ird refrigeratOr lke new; Ho-use 5-8 G.qiln R.s.lad. al varieties. Also .sortment of dupli. REn- I-..^ 8bA McCanSL -t. -
7-tube tradi d *th stand;od. Phone 2-135B. tes. 2165-B Curundu, Tel. 5227. C i *
h ;Y v lng I Isth m u s,. V .I. ii
t ail-d u ,ud r b e, t a b l e ;. .c, l, .9 ru.eR a a-_ ^ .- '. -a ,, |
c ,s.. Via EspaAa 146 OP- biWA; DutVE p Navy 2216. m 2ont "D all t" ,l, P 2 De. .w .
Sltu w maa entrance, i-) SALn-- %ono -hsr 'd WCoi ChdakPwm I 2 MU~PE'mtrS v mwtwsa es.
Tiep Tl. 3.4893. FO R : Chevrolet pick-upl 2-0620, from- 8 oat, to5W H oO pm .E f .
i got.p.. 00. Phone 1094-J or call otIFOR SAL:- moe era s FOft ENTs--Cha t r'

r- iatto. a ., layroDn. Cin7th ie, Colon. 16mm. orgI. .8 ,, O7 t, drt. oini an. T Cr thi cgor.. F. NOVEYI N lt
oet. A Vndl n $300. FORtoUig abodypick- s iMrg ns,. m 0d99. aw & arge or6

Qml Ft. 14 &1 nt miles) 0 A o Fr E -s. pdaxt A i to (ecA) atm '" pht '
o1 C O N"". F E NSA L E :, 1. 2.--n -a c -h r o W t h u n d rom t a n d i sco m o l. -. d in th t i,.

