The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Trade Ideas

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WASHINGTON, Feb. 26 WP)-' u eiMp
ert T. Stevens was
"100 per cent" backig P'- A
in his feud with Se. Joseph R.
of Army witnesses before the Wisceietn R
Msigtintg committee. '
However, this development did fit .f4' I"
battle of words.
McCarthy lashed back with a 6.hP .
*had made a completely falsl" stft "I9f
he had received "assurances" Wednw&, f
of McCarthy's investigating s1ub ,4mil ., -It
would nol permit "abuse" of officer wfitesies

Stevens remained silent on., tAy's Jottt
A high administrotton source re f lt@.te enmbAlu
rotary feel he .won his fight late yordy wb .n'*k
senhower endorsed hitec option never oto I
Aimy off l d, "brow b te o h
Car .. .th '- 4. ::

Ive '" "s e a t --" ,'" ".M" .. .' -" .: --+E S

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wheo it 4
pulled i1a4

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a Road,

A round oofbriae ...ek i
row It 'p e nWo
big. iauunee l to fT5i;
bal at lHigh .etton
the night W March te fbea
.ts f i : I
ftor the joit bha c&-
c uort In st*aum le onA
Ceie, the t h

.i bep t- l ed h.. 2 t. :
ws con-
ducted "" .j7 "ta. Ot Cts-
tot dVictor A. Herr.


boch $18,487

tbeet. 0.
bothe rr Ao

bota, ~Z8 p n.: P df sigf9t
3,30 O.m;.aa; Balbo;" A ,
ml emab dfthe bangs
vid OtteM, Charles
Park. Jim R The
fnstetnni;bld two fieilftta
ets, at trdwtt t tad
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ovelturn ed

over Mad*-

A DicemMn who was ln the
'viclnty .andt Aemc the crash Im-
flCare herelttined
L.u o The
rnnt, lu tnanty.

nrl y n eAna Ct I C"T
fatoI ~tt> dubhoe.r A

tte. Army before idartye CAt

ral orz ,aniato, ..
rjorked as4ffle iB fe 1ar

H.e sa ernvotieiw tei. cuAo-
house theaerr aL a Pedro .lue!,
Afeon and zecenutWI was m lout
picture operator I f.i Balb
CTu. Oeld .us .. ,e o 4
-:rked, aedis e ,a _b ,. an4
Ssutvied Ly a 4e_. M.e .A-
TIel Luclano of TDnt8, New
Jgrkey. '
S-uneral as:ran m rnt will be
isnouiced l __r .
.... Lu __ eto,.e

.ony mt' .pa nmwon j ,price.

It Is uuidr#Od thqf the At-
lanw, .IeuBt !w4f nigh$s will
be led Bia',i n ex t Civic

pten tofrthenew feature wre
o nt dnced redotly by Govermor

heBaIeybo lgs t o ,

Tuial ordered'
C. W. d with e. gtth ;

For t

.:Two rim s ,of Auialt Odt
the other ai a t Offejp1e
of petty lay, were t
bound over for l# n f .
District Cur noW du n
yesterday iafternoIo's peasion In
the BalhoB Mlistra*s Cri.
Ball for Clar e- e. tne,
charted with b allt with. a
deadly weapon +iMas lt O,
whle. M -b. haI-wqt mixed tar
William 8o ... "
Both .defetdnto waived pre-
Wn8l e.. iely Inflicted se-
vere wounds on rv n Wallace
during the course of an signu-
'Brown Is ycused of. teallng
two $1 bill- rom the R=odmIL
swimming pool. He was provlus-
lv convicted of petty -larceny on
Nov. I- of last year. --


world onmb guot -. b bf"
certain Btntegie: an-.potential-
her aat heiam a ,
at aia and
The 1nUSd U tate ilays a-
promnaint tole in tIphl041iy be-
efse of. i-ettle 4ct tJ6at
denies V Utoe ntioCB vio-
lathix th embargo.
iat anro y

S ht .eatly that the

al one.l :
nited ta t in t
ease e i on les strategic
Iems b at. .se uue .time

Bo. '' Oand Sea. H. Alex-

may. eV& a h.oncaot
athro" t4i. East, pmltho "d.
ot "* ,et otem

Ie "'redleted tb-- e Sovipet
s ieWli "wi a"i .di
solverW o:ee aw t5 e
The uteftes. be said. e Ithe
mar cas e Of.-"division among
civiliE l atl ou.!'
Wh hipened to .Po0n4,
C W)OVSofl;, --u9ga'riet. B--
manifl Hungary and other aEaWt
erm suThpeanOnations cttnOt

today eners what
glorious chapter
" A W aid. "It is now
notsat role in world!
slia tt r become an
ItiratUwah stability
.JH tMis dlue," the
it- -

smade ti. W ea meent, Mc'orty ate the sub- tP
ins circst~itcai oh we eaSn 6uniLt made "absufftely no0
a.s. ,wy ItA oril from concesaio at W e d nesday's
-wb .. wle M e l.-- a. v meeting,': T prmalse no to a- to t
sutm would :use wiblae. -"-tb. futut "r
bc beneficial In :cCarth pd, wpld. amount V,
i. preor ..4~L. admittuing $ty were aued Li e
We a n these the ast,
"We these lists t t earned that ev-
and wlfl d 4101 tuem with our .n e els tj support' of the
Americane friends," Churchill president .Rl] aPPt'ot!oer Rb- 0-
said.. publican members of .the ub- CO" I ,course committee, not to let Mrsb cCah te
only bt trade with fttasla." the' et. away with ibuin otIte.
relax fittKUoAs oq trade with Ge l R ~talh Zwtek when
China untl ... Korean or wider appearance before McCarthy
Prthar s femetnA men me eto.
Far Ear io Lettlem ut estab- two weekg ae .touched wlf bhf i
ubsh.ed, uttatt 1T a prospect to eploeoa,. vuld be reitl is"
which we hope the conference at fr questloenhl about his conm
Geneva l open the road." blle n to m St fen trha meant t
omaine anot to appear beofrM-trv .
-'00 before the subcommittee. .~
Atal eMmsaimel McCarthy told the Camp Kst- in

I. lffter lc t ref ed, under 3 ,c
HI S dedA, to answer questions
She prohrotionland t honolrabe
i disch are o' M si. Irving Pere as, r
SNlew York denti' labeled by tc- 41d
.C. arth as a "Filth Amendmert
Smnded- complaint was Co unlet." .
filed in U.s.-pltltet Court yes- Ag a rsudt of tbe Zwicker in..
.terday on ehalf of- admeaaurer dent Stevens cold Army offt- thy
jalnMes 7.- Rduend in his pend- ccrs not to appear before Me-
S 4 t. -fvt+ MSOW, damage,; Crthy's aubcom mi it tt e and "
rQl .enal personnel 4uinncd to appeal hbauel in a b,
ite ot I d A. Doefen. showdown ssaict yesterday.
-Re Sinti t oat of t:* chara- '-But the "nemnrandum of un ed
61 t1Lto t lnl complaint, the derstandlh reached Wedrnul u f
mnd: n 411M.e by Attor- day wiped out the Thursdi
nel Mcievin Aet- forththhat h earing ana 5Stevuens lfted h Ii#v,
the a- the 'tXrI Service b* on officers' testifyi6g befo--e i
Co hearingst n which MWCrthy. the
WM ;o.!edmond's charges were. Stevens wa repted, how- Mu
Svaae ever, te be siB at
t the tupe .
W1 until ate the gi s 9k1
eo fn decision of tb the a- en. i
de6I wreutelSt Intlr lti. e a mhi
.e a4e d =Iof-th ouse deem 2 b t
D M 'terday after a twudr Adte MC
she aientrded any- Ross@ meeting. dee a h 1
nkir a had "not rcedea at taye thee w
S. or u from any of the prPeAR eA xup PMl
.it* a deruereiby DoI e oLa'1aw- on which I utaand a
vtM, Paul fte4 idti Drd o Mr.- "I shall never acede to the du
kt- to t h eOgl'alat the abuse of Armn Vapannel under tri
isthe, it o ate att l. kny clrfmitessi r iditudingd1hthU "d1

r4 4 Pope Requests U

yofcl ud *,W Solid Fd

o n ^ am y. arfl n -.erkttedO qhWh andF p 1at
Dis Mt iss- An. uor7 "~a ne
LONDON. Feb. Us (UP) -Saney amtorjsituana hera oI.
Walker, 3, aanoeawe todle oup, oIn the VaU-
aiM'. lrbor .e"try dopphe2. lm t h
to draft i the Ar wen. -Vaticn ure reported the to
she fnaely eoaviated abe ftpe svn?"t w rerul ntiv ht and <
ASe a wmais Ly producing Ber .ttmnded MAe. In his private m
pinup pietom as a beauty quese Ots+e, t. .l

a thatSZtam?

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a.. -A
- -:; -
2?. ..JA : ~ Al *i',IA A Z .p* Ii-';
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A-. ~ ~ )L.r ~nns~-t1Ee:.-j' I~
.zr~ 1' ~w*rI#~w...A.b 5 *-.aZ. *~A.
A. -. .fl' ~ 0

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*~rr.S ~.~~~=~A*f------

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1i TV #411M IA TAas ow11 caOUMN Notso on ago I o asoab
er of Aibert, the axts uor, tell.
Ing me tat I deIr~e~ chat-
Sacter and that he's not such a bad
Sguy after all. Tony says the boys
Sin Lindy's who know him say I
1The% MAE iea anon pen lmta r readerss The Po s A"r* got him all wrong.
4fmas. L ~M r reslv gIeiUtdlly oag handled lee 1* wheVly 6t- I felt terrible because I don't '
destial,, .like to hurt anyone's eeHn a
I.s. sema Ste r du't h. e sialNIt if dea apper th you can tell from this w 'ilt, tbu'
;stat da. Ltares aM e rhlisd h the o ire e cesl now I feel just as bad.. I've e
fles. M AG IN Reep *de olM"s lUnited to Pg leag"iL and done It again. I go another
i-d h d e.i l d taMt stise. note from another seotive .s0 ;oul.
ThIs' "-,1 ,,-U,. e, ,p, Sbliaw eir tltemea ,as opinions I've hurt the eelings of one Bill
i.o In the theel n t ate .Bulalin o o f the oa Machine
ea n m e 1 Workers Union, known to the be.
S- bop set as the juke box boas of

tIMAGtl l INARY PANEL bM C lO N This man Bufalino has had an
amboa, Canal t l Canal Zon ea e advantage poor Tough Tony never

'this is a panel discussion on t he subject of Tathe Deer-S layn of higher learning and be writes
kntl ent on the Gorgas Hospital rounds.? me:
S.TW participants are: Mr. Dade and Animal Lover, who wre "Your articles become so acutely
t the dea of hahaard la e cemet ande ext entwined and then suggest left-
milatlor of the nature-inspiringl deer that roam freel qbout on wing or Cowr mu Ltlc tendencies.

t(ovrnor and the Chitf of Canal Zone Police. Leadingm the dis- right of freedom of the press ald
session, and impersonating the manner of Socrates, is Local Rate are contributing area l yto whittle
Philosopher, who will attempt to convince Mr. Dade and AnIamil away the pillar of our Democracy,
Lover wvy the ituatifoln in the Canal Zone never s epms to fOOW our Federal Constitution."
a loenica uatter-Or at least. one that makes Sense to the average Before Bill Bufaling accused me
in.. of mpermng with the "pillar Of is c sip-o .
S"lentlemen,, as a Philoso her I am interested in establishing our Democracy", he had some
w'.SLhe there is any logical asia underlying the decision to per- complaints. And I waqt Bill to,
rat hunting to be carried in the vicinity of the Gorgas Hospital know I always give both sides o .... A
Sbuloings, I Am concerned only with soundness or reasoning, the story. So here's what he t,. .... ..
tuh. uad logic. This Is the mlin objective of this forum o writes notd t on
tit shall confine our arguments to logic. As I know that "I e noticed that on several
those wno occupy high offices in the Canal Zone are learned men, occasions I have been the subject
I shall not aitagonite them by criticizing their actions, for I am of your colmn The slightest
not ualfied to lind fault with those who are credited with wis- ert on your part to look Into
.y true backround will reveal .
dom and therefore more wise than n r on l ea
I.rk I nstead, to cone aemy ignorance by admi tting that that you are In error

no otrhing myself. but will be glaed to gain a little knowledge "In my e UMLon, ,ouL would 0 i
Sfrom men who a te s no for te as to possess wisdom. Thus, I will makea better writer of fiction be.

fri dwuenl ho. ca o lae fi s mittaehnyoures ta-, nol lo l ol w busame who rmn red nd to rp oJnesK ille

1.ave Tell e D :c gove ne
b.t qujilfied -to.ud and decide ssues that concern pubvc wel- vii ainIn your mysperiy as
seek to r r Do n' is ea r~e samisyn oou,,An.. .l Thenoeauf frlnataon t fo m r nra ,p ant; r b orlm.A
lre, as we should gically think-does it not logically follow e, But ds m at y dcks a. little m b il r I
tht tw r Governor would be the wisest man In the Canal sZone? buiessmn whom tried to calmue
t mhldterbot bv lucsnly.bhr.e hRNehirmloosherUml- e er hnt hb elie vedo nheo l n lt tNEW i&ALAN loathsome pesp n a h e a j
g qlb t he would be killed ior testifyino-The redi thps days. ane a-h JstIr halhhvej

