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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Any am e rts.
tio Maru, ai'-ton
1000 maes away TrolI
iat held

4. Howard Z. o aDer, one of the U.

Wtoe55 rse i t of, .bb$Itn.

Dotor Admits

H-Burns May

Kill Fishermen

T TOKYO, Nr th 23 (UP) -

(hlip Pukaryu laru rer to-
day that nose showed symptoms
of any atomic ailment.
The announcement was ex-
pected to calm the fears of Jap-
anese who ate, contaminated
tuna from the Fakuryu Maru
after it was learned that ashes
from the March 1 Bikini hydro-
gen blast had fallen upon the
! Results of -the examination at
Osaka were made known after a
leading Japanese authoriy on
S atomic radiation said or
three of the Fuquryu Usru's
crevnwmen may 41e as a reltof
the ash burns.
Dr. Masao Tsuzukis of Tokyo
University. who previously said
all of the Fukuryu Maru crew
would recover. "regretfully" con-
firmed reports he had told a
public official that 10 per tent
lof the mae might die.
Tkukl said he had given
nwimrep opUmistic reports at
p0t Wi -onferences because ed
no wish to shock the


HayaLa Torre

Free To Leave

Peruvian Soil
BOGOTA. March 23 (UP). Uruguayan diplomats are agreed
Representatives of th Peruvian that the btig would be or
and Colombian govern 0p e nt s him to go diretly to Montevi-
meeting here on the case of V- do.
tor Raul Hays de la Torre, Peru- The APRA tlader has spent
vian APRA lea de r, bae a- the la tw years in asylum in
noueed .the official solution of -he Ooembl embassy at Lima.
the case. '-'- .,
Th. solution consists of trans-
the Colombian 3mb yin bLmarn ...s r
to the Uruguayand ET-s y m.To a-Lai-
from there to the airport under |' 3g 3l
diplmatic Immunity.
Teformula Is made easy by I n BLM m.M are adjoining. Tech- HANOI, band na., March
thePeruvian political m (UP) i~hmbem ta
leader can be transferred from .ad Wipe ut with W
one building to the.other without itra e nSwSh "6w
sep on Peruvian asoi. It&Sofommutstreinforoe.-
.. monte U20oM-towar beeed
... as
e will go o the nport o- t Red Clsd .
ny^ ue ,^ Is, fiAmerican
5 _*e f telgbthoRrB spot-
S andf Omer rson r dWn I tb@ twibtlg. mouin
uism offered by tr il s oft of the embattled
Peru ia t g ve the move- enh ...fotr
has *_ot,, hean veaa fAw* MaiauwL -~~f IW ~ bJB




WAS hITON, March 23 (UP)
-An on r to deport sin=e Dick
Haymin to hiS native Argentina
was ameud thu mornmnS.
The order was bsed on the
faoe tMt m, as an alien.
had no t to turn to the
United stm after a trip to
Hawai laSt lune to woo movie
star Rta Hayworth. who Is now
Attorney Generl Herbert
rownell the deportation
ordtr was ued by imi
director Jdheph A. DumnMel tbb
morning after Haymes ws
Slanted an official hearing.

F Rbi Of10

-4'rie United Stateusoconsider-
Ing a dlrct approach to Corn-
mun st 0mi at the Gene *con-
ferenefor the rloase f about
100 AnMecalis held on1 t Ohl-
new irtand, dlp.mti .onfl-
le repte tod y b

Expect Housing

Curta lment

Wil Cut Staff

*~S. ~


Local-rate schoolteachers, alarmed generally by
implications of Governor Seybold's recent testimony
fore Congreis, regarding the possible curtailmed
locel-rate housing in the Zone, started taking i
Almost the entire staff of 200 teacl~w~-
emergency meeting Saturday at the Gombo
to protest whet they foresee to be the loss of 03K
They voted to contribute money to a legiset |
to help ttom reinforce the organizing staff of Locd
of the G EOC-CIO to "awaken the people to the
gers" they face... .
At toe same time, they passed a unanimous resql2 i
tion endorsing the Pqnam6 Canal Company's p18n I
make Spanish the basic language in locol-rate school s. L.
Teachers' preo.upation with lia tes to operate M
the ossble loss of their jobs wararapid chae-
devedpd pAfter governorr pea
Tid had tJWs y 9ore hte anuse of
r eApeioprt ,uon bto- i
SThe zone mmt has
od the poly edcti When aed for A.
Kenoai Wo^ ~ f^ m BLoc4 Mum.II^ ^
",el~t'^a d .:^. ^

Col0, tahv tM TU MtJ
Madlk mask he wear i hi
job rmakiwn deOdy "O-Ge'
whveb Is oderIn, taxtelems a
iataeliil d In.

heiy~ ~ ms

,9 1 .;

SPtelas toda at Bl hnd atUe that d t lull _. eliminated altogether if the new .1 4ts flt
H eradhts. Commercial transit Ior h tin f Mn I tn phu The MAmerc.l nclu e d of osinK down local-rate union wau now entertgB.
tIn addition to the 51 iare rI Red movRea down i r espondent and forer .t/ d that at a recent shirt-sleeve bui the maximum memai
If rar 15 wee 16. uW N s a5 w est. n- fM
commercial ships, making the r d o ublf nr C in Presw reporter, and Dona _x- conference between local-rate strength to help them cope wi
Canal passage during the past evidence that the Reds being on. International News e civic council heads and the Gov- Impending problems.
mona th, there were 41 large o I UUU I the fore tresc are ha ing critical- reporter. ernor, he stated provisions would
S m nent. vesels on whlch tog 1s short of oo and other sup- The Overseas Press Club continue to be made e hon Se reant Gunne
r a NEW YORK, Mrch d3 e yP) p New York hu urgd Presden nel among the local-rate staff. -
Tolls earned dri Februar Coe pris went up another s rurnn shower to "us every means o o schelteaes
amoted to $48 48. for te fie to t ntsa p d at the DisM Bin Po t the disoal o the gov- but workers at the aomm1-
large commercial ships. This, wholesa e and retal level toay. s, the food shorts ement" to secure freedom for rl, elhdsouea and hoe-
together with the $200,030.48 The Great AtTatUe & Pa fb 400 ay Red A t and xon. ..... itals may even lose their Over Mexi Jmc n
credited for the government ves- Tea Co. hiked.Ie own brabd a e~p to n Tfll a sult Iand Dlq selon with meran bs." one teacher said today.,M '
aels, accounted for the total Peb. nickel, or more, folloing simlanr ?ortre s diane Cant. Den Kramer of Des ite what they terms a HOUST- x ?da
tolls of $2,685,019.96. action by Generasl Pofdc: Ehlerib ''The itoers ad the black b rine at. n mhrasor threat to their security local- HOUpTON, Tase Ma
aM.artinson'sa' Abomn and Saverin clad Coarleaeae toolpyn, N.R., o rom tng ir acno rate teachers endorsed the Ca- ked ou A a rgeant-gunnerw
Corresponding figures for Feb., The A, baR-paiked E t ed "half msi vd" who they ro Hona rn dty nal's new lan to make Spanish sucked out of a Bm
1953, are: Commercial tolls. $2- Olock brand moved up ive clashed with PMnch trol a -ma the bs gua e in t mls ove t he 0
credits on government ents to $1.04 n r oud wi rn -e Barbanry eeh eocl.ratM exco t wnoda w .e a.
015 i a on rund i Ben Phua defense From e to tme, the Com- choolna sly, the ov e e'
.t? adelaPenhs a 'eln.; gar shi38829..02 Bp38-oknr to $1.08 a tmOnd. perimer munetr n ermlt p ae Ametrlcan to resolution wbleh eandesed the turret broke loose.
moh the r, af s rn4a tohe bistr overthe plan' e
ater a fire vs D nnwh....h The chain's enaum-packed .,cam leave China. u U.. diplomat plan ,state. Air Force officials at
t lammen, ann al. i i two brand will be up sx cents to The W as are not surs that protests We urthert eur s e wil- Air Force Base, San
flammable chemical. 12 a pound. through foreign government aiWe In neL the airman was
re-- o erwinlial ipThe nickel boost at wholesale u' ... i Dawn heve led to these releases. ..L tlk I parachute when the rush
Stsr Martinson's up to 1.25; A- IDIM U Rep. Franklin D. Roosevelt. Jr. OU u from the pressured cabin
rSrcohd OKdeSt Fr Mr p l eR born $1.21: Marwell House and (D-N.Y.) called on Secretary of ied him from the B. 9. '
o O--e Fir Mir, Thdeov l Lavarin $1.16: and Ehlers to 1.- CIIMOHAM. England, March tate John Foster Dulles last a However no one know
iwas W acountedfotV Retailers said the latest whole.. Danson weaf home last night the Chinese Reds at Geneva Three amphlbiour
0a. O ; Wa as Will h rdda 15.a pound.2( Lamplhter arry week to negotiate directive aft D its t they thelio tSerx f ,ro M ac.
tolls-.ofr-2-- iI lll I i sale rise means the et tal price after lighting tthe lamps and next month for mthe release of t, | j al a helicopter from
___ Aon General Foods' axwell slammed his front door. The the Americans. rat L Force Base near Houston
13 Years Old Mrs. Nina Pickett, well known House brand may move up to a- llvin room wall fell into the .. ordered out to search the
Sold timer and retired Canal round $1.27 a pOund In chain Garden. Brboo Tids ROME. March 2 (UP)-Pre- about 20 es southuet of Pl i
Bt LLAMT Ala. March 23 employee, died yesterday after-stores.. "At night my wife and I mler Marlo Scelba s armed police c, Teox.
Meafterafir e .,wept checaP'sfourolokWedinsay.Mu aumIlyr usaneshed:Aa Fascist-ld Ofiici als at Tadop s
(UP)- relatives burled a 123- non at our o'clock in Goregas If smaller stores follow the sometimes heard creaking Wednesday, March 24 quickly crushed a Fascist-led Officials at Randolph sid the
mer-old Negro today believed w Hospital where she had been a customary 20 per cent mark-up. noises," Danson said, "but I Htih Low demonstration in Rome today B-29 landed safely. B-2
lte second oldest person in patent since March 11. She was it would bring their rice to the told here it was the wall paper :7 a.m.......... 12:32 a m. before it could turn into carry crews of 11
the world before his death. 74 years old. neighborhood of $139 a pound. dr lng out." *' :44 p.m. .......... 12:45 p.m. rioting over Trieste. I men, but they did not know
a e Thirty youths were herded many were aboard the
Clem Uncle Pike Noble, who Born In Bennington. Indiaana, ino ple ns and 2,000 others when the blister blew out .
was born a slave n Christmas Mrs. Pckett first came to the I students who were roaming the They declined to nt
Dav In 1830 and wa freed m lthmus in 190 with her hus- sOI UIy n mn L fker t k t's reeta were quickly sergeant immediately.
S dedaquletry oa a heart brid, the late Ira W Plckett, L. w l d 3 ll Li I disperse None was _ntured ----.*
attack last Thursday who was employed by the Bani- More than 1.000 armed riot lU t* mA'I
Starys Department of the Panama police, the Celere created by HIt-Run e
S friends slld he had rem ned l a T I M lb teamed with federal
death hunting eand iLefn After Mr. Pickett's death In Takeb IS M easly $4,000 sre prevent de iDets Pe ,o a
his small tobacco farm. He was 1928. Mrs. Plckett was employed march toward foreign Femobr e a-n
known ar and wide for hi by the Commissary Division n ... including that of the United o.. uit achse. O -
humor d h reat rstobal d worked, there un- WEST MIDDLE SEX, .., Mar.' something's shppened." she 'about seven miles northeast of tates. CUlrtn Souh I t
umor "lid s gret a" itilU 1944 when she retired. 22 (UP Two gunmen leisure- gasped. Younestown. Ohio. Students shouting "Trieste is
A relative who investigated Bince that time she has made ly looted the Fs National Bank Walker, calling town Councll- Mrs. Kathleen Mitchell. a ours. "Down with Tito" brought Will the deer whlh
Un cle Pike's longevity and her home on the Isthmus and here today after locking an Danel Orund from his bookkeeper working at a counter back memories of the demonstra- with a Canal Zo
checked it agnt oth oderecently was living in the TvoUl employes and three customers, service station next door. dah- near the door, was the first to tions of last November, but car early this
centenarlans said the only man Guest House. only witnesses to the holdup. In ed Into the bank and found the ls e uthe nmen wnho amb.ld In scelba's tough pollee headed off come forward nd ISentiyo,
behered to hae been older was She is survived by a daughter the bank's records vault. floor littered with papers. with :uns drawn and should .any violence by taking control Although this is strict
an Indonesian bon n lna. g Mrs. Ruth Perkins of Cristobal. The bandits escaped with an A heavy accountun, marhilne 'This stickurup." swiftly. iclal, possible charges
a o A memorial service will be etmted $4.000 and apparently and a file case had been pushed On of the men ordered Mrs. This morning's demonstrations. the deer, are: failure to
______________ hald at 4 p.m. on Friday at the were miles away before any one against the vault door. Mitchell, Chnger. the two other the second in two days, tied up an accident; conduct a
Margarita Union Church, with else in this tiny Western Pnn- Using a combination shouted bookkeepers, and two customers traffic n central Rome but inn a deer: trespassing. del
u i Henry L. Del oftflat g seylvania town knew that the from within by cashier L. back toward the open vault. The otherwise failed to ripple the ure to keep to the right
first at bank had bn robbed. Ciger, the bank officials re- second man ducked behind the norm. ife of the capital. passing an oncoming ors r Bank dfficis said the main lead the prisoner who had counter and began stuffing cash t Besidem. It has the Canal
iv H S Got vrult alo ws when the been Imrisoned approximately into a caner shopping ba. police at a loss as to how t
athe tin gcnrm ny bandits entered th morning. 1 mrutes. A th e-toer. Reward Rare Robbit out the reAquired "mo estemer
SA But a quick checkup indicated "They were all right." Walker Gbson, walked in and wa tl4 cle aident r. t
aBREM aHVN Ger m an sy od Line the only cash misins was taken said: ust a lttle scared." to )a the te va AMARIL Te. March 23 i the part whichret
March S.M(UP) -The firt ship- .... .. .... from drawers behind two telers' The b has normed guards Then the bandits. described as UP -- Airm.n. they can prevent suT-h nUHr
meant of "Matador" guided mis- L Ma., rh 23 (P cagea. d d t buses hours. short men about ears old ir Force Base liked their first dent in the future. .
S i vs, capable of carrying an a- Paul .a 3 an a New A local housewife. Mrs Janes ee, count utho- slammed shut the vaue t door. serving on mbblt. rouled I The deer banged Ionto
tomic warhead, arrived today a- Hven railroad semHe chri- O'Nell, discovered the robbery ties, fa iddlesex's one- Police sad they apparently bread crumbs and fried, last rear fender of potee
5 board the U.S. transport Empire ed with wUe here shortly after 1I a.m. when she man police one swarmed into fled in an automobile without week and the mesa officer No. 51 on Gore T% aMd
SState Mariner, and one n Mt. Ver N. wlkd Into the deserted bank the bank within minutes after bet seen. CWO Bernard Desmond. said dent in the tender,
a e d woa Ie0terd on a poflamy office to make a de Hear- the went out. wAbout 1.300 persons live In today it wouMl h ack on the sed on its meay way Mest r, Jet and Fyi. I im muffled shouts Mbiaod were set on West Middlesex. which drew na- min-u olinM Mt. street, disappearing l t
S rled pilotless bo hl. B Fe a aselor," Judge the wault erse rana oeros aint lead ing fria tows d dtlonal attention in 13M when Re- "hIn a S man atoU t, we jungle on Ancon Hmu. l
Ma t transported ra s a ido "Church w- the street to ehardWs store n Che & arby P ylvsa- -upublican oresldential candidate discotera e C hat onl Rones were The poIee car waspsi|
S-diatelyLto B urg U.. Air t gk.nirl in every port. operated by Jame Waiher, a ito er. Alf M. Landau opened his cas- thrown away." lemdoad sath. of its polemep up toae
w Base where t ans ae at end of bank director. a te ."alap ers f our pald n there. He had lived tIthem It was, Indeed, a favorpl Boeplta for trestatent a
,aB ar to eniwmeia i *." ."aW et aS e Wakt, fbn. k eia adm., adarea a a ar. eiSa,* l,-tre p -W .
BRMXMIN eri anY oo in te y ah isigwa aknIsid Zuta itl cae." t Jn h ohrsI teval. MRILO ex arh23 te at hchr

-. ".....- -.. -------- 4'.




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( t" ,, *

"... ... ..... ..... *. ". ',.'-
... -* ,'-.
- .. .. /. -. -

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' .F':-1,. '. ,:

" P"Ae
Dti ~fNiiMl

i 'i -, 0.

M0A r" 1. 0

S Win: *Slo t. d Ae w t be hie "
0". ULal n se""rIn re
aim ysp t keepf domn' edke t
Ian rae at ne o w0 esn f held l s f ;.. .
bTi i aonthePue R os ha t lInt.s go in s I tehi n


I" thi A -o s they are either playing dIusT, ci-
Th ,a I d anor John.eor

Jihan dsports program. Ie don't even M,.e the place they.ere-ted
he*bu ravUe. And I think tha t guy who stole the Muia cat. hon
andraised thatf nine thousand dollars for polio should give
tobert's Idea on the Puerto Ricons hali t good points I thin
o d a denprted when all he e oe ngrssman heal upt
-toclimb beehld the solid stedl curt be ing erected. Also
ould dqhotort all the I.ushJewsltuVr.ib.1, Cn?.ians, Prl-
M. Italians, Hungarans, German,.I C2chmna l-l
SforeIGnetn too numei to men i ,-whenh Tom-
drop theirr A-bomb they can get a aUL Tis
Shave been accomolished years afpeg Custer. _
f you see Marsaet of Bridgel 11 her she righ
the brave stand the Puerto,Rico in Korea. -Wheoa
rd of twentyflvu thousand fp tepsoldiersr n-
the same direction, It would a they wee ne
rd to speed. fast ones In f o ones toward the
But when they are all Jumbled u oone s i going to be
e ay, knocked down, they arne a IIe ttup the
SThose aveedy. devils disgraced le
Uked what I thought albot He -seema to
csn the radical, side or he Ii the tRuark
St the other day he s e. about thc
Stliir sout there was son. tl t into the
s wunthe leak could be ty rc ng the local
V i .rate, ranaln o opital. t A pot ex-
Se of Uhnd'ofma es tlies t an a in the ad-
f rabo lnde l th B %, th 2%he i title

b solution Is this. after talking tot a frler of mite who
a s on the critical list up at Gorgas with an Ingrowing toe-nail,
WtOi the lawyer slithered out of the jungle and alir tse throat 01
z baloers thus eting rid oft he.refuge and the pestas. Well
Stlo to the whole set up can runthe same. Level Ancon
aUrry eights, Gorgs Hoaspital., Anon Clubhouse where
e otimeri sun themselves. the Seynbol mansion.
wouldn't only get the pesat under control but would rid
ae-s of mapy other souit-s of Irritation. Leave the Balboa
house, because where else are the teen ages going to go In
jeam for the old ladlep in shorts to criticize.
Well John I hope I have answered your question. Please
bhy addle up when It gets home. Love Marsha


Thursday night CYN broadcast a true story of typhoid among
e eminole Indian children of Florida In which a newspaper
sroused the state to action and secured ald for the
lkeag Indians by newspaper articles in a Miami paper. The
id-given the Indiana was by contributions from the people
orld. C .N says its a traub story. Where was our Red Cross
n this urgent need? Their. press agent should have forbid-
broadcastiUn of such stories, without due credit to the Red

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[ Musical Moods

Kilme of
"- cncert
4 Kind of organ

1 Eve's husband
1 Century plant
el neither
16 MUaddlest

i!E (ab.
p nI soua


E& (prefix)


a inP tess
4 Adhesive
5 Unempl ad
7 Meusurue of
I Hirsute
9 Toward the
seltered side 26 Put forth 42 Woody plant
10 Painter 27 Roomy 43 Possessive
Donheur 28 Shoshonean proun
I Favorites Indians 44 Hroic poetry'
17 Cuba's capital 28I Russians 48 6aminine
iS lsternal 31 Tatterfd Mx
23Approaches 23 Chair paIt 47. gyptian river
)34 Dacehanalian 38 Bridge holding4l Mirth
cry 40 Entertals 50Electricaj
25 Cuts off 41 Place atom

