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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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petsmr for Lmto a confu- Vol
ace with Gov. Goodwif J. 9
ntumt, asdsa five-day tour of ,at wil
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and the peOW

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cordInly, st u be sasad" of 4
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NOW e Ps.hd tMs -' -!s nm l iidn a who* l 6"l
1 QI' TM e i dM AI Thbe le aut It i 'e se.m t As
Wmei f h Iti du wl e fedr -ie 'S u O
Mw m ft" te ee h ulm uaid l ae s ..e t4 Iwapp .
W*oTW Ie bIr wowlms Ibs eM a sfWm st' e.dsmme
Ibis a0W-p 0r sesse -s ee sepestiilbv Be'r atemeue esopIuleus
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S -, .. ..
sdlfdtfi~t to determine whether tihe dropod hearing
S B NMtiuretrWy of the Ary Steve ad S.aft Tef -their subordilate, will be fair or.
S-it ^ to se that somebody hadn't told the trout

e it t ha1 t emnator MunAt will preside at tk
Sa tnd tfliF wbewrtoe, the famous aprmnept 9at Seers
ta tptetgt was a victory only to learn th it was
r!, therma l ,ron1for do'Ub .
foadm %sdl.reascedbythe pelectbUof SamuelP.sear
Shm J lawyer. s impartial counsel, to place Roy Cohn, fo
to l cela hearing. Senator Mundt ha& 0l that the counts
totedsdhld not be personally obnox loub the Army or Sen
y SS er ioord Sea abhould nt be obnoxious to Sen
itotMoUartby' Foot-instance the Boston Herald of Nov. 10, 195
bqportod Setr as having said:
"The Selater (Mr. McCarthy) has doe a rest job and
be rUIl esotlaUe to do so as he drives the pleka and Commies
-eSof the G eO mNent. He won't se the job until be
le finally lIIhed his ams, Wy. twe. would be S200
s a iinatetsi tm ute GoTrent lt waisa for MeCar-
SI wan"d to~tart aid.drivt i tell bo and I telel-
a all ar v hi o state (W w"i bat outld noet
081 after Senator McCarthy had been re-elected to
,Wr*' law degree came fram Harvard he has join
6 sAOi W. w f- Senator McCarthy in attaka on that distin
WM cItor of rfilnA as a prtvilegud anctlary for Fift

Doubt also arlses from the fact that after Senitor Mund
s' pent xteen day. he said, seeking counsel, he Stated, when
"ezuBomunced the appointment of Sears that he wa the second
Is i pksed to serve. This doubt lainotee et by tha- tent in
that Sears. an admitted. friend and admirer ot Penato
'not ony ought the appointment but also the aid o
a.- lto itl -and Congressmas Lawrence Curtis in getting

Another disturblng Indication. la the report by the- Associated
as from Boeton to the effect that "Sears said he had not decide
ft Mae!arthy woulO be allowed to eros-examine wit
ii tolounds a bit like Senator McCarthy. I doubt ver:
mean liMMSor ehas that authority, but If he does or Is permit
Sm acIsI tMse t. then there Is no need to pursue further th
".Il! .ether the hearing will be fair a frameup.

t n'.'P>B 't "- by

asst s.3 nntow.i
Li 3 "U aj 4-"etae

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Costs LeaR To Sell
aH BowTMhi Wav!
To an t e g" etogem
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msee iw M i 0 amWe
Ad in 4i ofeame Amefses.

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mobs were able to choke
The btrateglcally placed
allowed themselves to be
Their statements appeared
column. Last M may
there was a demand & C

was referred to the Juditary
Commee.. .. :
One of the lawyers I quoted was
Arthur Toll, now chlef counsel to
the sub-committee of the House
Committee on Government Opera-
tions, which is about to probe
mobster efforts to use some umhUM
as fronts for multi-nUillon dollar
rackets. Chairman of this subcom.
m itte e e i Ohio's Congresman
George Bender. Shortly. aft* the
'emand for it probe of the chjAges
printed here. Bender told a wire
servicee reporter that the state-
ments attributed to Mr. Toll were
The issues are very grave since
so many bombs are destroying so
much property 'and since so many
workers, union officials and em-
ployers are constantly being 'shak-
en down and terrorized. must re"
gretfully take issue, therefore, with
my good friend Rep. Bender.
During the last week In Febru-
ary, after considerable discussion,
I was authorized by Mr. Toll to
quote him as saying:
*I feel that the fact that we have
hired Downey Rice and his other
extremely competent and expert.
enced investigates who exposed
the racketeers when they were
withlefauver. Johnson and Tob.
ey, has caused the racketeers to
know we mean business, and they
are putting pressure on political
ciscles back home, which was re-
flected in the House when they
threw out the $100.000 appropria-
There was more. But that says
it essentially. Furthermore, it can
be proved that these exact quotes
were authorized. But it would not
have mattered how Bender cha-
racterized the quotes if thee a

I -- .'- -'
i. L t

Peter Edson In tWasiinotoit

WAdHINGTON --NEA)-. Tere Income taxpayers. These stockhold- benefit a mlt B and a half aprp
doesn't aseon t e any suee ting 'ers ,wI ths.I W ft OO ents lo a tetal of about $75 iUllion
as an avers iaxpyer.8, when to 0 .p.Stmaie iw not A, The average ta-x cut
It comes to flurigA out how much The only other roup of ixpy- wo. we e.
a taxpayer-of: tlecon w is eria c it.aa. _iO. w.o. To remove r Inequity. It is
goils- to bei.t Am RXeppl# benMaS4t&* eW Ua posed t 65w workido patens
can admiaitration's pew tax i, Inequiti is ma up of those who e of for, bamr sitti
the subject bgcmes a b, it ous'n hveadlal expes in excess f anhild care expenses. ha
iL 3 nt o eir I ated gomu a million wolrkl areidts ae ex-r.

ate mmittee invesigator f-
i i ht wetr. w so Inept
t. pa more thal n aM -ecasion
coi ays be advidI
pIeroat* a t mltte i,'a-
Sorp It wasS IpeuOFI O ow-
ever; it wa Me.lips
At t4o time of the pumpkinn
papers;. dcory. U al-
uidotf. Iid because la a 'gr"t
bhe elibately posed att.
the iaphsump$a-

and the committee membersehe
to detect anything f aa a.. -,

included the cost of a tholtei
Atlantie City race track, ea he
W i not rop o, .ngroea i
Kdeeyt a hsked-i fellow Repub.-
ida Congresesml Vel o, why
"I have overruled 0actien,
lhmian g Vbl l]ia 1


m amwme- a


;headz 1the Ams


weh uMW Dt -. A *asde
American equws?

I. a

r li '&q" & petedto ot airman e ve repea
words were 'not SQ swgnmctauv N"ILm be-an *esthntet4f MiOMLP r ~i .Ujv e oue ogtbenefit ffltMthil, (Icjge WIllamss Inv
simiartohose authoyi" I. ux l a w Cs -lt t d .- yua" "LUN yasa
d' another chief couisel, illiam F. `urna u a w en i 5t nat ". Aa h eta e t n a Pner a a e
o. McKennaaof tietHousemsub-co-SPe ta warL t r
m- ittee which probed Detroit fat- equiti, n n t "yewr.s i eu d-ed- Braalbel HeI."7as i t -
Here are M lenna's blunt and i t e r t U use 't o
S r. words, and t this day AA at
phe s tils by themaWof 'eop Ata W
"W e W .,,, however ve hove b a,-ny e. ..,v.a..rI. ,v ..-" ; *li A L,. ..,fi. .ted Ila._ -0 I ..l l

pa beeamte fpli exa1 tralIUI. 4seheR.4. *i nl )eIs ,.s lliaatb aIl- ,...n

nationalireptaio, ha -a "'... sa &a S isaig I .Y HIII--Liil I t".

knowledge. o a H nfaf o tn e 47 ba comatedrthat ttals aneax.ille
"Information came to us, tI tXo r.i ,rftlJ oA6
words We could not misunderstand, dm.s S-'. m. I Hse -
of an intentiUoon th e part of m revived r an IIm. ,mam r Wahl eadt n
higher authority that we not i doa .beWOW. -0 -..40
deeply into the 'Detroit situation edite taxl s1ti. -'i .awerag-s bonetln axi "rduea
that our hearings would result I0n dnd "received by SInS mi ke. .m eaL i-
subsequient criminal prosecution." '-'. ".,, .i w it sut o,
Then M r. MaKenna, who as n ,r etritolei se. the.reaW mi',,b, s i" ,fl tuflsroM marG me
lawyer Is an officer.of the coort to 'eight-zmiio Am- ker n ta$ 6 a ayear' w oulddstill"--be
bound whby ea s l.ns ethical own stocks andr.-ceive dividedS. allowed to celim a- Ilaomlne
consmderrtone not' to perjure him-. ThI oir m sith to one s t credi tor each -such demqdent It
self ys o that he ried to appromate of th 47 in .I's atedt that this change will
'tear open the oItical mantle that
protects racketsers In this count -
SomehoW that mantle must be torn romjrn i I* i Here F
open. A thorouh Conressonal in- .
Mr. MeKenna appears never to
have been summoned by anyone to
reveal what ee kno.t, although
these are electrifyIng statements, -..
indeed. ---d
Furthqrmore, Mr. MhcKenna'l
fears reeat those of many influ-
eantlal labor leaders who would like
to see carefully conducted probes
Into labor rackets pushed.'In the
past week .I have sat with, or com-
munesated with. no less than 10 of
the AFL's and CIO's top officials,
members of their top governing
boards. These are the veteran un-
lionists who have been helpless to
move into wuions In which the in'
aderworld Is concentrated.
They point to the New York City
waterfront us an examule of he
slow motion action -i th f courts
and authorities in ust one sector.
Labor officials I've talked with
want the I prob so
that POW cah be .r.u
and thu ive them a change to
call on 1tlatoher union chief to .
clean' lnuau,
ini dtan we get such inveats.-

Army 'Produces
Reading Expets
The librarian at L Campbell., Ky.,
can expect to have some heavy
readers sm
ais being transferred there
after setting a local record by
W booksF a*month during his two

*m rtm5er-up&t. George Brady.
t_ irana ermrd. who rea d Sban

t~h a...=.

r tarA ;|

-s I '- .e T d '-'.. .7 i- -"
.'17.- -.
lip. : ~-'7 r '-" -' .

