The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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119O UD Secretarycilbthi Ar jjbrt t Stvens lfr Sees. Karl i. k d
gen.4bok McCarthy are sh6rn a meeting in My M. J q D.,Wauh.) sd A
ff. be~itbd tend, brewinj for yeeks, boiled Over. A.. nus otf em MrA
ing an "syful dtpetm of hold- wh
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)f tho pl of e~a"McCurthyr-has T
at a M c=art... .check.
Nervous and weeping bi-ttprl
porarily excused today from ttt,4f
MCoCarthy told Mrs. Moss' la
"before hisAenate Investigiting st'
-her to tI* FPI--when-,she recover
from appearing yesterday b cause 6
Meanwhile. McCAitty said two ?f nds of
Mtir" nnulst party tficialsi the tat e
rre e ltokbe wh the fl ar- An A
%* and will tWl ll to the 7J81. .
Mtelrthb- sale the two--hu'lit'epA
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St o mSteven*" rdere erdt two A tpa I
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drnost In a 2a to b~
td cost The colleif b yIst. rtdser!d, er o. dRbeo
l ,w g t Ararytwoitasaiantas-on led&j
dw h ,Lee Moss was listed aa Corn- t
Amon. "..... b di.- The; wJ drivingA-her.Inthe1940a.
reodth. eS.ran Off* Joseph McCar- McCarthYtlairiched the Mospteovioue
..*a y m em t b'. e q va t ia e earn g#, yotr da. to giv ,te%- Ifz wIl

holeh P f t ertood thtor rece wed the because of ure" of how le service Ive has b h as
th fthe wson. deoqnL 'a* wskopd gorlu which stated: WI thy ought to be coddled" Frds ws "ih beer.o
S 'Uit 0 o W Baltim o are de thi o ti iasrthy was at h r isD former ajor. In
=atjneg Vna. Ate'$IP ~ p hio, to receive Lw award. the Armpy DentalCarps who r.A- s ae
& atb. U h of a l d 'mranI .elvod an honorable --discharge
a .u .taasAtnd it is good ve s -Electical ,tt Fib. 2, toucheia eoff Mte 1
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S"e1 m of th :t 80percentof sfeb o the con sors but ontoe "l(oUPt rearl ng, ,te tt.he hoAsWa ws '.on
Attaiellntraith Dwtlh. I t roBritain'VelopedfSit 1 ea

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At tbmO e htwemagi op arw.ideen--AtIinof niuabosfry iuforaus Amy a-ain.Korea 'had -been.ticpp.President's PeWw rrac

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.0DO... .e lyrMa.Wate R. armttucstem I ner

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otr aat'f rimth contentftheebyt- the-:sM' su yrn'qut orla s.

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e port q r1e .goi. ing e,. to idot.!o. Mar, nSa:id uhe indnd h~'toWAI l u
the11ssite.!,Th atilln % ee m

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W i. Inoo Aflrmument., D s -ul
bw had een llllsflede
ure,,.. .for buttesInv d'Conmgunls t ts ne4rMna pshad q
al (W.11115n,- thehrod,, s to.a -= oa she It.
In ) &been ..11Rw thi O' w roomis or to t.e"zhe h@Ad
t .m pa of b'a 1d nev ahad aun
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ft h mental iortaft q W L ethe eontmA of the Mes- Mrs. ]iUL|
it atter. agesI, s clain!W.e., the coded late;he dino.
of. whJ q i mufu be do heRido-" ,.
Otm- dit ,as a tonetant I aU
to a uftin a manseof ftl- p ~redis a aandont.-reco 1r,.8.
arm~k.0T6 0" admittintany- Side ,e '1141 %W10-IPmM come-ure if I em
& muntstU'Vied to roe n t met
bol~ mpseven If It u mid kl ow at. th'.
v, # e- No 4011 ..Fancy Dre, f+iwl"
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The Ml Sexis m epe forejg r or readers of The' Pisinm Amer-
agm. L~tes re eived greevlly end are handled In wholly cosei-
If pe eqplulbul a In11 ge't be ImpaIe9t i Nt d eeo"J apper the4

m pwo !p Wepebp u liapa liT, g olatemieei as opidiet P
nme d IN ed Mi10 fph oemn e i 9

Panama, R. P.
I believe there is a ruling made by the houshig department
which state t occupant lt CZ Q qrteraTmust not haye frinhs
or relative liv with thwm; maybe .tI. IBdsl I .
0lo" F. as a family wh 15: N tjr arl
p withe ver a y|r. Wql aW e
ra from 91. and can get quarter.
;amkto have made arrangements for them to stay secretly.
Still Waltrg For Quarters
P.8, Perbaps 2-car owner prq exempted f*im the rule.