Wn fg Pfhilifp
S .MPW -b lm
%.On Am*msom
3 si
6' vowam

Peter. EAO



issues which the U. S. Senate has
to resolve in the case bf McCar-
thy, Carr, Cohn & Schine vs. Stev-
ens, Adams, U. S. Army dt al.
are a lot easle. t0 state than to
"Somebody Lied!" as Bert Wil.
liams, the old-time minstrel used
to sing..And what's more, if all
parties concerned stick to their
present stories when placed under
oath, somebody is going to per-
jure himself
Here are the main points of con-
. (Excerpt from an unsigned
memo in the McCarthy committee
files dated Nov 6, 1923, on meet-
ing between Army Secretary Rob-
ert T. Stevens. Sen, Joseph R.
McCarthy andthy and their aides in the
Pentagon. 'Mr. Stevens asked
that we hold up our public hear.
wings on thq Army. He suggested
that wf go after Navy., Air Force
a nd Defense Departments In-
(Reply by Secietary Stevens on
March 12, 1954.)-"Immedlately on
learning of this I issued a state-
ment that the charge was abso-
lutely untrue. Anyone who knows
me would realize that such a
charge was fantastic."
(Memoran,:um from Roy Cohn,
chic; counsel, to Senator McCar-
thy, Dec. 9, 1953.)-"John Adams
(Army counsel) said today that fol-
lowing up the idea about investi-
gating the Air Force, he had got-
ten information for us about an
Air Force base where there were
a large number of homosexuals.
He said he would trade us that
Information if we would tell him
what the next Army project was
that we would investigate."
(Reply by John G. Adams on
March 12, 1954.) "The charges
made against me are untrue. The
chronologies' statement released
by the Army on Thursday (MarcH
11) ... speaks for itself."
(Senator McCarthy in March 12
piess.conterence statement declar-
tung that Mr. Adams had uged the
Army report In an attempt to
blackmail him into calling off his
investigation of the Army.)-"No
investigation By me will ever be
ended by threats of blackmail."
(Reply by Mr. Adams in March
12 statement.) "The charge of
blackmail contained in the mem.
oranda released this afternoon is
fantastic and false, If there ever
had been any basis for such a
charge, it is inconceivable that no
complaints were ever made to the
Secretary of the.Army. And none
(Excerpt from Army report on
"The Schine C a s e," mid-July,
195".) "Maj.-Gen. Miles Reber,
chief of Army Legislative Liaison,
received a telephone call stating
that Senator Mcarthy desired to
see him. He went to the senator's
office and Senator McCarthy there
Informed him that he was very
interested in securing a direct
commission for Mr. G. David
bchine, a consultant to the (Mc-
Carthy) committee."
(Excerpt from the Army's re-
port on Schine, mid-October, 1953.)
nator McCarthy at this time told
Mr. Adams that Mr. Schine was
ot no help to the committee but
was interested in photographers
and getting his picture into the
)sper. and that things had reached
e point where Mr. Schine was a
(Excerpt from memo of Frank
Carr (an investigator) to Senator
Mcarthy, Dec. 9, 1953.)-"Again
today John Adrms came down
here after the hearing and, using
clever phrases, tried to find out
'What's there in it for us?' if he
and Stevens did something for
Schine. He referE to Schine as our
hostage or the hostage whenever
his name comes up. I made it
clear that as far as I was con-
cerned, I didn't care what treat-
ment they gav. Schine, and that
as far as I was concerned, he was
in the Army."
(Excerpt from Army report. Jan.
13-14, 154j.)-"Knowing that 90 per
cent of all inductees get overseas
duty and that there were nine
chances in ten that Private Schine
would be facing overseas duty
when he concluded his tour of duty
at Camp Gordon, Mr. Adams in-
formed Mr. Coas of this situation.
'r. Cohn UpoB hearing this said
h: would 'wreck the Army and
cause Mr. Stevens to be through
as Secretary of the Army."
V'.. Cohn denied this charge
when questioned about it on the
March 14 "Meet the Press" pro-
gram. H1 declared it would be
"ridiculous" of him to say that
he could wreck the Army when
Hitler and Toto hadn't been able

to Io It. Mr. Cohn also said that
it would be "presumptuous" for
him to say that he could make
Mr. Sttvens leave the Army.
,ow**** *******






Biza rre Adventu re


The coverage of the tour of as so much of sensational British observe very much in these things,
Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke journalism is rubblah, qr you would observe the- fact that
o0 Edinburgh 0o Australia and New While I was mixed up to a minor the dey after the Duke played
Zealand was one of the more- degree In the mishmash, I got to hooky the Queen was noticeably
bizarre a tventutc l've ever ex- thinking some profound thoughts, pettish.
perienced In the Journalism busal- One was that nothing worth a real
usa. I confess I didn't try hard: working journalistic effort can ever The thing about the big stories is
everybody else was there ahead of be done in mass, because trivia that they are generally so big that
me, with a lush adjective, becomes news and the fight for they write themselves in advance,
In retrospect, I never saw a run- trivia becomes exceedingly trivial. and nothing short of a riot or a
ning story with less actual meet in The coverage of all the big ato- murder makes any fresh news.
it for tha reports. The Queen didn't ries I eer saw at close hand-ig When everyone's writing them they
break her leg or fall flat or any- Prite flhts. World Series, political mostly sound alike, and six pages
thing else that had a headline in It. conventions, royal tours-anything of coverage on the same subject
She just comported herself as she with lot of dedicated reporters comes out earben.
had been taught. The Duke be-.mixed up in It, yielded powerful .
have beautifully. The only time tl In the way of writing. Most There used to be the wonderful
boe got caught playing hooky he t of e subject matter Is so en- exception, now and then,, when
his comeuppance, and most eople ru with Importance that even -omebody with an ear to the
were too polite to meano ref a little irrAlglous your throne crept in an, emerged with
What the reporter s ad to writeW of linet -. a shattering scoop, ao isn't a
was te, fact the Que Joked .... word you hear muc any mre.
(1) ra lant, () tired, () proecu. I caught hal1 In Australia for a either, because everybody is so
pied. The rest of the story was quite m et piece which merely public-relations conscious that the
mixedup in local polities and. local wondered when the Queen's feet principals work with eyes cocked
feuds. n Australia, at least, the were going o start hurting so bad ually toward press, magazine,
coverage boiled down to a long. that her smHe would wear off. revision, radio and special writ-
standi= feud between Melbourne Equal amount of hell for saying ing. You can't get at the princi-
and Sydney, and this is not news. that thib Was as fine a salesman- pa91. The only people you can get
The English reporters, out of ship dIbrTas I ever saw, and that at are the representatives of the
sheer boredom, declared war on the Royal pair were tops in the principals, and they've got it all
their provincial cousins, and the public.relaton business, written out in a bandout.
provincial cousins declared war But then I caught the same fuss
right back. The Britishers said one time at a big political feast Newswise, the times have lapsed
the Australian and New Zealand when I mentioned casually that old into an era of the middleman. By
crowds were smothering the Queen generals do sometimes die, be- the time everybody's got it, very-
and were a dire threat to her cause I-saw one die on his feet body's had it, and It largely isn't
health. This wae rubbish, of course, while making a speech. You cannot worth the trouble.

Walter Winchell In New York

named Harvey Matusow.. .We
learn (and want tc be first to re-
port it) that Harvey Matusow (no
preparing a night club comic act)
voluntarily recanted his under-oath
testimony (before that gov't com-
mittee) in a letter to Gladwin Hill
of the N. Y. Times..

Headline: "Pietro Mele, Cop-and-
Woman-Fighter, Sails."
Oh, Don't Go! l

Society wonders if the Earl of
Carnarvon (once wed to star TUlie
Loach) will wed Mrs. Edgar Leo-
nard. Cbomming local socialite.
Williamsburg Vocational H. S.
*as the scene of a terrifying ex-
ample of hush.d-up juve delink
last wk. An Amaaon (6-footer)
tried to beat a smaller student to
death with her belt buckle and a
Critics Necessary: The top gros-
ser on B'way still is "Klmet"
which they doomed 3 months ago.
(The Runyon Fund owns 5 per-

Giggle In the May Celebrity sag
is the title of an article: "The
Girl That 1 Marry." By Liberace,
the favorite of Americtas spinsters
Big shakeup in the AP Photo
Dept. here. Many photogger and
editors are out, switched etc., asc-
cording to severaL
The real nrme of the Ames Bros.

Hotltet Scandal In Town Add Runyon Fund contest prizes:
For a good looking gal winner-a
McCarthy's enemies have circu. Job in the chorus at the Cops.-
lated a vile story about his per- '*abana, N. Y.
sonal life It originated via two
colyumistL who published that they One of the young recording stars
"had the documentation." Claimed is beggig for headlines via
two Milraukeeans would back it "girl" parties i a lavish Central
up, etc.. ."And why does; Me- Park South apt.
Carthy se?".. .McCarthy's dead-
lieHst Wiscoma enemy, a Mllwau- Advt.c Tomorrow's col'm: Win-
kee newspaper told mag owners cheli InThe Witness Chair.
and other publishing figures: "We -
wish it were true. So we could NeWsweek's Periscope reports "
make it public. We investigated it well-known columnist and a Wash.
thoroughly for a long time. The ington correspondent (both Me-
Milwaukeeans never existed." r.rtry rooters). will back his
--harges against Stevens. That the
Marrt Trunman's Old1 3 u.... ..A11 i irebuttal: The conlumnist

bance (barrister Marvin Brtver-
mar) and Milwaukee's Hildegarde
are Who'. Got The Ding-Donging.
Tommy Manville's romantic urge
is growing smaller with age. His
latest fling is Penny Hutchens, a
SP. 9 Institute of Modelovely.
After five shining years, beauty
Kay Norton and "beast" Robert
Sylvester (drama critic) have de-
cided the Price is Too High.

Two reports at this desk insist
the Audrey Hepburn-Mel Ferrer
romance Is "over" or almost. A
third suspects a sudden elopement.
Elsa Maxwell, in a comlng-up
Woman's Home Comp., says she
ever had (or wanted) a woman's-
home companion. (Now, Reallyl)
His Honor, Judge Impellitterl and
his Betty (nOW a p. a.) are dwell-
in separate tepes. His ap-
as a Brookly sapd
ww'ds't belegallfhe dwelled in

tried times to wangle a comrn-
mission for Schine." (The colym-
ist cannot possibly be WW).

Pals dl Truman's aide (Harry
Vaughan) say he's existing on his
retirement pay after losing most
of his dough on sour investments.
Coasters hear June Haver's ma-
ter Marie will "30" from her hus-
band when the actress and Fred
MacMurray return to Hollywood.
Top 'backstage feud is the one
at "Almanac" between the two
male leads and co producer Stan-
ley Gilkey. Such loud holleriagl
No paper we hear had the rob-
bet. of Rubirosa's closest kin here.
Alita Rubirosa Hernasdea' apt (on
W. 74th) wasr urged.

Bladche Thebom (of the Met (a wow at the .aCop) is Urich.
Opera) has a domestic problem. (Alas, Poor Urich I knew Them,
Howard Rothberg reports ,aXbi- etc).
rosa proves Latins may ",t make -
Lousy Lovers but they sure make ,
ditto husband. From a publisher's notes In a
local rag: "I was surprised to hear
'%h e ez.wile o. a rich Calagoatn WW (on the air) say be approved
has clipped moke tha lo fields of MceCarthy's meeds." (We did-
here with rubber he,. Mae is a n't say that-but on many seea-
socialite. 6as we think they have bae too
--- tme). .. The rie eu ly
Many meatas age we reported coutined: "WW haV alieaad him.
a fact: That g Ovt witeea aelf eMG the De oerts", .(We
n bcbnaa emg Uaitt*-dh l- hmldated ousuR*"rn teTrman
Bte. sl n x yem a8 ) ...- e

was a fIw..a O T I laIy' paper W06d T
!mNbu dI t q pX-.AWO asLngtestveraia tim t

4 *-


pls histevand
meing S.. tte
PNoah Msieson

the OraW t 6 te cham-
piona of te.t e and Ie

Maslonslpatsub S al sate.

uitswhen ldern o epoeautea lt
malnt dheoie is vauitrie tax

as a nskt minutes s gist lk t
but Was evetdnad br
bewer to economy became the

brothe ris, the waloalanm mlye- -
GM. afd oeter movis tion wh f
even I t defeat IioSanB "cal the su

mevi goer at p t;pn pmnaitto ah
mesetilnga more .than ad w for
meetings. .
At a recent closed-door m eetUng
of the ways and monm .ommittte,
Masnn's pet subJect again came
up-whether to repeal tea on tu
the-tre admission. MaO6 dolbr- a
ately delayed his yoe m theat
last Watte and bm e t of
the committee wag ddockedaIn
a 2&-14 d vote. Then he votd wj
"no"-afalust the movl n ON
When bewildered Deamcratle ol- m
leagues inquired how Masor wold .
explain hii reversed positiom n a
case the secret minutes legad to
the press, te aminoian calmty-e Ai
plied that be had such a soid cog
Swconstituents he sti
e sawford alter his position 1,
".il explain ; I'._1"sa. that .we

can't afford a repeal of this excise jet Planea Lag
tax now," declared the man who,
last year when times were much- .Abl Civil A.uUcs. adalis.
better for the moviegoer's pooket- trator Fred dotted be d
book, was saying the exact oppo- closed doors the other day that this
site. country a laggnI two yar ft.
-hind ri In' de ol gfait a-
Dubtous Zecm-usr a--
It hasn't been mentioned in any a
of the press releases on economyredtt
but the adminlstration's economy iheraft, we are the
ax uas eliminated a planned sur- pqct that tuwns
vey ofthe s.tte g SIng Sea,-. W 5tatS3 n*
seaaatfit Alaska and Slbri. jn this country betwea I
Mic6 m 23." o -
prtant that Rear Adm.. Ro "Do y ,tel, ak Ch
Studds, chief of the coast and Dwight Grlswold of N bL,
detic survey, came up to cato "that we are .tnd e
Hill to protest Teatfyng bahid British i lth~el ""
closed doors of the house appropri' "Ithlnk wewarM bobo
nations committee,Admiral Studd years at the preet b I
complained that the budget cut thinlk-we are cat. tg up vqy
back would force him to dwDn faat" replied the 'aUon a-
mission his largest ship, the PIY' avialon bo., .
mouth, whicl is now surveying the, -
Bering Sea. MerrGo d
"In view ofthis proposed' -*
cent cut in your fuin h.a 7at'.ri-edd,
aug offf of 23 e ms l Ithe
mothballing of a tri the
fastest ship, I w fA 4 vy'aring
teil us wim r I sras, thI a ? E-Sa S.
let Unioa. lmtatd *Cpt a
surveys n bIasr n ec-
the Caon. .. etary e ets At e
gressm an q John e huoel o waaa vitoy ovo1 so

Demothis cmrto ser indsdteot tTa te
we are ing wheb
s don't know.,.I *" raped o se a and It

thinking d" i-stjqtainkin S 0
Iof the ntvy paTi enhf" friends
Pir, ig brok ih is~ nt, chart, he 1101 11. E

hNavy is greatly ti nry ar ^ ^
of the Ncvy. That is shoal area ay he got rd from r
are been done I ai, tiAde'my tortehelthe

and you can see the straeglpe Nt O
portance of it. sh three ag that seI lld
"Have you been able to ascer- an laeient ws plu% tr
tain" demanded Preston, "wh y o Fn gof the Caracas edne eafo
this drastic action was taken on The FBI got similar word.
--- ---- -- *

Get More For Old '
FunBishian With
a a W.ntA
YTeed "abe s a

*- 11,
*^ ^&I^^ ^ j^^^^ ^HB^ ^

"i we weN. w"of. seutg


I *1

AWd IC A*f
* '+ .

.. U..
E-- .~S -.&~ --2 -


- -

.. ..... -,
."* -- r -a
.. ... -% -''/ -7. ,-a3



__ _

-- --- ---- -----F--l----rl


. -- "dwip"


OF. .

;- b-

l wasin. 1t4 ,4

taute Przue
re aVl iie out

e got was a coat ot .gree pnt
r mar eWil.
Later, when Utahf
rer back InS
er, he vowed to break t h o.
e ycostt aai attract ex.
asive paints, n reque-p.
isamsto cover his -wem wails
Ith di ow9 groee ..e nt.I br
nmiderable a debate1 pr-

und and a r

amittee reluetay agreed to
Wck green M weMas tan pant.
ow ton senate offices bae eon-
erted to greem.

"- ^




Some ofi ese leaders, like
bu SpeakerJoseph W. Martin
Jr. and P National Chairman
Leonard Hall have predicated
Prealdemt isenhower will run
$ome pqlwcal rem"asts a
fact In eekmg to take himself
ot of the predde picture at
ifs tmae.
V he acual persuaded Repu-
bhlcans he would not run again

to quit office is not in as good a
position to reward the party faith-
nl-or punish the unfaithful-as one
ho wll be in the White House for
years to come.

National 6eographic

Issues New Map

Of West Indies
(USIS) With the 10th Inter-
American Conference under
way at Caracas, Venezuela, the
National Geographic Society .has
Just issued a new map of the
West Indies, covering all the is-
lands, southern Florida, and
shore fronts of Latin American
countries bordering the Carib-
bean sea.
SCaracas, a few miles inland
from the sea, stands out promi-
nently as a hemisphere central
point reached by land or water.
The geographic map is being
distributed to the society's 2,150,-
000 member families as a supple-
ment to the March number of
their National Geographic mag-
It is printed in ten colors and
was drawn on a larger scale
(88.4 kilometers to 2.54 centime-
ters,) than any other chart of
the area previously published by
the society.
Shown on the supplement
are S insets of major islands,
Important cities, the Florida
keys, and the Panama Canal
Zone. The Bermuda islands,
.b 1 "h of the region de-
tailed, aOe rate an Inset.
The map gives nautical data
of interest to navigators and
prevailing winds, ocean currents
and depth contours are charted.
Some 1,700 soundings are re-
corded, including the 30,180 foot
Milwaukee depth northwest of1
Puerto Rico.

dh aot lnetd to carry
e burdens of the predl-
ite those late year. .
pEti r do nst drau
S or most
tieve he wi feel that way
priof ISS when the ae-
iButx mand failures of his
m are apparent.
the custom of presidents
t end of a term to begin
a no other individual
aeet and complete the un-
business which always

Famous Bloodhound
Tracks Down Her
42nd Fugitive
L GITY, Fla. March 23
(tIP) Two Im who said their
anmes were "Smith" became ihe
41st and 42nd victims today of
Deulah's famous noew.
The ad eyed bloodhound,
owned b sheriff Hugh Lewis,
took only two hours to track
down. her quarry, who, lice
Mod, fwerte wanted for fleeImng
from the aene of an auto wreck
Dear here. Authorities were
Checking the identity of the two
Beulah now six years old, long
ha. made her name feared a-
mong fugitives In north Florida.
MIe eaugM her 40th victim last
week on the edge of the Okefe-
S s -amp near the Georgia-




Via aN I .
Via Espaa No. I
au. .-BBBBmimumB-m-K

s.l t yA..r Ar dealer's
Aw Armw morwts.
T, r beeoie of models: all-

rbkIft. it UNDE,

... .... P.dy & Co.I ..



"I hop.-George proposed in time o we can have a June
wedding-4o why worry about Byzntine culture?'

'Plumbing' Of Mice

May Reveal Clues

To Combat Cancer

EDITOR'S NOTE. United I Such an Imbalance had been
Press Science Editor Delon iuspeoted as the cause of can-
Smith Is on a nationwide tour etr of the female sex glands,
of cancer research laborato- But this now is challenged by
ries to study the scientific what happened to the seg
work being done to combat glands which discharged their
cancer. In the following dis- estrogens into the spleen thence
patch Smith describes one to liver and thence to oblivion
hae of cancer research at The sex glands developed can-
iesouee B. Jackson Memo- cers just the same. Those which
ra Laboatoy. didn't were taK out, after
-.0.o- three days to fl e months, and
put where they belonged in
BY DELOS SMITH the ovarian capsules but of
other mice and not of the mice
BAR HARBOR. Me.. March 23. to whom they belonged.
(UPI Scientists are looking in They seemed to function nor-
the plumbing of mice for the mally. indeed, some of the mice
secrets of cancers which kill b e a a me mothers repeatedly
women. Zight to 20 months later, the
Here in the world's largest sex glands were taken out once
,mouse factory," they're taking more and some were found tc
i piece- out of the plumbing have become cancerous.

here and putting i naca were.
What then happens to the iHving
mouse is rich n scientific mean-
ilentists under Dr. Clarence
Cook Little, director of the Ros-
coe B. Jackson Memorial Labor-
atory, remove the primary re-
productive glands of female
mice and attach them to the
spleen of the same mice.
They kept right on producing
the female sex hormones, the
"estrogens," but from the new
location, the hormones -were
passed by the spleen into the
liver which filtered them out of
the general circulation system
and discarded them. .
Now we must go to the far
end of the plumbing the
pituitary gland which in mice
and men is at the base of the
brain. It sends hormones
through the plumbing to excite
the primary sex glands to dis-
charge estrogens or, in the
case of males, testosterone.
If the pituitary sent out too
much of its hormone, there
would be too much estrogen
and this would create "hormon-
al Imbalance."

The surgery Involved was of
a delicacy and skill which
would do credit to the best
surgeons who work on hsu-
It was performed for a group
of science writers who are tour-
ing cancer research laboratories
under the auspices of the Amer-
ican Cancer Society which sup-
ports the work.
The Jackson Laboratory is a
mouse "factory" for mice of
pedigrees so pure that their
charted generations would go
back to 2.500 B.C. if they were
human. By generation after
generation of inbreeding, they
are just as identical as identical
twins only these identical
have now had millions of mem-
bers in 60 strains.
Some strains are highly sus-
ceptible to various forms of can-
Others are highly resistant.
These "pure" mice are sup-
plied to cancer research labora-
tories everywhere as well as to
the laboratories, own scientists.

