The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Is luse Committee:

* Have Medioe
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q, ?T- -. -

Sb 9 tuo)s-Panama today accused ie
roiiin ,'tm0e1ntabt* disaoriminitdt"

r n wife-thed Pasantint prlB-
.a* in taklfng part-e -theidbat
i6ntus oa d the Jpeidltt o ard Posi,
te.Ariierlcif Conftrsheii t
rby Ahe Amerian .-RiuthbrI In4.
.lrI equal opportunlitiR for pana-
boMnmunist bands. _
KP;t%.nMd that this "dIsarlmfinattfl" fr
Sin alares aind other bWnqfl. w.
- pae d th.rue'bdfBS
j nt aWsh r* i f r
;plI with RAdsrqpdpfan'ft' .
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Must k Su



WASHINGTON, March 9 (UP)-Canal Zoneg ..
Brig. Gen. John S. Seybold -hastold the House Ap
tioN subcommittee in closed session that moraleof
Stoteemployes in the Canal Zone must be sustained if
ficiqty is to be preserved and real economies effected
S 0ybold's recent testimony before the committee w
made public today.
14:,. I' feel that I must point eet'that mot-of thn
if,#flI1. __511 e i With

famnceTo Keep

'p. ,".

*' -" 'Unit ep "t w M.,i th larO
Snnel)o i, ost e S the Uited tms. citizen els
ho are faied on the job re not adequately
tued na fairly treated;., he sai. r a
"Failure to tocnie the neceMity for n.
f tretmen those who remain c
e !os4 of bweefiti to thf, government fro
Second and t!iciet t s "4.

., .-,.,. :

O* ..wl

K nifGjou r. ..a ohf .. i.

Inyto% TT-l1sfrete

o 'u ee1Wncik ,.Ws award-
Stpr lug o income ang
,06 fot .d&aga. VSie sued
Ts. aiing
ab bhi xcKless driving A
Mecpmd~blef the aitajW
4budont- in .with sobe _e
$6 /wtstkh mPr+
i inedbr sem ttevdBns to.
""If A~ulsue (f IncOUIR As. suit wamn- outgrowth of
sW aedn wi=m occured at
45 p .Wv. *It "52 aon

'C~atL Wd' l Wtila
J. Sherd J :A

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el LongsbbO
flakVMSt a #a*"^fg^BJ
ury piers. into ths uft
Members of tbiy90dp!t d-1
tarnatinlo LL qu .a,
'^oDea return 4 .0work%6*oe
otMklyn elots 1' ai parent
break of the o wUlWPwalkot,
but member gaofwU "Pt.-
tel LocaRl a me wBer Manbht*
tan jocals 2g pOQi. to reipnd
to twe8 a, UWUAU

est ranlfl sd gt .
Ch^^n^^-wf~dlyincited the
8 etn~b^t~e~ re-

Ancl Saing
'PDely. aii "

The 0;2f ,.tWiftinf of thel;

DeanTest f Mwed

Ma. -,W 8. De..t U t! e r a e get-
fled yistei'&x7il bdred Ofi Cj*, Manna 'We oeq
emupsl st d .BAle t coaher w a, .y he e, Sllte Ag
intnee ao
SU.N. lvs, hnmb mlitr t pq e .1 a
ofic oea &ra t he Re ds, tedl oof. fla t

tou sthe* eaext" 4 f .. p a 1. ed 5rrt w "l t
g, ',,W ''D, .. "

Zie AS0o 0 bSei i ,
arnry i suetd e It be ever a- e "i
fl es oera tod is alpp o FA a efre"y.

eh t h ee d t- ..a_ t- e
WU.eN. xW "e. W ,a.. be'. e a predo-
by thle. fev"rorto be d id ts -
ohf ficer ca 46g ,ir ttw sm atS.^m S .

oufhe th rbet*iN j.lV aziue ? l tit Ja ,lqrS q1 4 -at

beant wo t.oee oGen -Affn *'1 -.- iY
Iloer.r pIida e altt s am, flo
H;AW -,"ei-.8. -,, r e Lim bft.* w
^-ji. *f ii'hi <^M ^ CwM ki R O'J ux.*

Vi m. ;. ;, 9

As A Kite

'? -
,".I .. -.. -
. A.. r- a.. .. -. .
*.-. J,..;: ,:W t', -.- -, "'-u ,. ..

ew a sanerapnoye for
ore artlived bhed
forwa psonisB survO

latins C tbi$-
if .dhe
tlon, 1O, MeA. % into the

day lrrg, arwith La (en
tR. i. to whIev he hr =cen:
'"Ui K brumt b me up to
datt. shOOOV, Abe ald4
Sas the ts-e are
sl, u inTe a no d e-
ftnm a ked Utyee for the

VAi Pope who a te hIe the
jMt t aidr oronttee.a aT ,ta o stomach taU-P

V sources said today

hraeTo, Pndwox, erenoW soed-
K houp r ca hours a day oast of
th bed tewhe we hwa been
aconfled of-and-on for 3 dys.
The wck said othat for toe
& three dayx the 18-yrfr aid
b" an St n ooat osom h tro

role WWdb worked there hi m -
The Pape who will mark the
loth annhw y of his emrns-

ON PC" Waa


lia natcewy
16 the TJnltfd

per person, a
R. .

ot f ring "The.dfor"
e9a thmaml to th owt two refloU a
,dMtln InAWetuobhsnI he te
Aske4 for t gominents oh tVie .-ct
Dooz ien elprt Seybold mre ,
thae o- wj met:
"i Wt f i state from the throl
mau.nBt 'Y, upo4u nt that .'V
S isd a compe- t

cetsetw E o n h e pota. i
..-'t!ae -s ution, I,-a .i tzn

M.d. but whbh a Li wmi

f -. I, T did.

ROW aw1e, t

" fther u,.p honA .

t$iw n dm' mmuBEa

uta fewpasag a -

CZ Police Chief a
Mj. Herman
'Resing Easily'
&wl* nMuM^ Aw- ~ tu_

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S. ...-_ ..-, -... '" l "

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Not .. .... .-.

f '. e .erS~.S-Saar wt 0 ,. ... .MIa d .a y re "r a. ,i, T.*
,. Blinam .., ...ty,'A--. .. some 4otg_*0I ij 'i

__ W A sii a', .,,aa .. .. ,a m b .. .
CO ourswee teto, d ...e ;..e t

.-e .eatheVr e ar nd th-a
IE PAI, D h Puertr or the uat-( ..;v.o h yhS..y.ag_,,
A i 1.Wu No .t erin ;..-,

-li iP me raiwe it iown't a lPa t ptill fift w po s eot "-f Sn a
.do e ura n amwo, Nld th V .e t .

i c m ree o eit toe "o "e l EONs
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uwi J mj1.. *MtALW4 -gTn i by p, peso -n world -'o 4 tt.+--; p
s rversiornew al.I.i....the. ,- .-c,
an Fdam bemids gwateul i yoaaed eehaudled Iuhmey n eartl Ra kd alm thVt; ...

in b Au0s8 co mmat beIn sn i e n It I dos' sth iUneis oom toh 55bl avll.rc -
S aI Lort isaIthe se a Wb Ned ll t t ide mI l ei e nt d.e Joinid thl e irtou no t t

ytokeo eomtehhl -lileted to u t e kuetl @rades In telling the world t=irate p t e
S" ares eilaas u lbty teca a es bltytn e tration amp n the -Caer lllm
I sad n n i wlian hm eaers. Who hs W h told. thSw
different? Ceul:lji Sot a
1 BDeptnNor our Idnr'J I"" le
I M a l that's been hec -'-.r,, ..B.
THEwn n marbled halls, youp atrs in p
erto Rico wa' SWay b. be- '9"*" "

barrels instead of .having a pet hekn o
116. aennelfort Rd. capital earning which p ns tp is. e o
Palmerstown. land fifth- tAn ersosal income ,,l
Co. Dublin Aamong all.- .11 thirtoopnd Central Alaa sS...
Ireland. Ameraiati di.netsmar e 'eh t nt t lt .
Uflarzlr: Sines nyfogt 'gstrts to tta.
Ii3 be t o rein, Iere' is no i- cthe story wl v the P -. t cat
would be moat grateful If you would publish my name and erto Rican swamp sJul nthe
Sdrea, in your oalper as I would like to correspond with anybody siu of the San Juan od r"
tkm yourpart of the world. ti, ie from the he e
I am an Irish boy 18 years old and my hoTbbes are films, That stencmul blot ed thrst.a But Ms
rt general, post card collecting and many more Interesting let's not overlook ie not of th

iek n e 'i island, whea reo t o' deaui ..a... ee LwO Niltt eF T P T 2
leinIthe U.S.
T-hanking you for your kindness. To xeep the prow idstruic. in the.
craw of the Soviet broadca rts a, fn e ave n erar, "
Yours faithfully, let It hbeknowneo to l era to a oIt as he re he ee. An ffloM i. .
Wil1Uam Flood life .expects-te .l.hies,
Promise to answer all letters receive.. w to hday iq 1 eia jr ve the o od d 1 u a at the a

r nc ian V more bthan l thd Sovet jroile a t l s el "a5 ee r aeg D p rIng s f or a ean ver ea lphasop o dou ia a, I G \
h rabo.t double thain ead r o t te Wr Idt 00 t a
S12 Bryon t. pie outside sRussiansmajorre, d h
Brownstown, ,nustrial cities. sp -%/.fat President E..iiofItas*
BiSnns Toe Puerto ican tiland makes at l ze is t hapt th tteyblU "la Peho Ia

?aam Aeria t o is reorg tino h ?aeDpda ah oens ee forof t t ertousands 49 bsa for thePaaiw e qlvBa
continental U. S, .by rc asing b t e te "s t.' g .. 2ir hne
City some 4N,000,000 worth aot material _. ... ..sos _Bgewuli..e."i e d ain w i ,
SC.. eacA year. in oadnoqi nt g eive e had realize thet otw A
would be very happy it you would put my name in your many a business n, a- chance tbth t n
.pal column. I am a woman 35 years of age and Jamaican o 4wn1 to San J .recibo, Mar
.-beg -to remain, Ti er Ias no icqwe t.Ad hlstA:.-. 1. A r w.t

tormifatfly B and run- $antl w tax fret S t o rn sulatav ct. W soE M!
SYoursfaithfullyve quitteommpenvisly In tlusa ,4 t e n i o t
Zb--Zth Grant tLropical weather up aeu a Wee Ju ondao nt on that "H" -ail- tPh teh. t oweur
Si dutial ri o he ach te nation before- the e
Fur eermorem, the Puerto we7n te.otliWy a id
Answer1ato Previous Puzzle govemeits d w tl rit positsynot pex- !d Lou. neal Iat ob hen a at p 4ot s n. Ie holfway tbf ti isdme.-a at control 1a m Aao i
PldXULdopbodItat.d r ta ter o rir o rthpatll
r.. Nickn-ames tal, Wth rar edn oy ais Url his hleatves t L has been L fONS OF THE PASTd.a -rly
th e y c lo set t a n t h e r e a h r o= o od c arse sat h a t.o r Ae t r em.. .' e o m a oe un f i ncsed Cat .

ITexas, the 0South' fop of e s caioung mto lower labor to gs Re t to r oatIp," he secretary in herg isill.ra- e been ae Andnot one of but the Dllei4 nwlb d bd de- st.
aitoi 61 Short dii'k L.n ouerto Rico.t beforee the company fLnd out It fr t ongre ro s andr f a hearing, board..d. a Republican oeta Stt chie f i p s'tieu 'n, olr.- '
I uri, theO Oi" The Puerto Ricans buy over 1,16el can t hut me," 'la d both l n bass a Loues Mr iurolens e poit has ot t -.ti
our,- te DOWNy new autos a month which oi t el ti- $ves the dear old joibs\ I as evidence that thee h" T t .Ti ews -a.s re
~ide~ 1 lnAin ,more than the Soviet proletariat State .an Dalt$p.e ses"al be t a he.opar.*nhw ham as-As- been oerivlomlpha Ab on urty pottercve.. taDart
h11wtightsAwca boasit o in a y er. o ptaode rtaht :ecTe orAdministra- casesif:elaYS evG eIf4f a t! .u
Elel hatlon *can boastatiand rAndrawhmattea cannortase r lna 14 l1a
B4 l, Migsration this is done without taking moe The job oUfU esecretiary ot.a tie, dw Ir d Wh ie whtsuomhcshnmamdAM1
,' n3t b fewld eredfarom us they do i t ae a far td mnlrlf w was ort e a r ve th e Nr.o t o e e wer e nodeltl ..
-r 43 Agave plants :help program called Operatow special es At" uno..Rselat-t100te- cn-deg t-L
lc ptrmolioun 24 Scottish shirt 45 Ornaments Bootstrap', instead of running. tCan M In Aau*ti-7jixS- st-" artinbti
2f 3 5P r ay er e n d in g 4 6 G r a d e w e e p in g t o W a s h i n d to n lik e s o m at h ei g.e. A G ,16"S-
p eeomiuttLes die,26 Aritaaorchestr4?Arabangullop' greatV aeerois 1t-atT1 tom o epait hNad'p Io t.12 T$ 0i e
-P.Rii~er This past yest, under theUSenUlo Ir "-a

30 Glandular 40 Lgo Laboratory We Puerto icansa.' ngogte ITheofact thAtW .-Laurie is'q 14 tb k p" e the PartY. 400 in P int- a
'r The .A gaboxdoesF& .,ans that it has rbaqJ nitet'Ee? r
'bli Vt .tfk.r t-.-nnii e _. reUe atodalUtioneoththeeSoreeoDopre .e..of troops oraeuytnI a; merely
proceswihnhelo fr.tthat. w wliea.tP.

id- pasts w .,AWL leader ih dr, Loues doesn't like to us e ,but hof py o million a tkd Ia, 0It ) to $109 n in hleonjieat ib
$.wer id dbtnskW,"who recently return-th4word'"iness" n referring t etyert
.r' ed from the Island, announced -the tq beuartmuat. He had ne- Lottie ,tes not believe btooo by the Hotv. A rl tlon cor. a press cod
Umtefilnrd ,.,ns fo..a un ung kiwi, in, its befit .n, de the building whet neh as has been put On mItts, liHoue at which duioeOItia4
": -'t -Ai med at signing up 'h-atanmedto theNo.,7undr.ft. s' sot _.rojra m. ?Thoru is now sme question as United States 'ul tir acc
tii.1 4, #&t. '?Wnseedle workers there. Leotrotpey .at1out dh ar 59 whetber the hepa.metaht uive. pact. The isi"t
tsts0 oscow toutemaa to tqp.Working ? way down empl oee 'it of Januar7,'.U-, Pointgg o9ut. that thpre are-Sow GOPwPLITNO.2 oeurred whea
I retel "o -'i'- r million of words into the air the. 114dt to the boto, Mr. Lod- tWe- tpublian adabnlsfl- e1ls 124iflhlgn serviesutfiomrthe Japanese war lords entd-
sastingA o* thlr educationalt and tierft" he (mmd the foundao t r ab
nd: reform systems the Puerto e onwa he hadeecentW.-lesed. _because a 'ays e d 0 .o. A-_A retary of StateSoonimideia
sicns have outstripped the Syv- ld i &Pa. ut uont m etisted. .Man cewmlsan Is to N nbmbd ly saw this fns, what It .wa _a-,--
nt empire in fighting illiteracy and" laWve-the Job in Cot another persotmebegsn MAempe
Gov.a. -' Muaos*M ln revealed reo .o t what I've done, bias gsit a, U90 other reducaio n.n .Lourle leaves that bh a is I d wr14n that he had etaed I
noa.y that the literacy rate haa bee. good progresshas bee =e arhtlremeflit, and hI 'as sr ,,-unfinished buiaeus.CauadianWipcn aM Chilea
goe up from 68 percent to 78 Per-c nd: roorganilatlon.". ..uanlrhte less sensitive ageism b says he Sm outwihGurrmeuts toak i they wol
Cent since 1940, and he "expects ,MT PWment should sao# "bs 5g-totancludes 90 hornm-"4greste uisgdar- Fcee w "s Ia-thE ac !

