The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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o&- aq lxj ANP. -PA UweF
casdda n recent ioni1.
MeCarthy said his 'indI
me."' t the Demoeaf
Party, nft-tes at aest 'st
Iattdty oW att we

4mbe' ntsV," "pekleed'at rt
domn", W.Vced, charges thi
SBteerwaon it- 1943 helpe t
mulate petwar ly
flich wa 'to C=
into the Italian governineft a

Russia Balks


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i c o v e r -" ," ... ..'"'. .
n- Ir T.. ., (MA Telephoto)
TO RID SZRVWCES OF REDS .- -DAasa Secretary Charles B
t at- Won 'tel- ta Sente A*.etrtOnmlt at Wa hung.
"rioll- ton' that the Defense Depat p determined to' eliminate'
0n, and any proves Oo mauntts'front t- armed services. -At right is
t Com- Army Secreitay. Robert Steven

:Senaor WanVs To KnWw

ow Schme pent Time?
he, a- -,
AVo-0" 0i ... o---

1to Ihen lie

HANOI, Indochina, March 20 p -
CLhion pilots of Maj. Gen. Claire Chea pT
Iine dodged withering Commtunit antl- 1ifqa
d 'drppp supplier to M-e 1 Pl;'

to the French Union A lnidefj of
diys roared through the fusillade of
Iumenibeloew were dr# p t tis
,i*ata rte of one etuer sit Scondi -
F'seh :outhorifies a id .none of. tfe i.
pittedi by the Americans had sbes. a b n
closed that one of the big planes flop t
- had been destroyed.
led art men rsfied shd eonluso

tatd Di an hua to a grhad

r 41S arifest fIn orthwest.-

IW5V. *RUM'vs e .9
h~f-. ben Po !

sate time. B

Lat.Aa -D I

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tan dte s tdi

If'h6b getting "so
W Smuch blggs
and test them a
88tan Rep. Che
I a -member

ll. ., -toc 0e14

grfr- cur

r aSC 1W 6- Bo &g(P
a a reported
d hed 4dued the e cod WW a rican
test with Defense r"ase there, ow radio
CharleE.l Wildar. He ouncedtoday, .
ralutSon of the blot -" -
tn competed, because The. broacsf ia KirSS"
h ene(euary- -nstru- nov, Boviet 'AMab8iO at The
been -dsteLoy., Hague. delivered to Hal-
sald Anfotmation to land's Forrlgt t a-Dng
aths H-weaes we against a U.SB. ba, I.'a ATO
i by that if they get country. "
er we won't be able to
Such, an astallation "can by
t Hollfleld I-Calif.) no means:~ QotrlbUte to the im-
of the congresfonag provement of the lnteruaglonal
rrcom~s, 6awwho atospeM4S a4.0 at .tb
-from rae Ma a tween on, re. quoted- the p at .
aehend the awesaon...
seas of gea m. Eaa
: 1 1.i
d for ltig of the
rtain that bee black- I r:LA
Official Information COSta 1 F

anamq Due Qte*Ii
eneday A 6*ol eatasaie whtib has
affstied ts Jan- L re
*"now 6soInd.104.%CV,"
-fWerS ca, w ww cttieSia .re-
/Pftf esft Hled yes*> -. -
rt- e Y w.t. least two -t t< TtetrI
0s hlbad f died, towrport a"M
'h"e report amlso iled that
uWa Line ship is due the Costa Mien gvernmnt
t-W- t toba,'next has obtained It* services ft
.On d will a medical ppert and two
Snoftabotufd wv- mnatses froIe Thtladelpha,
SSaturday, fh \I Pa., to sheet Ote -battle toI
t R ia owhw .-. j1 T save the wtSItM, aadt hatk
it; the sprest f the lisea.e.

- tfl USAF Pla nt-ras,, ExIde;

.over- ..
F F 18 m Dead

t 4. V lWa.s night B a eri e.
An Air B-f8 a aeu lse

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. k4ge of
was seat-

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r ...-."t a It-

-ni9 0mi W

btarg t
with parent
no ta by of the Wis-
e uste y with. "blackmail"
and coddgj Co~amunists.
tatte Wrk 1 iW. Clark.
51 a..s'a ~le The Citadel
mlUtary a post held
for the ejr, shby former
A.r my. taff. Gen.
Mharles |,87.
He dAtrmy's role
tIe' Aaery and- con$;
"In .t r thi.record
ed c ..ot character
our ofetIoal military mea v
Arml depliae that the Army
ALi a "an-more partlularliv
ed taken and especially
s *o r -. 8 should tool
wtoel t.TM t .S for rrspon-

eena MCarthy, said the
e.- a-ppei for McCarthyr '
enat=l Wblrstin subcomml-.
WEBa Mdu-e nM threatened to
S last ter bq lost his Job as
secretary. ld. nto
Ste n, in what may have
been a.rely to Cohn's alleged
threat, told voters today that
he woald "coafthie to serve" the
Armyn despite OW tact that he
tied taken "rmih personal a-
s"Oft e*mtry min. first hbe
- evn made anomention of
Mcarthy's treatzpent of Armn
obSam- appeariar before btT
ecmoitt ee. notaebly Gen. Rallh
W2.i S tr clv. Cap Kilmer, Nt. J.,
.Ane r '
e qutes a statement
nmd, est yar '4y President
mBfno~wer wto*a profession-
SMl taary- lemaerw -uft not be
tit$ .into the polfead arena
to become the prey of partisan
(P "*ha, whom -Wenii pra-
. -;W e -1 -ohs elfee" to ue-
ee sme tm "id..hbe W"
i agmnl6 e was W.

