The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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eSre Show nd the mogy er Lana produce wert Srswn
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P -- t 5O early this morning tlhe r
a Panamanian truclf driver lost
P1n ill control of the vehicle l Was
Driving., steep t*...
and bonke
ti 3iI U u at ; :, blocked the sIM o
s W Wo.* other cars, an-a & cul zone d-is
.sWt.. he p A k ll o e rn M ad M alntdene D -
EIlO Un 5 va nnp a were ceAd In
wa oOa Apryl 2 (UP he desth o rofad. *
qte yesterday pssed They removed cargo to the 1
I t statehod bill to aide of the road where the
b#J$i'awatt tag Alaska into policeman was posted I to ate- '
th Unon aL t h 4eth and 30h guard the property ti teim -
tate. owfter coua rs t ad -thta*PaiC oI
The Bmashing 57-8 vote came tatlon to remoe I.
after he easte overwhelmingly The truck der. J.ose f., bIt 0
defeat a emove to give the ter- erts. 52. receIved leg mlc r
ritores only commonwealth sta- Mand was at tO caN
te and reJWted effort to dela pital. Later ae w heas r
Showdown "An the laaie to Santo 'tans sf
bhas been hawnitng re. in .- ditron toa d-o
reas for i0 years. The 8eaate Another paenW tU.
fnewger before ba voted oe the of The truc t i wasa, .n .
uages ..*- tl.c5t but -.n .
Th& a~in. to thete Itr -s".e r
whtre its chasesof 'aUst eat a-andmte 3-0 a

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:MqA*odaa n. g r ue uukr wm uu r st er onC o r os

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hant marine Toinc. .nn .:

,Zment o7 Internatiodal traveL o
sisianeWA. .-ofp40-W",er...-.

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SA vision oftuo 'ai(d.,
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meatt of ftravel.For-
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Osacance forWWIr v
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t heo l end n1trl s4 tlo tnem o ah til lly' Buy shie billy of 'drte ln eu s... ,
and'&a.brief hifl stffry SPuflm Cnl thatdonot orp flrd Draftq of new bil p lt: "
Ste o ll ,tn things o ft M U effect tnllos ae h rowas o lin t
mapI^^ was drawby B.3.L atter'pad4 ri roluf by econotBic po cy not ainsir$
i the n p b e -tPlan tot r h e U. am o f2t d i ore n Congress 'n ae prate te as- "
id I ed resil e now on be all airT i
Sstranoe I t ldI epr @a oarIRt ncaeatn f elt hed a.o th e Whi e. nw b ag pp rech dra ta *l
...M~tte+=V;)IIII r* and^.ro ~ l^ ^ ^ glellM effl 121 technicalities will bo. involved t "n *" "

it g*I gen. (then ath iott) Go"thale sharg of ,he e mnal o Tresidea's, essage was AS .. ..o.Me an ten
str*Ston. 'the gioDt Andstfhe: "I W popo that puaBI i Thee Pr r1 at endee r La Waters to Clib w to d
in the o l banana te m n t soa ot A o m b pr 5t e o ad e fldwa
b I.biteap'lexs, but he hal b llved PiF P la oYr 40 fiand
O s rtie In the Chfrqu 4l9Cagnds w. h tn ot the Ptesldent' =gshlls, Clarine t.. w
q l and inoe t.e 3Mma Randall, spei aletl.Oas l l

a noquet oay 1 Volt. ay
Anot her old Umer u a. M traveledmit dlo Isdl the Dabien r a elo R e alea p aon

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mn t er.d eal rt Ari h en ar e the aa e tser toIthetype of"nate d ,nrr r on- Whig oo
om ini e ttolitr it a s hein oo f .Ar wa h e t ah I nesat an ort-t a t u e'

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Pemonslthu menr a othe W tert ig o t e csana ( dir et sadlont' no easo e uld .

patrol. 'eec : "I p4he Hot1 to put rch I t ee ( t h &t The Vie I Tial i tt e ) (t il If a ater tha Is .gp a n tt Freidnt edoraemthi
o enot say how yanyIne oo

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anrid f eeipl g tevdem. Another,. o r tiaI th r ably be. Mrs Randadel st fn a nn.

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bl rderes th ey are evers a phorIncl a Wa ine's te fWo
t'to smaldibsofnvh e an d tar j i esNtOh nand'OW S .dab. v
. n, alleged uo a o tit Pre deneT.don-koopevelt wh n pared the report or n -. -rB"

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a5l(iana bd 28opt a at tweir R .h! p0o It T h on 'naui'aday.oSth onhf te JU ga
) In cha r ge Of Men w e-Willi t e e .l t tanon theh dobnuntilnIegrt port andketo mtia ,w e atoi0r.o U S.t

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I Iitaiur crnthItoein tht h (ro. t mR andall Is rem la s th ils. i.".ulsM G. the B ullue gb aeseout -dRrI if A
oplea-te hatone leuses-onl ltw mat or pob m s d I Io rdn. ..,

MJ lV0d tAt ueerclais t et the fore tase sltpelo 1 a ttIa t a w (.t.e eRosedmt w h ,-e De h i
AtMy llteCan"Tong aNote w he old timers, and draftingo of the bills to put tepro- After 14e 'rs theseeo .i
B ot O ld t viole i nir loyal to "The Col- Itepos r itb t Whe It w ill be April onbnTrq d iyd"0LS. ae

andApaerkhengreenied'therbirds -Nib
An.#AMPlcredi ul dn the Canal. proposatlsarre steady for't :- a tor Aire o-h 6.l.'
666ohitor a y tes in eo T he: I don'to s witth t otl *+I'he Blue Tal Fllea(tTh.eI, a sttf -g- i M r 4

-po ea / r ,id.w; etFrank Co.esha-t m rnle gu.rst __+-e -e te wm s oW a-. "mrn I o :" -e st 'L. i s a
a olou e t sA bout T We D o5 0 s aed
a e orad w aIahl f o t ( irt(oleArmy"4Nctax i' Mrt SI EN C EC a i
'"ke optionaltgrreaduatacoal em lie n eav*o.- jo la tttsathreM .o Aagee .. t-'i rh t og sankrote
t62aoFor. It edor P li uAp entui, doa.t. gnd a Met ahotr erbn

Z mae ,t 1. Me l H in ad iored i as tWa was ema the *, ,,-
o f 1r eta"m .ed ebtnI GV A ud y a ahd00 ,h eirnol sa t he i l s a
sel ng 7 Inseotdarer.ian d-Gheo s at o t~ C Th e ll s a i Ct ti
i .n L~ ssnttheAr my.sri.hRandlltdeclares nt ah m ttn t eup stw thfor apatetry
.Bmboli 48 Bulding one leaves o Gnly two maor problem paeMOROryMilesIrr y m'" ea subpoe a kte g ..badtomveh adpine dopfe tet G.d
St '2forSCongressotop47teflO.O nes ex. aIlboa-jt' Anthony Fuin: trhtApr.tntadn
tdiDs4 oagulated would mak, it onulta ure a sow I he-""
nraSoas 5a gl lou It ha n lo ba ex. a c B n q gaJ6'( l o eNO W
t o d sR A U. S ue n f h App *m bother Ph.llyet adn.m
al a iver Iuntain crest (comb. O f or m) o mt a ro n rvt e o aU 0; A i 'sae. attBAng l. O e w

-a th a s t e il ( ts tt'bs ( m n h i I S nd '3 th fl ,Ul

., ue to ,-- sot the Demo "ras' "E L oln's fvrThe tune... Nat- km n. ....4 AeFrank.Cos. Chim
ie*i roforest-ws ttrait *Iu Warr e n's query: jqeol ter f"e tio owA: C trms.
One awron d fre dr e we q4a 6 Abwo Cte (r Src ar0i wvtz faa'Af you'rej tar tiI U-W tM Aroft
c a he_ nm ac i r ie yort Wi i t It h bsr~ t h asLA Ut, moa t ee A r --.m u st4'Ro d0 3w8 6 .ehA

Wt I t e Pre idento s 3 mo ........ .. .
,... -,-.
S meange does not
'pell gout in detail.

^fl'" Ls LhoafL.Lermmi
I ....I -W.. -' C L I


a. .

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, "+ t.

I a IDn

Mg., an
' road tra
lest, oee
10 btcmt


' I .f *r- .,l
9 ;- .9. ;a l
A r*_ ^ ^^ ^i


'th ;!-
it L>.*'s"

Inched between ral-
., faces a aw of mod-
Shomes. Huge wheat
neaby. ...

=n- Six bhuted ieMq to be.s. -
etbd'hbRtedlp mth museum range


We are unpacking

* w,"lbtlc telephone cords ......... 0.30 i
S.vhtog t'ay for cakes ..... 3.50
T* t btith two sections ........... 2.50
' Plast' "apse in soft colors .... 0.30'

$ piece glass seta9 ith card *
designs....................3... ..
Aiefll -, kf etreeir ba-eom ..... M
I *Metal cooking stove with
toaster ......................... 2 .50.
Bl"ae 'Ie crushers ................... .95.

rupr fotr bedrooms........ 4.50
IIO p. Oow, ............... 5.25
.e p .......s............ 7.05
lpiJOilt colored sheets ...... 4.0

Metal bridge chairs .............J. 4.05
Metal bridge tables ............183.50
'ronboards ............ 950 and 12.95

'Non-rust barbecue uten



. .. ,

4 t-.

.(NSA Radio- Tefehoto)
oAND 0NS Snqkh. billow from tthe BPIsh
tit e WIndrush after a boiler- 1 esploelon off
*th coast ..o Alglers. Algeria. Pour crewenwere .killed but
S a4bw.han 1500 men. women and children wqre rescued.

R tRid Sirens To Sound




, i., =a "t W." "t" 1 -
fWom malumenti b bttbn

der oersfns 'V ; I-. p
Mte d~on, 0633 Mt)*

"hal 6eetv nted b p e urt. V e Cr
rul fees. nph;'r -

42ddFN "- er ae m e red OR-tf
Marshal Zhukov to Bljenbbwer at Y d "
i Bern. t"
Plans are' und w to make d "-'. .M
the Elfenhower = an ed- o
ucatlonal can will is- fe
ward shi d 4evelv at
courses ande t tea.o for
good ctfueM P o t .e a_^M! w ww to h hwd
Whi eb the .a S e irIhad
eAr-le n I Dr, Bill Curter
S-id: sufterea ;;ild
bhart I bst e to tding
BisAthop oo tarod Is out
TO CMISarm So:t ." r
To Conf iormg Class ba ."taized or

S.... 40 Bishop H eber Goden will
S...... 1.40 a visitation to the Chrch
of Our Saviour, N Crtatobal,
on sunday.
At the 11 am.n service the tfn-
Ior onfirmation clas wll be,
presented b Rev. M. A Cook-,
!MENIP I Mson. After _W, confirmation "t
ENlDA dn a cho ebra,-
.' =- r, tion of oly OommunaIon wll'
fonlow. Iop ooodm wil: be
ithie prefer. h' 1

jr .-. i .J.

A,2 BOO(R,4 PSE4f0

9o Dired ShipeMt to.

A Ifle. .U jiiwinmsl 1e imasl7
-6shm'~n b s n E r n a

S 4-

.9 a.

