The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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RterS ClO AF
Get Nighi

ferentaament for local-rate
employes'of the Panama Ca"aL
^ ', ',it.o 6 n nyow dy l,
S. difterental whi pra- .
Sviqualv has not been itn.istence
*... .. that both for night tme work bylocal-rate.
I are nas employes. wll amount ,to our
eot Sto wans aror sande to Central Labor Unio
desrous of The Governor st.atd t spokesmen said today the
Smnt doption of the nigh d ocal-te Paama Canl
ue day to- payment Is to baeffectW -with ial4
the the regular pay period begraing tosil CostS incurred by
Sthe Paymnt ., the dieersetA .bill designed to boost loi
eduls to will cover a hours worked -be o
orning, arT tween 6 '. and flA.m. as In I Hord Munr, AFL
othe entire such work te not performed ,
1en t a eht- as overtime extending from a uI T ay i tql, W eill e
goof the ree ba wracti Marine nd Fisheriei Com
a re sM es. however. when jour:or more that the Cost of the newy-e
teji e hours of an egWbt-aur shift by Canal tolls, and ahi
falls after 6 m. -or ore e pockets.
aa be pail tfwae- r Itwesestimated he
S t-dn; wt ia. share Pwan4 panfriJ
eP _e i d b 1

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I~orng, a~. twen 8 ~m'-;and .m. lA: JS1 r F
heene' Msuh O isnMl~ofed i .A elJ~owl:e~

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emptoyeS shiuWld
the posge e of .
al-rate peinsin by

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mis e pm. n
parneeearl tef:

A C or
Sft the Cmapipsory
4at $15,000 ontf
thi locah-oh ithel

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ROD tt a. a
0 -Pi tr ps ant U144y wg WOas0- support was bastd on tW e t
iS -." uth td Ira- Ion th eza
Ey. d i-ns Warn;.d',-- intes 'e Atn nil -.ta
ainascB r" wo, -m.lowsm contract paying r the.luc=4O
..... ., ,v /.;, ,, ...., s the Dm us rioters. -an f e a46reeo
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.. ..^ ^ .. ,i,.,.-y .-, -.-;. '^ ..aS "O 'S c .,-. -^ "^r^ S ^... os. .ro^on-o:6^ ^ O1 an'n^g a
c o lo. ., : n e ld u e~ d e r ~ond ,b y' f o t e lo 4 n n t r o.
r, 1..5'maw- r! *Inw Used b= conatri .O6:4 houses of va.-: e.."
lind mimoryd caStuec. ath- hur of rious types of 'composite and
lfl~~r!Zl~l(B fcW^Bff/"y^^ ~~baq'& In VainiAsms to ftallow Bftte i' e movtu .- SS jS^
Sj-freelem gti of~the?-al.rS S.^ d: th e masonry u t.ctures. "Our rentsa re hng part o
LabeI4J ". 'P ::v bl...i-tfty""' Aovnd'. : :'" n Iweou~il ]no ewflome- hi hp S~ewill be, the qst now," Lovoalad: eta werjI&.
day.a of tDaacso.-0 a larue extr, o help pay for the mash

oAs _. We ..hi (UP) ,T- em 'I the p aond l a to- compl -& : i ,, ._ bseU -e slresathete Ife .e
C .- -,. IFsrt^_^ e.St awlal'le, hbe sr A3tated Abot 6. per et of the duced
v-:i''' tp s oouoy1 is- tt) Carpentos, mamo .,n a teel basc A-ratie alari ad a-the t c

wsaytgun4i... CaL A dimeseed' l'.S Bb.r. ste1,- ( U) twork eipl.ya d will be "e- months cover e --eu t o fro- way r a.d .-.;
proten.,,. Aoff wnc : Lm~npoirm h

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aryarmmarfare nchdf-P ea..ppt-iLtetAt atfotete buar e 1 7 hl %my0fAtnd e
ar fo r pile c tur ianend ther4 fauent UrnIf it o 1ay a0 S S yaster"co*ptor office on the job. It wil loua aof jostabout onsm rS 7 ts thenso lu ev con-tat

em.^- "**-* At redo the s *ibrtee ab~rn rmfd WIeiiiaUp"a ak^Sf^-Br~ sfign o *anxie AU~i prltabob e orpl ntye wib e oth I. ove aymenbr neor Wtagnher ud.rA
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aw HR it X.,j ttBX'e. -t im eqte ,o .c .ortd M^ The ouste, p c,_.< ; to. M .. fngg r_B thapnd a m.-- a .liners., lntSetembe. donarte n of. 17 maate nce r eh|vt-n o Inei~nl ei&hfivetF^0l '
uogr- db u l, the d LUtS"S-_l w y on from hins- Te by ho s ta Lor it Aot6 Ce r e 0

"U~iRl "> lgbt I d 't .,-" f' ". 4 ] t ^rmrb. tfon B, Close a vde e Whan tn resume

'sl^ ** f. & .^ ht t ~ o eints.bagf s a telb eatgrea ^ et *o e milln ( 4 $ 'ba Korea prisaU camp th eiR Wa Talk wsta, CtiZwk)Af
tualock- -Ae ,. Tho oher larel oSnws i ve t arpe Ie asc- e s ouri esei.-h ureSh n 'ctt heu an .
r faw r6 p todcantay utter s tr the fe- .daoi"ld wmfinall.So I', Withe.o..

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Ifrell.~r for ineec S ^& it S^ Si a Best Ite~ wSSfa~fit ^ rhe ues i-i tr^s
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ed: Pirbwhr so, no OW I*. save-N-o ert ee e nops n e byateance
bi h trte IAB'1t. .'npiu anthe o- N ut o n A
'.C a iErnw"freL t iutheyr u

forA aisnr.-o- otu.e m"aan1.t -et at S tCeT to rsb1.b awno f d d w thej ba Iu w onp m-. b t h 8300 1
the e .he:"Thepiedmwnthitoachiere r tsh a n 4
who~ynd will-be
n lTin A -c,6. theb r e' a of me S 'Lios S the' SLONeON kI (UP- y"

ofsheped --.rsl. otwf o p pr unycehlt arj l ue tt o rt5 e l ogbil cards ed witrlutff.
tp-a s- aiaudl U1bl wife-T e r n.ard o m e.n icibbtestify Ino f -

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.F-u ar a arp r I~n a C dillac matd ig t he Bsih w eo a "erbe tn st fe x~f ue lt-c a t bU $ g uo r m r n prled today. ft ,ten Ia
t1 "",mo de't o 'a f ilT l
testim ony Inqhis dest oFrend cs t cd .to r'tefir MWrc,
W~t etre sai ~kziL .Th wneDaiedtMarth lut uai htnS h eabl e T hfrt-tjree two-try includson-i om osTu rsdy igt 0
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rKI IPO the Jcauogow Radiothisquotedork Is eeen

9 4BW" abnV -- W Sk _- to-eboo.the c, b..eWasi rtrig oeb. Nabatenan- ce.-nir,-
Cd hpCarobrthr onaward irt anthe.Va
Omit Theabea wayttobar.

d ,,b,'rb Weiet
me '.*I tfttthel a ot 11'anetNuftary,*.6
V= c....Jdera t si l'Tw,'i owe 'ma ais are atgepSeibo a.-LONDON,

S Ablek ly nt.h- fftl -_" -,.my
ka Vd Job, is h r)- -
Th frost -ewome n, whi ch testiiain of naLion wl trae."

T...ultt w .ter r o v"s,?,er.. j j j j j-. ;mgc. m.., tru o In .tr d 1 10 r an T i d as t q
m n. W~gr N A r L4NdAralIUMITbt, w ui zafeslo hHeVBrtin nttrade d wg it
tod al Amn emadee? giipapictues)Bore byqu S o atree t iboenofthnata m
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th i 64 teftt @ e iatlekly, was rt i veu n tof ther wq- rpatet he in,. tendslto" oFoerSe w er W tw k nfora'nts said taeeHing Fresh today.
SL atrport n3a6CadllacM-hicoffh eroand
a-prUnited Mallow 0. tstS rogh sm-s ad he as sub- nan brl reo r~t forlloteda
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uthr d r t Gofss o p oilnd t A to esaut Th e s me aeras sa os me 0db R
.md in- Ing Amw t ma htys will@& ncbe Indswieatl
uAM rtlbts 7b-AolmnUl'an's Bestl pefFriend Wnbftc t p ori e s-t ayig-"h etw yt
a "koreworld. mw n it. *l IL.(UP) -lgn guatar s atiuen.ofG17 05.IL wla zth o f in e g
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wh',sn.thepout-m dy-L ~ p streait!3m08 douterS or lat'mant iomel t rade.o"u et

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" .. .

.ow :
1. ": -":..'

Labor News.
97 or P". l* t." t- .. --. -
"r .. e Tc. .' --o 4<. ..j..-4 .-'.,1'

.7. e0HlM fS a locMl ban Lcounpcil is Hab ot o most In the
Dakota Ba d s.The &**k2
t- t h r-.f ,.S. ...-' .... St ... ... -. .,. .. .,-IM.fl,-

__ o0 II read the smoke signals riat,
.the,.warpath.withNoema d ..

eeBalboa, C. Z.-o.. For heir p oe is-.lly-

wood'su _-roblem._ A A _e h Use
SaSer when It is considered the world nes of Nw nando a inotin ths
S.abda a The S-an who would do suchw a things Detroit's...autop:ts.and.a m.Dka T iT
e a sthe meaanest sort. This ani al lover I s e t d factories o Wn t e line.
b ye oder rtve n Daible two prevent such cru elty ex- apter t aM
of course NOe s Bi ae icent funds in a loc al bank to pay Chief B ol IHoop hst no h bt
; the dam d a t o the gardens around the hill. Indian. His people must eat. Ths M ......- ... .. .
alsbee one standing on his poroh dec v sources of income arefe w tdewen wi
xrurem his neigb or's place can't detect e w rld n of w an' ace gold t
afrd 1 6r. Th e ngt ird thewanton kiw ado sc athon D flows It thes are n a i the form off-r toni
a m of other animal life? ino- foie in r ompan
S. : t9e abit poI nctheo tans by ehuMa as extras, .
Sloga s e oraten his show case with their outi- fo t hit andr mn equ ae at l ore th4eW
.1tles to the g. lut th Indian Hi s people must oat Their e ra Rene

v i e-ie er g tat n n n r ecrant. on urcs have not c ome in re cently.d d ao r ed O S
smell ar.g re his neighbor r' place cant detet the ir(m time Ma 'ime wasd5e gold rt tove "u os a w

I rbayo0 is e thet for all deter lwaoers crawl into their Is f s thea ae in te f di al ro d e
mUf th Jani aliec.s e o rof m d on c the rs apn P *g on to P
J hTOait h teineDead ies sh o loat hnrg othatn.
a l U O U i tbe mad ta diiextalkste H opse t

ZnywINstwTel O foBres t al dutct losto awlet teir Insted mayo at ro d suc orer .a s v rade ul ftses
-'. o h A rcn o r-. Ih h a money knows eat it t .he apera
p r n shoot with farein bor. And ae twat

B heFlth Annal Fat Stock Show in a thing of the Past m and therAcripts are seleted tq match. wetrbm -91
...dn't see a single Vnauanan. However. I did gt a phone In the asit yiea, IW working ..
- from my old end, Jan Aris. and Mrs. Ari who were ays for flce w ll o r e 'n
V-uela was well represented ab it a ltot OValeN dwere l s prt by UH ollywood studi workers

ad e to South Aner icn cowboys. But the highest price, 8,750 when produ ers went oever tihe bk- buto it U Itis h rC E '
by New Jerse-y an--r an Angus deror oB c. overseas.' Wt l

Sy health has fbe on the decline for Bthe at month and At least 3 f te f were a a an t
wi able to attend only one day. shot abroad financed wholly, or in..- e W'.- e.- ., A ii Teq-My sEi a

h mbThe Washington's, B 2. Bl -Trthday NAatwlAredo dre1w. 2 part by U. Kdolarssins hM3wa I to t o a 3tart t O naew U
TAerMb crowd and now ltheyamorerbeieopartlynfilmed in far.- hrstaisto0le AUI they A
emoe pr overe a I ro
Snew cruswav at Point Ibel m r m w it i f ea e ae n oad th

o It doesn't rain soon, z ae of-owr farmers are going broke, About s t,000 electricioanscaPu eu al go. C n e Ameanddi oT or di
.robe pol were thrown e de s, t o e li A a ths o a rd o ta
- .W ;oPo. "Wright Work.Thne do esnt Include theer e d in tKe id cnte to lni a
birtue an players wholost bwntigtmxstu pspAinoa d v -r Ceanr reat

whe movie men btegantomanme WASHINGTON l (NA) ih t knowi e detailed aga technical come. For usit was neaborly ahaseo te 2 l e a-O tteet
'TV omie rcial abroad to ad looks as though Barbata Benson, term w somboiln o gts. wayf ad Christmas stroublesw Vs U po it l l ic y cAd ma. WoSo haa '

ne S trWhiD Amecasnk produc teo. Aericn oldest of Secretary of.a Actture over theo eadss qhat soa be ae vr gir oYeia dpoe the i nd gt lcko Pesns a o
tIf-but took the payroll out of the w asr Taft Desmon's four dauger,, builders. ad Sfew El Miren- fatsugar, evenea, t robis ,bey One brpne wt f the ors Saretfo -
S o e try to undercut o towns In- may berMotOn t o. publican Ite. howe Gdem ia r slned eoica in O ear last are reall tknowwoattthr W ai
Stry. Hundreds o fiin ullans oaf y g a h Margaret uma, w as pretty involved. But be n e ren't al- gid. I wPll ar e and le d e
la -will I involved eva pa orly. to the Democratic gal le ry.Tep ways likegthat. As n 1 m an them thisa satire Radford, fnaorins tarnee' lhb 5 S ..S
.n Somewh ere te dow hoin ie a stand GOP cabinet d daughter Is a lyric he opp e ios ed m.ny t 1eo- "W thank you very heart for slipped into." e et
110ue e te I d L had tob ho m ade. No onea w could 0J11wos already had a cratlc administrator hoping p,ro- your wond -rfu W glost ourebowmr bnat 4 ar 'angeodo I ealo the bi *
o r u argue against filming Nero amidst fair a lause. grams. And shortly afte r he took .taas oqfveyprgg th set t i de a ae l
Rome's ruins but their along cam Washington will ye a chance over as Housing Aatantor, so that your means am asnto-wa F Ths es
Seoi .L. Wmovie'mer tec s l gtot eaa rBas erb ov. oicre ith is s n when someone ca" 0 ofnate much for un Te o. ianeo me was a vit all Hi ho-tld toea ." .h.iii
L n S Ct Whriskie s pro-u tooero. "Si 'AMexico. whe/as whe.tpban re on an rtas, to asko- him about.d 7 1.hagl? bose- at, r,-o. h a thncs orI C.
Si In AFL er t ma e slehad to ami A an1 es 1an ow rea rio o o ra ~ s tmee A
Ki T .I d l e e te hy thbealtot the fovine o srano | s .al t yll a e- ou w l e st o ert m o what It w -e o e mF ag i

