The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Sicketing a ardie them If visky" for the tate tore t wa en E the League ofWomen es i
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House Breaks Economy.Dam; fr

OKs More Cash For Farming DRESSE
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t DWI Con JUMIOR will ook hadsome
au -lle that business A i .n'" -n ..,the. ad. 4,OI 0nof no

&a- -said1dollars .i
or OjsM.recall 7%eNloun F thendA nuegid' Uh SPORT SHIRTS
hime oaf ""eai5s"Iim Ucf
OfW,8.. ,t 1 As theobill. s 0DtM.a othe e n.,te td .4ad 4asand-of"
cashfortoosesi 5 nt arr$4,411,4rFOR 1ABIES...rB MNEWS
"4109,.,,S, 0 e1 ffectW as 10 I T gl e, ad.

e n ioi 7 %a: e s"i B
.11 W11,Is= A q,.move!

.... An-@* a Sale""
,:l +Wa .MOM, ,,t : ,,.,,
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"Break do te

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it'sjut a job.
I They think I''I a pHial
coited shoulders.
SThe record might abo in
E' DELIVERY *RY ,j, ",m
s= on some calotants. I
OF ALL t root fr-4e oaloot
w route to "oh
S" '{ "Once I wU a Iu

S ly when ra Imopziwnlid
I've torn eviathat a.
l Speauki og a
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homers have. am s 18Ngs
iltsellt F*i "

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MERAS T ife- oIDna
worryio a km b
Anp"niersa Wait," a
ron aold. iplas
e tisbbole. But B are
in- r 'I Ughs tacked o that la

to some spirited dlsnits
---1teivlsjom progmrpv edwei

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* ....A.O a k i,

-t ow "m ltag d o iher a-pe.uls to

rou ek eo d w lleIf a v roalet
ammpit-nr to quil tbe tpreleeI

turo tf for both parties
l- maz hndt st l years. but
& -% ,nic G votes epite an l-t
he ~a s natewide to soa
iK p hiaiNoem vii I
BoitelzM of th o Hoaus l th e lin

I bei Commlttee, assay
h li to a d m ou term onver

o ,, 'Republican
wow tion races.
tie. GD Vppeau l to favor
nsuleve eandidatea alft.
arw. Wt.wi imU ad laiot adk 'n 0
Ubs ONYr \t 'lse sa Xoila o A o u lc
new R. f 5 e idvest
l \dvfor ai.
Ai. L WMlsa, a c .
may Cab kf1whoet d uWNWine
bear -dr olti,. alMrau, ca ein
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IL57 |i I a 1 4v f,.'

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will remain ope all day Saiurday...

for. you last minute

aster /nopp g

S '. .
IN Nei


Celebrate properly by bringing
your family and friends after services to our

in the Balboa tooukfrom 12 noon
Musie by Lueho Acafrraga'. CaojmMo
and from 7 p.m.
Music by Tommy Nafies and lis Toreadors.
.2 1",,

Compi ., dinners from 63.50
Childra*s half pertione at i ioes.
(Favors f thr IMdren
from the Raster Buny!)
Rerve- your taMe weh
Ma 3-.100
ao Ba-lt siil f .t


f i -o' .. _-

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"'" & 4'-"'. '"" i ,

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W -,, lif f i;- !. -." ...

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:... ..


n., wIg a, il -bai ,
lonely CoebuLt"
6 coir y. oeonuts at
Ilon are anything but
[n fact, there are so many
a that the station lyad-
R the expected 27.000 co-*
oeld from 900 trees on the
for sale under sealed
arms may be obtained. on.
A tIe side, by contacting1
, W prkr Officer. Naal
Coed So, Phone 904),
Pie ci side by con-
tee Wies Oittcir: Navir
, Rodman. 'Phone 3847.1
vw be opened in ouiblic
Tueodqy. May 4. All bids
* received, or sent to be
at the Naval Station,
ot later than this
x of ,t coconuts will
n lblity of the con-

\~ I


STARSIN. 5 R~AYLooN 1wta IN W gbefife ge1 M cuadtom.A
atmis pictured toger in oft of their mor gIuIl1OtU
glance then lir~slak I e moi
momuiL howeverr they are three ral, o"t "reel" life tCm-mers who vo a aook-altl k .
sponsored by the New York WbrldrTelegram and Sun. They are left tq right:.typlkt Jeiiteo
Johnson (Lauren Recall), moel Liz O' Leyr, (Merilym Monroe), and housewife Ja= dlit,
-. -' -.. ...- .- _1 x' -

~:, f


mflan says: "When
Igets back from a
I and talks about the,
weather and the
scenery, don't ask him
it any fish. If he had
rthng "he was proud
ve -eard about it."
ght. Tou don't ave
Sthj details a
Ise jud any.

= F-

S 0018 OF MODI-L-Them shapely "saloras" Legh Bnowden, loft. n196 .an .fo. get a
ooelwe.typ -view 41 aa world's lrgest ship model, a,replira 61 the $.S.'Nleiw Aimst dsm. The
rhe tht bothers most giant model wa shipped from Hollad to San Francisco, Callf., in a crate for exhibition at a
q dwiler is the noise naonaAl show. It is one twentieth the size of the original ocean eWr.
.... *... "

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ATHE. .OoS Fth
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Magnetic' Fote*

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:o0 s,.Comv lOt4MA6 A
,:.'-FLUNS (T OP4W -% V
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ffll /VTIJ 1iiinrrflT14b-

First Aid







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*mq iiy
.* I.
laea w.
me dthal

*w .&,' : o^ '

: Mrs. James
^^iai' *,.,. ,

IM~h~l^' rlb marked the
ninth biaateatr thed

l Dedwi ont u o diaie, Mrttea H.
a d le. A MW Hiron, sde.
simmer pL Oft".lAn.,dx
whreu ih lldfwM E.dJ LEra
,,, ` UMrs. H C. Sv.

dld ta : waea ** of e t. et, e hunMM Ho.

placed. W t'elke e e nwmarm: dl rd Mts. I. mer iA
new offaMmced couple Panama; Captain and Mrs. Me.
CryatL :car atmoas and AlgMar of the Canal Zone.
.- --- !

,V*YOAr AM wn'"ITe

Darlb Helgdhts, C. Z.
8:4 -uarly Serifee-.ring Easter Up To Date"
l4i.t Sorvic-"The Moemsem rems The Stone Palpit"

H;rE CRoss TRiu,

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a, I. c i ,1 P
pBediuo Sm; Mr.Har-
ryd r. cRi o rlimtw.

AM tM a STe1fay M.i
neade yApr a-at a

bm Utai eetMrs mB
..o *tolze prE. ttirl

Dmer Fr Secretmary And
Mn. JimeMk
The First Secretary a7 nd Conal
General of C Mats iea Gerardo
Jimenez and Mrs. Jienex bo
plan to leave the Isthmus soon for
bs p "an w oer.e the gue ,
honor at. ner iven
*vernins te.. Iter of El -
1Vador to P a, Francisco
jueodas anal O-u.eda at he
sb4PIA Bedutwce l Belia ViIta.
Mr. And Ms. Arias
Mr anc Mr.Adolfo Aria. Jr.
were hbots for a jehte I*ves at
'thoir couu 'ho, ,La Joya. Il

o e fit.1 a..n1 a .

bato0 S1Der umeonx have re.
tundtoterbonm folwn a

visit to the Darieo country.
To Vaael. Ia U.S.
MM Iam Vda. do Avcarraa and
her daught i, Mrs. Frederick
Humber and Mr. Floyd Baldwin
have left the Isthmus for the U-
nted States where the) will vaca-
oen for averal wea.d.
Visitors Return 31 Aaud9 k
Mns. Rhomas F. W. h qad am
daughter, Mis Namdy W o
have been vt wH friend
BalbA for the t tw days have
retired to their home. in Gatmn.
Maady Thnrad Slhe Tol

day will be held t4 vening at
The public is invited to attend.


vm st,

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1 I a^^a^ ^^^^ *^*bi^h^k'^^ ^-^^^^tf

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- U" ,+i
. _. -,, : ."..>.5" "' ,,.:.^
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. ~ ~ ~P, ....., .." .

WI Re wtfrili
tee fre. The enemrawUdle

1dia Li/er a&der, W

id at thi

s avited.


S--- -. .

WASMNOTON. Aptil W -) In-al "ra know" as
-Mande laenhower's choice for .-!tnL

rtser and the UA 4l r m t hhe'Irbu
rWto the ii't lady, mi today .

ofJ. Knhower e- ady plan to t r tto
tr, Moly P few sta.a th
The dress ha not yet Mrriad J Jh Kl hr family
ad, aMr. N th e wlloU1 them frota ft.
mame Itm. ,e nnats, .
p- riit ran.s the tirt MIdy. : .
may choose another or her

w- N MILFc D.,c <..

b-aine the first lady'a to regular
.. F .f 6. e
VI, o, t,' o r.