2 Itte. y t Dow SeoW wactl. I aoldemeeran tor derhavgee lea l ot o iom ure te, gtse enrtmd ys0 4a so -rbeh and t abd

H 1 1. thrWerl ed ats trorest worpons, th. Jib he rac kotInDOls Girbwl Of d? aa 10s. oes t.a 7
hu l to dh niit avim bety of the Gorgas Hospitaleweit. naley qneimedandion, the nces o n tihisg thuase efet evr 1nmaahem 5 tholcasois an
t .~ g ri oul t we tot. with all logical reason, trust hist udg l' hi Brua eo a sare ne d or,_. o in eavl .ser ., andive 1tteond et en. t -hsy, ,e yhed by erygand
m i toArta' foo nin hniDee r to aum e r t hat our G over mnor,80 J t a ,go g .o _t y,.n. .whotryh tey ve bee road by d
na wise man. had already reserved space In the morgue justi, business e wd u i rs a rohbis and to en teen s e reas
i n c a s e a a t r a y b u ll e t s h o u l d h a ne n t o k i l l a n u r s e a d o c t o r a a n t e L a y in g : cdr i b er o for t- ;k.",_ I n t h T o p-_o dwf r, .,re i m s he a r P ea .
tmepper-bynDoen'e tone, where satisfy you. Animal o OeraionsufferLrom mae tare nbecomIfg so moral, inAmerportrayleigih On an equal basis mit d taor e
ro vte r. o8 pasaerb? oe t t er o i aing c, an other ople's time, th at ente ln .t. i only) with t ed ste nt
A;ver? ourse I happened to be the one who g t headaches probably caused by that isassumes it pro no tion whites c eaie, we had anything strong er than darn in
SAt Of o Isrh-' alitd Tehtht penarg wheo a hi rolling the -b celebran t Mati y w censor- a dmovaing pntutIr
Jot ao dead. I would have no g to say Very funny But those headaches e books, for instance, asi n usins t ipe.
en..... a re nothing comp ared with what n ft t" p or ties onsum ption and obbasy T w n s..scr ying, over Esu- The urae to re port on thG neigh
o s. NOw..Mr..Governor: Seeing that you are a wise manr and Bufalinr hasi coming. Because .at that consomp uaP roape Ivenat1lfrYe ai l what the urs' dthe ns, the maltioths bient
euld not ogically have overlooked the e possib ulity of stray bul- the moment his letter arrived, the oThe million itate Library Ied traiarit towd esptonia, the a
,eW t' str .k n a ta rg e ts o th e r th a r d ee r. I m u t a ssu m e t ha t th is n ew s tick er fl a sh ed In wilth th e fol.e sta m pin gr"F or A d ult R e ed On It i s c osine. p contola wl na gtphep. rea d
t gun uses a special kind of shot that will kill te i a cttrp I rs ,
tha same bullet would ve much longer life to an humane "A House risvua aouahteeregre"
b iwo u hmilght happen to get shot accidentallyisn' th tt found a intic, wcked as. AdSIN' AWhiveacob
4 ver Icr? t wap toun see 'd -conspiracy' o insvolvindw the A lap ms ,uA hs n nqatn h go evn a ere
4 whNr .. It..e tha tthedeero have be- ITeamsters Union in etroitto exi ,s Lo TPreo ai tand eO v. The n patoresPu e .rup that clog
A onn l m: t exa ctl t ha seee to.0h i i- r ti s Undern thel s t .ear th ica-oe 8 aw0 l c rsse r oe u p t e at t
omea ruinitt huntingwas one way to get rid of tort millions o( dollars throu ea at n t and n a r~, fa
es---- at tools threats or force frobk lworke s,tw-a eaork fo eorn 1 a r He o ti o as v t o b-- gister- d. T he S _toe J
". d afew human beings. too. of court --otherwise, dependent businessmen and Is te o Ia a elas& "n- fit ~ "at -
on.feth reatstor.foraa trot*workees, nt su h hohff heotjbu0so agsnls "l Or i t a iior Th jret l terms to
o..-, jtif, iving auE Ic permi on to hun n l cub time from the Federal ov t e. r en le np" t a, 'bi abeox t a,
t of a hal-nuts De or S er who S e i craz inet. r vea .... -"
t a_ t d, r almost aftlanst1 l w l olof those "The joint subcommittee of thi i for a 1 L t l qq- ,.
bu adtobterrorizealyexpo gn House Committees on Gove n t Wiwh wt InwWaa
.puldieW forenty who wadr sdbyiIc rsad Ths lbtWkmf
s tatudchargeinsareportonsitseari bcase he. rom tbe i schd tanAlew to ereios todre
ond oe aheit sehhb ousel d .h e'stl .s wh ere th .m l,2r. ir
iTeicdnna3regretted, but it was not held in Datroit last June. ie to the or. s e Iotnlgt goestiga gIOs
Inoidenti quesion h s"ubo it saidfr, 'The was banilg e in om the- mov e. b lW, -and my-maen w o I o ld a te d th I seem to loeml lt r /
-.r. well, my dear oaeremor. .. Tel:e, Mr. Police ChiTeprnstert Union Local No.. go e Nprntton of "Oliver Twist" e to go attoid as a sldier was best demonstrated In Germany
rh yotnlpresideuntthind- Wliam because he was portrayed as r.l. f.or isold enon h ito under the Nazis and hi the Soiet
L suesasrv to the welfare of the gentlipukiA cdo youthnkAl-/Bufalino r infei.a r r e rseold en ytstle Naz.' Id l|
Lover and Mr. Dade ought td protest when our wise, .ov.rnor and perpetrator of the racketeer. -"
0110IMthe violation of a law that Is Intended to protect theIn&extortion and aunjsterlsve
..rbulle wIlh was. disclosed by me hear..
fe soIbtIakais wine, and thit's just whatnheotaken, the subcommittee said, to
Is- e .... so I .. o d ,. v s po t R a y b d c an d o /av e rt this tren d of exo rtion, g ang-'t
And.he';' h.. .. .e.. .. ,t ,riem ard dictatorship by a few B y P peter E d son I
air '. ,.&ndpotle .6 Yno ot hold and'porete nellfish and poWer-lustful racketeers/
amkn'-,.-.hall we say. 7ht. -WsEuch%,ruing. toeincourage law who are operating under the guise
o.- do the I. sucha thig realy of being :abor leaders."' WASHINGTON--NEA) Utnot. did.lah work before? Why dii ohe ive jobs costs. phout I a a Pe-
Iswer: it is my dity toen 2 the law, ad to punish That says it. The committee also iced and almost unknown, the U.p (idt to Seek a job with govern-an. In only three per cen
P. h ilt elthe of bombings, window smash- Civil Service-Commission in the meetow Car' hande ta a0ny Intsial
..WhOvan.Ie _. .. ..lugs and other terror. SomebodyISlat two years has built up anothiarr tnd Word of these Investgationst-,y -,, up tht .a
'IA, I uy _wft u... so that f all men are !%as to answer this indictment -% big government investigtveS oan--edob ,,m d in local commU;,lt-u checking. If disl'y y
1 ." thee law, w s to all men, and there Is answer it with action. el r- -.ob. .of.- .-.aiob of-
10 the.'Iefry aw -shou bdn't ou rrest nd ,, Bufalino is being misJudqed; ve i ega t..bDivision .is .not t -a n g .sp sometimes gives t Is turned up by the n l cl.M,
,nbas.But he. I "asf d id yu ear that there wasa for a full invstg o .
tnwhere the Governor has granted from Bufalino and the score of cret Service, PtOffe Inspec R.. iintown whvesti's .og win t enmen rewde s or-
to eMINhIn Ionef.a Is liswladoL. helhas to stop hiding behind shib.[Men in narcotics, Internal Run.. .atl.s, impressionin whic a l .nes..t...F.
whSre -.n._MW 1s1oMMa-ear the Gorgas boleths and ,phrases like "pillar of nue, Coast Guard and.customs SeLerCInvestigators,MtIale FI rd byCRCo f
.e pat5 i ent sufferi g with a weak Dem ocrae cy.'vics. *ndallfulr government. rvm.. ..
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used to load cotton bales llat
freight cars. Freight ears wnqt
bilt a eouneniut height ot.O
ld plantation wl6n and hav *t
beeh kept at' tat height ever l. N
lilse." b" JuticeDea.
AmonA various plans YounIkg aS
for'the New York Ctl im to l.
. onMan on iu Wardi
tons, put MotKik pictures ov -
ight paseng4r etr ins i
lbne d nuy stk I n re c b b
y eome its oners twell as
Its oepertora.iet#*N thucont.

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Ily Oe ote1 -" IAnitg the Okriir Atend-
Ths leaves thte "Rablioa with[ 4*. It'a legality ia
a miaus-ble-vote alargln a tle StuP.d by Juic luopeafIemt

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4Wsii4d -,- Pie toppings
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Ias PT d Dl ,Snk.tu

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M t 4idin l% it1a Jurors (1U8I) fsaiog Romuuldi, tw has walhet.1s^t4
1"+"--ar in a rt.n. me .e t f.'n-tt.r work thr P*b pattw1 -
.-directly Labor, sa.. latin Ama- r- l-. 00 *100

N was The labor leader also told 4 wth anoe e,^"^ but his -'
St.double op by b. group of lAbor educators at a ife prevailed up him not to

S'' T ,; ^, resultedd ear thi-- week that labor must a tendency o.rear.
; 'itt *11S OB In if the bigh tourt held tionhslism to intrnat onal coop-
n. a .latr>al ., the case. .
a. Croaker was ordered re- Me pointed out that in acme
-.. :ro. terms of'.a four-to- areas 'of the world labor b ha
aur prison sentence An- been used as-a weapon to destroy
.tr she Vmas convicted of democracy and to support to-

*.- h9,band a prominent Wil- ewration tin labor'. 'ri nks rather .
Come 1n .., --."-.' Paama Jet i.' T, IS rrker had sobbbed on t O Lene of our tasks is to educate ,
TBVgS Sts r haflhlg been rather tChan help totalttauaanamn Luxurnitwe '
an h M ndI c au u o__e__by ebanlak Saopn L. destroy democracy."
'd e -ar" .. ,- .rth eed emao- ats h es er ded mhp was Romuald i said that workers T .
n the n rn : ^ to bareet *&rarx insate, must be shown that one reason Idiscnam#
*fT E vta 'eourt t h .deatb blind adhorence to Wma o onception- ROYAL .7 fl

(Jrislbsl, fl t nn the 11 y l I stae hd in de- p o an f/LB lenatser. S__ a^ ,.
I. 1. MADURO JR. e bb, ,I teuu n ter thectw sha stand ogd o 9 I i 1i .
Ajrll beInne Trw t theftat l p.nalty. .e said such industries re-
0t Central Ave. Panama S ot; p o lbey aR I s appe ald .uired htA f an sRuAb s
e tr o- fr jeopardy twice because the Romuald labeled as, "real LAA DE AO At a
T"'acptn O _____ de er red in declaring a mis- bp ogres" a few pencific ,na
.r... r t Oia.e orecrui eagetes o ennes W Wm- Wunt nacked?.W WTl3.t t4.
S. Agriculture O e Pens garke ain lab or organizations t

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ti e r been pacourt atednts the j iuro as wereP
'NdWonYOR, ret,. 26 (V) modite.' t- variue s stages of undress. 1,woest unpacked...
STlnoiture Secretary Usia pT. rd Baiosl 1oo0 *l veral -jurot were .Jailed for
SBenson said last nikhte blSawt for Europe, l IAner- mi conduct. I o nP Iro
4.f' I lg sponsor of ports lA e al r u Asia he t
nor of par tr ht aurs t. e e a n for a wonderful week end.
A_1 '&no;at def e Ile .a w ry In-awe "yaietyl '.-A Ne a waondtr fuond dhr oo o
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ta xpaers" eta tc.e a' tili .sa tee BlACK A -SIt) BLEJA. .
The Eisenhower farm pro- pdfluuent "esuisting aa the BIACK AND b It
eats ad iron legs painted in ports, he said, will 4eal "r. dutry Variety .the show business Week-
black; hats painted yellow and alistically" witb spune ly, said yesterday that narcotics -DRESS[ESr
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SP-CIAL ..1435 and 13.50 warehouses where with every onk .wn' ;i wefare eIhartsne musicians today 'for all your Carnival dmn.s
SSS tick of the clock the danger at e4 virtually impossible e t o l "l
* "ND T e.... BREA BOXES. pate err n rna -o"spol large grows-the cosa Aot at ni t wges ]iawit Itho in-a J n +
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green te s,red and yellow colorsarm of 1948. er aton, it was noted r- e newspaper said one small
Large e .d Benson's remark s w pre- eral thousardeoe the record operation, now defunct
meeting Jointly sponsored by rut and veetae a t. tirely "with dop."
the coordinating commtee of eA sgokasman for tmtathers
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SECOND FLOOR 59 AVENIPA goingdto0 lhelp producers and the islal nd. eodyi bya ndoeo eo n
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The World's Fastest Stock Car Under 3,000 c.c.

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Every receipt plays at NO COST TO YO' '
.-i- A

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W*W ,BernOR& Nos4ier,

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Written for NSA Service
aMany players have asked about
the problem of the last. draw in
o -- the game of samba. They wonder
whether a mistake, has been made
NEW YORK -(NEA)- To eele.s harder. A poor song sounds easy, if only one card is left In the stock
brate John Cameron Swayze's b. t it's har'er to do a good job pile; and they also wonder what
S aiLth TV birthday, his NBC TV on. Whew." to do about it when this happens.
S a."tsa show was airad in color. Hav- Are you still with us Don't worry if this happens; it's
m gi seen it, I can finally give you "ern see it takes more artistry perfectly normal. Let's go into it
S th answer to the qig Question. to make something ,ot of nothing. with a few figures and a little
His boutonniere is red. Take *Ricochet' I don't think arithmetic.
that's the best sen ever written- The samba deck consists of '162
Whether hues in the news-a red so it's sort of a challenge to sing cards, since you use three normal
S boutonniere and a piak checked It well." decks of 52 cards each together
se-T-asan-add anything to TVi Now that that's over, Eydie is with six jokers, You deal 15 cards
news beverage Is debatable. But actually a sparkling, unoomplicat- to each of the four players, thus
S c'.r does help the two most vital ed sort of gal. She likes to sing using up 60 cards. This leaves 102
S p .ta &: air teleion .news oaw.i and.does a good job tf it. Her cards in tha pack.
E agh'ng beauties and commer Coral records although not yet big You turn one of them up, and
a come through swell. sellers, are admired by other sing- this leaves 101 cards in the stock
-rf --l ers, which is a tipoff.- She's the pile. If each player draws two
'Kids w I be kids, even in tele- Igl vocalist on.Steve Allen s local cards whenever there is a draw
.> vw.jon. Take ;%e three Walken boys j TV show, which will hit the net- from the stock pile, there will
-..en, 14. Ronnile, 10, and Glen 7; work to the rest of the country in eventually be only one card left.
-.7/10o are among the town's bus. the spring, If this always happened, the
14st TV actors. They've been in players would get used to it. Some-
more than 500 shows. And some- at the moment, though, she's times, however, there are two
t im-s they use kidlike stunts to reaches a personal crom roads. cards left at the end in the stock
siag a choice part. She isn't sate whether fame is pile. This is what makes the play
worth the price. ers wonder whether a mistake has
k At one audition, the casting dl- "I've gotten some 'degree of no been made if only one card is
rietor asked, "Wia can play an tice in New York," she says, "so left
aodien" Ken, who'd never even I'm recognized around town. I Suppose that the deal's first
| kid one on his stomach, raised have to keep worrying about how turnup card is a wild card or a
arm -uickly. "OK." said the I look, should I wear my boots In three. He must cover it with an-
g etor. get yoar accordion and the rain, is may .air combed. Hon- other card. This may leave only
back this afternoon." est, sometimes I don't care if 10 cards in the stock nile, and,
TO ;Keq .venthqme, borrowed an ac- get more famous or not. ce00 s an even number there
S c rdion and tried to learn to play "I'm not sure if I dig th; lausi- may be two cards left for the
in a few hours. It's tough. He ness of being recognized every- final draw
camp back with the instrument and where." The other complication is caused
th, director said, "Let's ear you Th th complication is caused
play." He hit a few awful notes. Hildegarde and Johnny Johnston by th red threes. If al six of the
"Perfect," said the director. are set to launch their new act enough, the original 101 cards
"You're acting the part of a boy Washington. It'll be the first tim.e -piolgemloraybetlo 6
ho plays badly."the mademoiselle from Milwaukee stock pile may be thought of
who ys badly" ever w rk ed with a partner. th they were 95 cards.
This may be complicated, but They're both tops in their trade, the final dra w consist ofnl
stick ; it. Eydle Gorme, a sing- but the names sound odd together the fnaldraw wm consist of only
or who can sing, was talking about -like crepes susette and ham one card. h
-'- eh ogae hadrdest t ai .But suppose that only five of the
which songs are hardest to sing. hocks.six red threes come into play early.
"I think," she Rid, "it's harder s t te om ar.
S to sing a poor song well than to Back in the Wild West days, a Suppose that the bottom card of
good song. And it's easier to sing big spender would invite every- the stock pile is a red three. When
a good song although it may sound body in a bar to have a drink on there will be two cards-lone nor-
mat card and the red three.
To boil it down: it's quite nor-
mal for the last draw in samba to
consist of one card at some times
and two cards at other times.
Don't worry about it in either case.
a t f you get only cone card for the
last drdw, that is all you're en-
S- titled to. Treat it as a normal play,
and discard as usual. If you get
only one card and it happens to
be a red three, you must put it
down on the tale and the hand
S,. ends at once witlout further meld-
ing or discarding.
SThe same rule applies if you get

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Dukas Is Stopped

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IxnuiwcriA Mpst

Pase L Seet No. S, Tel. .06V6
'Col. SmaIsl"g., Tel.1m 9
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pie birth
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ttle, and

o a a- o id e I :l A p r i'j- W e T i u st'
ost ._' ,t P P er.mpCin--
Tionf QicR or a ed rla s Gi. be hosts. ,ed rtmoen o f.T barbBeurS atw
dona.n .aU..,r
t tht ar- asay residence o la a wbe : lam&. at .led ed th ea M0 oif i ih fIir
C 0i6o rtrt2ZZh as ^EJetwe n .,April

t -e m of the ft te eq 1 b tn s t
Mtr l. o adAn M. ere las-____ .t. -at General Arthur

Vorohrt achUrmer uh d on of*S ge- to M i5 hib I t wi- a pa~r! lu the eiahktg-ro
Ta'bo nt e Gal a nd Mrs c .e mon a 9JM ,n rdtody the firit
It U.tos o a, M jor enral W. E. R. Cves -- w,te elel a e l. ln i ll fo ".m e
y e e ntst'mth,,d are vis n Panaa RWdunz at .e .po wlbrofr

tad ^ eMrs. Cove$, who have ben Trn i'-ay At Albrook (with a A it te r
Mrs._ onbfo rhamthve alr =o OWiave ub ?ne doats abawn-color- stamp of a small, de-
-_---No t'e Th l, ..nhgrl ., 0f a t llo ,booearynon Alnatlo nri
Sdau""t-inlaw, nd Mr. s. Eu- Temy Aed ft rTe5I Ad "h1 Ladies Aux- a
.dts -. ge uesn r atn of El Coco dwifhold it regular bi-monthly Wll) and a uit show pro- .-

b a n.e aot** fo rsmngee rall" metng in the -Game Room of the a fnted by Mr. an Mrs. joh.H. A 7
S o" al cheS.a. And on ke ub sda y at 7:30 a at d hndor e b round
w oB a h u e u fa of D a c prog as. s l n red. Thy mot
"T ralto and Mrs. ae of .ar- no V Ptric's A, mona -. Tut," whch i
of 1an o furt 6hmt : honed a "an o coins wll form
saor eneral W. es. R age wll be erved theo Men Faiowhllp,. o in i r r s
a un-,. Covellan, M Wr. aMve. Ben 1 y chArek of tickets which are now
NOW e-dysas guesosU at n ofa lCeMr .. C et0 A t on At fol.0b for adult nd P 6bc

mh J. .ereoaone gpaMs. enes sai l- a 1 rehon relA i mony boothr children r sadder t -
g a itnd.- ay abe ar d i t e Sa tu 'A oWe p, the aRm'o the t -m a da.tu the
1 40% mr orta-ne Naitjh, 7:o1oa P hcw'30 p.m. L r

hThe Panatlaf if Cleb will en- Of Eo l9it "$"yI ce
certain with gaa dance or mur- Z. ould hot pont $5.000 bond. Te l 3 7 P
....J l a on Sunday beginning at 12:30 rch at F:eral aen were watir
Carnival Queen of Hotel l Pana Boton M s, Interna Ree e fron before king

ma)"--- *is, Maritza mI, and of the Union Service agent was being eld Pacheto back for fo al ar-nd
Nwe l iOr. OUM. Club, Carlota 1. .. here today on chargers of kmet- ragnmen_ o..
A- a ;. T me b.ilrs pa a th ?l e t bezln between $4,000 and

vstn oand members of all the Canal 5000 in federal tax funda,11
Sthon Gol Clubs a rerinvited to tauthoritie0 mianhaid rk. a tt
Sted in aontunas, era, E a- i n -
lItuos or in asual a i e. Federal ofici a rge y. o wsls .ald, David .

