The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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WAHINGOTON, March. 2(UP)- The Ar. y ih.rged
in a satatlonal report today athat Sen. Joseph t. Mo.
"arthy'e chief qoun1 ore. threatened to w:. p thq
Armny" to get favoritd treatment for a drafted Mearthy
i nv tigator. ..
'" Thi dynamite-laden document also a 'ie .-
year-o94 attorney, Roy M. Cohn, of threatening force
.o ltry Robftt. S .ens' out.errif-Pvt. David
v sent .' .. ,
.ya oIwVtedWtfuqet ly tI
Skeeip the wealthtiy tMhi*#off 4w p4
P W0T. O and to put 1im a( the 1difpsa of Se rthya
l 4 nj*tling subemwnnrtq. fra t rne to *e M

f iiMay Lmu wa why Ldj*bds

nrn' tNhr Naim m....l
The'dynmitol~dn d MetioaaUlrh ..
r-o~~atorne, Ry MCob, ofthr~imlir- lv er.
'd,,." t~ ,
i t .ir-

House Groupi


For Pay



. .-.- / -

American employes of the Panulmrid C
'were furious today at the House A
mittee's report branding some fi
and Mamiten wage survey .as "ri
The comqpittee quoted the firm
Zone -empIye forqgmes tMlftkn, 1 Mifi
fistctless tbatrs, art exibits, and ni
ad eyen th-opporfunity to window ha
are IjCkm anc called this a "rid.i tn
pay rise for S-roters.
The oantwe said'l w 4t.Wiv
denge" to the a.s AlUh io
One t i ire$ 1q-1.t r dC k S4 "

*,. I.. Ji e $0 %-ri ." .-. ='.. -.. .. ..
In Bn d ..l.. ..-.q.t ..

r I --
I j -4
r 4.4 tlAW.L

Li A


F r 13

ea :- .. ..

. .. ..

-bubrtre fepe tatI
fte t had lk ..' '

fhm 'ind thlte r Redler hi
m dward X. Me a co
students to itt os d. Tnm. raas le'ir 'A*1A f

McCtrthy fired the meo tlusl a vmr T s
ban aUNCAt ,i

Rewic lv tino .

spA" c h, f. ats" i

e.arZa a ..

- t ,

B edAr V. xruy, Al's.

that the Cs.
frl;"sary to put

'9tandlng by twA
6 been tvevv--

nat t had apt
wft- Crist6al bel

l 3he W iceevu.
In 'ithe-e.uel-
t e3efet haW been

a lean

Newfound In tbs.fuel
W~l~B T'a'' -tits

W- oryma
ift. eorifce


ny -a
n 1o-

ato meet what 1

a 6 later-
and AWH"? JU^B WWWBSi Ine. M*A I

ka. t t rwluwl wU
*m|r~ i jfin off( himp.Atp

1 was tfaved. DNe-

i aWt "inredl-
*t lany American
has been
I.n its vehe-

I-so that. our enemies
i to- ttoo advantage
lWipd joE united action
Wilfereit to warn Red
Rtmlnt micelculit-
-edetAfltlon of the
-t to .defend Itself a-

a EL ourselves
o he o eron
SA i r wi nt o on
frely an ibe'
Swf be. WeI d have

nefb trWtand, mndei,"

p'en-f asw y s *me i
Ad on equIty, 5
mn~tlofsl~proaeh. j

; |
to anl-as "coosPq ebjeutive

Joining Tomorrow
pt t Pedro wlgurslu County
fait will uwtg open t I
Tomorrow with WOttle IAe
game -'S the kIckoff.

iAy how I. ,

and there be refreshment,

Vice Staff-Chief
Gen. C. L Bolte
Here For Visit
Ary vise chief -of saff. Gen.
C. Bolte arrd In the Canal
ZoAe todas for a brtif vildt.

7- s, .D-ienduits *tw Compensat on

'LoF I;!n^ Gorgas
iereedltc .i i th e t of an Rum
-ham.r eto ee t pe ntof pay 13
jamt! $m m any ta Pro nides that he pman W a
^^d&'S~s&^nsf%= -v.-at afsliebwat^^

11 nrs tffu
mtineiti i

" t" i"'

S. -

it -
- ~.. -. *.-~~* ~

1w. .0-i g .W
i .. pt.; "0xw i$d"

i M ut ,..t pr .sta .

AL4) a

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W' "'+"" Z4

'. a ... .: .'. ; ..
And .-

,, ..... ,.0-By VICTOR .lL0

311 Q W"L UM- w tw ays ais blea -In the' I w.
,d' o o p s fs I bU e mn t e I
e,..Ai tA .-.edar f I- ,ore b *
pere resolved getm ly and on han d s a wholly em And suddenly I rec a e trips a
.r olethuntw decades
..e p..a r bt d B nthe orde t rec .an gei eIng food and clothing for ungry
"I 4M keep Mthe l limited naf ro. 0%tg coakliggers.
m ei geSI rs is su Dheld I strictesttand e. The miners are till far from
kewaflper esnumesa me mspensibilit .tte.e-nt:enes ae plom.m hungry-but they're beginning to-
-d in letRs Seem meees wonder. just ow far. t
Evay wherethereain pos of i

Pa a RouPdminesb ein shut ldon-s oi per.

.man a E tlyw 5 out 100 sq f at Is
+aTHE M AIL B Ano rt eatorX odh onspedak ee Aso cut bae n ", a
ays ofihe Ve hLT e'ra n o at toeandV et e prohi b e eaeleotdo r
Waydcoed unlnyveloah e st t ua

M.TH people m h 1 fme Oed 4in.. .ood &an J s or .e -oo Co e
Kr M it Rtavenbon. a liar. days' supply on h nd foi lM i

? LOt ot eV ern AFoei WaDte mn ers rsweheric ho s d ear reade; : wt It d with wildcat strikes' '
Spread thin "whereas" from a resolution dopt e ti by a Wi-lion. Thenl John L. would bg" tot3 d
i lo t eet eran tF oleldin w a wi ch read s: T he N C it e s ar. w -th w ilcolrero & U i]
heouldysat theuver bis nan 4o

Ve raI&3601=Corp acomradesn aned months o pf bloody for a mass tan ppage and sc woe str'ton 0oe
thela c; false claims about P wounds whichIt in fc fatJuo t a little e. y s n hy g out h a I -.. .
'dd n r e f la he wasx a"tal ltgutner" whlen in facta h r two. Nows there a re. A lUi- p he
S entered as a "buck private" when In fact he entered as a s l
Sttl .'elo d afticeefforts ItoiPromote dIeoratios 1 e ei ns i chased. i s

ace n th e e.,|bu never eLast week the coal l eos pa-ro- toe Dr-
intt Jlo u C h n duced only eno -ut l to i
TAAcoa ldlo ow i a t f u tim e o n W so f ,

mnoeto:B complaints abe o e Pa rtma SeI -o=7"is %eea no atd itsae Anld ti-Re Lhe statione ti M no vo al i ad s a t
5^w ay d aor .. atvtremost Is ".-..ea0ei '

WeV ared res2den of the aCanal or s handa p a lwek idrty .Leogaite a @tion t er apoil a0
nALo rdr.except.. perhaps by sobtsmemenes eveneh alf'atis..

TsSu I ao f soigho alened is o5aQuivalpent, should n i that o a Ele full-?dimet s isa ain ahastera -i d l B t an bo s ots o om3f e.. a t
i nt: re a rvinlt ind t is ibaigy here ust oal no lonir an re to A
g f te f s ting childreas n, f ttera, but never ave ears a nd country's he l do and valley phat s its mi
Sbe so ai ril and t oartu n red by noise such as we have had ches.i t ine a t ia m bem o of m d e e ay su 'n as t" i B.i

In inity alg 4th of July Avenue aduoring the past three a r ohrer-Ot th*w ch ease ve r
'an d & a ainsot everyfietas and metn Baturdays, and pre- Thismecan that Lew w er ge unmod by tb cgd armed ra o a eastor, aC p tu "A
fcLal se s aam a phe lst p a a d i. s ..
ei t mthe bore to come, until we are fortune ate enoug to union is cracuind geath its c o. o o a its th e tm tela t he. d.icaIei to e .o t o .
.'eh d e lse he .oono b o d in _ood. fore a spite Its4 nks, Ms 1tves1 thgint t 3 I r

or tw. o lg lnld r m ie.iptot patw ispetnp, cerae..omutoa bersau? rtte & at ol t i te mr h soil
Io of soud augmented byloudspeakersbeginsmeatsan ts$500000 r d pers b er
t elaht O'loolintthin evening and continues increasingly rf Coal i ant oas rocmmendd bt Apa-d vronlytouu the atual-eihitsno ore a o a' toro
brou+oght no re ie ._ _eh .tady radIt hli a +trt &
nA p o14ssibe tIat somhn o neinf aust orly w ouldspa ,dc c o hiware peasytoIc hearsi. But;-if, You will: thinkte au Mau movem at got out of day to sit mbansyto, a ft lt
oodast and either prohibit the loud- ol ecano lon er c inue ,' wdto r
S-togetherort least turn th off at midnight nd theoindependent Walfre ;r*. .. rsuccess-ohw ..
lAo to bed In peace.., fund Ghundreds ofe thousands eof dot- ot naaI TOu N e t ed O f SatI or g
C n.Rsd t o slars a- oyear-4. U00om0p.i.atlo nida t. was theft of atwp.secrets 'hd eopos tV'r,'. 1$-,. o the. boblique'Calnai t.Wwo W, "
t m ran o Resyito-hth. guiidentytttotpitconi c.' htte a n l.t a,-h"l..
b oe. generalt t t i a q"aarn e*15iY ty ai er-d
Unt.oe4 Mne orkAoers Communismude today bears ve*e.ry;. seerimn.,e.. ,-,e i a sn dl t thwe ,Lh
t rf tS' Bo a Ttana eq mv a tenmthlittle reso m ut blanol th to the commit or h of.mea ;,t A -
2e 2NAMr-ACWENG" MENACEot:.-t-i 'htof -Poal ciAd ,foaom gdhw F$la s to' 1r-ake h#Irb p

an s -7 nrMt r r ounjortu- a cost io no5,000,j0 only he"at aa R.-ne..os.
at te .ed a.. -- i"l bj krh r .r

S tr it Ia tsahe s a f .a se .i r $

-m eduntiw alioke, wi d l s ht ussiA ovie o oouNO e is that on t unsK snot- a po At least daow U a yard. ward party, or aome h ut e theybe
V.iuUi work thesi wa ut. oanks, ttn o t! ceeal ced eor a rightful expes-s stick forpunshm ent sor
av'ttl blinIdtalley. aide ais Le wis' cha l t fi Mes r ut ae as o aom t
o lstl ike w bth. Together, th ey mustefi f ometuch k wilndultrchitect of00o' ofMeuat.a e W a a
f 0 sode antons oft aconl wbl aek, iulh rs.s ',anou nitrator.auuins an avowedAdVnd cspc ao nt lotrout e tst. ts n t i
P"." '.' aaco t someecountry, by force, *Web lhis tre a fo 4.aodvsta' wln We-m
A ',th e Rubanpr ices,. o ac, ompl ,f t' Ihb i t i
leainospitalsXwhicanewis ws hubpwslic.t

BStrtheIndustry i't jt sin r
rneweo e o rrx7
X1, Swmi"6 .Togetherfue Dr th e iust f l tC i &

"e'oft.. y veezumu' vctteo t, 0.t~owo .b _waqu m-s.- =, tr r!it.o 17P "T.T;

~l li.Ibypllnhey ... .c.,nj I.S -, -. _~-- .~ .._ rr ;lplo .s e idsm eq- S-
tsisct A In t hoidwoo' thaMary Cit trowh and Bill..01 02 of N
mTat 6tt8-lwt the miracle -aumi clashadapn ankw.(.l Sawal asda ~e
await wot am-for t a a are present.) 'as Louise yi'rs e "% Owase b a-
know 8 m1M. latsman as wel The Stork Chb lowered i ts price Ites) f she r A .IIwi I -C :tle -.
-." ,or a cuppia- awf e. Now at cenzsm. nl, etc. (,v.OI DoRwsa .ae1, .r
.- '-- .~.A. -'. .. a ot
M."l.Anewf'lesare hopig A urew 'b- -teer ( years (asov wiA .
.he s0- m up- -teO, at least. Midv at 4a f tc e wa d old serve R r
--herself onasmi"(09eled
Intimates do& Piper -.?
Lula d One to, net :. es =t..+, .
umance is for ft)ou

1aO Qu.t (SIWOtja Wt if d&a-
. ..- .. .. .. ..t .. ..nw e SW %W A dp. k sa
--- 1--Wsta
changed 4* bwhaee tUS& as- I

"''++. ..... +..+.... C+ +- -"a'+
PA Sb .

iii"il' ,i i iti +.." im+ '+Ji i ++ .i + +i4 a'm -+~ 2 %N.... j i i -ii1+ ii + i.'

