The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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WASHINGTON, March 13 (UP) -- Rqpiblikan
bert of the Senote Investigoting subcommittelrn
cheiman -Jiseph R. McCarthy today 4 doeao
showdown.9 t re Army's explosive cIsha -. jl
gro.ciel. e:. i" .
e. uerett MDirkeen (R-Ill.) was w"Mmev
recoftfr$ from SenmspGOP hIs.
piuutltlnon of charges thaff Roy M. Cu seht.
abk ireatent for Pvt. G. David Schine,former s~
miftee"aide drafted into the Army last November,.
a member of the subcu-mitte, wl
badetictl in the past, ns ub 4 pee4
M~C .ni of the charge agt. t C0
oid s"ort of action" must be tak.
An q the Army's ter refitred
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-- --e- (or kevi morew~ e ts~S S ssyhpfrlcmf MOR^ ^ L EIIW a"" met '7 ip /j' b r euSS e f
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KS ort 31111 t02S aqutnew an tiw da trtiSlam 20, i HSr1 lw tl bta
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~le t twoI n o l ThE aS fl Glacut WShy eql *o*rodt ae unemciSmi hide ai" Hotel.
Oct meC...'ff a redr the honoreo f tit tthtWn eSEa han od ( oit

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ouu Io. s toto a r4-1 = o. ,,Mh. orhe ,r-,w .
T he",hSnbWRgW A ;s..-lt&tec7y .ide Sue .
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Hoer. d trntz ig t "wi bout t iher C o(u t.reat .. fears. '. (3 C- J".T i A reo -or'(A ) .W ft

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W# : t o ,i1 t f & h i r d Zd i E a z'ai n s t r e o t
lot act te ot0 ft1 cma. ltp WS aO WIIRa eal ote. "M Y 0 40 at' 'a isuutdCt u on hrd IO 1 u isba
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lesttOfhFriends ahers.,
A!tA-SufdI~OgnS j Pl~y
t"e'tus thhtwo. nttat.Y Mis Rut- 3r!Ct, curzt... M~arch._3 t, S
-..t C@ ~S.- )jee,.ub."hsI IJPJ ,--a woman m~otris w .Iii
ho n naete Ti't *o4*"- ) js f P "100 Kell ihe wa 4u y m a
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eiow reqirdt kan h $ ogtEcie o wr. ,
low dor 1 ;. .'9rt
Classes InvesingOrsUM

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coform ~tIbty and h.t botth-OMtrusn e a,-6U hn h

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u. 40.)-W. -". I
-f., By VICWI I SE.
,"M"fHUcited, his travelsA
Eleanor Rooseveltam
3.:4. 1W Mvi oE 6 "Go"m w ffAbiOU shulaan. Yet this chap V a t
.SSdSM valt isH, mmd mt 64 re hbMk I.w19Wikume& discuss Is weaving
headquarters across
kkw is." hbelunuaItsfk lie bpCi itch will 'save Ibrei.. We..
0, 0 poim l ON.Or-er eesilderable heartaches- nd.M
even rioting and sdame
10 hod in utrde"sI4 Leo Perils by nlame
an Sefleshllhr tis Sflhit. mu l- ~ the CIO's Cormuyioy
committee by o up 1 1, "-i
Town before 1 got in. HU
ticentrs to whaiZ5b
TrHE MAL B X jgaaiswysein
H EA IL 8 0 t be big industrial "41
come for specific assis a
how and where to ralipp,
-9 and doctors' papymentse. h. to s.
AS AND LEERS cure relief, discover a new-Job or
,S AND LEERSget domestic relations coMunselig
ri'FOr KiobWb, C.Z. as lay-offs and irritatios replace
regular pay envelopes. .
SLeoe'eris m the ap wa o a man n aurry.
'.r i I# go open .letter to the "A pp _rftA V. linte 9 __e wa t to et t e d e se
enwn ie W iliest, though t,harthlyoig. ,o1itheeop- ae asbeore tohe"' ita sse-
,rem ft1ie lisot 'ni r e nttledr .to a answer to her eareas.before the agitation pa-op
S thoentitlere 'Ada t n S g i letter andists" arriv He and-iMs.
Oat thE'~onoun advised Iuias~ch p Ileagues want sag repetition .dLthe V.-..-.
kaiies a ~h!Xi point tantamount to an RcuC qti of emn bloody Thirties, when extremist el- *e-
ements organized the unemployed
Whe, one considers that opinions are fr copa sonmarcedd on ste capitals ad
(selow~y or otherwise, one c&A readily tlhat "1uiwtditivo manacled themselves to lampposts
ur as had little or no raiO e .xperi me'l briefly and to pipes in washi'ooms. d
lat e... hiy quoting some of herrematfhd add, u m~y own When I did get Perlis by phone,
mbeput it this rvay: A. ..9..-4
"W e will reject any stte $pt to
'.L ", "lead Innocent bystanders awaYl. ." If any one hal use the saddef lack f funds andu' es..,
bot leading innocent byatandei, it hav been ciE y.irtue of the misery of the newly ubemploy-
-1p vr ed for any ulterlox 3*poseu.
loDsided polls they conduct. The ple pol~yhverYI "We don't want any modern-day -.
Ie raom tO answer in an. w y other tnab the w have. 'Workers Alliances' or 'Untsem-
Ibta school children are polled to see If they wou I .have played Councils' around. We will"
shootor no achoD ol, the answer is obvious howp y sAttu do the Job In cooperaop with -
Sto cool because we know they should. Do the polled community and state agencies to
ow what they should mix in with their listen tasure? meet the Immediate needs of the gIs'WAI
yiTusly not. For if they did, th.e Bod of .. ever un employed. ..
ltate which includes music appretation In th tiona 'We are orgadhling fo two rea-
ram are Wasting their tim. s)r .:. First, and basically, to help
"..prit e of working with CF..." T l it the unemployed,' but to pro-deh t
oral, r 17--71
well bi t~e crux o all of "appreciative il ner' r for 1or guidiicv ior working wmrns ra f V..l," "ws, s ato -,
jn*rlC outrprat. PorlblY =44bn 4 R l ed I. to take C!O also. w ah ,u i a estee_
it In form of radoltwofrrin. m her lif te,si "Very dtfinittwe don't wa By- "
dseal loyal to thi sotris wkbch gave her this e, even repetitior ofn the Thirties w
ih It am nted to noWti modr thda takln ste over repetitionf theTisw -i
many of the Cbmmunist groups!s -tst a-e
S during the .ul eon. he o tt blind ua misry as a political weapo. WELLINGTOT, NZ-One of te but never trl iCadutus itlevue shl dl asIa Ro*y'-i
blnt Wlitch critlolne or otherwise thresm We won't permit themP, say quirks Of jurisprudence wbich hueipiychiatristsIckW se-wagt'I
a sanctity of that source. othergroutidonthergoow, tore onI becks of alway-.s tpu t hetI Meeoftrah mo ui s
.. 0 was rish h dtthe unemployed hmusinetoe deolargin an murder det ri d toe r o tie ead et .ua aeu -f e lly .di t a amtrt
awon'Mtbeoe lvq9.00Wasried.InAernag doubtBecause the heaviest conceatra. -ilisane 'and 10 W.g tfuwhenred sne AllyaLh4idwine as ra itimt.'ts tse
e probably stfied the mean sad m with close to 190000 odt of wk in if he recovers his saiy, d ib sta'doera- uststandhtotthes pertsthe tmeto
W1104" oen t tethstes.diB ItdPerlisp anfhis ontht e chees tt
So apponhr taste an the auto hopital Perls atd d his him into the dock aglaain on mu tral t fit der. tally a e a normalcy' 4mental1 co a.
.ari ta the idea muslthon) t Can coeagues steatea the first, They charges, 1T3ihet h- auto--nevuerhad-s-eh dsntheirt. th

g ,? wrngt thsoIdahwsauepliVW efoe i
asCted hht 4araa rassleas'ttne.etthlkeo r-t~-e1 snI AAprtrectee fa
r g tis w ued l before have lredy set ,u a3-CIO Ciom- Such is the case of Lens t a N pire- m hte 0 Is tee 1T _*4 e O J.Mr I k thr tun. ..'
w th ofw. Ide ". .munit' Services Inormatn a. stedt, who is to be tried for firt-. thepeple from t a es te I

Mint, are seri~ously an anal-We h a retda cit i. the d~ublivnes fpl its is a few heb lileads s4aea r,
,IG, to peoM&e he 1a3 probably never 0 et..." ters tm that city, which now crawls degree murder In-New.York, eight shady Iwyrs hl atrl ulpr i't have d ccolngsto .
IfAV6 mettbem r othl ft]eausethey itreboth in i neiai e wit]-subversive, agents under or- years atra* itdt h dl a o eod fII m
.,beter I em aL! the ewe dleaithe mwe disus theif ters to Idiavde 4 o uta Union the qtate thoA_ atosno.sAesWa:e'fted m"1iiWa a.ta .peas. .1'
Sand attpmt6 orgehte 'wild d tem, girl of 1 a ill haftu e r and spring tim. 1 ah I .roa t aln er "a' ..
'"I. .Cl hee aliti. or k "p natrations of unemployed workers. wild bobbfl4l'e packed sanity mairacdult o t rf:' "( M i. t
"...CIPN has a tI .l k"p award But h eol re ei t int-e.lo2 -.. .. .. rep1 L leer
ktjatilve Ilwte" mirhtw e b000. e aelec. h next city reacted sa mashersSSI ' Wr ".lltlel*' lasp
hatchet.icliteft ft*ltuegfZa111
aUS"mntatiae s tuo, adtdI ~is no ex. Ben E Ind., wherety-s a ,ra eraEdffei ". Aasn that 1w-cases wib Wa'b Lru d
A.a lbrr, suh as work holiday at, Stdeaker awl=died:I Joe,. *SA" l .a

ome n eb y ila-ed cu 7% WASHINtTON-(1 A) ass w
a two to eight additional dlsplace nmgo The old ma, eon, beckoss her Schps.a ai' *aw -
t.plints ts e oPur* M Intoh s 1wsland to when he & t a teata7p4
last month in a p1pcexc or In f e r_.. doh

