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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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,KattBb a ti(t' k EIihonrf He ,so states Cir.'it CouZ of Appegal -,""-"
.' lashed at St.veson's cr forth 5th .CI. lt in New O .-..
I .lm ofj ,. -"'..w ,k" deft-., leans ;,
Van.,f .. executive said : :-ho.a.bem.loyeso.
S' rdio. revision netwk federal agend the-one or

e d RichardM. Nix- court Ince last June 17. Tran- -
m init onj thie to rep lyto Stevenson. script of the case was made of- WlAT PICKET tINE Soame of the 500 longdhoremerV, who
r,., m,.r.Carthy, ,eno. ._ed CBS .clially of record there Nov. 12. a wildcat strike.. paIke te Federal Court House in NOW
?NBr1 NU relaing to give him time, At one timn, a decision had been Vbtirkk, ty.
.etE q, t .. qusi .ofwhether the oUM al *
I e he laday f court s a brief lti t the t e f L .
Re aWdohg teffrrequest hates contentiont of BAppear

lK lashe bon cov at.lrneyl that eeEs cr-pRMarc 11 ath A5%herrtteinNow0o.
arh, e en ti of f a % '- pnew e a g la" de Coeurt lacked lansi- D.v ..e. r n
ertgm mpntsfeet n ^ e as:Ae e cse asme io re uto a t rm p
l.t I inlyahh pareed eteirresponngnmemberst ofthe pet i se-es,

l a, f#,mone Code1 Meiwtlhat NW YO Mai 11. ( A- feoeew piers jlre beln worked
40. l t fGePYAO parilulr of.. tecae r"t 'd of York remaCtoine ciewt 5n a l y by A FL- Long-
at MOeBy n C at fclraph y of r ecord there. No.12whih I slt Wdttirely ie. shoremen. Brookly docks opened
[ NHj....fer retsm hin 0 give la ntime, A t *n time, a decision had been

tooetasomettxpee, In january on theack- e N ea Atho a were
L Itihquestioo of whethmeeloo

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tdlu. sn ,n 'C1^ wi at a io ardireutst aturneys ti that tsd t i
owure isgot the om

an At rdghb.lg a ,li Cod. Re..-t .-'h 1:(Utrs I reben-wok.

H-Bomb Blast

To Be Bigest

L XONO LU, March 1i (UP)
t The mightiest nuclear, e
hake plaek on remote Eniwetok
land, in the Pacif sometime
between March 15 an 28.
Chairman Lewis Srauss of the
Atomic newy Comm lsson is re.
.*orted due in the Pacific between
o1ase dats.
1a Fvoble weather and the b-
aence Of aome high-rnking
iuats ipmearid to be the only
factors delaying the test dqto-
The government announced
MArch 1 that the 134 series of
nuclear taat had begun at the
lohely linewtik -Bikini Prdving
Ground, which already had one
of, I its I lau- wiped out. I the
explosion a hydrogen device
li-thei Oit ...
the deviceto be tested this
.jnnth Is ceoted to .laVe twice
violin eof the, a191-evice.
'Two membeofl the Joint Con-
Eit e on Atomic
Tuesday nlihtih' to Joint
Atomic TaIk Frie 7 at .niwe-
Meanwhis flhalsVeroshl-

rdd that St" tclanl
eave "96ecej fi p.cging a-
tle ieertrgy at qae 0rrite of
A ,. a.div ..6..MMf lfA. t T.J

7' Years S



GOP Chieftain

WASHINGTON, March 11 (UP) Senate u
leader William F. Knowland indicated today hetv
trodude a bill to force the consolidation of hospitaI
lities on the Panamd Canal Zone.
Knowland is chairman of a Senate Aop. f
subcommittee which is holding heariligs on requ
-Canal Zone appropriations for the coming yer/' ,A
He said today that the Army has boln "seta
the consolidation of Zone hospitals ever ilnce f
of the war, and added "it seems to me that sevi
study is enough." -
Kadwland and Democratic Saotor Allen JN Ert
questioned Defense Departutenf tdaert ureau dElt

tonseidtbn eand also unlficationiof verous otiler
ices hq the Canal Zone. -
Oftkialw testified that if the present four h
were reduced to two, it would effect an' ancisds'
of ao)poximately '$ 90,000.
Ellender said he would puport thBtl, to f
a .cosolidation, but "id it seemed to I4.4
someway to do it if we t of .

a Flndt

sa Rerhunter of
asatp the.Re-



ag up VurW cu tummaw.

or Edward e fr

osr ars the oiu df u e us

quest99&&h ae d rit .
ri t w eaM it 3w.s ldptie
I bolthtli legrams t i t
wfhred- K to.
S ad scarthy said ater a luch
S et z have "ae srgu-
at 0 the issue ol-eC, a

Por the second consecutive
week, the President showed con-
siderable .willingnesg to take on
quest un dealings with McCarthy
ad political problems facing the
GOP AMd the adlinorsion.
Seated side bys ide on a ble
plush sofa in wbsdns office, Mc-
Carthy sand today Winvilted I hs
poeen followingg en hour and 4,
minutes lunch yesterday that had
longer than I ~ve main course.
applaud last week it -was
."dAtiommyrot" to contend te.
Army is coddling Coom luta as-
McCarthy had charged.
McCarthy said today Wilsok has:
been "combattftg communism.
longer than I -have and Ibhearly
applaud what be's bees doing.*1
*' ~'-.: i

-~ wr
4' Mit?
%t. 2~ tip-~3L~._ .~ A

)n.. Mp Conmerca to me
- .iR. 753 (E lattw-.
-code).s He observe; JVht
ag wa stated to the
1fur ii relation to the aee-
n%;' te Cana Cnpl. Act
i .Juld on to the aUnZted
ta MstrIet Court (4Canal
Zone-o e,. Title 7,Pag~e 823).
* "tsting law confei upon the
tcourt of the Tnuagt Zone
errn a oft 'all maters and
k spro g not, oterwies pro-
#d1*fau which at the tite this
tet .koi effect -were within the
Jluriicorn of the Supreme
Court oa the Canal Zone, the
Circt uirt of the Canal Zone.
the Disalt Court, of the Canal
Zone, unrthe judges therefore '
"This bill substitutes for
that provision language con-
ferring. ,juriedlctlion over 'all
cases Ad proceedings. involv-
ing -aws of the Unfted States
applicabl-to the Cano the al -Zone,
and all othet matters end pro-
ceedings wherein Jurisdiction
I is conferred by the codes of
-law ad procedure of the Ca-
nal .zone.'
S"With the enactment of the
proposed codes of tNe Canal
Zone, and the amendment of the
Panama, Coanal act as proposed
k. this bill, the provisain of
existing law -jst referred to will
become obsolete. It ba, therefore.
desirable to substitqte for that
L ovsion. a trevtbtn referring
Sthe Code of Laws aid proce-
dure of the Cana r Zone.
'It is'also believed to 4e desira-
tle to, have the law provide
specifcally for Jurtditlon over
oases and proceedilngs undet the
laws of the Uited Stat& ap-
plica*b to the Cmnal Zone, -as
dist lztlshed ftom purely local
Canal Ione laws."
Colits filed the brief on be-
half pf CollUns & McNevin, at-
torneys for the plaintiffs...
Since the suit started, Collins
and his- partner, Attorney Don-
ald J. MONe". have dlalved
their partnership, but remain
assocAi6A4 in ncoe tax

ILA 0l a! t -Philadelphia sM
nouncedW t should roa1
r -ash dt as Wted
fromi New. Y as a result of the
shut 'down.


Get 2 tCent

An tnerehae in Local Rate
wajes, ranging from two to sxI
cent .per hour and affectinD
appro*Sattly 11.000 gradi.
employee of the Panama CiMal
Company-Canal- Scne Govern-
ment was .announced yesterday
at Balboa .Heights.
An equivalent increase will
also be. m.eA for declkhands in
the Navi tlo DIvon iof tht
Marine Btreau who are paid
on a per trip basis
For all grated Local Rate
employes the Increase, which
will be made effective in the
near future,. amounts-to an e-
quivalent of a one withtn-
grade step raise.
This Increase in wages will
result in additional total take-
home pay.0-fl than a half
million o, rfo focal
Rat W-1p 4W

that it 2anGSe pouAbt
worked In t.i.
said, however ..tat a chant
in plans far rttin. a dp
would be mde in New York.
farlbr, It had been planned
that- .odne, pasiif a .ine ship
would sail from and one put
lnpo Philadelphia.

CZ Babies Demand Change

Many of ow raiders uSaer two years f rate. atfr &alin
yexteruaf' am fr4 the P aft Mihrbaby show, leaeeSd
the abnBaMs ,fai tpe early.
"I am eme ms er mj y ofet! at Isened
nem 14-mebthst" wmd thberfwe be more
eTnaeset to me edpiM thoe eent take ~a. atm, whbn

sthe o at a ai whee i

4 I -,..- -

shtutt until. te low g.inds
t *. bthe complex tangle of a
challefB_ ele6laon and certfies
it a b1 a g ag1t.
The I s imns mabent *
witnaees .on n fa demand that
the Detember election be thrown
out beqeiu of IA ttaimidation of
veters ,' .

ON ed Issue
CA3A Venezuela. March
11 (U The United States
pressed .d0y for quick action In
the eaiii- against Cbmmu-
1st lattion although it ap-
p0Tr side Isues may de-
lae t rct1 anti-ed drive.
Perbap. In response. to Ut S.
urecy ~nhe.ommittee conduct-
9e l on the U.S. anti-
Comiw t h4seoluton scheduled
dol tuons today and to-
moxE eettngs afternoons as
wen fl, knln s.
Pefr..d Euador dragged
thefr .j-standtgd border dis-
syeterdlys maeetng-Of
% It tee, startift ah ar-
ga it was ended only by
.olent 9f the session.
of Btite John Fos-
f ftgho for a slowdown
vote anti-Comminalt Is-
stde heis the week end. He told
a reogi ie hag not set a-date
for 95trture for Wasftg-
tbnL b~.wiat he expects rits air-
p today to 'starn by"
S Iengttt of future debates
on the ntU-Communist Ile

ed oqpdulton to the U. S. resolu-
tia d4 mlgat offer one of his
own i.he thought it could block
4s. rapid action wanted by Dul-
. n officials are confl-
agit win gain u
St lor their 'resoJon, "-
It- probably will be a-
The measure condemnls
CoMuBM Intervention In the
lfee e, calls for emergency
S if it spreads, and
ets nchiery to uncover
Red a dWs a bd their prppagan-
da. '

The o trnd. of
soviet was onef
aghin demoeAsrtted at the Ber-
ln conference he said.' "The
very convocatlo aof ech.a con-
fdtene t an undoubted success
ot the supportero of the relaxa-
tion o f ':Inrinatomal tension."
Marshal NIkol*i A. Bulganin
Soviet Detenae Miiste1 r, t old
Moscow voters that the Silet
Union "cannot believe the 'im-
perlaltsta are s.edaing billions
In money as well as Wendous
materiRl just to frihten us,"m
the Soviet press sald.
"NelUte can wef count on the
hnmantty of t1 I.mperIalists
who have demonstrated they are
capable of nin. any means of
mass aniUlmatt/' Sulganin
told a voters uewatn n the Hall
of Column- het-- sterday. Bul-
gamin is a eandt dte or the u u-
oreme Soviet mt Moscow city
In the elections w day.
1ulqanln emphasi.ed that the
Soviet vnbn must maintain
constant mHtqt readiness be-
cause "the tmvp.tI.lst, are con-
stantly .creaag t their armed

Mojor Herman
l mproi n
Maj. eIMmi Herman. who was
heart attack si "coming along
nicely," according to 0 o r g a s
xe0man is Chief of the Canal
Zone Police.

Col. Ellasworth Davis, from the
office of -the assistant secretary
St the Arm toaktthe coinufte.
that the Deiense Department
had been directed to study r.p-
conso-Idation on 46 Items in tne
Canal Zone.
Dun:lcatlon of facilities, ht
iald. 'has been elinmInated "to
some degree" on 1g of the Iterms.
For instance, lie aid, two re-
tall tisd stores have been closed
and a third will be cloed loon.
Red Tank. Madden Dam anl
Curunduo, m c miarles are thoze
referred to.
Bi he sak that further

Accident Victim
John Logsdon
Moved To Gorgos
John D. Lodon, an American
employee of the lectrical Divi-
sion, who has 'hen unconseloue
for three weeks following an
automobile accident, was trans-
ferred from the Coco Solo Naval
Hospital to Oorgas4thix morning.
Logsdon received severe head
Injuries as a result of the acci-
dent which occurred on the
Trans-Isthmian Highway. He has
been on the serious list since his

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.. March 11
(UP) Police today reported
someone stole a $400' machine
the state road department used
to count traffic volume.