.,USER, C ,li fi T.e .an --- Pawll o, f, of New Bedford. TmI- con Pt a
-A-~,Oain with e gaoa dancthe Balbo a
m. m Al-fLlra on Sunday beginning at 1n. 2 :30 P ml l se w r wr 8 .
ill p.m. at iEe Club in honor of TAMA, pla., for a warrant t i l rech herel
Carnival Queen. of Hotel ThPerl Pans- Bt n. Mss, InteBatReCeub e fr lf. b.oa tlngd;isl
m, Marina II, oand of the r aUnion Service rgent was beins held inheeo iack for oro aL -
*k aClub, Carlota I.; here today on charges of i s rkl Dm nt.
N A A members and their guests berlinVt between $4,000 and
Zone Gol Clubs arewIbieeer to ad......the Men'sId.
tunes or in erualfs"oreke'Federal officoals$ .ldr. aul. dnd
Sc % t 50 .6U --hf4 o. Mass, was. arrested. Wedidda

PI AI! Ke I4'ib foorm ala

d a v. li. cooert on
Moan March- at the UO-JWB
Arme F eorces'S rvieCenter, Lai
iBoca eRad, at8:l5 p.m. Professor
Hats Janowitz will be piano ac-
General admission is, 1.00 fif-
ty cents for students, an, in keep-
ing with the policy of the USO-
JWB, military personnel will be
admitted free of charge.
Barbecue Supper March 7
Members of theaCasal Zone Art
'Legue who Ave not as yet made
reservations for themselves and
their guests for the barbecue gip-
l'.to be held Sunday,.- March 7,
at 5:00 p.m. at the Mdrgan Gar-
en, Mir afq, are asked to tele-

FoodY'aue-of Mk R

to Beefsteak

your money

In its specially packed tin, Kino milk comes to
you with its original nourishment and favor un-
impaired. And K kmeps safely without refng-
eration: there's no spo3Iqe no contamination-
No WAMTr. You always hava supply of pure, safe
.'. and whole milk on hand for your family.
Use it over period of timed you'll agree that
in 'evmy waKlimilk give you the most uvlu
fer yi fem d Umxwy.


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PAJilT (U.P.)'- Rainbow bhue
hhlgt the Itt hair coloring, TM 2to '
17end by French women.. TiM resor'" 0
been elected by hbe a.
At a recent fashion show, voters three lrims In atcesion
wmnan wore a real -ttention get. Despite her extracurricular activl-
teal-an upswept eveags eotiffu 4ies of operating a real estate bus-
tinted ruby red. Oe bathing suit sess and a gift shop, she finds
model wore a nymph-like hair-do, time to run her own home, do her
tinted a silvery bluhgr.ea own cooking and read mystery st-
R 4., blue and silver sequlP ap Included in her public duties are
peered in snow white and pale supervision of the borough's police '
blue coffures, One mannequin force and keeping the report out of "
sporled a Mayle Antoinatte wig. the red.
topped with Fourth of July The cat-calching came after she .
le. found that stray animals left be- iU Ai Ii
hind by the resort's 10,000 sum-
__________ __ mer visitors presented a problem.' tjiaii.r t W .,
S Fm m t of Mayor Greena n said she had no -. -_ ..- : ._
.,M. I, E03 Tormght of '. "- :. '. T





mmi or wire reservation
ainoaite, Boquete



k frfJ I

the only bra in the
world that
guarantes a

iaff46w iid waking

-l r
For the aveMMae Agr (Ar IA.
and C cup) the rwelutlon-
ary, patented, pre-haped
Duarn-form cup aures Nat-
taring, youthful uplift for
tiwe ntire liff of the bra IE *
get an actual moseey-bae
pareva lt with every sar-
Want! Come, wriAte, phe for
yours today.
Regular ........ 4.50
Strapless ....... 5.95
WAfe onJy, WtaM n2-30A;

S ., w .l-w v.
N.- 1 CetrOal-Ave.
Me. 6 'tIelI Ave.

6PrQie he .v 4;. days' gaiety HER MAJESTY MARIlTZA. l '
(See the oetg entrance of the queen and her court each.alght) ,
The',erowning f Je I;Queen by Aurita I and the beautlfW .-wl.nnint
thrahe are a faaeinatnr showwl- The grand coronation ball led Ithe
beautifully gowned queen and lhr court oes on until the 'earl ours.
Special novTlty acts. Dress formal or semi- omal.

Who doesn't love the parade of the beautiful, colorful national costumes
of Panama the pollera, mopntnsa and montunol And at El Panama you'll
see many of the countries most darling seftoritas and gay caballeros in
thi. wonderful dress! Prizes will be awarded for the best. Come In formal of
semi-formal if vou haven'$. a costume yourself.
Here's mad fun when any costume goes! Come as a beachcomber, a
pirate, a baby, as "Shane," as Rip Van Winkle... See the waiky election of
"Mr. Panamal"
A bottle of whisky will be given to every "eomparsa" of 10 or more couples
entered by noon Feb. 27 In the "Comparsa" contest. (A "Comparsa" i. a
iroup *re sed inl similar costumes or carrying out a t4eme.) The winners
of the contest will receive a rase of whisky! This Is the rast glorious night
when the fun toes on 'till dawn and the unique ceremony of'the- "burial
of thq faih" signals the end of carnival. More fun in costume!... Much
mure fw- In a "oBmparan" costume!
Tommy Naues and His Toreadors
Lucho AscArraga's Merry Musicians
The Queen's Band (The Murgp)

Sat. 12.50 per. person
Bun. -- 2.50
Mon. 2.00
Tues. 3.00
Call Max 3-1660
CaUl Max, 3-1660

tWIAW.. ...Pt ,)nIeAM -


Buy NOW your masks, confetti. serpentine,
hats, paper horns, noisemakers and
carnival decorations.
if you're planning a quiet week-end.

(Both Across Ancon P.O.)

I ~



... -*

0mdy /

Even strong men yield to the delicious'
flavor of AVOSET WHIPPING, the
sterilized cream that keeps for
months, whips wihe you want it.
t 111 ^ ,.





ounce of Annour Clo
In the in$it V. 8.
with every bit of its
S avor. Pick thiWi r


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. ** .., ., ... ,.- .M .:,.A .,, --*,, ,1..
.. ," .'. .' .. .,' 7: .* ,. ^V 4 .:-, il,
'. '.-..." .j~. ": *- at f ". .2 'S^'r :""" "


, *. ., r. .,-,r '- ; -' ,.Z7
' '- .t ,, ', .::, '^-. ,


wwirs YOU .CA PLACE YOUR AD AT 14 j r


Im TOic 23
FIvrt DON!
Juato Aroeimna Ave. and 1 Ns.
a Srt kiNo. M


CommI AVe. 1 L

.I, s Leottar Plara
rou b of July Ave.


S n el m A**t. c.C 4 PROFE5S$ONAL
;Household Automob io Call Navy 3812 (new SnumberIA buL- ua R FEStO A
Householdr_____-_ness hours. for lllS es' cI w UP RoSne
"OR SALE:--Westinghouse Refriger- FOR SALE-Bergain 4-cdoor conver- Bleaty Shop for information her a P'1877. 1Crga 8.167.3
';h Grfrich $lof Clara Beac Heats an
it r 25 cycle, 9 cu. ft. uble door tible 'Cadillac, excellent condition, Sa ta Clara eah Heum and for naClre ta Scie
t porcelain c and out. Good condi- can be seen at 2010, Ist Street, registered Toy Besteo Bull pups. electric refrlgeratlion, gas staves, cAga inCaAe Up
n, open unit. Residence 145-A. Curudu. Tel. 3148. Price $350.- DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Cc. moderate rate. Phon6-441or
New Cristobal, Friday 4.30 to 00. No more p less. central Avenue "K" street cornier, 4-567. h
S6:30 all day Saturday and Sunday. FOR SALE:-1949 Oldsobile Hydra- telephone 2-3479t, Pano. Fo ta .SOll Wi Dirtiet and |WT eMAN HONOR -. keman, Veore W. ()
,mpsi t4drdhigV P s TGd WO a
OR SALE-Fiber Rug. 5-Wall lamps matic, 4 door sedan, dgod LADIES.o Hav color shampoo. it Santo uCla Onr lN bs your MKst Sdelers a Va ddnes at a r *O a l n. ht t thee
2Ceiling light fix- tires.Very good conitlon. Callave acolotit e)tra. me t
Swivel, Spot, 2-Ceiling Ight fix- rs. Ve g oton. Ca brightens faded hair and blends-in lines. Phoni BalROU 2-.186. : Nst Abeve a (L t JA.s,) l, C alar o, .*&be"t wUde cr
tur, Frosted G Louvers, Curundu 836161the gry one. Cristobal Clubhouse WILLIAMS' Sonte Clarao 6cg Cot:- C Vr %ran'&aflh i GtiO, .dlW t sl e o
Wood. for Cottage, 4-Chairs, d.n- FOR SALE:-FORD COUPE (2 jump Beauty Shop. Phone 3-1642. Mr. toap Lam comfortable, modem, OF lari do,. at edler W
Ing. mahogany, blond dining table, seats), block, 1941, duty paid in Esther Lorenzo, Monager. er b olbo 050 Mpt -
blinds, double bed spring, mattress ,dent Bella Vista. Good battery, 5 AL n
a'nd horses. Telephone Balboa good tires, rakes sound, lights and AL *5 ll .
3101 between 5 and 9 P. M. 2 glass perfect. Bargain transports- S' FOR RENT T S .
Bedside stands. ton at $200. Owner will finance M [s I so ALl iS 4
-. SLE- 2---, cyc-- e reeroator for reliable buyer if necessary. HOUs BBC .*C sLt '. ..BB
tchen table n 25 char full length Phone Panomp 3-1358 afternoons, FOR SALE:-Air conditioning unit, o tn -.
m kitchen table aneu chousehol d evenings, or Brown, Panama 2- "Philco" 200 V. 60 ccle, Y4 FOR RENT:-2 well furnished small GEO. F. NOVEY, INC.
rnrrgoods, 06sc-E. Wllamson Place 0740 business hours. capacity. Used one month. Cusr- bungalows, reasonable price, for, n ji'J ''
ribo W.o FOR SALE:-n194, 4 door Chryster nte. "L Post al" No. 68 Central American retired men 2196 Via 379 o. 014 for erice
Or Balboa 3749. FOR SALE:-1947, 4 door Chrysler Avenue. Ttlephons 2-2814. Espo* 3o across from MWerado -fr Svc
Sedan. New tires. Radio. House aosfmMra
able just O few 5 cycle refg- 3126. Monte Oscuro. Rio Abojo. FRESH EGGS: From Wason's Form. turro. .....
Otars Ibrand new0 -- special terms FOR SALE:-1952 Buick green ond Juan Diaz. Standing Orders for FOR SALE--Unfurnished house, 2 I
10.00 down.s10 00 month. C- cream, DynfO low Drive. Excellent Home Delivery on Mondays for bedrooms, parlor, dining room, L AES U YN64
S$n10.00 doent $10 00 onth. Cto codam, Dynon fiwth r rget, o l Corozal Customers. Place your kitchen and large yard. Belisario
S a Sporton. Central 23 (nx to condition throughout, only 10.700 order thru Tel. Pedro Miguel 126. Porras St.; Son Froncisco No. 85. mlpA. 1 AS OU

tra pieces of orchid. International Co'on. FOR RENT:-Corner chalet;. two bed- i "11 WT BA
r. ECoon in. FOR RENTO-Corner chalet .two. bed-a I-wanFAST
sterling. Excellent condition. Phone FOR SALE rooms, big porch in Vista Hermo- II bia Ltrdm ath e QJ203 *82
S QurY Heights 3292. FOR SALE:-Bendix'automatic wash- sa, Pueblo Nuevo Rood No. 23. ,.7 7 5 Mil
.Real Esta ,er 60 cycle, portable aluminum ifc FOR RENT:-2 bedroom chole), in- 034 #J109
* FOR SALE:-14 venetian binds 31 box, 8" table saw 1-3 HP 25 cycle dependent '"Ineno de Vist" 11
x 34.oil $15. Good condition; over- FORSALE-2 lots 3,000feetON-. bo x tabsa. de s awycld pendent. 25nio doVi
x 34.all $15. Goocondion;over- SALE-2 fots 3,0 feet ati- otor. 60 cycle soldering iron, Hermosa" No. 6 Teleplan 3- 25 Ci oi tsl ST it
stuffed couch, matching chair $35. tude in beautiful Cerro Campana electric: drill set, large aluminum 4822, I to 5 p. m. Calixto Vees. W hi,. & .A
Phone Balboa 2-2954.~ One on Llanos 6~56 meters at 7 tool box. Phone 3-3242. Margari- ot, -inVq e103e
-- 'Wh r-cents. Other wooded 9063 meters to 8585. out, T, 9 Yer
FOR SALE--Washing machine mo- at 6 cents. Also household effects. tTO' BE RENTED:-Modern furnished iet Bee A
tar in good condition. 60 cycles, Owner retiring. Telephone Balboa FOR SALE:-Flexible press form, sun- ch. Two -drooms, garage. For 0 CIA
Philco radio-table model combin3- 3631. beam waffle iron. Phone .r-3242 f er information. Call 3-5821. LTDA. 5th St Ave
tiOn record and raa, Zenith r- -- Margarita 885. dFOR RE bedroom chalet. s T B SO oI