.... ... .. ... r. n
IWed by what uorledlie ass'ttace. Nt r-e toere-t,, a lo l? W a yv le fR toea
-lst-are Milwauakee -isc., Alles m ime .41o'Ca
flibb New efic" 01 wshe ;R fl 1ft
New BtlodMass. lbs aides ,everaI more tlpws. hI a g icrdnt"0hep40"
,go, disturbed by rising un- weva more Umg. whoa i ro fttRP
,, 6ent, are perlously antsid- Whep she was arrested a maqth ita'ric 1 ,tof dOuble .O)D C a xA alnA 'Iis a few
e establialment of a ten- later she still bad the ax andt c a .i n ay sot rS-a1n Wre ks s
old lau's wa.4et. She was in' Iedtsib, as ai:'tw adult for .frW. 1t DOe b A o w
0 0--- --s a n d h is p e o p le a re e d it- -' YI- : N O ( I S N
Al lS 0over the country in pn g'" -Se, natr Fpu sI n _-6 ean Il-_
toset up shop in each of the Srn I'rogr Cas
-' IlpTO.'s 58 distressed Gruou 4 set. .%S.c'IUI *IWWU-mdgd Gad
etta he i Minstg,; 5 central LeEdson ate
..obect..s to guide the Jobless work-e o o e p ca t r Fed... ve M t "fd S-t
geral aency available for help--I d ewas
some' and not to permit the difficulty of WASHINqTON--(;) Tv1 gCludran. ?ient Elienhewer's rss7 fat thu'.
in-the moment to turn the unem-- ma~stuf the second'sbold'-*-. ,-the-poaiko
uwr *d Is, th." known of0.! l~ hba
poed against the country. C a"'Joness have .nW bw era .. _is aup to v.Iw-ain the wanted stl$A tUl.
wzftO4 Wjws 6n political' aijeiae- o;and return andsa n- of cutting taxes and' aeon However, -tab arAlitor
COO is not alone in this work. In s abo.T ahem! largtse sneeohpolho te ov t rbmn nu Howve...'setr"
01 rt the Ford Company, whose oatf o qsg, name.e hft Za". rJgtth _t4 wbad rS-,
pv drop ra;insr.e plant Is infested withIont e o sfper copy, but that's l bils have been salIigild' be. bIa _. y-be
iotLconspirators, is hard at about all. kj PraWot ga -4t SAILthilalpkkg"ft
Ow u- tt.s o' the to place in ....09. t he Pei Ienlt is that th.s. C k:"-'"..o... -
meilbily it.Oti ae t~. Ge~rty tOtIrsth44TemuuLE,. 5-
.omp anyshas treated-C ft s c hO eal ,or a P O WHATA.oPRO iatl Chit TRh1h
o~d mer~lot Detoit p-nts.s 1.n aaI? U4I PnaldwiC q tm i riest 491f _lf, &i~n tht, natrit Of-It that the CC .J : ..
possile o themen I in t thew armedA
wheevr peins ccu, hfie n ysem at It. Theacl lgimaigb
-However Theris"hompenyhastreayi e hToe ae t

Ja Fos wvil iminit sh. OCur ren 't 9' R
ewpaa4 lltT or wmbt
lie'he- the names and sktlles of the new
4W... ..Sen.. S so thee company officials here '- w wa...Jveren was *a 1&t rin p mslasAr' .aue--Imatl usd

-:*"- ""h.,_ wne. hoghery at be z inger qseur'opej-h the~ "t"' AIJ"*P t""plae." 6 rqs"
.urecra belibe thathhetstee P5wo Idblnmlfrform..wes elss mut: -. IZSW......~uoe
#""2SZ-3Jolump will edhismontsh. tiorn a l -ro.ep sWar~rlatufr 0 .t
the ed of heir toapna.a. thO m oOe O.e_4su' ny )'aves pase wat. t1e pre uxrom a.ias= 'ai %ItrtAsnt S ~
:-, .. P. -- .al. Detr p o it~o is that ther a ord.? "It l:the owhg-lnby ,thePmrm It M41to Sor PEPOVh'ibL:4
.2 idwpr uo. Inutywl b uigay-.rssonweu .a ,..cj~,, INITIAL. **
-6 d ,,! 4stbetwo L& 5eo ad -*EU emaet n teshg
en .S pt tc iMsolo nutsg\ ae 0P I h 1C measurestinl~v aso~ ., u--a. ....-. .e.
larbuth 1Mrto cpctsysml ht o ras l e~oe pare, _llN '.
dagb*dfotOfg~rae~tmoglt soc ...
2sakll4psi vned Mdl rney stil ynn theymetalboutsrahdi M(eM ei~ t**lfl. -hve -a,
(' itatitiptite uslstr mo
1 the industry 'eas" stokilkeps~, thng Is -.
-1bmm t Ma ew~order e'm pDetoy s. thtter r ll th cteite s"..m reaylamssntorlr IDO -;Ll ....-,
a. ~ I .B, .s- ..... *a... ..
rtilrte meal tu r e GOP ." i-e tVi b .utaitner slu hot ]M fl -t.-..,l

It's ru ARlyco UmforuU thi s Ihatedimub I-u.a"uly ib'- Wags sad eam-a .laf: -
kr LeCat' Podia left this city _ie. VdeeI tAe

thouttb jJ

twoA -, -

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- r~, ~------ --

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thea ....1u I+okl .Buiy .?kB tj.. I .1

technical COqorllS

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aeas .-o, ..".a f .a.... e e Lat n __ id Dood
DpArD. .Thewctmrou

ter-Approe aimator he elon of, 0,aorcal,

," s tu ay. Warldim e whme oat 60 US .ite- '

NrA -....1O4 UOIOI arr l am e 1i n tehro 1 ut I

1..1.dso -eC. .... .....*mose. :.#0 tc ed i e d n oo
Wal rd tp fo -- R ir nt eo- er u n p d p r a
ou p ma. an ir "rworknmI a nitsh phcf aeliintw b.o

|-,,.st y.. r -... ....r :s. J l loe of mub c atmont Oh,
Ism. n.. a-.urd9y. a -oTi*.a a e Vis i atVno ep ort-

Wturd .6 Ma1EIb aW M M. sDaP the Colon ie d t..aarry-
.. .in.n." m I outa m i ntsur ery ,
...a.. .......... u le a rra yublir
-- ro i s --m sr a e ma r and a ; 2

,.. L". and :. s& or Au ... i araguy her l ean boa
&AL ::tw o, io vocario a eo.du t 5 nation.
an1 .Y%.4g g O W. -,1:2 3!! "dfW0

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i.S b tit 70sa m aL s,. m cru ing cprlyer ollmin,.'ent
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a u,., n sa 's s~-.on a. s "e,. .O.......... In. tra s. technicim',and ar
W.,. ,ainr.= -u n va tio ulFe adu aton.
. Mad".31M.LUN 93

19 Ma :' A 0 :0 uMma. _2t frnn. angts, fe C t stu lee.

'Si; "..".... 0, ,0. O. 24
Sa. .6 i so e .e',oea nwd MO ##6d..I......
Nov am.a :M ail.m S alvat i on... .AM Y t ,............ j st udi s I
-r, :,e .- ,_B .. ..... The U. S. public dn in s-
t -- 0:Uno dUt w., ,dvi er n Is Panama t

Ohmu:Uin a Ken "M Alte in.M aftbi worked with the manager of
--a .a the Cm M. after w .itu. 20.tbn .r a ,

S00oprIng out C ninagetnturveri yo
prisonereserving a year and a
day for aI$ forgery received a

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p-u ma wumeaw.., -- ma. .o

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A '-,. -*--.*' .-. .-. .. .. .. .. .- -. ..: .J
-: : L- '. .. + O i,+ j.+ .-4w" dM:.P. a+ : "+ '* -

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.JEW YORK -(NEA)- Ed Sal- etc." entrIes, &ad corpers ~Iaem
SIfrvn's "ToLst of th e Town" In the wtlA4_ eL
(C'S 1.') is toying with the idea "'antaoml4 q, ,"1' ". cae OU
fia drastic change next year. hadn't notice., Aas ntoved id'eW
T, ~.minutes may be split, with York, ifter six years in Hollywood.
V hal. seeming from New York and It's no' that Stokey sulddeply be-
N_ half from HoUllvood. came allergic to sunshine, it' just
: ey'd have to change the name pure economics. The program,
to-'Toast of Two Towns." coming from the Weot Goast, was
S-- shown in 'Jew York on film. New
RCA's new album, "Ten Unfor- Yorkern do n't particularly like
gotten Stars," features beautiful filmed shows, so DuMoat asked
elections from the greats of the him to come east, young man, and
aFt-Caruso, Bori, Schipa. Thom- do it live here.
as,,Ponselle, McCormack, Tibbett. For several reason, the very
Sekhana-Bielnk, DeLuca, GaUl. hnadsome St.sey is .happy about
Cn.'e- SAd Gigli. the whole ting. Reason. No. 1 is
If. you can count, you'll realize that he finds New York studio mu-
that the most unforgettable thing diences more receptive. Reason
*Awet those ten Is that Tbere are No. 2 is that "a sas has to pullI
I, S. up stakes every once in a .while
and move on," Reasgo.No. 3 Is
Iarr'y Sosalk, an angry musi.- ta e network wante i.
elan, leveled his baton at tele-. tat the network wanted I.
ision and let fire.His quiz. incidentally, is ibe old-
le..i i~. ;nard b- TV he est established sheo.' on TV. It's
Jc 1i' re- I ...bTV," he e.-' charadifag since ,'4. Many
o.d l-.J; a ,rat,4, 1 nffA ^

t orchestra. They rip out a k ma
fewM of theater seats and stihk iT u aI
the stra there. That's no place e a

who's directed about *TV.bea
eve P musical show around, iea. Ble
puu p .o reload.
y should take a little- time o"ruee Rith I SI al
and- work with microphones i- andwA r Aft c
aco es and get good sound.- INorth A It
..t add to the cost, anc it d i,
we, 'wake the music so -M io gy
bet .. Amd it u ed irts
SC fire. .. .. brought back 7t p!It.en=
-- Colle. 1r ks a]
ta olk of. d old ,dA co. e it aSk enw
Television. They wouldn't i apS ave W w
ce "Tobacco Ro4d" Aug clothy.
'ler. "a M r. m |
E fat ri TraWhistle
oke pulled a fat cave'- I
awer and tosqd Co ng B ck

this wek's collections SAN PIANCISCO (f.P.) --
-Weding. 'Run for improved version of the old-fai
,NelWe, he ..cant loned locomotive steam whist
n there. which was so rudely brushed asi
by the bus-like horns on diesel a
a*t quotallon is the .iosit: gine.. is being introduced by t
subpsitted to Stokey's Santa Fe Railway.
U i e e4 (DuMont), a
charades out of Comp ny officials pay that 21
Sut tlre*t in. its dieselhave
e livixig room. a pne
says e k he gets a which Id evoke many me
ful of "Run flerthe roundhouse, o:ies oaR old familiar. sound
,, ... _'_'.-- --- '--=- ----


Fast Freight Service to Colombian Ports
Accepting GewAtr rgo for '
Tumaco, Buenaventura. Cartagena, Barranquilla

Wilford & McKay, Inc.

