The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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For Cerewi

Sverol thousand fti.
diggers who helped i -ithI .e
oceans rty 7a woi, 6 mwa or,
y of *iwr color

Mmowrialwh to saotJ
fiot of thi Canal ispt
About 30- o*4ks
Wlbited Sttts, PIIm theC

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M a wo p destroy the source,

Ie r_ '. t.. a tly rai.g the re ,rt

Wisouto iMma woulathvs been cripples,
ndazes. ae of us sure would be dead.
MXt as' vefisably OO-like -a Gorgas,u
Wa eilt marvelous urgtl Had. ource,

They cussed moaBil th whVle
.acssus thei mqapwd,1as li. were cracked,
The passed u .p tW ta1 male..
h6 were a wilteat wkerou lotwere h,
eat ty tbed play on d Inerb,
They ought .d gowled but never forgott,
ThAnd were to do the would be db.
weor #.aMarvelous aulleal H.ead.
Men aneeae h o*t aer and so,

AsiA trveed .hu't' m town to town,
Thrn were a wss teaf n wero wet,
la ey many a bW and dlass,

Ofr vaflo. mtin po..m,
nThey ought and ed but never forgot,
waey warehers to do tIe Job.

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we e boxcas* hei as Weso ne,
AM trae e Gm town to town,-
lhe sbfal&le no abe lae

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*r^BBiIi *nf ^'p-^l .V. q^ft*S' -^^F^^^
*^^ ki ~hej ^hi^A'^ J rIlB^iLI^if~tfc~^^
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m Wi.i-am.Jump of the In-
lt old friend, Lhd former b
Idtftafire vlt f 1 from the
J. aseon. leftiWh owas superin.
i DvIatop rom a9'-1to 191 re-
ro enfrd Mswa Alft :wles of the
oa O tram OoGof0Mato tupire and

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p or. the d eS Oereimo-
ny will beIMpr Af
hour concert by,' e mased
bands of Balb oa a. 'ristobal
Sigh Shoolt.
The dedication W f is as
fo 'P: --
j8 trm-, B l ,1g h
School Ba. 3
DTeootsoR.Jr. Alesander N.
Shaw, Pastor, altmbo Uion

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sat |Sine

In a metmage *
dedication oi
Seybold sai:l
"We dedlot ft
ument to the "f
y ot a0 pea t
Gen. Geor0 e W:.
onutributola to
reos bythe I

t rer's n. ob lok-r
and welcome hts paretf4.

Old Timers Swap Tales

Of Days sWhen Dirt Fie

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Dii TIlA egI A i / *"Insid- I
IM. .7 WA lon'a mHel-th Cene, Pst .

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elent dependents. remove the aligancy 'l o
&noe .. Iheme homt e weln a hort ie. _.. "he n1 members wno

Sof leave. Iltme ilnalrl authorities can provide tran ,portation d .. .ly bread I g ill. < tte -morf. "- ei l ._Mtm. _-r(tsd i h. Si-
?orcdren.Kwulde they could do likewlnen for employee It took \iht months for the 1 Democrat, I r.e, Bu.bey an .d-a_.K! ,
Switch famimie who need timely vacations in their homeland after Health Center at 33 Harrlon Ave. s \ S 1ouri, sometimesr. vits sad Wba o .t.
~p two or more yearly In te pi s here reto proce the neednl worke A congreThsma wih a e. of Wa.d Poa.i, !
' could be obtained by rignhln a re-emhployment agreement m the 15 sucht Heel Cnterrun ord. MouPl pe ade ,l.t po. P.; a t
two rei on the .hmu. Moreover, i.wa .po.abe. 6_-b,, by tl ,ion t choe i tv e nao, I ..o ..W __".. qy.w,

cancer detection program, with airan as a result "he b vote wan pMired a-iL r

When you see aeh6ol' children maklng round trip_ each year the complete Mproval of the Amer. ------- -1 *" "--- -- l,- r-*- ^w -llams- -a --aei --- ..
S sMd e avy ad .ArmytOfwncer malp esu r lCncer oce. ,ob with the aB-'Uitete.B NO TRARl.'ra
t 'r!I l m osti disa rening for ad oilitn employee of the Point here la tiat the union t._toofc :-- _e DJa.4..M- I" Y",,,S w A .. .
r ,BtoH e d Pn AAd trLmnporaton on tranport. den' tt Orc ebkmine l OrT r m- -. I. Ca_ __Nouse T

'-'ties beyond the local mitlit y luthorits, theorefore, it lae. su- checked at ls. once a year-for h Peter Eds .; .. __ ..
t ht S ed mplo forward a copy of thi letter cancer and i ll other po'aible al. V ir ,,, ... -. I,__ E mto s .,1aol
AiMY r CU emLn nLd lo to the Secre B MILITARY Davioene, ctdions. al- -- daVr- ey
S ofthe nag is that once WASHINGTON -(Ne e be weathered t own ack in tax revenue

] <_"*- Veteran Employe again thid uBlot of which volatile four months thatirt C, Me. s n _Qetin. .uihto :Npre*l- with a viewP140,1;1.m the conI Ing of" ome o"
detection Dublaky Is president, Cleld i a.s Al d ture, ena d. n t dbl
Diablo keepHi with ite tradition of re e man over o any lap t eat ta.e paid by the tx., whan ,m New
I r ------ *gar the eis struggle a m l S NationaAlo a d. r.ais, on.S?**^0! U t T h Veld. om .,. _t back: .. ,
S, EDUCATION POLICIE8 QUESTIONED Idio's deal t, has found the ? id. lyiturers, he hoa m two cm ,. '. ,
Srecentcomprmie between private a te. t the py aared all, i n. look overte parol oU t commanding General. Uitl ARCARIret
S those woveno mental e cile. i attending school n U.S. to submt t he un by Dr. Gwhy. tW. vte e
o t1oniby AprilI1 for tram frtation by Military Sea Trans- ou. n five of lthte h know
foratof thei fr drlecontolnd the from oanal Zone thenl w O In the early stage .f .
h r sudmert The directive stated that thereason caC. mo

O- apoleatony now I .to Insuretimely "movement toftE arly e.noIug however i thuat hloI o n n

e .eween dnta. he vocaonl e. t He not l that the U.S. Of the e doctorss o l ated hoee i ewt x lthem Wls '

Remove the mali gancy apdeave e endty I e i
On thotheas hand, there are many civila r employes of the them hone we a nbn sort tim t -'.e. rew

-di will ,^ be o r e h e ast of from s t .ean ?h" r" ev er .sehlra
tod tnf them and t vsentse that the Juniaeor Coe o e f hs centers range hefrom Bo- on throu a boom M o t cpcity. e woul "ate to ee .the ua wf eree

local-rtetude to return to U.S. for vacation but have been Four are back asedt theirecretay
atet awn in subject withtoul t any current survey las Houtoo e n tor t etle buyn O mar McCean ay e believe that nw." 'lli law wa enacted in p
amon the tdtasd thse who have graduated i not rea- on a far a Lo Angele. -no specative boom Ike there thi tuition be a 1 and we dont ow ,
of leave. if mi.littry authorities can provide transportation daily bread.onv

fonabiie Where the sh ee are too sdao was in the late ther he poh.t.s -aorpora taae afh Cl re- H nouAh a make it work, ItrAc t
-two mrfor coverageyears In the tropics. Until recently, transportation h e cere. sout dued. e y eay. tr or example ,osr e .meorM a M
could be obtained by signik do not the-employment agreement after the eo ss thnealh Centers r tttthehe ee h e w i, t
S I Tew fear of their ahmurentM overit was possible e to obtainO y thieesuchi acol th ne a.intr ,tae bc 0mt -n th wn'..
reIn thia v ot ternatoal community. 'hila la te ajor a operating out of Harriburg P. dent i that is in a of high. Thirty pr e W e r, l '.-

oa tetm s Pm ennderei d thia moeat retlent attitude. tis I- the firing st ate. tratl. The gruvceraemert Ia bOVo- mtat'r Icmd ow MeB ta a -
1 u sel w to pay ,om ercial -- test. Sem i lll wli l ll3launchwMamaN$,e beholdeUMto",he

cancer dubtectiok and his col- ing toward a ed budget corporation taxe he t it -
It, ay that moat of te at clau enrolled lor leaves nave soved 336000 of Government plo the t d l '
then you see schb ou ldren making round triple each te follow yer be nearly on Were not in to keep he n a the
n of that the officn the general educa- unOn onvetAon Cord show that le'than tl year the government ." e are law the House -
S limited We t thi were trips on e Cthaner Soet,000,0 wapet The government i relieving the We make te county lredy be changed ive marks t ly e ea .
So1 er alter- .lf Wor a to accept the of v by the IrWU between 19s and the i.on a i .. out fcan o x pg am oiytou [" a."
Army to be the Stacer t. 193 In the medical and welfare at' healthful. Whatever Thi year' der d nk development of
T se e a decacone baed on the raos given ina c e th let and the ilem e larger reaction, rw ram een in years.
r one an to the Secretary of Defense, a fbfictoonhieW. e- -- -td V- dt
---,,a",t,.,,, w i. s le.'n.arf:- evere open ., srdpe In .-
W"Al.on, D. C. -0 -

h atemr In athenhts oIs that once WASHINGTON Iinto the rave ch an conerchar be weathered, IAU. S"1 Awfn .
._ ..._, J4i_;c.. h voatie four mtb that Ha r oldulC. McCarthy, h ch lu n agt aai th order to defeat the 70 ax aurice
ACA ., ( ThDavid Dubeentera k wifty become oacla Roy Colon, and top Army official wa favo for h. ency allowance rcea t ko c r
I s ap Se^ 1 f with its traditionis9 the ma cour pn to tBent. It a ratify In reply. Maidrthy by s wre t romSse j the drtom gtenew
thetuon strugglee to lear tis wl nw be done. any.attemt t exert. campaign if thet p t ed upon him for the murder of

renovated it health headquarters tend they Dut only Whhtt Aehsm ItWOt. were calledftras e. at the a t-yer eld rli ta JJ
S EDUCATION POLICIES QUESTIONEDuse lt.I as cu Obviously thir ea not the kin of dilute which tate request e-thatrr
diCSe f for e oe ig ceremony. And the 9 at.ettled by closed-door comproe, either w York area o e cou t.
co m rmuse brer w ee pa r i aa t oe aacc se ".h te ttip .otrund l1 p11 M_ of fe s" th t hio o g s nh 1 or n_

23B ^ *S2Te.BMustene 8oSalt No ommuse i too bdvesrlea haw given absolutely contratilctory as and then sought to norman". the |
-, aclowmic studies are b a nthe proper Acumulation sThmeunt omndealten a tsvtal #oi to-A BYlhl Iit o (sea lrl d e 8 Vay ttylb9; he
biWi g government, officials for discontinuing the LaB DocaanoseThen they rMefer0sick el1a'lo b a nduoods ta toe A. 0 w S!

Csoleemi n e avery unscientific.o eortotho ? ir fm tars or MRM 5N NiItandi. thsidespa by n 1 eee itvton ch d o
ago. student entering h igh school were Indirectly dim- is that theb t edl t bs %nt ef iaa whatt r ctioWay Mah edai a\ 10
r. supposed l good Advice of the prince f Stmentand thereis amIno re @oot m1% Pefom g tal-I aN.thni HeM memoiE ^X I
c51 ieparstory eotlrse#. Heap. nearly all, If not all, the private physicians since any andb and UPI loined Awd do U dyesnoet P
not oes HeC5 wfne that the U.S. Of the aa 00 s==ee owas-,
es preparatory C, l cour- i l t monuclear ere, but this ueh io No ate di- Stock vlneNe and whic 2e per tai has b ,"
st u d t he seI sne u nio t h a t th e y wu l d a w ell O v er 6 0 P er c e n t in a ct, f t 'Load
studen- andts ir ls tha bteJuss Riverollassrto man taho. fmrtefi t arge#plmnasuer aae1

nonr baM ltdehSntsa and those who have graduated Is not rea- s on as far as Leao nes Ano s pea booreth situaon 808 w I beenjthat9n a onduwe stl don't kno (w in ;

bu~l~ng huledbeteen Sealir M~arhyhis hie laigu in riflg 451l mid pm o ~j rde todefat he 0S ix-2.Frl.

