The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Howar d Sw had re-
ceived a tdleoe ical from
Wauhlngton Intf ri Bim that
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'O DONMTRATB un bena monon you may wish to e ti a
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t ofl. R number t the .-.t r -.
wdb lqfl Mptea aeuunh pas e l,*** 6
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Nave aOwI MG fM.

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n letters. three ofat wio (the
Men6 is SM l mpt ag.'AN) po
gtie. maaapu the awi to
Nok I is- rNaUkIT. It, -
what yoS can do i the oters.

TAN t r.luoli ,
c TAN 'z u S -tle IMon
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K z a UNAM

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weepst of OW Prfak
WAM mfmlttopH

ew ft Oe etaum "la the
ruan"e for e Warm.

Mrs LVOZW" eM 1 Z6va

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ly fblty uan ee Saof .
test. Laoo or cu* Ibsys.

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thre|h 'I. Ihhiai ak 6rrinaae I*!Sa^4*een
ySo bne. a ttat tWe muan o ech Rtai"rfte.,
in"b otle wl I W..'*
o- quickly Rn you arrange t um 1 A as
atta thit remuit? O ise pa"lble aMswutikven
below. -

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SitS WVSJ loaksA o w mty paa

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'."3"' .'i, e, -a .
Slu.J f *, '-

a' t .- I
i.P.O. Bi -

the Ho6e oi LA Road.
The a tallha Offleier -was the
.Girilaited Ruler for thecat

1Pocefan t M he talltUon ,a
diner was sne rved oaU e
toe ceremony a tornta dance was

for aea eary e o and he
al Jewim Welare Board, will be
held at thq MostO WIoIa, saturday,
Apid 17. at 5:30 9.5,
Civilians desakng \p attend will
please call the US onWB Armed
I ImeService Qnetaf; Balboa I r
bire Weanesdae April 14, tom

Alaea fCaptar Noktce -.

b l mna aN epubIt o Panama
invted to attend.
Mrtaa Oee At Abpk

Ctub w d r o
P:o0 to 11:00 aA.. at te Club.

ttuL. ft anad _ad- ur

B a*t OnlMy b usines
oe Co

Se Monday at
pe.. at tif u re
io ser e Cetu, un Bucil d,-
'a" notee y.

Ilge. Tei mnat t Teomnewr
The Me w brde tourn-

aje wi^ll he jy Monday eve-
Sinlet :f .vto Card Woma

I Colap CI* so Meet
tors embeof the Canal Zone Col-
Chib Clb and e nesdy are

la0ted toat itn the meatity meet-
ant p a t rm

eForsbe icete r. T
Clue to .Meea
emb-tl V.o e 0Cana og
Bridge. Curb amdet Tomorrowe
ig oentf e orgil. bped Monday eve-
at at 7:00 I. the Card Room

inved to alesd the mentr. meet-

Play Rdin Group will be
chge. of the program.

fadwr Of Fuure

Miss orothy i ck m In, as TrA M
rembeof the iPolar Four Wlves .
uest spakrwl'
I-------'---"-- CICAGO -- UP)- Cepilings thai
., bL w.. ca be .keM dow -r washie

a and abor- salag 'a
vices designed to show companies
how to keep modern, idth speed
-.K '19b factories operating, were di s.
played at the plant maintenance
GAINI VILL. la.' Ap l-3 and ginrin show here,
(UP) FBI aeaNts arrest, a More than ,000 executives ex-
S~i~r~- rn
suspected bank bandit taa_ amined exhibit ranging from a
while another bank was rM new klQ of paint which guards
of $kyWi0, at Shreveport La., against talliag on slippery floors
S80 mlea sway. to floor sweepers which can clean
James L. Sander was aeed an sare of factory space in min3
bortl .before noon here in con- utes.
lectlon with Wednesday ,- actoryanitors may.ecome ob
000 robbe of the nearby bnksolete if one-engineer has his way.
of High spring, Pla. Two men. His company showed unit which
described "dity looking," ca ultaneously sck up debris
took part in the robbery. from the. floor, lean the walls.
' The lone bandit who robbed and blow dirt oat of pipes.
the Pair Orounds branch of the
Pioneer Bank and Trust Co. at / I :-
SrW report today had a "two day nlitm. t rix S
h of beard" and 'wore a "Tr ffi .t
bro wn mut," witne-as TrO C ViOlOtln
told the FBI.
Gordon .hanklin, a ent n DETROIT (UP) The park.
charge of the Mobile, .. of- ing violation ticket. -8-year-old
flte of the BI. sad anders, 53. Arthur Bensmiller got the day he
wa 'charged with viola/the enlisted in the Alr emwasdin.
federal bank robbery stutemlted.
and with "using a dangerous
weapon to place various persons Bensmiller's mother Sylvia, ap-
in leopard of their lives." feared before Traife Referee
e High Springs robbersJob M. Wise to explain the eir-
bott wearing wp clthes and eumstances. Her sohad' parked
da glasses, re the bank outside the federal building here
employes at gun pltt to tt face while signing his enlistment pa-
dowp on the floor while they person.
took $20,930.05 from the teller'a "The- sign said the space was
a-sgb drawer. They fled .In a -reserved fpr military vehicles."
Ught-colored Plymouth. Mrs. Besmiller said. Arthur
Police Chief A. H. Osteen said thought his car could be considered
"Just about everybody." Include one lasuse In a few minutes he
.IKI nce. in High Springs was would be in the Air Force.
wat ang a brud fire wh.ih
started minutes betre the rob-.
Sb Shrevep robber forced Tr
teller V. D. A u to fll a paper NEW HAVEN, Conn. -(UP)-
bag with money from his cash Everything was just ducky in
drawer, then fled In what was downtown New RHven when two
believed to be a led, flat-bed ducks decided to take a walk. They
truek. The FBI wta Investigating tried to cross a busy intersection,
the possibility of the two rob- and snarled traffic for nearly 30
beres being connected. minutes.


s. A NW *

.i ". eam wor e wo. aS bume-ukm-
00 oda Mbq aSd Wednesdsy 4 3:
ch*.tre .biuss Mefla tbdfsdy S:tS

.. au f l h


- -War'


.a and
.Whe~~- e t be o e-n-

can e cmn
roversy, he *ai there can
drama, and Bo terature.
"Besides, we Germanas nmer
borne *aiiulcant novelists,"
econtebddd, pointing
SEas- Mann as a towering ex

"Or S t li"e v fromr
seeiety ad divorced oc an-
other. l&Sy a tre uttered mbes
SParla New Yor a. ome.
ea w overcome Such a sitea-

rforHe, we Baid, ea Ger-
Later*,has yet to t 0sheller,
me!W man who can trantel to
o dsation, 1o- an o

c ties an aata diviuolo.
where w are comlle
spout the pat lne, the s bee
nothing n ot
"We in th West hbe made
att e mpt s,' said pp Glmer.
"Young write such as t lsabethi
Ladgaser Wolfato mim ,.
Stean rW Beich r 'be
Werner Wariuatk. IUse Akbinger,
Arno Schmidtand Paul Shallueck
have tried to 1e1 the story. But I

Oron Diet Good

For Odorous Beefl



t a










MOSES COULEE, Wash.-(UP) qu ~
-Bob Billingsley has found out s"-
you can raise your Salisbtry steak smp
on the hoof. s "p
Billingsley, a cattle rancher, is tioe
feeding his animals onionsn this a
winter and cutting his hay bll a 3 'm
half. t
This all started when two onion- a1"
growers of the newly irrigated Co- ".m
lumbla Basin shipped 450 tons of CP"0
their 153 crop to Minneapolis 'm'
Minn.. and came out in the red.
It coat $180 to ship the onions, and ,
they received a check for only
They told Billingley he eeld
habe the remainder of their stored
bulbs, ifbhe would4aul themaway.
now saa w is feadSm S e
cow anda xi5) Alght tlos of --
onlons a day. Hay consumption is
dow to five tots a day, only half
what it was bd ore the onion diet.
At first, the cattle were a Ulitle
skeplcal of Mir new feed, but
after several days they took to eat-
In he onions lint.
Ralph Spaseth. who operates Bil-
lingaley's ranch said the only draw-
back to onion feeding is the odor.
"You get in bunch of cattle
feeding on those onions nd
odor will. take your bat.r t W
your head," Spaeth said. "Bun
em in a closed barn, and it would
darn near kill you."
Despite the odor, eattlemen be-
lieve the onion diet will have no ,
ll effects on the taste of milk or i
meat .

Planes Used Widely
In NZ Agriculture
Use of aircraft spreading fer-
tiszer and for other farm work is
speeding development of low-grade
hill country and adding consider- Te* ,
ably to New Zealand's position as ..
the world's leading, exporter of "
meat and dairy. products. -vI.
In 12 months to March 31, 13M,
pilots of 38 companies flew 40.726
hours to drop 144,802 tons of su-
perphosphate on 1,376,118 acres.
Since 1950 the number of operat-
ing companies has grown from five -
o 40, while today more than 160 aWwI
aircraft are regularly employed on PFt C
farm work. THE 4
Under average conditions a top- Ir, I
dressing aircraft makes about 12 Nfev
lights In hour, while some pilot 14
uave made t to BO and 130 |
flights in on day. Besides spread- ji..
ing fertilizer he planes now sow ai3
seed, drop rabbit poison, fly fen- lema
;ing materials and deliver supplies ~g p
to "cutback' homesteads. They ons ,
lso undertake spraying and. crop- oe,
lusting gaihat weeds and insect as
psts. "___ .en

Cat Rings BOe
MILTON, Mass. -(UP)- When-
Edward G. Riley's pet cat, Kitty. .is
wants tto e i the house,
ting the doorbell.

.Pohoi faM -
Some Otuhese M. w ,.be
a moty, an'tryltin s
Mn toy, are tryi to apnqa
Saft new Iterry bteanuge,

I J-c1Lrtz I ; 'tA foU
rMe._ .Bd m to, t. .
Buma radla, k.4 -*
Ite they Rapt l Pte vital
U. don't wMl i to
a tory rof. tdi,. itoe. .t .
or of re th y" MY4Me Wt l i
S-but in painting, music ad
her trtled meilpsed that Ger-
y lost n. the warali0th90
he aeneratd- tttt now.,
a (0 o 4b r
3 Petttohla
w vv l id vote
t. isMKf tOwappi staylng
i- t a he before
6, Op by tIier were too
d iby On they were te
_, t was t were too,
t2er ) thc. Unite
M Altae f-a Mo eple wlb
thed te scars from

Bandli w b ioo st am.putorI
Apt. y ter
je "Allt rotae n Wes-
war d 1 years. after
war end# d

tICAGO -(UP)- Th Ai e

tially obere te youngsters
arena ocan dplae an ex-
imported role" in the
aeration of a thit psychologic-
he parents sidfu possess at.
Mt lnfonn'tlon to answer those
ions the child Id certain to
1 the Journal said.
rents should give the child a
Ie, straightforward explant-
of the opratio the anesthe-
and the role doctors and
a, the editorial dded.
siugested tht the child be
red to .take to the hosptal a

m as a "angthle" tieto his
i fe.



PROOf li

I-- ,-
ise a 0


mung tube o so-
t de tw sme le
o Vhen ppe ak
aint nver seowh-
M-s muml"
eedyy st wrie.
nd try Sfr's
I Pen teday.

$ Marvelous!
our famous

from 7 p.m. in thl patio
Delicios hot and celd dishes
M ic for dandcn by
Tommy Met and his Tornadon
"c Lucheo AMrua at slb organ
'^ti .M99W


dm Wi gSmarhens and ac*
soB ,w QM*. rits Mta od"e,
A is g( GoJflgl "Ave
lovely ,oung bride entered
Iup hthe arm of her father, by
taps siwe wis given n marriage.
ai wee a floor- an a-
Bmdvtplle sover d
i"e "tel badIN y oke en e-d
ret mreatedt with aa outline of the
brocade ttaern In tin he front and
Mieek, and a Bounded neckline
armed traom iUuio. 'flay cover-
ed buttons trimmed the back of
the. bodies and also the wrists of
the, fm"g fitted sleeves. e vry
*om kM-a w,":. tflaength.
S -wbren a white imatills over
h t lb.,lt was held in place with
o of- range blo uoms, at
ir Be. Sie carried a fan,
01b io la.6e .to m10li the mWhnu-

ribO ste mer, Her oly Jewel-
rywa. a. pair of diamond ear-
rungs, whie belbhoged to her fam-
ly,Wi a aowtailg old.
Miss LelUia eignader was the
mgid of not Sae a blue
ti drsU' t a. Juham zing
hddrss a. carried p..o ue/t
ofs :ah.. a tof the awendants
cerrletd orehlda and waltz-
lengt h w o jni passW shades.
with harmonizing neaddresmes 01o
aaJ ulietta Vives wore pink.,
Miss Chelly Gutierrez was in aqua
and Miss ULia Martines in yel-
Ruland Do Freeze carried the
rings and the coins.
Fower petals 'wen battered
from baskets by Diane' D Freeze,
who wore a short pink tulle dress,
apd ,.sler Mai-e Geer, who wore
lg0t blue talle.
- Mr. Georsa A.. Meadows was
the best. man. Thfe groomsmen|
were: Messrsr.Johl R. Zenniger,
3 WbeLo. elgnadier, Jr., and
Sponsors. for the cearvnmony
were: the parents of the bridal
couple with the Minister of For-
eign Relations, and Mrs. Jose Ra-
mon Guixdo, of Panama, the

Mexican Shrnimpers

TAMPICO, Mexico, Apr.
(TP) Mexican shrimD fiaber-
men demanded. today that the
Navy tivq.them canon. and me-
chinegum for their boats to re-
ri9 an "Invaalon" of their flah-
IA, Irounds by American poach-
The flShermen held a mas
meeting In front of the Ameri-
an consulate to protest the
presence of Americat pirates"
near this gulf port and tocom-
siln about the Mexican avy's.
"p1a vWe" attitude. I
Spokemeip voiced the deter-I
minatlon of hundreds of gulf
fishermen to drive dozens of "pl-
rate" craft from the rich shrimp
beds along the Mexican coast.
Federal Deputy Antonio H.
Abrego warned that "blood will
run n n the waters of the gulf' If
the issue Is not settled promptly.
The controversy stems fr6m
Mexico's claim to a nine-milelI
territorial limit In contrast to
the United States three-mile
1everal American boats have
been seized by the Mexican Na-
vy for poaching but fishermen
protested that donsus and even
bundreds" of others are allowed
to fish-unmolested in Mexican