Telrehonee: Cratobal: W" T1?-,7.35


Great While Fkl4

.S. YAQUE".... .. ..... ..
-i .; ** '

*S.S. "SIXAOLA ..* ............. ........
"S.S. "C* .. ..... ....'..... ."
B.S. "LEM PA ..... ......... ...-. ., ...,
HandUM M@tioLt .ChOil isW ag
...----- -- .-/--- ;+, t ^. :. ,

S.S. "HEREDIA" ................ ..... .-, ..M a .
S.S. "MARNA" ...............

Orleans. Los Anceleft San Freanct. tk.
-- "LI---" "... -. --. -. .. ... ).- '
Fortnightly passenger service na our .8.eIBlQmUI to
New Orleans via Sants Masrt-, C01tmbte.

Special round trip fare from Crdotball to .New 'l rk
Los Angeles. San FranMcilsoe d Statle.
To New York ............ ............ 00 .
To Los Angeles and Sam Francseo ..........i0.0 '
To Seattle ......... ......................

S+.;, .,4
-. -


S -. heLam'.

''r^l aw
TH~~ *\eSi'

,.fl. ....


The Pacific SRlem RNa lon Cowlipan


Royal MHal Line; lid.

S.S. "KENUTA" :..................,.;;... ..March 19
J" M.V. "SARMIENTO" ....... ....................April
tle,M ..... April_
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons) ...... May 18
M.V. "SALAMANCA". .................... ;.4.... ,April 1
S.S. "FLAMENCO" ................... A tl 3
S.S. "PARDO" ........... ............... I. ,. 19
5.8. uL RA Go ,,............ ........ *.. .. ... e.
S.S. "DUIVINDYI .. .................... l

A SC illngs'TEAM t to A I J5 Il

PO~~p CO. INO. JrfANAMA--AWt JP40 #66,. TtSISL
FORD CO. INC. 1A A-Tr T.2570.
BALBOA-Term Bldg. Tel. 2-1365


He Sew Yo ..

xLL, axf. oN' TmA WV l
B5fit6A...THlf WElife S
TIN TOr... AMBM...E4f,
7- tWSO JfiE#3iAou...

&4WaX l fA .. Wii





Fi -i




'* *" t

S" S O-. "4
I- ,Meta i4 (t.

. l ^^ H ^ ,'.. +/ .

mUnui A'M MIIar D isu"s ai Strange

Ia r-umaja


uer3yfo TaJ.0assdmsi

U- Aim ma~

U~ NACU4ab O'MAF~I~fl





. of I


' 4"


. .... '+'+

_- ++-.

-' 4 '


S'blea e*, !1 tt n fntl.--
a w. .M. ,

t~fiut MFienthl b ohetmn;-
a te n u ay t $m Insea_ of the regu r 'mon 'nt ny No. 4 by Dvorak;
. -luHmum Island, luteheon o the ,otota Wives
s. will be chtes- .wa -u to the. muic vort et .vwirii uwiywnnB
ft a 'oatf a iU.ti to Itert o nisesal rees n i o tb uo ta n inuep aone tu ia

a tuS irput "^ a.. e n the ms oE tie Cana, -one Da.m- nd Butch
p,,.achu., be p r a. -d of .e'Republic of -*s--aa -= ---. -

g ,, of .w:,. ,,, e- G
hebr tXIX w. thi r. inoa A. 1d

rrcolltwill'hod a materand d a-
fT4 7. vatRvtan 6 b a shote ss.Sale.ttthe tat y wetrduring the past L
Mred T. 1 -B R. W. F. ob Mrs. uIQa' l a l. l La l-ea at. however, w__ somewhat ,
_y_____________ lnietand cloudier than normal. t

: ... S ... .B l v.. .f ea.ow .. ,,
rdo w which

aw i* son aa reached ate e r dfop In P i
A h ir ,ill-. be held on and difficult et he knw a were girls occasionally i- Ocea water temperature began 1la
4-i a : h e ea n h e hm d ervea oe, d o 1r the shmean us i
Ss It re t lot e alIzew. dto1

Sti b1 ble fto* ta t atus from ,th after. or ac i scka P ary I after wo da re
.F. ,. y Oe sst J e way tas I riaes, thj nd 2 n
a -el a0 wh i

I .l. -..Ay .... .

Far 'his rt" .t Paulby do Clubt r,. '.te dtrhisi. the mye ar.l o
Rtorn wiCth lttDontou n ertaln& rnIt.rBea hed Thedr-ea
h Pi d and dii cull ye t he k ae were girl. oc.asionaluy Ocen watr tepeture ben 014
a1atao trae _mWce In wch vtte him I parties e u m a the moan
In pan .o C w VChhie t? c Pate ct..tu. H h o ^daly r

.be o tq' o ta atel it' from ,t know later. or accept In. .i suc 1-a -mn n alte Oihb i

,Boca, on Thursday evening to
S-lowa r Z h a.hriost. "es to ._a e.ih Baptized trhso desirous ofm

"- 9h i t"he o -y ibrldow unlessh n w n ^
Ieeuab red t sr lsmie..dS turbane w es
n ha o o S nO -. e ed t s hn

-"br wie Saon't -ry ,D"t f.t A corporal. communion f r al

,behu.) l 0 'l" "or us "blesing m dis "ue "- beW T U, ,
sn tLe..o to 'ou to take action s nd Sunday to Lent. Mornudg OL
in oveier, nature ed for 10 a. ad 7:30 p
fn ob Tnt tre tents cod Wncel

oboahimu1 4 visibl trad of ull
y gray hair, give sparkle Hore Pooer!! No
... ..tie Ntleenrd hacentrieulate
ar uarvrm. .abfl p. etntnfton

.-i,- d.-Ate'tAmH. S S o -.,= Frd h gud I
*r T. r. IILo d a0u The PEpsO MtCUI
ins usl- ncc'.Pvrsrath ctn' rit h n la
", ma Thurdd ind eenin c tore
'a. Ofte we tro -lst.', prep r ftJaur grathe lsa
"-asithough be o n y be"ng ctffeiahold b pn-Lake
1oo-ell lm'rtq ks t e- Whihnr om t.
g r App catl Cqrm can be0--
p oseuemi strt ti O. t
-owaTden, shelt will not be

wh7 csten ornin gfor

Fai-riustoriwithrmwve 7dlftr'mlier, nathral-thed-for 10asnd:pIn. -
delithat.! es~s st


.t. -- .' ..:-.- ..S
4 Y' ~m -#.- -'U---al~f^ ^^ ^

-It dltt 1a6 -M teWp- I
. at sAsetao.w." biamar

. i d s- --

ies4 Sbinsft hepil o tbh
4nda* Tot, yawtstye'

"A.hart R Rg -et s" rad. e.. Mrs.
Lewise ,, ea sa ltr.. 1 Ma:.alM.

aSMI. "' E OSer Th .ISm, wIl be. 25 .te
took Wfr Grd1a0Wem f .po o'.ed.

rk, was htes for a tea pvn t A. W. C. Guildngmthe s
her residence, Thwuaday afternoonl students or a te door 'the night v

and the Jungle Warfare Center, Now On
Thirty ladies ealed during the At KoN Was.hiailq
afternoon., Tl 'Gold Coast, OrehI a$Ds
SWb9f it htnsltAnal al xt att he4K
DBn oyage Shower Howl.ashlasto tonight and- tooamtoM
c r.mpf hne. Mof. Bager mo ov0w. "h, r.
Mrs. Robert Sergew'was the hon. Al interested residents tand vi lWOW rig
Iord guo.t at-a silver dollar show- itormpre cordially Ivited toatte Georgia.
or and moibg, coffee given by the exhibit which b being held In The,;widdi. willtakea
Mr. Max Welch and Mrs. Noel the Fountain Room. Iag t m.ono ~hpi ..
Gibson, .r., at the home of Mrs.
Noel Gibson, Sr., in Margarita,
The coffee table was centered
with a large piggy-bank encircled
with pink coral vine. Mrs. Carl .
Serger served the fruit juice and
Mrs, George Mitehel coffee. ,)
The piggy bank was resented i1 ier&
ls, a n voyage from the
Those who partici ated included
the grandmother Mrs. Berger,
Mrs. Alpha Kenyon and her s.s-
- Mrs. Leo Go uet, with Mrs.
Regilnd Armstr Mr Thelma
issfn.' romthm e lte Sihde Mrs.
Mrs. George Mitl, Mrs. Da id
Hawthorne, Mrs. Wflard Huffman,
:ad Mrs. Roscoe Berman, of Sar-

lir. Bor-er has resigned his po-
itn with the Pollee Force and
with Mrs. Borger and Mr. Carl
Ruoff, plan to leave in Apr-il to
make their home in Hannib al, Mis-
Mrs. Berger plans to return to
College, to study Business Adipin-
Rfteent Departures
Mr. Fred Madaro, of Great
Neck. Lng Island, sailed yester-

Als o sailing Mr. and Mrs.
,ho have beensvi siting Mr. and
Mrs. ClGored Mat1ure and other Cui-..g.

sides of the Isthmus.
Aombted Bsa d Hu n rt

the two meic directors, Mr. Hen

an Mrs. O, r. lrstadr. er
mhe bier s e i ycnbntts r h1 WH t -than. WR .
ier ofBther I o rthu etrn to fe

Flfrelif Wars.zu he proceeds are ,rl c
Umte D mto DandsemF dt k- n.a..n.b
jon o ent a re ca a ten C r ing..; hi :shl y I
'day aW 7.30 2,m. ae ptor will be m O SdlSp

the t fo r e editors, Mr Herrto

uom.. oJa..Anal best of all,-it's so

Astronomical Tax
1 W YORK, March 18 (UP)-
The Hyden planetairum offer-
ed the services of Its atronomi-
cal computer to the public yes-
trday fa. ,. t-mlnute figuring
of nthome ix returns.
One of the first to. -take ad-
vantage of the offer discovered
he'd over-estimated his tax by
$175. ,1

trrifically Baffering

w- s.
Aim PbAeWdM WMut,4b

- -,"---- *i. ,i .
Fe Ais huSl^-u~.t



IU. pipese. we t -y eua
lviv. Both (oaiand the pipe
m E0tws4 Vtrpcttaas at the
tona- Axaqup fle l


wonder the new
'ep. See -iti

L FAIR Tonight

II- -I


Sunday is the day of rest!