A~ -- 1,A~l has- f ine camp-uses a,. "t the White House' d Oh the -e iua. saetm as_

ountry to keen them from minq't- wet a '. T A'tre' omn nWi f ,tsd~

by airM liftto the big conten- rip atthoor's
etl cities sush as New York and Ne o tr= can a
kicago. e. '.r.sevenmwas-tlfW
Why does our .State Department --Oe .lLva W, roo lh, p.) .
stutter I" teling this story? Why or as Dge.)....wall "-n ""
does the Department of Interior Mis t) are a
lFJeh oversees Puerto Rico, feel Ati ar sto *ka WuA .
so inferior 0fore the world? That ate ~-1K a.fThe
tree faland may not yefle a epInt
but most definitely it's'no 44 &Wanw$ do uinte other
kroplcal slave camp. ,- r-U VMSl uwe
**-------- A, a M& r lesagg
i. U~g Ky. (U.P.)-M
saiBad) thS4*vrMat
Andr v Oaddus ow WOthe saw) tmey dval
agreedwith WhisMOIiILaslg elp be-31e hv
louisvflle's wie .
heiu-seh bottledBead ao-to

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.7a. T A 4n CA ste .. -dfl-t r-M
_fe e. .- ..- A0.
city-.. A. -..

is tied crittl
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-.. ::. .. ,. ,. ..,. ~ .'" '- l^-- .. ^ r '" .:; 1" '-- -*i'*" ^ ''". lff .
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A4 -' ;. :. ,- ., -

'-..I 'M .n .

-. --

tbnjoy the 2Or& Summer

o.. ?. '$ jpa qse mar on n.
... .ld aspara s
Sa I*iXrfserii "date_

i, _r*tIae.aln't t ma Atha .k t et o
eWg atn~. ta N'AnoeSppr Mf e lure -ne nIoLf

SAtGAINIt at te Republican (-a e fl.'Mf er *c National
(3500 Caeries) p art nto a vicious atta k a toin

,r "ada ,. tar t said federal commf y- talr flB-e n- his ot i-a t o rc.g the st/aewne
S-. per, t t~eug ld ham tlveral In.~-is obhauty-
tSP U0U1 Snot 4*" or~ W.e*'t-uv- vieldit to reply to Stv- ,.,t. tso t

^ T}^ WS^: 3a%^ Ttte, ore. ndsl ^^^y'eCoteS hand, one

d 2 eL t ? fi., butter and rda baem ald t.flatry,w rative, en sa
c'fo t Cotarth eream and uosr ta roadaty. mcar" to
Soee c o aiwer eStevenson's charg In asee to kn a bost rasi

S upper e to replA to Stevensn an attoisttit r s e to
,t. thde rj111, fvranuar, e ua

t o a hie- a- o n the em e ,oerz-ff seah.oTan. ao In irhon atelr
t.oo o(urdoctor told should be a- but a lsty. a .l .r.S. ar e at athe n-iot wehe

thn ,o eesS.nho e or- -ma- madei co me t enh WA p adreufT tahn ent, ma

j n4Iehthy rSattAdk on me. L131 9g1 moni v gaes ouHsnte guests
S- or w l fo d a bi l amhand d te. o -butto I r e o. t le describing at woman,.
ore Rpwas an attu oan theo Republi Let A, s1a
n mdParty. Lt me make dItOW ftert ieepat, fro
I .C with IeT a oea rdo-ande ant te .e sorida

edr. Acm mit-T net f90 ny eest wt tha to sae tao
3n*1 (55."'ik.00Calos)Pa tya vio tht .4 sd T1 an noo, A. IO t r

u mine1 cup wholes 1 cupi Ma"Moe s ixt m,"ime ,iter the cr-eate d f arh l
t cw -grapefruit 1 hamt Ha' badshotcrud he rlaM 9i Ni ls ba u-
ha1.ed alrei ha d ae -1.0 eggs .30e .. s '
letea-. om fin, butter and refutbyr aIngthe olumblat hwsrsuasveade$ fat

wr' hal hourodraol Stemand time aced eard player of

s Ltinge tamr i cANA reA Csa naetween 10:30 and casting Cop.m. fSr beocording to Jete tCey ma a

S< d er from elix Maaro) now riven Stevenson for hi Mt- In the 'f tea'
Snae Mifami Saturday tnight.that O WRISOB dlas na'

t he. ainal Btoadcatine at. Pta i t supsouob Mar sathhay fll
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m rue cp cup resh- ri oireceiT oa request for te from bad luck
MI"- I Coo .ssaw red -r oll Lam -ibaketa potato, cheese t V Ie.eo*4rk t8 hi i418p.p.c. i ald, sh is proba .
m a6i M yer sla.sw"s thaa Ince not.* ,.4anthi sA
.ae stcks, carrot 1 buttered broccoli matterfOrperonalreuttal tav
E re eved broadct t4iehetackSt u ano,',, the Zlthihowern a wuh
So and I ts leadership whether tm Te reasn for this i hlb A
"s-M. ut.n s dd.bue m a t tr l by h Re u i a dkni e .
S DOu b T'"): to pl.ylIhadb theyAawnSa olu ee

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B. '.. 'e.... .0 demand bad been d t
all's re the sethator nestat- ru for cod e
AN C. ...., -t.. f. Ma a"an r ed sm a. .-
N1solowed to answer 3teymns
C S.Md .. .. ar id ot fired a hthe
half hour oa radio and TV time Expedumcd card players often
*b between -0:30 and 11 p.m. 'z-e r sanoe superstitious, since they
a-lec ao Iner-cover .. .ext Saturday, the iame halt know l haow rg e part luck plays
i efrom x. Maury. a) ohuurgnventevenon" forM -the u t uit. he ards.

t A P 4%" THonICK. The unMleached a!seeh Mr py own oag is that itsu btn
S.. o rp lThe National Broadcasting Ca lucky o bq suplstit ous.f wiht s
Esaid It also had wanted als more, If you're thoughtful enough
FOAM RUBBTER request for radium foarhtme f ad ou;take outinurancet against
WS earthy. ho, reply bad yet beln In tody' hand fr example,

S .... .. a. .. ,, .made to the senator, an NdC stit tecpt spades broke
A 1FPSS t* brad spoktemandemd. equal every badly. IT! was unlucky, to
"RA X H a embur, s.but could have pro

*a e"le brd ewast Last tie t-Wedna the timethbae was to a
er speaker would be talking for psyed, Wet opened the kin of
... .iGf beds ( x ):1 the p arty. amondser d .eontinued the suit.
I-cover]r ....................... ..... 0 Officials of the PFedeRalCoM- South rafed thesecnd diamond,
I. .... .. munlcationh Commssion. whtcha led a hea(ot to dummy'saeen). and
had said In advance it would 1) hand.
aeslco ne-oe -up to the networks whether to Tbere, was -o reason for this -
f, 3 D b (76- z 5r): rant the free-time, and s ,toplayse the double two clubs
I L oo ,............ .............. 4e0 ain '5l0oted the of- that suit nj The
a ............................ 0 The admirstrtto _s ab- W est bald. C e capturedd the king
I t.,m e e- ,-with zipper, Wing with heCatthy over s l- of clubs with the ae and led an-
i.bfimca in. iner-cover .... 5.00 leged "abuse" of Army witnesses other diam forcing South to
fore the senator's Invetiat-i ruf fo second time.
Subcommittee. Hall lut Sh now made the fatal mis-
week he "couldn't O with Of I .t queen of ubs.
.............. ..... 5. tackedgeneris who wer "fi t- n f South ta for a tird

earthy's alleged "humtAtilla "Wbringlag In the chub-suit. The only

.-ove Is 'A n for tropical Ewok ,merof amp could' Eruff safely with
I Zwieter about honor- ove~r-rff by tO -Declarer could
RUnES PRODUCTS Ax:2able discharPe- sntdae Army makelhis own five trumps and
8 two-intl in daumny, together with
20 eet a fdlginnt 6xintunist."i the 0l eof hidt. The total was
ta-Io eight Vick, short of the con-

., --. t. ".W t W'.A.'.1.f l_.
I.: V.. .. p. .' a/]hl
.1 ... .. .. -- .. :- '- ... .... i

I -
fr- ~ -
4 -I-.
U 9~-~.~

reduced prices

* ; ^ ..! .. "' ..:
,- ", .'- %"
.' .. .' ^ ,'
**.....-...- '.* .4
.7 1-

attractive styles

beautiful oolors

In all sizes.

Madurito '
100 Central Avenue .

Sweet Lingeii

h1 "Van iJRaa/te

r i_ =~ u" __ I I I I


-, *.4i~I


. '

1 i'-

& 4:

4 'I'
K.' *.
~ 1k,



* HARNETT & DUNN... Dame Team
* DICK BRADBURN... Ballad Singer
*EDDY ALONZA.R. Rumba Dancer
Continuous Music
TOMMY NUREZ and s Toreadors
RUDY OENTIjE and hs Syacopators

S8 to2. 23 aa.
Mirck 12, 1954 A


2 -

'.- C) -V K

- .

-. *'.- .. .

a' a
--....~ ~,A'.xt

. .- .- ". ,*

;< -4r'5..-
' tK *. "


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. P"Wmqlomn

-- ~s.

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- !'T..


- 3 ......

._ = |


I'. *.O.tV...

tprf fVOaftI

[ NEuW YORK- (NEA) -Nelsen Price, possessor of a nice, frli
ddy made his New York hotel ly Mississippi face, wanted
-but in the Cotillion Room of the avoid say such calamity. So
kfihlerre, and I'm happy to report enrolled In a TV school with
Vthbat the old Canadian Mountie is rank beginners. He proceeded
still in good voice. He didn't wear learn many new things, and, a
r'" the #right red coat, though-just unlearn much of what he'd p
a dUier jacket with a jaunty red- ticed in Hollywood since Sea.
sRit-e bow tie and matching O'Hara was a sub-deb.
y eummerisund. Now he's finished learning,
But that Was the only change. is doing. He's filming a show
He asiU = is the same old sandy next fall. which should be a
hair, .le same old emotional fire. It's CBS-TV's oft-postponed '
and mammr's little baby still ISeare'.. a program which wil
loves the same old shortnin' bread, vestigate the top research proj
,---- being carried out by the top
The second Cinerama feature, verities.
*Clnerama Holiday." will Include And if he falls on his face i
a sequence, about jet planes. The well, it'll be an educated face
camera was Installed on a jet as
it was catapulted off an aircraft This tread Isn't
carrier. it's cracked up to be. I bho
If you lost your stomach on the one of those bookcases, advert
rIer-coaster ride In tpje first Cine. as a cooperative Item "you
rm3a show, here's your chance to assemble yourself in minutes."
gt it back. true--763 atintes.
After directing 25 movies in Hol- Among other worries, NBC
I7*ood, Will Price went home to ecutives have to furrow their
M4ignolia, Miss.-"population 1500 brassy brows about Wally <
Wlbn the train's in the station and They worry about his passion
bone of the largest broom factory scooting around town on a mc
it e world under a tin roof." He cycle, a hobby they feel does
at on a creek bank for six months lead to the 'best of health.
flin' and thinking And he thought They didn't know when 1
be come to New York. were well off. Cox is now learn
Ibis is a remarkable man Will to fly. Everett Greenbaum, a i
Irire. When he reached New York, er on "Mr. Peepers" and a for
kr-went to school to learn to be Navy aviator, is teaching him.
a V director. And he's no direct. NBC wishes, now, that he'd t
total rookie-he was second-unlt up something safe-like moto
director on "Gone With the Wind," cling.
aod bad the reins during such
eps as "Tripoli," starring his ex- Ralph Bellamy, star of N
wile, Maureen O'Hara. TV's "Man Against Crime," i
'CBut most Hollywood directors his fourth year on the show-
whi go into television," Price says, the same sponsor. it makes
"just say to TV. 'Move over. I'm far and away the oldest-establis
hete.' This is followed by a large private eye In the business. I
crash when they fall flat on their a private eye that's becoming
fa public stare.

And .
tairk lii-m- ti

s in

The Pacific Steam Navigation Company.

Royal Mail Lines Ltd.

B.S. "KENUTA" ................................March 20
,MV. "SAR IENTO" ....... .....................April 9
St.V 'REINA DE PACIFICO" (18,000 Tbnu) .....May 18
S"CUZ ................ .... .March. 10'-
.NCA" ............... April 1
A ':T ,' PAPTS
T"_ C arc 1
l: iiD E' ';, .... *<:.,, *. .... .* fI v', *..Marc 1 ;,

.S ., "D. _* ** ** ..
M.V. "DIEM I, ......... .- r "t ...... 18

All Sallings Sub eot to Change Without Notice
: PORD INCPANAMA-Ave. Per* #55, Tel. 3-1857/8
fORD CO. INC. 1BALBOA-Term Bldg. Tel. 2-1905
L '____________ __


Great White Fleet


S.S. "YAQUE" ........ ................ r 12
B.S. "LEVERS BEND" ........... ........ 14
Handling efrienrated. Chile uad Gneamm Clae.



S.S. 'JUNIOR" .................................M h 9
S.S. "COPAN" ....................... .. ato10
S.S. "SAN JOSE" .......................... 18
Weekly mailings of twelve passenger ahlp tto NOw fork. NOe
Orleans Los Angeles San Francleo and Setei. .

Fortnightly passenger service on our S.S. CHIRIQUI, to
New Orleans via Santa Marts, Colombla.

Special round trip fare from Crutobal to New York.
Los Angeles San Franciseo and Seattle.

ro New York .. .. ........................52440.
To Los Angeles and San Franciseo .......... 0.30
To Seattle .... ....... ...... ............3$ 65.00




S.S. PORT EN BESSIN................................March 9th

B S. DIEPPE .. .................................... March 20th

S.S. ANTILLES ........................................ April' I ',

SS. FLANDRE ....................... ......

