The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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rvl;an (right) and Whrine-9at '3.
ern of the. Reds in Nao. o*a the -'-
iton. Dean appeared as a O udefensW for IC-bble im o
aablyW confessed -to Rerm Warf8i w be was p ll
&a* elart initutry'h u1n hrin to dWte.q* 2
Sthwable shlol courtmafr .

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aThe Pna ma of t Paama

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.Panam e
ed d vesh

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Mnama La sai aeuthtbund 2root
Slater that Ibeets normal sail-
rthe dock sikew t he
frlsd up fhipp rwlzanatel 7

Canal pr dmern aulg l to f the P-
rta r 11 uthel0undafrof9

days later that its normal mal-h
sa g date.
Aboyrt thew hipYor owbe the
ana; Oldtiers. omingtothe i

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ships n follows : ngotiled
by the Yorki ow ie of the

and- achedulid. tO
yesterday ap C latobal, vitUnot

The C. at u wbhh Arrived

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SU.S.. labor and civic group laeMe .
tpday Y'"0 pleased with Gov nrn
befere the HoMuse. Approprotions Su eo
day which;b. did, proved he wof co
Hw xOWO Averog Jo.Z0
ly skeptics of the Governoe's -i'k s i
long-tibe demaids.
SA spokesman for the CIO said tody h gr4
Seybiuld that ambody on- the Zone is On,.-g
hux ," but he added, he hoped the-Gowernor i&"
the safn attitude towards loca-raters, whoM i
ware lless than those epjoyi by U.S. ci izesas
Said a labor man of 8 ybol4's t 'panly will j
statements: anoy ofPA
"t t- .ery ittt~yl to know or ZL =
theovr ttt, a he did. 3 boVt tine -
It nlotes fIt the Jodal-ratera have
altuati, a e x !be( t time.0
ha_ -d 'd. ant .,i
hpliteau.a .ea good'. 4tj, f.ib W
effect -on the e Ofae m agp Si
= ."SA

Sday'. -l. te ba the aehina r owhn
-up-apSL 1 der ,ey Atr w f bet d." late than nr w f ac asm
*, uer tnrd 'a ea s ,M' -.hs.o
O.ra o lita tI-t&a be "las Ecaimed another: "The baaed many Zone
la f~a b fof sodiae t ,r isfot Jup didn't th ore i a
iift S tLIM ape 0r 1~ I m. .'--'q ra .happen fovernd. Why tiemet u
Ateor ke a len li ,.viti ,e :- :U'r t et chenp of heart?" g .,,.
R 0....m o h n tdater t l a wl ld6em- m test baied: nt.hEamer up y n Fe- tbr a he.
t "~p~lenty o -n. "aYb "k'c s 1be un o r nfor so l .o ca41sin

-do.o mayo medi.te falock*t battle it.y .A lonnd-ban he wilfkm epr
aiduor will be ol on the far DNVER, March 4 0 (U P) -- mihat may be coneu thure on. hun red S
e theories struck bck today at t se pa per it all of a ud- a
h"" to overtime markerss who spot the t coCm- T.nerlbund ana aru g our the det ';
oemenyellow :hl- mart e oed to -a of e ago. Another Canl worer shrug- ut.
n their tfrea rom office win- bw D-MFMLs. 1nra. E p) tnd
e t before ty be tha p t aid would be bard thee's t muc e on
ve a ticket. a f ek before t is done himself. He the Canal
Police patrolling *par]fil e- rol r-iuen Prettnn :saPdhI C $t. known their a royal mummy wi dts for d&rectlons." "The red Uo
terms were issued black elmkS vis- en Cmmi- O ,.i.cnlat e at b'n is ac entombed there. in I J
bible from only a few feet away. :iat t oson l ea d h e that b
'f.O..S..* a wIch.1a it jp ia _hog led excited Wprobers Wn ,.myto t .at ,i oe's proper aogvr
:'i.rr *en.' .n" :1while- oi See of State eq rrila RbAtu. a.lh l:o; of the ,toc the nearly hidden .fefle. ' 'Wag onstruleties
Tly li Saleohn 0m& t. anat r tlma- 5vr aterd:.. and digre be a a arhc as
ta.. n FORT WQTB t. alre rapoA Ap .. %ter the ,nt -tqm p." e
wU 5 10 l P)-A frlr &.iefman ng attn troo 'ekipa I r te #orid for 0 6 if tht the eo a selec e _
-,tfroan Callfor a; Irving-. onk, in 'pl v eb ek 0a mntuoa. avisth r dopil the an
C.,mh told police today thatfa blonde M.,nbna Co- f mnst e a, 'ry of regucin, service
o-r z id h.e free word's from Dallas invited him .tr the h d p w ut he lon, sopingpassage 'r e nd'nous workers a 4 Ar sp
gebmer squan ide .i.n her- and the n Adrr to:- tea lu the ba..s a what they hoped was a buriule soe ol- '. t> speed up t .* r "
riLM fhrnatomic rtd w cotAInIng $j f R bu woe se us. taalca p was blocked by mounds remove) at theap empioyl .o e
S ,at eneit ene. to y .6for Kurpe "" hi*e making l~o to h .', SZIIhRG b.k,.lt otcter .d'- wra L -d b onert of e in te
S t .- loe" "-- -t. d into the e i, A. cor wih Conres- p, of .,
,. ha.vhe uteotfrd $d1 .ra~ds were. part-ox 6hsken by an unlfown subter- bored that the Pan of lness.
elia d'Is dh lo r .1am1 algn,. aa nean foTrce. anlran atltboritets will soon 4 .
h1a '"t goac tovu .abeoti-r..
"._ad' the r v eket "ane in theera-si "'e're afraid tr di fst or' a8r m ot otIb excess f- thr

S-B rd bat aat ir. -areltgv because ta ,whole cor-imlan att ow adt lemn
l. w, outside Hare within n.e j ~.tcollapse." honeim I the Zooe in we case most beor.he
'"1 DEVR ihl (bUa of he"' sup4 -.rtn" h services bA i,
ttmoan ra ke bacat aid 41 r.10 0 3heelm found -t!h pvram Zne fo- the poe can o 1 e t
llepatist en ed cpn wi pdt n Wt retired ro4 d n th-se star,- Oye thede
s -tal as n our an "h a c1'nowr e dg eed In P ro which is studded :;enths k nly: an ese a mtw
I .ip Aln e.' to n 3s0g e st Ler addaot say row may. ,*y. -olowine the ehinplns 7 ,ea for mn'e ti-an one ressoz.
a ae ar-g. "Ite4 IanhuadShip
Se end can be, rw4 below the tons of sand"Exley N. Reid tp.4e
*'r,4 -uaight from i pm~- *cth ICth

_ : -. h'te.. ...nm br ,ends and bare new erete of e rtibt,
S '0 remoe di Pnlari f tin. PAnote Canal wlr w
929t Wa uWthe" last bnat his D ome on Ar-- O C

sea r i eend vwilqu o Road in Panama City. H ," w
CkpeH a r y 'rg* ErrSy,. w h s like those wh'ih ico inm heath for isv- "'r fr414?PP 491

he.' q t o. pb of Tutmukhse' h Mth H ma mi a a recently under- wnd I ji be
tW5Mr tue boaredr weret f teoa wnp e.g)J oyrimid was built In went an operatIon.
andtre. aie an ee of less grandeur. quu l -e ar hia wife. oe'st d ta %
S-',' o Day a. wIo beabn. re ne
m aaeWs an YorP D"beorIyI
+, on the a U. Minn., March 10 Roberto b en an out. -a "
Ial Cgmm-e- Oha 4n e Anbor rstalnt Scalp at Juan -Pranco t ron tto
teeners before studies ir the cblack -
l b- ,fo m o n l y ..-- a w a : I s ; -t-- - .r es-. ." at-- -. o ld. *, N-- -

-.- d ." -m ,0 A d o t "be"- -
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FOR W itit-1'X..Wirb nra ApV.V11qU~- .W Itom ls.


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thie Pribid
port fe.
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g.d he Will, ;&,.eaq .1

--. ., from-1 I np*mreverao *4. a1

pr o our eir Force :,.u.
t M A IL ad It o mn n ea fom e p o anS
o c ltl c th..e "
T i W a complaint allege that the
A. Ap-ACBIx .RO uIN. a In contractor promised to *
.pay sc me union oINthe ial.
and that part payment was A-

dogT am a a- pI go od faith, in
article The Pantama Amer ta order that the ml y t .
S: .y ar choA wp v at dUA m ubiso ne o.Ifs
hlre Is another thing. Thls fdit men ,le""low whoe.

e rdr hptcavalcade of aportat They ye memoberi whot t..-
n. Die tvnthey do not have wo e was dCumped bec au he liked tot the
i et an s wtrlude o'.fv m iu t es. aohoy crusade, lists. uises, places aid e.A
Inag, n wathe. it's five minudea r If me amounts of cash pa mental of the ,
1 t as I twim mes onder ife thr alleged bribes.
I' illr leoe to know whLat becae to e ri

caut S the week, but I guess it's morn I Moore, and nine at h. fellow a tn* Se -t e al
tio i^t Drograms on the alir nstead of a ioon mem har ve brught. the os a .
STe ch ai I no lltia t to the courts, t a
... oi a charatiea a stofTa of their
l$.. ....Wasaiston Painters Distorict Cous-
i "tt are published in the allbox by el '31 and Local 3' thereof have, .
--ie tetoin i as cts.. and lead e inn.oc A In effect, done their people wrong. dfai thv l
A tlcl kins with tnoa e opinion ,.ns, I e tet"t e e. b'

ahd oren alretiew oTis i C ath of t Dhis Jolnt council lnu ba s tie' S Uit.
,fte all g. i pa" amesy concertnedN.ow .......t51his complaints t .y
tucently d tOe Dt r .ivie I of lo ges that on July 16, *451 the veryAn iran eFran t toul
i thh Stan r of l for several ays,andr of observing y that he started one of ., I. o-China
t aon operates, etc. I al ve never worked with or for ehis low officials offeeld am onlce h .
i fta; I baOd no idaa the work Involved in putting third of what he charges was tah auTBAt ` l
ugoan pe ali4e a9snd I e nr ee* amre bribe usto obtain hs, cooperatouo" Hu a ,pove
rw of various rane (In theY Aalt) g toget er In arranging a deal. At sO A IL

1a1e0Sa1."oat oSat a nsw tellr I where and how as tollealues in the document. Air- ate
S, tappronslate lkoww at- been raised In port, bridge eve .ag.gue and stmpti, a
a oh t he for such an excel kellent ca i? How much time, o al pi ,.4t bus ,. wae WAU. T.lN (NEA Just H. ..,ant ever s-ice am. Mrs." the lower of tfetiA as U. S. In- alr aM
nd aeort did our know-it-al f riend "ear-aching" put alte Mcc. L2o~i tat e "pre- t e a" t,"otes on the Bricker :. einor Rooaevelt wgu h ld of the tlereaula 1 l5 A Ia highly n.tmo-
Sthe March of Dime? I wael' -e 'S.aUr tht we dd to go along wit" one of smen we about to be tat- comso t It u run* thou 1bbetwp --the wld n
eIte e the U. S. Senate, the United den ehaim' I ior a i, that issuef n w
p lIe e b r ge r to in the Wlis nirtea d of letter ran Nae dket and acW ted h is na l. O n aeulo t on the hitrt Dec i oh Human two ytrli!
e~afeo lund; aPid lethttn two pp.lne on I- YAl tY wa ., ll
sty" h le theb0seod Inthey oeftibbyouta tdow time sue-ap. Th e at,' p et f ermech dsu sed t ye of han iehs bs a Se nate,
I o h Canal Zone? aI wonder f he klino ow f erep lh e.acthntdirlpe p l hewo ng I otean. scEurityu of p eIp maey taocn dm i h wu en tO
t ihr d oes Ii know ilat witheetnelU. of t
srtay a nl of4 the *d T clTe ad wan eleh been owes tpr t o t .e A I e