UN Commission On Women's Status

Meets In NY; 18 Countries Attend

NEW YORK, March 23 (LOI88) port of the inter-American com-
- Women delegates from 18 mission of women, and a report
countries will discuss women's of the Secretary General on
political rights, equal pay for women's participation in the
equal work, and women's econo- United Nations.
mic and educational opportuni- The nations represented at
ties during the eighth session of this session will be Burma, Bye-
the United Nations Commission lorua, Chile, China, Cuba.
on the Status ow Women which Dominican Republic, France
opened here yesterday. Haiti, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan.
The political rights discussion Poland, Sweden. Union of Soviet
will Include the presentation of Socialist Renublics, United King-
a report by the UN Secretary dom, Wtited States, Venezuela,
General on ways in which equal and Yugoslavia.
political rights for women may Other nations are expected to
be achieved and a survey of send observers.
women in public service. The commission makes recom-
A progress report on the im- mendations to the UN economic
plementation of the principle of and social council on ways of
equal pay for equal work for men eliminating discrimination a-
and women workers will be ans ganst women in aceordanc
important item on the Sagenda. with the UN charter.
A discussion of the economic After approval by the Council,
and educational opportunities the recommendations are sent to
for women will include reports the governments of the UN's
on older women and m general assembly for their ae-
women workers aasaw a eOu .
progress report on the access of
g other chd- Requiem MOSS
uled a the provIslanal agenda
aMe a report CU tMhe n e. A requIess mass wU be laM
of governments an the draft teseorew nmerlar at eldck
convention o the naU aty of i bta mam" for the
married wmethwe tateo of Rte BRe RishaIe Mulmaa,
-ome In ei low, techabesl Famwnes wresig es abam.-
amistance roauma relations AM-, w ea aam I ye- ars
to the Ustam a WmeK asen- M= .

j of a ** -t Ba D a Union
Church. Others talks were
Ave- Jy 6 Robert Brayshaw,
Ch Maria Vigna and
Alice ?&zi olU senior mem-
bers of the National Honor
Society. Patricia Dunning,
President of the Society, was
In charge of the inhalation.
Music was furnished for the
program by the Balbop High
School Orchestra under the
direction of Victor Herr.

Senior JOhnsoN

Slges Irilgalion

Of Westem Lands
NEW YORK, March 23 (UP)-
Sen. Edwin 0. Johnson (D-Colo.)
warned today the United States
may become a food-importing
nation within the next few de-
cades unless arid Western lands
are made fit for cultivation
through irrigation.
In an article in the current
Issue of Life magazine, Johnson
noted that 100 million new acres
of land were placed under culti-
vation from 1915 to 1950 to feed
50 million new American mouths.
At present, the nation's popula-
tion s' growing by 2 million a
year he added.
Johnson said the nation is
overworkin I ta s agricultural
acreage. He urged that new land
,be opened to the plow by irri-
ation so that a good part of
the cultivated- grasslands of the
west can be put back into grass
as a conservation measure.

Singer Joni James
Undergoes Surgery
For Tonsilitis
r '? f'rORK., March'23 Joni James, radio and television
f singer, underwent an operation
at Roosevelt Hospital for remov-
al of her tonsils.
The singer, 23, who has led a
number of popularity polls in re-
cent months, became Ill Friday
while performing on the Perry
Como show.

Illinois Students

To Picket Barbers
Who're Anti-Negro
CHAMPAIGN, Ill., March 23 -
(UP)-Harry Tebout, an assas-
tt professr of philosophy at
the University of Illinois. sail
today a group of students will
picket barbershops in the Cham-
palgn-Urbana area which refuse
to serve Negroes, starting tomor-
Tiebout, who Is also public re-
latoins director of the Student-
Community Human Relations
Council, said the students polled
the barbershops to find which
ones have anti-Negro policies.


Ialbew City Civc Council
A regular meeting of the
Rainbow City Civic Council will
be held tomorrow night. Two
main topics for discussion will
be relocation of a Panama Ca-
nal movie theatre and the re-
assignment of residents of Old
Silver City to New Cristobal.
This meeting will be held at
the Boy Scout Shack in Rain-
bow City Heights, commencing
st 7 p. m. and all residents of
the area are invited.

l raft
ggm g

l A,


Wrane f Nr NZA Seole

*A 107i3
4-0)1S 6s6432
*98 4*"
68 66J73
8011TB (D)
Neither ide iru.
flett W" Ndrtb Bab
ou pak W pan
3 6 Pas 46 Pas
4 Pm 59 PaM
Opening lead-- *

South avoided onc trap in today's
hand when he stayed out of the
tempting but foredoomed contract
of three no-trump. West would have
opened a heart against three no-
trump, and the defenders would
have taken the first five tricks.
West opened the six of hearts
and East won with the ace. East
returned the queen of hearts and
West overtook with the king in or-
der to make sure of being able
to lead the jack at the next trick.
South ruffed the third round of
hearts, making a mental note that
West obviously had a five-card
heart suit.
Declarer next drew three rounds
of trump, on which East discarded
two low spades. South continued
by taking the king and ace of
spades, thus obtaining a reasonable
count on the West hand. West bad
started with five hearts three dia-
monds, and only five black cards.
Since at least two of West's
black cards were spades, it was
evident that West could not hold
length in clubs and might have ex-
treme shortness.
Acting on this information, de-
clarer laid down th.i ace of clubs
from the dummy and then led the
ten of clubs. South hadn't really
made up his mind what he was
going to do if East happened to
play a low club without visible
embarrassment. Probably South
would have placed the king or
queen from his own hand in the
hope of getting a 3-2 club break.
As it happened, however, East
solved declarer's problem by cov-
ering dummy's ten of clubs with
the jack. This was a rather natural
but an ill-advised play. South won
with the queen of clubs and dis-
covered the bad break when West
discarded a heart It was'now easy
to get to dummy with the ace of
diamonds and return another club
take a finesse through East's nine-

New Yorkers Urged
To Cut 'Wasteful'
Use Of Water
NEW YORK, March 23 (UP)-
City Water Commissioner Arthur
Ford asked New York residents
today to cut "wasteful" use of
water to avert what could be-
come a "serious" shortage by
"I don't mean anyone has to
do without," Ford said. "Water-
ing gardens, washing cars, and
normal use of water is all right.
It's the wasteful habits that run
up the big shortages."
One of the most wasteful. Ford
said, is the use of toilets for dis-
posal of cigarette butts and oth-
er trash.

Colored Movies
Of Peru To Be
Shown At JWB

Colored movies of Peru will
be shown Thursday, at 8 a. m.
at the USO-JWB Armed Forces
Service Center, by Theodore J.
Heldenreich, who, with Mrs.
Heidenreich, spent four months
in South America last year.
Miss Dorothy Brickman, di-
rector of activities of the USO-
JWB Club, attired in native
Peruvian costume,, will in-
troduce the evening's program.

IN THE DOUGH-Dropping a batch of dough into the hopper "
an everyday affair for Private Russell K. Amling of Mason
Iowa, baker of an Army Quartermaster Bakery Company in
Presh bread--t the rate of 34,000 two-pound loav a day-eantb
produced by a bakery company. ,.

.~ '.
'I -.

- ~
*.- -

HOT ON THE TRAIL,-Army scout dog "Storm of Sultan" s*atu'
at his leash a he picks up the scent of a decoy on a training atw|
mission in Korea. m:



814 For 6 Pc. LUNCHEON SET "


It -j

Ii' __



*.(W*afmW# -ws



* te



In Newest Fabrics and Colors

Getting your winning colors here! Your
winning styles, designs and fabrics, too.

: 1

".F.' ",


YoN re comfortable in

ARROW underwear

A W HE'r WHY,...

L The shorts have no center eam to shafe.

2. F emtour et follows body shape.

3* Pleatsmed eroei-room where you need it.

4. The "SANFORIZED" label eneans det the
shots won't shrink out of fit.
UsdueMb ware eut full and free,
er ameeemfort.


i amm

. z. :.



~ -

Turn FAW~A YI!!WA~ ~D

MI~! pi pul
y FSr-, 1'. '1. *j" S. '*

ffi i P I11 ... .____________._

, ." "-* .*' "* :' "e ..-,,f ,: .- .% .... .
.. .; ,. t."t -. ...-t^

--- .- o -
e uatesI use lo- closed circuit has to thwart a different dirty deal
is to teach dentistry. In Chi- cadc. week, even that isn't varied
ca o. 200 molar-maulers took a enough.
6 refreshe- course in a fa. "After the thirty somethingth
c s*ibject called "occlusal week." he said, "I'm bored. No,
dia, nles"-the incorrect meet- that's not exactly theo right word-
in; r upper and lower teeth. I'm just overly used to it."
heU'vcrsity of Illinois College
of try and the Admiral Corp. To combat this tendency, Stevens
pu go the thrilling drilling. Ac.- has a few other pastimes. Origin-1
tu y, withoutt TV, it would have ally a soidanddance man, he's
tal en e in&sructor for every few begun milogl records for Capitqi.
pu iits. TV cut down to one for He also j 'the piano, drums,
V b and "a clarinet and trom-;
jo bad w* all can't take our bone." ,Ai, never he has. an,
"d. tstry v. s a closed circuit, hour between reharslas, he takes',
in -ead of an open wide. trumpet lesons. He must like mnu-
'ner'sa big fild for dental
s op TV. lat that. You But even all thip outside activIty
eo ld ve "This Is Your Tooth- isn't enough. Steveps is certain
mc c, 'What's My Cavity?" "I that Martin Kapp will have to;
SLo ocaine," "The Hurt Par- I look for another box one-of these
ad ank It Rich." days. "
e-. who manages MGM's "I've given myself a time lmU-
lp hnd-coming recording star, Bet- it." he s*al. "I won't .sayow long.
ty Madiganr. got a frantic call but I'r sure that I'll only be Mar-
her. She'd been driving from tin Kane for Just so long."
Whlngton to Cleveland. between! After that, and perhaps even
dates. before, look for Stevens to do a
me," she said. "I'm lost. I musical variety show on TV. Then
drove up to the Pennsylvania Turn- will come the Kane mutiny.
pike and asked the man how to get
to Ohio. He told me to get on the Lisa Kirk looks as lovely as she
Turnpike and drive to the end. And n in her fifth engagement at
I did." the Plaza's Persian Room. Her
gown is a work of art. It's black
I'Well." said Artie. "what's and low-cut and tight-fitting and.
Wrfg with that"'' all in all, a real gone gown. It
'Nothing," Betty said. ",except cost $900, whicl: is a niced, round
I ent to the wrong end." fig'ire. M ss Kirk's isn't bad, either
'ny time you hear that Mark CBS' Peter Arnell says the tall-
Bt ves is going to do a Broadway est kid in his class got the best
Ah l'disbelieve it. 'He won't. He marks. "But the:e was a reason-
dl one. who else could look over every-
'Alt 'll never do another," he body's shoulder?"
sa positively. "I was in 'Mid- I -
asu mer' last year for three Dave Garrtway moved into new
IB thW. Three months of doing the offices at NBC. His prodtuceer,
sa ie thing every day-at the end Charlie Andrews, looked around
of that time I was climbing the the place and said, "It's a rule
Wa Is." here that you have to get $10,000,-
is the kind of guy who 000 in billings before you get a
hab to keep moving, doing dif- window-Dave, you finally made
JsrT things. He's now "Martin it." Garroway actually has three
Xana".on the' Kane of the same windows-but it's not a progressive
s7"cio over NBC-TV. And, while he formula.

4 flights weekly from the Cribbeon
by Super ComntIMlu n and DC-6D K4
LOw ThrifteSeasm Rates now in effect. All
Choice of Deluxe or Air Tourist Servic. K L M
r f ll inf nm n ROYAL DUTCH
yer locel Travel Agent AIRLIN I



Great White

New Orleans Service


FlUet -


"HIBUERAS"..................... M..... .Ma el M
"JERSBEK" ..................................March
"LEMPA" .. ............................ Mareh e
"YAQUE" ...................................April 3
"SIXAOLA"' .................................April 19
*Handling Refrgermled billed and General Carge

New York Service


S.S. "MARNA" .................................March 30
S.S. "LIMON" .................................. Marel 30

Week sailings of twelve passenger ships to New York,
New Orleans, Los Angeles, San Franelsoo and Seattle.

Special round trip fares from Cristobal to New York,
Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle.

Special round trip fare from Crustobal to Noew ork.
Los Aneeles San Franeisce and Seattle.
To New York ........................ 24.0.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco .......... 270.00
To Seattle .................................. 1365.00



The Pacific Steam Navigation Company

Royal Mail Lines Ltd.
S.S. "FRYHILL" ................................ March 30
M.V. "SARMIENTO" ..........................April 9
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) ...... May 18
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ...........................March 30
S.S. "FLAMENCO" ................................ April 3
SS. "DURANGO!" ....... ........................March '2
M.V. "DONGEDY ..............................April 3
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" ...............................April Y
M.V. "DIEMERDYK" ..............................April 10
All Sailings Subject to Change Without Notice
PORD CO. INO PANAMA-Ave. Per6 #S, TeL S-IP2t7/
FORD CO. uIN. BALBOA-Term Bld.. TeL 2-190S

&As I I

Scene Set for Action


-i r

rMIKaLe ArD ta imL r Ng


QUAIL -- Tinf
I -

As Illustrated






1'f I "' "

%ua Law step# An

g ,



:I~ll a^-^ .;w .i '* *
p. ^^ S^ -^; ?
iM.^^'H~iiSMfu 31
h. -t .T, I -- *** "* !

WM..- C- am tTIip V -
dayevh nr it even I.
H. history eelety Netlee
Wtu pe.s The Panama Canal Natural His-
To Me Wele I Eryti Soeiety will hold its regular
Mrs. Richa MIton, chak .an tg for members and pros
of the Wlcoming Committee r pectve members Wednesday eve-
eof laes to tho sntpA' ing at 8:00i th a S gors Mes
pMeRtaja eicuNl Coeko'8 aorial Laboratoty in Panama City,
anounced that al volunteer da v- at which time Dr. H. C. ark
ta will b alerted this even 3 as Director of the Laboratory,
to thM poditin of guebsts8 "n address the group on "Yellow Fe-
Sdars. u ., ver Survey of 6MoueYs"
.rs' Mbiton with Mrs. Willia
B y Mrs. Richard Muv- Leeture O m n Thursday i
Sad Mrs. Avery i w An illustrated talk on ru will
Sont hand all duri he aay to e given at th., USMO-WB Armed
fteome the Doctors .Wives as Forces Service Center, La Boca
Their husbands registeSr. Road, thursday at 8:0 ]p.m. -
L lMilitAry personnel, their O amil-
B LeC-n AM( I, iea-" nd the public of the Canal
Card Group o ua Balboa Zone of the Republic 01 Panama
Woman's Club w meet at the are invited to.att aL.
Paeama Golf Club on April 1 at
11:90 a.m. for a no-host luncheon. Fasion Show Thutsday Night
hosee wishing transportation are Doctors' Wives from the Canal
asked to telephone Mr. LM. M. up- Zone and the'Republic of Panama
pel, 2-4353. will narticinate jointly in present-

Is '~'*.:~.:..~
~.,'. ~,

.. .4

4 4'
~ ~ "4

O UINAN WiAVT--Whltelman take-um Indian scalp. Sitting eou-
@4oMuly In a barber chair at Fort Meade, Md.. Is Navajo Indian
Pktateo shabay Horses Son, of MarUns Perry, Ohio. He volunteered
6 reslve his Art hair cut in 12 and one-half yeara.

t f Up YOur Hearts


*r '~"

When ou pick up ourtandard and to
tha game of gin rummy, should ou
toncentrute wnyour hand. In en.
venting your oppo t to win-
aning? Do you attack, or do you
eant wd? bydefending.
There s and has ay possiltwe, to
the question since much wheth-
onHere agan the nature of your hand. In gen-
eral. however,ay. dictate yould plan to
attack on have a threemed type
can't win by defending.probablyhaveto
If your and has any possib-mld ties
of hat ., your next qver, ytionu s wheth

er to accumulay te ea enough low cards tor .
Most of the time It pays to- play
for the knock. The profits are
sometimes just as big, And they're
far more frequent,
Here again the nature of your
hand nmay. dictate your plan of
play. If you have a three-meld type
of harn% you will probably have to
go for gin whether you like It or
not. If you have a two-meld type
of hand, however, you should try
to accumulate enough low cards to
reduce your count to the knock-
ing poinL

The knocking point may also af-
fect your decision. In the basic
game of gin rum y, you may
knock whenever you have 10 points
or less. In Oklahoma gin, however.
the knocking point is determined

Toingafashionihow thursday eve- I j, -11- .. .. -.-...... -by r-- .ubp f t
alMem Club To ing In the patio of Hotel El Pa If the knocking.point is 8 to 10
f r th i e f hnyf the n joking point to 4
ClbNVoI UAitlI r. M" o nama for the wives of the dele- M j(fw Mjou ma try for a two-meld type.
The Balba Emblem Club No. atema to theILr-Amerio n Meo. ..-.. !i o (A Lenten feature of the Pan. If the rocking point is 2 to 4
W Ilbe will meet Thundae, April 1. at Conventon Gown by "Rhoda American, prepared by, points, you need tree melds, and
the home of its Prewident Floda in be modeled. the Rev. M. A. Cookson, Epis-' you mav be forced to play ap much
Monaco, 639 New Coroza Area. Committee members in e arge epal Church of Our Saviour, for in as for a knock
SW eof this affair are Mrs. H. W. oan New Critobal.) Wen the knocking point is 5 to
SLeaves Per New Pst Mrs. r A. Gerrans, Mrs. P. A- 7 points, everything depends on
The Ambassador of Panama to rosemena Mrs. J. Armstrong, Mrs. EFFECTIVE PRAYER how the hand develops. You may
Mexico, Carlos Manuel de la Ossa Manolo ferrer and Mrs. Lu Va- "Though he will not rise and do. well with two four-card melds
psii Pi J let. the Isthinus for his new l 'ino. give him, beenuse he is his or even with one four-card and
S .position in Mexico. ___ friend, yet because of his Im- one three-card meld. If the hand
UnEhSi AIfve --- I "Mr. Icebox" To Have 4 portunity he will rise and give develops into the three-meld type,
dnoctorn' Wives Lnche One NItStaind him as many as he needeth." however, you can't afford to re-
n w Wed ay dned Mar 31 at 730 a d St. Lke 11:- sis.
ew -at Spec"lly The wives of Doctors in the Re- esda3, ar. 31, at 7:30 One trouble-maker can start a Read St. Luke 11:5-. sist.
nruzn .ed.I~epi. public of Panama and the Canalpnm.,th Ct Junior .whole neghborhod quarrelling
o will be coo for a lge will present "Mr.Icebox," unless the other neighbors use These are queer characters our Low cards, such as aces and
Come early "r our e willhbe cdesra Glenn Hughes dramatization of the their heads. Once you suspect a Lord uses In this little parable deuces, are important if you are
atheont lube gioet Wednesday Paul Galico story. person Is a trouble-maker, the'on effective prayer. planning to play for a knock. They
e. t d Union Club tor the wive of General admission tickets at 4afest course is teomaintain are isar less important if you have
A a s srWlord eth te tes to the Inter- vetyive centseach will be on ant but somewhat aloof at- One is a fellow who will not to try for gin. An ace is always
N S r t American Medical Convention. re at the door st the Umeo everof anything take no for an answer. and oes handy, even f the knocking point
No. 18 treet Denatists To Hold the one performance. you don't want repeated. on hammering at a friends' door is quite low. Threes and fours are
fMr. cebox" es one of the die r The only way to stop a trou- after midnight until he get
P A N AMA cD iseleater s th nter- few present day comedies which ble-aeatr Is to ignore thie vtdries what he wants. The oti ,
Dentists Delegate to the Inter- illbeiven this year for Inter- he brings you and give him none what he wants. The other Is an
national Theatre Month observan- to rry away. Individual who would let his
-es all over the world. It is given friends go hungry rather than be
college drama group for one per- disturbed from his night's sleep.,
formanece during the month of N EW The persistent one wins because-
March and will be a highlight of WV the other tires of the hammer-
Sj- the local observance of the worl4- In and ets out of bd n an-
^ t o *. ^, "- wide event M O TH ERS noyance to hand out the re- i
Heart Speclalist To Be Guest quested loaves! Let no one say
SOf- Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dade that our Lord was devoid of a
Dr. Louis H. Nahum.a proi sense of humorl '
neant-heart specialist who is ar
Driving here tomorrow to attend the But what was his point here?
S th e house gueta durv s Does he mean that God has to
Ing on His door to answer our Alway radiantly natural I f
-,'. .. .u u his nr D be badgered by persistent knock- Alwuys rodluntly naturall F
Dr. Nahum who will be accom- prayers? That If we bother Him lips that stay on and on-and o
paied by his wife, is coand the ted long enough He will give In? As- Pond's has the secretly Now Pond
ing. Memorial Laboratories. 'He alsuredly not. He means that If by wonderful new formula makes Po
so on the staff of the Grace Hos- persistence we can get what we "Lips" stay on longer fhon ever.
opital in New Haven, Connecticut. Relieve Baby's want from even an unwilwUling keeps your lips creamier and
BABY F OODS SKIN IRRITATIONS person. how much more may we smooth than ever before. And
be sure of having our earnest new Pond's "Lips" come in a
this MEDICATED wayl prayers answered by our Heav- stunning new golden case.
Cub Willinly Father who is wlling-ac
No unmadi o-wrn"a11 re-11 T 'tualiv waiting-to answer them;
To Cooperailieve your baby's Diaper Rush. H een ow
,,,*- /i Oil Perations ^Diaper Chafe,.Urine Scald and He even knows what we want
SPrickly Heat Rsh as Ammcns before we ask Him. "His ears are
In HNz foods especially prepared for ra Powder does! allways open" to our prayers Es-
babies you find iner texture, flavors For Ammens is speciallvmedi- pecially if we really know what
and natural colors. These foods are WASHINGTON, March 23 cated to soothe, protect and help we want.
mad from choice fresh in ediepu (USItU The Government of heal irritatedskin. Absorbsmos-
onay a ce 5irt n .ptCuba is ready to match capital ture wonderfully--and is so sfi. Christian prayer Is bringing
Only they are experdy cooke and f funds with any foreign oil it promotes healing by cushion- our real. wants and desires to
Carefully strained in Aleaing Ha Nz company willing to drill for oil ing baby's chafed skin against God, and putting them at His
Skiis thu scie tcfy packed to In that country, according to a further irritation. Gwe Ammens disposal. Make the prayer, "Thy -
a ssare e Savor and nourshent isdisth from the American edicked Powder today. kingdom come. thy will be done." .
H Etaised. Commerce Departement re- FE. -Try Ammens at our ex- "Not what I will, but what thou
Bu pure, delicious and uniformly ported. pens For trial size canabo- wilt," make it a lasting and per-.
foryorebabycioe offerdwasimadeyInrthe.lutely free. send a postcard with sistent enthusiasm and 'our
S mourising HmI foods for yawr baby i The offer was made in the your name and address to Dept. prayer will be answered. At our
=-the aPPCU"me HEINZ name of President Batista by GK, Bristol-Myers Co.. Hillside, prayer will be answered. At your
SDr. Amadeo Lopez r astro. mint N J. (Ofer exp res Dec. 31, persistent knock the door will
later without portfolio in the 1954). open. He cannot fll your hand )
Cuban cabinet and adviser to unless you hold it out.
,' .- ..t f mb a ndeco-

t lie PresBicdenr oA tMuu & u w
nomic matters.
In announcing the offer In
a recent speech, Dr. Castro
said that the discovery of oil
in commercial quantities would
,W be the one outstanding develop-
ment which would free Cuba
from its present, economic prob-
Sj r lems caused by dependence on
the sugar crop.
Dr. Castro also said that the
Cuban government would not
expect' to receive the oil, but
would require reasonably roy-
alties and a guarantee that the
needs of the domestic market
would have priority over export.
/ Dr. Castro emphasized that
the Cuban government was not
willing to matcil expenditures
for geological surveys and other
exRloratton work.
Once the exploratory work
was done. however, the gov-
ernmenIt of Cuba would provide
funds equal to those expended
! t- In drilling operations.