A- C rr '~

s wil zo off at and civilian personnel at Quarry
poWtyT morn- li-uht will take an active part
and c ian in t activity. After the 'all
a Caribe. ceat" asonda, .11 "distaff" per-
out a real so~pll WUreport for team dU-
practlce Iy meats.
.l'-'s!l *ted casualmt, ,frm the
*len will.6f1 ittary Police Detach-
etart of the m t ri nd the 7442d Detaghment,
hI s twoWl b' e tended to by these volun
STo keep Wa the post parade rounds
t Quarry Heights and the treatment hold
1m. what aion to take state A child care enter in
ga. AsPYi.; and (2) the Officers' Club also will be
for evaluat- Cfulay onlton
lewe.e T TC o laytn Ai.Moo-
pitma will provide professional
i W iar" i raid observers and nstructorj during
IV. t partici- the practibal first a1 team
at, the drll is over. All training. Military observers from
and clvllan personnel the office of the deputy post
a return to normal du- commander, Quarr Heght, and
from 0-3, USARCARIB, will be
ff "personnel, women present to evaluate the effective-
. dependents of military nags of the exercise.

Pobe ,Shows Guatemala Linked

With Br. Honduran PUP Party

NEW YORK, I 2 (USIS) by Sir Reginald Sharpe, a Brit-
An offlci e Is on, in Bar ish Jude was requested by Gov-
U has fm Mve lunks be- earnor Pat ck Reson inp ad-
-la^lltl J U united Part vanc of election.sschedued for
S v*n- found tig a
top t f l w6M atftn s.'
A Reb t dr blished oveInmept-of Guatemala. Such
in the Neioaw id ;.that' connectiUos nave been denied
Sa PUP leader, offically. PUP members cheered
afmet wlt' ltemala's for- and sang when Sir Reglnlar's
eln mita stt. in atemala City conclusion were announce. They
to wte fr. :a donation of be- hailed exoneration of tte party
wee # =d11 ,a200 which of three counts as a major .vie-
had bee ro e the con- tory.
alrit Ifp uiPe A ds e the Reuters said Belue officials
party newspaper. expected to go ahead with the
Sound genealelee next month in
The Iivetlon also found spite of the fndingaof the Brlt-
that Phtlip fSon assIstaF lah judgeO. TO agency added
sqwtmlv.ttheparty, bad in- that "government circTes were
tervi ewd &uAtema's President sure that the existing system of
JapoD nat George Price, checks and balances would be
the P segry,b had sent sufficient to reartain the left-
d etlyo the Qua- wing Peoplvs United Party it it
tt; and that .gained Its. expected election vie-
la. on coduc many party members to vote a-
The mvst aon, conducted galnst its alms in the coming
elections. .
m l Op

Always something doing


SUJ)&T. EVE4'NG3h5f
fs*7 T ja. the patio
.The 4 ams ght that ."yo b -p1 must attend
bioi fr afr' sesMon enas this Outdoor Sunday event.
i e a S ..ea. dishes M. Tominwy Niflea
Lafilt AeSdaw Lucho' A"eudnw at the organ.
t! .* :.J m a.::.::er w

a, ; .
'i % -.-weAm IT o

t. T ia r Mir aM Mr thieanlr-wr.
B fHhgs' Paers t8gtfft it "YRP4he-rWYAd,"

'- ..- .

A 1LUflifiaB

If you take a guest to a club
luncheon or dinner, stick be-
side the guest all the time. Don't
Jeave the guest standing alone
wil you run around saying
"HEdo" to this person and that
ee. ifYou want to make the
louUdEONB your guest with you
a"nd rouce him to each per-
on tOItlk with.
re W -"a take a guest out you
Magu pinueb the host as
AUWS s hnad Invited him to
yrlnmae home.

I* r '
S/ 3

hdlate watches ae
sol d e'8ed b "

Ifew Yqrk it i T- .
fany' an in pan-'
ama it's Caaa Fast-

imllmlltlm nn me wIlIIII l inI

THW l' ataftA
Dm JtWjI IRY :' H EAO U,


a a, /fat















pp'' "^^^l^ i"' I^"T '

',, c: ;l-

.'"Z. *> i

*' A*


I '

cootdress 1

16.95 .

Smartest direction your town or suburban
wardrobe can take a supOrbly*tut
ooatdresse with the sHlim, earefully-eased
lines that look so. nrw. Fqttured by FELIX
In a nubw y tefturtl rayon, TeMbi .-;
wrinkli-rreptant. Aqua and whmt, iah; .
with Its own contrAst,.polks' p -odt :.
Sizes 12 16..

21 Cntrale. *. T A
21 Central Ae. o. 6 Tlwol Ay;, :.. i

,m e f m utnh hx p p.
.. .direct fr 6m the Phippin :


TeL2. 2IU
Autem*Se-v3.3 a
Sb we. n
soR ---- am Nk
61^^H low^ ^^

RakaCt Jr

*AtAt~t I.

"'- : l Ir

4~A'. 2t4.kS.&t. A

1 1
'. a '

' '




--- --- --- ---

Il m.m-.. -

----- ---------- -- -

_ .r ------ '- -~.~-7--- ~- -~- T--------lr- -- -- I--~- --r ...-


'.,/ .1' .1 J



- ,


* '.'; *$2r~~~; jrJ:9 -~ r ~ -

* xli .4 ~

Fley! Rainry S! ,s Due

'The following weather rondl-'-for 1te month ti about 77 per;
tons are based on the records1 cn. at all stations. .
Of the past 47 yeSr arn may' e -
etpected to occur in the Oanal Cloiud and Sunslhne: Cloudi -
tine and vicinity during April. nas will increase as the rnmv
Weather: There will be a seaoon approaches. Thepe will be
change toward rain-season con an average of about 7 hours of
dOiohs during the latter half 'f sunshine daily or 80 per cent of
the month with a general de. the amount possible.
"tease in,wind movement, an In-
.Cresep in humidity tAd, conse- .Fgs; Nighttime and early-
quent uncomfortable, muggy moorht Jogs mai- be expected
weather. Moderate to heavy occasionally over .the Galla rd
showers may be expected during Cut setiloni of e 0anal and the
the last week of April. The av- Qentral secUipa of the Isthmus a-
erage rainfall for Antl is 1.47 long the Trao#-Is*hnlan high-
inches at Balboa Heights,, 3.03 way, but no*i is likely to occur
tonhes at Madden Dam and 4.12. at either of the Canal entrPenes.
inches at Cristobal. Most of the fogs form around
Temperature: April isa normal- midnight and dissipate before
ly our warmest month and the 8:30 a.m.
highest temperatures of the year r
may be expected. The normal Winds: Northerly winds of an
mean temperature is 82 degrees. average .yelocity of about 13'
DaLyv highest and lowest tern- miles per hour will.prevtil onl
flratures will average 90 nd 74 the. A tic-. side. "The Pacifle I
degrees at Balboa Heights ird sif wir'have, lEftftesti winds
p and 78 degrees at Cristobal. pred.optatlpn yith. ft average
The highest and lowest t2mper- speed of about g iles per hour.
atures on record for April are 97 Maximum velocities gtrater then
and 64 degrees,- at Balboa 35 miles per hour are not likely
We hts, 98 and 60 degrees at t9 occur on either coast. The one
Madden Dam and 94 and 72 de- generally severe storm on record
tees at Crisaobal. occurred, on April 3-5, 1915, when
Humidity: Relative humidity a maximum wind velocity of 37
will increase during the latter miles per hour was recorded.
half of the month. The average High winds. beavy rains and
rough seas lasted for three days
i- ------

Tavi Congress

" y Ad On New

Broad Commission

Bandlis Rob Bank

Whie Townspple

Watih ruosr Fire

- The Pan-American Union lihas (UP) Two banditsrobbed the
proposed that the establishment bank of High Springs'of about
of a broad new "Inter-American $20,000 today while "just about
Union Travel CommissQin" be everybody" in this little town
ljven high priority in discussions watched a brush fire, Police
at the fifth Inter-American trav- Chief A. H. Osteen said.
el congress in Panama, June
10-20. The fire started at about 10.45
The proposed Panama agenda, m., minutes before two white
submitted to all governments, m n wearing work clothes and
calls for action to expedite a dark glasses entered the bank.
greater inter-chlange of persons
between all countries. A concert- Cashier H. D. Smith said one
ad effort would be made to of the men stood at the, door
keep a greater share of the $1,- white, a coMpanon ordered: the
n00 illion'spent annually by bank's six employes to lie face
.S. touriata within the western down on the floor and .then
hemisphere. scooped up all the money in the
- The American republics have teller's drawer.
Held four prior travel congress- follows: Sanl Francisco, smith figured the loss at a-
99; Mexico City. 1941; San bout $20,0C0 bit said it would be
%aino. de Bariloche A.rgAntina,'some time before he could make
1 ; fd Limu i: an accurate check.
o Fu as J.listnafldw o t
of tiae lay dl o tMaediv The State Forest Siervle aend
AInmica-' 130196, itatie mpe and Fresh Water
aMl dSZ' Sifet 9ab Comnslqelon aeft iup v1ises
presW 6UtiW em t i, : t > try-pot e-Jndt row
. The Pavam e IY res *: .Pwl*tU. 1 %sqd
q wide representation frii fod1 )r,61fown in a litbht t
official travel orgAniatilod., as or reen Plyrnoith. The FBIof-
tall as the governmeitai dele- fice at.Mobile, Ala.. sent agents
Rations. to te Scene.


, CHRik WELKIN. Planet"'

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GRANbMA WOULD APPROVEJ-It was probably on
of spring and 10-cents--eup c.te which inspbtred Eb eopr
of Hancock's Restaurant, in Asheville, N. C., to put the ,once
popular sassafras tea on his menu. But in Gmadmmaft y dripk-
nag the aromatic tea Was a regular spring rltuftal jfh Mf6ry
Cochban says most of the drinkers are turiJd4. not it. C
"Bob" Ingram. He's getting a refill. Hapnses d 1Pg iiroSo on
Gabriel'i .Cres l in Madison County. He put .n*-. -Up tr" F
less ava gag: but business came ql'le ,

New Hilton Hotels
Slated For Mexico
NEW YORK. Ayr. 2 (UIIS -I to t i .
Iexico City and Acaoulco will water ih to a.
each acquire new hotels by e rly -. ...
next year under contra tsaign- F#Itoa Yorn aOd .Iai ,W
ad with Hilton Hotels nternia- liams: Wir tredaed-at ;A
ional, Inc.' fr bumis received, they
Seir wites' ddued 1thz .
An announcement here ladl- water duilig argument.
ated that constrUcttf fl* '"d"
racts signed two weeks' ag ig ata -

Mexico provide for a 16-$tor AeD'& Ialco I. WV)
860 room "Continental. i mton" c .t.m t 60ms 4n roomm
hotel at the corner of the Pa-o s o" otld,
de Ja Reforma and Avenltia de Clfg art.. Gramd.tid A-
.LO( 41urgentes in thi Mexican betl adjoinfrig ;tbp

Backache, biting tp this

RieoumaHs anmd Kidney Trouble
Syou are feeling run-down Get up Laboratr ofoI Anges .Qallnta
Nights, or suffer from ackaohn, strong Is now elin ou to revitala
cloudy urine, Burning a ngw,.iRbsu- ne, act these 8 positive ways
matlsni. Pains. SwoIM en Ankles. ;l Helps kideya ceian out pdlonoun
Nrvune. DIzziness, apd feel old acidsad PdANI'fyI th a ilood. 2. Cer utem
or ou kdn trob may ger In teurnary syt5. Soothe
be the call and ealms Irritated tsuis.
ng food and drinks, Woetry, colds Cystex ar now Imported leading
. Ou^ sOlacet&.heavysraio d n r B leading
S vqrwor h niece heavy itran Con drtggItG so there Isno need -of any.
your kidneds so that the7v fwttton one suffering from Backache, Getting
poorly and often may need help to Up Nights and the other toom
2eith r f -.ur bI0odand aintLain tI abTsqv WthS t $eI o 4ltfts
SA veela Your Kiddee ct Cyetex from your dluggfttOdsay
A 1s$ acting intrzna'l qaedicn called and see how y l ut hel put tn
-:yatex, dr',". i by the Knao Control on the road to t w. het

Another Jam '

Ap Accident

f, i.

m1 IN *LsoN SCRUaBs

. GoT aHT TO -ANbf 0ooSN'T COChRN w 1

Smus wg.mnor 'I


Food for Thought



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"ESID# .' "
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It's a War

r., ;

iE" "- *,0 :4 .,,,, ,
.' .7 ,' .