Uof d ncoeheh lAata err pfamia teangina a.ndt offthisl ujo inet goveaoun a ianM ta
-of any c Idnea ~o lha erJu enol dnthe FEL9 a His eek tarJ oT

s otm fact about theat wi ttde o th e rBIsed ite the ca to the twore
tocn tly dt o hThe y o w.f .r e show ncu.r teas i M ne, h e i t big n 4tiouia a
ta nthe n theoo'fe _ior al x it. end ftoher ddse t tha the r o1 1owr ,tmof dI .a
"so oe riaesset&t. I Ies itno wokd horfolerhisfeo pdes lay thwi st thD

&T I dhe ine vol ve, Ian t n g A tird' Al docm.e.t ssprp altasechar trac.wT.eaM ss

ye; uperse.. s o, th es abosveemytoim, 'soain -o t 5 t tofO A O -
.n...rair.i. do. Did .. ro u ow'tt 's a tn
Sersg fwo runnming e unioand etHtA.i
Iri1ed th soartoution w (nteA ilnarrn ingwideah ot a ton abou

Atlttueoros. rash. .. bilvIono
t hcess u talu a se -othe r uspet atMo r eha n of his R t ofdrn n dri
.1d-dwe andshows&a00taInheAi--
ers et AsIn tela l aite, s of w u be fe hcfh lt "ho mIE..
mo e 6111 6111Y anWt a b e',ens ra is .dIn ust, n owvnn do4syn eag ne oSeleft. tt. -ro-,,
short. ....forsullchce y ustcapteonnowa umuch .tan e.u toen i" ae am l C? t ar
a ld Wort di ourlo''toll frien d Z#r. W Ih erin pu thpeie vtt 'l lile OUt As- r tIN bers qubAighlhe ad D
pp ar ofaCit s0el ea th e tgtoraos wt find Whke i. a ,oea -ad h t A tY.I. .w te. r wrdl t

eh h thodInjthef14 4 fra heollO wintog shCnmsoe m ay 4i thth e lneyo H amasw Imtiet .6a.w
.NNaheof heall e b e.1 ws sC W
be tanscennsnNw.nm i twim .i e inWas -A

"t""-e titer Wisiell InN-ew Yo
m. .ee,.s. ....W--:.., c Noihe
.. th a M arch1Ghsr t fhe f olowi g rTisclausesaBItis n .to n re and. .111.t
1sfsta.-l..o -usRopobiietPaIcoms,,e, aetand311.00.,;.

'M oe "a ptob an A aA ulu 10 ', wortures, old tali,

rl t of,,Rtg.4s of bont.,b'na


+"t" : t *^""

way h h=ts_. iw~tat
i"rll l 1iittl eM^Yelil^ Xet^ Hie~il: ,whl.tdte ** to ti^ot'^i^^ N

tome na i app ,, Wr bita.t. it,,-
| l .'n. .. ---- I
mac hown Ia sL a '." ass. -. a an I$*"*gn-IL
Il uta. n A o b ds o !oal FtZ_ _the.. .. .
.... :-NMI bad it ,, ,_ae

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lo w f Spr (lot a d..

Sr reaignatjo", to e- h veT IO"t

S o l oad o s. u ae a was th e kind? 0t r
ectFn From 5 t s4

t od .en re om- me I instruction m vr ol dof .e to go out
Secretary Chules that I bo s sue of m way to print a question
a that can't answer, but I hav
to dic-s rea-on.

0r r a st I yget two or three questions
.ln at his typ in eS y mor g's ma -.
he ohe draft was read the If you mak a tt les that
S. ll .delegates turned pe. It ld to d a solit ly .posble
S M rig oi to use the suato, it w t o yo y
wnnsri Althour h he hrA plitlC lStead of the imperial first person, May years ago, when automo-
o vl wle Ige, lve quick thusd ner s were as new s te na of
1 n the sppcrt of the Nar- used "'was oh r "I" bi n for. caast Is today ,.a cer a tao te

oesaIa i admiae Secreto nt CurO eal co0s1atI. I ewo t llatui as s te f o
r n a te ah inte Teys beosteel gh haadgt thbe Ja a e. law: "W e n tworue hrse bu o 's
wo.s t 1Uf -FUrom a eeahthronman y

nhe W hIr lit edafor ears oft a yaisti ateouriti h o tan

Seo xi, kiss, ande. ateddfor 8~anott, neithe X b l eJp se r may star uyd raga sodin unti
Screeary _he t eway the ote ha t Evquestont

t -nsW te or Coa an as W-r t e er o t to the st i an but h any e
.dad.nyPro genMeod fg m lawsonon i op yu- hilt, a towestw c ceage.

.B-.*T o .h. ,.s Sedm p r t' e- Fi ,"ed .om ku i- d es .
zW 'at edMr' a fote repuriadt e t he u f-a y ah aem r e aud mo
SIg ae BItTO Marh d eda tom ad lela Oess Fa Id rln In l adopal n l lJ rle

p S ewabonn re Th seum .f t a s In- elv esoe i ta r.e Wl Ithr Mace pfurems bacn oh canasta auoit I c
Sin- W or o ao Tadex

oi s. ., o cono e r o had suernr endeirproa rma-tehe fi canatarles butls tany ay a- A
bO & ar tr dHe ase .tplaetd t od tta te a t P *e o e tu n h ~ l t u r form uo fetot bodyi w oeos into ttUe
tresia ofn g ia n oa s t i 3he fote r t he U ba n as aner oa preparsn d the m htstowhoin ven ted laws sTor .

a eal er auto company ih al y o e fro a io o cxclsu toaM gt pon h t ie
3p'x ye's .i. tarofteNy rviin."e I Enp 6 War r the ca Ar an s e stg d a never ao wl cd e i

-i d ec authe onma tta of fieor; %h IL ushed leadep o"ora ea in for wLt is today, rds. Th
afor ii h eb y ut.. To reUSinIL .... al comn m D eations.T would havenaleglature passed the the "D A

e s s been de dino to the Japnese. taw: "When two horselessbu

laU v colotdv ~ '
derb tand= wh Ustani anuambasasaorta eheach other on any

n d Asatos T eaIs, oMu oM(Ushbir,) W hadd vedforyrs St -this state, both shall stop: a
lavtn b tohhe l Ce one trVte~ Walles ph q al i e neither may start up agai
caageto e U f.r= imy Museoum w S c I vatl ice s bqo nreonv y theaotherv haspassed." lEentally?
rthd "fttor nthey ree ed neofys .m a -buttoAl paty ese.omeiodydnoticedtsat the S a has

bb -.a& o the a vt e amhe y long oant a der- ts R oa c nit- eheed aw td PoisSx- -..e h ro t ll automobile traf N to
urens.he aoo`ueads IZtIntoyourfeverlb.AralkandwtheInwdts.chanad.

ufNlokhthiaT er et w p l tbo ed sha n rt l t sand that Ne Ie so o
ot A0 (Uer).o s ead ms ls w iendrero iona tP byyod tboat ar ora ortos arhes 0 the txo-u. R A

or o comWnies M in terfals d 1 captle d off th ebA1riUhn flpoodterd alor sarbmtari and p. p7 of rakl not-VT
hr j Tra tcoupae t"s tfor the W.r Ar coas the Inn 94astlrg* tt aty, dwho. .a tuca lst he oae mRN
_dly o _.Tooger we.".axs ebodelarArroPawobo0o1t e. .durelsyiti re maiedmdopewd.poaal lerul

Sol. s f l-and r cedirnlteNv Te :Lum headltre t --vaolveos du i tour.hemeosst5Aearaot

twded Sse wn n* In Bures t he e0 wf elll n' W nt to, D gbet a sy a rulesMu hinpd. Lk
... o. F N4, "' com e0d a-ndti b frer o the rl. 8uMre en- h lint. ipmher A5h our'ss backing, other canasta authorizes, I lan
SaeeA le-aWeaN therford. Co, Te x ( t nas b MaX r shbir ed the Japanese they clear ta p any mi aundentg nnd oo a
Me a,0 t dsrmobUesi plastic tag Ar bel o ci uldca iasur e'ron 17 lntadertprler Iama" sstheooffictalcan led a i&nss ;adb
t. l ns, th was .b tead .n the mas te u i a hu r-to rn d at pr ts t re o an in- body who gets into teleouble
hiswas of.eWathhen or o year ndtheshirr osget.dlsefortihbo tauranditha &hWrIN
I enyer in the at om a t the United Sneptmd w ehis nvtdd .et the laws has to in.
ufpi s1 dtom e lot nin th foemoet. he eseoa ade a neada; gj.rafoy. veb t aTiownwayt a to ge outwaf

,.. me cM He b dte or Roy ce S.rvi. GNp I N,,. U T .;-t^e.
l U isa als t akssi of h L-aC-*othe .a C l eum o 7/ er e K fi 7 o dm caunt

.j r_ angns is s in pe r ns ewer ef oro0Pl e v lof. Weddy Pl trimodas f ault.fw/o m f or .a5speth dy
Anertso* af w arHexl f- wedIr-os M te bl nh dlasa e m o ero Visua 5it te i n U

k eotea ul A minerals p s i moun te orafg e 1 h rtlned an t bth UoS N a wasofStates (tothe hrrle aslw a
..t h pstl Sateer airsion o e er thcr, to t hbe woe t twer urooe.
Sk talents He he eant sou Waue t ilusee bvtrxtaIewiod.eardrsh ci- b e nRow -hn"d..38hIoS.t io
p lbanecaseIet s tnfatac ostV)a1 T p-
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@," he abid yelem ents s ad m Manyand oxf- 1 194. e Biaa." Tapnha In aed CPoBB a toUK Theofcus
Q. on ththe eprod uction le. beads re ythe ls n "t" ... Cl o ""a eaus

0ed Tor thBei muThe rearetwaol' a or io ied g an aet asoae, ei n e a .tanb swa d l o k A Sr h a,
l s prel Thor i n e Kasnd dos pamtni tk u the a p. at. e 0r-inlg api, cre,_ eto i n readco tr artthe soyl

ad M 'o feroesao ett1ea i le n e Po at f '.aurtomn ll
*n4 u ye pt qgojjy of tp mut *frlflff nhan -tofte Tri C M-at ItIs aond k wh am spe l a
w u she l ossrosymvers Cbe or tefm5hVan bde aorsab outannloberls a a ur isyb sa etl4nrmd ,r rl od P a-ad te
Chr Betw e r oe t b ompretao h warcaptu rdonsthhihsealdro rll dLirtia tt known.During,

ta-. Iaut also wias b e wife a-d twh o r r b t. r ,-mplet an el lt.s Cro wor-l it bo, u announce "
b d. m re is oeou n cs sio t Fe A to.fd., arc.. ffl"' h r esson s A. e.oe" ...
.,vb 8 0 .i u' fo- sam n mth and Ar n oas. ,,n,,MUS_ laaa.. ,d ya. '> "reu4Sc "took- *0- of o 'M

I t g- r b fy s a tw u n
.ch0' ha a removab plastic top_ y trtold. Muditori,1 ar1d oatr: li.feaosWh.enced., e ry o ....e

th cornea of. the o a whenyou w ant au c nvereat ths e tme of ht. mbirth as t 7: binSep atembe. I t wo osas s f armeto ex.pew In o velAs--SO- -" "
himb_..e.youn mat a,,ome lude Triol as t OTf.lo O5 s p Ma-tr. AVelinelf eet of lthe ro tof yed
American o bcit ic"nnit-trOratft" o ismppl Bur v- popcre .
. te rein p Olewt Rarter m ot Mine rals a! -.e sidential-,umit"r ...e ed an4t hU ar: Map Walte rs alsod -hu en) has s ue eded ad- U QNTROL
fl teed ke~efo t h mf .~e Pa0to hantr e .u isw_ ;the g Britisf, or de H. thf -iay n aod ig te mas-an dhe A iRPLANE K
Foundv4d, aut er othe closeWa it hev war reenlpstsd ru- t rmu t nog s c t the' decrta y t ausamoltst384 pfo r -snhe p e
d served .....the.P La Uene Is ,owed J tofo in. p8 maci.c.meof ,wingk wingspan
-' i- 0. butne 11 :, W s fOT04 6(UP mo Two rnew Aftr bar., a n gPdA dischg o m wouw"09... .
MatrMM."Oa.'the d Utecnatae adr reser e men. Con- a dn ,e I ant-b
"3nIV mit. h po ufoP Wssosgra ro-e
sd 1-Scarsout or,0 .ttontinandam E ETis I G, S

wun 13035t5. donu ta. is y -r e natio n of iCas p olh e i nt on b e ------ bom e ma dtIn',.a thew-
of p o xyf1.194eHansttorl forilng tu.-
ms' one *da t s -w ndu t utinWasc a pdla erwih_,watsna.1 ir t-- i r d Map"hhd fl' at Gulet 6 Oneh Laul ts.
m1 a-ntexcessiveamon toean,,,n-Ptei po c o aUvScNavywalo ee s tarch18, Jugle S rv l wh'
can beas1 m A S aret Ineane t afr tA-o.Is V .' .In e tIon tOa On Marc .
form tof lstin dl tirem-- 'Fiveld Aanstah"Dmtwl begt Poi tro l rt W omena w ll
.aon t rh e n owB2artonlbefIsl a i s In rda at bu. Oradt wUll-be rt Co Zud-n bldbam forntr

neverberbeftorfonl dInthe idacHe i s ob y en tw ar o Pacnfi h ra Ma
Cevrotl It also was wie sa tweo do to s copers or I was anrounte- .