So why not give yourself

and your kitchen a rest /

. 2l'

and enjoy a truly

delightful Sunday

dinner with us.

-. '

Ange.o Jasp' Oresptra A o o alt. de EapaRa
E-neran wt and prc_ P-- .
Iiost *amaaie, C .P. t. tc?
*-*- -'-* ^-A ^ .*^L'L .


to sharpen youar ppeS.

fu*.that entra taste treatl r

- QM -

- .--~ ----~-. ~Ya~,r .-

t ...-
_, ,.. -s -..,
......................................................................................................... T;Y'4k.>h'-'t -

*- I


- -


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lm ON B OF

i. .w-------
IB L W W*'r 4 a am %F&, w
F a ii i

a*-. os asFAR

W, 4. -
Wtr ft*-

___ ._______Mdical CUM MR
: FO S* ALE:-w-Univeri :utomitic c"f -FOR SALE, 191 .Hud1n 4- r, Centrl Avenue, K Str eet C ierJ I 1 rl M ..
1.4' ; rownls moving outfit: 1mm Di k-LADIES' Have a collar shaimpoo, itt
aat*r. projector. wcrger. trId, qr- brilhtens faded hair and covers thee tat a *
. irtigle*s.Phonq.avy 3lm *eO, uonln W o. gn y ones. Cri ekel Cluh ouse 6 *
2613 -C,.Mrgan. new uty 'paid.l ashop, phea l -142. Mrs. jegi U
A :-Two 9x12 two lIi.W4% s fa irher Lrese. *4p. g h.
" 6l"'s u.,or ohd. 2e .o d FOR SALE as"'Sn1SE "" plS "wiath A .
; suin"Otlivit pastel tiewa~vell 06111t. kALA&^ ^^ Ma-i $311t t pal isaasrl SM.iatI l
FL si w." l NMo" d 6n, Ttfe ,6 i ih -On,. ,1 4
-.;I ti: Panama. kr Cam- s C Ru ifaMir

. ; try. For information telephone He- FR RINT: -2.bedroem house, util- w fet wM Wh t the Army
Ean L7hm$.. 0 s 0 La Cum- GEO F. NOVEY, INC. ed

90.C. cbn.' *i xArl.. -i js- .. t for,one-half.purehese price; Sears FOR R*NT: Cislet, 4 b comms I O 9atr9L 140pt$# ii *0pose the rmy In I ts -'
S- atrss sing, double 4. 5. Tel one 32 f e t-

old enditin. y or ,mahog.. l F-. Tt g-r Fl e-'-"uru htek t ~d d et$
S L dmnlr SALE:- hull fght5er'sI 0.00,44

E *i F]9 sCc e.i r I,,. l ltry. For nfermo rtio l te hlphone Ho-F -Tw'-besdroeom h I s '.ettlug fd u with th4jE

SI & Goatda s im.Facka.nd, serieIs 00 wih nlw tires,, eallt Vistle.see-E 1,eture .1140. *Htop euse
Sb,. .A U NLY. 4000 .. .OOp.4. Stu day MSa 1 1t ct Trma- a

.fwiker st C25,A e tw, e., bl ck from Mr 1 t ,el g e,, o 4. ,fl t"od '"fo h .... ,,
bis e 4' chairs $20. kthen t*', '$00. Mr. Ptro- tPOR SALE:- 3 wiker chairs, cus Cl e e' o a tod John Adomr .en t h-
cu~b'oerdC 20.00, r tforom-mad cushions; dining tobl;R. o -" ,5 d IcIi4gef4ice h1.s4 t h fi o u halralk te. therYe1At
Na $buridus 54. Apt, P SA I r in V Icon, six chairs local make; 2 be i ad ag lever prss
2, with W4Kelemirip frean. ,n r eCnd Ctrrt MntO dtnds 4 th dra ers; 400 dItd 18h' hatthnreyen
.h Fr K'abbe 418. I.v.' Ac FOR SALE: Size rif m wternity lv RNT:-House._.2,, kin loor, r n o lint Av .-
$ S i lm!s 2 5 -ll in ol s p r in g s d l as $ 9. 0 0. a n d lo g $C o t t o n AI llr y o .' ,}Jkl ,-t7 m O^^O ,

I otes 135-8 F 7 $t2- ..W00w5M buld cloths, including shorts; e, cellen re s, livingroom, dinigrem. e l t
E:.-cofe eblsIah coe thes mPhone 2-345 th ids s_ m ge X A 1 memp from Cou ietor A

, r agl rxit0, Venleirni *,tlA l I 70' FOR SALE W it' Ain6ro rbbiuffet, mho I ,y a u tle oe
S*To nd c2 feet. Phone Navy FOR anyS Su f best children' s p et. V r Espaa N ot, r qsor s t hern sh eew modern 5 e ho e h r
anOR 2 :,ea Nch $7.50.2eoach Vc0.0 ;h CAonths.- T015.ho. -41Wrnt Ones UP."

-ra eru T old, igood breed. $10 le00; M bo

ckA L p#194artilerF-X clfed upbwith(Ill
': Pockad, seri4s" 20 ect newe cwra name

e,.d. S..r SO Mercury Sport sed d cl ts hot wat F. S. D Be H a y o the
" 0,* 4-, -I hll *t. *ao0o nd.itoo,..loNato *u". .''Jut.,e ee t ,. e t s" .lc au,;. O,, fi, .w

o e sit$'ar b111h a.. IB gfrom Sunday a rcl1,4 cn RENT Furnished, one-bed-.lVA I TUeigN ml. n hsao. 'I
.., r rado wf s I m, mdeln artm ent aera-e. Salil l Ad December. a.
ue bpes 4'Vche ekrs b0A0d. n0C Ir.-FOR ESALE:-P1wicpkerd chairs l 8, T Vi obel iosre am.rC4 l an- dr. h

U7l iod $0a.00. tpr Dloni.enblo iaouh. rte ald. tabecatsa, fo .I Pstn1t .00 -.
E .v.e e3-AG0 UP g a ,u. tMl.o,.MS, ilPHOI a_"clever phrol

___Ctlinr, Itga. U et, ifN houtERES rs.n ,t w k
i ridts ul: Phoo e sill Chim l .CoIZ.H .I2 b, s |c-lock;,Ell bed" ",IS i '.. c e nt e

t2lua-tnable-fotdhrd. W. ieu e-rNles.2f..h FnET:- rnod t ra. 7. ni 4. nico fes l I f.r Sl a lrie

045 A I d..A$1N95.00.EDdW-L"E 1 111..1
Slf lo09 iS'a l- .'a cl08 ,.000. hereor nearl a teE a Vst.U Tl-i rt

ArIc+oaInd f l + fIst eN e N.daft r 4 pe'. ru oos. 2r -t-, 04- i. irer (l.eP.I Da ll .
Ij +o. n -i ng Juon s Frin e s obe)n 'onvel'ence"

.1lOALE1oS 0 -adtoheChi n i n.
amst i '.,. oW Phc Rn0None:cSha.Polne 2 -3453" .A r ta ,,t d

-.. Aar O ,E -m- ,a. tO rta s, T.befA N ,. HEREA asmar.I Im m C
.om"mredwomset,'36 5i gt'Jan ,t

Jp n bpe t ,'e E O L W hwo ul y A X
SMcWart hyD 1Sarid:Mc111,O

Phon ebestchilrenpi, a s re fei a FR Rom. M-er apartmoernt a b

l.72-)a P.O, la 7r, 50 tese,+ 1Sr dintil Air lort No. 35-A. wee, SI. tye *o eiovn Tz.Jn~
ran-d, -. ln lht' o uae,- Jula.AADll-tNI l.5.

1e ptrJ nu wa in'a es o me ld reom n Dt d I0 0.n fr gNr LONDON o

pALEfuoeCo stCe d ear H3t5367TelwphNSTERRo nsaps .level.rdIslayer e B. b
.. m aTa, re ed M6 et FORseN -r o 4th A a flJulyAveMr Whe0
&"tiI.all-+ -t.AI o l--:_;_--<__.--Ren-o
wig, rbera oite aep V
94001i Cris,. -038 Pa, s. 1(. 1_M).
..e._712-D, ,______________ re sm.95 tol=",.ilro r nl .

Iwo.: _w -.-.r 1Puppiiest8week oAng e l. 4NEpNT:--Tll. A meidbld M port- 410 i s

SO ulo 0--s "Ml s
Nixa oaqa"'

SA.. Cal Mavles 3-4775 house ar 2- t A0eno*
ateressesas paM "COLUMBIA Ring15EBOP
I Ph~t e& D.~ MSo'AZb RCA VICTOR
. selen ss Ip i S p e alalG ait a smtp -
gtnqum9dtte48 skpui1
'eas W w t' S-- '" "-i.
W ;d o -'- a. ..