B00th ANttal BLIMiED

Thinking It Over


__-_ ,'

H I V\W. xOO .UC \- |

eq.. ,Sa U .%%m
-Too 134
NUM% I 3L.
tEts TI
C~lt CW~hitt

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Webber Wabbit

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*jto hA`ilw at l. ...

a. i th-thaplaneseui c.
: a. /^ ~ 1 -- ~ :1 wl,

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WbOVA ,* I

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a Jes our 4,put th
t to B ome
.urCm Coapter haveyR t 4ino
* % pJs4e n na -e. -to Mir m .O thl di t
a ied to. cott cZo. ifad an accu m l timon of o,
=is. o or hon rd, Rn _
no tio" io intend t i pr t '
"-o tonlow Itim. ti m
1 .a Vompe hing qf thet we t Co Tiq,-
.B. Iun t e Club W Perm t h or sh
i.-old. lir it. o l s w,' grtakaes -0 Ite
of hoir wii be M o Itl _la a.and .re
it .-.;r ar e hIor de-at lndI it
lim p i V:1. tinels pe Rn oke aloth t teis
S'ona row ateleo ea mw h e t ate
i urde on is not the ge, 6
but.- Ae rfe"thatl4* on the : :..
other ide of l. He s ays a wide di
t MOM.Ar-.,-te- 4 dPb t.e ta,,
AL. jo r1 eutn.e-'outaAlgiers,
choe lif tle at sontb id de' ,lbrert

Club wli 1n d Md on forever foa
ao' CARDOE LDO, S. A.s
zd g prest .~ -t mfua tt OOLN INCE "ATIONAL. EX.
iWE PoW11.rI 4 .- 1A- w .lroutionary
ow"., ..v'

C-- .- a tha g-Idt attl 4herd motor.
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Now you can e forplt the
date I. You. have it on your
writ-aocurawdy, automati6
caUy. unfailinmly.
Thtmn-mapwitu, sho4W
4*Wed, autoluite vmovmnt
of thd o $emh Cphuir
is already wowld.meu ( W
itA pr.diwon. The cae ib fully

prodf. .

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.' "a, .,-. -AT M O .,
S.j tii4 %,~ not's .Off i*e:

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Guatd the Niinto cas't psisti

^aaiceruse a you

- im o5os, a,s .k wig
foc xpc -o dig fabric.
op&"w iC

.. 7.
* Press a button. .4d this 25 HP*
Evinrude 'BIG TWN ,whirls to life
With no mao4w eSrt ha :starting
your ear. Now y o4. .' or anyone ia
yourtattily,.s.e M"tla command"
from a conifdrtable t"at up forward.
No need to rn an.jnojorl You
start-1 ch it it w" it, g
idle it-all wiu lirN -tip easel
YouG'll o great pew '54 Evinrudes
in. every qWr 4asql A velyet-
xabooth Iv HP Sr-Fastwim. A
handy 3 HP UIightwm. And the new,
I"l, i&raUiaes u HP Whisper.
mi Power Flqetwi.. Come in and
.,tf tt ho...i.l, .

Ask us abbut direct factory
bjimentas. You h tesuprlsed.

Ao. 68 .Aa0iOs Ave. Panama

p ExportCo. Ltd.
'A l' eand.O 9St.

eAUI Irf Is
100% Ptt "coEt


ifui; Allm ff$uu l


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protect your loveli"new d


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^w.' ~lmo, ht~ fi*A ^ i-..60~n


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... n OMBARDO .* L. I l lW S^; i J+In,: +n;'-M

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-44,, Ol .7. 4.'

7-4lA~~nr tW.1Awa *.,*

S' s ., :" ,i| ..*-... '.

Homahold Autom ug b gp. WE AI
QR SAI-srt of gears -and motor FOR SALE:.- 194 MercurK coupe T l e L
for EaW wqher, $plndrler, $650.00. Phoo,' k 5237, Sat.T
$30; Sers lr Irr. 25-tyle,' $40; Wilit lt.IdlNo. .i
p ohogany china closet, curved glom FOR SALE:- Ilck t946 super 4- 75-cuet eri.'n
.....0. 210-, P dro Miguel. of 5
si,20 ZO-DPedroMiguel. dosn. Perfect codiltlon, clean. other quick To
aP 4-17 4-iol. .836175. uun
.F SA*QRs.A.A:-: 94d m8attrOkFOR$ elre; ..1s"4m:-1948 O ulck aL 4 t
120; kitchen table 2lia.; MoytoO SI ipe hieily cM t .quk stanj, cats. "A" 4.
washing, machine, 25-cycle. Phon ol 550. Phone D v,.l" ,
i16. House 19-A, Gambos. or 2283. ," FrAI
FOR SALE:--Double bad in good con- FOR SALE:- 1947' ICk Super 4- 41
edition, with double cooled spring, door, good condition, god tires and Ol 4-S.. .. i
mattress, Hollywood style. Avenida radio. Tel. 2-3712. .- it t '
Cuba No. 67, upstairs. JUNGLE JIM JAUNT TO DARIN
A : -oom S te FOR SALE:--195Z F arlF ix Custom- APRO. -
S ALE:, yeashr old ing u perfect c g 30. Tel- Spsero aed by NOatel Pa ema
Sye0r0old0 C 75A)I oarion ephoners or 'I26no # working 3 full days. Leane April 9 7 30
': M $1 0.00. CAR AIbrook 32 .hours w1eundy rnoon
$ f9- 329 e '4'rtk indu. a.m., return rlate Sunday aor FOR I
it at 262- FOR SALE:-1947 od Club pup, April 1 1. Fishing.-through the Pear let ( 5t)
fr SALE: Chairs 2.00; Tables cleon, b rdio 50. C oll Pan Islands, visiting with primitive Chohtco F ti
.00; Mahogany Double Beds. com- n 3-5 42. Indians, spearin rocpdlrd, ack light
'lef with new Mattress 78.50; ,-r hunting, cruising up the mu rivlr, FO i
etl l Double Beds (complete) FR SALE:-i-Sacrific e 17 Linco aboard El P amb's V nia. as)t bt
4.'d0; Wardrobes from 22.00; M~y pWd W tires d Pry trip to wrien tthld ry sav kt Oand g'
r Sin g eClorset n from 12.00; Mah o 50., l .4197. FL C1 Bring old clothe, comfortable shoe St Np
'An0y Diningroom Suites 59. ; FOR SALE:-1951 Codifnc ert and DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA. deu ..
Leather covered Livingrom Suites bl radio, wf/w tires t cn- For information, eervation, phone FORM -hin .flw
from 159.00; Vanities with Stool dltion $2600.00. Can financed. Jungle Jim, Hotel El Panama, Panama, not t, "2 bbd0graAra Clock Slabe
.6.00. Many other bargains in. n Peru Avehue No. 91, Phohtp 3. 3-1660 or your travel agent. dini o itw e.
.a.d used furriitures o HOUSEHOLD 4994 afternons. Sealed bids, in triplicate, will b re- -4.________ .
.IXCHANGE, 41 Noational Ave. in the office of th Engin
Auo Row) 3-49 We buy FOR SALE:-1954 Chivrmlet Bf -Air ceived in te oie th Engin Ll
nd tsell. Open all d a Saturdw. sedan, ivory & blue, ~er glide, ing and construction D reptor, Pdna.- r
S enradio, w/s/w tires, 100 milea. Cost ma Canal Co many, BIlbdq e5ht l : et You (1)
Easy Payment Terms. $2485, sales price 100. Cao be Canal Zone, until 10:0p a.m., Ari ; A"pr9ten :1 o
k SALE:-Lamp, double mattress. TinAnceD. Kenealy, 307 Herrick 14, 1954, and then publicly opened 8 I
mirror, Singer sewing machine with Rood, ncon. Phone Balboa 10.. for furnishing all plant, tools, eqwuipt A. ra N* 4, E
rd drworr, motor 2/60c".e (,ment, labor.c services, and" Tel
1 ra diwers, motor 25/60cye FOR SALE: 1949 Chrysler Wd- laborpt Gover i ent ur fW e Tel- l
b1nds $55.00. H ure 181- g :c so er foir2door sedan, excellenIt rPI a ed material s, and for perfarmi all Bb1.4941, ( n'd
ro Miguel, C.Z. i ditln.9 Phone CGrlstbal -1 67. w for Construction of Sew n ol FOR' REN TI-- Furnished apartment the (aem
bad $55.0 0i. House lectIr at Gotun and at Mt, ap in $0.00, 0inoiding utilltle. Phone
SALE Dishes, odds ends; L 1 Ols the Caal Zone. Forr of proposals, 'Panqma 3-2051.
buffet, Quartermaster wood; dining dramatixspt on, and full parlldUlon mayrw
I blind redwood & Ventiaon sedan, Hiidramotic, excellent di-. sR ecif To, and f loparti la FOR NT; -- Compqtely furnished
trLchen oblinse, porcelain top: see etin. a Pacific 77 Cotract and i inspection Division apartments, one and tWo .asi.Slro oms.
Iic lan; 25-cycle; man's piece Room 343, Balboa Heights (T91- Telephone 3-4911. I Pad
english cloth' suit, blue, worn six ANpho a 2-3739 or 2-2698). Specifl- FOR RENT: An apartmentlwhich
weeks; bed frame, three-quzrter. .. Spedn ,_;.Ibmint *ho
weeks; bd frame, mobIle t atons and drawing wIll be i su on hso 3. bedrooms, livingroom and
Iew. .1479. D a deposit of $20.00 per st. p osit diningroom, -on interior porch
S SALE :-Westinlheuse refrigera- WANTED- b *'Sir CASH I, will be forfeited if specifications and maid's room with both. Located orn C- UC a
r, 25-cycle, onaer guarantee 1952, 1953. P ACS, .Y drawings air not returned ithin o40 Ave. Euseblo A. Morales No. 4, "El
9i.E ehonyb dinirgUoom set MOUTHS CHEVROLETS. I calendar days after opening of bids. Congrejo." For information call 3.- F i A i--M a'
2 O i', rIn eel iptraw chairs No. 31 ltpw (Na iona-t. FOR SALE:-Tame native parrakeets, 1292, Panama. .. "Z. sd IMt
1" lih 4 drpsr32 rs 56.00 nuito l, d r-" ue" r L A ,|A. c4 Ps 7 5cnteseach; budgies, $.00 eash; FOR RENT: One-bedroom unfur- o 4
@'A % rtmen A a., yellow HoallancJcan aries,$l st. 0oo0 nished ogwartmerwih vintgr wict 4 LTD .- T 4p
11itmt A. i.y each. Acuaro Tropical Pot Shop. ^ r49 porch, kitchen, balcony, alt sreen
E ,.. rt l k din t neVia Espaoia, corner beside traffic ed, top floor, In Eldorado 1 B n A,"' Aroq Pul
tlet f e4 tt c L rs ai lighr Phone 3-5411. front of Balboa Beer Gerdinr, i
mfall 3ta n. Ie A a d ~-, t SLE: -- Dhcihund pul es $60.00 monthly. Phone Penam
S I A3 malis $50.00 ,females $300. 002 or 3-063.
AL Ieator, 60-y hou ork Gamboa Fire Station. FORi RENT: One-bedroom unfilur t
be to n aptmet ,. ..ent in Loa oJa Bui l..
S. .Uvsa. FOR hSALE rIsg t t,' ir,..e. e.
d"ib., In mepWi .A FQlt" '"Real Estate. Pan.m' stor tfro: a .2ea .i
.fl. l~~ 'in.n WA P.. plene a E t SALE: Two cholefs at La FOR RENT:- Moder tb-bT ? )
in matrs fitted sheets. Sanishtorapher.Must '- Cumbris, lust built. Each lot 0 apartment 4tth 'Intg end d 8:00- )
inw eluded $27.00. Pheil~l t i meters. .' Twe a edrogrn room, kitchen, maid's rom cod : a ,
S 2 2 ..l. I ctive b lord J if.s too wlth repar ato bIltr ho both in El Cangrelo, :0-0tra :1o= ] PA_
l i ma0. ; h onr rd.c Far is- of Hotel El Panama. For g
rhrl a 4 wrmi telephone 3-3.0. E'n-I particulars please call 3-4908. a. probel0ona' J'k"
ble. 4 cATawAr or gIar-rk omic prices. FOR RENT:-Furnished beautiful one'-...
ilip of'ator, 6 with abiltp~y tc d I srtl d bedroom apartment, ga steve, re- .
wicker Fo r frigerator. Overlooking SAS rown
.2500; wicker M, in Engllt and nish. For Inter- frig or. Overlooking Mo of l 0:
1p wh 25.0ied onlyYWss dolo Iry on V eBelipari ( Stun haters, e$&