A'.-. .
-" *'-

I *P

.a n d i- d ; r.
Veailain h;rs-.and'

r G; tan r vedwith the bn. Sugr.
ictan cebs for th b
sab ~4 navy blumerepe a ernoon imaer_ on .r. -
dreai tr i m me d ntub matching mSrS. Raymend
lapO Bhe wot ee ,Mania land a Mr. and Mrs.
age of orll entertoed wit a .
Thm traditlona1aerdean three- )raser he s r iI
tr oweddi g ke, topped by a r dyn. n to n M 9
brid and groom was cut by the hther qad sts
Aawlvrwed, but the traIonal bMn. Vint R10m p
Pan aanlan wedding cake, spa ieavb the Iathahe
borrseha was served with cham "- -
pagne toasts. Mrs. Eustaclo Chlk Lu-cen And Ca "f
cbhao served the cake after the ts. a sHe
bride and groom cut the first Mors s.
eereshe doora
Later in the evening the bride fiorAand
and ream left for a wedding trip avid e ad
to be spent on the Pacific Side. rey w Te
Her going away costume was a oater. uuets.i
two-tened blue # lnen .dress with Co B Mrs e Ae i
mati g accessories. They spent he Mr Av ALI
h nthee lI Hotel TlvoUi-ad I "f mwBe thM
will leave this morning for a vis- '-ra anne rg
it at El Vulle.__ ,
Upon their return they will re- .
side at Rouse 43, Apt. F. Third W. Meing
St., Coco Solt a Tne Wtriwpl WUP
Misu CaGan is a graduate of Beneflcenba Istlita
St. Mary". Academy. Sergeant at 1:00 p.m. Ho tates-
Herrnton has been on the Isth- Mrs. Amy Jarmllo,
mus since 1949. He stationed Rachel Franco.
with the MP.'s at Fort Gulick.
,-- The door prize hasb*i
Newcomers' Club Has ed by Mrs. Nor Zebede.
Intenutng Meetl T bers aind guests are cordi
The members o the newly or- vited to attend.
ganiVed Newcomers' Club met at
the home of Mrs. John Sugar, Fri-.
dgy for morning coffee. I,,
rs. Duke Wilson, of Florida.
presided at the mreetin. She was .- l
Mrs. Sur, wLho is a pastpres- n A '-" :
dent of the Newcomers Club of "T'1E SEVEN I
Westfield, N.J. I i YEAR I" TC"
Mrs. Martha Jsrvis, Vice-pres- A my ITCI 4,
dent. of Illinois, presided at thee ur a o
coffee service. I aK.. ,
The their lTdies present incjud. a
ed: Mrs. Maeole Treynor o r Penn-







C-o AMct hrmade No M NNW MINTON wadhowi
i fmi sequnr N6fYerentposter. S



Narsm 1a sou sPCarcA sMS

as. orCANC- ....-
SC .......................... .......... ........ rU
10 o mLMA CtADOL rqv a r wI k -
SS. BA Ux ............................. ... ......

L wAN WM .. .. ....................... ..
-~~ T-4
rASSfl n uch s ca Mamv r..oesTo vtri no a LE
S .n CUTiR.. .. .... ... ..................... :

a*i s sam at me e 4k0 eI46 :
Ta. P 54 p461 "

* -.-.. r .*

"- -r'4 A -a



'L ----


if any


3 1




.*. 1


":..- -

S ,- .. .- ., '..

.5 .

;f- "'^' .." : "*-* -^^
yt .^* " "/ ?" T ".
*.,:' '. ;.. ^ 's. _'- ..'

I.,-. *,

1, 4 1



ter, inmate

3X I w" f .'Tw."o "

i ,, ~ r.5' .3"e1'Y I

a '. ..1
# 5. ..., .
wasm-mm omo



This slim cardigan suit of blue-and.white tweed is the kind of
nait that many American women like to wear in the Easter
parade. It tako, nicely to lurs or a small flower hat or dramatic
tecessories. Dc.ilgned b. Eleanor Garatett. it has tab pocket
1Lil with the pocket e.Jging repealed at the neckline.--By
AIMLE DUGAS, NEA Wonman a Editor.

W YORK (NEA ore flowers than ever blm.oi Aitster hats this y'er. We sho iebirol t m' .
W YORK (NEA i-The change many, of them In coAeng weight here four versions.allif them MOM IandAillOf themf twer-adeAL pby ar is natra ra w
character of that long. mild fabric to be worn ovei lighter- here four versions all of them sil ans a of them) ower- hsadL I r -peppler b
a wool. The lo are excl Plateau of pink honeysuforckle blossoms (fby Lade North- nto sailors or bretos pnk or r e blae I a er
nbr is esablisnt hd for Skirweight are shortki and narrow- impde has green organdy g th es aerfec sed at tipnt of your flowered hat of nturl man ( ) by a a.i
bfr ti t o nsy-' an by short is meant ida nl for e fra o one sie. dh may be in the pink to redtoles, areen strahI iOprey.otion that pro- oredlt ehbet 3oiW arthT
types this Easter the lownecked is a label youth, ts yearar more t ihan past colors or maye tona fresh, flatter.-io r ., I io or lev eaded M
ksiJmann si~ u iiand .,,,-4-, w prill,,s suits as 1954. But the,...4 .

w, new silk.and.w-ursted mix. ImPortant stlt colors 'are navY hatyu wearin e Easter peradeto loowhile lhat kit or yo e rk Itn chrei 62rieh .wt the
hme, -r wool. Thee cor. are e.xelentAnd the reason for this femifinin p ise into sailors or bretous; aUn pink -or red..,ve n d ince lest&astar.

Jackets in h3- swai t4.inch.lis season. Ginwaly., harltole r my o .f h m vide the needed deficoy. man c tl's.

IJae.ts and semiboxk a frul and moes with colors quiet Easters. And the flower hat looks .in white. If your f ult or coat hu A b1 4i an.,iae 't all this Some of thed are pl
4 gae this ha and fabrics sot. not only pretty but smart. Little collar and cufas in wite, you can sprJ o.I aae rim to the drapedand some en f
MBS ION rr % e nty of easy-'and by short is meant- a---_ i- -~ *j .--.---*i-- ea-. i *foil for- ---a- -* -- --------------e----l ---n hat1.1 may be^1 in- the^ pinkM to. red to es sta -e tie e t pr or U o*^-f~-^ -~~b^H^i^^^~-

Cfdwar /an 4

NE W YORK -CNEA)-Sprlng.
lig from the unpredictable Eas-
ter weather qf years past, chil-

San Antonio zoo has been Brother, It'a C OutidO dren's fashion this year- reflect
id lately- by wild animals the need for .clothes that can dou-
to break into the confines And those who escape front the ble for warm or chilly days.,
oo. 'confines of one marriage usually
Wently frevdoin doesn't look fail to held ain .to .their freedom Lightweight saits to be worn un-
5 compared with the well- very long, Oa eit is theirs again, der a coat, dresses that span the
well-fed existence inside they discoVt: tt -At wasn't qui t seasons and the long coat are all
closure. as wonderfduts they remembered. new for Easter 1I54, ars all the
At, the wild animals aren't, It is kIod of told and lonely out- results of varying spring weather.
Ierent from humans. Men ide. And tif light. sahniAg from a
ad write and make jokes home to took good again. The two most important fash.
the wall marriage put So bi 'tihey realize what is ion themes for teenagers and girls
a mns. Tey talk of benig lsappeila& .aire trying to get are the little boy look and the
ll" into marriage. They go themselves "trapped" into mar. completely feminine look. The lit-
I on about the wonderful riage once more. (le boy look is expressed by the
a they give up when, they Of course, men never admit that Edwardlab coats, and suits, and
ially trapped by marriage. frcei-.m hn't as wonderful as they blouses and dresses cut with shirt
when they are, on the out- I pretend. lines For the feminie look, there
he comfort and security of But they prove it by trying to re the princess coats, costume
ge always mikes. their free- get "bac- iIn the confines of mar- sults and the wide-skitted dresses
eem rather lonesome. riage, even after they have sq-ug- stemmingg from the princess and
despite all their talk of free- gl.d to e-chpe. Empire silhouettes.
ahey keep right on giving They don't really want freedom.
They just want to talk about it. In the little boy costs, outstand-
--- colors are gray and navy.
/ Princess coats are beat-liked in
pale pastel, and pretty water-
melon pink. The little boy coat
foott the eye in that while front
and back are cut on straight lines,
the sides provide enough fuilneas
to be worn jaslly over layers. of
The span-season dresses a r e
meant for wear under a. -coaat
Emater Sundy and after, then on
into the summer. Cotlons. eil.i
shoIw silks and "synthetics are im-
-,rtnt to these dresses. Many of;
them are cut in the princess or
S .. .,... ,,,inpi si houettes. .

Sfor splM'j eveings gets shore ever bodlee of needle-point I
IMe p1w -i t WerpU by Ptrc. W rneful skirt in
ed t has he e of Alsncom 1 doele has 81l-in of
d b q-By GAL DGA, NA ditor.
IT___ ^ _

I5 r



,e t".'' ,_ .

ady .ou gfve, why don't shos 'ir ,
ou "rv a lrge tray of etsp, wledri
a. 1i ."ht tasting crunchy, .y Mrs .,
v ble itpe L.t by.. T .Mrs. .
""dot tastipg, a nd appe Ig.
e *d mlopt everyone
en .them. berrawt
Jn tly, these raw vegetable p77 It'ise~
a are little pkka. .63
.lMftiln4, there are "id 1 .
ctidr too. O rsons 150 8,'. -- .
t.&We wrve tiem regully.,er Three unce nt
p|-one of the. more elaborate art- Wo, 14* P-I'eb'
riagnements for special parties. f'll 2 teaa0o4afz
lhdlIhe, arrot aeks, rinOs or .bas.p o s
dia,ci1e7 harts curlsa r sc,. Soften cremn lJ
U ae eucuer -f "ai
letves, caulffloWeretl, young green fps& To veirbl
.oliesyeua penper stick raw spi. .fa a d poim 7 e. 0
i. pr. ges,:wpear, .aaefrtar. e ., -" a


Ofil --- ,,

B. I" -Gulp
iWH M1Ni J* ^

tIT P -t..-Th'i

"After all," said Catherine B.
Clery, "women spend 85 ents of-
every dollar. They are reelpients
of T5 per cent of the 1D i nee.
Thy affer moat if the dollar'
Sn er 1jLjB .ha/'M

Smil Ufry wiWhIIna*' Rasterpara Yb O r wealp"l as1'1" Patte., ed
moer's F. litT IUatr (leftli. ther.e'sa avI ryon fa.lle radfte wli dee i
and Soft roll ce larl kBox t ail. (slgbti f. bg saSe, .Ih t I merayomfn
em- for lltte sister hastpd yaB4 ate ffta i that mataes her

,,r *..... ... ..'. ^ .
-. ... .. .. -..- --1 .n ii ^ _
.- ". .... -. .__ _
.. S '. "--i-. ,. S- .- ----.: *' '[- ,
~. 1*~n ~ ~rt~- C~4 1~ ~ ~"~"L e"Fr I.- ,

Priest was ygmoted la
to & a' to Secretary of
Uy tmprey.
Once Was Blnuker
%ids that part of her job is
.e alan g6ve. hatt' an-
nj aaas. -~

feminine appointees. She looks
even younger than her 36 yearS.
And she has missionary's en,

n,,Wch i Jt nuy

"To do t
need to ba
the flederald
Without pof
Uad achieve
he natonai
* ,.wz .-,




I~ ~w~wt
a- *' .--
--**- ---Sn

i/4re 5 eyAre -



pit itinA Seem *11

o princeSS



61-7 -=--p- ---

- -

-- -- I I ~ --


- ~

.. .* *
*' ..


. .` ~.':. ~''.'' :


t;Yfun f^ .Ca4^r Paeae -

-f .. '




Fry il7

* :~.~ .~ ***':*'*

I C"CAGO - tWb stya all that

e o ut 'ew
pereas we a serious sW
* god^ but Rm!y of thb w
ascribed to allergy are t
that a alL -
"There is a common mnoUt tha
when any food does o a will
a persa-he is allergic to .",la
berg. wrote In Today's Heaft Mag

a La


1'--s '' .-' p
:' ,, ,z. ". .. .r... "

. .. 5,-

S iI


Let's rpe.





Sx mi ftlB MAMTUI

309#j 'Yl

"Thi 's fair 'frm correct. A
large number of people have aler-
gy to foods. eattmates of how
'many-vary. Perhaps In two ot
mr per cent of the population
Food 'ajergy Is nore or les a
major Problem."
Many foods can cause Iritatino
d" at asirontetnal t or bl.
the result of .an allergy, Feinber
e said allergy to food win
uce symptoms such as hives,
zenma, asthma, nasal congestion
spl headaches.
Th'' le oat important causativep
agents" i allergy are wheat, eggs,
S fish, auts, peas, beans, potatoes,
ordotus garlic and mili. Feinberg

Video Useful For,

Enrolag Students
-- CICACO -(UP)- Television
was employed at the registration
of students at Chicago Teachers
College in a way that saved long
bo addk aided in the signing up
of stdants for classes.
SB mploying a closed circuit,
ation lerks and school of-
fiei al could see immediately
which classes were closed, which
had space and just how many stu-
dents the classes could hold.



AM.'.My a. M r m. t T

Ss, ^^mjtf


.. -


... -



School authorities reported that
in previous registrations, students
went through the tedious process
of filing ou cards and in many
cases learned by mal he classes
were full. This necessitated sub-
stituting of classes, dropping of
others and much unnecessary pa-
per work.

l the new way, a camera is
focused on a bulletin board in the
library where class enrollments
* are tallied and flashed to TV
screens in othei rooms where the
students fill out their programs.
The college also uses closed cir.
cul TV in classroom work where
,bne instructor can give a visual
lecturewdemonstration to several
sooms. -t the same time.


nwoorcano AT
Iw laxwBT...vas?
S. W-J THMTuII...0 *

CHBal WELKIN. n sate

NWvae M"v
|^ A6AINfy

. t Irving.



16 Uo & aWm(ut

-- 1



-. ., I.


Long Trip


The Crowd Pleaser

o 'Russ "'
SI ., A'

A M 'R6K IN .

'-- ~.--
-. S.S~~ff 5. 5

- -


r.-. .- .+. ; .*; ,' .
,* i :. .; l '''* '-- 'f

,, "ING. SIL -

O 6 Piece Of .