. ._ ^ ^ if 1- *; -, ^ _--, "
--...+.. .. .... .*

-rf 8Vti #ifsltOlie late chek enveins' con-iA
'_..J nt .lU cn oX y e". ls Th ni tO w li~dnui Yide S^ -| nlrlol CXo' ftI!Vi ^ll^i-,

Ii MS asAd over would itItai mnde oi reele I allnrdBt
. ff l? ^.- _, /comp< S owns th o La oi 1M Y iw_ ..- led w -S wi B.
L to is a He JouIal d th Tolut .. tar herd, 'i
pre lecve reducton of I Herald, th I i Veld d tp nts b to
iCtu faor saple t .peibal but drw Ii Velar 'd,-,% l ton w '.lU__
clrmutaneLl l s.wrS o- Ufrot the' thpa verMi. ailed ,
i 1 $10 rl usis F m--er FBIr ma. toali. srU
a.l' umptio.nVVyhno wihr b EDOl RoI, "P --
SO Le a arr of t oh n eit Lo ., w-al l- ...g
bady ThiswoucSs t r- that's sgiot"n the s7
nealt an esamatedi 4bwi next tehe Thh n o h eta li t aI lit to
year and benefit the avoef 47 bntlderabl spoweril e dl tl .
4T7omnsealhiea coern Idrinth w cowt ttr it m&
------ -'s Inilarfaly i "palber le .-iy ..a unio- ettfiuu -." Si
"ob/ r Kuo nimed as commit- 2l uWe conMiui,, ut .isitUi...ig-
ct colnseld, ad Kuig know it. nuAutcltat ai6d.
... Roert KiarI -Committee qouI-, It wafrd tht tse
sel. Poftlscly activeIn Pesnnyl. t do aal "SS.
vinla; was an Esonhower delegate Inid deort .
to' the Cicagi Iepublican Conwill be no exS
ventln. Other tiff.menmbers re-
lard hmM oe wo uLeshiL p a-
sit/lou to play favorites H ll was N-wbere to-
reabnslble for subpoenaingW Ma
Ge. liarry Vnughan, which baek- EDCOUCH, Thx.- (UP) 4.wea .
fI.lrd,. When asked by comnittee C. C. Oarter w:s ig ,tW W *.'Me
=ebIr why he iued ti subi man m. r .-
i h..."il eetplwlid: "fThe Wecuch 'tari t .dai. .l
rCWrthWpicmsltoie was taking this eta-to eslorlatwhW -A
1p 1 thought h we should gt In laws. t wass oy
ti et." -n tetd to ja &thidrBO
STeLeAle-adief clerk, older was diaucorule haO.- -
than most staff members. quit, court or Judie autbori .ned s- n
'eascienniaous. competent eive their money.

.. -

k .. o i ., .. '. '," -. "- '. .' .*' '. -

,qAIu- 'TOM.vis

-~ 'I



in shrine

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' h i

'- '--". "
: ,. ... ,;: ..
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Wge gyto where her pet Ia t babphes
aSom .omen, a a sa m I n t ltta. a 't. r afftatA.s kit
cbhrm means no moe thanl the th the husy. ,
no tgp In tan t anse l h
s t% tGtrls gainh ircs i thi nk
nanu to Cloawn a.Ad, V S.ah. m"
them Rad(PtdTeto 40 0as A ttwBt wimp
te trl who wruld be ardm-W t ieaYb lo
ing eaiot stop at coemetia an d orwUt for atst eas
elotbehe mut le-ra to repod a wrain
gauinely to o-thers and to hw it e a New orks a ed t .
wit_ ai plesIing voice. And abh ebeal ury (Helena Buas-
must learn prper bane be.
ee relitw J i"dr An d "
show it In her walk. Ib- Ii-shbeI
Ibe walk of the charming wowr- fact dw the fin easMsn: Be B i
an Is precise, controlled, .l m vou s or grandmother, u an e

2 Girls Crash Circus Ring, w o 6de

Put On Clown Act, Vanish kt
NEW YORK April S (-W)-Two was coming to town. But SSwhen w SB byi e
stge-struck gi s fromthe West Iaw swthe ageft b bwai tex tmdr ;t eotm ,-fb -_biml
made good In the big town today g oI usasd talked to Mnd wilE to Us Indian
They were invited to give a e-ea V. t leak" -Ma aft a iLaarh this
peformance of the b-ooleg cown heads, a "d ho sMw aeoanyt be t
act they i waked Into the circus clowms. 1Th1a we 41c7ied to try to t's enmoltu sold ffl 9iWoa

cidein.to0call hem ,backofordmothehereefo t he.e
to, ,g iJsS 400.0 a e performance Tuesday. clowns g n and w just tel 1
* t e ch and s.urphy, lowed the. Net one of us had
O sM. for the yiar who was sportina black eye ever been to a eitw bsoe but
a1a riaicnes was 100fm their enths alt st, e:- we'd tad.s lot about clowns and
SI ^3PIS(SM^'IM G) plained that they were would-be thought we could make up an act fre
atglr actressr tyingto getal a ittleox- as we weta along." te
S.- also admit making The tumbled about la the saw- wag
best ear. He a career out of atoerashing as dust or three h unnoticed by
Britswould trvay elebrities in the lsat two weeks. Manager Pat Vil, who was the
tourt akowane On March i. they borwea fur watching from t delies. that
coats and swlibed inha t "It's marvelous," Valdo said be
haa, the Hollywood Academy ward afterward. "'Wey were their all HI.-
Sarty at t Center Theater to right but I thought hy were
S watchuAndrey epbu re ev an of the act. You can'1 keep at
Oscar. The ishershe th the y more than owns the
were celebrities and let them in te."

'-- AMntao PerO Broadway a- te' rbomin house. V"btga1 ba*]
?*) -.h Irish Peat wards last we opretading to be ptled taquries tn hiken
-W wet Ion a fivI-year gimate Iaetresses. or .e thD. nx day 7a T
*de milod peat to Mslchell, daughter a at tra e down a
IeIpply station- AkeU eoctrial ean aheMagv- t. Xt.
1"Ma power Woan In to wCshe nand Mith 1iy. ndrop
S and se tL The d beCn in New York ftor ar. Iased them tocoab ba"k br bs
fi brm o -W' a w en!you Wanh*at W a ho amoe s a
10a.n otwwibe ou keepgetings000 SathdS tyo
OMn ated that the Wt ith us acting 14 Just am$-
wouldi to e o ti' awe have to d i. W
Sou ipor o hen we Ifrst heard the circus -be
us l wAo Poor Bogey's

mostA .."Ant,,,'.Wall Tired After
"'"-- Movie Stint '
too.-~ MOCO as eftifilet as LONDON, April 5 (UP)-Hrmn
v so much peat phrey Bogart flew Into London o Ual
muea-e lins aau sts w l red" today. Sam
t 1 heaper for "I ve had it, old boy," the PORTLAND. DR. 1) TV SeU
A 60 e or ough guy actor rowled to a re- is blamed for ed fe reven- to
coaL porter as he huddled in a heavy em of the eea a orates delel
p as sedoaraw overcoat beneath a snap brim infra-city bues Ir i
-'Jnd "j"rt ehed 'The Barefoot M Bsg r a-to 1= ^ehaky sod jpeat Conteasa' In Rome with Az% C, eveniag bad mws e**I
abapr produce tip Gardner," Bo explained. "I serve has bear d"be. how
e tn tsl don't h anybody in the film. cause people ane t in Soit
-an Im Mo pry chr owa 1 othe .. mn b8 a11L- Unh
'Thin. Ma ter.! %m a director Ms they used to.'"' kMd
gisands has nBopat's wife, stress Lauran He said te -ota started
seaem new in from a Paris l losg. Iont- at a fateal lat
L Jrom mates ft tday alon with Bogart, T"hy year wo n"s"d 1ot a 4eeoadtic
nore", AwlahioblurMal--eas w t for L4wYork Wena toltelideoa stathus ent
-. -* ". /


. . .,: :;.L .A
.. *. T-..-E-,..- _......- _. .- ,'L -.


p ountry. In Cal.
ora s t h.Bindu festival
gal fenet days

uia npi calendar
O ~ib ae parliament.

e a-j
i&a m ow embubm

"rgh n pl,
....... to -. ,



antor. .eea s we

to5 ia te United

Ste ountr at the lamebt

ao' want hers any riend
e tat F who comes

wit o article am latteusto-
sa vila l"n a ut c o-
T aked him ito heow me an
(expuuion) order, and he pulled
out hi credenUtal and aid,
.** la enough.. ,is you do not
Avila wa escorted to the air-
port by eight policemen and put
on a plane bound for Mexico
The Mexican hua visited oua-
temala twice Othi year, but so
far has written no articles of
kay ind about the country. He
rer now to write a e

S4 09n Infu W r

4 e Ihr t puti toth

Jntlne na tural iegs. and now
a hs-a Unte hiosneg

C.wa broke into th n ws
pX er sss on "he same news.