(" aru auansth tllme indi no adt wo ea dm.d usr .dra. r so en e- Uned t ha. ve es ..tero. ngr b a o.rte have aetustdy are .I a

-.*. Rowbe's rofns, but the n, D a lonk otasteo, t. eash on-e ove a s li on.e Cha raesE and, uso tp.hed u Ngeab ot tC a-e maboer ithe was decided. t- eg Inqurptl e ted. t,
,i, eve manaea W-. to Pannamae, .abt lo s esech thtke pwo ur, eone.. o e 20may:en oupe thi, dipoate ist ila Sena-or S ot al_ Charma o.' repe.. i0 g n B vOrs *.
'" bt srved a i is tavtqiIE1 Thar' a storm e Vi- honlly d m ona P Osth" bled uer co "trey ag ato c1 .rlt oln ias. a-h" in--s Aw .re 0- .ats" iAn Asi a
s-Io i ad a'. -EE cl... oint e oit bak ue sec ina t s"ah. o-.- a' h at A.. Itd ta know about It. inall Snaere Ol i .. ,
o.., ntoy -.dus a Car-te the Motiodn Pie- areee a it-he are t a gend cy Ies orMa ioand roubetp ip'to et .o p .al.da.ieff tmat.e moG. |w Ful .oU .... .er..o
.F ilm. 3lalm--m o m ZernS ,noaa -

s ou -arJ fe ti th C n ol et te dt *g l" t-er ''s J a m. F u ai evtriey n A t t Io ed t un ibe.D dtb sffo Igp,-
aBt~r *j me n--- ate sBha din dMg.e Wht. R e ,s licn rese'tic an ofc Udr:. S. the acer y rAep t w 'Tereut be a o da t fthm 1
khder of H e ierhanralsotiwilloro l Foreign O .andstt eousfuld toe n a nd. o I so er ai s a a th tha s lc and e r 4 mnite o ow h
FEBRUARY27 28 IAM0 1,2.teoatoo wSovam sieta "io o7aff -cei na repygu pchd.a of ae he a On ornoto~Db, whad to assuply -the nt aphana IhTme l

'.f t h M cf th' lo lb a r rr Ye slow mall a Cnk-you". layers. and legations laut livngin Amer h e et n dto th e lic--T is .f ..ree-. .tn. .e ...
S Hollywoo's labor leaders pro- ou0. Finance Ad- Th cme -some of the four In le. Tird s reprenbta- amad-easy method .. making .d-e. Bi ANTONIO, ?et1.Feb.

.di.t.n hiruuted aa ei raenst the .l. ir's qeth so uent Bmlliobn foreign: _!t ail who nt ives othe Baic stng ou eato- Pirons reg ardn g" th e mod s v tal (UP) -- A ito -yeand i B
r : ... .... .complete ditsregiard of r fea g m ie amber of the moo fll joe aUs frn nited shaasiend raotrys Seiafe i Ce ongri e began tol raeu othreet-ea rls
l.h EDl..t -to rref- oo c sfm eaa tit mli ande f so un a.s Lw.d P dn --- -td bat- a rte a non the ou n et rinue hev auhroe ies. d t odatyhe Wee ah
nt r cU edey withl the W. R. Frank ow ut losie hm ot reach th e Greple 20 frnend countries, diomat still senator S altostall airmn repeible versa .-Main
onH H D 'M T t e.a. Sitptin hullrovie in t a t.c l:h s Pal S gthe lis the Sta2e Do- mince, phoned- the Whit he f lebns hoiele '1
Sl e o. The ay i hert I0 a t h 's t s said to be a typi ptiet's t plomale dl and got Gen. "ick" TPersons o r

You ar hereby notif tha t he en word aad like the wind thie old w. cam w to thed wL letter.e i's fromn Fru Mmi etor y even thoro they have noy the phSone. The yuth sa atiago m.
ht a.ns adir naB ull feate hreleipuan representative ged if Obtnbac by Schorudorf, gover t 'to report to. "-. "There ought to be a.ct-off dfle my Lopez tchosmotfl Itfy
ek luo ssntoanc A.,b The, .nandsonlof ul and said..h Mr. Cole I don' Wuo mber, Germany: had of the Lthuanim bait for these mehns In o host wh tub
i _In theo hotel i Pa ot1 at 11 Avnida w lg Bu a and boeeve you now who I am, but-d 'To in. American government, is Minister Povilsa Zadeki L China," e said, elin e not rete why i or-
tafla, Panama City, PRoabl.a at Panama, at 3:00 .iieeu~ant, Inamed Geo "NoP. ia'dl ," Cole repl-ed, Myb eight children and I are vna has had Dr;iAneto Dilbers, wanted to assure senators .at .apha home.
S at e Big Horn Rv- "And to y don't give a damn" very ha~yo receivers of one o first secretary In chargo Its date ws fixd fr te mehane The youth m y p -
e, n the 11th dGy of March, 19, for the following .in n MOtaI began a. war ud0 .Probilems -ayous tr s.wtu Christ masparcels. legati' s inoenst Augus. 'The return to the U e, Sdtat,.. poatint the .ibhicil verse 'ha:.e
a; thoer onr Tey. are fghting for I. Anele t Amrainsror Cole now Iaot shrb Gaveoe oeor te Holy Etolan 1egation sr b Jo- "Maybel ycou'te rng replime -e--..andlss ebb sane
traaditia aond the famous hero. talks o all the government pro- i lt but e got it 14 Sans ho es aIV, t2 acting cons isous, who rdu _.e, tide it sound lile."J l
3' they are fight ng for bread g aNe 1or his ere a r th is g. Gowa u sine ad oal- to n New York. iiaiso wIth Capitol Hill. "W hat V,- he-told thu oweclir laeet'-
roi l in S o th D akota '- ..d Sa.a l onsta said. hae ... .
pmme at riN.nAt .e older .od wasd returns"
l ROBERT EISENMANN, brig de not hire, at.fair A"a right,.then we'l sayJtue the bonest hisbederksn,-
FE. .7 craftmen and ex. "'A"fc 'fths5," be concluded. ".m. owedmother, but will h; M
yu s President. tns-o"nlwth true indians ad a ethve glegatioIThus, in a plly ci no juvele custdy a r an
Io"ywidna,.ar.aad ,Rpwi.. ..PanamakotsproadntoitaeFnaouheyccmabba ingex. NoToay "CThain :isn'tf manner, it was dmecdAd to ,bk Inquiryis Omltd. -

lin"1Chmeosounds foorul I g --freefo nervous,"' said Lindsay who want to he a A.loold ACtMte 64 Unit'of' Uk11!
Ul scr-- alerj's and store NewYorkIswhereIr'mvcontented ,,',Loi&n on me," dipped, havemillins- wh II'm8nlove reluctanc
ha vic r s t y.,.afteConreRok of Jell. wantato ho a Go.Pt
S, W!R! Fralong the .. ,- o2-"c.,.uAt Majorsl CatsseiiChairman
TIDE SAVING S BANd K -.5 35U7th u.oBuloeiare the boys what accent" ... At hey:S', |Mpn. Eddie 2WSimplet* 6
Youar.herbyynotiiedtht.etngifthe Then woi aliketh bumore ti Ccag.ol oiteing, raucous they fawi hr." Howe: "Stop fg.around-withtCantoreh Period of timeephn
BaulandsiennGaa'ateedwtromes, all a e wofd unions. Ld loud; "--my ,wie ov-Im groo laot you have We orn' 4 Perufomfl
toyworrstextileworkSi- Losa ngles sprawls out all Coast scribe Ge ne Sherman end- her!" ",fte, Apple scenes i Hangman'sIfoi
In tI.Pa.a I ArI, eh etdaa, pipe, ma0kes, 'ove the scene; ed his Palm Springs report with Item: "rith Contury Foe ha. '14 Mythieal bird knotid ,:
oninS IanOU S bega, are isg g New Yok s w hee I'm a part this gigle: Gov. Kn higt had an- twe o picturesbi ltic.t stars, Bran- Th 1 Pewter coin t lSes.E m -r

about Iproucing long time when be decided he So wot? ost1- stars are without 15 Lasphng 9lOnager
1sNITIAL DrPOSIT $5.05 everRed Lt Nome be chilly; Let Bom bay i'. Reported the -pictores, amphibians 19 owergir *
INITIA W W pnI $52 Xhels3eof jobs be hot, ist "IMh a wink at Mr. Winc -- 17 -Anger 1 t nanme nt hsn p Tew
C..-m. 'o. .-,'. "qL,." IA .. Let proud Minneapolis high-hat -h. aGovernor said: 'Well, that From the pa ."ans CrIs- Withered i Maple genus 'u S Ot. i
'-ki l-a 9%WIithlaiai.Oasfir4taA teih palaWace broth- St. Paul; winds up another edition of the tan Anderta-f fbu have '20 Symbol for ig Ostrichbalike t A r
qwke muaa with en^ t t ^*era es u shi e tremendous I wouldn't care which or what's -J*t is Journall beel stamped 'For Ad Only'l0*Ia tin bid e S Irritate
'. Wia w." ln, 'noise for 'tao White Father what;: Illnos." S- Former as Chil 4I -'
, ..e I -M ,eoW tot bar. I'm here ia New York and I'm "'No!" yelled W W, 'Grue Te ey hkave their hbrts Ruian ruler e23 Girs nnamea pelfon SpDWw t
-- .-.-,. -5 having Aball! .Watch.' And everyone laughed." eujb hd t-- West 24 Twist 42 ri c tor property
_-Avery Giles2A4 6pposite of gs Mum-e Pamela S Cesure
/ .. .,-telike Ike: There are 61 Jackie Gleason will be lucky if Grace Downs says the sister (b.) geWter vehicle Jon S .,
S .-. ." .. ... fa l minthe Smnoke Tree Ranch he da n't winC up in court, mpaies ban a d i des 26Thrum
.. IIlC .i 'tai a aAIe. area -* the Eisenhowers holl- .Jiy oosevelt will be luhy if TOe F t ]tf IaAV Bos I Sl ios
-d *l IlW VW. fd. W ay ed.They went through much he doesn't wind u min a bopitL ratte hala .3 -A. Meadow
-I-. -.. : ,by security Agents pro- i I i3 Amphitheate
:.teu. ,- .c... .t. iI tifte. Two weeks of it be. For the choosy: Joye DBry'si I rat I`
S- -- arrived. Servants wen dise" Wild". "De II W jiM Aurile
IsH ore oeqszkrn ep.lurd rW DowtPar&w(and.a hand-
S .. V be left and set for them all. .Catter d I. sa 1. -" -

S -Glues's san.d witha his ankle,i "as my e .
tA.lA ..SAWC ARwMs hiiip and Chap- .,
Halb .ith ead-w6 .. QN

AGENCY % wa Ur

2 .L-t .L 4t:l, sP._ v:...,_,.,-,-:,_ ; .. ., ,..-, ;

-.A ; ,


*'.- a.


me Ju

yd i(e
- a

.unda '. am.....u s am
Morning-Wr b** ;........ La: m.m
Bapt m'ralim nsmi .... S .m I

da ...r.A[ -.. :,... a, t
Men 's l

aa at I ou
Sun u s .,. *. ........... I'1
Morn li. I ..............
BaMra iWa :loo .. ..... 0
evemi.t woW v...... ... 7'
Wvedpp :. PvPY Swrarie s

Seventh Day
Weekly Servbes mt all Churche
au follows;
Sabbath School, 9;:0 a.m. Divine Serv.
let', llI1O a.m Youith' Meeting. 4.tpO.m
SUNDAY: Bible Lectufre, 7:30 Tin.
WEDNESDAY: Bible Study and Prayer
szvilc. 7:30 pin.
Pacific Side-Pasnarm & Balboa
District Pastor W Waller
., (Tel. 2 -- 5431
Cabo Ver4e, Ave. J. F. de na Om No.
77. Panamt No. 2. Jamalca Society Hall
"6" St No. ChOfrlo. 11th St No. 27.
Pueblo Nuevo. Z-A St. between 3r and
4th Sts. io Abajo., Ilt St. No. SJ.
Balboa (hapel, 0844 GavflFn Rd. Balbes
itSaturday lyij.
Spanish Churcnase--,Paunam & Cr'st6bal
District Pastor Ruh6n Ruiz
PanamA. Calle Daridn No. 2. Crtlt6bal,
th St & Bolivar Ave.
Gambom Vrijoleq-.
District Pasor A. ride.
VT'|. "- 102) .
13amboae PRttt PafkwaLy. "JOWL..
AOanti Sld-e-Coloft &Cr rld .
DisalwCt .PaLor V, G. Newmana
(Tel s 32-Li
C61e,. 3rd. St. & Ceanwal Ave. Cristl-
bal. lIth St. & 1olivar Ave.

