The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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INBt. IT76 SLAP Rep. Cbard5 lle of the Masm
byn9 Lo (VUe edl s&ywang Nathaniel Ml
? laysWhoawas later fired for refusing to
trio e fM lle -a" Inulted him
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(1MA Telephoto) ducid by Rufus Loveludy, chair-
chusetts State Legislature is re- man thelegilati commit-
S(left), a former Generalo n al yester da PUBLICy, wiAPP ANCent Poo Plus XII wves
ibefrep t with o there with the from thewnow of h Vatcan.Cty prt t some 50,000
during a publ hearing of the s embers o d on an-

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net federal e-o Te
si .onrm ner o provided them with the from the wimow of hi Vaticanc. City artmaet t to some o50,000
Al m rlh ofppealin upn Italian Alpv veteran gathered In Bt. etpx.urtare. U.s wa
AM 'T UK ,r without t 17, Sa ,odimissa his first pubic stapoarlnce lincehe bec mree IIItwo months ago.
the service
t T IOImTOW As it now tand s, the bill Int
present am woudap to em-D
MI o.,.we .el--ue. eo ^ ^, D^,Re s ase Up ressureP.lo-
In order to save confusionPY Inth5COMP Vserv- t E s U P res
r"' thice. The local tCLU-MTC Ise-
Wedneday momroinL. when. the .. .. H + ,- ... that
Inter-AnterlcWaiR*eaflConven_ cement te i n
tion will offclally open., doctor. aluove t .. F 'T
on thel Iathmus, a sk aa;ed to nR.
register at the 310 Pana .. ... of
5 mother .ollftrlstwU be arrivinglAUsPe.ided or e om, AIETIoinI.Mrck 23 Mo m .v~l ales.alt tactical' too
beL n thea tLSm. 4". -

McCarthy Urges

Tests For Self,

Cohn, Army Men.

WASHINGTON, March 22 (UP) Sen. Karo dE
Mundt said today he will give due consideration to S
Joseph R. McCarthy's surprise proposal that all witnoies
m his row with the Anny submit to lie detector 1. t.
Senate Republican leaders at the some tsle s.
gested that McCarthy surrender his right to voteond t
question witnesses while he is being investigated bl~ i I.
own Investigating Subcommittee.
Mundt, South Dakota Republican who iL In charge f
the inquiry, said the 11 director idea will be tafen up.'. '
morrow when the subcommittee meets to lay plans fi
its full-dress investigation.
McCarthy declared in a statement last night mi ,,
he, his counsel Roy M. Cohn, and pther witnesses in fIs't
case should be asks to submit to the tests since "t
American public is entitled to the truth in the motfers
we are abdut to investigate." n. !
The Ara a.rtwll see over the neat
and 7 to gel three weeks."
faU Atnte t* -evatrt f H 'or
ed trecor wasIr
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On BurW4o ont ,, To Visit Panima sc^h an
St ordof thet and Te dl ee two ordn the onomc a Erhard is due Oklahoma city Wl h .1.ld.. "
?I-othar Molation'.1s, relim"- of f rrdaaptohateWBleoan e p McCarthy'o o peechteli

-I inl t Tn Phr o *had Shihu Ing for a brief visit The German one theme he advanced when new review of b rn
In e
he boaf oir Te s b am.-eU as, haebsea"eber tis on hi u wyp ~ 1 bl icns to igatn d s
Sn night for docto Durinrs A blt4.y he Er b rdwillen. "Whforme find that wdon ow
0 funBctlloanlwill cost".50S11 meet *g cos6rWAm d w heonwy e s ould Th e u di w I abopaute lr." suplied byoaw greai.t ^

_e n in 3fee24,n 2I wreeA r t a n e e x o wht e Mo ri e Sn

CoGrent Piccioni 6' < ,Calapaign tl* V"'c f g '
o warded today to ar Bar-
9 __ -R__e_______ and It was bUlvan rebel Goe. jt 1Mjita gut
Kim* tay V.. hyal Frenco air Thee rem|rk n9Y ashi theFr Wil-hbeen 0 nrsarcSmah
Cre t I o Se e n o isu en3 strikes at rr bel troop and e un ol Republican 1 e t for di sin e

towns TShe las wr.wd hen PuerAto ooRicansDdy nF3a te tld. soiwda ofdais fte e
e accused o mr. A e entativeck Swan.ts t the wound- -- -* Canal one Governf" ,errnu Min-ster The o rthomn nto suCcumb o aBre

vodo He e o rem o feYO~h stick- oned m oM inis ter

I ,*...,. S__. ,. ., .'..---- "---, o .o J... ...+ & *," *ttw "A b d d mh "a S we I wr. r" .S r! ..5.. ="
SI a t U gro a ertig t e i e thR Vi sit Panama Army shares hi, Kchietf coun te, Cnal 'meo

e .ltriei fated h ue aldo w rote patynfr ltT akta th ate oe a to body ha a ha f m" Bre Georo ree
ther"Natiooalid P ar t mo. ra nd-th e poary i- tbei r ltevn o, ,e.n, head of t,.e mheum, hbItwas 5 .tised'tatheRedTViO Cox and Wnlream JmnR. to 1911.h adnt

ove WseC tPr geeral- More than 20 comedian wite acquired a baiI to hou a dedicaton on March 1. Special Pylemlascretary.ofChaptr
the ..,,datwh vone d h -t B h ynored at the ablth t. A- hwlumr libr.r;y, including nmt, rk wreck the Army was a ma' o hohbe hall

oe lthe -hht fairn 1 y oung t" ati n m aew ate soc vooes more than 1 aftackt.n West Gersany Minitatste grouf E- topic for McCarthired unmploye. He us r ce ne Jan
k. ,e c o o f i I .

n~ I other vaot stons, waive e- yeers ole cntts te tW Oto we o the been selected from came to the Cana Zone In 190 o ace with theet al
l gorores t beo S l, tn f A oy he t and th a u o r t o e o nm A dIunt oErhard is due Okl aoma i the y visit.erTil e o Diviaon Bl ree
... 5. r I ... ..9s_ rA s1erton .... ....... ....... oote a : .. .. "oh dVb to ernl so eon the lx m m W ed lnesday mo n. bye ulip Iw i nee wpin t, ttw spee9S
I ? W A saWs 9r;. e.~, _s u of r hau- for r d o n They abnd t heir German one th me _he hadan e. wh n e recently e i oon.
ata ia n ,. U111._ _
J* a L I le < J c "h g to ,l et M comed l s, caeo m- m o-er and ths e --"- oIng Invit ed to be pr ei on mw a t th e retired from the pbhool s Dith- Pe so, wd en latas ea
osf 1 S ir b n lpi trrm, t o, the Ctria on Lima, aPeru. a m-pe -pler inn e Sat5urday e m trt.
l e "' Pite of$as ha r. "WI re e hav i g i r March the dedication of the Sringel ne of the e t e fine tl at o

i"-- *VW DI O. Fo. B a uts, or. The k s ear-Ole and ian iro eir G ay LeW M. frly e y their oNU i t particularly wie t th Minister ouslb ay whyean, at i eat k at te B L b *
... ofa. r t... | f -th e" M m o<- A-- -'r-.ea aee.ats r ,f uma341A eC m a nd oTo ''e Of er, a s well au there eventO which O t-Pati, ne point to exp i aiwl C lbh e wvla O ea t hs e roe
sn dS ...... .. CITcY M arch ed- c m l wr o, e Ra f .. E .a. n-sa- are belse arranged tor th e pro- He eew n the Armta t r dat em b k torat n .
e s b i g e s a r lede wwohot Be -r. T ee am d i th_ pdt wer. F r ipate ill make an detail. He said he r e em Com anothc eryn up and a

.J n f i ge ...r afJl kS iftJ _rel d a o 6e rg ratsr t Free-z. f- b group played an important prt on the Atlantrc aide. oe ume toaof IIthIlan .'
i wg Mt h a e J sroo RaIt0 n ati rp s l J. '.It.o WI L I .insPecton tour O P te. Ca- the anama Ca crowd t o "b e to betto in o. tee dating back I A

Sfic o el s n.te a cr o a t rig t to the ad e late e a truo a drin the uoetl hanewocks. native in Intrat y r of h q I
ordr dBalboa,- at 7 am.l t Saturday. fhow. theal'yes ...v'- hre T..- I .Ploat h e n ewsesao is th faor- "
-warde"r today to andF. aT
O MS. l P" f E' J? : p '.therSto'rSubmit his rei gna i s or et e al r an t dror or ,
SHumor Hal! Of Famec Openig y to .a o Pre er Marto Scelba. Scelba U .eS. T e n
P, eourQrpom st b watch the refused, with backing ofhis cab- m a l :-10W lrtmed fora goo-
showdo .iMOeting sa wonm dinet, to accept the older P lcc, lo- r a .... e ft prsonneg ll attp.hout ..
a Cabi net members fso 'whomP Hd y. .e 3,75O Pmimug _anaL Co pany- I r w r a I hl a e o ie .: l
S Hours bfore the co11n)fi i written "testament," ena*Ce+" ploye andlZo n bean ,Gove mmOVnm. Invitations were extend- The West ndis C
Row..'. ALaoof Jusuce was to. her iandladust ao N19W YoMc Uhf eo uoaWne (edh
buir d y heavy.baled -_ ekw e na tio nsu nnieFfootbOa epresent theircountrymen.. .... er.o .. .. ... ..........etter s&
-.o ne s.f reeome. "et c" dute tiers of the Goethals era who A. Osborne. ertley N. S ring bo rt a
g hiot of u "6eApril Ft automov, ae ball, of Fadmei, an d, ,_.a 7th
,i G tian& Mini Ca- as, OWn _' A eAll 0 i tsLnoaRan Q...oUve ful of Falme n ad A,,1, n atthe- oethlIs memorial De- A. Hassocks, dwin_ l. '-male, .one
trial__la, ugh a. .bo .: .- a Wf is atsaidyehyea sad l e an o t a U d
S -,I i"" tto we chief w. pi- le than 2 o WWell, he a d. of te nm'me t m -V9h aAm n t will e able to attend the Cox and William jump. o 1511.
w i o t t t A h u e h u m o r l i b r a r y i n c l u d i n g, c o n o _ar c 1 __secbP y l e i c r e t a r y o f C h ap t e
mit tong them are ...en new -,-su-,som. ---.w--. moe, t ,, h w a t aents are being made No. 38 of the National Ass.. -d. h -s -a
She Fill.' Wh 0 h b B op Geor.e .r B st.. t- They have +a Joe mmer ba _CX .siesOf.... ,^h ve ry b ses o Isthmus and and when he retieedo was work- Reords Brunch of te
us*_it. ____,-._=-a_ M+iM l aftahuma r ous4phokog ra records: ing Invited to be present at the rentatromretired from the Schogo l Dli-i Gem f m a ,
r*' Mt.."-- towye r WOUld i.. W U .h ow@ tan o-s _Ame. naDRAWiatransit of the Canal on soon. came here in 1912. hak' meerl
Th ,lse, e .W.. ._ .. -tur o ehma la *14er- "we are aie t have a _u -bl, ,,-,March 30. the dedication of thee Spinge is oe atoths be 1 I "Tei, emelo
Dl"k. .. ]Dl~vo ForBo b s t,, enla t r muad I3vke dUhe l dfId r Of of0capd peoplest talk memorial onm March 31, and the knownI of P ltfi f l elderss r 1 C4 Brn e in sad Is S
.tl. -simple,-h ap H d t heir C L, m ,," ws saidfreey e sTyO= Of t hp.keir mu ovie premiere at the Balowma n yea, maUl _bi meat IM at the 3 h I b e
ya Of : 8, __'s _y _ofi" -Yt,_ IdfIaa,, .. l.profes.ional wa._rr__ wbesW o ry w y]Pears, od ieors, tO=l folli e3stilliublmoume, the date and time rere, e mt-, he was at l- id am,
tial o -, ar.I,- .- f te Mueum 1 .Mealsc. au at humo" 1 co mow newer,n as. well as other events whichi _e-atl-l s t ed -.lCetin e liTpU .uest.h.s -u
sinr dt or -. CIT. M ga r 22--Cnedy. D. member o. te ai p mFame. ard g s-te oo-areubeingiarranged for the pro- camehe are. _i dmatinbukto .0.
death of "_thher ;our h dvom 7Uemusmem Is @ tw too_ 6P aat t eo Ap E ,s ,. tIIIp. teO I n twel ve .West ndiian ol, 'o e ..lal l C,_ um etu ne_.

scandal- .. u. d39idiI days. -eI lww d i ImJ I He maim in..t11west.o,, t 5i 5intII13 Z1Odr-4 ln wtrYl y. Mauley. wb o alas e nt .Jm ; -" "-.
aw.a. diem v .e a.w$wto-ca f Ws o isi M

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MnE ofthe woid's pea
S- i York. Woas e are being followed
t Mhethkee St M goaBd i I iene s f athe Pea. Amm asnd trrorled because their h us u le WMod t dessah. -n*d a m a ldlm O a w oali-e s choose to try a earn e I Cel thr

a leot os o-ld e aml e l oe ade s1 thea e wl c men, who foug for our laS9are u.
j Msu.. u eu6ma. as esepestlb ei',r.e u. s Mails are being de- V i.
euid s. ,W played and diverted. Ships at sealve a11t06J
aroe being rahcd ot to came lnto go
oIrtMAI 1 BO X pr Hm a values worl .poreT.. a
Ean tog scores of millionsconueseqwith' duW anedadfr-u
Inr sbe lag lost In praiits abd ,6it-Tne. have nS hbae tUe
wages, are being ground into the l ~
-"" :muck. of the waterfront*ache wh
korea and ferr e o. Ioad
IMAN IQUALT An Toueded edndport of New.Y dwom M.Desan y oae or :-"
ir:. pivot poL afor an ila a aiW "ast t to
The from, the book entitledpivot pihfor a
Thetallow rbltrike which can paralyse thetholabgt
-Nort* (av I ljrAed st dLibr ries) by the l obrt W. orts of the Western we orld
Chambers ma be of Inltbeat to those w o might have been In. All this was placed' b efore John .l i ie, f
flSeneed by th recent hullabaloo over discrimination on the CZ- Lewis in Dsorieso some ay s a 4
Maoeto him from W hWanogtonL. ThF ey t it a. 1
-The thought bhas barred to me; da we as progressive went to Lewis because his name,
civiliwedpeop iv todtM n, a asen s dignity rand 150,00M of his un-eve thin stl ddbah

those spiritual ambitious which crActerize a dynamic and Ini- aurs uollarshv t b clg thhev Jeint use -b a eo
tollectual rae of people, or shoul we ad;lt tle load b1s bo VYU 1 tine widaet, unmanageable dock Isioane tof ra own zlltary o0 ti "
the road not too clear and the w-t ,kr .ors. .s who call themselves n e the" -,SA
l"The setin is whether or not, one Inherits mental capa- sers. a ( er sie g

Scity; Iion? ;oppovemehnt-a Manye do not. They are not created a m
equL Tiheybelong to,tith( vn population of underulen who John Lewis' own l.eutesianb,- ,
o g "u opportunity, have ond no pe atain- urged him to break away dgwoia t adr o hr a gu ast er
r.u ty... And sr umaly aU over the world durifgthi _l ast,"it old Long.noreme' s U=to oar tie cp ram a G .d.' t d r u. w.h
tundermn, Is beginning to compared They pleaded wit. him to too 1rier curtame AR. Aig Weseorr
oequlty... e E r An rtnhtI o e t d r a- nounce the outlaws publicly. o pu ting w e
is iferiforlty. to understand thatit ar perm l. An I Dp Ie E ne ru, An m w aa O r |
reot. tatteally there i, no such tkdn, as human" eqt--lsl y, ... Calla minded of the eloquenc1ARidgt was
never be,.. And the underiman Is beginning to turn suen.A-.. c rli r h ot of the elo uc I a
over the world... And to resent er.ted AW pero t.r. e be.."gin- rumbled from hi dtnr ione of the t
ing td hate the level of a CIVIIzat'IOn to Which he can never at- many dull Congress l l wh~ ear1c. w .. y a.
Witten. w hI be has electrified with. p. m yt 00,1

U dlt xa n .l .la to b pull-do t' wohn htit ton. o tohs tfe.w words.e Some dy ears aoLe MOr M ot e sc t i.ina oD ence.W. otty an aMy d *

"Thbose V mi no M e ho 0 L $1c"arroIfthytandeSe oo o t ugapedcr r L
n Nw mb f h erAln ad w amany shocksobet do we wise c e o d a f na tm. at
reos s the Cr t tie ToHow, *man shocks does k It et6 du o l i whn thp ez cu "str ,s

-enie t *tl bw dbUst eoa cy dttth us... I t i t terrible geus weion..t hi o oo htt b e
a orata er btreatee teeiLt C a conIb ol etai hae a Horse-iss a aepttl ad uuche soh ow u. V.9cte us th waul e e-
tun t -Is r .ot fh ..AndSIgnoranceeIsdmore and' the debasement.of.huwere o set up ialre to b odecided.r hePW I
I ,yil; h o t r y "'dpa,,ae it is blind. A longs o a ,asothe ,wastage of. wuman A rS T s meAllr t oIv r b een om t e Is sonha remeesy IleSo. R e a o d h tser i ne rut h dave stlup W llso h" e u n. u D-.." ares" .