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*iaw=-.n^' -,.- -.- = -*-:.... :.-..-.-..l?'., ii.-..

tuwvffa no a

amin r r
Use o *. want-
for 'grthy .yies-
nte on atI

t week two,
it 'S 'w e ,Ioy M.
ugbt p@ treament,
aste, is friend chine.

h 20..P). --."Throe expelre
lth.: duellHi code of jonor
todat determine wheth-
S tbhre' eWa enous 1t-or
Argentine lgWator ad. -newB-
S .pubm,.t & ight- a due
OW'41 Aentine Army

''The tocldude arose from. an
tt published in the
lasid m. Plata, blam-
Mr Argef Army ofers In
I*M snan Ing Pro .
A Jul ron In ponwet
A apt. brico. aD0 K and
Capt. Juan 4CAos Urlbur ask
qtf Tabord ..o. withdraw the
a e, which ho refused to do.
ah two epta then wrote a
e ttW to the a n per on
I'. l DI, I ayg that Ta-
tiorda ws. a enteman, where-
upon Tabord sent his seconds
to chale p them to a duel,
S.Dr. Fbte il and Jullo-Gu
nl, m seeonde for Tabornd, aMd
Dr.' rne o. Banmartino antd
polpao Lima, represents .the
two eC ains, choase three- -
lter' to decide whether there
are enough groundl for the en-
The arbiters are Dr. Jian An-
drc Rajlrec, Dr. Jan JRosec
C skVla Virica and Hecter
jerenS. -

On Matter
ALBAST Caif.,. March 20 -

.. ... -_ -. ., .. .
..- .. .. .. -S i.s. .,

& Schwie was gidspaea
treatment" Which Wa.saot giveh
other recruta it head be In-
esttte said.. Ssa Iple
vateA World Wa it domat.
"That doesn't ,eceMsarly re-
flet on hl I reflect on
Ith *$hane was
-pr *
Qfl isermaneO. In-

threatV *a 'ure to get ta-
yvorabj tr eat for' lne,
'who ha" the ecom-
mntte ass aDotint.

N, e Or $5O+

fi n ,.drivers were

3s8IN, A A. Rodrlgues,
s Tm,:awaa wva (ted S90
for,.I .ua~~: belfto t.he
bus wa. M S Beveral peo-
ple WeF- none dot,
y. i which was
Co Mad to pan
anuwW ZwO a curve.
Ananian James
tl Ws i .$35 also reek-
lA minor ac
o014 Fc^ron Fourth of
Jul# sdaaging the car
he wm-kum

Nation Will

Of Sfevens,
,March-20 (UP) coura
a. w Ridgway, A- count
of-taff, has ran% the when
natoq wilt I "deeply proud" of events
Aa otraly .Robert
en wea a e fact are I on Sy
his B-w Ben. Joseph R. Me- they i
w 'm be, of McCarthy's of char
-A. ,mwbera of Mcqauthy's charm

f't drpt suppH th e
e ce t Thursdayf
A Prench high command
oCo"maAauLId -the intensity Vf
"t barrage Indleatel that Com-
Mnt Gen. Vo ye e" 'Glap'S
fla a-out aseaultfo the Viet-
n ,-fortrue was lainent.
The Spolesmaga 42$d Red at
te*. had ba 4*u. the
baut fn or 24 h W p
the Oate of ie at aybrk,
VMtamh Ia.amtf1en weer'
*e i auaW Mrsnhes only:
0 ard. away from the for-
i dfeases at dawn aid
bad ba t so clour
th 1 pa ry thi lghtiofse
i p~4a _otabbing

a fu where the enemy

Rebel martas and artillery
moved up on the northern edgi
of the Dien'Blen Phu defensea In
the frt bi attck lat weeak.-
Both artillery and infantry
had moved 1up before the Initial
atta opening h of t-M
Frnh bastiAen d Athe *-
my positions.
Airmen reported that. freah-
Communist t is ad supper
convoys were mtue ar late he
Dien' Men Phu battle area late
in the day.
The high command said all
the evidence added upv to the

)ore gona0

o ut"in o.
wt _o

- 8aloke fro*
ed m hoge bIt
Ilx"s out etr

Wete ar l ,

On0I ND (


Be Deeply

Predicts RAi
.'' : *

ge apd devotion pdu e t e tf ii
4too wfbecia*tylud wote
the full story of atoldg an enter
* becomes knowU." jal E. un
l 4gM a t sat

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.',,-" ., ;, :... .- .. :. -"- ..
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^ B ~ .-'..:-'. ., ... y a .' i .

-.. ". ,: ,- ""- '-w '.._- "
... .. H ... ....... i... .

0 6- n .- .. ---
This will comrnls a to
yIk. .- l M- d NT 1111110 .OWN LUR. ,many.a.governer. CSt, -
of recent high court deags
statesahave no pOWa tol SAr
The Te A -as b qa apei forum far leadern of The Paname Amer. control strikes, oyen or t
"inen, L ds ea sioeive d gratefully and a re handled In a wholly *alrl ing-and that includes maga t-
If you' e ut.te ul t t don't .be ImpationI t* t doesn't appeal rihe This is true even In emerge cs
jaw day. .~ are pblsd'I/n the order resolved.such as the cutting off of silk or
.o.tda... .eepbsed sheeider.e.0 .
P Ie 6 fy o to keep t he lefers IImited tom ay pe g read sp, ., lies.
Th is wppe r aim, s -m respee, ,hl e.te ma o a s eplm lop i t heir courts can a tenisl r is.
,M ,b*l' f n ml h .. .. .T fi "" ........ o-
.one of the vefy, erY yfew busi
.. ...nesses.whichprove d-tob7.

r HILLBILLLY MUSIQ MADE MONEY business diffult to provet 1ven $
office skyscrapers havebe. ...led