Where allk Mfo m Poi
eantimls and daafly Ias all al.
New Lrto bal '
Corner of MelaNde Avisue and
S Thrd Steet
S Phone 2-141
140 a Sunday School for all ages.
10:45 a.m Worshp Service and Church
time mnurerty
6:00 pm Young Paropl' Mel.
Montuhy meeono f WOMM UP
and Couples Club.

rhe sa J Wlnam 46, Gabe Paetr
21o sm nroodefM OR n&a m Pta
and HO
9 4 Sunday dabole.
II u 'Worship eram.
% 00 Chriatiefl Nad-ev.
The. RaeV ein. udL Pae ..
Phbune 3-1499
9 30 Bible School
10:46 Wqrhlt" service and Chetireh-Ui.
6.30 YruU fellowship..
UNION CHURCHES- ........ .....
The Rev. Alexander H. Shaw. Pastor
Balboa Rd. at San Pablo St.
Phone 2.14,1--C-urch Office 2-31S6.
6.30 Church School. Free bus service
'Baraca PhUlathea Bible Class.
Parsonabe Discussion Group.
10:30 Worship Sotvce The Expanded
Season for Nursery, Kindergarten,
Primary and Junior Dept.
hurchtlime Nrapery for children
00WDO- SWSenlor 11I Fel.ow .
6:00 '-j(PAtHt F.owa Tas

t j bun Ntaes 12I Tu, eday
'7:9l0 ,ILKaL

Theder aa. Qmy. Mmoem
Ph ILo S.18 _

Re. Paul'-. a y, Ii-tt.
*:30 "a. UINid ehL
4n1 p9r.11 ,out*f iup.
s0 pati. luoaya. Sib 8leSay

ta 1eit~.ia Mam.a Ag Ida. -l, ha
s(eo ao law l M Na I

Id8e o Uan h -e O.e nViseta

Chdurc of christ

UB niit--

~Meft 646.
l am
sw oftj"
s.'"" ^*ISupe
-aw Sets

* -- '. .,
-.4:- ;

"'7 C

IBT'~i .*-II|'RITw|
^c/'. *.........
.~ ~ ~ A-?*.1,^ T"'",'
^^M~abi^EH go da

wew. CPnlcww

ald 124f.
unou BudicUon: .0o0 p0a.
Haol M y Mams: aSi, S:OI1 u20 abd

trday3:30 --400 and7- .
11er 1osa 0
M %auni Medal: nm. on Monday.
Cuincdmfa lu: 5 (after :.00 NMal
SIundam!. s_
S I a Ms: M 7IM0 and g'J9
Holy Day Mama: S5 am. and S:00 m.
Saturday; 3;:--B:00 mnd 1:lS--S:0t
trd S:: ay

Sund n Mans 8:0 o.m.
Holy, Day Mae: 60 a. (f It %t al on
Conf Mlou: 3:.06-.40B a n Saturday.
Cateabchm Cai.: S:0a-11:0o a. On

sunday n:ss o M a.
o m A a S00 Nm. mO It falls on
. Saturday--4:30~L
Cohtea lou: uMf*- :4S am. on Smturda j
,Cahism M clss 0*-11.45 a.em.
Stuadsy. -.--
pod" Miuel
Sunday Ma S:20 ea,
Holy pe Mas: 6:30 mm.
Cobsaons: 7.-40 pVA.m. on Satur-

ESowrns t-7a 0 pm. OB satar-

Convt Clas: 7:00 pm. on Thtiday.

it alls on Saturday the Mase
6:00 and 8:30 .m.) -: r.
bmt hR= 7.:3 P.m- _.
MiraculoWl Midal: 710 n.. on Friday,
Catch Clan: 30 a.m. Mat
canvm C '-s Soi p.m. Tueday
and TEssaMry.
0!. 30T 1 JN APTPit LA SALL

unoly DuaMe: a s; sLa ;
CofeMuol:. S:0-4W and -*--OS.
Miraculous Medal: 00 pm. a_ IMday.
Catechism Claw: 30 p-m. on Sunday.
Convert Cla: 7:0 pm. on Monday.
& vT THExE1r
La Sens
Sndm. Ma: :00 a.m.
Holy Day Mmm: 6:45s ma.L
It Thursday: 6:30 p.m.
Catechism Class: :15 p.m. on Sundav
Sacred Hea-t: 7.0 p.M. on Friday.
Convt Cl 4:1s p.m- on Wednesday

Holy Day Mame: 6:00, 1:00 an.m and
1:1S p.m.
Saturday: 4:0o-4:0O and 7:00-- S rn
1st Thurday : m p.m. on Monday.
Catechiam Clad: After S3.0 Maw on
Sunday Masses: 5:45 and tO900em.
Holy Day WMu ; S;45 and 8:00 am.
Confessi se
Saturday: 4:05.-5:00 and 7."00--00 pm.
Miraculous Medal: 5:15 end 40 p.m
on W :edn .day.
Sacred Heart: 7:15 p. on riday.
RorrowfuI Mother: 7:1 6 p-m. on Sunday
Co-" erI Csae 7: 7:15 p .n. on Modav
and Thursday eveWndn.
Caiachb4m Clam: 1 0-4:00 -n. an Sun-

Sunday Maes: 7:30 and 9:0 p.m.
HoLy Day nv mase: .0 a.m. and 5:00
COnieaion: 4:C00-:00 and 1:000-80
p.m on Saturday.
Mira loai Medal: -.0T p.m. On Mondav
Catechism Clam: S:4i p.m. on Tuesdav
Teen Age Club: 7:15 i.m. on Wednesday
First fidal Devotions: 7:-0 p.m.
Rmunda Mwmses: 7:00 and I B.n
Polv Dev Mamsb: *-0 a.m. and S om
Confewdomn- I pan on Saturday.
*IraculmorN Meslal: T0 pa.m. en Tuesday
nered Feart: 7:00 m. on Prtdayv.
Cstechi mn Clawi: 2:30 am on Smndav
Reliion Inatrustio: 4100 pmW on Tabura-
C Y.-. Study Club: T'M0 p.m. en Thurs.
qunwnIf Man :45 a.m.
wmiv n y Ma.: e:4. a.t.
Rl" r-'-si' Medal 7,10 mn. an PFrida
Sft .,"'4- Nmvnsi: 4" u .m. on Smondr'
rnnf-ai.nq- 7:1"S-0 pm. no atued"n
Cat-'-le't Clamm: aS:4-S-4 n.m. on
Teen Ae Club: 6S. -:U pma. an Pr
ulndaV W N. .. '. a.m.
"IVwm Dv .a-R, :00 man.
Coe-wfamwn: l .-:15 p.m. an Satur
~rtni'leS Mnda'l: 7:75 .m n *-m Imtdsv
Ceter*n Clams: 3:4"-6-0 p.m. on
The Aa.Club: :0-58 45 .ma on MonM -
o.. -
Esinkaw City
Wndat Mawu: 1:) and 6s5 a*m.
Hib na MmamV: IS asm. end 5:00

53 sn. oe *. n 7t bats.

uia ub If eo celsoree umhe
aof evr month


at IIRe. L. rGooduw. TSJ).

r t t oDs 0S.2 LIMA
HoNDA CanMiem ......... .IMaSa
Churo9 S4cool and Adult -
SIbl Class ............... SJg as.
Mlam Prayer and Sermon to0: ma a
4`4 Sunday. of dt WMeta
Holy Comniaon ad amt-
H .......... ....... ill .m
1vSagl'rteiy abtd.m ijeo g.

Holy Camu ....b.... aM
&dS Rnuor A O0. M

Church S~hool e9:3 ah
TeMcaer ~~t-lins Teadb. No. 17 at
7:30 p r.m. a i
aSinea Umo Ik.
oUgI Paueo .FV SeervIng 6S
Adult Stady Group Motday and
Wednesday 1:00 p.m.
wehso t -'enm'us, e so m
mauu. l salmr A -

Holy Ccmmunbpun], 1:00 a...
auily Uncariat and urc hool..
1:01 a m.
Mandn Pryr and Sermon U *a
(H.Q.i r Sunday if Mlth).

Gat. esl. .
VenM L b ftly, A dea

Sov. L. s. hlurley, Ae.hdame
Boly tmnma uh ......... 0o2L am
S a School g ... O

4 ,& Sbbme
vo'w Urrnnlatie- *n Soam
JM a 4 Suod- ........... 1in PJB
Women AA y ........ 7 :ie
and and4 %lTbu aa

A ua.OCA
Ven. laLud S. easrl
*am -Holy Couanim.ol
w a B-Coras UcblMe anadSow
*0 a m.-Morning Pryw e and Curch

SWedneWadMp: L e aOd ri ts* e
Couitri Trily 5 an t" *at
pa. I'umda Vipand a'dsy u @. i
capt Saturday Caoppileft oJL

St. Larsareta haMeL
Uarpaia HalJ.
The Rev. A. Ceaebs
Sunday Scaio*. a Im aSINeeRA Pray

Churnk J R? y I S w ftfe
Van. LL Shirloy. Acbdameon
Every Monday S3 aa. Holy Comm-

11". D. A CihaMN
8:00 asm rialy ComHnwJeD sed bawda
5:0 a m EveliU Prevern bet amo ai"
Monday 1:by 9pWm. Touthf Mki5AS
Wedndaday: e6 SO. GDiA a Friendi

am uasIu
St lams' Chuieb
aev. 0 A nobelre s
bew C a CVamew
v-L. L .& OW
and 'rbe BMe. ts RS AtW aaeLD)

Opppeaie Held W..Inbni
L" "gDo-P.

6.:0 am Holy CemumMna.
Ilse am Chora stucharimtnd Sermon
18:30 am Church School Smgem.
170 pA& iaes Mans Oad Ser,-

$-ai Be&u OATS

1:00 pa Pm y GldM.
35 aS. CbMgesa Slehs.

,:,, "f/
f -" t .,.

7, && -P4..&
'*' '** f- ** fiK A

bore ?ast .re

aSI r.M t ,a. pe ndtde e e to r a-ams bffen f
thde tibaiiy a oddeace on La Coretttf onbr fI
ere Fr Aiats of Panama, JOs R.Am Gut-

rtdon of the naer-iIy
lepndence df the Dommn-
Sa teembas w b%
'at teEbassy Res-

.n....... n--m. A 3' OSWALD J
Sal "A"""L orNlA
L ......i e.... ..*** .
... .-... e q.;*** ... feN**'

a" .... 4'" -w

Sa wh l,
S... ".. ... ....

m ..i.p....,. p v

'o i ..... ........* JJ.

*. CatluW -'- -

,L m .... ........ .
o LA ................. *:
i s.. ..u ............. .

N O m abpico |
" a'M ........... .


Salvation Army
tNa-.DWoWmnmtieaa SWWemS
Ma si)
Bosdo CAtin ma md M M. MaUea

:M Sunday 1=0ool
4 1. I i Pepl's Lelen
RO ei

aD TANS C. 3
Slmdayn school.

11:00 H QMe ."0g.


Tb a MaMr.C Menl
anar Captain ag eM C Mo,.' .n.
| TttiSkeet*

Edn.. c.has
Iea mlas-s Mitei
3:00 aunday' o
S:00 YVU P. Os LA Na
7:30 Salv vfnMni

Atlantic Side, Margarita Gym
Minater W. A. =%m t. Box 5I0
Sunday SehoSM0. ortUng Wobrsuhw
LO;4S, vaIN eliitc Servicel 7 p.m.
Patfl Sde, Diablo Gym
Supcday School 9: an.;..Morning
WorshIp 10"J* a.r.
CzmRn O E anus ca
Sunday mWe -a we jWB.uSO, La
aond Prie; a',tasthood Unat

Mutual inapravemint auoclau.on ie-a
WlO ca. 'Tuesday 7:30 pm.
For admre w her e Atlantic Branch
iervnue will be held, Call Crist6bal 27
or Co Slo Prteood a. Sun-
day SchbooJ 0, Smnwt 1.L

m n -a- C- Wo j
SuMning Wdea d ............. iA
Mormnln War"| ..,..,..,...... ll0i
tengn 2 Wo 00l o IS

HoJy e t t ( e a.mI
Fu-iKao. Waol and rhburdag*
.30 a.m.
Scrament at (SBalin $sM -
wlce Ptrl Omday e e aeb won* atI
M Oil.

a imnca n
.S ~~ Penn D Sap
iu nmma devati- M ........ iS as
i5 ea ......... LA
!aSmebe m ... ....... ism .
,.rd 5 ..t .............. SM pI
sto, Consiea a .......... I a

0 mae l n as ............ I a.

tuda Ju.....ThSwmd m 15 p.
a .