Ultimately, even Its *wato ,+e. -, Wirconsin of c

Cl sed lWt a en Ia t r de, ba oit b I an r.ena adthe l b o ol the ao f oa mot a lrt 'the proceed to put on within tary of Defetse.W1ison order edi g euted- ti rg 1 pora

whose missinIsderatedh .tm as ter, ermen lt'orcs R." Wiscn- .Th rtoe adopto M ag set ohle
8dtonnwrh owr eI ol U.otne and Seerbiry o foed oS com- o t c eu hn o bt 1sth deg ra of
requssi eI Johnc, L oe f an of wer eow la t obnertTa. SMtervth cmain e a l ee and wo u imo-dng bo faprobe LOt attend d. ia Jdre e te a I a
For youS, n, I ag thq iincorel h, denes. p s h osn of hum befu traced rtteov igrle c ans. embodying a code of etha of waste in De bartment of Defense At thprnme edtng f nway re. N es rh e r Alatef
t r- Des Reolts.t men .ia g their living have bee nbe.traed a r e se a a re o fe anehte. n bedrgis of h n. procurement. antl a ed e ree t hr at .ews

Sdto newlbarnadcieb )edsby)&Winotmeth odbylwhich.rubomipse rni p Fraue cauat dwith prime col teldr, s ad as It c h eles Av alie coatleagum a l the Joint Chiof ofh ee. a
l c orulof thgeimobat, t i. ow ringidn o t tChali a McC cms hy co h could be I banshee. ut t FUor it bSe sking Stff lnuoew ..p*ind t sin h ..e e x. Ut~r S

can'-M York 'and I ke ina ewis h s ot-faame heionaan hear. 'oIe ith e ptoleeiy it- their broit. Cot es ae a yho e e, e muset got oa u ilt g e t a tl po r tsm..-.
rkeINrnthrM mforegontru wgs p o 1leb.tley
tre rW. own .t t herut^t.u ..o nof1 CeFtos v benl.ttiowe ot t err po Pchirma Sup.oft Witsiam E. agreement However, he D ellIs Ms. _a-

Ferguson hac receltly ae. asses 0 haB tbr he scin to hiseguu. quarts
esn't. nt In nud la More, they U
-p -Io ealo.te. a her rmeo- ....- o to rt levele td for mos 1of the rtm tog Wth omis de. It thms draof l i dn han t Wetes more, they "id t1 'wt. by
io irs Ihsue ag ianant e by ildiThs, leoa ofgBAupa. RaTW ithirggested s at of six rule for h I ve Pinted in pamphlet Meanwhi thela the t e lMe

S-atihe, saikW r* j ass (etiat subc ft-unwarranted Irary to the witmesss Deutehorlan Of A ar eetteder of poplarsalastle u
. Aher to Previou* If John L s further eI.o neway. i t peul- ulrm procedure of Sea rn- formte c t's w guid- e ewC hiy I o a

Ife w wJohn B.Bs ek surm therte4 the liaotAr Newsmen called MhissiaidSeB. Caidr, jor &Rawle t
9 W 9b thg and4 cI i? to -threateSo of. imthvieeehve Subcomttt. No part of the timony cia exhey Jim Eastoand'u office th otr day seas model albed equl
i t in c re r "e s n to him ia a r t o M crtay ml tetes safice and fsor nmitabton byepy oth- than the id- c hydr of a enate th a .o teod ,tio a

A(Save so your beet ne, b a record player and traction of big, blod ex-serget r thsame kiArmy o qrItic was But It is madof Re F. Eward tha t no er Inerested conurt.e co. peech, att-cking man tte nthuatc club of e ra
Seon. l e poueehn h a 1 is ,e" F rye. Tragedy ma p Rep. n Dies ofTex- attempt w be tadea to eorce this t lbe avely than ever t po roders oLe bIeoed the "a 'ussian
( ,th& Sodg ounin A ,Wg .*h mufic M Any kind doesn't always ring fr t Whatesiver hgrea of e was de of fair play ro n any Senate In brief, the Hess subomittee are outmoded. A hydro" Whbomb s under re ip wa t

dragen 3 t srf you t oa a n phr McCarthe' town haC bomm tHee .md served r' on tte of a saie p ilp 'ooed a secretary, then 5wate, the club meanhee lwid'ort
i n luxury l I to reebeheard whet we y d theHouating C rations.timeworneuaepagesof athec4v aCo ciuet th ths mift sth e it much sweetly "Ths lre't golovee .m feet of track and cde their
Site d youf cal earfSompes int t s ang frm hp^ F ewcan objttothe Prime completely r to do as he plesies oftt$e.glet itt OwieCOuA o own enine railroad ea.
8 sJoae ce b o :t l Apti of s doestwe agmait aaa vestigative eStilgg admd get iysayt inveemtorgttou Air eleJiteru lre owitchet.Jmm.Hdidn't soa d at
Sslike Shakesare he dIdrht eve t abo thiO-s .r'p back on the track old and a quorumTusArt be preseee iaiernt for eqplent. earae ra
cMran yoeer lg pnd JOn us .Amer souna sdodh Joph. ou.wish -, bdt -az.A. i oa Cant.ut ad e itl dte-r-u-mtsoa --led som onisoe. rto tradition' omitthat aeveustrybde a l mesommade of it Hd howueh U ne tar bk

M 7 eposinge Cm tt a c oitte is -a little Aer Subcommittees are authorizedR s awe .kmer tfd b r in '
Tthemo l- sd l ante .il i An to ea.ah con- t-o oe >em r h-edofhawore d' .ss 'dLsetsfe
2o F.4 "tohe H r pt. I |ur n particular type of thi S mue he piriofi The thunder Ai current headliceh cm..ourt-p Me14T rin gsdhul me.ore 4u et vr Slel.At a "o

a he tugs ff the waerro. ent. Poco may pubil *dis eco, the dimbeat of batory. High Court ruled he hadusurd than a Liberty p-in the re spike to
uss plans foo anlahate mletal Whe a Constonal co ttee authority beyond the Che e
ar There' a re hundreds of th domestic a. and international so- ought to dr a polite relyto ,e's Ldwr. Butthe ver I .et.
Tattr .. .eases. h documents are aal lety.n Some are ardent devotees Washington's Iarewell Ares- i a try made hi a be titan of S aUe sLA Ce In Oe- AI uioIuruI
SI--I wold a eto n lMe o ba"On the corner two mes we To use congr 01a,1 nevertheless that sos vot e their thanks. Te utilizedm- thie Witnesses,. may be ertmentd hi
R Ma .' .n imarily .r questI r p e .cceinoavto renew eira m a to ta coks aImal bty, u nfThely has n o osed onlyi ate, has let^no.
__--- _____.. ________.....___..... .._ ,usthedme, againadnthe ebul disi""1 ,maI .nd _berM_ ",esse 4a ti their own powers. clal .ules of evidence s l be fol. w9rd of his positCon leak outlide. T T rf ca.rmer .
pu A tie shid 4 a rlu. sggle1 1is o,.tg. en. +r JW-ta the reteh.d Chaief Eema Mc-oweve acc earrings might rtsof ultog a e
A t P-: "++"_ he sai, jok r,' abi AA i,,mitlns .'investgatig sunbmnmnft unwarranted .inry to the wlftess, DOfla"I -9Of A FI1ibusr of 20 entsatc laU1
Sr ue walled 7man "Rank.and, ,r WtOf ct withl hopes. e m-e wellof poy s f-utexecutive pasessions may be elon 5 -l hI l5 i -fll "."

411-1- -I oriko Committee" of long- ous polos who have the eyes l the burulg bittaness be- ism pervades thecourse of history.
aa ctird I *now lghng the clean focurya ed on the postars-also have tweed Jeferson ad John Adams. eeA d striking rustfWon wa3t Teddy r
c-p'i He Idar .t... ... ote sabut by the Commfim''' deoa cracy 1 Ne.s some missl i-onaries rad oerJim e tlnd'l office. or heIe eq
p aspwers. 'Tovarisctiarepobeold querors.Butnnecan --- ... TR thundered; "I warn our al-u h er \ Vic

I I g of thousand of le v i gged demands with- lies a..d our friends that r. Wi- 1 l '
-wHa l b' -'kdi.... rated from the port. the fighting qualities of sol. The intention that American th son the tority whatnr tco speech at-kt wI lin Stae I .
pons ox knowa wMahere your wi works ar. Ie attleeldi your mind. should employ seree and br th emberasan people thood. re e o b th e

W e r o e Comudes refer to hope"taAF pteer ontrul ewf nquabt d tbe "me .. .hhs .iloeetees hitat
JIli-rte If you Pto Irtheunlonists aspi strikebreakers" The history oi Demoreecy aH to eaken the nation) o -d1 and his four s.pplementcry poo-ts st te h
SsH1 the tough outlaw p'ekeltnes now tendd to 'he Supreme Court, diseol has existed rnd perarsty, way have ceamuec to hhve aiy sa- I'- a
reluctance w s wa -iingla the dockst where Oliver Wendell Holse Disuty was rampant when Jefr dow of right to be accepted as ewx- s i
SS xp nded, t eci S i" I At heved min tality with hies dis fre assumed the PresideOe pressive of th wil of the Aearlbtloer- I Vte swIte m I -
I'm ertae intelligence er sting opons .. Holmes ce His eobu nt tth Cehetryra The Airkote Is running air- t people." e
IMai a l- I es wl back h are that ther e lifts to some of ts bastribute he ces s applicable to the th: Le -own .
A Capone an onists wat s rebel into a in an attea r u tht, ow citizens t with .
SNew Yin afts o that Cri person 41Tses tory publihe when thoue ws oe heart am nd. Let u r Th New tDeal was als o rocket

--*..1.. will be diverted _rout e ot A reporter e4eterve poprar to seialntcnourse that hn by atra-e wars which created foce roi ta .-
e Threfold Nl e New York-boud vessels wd ers-by t Merveill euxe men It f he was nolonrer, h lifee, without wheoie.Airre wulds and tke ere

.,. ,.i "coll." ,>,o .lmb~ d -8 ---tn .s, become "hot earge" carriers of Jwustlfe .olm-es. "-olmes-" the ad. I Uie ite-rf are dreary pa abt to one fierce tangle. -b yifleRli
r ir. hrXsi deollong 3iHuman (ab.) lNow; anyect that lvu maegehn to settle It by s b

) 36 *4younr4E ea the Suprese embtgWi. euk land th r vits the hugeatants mh a crue m o --
21 br (cl) glne hAths 'hh load 4sy i8 wo lasys disagreed wi th under, ww9= ... tef tugidendthNt to rush both troops and'Jsullr to et or su
t 7 --- Ameche 49 Foot part where lhe could be reach new old y" ier o Feelin s a edad- n. quentlyh eoationeae ed any part of the lo overnight th who wo

12bo11foT e ll stoe P aewuam off ld7kor --- tThttlee ppero: kta ya between o wo
Si tiquated Tell5 5. Scottish Mentioned. oio t Aesre a. Th e he fire and fervor of i t ieal -h a political l icnto x--hiao ox Ickes was gvetn a dg buvr- : h .d on t he. pa too a{
M 2 CoverIng 40 Ilnd i saplyard worked. They had been cato haos drifting. obet*. tended oo as wicked, sand e epn ia t. .witea t her huge es ovlastae iv. I
4 r u t NewYork bay54Short sp h e .h r cm inmeyw a po bs to tihrs ;a ct.rrrm ... wta be. t intI. a4d bloody perbo- the PieLsdet ated g oi sol-om ws -- dshlsolEvE

11 of a man wh haese j s euxt obf yasngle ranly:th o tha ereoay t wAe cassCt wltl a Aft-i .
Shus aI w weeks, ts dae e acl bet te the take the war e Su eofitshuge C'l2cargo p1:es'h ip
1. .I siding A? union to help wip ota eo spect for"the spirit. of di.- T.e thunder n current headllsin Court. epi handed LlteolT. h ean h -ul more eqUa i-ent over th Soutlsets ,-who. droVe a golden
r r the thugs off the waterro. Don mt..Plicos may publIcly dIs echoes.the drumbeft.ofhistory.MH, .Court ruled he hadusm than a Liberty Ship-In the roiesIk

i cases..The' documents are'avall- cle y.;Some are ardent devotees Washingltosns iare w _aross-- st y made him titan
1e, histerror by the oft optimistic faith. They alse numerous dissenters refused to 1rty. .
I -"Tba"dI whh his making Its last p6VelVe,.nrevdrtbess, that polics "'tt their thanks. Th' utilized- thc -
r thI I I+insr a lly a s n wect a toe.renirew c rata Iu An fotuiately, hat not '
.Ii S so-called 70-man "Rank-and. conflict..lth, hpe.0 s na um r reied Chif... uueos a"c" pidteS pesoal of logc
Fi- -.o mko. Committee' of long- aus politicos hwho have their eyes cluo h eburng brltt..mess be- IM..perv.. a.the course f itof r'

*l KflAEfkh*aaUt col begin ti Wet a th;pi *gta in te m. fo r aom tmei tohi ex o a1 Hw
-,,,-,TiZ Comlatern waterret se- was deleted. 3 I .. a.y- a a H. .a,-
j rasonat .o reEest d -'d by do tI % enteip. s l
.'.. ..4 .. ,0... .a ss aes
. Le J me e Isa a'-t"l-h "e 4 & -tifsw a.LF*8 eN" WhIN I Ib* owtoI liave a leera
ra l-. unleashes h l .oqWI4ce i R Ts Ltof Coastitudoe sa ahead,'1 "My.
.3 4 *- ,'. ,,^ thunder, anesed a sta y netinal codtre- '*s ag atest a es. Coosu t"irn i. d ." A

* ...... -
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A *~"~~" .-.

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-r "4 ,- ( ," 1a. .- .t t o e. nt l 1 .
-...... w- w2-4 ..T ;w or -. ,

Ha w ta o fan al mth sa eres or r
S* ah av t.01"010 h 0e-ad ~I tO .eritle neighbor.t

.i"., .: fe* -
IL, .A b." few at .h j. e S -.ovietroposed to let Fin
w the, 4Aw. -veesanal acroterritory that Fin

Serass -Pstors V N ut there are two catches,
i -e pe.w of the in ~'anish officials said. The offe
Procedis ofye IG Ior II ga wartime damage to tht
Rm n L land ad OtherTr ae' otaie rt of the Canal. while
WS for be1bn paid for ven months. Russia nevertheless would re
at tbIl u. ." .I.tain control of shipping.
S .A. .atM, aM c 1 e ,6 gIn other parts of the province,
Vae, was d hA. the story- repeated as land-
ied both a si-4.ldawn au owainnam !l rortWe crops
oz and at drow "Whow d ai nney d ateb y the rodentL
a f n a disw- "When D o rl D o, Salvador
aD BM al ..h exfd to harve t thou-
o.asof rice, but the OUR
V 48 to ap but 40,000 others remained be. rate devoured the crop.
at the nt bull fight to cause some did not have the bus
held at the bae bruncisc prll far* to leave and were tooa-weak Laab has nine children and re-
to al. etly e of his d daughter died IN THIS
Queyrero oddhOwatm Il aI
.edaonnnf in but heets aly a little cracked
.s.t.t"tre woas no at- corn amemote-
Dr. Velao Is the only
doctor left fosome 0,000 peo.-
.. .. WMII.ipe and h i Is .3alstout of medi-
c in"e. e owe $12,0e f6r medl-
d d .. ".l.' e q avh ree tofhs patients.
S, ther dotors In the muni-CA
N gg cipility hae moved out.