L FOR RENT:t-Furnished chalet, two ]dba Q' ilu. rF til, eNSi r;nFcend )h
ful mal&ogany console cabirkef (11 bedrooms. Miguel A. Paredes St., TRANSPORTES
1a-te-Mod~l~9n5 rI o FOR SALE tubes 1 P00a. qHeuse7-7 e$No. 26, Golf Heights. Mx
child's wagon, $5; refrigerator. FTovernillo, Balboa. Home all day --BAXTEiI, A. Married
od g od rder, .35; iron $3; girl's M o or y ele8 Saturday and Sunday.F O R E N "kQiY e 4 Movers 6*W hen o y' h d ws pay ) -A Th
29" bicycle, $15. step l, ,. $4, FOR RENT. 1P. & in laqkyearys-intereollegiae ,oo,., W o-o,# t@ .,,rfilled.: .
ao bed and moress 4 I-.e.a FOR SALE'.-1946 Indian Chief. Ex- FOR SALE--Bass Drum, small drum, o ps the inteu contra P tx. an .
wore dishes, $10, 2-bed-l ile tople cellent condition., 250.00. House and traps, $75.00, Kaiser-Frazer Apartmentu r ansMftrt Baxter was six no-trump.,to be reached 1AsI, ave a .b iin 5nogld'a
$1.50 each;dol. bed and blankets 1524, Apt. E, Bal. 1947, two rear springs $12.00. C. TT I VALERIO TURON by' lomlie such eiddtiWig d .showetn,1 e gave threau da; e
$15e0;a c hid's pri nting p. $ g 100; -Ps... rHarr Dison.t te a I ATT IN 6 1. Just builtt imod ern l *A D e tpt Vth e re turn, a nd e h g*
3t'rs,' s"l" .o Army Asks Bid's .. 1,*
mater bed, 2; wqp ki For n Excess R irv amateur FOR RENT:-Morn two C. make the slam contract. could get to dummy with the iae wrote
toble $1.00. Mystery,bookaduts transmitter ompet with thatch- tent, 5t Street -- South counts 11 tricks In top of clubs to draw a trumpandthen *
Snd children. Tel.' 2.-4210, Balboa. P ena ProertV 'L o,. leu, cryst al amik Apt. t $0. s 0 s ld nin the on llid ha paid 9 i tax
derars34Xro $;bir'sMoer,;esSa.rdiamondabye adiuna
biicycle,_ "; A T $1-r5.u Le Ir u. Poe 17$1 details ll Zubie ,P 1 eak 12ntrch trick epId defeat the slam contrict.e B
S i, PHonor i 3292. or 1802t He should duct eiy spade .
SB a ids' Were asked today by r i CO trick in order d re or a
,k "Property DisposalOfficer, to1 cniion clohst'Jedoe
MENT FaP, soaulee. "-' *
"rS Gf" ^",^_ _. ,:,oI Oeneral Depot. on 313 l1 F.'sg onitp. fnished 2Bl bA 41 I
DoI'N. ,r tA dpoa rtNRmentIn r. sexk E
0 c ld foreignn ex$e, p P r onal pro6 5 p. t, dn rm it ngiin tr -i th .GUARANTn roD. first tric spa. ,:,
'Tl, s zo- which an be inspected week -A--8-6)w aml coa e Pups. AKC reg- district. Large dridbnrfm .d i,... oued (asT.. ",' t.
.a st. bCall C$n 4r korshn .. E at Corosal. 'aR ister l. 5" rmteCW 5old. tall Pan- r oom, orch. u th a at,
6 -.o- 0 0.0. ingVF-red.. cr ysta2 nt eas. $ 0 .0
aDchld. TI 4-4 Ci Prurodup r mis... cer sfopace.d i4 Ee a and s o e ly o nubsmdhpa
Po oSealed bids m'e st be yub mt ed hs 3. for appointed a .-W W I
.,ANTED on *an. druplicate gdtaccompanaid FOR. WRET- e. an

cAtniosder'^^^^^ ^ 52t:3 FnO ETed: % n $PAL, a 11. 'a
P". Itern. Caoll FV nd.' 528. rb, pery s cent ofFc E the total a- t F os R 2 ENT: FR th. o. Fo- e -
'urrpean-36e yea o d Witph capital Mount" bid, to the Bid Room, n. apartment i nbe rsi ;, A breakd( r t,
Around $10,000, 4d l lke atoe Clolding 3dl0, Corozal. by March lOOi. Parge diningroom living the fou
5; IT2nothcosellae.beope edn eat 'ldigra, ah o idao. b, 0 -Ph
sociated and #6rk in e stalshed18 ad thy wil be opened a ame cedar ine, c Wen Sou lad elu
business in intllriooror. Po a.m. on tt day. o R RENT:- try .00 m ly. alle 4No dummy has a spa th
SCity. Man written offers to -Box personnelvery bri sonably Bello Vista. eP AK ERS arts. Each defended n
1 67,4 Ancon, C. Z. r priced, 1. 5, 45th street. STE K Ea hearts. West's other ca -, Is .-,
1 E exceptionally beautifully furnished FOR RENT:-Two bedroom apart- TANN ALUTEC LANSING high spade; and East's other car P.J.lo Osemen AvM,5 Street
room ,th ice-box, stove, pra met situated in El Congreo. C is the high diamond.
Coke_________________d___I_ larg e fdiniEgoo, ngrogeoCl
SS Offr r. ser i-prlvate entrance, near 3-0769 business hours. -VO West must di eard aheart
u lsln ertaton,toone or two persons prevent tw o winning a -
ANTED t -Accouantr office manam- Gradu tid of good t:rsle Tel. 3-063 FOR RENT: Furnished 2 bedroom WHARFEDALE lr l 4 t hen umemya rm u
Sd apartment. Livingroomtin g- tsad en t -U
S ti ast Wrte o sta tWeek FR ENT: Furnished room to room, gas stove and refrigerllta puts the pressure onRit. ItEast
ci s married couple without .children. Bella Vista, 43rd St. No. 64.- discards a ]lr am y's ,.d R I rA. A
age, experience. education no raduti xrCse of the U-ate street No 46, upstairs, Bellas dicrd---lbeuo h e ad le d a ne Wad H E eT
dllt y and salary expected." Good -- 11 FOR end l Irom June.; will be go d V 45-
.Opportunity for right man. Apply J MhO lc O. 17th until end of June. Fu ... A rik. wm .NOTICE OF S l OLD l I NG
ice-SR ffl ilhbiof, ntvespripet ent situated inm EJ Cngrejwo H Call USris the igh diamond. '
Accountant-Office Manage. Box Unao iM. B er el-ti FO RENT:-Large furnished FR RENT:-ihd three bedroom ap rt TAI, E NCICS Non cad ; tid Es-t P sm' eui
3233Panmta.iba-o, will be held s epcrite ,trince No 2tac, s461 St. 7th floor Madugrsan. l -BO ICE Weteus tiSr g a ert "r
.Pa EnmCloseernN4-hf dr~ansh sro .4-Asd E N. 3 lls n igbt be expected, "" You are hereby that a meeting of the
ANTED-AEolih-npantIish speakn It was announced f ga 200.00 a month. Excellent ok a o tho players stockholders of Hotel am anos A will b
o a1rnt for tadvkertisinggpaperof cstyc-and^ baby a arte. in ig son .oay dnd n jo puml ayersgo tod t a
mtih strea. Afrite about $350.001 ate dby Faunlso aeilobo r-4775 a Theog soa e held in the bother Eiolp-utp roened at 1 Avenida
S nthly.-Write full detai sndridi "r2e ceremony has been sched.- i hous- filId P COVERS .using when one Espaia, Paaa t, |public of Panama, at 3:
t graph and references to A. A. led for 4 pap. There will be no4h a contract o alx fh
-. p portada 134, Pona n. admlisl lon charge. so Vit FOR RENT:-o-2 bedroom apartnI made it byvepl 11:1 e f
Accountant-OfIce Manoger irfl^n^ 7thA until end of Cune. Cnnp Eies Ioop nTO
*- 2 ment, furnished. garoame, light, _AgainstT* six- -:' EE N

ToIopy Exo bil 2 t..Porqu Lefevre. 3-2163. From 2:- HERES cd Tw u .,t u nd o aofe
NT-nH-Spaish sp A Dtwa.1* Vta 0 : 00 p. m. on. trumps with the B ace pd klig. He .ISel
antoraderisngpaer Feb.2 FOR RENT: Apartment. one bed-. AUTOMOBILE OW 77 thenleft two truMpseot, nab ear-2. ArtoVea.mluIm.t e a 8
aPHsADEnHIA Feb. 26 ('n room ideal l eshsa4Tel 3-4621 ing whether they wee rreorf _Iw
ro- r 4 t 14 a.dsnIn..todalocation, fire Searate. He lpadta REfODI3.oTotraOsn aN 3:

o uf their ppers in its 24th an- Yds. from "a Mcarenoa otention of ruffing It.
aurl Axhibit of newspaper NT bedroom South didn't care ,byw.opmio not, '
u1apartmTfumihd', irnrm, ighrtage,'L e could get ba.k to niT
TABe week o f March 8 was Eeb St. El aLie. al3 Furomy 2:- Hand te february 25, 1954.
elected the periodd from which 3486, on nday. Monday .and trump: and theolthe aceat iH
AOdrnwn the exa, weekday da' F"OR OEN,,twtSrpcious apnrtra-ent, 1- A ai
Pbe .o yIAt f the a 22 ida oon, furiesh e tO% SAr or

I EblUm atfvitd p rinthnr and E ,li .L .nwRly R:--To bedroom etel art- k dl ruffI' a spade..
.bt a date to u e d ospen in p. e with wir, wrane cetio uet

The Ft Wayland Ayer Cup w Hos No. 22, St. I, PhoFne 2-1961. eadldotr* **te*** 8MN
Ie &warded the newspaper con- Std'c
sidered bezd, an typoraph, FOR RENT:-- Best located ansen pR
ute week tIr hrch 8was fo St. Ewl Cinrej. 4Crd Saturday 2-. neft Ae 1951 Co dillar. Convert 2 oupe Fies1 4ry -
nanent po.hlstssiun. Two newT- uesday. 9.. ...2.-2-3525
dra.. "We .. o weeda LOST & FOUN aprtenA.. lc H
to eosen by after the REA- w--_ he bo ,ist A ,.furis. Back up Lihs, Windshield W shers, Directional

TproRient itheTooled Pflkdt ok with thord
), y igighe7IAe Or ColoN e James C, SWoyt, C Not.Ie.oPds .".2-1961

-" 1.
as lanafrt Igo Iro ing. 'W$ES *1 ,""**Enjoy orfra" Driving ThisMreosC
W"per5toameery PosaradeRem&.
+ "-'-ets e shgg um ". Rc*
de Espejos 0 o mw ==: .c S.A.

OEl Diable -C. PONTIAC Deale'.
.ceft 16 sM W. ..2 Mis"AVMI= AUTOMODWLE"ZIA



S ~- -
A -= *~
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-- -, ,.. F-

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Agmda ltemaL do PabUhulmes. VAaUAGIA B3TAO MIbtB
Cetsal Av. No. 4 &y
r tf efeir 7 m. I~ee ^iH-+g ^ "' _PY'
iol AvI A O4

17 A. -#I-



a--- on "I



give )DIPGi vesan

NOSfloSufu of alt 0* tIe meIggkt
-INe NuaTnh o of hr oaruM dnor-
he net dolr t1 "a Buoer a NMvy vee Was desir.e
'or .o The ftvh-iott .a d .url .Iompe rovt i, dhe Pre deth%. May
0 Idal exe finance Coonmi- are birth to the In ant Tuca- .ch. recently The cajole hf runston, a former collep pre.
.l- mu, another io t to eed das l a. e -e e
iirhine- 5e husbands ogutof ,rtha_ frt shael Os 0 lod b Coqr-
nt t hfpla .t t" or os00 e y te. r t e m t eld 3. the
buoc ar1 ,or caor1por2_i:oO.hbe R a hiye very l sr t he plan hao no, d rat
a d I' f-rat fu relbo t-
.oE td of hasgeares rae
.rthe ovemet sinsot hasty lbvtments and

yeat d$,twertiowan everyone to now there
(rUP etiae, fsor cvanW -- J" W a etock in evenry ad the plmoant solid not -ot
.'m.m e ,tthee're rSU prtio "wnI .or "
s .oas M wants 'f i t o u red to stee more rsonsa

oftan 1691110 tie whose husbanh rt1, lhbar most ofu them were
n yearwoldAhoghreyoaohneth nvh,,o ls e
? A. LaInt hasty Inveptments and
.. erica," expe everyone to no there
o-i. Saw- I.vo," saw the ati n ore c t

110.."jwata riru shbingottb BodsiTo Supply nIE
Plana -edtniev- ?Sve eyew -,&de ftohe'e othadO- Sa S 'M rKteiough
unt fdne fl b -d- -one or two brokers would have
a stres And Tubes ee

u Ohem Asked By Army
dslk aiofa' t awh osl huna., and usxn otheth in ne moat of

Ifegerbe.rtJo~ne _Or.Of Ow I d not |dentif'. -The Otfice of the. Ordnance When yon cal woman .n w~ ~ ~vroti e
-O1e al i er U8ickner. today ask un the teJep on said r -hu nd

of .judges+ appointed by Aeting) eetd ones--when I get ed for bids to supply tire8 and .A'- swers and yelt_ for het te, .or _tm. Po___ n_ __ te ine .
Jov. Ch yrl .d ohn a. The hraoughw kth themn," declbr6 d tubes for delivery o theullOrd- elivyl e
Stad es inclti '0. krld Frye, t reBa st preacher, naoe a Receiving oorably impressed with his ,man- ,
anColto. t. r aene 'e tpromt utl msa- nreeI hme alicate will be doa n

inrt J wr, u Hob- and les n the st ate, nd opened at 10 a.m. Iarch 10. rtour Wife rho ss wo hed on tve
son, zolld M. aynard of the make t illegal or woman o pecfions for the tires and eone?
wo hdhlef arond tub b e secured from the willake her feel

t Byudge eroten Ao"Edution Ause eBdy Ay sf at h o I
Steve Mdi Wt ine who ane- herself and oit h public wit Purs nd Contratin O- d, and make you appnCr .s.- t 154 a 'er o

, Z.f la d o th ae otyal tarwoa to SpcinfiaeStionsr tire an oh he ne ubes
ptaen f e Boy lcote, d.l igaretteO ue han and fBer, OdlanCe Section, USAR- to les esitlnemAS t the peie.o 1u- -
State 'lo;'e-e .C. H. Coulter. qan od beer In thk e o nth ,CAETe, Corozal. Oen the other end of uhe l ine. o. a t

. ., ;*' ,. ..; ,. ,

OFFERS seinsatio ge

opportunity to get.




Sunday 8 a.m. 12 noon

on various lots of AUTOMOBILE PARTS and
ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES to highest bidder.



TEL. 2-0810



r '".