A W.e Rre Co lesaBl Watc efcs .hw ..... ... b .
Idflr 6 p.m. Shop, YmM.C. .N Cristobol. crte cottage, 2 L m"aII,
SSALE ;-Exc nt coindle i on: FOR SALE:-- '50 Ford Converti. R S^ALE- Accordion, saol, io g .t parlors & 9 b diE t d : K, m i nam, ccori fee or, o t
urn.d no qr bambooo ,ivingroom ble, Igod l o iflrlon. $665. Call Sgt bon Francin ., white iv finish Ices big kitchen .Vf fan cI"ed.- ryD v. Hot L'vy t Item- accor ,di a i e I p table rst ta t
S furniture, 3-ple. sectional nd 1 ncap. 242, ight weight, 5-trebl r baos a" S,. -".loeS thing di .to r, sm n e mer- o tb e t Wi
... Sl AIm '" """"i i can men do not know what kindt .
deek; 2 matchBing table Imps floor ot r o al 3109, 7:30 to 3B:3 ,das. FOR RENT:a Beouftial W ep gdrom aI e n. at h a t n ,a
lm I 2'41W strow rugs, -lI for W I- Carrying case Included. 2 baths with hot chl 4 Nor do t know the brands
+l,. Ias table FtOP+ SE wo w.iG.itho* re- -;. ihre. __ __f____4. .._ ____. ,,e.w they ua2e.oo : _...
auo g atA" a sl wah Wn refa e..n. C a "' thc e I OAR WRENr *lTeE Larg ral- 22, 47th Street.. AIA the names, thve d Wences be,. a .
ine. Phone 83-6146 after r ks2 or 3 d ayswork or every ky located, modern buildico m fr o aI FOA T1-O Tt ween ob.971 andeaaotther. Ie-
1016 B ana fnue r B. ORET 111 ko hwo9a they hase to- bu yhe week b er 4wy
SaSALE'- Gas water hleaer and .--- Reason: EI cai em
SJbumer steve. Very reasona-I ISITION WANTED:- Leaving 'Cf R SALE:- emale Police puppies A BXTER S.Ax not buy th eirown undew It Topaint the peae I ae. i
t. r i3.252. Stofe~ May 8.8 have excellent mreie 20. Pure breed. 46th St et No. P'ers. llShippe, eer has fae to that uabshing rose- glowing temr
I would ike to p'ce. Trustworthy. 43, Bella Vista, between pm & Af NAMIRA the l title woian--to take care ofe mer cturers *mly
R SAL.:-.- ctiornil divan, large efficient, depend6blse nd excellent. p.m. Tel. 3-3384. 2 -oom momrde ile this hore. and m el The
-corner table coffee table with gics with children, Phone Balbo 4153 floors, cedar close Ished and Ta ler Ta per te s, as tIssaid. to discover ida s to make
to6p o tdale Ith46,th Street, ,unfurlshed. Conari.l ""l I VALERIO TURON the man you.bsave to look at theth t
S, l. i S FOR. SA LE IStevens S s 10th $trant, ph_ M6. W m. pwom And to-look at the wo n1ot Uthe body ant o.
Tu NsIJ--, I... .ert MeoInsaie ha dATm- Ul ltra. sa you mu1t fiest look to t mood- '- -O n u h. p I I
teLp Wanted Reel Oal Esia ScOs11 1. froP4 4 le.tW. I, hat ee an y M* Tram science which has broken un-r m
tdipantdhil l .sst ConsTel.aihoffershis 0444101nM'der Swear-b WWomanhoodeaintor th r t
:-M-. to live in. House- R RINT OR SALE--Chlet, Just then that he 8tIsed a r e s 49 .. --t a nsoous; 1
oa -94 1. I- ni.ame r ..
I. References required. House room, livin? dinongroome on Vilwth 8 kola", McCari a- ,rr OR. ,d _. r b d rpe t.l ',Iw
ke ferpenc sooke qlrm car. ren ader and Ie su an t Yorkcharges tat O 17 6i o n -- d o .. .. .. -
i 5 1, S Mrgarita, MprrotNo 8 Also completely (wr. m A n cogn ans qI J.r tJqln 0. tDeom, r. epirs t lls lo A e L survey shows g w rut ,a d awa pull th
nished chalet for rent on I Sth.ti 5 m -idH I PtB E.. the Amemiean femile e oun-
S ro ised. VILANOVA, Cedr ,tral' H _enry o* ie.; l, aI SIDN.! MJohn dation-garment-res.y. She and her a hlisop n, eailhl oa light eArt- t cham-'
A, j!n#uq .1 ,LANOV e, ued t ,venas i ha or IA.a- .. hd.e o murall uaervtur.. sister own,,a*ft brasere wAy pa.eplaiz o e or oru t l
=_-FIl SALE;-UILDING ed okel"sky anarelre- Tel.:2.211 3-2111 Tot er, .they buy alms 25Mu-, om in terms of women'sl marI u It .*
rMuse.hop. Co rer 50t-Ij l .. sr ee. sa s.&I tALL WOR- MKUR I. t lion bra aod gl r dlsr i r, .
..... l 1F..rt. Son Francisc. F..l Army c, ou el. .sepl F, Nb OR tT-Fr ui *t.V e Mot ige
IN '-r "a..
Of~FOR RE :-n Belle Vista, indepe af~i- m hado a a by &the
Au dent n a t8111h name 11 hdl be mo s b r
The gal who goes to boy her das Is Antangb-ly conserv- we ts dar
tt6 underclothes P icks from (Iativel
m m.f I B rknow,.5" S lte:tLon-v-. From him2 experln he a As oBe tbra.e a ee-
Ma like:rry-Gaoa Rl e found woreo rea and eager o tve puth' e a ply
ewe n cl ware Ce E ao the lmret Dlat R -maw holde" re, 2- Treasure, Indr CireFt o reas ed om to ooet ral the
S .l s.weeksje .re6 sky emerging from Secrepr ot t en at the
a pta "I- for tall r w cksal Ilminary qust1on ng by su.- e 'L' t "a.. s ae s
;s :Iar J1 PoIff llfiS.1 J11 .
"K 'elook Na.u.,sy -. ^ M Ari lgaes To OK e .^TS- .
st I o'tlook IaIILtu y afternoon commik+ee coun ,+l Isy .e El fer El -nm H-tl. U" "1 U ID -= ... -"-
teo hes h y from CrisObbl for New York. In. king In Mundt's o-l ce. was c n a-I 6 Sat. i? M ANDiSE CLUB
to theWnai t on68-oluded In th iilist of northbound accompanied by former A.ttM. 15508. L 1 -ek_ II g.I
wa- Ial& 4 bthe as.eilzere ae two empn o o s- Cl.COes ,n ajm a P. McCraneTy. 4.wlIu--Yr,
.Os)dette a d said then O :--Mrn apartment, two Adia ri n8 it's apparel I
to m antri-, uWillirm 0udette andnado L. h Mundt mpid then hp e w,under --L.ylUPOloRl IIORI-si "W I
ml;wat Sd0 W OM- -Payne-awhe reUred from the ithempression Mcranery wasi ."% IrounAd. .floor, inspeited *RfM r h sm eI I M
Canal serviep thl month. acting as Boolis attorney. C.' ongenialsh 0 fur ae. The who- w l
redThe rMadMe. npandBrsengelr 14t intment nler tod 4 T sub hs3pd- -St .No..^ 5hoenor oFhe wr pi a
Sa tfollows: committee he could not person-I rPod 100. 4rd'StrtNbe. .5
:-rotment. hoor Aurr-- Florence Anderson; Mr. and ally auastantiate charges that OROR :-Furnished&unfurnsI. aito VI-tim Am
to Ameril0 an theories Mrs. Roy Armintead and do '- Cair joined cohn and McCarthY ad, military in spe w "ctmed nkew modem cARs wak the
ebruanY., ter; Mr. and Mrs. Benito Ai; -!in seeing favors for Schine. But apartments. Cool, healthful lcat- a rATFORD-O N-&V. ng-" and theaa..
wee e told a press cn- lano and two dau hters; Mr. he sailO d.arr should not be ab- d, table for families. Id Apri 28 (UP) LA 'ta- veterans a t b
Vhis witoes ed him JO 5?ewer and aolvdd until the est of the Ar- C: l personally at nnetr's vtea Yardmoved Into Ethe
r n ZSi :i Mr. Ind M I. my a evidence IS presented. Jen- Stdio or phor 2-1282, 11 Corl peare murder case" today ok 01- i theAn LZtoa,
Se ti and two hU- kin agreed. trt Avenue Ing for the who aerl AIary. b-
E r.r that oa idwifo during the celebra- W eek be
did, hthi -olher ai Mrs. John R. Bru- o s brief appearance I.NT. =A-TION QUARE '. V Uon of t- 3S., 3- I n the-hu*- il tnt herq. -
Burr:*.rr r Mrs. Michael J. on the stand, Colin said the IRt tlo7 in dthe day. to May 5 with untmArs
u children. iela g are uelai.l th oMet 1Ito Airp 7 ., _e .. Ithe Auxw i th M
Syour aid," -hokh On., Elwood Carthy subcommiLtee Inveawti- A*,Na, sadS e th.od OL.e_ | li-
wresident,atod Campton;Rooem i of 139 cases of suspected CR INT Apartnent in Ecue mAbiel Naesr said Bennett was follnd In the,4 braues on thp-
w- o PIn w'ar pla d .. Aenues. Two s 50 letter I- River Avon IaturI Y. T ,r.ceh..canrth0
'Mr ann d Cohn testifld that he caused raoo s in and diningroom. g-" four dete-- ves a --
l W 1. the blown-Up picture of Stevens, rae mold'.s quarts. J. Chenp-. s 12 valry of water 19th
S&al.- wnN ; Ro be t W and S n to eo. a ,u pliedto,..,i.of 24 19. h believed to AM
t Iunse je But h. eutf saidhe to ne tane tm1 e tohh, d-nte lw a w1 ah

ItL- a n ld elhld Wili nd Mr. Joeph di .oe t ee wn the Amy FOR RENT -- Iwo-bodrOon furnish e, M p er. ordered and te o. e rve l M w It to re I bdi

7",.... ... .,Mrs. Nst-,didents.mtahpartme.t.,./-. nhroom wrd opeShakef it fair _sI
rr d fs ma _itI nper p equre4 to kitdqre48thStreethden, kit rch odrr-fo hrsS a kl e e a e Is. V Ms o f'a "
%to;_Mr._Att" oh eo___icon._2 ______Teepho 1e2ptapb2". the o tlife eOuD ay. Those