S~thlatrn s iaubes tshmed n th aking lAt yOurs. tUodIt sC ayrse ta. ------ 0 -----

I *-, .

-* iT^
nf, ,+< ,,

it ;.,
', .

. j:._ .
" ^I


-, li
- '0


^~ '

S*t t t office of the
h h amp. A Via Epaae and RI-
.W Wt n:i0 er t, following:

^ *. .
's,, WTM.


.4Lan, heb It d e uppl !


Your. Cadgac-Pontiac Dealer

Before NOW
'() 1951 Morit Convertbl .... 895.00 695.00
(2) 1954 Meals Minor 4-D ..... 1,045.00 895.00
(3) 195)ba Ofr., p... 1,045.00 995.00



I- 'N f

- o. K Cub, Space Bug, Ohislon
- Jim Walker, Berkley, Scientific, Comet
- Control lines, go plugs, fuel tnks pr .. j.,i.

DOPE & FUEL Teno, complete line


-Aull h



- .-A. *


* ...~. -


- N.

* -' ,
* i r*- ,

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;-' ~ii;i~~8~i~tia

I T ;i' *

0o40ng ,A t tfe

B, r1c h 6rcn de

- ~~~~ ~ ~ p I-- -. -- -

a si. yel certainly can be broad Ghicago a urinter from Minn.?-
'ii In mar. thdtri one sense If aota; a department tbre mul-
a person only wants to be broact- iger from Oiio;' a, real estate
$and. man from Wisconsin and the
I.sit, thLre Is the broadeni;, director of 6 coa! mining outfit
,*E gKeLs by sitting on the hotel from
ch most. f ltbe time gossi;-
g r:x listening 10 gossip. You can get the combined
1 'o bromnening is best notel,- political opfniont Of the whole
V,iwhen the tourist so broaden- country. that way. You canj
goes into the water and or,' learn what people think about
.good "earview other. I and talk drout T6A flnd out
S'ri", with all da' what p slop rean Iu
fto thl later' ea, ia sort of their a Jii ea O Nd customa.
ning li confined almost There is ptnty of scenery in
C cusivelv t. thu female sex. Florida, of c( urae and plenty LI
t n, theie, Is another kind "f climate, Just as" therelf' -plenty
broadening. the ldnd one a,- ef scenery and climate i Ca.i-
rea around the fireside durli'g fornia, Ala'rAma. VirtlWla, Min-
^1 ,y'eninift by t~irlngr and lis nesota. Mai viand, Pennayl, .-
A to tz-.e men and women nia, New Ii' apsnire and In e..
IH station ar.n from all ove e.y one of tie other 41-tes ri
p-countrnb tt'e Union.
.. -h.Florita, one meets people But scene:v dues not make a
;- -every state of the Union. country. noi doe climate, Its
Up na Tampa, Lhey registered people that bave made Anerl.:a
.eapGOle who.had come from Preat and 'ts people that wijl
Wyeoing. They made up the keep hre gifat.
4 th state represented there. And it I traveling and frte
A State Tr:0ope' met them at .nterchangir.a of Ideas.and the
the entrance to the city and they free express;i n of opinions hnqt
Given a royal welcome wth i ave given America the col r.
,Ia gukled trip to MIauit the variety, the opportunity tiat
all so" of other things. I still e-ists here In spite of all
't. know whether the affair the harper- and the carpetf.
televlsid. WC, have no tei.- I guess the fellow who wro',
Ion here rm Captiva Island- 'God Bless America" knew what
really cz.1t tell you. he was talkIng about.
J*ht here on this little island
ve noticed Itese plates of rvnl iS
'rore than 0 d Iffereit states. Iwy m wwi
One from Oi.Pgor. just came in---
a~. Oregon, as vo must admit., ,ln. iukIVl Wa
'S Star cry from Florida. M
atlked t C. Oregon man what
oa ihim tome all the way hin In Mississippi
qnom the We.t Coast to lust V-
ot the point he would KIMMSWICK, Mo. (U.P.) A
''Oh, I got fed un with th, drought and resultant drop in the
We." he sd, d.* so I Ahought, r Misplssippi River combined to
etamIete c ange would do use ring a, Civil War ship. into view
stood here once more.
Orfginallv. he told me, he
eviSrow ro, Boohlyn, so he About 1862 the vessel, one of this
."tgr 'have hiad at least two country's first armored naval craft
..omplte changes In his llf.- was caught in an ice gorge and
Still he wasn't satisfied. sank. Part of it has been visible
z7-e one unfortunate thing o- occasionally in the past when the
Sfout this changingg" business Is river has been low, but now it is
*at one has to akce himself o;- almost completely exposed,
oth o any ii p. A REAL chanz. The boat believed to be a Union
SeidUd vcome only it one corld stern-wheeler named the Windsor,
ave himself at horne and go on was armored with railroad rail$
* trin without himself. and apparently designed for .ram.
But back to th. broadenlng. ming Confederate vessels. Its prow
ca n re he, beinp bro.'l., was reinforced with a solid mass
-gd when ne opp 0rtunlt. arUi- of oak and walnut ties, most o
allin nr.o .p e -to talk t which still ermaip in position is#
aplianld dear from Cindtnr- 'the rating hull.
atI; an.- uertaker from De-
ott a clhen istr" professor fr. Bulldozer Used
oe -o Bulldozer Used
ITo'Dig Up Fossils
5 RAPID CITY,-S. D. (U.P;)-ln.
stead of the usual slow. patak-
Sfossil hunters from the School of
S -._ i and TObhnology used a bull-

Wi.en a man ake a worn
p,- tner in a restaurant lie
~rp all the ordrse to the watt-
k lhe wants her steak rare,
tela h tescont nd lets I t.', ,
the wal'Ar.
a tat oldsntre even when
a Is dim UK out with 1"r

CERtIM WI~lVIN. Fblaurtse

TIo toPa


iio., w .. go. -O W .a

BOYI O ars pa get
I just hoa, $4i#e inW114 Ford


I was



my nerves


The Greatest of all Tonics
When your nerves are had. and. you
can't sleep well, it' natural to be de-
pressed and to lose your apDtite. At
times like these, PHOSFERINE has
been of great beneht to many thousands
Sofs ufferes !t .Woerf* ....onic
lOtRpit t mthe nerve., fit improves
. <* gt tittesi etite and dicstioq, Thi resigi

Opp feeling f ter--and better.
I Get PHOS~ERINE today. Its the
Greatest of All Tontam.
PhWfrise is imvalaml for cats
a'm. IUE fh; a ,. LOIS AETI,


Ilto the Wreck


PBRIttabL.'S POr


A 6PEE 90175

AlmP. to Please

. iI


~0~363 --' -.

j. p


BHw Polts You Are

-. pp.a... -


~c3~I~ **#e~

LUll 4$3~

.Am Mm UP'lm- ..OY I. JUST
OF wIY, O vW p' 9. 1i, M WCOW0.

MUU*) &Itu 555K ~Ia*UA L

tJgahf g&ASI

LS ?Rms14, I C 1c-1I

* r





thinkd the'luMi' -
-, ., o


'tlae for a Change

b N' -I

Bad News

1.AS '.....
.,.- ,

I~ hADq1aM

war ~P
..LL~ ~

wally'a Father

3sSz Ues I HneP oFP IUViARm -wroi
tr mQ Mf
I "Lam

Va. Ptehdu




^ banp B IeM&

*i -


Mpw w e
w5 *w


. '>--*- -h-' .. 4 IA
, ; . -.'..
.. u '

_ I ____~ ~_jl ______~r_ :_I_____ _


. .

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j 'l



. -

.1- V

t i}at t ad



ky at her

14 i ini Ja
"Wo.es_ ay.,-

&' by' } amaW Y 4 c fH Anei
pre. motion t tor for home
s even meet provides use fea a eontoas similar
J-0 love tyto the 9 tor s@With an
t listen to' 93l"n'nattelevlslop
o ha be a ut homelike ttphere, Two dal-one on each side of
Sfor several litary personnel their the 8mm. projector--cntrol all
Hatesl -Pana- families, and the public of both si basic stes in sawing the mov-
Oy plae to re- thbe Canal Zone a nd the Rpublic ies. The unit,' which weighs only
Sof Panama are cordialty Invited if pirids, can start whirring away
SWatte in than two minutes after it Is
---,'-- removed from the streamlined'car-
,, lW I rP Mrc trying .-e.
eilo*4^44 The Star Cirde will sponsor Dial Wontrola tilow you to show
tc a Party to be held sow action movies. Or yomu caU
to wednesday Marck 17 at the home flip theW4itc to reverse and run
M d aasrOMDB, Ole6n- the o fil backwards tot comic if-
S1A a i The psublicoests,
is twenty Wh... the control at still-p picture
I.I fklitirflents will ostUOm you can freeze a.on a<


44, .1'

. e .

"~~~k~ ~sr~





S WC- u
u1 -I(fcer Wmve Club
abeat '.

S .Offies Wives' ub.

rs W. lWr Kenning,
WtgU ut0 semi-
So.ol eri,.w. l be
.w ', .-r '
^Ila^ap^,_l~la "' "

' .

eariufuy IW US rsi tiulmumazCieA.
'-:Thursday, March 18 from.8 tO
,to 8:00 p.m. Couple Club members
arem urged to attend with their
V 6,,bf it, own.- a
Wble at' .hp k~ch_ tciih stad.

=It Tt i*

SSpecial Troops, fort
r; Pvt. Arthur S. Levy,.th
SOffice, Fort Kobbe; Ma-
McKelvey, Hq. 65th AAAJ
and Mrs. M. McKelvey;,
Ibert GOmaan,' Fort Amra-

#WB tqu. MBAUw I* Fo m t

t'lhIea p
** 4"
.'>A-9iMftA^S ^ijl

'- -. 1 -- 9,." ":. .

a parttou-ar frame and ted" sowA
one frame at a time, like a slid.
projector. .
*Thei lmp ,fied design of .the
"Futurist 8," which has a reel ca-
Iacity of 400 feet. is made possible
by an internal mechanism similar
to the automatic shift on an attes
i obile. (tniro Corp.)
The tlie of 'smallest lamp In
the world" now goes to one that's
as tiny as the head of a pin.
But the midget light-thrower will
be used for anything bt a dainty
purpose. It's designed to help in&
'..ssile tests for the military.
A neon -low lamp measuring
only one-tentieth of an inch in
diameter, it aids in timing. phto-
raphic redirds of missiles ac-
ti The latp also may be used
for similar enmfa work .* labora-
