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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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'trtion tree solid yesterday ,
to thw Aiderican troops nto tli I.'1 hig
France pulls out. .
The source, who wouad ot fl
quickly.mph t fi
quit the-Indod in. fitn. ,,
He looI' od4 hiw iwtm CAiMsmUtst 1i
Asia con-be without Amrican .tr
Fr tch d idtish a.
President Rid th u tdyen

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Re ,has tma

He said hen not obstruct
MR.dre the b after Pre-
SIhet Truman g. a aq-Saed
om it lm iOS. ,*
ltz&e rio nameor
wt reg atn-
was o t rule that
... o --_

WAna rt

STrist .

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er quon be la
miuty Jut frts m lmednt
and annurace wftany
foundatlozh such as y own
cUe, and the lU U baus for
any Of the ne I have
been throughL-
. Asked by mer whether
Oppenheitr m anything
that wo .e h, ., rea om to
eek Im Condon replied,
in owenatp, NY et

tint jtRo im.a .

Reliable ourcea Id copy of
the letter, *Ith similar
one to CA12onr- wa, Sa f
Were obtalued wne c Em*onolut
"e Bureau ttOf-M.rtoutaal
his present pos with ning
WB_=* SSWI,' wCdonh w
baodiey that Openhier

Appr.iaMtely 2*00 nI
ForV or us.

men and oleena franu

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Pfvnevw Frt lur


toato thep bnu
gar .
The rt of its kind in
wrench ,l-t t itooy. plum-
meted thi Pgot odier
right Lt bAet be-
treat S '- stand-
or-die ..omnualst
rebels Who -A foobthold
on the cyp
SNever be euPrae ant
her ote mia bat-
tie onwsfyMk Sle. h -m


In lrtik the rernmment anm-
nounsed thtm C hChrlstian
sAn81 let91 at ;g
CestraipL O|%4 ,'=rat d
the ramk of r0lPs
gallant f normtrp
thellt. Boqinwd pa -

In less -thejn bI a
ien )Am, t a bew rWoaked tol
1e,0 14 o-ng

Rn .= $1
when l
li =ad

go-i i :

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er whch d i5 mad<
SUnited btat o
Sg one i

p asutr anm If
|e~slewseM the
40 dwsO thei

rore as A/ Rtoer Hfnt) of Na r, Ws.,,
ead A fiy (ght) of Oreenp KI., explain the working
of f ce e to t. Ree Leba of the French forces.

the French, and BDitmh dae.
gNtetoo nea meeUIng
ll wMint to negotiate a peasc
In Indochina.
The offielal voiced fsr that a
negotIated pce uld mean
OommunUt dominaton of the
amreA In ashort ti:
HI ts d the Vletnam--on
of the native groups fthtJn
Communst-led rbels-.a Ro
yet ready for complete indepef-
dence *nd would likely fall un-
der Communist ado tion It
given freedom now.
South orean Ambassador 7,
C. Wang, meantime, acqued Uis
country of t toWet up
"Zuropen =M0ina B"outS-
eat Asian llince that would
shut out nations "Which have
really fought communism la

L:e Rnroe On Pregnancy

Tm#Jot Yet, But. i Want To Be'

SI.atW swtarmsw

involved then
"Another Kea

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Exdtei of ArWMM t

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mo....e. h .a ..W t0 ir ow.t g
q. "i oh r s df o len
or;a ofspoi* the.



'h. We have grandchUildren back home, and I
Miy lnove anthin more than their own
l nlf t,. We,'sl many others do, send
iU .Mr o0ly way to ap"u them.
1; Mn TuesMay of last week we went to
tu the grandchldren. Plenty of time, we
very. However we Were Informed at tb
Y would take three to four weeks. W
AIes as wait for a Panama Line boat.L The
o New Vprk and then trana-shlpped to desti
wanted, Wd I the candy and eggi be fit to e
What a wonderful thing It would be If
IdNi boats silead to New Orleans. only three
a gaip"M It would be, in many ways, to ma
Is It asking too much for some person ^In
a logical on why ONE boat cannot go t
thnk that many employee are due an explana

Last Christmas a pretty black and whit
house. Ahe was crying and hungry so we fed
Now I am returning to the Btates aad u
hsme for her. I will have to have her put to
'If oae would like a pet and will call (
bit Gd to take her to their house.
We so hate to take the poor cat to Coroeal

n .iStAnswer1to
Singing Star In

AC S 3 Bagpin venm

e Busitute

a Low busnt
loan theo n
HB?.a llllStabuo

i4' d'st

& M


limedlo .


institution Guaranleed by the

Pays 2% s Alirtmt AMly on Saviag

i ,l l .. -- t -

We ata loans with-guscapitus on first mortgage
er other sedOritles,
A Ac. and $5.#


deposits ore accepted thru a period
of w weeks.
f (Indvigggatsfly cspo.t boxes, for jewelry and
gli- 4 1sitssa h 4 dlfrent size.

^i^^^^ *' *L--y IVo^

.b e whe., e .,
SdeMAap'tpamwd sh

I. ~

ali- ais m -_ at they do not Dm In he
rosada scheme a things -of
vre -Communist ndercov.
oer elft in these n t"es. -And we re
Si not the FBI's domain I could '16
pasM d t you t oe location of
Some of these celb. But I can W w
report that at least one of these
T cl.c in a city I have just visited. "-,
i the end of a global brainwash- -
ing assembly line which began In
f grandparents can zNorlb Korean 1PW eal p.
cIen.It is their This cel actg with the In-
de, it a their sensate cruelty disciplined Co
g s back bome. a muenpt remailg In the hear core
i.m Ba naterbox hO 00 U. Party members
i n Bas terw ~~xhas m>ade contact wih te rmei i
thought for Easter negre priaonervt-war and is ea*
e Post Office that ple infchim in a drive for Negro
by? Because p memnbets. The ex-GI wkhse.Aasm i
my are then brought and record I have wag so thor- ..*-I
nation. Much time oughly brainwashed In the prun
mat on arrival? Of camp three yean ago that "
hrabes and ahibboletnt of Soviedt
one of the Panama argton spill from his lips like the
days away. What mumqo-jumbo from the ups of te P
ny Pan-Canal em- robots in George aVwe's "ISM".
We know this because a friend i
the know" to give of mine sophisticated in the ways
o New Orleans? I ol toe Communist talked to toe
nation. lad for hours. The boy listened
repeated his slogans ana then went
Uninformed to a rendezvous with the Party ..n
cell to report the discussion in de *
tail. L --- *
My friend, a Southern editor,
Sas appalled byt he Impact of the IM.* -
Chinese brainwashing on the for-
e edt came to our mcr soldier. bo were others wno've a'
her. been in contact with those GIs who
less I can find a pasbea trougn toe mental torture N il i
lee1o. .chambers. Taere is for example
cocoli 2-1500, I will a lawyer over in San Antonio who
will aeiend Llaude Batchelor, one Bi
of the early leaders of the handful
of GIs who refused to return to
Nell Ogden America. Batchelor changed his
..- mind at the last minute. he chose UPHAR RANE INrA. The
( America. Timne others turned to Chi-cold .p ap.c.k s very tasty t ye ti
P tmou Puggl ns. ow he is. eneouled to be.ld ekcok o tastyI o la
-ied by the Army on a militarylikespec- a ndy w I lke h
charge of collaboration with the Tes ker osene
nn T kerosene fr ap
k y atcuelor's lawyer, tformerup cUoldm soda l.

nase his defense on *" stalj i "'The s 1
tng and distorc a m thui b a breeze andthe to ar If
aCommunist ca tonvert a no l atn ,e"laviaLt a- yte
STet ta By e road I a- 1
.matter if a Ie Ptherpap and ol tbs --
a' The. a

Srades ,ow, td o It these .is ww 1W. a e
M IU of Peking broadcast in Morse 6 a a
11Typicl s one putton e air as M p1ay wIh Inai a.A .But i

Ins re todk three of the turncoat sal a to MM
is questioned them. All i a a aI Mas
S-."_i F. r eTw. Nere.groe. Their ansa Westebeter County 5 t it aprimo
"i "I :_' -were then broadcast to the tiger country and a 10mtnute walk
Sr. hre u no rt nU. at e puts you light in a tiger's lap. No never
S Ie 'three unfortunate ex-GIs d/a passes thta tiger d not i
e in China whose ow r acd screm
H words are g used against their d < in the lifl are
own country are William White g I at Idaot of liquid
rof l Plumaenrtile Ark.; Clarence my-caliber * ltif sitting pops
,Adams of Mebnphia Tenn.; and n a tree over the corpse o the crasi
s Lawrence Sullivan of Santa Bar- .
-bara, Cal. TheMse men told weird i a
ales of alleged torture and per-
,seeution in the Ut S. There were aiO 0
ightmarih lies. White told of rel. C old
W Lwho wo we P'ated on in
l r trieth whoe Umbs were am-
Sof imatret "night and
S- be co--nstant poe ASHINGTON--(NA) The amom
raI I i s Nrae Sullivan was no United States is r aing psycholog- good
ki wrtd *b rda ttei er icalonryand a verk
Ukind t their bran lea warfare for s takes these ver
ed in vain. Communist undercover 'pa effort by Jt etary of State "
Shells hve made no progress in the John ouster Ub t ep the a
osouthern-. .Neg Sr communities Chinese Reds from further aggres- l
Which leans that the Party is Tian in Indoi will be consid- ever
". .brCwithout base here er d a
TheK e GMnmunsts long ago failed edag t It s-- :
I~N K to lafiltrate th big unions. Now p however the tt nlst war
denlte wfdness of th e words t .
nt, ras. ,W. of ggetolan oryo tel
af5K the brainwashed they find Midimaat Asland she