Mk Servlc


Bx mPa
U -

'Ioday's abutf wud probably be
misplayed and forgotten in the
average game of rubber bridge.
Nobody would even notice that
anything had gone wrong.
West ld win the first trick
with the big of spades and con
another gh.;'.pad.
3pth woqM ruff the second spade
ad get to dunrmy with a diamond
to try a trump finesse, losing to
West's king.
It wouldn't matter what West
did now. He might lead another
spade, hoping to shorten South's
trumps past the danger point.
South would ruff and would draw
two more rounds of trumps,
Declared 'would still have one
frump left in his hand to keep
control. He would give up one dia-
mond, but then the rest of dum-
my's suit would be established and
would easily yield a discard for
South's losing club.
See anything wrbng? If you
don't, look again and then read on.
Whep Robert Bullock, one.of the.
outstanding players of Minneapolis,
held the WeAt cards, be didn't make
the mistake.of alea.iahI spade
at t.ha s.. ha i ago ,a M
|ino vs ithetvI n t s Wtadr w ft

signalled eU dbM He MasN
knew that South must have a fine
trum suit and -that it was .vital to
attackthe clubs before declare
could draw trumps and set up the
So BullHqk led the Jack of clubs
at the second -trick. Declarer won
in dummy' and tried the trump
finesse, losing to the king. Bullock
promptly led the ten of clubs, re-
newing the attack.
imuth bad to win with the king of
clbs, and the diamonds were still
not established. There as no way
to avoid the loss of one trick in
each suit.-

Youth iellowship--Tueeday 7:00 p.m.
Prayer Metfin* -Wednesday.. 7:30 p.m,

Sunday S9hel .............. 10:00 a.m.
Morning W cihl F ...........11:00 a.m.
Ni Servi ............ 7:30 pm.
aym ... ? .m.
s...7.0o pa

MoSu nin Wmehs ............10:30 a.m.
Children'sm Hour ............. 4:00 m.
MiKht' e .v.e ...........7... 73O n.m
Youth Feu1awi-Monday .. 7:30 p.m
Sunbeam rChlldren' Hour-Wed 1-00 Dm.
Praver IMeesae..rlday ..... :o:30 .m.


Idenc, of the P.iinlcan Republic
In Pansm. .*

Farewell hner At Umlos Club
The Honorable Carlos Manuel doc
Ia Ossa, the Ambassadoz of Pana-
ma to Mexico, and' the-Ambassa-
dor of Panama to the Holy See,
the Honorable Fnriqae I Boyd
were the gesu of heonr at a fare-
well diner given Thursday at the
Union Club by a group of their
P.A.A. Party Leaves Isthmus
The President of the Pan Amer-
lcan World. Airways, Juan Trippt
and Mrs. Trippe, accompanied b,
other in their prpy, left the Isth-'
mus Friday by plane for a tour of
Central America.

Cola Goodli Hfnored
By Class Mites
Miss Coila Goodin, the daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Goodin of
Gamboa, who was graduated with
honors from Balboa High $School
with the Class of '52 is the first
Sophomore to be chosen for This
Week We Honor" at the University
of Colorado at Boulder..
The follpqtng is quoted directly
from the Daily News, Boulder:
Cofla Goodin, this year's Spur
President, is honored this week
for her enthusiastic participation
in several campus activities. Dur-
lAg her frosh year she was active
in her dowm as vice-president, a
member ot ',Buletin Board and
Standards committees, and co-
chairman of the UN week plans
for her hall. Coils also sang in
both the Christmas and Colorado
U Days cong tests and helped on
the dorm dance decorations, and
entered into intramurals. Her first
year was busy for she was in
Speakers' Congress Rainbow Club,
and UWC. She played on the
Homecoming all star volley-ball
team, was in WAA, the Basketball
Club, and Inter-American Club.

This year finds Coila holding the
gavel for Spur the sophomore
woman's honorary. Yet, she still
finds time for more activities. She
is on the Poster and Activities
committees and the Spirit and
Morals Commission for ASUC, and
claims a place on the AWS Senate.
She is a member of the Home E-
conomics club, and again in Rain-
bow club, intramurals, WAA, and
the Home-coming all star volley-
ball team.


the Way You'll .

Look This Season.
with a


Monday thru Thursoay
these can be had
abMa CItbmusa gptaein
Make ywur 2 A295
Apnofutaset men95y
Mre. -E Wieman. Mr.
Opm MU a.m. "b oM p.m.
u 0-1



Usual Schedule

Of Lenten Services

Anncuncewent has been made
by the Rev. John 8. McDuffie.
priest in charge of St. Petei a
,'hurch La Boca, that the uslni
schedule.of Ien-'.n services wail
4ie mainitalined this year for thb-e
benefit of parishicners.
Holy communion on Aan
Wednesday morning at 6, wiln
Legin 'he observance of the pen--
ttential season, and at evening
prayer 7 p.m., the litany and
penitential "office will be said.
During Lent, the penitauttal
office win also be *aid on Mon-
Jily and Wednesday evenings at
7and the litany on Tuesday andr
Thursday even at services to
be held bv the lay readers. Fa-
ther McDuffle will conduct ta-I
tib s of the Cross on Friday ye.-
nings. I *.,". I
Lenten self dime cards are bi-
Ing gl"en to those 4Mrishpnors
'tAo eslie them Hfi t d-
imned from the priest.
:Services for Quinquageshni
.unday. the first before Lent,
Include choial eugchlat t a 1
an.. morning prayer and church
0hool at 10 a.m., evensong atm
7"30 p.m.

the in

are askedto ed
nard Rupeel, CoB
bring yourda.o.
m i- ~

eass to the Mei a @4
Review Group of 4
College Club This day
at er home Oin BlR V iC
hostess was Mrs. futE. "ERt
SThe book 'The ih ..nd e
Mighty" by Ernest Ganm was
reviewed by Mrsa. H. T. Holtmnl 1
I Those attending iacled Mii.
Hary W. Paine, Mrs; George Dla-
is. Mrs." Mriop Liws.
othy Stroup. s. a LJohn A-
dams, Mrs. J. Shaplto, Mrs. 0. E.
Michaelis, Mrs. William Smith ,
Mrs. Sisanna F. Bores, Mrs. Sal-
lie Foote Allen. Mrs. Lawrdaece
Chaotnbers, Mrs. Alexander H.
Shjt, Mrs. Mabel M. BlckWeUll,
Hrs. Donald T. Baker, Mrs. H. T.
Holtom, Miss Mailie Edwards,
Mrs. Amy B. Beinhart, Mrs. T. J.
Heidenreich, Mrs. Kenneth Hutch-
inson, Mrs. Joseph Pilonero, and
Mrs. Frankl K. Van Zandt.
Tea And Business
Meeting Monday
The monthly tea and business
meeting of the Canal Zone College
Clut will be held Monday at 4:00
p.m. at the USO-JWB Armed For-
ces Service Center, La Boca Road.
Mrs. Howard R. Johnson will be
hostess, nd wiL be assisted by
her committee.
The program will be in charge
of the Music Appreciation Group.
Music Lovers' Evening
'The Music Lovers' Group of the
USO Club will meet Wednesday at
8:00 p.m. to hear an especially ar-
ranged program of music selected
by the Friends of Music Society
In Panama. The group will meet
at the USO-JWB Armed Forces
Service Center, La Boca Road,
Military personnel, their famil-


(Just below the Administratton Bnulding)
9:30 a.m.-BIBLE SCHOOL
(Classes for all ages)

Nehemiah 3

ealm IDS

6:30 In Christian Lo iing





- HEALEY 100

The World's Fastest Stock Car Under 3,000 c.c.




43 Auto Row


P'5: T

Pamum Te SeW"

* ..~-Z. :-A'~

- ... -3--- 4

.3 -. '4.a.* 4.: .5.
z~dfl&YrS '~-e:. *4 i~S..443~

___ _~__

_ -- __


start tinting I

stop worrying...
Don't worry about .bdij
first gray stand! Let it'
"blessing in disguise" -
signal to you to take
and do something about ..
tainhg lovelier, n a t'u r !41
looking new haircolor! 3
relax and let Roux
over! For Roux Oil Shaw
poo Tint treatments con
every visible strand of dul'
or gray,baic, give spa
highliglits' and lustre,'
subtle, natural-looking co
.that changes yout wortr


Caution: use only as 4i
orii.n l abel.

Is A

Telephone 2-9191 Pa
C mm .... :"



- %. I-,. -.

-- i -i -,i. .~~ ,r


-.SB "LEON" ........
-'.8. "HIBUERAS"
'0 *B.S., "CHIRIQUI",
"*EW YORK-(NEA) There'll RCA has "Glenn Miller Plays *S.S. "YAQUE" .....
* time In old Carnegie Hall Selections from the Film, 'The 8.S. "LEVERS BEND
mark the 50th anniversary of Glenn Miller Story,' which has Handlins netr
Caruso's first recording, original Miller recordings. Decca
some forgotten ioard, RCA has released the music frogn the
i, unearthed the same equipment movie sound track done by a stu- NEW YORK SERVICE
s uso used to cut that famous dio band. And Capitol gets into the
act with "I Remember Glenn Mil-
Sler," featuring Ray Anthony's or- S.S. "ALCYON" ....
STwo old-timers, Lucrezia Bori chestra. 8.S. "METAPAN" ...
d Giovanni Martinelli, will show S.S. "CHOLUTECA"
41 in Room 826-the same room Each album includes "Tuxedo S.S. JUNIOR" .....
..aruso used-and make a new rec- Junction," so this looks like a full- S.S. "COPAN" ......
"d with the ancient apparatus, dress war. S.S. "SAN JOSE" ...
oastalgia will be queen for a day.
Caruso, Incidentally, has made The Record Shop: Lou Monte's Weekly sanllins of twe
o money than any other artist "Darktown Strutters Ball" (RCA) Orleans. Los Anse
A's history. He and is es- is. a gay Italo-American version:
.qte have been paid $3,500,000 in "You'd Be Surprised" (Columbia)
Itles over the 50 years. Pretty is one of Johnny Ray's best' Jane
meonaiderilg he didn't use an Froman sings a beautiful ballad in i Fortnightly passenger
th amber. "It's All In Your Heart" (Capitol); New Orleans
"Yes, Dear" by Bernice Parks
SJohnmle Ray,- he who weeps to (Mercury) is cute and different;
c, was weeping recently at a "Hold 'Em Joe" by Harry Bela- Special round trip
MW York nightclub --one of those fonte (RCA) has more drive than Los Angeles.
oons with a low ceiling and high a souped-up Cadillac.
mum. If you've only heard
on his Columbia records, you Any dancers in the crowd? fo New York ....
don't know the guy-he's a MGM's low-priced Lion records i To Los Angeles and
Muwnman and can do drastic things have four new long-players in their To Seattle
40 an audience. It's like being "Designed for Dancing" series. ...Seatl
Caught out in a typhoon without a These feature all-time favorites,
ItL top pops, polkas, and mambos and I
9 Be weeps, grimaces, yells, col- rhumbas. CRISTOBAL 212, -
ea. Yet, in his dressing room
ji[r the show, he quietly reads Classically, RCA-Victor opens '54
an mall and takes an occasional with a high fidelity bang, by issu-
Lul on a bottle of beer. lng Beethoven's Ten Violin Sone-
tas, complete, by Jaseha Heifetz.
S"You want to know a trade se- Beautifully boxed, the five records
"sie"he asked Nah are a notable companion to the
et? e asked. Nach. Bac Unaccompanied S o n a t a s The a fi
* "I sing with my eves crossed" which Heifetz recorded last fall. T Pacific Sle
e said. "Not all the way, but like Off thcse performances. it's hard INCORPORATE!
Wehn you look at2 pencil up close, to think of an equal to Heifetz as
4 do that so I don't see teau-,a violinist in the world today.
lience. I'm not even conscious of RoyalI
*ay audience being there a tall." ,_ _AC____
'ayei crossed-maybe we all should' FAST FREIGHT
politely listen with our ears BETWEEN EUI
I sed OF S
A" The new wing Les Paul and
ary Ford are building on their TO COLOMBIA. E
home will have three roofs. That's MV "SAITBA.E
tj deaden the sound of rain wien ThomM.V. "SALINAS" .....
they make their multiple record s fas. M.V. "SAMANCO" ....
ju in the studio underneath. r p a TO UNITE' KINGDC
Three roofs are handy but Isedn NASSAU, BERMUD
of the expense in case there's l A / M.V. "REINA DEL PA
ak..,eak....leak. L 1114=
There's a three-way battle brew- O UNITE
ng in the record industry over M.V. "SANTANDER" .
en Millej. Three companies S.S. "CUZCO" .......

i ave issued Miller albums.
1"t._ .

- 1


Fass BWbt Serute t Pots
SAeeaptlu Gwrerl Carlo for
Tunmaco Buenaveitura. CImtaen. Bar'pquill*

Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Telephones: Cristobal: 2998 1760 2535


eat White Fltet

......... ...... hl1

E AcrivT ..

............................ I

............................March I 4
lve passenger ships to New fork. New
les. San Franetsco and Seattle. C

ir service on our S.S. CBIRIQUWI to
via Santa Marta Colombia.

fare from Crnsobal to New York,
San Francisre and Seattle.
. .............. ........ S 0.O 00
I San Francisco .......... S270.00
...... ..... .. ......... $365.00




Hey. Wait!

That's DUllrent

im Navigation Company

Mail Lines Ltd.

......... .. .............. M arch
........................... M arch
CIFICO' (18,000 Tons)



r, -

NPI TALI )f" Da w

iK W.. l. MMAK .


........................... M arch 4
............................March 10

S.S. "PARDO" .................................. March 14
S.S. "DURANGO" .. .................March 20
d.S. "LOCH AVON" ......... ...................March 5
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" ............... ... April 4
A_[ll, K utisRulte ta t hange-Ilthout Notice
PACOWO1TAiM N VImTIP CO Crlstobal rel.: 1854/5
FORD CO INC JP ANi Ave P A355. Tel. 3-1257/8
S IBALBOA$Trerm Bldg.. Tel. 2-1905




For Men Only

____ .



On tue Loose


\L1KA > PH.


'- ..
.;_,- .* .

