The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Source Institution:
University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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defen se. aeho
Or does It? A hydrogen bomb or -aad
If the- Canal .lmlifly y expreing deep even a puny atomic bomb .afld- "n... .
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Cioak strategists. According to At seaaeyuma
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waysbe necessary w war.The reason Naval offiers are aimed for #5tobuya& trouiseau. Where 'wereftheLibor Is on *tha rpl n osbe
whatethisnecessaryetomwsato bar m playi at the New- i' wedasoon.ny-wa one?. No oeN adend.e un o' Mc- "0Ima n," RaIe sai "that

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wiU aet i o userItDue th ret so on fctj"e ld 111p4hsuaacn."1Ha -Democrats residing_ in- Washing. to do wit h ls uttud(
-apablre ofbeingholdB hehvy over thiteoge to .reain. unless all Vice -cops will pounce -ran toa l to n u .. .,,bri 16 to e'mrselt as bombs).,"
W--te leads of toeihoseawho do Narvy pegrnel was tarred .,. Sutton Plate.,l't otrak a "members the undetl-.Itappes"acht.adde
have It-the H-bomb can force the Becaus of Y .7l 914-few Ir. hile $0 Callual Ding_.O" that If any nation has n s. ..
have-nats to 1oeld to the willof. _!_,_S aU( Navy' .: -w a toulsd aiom"ic bqhe thgo
the haves or aciedsttctloL S.redb ll na(the Navy'syg.-.-l
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lgical% acoup. An Jnult to the Aa uln'u srr Sr $1,5. &.. a i '.Ias
V ui her 1 1, becWome~CA f..o rce r a eIl*.= y- all American War .he. .A .norman bu. (....Atb.r... fth e.
r ood. Poessewa by the undoe o.. .i .e t _WavyW ia l.p_. _.._ -
ft-eo! s j ore orevl
sem oled t d .. T P. ff, ." it..-s .p ,-.
Smevement to outlawed A crooner was almost roa

."With..~ .i xM -. over F t-Or -
ag! n 011,be alrat
d the SltlMOro rtedlyer sk T Mere. a.f .-'" -
-in-and0109Cas.ht6desgn*rtnlna thes
V 'i~ 5$ ,weizatnlofl I IcSofs micro could'east-, Relieve .It- or,.Doe' but Ge* '- b igi .! flits w.ll be-, fga -.' t
si 4 i% At m maa o
of the world in support of an band Oe ai t-odeign hi AL l t Di .fo *! e it -,
.en to ban the lhan wedding frock. u rn'-rnoay cn:. I
wd a are ent t a h Al-I r-a o het tl rnin n ddltoui the fa~
H -bomband Its -- 'R saWHliay'Sea~ti le- really Shirley movie stargive eftis B a cresad i 0 o
broter, IsWI'tro(Slugger) Ml. (Thg Fofntain. Oft Sooth. -
"e' onewhy such as. -oid"Mal I i m
me' may pot.'have to b launched Is i amnnjleesmy theean t3rpiwaftn w. .mat nothing;.
." liithattM Cum munist. leaders do no AnotbtherTammany eeleb may hi. T.._ m.e.. say.s t.e. view _stam~p der of a telegiramn Z d V'.'
want thoebomb outlawed. Possess- ec h the J. s10016ev h etst" n The Na o, mottoi s 1P. ...unon Fund o .tate.i KId-ha
lnt the H-bot b, they unqueto.---:
Zy-hie-their ovn plans for itsB Bin's daed -look comes frqm Fburlb Un". ("Oto of Many.') ni ah May.rd ._ qll01p atoa
'use to .ser their own ends. Texas -Leke, Kaft -.Granditfi. 6- te. contest forj i the u $1 o m._i lMassive
Or, with their record of perfidy A set of .,upbl Pape ll and over 500 othrprlketii run- e
they rMiht easily plan to use it The; Continental isn't that eon- meUp lute pftbb ofmissing app-up ...tSend me a Jottr Ataa tmeetlngthof e House I.ap.
after other nations of the world tinentsl. te is Rusbhlp All-Amelir N in ae tlies. May inW (m hny as you t withAW ,?. I ich).
had given it uti. ican Girl Nan yNeOW who swore .oiv .lcal yiiers, -n Coul d ? Be A A ai m" t sN, o m f l5 C m l ._sub
So outlawing the bomb may not she was true to ln'umitA .A" -.., .Cainuniat" Addess: ww, tioed W_. Q er,,ln i. seY k,1
W IN be the answer, either. Outlawingnai oComnoter,lodly denied er SO, New York, soi0 D. natonal-,4chi0e0, abi.t the S.
,e bomb merely puts the wod ,oFlynn op ynot land in .l.A;Corn dy. Probers have artim C pebseel- tl lisiesi ._ .
back where It was before, with a 'he U. S. fraAd but two ex-teR i unomlitby a forme r im- .. ....r teyou. To it Awt ..
-gloomy future of unending little have bii Dnt A-at 1 hnkn h eia it eks ad Fsto'te a
'3-A- *e3b.veK.: "o,;d oe -sit-u
wars. ."oraea- POr-erinK
It-, MeAs Qra* Is. not dlvorulog t: W. W. Brown Vem-
.Whmtseems to ))e needed herem--- -no.Ptei A1 gtd.vl .i~:W .lrom :~l .l ., ,
3Iaablggeranswer, So far no Sloe Rm and G Steve s Re.b thac, bMre t .; Orena Bliss, K. nthal.. ntMr. PhIIpr. "Can't
World leader hba spoken out clear- are Ga! ale's lil a Botch Ore. 'a to the R se elt f"nllol"
lyon all these matters. The sub- ina ..Jlt'rys ote" Mr. Grover: "No, sir; i don'
-'-.t is too new and perhaps too Chums k Mario Lansass. ---...e d.tBaseballInIders bee *f think that wid be f."n
bl4 immediate conprebenslon. (who are $'lng soon) wj split. ; 3vr ojm sath' ,li.av-yesrs to writl nIt s a I-os congresm an PhuiJpl: "You iato
oishre has not been time to think ,- -h cea_ re 2.n uro n-
______ortheMaria Lanus -_kil._Ithrough,=o a logical end-caalmly, Frank Va"erlD .- ,i e-?. -
.usee otionally and wlith a mini. cancelled ship yeervalpntse -sh.ileet music says It took 3 plpgule ll A~tcvlst Grover: "I doe't think lill
mu. ,;:.. of demagoguery -- to sho Hawill atitei lea l a deit oem oe t Ge! ) 'WelI'Utreet Bun: fiit ie Natioal, Parkilm ey-
~ tepath to peace, widger tt herself Slen~t spate i. _. .. -r.... 011 (NJ)- wl .lclot tgn
"'" ~t" Ins prbeme~ for evrone. toElaor H e ie lm'sOu c. ea tt wh -, Lele a (lst iow rced) Is or an .c !ii s mc noKn torpiESService.'O
in she loes run,.In aI democracy, half the people are mein, .seutlblsaereen-t-eest .14 nu. ilop saesa. r e ou~t. "K peat J I
1the leaders reflect ad carry out .- -,- Noil at Orlando, Vi a."-SI E G A C Sv Ce wo &
i; ~only the. wishes of the people. Police will confrm thatnes r_,!..oican e-- T_..w, Na .- .- d l""_, "''
'+:-. .. It is not a siuation of complee, 00 students (inalmost eve~r~loq r. l l "Whose vllflor See tomorrow's for.-our b'cast -. ;l':#' |
frustration, C~vtillation isn't goin public and high-sqol) us or .bPS, hz Rl ph.l 'do.Toledawu, e~. DUn- comment on Dr. Salk' aee lne.,
." to be destroyed as some PeaT|useld marcot~les .rai al of imtn Ae.rllican.--. 'l _