For the benefit of "The Er-Asher." tically repo I rted t.
SW i lyou- don't like. ;-.msm-lutitslm |4 o 5 e r.which fe or merly- c a ld f o p 1 ,,,
1' hour and liaten to I t later. One tour out of a whole day Isn't, thiatite ft Aes be eiv
to r have your radio turned of Of- ree, there are e gulte strikes pU. ., .
u p (5ii IC don' car for, lt Iue wIMPohoat off rad io
I -r u so m vnwhother people I b2appoq4 10,7IIsiefldnti enhofer tria e -couse. 2
overy poipu type of. mv paeve nflnW the state Wh ,h. .you. ton S a t oft
Sgive It a listen ae Ueee Wca rl
:.I m eight men ion too, tht' hillbilly uw c was % .very po ar ber fh .
thing during the Musicatto," Eand a lot of money$ was donated to t1 u t1 a
$or rquests to he It. Ii t I ttat bad? t .o.: : ? kat i *e' n suee.m"i a
Im not a htlillly unvtu you consider Mlchifan, hilly least for ftb. omentiMltchelWs
country. views pre .va. l." u -.. A .
f.. y "'I'm St lokng-y The Res Ie p i. .. ut1. T
Of The "Pea4 cker!" S1., wbole operaon. ..
wi" ; qj' .... '.:'J"L-- .& lB.fe S _% .*^... T ,' :-M ar iE ^ S'g-'" SS
the state. power ttey'vq
8ir: h rjk n aC oal 0h f'',v "
Will the owser of little black& dog thst hangs araktidIla&W,
4he corner of lr4.1St rat.-VdWain et, Go. rn W I .-the .ason t 1dthe Suprem. 'a .a .. .. .o I .., -_ =
owners of tht ru ot Itstin nO f 4ttreo in has rd the at e a
B dup hat equirp early to ie. I where the a fes Dos i Ol MVan r i ee r .
1%n ^Scities 4 #O p- Ir uir ttever e a y e wl the Feut Tabot o a eommIm ssthuv ro etFed"n -u
_, M : # 01n.. li be hill billies or "., y 0 R K .. .ri, ned' fom
Erita on thbuamo! The 1 night The 'otou hI. BOO! cv to( o is d f rd th P
sound like d chu) out the PenmnsrlyM nl t o a n...If '"e / I.. He-b..em ..v by eleFl B.
a t rtin o d Is ttl neak up wooden a T is p 4 T tl m there is a new set well, as a& gold-sat a t I of Miss pony and a flot of bird dogs d ate ea n ltbt he h enlisted
IT 0 ar ruis at.uth tA .arI dors. W naros ofof psychological tests, which will Ruth Cumin 'rten, in series of caves and all the room in as pab to. but aagteeo s I
at- r tIi n i n t hOu are op Sd 5Wth. t NC ett s it furtho Whlte Hoirereue tip Ut mitt on kids of early a g WIlmington, tloff be *h World to move. around o. I had he Wan .o-n"ssle, t as a ,. "
1 d.e sure, the .. S.ou to cat- whether tbe .kid.armn "m .k .nto wonderful grandpa eat. h e otho Second B 4 e nt but as e .
.. 'si :a-i'a ,S I' "" ,. ":- '--. T -- mans t at many-r ca f da a d fve e't.u ee. A kid of 6an- the th of e. asirt- res Her- er eever beat iMne; for toshment 'Lleuet eo itabeforehand. er ,- W i los t-to
U me11y minik is of fe arth b, a ala a e j e
a-many 'mdot didtr-stion of thubr a, who dared r ,s s a b-mp.,T .bash e put me ard udepriv me Here is the a plete record of-
d._.tAnswep .o Previo P Ie .haowtand rea .L one t ph running for nearl two caused a treir ,uror with of my read I ha read al the the man who .a 1 P, the pa-.. -

fo.n :Tf to ot force or authority eas pw f.. years Is couple of b ront, t.Y., oun Master as' parents.., c.lasscs before Ie was 10, because triotis N of G tneral Zlcker. -
....,,;IIa-..." schools raxnparn., r r e, the l d p woml t- e me rthea c When .... A,- ,n, a papiel .
Thre, s atrti eltea T* thng ie k de a's sound. ae I believe tobtk rem*o ae iei trash. front ete ftaibl Corps he tried o tatxor Be i .
l."" "l"' a apndat for reform cool are the h cefsaroo s RfteI u e s-au r. But I was still a young bum, I fast-talk the arises out of a ct Cour19-t Bench. ThtWa". c
aatrpoed ate ir ue o f ti u back- oaf sawed Her an d gtcaught b the cops sphoni a couple of Air Medals. m hes ire l r t tie
o eacIeful bIt; y dI,. gond dOe riup is acoee pay- wi a l ena hat f entaunedr- d nd a 1t of 's .cars ways awarded aa a matter of rou- d a a a
T.. fcou ,der e aths A ellyer i n e other Is mnor.or ntudhrour u qr-scooL Mietled et neas kid time for pfvx ilrmtptons, hir coturned
.oschools*rtan plass.ts, A $ers Tre wl .. ma- can t t eo mit.'e lt I w 'ethmed mild- Carhey claimed 1y0 mission hsigoc o
iS hlt- ereibt.tew9 tys i te fe ao a rsah therei -istf ndr lt r has e tcto do-with tio e the Marine Corps, eheck thesin i
m .:..9 ^ tribute te milk. .,. bengl the ro w. aq.utyons Is.l.e, we.ti 4 theinatl? oh e I e .
213 baes t bow g dairy industry is interstate,.. i- ably know how to tai l a ha *e'a a onp.Tof mauter at ke record could find negre 'o f only
SMSdw drl at .i e city nor the state ain fom agfoo d e or a rg boo An rt of w r B-I' w a s til l a o I uMa I t et were as
e mmove R 'rme iri, ein t th. t li.fs tm .d Hrin= ioup ro fa Uire,. v e t her, eo t 1
,1.-1 Even thuh t pothed ,e stri .o.. a h co e tahu'a. iuark p setf e ec smon1f -pp ..ct h eYopappl

hen/Aur to W' ad e isa C to l r.P w a re n ht Onatr. g!teaha dareatwha chite
"e"f 'c" .ove i7Aaer book 46 aart nt 'wtder the FedelJqw I at .O i o.m aia -at a t wrc nd l L nte

sanont, If anl7merIe. uy threaiS& c e i truad us Awqayts n nratnd e tae t eoyb thich tJ. ad- oi h w -"4'8Jum one wa. T re ear. g n r t belvs erow w wel' -- r n .o .t tc e 'm ". w- e
2 LaW 21 p F s rd40 Demretked, flkr, C .n.. the' t ado p. w. t r, Iit.)- .. .ecsp. e ... i l t 9 se'nat r, with te M .