@s@' Ww IM Q A Prwxy in newly built house near He
and disrbution. Only fe- Panama. Call Tel, 2-2154 wr 3- Neat (bdt'd) te
.. ltabil pllon with good references SEA!. Crl 3. Browne, UBAI, 5114, Panama.
shou apply, 10 to 12 a.m., aj w epted president of Wbe oMr- FOR RENT: L- Nice furnished aprt .Qtl s
Fc .de lq Osioa Avenuie upsAirs. ne Department t Of Ement with refrigerator and pa art -
."State. Reserve Officers stove. Military inspected. Via Por- if X g
I* I* t dal tinat o its annual cOn- ros No. 99.

S(UP)- ristobal FOR RENT: Tw-edroim epSE D EXCHANO
police tis mere MfiredaleV d' istlet bets*, g- Nw ued, and Rebuilt
eeoth s L tfor eelecln of officers for the Apply No. 19, 44th Se tuature. .
S4n _dform pe .. year" was the principal ip al! WW Buy and eL.
i t a nIti'ews pa s at the annual conven- FOR RENT: Apartment, one i- Automobile R
.th a Seia a -?W, II which was held Saturday room. light, gas, washing machin.H m- molode p
.athe most seven mae oao, March 27. Other buni- telephone, Vista Hermoscu Tel. "
actim o in the h es n day i#ht socials ek p .Included a discussion of the 3-3589. .
let bee ~ineod a the UO- rve Officers Asociation pro- W r
-1? z es ~r l y 4 F'orFes Service Center for m for the coming year an dFOR RENT:-Small fumrished overt- O
et .du 111 ts D- i O fta. by the OkW Eng ele.tion of a represeUntatie nt, f _nmily home. orrledI S
itob(A.ibeI* Heusd O tion of the UsO-;n 0 .tothe national Council without hirean, single person mf Arr as g '.
S W la good habits.N.1.4r. N, 4, 45th Street, V F.I S
I a sTth- ree vice presidents, repre- Bella Vista.
l apt.Games, Informal danin8pnti' eg th e three principal od, F Ebrom -
ArtIF U F r-Zt.k lSr thee Co GnL. ;r dw raet6e:ts -o rth ear both and r ollet, outside balcony. all i
CiFa nkVStory, .NPOr proeramI A .3. Ste.rns.. tiledfoh,. PheBalboa96
arftr. n t" N tim 'ip %IM.or JackJ. Vaug n Appy Hopkply s No. 6 3 or 65,4 6Ws4t
a a.t.h..e piano, wn ;, ad Air Force, DLt. July Avenue.Pr
n wi,11-, ft57 personnel af L theirb-clS. PapounUAFR. FORU FRW E-t nt --m .. r
o families are Invited, i s f o buil. I-"ue West 12th Stroe a a n.
a .mlnpps-Howard Another in the o series illus: o td l ude Aodva a. PE T n FuSrth oo
e d ographsO iel wf rr-ill be lgivenM o al o -t v- ... ...
4deartus pror. day at l* Capt. Maurice M. Morton,-FOR RENT: F- T h-bedroom apr- mas

-cldu.. .... Twef. Southern Destrib, a- FOay J_.. Keae codea, ICoaNo., Tel 3-63m
tillance Divion wll preaent u aban.;ChaFr Lt. Command- DAVENPOrT, Ia_, i/(
Ict a c o r sln deq t of "Leba o andi "on', -_ G 'N_. o. 98,E.;. FRTan eE per, ditr

iljLU a... S3tbe el ittk

li~~' iSflaS~ij Apaflmess
i I ey Ha ItBrown;
Itna! y Hosp LtL, WANTED TO RENT:-F

kfn sni '. ,,-P ".
Ui Et i..Voc two all!
.wtla CurtLa6,duPtoi7
wulk Box 1289. Mw,,, cA
v PhtaBeaslo & Memier
as so ------- "*W.-----




M42risssn -1

i- 1 DMe bM the

7276 orw

Brad systesusdoega
'r-- ^S^ 138GO
79 A^K

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i i aheisat

COWa ak aet
Sif: The maink
.mi : woe t No-
in blask: "n Sn

*' ;- bu .."'V ''-...

4 Cyliedqrq Sl Vd -lfsc
35 mlle. per OatIon 9td. Anwric

Biflmtf f .uldtte

buIh6 b e disnIrs' eil A tar he
at Yl mtipbo"t n I A U

5a-'"open- DC L Thermaance F_-
..,. ee had up to bos and butter ,he
s bwwith

.,, *. rw d' m salad bowl- a ba e
ling Sl y the mha 1 oSro6-an t
Old Ctol9oli ,c~uswlis e
0^ < *" A v i an d bUUrawpI I It h e i ge w sh o a a
o1kwRe Ioa t

tco .t Wlle. Bo ,,,u ,t. o,,,,, a

o rto-to C
tIe o.-.JO IN t o" ,s.*.l.,
sr-g .WM )aa o i.N "C i o ,s

x. tuatl$ATURDAY N1CHT 1. tuMOGe
a- Ar A m Lan s rp- W.aofin t e .teCa-ea heavy
V& n" SO '- TAM, w-"t~ w o- l.0,o l"B',e eld t kt his g
-o s igne d to a tar-o
dC., an.s |. .1i

rcd R" *t r iA t'd Aof NEYsI.
4t,,....* ST. LOI
Now--Pond's brain uAYaHT

was "-r`L.,

idea_ .ad.Candy" Sngs' NGLI

tlgI 4 tll No CeIMer Nn Minimum

-m ma Ito)BAIt.l
Nei. cm.,4WA.SON

f ltal te -

,shn ANN&


i ite AL .Oyt





No. 23 AnrmtnobUe R
Panama, R. P. "

4,m0 ON* tI- -M


*' i *." __


Prices Reduced

10% to 75%


Set forsSa sloww -...... .

Plate Settg as low m .............
P~ste $#1pg a low a .G.... *6 S S *

Sets feir s.iw asw.
m W lowARE
Sege ob8 a low a. ..

Osterizers, "Dornere r FqI ,
Toosters, :a .ders

RECORDS: 33-1/3 2 o ..5%
78 ...
*i.l M"k
-"* ,'-w *a

Lo ,- '--

r-.. -

.-.. A '. *-.. t.' i
*. \' '-.ha -. *'-

* -.-\.. 9.
- -'~***~~i~

- -~.. i-



.1 --

.9695 .305 .6.


Venetiop Crystal English j
on Bronzes, HIav.M FiR"pi

, 5" -. :

,, -7O

~~1 L

- -1 'I ,,-a?-rrn



- r ,- *-.;

- O- -"

EWecrc i

Applia"ce at GreatV,


-I 1-1. 4

'- ...* ,


iW, --

Improved Chic's Ned Se.kA

third Consecutive Triuph
,- O --
Two well-matched Class "E" fields of imported
thoroughbreds will match strides in tomorrow's fea-
ured $550 seven-furlong sprints at the Juan France
race track.
Tn the stronger of the two! aces and Vedette ].sa been
groups, the vastly impr o ve dropped a class.
mcrican-bredChic'sNed will. T only A the race
Seeking his third successive which doesn't seem to rate con-
ictory He will again be ridden sideration is the veteran Rath-
y leandro Ycaza who seems lin Lght which will be going in
have found the secret to Tet an entry with Vedette. R. Light
Sbest out of the son Of Chl-returns from a long rest after
elolosing form.
Chic's Ned's stoutest oppoal-
ton should come from Golden The second grop shOapes up

B R guidance of Jos e "Paco Longs o t possithe t ar d-
E K(Ravo again. over, Nobbcroopk and' reSolo

oth Red E Cor and GaneroCiJoan. e eonot enr t e

they were rom IAnten comers in Feiner and Barge
rest after somen wnnd recent pr wood "i ed on the program.