tories cramped for space.
. The devl ds on., 4the
width of of- lamp

_A. --

electrodes. The slim glass cylinder
enclosing the unit also contains a
trace of neon ga.. Hearing-aid bat-
teries can p6wer-the lamp's glow.
(WegtnghbUse Eteetulj Cot,)
A handy ,device does away with,
the tug war trat usually accom-
p rtues tearing of a piece Of adhe-
Lve tape. It I sAlear plastic case
in -bbth. te.rofl of tapt fits
The caR86 4d@bes as a cutter.



the Way You'H
Look This Season.
with a


Monday thrl-Thursd
these can be ha4

make yeur


* -. l i l i i i

- S

(A et en .m atAl of the Pan-f
n Amee*, iMopered i1

et th to M tA wC* ,tt.
for their 0 akes 1 artotft t
Ael. 4tMlettherjy '

P00t ,It- on. .-

MOit auoe? First i'V a on air
oipap.T Then some of it- ieb'
your band. I hen y touch your
cW6tlS. Then It \e ,jfrom Vour
,lotes to tht furntue. There Is
no end to 't
That is hike the sin of tne
Pharlede Yoc starwth b S
pryud a"d aelf-th#. en
yuw resolve to be tl i
!ta-trutinB. yP.D1
k ojyoa are prtid nu_
:n4tM.. goeh on and on. I there
no end to it? Ye., there is. ThS
kwpwqedge ttat Christ Ls pray,-
in Mfor you and trusting voa,
f'lovlng yu, and dtft ei
p to say, "1 give p try itnttV
fiure out whether. t am ood 'Ma
had will usat try to take .Ie
ten step, as 4 see the pathk
He Is prda;ng for you and lov-
Ing you now. Dol't worry ab-utL
bow "you're doing. Keep your
on liri and lift. our
hearts. T'he Lord kndoetn t eti
tht are HA.
Prayer acknowledges that we
eanfot do tae appointed task by
outselves alone. It can only be
done through us by God lim-
self. That 1i were prayer Da-
comes effective, lor It layshu'.d
at God's power and permits Qod
tof'work HUi wil in our lives.
'ihat is how praver accompllhA-
en things prayer helps us to find
out how doing 4d by day
as we .the knowledge and
love 00 MGM

44. ,

.. r'CHAN6E


Tel. 3-4987 Panama or wire reservation
Hotel Panamonte,. Boquete.
3 '

He sal.s, on"
rer .W1OW3RYW -W'c
'nveftfortie ~haO "tie ..preat
slowdPwsh. ne w mlen. t- t
ttbutai to ai aC4uflawat oa&.*
.ndl "oa" 11
will V. :1,l1 an
iar(ray ais 0w o ratw'lr
War e i t 4 omo. pra W-'f1
Thd nattior', 6A OMWy can 9%-
b i* a dro# in tno
o. t wgl l.t n now tan:lw,
,ciface he sald, a still ,eeisg'
it thed rt eyou1 a bettor
fiiape thaoieSt l
, Barnas acd toat such a de-
cline would leave the output of
roo.ds a. -stc*A $ bint r
.4ollf 1062 out-
put on

tomorrow at the
.Msrch of.Our Saviour.
S al, .et ..:,A.'
Oo^Kia w-ii t A a 1
ft m4 1 M tto 8:15 p.M.
PI atK aill' qi or iT
"ia S" T "durnfi
five wek sessloi is
nperinei, public. Oui i-
an i'lpv wIll be given rno
p0 t ecablish a trpBg .II?
of *Mer. Vue subjects to be
V r-the G ve sessions ere

1L The '"ifatur6' of Prayer. A
man'&. greati t need
14. The P.;pos' of Prayer. Un-
leritandWir the iTn with will a
Wve aporoao GQu.
lI. The apIrit of Prayer. How'
we' come to. Obd.
IV/The Mstho.l In Prayer. T *i
sure ;fotDations of prayer,. a
,r.otold ftt~a iv olodge of tht.
prinelples which the Cl *istlt.
'hurco hbe taught down
through the aged
V.,The Pirparva ion in Praye".
lTow to lay told of God a powrn.
.'nd permit Gnd icr work HIls wLt
In us. Ho-i prayer woms and
how to find the right answers in
a life of prayer.

Central Ave. 66-A

c ,,, .o. -

We Just Received
beautiful new



it .

- m -

*~~fl~34 *%

of the famous mark
different styles
and colors


'From 12.95

To 17.95

ALSO, beautiful

Pedal Pushers



*L -- l ,1I Ii -... o --"
____"_"_-__"___Jr "..

-- -. ';

T. n&ssif quede id l All t tI
SAse a, 4 a week's. WNl hfri n
of l who l l J Pacific Side i hs e
althe Isthmus for a tat t
Horde a4"1 kie illIke.
Carlel/ti "1 .... '
a iebert L m.s .W ,
l a The 'mem" .. ; dg,. ,
CIAin Gatun, Ao M-acwre
areThe" a e in. ful dance at th 9-
;at'the lb, $aturdaf 'v
m Ph dred me&iin e 00 go5
oVen'A pxaB and their frends attended. -
.Cl rs Music was y O Roy-
,,o m, presal al Sultanas ,ech .o
e a dd members at- Mr. WlliaM Baddera,.Mr. Whit-
tended the ,seetl and 'enjoyed man Garrett adMfr. David Me-
the inter ve by Dr. W y wete in charge at the as-
Alcibiadesth ds and agements.
Spanish o Ihe .;tr and cul- I -r-
ture of k the2 A s,.aa ms Birthda arty
"lonary work. ... For MT w,
Exhibited at the g .were Mr. and W.7e plow Jr.
the artielee to be a. sale- at eterta d da ing with
the Exposition. MrI meg Facer a party fborl dauter, Sally,
and. Mrs. Carlos Q 6a: are .gen- on her fifteath birthday anniv
eral chairmen and other chair- sary.
en includeMrq. Ag sto La in The group dined at th Mar
-chare of aprods Mrs. Frank Ru- fits' Clubhhuse and attended ae;
do6l, Swedh embroidered towel; moving pictures, After the sh
Mri R. Y. Ddsinberre-bateas; the hostess took the goup for a
and Mrs. Julia Emliani who will bus ride of theAtladttc Sde towns,
have change of the Iaformition before depositing them at their
booth and guides, homes.
The first tickets were sold on
the beautiful hand dressed pller Those in the. party ncluded
doll which Mrs. Ernnto Estmnoz is Misses Elaine Mann, Carole Flen-
making for the Cub. he dress is niken, Grace Argo Aandra Keane
cross-stitched in ted ud' all of the Caroly aders hambe
tradi. jewelry and decorations Pat e Io Uttb t%
arh." platod perfectly. Balboa," 'l t
:-tD d as. the Corrigan Wae
tea U&7h, ue Bias Philip. ,
theme. ith a.lar iv i of a brooks, Samt N, hiarcad d Bily
San Baift irl, being g by the RBanklyn. -.
tea table. An d ItIan gave local -
color, and the table 'centerpiece RainbillAsY
was apalm basket filled native Critbl Ranbow s No.
fruit. The costumes and headpiee. I will hold its regurGeneral As-
ea of the natives were also dis. semblytmoa 0 p.m. at
played. the Cristebal..Magdic T .mple.
Splayed Miss Barhaa E olf, Worthy Ah.
Chairmen for the tea were: Mrs. visor, will reside. All Eastern
Luis A. Cruz, and Miss Elizabeth Stars and Masons are invited to
Marsh. The comnmltte members attend.
included: Mrs. Warren McNamee, "C'" e
Mrs. William Wall, Mrs. Ralph Caleb Attend "Cauaaulito"
Dugas, Mrs. ector Grant, Mrs. A group of the Cadets from the
T. I. Zuideman Mrs. Stanle USTS Charleston attended the, Car-
Ridd, Mrs. John Vrey, Mrs. Frank navalito held at the USO-Y. Ap-
Brennan Miss Tee Headley, Mrs. propriate decorations and stream-
Sidney PassalguQ Mrs. Berta ers were used in the dance hal.
Maraho kya MANC A. Nunez, The young ladies were In .cos-
rs. O iO nnap, Mrs. Car umes and the prize for the prq
men l ai f S,_ s. Mercedes test was woa. Ry MWs &.d a
Mauret, Mrs. Viceite Lara, Mrs.
Fabian Pihto Mrs. slast Sasso,
Mrs. John droeler Mrs., Blanca
de Leone, Mrsa r Mardo Munoz, 1 neVer k. ew drl sg cou
and Miss Jull.e '
,. power eeingt 040611
an igM I .. agban a C
was theL.*eekLpd gest of Captain
1: Fwn"
'' JtS ~ 't .S k. *'''**f n ro .< *.j;.iM ,.. .:' *-* ***.y '-

Meeting utt W
Sthe c i t-' _I e W ipe .
Model R! buE
',een ehanyea u was .
Operatior.o 0-.rqin'
torns will befronS
ery Wede.uf 'r"
b, o. work be

ltbe siuch a pw p J.r
w PFor.l.9Omfr titW6.

Bargain SALE of
*K -*'" tt'-.;l



I -,

~ .'.:'d <

Entire shop equipment on Sole at-ridiculously

:*. "

SFord"N boscope
O Ford Diag
HydT ton.
Mechanic Se4chn
Wheel Alling Equipment
O Motor Stands & ifferntial Stands

Shopiaeki s
Hvdramatlc Tool Sets
and hundreds of other tools. -


Sale. Be

TODAY ends


rins .'




CA <

.4 ~4..
:~-. h~-

%.,Lu: ,,~k


-i-.. r.'
-VI. ,
.,r*.. .;I
.4 1..*

_ I

__ ~~_




- -----. ----- -- -


of the 'Cabin ,nl ...e -

rkAt atl O ','e

wil b e arrang
n B .

Fatrick's ace.
Suet. Supper
At Gatoi chr..k
The members of the .
of the'c atun Union .
ry are holNg anotht '..
dealcios GdiEet' at he
FrTday at S00, ,
wil be served 10ro.t
there wiU be a variety o
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Elks To weIl ^
The Critaoba
no. 15C., ID.P.
election of offlcnra e

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Change rt
To Wededay

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..... ri yGlaB'ra ^ ",
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9..1, ,w Cris- s..m spr s th Street -ast, cA er. .
-, ) FOR SALE .,.EAU _.CO. RTS C-OMs '
tapo l dh 0. MIS L FO SAL PRJ IFAL
tip. T*tAK-ik o ntn.

W"iW g p h nd .n ks e ws W e B

Np. 4Vi^ Qmmflch Oem Beech steps.
iau/ffl-fnfie alec -_______ _. ___

*--r" W N -1n94's2hs e vsl e CAMseA- FOR SALS-ped Grahic Pceik-

S Plin. Arr n. it hou; w .l ao.a t
f t-.ycl beror, P.cycle washing. m ach iniOn 5 lpf ;o o 4;etw a o t

E;-., WI- PlacBn e o r i at t runnI i cpndSl tlon $m odr3 dro. A* e ft

5 eI..att'.:. FOA FALE;-OfRr-p"rt b d- df r Lms, SA LE:-- e phic P c m k- irt .
r 6'0- mi n ine in BSo FVimFo. er information msiln Sma a r I n t MWwl at n x Critlya der.-
3211,t. 563B Hedges'