S a -- -+ -:. -+ "

-". .e a ". "'


. .. .*'. '.. *t .;,','I*.".
-:-, 0. .* .. N.., :


d Iuan economy Jndlords anxtety-p r T -aa I- I I I
''- .tii...-br t The a.a. t.who til ed th e t %arp .' l.- b

p -. ; ...;., .. ere. ,. the opportunityto ma,. mow ,o n ._.ttu S .S ri E .EWELRY STORE
W thtrS, f t Oe 6, pcat over a .d d .?imelf to rsto 1 m t
"the-, gove mept at- .years* eg rt m" -" 1mre:ta C "r l A.. 1 .
._-puus / ood lIld bt ou n toe i ,

Oft, O ash bIs Ie S Ints wtll t e prayer eab11
''.y -r,,ldhbng over a i--er-

I. .... m ahd are. oF o A.
M bi e 'Into Angry Camps ALRY TOREte.A
a og.-LeamS IssuOes Splits. b. ._4-

Spain upnecessarily." IA-9 7LAI. lANAl4 CI
". .. ,- -" n from Felix Maduro)
Ala. Marek.13-(UP)- and nobody kicks. Now they want .. UAR.em' "-A9- B Phone X-03sZ
S_,_ e .t fr.. .. divided. thi om lock up dogs and every td IZT i y.- '
Iae ere must be someth to MAK PURE lTE FOAM RUBBER
a -l and candidates that sa -about a do a R -a
.,fo g Cacrer, aid oIther man's bes friend," Sea.e reed... MATTRESSIS AND PILLOWS
of ,s ou .oU pic.ture. Police samid they had a rep ort | f. .
t "-d" partm and the a housewife hitting her husband F "ou Dutch ,RUBATE" brand
uig eapan that overihdow- e argument over the law, but, .. CANAL
Ith. oomlng Dmocrstic pl were unable to say h what party -. ZON
ma, Both b conducted the husbtad belonged. I. w ,
pb e lgna and elicited .The tform of the "apti-dogs" SIN E bedV e (er:-- prt
V. .e t cora o ers and in. states t. leauh taw .will helt .4-- n Plain, without e ..... _. ...... O.. .*00
dog* vau m," uch as upset- W ith tver ..... ..................... 40.00
*. ti gsibap rcane and destroying J.. .With tr on t r-cover egalpe with plipper,
Ti dspt bEfe w then Citi flower i a P and t l unbleached ner-cover .P..e. 45.00

.. .. --^ -- ---p- .... .... .. ...".t...".'.".... ...-* "'9- .
.. ., .-rM e., ., t, aI.. .. .' e a Pe,; f e r ........5.................. ..... 4 0.

a., t W s as therehave
m' .^^.! L caMseat. ortedhere i the pi -*.w e"ar ..."".................... 5.5
.one J amge, who a.ked n be .m. bleachedd calico n7ner-cover ... 1
S. looted by name,,, worried .about a !
-, on.i t' ,e -p je nle morals. 'u'erec r I ed forI tropical

: ofS, dIe ,,h wA tha thk whe "3IfFOAM BUIa tEyODUCT'S AtE:
.e I wdp /-TIt- their parehats C;-k the o -u
af------------mee", fr .thetroples....
I,;. ,-Mobile's dog. weren't takig an mIe D Fwee'ft.kAL a. l, ..lM ,
.- part in the campaign. 3ut "Old -U K. II't .ot.Ua ..
.-- r m. Spot," an Atlanta eanl, had Fr .~. rti et a.l t. t...
I'P) v. A .- some advice for them. TRAY t *

fi or thE i
th, ti" p do cate doEr Why bother yourself with ,
IFnUtoe S'"'""to the yard on week. the trouble of mak in re. S O.-D O
l W"i."-days," he advised "but feel-free ervations? At no extra oet -s'.--- -
to roam on Saturdays and Sun- toyA
S O -;andidae ttdays.". *o or,, w can "rang a
20'.i / r.- Ct. -.A..d C .sh your entire vacation Includ. msl
0 Cary And Ctash ,. tran.portaia n, I
I".1 n t r u 13. .b aocomrrooddtloW. *snd e ir-
.- .-.. c.go drepprte -an ing tours. .. veryth ng,
BIft: aBvoto~ffit- i~ttt napted "purtia bleakfaststa-
it .. .. IoP.zda Dom _t.e ',Ft, y We ore npaflDOCklng
lmms] e... C .e ..e. X- .1 "-** ^. *,'-f ,,-- --, ------' i l
f6P t i n a pta Ni ulaouId7w.aln UN
u i hb. ROU '. 38 ag~tft e BwiSa fum e Sa1 il', w-th -metal legs,
Andai Boo. 38 a lce Claue had N. ; W t panted ; om
l;-..3,39 told h i w A hol p~.a Prg-..Ms up squ Lesep and porba.
S. a.. a pl.a5e to .l .l. .


'- V "

S ouidren's Candot l

i o... -- "_.,1#. .- .

Be a 116yer..

N OA:. M R .
d "-..-.- ...:.. : --; ."
--.; .- ".-.?!i.._^ .^-...g-A-^ ^.., ,, -'te- "-
i^ :\ ...B ":i "" ""-'masa-a ':+.. .. H "iiaB"" i:''" :i '

ft A


* Kitchen stools with or without
bacdresta; .Mtal chromed with
metal I p ted in black. In
red ad yellow colors,
. fled -...IT1; a& '.Je
* Meti barbecue spits, practical
and 'cenveniet
e CarvIg seta, cooking spoons,
roaaters. wetle roastlers, and-
ich warmer; tainless, guar-
* Modem ashtay, standing, metal
in black. mauve, green and red
n ... N ., &

-.elasp. .a los_"aa

[ T"b h&pe; MW dowd mad
i w *__. i
1 ."" X -I""

: ^ '~~T.^f i i
,-. --- .. .. -. .
"r. "." mp' -" WS-- ^ w m f
i -** f;.-^ -- <.i_- o -. i* ^r S'-'ae -w -

!h .; .,-_- .^-;- K. ._;. st,: *-.,.-'_at^ ^ 'Z .- :


.* ..:: .i .
hi ** ",^. ,' -*... :
! 1.. '+ '+

* .' ".
-, ,. :. .-^

,+, o ,. .
'. ... ...,


With the


Also beautiful assortment of modern table
.0 Gt. U .S~tmn m@


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U -E S^-I .-.,. .' 'r"-

. .'.'* .. ". ".- .. .. ; .. .* *,. *- +...

- -. ,..- 1 i~F~*'.l ft ft~~~3**
* .- r..



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137 afiXthL A

b ^* '^ w'w<^^^ ^^
I- lamp in*^f

;-* *'' '.* "i' *'-v.a

.*. *- it*Ms


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,...iA~1t ~ ret4p.~:...:V~8C
'~-~.' -'*


I*j v':^ -^ 7.':

1.. ..''-

.. r -, "-,* ',' .. ...... ,.;

NlJ YORKi-41NEA) After! Some of the writ.
A'udry HeIbyraC9 .Bt ,:u r W C Msi gays
one of the major, ro- 0Jaf
ri i1c9, pap.W execute de* f q ant
S le a 'success as a s t r. arranger coflt, d is
dlmnter 'heard her sing, dIdnt Doccas A & R apsn, meaning he's
ma 'know if she could carry a responsible for the artists and rep-.
ie. They're now saying she'll be etotre. His wife is Karen Chandler.
eat. and Jack was the arranger on her
So there's a tip for would-be rec- fine new Coral record, "Positively
I stars-get a straight dramatic t o Dancing."
rt. "Music he says, "has to be
to be a hit. An A & R man
Fhe next pinch-hitter for Arthur W s hundreds of new tunes. Aft-
dfrey-anf' the job shapes up as er you weed out the very bad
increasingly important spot- ones, you may have 10 left. Then
is be Tennessee Ernie. He's .a you have to consider whether the
% tiaated country singer, with publisher has enough money to pro-
ma.l!ty halfway between corn mote the' song, whether, it sits
Sand .champagne. any of your artists, nad who else
LjGodfrey's pub, he'll have to is recording it. And some songs
range hi name to Tennessee Q. are simply too sophisticated'for the
le. public.
-- "So, when you get finished often
I theie a chimpanzee psychia- the best songs are junked.'lI-tt's
it-in th'- house? J. Fred Muggs best isn't always the same as
*been acting up of late and in what's most commerical."
Sof guidance. (Like Red Skel- As an example, he cites "Secret
a story crazy mixed-up dog Love," the tune Doris Day is rid-
.a to psychiatrist but can't get ing to the top. Jack says if it had
> help. He's not allowed on come in cold to a publisher or a
ches.) record company, it might have
been turned d6wn. Too sephistieat-
Back to Muggs-he's discovered ged. But it was in a movie, so it
it he doesn't get scolded when was recorded. Result-surprise hit.
does something wrong on the "But don't get the idea the A &
. As Loon as the red light on R men underestimate the public
Scmera winks on, Muggs taste," Pleis says. "People would
ukes a monkey o co-star Dave like to believe that, but it isn't so."
S.n..,o ("Todnrayv" NBC-TV)'b -

ramtVTT t I UUN-^ .T
o b (eviltry as nose-tweaking ane
iglass-removing MS masters
now giving im an intensive
rse in proper chimp decorum
on television.
]Is Is a simple psychological
r -blem delusions of being hu-

g -Lawys

1k Guard Unl

NGTAON; -rc 12 (UP)
c. a e. 6f mE .of;e
rtwha subcom-
h )y he as b?;.-i
two weeks active d't.-
I$ National Guard h xst
Ot"CR Kilmer, N.J.,
C1 nn4 by Brig.

Hn'ry Calvin plays the evil
Wajr in the Broadway musical,
"Kismet." Before that he'd been
Big Ben on NBC-TV's "Howdy
Doody." To get the "Kismet" part,
Calvin, a big Texan, had to shed
120 pounds. Now he's back on
"Howdy Doody," equipped with a
beltful of pillows.
There's a man who'd do or diet
for his art.,
Orsa n, at"of the brightest
youn*tbund, is atthe
Blue t -. ports that he's
got a reco eodttact, "with Obliv-
ion di- s-3 .RPMa-only dogs
can 16M.them.'U,

Guy always gets a
laugh e about the man
who ea misfortune. The
poor fe low had water on one knee,
so he got Scotch on the other knee.
Happily, he was knoek-kneed. The
guy made a fortune mixing high-

general wll R toil Sales Lost
-"ri0- Month Were Lower
fit. t%, W WT. -ii L Y ir- r
cohn.was t Than L st T or
iaring and took pa-t
mues ag. WASHINGTON, March 12 (UP)
, -.... .... '-- a by retail stores 'In FOeb
s:.fSrx teutenant in the ruary totaled $11,949,00,000, on-
SO rttar, tole newumwn ly about 379 million lower than
received rputine ord' r 3 n the same month last year the
t ifte hiJi annual two Commerce Department said to-
1cnve duty. next Juna da
$ "he-u outmYomariY e dI e dollar volume of reMll
i. caiutg at Omlp '1- sales last inonth also was lower
than in January 'of t0 s year.
.. .- .- But when the a s ftgu e. were
.adjuated for tile-*trtet titMon
and seasonal factrs, uebtuary
showe4.a one per cent increase
over Juary.
tiC figago indicated
4 .-increaae*uring Feb-
sales of diurable goods,
y automobll. Sales of
u Irale g o o d declined


S;y "'

. .

ANCIENT CORN-Fopsilized cobs found in I bat eave in New
Mexico shed-lew light on the origin of corn. Paul C. Mangelpdorf,
Harvard professor, holds a 5500-year-old cob, hardly bigger than
.. a present-day kernel.

F4T OF THE. PAST-Tit volume. belie vd t( W toW.fM ht
ty"p known, prbhably turned oqt by Johann OUta0b-
be. morer teM $00 years ago, hi now in New. Ydrk's Plerpent
o2t8if Ltbmsy. It'l *w 376-page book containing all the a*Wjor
-iates A4a ws printed for the Roman Catholic diocesd. of C;Op
itane, Ormany. Frederick B. Adams, Jr, director of the libeafy,
tolls tIe Gueantce mlmau above a cate cotehsins a UnteObu t
-*Jitl AdI spays it is the most important printed book. ever
Acquired by an Amksrie-'hfbray.
4- .. -' W *.* *, -*i

iding Out

r__ i-.". 'e "r _-.r.-.- r .".

INP L0oo9e


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.uv. m af

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sourglP Tur .^
Mso AV55 11

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j.M t O r^ 1t CtIM-AT E ]p flh1 eToo, r
ele B ,d *-- .i.- ie My faVbrite housewife-.phlusoph-
HS at. cox, : "There
T. o.bI..L'T -It's PAMO J t a e s bouquet in a
5^w..; ,T:.Og..ik ch 4 d I2 3, A...--: Tel. 3.4:8? Pa aS or .i. he. b'Jon .,i ,.,.S.., e,3th ,n
1r. c .too

Vi e JA a rso ole the child who

States taa it. peno, mnd Mrs. >. A. S Asnd
Dra T" 4. xTel. g,.' a di. ele:t.le And tho to e d why

i as ,a .rsts T is Crawford ors l'to-. Apl 23t
i h 4 f-, the Socie, re p w A t et nri needed ,st e. who kew their promise to
Rqv o y ate enb a g re p w I A t o to fnig tlle a chijd.not to p uat.a confid hnce
tCsatnA2Jfghts n e to Ud Fieand those whot a laugh by et-
at &&i nR C e it. B today mpoer. .nd- Those o.who "let a ch be a
s tory sent rte. a sappoint teni with dignity and

swtts t:n to pa h '.. FEAT wanta tomkeep to himself han; mr
Ian FAE XIdhhdanld f Wha, be
. -*S ". "tt"-tIosegertfTlg a, ,' w a 'n
arti:a e b i *r 'Apilh23. donr'etyiow atchhitere do .
e Dt"t65o- ra .: e vs dtemi tw a hd

at putting, things ofe until the list

Colonel N itCm c i e o ams ''.e1Man o. whoa child' a ds
oIkheCaotTooeat rswtat d
n Hs'.Ito r lsA.n d: w rs. nreat d yrr tte a meo t i .