S? anks Can Be Beaten;
1 estion Is By W ihom
_-o -
By HAR-RY GRAYSON The manager of the Hoiuly-

e t a woodrrid f tars came to the Piertes'
NEW Phi and Jerry I Fbrtive years wth p 'fresh from

a few handtirkoers wone'd wein fn hise a second pennant n
to nick against the Yankees. 11 monlhs. His 'winks prevailed
ADetoubae in theyn't find bY ightst 4th. -his Almendares

lubto beat them. hAmter aby the d to bulge in there uba
LLegu is that bad. Wei league 36. switch make him the
-Gqsev Stngel is worried a- first Imported pilot to win there.
t Phil Rizzuto and Jerry In five years with Fort Worth of
Qoleman, nbt the Texas LemRue, hi Brookltn

Sn t ion farm c ubatwice bht proecd down
mickey Mantle's in front. tlMie ran second and
nee. After a-tied fdr fourth.
-eat was pFe- r nimeo
cribed, Cole- Brapai. 36switched to Holtv

~n i .train ing the Ptabookrl h orarty waso ha
... r to be'st out.,
y lm Map. She live. years e ,
Se rear Etr ragan ca e to rt. P ierce
: The bs i.s eekin. sufficient help torepeat
... a roMuas 'funn I ltrsounds o t thee

o fi.yelare s "abefolct out.e

Siue many o r rmaarnyaotr rezkr- YIbWa9 fr. Mu eh Orlaq'
;_-llete. the great shortstop Y ,' ll sly iw '(iie ,
.veteran hbaueba anal t- I '.
what the minoetrs e

lets re wene
th, an ,in theo d ia sdoiioitro n c i.._tle.
tie talem will .iNpr the au.W.. rK' "
wvlr. h miof ..1$thue .end !:l
S ran last senummeI in 1meth1atp Lealue,
ile Coast Leaglue .did p tch e beat Su!tc
wieate in the dugout and I.d ansonns- 1 t, 1 Ji Fridlejy In
I!..5l sit-down st-ritE Ia the !52 and DlBxjm.Lemoil last trip.,
bqas eoach's box protjttli No.nfer than seven tackled
'.deolsons. I 'i.thia rng..-0. Kenrnedy,
P .1i*s a basebaIt entht- an, S.inrom. Wally Wes-
,whMl oi makes senfie l:Dave Pope. Al StiWth and
si w .edlton of tc!2asy -_ .n -. WfAt,. the latter up from
'.cahabx004dalN -~r-ta e~ ake

3 RELASE IN Sbow: 7:4 an 3: p.m .
i .Adm sio i Prl e: .s- and M.

S couIMT


A usaamos.u

*OMA .FA-M .r

't1I,1i I -"' W W
,* It^f
ru"-* Iw -l *^ ki'

lst ase D&" Na tt'F l

1-Kont"iki C. Joht 101--- .* to. r- .-
2-DanFelc0.oM GraId totopt e 5-

-Am azon c. .,110. et o hance 0
7-0. Bound L. Va 1322-Weigh on han p -2 'm

Snd Race "F"'

2-Tilin THin
5-White Fleet
7-Don Pitin
8-Sin Fin

3rd Race "G"

5-Villarreal ,

4th Race "G"

Native 6% Fgs.Purse: $275.M00 Pol ,ew 1:15
Second Race of the Double
M. lHLrgy 115 --Disapointed In' .It, 8-41
C, More. 107x-a done nothing .to
J. Reyes 112 -Nothing to IndicAte 15-1
3, Cado. 1108 -Could win at plie 10-1
J. Bravo 115 -Seems back In form 3-2
R. L. '*il 106 -n right spot a 5-
A. Vas. 110 -Always tryin 3-1'
V. Rodri; 05x--eedg better ri4er 10,1
A.' Ycasa 10x-I ecellnt m 5-1
K. Flbres 118 -Dropped Ia c a s 5-1

Native 4% Fgs.Purse 3$ .9I Peef l ldos:

J. Sarma. 115 -Classy but fractious
Mena R. 99x-Distgnee to Uklirfg
R. L. Gil 112 --aR g0- OpeS6 too:
J. Phillips 113 -Mutuela favorite
A. Ycaza 105x--Could score at price
H. Ruiz 115x-Dropped I class



Native 4' FPg.Purse: 275.00 Pool closes: 2:20

1-Mlranda H. Ruiz lllx--howing improvement
2-S. Velluda P. Hidal. 112 .-Not la this class
3-Consentida F. Ranos 112 -Hasgood early speed
4-Tin Tan G. San. 105 -Rates good chance
5-Sherry Time R. L. Gil 103 -H- ploits early foot
6-Resorte V. Ordo. 110 -Usually Unpredictable


5th Race "C" Native 7 FgIPllie: S25.00 Pool closes: 2:55

2-G. Wonder
5-Don Grau
6-Don Temi

H. Rutz l 00l-n winning form again
L. Valen. 118 --Porm Indicates
A. Ycaza Vfz-Could win in upset
C. John. 167x-.Nothing recently
R. L. Oil 106 -No. I contender
K. Florts 118 -Will set the pace

-1 !

6th Race "H" Imported 6% FgsPurse: S400.00 Pool closes: :35X
First Race of the Double

1-Double In
2-D. Duchess
4-C. Brand
5-Wild Wire

S. Dario 105 -Distance handicaps
A. Ycaza 112x-Must improve
R. L. Oil 103 -Rates good chance
A. Vas. 115 -Will be hardto beat
F. Hfdal' 105 -In A-1 condition
G. San. 105 -14 better than these
J. Bravo 112 -Jockey should help


7th Rice "E" Imported 7 Fttg yse: 3ie50 hod eloe: 4:05
Second Race of the Double' .

1-Discovery P. "Ordo. 104 -Could sori -here ".
-2--. Ftner 0. Chants 115 -Not ready yet; ., 20-1
3-Nobbserook J. Phillips 108 -S-4howing imp cement 15-1
,-. Pearl M. Hurley 115 -Dagenids lateer' .2-1
o Joan A. Ycaza 10Ox-Rates i lim ehace 5-1
Iet 0. San. 106 -In fight to ftilah 2-1
A. Phillips 115 -Vastly Improed 24-1.
V. Ordo. 112 -Will be close Up 3-1

WI0 Ve' j.ktlnaflon" 7 Fgs.Purse: 5400.00 Pool' elets: 4:40
. ".:.- V. Ordo. 120 -Rates best chance 3-2
A. Ycama lifx-U--sually the money 1-
'A. Ycaza liOx-Aeenm off form 20-1
L. Valen. 120 -Has 2lab chancr 10-1
lt P Dario 110 -'BoxinS gloves' Handicap 5-1
..&M.,FaIlrta Bravo 110 -Mutue s allure 2-1

9th Iasee "P" Imported 1 Milefue $500.00 Pool eloses: 5:15
-,,,,.J.7-'I" ONE TWO "

3- Cuto


82-- (ltcopo II

10th Rae "'E"
1--M Time
3-Chic's Ned

ftR. Light

lith ta "G"
1-Weatow -

4-n. m oot

J. Bravo 115 -Usualy fractious
M. Hurley 112 --Gool rteet efforts
J. Phillips 115 -Hais obq workouts
F. HIdal. 113 --Mut imWove more
V. Ordo. 110 -Dlt4aceto liking
V. Ordo. 110 -Post position hampers
0. Ban. 112 -Unknown 4fuantity
V. Casti. 115 --Seems one to beat

10-1 -

Imported 7 gF.Purse: f K$5 Pool closes: 5:40
J. Bravo.11S -Was never better 3-1
J. Reyes 113 -Returns In good shape 4-1
A. Ycaza llOx-Seeka third ia row 3-1
V. Ordo. 116 -Form indicates 2-1
A. Vas. 115 -Racing to top form 2-1
H. Ruiz 115x-Returns from layoff 5-1
R. L. Oil 120 -Dropped In slas 5-1

Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: $45..oo i closes: xxx
A. Vas. 115 -CraTSy younte 3-2
F. Hidal. 115 -Threats 0al 3-1
V. Casti. 115 -Nice effoft'l 8i 3-1
C. Igle. 115 -Tougher froup here 5-1
K. Flores 113 -Has mUisf'efly eed 2-1

2 Tears la Nsaak League
Written for Nt service
Question: What was Tom Mor-
ftn's record with e Yankees In
the yr before he went into
Answer: Mrga Iup- to
New Te fero* m nNM toe in
1i1 sad weand p wth a 9-3
muar and a US eofled nam
a In- twe-bingug old
h eOr ihem, w as M aSh
Coup lef hits, ,t eikglqstv"
ties. M' s *a4,

r. rt an. Mer a ut

Fisherman, a of the three
colts C. V. Wl y has named
for the Kentw DD by, is the
first stakes winner to come
from the crop vt als alred .by
Phalanx, which was second In
the 1947 dlapt..
-MANS ....i I


*sw il
m w.e

" "-al

I .

bos T
the r.' .

Wh j T...
elpie t he o6aAtdb -r h
with Edfe w et b utie t US
series, a 12 '
each via '; W, W

snfrom thtneo agd begat
bof and TB 2LMto s al
offte the Bpie otel.rt b P
Nenaeoto'tii but ithba 'X0

tigby was buu RnI trout" T Ublut TV sets were
ble lines Ne aatn Ii -br mhain in (be ei t tof the room. One, a
rlare t... tu g steppedin and announ-ed,
yard aco t (a The o there was the color set.
elpe h ~a a h Hl the lighi h isrs
fleea and WrJW ~ was a disappointment

and the ae n LASi were I a britt technicolor
unotff wrias.t "1 mMTmo re race s .l Tu t r eemed
thc raam aand.rdi ry blAek-eni white.

n the at Cb' an- a ho i p
nual Treasure xi at lt Sahoga. ple-seemed to have no shoulders.

u l .re u.e *. .* t h n s ue- ".

W4.rg140nh word1e word Cht it aSv whit-
ea, i(li llftehe r o li ute lxe. e, .rai ,
8 tri We t nteet 4:-was3 pe a J5lo4




- aof
a; S-fr

mucab and a

owem t

e your eyes the i
whte, a good deal better-tian or
diary viewing. B.A- it did act

id general

: ^ I a


... 1"'

S Bo___ ebby MeOga J
A PHILLY NOW -obby,.

