The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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l i lP)- Egypt's revolutionary council accepted President
t --a toda;.d put h-kn. .der hon*e "mtt.
Sit bl %* e th. .dlitary junta that ethroned and exiled King
Farouk* ,.-h. ag d.etlarid at state of tmeseVncy throughout the land after an-
no" '. .V..
,-. WVewe .no-de wt .tll but wfld rumors spread throughout Cairo that Naguib
had o.~~-4 t o rY coun l nurses cafegoricaltf denied these report
theserep oa -,

. Syrian Atmy
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fc" i. L.ebanonleb 25 --
"*P: ,T re .ebe .j
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In Rebellion

les in .gman
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St r broade w th<
attstis were th dem-
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y'' .: "'^ -Y ', --, i ^ *i ^p ^ ^ ^ ^ ,^
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A ; *'' ...- ** -.- '. o : ....;- -... .. .. .. :
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ac i* IR- klinE*V *^"

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G Outlrm row; C Serce *.

Few Getb I Raise Wage osts roahy
'.WAS'hG ,Feb. 25 .(UP)3
.4 "c ?nlO*1 it it ewa u
Increased payments tot The a unt of increases .vary seatore td th.t mproynI
more than $60,000 wUl bep Dd6epende jn 30t cases on the the ,ay of federal workers will
this mepth to eaprox ito Mun..t of e *_. also e"it.the.gove.m...t.
3.90,qt--ar O Oiy tON however. '. _,hal of the to w f t he gpvez t -ut.
3 s ato wet sic iaapts morethan I- .
relief anpuse s a ble services ou l.nervice cCmmme
nlsttvely sa l .Wd ,l 1 pid A A. g .00 more a oplns to A p nrgr tio m l carbonn obnt
, ts tp5-?1, ,si.,.. ndGO. d ?Aff "a'^SI
n4 1W or onlywsn M "Vieof:theNow
Ore"N -bepuse aof a u tatlWn ,ond lw ptTatiad ic
eI O nualS pi14, .ewe e rn n ce revealed toy.
lmtaton mit a belleod- that.
e are 5 ePomonosr'w
,..-"h hoatedthaetaft

4w., infected by the L.s packer Yong catoned the lawmak- imnuttw .n th r refrigeration roa. wm -
'ria gtl n .ii "Let us k Inimind er a ls- f-Slt flat aeroOttthe- Coty yer e j
St T re o b* '-eraVfe1' t ,fn their aboard w ta F e has: eI a edandidit
al n "t9 j of WOn hawser such ab .ow.uld n r. ease C e hot a
Stody the rfurblshbd the ineqf whi. ,n na
Poe k u tnormmal 1,, ea. oln-g .i0.
o b 7n e thel,- -. t :..ItO a .c u
do h hsed

n t,1. -rHs-,i a.wn ar_ pr ...a g 1 :r.
E Y %.l'OP. M. ..,- v- i I V .,-_-

CIm ro 'its M iledf $-
Al" toeA Sti'Atw *Zdq Ji*s;uhe#

o1 lo.m. s lo os r.e t4u
li .". '. .. d tn ~q .... ; .k
MR0 r g -. cNjtho*33
MU v _M..,,a d-w
,.N A byt A

it ia. Er~mt az oass
Stanonddrnoon ,lowm n aurora- wl dismissed a mens
d t a t o r d e r edo b M bO -I s ae entv u a nI ) q a t h re* to be Unl c-n e dDir l

..SYar Uat._t.w..
an dwhere I"SM A ftT e te.ce" CorG-

g 'o..uner.t aC -" d*..'._ Thesn, '-i ons ihoneg bis & wife ow 15 Who w e er at e

tw dysb aws,. er Th,,elmoemntwa 0,b 1 81 thtlh astpo ever, is to' serious, but, sti lt time .h ws, a ahbded, to b
on b r I ad at Arne 0tn
lzl -erI- Pw.Tcer hre., T e, feel pTrltw.m

PtOPrbut was bts *h~fon sS
to4Nost o -e

a e1na-di2wen b .car ',
itts a W rn VOL t/UW t~ elt T~ kdbu~p~ u dtwsml-
tmha- IS 5 *ed Ai34to o.tonaAmericon
morni"Is 4dee ,4, o 4yrhagI etolda ya tA nfndS lels w km

pattery~tlo inis ab MR ne pe lKoda As "etthre sif ts beedwn whic
.... aJrboon i --leiHI'al Aube
or.. n.a_ .. u anrom tlero
of7. asu..-po Ae" ..0. t aurth a ff A4
4orAbti lawn b _wl.toe 8i2V Fhb S mfP eder
tlbIn mny o "j'rowm an m Seri. ousm.O-, .
ws~UV ,pWASe mt"heU'P)ipilA Lmr trven-Auuf.

d' t. bNt Hthn eiroo-h dtmbonn ho ww I .rar d e
2),ti er ',ew e f.-ea t- ':.'fl d t 'iu i.a m 6 '~ r uie r loc..i a ". l" -" ''- ea '" """ m
u; "-- -. b.1 isereedaferua Ofis a..-' lo a oasos f o
,4 leg ecaibr" mum m ri 4W- ad be reade i' dahoby. +.Xh,.edr
At e Us ieCalnybtfgw suoire bey Snit
.t y,- eastern a-d w-wer"-Ions.

-t= "on le eeostatloei tl',ull.mpt. tie rare

'.. normio .- m b.. "i 'M d-
2)oMaiHomef 51x 4ddasltoed bu MrAL Smte nuu Lcplar z .~ -in whichr.L oe
k__ P t O on Prrbatio n she''hehdeinly H Ifwofl dowbeInn meater CAl
Ee lh#dbetedt b a ll- Soolhafrom thesle

ot, Syri..,l Oro-Sovietofto_ d ast ACWIREv r

evrI 'o' &sbt t I!ntme 0 ftn
e t' ". ....e- .. 1 .- 'wh e n'P"t' -l" "oeh d-] .,.re e. ...b.A
ThISinorWmvTthe Q.srobt MsrnwaltbI wants re m ,'it tb&ele419ea-heesas "
Ecaoefisa fud*IrY~ tnaeiato benulasm fl-titan! ii. O&MYcomess
nied. .red ,i eaob
ale. C iow M P 4 N ub

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.-a. -.le t _w S ji t* ft ; ha..iN -..
s $Is. behindy the v3 tpotd* 0umAm te616 t uto
earfor e~manen In he DMO b'1 -The boier "4 siil
wo:idIn heJan e MP tereclar b atInlas le__
O~~'SheA be Sto f ul amtie' Gtthr
pr15m-aM wrd aa-.o a a i Alo-IDIb

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... : .. t+ a w"e-ks "F't'MA'S "1331" U f'l MM bS"a"'tis, ""s"l"mt"/a w .s.
T. -p.-o lp o o n .e"Po K o m $f .8. a n d.-e a t _e've a
.f-.... .zpleuhadbr-k.. .. :'--u- tt-
9 RilES et estance0".ftoosatwhemselves
ItFd of or. by theie twin, ft

name r$Q -.s-- f.4 9,191. ''ihs ffc .087- ia

ROM6t q.-*0daa .
rd" A na oaf r tesarw ---- -. -.t.he- :4-'- *



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W p P m

I'le I Nt, m WANC3



VOA. *

'ear gls RIbs own rStW,

,. Peter !

.TN Sifl WA In



'. are number of congressional cou
S',A A I' ples 1 Waang w ar
o Pan. A quare-dancidam y ik
Men e $ 0 s oe ,oru or eders at Us FemmeAH-. music. ,eve. I t.-e
been. LOOs a1 Usefived csteafully end eOe handled INa ewheolly enfi iColgreotonl WitClb, tan ute
Eye. emetut,_ .. .e. de. .... 'O etit i -t ....I tkh eare part of the fun for the con
I. .... de itit doesn't awp. greemen Is taking off tfieir coab
l d. day. Wem i.ebfed i. the al mr recent .. and ties and showibg .tir lone
P- se ftl keep th stes unaed to m W It. plaid shirts. or fwves, it'
e0l11 of i 4teW wriNs Is hM l In tridest ntidinc ,. a chance to show off i.ngham.
Tis eawraepae siamm Nemslembility t *ee dat" t s gr spiiotsmO the of ap, and
eM ee=m" S lutes Gs @am OM e i
S "--- oiysttbe o
also at the an
The following the form f prayer wtten by "p-even a t..sI
r natlent on a plane bound for New York and a 00latchac eS end.h e Crutpackers
aiao that ay saveh ewas sent back to Ci4tun,.t the have a big collee-tic of square-
ust that it be used as a means of thanking ( up the ugs therom 6 a
ugem who made the trip -po ble. Aft, giving ho he.downh.e s o fla
history of the patient's fight against cancer, aM. Errett r at
S part: "'.h .. er.h aIns dIy an
............ on. n hat a rlwht t, i te he ann

- Ia.

9 '

Ue ol uar o usecia ha every eusaa are t st a get-
life.., and in thrte days we raised the money an Ungs aite d d t t a tOllar s-b .:.
'me States. Every cent was a voluntary contribution if indulge in square-dance sessions at ll
n and clidren... a staggering amount for a commit eya eis q uar
~d.... es I sudt alyy t iancer include the MAe of .. .. w a
d. *Qae humaneness of the people! Some were keeping Oklahoma, Doivers of lowa, Os- 'k.
with fters and mothers who had died of cancerfor;lack tertags of New York, McGregors I ipn
'tMny and care... somawere. so thankful that thae-bd cap- of Ohio, Beamers of Indiana, Nh-
Whateverthereasonthey gave, nd gave lsons use a the as
L g pg es y wggasgat~ap vdiib'niii r ~Rielmans of NeW rL
oan know her sincere thanks." Chop-Stick i1e Cb. wan pre. ..
recIuitV& letter follows:
.," ,- .1 minlster.eounsellor the Chineset ". '- r.'-." '-'- E ,l,. i l, B
i leflI- haWe-tien intending "rite tr some time. a eba- In I ia s doE a --- 5r.-. Wthe dilaeipWI
ppend today that I sakuwilt ab.ot, now. litteplomgWZt r own. a "e- n to
iP y up heree, the ska. d1 e cSmd_ s h e eondueI: cooki;ngIt .* o e. I3P
Se. be, A wondering if I M ble to hin i the classes at the y': C. A. in IthL n Pr' )JnF r rilfr uslht', as h *a scam
,?, yqir top al my W a).Ostpll.4p Washington, t iAkl Americanl pencU a
out ie M of Pa w, e.. 'W lives not only how i o epreu Chl. I "
People whocar so much, they e a "ta-gible" nese deli s. b ow to use Bu %A .
Sft people wp stiedss m uch, theychopsticko
k of feith when they knew mine must Oe ping, courage be- Phisophic about cooking, the t t
ws wawto unt, and love, rwht t diplomatic wife anyone who' -. -.. ,
t- lon, Umea listed u any dish. Anyone who does not aby away from med Wth the aid of penitlinromptly administer- t o
I *a, apolsed m and loved me. ow, The only requirtoent, says Mme. statiUstic knows that from tear to year heat. 64, etmatic fever, a menee tothe heart, can ii
A tae V bragged about my courage! Surely some one of them Tan, is that you have to be in. disease tenaciously keeps ts place as the BatUotl. a-pM taveatedeart, cigarnO fouLe ,a. 0y
at have known, as you and I have known, that they were, and ereted. No. 1 killer. t whbit the clott of ood the A
A h e a d w itht sme.n i.. .lyeh at ..l e x is t w h l eh In hi i et a a lo t t.-g o f b lo o dat h e A n &
O my Wograge. Those who wentl Ahel with the stage setting Among her specialties are eg Roughly half of 1n deafchs in the United Statesh minianle tbe Chanet of fafal compliesma ny
id e props. knowing that "Hifm that I am." I would go on drop aoun, chicken brtaboo, sweet. ar attributable to diseases of the hear, anmd ci- Mtollowlng heart atttet.. Cgto f a aa .
tI the show. Still, they just might be stupid. these people who sour pork, eight previous pudding, culaton. The afdlctlone strike all age, anowdya the aurteo, glUce Into the heart anaa nbal-po per ,
it their Unelghbor's life and happiness a ell. .Popae who eggs too yuns, spring rolls, and Deaths iroin those caff l s total more than three .hl scalpel almdt a. otino e matter, cor- AI sO r a-