-BO n... -. rch 2 p ea.-
at IfTohre as are:c lu. t .d...,,

'er. "l .o.' Powe4I -o oM* A f.,-MW Ik e Toti t ThO* ..-. ..,. to.*.1
.. vi.c an't.- those who e tilea thi dir
"'.T&. ::'.- ...: -' '.:.',,. -: .#_ ... .tnth e w :vup ktdy an d

were,'"t-Ir ar 12 ( to one e hlldrn are people.f a
By Itsuddnt EWUSW.? will tap

ah ,. Ikai of he. Rep. e i
Bntwinte #.en.m
amid.was ,takenoto the he.Tho sef. t reat'chil' sfrie
C ol ,.elho-o -Cid "ogbtq U o te t ce0 6ld s

0" "cCi i4n lat2kthose.ewho o-. .t eedlhe
of.. th-,s V n.ote ArCurhisto I s, .w )e etedsugi3g r

lab and *? i 15oAdy..a
Ma iron.-.2 thing .'e, ,wlYhnYre bolk.

". tp rpose d for de.lopin gs th

... fl.'T bl on Sati ng -thSe
"A- -h.; % ... ,'.-,1.,, .r p a r e t, M u d s *9, W. s

_\" '" "' "" 'U l ,!tj 0c

S ., 't" ,""'h.r. 7%'
II, i"m m Imm r:ubUd n
I ~vc P mOm20ent Rwha ,..
"." ;-',a.-: ;" "n. ".hai- -< g -o' ..
-,L'_..+&. -of ..... op s, ...C--I
a.," -+-a "" .. :; '- t..W %-,

Trhe finest fad

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,; .-_ ,

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: i --^ -- --*** -..;--- F

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Sost my heed n so did si*

.. when he rannt of AVOSETfthe
Iterilised cr tht h for mo th
*I 0 .*. A
something ...h .-.. ,- -
< -1 **^ ____ ,-_.EL.1

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, ^ :* ,*' .: ,- f

' I I Y "*Ri; ;

. v -,-. "t + ..

..,.0 WASH-- AND 0.
: li': l 'mm mh~ itf : m'
P oflir w A^ I^i," i
.b l w t n- ** *-

so lA TO WAIN-- ANC K>fpo ONii -*;^A
** *- -** "t M V* Wf *a \

O. I I .

0* ev 'a sis

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. =]- -- -. .
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.-,,** i ...M .. initfrpH .' ... -... '* ..I... i f.
..< ** r fiS'il- ...' .I -' *';> -- .I wI v wrli,1w ... ... .; <
-It. .rnrr ..... ,.- -~j~~in o ours-
*. -. .-

l~ig ^ ^ ^ -10 ^ .^

tqatnatic ;f- FOR- S: o1947 HWiidn4-door, Central AvnusK Rlit Com e
*tixmfor, te 5-cyl. conditin, radio $400.- Telephori 234*7- *nm
Inepetr, creon, triw ; Wt. *-F Q
PhoA Now 31 j, IA Pickup, duty
2 13 ....n. 0429, Ancon,.
*;--liMAhqot 001, am ` 4 .FOR SAM- MPT "
practIcally 6rqndn ; if OR MLE l 7 Lincoln sedan: .p 2.; 4r Tel
.n#d medtl bufpt. ust s, qt~a as ry, duty paid photo -lon. ", Srae b. ,$ Ar.
A Wane Sftt. Pdro S-194, P 4 p _oln. ? .
pOR cSllt arti Coups. FOR.6ALE:--Clarirnt $40.. 2 yeat '
rT. GoElaopt uni 4ti God old,. u cd very little, Phone C.
bS arrdljS .u$0000. 0 4-423, after 4:30.
w iio^ffloweg r; FOR SALE: Sull fights t Icostur"e 1
o .I.elpon embroidered in gold. Leaving cour-
try. For infornmtiw% telephone Ha-
1 Palto tna.' tel Cen. .tra. oa C ol, Lm 108O. t I "
ES^^TQ.^?? e *** old GFOR SALE:-Loss than 6 moWt"oAd, Itles, s?; Lee Cu-:
rh,0d29Z. 625 ? Ciaze.l FOR SALIt:-Chcp: l- o and lorge for one-half purchase price: bo.i Te il 24
E- W- i in ri-, lot of lnd in rt Frricisco. Inquire double foam rubber- mttress with FOR N Chaet. 4 bedr~mi s,
SALE W tinghouseJ refri- gas atAtion 6t Aenue, 5:09 p.m. apr;ngs and legs $65.00; Cottn lving I Io dina gem i.m kitchen' "
I r 6-ft. box. pb.clat in side to $ aniFphone 1-3239. mattress and spring, double $42.50; rag and. I yard. 52nd Street he M
aod outside. Very good condition. 'ining table rectongula with 4 No. 5. Tlpo 3-2228 from
7540.honitlbls44 otr chairs. all mahogany $30.00; Four 1230 p. p.m.
-. u 590-C,. AsMe. .,00. Wffre .coff tables, .m 6p.m.
"SALE:-Metal buffet; $5.00; 2 POSITION A ILABLE:-Fer itecep,. $7.50; Diningroom bufft, mohog- FOR .F ..l..a tr li<
S $100 each ears 25-. le tionist crotgiry. Must be abl to any $20,00; Four dressers, mahoa- RE T:-F i
machine, $20.00. 1511-A tekspnig end English dicti ian, any, 2 each $7.50, 2 each $10.0X Oru garage. EL Can H
tret, Givan Ara. Leaving ailen. nity for qualified Three rug,, g .bs for 10.00; Mis- r 3 monts. ( oephon 3
keg ?t hougsi__id___t__ls__19.5Yo.2485#.
person. UAg tsion Oil Co.. Pan- cellaneous houteboid articles. 1951
S la:--.vlng i-t or- aOa, 713..- 9.00 a.m. Pa:kprd, serial 200vith new tires. tORREINT-TI -wo- bou bl s,-iho f s .
-SALE:--LevingIsthmus. Socr.i- 1.000.00. May 4o seen house 235- Belfa Visma, crosa El Boturro $110
lng GE refrilprator, 25-qcle. A, Gatun, from 11;00 e.m. until TL I3-1713, jo. .
ndit on. Phone c 3:00 p.Saturday, Morch 13 an FOR NT hl--wt looted at Tra
f I, Sunday, March 14. 1 sthmin Hilhw eight miles frt T 3I *
Sj Tle & two chairs SFOR SALw:- 3ckolr chairs. ou;: an&* a(L c. "ttwo
; Cogswell chair (nw .114 : W tom-nmed cu.hii dining -af, :C1 .*
00 2 rose hurricn lamps six choirs. local "maker 2 bedsitd ama 3-005 during offlte hours, t. !! L 'S B 1 41
.; Oriental rug (nw) 9x stands wilh drawers; 400 -ft IMri r
0,00; R vlle pottery ve clo:R-sigle bed, mai trpes; 19l FOR rNT:-Furnished cnrete 2-
4.00. Other tems. Phi 2-3695- Buick 4-or, duty pid, $195.. bedrm Chalet: modern conveni- b s St. Av ll
BALE:o-lnd mhohgany d O BACd, ..Y. Merch 15. Te.npab. 0759-G. Williame Vik r ai tbe r 2n 1 : 0
Springs. c on-mbttress $85- (UP) ay es.e o tl is P c. .'t Theater lo '.

261t 0.uru. No. Ap. vit by ofep tbcs. boomn, bucmt d pL. PANAMA CANAL COt dump carts FI
Vn Perry At1C Korio ." comr or, hand rills. lini
e hadbl -ed t.00,4- pce ving- tp"pihi ie t ton -,.t n ar soled bids, for openi n oms, levi e dln rof.

M lastw i.eso $ ti puces. orcury vapor nWa orp
eaAT- Sch CItT '^-iististued b g, g nd w c
~I i 'Yo. I ..ct motI. -B 5sh ".E E
r b7 thMere u r ra o ls l 5

loserm' t ci tc itr t IcIao bt be vead unt'i n 10:30 4. rc i m s r iamt I'
inrdZ0.r pi top t- o oy to telndenf of St. o ore A hoU s, e eoi
bX l.L N 54ocks,. bo13 yom,. bucae.e. .dump- carts, flA k.,'oIPucet'dlOn .
$V10 qr u re n i e ,I co;-pres0ro, ro PPhando Jrills, gopl 'A' k '. "
.. 4 ngie qnd spore pats, A r Your. v a.t < I IV
"1t T. 1 pumps, rrercuty vapor (t on. .e "'

-eah CitO jss dSbedng 2 r iniig^ andw de' 1 ? n,.
s' .. h ,ra e i' -. shhe O elect m otors, ,
Cal -a3 a tt $ tachment s, oil tank ne a O t.o O6RE:
Jp .' VnES Jeuh. aDrnir iss r falter located Inor "" I^t. tbW'- oed e -N t
M'tirtedeatSectire- ,
Nd So)eppos toat Apt 8l1Ocod
r,, -3eN Oh7ki n ds 1 ^ i c1 1r 00" 2 7ZQ, -te/mta ofou w P4- 5
giecked y, -,. ..EOSI d

r AAe FOR SAl -Slz 12lit RENT-C Shed a-Nlh toe

A m rech-3 T.whorthe l .V*fc eitry dAte ed two R o lon Jsob. ch ldren' p I FOR RENT: Modemop ia t 1ment2 TWA e
s-upplythei1tr ah- 9(OclhgJuFrn tly, ea dOI:

qhm --stBt is let wost w, h.- f3 m- TN f as
Sst, the New rt Aiful A. a va h would like to know,
S ei' fir and run cMh Prton ene" a in p4 t

.asa d"t. ..F .. .-
FOR tth ant wip, thallc aSn. .
.in Mghd nIUW..

of theReORa-,euteaontt ob.e 3-ly b ene 9 and 12r -
4to irtir1o1"Whett would "l ofA E

Mt4 $aJ. ,man npa. -t ao~r fe andit s- .1o e a

.mar I* TMcJi f p a y todayro3dgBa 'A hpl h Pe N X wbf ble their
,9te ..a uneo a AtmmRo

.p A. temrcouple, o elenesh Ied-
Mont an anddMis Nut- action 4'i w fithou A.lrn oehS
at Pu t _-nicey fun ed, I ., lea. s n, ; i '

P Of-Tr hetoffiial S5p Root ;.0& privwA pe 1 j P ELCTROLITIC i

tooS" 10* wth her broken .. 13 Wt. ENT: nish 'torn
.igo _w thnatD up b. tion. I

.So. asal" O t sgt oryoda. _o mii. _M- of- t h em". .S

mftoL ftMamdtona1 U sSve m" "'o "

Of 'Nn y i. nda .. -t- I
Wells.^^ r named^'5^ low^~s ^i %ft~fi *'*** A''. ^-5~ ^ fc3~.

6fl m t. Pij
liA .rout# f
.1M dM ,.

S u-.,t

* ..T4 L & 4*,.s.!,.,-.* .- ,
-,..*...,. .- --.---*

'tat 1952 1


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Ad i vri. Sbb
, ... : .-. ,

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to Tomiy fqeu'atoread"rs4

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Do to the- PuJIa t + I
py.r a-hel fu.sYas b'fle -
r ... .., .
Ow",. S .K
th pti S lu t ot .
5!U lgl --.
ov t .JeUn .ude pre-
M Dowd, f.the ulty .
of teM: ul&lowaIhbo4. ws

t)ra, ii-ib i saw*^ lig ... ,,^:^ -'
Gbsow, pMrt aper,' amWed; ch
-a~"as hier top*.

The jpledg rB w ere: M "
CffEva Roe-l rt-Me rsV.
caorms r~-M iss MyO.Ea

thboler '. T '- L "oa '5 n .^
Kathlfl UlUU.lmDan aTi
Gibson, Mrq. -Nan yRAMbOY.
The leges peetwere: MWi.
ae .,.. taObi*

..ake, n'*" Ui';-d'.-S. "l R '^ YS '^i '
b NOW "

if.lbt' made at in Wahogo^. "^ *i~ta -
fl...w *it a.eAy ndeB. .. -
te.yni fatyto si "e :- --.! !
M.. R e. tives, Me

isonOt to te io he
or.Mr te h V#rveaMtd
cancelled his tine a
ptosen bnthe geneblia e [ ,
mawkea-tel"'"Io --"(at-swill
xe of 3 ., -.* .. ,of.--- a-q A
eWih fromWa .litr ",r fn "i "" I

n~~lP~retad~t~it-Ia~ lb ||om*
,T _, mtl+ it..-. --L tr
made latw isn a1At J vt
ThmecitatIon -meid Nio t "At. A
fies-dwMr~ntL-.and es- .
one of cOllprineal. objectives."
It flftt..OOut L01 UTSI fA,
Nixon had adaneii ftbwa Nlvy
lieutenant to 0hsecond.ighebst
Jposlion in the governmtentSa the
age Of ,0. : "
,withis- La.,10ig
"o.l hasare-
e= ,1r t. Ol sa. E -his
d, ,,: ,,--

w.' -


hen ;the public speaks-

be words have mean !