.- li -------- .- gracefu-l a -.level:.
loo ra a way0 through S.- In the coming inquiry, some dhrges may be
T-le "ofor its coi ar..John Adams -roved true. Those that are so provd will re-
momsle a"ia-t Ol da -4 -l .. others of the fleet the serious misbehavior and misuse of the
(a4 tune senastr's I Utee staff sought nubile trust of one or more of the prlnpals to
I l ndeFaOlls, like my to tbfr aornDrafte David this dispute. Tie penalty for such conduct
or .Dad, Shi ar a.. 'ltn should be severe.

R DL Davidson Jr.. -- "__ ___ _
... ..- IF- n li u a u 1'_. i 2,r--,.. .. .,.. -... .,. _,.-r--.. -

.... -. r.-. .'- -

"i -. o... ..... ._v ^
'-,=.'y *.4'..

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-. .-.-


- .

:X-i x-Book SMS

1 $25,000,000_ In e H tocf

CHICAGO, 31 (UP)-A loan of 0ii0, but the eompsny
former bok salesman who acquir.refud to return the stock hates. a
ad a chain of small hotels sued The suit said the stk e l
*S" ^. -.~ .Bankers i1te and Casualty Co. and by the Great Plains and hor
a group of co-defendants today for firma, osctibe-u dummy cr d
*Mo daares. DCons set up by Ba.kers Ife to D
911T. suit, filed in federal court handle the de1L
a s by Herschel Hardy of Minot, N.
D., also named John D. MacAr-
thur. president of Bwkers Life; STER LIN
Sc e aea c Great Plaains Hotel Co.; ickery
Notel'Co; Fiscal Agents, a Texas
6 I-4u p tica frpstion, and its officer.; and
9.0 413 Southwestern Mortgage and Loan ,ByS
H drhilert By WALLAC
was dycaimed tha M' SIC For 6 Pe.LNHO E
a' legally all 10 shares of stock in
his enterprises, the value of which IRVING
1641 8 he estimated at 15 million dollars.
alk three Mar d au "L Hardy said in his suit that he VIOLET
a e airg W ti a as a oo salesman, and KING CHRISTIAN
Va94hepd title to120 *NORMANDY
OfR 1i hotel and businesses. a
or at I'M 1't Zw `-VW gov oPagh .s .BgSuenequently, he said, the gov.
10 cone- o: im st Sa :et 1 e rnent claime ad he owed M000
aaeDphis car out of two I et of wastfti aueda '" li~ncome taxes because his was
dliSStc eafl lc tW at nal rather than a corporate

*uNambs OfeCon- pls e e l ad~b. apr
dalinft anotf fitoIf~' tIIIS wIM F IIFC~a ekth *et Cast theknown on Hardy maid MacArthur promised
bfe"I wa -lre Of Chli~s! a n- s u t he cardpaytIntoda RaIse 10 harmes 'f sio tocpaca-CANAL ADELIVEY,
goto"m. In: a .lat1. gbid Ya- If he would consolidate his hold-
li he miade 5U1"amw d ., ton but ha Is Moao a slavla and ings i nto a single corporation and
1o PN RpreeAnta ntounced hand Buzz" Turner cooked up thu r and Bankers Life to get seven DIRECT CAMS N DE Y
16- t. u an --41-lous plot to guard against shares and Hardy to retain three.
-ove o s oon tda ar tmot payers The suit said Bankers Ife loan
go $getait b r tbrus reNr p- O 5 Gambo W r Ailnouldt think ed him 842,000 under the arrange- -
ke off. The 20 men aboard Names of of the 60 Fran A Dillo ment, but refused to lend himn any
'rnbae electedd to attend the Carlbba Ally Banton, The' biddg was quite reasonmore unless he endorsed all 10

sw theU& C| B t" ^ ^^^ y ^S STARTIN TOfpRRe to beB hd t|tPDRn, n
dGirpOlds State to be held at tott Panau Melen 0. Tley, able and the final contract was shares to MacArthur and Bankers THE PRECISIONBUILT SEWING MACHINE
.ad oes* otot'unick hom 9 to 15. were Judit hti t C iototh a naorms Lte. HHardy said the company of.

'Swn-ftar.Hdagit -- ^ Carole ^ v. go- litea.... South could0 0pi
Mreoofiedadrwreason spreadthe hand for 12 tricks and salary of $1,000 a month if LIFETIME UANT
so an-olea". pralectcMMI h y a d ooi hAt

ar th et b C o 4tnT a told e plaedd* b rh h ande b against any defense. h e would pledge all 10 shares. .
onetrgive ad e likeond a ent re other-two summit Trdesr ondi mrl esaidhottogeterUP)400

too whe^tr sher and t ike a. oman V9, Westb aHe e. opened the ace of hearts Had he go plee B ELALE. .
bSland f dhis aeor he a te Roa girs, who are observers, w il se o dreco Ic o whoida including inter est to pay off the ur
lretin r off thre runwy. ned ms later. Mr. s1oneerd ba v tifor Glp dn hUell reit. When
ol re tihet NN.d Ro- thla 3y eor ro- So oed the hdece ts Coast Guardce's aahss Big enough to do t marte Tl.1

MghyPwgtedn<. n The^^ ^^ iSki~n'y^T an h 3C~un the movyber 1f43 to:eo to- Coas Guand' Lossekngo ers,.*i, -^_ ^ f .|
cogrAa la Tdead cpeud I rL .. however, West shifted tepqueenxy YtNL 79.95

h Ofset sad was apB.DavosecondSongn-e fromRwhich they o bect or Raheo tM he and s a m naturally W LONDON, Conn.-(UP)- .
a towhca efomtheir suhD a r PiolRW.Ara .c mn a:,CisthebIalo o Canal bboe. n C A N A Aunrpop e
*t e wo tther eCoen ar o- ,e R ld rltae wain ZRh e. 2 won the samond trick with the king Richard G. Hal pulled a switch on
"tooulaascol be mbde. George Z. King, Winunfer. 1. Rut Mr rat3, ely Lus h director of education who af diamonds. his- father, Rear Admiral ArthurCahrl aa-aoudteene
r -e Ot, Ann BraPsel, Patricia N. Ro- the program ard Brock ad Coast Guard Academy. He's a can.

iNran.e cong reg atolbe e 8 L.e n u P. e n ed an cWalter Turner on the next pay. didate for Wecst Point. B
hI asr 1hour iofr worship. ICoconCto Sondsa.Rose- Mrs. MLois Magner. t vice chair-e te w as eap tplay-
aeLcame r the pay- man Is the alsp for Caribbean d, Turner promty led ace

Ch.'ewrkh--did Fort bavi- aTerry D Powell. Persons desirous ofth offering their r nning wi th king o dia
SU hurti hen-ft tICristobPal-rlcirne l t. Dig- ea rvtes Mfor the pgram have monds. Tere was .good dreas to nto D N U L A A
4Wms stin nh inla L. a nle Ja- h". been Mastked to conN Mrs. Gi beave that East had no mo re dia- .. ^ i
h am Lol A. e, P o mods, and the idea was to 7find
1s5 Slac ot *hat East would do about it.

? ," 2edin. too. m~enBreMaA ei d~ edu,

The e wonoa Vae SPicte d dthe CAmo te Octoer. 1A te waaJ he saed a cb dumm 'sEB
11o a Rersoaroyet ooin Tef nur se Is hill of last thought the miatteru over
owhs wLandle o a sawnera the sad C k BonTai n of ure Is r l stillS thRT qNGn of
.aoCo tmto. O Pamele Htorne. tick -and thpe ae v-very carefully and then decided's- I

wr5 amWlnw the 0 en. babt- Ptm eatnIt. Ath Noopewbar, Ice o ao nse- ates e oork t ruffft wouldbeh quite aea- To make pace for ouhandise, we haveda
for thosewh6 could carpenter. Diane Scheidegg, JoanP. Brenl-fnodded for U sxand ah-haf 5e~b~ons PredcedourethaettocKaUstOAYhad

m t ci heurch nan, Martha oM. JwnO. day sesion to hrs ste. in-rtrams and the lda't rc u et UTaS
to ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ a4 opnob lb oar .Wesq, pat Cta o n ,dclimo thi Ire o trick
e t had paidrthegaPaedroeMgel- laB and war wa FailledlC hiN or.n.. trik- PRINTED POPLIN,....... -.3 yds. 0.99
loan.DLS o webst. D* eatraheydereurscould TIC MATERIAL ....if" 0.99
*JlBctt:."j1 ad aopdcoon. tiad Avice &W bydraw PLASTIC M R ... 3 Yds

'lt 'K5 me.. aaFort Cn yton du L. e wt ho ut ip i
ten. rnassoun2 ablee to at he also had

SrbFr i Aleds Ha- h CaesoP. a- th other mis lesin trump honor.cin the Necord-
bAUme~Vtos$1.00 .abort excut.e dhaedto of er..ra.pebe.N

see it o"*l ~ lf j Jnhto w asmrig he u national Boyl S couts of the C a i B Octobr 14%hewa promote ed fo.t' ~(I 1*" YNS .A
ttelonllo.IW y I J* wani *ieee lardl to by-e leading 0.7my' seef
I, Prod saled a r at ce Binn aCirty wOiiep D hin Ifarealenie thensot elre a
Arerynow oAbate, arc- News ofonal deaoh of Richardst.Mu.eMoorsiatoon. B 77
UIWWVKI i id .s Ksondb e Car oif wonde and could hardly failn
e Te e~rhrin ho emve b tbealutin f atof hs' wodeorthe ofRard to GW andtin

herf -n~il-P" Impovsedsaeterdy l Byrondo C la su In the Cu- Vorld Tl 3AZ39 PANAMB
AnHis A. ppia enno s!Iamns "THE FABRic CENTER"

sue but tha- Janie had opeA ?mcemrvond bf thepA A
o a t oc Balboa -,eJuanitaI .dN.r a eest wmen of his
Pa tric ian.rS teIs iaMdtl reoeVirginia, bee ggn received by mfa things very 010 for declare w w a .
Patricils adro .tne, leasXrela tivesianethe isthmus. He was eo r.d H overruffed and drew two

Sin thre Roebrn3. sid toe r No1gehe ol5 t her nnl old. rounds of trumpswt h e
tidprMont heaetero. ditrin X. famil Mr. Mooere, nalsve of -hew kin- g
as teInteson, Julna F. BrfYork. City, was employed In the

S rw hse-mnmto -thesoght- LoAStura ati B- coto, e nal orivganu tloa for ore C Ye S.trum failed to breakA
out Broadwayr inr yesterday a T zn. 1sett rs sC lilt In llgoso T. QuinUUPlBne thnd,20yarti beforthe Ired South cashed the ace of clubs, got
time accoraiadtoihoIn Novemberf1T43dto reurnto hisehand withmthe of hearts,
ahblvdsf Laoref thK.Canal Zone Counc~ileftieservice he ItwatsChlg of last trump. He continued byra

tfIur t r ow l.- Loretta at 1 3 K ranio i anrare th Records Bureau. aal e-- |* a clubt o the qe o
pltr a..-^jafrn1 r~naan whos~ ifeA. Zent. Judith A. Hopes i e Mr. Mo wne tol Ids fo ardin aL cl b V onJ th ueen o1
101 beach roll Ada Mina dneiprown. Mr. Moore aaftervWhich It was easy to
Theeed noDicablo -amlA Tfriendsen theserthmusas o ,Din- ruff himself in, draw the last
SLa at, ,cne todCanl Zone I trump, and claim th rest of the

$0 te onfome a30Colig.m. I v, a' IarI ll r a c a .r nr o
t bbut o llinge ther 11 se while serving In dte Army. tricks.
k In at~eul~a Is O~t@.~lly DpW 'was on duty for four years
ON1 T 7 Bownwith1 i Aftzlw at OozvWa Weore
iall of ls-strength to h Iit ~ i lo ~ nP~ra39
off Hatteas, N.C.,one of the -Jiaaca. ivis1 'Am(enidipi~
fW.: the =seonsfrs toblanded with teW -runsferred 4 theoldS
tS run. Tod and. reel. in)_ LactrJh'SelsRcodBea JU 10.
~I W n~ Ine r 5e~05codce June 1922. Hewa prmtdo
~~aeaaItFo isoIof$e'M5 JEEII M e Z ne f ati sidelead- tohief ofvie the BureauL. 04 ~~lif