.. 8 w '
; .Y *. .. :"


* ~'4.

'A 58

..A .ib, ~


04euts ce anm4a
v.m"On to. IMP, EASTER
Ie. -., weekendnd ? ?
...In Cool Comfort '
with the Caribbean
S1 Breezes at the


^----- -*A J.^jA-H1Iek-
ton, .Rt' bie am -e

I JA '
sieaW ~
mveww 41 46


Call and enquirt about our "Weekend Spolal"
rates... You'fl b surprised how ittlw it oetsl..

1 r ..



ministerinl to. A Prot mD.ts

A inrOi U Ei STVre

J.. J E ..


S, t Rev. D ALEADU 0A '.tlor

GOOD F1IDAY Commuiion Scerwe wIt Blving pictum

of "THE M ST SSUPPR" --7:30 pm.

The Choir will ffig "TuR CRUCIFIXION" by b

'A warm and cordial welcome awaits you a ttheve servwie."

The loveliest Eau de Cologne in the Wold;


.,* :

.,'*.' :


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8'*.' I..',-
V. .

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.-F i .. .- -:A


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-u l!JILEI

y9-.***iRLAEE ::YOUIV -* *-*-*

- !1 M MUa or
5 stop NIL t

!' "M Ai-,



S Houellud
SALE: -Kenmore Deluxe woah-
,g machine. 60-cycle with sud sav-
. Phone 87-371, quarters 7-B,
~lnstt Davis. __

LonMftli oue At Pon
M C e na A ve ... ; ., .t

Passr eawe I ': .
ia~aa .... BW:~,;.

S- .- P-. MIN

PinO.7 '17

FOR SALE:-1953 Pontiac 4-door e-
don, only 4000 miles, in new con-
dition $1950.00. Phone Fort Gulick
8-8394. ',_

cycle C spoI refri- OSALE: Iasl pa
-'"or. 2.1500. CoccI. automobilae.150. 5608-B. Diablo.
SALE -Din n table & 4 chairs.FOR SALE:- t942 Chrysler. excellent
$20.00; sofa & arm chair $30 00; condition $ 00. New Cristobal
.eve r 4-burner gas stove $50,00. 8057, 10th St., Colon. __
doule bed with spring_ & n>rttre.isI FOR SALE:---LU CAS genuine ignition
4 001 Houis 10. Apt. Francis- parts for all English cars. NA-
%co lipsl $., Vista Hermoso. TIONAL MOTORS INC., Distribu-
R LE--9-c. ft. Westinghouse tors. Auldmobile Row No. 21.
4reffitor 25-cycle, all porcelin.FOR SALE:-1953 Chevrolet 2-door
ent condition $90.00. One sedan, deluxe. Excellent condition
'*'.M. .dreftr $7.00. Misc. toys. 0765-F, Williomson Place. Phone
S:10- Morgdrito St.. New Cristobal. Balbos 2-14K,
SSALE:-Crotei Shelvidar refri- W A TED
rotorr 160-cycle); Bendix washing WAN I U
ci Wes tinhouse r oad i ob
a-. articles 80 57, 1Oth St.. AiiI~tobie

Next Menday. April 19
See the colorfully costumed women of
the San Was Islands in their annual
festival of dances and celebrations.
Travel by plane and launch to see the
happy pept of the sunny San Bias
Islands in thai gayest turnout
of the year.
For eeervatins cail JUNGLE JIM at
Hetel El Panama, 3-1660, or Jungle
Jim's ffie at Hotal Wa leIgten.
label Clubhouse Beauty Shop, takes
pleasure in announcing that Mrs.
Ediro Tipton has joined her staff.
Call Cristobol 3-1642.
eRi SALE:-Diarnond solitaire. 1-1/3

Ptonpm -1.71 7. CrHkal {*1671.

FOR RENT: Residence In
Heights. with 4 bedroom g,
dinlngroom, porch and 2 baths
Price $200.00. For Inforwltkm call
240126 during working hours.
FOR RENT:- Furnished 2-bedroom
chalet, from May lqt to AuguSt
31st. Telephone 1034. Colon.


ATTINT N L. Just built d
tunkhed apartment, tw
bedromm, hot, cold wotm Tel-
*uwi.Pwnomo 3. 941.

SCristobal, Colon. WANTEI LATE MODEL carots $250. Call 2-2542. FOR RENT: Most Modern opart-
SALE:-Furniture suitable Span- AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE: I Spinet piano, good meant, in building nearing comple-
.Jsme, silver, linens, mirrors. We PAY CASH for late model auto- condition. Call 6-445 Gomboa. tion, ready for y next
sk, rug, art oblfcts. Tel. 83- obiles. WerOfer95. 1952. 1953 -- weak. Two bedrooms. Close to the
', .CurJ u s mo I s. rL*r 19 53 FOR SALE:-Cocker Spaniel puppies. onl
190 Qtrs. 574-. Cundu HIs C nEYROCITS. FORDS. DOCDGES.ct'FOR SALE:-Cocke Spa puPP city with view to the sea, one block
.SALE" .f. ."Frigire ,- 1 -rPLYMUTHS, PONTIACS. only t*o bloc males left. House from the American Emboassy. Phone
SALE: A8-f. Frigoare, 18- YUT 4 .ONI 6I-A, New Corozal,,TeL,Bolboc Panama 2-1046 office hours, or
nth e rantee, automatic de-. .. 2, 4 M Pana.. 1656. Los Cumbres 2266 at all hours.
cter. Phlli15 7-tub radio with Tel 2-W e. raneme. .-- _. -
it; 'Simmons folding. bed and A l- P I ."OR SALE:-STIINWAY "M" pendIFOR RENT: Three-bedroom, two-
tress; Simmons double bed mat- WANT D TO l U picno, solid mahogany case. Cm.- bathroom apartment with all mod-
-s; werdrobhs; tables; desks; pletelv tropicalized. and & ust-proof. ern facilities in El Cangreja near El
i, etc. Allike new. Via Espa- WANTED T1O IUV:-Piano, upright Perfect condition. Price -1.500. Panama Hotel. For information coa
14 (Opposite Vista Hermosa -ferred. Phrw 2-1630, Houe Phone Balboa 3372. telephones 2-2154 or 3-5114.
tra- ). '735. Diaobo.l ,OR. SALE:--6 and 12-ovit LUCAS FOR RENT: Concrete apartment,
S25 Botteries for American and English porch, 3 rooms, dining kitchen serv-
new mho cabinet nelp WolIte d cars, rubber separators. Guaranteed ice $55. No. 9. 7th St., Pomue le-
S h ch 5 ch -- V* good prices. NATIONAL MO- fevre. Tel. 3-4436.
e; nl10.- Can bo c33h. WANT ' for general house- TOs INC., Distribtors, Auto FORRENT Three-bdroom port.
S- work and lare of two rma'l chl bile Row No. 21.
ininDi rable & 4 chair dren. Call 2"2140 ealboo, after 5 -m-- 2 apartmenthoes. For ke
0; 'oby crib, good condition p.m. OR SALE:- Fine r.hogany furns- apply Ave. Peru 77. For informa-
n n bamboo 4-place liv-, p -. lure made to order. American Sup- tion call 3-1520.
P 25:ii5 kerosene 2-burner W ANTED ply co.. .! ---s* FOR RENT:-Well furnished apart-
arqda '"Peredctten stove Seo:ed bid., in triplicate, will be re- ment $130. 43rd St. & Mexico
Snight stand AQui-rtermasteri Mi(iellPt.I ceived in the office of the Engineering Ave. No. 64. Available April 20.
:0O; girl' 24-,inch bicycle 5 .-. ..- a ---- and Construction Director, Panama Telephone Curundu 6232.
urfmant 19g No. 10 joe Fran- WANTED TO .BUY:- 4-71 Genera' Canal Company, Baboo Heights, Ca- ..
c de i Os a Ave. IAutomobile Motors dieel engine or Grcy A-5C no Zone, until 10:0 a:m., April 26 FOR RENT- Nice furnished apart-
w), imie building where PJy- spare ports, hafts, plates 1954 cnd Ihen publicly opened, for merit with refrigerator & gas stove.
th#. Chry:lers are told. etc. Bqlbqsa 2-2428. furnishing all plant, tools, equipment. Military Inspected. Via Porras No.
SALE*- Diningroom set Phitco l, _. abor, services end materials and for -.'
rhliio r very chDeop 4Poit8tho Streetn Off ered 1 0 erformig all world for Instolletion of FOR RENT:-Furnished & unfurnish-
,e No,- 27 ---- -- --- --- -- Re:ocation of Existing Chagrqs Gym- ed, military inspected new modern
p .-----I----------- WANTED: Girl to take dictction nosium to Rarnbow City, C.Z. Formr apartments. Cool, healthfully locot-
f) L Iimostly in English to- work ftom 2 of proposals, cpacificatloni,' and full ed, suitable for American faomiNe.
^ 9 NW i ,r +, J. p.lt411. 6 p.S. 4oysr o week. Send particular may be objoined from the Call personally at Bennett's Photo
pl e ture and salary ex- i f 'trWct tIh ion Studio or Phone 21282, 181 Can-
1 I ,or .trs. l Am .

i ** .