SRed China Demands
lj All Of One Hotel
For Geneva Parley
JPARIS, March 23 (UP)-Com.
munist China has demanded the
exclusive use,of one of Geneva's
five luXury hotels, with 200
rooms, for the Far Eastern con-
ference which orlens Apri M.
pFrench diplomatic circle said
Soviet Russla has ded
another of the five this
one with 10 room, i
said. and the North wns
woS n60 rooms. "
The United States has asked
far less than 50 rooms and idtt-
a and F-sce only sabot 0
Meach InformantaI

Ashton & Parsons
Infants' Powders

Every mother should recognize teething truble- estsasness, in-
fismed guan and freeing. That is the tme for Ashton & Parsons
_Infants' Powders. The famous powders
reduce high temperawes, ease baby's dis-
mo w. tress and soothe him s o restful sleep.
Tbey ac very a mad are absolutely safe.
Be mu e you gr the ne Ashton &
Parsoe Ins as' l b wdf -*k for them by
%; .. ... ..



We make any model at YOUR TASTE

Visit our

display furnishings

Easy payments



CENTRAL AVE. m 21" E.ST.- PHONES.2-1830
i. 2-' 33




.5' '

4- -



, ,

4 -

- 4



let HBo

1Jf .





,. &

|(lim portantiii except bel
Ii point is 10.
'" M tou are thinknki i

it h, aayou ay Wa~og
n l d -o # at a i kl
Imb. you to k
wrffl'w W

I ~oiiw
I '.



c: -Mpgii u _

YOU CAN. '4 YOUR A 14 .


I ateN No S1
Jutfo Axre*me Ave. and n St.
b atesw" o. a

Central Ame. 14M
o. B rIm7 Plao
rourtb of July Ave.

M tsrat Na t5

Hoaeehold Automobile DR. WENDEHAKE MEDICAL CLINIC FoSt.'
Central Avenue, K Street Comer lInens.
50t SALE:- Three mahogany beds FOR SALE:-1946 4-door Ford. DutI Telephone 2-3479, Panama. I -
complete with springs and Simmons free. Phone Navy 3138. SA E Gramllch
- 'mattresses $75.00 each, one chest FOR SALE:-Plymouth. 1946 Tudor FOR SALE electric i
cf drawers $50.00. Green. 114 Via Duty id. Proof of excellent con- modern
EspoAo. opposite Hotel El Panama. dition. For a dependable used car MiseeUlaneous 4-567.
OR $SALE:-Household goods in gen- at reasonable co.t call Panama 2-WILLri
oral. Including stave. refrigerator. 2634 office. 3-3957 evenings. FOR SALE:-Westinghouse retrigera-WlLtoLAW
rl, including sItSre8overfrieAptOr. 273.SLE 947 Chrysl, ,for, 25 cycles and 1941 Plymouth 1011.
rpdlo. 11th Street 8052, Apt. 27. fOR SALE: 1947 Chrysler, radio. coupe. Both in excellent condition., f I
Colon. new tires. Call Balboa 2-3113, 8- Hou.e 8102-D, Margarnir. Phohe wek
F0I SALE:-GE. automatic drier. 25 12 30 2-5:30._ 3-1741. PhMiuips.
.ye. Good buy. Modern double FOR SALE'- 1947 Ford Deluxe, 5-iFOR SALE. Thoroughbred Boxer Clara.
drimer. Phone Cristobol 3-1896. passenger coupe: clean, excellent puppies. 7 weeks old. 1521-A, ---
V* SALE:- 25-cycle Westinghouse condition. Call Balboa 3167, after Gavilan Road.
arigerotor, 4-year guarantee. Call _0_ FOR SALE -Onc 60-cycle I -hp. mo-
..alboa 1405 after 4:00 po.m. FOR SALE:-1949 Plymouth Deluxe tor. one 7-cu. It. "/estimghouse re-
NIt SALE: 25-cycle Kenmore convertible, radio, white sidewoi frigerator. porcelain, one Perfection
'wringer type washing machine, tires. Looks and runs like new. Sell kerosene stove. 3 burners and oven. FOR REN
timpletely rebuilt $65.00 Storkline pr trade' for hard lop House 65. No 190 Central Avenue (Calido- chalet
crilb, complete and matching chest New Criltolsl, phone 3-25 2.. nia). dental
al drawers $25.00. Call Amador FOR SALE:-1950 ChevroleT 4-door FORSALE:--Pedigreed Cocker Span- rage
4128. ______ new brakes, new '- I:pipe. Can be id puppies. See them oa Pinocho -343
SSALE--Household effects. ea financed G.F.C. $715.00. Balboi Store. Central Avenue. FOR REN
enable. House 515. Monzanillo St 4256. .-livingr
e House 515. Mono o St 256. f- ---- FOR SALE 175 shores Cerveceriao orage
-Anccn. C Z. FOR SALE Four buses. Juan Diaz Norional. Write Box 401, Ancon, d e
FOR SALE:-6-piece bedroom suite, route New tires $ 000 00. Tele- C Z. 2229d
Simmons sofa-bed, platform rocker., phone 3-3021. a2229
coffee table, end tablet Tel. 3-IFOQ SALE:-1950 Fod V-8 Fcrdo. Wanted Position -
4333. with radio, Excel cnt condit on Col'- OR REN
VILL TRADE.-25-cycle Apex wash. Balboa 2-2914 althr 6 p.m. Houc( WANTED Experienced executive Francii
ing machine motor for 60-cycle mo- 0816. Ploank Strect. ecrctcr. Murt be fli.ent in Eng. couple
I tar or will trade Apex machine for FOR SALE:-1942 Pl,,mduth coupe- 3 ton 5a a9m."34 fron --- N
Ory 60-cycle machine in cooc Excellent condition. qcod point. ra- -______.ORREN
working condition. Tel. Panama 3- dio. heater $225.00. Phone 85. POSITION WANTED.--Reliable pas- dent.
371 1. ___ 2145 |try cco'.-hou-ckeeopr with refer. living
ORSALE:-25-cycle washing mo.- A I -enc Write Box 3789, Ancon P.O.. rage,
' chine S50.00. Gatun radio Station FOR K SAL --c. maid's
by Fo-t Davis main cote H. HTR. ,withb. WANTED fom 9
'Thornbu~g. Real FatP WANTED --fom9
'fR SALE:-Comolete tct of Monr- ST. PETERSBURG. FLORIDA Is calle FORlll RE bing
toe and Koy Doulton chino dhes, home by more- Canal Zone families Americ
crP/s:.l glaoses, oil paintings. Very than any otr itj in the U.S.A. For WANITED -- Trukle wheels, for tire I from
i-'.oncble. Apply 2199. Via Espo- informatiaonl~ap q home to iMlt \o., 825x5. 5 holes. 5 inches wide. Bo ..RE
id. across from Mercodo Baturro specifications. -wrie Jcmes F. Olive. 1107. Ancon REN
FN SALE.-Chest of drawers T'7.00. c/o Robt. E. Leo, Realtor. 611 Firs. -:--- ---- room.
nrspring moltresre.. Iwin size Ave. North, St. Petersbu g. Fla. 133 o so stop.
T25.00; cqOlI prints $18.00. kilch. yeors of real estate exaeri:n'-. Wi Second
en cabinet $900: electric fan. 2. FOR SALE:--Concrete chalet: 2 bed, n-.-- I OinoJ
*.cycles $20 00; three manicure t3- rooms, livingroom, diningioo-, fla
bleo. 2 hair drierE. I h.amooo bow kitchens, 600 square n-eters Ii A bentoII n n a-n fl
With fittings, misc. Te. Tel.Balbo' street No. 8. Son Froncco. Inqire '
. 1389, House 150. Pro-.ect Street Caja dq.,A lros,.Mr. De Ro, ]tarl
R SALE:-25-cicle Wes.nghou!. -- By La ATeEN1
refrigerator; .inqle bed, completefurth
c G.M. Iro.. single I I spring; oak ALLAIASBIE. March 2. -, bedroom
..dining table. 6 clvirs; 3 mahoga- ou will be aAmad by our .U'l Actilan ov. Charley a. i phon
ny chairs, reclining, 1 tool. 5 wick- fine seleoton of residences a late start FOR RES
ch ; rden tools; 2 25-cyle buildinlots. Own the governors race report- new
goods; gas engine. 2-hp. real over your head, vocrqd u ht woa n xpendit- Ieally
i ihe micelne house- ltast week of l $I 8 today. qige
& ,rl C Stratton. 1539-, NMango are paying for it anyhow,, ured Ra F
L-ow lowf5 thani11ex1 %fotahur FOR RE
ER SALE.---25-_le Frigldaire, 7- ct PFr Information an eekO e received apartm
ft. $75.00. 2385-C. Cocoli. nspectin call: r cor for the I room,
IOR SALE--Due to trip: Frigidoaire. ofWO ni f .000PAfoV r the both i
stove, Ratti;n furniture, dining:oom. WOLFF COMPN n Collam saideI hood o
Simmons beds. Exc-lr-t condition. he anent $5.300 and collected her. '.
Phone Panama 24thStreet No. 2,.0.300,'an sc3..
Simmone benomd 2. tcn dio.Telh -3treetN88o. T.900. Th;sI akly renart t. J. ro Rp
Deb-ocratice cndld te, %ad ftt dfrith
Sespedh warns reay d stthecla os
Gasper W Arns FOEoffE Ire o ate today. ing Vts

SMl MustF didete J. To FORWa tson Of TAr In F-OR-RE
S n s *Motorevele, nnounred hl planned to bold -r,
V3La. M lalvOIOrVm D h- political fire until after the apor r
iS Ide KOad FOR SALE:-English motori*le.,.65C nrimary when he will take on Tel 2
c c., lIke new. Call Parao.a 2Z 26, the DEnmorao nominee. He re- -
SMarch 23 (UP) Ex office hours. oorted tnt:1- expenditures ofrFOR REN
diAlAide Die Gas eri told ET m 8G_4. most t t for his $750 rncmnr

B atn Democrat c Party
ht "either paralysis nor
S er" must endanger its u-
the face of the current
t political offensive.
er "Mr. Italy," who
J the Communist menade
seven crucial postwar
addressed the ruling party
opening session of its na.
internal unity must be
btantial and must follow a
iam" he said. "It must slfa-
Sneither paralyis nor high fe-

D asperi, who is secretary
MM o ot th. Christian Democrat
pointed to Communist ef-
llto discredit the government's
reform efforts as a typical
of the teetics of the ex-
.!R Communists who voted
the program in parlia-
he said "present them-
to the farmers as defenders
i righty against the land
=lsame lesos holds good In
A res," be said.

"le ofm o1 1m101
S J,, T. 1das, aplmilt
** Cme. N 8 5T
,. Ciil Doaket IS.
Ve-sUa dw udoaut:
beoreby reurred to appw mad
o omdl S filed in ti above-.
inr wtbiln nhwt days after
fKIHfef int aWSpeltloD.
a t erf y e lrnar to o petr
M. joement will h beakeM
lilSyMe by dGe"alt for the rlief do-
.fm eo *4 t. r
S-J.ue t Bm District
..*ft 11*a. ir-

m s f .i. Ni cro Jr C

IN T7 "U" $STREt.


A Rwl1 1y Wb1 *
* mVtSW 9KpwS

Te d *a ". PaaL3 -

lno ini 't
vRpe, ftOetfm.

PasteeLNe -rease
M'Oil We ess,

273 Central Ave. Tel. 6-414


Cottoge. One mile pol
Clara. Please bring you |
Phone Balboo 2-1860.
Santo Clara Bech cott I
Srefrigeration. 08 sto I.
te rates. Phone 6-441 or
MS' Sonto Clara biach Cot-
Lore. comfortable, modern.
0each Balboa 3050 except
Oceande cnigooe. Santo
a 3-1#77. rlrtobald .673
HouSe I
IT -Furnished new modern
in Miroflores (teachers' resi-
section): two bedrooms, go-
$110.00 monthly. Call 2-1
Panama. during office hours.
NT: Chalet: 4 bedrooms,
oom, diningroom, kitchen,
and large yard. $150.00.
Street No. 15. Telephone 3-
during office hours. Coretok-
tss the street.
NT.- Furnished chalet. Son
.co, for 4 months to childless
or two gentlemen. Bus stop.
naid. utensils. Coll 3-2629.
three bedrooms, hot water,
and diningroom. kitchen, go-
ironing and washing room.
rOom, semi-,ntericr patiO|
barbecue and bar. Call 3.451911
I to 12 and from 2 to 5 p.m.
T.-72 well furnished small
ows Reasonable price f:I
can. 2199 Via Espota. across
Aer ido rnturro.
NT :-Modern chalet: 2 bed-
porch. diningroom. Nvr bur
Well located. 9th Street anc
d Avenue No. 54. Son Frun-
telephones 3-2018-3-10176
Apartments. a
0N e I d. Just built modern
id' oportment., one. t w c
w,. hot. Cold water. Tel i
a Paromo 3 .4941. II
NT:- Completely furnished |
apartments. One bedroom',
located for servicemen. In-
Household Exchange, 41 Auto
-NT. Todern 2-bedroom
e.en w a living and dining-
kitchen, mold's rooan and
n Campo Ategre, neighbor-
of Hotel E' Panama. For fur-
irticulars please call 3-4968
0e,.,- -bedroom apartment
ivli%,oom. porch, k.tchen.
, ni P bathroom, and dry
loeottd in "La Joys" Build-
ar tl Roncho Garden. Phone'
a 2-0027 or 3-0763._ _
T;:-G.1 inspected furnished
mpt, all conveniences. Focing
P O No. 5, 4th of July Ave.
NT' Tao-bedroom apart-
*.rccned. partly furnished.

Commerce creamy

Says US Will Cope

Wih Its Economy
TORONTO, Canada. March 23
(UP-Secret'ary of Commeree
Sinclair Week said today the U.
S. government will not hesitate to
take whatever steps are needed to
cope with economic emergen-
cy. if one develops.
However, he said the United
States is aow "in excellent shape,
much better off than two short
years ago."
In a speech tc the Canadian Club
of Toronto, Weeks said his coun-
try's economy is going through a
"transition from a Korean War
economy to a peace economy."
He said the government is using
its "power pnd persuasion to create
an environment encouraging to
economic gr-owth."
"But if at some future date ad-
verse conditions should require
additional prompt
action, he said, "we shail not-
hesitate to use new monetary pol-
icy, new tax revisions, i neen-
tives to business expamul and
employment, large scale public
works and .whatever further pub-
lic spending nPd legislation are

Appropriations Com mitte e,
which he beads. and left the
meeting under his own power.
An attendant In Calver's of-
fice said the ReDublican sen-
ator was taken to the ambsulace
In a stretcher becausese he
not feel good adt we thought be
ought to be quit. He ouht t
be al right within a couble da
A towel was draped oer
Brigade's face durInt the
er ride. The atte at l
Bridges requested that m hai
was "a ttle senaltive" about
being eposedt bc aO e In


-'. -- 1" -.


Btn. 2-1 2-. |e
SW6Tomberms I
Larneallr & B tm .
I. Stud. i

D| n m ALno. OKaLLAC

SS u : 11 OO.

25 Cicte Refrigeraitors
I Watinghun porcelain [ a
out. 5. 7, 9 on. ft., I year
g ante i E as ymento See
I'e 5 e h SL Central A".
"Rex Theaire," Col6n. e
l: Ci Rfiertr

Whenl Ut, GO1 leaders were ask-
ed w~hther ir.! senhower had
dicated te which the ad-
ininlatrat ln uee the big
.slash. bog 1 sh Joseph W.
Martin, -r. (K da, no.
Sen.LJp E (D-11.)
wanta't 1.ake ev tEgger cuts.
Hie i sp onsoring a *div. to cut
excWls taxes on new cars by. three
petent and to wipe out all feder-
al excise teens on household ap-
Knowland said he did not believe
Democrats in the Senate would
attempt to add their proposal for
an increase in personal income tax
exemptions to the excise tax bill.
He figured they would wait to push
their proposal in connection with
the basic overall tax revision bill

Tenaer Who Saved

4 From Drownihg

May Receive Medal
ATLU.NTA,lfarch 23 (UP) -
Gov. Herman Talmpdge to da 7
recommended that Miss Marilyn
Haar, 19, of Savannah, be award-
ed the 1953 Young American Med-
al for Bravery.
Talmad&e wrote t i eaJtlMl -*
election committee for-the medal,
which- t presented by the Presi-
deot i sa. eoies at the White
House, that iius aat Was cred-
ited with saving a of four
persems tma atinl accident at
Savannah last Labo Y.
Her father 'state- Kep. Ernet
J. Haa and rs. Mauriee Say-
bold dms- ned in the accident.
Terming Miss Haar a "courage-
ous young woman who deserves
national lognition," ,Talmadge
said she uVrd Jim te Ms.
Seybold's h bA5 M Misses
Virginia Davis and ,is McKeet-
hin by finding xits and leading
them to "a4aty Mwae her father's
Talnmahdeald 'h also had
a aon m gte, m" Wear-old
pSmy caeba~dV Tiger, Ga.,
toe savl her W No youngr oth-
ers ailddiser from their burn-
I riAn ,ir stg 1 shDowed "t he
~ild's act f bravery occred
Nov. 1i. an, however, he
"danJatlbaf h we o

VIENNA., Mlah 3, (UBIS) -
Refugees from 'Bulgaria con-
firm United Nation. findings
thet slave labor O'aimp exist In
Ilae numbers la aI Soviet-
The United committee
on forced b!or ipttis a-;I
o received evid O e frat Ist
5..Bulgarian casomMit a'pop-
ulation oft 8000 to 110 In-
mates. Intervie*s with biu s,
coupled with pres rep f
behind the Iron curtan, help to
corrboate this.
The refugee and press re-
ports show thht:
Forced labor in Bulgaria serves
a dual purpose-ol.tic aro'-
don, aimed expreJ t oppo-
nents of the Comm i tlst s e6
and to procure ufda i lab or for
the Soviet satellite five-year
Many Inmates of,the forced
labor camps are p ed party
members, peasant who refus-
ed t enter the colleWlte labor
farns, olergymen md menm-
bers of the Turkish minority
in Bulgaria.
Under the People's MiUtaI
Law of March 25. 1948, the Min-
sltex of the Interior may con-
demn without court procedure
any person to forced labor who
has an "anti-poulare tttude.
Forced labor camps usually ire
located near economic projects
for which they furnish slave la-
bor. such as mines, dams for
electric power, and railroad con-
struction. They perform the
moat dangerous and difficult
About 12,000 men who work on
power plant projects are Inmates
of camps near Kazanlik, Sama-
kov, Lovetsh, Thserveh Brar
and Suchlndol. AbqoUt J are
assigned to iSM
forced-la l
bruja an
for th

.... inEg feeaJd collections of $7~.00. Belaro Porros 56. Ke)
er Apcrtmen No 3 Phone 3-0841.