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P 9.. ..-

.1- N-w^^ ^<
*"i*.._ _..
iFV714 Iw

;: S. :Y

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on US3 %LItof~
iz;_ 1as ________
T& fi:p) i4j w n' !

by Erskine Johmson I ur.e on American menus these
d-' is good, old-fashioned stew.
-"c -- ,. Who says so?
ILLYWOOD (NEA) Be. to his films to com pet wih v Thp nation's leading china and
the Screen: Hollywood has a L i...n. wonrred., LketS ro i gss manufacturers, who can spot the head-the modie cen- ducrs with an eye.ea.bgwr. trend in menu panning
code. And the patient has its. she says of her ay. hIt they're selling.
doctorsthan the Mao acting:" y i There's an Increasing demand,
I doctor "' not vulgar-It's- artistc... they say, for tureens, casseroles
1'er ie h Supreme Court Pod. w and other covered dishes for cook-
Lion onlo M"and "LaRonde, Now it can be told that ieJral ing or serving the cheaper meat
ally knocking out state cen. da.s after Gail Russell was nimed cuts used n stewh and glass.
, the things-to-come predic- in the mud-slinging John Wayne Hundreds of china andhibitedss
and opinions of everyone difurce action, estranged hubby manufactu rers recently exhibited
rt stripper Lily St. COr to Le-; Gu. Madison drove her to Seattle their 1954iwares in Pittsburgn, a
m of Decency and film industry i fr a sanitarium rest, with Guy glass- making center r.i
&ders are as confusing as a class paM Ig a the bills as long as nec- e say tone Getting 'Em
movie plot. esarf.. But when they reached Theysany that the tureen, long
Seattle, Gail backed down, refused popular with New Orleans and
In a Variety interview, Darryl to check in at the sanitarium, and ewEnland housewives,now is
nuck just blasted "publicity- Gu) returned her to Hollywood. ordinuaryequipmention t a es
ikers" making hay by calling .- throughout teohle nust can't affordtion.
* repeal or changes in the code. tRemake rights to Marlene Die- .Most people just can't afford
g boss Darryl is worried about trinchs famous hit, "The Blue steaks and chops," said J. Andrew
film industry facing chaos, i Angel." are being peddled from Squires. oneof thing away the
extinction, should the code be studio to studio. No takers yet... gers. The y're putting away the
Dipped "or so watered down that Marilyn Monroe's suspension over rying pan in favor of the covered
me producers would have un- refusing to star in 'Pink Tights" dish.d casser-
ded rein on their bad taste." still boils down to a more-money The cheaper tureens retail for
1 New York. Otto Preminger, fight. One of the master-minders, oles at the exhibits womill retail for
S'produced "The Moon Is it's ,aid, .is hubby Joe, who was $5 or less, when they come to the
," charged that the Legion of an expert in the sweating-t-out stores in the spring. Extra biganc
ney and other Catholic influ-art just before spring training. Ones as high as 15 d-fashb
a control the code. His charge price for dressing up an old-fash-
bediately was deqied by the A Thrill for Gil ioned stew.
Producers Association.
.rtin H. Work e ecputie di. Gilbert Roland's due for the This China Won't Break

*_.tetor of the National Council of
tbPlihc Men, charged the U. S.
"i.preme Court with paving the.
4ur,for "another step toward the
rM an of all prior censorship of:

', u-t Samuel Goldwyn, who has
,'-fed a reputation for dignified
9 s, repeated his opinion that the
1unsorship code is "antiquated and
leds revisions."
air- For Adults Only

ward Hughes' controversial

thrill of playing his own father in
scenes with a boy playing Roland
at the age of 11. in "Blood on the
Honor," a bullfight movie'llated
for filming this spring in Mexico.
The script is based on Roland's
own story about his bullfighter fa-
Emoting again with Jane Russell
in RKO's "The Big Rainbow," Ro-
land recently saw a re-issue of
"Ramona," co-starring Don Am'e-
che and Loretta Young, and he's
still laughing.

nch Line." it is said, has so Tn 1937, he was all set to co-
up the Catholic church that star in the film with an unknown
li place a ban on any theater Spanish dancer when a new boss
ng it "now and forever." moved into the studio. The new
d there's my weak voice sug- boss looked at their tests, tossed
ng more adult movie plots 'em both out, and gave Don and
"For Adults Only" labels-a Loretta the roles.
a enjoyed in England. The unknown Spanish dancer
was Rita Hayworth!
anwhile, another big row is was Rita Hayw
oVer Hughes' unreleased "Son Fred MacMurray nixed a TV
,bad," in which stripper Lili series, but may do a weekly CBS
yr. and a Las Vegas wiggler, radio show. Burt Lancaster will
nan, go as far as they can take second billing to Gary Cooper
nd maybe a little further. in "Vera Cruz." Burt, the pro.
Lk- many a movie producer, ducer, sold BDart, the star, on the
Ig about adding more spice idea.




than ever

1Mow yowll eW her Ih oer by
Ib *. -imsa flomiwg lon
"ly hb ed ue hby msl
, -b V a teruW c uie g erte




f-an-ama. anal -

tbee 4:30, 6:15, 8:00

ilnaer Ila"nses*

IGARTA 6:15, 8:M
pock HVXL
Techasufwt I
s iIrh~rtBAml
.'SMrba r'
VAD Ml-llr

DIABLO HTS. 6:15, 7:50
0* rodeick CRAWFORD
Sat. 'TlIabtT T Ao stew"

Pedro Miguel 6:15,
Sat. "Let'. De U Apit
Technicolor i
Sat. "Cod iwo"
St. "Mslem. Over Kmr
Detnnis O-KEETK
OtL. M T Lwoe"

BAN' t :15,
-. B SMeerWAT
^MorNf Narte Crist

-. .'. :U. 1


Most of. the china ann earten-
ware were of the conventional
round and oval patterns. The
many varieties of wrought iron and
brass dishes and serving pieces
which hit the market heavily last
year will be fashionable again this
year. One manufacturer is pushing
a line of square plates, designed
to fit into corners and save cup-
board space. Another is featuring
face-shrped plates, and still anoth-
er is offering a complete set of
dinnerware in the shape of sea
The show-stopper was provided
by a New York firm which is mak-
ing real china guaranteed for a
year against breakage. The sales-
man at the exhibit attracted a
large group of buyers as he
bounced dish after dish on the
marble floor.
"See" he said, "won't chip,
won't break." None did. o its
The company is so sure of its
product that it is offering to pay
for the first year of dish-washing
slips by hubby or the children.

Scout News

prownle Troop
Camping Out Tonight
Brownie Troop 56 will have it.
first opportunity to expfrlence
camp life when it makes camp
at the Coco Solo Girl Scout
shack tonight.
The girls will cook their eve-
ning meal over a camp tire, hunt
.rtlcles during a scavenger hunt
tad roast marblhmallOws over
e.Camo .fire before beddinz
own In blankets on the floor of
he shack for thb night. Then
ere will be brEakfast over a
mpfire at 6 In the morning
nd more gatine until camp
breaks at 8:30 Saturday morn-
Mrs. Joyce Talley, Mrs. Marga-
ret Ranger and Mrs. Emily Law
will, be the camo councilors.
*Bowneas participat i n g .in-t
Ikthy Anderson, Sherry Al-
len."Diane Alequas, Carol Sue
Brigenbaugh Joyce Carter, Glo-
ria Dolby, Trma Fabrega, Joyce
.Tuddleston, Emily Law, Claiie
I amis, Jan Ranger, Judy Thom-
as, Brenda White Rinky Ranger
and Iaren Law %lll be guests.

NC Man, 64, Posed

As Tobacco Buyer

To Steal Handbags
LANCASTER, Pa.; Feb. 26 (UP)
-- Chal A. Weaver, 64. Win-
ston-Saltei, N. C. was arrested
today on' larceny, charges. De-I
tectives Al Farkas said Weaver
posed a f buyer lor a nationally
Kno ,n *obacco company to steal
atwo fidba from homes here. I
Police said Weaver scanned
newspaper advertisements and
gained entrance to the homes
under the pretense he was look-
ing for a room to rent. Police
said he also is wanted on similar
charges In Harrisburg, Reading,
Allentown, and New Kensington,
Weaver admitted. accordinE to:
police, the theft of three valua-
ble rings, worth a total of $2,-
200, at Harrisburg and sold them
in Reading. Weaver was quoted
as saying he avoided selling the
loot in pawnshops-because "they
always get you into trouble."

.. BoysDo$10.000

E" D age To 75 Autos

W h Paint Sprayer
Color CHICAGO, Feb. 26 (UP) A.
-- gang of boys, armed with paint!
- sprayers, did $10,000 damage to:
715 automobiles and a home in
-:". one night, police said today, j
One of the boys, a 13-year-old,
said they got the idea from
7-" watching a television -'mystery
show. He implicated five other
S The youngsters broke into the
!: home of Jack J. Brody late yes-
terday and found several cans of
reIn patnt In the basement.
o" Kach ep had a nozle arrange-
meant that produced a spray by
a" figer preure.
T_ e g g sprayed patent about
S the teament, covered newly-
j.* finlahed ceramic walls of the,
kitchen aad pulled open drawers,
and smeared utensils and slver-.
-- 7ITheyn y went outside and
OR**t autos parked ln

NEW YOR" C'U.P. -it. Winh
ston Guest, famous tor-h ht*rshion
know-how, hlso has definite Ideas
about makeup and figure cares
A beauty as well. as a -fashion
plte, Mr Guest says women eat
loo much, drink too. much, wear
their skirts too long, and are swax-
ed too much by fads. ..
Mrs. Guest, wife of the soelally4
prominent polo player and -ava
lion figure, is blonde- and wllowy.
She is five feet,. six and one-halt
inches tall, and weighs, U8 pounds.
She keeps her figure by one rot.
tine plenty of putdnor exercise
and little of the fattening and rich
Rides aund Swims
She rides horseback when she's
at the couple's farm in Virginia,
and swims daily if she's in Palm
Beach. But for the woman not
blessed with stables and a beach
in her front yard, Mrs. Guest says
there are other ways of keeping
the figure trim.
"A woman owes It to herself to
find the time and the way,' she
said. "I do stretching and bending
exercises, if I'm not going to be
able to get outdoors."
Her diet features the lean meats
and vegetables.
"I think most of us eat too
much," she said.
She takes only an occasional
cocktail, saying that in her opin.
ion, the skin suffers from too
Mrs. Guest uses little makeup
during the day, but adds some
rouge for evening.
"Brunettes can wear more
makeup than blondes," she said.
"Too much color with light hair
and skin gives a coarse look."
Like- Her. Clothes Simple
She placed second from the top.
on this year's list of best-dressed
women, probably because of the
simplicity of her clothing tastes.-
"I- like both simple lines and
simple fabrics," she said. "I pre-
fer navies, blacks and the pastel
colors-never a harsh shade like
"My skirts are about 15 inches
from the floor ... on me that's
about mid-calf.
"Looking around on Fifth Ave-
nue the other dqy, 1 decided wom-
en are wearing their skirts too
Not a fad follower, Mrs Guest
believes that good style changes
little. She is dressed by some top
names in fashion, but won't dis-
close how much she spends a year
on clothes.
"But I will tell you one thing."
she said, with a laugh. "1 don't
buy as many as I used to. They
cost too much."

Traffic Cop Takes
Rap In Violation
torney John Heath argued suceess-
fully in court that the illegal left
turn he made in his automobile
was at the order of a policeman.
Heath told a police court magis-
trate that he was in the process
of making the turn at an intersec-
tion when Patrolman G. Clayton
approached hit car and said he
was going to give him a ticket.
Heath said at that moment he had
not completed the turn but had to .
do so in order to "pull over to
the curb."
Heath argued that his violation
of the law was at the policeman's
Magistrate A. Risley Ensor dis-
missed the charge on the grounds
that you have to complete an il-
legal turn before you can be
charged with a traffic violation.

AZ, \, ':
S -. ^ ., ; i ,:5
;,. ni<).'- ".,. i


t PRZE ,$75.O0.... ..... "CuF'

S 2nd PRIZE: $ 0...... ... .... .

3rd PRIZE s .,00.,. "Luis.K. Minees"
S. '.

These persons hoid'-go to tbe CEMTAL

THEATERS'S O'ffice to identify themselves

'and obtain their prizes.
3r---^ e--MZil------WO0.. M-rerie, Wi

->. :, ,&,.,
;,..X .. -l ..'

V- Af
,-. .* y .f ^
if'r .,(. -.. ..-

i-fl' t
-' :-.

'1aM pwar or.Fnr

^, -. +o- *m. **i*n ;n i

i: e^ ,g -- i
I^H^^-^i' r tl-K
----^*^*****~~1 )e* "*"H"


I -
* Sterling HAYTDE
Gene NELSON, to:

SHOWS: 7 and 9 p.m.
Admissron Prices: .60 30

1< <1




wISncaEw a

1 :W.36, :15k, 70, & .9 P.
, ta C t m "ld.

0.1 D- LA A Ai


S.3. I-

- -' -
~P -~r-r3.

~.a4 AK~I2* y~>r-vb.b.s~
-- t

S "
*-" ''*''^''zsiritc





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2. 4o 4
l 7 -1PW O.... ( l.

ap S. .a s,. .. .h. 41111 b. e u th or tf en. r SLa

. th T'^toe l .5l thaone sep e Pore*u is less ted tbsp Joh n 8. Woodbridge, coip-
Wi. a b l a u t t r o aot tt I
""a 8b to last, 0 f r D Ia.el t......

1tt St ,.A t i t 1S M SS B '',-3 ..o--- Wttf t Sth O e ut ou t ou t He said it would t saea.- i
S. o~isl er.a r Inte
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n ; .. --re e R t h ad lf t 4 rn tt s tht e re t~. o lrldn a to top Irtle onura UP -. c

Stid dew t le o. 8. Brol th Pterhou you do err r m delee e d "
*awarded.b. N a -.11-4404 accounts toBrit ish

of sup o th ahe ANe ame -h ot t h eest he folted bakiteiia tno edh M f a e tnt p-on

1aae In the one o e up tdhe amet to esvednt cDOiMg ad A f an maero wo

a b.. Rlha wi ,a t et-p tht the r 1 c Ia t *tf ef o dV t the bat, tIa rnoto e, o di io
tII io rso ato live t t e mo et other orren i s dno l
ntiA 6 N i to i, _4
a oictkor eop dbyandn kee p40 U cut u, ol ho boid acdua t th been tin for

.....G o pq ed a t hee -ju nkore
a a b at lAo n u t we o Ai. or e en emed Col aed aonr e to e aoit home t at lieone ainn- t .
Atdd 3. y Oe l oK Hrt8 ^ a tea h ied ano in we' Part u.iiie P ort oe 301e ue s Wobts aou ae at

aa-ha. m e'uw ,o w S. se on. dree, 5p B other a o w th a eve hre oul uD the y.kt hr

td. 04 Fdpral enel polic. SSd t a -ho' i pn*atwo u.e
fval I Te e plts, WO. trololposite. _er of PoIn-Amorlem y u -r fraud
r1100. Mrt ibt to Roft 3., N md /tr \ combat ofAe buite l ad iof r Ai a ve a hous been to have

lW b|texBiabte CI the r eso slowr to to t. ti are pde ar, bcis emd aita d aion to Wodbrit de ao th e
eti*s forle d 0 *^J ^ervice oumd itoe the or wer eoftte f9 thera Tt pth yoPs It n b e fnto asnd lUe a ndes r dd. Tt r aon whih 14n
fAod to t seson to _o aeue noen fa -k t ln thde rrancy o A
Sa paith ebltes its l shre byrd tihaent Rt3sponAYad l
l| .. ... .... .... r. an2-se n :eg...t. ot with M t Cb..olte 1nor o pteha t n amv yu d o te m o ne
o'rld O, ohtle, nt re it a PO to iurey t e p cipo

*itsipptej'urblnei aue Wtcnad at .a y be cut ou faoat th fletona Add.ct Th owId chtea. yuoteo b e an R
-R t Fred tent S iita pn e oaifotyt foot t4. t oee t L ottont .e ad fd. aTene ionteo tean. ia i ou the dlin oe
ft ga = P e rig lot.t a. oeb one"ehe mat he t, pevntAtreo t g anl mona who-

The .a Pim m: jltb+ Fel nlstoitlnO t whoie3 place meghdwl a peta skew er .aned at o&V */fc ere^ _* s* W "*J '

p 1 "Thear netreclme an d syste earcA- ynd wteer re 'datoBSy particle. tdd 1 to the Tra -;^
ein*- -he to hut r.ns r it, toot lled an d o sn hearted wtf istor ou n WPtr es rar i u onet e B P -

:n asgtss M' Pb j'os!brl5ge ami d irre e fuA" IA
So ate b r.a e r tk ternt o pte ft l ee nt- tha ra Ou h w d r h t h .w a
tW d e- t u d. w elo P", .h area -s. -p noe with a rp e ul a s you bo other Ifo rr wiar e- e foe
.. ..... t The e ti ei .... iuy reeeres t oeoot toot t'o,. th lef.tmen. foo

. M* a a- J t obeen w er .......r...... "-. -. ar and .. ... .. ... .s% I 1-I f
Weorli luwa st -- ntt ej th o-t m o

-inle n wt ll e VLi. o) d Ih ove a on
,- e- iin I...t.a.t.... a....we -eo.. e .tt t e deveesntrn t woub e ne e .u t .lot.
iiBtW i ahi imbeby *m he a med aod p lels ano pre heated bo i adn.
I;.. different ires l elhrof tkt e h

ae sa 8 P a of the Pa Lsc.rket Vt wbe in townd ur deh. wit li o
v"t- b d. devea r "aed iet sailed le trto bw 9" J icUkt..U o bTn, cu tr pero Il
Sehopia co hamo ppotM fat to tspoonpuveu and that jhW o Up Etae e h .
: mhY4 oft: FOr* k on blu c s de acponrd! et b ut kiL lt W their th air-s

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...._..+ openm a1: u .*. Thatnt anes ao lotunro an o uney V5
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RTh .re enn o e an- b S mid nd 'o s hteo of us nle s sr fur e

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CIOthe the 0o ltal otates l e't tos dat pea ai
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Add bee eal' tione ,era t _e r l r lede f Mr m IN st conuuinu frt heguets, w.-..e o a uni t b~
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bye or ope url i7 ticket. as U carried .