Bust. this precise second of his. trbt. nann ooi)ae-i le5" u p.2.o cpt i "I like- --
!7tory, she answers -are not clear, s tilt ealr -l hivehd ul4~tlowe

4 _"
k ,,,: ,, i ,

... t -

if a wanw wants to leorn to
drive a cotr litW best nor to stoWed
In her wy. .*Ne

tti. Coo*ip F.
to ha he bo"
r .E,-'-. t i 4

m l .S i i--:--. r. --,- -
4. ii '7r .*.*e w..', a -,, .a i -i 1'' t' pd-' "
iN _#_.- -*1. ,
mlon k l. ;ej N i

* ~, i.4.~
t -'4.
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toftuerrln itrem t Near TROTT The CLEANER

4 Aprl 14 CUSOS
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Come toCaa Faltc 4
for exat. vi ra: w esI
6 O,@

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, Asmo gio ..
hew muEnUS hbas h s n -

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n.w -ia a-1. raa '

p!^? ^^. m;-*" *- .. y *
-i ^ -

w dye.,.

tary E.a" d .ds da

1 $'

Wmed Be wab Imi ev sdngh ver bow
ft Amown the presmi s 806iblit.
Remember babies at, il,. toat

flP bq g ehdfl Dteas400


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- *',^
* ,f A

'9- r

April 16th,


.6u plants will ranh closed.

To insure delivery, orders for beer and Canad





Li ..- a

Dry Products should be placed in advance

/ .

-' 72 &
* I
7 _, ,,.

-.. '-. .
k ^' .....,

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- .4


M ~iS!!

^ .. .. -; 1 *, .'


4 .
..;-~. 7.. (N national B r w ry, I M )
-- :. -, 7 .
.' ... .* .. .z _i :
S T.,S ,.ai- n ,L." M ;. .-.. _- -f ... t ",- ""

- .

^^^^^^^^^^ 7.9$/
IB ^W^^t'I'

.7 -1 -

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3-., 4.,,-
7.. 4

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*-6- .7.
7.-c 'A
i -L

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-. .. : .

... .' ~'..' ,,,' ;" '"-.: "- .. .
. -. .. -. ," -' ., ..
"., -'-'- *-: ;_@ '-- -1 '". '7- a=--'-'-.- .


'ga o a 1

E B "
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otin Am .ricn
rcheology Show

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V.. 'Wa'


yo' 10 oppmg In a
market people are
et off a secondd re-
eleic devices and
w, p Inters in an eort
'ti tat ie. ea peoal
i tlit re oluott w
t p and self-hrvie

They already have some revo-
t/tl o new teanuiquesI 1i c-
*nefood super has instatsed on
automatic vendor In the store
winddW that dispenses dough-
Sitst.It accounts. or 26 percent
fthe ore''. total doU t
1 =In aOr ent of twe e
SIe after the store is,

S1ancess've had the
store goor slammed in
awe eat c g time on
one occasion. Well,J
of the future
to agiv problem ty
t ea ~ o sed, am weu
i opl g re already s I -
through wia-
asit tMtle vendors.

I t~ lfwith the Idea of
the nlerrhan-
N ybe available for
,,p, Hee's the way this
t ae food dream unravels:
items will be numbered

O"LEUUoU i V W aum rawiarjwuji
S leotrtee lelat o and
Then, the merchandise pur-
jhaed i iecated on the
h dAwill be asly e t

a16 ear aeave:re-
aIently inf te get-
hppy supermarket people t~
they can see no serious tecnical
rleiq n an electricc ye" ln.
action that would flash a
9iaial to ie retail stockroom
Sminediately when the Rtock of
eny Item on a vertically-piled
shelf had dropped below a cer-
tan point.
T2a6 device deod solve the
out-efr-stoedk problem and keep
the eustamer's blood prepare
at a erml In lVO

seven el t ia for
& SdispaV. lach table, holds
Up d of food items. They
ve at t rte of one revo.
per pe 1uto,- and permit
hera Ito lelp themselves to
wh oodare displayed.
Another eat triek that prom.
in, the ftIWOre is, ,a onveyor
store, manufae-
aurers are iti.n,'lt a
The ihoppet alta I a sort ,f
"ea aer Wong l e molvhalg
onveyor whI Id p her ev-
ery Item ln tie We.
L- '


w iinto
en von;will g into
the act. One op4 10MOT

someta fod reaifirs are ,uf
to be seeJs b thelr. ,lre frB'on' om '''.

tinktrhMr with -the idea of d". a
oliaylg nterthaid~iw through
the gne technique. a
Th fhave ,boea that before I i
able, tbreouh eoNtoretdt.t V,i 7Tew) T
to "'ee". every Item -n the atewe ahtltters.