Sit n rgE BOsuIeA O r .. 3 ut, 4 to pm. f S ia aloaent dw' *. as tol pent paltt 14 pae -. -
len.I San FrnCisco f1 i e n a s f:R h tLEu glme- Wate g.. St tnuurg
h U MB ; 2-2732lot of lage, f ouse e; FOR R t -2- re house, util- oy qap go2re5 .o r Pw.oert,,-a-P -

_,_ga Street> Ask :for.MCker. fi _SF E: Lerf, entra_-_, !nlude Mr. and Mrs. Francs 8.(
t WATED P- *' -- *S M= =. I. .* H^^
,ho ta, t e gas station t AHnue 5:00 plP l" itie clos r. e O Le a Cum-k.9 Ae n + P,* IMr. Bd, -i Mr. Bn ob-P 1w
-. l n safo kitchenm aowbialn e d3-
roI F P'S*I r-po HELP WANTED: Comptt cook FOR RIT-Fuishlqtd hou 3 bd. 'the compete advance t, en- M
S S' Viar For ,n rlrtma o nd maoid for general homework, rooml C or h. L t forMw York flows

|n.,ly (ecatgI C.ll eor | Mt h | Exp"rinc.and references esserrtial. for 3s\3onlt **h Tlp 440r lE. Wilhlm Al, olth Mr. atid Mrs. dH,

F" .. ....T 4 Is, ypd. i ioa t b lo n omod r n r h Apent. p
dinse 1r: : ,orF"e m PCetmn r-4941.lT ll 1.. lecturing ai
.oMr.handM. Lo- G. H

3,jet. ed thdambedrom apparent, 7cs e Clb k;G. ,10 to Ultra* ^ ad N -aCharleRoUen; ^-A-
'' bu oyc "Las Cnres., T"eephn e god. i. So.o p-. m., from toK led t

floor Modurf Bu-d" Errl CoCr mrp' S E t n Tpago r for Por-u-Pr ce
teg..Str"et ITALsk fe: .lM Otvkw h'o erT er, evcidn tl ny olde Mr. and Mrs. Fra. nci
Ceell 2-27i 6 (ofild or any W b and Mi rsii
R O Co rbb111 0 9 81 6 o rese e

'" 7Igad (hous2.). a1 %I. rs p A a fl
OHECFOR RENT:- Justpinted modu e be -n 4i0 .

j diningroo m, 5 clos, hot w-tCrans
UPii .e 'L7, AIt.

urto o t1063 FOR 14'4Tr D FOR- SAL.r
34__g'ood *l eosi)pDe and maid for general a t on Eloo s n, garage b, t s N'
I l wed. a e o" ur S fll Experience and references essential l rnt s "le ha- a r.

flly I l ~ nohow. Appl, 12 ost t2nd Streett. A. frn, -3ot STee o O80 EraN oAr Pr A~ .a M

l s tinas b yW E Mo!r d. Howard a ner; Mr. at -
s Cell.aytag61.39. n.I FOaR RENT: --Aot. NE. -m, FSN Td sT S d. W a Nor d; Mr. nt
ainpolo 1 ls mt l a d $re8-b-dll opart.-6 rL i
ar4 Awc. .t1 ma' pueHtl BAXTE, SA.
4.UWI.IFP COMPAN'Y ,- flnl So(iON 5, J.dFr atft rodrnn SdGEM.G Md. WM EA. R o,

IS '" 2'. A i. p jr bedrms'h, hol drwal. l r W Ha

pment HAVING A LOOK-Five So. ent, rsid en til section, d MF.Pl

.,gg a thia th viet "mystery hips" have ld conveniences. Bella Visto 43rd St.,M L R el T I.tN s r. M t.k t,.m a ;
ur.- wil oa "former atJ* ..stw.. ".epemn,"ce toys which artet od in NATO ports, showa o. No. 13. MeO.ALo EECT Wrtn raO NS_' Mr _Jrgn Charles Ho] ezz.
.rpr al ea w idely, adapted .rom 'o NW ap, or lengA FR R 2adreom a rtn Mr. J.

-. iiAl I r*o:a .. inTo.nernover *omfo a lei, ht' Water, Hent $Iu L.D Ofl&'S his p fon i ^ *n VI_ s Lad Ms A 5-
vbe etab le.. cotok nd baby Sid also las.eto vlbei .u M r. a l e. oh'

700' "a lt as.T frih Termnal iok for huehe's res- tau 1?%Sr ^^ IeH
!.p l .er .bn McasA .

-~~ I. built Lberty sp r d FOR RENT:- 2-b bedroom p rtmSent# W a
ia C-. P rtme t nt: two bedroom, livng S IDN i O EREL -. i

plain,.o Sy ro ro pO REN 5 clouetse; hr tw 7 .

Merf t:U. ian AO oue r F .,.c. -; IP. .oa'". 1 2oft hPA, ana3rd ma O 7-.,
*. '4, "'" ; nal Bwx"14 "'.p' FOR RENT: Big, ool, modern, o
A nti Mke8 a"miportenn goidl oairen, g ara, 'r, ,-+. S.ld .1laf *_. _-.' ... .. _.

to d no r e l sK excellent' fo P couple witho t chi- P, ,e ; o 4t, Ion 4 W t .. r m
o1 5i FOR SshAo, baeda on dl.. N T- dren. 1t,:'Strt, Ptre, 4i N o. 16, p rm I d O. ivfSii. ., a r
_______________ u aus ssai A r, andrs .and .4le.

in d.tneMmos UrWam Pon& And; dN O

7%".aaj'mtanPas ofthe fml pN Hh Ex. In H. epho ,----8.. ua,e r ii w k RMi f t h-r
Bs. ,his o educational olay-F ths'.$ALE; FOR RENT:F umh edmpl odrniqe-, o wanus t, TL FRea; ae mo,S M n
Se mr wt hg w e-ith r ma ny toys desi gred Wa So epe e bedroom apartmet garao g 1H .OICE OF iutle d
6t nfor mationj'FOR RENT: rn-Smo hedm U

ALAtben MtV4tsh in ntni tflenEo b
t f i e .viet "myste hips" have lad- conveniences. Bella Vista, 43tRrLE- Tel. 1.5 wII.. 7 1 Can al S lme. ei w t,; I
___ *t !Delude M r.and Mrs.' ni

Or wf A a tome at- laityw C olys lwehi iD isade n N pMr.

Ide l a d t W' NT m pfo engthc o R NT :- 2 do o- a tent d vwe* In ih t s .
o.. fteairs. oinemalnd g rncer ove r comfortble, ventilated. witli tnr- ....M dM.r .lhd ts.
Swetern ba Two freIht- Terminal, qk for the Coluches re- *? OrSo3* 'tilea; Teo 3 0o

"m fr c I Nal a R Eartmieripnt Amn2"ag n.IBWl']ES

....Isbd 'oarems.Ihot. .offTcilel heveM. small, an.UM- 25-A, 3rd Si',; Sr.
to keep. woso3wat1h-Sahe 3-22.6 *." W'U%.. .o)v5.
Sexetuttye r, pletm with et,-Ounce ce of[-yMALYPIY Cabinet iners Wte-ATC-I

*.co o k a nd..Za ideats4 t h e .it so ns. A lso "h .M r.Zn d .Me krIsc. _ClHlOE O

: -wito dth w ,I-I FOR RENT: -- nshod rae moAern. j

neotba.hoP wAe ot

.. .*. dfI 0aa m,.gaage
-at 53levee n



1!tnSo o la* Man-
pne isg sUdld tforthe
l'w ggbh. Italy. eandlval The
papir -m'r ht gu Sw will be
a st 1[t C-0 rt ~ to i

- .* .^ .'...... -. .4 *
. j& .. .
- -" -" : :." -.-.'-"L T ',.-* _- -
= '-" '- p -* ,'- =' ^-"+" ^< '"- ,. 4 "

*1 71
". .. -9 .. "

yr g;fr* ^"'C ^~~ lF* a
. ,A ..
,- .=, st -:,:. -,"-.*. .. .. ..* "

, H, i- .' w '-. 7"".

i- tI ''+ C JJ r' ;" .u ,

' + 4 Na s

y ^-. ;-.,.. |


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- -.'..------- -.
.: -4t'.-. I-' -

** *" -- .'- .. "'- --... 4-^ *^-r ;. ^
--. .. -.
.S A. ... -. .- .. ..& -


" -"J-KH -' U_


S'. ..

Or^ **n:





_ ________ j~

.-,^*1 ^

affobr u' &;bww~': '-~~

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................... :. .. .. .,
t.' 1 "* ., E .S
Su -; st* I

a idL521aen d-o'r

M Mr Iott y .,te fe .--norB
ca,.d "b "o e t itraagamn 0 o.1me T-sedo e lamWles
h-. ... (u ft

oi4naablsshauoic0los and htia Dhia alfioseolUdrt vieth om reurt nh to 0

he^ lwh tonge- a .Di~t'sl drso Aeeto ew! 1. Geor2ie Shaw's latest Dec.a ra a er
comhe o ro6M -to l"er i. l 'T

.* ..dAd i d to u have4 ast Po lrm. R A Veto"
nation to p116 p yo, per eu a strong candidate foc.SM honors

l-R Se iiny o fe* b+, 'bt fell those who ere 55 years d or with "Show e iz. t "
p eas d *heft-"ered Sl .wviolation a "o et-]o eqdty-orllioIay eth el amro

AtAscisst adMdp -.---m--o -s o-.s bs dm A41* I Ie Phj
nl '.timeentencTsq -aab '000 VhI
-- ',f fn." k'nes. You hear the; vAcesn da
---- e -,'-:.- -- -.- Careo S"r Harry Lauder, Fad d
.aso M h. vc oau j. UD i witiA
....1 r 'ave yo' -a t rie We Roge rs an ot e pa b seeII t a d o

sd in the 195I tiord? droe nic dvan een. t

006a sB A MOTION PIRTKiOt LLi Ai a a ...
-- .,- vihe f .yo u 6 Ilee le." Ae l, o .

.t. i4N~~tv-es iitfailo foed I s" b ereerrn to a. W YOf-A)-Ra W h Morning
iap l.oE0lY r iA, a e0m'- wi m ordto Isget- muL -
....imty 0 w n g stro N O one "Well," he said, "we've' talked
vie-ma.lhr art athuewh e' fiter at.a- iparo

b.iimportant career, I on'tlie PPhyllmK w ia a blid
ne :420 OW Legues Un- SH W 4&i 0IH.. Joe

e l Sterm, Just housewife, and rIn thear the aci-al a r vo e pAl
Lai Wi0ode don't like attorneys or anyoe la inCes Sir Han ry Lauder, Fan
brass refer to housewives in that man- y Re Touzet and his Orhestr,, e
st n -,n -t thq l ease '. A N ,-d those stars N wb. 3

Noti. Why, housewives have .a big, polkas" by Ted Tylte' bind, all- -y W l 'tg1 N. w .
porter vit -youve- *v' been- gufofa J voy Duraites Eddice, important olob. And it's a full-time tie'FisheE, and doe A ma n NW m algW a IE Crodip, ale- Wilr "Th m e e

ob, too, because they're kept busy4 i orchestra and tops ongesa ugter a b. lgl i fW. Iu"
htat the time,' Jerrt Waid. insar.dtr .on s oautoesoed r -Mo "ll, lhes e paeided In
We women shouldn't .use tlt as of these aW erup and itla wrote
S aitoo-modest phrase-ever. Not even g qn omI pptngiwhe w s henwok; Isp'where t a
withouta rouse-. LP Drobably wilt be the mostocal e"pIa'ato.eKeaknew
wife"- witan pide-In our voices and, popua: as it Includes current fPa-, ,le o nt.illIA ab
bur heads held high. "'n vorites such "Rags to Rieh.a,"' and Fm warming up." wam+ R 't
Sarny pa9up or girls, of .any, "Chareg Purdth5 aM "Man t' s oigeo. o or ;w Marn' la -
age wotl tiny want to do Wne t Toles, -" r .. .. handle the new end of C V''R -ii
-theygew' y ',o m o witij slt + h Whs new tlooIn show w p she
LWreooovit uaaa.ueadhs.m.Eh
vtesV Ms .-aPa. pd, z-fl4 enttled, s. apathekoho Cub .
bto .eens chaoi s "The Msmnhlrad M in doAn=1-w eOn

awhile marriage, but Uhe wi 4a0. It~s, YAaY scadicalm-we'rm
the racinbw sh .ees a acueeigwhen she Is esfabe i nt abait-sel tere4 y 1sehaver-d
hi bind, and. dreo. 1 the aa t a ns w et a ny loture o p w th the
Souwhnahefily th.a blushe 11P oineide wll, be the mo s viewers iV Just hea u albums, too.
win th career other choosing why, "Stanger .as P itise." ntofa "look aMt .meI.