Weekly Fast Cargo Service Between Crelt6bal. Bial a Coast
ofu S. &c.M.. '"'
Crisatbal: FRENCH LINE, P..O. Box 515 TeL. 8-2476 & 181i
PanamA: UNDO A MADURO. 8. A. Box 1038
TeL PanamA 4-1683 3-1691

rwryhojdRedsf Cla$sif'64

eTur *oT YirM


nat o*

,* Y 6 .7*i

Leuderl, ;u

Wo 'C-



Mrout' AN l JL BLUt t tI a

Hold It


* LA"A'aiuia&
* '.A uiju saj

Mx sUGAR MmL R '

. ^ -


One Left Behind


You're Outl

SWADV ic I DO Tl4Xr | L.'L MAYThE OPir '
QW5%i SDT .me,


-" 1..1n


Two act htWRr wITH- A S'TICK

HE L. T As


-\ K

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Ifife .^.;- ya**,









41 V. T..

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j lr.:

a~ wlwrIL- 1r. 7.Ua we wsxet schangi-gb t sio1 Sob
dlSvim^m ^^ ^- fr "di* saBy iit a one -'Z t ahead and t+1 Atfho othb
SVer Jnder the lead- other way. Not yet, Lord?" we moment.
tata. C^^^^^^t^^^^o^^Krter .e^en L'" i ft'tJ white tbp tarnt when wea Ot, r. w
is.i9d hard hand wt dwh he had neveropened
mrao re trBo r OGen. 0 o t n ehdidated. Cke not come, m eth lb ke, Fve beard that a
bof thp Feidt 3u ida O I k M e "Lord chau geupslowly, but
ilg Reo. W twoMml stfi. te to the wayweusually How NEW BRITAN, Conn. (U P.
m" : ^ a d udannnou e for t alle teun I ; ah reserviln I9 1nBt?"Lordl change took '34 freem bUIt
'aft 1 1D d m o art MCae m erce sic 1en, abe ling ., wi h sme f u tore. Proprietor H
ttirst." Karan said he forgot to
r om- a~ t the p rpme of ed which oa lthe alar m.
L" 1 r Ao0rtt. Is paramount to Christians. He
porntO the candidates for the No, knows. He to In comm nd He
meVOAH S e- Vandver Is the ea r will not be do eated. Wit usti
tph i maeivr o-Tand Jwo tant general, who said he
SNaval run as an "independent., say it. A prayer is "Let

tguar d Ma ret toa Lt lak yieo l ra yer i t hse h r
aso Sunday from ral where start now.' 0 thou who are t he i California, Mam
t biong wt i ro a ood t npa gren Trip. To clear space f
r.b t.. S a he T purpoee acco Thy lhed tha

wi.. e Lsalo, .i- i molassn g th;e ppa re P I-h- d
ST d dg A P s u cama in a- me and In Thy world In Thy
V r Here From godd time." Or, better yet. "Thu

ela by aetury f" a j e to ereia praer for those who

es. andn.- l.t to 8 t in Mexico. eeta n r er Ba t C l .t t 1 .> e 1abwe omesmuo o dt and .-,
Se t th t k courage to make a fre

yemo Sundd fr a moni raB r ithb r e start now. 0 thou who arD te in California, Miami
ubef e98 1oi nagrInal doi.t e b.ntE-o C l ad fJ B ofall goodsthingsrgrant to Trip. To clear space ,
.. .... P Rio dI Jaet Gron o e Whol d- are discouraged the

REO M UD M de::. i ate b atari anew. Give them going to bring,, wp .

Fnrt as g t a te i of Da st ll at d o0 they t T y he mat
hArrdAc aL n(kir n o r ce.e wt t ntte t e 'y put the ropt ast e o hir
sao iPrdt l ftP-rsu. oyeG ain c M rch A I r e is n rwa I-ast
t he ~l p o3er wJestf Br.-a le' 3M0thRSEer of MrDerpux Trust s m- ts ron oe e inds n ( .o~eu 3 00
transecolde ethe. r

M and "Ms. H e n r G. Mr -e Aire area ofsne the Id Imu TheGtThttairolie of te he \asbeep1.dany oIios n ticed

r_.- K. _._ __ __ Naal _Wedesd_ mokidne le'ne :3o ta pat therepr as

ndo f -So- uthusd Avo $e. Mrs. D E bau s ding lastoure fWM Palbl 1.pound cans
t cItrinetar
llincuded lobetwen SaniagoChil beans 1nd b Ga k
ident ls A' s n ti "Oevto a- Layer with onion slices in be n pot S e U
b, h"" ""Past" V. ., ham. bs Vof P adent; VerasaC between te__ts the 41beomple W et mustard, 1e ab es n havn e

kth.oil lartain dTrsurer-newtwoe casserole. Bake in mo a

pLlan s Uto V.~ d --eobe an fri e toI- loven (350 degrees cl cups .wae
....I. .WithT St3. te4 l .or heat n skillet on good flavor, e aroma
h1r.mrentdeia n bo o Ch." VA do turdu in Od .eo f .With. oe y_ o G -of m ol ass. utes .
VieohsruebyaiEver try using molasses in bar-
an.n, r ancu.d chicken C i It's really good. 7 t h r Wt

t laCapble wits entered withain B aroesamle's Mo at nd(eld: 2 ses..De .eau Brua e s ; Ietan l liO 'rvings).... ... ,
niMr. P. M. Broesamle of Cshelsea, r g Ia1c3e a.l .kA a.
whi rebid*f ked'eleside an, wo hda ban Mavieg D irs T Ontera l in e quarter o 2up unsuler cut

Fel owe n th tdS mthe'Stu GoupIBe I more ve (3 e
whiter1 anls"s Te a ..... .g mola sses, t itahsolasse

im o, .. o'y arWeErt t _o Mee' t .stheanss 3 ound cance .. CLUB SYSTEMb
frn oameei dfrn os e es a N One quarter cup unsuphured Vi.. .
group. Irn -ermolsassesd 1 tablespoon prepared
rl mebe's o o C b mustard, 1 tablspoon v sl.gar, 1Y
ond w are. invited to atted. ,--oune can tomato sauces cupe
John u L' My choppedrwh onion, ts e teaspoon Tabas-l
.u -r o, ashese' of (anaan co sue.Ii n insl i
of ris In '. .. ~~,thet and siletobility it oeG boa Union Church will meet Cobe a l ing rebint bi
e s ap.I bR iu...-ge..-vtch times!- We.esday ftn st.B3 rn bo0 at thel lobil,
.d a m home of MW Brome, 1 'B"nu

ui e Pin ea ms Ctoi ydng. aaMrs. WiliW r Paase t-odrooner

beans;s1iwin be -hotes f eb Semixture.V
-.oios-g. mr. .. without authority asi a reference A A
I* e o pfth e sA' d -ntil u. wrush w ithmelted bto er; i

pn ..rcas o lomenB ao Club MeUS o nme oe h dere-

*.or et n Club wisalhodt h am nt ofrag
AOneupp S quarberLueud uuChick e d. ....
lrtklao~~lta![l! Lt~l .k~f~t~m '-- ~tt~es.on wtheIom._ue. l,)wl odIsmnhym,,~u i ......_t .,. .wnB ret
.a~qlAplaiw m for hrpos. si wuks-letP m a Stuy G......p s.ide- .up,- Brush with 'mel." '-t b Jtt r

I .. .4 ... .... ..-.:_, m ad supper at a: p.m o y
the Morgan Garden at Mira loes.
Smeuach.?'eetls Satur .a
.The Panama ,anu*-ZCaer of
eDaughters of the Ameran Re-
,idon will bold its March bet.
on Saturday at ta .!yB-Nayy
S Fort Amador, row a
"h" at 1UO00 s.m.
All ladles who are memberso of
the Ds.A. N., and thoe.wbo are
elWble to bic'dee ftefWn an'.
iU atte nd. loe wishingt oa
attend ae asked to telephone Ms.
John W. Amil, 3, f, or Mrs.
Robert J. Doais2-1S6.

- .. .. -


Just a Uttle Hin Tomat
1 ^ Ketchup croatei favor enea-
Stlon! You'll love the Metl
tng it adds to your favorite
enat, the ARM*=ou vor it
SI \r tos p"Od rag .

. I

IL.: ^Br^If^ ** :^ .'^? JM---* ,**"


3 ton capacity

national oppor

-1 "A in o*wnr ffire


i and New York on a busin~s
or the new merohandisq hi i
ire practically flVINO AWAY
our stock ,

AT .



Building Tel. 3-0897


V., *~*C

oilve Models
Our Display
holetering Service

I"- E.T5 PHONES.2-I8

tunity to get.

......... 4 5. 0

. u e .

SHOW CASFS, Mahogany,
6 foot ..............................
8 foot . ...... ......... ....

DUMP Bodies "Perfection,"
4 yds. capacity with 6" hydraulic Piston lift.
SNew . . .. *

new, F-2, % tons




.. .4'

..*. 6 S .6.-. 65. *.~ A


- (...
- --I



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_ _~I

z7 ...... .;',

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Ed *-.i


4 A. .- -. .
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.. .o .. ... ..A .-,;,,T ." ,!U

'[*. enf
'.. .a

fl ~aSbfl~





Re FORSLd EReal EEarn WAKCE WLiia'gls. Ete Au mtom
S SALE:--oi ifut 9x12 Chinese FOR SALE Furlnshd home with Centrol Avenue, K Street Corruj tl
fli Coll 83-3217 between 8:00 servants houses in l0RO CAMPA- Telephone 2-3479 Panamnn-ai 4n. -
a*- pim.n o[,_ sinesl ,,"1'.' "Shrop' ROYCA:-We do an kinde pf milmeo- PH II .C"t1a,. d Smtus a
1 "mSALE: 25 -cycle Whirlpool "vl alboa ". graph and slikscreen work. We Clerq, 3'm ,,H i e
ow' r,-One year old, ex cun ""t c fn- f rstmp sport shirts. 16th Strbet East, Phem e 55 *. l '8.i .g. I
$crin $0.0a 2714- Sat Ave., No.. &Houe on bch, Santa Cbro. Al" in
all. Phone'Navy 37 4.II_ H.. ,,s-* r l A_.. I ,C m o i. Aloih n .'
S1*-plecemnvah3gny din ToV wi mat", bFORw COO&. Sh a 1339 waPe'
finenbs eflbtlen of rulhdea FORPSALItAB.. Bu8b 9 or also
m set: 8 choirs. chind clost, n i bl-ng lota, Ow the I I--ek- ft |"e
Wt table $2.00.40; lb;0ry to- *tq yf iMf yo ,HM Is". a
.. ,E%5.00; double bed, mattress u fr t how. FOR SALE: Office steel de ik. like tcIeA l on Mwes t S.
.00. Phone 2-1916, New Cris- A"a Sr art niew $60; console radio & record IoasWtae Phen* 6.441 or
I 146-D. alw wat. on ex. player (25or 10CYeycl) $75; alc 4- .
S SALE:--Bed with new mattress- i WI'- tric fans, partition & louvers for 4- One 11 11 g w
dressers with mirrors; m n porr incltB family concret. mic. articles., 1952 io oe, lu i
;'riti c -Up-- W aC pNv V6 statn mh wiie :
'::*,lBrsd livinroonm sets, dining- UOLF A.;uCOMPANYl rdi lo $1700. Balboa, ;Hs 77-----A-o 0- .
"l-tables and chairs, sga .toves, 0. .. D, Tel, 2-3148.' FOR RENT
S-chins closets. sid drds at e. NtShS FOR AmbOF .REr .
, belivably low prices. deal for FOR SALE 949 Nash Amoe bssado
( who wont to furnish cheoply sdn _. I ,. S., .*lnt ..
w Td "wll. Tak odv rn eN y ofu ....i ru" a -ro'"o R FRRENT.%-.lthalt: fOur ;bedrooms,
i. Eas. y Terms offered .you at 41 Qt;23 one t4n nused s ld's .urer, r
'IOUSIHOLD EXCHANGE. Auton -_____________________
USEOLD Rw EXCANGE 41 Aut Lvingroft,. diningroom, kitchen.
0." Row NT.. 4 -ti nal a r P2titib .fNo.'.d 5T't 5. hpn. -
> Tel- 3-491 1. 8. 222'from 9o.m. to 12hnoon and
L :-SALE-BDndix automatic. c- A abllshd U,t. rm it o l oCity 2 p. to p.m. I :
Wa. I1c clothes drier 1o9 lts. 6 H3O tU S reautres service of: Pam6iaon bi- 6 t 24T i0 dooMn choalet I
s, 'Il00 25 volts. lyused I I V I lingual p- ,M i oi I Ela lt o $110. - s. Cot nw .,yprA .2O sibility for dutlff1 d .an. Write PO'. 1 T '. I
lr"for best : 25 cffy. C 'Ale r; *Y r Comm'unity Station longhand attaching hoto. Box TP- ta1 .HauS: 3 bedrooms n
"AE--- = 5W 1L0, -l134. PaoenomiF, Ft ancisco. Information IBI I -
SAE: 25-cycle refrigeratd, W re 10V.000 PepU MeW, WANTIDtU--1Tui 2 l ed 'I : No. 43 upstairs, 4 to 6 p.
10.1111; kitchen .table & chalre, IlBfiellb at re,1 n..- .- I ft,, ,, POW *n'Ti.r huIC
.00. 067-E Williamson Place or Presents Ipha age. Ilpmlli. 0 do.,'l .TT m AJKE
-piwnp Balboa 3749. i r p' h .s garage, 210Las Curp.
P.. --.Lrr.' '1 /7 1 .4ib 3124.
.-'SALE:- Llvingrc .tsuite,l_ CI llarg e a. l .,-1 | 7la
.4,,j stove, bureau, coffee table, To'ay, Tienda), March 9 FU SAL,. FOR RENT ADVANTAGE
f-. I bew. Must. selL Hwoe 54,. lt .. .
V. 3. Vi Po 's. .It I vA li, i
t ;WANTED as- a w so 6 .rn OF THE
Mi l :ft evlew 220 volts. S93-i41/vrZII11I.A, Cu. Colo we r. To1.
''Mi ^" "' I 4J i ft'i u -r Favorite una. Ia 494 hrr 34 ). P-I
ED Vq cnt or lck- 6: FOR SI,E:-14-foot LunCh "VIl e d t ,ld et'.dTo Pi
hed for rent. Location Rio Abo o. Z:-.W '. cu r Favor'I In very good condition. hS I' Wt Mn. sit tr hyt N Fo 42r.
4 "ox 57. Apcon. w d rage of house No 4 Gerordo r- apt nSl Street No. 42.
riaon balor reur one bed- d Am t treet. A k for r. Crcr. detail.calf Zubleto. Phone 1-3336 USED CA
i.r m i09 Cnished apartment in El" f .1BON SPC '. or3 -1802.
.a...... C... H ..el Roos-it '- ,Ew:.. l litt FOR .ENT; Just pointed modern MARKT
2 o:-*2 or 3-bedroof honme. 6:30..-The tfW d ShOp. l l P ... p'Wie 'nt;. f:'wo bedrooms, living- I l
,, iely located. C:Ll.Re :..'Af ORGAN ME, .5 closets hot water.
kTvoi Hotel. t., ODL& U .Wfl __ g'ltV *i plf Jupo Aroserheno 97, Apt j
SiyrUTl lt iS-'TB ,CAkIISTIAN RI I6 .". I___. -_k_____ _11
& Ft UND FO.I 3 ..Z kess PG R NTEW. Modern 2-bedroomn
Ma's. 7; R"- the .;', 11.E rmWlu ?.nSS H0a nt. -furnIshed, $100.00. :
l.- Mn M wl. .-:T yo' cm ,rfind for theI
b'mbbe g e re O r S ade. I ,
ai:t; aK T Om Sh r_ ~ h --
roamnth a tou th u c e a
Voted; fi g .i .:
cow, CdA to -4 60In. N0z an i tFOR kENT -.ON( MONT,4 fm CARS PRICED
A. Nw6 ? rio ach1to Aprl 14 a's f^