Naged box -. --,. d airy i nt uis ,, ae..-t eDe l -t abtly rtnhwtotelmmbl r hab adw a goowoathteu itofn ga wrog BiT oI,:" ".. .'n.
..... .. y tno the p anf g d'.1eth. esew ,erl

IgtAd(10 m ov e.Bars ruit odr inksiA n-1ore1 he is tCaao wl er's I
'w- can prevail. .= a .-. a /t or oV .a al d th patel /eIPdy n en tiontfoa g ngetdrls oL'Ee. "
2 o s A b d t hn ofrias T hei srieao a m msdr&tbiann-as lg .- ire th atuwh atote wl l -reasW tt c eet *s 6 p$st

B t ,J: -~ /thert Hbeand. D*w e easw >pDia ineAy ete E1n t ,per s hao biallnn ,toj I. n to e
are a t o h n Q the pblic utiity setofib1"5 t o-thecunty club"e e b tC uir -,"h, ",.".
r bo.k4..pre r theFderar ewd_.. -,t is -,w a el.d te.. Atns o" n erf sof.unubb s yupPa MB caioa boks
f:othom a ems48ergenc tietna ; rS, e oe s h .ehue lt oat aben u l. 9W. en eor .cp s kn le f ...oweto-
baioabor Qopet might ayopoevwyours l Samma h'd) o eo o gre j T bed acr towh1er besi'ta lia e y ard

It Ju.e to hha nd 'i .S oth me bera, a billy goa ta a uou to gow ngu i s e ofic e, "hc u e.
s2otLei 2'. otr d40Dmenee De.Othrwis1WWWt.rt le snvthey.,radymbosl rt ha-- ee -re 'd tr
t e..rri... la.... -. sra m .. .. d. G OP-I doe o l -- a-

.aly 3 raia1esrt55Stt hw s e m a.eff acials.W ThThir.eas.nal.nen Ip 'sa o a nt a ct o- n on- *.Cx .ressiton -lmed itofe.Hti e-'.
IckdsIa W ed. by. es o la r o as mh .uset se .' "..

-.and'-;ow-e 1.ea: ravh-~are, i c y, e m -. -v .a. r, --- ca ..tu- usually.n e.r o. r.t '
.............. *. -ai..* l. wrse'slre...kNo- ehte reonstarttnk the in- ore n tatx o at, b the, t bu roMil/ as hyai.rotso
T-e -ate-,mov aeIns t a fe lar wof aboeys ,a ot ien t .Atuale mo s o renl ta coldr cauomens ax Owevnr ath in thtl legey It rt-hearsa- "

ieha s "p en -o -,a l..M toe a T ur s x rieeMr Se natorshPASSiof pelame. m co s baoa n es credits for v thu ,e fo a "a-, bf'- .i ti. -.
-- sidaeer g ency tes .en In q, irgia c n t I rae'" su oe d -to t-per tA. busee ess the esol e nd fow n.
1bue i UPdu bastuqa- oto bar q pn de 4n. voe utiean mse( i sa Iw any s pagAthtitl-arn uiart' snaie busovesOen4 tOY U a

ug ioana billn .DR yo ea r .u" au c omitea l b by, this ta re r ica ofse Ud ys fee roiur o r-
J!ofvicethe to tr e iad abrdleoCalea il t
3;th te aJsustab thm.enp tsr1zremembknow tde caa pestd eal o-at;b eftsbo f t ogw sron ahdis,, m hak e th f n ts uli tn
it 'r a-.ifirstaManive Codplte f Sta m p be adm ofI the o nt rs- Ta reduti a. h a -r
diT atPChaaxiPericy-he U. foha s tenal ind staff. Rs epubect o the s albper rm
-- thaht, 'Rat4e19Oan r l-ratr m for-nmo-...

i-,,a La L IAd b hif BshunPtt .. t ts. _,Ie- acti r r s Jont ax b g ba -

".- / b- .. l n p4 anar rlo Miof, tg's ly average of r each '-
tlase Erean wartime PAY*S At AYS
=" 'w.-ia as aygate, anIs. i. .A --..ep, _. A se_ ndary Immediate eS ffect

++--:-^ ll.'9.. [ +1t11 1 ,,."t
_a dividip .i dpoi np td or vis -

i- ? "- March 20 (UP) ba-,,, t/ ssi, .u f t _. at a r t.esB. o 1u n todi dt ea-t deps; Wi. Inw do $ilr .'st
-*A- Set,- er brings w el e ,. t w t M.
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r Mn e. s .A. A. .-rCLASSIF, ",

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h at a buffet

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m ,mrit m j iS cn l ar wu. A

D11. lUStVA164Ri
liAI Arold. Captain Charls re
__._ ,". so a 1 :1 ma a. Ia ay. Wl .l'e ea.
u ... M.... White, with

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-. I1* -mthe r lrs.- Mary:. o uf *
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P a u I nsig
um -lS -maneijo the Whia Y
6Lars fl a ,t to present

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an te.' ,. *. Lulls liz d, Mrs. Louis

.. C.Ran..l ,treM Underway
Xfla-and"7At Chait.Church

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mS- "h"mM mim 1 .2=s he wil hoste'
"' V_ .-Mrszzwall
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s$Il & wolght,
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by Amewni%
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, *k* ______________________________________________________


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DOW .. .. ,;., "" .'.

orduzzah of so sort, so I can vary the 0
SGranite of mooa pi4 tolike to do that on ree,
ar i. ed ordsa t o6, which is why I insist
e Bn on Laving songs a few weeks be.
atchick- fore I record them.
pzard s A do-
railn "In those week sot BIsat.o i
'oo i hi ow theilps a is ong. I think about it, what it's
aid dou tryhn$ to lay. I try to find the
re are two sounds on the conflict. I play it on the pian
i'ectid,4ra t, the sound of a plain sing It on a tape recorder, mu
prdina t luard griwding, then a It pver. Sometimes, with some of
giad Thas ep fe granite .grit the silly song arow it's tough I
g g to find any coufll t at all."