Scientist-Undersea Photographer

Stops At Cristobal For Boat Check

Stlin mnarbe lie lfe and pn p-
te un it with under-ea
fumaea oult specially fr
thet. is thf maeton oif a Get-
*nr' ridatst srnd his 11-mat
crew aboard the Xarifa now
docktd at Custabal.
The A-ro ton vessel will
ev for the British West I-
dies a soar. paMrs to hbtr
f are cmpleed. From
behe th afp, asrppered by Dr.
pI a 94-year-old sclan-
wl return to ito home
of Wmbur after having
speat seven wrontht at sea atu-

snred by the International In-
stltut;on for Sabniarine Research
in LI'htenrteln. Germ y.
* However, BasA suplkm t*s
their income by taklin mo",eP
uad-rsa, a lohar, wvi
din-va d.vMn eqbUlftInerihe
camS. Several requenceu of h
A !acluded in a recent mov
the Yted B The selent- t
Waso wr.'ten several booko
at whio was one calii
'U into Adventure."
* SWve cameras be nesu a)-
ately a'c priceless alne
were b Ailt mecialttfor his
T 21-man crew lr.,
D ta Dlira photographer

wwhe It was diarej-
Seimet aeadede sae
.pair. The shIp's agent,
N.t&as said today ths
u nosibly leave to-

.-Civltan stores are mo
beativ4 he said becamusi
iude overhead fl abs
yom which Is esumiat
flmy oncS .eme. .--' -
eybdo iIn answer :
14eved the Army lE n
"eient lea seMOitig
to leave the oid Wa0
tel tn coltm to a ,rpr p"
i"2& bualueaiOal. .1.

He Ob4 the hotel ud
a "white lepkat" fotl ,
tense DepWuitu.asS tH
everyone coneerUned
to eiAn th e ba
vide%t, mer:
: .4
e'ty f -,Ra NstS -

The Starorett, whitc 1at
way seized by fanats I
and fIned m l
ofy ty. Ume u.. l im|
bow-to do everyth
According to Panama
their loca agent, a
license to fish for btW .
Ing secured today foar $
The 259-ton vessel
still owned by Capt.
of San Diego, is kB
new operator, however,
of the 14 crewmembes a
on the ship. _
The vessel was l
nama policmen,i
fishermen, on.May 26us
sap was for t
off Anton. and ordered-'
cated. At iaht P
thorities annoUae4, Qa
probably use the
patrol boat "In otar q
pretend other -
which are said to n
valn water"s
However, 4e2 W h '

Agoin To
Uri Ct

* 4 .- .4'.

-t.J. -9


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rr-h.;41- i- ~ ---

-- ~. ,;I


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*,4" '.*-;

!r- KMAR
~v*, 4.r


I P.

- II a o paC" fN U _,IWIU IB-YN a .., ..--h -AND. 13W N UT1Sh te
3.43.Mee n l.ete Al y spet 0-. to. o The s i
paH AM AelNaS -- 1. '.w em
Ime dsoI, .. Aa.n d.,." h -b y VA h SWiL "t $ o
S o What stranrgb ,. ir ts
-N O TH1m O U R IA N Curtain crowded 'us t M.v..
-5 a' -YOUS 1O1111110AIMN the minds of UlttliSVa.-.
a l? u l a So vieteers' fiaht for bs' wel a ? i
The Mi lse U Is n p n fa s cv readers at tThel PamS Am' "new Society. a
content don'th aving t-at1"h:ad v' :
linu aorea received gratefully and are handled In a whellyw eil- They are not content with havin
h n ar tem o t oha Yoparaded the awo oble-- 1r -

Ib t Ja n other o a ltlr don't.IIsm peatpei ti dend t o ur o W la Ia lhe toys, Mich ael and Ro Tble k t r f '
@ t day. te e a re polished n the oerd esu l l ld the Sin Sing S death ell t ou e & p

atr thme lublsed tlas the proabl ent. -- th were taIJ atoumc arh sritd was ipssibl -a- r oBrr E
Ple t ly rto ke a he le te n limited to r pae length where t awtmic ae t.e t- 'ba l

t to hbeter nd ot o f hr Mh e e t aasexecution. e V t he y oaten t i
Idelety ee fon writer s heldin stridersut WtldetS e ed they e one n w o
knericas mwpeld eg m c o ne espoasillty fe talerento a t n e p o i an ithylhavingt mh r eod be th e a. h i

prilq d o In ftten fe zes tuhrenetCo. .ginsM our oJunothedt we h wt tho .h r e p a e
B x ternatlonal propaglnda ;..inl'e
t lo me n os o P o now refuses topermitoaM o i t
THE M ARIX stLre to forget y ears a. ....".
which must, haverb sared thee"
r a he I minds and hearts w ith pl th snes rte .b ,
IN PRi an I OchgPUERTO RICANS There are r a le New York wh the rn Itve
IN PRAISE OF City offlcua fllTO R Ilfohlt the .-te" "

"he"one oka vCbnn rd Ateers actually sbse a. ING t, o. N hNfo. N a- flo t a etteretle o o ar m ent. N taP C TbI
*gr edtc po a ea in a _onla nd ,b u i de a B o r whthe. #lsol v e t n.W th Aroon ia.- w e d ': a d h h Aa c a Te wc t
This letter is for coluMlisth B lop Ruari the the e of t a l a ...a-,0 Uoad :
I have always been imprestsd by your column an d had a oal areop ta n oto

U -eom aoJ tBwho BVS butel af? ra d pe A. Iisan for th emaoal spea d a aptprrcwkn* --
iought of you as a rather telliSent Wldavldual. But after roea- just to stik e at e t -u c re ex
ho the article you wrote 06A March 8, you have led me to believe 9This fear was expressed m-en l lou sariy t st wi S l (r hh ..h. .- -.. .-.o

;lre C pie the L atin 88 it wan be scaosn ..... h haneraModays few hsfe n" .
Y o r k W e ..Sr es "Co u t bdhet d o f ler4 .a
hat yotu are an average American who knows nothing nor cares intoMrty h'sa T o est
oan y other country o u Its people outside of our ow 8 Henry Mc .Carathy, a 8 i te r o. te st It e .ni n
,bout an er countryome th%? Zi fr Me
bu ay or nnporary legal guardian of all the th W !- t e

Btea i to. city's c hit d en who have no other prp s to s .d t p a th eith s me t i.Ye i g

I'mlgho ha 710P gae f i s eFt o y t.e. frolp fsh 10 lifhehir Fio sto m aon i pr ast ifpna *t inthe
mht have minterpted your column. However, y ga e al gs ren o;e thae ourse Cf .C b tioa t a B In h of
te the Impression that you were speaking of all the Puerto quest oning .him-i tt oei t pth e .b ue tha9 etd p 4
will"admit'thattHouse Counsels.

lwans. wl ladm t ththemajoritywho Phave gongeat e Behs INN e dson to Newen Uni o ne lVg pr r ma A"Ciaas r w l
ork are of the lowest clas and probably went with the same Se, rchllght", I ound Mc tCar e tA t,
ea that Europeans have who mgrae tour country: to be able and genuely concern se aoet l I
alive better and some of them With the Idea that i the U.. over the Hope ahorg ahUdran._ l resi ol .h

aoney 4 be found in the streets.u Lter id ak g oen. teak r e
But let's not condemn a country by what a handful of fnat- why he was disturbedoae a
ca have done. If everyone had your way of thinking, all te "There has alwayosers been fe th? w erupaeol S e u
p!r, two group onropag at T he ar od, r ." n"O te laR. f. S he.. .eThos
m el ns ld Othe re te or t fo hay- th at the h id'. r e n w o bthe spiri t llthl idtot. re s.
ng som e of the citizens turn to Communism and against our that of the cohlutry e nw u sd against. wxteit
Iem ocratic way of life. 2npropaganda purposes ab oad," rheI o ut t T tlso h vaeepua a &d,. .
evidntly. you only know some of the Puerto Ricans in New meb .. rls"a
o are equivalent to pur white trash In the U.S. Have you "Already special committees e 1.
cIGe rm TTF bce n nnni
orgotten theoutstandnvalor ua vlrof the Puerto Rican soldier In East Germ any, Fre, Wno "a '

r Ja b(Bitr)B amr e m Mymi that this monioey is no itu co, tte, s sce d....... "h ;s:,'g-1i.. .. r"n to the l -a j"e.. l,'' to'jt. *"- p
be let and 2nd World Wars and the Korean conflict? Did you and JLpan have been seup to u ex- hait1e beep 1e0 W
Mow that the Puerto Ricars bought 88 millions dollars worth of plait our efforts to settle th tUJoee y ounn bdgr to owirng f tM .
a Bonds? Did you read about the 65th Reglmen consisting stes with are pectable, fen hr that ue e let s d
where the boyswandor e whatadiaudpofa*
SPuert Ricans saving the rs Marine Division during te r- where the bys c get what Hous agric T s
reat In Korea? Puerto Rico never had a drafting problem. They happened and grow up W thout be ""h o p n to*yedp o
aid volunteers to fill all their quotas. ing onstan ly used as pr sfor By 5Opc- 'md4J
You smy they &s unfit to run t row 'u he .country. Perhaps sai.. .. "- tIN-, ah n ,
be. ones i New York ar. b ht I htr never seen any place /Tien the Com ynMis e Jreopa h o mIR t n rc
ologre so rapidly as Puerto Rico ha Ince Itdoes.not get any I ag w hat hs V'r the bqemer oIGTON, hi N..a -'one.of ,
sf mGlwoogaiexpakr.91a, -b business in Egypt is one I uested. t -in .d qu dA the Hea a I eN. E nag-lish Spa4r
hA idea of sending four year sin a vacation land, but, cdiab- r fly. ea w aUn he should have bet on. Wyhen they rabt w oo o an ,, A c The o e
hd utely nothing for the -good of the luland or Its pe opleepSince a~tho ne0 tb4la T he.y.wea s. w -. .
he Islawd hoe become self-governing after over 80 years, theh r ture At was impossible to dbnutf ianse who are a .ra4 ,l-.o -ewoU
ngepover5I0 yn Paris th yet shlepushe theoldo oyna c o ou t, r ofr tma.a sgaS, a He isatto l. o s &
wOUIle have come to know what the word "prorore" .means;.they clven years-o) 4 n oa t .j N ei 'nP a -o eo r peoples' 1..%. somstt.fxszo W-
Ire led entirely by soank '0f the country, who nave absolutely no .. I.'p r lC 'Ut r slan t of g pt Am Isians wg neeowe Naspet 1141w ".eD. d lie.w q ., 1 or np i .ahl b.u
m a e men of coure a .. t.... .ti.'.til .........t pr e sent ar s t ih e Emel, for oil, and to a buffer year ago, from al In the moag foio a of seio i v tes for it b I gi
aorof Puerto o, nd Emanu whel has nileaony bn agait the Russians. we sads a unt me. m moving. syant a Ambassadx t Egypt,.ore
b w it agov ec a lbanduig Emanuel ,4Uman in the Saslt wbo Uks us, end I ,lh hin a4n wWt him'thqy. worked. beeuhfull together .Ib y &
heir awnIniat ivre, can achieve u the prop spies and te i, who Is ospable of pulling the Arab andd toeb -ei
etr wlp n thi nations together. There has not him. I watched 'his Od& soldiers nan ett.-Of
Puerto Rico has ahawn an outstanding e..t to the L a whepeaiwhichiw htd been such a kian since Kemai'ldSa his hantaud was shared stiff,"today.-
erioa as. and com m ittees of various countries h av a vlittd .thedthee -1". .f e10 1suc a mmei. a d the1i roe ha n t1e. ofmla dhfo the urpotofntudrut th ir s cialedquom.o nd l1n' flU.opoezr.u
adfnhtheefsuW PaIrI@T, w n e. the tae
utn ual developments. tifue over to a fail na bybu assMa bIs proved that ha can't n an kl. ma. t-Nea, oid.t
ogbe d hmsm i i t p v et hea t u teo tca n ',t 'P
o f'P u e r t o R i o t i p t h e N e w Y o r k S u no pt e as C- o u r t se.s e a W m a n s 0 9 5tl a 0 4 %
b ed Ythe p rivilege .v.a t ...That was in Noveniper..Blech said TONis Isnot an9y part ofa potcal 0t esb, .snt a inI
aswam azed by the terrific lndu ltri alifltiO fl.program go ig op in heKet ds s I h i c. t s aa m ae i
Wa nd and at the project homes being put up y bythe goveU -V "colleagues."
LBfor that1purpo1e. The people IIg the opportunity7,.toIingle fe oftt ufew m oood m ." tiesmight
rtn:Ipe the ollmddr"aN .'ouo and any 4J .as grevous on"la.W aIt -bag bean
u ulturd and Chtqonsito apoa dfaCt{ ,"