Spi where tied late Presidr when
ne herinthe Cai eo-pub .
er at the saper. Sie but ione.
ukdgaolne, natural 98. and now

way broked into the newabout

npPSLrW' e lat when HPrerding
R%% received Ws early news-
paper dining, the Caledonia, 0.

became. pubh of the Marion
Star i an d county.
T i ad the guest
at Unm weekldies Con sway
aud hi--.i.e Union Regis-
Sitrn It 106th
L Starh i Ash-

Volume crous the 2a000000-
slur. mark In three of he five.
tSow. Total tunover of 10,-
Sahareba compared with I.-
last week and was the
viOlsce O .7L 'I, 1951.
Mou TormDown
pdiT OK LI0 hdi
Publk Housng
The tous e today rebuffed Presi-
dent ]isenhower by tentatively
rejecting a move to approve a
united version of his public
housing program.
The House first rejected by a
vote of 128 to 89 a Democratic
move to authorize the full pro.
oram of 140.000 new public hous-
t unt requested by President
ls enhower. Republicans Joined in
defeating that move.
Then, some Democratic support-
era of public housing joined in
defeating a Republican move to
shove through a version which
would have allowed 53000 addition-
al unts. The teller vote was 164
to T.
The actions cleared the way for
the Democrats to force a roilcall
later. This would force the Repub-
licans to choose between rebuffing
the President or accepting his
program in full.
The Democratic move c a m e
after GOP leader Charles A. Hal-
lack had assured the House that
the Republican compromise plan
was "satisfactory" to the admin-
istration. He said it would have
allowed construction of TO,000O units
over the next two years-Including
35,000 to which the government
already is committed.
The President's program called
for 140,000 over a four-year period
at a rate of 35,000 a year.
When the Republlcan compro-
mise was offered, Democratic whip
John W. McCormack (Moss.) and
a group of New York Democrats
refused to vote for it.
Earlier, the House tentatively re-
Jected an administration request

S i .. "" '. ... -.. r, *. I?
. LURLYN JOR ,.AN .. .

r..a. "..W. .OKMQ..
*.f ir wROWER. LO .'-



137 Central Ae. 137,

__________________ I~ -r -

NTIODUOIkATAN LUX RNI from ie Philippine. ..




Tel. 3-1713
Automobile Row No. 38
S9th Street Rast No. X2
Open until 6 p.m.



"A Diamond From
Casa Fasdich is a
SGirPs Best Friend"


Your good buys

are made

at a good Ijeweler's

) r.

ta/a ilch
|. 6DIAMONO CENT r .,_g.|?

* .-

w have I it 's
,. -. ..the ag.b, it
V -4:30_ 40M- mBar",O

t a heaLbds t

Wivn Tourisnm

F. '.


B *..-**
^ ;-;,
L'^te'. '"*
" .'-5




I. .

STen American shows are now
'I f Ib in London, as New York's
IfimcaIl exports continue to
Successful in England. At
lo moent, the British can see
-'Th Fifth Season," "Wish You
W4ai Here," ".Guys and Dolls,"
"1 IKing and I," "The Big
Kf," "Paint Your Wagon."
"Aofa Lucasta," "I Am A Cam-
er'qn ".al Joey," and-"The Moon
IsJ Bre."
"Guys "and Dolls" should be en-
chonting with a British accent.
WiMl" if they've changed the
naine of Nathan Detroit to Perci-,
val Birmingham?
4 sad story with the making a
.,a happy ending: in U1952. BY
1iWler was hailed as one of Hot-
13400's coming stars. She'd co-
*t ard with Broderick Crawford
Ite"The Mob" and had a big part
bl "'Taxi." In 1053, she came back
to iNew York, where she'd started
found that TV producers had
footten her. Therp were hard
ties. Finally, she got a job-as

BERKELEY. Calif.-(~uP)--Dli-
wcovery of a blood serum to combat
serious complications which osee.
ulonally fellow amalipos vaie .S
lions sms been s nounced by vthe
S U ef ty of California School e

o The concentrate, known as "vae.
clne immune gamma globulin,"
she danced i a Providence, R.I. was developed Dr. C. Henr
Snightclub. I Kotpe, assistant oeso of
"That didn't last long," she said, ties at the university.
with an H-frown. "After one en Dr. Kompe developed the serum
gagement they asked me to sing." in Inda in Io after collecting
w thougI she'd had no voice blood from volunteers In til U.
training, she did well enough to blood from volunteer in the U.S.
land some top TV jobs. Then one armed forces who hid been vae.
day her voice quit, so she had to cinated a short time before.
quickly Lake lessons. The serum Kompe extracted
"I never could sing ballads be-from this blood was found to con-
fore," she says, "because I tain high concentration of atnil
couldn't sustain a note. Now I can. bodies against the virus used in
In my lessons, I sing opera and smallpox vaccinations. A test on
things like 'The Messiah.' I'll nev children hens sbowqd this vaccine
er have to do that on TV. but it's adt qnly was highly effective in
nice to know I can." combating post.vaccinations com-I
She's also the only gal on TV plications but also In fighting
with an H between her eyes. As
far as I'm concerned, she could i...-...
mike a career out of that alone.
Roger Price the man who in-
vented TDroodies," is a de -think-
er. And he has deep-thought thatNIEFRU
what New York needs is more
weather. His campaign goes on
nl htly over his local New York
TV weather show but I thought Great W

Smcretary. you might be interested in hearing
ihen ftosco Kars gave her a how thI publicspirited citizen i
t his DuMont show. "Rocky progressing.
Detective Maybe bthe worst
is Let's watch and ee this Roger hs priced a glacier, an
B" J e u a b e s o ys h e c a n g e t i t f o r o n l
re am-a u .nfold. heS t Is a Size 24 glacier, an
a original Amateur Hour. now would cover the island of Manbal
0 a. old, wWl have a splashy tan" up to 34Mt b street plus all o
a on April i t to inBicze its _useens and part of NWw Jersey
S broadcast. In that tim The glacier is used, but in excel
th 'v auditioned 800,000 asir lent condition since the old own
Including kids like Paul Win- crs were some elderly Eskimo
, Teresa Brewer, Mim Ben. who didn't abuse it.
land Frank Sinatra.t was The glacier should pep up Ne
.athe trouble. York's weather, which has been
-G.. v pretty dull the last few -years. I
beniever tty Ann Grove t doesn't work out perhaps their
s, which is seldom, the lines Roger could et something else.
ee her eyes form an talic know where he can pick up some
e 1 H. The foregoIg Intforma- hot monsoons cheap
a no sinefc whatso- Eddie Albert and his wife, Mar
onceld d id the phe- o, will make theirnightlub de
across" a In fen" w table. gut te at atheWldorf
S iny't take my eyes off it. ew Astoria's Empire Room. Separate
in my set have H's on their ly, of course, they've done won
gig- derful things-but it's nice for I
"'..A- ............ ,.. young married couple to spend
a b.t stads ifor Happy., be- their evening together.
eause that's what Betty Ann is. T Topers
e is also retty, She is also tal- MILTON BERLE INBC-TV):
mged. She f iaao .*fresh om go.a I just ate some Oysters Bobo-
ob-she used te.lay Red But- it used to be Oysters Rockefel-
tons' gir friend, but tost out in ler, but everything's in her name
theW. Buttons bust-up a week or now.
so Slt. She is. not completely
unemployed, however, because she
til s "The Big Payoff" and But Not His 0Wm
Club," which keep her
YORK, Neb. -(UP)- \en Trof,
aB s a Jill of alt trade hniz, a baker, wonh-_-,
sh dqu es she acts, at a, card. party.,i.,,.
., Sstla l*gaot when large ke. *' ",t,,








New Orleans Service
..- -.,..--

any IIodsed! ~
ficer and alo w
by the
verasy aXU


ile Fleet

C____ ristebal

8.8. "LEVERS BEND" ............................pril 7
.S. "SIXAOLA".. ....... ..............
0 .8. BM RRAS ............................ u
.S. "AGGERSBORG" ..........................
*ItndJlin Rrlfrirsled ChiledI nd Gnuaml CM

New York Service



8.S. "MAJORKA" ................................April 11
8.8. "ANDREA" .................................April 18
S.S. "COPAN" ...................................Apr U33

Weekly salings of twelve passenger ships to flew York,
New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Franciso and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New York,
Los Angeles, San Franclsoo and cattlee.

To New York ..............................24.0
To Los Angeles and San Franciee .~.......h89I,i
To Seattle ........................... ..... $35. .


- d

IHI wv /vi 1. %S^
vmA VApaI
hR \ "rom

* 4~*. 'a

Bargain Rats


it ^a ^
mpYw = aasazuwwerwM
; FLIHl Oli flP FM M Q.
L pua r I MM amuswl~


L- .-

Pr /l ,


wRITiOR A l0t Md.ILL 1615 alh .LSW THAT



- sL"MAnr CMdwi A ALO'rSOPEimP.5 "fOrre Te '
I iA*aWN v 1 A M i LL PE IF g i \ V siW } w,
UNl LAw"TMW6ive ooNreen \N'0cvr USJEBKIN...
A ETO Paro- MEARiM,0orU IBw1B IMr t
WULrm.1.. rl5 61 VV- "Aivj W \l J } a t*AWM?'