sh people. 2 tImes the death from tuberculosis, -once the owed by rhematie Ier. "fdth A4'110001!
S 1en Set-Down Stran great scourge. gAt ar bee made In )p '.i i
_re lse In the world could I leave young o rknowin In World War n 292,000 A lericans Idit their a to enable at tr o ma' in'l
Swell he would be cared for? I am so very proud o them. Farm scientists have been corn- live In ,our yaN, and -we wake ap led. Ih;a ios ul, produetve mtanre bI t dle a a
a aMend to have 4 surgeon who is so big that he has no need pletely stopped in their efforts to single year, heart disease and rela ailments .hesrt cripple" are big rehabUHtated andre- .
.be ashamed of tears, so generous that he would give of his make hens lay more eggs, says kill some 771000 people n this country. tblted. ,/_. I. --
gatn DoWa-lIxur, his rest. and strong ea ugh to tell the truth. Dr. Byron T. Shaw, administrator Yet everythg suggest that the rkvag of '
meed who gave far more 'than good carrell 4a.n the Do intage LAp. l turi' ts disease would be muchrWorse were Itlot gF it the 'reearcb which prod a thea new
Swhen n"pSary, a; me. How can I say v ano a.r Research Service. Up un 185, the determine fight now bel tAgde it fin the' es eaponh a t lte,$4 vrt'r
afw1ople nd m then. to the cancer Funi board wvho promptly agglaylang -records were. b )y Amerilt cf Agt nw be li iJt -fia t tw aposw. t
Sfith with them, and to thq Red Crots who had my -,avbr- year fter ycr at the C.anecuut L. King, peslaent of the acan et A wle.S, h aS 4r i,."ti
.o olier. my son. w ot:sr State Agricultural Cole ext e ation, soe y rtan u e been Is a a' i
ine nt station n. Since then th e h en s m a d e in re n ye rs .I.s.- a de...- Ino p,-" in"
Ho ca* m I let that because of all this, I anow have simply refused to establish Thqre are new drugs aad agl!cal broedtrea t porai
t I am netI let them-know that be aof any new ghs of prodauelch w;lpl- 10omrA l
SMeOe I know t get The 195 record was 20 eg
totell -" ',. .... ". .., per hen per year, for all h6ns n %,
to 91,' ''u:t an ot the Connecticut contest. In 19 4 ,. sit.
faity tW a tt hful cannot there was one White4Leghorn bid. fig
n.n' thing 'I and, e 6sdom to dy that produced 35 E a and a 0,e
0* 01110411 Rh. Rhode Island ti'at l d #1. oe
records have never been broken; troolt Ml
eat But the New York state average -th
"I. for all hens-highest in the nation any time.
..-is 234, for 1952.53.
S Coffeeless Days e. t S ,
Supporting his resolution that nl ko-t-m o
coffee should be sold in Ca pitol. [a l %
restaurants on Mondays, Wednes- .
days and Fridays until the retail Ip at ._
price of coffee goes below go cents lra
Sapound, Rep. Craig Hosnaer of world d. It bri s .
Cal5ornia declared: ato .the U.S.A, ot speca
"There has been some ridiculetours.
d he Idea of substituting milk for Most reseat viitor was
days. Some people say the price 't :n 1
of milk Is too high. But even so... T.-o
we could drink up the dairy sur- 1r M
pluses while driving down the price
'of coffee."
Returnable Refugees
Lack of money and inability to, a we -t 0to ara'e
get more European governments, ehtes, a dt.-tomwa bk. i s fa
to sign "certificates of returnabili- riadt, ar WSi r rah IAm
y" are the two thin s that hive a ar ear to e
slowed up President isenhower'sbiletaby .
art C. Alexander, State Depart. -rR m em16"ri '
ment administrator in charge. Thre
ul o am calls for admission as .' -
qf refugees to the U.S. TOA I Ps. aOn a MO Ana, i'
by the end of 1956. wp -b rested In Sa I. Called the W ...... l,.. g Cat. .itr. it I LA C S
gae$mto alodat g4et earnh 1,0ver qas. The 4 lT,000 square 'tSID, -- LANCES
Congress gave $ millionn to get n kig .and e ,.t ._a.s to .be r .eady by ne t P. E..l W.
the program started last year. An shown at right, th kft i As right Ir the ded the
additional $1.5 million deficie-n

Fp:fplatieon is now before Csn
to carry on the work til'
Jue 30, 1954. For the next fiscal
year's work $10 million has been
This money has to be divided
aui:oag five agencies all of whom
have a finer in thi operation.
They are State Department, for
visas, Public Health Service, De-
pirtment of Labor's U. S. Em-
ploymeAt Service, Army for securi-
ty 'screening and Treasury for
iransportadon loans.
Only three countries have agreed
to take back their refugees in case
it is discovered at any time in
the future that there was fraud
connected whh the refugee's ad.
mission to the U. & They are
Italy, Greece sai The Netherlands.

TIhe fellow who thinks t tnlh
nev hurt pboby hon't tried
eUtbleitt guyi ,c..

S :. -.
j.- '*


- -. 'S X.


1. "t

. d

.~ ~'..:

S v. -7-. -

I *fe.



415 WC OlD UUW W55
S S sa*14s4

iaahl& -

' .
By Caltrdis
*- L.. -


,t- I


S I ..-


~ & .' --
,'* ... ,f -- _.. --. .' -.
r -. .- '. ".'. "* .'". --
-^, -.a. -. .
_...- -. '.1 ...

Amu s tePrist In RAms,
r* Ee Wtent with his
over 100 aMles from his
background is the 2000-

Hou of Lord

-- -- .Theatre"s
S gg-Ts during


*. :t : :.,*
,. .-.;. / .

.. ..,* '- -"-
: -.. .5 1--,

_ I__



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UlJ U"



. ._ __ .,= .' ; ,'*-".." "

** "*

'. 1

114' -

,?%V*. s $'.,1

'" "f:- 0
", 3' ,'.
*ii: ?

a !; 77 -
Ix ^.'~, ;:
I* iBB*iJuu- 'flti


Car Dealers

- :W u .',--
,.L. 4, ikt ... r,,.
. ,. ~ ~ I *e .

*1~ U

below standare.
itmer et a low Ini:e
i; I iely to receive
t of the manufactur-
intAuAd other aervlca

%tag" sources, w eIt y a-nedM come of'n 1e;.nn sad sari."
of their auated by the Internal n.Y. l of the oItr fo

....,*." ,"a'omrtty aeco .. e nd OoteaanB n i
ST ubver sttem f Atty. en. .rn the e n a to effet, i not on-
.- adaM 61n0toenfreruedpact that tthe

S" 't Herbe.- ownein r. that ts th decided it wobld t ea dealer i
Q po ontained "m namo bfy ee a e ea a at sorted
se a d ave been ury the to- a rwlowards the end of 1953
owed u b the Department rndury heard t aed to have over-produnced -them
b tJ e e wnelp.d heatd w ts cthe trt ,ie 15 194 to Dee. ealer abi tosell earat
tpeportWhiche u n andd sac wthseo a, U.n got rid of them by sell.
AterWhite and others, w sea tty. Vincnt Quinn of used ear dealers n oth-
never evaluated by the InternalOfficials hae said theN. Y. other he was deter for
-security section. Qufn ury ad to neganmin de t of nate profit.
2. The statement of Atty. Gen. presenting the case in May T Not Infreuently some used
Herbert rownel Jr. that thbutthen decided t w yould be ar.with dealers have come un with
.rport contained "many names !probably better tl special V012 1YW cats for sale at discount
whose cam should have h been rand jury -o ader the Orices the someday the dran-
..followed up by th e Department ea. Th is t grsna ury heard the te ie edeI an.e tha
terribly shocked" at the treat- w5,? At no extra oo rd Cu tc hisde cause fte
ia. t 1rapd pn faileand tos hence idbei- .... in.d'. to"le lminatetards or any
3 T he state nt.brrown- caus e- here wal no n wdog Outhr..r..PelfWIy motivated prar-
toutI i vdnewihaiakt I de cefwromh a ban1ckhth eofakg res erra w ater,

Brown couaRno r ad one- your entire vacation inolud nmaldistrwbutton.
some t te Inrm in It_. m lg tr-ansportation, hotel at ml e
urs.Of -ete &fp-lhotel re- Motors can were In the
I Teatmaster lb d zIs ar afi oh t he mooonmmodations, sights* 'tootleS market before there
Ttmstr wb fa lar with the e ucent ,production Lo
Searlae of t WBentley in- t rs...verythng. supply our dealers with the nec-
vesaton recalled that D Ostck display and

D h l a reprs rep B th aid sho. s1N et 1. e.3 hea franchised by onyne aote
A41r.4 one.enewta a ibtnvestgatinp the n Y- rB were purchP.ed)- tookhe me2a m e h a "new."d
. a? ... A.a.1.* i n h ew nery 0 hperaaor- al __e

VT'^ -

*suggestS" a price tic
uct. His "suggaweet
more th na n ormal
weight. A maverick t
lose his franchise for
ber of reasons for iti
far out of .fte, na'thas.c

9 .-

;' ap
,. .. ..- :

Pqr R- IL

,\ ,' A ,* ,'

There Is a O Batterya f -
Cr, 1rVck. bus dr TbrA
*,eyt wwc;;;;i

---~~ .4'

a* ." a. r-.1

*.. .f c

i *" ,' '' .' t,
All types of additional new merchandise have been p t ol Sit. -"


Justo Arosemena Avenue 2-0810
,'__, ,.. A

, A '. I'S. .T ',.. ,
... ,,,. ._ ,* ft ,** *'* : ; >* .^ .

rrid Aboat Your irniv.t
E 1 -' .,


Then JustSayfp yor CPues
*- i,- -? '^ .rJ~ f .*/ --' f -
,,. "" ,. ." y. -. .. ,, .-\ '. .. ..- .. ._
4 .S-a#.S, >



ARTICLE OR At1 1S.-.0 Ct.R
a- 1', ". a .. '
La A ^ -


M CUral A. ft. 40. a

81 "A" Ave.
92 Central Ave.
t1C00ntral Ave,
5 Central Ave.

73 C!= -e


10. LA

37 Central A.

* 91(1 'cii
JJ --

Sc11intral Ave.
S98 ntral Ave.
78 Central Ave. ,.
4.,EL CORTE INOLE$ 5 5 .
16 TIvoUl Ae.


o100o entrl Ave.

For your


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. t"1

71 Central Ave.
H dtel XI Panama
41 Automobile Row

30 Central Ave.
115 Central Ave.

convenience our offiees remain openm- -ay'iu Sam. to 7 p.m.
(Mond y to iy) and 7 a.m. toI Ee.

Stop in today at any.

to d above
iin *h dobwaw

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^ -- _. -- .. : --- / -- .- ..
Aw w and Cu# of Nt ?p n 3-1121 P.O. Box 1619 .

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I P .. N.A-M..'' ...

thawair to PMreVi

Written for NEA Service

$A 10932
6J8764 6K
wKQ8e 9J2
4J36 1Q97S2
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.-X ll^ 6 -
Bo ide vul.