ytne.way, Mr. Fauurk, I am a native born Amm cie.n from tst eame atel a use 'm perrooto a
tih lel nrt.rConnectioue s onpes ,natl ll.7 Io i to ihM,1 w r ant on emu stf : s oteat' n the
$rs,)MsoieItortake no legoif ae t 8true'thaEgypt is I V a.1 I M.o1. .hlp .,ow".e boosn in wa s qulits "
S +*"Xnl' Mfi' ~ rr -'- l o-- sh15-'s guadlansbiop. Then Ma, the delicate e la of todayas Wotla a .nd i a cheap I an t
-' C-Arthya-d A Bler id counter bewe Ac st..ybesmen vsn be Uen eaemn edl aol
......gnoveronettfvethen"a.a-7hv men
Answ er to.-. a e r .c f lbhr thehgovern mn t havevbeen.
'twd baaortaon.fAainBloch said W don't reed mueh more Wult,: Naguib... expert in the law,. bosl, job ho l iy-saive the ,V rlb finally ,v-a
_______ _o__A__dingIntheXa__t.andNagulb I, both Kon.W civil, and he" oano er war, staid
h~aOs h atS have to consult with some ..v"l ,a. ...... atoBW n.& i
teaen UjeyberllbBgaoeky double-crossedMonday tnc&W45d F- agas -'c iey
maty.the Getys wahoMnriyiestwndo ohl
ty e cild.eaeagencies. Last he ovay ::u Mcf
Ile$ n AIn the does a4t mdn --Chylatmes Eve, the attorey lit" t atateiflhttt n" uliL
a Color of Mars Yawiusulteysfrom F Mo mo rgf
hervenesasbyeofone.e w eI..U Idrt. atamutsh
Mlht 3I I Qrsyu dwaflee, I A s Lkow
,.S, I Hurt Ofiecaoqe the youngsters over to these u titipu t e5 1le
10 HaunchesWives. -They were Bloch'sl-jiWAs H
Otew s 1 agmeerfrOdendoWASH.NGTON (NEA) In billion gillirand st otahis Over bll se iang 4m 11a surpit undo s m e rdv rialm of sh.
jd' Lefarning 'h hl rlt bsN
.14 DIrt 1 1 Otherwase 27 Large meteors 42 Opoo nglisa acnat rth until Jan. 6. When he trie spIte Of ail the bridht-sndsmulng, I t '."planufor some time, be Isn't 4 ite Howbver, noew S tbe
17s 4Holyalt1 28 inventor 43 Funsotoenod Bloch, Abe Commia oner that pervades the office Bwof S I-. bow t. get rid of ema. Amos" ...u onr u
15 M ciannvenwaor431F- that lawyer was on a e
R41efute 47 iraspd ]I '..s otte Gather tnl +farm situation in Washington A Part ao the surplus wou l b u untrie at. o9 11
114o 48h Glimpse b hldese em to ge more complicated I the swa lsie reserve. But ae pr "a'a are wac WEgh e 2Msl4uief e Sn iwaeo esea
31 View 3d Heating 40 Scrhes 50 sturgeon latolmmslttee raised $44,000. Severyday.rtecretary asHeating 4R toisg nhlr.sel bt o itm e ampli batee baI edo be
hail devices,41 Secretes ages Now theattorneys for the Meero- Oacrge e of Ver- comes and ma_ s i sales to Ameria co era tor,-be de'i
134 aB(otherDof I t IsW ) are nsyin% that tis money sG natA Th.. c i teo .....s o.... ..... es.ntoCi hc t I t 2 w
S aof ute ommittee, is mcneu -leou to *. l e adssl yo runto.4h ha. 41 Ion

= flameithey can be placed where t

!pusesotccep-to te unef

I" I i I J "I i ---- lUesaul Irw mayl this committee. iA '++II+

it "" -n"5031 ....vabbS.+bld
Say. ommit to "'ad- Price supports without produe,- .the
tells inquire tim, cmb-oai geoved shipment of
fmndeyn mao t e 've?"cospletel unwokaleintr poe- A shipment of10-e
+:-:.-It Pa. I ys to sm* th envelpe, fo o te ,. a Poser,,of-- "
+i~~~~iUs ... oI I'IIId~ allS 1L0 gacre ori uClu
Yorka ?yt ell a tle utUMs on price-supported H the to percent a
ADVERTISE 4 In Z""i, fl" o oliy tr t PERSIANa
or I yo P' m be vr duction.. Ad wouldud cost the gov-
emmrnt billions of dollars. Yet
.nte n. e M *e,; -, .....,,o, RUGS II Id :
IAA from th d le I N gave? VuVCii responsible eongrem- 'RUGS r
men solemn deliberations. has lust arrived sad-
--mi"' '1..
-. Neaontie, under the existing Youri laspetiesi Ia s
lp rlo-uppert programs, the mur. lavited. "
.t- -. .p,*ile* up. Cott.


-A- ..

toelai an ftow estimated at 180
illUion, datry surpluses at S
milMs, vegetable oes at 335 mil-
e1. naval stores at s million,
wool at $8 mlUio, grains at $1.1s

C -
-~ 1.
'' ~q'~ -2.-'t.


A l -.. '-
+WW :. :,'* ^ .. ;-.' -+.. :

-. '~4,.~~

mroA_ ml


.~, :1.5
I, -...-9

S -, .!

M f a I as e _fbst grade U
Ammwaii ie oeep on pilt Thefr create
oo, education, is
,, 't d z a gr, culture, h
ti a long as I a health. A con
i hnanw woman in Bie i recently been
ta of o own great PW. -The stude.
whl cana- tead wr writ1, the ey plant an
mn M' i b f ev n ry l eaWdOrM to
*J AauS,. proeeoni
91ton -The lag-tlz
haeW isi' M long- o.hOms e.
t ._ _-' b ec ,ome a rea
two moutin g Theae two
to wheui there result of vlai
ren flt eoeation al advayt- kind, an awai
aea, tie DA fl e inManell aid educational a
W- rther a schoolss and sections a 0 th
college zft tIe tUnited a great desire
S ; fortunate. Wh
At one Ibn ama Canal cation means
Chapter ot met entire ual and the n
evpdua- -"' beida-
t adis :" r

tiL, But De n

Miro ,8dv it at weopnd* aurcs I
U0 4 th ire. t coaen fds 'for a

t"e* e. At 1Ii bi vlie 3-1518,
A" *s. otu fo r w e k n o w .
R..te r$en n 4 the eotita, d
t ei taw a Auaieansisai

of ..r tree States are searched
an m deneglected an~d .sorgot ,ten K --
vi.o, a be a' be

or.l i, a *l m. b oVpiae

te AL ittor aur 5
ran ee. Te a Uedrsen rnhe b

aW4',thia ede anwd sflected aow
brehnoa bruht onitei e youdo, at
b amit inchmoveOnebe

'e-:- t ap o la thted ,e
Sa week. Alt do- eas
,orrU ,epaid.
St.'!t.It "oooW 'i

S...' AP
ibe e. oafittee has amn

ha unned r, aggitng t t uiNt by fee
Sfeelngs In m
.a coptnfl = high w

t .X "" i d 41
expre yogi
aune populated sem-
Ba~eiBA aid more l-
t t. a*._.K -d In a


f bish school
t.gas, besides base
training in vocational
Ime economics, and
n.fa al course has

d Harvest .crep,
Scarry out bone
ber own fams.
me goal oat "better
saw Mountain" has
Le schools are the
on and love of man,
renes .of the lack of
advantages In same
ie United States, and
e to help those less
at the denial of edu-
both to the individ.
ation is a motivating
pers f the -DAR
deavoring to raise
new kitchen at Ta-
Eate Ducan Smtit
pil asealt room
Smw htard surfaced
.B a ddlems to
aioisa dPeartumn
SCaal apter Is
rsuming responalbll-
this necessary work,
*the reward ot work
ion of these young
the rdmi of.e a

itl work wd

seat to a r
tl Her. teleh is

but true fact tt
ake or kvep fri nd
ft kindly toward
& you express yoor
>me kind of action,
never know they
ith you. '
pert the. friend n
to km.. Yap sre

oa visit.


%Is-. I p
I't. --- *.-

- ~-
* r .4

1IV. ._

. ee to make a new application.
-- -m



Household Exchange lb t.'-irty furniture store In
Panama that can. offr you 1ths valuable shopping aid
Moaera Mahogany
SDWfl l:om

mildl or Metal

New Me.r

51' ,-

7- O. r

VP ml e ..2.l

Also Living Room Suite, Cha.a osets,
Chairs Tarts, Wardrobes, tc.
1. Welf deliver aMy usdlo
you choose afth. I st. t
small down k.*bd
2. Your down payment (Or|
any part of It) can be
made simply on your
3. You have up tb TEN
MONTHS to pay.

If -yo do not have your Qunta* Comerelale -
Credit Card-, to" In and w- l arralg for
you to goet '

HX Household Echanoe







I -

41 National Ave*. (utomobil R I,. 3-.4911
Open all Day Satirdays SO $ iA p.n.


- 0

o --


11E]I ::



.. .and many other household

V 1*14o* -No.
-.-_ ~

113 Mental Ave.

SCettral Aw.

73 Cetral Ave.

-14 TITot 'Ave..

5. 1; J.. MADURO
100 C ,ntral Ave.

54 Central Af.

79 Central Ave.

64 etral Ave.

70T Oetrl Ave.,

1I Central Ave
37 Central Ave.

i 7 A

219 C,, 4' ..l!. .r
* C' E-N T .r.. .. ,; ..

- B STREET No. 26

7th STREET No. 13



1I 12. R


^40, 44 Steet

81 "A" Ave.

93 central Ae.

10, Central Ave.

a2 Central Ave.

71 Central Ave.

Hotel 1 Panama

41 Automobile Row -

so Central Ae.

116 ent-al Ave.

Step I today at any of o a ber sto N listed above
They display this m ai their widows. _

- 5*~.
* -.57




Juoi. A ailM nd carxker of sam

,.l m 3. P. O ox 1.61
: -.:.- .- -.. -.. -A t

t -". '. .

-- II

-I --- "il

r __ __ ____

. ,,

** r"- Vt^
,i". ^



I .

: ''
- f*' -,


... .. J y
,.- .- -. ,
:.*. :. .* >- 1 .- +: .,< *
., ..II...


I ~

* NEW YORK -(NEA)- There's are placed in Hollywood, which
-an interesting aftermath to the accounts for the plane in his life.
bust-up of Sid Caesar, Imogene Every Wednesday night, be hops
""pca and Max Liebman. Since to L.A. And etery Friday morn.
,"'our Show of Shows" was divid- tlg, he hops back to N.Y. He logs
.ed into three parts, each of the 5200 miles a week, not countlhg
big three is scrambling to sign up elevators. Monday and Tuesday
'the best of the production staff for are his days for "catch-up stuff-
himse"'. the dentist and foot doctor and
SThe bidding for the services of things like that."
lhe writers, choreographers, tech-
f .cidns, etc., is the hottest since The foot doctor comes in bl-
.Gypsy Rose Lee auctioned off her cause Bill says TV is hard ont he
eveningg govan. feet. You might think he walks to
-California. but it's the walking on

Frank Jenks, who is Alan Mow.
Sbray's pal on DuMont's "Col. Hum.
Syhrey Flack," has been seeing the
doctors. There seems to be a sus-
.peton of an ulcer, which Frank
Insists Is psychological, because
the character he plays has one.
It would be tragic if all actors
became subject to the ailments of
Sthe characters they portray. Think
:f poor Marie Wilson.
. The nmountai wouldn't come to
Cullen, so Cullen went to the
mountain. And he gdes to the
mountain every Wednesday on the
Midnight plane.
S This is Bill Cullen, panelist, em-
cee and constant traveler. His
home and headquarters are New
York, where he does two NBC
radio shows ("Walk a Mile" and
'"Road Show") and a CBS televi-
lion, show ("I've Got a Secret").
*When he was offered the emcee-
s hip of CBS -TV's "Place the
Face," he said fine. Only the faces

ti-e show and in rehearsals that
takes a toll on the s3le. With such a
carefully-plotted life, Bill has to
do everything by schedule-every
Monday afternoon, for example,
he gets his hair cut.
Cullen is a cheerful, youthful fel-
low who has probably the best ad
lib touch this side of Fred Allen.
He Is greatly aided In his off-the-
cuff delivery by'what he calls his
"built-in censor."
"I seem to be able to think about
five or six words ahead of what I
say." he explains. "So far, I've
teen able to keep out of trouble."
And he glanced at his wrist-
watch and was off, fastening his
safety Pelt as he went.
.One of the biggest operators in
the New York garment trade can-
not write his name. He signs his
checks with two Xs. Down in Mi-
ami last week, one of his checks
bounced. It had three Xs. He was
quite indignant and explained to


Great White Fleet



"YAQUE' .. .... I........................ March 13
S-"LEVES BEND" ......... ..............March 14
* R "'SIXAOLA" ........... .......... ...March
I. C. "CHIRIQUI" ..............................March .1
'. EMPA" ............................... March 24
,' iandUa Refriugemated. ChUled and GerclJ Carga.



S 8.8. JUNIOR" ................................March 9
.~S. "COAN" ...w......... .....March 12
8.8. "HEREDIA" ................................March 23
,' "MASRMA., h *. I.Ow..Mac6 So i
S 8.. "LIMO" .........., Marvbh W.
S Weemy skta m tfe shn to N0 w N4 rk. Ne
Orleans. LO. Anades. 8an Frnefeo and Seattle.