T0C9ooTI-nieprE *
OF cyIeVW-.-^ /
vwiV 610T TO
Fla MOwrvfi iyw/i

IN Tw soo^n" WYMN

S. ..


* .f tYOCuxtl4tA(Y ADAW



ge S. i xtree u i l
nl< M, uM
f' '.,;J Arotnena Ave and I tL
r M 3iSO ___
8rea aro W m
me .

.Ag e =
a a In l Ave.
-----7--- aut
Lawskuns x




...~a :.e 'w -

o -Jul Ave .

ouehold I Central AvefI `K" Street Corner fIsh P !'e_ m= v@
-A-Washig machine, 60- FOR SALE: ICIrys- er WTrelephone 2a479 Ponoma. i.nI..,_af M lbo 2,- __. .
S year.old 75 00. or. l sor lour-door atc2lln -, DIABLO SPINNING CLUB MEETING Gamih Stnto Claro Beech ca .
S)40.00. Call Albrook 3219oi dition Pl i stabal 3-2567. FirstMondgy each month talc ticrefrigeratin. t.
at 262-F, Albroo-L 3-2977 7:30,p'..-. liablo Clubhouse mdatets 6-441 e
SAL: ght aItk dining setr, FOR SALE I_ __ a
dropleat table, eight chairs & sedan. H&dramoII4Sxelllt condi- F SALE
ufft, also small mahogany drop- t.on. Navv Pn, 3.1 FOR WIU.. mt-.. la Iod C '
a table. Phone I9boo 3708 FOR SALE- 15.1 h Rambler -l Bgnu 1. bt3 hu n o 3 c Iptl
-SALE.r-- Refrigerator, 60-cycle, station wagon, good dndl C1 JUNLn JIr AUNT TO DARIIN W i :- t.
n.ondcIiOr l $65.00: bcby crib Curundu 2284 or 200 -A, U "' APR t O 00-11 4 L1nbll. PuS"t
t rrotre 10.00. -House 43. J-.- .-.-- a, -b Spomeae y Hetel II P1hma1 Cln P 301Bte'1. r
S 1. 46th Street. Bello Vista, FOR SALE :-B-st'siE !'Tues- 3 full days. 'eove April 9 at 7:30 me *-1877, Cte*a $- 3.!
"e!AN FAMILY LEAVING, will day, Chevrolet bel-A te '51 o.m, return late Sunday afternoon I
be i offtr, excellent houe- mqI, 'duty *paid. ceef- condi- Aril 1 1. Fishing through the Pearl O R
Ii. ;. 2t. .Croslcy Shelvo-, torn Fhonr 3-583 4 o 3-0303. Islands. visiting with primrntie Chocb
,' "' 5 .I-" g,-arc, p-, -. .,-- C C..0". 19 od&,,'el Indoins. spearlng ;rocodile, jack light Ol0ues8
!.,r f r i iC'.v'le Wio jF t: C l io model cruicFn. uo the 195. model
*l 4 ,e .u ; .rer 1re d 62 -dcor, w/s/w tires, radio, eec- E lp '^ Vi^ ni st tFOR RENT: Cholet:4 bedrooms.
r aclhm gr. Ctove e tr iwii AdoN duly paid Priced be- trp Darien this dry season. Ivngroom, diningroom. kitchen
NEt! I Bl'r trip t...Darp ienthis dry 'istoo,
e :.d ch: r. Ieelt: l, 8ur Bkcl rIue for inrmediate: r cd clothes,. cofor e shos gnage and large yard. $150.00
Srt;.! T., et t1 S;reet Eo s Fe. Phone. 'Albrook 86-2123, an T F T Y R CAMRA 52nd Street No. 15, Telephone 3-
2:. -.Tel fr. information, ..rvatio... n phone 2229 during office hours. Coretak-
rC c,.:--..or~. r :',i;srtor, 2.- ,'ASALE OR TRA fi:-1952 Pori- Jungle Jim, Hotel.El Ponamo. Panama r across the stre et.
e, porc _. Coli 2.1803 a te; -1t13 cahertibe, 15,800 miles, Hy- ,3-'660 or. your travel agent. FOR RENT:-Cottage fully furnth-
: durn! v4' -". draetiiirqd o,5 good top, excelen a es vacation quarters, May 8-Au-
S r r io rc-fgr.r iccndkion, debi4nical. Aborgainor f les i S50.00 females 5. gut" 7. 3 bedrooms, 2 both, good
v.,h g,.c cniec. 8. Co ds.:uii cash or trade for older car and cash .m. Fre Sat m ad. Balboa 6339.
A Sp "nn.r wasiin adif;eitnce. Panama 3-2279 or 82- p. --. ie 9w so. Poel.
l .lA,, yr sB ig ae wchine '261, 6.14th St. No. 117. Paitilc. FOR SALE Thoroughbred Boxe FOR R NT
swingpuppFs, 9 weeks old Phone Blbo
bn Ph., e-tute tcb!e r- iFOR SALE:- 1952 Ford Customline Pu s 9 we o Phone B. lbo_ I
,S;., fc:jing bed with mot- 4-deor sitonh. Fcrd&mctic. Finonc. ... "-A"-- Aparments
te t ons dc.L'e bed ma ig ovalabe. Ecoit 3712. FOR SALE ATTINTiON & 1. Just built modern
v,*e,he dc wd FOR SALE OR TRADe For older, Ar- furnished apartment., one, .. w
,4;:s, e i;. V,.,E---ena -o. c ar. 50 Mercury spot nedn, A-I Real Ertate bedroOms, hot, cold woate. Tel.-
.a vLE: -,,in grm.. .ntireI conicn. duty free. Sgt. Miller,. .. r..on..e Panama .4941. I
L-E:" -- Lin ngrom furniture 85. 2162, duty hours. FCR SALE:-2 houses in Chorrera, I R--RENT: An
F311RENT: -Anapart REN
*;',; rad'3, ihono and s-rckcr; ----- --. --,". form 3 mi es from Chorrero with has 3 bedrooms. ivingrooman
S| r Ro:C=,er Albrcok 2196. WANT D ns and papers for above, with ds .. n
FC4"-bALE: m:ou.ahold furniahingi, r w ater al y. Good for cate maid's room with bath. Located onj
j ..uding Simmons bed-divan, silver A tomo Bo 12 CFarm is Nationaol and 44-4/5 Zonhec Ave. Eusebio A Morales No. 4. "El
belMewaro, toff ster;i.:g Ro2ers -- x 312,. Canl Zone.- Conarelo." For ir*ormahon call 3-
r t f iore. Eu ov fi nts 1952 1953 PONTIACS, P- PERSONALS 1292, Panma
Ro:,e Minton chin. tls, pa nt a, ,MOUTH S & CHeVROLTS. T'AT. FOR RENT.- 3-bedroom oportment
g r om fsorniture, RCA radio-d No. 31, Auto Row (Ndtional Ave- Wl the following persons come to the in newly built house near Hotel El
v-doo cr. cit, a. I oh nue), Tel. 2-4624. Panarma. office of Cia. Lefevre, No. A" Ponanome. Call Tel. 2-2154 or 3-
Sf ... L .... .... Street, to arrange bisines, matter 5114, Panama. _r_ _I.
.... !e oIn W anted of initiesl to them': Victoriano de FOR RENT: Two'bedre m pe*-t
i IL U W A ND -- .M Le Mr Ayola. George Greove, mant with aidtoiletl b -hi.
.. S U N dJ J WANTED: Experienced mold for Rafael Dimores Almengor, Alberto a age. Apply No. 19,. 44th Street
5PCilSH CLASSES to English-speak- general household duties and cook- Ellis, Clifton Anderson upsi_.
"lrAmericans. Ave.Peru'No. 23. n ol rduto i$0.00 month. T FOR RENTR : Apartment in newA
t' 22, entering .29th Street. -Cocl. Ho"e 260 I building. Inquire West 12th Street
No. S. Panama.
,.WANTED FOR SALE Miscellaneous RNT-2- I
t, F I I I n --- -. FOR RENT:- 2-bedroom apartmentJ
S. FOR REf:---F-arm in New Arraijan, with bathroom, recently construct-a
W etllhnbus Boats & Mo w r completely furnished. Including re- ed. "El Congrejo," Via Argentina
MA R s,--. .4t.rieratorkit chen dlningr.u. 2 No. 55, Telep-hone 34% 13 ea
3.R bo*r Af:tr rant Fh'isOR.RENT.- 2-bedroom opaoviment.

** V^* I ...... .I "'v'*'".... ......... ,, "El Coangrelo." Inquire Apt. No. 2.
Pacific Jet Stre Flight nEverytin except linens PhoneTomb
C.". b" YEnEiU Of I. TII1 Balboa 3476. 2'I
Makes Navigatog Shot Of ia' FOR RENT: Aprtment Cam Ale-
six closet, large rooms. Ricardo
;,.- 0- o. i O D avi Arias, Forty, 3-3774.
IWtKAM AIR FORCE BASE, The *S ut Vear on the rec- .O FOR RENT:---Furnished apartment, 2
Hawaii UPi The Pacific jet ord sht e Mj A. W bedrooms. No children. Coli from 8
stream-winter tail-winds between Plats, explaflj t mni- bO -(UP) St of a.m. to 6 p m. 82, Via Porros.
IL4 I 2 00 miles per hour-has gatlon this wly: th-e. .t oefb tQuilee ft 2U1 who FORRENT Comletely furnished
-u third Off Tokyo- "If onventiontl proceturb were "ls-ag, 'rceatly .ORtm.nts, one. d tw bedrooms
RDH l nt time And su n.1 used in the jet stream the aircrft lae CoaA ap w 1 "bi t Telephone 3-4911t d
X. t Bew technique to rv'- would be like the 'worry bird' thatT ee 4.hMunue. _i..e 3-4911. -aartl
"q d flies backwards because it dorenl a, IFOR RENT:-Small furnished opart-
y .a U. S. Air Force Boe- care where it's going, only where W ell preserve, e e iMbts are meant, family home married couple
S fr r el...i 7 or. ..oe-it has been" s varied and numerous. .The most. without children, single person of
..e f' _.reilt r, l Js The major further explained valuable of them is a massive gold good habits. No. 14. 45th Street.
Sctreacs25000e toeets that, flying at conventionalalti- mask, whieh reveals that the queen Bella Vista. I
Se on a ts s eTo tudes below the jet stream, the l was a wom ofUs stua eauty. FOR RENT: Ample unfurnished
.na i mvrs e d position of the aircraft a i tse. al ner oment ent 3a41h Street No. 22
L :I --hlrue-- 1^ g atot once each hour. However, jet golden star, rosettes and superbly .. ....
WPeeM Ima. it.. led ever 30 milues unl. material has o, since disinte- FOR R NT
e IATh tnsport estab ed eer e0RENT.unlessthe atadRbutfthehpieces whchsurI II
a of o eOut and data obtained is to reflect only aed "b t.e e hur
where the aircraft was. vired are made of a close mesh of Rooms
S0mutes. If position "fixes" were estab- en11 texture. FOR RENT:-Furnished room, kitch-
lished only once an hour the air-. en and other privileges. Respecto-
I '" i Tow n craft would be 500 miles distant Delicately fashioned gold finger ble married couple. Tel. 3-5099.
lUFODIS I OWn from the determined position by and toe stalla a common feature
S* the tim*e the data had been com- in royal burials of that period also FOR RENT: Furnished room for
FIrt. Negr i pled and made were found. The collection allso ia- bachelor with private both and ga-
.gro- .eludes 35 golden vials dedicated to rage. 45th St. 35 (Bella Vista
S 'The "t stream -te he god Boe, (the cat), imil -ar
0 _. e-a-~ ~M~m 7=ta the Rathar (cow's
an rhportant e to asu t re za ad an unusually large. 5
o upac s he a not quite the "all important eartscarab carry aninscrip- e
c ralo b elieva tho have in today's flights hat he wasin urging that the lady's heart
celration beliethey .have y's. He .not ut ld not weigh too much in the
record of the first Negro the je t stream on ihs own or scales of justice in the next world. i
were J enw ve t -toI 'eep -it thenm sews uAa.Uwpotiannosatem AbdelAils
0. t y hve ee the 3,37-nau miles. ehman, uearthed een Ta PHILADELPHIA (UP)-The
St -elacty ae the Thnavigatorede up the flht bootit's tomb while, coughing in old saying that "there's a little
v rfi alecton aftn thatlwas up 1951.larceny in the best of us" was
I ao city vote five days plan"that pat the ane in the et underscored by Edwin J. Lukas.
r. tream, and navi tion data v former execuUve director of the
t t..e ..p it.J pinot l;kept. hre. Ch ee. National Society for the Prevention
avidfrm toNthe pilot fi& l n to eptm l Earnings former executive dir of the
f m1 f m T el 0iO tulatt ? ^ of Crime, in a speech here.
r .g^,tm .t& Sshed almost tt ee as rap oi I ..a A I COr aavaes the majority of parents

h- n le ar a orm. snseeq %a .tson CHICAGO -(UP) Childe we don't want to prevent
p i facto 'r In sea naviP.""" are big wheels in the nation'; mccc- crime"
Nteg per to vgB f all'types for centuries is egin- y aecordng to Ralph Crsby,
nStrother's brother, bg to come Into his own n the es of the United States "Actually," he added, "we are
Voted later the sas ge of flight. He has proven him- Ratl and Loan League. 'tillated by it."
-" r. S elf to be ais mPortaldt to te piot "*Th comic activity of thb The crime expert said, "man be-
.... i na blocking-b hek is to an aUl- nation's yougaters is far more gan life as a criminal" and pointed
merican baUll-eaLrrier. Iptm t than most parents real out that a baby will refuse to give
S takn) ; ,-- lIe' he said. back most things that are banded
S. .,,, thiop College CrIsb- aid children are a "bid to hiS.
t Cil 9i, le ge den potential" e the economic "That Is larcean, pure and aim.
9uiS --CI lit ft..4... system, and he estimated their a- ple," be said.
j fl _a lUOSjS tF WU.O nual income at more than PsUse-' He clainaed the child does- not
usI ,. S r ...- 000,000. become law-abidilg until exposed
STILLWATER. Olka (UP) -to cvilied society, but sometimes
i 0V~ ?*-Whr- *pw Oklahoma A. & N. college archi- According to 1U easus figures, the exposure Is ufficent because
ed a lLtects have fiised drawing plans Crosby saIlSeO.M yn tgsmj he "vast miaoty of parents are
taJor an entire new college campus- the U- age bucket earned Is. emstlol unfit to have chil-
.-a but they'll probably never see the eome averDamg W a year'. Du di'."
*l* i^A L .>1<-- i.-*L -- a s.s. .* clmd thi hnnm ai the

will be built

*s ~,.i -s

of the crime problem and
ution is providing a feeling
ag wanted" in children.

bma e Uasaseed
Asmssor WlUiam Metissey

written, "How much is this
1l property worth." elato
iI couldn't attaasL i


I ,- =.