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m-or~e pople.....

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S.. ... ... .

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Ten"" "' i
... ,.+, .,...,+...,.,,.,,,ftog

Thq vote is in and the verdict is lear...
Again I' 1933, more people purchased
new Chwvrolets than any other car, accord-
ing to official nationwide registrpaont.
*sro *Br e ftnd of public preference
for Chew-vet is steadily rising, as is proved
by thef"d Wwltg figures:
-n n9I12 -- 120,061 more people

lootkChewpletshea the2id.
1 y 4 r .

In S-,. the "number almost

doubled, and 226,21 more popoe
broug1f C'irolets Ahstpok de-
live te bd ac cagor.

And so It ho gone year after year, over a
period of me the tw decades, with the
result that .Cherolet J 2,123,848 m0re
passenger cors. nthe rad today than eme
be claimed Iy M herest rival.
Today's thre greoatNew series of Che-
vrolets- for 9 I-W -fiiMnsft Cvrolets in all
Chevrolet history -- ore receiving this mnet
ovmwhoelmin vte of preference from thp
motoring public.
. What is the reason? Why do more peo.
pie buy Chele th(,n ny, ether car, year
after year? There can only answer -
more value
When the Pi'speoks the words have
meaning, and th public' continued pref-
erence for Chevrolet is complete end con
vincing proof A ,t Chevrolt provides more
t "kpa gwe people w.nt... ead lt it will
gve you. more fo your money.

Here are the R. L. Polk & Co.
Passenger Car registration fig
ur-s for A 48 state. and Dirkual
of Columbia for 19531

2nd plae car....:


*Th R.. a .. .a rO -.lil ,
1''. v !

Q;.^ ,; MORE VALUE... that's why
k -

hUt!' ,
4. #41
.5-. .it'~tw~~ -, S

-.;. ..' o ;-. *
.__ .- -

' .clflA.;4..*- i'z-.'.

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-.. 1 ,. -

-*'" v ^2 "+
I* r J' .

.. n" "
.. .- ...., .. .'-.<

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~ 'b *
i. -. "..
.. + -- ..,- .*f.

7- "' ,
__- ._ -.'- J
...I. -- .- L # H
. *. ,. ". : .: C ",
*--, *..;._ ".; ~ a ^


"- -.... -- ir i r .

I *., .. ,. -. ^ r,. .. .-
** ,*. .'*'; .'. .;.- .- + .. +. ..... .

- '. .... .. ... .

-s- '*--- I~

Ch vrolne.ts
. ',. -,. .

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..' --.'

* *: .- .i ; -s
. o ... *( f .^ ', \ -'
t ** *'.; o.-


.4' ,. .
r.,'fr r..

piece Band ToP
..Is .e ti- r -a

- -! -
*&~ 11

.:j' '' t:ZM


0Ulos The
4A XoA4 sel-f

-^ .- -A- .eamt ar
B-poA 6 le. 8 7 ... eI

P se' l o-

ly produce one extra trick, but f .irflllki.p
Pasthere is a very uncm on type of s
iueeze that will produce two eX- ...... .. -.
tra tricks. One of these rareZiy fy n
Frischauer at the r ice nit National U E W n P

Wt. BAND tONCERT Victor Herro and E. ete, pa of hearts, and .ddAateb wt wit tht tht aa pert wo itag bd
acttors at Ballboa and Cristobal High Schools, bake hues Declherace.l killed and 'i2 Inj red yesetaday 0 er oil
ll after their Joint band concert at Balboa Stadium.c h ly, went after the spader Immedi. N. aC .op an'. a n, .... A .
lece band will play at Cstobal High auditors AMWonday atel West's failure to follow suit .e 75 casualty were m
eAensug.c Wesu s "y .q.i"-ed.....g..

-music lovers on be l tend Mond i 5 to. hear. te l6 t o wdeer Sonp e ueta th ca but :c n t'" vs an
f tht tIsthmus are leon- a-ie again on of diamonds wasy very stimulat- ptf YI rlh e xm i. .ad l vet and l
forwaic. to next. Monly t wo e v ne lodies will-benadd- Ing. oft se ana the a72 nurod I at ,. mm
at at 7- ( wh-n the Cristo ji i-d, "Vienu Life." and-the Cr There wasn't, of course, any 3 ritically t27a a et ot' the
Balboa With school ban is4 'upl High dSchool band's a Fproblem at all about making x ii dF r rIt a, nud n /
rsen He cond perform- tialty. "Come Back to rren ao-trump. Any beginner coii ,diNI .reencluding
of ta' tr iou-piece mass d utth Don Sizith on the solo cot- to dummy in order to take a dli. tastuges =41 s offered mb*
Aofe 0 M uDnot l and finesse, since even, the 1injuris WsN, Mahy of the h he.
of the fines would still let the Maj. .n. Franis' i. parre., rankl srmy .0 re on
M performance' waz Othr nuatoer-which will t declare with. twelve tricks. Since 8Tpd D fgo4 commander, and habnd- aobserVerPr the-
At the Boat .o stadi CInoa .ay re hiAdagio Cantabll) "the hand was played in a tour* MaJ. Gemn Wayne C.Smith.18th- maners but te pCoMd.
fnr, th. 1730 people in o"e. P acificlande ," "Marie went, however, South wanted to Corps commeader,.!zumped with the area to but official
lnce. The cruwd was enLh. .Jiltaire,". "There's Somethl IS make thirteen tricks if possible.iXr -the pjrltroops, spectatorm.
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l eWen wre elnpted Inothe member or igh school a q -4iseatred a second dlmpd, bitr The sepec tcularaIrborne ap-
the U. S. G0 -- West couldn't aford to.dihcsrd l visions lost majhr rehear-
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Sot.l. 'anodqb tcks plad at month, wa f ae C
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e. WAs o D rMarch 1 y Dr. ichader, and u he promdPtly w
than .300 members. of ^rculitre restart. aed all of the hearts e n m a l ometheavy e
Asan: &d gi SCOUtA .C iisav to znvrll his lan* led his foauth heart, West had toIeatt'rdad tno eutes rhng-

E Sch eataLi ves to MM-t t od .o a o0m,1-r The divtu h urled the main .
Wet Biley M, ocs ae cnsm rsa eight s battle troops a-
,u oc tha thn2 g roinnt monk "aggressor" forces
i a e dat 1r tbo 6eou h trick. en iA patterned after
Caa1onews4 r st enat -s ampz pto
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thel bl- mon r1l ei rt i r.ts pound.w t
thisweekstkJat "-: .ai p1c su-i v, sports I
Steeve:16g7 5at W0Polidt Brecknon To Be
,It.. I.CO........i ... ha S ies Educt on Leader o ah

stations Ot Lstou 0 out to override a Ranr March 2 A t G Stat
-xs. 6 4M.a *aets I WAbsti'O vMo 1 spree-h S2d he prSomty T, H h
as ,ate-of- ^ lre ae a Or h ine erai prectori 6 the Palm 4. j a
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com el at t- prl obaby will fCecoe no k47 s = said 6dm? rb a ia
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He uMromvd thea c mij raes WittenbahondA, wte h.
m.'aitei ai Va itn tfl i'o.,.butler --ia ,-.bei tr2hoeb W So w eh. b top T.
o,'AprlI" even If be d not ct e r a sinotuoain bin
T:H tr C. Pac,8k. Monday.e 1It' said he believes it, en v term.

Cptt.-1 L inSl- will give consume vs and taxpay. e h s- osa e body yautok

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fin.aMC. .; and Pagk. Thieen Mrulture Deoartmnentrin uti., nOmmi tte suicide b h e so
Solo l".'F s k t- o s said. Bu" S. i
e dose widhe Usecnmra p
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Cuonnnha 8. plan, the iv, rs Storen,. .,'wtw1'.i

on-the Cb e buttChr. The' wu mnu. '--w'n1 bevI i' sun'.
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flet 8 Ouine" rkntrobs elen compreating reuOd t )Is n 11 ""U" ..r.

p t in the lhousemai's kEuee a one of t, mTe A;ta r -- ...
hfrtm Mar- haardso 0f eLor a housewife, ; rg an. -. .
th= brs. N doctor said today. I a-'o-
c;. .an el!~- .an.. sAid- aMW Ralph S. O r n tA &i
.antaut w'th Oleasibg aests onO'eary's t m
nieR.ropawwrk. I. erlesofga'tfrie 'tie
Z 3~ ea Dr Smtt- e masfrbm th H stonw .. ....

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-, .- -.. L .A. B reg U'
t-is, was D E. '.'t'"
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Ri"CALF-,A Niles, Mich.. d"air fa .i fr'hm'&kt.i
R D. ma s, h .er, can t oe .

^--- -'. _-~ -_V a5 e

Co|r a dut drifted a
wis 1B. tbe ami were

aivherbie'M k-u s* ing hat ai:
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. '* *- .-^ -' *
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i, (-. w, -

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tus : a, ,a A ./fte .d

"1tb.e--xW, m *04i Wedt
Stmnisa of water fro*e pi H
branke out beatueaa daea .-llm
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itg tn a of s "e ro..
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dThe massi u al Ji' rent hto

Sdow and frloi .- n
.our guards eore they were
-Thed by in a l. -o- el* m* i
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tea gas ada wl.

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-a, I d oins the WAC, 2' "
Butt kn ehtei D h
6: aintart ISO FrancisB.121 18.f3 12
lathe film. in which Cb Wis, p) -,*dm to
ia 'uidues the mule'sAtalkin& ath my fl en their
E =a CFing agencies *th rM em Wiua*asedestroyed
geto Franeb *ftI by, fire.
Eme voice as the mule's. ~ ofHert.ed t i edthbli as
r lichard, i, lT]n, 16, Winstoet,
AlasWilson's telling ut, a d ia c h Moore, 10. Thr'
^YOW rW. If iabE :M e ther, Donov llMore, was at.
*o Iegna i cmee work at ItheAi me d thC
tIelXjve thousand doll is thae wtays.g at the bome

d tham cufe the kid siudly n rae
n4t out' s 'il .mhmuo t
., rf beetop I ter
b W :- a i t, o t Raner J n

Sf v iWV ause of thlt
rThee .o ,. Ex-Word C mp
A.-bdt lives In t-

she d0d,0'tgt ro Va -.106,r '
t e' X w u Al

0.o w13 )i .ed today wen.
NhU ml failed to open in a
.h e foot Junp over a crowded
verb l No -awobat-
ee itnd *e !If pr 4 ..i.--
eof a
ouce M6rs 4ud1 poan for
lveer, than bi 15 D .
r, the 0 I t ,ac red

theirs -1 e
Aqw live- esaucg
The BBC has beaned Eartha
itt' reeord of -!.Waima e,
vl*0 IbecatmE they. y it- .

mktEs it bl, ar am a ing -ea
... .t*. :-.?S"i" ...':.S. .


Iave you ia* your Free lbpus!tion.
i the 19s4 Ford?
Tel. 21035
.: i -! _-' '- :

B r' :- ,% '1

I3 ;F
Ac- s42l,

laer tC LUZS ion to1

Mrs. I r.o. ing.
ed W =to hoaesk said to.
day sheik wouldd do a teoStt
rolgr& oto d nfor xholaerehi
Ior y tu o seplta fto attend
America schools.r
ZEra. lta said her travel
have taught I the nportance
of mu ua ndetanding amon
There' nothing like lit" he
aid. "And this ishow I plan to
Ret mort- of It."
morning over. stw1on HOX by
fOr the hit mucl&I "Call Me
Madaimn," said ibe planned- to
start -her own Washigto I tele-
-viaon program to help finance
hundreds" of acholarulsp -
mostly for students Uinterested
lip diplomacy.
djI tried to set up a foundation
but I couldn't d It," she said:-
% TI' ong to do .TV ehgw
aNo t the money. th^way..
..-alty/Jte .her Ownv aigt, MraL
SoalIrad him T- imn three
.tAWents tothLa&omtry. from
Luenbz:rg. butI*?e o income is
needed '0 exa' thd program.
the desci twn one.
answer., to ."a que-loti which
thouslld f American tsk-
Ing thrAhe today. What cat,
diW. ly do to.
."Thosle-. itudantt .be-lvii6
exafmpls of the- Amertian way
life in their own countries
he Mid. "

Te a Wright, in


"AL S nA l
Ann B.yth, in


Faftering Philip!

*me'111 .I.,TW O.

.'.1 ..


Chapsrtf tCM I
'a .

i.,At -
Chapters 6 and '7

""LAWLSI, W. ,:.-1

"' ." ," ,' *' : -. .;- :


U .

I' .

I f'







Mercury Fordor Sedan . .. .
Ford Deluxe Tudor V8 .... .....
Studebaker Fordor Landeruiser V8....
Chevrolet Tudor Deluxe.. .' ...
Nash Fordor. Ambassador. ........ ...

, 4.

, .. .* : -
.-Jt '
.. ..-. : --*."

S*. .-?



. .