.:'~ .

, ;T "-.'-
p .-

. ,.iL.`*: ~ I.

*~A. -~ II
!.~ .4 ... 3,

* ~ *~,*~'


!qW m ar; e.'


* 1

' TEXAS TALL TALE;.Th is peta -t Inonumtat the "ibut'-6
western Peanut Growers' Association. at 0ormasn, Tex., would
LIKE to we erectd. Thoy .med U ,phb to,
celebrate N tidol Peanut W "eeL- Il' 1 af frbnd Is the San
Jacinto monument, reputedly the tallest monument in the world.
If all the Spanish peanuts grown 4pAUM southwstem state wwee.
combined, say the growers, it would make this glt gaoobe.t
towering ovav..he. monurantL '~e* southwe
than 100.000,000 poundd a year-and- that e peonutu. .
.-o.- ----r-om .- ..---.,
Love.reIa Fro mU



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1" '::I 9-


I 10/



The Chase


1 Rijb WiriTIUgUTUAM

mUT.. n a*
*., TO 191IA
-:?f %MX
B^KLZV c rW ll <(
^^Br1"*'w^l N***JH

CljeWf Warm

j~jnya ,1 __*SjyfS T J"1*lB^j~B^ IJ faB~k~fB~fmJj f-fBi


Somethlnl Speeial

-- .....
*'=.~* \ '2f .* a.


S AL yLmasmo

.. BUY'
_ ^^ U LM ^ JUi



MAJORt uon -
.J *

' uv iM WAR

.aWPW' -, '. -

I ~z. ~ '

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~'~-~'* -. :2., j.*il
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i L,
A AA .- --.. :

*iM etzav arei, EPa-
- r. "acvl 0

reL Nar sWhag ot *W-

mmvfor 'ts regular Apri
l -i^ Bin, ,.,"'

S-W. '. .' o xpr- our
. .._

con no spaspesanawo

stW-M Et, o aAo geneouy elp

K.t ", -.

.- *-. I .;., ,: ... *, /. .. 1 4 k
- .in -'.. 'jJ --, ;l~ ..- :ri' i .i "* .
sr.s. i^.,j ^.-.,.^_?...., ,. -- -- : .. ,- ,,


SIm V UI fiama h.

"R.m bS
vied f the ireSion o. .H
roldW Choir is omp of

$25 Bond Offered
As Music Prize
At Cidst State
Ah qauibbeam Girl.State. ae
ll iS l- .TOhd w l lbe
.. ai psIe lha a muso ..o-
. weob eba so Aan
" 1 ,E'. m .-im1 ^ it

Tickets 09l
For Dorese WU
Revue On I
tickets for thei
reue. "On With fA
rmv.,o Wl. 4h
n,9 a*- ,


-s ****

r T~ s
- ,w _: .I'm,';_



m! l ^i .- r r.. ..lA

a. Orutom ;I1'. T .; i a

O r6 1:00 pAM LA
S.. s Lm

.stand" a nd 00 .B eat W 8 A
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S. nusehi old Atl.sebil
De*;, 4wi arrir Dluxe wash- FOR S AL.)93-otn#d W0*.
t ta -, ,, --- er s .I--9su.bIy r.r
Ing mnchine. -cycle with isud sawv- dan, only 4000 mle, in new tn-
qu1, l rterm 7-9, dilon S950.0 O. Ph..-"n.. A
? Davis. 8-8394. ft ival of dan ces e~
SALE.:-25-cyle Caldspat refri- FOR SALt12-2 egr autooi31e 0r. .9 I 0
grot 2-1500, Cocol. $150. 5u08-t 0D: niaT -iDEi~dd ,
.j SLE;--SlOeir sewing machine, FOR SA. t oIler l xc lr '.
#4 lqrtble, iuse ond m year.. ExcllOnt condition bw last "M IlflwS
cr.t. idou $ .15000 C8li F. Kobr .057, *Colon. e p. ar r

.. l i. WANTEODMOBIS _a.AN E|.._ o l. 2
d$40.0r. House 10. Apt. 1 Francis- PAY CASor te mad auto-F SALE:-R m

cycle motor 75; boy's English b pli-"fo N D F Eufau k i o .h .: : r m" .
by oak ta, le oIhmuo -snon

yle oftgAE Ttor TS; mo tor 5 | A f WU IoN :-c-MIcI buffet, Caplnl- S" l 10:00 G A ment, i buildig g Kle reig l e
cycle $20; coal Puerto Rican fibre T L 2b W- tll, Prc-. Zh, pho ra pu a e f,
W* Youth choir, I akonds Nou
S. r re 3 for $25. Amaear t38. N t. h o rl. isl. o
0X 4M1E4 N0 lN e Trbal ctyl 2r Tor- radi andrv6414 New r h
ord player. Bendix antomatic waoras- h fir BUY:-a T --Pnoc upright Oftar 5 p.m. an ,"

"KA.Ig :-' Hlhill, rr ted, l ndaterN,-dED ce, E .o .UYPan. H," .upr
Ing achin library table, 22-" WN preferred. Ph .-160,neei houseSaea bids, 11iR rNTi: tm "ar r
bicycle. 2 horses. 2183-8. 8 tht Cl blo ,ca ed in the offic of ihe En ginger. on Avenida Pers N
0 Curtdu. i ng and Conist..olH. n D pictior, P ano. 7 3.30. a
SALE:-9-cu. ft. W2estnghousi La ruu Canal CoIe elboa eat
allT FO&ND=t5 CFRalbr Z ne dni- ihed0Moat tNd
Lrfrtgerator 25-cycle all porelain.r to2 Ca l.m. 'pl ient In n o building i fm a S
Secellent condition $90.00. One;LOST:-Hunong dog. brown&Vn. and thepublcly opned, ready forL mn bai elln
Q.M. dresser $7.00 Mise tons. vicinity Chive Chiva. telephone 2- fai furnishing all pla nt, ,too l, eqp- week. two bed e a
N 1M. ... ,ment, labor, servi ces, and materials city with view to t rs, i mHn