Adds Up

J.S I nsL ~ ^
Mu, C




1 ,1



cftlIt rOff'

B' Results



'athe 60T MORG iBMAT
MACAR aO AU GRArPIMl/-. p '- -
-.r.44WR A WeAK| IS .
,., "7 A CAPITAL PLA- n .-,


1 C L OIA-' "J

5.-'a -1

* r I. *~,*. ........*


* 4r~ A' ~'~* ~




Tragic Affair

9.~-~~ -

SI V.! goka*c~


Well, esl




i 1

.. I

fcM,DkD,i4oti .W1!
oTwmN uasrwuroU
wuK MUNrem6 C

wwwxumwer Nw
laD P~mat..e


, ,



f I. #gr 9I4

PwadLLAS ror

", -l"^ "* ." "--;.
Jc-.. ,..- ..-

=.' at



Sm r- u uy or ay
44C'heS 'tua-%OP aI.rma, Gua
Makinf- g aolvieo, andU,. I. p
a .. cnmroem .ad ec Jema Cit

IdBO a n r and t appoet.
met wawld be f e ayiirs. TVA
actually seven pi at o other
S 82M o f sutek, but I lnsoamm.A Is a

1, earrt ITh Demoents, led by Gov,
N.ftfbe ldker. Frnk oC tamt, want to e C
.T ro M kept O the lob. The "k 7 srImW

sece erw to Qapp.
Carbaugh4 who-
en InuaiB Vrol"

a,000,oig6^e .,r pg i ..*qam. ". ,

Ne. I -TIoU X4.
Anneuncm New AoRe oone
8:30 a^n. to' 1:30 p.m.
2:00 p.m. to 6T0b p.m.
.M .~ tf ., ,

* 4,4..
1"" "~j~

VMb to expreuwtir gratitude, to Mwe manyW
showed. their pathkiy int oe ta orm or n dm
their recent berevnmeat.k
I. ue E "6 **

those of Smith or anybody else,
he added.
Some eritles of arbaugh's poe.
sible appsiatmnt hve poerei to
the fuet that he's bee a arrive
GOP fund-raiser for 10 years,
which would make his appoai-
meat "politmlal" Carbaugh' an-
swer is that he's always been just
a volunteer worker, and "how are
we gog to have od rnmet
if ciftes do nof take an active
part In polieiW -"
"Any volunteer Weta would be
in my ateagor," he pdde, "the
crying same .that more people
ars. nbWlINg to get into polities.


., .. ,
m m._ n, A .. ".
& Meusaa eosal, eeass lat ,as

Anuiam base #s pprtse.fIug. -
-- ad setes' He*a-t- ,- es m t a iilM '***^^

. m. a om pri ., M,...

t InF 1 y- k .

." .=..,' I n "an'd



mm amma
ExewiTiv 19S4 Model"
..* -- .- As^i ^ ':1 I*- ^ .

*. -- '^ 'r *'" "
*i*- ", '. .

*ly bee, tho child Ip also
Ob nllh e ertana bow-

S w. God do b
iAotor evAn because 0*im H-
ituln, The ehldAmo te lon
RSd tfMily, the soucbh.

ibratlons afeigh C

-.A -di w:

IBN iPranch Mgr.

FQr Conal One
Sl COf Boosetaqne.
a Of The eeth ine-

t rve n the cmpa'slin T
A ea. W ffic et

tor All Occ aio e
hobt wmAn crweet a set

1 nnI. m 4.
bi*trtackhai. A-= 7d wtte
Zht&)Laye =- eaee

caw's ia ct. O
IdTIto should al&ow to eus i wii ln S mdra.d

bay pd other fb eed0 TaUfan defot i ol an
Dereinm the co wvgrain ration iapirtanmt -t r
I* i .l II I Il
i^-~n w w idw M~ -i m

.5- 1

* j


f DiWe amnd Bottled in ud


*A i* ACA. C Ti. LY.. *L.ASP, -94*T.ANe


With Free S ts
A Tt~A. Ow. (1214 -" Pultom
AI--LM-AN '^Alfa k." -.I-
ofiw- $GibwWf -y
g" has aeeente l b drop
-Dr. d.Lie n
t7 ealy 12

[to h.Bnn~rrr^dogs
Ji0Zd D.Unbaer,. ,f|ab .93
p4:5u tuned the
'.Sd'"' 5 a

_ ,-
a" *- w P"


*. .


Lucky! Lucky
7 "








-. -

'4 -~
V *"

:5 imm

..~ 4

'-* '1 &

~and ~aJ

. ,tM

d '

NI ="
.1 --**

- t*



,*M*..u* \.


.y 4

4' ,.'






? '.,,



. 1 .1 00

* -w*. '

* V.. **~
5, I. 'A

srA-o rkr 'SUI .*-

he-rS j tw ''- -_- '. .," '- ,: -.bBfe

*d &e.l of. .. .. UNTIC emnse. E
iontrol Aeu 'r' stre4 Coins 4W

Sdop- tipngh. h Nvy Paci f *773 n.di- DIABLO SPINNING CUt m ING I
SPhne boo 3708. FOR SALE E:. For older 7:30 p.m. -- Cubhuw'
1 7PO SASEALE- ..-U9 Plymouth 4-door M14RINF E qia uu
Snt bed th moat- Mok me e ofer. "Can be sw JUNE JDIM J UNT 0 ARIIm
m oar double aouse No. 547, Corozel e AIpy i
%,,, Vie- aeR- .N -FO.A46 'or J. C 3 fuil days. Lav Aril 9 at e7C:3h 0
i te. Vista .r.,ri eetranbel. OR ,ALE: 1947 Cadiac on, ., retur lte Suy afternoon
p: i LE: vit deluxe condition. motor Just over- A ii I Fishing 'u the Pearl
SSAL.E: -- Lvlrrom furniture, hailed, new point job $1000. 210- In, visiting wl pritive Chaoc
c; ro ph ad ker; D Pedro Miue l, Phone 317, office Indians, spearin crocodiles, Ick light .
j i eOQd Alp. 2196. ph'na Blb 2559. hunting, cruising up the Somu river
i davnort & A Naboard l Panma's Virg. Lat bt FOR RENT: S4 bedrooms
tuet. nd, WANTED se aker; s tripto 1Ien dry s ...o
0 Al-- Automobiles .5. doilies camfoflab
M mFor Informatlon, eurvonn, pne 2228 during offi Leurd Caretak- p Csr. AeaA O
-F IdeIre refrraotor 6 WANTED:-We for CASH 1951, Jungle Jim. Hotel El Panamo, Pnama er acros the street.
u 6d -Ho pita 3 H ENTIACS, PFY- 3-1660 Or your tae gt. FOR RENT:-Cho u ished with __
S2.49. 31 Auto INtional Ave- fOr SALE- Western saddle (h n0 r
S SALE:-Leaving, 6-cu. ft. 25- n*) Tel) ., Panama. kt $1 two .22 Remington FOR RENT:rL J
S cycle Norge rfrierator, porcelain fureelt rifles $22 each; 1un ca1 bul Tng -. nt 1 r0 bued S
I & out $50.00. R-2C,.Rou- WAN $4;' padded shootlngl jacket $8. for reonly, noahe r "purpose.
L ""Pe.o refrierat' MIee neou Some glassware, books, other misc. Phone Panoma 2*.0007 or 8-076a3L .-.
S i r aiALE: a- prco ,,frB.rt T. Po el1n orticles ottage 5852, Walker FOR T '
--Ayr. guorontee $125; dining -- WAT0- l- 25O .hencd jusne from iAvhe.. Diblo.
S ,ble, chairs & buffet 515; kitchen o 1-,p., plefely Evirnude mi FOR SALE:--25-cycle S-tpeed Ger- E' AT e s
h, SOc; rul $52; table radio $7. Jaemt. Pi0iit m 2-4101. erd record changer with Audax Mri FI ll
154-l. ovln Rld. B lb-, -- cartridge. R 2C. Rousealu. LtJ t moem1. $ so.
w a-Y. FOR SALE FOR SALE- NoN lt mTd r" rs
-m LE": Refrlewralore, washing .'l2BuMintgr A CZeTi f

i yer old, perfet condition $80.00, 4234, house 720, Apt. A. form 3 miles from Charme with dphrroom. on .Interior porch. t iDL a t Aw
S and Mgic-Chf i asstve, 4 burn" l Cns and papers for above, with maws room with both. Located o *et Thealt ,
e & 50O0. Apply Paltl.eo, L E VS 0 N, 5 water all year. Good for cattle. Ave. Euseblo A. Morales No. 4, El
-' S P I5-___i__ l Farm Is National land 44-4/5 hect. Congrejo." For information cell 3-
lij~stt^Wtes hauu refragura- LEARN POPULAR 7lANQ playing and Box 312. Cocoll. Canal Zone. 1292, Panama,
tor, 25.cyale, excellent condition aZ qtkly. Beginners Advanced. OR-SALE.-BUILDING, suilSble for FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartment
$100; Seers ironer, 25-cycle, excel- Bennett Sudio. 2-1282. warehouse. shop. Comer 50th and with bathroom, recently construt- TRANSP
S lenst condEtion 540;, fSn, 1- 5- 12th Steets, Sn Francisco. F. ICA- ed. "El Congrfjot" Via Argntina
olmst noew, 25-cycle 3 iffgt to-, ZA co. No. 5T.i ephon e-314. BAXTER, SA.
PeR SAE: MiulfPhotn 317rils i .n FOR $tNT Aparfment, C Ale- Aceea Shipper sW, mes
Et -uPter.ust wela soon. Refriger- CatmT .. 5'2
e stoe 565 buffet 2 broom. o chldr. CII f 8
h1 d 1a liijcr Ta. AVIV. brut1 April a.m. to 6 p.m. AZ. Vie rras!82
"to 'nt IlveIrm'tl TI|M() --' FORW T: L- mpl FGr.,