IFincncing Availabfe TrMde-is Acceed p

tt WA



Lincoln Fordor Sedan ... ......... 1195i 0
Chevrolet Tudor Deluxe. ........... 1395.0
Packard Su Sedan............ 795.0 .
Plymouth Fordpr. .. ...

' foret to ask fl M aAY e ABBpTa w
-^JI 4 ".:"iM- -"-:-:''

d-NA L-I

..=:A ,' ;-- .. **.*-,- -. .. ; : ..
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.,W r .............o..... ....

*50 Seven Furlong Sprint -'Sofrbl .ague ^^ V '
r- .i r .a L- on .-, 1..aA.... I7t 1 s: ;r e
Its iliae-V

tured 50 beven furl ong d o ash or layof m Stcyth r "p di ing champiosh. p a
S4la- cnd ".Vpo te.d4 tho orly t oer4 1 b anpnd f e had, *
' h i "A 'tar e .ll.eae. ,eo -. l P t r a o atrc v aad S...-i-" T : 't o e.'-
JrE 72UI t. ---- 8 t rtT a

o' hos. Claw ChoiceytTob Com Water Fo-ls.R.h.ow.

e50 Sevenu atr onght, p~~ntwimming pool oande fR tShte

C e ae0o-er w ll ornt Eor, ia re I ofa svte ela or er to at n thep a ra a-l P

dden bv he at ltno inape uprom papr as a t i thea. d ivien tho vn s 3tre vol- akp e ad to-
of tCl ases "" smnd "C" imported thaoo. ughbreds at .i uis fr.m t A Th e Pother
Jun Franco race track, o d ord.t

Th e t Claw w ler O a e th ehetoapud ponrtr, hlae i n ch mponC l o e we iae tn
five local starts willP*eait,.

s tSl so B t yWi ratie no hin lIteta iillltillrld ifficull aon IllnWi ^aslel tber
lor i es A t the Jois P lat a' dngert ed

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Th ltitepFra n ow m siet ,y sino ra tr tdf otne ded oe en aor-their ag, theamhof youg-r e a
r ddoen. the n ot etoaa Mr' Longshre u oaoln p l t Ie as a re AltM he tet d e des o pth I of taslt .l sle.a-
S'flyveqea-olG", b aitn:;.'.to trong fln^lil edegu. ~n~o ote' po l ^ Is o taenln1en Itde efls.n a inn of
COslp do Lyon-WI ndfall Cones Err, net e -en retwco qua feet, p ormer ylyzplo to m tn hr o n Pme s
n La be it-vlwhs lnd-lng from a W .1nx Joas ra' Wie tver diving cham pi onsto -' TA-Iet*l r l ot he ly -
Cm el l eh O edO lte bele aId Vuato ah a*ado.s tat ple only rl suts, Wyne, aat o ot. i.the otwer e
d Ca ori. t a .slae led r shve show o n ,.- wtoa e t sll
es wll bt to e t-r nothing lateoY. bhTave lttle d ifficulty t pt W e.
V, on ren' furvn sace uln, a r oaf te jure o atho e i e m ine r arse
A" Ir p ehovin le yNeaa ive ro tar fe o f or r.wbtt or t heir otiw. a ndd

Alystery to the ap. he H plen HouaTord, and i t dit e u Ahie Dard s.Poe_ a ra e
be Soetns-Inl be __meaherl or throg divein cnoperaton", a is typlea naI mo igy a t *-
." The later however, will be irnti for Clss "Dan s Dr -, reatslyp

+ ., i' nho-c ;bu- eapud ar, p-know al P antnal nrV Ocneoreennt yha bte pbt they lnethe tor theA
iddenby b %t-t Q-CITr- S 68 d |tl2, C han s T p6" Inl team dlIvere of enr- ]rs Knowlese, O ole d

+ he schedule sta rte in ta sh omw in 2b; pi o litcu 5nt tm bq te 1pr re- Chirles
e o- ail o o Chatls aand e oW n match-rarte" tw oscoell tare p o -

; i i~'r will be lsed Idal-Vy e ave the. am l up o h e d b e s rtyee i.e.A u adtroe : is ca p ris n of two new amsgO .. :1
nore ias Ag. ri. ios m *huanc 'rid A i du itn ce reod inthe.. ihloniie Mi llnaires owne bay.
board the st retch-runn ng Wei e s tis I th. s nR. 1 a e -
L t Cla w record rof ov wg llJ*aespr r fao lsa Jlr a fA ,nd to- Wayneiand. 8-3nb1 tol. afe .-1 t
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0 011W191 1 .ed.' teb yeTl.. sew ommodate the tI u eonth et; Bo vell, ; Brow rk, .. MAoa A. Annuloc1,.x oftwo -ew--- ,
n::o3+ proA d he gs HlahySeU--_4,a~d.*t d 0~l o rs of the oAcs --t ; areh m. ans. "b "Aestill hrr.oaid cc
,l..i ,,gt__ orsex will be Bowagelrd Id noahdelt o'dan Ftpd t 'e ITh DCa r Ik' fTl oeans.-ster banleso
S. -rebut apnd aor ne and .W e.. W. er, a is.11U .sdwi i O.Medine, U U Cdl E rLesI
stawhecea-artner In tnLU aorat an the Follies, tand to act Ala apt rm..

o Cotevetres e -pham psonsh p M r. .and _M rs. m da A from, Joe. CT -
,. ru ltre ng largest water onb ows, calSe rae l Tm. i wo ta -- V 'J.: I loPs :l4
-.' I.. t 9 r / program ua Thrlls" and it, .. lo lionatr and Powell G arage- 1 o r
a r .lo th ruH the ir e o o ap t I-a S dthe e H ATs tD a l p more

a are =knownl^Hp^7J /uanfi- PAA pl A n a t A. 1 2 onhtsalearly aeh h-1 MOM aorklrA do
51iU t8 atve"uled r1:0-.1Pinseas 11sa
ormx.a in-1the om a erFollies, and Woh laatct uoJ dU ab
.1 4 l. mell s. s i o.fM a t D B l J. Cha- The robable lineupiC-L for to- hr" A d. peMa1 -t 4-ou1 cl e tw pair or p te a

irog aasiv 1 on of a thS 5-nr tae L. OleaL. 1180-Gwod recent efotas 3-1 $12,5q0 each. a sports ct a
A t lOfel e s To l oasMr w tll ern m rrow neeR ip J. Phil. 1 tOaly speed N T l 10-1 of $45
I a .., aIO ,I1.oWhat o e.; b e ane'.r-b.mporty hat "I 8-.,w -.. .Cyru s.- ." .
'.M 6 af ommOhdate thoe, aye It;' N ovelec lro a'A. the Dou.le made lW md ha
., ot, *l. l an CONRAD O Iathlnans pla ningetoh'attowls' Niced it. Charles, t ;l Thorne, 7-_ agual J. hi!., 11 ..Rtobs S. itty 1 -
Progra m ,a T h ri "a" 1. 6 .ii, ..,.,41 Y;... :~ ".P,.G a, .g.
bur,. .- icadIe throbhithdv. opt lllySuda- m rnng; Applew I -te, i-- 0 Camp. i t10xM -o.t s* _, i 0 1 .

1. 2 E d w In o; "A d o 1 0 7o u1i d' ..1
gahe -dividemintFolliesartdt a CA tn --larte1V. Or j9.a o-1 of 7 j t ebg <
.af at.S.p1.1AS-"Iuht tVPeachofrthe ree .' 1. ..s 1 18 4' -j,_pTO
11c *..W. 4 _2oPe1,..,,at-te TD. mo-mod-i; he,.,n. Natve 7,Vg- cf,.-rown, c;. ate.-A..-- -m-ad I
V IPru w C i;o arei -, "".-iIT'
you. so-in Claw. D p U itbe Cano l ".on t05 -the27thCIOor ; la hi ow. 4 L. alr 11TKnohe lowpo"t omy l"

_l..e P qu_ L. ..ral ft 1 .. ..-5ood-v. -1 b w le n wa.e

: -. *. PUL4 2-.-Iterlude R!f u0x -. 1oeth6.Iwa s d- pt
: '-.-.. S.W, ...r 'k'T 1tg 0 z to gh wa-.
V14. A 84US. b".,put a.a rch,
2A.O ,. -#to I"a to kM g

4th NL.e "NI~d atta" Sl -al,2 63. Pel a- slows:L3:36
,... WW..IFaorIt= ell.o n e 10-1 It e aw:. "Wou- like ."
Aal Me- 144 -N.1onteuer en hadwr 'Wd g apes-

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".o-V. oW 19 1-Seems "sure t I bua bi
1-3- 10;-Longsh ot.s.6.t-4M.. $ I twa paro feathd'

,L'004 recentefforts.ich.Mosted a'"-" "

RETREAD PROCESS as"-fhsk e1 s to51 ......
A. Mona T4 -104.1 1 b-s 4 e V 4 Th ON=. ,haTaahates. wt I
SB 0 A do..11.7- -.aesq .a rly 2 O .
07--.:""0....ems as r I e ti-.2 ,mae ir g at-ed S.+

--Dtoa m.. m-- *- of The gh neate-t o

AD Bra "o A -DO M ICt 'S .. e
1--Our Fancy 7 ra e 1 t Doart Im s 8 a 4
E 4-Tom-COMin s 115 mak -
READ .. .It s ... 1 s1..
". -- as~tla ". .,l lO *--BWo a.. mei, 1m']k! a .
J. U Von4 coe a Idk
r i19 4 taat 1 i4 ts center .
8-IL GOuaid Vt 11N --ahould win at eR. ,Newoombe had j
9--Escand"le 8. n~-Neeft better Miew 1 1Aqtdows speedUS
Itbtno cur"e to
.u:B_ ,,ar -ur.e: p u P .eel lu:.-, ..nk
1 liE SAFETY AT LESSWsM m d se btt
Ov.NiE RETREAD$ give you "Magic Micles' "ly :t-aw .
1 some highb qualiy cold rubber eod m s ew n maa1
Y -rb ri" ao a. -i w I&.r-.------M0 .YI

smew non-At tread de-pth'in' NEW aP0E- S Ti T#RlSat jz
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S A Aw oat for Ft.NStOu 8FCOMW -- G' .... -. "
.. "Your bemt bt is better with FIRESTONI gTtEAMIENG nihe r.p.sMePK.R*.ai: .l& *.

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0t:tn- l:OVH
SamM. Bt.tum.
Saturday, Marbch I.

The box saork:

. Eaes irounce

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'8755 U

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"lOs for the
:: WItson. M--
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to counmect safely



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BMeXCOe3 2O 26 Life m SIf r-- ItU .

V I Curaso 6 Time of ,ame; 'B
RepublW(a Doml )sana 1 -.- O -
pour record tHpple ( Le a Wba st

l :u.8 1 e0 Ir ., -
Jawtlfl mn w-a dm. S 't0 -i r R o
ColombiP 6C5
Funsma 401 9." .M .M1
Guatemala 7 ? .ow 1 2

ters Palie f .j OH rw 0 4
31 Salvadoi 26 'awerw er:
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the w1veserla fiau list yair
can be- avynuW vlle Keaum Is
out to proE tatlt was io fi ke.
Cerevevtia tsabit are on
display atth3 Gfa~bon Club sand
they are warth fighting for.

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Don 12 : *4 h lynne Jones
Ja ck y and ;Loufe Jones

9:11 a.m.
Ma]. sewnl and EUen Kerin.M
George DUller and Mrs. Dilfer
Lt. Rho an. awes
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Nal. -Clark and.S\.mm"'.
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B wail, Alaska

S t the two territories will be .. .
mited to the union together
aS tlN, Mar chH12a0 vO OOPtheSn" VOq,
UerThe Seatervotedpsl rso .'yc1T'IK1 th. JJl;
the two terri wth only Sens.
tM B. L'ag (D-La.) .. ..: ''". ,,_
8poesard L. Holland (D-

C intoah P. Anderson (D- C.t T. Se
;"Three Republicans^- Sena. WASOTON, March 12 (UP) recently-delivered 0119 Flying There are 149 Amerlcanf based villa lth
a Marshall Butler (Md. Evidence was piling up today Boxcars, the French said. at Catbi and Doson, the two ec ttt
S vote n favger and that th Aerican taxpayer wil The vilian pilot were pro- huge air bases on the outskirts the fttan
W... Malone (Nev.) have to pay dearly to prevent vided U8. Maj. Gen. Claise of Halphong. The othura gino at l1sg jup1Olf$ pft pi.moo Ini EuiwalL ':
r1t4 la Democrats and France .from negot-ating ap un- Chennault who led the "Plying the central Annam base- f Ton- aro'7 n
W aae L. Mrrse, Oregon sure ce of app6asement in Tigers" of volunteer filer a- rane. .' ,
to approve the ndohina. against the.Japanese In the -Lao- a ig
WmThe powers wil m e- Japanese War of the .arid New security precautloh pl gt
Q Afvoteas in the nature neva next m"oflh R Ohi- the early days at World WaI. bee enforced at Doson and at y w s.
wer who only Wednesday peace for orea; 6*t on th'e Ge- tract for their services was sign-nist commando raids on the ad er delta-
mrhe _ic.rger w la proposed by. dlo r

hi s sh!u ort behind D- ev schedule be Indochina. ed between Civil Air Trans. t, bases.a n 2 aroa pd -. Free ls
tree MNpuMl n lead hn- U.8 diploATre cohnced the company-d heldvered 0t19 .yg 0e r bclli bels J f ,