101 Margaritaa Sts.** 3151, Mr. d ovor. mcl 14r 5 11,1 F1 ,0610 k?
ri t New r except certain Panama Conal Cm-.from the Americ
R ALE:-CrosIey Sheldcr refri- He Wantd pany furnished materials), a for POna 204
S grora 160-cycle; Bandi x wa asrg e p performing all wqrk for Installotion LoCumres 22N. t. 4 U
machine; Westinghoue radio, 1ofS Kitchen Sinks at Gmbor, C F -e
houahoad articles 8057, 10th St. WANTED: Md fo general o u onT Fa rms o als, spetfacalO Tl u n p1rit
r and care of two mall chi. nsand full pErticularsT may be oh- e "o a prs e....&y' "GM ate 1 o ,001
NeCisol Cnoon.- men. Call 2-2140 alboo, ofter q 4 Od Crfrom the 0 f th o t ac*
Stea-Furitue rectsui aon rble tan of thvi on nued from the office of th.
ru e, ailS obje lt O tn r i. e o e In section DiFOAer onl Roomp 43. tretores cod
.dek. r, s lr objs. elW. 83- Balboa Heights (Telp 1ane I1-3739o FOR RENT:- Nie furnisid aport- run .toedm. a lte 00ua. *t .
Qr290, Qtr. 574.H, Cirundu His A .N2-2698).Sitionsa rnd- n,2bed,.ca"of mpso1 1

$ Tel. I4A TO BUY:-- 4- Cerol specificatLEons and drawi grnd not tta t of ir al a

aWANTe eDTc.Balbo-242D. FOe Sal Ea eO a ftice d esk; Cme bo groun o pu be ppt1-R Ee S
FO SALE o d enine o e A-S returned within 40 calendu droy est- FORfRENT:- '. prtent, rtwoMtdi.c.k,
o spore part, Housings, b afts, plates, or opening of bids. Price -1e500 p r the MoBt i ta
FOR' Phone Bameo 3372,B 22 $55. No. L would .e....... 5 -Iw, t m -
_.l S e W ux buffet; librbry and dining table; furnished tio'o,00 O S c..i. o.T i De p ito C*..... B Di
I1b SA,. *KLE--TriuFmph Ten er motorD- moeorm25-cyc hp; male
r siw FOO& Rh 0S
.ycls. shipmint isrt received,. ie ; oak draL e ; office wli bel o i t .l l
l I Tintn 108 miles. per gallon f a. choir; 2 elect. ric fans 25-cycle $400.00. lwomaenT--. UTnl. ,0uQ9gd7. i e brinads-IC .

@d- Y P0$ Wiles Iperagalon.t NA -workbe nchirrn e is aA
rS rSrlfl Levy I electric clocks 25-cycle; work benchit oom oprt sll mo-a
I s ToRS.25I56NC. A o with electrIcal outlets ort
Rw. paints lol and water); dry closet. nInW w f 2 e er

I Ie T*IU 3-01 P ettsaburg.h chi. V*^i
| CHICAGO-4 eUP) Pittabbchi na and refrlgerbtar, 25-cyclet ` FO :-
lots and Cincinnati have Joined iP oak dIning te ble withl four cha

Io tof p U4e a ordingto tbe. ftlori. thrown ih.e VIM ur W

u! U ... EASTER g*
jT!IW $s Pet~u4fnae 7WEErStgl1A
S trepet in the aWdio FoL:-Da s e SEE PAE 5 FOR kt eshg p
s will be converLed to Sbus w. That e E ANSWER3was n 10.In Lo S
IWna. saflefleve Man- Si nce then the lPn ha been FOR SALE: I'Spinet pianagoad telphe2-27"i '9 ,
10s--It has been an- folwed by lrvwe, St. Lout, condition. Call 16445 Gamboa. FR 'REN -Furn Pi4hai'els .P
FitheIngfiaeftc g~ngeScranton land four other'ohia cities u -l a
na cana~l. -.Cuumbu-; Dafl-t, .Tol'lsd& andFOR SALE-- -Far [ASTR BABY Or- rsoble pe vin
tret areae Pewrsonl, .T6111111a. chids, Corsages, Bouquets delivered roam, maid'sn rnho water. a
.n ywe n iere11.11A., Paroim o Canal7
b, It connea.-eOn a1 towl~l "u__I s I oday .orders received. for U.S.A Tel: Quio0,tlephone 2 -.uFAOp"
be one-wa e come taxes lmill to those g Orchid Garden, Cristobal 1033. FR0 0 0
osto can Street In.cities. In ft, lsburt re big OrN:-$TORdLa, centrally ftumrn. F Ri tr:ft.cb~ile.d. luxurP lolpal
darectlo.. arireatio .Our la fL modern building, for any apaflvonsu Als s_-r-d "1-.,0 W r U V S
wlllbe One-WAY inA bev to kindof business, offices. 79 Ave- bedrOom., _ebeeIn-.t. o tl&-
S8 odem Street. their reiet who work nPitt. -Long-pin record s of Arl Fort, ty3-74., 8.tlt's 83,5004 welol
tre blacked sacred music for Holy Week. AGEN. FogREN.-Moada aoartiment. "EJ quiad be charled6Sa
-t the nIn The taxes range from Of one CIAS DIAZ. 37th St. No. 6-A. IS&OOI% hot ate."
,o0w per cent to w1 per cent. Seven ofo3490b il l,
outb o Balboaw the luge citie, also have'income FOR,.SALE:--Cocker Spaniel puppies. "3 -Q-0.
ap Street. wel remain ta6e11u-lAt cNeporsilons, rang- ony two blaq males left. House FOR RENT:- Nick furnished opm-S. ..WwsWd,. Run.t .a
t gwo-Wsy t a'ff .g fr 'om eCra one per c ent to one Caant,refrigerator,,twaCs stove, mlii. ?heiutotalact OfU7 iw
an ep a en- t, Thes cite are Cinelin- FOR SALE:-STEINWAY "M" grand r ispectd. Vi No. .o w
Sg11%Mlka' d11int, .C kitcheInit.T31edoJ, piano, solid mohBy coa. Corn- F.ofteont