(4R-*Aaj s.4 d the reMIEK isimh
r--ch Cn'Blood
person T YO, aeb th (UP)- Tokyo
Ha awearvm hairmna of University seletists announced
e =0 c ergy teday t hey ha dentified three
"ees no arIs s" m aCOLLE

demae t A a M 1. A
tha"Iandbo b eAT .11" omat VbATm(
nel I sIn tthe whh attack the
S ahe exp ad conM t. a 'tin the TAHITI
matl? onOtod r e In in te boat Number Five Fikuryu
eluding the tnv % tes. Mara.
kHe ad the gm.,teeIs, Of FAVOR T
recoursee o fcnw* wte ,Vo scd FeAVO small quR T
-Bm tte ha i. ld- t hoapit al
IncD-ftdAmericans, widlwere aldcnuun 7Unisdec" &ty could
expcftedl b sub eted 't WMorf.. vri thetwo crew m om-

e the montoion.ut the oe r thebelieves l ( e aToko Ue diversity Boen he
SCulitrwy loSeekers Pa ass Upe ox r t.

hehave said a change of wind andt orar crw oenunder obse

de aito ry e e from tie..n an ahreal g eet ing ah. $6 00, 000_O r m moon t
ts t h e tt too 22,- vieiswv athe ao b y te r oI etdlofl tae A "
a leeber to seetht tha oe thn r does
rl monthsago Carl or the most rt, they only tthe grave is cover, e dp

threead (Worldnddbitt er hpn dC o lnedt, the -
n and Bonnie Brown slowed down as ey drove past, said. "" a... blattst'hote planne .
- MBadly were burled In their home the site. so slixmontbs aftr Bonn nea idon pof
communities after execution for The mound of clay over Ball Heady lured the six-year-old The Navy ydrograp.hOffike
k a Pmurder of Bobby has settled almost enough to Bobby to his death the ands disclosed lt Stird tht the
p.erti of Carl Ha, the dishonored test area ha been tly o-
Th .. .T ge same Is true of Mrs. lie forgotte nand unmourn .- Ah.
W buial the Infamous pair Heady's gave at Clearmont& ac- fIate far different rom t e high
samk ro Ignominious oblivion, cording to Louis Skeedn a long- blown plans they had for Us-
fIt" 61 desultory o n fI4af time busin an and residentlug the $600,000 ransom moneIye'Ap n
first few an a of the She, too, is they got from Bobbyt o mi eion-
s a tation has preferredred. Frdswit hheramg alY"w- aire father.bulous gdh r fm m .t -ndsthe- ,e b. A L
M aWho for3 a The grave has Eptracted Ut-' Am KMN L A thi
worldwde tie or no attention, Skeed oPapa
PesaCtlni n M e et nA p ed so.d1cnetiono
t;at Plea with .;monument maker am no shad-
r,~a e a .yet..ady grave. will --o SU NUA1,XP.R, _
cosnt1yseaeda'-alcholi ton' uap Piro (UoP.) -d _e, = Due.,
slou bitrwrdhe thought, before Me MOro e. or5o Ut "m M
n 'a The .-- eolhn an are a of lu hs, OIU- Mp a h A22 h)h .A.- that the 'W IAeom con-
.at ICean n th he bluesId t ,sbe, South Korean government.-con- f.. eits stand t def-
et 0PleU1- d to sod torse, e .trolled newspahp er In a stronglydernof freedom reo sin the
te f dLi'dI lea e tr of he" 00.00 anl-Jae 1mhe o Ih&enrin hs he -u ,

DE .. I.C ..A.yaeul lvs A n exe- f.m tih

theeve r ys of.pter
hsclocks and other ins thus far Io case as an example of whatseui es" e r. bot

repo rt "


S fan

-: SPC. AL. .C


n't judge an imported liquor-by its price. Remember
at half the price you pay is taxes. Drink Panama.
ade products-drink Womack, and receive the value
your purchase in whiskey, not in tax stamps and
icy bottles.




Lux Furniture

Autm*oU Row Nw W
TAL $.m

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:i :~~B~q~2~hT*i" -

Is A4e supportingg Aipm foVer irictig

OQ Bordellos In Korea 16.To Highlight

TUSAN, Korea. March 22 (UP) patrols average onb aboutJW Carrying out ttelnter Amer-
-.4Amerleanh soldiers are support- arrests a month in- well M U k- an teme d the medl
nearly 300 houses of prostl- ed-out areas. cnvent durin g thetwo doctors
ton in this teeming port city The normal daly operation of cowives olubs hav e tee d j
tay despite police reports of the flesh shops cannot be tpp, fashion show to be h e. dIn the (M
&A .arp deele in vice and ped without cooperation from atio of Hotel el Panama on jt
me since the armistice. the Korean police. And they are at 9 H 30 n .m on ,i
Thr are 288 licensed hous- not willing to cut off tl lu- ioral'a' astu 9nFA their ew anel system l
et prettation eAtering to creative source of revsiende' Lod dtN p annA hirm ,
merleans in Ptusan, accord- IA. Col. Harry E. Hagerty. of modern adaps we-a s ic llet r CoyMte IGNr
Sto Korean pflee re L Greenville, N.C. the Pusan warea n o awr e o' ait pIe uaieit o r e
1 an sdeluded streets of this other crimes and vices have f orioimna" planned to tnfer- meant of a new panel system W
rArmyinstallationsl. But he will not talk aboitta thwvo e amosayde
gates while their hus at- ,I7 system is inten
e booming trade employs 1.- prostitution because the Army the sectionAl d in ra plify home building ad cut c-
girls who have registered does not recognize it and can do throu hout the hotel, it is now ptrction costume u ni erta
th the. police as ful-time little to stop or control It. possible that the doctors will al t on versity.sad.
V atitutes. '-drRntwastaeveopeo un s at
11n ad ion, police admit, there so be able to attend the show a s ve the:L iber l e-
a Iaai respite from their scientific
S hundreds of Famnuyle Eirlsiiih n discussions .ho searc ouncil.
rating independently and lMembers of the Isthmian The system was shown at a short
S n rofitsfrom he W ped re 40,000B Freh course Inhome onsructon
fs i hroe. h 000i w thNurses i Association, who adiei be ilding material dealers, build-
V~ e) se, to advertise their B he patio that evening wUl have era and contractors.
ara of ae to advertise thear s-pelIl intetest in* e panels, which can be assem-
Ith rott t o. a lteets al ro- Fo l, .larolr .eiance one of their members. Mrs. bled completely by lumber dealers
thS l e g pole Reta Berger, will be modeling. or builders and trucked to the sitq
M the registered houmss d SHEFFIELD, Ala.. March 22 i are designed so they can beused
down on free lancers, MT (UP) A family of eight was Chairmen forth fashion com- fora large variety of hous..plan.
Scrd files bn all legalld wiped out yesterday when lre mittee are Mrs. H. W. Doan and Previously, panelization of este
i Wd give them w Pj their five-roomnr house less Mrs. P. Arosemena. rior walls ,ha been tied to ape-
examinations.. .t_ 48. hours after they hid They have been auiated by cifie house plan or to the opera.
he Ary hasplacedal m i .d were clarence C sEarle A. Gerrans, Mrs. Da- tooa ifi builder, the ia-
*their chidr*t3 Wanda 7 nr 1be given by sin day can erect the extei
6, Rickie, 5. J. P 4, Mrs. David D. Douglass and Mrs. wa ,ll of a house approximately
Mt n, 2, and Mrs. Boat- Guillermina Arias e Casco Diaz. 1,M sare feet in s a
Pro s mother, Mrs. Clara Me- Music will be by Tommy Ntfiez Ing t- Profs. James T. druai
d 6O. and his Toreadors. and -Rutdard A. Jones, who direet-
lhli re Chlef James Tirey said The show will be ojP" to, the ed the tesearcha.
he ires started appaently near public. Carenters do not have to cut
the red of, a oa and fitstus, plates, sheathing or
wr'gt, pro ly ei lgIar-' in M p,. T a ti e Job. .
e, Both ed th SOUHERN SPET anels essentially are x
bed. Mrs. r ex Louisille, Ky. (NA) .l studail fraework covered wit4h
ev -sh ad valuable gift vecting a sixth child n June. inia, which has produced sBea g and siding. Th# panels
bk awarded at service Tirey said Mrs. cDonald had one winner of the aKe te together into a .wa by a
4U tIOut the Isthmus tt two of the children were, pulled Derby, -has a prime cnthlu der, a double 2 K S
Vw.m 0 of" the pot-level out of the: btinRl house By for No. 2 this year. Thi.I tihed to the top of the panels
P ama areg preliminaries to neighbors but all three died in a be Porterhouse a leadlift 0o- asotnd the entire perimeter f the
t Av-g11 All-Army- Tlent Con- horpitaL .4.__t Ao.ear-oldof, the'lOT9 campigth.yfo : '
third child was found lying out- __
"e_ pst-level preliminaries side the fra m btuidIng but died --' -
WillLiheid at aU serviceclbs, of burns .......-...
win- SO ee elub prizes but w a mass-oiame beow trrenmz
at the Fort Gulick fi- vae SV Au, .a-s j.
Mstrth chance to represent twrglan orn ientaf
8iARCARIB at the All-Army fi- Iron worker, and his falnly had
mals in New York on or about Just moved into the house Fri-
June 1. day, neighbors said.
The service club prizes are:
Amador Seryloe,. ib, a Parker SrIT a d '
nd a -mens'i id i-Test 'Roadeo'

1 Service Club, a $10 and $5i
The service club preliminaries A skill-test twisting and turn-
'Will begin at Fort Oulick today, lng Inter-Servle "Roadeo" to
latonAnd Davis tomorrow, select the safest and best driv-
lolo'oe on Thursday and Ama-era in the Caribbean Command
inron Friday. (Panama Area) will be conduct-
ed at Albrook Air Force Base on !ART PUPICC
Winnersfthe Gulck finals axa'Jw "d 11 IW Mu ,IC r S Arws .
an 1202 2r1e dltzU: aeo" will 1ilt
p e nthe iIn I-Airb d ft'?tro %r fm I
finals atnNow York. a"d Air.Fce who .. ....-pit..........._.........................1401
eYior.,s r In various obstace To COLOMBIA oUADOR PRMV & C

tests ior the uariooean uCom-
mand title.
The events will be divided ac.
cording to sl types of vehicles wt
be used which are: five passen-
ger sedan, one-half ton pick-up
truck, two and one-half ton car-
go truck, 37 passenger bus, truck-
tractor, five-ton, 4x2 semi-trail-
er, six ton, two wheeled van and
truck tractor, five ton 42 semi-
trailer, f-2a, fuel servicing unit
(2,000 cl.)
Miltary or Department of De-
fense civilian drivers with a no
accident record for the 12-month
period preceding the USARCA-'
RIB elimination will be eligible
to enter the contest.

S.S. DIXPPI ....................... ............... March 28th
M.S. WASHINGTON ................................. March 26th
S.S. ANTILLS ...................................... April 16th
S.S. IL D FRANCE ................................. April lit
Weekly Fat Carso Service Between Crlst6bal Balboa & West Coaut ot
U.S. and Canada and Fortnightly Service Crist6bal, Cuba
Crtst6bal: FRENCI LINE. P.O. Boxz 015 TeL 3-247< & 118t
IPama: LINDO & MAPURO. 8, A. Box IO3s
Tel. Panama 3.1-3 3-1 91

. I, \- .

" "" 7' ;,.' k-^,% ^- -,
.. ..'- ;'>/, p :- : ./ .,:t.ho U
'* .**. '- "".'"- -'.^ "t '^ ^ ^-:*'- *^^
," ,h .' '* *f, i, *'f r f
-< .... ^ o *9 '. .*''" -- .- -.'r c # v
-, -, .. ;--.

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Going In

PRflLatLL'8 POU Riding High
Be*- ---. 111 Ii i-


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rAT fth'&OD~oMhi
N -KiLLar IS A
sm6 TOO-
Tt 5 |


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NAR ,O E M 1
.-3. .q M --.._' SHE .

.re, and aa Into tbSL.* MvR V. J S I1M e S E RIFF 'te
Wra-,, -w..s..'hgl W .. cm ,T Z. ut ,-.

tearoom. New. e about w td th" al s m
Ms. S. F.aLa a* b a mSam. k at plti y iMOLA ,FONSE
ratg od, Answr was, vn t, that th i TV t'i
?soger CtEa' I.NJrft *show hada good-tin wsomala T mL. C.CARR
a -s ou t *. .A
.* -*.." .. ,Mai-,. :g, .* .2 .. -. AWs DE ROMERO' sn.+N
Cent.n.r.0.G. C. a ad 2.T'h why. is is, ma. s asth aould thhve to wait. LD.. Ald ,L D D-UPR ,t 0'"t

.il L Tt.'bal- i tb d ha1.s.'. -. VALERY EI NINGER
bi o f us or A ar G- T- M h h s en wed C ea aa D REMEMBER: Yo have 2 bg stores.
heis r Sunda enig. t v a and Mrs. ut Str de m ail tour cad go on who hrom a n Urns fo from which to choose your winniags: a-.
it li Ca he iater, Mr -. _at 7:g .m. o (a Gutld Neu Yn ote ttime. eag ea G l of th Ca d s
byaRim theirbdr- -b woan -, PHILIPPINE RATTAN
oo oF wAid y. i U A W Forls.Mk Xdop Gi'Al .mer oA d #Ar 5.t sI
Nra. Mm..Dulu n.o..Harlem. Shta.,D' no
_ P .a J0bMo SIea- ,4 -thc near future. 0I c w __ i M N .. DUPRE e '

Pleru i :. N.m .
has th guest of rls.,< m,- C. +. C. na 't pl wth Mar-a a3 ,, h eBHRe vie wIt
oss for a t Sa Ti h WIxa of the AmdbasMi. of Thursday tte hoe at. o t h stt awi. no w adia m are afternoon to Seet t seat.u

Thois Mb rs and Tr= .4T?.., .. o ~ TNE J E WEL R Y Ir T 0 R EI
eu .rd .. ev enin mt Mthe.Nh .t m. o h y w
rio&ence a "4e on Mrsg. A FrGidateC any canes t f'rAol sa n t of No- 15-minyternrm rh efrfoV shiheoshosty.teso ted sta.ft som ta*t
a 1 f l is we r wito r ?Mrrr5..e a-dth bo e twillme etd wad Da TV she frmta Realp ma t ld eis
Va t iso ns, Mlrsch. C rl t, Cert Te th e U sh e l t e: T .

er. ByMr. rato.rd, Mrs O O e Wr ort Fri-ofh aette et t mis oe wuHeh ater T.t' b r nut t
... Duo.. ,f .rrls. I. "dMssas Th aa ier .serf S eko i be ftt ,_st.. irne. .LmPPINE RATTAN

r.A.-. Sle r Pte r dt- V -iewe b e M i r i. tsd c fike" wni s ta t' *
redoa of a"oIs' isi win onMemfrs of te apan theIrhaa the naithro omth e hl wh ichso ats ofjp uslej
lr. Me CW nanM her. fhaed, Ml Mard T I t re.c ,mtouenIment. AR G e r pt t te wa .. m m
iis< iar. a a arrived n la Lndnpr1 core am,1l m ..' *th .+ ,t ou ly ,,.
e Isthmus frm Nw Club o talb inshrted .to ridae.r ohetpinesi Tt c o .
,-on Mrs ,. H err P ,' --F M rs. .., .. T, ,. ay 1,. m m ,T hat' .re ,,at.. +d, ca, g et li a __, ,_._ __,_,:_ _ __00 1_ _1_1 __-_ _ _
ttOrdv, Si LUaR01 O~ ."mee 2-2thl Unotll thi.en l w.-

Mr s. N X o
h t guesm d the C R e o- sh e

.r T l I 4"
iof, al Oud inter ome baa. d7., th e .it-
theearrrde eitvTfh Com.aH the ot In tter fHM r B"Ae bld d.
r ttoffthends.e Pra.std-osle wif tMrs. amel Mrscu- la.b Muweatd ,ras.e t r...Mh y es e. .bt

t Visit dur da n Simingsplay g on apm c tq wh r o wt R
ao n i f .. Mr. T. rn \ F' r'ida by' p frtF A.o Li e. \ u st a aso : .

h m ar ;ECre.adat hey, 'iewpaymwent w S
-- Cam. Co V:"a-Prit hTe aend.*@ t- g',+ it I s. h me- ---f-' --. <*0 G L A SS..IEiD

s" + ':, ... \. ,"'. Z E i A g *
SiU' a. rs. cai+ .m ft r e ft o j 9 J W L Y -

all ,at +. + n.arkd. ,, .-....
' k C 5 U S A.rnn dt om aw a 8 f m i d..y.,S_ .,; ;.1 1

Aitheetaal uv mee: I t*
f. .t .anr

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Z g K T mo ls.e', -

A i. o.. a I jecti on of I I fif is ..... 't
fissarblraTa= arrved46,101n2-I ad L
ar igbr f ,i4U c mz

n ULghting by Lightol er
A Electrical. Co tractoro Lester A. I
.... EAT blow+ s uding Co tractor ose Ferr
Moa ma eI, as. heat-w&, Ai dio Stedi byOtis M. McMirray
A bIsm ais --- Fil es d Aluminum WAiiow Frames l--kidio (omale
by'-at- *m. M--e.d. inin *
ames1 so ng r, .i. postv i.WM Architects Mendes A Sander.

-. PriBai .DIO

0 P

* ..
- -I. -

. TIL 21.36.- 2-Ul



4-. 9

'''"J~'s~*'~ -"-'9 a,.

S!a. M i

S12 words


11 srumd w ,rn~d



Pt~g R$ .I; EPI

.- .,

H 0 G840

DAl a,, l 'C .