A Sped.a Mt-xc
for tl. e

Wlte or Drop by.for
De&'rpllye Boklet of the
Miny Thinglan o Can Make
In Your Home Workshop.

M Central Ave. Tel. 3-10


Packers. h, pperM ove
Taller TraupmeI auter
fBper Meaenanic In Ultra.
matic and Hydramate Tra-
nuwlc offers his profepiOnft
Repairs nstallathom of la.
stores. wstr beMta. etc.
Ueneral upervtsor.
Tells.: 24-M3 -12M

* 7-;

I as

.Ao.1.0 .00rberaS D e bedroom apartment, ovgar ,,
o it ii ~forfeited If specification- dissa on Viliaroo Pkorra 120
3,g j Widdrawing pare not returned with- SrO Viac sc. Tlirlo Porra1. 2 02.
R w. o __. a.. fIn 40 calendar days after opening of (Sn_____Tl3-04
To H bids. FOR RENT:-Aportment: Livingrop.
wp STikriph Cp1 LE.-Atr bedroom, kitchen, private "'bA .
wn moretorbike eE.-t Po Cl room. Between 4th and 5th Strae f, JOINOUR ro
i, now tires and., bao5e ,ub- I o nn- W l n 8 .Col, Pueblo Nuevo Road No. 73. MERCHANDISE CLUB T
wuse, gohn 2-2578. AK Teln.. .April 1;oAe p o ,r go. sac-FOR RENT:-ALHAMBIA APART- 1.0 Wreekly 35 weeks. cyl
louSbe 504 Diab o, besid a.Cub-I I., Fll 1',- -in, recent paint job; radio. socri-!M2--room Luxury apart-i L l a apr
---- c(UP) Ot flcils of thel fce. Cll 2-1835 or 762, Apt. F. rt- L e an Men's apparel a
Federal Mition n .on- nby t. lboa.ments. Tle floors, cedar closets PARISIENl i
ei d intenal negotiations today Furnithed and unfurnished. ConsultI LA I ARI SErt
to head po be strike of FOR Al office 8061. 10th Street, phone (M,,e he i ,)ga
Sproducti Wbrkers at three Oak ln 386 Colon. _r .*_ on
i a50 energy lant and-
SIan To lI Ba and Bl & Motor. | FOR RENT Unnvt Russ 1al
S011 a ourt.h FOR RENT ._._,,. _
ILL. I L Assistant t Frector lyde M IFOR SACE: Two 1/3-hp. elecircl UIIVIIIO Ku iHlIT
"iiP Im ar ty Mill of the.mediation service' motor. AC. New ond cheap. NA- Room m ..
Washington headquarters an TIONAL MOTORS, INC., Autmoa- --- ill is thi
and Atla. tareg lonal bile Row No. 21. FOR RENT:-One furnirhed roominlb r m
I tDOf, April 15 (UP) Director Wll.. m 8 Pierce sat In -- ----- residential district, on:y to gentle- .
) ,LeftwinnerAneurin Be- with madlit .E. F. HJchcock t. mon. Tel. 3-0957. Ali lMn A i
a.sun-Amtl w e whlch have been lAlCnlene Wiin ianind -
unched a abun-Amerls On wage l which have been FOR RENT: Furnished,two large.
oto to _aic control under wayr amost two l clean & cool rooms. All modern
iabr Para v and sit months betwIn the production convenigrices & igh NEW YORK, Arl 15 ,UP)--Of-
away from the United workers Canrbide and Carbon Peru Ave. No.65. lower left. ficlals discovered today that the tO
.s he ....he...bor emcar. I i To Borrow Ie's -most interested spectators ata n .
h ao e splt te laOar lr ached byi A _T ___ W_ __ned _Positioni con n of aircr
harply and presented If no element is reached byI h mn n d l T ket u l eal re wa a group of un
minister Sir Winston mldnght Tuirsday., the unions IPln Hi Rdsca& wo crammedan
'A Conservative Party Awll b free to strike .. AUGUSTA GW, AprN (UP,-- T WANTED:-. Elderly tes e n
d Ilance to reves A strike d idle some 8.00015 (P- India n dwith recentrefereces the tsesbwithenoteseads un
] t~ hsfi e toAnte Up)-Idle seek 2 or 3 days a week work or Pamphlets about the latest trends m
e members I r0Gas. Ce The"homesick GI who asedo ever haf-da e S rd ln the nation's aircraft design.
ie.nddn qlei,4d W akers Union borrow the President's plane or Tel .3 -1016 Panama
of both Conasrt te and the A tomic Trades and behalf of 2 buddies" so they could -0 6 Panma e Russians led by an avia. d
S a nti-Bevante labor Labor Cou at Oak Ridie. all go home to New York for East-on expert from the Soviet Em- fo
Shelp 0pate the Oak Ride er already had an airline reser- .ssy in Washington, have been er
resianedsdsamagicall yhvnore the to
res. 'dr.amaally iory, the top- vaton, Eastern Air Lines said to- attending meetings along wth 1,-i pi
e L ar Party "shdo s ore tdt and the K- da 000 ofztis nation's top aircraft 611
last ight n protest a- l on plant. Some L Army officers could find on- designers and executives, an of. I
I e 'ma n" npol l C wborketr would be affected l ne of Pvt. Josh Greenfeld's '25 Uu fcial sad, but have been careful
Chrn a.d "ein- at Paducah. buddies' dt nearby Camp Gordon not to Identify themselves.
Red China. us -ev- --he also already had a reserva- Ta
Sleft-winnn Sool tt I t a strike occurs, the media- don when Greiefeld, 25, telephonTa Slar Chr psnce was discovered
out of the Ply coun- iloon ic may turn the di4- ed President Eseabower's secret. yesterday when a delegate to the
Clement Atees right- ute over the President's a- tar and said he and his buddies TOLEDO 0 Apr 15 UP- convention suddenly noticed one of
t nd drew a labor relati codn't get seats on commercial Richa T Goser international them had a thick accent
aros Britain's enw settlement t- a o cr vice president of the CIO- United Another delegate recognized the
eas MP's prepared to fr or the President may seek h garrison Knapp, Esstern Air uto workers today suggested em. accent ms belonging to Lt. Col.
f eor the Easter recs. an o national emergency les reresentave traveling with Poyes of Wly Motors Inc. take Boris Bogatyrev, assistant alr at
fBevan' follower and court Injunction to stop the the President's party said a check pay cut to reduce the cost of tache at the Soviet embassy In h
forsper Prime MinisterfWalkout. of reservation records revealed ernd Willysars. Washington, who attended the con-
Attlee were gOing, home ... Greenfeld of Brooklyn. Y and Goaser said he'd present hi plan vention .last year. as
to their rass rooted for Pvt. Burt Schnider, Albany, N Y. t workers tonight and ask them Bogatyrev registered lat year to
owdown vote between Army cout Car were holdig reservations on East to approve a change from incen. as a uninvited guest, but appear th
ma after parliament Gli. n ern's Frid3y night flight from here tie pay basic to a straight hourly ently didn't even bother ith uch
en il ,e. -In wBolige bOn9 to New York wage basis. He said elimination of trivialities this year. Neither did
be on the defense Wednesday nigt Greenfeld tele. incentive pay would bring immedi- the small swarm of Russians he
s1 o utheast A On Sale Here phoned Thomas A. Stephens, Ei- ate 1 per cent reduction of labor brought with him. of
Seteast Asia lahower's secretary, and unfolded costs in production i i
by Amuriea lSerletan ryo tale of a harrassed Army pri- Goser said the Immediate ef. Smiling and bow but talking
S John o Duls and A none ned a scout car com- vates who wanted to go home for fet would be a 5-10 p-cent pay asltle as le, tey took down
Foreign ectary An- ra approxim tel v 5000 Eastr e r cut for workers, but that "our long long and data account's of meet-
pouns Scrap met al? Bo GI ad e under- r egol is to achieve a reduce. ngp, bought up all technical e
ras oto op whether to The Property Disposal Officer. stood th e President's plane, the on of 20 per cent in the manu- pamphlets they could find. and now
the Coro today asked for bids oColumbine, had brought soldiers fracturing cost of Willys and Kaiser nd then even asked a guarded o
Or to the vehicle which Is presently b from Europe. when returning cars in the next 90 days or ~luesl1on at one oa the 750 exhibits
Oii l. bloatd In ,A Paz, Bolivia. from tri ahrad. And since he months.' spread through the Statler Hotel, I
ro g,_ Tihi besubmitted Iandhis ia es udn'tgeco: Tmis. he said. would make the t was the fran tic oleed of w
9I ."rlm mmum, awa lk- ain to heyi sroen i--a I kaons* what would autos more competitive in the low. uat Ibout eve rything i gbt that
At- opeeS114fe and they will 2e simer than for the President price field. Gosser said the cornm. na4l brought attenti ton the
S Pd that A- opnd at m. May le them the Columbine so pany and workers might later Russians.
l ure to Wm. they could spend Easter with their share profits and plow back some -- te
-Boy Boun- d .Over for expanding engineering pro-.I11 d
Bot& ,y Ii ,V "Armv spokesman said at jects oc Kaiser and Willys cars. pi
n I~Iar~n Charge C,~ordonhat "no disciplinary
F.Kl. TOn Burglary Charge ., .. ec, .. .,, --- R
elto Granaladasi Sehneder, both WHERE TO SP bE
.A d Panamanis bade iOsWe mie in the SIagnal Corps. IKERE TO SPEND s