SMaS Butler (M wo lhat a videncgtad peace uit Indo- nault, and the French gaie'rn- Amorn other measures taken wsrp L cqIbrte oiL
ep'* a two ^china now wbuld lead to Com- ment. Actually, a .CAT pokes- was the evacuation of 2,500 na- gi'ee
Sn n on o munaia- t dominablon of that vital man sad. the contact Is."on an tives from villages around Do W March
a y acti n o awal- areft and, surely, a.. farther Red indefinite basis.?' son. ous. r do
f expatlon In Asia. United States The fliers wllu be bapeo *t Th arrival of the Amercan
: nL er ote N.D ando cle lth be thern. taxpayer wll The civilian pits.were o- huge air bases o the ouA srki ti
o.-hefinal arn edw ...: .
cl-W...mbined bill It could eto pay dear to prevent Bvided U.. Maj Gh e n.. C I a tI' of Halpon, eot r.'. *,na -In* -1 1s

.d Do rats er lengthy 1 T r avoid n egatend hpea nult who ed 'the"a 1yWg theagn cral An4:S.
Before final action s .'a basis s eem now to b iger" of volunaern is a- rane..
t)o. keoepoFncn a v Id a i Babio Zonete4ao Warden tWJ5 On t gedthe J
l normnally Repub- na2) eep. ance The-uatt6e.Sttia set :r ';t q( ...*e. ds teD pl
t Als mlly 3 To help create a situlaton Force tJbtapanes War of. te'I a 1 3and fNew.n anal ir Ael atrde ecauon a eight-
fle, We in this ae- there hnchil encourage i- the to ,early days o World Wi II. been enforced at DtO t ie brlpaion l-
uer o e4* deal of nfttlves to uight against commit- donated .) th9 Friicth -tf cayh will be a lbje a
` voe. iwas oi r the niam trala itT -ri FirwwB 0ews i Ureo tieQA a memo-, are en
ff .ff to Pesidment, sone 4) TO help sell the belat hre to amonanthe rorkew, .- Mrs. Nathan Witkin has been ra. dmmuttapr, gr-am on ..
had their own resday French ndeor orendence offer to the -tractfortheirservce selected as zone warden for civil -
or Tetiag the way they people of the area. ; ,eA.JL defense for Balboa and Mrs. E. J~tte5of41i# dary schoolte 5
his ppor behind Sn- ne chgdovet l rnnewhlen'd beti Hall has been chosen assistant t sW gI opportunity
Sm t tlecan Leader failed to w peace toS nmevant. Actual warden for Balboa, It was wan- ct2 0then a volun-
arate.'in n effort to "....

Sowland warned and nationofd tor e i.halmn wad the co'a nounced this week from Civic t".' bll essaS a
combining the non In AiUnibartegain le for oe flierswil bs Defense headquartersL er larCo
St delayy state- would wet th e &Unitsetd ss'
I at ofh f and heave-ho .a d wa rm The. two women were .seis ted 1
e oe fatin a oters..h lt te ma U at Balboaoevil dWefense. cpt-t- te -
S2)d pt an Indohin ace I. on oterml tee me held this waek th t

't Alaska which the lp create a-t The TSelaWr ,. Ci.l Afullds dng.t
tra out ts not WI p ntar and eatechrhi s uso Aia .tl
W th Ae- there which Will enoura the toserte.Ame nr ,'es For Civil Defensehto.. ot..:0

fE6rO of the 'deda t et at l- Balboa Tiddon a Wo oto teachers wil la' wi be i

use.. Fance wand oone allkeca m te nas,', wah appointed seg-by the pr--, sior e'.. tax-
over then nnit which' Al SOth trlo ad .,+.. S aturda, March 1h 4:1n b n n do. h

teir own re- French independence offer t- r r a Theater suild HI zon e warden for civi to

ddt e fm itj tou ec hal j aran hore s: a.m ........... 4:36 a pDubbs, wm e a.ed h *
I R il n Leader a t Vlo n, to teornB oy veterIatswas.'.m.m ........... 4:7 te uto inner, A pn tun

.K w war 6n-a Frand&ISO iecreat.e.d at ;-:.1b n n edt mh isdweek o Civic n -. esaye

^a )',- -ow To Ge Kids OutOf.R(Germliaayf
combinin a theb oa d dealing with r n ht cani.8'etweer
Sdelaysatte-o.ult.ethromise Them Gregory t 9"dM
.i a in t sea ned and sealed. a ]. exdcl;ta-t
keep the Indochese atewih dilosed tod that e lyn 11, pored through Amer- t d her we would a
te* & EII' .er, arg .. ;=an_.__"-_-

In the union's framewoXk re and aloe- Ian movie magazines hstenee O ler e dog in Amerca ,Te fitQt
Uapaseled In the Fourt.h pie woo his .teb tos American Jaz, and rode in ie* f
Alae's titution Othei tey Com u fam and an '4doTio Ameritan car today. The a The American consul
in-fritr can demand. l.te o Germany. ay of e tled to m te tfto r a le iaedx
deite separation trpn o torymesa 33-yearwld Har- The girls know only two Eng- tpb' a had II.,I 'Hetantly etaile

fE IN1. tile #tanelttBC*. l. e ta.oc ar gradeute. won a three-year lia.l phrases "nuts" and "you mlitarw i to rit reia to g
Airl eile hen and Geman- avate e." th .one to onk rae xis.are *tl Y5 O* "
w1i beyng.- led ie mard arve in girls had been taught to an Army alin a al, cigarette, anr
S ised traooi rtl terry. Bttein last week flith the -o te the West ii their rnd f tt
K m Vmetr-aron, t reet hef- --d-Belmont. Ma., to Com nst ofcal n the o. be or br ,i,.l g t1 a
el is t how the children minds Oran region of Eat -and r

ee day. dtwon rwith proves t many. e train tog ii 10omt oA sd
A.Thtoe end arnven un ghowee iet tp buthemia forimes- h ni bleLwfAnn Sla we lt
seon ret ocei hsroofh wtrtrugnydf 1vtanrr
bill to.the..Ca nhr h n

..Fr.. a t i,-l. .oegier, ad thon ,1 ad herptte r b
itedrh..e08owoh=-thAerchrn rom, arose iA-
afherWtst ey ea Cm u n amren anAme.rin.cartoday.TheaThXAerc con.u lt w

Saaaledtou oftmet s ke tet o Rs b m wr

twetin-rfrcan temandhstalefe low-$ie em-V...

aiy..Ind efiealnkrwod nan. oheagirls.nowytw .b owhatlv beoS wln
fea- of.te ybW uah ear1nB.als- nt anTid e
u ieso, haola l.r. V a gr me.n th. oeh .1
SThbe n$Which'ro rnlerghaednrTeihdbeno a inrateteh ,
Uf.iw eaylo tnttererut Wni le.rRTatwert.ltoetL thercomuitteeobep r
asid e 'r eity dshoed thu. ob r not tReend
f oA tm PetoaGegory k pmda........4: '.-1. 'aote f 1p n to .
teavetiaot them at eeln and hisowred
-teea They bndoe4 rree hred to p wetwfa it -
land in he randather itheic ..
war, ce aobout am yra? atn --
not eo. HowevAerthey could noto wif hol
e-,"ouothe thedred fm ao the W Aet- .em
An- Aoddeall~ita wit-hD-dayIshaandhteat.

TherFrenh err.e lwh oeweverVie moneth, risking..e..

'nil*a Maytar ndf misnsernfteion to Schoeerst'-.. r
dUy. 'JThegairlwsthncattere adtolocumny. hbtle

dicoedtdy thev were sothroulrd nothe Uniaw

.,n 'The- Iarert,.; F
-a sne thanlerg t~h their outdated v
A ivl 1ni oR mto the- -German
SAanispellee: The German
'iot read Russian Aqd eed
em out to Wdst Berlin.
lr, whe G Oths met his wife.
"- r Weans das killed InWh
Orla .n a New York after abe
to tile United Statws.
ahe ~ka left her daughtera in
iggabeaoste hebr father re-
Iho.- *l sp.
.. .. erleft
+_*mI =Nel ME iteek to 8

4, ., .. i .
,. .'-,.'. .^_ ,ni *." *. *-"

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m or t.
)hn RPmn..ll.Vl
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te. T
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14...-, .I UM.r writer is held to arrete renWe*e*.
fcaa, in Ufhr. tree HUM


Panama, R. P.
So that champion of truth Senator Joseph McCarthy calls
^ HS^JSaSS^SSW fro a resolution. J-optJ tar a Wls-
fatln in the iSctfte: false claims about wounds which to fact
fift h. entered as a"buck private" when In fact he entered
ffimtaJoSST ofttcet: effort to promote decorations for
Theie' the record.
Labor News
His Cup Runneth Over
as a
: I
Crede Calhoun
. As
Balboa, C. Z.
w are residents of the Canal Zone and as such apparently
ave, no'ediew fS SiSainti about Panama except perhaps by
S medium of the Man Box and lto Spanish equivalent, should
i latter reach print.
l'-haVread m^Umesjn^ou^column about noise ^ ^
* 0** cr,M^. -^SrSjrturtcTby nolseVuch as we have had
4th of Julv Avenue during the past three
^.*nTalmo6t7ver1^' fiesta" and many Saturday, and
St? many more to come, until we are fortunate enough to
aThf|,cac01pShovroi sound, augmented by oudspeakera.begins
Bout eight o'clock in the evening and continues increasingly
til the small hours of the morning.
TnVXSrffiTomS in authority would speak .to
these oMendersagalnat good taste and either prohibit the loud-
I^er* aUoSth" or at least turn them off at midnight so
hat other people might go to bed In peace...
A Canal Zone Resident
PITTSBURGHCoal country al-
ways is bleak in the wintertime.
But this year far more than the
pock-marked hillsides are rim.
And suddenly 1 recalled trips of
more than two decades ago over
these roadstrips atop truck bear-
ing food and clothing for hungry
coaldigscrs. ,
The miners are still far from
hungrybut they're beginning to
wonder just how far.
Everywhere there are reports oi
mines being shut downsome per-
manently. About 100 so far have
closed in Pennsylvania, West Vir-
ginia, Virginia, and Kentucky.
Kven the biggest ccjmpany the
famed Pittsburgh Consolidated
Goal, on which John Lewis has al-
ways counted for mass employ-
ment, has shut its high-cost pits.
Everywhere coal is piling up.
There used to be an average of 60
days' supply on hand for the na-
tion. Then John L. would begin to
whittle it dowr. with wildcat strikes
end special memorial holidays so
he could maneuver into position
for a mass stoppage and scare us
just a little by browning out a city
or two. Now there are 100,000.000
tons of soft coal above ground.
That's 120 days' supplyunpur-
Last week the coal fields pro-
duced only enough coal to keep an
average of 2W.0O0 of the Uon s
400,000 coaldiggers at full time
.vork. Of course, not all of these
miners went into the pits every
day. Across Pennsylvania and the
soft coal i'ields, men worked one or
two days at the most in thousands
of pits. This means that they are
bringing horn less than $35 a week,
sometimes even half that.
This means that on a full-time
basis there just is no longer any
room for 133,000 miners m the
country's hillside and valley pat-
This means that Lewis' powerful
union is cracking at its coal seams.
For despite its banks, its invest-
ments and its $50,000.000 tressury
even Mr. Coal himself can t keep
his union going as the industry
strangles slowly. Already, he has
had to cut back on his welfare pay-
meats. He can no longer continue
to lend the independent welfare
fund hundreds of thousands of dol-
lars a year-$4,000,000 in the past
three years, In factr-out of the
United Mine Workers general
just want you to know that there are only a few unfortu-
tople that'-were "rocking bn their heels" so long after a*

liw riAtsoN
Anti-Red Legislation
WELLINGTON, N.Z.-I have been same category of. crime as murder
and armed robbery, at least by
- think that the Mau Mau analogy
legal and membership in the party is pretty apt here For quite a
punishable. Perhaps the death pen- while in Kenya the settlers en-
alty, as recommended by Allan deavored only to punish the actual
Shivers, Governor of Texas, is a comraitters of murder. I
WEt^iNUTUH, N.t.i nave nren j
strangely unmoved by the anguish- am
ed howls against the proposed leg- Im
islation to make communism fl- I-
If there were any such thing as
an American Communist party,
dedicated to changing policy by
vote, I would say that it would be
unconstitutional to make member-
ship a crime. But anybody over
eight knows that it is no more a
part of America, as it stands to-
fc*coffitln7 "menace" porto that they fell ovar backwards
hat their sight is affected by the same disease and therefore
If ihtr "*maU discard their blinders they would, very quickly
fWlize how Rood a Job C.F.N. Is doing.
Thev must realize that people, young and old alike, with dif-
ferent entertainment tastes must be catered to. therefore a tun-
Inr knob is standard equipment on a radio.
If identification of announcers hajr,b*en standard practice
Sat ib warlorn; people lust like to"knoWj.who the "voice"
m.?'on Mae. take the-chip off your shoulder and discard
fenders. ^
CFJ*. Fan
Answer to Previoue Punier
1 Baritone,
5 H* is on the
I He is a sin.