shouldn't she Lo e p I important?, makes nl.oncesion to Broadwany besi s big mew affiliatIon, Deels .

... ..$U bA D boor-to-door shiesmen hive 'a coupling of "Honeycomb" and "ui lean Museum of Naturali inator. tlag a PUrtA, And U you
-""4 DniflmK-&S+ "- term 1 llke. 'Wiey w they ring tho We, Too, Are Gone" sho<; d betI Iu_.?I.C0that .+ psapl s o IY 50 rnthj l[qqy a' a ga
t "+ want heirethenohoriginal

think of herself-as lady of Hillbilly hst: "The. ,-Crawdg d 'And I learned all about pt rat- ha 'lr Rorodlrs "Poiovetaian
..O 'thehouse. Song" by Burl Ives (Decc). .tesnakes. Thos, pits on the sides D pes' -from ri--e Igor,
forShe'd never be tempted.n' to put* of their bads are really thermio- d od. tbUropolouaand the Phil-
......warm ting." two fntee isIo-.f &eethoven's"

..... .. ... ."A bees..The Russians make playe t .Pblarmonla or-
,'.,. 7the best fimss of bee alfe. That's chIeG=a ofLondon under you Kara.
5OIW U.T".u'haeke uet hodet --aesy pr0its by the Berlin Philhar-

A MOJ-ON PIiS Y Len. 2-1035

". .LOSTiayP ?c.tur 9tso..... te-,.,W s-PRESEN
-with- In/tNOareao'r %laaSHk x. -.TODAY!-- I, I .. q"' onabusIoo

e%*tON -DAU'LIN. DAd i. ,efrsthe sw iATOWIHfS l. L-AST SHOWI ofM 11 r I


$150.00 in Cash Prizes!

I WLaw .. U, Q. I.
AU94oNDMrMof r I

...tttY. o .ECISION"


-" -. -- &-- -e o. M EO -. IWIna news wifrn
S MeiDARC M the Assault of the Ameri-
"FLAMB OF CALCUTTA": can Congress by Puerto
-Than. ano sn" Rican Nationalists.
Prwo aMoi .*t i Also: -
"n' of Co'"ic" "WAR PAINTW

"SABE wrr--- torer .. In COLOR!
Frt '5U4 iSEIZA

rno Mary B.I BAGDAD."
oATUN 7:00

AAnger, in

naI .d


Ihm* "WUdE 3*10
SAhlfl CmiZ 6:15 1:14
e* Mhru lynoNaos
0M *0.' 55014303~

^ 1. /It I

-' "Rr N t "ui
Warner Pat i Noea with
th ahowj ng at the
. American Congress


SANK DAY! $125.00 FREE!
Dennis Morgan, in "RATON PASS" '* Plus:

Pat a ul

I9R4 / 9N;<14%R(fWt^&T:%p

. s uaWe'nevietn him before..
in pipAture'you' never foVoett

TS. -




Fiflned vWth. uhcompromising realism voice
irkst oil American, all English drama starn
the world-femous actress ANNA KMGA

i- -a


- a.

- _; .-+ .'= 'r .

- --

,. ,.*-


a :': ::"

-...... ..- ..

S Leads Pacific j Wor Tj p0

gue 1st Half In t.
........Divers To

y-rtsy eales, pint sized second uaeman of uuGbroulr .e,
t the batters in the first half of the Pacific Little Leagle dea-
1 With an averMae of .538. Ralph Parker of Lincoln Lffe was
r mner-up to slas with a .516 average.
P eo tis the leader in the double department with nine and
.a ceads in the most hits department with sixteen.
F I.y Huddleston of Seymour Agenpy Jbas the most walks
lnxflited with 8.
i More of Gibraltar has the most triples with two
4 run honors to to Curty Schwarzrock, Danny DesLondes
R* Parker with each man having one roundtripper.

y Team- Games ASB
Uf l Sears ................. 4 1 1
tje r Gibraltar Life ....... 10 28 13
S Lincoln Life ......... 10 31 7
'"F Police .......... 1..... 11 30o
ito ._ Polile ................, 2 2 0
Searsa .................. I 34 12
Seymour Agency ..... 8 s 3
Gibraltar Life ........ 9 32 9
S ears .................. 11 35 6
Pol ee ................. 10 21 3
Seymour ASency .... 11 31
wn#' Seymour Agency ..... It 37 9
I Lincoln'Life .......... 10 30 1
KdrI Seymour Agency ..... 11 31 6
Nall Gibraltar Life ........ 9 32 8
. Watson Sears .............. 11 32 14
la Guardia Elks 1414 ............ 11 '19 I
SLincoln Life .......... 0 22 6
Police ................ 10 28 5
Gibraltar Life ........ 10 29 6
Sight Elks 1414 ............. 11 34 6
*" d r.w Police ...... .......... 11 36 6
W man Seas .................. 11 33 10
Pollcd ................. 10 27 5
Seymour Agency ..... 9 21 4
Lincoln Life .......... 8 12 4
in Seymour Agency ..... 8 12 .
Gibraltar ULife ........ 10 81 .
IIddlaton Seymour Agency ..... 11 28 10
Itymond. H. Gibraltar Life ........ 7 13 3..
0PiiLoh t'lka 1414 ............ 11 30 6
f ', Gibraltar Life ........ 9 20
t rd Gibraltar Lifte ......... 10 27 *6
u Lincoln Life ......... 0 31 7
Lincoln Life .......... 9 14 5
E.p Elks 1414. ............. 11a 2s
MEw Lincoln Life .......... 9 27 6
Elks 1414 ............ 7 11 1
S Police .... ............ 8 15 0
Elks 1414 ............. 11 34 5.
SSeymour Aency ..... 11 32
Lincoln Lite .......... 7 20 2
Police ..... .......... 9 16 1
S Seymour. Agency ..... 11 26 3
SPolice ................ 11 23 2
a Sea ................ 11 29 2
Gibraltar Life .........5 S 2
Elks 1414 ..............1 C 0 0
S3k s1414 ............. 7 s 0
Llneoln Life .......... 10 27 4
Sea Sn ................. 11 22 1
S ao ................. 11 29s
Police............ ...... *
Polie. ................ 0 8 ;
Gibraltar Life ........ 19
ks lak 1414 ............ 10 so
s.amn ................. 11 24 12
Slk 1414 ............ 17
lk. 1414 ............. 10 4l
S Gibmlir Life ........ 10
alo s ............... 10 21t
U I v~our Agency .... 11 2& .I
SSoln Lif............... 1 71 o
tia 1414 ............ 232:5
d ure ................... lo 1

Sibraltar Life ........ 5 9 0
'.1414....... 0, 0 1
ce ................. 7 4 '
Sam ................. 4 7 *V
Seyinour Agency ..... 3 4 1
i Lipon Lite .......... 4 4 0
oLinoIni Life ........ 1
'Lincoln Life .......... 4 5 1
LincoLn ........ 4 a 1

S Li We ..o. ife .....4.... 2 2
A Gibraltar Life.. ..... 1 0
S t Seymour AO y2 ..... 0
i Seymowr Agmncy .... 1 1
Seymour Agency 1...
"' 8bymotar Agency ..... 0, 1
[] 1 31414 ............. S 0
S Seem........8. 1 0
p. Sar ................. 11
Gibraltar Life ......... 0
[] 'ba .hits: Johnny Morris (1), PeMfon, AlI4
I un' : schwamsrock. Dednonde and Parki

GIsBALTAR LM ....................
BLYMOU t AGENCY .................
LINCOLN LI .........................
Prou c ........................ ........
P A. S ........ ..................
L. s 1414 .................... ........

rRWatson, Schwi

illo Lead Pat

SLeague Pit

rWatSon and Cuy Schwararock of
r incoln Life led the Pacific Little L
9 the first half of the 1954 season.
lae and one loss record.
FWatson was tops In the strikeout
.and DtCanny DeaLondes was the a
suIng i21 bases onballs.
tY Schwarzrock allowed o 6ly run
*,pHitW-*nd he also burled te only
edM on. .. A

I l- L "...... 11. U 4. 11
....4..:.' a a 5
J 141.. e ......... S 3 I Is
.. .. 6S... 8 B 11

St.mor .a.ney.'... i11 s 4S
S-. r ma.c -...5 s U. s
U f.L t....... as a
e .............-. is a
e ......... U

j341it. 4A tC o I
........,1M 2 0 .39

v ...... .a 1 6

4 I-" .us
.d'r.- i S -" 7
gag ....?p.AL *4 s

*. i.. '.1.

- .

Perform Here

Hotel El Panama has been
selected as. the site for a gala a-
quatic spectacle featuring the
world's greatest protesonal
high divers.
The event, billed as the

I .. ;* ., : r .' '.
i'- .";' :' --. .^
,.Xr J. A -.-.

wp- ..,,tw.. rte..ta-

. #0 Fue l'

S b b 5 o AVE0. ,World's. Professional High Ditvk'n P J 9 :j!, t-il h a% 14$
So e 1.0ooo Championship, will be r held SI ded 4eron a
15 4 s q .56 March 27-28 as the climax of ~lI Wit Itl ',
1is 2 2 .53I Panama's "Water Follies," a twolu .'
1i 4 5 2 .a hour show featuring a large
S0 0 1 .00 troupe of acrobatic divers and V
s15 1 3 0 444 swimmers.
8 2 2 A 6 .444.a yt 5t r
14 2 0 2 .48 There will be from six to ten eHt o at
15 % 1 1 .4~2 of the world's foremost higher IeAl ad' leeuis-.. t
i. .6 .4r divers in the big show compet- an Irin. selel ag...IM.
i3 2. 2 5, .419 ing for cash prizes. Each con- At Ie same t -- Cabs 's bast tenth se-so4 Pti. t
Ii 3 1 .405 testat, will do ei ht dives, frormance wa:a b e- tfumer re0t4
s 4 .400 starting from a middle distance. 1erto Ato. lnas theL u.o -Cuba' ho & .....
12 1 2 5 $7 of 55 feet and going all the way a total oonly fi e4 4.d ete th n chao '- IwSlk-
12 0 1 2 .375 up to the top of 110 (feet. da-y. Gi ... ".. a
12 4 3 4 .375 T reversalada s ter of
S0 5 .372 hBecause of the extreme s.eigbt eft the toanders me 300 er 1
a 1 4 0 .314 all of the dives, somersaults, etc. ttop. i eamtk, .- ase- o'ma Itr' ..
10 3 2 5 .*3 will be feet first entry. The last .k .. .. ....... tIth. .whiLe Me io P tak .Te may co rpete In
10 1 4 4 .345 'time such a championship was .; .- -I- nto. ontention with 65p~hit. %I with O* T other a
10 2 1 7 .340 held was in Nassau in 1950.oIni PWGAINTER *oCHAMPIONS ( o Lo ltPubr$Jemonh
12 a 2 14 .333 1947 and 1948 it was held at Doriss Hopton And pUlea Kennaa pose after thelira i on the nP nams bt an's Go t ocia- t ple with 40 $d ies, l00nl. terl un and t : -
21 2 6 5 .33* Palisades Park, N. J. tioji inter-club tournament to give Fort Az.ador the champmons i o for i -fth consecutive lwedive.a s $e l -0 I tv' 106 metPer dah .
S. year. Dalton, a repreenttive of Mercucio's, presented they winner with the Monio -Triophr. [e, 3t4; h .Ja ol W '. Jam b.
7 1 3 .333 The contestants are internas- **o- w 17-a to toi l 1i I ie i40 nr a.