'..^ a S .. ,.. ... e r .
Sll sir, it's amazing. The non- Dick'Picks L v ri es with

t r.e hs grand n e. .Train W i e th humba Beat "
*-41tt oftyour p ek epper.)ordi. 0o, w w I ist f
De this _educatinal d isc Kid La t jI Col mia);to

ed atikes and ompw esers. ("A lone Too 6og,' altbel). New
favorites with new ts are Eydie
Gorme r"Creiodile Tears," Cor,
tli'alaiu' bato whites musical al); Jimy Rndo ("Home"
with h g ding "nf oU..A.)Chaille l, white ("This .
y 0n's M Xss d Solei ni g o Is 1) ca) Petei Lind 6-*A .S4sltN an
out n a two-rerord albu anS a He razy You be abltous phn
o ith Lo Mar just glanced this way to E're gLong ft
mwthe Los srn n- i on ute rdalbums th utsrsh ''
eile to drd youlle d r an f their re- .
-jore. iaOf course, o Dic ae P -s irth raedT .s- Boys

Denni Jamesrd ill do oIs first mide, "Red G arers oThe

micb-rolo-en TV on NdBC-TV's DrTry eowrred b te pAS. BETWERE UDAOPfD AND AiWETK OATE
Y la grinds ro rn*dl Tai* SWit the Bea F "OT A1
a 'the lead e a sopicedt ipWer, ther Fal't 1 other ("IRC

ir an taredon My PriAonther. l"i'bdsummerV d a ote IOI.R N C110 We.
iith the lushd low ohMer

e er lale rh T' ll t y tf l r d ic.. "on tNi" sr......................
..e tenf .tU n vIri th- e brae -of C ft.o N OF SOVTH AM AERICA
Sheror atndn there, AliW.the uit ebia).e TO COLOMBIA, ECUADORC, PERUTAND HILE

wie ias di ns thO .0h 4ig tal......i" IS_ 1
shoppn at toe Blue Aye wor a {"Crazy
O seng acroe like-lewtVSSWttuxedos. So be NS- ERMUDAyCoRUN~i wWe LA PAL LiC
htod acts it. but winon thit with poOr camera work- NAOR PACF E

Sinseuate. Altoger, It's T V T ,.. "SALAMANCA"..a.................i. ......Ma '1
Ma eg there conflict t eO, B.S. "FLAMNCOO" ............ ..................March '3

sheW idi ng songs that suit ae 'ot i e TO UK/NORTH PACIFIC PORTS
Dcr. SM.likes them to tell adstory. toi "_ k k sowhereare .
.yot even te torr" ahoe said.l goi 'groom twiprk ij S.S. FARDW................ ..........Mirch 21
mirse-oapugbA f therbsaea conflictt t4 .A. "DURANGO"T............P........ .....SER
-- IUOI.~t ET OS

S ;.i '- j ,. ...

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2 N &60 I


Also Botchai

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a Ports
Sarro t

8., -"DTIVI JNDYK" ............................ .April 7
M.V. "DI iMERDYK" .... .................... ..... April t'
SSalin Subject o
O.-,4.TEAM NAVIGNTiN," l _

;-- --. ----

.Y ....... ,- "- '.- 7" -. .. ". "" '


Telephonues rIs t Is bX -55 __......

':-c- ";~- -~'-~7;~FLrC~-rU

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;. !i** i.S ,

-f,%" iB? GSS'S.
X a 4
m jr fl
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mond ato m
East w --*th "

West. returned th nine of hearts
d w allowed to hold be trick.
CB G cooti with his last heabt,
fag out South's e",

Sy >. antl a.d woardl

mmtin, .oiiB gad. mi t i, ouw

The correct line fpli -ivory
eas to-3. It dapflan dkP rer

first trick tee acting that"
th eeforer evelo ia. trickle y ad
ga spade ataI anely qageand

bly cash te I
di*e rding4' -... ot. mi.
since thearOp b e tnlt
ditely have ft e .S af

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|" -..; > ,,1'...1 loftu-
r; ;X by ome m!Mii:ft^ ,>l.: ,
South wMaid? ap nag
I '^ tr U dlsaoI~ftese W~te ,n.
o Jau~ndko4dVi#w
I.JL- ~ 'f '.'-. '; *: ;-.F "-yV1 'f
.0 ut If
storm yesterday aslid sumBmd up
te feelIS of Mldweetern farm-
I "'It's like the woe world had
yellow jasndl.' .he ut.1

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-+,- ....

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tow *nrfihcnauig nu'
truly ajipUt crafs. i6 health
trns. 'oafl has two miring
bills bpf d-prent -
Qnewt .rwves rans and Riolar-
nshilt- Ofthe riin$ld; ,I oth-
etb give s ue nuM's paqnLs-
sloJA i the. sans&at tic.. The
la l togd OandI "Equal

MOrgorito. Union
Church Sorbecue
FHugh Sccnss
'fhlebftrbtue sponsored yWthe
Mg's.e .iP*hip of the Mara-
rItpao Chureh on uhurlar
it- to .etnt'st that aOr. than
Cm0 -=o'4e at. the Texas: style
et.p v goi GamMa sto at.

We*a t dW a Autew

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.*go ,ms .-i..r.ot,8 'u.

"3rv Sc hools, : a lay

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Sadmiistra tora. batYe ,n
Sprte aon ,.rsw b e tr w 'e-
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Swa. ep ehss6d It a variety of
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4 praeticfim l of enutsl

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&BTTuo t gave:JIM). ui
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L L, ': f*


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Selmow ^ Bs)
:a# f.l.-B SCHOOL
8fl ; aall .,-age). -

T30 p.m,-"ST.. PJCKW E O

RAMB 9 lT-M O2- 't. Me,- w. y; 33T, aster

'-.. .j r" .' ".- .L -"- *-.- .