"RM .OSAL:- -.*.p., x S.t. x
YFO.-G Aff -riggertm5-hp. Kermath t m or ob.the..
+ dad"oengin to"beInstaled. Nameon-call,3-15f"Its'Sol.
.. .he, N "SNB A ,Not.236. Can be seenY.
te berawllOaI h U I na- t lh br, Yacht Club. Call Al- et rc
brook 220 a after 6 p.m. FOR REN,.-o'aes jt. 7, 4d ters j us Okt 1iO
hurcb orGee lthe. unlver-, FOR SALE:-"Motorboat. I nba a r d July Menus, upstairs dent knowIw d-P.i.
wlbe14 neste Jo No. 551, length 16" beam FOR RENT:--One furnished room md "he b elO '

.OR SALE:-- Four-cyl. Hercules gas Wanted Position eMbr -,p--i."
aunt engine, 25-ho.; electric mator

"a.. n g'd him. t -. ot.' am d

Week2rdTu igW. t e s be

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VrAM! lb

..- oey," Is the reply, "t wam't .t.. '-
--w-'es e s 'n
at*,Resistance To Coffee Prices

May ve Might Endonger US Relations

e NW RLEAIS, Apr 14 (P) sael also- termed mosed

ift Up Yow Hds
S. .

8W. Sabi 3:5;-3X
To achieve uomethle, flife,
to leaIe dinethlng u t defin-

a defi-
md that

;. It w
ird die
the a

townfs latest misery exuleom
tody and atl more rbble re
S -tobe cleared befos the
6iB etb- tolU would be known.
Goldaboro's gA mains were
cloeed for fear the explodon irch
blte the Edwards and Jernigan
furniture store over two downtown
bldks hre Monday was caused
by leading gas.
But gas company ofisate said
th store had no gas connections.
Last Jag. 19 a series of small
explosions rodked tw downtown
area and damaged a department
store but no one was injured.
Previous, expioiou had e ocmr
ed In both the business and red-
dentdal areas
fIve pera, 5 2, nd
showered odetI, ever a tWe

1 ,S Or, by can14 MRI wih ouw oa Anerican m iats- e w are aS widely known. urmuar
ce iR 3tir ilwl pel. tons for e curr o e abMit from eomipetlng k with tu n'he _at tham e og i t
P a9 tt -a ea Iw ag worM market for tie available .We tee not Wbe d1courage4 sayobtureoa e
'.. t att.r..*. a" kind br ae u
,,le rSringA on aO no- t.a. o.,D. Ks
elven Ape, a4 na
wei atMthe Gmte, f ,g OstA Compeigulruse to l6 os SSe hono
att t'.a..a 4. w..w.. j N V..eo I&-M.W 'W < t e ou r ItM R oIeR fellow- *" b g" S &

Smurke 4a Patrolman Saves Uediign aait TOMORROW EFJND Afr
Sfe Of Tot Who GSmr ae ne .it dil sa to t e, livee TWO AC

"A$HFn Ufte9 d o m CENT A '
411: Cpinl. CoIFIt TI e Hhh a Itots chise bye rOln. had authr. dean. A w ithswhpeh ^rVVi p op
Stw m cribbd onvledoos.ars a year wl enLableu w to hand onafto oth-
Bre,- k at tit R t the d a ret adi
----- ... .. ..w "'
meek b;, th t trolma Sa es M Roads'oragd R

I Le-. m-e, er' In fret of a id for 1**5 ects
ch e dhas startled driver, h* states aovr- loa l goven
r o s A .. Africa aift.a risdi.4 te raO Eaft. thisn a- h. h e Slta l es
a br d lg, l earmarked W GTON April 14 (US)
Sd r a dot pr dfe highway system nd Time
*dd as.. Y u _e.yurprijb h i t feOf TotWhocofUit toHim Yed,,
.says ai "lleaWu, religious.
din".kllSOWING AT .0W SVIC L" t hist wl=1f ;=nth

E3V*NTER THElAe3S TODAY earsetiio;Ireased churcs at.
A.3.... C SIO 1:15 7:55 rnt ziir2 h :
]MILW p_,.l-4a) Pa :_t ah JICee a. oo ks. ._
I"'. MI. for C7Va.,~ o rur r -14 -'kuN MOOl iGBi3Xy "crons- by d& e most sie, anifian

I- aa "a" at t.e .present wave o.f re-
.bay2.Of m moInterest Is its manifest-

d .A alMya & o on au individual basis." She
d, e-X wrq front. .m.dlsall -t The Nle :U t ilndSnHo w

S, ea at osfr heje sof. e ape's mind THs Isel s
'. le ipI.IlectualsIn

itIY k__l omes obeerverts
-a, / l4lag ayugt mrleas rl lb

to7"06os tan "caas a te
0i .. ,",.g'ad Ih,,,,,,neom i

inwes 5n arealathfu
Q ui tam. .PI-!. ~~ ai.d.-or. -a.!I t
l I ~ it[ dreeov _watr I wih thl.o..

Sica s. FhE.A t.O i

tMI "MttXIY 4o"I"1row' --+ ...... I
P 6. '. .& itself,.a ,.s ..- ,nte"d n .
.- A-.. .: -Y.--; .s e .-n c.. .c h. .c h.,t
,_ ....+ .,-.. ,. .". --+ -', .:-.- -+, .-.: ..,. ,-:. :.- .. ray--r


a- ~ 4.

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I t lufrs5at-the
I k- cun b
14 a .,-. .

E yI

M" ;, ,,g.- .M.