. .

Ma =m a 9vr s ma nrt aU-s ium Wumgya
FreS equivalent peof ed- a
Nph Wtmwm amd tain's t r. fi).

otfor Vehicles Take HemV

1 Death Toel, UN Report Says

F 0- .o-
AC GENEVA (UP) The United erage of 70 men (or 77 women)
r Nations World Health Organia. were killed by motor vehicles.
o ha reported that mtor vdM- "In &uae countries th Ao.w
cles are responsible for more, tman lion may reach as h as h .lra
70 per centof all transport deaths, cent for the men (Aus4talial Ind
with children as the chief victims. 00.4 per' cent for tk woCt-
A WHO study, the first of it en (U.S.A.)," the report ade
type ever attempted, showed the Cyclists, next to. pee ,
S repercussions of various transport were the cars' chief vict .
accldqnts on mortality according to Denmark for instance, out if W
T sex and age. Twenty-two, types of boys aea S to 14 who died .
transport aceldents arm ansld Be aeid ,. were cycl te
7 .S under six ,main headings. girls aged S to 14w w 4ied tin a.
In a review of data from 15 eona- fe accidents 59 were celiat. i
S tries, Ineluding the United States, girls aged B to M. the psopr
Canada and Japan, the WHO sur- was 73 of 100. .
vey revealed tht the death rate
caused by transport accidents and Water Deaths
""T that resulting from disease End
L*f other causes of death "shows that In all but a few of the countries
--r" in a number of countries, trans- studied in the WHO report, death
A; port accidents rank uit tubercu- struck motorcycliats betwa" the
loss as a killer, especially eof men. ages of 15 and 24 in higher as.
"' .. "They are more dangerous than bers proportionately than.ay
. many diseases such as nephritis, er age groups.
kthler diabetes and sometimes influenza "The proportion of dpath
motorcyclits, comparedd with
' Auto s I11 Many deaths caused by motor trae cr
Ultra- cidents. showed that out 100
rMU. But it is among the young, males aged 15 to 24 killed in traf-
where the general death rate is fic, 64.4 per cent in England' wa
naturally low, that traffic was the motorcyclists, 62.2 In Dean
No. I cause of death, added the 56.2 in Australia and 55 Swie.
rt l.and.
: C ; i New Zealand, for example, Far lower In the statistical seaf
eti& nearly half of all who die between were railway accidents. allowed
' 4 Wthe ages of 15 and 24 were killed by road accide ntscaused b.y *i,
k. in transport accidents; in Canada, mor vehicles, and water trus-
S ithed Kned States. Denmark, the port accidents. Aircraft
-k United Kingdom, and Germany, appeared _ta bottom. tdJ

- O

-. 1
.4 **'

,q .'.., ^ Aced to WHOr out of .W..Y0 an a ni maWB; BIf'
HOUSEHOLD EXCHANGE tim o transport ccideMt, an v- l hood and with water
NOW. U a eRd WHO declared. Thus in Japan,
Fi r lturetn h i.o10pyrgen kitice s d in trampS

Iew, "ne Peak that e o pd 1.7 per cwt
STO im.-WASMNGON (-VP) More years.
S1 UKr m ey was earned by the copy-
i righ office during the fiscal year U l
O F IC 1 June 30, tIfhan ever b MA S s i.
The e sister of copyrights re-
Now undih laSarr o ported 5300ina tfees wa turne
S ..... ....... .!.9 over to tiH treasury, conitpredS
I office registered 21, aims to can sI A olt a
Tornado W arningw cop "t, he third largest num shoulbe known about
I'i ber., An editorial in the AMA Jour-
e a n i Periodicals led the field in fiscal nal said that "In view of the. b
. System Im prove compositions werea uch a study, is nw in r
OKLAHOMA CitY (UP) second, with 59.30L. In third place Some of the relatIonshIps be-l
Oklahoma'stornado warning Vsy. were 52,347 registrations for books, tween noiseand health have b en
tern will be in bett wao pamphlets, and similar publica- examined. Thbe.ditorial said, for
condition than *et tions. instance, discontiouous ou.d.. le-
Sweather bureau o sfficialrelE: ore than 5,000,00 copyright re- chanialnoise andmoft i k
I The tister season extendi- from gistration were in effect the bees nd to be more It.-
February through July, and in pat United gates on June 30, 1953, the than continuous loud noise.
years virtually entire towns haVe report showed. This. liure i nudes In mall groups of er
been blown apart by tornadoes, claims gstered for first t isse re to nelse for p tnO
taking a high toll in inMared and or renewed with the last y as y case aeAnes, taa,
dead. The materials for trem os's, nauseA teno i .B in
preservation in the Library of Con.- s ls the artle said..
Last year the weather bureau grss'copyright section arelied. But a genera undertandlu o
set up a network of 20 observers ae de t last er consistM of the eMets of ise on ealli ha
to make tornado reports by tele. a ampa of amX writha r not yet been mads. -
Sphone and their information is for te preparation. Other d.d- 'Tere are tsaty reports e -
passed on to radio and television opments duented in materials g that noise adversely
stations for broadcam.sts reeved were the nw 3-D wid- pue health," the article, a,
SW. E. Maughan, in charge of the seren motion-picture films, the % the possible relaticabhip bi-
Oklahoma City weather bureau and first tachistoscope films, and the tween noise and health needs for*
the state tornado reporting ser first book composed by the Mw -t r.- tdy. :-
ice said about 130 communities photographic process know --s.
wiU have spotter systems operat. photon. N U -
ing. 'Aninvaluablereferencee-wo rase N us n S M
some 76,000 films registered from fro _
The weather bureau itself will' W through m~ ieS Hi 4 ,
*I supervise special spotting setups picture history was opapod by b.. -
Snear the state's two largest cities, the copyright offet t the ag I(U l e
I Oklahoma City and Tula, yar have bee 1500 bab in the
I Maughan said. y one chan was made have been 00 babies in the i1
the copyr* *ofjaw 4 ya Mrs. Helenhan 4 a MrIag-

He said it's still impossible to
forecast the exact time and place
I tornado mill strike. The weather
bureau can only warn people to

CGarfield's Son's
Papers Go To US
papers of the late Harry A. Gar-
Sfield, president of WUilliams Cole
and a son of Presidnt J~ mes A
Garfield, have been presented to
the Library of Congress.



oUI nMrAno


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a acern -'ma ea-ra





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I'm-e Pt InM buy tod

awj-Wk9*SH tt fdletstmf ON
T hl, l i-t .fes m

m. & rL '
a"'-e a TV" -oat be.

tit, a l B t he -u-
luni tn isis thetil at t a-
tt 'I*eV tbi l o lmnd l,

AIs 11ftakre ievt bwwiOdM

olni_'"S1 _Yie onii ,t COf

P sQ 1he fnaisme In
iN TP .. .
..-lW Umr ,, ,"_"e said
fi aW stet io o 'd:
. ti i t^lDN.lot of land.' Th
7 t!,% Met i.erver owned,
ro< *% 'r i, s sith.p 'TV
b*.#h or .itty aim e_ _._.
.M lW W *i. etanc.rft-

owae e me t t i m a i
Sdt et'in o do

Oni& TheeRi crt W Ctd
An. -80 1 that lf even m
Tiwwn-r It tuu myplaft
dfli adl I ci be M .1
go~l !-rah. --C .1u c. *

On Thd Rtords s-
I *

l Y YORW -A ewlever
ebap. nsed Leo ,laum.,bm
extrwodleuiy -eswlnndg hw.Aji
tred *1.14' iahrds for X4.L
t aiM tdneark log bas
Le& tdihI oL
C0104' 9 Fcoeiodd fr
do Lydi has am a mstswtto
ebtfty~plo ib" rwSzyjd
SiopA4 pp 1

'Someo se aw A has be add-
.to the reod field b RCA-
0U1AAWARb 0. c .Oh ctor. Ulk0e .
.lwtan Umiveraie studhas het comer, la
r "b.'te s the book" to oldie, Darktown S

;ftu.tan -vemment in-l tW Dinah Washington ]snow@-e-
S- ",.,. "," ,u o" v" 1, T M TiBS

C ,.o o etim
Dro. Robt Uo brig ml
MeaS of a hood blues number an
.a.... n M. I" a Viali omp h swig but h e 6 lyri -
aa tdi a cant, iaterpre
twrt Sat arfnr ts reason it ca
r mal u d Atvi griwoups. ai.nt .C.,
t heOaRm

Jlid or for may
'ca ,ana tathi*a v le a.ytoa Bt._ Jon.y Ray' l 'a'C'lum ire
dews Ultl 4he -ot about 15 cordiug is.a Paercy aitbo "
'as ,uch- urgeed that a r"Why oeW I .. Sorry? L"
r Xnafl'i ed-to makoe givs the usg bis own uique
Jwh sUetks svalla.b the .tt. wbichAus far has been
Jaw b 'aNew toet- 2 '-'at be doctor has ordered.
J a e -74 lo w j.p c.ow.. ... .

: t _M ,. iH. _. Dent_
* ed poctkn ad "to.ed o0t hd- Toung roer.'" sma i rn.ernves
.4 'P los ._s kMa 4 to ute e eoml ad f r oom

-i, pea ,l nNe la

lu S a o ifq
S 4sl: -J. m a em

V T k = .. r. '



e,bCPil'q to -et tM of The
aphtMAuhO'*-m tbSe

SHobbes Are Hard

WI W leFor Aetors
= ,,!sel b rdi mwhuuilmng,
I Ur.a thu 'a ae M'hob-
blow" ntosl the -weew acUv-
til s t hlt yoeuh u players
ip r tlucitn. Is wilm they
a n not bder .b aOmLnu.
-At the Ualvnal-ltternm.
SthmaI let, a* caRSrIaJI r smp-
as a et .. asei
/ (ih the e abemant plays
n*ew" oed s ejr noma m& -
eI y satlina .






wood stuntmen, often aled up
Sto nae l filmdom's toughest
leading men, nominate a new

,Aleis Jack Pal-ae. 6Lot4, 2.01

Sou adb te ein theverat physicalre

.,. _.,__- -1, pur -ups d ly.
a .p rxer Wr ehe won
imout of 21 lee weight bouts and

--- *, t I aftsnevr 4 snt exd out -

HOLLYWOOD --(_l ) -Holly- Loxd Once a bil-ttme moie emo- si-'dmittd he L hldr -
wood o TV ye l An er, Man findk e fo a nd Powerful, arms and a buMlgl

tUe oaliA" -eri ai te to blede tir, and to Lelefllfm h e rmlt better nin acuon dee
el urst ivanpd tooth o through r a new dnee rout1 with chest sep anchored to alim NBr
antle while wat e Every rs t the. Studio inch waist, and Palance keeps worked.
The twrb the elements of danine g, shape by doing several hundreds
n-ups dadly. I
iutit's no just his ls aand!

poneitydition that gSver vr m t re
vote,"samid a spokesman, MAlWy-

atBut H we'lom the fastest m an on'twe
lst lave ever mined; with. He's"1
'I t p another, and he is li a1
m dhp o bat tearing r am.
-e g Palance's honors came to him
after 43 sAunt experts finished

en gtowni i M 1R' working with him the battle
'umscntes for Univeisal-Internatio-.

the y"put' eg r W ietteio i hi, and to pla f better ationg ae
bole while watchin televisi stg isi is au lowood: *' the: ye |worked.

sined a 1robed.ito a- ",~, Go'l-de me l s leader of his to" o r
mt ,ce a.qua i- hae s meat and mard 'bmilk, ,ad ,|
he A networks- ., e *tlh une t n of wiune ooss he's predict
smeream ing 'thint 'g film stui o commented o stuer.B
spontaneity iad11B6e1aio. g0ave q wWaAta-owng-faw',,r va Ies b ae rt s

r -" -- in T Cornell Has Machine
Sae rfle 'ad designer and we c

-&. es mt cyewnol sin T. p.eore ner ToReading
the norks aadmI because of my eer W e o THACA m(UP)e oa-
dug that film syle t i .ei t Whs e lfe "A sn t looking Marie ha s a chies have rep.e tlanc.e eeod oo
ironed prchae-of-wctical patnre: et temak et the ecklines down pri merI for teaenhe redi speed
'Bfhe u ~ld -ownIusphed I o to business executives who tke
m-ut-o aP-ao- iin ~~- Dnambsle yl- AI Mode special te eoprnell Uer-
st a When nfv OGoldu._rmg t.mework _t fion. Attilao one of the cr estw iy
avqs o, 14Sa 1 asas A totrlevyelwea hw of his own sity.raw
For Tmhleatde .Ioter r Jls LaRoshee? A "reading accelerator" Is used

Sire movie bl u pe. t Tcembnt.. ta humble .about it to force speed, prevent' lthe read
GMfp r eLucieiB and Ar. "I don't I eould suaiun from oives band ovuld r maiterne l
nea. "Th Lon, lme. traer" ies show .aflr W 'few weeks,." he promote a reading rhythm. Tech-
Aclt -i ti' aeirtrt, told me. "I eed perienced ques of Winmme g aw*o ta flm
are box ofI cemReatf tffeatrsers.Cs om T' to get inforo from the masd to

P. o ,y o y Jao TV i play Attila," explained t ala de,
Oe i e Crwd but I'ot read now." dailyng to keep the character
P sperity Booked sli l ters and Many of the student d toufna
Ut .l.. f i SheetiD a aght elubs anu bt ..:1i have incre, nid tblr g xgts __eil
..ignedf a not a me nl: d. i it per by 163 words a mile, (te Me
TVand j bougtan m TsM Beve reak. lut q like to believere e.his empany a ,too."
tllsce eflm. a e t- hr iag him tim i. heck aac ed.k.
Merle W des-dig er t Cornell Has ..achine

v ;, w a the o. i new.f&.Ma IIudod o .hid essg.n .-r--
o&orie adb gdmrt To Speed Up Reading

f"r r "c astvarie ,O. wnshdrs Walli a oornr r to.
T- c... -. ton. Beaeb. rl., h b 1- aQ.
lor u tl Ann Mila n eelppid Wt a CusAlly prd .t h.r(P)-

u -, psn't lokg, Marie has chines have TV rplnur.ced the old school
b'er, a,- *o businessD executives who take
walrd aweasto. Nalm"Floe Ala Node special courses at Cornell Univer-

M UZ $a.-

a( m ad ap il Mt the uaw'9 Ws DeyMea.
Great Weni she hap, fot 9 i ou.e tow? ;BNOW r d .
'or he lb,.sh.h l. Adh tli ,
SblEL Ce stick mta lby tls tp pl ta
in entlbe poslti the Bollywi i e. .
,er pebble Xi"m flte f n Si am Bduat a ia e yhme.
alb prone tis l i MD-WM' Tuc A OIrf
A Br at,Iwhibh Mijjtu. Mart li pn.
Aud her lsiature rs I a phetnaphs b illlmark
- "Fa always Debble Reynoldi." ,
A t home, Debbie Is accorded &We 4 the.
hunger iitI .m a f. MoM, Dad am'j'i. iB M t
U bher fr n -( dl froni her real t aM).
They are frank ia th* ertlum reerved ae.
"I don't have a ebaie," Cebble nmalaL-. ~ v o*e rmine
Pve.been at M-G-M di I ffd a pIte Iof batiaUL y
ike. I took it home, very euthuilastlie.-' *d llenst

"Nice. 'Who is It?'" he saked. .
"I keo w he astiealeuK but tesaing.OP be leveL It was a
Imorliaed version of me even I ha 4 to a It That's why
l liked IL' ., .
Debbie h as ou nd m an ad tom asuomrew aft, 'hM
fce.on deman% sltW haM i the wie*>Mle 't 'j"v ., ,

*de 'Hlermey says. 1e1

larry Babbitt would

Pured he, pouring .her i
- L'i ..