.J. *:
p" tt
ir ^
'-"* : <
k-'. 31


, ,-- -I* ,


- =--I -


W, i;'f.,' ^-.r. '

CI E aal -. -

e nothing


"o- ~bu e m ers'9
how td m4t motfny p.
* ate ni e., .. '
"You g1t r second -chance in
oplyweood, I got mine because no'
1k .e.4 W

4 rr t iupefttnt A
e a agen, who plays
n.ann 'imas r eve -lovin" in
W"MIRTom for Daddyr "ia bub-
as making. I walk in he
4di1e .tore and ten eb-tUw me
:t --* 'rfa the ishow .wee.
WSeet 1 war to to
MGM pe a =d k at MO
and Wonder where thef I e
be me ..
Almost -n,6c
Jdan's performance of a silent
movie queen whe cl*iWt make
0e bg step to talkie fe ihn
MGMK "Sain'in I the Radi," al.
iot brought he.a- a ar, but
teleiso made hlta tar.

Shows: 7 Iqpl 9pi. .

"VOLCANO" .-Adsson FI..A:& .30
Untamed tempestuous violent
drama... with As, Magna-
ati; In herfirst lll ah p-
ture!... "


"Moat inpws nve actress since Garbo."
.wit ANNA M4GNANI, in her first all-English
S Hm VIcWQ,..
SoewI: 1:00 2:41 4:40 S:40 8:58 .m.



"I- ~

Seeks Uranium
In Bolivia

NOUflN. s 2

lmndent WoImn MCalby- lc.
ir aild a taxsyown. i

4 *


-- C !fflf 3"

AK J .. None
9i 4 ..S.. -

4 ..2 .

8th Wdet Nerth Wes
* 3 Paon I* 1- Pt

Opening lead'-;-' Q

Some bridge plays- seem pretty
automatic, but that doesn't mnk e
them right. &a today's hand, or
example, an early trump Idad
qeems very. natural. When the
hand was actually played. South
thought so too, but he soon dis-
covered his mistake.
West opened the queen of hearts,
and declare won in dummy with
the king. Without going into the
hand very closely, South decided
that a routd of trumps would
make the opponents play two of
their high cards on the same trick.
He therefore led a low trump from
West liked this line of play so
much that he enthusiastically don-
tinuqd it. He took his three top
trumps and then led the Jack of
South was now in trouble. He
could make three truips in his
hand one ruff.r lusmmy, and 4lve
high cards Ih the sfde slits. These
totaled nioe tricks, leaving South
one trick short of his coditract.
There was no need for South to
get the trumpS out in a hurry. He
could well afford to let the oppo-
nents make three trump tricks re-
gardless of how the trumps were
After dummy wins the first trick
with the king of hearts, declarer
should cash the ace of diamonds
and the ace of clubs. He then ruffs
a club and leads the king of dia-
monds in order to discard the los-
ing heart from the dummy.-
This line of play puts South in
position to ruff both a low heart
and a low diamond in the dunimy.
He can get to his hand as oltht
as he 'likes' ,by ruffing .dumniyY
An over-rnl is nf, thpr, stil
that will use up one o0 the pne-
my's three trumps. After that, the
enemy can remove only twa
tnmps from the duimy.
s"'m. -il no wy.A ,tue.tlpnd.
era to get three trumps outlf the
dummy, so South is sure to get
two ruffs in the dummy. That is
one trick more .thni he actually
got and.this trick represented the
difference between making the
contract and going down._

Petersoi' Family
Invites Friends
To Attend Baptism
The Rector of Christ Church
By-the-Sea and Mrs. Mainert J.
Peterson are planning the bap-
tism of tbler little daggh+.te,
Christina 1fkabcth, who was
born on Jan. 12 of this year.
The ceremony will be perform-.
ed at Chrit. Church tomorrow
afternoon. ot 4 o'clock, with-th.
Rev, and Mrs. Milton A. Cook-
son and Mrs Elmer F. Woods,
maternal grandmother. as god-
Following the baptism a r--
ception wlh be held on the re*-
tory lawn.
Members nf the parish an I
other friends of the parents are
invited to attend.
The family silver baptismal
bowl will be usea It has already
inscribed upon it the first three
children-Vaineit Jordan, Jr.
Virginia Mary and Charles Her.-
ry .

NY Times Staffer
Harold B Hinton
!s Dead At S55
-Harold B HiIb n. 55 vetern.n
hew York Timne correspondent ,
lied toda. ID Doctors Hospital
f a heart condition. He hod
ieen ill fo: the 'ast year.
Hinton had been a member n,
he New Y,'k Times state for 32
'ears and a Washington corre-
pondent jnr the newaprr r
since 1932.
He was a pilot in the
,orld war. In World War II rc
vas recahed to active duty in
he Army Air Force and rose t's
he tank of colonel.
In 1940-50 he served as an na-
bltant to t1e late James Forrc.,-
al. _irqt defense secretary, in
andling press and pDublic Infor-


1:30 :0 5: 7:0 9 .
and BIG!


LA-MA ... i

1:20, 3:11, 5':08, 7:03, 9:00
in .

Jeff Chandler, in
Tony Curtis, in





L U X i s. 7:'. 9 ..
L n S T"

"At War With The Army"
*: Dban

Plus: -
"THE VANQUincu"r

Roblrt Hy, in

Joaeph otten. In
"A Nmue lw ws~wer

Stewuart ranger, I


'W II.^.f,?^~
it *" J tt'f"

I-, as


"Life of Rsenb
S Cartoo l..
a -,

~ ~ -- -
Deene V, Maynard,
Ordnance Employe,
Dies In Gorgas
Deene y. 'Marard, an ea-
oloye of Oadnance section Co.
died last night in morgas
Hpltal followa,.e a lona g ne.
He was 31 yoars old.
Mr. MIaard is survived by his
wife, NellaT and, two children, jo
addition to his parents, Mr. aid
MrL. JosePh M=nrd and his
.brothenm and s : Carl T'.,
Horaland A., boldbura P., Jamra
P. (In Ul. Army) Crlatina. Myr-
tle and E3ma.
Funeral serviy6e have boui
tentatively, s8t for Tuesday.

~3ptt. '~"

Rlecelon cf a reprue vtative lao LA B. CA 6: 8: A
the board of directors and other lleatwave" "Confide
business of Inteteat to the me .Sk OF CAGO" "iky
bership wPI be transacted. Thi9 .cui*F l1
*president and other officers will "
address the meeting g.
'"A 4 .." ,




* At 7:00 and 9:00 p.m.
F. wt--..- he-l

of awoman...
and 'hisMid.
of hatetumi

,- ,^.,



RE EASE! Admission Pricqs: .60 &'3N
i .1 .

- -* -.. .








V*j tl %Mr... ii.. hmSIW NA1WII

.. .. -_." ..: ,

* Cd.


Conv0ennche intb.nkiMg---
New, bul4n ge eoblines four-b4in 'top wib ovmebroi
u- 6nitf to pa s *Wfil. 1*o B a ste-rims 21 inba

, .* -. "_, -. '* ..

The new Bal Joint Front end makes for the
smoothest ride ever. Se. it on the 54 Ford at



;:j, hE -- 0 4 -o wwwmd


,.' .- ;,*>

"'V' -' '-'-K,7':;": ~

J7 ,. ,t ., ..* .-' -.,,..
*ie. ci i
'' : .. -"-. .. ,.
.4 :. .: '.,
tb-a~w~ A a.m

- *, .

E s a'" ':'"' -" : -,. jb lh '"

t* -" *. ', .- ~. A3q. -. ,?: -.*., ., ... .

|Pan-American Bettered Gets lryt Ptonntlwitet& B ttle

: MEXICO CITY, March 13 (UP) Panama's .. -
nen's 400 meter relay team formed by Carlota J m sertre at

11 sprinted to victory yesterday as they smashed Mos lo' fans cont.ed for Marc21a
he Central American and Pan Americarn Games Jack urban, Sig ite r ir the Con A wi end in a
e with a new mark 47.3. bes nsror nier trs ..I.,
Mexico and Cuba went on led by Olympic ace Joaruin Ca- League last season.' r owned mrovme B
Siheir biggest point-making spree pilla who took the event for the', hsas proved o puncher.'.- aned Plou evew
-fthe Central American Oaniesthird consecutive time in eight i He in spr*g. -tong his last three ou ,ti overt1
dato lengthen their one-o years. wtth ,nld .amun.m'.. ,h. "l-"
d toward the championsh 13 (UP)Ip. Mario Llamas and Anselmno YokYnk.pons Th Rly umno

wtio d tTesT willb at a weight limit ofo
petition In nearly every sport, mates Francisco Guerrero Arro-ln, out 20e hitters while gain- Riley, a top-notch knockout b
a Btltes from the two countries rel cha and Esteban Re lotes Jr.. fori 14 win and our defeats in artist, os ts the difficult feat
Sfour old medals. the doubles title league pla I addition, Urb of hani broken classy Pry

- naa^cs, wrebtlirw and basketball pia de oldan and Rosa Maria Three-i li'gue. The lltl A nght .er's concentration ont
ole o huge totalores in thWorrell, Gloria Tae and Reyes. Mari oundsmar ad 17- reco he 'cd n trading o

CubaE'ls tManelang iy W hfledpthet al fling, and punchingo duinghi trahinnlg bes
Mexo. wsprinnine 104 points n the 200-meter breaststroke but He was obetweene o 38 Yank hope- er he is also training hard '
e Central American anhad the Mexan wAmere leading n theus Jack rbavite tg Miller Huins the distance if necendsary N
a bulge of more than 100 point7.3. sport wii 84 onts to 21 for sec- field at 8t. Petersburg, Fla oTe arch 21 porram w be sd
over Coba, indle the Cubanwe n ond place Cuba. last month to participate in pre- brigunchedr with another tend-
-thir had bgest7 point-making s p more the!pllla who took the event for then minaryn s shown steady Improve en

Sthrd-place Venezuela. In ymnastls. Cuba took three the' New Xrk Yanp kd8. ht l it tr ancis (Beau Jack II
lna.mao ran away with both more old medals as Francisco a Llie Thompson at 126
the 00 and 1.600-meter relays in Cascante came out on top in the and Lesle o
n.'s comaetitlan, and Vempionsue- parallel bars and also paced the starpounds. ( a "ut" for
i Brigido Irlarte won the victory the team parallelbarm- W ater Follies the bat a weigh t a
rpetlitonIn'nearly every sport.matesC uba likewise won therotArro-,mn hieyapodsn

teams ring competition, while hitters whlga ht local oing t
aW the 210 eteruemar a tea fnree-nd at lie s f1 CLINT OSBORNE TOEGO DOWN artist, wksn teo continue one
SfourPanama capturedals the men'IN SMO doubles title.he
Cben's 400 me sprint relay. The po standing: lint Osorne has chosen a wUrb of having broken classy Percy
Setin all ntreckrany evn. Mxcore3 perilous role for himself tha f main relim jaw twice.ll be between
a rck a nd C ea other tilts and batted .325 put a nmber o
whe Mexico was walking away ouand Yola Ramrez won the wo n-the year.

with tenri and sw etmmng. I enE's a double title, also by eli- former or present fiste.