North B t SBth .Wet
Pams N fSA I Pass
14 Pa 2.9 Pass
2 Pas 2 N.T. Pass
9N.T. PUM. Pass Pass
Opting a|dj- *

The most beautlUI hand of the
Winter National Tournament, re-
cently conducted in Dallas by the
American Contract Bridge League,
was played by John R. Crawford;
of Philadelphia, in the open tea -
event, which his team woLn
West decided to open the un-
bid suit, so led the six of club.
DQummy played low, East put up
tL0 queen, and Crawford Won-in
Wi-Jsnd with the king. Crawfor4
tt led the queen of spades from
I hand, and let it ride for a
East won with his singleton king
of spades and returned a clqb,
since he was quite pleased with
that suit. West was allowed to hold
the second round of clubs with his
jack, and he promptly led the suit
again, forcing out dummy's ace.
On the third round of clubs Craw-
ford had to discard. He casually
discarded the ten ot hearts, which
eventually turned out to be a key
Johnny planned to take another
spade finesse eventually, and hope
to discard another heart on onE of
dummy's spades. It. didn't matter
Much whether he discarded the ten
(or nine) of hearts now or-later
and he hoped it would confuse his
After winning the third 'round of.
clubs in dummy with the ace,
CrawfQrd led the jack of diamonds,
and West properly discarded a. low
y ade. This was :a bitter blow, -
nee declare had been hoping for
3-3 diamond break.
Declarer continued with the ten
of diamonds, and West had to dis-
card a heart, since he couldn't
spare another spade. Rather'na-
tsrally, West discarded the six of
." ford next finessed dununmmy s
tine oi spades, and East discarded
diamond. Apparently dfllaer
as in dummy for the last time,
he didn't cash the ee ofc
wpades. Instead, he led a heart
S d ducked the nine around to
West's queen.
West tried to get out by return-
5ig the king o: hearts to Crawford's
ace, but Crawford then returned
the seven of hearts which forces
West to win with the eight. Weat
hen bad to lead a spade, allowing
Bmy to win the last two tricks
's eighth and ninth tricks
-0iyloAZ sdept the ten
f heazt dl f the seven),
or if Wbit t'dafarded the eight
Hearts, Crawfr would have
forced to win the third heart
k. And then he would be stuck
Li his hand and forced to lose the I
CHtwo trick to East.

| CHRIS WELSON, Phasteuh


i -

Look for slights and Insults
snd you'll be sure to find them
Overlook them and they can't
effect your happiness or your
disposition. So don't make other
people's manners your business.
Your budlfss is to mind yo'ir
manners and let others mind
And If they don't that's no
reason for you to feel hurt.

Movie Star

31 Separate 40 Ti'riter
incidents 41 Smells .
35 Tlilsmen 43 Skins of
86 plmarnaceut- animist
ical 45 Mies
preparation 47 Simple
37 Mohammedan 48 Chair
judge 34 Symbol ot
39 Legislative iridiun
body 56 Musical note

ACROSS 3 Pome fruits
1 Movie actress, 4 EXIirst
Betty Separate
star -- actes
IS Reiterate 7oSverse
12 Reiterate 8 Surrender'
14 Rounded S Railroad
15 Swiss munt R(ab.)
16 Carried (coll.) 1 Lamprey
18 Meadow fishermen
13 Low caste
Sudra Indian 11 Everlasting.)
20 Nasal sound in2 Appro hest.
21 ader 17 Lop iann
22 aant part 23 Way n
24 Bushmen 2 DrW aths
25 Scottish aldrs27 Br t paths
26 Brother of Distinct part
Jacob (Bib.) 29 Vacuum
28 Invent
,30 Compass point ,
32 Distress signal
33 Clamp
34 Sesame-
35 Vinegarlike
38 Layer of -
stones (Scot.)
41 Sheaf
S42 Tree fluid
44 Hardens
46 Major (music)
47 Fashions
49 Burmese wood
so Palm leaf
51 Roman
magistrate -
52 Fourth
Arabian caliph
53 Withdraw
55 More pungent -
57 Cubic meters .
58 Pilots
I Chiek-peas
2 Tell



Great White Fleet

BfALW, A BIRD- Italian
sim actla Lisa Gastoni likes
to wear llge, ringrtype ear-
rigs so her M t reegah (a
kind of parvaketycan perch on
the golden hoops. That's what
you call, getting information
straight frorm the bird's m.out.

*8.S. "SANTO CERRO" ...........................Feb.1 6
*S.S. "ICHb TRAI ..............................March,
.S. "AQUE" ............... ............. March
andlla Iut ehlerryed. Chilled nee Gcsersl CaroD



S.S. "ALYCON" ................................... F h. ,i7
S.S. 'M.TAPAN" .......... ................... 2
S.S. 'JUNIOR" .............................. .Mar1 9
.S. "COPAN"............ ............ .... r 1
Weekly sallings oa twelve psaqn i fshps tp N" .ork, ikew
Orleans. Los Angeles sn. rlnnovise' Id eAttl ,
.. ,
Fortnightly lassen er service on our S:R.'CHIQUI, to
New Orleans via Santa Marta. Colombia.

Special round trip fare from Crantobal to lt fork.
Los Angeles. San FrnAniscc and Seattle. ---

to New York ..... ........................95240.00
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ......... .$20.00
To Seattle ............. ................... 8. 00


.Spilling the Beans


trlfl To. 4,W MIVl A im

V, ^


Very Interesting


WW Vt jj



WAN up Iw P


.e Idea, Mot

S... -

; it

Thats Different ,

YA k Ote 1at'l6
60.vff* W "%tte .

; yT Wrog1i
*ol teHIOCM

.mral"A' POP




tap LATE e
Mn 60T TO Or our
or- ^ wa
hl- Fi 2 --O

Quick Acting

It Fits Dandy


CALl Tho PLAmrTfsws...
9sWAraMOSj i A



S -

: #tea -UAktblh (a
* 1,{
-,* UtaM-iIua

BOua 4I M'




7 -~~~* ** -"



|VAr / L^MWW PSTS) ww f
LijC I -weaS-r~e~csera-rn

.TignStbtI~y. t ~ x


-'. ^ J

- --~--~' -



,~it, itt



* N
* 4



n f.wI-. .... ,-i



I k **I .

~C1~ ~~____ __~~,~_ -- .-------'- r---------- ~ r"~


momo mo





ia M tjI

a-. sa t o o
Mat ell.

.:- .- "," -
STi e attending Included Ma.
V dE IMrs..Vi'Younhof
StrW. XEdi- Lk, re ? er.l,
e, r. ea' Nichols, Mrs.

lee 5casadrSc tt
Mrs. Piiauflgq.BtSn Mrs. Thelaba
Valetine, |1p. % B,-.poa, Mrs,
Ea Be, e es Trot,
SCor uckr, Mrs. Thela
~ tferstaf, Mrs. Johnue 3. Ba).
e-Ser, M Cummigs, Mr.s.

Mrs. Maxwell, Mrs. Ortega, Miss
Rachel 'cart.ndale, iss Betty Jo
Opry, Mrs. Myra Harris.
SThope sendin gUXs were Mrs.
Wiley C., Patterso. Mrs. Lemma
'Deqrr, Mrs. Fealy, Mrs. Frangoni.
Mrs. Zen. and Mrs. Walsh.
v- ai-Mr.. Neyeu
M.r.' and 'ir4, Wiusbeater Noye
diNaw yqrk. whp been viot
tI on ithe ilstu, their son-
1n4,w .and dauf telBe Ambas-
Fsbador t the Itit
aima, Seldeo CBhapi and Mrs.
Chap-n, ptlantosa Friday aboard
the S. S. AneoA" to turn to their
rng their .stay ip Panama the
,vi-oro afe guests at Hotel El Pa-

Chapter Meets
regular meeting of



S., -

44, ~


E-I. -Baby Foods '
a e e nest, select

Spaed to reain mai.-
as. strit.e value. Their *rea ||.
4avor makes them unusually appetizing,
d t &My at strained to a ine, even sex-
e., so it's never any problem to get
b y e ... .
' @i o port, HaNZ, QsIty Con..
trol assres you that these superorfoods
are always of amijfetr qalfy so that
pbae by- isiways surd of theeat uo.
baamI Specify HwZ Baby Foods!
--^^-^^ -








*W. 11t rtea d"d condnt.

roed Forces Service. CMeI;
nlo^at d lon lub i h-r ty-,en'yeaa In 18,
L trs Wl td Day ot te If hy rhadi ts
renelo ento Roch atog bet a balfan 9 uerted
.,the 7,0441 fe ,.-.- Canad g wd. br tftSS-S
: a. A. .. .yiou

.The Clbwia l e eAffatiisof a F* uities and henGvemlh
aPa na, anareti vier paer H ta wor A ed t
Ninsn at lt t n ola ub i h Xe .at
a visitors to the .Isthmuts, ld a, ofbe wan ,ar
fi l. r prs o n l e, t eir w rdan-day,'h d ei st o f L e, 8. A i
. ..ktO? a 2dy wttbe by a d ffe1fbt A-
is French ejputb, the iiHonorA of a difoot.ent e Jd mae
oesanm. ,a eRepurs cwoMbrlted.3l %t-1
an. Barte a vi to t er I Chakk tu b h
Mrs. Robenrt eaion, nee Gt. t W.Twpe a evoilns a-
a Hall, arrived Tsdayor a lobr Colleeintck-
ait with her AreMts Mr. and now-India and *irce-nrp14adntcf
ntly changed their address fro -
edro Miguel t New Coroual. taken't at !f 4 n
ers. re vrs eg obeerpdceawillobes 'pefit toaui-
ue Lovuic Loveinrtg rorth w unterdenonulaatio nai
The Music Lovers' Group of the mniatry in large delee count-
so club win meet Wednesdayo au aiges and the Govermoent
arch 3, at 8:0 p.m.,t* heara n Indi mnaoapital In Anrardow
epeciall arranged musdoyi aor' l tka
ram selcted ty he Fulegids N
usic So4iety Ii Panamen. T heroes cooperattg a
iotip meet st the US,0.4 ood dr observtnha. ldoxze
mued Force Service Center. Saiito Union Churcb the- CIL-
5nd he .publl, of thLe re Qierd So ouo1. en-ro tt.i
meand otie Republic" odes .. Q an o.
is are invited to attend-. .i:O= rhO,. n ch.
Iwr Society To Keet t
The Altar Society of O L Frces Seririce Center La B
1 Fatima dCurch in Curundu i Ited. wvil hold a aIaavaiitM"
rid its C outhl meetweing at the t the USO-JWB this evening at
burch this evening at 7:30. All :00.
members are requested to attend. ,
Stdancing, to comemorte
overed Disk Luncheon the Carnival, will be under te
arch 16 .. suevfiten of Captai L Lub, T0var
The Balboa Wo;nan' s Club will *A- T hwata.
id a cover' dish luncheon Those having poleras, montu-
Tarch 10 at the Weatwyod Home nad or montunos are requested to
f Mrs. Farl Schillind. The group wea l them.
ill meet at 9:00 a.m. and urNg Mlitar persoel, their a.

the meeting the. slate fe*,-tie year
1954 will be presdeted-,..1,. ` "
T h o se desiring tra rtato.
ate i'skeld to teleph qte Le
nard Rulpel, 24w353. Come sue
bring :.our friends.
Dessert Card Party TM .