4 0 4 2 3 tionally-known pro etional per ... *AM, -5 :- `llet ,1re!V tnt h ."e "
4 2 3 4 33 former who -ctraVel, with the A mnTWO eContnazA'wVL i ahree M ca od wowr
, *d r 4W wemeI ac bedt Inonu
10 3 .23 world's top aquatic shows and E'0 Al h n ree.U "eM. .
9 P_ 221,carnivals. .. 0 0 heats, with Cu ban h .Atfio0 and tl. inic,
4. as e Pea y .sae..rcurio <.,Tro.phy auvvr IAe sl A San I et i. one each.
F F : or the El Panama spectacles Pl c We a t E ar
'a ladder will be erected atoo the lays bck
.. .2 hotel's diving platform, extEnd For the: fl th consecutive year This year Eram s had a at l ong ,
s a ing as high as the hotel roo tlie team from Fort Amadot has team,
1 .s w 8 A cut of 30 will take part in won the Panama Women's Golf Cleo Burr.e T onih
S0 27the aquatic show, featuring sev- Aspoclatiop inter-club tourna- Ruth Lincoln l .
3 0 2 5 27eral of America's foremost wat-c ent. The PWGA inter-dlub Harriet rger
. 0 2 1 267 Ier comedians and stars of the tiurnamept has been runtinl Margaret Lelgb .
.4 0 1 s4.263 amous.New York Aqua Show. dnce February 6 and finished nd made Sr ond place, qoly 1 PACIFIC TW ILIGRT LEAG-UE
8 2 1 a .20 o"aturday at Gamboa with the o-hints behind the winners A. sTNDIN'Me S *t- A
.5 0 50 k6 So.:ollowing re a.,is. Playing for o:a D avis
f 0; 0 "A N Cricket News Marie Pa:'ks. WonuLost PeI.
6 S0 2 .231 Amador 18'12 points Louise Reynols Amertrinn Legion 5 2 7)4
1 .. 1. I -e .1 an Brazos 17 pointsI Jean Phillptn.I 'a 6alba Wg 2.74 ......... 2 1 a j sa ...umerru r
1Dav is11peiePtsBon01118Womac'k WaJkey25
. 6 1 o 1 10 2 Father, son, brothers and Panama 10 poabts Doris Rua el (alternate) ":uck Strike.2 5 .28b Gr ETAo sConln ig sb S o
s2 1 .200 cousin played against each other oambo. 3 points .ook the le 4 in. the tir4t ro ndP aTire ,e A IN n "-
2 0 1 .200 at C$p Blernlast Sunday, and The tournamer was scored on .nd kept t three rounds. In the fint game of Sundav's Wila, -o 3 0u 1 0
0 1 2 -W youth triumphed over exper- Ihe Nasudu system, match p -V The Panama Golft Club teii doublh beadO. ,LuckykY 5tV, I k e alo 750l-. R. .. .
SslenCe as the Morland C. C. took est ball. Theu ointp are whl.ner wa D.. -0 t. downed c Whitkey P-t Plumas.2 l .750 rla, "d 1
the measure of their menorr- ..rst nine I .olnt, Inner seenr, Orace Deh!nrer. t the for third plape, We F, Pmts ,.7 ,rkl.., a l ..A "-
* ~ ..2 3 .172 B owlera Chester Desousn ts ine 1 pont, winner of -the Sylva Ca pntier. Hearne and Conrad Oent tenbm o n .3he iatpsG, f 3 -t .4.
1for 27), Carlos Lynch (2 for 10), -.ghteen 1 rIint; teams of fbtrl Alyce Fench )holerae a t ear Al..itchi e. SA Led-.B: 1 BIj
". land Alfred Drakes (S. afor a),.ayt in" 1pfks hrnst the ep-% .Irene Roinanon /hutu- A'i aMaas 0t m, If -
3- 1 .1-150 limited the pace-setting Surey ponents, 3 votints popible toz Beverly silru ornatee). rer at the AtitD elTu | D ON eld, i .1
S.. CC. to 44 runs. each'foursome, points possible Carol 911 us (alternate). The onl tim, W WWrower, 0.
S1 2 6 .14. In tur, Morland lost 4 wickets for a team. Their- bad. Luk capese.n the key thrm est id t uorb was ls-.of the PuGaE "aa t .-. a
2 o 5 9 .n11 for 11 runs, but notched 55 for 6 The wtr-ng team-,from Ama- third round when they wer, a* when 911 O .rlin Jr. lau-he '. dn-'of the G ua.s and -' -.
a 1 4 2 .1i as batsman E. Franklin, Jr. sur- Cor was I le to tau. a.. o pints fom *k- ) singlebtr tocfonat pit nuel e.e... -*. .a "
1 0 7 6 .100 vived a chance at zero to score n Little v ire-fsted t e
-4 0 1 12 .091GoeParricormibuted 13 IS b Lur
0 .1 .091 ru-.o ttapice. X (grot s 2 for l HmvSr n /rai_ i an o, .Wmed'k t, e 0 ..'...&.,

0 o 1 ..9 0 Criteblol* to for 18), abd E. All really o4 dnhp golf -Mae A.kew The second d m betwe d ....
0 # -1 s Franklin 'Or.(0 for 16) bowledPrs phlyrt vs tan rl aMon at Pearl T11 al eraR lboa h a n Am e c -Li- B I G ietruick outaevery m ai CFO
a a s a ,,.^ 1 [for the oser. ana the m % points, Ethel. Pst alternate ) ,w a A n the Conejo m.nce
T im against Davi at Brazes 5e a-- High tai the ma-n IOthe exception of L. Kirkl, r, ne.
* 0 s 1 -. At Mount Hope. Excelsior-C.C. ainst Gainoa A Davis 6 perst, Is to be co t Ches nsatl t terelder who t sole b
o 0 g pmpuled aof t f a117 runs a- against Panama at GarnboA 4/ ot g, ayan. 3 The match 1l"at cistisldr pte 1r wacentrfi d one of s L ttWiba.s
ie i ,' ganast the Wanderers C. Who~points, tot n 18 to wien.p. *l o 1gave then, srrfor ,s fteammr vefree ticks s 'b tb f ..
* 0 1 r : replied with 100 for 7 wickets to As the rounds finished Sti r- advantage-ti nr higher Goin into sixth .in tn- Puma ptcher-. aa nh. "biaa .1 Zt..
e 0 a 2 Sq eae a draw. Top scorers for the day. Gordon Dalton o, Mercurlo hap. ,, arles had a.aeae n.o-Mt game when ten down UW ..,the -even --fl
*o 1 O. Excelsior lub Were Leon Best S5, was on hatmd to present the Gamboa a 2 hst Saturdatey rer to Abdiel Flyn- ad the first gt innings f pin 0tldu na:tuS
S.m Wlm t Blackman ~5, Paul Har- dutifull sterIf l t silver cUap to the last round h e Amad b beating oLt ag round baa -to Hayen struel ou four ack- 2. Wid. J
S 10 2 er m2, Malte'Perch 16 and Ash. he winners. it wa e feleid- played Anam t d eavis -ty ort-stop. The first clean t-h' ien ,nd allowed no nfree pa- Wiannib
Sto n Campbell 0. 1 u eror L Calie oter t- 32. r O Charles w at made ottfEffK- s ea. ..r,..
17 wall 4ho pinion of many of nrn t e rr; % .. r Io t T e will beod Dcsroesedat t w al se Un ps

o ne C biampbell. l-lmany ofaametea apesu perioerC har lesk a nllm Ia de 1 t;L 3Orce, o1rmapa- settothomn sen1fipter
noo N_ K n g (e olrB o 40ny A.Sc to c ou 3 orerse i Tnh Ie sfainge th o'rhirta field.- thdag1 leat e uded Blang t eon.l .- :* ..
0 0 Coomattack o bytheW anderers bats- THE MCURYTOPHY e oi th re n cores In the Sceoenni B ngs aoneoinoleard toby thep-a ub
0 o o" ymen durn the last half, our ofP P |W.G.A .ta Co sro' O was ti oe nsthetIm-w ft ar--. 00 oVOnth on t-rple d -.t ...
00 0 o pam igh havegiven thTRCLLBemt 28ae p rt day, and slce 4 o lit er og *d m nt.h sopped as arp i. t a second,3w"". .
o a .mvietry. Their inning was high-1p ,ON ,Y Ellen ens's 1. Sylva Carpo- WoBmack Wi!s, 00 00e 0--0 4 5 ball to shor t, e bul ah, r.. .
*. 0 *o i.9e b t hort y te battig of a pro-'L3, 1954 fl.. tce IO ithe.l t uck Strike 294 010 x 8 stinging one hand rob I I y:---
S* : c m-in 15 year old, Lloyd Vern on IJ Ctf ne andh t Gmthe hitter of eutra Bheas, Oals .. .
*. ao. t ooo yeaeoot. who s scored with 24 runss.s .T s- 3 o rdw game sEt 2-S while hu running mate, i
0 0 0 1 o iy aded 21, an ._vert y..I th' erthe ortr td will ty A c eo n th-e i nllhte e oit0h0er.0 1- ln d aTts L l
w, Parker, Cubllo (1). derer succesul trundaers .. to b to... "thei c.'rt.e"H ama m tcr ourom am L .. .. If yteh 0 r,010 o- a. oa 2s-onpe a "e-r...
* wats N. Kng 1 fo r 40', A-i took sall I Pints boosting th.L- The chmIAtlophIV of the sri6 left fielder Bfau got the only .
Soms (for and A. "Boonf r nsd O day was that Bra/-.a half dapen, on the ou~- & p sitcom ected y meIr cbll h lub. A
em" Lynton 5 for 2?) or E xcel- d nd 0!) waS -O- W u by new
s o er; t P or 5 (| -fo or 2 Gt1 .I d Fk 11 6 palnts 'rh om Davia: come. 6fl the net- fotir gamTq. Rytr's was alone triple:, whtiteA t U "S
r s / l M oS v a n s o, n d pa soe w,'o league ends on fdeo Blau stopped at fir s .t.

(lia r S CvSr- -. or Ufl3 firt2,te pga1sh*suaatnChae, basespce whl the 0 -h *17
.21. i Haro (I for 11 A. Ca pe ll i s.:- Ma. rch 14 and then therewllte Five Con eo, wereleft.str -
... .0m1 tit for IS). .. Waison I for 13),1T ybi .e rhe.pWA aner--ilub toura-the pla yffs.lledon the bases whie t .-|
.211 land uGo. SmI th ( or1or lA. i the htmeraeswereaughtwith. lnter c A t m nNDtiG f
.213.. '.n 'mwtsovif forr hv ne witn the meetwompc Whiskey. IIsythi sfast moving tan1 of te en- ..
.215 "t v l tights Oval, the "ticleon atrophyand con-win,.they rll hve to Wit, m oagerse c w i THEam .W
-' r.n g outiLn -npr s we High aIre.Eec1. otary :......
r t., se t wo. outings e dAr o n Se p mt rLuckSr lathe tmorri T MToow 3A pW m Te P.anama.

othe WabniadC y a score 5of creatlTon Ci now bosts a to-el-d. 3 havneo tohlae inw0thea .. anmtsi, 1retdaruyw
lv t I he te ir.o- M5 tey taroPuncedstacl ,a.._.di h o b la b p --.. -.
ifi ng9 to M..loentftwe C In thed t- ft / rlfs. Probible startersA r The box sore: oon ball game..
Ejiorn C htAlatic Sideorl1h. .
Irs kh 1 su, l en ;.l t 2r adoveld on re .,tofor A.rica ... l, belone ala u Taeetv W
33D a n .nPerl1 :0oa o 'nck .-" ,anoiSaic0heWomelasnt wRe.k1Alpme npmet3230o 1eteon- an tr a k3e Ith l.- Totr rw 4 0p.TePn aaSO" .-"'l
Sars e and L .acs Cu-nt.of. Rhwimm erimp rov seeno.ft o.t I .-aI.-