eey leairly tlUepted young men., Jopn..y I S. l4 wqC Morgan, who as been oe
and Art Hin9ter, for example. They are gatduA t Irooisn'st anger benchimen,
.*ao..t u..w e rates a uI-tsne spot as
The Leoop, a elameresai, P ai -etor where the second baemn for the Phil-
town's high ,rollrs rls Mfand4 I 't toflts aIf ferlkw 0 VA, ecte tau club on ex.
senpe kind'5 t p, .0(AM. .. -O wL I& is the ibl halk change for ,09 and farm
mkter. the .iadleweliht. iio..., tIa and bei *o product Dick NEA).
the Pna t fi, llnnaibel yht sf iM_. W 5IkP t04 A^ "n e ,. ../. ,;: J.
san sw tin out bserel Va _wna I. .; .. t
bast i w elighlt d0spalty. E!oisz as ieOiU they my" o s
wsmaight's awing tp beap Na, iet. eve. ighamplon, ho
happen to be.C s. B
rve never been convinced ti is any Uvely reader ln
In tow much money a sports ppmoterO makes or loesbut !
Stiotold to e' the, mat with mIaed G eWa.ptpMf_ tom !P
dtlUs back to Corbett and ..SuUyap. and for .an. w,l -A
and sullvan. In any'eaet, Jii Noiris has $184Ml9 In. th.
tll and hopes to have ronslae W'nloM by Friday wh en
youn nten climb into the ring the feUsh, ad el e
iitoyioutr livid room. The box-tfi.le record for an o i %d.I Ti
ot her Is 422,918,. set by Tony $4a and Rocky Grazath to i-.
iS.t #e sold for $40 tops. Tli oine's # mark down at %
seiocl TV blackout extend .g tr as Milw ee. t
wa- '-- they gotta let 1eir nl-Abe li-te., 'ahA
time when they n Al capone. Old Al dA MwoutdOl t ou
found a way to bootleg it. -
WO sgto slse.ttingaJdside NtoStant. uAr
atdey v flelines of WtFC pS adAnnapolis. Wew auth
S or *fastfenwd a &CAn flt A "AD for EACH OTHER"
te mi 8 f UL orts to WS af independWnt,

hamlte his bee plowing field; e hap
to IstqWet seth aigjor powers Navy, Nets hu
hei, at at lb a super t p Lisabeth
ablefto IotI. Despte s SCOT
to tie Ii. I'm told .te at. -.
frostly rebuffed. Did theytMr.amtT Ofane
There is a three-cuhion blafts Ir in tMown a"
Harold Worst, and when he ey rgoe wI i 1 -.
headllas didn't read "Woritw L .1SIs T Mo t= ak
tawn in many way, as you cana oM, o sense of bunsr and vr
MW4histtan. The Witg *Te talking of twoV a RO I L

I-Daniel Gi
ole Wonder
8-MlMs Fairfax
9--Wetpo o

o". i'
ktI Tl*

:l;Wbl, :4id. S:M iWR .
' T_ Indla to... -- ..

Ty". Power te W s


T .

With vi -a -.

T'B^ "'*!;..* :;-Sb- -ToU 7

-i mFblM.

, .-"
,.:-m. "r. .

p s e Uo6 M
-e Aebsm

M-il| *1 TIN
-" .. -^** ,

-- .

~~-~ -.ii

.- ,'- ,

rA%. ~

l B pt and Minsle,4
IS=a. T is l the same M
Olant account of Daroe
wdird witb all the players wl
Aad one of these days you vu
SBludn thought: Whah e
gagethteeiet uh? Thme M
-task el 8,.lidi Turo-to
ra .l YIknw of two.]

InA' A L'V "iW-END" ,

iiiMEi mAi
-in -
"JAMA flUK" -
(In TecmSgou.

~-. t-'r

*., 1 -
L. -?- -".. -.. .-." .-E 4-.- -

S'-4 -
;" (,I



~, _I9;iEl



7 .



! 1 ai


WOW '."" ..-... ...,
Popp' ,". "

sa -=
_ SQ Ba.-.
Medics, iLth fas &'r


r ......R 2 MC a e eet t.zle agnr leve ns t

I2 *WArAI VK Itroni4s Is not tetot,4"a1 csto ane t

*ho t i. e- .or one at thf many tetrae Hr G.... ........... U" en"ed 6 o n
-' I h. ... .. ...... t

SPAt t A thir base line In the .fou.. rt ifh A a ft 'ob i *
TobOosp ent m a lltdlev iousl y teret
l-u we Itu.on the .niuuk ee' '"

e n ,as .Beurnathwt Sl ttigTo mt aitasaw

E1 14 3 $ on. R. 1% 1 wirdI wothe a reot anly o
oE Vrom l the ....hrlrh.w S a n a a e %

11 ptT- 11 h 0 o rsuon M by .'IMt Il -je o h ie e erd etoh oee. nt i ad fvt IP irICait teos n n at c a
f ea eft.bdupto it helr Itu_'
man. L t9to 4ale hreoby j1.ho1g ari ht WlRod nLm @1e uflnown war Jr Iehght

I -k L es '- ,. ., 8 ,.. r ,
ft re ',S tenmdl o Sp aUat 'en IWO lkb a so anti lS 1!?1 Wea I 1
S& I'.td oBOJ k wlreI yd. Ii d, o but lockedgodI n
o.I.. e uro aCarl T ttle. Is just about io big
a E l mnier e r n t.... acinch therew.,..n
atosr an d a -" L a sprnt..e Oh
1P. .b, ..nof' ...... bh. 2e-tl. e inbri nh i

urrev Excelsior-Hegh La., r the th loss in 2 a e UNCots mntl piece about Thankgivin h I

IIndrer vs.!Mrland-Mt. *iso The Brktllyn oA
Anthi rbaelnintahees eInar-old 08Ate tb100 and 220. while NobturnIpr

w* taut^*3 -Therl pSeElA the .t S4. n uonang iaG mbbo oa' tsSof tballbadoJohnA lirttlE l
ntheamn. Lott -T lr be odgern all6 he, r eonhApr be
ru LftV 1 2 BEARS a06t, I t 1i ma places.
redayThe S ey reeneSanders tars 1 over and wa racked or four hfl the difficult t olHe I

* clso d by Excelear, Next ga ne Saturdh, 7.09 .-m the raly. bore. 2 teo mpln"hip WS t l to a
S a anderers-a Mt. Hope. s N g o teve 1'N Slt's floIunderInoeheld thea.m rourneboultkev 'e
Elks '1414 3 B wa oeflPR.p 3 1 lnem. Oman MA withadim owor
2i eF ill, t li a t wt3.1 2wh Jim 8 o t=vef l Ing WJi
e pol o i oldmoved by tho Sanders took a re thaonee .most.p This match differ from e b algtion
d clubs in that from the All m foursucces ed the wi to ive Al- met t Gambo, so the ant oers and I

*as | Gib0 o and Mr 3 b y a cor1 decision at 6loarwa ter, FAnd Jim ata f p a I ale t to wen u-i
b At1 -*MouLt toft8to De in hoatedd fr Detroit m al Isducat RSaet ro their e fmfaompetitiBaon h P. ding first

he urrey an Exclaior l The pih Chle c while Earl Torgm on and JoBtn4 tie b'ltw -ntec adio nese e natr y t
B vded hon ar f ment t walnis outtan i tr o ny Wiro ct n onmona whed for oai etry this week, must rated aend all season. ad for
with r 6 at the call of time. a dark horsesof u yaa day it looldoks like Rel as hld th PPates trd
ttotnay -or 3 hours. Nevertt- e xt- oDl ad holtru'h ib Ltint that In vie Wor Club The t ent b-ins at what.E

taen#e 3S1 -14Ot m l b 1b a pecelr naAh rYb .y A s- n9l Ter r i IS ut o konfo lfor 1 at coldgin f ab fou alment TVral e ao

Crtch ow (241, while Rupert, to. e the gme when e took Isran Thomas wallopeda Othren A; 05 a t co a out Oe Ir t alar thr SSh p
thoyz(20).and H. M notte(13 0ndne'dfor toaddhter hb g n oft r8ehla pitchertI.25. JuwT a t wo postion
notrout,) xt le def ion ly eld p the dead. Wato latheir rose aMartinm. tomorrow t ron tim an4l r

store, o4lW'v. It atolen id in the RookIe o irantne. Wnyk- IfthPooa a? eimt o lwr uz Ausut 1, B H
Searsethe e e s" h les b the dodns ofr s the. play .rs.trepeatlast year's will cafr ,a

but also kAept alive faint hoots Hu"dlfob vnRA.lqt the tDi t o i' gth a hi g
surrey A. Hw0tta with 2 for Gree-Sander the n l-day favorite to take home

cnallendeBi l r,. 1tanley otl- P5el 3b ............... 0 1 emore suo letvytheat w -ee noi mtoe le o o eal. ny th mo9d t w 1 0 e @
G '.O. tbr ot thet mou amboa Civ Council h i don- a InWo ie or and oP a rE

otr' sIbi .n SName S'atou en t ,Iie Catdn nine will champion W1b crowned.Thel s Iiouacompetitinor
on1 0 1rs tJ 1db g i ot, rS.hall & a t lt s'. rund dCre o nclhaw a. r m w in P
bC~lla a a. walked f f rcf .. .D i0fj n ag w t a ur ey

o iW f Lsia anosan hs Ehiitibn betha te msfnc taenwill %behbetter liothanmrui
ir.mertre taot out r .Bbnne0e.lJongalholl a ..Mao. Gtbaa-lMarteH I '1iti t end of the ys y r, but Henry bas be
wristhB a .a 1 1 Bkanr Acnh n. wit saDIN, UNIo1kcnINdouDI .t eght b
Afterseo eh sttwohtne one run in thera h, a 13, 1952 when outpointed fto h kitchen n d out S R'S Z S I e ac ltes tha will InclUd s rida hiu fast rn tasowM
tsecrn on two hitnane anwerror, toGw.n0. 2 0. I e h as e on1 srih t Romeats while dad.s and oe'gv well up In ti burgers, a,sR otDN Ne oHam.ber thnayhe will hit.vear to win,r T1p. (
the third s newhen-the' fi-Paens eofl 1. B or hs vie- frh and.."IMenThenid h e1-
t.,1.e. .-i ittorbl..u. e seson and hv e Tema .ement of the a tla Corning to e low brrer tt
with to s ciiootorrowhreore'tw o iAem. ho. iLoul o i teak Iain dinner to spy player hitting del wit u-I. '
three.b -- u ls c v e ach. C *. ...........with t e Orv.,
la"puriods fhturre of thzouatth wazaenr o n, ....the mou...11. home ru n and o ech pitcher the notaover Johnw tuLn tit beer l l
Wi.a t h duct.tbsyeara Uontt traithat comes up a 3 with either a no- boys are experiencedI
runsee prok elrnsft5 gnadLe rnsdeam!dumpe a t h ita could make thli hitter of a shut-out. sticks, wIt Orisi. hol ng-t.
Seymour had runners on base S. Age4Iw i llo-oh5 41681
rn euers',rataexceptLtheifef, tthe At-luFleeto.rani wngmV IFii round pairings at 8 a.m. current Interscho L easicue
SI.thet.uwill R odman And 20th M. P. co. come odin Wit ,
buthl "a uWabt f o ,e. r.ooi rates.'5WM eldV1) .ati' fOSala ft mEl-d low.n trop-toh, tr o Wil l.3.. .opW
lerunable to score. tROY Pearso'snMn ir.e"Yir"Old"-01) 6 obr .4 sAl-CruDOS
-whif fed.A total at twelve batr Watsln -S 1 by r.A.o)Wn12Wt t.
while"walking onlytthree. a fh PanB. WILSO Rr dckseen).e
SBHittibsh onrsw en t to c-u 'a:w' as4Or-a

t ouoover thes O it o a r t aMh s a f G
ba7y twfoul' p. aan tIp .,. i Mi.tomo.rrow Itv o r a
By ,a,.*r ---Ithaa e- sr e, blue b 1 Ih itetlontl
.o.... -I 't _OWN
CricetFNews Cuba eauie,, sY-
Aprl 4 again thiswem eko ifter ib ionof thr ee yesterday ss G i b i o res
Sund~at Q, Apfitglo 4 t ed tIIi&hth weeko diff e ir Olt haost 6-is the
Surrey VS. Excelsior -- Height' .," ground. B altimr e orhohafl2t pore
Olt Ahrld -mtit-Kvnn nfl mDAY
Wanderers vs. Morland.. ft:t A ntwCbs anDofmdex- bA" otes
Is. BlivagaiCithis Al iic nru fr two 4n a jover the Milwaukeee
_kne, Atty -- Dl amoreaOr iifle untL us boolive Officer gnd