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fo r.u Ct -wes wt hen fdur th Ie wa de # 4 fial C bieLeeie )...
1a a0en 'lidheh. vloretl Od It s sm tsriy t a y powdered Iry mu&. 'y -. and thi bs ee
.mpPo dor. d -Pric H Womtur dl andm ofTHEnecessary b Ck

A fbover continu e to se "dte "3 bck' h, tro--r.- th& holidaY.'RK ...
Iansr urs unde e. are war do wih W i
-Strongly_ and t, hI Ve er s. 1 i c pp eizt e a uset
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leso w f I l u1t6 ftfhe "'" rod ofr0.,e- Pthi"knost'
39A" W. .- t ergerwi fu f wl andamental I t
/Th deal"e Ir t u m e these lasted orrdw
S".1 A 'i rTe d. tia oa the rLon e -oO /eyo.--W) oft. Is Cut 2t. 5 a
L"UB 4.50 c .. ,d t o tha o -VM Iftivard wN 0 lenu ao n ueo

eanyear. g"f work. -' Imu.+eaot be eo oERtE leg, r Aut hng.-
of It" y Ineedmost o o t he r din ed.w"e= a a"Anassp we ......
J t rt1AI ft ba u und cls tIre Sac aren vtm d A

s.4 m.a in L ie wea iz alf romro ce thew euolin,.the. -.,-

._lra y n o e .u an Intwas ,. ew b :t tsloi )y .t. theem _wohays the +
|h. gitiyen: Birth y hf. ..olida bea ra M IDm ind
tics[I yoif wil lof ".L1 .th W H.-.. -.: -

| + ''- waits ap.M.d r S~'.]bl~l ." two al th / l essons-l~l _, :