Door and table prices will be
given; and the proceeds of a rf-
fie to be held in conjunction with.
the heard party, will go _P
March Dimes-and Cancer-Futl,
The public is invited. Admission

" Bate Decorating Class
The batea decorating class at
0 me USO-JWB Armed Forces Ser-
vice Center will old, its regular
weekly meeting is evening at
* 7:30. 'ie tpub iJib.invited to at-
Carnavalito Thi Evening
The CarVal.t' Dance Class
'Group of the USO-JWX Armed

," -. .,'. -...* -a.

the TreA- Cub
Pack aW, & An-
iversaryof ou ws also eel-
Ovrt eihty, mepben of 'the
failteao t cubs attended, ad
were seated lOb tables oe
with .blue .and .gld ers. The
den Orotod fl h d Pen-

tz presenteId fteon Are awards
fee- M boya wlho partlipated in
the Sebutorampi'" w hih was bed
u'Belboa duria the weekend.
Ged*e S ,rseplv
WAbelo, the i. al Iawad in Cub-
bnlf. ..Gary A on ,eeved his
as at triet, N.- ana dy
Cote received the Lion Badge
and gold arrow: Joseph Coffin .re-
ceived the bear badge; Raynmnd
Sheegg receiv,ed.theoearr
badge; James J ack .b the silver
arrow and Tinomminy Belote Bob-
eat award or being the newest
Mr. Curtis Codte is the assist-
ant Cpba.tster mod Mrs. A. H.
Itodger the secretary.
Pefoee Ball Bwi
Event of Friday
The annual PolIe Ball will be
held in the ballromn of the Hotel
Washington Satttday from 8:00
p.m. until-.
Tber will be. a tloor show. prize.
es Id, surprises. Music will be
furnished 'by Luis Aearraga -and
his orchestra. .
D1nne ay mybe obtained by
these attending, if they desire it.
g ad breaaolit will be served after
midnight to alUwho Wish to stay
rfor t.
Tikets t -the .dance .are a dol-
lar each an4 nay be obtained at
the Police Statien or from any
member of th force.
Fleet serve A xjlPar y
Has Me uper Party
,-The Laes Auxiliarys of the
Fleet Reserve Association, Branch
9 met on Tiesday evening at the
Pier I meeting hall at Coco Solo.,
(or the regular monthly meeting.
Mrs. Mai:e Guiddy presided at
the initiitto of the following
uew members:. Mrs, Vir gin i
Richardson, Mrs. Clare Neo ,.
xius. oatckie Conu and'Mrs. Jackie
Pate. Mrs. Arlene Carter'reported



Buy NOW your" iks, oonrfti, serpentine,
h hats, paper n, b'otiseriakers and
carnivf decorations.
f you're planning quiet week-end.

S'-. (oth AoA s Anoor P.O.)



p r .. -_.

j" -

1. I
* !

gu.t the .o.atiep NWORl

Mis Me. a oly ae M r t
D Helen CMlp a rs,
uld ,vuteeed a to kete
Uy yt to the .ae for me
d at Puerto Pilao.
S nmothly vTilt to the Coca
Solo Hosp tl, St which time home
made reh =hihents are served the
ptients, Wll be made by Mrs.
A .. Marie Gklrew, Mrs. Carter,
Mas. Nnow, M] oan;, 'Ia.
Coan, Mr. llen Broberton, Mrs.
Doris Bridenbaugh and Mrs. Nata-
Ie Perino.
The o1lowing ladies were ap-
pointed tohe .te ominatig comnamt-
ite: Mrs. Brotheflon, Mrs. Carter,
.Mrs. Etta Baumgardner, Mis. Do-
ris Mahols, Mrs. Ha Jes and
Mr?. Gulddy.
The Men's Branch amet with the
ladles for a buffet supper follow-
ing the meeting. It was served by
Mrs. Jo Ann Jzyroe and the other
ladies present. i
Janet Clie Celebrates
"fathday Amvermiury
Captain and Mrs. Wiliam Clute

Silly Graham Is

Greeled By Wild

Emotional Welcome
LONDON, Feb ft fUP) -
Evan list BiIY Graham re-
ceived a wild emotional welcome
irom 1,500 l',ymn-lnglin Britons
when he arrived today to begin
a British ca palign. Tueday.
- Bhouts of "God bless you, lu11-
jv" exploded 'from the waitjas
crowd when the -train carrycg
Straham from Southampton ar-
rived at Waterloo Station.
Worked up to an eotlonal
pitch by a.ymn- gi session
led by Don Mooi3t6.i former
All-America foottal player an"
Graham assistant,, the cheerlig
throng repeatedly shouted "God
bless you" and 'say something,
WhIle others aag. .hil, praise,
,ne Englishman called out to
"Go'home where you eame
Clad In a dark blue topcoat,
.dark tie nd near' gray homburg
hat, Graham raponded to the
,cheers with "God bbWmyou."
The fieoy rth Crotta evsn-
swa arlVed Britain TTURA.
b the, lne T ted
The welcome he received clash-
ed sharply with" rltlclsm leveled
at him by aigy -British Social-
afts. They b ee'o d to a star.c-
ient he alleMd. made that so *
'ialism has on e more harm i
Britain than German bombs.
Graham apologized, saying the
remark was In error. He aamd he
epant ecu.'arism not socialism
QVram -meet- Friday witi
British Labor party leaders !n
the House *I Coomons to soothe
the Socialists who are still un-
happy despite his apology an J

was use, ad & decoratei I W*'-

. w.OW. Leis and k1 A gala,.-bt"
Clute j~lated the host ~ the JPler.i m st m
The y!ttin g tat were: aaeartel. .' ;-,.



and Il

Irt.d feundatidn oneI
i powder-sys on
$.shiny. Soft-tintoe4 rngeli t"
t ele .. .

Face tn yeqr hbs lt
n .d p ir '

I Cany it wit you alwas.. .

Tody' No. I ,
make-u" fmhionl

.4 ;-: fL t-.. -.;.PI

The loveliest Eau de Cologne in the Wofrl

...... AT -l' N SO N'S .--. i


Eau -e Cologne

A dry and refreehing eluaslto cologe
of superb quality, for thosew*it
appreciate fine and lovely things.





Use Adkinsons Cold Medal Eaue & Cologne
in your morning batb, smooth it on
bands, nck and brow during the day.
Start new to ma wry day more arew.

~ m
a.. 4 4
M~'in Jql#s I, *TNS*~
lmdpvf'ina.Av ~ u~u

.*.'. -.. : '.*.. S R.. .-. _- "
I i ,.iI) ?;I:"I I ":'}IIIi' ; if i IIe i^ 'i" ''^ C I.^ ^ I F ;'i i I"

_. ... ,

~-.3~: 'S


.4. .- ..- .- -. **'- ~-

day WeL

Ow u sp ide FrV dopcas have a bmey
bhowa-tgery oodmw that &e ddeis dscuipil
Cmohy w i bg EUS a wm ht from Georgia.
CuBy wilt Migof ch. smooshdincolae
thaM aklt 7es a"mp. Evey bite a ddeoseip suripise!
e nwaie A t .iufdwafir di M .ps -m






i i

..... OWNIrrll


r --


i41. ~ill;d ~th~. a~tr~~f, iga4~11j~6~3.

. S :**

; ii~

4 .

/. :. .'-



I *~ -.
0 -

I -cr *&P


1 e .t .


S Ho5u.eho

fb toPdhoa e -OA ". -"

ffx.0' LlnoI q2 wIndow
,,.,0S 16r 55094-; a-ie.

open unit. RWidonc l45-A.
rlobol. Frdly 4C;30 to

bed 7- r2n venetian
hbetwlmn Sd and P.Sunda 2
Dining set, bofe 1 tLoibuv
irs, m 4hogainy In din-
a myioition; Frd din'Wlgtn ab,

h. looked as, 7 r lousy si ns;la
twashe n and 9 P. M,rs; 2
lle l-Dicing st, Wondi tibon
S chairs, mp-tny'.- In vrnby
"_ nditlohn FrnCh 'Wilton and

d and. mattress, !i4; Plestol
i.5she, $15; 2. bedtld tole
each; doll's. bet-poin bluIr
child; oprttasg r .ssw
alumrium tray $1; 4rter
r cauth and m-rtirst I10;
o!umfnunr.troy S1: quiptel-
itt ;a U .2, wooder
Si*, pad tihh ren., 2-42 O,

.ALE;'s- 25 eydl reflriator. I
f" 'tofiia n cert. fll lIang:>
*or. niacerlanious hou:eho('
be 0767-'. WilligmEon Plahc
toan 3749;" '. .

WKlt A.MTIL..a.

R ff

,+BMACA M*BO +" ; S-B
IA 6

,, .--,-" i +.l _" .




~09W'Y *u9~W

.s.atiaal no.uIy scholar
rF*atealty the8 Caal zon
J r.u O e. *. -, *

agpniial are curdially invited.
4 o
isrltive atl*dents whose r.da
T ilor the entire college

Sli"m oa Hi -I

0na Is the 1 n.
m1 Cul 'bimberat of P i E-

cI! ll-. e mli*ok the Uniated states.

. ..... ,... .

,, 4:, + A, towing.
1?- .; ,- *'.




WILLIAMS!' 1ote ctwqbi+- 53
nMor b2 SolU; M050 *Mip

Ph 4 te I. M

Gramlich Sants Ca Peach i
elecMtric refrigctatin, og sntWv,
moderate raoe. PhM
Foster'sCln o Ote ot


FOR RENT:-Purnihld Hous. Three
baths. kitch-Ml, pe-i with bar. 2
ur arie, and ano mald's rpom.
h Qreit, Gl(f Heights. Telephone
l241.5, Ponomt. .
IFOf RENT.--2 well furnished imoll
bungalows, reasonable price, for
Arericon retired men 2196 Via
Espania across from Mercado So-
turrq, .
FOft SALE:-Unfurnished house 2
bedrooms, parlor, dining room,
kitchen and large yard. Belisorlo
Porasa St.; Son Francisco No. 85.
InqUirel at house No. 1424, palrt-
merit C, Corr St., Balboa.
FOB RENT:-Corner chalet, two bd-
roons, big porch in Vista Herm-
sa, Pueblo Nuevo Road No. 23.

Aujoupoblles DR.tWNO AiCI1 lNMI
Central Aven"W"Ue Mite corner,
FOR SALE,-.-1950 4 Door Plymouth telephone 2-3479, VuwL.
Sodium iy tree. Texes Petroleum rIEs Have s color .1po0 I
Comrpyg-cBalboo, C. Z. 2.1651. brightlEns H eM t end biles-In
FOR SAL:-Morris Minor 4 doors. the grey O n's, Ciou
75 Ju5to Arosemena Ave. Upstairs. Beauty Shop. 'P e 3-l M.
FOR SALE-Bargain 4-door conver- Esther Lorenuo, Mondger.-
tible Cadillac, excellent condition, Call Navy 312 Inew number bust-
cun be sei at 2010, 1st Street, ness hours, for,GeseH l5W' Ce0ell
Curundu. Tel. 3148. Price $350.- Beauty Shop for information her
00. No r tot loew. ISanta Cas Bas h Nuse and tor
BARAN. ke. new registered ty BosteN a l pups.
347 o :'noon FOR SALE
to.2,-00*tol. pi. m, FSALE
FOR SALE--1949 Two Door Ford. MseellUaeous
Club coupe. Good cdhdlifion, rddio,.
$600,0b. Tel. Panesn,1-4918. FOR SALE:-AJr conditioning unit,
600Phic" .200 V. 60 cycle.
-capacity. Used'one.. month. Quo.
antee. "Lo Poiml"-'No. 68 Central
.,,u WRa .,' Avenue. Telephone 2-2814,
P ft SA-6 1 ES o 7 i'lnpa- mew shipment). For worMi sHow-
'ment rid a'fa* dollars per month ers. Phone 2-1326. $9.50 instal-
you can own your own home. One led. Three day trial free.
house No. 7044 at 4th. St. Me- ------- .- _
.lende f or ony $3,500 and no in- F. SALE:-Spinet piano, $350.00
terest. Ferna, 3rd. St. Bolvar 3019 ood condition. White cabinet
Apt. 2, 1mndel electric' sow ing ni aditie 57$.
Apt.. C,,t-. -..--. o00. rour seclton circular Ratlan
FOtt SALE:--2 lots 3.000 feet alti- couch $75.00. No. 52 Cuba Ave.
tude in beautiful Cerro Companas Tel. 3-5252. '
One on Llonos 4.,856 m;torl at, 7.--- ______
cents. Other waied 9063 mater:- 'e S'LSE: HY-LITE 20 meter
at 6 cents. AItO hou:ehol effets. em, vous other rdio 1quip
Owner trig. Telephone Balboc ment. Phone KZ5WZ, Blboo 2.
36,1. -; i 317'3. -- ----- --_3173
.-- ~i*"- SALE:-Piano English, proctic-
N'ally new,Awl" ori S
210, Lans ro Tel. 202 .
Celi. ; lc U rM( --e. c .. .AL.E: .I A skd t#
wlI Wendii courJe ,,vanign. Sim- ,l puppy, kfmIM. o
I fle d r n n -,e t: .'d s M a rin e r a s. u .
Mad am et.
T beg:niers ha. 19 1QP# arCf .tb w'.
sho -a I prorers w;I',lI ..c...a. s~
mon on !l. aenni r c. 't*
Plano l. 2.1282, i., ".. i ..
Sotr At: ftotlffe# a t*
--- -- .qar 3.5 cnamerO, latest modeT
iX lX flash, with sunshade, filter,
m.el ar 35 mm! ..