Of Opening Day -

YORKApi 14 (UP) Nine out of the lasot e
A .O ,eB ptun/t winners scored opeiag day 3od
Sof that amnns anything the YankWee and d m.
II coul be in trouble, s'kAn,
Baus both were off on the wrong foot today. a-,mo 1 .
went 10 nle g a pounded out a IS-hit 34 tri- b-bub 1
t rnon pole umpb at ChiaetCgo. Ta

molloit o le h er In thes r b 0
'rougehrwitthoa uscmethoughnth 6t WAHEW 0E 0
i"s* i sa- apcil a :trio vi ctory theRoston R a ...
owalue!WA hIR adtBo sby oBlW patofeser 4I, 2

4 3 a neve e 'l ra i d RT-oute hep- b-Iltx- out frraabgIth 0
on- AthletIo rad t e "Ooo with. f D

ol sur bits- ft op off fourt O sston pitchers n 1
0,A-t .Lo 1e -..Bank lwr#r1,kelading, 5Mueller.fs4 lt 00 0

br aSk BaRtIl ouThe Athie Jenten homer layd R "O
Dh nvetrWot headed. Rookie s ob- b-FIIWsoet for 9t
tat re=Ag oeasp ?orrtTpook"aDodgers* .
or cinati o plungod base Ne attack with four Giants Od-b

S. h 1 4' logerl0 Parnell.t __e l
iePttsburgh cotanei. ne.sM zer ,al am. F Ight Reeu, bt
g~toto defeat tha Phil- Bt 'ove In three rdB. B y UuMdRAMI W lutherlan4 CPM) 2i 'to!

tin hkeO ciehamSnMY White and MONDAY NOGHT h e Salesu broke t
ggwhile Cpe revlan ead ''-he -Red Box. BROOKLYN ,duardo LAeU- in- the .1 954 p til'g

oseto nd a by belmgrt he the ) tac ))
160/ Argentinad d Chs A t.a

m, .hJewuiner5. ,St. LOeuis(10r). "ndtPlom, TOL hi N.-
VeLeonev .n oho."'a L 11Wh1o3'I, os ,z...e41(1)

tic Le ague usalthNri A.,i d19/4, rley all. 1"B ac I S
i Tn r eToron to. stopped Tommybr- aldob a
et T 'ni T h lot r h ar b a h o m e % by blk8 A' ( Plhs S
s too T a95a3Ly todSeSf 1 ; S ther T h ll ( t3 (M i rn (%

.at the Maga ... rit T e, T ea. -,1"of the hto- n o (Peidt lm-a) .e aP

I oet Ballaw ( Otl on ) .$1 : (O t) Y 1 13
5 e p s Ason, .210e4 Detroit (7). w han y-t* 6h er- (DOu) ,
s ervi'teo i ftu'In ten t f i. ,OLYOK & Ms s.- BQ ydof Sutherlandhaid N 2ota aloi m; .

UiaU.Wh should be. 6 through wtb StheWSt 1
i mh o '4r eaon. iNEW "IRK, ii dI ., (V) 12%, Brooklyn5 -(6 -< ., SI N Id .
M van, who pln nfsansta mout to tE atWORLe.NS Willie PAS- l." r eootrdi
pIn this year's thamdid-opening day J trano. 158%, New Orleaux,.do- 0y N te ,i .371 th I (PthI55) 2 the battle
aequested to t France (0) -t 3 d

t .ithea and st Fiat iger"ne Iimtme BA N oiNso ()n ou Cur d To a

theerOW3 dUg leagthirdd lutwn.. True. t he re.r wonl2

Ino te H-ots (Paoomf) 2t 3 b Ai kloaxwi 4

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i t 1 -

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W c ...2

fta7l, Doixo <1'OJ ad FIt.,

ip- l .

, .7 .. ..., t twa i ,. r m_ B
a won nrd out a tftoe btotro
--aL.cA p th oce b't o *

K.. .eW

.r,.7 7 L_.

I lwftW-gmW
i4.and Wat-
iqwfiqnr as
.t" nxns In,
I f, et
M& ~at&isd


4,. .. ...,. .
W...... ,....0. .
C '. ,. ....,... '3 '0 "
Rtfpaber2.5b ,......,..3' H
Ohtae, .t *.......... .. 3~1 ;
WCmble, lb ......... s

Olbraltar ..... 004 023-8 0 4
Se.a ........ 304 02K-. 7 1.
Ll/w%, rwt

.r ,. .... .

..I 1. '.*.'

is' Down the River"
W"WS !


11 ;iI

tiMA, simrwed, hi ,of Wif
h au l &.

CAw Fllx
.im~ ~ .f jii~i


'- l 1

~'5~' 0~

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h -'.: .

Vkeo sowe
3 ,,o' ..- f


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g '9vf V 2





I -*--t
t"^ ''.r
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be... M
r me fo-

0 indI IPr
na 8 amnd Or BM R 3r1t me, wae 3d t fhus an
t add tdles ..a I .
chmwll~" e nn gtet" p .- ..n d tsut
bn. iorner A

tap' and th **o with *l' D ag roola'll3 A) MOW. rn th

. ,,E...- A ,,- .. -, o wtessed "& use 4I .Ht I
Stheide orofd the is d l t fielder'. b an

S. D* iMu e w, Wa M a f at n d Coard i -h e lh-e iver
'maJt time, o ~ j re .hev r o,

olds iFdli wint hagh mtew tooirb ale
thusGo d o cachofthe a

)Ep aal -f-WILLIAM Si- I.*n6Mumn --" lk

Jla t Summib hope and a, rea) .,encJ z s='.. to a manager lumen
Cham%,win-i be there. = hewalke *il t d throag We .n* o

aSaa d no thaem e L hall s t
metN. _,OW,, o hue hae been witbdrwm i di No%.Iseeonamfna
.t w oa b teeoMo 5-year-old. guy hi sl him bId to is"ball tI
.a tetheoeano-. ,o, n take over whe ae&nk shy
_m AMrat ovenup I l flSnln 'left of.ut in
my e i t h e r ) &r a o&V M S a h i sh e t I W f r o m t.m .hei- I t e
tbif t- i05 __notb 1 i AM IM
Pffnsil Pu1f ab "Mn

S.-. Stan 1 ek.. *
Cubs' troUbltWWrF~. ladd on
wtann ack'p o a. (aEA).

sue PISU IVa irnM W ue.
A noee -ame Minm the en,
tranceand Br aa turned
In roups. began to come
through the entrance onto the,
Breunnan began to walk from
ne de O.te fll to the oth-
er, slowly, with hibands t st

sen1utlS thew through chlalthen-
ls. B in walked from one
groa tq te ether, heekinng hi
wch every few minutes.
Then he went back to the
jidd x a4: blew a whistle. The
troupe bvroe up and the players
ran over to Brennan. Their
coach-at best, only four year
old_ tIana tse senlors on the
squ dp quietly to them.
Theni the mob of husky kid
scattered again and the asls-.
tant coaehe moved In to' gb
back to work ,
The bacU wre in a bit cir-.
cle, walking on. thelr .aniaes in
a Leon rrol- drll. Bi Ear-
ley, the iai coach, kept
chanting, O"*'j a tnkles. geia
'em over now.
In -ret er hego posts atI
one endf sre uartrbacks
Bwe hrami InfA We 1i<- .m w

mid 4

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:.., -. ; '"
ii : .**.r'&L.- ..- ]*