5.. 5.' ~ a
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Face jFe1er

"tW tbeliest tmeio

SifCht 4 ithierIr ia p

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tsi a Chriet with usl e.

AW ott tw it-h toal. lar ,

we iifh deed fug thi same,
through Jews C it urd.

Why bother youeslf with +
the trouble of making res ..
ervationa? At no extra cost SKAP
'to youth. we can, aia nk LO .c0.
your entire vacatioo inolud- .
.ing transportation, h l ....
aceemmodatlons. lghtee. ,
ing tours.. .YvTrythIfg 4

-No. 3 'Ihohms, :.. F I
-" ,:' W



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.p -"* ^ ;

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5. 4.59

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COOL. -- .OU- i
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inasl Cheoos pedal
hade di-, ., Powdr now.


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^ 9n w '* ," *" -'s'' :^-it" ".v a ..
b y .,, -- -.,

I N '0 ". ..R O- ._'.

._^~ iy p~ fi -, W im'.^ -, *. '* -* '-, :I-
mp.mwusanm-s .4:,
o" ... S"-, _--
-ta~e. "- S... Sr

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*; ** r!,i-.
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or, V-I--

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~ ~ tAt..
* ~- !~ : ~ P -

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7500 g a btwd.U L .

t e r 5A.' tA; b odCWIn r r ... i

. W o C Fr om 0 .M
S5378, btwen 7:30 a.m. un0, 1:0 yq000
tlate nrid uO i- p.m. .'brigh ., 'I.

A flir tr. dun.Good ne E, l-t O-
aund 40a00. Phone pa3J5no*3- t____

FORSALE ,. r 94:a h e o hor ryte h r- ,. ct lGfi Smi ,.AS.n T p"

...947fola,'.SMCo.- Ia lnc n ALA i, at r.
on ro0re 08 Ino.0- MS. G Locs:. hm. er. V 3-7p W

..Go d'., r." ?i ti ed' epha11Ai N o wt .~r "..-
Wta fri lr dinin. ."om. FOR S AcmLE;C. "4--jo I rje f $ tJ illf r thoIrL -, o r F .reI r ojM i o : fl
'MlS.r wrw e Co- a m 19'- 5womj'duar ji*Pc wa-t1
$1100.00 Ph oon y 1000 1 1, 2 F 6,, na.o. du "ge Ccl, 2-r W a.. m A &II rhV a
.':rofe .-. di n 1 ho1 wur $11

hi Tel eAhoE $2435, C.Z.o y -DtIi S1t.a.r yin aere.t P iinoo. k

NaC af older w es- l t r for Aver .15
new WFlo ,4axesp 2ld at: 4 bdndatiun *9Y O ld AW
Ba lmPdA.a. f r e3r. twuo dhfa ddotothn C 0111Fon ..6 ]
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0101 n din,.-rto ,. do 91. ,Dow 11,4846, Pan,;

I AAo a-tee r 'w stp1 eo
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15.-2c y. R lit t e frreifTdyadni

2 d M th e R Eii ger
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PETERSmURG, FLORIDAcoiledk htoe'l"r l ;rap,..apot..., .

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. 1 n
1,0] oe
f-l ?

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Si: .?


Several attract1o
lanMned to
beir vueaap wINS

nanL o e imo
!all. / --

44 St

, 'ij*j~~s' a it -~ ~ ?410W
Thave hi
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t go t

a ithe U-I e

t "n hani e 4.
g. .

t:irk. Sie's itar s 1my
Ble *lter.
4' ,

IoWill be tr .femd to
the !anW the Adnkns--
triatica.v u'II V." lgd iit .t..0he
,wee-emd,. It .was wone4 at
alboa g uhts Aeat.ou
Ti risTemib in

n UsteAM Wag bitteoo
To trn e wil l fle euons
Sel th A will be Balo selT ,to
tone IBast .tai ,(the Adna-

.00 hti riae ahe

Wbel Hunlf,. Iaroved at a re
rdq D valuable re trds td
moVe ecogm i-. aupervIloy
the aosga oro unrform el*t.eL
The transfer will affect, a to-.
I a.9 30.-peronnel etIplo by
The mafll=n address of the
0ranoh willfe Balboa Helhteat
in*rado of Diablo Heilghta, f-I
teetve Mo6nday. 1

12.p-jr a- Warlng and His
1S:-Th Bsiat Lake TaEaade

: S

41:, W t Your FPaorite
6:15-The Chapel Upstal
*:30 -The 'Oay Parls Must Nail
F:00-RonBp ftn tim Shows
<: I A B- I .
7:30-A Nation. at. Wrdship
8:00--Her Majesty's Theater

0za and -.his

SlliOO s .-iagues-(fn Off.
0: 9 +- ; + ,- +-
TV ShowAdds
Mar ,..ret Tr.imen
As New Ponelist
NEW YORK, Mtrh 20 (I)-
Margaret Trm;,V u j oin the
vanel of the CBS 1oInevfpn $how
"What's my iLe tporr'
1 --. ~ ~--. __ *? -/*

SS4 -rGPromfn
T 0 DA i

The ator ta f a mall-town
girl i ii oyoeMtl lI... Yuo
Will, ba. sbecWe and you'll-
be delighted with all the
things sh tearnedl
"Siet -treets of
HMl.Woo d"

pnma, wl .w.[res -- S/,owing TODAY
"TORCH .BONG" "Sword and The Ro" "I ,Gir Flasiiure Isllnd
m S w'." T.g -W "

. a im
R...^ Win-

S Atr.eC

Ath.!esvafu e oand
i' o thuaainle safari! I

1 :I5. ;13, &

John Woyne


Shws: 7:00 4 9400 pan.
.6 o nd..30



"There is nothing tlht baudis
uI so much double as doubt,-
uch a situation confronts
Joan Fontaine in the exciting
suspense drama !Susplelbfit
11 p.m. MIDNlGd4 SHOWIt.
with Robert Mitchum
1, 8:56 p.m. Avi Gardner
- Lloyd NQIon, in-"Island In The Sky"
Also: -


Hoyden, in "CITY IS DARK"

E"dwsrd 0,I (. "SIDE, sO.S iDES
WINDOW Two umu I
,-.A_ THIRD- 0IM0.
Leo O Care I A1M4 o: ,
"CLIPPED WINGS" Three otbm thnt
with uats e 'exolte;youa

fNC A N0
Sp9nMh Double oprat'
'3" *i,.aTAj,"
with W $50exanh tars!
"AE~WO lO0GRO' "
with .Iaura Hidalg

First 3 ChaptersI
Plus: *
A Oreat Double Programi


" wfa


pl'- lus:

'-'lABS WAiW-

!ibyo Rod*

D -

._ 5-TDY i.
- ,.