**' : .



__ ___ __


__ __ ____~I_




9 MA

Via, LL h

., ., ,,-. ..* a -*'*- "^
.- .4 ., ,74 *"; A, .
. e v, jik', X
+. ++I* -

'*" :" """ "

k f. .* '. -
i .. .-' 4 +

The PaN ma American

Robert Stack, in "SAB
A L S4
d Cdmeron, in "TIEASi
w iii- >

Sa ,. WAINTON, 27 (UP) NX the scoat of living er cent In October lOU, el, the0 lwl les ba 4
"r6dolds pd l y sees. hi Ia4w The report said declenea in aui tL .n
Soari coffee and or a. The vlrch ue of the prices of commercial vegtable C pl
Perepf te e- cose to record lev In Jar- dollar In .Ja e, tt in j an dairy products fruits try ma
.to reverse two months of ry to 4.7 cents' from 5 cents and es slightly more of
b- mer"price.a lease, N- reel-vT meit g gany
,The thrMetitb of one per Mional! Industri4l- Oonfereton end a wheat tee m a
th limt ent r txte4d by the Burea- Board repo ted Laday. month.
groom.ler a ltistics fell ahort or The board's monthly survey, The million workers- In the
s, gtroom. he October record, however. Asi eviewing the price uitustl for three vital idustries receive' a lnuary
Miss Alicia Agulera, a cousin. The bride and groom left for I re one lou worker in moderate4n omp famlie ~n10 -cent houly wage he Dec. 1 ly from ..
,u*sbrides' maid. She w ore. a t honeycon on the Paeffic 'he automobile,, aftft and major US. etle., dinclomed tbht as a result of the October in- fee priog
ubt n efhaia u reSS fn/Oi*_ Bide of the tethmui and will leave farm equipment industries w'.J consumers' price ros 0.1 dex. crease
Sa ilth-paris wi am iorde o utn wl to make iTHR FORMR MISs Yonanda lake a one cent an hour nay cent from December 1903 to But beeaue the nd Inte did that co
k 51 hopme1 wi mei the ueNto make t hir NorteU Of Panama who wasn cut ;January 1054- not return to the October le-v. ued to
S .e a boque r home in Crll maled on Feb. In Flori ) BIB Director Swan Clagu de- This erased t.e total decline
O S-. neph ofe the Mr to Beaman Haruld Sheldon of scribed the price situation as In the index of the previous -
to, co es, nephew rgeMr.. drs Neeh U.5. Navy. Mr. and Mrs. ne of overall stability." He three month and left it 2.4 ptr
eco. Mr.mA n.. Joseph Noonan d l ma their home id he ezpects the next index cent higher than a year before.
Thaer irs were Marianitsa,-s eviInFlorida. 1o remain at about the present Retail food prices rose 1.8 per'
Eprisll. who were a white a bufet mo" at the ra U t 6leapite further increases cent from Dpcember last year to
.h '- -,,nBrook y coffee prl.a uinse the repot Tnuaythis year but fell one
Music was' irtished for an eve- neral Tomorrow .comlea. r cen*uary from the
ning offlerou The bureu reported that the crcent month a year ago.
index of living costs t mid- There was a 9.1 per cent diP
d n .. For Mrs. Payne ,anukry,. asdetr.i ne In elotin 'cos in January
Jhe eetngofvey of 40 y t4cit, dtOOid ilatlla2 this year B Deoember 19
the Wil in Funeral wll be. held percentt of average 1941-9 pr;- and a percent decline from NI
be held Mo p.m. at In the Santa urch here s.rJaary 19e3. TONIGHT!I
be held Mot 00 p.m. a tomorrow afternoon it 4 for Mrs. It competed with 114.9 per Fuel costs. Including gas and MAIA
Club. PI ra Benjamin Payne, who ent in Dece.tber and the record electricity, were up 1 5 per cet CORONATION OF QUEEN MARITZA II .
at the in be pream died Thursday in Santo ToP Ua 15.4 per cout reached last 0:- In January from the December and the
Sat tion will pital after a long illness. tober. 195 level and u. 0.7 from Jan-
be comp Born In Grenada, she was'83 The January rise reversed uary a year ago. GRAND CORONATION BALLI -
Hdre's a two-way dfet plan years old. Burial will take polae two-month trend in which th/ '-The NIC board's 10-clty s1u -
r the whole famly-the ones Articles wll be on display at the in the Herrera Cemetery follow- cost of ling had declined We Includes Birmingham, BaD- The crowning of the Queen by Aurita I and the beau-
ho have to lose weight, and, General Assembly on March 8, to Inv the services. slightly In November and De- ton: Chicago Denver. Detro:t., ful prize-winning throne, with splendor of an El Panama
the ones who have to gain it. give the members an idea of what She had no known relatives. ember. ndianapoUl Lo Angeled, Now background, are a fascinating show Be part of itl
ig-ptar man and wife who is i da. At thsmeeting Dr. ember.Orleans, New York and Phila- The rand coronaUnion ballot led by the beaut ow u:
WeI-o1hbw they did it are Alc 'Wog rn* b llbs will tofl dphia. .ly '
th e Jose Ferrers (she the group. Prices farers received for ay goes on until th a
y Clooney). Along with .i' crops and livestock fell four-
their story nutrition' Birth Anmoeonent tenths of one ner cent in tfoe SPECIAL NOVELTY ACTS -
suitant hdelsine garner Mr. and Ms. Roy Davis of Bis. month ended Feb. 15, the Agri. THREE ORCHESTRAS
teouiraneo det o fr theS A U aCnon W ed ri culture Department reported t-. Dress formal or semi-formal
you can loltlow o.r the ,a son on Wed. day.' "Jp.
se resus. It's e 7-part 'est '-0. The baby Th re do followed two con- .
R b rhlth has bee1n na y Ray. CARNIVAL SPECIALSAK -eh'-'"-" SUNDAY 18 POLLERA NIGHT!.
Or byerybo~dy, iegeluslve in has been naI | Terry Ray. seestlye months of gains in
win.E.. prices, which now aver. "A I
Mrting TomorrOW Ruth rDavis the d nGr MG rag 2 p gr ent below a year See the parade of Panama's colorful National atumt
.t tun, when er father, Mr. Dix k The report. pr charged beautiful, women and handsome escorts weaving the ,
t e a tateriDThe report .said prips charged rhythmic steps of Panamanian dancel ,
Daniels was. eriployed with the farmers for living and produc-
Electrital Divislon. tlon items. "held steady" dHrlnw Zls8:
-- SCf Drink S- the month at the January level. The finest poller a lovely jewelry prize by Cas ,
SPatROM Party ri nKS ... . IW rFor the first time since Scue- Fastlich.
6 SBay At member 1952 these prices ate The finest montuno short a "Panasilla" by The
SThere wi ba "Patio Party at High B ll 50l taher than theN were in the AmericanBaar z
the US0YMC Sunday, starting .. .. .... .... coresponding month a year ear.. 'If not in costume put on a montuno hat and then you' -
at 3:00 p.m. Ilexr. be "in-the-mood".
There will be popcorn, hot dogs (High lass Whiskey) The change in prices recetivd Entrance-S&L mi Sm V.50 per eren
and refreshments. Come in and outs the average at 91 per cent Bntrnw--5t, ad Su. .s0 per peion
meet the ang. Beer .................. of "fair rie" paity. That Is -
S r........................ A where they were in December
!teo ofCdeatob- f last year.
Some's edn (Draft) u In mld-January, farm prices Make Your Reervatona larlyl rU,
SThe regulr ont meeting of averaged 92 per cent of Darity, Call Max, aS-I
the Cristobal men's Club will Fried Chcken 125 nd in mid February. last year:, I' c *en K*itu
bl-eld March 10 at 2300 p.m., in- per cent.
sted of ts the regular meeting The all-time high was 123 -
date of March 3.....
S, .... ... The Board meeting will be held "
on .ie 9th at 9:0 '.m. SANDWICHES
At 4:30, Big Porade on The regular meeting blace is the BAL O A T LEATER
At! f Red Cross building Crstob ON SCREEN, ALT ON STAGE:
-Central, Aveie of L RK 30ONSCREEN: L T 8:0 only!
MAR-C E'LA I Groupof HAM ..... 30 sourJoan CRAWFORD
.... aks rAM B. -..B..... ... ,o0g
A gr". of Prominent baH up, ,.DA '. ..' .
"RAl)%,,W QUEEN" fronM vaarrive yehray in*. SUN
-wih te Cotrf and ani r O ... 1T 4 do ,
-' ,short stay in Colon. They are con. HAM R GE R, .
Comparso. tinuing their cruise this evening. *........... ..] G '.,I *
r ma. COMBINATION ...... 35 .
At.7:00 p.m. DANCING Ritual of Jewi .o s AM3* A AN T APPEAR IN CANAL ZONE
The Beta Chaptet of Bet* Sigiba TAMA LES 9.. TO AR IN *N ZONE
At :00 p.m. Phi Sorority held other regular TAMALES ....... ...... 25 ..
Meeting at tieir clubroops at Fort RAYMOND A, GAN. popular young American lyric tenor, has been booked for Me
Coronation of Glik. POP CORN ........ ...... 10. ..o..m. oonly the Baloa Theater lun day, Februarys 28i 0 p.M.t
MA rCELA I Te group plannedetp ho the nd Vo' y Alone. "
Aritual of Jewels ceremony at the and is ti aI.nee o te stage of the. Balboa Theater s in conjunction ththe ,
Sclubroom on April 28.- lat.' etoI le picture "Torch Song" which stars Joan Crawford in her first Te -
Gent/ei ...... $1.50 Mrs. Edith Cleis gave a ltral e o increase in admission price. At.
talk on "Enjoy Music." 5 will be o Incr illus-eas
4;odW ...... COUisy treated the talk b playing the fol-
lowing records, u tp r a a k e r_"_,,_,___ __-.
+ -- TOMORROW + t"'nSuite," "Sceherazadel symphony ,"pAN r I TODAY
BIG ANCE AT 7:0a.M. ., AAA [Panama Canal Iheatres Showing lTODAY
Refreshments were served by
Mrs. Jean Jidge and Mrs. Llefs. _,._ :.: ......
LI The members present were: y10510UBLOHTS. 6:15, 8:10 PEDRO NlG41 N. 7:6 GAMBOA
Mesdames Beverly Berger, Jean n FONTAINEMAN Rl
RE JET" (in color) Coffey,' Carol Gesink, Harriett Ser- Jack PALANCW geA MadYMIAND '
: son, and Misses Joyce Hawthorn Tenolor yet'ss Do It Again, Color "OD TWO"
E OF THE CALIFA" ssle Gardner, and Nancy Ram.- m
The Pledges attending w e r e U X LATA ARITA :15, 7: AT i CITO
--.., Mrs. Eva Harte Mrs. Elsie in 1Ho-.:U, =,: lA ,i 61 0 j"ii Tl.
berg, and Mrs. Anita. Oberholtzer. 8H 1:35, : 5, .M. AINhnHODIA
IV I'- ft .X h,

c I0 I |.:H& BA BO A2S:00oo 5 6- 845'd' co
ngworm. Bbakhe Psarlasl. PFE T ER

htyng I u.Jderm. This ratil med

tda, --ee bow much bttwr TROPICAL CECILIA ," CRAWFORD
:* wauKnW wu lst ina words
ge. Gclork Cu r- ... but suddenly in celer by

3:00 6:21 3:33 p.m. PLUS
1:10 6:11 7:34 prm. with Rebert ynan
______________ Ni wogn

aVit pow and fouind.n hbi
#6nBwAmereW The creamy-sofrIlio"'"* .
that imooda witwh it a own p. "
Gowen***.m dtf N .powder
Pee- e rspill. More women
kg a FWIa m any other make-pt
The -mM CAm
AB wrandldyen with puff, In Ale Ubnd-go ld |
/ < ,^ '. two I A ^_ ^^^

jlt Mtean In
W= RT&

Rbonda lmong, in
Edsond O3uaen, in


w' (U-U)l)
ul 4we


- -.- .* I -





. F7=g

CAM 1il

OU, C. P....CE..Y'.OUR X .... _

= =gg


W. 197

CARA ZALDO &S AMlatL do ubea
Cvtral Ave. 1- 46 Cenra Awe-

Ma I LouWy Pim
Fourth of July Ave.

Parque Ldwtre 7 Sireet
A 1B0 Central Ave.