12 Scope
13 Fish if s
14 Sheltered in!
II Dispatched
II Hostelry
17 Soviet city
II Compound
M Compulsion
22 Observe
2S Compass point
24 Chairs
27 Cooking
1 Unit of weight
22 Versifier
33 Lamprey
34 Ontario (ab.)
35 Golf era term
N Reman bronze
37 Classifies
31 Succinct
,41 Rodent
' 43 Container
'43 Zodiacal
11 Distant
3 Indolent
4 In the year
17 Cheek
II Aeriform
i Facility
2 Greek war god
.1 Lease
4 Newest
5 Get up
I Electrified
7 Melted down
I Tallied
Ripped 27 Departs
10 Genus of birds 28 Darling
Lir-jriM mora ciHta
rinn aouri uiiriu
11 Units of
19 Legal point
21 Distinct part
24 Greek portico
23 Eternities
21 Social insects
29 Dregs
30 Otherwise
33 Bicker
40 All
42 Poeto
43 Equipment
44 Sea eaile
45 The peanut
Just what will happen to the mag-
nificent chain of 10 mountain region
hospitals which Lewis is building at
a cost of $25,000,000, only he can
"obviously, the fatigued and el-
derly John L. knows that the day
for RomS gestures and thunder-
ous epithet aimed at the industry
L over. They are all in trouble.
Together, Lewis and the men ne
used to entangle in words as long
as a Russlau movie title, must
work their way out of an economic
blind alley. This is Lewis' chance
to be the master statesman
Together, they must flmreisome murder
Way of making up for the 50.W0,; mtnistri
000 tons of coal which has been
replaced as fuel by Venezuelan
residual oil. This has cost some
83.000 coaldiggers full-time work
the year round.
Together, V.t. Coal and the In-
dustry must find foreign markets,
which are closed to them even by
onr friend, Konrad Adenauer,
Chancellor of West Germany whic-
we are rebuUding, permits thei in-
dustrialists in the Ruhr and1 other
areas and the home fuel suppliers
to buy their huge tonnage of coal
from Russia, Poland and Czecho-
slovakia. Yet he refused to issue
import permits to our mine opera-
Both coal companies and union
economists tell me they could meet
the Russlsn prices on a competi-
tive basis even now. And we could
co still better if our government
took our idle moth-ball merchant
ileet out of the yards and started
running it to Europe.
uraer. dui when >*n """'"'r "." V,""^" "
touch"harsh.'utjf you will'think the Mau Mau movement got out of y. than is the Russian Embassy,
back we just electrocuted the Ro- control, thev were forced to recOg- Or the Old Hitler bund, which we
senberas for being highly success- nize that the oath administrator, outlawed.
fuf Communist although the tech- the head of the cell, the organizer, IW; the tactic, of Senator
nicality was theft of atom secrets and incitet to violence, was equally McCarthyi and Co.. but the oblique,
SUIT-* "**" *8?'SUSSJ'r#& S^ 'XSSZirt'SZ
thought it^ smart^ to veer widely the party a long time ago. when cents would get clobbered in the
leit. Communism then was a mood, Russia was an ally and not a men- -
not an overt act of treason. It was ace. But from a certain date to be
of misguided, muddled arbitrarily fixed in the future, I
left. Communism then was a mood, Russia u_aad[not^a'men .
There have been all sorts of ar-
ynke" toJiiTtoSilda world aeeno$sUcr**obtmaklna com- gumenU about the (^munistobe.
Xhich the w\,rd "Fascist" then munlst^ctlyity ,. crime subject to, W ^n^ro,^1tt$^r'
had the same meaning as "Com- certTS-punUhment. and certainly already halfway to .CUMh and
munUt" has today. Times and contaihmg an automaticj loss of ItUe deeper.down.won't hurt^them.
moods and ideals change. ( civil rights, as is accorded a felon. I suppose the Party could change
The smallest child today knows its nsme to the Upward and On-
now that communism is not a po- At least it would allow us a yard- Ward party or some sueb, but the
litlcal creed or a rightful exprs- stick for punishment. We punish connection has always been fairly
sion of free speech and political today by the circuitous route of easy to ace).
action. A Communist today is as proven perjury, an indirect method. It's a tough nut, both ways, but
much a willful architect of mass of getting at the core of the mat., there would be one distinct ad-
as a Man Mau oath ad- ter. And we punish by smear and vantage: communism as a, hobby
ainistrator. Be is an avowed ad- indirection, to such an odorous ex-: ould be a lot less attractive to the
vocate of the overthrow of his tent that McCerthylsm is a ad, average man than it used to be,
country, by force, which is treason synonym for America a over the and the working ranks
cold and calculated. It is in the world. decrease. ^^ ___
35 Transact (ab.) 47 Roman date
38 Prayer 41 Scottish tribe
39 Important
49 Withered
52 Winglike part
Walter Winchell In NewYork
HOTTEST SCANDAL IN TOWN plating disbarment proceedings for (socialite) takes his 180 lb. dawg
a barrister ih a lawsuit involving' into Midtown florists dairy for or-
An Agency in Washington (per- Royalty.. chids to'eat (at 0 the corsage!).
haps the Dept. of State) will soon r* -------*
lesk"'certain classified files. Con- The Trib.was a meany on the !_,_*. .
cerning the alleged draft-dodging story of Eleanor Holm's divorce. James Wechsler, the tormer
of accredited British war corres- In the short stpry It twice said she Young Communist League leader,
pendents (over here) during World was 40. (She's 39 and *1) in Cong. Co mm. testimony (and m
War U ... Some of the What-Ho ''.... book) implied that hia wife and
newsmen will also be "exposed" A buried item reported that the self had been "cletred by L.
as having cleaned up in Black March of Dimes Cruise to nowhere Nichols of the FBI...G-men cannot
Market profits. Via food parcels to (aboard the Olynipia) had been clear anybody. All that happened
their hungry countrymen ... One cancelled because the ship needed (like all others in similar spots)
That's bunk. Feds tip- was that he was asked to submit
of them will be a leading London repairs
Let no one believe that
merely Is the problem of the men
of coal. If coal Isn't dug, the apal
hauling rail-lines will be idled from
here to the east coast. Dock and
tug crews and even teamsters will
have less to handle. If the coal
economy cracks, we all get hurt
And for many seasons to come.
But the industry isn t just sitting
It out. It's d?veloping its own
plans. Its executives know that
tany other fuel. But they know that
.iny other fuel. But they know that
Li'wis must soon move on his new
contract. And they know too, that
he Is the one giant in the field who,
most of all, can work the miracle
of the pits. Even as they plan they
await word from himfor they
know he cap be statesman as well
as stentor.
He bitterly
a statement That ww all. Nothing
he offered was unknown to the
FBI.. No one wss questioned, jail-
ed or nuttin'.
Bill O'Dwycr's Miami date was
Paillette HaskUl, N. Y, socialite.
Samuel Roto, who did 3 years to
panned ped the line that a gambling syn-
dicate planned to take over. With
sinful f em mes as model skills.
Blazingest scandal of the Cen- _. .~-".' l-**.
tury Isthe way Sonny Tufts greet- F. Tone's late date is with Sher-
ed stripper LUI St Cyr st a party ry Britton at the Spindletop.
she tossed the other madnlgbt .-------- ,
_____ It's okay for students to smooch
Arthur Loew, Jr's latest has his in the dormitory lounge at Indi
family tearing out its toupees. ana U. so long as they follow two
_____ rules: (1): Three lights must be Lewlsburg Federal Prison (many
Insiders expect Ike (and the on. (2): A eo-edand her date must-other convictions), snd Who kicks
CAB) to spprove Eastern Airline's have both feet on the floor. people around (authors and anti-
------ commies) with criminally libelous
Mayor Wagner's former law firm. trashwill have his own criminal
is turning over its Washington cli- record published. Title: "The
ents to Ted Granik of Radio A TV Louse of leWisburg." His son
renown. (Thisslt Scandal?) Richard haa a police record in Cal-
-------'' Kornia, hia daughter in-law, Peggy
Tina Louise Myers (of "Alma- Roth, was cited by a former Red
nac") would appreciate it (she before a Cong. Comm. for attend
The Stork Club lowered its price writes) if she isn't linked with J. tag Communir.* cells, etc. (lovely
for a cuppa-cawfee. Now 90 cents. Sorrentl, etc. (Veriwell DoUpuss.j people). Then there's Mrs. Sam
_____-------- Roth, also convicted and given 5
Myrna Loy's friends sre hoping A new Turkish strip-teaser (on years (suspended) which the judge
she counts up to ten, st least. the Midv st Glrlesk circuits) calls warned she would serve if sho con
WASHINGTONA surprising de-
velopment regarding atomic ener-
gy has occurred behind the closed
doors of the Senate-House Atomic
Energy Committee. Most of its
members are ready to go beyond
President Eisenhower's proposals
for unveiling atomic secrets to our
A<"es and to private business.
Pennsylvania's GOP Congress-
man James Van Zandt has eVen
proposed privately that the Atomic
Energy Act ought to be com-
pletely rewritten, not simply
Majority opinion of the Congress-
men Is that the United States can-
not go ahead with a "new look"
military strategy based on atomic
weapons, yet confine it* Allies to
conventional World War II weap-
ons. For example, the Atomic
Energy Committee almost cer-
tainly will authorize the armed
services to store atomic weapons
at overseas U.S. bases, even
though the President did not go
that far in his proposals.
The congressmen also argue that
the best way to keep ahead of the
Russians is to pool the atomic re-
search of the great democracies.
Under the present setup, Britain
and Canada have been forced to
concentrate on catching up with
American atomic know-how, thus
wasting valuable time retracing
the steps already taken by Amer-
ican scientists. By exchanging
atomic information, the combined
scientific brainpower of the United
States, Britain and Canada, it's
now believed, could be better util-
ized to outdistance the Russians.
As it is, our atomic experts esti-
mate that Britain and Canada have
come within 90 per cent of this
country's atomic knowledge at
great cost in money and research.
In some fields, such as atomic mis-
sile, they are believed to be ahead
of us.
Meanwhile, atomic committee
members have been squabblix
behind closed doors over proce_
ures. Before the Atomic Energy
Act is changed, the Democratic
members insist that the President
report on the social, economic and
political effects of atomic power
Such a report is supposed to be
made by the White Hoyse, under
the present law, and Democratic
members claim that Eisenhower
shQuld make such a report before
Congress proceeds further.
Chairman Sterling Cole of New
York, however, wants to go
ahead with new hearings-on hang-
ing the tow without waiting far a
report from the President.
NOTE: The White House has
sent word to oongressional leaders
that Belgium may cut off the flow
of strategic uranium from the Bel-
flan Congo, unless the United
tates lives up to its original agree-
ment to share atomic information.
Such sharing is now forbidden n-
der the present Atomic Energy.
After Secretary 6f the Afmy
Stevens surrendered to Senator
McCarthy, Oregon's Sen. Wayne
Morse remarked: "I was fhd only
senator who voted against Ste-
vens' nomination, I thought his
textile business would conflict with
the public interest I would vote
against him today for a different
reasonnot conflict of public in-
terest, but lack of interest to the
Secretary of Agriculture Benson
didn't reate it but he fired the
father of a White House favorite
during toe recent Agriculture De
partment house cleaning.
Yielding to polllical pressure,
Benson has been firing Democrats
almost right and left, regardless
of earlier pledges by the White
Houle. In so doing, Benson swept
out T. Roy Reld as director of
agriculture personnefyWhat Ben-
son didn't know, however, is that
the discharged official happens to
be the father of Tom Reid, who
Was appointed defer.- raanpo er
boss last year by th; White Hos:.
As former direef'r of gov -n-
mental affairs for tl r Ford Mo or
company, Tom Rt'd v as In. ru-
mentsl In lining up Fed rupport
less National tops it, of course.
Mary Kirk Brown and Belle
Kronberg Baumann clashed in an
East Side spot. Seen langwidge.
(Please, gentlemen are present.)
for Eisenhower. In fact, young
Raid waa plugging for Iko long be
for* the General made up his mind *
to become a candidate.
Not realizing this, the Secretary
of Agriculture noted that Papa
Reid was from South Carolina, and
since South Carolinians are almost
always Democrats, he got the
political ax. "
Florida's aggressive, young Sen.
George Smatners made it ao hot
for the Civil Aeronautics Board be-
hind closed doors the other dap
that Colorado's easygoing San.
"Big Ed" Johnson stirred out of
his seat and flew to UM Board's '
Smsthers charged that toe CAB,
supposed to protect the public's
interest, seemed to be looking out
for the big airlines by squeezing
small competitors.
Johnson over Sms-
thers' needling that ha blurted
out: "I want to commend the
Board of the way they have oper-
ated in toe past The public in-
terest is their goal, their objective,
and their purpose." ,
What Smatners pointed out, how-
ever, was that a small airline can-
not survive without a CAB certifi-
"Since you have been on the
Board," he asked CAB Chairman
Chan Gurney, "have there been
any carriers given certificates?"
"I don't recall anyone getting a
certificate," admitted Gurney who
has been a member of the Board
since 1950.
"Can you tell me how many
years it has' been since an irregu-
lar carrier hss been given a cer-
tificate?" demanded the Florida
"Flying Tigers and Stick Air-
ways were given freight cargo cer-
tificates," Gurney hedged.
"In the last 10 to 12 years, has
there been any certificate granted
to any airlines 4b operate over
trunk loutes to carry passengers?"
Smatners pressed.
"The only one that might be an
that class is the Trans Pacific,"
replied the CAB chairman.
'And that operates exclusively
within Hawaii," reminded Sma
"Yes, sir," acknowledged Gur-
la it a fact," persisted sma-
tners, "that there r*lBU^h-lin*e
operating today, cettrneatid !>
lines, than there were eight e*
ten^esrsago?" .
"Through, mergers, yes," admit-
ted Gurney. Ha explained that toe
CAB must take into account the
financial responsibility of the air-
lines before handing out. certm-
cstes. ..,-.
"If it is the Boarffa attitude the*
we will always |W *eflSfleateaJ;
the person with the biggest but*
roll and the best equipment," r*
marked Smathers, "then tt would
be clear to me that no new appli-
cant hereafter would have an op-
portunity to get a certificate.
Tito Assures Ike
Yugoslavs To Keep
Ffiendly With U$
President Eisenhower received
assurances from Marshal Tito to-
day that Yugoslavia will eontinue
its "poMcy of cooperation ahd
friendship with toe United States
and -other Western powers."
The assuradces were given
through Ambassador Vladimir Po-
povie who paid a farewell eall Be-
fore returning to bis country to
become chairman of the forcing!
Relations committee ef the Yugo-
alav National Assembly.
'Do Unto Others...'
BUTOO. N. Y., March M-
ftrp) Pollen commlaatoner
Josephs Declllla reminded of-
ficers today they must the regulation M caliber re-
volver at all time, "even to
By Colbrotth
Intimates do not expect Piper
I Laurie and Dick Conttoo to merge.
'.He's a devont Catholic. She isn't of
his faith. She says romance is for for Guatemala Reds has the high
herself Tumi Ake. (OnOwlook Girl.) tinued helping with her husband s
-------- filth. N. Y. Police and other law
enforcement groups are working to
To all newspapers: A new front Confine him again. (More anon.)
fun, anyway.
f of a new mag's brains dept.
may quit (with a public statement)
unless toe new editorial "line" is
changed back to where it was.
Phil Tyrell reminds us of the old
pun now that Guatemalans turned
out to be ingratos. "Oh, well, here
today and Guatemala.
In an article for L'Humanite (the
Paria version of Pravda) Attorney
'loria Agrin (toe late Emanuel
Bloch's friend during the Rosen-
--' spv case) alleges Bloch
(whose door was bolted from the
nisioei was slain by U.S. agents.
Her new toy Is a married lawyer,
sn expert on libel.
sonding title: "Provisional
Comm. for Latin Americans."
First rally tonight, at Manhattan
Piara. Paul Robeson, former mov-
ie r.ctress Karen Morley (exposed
as a so-and-so) and Elmer Ben-
diner, editor of a Commyrot rag.
will speak. The latter's brother
(R. Bendiner of the NY, Post) is
described ss a former Communist
Talk about putting on airs. A
6th \venue haberdashery (adver
Using its sale of drawers) calls
them "Men's Bloomers."
Bartenders tell you toevy
doubled the number of pokes-in-
the-snoot. Arguments over every-
thing from drsmas to wrasslers.
(Down in front!)
Have you sens me your entry on
"Why I Could Never Be A Red"?
... Send as many letters as you
wish (under 50 words) but please
enclose $1 (to each letter) for the
Runyon Cancer Fund ...Contest
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prise: A ?,00 Cadillac Eldorado
convertible. Nine other attractive
prizes. Holidays for a week at
swank hotels la N. Y., Washihg-
ton, Palm Beach, Miami Beach,
Los Angeles and Las Vegas. Trips
via Eastern Airlines and every
week for 9 weeks storting March
has Sunday All residents of Continental
U. S. except employees and mem-
bers of their immediate families
v' the Runyon Fund or the judging
agency, are eligible to compete.
The N.Y. Bar Assn is contem- An East End Ave. Peeping Tom
aiency. are rugiuic mj Vv"t~*-1
Address: Winchell, Box 90, N. Y.l l
(Zone 36>.
"You knww, Buetar. tdmatirnaa Tm Hwt a*** are you'