F _... ,, c..., o... .. PROFESS1ONAL
old Central Avenue, K Street Corner linens. Phone klbo 2.18b :
SLE- Thre mahogany bods FOR SALE:-1946 4-door Ford. Duly Telephone 2-3479. Panama. :0
j /c mpee with ripngs and Simmons free. Phone Navy 3138 REPAIR, REFINJSH Rattan bamboo WILLIAMS' Som Claro ech A NOW and sy Way to:11
".. *tsls $75.00 each; one chest FOR SALE:-Plymouth. 1946 Tudor. furniture. Special price. In front t gea. comfortable, modern,. S TOP RUST
t $50.00. Green, 114 Via Duty paid. Proof of excellent con- Balboa Beer Garden.*"Jimmy," Tel. noer beo. lboo 3050 exept O 7:.
opposite Hotel El Panama edition. For a dependable used car 2.4044. weekends. Took Guns Knives Parts -
-Household goods in gen. at reasonable cost call Panama 2-p Phlr il Oceanside cottages. San-O Marine and Fishing Gear 1:0
iOding stove, refrigerator. 2634 office. 3-3957 evenings. FOR SALEy e.B. B. r0 Bolboo. Phone By 8P4o
rlng Stree A. 2 SALE: 1947 Chrysler, radio.SA E bm 31877. Crisbl 7. role
o new fires. Call Balboo 2-3113, 8- MImet aneosi1 Gra.Oich Sant Clar Beoch coettages. :0
O L E:-G.E. automatic drier. 25 2:30 2-5M-30. -FOR SALE:-Hercules engine. 25-hp.. electric refrigeration, gos Moves. D
buy. Moder ble FOR SALE:- Model A pickup truck 2500 r.p.m. $75.00, 25-cycle 3- moderate ratesPhone 41r

i PL hoe C eto 3 oe b r oninntrspring mattresses,t, 9:3
eer. one Cristobali 3-1 god condition, duty paid, iney hp. eect mpr $15.00; 25- cycle in M7. rafloes (tec-' RU00i
25-cycle Westinhous tires extra wheels & spring, price electric fan. 16-inch 20.00; 2;5- A Cfheml cay Tre ted Paper 100
rotor, 4-year. g e. $4000. Tel. 2-3656. house 0429 cycle automatic Bendix $100.00; $haT0.00 month n. Cl 2-U I S st 2:
aloo 1405 of ter 4:00 p.m. Ancon. wr_________ 25-cycle clock $6.00; kitchen cob- FORna, dg oe bri te
ALE- -- 2 e Ken Iet $4.00; mahogany tea table N Oi lo Than GrNe
W R SALE: 25/-cycle Kenmore E. Real, $35 00; round mirror $4 00; rock- OC No t. rUNo Me.,
crib. complete and tchn chest concrete flagstones, 0 each. FOR RENT:-Two-bedroom chalet in. M ) 9:0
oof drawers $25 Es ter0 F C a. bs bo 5608-9, Hodges Plce, Diablo Hts.te lvintoso, cdinros o El Batiro$11n, F. NOVEY, INC.
of drws $25.00. C e o ST FLORIDA is coled FOR SALE:-Chest of drawers $7.00; Te. 3-1713. Peao. O1 trnI Aye. Tel. 3-.0140 7:00
4128.- ST- PETEReBURGa FLORIDA is rolled inntrspring mattresses, twin-size FOR RENT:-Furnished new -a*-m 7:0
V BR SALE:-Houshold effects ome by more Canal Zone families 25.0; inghs $1.00; krri chalet an MIrolores teer 9:
Sorble. House 515, Moanzonllo St., than any other city in the U.S.A. For $25 cabinet $9.00; electric sto, 2 dnchal ectin Miroflores teachroms, esi7:

ne.CmnformationSeQ, aShome to suit your en coupe ab inet $9.00; exllent condition 225 during office hourn. :to blooms, g- Tl:3
Ancon, C.Z. information homre to su. yu cycles $20.00; three manicure Ph. r g$110.00 monthly. Call 2- :i
speficon w Jbles, 2 haor driers; one shampoo 34s6. Panama, during off icp o qou rs i RrilaltorV 8:30
FOR SALEo Robt. E. Leo, Realtor, 6.11 First bowl with fittings; misc. Tel. Bal- FOp RENT.-rh.l. 4drm Aw B. OBLAC 841
SO SAve. ANorth, St. Petersburg. Flo. (33, H esT o. Pro t S ir. ACTat. 4 beninro ms, tc, 9:1 O

60 FOR SALE:-BUILDING: Suitable to, 25 cycles o nd 1941 Plymouth 5d trmt No., Telephone k- T el 90
4 ScL..- Enw.lls PnamoS 2-5426 .athStretseSop. oran c5io F. 1 coupe. Both in excellent condition 2229 during office hours. Coretak- I tleWt uro, onuxTheatrse 1 10:00
like new. Co l Pnoma 12th Streets, Son Francisco. F. Ico- House 8102"D, Margoriv3. Phone er oaress the street. I.
a'fe hours. zo Co. 3-1741. tn________n Iokn FOR RENT: Modern and chleuriout, ,n

(Conn ued from Pas n ge 1) Gavilon Rood. __i_ for diplomat's family. Telephone etnhouse porcelain n & 12:0

"Ved rencOAh s, okerm. dald thel efor furnished rooae. Tel. 2-7;31,iSR -c o8C 123
el aaedr e i I ---- the day-s 4--2I. -Itt. t
S'rench solkesmd baid the for fLrn..hed roo. TAe. 2-.316. caled bidr, for opening in public, will Froncisco, for 4 months to childless W** 1:0
er problem would be cru- K.L.M., Tivoli Avene. No. 16. be received until 10:30 o.m., April 5, couple or two gentlemen. Bus stop. 32t Theate Coln 1:1
in the days ahed. 1954, in the office of Superintendent Cook-maid, utensils. Call 3-2629. 1:41
w'e-terdayn Amer aFOR SA- me o rcho, el Balboa. for electric' FOR RENT:--Modern chalet, indepen- 2:0
Sfls e my po Area. Gambo. For further information living and diningroom, kitchen, g- TRANSPORTES =:
refare the nine-s o R and i.npection contact Mr. J. A. Dri- rage,ironing and washing rbm, 2:4
wth bomh sad s FOR SALE: 30-ft. sllbot: coil. Assistant Chief. Drdgiri Divi- maid's room, seminterior patio BAX R, S.A.
cow.e bolnwm-. 0marinoSe motor, 6-ft. shead rom. on, m bobti 6 ld f- m the i bov with barbecue and bar, Call 3-4519 I Pke.r. 8hippers, Mover. 3:i
'rerh .military spokesman camode. iceboxt, tfhead rsoils, 61 muy bobi"d foi thC e above from 9 t6 12 and from 2 tQ 5 p.m. I F. 8. IRUDEtB IM 1
7rerecamode. icebox. rt've ooH sails, 'dffice of Superintevr-,1- 4:08
S-ned te yhatterin strik fully equipped, Cl t of Storehou-es, telephone 2- FOR RENT:-BUILDING: Suitable for Taller Transiport" ltae 4:3
(l ".Thevy" casualties and, 1815 warehouse, shop. Corner 50th and
A n R" rm"antsscurry- I,,.,- 12th Streets, Son Francisco. F. lea- VALERIO TURON 5:S3
In fur'de enver.fl a L urVgas ueso Co. _me 5:31
r tflownby U. e t ot r -L r"tF-O and inydramatC Tras -. 6:0
o -: 'nrh nflots poured sup- m "ack-To-Work Move Siaand ffers m a prans .
n it t, e wounded. and p led o l rer On tm rs R rns wice"a
C!p",;n ir Repa, r. instalt o n of(
t'?i slege rdn. of Communslt v W AR:Erti mtn PHI 6
t gflcial spokesmt said theo bl Ao l ATTENTION a1. Just built modern 1to6e1. wat1 boeaterA. ete.
1 tlwettale t h$l @- LAS VZGAS, Nev., Marc 22- a l s T furnished apartment Tw SiDNi MO.IUlLL 7:,
ohedvitie e of ua shotabeste meL s Nev., D1 p bdroom. hot, cold. water., ue75
e e, wdle Flv t i U A pne-w g erime 're- NEW YORK, March 22 (UP)-- ephdr Parnmo t3-4941. 1Te St o 71
-UA-eral, 8u ervisor.
eh tnhmere ti do a nseres of ar- A waterfront back-t-work move R RENT: Completely furnished A
S to muscle. up. ItsInnerI the iaL.n of ng- predicted by city officialss failed OR RENT:- Completely furnished WORK UARANT
B iat fole, o.iinr de- bte al nIe ee to materializea ta a AL ew oplRtment. One bedroom
t a del with cannon t .t: on m renrebrted for woak Ideally located for servicemen. In- 8:4
dmrt s pe the ounno twh OeI meo h ivteu theSamen nibers anti' quire Household Exchange, 41 Auto S9S0
bn Irn this moodet tru sfr t ibo't the same piers manned Row. Tel. 3-49 11.SI COV
.7e lndochinese war. I Reid ereba uets on his lip and on Friday. FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment ing REUPHR IN 9:
ahea, nos a bloodav nbt. Pma Cityn hModern bar washing E U vI :
from ltse of a shot every e the me cme ub P'et lines o the wildcat machine etc. Phone Balboa 3476. in
saitcoods. French airmen re- hind'a on the 1i ji -.LQ, ,ie sdr'dtng intern tionl Long- 1 HERES 0:11
Sthe Communists were swink~l easinot slme shoremen's Association (Ind.)od. t
i eay gns a e were skimov co red to the FOR RENT: Completely fumrshed AUTOMOBU E HOW 77 10:3
steadily n hiavan attempt h ne a blac ac o, te ec mass lInes of earlier davs of the apartment, one bedroom. Vio Espo-, e 3.46
Sado the air attpcka. a ac18-da" qtoase. aoparently giv- Ao. Pleasant neighborhood, North I
Seaviest air blow fell on a pThen, he said. both of the men n srbtonce to Mayor Robert. F Americans. Tel. 3-0471, Lombardo. .
tunlt force. officially de- began tos'lug him in ih o ftace and Wagner's assurance that "the FOR RENT: Modern 2-bedroom
am large, northeast of bouy ivttlUntir uisha. m&ooj was strons-'rm bovs hpve been cho.- apartment with living and dining- ADIO AND
o i nPhu. It was near ing ipadterdon the pae sgilu., fron. ed ofn... m nd will bhe.kerut off." room. kitchen, maid's room and
L dium-shaped valley when D.oor. Five Piqrhpttan nlers weredbe- both in Campo Alegre, neighbor-
- Ivp scout. sounded the alarm. 4 mod have a pretty thick 'n. worked by AFL longshore- hood 'of Hotel El Ponami. For fur- APPLIANCE Ci
'r1nach plota scrambled Mfor ll Rid said. men. Pnd longshore means alo other particulars please coll 3-4968. LIC
4,d -planel and swarmed .- "I guess those guys were sur- went, to work without incident RECT- I r
thesRedzstrunm out along pr whea din', drop" at ro"I-ivn'q breakwater tler, wEN. I-rom kte PAInt
oJungle trails that serve In P .e e Vegas Mornink Sun fur- .erP oo meh of Jst week's vro- O int ne orc a r tent REPAI RS On
1 Of roads through the wild th-r quoted Reid as saying "May- er'p. OrV five TT A. nickets were dinette, nice bqthroo and dry
au country. be people will behave e now before the pier this morning. closets located in "La ed. Joa" Bluild- W
Caught by surprise, the Red w ltell thePh oin Vegs s o v o i in ERn Gadn. Po
; n dBk were under Dnlshog as- swarinip- with unvoy cnarac- ThE Army reported 9f men Poama 2-0027 or 3-0763. f (-
t before the soldiers had ters from all over the United s-"'o 'r- wrk on" mietorv nsc pee urh s ent
e to scatter anseek coer. States." 'v f a r.. phit, the same FOR RENTd-T.l. Infected furnished Ts e
dspe -d--Reid described ore of his assail- nr-"'" h'red bon Fridly, apartment, al cnnincs. Foci vez
allaa b ants as a short, pudgy man with A ro esIr'm fn I n- othe AB7-TTA Apcon P.O. No. 5, 4th of July-Ave. N. I ViaI Esp ed
ki lal R. Thick horn-rimmed gLasses e1 4 me h noted ar Tel. 2-51. ity"
Reid, who won a Pulitger Prize work -t the Manh'tn ler o -
Sin1950 for a series in the eBrooklyn red h ithe arrventino Pt .. i Se
SN. Y. Eagle on a crime syndicate, lines but hart ben told this. FOR. RENT ai.
r--I^_ j_ *,saidhe was in Las Vegas to do would not be hired because the ... .. X 'eb
some magazine articles on the in- shinnina firm "didn't want to 'n. New
h erdr fltratioj of the gangster element. (ef involved." .... HO H D fCHAN tion

Maniot reume t'egotiatlons to development of the famed Nevada "-'e'ed n'-n to hv-n- 's hir. 43rd. Phone 3-0$53. We Buy and il ell Th
iuate the Suez Canal Zone gamblig center and s u p p ort I- r""'r ?hIrh i he"-ed tn 4 Automobil Rpw side
I present anti-B3rish eid's detention that mobsters' I-"ve inwier1 APT, effr~r te FOR RENT: Furnished Iro -a ll[ _4________;___ROW_ Side
o e as pn- conveniences. Tel. Ponom 3-544). J the
r continue. Foreign ee- are moving in. the crippling outlaw strike. test
SAnthony Eden announced tories mention the names
B t Eden anunced of under-world figures, including i a lmented nolfce detalls na- F P DRE Tr
-5 Ambassador Sir Ralph the late Bugsy Siegal, onetime dca-ietrlri the waterfront t on orer FR RENTIlulil +e T
n has told President 5ino operator wno was shot to!rry the Mvor to nrottet all Mi,,rn]^. I co
Mamed Magulb that fl ov- death in Beverly Hills, Calif., sev- m^n who w 'nt to work. After n Miicellaneous HjI E INou
unt's failure to "take the eral year ago, and ucky Lucia. earlv nm'n'rwo conferenc-f wit' -i -'io--- .---o l e
O they coalr et ur n Street No 27, in front of the Olym-
if l t ]H~ t ano l y r !Mgo L iI R u ......... rEe t pi ...S..d.. F...or" Tnor-io s ee | Q m
demanded that per- # NOUICE -iDid-or4 ...- --l-- .--6- .
n renmponslble for disorders U ffWrATE @*, AM3BKCA Aotooue's Cousi T R he
Urthaftt t th0oTe involved nt m A TKSi ?VTRICT courT j | | 5t1a"
B der be tried and that ad.- .* m .i, % I- niFlt ImnrODetr LsCWAL NUIILCeet Semi mada tae Wae
lsto measures to keep civllians blil X. Puekett plaintiff i I = C R 1^^ i
5 c nriyine arnr. 'muat be -*.. Ja.&L A_.,,-..- UNITED STATES PISTIUCT COURT *, m-lq N1nu r<

e off. l aersand lM ed s0 C to^'cx WINCHESTER, March 22 (UP) i b Divine) i WC Tet 3-123
M b eenmurdered. awY^rulT,. aomw rol DnVOciB Michael PItt-Rivers. second N i atH, r < V'TR C )N* "C
:B S murdered smlT". i1,v.- mamad ofeda*t: -ousin of Lord Montague, denied IN TH E -F THE ESTATE TROPICaL EtLCTRNICI pa
D --- V hoep wOunded knd two You are bIetob re*quif to a w. *nd tods a .. that he had been gjullty of I-.- __..Olw th e aL
d isaPpearud. *-wer t. complaint filed In the above- N AULDN. the
hi olt- i I o imlr e to *o aWr hae inlkabir E
"i' .e-o,,. '-.. ,ui .." J,",.k.ey tww. ,enyt Se ,--,-el -t-,,- Israeli Denies
iWT b- e sI b e--a ,.iaM-- -p-tt de., h 1's1 had ,- h, -" '--0a g T roopso Ho
e d mlr2m W1Th the B nble Gutbrie l. viously denied ine C)ang PRN lt MAuLPW.. 41P4w4 *ud tCr ge


jMI >i-M t ot b -wted.
A-Oi. C amJ .m. thi
Ctwft of Cert.
Dwety Ckev.


day, March 2 I


Cr e j.t Ave 1459 CntalAme. Na. 4 Tivoli Ave

--- '.=vb g "asf--1I
I"Lettav Pism leuewq LefeAefvre 7 47lk

.ourb0 JL ee.I i Ave. Ne 41
Via 11"fiak 3".14

s not a pardsa isune but i
Idal proceedi" amd wwll 60-
I therem is o legl bas" r
e&Uag Chaves.
arrat said he feels the Semati
mt overlook the "upwards a
0 utamtsents ad afl4aevits'
beted by the subeoamNte and
tdseasinm w re rea ird
I~ a- a tbe s m.d -no


* : .- --


9-Feture Review
.-Wha~'es our Favorite
-What's Tour avoe r l.t
.l-.Bo."l Bring Adventure
I-The Recor4 Shop
-The Jack Smith Show:
-R4port from the U.S.A.
0.-The Plattet Parade
-The tMarhte of Last
.-Jazz Club. U.S.A. (VOA)
0-Tue Webd Circle
W-The Wald at your Win-
0-The Owls Neat st
-News--Sin Off

Tuesday,'March 23
0 .Algo On The Alarm

1-Morning ualon
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-Hawailan harmonuies
5-Sacred Heart Program
I-As 18ee It
(Cut.x & Uddrono)
S-Off the febord
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k-Meet the Baud
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0I-THe Juke Box Review B
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5-Science oh the March
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le (VOA)
0-Musical Americana (VOA)
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--Varncty Ba-dbox (BBC)
--TbeOwl's Nest
0-N-wa Sign Off

male Takes Up

NOmliee Reped

Chavez Issue
n. Thomas C. Hennings Jr.
Mo.) said today he is "confl-
" a Republican move to un-
Democratic Sen. Dennis Cha-
of New Mexico wilt be defeat-
by an "overwhelming major
of the Senate.
an. Frank A. Barrett (R-Wyo),
rman of the Senate elections
committee t h a t investigates
Mexico's 1953 senatorial elec-
race, countered that the Sen-
"cannot overlook the report
by our committeee"
he Senate is scheduled to. con-
r today a resolution declaring
New Mexico election "no con-

mittee report which said the
p found widespread evidence
lections law violations which
e it impossible to tell who

i.nings, only Democrat on the
S-man subcommittee, filed a
arity report Friday which said
e was "no legal or moral ba-
for declaring Chavez' seat
Ee said there was no evidence
back up "allegaptes e(

h a v e z defeated Republican
rick J. Hurley, who challenged
outcome, by some 5,000 votes
hbe 1962 contest If the Senate
iuld approve the GOP resolu-
, New Mexico's ReipublIe
. Edwin Mecem would fiB te
ancy by appointment.
e.a..o. told reporters he Ii
hno..a pe. s... Issu but'a.