burners -'with: oven, 46 Inches' sale RENT: FyishlMe Wl.
Sd LtLh 1 Inch'es, heihl 34 inches were killed. .O CSnl Zon.. Tel.. -4I11. .
jill No. 190, Central The Isra -llnvasio, of Egrp.w iORENT:-o"iL .-a
I -tiea ^ tp t^t_ wasad 'nf *-4: --
WANTEDIOcBUYof /2shak cycaRealaartments with Ivln w and dich- r=
f -R A: NeW dlniw.raim Set, LO.^ Shwlashouse a. "l.saho bIath BI" 'In i "'C Ae s"
bn nf, desnds, a bi ehsp, 2 bo' bicycles. ne.omwith fo o atel rl2
5 Aptpylt heatp',.refnig.era T eSO oSllo Pei lo a.anlEIo md' El
IFIvg. C.Noiloa J ah4 5 Far further par iculnra plese cal l .
,= i*... Isttsooll lefr 4ijrm ih

wint hinu Ah twereltfr Tastl,

I apiu^d aartmeni on r.wfl
I 9CU e tt's Photo Studi4r- I
C .w. _____ II
"OR .Nice furnished apart-
I I LP0 n ..,_-l

New CUse, and flebflt
lumBtm. -
We Bar and SelL

rjit M IS astse t O Soun-. I r'or3 o N. 99. V9Militiary A
blamedd I fl for warmed at. CAI 5R bA BwlI ____'
boltedtd se rana No man. rNT Furnishd apartment, ...
.tl" = ora..4otmal'*Po wiout children,
iw M A lWf ee liSppifklled. ayd for PaBi trna m C"om I L '. coted. Tel. 3-1405.
frP an am .wCo TO.y a deen tamed the ir
I n a o r offe e Today' decision blamed the and Rica. FalreIa was roR NT:- 2-bedroom apartment,
ben dereed b yor amooting hf aten a. sarna o Emrst
WoF WE dn ter tVo Of h Ltt#srda a number of I .- 1

iJ_4_ will d ,nmohhtol o Its tidoNt to a>- r T
aof $16 per a t of; her Tht s Chlicldenth s God -e h l e d o
d anSo L5 ct An of violence ot the P
gree cdt fM at Tl-t $1. Arble. aomparobrdr s SBpknlsX ana
nnn month hr placed a train on a .Cilp
,.ikS in g s traffic.
o the n ionl i- the armiusetvice w ih edod the rain
masn the incetome of fightlne In the holy land.
e rn aInch g survivreeet-, at.DI. __ _T I dvn------- _aF O R ,
B ofn rth pt of other e eos h ndcn- e r*" 1
I stuaonequrLeaIsie whieh ed from E
nssIfwS Cr rIA Ja L more Saturday after a deay of ji
I bieth eror l umo t DUhIION Bseveral weeks aused by theew
the t r a In t is eYork dock hteike. Is scheduled to rJrIP
l oterr ow m, F W *We-- .
noon with a tota of 52 Pasen-Ii .
ieo ForalteanaNomorrow e
l "e r Of .The a Is scheduled to
auction and Uv and Coapel of 'the Truth of Rio from Critobal for pew York
ad. I Abotom.nowt 4 pmn. for l. Tuesday, Ap 11 l .
yea' Hmo'nt in, of the Panama Caal Corps
t ffee er I1ar iand. Mrs. Noblearam=M
Sf the Minister the Auto Sft service u to t th tiUe O arrivin a the
tedLto lnnthe of hi p deaL waf born In Bocas CMol 9U bTCWN. Uith Uia.
pLow er_ ats and ro W. T colet addTh sJAvaince pane"- I 4QJ. Vaue Oi..
VmawoSuld t He Is survived by his widow, rn tt follows: wA n as r
.try. Ms. Slt b; Ja
Br e ast mother an is and 2Mather ro Mm Xnearnaclon Alvares: C. d&ha
pdran. V. pamthtrI t andMtte Armstroncg Harold 'R. 50" proe Qmim htm ft
M --r.a Msn. ID. ofo .
M I"Weed Poison- R an on: M. Ruth D. The ow W
r QuaffidinCI&=U 1 ELHCon- ventj=a
5MUrch n e. .f;--coopC, -am.
fCtivrch MVgNNA.April 4 and ttt children; .O1unW luei I
rgemorrow Kilts Vieernkse* C .c." i? "l *"

-' tchad eb e isa _; on
-WlB^.nga f "M I Fil- k.AeaiR iHa iia Mg ; M Si .d ma b mAde a^ thaii ,

s b"- I M Ml' .

Ffl-o .'' j "- ". a .kd
-. 1 6L

WA'S H-n CoCr
t 31.1111 ci
Seki. vi


IuRe or
3 3

rPus I

* u-qau.-A
' ,.na

*-1 4.~1~.

T 'gaI st',hal ta's rote' o sag nirwalsn
onvict, It wan ra ti tle and ;l lts NUa
a.4tt years by t*Ap, a pTe r ke, d gd. Medf. 0 u ,
cOf Shade T tha Uto Nov., i dance

N;court recopSTRA
Efforts e be 8, 1 bring. m mies, n.idthe trd to 3

s hem tan 30 ol. t
S shtle three ra ~eti iaa U b
oi Fauio 1Qgu ftu*W 3)2i0,.

tBeialpM a a. tat I sist e a
or ". toi obile Association of America,
BeiyMemsdf ia s-I S

bl de ts I,,,,tat, ,ra" o v
Don't Apte Child's ..M, 'w ,bn
Spech, Prof Wr sent a long from "*

bIc, m--eam~de-a.ata w zmae fom

,fr.have shmw. r tbafl
(esseor of lanIdppe a th $i t on tbe I
Gws for Mnubeaft bod. makes fl t use
a sohsofade aLd a la~rjWbob flb I&
Of -air undr the tree. M~ chui i5tS "a i W .
role in cooling horndmsft i O
suamier, D ern aid. as sach 'S*W ORifl

Don't Ape Child's tnI 1 gJ%
Speech,Prof Wamrs ^ glvc
fMACA, N.Y. uP)-Parntn baen

. .- -

.5 '-C-
V. ~
- .'t-.r -


, "i





We past


Lwes ten

.D &.i

*,.. ." -.
'--b.sJ -.*- ,, I

.,yw. '' :..i!--;,..,,. t. ., .., ,, -- ,.,l W^ "AB Au.i, -^ e a .- ,

the l5krbb4 aurew z djet2

r -'!^ S,.. ^ t.g& ^ 0 -n r .hi.A iy. -.. w ith w ho she. a, be f ,
erA Jest t
In $e how .eer nob a
,..- ., h t" au /.frA..-a. h at a t m wat. a rt
t d14waOue, was rk pt 1 ap. ea. s
I .. a o le b te the a be

ae thB re seg y im hava gang* OBhe ht hwy oha. For much a
.fe nd de a eatcd theSoh

a."d a-t ba g r&, r la awa r tom wife o be f ls.

4Ie ., Aidi #, wh a wahitN tie B r6 s-trn _o a1m r It' mUO wir I wOma
DNVt ahs gt$Lttrm food "o for b be eae m ar

:* '- Zl. 1f aue.Tdy t nhe C.AN -.. .r h t! Of qourset. nr i ; important riage conr act than to- s that
;:rv a. JoiMraI i. do e.l- -- .Gp p U Ma $i uoiwe pe rL her C husband suld he tt .have
ita. dWW Masn .s AnElodor Ee.But hr denoj l na ti or ee

ith mbid :' that maley Le'od!'tn cold. V take the plate
-1rWtthe food before the

--~.Ste,.lnt :.. have a lab" WMtmle." old lady ses yo "Iu..
each.h.. AHllt wo od. as- sl ot b"t o
r1 s fair in I

h.Lo .. e Buteom pt on e As~h s neas l g bo. h a a ,.,
0 3he P-... mraS t m IIhs FolrJ, ,O W-,h a da

slae t, t emaly sttraetive. gr 7 he e e wstar te earrings '
Wtefrom baantrantWee A"hasad irae c e n of m e h y as 5x D
e, tthlm ai ntbe wth m h baa b ees ei d u I g ""obn an gep- Vwt en Thnebe,' the wl F m9 C n wm r burned
d bu mg a e ed:expla wearng hot Jew B lry. Doctorb

t aloS S vbr o nh nals h a of wCes t f '' a oi Ausedtrash au4h burns their
at A boti l ^ rlea b at t fooid "Yviut r, o batt d. :oMi. H flH i o I
,_ol t T aan wbarhubanould be S to III "

Cl. too r wr-h ank T

1,te bi In.vitd to a=ttend. Miln, ?ZUIt:hnordb.mtiUM p ti C
e. Io oao.l.One oldgueshth

that beet tea rh=Otreording was made In the late..
S ikt eapot, it'.easye tur ar te.a Caribbean bapter of the Na- g' "

p o. Ap teapw f l we ipe ior W w hold.. t .iir SmlI A

-venig C s e CraStobal k a TOKYO, April 4 (UP -vI*t s
Swill mee tomorrow usiN smen w
at .:00 a.m. at he Rod Cross enter Japan fr a
-Bthe estar thaR six hsbain
toa.ns. n.ta, man w mamne of 'e*kl in k move to bost -

*.a nor
'.,t 7

.. .-.