Sn3teah"da nd Iar eaon e t c ut" tofthe t nt 8 O .. T.. J e-8 Vist. u .-ed w.r muhkar L waus of f
to---.dMr. h0 wb warib.."f .. d r m1 111 pr ( we are i n death.'i"

,E .r 1". "ow bet14Me iFORh "id o nett ho n eo Ir the- In .. .

a. or. .bill* Is i*,- *. ..
rn Hohirt pn o one" s ar es P w o wor ked atgthe TfI W-ir ta ad 511 "o w .mumO
T' .dI hI r O-R NP, t M r I t h. A r my _I nht hgM a t h e ., c tu r e F O R R E N, lei .k. ,m ftt l .1- .t o_ t h e M a e r t H. a m .o t h e -e..i"e
.t" .A S l, d m ...F roa t r Mv ill a g e i n n t w ic eW e e k A Dto
rmake It apP r T -othat Stevens and ctanto S111 ene G ch .
S oe ,,d ,Mrsw ere _-. ,... .. ..= I V n i n D el e l ieve d s he wseer.T O han 0K, W am)ad nmoeuiriver b

:, poic who,,' + ,tN eort .- ., + I










mi. r

eaww vie tn
Nelsedai Ave.

I.V lWoods Mius Gra I pismepal church at Port ABia
at -.zi.B .eo
p erhu a- And Nt N
V, cre Partims Nas
e Monday afternoon with a card Mr. and Mrs. Z. 4. Nelson,
t at do Britsb Consulate a Milwaukee. Wis. aneounce t
,tach birth at a so on April U.
Her guests for bridge were Mrs. Mr son I the former MI
Aathony Ra ond, Mrs. Elsie M. Dor We, of Gatun. The mat
mak Mrs. Jo l eroan eisl aA nal gra parents are Mr. and U
Mrs. Fa Kmphres. Morris Webh of Gatm.
S moe n laing eanaata were:
to Ferandeg Mrs. G u the
NInucfeI4 WW Mrs. W. A. Itorn.
Sm v for tea.
Lsfor ctds were won by
Mrs. Raymond and Mrs. Gonza.
Miss Ithert SAME
win Clare 5ckert, who
has beeo visit her aunt. Mra.
Clara Barber nce February 1,
dgy, en rotue to her home In A-
lWatown, Pa.
Miss Eckert has made a We-
circle of Wfdds duren fhr viit
She winIRb ememdinberd for her
part in the l's Mnstrel show.
Eaenhr mom

H X Household

ChaiN .00 itb 3.00 Double

ror IS... s& muir ,,tr-
donte~rteI'Mvmi it a imBom

Sft *r Iutme Dw I
GT fr*? -W mooifj



B T PAL-Moyle star Marl
la[nhad ha s mnk on a
string as well as on her sheul-
ders. Mar's pet, leading her
out at a.Hollywood stagq door,
is uMusuaL, Mink breedem
Claim that o.. y one out of
39OA minks can be tmred

.The help ftuttan hk e
I__ stelkhoiI

"- [ I I-il-IIll-*^-


H.j'y L *GSae se")

Hu~i~jtaft1-* "f7!SS'i:-

. WHO. I.

s. Pacific Side of the Isthmas. v-w-i da wl o. y

CO w TIP PHIS ae lowitH1 A tarag aa
31a moe"s psran o to Josh White' s "st
A lm aiTo (ag.o azldmwmrae...SM l elub lane. M-ed uha.all him InMd
I TO Cyit.) acted byae ax
the ,, _.. to be removed o
3ENUg gamit and t 1day q6 am doe-
t hrb Am IM ,tr1a *sg leg Isokay.
IIS a, P- #I.
ed a d s -attendsat her "Va Cu" t urt lb does a oriental jitterbug

minutes until other at- of abar PIJ AgPsbteekier:
MSSUrens were d to am- Hml yaafter compleufM ofdihe a"S^o s
ptatethe arm of the attend- sa I. a
ant, Oharles HMake 28, Kirks- -b a-* d In for *
ville, Mo., who had Joined the 'le IAglewood Country Club' sRounld oa maoFfro TV
Ringling circus only nine daysaZ= = tells about the tIfe how- ae se1"Rsl of
amaiieloosi r ?Ie l1so w aslg oes
Hicks las the third man to have ring in a movie abort and him Las Veas lauh routines.
been maled by the 700- ound the dreap shot of golf-a hole n Paramount's w e s I.e@rn satire,
a chlef trainer TreO.r "Red Garters." left Gene Autry

Bale said. He tos one of eight big Alan Ladd denies he's flrtin .
eats that perform in the center with TV stardo tdbut tar not. r
arena. t he way took. incorpor. p
Bale said he "worked" Schaf- rpe have been field IanScramento on Hkai
Dun last fight and would put Alan Ladd E teMpnlet, Inc.
him through his paces, in to- o produce "monuet pictures, TV
ataon Hicdat
no wacs mtil licking the man' --- Gra e d ing-e se *V
%Ion t the biri-hen I tr cast maria to "hat's Mgor

rythe beat rth parve.

bars, while his fan tore M -e
t t P Up meata S the oter A distance

running and forced the eat a- &
wai from tlhe bars With prods-

and rods."-"
a whip w le wh anm i his ti-
ag. "Tonidht re1 capry a revol-
ver,- hesmaid.

Up And Down


beat *soidettgt ere hn e"toget
to2ether fIn 5?vf l\lab birare-

worked as a choral group while in
the Army winI ery kind of
singing cham ip here an
Europe, have gotten together
vl, wnlife to work together
Organized in 1352 by Sgit Joseph
nBads at the request of hh. (;J.
K uenneth F. C o aer stm eh a dl
tae 43rd Infantry, m ,vice hI.
Us competed i aw lot others
choral grou aMd. was awarded
a srotelbs inth per tw o s rrI
Taei s terttwo tFresh flrle That's the pleasant
heir aetoaveK ed Sr w m sensation KOOL cigarettes leave in
iveu he rs eavde rg h
L=Mbour, a.slanshi. I your mouth and throat...for a longm
ldanld. A"eyha two, waft time. The perfect combination of its
=axias vw he American lightly mentholatedtoblewaeak-IKOOL
U.tttle a a -ICO thie cigarette that gratfies and refreshes.
that except nd o .
addiflonalush k osh Have you tried th Inw "fresh flavor"?
er e his hiudeeOW
is, a for w teacher In EnjoyitwithV uffofaKOL
.eacou, N. Y., edrschugo citett.s The cork tip kaep your lip
tbOught it would be a good idea from sticking to the paper and makes I
to organize a singing. Melt
WMsurray RosenwS Myour smoking pleasure complte.
t hgurray Redsen Se r Dade |e
had had pro I=-two m t
edeide lyo boeew nany F N t
emberas t the Iws ciam pas -
0i they coiad get tqdsse.
TO their surwmientey utthsat
Ofhe.. 01.h o e: a"lMl 9I
ohrbo rn ad r o In
0 -Army" imER sNAKE
W.i gtr ;fd toe cc -a is
Th"' d -11 "orVI KE .