--I S CM- S -
rnanew elePI9e 1S el Re- WEEKEND??
.,..6 a.r works on.a25
lar- M SEE PAQE 5 FOR The ----- 6. -46A
ha4111Mi,, *" ^ i-A Pnm THE ANSWER mi _SS
i_ ,i_+ I ._ _._. ...O

EI, u~J(


ii preuwnfi

Educati6 .
year's o~
Girla SAtf
district coM
leethn to al

T0i, t bdor
The irr of John V. Carter and
John V. Carter r. was apparent
low bidder for the work f on-
structing sewage collectors at Ga-
tun and Mount Holle.
The Carter Company entered a
low bid of $31,114 for the Gaun Job
and $5,864 for the work at Mount
Bids were opened yesterday In
the office of the Engineering and
Construction Bureau in Balbba
Four other local companlep who
entered bids r O.fon, Ip., I-'
dustrias UV 1 -_A.. A tmA
Constructors an 0o. Hauke.
S t ,' .. ,... I

NEW YORK-(UP)--A new fire
irm for the home Is des-iAed to
use the. soundest sleeper.
The compact unit consists of a
linder of compressed Fren jas
d a horn. When air surroudin
e alarm reaches about 11 de
ee, Fahrenheit, the harmless
is U released through e horn
ating a shrill sound that travels
far as 500 feet.
['he 95-decibel shriek lasts five
Inutes-a lot of noise for a unit
at weighs only three pounds and
assures 15 inches high
Each "Fyr-Larm" i aan auto-
atic, self-powered device, so that
does not need any electric wir-
(. You simply attach the unit
a wall at ceiling level
he cylinder, which comes
ameled lb grey, may be painted
y color to blend with the aur-
undings The remainder of the
it is chrome plated.
A slig larger model is taitor-
for dstrial use. as well as
r barns, garages, stores and oth-
buildings. These units sound a
icing whistle lasng at least
ght minutes. (Fyr-Larm Co.,
c., Summit. N. .J)
The home handyman can pack
new power tool with the swag-
ring ease a cowoby has with
* six-shooter.
A belt holster made ot Krene
asdtic is fitted to hold the quar-
r-ineh electric drill.
Thr holster provides both pert*
Uty and protection against mois-
re or dirt. It carries the drill
ad accessories, such as bits, right
the point of operation. leaving
* workman's hands free.
SapWfastening straps ho0 the
hed electrical cord to the back
the holster where it cushions
imps in walking.
The handy power toea-M ndb&.
er may be used by hINesIi l
;rviemen as well as lme iN-e
ists. Two metal eyelets on the
lsder allow the drill to be sus-
nvemiently on. books o .
all in the workshop walUh W el s-
y Manufacturing Co., Ge,
A new punched card m
r about the size of an as a
sk -talks" over regular
6o0e cireuls.

ubtilizing eif~iM phi
it eads data

- ., -" .


so i w UE MU wa4me-eanwwsW
m took an ia the lo- titm. a rnd' ..tot '. ,
A n VAbifi.-exhi- IN 3I"aas, m.. .
bitloft In Mreh, It for W of th *nU
whiioth an- A 0 o' m..II".- *
r. in ther asene, aot the rt! laoo, o e ,
of Pen Women from 600 o on t
brta ofg the is In everylum

CQ en Doroth t on k e
MUOnal Zne delegate to books wrtten byPe
the national convention of the tuember dr tti
P. m now In seon, mc- yea .
ceted the award for Mrs. Bean- o lbtt prude5
dry. In her absence, at the arts laborUon of Pen omel.
and crafts 9 r Monday eve- era and luwtrator.

Contractors Begi Wr

On Balboa Culvert Job
a ,-^< *-'

Work on a I1500.foot conci
aich culvert which will div
draining from Balboa Heihth
Way from the Balboa Flats a
was started this week by BI3
Inc., a local construction fi
The contract for. b Sha
was awarded ieoently by
Pa"ama Canal Co.
Excavation s tarted at
Gurunltu box ctulvert at the
Of the Albrook Field runway-
wlU continue to the toot of
-- -.0

as most of the exc
k will be several I
tounwt water level.
automobile tratfa
td Highway nor. r-

sixf tnth.
LWSUH**.,"---*----- -e

low it .moo

Vb Perras No. 49 tiL. 3-21S..
MO..AY THRQouMn aY "
S"at an wous f- .
"" 'cklf^'BBB^8BB^I~t~,lop'

* 7' .. :.

a,. -


I w




AM.M.. ..M & / iNPl A.' ..IL


Ci, -7--





_1 ____

~Ls'~pfi~j;i~,~~8~~~h~;. ; -;nL~m

.!; -.. --

yr~ ii


- I


~* i

ai mlW.

,,'< & V" In. O...cte"li 'hfuXWa half-hmW la im teied eq alh hote Iaut

S.- ..... -- "e.. D.. about the uupernrlL. "The UB. b-n planned b i
.r ,n1dWBr oI frs0e $3

*d ie slIutl l m epssOiianoe cyIPp will aerv n da.ce
.1 .a n .. .l .. A M

rs d W) ay be ea, ghougtim ab. erie hostusww for the men In the
a 1Mi ll u al for Uta i the Gom let 1 e % where he armed fore. Music will fur-
.'s a guet dual for I.euiu "o ntrP 3 "t-ted aed by the Royl ultan.

r,1 w m Bin Hl h a t he a uplais 'a B on ts a *--band.
r imS Cl Apb aepe. thert l we saa k Stars ent Iy thin s mdi tle-

v5* l ghe el Mr n it d i asefa a. l' a. id e *E

l N a BufB Dvl o s ee te ea aC.faraw a4ADa~,.fte u l i das who create
r J dl Aaem Jer. o s s nriee, iudDeY
,js *yjt. 3set frk sAd famil- r and 011.0 me a *eny ot*-hesr h'.ta Bre TOn

"lu "i- b. Wivu D tes a' writer's around a d cToa'l medium.
r n a. .a e-,ss' were gr r ta canll the a1 ade thain t
b e eutiesJ oo wiriesDtwouageoB!t from "Private rr .-
sow roo 9b can e c fip aa di
s twwSSowats.U D ab..._ a sutois.m ""no -d a te nm
le g, thO e, Med.en of the Girpr embrace ,-
Mr Am 2WI 1mRdmD wit th 1 nMh a =my bb -- serd. A f tn u me t th

'Air Mrs J. Ona R 011.;n Agheit _2 d cI the oe an th e s de o a

G .ad .N... V. u~c d l.. i. te l aui Royna 8."toea U

I" re ss -sp o an_ desertede bandd ere,
th'. as a ki CIS Daa m PERK UP
at _M NMSI Is.htgea =n_ =rSol be a.A e -I go allwew thek f

f\ address about the Oa l Go a ust bakaxn the audi- M ut nl

T e a l s Mh2, T o do r fMt a n '-A l s cr e t wiode t 0iIlo a I G
i. |v la M. r an. d M l.i :iso ano ." neddc io. a g o PUR-

T Melrs e-. d e pro iors thad brog1 bthee ,hle I\'Uakr
Lthe Z.vead t t o e .n b o dt h p er l ale ofethe lt s
-aIfo Za. f an. L. I ..., n m Jr a oth.i hm bLa Loe of ft TTO

tanLATE W fHOW tF A 1t. d .ne. tiabs .h i t e I r te A w wad ietdy en- EPU ar YI l 5W PTUERTO
,w asn w n tsr ofeor tge an 5dare taown ,,c b altedo
AN uck P witript and either ar, m
Anatr spk in ae n- e bc avta a gOawin a or a boltll ase aee
Sill the people on both sides p t t he tie a
ath le bueink subMrsa. eor PLUaigLo

Aedar the M. onrt A e1 aMon, derful audience nd Ae ets f M
Ju Tatlma aswd that evi to tend PURE YELLOW MUSTARD
-U on. es hiscases a e their .Annual 11. Time thiutret" uati ogin Is inhadsV
S- B Girl Staters learne the var u 4 next year w it come to their

1,' L in GU edd d H F Th u ll w ath thl IO pea winarn h .
m dA ree nlao r se pDeaera&, Caii. t e aDan pdei Ae cm. i showh
Glid' Satsr wa Nor. toL -o *a Da ith UP e. A s.