' J. Feo. de Av '. 1

No, 30

lnAd II drav

r ywu

- I-

bown aone of Use
, co nre~ton day
ab n 1e .of1t
aofany ofethoa1e

'o fruetlo Inspe:- Robe to t sth-
PROFESSIONAL f, rL1,1,=d;n 'J
Ol uLADIES. Have a color shapoo, it Gramlich Santa Clara Beech covageas' POR d ay t .al"i, ;tnORB mi t ark Canea
SHod brightenst faded ha.r and blends-In electric refrigeration, gai stovbi. 8 days. aod Canal lau
SSALE-Fiber Rug. 5-Wall lamps FOR SALE.-1949 Oldsobile Hydra- the grey onts. Cristobel Clubhouse moderate rates. Phone 6-441 Louis Pn Signal Nv- mple-
S Spot. 2-Celing light fix- mafic, 4 door sedan, uodio, good Beauy Shop. Phone 3-1642. Mrs. 4-567. Ct gattfo Divsiuon;. 20 years, 7 ton of he was em- oo e
Arm, Frostd Gloss. 17 Louvers, tires. Very good condition. Call Esther Lorenzo. Manager. Foster's Cotta O mie pat aciece Agma l6es Up months ind 15 d oloyed in lF4 Quartermaster milhand. er
for Cottge, 4-Chairs, din- Curundu 83-6161.. F AL Santa Clr.or. Plr. brl iyh t Bharny-"J H n. _tnam Mevilon.iiamdlaan lnten eer He service In. Isea
4 4 mhogany blond dining table. FOR SALE:--1952 Buick green ond g lI n ens. P~o- b.| -tew h the F ynB-er ay- .J Robinson. team Divlsion. eng ineer f re- t.'
me any. I Fd-0-ob FOR SALE:-1952 Buick green and FOR SALE PhoneBalboo 2.1W with the Flyl Engeer, Oi dlfta ePM,lter 4 11h^ot l DI .
'n-tal buffet, 7 metal Seneton cream, Dynoflow Drive. Excellent I A WILLIAM SaTClaraaeach Co TheW Din s Division; 41 years, 9' Wi ith t ie vi DIVII
bbfids, double bed spring. mattress condition throughout, only 10.700 Misc.l6 flneOUs toWI Lorg.. fort.eaBr Mot DhrreD b nd o edny.l I-dandttamo -.a u
-3101 between n 5 and e bo9 2 m96es. Qtrs. 267-A or call Albrook FOR SALE:-Air conditioning unit, near be Balboo 3050 except Need No Loner Me e Born in Boston, Mass.. Feeny was re tf following .
101 between 5 nd 9 P. 6296. "Philco" 200 V. 60 cycle, weekends. Your Health, !ir#t came to the Isthmus in 1917 year. pracW 41 i of his serv- Since leald 'th Y1 .h'
bedside stands. FOR SALE--1949 Two Door Ford capacity. Used one month. Guar- Phillips. Oceansdeo cottais, Santo M th.the TUS. Army-r After hlic ltC then has it h the Oil ahd Mrs.
7SALE 25 cycle refrigerator. Club coupe,- Good condition, radio, antee. "La Postal" No. 68 Central Clera, Box 435, Balboa. Pho MAON dschare fom te service, 1.e Handling Pl-at 'i- lBalboa a him, hORt M
kjrchen table on chairs, full length $60.00 Tel. Panama 2-4918. Avenue. Telephone 2-2814. Pmnwa 3-18771. Cristabl 3-1673. Wu employed with the Canal or- :iteamniea ,. Oregon. r '' '
n*ror, -miscellaneous household ..- ---..__- ay 1919, as ds- Mr. Mrs.: ROhf'"
-oods. 0767-E. Willamson Place FOR SALE.-FORD COUPE 12 lump FRESH EGGS: From Wason's Farm. FO RENT e59 *,e. .-'a Anartlon Mayn1 11,, eadt Mr.a & W&..h Rohiptthms ur I i
r Balboa 3-749. seat,i block, 1941, duty plaid, in Juan Dioz." Standing OFrders for FOR RENTTd nensy asstantinothe Heat hmake thelr n eGift8, uealm n. .
..... -- .- daily operation by American res- Home Delivery on Mondays for Exltee"r lBuneaortl aae foinIlsrIoor
Ident Bella Vista. Good battery, 5 Carozal Customers. Place your Houm a& D eistait, tras ortlyas made a ter ch went to wor, and
R SALE:-6 place setting an e a d thru Pedro Miguel 126trai n e asmade'technicianand
R SALE:-6 place setting an ex. good t.res., brakes sound, ightsand order thruTel.Unfurnished house; 2 as promoted to a medical tech-
',tr pieces of orchid. International glass perfect. Bargain tronsporta- FOR SALE--Ritter Denol chair, bedrooms, parlor, dining room, GEO. F NOVEY, INC. niclan in 1942. Most of h 4 .
sterling. Excellent condition. Phone" on at r 200. Owner will finance dental'items cheap. 7038, 9th. St.. kitchen and large yard. Belisarlo ears of gttilce has been with
Quarry Heights 3292 for reliable buyer if necessary. Colon. Porras St.; Son Francisco, No. 85. 279 Central Ae. Tel. 1-0140 the Board of Health Laboratory
riALE.-14 venetian blind 31 Pevenngs orBrown, P anama er FOR SALE:-Bass Drum, small drum, Inquire at house No. 1424, apart- in Ancun.where he has bebn em-
I SI5. Goodnd" on^ e^nr. ssBron~ h a FO dSALE 5DrumK -F az' ment C, Carr St., Balboa. n 8% almowt4 continuousl y since
ad .cou1. .Gadtcoinditi. ..0740 business hours and traps. $75.00, Kaiser-Frazer m-ent C, Carr St., Balboa. __r ioyed ah om, con uoully since
l o a 2-2934. mTng car 3. -O AL h 1947. two rear springs $12.00. C FOR RENT:--Caorner chalet, two bed- Learn Ballroom Dancing After his. retirement, Feeney
e Balboa --'FOR SALE -Lost chance. $650.00. P. Harrison. Phone 36-8571. rooms, big porch in Vista Herm- 'After his retirement Rc- Feeney
1951 MG Good condition. Phone House 84-F, 6h. St Coc Sto. s Pueblo Nueo Road No 23.Stde imak home in in-
LE:-Dnning set, buffet, table Balboa 2-1992 1 a l sm mond. Virginia. He and Mrs.
h n CRIFICE leading couR SALE:-Hvey Wells amateur TOBE RENTED:-Modem furnished Feenev expect to sail March
aCn. choiionFrenchgW iltonrn.RiF1951 De Luxe Sedan $800.00. Call transmitter complete with match- chalet. Two bedrooms garage. For Heizr: 4 to 9 p.JM. on the 8.8 Panama or New
r CLondiuovr ioni e VFO, power unit', crystal mike. further information. ail 3-5821. Pau. -q s- -4239 York.
Hellwd ru192. 4 tO pim. #ILike new. $275 value, for S175...-- -- $ 06. Rtha. C. Z.

Smotors. 1-2. -4. nd FOR SALE --940 Chevrolet I Phone Quarry Heights 3292. OR RENT: well turnished T Fritz. who was born in Can-
Z6f Scycle washer ne, FCR SALE,-1947 2 Door Chr-sler -. "oN .l.. Phone Chalet, gorgeOR $75.00. Coco del sml didl
bungalowreasonablepice, for memiTa ve oat ma Siembl a Fritz. who was born In Can-
horsepower oll in good condition, ton iruck. 4 extra wheels and tires FOR SALE-Size 12 maternity clothes American retired men. 2199 Via Chal an. ub. hboe,. ada,Uiadnaturalized citizen Cdf
and resoble. -6 -B Barneby pairs, 100.00. Call Balboady ne including shorts. Excellent condition. EspAa. Across from Mercado uia- cated in Canada and took a de-
3787. Cheap Phone 2-3453. turro. a rnet unfl ree in clvhii engineering at Mc-
.LE. o furniture, F--FOR SALE.-Registered Cocker Span- FOR RENT: Furnished two 0oom Gill University. During tihe
-u ApBedroom furn.mture- 7 FOR SALE-1947 2 Door Chrysler iel puppy, black, female. Phone Chalet, garage, $75.00. Coco del World War r he served as a pilot
,eces, perfect condition. No at- Seen. New tires, radio. House 3126. 84-2240. Mar 14 6th Avenue. In the Brit0n Air Force.
fese 5175.00. Made by Cowes.i Morte Oscuro. Rio Aboio. 84-2 M 6 e rt cae to the It
S No. ,10. Tel.3-3338;- He first came to the Isthmus
T 3-3338. FOR SALE:-In 25 cycle area will FOR RENT:--Furnished chalet, two
f_-----"......" FOR SALE:-Lote -47 Super 4-d oor r n 1936 as un empID o e
S. E'b-5 pc. w cker set do60don tu sell 60 cycle. New De Luxe model bedrooms. Miguel A. Paredes St. s. c US N9ake a oc He in -
SAE- cdi rt 0 sedan, in very good condition lhru- Kenmore automatic washer Mth No. 26. Golf Heights. 3-3605.o.8 6at:i
bed. $20. 2-1794 BaI out. ould be good n taxi erc suds rsaver)i used only 6 months, e T i he 0n organization the
S' for private use. 0595-B Boyano St. liht lau rfect conditIon FOR RENT f olown, eang employed
S2. 1nn 2-371. $ 25.00. Phone 87-371. Pt. Davis. a er y R e o. F the C a on struct quarterma-
jpbwiths ,news. 7. East 25th Street'dcition. No reosonable offer refused, meit Vibraphone. Kodak maetdt o st

bj A LE :- M ah oa0 m udt sFO R SA LE :- 19 5 2 Sfw iat hng er. 9 .3 e 1 5 h i e G ood Ra A E s a t a l q1 Z ub ie tmlo. Phon- 3 .3 3 3 6 IE KA C A S n cn o nepr
,p t e. 7 East 5th treet must sell immediatey. Phone 5197. hearing' aid. miscellaneous items. ATTENTION ,. 1. Just built modern ed as Superdisory Construction
; met 207 __ House 575-H, Curundu Heights. Gorage 761]-X1, Barnebey St. 6 furnished apartment. one, t w c ITspector zi the Engineeriht
E frt r. 25 ce. 9 p.m. to 9 p. m. Every night. Tel. bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel 25 Cicle Refr raters and construction Bureau.
lSALE -Ref stnraor. 25 cycle-. 9 FO ALE 2-1828 ehone Panama 3-4941. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Itend to
4t. West ngh6use $40.00. es x -S LE -1828.
.t conWetion s 40 o. 9 x 12 linolEu R ..- FOR RENT:-Modern two bedroom Westinghouse, porceln In & make their future home in ProV-
bood 509- Dol 2Motorcyc FOR Lapartment, 51st Street No. 42, out, 5, 7, 9 ca. ftq. I year Idence. Rhode Tiland and will
8 FOR SALE:-1946 Indian Chief. Ex-Apt. 2. Rent $100.00 monthly. For uarantee, Easy pa W.lfits. See sail from OrlAtobal March 19o unr,

VnF, 25 Oycl. 2 yrs old. excel- FOR scout motorbike, warehouse, shop: Corner50thand FORRENT:oom He seed tour of du'y

7.. WANT' C phone3 Position Offered. FR RENT:-Avible from Mar TRANSPORTES
WANTEDl 17th Until prt of June. Fully fur-
'. .* L.ST & "FOUND WANTED: uke lnt-aotq.P m ean- nished three bedroom opartmerif RAX 1TE S.A. h o
^, Wis eflaMPOUS ->v* v 'YM'-*~ager- todia- charge of kt atc; 7th floor Madbro Building. El Calif- Pakers. 6hlie, Movers
LE:-D-ov's winter coat. size REWA't.Da--I have lost one Alligator counting system. Write stating rejo. Elevator. Hot water. Rent P. n. UDSEIM t
LaeroCurundu 4c108.HouSe er'PketoBook with the norne age, experience, educatioA, notion- $200.00 a month. Excellent cook Tler Transpotes Bat
CAl ,Curundu 8 Hse1 itio C.'Smoot. Panama stomped Ifty' tr.e iaa Ftyexped. Good and baby maid also available. Called .
4OA. Curundu gts. on the inside of it, ilnd a Hand apporill tiitfor ri mbn, Appl 2-2766 loffice-J or 3-4775 VALERIO TUiQON
S aljpn 36 yoars old with capital Tooled Pocket Book with the name Autountant-o"ee Manager. Sex house l.
B ad $10,000, would like to e Colonel iames C. Smoot, stamped 3P3. Pormo. xFORpeRENT:-2 bedroom aporMemec anic l T n astSunday a group of ap-
ted and work in etaied on it---- containing personal p FOR RENT:-2 bedroom apartment. Mati and Hydralatic Trans- roximat for thelegates fro;n
sai n i A or Pnor*o such asdrivinglicensesmnfrihd-aae lit.s. mssi.Dffehis profesalona'- lfferent provinces of the Re-

SMailwritten offers to Box erous re tord if returned with pa- cool $10 $90.00. Near Boturro, Rio The58.at43rd s ervice al Supervisor. 'ast week of anext month.bled t
SAll boy between the ages ct The puroe o the Natoal