IThere's an I in active feeling fsmr- -
a Accounts about freedom. With all its Ier. py while
fetions even the cotton pickers w Tat ae the ame for en t
upainted shack li a mansion tha western power In th crucial trom
alo1iside th torture huts tll inning Is a .ralnsts 1'l se

5.00 of wrd. which ha i e end o a season" ve
brains washed daily. i ldo-Chlf b e of 1.
S.i the sumomet railb. mua

ws -
mla h atte leamng ne
TwasuMee b"'M 69abthe Year,tm i
an slnme -hr ef the BYa'
Clha lo Am4eric. Leaourshspfc
m.ilky m_ e m pate.-
d wallSTem1 M e aw ea.r
I ~U "-aura"

it wi
If enough water falls in the next or sm
week or two to at e Commu- if th
Mist attack o i De- sien Phu it Asia.
will have the same effect as,
though the warning .by Secretary Sec
Dulles had been heeded. a mi
One other place where the Dul- earlh
les warning may help psychology. Forei
call is at the Geneva conference ed it
which convenes A l 26. Diplomat- feren
Ie observers ina W sttuon feel way.
that It has strengthened their bar-
gaW n"g poasio. the f
It has given dton muchkneed. tan'
ed itiative a their demand that was
the Comm sts ea their at- been
grains in dsatet Asia; The yar
weNlda Ier IledI W not go to Ge- r
?va be aihr pa O kal
warfar effeetiv hat it te

I -
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Rw w.

In Th .Jungle


r's latest kill J, .the pitch. stealthy step. There las the chitter
ek Jungle waitlg faorld $here of a hyena and the yapping of a
in to come hack io ihis dinner, jackaL
hat is when all th coutry-elub The mobo rides up slim lad all-
ects fad becae a ngle at ver and the taM dreep out. Deep
it a Jungle. t and I in the thbiekt a- asabbu, stag
i oi m Jmn and bells; a che der barks;. mson-
ipy. A ll 0 g..ltth-Sla ad key* cui s You t= of ind
ues of ..vilm-ai and heaven adbeil asnd mistakes a nd
It out 0you.. armti"ck A i o .. avmwed a6 wonder
, ty _._.EMten D i v, i.the_ 6-mr. Coew.
9 anur ftr a4sc. p of And On'* -i i s sti stoW
to ward thf predaO ou can e the undig of your
Sla ln't. l. .Dso und is
the w to tahee earid int brush-
il ", ,? w-h
l I ai a

Snisght no I and 61 e-
IeV* or vne
i stri1denty tht uala sound- 00 a" years
jile layirg"Ieeow lke a relaxes pad ta your back.
iant m ajl In the dusk A tongue out and
i~ts dk doves pourn there e is h a the tiger
reavens i i#Mobuetle evil-eyed bloody-mbuth4e.his wi
ll Themo n ght drop a te ruff stained with blood looking
t and the es y will straight at you as he crouches
r identify begin, snaring over his kill.
re are cheerful screams and A tiger at night Is an experience
ams ke da ed souls. There that all mn should see lone if
bell sounds and shrieks and only to Inform themh of what a short
d rippling notes. There are distance they have traveled since
and gurgles and croaks and #tey ame down frbm the trees to
hes w b&porq in the bush apd walk erect as meh.

War Victories

By Peter Edson

untV to is nothing pore than united the western allies.
shrtwd diplomatic maniu- 3. The Bermuda conference of
in. Pi ioent Elsenhower has American British and French
Sliked the use of the term heads of state. It established the
cOhelWical warfare" dr other unity tbht made Berlin a success.
lair lels. 4. President Eseanlwer'W speech
Its I5 months In office how- tb the United Nationo after the
the administration ha4 made Bermuda conference oolong his
d though of course not a atomic-energy-for pea plan. It
mt record in' its psych*loglcal gave the U. S. valuable Initiative.
are moves says C. D. Jack- 5. The Korean armistice. It can
who has just resigned a be interpreted as either a success
t House adviser on such mat- or mistake depending on the out-
come of events at aGeeva. But
the U. S. won on its fight against
ting some of the moves by forcible repatriation r prisoners
h the administration has tak- of war.
Me diplomatic initiative away
the R sulans Mr. Jackson The President's foreign poll-
the developments Inm re- ey speech to the Amerian news-
SLchonlogic alorder: paper editors In April lU, Eloen-
The Geneva conference. Whle bower called on the Iassians for
i political leaders loek u10 deeds and not mere tak.
_th v s. this c .erence He also set the pattet for ma-
m etg It is inevitable jor diplomatic moves ef the past
ere is ever to be peace in year. Tie speech formed the ba-
sis for the "new lohok" In defense
policy and the doctriee of "mass
retary Dulles proposed such retaliation" against aggessors de-
ettpg on the first day of the scribed by Dulles.
er erlin conference. Russia's Among the more netive results
an Minister Molotov accept- of psychologic! waare moves
,n the last hour 6f that con- may be listed the lack of marked
ce after fighting It all the progress in the liberation of cap-
tive peoples. It does however re-
The Berlin conference. It was main a goal.
irst bis-power foreign minis-
oeenee in five years and And though the 1. i. overseas
the thrt time Mnef v had lunoraniion program hies now been
lured out of Russnaa i five so completely reorganked that it
i ,s no longer a subject for discus-
brod the RusalaaAs t. s- sionit has not been able to x-
eir uacopromill dastand, plain satisfac to our ai s
as rmany Austria and theI pbenomeme of Se. JoephR.
in .urop. an a whete. It McCarthy.

n .A T ` E' l .,. B ''




tC .

. .- .
d"- *-^

-4 1 -

* -;'..

- I

* -~ '~"~~V~1-. i.' .. -

who t


prmwn upwIsuUUU Poi.nu1D51
Meanwhile however Teamster
head Hotf and Berd Brennqi l
right hand man got i tf
w th Pomnayter General
mertield, for e r GQP aatha
committruman for Michigan d
the mad who had rue the Iepubil-
can Party in that state.............
SAfter that the Detrt probe was
called off. After that aso he
Teamsters uualy strong for the
democrats leaked word that ghey
are supporting Republican Homer
Ferguson for the Senate. ........
Meanwhile a county grand jMur
sparked by the initial Heffman in-
veotigation in Detet has indicted
.12 leading Teamaa. Including
William F. Buffalno. head "of the
juke box loal; Mike Niesletti
head of Local x? in Detrplt and
David J. Keating head o tLoeal
614 in Pontiac. Dave Beck nation-
al head of the Teaaster has now
suspended al of the 12 recent for
Buffelino and has nanme4 Hoffa as
trustee for the locals involved. ...
Meanwhile alto a subom-nMit-
tee of the Govern it Operations
Committee has bee pWan labor
practices in Minneape.s and other


which WPnrntutiwqV.
has met to Conwgre r
provl.. A ALemaftn steel
tive, wR'lh pte od; a.
U.. Mtrtola edeIoi
trade wih the ft" Werd ,

*-* "i? .-- '




w.,, *.
~Iu A.
I Gb a
II. :t~
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JL -_ ._ ~

__ __ ___

7lWind =Mbaee

-I I, .. ...,,,
''.' '~ A A
e, -" ,' A
,. ., L-,, :

A-strikes aI.
." '. aea 'a

Positive Inrease f S a
LA yt t ofomaftri
tasi0 may bbe

t choir The last word od from ulle s

foarta it "
wh le te Crss Is tsh word of o their deepest bea.e tm.
Icdn h called "mon than ccacquurdr
6111 %dwrld: aumjat Here of whAich fait s rested md an1
i tto att ere m the pobWity of'ral meanhto wo
9- mioTu umphat alt Ib t i" that hUma nature ha m i
ft fo is, I the basi o a cfnt pedcto
S-Chrtwlarn sa.t r over over agaln even, you to a .
Spr- atie.e know s a gd bs u Lther Ithilw bit ihl a'le
s. at first hand, because we e of a simple and basic truth. It he
a e. c He. If ar W o w of-i in ho e mera.
S. .. attend- of the Cross. We see elves FREDRCK MAY ELIOT.
.0- 111** ^1pe1th oa illt o@m- this sett ing ma "I's" which are
.ra. caTcelm. Wn see o pther people
i i nPs~' for as our brothers and alstasw h THE UMITARIAN SOCIETY$
S.",111. .Wfry,4t When the a euii1 of THE UNITARIAN JCss
Shas become the inward cross
I 0 1et wil bhe our own experience, the words of a
-h itlib under 8th Paul do not psind ltravn- i
al mat Davis, .nl, In t ead tIuu iru ke BALBOA
M.vem **a plain statement o thertrut h:
:"s.m.m,., G ..-, .. "I am """-n'e" dith ChrLt: no,
.S. t I uo ertheless ve; o, buSERVICES 1030 SUNAY
a"acu.f hbrinidy a 1v the hall.. ah su lvet3 In me: and
h: u s. '.........,i a..I Goa the now thea li a0 teee I Library J.W.B., La Boes Road
-A .... ff... "'..".:::;, heoa r d_ l eiv e a ou n of
f, ** a r t God, who loved me, gave Subject: What Does Eaater Mean To U.? :