.1 I

PEA=4gm "AT

*0 A

r U


Ia.LO I L. OM. BA*
amD mONm nasor
* anA arD"

-M^k afk4W^-


45ff O w.SiaYuA"


. OPNcIrNG br


wkutl VL~r

br 1- mss

a-K r~~r

-p .-..


Tetd beh ..I
f.- ,-"i
sad ti. sp ia






lI and key to
world finpnce. y El Conqujtedor, the height
of lux y g D ee- 4 fine f new DC-6
tourist serve at ubetentll savings.
Ewe way you fly o MiaMnl connetol c

1 ikMi t Ave*I Tlil 11 fWpimi n,20,M moHw
il M IItM i .- 71M t PhMi -46
| CaMn TidbW Wkst, rNiiiti 77".

- s

S .

CA ~


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* '..



&. -. ..
4 f -V

*T.-'.*,. -,..

' ''*'f, -" ..,
" .'*,*..'
*-Ki '- 4

* Ik



-'4 9.



Biter. Rvor


T 7 7 I

V s= stan et with chees
bas, the wwr's l'fmest, tm
pute, delowus coffee. The, t
magic of a new "Jet Pro ees
plodes it iato milUie of tiny, ri
gy of NWeaf6l

a f6 ruextra cofllf esic ye

SDoin't wait d joy ts fint s of
9 u Hatveot toffe s o te eosml
V i la ry way. Try am N=- M
1 Pme lueasst Coffee todgtI
K **[ _' j J|

9.. 1
.* v

.s!~d e m;.,

:. .. it J-,J -l I :. -
-" 'V T ." '*.-.. ; ". -
h O ,- ".*-,-:" ,L F.

- ,.. \ ,,," :
.'.. -. ,, -- -- -., .,.

-- -, a-

, ; "'

S-- I t,

r-,, ., ..-. <*-

I~ -

r 7;

.~..1 -,..

7.- 1

.'. .^


t..' *- ', --.. .*

UUL .-.. .


a -, ...t II ,. .i

fending Champs 16 ... ..-

3reat Challengers In Sight I Jua fr

A%11 By STEVE SNIDER --' ..-
' Y<-' Ap i lookThe Stud Chile's y -De4
N: EW YORK, April 5 (UP)-It looks like the oyrav a ntdto a i Am l

vA+ e old story coming up in the peIndaift fces-the .3 e; eV 7lV i
dub at the'J uapP ftuco
Yy and the Dodgers all the way. track.
1 4 Otilean jockey Vietwr Ordi
*i bil"n the last five years we' The injury M outelader o1, formed a perfect omblina
ti .cked against better Yank- bv Thomson was a Iing blow with the hefty Chilean ari
e e Sthan Cagey stengel's to the Bravq who had aurn.n- OrdoAet jot Dealo llbE ol
iditton but much as base-:dered good pitching Wn two deals top, tave, off Pato
aill in general needs a western including the one for Bobby. lenges to the lastfbend and
winner for a change there is not When Thomson returns, the something in reserve when
A" great challenger in sight. iBraves might make a run for It tuels choice Supersun came
a the National League, it fig- but time is against them.. In the homestretch.
urea to be Brooklyn in another' The Oiants hopto be aealee- ? 'te latter waswellpsoeed
breee even with the league with good pito oing but -tI mowed up threatehitgly on'
Iit stronger over all than last others won't cause niuch lost home turn but was sulking
keas sleep among the top teamB, the finish. The entry of An
American Leaue Yank- At least they won't until April and Welsh Fox came up wit
e0b Indians. White Sox Red 13. rush in the stretch sand cl(
5.. Washington, Athletics, t very fast. AnRlia. a bad tra
M OIrtloe. Detroit. t *of the way, closed as
Nasunal League Dodgers. pn A \ re of all to take thirdPlace, .
Cardinals, Braves, GIants, galS I 1eSt r The time was a fair 1:.29
HO W Redless. Cubs, PI- Dejelo Solo, qeonad choice in
bat.tilne returned $ 40 and $1

would be an ideal swing |
t against the Yankees F rOfr ansas In'
bave a mlaerable exhibi-
t cord and it ever a club'
fpe for a fall It's the five-. -
S champs. who have! lost a
%a=xa(Billy Martin) and aK 9 X elasy
1ne pitcher (Vie Raschil.
4t lons ago as the spring I -
2 Stengel began worry!nt -
tcom lacency. He found, AUSTIN, Toxa$. April 5 (UPn-
Sto it twice and any ri- We Santee ... the Kansas Unl-
hi thanks the Yankees are varsity runner who passed up a
o be lead-headed with chance to try for a four-minute
better forget it. mile in the Texas Relays to run
A motion marks on the In Baton event ... has written
PA ailing Mickey Mant!e. history anyway. He helped win
i--Rl zzuto and Allie three major events and set a
ajd, for the moment, world record in one.
arite fire. adder, Wee earned the vote as the
Shrey hlace Rasdhdl outstanding performer in the
I.-ng prospect in annual event for the second
irim a have bench straight year, an unprecedented
to cover imperfections feat.
Sthe infield or outfield. The Ashland. Kansas, saeed-
.dUn with that big ster anchored all three ao the
1 blm with Bob Lem- winning Kansa. teams. '
o:and Mike Gar-: The sprint medley team whirl-
iShTvDe see to plug in ed home In a blazing three min-
l ry second placer s tes, 20 and two-tenths seconds,
au And the outfield Wor- eclipsing a world mark set by
dtager Al Lopez last sea- New York. University In 1950.
S tl do. S_ Santee was unofficially clocked
s puky White Box hope it pne-minut, 47 and seven-
.* hatoon the Yankee' tenths seconds for his half-mile.
p powerr nd powerful pitch- ard.
o s all the way. The Red His two-mile relay team set a
tpeing this spring with new Texas Relays mark of seven
b t hoeM, were set back, minutes, 34 and one-tenth sec-
S re T rhe rest don't fi g-
medthh iMgnor tocn Oddly enough, it wao Sante'
aa a canp performance In the four-ml re-
nwith. ewcombe ay. in which the Kan did
S froam as every- not set a new record, which
SIt needs or a third brought the drowd or16 'thbu-
iht pennant. The club is sand fans to Its feet. Santee an
tbut no decrepit, a fact chored that one with a blazing
obvious by the excellent four-minute. five and eighth-
rookle prospects who can't make tenths second mile, coming from
mleclub. behind and finhIshed 70 yards In
The Cardinals, with Harvey the lead for a team time of 17
Nuddl, Gerry Staley and Raq- minutes, 15 and six-tenths sec-
-it heading the pitching staff. onds.
,061 s .et off to a good start So outstanding, was the burr-
ad with the cagey handling haired. KAna senior's per-
V*, ge to get from Bddle formance that It overshadowed
S.. can be tough. other outstanding relay. feats.
elm be.. WAS ,

There was no show betting.
Ordofiez was the day's rk
star with three victories. He
so triumphed aboard Anotl
Fulmar and La Enea.
Formful racing pirjalled.
only mild upset beifg Caanp
no's $10.60 in the fourth rae
I Thr dividend1i*

FIRST RACE The thrd place
1-Diana $6.20. $6.60. $4.20. BraSias ok andO
2-Colirio $7. 84.20. should be the h
3-Sinceridad $4.80. forthcoming mat
1-Another Fulmar $5.20, $3.20, The Individual
2-Our Fancy $15.80, $5. Panasa 11
3-Tom Colllns 2 .60. .
First Donblq: (lana-Aqth- Muller .........
er Fulmar Si .e3. Schmitt ...*..
THIRD RACE Dehlinger .....
1-Jal Alal $23.0. (3.40. $2.20. Gerrans ......
2-Sol Naciente $.80, 32.20. Shannon ......
3-Melvina $3.80. Pla ..........
One-Two: (Jai Alai-Sol Na- E. de la uardil
elevate) S7.0. Morrie i.......
FOURTH RACEMGM. Alas .......
FOURTH BAC 0G. di la Guardli
1-Oampeslno $10.60. $5.60, $4.80. Westman ......
2-Coran 83.80. $3.20. Clisbee ........
3-Duke Malon -$6.20. *Hunsfeker .....
Quinlela.: (Campesito Co- Matheey .....
ran) $19.40. Novev .........

S-Rlna Rl

Bitrlpeaut .....
Yaoarino ......
Bra- Brook-
Riley ..........
Mathlssen .....

: .i- n *** .S
n Sto .....bu....?.*...
_fIt's I rtl :h :b.. J-V* ... w

St*** o**** the
Sf ,te o ..o .... ........ (0 p1

Sit-f, : :....... L'
a n ............ 5 "
m- h*l .* *... 1
SE narmRs .......... .... s_ G i
.~ Bw 7.. ..*.*.*. .***...... B p
w .: E............... M

f r -e..ans ............. ,48
u lDwuIn ................


BO rtfer

.......... 12
..J....... 88
.......... I7
.......... ..

.. ........ 7
'.......... 83

......... 7


-Spencer. HR-Dark, X
Katt, Westlake.

t .