Wva. e % .Pare Milr. Assis tant t ,t to the GlSa his 1^^-
d.o f the U B oa henla-eme r break ing ckto t
Ntflsth sPanahlu meandu Moul dge klo &.sa e er P -se ro

oid I th e afteroo, a late a.n Cfo gam es fa B ah
SULUup o thrat Crowe oft the ade t r Court,. l I find that what Ifa s ep t h wa

I otaa Fler EIud l 8u f mt S b een r
1hine Ie di09erences *ti ve" L UEB

CIIZ OO I. :brrls a C I ece ads we asslift fd *n b
prth ee dt o & wr asas ano Burns, ma tr oded. FA a l ta rl ocutend
m" variou. G otatIs whc t er u on w itg h Jm1e, of Geogee mAn wIac I

krad, l e 0ti A ritee tll do wn too te I 7o tt a rea o
,r surprie-tha Pnns Complete landr; 1ore but
,, ,, 'nh t__i For Excursionh e"."l"" .s.'s sae campaign i

s*^,.n^..i -r Through Canal -" d o a, .om.....
SD. -pn. were tout t hi i tdr o u ninghl Don'tex- C-

If^e ^em. ^ fSrea P.edrom a?5 8 :0 Chamess exl l*woo't work I.~
jar, or ae, o o. si eil t lhat r braht I ,
n reia deo e a$- fl.e asne w .; tuc bimg. .m- sci t

GroflteDadD AS tatr earnte a the vaiodby, yea my ite norna to eri

.....Lj, of the th and Usnohe= oG f
Ihuilureuh, bin t a Slatis shoe her meihg.. tir RuMelL, aim eon keep a as sound
ow on eamos cansmla b. a aimB atfihe wiltH atw
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14M Do -hp, so~
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LA BOCA 6:15 m t oi
S John PATN -
onU.B K T=1M'

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in color.
CO, is' modern and ancient cities. .
its music. and dances.
aty of the famous Caribbean Islandl-
Warner Path6 News with thrfirst
ws of the Bomb Test.
W S i .n i _n

Who can resist

A beautiful smile is an inrreitible charm ... especially the
paling PtonDENT su.i t PepUodent'sORAL DrTnczNT*
iveu you a particularly beautiful smile became e ft aoel
seth cleanest of any leading tooth phase keep your
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Use Peplodent with COas.nranmrn regularly ... as
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,' .*- ---o --


Don Cuto Match Strides

A wide open $550 seven-furlong dash for Clas
S' imports that shapes up on paper as an excel-
lently handicapped race will be the feature event on
Saturday's program.
Local horse racing *experts": returns from an undeserved six-
"pect a battle-royal among at meet suspension.
Urters. They are Happy Abode, a brilliant homestretch run to
Vbn Cuto, Pebetero and Red just get up and beat a good field
[or all recent winners of Class "F' horses. He will a-
and Orande Dame II. a newcom- gain be piloted by the incom-
p' which was impressive in her parable "Paco" Bravo.
W5but last week. Pebetero wound up third be-
hind Pavero and Red Ebor in
'Happy Abode galloped to an thi same cla last week and
dasy post-to-post victory against could improve. Alejandro Ycaza
group of non-winners last will be aboard Pebetero and
-0ek. This time she will be guid-oahould be an improvement over
ed by the great Blas Aguirre who, Chilean Luis Valenzuel who
rode the Luis Farrugia racer last
On form, Red Ebor shapes up
as the one to beat. She has been
__ l second her last two times out to
Vedette and Pavero. Victor Or-
doflez, her regular rider, will be
In the saddle, as usual.
*4 Years In National League Other scheduled starters In
.Written for NEA Service this race are Rathlin Light (E.
Orteia)..Birikan Bridge (C. Mo-
2 Question: Runners are on reno'. Proud Pearl (R.L..L1Oil)
i and second bases. The and golden Time (F. Hidalgo.)
er balks and a base umpire:
i~s it and moves.ooth runners The Saturday program will
"Was one base. Is this a correct open an extraordinary weekend
of raclin at the local track
nw which wIl be climaxed with the
Answer: A bade umpire has running of the year's most Im-
M0I athezty with the plateiportant race the $10,000 add-
= relre aI eaUing a balk, andi e President of 'the Republic
isai_ a3lo Ang. 10Cassic wh Is sc aheduled to be
Q. Whe teaching g youngsters ru n Sunday.
how tO throw correctly, which ..
ft of the body asoudl they aim Kleven races each daye s the
whelt throwinto another menunfor horse players this
Ihyer? weekend.
Teash thl s to aim their,
Ml .Mae It creates a|,r |
heui the other'JUan Franco lips
use the ball Is coming
t eye level. It makes lit By CONRADO
d40 a th~r ball and get:
Sit i emotion,
Was a rtnt. now with 1-Rabiblaneo Manolete
t, ever In the major s--Proten Tosiponge
before coming to the I3-Oeean Star Amasona
Braves In 19507 4-Kontlki Strena
Sr t had a fling with 5-Red Oak Lacey
Sex In 18M9, was sent 6-Begonia Legal Frolic
Sfor 1 The .7-Bedulno Dole Joan
him after heI 8--Salusttle Nitlear
Stars wanes with SI-Stone of Scone Dark Sunset
0oat e.lmcub that sea- IS--Grande Dame Red bor
1 (0) (e) Bu k Samb
....:r... A --4 A -




S ,

I .

, 2 U';M'*s
25 -0U .15

_" b short In T ehnicolor I |

S- 5 pm. 51I
: :. ,:.
,.MTy .or Deborah Kerr
Atem Udnov, in


"...We.ll I. p.n. !.LLM

+* a^V^1^~ **H dffs^


in Technicolor!

f tRandolph


.77. MCR"