Oi. n"rhr. a huetulaptier ms rlo ht, Jest ended hcis
seagIas.e with the words of the
n.a t."t at t. Ca el ancient hymn 'Into th hand'
2 1Uot service wll I commit my spirit: thou hast
-b a fDeitsdiatnb uMoth- redeemed me, 0 Lord God of
"c: ~ ~m 146.1"ar1~eCr 8tDelC O eadley ,truth.' As far as thdt ane epl-
a mu li The sr Pta -ibe b Bho, sode within hlatory was oncern- F er g Philip!
.*** Aprl 25 at a ed, IJt was Over with Hb death ru
Ch:. o a. mr :11- LA a0use wll e held at but as far as he Judvnment and
:. ..a. Ru. w ened a new' power w- eAEMU If. i eliaut h bruiset..
A~: ... 2.. m N lift inew power-That dshILb r ar yJthe -
elstl Xm~d wav: 5:** en s, "--:- Chrlrtin~ty. Derived from apsrhn .wed Iga* tioe like n m..
Inh-a0 .l chivst: gi9en by the Holy spirit
-S-O1 Wf
e'r au es ""eIn~- B Bacrament and on r to Clasds a the rtt l

weIsm aio .u a o4 ThbetOogt on on the
Saturay a s me 1T1o7- iesard ... ,
L...:,dph.I t ra sirt.Ibe
Ceno l an by.an1svm M.roth-r ederdue "rGdi

lIN olmThalihhf.t..r: 3z41 so m. a Wwmee s ima AahlsCs k.s felSsia. e ta
be IJIMa.. 0b: 0sat...aw1 Ist ed. aItwasOversse mditht t
I" fw
C lnds Sa *"en ISa nd

I = .am. m e mI=.M.a-m
,, awn. .-..nd6 V.= :""t*rc

N2.4SNe: wet s.. n Snud. '.. -- ".w s
AS"at30m i
SM aW No Va: 1 ... Dod oaer Y a
NOW h mae by.. the 9o eafo

!a .. osct x.. Um. widay ooril spitn

s00mow.9YeSIX.ts als etinaAcas.n.the
eSEmt Nova' a :

inn:mo n :i .-w,

.*U mSu1th Vaia U, ae.i*

Mundayumc mi9 Novas:d 1:05 pa. fusaa fadaIma
tn owM OMi .j.nm 65 I,aT.m et--A V,.

e x :C a '.*. us a wer c t .... e. '..
',5i Club IS Ps Ula SLKOW.

titr .........

"'#" -"SO: men an'-g= rsi
allh1 flee, mi.dmKingfi

.=a~rr Lp.l: 4' '~ a Comm

... .. -a. :In vs a F ....."
-XNovi 6aas' ice pa mS^ChrL a.oun dah

SMonda..1,-1-o J.......... di s en s ... be -a y ou o
Mi a d ula w32MdWOium I -W.

WAIN. h h kinm Engld. d, of course- top
S -- M. -LL i. cler. "o""ndat
Tefw wxtafbrmimuctedilmild

zF Jkvo ym Waed a ou trip"ie
The'r ete-helyPucked, extrawmild. *
t-he f.. sad bet kind of mild egaette.


'. K ..,-"-.- -Ill, .. A-1 t.
-.*.- : .-..- -*. ;" -E ., '- :,
-4 ... I- 7A-' :-: .'" "' : : {
Aw"i ..
.. ... i; ,, :=. ,. L -.-. ,,: -- ,._: .......... .=-. -:

mud wbu i '

m a d t ok.r .gaWIV,
o ff t the tm of tre
tagb.-, _adwMand
~n~ ~~ ter ~nIaria .b
fsq In tbe yo I isrrel t ch sit g. na1 be. ed
a" nmbers bo I, treahter witnver a Isae.m"
oft fee'=a Saw fwe C-amht
SIf-, 'l a The wo' glde d --me,
*In the s world," Ie m ad t hw ctey reached Mte Meond
f "rrom nta over be Id bc -r Jtx b
ftB :t,"iWalv a Sk

tm ot locust footed the dinetion they woul
iStI ss the westt are o Uadd i maept ,. t.
i a otn may encounter He doesn't expect serious corn
uE-galuherbrs. petition from matsurs.

Pacik Steam HavigalitmCompany

SRoyal Maiu Lhnes d.
____ -___.-.___ W.

V. WA PACIFICO" ........ l.......,April
AI. AVE. RT" .................... ......A rl B3

'* gwl Malo sM imev" ...... ..;
... ................... : ,..... g I
. ..--- :-..........

......:......... j .... v.. 0.. ,A^A
... ....... .. ....... ......

A, B aUalB nt to bta0 Without NXt86a
A.. -4TION .u -Crteba LtJdm/
'^r l JhIP--w. fIPeri *6,B Tol. 1l-0 e/l
00. v A- 0o. W i mmo1-e s Ta11 T-3 .01M.


s.1, 9* wad h*
**.^ AB.~ tA dem' ln to sfhtsh vuam

NOew Otirm. S oi


New rork Service
.. ...............

5.S. AJ ... .:. ................. .. .. I

LL O e* .. ............ '
I ,.- .

yeeklyhvilage of tWste paueeaer ships to NtW'yUs,
New orkeSa. oer Agelea, san ranco an

Spedal reand. trip fares from Criabslb to ge, K
Los Asuelua, itA Fraelsee and Seoat*p.
ToNe iT k ................... ...........
To L A e and n..............
To Seattl ................................MW :


q. i "B

,'RA A."

Wilford'&AMeKay, Inc.-


Great White Fleet


* .

a.. .*, -... -- .


* ~ ~
* .% .'.*. -. -. *~.
I ~*.i
~ '1.4 -

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~lt~ ~9.

~:-~j~~";; I.

SWe Gt

- PAN, A A 3-3W COLON 05
:" ,-

RIP ..

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care WIXn. rau e

L~~u,,Meetrt o uue 4 .ue


Black Plae


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mx uu*asb 4VIL4~ABM

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Tha.s uro Girl '



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oUT uIk Wax

BK 8~.59 wiaau

, *j. -,:b.^
.WO. W
'pp ** -- T A t


7 iL


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,4, -,. -I

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. U .4
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,w,, .L-
1,4 r

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alm ,


W": "

lri e af.tato

'M w 0 ment S.olS s .wlatO uhsdg 'im

a."M -- ". 80l*" t Im m ater theo a "d "a-t.lqbem- bth r. t' ev.r
S -o t o M hIlen d in the .vi i t her qo
a iyrgvna hO yea .Bt e 0a1 e Jitho bsse. asli .aw
fWO Co F As l f the bas yo n r W.e Noa ar a bItto W

mC L .stl =,ep, ..weour -le. .i

up o -- f e mal re A or. A 1

*,r-. T-i MIUAR? Clf of Alh ROW e ?*b *wmAn: iI m -* ^ .

ieChi a ;Land fall- Yn a -9 N
white cream. r seb old d.m a ^ p p. .epd l.divno.f medo b
-was sWWidee. .s I '^I.. e PrdL s _&, L,
remfd wioit h4 mae 1e .to

el re i ti" d s te aU d them i ee.-. o

',- omo haver, Bao N L. e n ewuna tly.a wt e hied hy d een m re 1 h
go* w ayt r ,b dctarx w iruill b c.hemu.t o the irs T oum.d nS'^W liB tey or wur. T i.i .o. r .
-'ide a" "rc o'f biag inU fmtUbh
t sltlmerDiesened in_

ante WumWl efor at 9 -iWli t htee od fooeEte -

.a.t e-o? O be th "G il of the ne Anglican cermlot rpi t wer hed* u t i t m i : .The e .adi -.o.ut e loelpgndi I ac-
H e-ir o erwllo ed t5Ste wahd o tNrd gt _,m .et ae torea s thu ne
aerea Gori vn ,d I#Muetis an luIod14e ia) t : Law

Club giFor OTh i ses tot,,h wittt here. Dtidroes 'aha t h '
Ofs^ ooer aim WMI r.I Velon 91 o 31 58 years i setiv" e oW TLd1 8b sbe,8

det sMe h Pan ai .T*6 "a f m A LUI, Jordan, Apil17" 'I B wlU a -
o "f- UwaO a .elmbters rlr who (bock.e te.
OAmr, a .er.-. b--e 0'I ngf eP aour. f a.. .at,