-Petite $10.6d.

khoeking truth
"ghost surgery
'SAD for EACH 0




S JTH1EA IES Exhibiision

about It 3:4. 4:45, 6:55, M pn., BYT UNITED PRESS
The mighty adventure of
THER" Insa in... At savannah, oa.
THER" CINEMASCOPE Yankees- 20000207-1115 4
ith Savannah 013040001- 9 11 1
,rlton Lopat Kusava (6), Gorman
WTON Tyrone Power Terry Moore (8). Miller (9),'McNaid (9W and
* In -. Berra: Napoles, Steele (4). Skid-
beth "KING OF THE ron (7). Norris (9), Duser (91
OTT and Klutts, Robertson (7), WP
& KHYBER RIFLES" norman, LP, Norris, HR-WUl-
aie In TECHNICOLOR and Hlams, Pinkston.
IRedlegs 1 0000022-10 15 0
Senators 000000031- 4 11 1
Baczewskl Fowler (6) and
L CECIL IA GREAT Bailey. Landrith: Marrero. Stone
CILIA DOUBLE! (6) and Fitaerald. WP-Bac-
"ALL AMERICAN" M Hriman.Post
C-END with
EASE I T ny Red Sox 000010020-3 8 2
:-0 pan. CURTIS Atlanta 100 000 00---2 5 3
S,]D* lely, Brewer (9) and White,
I Lorin Owen (7); Gigirle. Orinom (8).
L NELSON Pope (9)* and Solt. WP-KIely.
T lus LP-Orissom. HR-Petty.
"VEILS OF BAGDAD" At Birmlnugham. Ala.
N" In TMNIcoLo Phlimes O000 010-1 4 2
SI. BImngham 100000001-2 7 0
with VICTOR MATURE Miller. Greenwqod f(6, San-
ford (8 and Loa W: l;rban and.
i^^ ______, ._____Berberet. LP-Saford.
O". A I T iO 0 LAt Mobile. Ala.
Orioles 1000010 000 -2 7 3
Glen Ford. id Cubs 000 14I 170t -10 12 0
"THE BIG AT" lekford. Heard. (7). and Moss
: and Turhan Bey, in i on (8) sad Meek. WP-.
OfWo |u.~.Me. wLP-waalkford. HR--d-

II- aw ;

SiMew Orleans. La.
teSea 000 000 20-2 4 1
*eem l (7) and As 1
Wa ti*M~nmnl 191 anal Au.

VICT lAt tE: Send and heard. LP
heomda fmIpg., in Bmd.
E I At Dalla, ITexas
Deane0 Baa n 011 010 104-8 "it
rCALC2TTA20000 000-4 8
. .. ,, ,ata Feller (4). Narle
(9v and Gn... ... .sber; MaH, Sp



- ,, .............. .. St ,w _m'_. of s '
SIjt ....... ... 0. S. ,, a of ,, S .. ....
er .se................ w e g
I .tr ............. 38
** .. '....'o.'"-' 33p .a e --

urs .................. ,9 t is _.e., .. -h..
.S'* *a *tom lthr e a hU "
an........... ... .W h, S t l l ea ro eve

.a .../.... ......... .e ,to at e, I. n th. e Master f a year *ago hi. n it
>odman ................ C o- hi iday n s wt. 6fthl aervit notice thaR. o pt a
hderm............... e m rn o more had bounOced- backt tr,
7l.................. ,_~.i r eIke an election repeater w ad ar
............... 72 .tseto-be lear, teed off on the way to his a ty-ea I-
Wa .................. 32 seww i j aboyt w nua en teaierorol i m. Piliac Booa
emni ................. hW. wgves godd account he Maseh to-hiat.onhlu mre menat lRt
r .. .............. 8 Carl file who h at fwfaIm o, u s bond h- e bLack te" ,,* -
lOA l.......... ....... I7 so r n an e ci la
t .. 3 Carl...tte. as wh h.. 1 UP it a round i o e I t elyear .,eed A3 4 -o,-the eld w aeo hei e 1eva
well ........ .. ....... Rw mko-ch^ l -,be at dIn tert jTjhe Jc u ,,Gran d M ._,- ,^-,,L hiIS ed l a -' *i'i i

i ............... h| "..n owur aI*w ,,lay ,.- L. wt sa afa bu r nl .r wh_ e I

me e............. .... la B Mngi ,gdanh i n,
d ................. oas rel.I' i ae hi g jae m l the ea A. Sa pr I* Whea t.
Iteo 0 ................. 8 Ca rl .ofa meua. dMna beund-t .- u fe l .. .
11th .......... 7 t U11 w "slo w to be'Duud "vrn d wl go home.

w t:ell .... .......... 72 ne#TO,,bOt,._ April .- gNego-_i A -
l .................. 7 47 t ,u wube v-for the doRe-I .Vh ;

or .... ......... 77 s e. ta l They halve th e ib e
svx: Igo tahaf ldflWnonnh thj hbto NR VA
." ................ .. rldut nwmedr n sw' t 'TOpl It UagnlU e o) -
i. e ..... International PromotaoJlM etmt -tton aemeste r

ILnde ............. teiwleot to c l* tio rf fistr, gao itin Meyer ptakr thewn Dodger
r .................e Raa been eig otlatinmth Plae- The vetoan saw aIn Tokyo. nU *
I... I 5 t l_ g d i s ta n e r. u n n in. g1 f r^ h r l a n d L e o E s p i n o s a o f u e a t) -a aep tu s t ? 0 t h t q, '

I ..r............. to u tlyas now. AIs always, the lTiaippi, ct .as -eld hae t imeu of ,
0 will be a tough o tow:n, day. 1 tHo afte c lubinp .WM
tws"...7I w1 br snipin at the ttleo International tMnotlona forn- tlens. p yent. thei fWl

unMan C the Balboa Rls been -definitely set" for May 18 lack something and the '
... To..... .. r hare too mu eh o1

I. .* r
..Sur trv
WTM7 A 9A.
406 AND .
6flM PWy Wr
lar 7-4 we



2mtba wantl at


4 -.
- -C,

"'--Vi~* .q :"y

-wnL- ND =NE-lij

I:I5. 4:_, 3:7, p: a p.B-

RE L.E AS ft
mamW:. 7*a6 aMS U.pem.
Adjmsiou Piftles; .A@ SJ9
COifgi GRAY.


S: -- TIVOL.

IidLWAAa a- C "

-. ..... "- -: > 5 .-. I. -. ,..., + .- .+.i^i,-

S .

' t v .

* .






- -

i,I ....y


_ .* '_-" -t






* .4. -

4 Ia'

... ^|
^YJW'1W 1q

'01k teams an


I Agi- &l40
45vadr -

go mo-

I 10=E M

+.A'!!r .. ..7r74 ..- .. ,. ,. .
"pwd^hT ERYC- OF U"'"r?

ComplePrb r ti 4flaqry thg Noq 13U SSisay, Apt 4,
'- 'N '-'"-ti -.-'" lf'

First Prie 2943 $ 44,000,00

AScnd 8246 $ 13,2 00.00

SmThId'Poze 4248 $ 6,600.00

" **- w

j r
1 -.,.

.- 7- 4 ^
,. *. jija^
.,., --.i
+-"' ^

1 4 .

-m 8ut


S. Ms 'Aee -Inu se-wsn y m nwr sa"
1 WP=thkg-M iki A es. ASuISm". (IA)

hita for the All Stars wE
Dehne was thi lone Puma jSl
er to collect more than oUne
He ad a pet day at bo
1151103 with J"
win for tWe s. a r. Ud i1
The beopW,: ..,

a --.0 4,,4 1 l o: a "ae "

I.,Ap. pu-ast.. t.frMAms mh. uIPrin

m s. aII ma ,
r41 llt i N 1ASAII A iaj JI

r aptitt Derived ftwa Thfrd.Prize -
I ^ ^^ ^ ^ f l rI < .1 a i Su i a I a

:1:- ft
1-s MMn
saTs II


ise s uss ieI mart st s Is A m i Im a i -e asl ,
- lIn a, I3.w aL4, 41 MI -n, I m ., _

rise winning umbu erof yfrday's Lottery Dyaw oMd at: lt, 2nd and rd in *ansah*a.
The Nine mWndre wbole tioekt maSt I a3 at stmel4.4 the above l *l Forty-tour D*evt. 44JAM)
he whole ebk bhau 44 which comprol be. t Iwo Meri "A" and "B"

Signed by ALBERTO ALEMAN, Governor of the Proviwnq of PanamA. Cod. 47.121...

S* A- M- ADo o ." I The Repr m tle Of The Treas ury ICAM
SL ........... .." ,1 0 0 rIT3: ofh.o Nion.a mI.d 2, E j, omr .
O. 35 30 0 1 8 6 ...... ..... 0 urch ed 00 worth .

4. A 3 3 1 1 ia.- lL- .. -.. ... 0 2 o W

P S a.O. 8 10 13 o o Tot_0 6 9 g .o l t ,
-.t -~t6-8s 1 0 *.9 1 3 P m e To S '- *
..t 4p 2 5 1 1 o U U l 3b ft............. 0 on at
.. 10 5....... .' 'ian, ............... 0 y te M Minor
1 div0 at0 2t a.. 1ns : ......... 3. 0 1 e .. t s mm 0.