* ," -"i :

.,+,- ;r .- ?-* ...







Wedsaday, March 24
6:00-Sign on --The Alarm
k Club
7:06-The Aldrm Clock Club
7I:30--Moring sla
8:15.M Varietes
8:3.-Musica A-rt
9:15-Jodern Romances
9:90-As I See It
10:05--Off the Record
11:06-Off the Record (con4.)I
11:30-Meet the Band
12:05-Luncheon Musi
12:30-Popular Music
l:15.-Persauilty Parade
1:450-Lum ana Abner
2:00-Three Quarter Time
2:1-It's Time to Dance
2:30.-Afternoon Melodiss
2:45-Battle of the Bands
3:00-The -'JtUfe CoNertal
3:15-The Lltt.e Show
3:30-Music tor Wednesday
4:00-Featurp Review
4:30-What's Your Favoritte
flSOA. :New % I .
5:15.'Wats your PsFavorite
(eontd.) '
6:00-The tirst Men In -he
Mouo (29C)1
6:30-The Record Shopoi
7:15-.The Jo Stafford Show
1:30-Report from the U. S A.
8:00--TheJukellox Review
8:45-Comupentary on World
9:00-The Nautitiln Hour
9:30-Pau; Temple and t.he
M iadion Mystery (BBC)I
10:00-Unierlty Theer (VOA)
11:00,-The Owl'a Nes
12:00-News Siagn Off
A.M. /, I .
6:00-Sign On The Alarm
Clock Club
7:05-The Alarm ClocK Club
(contti' ", : ......
7 :0-Mozsldh t Vaeti :+.
8:15-Mo nIfnt Varieties
8:30-Music Makers
8:45-Jerry Sears Presents
9:15-Sacred Heart Prgra

10:06-Off the Record
11:05-Off the Record (contd.)
11:30-Meet the Band
fM. M
12:05-LuSeieon Uuste
12:30-Pop atr Music
1:15-..PeroaJty Parade
1:45.-Lum and Abner
2:00-A Call from. Los Pul1
2:15-A Dat for D-mci-en
2:30-Tbe American ,ournal
2:45-Battle of the Bands
7:00-The Uttl. Concert Hall
3:15-The Little Show
3:3--Mustle. for Thursday
4:00-Feature Review
4:30-What's Your rauorite
5:35-What's Your Favorite
6:00-French In the Air (RDF)
6:30-The Bell Telephone Hour.
7:15-The VOA Stamp.Oiub
7;30-Repo- from the UA.L A.
:45-Oommentary on World
9:00"jlizabethan Theater

9:30-T1ie Rlth e e c tumI
1@;00-Tuttbny NAfies and bis
10:15-The Latin American Sere-

ilOO-.. Ew-8,1 Off

Il's Net -Contd.)

r ~ IiV ~ F1 I I II


,llqwnb iI- -nmoLn amiftlon

i. ay, Mreb '

IM Cub

10:0&-O the Recrd
11:05-Ott the Record (conM.)
11:30-Me the Band
12:S-Popular Musle

l:30--lew s'
2: -ongs of ra

S4: -a Tour favorite

6:00-Jam m on (VOa).
0:30-The Recoid Show
7:00-NU&t:AUM OROAN AM -
7:1i...RJMo Va.etUies U.A.
7:30-Rsportr9irm he U.S.A.
8.00-Thu Platter Parade
S: 0-Th6*-lng Croby bow
e (VOAm ..'' IOr
9:10-Dead sol N (BBC)
6:30--Yor Playhouse of Payor-
10:00--Londmon tudio Recitalt
10:30-JUP Adventures of PC 49
11:00-TiF Owl's Nest

12:705-The Owls XW e(MtdA,)
1:00--ign 'Oft,
Saturday. March 27
$; "0 ags o Th. Alarn

8:0- The tlarn Clock Clut
td )

1:30-Meet the an
10:00-n s l

1:30- e

4: Whats Yo r
l:5-Tlat'.ur a'yor Itt
6:00-Let We Fo.get

7:105-Here Comes Lous Jord.a
.-Mepert thon the U.S.A.
:05- e Aar1me d o

19:4 IBeI
10:00Nhe Owltd Ne
4:BSO-WV sB 'Tw
l:45Meet gqwe B and i
V M, t .) s. U

1:0 -Thte-e ow the .A

--......~ *)
K -...................................................................................-, .. I,.

- snp:r~

/ t&. .1'... fl/.. Lit t Y OfL

A lubln uteto be had"I

40 r ~3,~. I~tga.y 4 .. me rI t7 hdith Mfa. "ovT is .w p.-
the at e ill be s for... ....- e wu m o e I to -O D- .A) -.olly- S.ala.lok' long, lam me -
Mi Se Capllaiamed M.. W ~ ny 0r embers and their ChK QK Iajh Lod e a. t year hbe trea- wod rat Vlne: about at 4 remlnds me of time
SVeagar gt ed the luco, No.was 21 **DI I a
SCstobel eT ths a 4a mo Aim

dp.semf .ri Had, teodri r g. ath 1:db0t o ecop csannoe I te Thatt cof to Por. ui r em iea U ling the eay he
th la~is .of.e the Morris be heece and -*lf byp toui- rar the York sales n ner, tlig about

camas Isthmus.T~se meetes /.oy' foDerw Mr In the piture by m n uts jm-
aSe g Head the ee ir Se caern ani m a tp wt the erwdueoo--I f pt a prove ui temp.f .u.. I.
Sd'* aimore, d. of the Alant.l thin keep driving mea This Iu terse bow hs ta s 'lThie brave salesmanager wired
es od floor f g held at ouse eI 1he s lersas forroom 3.y woinemthe cat .&as ati cut a minute. from
The guots were netted at tables FrX Vactalms3 IF is StreetMa isteasr. thing. hpir women s trtei moring yourelderam an Nend thin oe pic-
ceninred Wih bougalnvdla. Jadge 1. L P. "!te'man rtu row. eve. rs lreelce Coa- There are different kinds of hr her to have romances," Marie tuYe." a an send the
The bur t table held a tee"w e Saturday by ane from a vca. r Gir Scout eUve. w eace. J made t plain tht told me. '-Ir npdm, be- ....
Sor. i. nd ferns,. tion s e. xo be preset to orglse te group. .e would ow pece. Woe 't S tham* l ed Ih .l b .ed a .ss ,
fd oo the ieT mt' toI the =. eo a Tr There fs S Mw ce of in- :e po win t her t l they do and cheek dew. y mt r Lrthpsa

roup. Ove gpety f awe d evi -r- teheaudtoru of the Abel r ana let men o. o g ol go rrkn dnieer hedtoed 't r, 4 sats
tse lrasctheaM. S ome Bsreterin a besenvefnoteeh r tayMudw Amnerican Folk Dances ns dv i Itht w.ntl nein b.2
Mi Sme h t retiring at thme uconjusction with the Colon so ft, btt arqiotew ready to n e he walked Gr MaR See to

.. Coffeya Bob Coaesardml No. reors.7, by N. I, e ad -mAld-mywNo lalow toeeey .ga-th st omoeu Ctl The seoe
Bud, W raamd ootorolon oe -.,___ t0__5....r..,..Inw o

Cee Ar te H a t tr net thn Galee JaTmes a's daughter, age six, tags -Rhonda ieminag and John
VThe Pot Gulck Ladles Club Alsate MSde IiosterVs b dIl -ust off the hlls of brown: hba a mik coat( Lund. ... New eheeasecake com.
held their regular t eet- We "v"" S Buh happy a lple flherfolk ... petition tr Hollywood dol-Je- WORLD'S HIGH IVI C A I
a.m. at sthe Oes Club, Dotors are invited to affairs tobe *Ui Contented, paaSl fishermen, Bravery note: Bastern Airlines who Dtaoim the war Aim, "Die
Mrs. Frank Gerareed prasdng. g o the Pacif idedr bfore over knew aut to e olnete id ... Mot public
Mrs. DNMa Bovritte mesllI was the guest IteaterAmnielee rll at: er ate o halandtl Medical l taralring AT or. t-.lUl romance of .e np w ear AND WAITR FLLIES
Tpes Se d piayd4 at varbly es foa. aFrinlIona hig h a r'Cs to fhlyoingrne for-real romance f the new ear:
pea R. She dpy a variety eon March Balboa h o won honors their' hairts brmfutil, and thGo Title: "Fg Wi Robert Tayor and leor ark
of eralets ad gave a talk on the Two affairs r especly Fridy u the o.tatandtlg broke them too. Arr oy." Buckle yor seat o r, who decIded they ared during f .

vice-prM adent, Mrs. Leo Hayes; t Ion for individual cadets were net, head was ctrl- fro amar weerid a"Ths Isla d- ----- *-----,-*
Secetar M. obert Brener; Frank Robo, a tobal fled. Ba e rta." Te r aVrlis t
A St. Patricka theme was used MAKEf DS ber of Cistobaa "E Company, but rtie cloaed in the sod. theagh, .to a lot o U. women i Stts
H. F. Taylor and Mrs. Cheal pre- Crtobal High School Junio the marvellous peace le ae s Nr R eset
Hostesesa for the occasion were Battalion Headquarters, third ______ There's a behind-the-scenes eye- A woea Writes me: We have o TItRILLS!
Mrs. W. b Kruczek and Mrs Hen- : place. Hedqarer's g brow lifter to tdhe ovietowp con. i As ood6frieds who are
ry rcbleaki. Over sixty members I With the commanders of the trovers and b word batt be. ra poblm fr u. CHILLS!
and their guests attended the af- winning units the three cadets tery over cr ledaitfk a -d bore soeething newfr orme.we
Seeded the attaln f anal r vr p r d f SPECTACLES! I ,
Zone Junior ROTC as the cloalt 0 Ou Is T Mayer and the "mght thnk li bec ause
ile ""lt l bowy In untnIno spirit thehavt pefas th -.-_

co Sdo adea Hea Item on the program Fri r Thalberg when TV's we make a fuss over a new COWN
Mr. Jhealal evening, ftorm te tannu Toast ofe Town presented a Roses ui, or brag about is co t.
LadlesHear seStf ett-wea av-d O.Lck and t for days every time we

Mrs. Jo Feder presided at the i fieday of the ROTC. Icavalcade of scenes fom old MGM Bt we never do. In fact, i t has A
luncheon meeting the Coco Solo Day wa held at Mt. movies. gottenso that we fee downright AQUAELLES
Officers Wives Club, which was Hope Stadium before a good-si- I, iSelinicirk bit the overhead beams a~ togtlf we get somemhng th ey
held at the Officers Club., w e a person who should re ed crowd. GoVernor J. 8. eybold ZURI, Switerland, March beaue Gi took credit tor hir. t t o ie we make
A Flowers ni theme me your snmertefowto its was Review Off (P) Co unist strength "Gene With the Wind" and added tie St we aren't trying to -
was used on th table by make a liht remark to ea his Winnln uanti dur the eve- i te t url tmicipal rpa It was "shocklg" because Sc ihary t
pto two aeta, Id oPtrlnl result trh yom?
the hosteses, r~s., ., Head, empbarcasaite The ierhon with nin competition were: liament has been cut from four didn't mention Mayer and Thal. ou can And you are kidding
Mrs. J. J, Zart. rleUo awr Mrs., J.W. rreal caarm can always put him- eat squad: Cadet Sergeantto two s S fficial r h a theorduetlon brains be. yoursl When you t f a c-
hoer- W tt". Mt-ylis amot oo the Wm sOhown, plo who ere saoo obvi i th hos pp
Anderson. They aed a variety of f in the other person's place Robert Whitus' u from Batwa most e im s i n
owltserds bne aidI lnst 1ity ho- Ao uhoely wE hL .th e beO-
flowers and had plaSe.carIs ap- -sense what he i.tfeeling-and boa's "B" CormpanY, flmt; Cadetid itoSrd'. wst city Bhow- PreFerred Ato 'er- what,, yu" hwats "vM p'I*a _, r ., At the EL PnAMA POOL-
"propri.tely decorated thereby know wht to do to pO ~t Wi' S 5( ol weal' su e., r g t t ~v fer to re P,. Exhibrn
dFollowigtheDin(eonMr. him at ease. from CrisLtobal's aaalw thnwt nalberst r s ilm h a waing T
Gene ,a artalk2oncu )t heihr inote In Bo emal ae ya idaug thr. hae aewbo r e thl rtme1 .P -.wo ntest
oB%^Vnm toW1 W for- Pa ();Dmort Re la P ic m theogoa tat happens to 1u (Cemplie* W lles
wivesEvangel PopTs PartNSycry bI A
o sampe isa~arm o etum. to moment. "" o ny iowueS. The oc o pear mdur
BeLO a __________ _________ epr8nd f rpo Ater ont n movie-main caree r. p eumllrUIr--mm Ur b
.Bulnhgard U.. an uhattnsowtyy mSPhay r8te!rte der r- :nre wo,1t i ll sIr t,
SCrstobalr ,. m aSnyd belt) ead bLaaneumamh OottUeb Ab Peopta lYl Koul w Weou l
14t tweSmber's ndependent- "9a0- 3WORLD' HIG H IIe DdIIh
Captain Charles Lessard. soar lia"rment was Dnnousder
ama O icr f ar af t o a on owsh(n acketls number ITtSeRft you oly hen he anfeel moriw
lp rd a seco o- Daelec twon) te las 190 toe you. Hr glad for your good 1:M, H:BB$: ... os N
Social Democrats 46 (40); Rad- One Week Special A real mend isn't forever mear.
"of loaMaDemocratsT7o(n2mono hlandes (r Wyouyngve, anhT feloong drEentment.
affA lal D mora baka (28)th ttdea- oo A while they last) u.g wh.t he hays against what
Sor tFladwPartb 1e1c); Pesant and "ird Rengla Prkeoe a Rui "'u Ynw toh. .sto, ODAY TH E A T R E Sl
DrnthlCup after Cup! Trffctath:(0) COCl2n Mc (hOTHesaths.o1thoule's1 atitue.e It bse sto
f- -.w The oreu]e" vote of the Corn- *C sayeofthea-har fthreeussw
muntts fell from 5,768 to 4,107 change, so why let it make you
S BLORADI, March (UP) which repreeted 4.7 per cent new and used at pieeaUy uncomfortable?
Trease, Mir J .. .......... ... Bulgarian 1basl Fr Sec- of the totsl of 89,447 votes, arranged prices. t won't If you will start thinking | -ffrm

Therayp acidntoc Credt-ob ti Ag"Coeri rawIrdu those w-wo are glad for yoour good 1=:, 2:4. 4:41, h:rp,c p.m. ONE OF'
diOndmembnearOtAhe Crheonom:"oDa-
osVesCs dfnje, near the private resene, No. 18 "Te Street toruae. Trheee who resent ,t are THRIOS THI YBl ,
Bes of Marahal Tto anddn bAN wdaMA never truly your fiendm. CHTHE CRUEL SEA"
O s m other Yugoslav leaders. PANAMA (All right reasrved, NEA Serv.
OSMELL BAD a -- eTwsaped RO2RiloMI How w
reviewedthers nhofa I Canal IIrcir b mn fue. SOEID TRT
L BcomIngB downhill nt a traffir
circle. The he OWIred off three h Itibeas
treeand wrapp. i.Mtself around ,yremka fONs TeE

wife broke l legrand tmilr small I
daughter was &jrow n out oa the TiI

.,hoetnama Zth -oc Edioward G. oIoNSO"SIDEaSTm
Oficr Wives.Clbwhic--wasiumbefoe a--od a-....and-Marh.s--ckbitthe veread eam a HOLLtic tOw get5":

Leo GORC Y. in

Spanish Double Program I
with M Mexican Stars!
w"A laIrO NldaO
with LAura Hidalgo

with amazing new CHNLROPHTLLIN
that E[ntm 0OB i-
-8 -

food re m the muted do food ebt
pls mnde dorNda 9Mthat ihM Rintute'
tam rlod ia ... c tho t dr. 8 rt f ait aD

Ip b om Bm iMbd ,P, tmi.
b thMt KeaWm-Ratiuo It y ti llbdom.
ens bueneit t xlrnA CoMT
If i7at bee aemding ywdo t NaIp., e
bis boms iMthdeamvoppwtining," tritNiou ea-
LKRMatsa s Ithe ly.mantiOg. Nve y7r
Vat health hMtend eat ds uoo n M
Bqr Kan-tenalt wits clteophysn todsy.