FRIDAY. March 12,1154
Chinese Nationalists Report
Progress On Four-Year Plan
TAIPEH, Formosa (U.P.)The
Chinese Nationalist* on Formosa
have undertaken a plan which they
hope will allow them to become
self-sufficient after 1956.
Gov. O. K. Yui told the United
Press that the realization of the
Nationalist plan was well under-
way, lie emphasized that success
depends largely: on the continua-
tion, of American aid until 1956.
After this. Yui feels, the Nation-
alists will be able to make their
own way economically.
Yin* claimed that the four-year
plan which was started in 1953 had
been generally successful thus far.
He pointed out that the economy
of the island had been stabilized
and inflation brought under con-
"We have reduced our deficit in
the budget from 35 per cent to 10
per cent in three years," he claim-
ed. A complete balancing is ex-
pected in the near future.
Yui's formula for balancing the
Nationalist budget is simple: "Ei-
ther we increase our revenue or
we cut our expenses. There is no
other choice."
One of the big financial prob-
lems facing the Nationalist plan-
ners is the large army which Gen-
eralissimo Chiang Kai shek
brought from the Chinese mainland
to continue the struggle against the
Communists. It won't be cut.
"Our military expenses are es-
sential," the governor said. He in-
dicated that the civilian economy
would have to bear the brunt of
The governor emphasized that
the Nationalist government is at-
Lift Up Your Hearts
tempting to increase the national
income by expanding producion on
the island and seeking foreign mar-
kets. Sugar is the biggest money-
mtker at present. A drop in the
world sugar market price hurt the
government recently, but Yui said
the price had leveled off.
Other items which the Chinese
Nationalists hope to market abroad
are rice, aluminum, pineapples,
salt, tea, camphor and oils. Yui
said the Nationalists are looking
Ccularly towards South Korea,
n and southeastern Asia coun-
tries as potential markets.
It is in agriculture that Yui
claimed the Nationalist govern-
ment has made the greatest actual
Srogreu. On Formosa, a land of
armers, he said the Nationalists
have found a solution to the land-
lord problem which has plagued
China for centuries, The Nation-
alists are calling it a "bloodless
First, the traditional tax on land
was reduced from 85 per cent of
the annual yield to 37 per cent.
Then laws were put into effect
forcing landlords to sell land un-
less they actually tilled it. Absen-
tee owners were forced to sell to
the government at the rate of two-
and-one-half times the price of one
year's yield.
The landlords were issued land
certificates by the government and
industrial stocks. The government
stood behind these stocks and thus
gave a continuing income to the
The peasant* who tilled the land
were given the opportunity to buy
the land, paying over a period of
10 years.
'Dog Leash' Issues Splits
Mobile Into Angry Camps
(A Lenten feature of The Pan-
am American, prepared by the
Rev. M. A. Cookson, Episcopal
Church of Our Sarious, New
"Have no anxiety about any-
thing, vut in everything by
prayer and supplication with
thanksgiving let your requests
be made known to Qod." Read
PhUippians 4:4-13.
We know that over 90 per cent
of a person's anxieties are imag-
inary, mainly the result of a
person's not having a proper re-
ligious outlook. St. Paul here
gives us the right antidote for
With intense Interest the Phil-
ippian church members must
have read Paul's words, to them.
"Have no anxiety." If one is to
have anxiety, it must not be an
imaginary worry,for oneself it
must be a real concern for those
in need.
The average man knows that
nine-tenths of the things about
which he worriaa. will never hap-
pen. -But," heUtsays. "how can I
get myself into such a position
that I can rid myself of these
foolish, gnawing anxieties?"
St. Paul tells us to get a reli-
gious outlook which centers our
attention on God, and not on
ourself; with God-centeredness
we get away from imaginary
fears, which belong to selfish
persons: soon a person gets a-
way from anxiety. In his cen-
tury, however, Paul hit upon the
essential principle to overcome
anxietyprayer. -
For prayer is the key by which
man moves from distrust In
himself to trust in God. It is the
secret means for a person to get
Eroper perspective. The way to
e anxious about nothing Is to
be prayerful about everything.
Weigh the words of a modern
WTl*ir Included in her autobio-
graphy, "If I had my life to live
over, I would not worry. It has
caused too much misery and
pain unnecessarily."
That's One Way
Of Gelling Your
Name In The News
Even the super-secret Atomic
Energy Commission can get a
wrong number.
It did recently, and unknow-
ingly transmitted a report on 18
security Investigations to a
Washington newspaper corre-
Correspondent Allan Cromley
of the Oklahoma City Dally
Oklahoman watched In astonlsh-
MOBILE, Ala., March 12 (UP)
Man's best friend divided this
Southern port city into two angry
u 'litical camps today, caused
family rows and left candidates
for governor, Congress and other
offices out of the picture.
The "anti-dog" party and the
"pro-dog" party waged a vote-get-
ting campaign that is overshadow-
ing the coming Democratic pri-
mary. Both sides conducted tele-
phone campaigns and solicited
votes on street corners and In
The dispute began when City
Couneil passed a "leash law"
Tuesday prohibiting dogs f re m
running free. The law was sched-
uled to go into effect today, but so
many "pro-dogs" protested at the
City Hall Wednesday that enforce-
ment was postponed and a city-
wide voto em the uestioa was er-
Next Monday was set as the
deadline for balloting and a City
Hall spokesman said voting has
been heavy since the polls opened
this morning.
Former City Atty. Harry
Seale, leader of the "pro-dogs,"
stomped the city making speech-
es bitterly denouncing the "anti-
During one of Seale's speeches
an "anti-dog" complained. "The
city locks up people all the time
Lux Furniture
xU yodiscount
(or this month only
Automobile Row No. 38
Tel. 3-3399
ment aa names and details on
the security Investigations roll-
ed in on the teletype machine in
his office.
The report eame from the
ABC's Savannah River office
whllch thought it was caltog
WA-231. Instead it got WA-221,
the Dally Oklahoman bureau
number here.
"I never thought of interrupt-
ing the message," Cromley said.
"It was a strange sort of mes-
sage, to be sure, but you ought
to see some of the odd messages
I get from my city editor."
When he called the ABC, It
said the message wasn't classifi-
ed or it would have been it code.
But it dispatched a security of-
ficer to pick It up posthsato.
Mrs. Broniff Made
Veep Of Airline
DALLAS Tex March 12 -
Mrs. T. E. Brani'f, widow of the
late founder ant* president of
Branitf International Airwavs,
has been elected a vice-president
of the air 'ae bv the board -
directors, chaa. E. Beard, presi-
dent, announced today.
A native of Lamar. Mo.. Mrs.
Branlff is o graduate of Chris-
Han Collese In addition to l>
siHon affiliations, she is ac-
tive **\ tnanv national end 1**ch|
welf or:anlz*tlons ps well a
work !n the Cati. Sensathl! mok ott* u** m hm**
Before buying a new car, see the car
of the year, the 1954 Ford at
fverfloty?ea6 QasstfeJ*
Ntwist dent bracelet with
sicrtl photo campar!mint.
Mm Mw Mits'''COfatsM"
priced it emy $14.50.
Central Avt. 137
and nobody kicks. Now they want
to lock up dogs and everybody
"There must be something to
that saying about a dog being a
man's best friend," Seale replied.
Police said they had a report of
a housewife hitting her husband
with a plate during a breakfast-ta-
ble argument over the law, but
were unable to say U, what party
the husband belonged.
The platform of the "anti-dogs".
states that the leash law will halt
dog "vandalism," such as upset-
ting garbage cans and destroying
flower beds.
The "pro-doge" contend the
law would force children to give
up their pets.
Mobile's leash law, unlike simi-
lar laws in Columbia, i. C, Ra-
leigh, N. C, Birmingham, Ala.,
and Atlanta, was not based on aay
theat of'rabies as there have been
no cases reported here in the past
One judge, who asked not to be
Suoted by name, worried about
ie effect such a law would have
on juvenile morals.
"Children are taught to obey the
law," he said.
"What wffl thay think
their parents sneak the dog out
for a ran each night, as they un-
doubtedly will?" ,
Mobile's dogs weren't taking any*
part in the campaign. But "Old
Spot," an Atlanta canine, had
some advice for them.
"Old Spot," talking through his
master, Harold Martin, columnist
for the Atlanta Constitution, said
dogs in his area had discovered
that the dog catchers don't work
on weekends.
"Stick close to the yard on week-
days," he advised, "but feel free
to roam on Saturdays and Sun-
Carry And Cash
CHICAGO March 12 (UP)
Chicago police today reported an
attempted "portable holdup."
Patrolman Ronald Carlson
caught Lacey Claude, 38. carry-
ing Steve Bacena, a much small-
er man, over his shoulder along
a busy street.
Bacena told police Claude had
told him: "This will be a holdup
as soon as I can find a place to
pull it."

' Even thojyh sne protests tha'.
all the other girlc do it, don't itt
your teen-age daughter make a
oractlce of calling boys on ihe
telephone. The boya may not
. Bat ft went make a very goat
impresin on their parents.
Why bothor youraerf with
the trouble of making res-
ervations? At no extra cost
to your, w can arrange
your entire vacation includ-
ing transportation, hotel
accommodations, sightsee-
ing tours .. .everything.
(Around the corner from Felix Maduro)
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