HaSPoa, U. EL
I If there iA still a Republican in the Canal Zone, would he
cakr to debate this proposition: "Resolve, thbat the Elsenuko.r
; Administration is a menace to the econepale stability p{ Amer-
rk, r.-- Deamqwr

Sight Seeing

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Answer to Previous Puzzle

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3 Feminqie
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M Bay trig'
8 oor material 26 Arduous
9 Firmness 28 1Hurt
1Q Upthiusigpi4 I0 spwildered
Arogr 4; Th ----T
11 Augfnapts Iniila
Ir a pymi s Helped
0 ; More paprsp4
S or 40 Islpnd
|4 H0len fl in the PaciAic
Tora's moetqr 4q wi4r

7U-l -1s AL"WI'TW W t%'=M=-Mt =lir"I"

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41 pCmqTnptiotes
46 French
47 Poisonous
western wq4d
dp NOtwprk
50 Weary
So eth's 9pt
62 Ieadland

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man of the Studebaker h
dent Z lsei $ vist t6 '- "*
iaf"@ knoh of RW 0. lNo"
puts the spotlight on ew
unoflelal advisers Wa-
Mr. Hofhnan, now -board chb.
man ofg the Studebaker Corp,, hi
not sought this spotlght. _uLp w
now he has succesafuly,

Da o, the a tlg, 1

of elder atat At hel
a year younger than the Present
But the raf I "

yoner n

at Plo5 i Ai ,

Ho aso if

"hip L wp f gpg'SZ1S i
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tjf. 4pa P i t0ie WR3a4esIay
ga ry.
Sthle r Utd att00
goes back to the day when Gen-
Nral C199owr wP .mlrel
thefQ a ; Is oe Hr atlli


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mleaO tle report on the around td i i '
i fft lit raph) few pro t'O
F! J[ UbPi, a yrs NatiIa pq,
i Mt C eu, sM- ia coanlaLcip a~ p

The ~r&
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to sotth
but &tha

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pubs, but NIo of e newl *
i g {g at t l g;A s

ovepcqap a 9 l bw
own ImiL ear, ch i

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q rlht (3W tWa18.

e~S a 'A,,-_ -t rtc l

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A~~mfb MKM#ge ^^b^rp
,+ ...... P .- --M--,

.... ..,- WY.

I~IMii* Ikddl, ers of The rnom.a
B,.., ,..'.. :. tp m = : 7

NA V- lf^^M' ^^^U' d'4^^LH

It is sigpficat that. the Citizens

Sto no 0 R@An.
aw s bsiy g revived BiWe

eunoUh BRepub BS in r 1he
uard to wn alone.

eso ng ar observa-
ahi h thle Usenhowel
inddle^gt d GjcaignI. "Ihp
show Mn istatembnts on fmi
iey, foreign aid, foreign trade
ri anL foreign investments
,skm m1w ir..a fB .UslO!t peb
cirB=0W8Wv IvO as to ecE o mj
la goveM w, taxes -nd ince
utm t' suhyf liberal as e a

7ra ,d probail


rA m P;dspd

4 -'--is NO


'Walter Windell n York

a A ne" "' *' 1 S GLA'C'E
ar S .,' s a s :4 ,: ,' iF
Ul a w eihe. a Thr umn. ro -FL i- l
-- g-. o e, i -t-bray iir -~E+ H1, (fl2 ^ -

*as wed. : as w e"""
la .fef iqg lady of spasthSe gtor 9 a. J fre T O
1 a phM w ri (
t1 yepar. oi, .1t mM ,f .l -S ID E

1W q sot 00 get qp d*aI).

anrEI vOltNewthata) *'ub
lide dsan't asspy.

v peJi m mhy o f1 here,S 1

-M W-0.. 1 Ap~


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A. at I

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Y -73



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'Rnw.ahm tt, alayv -the bh

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nlee. .;-'*
tice .

a* d.ow e' shower

l. ..ela,
h Amthabe mftift

Y A25- eam d
.sk spr-

mW' e ct, who once wrote a
.ter demanding .heney from
efamlly o, sllar Gbby Oreeoa-
lease, pleaded iilt today to a
zede chaine of tyingt-, ex-
tott ** ,0n -from. a ptomineDt
Oklahoma City wnan.
Mrs. Ella Wanda Raney, a
tbreettimes married housekeep-
r.fwIo is e. mother of nix eb-
aen, .'mitted upt. *hen she
on an FBI cont,
nilr letter demandln money
; Nrs. Bedat Ndd*e c"
e ent .of the Superlor. Feed
and a weU-known club worn1
denhere. .
Mrs. Raney, who bl a med
'whisky and, goof balls barbitu-
rate" for her troubles, has hesm
on pM ropa since serving 2
mOtiiM1 the.tederst women's
,r 0a AlderOOP, W. Va., on a,
thae t conviction. at
Mrs. Eddil called in th.t F-I
whedbe ret eldye a typewritten
le Iat PF1lday th-aenin to
'ehlirnate" her Wh family if
|4dil not pay 500 to. the
w ,e. who 4_e herself a
Btton woman .. 1tton Is a
suburb of Oklahong City.
Mrs., Ranev aald.she was "atl
goofed u. when shwrote that
to te to
teratnann ear 1oo e "to
ir C) Green teas I 1t.t ha
S0 W0 man's soa B. .-by bad
been kidnapped ard ed. SIhe

b C t illed. She
od4*e_ m, on:st.nd Wet. to letOer ofce. -

o, began V
F school
ed at a'
=if*%L van

Lft treasurer: I
eterson, district
fa thie n aF8 'I

,nIu h w&iU Vtiw iw U ,.- i .nes.a ae suae .yrsiej zlgunas I.& M o v .. -.
y- University of .......'e..l ."-m'"
t-aa trilk 5. Mrs. Hobby Calls