- trn "N' 8 U c- ee rsih ke O .tig, Abbe Lae...
"W'o, bsodleadet M Cu$t. ri boot h I
'demitaSme tup. oewev, for ti f.I "e' tBr to rel ax
in a whole tubful of the precious if 4w an a. Th
pretty singer claims coe help tonse her ski. *


Showing atI qur eri.ce. C-eniter heaters cod

--- *.a i & Mr I^N nt I d lAtre 'lhabL

*ThRe ToAtRleb 2a:. -. 1 ..l.

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:1 4:1 :9. is

S *JockCMSON '.

rA A A I

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. e- r -1 i US amii.

^'3ttiSam .***

'*B0 "H horses Meet

-I Imported thoroughbred at the JTan Franco

m horses Bupersun, De-,to win off from a"d Zbr'and
h pee experts to second andi4e eo os it

d i.svide n. GoI Bod a nte
nd W Fox but the e- Pitin for a dQu tp

,, o haft3v shown great Im- Tor th e aft r | I I -.. e
l a a s lo so0 was Don TOMi whic paid 4f12A0 ;.- e
to v ET.- i the fifth ra .IIr
TaIr $ dub over so t1n5o The divien s. / t h I it e25 I -. five o

D b e" Im p o r te da in th o ro ae A im.0 0 1 B lj a p it h a 1 o h n 1 1 o N t Fh er a nstc ea n e F rl la n c e *
of the tper teond FAndcd Entre -
p brse. o o rbe dAy' bestfhin

< twod. Victor Ordoft= DeP- ,r 2-Colfnrlo Stn. L107-s oo recent roac "1 cPOt BAfo he
i:' a d wl. s' lo bt e t e ait elr arr 'C V I -In d". u"

.. the ber.ty Chilean Spolo ri i whc 12. .. 4-J. Hul0cho A. Yaza x-Notou utter 51 .
' SVAtg o 4"Chn!to" va.s o t- omino J.nBrtvohe1ff- ephdract.t 4_ n b atf he ...

r'?rsk fromya uix-meetaug" F ACE 6-81ncerldad H. tls 111x-Depends on mood 8-1 take and the -x MaSon al feSd
Sthsix-h e fiel 1-Atora H. Ra x-Return A from layoff Wa 5-1 Wlly a
day of Na nand c-* 3-Our Fancy V. Rodrl. l5x-r no cla 1-1 ir
t rcd to easy Apreador A. An 103x-ee "wahed up 15-1 t~. ...
v *ctoretherco--B -0adle Song H. Reyee '0uxLonhot SpecaliXt t. p-1 p r p t1
Si furlong 550C .0.-A. Fulmar V. Ord 15 -Improving deadly *-1 nd ...-
n starters however Vedetth e $10,000 7-T. Co Vale. 115 -,houlde lo.. u. ..2-1 Y

|- ^^_ Ro-.l__.. der dbd ride .. ._ 3rd R ..e *Non-Wnners' 4 P,..u- _,,: ,-.--.. ,loe. 1;4B __ IM ;oe ar B^, S ,
ao races to select IIA LII0uelvo P. 1 re e or
dded President of the Republie 3_VA -a- J".
h-- W ',whhs'scheduled One Twe: (3, Okiland) P.P Horsei Joehey Wg CQOMMNNT.

s 4th Race "H" Native 414 Fs.Purse: 500 Pool e i;e : 2:SSniry M5.t00 Cc la'the oue Uk Lay

VSTMI'W RACE Mish sa o tt. But wita the miracle fa alaha Lete-hander drer atV
Act rdo 1-Ve1 ajta n8.M. b41 8.80. 1-D. ijagualone M. hurley 110 -N longer distchance 10-1 bN ha6 a try aWo di -
.l osoavorie rsdes. t 3-Pavero .5.80. 3-D. de Mayo SanR. 107x-Bothered by bad leg-s -0- n 0e .r f, .hur .'
T l t.l fan)n- '$ 4-C. uLinda 0A. .. 115 -.aemrt bette T5r, 1 at. a 2 .B. B te f t.e Bl. ...

'' u S 0f1 8-Canasta F. Hidal. 10v-Fror reitelast me 8-r idor I ehftl r n It drpest b1 i rla 'fro thl, ,pwo
1 the h t. yile a si t- u.a "lar r Tim-h 3--Co Valr Re F R. 100 2x-ln- -o dter 3-1 U o n d .3 na ..

C hl 7-a. Tae A9 Ad. Gnza hhy IOU- qitr a- %i t j
.a. a V sun-. 5_--)omandra VJ. Ordo. 110 -Will do better today 4- L m a fDd-bi,
l sx-m s 1A 6-Sinceridad HB. Rtau llix-Bl aing on moo d S-I t 6 a.le.aken.. nl for not wa.inn i a ad l e tal- t-r trl
9* 0 Welsh, wl "l T"pre 1 li $4. 7-Piropo a0. Gue.n le 1 -Uuuay close ,M ,,-' -
S low state Bendeguw. 2-0x $1 0 Do cnh. BL Ha gurley. 114 ort0dl 2-1de fr -, The
peed Patriotics Which won 3-.Okins 4 0d
uyin the lower bracket last ','in l Race- but Importef 4- ?puuse PaES Peel' ohe 1115 at
ek and Anglia which ill race Sec o n ce of the e Double '

e V and .'-. RA 103--Sle wOae d u' 1-1 .. A- B. .
2-Our Fancy V. Rodri. 105:-Has no class it1 m" 'A is
victories -to abo 1 -bar th.:, $4.40 5-O dle Song H. Reyes 106x4-L.onsbot specialists; 10-1 b %nleflal
srven furlong $55 0 a A. tulmar V. Orta. 415 -Improvng steadily 1. -i -.--. '. a.. C i 'In Ci
S. ever, Vedettels 3-DiE o y$2 i'. o 7-T.. Ins os ns L.Valel. 11l5 -S--hould close up ,. i a s -._, rab ,,s and l.
SRoa l's :30- Barge OYa) N r ea,. .....e r_ ..
u" *, rednl w.1' .r Ior 1, oaeta J. da .tlt 4% .0 Pool s ,a ,-1 t''. ad l rideoMfl @d.1: 4
Phill staved off ..X TWO 7 D. ,...l. .
S2-Mi Pi W40. 420 1-Voy y Vuelvo P. Oro. 112 -Miores s ewoe ae wcer -1 rtate Cala a 0
f r. b n $ h I n T AE I Wi. 2-Mel. ain R. LC. 1013 -.a st w chance" 10-1 de ti
-- O.lag third.F- MH .. .-a .o. Cha is e .. =. .
S. E4I E (Peoit Fo Min.. ..f l. 0. C....h..
S$ OO 4,05 4.d0a. ndA. .Ycas l5 o eaor .e 1 0..
-- o Blu V. r -y 8-ak

O AT.f A I la. a a v 1 1 "hatus Ih 2.3" "u a Lan, t
3-PaOher o s 560.- i Mayo .a "R. 10 -Dot e b b les 101 rt

-..__ iL E,, 7.-_. TLideg A. Conza 97:o -Noha a to n~odina 1.'0-1 nI.t b feI rs oft4 i thr aj, _..~if..,

Waj ND ith0"-- Mol.Cy V.. town 107x-Ratens good chane S-1e h 2:28_ _bu__ __tl. _
ItrL7f W3Tonhav---eCto wi" t ,- I. C .... ui nt -Drpae n ls fue tfr stb asena fe
Guma K n, olr 4 "eeu.ent e ffort l-st 2- 2 thU.BCL -it AUigaL rlnPlBofleInjeCt. a college _UY.X. ws up "
.......80, $4, $ .0.1 -1). Malon M It u R t r Ifo -laooff 5-1 tue chain lash) M a-t
-Nsi. -Dro-pfp- clss0- As$1. In c 8 u.j in good shp .... .. "

""* a lnt,-J.' l" ;haaidi 1 K, W1i0 took tt foi' "-'I m.

I' E 5t W flore t' Re .yoes.d 1 I u lo ad c 3-1 ,- upAw, T b t -,IEI
....a V. CUrl. 112 -Wi al good 4-1! b Il UI 111) 1 p
OL -" "V.O.--d. Molore. 112 -Dimengou nce or "-I i s alot w ... r l
l ewLr W: .. D.ro4o 41K. n tea 0on
4 ~ ~.. an i._e a DELLA VISTA~ fores 115 beat~ 0-% ,JA g b.te Bo
es kinuhabou ..,:, 6:.,,. ".-Lastw4- the be 4 11 onlt. a, ,, d

glhost sur y" L"' :. '" e--4b -, lhM .A. s. Wi.'110 --NIos *EIn lasot tme OWN- h ise t ,. _( ,_"

PAJNEM. 41OL ,O" Imp.rted 115 F-1r. As0." Pol clcs: 1:05/tq Of_. u M 4 I tt ... be has
T.... --.., ..- -H -ck 7th -ac d Rae o the Dou-med t h/e ., w o it e-t- 9on $m
IIUU4.'.11 r.-e-Ppws.- Terr, I..!t ,.Corsta v, Castl. ItI -Retuhi In giop shape 4-1 j... ca.. of itog<- lflcv atoaia
I "-h- I --Mlno A. Yeas 115:-Must gh prove moe 10-1 fgronit clNeS a an o :.-,
TKI. 1 aerrbe 10-1 a ,s LCd lUte.
*-. = '-: j'. 11 ..: I- IYSER RIFL.ES" nt_3. hilips li-Will force ear, place 4-1 thes he said rn t
on..... c-ixc OUND 7--.Reoe Rig V. Ordo. 112 -Logshot possibility 8-1 stock of tbmtf .

ID 2-Sir Bess A V 120 --Dr edlt ii class 0-1 in We hi--be .

71 .-r, I -! W Tony I 6--huculaue V. Cat. 113 -Dropped in clas _-_That's hea _- *. mn s

lI .- 3$. I. ?:4, 3:. p0 i CRTS 7-RosPLel j V. rd- 10 R gm-l chance 5-1 way, wh' wI three I
0l 8-Black-Bull T. Chuna 100 -.M Aquee-e through 5-1 League flalg, four m .. 4 'WW .
STMILLAND LOrin a"t doo "00
h Race "9" Imported r% F.'Purse: SS"M Pool clesm: 5:15 1 at !.. jet0. f a2e
A nt -ONEius:- ON TWO Ntre eapattaeO ct J orlvs U)Y *a WriceL
SVEILSlt. oAI.," or.----ms, Arm W:,-Ryn, -

"VEIL" -"- -
wViL MATURE IVpirs Chuna Ift -Distance handi--caps- oa ..
AIn TI OLOR! 2-Pelham Ments R. ilkx -U n quantity 30-1
w.h V-OM ATR 3Kellphraze A. Philhis 112 -U quantity 30-1 aWhat. thedo lpfit,
_4-Hartley Lass w it o-i* R.vnu .n se #,, =a .w 3.1 ; US b :

__ _-___ __ RL- dii 11 -Ds~sint lastl tw. ..tfaan ~ o e ils. ...s:.. .. ... .
-4 iHvnv u -orse tL o beat Tope t a t UGan 0 20 o0 13

H He en A. Ves. 115 th we lass In last ven-1 b'I "f..-.
C, A- (H TO(Q 1- Abode V. Ordo. 113 -fbumtlaw entrymate :e en fellows rAkedo at .aSPS.