a,-Lrv off ___ e so t ted, B E L O W
O!lp..,atj 7..00a. Ga el.l 4Z, e ,i '
i---u" -FOR RENT o- dern "rtment:
... b!. O,. Cholet style, h 4t wotal, .mod i Bit
I I UhI niC-c-E, .-.I a an w B O O K
Sco t nveniences. Trst Avce, "El,
V- Tomrml.Wednesday. Maxr, ft tn u.-- Carmen." Entrance facing Juan
testified bore ,.he Hous Al Fi nco, apposite house 94.
$ T"-" ". ropri.atio mmttee. T- I .....-
b' B OThe Al ,n a ,ni)ttItoade the teltimny FT,- Bi g h,
R""r"yyu upyl rublic toB, excellent for couple with:t -"
L t (uVa^li E'AJazrM Clock Clib veoimtt ofunfertilled- Rdw' it treat. Pereft e. 16 COME IN
i expert oa-' bI., an', "a0 u .lt'di egip-"ll.- Parthenogenflen.l".- Cqu Romtie. Call 3-374L,. -
idm tday the ed ial 7:*-' it Salcn. recuars fnotlto -s and lower FOR ENT: Furnished 2.bedroom .
I w. this a S:1 5-Mprnlng Varieties ou1 lift. ... opertment: Livingroom, diningroom, AND LOOK
eiMIva ted.| RveUli ByI v m a Dr. Marlow 08l.n, g, slove end refrigerator. Bello
d partmie-.t sc'.ntst, incubat- istat, 43rd Street No. 64.
J-Mt IL .t wnances ty gagood sfond aboutnt FOR RENT: Completely furnhd AROUND ON
f-tU J .q l- u" Ja' g. "..l, er cent be~n tc develop after utility nd one-bedroom opert.-
Record.i *r' t hre. or foa" dr.>s' lncubatlkf. mwnte Loh tIon ideal for1 service.
a Z. .W t or two he said. continued 9 11"1"W r"Household g e. I
i e' fsa;r, i I we gcont'a. *he development for about eigo U rioRR m-oh--p.l QIJK..- aaab --a a,,
'a IorditContrtT. r vOR RENZ r.
ao 1jth d. .liv 1 o 0 eIeLes.
w a '6 n1uW hktched had d ,-
yS omd d2:Lys when Byerly t.- FOR RENT-Furnished 2-bron1 BIG LOTS.
IBaa "-lfe .Jsll ".. .Hi t' .B.?.r* ... -, "l ,eb. hdi apOrt it ndudl evyltJ, BiIGI iOTS .V A Ir
I t! f l..ime Music. I a11toeoy. Dr. Olsen sa Bele oVisa.Call 3-56.oaftNer';00 "
S .belief MM ue. -6w h) hatched, t p.m. or mornings. _______
.1 he l~ s~se Is`i PIa eelare'n't baa' l"te1 sure" .it.
A -...was. mntriled eg: Iith.r FO RENT
Tm. f"1 ,,Min-jokers &YouC F
B oIIn, h... i i i 'Ime. I, PICK OUT
timIton, who i
p., ''of theca m ti ,ne n pis ut his tur- I P
who ksth ndelock and key" anl FQ T ra. ,
o f thie sW ... I. I_ ..!u s .. I* apair.." B- te u tif -a w ron f r i or 2 h VpeI r
SMedical IceBall AA, A tbox, Stove, kitchi YOUR
to a 'ma" 'o -. e n t ba'ith. 52M St.
n 1 alf i i NoR 3. phone 3-0638. a.
oiii in I .Mw, :.e; ,.; ., I III Jui t .
e- s. :r Pinte. FOR RENt-NIcely furtished roam* UAR AIIN
kill ur orite nurrs, $50. Tel. 3-0897.
S"' "." a FOR RENT:- Furnished room, cool. I TODAY
tif Q5 )flpd dean, t ,attful i-lan. 4..

pl Ilo prevatttte;" i< l ^ B0 PORGI't L IOlie.. March 9 (UP. FOR kE l i-cely shdbd-1
I It bu p ld t _e 6 Recod Shop h I'c-' REA adminis- room",; -cl wifta ch lrn, e'
I" '~Btits o_.n 7,00-- E ORGAN M l- tar. ai4 t.oda persons wro -ntle ,, kitchen privilege. Phn
I arm not woltv 'o la _' i-te teaeral overnm-"t 252- j I II
Sitns wml penent ie. Stafford Show has rned .te backk on the REA ; a .
P-e- 8 .- ty or "ditor- ':-" V V
S ld hJ. er, that teta (VOAj. "" Nelsen a tree'dnh about 500 4 1 1 -
DC, 5' Platter Phrae 'smer -. dlretftrs of Nebraska. Is IsiUi Bard
| S.;i. z.) : mny op. os* A-. I, drome pers ,onr itc ,Te 53,,
I ,+at^Se I .. _', "Inject par. T oT ..? P..-' u *
asa nd en pStIs'sa program where M-t 5 p Sa 17
-cm anitns Ak1 tt chara-d SMOOT
Us^^^jr thiS 'thee*-' sort of c B' se. r I-
In. ma De the wh ae^ PRD

-*i ^1 Oftl1^ B teadi a'eeAREDES

i1 % ,-aT
7 r Is-,=, 1 .1

.7 ,

I '. m "- ^ f ..*

I --- .- .- ". :


ae ..
I flneI I flss

I *- s~ s i F

., *WU

_,. t .M ..

g Ee T et. llC ......e V 9-. n a

M&. 5th at. atntl ave; Three Oilsh prb as e.sw-re -ne -.,*-.saguy ies
ito oa.ty aboard a IStn I er i n g Olo- 0) 34. lth
lay fb e 't ht c'A
An officer aboard the DanishX f'1-
Tel ANlIPOTrTSl' 'a l Knprnisa Olav reported A. .-
TRANS RTE tote hUni ledPresaby rUo
BAXTER S.A. telephone that the prinonaee a
Iev and other passengers esr hay- .K
ES a alengld tme'4ad that
F. 6 SdDEoSh' neither h eynor other p aeng.9- F4tl bik-
TIaler t"Aftdla "ate olr@Ie we" In any dan..r. rJI,-IIM -IISO
ta. nhn aThe steamer, on its rear- .a
VAL EIRO TUR0ON un between Copenhagen aud
l pen Muemnic m nUltra. oslo leftt.he lNowegiancapital
msatic and dramaticic Tranra Siunay, It encotitered huge ie e .
nlsD.n offer, hit proleional masses driven Into the fjord by TOKYO,. March 0 Services strong currents and became united States and Japan signed a
anls lodl.. n the ide off mutual defense treaty today Which
Basoy Island. pUts this country firlgy on the
Repairs Installation of gas TBhe pricesseae board, are ide of the West against Asian
sItoas. water heaters, etc. Margretfe, the 13-year-old heir Communism. .
SIDNIE ORo BXu. fprhmnUmve to the Danis.h The pact reinforespent so-
General trh n heor s dite s Senedik- purity sareenients betweete two
U-.1II Maf, 7. nationantt 1openi the-way-for Ja.
ALL WORK WARA D. pan ultimately to have a new ar.
*- O.h RIv Makes my, navy .and .ie r .
... ow VI IIV l l *K l k" Japan uandenakn .-'t few mae-
tary obligation, but by encourag-
Trot Cont k. WIlrebd ith.
ll- .A.l.- ,... (WP Jap a s. ee l t vn*.
though the colorl packet da-.are meat to sR-A ,.-,. nei

I PICK UIPS edt Be Ohio Rm-rel atuet- a ati ta:rrpt thi ad o
it S vi, n artery of i ommer ce, a... h T ame ~o & A erigen aid
. .. i n f a c t th e wr i e r is s t 9 agin g s On n r 4 d [ l l d u r .
comeback as a transportation 4-, -,gli,-,l ,-y-ears to the
AUDAnl. o &, mAmiur mute, with 5a upsw tiht m"de m' smaUll J ease nainal aety
I rickamNa. WtTHM 1P52 the busiest in history on th Soes a aa flet& a
river, age-wise.
Nowadaydttthbalkeofthetyn- ,A ,,, equipment tais f L Isc alI


TeL 3-12
NO. 3. 3 1le VIe

towboats. The fats are ceaW 10
boats, even though they usual
push rather th n pull their baup
In 12. 5,T11l.199 tons of car
moved through the port of Lou
ville on the river an increase
more than miflia tons aiM
Oil and petroleum products I
codUnt for a great deal of tonnaj
but other commodities freqe
carried on the Ohio are aqton
biles, steel and scrap iron, !_gi
paper, for th ,rg phI .hati,

"WE HAVE ITr .k j "hr "q a in
taI,, erna. Ued 'wc~as
The ,trail of- .,-avy Mozinos

SHi Fi ns are loaded on barges -~iOid .3dty
,,l t, e ,.0IBdhe evening and MaedISO .40 du Needed .
miles down the river tolt
overnight. Another tacr pit i lwO -
Sthem u, n the mon ,
i iirV lll|1 r- ',driving over a bill and cura yg -oeket .biokt oft seuo .uiyr
III II I L Li' highway between two itl..- books a ge AM g let by to .
\ Canal li of t.C
I /. No. .., e..-aw. Dog With No Front iI
SLegs Is Fine Pol I "d
I' -.CLEVELAID, o..(U.p.) a. m am u a_ j o .. as .
has bolfrontleI po.i
New Us ad n He was bomn at ony
Purntture, abnormal pu n sh lttefr e
We Bu e. u el His owner, Mlt. iDom. a i.
S tet Sw sent him to the city dog pound of
.ause she thought it bt to hbv RedtCro I.
him destroyed. The d wardene P.a es .T
sent him bpck because thought Prw.,
S.. he might e sael e u l pa. re 1
G RE CHA ..a. S op. .%6u 0
Us. +lb
... help f 1 .. TWO -
Centrti Ave, hasomto WL S a'L
P ifs *. --l_ -. C om c on-.g- .',f- ;-.
We hKh perm.i nt took
,voxWww f. l1KE-R'" &.-m& urrri i


.-Ia t S

-- .--. -. -- ---. -~ -2

.~"d ';iI~

"..* ,. ., !
*' .. '. .* -,

. FI



- -.--- i

*' *< -* .

'S :

. ,

.-- me.

and Mrs. Art .ur .T. 'der, sac.
Captit'^. 4 A",.
. .

of the Area. nt .

Mr. ahin Mrs. Anthony Raymond
wetfe .-t itk. wta *t oup of
friends f t ad host add hostess.
. 1 L I *

5I.tI;BU s

I ed I aby :-
st i RktTAtoNs
this MEDICATED *ayl
No imimdlctned glowder cai re-
lieve your baby's Diaper Rash,
Diaper Chafe., Urine Scald and
Prickly Heat Rash as Ammient
Powrdor .. .
SFor Anaeon isippjially.inedi-
ated to soethe, priest ad help
heatiffrhated stkimnAbsrbs mois-
ture wonderfully-.4ifd isso soft,
it promotes healing by cushion-
ing 'babv's chafed skin against
" irritat(io. et Amien s
-. .., M,^ teJ$#4e, wd qr tl ay.,n .
S lE S -Try AMmnms at oust- .1
p n- Iat trial l2d csan _bso-
'luteiffyce, aid a postcard with
your name pad addrew to Dept.
GK. W'istol-Myers C6.; Hillside,
N.J. '(Offer expires Dec. 1,
r 954. "


1st. Prize .. ......
2nd. Prize ... ..
3rd. Prize ............
Also at 7:00

- .- -r i -.N O S

MWl. Swar m ..a .o.

SMn. T. C. lJames wat comp4-
nmflted-with a shower tiv attbI
V attia .1rat Club, by the ladi iE
f t MGb b Friday evening. ,
1Mr. Tnomas Lu d was. general
c.hatranan or the-affair nat cerrie
*out t e "pink and bi n thenft
eleverl. A canty a'tluaflta' to)
was suspended from the telling,
and as each lady arrivedshe was
presented a crepe paper Bonnet to
A game of "pin the bottle 6n' the
baby" was played and Mrs. Jack
Ward was the winner,
The husbands of tlide les joined
the group for a buffet supper.-
The ladies who participated Iw
eluded: Mrs. Walter Watts Mrs.
F. A. Dorgan, Mrs. John Spyen,
Mrs. James af. Freese, Ml.,f s-
lie Liftbalagh Mrs.' R t h Ir d
Kresge, Mrs. Hareli Bmall, Mrs.
Ann Smith, r a.' Frank aIs'tis,
Mrs. Elmer warie, 'Mrs. C.
Morrison, Mrs. Sonya Dietrich,
Mrs. Morris Wlhob, Mrs.. Rdlote,
Mrs. Jack O'Connor, Mrs. Henry
Hotz, Mrs. Hubqrt Harte, Mrs.
Carlton Hallett, Mrs. Frank Marc-
*,ak. Mrs. Hoba Hots and Mrs.
Walter Zimmerman.
Supper Dante At
Gatun Yacht Club
Mr. Willie Le Brance was host
for a buffet supper and dance at
the Gatun Yacht Club Sunday eve-
. A turkey dinner was served, buf-
fet style, and music for daneink
was furnished by a Hill-B ill y
Over 200 members of the Club
and friends of the host. from both
sides .0 the Isthmus, enjoyed the

4u n5, .iw5l. ,.. -
V", .ill be- iven.. Al Ateh.*b The
nd their unsts are cordially ia wl
vited to attend. esgn.
tiered I
: repeats

-U. I. La' theDBer

Un isal International FPin -And OGr
stulch.,Aw~,flrJqr epreoenang Mr an
gO countries In Latin Amerla have b
wl meRs-Z1t home tfe top- mny.
SS'l"%* hafilFt(1l cmull, An ,n
U er-Wl"' Intirnational Films eluding
president Alred 3. Daft and Dunne,
foreign general manager America Cantor
Aboft at the U-I Latin Amejp- lavish '
iefu, Bas Conference Whioh wlll
open in Buenao Aires on March The
15. will be
Air Commodore P. M. F. West, lilacs fl
mnatagng'. director of the J.
Arthur Rank.Overseas Filmn Dis-
tributors will fly ifom London
to Buenos Aires to attend the I '[
eOnferenost of which he will be [I
thp guest of honor. This be the
first opportunity for Mr. West I
to meet. the U-I field men di-
rectly responsible for the distri-
butlon of the J. Arthur Rank .
product In Latin America.