% aIs mother gase a birth- OKLAHOMA CITY, March 81 while on Sunday from f to during World War I. snce the
or Johnny and in- (UP) Aloom, 28; was ar- 5:00 P.m, the Atlantltlct end of the wart he has ben em-
V 6f= child in his school- raighed-a bad check charge cubs will hold their plenle at played in various Government
tom %Aft meTh.e ttee nat-in Federjcqit yesterday after Coco Solo, near the swimming agendes oIn Wahingto and
raly lt left out. It would a patrolman In Clinton. Okla. pool. lately has been employed in the pan il o e
OO better had Johny's became uvciow. atoppe This will be the 2nd of the four Department of Defense-
SPplA OU a smaBRpazy or Bloom's Cadilac and Questioned are awards of the Council. On- e had been t' apparent
a woal have Iduded Y Cubs a Cubft ending d health and l death You can be absolutely sure that, when you buy this snart.look
W I n the Jam. "I didn't think he was driving will receive the arc. FuIowIng a aMonday afternoon was attrib- in Arrow hirt, you y g
M to fOal Uthat they CadMllasc owner." the pa- period of gams and&- ful lt a heart utw ing Arrow shirt, you aluy s g
?iateo-ai .g aigo m br r .ol well-.. B1. The best-looking, best-.ising collar made.
Gerar, orA level MPIah or = ha sey o who 2. "S anforized" fabric hAtwone.rinko.f
't t ltsVI commSittee cfairman residlna bk* now, 3. Extra-durable, securely-achored buttons.
Ei' fY y E IY J~AY!T Iwill head up the Atlantlic 1 te In addition to Is wife. Mr.
and Westey Townsend, Padfic Moered s rtived by two daugh- 4. Better fit In the body and wist from the special
Distriel C and A Chairman will tea Mrs. Robert Keesey, of Arrow lorin
"UTU" oth-ooffArrow tailoring.
382W #1.5 MYOI yees PaI hePflc TBa 'Oberla, Ohio and lls Matguer-
*y, y ~g Wlit *. -- d dlstrlut cfarf to Its Moore, now a student tOb- 5. A ari in which you will always look wldreseeed
emmwm*.s .braslmn uite -td-oi ofasudsAdu-
sire to-gon awimmilfg *t So.. 6. EAhlft InpKey
10 eI d your Arrow dealer today?
Wspeeu tot ae some DART sad other shirt sty]&IVF
Idd h wsft M moiaMc vi a1 t(e aT -P) -A b of the famous Arrow line. You
.dUm loa i Program to be In alos rse fooeud c at o NO:will be more than pleased with
alldiddest end Man Yhslar Iof Puck No. etodfWs traon he lega ofJhigh
V" at ner MS tto Sr AutatJs- m a upfor lot P. S. Arrow shirt*. look especially
Meg be o ls ti m bem keepi .a "we with beautiful Arrow tiesa
winthis wMI be an- studauta Onob **as. thei r


i~*' A
V -. u4__~A b : a.

. ,. V -'.: ,-. .-.-. ",r* 4j .* ..* '" -
.- r ." ., !T _
, .. ;.:B i.

lt..Iookig .r'anes in the world 'ard tI"'W ivy's t 6d'hdw VTO'( M'&fetali-.o
iy4kAndt straight up and straight dctlW They ag the Convair XFY-1, 'built by Consa
t r.ind tRfe XPV-1 '(shown below)b'uilt by .LoAkiid aircraft Cor pora'titb. Thar op
he prirncple of a jet engine that dleoelops morm thrust than the weight 'f the
tble"vv IOal iscent. To descend "on a dime"- the oontra-rptatbig propellers' upward pu
less than the downward pull of gravity, -sb.Hat the craft settles gently to.the ground or c


* -. .4444



On both planes, SS00-HP Allison *
GM. jet engines drive two contra- '
AT- ," rotating pr o

I^aKJ;4! ,.- -
:. =, >:' : ,,; 4 ,

-;., .3 R os soot '

l.s, .,> ;,
.., '
it planes
1 racketi
Al 4ftfhr

-l.ate so ,that
,he is always ,

.,, ,, ..

J. ? "
;.wv.., '_,

" A 'S ftr rscket-asilstea verile) tfore-S

'transporrtg. r&isiog
Showering "o ~"VT ".tp
mits craft to be tied fr i
asaIer malrftaAHnatnB. i B

a Lookheed
'tional landi jg
Stake-off froiI

is s a,,al u
Standing par for;
special et, opera.-
t lo n f ., *^ ^

no0ELs AND Ms


. *A


-x emssu.IllftaeaB

*" .% ,.

VTO would loek like I if (

.. '

Pilot climbs to '
cockpit on 4
portable ladder

. "/,..j .'-ff"

:2 ~-~? *
'1 *~
-I ~U

7 .
'* *' *1


I, Dear Old Moo

Ml V.t. ggSsI

neaeaisi oe ilk* WO

6f --- -- -- -4 '"
a.^ htr L. -" *

-jlie,. "


travou NSW
'4 I 4
I N nrT


MaswsIs you
LfieOnTOme... 1

4 *


CoRIS WKEL N. Planet *
a 4 i '*



. ,... For tke-of,


Very Onutaflous


4 *- 4mA*

eIs a..,sk uce
10orws noerin'!.


sy AL vwERal

'. '.:4

tAX.T 9, IS NOW I1
v, vou ogt s

VtWi um:


no ir O fI
am I *111
1* I Ptwi
aIwa a

u: ROa8O Msour,


o ~ eaia usie

vdJ-W yMOTU0t*lW DNHRgiW C 0
c^ai(Sri>OOBR afl I^T


ouT uu1 WA2

51 fMlUbsL uOALLUa

al 4. S. wJIUMa.Ab

icM |




. im t .' -
.- ., .. o. f

0e the MMch


c. E r pusNOw, ur te
3-------S B? -"'-y---


- --

.r ..

16 .1b.-f

. I;: ::

: i',

Thla j

LOft"* Y ..,

(e of ouar t t bS i
Bees o i7 le
chmi grow s
ltually-"n wdom and in a-

devhO p it of gau. .
t la n6t restricted to
ehlditEL The balec meanetIgof
life a, found in mume eap a W
to detelo. So we 1amue tu

aJw utfol& a ith. ,
Int in splprtu ,

es In uwhoat w opes ,to
isnoet etm when physical de-
clinetake place, our mental
and iir8tvaabillties never need
h.e..te ty of fe Is Wtht
growth la frustrated at every
evel, or that it goes in the
wrong direction. If a tree ia to
ber fruit. it needs not only to be
watered but to be prnef and Ifo
a man is to grow he needs not
only nourishment ot thu flt
but also. 1*39l6
iown mi .. "
God statn hi a I
and the at b .ol
value. We m t -
ditwong adic Cin if a Is
S a4it.t hn esotf 0ltb

outf our '-
muntr toe grace of bod. for
it is God's.grace thit. enable. us
"to walk worthy of the vocation
to which we are called."


In open St0e&



Are omt..of Cltb at Ik ra p.r
elx ;: ~*
i^t-Utd *3-r~I~hdc-WO

EIe ar t .
Idral of BL uke. Aeon l be
led at the home of Mrs Osc
Webwlrne in San FranuIseb on
*e)day, Apll at .0:00 a.m.
jqpr those who do not have irans-
portion a car will leave the
thedral at 8:50.
Peat 4 Wvees a
The Poit Four Wives Club has
l roed its regular monthly
Sto Thurday,
A;V at 90 aj. -
.-N.e up will meet at the US0
[ In J nBalboa lifted of the Can-
al.Zoe Red Cros Building.
Misa Dorothy Briekman will giv-
en ah illustrated talk on "Travels
in Europe."
Speeial Meeting Of Stamp Clb
A special meeting of the Carib-
bean Stamp Club will be held on
Monday. Ap 5, at 7:30 pan. in
*hle E Club on La Beea Road.
* The guests f homeoawilol Mr.
Joe a former berand

whom. are vsitng Pi a as
dm In cwiusW flezb n the
.l e e Rm lsl htrat-
w a gs Ihtory

bridge besmr eat Whiers,
SWinners of the bridge tourna-
Iment played Monday evening in
the Card Room of the Hotel Tivoli
i clude: 1st Mr. and-Mrs. H. G.
Robinson; and, Captain and Mrs.
P. Shaffer; 3rd, Ms. and Mrs.
E. Kohn; 4th and Sth tied, Mrs.
P. Shirey and Mrs. MacMur-
ray, and Mr. George Wlls and
Mr. T. Wiher.
Ih Cemet 'hersday
T annual sg concert of the
Ia Rlba High o W be given
th s bg eithe lower
'r T orc h und-

Wea ?'a Cfs T_. Wa e

Tie Gamboa Woman's Club will
bold its regular monthly meeting
Thnrgfla? 7:PpJL at the Gam-
boan 'C AM .
A f S i.b0 pta Is I vit-
OstR, -otob"l
dIe er r. rl'urt
peis, pottery and
l1* wfrehmets will be sv-
ed by ~mittee members Mrs.
Seu a, Mr. Erman. Mrs. Bar-
rison. Mrs. Donahee, and Mrs.
smewS u a To Meet
The Balboa Emblm Club No.
4 win meet .hursy evePing at
the home of its President foda
Monaco, ise New Corozal Area.

R. Cunningham
Gets Bsc Degree
From Indiana TC
Rafael A. Cunulngham of Pan-
ama City, Panama, was graduat-
ed recently frqm Indiana Tech-
nical C oes, F ort Wayne, Ind.,
where he received the bachelor
of science defree in electrical -
SCunningham was a-
WMg those who received their
.the end of he win-

nmeum emnt exercises for
bad..a a the end of
the rm w flAR S conltavi.a

"0 Ol Ntatellow. es-

laa tVseetae Add

NA e and Markt Editor
Large family Sunday dinerM are
I secialty with Mrs. A. M. Metler
S De atur, Ill. She has four ehil-
dreu and five grandchildren and
they all love her cooking. She gave
u4 two "unday recipes and a
eanu for big, "old fashied,"
modern health-packed dinner, wing
ota of seasonable vegetables.
Celery and Fresh Muree
(Yield: 4 servings)
Four cups placed raw celery
(talks and tops), 1-inch boiling
water M saucepan. 1 teaspoon nisalt.
8 cups sliced fresh mushrooms a
tablespoda masarine or butter,
I teaspoon fresh lemon u ,
tablppoons margarine or DUer, 2
tablespoons flour, 1 cup liquid
(celery and mushroom stoc4 and
milk), % teaspoon salt, % teaspoon
ground black pepper, % cup but-
tered soft bread crumbs.
- Pour 1-inch boiling water in
saucepan; add 1 teaspoon salt and
the celery. Cover. Cook until tender
(about 10 minutes). Drain and save
the water to use for making cream
sance. Saute mushrooms in 2 table-
spoons margarine or batter and
lemon juiev. Drain and save Julce.
Combine celery iAm

rate oven (S degree f) -~ii
brown (about 20 minutes).
WHi-at Grapefruit Sundae
Cut chilled grapefruit it half
crosswise. Remove seeds. Ran a
sharp, pointed knife atoemd the in.
side of rind, separating it from the
pIlp. Now, separate the pulp from
the.membrane dividing the segment
Snip out the center core with
scissors or sharp knife. Sprinkle
each half with 1 teaspoon grena-s.
dine and top with a Scoop of lemon,
orange. pineapple or raspberry
sherbet or ice, Garish with a

sprig of fresh mint leaves.

so.. T11

Justice Lodge
Justice Lodge. IBPOEW wll
meet on Friday night the I":
Boca Lodge all at 7:30 pm. to:
the first business sessil_ of t-
month. The discussiomo4 Impor
tant business Is on the agenda.
* The UM Abajo tndustl.ll
Group wil meet at No. 140 Cane
del litadlante tomorrow night
at 8 to discuss matters of Im-

ite ntetfra

ABOARD TEE gRSEIDNTE PORBAS yesterday, Dr. and Mrs.
Thomas R. Goethala of Boston took a keen interest in tbh
traaalt, especially the site of old Crilelra, where they met 'As

Dr. Goet als, Wife Recall

Courting Days At Culebra.
The last tim that Mrs. Thorn- Canal as an honor guest aboard
as R. Goetha, saw the Pana- the fe a Presidente Prras
ma Canal was n 1913, one year lhloh topk 'al timer on a par-
before its completion. As Miuss tl tra iRvt of the CanaL She
Mary Webb she spent a summer was accompanied by Dr. GOOe
vacation as the house guest of thals who hasn't seen the Ca.
Colonel and Mrs. Harry F. Hodg- nal since he lpft here in 1916
ea In Culebra and It was here,
that she met her future hIs- Dr. and Mrs. Goethals smiled
band. son of the builder of the as they remembered their ear-
Panama Cansal. lw surtablp in Culebra. a
Mrs. Goethals is on the Tsth- rl eronhutru tpouan town
mue with hWr husband to attend pee- on there de of Culeba
the ceremonIes being held here, nw Gatillard) Caut .
to dedicate the memorial erected Mirs. Goethals was the guest of
in the Canal Zone in honor of the two daughters of Colonel
General George W. Goethalsfland Mrs. Hodges = the young
They spent yesterday morning I foke, home irom couet e for t e
vilting the AdminlaLtrFtioaSunme" imiUladt.vupt I
Building. .. "IwnVrla owa Iooo
Yesterday afternoon itMe tookto t u y m .r the ii

her first look at ti complete

Hew Yel Hear Ye!