t e irAt lb s or 0 Sirong er ghl om
his dix s At 1 for
mnd an d.e an0 rPlR 0 t
-ihpmtv- tnznrn C ei ilonu ShOW Against Prejudice
With ME- -.0le adtrumps .... .M
Ir general ob Is
ministered o mp d then take Rafael Asue, a young ma WASHINGTON Feb. 24 (UP)
tl at t.e hand. It you let uied a te "World ,t -Mrs. Oveta Cult Hobby, edre-
Shr, sd ..i 1 t-1fks by trump" lat".ied be tar o health. educaUnon and
s li wo. S e get o m oe- t a .~i, welfare called tonight .for
of the easy -. dnce awb s r stronger effita to eliminate re-
tS given M19" ,SfTtr night, at t ious and racial preJudice in
parC. t eds. an average atua America.
apacedt t 0 i6 te neighbor- She said steady progress has
So c0nidet Wm Dr. Balk 11o you try to makehim The show will be preceded by. been made 'tut the ancient dev-
rhis dis e Tre adS uit. The. Idea is to the coronst of Valoentina Us of intolerance, supetstition .a.
tered the p g v e trumps and make him the club's Carnival queen and .*nd greed still lark in the.shad-
ed the pr" aoio andTeo..
his wife d two aahlld the ad. Then your er court in a colorful ceremo- ews.
first. Oth ". trick, a de- y. The Junta Femenina's d,- "And unth they are put aside Tour beauty h ow rat.
were ;.' hand. 4orlt Cinruentenarlo, Lynette -permanently and irrevocably- works on a ti-g, soh .o
ar.o 1' crown Ma Nicholas. none of us can enjoy complete f appointment I. f
with reace of mind," she adde t a
ag thIn adoh'Ina; + te aspee mtd h e ation- 'clock, dontthinkitisW
I nadd itionto Asu heshowIa l
a.BY1-tmyou be will feature Cuban rumba dan l Conference of Chriians after.
ngt a.oared to defend against a two. er Zoila Gon=alez the Trio Cou,- Oews, Mrs. Hoby .411d. thet late customer can throw ng..'
Most wntBamlo vacte 1W.qulter. There Isn'tmuch youcan a tinental hand-balancing4 team, eco1omic condo ha. e aerator off schedule f*r whole
Sonmer when were than -do if te he sclare' desui o tas dancers Kelly and Htanny, vy bea t t a- day. Be courteous enougRh
m ellon children will be aw ha-iig to break favorably; and you plant Doiores Leacock. torch- ga ntolrance, the customer who rhris: the
lated. cen tell that this is the case if you singer Betty Willlimson and When "matttel nbrimkrent" schedule. '
Today's test at Arsenal Bohool have three or four cards in that others. Is lacklng she i lals. "man's no t 'U, secret" from both suit.01QIu he b a u. o "tloo k"e
the children being Inoculated The coronslon oft Queen Vat- e e and a "sulapgeat" is to y: nmenter what Grands maa
and their nrenta If you have five or six cards in ntina ito scheduled .to get under- soungt, soe ademeIs
"We want the children's inoc- the bidder's side suit, the best'de- wa at8 .n, She apoealed eSpeclally LO
ulation dao to be normal.. .we fense is usually to get the trumps __people who Wince inwardly when
want them to Ret up at their out of your partner's hand. Then tey encounter preudice
normal time, eat breakfat and he will be able to discard high who do not thin it their repon
go to school as on any other L E _.,_ r Ul cards on your'trict iinsteaO of r iblllty to Interfere" tteiin.
d hs r a i Si to P ty s nm ill trps. "To these ba;cally good peo-
S urrse arrival.of Bal le !. der, When yu can't tel-by the melds Ple we can enly point out a Tun
and haninetas rta fUedk llgS torm whlriifa t ie clarets l side damental lesson of hitor: R-pt
-calm all of the children. Severato -Is he,.c tlay xlo sde danentalhlesson of safAIrA
ecarlm It so ghtened buitutou se leat1furtw hfa h There can le no safe ilonri
appeared + frteht Pned, but latter Is ^K 0t1 ^ ^lb- whieh suit he plays &airst tad-what when any minority is insecure,"
1ar e changed to iggles as t with the s usual habits are. Does he Mrs. Hobby raid.
lanistes already Ioculated Iditpute ove began with his longest i de
)ied piat the walln e say- t sut or is he tricky "It Is only by the throwing on
.ng, "fi was nothing. Just a shot positli m the scale of every weight we can i
we're used to them." most pw frui It's' importat. to take your .e or kindness and decency-in Lx Furitu
The third grade students. and fr iEul at once I the declarer is lau st. 2:hort for brotherhood-that we
most ow them about nine years .g Which moia JlEn a short suit;, but you must hotl8 up Lan hove to hoid the balance." .
cid, were the advance guar .o your ace if he. is leading. long s-he said.
the mass ,tt. suit. F C0 ,57
Their Inoculatiop someWht -.. ..-- BOYAt d/i omuaU
eu ,a the effect fo e- ROYAL ---
___. .. ,. hun i -aae ,OF ICE a Changes ItFAa '
Direct C0. DelOveI
SS INGFIL ,) t a as l. .. .,e. ., ......

ca'-A" RetnoN.M n 't. 3T3" IL E P .
Sra, n a- ca Plaza 5 de Myo
ooen feet of PLAZAS'be. KATO 11 ,Paz5de4 Automoble Roiw4f-"SK
per i..; egli _delver a.,OQburAX 1oo sr -.t.
W a e .. .. ma r tX. n rmL N rr TA 3-339'
71 -) .
I I- "a'

TONIGHT at 9:00 p.m. at the




"Dangerous When Wet

6 Attractive Girl
v .

oeln I 9F BATHING-
Modeling 195.4 BATHENG TS

^^A i^''^
^ ^ ^- ^ .'., --+. ....+... ,.; .,,

* ,




willbe GIVEN AWAY to the public.