Fortnalhtb f ewrg servie en iour 8.S. CHIRIQUItoe
Sev btq~via anta Marta, Colombi.

Special a tare from Cristobal to New York.
S. Franclse and Seattle.

STo New Yo'rk'.-........................... $240.0
To Los Ang.. and San Francisco ..........3270.00
To Seatte ............ ..............365.0.

CRISTOBAL 2121 .1NAA 8-28M
,* ": .,. ". -- .', .. .. .

.'n~: E.I--- J- i~-


. ..m .*ma n g.i I g


CHANCE FOR HAPPIN S-GaaUy playing on ber toyar phal
two-year-old Elizabeth Arin Lynch enjoys a normal babyhoo4.
Yet she's completely blind. Mr. and Mrs. Francta Lynch of New
York City adopted Elizabeth and her sister. Susan, 4, also blind,
recently when they "fell In love with the youngsters."

the bank, "Whatzamatta, can't a
guy use a middle name?"
Joe Ames, oldest of the Ames
Brother's was singing in Canada
when his three younger brothers
started the act which was to be-
come so big, Ed, Vic and Gene
hooked up with a boyhood pal to
form that first quartet.
"But that kid didn't last," Joe
says. "He wasn't cut out for show
business-he had a nervous stom-
And when the curtain goes up,

the stomach should stay down.
Phil Rosen, of the very risy
Chambord restaurant) was discuss.
lu' an artist who's in the doghouse
with his wife. She found lim In I
his studio with a fully clothed
Times have changed. Nowadays
salesmen of TV shows preface
their pitches with the sincere as-
surance- that "this package is not
a situation comedy show." Situa-
tion comedies are currently a
drug on the channel.

Help yur Romance start
S '-with the e

P TeSODMnr's OUA. 1n ourr gives you an
enchanting smile. It cleans teeth cleanest of
any leading tooth te... keeps yourbreath
fresh .. gives you elaa.outh
Use Pepsodent with a&". zEri'EanC yI
-~ r\" ~ iiirl-~i~


ALUEl ..0

S. ..
51 1.T A8U

shopping Event



! Af.

No, Indeed

About Liiy


. .

7' T~~T ~
'51 muse ~WINTIRBOtRiW

a--k to -Work 1C--AL



No Prompting, Please




'TM Br


!RE A Am *
4s ,S',t'fti- A&
im I M IMK-i~tm


IF T" T garg j

w*%= P.A l

e-t. l

~-. ,:~4.-
V91' ,,,~ *

P~INfl~ 4.
~IN*0 ,, ~',

R, I


a g
a lIt
, -gm



ORi^ To.

.o- .-.+.





:~Fr VtA~

- A 'Ft *r4."t~ j. '.9,3A.

~'. j ~v:r.~;F '-';j.7.'.

r~ tr:r

.. : .
:'" ,"1 -


. -WrratOu i .i,


Entire shop equipment on Sale at ridiculously A_

S .


" --. .., ..' ., -. .
bThat's the way Heri= cooks
make I t-with the pa-
tience and pide you uns in
your ownJditchen! The choice
selection of juicy, taste-
tuempting, garden fresh vege-
tables in Heinz Vegetable
Soup are slowly cooked in
momulent broth, mastefully
seesoned with real 1mwm cgreI
-Heinz Vegetable Soap is g for. tnmh and
Sjrixn aIl *nd. You 4w it's good

5 h 7 EMEL

Air Force Base in RP.e0, New 1 e ers anadut
-Ygork, S IB may ii function. _r-.
highlight of tie evening wilt
To Live anama CIty ( be the hamburger feast prepared
Dr. and Mrs. Felix Stanziola and the bohio at the Gardens. Cost
their daughters, Marianella and of the affair is seventy five cents
Lisea, formerly residents of Pana- pr person. Admission will be by
me returned to the Isthmus from reservations o n Iy. Reservations
New- Orleans, Louisiana, to mike may be played wl. M1". and rs. TI
their home In Panama City, where Shepard Clark, 2-138. bad ie
he will resume his practice. Meeting Of Womne's Auxiliary
Hre .. ..-u i aThe regular monthly meting of
Mrs. Raul do Rour, the wife of the Women's Auxiliary of the St.
the Ambassador 9f.jPanama to Pe Andrew's Episcopal Chrch, Coco- .
ru arrived' Tuesday by plane for U, will be held this evenG g at.7.30 a
Sa visit with Telatives and friends In hae Parildt Ha
befoe returning to Tmza, Peru. Mrs. J. B. Fields, the District
bo, P Altar Guild Director, w1l address
lcap-erMeeting th.proup.
e. gularmeeting of Alpha A women of the Church are
t Chapter of'Beta Sigma Phi -was cordally invited to attend.
held Tuesday evening at the Chap- ,11t'e Circle T eet MU.Iy
ter House in Curundu. A ahort RAWCb1, TO t._
usideH meeting was held after T either Circlee1. the Bal to
whic a. program was presented Unln Church will. meet Monday
by Mary Eileen Wilson. evening at 7:30; at he home of
was "Music- in Drama and the 1,Howard Osbora-.769-C San
Dance" and her talk included the Pablo Street. Miss Telma Tach.
playing of "Show Boat" to Illus. bold will be co-hostess for the oc- dwa
rate her lecture. ason. r
Betty Bqyer announced t ha t Mrs. Farley will spat on "Chi-
members a the sorority had been ." Mrs. er C ge will lead .
invited to attend a lecture on Can, the devotionals. -
cer which will be held the night .eth ige"ie
of the r.t regular meeting S, n o
March .' embers may bring a e regularmeeting of the Re-
. esttif B.,dee, April 2 as bekah Lodge will be held Teudsay
been set fh -.&tion of officers evening at 7:30 n. the Wirz Memo- nami
and votllfgt.."the "Girl of the ria on Balboa' Road. m Md
Year." i t were urged to L.-u i
. make a seclat to attend ___ u I tai.. .

* Ford Distributor Stroboscope
* Ford Diagnostic Laboratory
* Hydraulic Press, 25 ton.
* Mechanic Steel Benches
* Wheel Aligning Equipment -
* Motor Stands & Differential Stands
* Shop Jacks
* Hvdramatic Tool Sets

and hundreds of other tools.

parking psbnemt Is Mwty
mtyu can'Wt tind space
t"nhr parking" ant.

r, ..- -., J
*/^ S


- Sale Begins



aNot-- in1

,25th Street and ilsto Arosemena



9 .

.-- .7'^" *^" ,lB B .* 1- ""***^ -*': "
.'-5: .... :- .' .** '.
",- r m..m : a mA

*s.i E. ,- ,o 1 ,
1 .', .
'* s,.' ',. '* ,i II I- I

:: -'" '- '


I gen, Pat Welch, Peggy Wertz,
Mary Eileen Wilson, Theresa
Wright and Pauline ZoU.
Entertainment For Pollee Ball
James L. Cicero and Cato May,
Co-Chairmen of the Canal Zone
Police Ball have announce the
'. Floor ShOw scheduled for the eve-
ning's entertainment at' Botel El
,.. Panama Friday evenipt as Indlud-
S ing the Ballroom D snceTean of
Harnett and Dunn6 si ~by the
Mills Brothers; am acrobatic act

te in tJe World


eto Cologne

aBfeeing olawo cologne
slity, for those who
-n and lovely thing.

lb" :..

Pre the Car that Sets the Pal

il~rLw-- -'.wo Cost!

.stfwy agr \3B
.A* ." CjI

-........... .

pu paWm, nu amar es A*..- elp-
meat, too, with Air Condiiamii (above), e.
arle 'Widow Lifts, Power Brakeu, Power Steering,
DIt.IeI e Hydr-Matie Drive and &Ie Comfort
C I4M-at low

Yew plo of ownership gets a big lift when
you buy a Star Chief Pontiac. You command a
ear with the performance, sae and luxury of the
fiLnet. Eve n more esatisfying-you, enjoy genu-
ine fne-ear ownenhip at a tuemeadous saving.
No eter a with the Star Chiefs 214-inch
over-all length is priced so low. No ear has

sasrpased reputation far, syesmr, ym a
dependability and meommy amw "hem e
upon du6usunda of the mst pAesma, Isa e -
miles you've eer kaown.
Cler fin wen-look at It-A ,e tk-eA .,
-and price it for Unaquestiaao prt .St
dollar for dollar youm emnYlmtea a Potias. .

more Adstinguished interiors. And w s v a 4 -
u ie sa more beautiful nor more a

Nu rmn's wore the bee..y, luxury
Id si to tlhe Star Ckid. Petime's "L.i

VA Si.A.

"' -I I U .. ......--.

S" "" "
- "'-"
Ix 4. '


' ; .-
",' .-t

At .. -. .,.,= ;

wi' lb.-;'


. 1


: n



.' ,-, ,^



.I .. .. '. :ICA.
.. -. ./.. -'- .w '

-~~ ... -..AT IC. -A J lr m

- 2

: ,- 4 *-'' ,* ," "
^ *. ,..< ,, ,, .*

12 -uro

;y t

''- I,

..e9r 7 *

j1 *.'


S 5rmeet No. 13
r-'O DOMX"
Jualo Arogemena Ave. and 33 1

B Street NO 26


H Street No, ST

.OUR -, ... -i .

,, 54' .: ." '-' "'- "."


Vourth of July Ave.


Agenela Ia central e. r fuble.aoneW RMACIA Se S I
6 Ce Im ral i "&. t A> W-' .* I, '*.

arque Lefeve Stree ;.
.i I Ave. I oW. 0.+A
iVia Wl N3 2 .

.- -1

; Household Automobiles
. SALE:-I- l-pFece mahogany dn- FOR SALE: 1947 Hudson 4-door,
ringroom set- 8 choirs/china closet. 6-cyl. Good condition, radio $400.-
:Kbuiet, tcble S200.00: library Ia- 00. Phone 2-3279. 5620-D, Heck-
ble $15.00; double bed, mattress er. Diablo.
.525.00. Phone 2-2916, New Cri'- FOR SALE: Model A Pickdp, duty
4etai 146-D paid, good condition. 0429, Ancon.
c.SALE: 25-cycle refrigerator. Tel. 2-3656.
'$50.00; kitchen tcble & chCirs. -
'"7.00. 0767-E Williamson Place or FOR SALE.
Phone Balboa 3719. _______ tt '
Is SALE:-25-cycle Bendix or will Real Estate
trade for 60-cycle machine. Phone FOR SALE:--Cheap: Houte and large
.-Blboo 3211. 5608-B, Hodges lot of land in San Francisco. Inquire
Jlaoce. Dioblo Hts. gas station 6th Avenue, 5:00 p.m.
Jai SALE; Mahogany tea tablE to 6-30 p.m. Telephone 3-3239.
S 35.00; small kitchen cabinet FOR SALE: Four-apartment build-
64.00; 25-cycle clocks, gold fish. ing, in Bella Vista. For information
15608-B. Hodges Place. Diablo I-s. Tel. 3-3806. No dealers,
IR SALE:-Universol outomat;c cof- PositiOn Offered
qe maker. Sunbeam Mixmoster.
arips: Brownie movie outfit: 8mm POSITION AVAILABLE:-For Recep-
tmera, projector, screen, tripod. tinimst-Secretary. Must be able to
misc articles. Phone Navy 3188, take Spanish and English dictation.
Qcol, 2613-C. Morgan Excellent opportunity' for qualified
R SALE:-Mah-'ogany tible and 4 person. Apply Union Oil.1 Co., Pan-
fR SALE-Mahogany table and 4 ama 7.30 9:00 am.
ChOirs, practically brand new; metal -
dresser and metal buffer. Must sell. ;
.176-B. Rio Grande Street, Pedro adio Programs

dR SALE :-Two 9x 12. two 3 '2x4! 1.
chcl's Supper Wshed rug. HOG-840
.lorentin" design, beige back-
ground with pastel flowers. Asenida
Juie Arosemena No. 65, Telephone Your Community Station
360113. Panama.
3* 013 Pa ---. Where 1.00,000 People Meet

WANTED Presents
ellaneous__ Today, Thursday, March 11
AN D: -- ALIVE: Jaguar, pumi. P.M
tgpi; porcupine, squrrrel, rabbit ?:15--The Littlelt ow
tay r; otter. bush dog, all kinds of 3:9f)- Mu- Or T yursdby
roftneys, ant eaters, gotos de agua. 4:00--Pea:'t. Re w
srtakes. We buy Most everything. 4:3(0-Wlt' Ycu favorite
20B4 Pedro Miguel. Phone 337, 5;6-Not 4
o n, PHohe 1330-J. 5:35-.What,' YCu Pavorit t
:-Unused garage or locke 6:00P(0004.1
f H^ 't:0o-ite tn lr (RD"'
Sfor rent at Rid Abiao. PO Bo 6:0--BLru. .IBBON (POR'DI..
SAncon. -6:1 --BL iZ ,RIBBN SPOR
Ancon. ,a1 lBW. .