F --
L ~sad A50* -S-o 3. tap a
MANS an Mrs d ., L MONDAY
-j .U .Charles A. D ita Mr and hPOgERA oo Dk ; -r d b NIGHT-See the oreous
A ". z. _._i. Me&sA : iot tiiDar. e i-, .- .r-o. Prizes tor the most e Prtiful f d
-tal; Mr. and MA .~H brt (q ) 4. tfep them m ."
aSmentiouten r .I a re.reme.
Cr p"f:-Mr. We Wore dl-
aW, r.. .. me .. a~ -' z TU HESA YII." ofth
)s-no gumet. w foot marms and aete. to mat TUESDAY
Ve A.R m" an Mr., aso ofa rte a s GALA NIGHT,--Gay Compas.ThQeninall
~~~; U n frm '. arthe .the pum
A.1.. Oes n i lef.. lo l~s Va i on -. dor. Traditional end of the Carival with the
.+ .. ... ,.... .. i. '. i01m .ll "~ .~ GAA IHT-=yCmpi -Th,.~e i l

neeMr.' an 'W s.*
E aet Mr. a 11; A
-,.m Via.: k in. 'ATW -* 10 1110186. + ..go +' tj

a -- 6 Cover:
LUCTOOEN ped IN a Iam I s $3.00 per Couple

%le4 mm* w sr tI I- -- r Im I am
'at rCa 3--
,,: --, .. -. .. 4-_. .
A.+m m m +- : ...:. : A-.: I .

~ ~. .'- 4**~.-'

.". a --. ,- ',~ '*'t

--' n." T ^ '' .:7:. ": ; "i # ". .
,, BUBI. ., ". ."-I-' ; "' -, *
& ~ Uj~J-r

~i sfltOrsj

-Ieven Race Program S 1Iji j
--o....-v.,'.;- ,,<; ,,,-,' ,7,-'.

"F j -'. ,*%

B' $750 7-Furlong Spiint

features Tomorrow's Card

A well-matched five-horse Class "B" field of
*imported thoroughbreds tomorrow *ill vie for the
major portion of the $750 purse over seven fur-
-longs in the featured event of the first day of three
successive race programs at the Juan Franco race
Dark Mildonaire. because of lonalro and Jaquiimazo, respe2-
hisa imDressive t!:umph labt Sat- tively. Follow Me II, which was
trday, as the probable mutueis r. big disappointment in the
olce. Jaq.ulmazo, Anglia, Foi- rame race, will be going llgtit
ow Me, II and Bcndeguz are the this time with 108 pounds and
Either scheduled starters in the ~ ill be ridden by Cuban hustlci
ac.e, Rolando Lopez Oil.
1 Jaqulmazo was third, three AngLia, which nosed out Su-
Jkengths back of Dark Million- persun In the lower bracket Sun-
ire, In last Satuiday's race. On 'lay, aid Bendegu5, Just back
1tbat occasion, lie carried 115 3own from Class "A," will make
S pounds t otLe Millionaire's 112. the contest even more interest-
ffhi time the 'rich darkie" 'Will ,ng. -Alfredo Vacquez will again
Wbte 120 porinda against Jaqui- rulde Anglia while Freddie Rose
*hazo's 115 will piot Beondeguz.
The. same riders, Colombian Ten other prospective thrillers
Ie 'Luis iraldo and Virgillo are included on tomorrow's pro-
P* astif.o, will be aboard Dark Mi'- 'ram.

ir ^Er f^ ^^Sif

i, Standings
o .u nWon Lost
oln 2 0
sitar Life 1 0
0 0
0 11
1414 0 1.
our Agency 0 1
Lincoln. Life 8, Elks 0
Sears vs. Police
IJncoln Lifers, behind the
1 pitching of Charlie Brad-
s -cored their second
Igit win in the second half,
g the Elks 8 to 0 yester-
dshaw gave up single hits
Itbt.second, fourth, fifth. and
I innings and did not allow
I geot boyoud. pee
t ou tw hatt
talked three. Dan
.Narte for the Elks

Wa singles-
eto et two

SMet with
S er two
series of Bra
y Sears,
LII meet the
o box score:
I 'i

a. c
iht, ef
k If -
e~f *

Engelke, cf
Sander, If
Bradshaw, p
Parker, s
Dubos, c
Capwell, 2b
Dolan, lb
Crook, r'
Ward, rf
Cubillo, 3b
White, rf
Beck, rf

Elks 1414
L. Life

2 1 0
2 2 2

3 1 0
3 1 12.
1 0 0
1 0 0
1 1 1
1 0 0

0 0 0

23 8 6 18 11
by Innings
000 000--0 4 3
104 30x---8 6 0

Winning pitcher: Bradshaw,
Losing pitcher: DesLondes
Struck out by Bradshaw 2, Des-
Londes 0. Bases on balls: Brad-
aMLw 83 ei 3. Rltching
-/ t ht 6 ruzn

ox game:

in twoles cappear- Writte fr NA
S f ha, bttin a from second to third on a
for three.
r d theun play and the batted ba
Paolice. k and slapped at the short-stop, we
singles collect- Writteis for NEA Benice
dshaw. W QUESTION: Runner is on his
first half win- way from second to third on a hi
Polio and ran play and the batted bal
Is slapped at the short-stop, wh(
lets it go through him. The bal
then hits the baserunner. Is he
1414 out?..
Ab rh Pa 0 Aswer:NO, as long a It Is the
3 0 1 0 g tisj 'dg4pmnBt nobody els
2 0 0 4 2 had a qbsco for the ball. He
I 0 2 1 WW bal4hve beeneamt If the bal
3 0 a0 0 1M before the shortstop had a
1 0 0 0 0 .c t
2 0 0 0 0 Q. Did Henry, Thompson, the
3 0 2' 0 2 New York Giants infielder, come
I 0 0 7 0 to the Polo Grounds direct front
1 0 0 1 0 the Negrc Leagues?
1 0 0 0 0 A. Not directly. He had a tria
0 0 0 0 0 with he S. Louis Brows ina 17
1 0 0 0 0 went back jo the, Negro League
-- then came up with the Gita ih
X1 4 0 1* A 19i via Jersey City.

Pacific Softball


Won Lost Pet.
Navy ......... 1 0 1000
Pan Liquido ...... 1 0 1000
CAA ...... ....... 1 1 500
Firemen's Ins. .... 0 1 .000
Baxter's Movers .. 0 1 .000
Pan Liquidn 1, CAA 0
I Firemen's Ins. vs Baxter's Moversu
Yesterday In a hard fought
pitcher's ducl between Big John
Pistro and Arty Smock, Arty
eked out a one to nothing shut-
k out over Petro when the beer-
e men defeated CAA.
Smock ont only was credited
with the win for his hurling a-
ability, but was instrumental in
getting the lone tally across thg
s plate when In the top of the
Aixth frame Smcck singled to
center field witn two mates on
but the ball was short and the
result was loaded bases with
one out. Smock at first and Tito
Ostrea at third rambled a dou-
ble steal and all runners were
safe with the deciding run
crossing the plate.
Pan Liquido arnered only two
safe blows, those being a bunt
single by olayer-manager Billy
Zemer in thop of the second
and an infield single by Arty
Smock in the to f the sixth.
SFor the Aero c Cox singled
SIn the first. Malene also singled
in the first frame and Dave Kel-
leher, reached first base on a
single in the bottom of the
D fifth.
Smock, the winner, was cred-
Sted with the shut-out, on three
i safe hits, one free pass ano four
I strikeouts,
0 ixg John P tro sufgu the
) 1on oCn one run. two t: aies
and four bingleq Bil Jo n re-
ti d nine of- the $ Sn via
the strikewort route.-
The box score:
a, Tito. If ...... 0
5B. .-Tony cf .... *.3 0 1
S- t, sa ....... 3' 0 0
:S D" :, ,' .. .. ..... 3 0 1
%9-b0 ....... 2, 0 0
24A "* 0 3
,,t n ............... 2l 0 o

...... .. 0 0.

anLi.. ....... 0 1
*........ 2 0 0
........... 0 0

A .. .....,..... 2 0 0-
S ".......... 2: 0 0

t : Big OpenedTar Each
1 wasM ondapicuous by his absence

e Pn ooquido .000 001 o-I
Ga .................000 00 0-0

: Rainbow City Pool
To Be Opened Each

.Monayy And Friday
5 RlahB o~wCity swhmlng
1 be& pePzed to the
. lwi t 'sW aseekly Mon-
, i ~~Fri days froin 1 p.m.
Sn beginning on
L t

Sfor 54

'* 0VEHENTS Vaf e. for '54


6* w4W COUT1NNTAL eo
"Wry We Cat -gin o Bel yOU 99 the
RA 4m-** o brilliUat iw imlprovuSAeef in tying,
*w ,. wgo TWIN Cfort, in perfammmce you'll
find'- .R *ddw am fl54 M Akflyte,
w SN LU mURmM styled by Mld4amm w Plain Fadl.



an aganusenry a wa op ai *to
you Scotland's ushaxjnssed abkll in

Rpmlu- WSsd is,
jof p .e l they


-- -.... .. --
-- ~46. .t4.. .. ",m ,
*. 'A'... .- L ttI f. .4.4. W # y-.: :
.b- _~. -.--- c..n a hw':.. .--~ _--,.? -_' : F .-

* '1

~'A"- Ak'

Juan rranco ae natrier Exec Defeat WI ad n
-- -- -;--..- .... ....--_ _I -
.. -...[. ,".
1st Race "E" Native % gs.Purse: 275.0Pool e1 ie.: IW lf 15-
SrstdBee of the aopqbow
1-Yos-pongo IML. rtly 115 -NothIng to recouen0 10-1 i n. a". 25 (NEA)a a -s t l ..
2-Pregonero J. Go0g6.1:07x -Good early soe 10-1 -STA .

6-Tuisd A. Va. 118 hostIn winning fort. 3-4 ecieut oi. m, w .ow Daers -ls. .

.3-Enoota R. L. Gil 104-RNosim recent 10-1 Th ate bw me. to o s-

4-W. Feet B.Age 113-Inetis. 3-1 tRotrians were ao Mr5. art ere N
--ihalaye J. 1cogo. 10kxs-God recent fe -1 l r e n the ~i ee o tehe a i I

-Tap Lady V. Brown 112x--Racwing to tiporto seven eon' rooa wori
7---Bagdad Vas. 115 --Should score agai -2 toe" e hammrd out a s e isa .. isa-
n3rd Race "G" NatIve %7 Fgs.Purse: $27.U Pool eloise: 1:1q4 6 t epert the oaty e tted t
Oecnd Race of the DubleDik D c on the moun tOy i is h f mrd
twoumiaath e otsoscore amr' c,.wrr61 NowOff

1-Don Pitin Z. GonAo. 108-Rlanerasly htdipet 5-1 atr d e wss :t~n Sen t eseod "
2th RRe yes Na 1v 5 804x-Does .Purse:nthr.a iool eles: 2:onAa -a Mgo ans' rcmen .7 "
Te0a 4. NLo. rnenty 10le. o the 4 ie. b and said to a il

24-W-resta i. 113 -Could e te de -1 oera get wo .for ascore- Bu.e dd, for a im fro Carter

--,- -1a%611ORthe te. awlya sold I-.
A. Gnglo 101x-Goodparecentrausced 30-1 bGeorge ie aothe -ro W silekIo

6-Tap Ladyrreal V. Brown 112x--aowing return to f orA 10-1 s, Bart h Lxeu' a4okle,.edat rof wDror l e a. on .ttherne ll
9-BCamaron F. 114 -Rates outside chagaIne" 10-1 t l t hamm outlet e inlss brutal y i .
34t Race "0" mNaprted 8% Fa.Purse: $ 75.0 Pool loses: 1:45 ,at ao. r t a alpi ,, a 1to most iell, I
Qre GeONE ont ma s who bii p lla m l*waLta. "Hel w m'nrdst is
1-C ar A. Gas. 118e -Deros nd -c toA nted in this spme *ltSacsa too se P:mDy *ndrS a
-olerte 5. CanMo. 10-ie-Do eter eptIst 0-1 de ne uh bg b a go wlveud be'.oCU o in. sN .b
1n stber the aL fratouie Cartos. utas e"Wha you wan t "- s t- a',
5-Burllla HRose 115 -Was never be 2-1 isry Oalubbers, givingg dl terine with npnria i,

4-Tinco edade Cnmp 1107x-tpsauly iothe m 15-1 tsvere ven ttm n h arou, w int h yl.wle carr tboutw e"r f
a-CBria V. sow 11n -at-ould scor a e at pie 8-4 te aggressive wil to win oe. adn -

7-Don Wends ongo. 10 a-Blazg ear d 5-1 td led t w ch has. rthe coalisatencp g. D eO 'D h
-- Darln C 10o81 -- ee odcer-1 Lment.I .eI ma
2 aaA Vease samefo4r th 1iht mnr*
4th Race "H" poNative 6 Fg.Punrse: $275.0 Pool closes: 2:20 t Wll b s6240 0" ip. r
-NumbAe J Gongo. tsx-otecones g-1 1r o the nsi Dae bdi bra es wler int S ende s n "H
1--oem Star L. Cirat 112 -Seemst "rhedtbive -hird gtI4Re'IrJitt bt

5-Bs Lind Vtheu .n-n L oudd -. e etwo tis Cartefar Isa a4 deewlo via fell. o
4-Aaombalet C. More. 112 -Needbetter otrider 15-1 3e Pd. .o a t c o rn 1--WadeN -tlWt
: __ w.h: i,.corenM you. Like :the time' ne came elose 3 l Fwe "- -..!B|k
omo homer a single by Baound In a well-deserved ques- ..

6-r. M ae. Vi urley lx-Nothl ing toindcate.. 3 1..0 1 yo 10 ines, -Aiaia Do
1-v. i S. Angi 1085 -Aspeem of utlomed 0-1 Ca,, o ....,.4 0 .ac o' ..'
2-Valutlaal V. Ordo. 1082x--Shoeturinse fir thfo 10-1 Dartfst Ec.... orttop, I cu2 The Monday before W-the fght, e-venIn-eotaR

9-Donaron Fo Rose. 11 -Rates outsiorde ha 10-1 l 1le.1 .: ....e...ld ., .t 1 f the mean scribes and ang expis U i 9n hiy pui .ag. ..wi
InPan ... b70ing far hiseright for achqmpionsap. bu.tle6 head,

4-Nehuicomr ongou. 105x-Musot limremto 15-1 t8 l.... .... : 0 there inV Sa Sflvermand s b uRnA
I5-BlackhBulrg in which he figures to- even JinhW NedF ii W
3-Fpirenue G. San.120 -DrOpp a e WiaT. --. 58:two teams imeet ia-. the score and then some. s conapo

4-CurD. Maiden Vas. 110 -Danrute thick ot It 0-1. .2b '.. ur.dar afte oon.
S--B.liamno B. Agil. 120 -MDroppedalm'as li 8-1 n at .th ., .........4 0 ..
9--Paragonr Vas. 115 -Needsop rdiftn sIs-1 Aathe b ....TUs Carter Is a deceiving fel
7-Alabarda C. more,. I 0: -Oults after tptintt 20-1 detway9ip *0 get Ufl low. Ina no-t bo or InP si- u N -irs
Cl R 1 training of any kind,. h ebcan fool 3*.Uaustr

th Race "" Imported ,7 Fs.PitFure: $40.0 Poo closes: 3:35 to lrinings: 40 Boston a,.s. A Ltou
First -Race of teDouble j g whn he put Tosmmry Ca on 5-Cle toi .le C."

QUncINIEL ae t...the fl.oor1 1OPN0 times, ARCv" C

3-Don Cuto B. Ai. /115 -tkeyshoulte 2-1 Gllcenauf ...... 1 0 Bentwn srbes and rIg e
4-Number Goago. 115 to orl a-1 ....thered SaSilverman's n -1

54-moraelo AJ. GonC 92x--DoLnp f mt "t 10-1
6-he Dauber G. Vpres. 115 iWnt athik ofd it 3-1 Wivitr o .............m.imadwth- 01 2 e 's -Ie

6-ArTetazo V. OWL 108 -Moat early foot 3-1 0 1 -
-Combo. C. Aan. 108 aQbooueerlySped 10-1

9--Scovery A. Vas. 110 -ct. In for 3 ............
$soon&dneee ittbp

8th ac. "H" Imported F. AUT. MOBx-L ROW ts;w
2-W l Fox A -Jockey ............. houl el3 lckenh s f ........ 1 0 ."-
l-Piverol oPhils 110 -4udt walve amanore 1 D5-1 DJhon, pc .......... 0 0.OE sMA4C I
4--Coralo A. o. a 1x-Douraet fo't aygur f 10-1 M larib .,.,., 0 0 ia vN i [Ivn '"JI1 3 SlflLW.
5-TheDaubero -. Aoes. Il0 -Ntthis,1 fieod 10-1 3

3--W. Jusce F. Hidal. 110 -'las sems too tough 25-1
6-Ti letazo VOi6 1108 p (m e ag_ -1 ..A.... ., 3 0

-Goedendap J. Gono. 97x- hwits ymproreent 10-1
7-La hover B. Agu. 110 eyo Aa b .ld 2 0.0 he 4-1
8-D.(Inheritor L. Giral. 118 .hold o easy even
9--Mr. Foot G. Press. 1.1 e :dP number even4-1

Q-IAAHale. ias.. 1 -tte OPENer now 10-1ARCH
3-L. Martha S. Carva. 102x-.ed .ood j hockey 15-1 -. 0
4-PRosepl J l. Phil. 110- !-Creditable effort st 5-1 D e p\. a0 0
2--VFrolic B. Vagul. 1180-aerid effort now 4-1 .
-. Justicarlene F. Hidal. 110 -Clasee only tough 25-1
-ir Boss A. Vas. 115 --Inatop foer again 4-1

-ol-Veranda A. Gongo. 97:-owht impovt. Chance. 15-1
6-In Time V. Oraldo. 115 --sheturns from layoff 10-1

7-LAlha C. Vag. 110 ehTr shoune here 4-1
2-D. Milionaire L. Giral. 120 second straight 1-even V. PreCastl. 112 -Make contendumber ev3-en
9th Race "G" Imported 7 Fs. Fure: $M40.00 Pool closes: d '
1-jgupranero F. aRose 1 --.hance. Weakhearted' 3-1

2--Vlajero R.L. Gil 103 --ot ready yet 15-1 now 10 4
3--Chc Ned A. Vas. 1150-F Zcates evel "__t e i
4-PWindsorel J. Phil. 106 -Must-ry speea onlyre 15-1 e
6-DarlPebetero M. Hdaurley 115 --WTh never bettersonly 2-1
7-Jerey Andae J. Gonzo. l97-etgh t Impost. Chance. 15-1

1-Delhiag R. Van. 110 -Btater chancrse here 4-1 ,,, V. Casti. 110,-J aih contender 3-1


M Mt -.._.v .

.a. Lite I,... J1-X a ,
6 m. ..T .

aid... .. b^ Co solo BrV. .of The gro i A :.
la reNiJft T!h* #iulth wu S-Ba loe. 8tia mfnoerat n al t he trai-

11Sallt Cuba E belng o pae- a ho be t n b an
Cocy eS Grah t T kbravesm.--- he*a .d l oua u p to rs aoUn and fist all the dalam Rall
wt t 5e toah... N J on i g 6e .tt .... Ir Bd p t.o th a -

gSSso Let n C M T oco Solo boys hopped 1 t bin. e t 82 0 5 0 hold b e in Tuexn by p
Nil 4t, a-. h Jn t

1i0ie .. .o C ha Wr.: -t.e Tert.e. ra.- t.e o.aering t of CaItnllo .b 9 4 2 2 2 5t A .

....- l,. .eede .* to l of d .s.. to.e Mt h C a sIs 1 0 0 R.GaP ,me r o f the d~lfor m WIo

IL the 1r e WlIf i itit ne t. .l wit h not am rer 'cor. tr e r 3 0 0 ue a f thete to e .11.t thet m
A taps bl. ere 12en u.poI flor0 ga olo e0 Icrr ti ezn ple s hto:es. cryte
- .'"he' ..ont-- .ta* T to rs. .stv" ob 4 0 0 2 h ederlet one." fore '" fo t*'
meAn tt as e. atte was arortutonDan be411n2 a total of 148 mambere of a a TT
br o .-, wit hthre .o rt ri ies. h The ,cub h.oy....s h o o 32 4 15 6 are t etei ten . ...r. ... "oo ,.. the next two i ann snti l e plk*t oee. t or. at q red- ti
oi C f u '4 day. a ..." -o reo themtoelve Coeo Solite Cub, and 32 otherNl which e lude Tdoc- rorr ,lhes -."
.a .. Et. ;n ca.e II'n the bottom of eVele, rf 3 2, 0 f0 0 tor. neWpapermen, photo- .-v. .-?.d
,? -nPelal .I. 900 00 WW-1 f 4 firn is an the other in the third le a csf, b 3 0 0 3 0 gr heri, tech al adv s etc. o r.t t

fal hj otI1r tl'a-s aBTUr es: SeeMa TrpoMa .. to fei h w th no fh the bara loatS and soeche., lb, p 3 0 1 1 1 eventa. Th ier hlret. mepresen-
e tt yt(L '--t( 1 2ly one away. He gave @ ionly c haz o 3i 0 i .tive nrd y wlac. beith eaoccer

iftht; fcd iorks Mardin. u ^ Coco. Solo alHo pushed to an- a9 6 0 1 0 0 the bThketball andtratk andv- Oare ntlhte I iMI thw e at tn i R 1n I COI, Df 1 0 0 0 0 l telre w ith 14 membe
tri04e i At ?4en haInndl d fr-n 0 01ran
%hnay Mi T ".ti first s' *. w a" y l l o s ing pi" anuns Nation". Asembly-| H

e-S tri t. won .... iiig 0. Ceore b ey InCau s. an 3 2eha the re Mgatie asd w i --
tn ere ter three tali. h Braves bsex- 4 identof he a nama Nat al

F '] ^HA.ANDAZK. Ela. Feb. 27 .er- o foli te II tw 4 S0cub 102 0u--s 4 Olymplc r4mmittee. *w o
* R c ae h bNEott invodbit2ream Park a fnt II m i ap n, or m t
Cwort. X uM uon-14 bI1fir aht up th the modernm mthod. V h n

RlP ERt.Clay o o 00dea 00- 8 at hl py oatr1 l 2aa I t t b 0 3 naai lpr tia
Theft bo'sor:Istylet

p mtteriM: mor t r isbeNd)ae. Tm e m i0d trick s natl f Wh the bA l n ped 1 S 1 evnts. eir t eru n-

(WrP ,WP)ha )ss iconfer andvH 302ich deh tar
i -r2 ..dP- --t -ar.,wao-tinf 10Solo-wt h memle.. W it are
t--apfcCape0--l- o..-rdon_ rt"o n toniC-runSol oB r 2 0 1 0 0 the basketball aond tratC, and
i'ght ,t th" plte, inalidiuw 5 othIew on In the tifth 'W QI0 ,-If 0 0 0 0 field teaz with 14 members

ja A.tflQpq~l p me bsnnbtd aTh- f LCoco Bola iWn er r4 mrain uiandro bto y
entb4Cwit 1Cr x toy- ,f nvw 7 0nte rofastillo'7a42 2 PA wv S e by ,. heads th Ilatq a re -

ton so])ofotre t ths tt i i' hockey Jorge C 60 ontreraI 4dnt. of be Psn yes- ma N l on

til vs.BooLeog.w wthithnio furViter sorO .Year P itihe0s

three nindo. au rtre. Th Cubs he ldCoatr y
tch! Jo yers had a 2 the ait two ni 3 f t h e n S a e0 b 36 ic

-- W ".H sasn -...ns-. -otrhiAl n o aifelar.te bt V* ,

so W cm nhK FOR over Royal Gvn In th tn the fOe- CfUN b 3 0 0w3 0 te plead -t vrais

anIIwas ii be Amercn tur hea c the3b P ait_ a_ .eitn. tal lwl

Anh aced. .,l; e.-. d a.. o -nly par sd thte 1"aseiv"o"
"r .Cl "i .... CRU D-R to- Torn H1n .s t"r0dFl0i th b kn il r. o b -

SHOUSE of LORDS ofr-o o-"a on ,lt'T.L
Uo. ,e c t e- th r one Intt thedfiftht of aP o Ihawedtat Urouhrt a mons at th
Pi e. .... o r d, .4b 2 0Feb. 26 (P) o --" aecond o- h-ck ,od d.. co.m,. A. an pend i l pU iCars
,., m Sat o New York, eer paid to.a0, $ T. an m W. 3ar eoote brothers, broke I.. BlrinandwU
of ad.'.re. s m 1 g m a Cont reras i the ld u s 2 a sthemT rarP 400 ,'
',- unnamed b. It I a 10-. returned .20 and 2. While Bareot br thers have aluo benn

t for busine. or ure... round bout. h4. combat ioots shid to t. how. o atndl Rc kev1owy warsI sho,
p + 'waIters at e new Malmen i0 Sl -eh paao'.aae ide 0t1yg 4Ieto t n the National In- at