,cm tr Cu. R ed ho tsren l L-tant is, Ja,
Me ,+-,H... s. O +r o c, mer; Dies; mri=7 ~ a "

a ^-3^ ir a~b 8ahlest, Way asd*aN:nd
ai eo a- Americn i 'told Oit ,r A e Pe a e Funerdal Monday 'r e Td. .-
S es ted that "the tour Fraea 'be 'd Mrs. C, e : Th
rowig In importance ag motre by Mrt. Marge Ral m etg. 5 In T s heda at t -tih
'1rtalWjed t a efplac Mew t e 4in arilop tt&. o u r to' a C al o w di. a

dtgg'ewihIn ted offatnc and m s the Coru Lan fndal w be d
S ea. d'ag v!obmehmhre r of Ea- C.erfo bI) I ,
nn r Ol and eto h e alra.h e ellh r.lbo who a e t5t8 yera"s Of
T he wvl eylcBr es imirei toldr hadbe en1 f eTom
Mrs"Ae L !

lals in t 'peettv et Na oe s le diss A L8

a aurdap U Wetl Taewesdy at :00.b... HersurvrvedbyhiLcAwslMe. Lurel t 'e o -a&piMnlito e gue stor hef IC u a ." l tri1. M Th. Ruby Swarletb Verna l and: e) ON:m.'
r nd F Awhich WWold Other Adveua res." Cagleof aSoviettte Uzi -m au
ah a routeaTMrT.e aunhema chairmen, abri.Th 1 toW, a.i : mstbc
Mr Daro stated "tha Forca. nces L atimwbert and Mrs. Clytie n e tmo:s Tia
grow dingn Importance a mdMareoralonWT
Noin .winerlec a-becomne awIsr e y
Wete. woleads &pent a," Te WepyIn's Club are Invited to bes
Dit *, n re guss4vfte1, t ionae the"Grl tedWn- hp ri i
,.. 6 ,an art gre.- Wuesitcey, April $ h1, at a

to l eave he tmdd Co t-
*'nA0w Tonwsigtatd

omake reseranoons before .Au'I le9,

tvae, wea; Or :i(eAbbott tat t
avm pe so l- .bjsi'es,1is,#1n1 .-4 'wI

ped ret,-I' Chmurch will hold itsrglrory U tat
"a l ofe ; i-i mnthly meens Monday at f:o0 u .... -rra.t an de
p t n United States ~d pm&. at the home 0l Mrs. Alra. d-' "b sun n d --' a
epanding volume of treler iw, 776 Sun Pablo .Stwreet sia l. tW 01 tW 41ke aciop
ahu a.udaptD and peeoners.I Da Mrs. Marion Luca, will ot-

Mianiter: W. A. JORDAN Photo 6-236
the mnisltera and members of the Canal Zone Church of M E
maawene o aT s *poa I-nIAN to ad

S t ol ile *- u Gym"
-. StltAy School. a o .. a .4 -0 M1 *. : 4 a. m. .
SEm.,er pM-sae ................ 10":4& .m.

umnd*y School. .., ...,.......'. ,* 4 .. d
g-a th ..e.4 -....,.... :30b p.m. 6
-. ht Servie .. ... .... ...... 7:00 p.m.
Jatem so "SM9 OQF cMEWSIG"
n 1a.sem^ 'a er OO

S.....EA...M PR--. ".,

e! ql 9 al | VVfpulr UR UR ritLA --
looking new haicolor! So
rela-* and let Rour cdcw
overt tor Roux Oil Sham-
poo TiHt treatments conceal
c gry visible strand of dull
or gay o hair, gve sparkling
ihlighh u and lustre, adds
1baf, rweral-looking color
t i mdimnc s your wotry o

Cautida: use onlyardibcMed
on IhbeL.
aiio' vos '

I a f .

- ~ *.41-- 4

* : '. 4. ."
; ."t -.*.''* *<> '.\.fbt*f '

" -* *7 .. "* ** ,:l .L I M :
r '' W' y elWco e' ."

iNursery PrOvided. J
.-i i ,,-+,
.. ,1 ,. i. ,1 ii
**I* ^ .

- 4


i t pff-t
2Lt It~eyst





- ~.
- '.. -


' i. iow




ife f1or m eat6
WIale Was wqlWe- e' lively to fl-r ter
Nw made ;usiM uea.
epteo Mam e Naeeonal deo paama. Ca ae

0 of APr 3M, I0 and Dpre.M N. 377 of March

sil, ra eartleq thriogh t heansMMe a
of atsts wil b made at h b f
mary ast, April Ist, July lit, and Oetober 1st of
mptiet. of these. bond will be made evoe threw
with tie amprtsstiem plana t h!are"W the
y date.
w Court oastlee S and other *ef1 I aMtaUMes
eas brndie to gmarantee all ebftatiak
I.1"S, B/JIe..bI, I.sMe, A/.1N.N, B/.a.nU,

SPond's i

5 WhmUehia-both .....
0 M .feelinKg e yrw14-4-6.
,o +.l.faoo f"C... g, .W:
" foragr.ce Pood'& ;,na' v
A~ee Ta".Nth(o i id sotlo ok,


I __ _

I ~ r .~ I

F -

,- A,



a l a a ,

if. .. .. -- -.. .,
^fIjRi l"R'^^S

m '~ ina.m~qp~inwF~F

. *?p i
*, W U '"W S mm^"
a'Sitom W


SALE:-9-cu. ft. Westinghuseu
= friertor 25-cycle, all porcelain,
Iclnt conditoq $90.00, On
QkM dreter $1Q. M I ts.
f0.- Margarita St.. New Cristobal.
$ALE:--Cro 5@ivmdor r-fri-
totr 160-.4me; Bendix washing
-rduin; 'Westlnglhuse radio;
hdusehofd articles 8057, 10th St.,
New Cristobal, Colon. .
SALE:-DInAngream set, Philco
irerator very cheap. 48th Street.
.hob No. 27.
SALE: -'- Modern refrigerator,
ptpre, livingroom, diningroom fur-
S np1we. Ves cheap. Leaving. Tele-

ft SIALE41-Bedroom site, 8 pieces;
.'- lfl bedkwshing machine, 60-
S Albrook 86-5280.
SALE: 8-jt. Frgidaire, 18-
awnth guarantee, automatic de-
ifStr; Phiilips 7-tube radio with
M; Simmons double bed mat-
ttus; wardrobes; tables; desks;
4Sairs, etc. All like new. Via Espa-
fig 146 (opposite Vista Hermosa
,.-n* )._______ ."'*__ ,
SALE: Bamboo furniture, in-
pilng armchairs, tables, desk.
bkshelves, settee, chaise lounge;
QaMrtrmaster dining tables and
O ftn; hino closet; Quartermaster
h with couch frame; dresser,
,, t of drawers; 25-cycle vacuum/
C Oni'r, electric clocks, Mixmoster;
Sisttmas tree stand and decora-
calling fixtures; ping-opvp
; breakfast set. 0918 Amador
Road. Tel. 2-1395.
f SAt.r-Prlotidalre $40.00. House
S741C, Bolboa. Phone 2-3731.

fIT L j wjn motorbike, excellent condi-
tin, new tires and battery $375.
S .Hous. 5064 Dieblo. beside Club-I
9 4he. phone 2.2578.

4fRLiMng eSions
ApAGO r 1il I (UP)-
of !rothe A lerica~n
Assn.'s. listing the the
seuaon is here, to-
ed our gu eral rsule for
Sof wayfarers caught in

da the as t ploMes dur-
I tpl storm is in some
Slure, such asaan au-
Sith- a metal top, a
railway coach or a steel
an editorial said. "A
uOI ple i sIp the middle
1i away rain alt tresm or
w Mede boat in a large ex-
or wate."'

d these safety rules tor
, qught tn thundertor u:
M notHO out of doomsS
" away from chimneyEl
IAea atovse and other act-

_ .-. sae shelter as fbllowA:
,/di~mi and buU 6ts
*s r mall unprote

I from small shed. iso-
h 1.84X'e wire fences, Isltops,
..iMj i cenopen spaces.
S ,'k shelter in a eave. de-
,in 5, valley or canyon, dense
.1 Si foot of a blff or in a
f treas.


i. '- .1

AutQpoles .
FOR SALE:"I ntc6f .4-door se-
dan, only 4000 m% In new con-
.diti .S fvat Gulick
FOR SALE: 2 assenger
auomoahj 5O. ,8'B, Dioblo.

FOR SALE:-i Coer. excellent
condition P New Cristobql
8057, 10th S, Col0P.

FOR. SALE.:.'-9 Pw.hroler 2-door
sedon. d 'll. Jellent condition.
0765-F. WImllbmon Place. Phone
Balboo 2-4496.
FOR SALE:- argtn. 1947 Lincoln
seden, t rfqnd battery $300.
Duty 7ld. F. ayton 87-4197-.
FOR SALE:-*951 Chevrolet 2-door
detlu with Po erglide. Condition
excellent. Q ters 17-A, Amador
Telephone j.5292.