Befo reer soanng 126me dnodae a .ier Th pAra A
.Both nations dominated gym-IminatingNcompatriots. Maria Ta- Jack pitched In the class Be

piltkinhugetofson Cs ubn an rthro s Ocntest Be u

u et, wRico als wseton Guat.eRalan o M it this posimi Osbor e will leave i ht --'-- H a a I

naheL PEDRO MICU-ELSFAIR Tonight ph her somewhat t- c0 recent T a Barney ed sap-e
.$o'e tal n the oundsmar had a 17-8 reco: was auch a huge trainuccess A. I. Bauman Jack No. 14

| I rn meubi.063 CrccmfuthW estk siefoAnt154wrl' s-p-n r^oS'SL20s'-
bheaviest ,oriasnelaonaldflingeanintiathhighdivif ngdcing d h
r'l to-tr swe 4Cuba s Micanue Senguily won1 e w ipef t s d arn i.i

In thril Iig to pounded th Katherine Meisoner Largest Womack WStrikey .2 5 ,S
i4- -4dh won -t prsrnba the heavNa- Fish on No. 30 Test -ne, 5% w y.
Mexico wnnn 104 po inthe 200-meter breaststroke, buth n its .t prize as $1.15. Yank e- Because of the ay rain on
th sixthda's petitionhadthe Mexicans were leading n the vite heaet hne K. L. Middleton Largt Wednesday thtnigh ga
over Cpb, h t clas a so the heaviesthh h ish or No. 10 Test dne. 5% was portptned. Thaorday laye

p o s o t caught bot the fapex. Congra- $13.15. ws resumed Bad the first ba
-pae Venezue. tulon, at Kathternetoo the New Yanees.Mesner Largest winner Luy Strike ea

I aThe on other rathn in Honey Fealey Committee's test a to 5
tournament that warrants ch ecial "Booby Prize" 5% Bch aniso
th 400 nd 1.600-meter rela recognition was a pomn aante ame out othethe first Scott lead
's Tr a tWohn Lost P3 pou. Froo t kn C miee, addby F ee Loh ,o
alo u a BrcgidoIrNarte won the victory in the team parallel-bar these "Thileon- Nb. a th"%$31

CAA ..g .d.. .. ll t... .. 4 2 67 ant ne dioulty In get- Job ith all details The aty he was sled tn byt
k rrtmling pentht ?o.. ilon event. Cuba likewise won thewlegti .. 5 ton

teams ring competition, while r Mers ... 0 4 ht cooe n t Topnsudnee

Saoroteo Elores of uatema Mexico copped the fourth title ab i theyoaigh. oDn o waled boxing t
w -I thes21a097.s meter marS- team free- d gymnastics CLINT O BORN TO Go DOo a and sd win to i eonti nue on
th.' bia na captured the IN SMOKE the w ae eray brgt Wnack. o A

lE EVENTH P-ESENT ION OF THE SE tSON, fh whe an the hoavi-ri onlN o. w r30 Tesi nh 5
s- 40 ciui thm eteh s fsih in t the 3ne K. L. M e n- Two e four-red ape scoreig s gratr
n March 14, 194-- 4:1 Osborne ham ps schos d en akee R ain n
Sterilousne eroltering Pan iof t we wed ename of s trike pickd up another ren
SH Bl, John Piste:oh, ithe winner I and drove Nekar to third t

Dr.t Miouel An el Ord Se truck out seves and was amdad anBe. where boe sHred olh Diorio'e. T
Venezuela picked u a second by Ted Jordn who took r i M sner- Bver to eft fia
May medal when Hector Limes Venezuela 138m rth mo t les la ee on and 126 pounds. withe sroer

--h or errtmu by two beerMni. Sam oodd eronuper Nf 1- Aol. team made n clean sweep ril Martin wa s safe on a 'teldr.'B
Sned the shoot I competition Jamaica 104 and dinner nd Cuo Golf Tour ndPanama, wil g the bundea d Ree

IJ V *nin with win% t the Atlas Garden. S'el t to pi come 1954 8410 baalhed a double whie h scored
TaW L osPa.pmao9rmaThe box larcoret o Champs of the Fifteeonth Naval mo e u on to allow Balboa erh
fromtaking the 50-meter pistolP A MARto IA" of l h District. tkng noutrleo -tvtames .on w

"Mr. MarC.. B.o.. 4 CA AB RH c d i j. F. Capjo, ENC, posted h 's p rty bottom of the eighth
t k Cox, ls e ................. 5 2 2 in both flihts to co Individual Lucky Strir ct t t, one run to
WO EXTRA. BULLS qut, 2b ............. 4 1 O low core honor for Rodma win. Morton sined, went t

SMalene, 3b ............ 4 2 2 .Bl. R. Parsons AN' USN, pa>- 'cond on n error. OLeary saJ-
166'sAnd by popar re t th ppe of Tangr b ........ 3 2 1 ,d the Atlant Side Champs bac. wd o Jonhs
1 one-two-three sweep In Dominican Repu ls c with a 162 cll perform this drou out to fket t
A A Hobart, rf ............ 4 1 1 lowest of the 36 ole tourna acored Morton.
a aW a auPolomskod n.e.......- 2 0 0 na Jo- b ito e srm. After several col
Sever knew driving could be such a plasre.See and their enres are as follows: Score by nn

A* A a Firee'Jordan, pin aet .......... 2 0 1 Br' e J. F. CMpo ENC o. ti po-84i Rl BE

Navy vs Firemen's Insurance h 'it a grue L m CDR G. C. Hpff mar rn 91ied. ----n---gdn-t
Kim he will be Ignited by a torch hie

Alpow e r steering of then Sword ih w te seR. ooperf by a lighter.9971
AeocuAt this point t Osborne will leave is" l o t phs s
troueEDROMIGorn'FAIR TonightbThettert henameof sixth ,whendL

S. .sTre. Tb MI G E n t to oe .o ,t. 0 Butler e.1k2-- A .O DEFENDS sigTLE
Osborne' human torch dive ........... 3 0 w uh huge ucces A. I Bauman Jack No. 14,
igl be one the feature acts of gat even the "teeny-weeny" fishaid3Jdr.ove'NPacific r twligh irLeafom
Dr.Angeltruck outsever ae wast o overall turned Wut."L' Middleton Powhen r hStandins;
Mi ", .T ,Zb Tediver suWhoelleta tokwn -M WonLos
M ooPa Ditrcttkets are o law n In the framnthedIs -h tiIemde N0" 4s $111" -. AnlerleaterLegon .. 5 2..
assitedbMr. "]T~yIn' ftrfangema cone'ella clean MOedpY -W Gouper N R.. 1 ltade WocleaBonita se MBalboa Highsafe on a fi.0x5X
N""#' wit hims forl a rswith -, 10% atch of.3 aaiverff 8,si u o agis$1t15. Lucky btrnie s....ingled
nktlih.AbinaL*eh 16--iotd Ind Katherine Meissner s Largest W tmack Whiskey 2 5 e 2r.

Sthe heaviest fish'.in the 30 line K. L. Middleton F- Largeat Wednesday thotw night's gBalb e
fa SAClassM "d koso the heaviest fish F csh ore No. 10 Test Line, 5% wan postPc-ned. Thursday. p1Y
Mae byAthe C$13.15.w, pote resn t b the eightdh.
a .. a2 52 lawe'n, botKatherine Mehssnert Largest winners, Luck!n Striesced onefnto
The only other-ca4h -in thle Honey Fehleyo Committee'snaesi.6oto nt
Aa tea tournament that warornt.Mu.h2 Spacia- "Booby Prize"- 5% Balboa Hnih School scored in
recosnmtion was a pomplo t sik- $1345. the firstoInningd Scott, lead cI
.sn eniHbo'Ken Middleton. Ken, fish- A... Bauman,4- Largest Soar t singled. Martin was safe on .n
s SECOND HALF STANDINGWing.fom his dingh.with.p.n-0ReelNon, Tm4o0error and ftoth men were sact-

Miremen's Ins ...... 2 1 1af.8' w t alone at the time Sgt. C. mbPerkins dido th-upeN alfwnnanwithb lder
eCeAA .....4........ 1 1 -67 ameddifficulty.Inget- jobWith all details. The parsyfw hoice and was singled In by
aaveas a.. J........... .. 3 014
,,UWUUWWWToav s g. 3329. tii e fish to cooperte in at Ta Bs0aturday night, in y
AsoPan LequiCoo ...... 1 4 .200cl.'aboard. spite of a strong cool wind. took 'I
Baxte Ostr eroS ...4U00 place on schedule and everyorS e back with four runs In their he

say, Jig enough towin the '. .andud t hadie Kennerd were in walked. Jonhe C llege

-gd s ipt ;Voggeoretter.B.,...... 3 0 0 presentation of the Comnaad. State College, Pa.- (NEA)-
Di VILL A jiu IO MLsANO CHATILLO aock, bs ............. 3 ant's Cup trophy Idaho State College' boxer e
O ALTAMIRANO and U BEN DARIO RIERAmer, lb ............. 3 0 1 -fend 'their Nat o .. t Collet
ALTAMANO and RUBEN DARO RIV lad c ............. 1 1 0 N i crown here o April &W.
:'Des. r f the Pls an- Dr. ANIBAL RAMOS 'Marshall. It *.** ... 3 0 0 .
-"Poref t. ..............3 0 0 In One Piece
POPULAl UCOS Totals 26 1
-SA. SUN Sees By IninAs UST LWANSIN. Mich.- Mar
S.......... ....... .......S CA...... ...... 005 00 7-12 15 (NEA) Dudff D=,
...... .......... "am odr .........1A FMn Liqulda ...... 000 010 0--1 Wdiga St a te's new
sab .... General oab schatese t.
ftWderHarrY Foster was un- :laotan cup mentor it he
.. ublWe to fi.d ninre men at ma-he make a gridder outo te
-' L" IPaIB "' time so Firemen's Insuranice Of, Newel's scoring star.
took their fifth victory agalmst "I'ak gl to put that n BI
Slo ss wit@sout contest. LaAis-An LIttle score helmet and pads oe day- ,
a .S m.^otrn 5 I ItI .fr that all, players a' to t a e- course ret- aroand S.
a, Slfe to individual teats art at the neabos eof eouren "Wetllem answered., "l t
4Se U p~m. ert or av least contact thi saflsrn ba'bindin th sn maim sure they'reple
*usane oht m-- N1 ul Is. bt
Now"fu h 11


Iat gery at w Sata Mar otfhe t
pina brbken ahouldufled
40 minutes after Sitrtil d t'
Mie, said "I'm not at
-- to batat 0 run thst

But th ho ught ot't

troubles,. ~. amid, -
taimly lOst

WINGED F "The Red "s .ra til e ark

to record 95-foot ap at Cypress it all depedson hat th*eok-
Gens' water ski jumping ."
most. Leap broke the Florida "i hope I'% be able.tohft..
recorhomers,"It I bIt % --. e-
rcr.E runs as ams Zen. did jtter
he had thisOvi.flO r IlbbJb all


6 -.." i-

-- N.