MIRZATOATS Ibis classy five-year-old Irldl- ea l
son of Mirza II-The Lady In Red Is enjoyg the bet th to k ete Inene
career. He la owned by the Stud Mirst and trained by do Uanv a Will be *
Diaz. Mirzatoats is fresh from two consecutive classic v1tories. D KM ir bock. to noW, the p tself h
- the Dofsa Cecilia Pinel de Remon Classic and the GOuaOStI $ rfdI on e to0 g. 010011d the1 fan's Jh remne(
clonjl Classic. Last week he smashed the track record f one- n htSO .N thoe o- mn strleta dislsrn
mile-and-five-sixteenths. This horse, which will undoubtedly C l assic anr e SSru W W n t ol tbetaWl o the higher (B
one of the favorites to cop Sunday's $10,000 added race-of-the- cloaridel In teasavareeatTr the that 01am orditdness
year, will be ridden by Blas Aguirre. w e traiSa by oent 2aIT O. ownh and tUiers, and Cane, L
s-how-up. I svlr y,,bcuae a th
S.,< ~ler shape t e* Thb diOe
been cut away.NMI
Juan Franco Graded Entries to -m
Our Reqol
o ine But Kap o etp ne
P.P. Horse Jockey WAt. COMMENT ODr elmaro hero, fields to b
let Race "O0 Native 7 Fgs.Purse: 5273.00 Pool eleses: 13:45 where.
First Race of the Double 0T94know what,.I sh-rman m
1-Villareal A. Ycasa 105x-tUsually close up 8-1 suhkekt in the Derby. Although lo
2-Malaya V. Brown 102z-Poor recent races 20-1 Satutdy's experimental, C. V. (a
3-Consentlda S. Carva. 99x-Nothing to indicate 40-1 weight was the masn Imprepive lo
4---Tin Tilln G..Oraell 118 --Showing improvement 1-1 was Just a spnt. At a mile and
5-Avivato E. Otre. 100x-Would pay long odds 40.1 Erracd King., who la strictly a Ch
6-Miranda A. Mena 1106 -Will win aoon 4-1 the latter's oids shrink in the ab
7-Manolete F. Hidal. 112 --Back in form 4-1 OM two, eight in the Derby f he
--Rlomar V. Ordo. 118 -Distance to liking 1 a Aplendid tirnt time out for Fishe
9--Tap Lady J. Bravo 114 -Wll! be close up .clap quarters and had to go to th
10-Rabiblanco J. Phil. 106 -Fractiousness han ps 4-1 room, ye came from seventhatth
closing second in a race that was
Ind Race Native 6% Fs.Puree: $275.00 Pool oesd: 1:15 Th nter of Bryan 0lei
Second Race of the DoaubleT he1 effrontery ofB ryan 9lei
1-Proton V. Ordo. 118 -Dangerous contender 3-2. e only by tht sup ne 'bmeild
2-Yosipongo B. Agul. 114 -Jockey, distance in favor even his fellows. If Field spoke as an a
3-Regla J PhIL 112 -Lonshot chance 8-1 professional broadcasted his, vie
4--Okitand F. Eldal. 112 -Cant be overlooked 58-1 .he is a slarled track manager
5--Plola A. Angu. 109x-Longshot specialist 15-1 derstandably prejudiced mind. Hi
6-Enriqueta IL. Rul 100x-Nothing to recommend 15-1 en the air as a lobbyist and props
of track owners. I didn't know M
.3rd Race"DE"NatIe1MIePurse.M. ....I- .. so eaay to take or I'd have been a
rd Race "D N e .P lee: I UP N h hard but at timai fraction, h- or, at least. Pounditout, 1mg .be.
bred fout-year-o n of h.-Mraglc Link is another1ong mI.a, though. getting the ptug
race with minions e Job
1-Pregonero A. Ycasz lIx-Distance handicaps 8-1 e ter re with..millionsi; OtNll ,l;
2-Amazona K. Flores 112 -Rates good c e 2-1 years C"l Clas"j a "once;more he hs `0a ..fe .. -e
3-0o. Star L. Oral. 118 -teeks fit r seht even AuilO Me ra, iu tre c0 oe is owned by auu ans PV
4-Black Gold V. Ordo. 109 -Distance to liking 3-1 Cnnie .... .U l m IN1, oWiaks ,
5-Mufleco Reyes R. 11x--Jokey handicaps 50-1
6-Don Pitin A. Vas. 1.10 -NotIn this class 15-1
7-Don Wend IL. uls 97x-Neemds abort er tapee 20-1 e o.I-

ath Race '" Native 6% Fgs. Purse: $275.00 Pool 1hses: 3:1
1-Arranquin o 0. Pres. 118 -Returns in fair shape -1 The tn-team Pa.e Division-the s uden-death co ons o -t
2-Tapnazo 0. San. 107 -Looks good in prePs Softbail LngLe msings-Into ris.,
3--La Hora, R. Vas. 113 --Mutuels favorite 2-1 the ehampinsnlap series next Cerveceria Nacional, tomer
4-Souvenir A. Gonzas. ll2x-Best early foot 3-1we and will continue play in CentralLaborOff,

Alon g whe Farn r.atpln aydeal-atior naefl, O r *
5-Kontikl G. Oraell 118 -Nothing recently 10-1 throegh the straight ceaton
4.-81rens H. Ruii 109x-Beat cheap field 4-1 Along The Fairways ut ao st iA

5th Race "H" Imported 6' Fgs. Purse: $400.00 Pool closes: 2:55 team iln plaonshp series.
1-Lacey A. Mena 110 -Rates good chance 4-1 The following are the pairing Pan Ideal and Navi tiop bat-
2-Red Oak J. Bravo 124 -Last was revealing 1-2 for the monthly PWOA tourna" fl. sted ay to a 1-7 tie A tm
3-Pincel 0. San. 113 -Must go lower 15-1 meont to be hel Saturday at thr *-of gwame to
4--Ssmo A. Angu. 105x-Rider handicaps 30-1 Port Davis Golf Club. t"e f o frh team in the Dsea.
5-8. Domino K. Flores 110 -Stout contender 4-1 Tee two teans arethea
6--(Rina Rol O. Chanls 113 -Early pacesetter 5-1 Tee No. 1 8:30 am. Thm two teams are se u
7-(S. Windsor J. Phil. 115 -Chicken-hearted 5-1 Ruth Tosl rici a, at 4:o0 pmo. and, ia nr
Jane Huldqulat say. will oppose each other Sua -
ith Race "I" Imported 4V, Fgs. Purse: $35.00 Pool closes: 3:35 :4l a.m. day morning, at 9:30.
First Race of the Double Edith Mathr esonA rtan U on will tee
Dotty La CroixyTransportation Witee
1-Sir Boss A. Vas. 113 -Aiming for jackpot 8-1 Bev Dilfer off nt Cervace tu ata m. .
2-Double In G. San. 115 -Distance too short 20-1 8:e Tudi bin the f twa amlaop
3-Begonla L. Giral. 118 -Returns in fair shape 4-1 Helen Miller re on-b chain omhip .e. Dble Attr' -p
4-Falrlyable R. Vas. 110 -Has good workouts 3-1 Connie Gerrans s.In OOLQwS
5---L. Frolic B. Agul. 110 -Good early speaed 5-1 Murline Davidson a
6-ROyal Claim A. Ycama 100x-In favorite distance 5-1 Pan Ideal can playI o n
7-C. Brand K. Flores 118 -Seems best here 2-1 Tee No. 1 8:30 am. Wednemdays, Satiir and GLE S OtD
8--Cafonaso A. Angu. 112x-Doesn't seem likely 50-1 Mae Askew Sundays because of g con- ANN NADA "
9--D. Duchess V. Casti. 115 -Improving steadily 5-1 Marret Leigh ditioni. Should Pan Ideal inthe
Mar at fourth berth of the seri then ZACHARY SCOTT-
the Pan Ideal-National Distillers.. -
7th Race "V' Imported 6j Fgs.Purse: $500.00 Pool closes: 4:05 .8:40 aM. game will be played on Wednes- In *
Second Race of the Double Jean Phillipt day. .
1-LuJoDa V. Ordo. 110 -Post position helps 4-1 Sally Smynse huls d en dal lasr nt h
2-Moiepo 1reH. Ruiz 102x-Rates good chance 5 -1 eva Jones al 7- gPan tIea loIa thea Jl l
-Bduano" I A. Mena 108 -Form indicates .- 1 b- off cgam t. ANXHLIAY

--9um. U.101 bten e PanIdseN-Aygaewe
4-Bola JoJa A. Ycaza. 10x-Was never better r3-d 0 W be lt ua Id-1 ae. .n s the eala a
..-n. be cose up 5-1 Margaret Dalton of the consolation aeres. wf tbe
6.-Albeit R. Vas. 120 -Dropped a class 2-1 Murel Arnold ayed on Wednesday,
7-The Dauber .L Orte. 9Sx-Longshot possibility 10-1 Any member who n fail t he teaser of Q apr y
"Easter parade oL olfers, please l ts -have qualifie4 for the Also: The Documeitmary

Sit Race 9 I mported 6 s.Pue: 5e0.0e Pool closes: :40 call Ruth1 o ri. clts Mr s Toofe t i Of the csoatn ou e oI
QINE LA entatIve, Fort Davis,r 3-2445. an l d. M tandby uaotetlg urvwir l SA f OL A"
~ba- aes A res been established between
I-P t Cado. 108 -Has shown north ing 40-I Siteen ouples have sloged to Navy S i the wn r of Us Pan And the WAR PATHE'
2- Paragon A. Ycasa l2x--Cod be upsetter 10-1 play in thp Scotch FourSeome'.to aId6-lvlgation pI-off gme. N with firvi e of
4--m. Fair H. Ruiz 105-Early s peed only 50-1 Golf Club. ThA event p i tohes Meg hw01 : -TE.ST
6--iticare B. Agul. 110 -Improving slowly 10-1 of a series-of tournamento tohe oses d efto .Ld _
7-.' VoP "Gona. 103Ix- poor bi reaker 1-2n held at the club within '~ ~xlowuar Li k .8 0 11 0M0 7.m.:
-In- another week 4W month. ar$. .0 pm. VuD.,lrhl test .._ _- ____

tb Race 0" NIp.rted 7 Fgas.Pam: 5$MG. Pool closes: 5:"15 tosm e wihf iart. seoNt te C oop A r
O Third low net score. Indlf lua A meeting of tsftr s rOL- EO A
1-Dark unset 115 -Could be the winner rs ludin an1 elect ves has ee 'forntheDGEOf
--ToLetaso ,2-1t asterltlarge chrome cocktaiNd ay,r a at o b, atsh tea
J-.Ao Phil 106 -Not much chance 15-1 t andoers, Will also-be. ghv- Plro
3--V. ]Darling A. YcaR 102x-Close up. no better -as
4-Number C. Brawn1105n r 15-1"- lec. BA speil prize has been L t N.
-Nle V. Brown 105-Not good enough 30-1 for the person with the higrDA Norge. defeRnd. .ae n
5-Wild W Ire F. Hridal. 115 --In excilent shape u1- 1 alth e