REAPING WAR'S HARVEST-Armed wit deterton dewles, a group of ROa seNl ei "
into a former battle area to clear the mas oo they can plant ric The clearing was
preparatim for the rsettlemn at an aue earth of athe paral eby am 100 e i s
L. led when the Communist puwmd southward.


*. "- '--

Nw Im NCEN Na I W NIITAL We can't begin to te ID S
pow- a ween brilliant new improveufmts l
a* mw powt muNe 0sS. i. comfort, in performance
wmwMPow Iw mm TWIN fiad In the nw 1954 Nub A la.
*WINaDSOWS E I3NTio LUXUy tyld by world-famm Pink *
st ve ws l w lNi Alrte. CHICK THE NEW LOW PUCMII


One bloNASH AgencyPANAMA.
One blook from Tivoli Avg, PANAMA. .
I I I I II -.. .. o -" *







greater mileage with more safety

* .'-- ~
- ,. -.- -
** *~~A

! .E

S .., .-

'-'S fe /'^*




v '

*. /




U,: *

2 *IL

- .-

6 '.' 0

p Almost Twice As Many "9W
-. ._ AM "oBr-' Tfa
19 W YORK, April 28 (UP),-Cinclnati's lug- y United ro. .
ae hitting homers t a record p b-Ud they Th eommandia uise al of
tter keep swinltgg If they want to stay in For tOr, cutorn ~ d hea it S
plece because their pitchers are giving up al- t r I.W a breaule is gn a
e as many homers. jor general t -c.
Clore had bee roeent-
Tibbetts' bombers were four Joe Nuxhall three. Art ly for pis athlec plc McClure
iU the National League Fowler two, Harry Perkowski sa .he broke o rule b
the strength of their two, Ken Raffensberger, Howle auowing Private Ken Ventuii t
last night over the Judson, and departed George play in the Masters Uolf Tour'-
ity was of little com- Zuverink one each. nament. even though Venturi
became of the way The Cardinals, paced by Ray still was In basic trali ng. ,
ow Pittsburghers were Jablonski who drove in three
circuit drives. runa on a double and single, de- McOlure says he made an o- |-
are some of the vital sta- eated thet Dodgers, 7-3. and caption in that case because
o that keep Tebbets awake knocked them out of the lead, Venturi had been Invited to plIy
whilee at Milwaukee, the Braves before he was laducted Into the
Sitter have blast- pe topd the Gants. -2, as John- Army. "I felt I had a great mor.

tithittershay toped theplay Gian
homers in 13 games where- nLogn singled home the win- 1 responsibility. says the Gen-
this time last year when run in the eighth. In the eral, "to help appear." .

bY de"osatr Billy MenrYanln.
int at the same i margin by defeat the a Fort Ord-is a privatee
C nnatt pitchers have kes, 4- on the n of without any glory." The Gener-
e club's chief "go her ball"Clevelandt ton Bltmored

tkyuVlalentinatBos Dtroialtire n's arrival that he would
o r oo la nch i a re rained In a Ord because ofth rp
led re er.y h the Amerian while Philadelphia lioity given his Induction.
and catcher Toby Atwl. Iat Chicago was postponed in the '
Tat s why Tebttm ldwas glad National. The General says he has used

qmern d Jim freongrIs Rot Jimmy Slade Upsets this way: "Should world condl-
Sto Valentine a 5-0 leads ever allow the Army to e
before he Rues began making reduced to 500 men" tona ye

oA h l hm l t o m r e'u. t os SaW m enl ss l 'd
a o out of him. Valentie Hur'cane Jackson da aC.l. "r wo u t P0I b
bha yielded seven homers Fred Hurricaneun "I woud want 250
_______________ela BROOITN. April 28 (UP to be athletes. Then the citienas
The Hutrcaine was reduced to a Wduld have something. to h ,

t i mild breeze Monday night. proud of
o nD cisionsJ a-heavyweight J Immy Y
Slade won a unanimous decision
wa tfrom eavy weight Tommy Sports Shorties
0id ,-.Charolto-__ Jackson at Brook- eC.
BACr April 28 'UPI lyn. Jackson was a 1-4 favorite I P -A b
w ht, Geore Benton at ringside. But he didn't look Track Direetor Benjamin Lind- clv uthe
of Iladelphia, scored a 10- it against Slade, who has a re- heimer of Chicago save this night,g Ji
mgid decison over Kid Charo- station as a spoiler. Jackson year's Arlington and Washington 50oeso of
Itto of Havana, Cuba, last nightI ad a 13-pound weight advan- Park Handlca a will be the rich,- chtiO Whh
teat of their un tid In.,thorough- coindtfr
ht Audain event at Miamrl t. ere were no knockdows. bred racing. T e W hingtonoftapi,
enton, 161. had little trouble But Jackson slipped and fell Handeap il expected to gross in h ionly
with the Cuban middleweight three times after missingmwild $170 000. and the Arlington to hitter, Alloi
k i g tlng In spurts with rights. e sufere asmllbern pa i expected .

Ihead set the Cuban to the. he the r ightnd th m ed
.40 lfoor just as the bell rang his stylerIsstabueig000d
S a d the third 1 It wasni~t, only the second 1ing
knckowns du rng.- to-'1 professonal ughts for ~? -

~* *'*i -


Sized Inld o<
e batting twd .'tl
SRidge. JsgT W
the team, aManu
0o compiled a.i.. av
e games' upUJl i Wt
In adItion to euy
mound anpeazte
wiuR m a run.
lion were the dog1

p :`>;,';, t a

a i e n y,. -l ,

S R-A A,,LL.



f, iH"AWK".