F- .- .. ~ ... .--.-. .1. 1 -:- --


.... .f **
- "*.


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^ .---f.^
. s



-.... _- +.i *" =A .. ..-.

t AEtA

(N-AEA You

in hectic entertainment
al5s. aa
George Crothers, who, as
's religious programming
produces "Lamp Unto My
Sand the new religous-varie-
show, "Look Up and Live."
ers has to contend with tern-
ment and money and legal
a and everything, just lke
a lay brothers. Plus a few others.
"Look Up and Live" gives time
the three major faiths. Each
Sp spotlights its own variety
and interviews and "a ser-
of sorts." It's a light religious
Un, designed for teen-agers
t*ie main.
u yt," mays Crothers, "It's
thNew rk law s ask a
o i lg r1 asW a Con-
n i. Ni naraf, each
S wats o se slagers and so
*,at faith. Mat we can't come
ask a singer. We guessed
problem is that, again
naturally, the relligins
don't want to use perfor-
a p who've bWen divorced or in
Als or even done certain comn-
na. Curiously, one faith
down a girl singer who
dome arette, commercials, even
tkoui kWeUf doesn't smoke.
1 p and Live," says Croth.
a i signed to show teen-agers
t religion can be fun. That ex-
Plais te pop singers.
M'Witness value, the church calls
It," says' Crothers. "I call it shock
value-the kids watch and they
say, 'You mean HE goes to
church' After all, what do teen-
agers talk about God abd sex.
We just omit sex."
Whem they colorcast Pred Alle's
" ie rt Yearslf' (NBC TV)
t had to get a speie artist
to i ,t apukeap jobon tae bags
rd'a eyes. Proehably a

OK, s th be-bop joke craze
isn't quite iea- yet. This one
comes from Jan August, and con-
teens the Texas be-boppers mn a

ic drama aft Wilde', tragedy and
a long way after the RUta Hay-
worth movie of that name, is
done by singers and the Vlenna
Symphony under Rgudaf Moralt
(Columbia); very choice is an al-
bum of Prokofleff, including Cox-
certo No. 3 in C-Mauor, Visions
Fugitives and Tocatta In D-Minor,
all played by pianist Samson Fran.
cols with the Slociety of Conserve.
tery Concerts, conducted by Andre
Cluytema (Angel).
Arthur Godfrey is ethusiastle
about tent 4 cot wf r Larry
Grayso.. 3e ray up being
the next Godfre ae vocallet-.
following t the tradition of
Bill Lawrece d La Ross.
It's a good sp pay leas-
ant weal dg a dI not
n vbgkqj cmfwyp sabr

L~VS *~,A

t; Working

"' '... f ..
:-- ..
..... ;-



Paralso I
A re
.also Cil
loom of
school bi

beotatva aroe
Edith Coikoryli

Tomato Advice
GENEVA, N. Y. (U.P,)-Preven-
tion of "flat 0t'"' sponage In to-
mato products is dependent on
good sanitation, according to Carl
. Pederson, Cornell oodscientist
at.the N. Y. Satae Experiment Sta-
tion. Flat sour. spoilage Is caused
bye spore fc ing bacterium
which may vary froi region to

SPRINGN A.TIW, lve-year-old Chbtr look
wonder at the h6adpiece dreamed up by her mother, Colby,
McDonough, of Dallas, Tex. She robbed her husband's prized
motor scooter for the makings. With a tire as a base, seat spring
dangle at each side, a dashy torpedo light gives. .ri
chic, while a can of motor-scooter greae .id a silvery
ornament top off the "creation!'. Mrs. McDnough wre the ht" '
hat "style parade" breakfast held by the Junior Oak Cl i .tnl.
-of Fine Arts to raise funds for its philanthropic pa tl -

NORTH &.SOUT PAc&C foICrSousom

TO U"Orn o

W0 Im~t.^1^1 "u' Si^sKBH i
of.?> *-*'*^**~fiHlifi^

UTO cTM c4 w co

fruamin: LUNDO f MAVI
.aL r Tel................... 3.

crxtbbsi: FRaCH LINE. P.O. t1
Sai ,a,: am sNAD
.TeW.. hSarm3.1

I *' -

~ o~j


MrU eur SBim /as ? WE1"N HOWM |
ReMN A".A A -Ea Ts?


e'al 1
i 0< S


S llHA

L eA ms. a WWI t
;- Te. 5-16 A 18



z 1-

. -* !r ,

aw -,,w-. ^

;44 IRbKj b -- T. It&]. L "a

"16 7

:1, ll~ffi'
.a^^ejft vwa ^^

ii' .ii w~f m if 'PON" ~ t3


or T


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* ['- -'. 9 MA W '

What the *ar Ordaira air


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.Q~ BIJ~.DINO *t~E
4' -.!( -


Change fr ~Roulei


iami uib **

out WA




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I9p N&QUrgS~WX1En


__ __ _____

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T'-' ,^ .!* -' ,





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.1P PW.

* *y. ia-1 i-
."'? _.^.-t

; .--.: ....