1 :-~-~ -~.- -



.a...rAL t. p 1 ea

S ..o. ... w.. .ll.,
SW p. ,Bal- .

Se btame on
.iut,- ow-., .ei .-oheoo "2t ,-.w .'bS
Veerl .welZ

t e. The- BaTh ee S
better than Yave NAVA34
o0 2
lhagd th Nav t iffod t a
eGraham Sh~her, b5
eer, l seven GLat.Cref 44' 10
he wete the first Bits off eola. 3 1 1- $ .0
ravy ade thi year. Four 0f4h1 Gordon., 11f 3 0
eve hits wer given -up1i Welb 3 1 .a 4
Fifth. when. the Brewers AO keno, Sb 3 0:I o
n mrpresOdve three r Ma eel Baron,. rt 0 Q
ibson,.too. was nicked lr bny Blake 1 0 '1 0
,even hit, but like Graham, five Duvall, rf 0 0 0' A f.
f those were given-,up-t nth Graham; I
ixth a"d the Navy took advent-
ge of this and scored four times. 29 4 1 3
enough to win the first game of vs.BALBOA B
heo series. Wfech, If 3 .1 2 1 0 0
West paced et Tar hitth of ,-- 2 0' 0
?ffort for th e n right, irith t Wo M r le q 3b 4 .b--bt 1 1 3 2
hree.- For Balboa Beer. Welch bson. 1i, Wp 0 L 3 0
nrd Jaramllo each hada pair of R1' lb .I 0 OsRD: I
its. ,Morris, as 3 0- 4 2 0
TVpti og 1 0'1 O" 0 .W,O s le-
ryeover,rf 2 1- I'- "-
No game has been scheduled
or Sunday night In the Atlantic 2 1 '7;W .,-]. 2

1Wil lianms We X
( -P) .PCh.damt.:

worry abat. d
Willamst, who and-t hAra


~_IC___ *_

- d --I--- -----. ~. --.~. -` ?I~~I-r~-C i- ~~cu~.

- .






a A1



S 5

them 2ktn

, th a

the thth, ]o

ftM The f

Oa~Mj~ta14 ftowr0 ofi a wise-
aw K "iwOM by' hit-
blm dapiMte<.abatsce, but he
Mim- fsr isbiwifd aenjuulee,
.. b i.- : ..* NO -
!-vl c~t~riyme Z _S_ ashocn
tovISItthe DOGmlS and, un-
fl'ouls'neote. the isNce
ddetag noedht a" on 6ce

tMinatuo s ck.

*oae, for
a and vice

saw. yupr.

at "UUsige i" q Sv
aed the pace in the
er Lege, It would

admits the
. him in e outf

-.,_' _.

Arf i "

"We lost. game on m0 play
the outfield, 0s1
stresses, "and 'tt ht
there was erratic, ev.en
Larry Dobs drQ"fli

tr of hajor leue re.
from FPort -Worth, -a never ap-
peared tt a ir leue game.
Ph iey Is nota KrM star. but.

lley a er h." I-
pa Admits, a h' tactful
nAugh not to place n S i-
iheft or iht Id altu
o hy. T a. ta of tbo M 9
SM Phlwty Am to be
ar wl6h gave hi i
Is le enoligh e lead the league
a thfl almot lost art.

'his leave n an unusual stua-
Stina which eight-Pale Mitoh-
0e., Dob. Knnedy, Dave Pope,
,im Lemot, A.l tlIti, ,H arry
Simpson. Willy latilake a
Wade-just for fhA&
play left field.

Ova me- w pleas-

Ftret ntyi" 'orae
ar mae w In no

Mitchell iported lighter thhn
he has tn years. but the Indianms
chiefsle do not tonaidEr the Oki.-
homan a well-iwnded ballplay-
er, despite the vteram's lifetim
battln avlge ofil1, second
only to Ted W, i Iiamsin the
American League.
The Infk-'d sm set with the ex-
ception of first base. Nelson 18
the No. l v and will stay t-
less he ar.,ells, the plae, o wt
pretty bad.'. Big Luke alter. a
pace sock man, offered a broad
ken foot I't year y ard has man-
aged to get hurt some plaes each
reason. IC Easter stays in one
plqce, he stU could be the firt

The rest of the infield wIU. h
SBobby Avi aO, Gorgea. Strikir A
.abd Al Rcien. and there aren't
': many bett.r.
qt Cleveland's ,tt aii ant will
feature Dob Lemonn.Early Wyon
A and Mike Garcia.
i Intend to to o n them
lS often aI a" says.
m destring te ,,otan that He
was a t emtark on a broad-
er share-the-wort program.

?" rY -" :'-v '"*" .

::*>;. ....

B1ob re:er Art Houttesas,
ave Hoskine end a .hew t-
ahdeLkh. Dick Tm t
heo stray shots e r
rougsbt uo lto lfanpo'I
Lstat tob tpe *
oIt ath ls hits.


r -;^ .-?t- '-'a' "4. -$S ^
""^:^ .r- -^ 'a --

er rdlkowH is- a ra e bird ht
hadball Circles, for he .ffp,
idthleW In both16net

l it a enasac
of. .
Via will be ,oin afterit i -
ieas title at the! uw I W.
Kendltr glas1s 104.%_04# 2C
Town t w H a cOt
mathes to O ma Lewisao the
Wndy Clty, t a DPilas tout a-
aet eaenY, buttL favored t
Itn thiS big one. .
Itf he doeb he'll break the ree-
ord for winnia. tmremoats.
Rioht now, he has I* ad l, ,Uin
a ie for all-tinme ho-dra With
BSir4 Atchenaen, Tenneie king.
"'Oh, I think P) do 'well oqt
there," Vic says andtldl. m'T i=
two leased don't ean t so muh.
I ve beaten Lewis before, you
Asked -what makes him a top-
notcher, Vie tells you: Pve jot a
colorful game. It's a wo-haded
game and. I alIWYS onth, at-
ta. Mot pW ers use eteir 6-
hand for defense only and at-
tkac with their strong hand. I
use bah and It gives me aft edpe.
an led.t as.god as my right
"COZIn means a lot, too'
Thais. will e1av von flat


t in e f
Wford, lb p
lkon, p, lb

Allin, i

Gatird, a

Wertein, If
Wright. cf
Bad rsp
Didelr, 9

.: .'g 'od sh ap e "
ape. Tobbip. tr un
,Tbeere,&* of-lthe. nation'si'adta : nte
s ha ballet s sri l e
cago event with some 05 entries 2 DMier G1 8
a -'-. expected. The tournament pat a
SIN GO0 1 RP oi Cdie-Phillips howss his midsection Is In good shape bit hole it Vie's free. time, for ttor:
with belly. bto frst besl as Fr6d Werolewuki lets the ball lt away from him during hifireman duties don't. vb ham fmnaungh Scorer 8
s la mLno.gara- tatI Peteulurg.rlIa. (NE). time t travel around ne coDun- Oreene.
S.. .g.e A __ try, takes hla vacation for -..'
-' ;. < '" "- .- --".' -"-". "-- th|" "1 '.'A i
rHerahkowvit has been playlnug ofline
Gree berg's Job Hangs On '54 Finish; e sA since 1938q.
then h.pcft-ulated0a roooeful

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ha clipped s stetadS f u lite e .
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ie t'ntn-ht ilhe on1 t t .a alngf rth
atteGafiEt sai below a nlhfllon rIU wlor. -*
readyy have .bee Inse nated to'.--.
tf ee ts +. r v. hd dBt 2 w "0.. 0'
Al" e... a "%retch imk ,s to L
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men left'oW. el trying to field 'We. bits:
or retrlIevs-CqVlzt gloves throwner.
from the* boi I. .- it lisen
HepryAaro ne. w pdlayinger.-p a fan compian about the length -..... -'inpit
Henry Aar% neW playing it.-of a same.:...ow u lmu pt er
fiel I- Jar.A.u' H!rrldge only, has, but suft- pI Ean *oul.ot Perkst
fered thjrO tis&,erin.
Such' veto scouts as Tonm

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BRd MuVy If. McGrew shd
Mickey OQWet, thk did weather,
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easily giatftMSWakkee '0ukt-
field In his third. year of or-

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ter. brte it with Mau ClMON.
Win., of tlt Gla. 0 j ,rtfhern
Le ge 1A Ju9t. oJts.i. evas"d
to JaelutWflle' of .e A SQ0th
Atlgntic Iet'tt -as a seeoSd
basman he was the Saly
wheel's'battlng leader and most


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double pl

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rple know'