S. Ule1tleons
WANTED TO BUY>'-- 4.71 Generc
Motors dissl ninte or Gray A-50
spare parrs, Houslntsshafts, plates,
etc. Balboa 2-2428.
Position Offered
WANTED: Girl to take dictation
mostly in EnglW%,to work from 2
p.m. to 6 p.m. 5 days a week. Sen
references, picture and salary ex-
pected to P.O. BoxI 1821.

Booi Pw ver -

Belu WIih' Sder

At lvo1i Toy

gU| ^ r^yL^^ iL*' -
j'w~'' l l"m |1" irIed
I Lawn, IHRVICK -".t

MRS.WTrHu* LORNO f#Sth* Cie-
taWl Ch.ase w S .My i takes
pleasure in announcing that Mrs.
Edna Tipton has joined her staff.
Coll Cristobal 3-1642.


FOR SALE :-1Diamond ltaire, 1-1/3
carrots $250. Call 2-2542.

FOR SALE:-Cocker Spaniel puppies.
only two black males left. House
6211 A, New Corozol, Tel. Balboa
1656. _____ _
piano, solid mahogany cae. Com-
pletely tropi;alized and rust-proof.
Perfect condition, Price -1,500.
Phone Balboa 3372.
FOR SALE:-1951 MG, gpod condi-
flon, recent point job; radio, sacri.
fice. Coill 2-1635 or 762, Apt. &
Barneby St., Balboa.
FOR SALE:-Dachshlnd puppies. 11
weeks old $40.00. $35.00. Gain-
boa Fire Station.
FOR SALE:-Sidewolk, 24-inch, 26-
inch bikes; blue sport coat, size 14.
Balboa 2-3775.
Sealed bids, in triplicate, will be re-
ceived In the office of the-Engineering
and Construction Director,. Panama
Cinal Company. B lboo Hillft, Co-
nol Zone. until .10w00 e.m., A1il 26.
1954. and then publicly open, for
furnishing all plant, tool, equipment.
labor, services, and materials and for
-4rforming all work for Installation of
Relocation of Existing Chagres Gym-
nosi4m, to Ralqbow City, C.Z. Forms
of proposals, specifications, .and full
particulars may be obtained from the
office of the Contract and Inspection
Division. Room 3,43, Balbda Helght-
iTelephone 2-3739 or 2-2698). ~Spe
:ifications and drawings will be issued
on a deposit of $20.00 per set. De-

Passover, "the Festval of posit wiU be forfeited if specifications rc
Freedom," will be qoe rved by and drawings are not returned with- H
Jews throu bout the-world from in.40 calendar days after opening of 1b
sudow uid a until sundown bis. FO
Sunday. April 25. I ChD. C n- n
This holiday, an epoch mak- rlh SALE
Ing event in the early history of t u, -- C
the Jewish pe9e, is associated Ral "Eate .
with the redemptionn a the- .
chlldrln of Isra'e1l from La tin OR1 SALE:-Home In San Fronclfco.
bondage" f completely enclosed, with garage %V
( Im n ft. o f) ,, Resonable l ooatidonc

Board at the irfltb det which' A J' lI.
will be held t held at the Hotel Tivoll 10 O r
today at 6:30 pan.
The guest of honor at this oc- I7 b--- ral..,1.
caalon will be Rear Admiral Z. C"qW. Wuip '
B. Hftp. JV, chief of chaplfnts,, A.i.i 1. (U. P.... L
who wl bring eaonsl reet-..CAM. Api 1'. U -Pres-
In,,- ab,,tri, onod ident Mohammed NagUib, restor-
nuest. mIm3eln of the Chap- ed to health, went back to work
ln Corpt o the Army, Navy W"th him went Vice Premier
and Air Pore, and their wives Gm Abdel Naqer; who ac-
wTh-i h atte m compatnled N a g u l b from the
Canal Jewinsh P amuneI f Pothe P went's suburban home to
anal et on. i office at Revolution Council "
have extended nttons foreaqurrs
ome h lUty for .the second hN u ad been confined Mt
eder nght .tomorrow. Mrs. Nuib had been confied for va
Schaye Wnitser of Panama Ci- ,a.recupera.ting from col- -a
tY a membeof tshe Panama C a. lapse caused by over-exertilon
n5 JaW n edServiaesm Co during the government crisis whi
Itl JW B A edBomervices Com."1 last nth .h
ant fr hme Pafi A struggle for power between bid
chad ar rls, chairman of the Naulb and Nasser precipitated ,,
and arry Krs csthe iecrs.
At, MI JWJB armed orv t was by Na ulb'sj .a
Ics m andtee. "ill .arruges for~ ad tod a 'he wa .the day tlh
otie BaoasPtvllra on the At e.nti- Narv b iolaedn aat Cairo's air-t

e erana Am trration doe neeovalescing satlractoriy* d
Rabb Nathan Wi n w. c ot, Nasser then accompanied
Piars seover services are o .ce ed so
heo-ld undr th auspices Ofre em r shoem r
atio at a.ln. and 6:30 Nu Br hn ag o hi tem le te n
S-at'ione .a.In t ath.ntiate d .t'. w s
State 7: p.m. overseas, and at Vet-unday There withdrew across
rat ns Administraton al sterv s efor the irstfr partorly. wreck-
theb Nartehan W will e on reted dur- n the of trenches the opti
du tPahe mornve ser-vice.s at the du, In. ear

Tomorrowan s a.m.and 6:30 ad the
p.m.; Mondayat 9 am.; Friday w aim rifle usuge of de Can- -
at 7:30_p.m,: Saturday at 3 a.m. tl',I aeru 81 a s
and 7*:" p.m. an_ next Sunday The' French withdrew across :1W
a, am., memorial-services for the eirstrla !tier partly wreck- moi
the departed will be recited dur- Ing the aysWtf of trenches the Opt
the morning serve. Reds dug aeraoliIt .
An official! nokestnan said the .B

Group entreun ed on the field
I I was believed to number no more
LEGAL NOTICE than 100 men.
xDT*gs DUmiTCOL9TIoFr a Twenty-five _)inv Boxcars
~ISrT I -e CANAL zOpZ had been ard*Med to fly in suoP-
beb Usie.a oles from the P pines. as the
In The Matter of Thefortres made uad for the ex-
at pected ill-oult attack.
John & Rmnk. D ceaed. Gen.' Barle 1. Partridge. com-
Probate 0 S17i mander of the US. Far Eastern
rF sa~ot c qi Force, wound up talks with
i -e I ,he high command for speeding
fte Mm.. ri str tor of the deliveries of IIU. planes to the
elat.e or John j Ronft. (Mcwued, h-e-r
by ofan for .ae to the bhishs bidder battlefront ie left for Tokyo
I i-s Pm au after a 24-hour visit.
are l ocated Two U., Navy Essex-class car-
i DMaaocor. riers were taneuvering in the
i m the u may waters off Indochina. One was
F0111 11e1 dur- the 700-ton Wasp. They had a
T- destroyer escort.
Ci he4 be ubokted to w. J
s .. adminsatzaior. P.O. Box
AMoMn. Cu Zo pa or before 'm N fYet
rrt Wo reledow my d ao bids in
and su =ub .t can- (Citae t ager Pgs 1)
WI ei rict 1
lpd GMe d as where in his San Firaeciso home and
wil w rel et house here while she
nd- A. lures. Marilyn said
IM":. AMU fhe W ll atar curren=t-
jhi~i^*ktiii~t~i~wwii H botheso~tot pleana

Ois&. ocemulde mf ;-"
OCl,. Box 4b5, ." y
Gramlich Santo Clara Bech cottages.
Electric refrigeration, a n .eves.
Moderate rotes. Phone 6-441 or
4-567". '

FOR RENT:-Furnishgd 2-bedroom
chalet, from May 1st.t ituuia
31st. Telephone 1034.'Colon.,
FOR RENT:- Furnished chalet, Eotu
39th Street No. 11. Livingrom,
diningroom and very lIarg 0i ot
al room, $150. Available Miy, Can
be seen from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Tel. 3-2900.

Apartm ewts.
ATINTION C I. Just built mdfn
furnished oportmentr, 4. tw
bedrooms. hot. col wetet Tel.
ephne Panama 3. q941.
FOR RENT: Well furnished opbrt-
ment $130. 43rd St'. Mef wo
Av'., No. 64. Available' Ap" l 20.
Telephone Curundp 6232..

FOR RENT:-Furnlshed eutifut one.
bedroom apartment, go stove, re-
frigerator. Overlooking SASr ow-
mlsaory on Via Belisari Pomes 120
fSon Franclscol. Tel. 3.-024.

2'/a-room modem apartment. Tile
floors, cedse' closets. Furnthed and
unfurnished. Consdlt offtk 8,061,
10th Street, phone 1386, Col6n.


R RENT --Modem apartment. "El
:angrejo." 2 bedrooms, hot water
installation. oas, garage. Telephone
t RENT:-Apartment. Porch, three
Eoms, kitchen, dining service.
louse No. 9, 7th Street, Porque
.efevre, Tel. 3-4436.