;: 4

.. .-

. + I *- -,:,+Rr ,.'-,
- *...'.- A t* .;

hv c fee fl Saturday from 10.30row;.Rat

St, w rgk Lhehome Te

=Hotel EL anaXa, leat

att serehae l l el vi si tL f thebridge
.e ""** 'l^^1**-*1 undo "" --- a ... .. e ]lllt Huf," e Joyce

to0 u 4O bef andNU
Pfl latni1el+41,| |tlma Mrs. As kge ejo n sosld,
ofMr nl. 3a K t ida
-. .. s eM .,,an7.W. Sps.a

stadium_ h e a.d-in Er avis. .. t .T.
s.tay .. a .t at at N. ork; Miss G ense Es To ee To bightt ,T.I FOR S EW b
'l Francchi of David Mr. r Tha Pa-aml Canal Zoe S Ps he b Ellsabeth Clay, only woman member of t.he S.hap
y +T.r Va,,t a Lm- MiWer of Pedrto Miul Mr. bo) dN. ar monthly v councL M. Chy top I Wahnton, D. C,
m RoberAt HV. e L ronma, ,napwhile on a I tu tour of the U. S.
n o F S .c t a d a [i. .. La Do R oad.. .
toulM e. .snkL -'ttof^^o o ine"^elinwiho tbe Past

Uiss T. uE. C fordoba pso
..s; Mr JWl d the '...
,.ma; Mr.,D. Ben 'as- Din -e.Dances on St. Ps .k's
t m a dr, ad c ba ge

V tm e.f *eodom t spn o ever na.
.V oTe Mt W. Hlon; o
., o Pana. ver ie ea

'ick Mtat $150eac wi
Ns.. t he i bU4ia.lW Se toIsu o e a p

M ran d rs. Frnne scf fer iii a ble spc. T rs If a.r ilno.. ...
e ^ the p her by li onl womanmemberf the
F. a Mi er ofP D a _Mr B. t .a de 147 0. I ilatve council. Ma mTL. b ..210080 I an Wobl e t Da .
Si ele aV t acom.. a ed I, -0r b tull holed toTme mbr ont lywh .l e... aur to u:the U 4

thei r daught er, i maae a i nleg Rof eion Lg e d iscr lnt I

t t. m p *W dthae oan y d hom e i O C.hos-. ing t oguret, he
s U'k" 0m Uer co, .B. Thi"s3as1R. =- w8. wl l.condaunst
a~i d -ll Mr. John E.e a r e a of the iC-l, _" ,us of Mem er tit e C inon Ait
'aa Ift O W B Abl MA ZInESa. Sn P ormi e Me.r ..... Pr---
.T.. BY.-MA S. A.M E TQ, I, S Is.I

1.-v 4.T. E Y rd ob I .
Mr' .D.1S E.E0 rc z DMrth 7,at L30pSt.#

ol ; Tho s"e .wo, no y e
LIP a t; *. er gue s wlm pl e t aN ft-De PwMrs. e ,e Caroue o fidandcabagei

Gnor.To Meet eodo

S-iny a t n be r tosuit e a
-siar horab n. eswse f.hedab M spatoWI. NS nt ino
rvl d- ofBellat Vista dacompanied [ ,,,btt h Club. rer.... Amy C-ib--

.therd-ht ,are-,c,- -b-ao a n'sl ofwinidisclminaem, o -
o CWayIyoSu'rI la' atqtheirecountry hom e C, sin git es .gust"
BUT A4 ty Y .L LO b eFan Donr ESharupper

Cnter aty M b teCa l ?tonfe mrt
the d (SWW.- -mDAY TED " inThrevet P a Cns

,.fi ngr t ,the Gb rie ue sup to be Pald
urm ks M aoon f i sr Sundam Ctr.h 7, at 5tl.00 p'.r a
A therr Vo obGardens, Lietnm lI

.carnivahr a o t rv tbnfrfheam o OHE
baSPEnCIA ,. wi l erest mem s o.The
0t NOW- OOK &-a GAEs.j SCookiey MembeGroup Tom bng s. .
Is e -W--ldeiov_- memReview Grsust.'

PortlandOregon. a n f G.
I .
--- -LVEMrs.X .. 8. -.Pgar, Mrs.

t e hma- won.d l e l by Ms h t.., e ov
an"Land an L9re", in the Jungle
(1 -,IIwAncon P.O)btiGeore. bA l eveandar

,earp 'abe he comme nt--avto fn. s i anU WEO ElERD"a. .n
ntst obh thh ns r a
afh.omin, sa M amr
L C LE atELA: 0 0 a.Z n.

steP r loer for hundreds
y'ing at the dbee csitutln thes
'"u~oue" kw ,i,ustrpGontine,rgmaAcityu.l ma ter
or noismwkers and ',

beanmp willoyint rest members of the
peative members as ass
ifyuri planning quiethfweek-entf e ITnhe guest speaker w elictb eu
U ,lyOUtenantsDonE.-dSarp, frayI ray of
B ,YIEA bSON ,4 I V Pruashind,Oregon and now out Oir
Atun, who at prWoent-is dintruir
p at the Jungle We hs Trae tinina

M-I .. I C. E Sherma e will sw the mo
h- Ae Antn P.O.) made by heU.. Air Foreand"
method C1r1*
N erhs+ei afs n i

Se Sedam for *e;ama sa



fie e net Siscup m u dhtw
A@Opp-=AM Id ftp~dmwq
i..Ea.I r
,,~'A -.A.
I" + +.".." S"M- "- A '4- 1*.