-a mA1* s wgsPre: 555.0 eec s 5:-0 S- Hrofman 11 Poe. crhas-two.of bb lOs.
1-Re. O Ve eri1 -I re 1 Mrs utghes Mrs. Toas weI Ol ..- Cam'l a

Ills--Infleet frm 4-1 carek.La !t ea

' iR. '1 *-
is escape scandlIf hot *usp&-
I pretty Well unhen, evAn in
O corruptl nh, boodumfsfa 'and
c). levels. But let ahe f"as get
extends to the raeg tp, the
evy, et al, couldn't y them to
e scandal the sport health-
Saed fat of ln F., hlsb
e the business is le.a attratlve
Slea. ra .
med, ey at' hs rr -
nmm o how about s g
can't set Interested in wlnning
e Invited to get interested elma-

ay catch something other than
going to Xrard King by three ia
Soony Bdy) Whitney's bantamn-.
oling router in the field. This
a quarter Fisherman ouwd loe"
arley Paddock. Even so, watch
murd winter book. le won't be
goes, which I doubt. This Was
irman, who was offt xit got in
e middle of the track for racing
he top of the stretch to be a fast
run in record timd for the evbnt.
I in teUing New York State 06
sitr affairs raci.g-wise js equal-
i of cbalfran Ashley Cole and
credited newspaper eritl, or a
wu would warrant respect; bqt
nd as such speaks with an un-
e uses muich of his pre-race time
gandist for the selfish uitposta
r. Cole man his boy friends wer
round with tf Brekslyn Bridgdo
t thbba Pretty smart of J.14
9r help .in before the iatit
m Mort nmugt have IUfled atll

..rN YKek rings and, I.
Joe Adonis going to Jail Zor




It Pays to


-r.y. *

L ~ .2

".* I ,


-. ,, .Y
* .'^F s

- A

'I --



* .

tube i~hIWi ~


-. .


I In thi
mo .plit
I wisovos
l j
Snt to



Sth e.-

attuk on loser Jack
earnd Tog reverse.

Saln the lni wha M
rtb ~ He'Wd when no%.

*w rus ja wa.
the tlat Iidl

suh rose to al- tU
* was one of the u
tes to pay in St. I

reams W L

Now II 1$
ikI MI: __.l11

r -lad the ElneMal a l

ow -

1 '

so014 cu for their outtandl cardlM buaebalt taWm idce
I b o. ste heatsbe aw nfter learn-
o y. a m b t. i Ytt mw -os---
Db b ttte u t his I the moat awful thin
l.' _nn,.IB,_..,. t. '- ,, ,-,,, ,
wayMde at e4 o thO .te m thit has ever haamned to me
:: I my life."

i :- ", ; -

SGNint Wlite Fleet

New* 'alaa genis" slo ealI

.' .'
U. eta ......rmeep cau... ...g mo. C

now ;Jos*Sherni

, .. ....- ..... ...... ...,..."*, e 9
m i iI II I li tl~lll 11 1 Ii li il iilt 0 lgo##

- .spov

. ,r


W i_ ? sate. Wldh wa
oaut on threw previous
aeMions, settled a' Tioper-
Sarsuftrat ov seood
...e. t ve tArmi ty-ne
3-I ede in &= isen pAy be-
fitena the two r ITb.
Bl&a I Troolps tahe
st frame wIm wtore Mole
td,. wag snoaa5 Iu ,eond,
scored on Jm -p sn-
SAlbro. ame

uin the soeo d qmn a eriro
*fle Troopers- brqke the game
own In the four, with two
rs. Reye ingled, and Dick,
Drn burn wasafn oen a bunt.
Bud Kuglerurkm tmout.Reyes
Bradbumn home.
Two more TtpopW rm tallied

in the ruth when.o wa
afhe on n error d ole
ond. rKuler ing ed 01r home-,
and Mayer srgled to note Ku-
glbro AFbrook pi up tally
in the seventh on a* Infield out
with base. loaded. HeS Boetto
scored the run.
The line wore:

ST Miller (WP) and Kutler.
Lonrd (a). Bartbolomew (PY
and Brower. BDttt (7).

Lit.. M. a.

Cop LL Crown
The ittle o iteo readied the


ccSo lesasL Y

Kr. a

Pd, ES




Robert The Lemon
ab r h e a
Avt, 2b 5 1 3 1 .
Ph~e,^. r. 33 o 00
1oQiO.,ib 1 .2 412 2
Rcn,-ib 0 o 3 1 3
Do -o 5 0 2 4 0
Wo ket .f 41 1 1 0*
I iaod. 8a 0 0 2
BO"0l6.c -1 .4 1 6 4 0
Lemo_,_p 2 0 2 1
Tetal ". ii i14t713
CarrMauelt a 4 0 0 3 2
F03. 2b 4 0 0 2
ovd. ilf 4 1 02 0
IMfo8o.3b 3 1 1
tn, I 3 0 1 8
Loli', 5 0 1
lRiver,: 1rf 3 1
Irot, ef 0 1 0
HsrItn. p 1 0 0 0.1
JohboM.p 1 0 0 n l
p 0 0 0 0 0
Flanlgan. 0 0 0 0 0
-Stewart 1 0 0 0 0
Dorish, p 0 00 0 1
Tolabrs 2 bl f o
a-Grounded late double-9my for
Flant In 1l. t .
Indlan< 101 200 011---
White MOs 200 000 010-3,

- r
Aanmgment baye been
Wpletw d or the rta7 bout
betwa. Lightweig Chain-
ma Paddy De Mar.o Mand
win~li Carter.

Th-e v as rbtua bent el n
In the contract for the firt

Perd says "I .eupletd
arramnseit. this mornit
wth PeIdent Jim Norris of
ueJItmatuonal BoxZin Club.
Th: bout should do it ate of
fl-thoumand to 10-thousaad-
Ford sayl De Maroo ad
Carter have agreed to be In
Sla. ranclsco at least two
week before the fight to wind
mi their trafing.

MW YO.( April 19 (UP) .(-m) Md Lot
okey alUe- hounaker made Pty,
bs first New Yolk appearance a ,
lolo and Mlebrated by -
-oth -nid_ of the WAY Nlly ft A "M
double at Jamaica yesterday.. B A W, .. ,
The champion Jobey of last
ear came home with "Blue ly- Newccle (1-0' and ._Cl i
at the nd ,ae and sacordned ,O (1) on J*IBC.9
1" in the second. an4 8s it.ti
h. dal double paid 34.40. -
No otiwr games he4le4
Shoemaker wWl ride Kentucky EN 11...-..
r favorite "Correlation" In '
hMOtham Stakes on Saturday. "
shoemaker decided to ride ye-
arty In order to familrln .
tuna' with the New York


A L ,p


tt ne .......... ......... ..............

'e l

.. ........... ... ...... Aprl W h
....... AND am

.?............. ..... r............... April s.

H. MOi ,

P, ro *. ^
.'- :; :"

. -


ad a e mnii seo

: as.. .A

r ;-,--



I '.W~


LACSA flight leaving from I
arriving Mvifeao at .0 p. m. ((

S105.25 ONS
s 17115 RoQU
(up toI
to re

Make Twlr m"sfutdt e rtgt a fte
World AIrwsm efM or at saf W64- 8l



flow i iom ca fly
to MeAlco esry
with only a few ametic s
landing at Sa Jik '
rocuam at M. a. I .


-V~t a .Js





71 -R



* .e o'*

1 1

: ia

VWi y'


- -in

I -


'. ,f / si -

l,-" e .bb_

-V .t4
...-..*-.*4*-.* .-a..

isA" ,*.

4*" ; '' : ., -
-e .4 ,. ; ,, ,.+ + .+
4-+JI! :I'. """

.*a. ; A -~ /
a I,
-: A
..-- .'. .^ _" -' u./,,


Se people kmn, t trsth nmd ,s


.m1if0 M. Cohn. coun-
bhate inveStigating
t, arrived for a com-
.gtt at Washington.
rve a preTiew of Sen.

$ 1



Alleged In H oua

W.ifAO5J NGTON A il 5I U PJII L IE .. ti~ awe g w.

. -' >, (
': '* .
'* ..