Medical Clinic
Central Avenue, K Street Corner
Telephone 2-3479 Ppnom._
ROYCA-We do all kinds of rnmimeo-
graph and silkscreen work. We
storpp sport sh.rts. 16th Street East,
No. 6.__0

FOR SALE:-Speed Gropkic Pacemak-
er 2L4x31j; De-Jur Enlarger. Tele-
photo lens. 'P" Street No. 3, Ar-
"EL VENDELO TODO" offers: desks;
tiling cabinets; chairs; safes; Kar-
dex; mimeographs; ditto. machines,;
addressograph; electric light plant,
110 volts, DC, 2kw, 7 amperes,
7 '2hp motor, 220 volts, 3-phase,
at frOction of cost. Ave. A, No.
FOR SALE.-Boxer pups. 6 monthho
old. Phone Panama 3-5371.
Boati & Motors
.FOR SALE:-14-foot Iounch "VIC.''
in very good condition. See in gq-
rage of houie No. 4. Gerardo 0-
tega Street. Ask for Mr. Croker.
Help Wanted

HELP WANTED GCmpetent e t
and maid fa t~enoral houseweK,
Experience ont references esserntibi,
Apply 12 Epst 52nd Street, Apt. 4,

WANTED: Maid for housework.
Must Iro1 well, 14 St. No. 117,
Patila, Arttment 2.


e Ub

SSecinth-day Adenptllst
Cofless c;
t at the fM cAttri3t
i Avenuae wal feature, at-its
M' a.m. meeting tomorrow i W.
-n Wller Pastor-lvange-
Pol the Er &If.h-speakl aIDA
cesa on the Pacinfc de.
as at present con4uctb4 C.
ie: of leaure at tM SautW
(lubhc, se -And has an-
l.ed that he wtHI not lectufe
S io ht.o that members
-L end ma attend -tbeI
I of CpaMeus.
*. pther features of tomar-
nft m gtu will be an expo -l-
ORn.. ?; lsulonarv Volu:i-
) f- RHonor" by C. V.
.jqet.' dlEd tor b0l
wwal Panameilo|
-4 l.Wat'1:30 p.n At 2-10
IU be display, deu-.
and a etare,
Eb gtven ut .If '
*-HfeSnJanas to ws who
sp^auton, Uptda w n" i

8:45--Commnents.ry on Wot4
News i
9:00-EEli b e t han Theau
R:36~-. Ove*ito You (BBC) ..
10:00-Tommy Ntflez and 1i,
O: 15--The ITatin American Sir..
10:30-Story; U. '-A. (VOA)
1 :Oo-The Owl'o i Nesi
2: 0-r-New-81-irr Off
Tomorrow, Friday, Mareh. It
6:Ot-- n On The Alarv
oc iolub
7:00- New,
7:06-The Alarm Clock CItd)
7fS34--Morng xIalon
8:15--Mornlnr Varletle
8:3P- Musteal. fIeveille
9:1-Bon jour Meadamie.) (RD6
9:10-As I So '. ..
(ntp f& Otlorono)
10:0 4-Off the Record
11 :00-New
11 O*.I-Off the Record teontd.J:
14S-t-Meetnd the Band
12:00 -Newm
12:05-Luincheon MuFriday
4:30-PoWhas Yor Muricavort
1:15-PerWsoa lty oarad i
i :43-Lun- and Abler
:00-JRythm 4 nd Re(VOA).
2:1I-- on8i- oB FrONce fRDSP'
: R--AfttrnooVr Melodies
2:40-RBat.e of the Bar.ds
3:00-The Littlc Concert Hall
8:l3-The L rttde Show
4:-- eatnre studio Rew
4:30--Wht*'s Your Favorit.
6:00--am lesson (VOAt
6:.'--Raw.a!i C is
7:-,\-B5CAFB ORGAN' MflL-
7:=--*ado Varities: U.A

1:0D3-The Platte Paracde
5:s3-The Ri' Croa0 ,,,o

F o ayhouse of Favnor
-, a tIt
i:or,.- london Studio Reclta.
10.:1- The Adventures of PC 44
l1:Bb--Tn Oi1it Nest
.AM -12-M

NDBO-htLi cf 4oaaatmg C |.
3DFg'aj "rna.

1 ig.;.r gA

tra e as on report not.
81n0-lI" X t 10 000 sea-
have e

Per cent f the
r with-em7.8

153per 6nt

Scent In the engine de-
mMnt and 26. per cent In
stewards department.
Institute survey noted
that .6 per cent of those at sea
SmUnlicensed personnel, the re-
tlnder beimR officers.

Ilhpr Of Press

Of RP, (anal Zone
Probably one of the only stage
plays bearing a 1953 copyright
date to be given in 1954 In ob-
servance of International Thea-
ter Month will be Olenn Hugh-
es' "Mr. Icebox," presented byl
the class in dratnatics of Canal
Zone Jnilor College on Wednes-
day, Mrch 31, at the Diablo,
Bince Subert Turbyfill, direc-
tor of the play has again been
appoInted representative of the
International "Theat-' Center.
the college group was granted
yery .*peot rilb to produce
l a fliy f0or ilis one occasion.
Sataae oaIoing will be In
honor of the "old timers" who
abtqtd the dedicaton of the
.Ootbasu memorial during -the
But the plW since It is dra-
maUted faem the extremely well
nowR Pao Gallco story about
working newspaper people, will
be dedicatedd to the working
Pr Of Panama and the Caal
'rI W ..QOstory has become
rMlred reading" for students
of JoumIalJmA in American col-
Ieg, ad the Hughes dramati-
rtteon memlses to make the
itory q well known outside
the Journa profession, as
IA est of nl2 men and nlne
W0me1 has bqen working on
rft br some weeks. In
4 r&e one show ip.
g MW- 'w on Oale, under
llp vision of Miss
81h General admia-
It t Mb. A few reserved
i H aIse at $1 tas.

Gramlich Santa Clara leach cotges.
electric" reftlertion., go s tQves,
moderate rates.. Phor ft-441 or
fmer's CoHtges. One mile past
Santo Clara. Please bring your
linens. Phone Balboa 2-1866.
WiLLIAMS' $mtc Clara beach Cot-
tags. Large. comfortable, modern,
near beach. Balboa 3050. -ecep

,Autinr' -

Phliips. Oceanside cottoMg, Santo
Clara, BOa 435. Balboa. Phone
Penem g 3-1877. Cristobal -1673.


FOR RENT:-House: 3 bedrooms In *
San Francisco. Information 14 West
Street,No. 43, upstairs, 4 to 6 p.m.
FOR RENT:-2-bedroom. hoOse util-
ities, closed garage. 210 Los Cum-
bres, Tel. Balbow 3124._ .
FOR RENT: Chalet. 4 bedrooms
livingroom, diningroom, kitchen, ga-
rage and large yard. 52nd Street
No. 5. Telephone 3-2228 from 9
a.m, to,12:30 p.m., Irom 2 p.m. to
6 p.m.'
FOR RENT .-Furnished house, 3 bed-
rooms, gauge. El Congrejo Heights,
for 3 months. Telephone 3-4840 or

FOR RENT: Two-bedroom chalet:
livingroom, dinlngroom. garage. 4th
Avenue 46-A. San Francisco.

FOR RENT:-Two-bedroom chalet in
Bella Visi,, across El Baturro $110.
Tel. 3-1713. Pefo..

--- --** or<--------
ATTENT10 _' I. Just built modem
furnieal 'iMSrrrnt, one. t w c
bedr bow, ald water. Tel
ep.ti Pe -3.4941.
FORRET S. JrutopInted modern
aportmet. .w; Berooms, living-
*ini ict.least, hot water,
f no 97, Apt.

garage. 168
,r. Via Prr ancisco.

FOR RE IsI-S. ll furnished aport-
mnit, srdfs nti l section, modern
conveftrhlcasl.:.Ita Vista, 43rd St..
No. 13.
FOR RENT' 2-bedroom apartment
in "El Cngrejo," maid's room, hot
water, garage, etc., irn new house.
Telephone 3-2677.
fOR RENT.'--Aparaments. large and
sroall. House 25-A. 3rd St., Spn
Francisco de la Coleta, Telephone
FOR RENT:-Furnished two-bedroom
paritmint. East 46th St., Avmnida Phone Curundu 3M2.,
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
ment, maid's room. "D'" Strief, El
Cangrego, near Hotel El Ponamu.
$9Q.00. Telephone 2-0313.
FOR RENT: Two-bedroom apart-
ment situated in El Congrejo. Call
3-0769, business hours.
FOR RENT: One furnished apart-
ment. San Francisco do I Coleta,
5th Ave. Na. 55. 1
FOR RENT:-Furnished naortment for
two persons, for two months, all
modern conveniences, and good
price. Call telephones 2-3438 or
FOR RENT: Furnished apartment,
kivingroom, 2 bedrooms, gas stove,
electric refrigerator. Bello Vista,
43rd St., No. 64.

FOR RENT: Completely furnished,
beautiful large room for I or 2 per-
sons. AlMo Hai icebox, stove, kitch-
en cabinet Private both. 52nd St.
No 3. telephone 3-0638.
FOR RENT:-Furnished room. Ameri-
can couple, all conveniences. s4
St. Perejil, House N 14, Apt. 9
Telephone 3-5441. Pinama.
FOR RENT--2-room oportment, Ap-
ply 1080. Calle Las Des. Palmra.-
FOR RENT:-NFurisisheod roam Atm6
couple, kitchen privilege,
tar. No. 46. 45th Str.lh.upotlrs.

.__ Houses'
Voalle for one or two months, P a
have at least three bedrooms, wctf:r
and ight.. Phane 2-2856 or 3-
0393. -
WANTED--Diplomat desires furnish-
ed cholet, 3 betdrorae Telephoner
3-0388, Panama.







new-, tire8fplA @a-k8$"
cOvrs, dyfuaow,, J
mileage, full' rice
I-- I


SPEC. SEDAN., dyn.,
plastic covers, new
tires, 18,000 milds.
This car is like new


11950 SUPER 4 DOORg
RIVIERA,_ dyn., wsw
tires, vent shades, grill
guards, radio
II $1050.001
I.. ____

1949 SUPER 4 DR.,
I dyn., radio, a steal for I
Sonly $550.00o

11946 SUPER 4 DR.,
Good transporta t i o,
for only $350.00


1p 41


Oidatio I- lo. tion.,



I M Central At, I 4t
El r a .. -11 11 -




We -i mMa


RAuW, "

-4. -.,
.1" "-'. *
""-;; "* -"
a, *

Fr,:r J. Baich commander of
Panama Caaul Chapter No. 1, I.i-
vtteq ell member,,, of the Organ-
!catirn an o'heir wives o attend
the r.reetlno Transportation will
be suppUe, lor Atlantic Sloe
mner.iers frn .Balboa Heights
rallr,ad station ;o the hotel.

Mrs. Imswiler
Dies At Home
In Pennsylvahia
Word. .a :Ien received of the
death in I jhin, Pennsylvania.
on Mar. 7 ofMrs. Anna Imswer
who was a visitor on the t!ic
side whilp her two d a ter
were on the nursing staff of Co-
lon hospital.

Her daughters, the Misses D
and Ima Imawfler, are now r
siding nemr Dauphin where the
address is R. P. D. No. I.
E .... I--l; u.l ll..

of 16 AzfibriAn'sb-lI0a lc8id1 VI7
plane "fan'st. i& bpai ld Ice
and mno ?,WtO 5_rt.1Ut o01
Three Mat Peak were abandon-
ed Wtdiay umni spring. ,
Prcv#ioIa' autbortUe renm't',d
that rescue .eams. ad .ide nW
further proesu toward getting
out the bodies.

vuangeiL ai nou r -.
BetomeS 30-Mi ta)e today
Prograni Sundyi ed
about 5 on te
The 15-minute "EvUea Mexic lCS te mth
Hour" broadcast ever u y of the Misidsilppt i .-
Mr. Mata, who wa"
thej cat Tlcal Mtatr The Coast Oil~lM tentited
of ba fnd the Cnal the boat a thb ---foot Rarbtfe,
ill be attended to 30 umutea.; of Tampa, Fa..- fd sald three
effeettme Sunday, i t a. an- crewmen were abord.
nouneed today. A freighter, the Carlos Ravq
erbeek of .Tlparlm" Ch1; re-
Sunday's program Ii feature ported t d Te
the Ktag's qui uad me-' re.n. .S .
*ace .Rev.. : B :.,,t -o..paj The f-"eit w men W+.


LINIC HOU.-: 2 -,M -
T" S.