,,. .pai,,. o ; -,. ,

t- ^n,'if jllactJ U. adornig of ii
,hard 6 wa sentimentl sayfuga;,
ound one. = hobbies provide construe
s work for the hands and cli
l. f*y ties. But probably
gftatest single reason for t
S40--14 fmImense popularity is that I
l.' create real fun in the doing.
lota.v. .


It's .

Tel. 3-490 Pasma


Hote Panamonte. BpMeg"t,

tive and transi uco diL..Thl step
is unnecessary with silk shades.
Sinke the shades come with per-
forations at t6p and. bottom for
lacing, it's a simple matter to
match these holes and lace up the
side of the shade. Then lace wire
rings to shade at top and bottom
and you're ready' to..apply .a coat
of light fixative to the outside of
the chade.
All steps in making the shades
have been simplified so a house-
wife who'd like to use a spare
hour. foe a bob6y can* make a
shade Af;_ha. time ,o iS. And

,' -"'

I was


. .

NEA Food and Markets Editor
Texas and the Southwest may
have originated Chili Con Carne,
Pbuittelw-@ airegytph 4 country
claim this disk or their own. In
some areas, ehili has been con.-
bined with Italihn paghetti for a
"Spaghetti Chi Mac.' In others,
the chli, with or without the beans,
akes a. hilg4aVrand filling for
toasted buttered buns.
' Chil recipes vry, but all start
with browning ground beef.
Don't skimp on the beef in mak-
ing chill. Slow blending of flavors
Is another secret of success.
Most chill recipes call for long
cooking. SBt we have a full fla-
vored quick-chili recipe. It com-
bines's a pound of. hamburger with

I *

L, j '* ,


my nervesV




onion and eaodngs and a can__
each of tomatoes and kidney
beaus. It's a trick chill, perfect
for kitchen parties. Later it will
be good to take outside with you
for cooking Over a picnic fire or
back-yard fireplace,
Quick CIll Con Care
(8 servings)
One pound"hamburger/ 2 medi-
um onions, chopped 2 tablespoons
fat, 1 teaspe~n saa, 1 teaspoon
chill powder,. % teaspoon pepper,
2 cMS (one No. 303 can) cooked
tomatoes, or tomato soup, 2 cups
cooked kidney-beans.
Brown hamburger and onions in
hot fat. Season meat well. Add to-. ;_- .,_..
matoes ind kidney beans. Cook ,....4 ,
ovtr low heat fl to 30 minutes. '.-
C" 4 flet.* Crowd --"
(25 6 WVags)
Two and e F pounds ham- "
burger, cup fat, 2 cups chopped -P.. .
onion, 2 quarts tomato puree, 4 No. *t "- *-a g
2 kidney beans, 4 ta- -
blespoons chili powder, 2 teaspoons
salt, 1 clove garlic, finely chop ed,
shredded cheese.
Melt fat; qdd onion and brown.
Add hamburger, and stir until del-
icately browned. Add remain-
g Ingredients and simmer gent-
ly one hour. Serve hot with shred-
ded cheese.



AD types of additional new merch



JMt. AnMeaea Aomm

ri I


The Greatest fefll TnWa
When your nerves are bt-d datm
ca't sleep well, it's atgaul tso e dew
pressed ndtoIlosef luptpdit At
SlikeM these, PHOSP"I
been ofgreat benefit to empy
of sufferer. This wonderful
strengthens the nerves. It
the appetite and digetioa. Th it
isa-yu sleep better and we. q
on feeing bePtM- t. 6
reateiatofAllTonics. ..
Phisferuie is *ta/u

RlnMIMON : a, *

. .;. '

- :* ;+f

ndise have been pur:



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j?.r.~ .r~c.b : ~ i'
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ia.. amam. -~ a

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.,' : .*-: -' : "..;i ,1^ *' "1, -.... *-"
-.': "^ ..," t4'7 .- '
|'_ | *,-a"+-" .'a :- ,"|)ii |l

t A -"- '" LtA_-* .

Street No 13A C gIntr s Av 4 v
Ju, Aramemena Ave. and s33. SI 7, &h *E t'