.. an .


I the Softreen: -
bs. I GMene Klly

*. (In 'r necosri )

I 1: OS, 4 .11, 9:U p.m.
S!SlR tACA1.L In


GAP 0 R E"

S -a

hue -~

BATTING CHAMP Lt. Col. Robert H. Whitus, Curundu Post
CoAmmander, presents an individual winner's trophy to Tommy
Ahton, son of Mrs. OrDAe Beldon. Tommy a member of the
Curundu Little League Team (winner of the Armed Forces Ltttle
League 1954 series) had a batting average of 461.



~I. I

'9'. .

.,~ ...

E.l,- 16 1
.Li ...

-~ 'i6.N

altar Life, Is all smiles after re-
he annual awards dinner Sunday
presentative of Gibraltar Uife and
ager Joe Cicero flank the batting
average while hitting aafelyein 20
stopped in the second half play-
ing off the batting honors, Sjas
during the season pitched a rio-
s of the Balboa Navigation Divi-
of the batting trophy.
(Photo by I. K.Skinmer)

Sports Briefs
NEW YORKV April 28 -UP) -
Huneh pays did ald right in
the fatur Belon. .yest..
wp the y Ran-
, The four-year-old black geld-
ltx stayed back in the pack most
ot'the mile distance. But Jockey
Eric Guerin moved Open Show
up to third as the field of 15
rounded into the stretch. Open
Show closed fast to win by a
neck ahead of "Golden GlovesL"
"Jamle K." ran third.
Open Show was clocked in one
minute and "3 seconds over a
fast track. It's the second
straight wig for the Lester
Manor gelding.
Open Show returned $9.40,
$.10 and 8.30.

Francis, on the other hand,
has nevr workd harder to be
at his best for a'gt. He knows
that a victory over Martinez
would place h among the top
local drawing Mards.
Rodolfo dropped a decision to
Isflro two years ago and has
worked his way up to his present
prominent po tio0 always with
te hope of earning a return en-
gagement to avenge the setback.
His chance will come May 16.
The semifinal will be an eight
round 128 pond battle between
Sylvester Wallace and Lupe Pan-
cho. Both of these boys are ter-
rific punchers. The "experts"
opine that this bout will not last
more than four rounds.
A four-round "special" be-
tween 169-pounders Steven Ben-
nett and Marcial Mollnar and a
four-round opening preliminary
between Bam Bruce and Daniel
Ward will complete the program.
The usual admission prices
will be charged.

Fight Results

(Monday Night)

Tommy (Hurricae) .Jaekson,
194 New York, 10.
HOLYOKE, Mass. -R bobby
Courchesne. 128, Chlcopee, Mass.,
stopped Johnny Lemmons, 124,
Brooklyn, 1.
W BRITAIN, Conn. Tony
G s, 126, New Britain, out-
pointed Joe Guillette, 124, Law-
rence, Mass.. 8.
' ZIC England. Uber
a~n llerl, 106, Iy, outpointed
mlward (Polly), Smith, 141%,
Bermuda, 10.
H13andez, 1 ,55'. Ban Francisco,
stopped Jiggs Reed, 140, Oak-
lad, .



.tmAem fore power for ysea
+yarw ixBJiamts e l ofy rm at-w. Aa
fer amr io. kw-I'dl li ae n osw .
Or mis n~ ,c, p,^. ,

O,,,aw,. .sAsL. .nat msata"

.- I -.. ,' *.

* ~


BC .lto. ,. .

T R~fmIUB~qK asUIs
Ph l at Cicgo. Post
poned ( i).
(Night GIme)
Brooklyn 100 011 00.4 8 1I
St. Louis 000 30 20X-7 10 1
Roe (49).Mllik6 and -Cam-
aella. Btaley (2-1), Bra".le
&ile rand Rice.
(Nifht GOme)
New York 000 01 010- 9
Milwaukee 000 20 2-0 8
Jansea, Wilhelm, Corwin (0-1)
and Weatrum, Katt, St. Claire.
Buhl, Joy (-0) and Cranda.
ittsburgh 000 023 020-7 9 1
$0cnat 3 012 OOx-8 1 1
Surkont (1-2), Yochim and At-
well. Valentine (1-2), Smith and

Nw Iork 000 020 001-8?
Johnon (14), Bsma, Consu*
Ira,Dolah and LIaIr. ead (go
), MiUle, German and e

CloevMad t Bostoa. Poe
ned. (Rain).

(Night Game)
Baltimore at Waahlngto.
Postponed (Rain).

(Night Game)
Detroit at Philadelphia. Post-
poned (Rain).

Atlantic Basketball League

Meeting At Margarita Tonite

The third meeting of the At-
lantle Basketball team manag-
ers and officials will be held a
the Margarita Gymnasium to-
night at 7. Tonight's meeting
however, will be a matter of
Ironin out many details and re-
viewing by-laws and new play-
ini; rules for already an opening
date, June has been set.
Many .Ft Ds, never before
faced by the Atlantic. Basket-
ball Lealuehad to be over q
before re the deison to
ai owit e, loop ve e

cal boys end In quest of the pen-
nant. Powes a name ano s*
nonlmous with the Atlantic las-
ketball League will feature
many of Criatobal high School's
championship varsity quad ably
bolstered by a number of the
plIay% r 0tree by the withdrawal
of. unsport. Also,' strengthened
Mb new experienced hands at
th cage ise the Gbraltar
Life Insurance five, tiJ' year
mnmaed by Noel Gibson oup of
the qb C eformers of the

finct league was reorganlled- the arj-ri
1945. T7 e 0
Six teams will rUcipate smnto this.eet
this year's completion. For the -
first time since 1945 the Plc
Side will be represented. Albrookn
Air Force's M and S aQon CO O
has applied for aid .ben.grt-
cording to Qorporal Catw ue 1C
who presented hls team in i i
Thur y' meeting. I
The avy from the Aantide .
Side will be weron presented Jn
the loop with three competing By 1
tar quintets. Naval Sttioni, de-
fending champions of two suc- The Cuban
cessive years, will be aiming at ed back lnte
retiring the traveling t0 hW W3oa
Three championships in a row Pa t
Is eceery r permane Ps- ca
se en, ooth robLs# sk val .y p
station's 8ca i oiasm*n mt c
that the trophy has now found be&tlte
a home. BWt Fasron has Idea.of last]&#I-, 4
their own about' the Coveted a- only'k 1
ward as does V.P.-45. Among to 4, 6
these three Navy teams fans hea4er.- T
can expect plenty of active ri- open Ift
valry. andL haipo
Universal .-. tl4 night
drawn from 9'm Otta
but two powerful civla toea u'ta tl
will, in Its stead, hold pp the lo- Web

RIOT.... U C ...




p.__ ___

cannot attend are
nd a representative

ugar Kings


United te .
Sgr Ringo boune-
6 Inth


-$1.10 m CA!