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Science A1.9S1ks Up


37 C_'. t.A. f W, S

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S is 4 to *paiB.
C, .

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'1 I{ r,,I WMUH .lW M iI

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o L e t l


ner, phone Balboa 3748. Mow
56.-j, Ancon Boujevard. OR RENT -:oaarn two bedro
FOR SALE:-Boss Drum, ail drum, Aptr. 2. Rint.0 Monthly
* 947 ,two rear ;rfos $12. 'I -
House 84-F 6th. St. Cae
MoR SA-LOe eft LoiekiotVaFr tigoya r
oand m e0tunos for men, amlso' am*p d
in a er J "tl 4 '' No u
er, for the htir. Ceall*oNlc. ..
FH E(a; --- From WAAn0 O dUbdt A

,0lC r -4Furnishod' -2 b
SLOST & FOUND R Cp 3-19,- ..v ib" i
.I a .l 20 lm r.Cplll 3 1N96,11 e r n St
Mt-41) hfoe lost ore Alligator --
..Co her Pc,1lta't withlhe name IR t rmInt, a
Jemas C. Sot. Panama stamped frrishd. 2 bedroom 2 bedroom th re bd
oil the inside of It, -and a Hano .' apartment in bit side tit dir
Too;e ri ocket LIo% with the name -larg diningroom, lilvngroam,
Col0nCl James C. Sroot, stalBplc .-omple' cedor lined, looed sP.i
an it, containing personal proper. $150.00 monthly. Calle 48 No. 27
Luch us driving licenses, etc. Gen- BeolftlVt. -
cous r'.ojid if returned wilh pa- R ENT '
pers to Smoot y Paredes.S. A.Furished two b
a... ndnent, sultabie for two cou
-.. -...- Federifeo'Boyd No. 1. Tel. 3-T15T'
SIi -One and two bedro
Le At Notce C mPS furnished, cool wit^
No. 2, Uruguay Sr' "
UNited Stels Of Amcrice ..
Ceamel ne -3R RENTihSpacJOus spoitmn
J Stlsas Dht;ict Court For Th: modern. b4reoms, fumi
vilo:t ct hie Caunll Zone inspectt rki sa fr i
lC. isleat tDi&u .t' -at -

s. ro oas Proba". 3-07o0 .bsl, ss o;-rs
o'lICIL t ih y gbivWmN that all per-. FOR RENt:---F.unishd apirtiiment
*havtiial W clai c3la*< th smotil on b edroom, top fr
to of WILLIAM MgKINLXY RAM-. sma" mo f1J. .aShl
...'diuea md are required to file their very .lsock 4. t 2lt ..
-,:la rtd bh veuchersa, ad prop- Tel. 3-.104, O,
cy"i ri g tshe M Ctof he -1
-a ta& Satiurn Ditrie Courstfot r the Di.
i let f til Cianal Zame, latbe Dls W.
s thi Cormlim. Aaem .Caal .Zone. '.
.f with the AdllaBlistrtor. LEON RMlUSt
KEtl, /a V-a .clm.R... samirA d S &.
CeA!re. 0. 3am 134, Amaco, Canal:o RENTw
zcre; (N. 6, TilvH Avanue) a or be- .two t -
:ar, lbs t!h!. day *I Dsuch~rb s194. ee. '1964
I t l iy w vll (ernb e barred. coI'O -- WlGWood
Daild at AuCe. Canal Zme hood. P-w ".
tkl 1sas l ay ot FPbr%.rv 1354. leftd.. .
(I) LtON IIZiM" i f r "- i'
Adminic crater FOR "
I ^ '* "* in "- V

Lewal Notice Fi
United Stea of America,
Im The Ued bSttest Distrlt Cou. ,R TI ..
Of The Car ome I e,/f4" -r'"jiD,.,Mf t.j.ut b
In The Moter Of thThe E tat
11 'lictr J. a+b "ysag aeihy a
___ I niw M .l- fo ie i M .allf ...'t .

25 ;CIcI Rotrigastors
esMItiaghssee psbu-Mia Is &
it, 8, 4, 9 lo. ftL.'l loe
atyated. Cha r fls< see

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eis. MM Ohtae: &ai Rhodft
r.. conrad; Mr. Vat-
hie COaM- Mr. and im.
&Cms A Da; Mr. andl Ma.
wOrn _;-. ldwui De La

lrdia Mr. and Mr.
raik hd' Mis Ate:ee A. do
ytheyai nne and Mo.. LIt.A
ir. ia' and Mrs. Itera-
=MeA. DgAn" Dr. and Mrs.
4aymond H. fito: Dr. and m

Dr. and nra. jaek J. Q0dman
anid duuflta and how Ethel

Mr. nd Mrs. David W.
flauer; Mr. nd .Mrs. Edward
L Eliarm; Mr. and Mrs. Pred
aschlke; Mrs. Cora Heinell;
Mr. aid Mrs. W. Hutchinson;
M. Carl' 'Stlu: Mrs. F. P.
Lnirtm; Dr. aid Mrs. A. i.
Judd; Mrs. Nell Jupp; Miss
unimce p; Mr. and Mrs.
Obear XCIemInap: J. 8. Lar-
on;. Mu Irene t Mlivaline;
master Alfred L. Maduro; Mr.
and Mrs. Frederaick Maynalrd;
Mr. apd Mrs. Herbert B. M-
el; Mr. and Mr. W. W. M:-
Jr.; Mr. and Mrs. Edgard
Moistan; anS d Mr. n-d.
SOa6ar Muror;
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p11.r*'d". Rine
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Vernon A. ma M.. t. n
ra. Bernar- Seldmea; P
Wlliams 653: Mr.
Geo. m i ..-ah l
*m-t r ti:iltry.
Mary Worrell; man4t,
mi MMz. C. B wtift.

power Setting.-
~lass To Resum .
Meetings Mes y
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S hewe. ,a m .

a3. And Mrs. u1
Mr. .i... M....
and Mrs. as s
U andJ
96a. Dora lrs, M 0
Iallett. Mrs. l2nor te i .
mimges 1ase -- -_ot t 0
well, Mary MCEEWE la .
Lue Mtoy, Stuart MNi Nr- n

man Johnson- and MaK Aabite rigw lt T
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C),rpomA T.k F b..1AZ,,OW, (P oo inE, -

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Attenfdn- ad e baby rb&b- te blast va-
abl would be teien out of the Sie pushed her terntie8 Sb-
ineubatos- tomorrow but would era and slsrt Dat alnj er
utay tor t while in the pratn- door One at a -t aauhe
tae baby seotin. ro-wd her .Sthbr. ,
Miss mama ha a son by each sleeping in the rar trai-
of her two trevius marr.lAres- errd led him .
to the late Gras McDo d. r. ne child light
ta Ne- Yoerk if c ireoe- bD at
tor nark rttim. idAl- d_
te n r,34, arid 4year- ty tA a
old Coied to ck. aof
Msn.mae last M another Jean t_ wa
She r whir win court- e to retur a
o iE'. -. -- -&

Svi Porr ao. 4 -21
CLINIC' HI4URt 2 6 P*;-.-


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k 9! WI' CwOvertible'Cow fiesto- Iry -
ItT t!S /.W"Ti.&

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iin .-'icrm.atr o;

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. ...... -J'^ -'? ... "p"" -:"'" ..* i." -" ..." "

A I.

PoSte Nme. 2,0.
Notitc To Ci:dltars.
Noia es hw u sgivs that an per-
rrFn batoving0a atilsa lhust ELlA-
(NR J. FAuMadeN, eMedM, ar biuby
reMiqlr toi bl sM. aiNe, with the
rs Iveeras. In the ffie of the
ClUa et lj IWtate. s Distrest
Geort t crin eb C.., or to mbit
t'n, wwith si immsdsry usemw, at
tkha af flia L. &. Carutm. Afteu
orr the A ui5rl.rr at No. 3| Cad
!sttfumte. Pre 61l,, n a ibetim

lLat eof i Ielworo
S a" -al 1iM.. -40
t: eJ w- flt

-- ~~-


LC~R~aaar ~. ---- ~~s~pi~ CI~ ~" -~L ___


"1R 4NT:--Fqr'hed t w6mdroom
Wo4 with Ila yrdMn San
* -*^^ flaetll ^a tac cifs. ;Scgrid O vocat o r-
thrs, ovojlabl Morch S to Apr
20. C'leep r t,. yNpo. ,I 10th
* S.g .-_
S T: 0 two..

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just purchased ftr 5e
Shelley is Bitke

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LIMIN, 'e1.ffflai. k"
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a m

Wluajp aines, the one-time 4-
lent star, ha* given up the. interlo
deratioan bt es. 'that netted
him a saeowd fortune. "I'm a re-
tired man,'" he say.

I Uobty Itn-
.ijft .,or 4
,6wt, 1 .i we lal ilWer of
bsaw d eq theg
Oi ;a et l thy royal
mla ,trlij _1 lthb Court
+lat tals 4eaerft war-
and a wordi-and-dagger

As tg, woman ftam.
ottry bito a uostm u
is &Qld to be ivahft
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amit. Turban te a t-.
SThievd ho odrate
Casbah's twror-fated illi
again =pr myFs a man o
nd Romero Is Md to
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dolt 5ase?"
eat: "Your big mistake Is leat'
ag the house in themorning/1
ae West planzin a tV1
-Ab comeback, be a |
:tild to her wriAi
ROe" Will: "She looksI tMefA
is r l to go. Las VagB i
b"y b o er first to.,

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New yr~attbs.hthmis y
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J ometwd *s aowy es
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~;- '.F~
i '''

.-.- ,DIABLO HITS. .'
tT rS Q FRIDAY 10:30 P. M.

-aa soanal, eoaters -
il rSHOWIlME TO.W'T! -



,-. -= c .

- 7 "' .

Oal's Part ,


I t iti M EN& .
6 Y e n1 i lg moetl^Ol rkl

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- 'I-. -. ,
flb~4 "AM ia,#


mik++' Fo.

.T,U1?lS SCOW U69 *

- 1. .;i.;c


- wfU-SD Rta.WaStI



3:1, rll, 1:m, 8:47

SHOWS: 7 nd 9 p.m.
Admission Prices: .60 .50


Carnival Z; Feb. 27-& 2;
March eI & 2, 1954.


Tyrone Power, in

Joan Bennett,
Edw. G. Rablnson, in

A Way to Romance...