Also .present from the New
York home office will be Al
Lowe, Latin American super-
viaor; Fortunat Baronat director
of publicity, and Joseph Maazr,
in charge of the.overseau 16 mm.
department. Cesar Aboaf, re-
cently appointed U-I special
field representative for J. Ar-
thur Rank pictures in Latin
America, will also attend.
v-I-- A- awf~ .wll nvuja

Th-e delegates wiM preview a
American Legion Juniors number of leading Universal-
To Meet International and J. Arthur Rank
The Juniorn of the Nathaniel 3. pictures which have been set,
Owen Unit No. 3 will hold a meet. for release in Latin American
J4g Wednesday, March. 10 at 4:00 during the next season. U-I pia-
t.m. at t home .of M~s. Gporge turea .include; "The Glenn Mil-
LaPert, Quarters 52 F- 4th Street, ler Story," "Mlargpl'feent Ob-
Coco s~i ; session," The Far Counmtry,"
i 118P.L Uch. 'S 'sK h 'Ylitkeo Pasha,"'
Cree e "Win s of the Hawsr "Golden
Sets Jeelpg ,, ,a-* of
e n t a gis
bWdneqd alheAbte.Ilw"rOd -re:
Sdef agtin was ipaseti J .4
from 'ts regular .a 'ate. .
S ---- .- Host at the convention will-be
Orchid Exihibt Bi4 U-T's- geherail inaager for Ar-
vent Of Weeken gentina, Monroe Isen. Mr. Isen
.e Gold Coast Orchid boliety is the dean of 'American film
will hold its second annual exii-, managers in that country, with
tion in the Fountain Room of the 07 years of service with U-I.
Enrqtire Pardo, sales manager,
and the managers of U-I's pro-
)AY! vinclal branches throughout Ar-
gentina will form the local sales
THEAT ~RE contingent.
Representing Brazil will be
Rudi Gottschalk, general man-
UESDAY NIGHT" eager; Daniel Tikhomlroff, ad-
ministrative manager and En-
............. $75.00 ldersurr de Figueiredo, sales man-
.35.00 ager. Colombia: Jorge Isaza,
............. managing director of Cine Co-
. ............ 15.00 lombia, U-I distributors. Cuba:
Ramon Garcia, manager.. Chile:
& 9:00 p.m. Raul Vianpop, manager. Dom-
sky, manager. Ecuador: Fran-
cisco Pug, manager. Panama
W and Central America: Saul Ja-
cobs, manager.. Peru and B611-
via: Alejandro Undurraga, man-
ager. Puerto Rico: Harold Du-
S doff,, manager. Trinidad: Walter
1 Lambei, manager. UrUguay:
mtWZ 5 rfl4N.D James Alexahb-er, home office
m representative. Venezuela. Tony
10-- Garcia, manager, g. c.

*t" bpnaramd whift,

""- .. ..... -wa .. '- "
pretty, 19-year-old bride
SVear a Juliet pearl cMa Rexn, with a thre-
full-length veil whe she
her. ,wnage vowes at
'efly HUIs lt I tomorrow
wt-V4 ew p.o r k 'took
Seth slter,. ,
bundT fty friendss of
ay -amFmeinding Ba .
itpvwyck, Gbeorge Rums
a, t,..t&wn 'fnHb Uotnea mwhd

1 .. I'm. ,;..

NIl .hens, 3,lnm, was In
; eon to t from a

sooe e ghe

shooting., j
"eltCdn't reie he tad no
ballet in his braft unaT he de-
vWQpef a, severeheadahhe.
the Duwtev Kar Isn on ahisago's
Went Bide early Bunday when a
man- oBld the door, emn.taed
a .etil into the Owd, $d then

COeman. .ftose fret. ti. M op
men I ed tothe cate- iThn i by a bullet
e hret was ed" In 'the
ddit 1 A lc
ddltpl ,300 guests th- rheetf.l,a r cochSand drove to
SMaXilynI Monroe, Irene his hereie Mn Wli being
Ethel Metman and Edjie treated at a local. hospital.
received, Invitations to a
champagbte reception. After he got bomne, according
I .tn Cheiro Chief of Detectives
crystal. riom of the hotel John T. O'Maliy, Behrens be *
e filled with rare white gpn suffering a severe beadshe.1
Iown from Holland, white He *eht to a hospital in.BRIgi


1:00, 2:55, 4:50, 6:50, 905 p.m.

w, nkescum .e
(p-Y Technicolor).-
with -


WAHOO! $115.00
Louis Jourdan, in
Marilyn Monroe, in

"Stage Coach To Kansas"



I .e, VIk |S : -:0 o'-4':35
L U-Xsjo .-si
with -



with -
Pau. Louise

BANK DAY! $200.00
Robert Hutton, in
Rocky Lane, in

Chapters 4 and 5
S; ofluMR RIVER"

C fra 17TR IL dDAY74and

EXTRA!!.,. First Newd of the Shooting at'the
American Cpngress by Puerto Rican Nationalists
--also release feature!

back in





Anna Magnani, in

I I----- _- OW

* um md a .. and
' 7PU TS MO) .,w wow.i : /

ies- 8 n a
um a .a. .ny M .. "..

where doseta faoud mnd remov-

They aid the riciwt, Atad
of atnICll d h nW, uasly
pierced thi-.fll and @court up-
ward through hi stl ltft6 the

At The Air-CntiOdttted

A real drama A rare Jewel
Moold entirely in Pairal

* .. w ..r. -a M .. -
showai l:ISa s. 4.0S

Ll A

Ruil UonLdwM "a
Warner Paths News with
the showing at the
American Congress.



7Ta V0 L I
OGay OCper B yarU Stnyek. Ruth RelbSaa
PluE: Dorbs Da and Gordon MRea r In

I anamla Canal theaters -

BALBOA 6:15- 7:50


beeuse it's
only one

whay front

' WV.... p.


Sm i b

MAlGtI S:il '7:

hnDowovAM BRpAIN"
... "M u Mefr,

ana.. as *
DIABLO gig -
0 Ruehard .'1
"Bamer or CorvevA
W. 'TLAN I..j'AIMasRs
TimM. "3aniL~ atdt*'

TeduMuolq. rAf $
Thnw.'WNN t

LA BOCA 6:15 8:21 CAMP BIED 6:5 I
"CUpped Wings" and An sar C.t.
"Stage To Blue Liver" 'ITT1awr,

* .-.,- -.. .-.- --

; .-.A........ a4

A brand new, "

nd new 4vw9& soupW

.. 4
; 1-*

- -- lu -


, -, 1.. .

* .

" k"t= B r' '' = '
L6.,-:t; ^_ -" -. .

_ 4- ,

K -- t.-.

Chael Fidn Tour usm I

i at "


: [- I. ,.'v -1


UE Albrook actually outhit Cu-
(rund in their game, but the de-
fending champions took advant-
age of live Flyer errors for 10-0
Lost win. Tommy Ashton had a pair
0 of doubles and a single in three
1 trips for the winners, and As
1 'Barlev tilpled. Joey Love led the
2 Albrook attack with two base-
3 blows,
2 Pitcher Herman Smith struck-
out I3 Curundu batsmen, but six
0 walks and the aforementioned
0~o -hDoA 4I


ln Life
taltar Life
mour Agency
9 1414


'ears 9 Seyvmour Agencv

Ted Wlliams

Undergoes Oiperalbo

In hits Hosplal

i 800


BOSTON, March 9 (P) --- .
Boston Red Sox smugger Ted Wil- I .
.Jams was operated on today o A '
speed the healUln of a fractured dnWr.JP AAtlaltic Twi-L oo
collar bone suffered a week a,-- ',e l.'V1ca At a TT ,-i J.W.
during his first 10 minutes .
spring practice at Sarasota, F.1 t. C I K"lt CL ..1.. EE .S
Williams' LSderwent surgery u CL l'f Champs* Opn
Santa Maria Hospntal, across tl-- V -it" 'P-.vrm, -,- -r .'" t
Charles River In suburban Cai- I --I s I .
bridge. The hospital Is almost i t! Pla' f: S rklAe s Thurs-g y'
opposite Fer-wa Park. Williar.a- s iyJ lU i
L.ome base o0 opcratione, a ST
The surgery involved wirin -a .


s~on ns~a.r atra. a a. te nWr

L.nararzrsinswas rs~ax eian aL
With the second half cham-
et. plonshiD ncw af[el"y tucked a-
17 way, the Balbon wers can b"-
)0 gin concentrating their effort
10 for the fortbcon o two out rf
3 three series with Naval Station,
which begin'. Thursday at MLt
3 Hone Stadiwan.
10 Tonight's c.H.S.-Naval Station
3 game has been called off.
0 Naval Station has already an-
nounces that hthey will starot'n
SGraham in the first series con-
test and that fact alone should
attract the baseball customers,
h Graham has a no-hitf job to hLi
t credit in the onentg game (.f
e the season against Balboa Beer
i He has seer only limited act' )n
6 in relief roles since then. due to
e, Service league commitments, b it
,'; he has yet to be scored upon ii.
o the Atlantic Twliegh League
n Balboa Beer wil come back
r with Noel Gibson and they wal
s be honing that he's got that
e "bad one" out of his system ir
last Sunday night's frsay. More
e detailss op triAs game will follow'.
I The box srore-
Balboa Beer ab r h po a e
Jaramill crf rf 4 1 0 2 0 0
cooper 3b .. 4 0 1 0 1 1
Hall lb ... ... 4 0 0 7 0 0
-GOibson. p, as. p .0 0 2 1 0
M. orrls, s, r ast'4 1 1 0 0 0
r 4'weartngene .. 4 2 1 7 5 1
y Wiech If. cf ... 1 1 0 0 0 0
o Tully 21 ...... 2 2 0 3 1 0
s Crawford rf .. 1 0 0 0 0 4)
SDiaz O .... .. P 1 0 0 0 0
r Albergalt, r; .. 1 0 0 0 0o
S27 9 3 21 9 2
Manning 2b ... 4 1 2 0 2 0
Lamas Ib .. .. 3 1 0 2 1 0
"Ilghley s .... 4 1 2 1 0 1
Huglhes p ..... 0 1 1 1 1
in der c ........ 2 0 1 17 1 0
cottonn 3b ..... 3 0 0 0 0 1
t Hodge If ..... t 0 0 0 0 0
t Bowersa ........ 1 0 0 0 0 0
SSalter rf ...... 3 1 0 0 4 0
k.Matas clf ... 2 3 2 0 0 0
S28-7;;a 21 3
Beor. By InniEgs
1 Balboa Beer 000 031 5-9 3 2
PoweUs 003 202 0-7 8 3

V .e' lt- A-,D errours pruvea custly. Ray Amato h.
TODAYS' GAME 'i-as the winning hurler, giving may re brok t pieces 0o bel- a .. N ..(al
Lincoln Life vs. 0. Life up seven hits. may reLrn the husky- otflel- TANNGS (Final
.IThe box score er to the Red Sux uniform by
Sears Catalog Boys, be-i T x RU.. May 1. Atlantic Twil]b* Btaseball
Sfdthe strong pitching of Cur- CRUNU l t Half
.hwarzrock, took a one-game Chassn. A Shortly before etering tue Won Lost PF
in the second half race by assn. ss operating rom. Williams wI N aval Station ..... 4 8 .86
ttin the Seiymour Agencyv a., p'b 4 1 1 .visitedby thV hospital chapi'n, lboa Beer ..
i-- -, .h.... 2b-4 4 'viowesited,.b9
9 to 0 yesterday afternoon. A 1b 3 Rev. Th.omaqs McDermott, wwho _ol ....,.... .
Swarzrock retired 15 men ^oAShn, 3 3 Malid Williams wa: "very cordial" C H. S. .... 3 4 3
te. walked five while allow- Latore. rf-cf 3 0 Dand a bit nervous. led Half
two doubles and one singlearly Father McDermott said Wil- Palb Beer ...... 5 1 .83
registered his fifth win. Eady. 2 0 0 lams was sAtinuvup in bed e- N'ava Station .... 3 2 .01
titn Perez started for.SeV-Boe r 4 2 0 0 aminin ,thee six-inch stl "owellsa ........... 2 4 33
un Pr sled f vReichart. vi 2 0 0 na of h eed ihe u H. S...........1. 4- .20
t going 3-1 '3 innings 0 nvin C h 0 alqs ofth. type used In the op-qI S- .
i ts nd t runs. Pearson aton the hatter SUNDAY NIGHT'S RESULTS
Ro 3. s- JRo_ 29 10 6 oGee, thev tolh mea theywe.-c Balboa Beer 9 Powells 7
s got offton aonesruln lead ALBROOK going to put a rT In IUe. They'Al
Sfirs ded tw mFor Sasfyk. sb 2 0 0 need a sledv amer They haa toi travel a routw
ln the second wh .... w teohens, If 3 0 1 these in" Father McDermo and rag ge road road t do t, but th
S e. wi c uClhar. 2b 2 0 0 uoted Williams. albao Brewers, trailing on th
cientefor the witn A double i Meddler. rf 3 0 1 d-r-- hsort enod o a 7 to 4 count an'
lirge n the fifth withdouble s c 3 0 0 o in to the top half of th
e oey Watson.l Joe Pril hnd w th3 0Sip A o one in the sixth as Humphrey seventh-nd last Inning after t
seeh rod t Ce 13-nit awettll nd Love. c 3 0 2 was tn by an error rst- batter had been reliri
be handed the scoring Fort kttobbe's Litt 3 0 e Life oco Solo rang up 2 n the came to life and aidrted bytw
e os sTerhune last i rally 0 1 to bea rst on an error and passed ball. bae hits rmlss lak of control ibm
both o hFort C to -- Themith and Wood la Coco Solo de walked n t3 20x-7 on part of thePowels of the s
nwPearzrock was the a lead 5 7sersthe third, scoring as Karnthe kicored five tme The five ru".k ou
tter of the game with a rdoutile T unloosed a double. Karpnski were ng to five them t
Stwo singles tofree trios. urundKobbe 320 302-10 only scoring as Hunt was on by an Powe the. second hi t. off omm

Sor oe C otton with two for In a game nothing short 'o es. Bwa gen's roller t
y Caldthe Lncoln with two for three 5 roo ks enal 000 000- 075 error. Two mGeorge alain walk- or halt chmpionhip in thle
te.r Lfrs eel w ith two or -c rur'dtheir nin Amato allWPi and ed n the fourth Lutz scoring as At ntic Twilightaon sea di

S4aecnr d mble. w,,'h-"t r'd t batter plustory over Worden Freneh'saPo.o t appearthbeserious, fo
e led : -bit ttck ,, E nfed Atterbrook Smith (LP) Wos saturday ahi t to right and Smith League.d out o
SE MOUR AroEN J o Kn~and Love steal tig home.
eaton, as, 3b Je v aort Kobbe's 0--8 8 Little Lifelnpnt-rs Score by Innings T.h.. severth frame started a.