._,w :

.-. T CM. 0 --
*.' a ,.' 's.

''I -

I I n m .i.


- -- -- I

," 3


L ";:" k. t
fc i.- ^**StS&. -' 4?'

F, o


4' 1*'4'

IaRA hnmai

kwltr~ frmk Jet-
aViDOBD-h frttadmal

1111111 .. 7..


do Iae ., ., ".1..

2EtsW '%Z^ 7n twzine: & 1 m a
t t l th b a

Ise.. 1. theeelo

a nl shate d to k ep teetir net te" nS u fl1tet 0.a
h.h .wrec a'lgf WhoittIed ewe

gor esesth a algbbmthe fo In'our-lS-suve en
abet elc*t 1' Le.~DIM, $.h
....,P Pou h~thh se

iprat s7 ~, wt wie User pe; at. s on theh amhoe htd bel r next time."m m
I Mt. M or.f".ee .h5it I t-hly wbieh Co.- h Ifleld hope to run the third line
* eO*/- t oa utbmeed el bour-utzute atien t dia ruu
_MniNDIC<.nJ Tte lorm. nereaua.te.. desert times like ^ur-oh- ^hel^'en X w
CIU TVr, "7N IIIely their opinion of 1,hi. Sk J cklefly. mu, Ind four-oh-s con- .C. ndIvidual leo
01-119,3mWms 14 MCruC.h lwur-nn-

t h o1f c ut la ruhuing heed on lbto a fould ndal. lt'e got- .obies aierted thas oe i tenlieI or the ot- in-
Caeleth 0 5ic wet mandetthn cors ele I the itn, thont Pi^^rol iK 11 we old he tha uank esw. at o ict says
WttthqthdflS ftnurttt ASIO

ever thy g n Iboto's for wert o them

h tlp tn of t layer. phony hand p WIs Thus Ilt w l seem unden- ut e mle .' p

.In l orld alone lt wthe n ta e tw hh the oeqod d comeback uttin o athlete in the

CalwtteW 9.011 w he a lhas had to make although. Drake' Relays at De Moines, r the heave may not
Sae ta a peep. too, with foge until mid-June bere ng him anee bared the potght ano n

tust. le at i wh e r with world chhon ot putt e w w
, I /e .f et nete he r oot l b ae, w ter Parry OBrien. 'Br 2ien 1ut 0e1t; f a t

. t as l Ip,,, rag ma" i -,o have Salnt Wu o eay. Th e isth a W e ya ot l feetK nine land three Rt Committee melta next a
the f'a eu Iheumveo

m,.? st ,* o j iso ,aainst.ol A i m. l t t e 44 ctite tve quarter che... even and one talk te | i
tlll.UI l _sat .urn .n the u remtred Somthe Mex- Jayhaw to four rela- vfl---- .14--tP Oslo competitor W ISE
0e athe n ue n 100..L u flea .. helpe t.twoAmes- a require. eet

K ;.I BLLFIGITS nC aw, .our OF DOO S hh
kep. him hai says for ie

.T te winnti tlt--Jaue b e .-Mung. ht s IiH 1s rd the ap lgt nt T
p 040beeptoihnoe9011aa k1 starter.dw ithworld c hpO n Wihil t pta. heet

', ..1 ".t mee hi s hfl .t t' ret adinesnon c t -' t "
-m.enRo-s nt Committ e
Sam, r e r 4 u. quarter es ... even an o GO

"t gMost of ir spend a o eta rs
bIee. w eJVh wal of anthoa doo n shunl i

orking w.e .ae* ',^.,,. ON AN
IULLUafli ,le cbfarhl&nereblu I pOU Oo to do btn tW g 1
1i1s6 AU 11 Z- 0 t, -bu p With Wh i tfield to runis IThe ts ^d ** ga me..
Ma*.'wsshele gtue lead- .s
,Epnantb ot r butd his- I* .t '
bac S tedmt101er hs in into 0 cr
tIF mrk.Iti 4 T e ready "I Isho thMouw

The.Dodgers WM-+. Ii. In down-good.--, lik. e/ut l- e.Wh- a h .- .
S. ir, oani t .8 duhy It o- C1 na I

ga.--- m e-n ....of co I I, is i W te on-mhgl et f ra l s IvMesBu to orit
-11 velWy Wit r.--wit s.,h etIN9WaSneeo **A ONAN

t But i as fontl Pa" lsxitt- Se VtobAeS t
Mawt him a aBe


ij*ll aa raaa Mosten of utsthunwO W s pendigy; to
-dealfi ou lando av w orayors IF
ban~nj stu ha r P 11n-Isoe s iie ritblde ,pI uitbw to1s