Tern C 10 .0 C Jua france fTipi St' -d

T..,,p L. alen. 1_. ---, se e: .. .. toes e.
iji T. Gil 116 -W s SI btr II
pitA. Vas. 1. j__ tao c last.
in._*.) wheatw re

Resi-a' -h t 13-1 Juanp.- Ps. lSan. rr fr
vp cam. is-f a o l~hast bue 5-1

Rol V. Ca rlit -V 6 t Imt It2-
InVOrdo. '1 r i 2-1 ~~ii~
T ap L. Valen. 124 -Usn 3 b&61& thee 2-1 S P n* *A.Z F- !>
A. VIA. 1la -31- fa~fr chumb 0_1 %77---

:- i'



.,.rnq rtit h I

a ~ ~~~~a Sig Intourneand WI traigh t A
ha 'la a fe t s M1e pnhes

~ b ~v r tainusrleae howd pmitve lit. or tat. roo ito.ea

~~tr7~fl WMoT t
h P ec o l.e yod iO m e el oael oit la n

.C.oh ad mvwo oa .uit bo, t do- W ,H- hi m et he aw-the

as tel u" m etil I bMEith. I wo

Miooi et.l hr e lniadblrdIo I-I nter _m o- de ,Tsei.',Ait u tr of A.+smeeep is. b
Lana doIet.s a hau ham wn al t ea nt E S a r i ld starn Crj48

afrbm a adw.BahopaMkhecan get s Hi about
.again itha u5-,eaMinoa, Boyd and in I ra

aild dLsi -*
be'iel ListsNoOn

rV-S...A is Fn 0oIS &dw N t A
With threal suddeny AD( Auf

440h ae aI "s -W .. lAN Ari
0113 i w 1 af ,t al
-ta p1R.CEa.;

.'s wa
T8R CoxE~ amna VV t end
fiSasisonway classi cout on hi R5 InDlat five

rup' ies L let bh s to Bmake u hrth) e the Michigan sixth e"r
tae Mete ad c trehean ldyeesar
dh and fanhl hMe lord. eP ,os col b.'rad'

somery Clubd wi. der ever big guySON As88
SAtFE. fs pto"ATAYM 1D ET DM.

r'h e k hasb e look ing for ai I te~ ., Vetl nsl t+luia md and ..- ... ,bo t Yo r b hLeF l se w th F
a- Wlson a g eern t waldn, tolda WitM thy Cl lO BEzN..AT
"r to -_ Carld Saw t gt a"x"'- 1100. ow AtNoru e D. i.
etng muncey h n ptc. for weedwm .ba le rs. trd at ttre ent WORLD'S
', "OHM of in. a --.a ,,072-.Z' DA.C In '' ""
[ + o To t Bein Plen. an Jako.- ars to l o. all.
di meL yo'v tmjVUmeu *h~t AIMI .m o ou

Al +i " On is.
i ....' ,"I DO ham as .

re -' the

ONEM RERED give yltoul OMgiWNts
*'A4f.M h t t I'f' Stt abl sameal highr-sa quals Ka*ida Iube tread1m maeres lk
same- nnon-skit0 t.eedr depthst as WhthEWNtFIRESTONEhaTlt0Rthe(
4"s e a t w I :.NEW .ErO T"old.
a t-an ca: at0igOm-9an ,ma

tad. A lWas ask Itf MERt IY "-
&oe as the "Your be st bit -g bete wrth fare, RI

'70 Mo MinoPInW leftfieldwhomp Whie Glnt atnd !mdA*9s4a 'OON AU AnRS DIALER- IN COLO "ntUUS= al-YFore ArtY H~t..
-o .t --$ -
i Ba 1 .. ..T R
tera Mil or, 'by an 'V--ein
agai a, "ye ''s'm ,'.' "-

Amp blo.;-b
""~~~ M' I I-
to to m. ...m
and Fil LIM _.. .P ...
fo .m .i -

d. A911,) I A~ Di.e Freohi M1e isl anl~ ro orll ei I

"ra '- "LI Ind.,
w can No -Ms. 31 .......v
410r way cl-as,...s....

2 -
-" -V .. .

... ..." ......,.A.
- + IR-
.-':..- ..-. .:+ .;:-: : -:-AC +

r. '


il.*'^ W m l "' '' '+ + :1 +1 I

IEfl---t ;' .*'. -o n JI...-L ._-<.--' V '-:

I '' .. .
- mW.Fultau, uabmber one diseus thrower au 'Iheittir at Bal-
baNI honored recenUy by belng eleEt1il elaw of the
0 54 B -track team. Jim will haye hig .s1hll InM his
iet the Relays when he comnetes. aist the -best in
Sthe Canal Zone.


rt *hown here taklha a bfji hbv
ra rmt meet, wi tll. entratte otf htelftv is'
reyay. Oris t detendltin Inte'rt"oett Li
ow stieks, and willo be atl- bat
'^ ,- ''- '* --* .

te known for his base-
&,. y.ft.x X .Na-
-* wino mta Ilk the
f BRhbesttiuas of S.
and X2J for the
SR pt atp h eorqa a r field
s '; an he will be a. big

E. -

:.; '; i +.' '.

7 ,.. .k

,'., .
IM '

-.. / / -
E. D ", **



- .. .,
a four lImftyor ung laa lesu these.
i a Gy OaerMon.-ad lJseDBella. 1
SBelaSypM, and along wth the other three .trlmb
the aerys.

Ot "

J;.,-. .: w

i l.+.,m,;J-:4 +,I "S

S~. ~ *.' -
4w. m ~eE~
,~ilaure. q*Pui ~

*55 C -.5 I ~

sprinters who,wil play an Imporia"l a. n .the defend-
mples,' plans for the Relays are B- b tmbado, Karl
Beob Lincoln, Iutry Keene. Cesar .Ve areM and Al

= =* I


* .. .'

, .-- -L ,-

Two nat the leat lema
In iales tuge oare

as 41

.. .." -~ S -, PS .i, '. a -5 *u "

S -- ... "-
% -, el+. -' -.. -. p 96 h

' ... (: t, *" .
.-,+ ,..~A =b M4.V O.. .' "

7- ,.+.,. i,: +'awli

It -~

S". .. .P "- A.rt
. .- .+ .+, -- .... .+,,, .. +c ^.. .. -

;-+ .^L 5. T.l


_, ." ..t
( '^,

t Us .,- a ft.f, *" 4
Cala. 3^4in7, A
the ,Caua. Zaen. #ak .. 4 ,
noe fuas will be at sbal
stadium fqr tb e-. lftfh n-.-
VI eoft ther- Mi Md
by the Stat 3 h i osft .01
a al Bih Se Ial. S-a
The. annaul ewna s w ^s
origtated and dby aI"
Coach bohn Faweet wtan h
the app .vlof mF h
EdMtiuen and
Bacnh f the -
alon ham beam mt 'the
C. 2.' Shools a 0 .
Each year bil OiI.. tL ,
R)aYs grew bf'a b-.
rer and tblh e Cte1 fth P l'
FIrld elvents wM .tdrlti +.1t
p.m., but the fal et"MAI
ceremony wWill se i h lU

Designed prtimrly to gise an
14 ditioni fort..-. ., track
mieet to the itfaed etln
In the U.S. rate the
Relays have ex7B In-
elude Armbd r e9i, luir,
hfql. and Aeintalty bbolh .
he 1950- and 11 yay were
run on an indlvlduat baasi, but -
hn 1952 team con*epttipn a 's
added and inqidentally, a great
deal more 4ptstpor'and eompe :
titve interim. '
Seventeen events new cons- One. *qeW t
titute the program, wfth 1 of soe 1 at BLS, T
them counting In the team i, .In. and will
scores. The arme Pe he 0yard-.
dash, 120-yd. high hurde e-e.,r an ,
yd, low hurdles, mile r 40 f!' The"""e an
yd, relay. 88 yd. relay, mMe. V .e n. A-mh on,
gy. mele^ 1o1? 65 ^!^mie of:11NOrS platt

.;?.-A. *345
S ~ ***


4r .lU-



" .


. .. -

FA .- ,

~ ~nr.l

s~L~f'rr-- -a~-

I I ..

*<.+: =

* ~ ~3.3 3* .~

. ". -;' < ".I. .' *p


. .. < .* .. a. V
'. *, ,' 4 r-.' t ."--'WIMW I' "Ji




9teW* bo* woo ,l t,
bonad for bo ~:a paste; tm b
Toma W..,S wM 'b mter"a., to
,am and : ."ap a. aft
below fov r oama

papcs to .e -'
For body. past diap :a t ig thinU .
board: cut out body e.aeuo air pe (bllag

liug A

an1 d,.ed JiONes inmate fds.a
.as Indl ated on edh
dt aide to lojia as. Oontlnue to
make folds an dotted Unenaindicate. .
Iniert tabs in allta provided. Faatek with tape.
Paste or fasten other tabs witht 4 0jt r. ape as
Dcear.y. .. .' ,--
Fasten body to frame with ta d pa=.
Cut out and paste wheel dislgh to thlr ma.
trial. Use tck or acurti t p twPi ase
wheels to frame. .
Accessory addition-st wheel, spare .
etc.-are left to the imnatn a ,

How Welf Cn .W..

T ERE'D be
little use for
adding machines
if everyone could
add methodically.
quickly and cor-
rectly. How well
can you add? i |
When numbers 1
through 25. bol 'th |
Inclusive, dot 7
shown In this ar-
rangement, a re
Inserted in open
qua.wes, the total
of each horitostal and vertical row of ave squases
should add to 65. That Is. It will behind a magic
square. See how long it takes you to complete the
$athmetic. '
'aI "i "0 :ao J moN og '1o 01 'tt, p 'Pt :,oJ
qnot LT V "'I t ; 1 0.1 L "Irj 91_ C "1i :*0
pOO r 'a I :It J oiJtoJq de i m.PI

Solve a CluteDoodk

By D. K.
WoodmHs n-
other musiel
doodle but it i
strictly no of the
long-har variety.
The concealed o /
ject is very popu-
lar on a world-
famous Island --- --*
beach but It's a v
lot of fun at any
With this broad
clue you should
Apd it easy to
draw the solution even though we've made it extra
tricky. Draw a continuous line that eoasse ONCE
only six of the straight lined. And do not cross or
touch the circle!


. 3



uJp L

WTNATON, Mr. David and
Mr. Loas each ha a ame
whbos frt asme las the ame as
his. last name. The sons are all
protfeMunals, one belag a college
profeor. on e a dentist and one
an englawnm rom the fallow-
ing facts see If you can deter-
mine the occupation of each aon.
1. Mr. DaW' sona plays bridge
with the dentist ocaelomlly.
2. The profeeor and Mr. Stanp
Lon live in BoatoLm.
3. Mr. DaVid lve haplf way be-
tween Boston and Mnheapolls.
4. The einteer lives half way
between Mr. David and the
L The dentist lives In Min-
&. The man who live nearest
to the engineer Ia a year older
than the engineer's father and
this man's son recently had a
tooth filled by the dentist.
-dJoad e100 jus *PI*Ga piA3C
In oa u *Au iNt m (9) .aquij
-jai1wq WsVa u g *"am "
-. i1s a[t sum .PMINP q "

e o q p e uMloO pnoe q u
Itn .. 6M 1 0 PM ep a) PB9
*I ..ana euss 30 5 MOM wI-" oqa
sa- .eu "(g) pSi (I) .13Euaniu
-)lmq -Anl ounqe uqi rusp..s

Word Aklnmy
PR thie puzle the letters of
the flirt and last names of a
popular entertainer have been
numbered from 1 through 13.
Find out who the star sa.
Letters 1, 2 are a mstcky sub-
4, 8, Is are a arde tool.
9,6, 5, are sa O d
11, Is are a m a9 dinner.
-mAUa Mnuuv

1.1" I .S S I



02 0



t .q

.22, EMM C.'4.KIMAK

T =Master bunny has his eye on somsthong pretty. What is it ?
Sere's a clRue It'as much a herald of Easter and spring as a
new bonnet or the buny hbmaslf. To ideUtify it, draw a continuous
line from dot 1 o dot 22. Afterwards, color the picture appropriately
with colored pencil or crayonL.
R EAD aloud rapidly without error: -
Chop elipped coaee OCaps.
-b- -* O -

y quaslieiikly.

r is to Be
e t beLo- m -

ale"a, hea Mtlt a e
gd Mat Iis dor .
*" V1 Sat oi be
ts lnto her Mw-
I "aster O fst-t
ant that's not all.
S 8e's also eager
to at am a model
for mother who
wiA tP try a
hand at deftging .
Clothe for their
youngstert. B3 I
slater may be in-
tereatpd, too.
(It's one way to
determine if you
have an aptitude
for creative de-

Step 1: Color
the doll ahd
clothes with col-
ored pencils or

Stop I Cout
around outlines
carefully. (Do
not out off cos-
tume tabs.)
Step 81 Paste
Joll to cardboard
or wrapplany pa- l
r. Prese in a nbok until dryr.

dep Ax ilothes. Magcian Your Dish

Girl Friends ,
N the spring a yousg ane sense of balance T?
fancy turn s. etc., revealingGueasts ay think,
whom girl friend be whoe. How seo after seeing
many of the following girt you perform this
friend, real and fictional, can trick.
you identify? Place a cork tin
L JuiEt wM .the S. of --? ED ordinary Cat.-
uqp or snodaW.-
3. ra waatheg. f. ---? ti'e.L Drive a
L Gulaevere of stra'sIght pin,
point down, Into
4. Can of .-. the cork. Take
Port of --? four more corks
f a T in their asides
T. Clleo Utra of ---T close to the ends.
Prbiola MulU Of P-- Hang thi orko
9. Wvaoageifof T, adfo about
10* BS ella of T the e 0= of a
10. a 'dle of 1 --? Plate as fllustrat.

* 0'ei"AS-M *wm s T- W place the plate atop the pin and have It balance
preoarloualy but firmly thereon.
-Fun Blocks I Practice oree times before performing before
I a a udieceo. It's beat totbee an old plate. of course.

By aes C0.

objectt of
SrunmBocks la
to recatstruct
key words from
clues csntat ed in
the words them.
selves. Words yo
are to Bnd appear
arose the tps of
the blocks, every
other letter In
cqpy all of the
letter now show-
Ing in the empty
spaces of their
respective verti-.
cal rows. Then.
you form new
short words by
trial and error
until you have
found all the
missing letters.
*A mun q
*M Mson spJOA
tnoe~mo 51 3r.j0*

Igi IAI InT 1

aSolution eulewere on me pa"e. "" *U *", ap *_oq -- hll eearehed s1ty abels. U *O.,1 UB *-iiao ,

A Newsstand for Paper Sawrs
iz (rossweD ~ith Wisdom from the IHibkd
.t^ EL F- n I^ N>5_____

uilRJW'8 no rason why any
A one can't ,w hIs own .dwa
stand-the kind we have inmind
howm above. ThIs one's a dead
Sae for old paper ad periodical
and can contribute hinmeesurabl
to cemar ordedrinas.
S* lWsmabfid tass, as emand/4-
bal slumber as shown above, o
may e nprovised from avail
a semaps.
One way to put it together I
to spike boripoantl and upright
Sples first. Dlewaaps can be
suaip marked for. Auttin pur
poses by trunln tames ama i
sad holding 8/4 .pleas n plae

s wtallyr aen aw boare stack
lag paPes.

By cteese ShOOer
I-Row many men went up to
the temple to pray? (Luke
4-Baduer-like animal.
9-A whae swallowed him.