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"ED' GA -- -

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"I3" -:2




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=V You 00i. t
tocbthey becaSu-iea
Color featurett" arf in -
Third Dimension

"Night At The Z m "

TOM oMun



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S. .
,-i?. .

CA RY, -i RANT"'


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,.' *' o. .,'.' ;'*''*.,T


weomhnbe Hurls 6 No-Hit Benefit Bu .

ins Against Champs Card Tomorrow
-.- At La Ma ore'
I.' NEW YORK, March 20 (UP) Jubilant -
yn teammates kidddingly cautioned Don New- A beneft
to 'save some of that staft for the World for the cAn .
"today on the heels of his suerative isx Pian Pr
"leow iir stint against the champion ankees. t h
I gwcombf Wan uatoughable in First-lginl r by Vic A first of

Rame, So 1. Braves.. Th.e bullP will be brought f Bill
a.u night and Renf a ,heli o dthe 00 de o alnd hn T.
ug the YapkKes made their AtGfieit gefeatS M aukee foijhtto'the dd
hit of^^S~a~t?^1 "oe an o.e.1 fs s WI be held In it c
M i straight gamer .Ebd oathvanthgeoi awe Jrrorhn- ano thoo
-i a ro the Do gedgers, toela andel~ma to nB1 yQueen -eah dornota s erta
10th triumph in a row, won hit round-trippers for the tion.
game,140tot1. Braves. The bulls will be worouhtfI
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|pver *Where To Play tmeos91 (ode C or
iant Manager Le Maux n oi a e an$3 (three dollare) to=1 (one UTEAM 133-pouITAIN, boug ^ aes roufd ot from Air 0out S

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The Unirto -t I Laste Le divisie. C re n tomorrow be b n e
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selig be The oivsiotn .Thinnera then. layIw ;-.a., -'tobft'-_".___:_____T_......_""_

d one year" __ *tW to --wh'eSoT, I e e I lle + i + tud n s thei

It's easy to S4i a t W daomdes In show bual-
I ut the r mi.t-..i. will *b -ithl El Panama's
to a 4tr f1tet WRW 1 com g...
below. Soeeal of the fun- 26, 27, an 2. 2. e.

4:15 PAL SUNDAY MARCH 21 4:15



4-B be g o W ideloh-4
1t tIeti)4 0Wom de is Cruz do Le6n

1QT VAtPLL (Peruvian)


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1 to a1O 8nd the quotatiM
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the rib' i i Shoemaker breem-
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to hae Aten, Ce, exo.

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athletM m-Afi.cak =Oinpc offilt
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S Ifxepntleu dihetor Lyman n
llahm says the money
=teod Is finance American en-
tries a tf the Paa-AmeniM
Games nmt-yemr and te On 1
tnn The WIDIW
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the Summer a- Ia Mel-
burne, AuN.Ua&a .
BTatiA raMi" a
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save y to 25W

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ba4 193, C kenb. utrealAmkerl GaSB .|Sl ....".. ... 5. 1
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L-*.: ,^ &.i::ntne o:eg ;- I r ,
;.3!.* tItetoo. Wet bt e the bo r ouh hn F tf, might be tere ple 4020 1
t bi b vtr. i n re f three -day -ae alboa er

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S, i d for the first tiUe 1 ama. / N e two-f-nth ......4.0..

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;ba dtajourage roatwthe9,Cnri b e e G 0
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U0?final thee ev e won1te
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t"fa! poy, -have eoan thaei hrye-day et era eandtoeaytoone
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favor of th notsthe e on'eiaons d bd ugtI.,.Pea -rown as lUIIts ive.mnlo ged
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to[#I s siter anepen o Perto i ts 'Mall "owver,
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I.W*iI' Iicoryn te Itr Lee- Vycm

-- --=a.r "Q- Veers ..1:,,r-.-Q "nh.-

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dI,. -- i yw,
Mad le, ge66

it i ith yo ey-- ...
Q. rty 9 .n 9- .

Omghroy's former mechanics will open .

own repair ho to the public, on..Mo
March 22, at MartinSoa St, across .
iiwno, SA., beide Cenitral de Lecdi

Telhapni 3 3.122.
-. n- -'I. I t'r

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end am fully o vinced that

Evwrydne who made the 10-day tr
test found at the end of that period th,
VICEROY cigarettes

* do not irritate tho throat
end lungs
* do net steain the teeth

TRULY sfeguard tthe healt with
their 10,000 fiering *Iments



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V: la iyt onal ExpI- "Le the pople AnowA s t Wf. Eraniifa
h P.r _-dent ,Jose A...
wlm p"o- m t.he open- ,TWENIN Y U A PANAMA. .,rr: ,,1 .i s 15
'air n.h will b i- -

S.4 a SIenate Fin1r1eom
.u -q ta e Mr A M AXbl a;._..- .- ,. V" .",.n. a- t, the .
the Colegio Abel Bravo .
Colon Fre6 Zone. The

by the National
at +8 pm. is Included P A,'C'"- C

gnts. ub abplne tol le SWASHINGTON, March i20fgeman tSceNG WMrh2,ft0 (Pc V Oiar cill wheae nale for A
_b...e e ,I; l, b .u l.. ..b'li.W r...C omr. .. !.u dm' n ".l .' th e .D:"Ih'ta x