- -. r





. r




,i ,







- .. .i z "

* -: *
-.. .. A = -- .I *

IO affiglBV^A^l r JuujdiS^iS"'t4ie b^^^ h0i a coedn't ofWf e n)

SAre MIr Ba SI IT UP aello, a wrestler, Iknown i
Sr. Muiseles." .Tbe t .
new novel by Erich Marl. a iila
S. es &aon2 o4q l EIUals to Raymond 'ar h 'll withbo 5 .
OLA k AA i Sth W byChief U. F. --.aulghmap a d PAUL INR1D e rd

af i~rif at we attcmplet ed inraute wotod one CY rCjo 1na been l aive a feet. !99
e -l tete in the r my ie toll. In p dLOUIS MAaWLL,
Ji'I*anoi Crai wouldbe crouched *ira,*d el e oan craid the s I' an "MAN IN HIDING"
,c aS behnd a reekP o4 aIn e sidf of theas a restaurantd*. alleged acVq JoS e o. f Geao ,-e
t Sd'e elepSaSts wee to3 X etor IAw Mi it one took William Scl;neader, arr3ted. in Escaped killr returns to
%eward thh ireek The whis- one kiii it Calhrpe- giadt heil to Angele. last week for pm -
for a reearsal. Mat the and Ramtnot's ar bievoiated s a-D sene ocriel
o hr at bltphants, all circus-trained, didn't ture, then C*llmd for a -box for the In severall of the stolen checf.
bother to charge. selftyled nobleman Mike to tsand
s wood kupon. The checks wre stolen durAag
V'ea. 7They saiml hieked trunks to "I should say not," said Roman- World War It from the lIgga.e
SM. f A ckI other' tlls, aa5 te whistle off when the box arrived. "Let of a Navy pay offi cew who wo
; r. mounded,: an rPetd .iodhtd t.h Ca ie rnad in a hole. HIS mo.- jI lnk trasictrred fro'm ashire
rs a aound I i 1 ig 514 ilTm,~a COIIO, merely accents my nor- ~ttlo' to Guam They m nun- Z a ere beat7' ^ggng," ere from 101 to 6,900. and ea*h
4h, e Army waoatheir hMooke-treaI ring- rYanny ThPmas in the warmup carries' the asmbol umbe r ,-
at o $mad un rond-the-rosi wa pught byr the that preeddisaudience-filming of 170 in bit biAck flirueb in tne
es S a wMrs. IS ABCTV. hit#ta "Make Room for lower oight.corntl, and the wrt d
t' '.t at Mrdet 2 my are even that fellow there e's my "NAVY" In tas i paper left.

i4rwivier Of-d inp E10"h' m, sbyd the ,- ^^^^^^lower i^ght'ar ^ner: and the
__ TIIMEas.I TlmM. .h amps o days. upcer, Louis F. Edleman. A
MDoStLhadqe b brrow. Aftirilooking aa t-completed graduate of the University f Caw1llo la live feet, 11 Incnra
DIABLOe,015o7:neligibl dle a snd visiting fm titled i "Thres ht toid asbingtoln. And there's my d lree-tall, weight 190 pounds and 1-as
members on,'th =shus, or new- sudio brass hats -a d the te e tor, Shelden Leojard; a graduate dark curly hnair. Bighman sa.d shows. 1:15 3:08 5:9
*0r to thf o teUtay are r- to "Three HIours to t ." of the U lversfty of Syracuse. : .m
IN B 8tlN. *dia r iivtfd -to *s W with th e Pa- Theyre both wrkto wor me andpe1 -bltb ellevd to be traiet :5 8:50P.M.
SV'TCBUN"-B lmy d p They'rea ab o working for meando or t oor R h i a 1940
ama Cana Chpe Aat thiti Archerd. Vatc I never got past the second grade with Gdore R1a ]e ir i1040 -
&jla gormy Arch rd t VmInhigh school." or 1941 daric blue Pontiac coup.m
O a aoufst ,m Gras on's sgows for her Hote Ba- Episodes 4-5 of'
ga.mant o o n he IY I r not l w-cut," inflated Shows: .EXPOSED" 3: 56
thlsyeik Wre"l a aa the Sri l a t PENT -buflt h "gX.OSED"
lip dosr sod i. John -Le UEnSE
BGAMMA:os T-n L ordeb "Crat Letae c film biog- AND.TWO T

lGATM: "-weol and Mr. e s A PICT AURE YOU WILL NEVR,F* T. .. F t- V.
-1 CLT A'PHNw to leavetwo orn A and bVtitbfavorite football story con-
1lRT rt1.captain-r idold IS ONLY ONE HEARTBEAT A rAY l oc, I
u 1aipar nl a bar aaoonhe waio Coithe R. 0yed tackle on the boce line. .
IA. GreenS 3MS. Mt. Patrick Roo-

TI d 6IL6:15 7:4 opent wm t One s their prwalam sron -games
S:in ta MlauMichigan town wssThe ethouting
S- 3 Au ? ei ahibitby tle Gold V by the local. Optia M of a min, a boy
Ta IMi c AT lor the E. yoto otltheb w p e aproud a calico dog, I

OMle mb. Memribrave beenA actively on- et" lettered an Whe ba..
o8k,i the The husky tackle was wifeyet
"MO nCrAG' .m7 "Stags le iver a p.m.March tk "Do" sweaters a lly
:00_-m._March_1kItheaFo7:0 as2d one of- them: "How big is
in. oom pl the Hotel Washing- * anyway?" "Oh, about
soC BIRIO 6:15 6500 people," ha.was told.
"L a 0 's oft 'h e V eui nhS v r *l s pSo ill e ol aob a s t e "G osh," said the lam e-brained -
_AStOfTMe__COW_"D __RA _o mp- one, "For such a smaMl town, rou
A alMeahav a let of eye doctors.'

Sa l T- lmh amlMed'ehbttea'Wa-

t wb Lo move queens around her and
g. said loudly:
wer any questions relative to their "I'm afraid to show my face, dealings. I'm one of the few wom-
am in this room who hasn't had it
Atlantle Camera Clb l .
CaTItain 5art Townabend pre. Asked about her performance on
&Wedat the amouthhl meting of TV in nb5n's "Hedda Gabler;" a
the Atlantic Cimara Club at their Bankhead excursion into drama
some at Mootit Hope. that drew some barbs from the
Mr. Harry Peck, chair of Critics, the Alabama tornado apol-
the Black and White Dipn ave gized.
an instruotional talin 4 knon-

pictu 5:R5 7:9 1 9 i A tre you will never for. M.s clighting&avddemonstrated
FDMRO. U S~. near-beat away from~ ylecture. too lay is affected by the score.
If your only chance if to win points
UEN WE11 W"LITTLE BOY IsFlaorida. ewith thear I that you play. This
r a efrsangIn euMrs.IL.y airfield lefty e would be vital if you were the
d RmanOefrserngylInge-di enlVto LOST)I ** dealer, with both players onl five
kad Romisaco. Seals-SHilarityl trip to ]POrt MYm tids. or six points from game. I you
oh, sual oyoynt Will fall eabwinwith his
aolefirstdouent.m.CImIW r *nerA D -
RolI Coatrariwise, you would play to Wit h by OME$WON
avold peug if you were the first Das upon thoy 't I V 8 gmftp nk
player thisltuatiqn. Your first M s110o8i-LpIb h *M l gawn MInic by
count will win for ydu if you can -- JaOINVaON uns A PARAMOUNTPICTRE
avoid louiag the game in the .
Crmblaba aDess ofsds Th gtE
wit W N -toBy__ LAP et V OR rxa

e td ply & If was dealt a _la

;* "FW*WOi-f -MLMi"-a
^~~~ l -*

L" *A"--"

* Jerry
Plus: -
In I -U i

in aaat~at^

Sm SA Iwf-'



Wy -
1 '
*the *'
wa Im
rb to 4

I sm

.SS E .A .. ..


with Errol Flynn and Oboei
de Havlland


rivOL i -
- PLUS:---



*. --- T NEWS EVENTB1'5-
O Donald DUOCK

- t* J*,

by POMp'S

Jhi pnt o wn*a. 5 e a-


' .

*' .'~






IE D OO" -







I ,

- '-.4

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M Continues To Lead 'Stoics Tackle Plu n
MeioContinues To Lead]' 'f "i "' Take IP u m rSti r h i~ ~ wu" .......-----------"---....... '~ a ... "