At Colon Club mitted" canspalun camnairn a- FOR RENT
A total of 507 persons a ~ de, la1st. ReublicPn onrinent. N
the final nain talk of the Chrns E. omptor of MIrmi Rooni
ed fl h'W s penetatemeontered th OR RENT: Furnished rooin. cr
three-dao ssemlt e'a Wpe neto reonyene
on Sundaeb evenly atC l oj'a johns, who entered the cam-' conveniences. Tel. Panari 3-544'
Is Your Destiny?" was given by votes has pnt $26000 and re-
A D.o P aCldem. Tfh t al r ntebutona of $39,469. oHoUSe Urged To Aid
Delega es from all parts e ntof i uin of$
the Repuh and the Canal one Collins' total expenses amount
soln hes"a smsT iZnehe to M4.443n and his donationts a
,,I0,the se.000.ur, aiePointeeS ofhthdeFst1p Re inIr
o... ..o. "o the" ase ..... HGoerUarngedTotyAido
S on r Hi subject wa e ov. an cCart who
"Publish the Word of Jehovah." were o$10ted hy John Ccontribut-
0v o edd was ere acs to conins'c ForeD Pn aMarkets
This was followed by the theo- 0alhn. T y wee Elbt P o e of
tructiv. acus sions of enea- oanesville. Camobell Thornal WAS NOTON, March 23 (UP)
chapters uM i and C and T. Wesley Fly of Orlando. -Roy battle, assistant master of
chapter s4 and 27lanh do at o
Saturdo ys activities began nd J. Sax Lloyd of Daytona the National Grange, today urged
with the talk. "Zealous Witness- Beach. Congress to PLass agriculture for-
," whb was the keyno.e of ------ eign service bills because this na-
she day- .. the. deleate. ent t'- must do everything within
Most of the d eypreaen ta Sentenced reason to regain" lost export mar-
housen tollhouse arelCN egronMc d o
The afternoon ' ed by a talk on baptism after r C ngrhc ultu s aid present Cohg imic'l
WhIch six underwent water PurSe Snotching Bae slesad p h uge aul
merslon as a visible sign of their Lure surpluses make it imperative
dedlqation to 'o Jehovah's will. ATLANTA, March 24 fUP) ths country tr, to expand farni
Dhperiences of missionary wit- Howard Leroy Booker. 32. Negro, shipnpRts abroad "through a full.
nesses grave a lively start to the was sentenced today to di the in t vigorous, and unqualified na lonl
bvenln session which conasited, electric chair April 8 for a 1.50 policY to secure and maiiilain our
In the main. of a conalderation purse-snatching. fair share of the worlds market
of the problems of the ronariga- It was the second death sentence place.
tons Comprising the circuit. for Booker in the case. He had .I
been granted a stay while his case "IMore than the farmer 's el"
was carried to the Georgia Su fre is tiedup inthifoeign trade
nrame Court and the Pa rdoin ssue. Rattles said: *u uually hun-
r___d but be was denied clemency grYpeople are easily led into
S. by both. war.


Booker was found guilty, In Jan-
uary 192 of robbing a woman of
her pocket book and a few car
tokens. He also was indicted on a
chgem d a ult Nwith Intent to
rape wsidh Is sSB petdiAg.
Thider Georgia lair conviction of
armed robbery can earry the
d e M'_____W_


hat Vuimfa, .fanfa

He said the National Grange,
one of the nation's major farm
organizations, backs a provision
which would give the Secretary of
Agriculture direct jurisdiction o-
ver agriculture attaches and other
foreign. service employes engaged
in forign agriculture work Teh
State Department now controls
these employes.
Battles said this is an "impos.
riMle situation." Because the State
Department cannot have a full un-
derstant of the special prob-
toms involved in attempting to
develop farm markets overseas.
It "has grown progressively less
w lfin ro ,ec years to serious-

Antomir'" --

administration's 11317,000. tax
reform hill to prvde for a cut in
personal income tax s.
The Senate wlnaete Committee
stillhas not opened earl aon
the measure, however, and the
showdown is week iway.
House Dlmoe-ate were defeated
in a similar may last week when
the reform bill was approved by
that chamber.

GOP Expeds Smce

To Pass N Ahimed

0 Sla SAmes Tax
WASHIN TON, March 23 (UP)
-Republican Congreslonal lead-
ers Indidated today that president
Eisenhower r-ill make no strenous
efforts to reduce in the Senate
the extent of the billion dollar ex-
cis. tax cuts.
Sete OP Leader William F.
alsad after the weekly
White e, tive meeting
that ie pas theSenate




r"G ,















tacker. hlpe. Movers
loer Transporte Baxter
expert Meenanic in ltra-
matic and Hydramalc Trans-
,mtmir offered his professilona'

Repairs installation of gas
stores wateg beaters, etc.
Usoeral uvDervisor.
Tels.: 2-.W3i 8-2451






New Used, and Rebuilt
We Buy and Sell.
41 Automobile Row

Central Ave. 30
Santa Ana Plaza
We Have permanent stock
*ONpQ Rtcoirda
Viyx vReoor
* COLUMBIA Records
* URANIA Records
* RCA VICTOR Records
Spanish guitars, Radios,

CminAercdAl AaIifrs


pree Sent pritenspro
t I .r 28. -

-ro Bponporcbn
kft aa trogul~~l

'r a o an am b e Weic

gs&W- Sing.

aml -tmr LOOM


.' I


Agen ateaL 'de gueuU i o IN
4. Ce h ntal"mwe a I. w
Prsue Leewere 7 -
10 Cetasl AVe. ..I a.0% -

rO lYo ses



CA0 F I vFn I MNE fl

wi J -

am -

VU PeTr No. 42 T*l. 34.ns
CLu"IC HOURS: 2 6 P iM.

..r .m im

mi I


k ..




_ ___ ~_



.V 1, -. p -



el- v. .




-Gladys On.
wd n'Gloria Saataa-
thej e rS, Chea.
SA r. B Mr.... ,

b 1acelt eM wUS Nathan ehin, tiring
.... '8 a wthe following ofie fiior Oe new

sufo, wevnto Mr. ", er g p ht, D. A. Waddall;
and a Jewery -bor from Shaw's .auoain" Lc trm; Sge.,
woe, to. am.rI M R *.. t_ -" r G ,
.y L. Sloum; Tiler, Vic-
Mr. Hrany )oeesy,,.rted ans is ... .- ee..c a
master o6 ereemonles. Music. for t*u array E o Wras reele ted a
danm'In w&&,%n -T h,--,bp trustee, for three years, ad was
aor. wa."ltnsbed h' pes eltted alternate, to the Grand
Little Jo-Ai .Garcia drew the At tb anet.meetin the appoint
nuber for the door prices. ed ficers will eamed. Istal-
-- lation of officers win be held on
S Bultons And Bows Dmace April 7.
SLo4s Of r" I '
A -buttns and bows"' dave Ietent Arrivald ro Texas
was oiven at the Cristobal U.M.C.- Mrs. Sam Loudder and Mrs.
A.-U.S.O. Saturday evening. But. Turner, of A parillo Texas arriv-
tons and bows were used m pro- ed Faturddy m Crist bal for a,
fusion to decorate the costumes v!f' with Mrs. Loudder's daugh-
of the hostesses. ter and family, Mr. and Mrs.
The following members of the Frank Chollar of Diablo. They
Girls Service Organization were were met by Mr. and Mrs. Wu-
honored at- intermission t i me, liams Wigle, of the Atlantic Side,
Miss harry Gusman received her who were former friends in the
certificate of commendation for States.
becoming February Giri of the a .
'Month. Mas Vilma Salvador re- Lt. Aad Mrs. Ros A4Ynence
e ed .Wr. blue. seal certUbatI Birth Of Son
a .nkd egup for ampletinf 800 Ljeutenant and MrS W a y n e
ours of service; R os, formerly of FArt Gulick,
Rd.. sal.ertfficates for corn- now of Fort Clayton, announce the
ple hund hours. service birth of a son,. born March 20 at
were given Misses Jean Harrigan, the Fort Cayton Hospital.

Action-Paked. M.G -M Drama Which Will Be Shown
Thursday, Simultaneously At The Bella Vista
And Tropical Theatres.

*obert Taylor and Ava Gardner appear together for the first
time 4.tfour yards In "RIe, Vaquero" M-G-M drama of the early
Southwest Which wll be shown simultaneously Thursday at the
Bella Vista ad lerocl Theatre&. Their last co-starring appear-
ance was In '"The Br1e." Howard Keel also plays a top role In
the new offering Advt.

S; .-

now- roe""p-

trHBWAA BBiai^ eS uSSplay tp B. SMCHAM
sUlma s .. fA ISM~ r*hlesad by ADM~ ar Qar~mKs V
mu 03g te .uc


Mpsdid lavitati as be8 s a
teared a the An vlo we
Gold Coast toe t.&
Lt bt l Tlon C#u. on MAl me
SrshkY. LDusberre and Mrs.
Joan *Wilkiersn are ikng rser.
Another Interesting affair fb a
fashion-show a. the Motel El Pa.
nama on Thursday.. March 5l
0:0 p.m.

Progressive Circle Meetlf
Tne Prog syve Circeof the
Cristobal Union Church wll meel
Wednesday evening, March 24, al
7:N3 p.m. in the Carch Parlor.
Hostesses for the evening will
be Mrs. argaret Crone and Mrs
Virginia Farrs.
Fleet Reserve Asuselatei
Branch M59. of the Fleet Reserve
Association will hol4 its regular
meeting, Tuesay, at TYaU p.m. al
Building M, Ier 1, at Coco Solo.
Members-at-large and members
of oth branches are cdrdially In-
vited to attend.

WINNER-Dr. Albert Szent-
Georgi, who came to the US. in
1949 from Hungary. Is the win-
ner of the 1954 Albert Lesker
award of the -Amricat4 Heart
Asociatlon. 'H *v Cited tor
meant to the 'field oft her'dls-
eases. At pent, the 60-year-
old doctor as director of the In-
*Zfares*b A

Airman Hitchhiker
Marries Fraulein
In West Berfin


lauren Bakl, ho said she'd
throw in the career towel if her
comedy didn't click in "How to
t Marry a MIflolmae." has been
t given the nod by Fo. The studio
will star Mrs. Begast I "A Wom.
an's World" the yr about worn-
I ena bign buine td scripted
by owrd and ussell
John Lund, CBS Radio's
"Yours Truly, JA y Dollar," has
Sa* sense of humnababout himself.
SSays Lund: r'
t "I'm aulurue of the Fran-
hot Monotone adool of acting,
Monotony Is my forte. In fact al
dng ompany has been alter
me to wax a wnatic reading.
They feel that within a year, such
a disk would dri sleeping .pills
off the narkeb e,
SFlamiu i anle
i MAMIE van Doren's career Is
f finally catching with her pub-
Ileity. It should. She's got every-
ing Marilyn MR has except Joe
.The London aP allIm is shelv.
ing vaudevie evues
!/OB Arden, wnodaad ti Iow
1 the new Moul iMn hH lub
Iere, will hop to London for one
editioO.. Ann (The Paradine
Case) Todd and her director hust
band, David Lean, are denying the
big buzz about a divorce in Loan
don. The rumor sprrag up when
Ctrbolsh Ann signed for a role in
a movie with Michael Redgrave
-her first flicker in five yearsI
that isn't being directed by Lean,
A divorce uge will son be
Slistening to Markorie Hoedbelle'W
teasons for wanna o ; aed pro-
file king Jeff Cbandir ays Jeff:
V"yEerything's very amicable.
You split up the property and won-
der why your marriage never
Worked. In our case, it just didn't,
that's alL"
-w t .eaebe told:
t RoryG alhooun state a T-
Il, Dawn at Socorro," was origin-
ally slated for Clark Gable as the
first movie he would make after
leaving MGM. His big-proflt.shar-
Fig deal with Allied Artists killed
the project.
SPals are predicting that Peter
awford, indifferent abv-
e career for the ,
will shelve emotIn#g e
Pat Gennedy. BMain Und
Chill Wills are e! tually tg-
tied for more pi Ac if the cSr-
acters they play The Mach-
makers" st ike t kblic's facy
Enough to warren ries. Ihe
studio was caught s hthen r-

BERLIN, March 22 (UP) th 'sd e stle a
8. Air Force 8gt. Fred D. Elkins;, a u l,
24, of Bedford, Ind. today mar- HEDY LAMAR her bran-
ned the Getrman girl for who t tresses into t dye vats and
he made an 8,700 mile hitch- came up as a flamig redhead.
hiking .trip here by air from the- It's for her tests for Warnqrs'
Phqippines. "Helen tof Troy."
Helga Krueger became his Grade Fields turned all colors
bride in a 10-minute civil cere. of t h e rainbow when she was
mony at the West Berlin regis- shown an outline for a movie titled
try office. "Queen of Capri'%-her life story.
Her answer: A big NO,
Elkins will, return to the Phil- -
Ipphies8when his 48-dar fur-, Younsters, notes Arny Armey*d
ugh expires next month, d in Variety, are eeofused wilk ke
Heca wl go to Indiana to wait '"
until Elkins gets out of the serv-
ice. /

7ne couple met in uerun aur-
ing the 1948-40 blockade.
When he was transferred to
the Philippines, Elkin promised
to return to marry Helga.
He kept his promise, "thumb-
Ing" rides on Air Force planes
from the Philippines through
Saigo Banrgkok Cacutta, New
Delhi, Karah, Tripoli and

^'SW a SM nohm
Id~t Uk" i..;:o=e
Sfnxnm. aombim
- blsehsada Relevee ah

"lot Flast"' Stlppti
or ?dng Isubw,-
6n 63%** ef ssie deuseu' leues

D. iaiumwer wi le puye ey an
unknown actor hi "Mr. West
Point," John Ford's latest. But the
character won't be identified as
Ike until 'he end of the picture e
fary Pickford d ber aind
aln about publshlbi her auto-
biography. She's now dated to tellO
all in McCall's Maga;ine.

Scout News

'"aiamile" Leaves
Crlstobal Per Aneon
Sea Explorer Robert (Iammie)
B. HamIlton, la moving from New
Cristobal to Ancon today seatr-
sting him from a lar group of
ouR friends. H fa other, sn.
ley M. Hamilton, has been placed
on the operating staff of the
Tivoll Guest House In Ancon.
Saturday night the Sea Ex-
plorers of Ship Nine Cristobal
gathered around a colorful
campfire that burned in honor
of "Hammie." An ample supply
of "Hot Dogs" were roasted and
a mixture of soft drinks were
consumed. The torchlight exhi-
bition "A la Bombero was the
high spot of the evening during
Which Philip Hadait carried
off the honors with his portable
bon-fire .'
In addition to being a regter-
ed member of the Sea Explorers,
"HaSmmie" l the possessor of the
Eagle Scout badge which repre-
sents a backrou of high mor-
al and pract lfe as a Scout.
Thie C.PO. team of the Atlan-
tic pony League will also feel the
loss of "Hammie" who has been
their reliable sothpaw pitcher
and when not on the mohnd an
agile first baseman.

|' ei i- l 1


. 1

and *




Shows: 7?: -and 9:0 p.m.
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fau M.E

a seu to its oa "Use Aa, the ft
an starifer, 690. V s O, youe toth*
mon I I
Women.".. .There's a goad s Jack Lnmon, Betty Grabe's
sultry Abbe Lane, who just leading man n "'The Pleasure's
ear .ontrct..wlth.-- I,*l lw All hMine," will be a pp for tih
Zi Columima id, btthN- 4t J _uA. wed to
= 0t gla ol sw aI.Ewt.
be ( (MMrs Xvier Cu- Forrest hasn't bee n overjoyed
gat) has been set for at least onev Wh what few York TV hae a-
pleture at Rita's atuo this sup. frd.a she'll ft011i
mA. -hi'to..A I t

By Geoge Ahbott

what they we and observe, not
them to see.

You cannot see the play without
a great consciousness of the
kind of plao that It Is.
You don't aee the lan line oft
eucalyptus trees outside the
windows, but you must know
that It is there.
You'must know that down In
the court below C. F.'s window
are a dame strutting assistant
directors and executives and IIn-
numerable glamorous girls pos-
turing for the benefit of all.
Most of the writings abolit the
great film colony have overlook-
ed an important expression of
the Hollywood consciousness.
That Is the eagerness for culture.
We have been.given to believe In
the past that a cross-section of
Hollywood would reveal to us on-
lya great number of not very
buisht actors ruled over by cross
Illiterate producers.
But the fact Is not quite that.
There is a great eagerness for
the bigger and better things. In
the studio lunch rooms. I nave
seen a o%:op ot executives Puz,
n their b n over a heavy
ganme of "Guggenheim." And
ama sure that the stranger who
went to one of their parties ex-
pet and need X say h
/to fitnda gigantic orgy w0ud beli
shocked and surprised to wit-
ness a group of earnest faces
puzsling over the latest word
game from the metropolis at the
other side of the country.
Ho1ywodW Sieretly aishamed
of Itself and thiefore makes a
tremendous effort to, do the
right thing. The bad taste at
times exhibited in the films toi
not exhibited in the private lives

Mmm... That Bob Mitchum
Ahhh.,. That Jean Simmons'
oo000h... TA t-tit-ai they do0

meets jeoan onnons in "Sie
Couldn't Say No!" and 'When
he give a treatment... It's a
treat for everybod.. "She
Couldn't .ay opening
tomorrow at the Central Thea-
tre. Adyt.

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TODAY! uspenseful pic-.
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and. Prise ........... 35.00 Elfaibeth
3rd. Prise ........... 15."5 SELLARS, in
On the creen: THE
7:90 and 9:00 p.m. GENTLE

He used
their beauty
as bait!

- ToMOROW! -


John Wayne Lloyd Nokm, m "Islbmd in The Sky"*
Steing t Hoyden, i'"CITY IS DARK"


_______________________ 'F

Romantic Story in The
Wild West!
In -
(In Colors)

WAHOO! 8115.
Audie Murphy. in
Barbara Stanwycel In

vJ.C tO*4A
Robert Ryan, In
CCKy Beineath The Sea"
Robert Lowery. in


dreps wtl sget and exaggerated
care, obsee cothe nventilons,
AM 0"& al adles and gentle-

The ohabriter C. F. exemplifies
al thla Tw and Benson also,
Isth _odh "W are quite obvious-
l rebels against their status.
And the oth6r chdtaclers all
combine to a truthful picture of
this great factor of mediocrity,
4It I.
If. howew. autheaticty were
the only virtue of "Boy Meets
Girl," if wotild die unsung.
It Is the wit of the Spewacks
that casts over the whole thing
m ay chars. They know how to
write lines which crackle when
spoken In the theater. And even
when their technical construc-
tion of the play is perhaps unor-
thodox, as for example the scene
between Rodney and Susie in
Act One, the freshness of the
writing prevents the audience
from feeling any drop.
The Idea seems to be that I
like "Boy Meets Girl."

Help Your Piles
Don't eufer from paifntul, itehani
Pilie another hour without itrinl
ChInarold. Upon application Chl=nroli
starts ourbing Ple miseri es wary: .a
I4aeI pain and itching. I. Help. shrnl
=rs %wollen tiMlie. 3. Help nature
trrlittd membmne and alWi PilW
Nervousness. Asak our Druggint os
UIInarold tod,.

fPanama Canal c&/eaters -
BALBOA 6:15 7:50 DIABLO HTS. 6:15 7:90
Air-Condltioned 0 Rod CAMERON
RWed. MSlor M TeK1Uh

I S "Two-Dolar Bettor"
H ail T GAMBOA 7:..
"Sword and The ROse"
W d Dennis O'KEEDE
*A u smPUn 1 ro Mu'RDER, "The Lady Wants Mink"





S I howIn: :S M -4
LUXI :-no.%.-.
"Conquest of Cochise"
h John
^******************* 0J

iUt a U -
The Adventur of a cout
girl In HolwtoodI
Plus: -
Two Burldaqe Shorts in
And. Also:
Three others that will
"excite' you a loti

Johnny Welsemuller. In
Paul Henreld. In
"The Siren of Ba .T. +

Chapters 12 and .1
Aso: .
e-mp.wmj .

-. -


ma to, hat
.Iber tda'c. **Seftjl,

mothers oM to do?

t our da-nr can go
nWty? 0- do.we say
m't understd?"
Those aron the only IM
natives, though most
day feel hat-hey are. ..
Th third is for the moth.m
Is against publishing child
such adult ways to round ._
parents who feel as she domes
make their cpnions knomu
it will count-st the school
children tend. -
Junior hfbh principals and
ers don t dream up these fi
parties themselves, you know.
ids-backed up by some of
parents-put the pressure on.
The way to take it off is dr
parents who object o get togi
and stand up for their
But what usually happens is
each parent tries to fight al
The kids are organized, with a
parents backing them up. But th'
pLrents don't bothe-: to get togei
could be if they were united....
er to find out just how stroan
If you'll' ta'-e the trouble
all the parents who feel as yotd
together, -ou'll have a ch.e to-
get your ideas across. But so _.0
as you think youR only alternatR '
are to give in. or not give
to ldeas you don't approve of,
haven't a chance. .