- ****l^< ** ..*r~as I...u

BALBOA .6:15. -80

Tom. VMS

oIABLO aa d:

r' ws m _BnMtex-"-

GAMMA 7.:0
('lD MMAY)
Swori and The BOe"
'The lady Weat m.&k"

Iaou 6:5- :

cIaseowtasses- I
t. -T

oAeA c(aU us 5 I
fAs rsre sus .U .
' 1 OLD WB I

*f mopmM -
, Rom*sa

Salcm -a: b

At the uvage end of a
thouand-mile Safaril t
I i'

Shows: 7:00 & 9:00 p.m.
.60 and .30

Morlon Teresa
in Stanley Kramer's

ToOH aOW, -
Paul Hlereid, in

oarycoope. in
Jane WVMaV. In

Plu: :
Two Burleque BShortaI.
And Also:
Three other that wp 'i
excite-'you a ot 'u

CA P -T 0L a
fterUn, H9yden Yn i
Dane Clar. In -

Jean Peters, Is^
"Lure f Tiee
Betty OraMblew. a
Nest -iq M 3BBh.


- TIOI m

John Waye Lloyd Nolan, in "Isd In The Sky".-

Strli g Heyde, in "Cm IS DAW ... ..

v r~ -iT.*~


AROAUWA :16:U :11
-- a
* DiaB0Sr
teme MMiiM no 'ar

_ ~__ ~I__ ___~ _~ ~_ __

__ .1_

_ _~__


- .7 -.,

V1:1&S, sU1, I1. oS. 8:a pm.



* .1'.,

2' .
C ~..',,.



K ~1L*H I

Ihberts, Mitten

Iimateur Fina!s
Glenn Roberts of rt. a seceaw affair throughout the
a twelve foot uphill entire day with Roberts never
birdie three on the gaining more than a 2 up lead
hole Sunday to de-1and not belrn able to hold that
ey. former amateur for more than one hole. The
and I in one of the Imatch was decided on- the 17th
of th e current hole when Roberts sank a beau-
f Championship. tiful uphill twelve foot putt for
In i wer half of the chain- a birdie three and Riley blew
i flight Doe Mitten con- lils last chance to keep the:
rMs sub-par golf with a'match -ilve bv missing a three
t feat Jack Thomas of Ft.'footer for his birdie.
1adA.4-and 3.
In the first flight. Ace Hamil-
Nzt Sunday Mitten will meet ton continued his winning ways!
ob~I_1In the 36 hole finals, bv defestine Thatcher Cllsbee 1;
IhlW be Glenn's first appear- up on the twentieth hole. Next!
Bc .'Jthe Amateur finals and week Ace meets Pres Trim who!
oc ird: The golfing doctor upset Paul Richmond I up. The;
Vs snever been able to add the match belteen these two should;
ima ar crown to his long list be an excellent one.
f fing achievements.
Roberts-Rilev match was The second flight produced
-3 ----- two excellent matches. E. H.
Livermnrt took 22 holes to de-
Sfeat Billy Parsons It took a 76
ri"'hibition by Harry swartz to defeat Cap-:
tain Bob Mills I up. The final
match between Llvemman and
SSwart, will be played during the
l week as Liverman is leaving the
S lt M, rion Harlev shot his usual
1eestiltS -onsistent pame and defeated
Fred Saunders 3 and 1 In theta
ltird fllqht Harlve may have to'
k By (I. P.) ,xternd himself for the first time
SAt Bradenton, Fla. in h- tfin;l v hen he meets E 0
111 lles 000 000 000- 0 4 4 Son'v r
Staves 232 100 20x-10 13 0 "I',. ,.sults:
'Konstanty, Kipper 4i'. San- ( hmplonqhip Flight
Id' 8' and Lopata: Spahn, C,,.nn Rohert'; defeated Jim'
EWson 8 ,nd Burris, Calde- Rtj,, 2 and 1.
e 16 WP -- Spahn. LP Hlerb Mitten defeated Jack
lnstanty. Thoma:s. 4 and 3.
At West Palm Beach. Fla. Fir-t Flight
W tPIes Of.l 112 000-5 14 0 Ace Hamilton defeated
retics 000 330 10x-7 11 2 Thatcher (lisbee, I u)n (20>. 1
itrkont. Law (4'. Schultz ,7) Pres Trim. Sr., defeated Paul
W... Peterson. Shepardl (4: Richmond. up.
n,. Wheat 16' and Astroth.
urray i6'. WP Law. HR Second Flight, Thomas. E. H. HIivermn)n defeated Billy
-o0o- Parsons. I vip (22).
jtTampa, Flfta. I'rrv Swartz defeated Bob
OjiTe Box 110 000 010-3 11 3 Mills, 1 up.
022 000 Olx-5 111
ucks. Johnson 16', Aloma Third Flight
8* and Lollar. Battey (8): Nux- Marion Harlev defeated Fred
all.'Collum r 6), Smith 18) an,' :,mnders, 3 and 1.
ndrith WP Nuxhall. LP E. 0. Sent.r defeated Jim
ruc&.e. HR Toledo, Oreer- rmatrong, 4 and 3.
-oOc- Fourth Flight
St. Petersburg,. Fla. Bob May defeated Francis
Sox 000 100 120-3 2 ? B3arr, 5 and 4.
vnal 010 000 100-2 6 5 George Vin Wie defeated Stir-,
ly.N Clevenger 7) a n d ling Bass, 5 and 4.
Niarhos <(6; Staley. Po-
y (2), Lint (9) and Rand. Fifth Flight
Clevenger. LP Pohols- Robert Eonds defeated Mau-!
HR-Alston. rice Towne, 2 and 1.
o000- Jack Peabody defeated Don!
Miami, Fin. Holland, 1 up.
ees 210 010 202-8 12
-,ers 000 010. .G 61 a L Wo
rd. Morgan nl err', da Lee Wood
Loes t6). Co'e-,un 8) an('
aelWa. WP Byrd. LP %a8 ies Winner
a. HR Cerv,. Berra. ,
Z -000-o
t Orlando, Fla. n ch l Fina
ers 014 110 200- 9 11 2
stors 002 060 002-10 10 0
n. Jordan 44>. Aber i51,1 The "burning" question a-
we (91 and House: Shea. mo1n the ladies at the Brazos
al 151. Naranjo (71 ard Brool: Country Club is "Who is
n, Oldis 05). WP Naran- going to attend the cooking?"
LP Aber. HR Delslng.
S. Oo- The reason befng that Adal
At Los Angeles, Calif. Lee Wood, Is engaged to be mar-I
plants 000 120 0333-9 11 red to the club pro, Bob Fret-'

Itans 00 0000 -10 5
ftarn. Goimez (5 and Katt,
utrut (61,; Lemon. Garcia,
, Dutteran (7 and Nara-i
n, Castlemar. Thomno-
. WP Gomez. LP Oar-

lt Yuma, Arizona.
f mq 000 340 001-8 11 1
,Iev 000 000 011-2 7 1
r'urch. Zick 46o, Willis (9)
~-ppe: Turley. Fox (60 and
.n WP Church. LP -
HR -- Miksis, Kokos,

RECORD SMASHER Native champion Riqul races to a two-length victory over Golden Tap
in the $1,000 Ernesto Navarro Classic. (Center) Breeder Heraclio Barletta holds Riqul's reins in
the winner's circle after the horseshoe of roses was draped around the unbeaten native geld-
ing's neck. Owner Oscar Grimaldo and membe rs of the late Don Tito's family are also present.
(Bottom) Carlin Diez presents the winner's tro phy to Grimaldo while track manager Alberto
de Obarrio, Barletta, triumphant jockey Blas Ag uirre, Ramon Valdes, Irene Navarro, Mrs. Marta
Navarro de Garay, Mrs. Judith Navarro de Alfa ro and Don Tito's son Ernesto Navarro Jr. look
on. Also present were future turfites Jorgito Fe rnandez, Eduardito Valdes, Minguito Casis, Nar-
cisito Garay and Delfinita Diez.

land, this coming June, won the Cops 18th C
ladles' flight of the Michae
Fina Golf Tournament by de Ciop
fepting Harriet Serger 2 and I ..
in the finals played yesterday
This young lady is a begin-i
ner and received 22 strokes from
the capable Harriet. who put up!
,t rrest fight but found the The Cuadra Mexico's three- SIXTH RACE
'i'ference in handicap too much year-old bay gelding Riqui yes- 1-Proud Pearl $7.40. 6, 8.40
to overcome. terday afternoon raced to an 2-The Dauber $15.60, 10.60
'easy two-length victory In the 3-Golden Time $8.40.
Meantime. Fretland is taking seven furlong 1,000 Ernesto Na-
e.-sons from the club chef on varro Classic for the best natives SEVENTH RACE
how to boil water. at the Juan Franco race track. l--Oranero $7.20, 4, 3
I Riqul was excluded from the 2-Grlsu S9.20. 440
betting. Jockey Blas Aguirre got 3-Ariaval $3.60.
the son of Supreme Sir-Fair Second Double: ( Pro9
Portia off to a good start and Pearl-Granero) 541.60.
he took the lead around the EIGHTH RACE
first bend where he made it;
close for La Enea and Petite. 1--Donny Boy $6.60, 3, 2.20
From there on Riqul was 2-Valley Star $2.80, 2.20
never seriously menaced. Aguirre 3-Black Bull $2:20.
drove ht hard down the home-
stretch when Golden Tap came
up for a strong finish but he
had sufficient in reserve to
triumph by two lengths.
Riqui's time for the seven fur-
longs was 1:31 1/5 which e-
qualled the record for natives
which was set by Sun's Moon
when she won this same race
March 22 last year. Sun's Moon
toted 96 pounds as compared to
Riqul's 116.
Mirzatoats outlasted Dark Mil-
lionaire in the sub-feature to
'draw away in the stretch and
score by two lengths after the
two had battled head-and-head
for almost six furlongs of their!
Seven furlong race. The time was
Ian excellent 1:28
SAmorio. the only other starter
in the "A" race after Alormina'
-was scratched. never threatened
the two flying leaders.
IAguirre. with three victories
was the day's leading jockey.
The dividends:
tl-Interlude $11 20. 5.40. 2.80
2-Petit Pois $580. 3
3-Torn Collins $4.80.
1-P tola $18.80. 5 20. 4 20
2-V-llarreal $5.80, 4.60
3--renra 13.6C.
First Deuslo: (Interlude- CHEERS 'The victorious
Mlela) 579.20. themselves and their coac
THIRD R.ACE New York. They defeated
i-Ocean Star $2.20, 2.20 Invitiuon Tourney
.2-VolAor $20.
Oae-Tw (Ocea sar-Ye-

1- PrF $10. 6.40, 2.20
3--Black GokI 52.20.
Qlulela: (Ftu Fru-Lady
Iak SeM y NuA All- and mS TH RACE
ITw a-Ather two -pal (MM


rro Classic


Quiniela: (Donny Boy-Val-
ley Star) $6.80.
1-Numbers $9.80. 3.20, 2.80
2-Mr. Foot $3.20, 2.80
3-Wild Wire $9.
One T w o : (Numbers-Mr.
Foot) $13S0.
1-Coynes Edgar $4, 2.20
2-Lion's Claw $2.20.
1-Mirsatoats $3.40.
1-Rina Rol $5. 4'
2-Yosikito $3.20.

oN BA Telephoto)
s Crusaders from Holy ,Cress cheer
h Buster Sheary holdingn tro ) at
Duquese. 7142 to winhe
v at Mdism Squ8are Garden.

... .*. -
a -J

la E [nBoca Cahres J
Cleo Burns and Ellen Kenna B a STANDINGS
battled to a dead heat for low | | k Tr ,
gross honors shooting a neat lOcal KCe Trald W L D Ps.
pair of 80s over the tricky Gam- Clovelly C.C. 3 1 1 7
boa Golf course on Saturday in l el. .kl hin Cragwell C.C. 1 1 X 5
the monthly PWGA tournament. ild hn tmlUIsiiP Sears C.C. 1 2 0 4
With handicap, Ellen emerged Seymour Agency 2 2 0 4
the low net winner for the day, Scoringin every event, La Bo- 8parton CfC. 1 2 1 3
ohe lo w ross prize went to ca teenagers won the 1954 Local Php Morris 0 1 3 3
More than 50 members enjoyed Rate lementary Track and
a wonderful day of golf and fun Field Championships. Santa NEXT SUNDAY'S GA S
in perfect weather over the Cruz wound up in the runner- 12:30 pin.: Sears vs. Seymour
Gamboa links, which, inciden- up position. 1230 p.m.: Philip Morri vs.
tally, are in excellent condition ......:aPh ilipt nor r v
The following is the complete The home of track chanipions Sparton at Santa Cru.
list of winners for the day and unearthed a new crop of pote-n- le..
their net scores: trial Olympic setar& many 0o Clove i, W. ,
whom are descendalnts of for- ,Eer.,d .
Ellen Kenna...........70 mer Local track luminaries.
Lynn Jones ........... 72 nt-sized Ernesto Smith, a Clovelly increased Its lead in
Louise Jones ..........72 nephew of owindolyn Batsonithe Expreso Colon pacific Crick-
Jane Gnospelius ....... 73 former 'local sprint champion, et League by scoring. a brilliant
Mac Askew ............ 73 dominated the tw6 events in'vtory ver the puyerful Sears
Sally Smyser ...... .... 74' Class C. Annette Burgess, of the i. e- -C.--
Alyce French .......... 76 speedy Burgess clan, led the Se.ars, -batting rsgotf ,
Edith Mathiesen ....... 76 i field In the fifty-yad dash, a good st ith 78 runsf ot
Ann Little ............. 76 Randolph Sealey, of Rainbow two, but thereaftercrumbl be-
Doris Hamilton ......... 78 ore the effective bowllngof Joe
Jane Huldquist ......... 78 City, and Alfred Holder of La Alleyne for a total of 98. amuel
Eva Jones ............. 78 Boca were the other stars with Campbell scored 37"runs.
Sylva Carpenter ........ 79 double victories The dashing batting of Ralph
Irene Robinson ........ 79 The distribution of points on ;Mening, o49. and Joe Brath-
the 3-2-1 plan follows: waite, 34 not out paced Clovelly
Our thanks to National Distil- 1st 2nd 3rd Total to victory.
lers for their donation of a bot- Points Sears C C.: S. Caipbell, 37;
tle of Agewood and to Jack Shor La Boca 9 12 o 57 E. Jordan, 5;. Cerso, 24; A.
for a bottle of King's Ransom. Paraiso 6 7 9 41 Walthe, 29; B. Wade, 0; G.
The day was made even more R. City 6 5 5 33 Brown, 0; C. Templ 0; Q.Reyn-
enjoyable with sodas and Cerve- Santa Cruz 6 3 7 31 olds. 2; J. Jusbap~ 0; .Kelly,
za on the tees, compliments of 0 not out; J. Woms, 0; Extras,
the Cerveceria, and those mar-, (V Ho p_. 1 Total ,
toons.-I mean martinis, hic. *oeY' H p Lea e oe La te, 1 ; .
compliments of the Gamboa Golf Moore, 5 R. lemming, ; 0.
Clubt --- Bynoe, 11; V. Peart, 6; J. Brath-
A special vote of thanks to Mae Y.M.C.A.-U.S.O. "WARM-UP" walth, 34 not out; ,J. Alleyne, 0;
Askew, club representative, and BASKETBALL LEAGUE E. Thomas, 2; Extras, 2; Total,
her able assistants, Kay Pender- 120 for 7 wickets.
grass and Chi McCue for their Managers of service basketball Beas: S. Campbell, 4 for 50;
work In arranging the lovely teams are invited to e present J. Weymes. 1 for 20; M. Kelly,
luncheon; also to Joe Baker, tonight at the Balboa Y.M.C.A.- I for 25; 0. Brown, 1 for 29.
Harry Hart and Dick Johns for U.SO. to makq plans for the Clovelly: J. Allyene, I for 25;
their cooperation and help with 1954 season. The meeting is Z. Thomas, 2 for 20; G. Moore,
the pairing and scoring, scheduled for 7 p.m. in the Con- 1 for 20; V. Pinto, 0 for le; J.
A ference Room. Brathwalte, 0 for 1&
An added personal touch ap-
preciated by the girls were those
delectable home-made lemon
meringue pies baked by Mae As-
kew, Alice Baker and Chi McCue.
Yummy! Chi also made and do- ,* W m L
".#- aaporegoi-- US K IW I S Pmum

natau an appropriate golfing a-
pron as one of the prizes. Don't
know about the rest of you but I
shore had a good time!
The next monthly meeting of
the PWGA is scheduled for A-
pril 17 at the Fort Davis Golf
Club. You don't know what you
are missing if you don't come
out girls!

il Morland

Reelected Prexy

At Brazos Brook

Popular OGl Morland was
again the unanimous choice
fer nt of the Brazes
SClub yesterday.
tIM 'St the helm etf the

bawvet comiin-
qmfminmt RfliM and
h gg eefftcent gMtag of
t eeim m the past two
SMiddlewass of United
"t Wa dusted vice-prea-
deatL Jm Beversea il agaia
be secretary sad perealal
treasurer Frits namphres of
the Ch~ National Bank had
am ppealtic sk.