pCuba In Overall Scoring Execs Tomorrow Riley To Tomorrow

MEXICO CITY, March 11 (UP) Panama A I A .. -- T
garnered another gold medal in the Central Amer- At A CLOUI FIld T former, -atsnn eather- -.
ican Games yesterday when speedy Carlota Gooden N aval Stauton-Brew s .._.. -tSS
Ti. --toics to .aval featbonr- ato..hWs
wen the women's 100-meters in 12.1 seconds. .3,, o, d. 3 ;o und
T""e Stoics" team of soft-. ...oun es-- er-r at :- 0 p of
Dolores Worrell, Panama's did not show on the wcore- ballers from the Balboa" N-- O- t] ,on..*er narleMts t ......
other finalist in the century, was board. tionel City ftnk will take on M eet iU -1,g t In I a OfRile rc ofn
disqualified for false starting. Ana Maria Campos won 91 the veteran. Execs from the of-
Cuba crowned three moreSalvador's first medal with Balb ,.a Heights Admin.,stra- ,r"I( a lslners te ,. "
champions and rewrote the rec- record javelin throw of 38.82 tion Buflling tomorrow at 4: r es *iberof r onda h boxes wt h to ;* t et
rd books yesterday but failed to meters, and Amalia Yubt of .at the A,...A.on Laundry e o .n _--. ae ....e ,w ma t
Sbudge Mexico from its lea. Mexico also got into the record diamond. .. --o- elh ruft daily. As Aiuale, I a ttl,
Although the Cubans virtually boo with a ming of 12.0 sec- George Riley will hurt for edertee gi ahis parnates a the nlror 3 w trl3 ".t
eweda thetrackAnd field onInthe eliminations for the Exc with Bill Wigg work- TONIGHT 9 GAtM releasEd wlB lWl Wolta h -% 06"rdurin tht90
title with their seventh gold 80-meter women's hurdles. .InLbehind the plate. T H T 0 r. and 1Ga 30 .w .3S3, eac through gO eutly ter during and l a d I
". edal, Mexico's surprising Other champions crowned in e .... Ban.erd Naval Stt ion,(o.t l- .~._~_, t.pi)e-up Plum"mer has a winnaiNg streak to have a lot .
strength In all 18 sports on the track and field were Leslie Laing with "Flaca' Romero on. he00 vs Balboa Br (e half that careers at At. lA for and hps to keep and it m out an
roram kept the hosts in front of Jamaica, in the 200-meter mound while Man er rce champs) M t Bs. dead e mestnes the a nphomd ay tti
S overall point-making. dash, and Carlota Oooden of Carpenter w re a.2 a t .nt lin n Th s trlinin dicats that's he wave hIn 50 to I
SIn what threatened to be a Panama, In the women's 100 re's Toght the ute to settle wigic t&I $Rto e ter theraiming for an impressive victory. Imo o
. runaway in many of the "minor meters, This ont. ho, rm the -154 championship l thie gower G9llMrs-{ The great o begin display- was jl t ed ed out e n- em
rs the Mexican scored thriller. Don't mis it, Atlantic Twilight- fas e bI her, f Mbe' who ed by the local boy is causing ners IAcle y the Clao of 'S ninrdoS
sports the Mexican -a .... -e.d.cle,,t.. ..l s._nC
avily in swimming and led In A young Mexican swimmer. Leae will begin w Naval played a a the experts" to quote him as 14 t 141. Run i should
bowling soccer basketball. Otillo Holgun sprinted a 5.8- Staon, winr era of th frt h walked of average early favorite to turn back the year, they hae the hoto the ho an
wstlin, baseball and women's 100-m e t e r s that led qual- of la and Balha r oW "Cap' S Misour boxer who ights out o t he job. et ae
lf. iflers for tomorrow's, finals and I F llim s ,, the fla Wiech .1 i totil New LYork of th rather "3 e w
went down as a new mark. One of a best-two out of thAp series or the ..- es, however ml t m k the l- a n't be oS
They made it an all-Mexican Mexican hope in swimming was to be played at Mt. Hoe. .300 hitters, te the G- eete final score.
final in tennis doubles conMe- dashed, however, when Olerto The water follies and world's Atlantic Twi.Loop asi have ses pitching at ope Start,- fr u wh h
t tition and appeared on their Martinez of Colombia upset de- high divin champ lonships tobe been clamoring for another look is night. Napoleon, o.if baseb. l tam tSIifS Sui Wi3 !sE
way to a lean sweep in the fending champion Tonatuh u- held at the El anamik Hotel a t avy's ace pitcher, on lJ pwr ao'' l 'oo like a cloch ln the 100 d. '..
event. tierrez of Mexico in the 1,500- March 26, 27, and 38. will be Graham and trght their de- lies ih bat he-ti pa- dash an probably the broll we
Cuban stars Samuel Anderson. meter event, covered by representatives of mandb will be answered. Navy e, that willE each oth- ;- tt UDIor. DL ran a iie.
Luis Betancourt and Victor Her- R 9 1 the leading American -ewnreels manar. tuat Pool has er torWight. No lt was run-2 100 e "
nandez kept the islanders in n tennis. It was all Mexico. companies, Pathes Paramount, rea.y nnounceA his ace as, a ner-ui dur1i.i2?1 cam- .- l "le 00- I .a -sc the .-a
contention, however, as they Finalists In men's women's and W arner ro Brothers, and Fox starter o.r tonight's firstS eriesna andleand Whittng ;,. h k, ; s e mo K C hw be
paced the record-breaking as- mixed doubles were all Mexicans, Movietone. contest. Gralia.. has started on- hatI ..1
h a s Sf aI nntr a c k a n dt h e s tilld y .on e t e n t!e to v ers1 9on ,th e j unp t h ettag2 5 a y -
sault in track and field, and in tomorrow's women's sin- A representative of NBC-TV ly one e eason, the fIin ended the .258 av- The :20 is a tom up, with (-- n
Anderson galloped across the lesall the semi-finalists were will film the hihlghts of the a of the 1954 campaign -rag. Graha t average Orsf the Seno l '
dIes in the record time of Enrique Sam er Herrera of tion a representative of Life action In one otherlfor three in- bat does not n iderlu tel lea Jim &evens and Lee l this meet-ar vIted to atd
| seconds, while Betacourt Colombia ce olf qualifiers magazine will be here. A mi ni. finspIn a relief role to be considerthelead- oth juniors will make t afen t .
ed the hammer 46.96 meters with a tree-under-par 69, follow- mum estimated audiences of 50 S" In his' firs t outing, Giraam sertar ut doeos n it d 6to on anyone J lse tae t to n. to otlgWae
AdHrnansse d ezd wno .aa ,o Stuar L ( 0an.roe else U it
And H".ernande won the hop, ed by Manuel Berndez of Vene- million people will be reached, iontchnued no-ht shut-out bitess lPoo le n o ted t or first in the 440. ve s .
step and jump with 14.86 meters suela with 70. Enriqueta Olaga- and with a potential of double ntinued innnstrea hro h inh-hittin whenever e of 572 should twn
Sor new meet marks. ray of Mxico to pe the women that number. Internationally. t hree innings o h e oduh ,the situation ces wh fot a oodr ner. In the8 d 8BryAnth od-, i P ti h.
Mexico's only gold medal was golfers with an 0. Many special events and Key IHis tre in runis avof r thauvh hitter. sti c f-t a goon-' who ran 21th 8 earlier in R., O vewhe .mes w i i-t.
onbwmmr d rnrfomsd only for 10 Innings, is amazing, The nBrewer ahe, Gibson, week will start in the tavor ltthe rib s to hea
.whoStyl e -and rang up a n e e months a in careu prepara- nto say the-least. Graham's record led the league mt year in lorg role There la a dak horse io a H Solers
_L14 -gmehter tree I 'ff t dt to Baioa S...... '
but the Mexicans placed one m present- a bly er ertal nl w I ta season is two w.ns witn hit, three oub tWo trip. s this ree, ,.wever, that a ,-, 0iShol ecoras
bwo-the exan theevent and alt qutprenO a but to in t. a- Ot a loss Though iziactive in ano a home run, tied Powell's ,ups the dope buckecom Il- eotm
' two-three in the event and al.o-I l quatic snow but to obtain hn.he TwilihIt eaou,, th Tar's Tommy Hues for most baes Lea-..- ly, uitd ttht la Lambe ansTm .. .
gather piled up 29 points in swim publicity plum of aquatics that star ha' been he e 1, nd wg o. pLena thea al_ ut.e.Tar'sTomy- n hg Bu" -.-d. JiM 1949.omth#
mrtlon. _. .. so many resort centers strive for in the pink of condition wlih i mpdtant RBI d.pat1nent with o basebaaerp. Both thse icdtle Mft.r 1
After four days of rivalry In each' year. 'pl n o action in the ervce 20. was alitchs aeunor. Bothat dAh.m
half a ddzen sports, Mexico had Clint Osborne, who for yeale acton In the Servlce 20. dinaver t onl y o e I te four lap e it 3
Stoal cof1s3epointsWh beinua17 Cwas director of sports for he oel OGlbson, the rangy work.- error n 24 tries or an average *. to be La Itrhed bhtte-. dah al lir
toill close behind at 127. British Colonial Hotel f Nassaui horse of Balboa Beer's mound of 10; Sophomoe Mike Deroat 449. .7 rqd ab&
Trali were Veneela worked very closely wIththen staff is Lloyd Alberg' choice In-.overall fielding, Nqvy holds unl b gl se p wd. l 25 o
S i lints Jamale aend newsreel repeentatiVe and f to try and ret the jump on the the ee on the Beer--men. Mar- .-. an other iunor, w run is tta M .1 Cr, -
with '5i 7 its. Jamaica sod 0a 50e>-m. map
eOto e with 59 each, Co- ,- three cone utive years obtained serle Gibson has pitched seven quc was C ecdnd ba-se- money here or if bhe chooses to Iin -, Co.- ar
iaP tfull boCag or the hoe complete Rgames for the Brewers man in the loo nwi thone erA ..82 an n j
;; ..l alvador I, Dut h an Bahamas. this year wait is the winningest .n 19 times h andlin thtone era,, I 'A't. a" a '
i les nd the DoIm One year Fox Movietone and pitcher in-the loop ran hkono.r .950. Giffo rd cop a neat :
B a .lepw sue. Nica ragua, Mrmay"rat o for, but it's annual summary of it's whieh he also wbn during th .009 average for sabortsa tXp .U D uist 7-i *
)~iteg only a baseball_ team, whersver it stop! it's we mon y ui ong v We pre- 1958 eason Gibson has. a 6 and don wa4 upbeatabliq In ano r0 rd
S-. -t. 2, ith t.record and an I re,' le o wo41 .fiel th ioM ,. ti ,
IN 4ui Og LOJO No- Cristoba) ,Hllu tipole a .9803 9l- IwUh.-
ll:l l la this. year. wad-tops:. the ture.- .- t ,I t. .at .-1-th at, t-d.,
a i-se an m Iortolt- batting average of .257. Balbmoa late and Nlavy is a s A Ida tIa night tma
B fI I i l p Ity for the Reu c with .24 and the Brewqr's con- nights ae In particular as if CHARLE I0LEm i. 1he m1d t -
4 Sl": I U 1 1 tmi I ta 1- iof Panama resulting. tenders for .he pennant, Naval the Baa Beer nine can d & .M o. I Pool director ait S- ._ ".., T .
S.. i station was third rankin witn their hitting against Navy's John Riley is e td tO W w ty' me time aao-a's e'.ioie-
; -I ; .2 3 0 G e o r g e L o t t l e f t h a n d e d lO r a h a m w h o s o s u c c e s s f u l l y | l e y a s p e e.t o.. ,r iv e o n o w i d e a h a s me t e rIal. ,,g_
S n I tn Ittn ceenterflelder for tn ehandc fd them In the saonl th, Isthmus tomorrow aco lThe bright lights Installed 10 C
SI il UI1IVf cAbh bI ]sailors is the league's batt i open,-r, I by his trl er, Barnei round the pool attracted our at.
B. champion. In ten games ot The question can only be hant. -tseni~o last Monday and l nk
rI"' "I r t I Icame to bat 1 times and pound- sweredo 6ht at. 7 atMt. Hop h. tn. I" Into the director offo.. Bro.d.u.0 ft-.. ..e
.ed.oat 13 hitS-for a .419 average, Stadiim. hen these two ttams A,, h ,h l where we tisoovered the follow S %"19..5,S 11. u- e.h1-
I according to official averages meet in the 1954 aeries opener. 'ing. 8
,.- _/ et yandt l Art Portley. Thi, project thre onihtal 1-.-

"TANDINGs for then month or twc Pr ''

4-T o- I Zon Women' Bown rth_ 4na aar aretk Wlo l Th mn. 3fron as of the present the third sena- n n
So Colleien s 43ol A o ny o b h \l I l nand Art Portley. ston, It seems that night swim-t n o

". '- alVO T on. __ _trda d 2 .una. r 13 br|l nd---i d I--d-. nnee- a-,A -t--Mc1_ ,n remain csg I ds here to stay. on Te- -
RSn i I -3.Or7dawo CP lub I. 1 C .143l -. n-- b a Include a "spec e las ten-rou,0d-t i

M ndal: ,o m f l 74IIs.a.gineers 1 6 .14l2ee etn t. n Tenor ne s r o between 1... DR.p c ityMol o _e o rth e famn yP AEVI _a etUP-V
al"h- 1 5 --- .5The schedule for the Panama iier.and Marg e Hicks; Maia. to Francs (x-Beau Jacki ) and a.I. to 5:30 p.. but on Mondad, .
SNEXT GAMES tainathZone Women's o wla re th mp arrest Wal Leslie Thomp a our-rou any more are needed and in et e .C us

"r.e y r A: CervecernY a Naclonal SA Tounament, to behedoeloe w aon en tand B Ni 4-,o FI 0unI bl b leW1 1 Itve i candless at 9 pm. .epool
aroom vblesRaeTobns. Na Togation. aturd udaythfp. aes e3 ththeMondtlti B s ran f aod
STHE SEVENTH PRESENTATION OF TroE SEASON S ^ Pa- vCon- l. wil.g O, K. -,lrie a t pr o--:r;sen 3! tang

Sl s r t i t Cotis T h eeAsoatCd Side Mtelams rand The en u o aros Despite the tact that many NAVLt Marc 11

ueA "OrdnanceC" l ub5.1. start the.ho .dr MbalasisCha:oo
aMarsh 14, people ofthe pcomr. aunnc rooin ara Undote Ken
gineers.19r-t anual torned oa n "Mt ral dn M n easd ats p 1 e-otha.
oIa -a: 45.p. -.u Di.--r.c II .'Gread-cs-m. y, atd cwI I Iodrominteeu pooloMoj reandsai 3tt y,0p th Qutor-

N ETOM.ER A .B .n .o w l i nrras l tBhU L 4 ,, .,aa
""E,, ,,Frday:, Nate/i M. (AT) 2I 2 a h bae E t e Alrna"i ll ad ba --- ab- eedIe-IcoeI t S .. m. ,S

,. D. ig d ng el eO- rarlni R. le Na vAe mN 9 ap0 r0hb it wlle l scores. hrets, yeIr. .
--. .. .- h- c e me t. ti y earde.ta- so far va s
aIs54- Mr. pm ColAL nay 12; aanpraId oe 1 Temm No,.3a i len Light. a the douo.bhl_ sChampionshi Papit ttefa tth
-Bis alsoo last Indic I year's sin s Boxig T AtlanticCPon

CWrner. N, y.). 20.1. ... o.3 .ea G ..sCantOh Chainri ,_n ad t he Nt l romota
RESU "TPic .i .Ia- Cob u (AT 22. 1 0' A,., Els-ii,"S Gi,-on ad y rK ie. 9-5 e araritaabuifLeagee-I
Mayor of Panama 9 4s9ct Lete afn Greta Caeit. 10% enta inp the tournamdCt W Wa!Hl.Liut L e doubles

I ." lei N* te pa k C. aAhIRAL ,M"OS 2. Iwhat shaps up as cateh op Pal. ang w -U. maw ."
_"______," _-" ______iwhish he will me be able to has 4 aeta a woubss -and
the runne at. his ,r.r" the-nnI
.the- .d empire's judgemenP o -wi .;M

dseenoed Ruh- -u h.r ma of
am.. .... ... 3.Q. ayt,,v ne and o, I ht._,1 ,.-
.. ..... baseman or shortnto an. ..d.- -

._ .. .... ldelem~e? i~i~ m im z~t +,. am t +a _ra l ,,i, f,-, fmi n .I. .,,.
... .--.. .., .,.... Vars NA-- -"Was. to t + ..
... .A.M& "I$ R .0..

.--, ---.