nC. Z. oars to Smoot Pareded e.ven who are int- A W O UAR TlDevre. 3-2163. From 2--hA-emble Is to organize,
00.p. m. on. Colon .athologitoc the
. te l joining new cub so FOR RENT: Apacirmen ous aprtment Repairs. tion of g final lan y with the othe r
ack to be ormd for the N o' r idealrn, 2 bedrooms.n, furenshed te. heaters. etc. of aatl-Amer outhCongtres, a In-
R R IhAI t l bouetite sInspected, parking spacer car I i, BIO__ELL the Strangers Club. during the
,t ..L Pk Aoittle boys bere nedtwen the very coal. $100.00. No. 58. 43rd e, -supervisor. 'ast week of next month.
.Ahtead Ip oinng ig mnewh cub A ply FOR RENT:f-Apen one bed-4'7'7WO1 UARANTHM. Youth [ VsembiEOisOtoNorganize,
taek tbeou m l -(n P-ed anaoTer, -xthe Nqihoise). ........multaneously. with the other
c to.beof f. oot, soaozad A ar. r tmed.o' theo rom ideal location, fresh sea Latin-American countries, a na-
d d r tl she o, t otnngperonaCorozal Areu art asked to con- breeze, comfortably accommooted, o-"_-- --._ _,tal committee with a perma-;
y .i.ra.wj. tact Mrs. Gertrude Whitney ;.t newly renovated completely equip.- n.lont coadminttee withon affilated-
.ompletely eqipo Tnent admtni'-tration, affiliated
,hous .e 6231-A or telephone 2- ped with wrre screens. Fourth Ave to the Worlm Assemblv of Youth |
S427 1 House No. 13. San Francisco, 10 (WAY) famed International
'' .". Yd... from Repairs e ao ofougM ornllans ton celr toe
w I can't help thinking ietircles" hve now LeadershipTrainingCoursesom Macarenaouth organization against te
tis talk about Russia ha bet talking and talking for years The Board of the Canal Zone' FOR RENT: Best located clean.,mnce
t stockpiles of atomic, y- without doing anything. If some- fIl Scouts are offering furnIshed apartment. For one or A s ial ef WAY,
.and eolt bombs, about keeps hollering wolf" every epdrshin Training Courses or two couples. 43rd Street No. 13. which as ita Se tarlAt in Pr-
ed of submarines abd d a. and day after day, one is te-~ % Atantic Side for leaders of FOR RENT-Furnished modern apart- SPEAK ERS will atterd he anama as-
Smillions of well i ry apt to disregard a REAL wolf Girl ncoutd roops. The dates ot Rent with all home conveences embly to b th first of t ind
a big sw. l, n So n I in Bella Vista foor 2 mNonths. Start. TANiOTIIALTEC LANSfrs tI Latin-Americn. Theo date s n-
S aturay we have .to be on the 0l l5, 17 and 24t the Ma- ing March 21st. For couple only JENSEN for na convent ei, should com-
I. t't I -handy. rita Clubhouse. from 9:00 tj Very reasbnable priced. Telephone -VOICE dd with the openn of th
Wae in rentedd everything XL8C1"3-076 Nor 3-3438. A sk forMsW4 RFEiA LEtohetrchA l edoptn intgtLercity
electriclamp to radio A dispatch from Berlin said that Your asistait and troop on766 or 3-3438 Ask for M Wxpot the city
on. We know that one the air in the Big 4 conference got committee members,Also a not
test inventions is the so thick one day-probably from book, pencil and Handbook. FOR RENT:-Furnished apartm-iat. L wh re e r te
,M how do we know that the fume of t he Rtussian eiga- One a o bedroom. Phone 3-3237. wh P resides overth
about their efnoranous retlesthat the Reds called a re. S Panama. organizations stated, that aat .
lal i.snot juts lot of ces to clear i th chamber. FOR RENT:-New furnished apart- lWk Al backin o of .the present
-M aoiest "invention" Is a A Ruselall spokesman told news- ment, all utilities, residential area. TROPICAL ELECTRONICS Kdvernment Its undertakings
machine," and the Red ra- men "When theatos ere be street entrance. Private gardens. Calle 45, No. 3, BeHa. Vista spends largely on the financial
ed that it would go came more clear and itwas pos- 8071 eighth street. New Cristobal. cooperation rendered by the lo-
tion soon. Accordingto sible to see each other, Mr. Molo- Phones Colon 261-L. 955-.J or 91. eal commerce and civic societies.
S Mat, .:the maidae tov took the floor.'" FOR RENT -New one-bedroom fur- If We wait unStil Comi itsUldin
7 Rain? i. rmhy. smic cur- Perhaps at w s symbolic,. nshed apartment. Good locationIP OVERS m Adevoured ourdemocra
*.ithebrings on .p slulm-ddon't you 112flt? $75.0 0 Good locatiynaadtoM oi. T 3-2628.cilexsad opez,"then it
a minute. It. will be $75.00.Tel.3-2628. wi l be o laet eret t
c re nervous disorders A very a yd example of Rom. FOR RENT:-Furnished or unfumish- RconsHuencef."
aaw the central nervous sys- i a ac-uevemet one bedroom modern apartment, "I *wT er
b eWita Hl ed a]]ed a -garage. 168, Via Melisario Porros. HERES rgnilaUo ( asA Edatl
the impression that al Metor aw In New wFOR RENT AUTOMOBILE ROW
Vb had a sleep-produc- Tork. Tel 3-4.
Sfor many years-a &lRooms
ry gumn with which The car had ber smuggled put RO ENT, s* r wit
idisenters to eternal of Russia by a wealthy Califor. k FOR RENT: Furnished rooMt with i nr fte
an. It wa a 12 model of the kitchen, Independent First street T
"Pabed" or tsi se an people's car. Pereijl No. 3, Apt. 9.___ In Panama
tle is, m. ameatn Pob-" br*the way, is Russian Exceptionally beautifully furnished The United utritl Schelne pf
Rmisy be tt regard. for Vic tor room with ice-box. stove privatee P- l e P,"idi. close Its then an-
ea if it i The ear ad all the features of both. semi-private entrance, near ail A alebrati i '-
tbemselves t uftea-1ion, la g u as R^s-3ussia fortheo0638
ae *a their eg- W eqV ve a.fabout $3,500. __0mfat__ p d
t us e-Os bdoe e Ruu l h iposible-pe d of FOR RENT: Furnished room cou tbomo-t e byA.m e
i et s o I"I a for it, but a man conveniences, American couple, no .No. 1 V. i cho
s o eta s a to fe tht th Sowh- o ri d he could' et children. Call Panama Tel 3 5441. TeL .
.wtot(iIt. FOR RENT: Furni ed
ar w .. as .ro room private entrance. 2746 fl St.,fo.r i be np d by the
SSI lApt. 18 8a m. to 4p.. c i i IOM SVAT, g.
MUNOZ "S I =2 i ..... w.!---,,nwe--
ig~ no M .1or ,W 441ns vvasst&

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6, 2x6U d2xl;
I Eifprst types.
|a* JfJA__ ;A,

e =lp vvu111U
WANTED-Filipino cook-housekeep-
,r mrna or female. Apply Tel. 3-


[even in cold milk ]




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Robin Robertarte d OO Fort;.u 1 Of t-h
C+d!tl.Sti, ,..'Twi, Le44esaoiave 'naPutm swa e
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a, an l.t.. .. and the -eco fo. a vic left Ouru ndu o unbeO Gibraltar Life
o a STtNINGS e.fO Oii) fe schedule dates crease. Roblh says e contract ad dropped W t Sh k into aw t
fInga n, '954-Al. f le-t. S ... he sged w iosn a 5 a pltee wi stcnd-o bre t d at two 14fa a
S .dde eog. d. B O tooan a Wieh, If e st d n~ s Ae
ball^ p-.ala7. l M- ; a nt losd pre iidouerts hcbntr laying b i seCOround of.

buthe 4 :a' th The vdrbbed the out 1.a, .ct Naval Station batters,,... a 3, 2 1 1 rI -d ba 'eman Jamnk Rt .. .r
Itc hort a four pounds ov rw t. ha yded Catibbean Command its' lE

a d fi`aE. Me.vory aai eaer-acaanddthnyStwecond for a o4k 81914Ip 41201 0 clife alammed the blowofS
Sateroon the tl wt a hed ba orr 1 2 1 1 as i ghte Claytoa big thFIrd with U

f .. B ?. P afs i n ee eaa m phafa tte Borns went the g ttl- wearingen, t 4 0 1 4 lo i ,uSa yordMon a threerratn l mee. the ea uel-. oer s m.
i~ l t h .. d Sare. .we-nng route for N al ony begb-f 2 0 0 6 by0 to Tome ny To bbir mas tie g win wl eth'
bler w the dstace fr and thouh he d ul 2 0 0 0 1 htter for the team w ith t

__e thea la h and won b to the end he was never Cr rf 1 0 0 0 0 IN I three hits in four ge. R*
nter ex" mna ,,aainR r T5 -- Bt -h up tamwwunlsandffvendiau b. Brxwerb rane e nie- rit. CopI. u nx a .
Man sM eb. --ua r a B fth. D ptS
aea .S ch -b ,O adp wor moLe-..e b eonet a t, bW odlm btery.

S tt wa from a ate attout- NAVAL B R lim ier hd a grha West ri
a .. "1- bf n B iadts he Pawohi a at ohed B ewae h s. -T w4.itfr, Ron 2r10m1s2 1fl y to Ahu=rk lhedaghtthe W sterall..9
WI who went 34; shared honor on te hit-parade rdo, t3 .0 0 0 0 n lR tno er f th o hts e

SHotaO 2-taim Cthb.e ot.bMwl av.awk e Ino 2~t=. 2 1.1 0 eono otme nn. to lat te ..the la
..a ter (at .1 1r-r a yotthere o$l,1 ans W' M 17 L u ,yr Rato ,the i ling o wiy"n wt h
The Atb o athle s p. ol 45M,= Itfeaaoffot.
frt n Itc l '. .b.. 'b o e"en d ti't i'st -e-.B- 1- ,i- tu e nAin n a
*h e o reAr th liBe i sho.t B riSa t i at 1t. Hope I u Co m.: Pwet (oid= i nme h I, to i

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but t Du e lh 3 1 0 1 2 porfor aPhw aidityyBonakeitwlto dhtoan er native Kentucky 4B head coach nDr s Rh-wbt I e 1 e
The1 P d-ubd .1 o "aa, lS ta t on battrs, H .b i er 2r 1 1 WarAor cibs s m me ~ t ert

SPitman, c 20100 a t s colle cochin en hve, c 1 1 0wt TeeIP
i V4 e Dse a li nL. Mtadeelb.2b 11030 B s e --wo --t-4. 2Taher, bIib 3 1 1 Searstqbatt form th -

a 0 Torrwgan. 2b, 3b 0d0011 f Behmhdt, 3bh1 3 0 1 Police 2
mee tj ||T. Durtee, ci 2 0 0 4 0 1- 46,t 1 1w b 2 0 0 Winning aith iig
E SIXTh oo uPs.ESEi naTATIOnaN dOFf ivTeESE A SO NI.rbaBwavon .o Cab om a.e a a r ale *
then ahosas ine0B nodfords2-1i0r1 2tide game _1 0mer
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Ho ts 23 a C 4othV .,vle%..;io.-M _1.. : 1e.1ia ri 0 c mae I hB 4.. ,1 1. 1 0, il ua 1 ed Albrook 8o hlt the brl-t dUS A
pr,'"..... 1 z e' No. o an ... *" B e ff '+"i ', Wikno "a "' 1 11 "
ds adaP n.ebeP
61 ti_:fo. 414" 82.t0 ". e 3 0.1 o00 0 0 a C ,2 3 S 1

S&e Diightc in h MARUJA 1st.
75he2 to retire theo sde I sht t ao5lt -a C m t B an Cabrera
..--, 4ordtsor.rla -DaraIegt ro4 2tboigoeW b, 4 2 1| w

'#'^A. ', HO E WIN T
ff'r n C Ptheleage r od 3 1t1
1009alrun ad.sorri .o-o ts, (2, Sc t. Ds were ent -, s t 0 _;Ian

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Yong,"If 01se r0t0i1 ifor."ilth scodaldoe'sa swrA R J A.A5 guER loedb us to.t~ bgraneC ARI A -CMand
teeyyerfn20000 i a $9,t.acluiswaColleatehhee-i- pere.m.,.con,.tot heirA s:hereo1
Mha weit lb. 2bg 1 vett 0e 3e0; aade andG o l
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bd IMTa-_ ___ n. 2, .b TDOfUe4 ir2t0a0 4 0 .Gn. cAH lJWI .UII Slim bx,-3. FInstherecon1 .Sar
has ri 6 L 2W0a 1 onWartiohers

-I U to cr L lt IMol- oro0 ,i i tithr: ,2nhits-in four..-n

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J-t [ II... lll-I---.-'--- .,- _' "" .; .--', --' ,'- : "- -
.. *] ; .. .. .** *** ',. .

Senators May

R evise Methodi nta tr n

IJsed in Probes AI Wwt W

t WASHINGTON', Feb. 27 (UP, '?" *li the epp Fno, t7r TrV ad t1h county L s Abraham l rino n.
S-.en.te Republic?.n Ic-der, df- ,r- t ,, -T .'
tied to .take a loo at iond'iit- TWENTY-NINTHI YEAR R. P., SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 1954' .-
tee investigating procedures i ,, ..
*hen these learned that the d o s u "
White House thought they atr
should enforce more discipline,
Authoritative source said to- ereom m unistS ui
Both the White House and '
BSenate leaders were reported

,.,. ecs, Major Drive In Indochina War
., marily concerned a b o u t
(B-Win.) of tlie Senate perm. ..i
sent Investigating subcozm~mttt~e Ne
McCarthy has been Involvh, i In
Snoisy scrap with Secretary of _
he Arly Robert T. Stevens. HANOI, Indothlna, Feb. ? v.eek has Riven g"n Blen Ph: level to bonb and strafe long troo l n t L i
White House offielals were UP Battered Communimst commander Col. fristian Dej.olumna ofRed troops and coo- lae bart7ite a
reported to feel that the Sen- units today limped north aban- Castries a chance to tighten up ltes and.cony of Red troops Alre1efl53.Cthel-f
t rfltInlr, were reppnsible for Royal Laotian ap f Lu merican-built .earcat flgh t- O.O e -aonndast-e bNg. ug"h
putting a check on McCarthy. Prabang. pr bombers unew at near treetup patrols of Frenc O a th 75 m le.o-The" raa l
,,..e ,.French pilots flying U.S.-sup -o e __ .--- v nile ebe LuK