lb 2 0 2 9 0,' ....a 00 005---" 1 4 made a good replica o1 Vi54 Again .uNhel' co Gl _wen,
te losers with two t 2 ed a last ing rally to beat Police Pals 0 101mound and held lely, w l
r both of rsMon (WnPib and hthe C oo hSel 203 20x-7 3 3 hMrof t. t he top tter of the sec-

Cy ear wt n n F n Burke.t Clton 9-8. The culavto nCOc Solo o mrl to tme o
ny Pearl wit n oy, in hW s us good tnd hlf ct&onpa, struck or
0 only other Sevirour playerSAoTURters led 8-4 untIl the ina BA URDAY'S RESULTS Capi Morris sinihd to rliht 1&

atwright n b0 n ATLANTIC ITTLbbe managed only one- Little Motta'nt 7 innings 2.for the Motta's. se1otHs lt. o nstler

oef s o ,; 0 c t SEC azND HALF The Powella scored first, in the r ser_4 h.t. off-To.m
an, Lf 20 0 fSTANDINGS to thhurler In a game nothing short aghes. waren' roller t

lts.r Lifrs eet In bat- 1 t 15 wpks enabled them to sensatbialoule, Georget MaloLitng s Lstilwettheur ongan w. did
e ttle Motta'r nin tallies. Four tie Mot ands battled a 2 to vie- t the ation

o nr ace .- t '.: ndP batter, plus tory over W rden French's Pow- not appear to be serious, fo

PI tP0b2o c o S o lo B r aae s 2 e L e os e c o n d ut
Seb o R AnenC 1 O oTrinfieCld hitters account-ell Saturday at Margarita. I h
SrMO iR p a o r the winning margin. was a tight game for 8 exciting the nningn ak roun4 ball t
eston.PaSb 1 0 MagTritn sore: inng. asecond,aadVrnenW both runnetto
3b ? 0 2 o *'n 02 102-8 83 Little pint-sized Louie French Morriscored on a pau bail.
L2 0 0 2 3 oe Wh 00 00 5- made a good replica of Vi,'e Again Fuhee. cotrrl went

.; t 1 1 2 4 0 Uot 5 hits to CooSolo's 3, the a bid for, a hit which was ld-
S 0 2 runs. wil on (LPere (6 an the resutt'lts of timelyed expertly y orthe tt 5 in- y A t

b g. a 3 0 0 2 hts wih men on base. who tagFrench allon or the ore Panama Area-Armed ForA
Srf 2 0 team ee h ave snt as enough hreto field. Gary T te age
twrighte1r. Te0 0it Malay.fin hisou sueal good form _oorer to rs ile theNIN toG
i ATLANTICule allTT LEAGUE wen t looked annings ortheough it mgh' Albrok
e by 0 re was ND HALFThePowelleved in thscored first be a tie in th9t, but e For be 1 .

013 fPeterson. cose the ist pitclhA
an STANDINGS topo..thsx aB.8a ae AUr
7: 21 q ls WonL ost hit a double, getting to 3rd on an aTl ...
c f orPe inth' e :' 0 errorr and made the plateOn an PW t

hi orleo iv-ls 1 2 in their hlf of the sixth 0y ebnowitht o 1e

eerhLaBulldors Goi All Out Wi
ennr ngsE S ePooe.Pals 0 2 Wills pushing one through L.pair
SEARS Margorita Oilers 0etain R enh. aa sacred Willhs to
ober, 3b on 0 rak boy from Balbo0 ah. Thsecond and Maloy was safe on a h em
.. s p g 2 'o b 2 FRIDAYS RESULTS bunt. K. Kulig came In to relief :oove I
S1 3 0 ngh Solo rBrsae a7,Potice Palr oiFrench and J. Wills sc nine ored on
S. i1 16 0 The Cola Solo Braves bowled a wild pitch. t the h -h
bbe 0 0 0 0 ffort to er the Police Pals to 2 at With one hs always by the end of stvi
f S 1 1 0 o1 Margarlta. Although the Police Kulig was on and Wiegle made Sevj 1H
n rf 3 4 o ot 5 hits to oco Solo'sp. W the a bid for. a hit which was n ben d-
g l 1 2 2 0 runs w their b results of timely ed expertly by Morelanding
ti 5i 0 0 0 ohits with men on base. who tagged secondfor the force Pama Area-A d For
an Comm 2 1 2 0 0 Both teams seemedof this week, a mee out like the Balby threw to first league
LTMON : -- sprinnd fever. Terry Smith gave for a double play to retire the 8 la DINGA
du 1, A 11 18 2 up mre free on pras than uu al. Pwer and ha mile teams. W L Pet
bbe Clayon Relays. inhese are: trouble all along. H It looked as tVonh It might A lrok A 16 4 .8
E S TURD : hr was relieved In the first be a tiembdo, in the 9th, but tean ort'i obbe 7
bbe at ar -. b WitPalhe albo who eld untilays sche Peterson chose the first pitch Army Atlatic 10 .24

.11 0#at West Bank ,rled for Frid. April 9. the th Martin, Larry Keene and Fred o, Cet'e-s4,. _S, (- :.
ind pitcber.c rorkwps hurt sliding into second in and planted it over center field Spe Troops 11 0 .524
S ln pitcher: pee -3- the fourth. Goguen taking over. fence or the deci ding run. Fort Clayton 9 i2 2
Spitcher John Agu et e Policeotonly 2 runs In. Score by I ll on Herb ningsith a Coc Solo r 8 13 .321
ea of the thunbl one in the fourth a Palumbo Powerne Jm Stev00 0-ens, B 4 4 l Navy Wetbank 0 13er er hrling the first noe- Thne n for a clean hit andurLittle Matt umps 000 001er Lambrt -2 4 1 e -Witho ew from lane)

run ame of te season r eams rom e ereoastl Mantoalc Stevens and Ra-w their lead to bhree games
t Bnkewon ou pitch: Pear-' .el as e anal e Atec e thus ar ut a the othersby wine ng both of their week-a l
t Schwflrtoc. PIthem l A ll U I end tilts w hle second-place
Sre- an e onlbeencn th.the exception of Oris, are

tChitnn gs. nrs, won e osn esed meets, nhat has bten such a crowd Albatok AP -- RteSuna:y
nd Fail.Scorter: Mead- To R etain R elays T itleao with rt Kobbe 7-0. Spe-
neai3n rial Troops blanking Army At-
ieI forces Little League' -antir IM, ad Albrook AhB
is mouSecond-half Track boy from Balbo Hith Theyn at trhe utlv favored to n cop huriere'rm"

SParer. also hurled ~o crac.. ..... 'wo of the listed sprinters w,- N~ ~ 7' A.r .
S STANDINGS nk hool have been putting in their M hetrooltp.n League chamnd Beckma allowed only two his
i W L Pr i :ng, hard rcurs of practice frr o.onsh ipthie year. a nditrsko out nine Kobbe bat-
Sia 0 1000 the past lo weeks In an all oun Fawcett hopes to have a better ten rto tealithe show Snday
5 2 .714 effort to rein their Balboa Re. line on his boys by the end of after rno
ton 3 4 .429 ;snBhamponship. With ore this week c tht he can began Ontlyhitter to gt more than
3ta 4 4 0 -telegrathic" mfct already 1 .- to form the relays teams thatonesafety was Clayton's second
AF 1 5 .167 der their belts, another asched- ae so all Important In winnigbaseman Tony Dseati, who ci-
LM. 1M 5 .16O Aed for Ti-esdav of this week, a meet like the Balboa Relays. elected twobngles
MONDAY: -nd the bi Tnterclass meet .t At present there are about 8 FortClayton 12 000300-7I 0
7Sank 1, Carnb. Comm. 0 [ Friday, the Bulldogs won't sprinters that will make up t~ie FartHob bos000.000 000-0 2 5
dh 10, Albrool AFB 0 back tor cor petition prior to tne ouariter and halt mile teams. Fort Clayton: Bck (W
Sbb 9, Ft. Clayton 8. Relays. These are: Cesar Von Chon, .-and Cripel;ort Kbbe: Pa-
STHURSDAY: Bob Zumbtido, Jim May, Alpania: (LP), Drew (7) and o-
We at Carib. Comm. Witn the Balboa Relays sched- 3)ackall, Etd Napoleon, Earl a l (4). an IaaS
Sat West Bank 'led tor Fridlay, April 9. the thin Martin, LArv Keene and Fred A.broak waited Until the ninth
clayton at Curundu. lIad ssoirants nf Coach John C7ritch. ing before oo?** through
1- Fawcett wfil have opportunity to For the ulle relay, the Bull- linng f-0ore r Com ougol
Saflk pitcher John Agul- wet 'n additional meets, all dogs will have to call on Herb with a2-0 Owntoer Coo Satw
ele i of the thunder citingg toward the Relays ;: !%aybourne, Jim Stevens, Bill Sundaw astemtatt. Catcher flfo
R$)a top teams in the the big Ptfort of the Canal Zone Krause, Lee Rifpby, Jack Corri- n h !ftv, eal
B Forces L e Lau psesgan and po'siblv hurdler Bru4 the Flers ating three hits,
,.by hUrling the first no-I The Relay&. which will feature Orvis and hWph lumper Lambert the ltn igIng teou
r-unn gtme of the season trMS famn the Interscholastic Mantovani. Stevens and R t- two ta-li Vie tebdttle.
-Caruibbean commiand. I eague and +no Armed Forces as bourne have looked ood in prac- Bolor j, teIUwMm- Gr Oaben

J U MMMPK^^.-^ ^)ll ci. Semte -PW O*DIsania. *554 Delaq. 1yr~ A~,lc t l




Sailor centerfielder George
Lott and pitcher Charlie Burns
rapped qut. doubles for the only
Coo Solo extra bases.
Leading the hit Parade for
Fort Wyton were first baseman
Ayton Paga and second base-
man Angel Millan. who each rec-
orded three hits. One of Pagan's
hits was a double.
Clayton pitcher Eduardo Perez
was Injured by a sharp line drive
off the bat'of Sailor Lott in the
fifth Inning and had to leave
the game.
Coco Solo 100 030 004-B 6
Ft. Clayton 300 000 003- 9 3
Coco Solo: Burns (WP). Ora-1
ham (9) and Esola: Fort Clayton1
Peres. (LP), Mora (5) and
Led by the booming bat of
catcher Herb Boetto. the Albrook
Flyers had little trouble in sub-
d.n the Army Atlantic nine
sa y afternoon.
'. R noliest effort at the
plate came in the third tniang
when .he blasted a home run
th two Flyers on the bases.
tto had two other hits for the
day. lyer third baseman Jon
Aeevedo. a4e had three safeties
n Albroo4 s hitting barrage.
Albrook AFB 10 010 004-4 13 3
A. Atlante 000 001 000-1 5 8
AQ k AB -- Bartholomew
tiMe Ustngton (LP) and SBan-
,a' ,

Panama's m
pion Fra*n
broke the C
meter reor4

ond -fro the ptqvlot. tk
which was established bY JatalT
ca's Arthur Wint at BarrasqullBp
In 1946.
Rhoden held the lead wtlh 25
meters to go but Prince came up_
with aspectacular.burst of rspee
to beat him by live-tenths of a
second. Rhoden's time was 1:3st4
Eric Waldron, of Pnama, wdis
third In 1:57.6.
Other Panamaiania who tr-
ed points yesterday were 'Alfft6
Grennion who was fifth in the
100 meters dash. Marlene Wotth-
ington who was secbrid In wom-
en's fencing, Eatela Espino Ura-
nia who was fourth in women's
fencing And Aurora Ponce who
was sixth in women's fencing.
Cuba''won two more old
medals to pile up a command-
ing lead In the Central Amer-
ican gmes yesterday but asuf-
fered l possible blow *hOn.
champion Rafael Fottsn ti-.
ed up lame"
The lanky Cuban runner" r
romped to victory in the 100
meter dash for his third straight
'Little Olympics' win but strain-
ed a leg muscle that -may keep
him out of today's 200 meter
His loss would be serious for
the Cuban track-and field forces
that have take four out of 10
first places and kippetred on the
way to a resounding If unofficial
team triumph in the sport.
Cuba's other gold medal today
came with a '"old one-two
triumph In the broadJump by
Claudio Cabrejas and Victor
Hernandez, giving the islanders
a total of 72 points garnered in
the seven sports thus far con-
tended by atheltes from 12 na-
Mexico, which'took only one
championship, was in second
place in the unofficial battle for
team honors with 57 points. Ve-
nezuela, souring heavily in wom--
en's fencing and track and field.
was third with 40 points.

Panama, with S6. Jamaica,
34, Puerto Rico. 24, Guatemala,
-16, Colombla, 18, Dutch West
IndleS, 5, and El Salvador, 2,
followed. Nicaragua and the
Dominicean Republic have not
yet showed. ,
tulq Mian ita.Selle of Ve,
uonela toow r hq t's only title
outside of track and field com-
petition whn she won the wom-
en's individual fencing.
Mexico continued its sweep to-
ward the tennis championship,
however, winning for the second
straight daT all five matches In
which Mexican players were en-
tered. Colombia advanced two
pairings and Venezuela won one
each in the first round men's,
women's and mixed doubles
The Dominican Republic
launched its fight for the bas-
ketball crown with a 38,-33
triumph over Venezuela, while
Panama bounced back from yes-
terday's loss to Puerto Rico by
thumping Guatemala, 75-38. It
was Guatemala's second straight

Tiger Jones TKO's

Bobby Dykes In 10

NEW YOytC, March 9 (UP) -
Middleweigiht Ralph T Jones of Yorkers. N.Y.. said to-
4ay, "I've returns' to the ring as
a knockout puncher because a,-
operation or. my elbow lets wre
hit straight with my right hand
WI tthha* straight right, 26-
year-old, Jones floored fifto-
ranking Booby Dykes of Miami
twice last nieht Pnd won an up-
set technical knockout at 2.12
of the 10th round before 2.000 in
Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway Are-
i.a. It turned probable defeat 1a-
to victory.
Jones, scllne 157 pounds to,
Dykes' 159, was a 2-1 underdog
for their scheduled I0-4*ouud
television bout. It was the Tir
.rrt start snlce last A '2 2
when he lout a non-title dZhlon
to Welterweight Champion ytd
"I had a chip removed from'
ny right elbow in October," the
Yonkers 'Nr explained. "T'ie
doctors cale the chip a mone.
It moved around in ay elbow
ad wouldn't let me hit
Handtcapred Ib t e elbow
chip. Jonea.' b od Ced bLIlt
even knockouts in 40 4 oe.
stnaln bouts before last W.