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yatteteou 7 Xlleb whisky sad f ihuron, Ab,.w t ot, ewYbd d, niidJiaitN rlfl C ibs. Z bo n, clae u nadr

lade Ins mWrt .4,, jqs o"t of* snub t Sotan M
M B er- t oEh to 143

Siefrpfl RnflBI-W tZ b &JaeNiie 1. nexIt501 hkid he rat
dull s Bt of 6r teL r L1t-,*-th m e g o wo,5Vi e o4. n 1.and wn eu ly bol
fon- d' *C aij ro -A a nn I t. *t. tod9 hp atq teid.t lofm-tke'

'aws. .ltt c. % w 16 ick f-r i it I n !st ho t.
-i 00fs b, ono tB L Cas 4es ten eleAn t s

h a t p rhlul...$.,.o -. o* '. d e oe l 0 Ii

m ga thelda. state I ag Ape Vr D th h t E
5a.1e.1Sp tU1Jos rrwikhout.%IA)

t(. CR Pgri*l KNU0aLdta en tr T an a t rel_ fnwg th two. H ddh
3a1D" dti InoaholS .,e.- w_.leIR-

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aal nam a.Tuc-. ih'tndWflt ... oW

'the r s o e .at won 1h-lr taioe iw, ut A E ir tameiih ne 'd es'.h tn fhe u
]bev. bmw~koftill b 9#9" 10. St eets
r u owWOAW iow C4 nbult-for the iphh h D roe l ch
-. h rlsgng tthe opening of 1h Rain w tt, t l ing, Wto He bade- the"
Ma 0 hemen. h. .jor. A li. o a t. e PQZLO 1 8 I 1 RA hit IWte0aboutLt lobn.-

toa rt To "Sd he w il call er kownfhe mdt-vluabl Airict~hu D cd othe st p
01=04-ofsr atA om inais g l y1 dwtw big bre ks oc hef 'nW.tet rparked i.
v'_ tef.lll&twS? eottltnwwd aVe r s enat* iss% iTnn, ,en o la s a d a oe-vste.
TOhy CuwonriI sad Ranme F a lnteA tfl blVap. Ieuawtb tr a blo ..iaglj ,oga Iea r ha ite.t. i .
r $ t, d 6a .tcgly .first cla in fet, saw porWea ey h ean emr cea

tofuN~ty'. e *A1YTb R Gtt lacd, 10alm 7t, Monta sU torwn _____ _.3 4F
tiat"e. 0l. .l-tc. w it liti1 I the .atncbOn.. w the h'4f el lI who know it'

A t .. i~um at.k a o C b p0 ia d hites &iE iuewla1e aver-t|lpC0hs~leoy Dreaen wlthd thogaeht 'Wp tm of "te.
got. pedb a y a gy0 aboeo.e m'
-ntie hop t t em I rod the better to
o. a r sellawisy aiVan t2T-Cryra nDen

etaothe t% Te u 1 vIae14boro lte t o pitcher. thaou
.'r o tnrt5ee etcihum.b. brs to g.einbam re i Amor c
A.."wil s a ll~rl tf~, _Vanpri sirts
9tou im t a r TAT. -, u sn aa two. H, had the
Wat too9.rm L call he most-Valuable ter ttr' chest prot ra
*#so$tafYuatb. a oa"TbtW oMet this .-lsticular hitter out o.i a
b "i u f hoad1 rcM1aIimb or O, | .tate 1 base In the

daawn two nie lin "and he 'w2lhneor know e Arthur Dede is Dot the last
oi Pftha mo advanced, thorough

'. Peter rttA toahneto ,1&r
Dmwtedoe.. tth oe matureab-

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ra. -ultvigor (at P9- S *

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O88. ..ouf th Te L k
1 8-7 thriller at i.-
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ar, MU o I (TAT), W.D ty .

0t ot the DI5-', r.. by "a..t -., *a..n.rtws n
Par lslab .a.,.,r ..
ih jroon, Abtalem1nU oiwlda a
p[aed f both'-:a-In

o00f asted-tn in tW- low0r Saturdas
-, lb 4th. After 0P9 w. fI Le I. L n
0. Iyne. #arted thy ball-30.A-

". Wf boa itk .was fol;
Id b-I tbi- OWTe IWd
hb teig Wow at ta-,h a-
,f -l- hu omit .by

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PALL MLL L'S ttrastive, brightard pulewg I
always present' in plces where importt and
distinguished people met... beall i t'l l ft
cigarette of distinetlbn. -


I _

who know quality, choose PALL MAL.
because of the superb bleing-.i t.o
taty tobsem. PAI. .AL/ -
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.0 .^ "T .n. ..... M, ..... .+,. +. + ,. .. K{.l .... ..*......

UK Cracks Down -.0 W .. A

On Iron Curtain


J. LONDON,,March 11 (UP) skej pol&wdoib A .,,noib '-m.. :t.
B r iWtain cracked down on OF .. ..oe-* .*..
licit Iron Curtain trade today,. i l
charging four men with try- TfWENM r". -NINT ... g .., 1 d .. .. .
fng to smuggle more than at '. -O ncKMb min ton dollars worth of cop-

S eriousness,. the diversion of C i i .l "" ...
strategicmaecit on a very c House Vo es Bill o A -r V a A
large scale," said Prosecutor R. 8 "1e t

ostensibly to Pakistan bt Luxus, Tickets
charges Involved e io p e r WASHINGTON, March 11 (UP) Ohi who normally it w res they mv'I M luch I 110 1- 1a
onub $1,223 on,000. The House has voted ver- the Democrats. it A by nIas too manner tibt i ens90 a way r award w i bAn l
The four men charged were whelmingly to reduce- l e alI se Democrats ,it b that be n .way .MK.i nt, a, ... ower. t
ichard Kevin Devereaux, a sales taxes by a billion dollars ception 6f Rea' l u to ad- 1.; PrE sdent p ga d d -
Briton; Royston ohnFnn of a year on jewelry, cosmetics, Chathm .(N.C.) and .. .. Wu, Lh- Pereim. 'nt rL.Ne
Jozano, Italy; eyed zuLequar furs, admission ticke s, telephone Boykn (pmJa. ,a hM.. and 3k L 1 .' L a
Qull of Paistan. and William calls and other item. The approved o sure would soue pes rotary While 5io the
a Dutchman. oThe legislation, w lh would accomplish the sa le#t y A 0. Ha ge rt s radio exo t % t
nThe four were charged as t bthehSlenlenat t e wherePhresidentld teax e texred tSeoA.. u" _. -tois gveo Eisn'hor 15 mihtfadn '.d.-i -"n #I n .a '.." .
their preliminary hearing with ,Esenhower ts counting on ad- The oM e to lW O h t o
down threucton to, efma laou protaxua,. S a J b reached !;5,ltt m ainti
:intent to evade export reg- ministration forces -to Whittle under the bill would ju-st a e nxtoMaa,-oab y bwtse out hi 4-e Fotatn
All four were bound over for ThePresident and Treasury carrying. -ouS id he A r- Z~ wi be 7o cu. Ya ." -items.
furthbr hearing March 17, Qull Secretary George M. Humphre quest to extea the present I aen power told hi newsr o onio d e e n
to jail and the other three un- contend the Treasury cannot af- per cent rate on automobles the talk will be non- :. .."
der bond. .ford the proposed Cuts. gasoline, olgarets, beer an p.a He said his adminls- ,PARIS, MAre 11 (tP) .. ti 2 b rtl-Galm f.t6'
The arraignment coincided The roal call vote on House liquor.. rle is comnlitted to a deft- VietziamlR. Naonalt ;-hit ..hc-.,..
with a new statement in the passage was 411 to 3. The only, These rates are now schuled 'nite program to improve the wellf.t tncreae he g e pb. (4 i ln
House of Commons *'on the votes against the bill were cast to drop to sevrd--per cent Aprilb t) of the nation. iance and Vietnam in neou Ftte ti te S
government's policy regarding by- Democrats -Reps. John E. 1. president'then-added that t,,ons for ind~pendenc, a d tu ,ttnd.
Iron Curtain dealings. Lyle Jr. (Tex, "; Paul C. Jones During debsti on the measure; ethe purpose of taxes former Inohnescoio]y. rThe reto
(Mo.), and ,Fred M a r sh a chairman Daniel A. Reed (R- ft nace the programs deemed inaTle b 9 VieandmFre o b o ia a
T. P. L. Thomas, First Lord (Mthn.). N. Y.) promised that him tx- no.ry-by the. admilnlstqation, ,i er Bt h. Lo and French sfi-'o K ..
of the Admiralty, said the Lylns motion was solidly OP- w riting sde Warind th t a es at If Balboa thought it deals which ave progressed spa 0
government was "preRared to posed' by Republicans aid inde- Committee will onuisads "further wa ' r yesterday radically this week, resume t .,
license the construction f pendebt Rep. Fjiazer eams of excise tax relief in some tlaer and that luch the horrow.
lh luR fr export to the bills." He did not mention any i h i deo at as thb theo were Th Wg rtea tit at
U .9 1 ..a nd r oland, subject .specific ite s i g w t tr g f m e.Na t To Lb
to the requirements of se- Rep. r Je n Coo m (T e nr to T hero aapmhiC oel &. .Asrbiy danVie tnam- must M" .
entirty." Democrt on Reed's earna t j1, ed ee the yedamprnd keep within tuoie F Un& .19n tlsortteftrq'lteta uw
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chided the R epubl$cans for ex.- t d a f on pr o o- .nc p a r as .ce .thi & h s ke sm a apd
buy British ships, including, h .0 ngsoinbeer, elgadtetaniauEDCiLd Wn.. ., .,.paa
tankers which b re emtbarged t o He said prthe rath' e ra a i- Tn e date 0 hr been and hisied at minister. ,tt s s
as tteajeaic. nbe d received freshoi4ersfrom
Atstora tlegic. fittr er-d to b lp pay fOr the Korean PS aIS, March 1tp (UP) The held in th5 aeo:the weath- + mp"rpr'BaaoDal to tist" ?..
Attorneyr AlanKoarfitt, re rea a t01uwar and 1shoulebe cut pow that powerfliRadical SocilIstd Pprty Ii tl o
ntingr. Qull, said Pa o ,kistan In- t w s o ve s set -tho e today fet a ef~ onva e fr,,

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t n to boance their dtath rbud- 'Dtolt attdk against the Eu p rean'it &ed. 1%.ithe, re th tha ttWt.6 .& o

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.e d te- w t t h nera ea tdl e x tr a o rdioa r"-rfiyer frst.Af:
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D e-ethe residents. p o asite p Wa t et bm theZleUltt ,,a

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t hhh tniden a re* 1o' toeserved at theo us lboa the Republicen epe ar s e
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'lowar t "ti blly"prices an* the grou. with a faint left tinge. wel tin hfor"pik es-tn.t pira
a Margae Herriot, Radical Hel ismale for e- n -2aindarch 5 wheon Ten
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'- .CaS ler d e n o r ani the EDC, Th l time he was expect-i A t ,hiy ei of 94 degrees record lo emt u
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CoCaitealkt Hu'- ay attend the theatre with- arobe t y" oitf} fn- eri ori a"lethey T'oth bmg t
eioet selUng ourn or -ring" IM ep -s type dinner in the thir 105 assembly seats. "on

and Snat.h, chambers, in.e mak!rv. te-,Py Occur on the same night prove as d efnite a step as this, for la enewalst a
.s ocial and economic doam, e rtfm or6ment because a galldens-
tidecdessme, Julia Pinto Th. newspaper isted the r a I" o.tde number at Ca- od
Thechoicef.iam llhtdwFa
-l M o hnofflcsieteleader 1--"President Theodore Roosn-- at thex CAubhouse andesth 9:24 a.m..'f.......... 3:19 a... women.tfr l at.U

e1a federposlermnedniot'seenuat R to e extend the seW U Dayhadpng t-"sTd. C .x
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theotCcn lt'.. Shoot-a recent to the partition of 0oeyLoW tfl 430
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d.five c ge psmen. 4--'prestg.ent Harry B, Ttui- uuu evmoon a, ke"..d--Tl e,..,A
iappamd before the man's wntbdrawal of the Am .r- ....I"
Bomb .Tfie newspaper then ..M STAFFORVs., March c ( (UP) state poce said they were lives- "'.

.thei~ np'l l*tenc~:Le, t sau "r' present a candid day aents.Nd her bridegroom of Virginia state police investigator #87L +.S -..-
we o anwer cross notio of rnmgerous dit--lelvi .le'lale in a motel on R. E. Godre d Mrs. H wilsbnderm .' and United .,i 4h,00 the a Palm Beach auctidn house about ., .. -

as ordered by Judge It id te seven points of ride told ce peared to be "a rather wealthy
rd to appear before te rkAeicn were:, she of bulls" ma"
ry da f he does arist ea i thh, Fla., bus- Herman's disappearance broke
w, "he wi l pl. of tpfM0o. h to ,. the dis- up a honernoont at was to take
rut, the uthe-,cou le to Washington, Baltl-
..- .a.. t eroe. serman, a. mdre, New Orle, mUMexico City,
..w.ihere.a rrend.'' er Mrs. Dyoll California and RawalL
to answer U e -ie u. Japn e W Palm Beach, de- Mrs. Herman waited at the. '
4d a "genUenan's code." whic ts rnbg her bIeand as a hand tr court until Saturday, Godso
"eveaf I:. .RA aepts Mate.. vjassld, sIx-foot, 200- said then weat to the home of her
S- to stairte" to 'Wea raterpde wl'-k crew-cut, but po- Irother in Washington. She went
WTchV- Ur F4 t. 'us. ad s thing about to .the FBI Minday, to the
U.. id bton unty pollee TuesMay I
-..--14tonmstua- The mian man is Mrs. Her.. the Virg.ia state ponee TuesdaV
Ir industral man's w hobtband. lir firpt, jt.
0 n fsmjaw P, was the inventor e said the missing a,00
-n r feaa .Vwel pedal carriage was in a brown leather case aig
ri3 it was usually pedaled by Negroes phire plusiend bracelets ia th
-- I MhA at Southrs eaworts, trunk of the Cedillac. Police sai
rA;Ma atpN bh suM Rerman left her at a no eplanation was offered as to
oap. w t t- r asos-rt o mVth of Fredericks- why the money was kept In the
tiIs* YaVy lat, to take their car.
It iAM= CadCdtluac corn- 0 nean wh dviag a a t
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