Clearer more natural

I .,_q'_._&-NIP_,--
WAW '.se S~m

tsml s o doue mwl aSthens hsLWwld
mts Adi flZ *"w.

Wt w te =.

Iue haIom

-nm also present
*e winne.
L iontas Presldet of
haaal'krade txposi-

Aa'iat~r~tJu pro

1 "Aroned the Clock" Is the title
Smthe dae relt to be present.
*.,CA. AbdjlIu The eater.
e~~trwi bs given by the a
while NeghtadiMEklosk Tlem
f Dance. e
The dances we many and var.
led, with costumes and h abn d-
painted baekround designed and
executed byM_ Lot k.
Morning in Arcad will set off
d the soft beauty of t6and acrobat-
ic, dan es with group and solo
number. Oriental routine wir be
featured in Noon in Fir Cathay,
while Night in Eldorado will em-
brace a variety of clever num-
The pupils range in age from
three yean to high. school age.
The Atlantic ide is ell acquaint.
ed with Miss Locke and her abil.
ity to train children.
The recital is under the aus-
piceas of the Cristobal Y.M.C.A.
and th.e pric qf admission is fifty

Camera 14ub Re
Mr, DeWIfk
The Atlutic Camerk Club met
Monday evening with Captain C.
S. Townshend presiding. Mrs. Bert
Farreol wa in charge of the pro-
gram which was a critique ot the
color dides ,reJected at las Mon-
4day' meeting;
After this session a surprise par.
ty was given for Mr. John Devln,
who Is leaving soon for the States.
7TIs Club presented him a slide
ease, and each member contrib-
uted a few treasured tildes of lo-
cal'clor. flli te container, as

Colonel Hodges was a nervous Group vta
ian who moved from place to In laterfi"
place at too speed, Mrs. Goethals Mr. and Mrs. N. A
recalled. General Goethals, 1 Fort Gulick, with Dr.
everyone knew. never had time 1 Panama Mu.seun
I for social actUvies and only bad Wi ,am H"anni ani
dinner now andtten with a few for a three"' ki, tr
iOl l ftriei s. week -a
terior of Panama.
Dr. Goethats. who In now a C.&R. L -'been
prominent physician In i oston., ee ig.- trday
never spent much time in the CThildren of tha
Canal Zone and. visited here a n. Revolution wil hold a
lv during his school vacation. He Rev"ouo wlul hd a
never reTurned after 1015. ,.
Although he as d Mr. fGoe-
thals first meat In 1913, they
were not married- ntlVl 19.
He first had to comp n l
medical edueatlob, sand th
go bha atve dnt. with the
U.8. Army in World War U.
The fact that he became a I
physician gureatit pleased his
father, for as Dr. G:.e;hals polnt-
ed out, the GenerAn had been
interested in medicine before he
' became gn engineer.
Despite the fact that this-ls
the first time that Dr. and Mrs.
Goethals have been to the Canal,
Zone since they left many years I
lago. other members of the Goe-'
thals family have visited here
from time to time, pnd all three
of their sons were here about
three years ago. ST.i

.LT 61 .D

* BA







1i wa i .. .... ... .o --h.

L mw. M h W l-aft .,M

Nem Crsl oballet elbratal ws r -" g- "

dal d a. t B. Mbm r. O-. ."
e Me a IL VA

cS lwhamm E el e so r a. M ,
Mr _.rdM O _q1,h nd Fred h Ai '"

East end wea: Ld wr ad

SMrs. My u n "

n a. S -

l The J A deortd. -
temitte co wl pre et e .tl5'

tomorrow t :00 a.m. in the ~in by,
their amerecta l i the Chur it. All E Stars
day eveCla gao -m. r ----embersa
rem.-Year w er
Celebrates" Liter, andaUreThe
W= Wbodeock, so. iM'. Music for the
New Criutobal, celebrated h i erse ..-Wder'
tourtt birthday anniversary wiAh Mr ON j h5Sad.
My at the home of bit paowr-
The large decorated. al in wCaus es Al
cmea birtdy u cke centered tU
he tae at Sammy and At 7:0.
his sitwo were served. etaott Ie"
The nwtbhm o( children wore IhplgoWfW 4d
alo present, .. detest..
Peerll P4 0211 planned thili. aubje
The Women'. Auxiliary of the Thilu i project orf4
Gatun Union Church will meet .Zone CaneetCimeitteA
tomorrow at 3:00 a.m. in the being upo nardhby lai
church parlor for morning coffee. Chapter, O.E.0., in
This wkH be followed bythe reg- out ofa parta pd a
ular meeting in tOe Church. AlH Ea Sta
Reverend Weary L. Dell. af are welcome t' ctaen""
Marrita will be the giNS speak- -f-
ay. John left -1SM'Willpresent Cetdum Bearda -,tgft
as interesting auainsl jprOram.I The insular m-is lCm
All ladiso dee hand. ion du XeeRdwE t
community anre =Mf invited t Margauita Clubbomuw
to attend the meettslv*BI

- .

-. -v



*'^ -'*. .l .f .HN. .
'"*'g?^ W '"'p*f




Prices Reduced

10% 475%

Sets for8 as low a. 0 .. .
Plate Settig as low:as. ... .

Sets for 8 as low as .......

Sets for 8 as low as .......

. a .

. .

* *1

i-i I





S. $1.00

ano Venetian Crystal English Figurines
Italian Bronzes, Hand-Bags, Figurines


uric Appliances at Greatly Reduced Pices

Osterizers, "Dormeyer" Mixers, Fryers,
Toosters, Blenders

* RECORDS: 33-1/3 25% OFF
78 10 each



- *. ,*-

A *-*rA- tt

--- -- .~. ---


t ,

.. -*.-. t

,* *

* (



~. I

,~'"r*, *'. **


SSAE-Laving Bargain, -M -uh Id .i ....a. ...
d cove cel a s -itor Phon eIs..5 ..1es :-* .s 3. F
if. Call any time, 0840-G. ei Fe
FOR sAU 1949 Meecurry coup@
SALE:- Rptran furniture. Sim Willett. Building W. 810.
S dinsthmus. Pre 2m- FOR SALE:-d 1947 Hydra.matic FOR SALE -Or eceng for 60. et
S-St of gears and motor since complete engine and Hydra- 2-2168 1 A. Mango 5t ^
-c ycl Easy washer, Spindrier, motic overhaul.. Beat cash Offer. F OR SALE -20-gallon gop hot water
I lroner. 25-cycle. $40; Saturday, Suiray and ofter duy heater $45.00; lrg wick r rocking

aS~t,!-'-------- r-;- kf tible, perfect condition, radio $300. snder 6'; thre0- clmps; one motor* Ilvingroom, din.n'rem, kitch n. v ,+ II -***?. tl I
no cloet, curv"' ed' Telephor ne 2-4345, House 6190.7 Qu rs 12-A Fr Gulick. Phone r. and larg r. 0.00. tll
n 210. No rge ro Mfrirator New Coro 88 53 after 4:30 pm. StreetNo 5Tep -
.S FOR SALE uTc51948 '1%6 c MSALES U T 12f:-CrS uftsman tools, T60-cy-.t
S L.- 5 roms of hushold do sedan. Pfct conditin.lean L w ors on dril ressflo r .. F. i
ear0utomatc wash e ar- Reson2ble. 83-6175 Curundu. modelone b Aond soaw wfrlstand; one Ar__o0_ __ __u_ __a

r, wg a shingG ma- AT&u2%W3FT l40

S us 2183 .; 8th. S t e. FOR SALE:-194 Chevrolet co er bide rs saw 8'; o ne beltr disc FOR RENT:. Ci 4 bd n

S b oo tible, perfect co edition radio E00. s aner 6'; three c ia; n ot. iv nrom, di ligr. S
SIeLEpih.. u4ed 2-3 House 6390A eyd-. F. P Afon r.ersI aD29-A. F. ulr th icUks PLon. oorlar. d, P au.eBB g
i$20. kmh, Norge refrigera; Mtor bb 84-22 oal r p. 188. 453 th a after 4:30 pm._ortable sho 2 FOR RENT-Moc. 1.d choepl9t-, 4 bd
Tua R R 2 o .or-. across st I reet. Al- i.
r AL : Sittngroom We ref ri- eL e perfectolqckAptR, Ioedb Htl 1Pnam FOR RENT:-Furnished two dr mh h -b ircoIO' wlho. .....

iator 60-cycl g2-1 stove 4 burn- s ale$550. 22 Ph. I Clayton 5105 3 fu 0 ;ys. L eave April 9 at 7:30 house, four m 0 ilesbey ondAb f ra -'nGem; o I
'e so!e "r.. ., bnd. 25-60 cycl p .le, vI M2IIVi a f.i n o Pe, ,o'p Lo. gr '..Se I A -

s W n d table.FAmo Gur- tl a k o.m. turn late Suncdwion of h erCo da hWe twood Faerm. Tel. lb ".M %an I 8
O F SARLSLE .: HlpWaoSnted .v ,..o a -, n. c ^. p. 9.,,,. I TRANSPORE V "- -,&-l H-d
Sts. 60 8. A pt. 3 C on.E ie l 1i 1 o r. FshfroIng th r-ough the Pearl 275 6&
ddor, good condit on, good tires anD Ilonds, onrsiting with primitive Chor r uAn

SSALE. L .. ate W NTED:- Housdworker.e reponl i- ec 60-c e r Teond ,dTel. 3712. spearing crcoiles FOR RENT:o -Fu M n t Psidence wit A -
'.. be, experienced To sleep in. Apply cb olbaned fr fi opoe rtment: IIautomaticvin-dninoom, washing ma-. ub w h he bougt
door sedanG, -erfect, 2 o n. t rcoa t Eand lPinama'sVirginia..Last boat fls witer, e s loss a~,.e ket ,ippM MooD n e o ob l t o. -'
fi0e., dutye te Ui$d5 0.hngrFt.

iashi n of smg. c,,ld. gmhnre housewPpm bion.. a old c.w.i m will be issued on unfurnished ner- hr le t, 4 bed-.2
L, Ra 1 At :d rY. some coknltl Rei ren a dFor in of rm i20on,0 per servation, phone maids Bet room.esidenil district. Call ERI TUA

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SALE- No rIs refrigerator @phone -31 5 during workingl J H Pnama te N. 40 Q
hu o a 2 H r 3-1660 or your travel agent. jono.

c l 2k--l, th r m..FPR SALE:-Boat shaft 9xl ,4, new; bedroom furnished. Tel. 3.49.