'7.~ .4 .4 ~rmtpz~ "q~
.~, ~ ~ -
-L *
I flw tASk ttv


anpe Wno was oameded one
Te pace slackened 0f on the
tba nite and Crokebr's 38 en-
abled him to 0 let:ou more, than
tte one bole deflt alat bhe won
6t bya s and 2 score.
T0e lower bracket of the -rst
flight found two odatamen bat-
tling it oUit with Pltaiabl Mac-
ionald defeating the veteran
Scot Don Mathleson by a 2 and
1 score.
The results in the other fliehte

BOSTONr, Mart:. 4 (fP) -
Welterweight Chasutoa Kid

were as follows: Cavilan wa. tsne4- i .Peali
for hia Apri. 7 Gh em S bot
SZCOND FLIGHT with middleweightt kifn obo 01-
Eddie Eder aoer John Daviys The BKd breezed Ox.@ in
L, ldand 1 W 10 round rematch W -
yleano taueover Herbert TO-vlo MlneIU of Italy before. ,ay
le/ano, i-up at the 19th hole. 6,,883 Bosto,, Orde fan tis 't
THR FLIGHT : night and, afterwards, condedd
T F oIGHT .the fight w's but a warmkip 1-.r
Chug Wright defeated Miki the main eyent .
LeCroix, 1-up. I needed the worle .v-
Clifford Maduro and Toti Es- iln std.tbut I anvoltmha-. I
tenot have until Thursday to .dnt ta unneceary ehanc-
play their match. ,
LADIESe was quck tO 'add that "'I'
,LADIES FLIGHT ts.tke all the chances I have to,
Harriet Berger over Edith Ma- to win the mddeelh -
tfeson, 4 and 3.O Gauan said he would r t -
the 15311 sounds of weqhbt he
DAM- e Mat carried against Minel," wno
Penn State s Mat _hedIt.t1 ina .
The fght enerally was a dull
one bhlt Oaan' nearly ended !
Vrown In Danger in the sect d round when bh6
connected with series of lefts
SldTA rights that rocked the Ital-
STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (NA) an boer, who Went dWn f(r
Twice-beaten Pean State's an eight-count at the ona-mitu-
wrestling team is rated no bet- ute mark.
ter than an outside threat in Gavilan poured It on 'again
the Eastern Intercollegiate and seconds later, Minell on a
wrestling championships at I- more was in trouble, this time on
thaca, N.Y., March 12-13. the rove&
the past three years, always on until e end of the oun.d,
.,have been one-two withe na- but the tide Was aflnth him.
Mon's top college w r e sat lin g A $100,000 [aV a w freet
teams, .i before th'i41' ,tl actal
.This time, however, Pitt. Navy rross was 41 6 td ,the at
and Lehigh art rated superior. $13,700. -

B .t *i .-


Maca rena


March 14, 1954- 4d.5 p.m.
Dr. Miguel Angel Ordi esu
Mayor of Panama District
assisted by Mr. RAMON CASAL.



from the Haslenda "SANTA MARIA" of
Mr. Mat Robles.
And by popular request the apfearaes of


JAL mH "NZ 0"

d a n s

f meet"eofa Hsrim -Wr. A"aL, 3a405 ,.

Sj mm "mom

S .*,,, ,*, M M r ,,d.,

12 ** -






___I _~___~~__~_IL __)_ ____ _U _


___ ~_ __~~ _~__

-- ~~~.- ---r--.u.-~~.



reases Lead

baseball Loop
a- -
fielder Juan Reyes showing the
way at the plate with a single
and a double, the only extra-
Sbase hit of the game.
Trooper relief pitcher Gail
Miller struck out 155 Lfeliners in
I the Z and 1/3 Innings he worked.
'Ft. Kobbe. 11 000 001 2-5 52
SSp. TrooM 100 001 001 l-4 6 1
I ,Fort Kobbe Barnard, Drew
(WP) (9. OGearhart (10) and
-Rosado, Special Troops Wier-
nickl, *tler (LP) (2) and Con-
ner, Leonard 4(5, Kugler (9).
e Coco Solo's four Insurance
runs in the top of the ninth
proved to be just that Saturday
Yaftqrnoon as a Fort Clayton ral-
ly closed the margin to two runs

-'-r .

aSver :S a woP t

,a puedea i saths ufor the www2 at

hal& w t Cubl ?ire witt A0 far ?pe flaa .
.on .04 oex attack mos otoo te ntte optu
lag n, -a'. ea a .: i.. .a' b oould take up whereT he let adU Lv wa,
g 1 a culd do It. at that. A s ho, Hut even the l
-taf t w R, i n all tie time. Beales. they Wet getting e
got tua n L that what George Wess maid win he "al Vi"o "
845 a yOa agoa/ : laasi, Over night, the rome-tinted clouia slemee to turn
SB O- And wil l be out abx weeks minimum. A e stowt
SO.maes a e ad b e cn ., bu^ *- Hlooked like an old man on the pla ." W he'll be
.aa sine *ed i#s whose hm, -d L- b: and that ain't cub acout. noboqtr e r cre

Hwts orne ias n preference to Zlmmer, ow m ople did the hom medic aln a td In the OnIffting
,n==.... -, o A0 Ogan8 Gam e -i- Rem ain In Style ::* ..: "=b"e

ar wo gte b "acn shyabt an ;0vComtsTh90iougada th.h week. I- il : u co most. Uniorge
ingr aB otea bta jike tht te ms Ift by elyin, all 154 games i-ra -'" can't ke'p his legs in pondito4t. And, as he deemontra
terh he Browns" reatem bras o PALM PRIOS, Calif. March however, fe a art in the pes- August. he doesn't need much time to groove his dw g.
He'd brin ipt of mosey, brt ,trklng aUm and has no peer ,t 9 (NA) Wen oen egas o ncea of his ddo. He took a 78. -
one clo e figh command coming in tor a slow hit hall. aIn't out on the. sun-aplse4 tYet Dickinson caught Hogan's Bo, if the Red Box had any kind of pannpnt ch _
predic "i play a number of :Ie's a well cut up kid at ab tr *? Tpmarask Countr Club cmWmse, .eye that da and alter the tour- Wllllam was hurt, it's still there. It could be tha
ames s oP op for Brooklyn and 180 ponds, and his prince- ou can usually nd out tamet, wIth Hogan won, he ver-rates his over-all prost. In varying degrees he. has
this span rpal concern :s that hi legs the practice tee, te h. wa hired at an assistant at lems at short, second and first.a To jensea, he s rr
obby N cqnIp., those get too big someth. he con- game ready for Tt amars. winning pitcher In Maurice McDermott; And Wlllama i-
bwho owthekr-'s stantl guard ait." on golf's biggest prisms or B h e c pl t o maintain a .407 galt. "
an inr u ae C t a ntan w .a working with a alim a25 e.r- olad d.en has. the i g eret oo ups
an ta ape. st the ; ni on retained swlager who, many ll laoln you Dbu tnoe "s gtra ate of voeit- 5 an
IY. .Roy Sam alle a nd shipped Geae is the Hogan of the future, dne stoae &ai ner ano .ha s
ran/ hear area. Ba er to Los Anteles "Smalev's ThtwouldtoaAnel.That would be Gardner Dick- done some work.on a mater's wAS I T VL
Suone, a onal a .e movements fre too deliberate son, Jr., recognized a Ho& n'l agree at the University of Ala-
re ad t catcher had ee for a shortstop he points ale.. protege. At a quick glance Di k, barns. He's unlike Hogah there, In '51. his last full season before Korea, Williame hite s .31
.iveofsot-niw 18o-pound Sb tn- --ison in action could pass for for "The Master was too busy season before .317.. DTh is more likely to be him speed thug seo
lander o.n ~s Almendares cn "BAER IS A BaETTErc Hogan himself. lang golf for a iving to go for The long: haul is always more Indicative than the e
in the Cuban Winter League a SHORTSTOP than Alex GOr .- the n -ers education in his youth. ance and the successove 318. 317 is aia mere reliable
year ago, es, for wuom the Ca rdtiale D. knson, like The Master, p he disslmilarity endf there. the .407: m
BR '--, NEO'F aid the Re's $100,000 after 'hi fr a slightly built, wiry you togater c Dickinson has the amen, fierce -
i slA G O ason with Kansas City. He bas who swings the same as Hogan, sirit whIch rebels at the Even so, Williams wouldn't even have to match his .24E
B.RIHI yu.. mans ers at a better aru and batted cleanup and even dresses the thought of losing. Mik. ,arbato. average to be of considerable help, and there s no reasu d to
c- pennt nb 11le B kor a 0-ear-old sn Baot Hogan brought Dickinson to links coach, says, "he hit eve he won't continue a batting Ower fqr tw or there. tNVall h .-I e,, a Rei_-o- ,fourt l Tamaran ek as an asan water o Y years.o player eps in betr ndtin And, wht 1
TO wtans -b A* ^nPh 1to ta o o anve.aged. fh n b 0yemre pp me ... r r e n h
es outf tt Ime on bya hltst in s a ton a a of 5 n "Misery Hill" freshman by more ee ced
mn tioglra, m .. wi -0 haue fs and PB iJ-, co with his charge Coneevay he coula last almost. g as Ty Cobb b
I, b t .n r.d D .o lmelg got a grt ge i nd los When he started ig v e ih ba makes it ber
Leau- tOi"ine" t opin ... on.. on *A mNtoeh h Al g e nhtG'-Micke.or er thehe wel h only 1 funds, a- had none of it), but Williams is.ruggedly strong and svelyt
i.t i mt r-k.' *'h,. I o a. pesrnb t kmnee. bevhem throu o wie," hbme tll bim- bout w at Hogan d,, but put servativ., of stamina. Unlike Cobb he doent bea,
Uei ...o.c. I t Pirashe o.... onn on perea iny hr ta k es Ips even a m tter onet o".eTha Is ihm In plenty of weight lifting to physically. His notion is that they pay him for battind an
al .I "- .. bOy. TI r- on department he beas down on 100 percent
Ttwr tee e tt let na hsoe Tre afm 0 41 V0nt was d charge from the
.t2 ha11,Jnuth er-|sto adrun a_ '. Tteathe Juie .and tbeadq tf to .... ., -cA IO ms/
ouuott y w V.115un t b Notes d$t Wgfi rY t. S ayq cme a to IosD1gt
l, tournamentent, he had a h ai 69 cuss.n g 111 am.. _. re lay b a Mvea pa i In w
"3".0-' .- und a bad mIddlE round and .407 streak and .lo'as .34 In '49 ena ewn a
1t07base. b2 ho i ve-1" n to dti teftoZ, "im r, Icame out with $1200. Hs petoe years, oe had been out half the season. The Wa t'
te t wt thJ Al EDRECORD -frmanco went unPio thce do, ga mes pointed to several more year of forceful, br llIatf
mat'the dodeU. en it watnh h or onYi n Sb lLAORBE FmD hOR nut thanks to Lew Worsham's "im- pl lishmet. ,
At ewrtcr ithnarelhorata t few da tA, tbU Bro sRI LE SOE W lw'Sn p possible shot ., ,.
Drookln-'onaored tienfue.,s, n Oar Ai!e,$.t t i In a ritfl match flre Sunday t .Fan Dick Dilimn ote .1 Coach Hogan has made no se- But this, mas you know, was deceptive. Hi average
was the bet baserunner in a who weill ::y ene Balboa Gan Club put together a. Sour s_ _o.f 378 e o y cret of the fact that he thdpis 45 polnat tie fdliowng season, nearly as much the neat.
leaMse which included So.nn" e shrates. '. 400 at 51J yards to se a new Itluan ketotd for out of doors I-- hbqa the kid will make a btg splash. upon he quit baseball, walkiig out on another $i00,000 cm
Miflosof .he Whtsi Box." t;e shortato. la wr poetion shooting. (N e, .. (-- 6 "He's just got to get the ball It's the day-by-day grind that vitiates the veteran's vitalIty, d
reports. six 'feet and 170 ull hitter. an It is neceary to go bach over foury t In the meo1W to IiT the. air a little more:' DeF him st and-makes marble slabs of him baseball shoes,
t 4s 6 if, 80 .... 98 .3 74 80 '5 5x 1 -

der, lega to the Ideal modern Stateavile, NC., broka te yard any sight match at that time Bill Ifray fited a 378, using In the Mekico City eve t last trouble Dan had once. Hitting But let him ration his energy aver lted stretches and
hortp. on the last ay t ham scope, an tat is st the record or nc p May the eraldd D n his low on -can ou
-d--e ins HavIn. a e ar fornnance, with metallic sights. fire on a L windy day, however, csrveMout a' In te first round where yu oan get into trouble .
"THERE IS CAT IN Hiue, ani Everything happen ~. the far surpasses that 1.revious performance,. ~.A d sets a record. and at t.e ..ed.o U .holes Was too ealy." As men.tntd above, if Williams' swing Isn't afseted th1
e shortstop has to have t at to tor Poirates. Dilldon's scare led a fine performance by the Balboa un In seeond p3aee, a troke ahead Et once that's cleared upi Box will find him somewhat more than dlaful. He isn't od,
Club four man team. which totalled 1485 to beat the Balboa f Togan. aClban met ay an3 day alt in his ly Vernon of Washington (same age) led the AI lasttsetml
"Juniors in the team competition. .The two played together in the F. Worth and read of the went In 152 RaSps. The Card' Cou.ntry Blan hter (t
t "Archie Turner fired the sporting riflt to.0t.the larger target, t14rf round and Hogan came dxpjaots of th "New Xfogan" older) hit .291 for 143, z suspect Williams will the
was comfortable in third place wi a.. h were Dil man's
...--- '-* '"team -mates on the Balboa Senior team. Daon tjh ton's 355 took i *"
ti fourth place individual and led the bo a J shors.
To l r T o An a ny Baboa Senirteam averaged 3-7 p man I
S .n .usights as compared With a naverate of r- uz pMr man fired withs
Sany sights ove a-lnilar course on Aug. 15th, 049 by the Balboa '
91 -. -thCb'at"r .o ---- -',mJuniors, a score which has not previoumsly btn rpassed here.o, .
O IialsofteAtlantsandcfic ashippeddoB ise a h
eegnt-a'eo A. h ld tw l- tArAne w1t ae w tay esTfom with thae old days. there Were fifteen oympetRAN'.sh, which I_ somea-..,A
the tremoe ntsare the adl of thet eo, m.., re Imorovement over recent matches, apt..the u.ellv of the s..
f h oant bar d hel eeni at, was far better than any one expected, considering I8on sig hs
.. t .e .rhadprlo..... .. .....TqA Mk o. .. .'.1 2y C-rhr

I..tIo -'i V th ni eo w...*.- .,.'.LO.A SENIORS "Ao C6un.r fi stervs.
u n sWl maenauffwnlf 3"B wi KER I selet the A-og. e, i
Sf -FProne Sit Kneel Stand Total
n ubiu boerthe bS t at the bottom ex 0. .. .1 96 0 37-5lx f aIhudi t h oadm a mred car F m- .e.38
year w efor. '.Arth e-hie Tuewsr-me. ..7.. 96 63 981 6i1 is oh*edissimilr tIa W, AmIr1-4eu.inm a c
BXry. l OrLTeszlnl outin ty.tW B lSpirifrayh...h.re98ls a0 .51the -EvensoWilliamu wio HY Lh fl IU
uing playednotht a betterM tandsattedstllw Dude Lucahs........ 98 9'74o80h.?548-oSing.a gtbf n
26, haa#, llgg'n In 2.2coie, ... .s.
'E, k deaIdline It wallets 1t. TEAM T'OTAL .....m..................... 1455-91x rsy Conquistodor, ho incomparable.
Hi I." irone Sit Kneel Stand Total Sgtop down 2he ramp at your dostlnotliorn...nw..
Mari- a Nf..Is.. .......09 93 78 81 31-S- a po drive during your stey. Whoes grand
ot. i- |i a John.hi .Ser'1yan91 93 84 'e 3 4t-o3i wayeto discover the U.S.A. You cover
e "b2I te tong part of your trip ie the speed :
., Q.Iv.s*ndlosng.AheTOTAL......... .. .... .........*-arted1377-lx n cemfert of a fie Branf skyline ,.
Ie.. INAIVIDUALS Then,-take over the smooth highways----w.--e.