Atlantic Basketball

Officials To Hold

Meein Toniht

Kiwi s bads with a&er so
waxm tsad-ealet dy3. That's why it a dmp, .lo
|a....attp -eadiryeeT tm
lasdnhtein that po*cis 1nd pinr"usyw 1oi. Try u to

The Baketbal OffIcials As- B^ I The n pom shm pwbL
inobMw Atlmantic MBi Board I I W I
wte hold a metngm and cfnksAn Mw mio a SWI

*t.^ ___ -
asot YsA ga w>
1eatrn f t beiems
anMAWg M~samLWamcdd MII phs fPmm

..-. ... a | = *.. m.. .. .

Winner Over.
PACIFIC .LT LUEAGOR tnltar i ne hair
Chaley Riley -'- n M'iOM
Teams Won Lit in therunnin or the
. PFederleo. Plummer 130. last Seara 5 1 half d a .
night turned in one f his most braltar Lif The box e:
briaSnt efforts to turn back Seymour Agey 4 2POIM C ..
Cha Riley, 129%, by a unmag- Lincoln Life 2 4 ab rbh ,
dmo ision after breaking his. 1414 2 4 Browder. If -.1 2-1
right"hand nthe firstround. Police 1 6Ro, 4 0 1 I
Some 2,000 fans atteiaded the FRIDArS RESULT AmLratl, as 3 1 -4
fliht. Eldks rPolice 3 E. Corrigua, c 3 1 5 2
summer drop for an TOA GM BUrM. 2b 4 g
countnhe f round Gibraltar Life vs. Lincoln Life 1q jb |
wjh a solid right to e jaw. T a t 0 0 *
Th pnch wa probablythe one Th Elks 414scored a 6 to 3 Sc t 0 1
that lnjared hie hand. victory-over the Police laP Fri- Crawford, C' 2 0 0 0 0
Pron the second on, Plummer day afternoon at the Pacifi Brown, 2 0 0 0 0
was foteed to do all his flghtng Little League Park. x-Dehlnger 1 0 00 0
with his left. Hs right was good The Coppers pushed across
only for blocking punches and three runs in the top of the first 28 3 8 I
tying up his opponent. Inning on singles by Browder. xBatted for Brown In uixth.
Federico Jabbed iley dizzy Ammirati. Roe and Elliott butj v. ZLKS 1414
and In the eighth Riley turned Flks hurler Tommy Bright set- DeVore. cf 3 0 1 2 0
away and complained to referee tied down and shut them out DesLondes, as 4 1 1 S 2
Colon Al Brown that he was hit the rest of the way. toudnor. 2b 1 2 0 1 2
by a low blow. Brown, however. The Lodgemen came backpajak, 3b 2 2 1 1 0
disallowed the claim and started with three runs In the bottom L. Corrigan. c 3 0 2 4 0
to count until Riley resumed of the same Inning, the scoredJ. Hern, lb 2 0 1 6 0
fighting. singles runs In the second. third Hem, If 2 0 1 0
Two of the judges voted 58-42 and fourth to coo the came. Camby.. rf 2 1 0 0 0
while the referee had 56-44. Tommy Bright, the winning T. Bright, p 3 0 '1 0 4
Vastly improved Rodolfo Fran- pitcher, grabbed him third win.
cis. 123,, knocked out Leslie of the season. Walter Brown g 8 1
Thompson, 125, at 40 seconds of who wint all the way for the Sore by I22 i I 3
the fourth round In the ached- police suffered his fourth loss. IPollce 300 b- 3 In
uled ten-round semifinal. Fran-i Larry Corrikan. Elks catcher, Elks 1414 311 0 x- 8
cis was leading in this thrllin( led his team at the plate with Winning pitcher: T. Bright
battle up to the moment thwo hits In three trips to the (3-21. Losing pitcher: Brown (0-
knockout blow landed, plate with pitcher Tom Briiht 4). Struck out by Brilht 4. by
Steven Bennett, 124k. punch- getting the longest, hit. of the Brown 4. Bases on baiM- Bright
ed out a split decision victory game hammreing out a triple in 3 Brown 8. Two base bite: Scott
over Al Stewart. 124. in the man the third Inning. Billy Browder DesLondes. Pajak. Three base
our-round preliminary, nd Harry Elliot led the Police ilts. Bright Umrnpres: Fall and'
Justin Ortega, 13', was cred-at bat with each than gettinger. c l .
cited with a fourth round knock- two hits in three trips to the
out when Baby Austin,. 131,, _plate
who had substituted for Hank- 'The final two weeks of the c N ,
ing Barrows II, failed to answer 154 season starts today with flCe WS
the bell for the fourth round. the second place Gibraltar -
, Ao TheFairw Lifers taking on the Lincoln ------
Along The Fairways Expreso Colon Pee Cricket

T --

I -O _

%FNWIP m ma m w Im m lpwmiwm IV mww v


Slna "' ",Watson rf
s ,t b t L Plt.
PoC mast '5 1 Tetas ,
Pi.als 5 1 3m' Sea lar b
0lots 5 a .P614 11 Ple 3-3

rve i behind who can't.w
2c);a Col I (l nere

S lleeat tue Coxeeu int two be- Curdis. Dole pial : Curdta,
hind the two-hit p l na of 8ianeider, ItWluloe Left
d asleD, puttn Pa -on Ra sa: __ aXo t,
a in wo-wy t e wi ththe ti On l off tei 1
wPitma byo uthke ron half a r Strle-outr 10 -
a t i a_ ba fte_ W eb
leagu UM Ith dM& SIOIN Ity.

his seventh four defeats U0 l reia : NOs, :lour.
Sbyl. March 22 two well-aid ft b the oteao hit .6 in 1 while twHa ohi for C oneos Tnme: 1:Le .ft
(v nae s and Idid Waths' sdle to the Orioles ges with altimored his nth less against Lx
o u have the e.. leaves STout S ogeon, an Mike S is a better ntD QN
e, of equrua the club wlhouti a shower-room ceateher than Smoky mr Th biog tot the winnlnn. iAC
re rt a ar rbetc e w with t$- twoaof a A,.S f n 1
Auburn Del Enns and Gray Important now lately because pat2-e, bt i^s acreampuff htter the beIl li end_ Bedk.d Curdts Mdlb.b, p& 3 2
tHamner, the lt Army service behind who can't run. ai l doubl. Ryruilst e ri ,. 1
ml and Hamzaer just about them are Miy Mcelotta, 5 Thornton ni .pper. Bob Miller wt ouble.e r .o rl ., Ianu 12 1
wrap the Philadelia Nl and Ben Tona, 24, who Paa and Bob reenwood have the h o J. Lin pe lb 3 1 0
SaOn c amnt eayon e ffor w i ed the s econd base b ese t chance .a 1ecomin the o ae f 1 ,0 bt H e l b T
mo combiatio for Terre Haute of third nd fourth cer be He no hcker en Corrgan. Sb 1
name. But there's little ter the ThreeEe batting Roberts and mmons w on mn ow, bf 0 0
th do aon e mu b o n r ik w le L l b h a, 'rf, h:b d I W01118 i er
Sn.. 191, but has had only Baltimore wasn't too mpreple ev If theTy have oul the time, the fans just file int hi se and et
R ear Cu 4 0 0lw er Stan Lnin ch ru *srik rsrs tw -4. two do, wt o

shis not because Mdoun Bob the one year of experience oIpn but he pitched n el te 7 e theal Id
asnt tr. The cb organized sall. Dick Yn who athro tthe wintr an d i t anon. e t a as 1 2 1il tilr I It s thse exep- t Be It a t ke
tbig I execute nJ desp te th Charleston of the all right, toppefthe Bble heaar ad BOa m) n tr srd Jn lremem y v rer n timet 1
rathrate fia ml. tieim lean era n oatsowition it ood Bo b reay a e s. hvae tth e h of a Haas al M.di bot r Youn, I
attac.o ded du ld sa the 20-year-olnd azan- but mane o in e htm ab T2 w1with, twt ben old to ee e o- outside 1,'e nd e et tlore ol lp h

Pont cski, Sta c out teve O ell co- awful Pirates last trip. You know l on b 0 3 nerv He sat n i ce at dl Miller, one o the
ebplaned abt h to empty about Karl Drewse Jim Kontan- g McGlff, 1 0 0 onee end b o t e big lobby and 2 te Ie n. eIt
the asa as at rba illie Jones, tv Rdlk and culae tolrght Ls or&. 1 0 0 oatsed, through theau open dooe mn do ties i oo wl d heb a 2 0 l D
Stl aJn. w inn sho p -dl i. ,r Boe, cot M nr i tduao if Mil.i cyle thke oeut o th lasd e the a se Rae- oHo0 1

fou y $100,000o Auttlup 217. P Hgina Paul Penson, H C h lloU andj e e b 2 Bt a c s f etr ce and e Twice. h ey, h s w as ther all
Jgf. 1. 1one has onl k a r with prese The lot from t 1 0 0 wori' e-known indoor sports walked alon the pavement for ad so wa a big lon

-aeS not biasellt tou phenomenal ocin yaa d theeriWsannce all owing nine ruIns Meteloro i1 0 0 "ev he rashers, he 3 ln0d u7 at thldhe fire escpe. On "Thea nt Jumped h

nntoth I ntet ea w wht Enn: WV wa AIeom ah.m o doenn- va the' i.e'e-out route Thompson, o t, rf, Sb 2 0 1 eapae l trad dirithe "NO" aefr- up four or five men huddl ei e ps t dhate .ao

St a ti with ut lo Dee str ck out two, sl baed for al n ad is staff e
PIs a n ro k altg nth l t h el rd t do B u three d base aou tlend was l th rH ad a s lt idfor a co1e a chame around and row e d r s
la i ny fo r g the knee pr l cool. o f Tliveld by MeadM ead dtook over ZX*ihdok batted for Nuflt in kt loba tl rnsMm en o an a aft er o em now. oVT cazy can d 0 B to I rmI

ratn at the close of last sea e e e Wi d are the second Inninln wi S Ina the t o st had to go you og e .in her'ok l:
n y bc rmElaote r ltt. Macaws t00 2S- 9 71 t themitubeand hen"like a quiet one. Take Cpeople t
faorme sy11 as me Ime sourceth of, su pl o ei no wins for the season. Ocelots 241 202-11 1 1' dle," he said, their sea ao this that's It Buth

and**11LUP4 t 1 o 'g t fiedM, BEACnh. To her DiO ckrr tl ners bla3t- t uircheir1.
ord o B With the les a wthe ao Kz ofb paay onto Va 1 'tlteman, or trl iOcelot mitt-man Error s: Macaws 1 n a (Ptman)

a boi iens"eague batters wth. 33, are major league aes slashed his second and third Ocelot 1 (k). Runs batted "YO uy got hato the joyt "h wl n agortt of nato mag
second man sirer two Sateman 4, H- arena tickets aire colored that uhr show Cy heir handling of on Ben _ogan's

rs in a sinog game ftoor the abu Kart r. TJo-base hits: wa tonight. the blu tick y or Uhe ss

b Toeodataich ISr Batean al.o alerth our &y then he filsi JaS had happened to a-ma Nhm. Winni The r oeutt on e h s s a reg aste he
y a" a per o ai n Med onl e as o un l late. = if es yel time hto S tota 5u na Daeat a2.e ttim having the best sports ushers in years. _. _1

baen for the winen, tlase- Kcrchmesr 9, Doee 3, thed 1. hepmade hm eine, runs oPnt a u at home beu th oftENC
Po3ells22thrpe Th OnelotblpoLun d ed ohe piiee seit det o foy r o P A pltethegmre rStrebases: beKe bah e tooo adtht sle i -e m. the tbs awine Som 32, S0 0 nlay whe.rd 2lt 19
thie we tant. Ase otwe san ftno heir Ka t "sals Aithp In and sti fve liemi nar 1 0 0 unddth 'It 44 bes gan ve s to Ba
w G 1 '' egot ve Meoad. 1 for 9 runs in ai/3 ti. Trit and errnre.e Ihibused nestr oor. oun wdre$ hs It rh s;
Te e wwe;ase e c lgo ad ngfs L1eft 7iu for 9 les the Joint. d ow why d owhe you seemed w e r eus tit lt ,

eavl eaosade bee aid e huera Ohni Bev oe'
Dark 3 i ea er led hprs3 teI at tuhte i t Innns Wi pls: ob god cler ard hav te s oI te O e b van 3o er, "
C rar e c or w gl 'ha v t o retu r n t oo 3 2g d o w n v a isn 'tru p f u r o r i v e

o s Game te bit o wi o thn he frs ae i*tnbas, catcher, wit 2- an, Nlhmed. Winnl oteh- .me or methine." W uch ut for gne a r r pre ca
T h e o u t fi el d r emal t h e s a m e 9 A l. 1 1. weInre p oi s
oe up, It wa'hs andt the op ite. I thlnk o was afad he'd get a rris, shortstop; hd thre onlyr rt Kireh-elt (-yt ) Losinig a fsn l crowd Is a e, a a h five -his tes ri
Nowelar a agoe 10wever, hae srewination a e r asbad- Jr.n, base b d t rtMa baw a oi- ther: ead for(0-3). rus mpin pri t firreih a bdo O te in rid hem ws owel ranw
ar uMathwt had a tremn ao sophomore year improstvig n lible which dnee in two runt. Hlane, Neville. me: :00 mllns that ar has b een minutes late. tinin l hoe
Srn turne in the ery hitting teheaco, sMte hacularly in ho ite runs, w t _it fo e le
su. pelir.ota~. over the from 25 to u T, twim h mIninde him tops for both league lot ,came caters g al 2 aoe a sutr

cerai N ow t.1ed ball, ou expeh atted the only American-coren get-tar player who never u bh It --gr-v. Runs batte n itebs lag aS .
t ol r wed b aspired to be a Ho plywood cowboy. He rted cah the fight lt G e
e ac or thto the m teher, which sWhta e bim hitter uso t do.lrs, year a iO S vs ianathe srdinay Drawing No. 1828,,Sunday, March 21 194.