... ..--iaaf.... ot.l today by demanding J-al- KAW if i- k -t o -AUe *her meP->t vuta/I'on Tournament at Madi- at t
an and ch-chens for Wbreak- C ,9r0 US I Ord U Wh l ICK *on sTHa LL 1
.; 'AL~j. Fla. Feb. 27 4 oly Fi etm

N 11a
______________. oudnpdIIo;-

"signed today to meet an s yet L. 2*45 a l e r' a te.~_ Ach from a s afe..,T ,
faVorten for oebiP-n or round bu..t+ ,+ n. Combata V oofs Y$.50 to ho .. at.d. ___- .
SU IT....-zSKCdi iwede, Feb. 26 evw i Ydr ohn H esrae

ers yAB ltWll I toth etol dsori( lyslo anywaithndr0ttepe frtom the rni-
J like so a ndcsorg eas -

S Ir "'urrited wodthe 'I OU o com ee of Dayton Flyers. who
.o.sde sot Yusta nw et- beeaen

histelters at eeo new almen a a o e ,ai c in he National In-
fasest B aso Y b a 9oal M r t roki

""htel L.ademandin.l o'-drick o ,m outatdon Tournament at Madi-
iK ORi alaiRoyal o In sothne ore e^- I"-.C 0,nthrer lid-
"*,Bpr iey.Ie coul6 oed not comply today Itob- 0a ehay
1it was 'owbably the first timel NEW YORK Feb. "NSA) a lic. f rine
S uesat wanted imOn and Do you a the letter frmusat i sai G

Q...' e.. L p brk pl.t r buot InT. the oatt askd.o "pyboordy has a de.e
-h-e ure we w aa Ie sur e teal chance a'ste ar i wa teed ea oi i.
atrayamp andI Mn10.1113, Welads iln Loner ,in1oe r Ase echuver ou st6a.
j i.qhristanout. e, le gers handlers, t ese
An. wP toutp. s sayingl Yes 4e. the rreestheps from the ring
*I .o i ke so od s," easily would End couldn't helop ut hear the
lo.. Ior s sho t Justr a easy b a r-g. hAs y..
S. Icr ptIkni the wi e nr of "G fi n er sht," soe sae i
olaceurd.FomNWgot o ra
los ber ws" anotheo
DiYester.ayy ]. 1140 AItsN SISTdw had. b- 't even punch any-
N.Ena tAerg(/wa t hp" a pros se third
iWr.itten fo m f a ervle I oo th.e rcing peou ple.W At tee end of the nith, Car ter
,te'.i A: takil _ng hthe bhig st-e h, I Je.U n- u.pAn d co o se atO W th.e Ad hee e had woa, itn
HOU Emf OR.'op.houos u cnder .eof %saa-hbtotew .w ie t ok in Lowerl s ee mhu of hmeditl
it he Holy Ismm, foW t Ib doTnw handle withk it
ba 1 The Iiik nei' 11s31 ha r fe r w Ith n Br ancey I si t

r o. v n_.. -,- ilpnofte r te-* *-* w.Wly probab wby athle I 1-J.. |M1
Answer: The I1thl~kLtaN with a .Ali the a
ln .^Ki i 4 1
aJ lean j Ia fta a k awig*iwoo "this horse ate rushed out forte 10eth
Mtews to an wg NiW his attack. thin Al
i&tief-bbeands It woas a god andftip pho he was at sitoIt 0lhm
it it tograpm saidi tsa f /n, hpuk Ia tgbt aId. IIrefoeles
aWnUA* m as at the edie.. the the w*ort around. theathSe rae wnockot. MCC
"""IM -t h.w then Mat2 m4-mW & am a b sm .*o a m aw Y or;
Imm' ,1 be. ,ad iwetr A .ea thlg. CotO eld so. m owaver, a tell you a-
--.---- -.this ta. i taeed a* m t ,ttr at f you were to i ..the ., yM tee.

ta lme _-- .
p to him
it tIoub for aothr at alat
betk i Wofford Coeg, as the leamn
Sweet at Oruenvlue., 8.. 1 le ,
fttry with 57 polt-, led ilg ,to=t
WA pad 9 123 to 1is victory. He 4ddsS
ili Ohar. three more all-tlm@ aorlbW
recor4s to his colleon to gi
as out hbm a Igra' of 1iM B.
a' marks, .

-~ -
P ,'" I rl iI "'. I ".
* -. -. .~.. ..
S_ --

- .- 4
*'4~"~~ -



- 4- J.. 't 1'


cloud of
4 ideaa

'a body

SPILLS, CHILLS -.The drives run ta
e starting signal for the oW mile Iterlm
ice in Buenos Aires. The Itallean team'otf 1
mberto Magiloli crom the flnlth line Atrt ti
sr six horsx, 41 minutes and 50,3 megodI.

T-Thq verdict in.'W F
sateur AthItletid i
, bottom buti
vis and arrial* e
Smmm .. .


mAW~ APfw '^^BH

/ *

-K'. ~
.- -. .~

~CII~CL~ ,---


- - -

.-. *

Ie l Parts "

Ben By Gobs

each Reds

)NG KONG, Feb. 26 (UP) es t i& ffPplou knOW
erican sailors have stolen
rejl of thousands of doliai TWENTY-NINTB TEARB
i of diesel engine parts froI w
r warships ana sold them t-1
ra who passed them on to the IS ene T
ies Reds, it was disclosed to-
S. Navy sources said Corn.
Sat agents engineered t h e T i
S.through merchants boarding
rican ships in Hon Kong bar-
.The merchants bougt thet
' from agilors for prizes far
* fteir actual value.
it sone 'caes the sailors were
areg "l have smuggled the
~i4shore to pick u pin meon-
tor their shore leaves. WASHINGTON, Feb. 26s (UP) by the s
E. U.S. Navy launched a full --T' e Senate ha. rejected 50-42. and ahea
i.investigation of the thefts -en. John W Bricker's subsal- d.
has banned air persons from tute ploposjp to limit the Pre.l- The Oh
dL4g warships visiting here. cent's powers to make treaties nosed tha
t strict security me a s u r es ,nd executive agreements with tfonal ag
k.anned although one source foreignn nations. effective
iW.ubW b -extremely diffi- Just before the vote, Senate out an ai
t4",hyopuactide'complete- Repubiican leader William F. eeption o
.*. $ Knowland ;Calitf) read Justi,:e two-third
j,.Navy previously b a n n e d Department objecLlons to Brick- that the 1
ilats -from visiting the war- er's version and another substi- internal I
Sbut. permitted ships chand- ,ute sponsored by Sen. Walter F. The ft
p. go abdioid to do odd jobs; eorge (D-Ga.) generally
S;captains "mislnterpreted' This brom.;ht George from h.s the Coni
rder and permitted tOilors 1 seat roaring that "I would r '- treaties;
d. lan my seht before I would be It state
ter the commander of Naval governed bv such an odd atro,:- not. be ef
e, Phillppines, issued a.sec- ney general" as Herlbert Brwn- -
prCTr. banning all merchants. ell Jr.
it efts ad Teached "serious
i.,," "If we arc oin to be govern-
wsr eWa report the U,8,S. ed by what the attorney general
w alone lost some $45,000 anys, then we might as well go
of diesel parts, home and let the President and
one his need for i e a el the attorney general run the gov
'I l-nat .Kong," an autori- ernment," eorge shouted.
aeurce said. 'The only og- Meantimr Knowland and Sen-
d be China, and it ate Democratic Leader Lyndon
;rts' ulgle them across B. Johnson (Tex.) continued a
hitter feud over what Johnson
.. called Kno'land'a attempt at a
r" e said the Com- "one-man r,'e" of the Senate.
need diesel Knowland countered that
E BM .craft ind e Democrats are fillbusterft s a
s of loading ainst. the admlnistration'L
.e i tate, gpive the' program. ,
S0 enite-* part r.arehard to Rejection of the Bricker ver-
p aion wa crisldared the must
h*0 '"CeretaOimpowrtant test vet on various
^ munisuts hmY IorL t uroposals to curb the.Presldent's
f t.embu they do have treaty-making powers.
t need.for siie. It cleared the way fA an ex-
I.vf the. sailors do not -rg-. pected mQtiLn bY Sen. Wayue
foriolsness of w ak' -11'
S' just="e -.-Y Worse tInd..Ore.s to recommit
"W_.- .... oft- -A-.- .., .e entire q question to the Judi-

15T, 0 ego, ' the femlne
I tflt coasts of
pliem and bigekdc
Al.41"4e8ag. peticolat
sagandy Sad dace.
,-. ORC. .
Aray Bond
f n in m4iR, nf t aho.


ndoea hat discovered aP 0- w market t WO
a rethe aRekaoatmod
ithe ucta of tropical : Indone- na y

"lie Al-Brv Hn g odtin Bn.:rfial
W ange of trade- Is possible.' ms

SResoat A tmerica t ou

Serducts a t ro b. 2 e(UP) ao ypto
Ieaa e~d he atoinc Amerits of at
Ueo nteryla o selsoatmoie l'a;
ton whiae recent i returned n-

*tca nge of trade isoS bes n..
we said.ftin
tin America announord. ki

te i fa that a there l t ahonsd

n Brasil, ArgentinalCie
aegrce f sime arit between a e
the pre sodsaf pican done i ye
that theropical parts of t- e p
dcine in the United states thIso-ae
tek different adre a good tin
Aerchane o trade s probable.
Trade mission that bases for tde m
agreements beteen desia
T hed Bral, Argentina, le and rrs t
SaReksoatmodo peointedr outa n
However, that the findings of the
eixmanrer m ade isnone whi ar- oat
Attcte in c United tateru ts rn in
Tnvolved swa'sill have to finalize the

Another reasonuhe decred
a his reements ry', he said. o

The Revpossibilities of Indonesian i
Strad e in this area address exporea
mHrkeart fr any andoestan at o

ttcend, Irefncluding rubbter and tin n.
oes as ea mxps to te U. B

atg minrkghts. to
he said. n M
Another reason, an.he declared
wad hls country's desire to find

hew markets and reestablish old r
over-concentration in othe exist-

Lutheron Ministeri
Refuses To Answer hfo r ex
Adultery Charge w a

e wutheran minfrter invoked tPe p

SFifth Amendment in BrookR/>ie

t answer quest.oans on
Rif-not communism-but adulte;y.a
SThe Rev Leonard W. Hoi&- liB
,tqrg, who (rave his

i S' Rtarday, Jan. 37 ,. -

-. ,.-

tfi truth an'd't]


~, e~enIry

, ,i :

WkI?9'. '___

" **: < P -* -

..,i- C'. -


I-, t etag

PANAMA. R, P., FRJP .Y. EPRSUARY U. 1t, 9., national
T in Pr

urns Down Bricker s
Sw u ., .ld i s

N Proposal 40 T e42
make a a
senate GOP 1lade'ship if thy conflict with the Con- itAn 1l1f;a .t Ti Ree
idy tentatively approv- stitut n. terially tS the aton
Thi .vote on tie Bricker v healane f tw e the the n
io Re ublican had pr)- .ion was the ftIr thip wVset An exeouLae jei latie
it no reaty or interni- even more ln portahb teat is hranb e t. General
reeihent could beome expected to comn% on the G)ebrg. Th a b ( Res
as domestic law with- m wbcl wouId ~atauitr h Xno*cla S asmhednte in the
ct cf Cmog4ess. Air ex- aq Opngres beft1e ip exec- s climax hen the
would haebeen made ift it aoreemnt not trea.y,e t, y a Straight (3) A l
s of the Senate voto C omeonmestiW. arty-l, ro19no. group Vl
treaty' had the effect u f .Tht Justice DeP attn t's .n d Ml a e W Ealo tuntary tm
law n mernorandm ea by on on te Brlcker ameni- wary.
p leadership version and, warned .tha the Bri.lper ment. in y A
Sftinflel) _opuflrins that And orge amend eiIetIt5 old Jdhnson 5td was not in- (4)d
tituin i~ sOereor toJ ihpair thq. President xpowe, a.-D armed of th-p a cased taltafm
s thato er-rn-t ofldof the tr- Knowland. of- .4*-ai "unfair fdr
es that treaties could ed his authorlt to and untrue charges. ey ea
fective asr eternal lawv rcQae foreign government. Kn pwlatd l. any at.,aid r
;." ..... ...a s,: _. -. tempt pat "op ato rule" a nd '(5) Ur
aid he wt. recommend" acodn
r vight seiaonis gtOAt and a pos- made in
tible seSaln AIatonal-r to try to 6) lm
clean up the' ent r o ker col.- mental P
troversy. bthebaed
________o___n__e._Ihavthe Con
P0ldv o
WMunroWge B
a oth extp

Tranwerept aoheh uO's erta |
Zoetnlanse BoO0miten and

St o utpua te eo has ln eorta
eh tIee ,Iuttuoi by mai. tion hees
Tml latove med tle (aTL
o r r'p a rt:a(8 ) Den
od "te w edetite. o f the aoa (a 9)LAdn

U Na C o the h C a i- a
trorrlaei U1Co it Mae e ha in federal

reached ICo g raerhs mail. tion M-
StThe liat ve epre entative (a) Ln-
1fa1 the Ce ntral o io nvid s a nd pinWdes
A ni (0t a (. d) In

I de re to th ank the com-p (t Sons
e e t B p Al a tment a.-
Yorkde~he tmpZrj s h on thentat -g e- t;a

h ) O P o.r a n ,ah resi a o o V40 eI tp lara the d to m ln-oC. I t

d;l sar anoen a cement -o S l re -eel I e March. Mrner a t
coai thte lave rrthide Po OA'ands cre n
cen s nans .d anod il epands c tte o t figur. HBII,. jl NCf e ; mvw*l nofwtg ben pyod w. 15
.n w understood 'i -- W *h6 WiCA f urtofer e ommlter t f .w "

b0 e1 rhoe eh exit .-..I an te d at" o the Cr'

SA t n at to le.ivi ave o te o- u in.

e;'----- pa0.... e, Pa.."' haso aneounedna atoit at lto eomen ats -
SUSA We wiih t ae our atb-i Srna.r
SA r red that onrl slauffie conmp-
S 6 (UP) For- y dereasing to 34. tes were -ere to wuthpal m T he e.
nSter au Okazky nMarch. ubAeommlttees anda or m

ierday the mutual de- Jap a will soo n have a ir ;oe -ploff cais.e

w a r d e dB a l e e to S c h othl P ore O nli c c e iv et h ^ w at ea b q l e t i Nr o pr
C vt between Japan and forer" ao 143 planes, itcll O .;it _,-aier been. ~formed by thes- HOLLY
d t ates wil be s ld Jet gs a high-ranki teor the Panama Caniu tt 'e
atenmo~ dmtteoed. hlatee ofthe Com,4 1soVat pbi o
icthe t announcement .Iteat Citor-general hi t -iandeifhant Marine andoir raid
pryousebdget per- tnal h Saglnlanma tetin berti i tl e Cong ha Jo t e- t es r

titie Weleo usbnu. cd tgIate set l ie tat theth abuAt awl
e o hasttee oM the icast of zeatis -il onveftlate the applicandio arker it
riialy d e to bhe I b e a sina pireppedixf*Athawe8l at b e o
s week.b but wag post- a ';tatoalye of 143 ighteroy WLes were eM, dalin with y the PtnanI court bat
ctsae a the United States l eUerto aan .t'i thi n- Qofipah and will sl o s
-t be seeing amend- RUnitece S.ite A ring the s m oaR B, t OAllenI and Hamito .
ta "minr por ts "y ear 1DM MoAr.A qet

kd7' *"!i as with of thbl Whe ofdthe b-- scant
S e Japanese draft of He sad included in this m- els have tien tatiely andtt. ou
eta ret. / t o er are.- five Si bres Uand oneg. set .o start the Airst art tn S ri.
I. s aiA anWagoren of r of March. place is
erle rch .-te to heappar to me that htei. it ti

e9eint n pars ueour J 16 ih fohe *s heet iftheapoer t -hai oiaer i
a o xpena re ta on fthe .e* a w t sa the epoyettee way, agitl d. I
W wieek question of th UA oe f143 ht court bt A e
"oftr the mii yadviso ryp ighti a I-toepo ...tht an
IT be 0ckai n ning Tamend-pdao Foundtn at pe.' rCalvt avomeanbl Oa-t t
Shaiaemerreement soofnde stoo--"We wiuhr dtocll totyer at- pr"oduce
Cbeen. reachedont-e ina he won e en tohhism1* e oomAathe nedt
rWhettifor expensnsoof theinto committehas made XiS'-
i--._ In V0pha sieJ tat, "this pn u e "e thi pas,
ceritaoeutJlietrtyCathiomse n o
pigu .me04m01 to Ubt e wilin nothe caburwutoyour t- thpraute
b.soU s U.r ch e d-eon nthem nI_ re e al wo MPo t~t, the the Ol. ash a
*iitstydchap- stance of" thistei themonm uaiu 1Ebo th e tadns."- .l 5ediytI
t us "Whtbioof the aU 9Ie Means to Mel" .,Jlvutn Nde whch Ame
Sofheldessay was yhe ol
Vidlelintter toPa..whass announceda tItmi recommendations e- t ha- eI
t ha t w wmen w hos e eoat- "'Weo c ala s

"What* elacoie-veMest to-mU- .*hasmedr.-s"

the duro
WOrk CM~g#ehewsae
190 f to Mh ....
bad".. t ,--

. .. .- ... ". T .' -: 7 .-i + E:.-,~^ '.,-ii..-- '.o- t -+... .-.- ...- .* :i',
- .. -- ---.. -i-t -
-- -' -4%-" -- + 'Lr .t: ... 4 .- -
.L .,-. . .. ... -.. .e ..-,.. .' .... .. .- ... .- ... .

++.......,:, :.-. ... _--.+-.. .. = ...- ., ...f--n.

Hal Basham, formody a on t
information otfSeer for inspe
ue at Albtolk rrived on ReaO
Uins for a lortt cue a
m expetto IIpee
CO ) &oajunitr- will
101e fumed on.WlB M- to
r which he. wa tthe pue
now- taionedin Wash-
where he -e IOMOMM Cu
for the C*vil Air atdmL

sked Port .. (.o
It m:"*'
PIs, Tin., o .kM- W om
Goroer iJdli

pday at a lo w.,
ahe eMge -i .,


. .-. -. .. ,....,,-7 7 / _






iar .Service

MoX re l steen ow-

ederl _empioes, wedre
y by 1rdb.als of the
ederlicon Ef JFoerald
egldent sa4d 'h art:e
O been long a.evinced
ato ra f tbtialnt the

t public raeAt would.
benefit our federal caer e
Ind its employee ad
"prove the efflliency of
ammittee of the Cabl-
Ih was appointed tO
study. decided on the ol-.
dnse pints:
MlU fflcation, tdb evalu-
d a new pay scale for
il field service as rec-
id by 'the Postinaster
adjustment of inequities
Classification Act pay
program of contributory
e Insurance, on a vol-
alss, for all federal em-
pro0am of contribu- "
ical care and hospl-
Sitigamnce open to all
enploye on a nolun- P
unemployment insurance
t to recommendations "
my budget meSsage. o
improvement of govern-
ension plans Which will
on recommendations of
nmit e on Retirement
or federal personnel. V ,
ent auing study of the
Kard pay system, and
pension of that system
n. jobs now under the
ledule of the Classifl- T;I
"pal of the Whitten A- pasft
nt in order to remove chectd
restrictions on federal years,
Lents and promotions appen
d duritig the Korean f eo r
Idllonad. Improvements or t1
Personnel administra- UaM
lu pdrta
mgevlty ade increase pe
3 above 8o.-10.
:rease in the number of
in the three "highest
rnder the claslificatlOn

eVlIoir of overtime pay fr0ni
tlut pay posuUons.
velopmeat of a a stronger,
H awards p..Oam,
aulstlttl. of a, t rule sns
Aor tt rest 'rule p l
,bads eslrla e albles P ^
natt v.r lag alva
thiR. program have al! i
en saent to the COt.aga tur
scheduled for early ac- thre
ntrolutry life Insuace
lct care, and blosptli-
rogr pi.wilt be present.
Cited to the Congres xtor
sideration and analykia.


ibbl Tossed

to Pool Nude
WOOD, Feb. 2B_(PP) -
tress. Susan lyward
y her estranged lutsbfd,
ker, once threw htt fto
immnig poolnude nad
ntroddcel the ambe of
Hughes into their marital
Hayward yesterday re-
custody of heit.tWIn sons
t protection frm molests-
arker. The requests were
rider submissaou, or sub- IXC
o consideration i4l ibl- MoS(
y supedor ourt-wbioh Is bitte
ring a divorce aotete tify1
wayward testifled4 Itz pre- thy ;
divorce hearing yester- who
Barker had her "mI. fear may
fe" last July Whe he al- temr
threw her io the pool, testu
her while she waW nude that
her head under waer. Part
brought up thi namte of hav
mult-millionaire movie' anV
and bachelor und said -.
called Hughes "Mr' Mall-AI
waywardd admittedjlehe^"
\ to her hene, .idped C |
.the children to keep It a At

. Hal Basham r
To Edit ic'"
le Movie was

iv be

- *ff: **

- ---.

. I ;-.

l .*--":_'T.,.. <. -- -_' --.- **, _. Sl'

_ __ ~__~_~~__ _1 i _

-5 .. -- C .... .%

3.. ) U. ,b ) f" ....t..e l.lothes .. f- l t ie" oh

.,. -, '*., ^.v*'' .c...o ,-Ohleak N. J'1
6WP-giwpplpn aQ m a- d fe!,

ofXce .T. Brw Ao f 'e :eic ar rin te .

ians i mites rI
t ofi cer T =-,t 9- -tirr*. b* 'b :d '-": a" ,0




The tiB ofpr6gtheL.Mr 0
15s announced a program for
appinmet i te.Army .Nurse

before +Bi..Josepb WM
at Wasbton MCa
iad tn whpian waK.

nMst,- ..
rwiny .xu 4'.

he. .P@

o. en. -T-a
aDAder for Ai-
-asmbeduled tohsatfe1
f=s'.TVA ,-.




uJa -c M i uIui m oL
resident on..Dec.- 16, 190
six /ont)i thqrqafter.
a must have ed
bIt W iot 2It 4 dbM)#Ay
of :.a olhtmoni tVoll
ter whsc.n, beenp6 ap-
ef4 pointed t tIn.the
e, f"ve, t;tone

.I f ,.. 41 W. Z I. .I.I- I


: -- "" j- A
**" +..-. .%*. *--, :

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