su-l~rreyv.Exelsir-Hteighn L a .for the '1a l lowe six ra12,r e on $C raie AprIl 4. .hsUtmandlelp ab o*utcur's and
oval athistsisingeasono4oAudilRIMtoer by /Itr will be tIN tin Statli~m between them. t,
wanferers vo.teta5tslttB l" I' ."PSN
TapeA lhe B Y r -ands .ony .oa ar il ad l em w 0 a fudkeet n lth in entall, this paper has
vf.thebi clts-bn lt the tfkeaorly matotth
r .- .Th.rsareeetand tarioe and was racked *or fourilghOtpeot rifle awhile
Sill andI Wanderers .- al'Mt. Hope. ettveo'Neflts a btne'G. .innsBeateCllsmaiensMay d Ross wl l
t', A$aWL.. Pea gV a-rIun le n stand mnd. differfromL However, we'sand
yet"0 1ItC ,for.:thed A .R1161161 s hiti na Are T held. hi scres hae nth
clubs Insthat fro m the St- --.t for 12-.11 prevbaa matahe. jfl vrril ppstisbo t Ii' I sitm -.
..t ib".anIon and Maile by asaore 'dec m a CI Ewattr, Flu Jim thtIo.f "" dlk.O.Lu.$ re-
ti at thenolubs h t t ouhetan.I W,,bes t i3$ w kr owith atn one forw rrwn
vided oro, .whih thaeco, re ew ele h ldth/aetO,..4 .. .o, .,m ..
r Janr6 at the call t time. p.droved his. undatif.rRag did an old sel asd the o man. aol i Qn
nayc in to take over or Wall tli
..yte... t S es te eies
ist e It t 3Regi ter e te
ten tta A! .Wall made a spectaeulsaeat b o sAi 41 f itS T n head wer
is followedP 1rankwtho s edentrunai O T total ct ehberforhisMaohshooteOromasdn
(, and H l aro thA'S l.e taot e lll l.t rtt ttt fi foreaq12oft ri-eSIpitcier'i "t jinera, Lii) I two post
n otsoneanoe t nt d9Y.Walleliaio Atb M ar watin* 'Ia ,#0 fur July 11, antoW
turn, ba Wk -*t flt-8te oIway i-n" the 0'T i t It the O fer oeas en aaterl a wrain nU
were a~eu Alien (2t) Leon Best t ad i 9GUes tf. i t 00t thoW,. saId ta h@n49 et h onc in d wuf; therewil lso a aljbt w '
(1d). anAlla Hamls n (12). ,he we MelHg Mtase.a .eixna,'e'pntolung staff, went tie some. sort of team antHis. A- bf for &'t.ort'w

sc q13wor e.7Wrcets16mobin,7as:ianit all d istance iN othi thkse eogthEo noilt kn wt et
2d 4d-H. e 4 8weare ...........Pb The Csdarlas w loped theDi

e l --f-"a"e O B .. ; 4"l 1 1 i t WSJ bt O I tl" le b':Ad."stru c g O T lAw '0
Alient a Stanley ffi Pe. blt Sb ........ ,.... 5 04r a n tt u~rO n sa Ia.~;_d. : -~:-..wia t hub ulle in b d t
Atffand..flIM ..em.stibt.Wet.., u6-3uvie;fm&HIsbe as
cal,-amd A. tut, A- *aie rti,.........................................................u
fhibiNtionj-.3,11th ....l.t...(4A;O.h fine, mild English

,,_,n itb iOct 6'Me=HDe, f..........o41 W.r- ., -
Truadbhfcstb U .o ...t.o.......
Doiot,)gOmWINdeUN aaaieorthe. ......I4
t,...... :iVoi ...w rfor Int eVl nu o e
fa ef .A-h Dck arcia 1 .. 41,,.,A-,a,
Al W "Ob.:a -mwAbpt.1.3.u)'a rE :j aaVitvefavran roa
Wl""-14 A. Rorover tthe. --Me-t(total

. .. -t T e trafrml# peked, extra-mld,
> itAtrera, W(A)l N (N) e first ad beat kind of sdid eigent.
A'a,, a., .. 'l$ "SENIOR SERVICE.
a'64d1,e va ysw-m.f? at em The Pahatle. of Cgarette s y
esa aasag s __e
Jireetlym -)0 3 Wdwauk year ito 4 Pt4 _____
T. rl ., ..,V
",..-.-~<'r ~ m e um I 't_. :. __. ., r.s. rt:-.m ..-.-...

-/ = .. .- ,,., .. = .- .-..

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., ';- "'.:

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.-.: .r'

.; ,.4.1 ::-- -. ) **. .


"Let the people know the truth and thie codtry is 4 0 i,4

Mrr.nrfIv H-nc SIunnnrpA
:.SO', ye ,O. -[ *. :
a ilimi


Sfo other Red divisions re- ` J.. -- -E -- .
)Wed a power assault on the
hcrn bulwarks of the flam- WASHINGTON, April 2 (UP) to conduct this investigation as Assn., rejected the assignment and he wi.conut.hiu.tot do so
* fortress. Boston attorney Samuel P. dispassionately as I can and because of its controversial na- as he driLes ;he iapts and Com-
-e other blows ranglng the Sears, who said he never has without partisanship." tare and the press of other work. miles out o.. government."
tbh of the Indochlnese pen- taken a stand on McCarthylsm, All three Democratic subcom- Its posttn, Meawhile, it was "fe. *%en% aeep, On the job
uia., the Communists sent, a was selected unanimously today mittee members-Sens. John L. revealed that$ears frequently until hbe tfnally has seowe
og column of Viet Minh reg- to direct the Investigation into McClellan (Ark. i Stuart Syming- has supported McCarthy In polished his als," Searm &id.
ai 40 miles into the aleepy.;' Sen. Jo0eph R. McCarthy's row ton (Mo.J and Henry M. Jackson -past controversy. When the three Harvard pro-
otected kingdom of Cam- with the Army. (Was. attended the session Harvard graduate Sears has fensors. Arthur M. Schlelaiger,
500 miles to the south. The balding 58-year-old law- and subsequent kleig lighted been it odds with the university Jr., Archibald MaL aitd
also opened a new guerrilla yer was chosen at a 15-minute r ws conference., nd ,individual faculty imbe1rs M0rk Howe, started an anti-Me-
ign In the Red River del- session of McCarthy's Senate Mundt said Sears, a native other the Wisconsin Republican. Carth y und drive, Searn was
n"of the French Military investigating subcommittee. The of Quiney, Mass., and a grad- Two years ago he criticized quoted as saying:
length in Indochina. action capped a 16-day search uate of Milton Academy and three Harvard professor who "I wanted to start a fund on
'Ihe Red attackers at Dien for a prominent. impartial coun- Harvard Law school, was only oenl. advocated the defeat Of his behalf and Itezlephoodd him
it Phiu poured Into the breach sel to handle the potentially- the second man'to be offered Mca. rthy, then seeking re-elec- all over his home -tate but I
t .h Western defenses in hu- explosive inquiry. the post. lon.. .. couldn't reach himI."
0. waves. They disregarded A c t I n g Chairman Karl E. The first, President William K. pars said at that time that serrs, former preddent of the
n-blank fire from French Mundt (R-SD) said McCarthy Jameson of the American Bar McCarthy "has done a great job Massachusetts Bar .AS ., long
Mers, fatigued after. three was not advised of the selection -------- has been knowtIn l circle
sn and nights of continuous in advance. as a "workhoage" l w yer..
S' Mundt said he tried unsuccess- I .. T The plke-smoking ,iearo, who
More than 1,000 Reds were cut fully to reach the Wisconsin Re- Civil Servi H ood ei l i Iies sports a clipped '-ray mustache,
wi in% the first hours of the pvblican in New York after the / said in response to e stions that
Assault. But the rebels vote to advise him of the out- hq has had tiwdo diutes with
their way over the bodies come. D ,* the dean of Harvird-tw school
r i;r fallen companions, rip,-a C o w ar=f bout Communism;
S"Lt French barbed wire Mundt said Sears, who was 0 r Raises, *fio DBenefits McCarthy has acoldse Harvard
it hands and kept coin- approved by all the other six of harboring ConiulnitB on its
I than the guns. could subcommittee member s, wlU el faculty.
S, start selecting -his staff Monday. Sears said he obcted "vio-
resorts. from the battle- Full-scale televised public A report just received here, by Administratlon's legislative pro- lently" to use of felwbhip funds
sai dthe French were hold- hearings will be in the follow- Local 595 of the National Fedea- gram on personnel management by two Harvard 1t students
tn all but the western front. Ing *eek, he sa d. tion of Federal Employes states are. designed to increase the effi- who invoked the ?lfth: Amend-
h a----irman L e. tt S.t.nsa. l that Chairman Philip Young of ciency of Federal Government ment in refusing td anwer Com-rn.
SChairman Leverett Saltonstall the U. S. Civil Service TCommis. Operations," he remarked. Young munlm questions before the
airtil bl oAn Sri s io tee sna eSmes. slon gave favorable testimony for also said. Senate Internal security subcom-
i, SI .ervices Co.mittee saidBea C fringe benefits and pay raises be- "Two other important proposals mittee.
took the initiative in offer g tofore the, House Civil Servie and contained in the President's state- Earlier, he added, "I. objected
lm nMift MF take the post. He said, ears Post Office Committee holding ment should increase em ploye to the National Lawyers Guild
ItlV made known to me his avail- hearings on pay legislation, satisfaction in the Federal hlrv- having a branch Inmthe Harvard
l ability the committee chose ice. One calls for a program of ltw school."
Ill i ImIVllIUI sl said .e. forwarded The news bulletin, dated March contributory Group Life I n s u r -
1,w- m o-ll Saltnrtas' said be forwarded 30thl, quotes. Young's testimow in ance, on a voluntary basis, fore L -|*.
s oo rlS .a teletrai1oth6l subc placement detail The adminiloyes all federal employes. mThe other- .

tien tofDr.arl mtteand sadh edesr id f oarbil p dhd eBralhbe would set u sOp a prgam ofa
Setoiof the r otpush his entails"d I acm ry lvedy i n. aiswars. sof sne." eal ot'
al At a nescw dibenefittisi abs met obede e o oa VoluntarY

orgas what this entails. I a m rh solved T overtime pay, new ind hereaed Coun e sone ti mee a sr .In t 1 r
N 0I 6 UL oflth' While the NFFE believes, and A possible indication of thej ata I
,i beean. uIma9n sarIctoty. statesi.. i, ter, bulletin, that .. s r o ein. e dooa th ou aN inil
i dy recurrence of viru lartt la almediate clons ration, e ncommend- 6 per cet, they ourth three grades decon on whether to reco
h a ls Memo-l b ale to e en d pay raen are indeqatpr togram 4 per cent andY to f hree d firing of Juin from

S' we ee eking datesIC, an hih t e aministraton fulivly estin- gr st 2 er thecot O fa a p tant comma, ossibl toe

Dr.'to The iAd Richard Omella, cish the information, but added France waa reported to have
Depto t thi on d h s n l th. .... Republican ey give furthell spae to Presoung- that the Adinistrations pAYropos- sn an runoff ly living mmena-
reomm cnt e to rest oda n enatonsram also includes connec- realse, (AR ) was the most equ- on to it NATO allies that t n
l.: a man w bluee li. S g ,l iti w lon. Youngroposled immediate beion- crotab the board increase at the longer considers him suitable for-
S va- een confined sidc e rtby thebill agency directly en selfe, taking the budget the h
Wednesday. He is under a phy- possible. Tha is unemploy crese ratior n." 1 Severades with eyearold toJun, was re
NEW YORK. Apri (UP) rane for Federal Em bers of three Committedes re expressed vingmov rom all his French mer, A-
E-rOf. ..on .tJose Carth Mcarthy strie-ken Te wbich ris ently introduced cent,hei e second three grades o t ry p osts by the govmmander.nment
E ia a ti-g s martin tlactorly lr ft.i ws, u pot which we urge per cent, the third three grades wednesday council delay aght.