IeeWW en. er A"te o m p crsh sv -
By _. ,, BEANS m ,, -, siderable dlres the ab~lit, I.
a weather cang
.w o. I f t.he slo..o pen-,'L t oo "*B 7 /nan-ueto Vil etIt cun. r on a woolly bear cate lar ua a t ..trw r
"ltwnl-lto'SLG t.ts tere. t-o ee If

than sd t o.t n althree and two an he batter, -teoo eetoln et
l 'M.wi a ~--"-4"a.h:e- tiUloesc of nr a sqrrela 5e -n
Tbpofy_.nd bubii ndimibe oet-n free.-

theMk -toju, :.o .It woredallov tefcunreablt the S. smInts6 w a r fisermannh-iI.own
and .., ,In= &alne.a stWmt t-h. .'i Wend of e who carries a a" ----- + .dI t
At of the Metropolitan Golf. Ae .. at 37 th is:u JlYwaYsZ fwme metor wa-ov kit endpaysw it cale2, dly forth for a seths nor-
d t-o as. .rawxame~l-Ih.eXTA DlresLas -- HOUgsTe ,irst O.... careful s ar- tanathe stoatt e dntih- 5led 1111ne. thornan atlvltie, stor
earl Iti h mim" l e ohs. t score. Most feel winter he st sno t a,,0rm
t InWHatw1pep- oinn ie ifhimsa nio s hare dstesfabteug d e sofa so u ghl st a-
Ete W..iqth war.db--isateseotptrue rj".... .time and sov t n the

'" ..: "vh a l f rm average beat wes of .Cuttyhunk sev- nb genite to
............ ..... .. _........row.... .a...and Islands ha

EATTL"EG usfufnh -a'"o-o. k. 4

mr t WAS.. .. -. .

imm- W.u.a i
bto the effect
h rerein lb al
for hia swn ph
m- suh a direlt

t A ho B df r t
beo.r .the
could e for

, Mdla


, F & 'rialln

is.WS- R


ve Ils

Wt kdet personal rar,
Sincerely yours
George A. maton
April 21. 1954
Mr. Jefferson Joseph
Comion de Bozee Profeslonal
de Colon
Critobol, Cana Zone
Dear Mr. Joseph:
Your letter to me relative to
WUUe Pep was forwarded to me
front the .Nationa Bxing Asso-
ciation headquarterss n Wash-
I iton and arrived, at my desk
My term as Prqsi4ent of the
NBA expired at Septem-
ber, but I continue to re-
min active on the Exet-
utve Committee. My succes-
lzecutive Committee. My succes-.
wor as President, is Andrew Put-
ka of C0leelfnd. Q o.. I have
Since tt o. .


Daa's -pel

fWy some
ib' a ,

keb tad a ki

S. ar... C', -

t a ob.. Alw



S- ,' "r




* ** lL
. '*".1

I l:







ArC .7';

Now doesn't it stand to aneas
that the tizre that give t ,a

number of people is
the tire for you to buy?
'0 0 I' f





- -tIn


T .'-.w
** *- k ^




_ --

,: IF 7 ...


: ,"*--



I, -

- ..' '. 4-. ;- .- e" -. -I ,
us^#l*Ii ~ik t*ruA mad the confry is ale" Abraf~mki

rARIA~ 2. P., W3DNM3~T. AD3U 33, 1054

r. -# .#rn

WTON, April (UP-
IL PranK B. Schwab!.
y of any dig-
f I falsely Con-
warfare tnder
'e.; t his future career
usly impaired "
SShepherd, Marine
said t Iat
However unwilling"
ieW hi etn ry by mak.
eulosah while a prisoner

WjaWy ebert B. Aa.
i hee veteran e eer
ri,, eIpaired rshis

a. said Sebwable'u fu-
Pog should be re-
i 'a type making Min-
lad ilder their mucess.
rthe nii u h e ee.
..A t-AkIn

Charles E.
decision as
ef. C9l. Ed-

Io Mie

tar Confession I.

s Disciplinar.y Actl
The wine, C. Thomas A. Thiourtoadke4o recoammen- anidI"6t left to
Sr.a O ackbu*n, Va., tuei do which, WI J son sai d he W or a
S last FliF y that Dickeon, wi-take under A rtent ont
who first refused repatriation and 1: That the -Deb t i fthe issues
ehen changed ij mind, tipped off thft ,qiw inbtruel6na "rel-av to : hlwingi was VI
the Reds to escape plans of four the eoaduct of Uied States. r prs
Americas. a persoonel who. may. become .uvBi:eopnventoi
Dipkesson's mother Mrs. Bes-p.bPv of war." s t give o
sie C. Diekensona A Cracker' t Iat Lus lbhtlctiins e serial nundr
Neck, Va.,. arrived to testify for bin Ing o-atl the Armed Seryleqis.
her son and eoplled outside the' -
hearing ro in. Doctor sald itle .* ,
should b a t testify later. .....
Capt. William R. Sadish, an Army
doctor who treated prisoners at a
camp wher6 Dickenson was a hos.
itaP orderly.
He said the Men .he treated did
not complain of Diekenson, and
that he ad never heard a report
that the POW pushed a sick fellow
ri er down soane steps, ciiaus-.
ing partial praly&i.
la m i e eli, the Ma-
t&ed Wdei reested temure
"Ns the ft of Ni ailiy" and
eI id eisanmles Jailfieatile"
Sbverl Air Fore flie who-
,ere captured nade similar con-
felsions whKiheb were used by the
Communists for propaganda pur.

UlUids Lmn

S. h 1. t .; -!-
S- o ax sptnd of taking

the"' JmnatinS put hotthe
on d. 'he what i the threia t tof booksul

at 7 DpVI. I agree with thn gh."
1.4.rd Jo eM d POy Tm Neron lw
i-s I tve form
A'woiqde wDa em"o ne
S(11) "Youaloon. o plan for de-s,
Sa- f be rIe wo e. ..aled that W
a ll in tign way will they A talR
l'i- lgIp Iar ee with the m." __

thi e To Let Aussie A oamaUt

S b grant Moscow.)
,... e wnwre ie n te ammedth
loam -(The r Io ge
Wto ils emb as m oW In A'stlia

H AusNto"l Hew Adutralia at about
b K inot Moscow.)
a r^ : *- ; Meanwhne In LUndon, tht
friaBMW b a bo-**iIan BIVUAN > *j-iwr _jfi injli-stil^


t ." Pw* O1
Inf .hasi

Austateme athe tia
armer tBatsecret police
lbAustralia had no first

would be Ompei Ind 151.
hash Mosow The statement said the nl
I w. motUon Is arriving froin AutNiV
i. were i where Petrov surrendered tW
-gtrd thi'weeks ago. .