Mre than one mas has been swept off his feet by a
dazzling mile... the kind of smile Pepsodent TQoth
Pautl gives to youl
v AL mrrantrf fl' oleanrteeth cleanest of
say oth paste, cleans even where the tooth
ash an reach It keeps your breath fresh, smile
brihteMtl Gives you clean mouth taste for hours.
Use Pepsodeit 4h RAL u mTEABNrT regularly for
the dazzling Ppuactr saM .


dg .m.WPtb' ahmtYaSt #im
rivo tb hbpa u tA


If Men Want to, Look at Me
...Why Shouldn't They PAy
For It?.. .You Never Met a
Girl Like
6V I n I



And The


,011A- I .ft ll-v. .

Al ." ":tO,
Borls iarloff, in
O*OZ I sum" ow OS'
wooSflwfO poor

I ID E*"
Richard Dnlg in
I Preston NtnW in

l185, if.


VMS ,wA8T "mro




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! w-

- .... .,.- .... ,
* J ...-' -- ",-- ." ._ _-' _

-- --------~'-- ~rrr ~-..-~.~I.I- I-.

^.Jip,' ',
.. ,.-.,


"'", -L' .: ,':!. "" ''. :'.'.--"-a 4 ..B, ." WP.
.. -.. ."- + ". ,'. *. -..., -.....
-- .. u ,. -T -.. .. _--.-,.-.. *

+- I,+ ,-" e ?:-f "":"

Le, '
M. 7 11





" :, ..' a -

****'.- *:T", -. ? *..-'-.. .: .. *
, '*T :.. -.+ -"-J^ -^' '
........ 17'" 4" R i iRai"

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h's o 'b to -'.r 'd ,- ,l -. ..... .... ... :*i i.*. :, -'

-1 g S V i *;owia.erdno*at3;301ntheBal- omack Wid dofl to a
Fa.I "dmI IPhBHS, JC WTle

lays Bla ngn ep the e aeo e -
Stnelta Under of At Balboa Hh sad laid Coe CBHS A ea i on t

.adually to 200 at Don Mueller, a 33-htter, I. n their first outn of tis season ---I ". -- .1 to a throw 'A'.
Splan overpowering fast baon the ba o his no uncrta terms, and rt rdrenls Bazoor -+ 'io t. 5 daw. thV dd and
. ion. hisopenng workout toap ea.r t bt o h bot S-
to 4 ..Ume "big pitcher" the Brooklyn Dadenrm hp tob ebIrlatetmhsof.hucbs

-,e a do nebaseban t,. easfal.a.....choo Tomorwrow a ;.:.. LVI

h. .. .--a.... ....ln dte Ca n&!Z e i n so a ssarer o hel, thi o at to oe J o o redtr e M ] a o-
in tt the major deal -ees made by their fourthel0fHiihchoilip ndth ecan. a5rfnhef raan s-cond o saol ni ampon Atedoy t! i -al a.ia

oT oHl- ona rber oivre lherniewe d t t e _i sor ey oord:- yearsam ro. o whe ...... to a
NathLea e 16rivals.r chjnol COicr0 will meet Ws hmoi-Ho r nLucky Strike .4 0 ar J .C- ha 1od.- 8uies the *. .

ageowa -. erdnoat n ItheBe t L COME nOM BE. he bazaar r Wh hich w l or o i
returning from aWashing AT DABLO lee ls adium and throw the ra MAINTAIN LEAD IN TESO 8 frsLuckyent and other rms of Rot on bastrike throuhthe nter e an ohClla
hit TOMORROW nto a te and play-offs hover i "B" LEAUE entertainhIent, wl be eld from feran of the catcher. Lna sin- fey rtbl and uler CaH that bre
loo fas he hae rtedI that case. By Herbert Moise 1 to p.m gled Herring timebewiout and Fars due to carnival honor he gave the.a aacofarnivaleenJ.u Os.'sleffldera M
.. Torow at 4:30 .m. the Team Won .Lost t to a fielder's choee tngto cheerabot t rree
ut looit Ploms and the Macaws of thw fctvisoach ,rw scheduled to begtinehiUgh lona to core Cali:.. J lo o in S .b. sitSr

Sasteh Tenae LeaPe will tre school wiut lead with his besta St. Josephs CYO 4 2 ea 'Wo touk the lead l t e pitchers' duel has b en lVn
M ..ved a second seveoff on e it foot in hthnde. Louie Charles .now Eacof the n YO 3 2 Will e h app og and almott battetlb Interachoo iffes tsent year. d rime past 5 thro
S.ese-oyd half schedule, the periow Is ready. Pitchers Teso 2 3 around. .bHerrin0 walked to Hallman mite d the Ti err to third out andwOtoetee.t h'--o'-
In their lat p me the M- Hinkle and Montavant will be inr Baoaurs 2 4 b EB open the l n agott gas-ingled. a r of well scattered t and t lboxt .ro
aws played to flight baseball he bull en ready for qul'tk esacrer 1 o. h et hro" whw-ch ht b the e of a i of ,un-r "
qr in reported ball hitting would' should Charles falte. b L b urton in the foot and baromed f a- break might' have
10on. them. htin o eems to Herb Raybore will receive the RAINBOW CITY, C. I-Traili th .ri l oft. Into the first baseman's taken home a no-httter. Hall- b
Set part o the Macaws maketo ri lance a the wood to the Col beae ing 7c5 alot having their four hands Carln walked. .Mcalxw e man's control was near perfect nol b-rf n t ei
200 theDon Mueller out. a .3f-hittrIjtheir firstick. o the leoutingue-leang al With twooutsLuna was afe on allowing another to reach flt b 2 7
re h plans. o0open1right was tfilhtinh spirit thit .s of the Teo 6 "B" League n error and both coredr whe he was hit by a pitched t f 2 0 1 3 .
e pnockedr.. Rookie Pumas in t e haigured to be a romp for t cameurging from theHih back with hBerne Herrn got hi second ball while striking out l vebat- n 1 0

Sie first half a signe ried the nke ed chootsel n bothe the hiternh woaway tetop othe t, but It'did no goo d as the. t Aers. o ige yel ed only thr cker. 2bs M
stale at St. Peters- leavi two extra In- sthe measure of leagues, and seventh to nose out Victor nt man grounded out. hits t the J.C. nte and all Row 2 0

Sines beor they faltered with cott and Hammond back- eo 6 outfit 8-7 In the sixth L uck x tile timhree of thie sag s thatme in the Bl 2 '
ICnowis that they must n Ma MortCn and Na- spotting the loser five runs t p Mortoeb doubledtwas Hearne third frame when J. C. scored tllo b 1 0 1

he St. LOUIS Cardin-.RIzu0s ian 1 as oble to take the apson the Red ana White cad earlsta flw out. O'arv nled. apDe-darMel verIf ei e
firstt time. r schoI Segrietr dy 4-,hatr- their way towithin striking di Cor FA T hi, d-t. Mound orbi db ut ad oe t a nne p e .
t .i Yo itll. It@toth to terma. tance of the title flag, and in- A children bazaar to help the long single to scne wcor e n wn g v te en
the$100',00eNalr said tend to give it an all-out go Fri- O building fund of St. Mari'srhadotaken second on Dedeaux's iug champiosfur previous tb I T i

eals awa with ita on the re- thoy face oetday. Selndon'fr oitn lon hb elveheidto r at ed t. Dt e they els -thg;
A"do my dardt.east" to Bcd, en snif the cnethatmlonabito trailcounts. ^ M.r, .o "ro S
,morrow The Pidas ar t licking or do they drino much frop rl emey K eW omack Whike mod i -itoy agd n the lr s.i b We
than._. the1.heir wounos froe their game te victory cips yet. determans- Haighd. in ona eh _h f I w t W
School vic with the Pumas d will be d r or the will wrap it u r n to the nemxt nning.Bid arlin sin- h"lostfive In uce i
i t otako the MaCS AatD camp. A T inO c one, te eager fellows N T WIN Ties, fish i odsfrbags.- followed wh-ch went floating wholl Tara eatk o fo t t H

ar AT DIABLO lbe the laJC dont wouantld throw hear MAINTAIN E Ic T BO r t onb ter thelder hea I m o
TOMORROWr.i.nto a tie and play-offs hover in'"3" LEAGUE entertainment, will be held fromferanoe of the catcher'. Luna sin- fey. stobul and *ubod b. t ba.

that case. y Herbrchers wih Tim Ho catch- ho curfew cur to 6 .. ged, Herrinfl and Far- ergave he om
T rTheFalcon3Teams Wo n Lotthe stt 0 2 o o rington h it into a fielder's choice li to cheir aboat th
~w~~ir-AP... 'Palr nsi : wand thedoMacaws of the Coach Brown of the hghalcns 5aWomack toBk -the lead*In thetchrs' Iashi ta
lk, h11111r:ewnextto Inning Cand awlmost btaedwto rt- rsaool a me s t 05 "i trt pt 9.dlashfl gforthe

t off on e right oot hthand Loue Charles. If gt. Vieent CO 3 2 flche back o the t elder chot aa Cola gained t i e tecondtr ot r
be se- nd half schedule the fe is r eady. Pitches Tes to w As a jontauncement an to the catcher popped out of te consecutive victory: downn

,. m invitation to a taterested, this catchers mitt and two more the Malta Vigor nine nh ah six- tb- C 1"[I
Sthe Ma- Hinkle and Montavani will ift t aauexo owllb d e Pen the e.t sgld aprof

I .. Ge ge rannum, the Colon Xas ym tp at 10:00 a.. Lr.ostre 00lctt8dThhe'oi, su. m a h rTANDr 1 .
l p r fr : To l club won tho Sundah, Feb. 28. W. Wiakoy 000 130 it 8 buy scoring four runf an the top e
Eick-dat tournament at the tTonighthes game: Balboa of the first innneat the Mal- C sri al
Sthe god ut wo Clubhoue uldn'tx matches to The Rainbow City Mmjot ha. American tetronn tw o Vigor labsues tated one run AarioTranp
^ Le wl will re th RAINts lBOd WM Tonight, Balboa Cn l i the tortta and c e the Nrsonan h 4
n. them ivtng seems to erbRaybo lHall and rannum thrilled the latiay vaon to an oinet the tbasem ecan's d to the up lea no-hitter. Hall .
i hearing a they e- Mem fwn a meetl agon. are Both teams playedht ball un- perfe an deal
SIthe M acaw changes temporary leads all a n. Comkigsioner winkle tor ouigh and wil t the fatal sixth inndna when tIriatoh a su
re ne-r count r- throughout the match Hall was vel ekle and hi bard rtto for Autbrican Legion. r Ca scored six big runs to OrdnnClub 15A
Sl e t- manis out. a heay stic. superb during the last twn etfeWith two outsra are veryn was safe on allowag another to reach T aln
Sa th fightintpirit and comanaged to win ov 6 "B" of ague an eanror 'and both runs S cored whenThe war hit by a pio ne uarc 2. 6
oir tha d url nthdiseBlfnathtakhe ert-camesurging from the bak Ewith B eHerg ile stk o fe bat- aano -a .

a fi.snockedft iPrteRmesin itsTelBaIb aLthtakhassert htoa'yitie top o to nthebits t it'did no good as the ters. offey eled only th Nh ,
Csleny shihh with the Cejo two extra In- uastio and TwilightLeagues, seventhtw o nosaweutictolwtmangroundedoat.hs t

HpWowaS r...Vo l sst It necessary o tor nt gUameispt victorious in teir a III eetheetie scamd inofw ,
before they faltered. with cott and Hammond back- m as' Teso 6 outfit 8-7. In th st d te oufthe tscog Ordnance Ccub 15, 1
yicnowithatthe ust wnng Ma Martin and a t her lsaesfeitu.rMorto doubled. Hete trd frame wheZone club rs of the reaie --- scoreie in i
t iv VanHens evident o Insnvasolu blcore of the aee to take tkeeon the Red an.White c 2 I t telses Ckefhe n n
tendhat hemMc aw s e' 1 e411 be 1 ognS school team .n pr n is ready for_-Iaos codwym deaux ground out. but Rid e. Petit