.i -. .e Sit Kneel Stand Total yourspif, seeing everything from behind
Hank Ross. . 9 90 85 80 351- 7x the wheel of your own car. Perfect plan
Nelson Lute. ....... 94 92 81 81 348-. x wither you've business or pleasure in
Earlo.ster -95 85 16 74 330- Pn mind. The cost? For less than you'd think.
SKnob Keller. 77 70 88 78 311- 3x The requirements? You need ohly a small
E rtt. .. 7 7 70 5 "29- x depositnd on Into ernAmer.A ican Driving
.7Permit (this before you leave). It's
r nged in .dvance. Ad WA ey -
I hardit over 'i AV adM tskeany Iroi.f O *. ic. n tup
e, bladiy r di oed -but nwet #o you

11111AN! IAN

Kcs. 1230 Kcs rI N T-' 4s A IN TER N A? loM AL A I R W A Y

.. .- .....* ro -e .u.t. wew.. ... .-w e. mi. Ao,. S.a *. .
thescbn 7'Awwougma@se. & a

,: -2 ... + : ... ,-,.,;1" .. ,--_-. _. ,.-= ...... ; "" '" --_ -.,.._.o. -+ -- '.UnaW,,,'.W" X.-.... 9. ... 34 "06, Ed. --.100-- o'r2 a-'" = =" 29-6
,. .,o_- ... 7.0.66. .... ......... t e 7".





- i-rif:- .'.

'- Jt ,-.,... ..

, ,- ,
, .- .


* .
. tL' '

-7 '. :....: '

Pan 1
. I I


"',t e the p,.,pn/, hnre the truth am "*

". "'. ,- t,- ,,


a+ ': ., '
r4.-. -; .

"+'o I rI '- --r |t l k %ev. ... .... < ...........

DED"sts Adlaaim Stevenson,id

2 Democratic Presidential no- .
inee, chages that the Repub-.
Styis "divided against
9 a campaign of landerde, dis- SMESAl
'ension and deception" to re- HANOI, Indochina, Mar. 9 (UP) "This the greatest victory ever sjnd a umber e S Prie Bemhard of SS
main in power. Stevenson ad- -French military authorities to- gained by the peoples' forces o t"o the French. f or tbeir lucheon m
dressed the Democratic National day rounded u 74 persons suspect- the battlqfront of Vietnam," the compday nr, ad te United
committee Southern States Din- ed of helping ed commandos raid Communist propagandists da. Re had eeral ie United St
ner at Miami Beach, Fla. the American-manned Catbi Air- French union authorities said on# in *r*r village. He -
field near Hal hong. ly 18 places were destroyed by.the band had beei0faiaed eapcI .
,T a arpi hea"l'They also camped .... new ra es The most recent raid Wook fr th m
Security measures on other air- place early Sunday vhen the reb-. minch intl i eibav' U -- N a b
me A n fields and the port of Haiphong, els slipped into Catil airfield.and iam"uo n, .- .;
Not A y u through which flows much of the damaged eight planes. n
->.. U.S. military supplies for French None -f the Americans was hurt aaofto cah s t aril -
Union forces. during the two raids: *mzr. IA V- unft P o
Tightened security measures Authorities said the two raids nt te OW r
n ulS were ordered amid reports-the showed signs of extremely careful -tLh W A Aqtoria Ho- P I R.
SReds, who have damaged 18 preparations. tm eO 1 nething
planes on two fields in sneak at- At Catbi, the reBels had to slip -,. y.^n terl aPPe to Ser
SU tacks, plan to make similar com- through jeep and tank patrols, 0e-| h C before day-
I h fl mando ralds on all fields, where lectrically-charged fences, barbed -' CAIRO, March 9 (UP) -,Gen- lerahl. after. f
I UJ UmrU a total of 2r5 American Air wire and trained dogs. eral Mohammed NagUib climaxed tgt w th
Force technicians are based. oOervprs said the c ai uniformed the most fantastic fortnight tribal ,hth
BOSTON, March 9 (UP)For Frenchl authorities discounted b bselrvers saidn't, aCmildiatai lman ed the suite modern ptian politi -.- i- .O.tte w.f m a '.
ser President Harry S. Truman the effectiveness of the Catbi at- based cooliesin p arby vile .es1P
"Tiw* tory today by resuming the pro- ioiewcns ra a
id today "there ae reon'tiin eyeful ttck They said the Communist an d iWgave them ep-eee retilw r lee UP-or n hs ort wleh
Communists in thewhole coun amhad wbeen to destroy a numberT Frehearsalios.s i smths, ,. '.- .,
of new Flyin Boxcarf s recently The French Corpmand st. soup erRiIf Se. -
tak pln t akes rorn- " adpu e or4cedt odeoar ." ."-.n mea his h '
TIn eli tsent to Indocha by the United of th 40JAmerd a t (tanatbi4Y wa- .io ftlP a ts -t ,,b
--Tuadroantb e-omin.I '""hn o- .ote.o d,

d... s Il ansk all the et a h~h t -tJs

a you want to sk. but I'm < which they vat
ed another dispurpose," he said t ic omets as a res at of ttetald ro he, emplo ra re
i McCa rthy andbot the Atwicker a ef fc es, o the ai a- A nspectioois en uarf telot~. opb ,eo tn32 re oute tor yntofileeday ly ro. A ste

ig Rthe Co Vwr st Ilstouso1 fotiWlt or '"' A Ing ther c.urt front
Stoi g nt rred thypu l eds from r eatching C t antenc sd gae mthem p-e ti m-b ee fro. their lunh t et tlo*m tNewd Yeosr rse ti s

asu dast be Pent0destro auorehirsa v I' oo E p Klanet e yti riia
bat ti te quemtionitg l e ne n rnl nf the r h
eelant e tw eswer. e parkdn threy ain the s ohn o e. ai t t.ay-s. ,mlore e corthy dt aeek T0e

i atrftr, ed cnte filwher andote A ry Faefiy wher toh bigivoln at btttfCn tor ae sthay v-s"t JoI w rnu tna ilt as .y -
eman anwAker about an le e dn.
t.mmuaist In the dental cor planes were parked bad they man- .plates rur u w'e"o". ad ri R n g o
et por anto getoaged to damage only eight 1sral- an T i i a a tIui i i
paysa mi 4a: 21onwits 'guards is rrevollticouary. hex9cU. 9r adr
a family fight," te former e lanes in loosely guarded areas c rewse ate Inamil ter d u ''iaiusen nIiri eArisud
l ents d 'H e usuay unites a e ule edges of the field. Seerltheortd to pod tat a m; fhowdow o t at

d re ment b The Communifst h rVietmih ra- Ahe Aent torh, ith a Spa ChMWk0an1 6t ig tq]hwO
.fanly ;ainst hhe o s t a. e t ed wt i mesae steges(UP)-A former attorney for the -a- wtho -h eait-
agui n hI.1ked to newsmen on dmohaeaeerl d"te atwks the t.he ts.WI toe-rible' wouki Florida Ku Klux Klan sad he teble. I -t hp r f
S here from New York French' ir n eads f near f o o B OoaACsoreeNaionalentoet
fromNeYrkan ai atgraphed the U. S. Supreme Co thott-t go-
day ase dee p to vlo of the atdocknesel wa ed %. t'. Thed an, un aU before today of requesting delay' 4. to- his qol

,a thRom e a, o'f east's atll teh yestabdrdaovil tAstf 1cedlW t u ch rota-"l i o'l ay .i
another tura," heuna said. LStth romFts asas- aledioneh theeie near etfl site f te
Shoed o aist the wiu 17 Inspection J1owlnc tileulos of Ppllfl 5a Chr.nrteheg out So to -orn o
"andrtehent-ml-in semand MGekera
e d toce aeoomment L" d. ee 'Adt~~~~c dIrotefegrrenael-ou f in t ars tieni ap 't

hoissused ate ,. ltf 7i s ent.sldOllehaddeulen,

erllthere, orii e t honal pot 10 uniored argued that them
nt. tosS baty aillsw b the f iatcir-l

.* at,-thetInCiio ne, tnek tide tiat ledro MUhheon Nay Itoeso agtdad te -eo aykie b
commente. o 'afrtZoneraatned naval, bases. HsIaawas 51ye. ilfatherlanddd-

yI "aoyktheoe oes ofo16l and
actd ll e o~ te d who are be -d. he sent to theSure Cow, Me- and thus pe to thewo
As of soie n oale listed hims as coue"or we man wt wey
S ers a register at tte the National Citizens Ptotetve u tere n. sint
IPam .s au.. dnd booth before p.:4' Association, National sltHen- difference today from the',pt

p".ired Adiatn td g. r F.l es a bathingsoauiteo of Disabled Americat Vrteranso creased tremend ..ously o nrh '.vi.y
lbenboe of Pe Laoualyu of the cont watA micL ters of the Amencan .Revltoon nriotarytt E
t, of PCOMOAyCiAtrge la a De" $7'0Veterans onfrFore ars,_ DauuoTarongnanamateeo
u -s lpld Ah e 'ft e frP. h eatr + M i elCvy Tce Cs required, butlt l Daughtersru of the Cnethedera and .-n..
o av te part e ontestants musot be checked e other anot a r c Hm
w rhis lead," Trunasaid. h fair rmmitte. -'iens a nearly ee ste of he
t his lunch s:eech, 'trmaon Other hlbleisg-ts of the fair dbi-- nation, and as forme( i .
hojed to' i4s the full .a- will inlude 'vpular Charlesl rm, he Southern-Northern :h. of PERflAI*. Waw.' M.tb

be the age of e ent. deadly dian ond b ack ratt.- of American and u t. 'he .a sae In the .fle. a
othh si. ,. b aket,. He Uso aa for the ub- Of Aperica." v LKeith N
..W aIute of the ti-rgeaet animal shows

as-Allbaby Itslow will be the at-

zttndsponvre rdes thidmbe the-a-
Cjfts., .'ts ducblue beauty, spill bite
ii~qthl a looe .and5gameswei
"r_ Native bo.tha will be found,
bgAsiiehSlloalwng with fine foods, pwop co:,l,
iap r eftwo suppliers in t hr ,re ream '.now balls, coittn .... ....
opened ,lastEwst.t Paul All r1'nds of the cmmun:ty
e a gu re invited to beb original Couit- .A PLANELOADsb of Heford cate rahrs ad the w,(sn ave fm the Northwest
rIoee lreettrr anno e d try .Fair as Intqoduced. to t'w part of the UpDted States arrivedh erl. aht morning at r-ucwan, for a three-day visit to the
te one r mnad--Zcne I.y the friendly ctn- Isthms The oart of 36 livestock .las and thqlr w te are on the last stop of a South e"' An
h of Panam d.i S probably be lbs last fair staged' Denver They arrived on Dranif'g "P OqatH wortador".tr-di Sas Pulo. TheIr tIme in Panama
WeAbeawardo d"t Mi.cel civic Count-e wrll be sot prhneially in sP, htuuultgeir are' lodge .ed at ie Panama, until their departure
S. ,d-.. on andff Friday morning for Dallas
GeoriaMouse-Passed -Bill To BAcademy

brdoar USAF Fliers Approved By Senate-
vn fteIt gs nia*hw

WASHINGTON, March 9 (UP) ironed out before the measure ls Ing the ite for the air academy.
- The Senate today approved submitted for President Eisen- I he*manted to, he could appoint
construction of a 125 million dol- bhower's signature. a selection committee.
lxr #Ir Force academy .to train One of the most ticklish prob- Under the Senate bill, a selec-
the nation's future flier-. lemu in creating the proposed tian 'leaiMtee would nave to be
- The House already has passed air academy is selection of Its appointed ,and if its choice forI
&; similar bill. permanent site. Douens of cities a sits we unanalous, Talbott1
The legIlaon would permit and state& have bid for the hon- would have ta accMt fltt. If ot
the Air FOlae to build a school or. unanItmofu Talbo couil pick
staintr to thrAray's West Point Sen. Leverett Saltonstall (R- ,4tt the. three top chbqeM of
nd .the Navy's Annapolis. The Mas.), .Cairan pt the Senate be. mittee but would have to
A or Poe would sean exitlng Armed arvt% Comiultte 1St- 4"1.tbct the
te iiptlsa permanent Mte ito ed Spport thtls alite ady ;New. Armed ervicescooi--
clMan ad permanent buldinp has been sleeted. i i .
"isti. -Just before the Senate voted', Atr adets would be nominated
,il toe action eame on a voice SaltoanutI told his.colleagues he by Senafos and Congtasmen
at;S, a. Albert Gore (D-Tman.) had talked to Air Secretary and then selected by competl-
Sthe BiMure because It Harold IL Talbott "an hour and tive examination., ach sthte
5Si.-to te teeth of armed a half ago" mad quotd Talbott would have a quota.
/i6 l~ .a" He salit a a -Uie ot(y" that a* T.e 1Hueas carries no.over-
defense academy tM beed "Inany all -total caM The
ad.Cn tdt w or maaler SttBentto e anu erlans l-
pethe sarn tsohe Ma0Sw bill, Talbott on dollars, of which one million
rMMas wau be q w at aSee ftb Ind pi k-wauM be spent odthe temporary
dI, tn i

.gfI;'-. Q-
Itt *t

4. -.
, .



siLe. The Air Force estimated the
academy eventually would cost
146 million dollars.
The Air Force plans to' start
Its first class of 300 cadets at the
temporary site in July 1955. The
moe e to the permanent site
would be made in 1957 and by
U0 the first regular class of 824
cadets would be admitted.
In addition to regular acadenm-
it studies, the academy's aftman-
ship program would quality each
graduate for a rating as a navi-
gator-bombardier and give each
about one-third of his necessary
pilot instruction.
Under the Senate bill, one-
eighth of every graduating class
would be permitted to volunteer
for transfer to another service.
This was intended to foster uni.

* 5-

.- i -
? M -e,.'fi



awlagfb -
thes .to

.. -1 -'.-- .- <- .
. _- "e .+ ..,+:=P -. f ^ ---. "' *: ,

r1r4' W.V
L4A~ tiLl

;' -* ,* I

-- -

,.r .

^;AM^ i r!

V1 -..S ,',