-.- -,,-, <

piq .umi~

W1A14l hart
it". committeee.
ma disclose e f.-
butfawa. migtb bave i -
t a*eclred I
a Weir building-.
That would be moae o t -six
times. -Cole's original e he of
thep:asible cost to.-!
It has been I
eaIeW builders who
the ,IF ans
WAN tas ak .
lated of paying
mmd ber--4
Capehart said ZI amparM~ut
projects were but uw a nOw-
expired law whlh -permittpI the
government to e up t
90 per cent of the COIL WThe
mittes must examf e; ,iome tax.

Egypt Bans


From Pbfitics

W.W.- DU N'-P. SAI pr (u ` )*IN/- mnafn 1ves a r) o *gw- U Wn
MCrty's ease in his The Senate Banking Committee scandals which "look as tey
ip. wth e Arm-. yesterday launched a full-scale involve hlf a- billion 4.oll. in
__ __ -b -- d profits fa apartoit house
The. committee, asking the Sen-
aid-,f'Or$ 0.000',to on du et a
months-long Inq also called on
President Fisenb 1er to turn -
ver the tax reeeds of builders
of 7,000 apartaet pro ject, It set
aside the adtm r M t on's hous-
ing .program ai for two weeks
pending a closer look.
Chairman Homer Capehart (R-
InL), pledged a "full and coll.
l\tet 100 per cet investigation ofe
to Federal HoUsin Admiastra-
lion after the comm heard an
hour-long secret Ir O a idg-
ed nationwide hdolg fra by
Albert M. Cole, housing apd- NOe
finance administrator.
Cole orignll dld
regularldes" i twh h wras
grams goveramend a ue r a i4
loons for small be s I *le-
menis and for aentMUtjo feI
large-scale apartmentt roj.,
He cited 251 cases which
apartment builders obtained gav-
ernment.insurd loans for 75 n 1-
lion dollars more than the value
of the 'projects. Th government
would have to rep y the loans i
the borrowere f to do so.
Cole aso his ek tp tayro%
..T. 0. Ho..y. .- am"
,- .. ,, "4NEA '1.le -o5) chlef, h ad o d e eal ed
0i 0BOUN0 UIfNS Sen. .verett Dirkse1(T .P11, L)
a Eikais h)oWletf counsel, as the Senate In-
Xa I n closed qusion at Washington t oI Ar.i
the Sen. McCarthy-Army probe.
rk. re,.bended Jekins to the, sub-

& aneea ach oe ilsws()

W"" I treatment'

For Servicemen Hegrneadfsmo
.r of for "arrest. of udiment," forc-
-"I ing, the government todapea
Sdaqtly tohe high n
d Xopes to b ,- eph d o ,ramblett's Feb.wl
4 # ;:A'j5 'p r 9s' conviction on seven counts of
I* J ,llse .W. lying about his office payroll.

Sr S a I otBramblett who had face y t
..-*,I to mimum sentence of 35 years
I Oo retin riason and V70,00 In fines,

itA 0 de. ambet who ha fae do a
9neIa ptom: ry v h iazte -. 1h lt' n t said he was yery gratified."
h h v eernten- old congressman lied when he
s" "l ai.- certified to the House disbursing
0 1 O f 5neO ler k that Mrs. Margaret Swan-
J Wof orid son of Arlington. Va., worked in
tk ohp l l his offices for seven months in
SAN Ity pril tr amblett's. attorney from dward
SMilan ouWillisetenceams, based his motion on
of wo.ldtW o r Dr. Jea'e W Markhale statement
Don t a ctor o that FTCoes n dust apply to
yer prison term tnderin e latmive branu, of made the-

orer premier Ale de Gas- statement .n an terview. He
DIN Ihat dof 'rs b.Uan, in a written opinion,
S. ibae 'di F o thePresresident nabledoubthower.
S el. Armed 6reesras to there aiates of this years
s.uh t.ehlae9 rmi edp rlaw." He t this drop couwill
d H.-ll- 'l a usat dine n coffee p on

ai ha a incrse In r ices

Sr '" 't month., j0 a Marhamer
.MenlyAN;... .r thaP M leaves unranswered
JsnI4id anter sin' it sad todal
it, r need 0O1- I paed ra therc than eobstine
l i ^vanroTo .mUar chI. the- autli brt in- .tils country.
of world-uXpSoiaL W Qf 7 Je < W" Markhm. act

e rpotr im oaod ering eodaoiu tbe atde t eow
____ forr ha bsfeen thelpn run a tsweep'n
m coffee nvel" t cli atn ordered by

B te peTtdsn Phd resident ofIsenhower.a uary
-w_ "" u edelnbt i coffee on

"rIochr o rocrao n rices
m lmb ext t th.U Mr mer
Jaio,.n coffee

ma s o It-al5s fmanuay

in irJ 9fDr -

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he joiai i-
tie of .1
by Sen
fo wonduc
of the s ,ee.
Byrd d- rrag-
larities are A *at
there must have"li ls"
between. .oI m EbuUd-
era. .
Russia ,.m

For H-NB tIs
UNI'TID NATIQ^;' ., T.April
15 (UP) Rusai b' t n a
major crimp in I. htn hopesw
for quick lamnh i A. 41ret
new United Nations talto halt
the East-West Hyoge ,bomb
Britain proposed t tbo13,ba-
tio disarmammnt otm n
yesterda that a 4a omte
aa get to wor Mext'; y
to wrestle again with the lote-
deadlocked dsarmament .pr-
lem, ani hold subsequent
dions in London.
B t sBovet "del Andrel T.
VishW d ean tha t the
opsed uboDmmlttee e

M ~do ul the wt ole Is culd
be deeded even t.en.
American delete H-enry Ca-
b Lo'- Ige Jr., =o no time In
Cultristthumb- down on Itolu-
lonof Red China, and there
eas ,o doubt Lodge would be
backed by the majority.
But thoug Lodge indicated
treny that he also opposed
dia and Czeolhosovakla, obsew-.
ers ftot India. at least, stood
chance of inclusion in the secret
Visdtky warped that the
negotations, would have UWe
chance f getting anywhere
Red Chlnaand India, represent
Ing "almost half of humanity "
I ere not Included.
' Do yo think it Is possible to
take meiuresfor the reduction
of larmanents without
accoui of the armed forces of
ose powers" he asked.
SLodge said. the United States
ppsed Inclusion of Red Chin
-or the same reasons It opOed
dmlittig the Peiping regime td
the U.N.
He called Vishinsky's proplI
-to Include Red China ',oth a-
-lacious 'and 'mwise.'"

as "u M -Iinl
siln of
Foster p

- ., 't "* *, : '-"
*' i ._ *. r -.. i.. "." -?,,.-'

KnoWiJM aafMzssed -coo 4!
as Ewa t .

o m st A ia fr ..
kl A* l iE
tot0 ,

"Druwoir n.204* mf t?^S

1I s1M


la EM

Tim pact wo.ld Mtg ON"t ar
etouiM. north inld
tiosalit China govern pm or-
Knowland too the Ipp it
hi you can have tt 4 .',
vad Korea.'
.A l ,mi ,me -
611 Chiae Teasa..

ehe ranem ol ."
debate wa ts
situati on ain ,
"the immedilme
a on range W". ..

ated ste at .W

d posl~.

' '. :

.L .

)Qyed t .. "ur1', .t y M t- se

C.i_ 2o_ e O r or_ +.n ,

Mse w the wMado of DonaM
. tr turPMi -A


-^ I:

S t'tsMrs. Ei~trihower down the iStff
S Church, at Washington. afer mt
lOe ThPres ient aand w
. deliver a man on. Toil

.. '..+: ," -.

pe e

CAIRO. lgpt, April" 56 (UPK
a- To olutlenary Co an

The decision was a new s'' at
President Muhammed Naglb'
p aopoed project of restoring
ciln polf activity. It vir-
tually eliminated the entire lead-
ers Ip of the pre-revohit on
Watfdat, Liberal and Samdlst
parties from voting, campaign-
ing or running for office.
A communique Issued after the
military junl.a meeting early to-
day gave two reasons for the
moyoe it accused the three
parties 'of corrupting political
life, and of making no attempt
to resist the oppression of oust-
ed King Farouk.
Some 50 leaders were included
in the edict, practically the
whole membership of the par-
ties' executive committees.
The Junta dated the edict from
the day in 194W when the Waf"
diet party assumed control of
Egypt aided by British military
forces. Coincidentally it was 10
years later that the revolution-
ary council swept out the Farouk
Exbministers of the three par-
ties were barred from the right
to hold public' posts or loin syn-
dicates or other organizations in
addition to lurilng voting privi-



' -.. ..' .
\ ._.- .a**
"' ) ._ *-'*
... '+'.'. .- r.l






.- ;, .i.,!:




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