Sllt wdof SALE: 194 Chevrolet, vor FOR RENT: -Rumihetd Aroo pr wslla s
Nice dedEDeoAgoluW A ED O d condition, duty paid $275.00. chalet Incl uding rfiato rl. t. ,,,,
69ft. mteN4ress. Reason- NT Electric SngW Y sewR g machine, 25- clincngroom9. Alh ample ichnW Oi | CSPy te any Of'the

,_, s Citdto 05 s ot y .id. Wrlse NATdIIY; No. 99 Peru Ave., Phone2 Panama ll3-20ol. Porras near" oeRCl.

5li2 ,_ l--5t2"'.<-' W 2. Dcqrbo Cheyr l.ou 4 a ter -D p.m.; Saurdoy 91FO RRENT:--E~ ort me, rxre ne .11ca U leiQ__ I1. p _r .li.d tor.
on. ,'uple. l E 1 re.m. 1oi.m z bedroom s, hot water, scrg e e d. Tel l .' S- __- "II. I M l U lleO ra ing
F1ORi. S ALL ro l' inff;rd 'cs ohniior't.l u l Cocker SpZn3l Thr: for 'om A e -10 A .OAd
ORcald oedlgreed bids, in tripi See them eo mo wENlTe-Bdirn buildingforn
R LE:-Outboard onote 3-hp. ling nd Construction Director. Pana- nu B. aI nedrft=, rti.iEu

i N BI lo U ;1T e...I.ien. lCnoalho Storn Cen trial A Penu. opormlsn s love, refer igeratore. a u
Miu senape "t w14, 1954.anted th n publicly opened, ilO i'RN8 i
I0ris .r With WANTED: -A tpe whi i/gmidbtlg .erded

.cr'e lesson_ for ONLYI u_. Attra ve slr_. a la I... hi oc

I ~ s aNTD:S H orer, ^ epon- e Cai oNeo. F-Marms 3of r opos FOOeR RENTT APPLo iA CEnd .
$a2-4239 Ig Pemo -. all, X'" ,cm Milo, UUOP. a,, 'jI.

---C .. ..,OfcCourse t Fl. Rrot REPAI RShe
e""" .i and ag e II fid l a tconu mnia s 4 irt ."ml-h o
oe. experience th seep in. Apply be cbt neme fomt t :a tni .shede laoBfm" aa t era A m,.
e n lf et W YOR Ma2h 3 (U noPon t c cO and Inspection Division,J room. Aie models on-eof.t
eheit Ihe.AP WATM inorial to imarehe 2-3739dison or 2269 ced8 enien Sp fi-FO.. .Ngooi -ITha Maxto. rI """

l f l- .r-- small c lo the herad ralhou ye terday .Uiotions and drtwins wil l send its on un er Ave No. 65, l r left.

L Realtor. 1 .equiro~e ot t e r t A i ll b e forfeited if pX lati b, ons and 2.1661 during a e ouplrs. a

NrhSeB sr^iFa.m13 di. Murphy, Hothe'604*A **m of oS&erm no returnedithn4l Lt lr-Xld anid
ofIth srI as Me A lg.) g oe o ned he 4 F RENT: One-bd roTdm apart- mat a d mtl Tran rwayo ."

m SqSuj. Th.e-re lant. -oite ceeo wlsk be Ahel lmSenF Ph og 2 c/t"lve30ieeri
l n Call of At .orW and L days w ater oning of b 0ids.tmen copeeyfiNTOe. March301 (o, aN me. com pr e Dyu e ishLL t.wt
IftHeights week-ed. ot FOR SALE:-Boat shaft 9X 1 14, new; i bedroom furnished. Tel. 3.491 1. IIS5ce? Bzb. John OUMm 07A

l p,,i'ie b smAll a f ie. Also a to ai ctz a L ompreor60-F sh lM l ,
0023. cycle, yo.fng boy's bicycle.used ingtitn1tis. -tosem at t l Iea-t.

icfor WANTED TOidniaht & .penCOr o f the and mo Contact BER-s .a
Cr~~~ nity to 500 I ot dy ld. Wit NA No. 99 Peru Ave., Phone NA
?rI busfuIl l o'x 942.t Dl Ht M .- ftar 4 p.m.Studay9 g RRENT:-Apartmenty extra niceum rSeISu eraor.
IZ : pone T guple.MC letod6P.M.t 2 bedrooms, hot water, screened. I
Psi __i.. nO f_ ,P edigree Au ppies. Seeli tlbhem o OR-RENT:-Bautiful one l.ero .
.OUR WANTED e u o e- 'Pino.ha Store, Central Aenu., apartment, gIs stove, refrigerator. 0 Ise W1111111111111--- -i- The
wi ltporiev *l Overlookine $ASRcommissary on yiowaz.EiIhArsbe
Soot uBelisaro Parrot n

.4nce leons for ONLY lollguns. Attractive srlarv.tCdl POIt NdW.ITeRl.3icoo -5024
I4 ,"rsoeON-,_. .b m mid available. Very good ...1. FOR RENT,, APPLIANCE I f I le1 # IMmI

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lot whichthe us~. 41"4~Php4ArmN.S o~
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I_I ~__ ~_~ ~_~_ __ ___~__~___~_


a I

walls .smagi. -

Fredd u "m'^" ttho w
Note: 1r.Interloutor tk realyntieeibI.
,. ,. 7 ,

E.d g .al Kd.y" who im -ot .. ut ..nhftUpl LO. t.
'bm kwzu anmaM "OhO Tbwe linsrer show will b& itNid tfr
the hrlai last tie tomorrow night at w I9e4tt Clnb-
hOum. ICutei Is 1 8 pm. The how hd ba adU
t last vweoK ie Balboa Clabhouse ad tieut hame been
kn taIM for tm 1Wmw'a Amatti.d ot on &. PnemWf.r m
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taD c 1e ss 'hdoe "et release Pm I leao-" Whal e a W. 31
. mh tch Lam ., Co" de GroV-- fr 1 ha's re wanted toBr t G a r
Ma n tf % p a, ad a (nad tas ) Choins sat'ss wSSS.% Esa Gab anti De

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SH W NG ATYOUR SERVWE-S to-, v a ,aesrd A y e. ,s ar -.......-
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andS.ofr. Ground wa yo 1h recondad

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'."f .* -* r'- ." .- ; .i .

Sievers' Grand-Slam

KIner In 9th eats nrs
,* -- 0 -
MIAMI, March 31 (UP) The Washington
Nats said good-bye to Florida in a big way.
., Roy Sievers hit a grand-slam home run with '
two out in the ninth to beat Cincinnati; 6-3, as
V': Washington wound up its stay in Orlando. .
SThe Nats move to Charleston. Brooklyn sent shortato Don
SSouth Carolina, today as they Zimmer and outfielder Vie Ma-
' :,head North. Southpaw Fred rasco to the Vero Beach farm
* Baczewskl. trying to go the route'club base for assignment. 9ut- i '.-l
for the first time. retired the fielder Bill Antonello remained r
.. first two men in the ninth. Two at Vero Beach. Antonello can-
walks and an error then loaded not be optioned out and Is ex-
the bases. Jack Crimlan took pected to bq sold. for another
', over and gave up Sievers' home club.
A;, A 450-foot home run in the
fifth by Del Ennis gave the
Philade phia Phils a 7-6 win over Wn .-aBW
the New York Yankees. The AmI- M ,.| I ,
-. homer was off rookie Bob Grim. ASSCiKIl1 MAT FIGHT HERr -Joltin' Joe
l The PhlLs chased southpaw Brown, one of the top ten ilight-
Whitey Ford in the first with| U l I weight contenders, is o0e of
4 ai'rafts on four hits, four walks,||) n uvaU 1M three fighters with whom pro-
i. nd two wild pitches. mother Jrique Martin is negoi
-, Bob Friend of Pittsburgh held B UNITED PRESS tlating to bring here to meet
Sthe Boton Red x to tree hit-0.s The National BasketbaU As- Panama ace Federico Plummer.
over nine innings an won. 3-0 Bidclation has levied its biggest The others are former World
S eond-o n off Willard Nixonmer by d ne n history. Featherweight Champion. Wllie
S Pittsbun ofrgh needed. xon Red President Maurice Podelofl Pep and fourth-ranked Orlando
SPittsburgh needed. The aed of the professional league lin- Zulueta of Cuba.
ox announced after the game ed Roc hester Coach Lea Har-
that catcher Gus Niarhos has risn 500 for what doloff a
een Bold to Louisville. |ails "unbecoming conduct."
Cleveland did all its scoring in The neldmept happy ended t
the eighth inning and beat the Monday's playoff ame be- inIi i )N
New York Giants 2-1. Cleveland Monday's playoff sebe be-L
I scored twice off reli ev er Marv." v p.neer--noA-n
Orissom on singles by Bobby A- Pooloff also holds Barron
vila and Rocky elson and ave oundoffe so the cnd oaMARGARITA BOWLING
.Pope's double. The Giants scored eRochester players. Podtloft ERAGUE O
o tIthe fourth on a walk, a single Ys Harrson and hi players
by Hank Thompson and a long used ileaiod obseen lam 7th week-2nd half
fly. Jose Santiago, who came on nuae in argui with ref"re The Elks' took over undiput-
in the sixth for Cleveland has rnold tafte the game. ed posenlon of first place in the
Sallowed only two hits and no Minneapolis won. the ame League by beating the White
runs over the last 10 innings to reach the playoff fina Hatt for all four points. It was
The Chicager CuPhil with aa rr- against Syracuse. Their best- a scratch match and the Elk's
'. mar Ma thnager stands, beat of-seven series start tonight. won total by almost 200 pins.
atchin from the stands, bet -- .raka led the Xlk's and the class
Baltimore 3-1. Coach Bob l A bowlers with 597-while Stw-.
Scheffing lis in charge of the GUN CLUB art's.&U was good for the class
A. ftba untS tan Hack. the new 13B honors. The Hats faild to post
i, stanaver. arrives. All three Cu4 aOTES ? oet with a a oming
runs resulted from homers. Hank NOhe e.osest with 4 c0.
Wo runs.s in the filrt was oo for Powell's mpved back Into aec-
the-SeV_ XTO rue oke re IGEGNCLB ond place by winning all four
SBank hitanotherInthe ev PETDRO MIGUEL GUN OLUB points from the Ace's with the
en hit nhe A good attendance we id of a light handicap. Wit
milwaukee had batting prac- 9PiA no eper game towor With
Sanst savannah o the orhe registered tra oa t ook the first by
SBally League and won, 27-0. wlh t helu Sunday, T ree they took the f _a t by 12 pinS.
a 33 hit barrage. Eight Bav-r- --i ithse re a s am scratch. J
meler or the Braves. Irap 516 ds 5 nicte b29 t we rons was high
Manager Bddle Joost reports dwy for the APe'r wi .th
all 31 of his Philadelphia Ath- ausnA a lot of fa flyers The third math of the eve.
Sletic are in top shape as they the low scores will prove. nin r was also a four point win
prq pureto.a bek camp InWestAsllaI Ph
more ye Florid a. inAt sh Jreed it was excellent- or the ove t Officehem fourtheir first
ta the Phade hia i State soon B lbr It CAs A Klow rak 5-
tlon C a bth ox throl a L s 1 ~1.a 8 .th i ngmatcOP Tall the wayor morewith the

'.three-hII ?htt at Tampa.I'h lown I tre Galgn 182-10
The Whaonvi. Florida, pen o T uras- electapR a ta e e p y ogan 84 180-82
he Detroit Tiger& sent In- d?7ze ske was shot Just for eac rame. La rabee' led
tour H er t i nt Scores? Hush. hush' the Plb.. while Wallace's 504ensen
fielder Harry Bright and pitch- was the best the P 0 could pro-
ers Earl Horrist and Milt Jor-, Tr p 25Yds. 2 2s e. The results leave the P 0
tdan y Bto .he St. B Manager ea Rra and the Pibra. In a tie for the
utchion aya h"We've will cut four Cunningham 24 21- 1 cela and the Ar'on. 5 174-26u
more players before headirngin ha f O 't2 2 r1 intro a the m e jurth po l-
North from Lakelsld. FloridaI DIsharcozf, J23 2 ao te ifutps
thi reeSunday. year Steve r iek. who a rr, trea21rer k Pr in 7
has allowed onlV one run In 13Col Mars h 2 20 Weekly Prize 20nne