84XT AT BO ,
denda Is
with Ca= d.
ha then chal forward into
an magnarybl er,
"alve-tht ball back and then
--Wom" rennaw toldthem,
No stepped forward uokl to
emOUatrat. ]e watched them
owce moe and theil walk up
to one Of them, a big kid who
seemed twioc the size of his, 168-
pound coach.
"Get quoiker with that or the
luy on your head will have your
head off," Brennan said.
"U &sesn't look any different
t Jaut year, a spectator te-
4 to.Moose Krause,. the
de director. "He's even
for practice like Leahy
sed'tQ be. Thb only difference
ju Qthe .is walklnm a little
e'0 ,aot an awfully tough
ob e said, "Why, this
h aI in ears. And the
sgo t1e' murder."
" you," the guy cut in,
up where Frank Leahl
thfe two-hour session,
sat tl the dressing
Joked with the cest of
re wa .cold out there,"
hbe H e looked young now,
n lH altof coach he had been
a-w f hamento before.
* 's.- qne' day you Rgot
t*aogh, anyway," somebody
'Tje a a lot more to go,"
mtm ;r Sennan

,-. .-- ,, ;-,. .

4.t. .- -
d i-' .." --'. .

GBeoluh Mc
le Hammn
are ch

ber for the I
but e'd have to
make it. Was a

* 0 0

r j' 1. 1 g. o u ,.

;sh.~llJ, adef the, .s ..

.- --. ,.-

here is a pr

arte for the
bit the o-

Flgt it

ie left
mud arnM Mali
unini -a m leave
"ewss', '

eulr t he di th

his ari nf t
alm Mili at

r~t andB aen

Nll and -A l26
BaQd mml Alyce

.eeodd Flight
Margaret Abarr and, Barbara
He '1 Mler a"d Lou Orels
dThird lHht u
Glo Pere and Mary Janda
Frma Truman ad Jean Wiare
F.arth FHht "
Nomi Barr. and Phyllis Bas
Miry Seybold aWnd Olock
Pang -for the consolati
flixi are: i Flight
D*r* Hainmulton and sylva

l' os "r FM
Robeta Harris and Marion
- Marion Malasmue aMd Barba-
ra RBodm.
Please nte that the final day
of-the Turnament bee been
changed from F! day. April 18

hre- are the rsalts:


. o%"

reeed for the
ftrikeoutu and Awo
no iul on t our
Wi S t lon 9 our
UP i tabca I

homer Tarteid ulbel
ab fmo iwer
im-wimft; authe Atl-a MY
a. i grourndr to and t4 d.

The bothx o .r i e t

with a thee run led..

Name a l Mt e .AN'"It .19:
McArthur, lb 3 0 1

TurnerI t 0 a
DU a 0
Nunn. P a 0
To~tauls 61



S ...
"T- A'

* P/ (*'*


* .

* 1


Enjoy the iw .freh
l ft'h. perfted eeB~tautin* i
li htly mentholtgil tab
refreds yeywNr mouth and athiI
and the feeling laste for a lo tb
Ih 4 01A til Imepyour ilg

brisk'arms will appeal 1
from the very firtpaU
epi' .dsh-Wfq.itu,:

"aT*a ro- -i
,- ;: ^ *'




.. .' 4 .

d !itL he

----- ~~~~ ---- --



:-^~ '~"Let the people knowv the truthan4 0e L u '
S)-Prime Ministei Robert TW NI H TEA PANAMA, i,

avestigat InOr Settihng Tri e
P" :.etro# SovietX sT..
US, Bri etai'A

... i..venm u.. te. ....
Swo will becarg- WASHINGTOm N. April 14 (UP) e n up ho F- -et w i
ead n i th esandn t r sn o ouldering dipruts on the basisoo eIas
I.,f U *ym l s ohotvef a b gv r abiaoned plans to carry q{: the Oct. a decision. Official ft
15er 3h a declaration' 1o -wer the to gover- looy toel I yn Poo uS u M un that out thr Tr0ati on6f or I Owe o govere-
& a d ea a ,e .- ..e ..e e.. ..tda,
T-^ lThe defrat oncalled for the a ve d e talk abou the Friroo toyo Them la the door. Ti s 's second ws ean y
So have m. two nations wit draw 4htelr havheeiMeo tvie Aftf Killing Frien d ortoin a l hreia n.
PonS t lcornmmi.e forces from ZAone A of the A- from a W 14t h a
I .i to getting driaticAs territory and turn. over promisetogiverr toItaly.ofj
S.the area to Itily. JACSON, Tenn, A A (UP) borrow $1 b Buer to
fr .superiorbto informed sources said, how-latero W1 9 Jmu PtrLsglobbAsME IeRre ohiPATeN
Severe atae toparto he A koSt.aa*the MWONr"""n aikfs on- a houlra 'Badbbytl*rs blod iwas Mf r 'b
blo dyitowg do ondelay n wasreposrtoodSe hd thhe edof abolu ts is
s -- ,- ...n.. bes M r h art... p to te or fo

d tai etplanold ha nldt P ries N the iyu th eandb td te rynote ambhoe ane

to Aea" ovue r s -ly o A Tt o U td Sa teI and drit e f .y isea easospa- was nbe a s he let e thater f ro

5 th e tw I I I T I II oI ro I1wold !o Po.e, iiii <, o' ,o '
yaht will a 1 .fr Y -uth.. 1.,

ens ofe l on bcul eout te eercn anefrfort t o h dAan WAtI Nkep IN pio e w.i. s.

wenmtrto aomay to Jothet den laty"o sher, afe s a S-'h etr ReosahdeysW. h ua -h
pio iteiewo fghiam e r oduy ahsiatm er, bas b y a s hu f r s -- -l.ule Iy a
sathird ro f te pou d ld t tAlk mao thee Bathrdme f Alo whers o h poi c or- aeis M l t