2l-C'or ttlve of either.

b.: f combr for
S oncompelled to
bear to Oo ? (Mt.aL r3)
T-Who wi when I e
unto "T (Pa. 4:3)
h (GeM. 10:6)
31- pla
38.* of garm-plasm.
- _-Gmmin .
36 O of David's mihty nien

bw husband (Gen 38:8)
E combform.

-- et

spolllig of
4-What is the iht book of
the 01 Taestaeiat

6--Brother of Alexader (Mark 0-Londonas foreln quarter. 57-EnUces.
S1:21) -Movable barrier. 50-Garden flower.
8.-Unamccmanied. --What ftndly wllstkln? <1 60b4flI
70-4A onf D i (Ezra 10:34) Sa. 1 ) -P
71- WrStl ---Wlth what did the ointment 63-The heart.
T- -Af AilU the house? (John 12:3) 04-The turmerib
S. -This word Is found 71 es e --Cunning.
,A -i"n t the Book of JPsam Ct 7-Note In the scale.
VERTIAn L 4:2) *-Gulf tate (abbr.)

It's Your Move


W rsrarw generosity m surren-
dering checkers to Black la
nothing more than a blind- to lull
the enemy. White, moving up
board, explodes a tactical buss
bomb and putsU Iaelf in position
to w ton five moves. Can you
plot White's strategy ?

sa el*- :I-, i :*ei

o-mwum reourI aSoLum


& Al


;TW '

. I



- Qipo-Gram
d H[ punch line of this quip Is
S in the tort of a .mabtltutlon
Scryptogam. Can you dec ph t?
reingpoem:ls shng ya
. Oryftag. WhyT"
r Teg broMel M aSVmU q


In the aboe it l
*to iame tha~Ft -I s.% f





- -- -~----- ~~-

-- -~-- ;- ---

" t,'

m t ,6






.1 *


'.. I *.

?- ,

S"[. ;. :