Innin'wth the White i ox. t't James Rlg19, executive ofes. le -
A 1 .' T ST Kraka NDINGS59

G .a B. P18 1 i.. Class B Stewart 533
Mangr I Richards sentmGden12 12. ,1 Class C Grer 493
A Chg through a Ley. 1 :.8 TOP TEN (1 or moreae................12 1
three-h- r atTampa. Thht Bros .......... 73 1
Me Whte W open 12na mee0 ist t the l i Hogan 84 110-82
"tour of t heast and mee rstnieaye I5 '0177-43

a ser, the.Atlant T-Inhe e Stte. L4h WlleSreaalt.I Robinson 81...... 16 17523-414
R i aiSviS".-'-We'e mOt In a Anderson 75 174-26
fV.inoi work thib spring than nl H y see 1 Armintrout 81 173-42
athe otAh three years I'vcore Pretto rn and ortner ......7 152 17 48

Atlantic Twi"l haguers 2a nt 0

,Cop s series Championshi, h te lga...... ..1 12
SO, o -ced o i ht Bros.......8173 1
SRivain their seventh Innng a first until the ky fell t .. 17
Slboth fr Pafe thfeer hi sa n e th.or Paafic .AowElk's-
'fies se -les, the A ,_antic Twi- t In the Jatetri sxth Willie Stalicat.....15 126 123 414

Wit Leaguie Alfotars scored sixPretto. thn Webb tearn a nd po rtner ..... 167 152 177 496
eth be th frame lMon-finally Montalvani ad to be Kraka s ......167 203 227 597
fenlig t to l 'ans11 to 2om ic- crlled upon befolred h uputi ng RobAlpon ....157 162 199 518

tr in. I eb am o the rk am t could be haltedn ast, tshee- Stewart ......1 176 185 48 53
three ane ..Serie. i ent. frame the Atlantic Side AU .
The winner, blasted PacIfic Stars continued thuwr assault 839 808 91 255
.de prttchig lor- hits. .one of with another nair of bit that s White Hats Club-
w'vlUa was Tbamiy .uhes .t I netted an additional two runa to Clep.ela....1 125 151 484
...n hoeteu' about 6 feet be-a the Mmewinninga total. Shaahan ... 173 167 485
dr ot m aki right Four of t Alltaa from Alexander .14 168 156 473

S as the five nn e wor- Herrilng If ..... .. hn5 Arm1 lntrout .157 141 171 469
it outside ti.e park at Mt. Hope with Reno Esol a.. .ughes and .allgan .. .174 151 155 480

l -tuumdurl na to be 1954called seaon .ijn auxnlo eachnb ..... colleen 0 two --8

S14e uprising. Corinng in wltRayborne c-3b ..........3 0 1 \virnv "M 5 i &n
runr n 1- n hr.toalnl...... ~j0... 1818ii~

S on. rst nd third two'C ln Ib ............... 4 0 0 n 8
sinandn none ut. Hughes Marth rf .... .......... 2 0 0 Bensen 148 147 165 460
a hired the side without an Hearn f ..p ......1...... 1 0 0 Anderson 183 203 143 529
tarther damage and finished 6ut Montalvani p.........1.. 0 0 ..
Scotet to protect Olbson'sMay c .................3 0 0 865 878 786 2529
lt. ghes, who had struck'Luna c ..............781 0 0
At L1 S0;ln the first serie' Conrad p,............... 2 0 0 Poe Offle--
M B ot rne more back to Pretto P-. ........... 0 Wallace .. 188 170 146 504
7e n 1 35 2 7 on .......118 120 123 361
- i te-wessoa... Aa t All MStars. A 18 StepO ........I118 12 15 3s 7
othe hill fr ........ ...... 2 a .....18 157 183 502
10 M oi717 four71. 1. .
S-' 1 Handicap .... 18 18 1 54
TyF am2 di aw62o2a 11 769 768 7742311
nts0. ..... ..S
l, l teeof tde ..........4 2 1vsWriht res.
..-r .... 0 0 Bnut& .. isr 16 121 375
r1.... ... ............. 1 Wkilng-stad .11 155 173 440
Ton iT ti-if ............. 1 1 Armstronm ... 151 121 182 454
amtov llb ................4 0 0 ReccIa .139 146 110 9
**..**.. 2 Larrabe .180 179 18 W
; .411 72 1 7% 717 7130 3

- ... -, ~*

1L "' *r


Mm ~ AMOs

-elly C.-C. .f +...... -+ I ,

*w .\.+...,.., 3 1 S *
1 5
*; ', W NPAt'W ATCOU
11:W 3 J rh.. IlIMp*M t. f Agener at 4 Deem
CtMy wAm CraOw at sPrai
S6ra C. C ta t at ambs a
S4,C C. I fr 4; C C, for 8
C .

Ber .esi(I I ., 24 0 2 .
Myurtoe lI (iV54 47. 8 1 .m.
Ato Wi (DSei). 4 .11 1 M.
aIM Canset (5ea) 5 104 a.i .
Ralph ibiai Csr10%.) 3.. i N.3
EdAuardo Cere( (f- ). I 1 a ". 9.3
WUbert rathwolte (SparteS) 3 I s.4
Joseph Bsatbwaite (Olet) 4 77 34 1 ,5.
Irvin Moore (CliT) 4 72 49 1 2.1
Rupert Seett (Cra l) 5 117 46 2 1.4
lbert Belgrave (A) 5 115 4. 10 t.
IP innings played; R uu;MS highest wsee; NO tUim
net oea.

Joseph AHerne (Clev.
G. More Clo.)
&I. Belsgave (A)
P. Manain (Cral.)
W. Biathwalte (5)
8. Campbell (Sears)
3. Pinee (PM)
L. Roberts (BA)
E. Theomas (01ev.)
C. Mile i(P

Cn No. 2
Immediately ft




mrem. a e.ace meetI

Pin ,O l Oin field N. o.
AgrlC owell a ve

to *po fot the win-
nla teas.o Any one ttg hbun*
07 wjvtye to lv9he tield
to The Civic oupll wi
*er. JlUi6a k Oosl bw-r.
A4 u. ) pi to the play-
esn n of the At-
lO h atd a freA
Itaian Ew to any player to
hit a home iu1 jnd to the pitch-
er of eoat p o-hit, or no-tun
Mw -- --- -.

L.AUDING BOWLX ,me. Well m e Y0L e oe sa
0 M R W AVE.
3 i 5 91 14 o nlini Sets
14 1 SI 13 0.6O
31 9 72 1i 7.1
S 5 137 i'New. Reord At
PA 3 S 8 I .S" I
6 I t 17 i s.78 ,
", 8 ... Gamu ; LOCur e

O ever M maideamtR uns; W wlkets.
The six teams of the lzpreao Coon a .ele Ccket League afI Ann Little, pyIns brilliant golf
Sbunched in A terrific s s gle fr aur meo In the ldwire loop. in the Cerveeia Ldies' Panama
t John Tu4pr'a Civ O,C. are In te lead, with a two-point- Invittional at Gmboee, Sunday
advantage eovir Phlip Morri Sears, Soymur Agtere, and Crag- broke hfer two week old course rec4
well C,., who are deadlked ai neae" ple. words ad ho blaing 15 to down
----C1eq Bur Osf BraFa e.
SAnnihot the back nine in even
.ts a t ao ebl her record, i twas
ITr anguar Track frMeet uc.who,.
rI end e "r traceMdet. ed her usual smooth mOae but
l ohootwwithIany amater anyhere.
'At Balboa Friday Night "uesrads's
f ?73 but get an. unusual bad bounce
o --w of th6p ball on No. 5 where she had
Crvstoa i Cna l Zont tefay will agrepe ainot t pralty trokes
Junior College ani h t to the ....
will end their track a d feld amy, th time his ltleof op- r '
athletes on the nders and into pO ion will be Lambrt- Man- r i- '. _
the pits thl Friday night at Bal-fovani and Manuel Quead., ..
boa Stadium In a triangular Both May and Mantovani have po '" 'n.
track and field meet that will Jumped 6 ft. this year, and will E4 *
serve as a final tune sUpf the hoping to repeat again Friday -
Balboa Relay. With no team niaht. i '.
score being ept this year In thie In an other article the track t:
meet, the boya will be ot to events will be cored. Fau wil l ,'. ^/
grab Off as much Indivdual be treated to a good meet thin l e" .
glory as possible. Friday. with plenty, of spirited
rompetitionas the bohoys qtrl.
The Balboa Relays, which will for thirt foturplace Itwll p
be held on April 9 at the amne also be an excellent opportunity.
place will climax the season for to see the future Balboa Reliays .
the boy from these achoo. In star In action for the Mlat time
the Relays, however, tam score prior to the Relays. '
is k6pt, rad at that time thee wl
thee will go at it hammer and '
tong not only to outscore each| ftI I = :
other, but to try and win the I
the Baboa Relays ChamplanSh.p rl,
There will be plenty of comnpetl-, l l e p, /cI
tion from the military unlts and 11' r| n l
the Athletic Club In.the Relays, Decisions
that will be o lacif this rIdY.
In the Interscholastice meet, B
this Friday, the field events will 1 f\1 .
start at 7 p.m. and the track e-r r 72 l
vents at 9:30Y p.m. All field e- UIIJI U |L
Events will be on the baseball in- wr o-
1field, and fans Will have excel-
lent view of all event from al- LONDON Marh .1 (trp) -
moat any neat in the spaclou a Brsth a- o --
stands. Box oftice will oM thasn a mt ed to the heavy-r a
6:30 and the price of admi aon plgle picturewl. h .
is 50 cents. Students with A. Cockell won a deblve factory
cards are admitted d f ee. over Roland La BtLn last night ANN LITTIL
IIn the field events. It looks before a pked hooae of t,I0oo
like a pretty clear cut _0ca f at London. t tam's Doris Hamilto, the popular A.
the fvoitrs. o y Nickiher islt o ab i.
the favoritess. .Y Uder first start slnes Wrdr h ChS onl madr Golfer, took top honors i
odds-on favorite to w b Oth Rocky Marcano knocked the first fliht whenthe downed
shot and .discus.. 1 out Sptember. La 'toamr a nloth pepAr Aador gal, Lu
cently thrown the discu1 t, ranked fourth and Cockell fth GraB, in an excellent math. Dor-
10 I.. which surPeteP.e1 ameng challe0ngers for Marcia- is usseo ron Davis was just
sent league record .. a u no' ue. t a sehf Alice French aad ib-
of 46 ft. In the sho. and trust I. r e. Lteds
doesn't seem possi blethat any There were no kdow iW bher1
one i going to ease him out o the London bout, but A re l- ame om oed

othetwo firtsh ee wI o
Bot:H Hebae d CockellIntthrouble at the t J d.edMcNeWl.
Bob- ,,orrs im~aonas and Ckel. evraMM Idthee _final
Bill Roberso Ill also be Sin finish but seemed too tired to tyi5 Aador ln the flial
the firsd t for he r si do anythi about it. ate af tte day. .

is gal over, bu t 1i what 01t .t to
bi amore di futfi t o a dnly w ceptfor t oe few tima. it Prim woe p ested at a gala
Sbit more f u W Cockes i t ht o party after mat
0boy who s mse to hwve c-j1..teW ay -a

/ haleslh hVo ast- .t a C.e'-remo
shot: Heo has lh stu ff a o w .im. In the .ent -
goo-nigtWilldoIt.tLtat-ut the p..le tonaltl s pth a an zo C -,5t oe
ZNickislber hbtobweights, If I t It tbSSh artie
D not moreoJeffrie sis the besth f ba rough. l

however, gone over 11 feet ohat h" a
several pccaboi5othis yearwithn ft
a best of 11ft- SEI3pin. Coming bo a up BuWtt Howard
right behind him is Don Huff. a
and then DUl Coffey and Bob a ha an hi t
I Ji May and Bruce Orvwi will

in.. in fact he 11 lad
week, while Orvis baa it S

alw Worft uas aup. low net" *uly t ok .