S1 0 7 11 .2 j e, ............. 2 0 1 in St. i 1
0. 6 30 4 0 1 3 sre ............. 0 een Worse.
U 30A 3 2 8 0 2 1 6 1 .1 w ,bmslm.r.............. 0 2
2R4.A.5 ,, 28, 61 0 IF.11on ............... .J 0 0
0 if54 27 20 50a141On W hat'sthe secret
67 13 4 7 0 1weet and pungent aroma
S12 13 0.8 143 o : dury Jinx of pure Virginia tobacco, t
S13 6 0.3.......... and you get a real smoke.
,s a, IB hs t w w5 13 LUCKY7 SS, ...........2RIKE

1 6aS% i2 12, As w o......l to 13 a 01 0.o f r
W5e ,2 13 16 5 0 0 11 5 AN s a.p......2, .
m.47 11 14 6 0 0 .10 10 h giv p aa lift to your spirit........
001 3 r wtlb a.10.. 0 1 4 l 82=Ong.3 011,hre Lii...r.
4r-12 42 0 2s.11. "22 __ 202hl.f.............. .a I- fun LUCKIES
S.,. 1... 4 4 ... o0 0 0 6 7 A Woeb,.............1 f_....

..L., 251*. 5l2 0 10 .A Syl. f....... .- 0 I *t.i mSl
,53 123 .12 4 1 0 0 7 2 l Ho .. m....... I m s

32 7 8 ,r,- sit.1bht- .o bl No b,.t, cak a

a s 1 +- "was hit in b n A Blending's the secret
t- :ai --nd It's the same In- cigarettes.
-: t-' 1i You take a little Turkish, '
-iz 3u? leenel the with its sweet and pungent aroma,
5 ".fP" -!V i .." U 14-.1 J no ft2'e n mix ft with some golden flakes
4 9 t Charlotte. .r mix

Atwo52o r15*ltd ,suffeuesdi _L d TO of pure Virginia tobacco, +

-Vh; 4 d eaue and you get a real smoke.
20 3 2 tho-o0, ed back ake n d pulledn da. .Pleasihg anj pleasant.
.141 1 1 0 0 0 1 7. lon hlnelchnsa
W110.8htmh1r-4..*s. uwd i 'a.+.ste y we makwLUokWCKYSTRIKBS.
t.. : ....::........ 1.:...... 18lAN- V.- .- -e h -I e e o t t

so g, tekaAtIl.....e.Its Wsfunm to smoke LUCKIE
-.Mel.nds.. ....14Uw saTte m sevtd en ru
-2-. -w.'-fi.rl tIf.-_ 7V s- y're so oth on your throat.
hia.........Infro.t.. 1 ,Why notlightup.a LUCKY? Yo -we that Wsso.
catahor, le M.... Ta nk",tlo

A ....... ""I t. '!O..1O1. 1abo gm
@....... ........ 2 *,1

."so.. ..." .....0. -1-a n,5

]P^(^w^OMP/?(' '


z I
Sn *-
" :- ,.


a. ,
' ; p,.
.*-+' ,p --
-.Al ,t
Mt .L

ta -:




a~. a
** ~~A* F ~ _
- -, ... J..flt.- ~


~..~a.r-flJG.* r*fltC. S -


_ ~~____ __ __~_



, .-*'*



?7 .0. Ji...W

W5ealdent Elsenhowerea
'n "sity" budget
freplar four TWWNTT-NINU. IMA' t
a for next year, con-. .,
a.l statistics a sowed to-

tJ2Ze;o. Fired French

s Beald ien h e ori
e Sp a iy da d d fi t e'
i eahoe iol slainal

yea.. s ,eiat PARIS, April 5 (UP)-M.arshl eph L.nlel to alae n lb a
SSice then Congress Alphonse stripped of all his pech in whioh de-
uirale fls taxes a blF. French defense posts last week, re. nounced the Eu he motor#; f
rs a year, however thus signed today as Nato commander The ariy .schmt wld* minaltry "and
ra the .rospectiv deficit of all central European land, sea 000 rearmed Gf~Ianasthe a ai t Ge a .
Samountr^ and air forces.- form of a comnt Eropea do imapd ,ea loaa
members till look hope- He said he would Join Gen. fense force. ,!.. f hi the
toar the bugeba Charles De Gaulle in an all-ou Te a e.
and have their lt asime fightagainst the European Army he was w. Eu daultipt
l President's .,Sl oW 0000 plan. p. upea- Ar"'y lao -
a idt rteae whici the Juia was publicly humbled for of Americate for Ina to s
f -reign-Lrs Committee ignoring an order of Premier Jo. Western a iro uts6 naoe moto, Na
considering later today.
;John Vorys (RsO) actll o
eek a reduction butdoubted-
-Will be any "great_ big cuts."
4' t8 waye, u. re- still-
A MJi1779,900.00 me-
for the Armed Forces
is ilde for possible major

boo-a prime target of th ,e

the- e te raied ae-

o odditir'the House apropr-

441 from the

L ybi. i could VICTIMS RED ATAC Wouneddon t Din n itl tretda
S ,0 from i after houproposed
.PoI :Offlice appropria-
Sddeoa'the House aproprin Din B
committee last wee voted
Si, o 757 .441 from the new
Iearttnt budget. high dThe
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Slaata thus far hasA ceted, b o Red were ond
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propoAlte ll or even restore The highommnd reported o
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supper the French Union do ental supplies suor the ed a town 40 mile a
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nd obenu The first wavelr-i or- the er"humn RTheored t ranco-Cambodlan fig.ruig his .ne
ut onpa.1_ o i pa li V riaoni turned Ai military On- man01ae ied lpthe
fatherr atAn*##. ofr ld. bodies of 20 Reds were found I nr
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L A V I T T.- _-E A + h E.

h e o+y? eutr n sa n o i~9e g d it
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to conelit' act ad .l-'b

b- o v ftie oa inal f or a cAWU

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d m o't WA
-tody for c e no* 4Wommem. r
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the anhveraSy of NTO,

the sfuni tl toeo e ft O, hi -
newes weapod 9 land warfare.
II can auiSAu ioVan that no
one weapon r combld on of such

He said the Soviet int euue, t-
log Russian admisslon to TO
of beyond my fiel o! sponslbl.
", td ev
)(ocow cb beyond m y imagia-

2hU W"rtiAnalfke TaM or.
Se r bs d et l e m e a es.

aktg e leaden p hs W esern .pow.,
'Ih fintcd e a twa N. TO'i jar -

pewr Ido meos *wuhat '
v*eWed a.t Au r adtodafage s
Iyosdonip e

Guentie'l preliminary rep o Is

xpcted to be ecoaplted this sum-
ina and t reviewed by the NATO,
AlWhnues the NATO military ma-
hlne as astil a tudynve net l ona"
fishing apparatus, officials fee
that it hau bolstered the B

tion hnve a bulwark of more
ee ai for be forens about

4,000 planes, half of which
are t arpal n oe oo wofu

hI ad ithas about i2d air
others orbit anrd IsplnI-
eg to i rease this to 4 s0.u
marnd bereiewed bys the NATO

t tirce has .it
th. ae bout $mplsit-,.
citn is col"ent ve n te 1iat

th was formed it had
onli alePltanve divisions, ftouf.o
weaL were U. occupati o felr8


to I
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k .. .

"Sevon Yft

I ..-" 5la? d


The temptations. that .befa.
husband of seven yeai' fantO
marriage when his wife and Boa
go away for the summer-Is the
ging theme of. the 'Cirle
Theater' latest" pr ,
"Th6 Seen Yoar W 7, a HAM
and fsky comedy is AM runnij
o Brodway.
For the first ti m sahe its In-
ter d Pad J ,,
t.pake wo d ta r ea.lax

br8 poh aleat s to -mt

She. .

dAlie thnoln te arming," young
willxe rmemtbegredt brii oh wSt

'Thbe.Voice of The Turtle," a looel
Theater Guild producing, In "Se.
Yr Itch" she aan hair

SW htous.'laughter 1aa_ .erves-
cnce to the breezy role w the
"rapqstaiA." w
Switching at a rapW pace from
hix.-drean world to stark reality
the 'neglected" srpoue ffinds to hlis

deAn that a earning, yotrst
Bing&egr occupies, the rnitment
above. with a wild aba=don hem.

who addrks ugro a plan to tIeve and's
reduce tra.on i po aed. b
Arline Lincoln, the femininW leodi
will be remembered for be pret

p ortrayal of Sally O in

boh hndled by hollie
Downle who was aJ by ed-.
Te Voic the o.rcle's l"Dial
Theater Guild product has arIevd
year itch" she a ti h r
tigeious t laughter a6 t ferves-
cence to the breezy roe, of the
"gilr ipstair.
An absent-minded 'pvyeMatrist
who adds greatly to the husband's
frustration is portrayed- b Bob
YrIntston who b~, a11pead In
gBern Yesterday, an Jtyaf
The ever-loving, wN6""hrwwb l
0*0i~ the dream fgin ew 106
beftg handled by a14111 Tttll
Dowme who was: aelu -by cri-
tics in the Circle'sa ..k~a "Dial
M," and who has MM tred in.
countless Theater ptm neen"ta^
000,M is the slight U .s~ lal
I% -thedtei ho

.' _7 ; -T

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paWffcan, 1a

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>BDERS RF 01* CAMERA Preddent WEls
ear awOrd of Mone' to show sRolftr ae i"
-Ltc*,BS*,s h0inton, Ceamony, the lPddmmt "
cauItr Crose. MrI&Zahara rete-Uy won lis g a
.to... tlstet a ce ..- .
T B"r +.. ?--*.. *" *- -*" ,* '-: .. .'-,*^ i ,y > '
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..... ^ .- '; f" J l ... ,' ~ "i- +, : .....- -' *-/

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