S* haltto 1. today. But A lcClre toMaed bvilhantly asa he w o am in the first Levi
b 4t.bhn t h E CORONATION OF THE QUEEN- dash to the pennant t. bl asd, "They're conginglae to score up only twobe-lts and zd Gra in the

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knok off l AndCharit-heavywewtbea I With two down, JerryBarrsa lit ifrs. Wade. C R TheO 1 s0 r
S COSTUME DAY-Dream up an original costume%40. Be a I 1r 0 I oine t e1 anade ntlatePic Gr
SPirate, a B pachcober. Pizs for the most original. Cos to c r tpthcome back.nth, Lucy to the rkeecond

wr '.V POHmoD ERw A NIGHT-Seemv on the gorgeous Pollfcras and the el ohab- the fwa. he an-a h 4 qe s
rt s pams, orate Moniv unos. Prized for the most beauty sniff tulh chaostumesp ts seeky a retaynnsm te .e odn rrtwomoseiqo
The Piddir~a 't still licking nor do they drinr much fromi walk. Kenneth Morgan then .r trsleSo LVaMUVLe orh mh

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Localrat. iamons." Te fIM Scor of te 35361 'U NEW YRK, Wb 25-(UP) r1O gme wflise pt.#'A."'ip(K N ykn h eivdW

GALA NIGHT---Gay Comparsas. The Queen in all her splen-. liir iusem- 5ewh 0 redit Ior thJ
dor. Traditional end of the Carnival with the "'BURIAL OF e cron ch b the o
THE SARDINE." -nbett w .. e keeIpmbuW Pu O_ Sen hits. Qua. y k -
C o r b e t.I- e a..~llm )i m ~I. 3 ,_e: --hits .
.same = ~~one-chancera .di hs.t
-,s... a., o r2a(kI (4
.ow AWal.'.

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sa d S... is ?Si 'h.rN OV.., '","-
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W a "w~t'as aaougi Abo

a u t t o h88 I -to of a t el bt O fh ndh
Or I. hacf, Wit?.n fleet RodiTA
.... .. .bile InMtaid r K o
abutIjah ~.hat *Pat*ll J h to

;i: brt~t L:" -----, ---P *,-"- -'
,i ,.1,v a i*'it .. ,, ,t
Shthe t bet cll 1 A e
oaPorer wf i tme h.sole bsl ea ta ke e e.
'^WP a IL v" -Aat"I In

W ..ah go. Slars ith baAg sw the.
Sl o.ub1 Sb?. Offhand vI'd ..
'we .i anaag Isn ee elmyA nr

t41 a 4 u, m atl T l amebZe u uahtf n a r

tnnd -y-B i 7r *ahs t te0ttll o o 0 *ieg- they a hB iayde u e~ "Wa dQ da* but ,. snw
hr o am Dir, c I M tto' H d r wt
enoug Aggeqth 4 tuper, 1de
ead o is i, ""nl pt

tp,, ..... j+I; s;rti.o ua "-'

had 4eead 0alf 1t 0d lun ud emas manitbid
.en b ra. slth2Ga m .
b _4 2 0 er 1 b 00b F he b thrthuttoi
pto0 0 keelufaorts oitsd ,' x *1 96rt.oL:.... a f p u andse, L had

straT I It the anahseoago Ua16tea
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t 4ue w2t,... 0 0.e a.. or he1ds .- 4 2000Ak"0

4 4 SIAN.=ITw Aamathrw uh ,-d nut d m woit the hsowIobe.
lb4 ie........ 1- .WilflgOr 1O,- and a14 HC6aa .-v.e w ohf.w .

of ...... 0l tdnean sen fort, Navy.rI
tOhe JNh p _r 1 ....1 thi 41 Frwd1uUt omil A .O
M.r:r o. -....-4m0 1 a ] MeeoS oallIn to c hasPo b#a.. .. 7 0. I

tre t __ WIe :.a __. th 4ontman u d lb
a aa w 9l wudA 1roS bal *o lvat- and he wil have6

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ly lt tS2,t I Out ch.onah l-trwuk itc heda 4' m roof W*'t h il ehaI
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annoum d. 1, kmm u.-runat14- "as .....t.. thebatho-UPma

.aa.,p t te It to a .end a -I u rhubarb w ith a player I .alk ni-. +-+ .. .. "--
m Ja r bL 4r W d aM thin to hmte0efqqn
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a OWt hlT tbaa tarean d tc .."t his tionrW a You'vr. Als s d.

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pro In n Mo that Ittwoulflhoin ttn, baae wo ulde
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This tour am e stI S sh QunesItea gue"t
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4 d Cieny t tare Stasen regitea a4wichi tal t on .
B RAVE BU IrIaI- a mon the hit eaon Wtith t 1946 Hudson 6 ............... 650.00
4 BRAV BULLS uld n'.t htp tam ,
aras the Wwhi A MACAMA' et What acietmut tois.anaremept oftei 1946 Dodge De Luxe 44door ....... 650.00
TWOuXhas. DUmLLi0i perermne4. The over- p oe ateely be 1948 Hudson Comm........... 1,05000
0 T -WO tImTRA BUL l notieable. Ad the ebdwe p a riblved so thO t
Two -EX tI&A 8.6be workA d in*
-W -IJ^ ^*tr1 't ovotsider, can be worl" in at 1951 H.dso Comm, (hydrnmti.) .1,6S0.O 9s00
MI ACTMwOn aw Sa s WMSow maskAsi the. e not be inconuldirable.
""""VALEZC :IAI : *U 1948 HudsopSuper............. 890.00
aus re.I 'u toT re- D DsCDa'WTr w T6DATE 1950 Vauxhall .. ................ 1,000,00
D4to? ist-500.0
MACHAQUThITO weref anJp t o SowmeS who ew InUrgo 1947 Kaiser ...... ... .* .: 1 0.0
S et'. ns anYele j- Irn l bigi ae. 1949" Ford ...... g ......e"11,400.0 "
with a saftceusla mof y OMIvy.
0M" "tU.wiss f t no.a I 'to answer tatw one h ere.Thi smuc 1950 .t .. ..,,. TbqDbeM te I4"M-. a 1muat .' oleter ...-cil...l played .It. .t: .F.... 1 ,000
by t S st "M hf t
b S s teet to 1949 p. uId (Be*00

ringAbi aT!Ehlt Is AM"
.... 1 d. .. .. ee,. te .- a_

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. .- .- _
. ... -.. ..... .

....... .. .++... .....: ... -. .
- i-., f..'+l 1 .. *...,,.. :,., -

",ope Is Weak

Put Slightly

BSpfter Today

"Let the people know di. truth and the country Is sah' -- Abraham I.incoln.

- Pope Pius XII passed today TWENTY-NINTH TAR
Into the second month and cru-1 TWENTY-NINT EA
vial stage of a lingering illness
with his condition reported weak
but slightly improved.
It was the first slight improve- aa sd / O
mnSt in the Pope's condition t v e inm r f I
ilce his slow but steady re- V I
every halted last Saturday.
Vatican sources said the Pope
ap*nt a "fairly restful" night and
hi general condition, while still I ,
one of extreme weakness," was k
Vatican has warned that To Stop
.Ppe's recovery from a stub- P .
ach ailment will take a WASHINGTON, Feb. 25 (IP) -
I me and require steady Army Secretary Robert T. Stev-
nt. ens sought a showdown with Pres-
an sources said that the dent Eisenhower today on wheth-
na ".-of the illness is such that er he is to be, "sacrificed" to
be periods of "ups and Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy "for the
s." sake of future politics."
bough the Pontiff, who will A high administration source
lte next Tusday, is anxious to revealed that Stevens feels the
me his activities, he is obey- White House has failed to give
to* doctors orders to stay In bed. him adequate backing In his agn-
One month after he became gry feud with the Wisconsin Re-
grpvqly ill with a condition de- publican.
cried as gastritis, the head of The Secretary does not want to
tO eRoman Catholic church re- resign, the source said, but he is
Ta et in bed under strict or- determined to find out how far
e from his doctor to take an the Administration will go to sup,
absolute rest. port his stand against McCarthy's
' A special "area of silence" was **unwarranted abuse" of Army of-
qpt u$ around the papal apart- ficers.
mepits as doctors maintained a Stevens tried to reach high of-
EcUnd-the-clock vigil. ficials in the White House last
-atican sources were hopeful. night, it was learned, to arrange
saiey d this was a crucial an appointment with the Presi-
ps pe. If the new period of dent;
.- itrxin rest produces the ex- He was unsuccessful in con-
te 'good effects, the chart of tasting them, h ow e'v r, and
. Popes condition will show a planned to 'renew the effort to-
new unowad curve. day.
They mstauized, however. Things came to a head shortly
_t it m. im.t*tant the 'Pope before midnight when the Secre-
. nw Vmpi ctlY the orders of tary got "steaming mad" over
ftf Rtoardo leazzi-Llsl, his reports that he surrendered to
n lan, to C&e -a complete McCarthy yesterday in a secret
L "complete accord" meeting on
W!, L. man of his advanced their differences.
E a. d general state of weak- That meeting led to a "memo.
es. It was p.oted outd even an randum of agreement" in which
fnIt. work Mazp atjlaUe. the Secretary reversed himself.
The Pope't been moving a- apd.Uted his ban' against Army
.hisX alrftment In recent officers testifying before McCar-
but th,-irtng effect of this thy's investigating slbcoimmittep
$ Sbr.ught his recovery to a on alleged feantmunst peneartin
Sof the svlte. It atlso caheeled a
L "showdown hearing, .with Stevens
S"T that was scheduled before tevl.
Vision cameras, today.
jlB i H "It has been said I have cp.
Ituletted to Sen. cCarthy,". te
^llt-ea.nlid o-St o, declared In
SIII I have =I caW wia
As fl $1Vt'd vih pol lt, be ) ten
released part o f tetestimony he
SR ad p planned to give the subeom-
inaioM w0today. In it he renewed
ft nses of Brig.. Gee. Ralph
b1 *fe'ftA dtwiuker w;Iom no pri*ouslyY
i&'ii ad*amid, Mc1ar'thy had a used
w. t ,,1a i.oeki' .
IaR ,abu .ca caw.u.when the
r9" J M'-intaerN J.,deaimtnnr,

.. .. ... .. t olthe faeeofthoe +ea,
A "obe :taf t thet e ha&.ee
*"A SL +he was a CominuAft.
tet.4.2 Zwkeher said he weas under odewt
14 gto issue the discharge and eoul#
lMzd, e t talk about it under a presiden-
0o Tt ft ial directive barring release .of
organ tlo w up security 'information.
-point l"courtsY code": Meanwhile, after yesterday's
plr the road by driving In "emmorandimt of agreement,"
PW.1A. McCarthy said he did not plan
aMul*' eurifice when, any more hearings this week
.in- to the case of Mrs. Annie Lee
tld he T t otway Most, Army Signal Corps. em.
trtve ins"ped-ltrtilns. Iloye whom he named as a past
pr1. .tgnls for turns *nd possibly present Commun-
yeadItawb oen meet- lie said he thought Mrs. Moss
loazamiles. ishou:J appear later when her
ftp t laws, signs, health permits. She was excused
.-. to road traf- from te tifying yesterday. McCar-
toroad trat- thy Faid he might also call two
i rndo. o ir witnesses in the case.
wnh *on. The Senator called hearings on
M M.b "' Mrs. lioss to give Stevens what
S. he de- .ribed as the "true picture"
4 t a Sy1 Jan. 82 of the way tte Army handles Com.
Low munists.
.......... 3:1P p.a. The memorandum of agree.
S .. s .'.. 3:.3 p.m. meant was reached yesterday at



inbvao s bein a too

-'..- tTJb, ~ 2


Seeks Eisenhower Aid
Seeks EIs-eIh' o'wer

SacrificeTo McCarhy

a secret two-hour meeting be thy -hais accused of bei a Comn- McCarthy's subc o ma ittee on
tween McCarthy and Stevena munlat Stevens previously reject- grounds McCarthy had subjected
which it was hoped would halt ed McCarthy's demand for the the general to "unwarranted a-
their public feud. nap bs buse" at- the New York hearing.
Under terms of a "memoran- A Cimnp Kilmer, Zwicker de- In the "memorandum of. under-
dum of understanding" issued by clied all, comment. The post pub- standing" Stevens agreed to make
McCarthy's subcommittee, Stevens lie Information officer issued a Zwicker and Other officers avail-
agreed to make Gen. Zwicker a- statement saying, only that the able for questioning, but the word-
vailable for questioning. entiree -matter Xs now at Depart- ing made it appear that McCarthy
Stevens also. agreed to submit meet of Army level, and Gen. might not call Zwicker again.
to McCarthy the hames of all per- Zwicker refers all questions con- Stevens told reporters at the
sons involved in -the so-c a II e d certing the incident to higher Defense Department after the
"Peress case," which concerns the headquarters." conference that he did not feel
promotion and honorable dis- tevpts previously had ordered he had retreated nla making the
charge of an ArmyK dentist McCar- Zwicker not to re-appar before agreement.
Stevens said he had 'every rea-
--- ..- --'- son to, believe that.-Army person-
nel will not be abused by the com-
mittee." Stevens was a0ed wheth-
er he plunged to resign. He" said
he did not.
Asked if he was- satisfied with
the agreement, he aid he had
been "interested in ferreting out
any Communists or subversive in-
fluence in the Aty" and would
"continue to do so.