S WI Pkno Plrsdt ote Ft..t a over at Bra M ArnaW
nhandleap do t net two Be-

lbw to wa nt owakt deserves w
with thea olf ba prize for f' comnra up with a t
tsroup. shar Fort Davis GO CourZS
during the .'54 AWmateur Play.
.The complete Ist of prise win-
nerm were as ftolowe. "
S 0 Sports Briefs
Law aui eap Grup .
(40 to 5 ep) de" -
1et Le N 4If balls MILWAUK Iddlewe ht
D4s Loade. Xondall Lull, Ernie Durando stooped Ted Olla
Beautdry Monday night in the eight round
mnd Low Net--.2.-u olf bals at MUwaukee.
-enedy., Murphy, Stephens, Olla seemed ahead o'."* into
Hetndareleh the eighth when he r lft o a
r3 Law Net--27T-I- golf b& straight right and W tt down
Hernnann, Larso, oo10k for a count of eltht, Oha 4ust
Tope 'h4d regained his fed when Du-
4th,Low Ne-S-316 golf bKt rando sent him down foc Pi h-
Beavers, Stephens, Murphy, or eight-count with a. llt Re-
Kennedy free Don Dickenam stopped
ee ,the fight. at that point.
Hith kndleap .Groep NOMA. -- vin
if6 to 8 Handicap) QkOR-N, aI- Melvin
Iat LOw Net- -_ g9ef. tal, Sam Lyle, end'Oeorria
Lopes.. MacNamara, Mcinn, Tech for the paitw e r,
Mautrued has been named tdtIbIlse ttik
Bad Low Net-- PA7 4 -el balls (Pop) I.v oh the -klaboma
T. Bagf, Mathews, N. Clark, R. coaching staff.
Thom npsn The Oklahoma athst o dite-
Sily4w Net.- 73-2 eulf balls tor, Bud W11kison, ays Lyle.
R&, Youngrbiood, Colbert. wll begin work at OkJah*mna
Be I after Oeorg Tec h fintlshes
41h-ew 1wNe 2 --t1-4 golf biail,spri, training till. week.
A. Clark. osher, Lincoln. lay I Lye played high school foot-
An addition 23 ,olt balla ball at El Dorado. Arkanaa. and
were awSrd4sed to each orsomne's detained the Loul siaa State







.4. 4

*lantil a knee with toaI w't .Ig.o7 ..s-t .
brllant PeeWee RMeen at O w t to .
bote te e the. li R. W
Rufit ooa to the Yalkees. If Roy campanena dly
W thYnkeea iUs t omwant to think abol t l To
either. ..

Bo6th'clubl appea .to he ,Onll In tidib.o 1
oe ab rout I I is d

:, h .Al*nny the yoa. loue s, hP t, e out a

Scan Wbut."- ,
bthe wi Nty Me9 l

Gulam Hee&s Kelp

Becuame JTuior
'n need ai the heluhe
then he may prow
m e' yve him u lS

snowe Deou ua
A Roebk.

*rh6 hope tom Ma
the- ,-,- i They ,
thI e nothing ca
Wuse that'

M. -I -

f W

i St a i not 'he! s

Scloser on Ithe i-ftr
,A M Way to Jet At n trW
ailil MI^

three straight
umt in real t

H& a .add
one iw .,o~~a...

' i. .


It I

-. N-: ,.- 25.



UL-27 03 2
S00--0 18
I AdCran-

ht Phil S ANR A dosA dor en or
hurt. ldouwbjglz knocking at thl
1 erM. de.5.. I S- fhr m
Jw h f aI low
w per t haI ban tamwe h ta I

h ei1d0 athe r. T'

ui" Io on e Pn e_ CLU B roun4w, but o.t p du'r toWir sna-
en In~sA aert a 6rotbacT .J,. ,,S mTAooIG LINEUP mu e rounds, TUsoual"aet

0i s. -m G- Clul. en a d tea m ,P T
ral Mn d I VwiIe bea the m Capt illa bei Dhout the om platedd c ,. ..
n ost orn* l yS at t.he Wah. rvce of e or tof that pat folo n
iD a handicap pla John M tie will be ttad by 1 hole
h ImaB be; b:*w~ot .1L& b. W Murray, uff. -rom a bMa ploy-oA.Mttdr:61a10I6
'. A f pu.- W We f 6 e un to c =rper. soeot- suddenn deth"V 'y-offt
have Is hiln y wheanA hed tu aed bk A la e A may be e TheTournament
1ab o Uif ar uia ia ad "Doc" MUsithJoeoi Jr. w tlsr be sd t eduled -a ou o

M have V" ia] bor oft a Yda 0 at t N. the 35 CAA .... '.,,T

to n-Gustav So a Dr. A, al Ge^rrn No. 4 tNavyl ............ 4 .600
rhwve TARN mWde Ahwe sou a ai ProbablyMiN No0 h f1 MOVet .. 6
S o lw favorite e swiAk sd i at lrIday, April I.
r il German to th e the Team Captain rdia D
t t sin M f Sll. Te Washl hope that.eachl of the follow g N.

The 1001poun ep regan tdi.a]trio 10 :1sce
ibrnonu~di. 0leora will bI able to makewtrdnfnC )OTDWI
backbone o the oum. slel prerv, ane- ,e ha and e o /e
t limited to er L round Martn N
S i t ard wh3 'oeestn he AD l players are anted to be

Young o W ardin0 and knocked o at mroe Bt Nody a UU
Sandy Baxter, n oft two. in*mlate thro .

WA w Aneoi. ckly d a tes reru ly splelrahd e irf the rebc-
ma ted muee rdMerer Nat. Jbor-oNo to dhaA- b a 1 w h
R a una d about ay BSchitt o I C Ma..........
ac.ts* oe n a v eho_ ae. Dr. A. Esar Oefmrana No. 4 S L... ^ "
rived they made the s ou aa an s n t 5 fef r s
an- lopsd favorite ov u Al i Matt sia oin w.
t ba, without ever having seen the flrst rck Dhong ry e h 0a 7 ra24 Vo rke te L o
41r Oil German to b n ase thesm O n CrlosDo urla s a wdi n tae e SrIS '
mao sine EaK Sbmelinn. Z.dolisGuardla fkD tMiN
The _'pouadr reaa th A retno MI t f
backbone of the sour sienrt, and |a frtaa .o 11 (te uqsr o ae e sI
Shave been for protracted ie G ar int m o e uardia, h elane S Ai A l
th" no ugh the years. Louis Ma rtin t Na oer w t O
-- Albertoa. Negro Arias rd o, ii ifa arr
ZfeIV Tm ro Gu4aiJr.e5 bes alr az ris.Uo feltoumb

-bThre abent Tu m nt ni-th ue t lrd 8tk e. eory
"sEP ni.a few more.4 Poinbt"

t. 'ubath asehas161.o oat ofeheg SSt Jul thIV -Ou
1WeMdy Tourney AlcrU4n gn1 J I
dl Stooin el2steve n't 1 N r i
S .tt ny an ea os e. mati r the
bnso th oShad net6'st o fia- tN .3 Go r nlton Ater t'

wintnbe rm eA to olk' L.IEse h eol.the.C stoer
Si t In ta NS o. 5n Aeere e 'uoth o .se ot wo. on fle .eo rn -tane a
Tournmet wi wrft:pS3ere wDaoryt cSU e or t o mv Ghete Xof, ttr mIne toa
,-7 ai CX ouha m .the. benh. a- e

thlrSttfi t hmnotreao and cam the HoteT eSiran*ma'nia e net *. i Ast e ^ ^ te-way M lor tour trieaa Vobart had

al)' ea to sroo a lla 2 e o ctlnh two ft
-Ide t. 15* Panama Opren t o lat. peek t MisWe for fau. evn .
sho ua ,, A.W.OA. VIte0 Pre1It-e1 t.0 Ma, b nal playiA t laft d ., . waa preaegited t a a poslt.on. for faxW i ouuded
''" .A n..womR Club rnmaenI dthe bntottom oi the lMt ilr -
O^f ik -U 'tttU ngj eu ds on and 01 wina free -beah r

i *for to mot Tomorrow t hre, wnl W be a in t
-- "Three Club" T namat with A te'. CiA
3By their ltAUDON fl a hnandiaeS. tA e mne ai, dt bat Wth 'te tb sf t
c 06.e your three club, and Jot n he oayt home. by +the e ha In
Quet N o happens Or 4 -wv* ^ W.AnSsotre
i. t b Ug ft urln, ereI aaoher w !U I s Caneb l s'."
gain, while the. ovtfla laer
a thte lowPon-MR te *a ls.10Alu6 l ao Ma leu for
In Janua ry d s l e inert i ipuwnonA. An y h el dar tw t
I F ......... ........4
lu tm, tt' swen6 ..c.. :: : e tia d

I --th- u T T. ......... .
h" ef....e \ -a. ........

.1.we r t o n toeIe.*-. 1t
By ten ftlrjbaws. nr RVate14 r.II t ftheMgoie Mo@ OOei, t. 0A ,Itt i

f V ," a I nsro ^ ;p; b w ay t o: ::: -4 1u1

S ; -.

wawMt usM w, AsWM,
At Cleswater.
Tan"" ....Ig *" 14.1
ord, grm (F7), Mo0rsn (8)
Ned Der, COrbset (6). Sllvera
); Droty (49 and
L.n*Vr. =.2m*.ty. LP-,

Ou Trner e h2 a ftt
career th lht knok-

oHI M-i. n ir t it A.
Thli WOk4*r medicine makes
you **| r goKre itronfer isd
*l-vinintenrruptr". 0as
Xatit~tto puutood. _

m of umam that

ON !at

Ma .a

,Salna C 4w uml T aw a esl is9S
W% ttt rfan uio WIth
2t 1 run s Jor le a
wit avejfe itpa-e. Rad 01
Iad to eunk "11
B imei. be game what
t .the Red
SinS t1E1-cS4 vwJ~ay tart- covered
ed. A big
iRteash the bo hos!
amMS s Iauiter ad 35- pope So

ft wtmy.

Depends ou
A *"^|

'I. -
- t*.

and you can depend on PAA service 1

Pan American's established dependabiflty has its source in manyth !., '
to name but a few .:. in over a quarter century of experieiells in r
hundreds of millions of miles flown; and in its geumine and- i d1-r
effort to give you the finest service possible. During daytime hoemJs, 'i '-s
attentive, courteous service is yours to command in every CI)t "*
cabin. For overnigh flNights on many routes, Pan American offe .tli*"4
length bed luxury at a slighil ddftional cosit. ,

Seey erw v .e AN w

"PA r AgFM.I.

I*t"L %a& M.k .


-a.", ;-".e,,. 1 ,,h?+1
WO.I&h tWp A *, :

P I e .-' I -ib s m M t -

. ". : __. .

,, +3~ gj" .4

- ~ :1.



'' --

I .




4+ t~ *,t

. a. .

Bien Phu

ders Halt

(f-Out Attack

HANOII, Indochina, March 31
p The Communist
tack of the Indochina war wis
Popped in Its tracks today by
M heroic defenders of the .e-
bled French stronghold of Dien
Sen Phu.
The otteome of the fierce bat-
e which both sides deacrihe as
,ctlove." still was In doubt as
h1 ell on the scene of smok-
Sguns, ripped and gaping
irh and carnage.
Out the French command sald
w defenders had won back
umt of the ground lost in the
0 14 hours of the fanatical
l,* human sek" assaults by
r hordes of Red Viet

,'ferocity of the attack by
I qs of swarming Reds against
p eaMter) side of the clutler of
-held valley positions ex-
eanything yet seen In In-
unAz. One post changed
amx times during the firstI
apurs of bloody hand-to-handI
Ie French officer said "one
ke or the other won't come out
Hudreds of black and green-
i=lfrmed rebel bodies clogged
*. barbed-wire entanglements
front of the French guns.
a I akere still were pouring
rwar. _Iareardlng caslualiles
JI ally described as appall-

At. last two positions were
esahed in the first hours of
eosanage assault.
ieaesh artillery in the heart
fartreas firing as fast as
1ktUp ba f-nude gunner
old tar1 In _be shells, brought
wP-. e*In of protective r
NWg-0 y0 r.d of their own
MI. Macl- grums traced inter-
Sdeath across the
ysiftfr si arh

T.. ltO Hurl
BRAOG, N.C., March 31
) A crippled C-119 Flying
SI t' Ia Dlot filhlng to make
rgeny landlr on a nar-
, eM, crashed Into a
ball here yesterday, killlnR
en and Injuring 10 oth.
;' 1he bodies of five servicemen
Srcbvered. The heroic pilot
W r in the base hospital.
of another soldier a-
plane was still miss-
ra, 1nc iI four from
-wtb the lives and were
'to. the hospital with In-
Id that of the
of the plane,
Ided, two others
6 ne msaft.,
Army Dopssen
-and the other
Sthe seven meqp
the pmess hall,
and five were in-
IWthdnlured man was
wvrkr sprayed with
a, l tank exploded.