1l;e ^ ^ ntghte1%o -la oobers hEursuedm'Sr ? Prab'iBf.. ".. f- ..
As a result. the powerful BSen- lled fight bombers pursued .-
te Republican policy committee the retreating R-ds as Franc.- i Con qn
announced yesterday that :aotlan tr,;ops cut down rear- thinle a r or d-3:
chairman Homer Ferguson! guard stragglers 3,00 ,6rl. Iornif .. n. g.
(Mlcha. had been instructed c to The Red retreat, described m- e nthly to tha.. uoree.
-ate a study of investigating by the high command here ai. Moow. til:tL-t' I ft 1
Committee procedures. "a great defensive victory for MosEt, IOf -,-ri .
.. One possible outcome could be the French,' followed a month with ed Chle "de opet for
l.. proposal for adoption of a of heavy Communist looese in supply wphose a .ept. for he
.l'niform code of procedure for the North aqs campaign. Krenhel area aoun aMon-
vecstigatilng committees. This The flight has cost the Corn- Sin -hel arheat counfr M -
Idea has long been advocated by munlsts severall hundred dead," tay In the n oheasmt. corner.
...$blqc of senate ",liberals." B French spokesman said. uont ant o rmycbinio a raids,
__ rlcviot, proposals generally French ui'otls today pounded have tarled arebei supply ri
ve called for afeguardu to the major Red force encamped .r hav utes. e spl
'totect witnesses .- such as the north of ;hi Nam Bac River, 75 ,.., "._'-- .
,h4tt to cour.el d to cross- miles north of Luana Prabang-- an R v1
,mire hostile witnesses. about midw*v between the royal ( R 1
A' orr"n- to onei .pte GOP city and the Isolated French .
-*fi'c however. the cief nrob- Jniok bastion at Dien Bien Phl a s
i now i vieed to be one of 180 miles west of Hanoitt. clas
utna brild) on some comn Observers, here estimated the..
..ttee chairmen t rack Red J vison 308 would
B .head for Dien Blen Phu, an 80- ..
Mcirthy has fre~oently held mile trek northnast that w:11lp
-bearhis as a one-man sub- leave Its supply bearing coolls' A total of '1 positions are
i ttee and has held news Wnd weary soliers wide open presently avaable In the Pan-
a jlees toreort what he b or devastating. French at Pam anal p.orse according to
-hasil heqtd Immediately before I .trikes. Pthe list oan Mna a announced
sloped ssions. Lack of sur las woul d slow the te.Weeflv thc b le t inr
"te.down 'tle- rtrleng Red force. rre r this weeh J t P flflI
'there Is already evidence that 1rene w UniD aon pa have seAed e t>^ L "
IN- fellow committee members lnrge common caches of ri'..e I tft=w
.:tlead to eheek th one-man end. rm nd -the 308th Divis1lon Appl"',. f d s he
committeete one-,m; w to. live off an area- it inafonhggid 1Uno ii.. hs'taThe i~i
Shmlubican lear'ere --""l"" : v ad. him from practicing hi; dOs1.. i built this cont'apthm bl t-ans of
)r. h wo'~*&.nof ~P"6'QTW rulatlve cam of the past1 sorsmn a poi itM wi Aq ath
flr"e. bY InvestP"atii"..cmnrr'" o____________ m---.wrw ... e- sn" .- iV-."attoha'
.... a olreu persona)Itv nue o it-wthsstU r
s u cs are not easy to con- otairsoged so that Whelhuu g"' wit .go w
W.ll1am E. Jennr (R- mo wotk are hlated ,htei
tAt Sn" code of proce" t .T~ ~a innaheamnqlaaal.tiacrk
rramnlar. morm e rcaengineer,
'Chairman of tlie Senate .,'uad, tel-none operator, 0o-E
ud mltte 'edmh. v ,rlems hi L'f S Econe sy adhorthand reporter.
~sddany such co4e if It I s n mPositidnS open in the creft
L.toWb written into senate rr u emrttouruumuu 1 include: marin nin~eer,
i. al'o head-. the Inter- soat ~,*powerhouqe op-
nt ,ertty Subcommittee. -rato- locomotive op-'
Ih rigidly protects testimofly &rator.
rft*.in secret sessions. jjROM e 2 (UP) Pie- At the same time, the oayern-
'You're de.ltng with human .tiler Mario oScelba plunged tL- ment is preparing to implement.
rqs." Jeener said, "ad it's day into a detailed examination Its program aimeo at improvai.
4r to pasp lea dealing witn of Italy's crisis-weakened ecou- the lot of workers whose wages
rspeatltes and will."____n_ ay. are below standard and redize..
-et e owhelba considered the econ- ing t h number of the unem-
onnm o.Gcf'Cubro mule situation ,a matter of U'- ploye&
ma0.Ge f Club .. gtncy and temporarily puttsd Setlba appeared, for the time
n rf n e,:tto the bacbpround such ques- toing, to ,have the Comnwnlats
'onIer Donce ions as ratification of the under dontrul.
rophan Army treaty. He-has au 'essfully neutraliznd
yOC-i n'een a wave of leap-frog strikes Which
a e The Sicillen lawyer tackldd took blace before his gclneru-
"*We Pa ms Golf Cluh the, problem with enthualasv, iment appeared betofe p.rlla-
galsdn r"m I tol fClu of~ tter receIving a :23 to 110 .coM- 'nent,
Wr al d-tn in h12:3r of idenee vote in the Senate yes- Scelba last i'ht enJd.Vd the
o.f .the carri, al qu' n to- t" : erday.Selalsnihenddte
Zwe afte.,oon at 12:30t it J"- uxu.ry -of making an anti- Jum-
#,m ounced today. u ,Itl '. lowe Chmber was ex- mnunist speech to the 5enstY'd -n
svnounfelaent olfd -uest, peete- t' sprov S.eeiba's in- 1shrugglng off the boos of left.
wilrs of Canal Zone golf "restit. x.. h-debate which ists. u
are invited. "--tarts nxt TrtesUky. "Whoever uses fre.- ts. th
tI'nce w I be in.honor of Theneed i'or a- 1954 budget 'an oveyt purpose o1- -
4e, Club Carnival Queen Car- ; dpmiated other plans of Seal- lng it is outside and against
S 'Msd- ie Panama Hotel rea's govern ment which replaces the aeoatitutlon.' Scelba KaId.
f. ,Marra 1. fBoth re the otielnt. of lermer Premier Last nights vote indicated toe-
01 d earrive at tha nb r- hluseppe PNila. -who resigned government coalition partlis--
-.p, ac.oomnanled by rr-o --ipt Jan. 5. precijtatng a now the Christian Democrats, Bdeml
of"" their court and their nollital crime. Democrats, Liberals and Repub-
mat! bands. Keeping Ital'f economy on licans--will stick together. -
d ew ea steady level sd expanding Bcelba in appetling for Ben-
,uthe dance wr l an Internal ar.d ettbrnaj markets 9te support said that for the
A u arraga and COVER-A checked were considered by Sceiba as Italian Communists "freedom is
Bra. UNi smDsR suit makes Important as his program to unlv a destroy freedom."
IMtbn IdtsBikini a winning sua mom- keep down militant Commu- The Premier did not specitl-
SM tho Tid I its appearenew under a sore- nlsm with seal reform. allysay-he planned legislittion
brero on the beach l t y a, If-.the lower House com-s aga nult the Italian Reds, lut paid
Sunday, Feb, w8 mla. The shnpely young lady .rough--with its expected Inves- measures octlawing former di:.
r ~ Low modeling the new outfit is "ttlt, 8eellia houes to introdtt'e ator Bonito Mussolinr's Fascists
,.4 ... 5:21 a.P.l 1 Jean _enson. budget to pasflament o'" should be a plied to "every pa--
p ...... 5:49 .' "h 16. :y tryir'- ti destroy freedom."

Raton Hotel Party Has- Duke Of Windsor :::zC.:
tConcor NlH-Thme lady5f
-b eat. M rs. Edith Carlso na e
out b parking viotathto lakets

a Porfirio And Polo Ponies And Everything .rafi
October and was ssignea to
A -RATON, Fia.. Feb. 27 -' Pcores of entertainers from Four polo ponies in stalls! A flashy El Dorado Cadillac,
.;- The lords and lrnes of ute. Palm Beach and Miamil a- ,.aeted the arriving guests at d one of only three au-
soeety turned out in. their 'cas were called on to perform Ithe entrance of the luxuriwis tomb&?lspf its lind. was amongilfl S T -
formal finery lass at the ball. Cloister 4Ukoom. the items under the auctioneer's i l W R
il for the most lavish ba~ll Some flew in from Alaht club AnoIthe large rom. to he hamm ner. teactoer

mthei Florida Od Usat engagmesnts by helicopter and side was deCorated as a poio Patrons for the affair :in- E U kTIO aN
1^KFU boom. there was talk of .. ing a blimp tack rtom with croued mallets, chluded Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford L lI ii
"ted outo be a small based at M14a. head a,. sd e an*d silks. II, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F, Hut-
^ afar sposred by the The aenme was bthe Ilash Boca BevBectae _-old C.a Lati- ten, Prince and Princess Alexis The-Regional Director it pde"II
Club at Delrai Raten Hotel here, once operated mer, bUGU and lf- Obouleily, the Luielus Pond Ord- iakerbaker Car -r
bgrand tJ the b dom lays of the 1920. ed horS aw wayMr. Paul Garrett. sa vision, C. K.r
14 as th)M a n exsclusiw. elaub of million- ueected ue the polo ball. r ,and the Horace Dodges, rmon, cula tin
g1 pbs st al She i an entree astride the latter did not at- rmow athetqn
-L Th B barroom bders on o ponies to lead the tee be1aW e Mrs. Dodge, the Row hth hehioWfld

^ lrS he tenSe.e 40aG look up Featvittle e a pin. attending were railroad opical otos.ais.
mt hatwal gan msb ith. ,cortof rometOtgg hewoo, s tinatshangolhfl it,,.,
o bmntbrafas Lord on-van of ef oeird a t

at the Russel Mrriwtd tib matter~
W to com hls ie
C4.-C~~, /
y.~~a,. ., _

f III I. .


ieen MkID*f st6* ntq finds iF-
self owner of more: iuaga tbfn
anybody, aty .rel
Some of the snuff b.lging out
of Its nanaj wazehopaeBrjlse
armnss for hori-dtn .labau
anna-la not bouch 1.oda",1
moire. Most,of tt is hsSDb*3 99
)ut there s lust, toe mu8~~ta
Give or take a few bIlota,
aid Robert D. King. deputy U-
ristant secretary, the stuff tin
Umy has on hand is worth ar
,out 30 billion dollars and an.
tther 6 billion worth has been
King said tihe Army Probably
laa enough peacetime peratixg
stocks to last more' than three
ears, iHe said probablyly. be-
use te doesn't ow or sure,
TeR t ,A new double entry
popa system he's be- n
Otn on't tell the whole
to r oevbaL more months.
Kta nobdy ever knew
e r much money the Ar-
3 f -, up in inventories.
D3itptaly the largest
,n-iAnd t ,. on-aorde. -imento-
! .osaltlon eve' aumtuamlted
under one unit of management
responsibility" he told a House
Government Operations subcom.
."As a matter of fact, it is
roughly equivalent in .value to
the total of all inventories of ash
retailers of all things in the
Unite States."
King told the subcommittee
'hat in 'one line" alone-he did
not say what it was-he discov-
tred inventories worth $1,045,-
P00,000 as against the 200 mi:-
Ion worth the Army figures In

Duponts Contend
[hey Can't Fire
At General Moo

firer has no
e, to s the men who manage
eral Motors,
Thelsupesental brief flied with
-Federal Jugs ,Walter J. Iafiuy
M deid government's 'charge
tbuy DuPont proue h d c'
Ijag ihtert in General Motors,
rd a'



S,-i .,. ..'
- : ,-
* ^ *. ".L

muE MSS 2
holds an anml
whose hrmini
mittee. The
pointment, of:



";*-. ,, ... .- .-* ... ^ .! ;
J *'*-'.\i- -.^ ;+:
-. f

Y'WL :1H."+

., .. ./ -
'. .. _- ,' ? -. ..

Ititceo Who is
at theiWctheIs
enerai .imonR'i

Plane own In Bu

With Nine PersonsA rd

RAPID CITY, Feb. 27' (UP)- Johnon h-
Air Force planea.wlth prattoop- g durn .pd
era aboard searched' e snow-- iY. 3*. El and.
swept Black Hml' today for a D -int nsl- l la
twin-enginer Convair carrying cue 1th qt t ^.^ l
nine persons that vanished In a fed,
storm. The Abi i uey-
Search mission head quarter ap care o L n .and
were set up here over by a crew at te.
Capt. Scott Johnson aft he It w as supposed a lid: at
made a hlazardous nlI ht from Casper, Wy., *snoiat the
Lowry Air Forc be a Denver. airport was Wa an
Cola, regional air rescue head- thejUo. apt.
quarters. of Ou mu ", "a "o

left .m early Wday tj itI cnneatr.
Johna t the ec torhe eat o
missing essem nLnev'- Co

i Western 1 asle' o n-

lbsa Potec Nit

anue n. anu uAfi-gO
hnnsn nut ni *at~l$_l

DuPont volato d antitrust laws in travelers checks.
its dealings with General Motors
and U. S. ,.in w so The nabttly 'reued quartet
holds a cbntrohig lntetwmL' The were 'described as members of
suit seeks to divest DuPonat its an international of forges
1d;. boh firm.L and swindlers with headqpar-
B hu taken the prolonged terms in Mexico.
case under advisement. *They were listed as Pedro Ro-
DuPont's jiew brief denied there driguez, 50, Cuban; Jose Rafael
was any "preferential understand. Paz, 44, Ecuadorean; Carlos A-
ing or agreement" under which rana Mendos 35, Pruvian
General Motors was required to Long a residl .of Mo o, and
buy DuPont products. Florentine MruSo. 50,
Police quoted t hem- a mayig
The brief said such an agree they left Mtxico with $250,068
meant could be enforced only I u- In forged travelers checks,
Pont had the power to "remove" "made in Mexico."
the General Motors management
for failure to comply. Not even the The ring was ad to have
government claimed that DuPont ramifications throughout; the
had such power, the brief aid., world.

jul>l rpMnu
ship was
reported (
arrival hce 4
two cWtla sju
apsit :\
stops aALiN
Oity, Ue.a
per, Rapid

soners at Idiaaa staS ten -.
itentiary at Mldhiga,_*. nave
been placed on 0 -1.t- Wr day
and a fi
"Offisitti edit ,~riMtrb could"
deote bt .4 ata:- s
"" '

. .-.:' -

-:' .'-, -..^ .Ar>

I .C't.:.Sr -
'7. -a.

.. .


-.- ,.S .
. .' ( I. .-.'."