Written far NIA lerviee
We moved Intoa new commu-
Y recently writes a Pennsyli
Dia Ceo dnt. "And joined
00 club. I had't played 500 for
out 31 years and had forgotten
tawr I iay .)ve know about

Would you please glye me a
Sfor bidding your hId or rais-
Iywr Apea-u'r bid We play
four-handed fa e, two agaUinst
, as In bridge."
a. experience' bride player
uld have little double in bid-
Sreasocably well at 500. Many'
e ame principles apply to
h games.
I bidding your own hand, look
a trump suit of vew or more
ds. Beware of bidding with a
rter trump suit. OM e trick
each high trump (eeb or bet.
), for each tump excess of
ee,. and for each kug or ace In
ide suit. This is a oghdy op0-
tle, but the two"ead widow is
re than enough to make up for
Imlbm in most hands.
id the full value of your hand,

leaving it to your partner to raise
if he has tricks that you don't
know about. When you have a
choice, be aggressive with a part.
nr who is a good card player and
be conservative wth a partner
who play his cards badly.
In r g your partner's bid,
look fLrst for trump support. Avoid
raisig unless you hav three or
more trumps. An occasional raise
on two trulnps may be made itf
one tmpia is very high (ace or
r) yo have a good hand
w tho trump support, consider a
bid In your own salt or in no.
In judging the value .f a suDp-

Inis for
1 point


A Se Messge

Amiteur C Oftsma

SW:ite Dropby tor
..Deri w B et of the
Mauy TtnY YTo Can Make
in Your Hoibe Workshop.

279 Cotal A. TeL 3-4141

Learn Balomdd Ocog

BOWal. Pftaam
6f iNI4 to p m.
,a. ieMg. 3 .

Harnett &Dunn


II Belark I6M L I-wete

| suewm Ic.e f Mrs
| s Jx Tel. TI


NW YOR K--(UP)- Wilhelm
BaeLouL, I m s only appearance
in he Uted States thi year, ave
a memorable performance tp five
HalL The 70-year-old pianist pyd
wlNv amazing vigor, and a fresh-
now of interpetation that earned
pra ed applause f r o m the
packl house. It was his first re-
ciel In this country in 28 years.
He. rl tour Japan in April aud
May in a series of concerts.
'The Metropolitan Opera's Il2&
55 season will open on Monday,
Nov. I and run for 22 week. TW
Glordano's "Andrea Chenier," aft.
er a ablene of 24 years and I
Richard Straurauss beslla. the
American premiere.
Verdi's "Un Bello in Mashera,"
I"Dol Carolo," "Otello"; Ponehel-
li's "La Gioconda" Puccini's "Ma-
dam Butterfly," ToscM": Gluck's
"Orf et Eurydice," Wagner's
"Meisterslnger," Tristan und lo
de"; Ri.lard Strauss' 'Salome."
The Met will repeat the fMlow-
ing which were in this season'Ya re-
pertory: '"Aid." "II Barbiere 01l
Siviglia." "La Boheme," "Cavalle.
ria Rusdcana," "Pagliacci" 'Don
Giovanni." "Le Nizze dl l garo"
"La T r Av I a t a," "Caameo,"
"Faust," "Parilfal" and Tana-
The N. t. City Opera has added
'Show Boat" to its repertory. I1
Jerome Kern-Oscar Hammenrsteimn
work, based on a novel by KE6a
Febet was first performed at ie
Ze d Theatre Dee. -2, 7 Wmt,
(7 performances) and twieg[
was revived fot long Broadway
runs. This is the first time an opera
company has produced the work.
Laurel urey plays Magnolia, Rob
ae Rounsevim plays Ravenal WeH
en Bsas is Ju.kL acre Wt is

above a urmi

n air force Gli

eJth W0--.t;b -h s'tatme At eCintow a
MteOr a cirlesl Corcovedo Park at the ha
Rib de Jaeiro. BtmaL--

of prUuto w

.,Eastern Star Grand Matron
-I S em ', -


en cae with birds wp the
eye-catchert at recent st w -
mg.-suit show in /P,
Prance. The three bottom sows
and the bars running dow 1
f om the neck hand ae brald-
ed In golden threads. White
tirds give the suit a three.
dimensional ook.

lotk In men's clothing .amua
that the Grman ma b ll get
mqi altentld 0 thsy mart
waring this aMIt. .l e.
"Mfiam Sute It has" Ot ,.
5tIg yelohm card -velvet At
an three uar tew leab D ow
- &uae iblack.a


~$ *-~I,-

Color Vs A G Monster

v1 .. Pe.rro nte.-4--T .T&M".
rlwyA Perrag 1o..43 u.*Tel, 1.2111.

. i J *, ; J i i


-- 1

n .........


- .- .- K 1 3 ..

.. __. ___


-- I


. ,ui





4 t "

-', E.' ,

L _,,A ., .


I ? ..



l o..

t J -.

- 4.

4| a ',

h he's
".I. .-

r JSry
Ir ever
i UoPs

"l ..Ut I
s lie me-

4w o
. eat wU Byl

" "- s Davis

S % 'S eadpar was
a4vematthe Vie. a OLO
IJN. MeCaS and
d an n. n D.Mer
arIown fe eving to 0r e
Cor...wfstH eaflwe


S. 1
I -

di p.

a no a

fru uee.a 5an a
wsridg w d a the jfee655ttb.
a with purte

MIse Mown rad M .S.
SMr. Hmaace L. Smith
Wsn Mrr. Walla.e
Mrsh Ora Mes Ah Laney
Be" -AM. fhT- -

Jiohn eab.nso kdt
W biganod wbGump^ lowi .

Mr. and M. Robe Ber
sad Mr. art-uoff sp a
to Hannmlb, ME i to u
their home. r. Ruff has rir
ed from the U dmmiary irv
and Or om the Canud

.J.. =metodB 5ake teir


JI mredk

ward the fMU children in
theilehoft. nd

a went to Van Dyke,

ertld McGaughey, Be tty Longe
Caore Smw h and n rll a astI
Thev e revMr ses frsom the
third bgh s graft w
1 ile mCM, 2. B Dow S
Social pdhes to GwereMsW
Mrtha BMevin. Ls McGtyNO
JseHy 9 a"a ad ly cawl.

Mr. and Mrs. Carlpaer had
a famey dinner ty at their
Crisibal maridateS A
evlenc Ms d Mr erts anr
other g at v wee n
and Ms. I mGOA w d Mr.

Mrs. and Mrs, Alph- Kenyon
41d a faml dinner party at their
Ruoff Friday evening.

Ai. ,W

ast evening at Ca an
At 'Siate

01 9e i prt GlS Va.
ios award, were presd at
a ceremony at which parent
rand friendS were resent.
Certflcates of nerlt werev-
en t:"ovenor" Jane J i-
son for "L. Gov-
vwZor e achm A
Gentr" McOl eI
bet J Brenan fo
her l otlsn, and to Carol
w aE the most industriM
The'f t of Tipplcnoe pved,
under rigid daUy inas to
be the. itet cit s
tate so an award was presented
to Major Dixie Rumes. Ia
tao Iw th other cl
n award r thebat civil de-
ene aroata which ~us head-

*etuto .'iiB-
'hMAa~fItte* lrt a

United Lodge No. 1064, IBPO-
NW, will hold a. peclal smalon
for the aton o ddat
at Paralso Lodg t< t at
1:0. Important. n l ans-
actions will so be diotsed.

Milwaukee Claims
World's Biggest
Pinball Macthine
Milwaukee cdaim the world's bi-
gha d r-
rows on 11 l.n qpeWates ow n
the now Juneats Avatei.
Flash of gried tow
rihbl and arrow ssd a "athony
hben tell m otorist what to do

SHaywoerth may -'t give
next meth's marriage of Dawn Ad.
dams and It6lan P Vltterlo
Massimo much chance, bnt Dawn
writes me from Italy:
"I will cotinue my movie ca.
reer after we arWVry Vorio's
full coa scnL We wI be*-
fot weem eag" "
Dawn ', 1 *ed. A tbe r,
Capt. Jack A to

caA'tw nit Alaum
for a seson with ietog-

"Bhane on Harvest Morn.m
Reason for the Ail1 between
Me Oberon and Cr Calvet:
MKrb didn't cotton to IMt of
a trio with Corrie inl m
serte s,"Women lue."'-

was the rw

alse ,tu s :
Cala to
hadchied uaiae:
"We've -o,= ea wteitaen
plots reua i m t bowit at fie
dio born Ai Mu e tM
them. Wr sho

ert have coauthored a weller"

Madison is reading It, with an eye
to buy t as first ndeendet

It was Prime MEster Sir Win.
atom Churchll, ar fm the t

of health In spit of protests that

LiQ dk. for divorce, In
Carla Balenda and Frank Stuck-An

Sar ah's aeadyh d eae hubby
-muscr play, coral Vie Orlver.