: ,.. .., : ;--... ^ .;., : ..:.'.-
~~~* J 1 **, ," / -, -. .' "
.. .- M. Wr ...,
S a .7

-i 7;-




,lUKE MOTHERS EVERYWHERE, Mrs. Samuel Daguillo breaks down and weeps with re-
fei when her three-year-old son, Sammy, was returned to her and her husband after
-a 13Ahour search by 300 volunteers. The Albany, N. Y., boy was found in woods nearby.

tries her hand-and fete B*,Oti
which was the rage of .the ?iw f
a role in a feature m.wtOa eft t l*

4 ,-'4

u a depordt" to the account olf ohnu
: with his mother and nurse, Mary Ltier,.
6 replenish the bank which has kept Johnny
ctaeofon characterized by profuse bleeding

.... ... : ;. ,. ** .*'./" *
". ..:i ;. .' ';. ; "' '
. .'.. t '. i r ., r
''"7: SI.

S. :, .. .. .. .* : .. ..: .
,. i" :', 'f .- *..*-,
* *- r *"s .. ; ;:
- .-;" '.i. : -* "' 'i
-' .-..
"'- E" t.
.. ..

: I

1,2& 4 $J

1~ ,i,5.,
~ ,-.

SHUMS ONE GAL who rei "d 't i hae'* th inli to'. mr;', (unless you include her
built-in fur coat). Ivy. the London u"s,.polar bear, wnts to kvep uP with the rest
of the girls in the Easter parade o sM' f _tyikn. out.' bonnet made from a wire basket
S(tdp). But, thinking it over. sl we If Itw.yli4 be in style (bottom). Think so?

'A POOR YORICK," mlght
d mpbi 1s saying hertz aud4
after 200 years at iprt'yijlhnm
N. Y. Skul Was fou .nd a.. j


2arm ovd

~ll fsy R "im.'s rahl roahd locomotives and huge cannon, .can bp 0Mft
LF1 ,.Sui,%.t* ZBVSS Bmtrom heaviest lift ship in the UnitedState.
...andS a p.' a, d is -- rooklyn -Navy -"
Here a 13-54M let aleSWplat=s and girders, is being lowered atBrolnNv1c

GRANT fA plae geat m i. toll a gii, this spring at' Los Angeles' -H ,
Sh.w* s ofl :i orm colorful pageant at te 1954
International. t.&it ds,.daffodils and tulips and landscaped a
,AVi' encuit ate *antijgs by Winston Churchill and othetL

act 7 P


a Prsir A exhrbf. *AMI

- W A- -k

ZeA dh LAin Las A- sll

.- .,_ ,, .. ,:..p. ,. ^ -" :,

* ~4. .C. -

.4~L *1- -



. ..

. ..W.- ..: .C
*. ,. ..;.,., ,;
* .. -. .-' ..
4.., .;AJ<-
3 -^ --..*




*I .I:

m f. m



-' -;.X=





ii:'l -


_ ...


S- Pwf


r *- *"

I ..' ~;- ..s.~.

,j.,.,.1 *

w I-** 1i'.
-*" WrL. *

V -..~

-N ~


S '

.. ., ..-
. "

** *.-

* it.


*~4 ;



~i -. t

- J

,-AMPS'L4.^ .' .I


'* '

' ": : _:


, .

qg, U

wrho ian Joy.j d phi
"ydrogen blats -
civil servantsof the AAt
I whenUttse-. -,-.
jiulti Mew AJeny,wy

no good t! ir lot of e oont ahis J08 '04 for7
nese fishermeann the far Pacific. o

ba the PAcftiI by no means Li2Ie ravinor
Jzydrogen bg=nes. IS
Probably won't be tWe end of it either, so it seems
No one would wsr b to be too much di-
credited by any flashA -I advre pg g. S
sand. ydregn, with Its stalw, ooo en, Ja e- t
WS' akings o he fl water. Ae watAdr 91 Wraced a
the mSakIns or ao i notl and wter. .
Wno would want hydrqgen to be uhderrate. teire-
fore? f .
Well, among ee nwho would appear 4 prefer a
little lead overrating of JydrOgen are Prerom In .-. .
dla Jawahaflal Nenru, and a Toolerous bant of the V% JonmnI
ttseh Labor party In the House of Comig s. They here or
oo't seem to wish to make light of 'thd Ulghest of vice.pliW, n

Nehru, often suspected of wolline, may be c eon M d la St Wel
fuing hydrogen wit the Uightest of elephants, rae
aelemetsa, for e ants are quite common he was at one
India. But pending" M At W blnto elarfltican relation at ,
,f the nature of the k s po0ii
ont being much canvassed, except right here and now. Alth no
ad, it sl, for all concerned. I. yetbeen an
o -- i retirq ,Nn
ome time along the the Russian ot .
fred to joln the North l Treaty itla. umot
a band of battle-worthy brethren cone ely a f
with keepln Rusala m check. -, % th',
The offer was rejetod with some rapidity Wa. t
Ington and Lon. for this aplf ae not stated
so clear. the net three,
After all, who should be able to kbep a better dchek A Pne"ft
n than lRusa? However seems there wae- setter', lost a
auo ou aladncerity in ;k move. TLh. teb,. ment ftor W
What manner of 4diamutlg age le this w Ve ve in? mobile adn
The tfed betwe Sen. JaephR. MCrthy (R-W ) The plattiff,.
and the United States Army, war or less be. broken i th 6
calmed during the week, except for the Army dfe.ans- ted sb i
ing that Arm's one-Ume near-chief gumsoe aOrft" r*e".
0. David Behlae wa no sort of a kum hos at all. for Vf
Army purp anyway, and had better remain Just ah

Schine's the draftee whose former confederate in j"whiP&
McCarthy gumahoeng. Roy Cohn. la aocdsed of de.o I'.- for
handing preferential Army treatment St ,
COhn add McCarthy, in turn, declare that the Army hit i theigl
offered preferential treatment for tchine a hgld the window of a
S McCarthy Investigators -turn the hat on tw Navy T
and the Air Force for a change Tw
All this matter is to be resolved in a showdown in- early last wek
qury some ntme this month. ter of a PSam
-- wwas ltW oaths
Only creditable thing more oaesq agreed upon at horset nfl th
this tge ot t urgid affair s tait dube a B M B
couple ox rather curious deferamen Jag P u. Se .nt <
abdr yrivati, tn wrcs there
anon moua a dt"a-tao-n.
In Indocbnth e k battle wMd aien Phu a ftag*b
ed unabated. Theu VYetnb forces had there PIt 0
at lara been draw t Jtleand the Frenca aid measure.
defenders of thO outpOt, outnumber-
ed by an eatimeted four to one. i to be man-
ing a better a"Itmore enf0deblt Jo- thte battle thqn
they had don t seven yea hit and rep jungle
warfare which preceded It .
Today the Dian'en Phu battlqremalns undelcided.
The Fre V impltely surreOnded. are sore
presks aed.t handbg Il put p asent. Ik .l
ot"tae. le4 e take .
ayde tis te4t or' pnshment. eieda euu-f
Sb take.., r.. F. .' .-
bhOuld bi B;tar wt! not be over.
IWO.. h.&,,11.9. "&. 16~- 1 ., -1--

re or dami

an ,affl bit



" ', "'* ." ,r ill'
." '. .,-.- -.- .;
I .-.:.,-, a.

-~ A

- '..; "- .
.44 -

L i..

, ; : *

S .. ,- : .. ;' ..
.> ;-' .
-' II. &
.. "" <

"- '
L~.6 *'* ,

U,. -

p4 .
41"4- t

belt, -~ ~ A


. ,

. U,




w y .*.-*, ,*."' .
. ," *-. ., ; ,, ,* ."

e.. r. .*ea he sold hi a b -
e :- ,"9 -*

I t y- utAtt ad

Little bullets were lea-4 the k
eun t over e100 n et per ahi It'- noter freak ox
Sor Tet

hem ."nlhe bad almphy igonx to wadlt- t l&
lhatit we'd been efirat pia thed one ot your

l. little bullet whe partle- ea me of hole
M un at over 4100 feet d.It's smother freak of

Imb afTes. t t...g te bad simply s avlnit-oa

,-,It with ee Shot we'd ue from a '
"-hapa So e t t fomba t i2 hl th-eme
pt. 'fl emumwhen hatwt*-iueed puzicbe more of aholIn
ular bullets wtoe steel every time.




A. -..pmb q.Q Clg..'

*,-L 7 -

* FT.,

,- ...A* ...u 'R a,... .: .



' r im

I7F t.-1i f^i-[-.i-_ -r S'**" MBr ''- a
I, ..4.- 1- -. .-

Ii I

T-",.'. n.. 4 ,.._-,INVI. -

:I44p Tj1 f.r'I[' '

s ee

m V

ft15 Its t
Ir -~ .3% -- -u -%irfl?^
"i Jjra, i ,

[ i 1 ll I i 1 I I I^.-
mmI If. J, If li zir 'zlz ~

swan note
10 -Funernl
tree of
* pole
ing oven
.45--- aivirp
47- r Temale

of ear
52 -Compact
54-At no
of an
in relief
to pihe.
80-Ridge of
89- Idiot
of coat
96-Piece of

of step
100-Sign of
layer over
1 10--Vehicle
111-Of a
115-Kind of
cloth -
11t-Extra 'a-
121 -Charae-
127- River in
128-Tree of
129 --Level
by Zeus
132 -Ingredi-
ent of
113 -peruse

3- Part of
3-Title of
address to
and turn
4-Sha p
i tion
12-In excess
13--Of the
16-Of grand.
32-- Line the
side of
a root
34- Ake

41-Bar for
rali ng
47-I eniale
49- Repulse
53-Hold back
56-Aet of
68- Exerelse
70 -Kindness
72 -Of enor-
74-Man of
75- -Musical
76 (Complete
and blue

T9 Store-
82 -CIvet
83 -in the
86- Printing
88-- Color of
91- Island in
93. Nes-
97- PFrenli
99--Stoiit .(Orll
o101 B.1.1
103 Austra-

105 -Draw off
106.- Hugcr
11,-s:!' are
II1-An i
112-- Qiir' .ie
114- P..'
116 ;F:..v
117 N.I Hi
318 -er

119' .\!..ri
122 -Itt.'
124- BI8... 1


% -

$qItifln~ Phi/ku!
fls~1sa lila.' m.1~~& 011k SifIbSta -
Welt-net an~ ~mf qujs be ms.'
.~rr ~fl Mm 'tine UKP uew~..

:~'~ -..44

L :- :

For the Best in Fates & Features

... Its The -Snd Amer;can

_~ f A_ i s~~q~7r~L.-rarr

e-_mw. -0 ,ew.6k.-



4,. .

- Va.

. ,- ..-* -S.

I *.'



I :, A.

I .


r, "1q"







-TH C -A-TS I --- -,

.. J~.Lq~ f*

* .~... -

] ,,

-,~ -.~

rom The ew York Times "

The locusts sing /'
A tune of radfe; the twilight ugatt
lenauditce tac uahsandj mmad,
Aan iaenittent offering,
Between the sky and ground.

LaUe afd then
The emptiness.of things that come,
Move as a robber and steal afar
Into the honeyed sweetess, when
The sun becomes a sear.

S. -~,

By Calbri

'Please don't remains this Cltrk hew the greOe usr d t
give you a sack of candy when the bill was palid--k n
of us is as old as that!"

Here% Iti find solution to Sunday Crosword Puuo
aie No 526. published today.
AnAwer for Bunday. Feb. 21, Cryptequip: PROUD

C .. *


I' '


Pearson s Merry G -Round
WASHINGTON Ambassador to Rassian primers deaared by til -f tke. that we anomt ataord to
Modcow Chkrues Bohlen has sent Germans. has SVtr te o have ebee is sonm
the State D prtment a signifleant evidase to show. tt -3; u, aod* L a*L a firm
cable reading the political re- tmeun tr e si ra that there
percussion the ayde- mde to the Nasi Dotr
Sembomb explosion t he Paci et t a m do your
The almost unbeHe able power Army b ecaue thr eArtr. **As
of this latest test, Bol Cealieves with te Comnm a I' wl you lack."
Is probably the reason fo Premer ylookedto Germany
Malenkov's unprecedented t- tiLtd M
meat werl ainst war. For the -
first timethe Kreman publicly MNNO ST I UIM1AN 1 QAT fli e leon .dise-P tH E-
went on record with a warning a
that tar would mean the desttuc- Joh Foster Du. hi
tion of Russia as well as eivilia. In Suffalo on Ag,. 2 take ve-
tion. the t b't
-Ambassador Bohlen believes the rvt is
aboit the am.o ing results of the stole mt*es& gladow aao
Paelfic H-bomb test before MNlea- eagcy alea ..
kov made ta statement. Russian Prd
eiger counters had had nine days. e aa,. ,tIWO. .. ., .. a tad
to tockup radioactive evida of os to w t a ait e
e blast, a md must have measured the people
its feerocLus force, .. d t l
Faced with this grim fact, Malen- D a too
.4 ko decided to speak out and wan Yet C. D. JackYns tt* Plk- A&
the Russian people, and Bohlen deanmt's chiloglWal wufatnw ex-t e least -ae
leleve this ma ly the tip-off that pert who tried for on- YW t A. '.. whig g cef'.
the Krem is finally ready to be boththe Wbi ltbfe aa a ion
more co story about control of Departkeat I a. ..
hydrogen-atomic energy. lg this we k. He .is A
good terms wttk gets has id Abo-
OUL 85CIET ALLIES ness reaoms, uAt he to sandM Care La ce
Sfriends-lattbe Jp. w I take asum to smash the Coin-
Ambassador Bohlen's report high. Never i t Party la Italy.
lights one of the most serious omis- blast h A.
sians of the Eisenhower adminis- be the opeiag the peo- T PONRS
tratiow and of the Alerlean public. Dipe -ha bees wal far -
owa domestic problems, as busy rta be to A Is eeretly
worryIng about McCarthy's alleged asr -ers wih the full- pobe t the
spies under the desk of every br- .erected for m d only acd a teca.
eaverat that we have neglected reason that Coinm fears cn- eere* s u WJ I-
crucial opportunities in the Sev- tacts with the sde world. l
4nt Uniou. A trety with r
Stalin died-nla itself a heasesoast worth *e aar -t'a itten i aae
opportunity to drive a wee But with to ea- aa d doc
tween the Russian people ad the alian people gqe over tae t btet machery
Kremlin ulgeie Lke, one heads of the remin, enould brag ite el- etd
best American e ea a a permanent peace. bete me r
reports n his b "Oure ind S M l
l that eve e avA r F e
,e 3etI" Mll be e. owua. a. O bx .. ... e ..
il's death hasb i m p i- cal atjaWe ate
tying the restfes s peop he e hope that
The execution of MaIshal oriam; g a eIhns wihihs It, haaslu
the purges in Georgia, the Ukraine frJe Mar.
and Kazakstan: the riots In East leavg l ii to aeeral
Germany; unrest in Czechoolovaklq a weQ ua* wa rme-ti
and Poland ll bear this out. for a vote half thMir
"Our secret allie" ays Lyos tax mh h ady time a taf
are the Russian Idk s the Wite House to each oaer h ir
My own observat and those i p Ctt their o
of scores of US. an d"Iea IJuat want to pay .ay kespects, beks. SWM a thw `IAh'-
7f Nu, a

.i~ ..~

f '


0 II


9nC .m

_ 1 __ 1


"" .: .- : -

-- -- -* : "
;jl. ,*!* ;.* .' ..*-. *W I1 "1 ." "q" !

a-:." -1 .
r .^<^. .-.. .- ?

.- V' .a -'- '
i.'" 1 .-. "f;..,^^- ''" tf'" "
..X,.. o *, .i : .t-^ --., ,
R i 1" '-* i
:;t -*. % ..i']-.' ^ -.i..l*-,,-- i". --..I i ]?
*^ ,l ^,.** -t i '' *;

j~y *,- ^ .-vwl ^' tl'f *



.*: .-



-.t ". 4 -!!.
-.4' ii ;-' -'


.4KV ~ J

*_l-.. .

ta bid

VS a M

a pU

TYoe. kbuwr the aB ."Why bhi ydader.The i ge tu

A .:tjdrie aounteright. Tmto' 'o btW e SA=Oatw
"GMsin" s ay. Pbe can do avera fae t f...
the trick for a mere $250 to $30. Each year some of up flunk our
You agree. A truck comes to hail physical due to accidents illness
away the stuff. Then, according to or natural deterioration. We can't
thexpert Albert Rota, leader qf prevent that, buh we can do some-
the Cipago Uphalpterers Unlog, thing about.' J,
the truckers either seH or Junk the -
old furniture. A week later they re- Most of the Bastern emtertajnmeot
turn with tff Which retails be- unions plan to open war on eetriUo
tweet .50 and SITS but looks like and bhis musicians In the next few
1- tkl dfurniture. Teks. Cal.M he's taking .their
hbe housewife is out her good ft- members h..
nature and considerate money. Walter Reuther and Geor
The "salsmanM wso work out of Mosmy wil ld CIO and AL
a smaU & 0ee. has, upholt t an e enferece mm Wian
shop. Annd e makes an easy (ajM f m es di$lI--,,mM
or t a week with 10 such a
"sa Ladies beware, ob Aod t "d d
_- -AprlMIVM"nol a sort ad
,BMeader House Sd-Committee mobile see4 a lo aJM
hli dek Mive invaded so*s~ ev and td
mhoaot acres of Co4gressmem a
ev dery lt the O eali's retal e B to sget aroes the CIO
to date o app rate $lUS -r proam.
M far4 thereof for the pre tIt..- ---
S D unions, tr to solve the
--$nVo s IGnI the
For the firs ti Is OM s.b Netherlands, have opened a dGa-
toe. wert _ohttn'auc midhuuttuk factory in Amster.
w~HI two Ua d management
tues about 1a he a row bre, e sure can let
teroint"f wll ean1 a t se 4 .a they1sd may.
Cohrmoba Pleae-and w Fil have NIlther skoi c-g lose.

Them rvu tl quic.


YOU dwlLaie .t -

h- mi w'ai
usSolp... WIN*
M 4 -ai-


r .

vewy mb e. e9 y wOek every .w y-
4p -aw S *. I Po p*cu s P

^*^^ 1..~a* .- :- .-S


a product or your imagina.monf?
eebt s ped: "I h I were
that inventive!"
Howey's magnificent Ingenuity
ws r. e par with his intense ep-
tbs'aim r the craft. He was
mab, however, that newpapen
aFe ia e c u its. The
uarians oan meritage
must opeate the bpss o eal
..t_,a beps_ be sef-spoet
pw ,_=fl .w heZdw to ede
e rse gave lx m to boot
= per's eealaio by U0A. He
a yothe dald inrease ln .ix

Howey's youthful passion for

S ,
.4 .-, :-- ..

., amui

6.. ..

aefwps the appreelnth
d as psb:

Am stalogy Utlel
Slrt" was.euinned by -

given mre to the rteetlh thex
epe to get from reader.'
MBwey did more than was ex-
ted of Bi. hs e eopplished
in m-than mos.t smen and will
be ,mmBiremr. Books will
be written about a.u-becaute he
iWA wn i of e lgtgt editors.
Flah Editor wy is Now in
Heaven Raising Hell.
Attm Rmayem ca m C atessala :
Add Primes for the RRmyon FunR
CotAst: On "Why I Could Never
BeOA Red!" (Under 0SO words). En-
close $1 with each entry (as many
letters are you like), send letters
to WW Box N.Y., zone 36 ...
Contest ends Midlghi. May 3rd.
st Prize: A CadUa Elderdo
Convertible (value V000) ... ad
Prize: A Kaiser Darrin sports spe-
cial (white with red seats) value:
5,7=. ... Howard Refrigerstor
(dp reezer), value: 5M ...
Wek vacations (via TWA or East.
era ArlNmes) at Hotel Astor (N.Y.),
Rosy-Plaa, (Miami Beach), Hote
Ambuad (Los Angelea) ber
Ibn (LW Vegas, Boes Ra Club
(Boee-RatelL Fla.), Daytol Hotel
(D3oaRatmF .. Beach), Shoreham
SU leL Hotel, (Wahington) Do
d Hotel (Miami Beach), ElUnor
Village (Ormond Beach. Fla.),
Bejamin Franklin Hotel (Phila ,
(Henry Hudson Hotel (N.Y.), Hotel

ders P" a^^~y
M nhweeks) of Grnd Duchess trxeae
t v ateeaks, value: W... PveF
rsb2 C from Bycle Club Se
America, 1 from A.O. Plus and 1
e you ohe fom Searq Roebuck, COrbas, Vea.

" One thousand gals. of ga. for the
winner of the 1st Prize from Albert
Mavy, BanMville Cmties Service.
Value: O ... 75 Eagle Prisma.
solar Art Sets (for elidren) ..
Dosm caaes of Spirmff Vodka ...
Asiugh candy for a year from
Fanny Farmer Candy shops ...
Two Wino walking and talking
dola ($75 each) from Advance Do=
Co. .... A suit from Phil Kron-
feol's store (Bway & dAth) value:
s25 ... Bedroom suite by'Ameri-
can of Martinsville, W. Va....
Serbin Sport C (far ladies or
cents) froiem Miami Beabch
... A job in the chorus at the
Cops ... A seats to the Champion-
ship Fight (Mardano-Charles) ...
Two seats to the Kentucky Derby
... Complete wardrobe of boys
clothing from Cbpe and Tw ...
Man's wardrobe bom Ripley'a ...
Children's dressed from Tiny Town
Togs ... iMve girls coats (sIze 2
'to 12) fro Coatcraft Classies ...
Dancing lessons at Arthur Mur-
ray's ... Complete Fishing Outfit
from Old i'al Fishing Goods (S.H.
Schultz Wiles-Barre, Pa.) ... A
complete set of Mirr.O-Lure arti-
fical fishing flies (from LAS Bait
Co.) ... I $5 worth of Resistol
Hats ... Baseball outfit (or fishing
eqipmen:) from JA. Shultz, 122
Naau, N.Y.C. .... A lifetime
supply of Springmald bed sheets
from 5T*ug Mills. Inc. ... 100
Barong 8gres (custom fitted to
the winner), plus $1,000 an cash to
help pay the taxes on the cars ...
Sseason passes to the Guffatream
rin Club (Palm Beah) ... A
week a vacation at the swanky La
Coquille Club (Palm Beach) ...
Four World Series box seats for
entire series with hotel accommo-
dations ... Be a guest .of Met
Allen in his booth at a Yankee
ballgame, etc. ... Value of Prizes:
Over S0,00n.

Peter Edson In Washington

minMsler of Intern Revenue T.
Coleman Andrews.. paid his own
federal income tax all right on
Maib 15. but he admits he sure
let himself et caug o his Vir-
gnia, state income tax.
In ins home town of Richmond,
Va., Commissioner Andrews runs
his private ce.-tified public ae-
Siminess on a fiseil year
basis Sept 30. Under Vir-
gs law, he as four mainths after
thaldate in whiek to file his state
income tax return.
Ir the greater rush of handuag
the U. government's Jan. 15
tax collections for 1S, Commil-
sisi. Abdrews allowed the Vir-
ElaiW doaw- ne of Jan. 3F to slip by

When the senator developed lar-
yngtle ann high fever on his reeost
speaking trips, a few of his fends
fear hoe might be cracking ur.
Curiously enough, some of the s-
ator's opponents also fear that he
might have a nervous breakdown.
It-would not oly get hi out of
his troubles. It would lIso make
him a martyr.
There's a rising wave oft stn
among top Army officers tat ll
tightened. Manye. als.
ly vondema the e B o- o= ff.

Slleges with the hiler tuitions.
Present law g the veteran a
lans sman smth to sad on
hi ednuatiULTh forces vets
to" earo i n. Ue lowest ition
schools thw ean find, says the
U. Sc of Rducation bucks
the' Springer charge with figures
to wove that Korean vets ave
dmose the more expensive schools
is j about the same proportion
as nonets.
r.i a u ape for the .,e-se

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fortu" trhu ."
Panama a from Ganiboa to
Balboa aahd the ferry Pres-
dente Porrn.
Por some it was thq first time
afloat on the chaatml of the
great waterwayin whlc t 1 y
dso esential a parn. A usoas
of onm(eu with the accom I
pliahed Pro.ct a fens of
personal pirtcipatlon in the
creat e slgeering triumph was
,evident In matches of oonyatra-
tion overheard.
?or nearly all the old timers it
imay be. their last transit of the
panama Canal.
One thing was certain the
.trip was thoroughly enjoyed by
all. Some sat in silent contem-
Vlatlon and let memories of "the
old days" sp before their mind's
eye as the banks of the Pana-
'ma Canal glided past their phys-* '
Ical vision.
Others chattered incessantly
as If trying to make up -In i.
few hours for the years of ab-
sence from old friends, former
.associates and one-time neigh.
bors. The hum. of constant
greetings and conversation pre.-
cded-thee ferry all the way from
Oambos to Balboa.
SFrom the time the train with
ample coaches left Balboa
Heights station, the old timers
weer comfortable. It was just a
few steps from train to ferry at
'Plenty of chairs in sun or
shade, top deck or main deck A
front or back, awaited the old
1Iners. A loud speaker system
Snabled tour spielerss" Barney
frlow and Max Hart to tell "all
Sbout the Panama Canal I" They
,earned a rew new facts from
rleadly hecklers.
And over this same public ad '
dress system, scores of old tim- .
era spoke to the group as they
were presented from time Io .HAVE A PLEASAN*VllT., Said the boys at Miraflloes Ctrol Tower.
time. Governor John S. Beybold
and Dr. Thomas R. Goethals-- known as spules, were sons of
"the Colonel's son"--started the old timers.
ball rolling with informal re-. En route thrui* the two ets
marks and it never stopped.! of locks and across Miraft~r
Free beeages were part of Lake as well ahe chan. -
the treat for the old timers wbqh nel frozVGamba olkas .
time after time commented fa *each oiher ovep ti ferry,
voraby and appreciatively and West Indla eg tion abo
gratefVllv on the wonderful re- Included man W timert
obotimo they received from the were rememben4 and. gre t
Goverwnen? on this Goethals b .their "Goethal ers"
Seftorial Dedication celebra lon, temporaries. Dr. .T ,ots
during the entire there ys. r rqmberd.0 of th..
I Thick hase over the cut re. ian emiohad
minded old timers that "burn- Ithe, tUtrioi'
IC."Is part of Panfama'a dry Gn. Ogrg* stQR
4 on.' thals, ad reled o
',ere were lots of allp bei- his t w wn-..
, tween the' ferry and he 19Iei At, ab a Uvely ~s,pn
wall as old timers recognized An honor luard of -ROT adeth
some of the operating personnel. and other attentions welcoMed
n rthep as tmr ts _trbethewhir par
It. all the oerators- eI .t of tho Panma Ca
t -re0 ..U.- Atr. a "-Is ..

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