Ca^ln-u dt lt patl av t duonac p 8Ze f o des u bffd 1 s hl mas D lof rdAt" e e s crto looaard rom lW
s abunde uhe eay o uc ThM rh w as t a n unt aoril gha e r h e bead
bodtur'ein hthnisoncsmde.s.. hol eh ymth saidlod one n- he Nseesal-,Au v

anlmblaon wh'e eter theo ZitPnC o ahe h ad- welvo s claote. heplSet rIa hetri opoetof t ,
.iH_..ylt m"i''r, "itl l! B have* l- edce planw 'o oi otSS5S' t" o Otu is eson. coa ntl -eda -d It
toauthet ieeoodovr'mna ndasdo rs.repor le of "Weegotei "a "Jot:a .A "f a. .c-l.t dro n who1 aftd=tamols

ts nt o to- Jitd t he Ai eo .eI I h __ st oIre lrb ysi d.ll l i h ide .oodeh holi

M^^^Thias ^^eatin x is eommiwr 1r0y orom| y o00 .the h-/m rio.r eds ol_-a ddStiounio h55 elansWe st ,T-- a" r of vic.-
EmarkodaoO To JuonIO Paraents arie C orps. 28,1.o and loav AocnDnl lr
hd~lee nip ogreedsi b pn .s hs rforw1 e Uhe werth's a"S hhee raanl "T u.m mere Re'l P n n--w...
1Wexecutda.boysod.. e"Iise_ --d -- .e.-tTwith hbb rondti- n- ha udvter kacdb a

Tpo neleaderr.rewd-eadwhe kn own l

secret theTresteconrov y ith Ip qrtsteelgradeadt alyoPam itaa
^r^ua ndsaiduhLoOND01 Aprail 4 the yu.lte'oun i ri eIIOi- CUhip HOOied-owiganismhe. n e r i
theott t Ot8 clra ion r whr y- yMa-,o. Prince O.. .=-d tSrtontodermehu at hedbeela&dela-- ----* e -
Power hsb-tasf no rroaoobbikg to.t_ ago,
inpthe-dooo r -Thsin-- k .m.
l 'da f. and c on e rlaha.sour-oldsaistenUP i ste i~.-e W el Tenesee. "ad tridto mther bo stl. -- ather.. ..l.nedtot.lkabo'.ntoon
in -1W. docu bentsor ed&I- Sm deone.a In1ri, ilproatly avetheIdiscusio. ener tabbeeuhton h e ,," ,,rti4le.. ward i n t".
o und erum-t vid hennee. told b yoot u samio dhe rlood
A el not whether ultriaapolcehe ad kniehs lotesHe hdg0 0no.s-_ o.l _i e P ,i-ek'sm pu. '.,,,- ..f-
.sre -wherehefound.o.rlimbsIl on undoon, pri, oe y, ".lnin

f resstl diono au nrode w or# tehaduutt .l _e dI

carvetIdarebeheernwa-11:00pt a l afhe
labon rai tm Mdrt-a pIo41heite.Nrhlay give dthe opu l o naf rn W IthoNwa Aprl 12 (P)FApbShorestd V iutl' U,
alaedr SaaliliegtLacro-A, rrril"a "hW-The tounhemTaeineain amad Te) fomrehsienf olhe et o- a

ooterrar I n be the first teh te oabeo enerl, ving wiwrri e eon A evomn i
wbieonadsue.Fvftbmuny i te I d sstrrvosno&Ver y AI0t Joml lParms .. rl
....-j of_ the crow. ancha1. the to__otael Arm asle hd" Io w the i fro gde1-rhhi
newrag!Y-. t__ e Mi op. 2.1 n l Asoc alIon uinhlo anurs
AimS, Wuckigh_ or. Palace. Fofrch1ir84fr. floma d -t.. _i.urlitur, the fatto t o r
the1 rme a0wmsltn. Ug. ._ _
I rm.twoIt Vlc y In hr
vis itann Wie a sred that L
Alioarbe tthAfric andW *T O-April13(up) For Shorti iiiit
orrowbetweenfiJ s.ofea hItcu..
be the first time the ties In the Korean War. bea ienhneral, WW.arriveon..ommunty ,-
been reienly. shel o
.eThe nhw, but neohafinallaurr- 8agluo hr.h
bt eliarl.w oared Anne someday mary showed an increase 'of57thfo teoInterr. lnnhaw
wi llbe edu.ponitoevisiteManycasualtiespOverltheeuastuPrevoouso iPan-Ameeicanasto
Z-lauds..sgoowi llambassadors ore= Issuediin bnuary. As aolmi -- Isud
"- ties were 110,070,0Plu m

n a o r a
.. ..- --Idusthy Atacks MPk-er a

rl! et.milruon. upoMb ty" Vlt4.-

,^1 ON CURTAl carteoiarsfs
1as o two ezam ai eI.
saiona Cancer Picture .
SP)-T in Janusr to combat mounting qd Dr. Clarence Coo Little, r .
today car te, made r of th Roe B. Jacksn WASHINGTON, Ai 14 (NIA) or
t ling up i y every mmr elaret Mmrimal Laboraory. Bar Harbor, -They've diacove the word "" i U
-ip'aeXtbe w oT d
e have giv- manufacture d oallatlos re- Min. "hoolIganism" the I ro
Sthe re. prentg wers and tobacco Curtain and tMe Comies are to fliads ways to poison the mao.
i- heah au ctiohneers.. t. t e wit. r ~t I agrnia youth."1 s
1.0re. f pwr swif t o eie usd to. b -D thrg k t h nt ftr 6 w t
bael ta i ,e of the Amaong the co- M, t whoam obje..fBB v c o
.. ar to g li ai.. kll lTa,, theeatei
Assarchb Istl of ernoint mWI ig Amrelmr d.,Ib g,.o .t
esw us"aith IdServin a ferly aU th1s* quoted agreed dAniftato Anmerican is W
=e g report cauIse ofbx that *l be reach. caSnrons 9f the se s of
f r .- w"as sc4bed by bas Yankee as a bttle., of oahm&
;an Msa*asa posing as
Cai',who state a mni eln dr ,pAs am c ao

d- attt- "- a -e 1 e. d. a
he l'" dstry's -I ae r-reI.rbow- ""
Sedate has esD MeM fal .a ad a

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