- *

- .. '-' '"
.o r _* ... *
-. F ***'

- #*~ -

IStan Musial Co tiues

; : "
-. -, .' : '* ; + ... :. .

RI '..-


The Man' Tans Pitchers LaSalIe Defeats bbe, r Meet Tomorrow

lore Than Florida Sun Bradley 92-76 For Armn Forces Loop Lead

NEW YORK, March 23 (UP) Stan Musial, |n MCAA 3. i l C s r Pdgabr 4 o
*io- is trying to give the St. Louis Cardinal. I I II II U I asb In I os La"orlt ols re
roster pennant complexion, was tanning rival Tm PetO GBggSraftarle '.....Te 6s 2a3) Lma^ W sEu5
pitchers today even more than the celebrated KANSAs oITY Ma.. March Al bb APB.. 1 8! An -ftmu 2 2 tru a......t4s 2r
Florida sun. 23. IUP) LU 116 .CO F i SpecIl Troopbb ...1 .693 2 -Els m e .......... 2 64 1.Bec., Stre -
Philadelphia t red lade & tre- i U)I Iy wIaC I l lI Army Atlans 13 14 481 59 Polce 1414............2 41 6 ord4-Berrunae ht ir/-
Musial. stopped only by the Cincinnati to a 4 to 3 decision mpndous third perod scorin Fort Claton ... 12 15 .444 6 8 5intao. .* rn 5hitla
'White Box hurlers this spring, at Lakeland. Fla. surge Saturday night to defea Coco o .... 9 18 .333 8 o ESTE.DAT REULT 4 /3 Two base bits -
STh e--ad t u rdyU n i grtyt o d e f e 'fjP" ." P -i n zz.. .a1 2e1
made a shambles of four IPh- The champion Yankees mul- Bradl Univeryc 92 -ebri II- Fe Lo d100 tALLlLr
lies' flingers who faced him yes- ed the Athletics, 12 to 6, Wrisin- linois92 to 76.for the NCAA The fifth annual, In1AltaCp r wrong xNaVY W estbanit 012D om lXGibrata TD81 ,Lio RLie I (a. Urers
P with "omr.arpl Theis'th 'rag. bqt," :"teams appear to be int.o."tjhdrow-from league) TODAYS(A--

tgeI The Chicago Cuba enjoyed a what had bpen dogfight Into under thedirecn of ould e he f and the Lelier of Fort ob vito over th L La ATLATIC U
I t Theof hb oa I.doold.behiSot
First baseman Dick Gernert of daiy off it their Mesa. Ariz., a one-sided e4sert. HeW as' Phyleal education and acagamee at d rAn.Mi*eni the be.ot l a Panamab Area Arme llt aye'onthe heeIs d th league eoaa ri
the Red Box enjoyed a good day, training site. en a tremendous ovation by ; te on Branch. onand d.p c Bce Baebal League fant wl l.d teas.t tLt
alse. by blasting two homers and, s--- ------ sellout erowd.of 10.000 persons Due to -the abortage of good .ast yeagr tan*)* AIbrok and by keeping aeye out for the bh y hjM the n- coco Solo .raw ., i
driving in ano her run with a B when be left 'the game for ex- ball teams, this year the tom- Firemans a4 bylabetweep nheseotworthem Charldeythe's.
ascrifice fly as he paced Boston cessive foulng, wikn two-IS to nament will be run with oyly ThI Gambon Cl9th Council h battle between these two t0 ,coln ladsm bI au i three of L l a...3 i
to a 4 to 3 triumph over the MO1f g o in the fi period. seven teams, one.teo, recalvn donated a r wineaY afternoon at 2:30 oanthemby Psaid, a one by Police.P....4
Milwaukee Braves. Penn State of State College, a bye. Due to the bye the first ningteam. 4'ny ettig hun-
Sandy Amores. making a bid Pensylvania. won consoltllonlgame will start at 8:30-a.m. ry .wont have tbI e h In athe Weneda ater- noedh*ai V ft e it s
for outfield employment with honors by defeating southern The seven tqamM that have* to eat. the civic e l nnctiWil lt r Iafter-nochod seasonfththe I
the Dodgers, dellerd a sharp u California 70 to 61; In t open- accepted the invitation are: on sale, hot d ambrgers, oco at 2:30. Speal Troops Gene Beck started on the FRIDAY'S RESULTS
ithgle with two out In the ine game Albrook Am .. the a econd Sod"s ad ie dol eer. and Fort Clayton wiUl tangle on mound for Lincoln Life. He was Coco Solo Braves 8 Powels o
anlth Ineing to drive In the pet l a tpd e .. r s lace team last Year. COpod pike---the Clayton field at 7:30 in a relieved by Bobb Sander in the
run that beat Pittsburgh, 3 to Of 0B KlVb Bradley had led through most of an all star picked trom their 6d5essay night ame. a second Inning when the winners SCORE BY INNINGS
2. Aoros' double in the fifth f the first half... nce co-base ntrauratea. .Tort Kobbe an Fort Clayton core ix run on three h to Coco Solo 140
inning also drove in Brook- manding .a seven-point edge .t the term to-bat.Atlas Gareon. F. dat\ f ern on d recalll- a siu. Powell 000h 00--0 3 2
Iva's second run. S to 23. B9t LarsiUe fought a good ball with big P-ig.- y afternoon, witKobbeMarty Salas continued is The bo ore:
-American Leauer Howie Moia Brady popular member back to a 42--4 halftimetro on the mound they co le good or 14 ru, march toward the batin rown
Judson limited Detroit to one of the sophomore class at Bal- core. and then wiped out the all the way A I. whletng 16 btgood foerht times wit, march two for the and Raer Coo Solo A
herveipe dout. t he l alt.e o-. while Clayton tamlled eight times with two for three and Ra eer l o
run In six innings In pitching boa High was elected Queen of deficit with its terrnc rally aft- 20thM.P. -Co., would rate them jIa A on eight hits. helped his own cause along ao Sullivan. 3b .......... 1 2 0
----.-. ---- the Fifth Annual Balboa Relays er the intermissialon. the dark horse in this years n IL I W Second baseman Juan Bonilla. garnering two for thtee. DetIore s ............. 4 2 1
by her classmates the other day The 92 point total that the tournament. third baseman Vicente Medina Today Seymour Agency meets Lutz, p ................ 4 1 2
Better known a ." Miss asterners rolled. up represented Firemen's Insurance. hasood and shortstop Francisco Mares the Elks 1414 n a mut" game 8mh, lb ............ 4 3
Exh b tin trBrady will drs on the an all-time record core In the hitting and pitching, was t' ird each had three hits for Fort for the Agency lads. Jef l ine Karpinski, c ...........
night of April 9 atBalboa St- NAA finale. place ast year, LU il Kobbe. Bonilla drove in four of il probably go to the moud Woodalde. rf..........
fdiun when the i delays are held Old Colony, a team sponsored Kobbe's runs; Medina. who had tor Seymour with. Danny Des- Cheaser 2b..........3 c 0
Brl fa I for the fifth consecutive year. LaSalle trailed by 42 to 45 in by Tagaropulos.of Colon. All to- ---- a double and a home run. drove Londes on the firing line for the Richardson, cf ......... 1 0
SIn addition to electing l asthe third period... but then It gather new team over last year. In three; and Mares drove in Elks 1414. Hunt, If ...........2 0
d om nthe queen for the big tb began to move. Theasterners Gibraltar Life Insurance,8 liastm ry oha ico tw e Balboa two. The box score: Hytinnin, ......... 0
Field crnval. BSersarve her bombarded the basket -for 22 years winners. Have a good n two straight Gibraltar Lie AB
"k wiheourt of three irls to asst point. l n a scorching five-min- team. with a little help at the gaes totke the final _l ff At.b "v ta two Kobbe tal- Marquard; 3b ......... 3 l 1 Totals 28 8 8
eah theefinal-avo m-u tAoP4iv *int o e obtal2t6 8r' 3,P.........
Res l ts l with the pleasant talsir of hand- nluter n aohile holding the plate they asp doittagain M r and the Pacife Twilight lies was centerfielder John Clap- Brandon, 2b ........... 3 wells
South the tronhles and medals. fading Il itpo thlnte. to nine Pane Lquldo, wla hold there u cham19onship of 41 perton Morris, e .............. 4 1 2 L.French. 2b........1. 0 0
By Lnted Press Two ser'ora. Joi DiBell and counter. In this decisive spurt, own if they can get a lUtt.le firstIhalt whiners turned For Fort Clayton long ht Salas; I s .............. 3 0 W. French, ......... -3 o
SL --- Gay Outeroon and a fellow so- Gola .ot nine points... Fran't pitching. ba the schoolboys 7-4 In the were recorded by catcher MelMcNall, c ............. 3 0 0 g p............... 0 1
At Lake, Florida nhomMoe. ShIrlev Ransom, were Blatcher bagod six... Frank O'- The airings In thsl single frs saturday then re- Crispeli, wh had a double and Hardley rf ............2 0 e 3 0on00
;te.s 0 00. 0- 2 the given the hoeor. dd e... nd Chare limDenan tournament w de. ate with 3-2 victory on home run; first baseman Ayton H. Raymond, rf ........ 1: 0 Werlle. c ...............3 0 1
Tuers 010 000 011-3 2 0o, hSinoley contributed htao. cided by drawing BSunday to clinch the title. |Pa-an, two doubles: and center- ager, p ............ 3 1 2 Met enemy, rf .......... 0
Judson. Rogovin 7 and S.- M.ise Brady and Miss DIBella Bingi.V and led Lta They ar: : Sunday's game w a Seo nd b ah A nl e Snydern, lb eti........... 1 DTompkrns. 3b ........... 3 0
.ik; Donovan, Herbert 16' are long time residents of the balle with .b Crny Albroo iremas h Ieh bal re B d n ta Alo Mln sioner, ib ........... 1 0 0 Watt .........2 1 0
usan LP-h Donovan.lWPl- hmu bu MosheOners got 11 for Bradley. InsuranceOn 19d woh @dt t8:0t hel' ehw en High.s._OLrue ncla.batted Jn two Clayton runs, s steiner,If e.............1 a0 atta V ........... 0 0
udon. LP Donovan. Mss wenso te arte new to these I Lus oon I ae r ed arles did Pagan and Rose. .... 0 0
A8 e-. FloridaL.SAtlas Garden plt 0h an d t rike's Webb Hearne. I25 7 ITotals 22 0 3
At West Palm Beach. Florida the girls it will be their first 0 Co. ton field o. 2 p to la The -gaime was a thrilling nip RHou e Lincoln Life 1it Detore Lut. Smith,
ankees 030 233 010-12 16 2 e to be connected with the I e an affair until the last.e 2001500001 1 Bander p..........3 0 0 Kull Weile Yarbrou h d
Ganheenods 030 3 0140- 1e6 2 itreIn toi such o e por t he Cant l t roles.CBmeDiatlylfiod s i nnin .whe.en the schoolboys Ft. Clayton 0 Heb102000- 8 2 sngee, as .......... 3 o 0 w de; Doubles: Sm. 0 0and
Lpikt. Ford 161. Reynolds B1i Alone with this bevy of beau fst bBiaLi o P .1sa t-hly 'tCat Parker, n 0 5, lb 2.......... E3 e 1e Woodaide; Triples: Smith,.
arid Howard: Kellner, Martinties. Sigurd X. Esagr, surereten- bitLn... l r rC.olnyrSundi ay night, Balboa scored 'arnard (WP). Wheeley (9) Doa lb. .... ***... 3 1 8
(5 and Robertson. W. Shantz o ent of schools in the Canal Le the twice in the first ning on Ed- and Rosad: Pere LP), Mora C .......... 0 0 SATURDA' RESLTS
('7. WP Lopat. LP Kll-one has accepted the ppnc a t of NE M die Napoleon' double with Scott (51 and Crispell. apwe 2
idr. honorary referee t fi the Relays. TI'0eand Martin OIL They had sir- Saturday afternoon at Albrook, McElIone, 2h........1. 0 Little o'tta's Ot, ..Uoiito
AtSt e-- -sr ItFloriod-. a Ong rFlyer pitcher Clare Bartholomew1Bradshaw,.if..........1 O-0 Cuba
P, At300en0o 0-. L e, r 4w h. ih ficial opening e remophes of the Lucky Strike', first tally came scattered nin Coc olo hits as White, c.................... 0
C -ad ls I00 000 00e-3 el b. h ae g r of t er. t. t y tie -hird w ahen Oear got he shutout the Sailors 10-0. Ward, ....... .. 0 0 SCOREf .......... INNING
Aredenw onon. rea ren n t et r entsontheCal FORT AMo GOLF CLUB to. Ocond on an error and was Leading the victorious Albrook Bowman, r......... ........... 1 0 tte Mottas 000000 0 1
Greenwood. Market 4. Pe- with te school in the Casal W 4 A dren by Carlin nine was catcher Herb BoettoWilson f ... 0 0 Coc o 00000000 0
abn (6. Sanford "7. and Bur- Zone, but Is wirving h is first by ST'VtnNkIeR FOURSOE EV"NT The Io111 lr broke the tie in who banged out two hits and Beck. p,. It..... 1 (0 0
as Hladdix. Walsht 15. Jones hbr as uit perlttendent. He war the sixth when a serit of High drove in the first Flyer run The Box score:
1 and Rice WP Haddix. fnrner'l. th principal of Balboa .NEW1YOlk, March ( UP)- 7 Bal e amilrss School rrbra Plus. ingle s-y For Coco Solo, it was catcher 2 1 4 Little's. AB H
LP O greenwood. HR Musial. High School. Johnny' ieo th e old tobacco Neckar DIoro and a long T ony ola showe thoe way Wills, ..........4 1 0
Jh I eachewer; athre dheTatpeesda e A0adoers Ofthe Fort fly by e gave them two with the bat, collecting three JA W ls f........... 0 4
At Bradenton. Florida Meet director. thn Fl swe tt. life ster whe n he decided to ado Golf Club will be swing. runs hits in four tries. .t, TarN rot .......S 0 1
Ned Box 011 010 010-4 8 1 states that nlans are moving th cancel h areti emaht plans. i I tway ove a anweekehd S at Ift a lo, ou C a
Braves 010 06' 100-3 6 2 right a'on e tfor the bir event ResultsA g ing training urday and Sunay, March The lines cre- RI E U l yIVIon0Il-- Petersono ............ 3 0 0
Henry Herrn Kinder Inteest ro the military ames usually men little but n hpes of en their Cocoolo 000000000- 0 9 6 .n, ............... 0
and 8. White; Crone. Conley 'ai tie CnpIng rapidly. with the Ci Yankees 1 ve .been losing at wu pp of n.w golf 2. .__en BalUn*, Highi 200 0P 0-2al Albrookd 300421(oh0x-10 9 o l I anche, If........... 2 0 0
iiid Calderone, C. White |7. WP 504th tA hainralmost 30 boys an alarming rt and on them I fa vo Itfoursomes vi ts in. Lucky n. 001 002 x-4l lonlde .., rf ......... 0
Herrin LP Conley. HR worlne out. A small gro n from it doesn't loqok iood. From all re- a 4 .Ba.l Foursome TourniMent B-rn--(U-- Burfns (T1P) Ar old (1), Blake l l .. gu, ~D0n0, 2b........ 0
|ernert i2|. -ithe 33rd Inf. has also been get- ports, the five-tiMe world at the oceanside course Don Bow'n. manager of the (1), Sponsellera (6), Poole 7 ) andj 3 ......... o 0 o
tin' in their licks. and the boys champs are shorter on .pennar There Thournamentr Alltr tdan, has Esola; Albrook AE-artnt holo.oa
At Ft. Pierce, Florida. who will make up the small winhing talent than they've been Committee hast a9d 70new c ractilyeigame rmea,(WP) and ottto. STANDI I NGS
ers 00 110 001- I t It MIlitar A thle in years bu t Ju m. c io Bur sqt anide 2ne s4n- chI lIe d a pontacagam Wo mee (Ws') and Boeto STANDINS
Dod0 10-3o M r h n pitching ar* golf bells dor hsevent pe rfo tqeorr1 puo 4.s pla.gat ialbpa 1n -vantethr Saturday after-n Team y W L Pctt Cro olnte 2 C bs
LPaIles 101 000 000-2 7 1 l have been practicing re- fiureso give them a bi lift. other Ige trout i expected m E oroerr to get n 'oon contest, Special TroopsCerveceria Naelonal 6 0 1.000 Ba lln, 3..........3 0 0
Labine. Wade 6'. Mlckens IA' -gularly. ATy military person in- Will it be enough? Thepresen- Foursomes will be allowed to team orkixg together. tfipoed Arshy Atlantlc 4-1. be. Army Transportation 8 2 .750Melfendeb, as .........o2 0 B7
d Walker: Houe. Dan treated in rometin souldson pennant odds almost er start ro either N. I or No. N 10 hind the ptobi of Joh Wer Pan deal....... 5 .625 o
(31 apd Shenard. WP Wade rnptrt Coach Fawcett at the tainly will say so but obviously tee. Complete details are ted Thi following -ll-stars are re nicki.. Nat. Distillers......5 3 .625finchle. pt........s2 0 0
S Danglels. 'Balboa Gymnasium. the Yankees never were riper on the club bulletin boar quested to ae present: With a t air-tight pitching vigation.........5 3 .625leus, lb......... 0
for aAn up-t. A An A from Hertm ecklman, Port Clay- Navy ............... 5 4 .55e ........ .. 0
CLdEO I RNS ELMINAnE RaybourAe, Halsal, Dedeaus ton eked through to a 2-1 win Quarry Heights..... 3 5 .375mWarford. 2b ......... 0 0
In every winning campaign, LLEN uENNA IN CERVECE-1A O'Lary Diorlo, Jones. Napoleon, over Albrook Sunday ,.after- Ciommissary........3 6 .333 Motta, I ............2 ) 0
SI ~the Bombers hive aa an n- SEMI FINALS; ANNo LITTLE y ar Bernice Herring toon.. 7456th Engineers .... 1 7 Coninger, r ....... 2 0 0
.^up to when things went sour. For E and pitchers Pretto, Hearne, h Trler ba a no-it game goin g-Bonatlh
lrlon r years~ It was Joe DiMaggio, Cle Burns and Ellen Knna Charlse. Conrad and Montavan. aInst the Flyers i0ra0x a-0 Final Straight eeao. Games t.
Allie Reynolds has performed put on the best display this tao-thirds Innings. Clayton', Wednesday: Pan Ideal vs Cer-. 21a ftag h vaua d'
rr b e M r. Rmn othe ch-ore. So have Mickey Man writer hsamfor toe timn first baseman. Ayton-Poe ad -- a ed or a lndre
SAT andYogiBerhin their tum oPlayed Was r eminiscent of the a other figured a r the scoring- ts Quarry Heights Hits: Lara. Leon and Mor land
But Martin Is in service againepnAm a Open Birdes and e In the sixth l ag layton Friday: Army Transportation Doubles: Maly.
Buhee t insrle aain n. pra Ower pe as itr lent as d bo esnved into the lead when See- ACerveceria Nacional
A may be regarded as physical and double bogies for the df- ld haseoman Angel Millan sinl. Monday: Navigation vs Cerve- r
ne. oa ymnru. r questionemarks until theyprove lu PtarS"n:b whoad ao singlan. 3
o m .. th.y LrOv fM-rled home righttlelder Dale cer i hNa.lonal
whI 11nefull merely beingthe American SwIe aIsL tealen asoli C|a Na. _etle&eon d bsecn don a ne iiader' MAlfred Bowensia f rv.ceri Ni b y
V !League'&beatocatcher. hoprkh biththeM rholdng.w.m r o Ml e. h a onane lub 15 .. 7
Beside the San Francisco Garden ILou of Johnny Mize, Martinh eirbe a thu and wheKennna hnnThe Plyer came b aklo e.nal. Su stplets leoad ep In
catcher. ror meu breathe adent splav t hforoeTheFlyw.r came back to tic U the final week of playr for tile .
the hore.f PuRaschtt t te r h o for o, PURjTN seventh stra, ghtca onlonship f
SNIItlNTeSanFa l oMrn andcYogi rto thenof the few bogies she had. every-" I (UP) Joyce.Zi.ske, I9- ea/r-od cather e. nhthe o sigl, b t e P acii NonDhalo iton slh in K I
E T PRESENTATION OF E SASONI -Cardinals Sa rein' retirementetb thHe mat ou go W r Wed L trwon e aln g ond n movingto Le e. a y TDivisionalSgtoeLba
s lo wrI getawa oafnl the h ps o ands o ra p Women' dI nv ation of C--am- CIff W in o e tos came Intoeuen f traghtk a ule wi RA, O CIT- Z. o-
415 pan. Sunday 28th- 4:15 other Berr hibto s gehoeS, Thos and the imatm. pionship yerday efeating score on a single by first base- swln g into thecmpicnahip so- Res W and Mari Sob
pPEmI. OVar fn ot pe1nann too thuch fo Cleo's husband Jim Mary Lena Faulk of Thomas- Clayton oabbed the decision ment. The lower sK teams Cwell will be the honored gueW*t1
PRSIEDOVRnu ic and ol 'was sometime before he y-- le, Ga., -up. h the hot -iof the ninth. battle a the sudden-deairh coN e b a Leaueine day j
DO .n -- couI ~revived. Third basean In Fonseca got'solation series. o ba whe ome he
Bdr MIGUEL ASaNm F Dran eo rdoris ofJohn cntri duted 1.c Ann. is ttle had little trouble Miss yiske. making her first on base on a Flyer error, and Navy stil thasa haneent 1"
MayIoT r MIf RnamA Cistct tries wadse ven feasto tH ies with Mar.e Parks as Marie was appearance in the North and 'cored on another error, wind up in a a special fea ure don-
Assiste nby aM 4.aetan r a on. He. who .ot playing her-' usual -eme. souh, took th champion berth i the championab ble-header and resent these
.nors et r4an raiemnder n 35 wtoh Burns aind Little wwill be the l-i .lth a ..r fourli the 18th he rna es e- ladles with media_ -for their

frum the Hacienda of Mr. Marcos Bobies
return of the winners:


rItM ed ,eats 3... ..4.00 rt row .at. .... .... 00
'IW raw mt. 3.0 Second raw seats .... 1.0
t ma T 2.e: Third 0 r e........ S O.
+1Adlttan.. 2.00 General Adittne.... 1JO
.. ...... .............1.00 Children...........0.. O.5