2 Wh.teSe4rgeants

r 'To Negro 't

McCARTBTTARGBT rlt. Get. Ra4it.2wldtke walks from
his headquarters at Carnp Kilmer,-NJ. Zwicker, came aider
McCarthy's fire over the honorable discharge of an accused
,. ., ~ ..O".- *

t60 xBToniW

Sly tite bidbing a t S p. and from 6:30 to
exe when 41 auto- hese hours were e-
ble tre So under theauc- being the most con-
toneer's laminer on the CrC45 ul rot people who work
tobal piers in thP public sale 'bat office hours.
of some 600 Items of unclaim- bids are called in Eng-
ad freight. lish and Spanlh y Reginald
More than half of the items Arnmtrong, of the Transpor-
have already been sold and It tatiin and Terminals Bureau,
li expected ,that the pb-l. wl te Is acting as-auctlone.,-tta
be completed by the sftet4 -t- +
noon sesanh tomorrow, tiot, it Owd and brisk lt bding
tonight. 16hFi e aw$this yewar'$ w uiton.
The automobile tires which Ameoi Vt off lots which
are to be sold are of various O on already and prces
sizes and makes and will h'e wMi.t. : Fur coat for S.I0;
sold mostly on- an Individual one ot 'of false teethi, 108.0c ;
basis. The largest number to be and thWee drauma.of honey 1t.-
sold Lat. one time will be three. '1. "
A large number of bidders 1 r Sudes ful bidders have Leen
expectedd to compete for the requested. to take delivery'. on
tires. any items bid within 7 hours of
Also to be sold tonight will the sale. Otherwise regular
be a new lot of assorted tools. storage charges will be added:
The ,public auction of the to the sales prices.
merchandise opened Tuesday
atternmoon and will continue EFlrwali RD ve
until all items have been sold. urewcl R Yeview
The selling hours are from For G^ Bathurst

Vaughan, Gaskin

WI Hake Report

Tomorrow Night
Canal CIO director Lloyd P.
VAugn h -and Local 900 opes-
ident Edward A. Gaskin will
report on wage negotiations
with the Canal Zone Adminis-
tration at a membership meet-
ing of the Criatobal Chapter,
scheduled to be held tomorrow
night at 7:30 p. m. in the
Mount Hope ball park.
CIO officials entered into
negotiations with Gov. Seybold
;aOt Friday on local rate wage
rates and continued yesterday
with the presentation of sta-
istics and other evidence to
Justify the union's request for
an im leiQte wage boost. Ne-
gotlatibas 'wl. be resumed to-
morrow at a. m.
Claeu.. MelAUister, president
of the', City Courtil. wW
address w- membership, while
other u h resentatives will
,.pfrt on cash relief reguV-
t,-and other
With goern-
ianlas will also re,
G amooa Chapter
.. l council toniurrow at
.tFIgn the itaon's
bu etvi.-

Set For Saturday
The UBTrAiB Engineer.
1tol. C R., Pathurst, who leaves
the co.ramand next week for the
United States snd subsequent
retirement after almost 37 years
f se'r, will be honored aT-
-rday orn-ng at 10 with. a
farewell review at Ft. Aion .
Col.. Bat.arst, a West pMat
,.raduate, arrived In tihr Canal
Zone on Jur-n 19 1952, from du-
ty at 1st Army Headquarters,
Uovernmn island N.Y.
Included in the review *R
units of th. 33rL Inbntry
v.ent, 04th le!F Artillery Ba-
talon, 11th nau'eer Com tany.
65th AA4 Group 45th Maeon
Eattaflt aid special Troops.
Musle will a supplied by te
ist Army Wnd
RevleIwr the troops with CAi.
Rathurat wL* be Mal. Gen. L. 7.
Whitlock, Commanding Oene'li

Arris ahturd -
At Cisobel

with-i^ ,a m

FT. JACKSON, Si C., Feb. 25
IUP)'--TWo whbtg ergeants, who
$l1egedly dispthe la an AWOL
Negro prate by- feoing him to
tnd besiae .a oa heater until
h received sevea burns, faced
te-.ear .ard-.b.r tomb and

tght convicted Stc. ftey -.
rown21, 1of La Frante S. C.,
and gt. rllip B. WI lett. t.
M hpais Tnn., .of -sagult on.
the private, Jeff MeOriff of N1-
ohols, Fla.
* In adMition to the prison son-
tences after, whicb they will be
dscharged, Brown and Wllett
wUl forfeit their pay during con.
finemenet. The vr.dict and sen-
tence were antOedt after two
worO of daIberat-io.
1'. he10-man court martial
,h-rd testimony that McOriff,
, hae been in the post hospital
ere ith firSt and second de-
gree burns since the alleged dis-
cipline Incident Jan. 16. He will
X -n the hospital ttvo more
'Wks ~lot hospital officials said
li suffted no permanent Injure
lis. ,

Zt was brought out in the trial
that the two sergeants and. Mc-
rifft were members of a tank
company in the 13th Regiment.
Oil Jan. 16, McGriff was -con-
fined to the company area for
be*ng abeent without leave. His
ft sergeant testified that the
Negro missed "15 or 20" com-
pany formations after the first
of the year.
Testimony showed that Willet.
who was company personnel
clerk, slapped the private several
times in the orderly room and
that Brown, who was a platoon
leader, struck MeGriff with a
Finally, witnesses said, the two
sergeants forced McGriff to
stand at attention beside the
stove for "some' time," resulting
in burns on his thighs and neck.
In Memphis, Willet's mother
said the announcement of the
court-martial finding was the
first word she had that her son
was in trouble. She said he had
written her to pray for him for a
"special intention" b u t she
thought he merely was going to
get married.

Gambler Gross
Gets Tax Bill
For $292,736
NEW YOPK. Peb. 25 (UP) --
;:'e City of New York, which
.*ent Harry Orows to jail for
bookmakin, today served him
with a bl: for $292.736 for un-
t aid businern taxes for the 10
rears before his arrest.

Star Rider
OCHESTER. N. Y., Feb. 25
P) Every night nine-year-old
"Win goes to the bathroom
window, wait for the first star to
one out, and wishes for a bi.-

Last ihb he became so uo-.
iastl. be foil out of the send
Oor window. But he gabed
ad9 o Mr. nd Mrs.
Boy rused tawder Ow
wteow w ss outodss
s agas& hv is


*7 .



a, smtoz
my pcdttzifrqom. At ih4ftO\N


To 'Ma
Senate Democratic
don B. Johnson pr-
today taht the
sclous Coglpass wil
crease personal inc
The Texan's state
Scored Dem'vcrablc
the House anid Sins
political issue of P
enhoWer's 5-point
tax reform clan..
Democrats contet
,lentVs program fa
knd the weli-to-de,
6r taxpayer w
need- is f9r consul
that will pump neo
power into the econ
Elsenhower anc h
in Congress contend
of his- pelat Wouli
bl.t 50-50 bwee6
individuals 'and t)
encouragee buiinesa
thereby creating Jol
SThe taX -writing
and Mean CGona
pete t .vote 'to

iy l a an ++c
ljght b ano tra
The DPwcrt,. i
furter and rais I
come tax exemption
sed by-the ad
gronds that every.
would oaW the Tr
two bill fdolars.
Johnson said--be

-t wwun. a" Mlsnu....... .. ..e .Car l ._, .

Democrat I k rA 1"

ke Issue Of Tax Ex

leader Lyn-P of eorwa, too Decet mop the re.nt I et'ea -r e
edicted flatly Senate fif nee C aed L M
election-con- Increaseex entmtions Th ue c O lttae
11 vote to in- year and to .4: t Od u. : -
come tax ex- Prent excse ) a4 Hur R
beer, cigarerrttes, g l
ement under- tIoiobjles .a saenaceg -, if-ln bo
ppns in both dtOnAtiCgly April fe uoh t on
ate.o make a '
'resident Zia- f ."
nd the Preat- ".
vors business u uari-e M dct3Wj
over the avt ..
hen the real "a-.
mer tax cuts -
w purchasing .COPENRAGEN,, Denmerk, Feb. "ahtl-Cbristbi d
homy. 25 (UP) Charlotte Mcaeod, of operaulo
aim supporters New Orlears who said yesterday Onte 1
I the benefiLs th she ha d beep changed by a'A'i Bs
be divided a- PasnliR'doctors from a n t -to a Pqgeg, ai
business ad wom aS.n.pounae4 today .heb u t pl L,
hat it would tQ write a book. ha"t'Ns. ba
s expansion, Charlotte, Who da'Mto be.a d Sogidrd
bs. former American. doldlet,. followed rated o. (--hltdaehes
oute-Ways the et phli of Christine Jorgen- his' wait fS a
Ithin a je; s sa. ,a

ift, gor tic., stat ,e .b t.
ve tickets. r
WfIt to 0 o ,
IpesboiaI In- inI e

$100 lins eah spending vote dark
eaiury abbut hai, womt y fate and as
..taa.a te oer figure.
ii ei j2e

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Bratton Barred, ^ '^*^sons."
She said she plans to go into se- tainly
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a r M Charlotte went back Into aeelu-
For oor rlr sion h today after brief talknh n
S,'..p. wit t porter. Se deglnek Atnot
PHILADELPHIA Feb. (UP) to give eibt t New Odans A 1
--Johnny Bratton ws* b.ruid C Opeens alre. '
from fighting In Pensylvatala The A an EJibasy here cl
and his purse of $4 twas held likewise' f 0 .c n t or i ;
,ip by the State A I Coui- reveal MI od aidpiss. t
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Yohnny Saxton. o circuit ate i JorIeue atbig
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New Yorker In the b it which to get the necessary mniey, bqt a4nqur
was booed Lv the crowd-of sore added "it is not a scandal story."
tian 6,000. The bout was We- "I hope that it may help other 1Ddn
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1,ratton'a holding tatl. She said dat'wheun lnislt do-
Bratton said, "I hurt my hand tors refused to erform.iitial s iur
in the third rourdd." .. grybecatme nfus is eotnir'q J

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iA rg1*a'8. Otler
lawse now in
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t ofa tedir own version.


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