Movietown ttrest scene: The
windows a Vie. M _eure's television
Madisore are filled ith ills of Vie
In Fox' upin int a b his fi reen ef
fort, '"The 0l dsators."
sageb Hpe, br. t Parmount

bIt wasndPrime-down Last time wore
a txedo I found a sip of paper

** In the. pocket
Noww we've- ede vr "It read: 'Bave Ata suit leased
dept.: Sir Laure O 1viet wl passed and reMra toBdelph Val
lanee with Jack 4hanan i.a ."'
big British ahrlty t .Ho'l doo -
Fred Astare's stme fm the num. Joanne Drus handsome brother,
ber Ired and l li did, in Pete Marshall, makes his bow as
GM's "1Tb s tle a a recording star for Corat Ree
words. .Now it's a big eating
S st waen wheels wee re.dy to search for a doll to play the Van-
turn for a televersiom of "Junior esas Brown role in the movie ver-
Min," Fx re dltW aetolte on of "The Seven-Year Itch." So
rights to the aU Betson stories. what's wrong with Vanessa Brown?
AD the little wise Ir e chirp. Shirley Booth and Judy Holliday
ing that the studio wmi alue repeated their stage hits on celhu-
"JmIor Mis" in Cinemlas pe. lold, and so could Vanessa.

HEADED FOR THE BULLSEYE-lI Toroo Jumps the fence at a Caraces, Vi
fighting school Ised the anger. at left, scamperlp for M etf y behind a dtler..
in center stand, .a ldnal ong tar te removal of the bull aftamr 15 minutes of aEton. YaWi
between 10 and 30 years of age learn the art of bull flhtUng here for 75 cents a week. ve
day they face a live bull for 15 minutes. The bulls clftrge the youngstersn head on, m tf
students leap the fltm.for-safety and saknetiUies El Torro Jumps the fence ton pursuit of the al
ins bull fighters, No one war hurt and the bull was led the correal.

cSowwng at


Your Service Center

2:30, 4:35, 6:40, 8:45




c&eaters c7odcag

"Take The High OGreund
PEao n mG I, .
e Jane WYMAN
"n0 BIG"



Color n

CRISBTOBAL 1:15-4w.,
Alie-Cv4dmmIMa ,.,e I
Abe ShowimnaSl&. MWAl
n i.. q

ARAISO 6:15 7:S40 ANTA CRUZ 1:15* 8:15 : CHAGRS 9|

| a)-"B1
b)-" (

LUCKY LEATHERNECK-Wmnc Brouse, one of IS M rine
Corps recruits bound for boot camp at San Diego, Calif., reacts
In 4S un-Martnaslke manner to a. send-off, kiss from airline stew.
aedeus Pat Carn y. T/Sgt. John McCandless, of the Minneapolis,
NMin., recruiting office. looks on in amazement. obviously thinking
that irows needs a lot of boot training before he has the situatiUO
well la and. -. -

Born 1820-



with a


follow ing




Pfi Old. Scotch Whisky
oft -S *m. Laa a& Ww-vagetNa ==&-.

New complexion beauty- It's old.
fashioned to be content with a face powder
that merely "de-shines.'" Now-join world.
famous beauties in discovering fabulous
new face powder flattery made possible by
the unique formulation of Pond's Powder.
Pond's Powder is specially blended to
bring out hidden tints in complexions-to
give your skin the same sparkling radiance
found in the loveliest complexions.
Sheerer Pond's shades not only machk your
coloring... they add subtle tones of beauty
-stay lovely for hours. Choose the shade
of Pond's Powder designed for you.

"Pous Iri ha out my eomLy
"Ionomne a Im w oy," h
V. Earle, Al, A.eaa se ely bmeIM
4' (

A-6:15 B-V:Us only!
WA200 """"M


6:U i
sAHARA" and



I. a


wwft ds- 6 elht- r *5 -'-.+

_,+ +
.. ,V -- ,

fwioy1ad QaesiaeO

Now! A face powder

with actual tints found in

the loveliest


. 1 1

- ---

s I


ii i iS l i I .i -

q I.





.. o-

, ;, I


' -. ... .-- *sP I fk T F t^


- '-. -,



arantee Base Hits

SYORK., April 17 ( IEA)my as quickly as po l bible so that
cookies no matter how I the kid -could at le t get two
always have bee curl. r years of service bas ll niper-
e.m m to this department. lence before coming to the .-
er you speak of these dium. Amalfitano doem't figure
-.heeled juveniles who come to be called up Immediately be-
lup to the majors. the talk in-cause of a physical disability, as
ifhably turns to the ma)orfr as the Army Is concerned
bons flops fellows like Dick
Wakefield, P au I Pettit and: "When the two years that A-
V9.Ik House.! malfitano has to stay with us
.iltt i.n particular, always are up. the chances are the kid
IntEitertd us. Just the other will have to get isome arm ex-
wek he was released by the periene. anyway." ts out
who gave him $100.0000 a r r 7 Bchumac er of the
-. ol plywood of the Palcfici plants' front office. "So what
ague. If Pittsburgh own-e the rule has ddne hbm is set his
or Jhn Galbreath can afford .career back two ye rs. I he
to Itos money like that around could get some good farm play
r amor eager t under his belt we believe he BASBALL RET S TO ...AL MOB As the
i t k ea theroutpihtc s would te a fe
i tomar the outright sabefofeIi lr thekity, young fans mob the eaavap .for baseballs.
S the Brooklyn and Golden AmaItano doet seem, on terswhen the players started toting bails to the crowdA an.
,,O bridge. pthe face of things, too worried flme after -- year. ., ,
This interest caused us to 'about the strange situation he 4$,_
i. i at Js Am- l is caught up In. Of co urse, Its Ha s o r
S o e oMeh to worry muchu h t a-HaoHy h
a, who is destine d to pe urett to pardR a
e n bout a once you stick-I BuW
gown. and p", ,rob ther$30.000 or sohinto the atnk.

S0t h one, too, seated si comfortably st tion t l, Aprilb (aA
. far end of the New York. she situation will re e I m
es' e-- bench. A .fi ta-no. who self, anyway you look at it, Star ried bcGate o
ioa oo 0 r fo s na Schumacher says. "Right now
".u 300 orvsoavvm for sign- -ion
IL, Giant bonus p. er. serves. the clubs can't afford to keep
striking example ofw the dnmore than one of these kids at cOno a
Do rs a kd sk agi nthim a time. They take up the placeC a o e .
when he enters buheball0fr a layer who might help. But
Sthere s nothing thse matter withY ONKERilA
i WAY. a good bonus kid if he makes _ONKERI. N. rN
-- After a 3.500-mile trip, the
L Leo Durocher's New York-your club some y. weirdest automobile ever to take A d
streamed onto thee field be- ho saceworthnit tr
s fo.e.a e w h. t rooklwy Of course. it 15 a lot better the roads arrived back at Yonk-
D....gae..s ro-facedto find a Mel ott or a Mickey ers acway -for the night rot-.
oungster trailed behi nd theMan tle and sg them up for Sing season.
and when he reached the c rfre ItIs the Phillips Starting Gate,e"nDi&.ra.
Sbe sat down quietly. the winged, cream-colored vehi-nr
wthe idea of being t- h s
re. theI de fb innr ole that revolutionized harness
,,en California said. 'And IL u P 11 racin. An object of puzzled In-
a guy can learn up here. It terest along the highways, it
y but, Ion the ball. Alvin l drk hthees aond the ho hwaytn .it
eoand leh te bl.mAsi n rd d d drew crowds at every stopping
the Mey, they've been show- g place, more than If an airplane
uame they'vey had been rolling along the roads. 'pl
Sesn eauer Ientoert PI of reeo -Steve Phillis took it south on and -.
rW tatc emndtoen D18Ina oe Frmen'es In- 11-week trip to school more than
7 gt chere ancet tno. r ak DoBowen's0Firemen'sd
ohere and there and_ surance nine winners of the see- 1.000 green and aged standard-

a ybe make the grade Chyton diamond at 7:00mP.m. hol3. DOWN AM0VT -'NU
S.nd. t bred in five different centers. hes past s 4
he ns aad h Ba ke l armsInnevitably creates
S hoW I toleant to Big John Patro (the pitching much comment rolls a
y baseball while sitting oncha on of ithe earl will face highways. wa t th
ur.,hht a rhnn Is some-.lerwin and 4 loae.nilsinger a ln