24 4 UMA.aomt at waK --oiCai" 4.'-- -

AlsItAlys Instt Pan

UAKha ended his two. r ifficulty'w ,ag .
W caRa wrangle with RI- "4Ti rti, Crum 'er d
yest nraiy b e -N -, vnted to. mte
bearl 'ltoiT asmn has spent
eW i. ..,het i.. exar,

j .n .t. e vi er fau3 m -' wfsr~turn-
to hor b otel suite
tee. 0.%"Poof
on A a lunch was ordered
in- sent Un to the suite for Yaamt
anl abe tars fourth In but -a family sPokesman said
the eara of 12 mil she did no t eat thing.
Idn African Mo- Crum -menwhle h devoted
I' 0 h much olhis me lately to Iron-
t ost now I held by her in out the legal difficulties of
muiy wealthy grandfather, the actress and bet mot recent
Swho clais husband, crooner Dick Haymes.
At fom tbProphet Mahd- Only Monday, Crum accom-
.panied Ms ywoNth to chil-
m aa.'l the terms wei dre le'scourt in a utbane White
.QrO1W'4to, previously Plains to fight csrgs'YaSmIn
Ia rrugAent providing and her half eoater, Rebecca
o'.f$10,;0009 a tWles, had been edected.
for f ntpm in judgee Geor yth ruled
-Sp es Old. That the Va had hte egro elected, but
Sa total of $1,400,000. not y their mother, who was
isia to a about 18.000 vactlonIn orida with
imi w./ support un- im o en t charge was
.n%'ifreRiknt I "I wa allowed to keep. cuB-
/YsiAnin I tody of the irltS and promised

Wd ca met carefully and Haymes are settled.

) Shine'i essee
Army' h ,
B Sn. ,

1 .,or
S that the An
Mh i,
neas a 4 *hoht alt his
SlaW tout aof Rledi at
McCarthy bro
t Dix to that
It highlyh l' ,, coWtm-
oi t Iulu be
eweared wit o ln t. ee to
jaaWtr." He m that
sbft wbe be bougit to,, tar-
a m a party t U., t.
.wen. Henry M. a (D-
Wk Ty reminded Math that
McCrthy himself In the pst
o made chargesay ag t men
who were not prInt.

Mtobe nillb el Oftoday"'

tWry i the he*rB tht hbe
Pueh o tho trtlunyI,
ty e~tadicty. not
4 meAtr do
Sof he MNy w *.*
atny alHdi M iaedi ately ha
rned S ovemn that thoe anr
M eCautl iurto "through

ae to c".e ane-
Iat etrhe d' not want tle
WfreI on stopped, that he

objit o nage to tie kt
heatitlnd I Mar e was cote 4t-

ant c tate D the Army to do
S htMGrto" amale y a
I L Is c h le f
e0wa*en.he w"del

not ara or,"thcou rs e
4. Stevenr flA4ty denied, for
the aec ed thfi /under oath,
dharsg b McCartlhy and COhn
tht he tried to gt them to lay
aft h A and go after Aub-
Se .r Ftorce and Na-
0 "Up. the charge was
"inSMUIvocal untrue."
MActt~aitaAlmf K a F ar .
Mu_9dt (~rS').) said be hoped
the tt. could finsh
t-l on=finalseM feoday. .
Cto ntine eroA-
exCa O retary fra
welk -gnthln that would
thr we~ wk timetable
othe hlgInOut of whack.
The'Adrl si8e ehst acusdI
McCart Oohn. and subeos-

tee SawM 'to halveI its -i

monitored telephone convesfae
tions whieb firg inU the ocie-
As t^i afternoon session dr*
to & cla, Mundt returned to
hli de-MAd that Stevens ipOi
out args against CaMr.
HWmd owsmen he would w-
altX, SWteen be specific a-
boutw he peronally RM
ag Atut Cary' or withdraw his
chatmS Be added1 hwevI,
sue I&wait the testtusan
swore yesterday that

(left) 7IlAgt J1o
Bryan. aot to sit .

told. thjoWm s
would bhlt.4 a "as -

commlit T .ga the n-
ry oa
mst 'Feb. n the Poreence.a
Carr. eb I
StevoL te stifled thaitS o0 o
sky1 pu Pnfpr, to feprgiat Mc-
Cart& iLd McCurthia Invedti
gatlon of alleged eonmunlp*a
conducted reasonable t
or enIdedf chbe, ta
McCarthy aide. received thmu.
clal post.
Steveni made tile atateAmni
under oqath after, Cohn, str
that Aimy 'ortefll "not- once
but many tlm threatened t
Issue a report attackInghim an
McCarthyl. the continued the
Ft. Monmouth inulr.
Under questldnintby Mct-
thy, Cohn greed that the Wis-
codsin Rpub iean told the Ar-
my official to "go to heu"
ohn said tose wee r-
thy's "exact worda"
Steverns tsled about the

8 n also flat denied un-
der.. th three statementas.Bade
Movartyi counsel's surprl55AP-
inbcident attthie cIlwi

Coh was called to te.C
S-UM and Sehine yheh the
Army charged had UOM "4ie-
torcd" i an effort to try
show the thwo men in th _le-
jbd4 67n i ghn doh r th

ly aIde. The Army.
"rle"s and B e h O.t lW a
Amy.Ab rgd had ft /l"

ued "Improper means" eto e
eal for Sphlne both -toafe
a fter he was drafted at
d tMeCaorthyd nito .
hat ed othat e arrn K
o Slafte h Ts drhofted t
Ybakwl"them inft.
D!Ft Monmouth -,
R name of Ookolt 'xle-.
dtcted columni4t tAr
reatur- Syndicate, firrt wal
j@Oed Into the hearg
on hPe 0" l

^ i'. i; a.


4 4)

r "".
4 i.

~ -A- '~



4 4


* a

pontat. ON"
Stevead, tIs houl

- 1.

The only Theatre faai i
^ .fr


,' .

*2 .


V ",


By Walter Parkes hd Ralph Lone


444' ~ 4
.4,*.~ ~ P


1:4 2:25

, 6 I "5


S' i. ...' .


*. 4
* t
~ :

WA-The World's Oldest Woe

'" r

- .,_

4 1


- l:C -IC.-


s .teIs ..l. .

Mel to .e



". i,

..*:. A
f T af S


W_.-7 .

. 43 1

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