^^^^l~t&SS* .-'ss",

lbth estem oa Muer no m a nex_ Sunday wen Miss Faulk three-putted. Albrook 000000 100-1 3 2 2apen to w innm for the
el Manager asey nd what match this wi Both contenders were jittery t. Clayton 000001001-2 8 0 Republic of Panama the distaff
As we get itA ain's original, Ann established the ne w at. the start yesterday's final Retneller .(LP) and Boetto; relay finals In record time.
an ounemetnt oBa etiremeornal course record at Gambon during round in crisp, aunny weather. Beckman (WP) and Cripell The first of the inbow
not auncem pheony to ack retirement the qualifying rounds and Is one Both turned in their highest Fort Kobbe won th"ir Sunday The fity Major Sof the Reainbook-
Yankot a phony to ack up the of the sweetest golfers to -hit scores of the tournament. Mss afternoon game the same way as Clet" ilty aM iteband Lel bofok-
yearnkes forb oredough t his these parts since Peggy Mac- aske was eight over par for the Fort Olaton did. With the score let wilU bel edited and redy for
Syear but an honest effort to get'Murray's days. dv and Ms Paulk seven over. 11. knotted at three runs a- B the ispub ic theey near fu-
lat hI lfeto ane He was iness to She will be up against the One down at the end of 16 pIece In the Army Atlantic-Kob- Dy SlARt REARDON otly Tisordbycth
esa of sliettine u an automo- pride of the Gold Coast. a gal holes. Miss Zake evened the De contat, Kobbe relief hurler Question: It true tat Robi a a newly fored s the
ea fsettin v up an autnd h who will match her drive for'match on the short 17th with a Ivan Gearhart singled and IRobertsn s r tarded a the It ajor tion, the Club rmadia.
idldn't want to leae unless ordrive and shot for shot Cleopar .3. Miss Faulk barely missed romped on home to score the e1vber. be r r she tr thre onm aiaorl sethe Igbao_ va- mp
diduntil he found tade toev mindless or doesn't make many mistakes he green from the tee, then whining run when rightfieldereu Re-e nodshWrb even oer posblesedos rom beaWe thisp
thel tore whund an aide wu o nd and s consistency Itelf. It will two-putted for a four. Marion Hoota laid down a sc- and Bob Lemon? -are Wa ora atton Is a nonrit club
athe store while e was off on a take every tricklann knows The two were constantly both- rice bmt whleh was mlshan- ad oob __Ifw -iGrry r- ootn_, eslb
But John ha found to beat her. ered by traps and faltering died by the Atlantic ne. ren Reichard. Newark.Del. that was former with the sole
But John aaduced byound a way. The first flight finals will see putts. Betweenthem, they were l atop W actmsco Mares had Answer;a U tSy U as aIntention to help the less for-
aoab Indued by e aney. xtra two Amador gals, Lou Grohs nd trapped eight Umes an the lead a three-fer-four day at the plate authortle" wl for teOe rts s tunate.
sla, ofakemoey.Doris Hamilton. batting for the chanced often- during the nd la ro eI one Robe urEm. .thebeat but we
Cereveceria trophies and you match. I__er 4fenaer talies were bat- w int < o.ut n a I. LAy of Ra.bow Cy ... Ma ..j .._.
Scan take your pick. There is en- Miss Zake lost the fiAt h.le teda bs thenhird Ibeman vicefte th p e rey mem l_ hed Bala-w CtyMajor othal
leIy one or two strokes difference!when she was trapped ff Media and first b man Dve there euM stDo the Masse f*r O*eso
between this flight and the thee but got even on the thurd. Stkeler. my teapI T ,...TA .I
championship flight I Play was eve on h 10th and amd basemntn led the d. Was there reason forj TAB STANrINB
Russ eland French will be the 1thbut Mi i Paulk w t d e AaI, line. -t. n two hit Mathew not o able runs at T_ ,
finalists in the second flight and l u" again at the 12th. She need- tnan and banging out a triple hi more thartwo home rnl s at Team W e '.
Wright and Reynolds in the e three puttats d won the hole =ud a double. the Polo g goth ad last year? I CerwerilN. 2 f
I-third flight. wirth another boy five.i theufht thattwaa an ea ierg gwb tw 2 A
I ruldquit and McNeely M w wI Z e T the match mt or_ a 4ethanded batter.-eorge Pwe a .
te t out for 4th flht han- t 14th with a Atlan. 000 100- 7 2 Bder, Salt Lake City. artoa .M
or@. t "H Q b bl ad on go R bbe 100 100 101-4 8 MatWeb low m d m UNa 1f-1 P B 7 B .M5MU .1
Matches will get underway at lthe. l a ~twtan. le hl~ctir, d tT the Poet P. Gamw d7r D. S olamalre S
-00 am. Sunday morning and failed AtODMA Wat wirt U De LhP) and Hirdlow. 02000 a iE;what YOU ba
S I th-blciIe publc is iInvited. -a i e for 3w&_ (WIP). Gesnart (9I a o The well st adimy Pow".1.....v ...v or the
Ulll-l IA Cerveeeria rBr.taHe, -a tull amam so, away after af awa pile tarJ Dari k thrw the
Swill presentlheprim t. mea-a--"- "I teM-Il Ri o .w Kie Umi th iw
th. e__oaClubwi___ _wll_,tse an AMIh

~r V- *

- 9


.. y- .

- ._' .- '* ". ^ *i ..'- ".'" .' ** ^ ;,"-[_ 'g-.e .

.* -. -

-5 I,


*- f- ~

4.--_- .

It.- *;A.m"

....l ..l e .

2 (UP) -X Icredible as i may
seem the ftive-times-in-a-roy
wand champion Tanknes are in
the midst of a rebanlding cam-
n as m 1the face the 1954 sea-
son With ter ual anal con-
"We're still the team to beat,"
Says Manager Ca;q Sterngel,
then adds there can'be I lot of
changes in the Yankee lineup
this season.
This is especially likely in the
pitching department where Vie
Raschi has one to the Cardin-
als. Stengel Is making plans for
the day when his other two key
veterans, Allie Reynolds and 9Ed 4 i:CINr s rU$ s.e MUl.r goes II
Lopat no longer may be of much people who she wp.r tea w
SI' 0 a the Glakta.' b e p. ___________________
Sa on a tsuise la sou bfoterm at lm ,. _.
tain ing camp. (Wi ) "The Yankees may come up
trao- 54with one of the moat radically
changed pitching staffs in the,
history o a pennant winner,"
Said General Man ar G oC e
SWeiss. "We've been banking fqr
some time on a staff where our
tMI b AL O 'I mainstays have been from 33 to
JOE W ILLIAMS t36 years old. The time has come
for us to concentrate on develop-
ing new talent."'
MIAMI BeACH.-Th s seems an appropriate da tetoaOD call yoetenur abounds
attention to the faet that a fellow named Ben Hogan Out of That "new talent abounds
U. mthe N ational anl Bover thislive ly mp.Ray-
Dublina, Tax. (no kidding), tarted light training for the rton ald a, ovr ti lvy ca rey
Open golf champIonshIp here today. A pink tea, or social round, b olds, for spot starts sad re-
in a one-day pro-am, distinguished largely by a ks a( lsi betlif and Lopast for onte a-weekt
tins pool. I1duty as be was spotted last
ting pool.. year are key men.
Before teeing off, Hogan reiterated his competitive schedule \ ear ae key Men.
for '54. From here he goes to Palm Beach for the seminole, an- But right with them are lofty
other rich sweepstakes lottery, then to Augusta for the Masters. Whitey Ford, the ex-GI who hr
next to the Colonial in his home town, Ft. Worth, and, finally, to been sensational ever since
Baltuarol in New Jersey far the Open. hit the majors. and Harry Byrd
No British Open for him this year. Hogan's turning the cup the 1952 "Rookie of the year.
back. to thoe two indestructible Scotch finallats Haig and Haig .r whom the Yankees paid i
Saya he can't spare the time from a new business xe expects to heavily in cash and players n
yield him another million. Hogan had tailored clubs guaranteed the off-season deal with the
to break par. Athletic. Both have looked great
"I'm playing less and less golf, anyhow," he pointed out. "For in spring training.
instance. I played only eight practice rounds all told before the In the so-called second eche-
Britiph ave last summer." Ion are such veterans as Tom
Ut e most of the other pros, Hogan no longer depends on Gorman, Bobr uzavaeJim Mc-

pt is M money sothe doe n't have to submit to the drudgery of the Donald and il Miller, while
winter tour. And yet the lesshe plays, th o more deadly h., irToe Moran. just out of the Ar- 10,000 WINNERS.-Thes famous jockeys ha
the Major Cliamp pnsh os b as usual, he'll be the man to beat in my.ecousl bte sam e consistent sto rit with the aproxiiateinber of w
the' Ms and te Oenthis year. performer was before going ar Chay. Burre ;g0; Joulny Adams, 2815:
This represents a contradiction in attitude and concept long in. Stout, 1900. Adas tkinson seem ce
beld. bt h .aA ,nd.aisported by contemporaries, namely, that Goroo Rchars s
champion s are forged in the Sires of endless compalon. And The Yankees got a boost when
in between. times there' had to be hours on the practice tee.- .(I pitcher Jo alhnny in, who had
once saw Hogan hit hundreds of practice shots after carding a 68 14-7 record lasu t ye tn, ; ied
in the Ope-.) his mind abouS retiring and de-
Sthe ore you plays the better you must get school of reason- cided last weekend to rejoin the
In attributed the general Improvement in scoring to accelerated clube rookies shootin for I
ap licaton, and, of course this was all the proof anyone should Thclde r ookies shooting for jobs the
need that the modernawere superior to players of the Jon ese u ph Terry the ... .
H en era, They h be. They played more golf Commissioner Ford Frick ruled
mai tP YTOUR MINDS in their favor In a signing dis- -- -
Actually, Hogan's present polley of limited play is a thro- ite with the Cardi a, lefties
S0.Bteve Kraly, Art uhallok and
back to the Jones-Hagen era. Jones. particularly played astonish- Bob Wiesler, W ally Bunette CLASSIC LEAGUE
Ingly little golf. Probably less than any name oler in hist6ry.Mel Wright and Bob Grim, who enh- ard
X find it interesting that Hogan didn't begin to dominate the s been a spring sensation ho eymour Agency gahed a omas
Open, as Jones did. until he curtailed his preparation play. ohae on the second place El Oluehman
True, this may be no more than a coincidence. Hogan's in Tod f e bma n y aa tem b wnnh a fu l r c e V lat
hes 40. And he dl have a frirntul acdt en t. Perhaps he would as thoe ame No. 1 catcher, pontvictory over the Nash five BillmOiter
have had to ration his appearances by now anyway. 8 t 111, no will be mhe heavy duty manh while 1 Panama took a points
matter how you look at it, the records do show the less he played behind the bat and the yan from the Bears team.
the better he got. ees are trying to groom Negro George' Vi Wie bowled hisV. v.
And, as I say, this s precisely the reverse of what they used Elston Howard, a long ball highest games and highest series Bleda
to tell us. LNo wonder we geit confused. But wait: What was It righthandqd hitter as te No. thus far this season as he led Schultz
Lloyd Mangrum said about Hogan last year- Hogan-bad just won 2 man because Charley alvers th egeymour five to victory. Van Coffey
the Open for the fourth time. Mangrum said: "Why not? He seldom hits for distaee. bowled games of 26 193 a ord 203 Ead
picks his spots. That makes it softer. It would be different If for a terrific 662 series. lIgh- Bbst
he played every week, like the rest of us.". Joe CollinsIS in solid at first l ht of this series was a string
At that, Mangrum's probably got amething there. Physical because Stengel thinks he is the of 12 straight strike, bad they
fitness and mental zest are winning redients which mUst wilt best man in the league cnt that been in one same sI would have LOCAL 5
under too mu work. Be ldes,once A goter. as got his swing spot,.although Eddie ". inson, given Van the ghestgame poa- L. D IN
properl grooved it can't need too much honing and tinkering, who hit 22 homers and drove in sible 300. George Cowes follow- LEAGUE
After all, the fundamentals are simple and never vary. 102 runs with the 1952 A's has a ed Van Wig wit. neat 616 Bart, g a
And yet, to hear somi othe golf professors talk and read the bat that can't be ashrued off, series. Melanson, tes and Wil- NFf has
scholarly papers they compose for the poor duffer who was pick- H Could e the clu In nw ber rounded out the scoring with up th e 19
ed up the virus, you'd think hitting a golf ball was a science utter-.Johnny Mize, a lefty pInch-hit- 589, 547 and 556 respectively. Bowling..
ly beyond finite understanding. Don't lit 'em scare youth It Isn't. ter and the early innin first Harry Colbert led the Nash five he final *
BASIC FART8 THE SAME baseman against nrightbandeis with a strong 567..Georg e for Tuesd.
.bBASI before Coll comes In for pro- followed' with b big 8 set goes in wit
'I golf swing-to more complicated than, say, the baseball tective defensive reasons. which included a 228 game. over the sm
nL orthe tennis swing, and becauseIt ,more things With Stengel s pet. Billy Mar- Janow and mlebarb followed Lus team,I

wrong with It. But a gol ho Hoan must resie the same primary prn tingonein i t .o. the Army.err owIt 5 te
thp. can't be too elusive or mysteriousore hackers like you and Coleman Inherits the second Last Tue

cipl the ael wouldn't have and th ese principles never chge third basejoband Phil Rizute, look. Although the won 3 points wthis sit
I. an office worker can groove his swing to a point where ,hIng great this spring despitenhis -fromSearib.Pannm a du tp5 knocked ce

1. eep e nead sedy a e star a rouu t 3e 5toon yeal plays Mcouglue for another point t ham o the Seymour y en Foods
thcan be sw pretty stare to f an 84 on his eekend rou-nd, why rnot and puttheinfield Anay Carey at third. El Panama. Bll had gameins otf which tieh

t. hn angral shot. Haea m tceswpct the same ri tmy pr o Glieman alocan play short fir, 213 wnd 2t2 for a strong k tame iries
center with regards to he fee T pis neles you h behnd or Riuto needs to alt down awhile, or24. Mlt Eady pushed Coffey This shove
Yohmough the ballt i b o Iim t t iwpth a 0o 7 series which included into fourtor
PoslKeon ot head, Dbeing of feet with relation toball, and the The Yankee outfield gl set ifla g35 abme. Schultz and Bei t l eSmour A
lieft-arm controL The ABC. Of the goit awint e. And con atr sMickey iCManolema nee r sokt. followed with 5b 9 and 56a For spfte theo
jthe Us important to a tofn as to a tacler, and no more disineu, .nd wonpt know are whate, tut if Eeara it was substitute Georfe knocked o
ce manager hir off-season operation whl a6Re4nhard who led the sack with shove
t thseuss he'll play center with a neat 550, zeletes traded close- points
Pinff wt brblner Hank Bauer in rl ht and ly with a food -52 series. The pre-
eo sn tene Mcdkne in le' k s notyT. 1am standings are Bs foS emou .o4n

hisoff-sas ope r ati o wpars. emoaur Agencies t h 3 A9e51 with y o
success he ll p'lay center w ,,E Panama 55 4t 93e Max R. pt

TOP 1dE BOLER 5. Frn

Van Wle

200 H. I. Home
198 In the in
196 Billy Coffe
194 Bud Bale
193 and is now
193 lead loing
192 Balcer is d
192 Tuesday, at
189 but It is dc
189 overcome C
--- make the
NASH years that
210 154 179 543 win the Ind
172 183 228 583 The pree
203 195 m75 573 Individual
184 158 149 491 now:
212 198 182 587 Names
-- Coffey
991 M3 91I 2777 Balcer
140 215 172 580 Best
185 183 17T9 47 Colbert
1B8 212 .21 16 Wa, ser
2N 193 = on. Wk
22 200 IF 5 BS N yer
.... Van Wie
IM 1M8 It Reinhard

ft Zl: -*~'


2556 *-

9461 en td

9968 uey.


-Tg~? i~l: C~

Gun Club Notes

ave ridden more than that, as. sa matter r of fac$. LOft
joners with which they storied the Uialesh rceting,
Steve Brboks, 2200: Ted Atkinson, 2843; and J 4my
ain to' jdin ddie 'Arcaro, Johmny .l!%LLdi5r
nly jocks with 3000 winners. (NA)


1 175 195 559
167 107 515
163 161 178 522
185 153 214 5$2
118 149 180 493
W3 805 956 2141
183 18 127 46
188 211 160 550
199 213 212 624
192 180 235 607
188 162 203 553
950 924 9 2SU11
a mracle, L6cal 595.
just paout wrapped
3-1964 Majr League
ChamI4 osltip. With
eek of play scheduled
y night, the Local
h a lead of 1I3V points
econd-place Fuerza y
and 2 points over
Steftpel & Son team.
ndfy night's play set
W6tln6 when the Local
er the Snowerop Fro-
team for four points,
Fuerza y Luz team
e points from the
isurancemen. Mean-
filbls team took four
n the strong L RH.
ntractors when Billy
led a big 664 series
i the years highest 3-
mark by Bud Balcer).
d the DeVilblass boys
a place and knocked
Lgency Into fifth de-
fact that Seymour
ver the last-place H.
tilesitters for three
sent standings of the
g into the final week:
W L Ave.
NFFE 63 45 .583
Luz 611 46V. .569
591j 48',' .551
58 50 .537
agency 54 54 .50
ner 53 55 .491
goodss 43>,i 6494 .402
Co. 39B/ 68 S-2365
divIdual average race,
eypulled awpy from
with his 664 series
w two points in the
Into the final week.L
ue back from Mexico
ad will probably play,
iubtful If he can now
7offey's lead. This will
fire time in several
Baleer has failed to
4lvid0 l average *ce..
ent 'sandlais In the
championship are
Games Ave.
54 197-28
69 195-62
78 191-60
81 137-m
SI 18-W23
81 185-71
75 16-311
79 184-22,



', .---o-- ,; it .

fi- o oe
tfArm an n sue o e 40ten

le 90, and the onlyA d thar-evree that when
r G tlop M In Sunday 5T tot
eoepower e upHoweatch 3 ever. e" L
course at far PFa. e'itotta te for Tod andt
ws'shoOterar Not yet In top such aotulont do
form and the NRA decimal tar- euvres that when'
sql used made them aopk worse did arrive, he. Just w
t*n they really Were. Jaffray and shot. Shooters are
and Dick Dillman. whose 207 Ing If we have a new,
was good for second place' n- champion in the making.
dbidual, paced the Balboa un
Club's "1" team to the team Many scores were minwr
wn, as they scored 1124. malfunctions of one kint
D a other, and It Is believed
Am Bailey and Barl Foster it had not been for this
took third and fourth, with 295 would have been at Iu.
and 290 respectively, and paced scores In the 300 bracket;
the Balboa Gun Club's "Y" ever. thil reporter's offet of
team, which finished second quid refreshment (a soup gs
with a total score of 1060. Nel- wichl) to anyone surpSsi .,
sob Lute was fifth-over all and was never even in remote
high on the Post o0 Corozal team ger of causing him to dig M
with 290. Cpg op ended up In and buy;
last place, lartely due to The scores follow:
Rapid Rapid Rapid
slow Kneel Sit M one el
Jeffray ..., 95 71 74 77
aUlm *,. ,. 98 7 58 74 9
Turner.. 97 54 41 M
Ross ... 57 8 71


Bailey. .
Lucs.. .
MUlard. .

Lute .
Sullivan .