Soherhe maee tohslatd' for t7:0 plhm. Wettdnesotweleanredayr u t atn
.o wmwiln all the wordd Apri121d and the third gameIf.
ahlhom Al Dark can givelnekesary will be at Fort -pelay-
ahdoublecPlay pivot cor- 1C ht w ijebe be-

hntheGins A-t b rh lof feab ',will cover
o, they proba" were the n pil odZemer, pB yMMYDione malld o er. Hariy On .btl her. 4-gem s ao .
g the way Casey St manager of 11 A SffIi"!.-- ou w r
when the ya. kfes hapned Wngmpl at Yafr, Aprilbi reate halerM."f
sackerOak Pr Loela*WP-Lou Has*----e-April-
1 felt It would be for Allplaye rsand satatort p kOSteve Marcello following theall-u NvatI Jeil't he
14au wetIntote eqesed beoono t *.rt back of his hwead to the canvas t *Iam.
Mho |eInothe middle ofuthe hl"shProundtothan ,Adeoditt, im Ina .+;.n *.-e
antrR ay c wol, who was omot.n midl1.emerer.. Wih
wil H aMl tiandoRas Aare hner thampi M l a ,.. ....he..... l
g their scheduled h.imround tr Plot Flori u
matchIInrBostonngot UPvfrom wljiini. eever.Fort0gaveo"th Or. .....
his press row seat.TMI aA'..t9ever o'the-u s ...0- outh o.
Io Get that next bout ready,"nIgK a. t si10Inches longertbotithe
hlor t ed orph tr Rm -e shouted, then turned to a e road a t r
cipuplr of people with him and noo fs were I e. w explode iI;t
sho n r of hisheasn'te awelter-oGymnasium. the 43ther ova.tsd tt
"Thererhasn'tRb een r ,I--as a buy Wey in
ttH r E I weight round n along m rtohofth iL ...% eov

WWIIfI ghter around." bad looked upon camg y: m r et,
W hen you talk about Miceli Ing harder tihan ovr.Leon Erlm). e the i*T
t- r e on today, you mention aL lot more 'The guy never b oad bothered s o.d if -he c'
than the. knockout punchi the to train, saysdvon. "That's ,be
u nVVIM 23-year-oldtNew Yorker carries. what was wronT w~ohim."er' w isedthhe
iAnd you so a lot deeper than In February, M.e- was givenyear' the al-om clock the
'of them knockaUtS -hohas at a small cj ub l eHolyok,,em.,te?
,THEW"takenin the last four months-
:nI At tre end l e

41After he MUan 2 1 ece,
which was in August, the fighter
Told Bobby Nelson, who was
Cana n him, that he w s
*,CAPITOLIO through.
IALoUra Raffo, In Be went back to his lower east
elUE IOFlEBA" side neighborhood and tried to
and make a living by working, a
strange method for a guy who
d0 c ACH OTHEi bad benfighting for more than
= m sixyears and ad known big
alghts, like his draw with Joey
.elo, diputed sit ee-
Ie*rof guys lieArur
. 'Play and Lather _.. tL
U ro his yewrs of blowing
squira kly ran
when addy oun, the midd-
p U uInto him Me -
i netbges Oatbe_
is aglowa under Young's



a*LulQr kt



AI.: Th. r

i .the' WARW ? A
NNW With flat vIOf

"TE JOE LOtuf Trora

i .je P" ER w "

-. .i-

* *~- ~' 7

C ____ ___





. -. .

- ,.-%. -=r.,

.3MM S

rowel ucaneoqis

chky PWU O Wout.
k,.This c aab wu (E-r "smut
winl dbarrtoer for th- trla
p :t but acting Managr W O eof
tt *s yerts aeed with twe pai.
4'h, idUentle lne-1 a-al a-
alst Ourveeps. Qp10 qamnes
incred tlst to te plashew s
ist he lspuffed meay Hmuka ralls.
tt Iwar imoet ti tory:
Nayihr pitching a I in ta
S clutos ad Joe
s" eUe UPS u*11i lt thi MA. pavs
to have the Powell Wofiry. Ap-
othir Powel youth, Johdi- the
against Haarl wa &
t*- Mergat With* .

. ..e....
S.... ".*;- a ^ ^ *6l *'

* '

'bdy$ a

a'$ *cn 1 hst w

,* Nv your ps4&bh pwe
W*toatie ptba bifi w

'; ** '^ *:



.', ,.** -^ .- :.
*&or., '*de -. S"W
lO^ ** *^ --- *.1; -'.< '"' t,i'.;
Aura IV-swipsas

' a* -


A .-Th-.. -
(~~ SI ^ .'* .
.i; .^ ;- I. ^ .L|

4* 09 utevt g.wWH --
ont ottffice wealbdfor rest
his foit and So;
.3 gapmp;

4- -

^'~1 j

,C '.

r '.


"--"- j^-IL" 4B



PF Now you am fly dirt
to Mexicov eny aunday
wilt oly a few anMSte
landing at Sam .Tee.

* i.A SA light -aving riom
Uarriu k tee at oe00 p. m.

' VtRY-. LOW

Tooums at q4 o. t


(UWpo 90 MY
"- .- t.. %..'^ ae-o P.J .. .;-

Va saew Wr atrlllergh nom a tsa Amr nft
*wM Air*osft* a ot s agt wan hm.

TiZ.m. ; :
I le 4


--" *t -. A
i s .-" il _. .* .'i .-i.j -- 1.- _

* .5.
* ..* a-

Q. -Wbh did Minnie M
hit in i Ant year4n the AmU
A. bS B W ft .M In '5.


and am fully convinw d that


safeguards my health I"

See *v W m wae. ftd .
*^W^ -. r^^W^W**^-


l ;- -.; 1.

II Why don't 2s make
the tlSWa trial test and find
I out for yourself?
During ten days smoke
j and see how their protective
filter traps the nicotine
so it cannot irritate
your threat and lump. Besides,
VIC3ROY cirttet b
I keep your oiuth frh, and
*. your teeth wits... t y
mak your smile bhightr. bs

VhIM ".a

S. m WITH a"T CR49BeM tee wil bee V
I g
S..------- .' -- , aena a- we~a Sflesa pe aean f

'I ~S'
.4 7

." r i.

.- --. ,
';. .** ~ -. [

e -,...' -,:., f l

<4'-' 9

0 4


*i '.i
*.i *, ';



*a bs.

- c.' I


'4, -




A #-.
-.5, .5 J
* q4.

b' ams m
Ik I^J

S"' .- e-*..^ -

: *' ',.I -< ^

!i ? .
S' k :
,. -
N'g:.,. r




I -j

'V. 5-
7 -
4. -'
-- C 4
F -t:teA- W....

-I--~-- --- i--.--. -------- -- --- ------ ---.

.. Lw7I

pr "*

' '

l >

ItW1Yli. I

f -,


qm-Jq. JOL


tg" ; e-t. stha peope knowt thi hraeh and pesaurary s nAou wincosn. md
-, m ba csd.kbn odc. .f. IT, c tA prdc tht 0 5 go

Thu. d es teth Immen .in ti .. t theIPeW

dqmb-rs"uiai a ie ts t I uer o
agyer for onti-Comulat resist Iro CErui W if he is w6ireth L0r a 1Both Strolins intl
Southpce Zyce Wajawy-e repoMible for Mos ter r I or
o .ntter krevho a tellern v for t ncreaOsed a t ed
.ual:" Premier Geog iw ,,, w,.l
Job eaefis Rtabi. ..d G p 'k* cra
I'^'h^^Hl^canda tor l collectivwation a &s i economic im ; ls. expeSiaentig M Sa
^'^^--^^---^*m^^soPoland has ayostacased is is reen morm omus ter Mc tes' Sp oral Fleette, At c

disst ern t e tllte apom n he i af, bt of oa t he has but also eenscatbavgsbliiteftr li ownc wasetears a

since *th seized powr. gmnunrs Partyhe prt art watVrT TAKe-OWi would leek tide attrtist's sketch, Mr lsrei o can oar 3$0 TOIFLSI-o Vo Jci *
eLe the peple ku pre ena the ow dholrcehrsnd-thecooty ileo -t am9 or,

l. .... re ..... .... -...
S qa. y Io.......r thP l y ... .ea e'. P. Ia e by"-
ov ts..e ks A PlGnes WABe!-b.ol... r

Pr .bener sGeo glhe ns ,bilh t V f. f'ars fu i a

-F adconsumernew In ate ltc"y. Lnimum power. norma 0 per etbkage toIitupa*teaut

vs Is ^ dims co "i mo stt hae peoM s ile to dBAer h- n oTh two rex mental v or- straight 9t aid down, they do teat sei th-conised hldeu;-% It is ra>Tn
yRSe r r antl-B resi st ttot f p lan' wi have It sut dower cd their l'r. rl-
been-o t PlS' d bot. to ur eight up and ward speed io cots.eraly Mm. Dr. Reed add- tat bee 1 g
onenesibh.teYenevItea -,

i l l top leader ha just uch t e th also makes he r mi ea r

focia. e r ads er e Camv fIor control tChina ar vale y wl r va t i only just egi g pay you've a wT fmriy
y ed the a bor leader ten Atou t rd icl type of off com ercly ome pa thk what

the resoidste ame:s uuse t uty waschief arcitectof theparty's aircraft has been the dream of ger and malil services, bottle breakage ever aea-td r ns tw.
c o ansi o inotd gpiV ptan et husi ast, pi n

Sides his to as oe of rdo d Vinci there are experts It's the deal type aircraft for will also stand e eam

atingdo of enemy bombepoeorhgotglcmp.
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P. M aend eartalltay not in Washington He later spent four years in Mqs- achieving vertical take-off makes are Navy projects, but eean _In i the sicole-rpsaud la
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