Beige SSk Mts oa
air.tD.TE-Walter.. Mar-
Jr., former N.J. atate A Riant atorr wept tie mi- storm was in central ,ansas an lowd .. fied .rat a i t..
tur fer ile his petition for '-nds Frida). kicking up bl was almosaL tationary, lorg as-. State Patra11 eat 1 rah t,
? ( hblican nomination for z7rds and allowing dust clou! era said u:. .. :d d, a nt -Oid trafflc on" R -
BlyaSnator t Trenton. N.J that cause t"belge" snow to Dust oa'4sabri wue drive Icy j w y U
becomes one of te can- fall. t Ike bullets in snaw std Ok. O at. a tru CT 'r MARGARET WLaa ninth
rtea for the Senate seat of The late-winter storm heaped lahiom. anld b wa h ou to 1lx in her hpme earomi das. S
sw1ent Senator Robert C. a mixt, of aqow. sleet, ra'n se 0- 10 w ).-W. )1 l-Panamanian H imehobof*ih.os
dlckson. whose term ends and freezin ra' over a wide aa- eaiedfl i- to-l f aIa
S ... Tn -- r- -- 'ward. through owa. southern e "'70 1 ..... a.i b l
Mn fe pi o tihet t o Vw a y ant L polr Ustrge trpl. Rthe CntY. iiS o de fn es ._" '.- f iffce.
a. Innt o rg. Sc s v bod vr a1
wardth S ruam inghwIow cu, ON area. bl et ohD a rAfr-faew

west and whiskey them throui 0 tto h r rnd t et rpttlons a t 4 P

:h aar a tfa r ousrtr Dno .as S ot t atf
D*ka Muao thern h t m t o t urr ahi,- Trfcna N.J. "- e O -

Oi Virem ier re.I osy hue to, the ky Visibility there wqs ,;ut ao 1a Thecy took on a welt M- ttry. e bm ithiweek, home dC
S V e n a bl rk. n 10 lo the dust frhom the ed tot frm the Canal
t as t das k at ino from In Wyom!o blowlg -;l- soHWet arrived, ve ot Wtfit, n e .noml st w* and anaa poked into sup-
the u and battled rain, ~uiSdou.t are' t to -e ad. Ilrawetsexa*n"ined re .b
Sleet a nd snOw slammed by -I Bowrd of DrWWR yd fefttora and stoves, watched a
RO, Egypt, March 13. (UP) hir wins. b y Ii i As ea sb bowandapm led
o t'ro University students de- About CC 'qn ..distance te VC-th m W. h sandwiches, coo
special emergency regula- 'ihone ,ne and io300 ru:ul n. .l .'ce a" "2 ne n oi .,-'a.t ,tZ." .Ws r
Sstoday and demanded the phones, were knouIed out In Iowa a. D cke. Lois A tiihtuoan visitors
of Vice Premier Canial and eiaht town were cat. otf yIV MInn6 PlClS, *tI Si 1 BrRack wet.Ipto: ft6 amine eestaies that
t an hNasskr In noisy deteton-fromon a mith Damane Nt^im"!avyJ Pl ne rW dJl'at'P'. en',1 aty'aid 'G
4 Xst o "tcb of Q00 students also inchos.o o oWrn S -outhf DItlir 0 bh In T. Fe:'l.e q.ped-home.. l.e tn.
t aed for the breaking-off of ta o 12 inches in ft. 0' W5- ur C eloCB. 8man in thdeup, iyvio Melendea tea-
r ^ patle. relations with Britain a bzaNsn o. felln p Soh n Mtw) R usI L s attacked Pak B- il s f ige t es

Ci arroi.rehpnov. nr np r mrw- arblcA ec s
.n ingo hstliti. Is o Tha Ho l W, neso, t amda9 pw, i.t h e rer ha'uo, mtbtr' rw. ''M cI a: mt..s sas. a u
a ce sn t sho.D.,there a ttr.k ...... t s o C-... ". ... e th.s

s ofl terons a i n-r1Nbs a nt Nn h -- e .k th meddt a n be
CIl Iq e d oreakl ,rh hue to- ,ntw wa 'rlaW .t oV. aase -o nesrot1tb .se t s wek h elCe

e't p f. dWC H i ^ ae.,- eSfinitely .td G.-e--, ,t .I @ Pnm
de d Premoaler o te ate r l th an a .r.. the dusta.t hte. of.A' p'e nm ta, ". l o o en eSofrt m thetCanals
o Weawttai daakaat.nobursofCt v.oaret et i the n2o=r--t ot i pktri itne.-od

*^ -B went ln ng Minster.offThe corer of hotb*muiorwe the Nv u'SiI wir 3~r, # sd i-faws mr r e.

''"A the duqt and battled'- -n,

tounssiilr n e re t tea at wele lS5fi "ful in- oas aU wValmlefrm ta C tehpol d prw asat cort D-st fhe t o "eam ilssesal wa chd

Bad rlae. poll- tae.San ea 1*r o h nd tarneing theb corri oh ve ucs edib h cont e f O tht1r the se rsl -wl*.v "a

ca -ar re*"he the blyar an^there dealy tao&n "I was aRthoeardlaoIl Sad e IStI0Sseve n pat-r ,aid. vaeanole; ouv
x e.'dROwEAypt, March 13. (UP) higha s hg y -winds. led,
h Un aversy seudent.n de- SAboutMoC qn e distance ..W Aboot m-inuet lars tto teed tse *W- .d n auatlw a $ ,

taeeh- t barrer. .. .ot at ownlt t asf he or morRich "a?,td .enewNetonus tbheun stat a3 'to-ma Edrt6etbnis i pl
.xpte il -- e 5 i e ral emergencyo regula- Newe rlhne ,A dl0 po ah J Dt. TO e, A 1r raoad.At .W

Cheadwendded- te i s doledd the inIwar oei- S sh iled atn g -r Ih fer t. .u the at I e l t ift O a
tehVice Premier aal and e-ht town .were e .n o h te e -"y o t TDr .oto.eii e Meestaciesth
I De a atrsBw dweacosDAvitwr O"4vereigaab**idedecbAboufl-5 norestn seviero a Wh 1 vist tt-
trione nom s eooie oerto theintiltoix' A m ag ro N a ith e lysie Wt em abyea apo fo o pe 'nea well-
Iaehstra ?Pwogd so So th00Don.e; M tebord--ome.d.erTethemts bU)eeS 11
PagistudeeMWtCd ons eae Tsn t .d_ e. temanina t

r rh t attsr a ear- poff of ton ota of dtehh.aselInchesrin Sehhe9 nd a t, whjtmVe bj
stlwreltons with rlton ta btR lau1rI M... rM y mE do'k b. Park a' awok aFr romc e -d u
o litiesa- 1ar hrLONDON" e.. ,f ak attack e u- T e
4 n teds w! -w o 0 Gpermanarmed .x ,fe sh.Lincoln l bmber byuawnw. nnd thte reteahersvlits Wereb

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ttora kiing three1and 1 w h vot fl Tea hf m ies e pr til cst
delpa ed removal of the easiter eoad esfenre 't-c o th n d- be.n bder havbh avdted i het

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Wsafl-oebhcNWdbylepI Na% A h r orted. H Af.
Clqe" from. sdthe.ov-s w owl anddrft aplnet)latts, C
ent' Incl(wtnX M rnater rf The c e achesiT the e Wre. aee.lnt c The d a w hy a burt 2 of. thes oiationecitethe emxere, whatises bater t;e

Altoudaace Ml Sa tid s,.ww.e onaraA...Lnte-r, tAtanor.PI t lmaste a f Mewlf hO L ,me mi.tes., tt*AsdawHm e K nc Is a.,
gj-;a lutheif4 4a m endedatePraythat the.15 M a t a. yearofrla i M r- fnerfl ou aing theoc o nr to oes t a onw ost. e Or fb i a fob .-
*n notrcota any.Vwhen thtwo- ai S Ber
adberodlefteed "no te e' 1uuder..tb t h otsaindtr awe there -pa m o rn s ith n tsad- d ti
-OfCtyzwa nd1; thenwinner 11g wil.s Inid the n es. Twogwere so [I.C- "S f re e dyr fo .i
"a bM ja w, n a fnie. .,.
th bbtid reoptnrng ofeCae- illy.Te,.wor9ig n., i were.. tLkewhctoh aer m tatdt at to eas.;sat -

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It or tic. ....NewdMrI that. t nw"Vola. Uthet.srhe. DentsIoct
1 a"e=..~ untng ..Ic e iethei 4 4coei- cs h'n edbu d '-ne;_ar., d- tel t WuGrm anyd ,t ee. i de'i.. the scho
feontest "n- sak others were ehnseboer.Bro.ti lndedFaeeaaa years, -aa n th9e puefabrKnrla4e4
.th-.l't-n h ef; e-n'bs trictly rm ea hers, t n e
ofpet yla-gotdby?40 abrerje's tmhsend w be-n
ballots.4- n asltr-aya o nEWY ( ur It&- r d

szomrebs t et t W ora s lin earfoot the- p-a fr :.rdi_
-atnea t h e6i04dabg ,Math is airenown two the*irItuAa
ht n' I e d.0 a t a cv" ILInhos pital,-said of yesterdays e etup fa Zo- e
t4o 150d to 1 a l foot.
w,a" '"feAjmy o'inrih-e *Uttt Latifs

..otad. al sro teia e cW rk ssociatidn.i

ttmtr$rteSgh' ""

for i-Ag t- e

fi.tgws im.dn..dthei col ed- ..,-ur e-f s.. opd.ft: ,th ..O

,Ar. h

- j. .

S 1. T

Secretalv of Defense, la congutul
Roges/ chairman -of the Htewe- 7I
ington, after he was nominat .,
Secretary of the Navy. Jle
will become Depiutl

*- a* .,

-C-~ S

-r. .:
["V- a:-. i"

,. .; 1

a :- a .

*.(.. *-_ *- -,
p-: *.': -,

.- -' 1. ,
A.*' -~ kJ'*en

. -- _

- 7~AI

M "' .'-" i.
' "'*'^ f *A .:'." l .-. ,. .. ., :oo'
-.w ~ ~ s 1 S f ... o.. -.. ~l .7l'l
laiN -aarn arr . .- .+ + ,.:. +:. l, +.,,: it" t. e ..

- .W-


1*''~ L9'
,~. ~-t'Z.
- *t 7*i444 ~

4 si ', [72.1


' 1*111~.--7- ~-:-.-..~ CI-. ----


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