1W. from 14 oun--The S enat0 Finance CoP r 5an r0 r "' Ai- caner ac An ad ,ll a ng s p tYoIV fyvMin net.s :. 1 n eth (I 8
l display rpie- ap poed an exise tax UF The lt -vow.e FhIh M .0 qirs p ba 4. soeb
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Shave also leased than vote by th e r pHou e n t .,0.. eile r "asa f- e rly s ""it b..2. ves.s: e m re wb

t eexpotitok ground. Pricpa l changes would ." -- e t S t be 1to16ii excia5 miwr fo t toolltrse eiorati &to-t r
program will Tow- taxes oti admiaalont. tickets An pounedby the ou' n &n

ahnshow and pn- some entertain vmentas.@iTre n r al 1- a kmi at letc1tiiie s Id W.h t ailr wt rWJ.m
. a tth P l ri ta wo P oO 9 dthAd by t :selw per'ent" o ten lmation aU-W cas. ah : o ri ^
a t d.m.o- 4Is wtih oie -oreaa"han i t a o th
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p willhe o n aOe, oebo, ehey .... iw t ett, .-. eer froae u te would iate a- ar ra on

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M.uondtee O m LkvWtheu th ?os t tt a Y movie ator and goule4311et thie'RiO toanh matClnad the afEnbmk odies Unsiloyrn Lakenth o
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abr wish to fly OvernMil a i ons thoe Ih b.h s o il.
SwagdtrttBe t." N inM r apol station to re- li he O v "alo l. ". tae vean
E -ea :o up nAnate Publil Works Corn- fhund5 already has agreed toilets Sea t b wa -a asin

ne pte, t eor bill rd a resulted. oays it iun bt deceTsaay so tnat the ary Taylor' adjutant general l

Hael a op d the H ow g It is o^ e 1ha the dolutiooe okcal-agentG for a 5,912- practice b industry, frug-ity arid the war w~ih Meco. t
saply avaed by the ruse areaa at I curreitS A .fta esan. ee techcnllann wVll gross-ton a1ip are th$1Pa sobriety w bNla g any American
S..Land armie which ey trt l e c re, ood es, o and e ex valuable in help- steam and NavationCo. h a fortune. Fort Crockett Tx. took it

Sshootig war bptgws txe few fla they had cangh, hempaplet hM "run away VATICAN CIT, March 0 nto some of the mosv did not know todw what name from Davs Crogektt, the fa- o
ew e a dr me the lake war, dcloe where ) P e Pl appeared rem the de- timateddamage ul cost, or r. Wye has a book on th ous hunter and who

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PapSnlRhouuehold said toda7i o. -- eng mare to determine the Riches," comg out .this fall. It aid forta in the United States tat
ted R tlgh. vote when the Senate of y ty'. r could tart the n"" ew mall would seek It n an" A a Io t od
e-. d takes up a proposal by Sen Wal- u-l di n rnet ol tr n r.dr na be tm st ll io n dlel as .m thhieaoin t ot e sstes

ter F. George J. to cut in-e r hcommierh Ved Je410Ifb eifiimndrda s earlcyasthTisd Towheenolrdae mre
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ooeLA Iekes by tisingo rpersoatex-'His tO ThrrArc nspai thfretowmahipc *nadTrade rpA bas bo't 85 million uthorized Sp0RS CS

or-S1 N- variousfiel.d d stofagi sunuAcop.'Of $29 Millions :si'ifm'i. A"., owm Seen In AmeriMm
LI i srelt, arc h 20 e myldbeoss fromaW to $sMN J this iS. piThei t has sad ife m times fe b a Ay mpoA. mot federal monp. a-
79prdan. in a gefure .- year. and t o o0in 195.tUsesemwsJewelr luggapand fisheries have arrived ii) Dr. Theodore Otant iorn the plo nt does not slrt picking Is t olthbloro oinmthq
it.n the old men around flits ouse said Prl and tego Panama to study plant disease UnS, t.o f ti nor r- u a month lie will consider Whi. te 'os.
I controversy, today dent Eisenhower was "hIglY -it also went long thelfon enanddfisherie rblen, as re- landXationiRLad ppTro d b ithhe s measures to halt the The bill onlyan."athoriza- i tI a b
o sr, ,so n ,.- orgasizl dto1 ,h., h. sr t stiDe pat men t- cerJorTI

wIu sI enters taeSwaOOVEBtSTOP TH :ff; ti tWt t B tardtman. of0 f cltured th e rough mtH In sinse oa 4bII billwouldgive aer
oi Ma ierc on t pat nde th e Servico In- UIbrief a nU1t- oou ales. nIMsr tate1trtoolpif he chose to S.enatea om ttee mi asure is rmay, sor o ip ra
fer ad;u tL- te favote bWaington restaurants. r.mechani- ts leadership 3 eo Cooperacion AI na in Aserica provide rnd- t.lated to be nttothe enat are o
ab Legion of Jordan, is He ad Hoover are mreement a re- are: tp tranprtat for gra te pe peon

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Sl m No story ever speculates on a rery work ocose. tare a Mon anor t. t b e en wi
r Ho successor without men-r Ladd the irst to deny it, but Grant l and Roberon ,

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t rafterwho is in charge of e i Bureau's the crslt or develop to thePort laxt routine CanChurch eal southboura and n d ease of jfr
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te e a vhe ry Jose to oover and if he its ad e. He was as appr atel Latin Amer
Sa't produce from emory oe distant to Charles A. Appel Jr. f tudent e
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Direc*J.2y ..J0 his f-ysi at Statbe We further o :- will which"ta..m... I ao
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7 #1t, hrd- fact or scrap of information on when. Appel started the lab, M00tSe-Say'ta the
gaet io n the FBI which may be 10 "earlInn dhugeIel fIer'three years, areche the SAt d r
MeG work old, he'd get it frojp his volumin, and has ks" At work as over- WASHIUGTON,March D0 (UP P) m S Intralaal f -u-
o' a files in fli, seconds flat. 4 Ubo ofss at .$ atiams -T u vAbe v1te1 s 1 com e Oto the
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