SM We the first ua he'd ke the b, or der-tne pitch. Lat year te os ng oman a h er "
ina"is ned b hrmn Ce rl' the-s must have surprised him, he struck out itewer tim. t w iet,
br P0the R iit to the 83 aspiedt to as o recolao. "He t lt
shtanah 15n a is r 43r Bat bema o hw 1o, Chii 3 3 ** 1 -s this my had
nd was a srewirg eting aout handier, th key Manwc e ofw the Naionte Leaues. Off their eider, lb
n,, ao nh hnds the rint of the way. comparative recoik s for dn53 it should hone been wths other waAu itarith, fh 3 0 a
Whround. Mntleadrodpedmooffetha n mosto the m orroffus ivn Hrl W ,n p 3 0 d$ h
toertment. Maow hTihewhlemore tia twice as many homerOfuthe W4nseve, db ts 0 Second P"ize 3890 th 3 2 p e.0 0
oYankea mousMter sid hwas ir in front f r tien RB, Is. x-Bart iler 0 1 0
Or8mm gai st e no1a reason wh thew soudnt oue an lu it es
Ad idth utt ,. ader,, r. to a hithwa80 1-ond, at- s 16
daistumng menwit. Maorew abac co amalon.y hr so the cr s Winberg2 a
emore than noml Ocrollac, s he instt, there s nol dnto much a n0n c p

Naval 8t3,a t 2o -oo to worry about. ut whatever it is, it hits him each spring, so it vs. CONr JOS e. Priuh Id, Pu. as I ueu ? Io. 9 Pri. Iu o. M e. N Prhe ia h. PrHa Mt. Uiaj Mh
the Heeylth Annual ba must be chronic, lranglon, 3b 3 00 i0 h i .m $ I $ $ i
came aup atr the final l2ged me *of the muscle club. He 1i dit thehard way,. o Blaud Ia .lon. Dt. T ake th nt
tam to scorle pi and went hitting only 37 at home where the riht-field set Up doesn't hepu huse, urt, 2 Ma 3 H0 s s ti ii W
on to Wee N avy Chiefs. the left-haid swinger. atill, he d idn't get many at the eM aReaw lb 0 e0 alt2I s t;I se 1f 7In 2
Ballley o VIP. 45 wn individual Orounds. either, nd the stands there offer a pitch Mod putt r ru s inS-/e .s. at ~aa. eto li oor, i !.. she was5 1,52l ...;
) honors with a 213 high single target Matakbeatase they looked so easy the young man was 7 fo
'No think hat was it," he frowned. "Actually, th Appwxasons
WHRITE HATS CLUB way I t ww is mostly right-Wenter, the Polo Oroun2 ean obe
.e it d rd Total awfully I seldom pull a pitch down the oul le, rand bass bt __ th Us
MAaihle ha 1is 48 of e9 i sop t h om oro ya ipo tine oee w hich dr I 41in two rn Nvlm 411 440 m em ha b m
LonOrsontur 11 159 1503 425 Yory. h.ite gp lopine run! Wat- am I tP to do. GS my
Perf*Mhln Over the from 425 .... 47, whc Made hi osfrbt egeAlotU cn s .PIM

Ar.I.trUto 19 150 200 W09 Lit U hitters who can drive the ball a fur piece, Mathews 2ly EANBS IARDON AprMHatioMs Derived FRom Saecod Pme
Oallgan. 1 5 14875 48 blends forgrm power with speedy wrist action and makes it sem 24 Tears I r N atinal Leau
SU "-, ..... easy. The young man certainly looks as It he has what it takes Wittn for NSA i ,
-i M" to becomes fmly established as a perennial power champion. Qu m:". arIe 2eL N aee m isN un msee s ss =s6 amm 9.0
VL.. 1NAV 1 C 7sS "I'm going to hel him build up his home-run e*unt by let- Qesion- Do the -W a m M u

a leanDrnd the didt, Ormm ed wryly..ybe we ust Apprimtion Derived From Third P

Gartener. 1 43 ine the Mte rStt waaa 11e hi him sg at 3- An s

oN ot a 15i assra- is1fui-A. ^sss ^ sa a .... u'd to cella -w to is. 3t 1 r "* N 1U [
In 10 .01 1 i, then of m pgIa ohi a'll msaw_
iss i1 ai6 lo. ot t his hs oconff tar Dithe sB knIwsl

1Galley ()1u) i -a Riougt t a 4o lae ibut he' tb T Th W ne tiket ending 1 and neut inelodf abodelist -Fe Della -)

_ --- 55 _ll__ andtthees. Ted JltSg%!k 0 on e the tSltklo for] S
in7l u tie. It is Al Trulingw-the two Crete
vs.rM OU T.. ONM.&.w5= gaA asela oth s *2r 10 t, e _
4P I' as abasewaI Mathews cloea A. with ais ha. Signed by ALSERTO- ALtMAN, Governor of the Provinet of PanamA. C-d. 47-12155
135its 176 stl oudut 0 bb a tesaume ovs heL ewey OlA The -altme odelee The Uepresuntative Of Th Treasr RIQAWO A 1r.WEMa
taoo 1 g real good rrn g. fH hss may bt the juer. oemiesx t Wrlwmu: Plummer, C6s No. 11-1973 jj3amraW bDA.M b
are t lW7 a te. Yo e ar t s et tire waiting for Sliow's telesis have w37kg eemins wi3h u to
The. Srn mNn Duke br his luck to changeR C n ( mIe b M Into his M) The in Io

rU -


L .th peopleknowA ... ,.i RC" ..untr lses odl Abrah.m Unrol .s;

L1. .. ...n. dr .DAtd oI g
d Mr iow een a oo ane,

qnd Merchant Hsits At Gunman i:.
The prepmsal was advanced-by
emost. The commtwe iM d ei

bulees a weWyevele U
I" b"t late ffect.
SLIA, Mo.March 22 (UP believed to be 40 to 45 years old, all were too surprised to do any between that point and Centralia.

. en of the man who Satur- him. Gray laid. The robber then et Pontac in which a woman drive. He is a salesman ad partner medts *ls should hep in the ef- League -4s ten-fear-old Art te Ba (at bat), son of Ca Mr. ur Burof CA
ht held up a bandit woundedgrab seizuddenly confronted him with a thing. Gray, who said he h ad been a fo. rardhlhte Captain Barr is agned to duty wth the hl. hte

Mo in gems inhe sa the station here. thought at first was A followed, baut he soon lost it. diamond salesman 41 years and a lenghy it temet onDe e oundaen ft because Intead of drawing up to full height Jut under our ft he
in the clubning car of George P. Lennrton dining He wa s not certain of the licenever before had been robbed row owd nd Recession" published bydown nearer to thr eet Altho or the
today and offiroads No. 12, car sward said the robber fire plate the gun in one hand, Gray the diamonds were contained committee which was e nne e

rd he had escaped from shot. a which missed, and he began briefsse in the other. four wallets and an envelop i the In ow to help avoid a ltwaAe
i.tting the m o with a magazine. Walter r Wnilkerson of Centrala brief case.. along with about $4, deprpsiop. The rt sal bus,
y had on most meager The man fired again, wounding saw him enter a brownlatemod2Ish. and state and local r.UI MAN IN BA that Is In Panama o E

re# wa Nw dammio o lhonnd _psantrrC nal unme. ths hmio nute thnerpt he give Wesen m
ion of teman who Satur- him. Gray said. The robbert ent Pontiacin which a woman driv. He s a salesman and partner matt also senhould help in ef- Legue -Is ta-ear-d ArBy.a( (at bat), son of Cau Ar ho)

SM co, Mo., hopil, aid he across the aale from Gry and J. E. Ellwor, FBI agent In r etbau and Fred Lazarus
to remember what Twohe bandedit as th e bandit seizefcas the brief case.r was waitiuncovered so far did n the firm of Adophe Adlerifort. oGi rd e a pta Barr Assigned duty
Gray, 5,like. Bloom said th ate train pulled to givea halt at As the federal Burlled a of Inves mod cutters and importersha. When ballplayer steps
I yric an said a bn, aullet frhe sat the sGratiy conhaed him the length o f ti followed, uridictit he soon l ts because Instead of drawing up to hisfulc"
bonthe club-din Grays rit fot. the car thP. en returned, limping He was not rtn of the license omtm, Chicago crowds toward te plate and shrinks down nearer to thr fee
e victim old officeroad's Noa 12, car i L e-war se d thot e my frot boret Gray, and prs umably the ba- bu aaa n wle Leaguer, Ared aale, who elays left i leldf Aotl
n C oom q ted oitol. a sa dit, boarded ying trano follow at Kansa Scldo's ll last week ,.
SS Panama Due tered he ar from the font and --- Jrm il of tiaie 8 leven and twelve of it ould be geared to ac
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.M. Thursday ro ushothh opTed ae e a turnout eTo Greet ns J o utr, rsant r eesiont Ste oth mmerU Inelt obte tedntwe Vu ie r
re was desription of pa-- ta a- his fac|.t man for the i ad arumens on behalf of Israel than- rtem spdseher i rl o the cona hur-. "Thi combined with ewicv
mab Line lahedulved to arrive his con- Philip M. Bloom, a represent- He added that officers wer e on .e a ended yesterday. aD. Miin ducUon retve

e iin to advice received today i ve C11, are dein all ran of the commission, Commant wVernid ind-okn fronri "fd be as -"i amendment to the --mil- Committee wil hold e e vera nation back onI the ridaVI "
Aray, r e In goo condition lion in St. Louis, told of sitting planned ver car efully." l Statesaau and Fred Lazarus tax duton o hearings ot the ta re perou economy" he
S M Mo., h ospita, w thd he across the aisle from G .an a.d J. E il. El rsworth, FBI agent a ote. rm bill before ending to the er e

Stoo excding a number of Canal the hold- hearing him famleaandsatCinotechicdreg Aes Iaate Aamy hpokesrman esAahee bnMthlal uttlate ttos week. Senate r aia a vote. "at-ax re
S toerla Femer what th e banto dit as the bandit seize the brief case. "facts uncovertheed sofar"bus towa didnotIsraelme it aid additional 400 million dollars in a committee member, aid h e i He id it d tax

r via Port-au-Princey p WId ^dan ended a( 176 -Ile rsrae Jordan Armi. me"wy opttic" the See will OB luxuries t thrsnbou
d like Bloom said that as the robber give tlcomhe Federal Bureau of ves the .. oees took test o Dougla d h amend t reject any ncre I- efficientt.

-.-hsicdli to tentative pdlletRfled Gray chased him the lengtRh ofem6, fromsurvoofte a l WO ut new auto prices about come tax lgaption jurisdiction as e
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e victim told officers the man, "I've was killed bmy Gfurkha sol, of PGranama delegation to the pbn.t eoree gency federal apction.s ent Esenhower has de- fur u
butnasssacre in which atU
',4 destination will depend Don per recently, a surrendered ter. tenth the traiatn at Kference sass lt te re t sa"l stoiwe .d clothes wo 1 tpused the KHGeorg proposal as admissions co le
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3'lopmenta In th e current rorist, reveledtodayhe now toing at .racf. kIru IUl en"%i tho e S Both adtemilidaBa "--dznatibeluneound"-a viewn aaearedbytWo-farc. Me tl
remen's strike in New t ported h dead mwast fob Saod one Memberaot L.eal.r0Ol.mO at ra business ans conditions WASHINGTON, March 22 (UP) pe. r ctans totake up in five or sa o
ah a scholarr soldiers" of the CrO exprea sed roa ound aB fac- ctheMandelbaumI. en. I-Pal)) also a member of taxhe p r o e .sI

terriaenal moment wo let tion on Mta Reaan's itand -q Is rael-held Thes of eder loans anse lwtoan Douglas, appearing te Du Senate Finance Committee
I and saina to infiltrate segot you. youmittee a.... d nounced today he will Introduce He said he believes its fate will

t uLrsODa tpM.,rch a ToUP) e"m.,cd- tifhesaomanw issov o otsitd md In chair a ndm-e PCaot vo od tti On cUS Air Bass
Mtudi will produsce'2 Armieso dn MM; and. Vty se~lamog~he shor 7 .comic dp, but warned business- l
eon to adviceureces this vear eight was a me of nkge South Mala- dOfficial*areg ai ll ast oist h cma en agist dependihg entirely up as an George plans to off po his p-Mr-Comsid E SenoerFla
-SHerihu. non-U.S. .itizen. employees de ut s of the United States d d ati

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ship, wth16 assengersne of their soctinga vote. bill s duled for Senate action form bilbefore sen t to the
lng a number of Canal old- poR t edfamilis'andallsochlildrenAnrlAr oesmaInshod.heIitalcu...lateth kSnteNW YOtK, Math(is Wep ater A. AfrKovtom
SpIokesm OT:shoub trUn bw UlO byo e. tsftE. eyoisdcot oo the Sraill onlxme

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e,F1 haFrd.y en route to'--2 (r&* o.. _"on t at~lk e. slayer =st f h eue -ussw ,n i.. sa ndditionhlo ,400M million dollarsrina .e "P .' o- mmittee omen"be", said Isu aidee It old t

d, ia Port-au-PrinceBO r-A OpPlace onA'rda ended Sari ay.or- & "usrecoy. Douglisa s aidn sm eet a ye i a Wla- o "T't
g t ae tt Uo is the mverasir Pk: L- W S1 10-woo "a-1e ol rD ugasa hisprmond. m ,- ntir ejnyItisn woL d&
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esie Wo.I.d sailx reedrdfrom C .s.cent.p-uaidttadn u h ar ,, r d dRedono. amemas b Der.of thes MtT-It
_a-e nmrdt .ovemeni, whoie ft ylI
Ch inanoa.. Itt nfitraes w hinnese acool ga ,t egrgat lna- d rii -egua Cat1ees, te reilef ru mo yerlsi onsow reerators,.artesidentisenower ha suld e
esnaton wl depend on iers recently, a surrendered tr nth A e ad.ot f.mibly a stovesandaclothesdryers. nounced te George proposal as n
po gn.pamentltin the curA Fdthrorist, revenmedeooday.fe nm st 0bil'za t ppoveo' and*4o v a prpoa by Sen. b w d c ie & Vae y dbucWi-i

oChpnator nfiMtrate a.anbese ofobes.]s aetTue.segr.ain teme te-qr Aml| t.r'ong arhrkt ied he me ge h Mnerall appmont televisionsfow, "m$eettYour|opotisa, d doa. Dmlas wdimsuld
,r1f Wi fllM/ke'Ui G n 'Malays. to spread Clommunist natinon-Onhe. l Zone itbthe"sho0 .lulle from Noed arjustenhoexry&s pranCon-gress," also Urged the Senane dbelpat W -a..-I--iiemr
ac,,itsaganda.aiaraan dmeetek s was ,egisteirdhamwiinstrument of economic stabhec zau-rre apptove.e...op-saOn-. beft ____%J '_e_"_ ; iany sdit a s
tudio swillu rdurin26 mieso,,,. ,,and.eaftert p .m.lasclnidht.. me Walter F. George (D-Gp.) to e ut l par., ..

le pictures this year, eight was a meo7t e South Mala- lhot nit.mep rnstoofferependin-entiry..
major features will go In- ..e Is dlie believed to have' been High Low ofAbout_7.6, 'O-&. Scale of 10. ntain or Increase advertising reform bill which the Senate ex- nuuv- I .u Omday about coost 'ltion 1 V. S.
production -th month,heaondnth etal3pm6:.4p......... when .ales fail of:, the committee /In r'n CU, ILTa .i edurye .eda foralJ
committee. 6:14 p.m. 12:11 p.m. rect.en ..wa not det.. IflhI LIIII to e A m -
.i,. I N,-.iW YORK, Marh (Up)adNr A.YA.2Kontma. ,

raft, Dnsord'S Koea ReconstruLction y,.., f ca b Greece
asethef namedstheobestdrem setho
On S c n.w ma. M461.Ko 1.a U 616At,... ip l et tlnlustration.o...

I +o.:m~arkets. A- Its economic Aapaclt~y bob1 to resltis on __ ,...-- n reqdest "r

sae, l nterviewed were Iman th 6.e-,a9n1- frt U ".2 ,w-"I Me
Sis ee lon worth of used clothing from aills. lChiang lfre bgC
$ aata eGnne3to all Over the world. Said a s~okes- r Sd ati gmernaent In te t
9o~ ters W a"'tati $Park tonstantrQ Uart hs bbe man -for' unit:m- IF$010 s
Sto put tourh clayersg on l19[.Altligh retirement for the 1V64 Red CaossbI. at, dha ; Ma' Julioe a, Colo;
warehouses toput fourlayers oni l loIel reasons hascOctn muntedd to Iass 2,W2
every man, -woman, chUd and interrupted his rule, he has been a amo ty yI xw. -, a.-,o n. $ -C,
dog In Korea. But among thisW "Atognhwteeadreleader.o fthe,.,eseekingwi S A. n
stuff are high-heeled shoes, eve- Nationalsts since that time. I "Althmonth we atorealize a mwih nis-t"; A-namw
tign gowns with sequins, and lmum s month to realzrd the a mnti istrbad w. a
such that will never be worn In / I-!Au-m- of Re oCr wk inthe Cstroal; Ae eaceLe,
tils country." A s' E-uRC rl o la
t, .- year ahead, the initial report ,of A. ; r, W. Mit.,
Th feWe Sit ua tion bears sim l- i,- leontribullonTai D i e sn by iralmsiasda., d M r-9.9. "Nei-
lnrities. Atl unexpected bumper Tasi De S dla o doA mna and Mr Lo
harvest coming on top of 3* meted l rR. Grnatma; adrf.
00 tons of graln Imports has nAg I lgo At/76; Ienea dir f th cls _r,.s. P C. .
caused a pUle-u of surpluses all Ihanptngo Atlraeris1n fuma rg effArt..
over Ktea. Most of the grain M iON, EIndochmina, March 2In 2=the names o the f. Isentt e
devils. of Annm died he eter- eththeallPa-
So thee basic elements of ex- day. ewas 6., wa .prrtcdipatoon rfm me ypbothClo
Istence are not the Immediate 2ls oaon of the Smperor Tu ofhe isthmus and four $160 Government ofes cards are be-
W people are the best IM to 19W w en he was depos- pay,
lothed and fed of any Asatica 4ed by.French authorities In An- Ida IMUieb (In Memortiam); C. r 'ducto rather by
aynwhere. nam and exled to the Indian A. Haywoed Ma;x y; l Under h ayro..ll d ud uo
.sa ,different story whq youR O&I Oe Islea. of Rengon. e Or. a e i ae nd
Usto.Iroo or -rag recon- t KA T uovg eeju oe -gela4. lth homeland after Wrld War 11 nameU PrRdSt: Co.. Ins., uiintm for heal rate cm-
S" e p *rer "-e SM. .- 1 B -a i a a prate c-- -s- m e" Wau w, Bal-

I.- I"t, S,.-." .

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