prFOSAL .. .....- .. .... ..,," p ; ':'";---

SaLE h- old AuStomobils OR. WENDvAgE.' Meaical Clric. tr PRO S
I --Central Avenue "K" stut corner, a Clo s. Pla t l ybrn Sur r ,
tSALE:-1953 Hotpoint auTo FOR SALE:-195Q 4 Door Plymouth telephone 2-3479. Panom .. a l B" ll a8
St .- 75 Justo Arosemer~ ,A Upstairs. AlM 3k5. Pvnu -'I street c 'l s S 0 1r.
S ALE:-Extro lare divan con- FOR SALET-rSllnoer 195 dood run- PtSALE:-Al condutiot nirg N3ir Ociad Sl a
L'Ebd, 545. 06-A, Het r ack .ng cbdtaon, best fier over 'Philco" 200 V. 0 cycle, %t 5 P .Jew .p4IBtr-w e
Phone Balboa 6381. ____ $700.00. Phone 5197-;Curundu. capgacty. Used one month. Guar- 1>7M. Cr1-ll. '-" -".g?$.1
SALE:-Bedroom furniture, 7 house 575. H, Curundu-. eights. antee. "Lo Postel". No. 68. Central Gratilh Santa Clara iseh cott ." "
bce.. perfect conditi,. No mat- FA -Boin -d v- _Avenu;e Tutlephane2o 2814.__. e "Irlet rfric ou^ s":! "': r e gstoe"d. JQ* f' -
SMe Cowdi.O ya''33r- t'blW-Cadillalo! excell l n FRS E-E r'tdrat. ta .41 e 'f' Zlt-:-bat '
J O. Tel.3-3"-:.u con be aen .at 2010, 1st Street. in good condition. CQir at hays. ,$61. .. .J'-
E: Bed, Dressers, Word- Curundu. Tel. O48. Price $350.- 2524 oportment 8, Cecoll., ppo- -R --e .
Nite T able. Varitlis, 00. No more no less. sile comminorv bgtweeu 4:00 ond .FORRENT .ld, au -
ors Beeautlful Living and Din- FOR SALE:- '39 Hu-dson, excellent 4I00 except M "- "p. lnt-ie, A"t "b rWaon
I Setu at .UrnblieOvably Lqw tites, new poivn, e.g e-eeeuled. FOR SALE:-Pircet, fence for *pslin x 1 ,.e__uit,_at__ D lt Seoona
`316 bad, $ 4 5 a of0 A 1 .'H .r I5. Bst4O5N
. ideal for those who want Mus see to. appreciate. First offer "$25.00. 2 offce duau 1 4-A. FOR "'RNENT:--Fdrhlshed House Three to..... p -.i 'l '
'6.u cheply/ end well. Tkek over 51"70.00 takes Pi: HOoe 114, 154-A. Gambao4p Z Jbedos.,prior-dlnhigrtsom .EO, ii. NOVEY m,-T, " LD EXCHANGE BARGAIN."H-ll-Miiztb 3, eO 'r new. with line, "7 ft. calcut boat pole,I car gam and om maid's room. n eoe ilt y bd
le Row No. 41. Tel. 3-49 11 D/P plus complete insu. Col aff, paddle 10.00. Baby bed, 6th Street, Golf Heights. .Telephone.-J h r .=i
Syqur "Cuentas Comerciole9" 3-47d 4..~ $.0 8:00 1 runoon $15 00. G. E Iron, $500. Phone, 31245. Pnmo.
I.Credit Cord._ to 00 '.. _"' 8_3-5242 POR REN :--2 well furnished o n l..... .lyrd hrb p
SSALE:-Sears washing mahr ED "I 57 FOR SALE "TROPIK-SHOWER" bungalows, reasonable price, or able operating condition, $85.00. rNVop fi -. Inew shipment?. P 8 W*rm show- American retired men 2196 Via et to hearts by degre4u and
alboa 2-4453. House 6446, .Co- rs. Phone 2-1326. $9.50 instal-2 Eipao across from Mercodo Bo. see.tto te hbed by 1e1gqBn
l. ledThree doa trial frse. turro." '
SAIE:--Rod9 console, $5'cycle. FOR SALE:-'For acttle down pay- FOR SALE -pi pera nt Halli- OR RENT:-3 bedroom house "Ur. -f i clse ot and,
Westi house $ 0.0.: refrigerotor merit end a few di6tra per ihonth crofter Radio. 12 tubqp, perfect banioci6n Mirotlores" No. 188, a 1 e h'. t 4 Jth h ada 4
u. t. Westinghouse- $5.00. you ;en own your own hbr e. One condition. $100.00. Cub Avenue $75.00.monthly; Telephone 2- t t itbo by d .t bidding.
l u e bed, complete $25 do -- hou e No. '044 at 4th. St. Me- No. 67, let, o ftrpoon, 1726. Sr. Chiar. -t- hLt bid a dle

S-.D2-3788. Apt. 2. Coon..- ama 3-537j .5 residential orea. Hot water service. .. .. .le hold ha V taken
nz r-Qh. china closet,- 2S. .E S N $ FOR SALE- Frd ch- Moderate rental.. Call 3-5177 or Wmstlngb lua O IS i b t'eM.t .x trieks:' two diamonds,
S^J ideboaord,'$20 o: 1 nity F, ,, c a P ~ w ruire at No. 2034 Via *Espoa< out, 5, 7, 7 we5.f 1WO, '04. two int$pe. This
with bench $5.00. .1 Rot- Celes:0 N avtionmo MamMater $SSO0t0. New Rsditi terq and FdR RENT- t o t
S ne 00.00. assorted Bx93Colon FR SALE:- piR pipno, 350.00 i West O opened tie aitn of di-

e. Apl 9:00 a. m. to good condition. Wh ubinet O IlENT:-halet: rour b~drooms. .o>'is, and East took his two top L
$200.00. Rattan arm -- -- cv1 ,Fi reed#, b 'lsh1AN414

Sts il; w 00. Four section cT rottn Livingroor dininroom, kitchen, Very. anokd Sl f ha8' to fed
S ge sofa $25. o00* Iw couch o n.00ucf cour e t s. im- biy -e and speeiometer 5I.d StrEN t N--Ch p. 15aie on Golf Heights. way bt blintelwstfi
o Sessons n Both 2hone2. 365222 .. 2 n .
I .e $1b:00.00. .s Sides Of Isthmus FOR SALE:- pl- $350.00 ip.. 1West opeed aide o di-
a. 0Ro, wAN 9:00 a. Telm.3 t ps cood condition, pWtC ppca dbinet FOR RENT1o.0sma Ebadsths tr r.t
S- cx n 3uAe Edw 6M.-.Altman, 115. .a' Est te tUNa -

at EuFOr AAm on coct the oC 00. Fo SALE-tems t very convurnienti Li m, diinbm kit, tod B ; d h
Sears was hing td;ir; hignabl _-ch a/ / / ti
d .,o n e, wtito Sessi0n's O n B otk pcc $7.0- o ,tograhipme d1 ?lc4ArAsow-swenand