.GTO, March 21 (UP)
rd J. Crumpacker Jr.
red today Ford and
SMotors are waglag a giant
battle in an ap et

hecalle the I
to nsee whthere

war war a the auto-

no immediate co-
whose district in-
debak factory, said
Mots and Ford produc-
ased 1 while Upro.
therautomakers has
Bpreped for House
bows td y wil
ha so argued
he e sdlv"
Ia ni1te GM

Sdealers has

I.- 7



* '^ 'A ,, .'. ..** .. ;:. ]/.!..'-..- ,, .. *> .

.. ,, e" ,' ,, ; ,. *: ',' ., -,. l
' a '- '' .- '. "- *' '*, ~ "' ) '- ^. '7,. "
'. ~ t'. llRf Wr : ^... ....-
op ,:, -,' ..
r .

~r~;L~Y....C- _~L-.:~_LI- --~' -- --


__ __ __

"LYet the people know the (rthW ad 'the

.. ... -

NewTariff Reduc.... r-t

Sonressiona .e
ln Congressional Depre

trade "needs to be more clearly turn of the Randall Cbmdetton
defined." Propoals, on which te Preai-
He said any trade with the dent's nlesaoe was ba d.
bSoviet bloc builds up Red mso- 0. R. Strackbein, ehaitrma '
rale, if not military strength, a protection group Of IIndustry,
House GOP leader Charles A. farm and labor ib ild the
Halleck (Iqd.) called the propos- Predeg'so Trogra ff"s a a
alq a "clear and forthright basis "dismal diet" to tbouieds l Bum
for action," but did not discuss employed, aqd would do "mare
specific recommendations. damage to .our 0odomy,.. than
Some GOP House and Senate a thousand prophets of loon"
members praised the message but The President, however, a-
many were cool or noncommittal. erted his beralied trade pro-
Some House Republicans gram would Improve "w' r do-
thought the House will delay ac- eati 4loymeak8 osr as-a
tion unless prodded by the White dard of UBvg, ar seeril, aand
House. Even then they felt the ad- the aoidarity of the free world."
ministration will do well to get a He outlined four major 1ola of
one-year extension of the present U. S. foreign economic policy; ex-
reciprocal trad, law, which ex- pand free world trade, curtal U.S.-
pires June 12. Some Senate sourc- foreign dollar aid, encourage U.S.
es agreed. investment abroad and ease dol-
Chairman Eugene D. Mikin lar shortages in. friendly counr
(R.Colo.) of the Senate Finance tries.
Committee_ whch handles trade To meet expected 0pp0 oitio he
measures in the Senate, said that promised that no tarffs would be
his group would give the message cut until the -effects of domestic
"careful consideration," He has indtries ha been studied fully.'
objected, previously to trade fe.a- He also said this country must

6f peacefull btI w t
and et s d Mt cause "u
concern" as lon1g as .national
curity is not jeopardized.
But he recommended so
laxatiom of strategic trade cm
with the Commudlst blec.
While President Eisenho
drged prompt conalderation .of
trade program, much of it
certain to meet stiff oppoai
from influential Republicans
both houses.
Senate -Republican leader
1ian F. Knowland (Calif.) said
agree with a "good deal" of
trade me bu "there m
be some oQWhih ILexpet C,
gress would, iev." He said,
proposal.. for more EastW e

Cori*e Calvet

4YOOD, March 1 (i
a Corine Calvet
sv emergency treatment e
L a for what her phyald
called an< overdose of leep
Thl French tlm star, who
vorcem ator John Bromfield
Ufpch 18, ha been under "en
Uinal strain," Dr. Francls A
'Ms Calvet's roonmaate U
Wood, said she noticed the
Areas was aleeping "unusu
oundly" and called the pc
about 2*30 a.m.
The blo; de film star
rushed to the hospital and gi
emergency treatment and no
reatin ,tomiortably. the doe
"lIas Calvet has been un
emotional tension and str
uha hired the use of se
." a @atement from
r sawl,
"By acdent, j.he took one
two Pllslover the uxual pill

'Boy Meets Girl' Behind Ancon. Laundry


~; -~J

.,- .,



Mtae plain that io cutting Imjapar
It would expect other Oa
g t 11"fonlow1.911 lead." 1
te Presidehrw magp o
,epd wiW"t u X' Lrtuai
aof the m
two Wonths ago by U woign
Eonmic Pol y ,1 e n.
Claece B. Moog 1= 1
bodrd chairman" hedd th
commission, stayed on l Op
write te presidential message.
The Presids* said his progr
would not only. bolster the Amer-
can economy and those of other
free world nations, but would also
strengthen U. S. military allies.
."Their strengthh" he Said, "is
of creitical- importance to the se-
curity t our country."

A-Chief Sa ys

Bomb Can

S to

it It
ly 6
., S.


WASHINGTON, March 31 (
- President Elenhower's
tariff reduction proKrvn w
Into a Congressional deep fr
today and appeared certain
stay there for many weeks.
Many prominent Republic
hope o hear no more abou
this year. But they conce
there isn't much chance of t
Mr. Eisenhower, in a spe
message to Congressyter
urgently asked Contesas
power to cut U. 8. tariffs
otherwise Increase world tr
to strengthen the free world
bolster the American economy
In a 4B00-word message,
sought authority,to cut most
Iffs 15 per cent over the next tb
years. He promised the cuts
be gradual and will not hurt U
business of employment.
Sounding the "trade not
theme, he also promiWd to
giveaway economic aid to o
nations '"as soon as possible,
ilstent with our national Intere
substituting loas for free gra
The Pre.sidet warUed that p
c entry nd It aes enoan
West's ability to deal with
o lmmuns Inaeie. '.
'u said, failure to encour
more "two-way" trade with U
allie 'would.cut foreign mar
for American farms and factor
risking the iobs of 4 million An

.*)4 elPfR~..~ ~PIRTPII~V~7


Flatten NY

-- AtOmtI nergy Commmssion
Chatu Lewis strauss a;d;
today ,k jPresident Elsenhower's
news conference that t coun-
try cati now build hydropen
bomb powerful enpug to wipe
out 3t entire metropolitan are
of New Tosk City.
Strausk appeared at the Nn
Executive's weekly news tonf
ence to g'ake the first public rb-
port in any detail on relent y-
drogen bomb tests in the Pac-
Strauss for the first time used
the phrase "hydrogen" bomb"
rather than the previously fa-
vored description of "thermonu-
clear weapons."
Strauss said the important re-
sult of the tests was that this
country, has made such progress
in th6 development of hydroeh
bombs that it soon will be "more
free to increase our impetus on
the peaceful uses of atomic pow-

r strategic Uoods Emoargo
ries, -- --
mar- LONDON, March 31 (UP)-The should be continued," the conm-
United States, BEtin and France unique said
!Pl announced tonli they have. ar The new trade formula was an-.
ga need to ea. .'Nobstatlially" the nounced following two days of
West's embr|6 an strAtegic goods conference in which foreign aid
*e' to Communist countries in Europe. chief Harold E. Stassen represent-
The Big Three announced they id the United States. Stassen met
re* would "redefine" control arrange- with Prime Minister Winst o
rbs ments on strategic trade with the Churchill today befObre the corn-
Communists by "narrowing sub- unique was issued.
wer staotially their scope." The announcement said the three
his governments "found that thero was
was They specified the trade expan- a wide area of agreement rovd
ition sion with the Russian bloc would ing a common basit for rev Owing
in be "compatible with security re- in close cooperation with o
quirement" and that Red China friendly counties, the existing con-
Wi. and North Kokea would not come trols in order to encourae ean
the slen with the Russian blo wouli expansion of trade compatible with
the& under the new regulationo. security requirements."
ight "Existfng controls on trade with
on- Communist China and North Korea "The three governments will
the proceed to discuss existing control
Elizbl l Bre ks arrangements with other friendly
Elizabelh Breaks governments in the immediate fu-
ture," the communique added.
,Ut u bale' Rul Sti'" embargoed, the soues said,
wilU be military items as well as
WVMlo nW W I I materials that would give a direct
boost to the Commumst war-mak-
And Shakes Hands potential.
PERTH, Australia, March 31- Wic stn i
(UP)--Queen Elizabeth II broke iscon sin 1d110s

the "untouchable" rule last night
land shook hands with three per-.
sons but none were West Austra.
The Queen extended a gloved
hand to Governor General Sir Wil-
liam Slim and Laxy Slim as well
as Dr. Buller Murphy.
All 'ree-*were what western
Australians now call "untoucha.-
bles" because of the polio epidem.-
ic, but they arrived here only yes-
terday and the occasion was the
royal ball.
Dr. Murphy, a woman, said "as
I curtsied the Queen put her hand
out and shook mine and so did the
Duke. The Queen asked me if I
had just arrived from Mel-
Today was the last In Australia
for the royal couple and they were
greeted with thunderous cheers
wherever they went.
They are due at the Cocos Is-
lands April 5 and Ceylon April 10.
When they arrive in Ceylon they
will have traveled 34 900 miles
since leaving London Nov. 23.

w is
e or

Straum said the March 1
hydrogen b e mb shot at the
Enlwetok proving grounds was
in control, despite reports to
the uontrary.
He described It as "a stOupen-
dous. blast In the me aton
(A megaton bomb is one of 1.-
000,000 tons TNT equlvalentk Rep.
James M. Van SZandt (R-Pa.) of
the House-Senate Atomic Energy
Committee has said the March 1
explosion was between 12 and I
.raus' use of the detructklo
of New York as an example ame
after reporters him .to
describe the are-of Marchw
21 and March 20 shots and to
give some picture of.h.r ,tfte--
tivenea. .
As for the power of the blasts
Strauss ald this would have to
be meatbred in megatons and
the number of megatons is a
matter of military serecy: As
for effectiveness gener a
terms, a bomb. could be made "as
large as the military require-
ment demands large enough
to take out a city, any dity."
"N1w York?"
"The Metropolitan Arsa-yes,"
he repled.

IBelieve McCarthy
We"F W AY ,
Popularlty Wang
NEW YORK. March 31 (UP)-
The newspaper Newsday said in a
copyrighted news story today that
it had polled editors of 38 Wiscon-
sin daily newspapers on the sub-
Ject of Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy
and found:
1. Twelve of the 18 believe there
has been an increase, ranging
from "slight" to "terrific" in anti-
McCarthy sentiment. Newsday
said eight of the 12 were in dis-
tricts which McCarthy carried by
sizeable margins in 1952.
2. Four editors of newspapers
which have consistently supported
McCarthy believe the senator is
losing strength.
3. Only one editor of a news-.
paper in McCarthy's home town
of Appleton, believed the senator
had gained strength.

"If are ^Suried.
it .i .-She said, "and
c= % w ut i after I finish
my-:current picture in May."
She was wear. a lare dia-
mOMd ring on the third nger of
her left-thaad The gem, a
from the Moslem playboy, S
9vously been seen on her.,rg
Kiss Twiery said ste plaed
W'-70 *to Pari **s W W mnln ff


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US, Britain France Ease

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ANDLG 'RO88TIES wa hard work-too.'- hesewrWiari
the bottom O Culebtra (now aUlslrd) ct .prepsiatoryto
channel. Aboard..tbe Porras yesterday, one woman who was a I
proudly: "I walked through the bottom ot this cut barefooted;"

GeneT erney

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