sih w as heat.Lee ce io a -inw sf tseapre-- Preaetofap 4 0i t t heoraodennt0 0 e D"

o r of.'. F nkli. :Lswe encouraging SideloIs.* ydep 2.0 0" 3 Itoonitb a tll.ea
ear s or, ._.. .A ar ito e Lfe having andn _____E__
,egue pitchin aver- fo.r i- Ro sho.drtevsiting riom dw1 :00hahm.t0Wr
13c ma posted a ,e PlsingMdeyb l0 3 uan.sht n1 wft Ih e
dat wmp whif ig land luo.nlMedteooliW ..cup of coffee. The clas Is iopn uick 8a MoR / r
.oe. eruobf the wi aor 1. C Rse, 2- for15;toallinterestersonsu Thenon- BUiCK1t aasn31 1ti "" e
Ala w for 14w. -w er the oe iy charge Im t price" ada-ofth Ii W11A-&.1KiB2lldon. c 2 0 06 0.-is twsqshn serve a
isC- ".0-'k. Swimmintoreaseforteschool ,4- tu.ll t .C
...... n Ite m tuod*ar er a taud. ng. children have been held week-BluIf-p. *0 4 1 21 -____-_ _be 23 2 2 1...
fe.hitchin games -av eroDRljle r.s short v" ly in pmeeai for the GAIn- -WbeCa,, 2 4 1 0. ..-.d"neTicti.t
3m1 s0 1boa Swim Meet. OutsTandieg a-mTsber, n 4 i2 i By MEANE UADO, IL Pool -en y_ 1.-.l0

16 i s oc1 a t.owa el .1 1 1 adeet3,ve1 3 1 0oswin, then p111r, halcI ,, R ,,IU no rnotes. are

asn g t n i .m us-.:ho -.3 excellent awim en such 'as en, R b 3 1 0 tr : ,re l-13.Ij2!r F M4r
Rad.i.i.the ... .......ethwm iaam freholor a n me .. ... .
w n th ji ve .. msa school e; th.e t. n.Itm b S 0 0th me work- ..... -"-. .n t e- b ,e and na

.S..-_aTn c Iprearati theeOran- Is Cot.Loig.a.e....h

a; -U'A- 9tNW~5* Aeember 7W VWI f Ste Ibjsn.oer:2 8Ruthua eet a
5 8 I .....e .. __ __ he lh u ,W -a .S -W l 7,.013d .. .. ;..1....... t-., .: .- ,. 's ...w fl..-

. .- '. -3

. ? -r :-- ~ .-- :..: .
, ,*"- ;-. t* .. 'a .- -. y: = -. ..,'r -. -" ^ f
..: *.< ^ ". ... .. y-. .".- <.

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Es, wt
ddiflColllhji f m~ui o'Re~tt' jeB
win wu
mCl otI'a ft win wAsond bh tbonr
AAdd he~Aigbwto ringleider in if

Along The Fairways

AltAn XtU toured the wambm
courNm JuAt 1. It w. hw ownk
baf+ yyW *a i act anmw coure
,recordaI I 6K top ax t hI ot+89

ln, 0 u't y"er^ chfcmic WoifL, up
^it ..Afi,41. ,. +

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-1, 11 i 11 i-j H I

/^y chiddren want a hot drink,
*WOroiop. For dw one that
.JL .builds r a EnnayoRoemIve,
|^ let Negil's, EverReady. I
E ftEAy CocA=&. Ileg -,st 3 B
mSp _I ^ yi add 6be water It's delih. l

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ws n a me war Tn-MW of- FV.
Te* White Ca6 Cbl took
tWree frt "hil
for r
a were enou h
IT fe to take the first nd
Total with the PIbr% taki 1e
Third. rI hWI bad S go

'^0 prise fr meWe. Jlim Aral-
stront led the ibr a. wi 495.
ILT Ace's lleg 1387
isorte 6al to lbo- *l Mroi pottite
Sto the .t lkh' team. The lMk's
s et new bli hiadiean Rame land
t erieMs sce .with 1071 and 3088
SrespetYelTy.. They %lao.' to1 t
C Clas Asd Who norg With Rob-
Ingto 36f for c Te A knd
Inr P. ilk" RuH. Hircawled
thw Adssa wit.w40, while ap loey
/w< ight. behl 6t m.s WAhis
puta t. In id plIe and
pdrop the Ace SIntor aL tie with
--tth ePO ir- laaal .
ThI Wee ,e. Winner
OClan A-LRoblnsan B
!ClemB-Stallca 554
Clahs O-Andrluolo 521
r. To Ten (%fov more aBes& )
Gallgan 84 181-683
3 Hogan 75 181-41?
6 Bensen 44 179-98
Robixfon 72 170-24
Larrkbeo 69 176.a 6
ea Armintrout 72 175-46
id Waleae 70 173-47
- V. Anderson 66 173-43
;d 1. Anderon 75 173-37
it Splnney 40, 172-37

*_ u w wo m not mne -
agag i ..ny FIm^eyrooem ta,' t h e nar
e KK .
.- .. ,- : '. .. ..a n,

o Teele st~.he oar b 0a ,hr 'o, to
Oi J ,.wll .... b elll
anspt o10

th b!:6iftfr Oed tfl.a.B thatlo din;Ilwlrn n x
dobt astev~ilt ftU r the<;y re main fn

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a Uk

si+..fctg: f: HW^^ n* fttm ththou dey ro ,, .o
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"rp e m sne to
a that I n f oetht

. i 0 -. a, r ,q-, : .. .. "* -' n.
dg bU, t- lb&%.. rw II I,

-O. Grte. lyrpig
her on D will am
HIdk in IW tpa toa V
d dp. Outfit was a prop on
show. (NiA)

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tefm *4a 1 ey, ades sx .ei
ror and #t' fulplays.
a Jr. 403 512-14 11
T 90o- 210-- 4 5

Sy Aour Aency lost their sec
ond coasecueL match at th
4da,aW,8rtan C. C. The ^
osa won tah o. a:ddecide
tw Send4 the h6me team to ba
0 drta all Opt W A3:0 P.m
for h mna ore .of 11 rum
However, O(eyntur *A ency ta_
by. 1.1 rumuo reh the ..e.. -
totdl, Tl vtrort tea.
wfekct .for 12 ziHM. '.ndw"afol
lowed bhy,'ift wnou and tft
^eletwiaouan- W10 radditiobna
^vm ,.dtared at bi

zlrms' c, c.

|Mi- .e a, ? o

XIt, la. 1
Total L ,
0 Vf '
St nbei f ft.3 I3

Thtto owing are the reul
ofr f "trlck and fil -eve
Id. ft .SBanta Cru a1t"
t"' ams A6 the .
fai* compete for.tor on1"
9tb 'd M tMol qhor
With- t e
wIto so 'oln l;thlt.7 ,',t
7lhouba "31" w- t
h' "A" without pin:
B"o;- 106 d. D% h
1-H.. Thousand. 3-G. ott.
I 3.' tra,Duh e_
I-- ,qIe. H. 2--B.Tno8
I.,andt+++A-V+t;.. 9TutB 2..,0 Ne.
I-M. dWi 2. 2-V. Btlg&l,
3-... Buclbier. TZw-..60.1 0ec,
S-Broad Wmt_ J
'1-,Q Scott. U .,3-",
W. Uto Dotan
O-V 8u *^ %ned

^"Sfe1"^3A 'SL.e

Izy. d2>^tae>ft ?*

, ; .;. -

Woodco k 154 153 1t Soo
rC.Wriet 14 121 a2 3
Nordstron 118 bo. 126 039
Martin 138 147 la7 463
J; Wriglht 1441 170. 30 459
Handicap 12. 12, 12 '
T, 701 38 225,
Warll"e. 147 10 13. 4,T4
Long 144 10V1 133 378
Stfpa 1585 137 1 4 14 434
Grift 148 150 1 :9 411
Hogaln. 192 174 177 843


Brtsne. 180 12 3 1. 402
ArHwd.o 18 1. 114 52 1
Shaaa 162.1811447
Arlmlntro 1t l 1T It "4 ,'
Handicap 21 a8 *2 44
g59 787 7 X8386
vs. WBI.pT B32S. .
Buts 14 1177I 7450
Banker 15 112 5 '108 469
Wikinpted 159. 16 187 459
Dugan 143. 138 178 W41
Armntrong 18$ 1Q 179 4_85

70 78 737 81" M

StaU UI 171 197 554
Fortner 170 123 189 532
Krlka & 168 210 146 532
itobinson 193 200 177 569
Bttewart 188 164 180 462
Handicap 19 )1 19 57
71 888 21ZC
Bo LOX -1177BSE81717
e g. ACE"8

.-.r ..i -: .... -,
eVu ah~ve~~da easw, ti D; A.

Fresh flevorl That's the pleam t
sensation'4KOL .cigarettes leave in
your mouth and throat... for lo1o14
S time. The perfect combination of it.
r lightly mentholated tobsacownaskesOOL
tiHe cigarette that gratifleand refri48.
" Have you tried the new "fresh ft "ef?
SEnjoy it with every puff.of a I
cigarette. The cork tip keeps ybW:r .'
from sticking to the paper and makes:
your smoking pleasure complot-.

Frnhv.Xto Jones
T. hvs. 0W U
Wright 4.PritWW"
D" Z .+t .
Reynol Vf
BanHM.. J-aj.l
Huldtonljrt 'Ma-.jnes
PhiliPk.vsi Hieflelfer-
LaCrotk vs. Daglel
Lynn Jonso yph Isly
Cerlwarls,, In '0o02t1iue to
turlnh fte-lhient U to the
ladies on the wo rseor the du-
ration 'of the tUMMabent.
The Naval pitation, godman
teolf team m ade. a of
their fowr matcti Be Hl
pacific Sitde olf llmaon
Tournament to mOve inta'fal
competition of OCaualnd-
an's Cup Play-os again the
Atlantic .00d C laips, Patrol
onuadton. 4I
lvayoVt. Lare set or
lath l be ^ade!.x tb 's
maot course and Tuesdav's math
will bf held st Fort Davis, on
th Atlante tde. Both matches
I tart it 3:00.t.
I sl sta InIUn le Pasific
fd p ay-offl .we- I.:
Won t t
S. tatipmn. Rodman 4 0
Iadouarters AM
/Haw Comm._ Stt ,: ..-- ?..*

|od t1rdr OvITSM,.a._ lfw tthe
to*vr"ummt Pro- n :eSII
T t,. X. IL -arme-. !A,
W, P. aret 3W W
Odr. M0. 0. H e~ nw
Z.ey.ooaner, IW C O
.r. F. CIpO_. =B'0 -
Lt. A. O0. uU.e Jr. Jr i

I '


Gradk a 8 g -A-..... i ~
: ***-* trw AGawcT C. c.
--+- Am. -s
S0 TU--on-Ror .Pd iIn, z Brath- 1'
SAleman, Jr.ermusd -tofan eY o
vico rv, over T ,T. the P, ,4
le' Woon's. b Lemgue, b'.D
14-4, it
I Orifff. df;df. A .1 tarrei W b '
when gehi_ ,mlaid. two ,omers rk g, 'rc b Bowen 2
Andtte Uwe Olt nbalte 4
ti t -a. "1r ammae ""w 11
Stwo htts in t-4
Lt~~n, at I the ode!9 Bowln

.badtw o b- Richards 12
Lit TA C ifsterotalO RW
1le O4-d e 1, -k s 10 38 61
Te strall ofp he traee "11 to 20' 3
Mt held &rlIer tn W. 10 1 10
l day, showed. .thp home8, a ;i,.. .

Pd So League
,,j}' j~ *o i-;' .' _: ," ,. ,

at out, and the Pplm
TWW" "rt ^r.t+l,, E out, to g a% # a ,
i tel n. a.-,... 4 1 I Oee An-^d tteheai. hoin
A ~, ,. .......2. 1 1 b TheB d o w :
rsan 2,. 3 1
S~t~i^K':^:0 3 W twttwiw
ietr. .... ., n ,I-.......... a t-

W v ... .I ......4... 0"' 4 '
Wagea1 :* .......... 0 I!
,_z_ B, Tul.neg + a. o

", P. 32 7 "
,La 1o ... ............ 1 2
.. ovlaer tlu'&(l l M 4 7

ap two ]_0 b ............ 4 1 g
: "*.- ..INe 'ar"n ............. o 0

Tet -t h raTt o grj f b .. .......... 4 o 0 I
Abe 41 P ......... 4 0 I,
+ / ........M.ME,-0
m: i +......... s _0
':~ ]-. III" t':''-...Ro,-d.

++;; : mmm. -Tm"-,

Follow the
penguin's advice:

173. 172 156 501
138 200 189 507
202 164 166 532
171 210 159 540
170 165 150 484
' ~911 0 274

D. Anderson
V. Anderson

- o *r

ble; T0Y Wison, a single, BUd
AIMer ;; I aagle.
Thr -
SSS ) i
ab r p os
ft .lie, f t Po 0 ,
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