Slow Kneel
O9 4 7


. 7 72
82 47 53
. 58 33 69
TOTAL ............... .. ..........
Rapid Rapid
Slow Kneel It
..,. 89 67 64
64 13 66
87 15 41
49 30 0





71 r

Prone Total
70 20
77 39'
12 16'
0 79

TEAM TOTAL ....................................
Rapid Rapid Rapid
Slow Kneel Sit Prone
Keller 96. 31 71 8
Todd ...... 85 20 70 17
LAcher .... 52 60 46 31


POLICE PISTOL MATCH with the .38 revolver, the Mrioe
AT GAVILAN SUNDA tobal Gun Club team took the_
over by a few points In the = :.
The Gun Club-Police friend- match, and bth the 3l1W
ly rivalry reimt to the field of Gun Club and the CrfS
competlofi'texaMuta'y, March Cops are capable of giving 3
28th, when the Balboa Police a run for the money.
will again be hosts to teams
from the Cristobal Police, the All teams are encouraged, to
Cristobal Gun Club and the Bal- bring out as many shooters
boa Gun Club. possible, as n this match th
four high scores constitute t h
While the Balboa Police team team. Firing will start at 9 as,
have been consistent winners The match will be held on fnW
over this practical police course Gavilan range In Balboa.



r IMPORTANT THING about 4pe9 Ibthe point. So buy an Esterbrook-
the pen that gives you the right point for the way YOU write.
ERsterbrook offers you more point styles than any other pen. You match
your writing style exactly. And, all Esterbrook Points are instantly renew-
able in case of damage. .
--- I 5^


. -


904I Adw

1555 A W ^-i a

- 1'


MOeL 444
-PK Mi W
's Holds 40 mes
-mor nk than
m pen d-k tm. Ful
W choir ft RnEw-
S PolatW. Fil Is
W eum...wito
for months 'I

--- .

.-- h*,


To llICrT o 01 uIa
. E. MrS ALL YOU 00



*.^. *


;- .._

wAm IF

)Im oross

\ ,^ .: ': .t" >' ,n'>" ''* ;. -*" "' :
r .. 7 ".

% w-.e

a- -

I .'



"Let the people know l truth and the country is mafe" Abraham Lincoln.
i | I .I I II -


Republicans In Surprise Bid

S Leave Chavez' Seat Open
*(SHINOTON. March 23 cratic lineup at 47 senators each ity. The presa'nt lineup is 48 will be forced out. GOP leaders
(fl Republicans made a for the rest of this session. Democrats, 47 Republicans and were privately pessimistic about
suot offer today to leave Otherwise, if Chavez gre independent Sen. Wayne Morse prospects of unseating him.
Sntennls Chavez' seat open ousted, GOP. CDv. Roy eMfhem Ore. Sen. Thomas C. Jennings, Jr.
-ter than let a OOP gov-'would name agucseafot'pre- Even with the new proposal (D-Mo.) Said the Senate was ris-
er fill t by appontment-li sumably Republican g-ving to leave the seat open, there en to the 'plateau of arrogance.'
the Senate ejects the New Mexi- the Republicans a 48-47 major- appeared little chance Chavez He said it was trying to tell the
co Democrat.N ------- --- --------------- New Mexico governor he cannot
SThe amendment was ntro- appoint a successor if Chave Is
d a e t debe opend Detector Use Proposal Sn. FrankA. Barrett (R-Wyo.,
committee to remove Chavez Mcommittee, replied that the go?-
co grounds qfwidespreaire'Lnernnn of NewM i m-
ls In nthe 1952 tori Lamentable,' Says Stevensonp lywihan p
election in which he beat R e-Ioy ; rr M a yr
publican Patrick A. Hurley by! 0 he said the Senate has a rig ht
about 5,000 vde the Costtution to
bot 5,000 votes. PRINCETON, N. J., March 23 suggestion that lie detectors be uhender the will accept-such n
T'he effect of the amendment: (I ?;- Adlal E. Stevenson said used during the Senate's Investi- whether it will aeptuch an
ubuld be to force Chavez out of today he thinks It is "lamen- gation f the Wisconsin Sen- ap v hbnt een servin since
the Senate until a spe ial No-, table' that the country has ator's ca ntroversy with the Ar- Tunave a b een serving since
Somber election could be held. reacne4 the stage where lie de-; m anur th 3, withoutt p eu-
This would leave New Mexico tector tests are proposed for "i'think it gets to a lamentable dice" tthe question of hispa
with but one senator. Democrat Congress. stage when such methods are ble removal as a result urley
election contest filedyBuly.
Clinton P. Anderson and would Stevenson was asked to comr- proposed' in investigations onlThis i his 18th year in the Ben-
balance the Repubican-Demo- ment on Ben. Joseph McCarthy's public questions," Stevenson said. yer
--IThe Democratic Party's 1952 ate.
standard-bearer again refused to .enate Reublncan leader told
r.Mc.a.thy's20-coun "in-l1am F. Kn~ iand CuI.i told
answer McCat 20-co i -newsmen hehopes for a vote oft
H-Bomb Hit On Washington dictment" ofthe Democrats. the issue today.
AH A "There are some levels of
Would Affect Huge Area not Incid to descend" Steven- Foiled By Fate

WASHINGTON, March 23 (UP) i during the day would mean lower
A hydrogen bomb exploded over total casualties,.b the death xate
Washigton could cause as many might mount .to 16,700.
ai 82,000 casur.lties in a community It said a night attack with 15
to 12 miles from the capital Un- minute warning might cause 10,1
es adequate precautions were 000 casualties, with as many as
*ken, Johns Hopkins University 7.300 deaths. A daylight attack with
reported today. 15 miAutes warning, it said, might
cause 7,500 casualties, with as
"But with an adequate warning many 5,5000 deaths.
s, stem and adequate shelter a Dr. Ellis A. Johnson, director of
teas", theschool's operations re- the Johns Hopkins research office,
Mfefch office said "the number of said "I do not know exactly when
deaths and casualties would begin the Soviet may attempt to attack.
t toapproach zero." Perhap? not for a year, perhaps
The research office made Its re- not for a decade. But come it may
port as part of a five-year study and can. Let us prepare a sober
of civil defense measures author, disaster plan we can sustain, if
ise0 by the Army. need be, for more than a decade."
-It nose the Bethesda-C h e v y
ae, Md., area, adjoining Wash- Salesmen
Rgtaon, as a "pilot model for all A, l al m l
American communities." ueel
The report did not estimate cas- ISa ile
uaities in the immediate area of ll e G
th hypothetical explosion. But it
atne 52,000 casualties in Beths- CHICAGO, March 23 (UP)-The
sditnevyChase would include 14,- men who sell automobiles "feel
6W0 deaths. The suburban area has 1-I,4 will be a good year," Charles
;0 drealdents. C. Freed, president of the Nation.
a'e estimate of casualties was al Automobile Dlalprs Assn., said
bas bd on a surprise attack at night, today.
The report said a surprise attack "It is unreasonable to lull our-
selves into anticipating that each
*f T. c year will exceed all previous rec-
oft T OUCH ord.breaking years it. production,
S ir. sales, or in profits," Freed told
OA CLAND. Calif., March 23 a meetmg of the American Bank.
(UP) A soft-hearted burglar ers Assn., "but there are basio
(UP)tered a restaurant yesterday reasons which justify an optimis-
ditered a restaurant yesterday tic
and tied up Emy Lao, 44, the tic view, Freed pointed out:
ni tor 1. Cars produced in the past few
r But he gave Lau a stack of years are becoming obsolete fast-
os r t. er because of automatic trahsmis-
S'for a pillow and a sheet sions, power makes power steer-
b eep him warm and then, ing and improved motors. "The
eo even more solicitous, public wants these I:i prove.
Uaed Lao before going to meats," Freed said.
Worek on the cafe's safe. 2. There is a great replacement
eeeran out the front door market because 34 per cent of the
miAthe burglar went out the 54 million-motor vehicles on the
batk-leaving tools and pride road today were manufactured
i. n before World War IL

I ",'

son said. "Some Democratic
leaders have referred to the Mc-
Carthy statement as 'bunk.' But
I do not Intend to answer it."
He was referring to McCarthy's
speech In Milwaukee last Friday
night in which the Senator "In-
dicted' 'the Democratic Party
and accused Stevenson of using
'Communist methods" in attack-
ing McCarthyism.

ATLANTA, March 23 (UP) -
Burglars brok6 into a super-
market early today lugged a
safe cont Ig $0,0m to the
parking lot and hefted It Into
a truck. -
Then they drove off. But the
safe stayed behind. It slid off
as the robbers drove away md
was found with cash Intact.

Wqwa IBanker Jailed

On Embezzlement Count


Relief Goes Under The Counter In Korea

(Exclusive NEA Photos by Edward R. Kennedy)
SEOUL STREET VENDOR peddles candy and cigarettes siphoned
off from U.S. post exchanges. Other stores sell PX radios.
-- 0 -
NEA Special Correspondent

SEOUL, Korea, March 23 (NEA)-ln a five-minute
walk around the square,, within 100 yards of the Seoul
Provost Marshal's office, I was approached three times by
Koreans with .offers to pay $250 cash for my $150 Jap.
anese camera.
They would have paid in U. S. military payment certi-
ficates. Their use is illegal for natives, but in some places
they are employed as openly as the national Korean cur-

Shops here are stacked high
with Illegal commodities siphon-
ed off from U.S. post exchanges,
incluain dozens of new Aneri-
cans radios, fountain Iens and
Sthe like.
A military police officer told

'"Hck, many of the jeeps run
by the Seoul city police have
tampered serialnumbers siow-
nit they are stolen vehicles. And
we know the only supply of
sp~re parts for city police cars
Is In the black market, which
supplies them from other strip-
ped down stolen vehicles."
Top Koreanand UN officials
recognize the handicap to recon-
straction in such thefts, not to
one-time darling of tte Mloves, arrived at mention the widespread graft
. Oa g t o a e 7 and cornru tion. But. in polished
Airpoteany this Morning with her husband, well-known .o iltal pcltitudes, they all den!
0 f Ba f way'.b Iohne to tCheir attention and stil
Maeeday In Panama the eon le plans to leave gone unpunished.
.for .ywoL. They ve been touring -. Men in the second echelon are
i6h Am*r*c. more ramlitic. One told me:

"We know there's going to be
collusion, graft and stealing. All
we can hope Is that it's not
enough to wreck us."
Another said that the UN and
the United States, face a situa-
tion not unlike that which
plagued us In Nationalist China
In 1946. The top government
leaders were honest, but lower
officials sold out for personal
gain. The people were fed up.
"Here In Korea." this official
said. "if we permit all this mon-
ey to accrue to the benefit of the
rew-ln control and do not make
a real-Impression on the people,
we will simply be swinging the
door open for the Communists to
take over from within.
RmsMnetistleM effleials have
learned that goods brought to
Korea for auction sale were sold
at rigged meetnupgs to infuentlal
bisineasmen who bought cheap-
ly and reold at vast personal
Tbmere s tear hat as nwa-

KOREAN STREET PANDERER brsees a GI in hopes of buying
PX goods. This soldier brushed him off, but many collaborate,

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is the
second of two dispatches on
the sorry state of the $100 mil-
lion Korean rehabilitation pro.
gram. The report is based on
an extensive on-the-spot sur-
vey by an NRA correspondent
In the FAr East.
struction materials stream into
the country they are going into
pools which will create monopo-
lies and build huge fortunes for
a select few, while prices sky-
rocket for the average buyer.
In Taegu. U.S. military au-
thorities point to lumber yards
stock k ed with reconstruction
goods. The yards are run by
ROK army officers to eke out
their low pay. If an officer is
politically "sound." no inquiries
are made about possible outside
Income. This has been known to
include proceeds from the sale
of equipment, trucks, clothing,
food, anything at all that Is
The Korean civil assistance
agency Is trying to train Korean
workers in relief administration
and is supporting hospitals, or-
phanages, and other institutional
where Inmates would starve or
freeze without help. Some of
these outfits stay in business
only because their private own-
ers make "under the counter
deals" with local city halls.
Orphanages are the biggest
recipients of this aid. Not all the
Inmates are actual orphansA-
bout 30 per cent of the young-
sters are farmed out to the in-
stitutions by their families, who
live Searby. The children get
food and cane. A the atr
clam get monmy to -aH the
S11" orphan

Orphanage operation thus has
become a major racket, g big
business, with so many "sucker
foreigners" willing to supply the
cash to run them. U.. tiles show
proven cases of ROK legislative
assemblymen owning such in-

a- nW

A direct outgrowth of the Big
Four conference In Berlin, its
primary aim was to promote
French ratification of the EDC.
The British action was taken
after lqng consultation with the
United States, stemming from
Anglo-American impatience with
the stalling on EDC by the
French government of Premier
Joseph Lanlel.
The British proposal provided
for an undisclosed number of
Royal Air Force squadrons and
British divisions to be "integrat-

80-Year-01d Pop

Boasts Fafherhood

Of Boy-6idri Twins
RICHMOND. Va., March 23 -
(UPi Columbus Walker Cook
boasted fatherhood of a set of
twins today as his 27th and 28th
children and pointed out that
he won't be 81 until April 15.
Officials at the Medical Col-
lege of Virginia Hospital said he
appeared to be the oldest father
of twins In recent medical his-
took is a spry tobacco farmer
of Ballsvllle, Va., who looks
much younger than his 80 years,
had 11 children by a previous
marriage and the boy and girl
twins delivered Saturday are the
16th and the 17th born to his
present spouse.
Mrs. Cook named the new-
comers Watson Ray and Laura

Anif TonilT t
Joseph X. Blomgren, Deputy
Director of the Bureau of Fed-
eral Credit Unions of the De-
partment of Health, Education
and Welfare, Is arriving by plane
tonight night from Washington
to spend about a week in the
Canal Zone.
During this week he will visit
and inspect the seven credit un-
ions which operate in the Canal
Zone under federal charter, as
do over 6,000 other credit unions
in various parts of the United
States and in locations where
federal agencies are stationed
Blomgren has been connected
with credit unions in a super-
visory capacity since 1936.
Prior to the creation of the
Bureau of Federal Credit Un-
ions in 1948, he held the posi-
tion of Deputy Director for credit
unions in the Federal Deposit
Insurance Corporation.
Harold B. Wright, Assoclate
Regional Reprpsentative for the
Bureau of Federal Credit Un-
ions, has been here fOr the
past two week on his annual
inspection and examinatlofn of
the local, federally -chartered
credit unions.

Summer Comes In
With Score
Of 952 Degrees

ttutlons for extra income. Cook told her to handle the Balboa residents fanned and
Gangs of Korean kids wan- names as "I wop't be around to rumbled yesterday a this
during the city streets show the raise them." ermometer rose to 062 de-
same contempt for the over- "Oh, you'll be around for agrees making it the hottest day
generous foreigner. They pander while yet," Mrs. Cook told him. of the year. But it wltnt any-
they pick 01 pockets, they "con" thin unusual according to the
servicemen out of their valua- Medical Students wea ra s o w ed ath-
bles, and help Korean adults in mlan residents to pe more
black marketJng and other rack- R iSt Fr of the same and per.ap ven
steering chores. M ster Free worse. It is Just the gd old
S. maer hie.
For Convention Thebeat has beenM- in
Bboa for the s th
The average Korean accepts In accordance with the tradlb a if a 4 de f
the welfare dole delightedly. tion of medical eodventions, stu-M. h 10 and 936 tfom y.
showing no disposition to get on dents from the Parisma eoF Te temperature i
his own feet so long as free sup- or Medicine will regiser without however was not only f -
port is furnished. At the same fee at the Inter. Amter an Md- est for the year but
time, the man in the street is ical Convention. They will aleo eat. since Acpri 1b. IZ wen
frankly dubious about the more be given time off frok scho to the thermoeeter at Balboa
distant benefits of reconstruc- attend the lectures and exbitts Heights climbed to l
tion. Scanning stories about the at the Hotel ft Panam. .
contention between ROK and The privilege of i f n
UN officlais, be asks: "What's without fee U al soxtended te For Whom 6will
UNKRA done yet?" all interns and Staff T

membehave been general. Even North fic. D. Jack Strupt, president three weeks Tolls and n e-
Public health administration also sponsor 0 resl.
by the Korean civil aid gencyt pro- of dents toMedi at o f the fused to stage the t
rehabilitation. DtnT has bleoe.n only. Mard, fe. foB hi eors
spread over the countryside in Toh encourfaat w u naad- W n t bele
layers, and rinoceulations against in to take pt f the se-Mal e aT -yetr-he siAbr
typhus, smallpox and typhoid cacUvitie as p WLatn e an l married hne M an ide

tectlve Am%&s, isthnian Canal Zone. ha deebdw- ine fetat fr hWi g.o I0ton.
ed that the organ tatn wO u. When te dd be
But Otnee improvements don't derwrite part of the eot of the stopped toaJog the asighbon
be much more pleased with the to be held at the hotel tomorrow. belle, whtd, tt e or
program if we had a ferier This means that tickets wil belie and lbeawenf ap bn
lat ping," sai'd a a g h- takn d now out 5 perp ,i. bet a. b seW rS w to M
ss^^te~fi~fly^* sptSMnr Ii^

- ,. --


.'t. "-- -D- r.."
,V.* .* l *+ -W W ,. it.i.CS. -

"" -..

CLIO, Ala., March 23 (UP) against Reynolds while he was
Royall Reynolds, the wayward missing.
"banker" of cashless Clio, was Mrs. Reynolds also aecompan-
jailed on embezzlement charges led her husband op his 12-day
today when he failed to make disappear n a e but was not
good a promise to pay off do- charged In the missing cash
positors and his bondshen fIith- case. However, she was named in
drew his ball. I a garnishment action filed a-
The bondsmen. Dr. L. L.iiRey- against the couple by Reynolds
nolds, an uncle, and Spencer aunt, and biggest depositor
Strickland drove eynolds to the which tied up the Atlanta ac-
county seat at Clayton. l1 miles count.
north of here, and surrendered
him at the sheriff office. Meanwhile, Clio's small bust-
S"They said they would no nesses and stores had no relief
longer be responsible for him and Individuals who had trusted
and he was locked up" reported their life savings with the In-
Barbour County Solicitor Crews formal banker watched their
Johnson. cupboards grow bare.
"The bail lapranty was re-
turned to the bon dsmen-utof Everybody who could help
course Reynolds has the right to everybody else and surrounding
raise new bail." finance wns donated money and serv-
Earlier this financially ces.
knocked out farm community _
had hope of getting at least I msI fra
art of its money back today. EmUmist PIIi r d
Reynolds had come back from ..
a mysterious 12-day fadeaway lmamM| asI Will
with no money evident but with tU Ia plUV WIll
a promise to i y "every pen-
n/y of some $l,000 claimed by l I
depositors, startlnb Htoday. b i H I wFm W
Some $76,000. was known to be
on deposit with the First Na- ST. LOUIS, Mo., March 23 -
tionai Bank of At1nta but Rey- (UP) The naltor's unemploy-
nolds had not expWined what ed will reach 5,000,000 before the
hJppened to the ret of the $90,- rent trend reverses, Dr. Ross
000-odd. obM. oertson, economist for tho
Reynolds, 40-year-old one- Federal Reserve Bank here, pre-
man depression, left the town dicted today,
virtually penniless when he lock-
up his unchartered, unbonded Epeaking at a luncheon meet-
Merchants Exchange March 8 ing of the annual conference of
and left town.- the American Savings and Loan
The vault was found empty Institute, Robert estimated that
and the records mining the next the unemployment figure would
day and although Reynlds reach 4,000,.00 by the end of
brought the records back with March and continue rising until
him his pockets apparently were the 5,000,000 mark is reached.
as bare as he left the bank.
Today, when Reynolds was ex- He said he doubted that the
pected to start paying off. many present trend would be reversed
of the town's 840 residents gath- for at least "sig or eight months.'
ered on the main street and The economist said key busi-
some called at his home. ness indicators, including the
But the financier's 14-year-old Index of Industrial reductions.
son, Tommy, said that neither showed the current business re-
his father nor his mother were cession Is already as great in
available, magnitude as the business de-
Later It was learned Mrs. cline of 1949.
Reynolds accompanied her
husb ad and the bondsmn to However, he said, there are
Clayton. also "strong under-currents of
The ball revoked was $7,500 strength" which will prevent any
representing $2,500 on each of business decline from becoming
three embezzlement counts tiled critical.


-, ~u



- ~~~_-we-i

L ".'
; ... ...1 .' =+


- ..- ".- i.. *

. I


.- > .. ?' .- --

i- -.

PRESENT ARMS Roland Lastarsa, American heavyweight
fighter, hoofs 'it past a rigid Coldstream Guardsman outside
Buckingham Palace In Londo. LaStarza is in training for his
coming fight with English titleholder Don Cocke-.

British Services

Will Integrate

Into European Army

PARIS, March 23 (UP) A ed" with the European army on
British government agreement the continent.
to commit British armed forces Britain would not be a mem-
to service within the framework ber of the EDC, and would retain
of the proposed European army the right to withdraw forces,
was disclosed today. after consultation.
The London decision was sent But British troops and airmen
formally last week to the six na- could be commanded by EDO
tions of the European Defense generals, and British cbmmand-
Community setup, under which ers could have EDC forces under
the European army would oper- them.
ate. .I ,
It went far beyond US Credrei-
ousl.vy known British links, ac-
tuaJ or contemplated, with the r
EDC project. .

rVE C Ffl

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