L ^H opuTis while In Milwaukee. Wis., tor a pa a broad program tor need- considered'first rather than last o .oo
te, Mew cine of Society in Boston I mediate onsid S eration, encommis-o 6 per cent, the fourth three grades deiston on whether to reco
l.. st a lle be able to keep passess a lge isatiep rora 4 per cnt and the fifth three-mend firing of Jun febraedom
t Ac am r eakeh speaking o dates, an which the inistration fully engrad percent apro atir cmpo.rtan int imanh,
Ir i aide saind today. do c es." Chtir man Young agreed to i r-the hop a he WOuldi ti
.tdlr Johi i nbi Army. t he aide, Richard mela,rthy sh the formation, but employed o Frat. ce wasy of the Orgz
ptthi aont a id, the Wisconsin Republica Youn further sa "The Pres-that the AdCotinistratons propo: se ton theunoff Aerican recommenStates which

we s na e heer ,oxed b stat ,,e ae ent1tle to Union.
i e have se oare d w aclntlte to rest today In sl etr program also includes an- al (ARymet of)as the most equl-.ti to it NATO allies that it lna
manto per- Hotel suite were proposal ch resmn were startled beingtable for that could be made at the 'lonr criders him suitable fo
t. 6Y ark. ng s, -vhe ba been confined sApri l 3 terday w the agecyas bulb rectlash- rent netaking the budgetthe United
l t Wednesday. He s under a y- in the House gallery is une werployinte reidea on. Several mem-atthe Styear-oldca aTun,re asked et
*JB orkat ben unt l'o L .tn'sc .i un. n.m t sre for, r PuFederal ber of teCommittee expressed moved from all his French m il
iiW ce.-~~ m carhy was first stricken cl nressmen on evelopenth a- co, 1954,lton that the needs ttr emomes and government

A almost to the minute. portanc forst U. S..rate e- vitles appropriate to tg e be-
Ir ," n iby.larnibis two weeAks_ ago b --Depa rtment of Labor as the Felalr rlypoyes should e dnesy a night,
B'n .s"op Bs, Ies whileain Milwauikee. Wis., for a pat'Sa broa. .ogram for need- considered 'first rather than last. Po
Ii .. yti h speak bef ore theI eu to ytem. Si .e- from NFE National Headqul.Po Ame ri n
Prentiv Med .ici eO SoletyI In Boston to- TUIM I Service Commisslon era was a decision of the Gies. e Ce
tea lth. h e as .-morrow night and a breakfast st10W1, U1 this proposal. eral Accounting Office, 311-1133738l oBSe0Celebrated
torg 44.ewas LAbs- of the Holy Name Society here "ime lm in features of the regardlrg eost-ofivLnqj alew.
neetor and Protozoo-e nA ril on Sunday ee.
F Panama. 'left this The senator could notbe "Under section 207 of the Tide-.O
ut.r.toschool-eceli.v- reached for comment on the ap- pendent OWces Appropriation Act President Eisenhower has d.
f SamulF.Sear .Fl askI PopWs1,- a
asiI n med icine from.otmient o e .r apded. whichsmakeq.Pe li Ameican Day which in tope
dI/re -U- ,fr~p IBs:ton attorney, as special funds available to pay cost of Uv-lr54 A^tei'ICn..Day whic is to be
rd I f Iounel to the enate inquiry in- llt i allowances to persons statl-cebrated 'Jointly with the twenty-
i-t McCarthy's dispute. with .ei lled ousde te continental U. .cie other American Republic. s-
2'. ati ?;Ted a mwo yee-A A y..-The aide said McCarthy or Alaska, persons employed holrt-I.dati, day. of the Orgunize.
pe I ethologistst.. in di not expect to talk to the l.Ilaaae Solns side the Conatuntal U. S. whosetic._ of the American States whichi
I', pressUUtoday.VH)allll ol oIrates of bapie.i"mnpensation arelater became the Paa American
hewalialmad.eHaltOhcWto tber fixed by statute are entitled to Union.
leered to the Doard BitiboS Tides / WASHINOTON", April 2 (UP)--payment of sucb allowance pe- According to.the proclamation
Lab I M : V as Super-Ico.girssamen 'Were. startled.yes- scribe. for the.:post at whIch they_ ssued recently by the.Prtlsident.
i.Pstl sharingh is Saturday, April 3 te.da when a fnasfi bulb flash- are 'serving ven though all .. to, Peo of te Uni
*:3e untl3:3am., 9:6 a.m exact spot where four Puertd time of recrutient"qipseat. in making a fitting ob..
o.inug ,.e.. 34 p.m. 10:02 p.1t Ricacopened fire and wounded This declslo ',dated February.s:vr-ce of Pan American la
t. five congressmen one month a;|1, 1,54, May w. i be extreme -t.- etesenies and other pubicl
to .loialm t to the minute. 'parlance l ,fo ur&'; .U. S. Yale em- vitle. appropriate to the 4#-
A teenage boy. from Florldalpioyee. in t anQal Zone hinod as a symbol of m ier.Aet--i
I"" tok a ct.ur of the House locally. .... d...-
W- LA v sLr TH EA. E Iwhich stiled debate In the House
am ea7U -dqithy and caused dozens of congress-

a iAe took the picture at 2:34
'pOm., a minute or two later than
I the time NiaipI 1 when the
Puerto Rlica opened fire.
He wa n lflntl led au Jerry
i i i6ouW nefW ter Haven, Fla.,
i., .ainiq a band group



IANOL Indochina, April 2 -
P) Communist Jen. Vo
uyen Glap, with a toe-hold
abolished only 1,000-yrdst,;
at the center of the besieged
snch fortress of Plien Bien
u, today hurled three Red di-
Ions Into the savage battle In
1Iantic effort to crush the!
Och defenses.
tench sources said the Com-
iast threw one entire, fresh
tibh Into the crumbling
9 ,4.dAefenses of Dien Blen
r in a flashing predawn at-



Charles Abeirnathea
Po r""y N e. u' "-" A- "S

NoW drem A pSret B Pin tA

-, .'-" '*^ -."*.: -4 ;--* ".--*"- -* /'':;^ -
-, _- ., "A..'--fw( ::: b --- -i it ii, ."" .

S ,- ... t,.-. -^i- -.;--- .- K" 7 ,- ... *' -
-. -'

'* \ s : 1 -' .^~ e c y ^ A ^ \ -^ -


(:H~ W


It -..4 S r

4 a. .;. .


o P

I .,

-- s.v"e m. -"...... -<- a "h;.e

"Ewyey.kMi fn .... "T h f" .' .he fru
EViERLAST: -Bo-.alrn A jn.F .
"'tWr".ioalty Iw-, u.. ., .6w ...*4G kif.. Su a J
others A. UJ. Spe- W '.. '
HILLERICH & BRADSY CO. L'ou' ie Slue r Bat, GranSd sm "o
belt G ff Clubs .
W eedi introdai '.
VO-T: Rubber fls, ma.ts (. -
"There is go equdl!
AMERICAN Playground and Swimming Pool aEqu p te
'"Since 1911 Amdrics foremast."
BEN Pierson archery equipment and accessories
"FPibrglass, Leomton vood aid Hickwry?'
BROOKS SHOE CO.; A thoe for every Sport
"Stronger Tougher S oer." -
NARRAGANSETT: Gymnasium equipment .,
"Complete physical tMaining equipment."
BURTON MFG. CO.: Golf.Baos Durability Beauty Reasnhle Priced.
BEACON FALLS RUBBER FOOTWEAR For 50 years convas soe l .me
H. WAGNER & ADLER CO.: Bowling and i Biiard equipment
"High scor Proi4ap fo r perfe( .Bwhs ig."
MOOSEHEAD WALTNEY INC.: Body builders and exercises.
0. C. MFG. CO.: Suppolte for .evw purpose
GEO. GARRISON COr r r .pnt for every hoem. ..
UIEAE CO;: Fishig RB Eand rccssoles. o
PINK. FtSHIN.GRUELr rThe flsheisa'schkoe. r
WORtTfHO;: fihi ng flNA baits.-se l McOt.
por M" .:,L, .-"4 ., -,
H NR.AC W C iAfiWl, qanp.pti i...n. ,-. '

PRETTY PRODUCTS INC.: Swneinnli Cpsnrldi forcIt sellr.
ADLER CO.: Athletic sox used by cAemprles.
AFCO. CO., INC.r Aluminum Furniture
"ight, D1urable."
LEAVITT CORP.: Bleachers of every type.
BANCROFT CO.: Tennis and Badninto ,-Rackets.
COURTLAND: Fishing Line, Tennis Rackets, Badminton, SqteshShufftS wd
\ and accessories.
COSTELLO FENCING EQUIP. CO.: Oldest and largest iAmenwricV.
FAIRPLAY MFG. CO.: Score boards
"Nationally famous "
CHARLES EATON CO.: Golf, Street and dress Shoes. Super-lie, Rugged, Pateit-
ied Gri t better control. .
CHAMPION: Golf and hand ball Gloves.
CLARK: Bowling Bags and Golf Club Mitts.
FRANKLING MFG. CO.: Juvenile Sporting Cdeds. -
HARRY M. GILL. CO.: Official Track andi Field Equipment.
CONGO SUNSHINE HEADWEAR: A Cap for every sport. i
CRAMER CHEMICAL CO.: First edSu pliue for very type of MAhte.
BILLIARD MACHINE & TQOOL CO.: Golden trianiph, BarMells, Eum/bell
acoosson^sF CO.: meBuco heor set $11.95 u n.
CLEBAR WATCWE .! ners, Stop WqcAhes,Ceedar, Self W-t Nwusec,-Z.
diec, Aerih' Synchiromutit, Keenteat Iat, EchuTt,

MOBEY 6(CK $tM EQIJIPMENT:'Misks $1..-Swism ass #30 Sep-

HDODGE TROt AELEN TROPHIES: Melals l r fspe a Mw.. '
WORTHINRGTON it Boalls, Super Ch 4iep f l et#auT Armor e-
Le Stroke. : -

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