16 a diIr siotOR SleALE:-- HY-'lA L "etEi smcat R aubnt2 p. m...hoe 6 p.m in. lr
to. L-se. TeS. 2020.,n Sides 0f Isthmus m vas oh ro Pm _s e s _0tS. a u dn
xweqon ude Mw,, Ml,.. g, Phon 5WZ. qbz, 2- ru FOR RENT ,Ol lyeoa .4 w(T rf''nb
Wwinqhouf $ d.0:Mrfrigenator iraonte af ew 7terha VAIERIQtt^B'^ RQN 1ptwo, -' Y cT
nC 6ud otar Af onus S! y oI t n u .OS e -s t venu. in bind n.ew building. 2- eace.

49 to arry on such a cawr p.- j d 2 W k ta Feb 1 th il 4911. ( (WBt Chicaio) "But I doubS botherr abiall
dospone eeks privatery-oedaeO ENT-Fushe or*fr' Cacders Ie a b
Ss fre t of thomp l ade n's ca a Zone chapter ot th. pit. rie a:s PhotO.6.ra7ral c pftl ud -t r' VAcR!O TUI c hide
-R size g2 he. tathe eat dulve with Its lenets; new f ahor ld. c *fu. "&edi e, th -cn t3WcSnrontghao .tuie'
-fch RCA. $- OT. ea B nt TVicto ra. rRID=+ TBie f7ml leaistn. rarc s: tw ,
'L ESP S 0 N .7 Fnd hote rdcl, new ee lc-dE t^sli" tia tt -, 71 vo 'w u^lif is

llideb wrcle I II 0-0' .niny SI.ip COVERS 1. j04it *f r nresuiatN. 04 i
"~ 1Ran-1111 er c aitt- -aL- o,,the
wi-thbench$5.4 .. r. 4Z e, in o, ..;... ,,at. alh,
NMl IIMlFa to_ te d Jn D _I n i W

4 A ed I are operation un- *alt.. .oe 31789, 02l
_t____I __ ,_P_______-__ l1hetat -flmdefd4 "A '" "
(2.p.O R. 2 7 N' tnit rooms, ind- Pick-Upr Preiture e, .. "n.. .
-. .)z'rtfe.. m a en? sctVionfl ce b-lsashed' olc -the -
in.h APAlRTMENT FQR 'En'"Spce. I whn ne haoe
Vqt1oulrdwouldlivpme orho office loe
ir fue.aste 7cu ion e d o e-Seve0:4D2b r 22r2 borlf, o
pbdest bitaf2nd' start C.11 ILE:r-.HYnat A0fmeter
!IUUJ-- "7 log.SA X-TOf the siz-'91 sie Call Panama 2-1W' i .l. for0:b, 1._.e., b
0. osr Te.02..iesOfdromvaiousir rdtp VM eme.
4...,. -ng -Judge hejod'intmaAttman,,a173..Tail Churchilor
E c re.ary cr4 Gro y Lody Coursp th -of. ,r A.rwi- nlI,.i0' ioater o for
fto aofrr on such a ,c 6, 'o Feb. -t1 Tmhereere we a ft 41iL buiin.l" (Weiatmr Chieago d,

paw.. d an oral. yeas g4n w t be n today b.ut will vesaLae, the Isitute id. s .oal..a.O3-3 LECTRONICS he c.. t : '. e
: not.start ar appr imae ly.twoJan,- uM r0; A61..011. ., wo? .4ethe 43VStint Nf. 11. 111N11

MtleTt dif s"A*con. erg, C5e aupermnker wi added 'Jr010
to'... "f. I& tohe lEt 'dutir January. an W I .fi
,..,.,,.p2jbe -owned. ouldwula.E va el
Doti0 re ebarter-Eo kM,,.Fob "__________Ine-

C t .ast a urnde r h an- Amplbe' r e A UW A lrc -ev ae
a--..nde 34 mupl. Pono "d "mIMoVisto. GARRARD -oo rd th!t
of*m. ,a u s, c identAnvtl VlefIn opt uoc .
Letal Notice CNu. *; Foh taco iP u uj will III uh e

imte ee Z.,,e "& + latdnaCrte- n- statement Glrafham o!
U03t te ','A etw r meo1 aboard'0theline
UniWeekstedhates SalAerican. The ,in ta .dI Itg political row..

muse .fo t.,ea. .
iv &h____.nn.L$.-0 1ELmmIvr gd to I

* .. .. -" ,-

*- *-,.-?. -* ''

'An -4-S -C .rl -e -.-'


lons k .k th= is tot
r, auger assembly at

tlB, .a I have not had ury
Miaw Va-t.amnt hi ,a. .a.

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'Crew,. Juse. UnSta Sbd Dis .,- .- A. ., ,--
,, ..e e a U,. .We uAAaP,,._ ''
twew uie W?#ha[ve permanent ivs' OOW*6flay-~ '
-IM'by 'Amp&
A ,.1,.. ....- It l P. +oW~ff n., g,ae..3 Yaav-- -- ". _.", .


Cl.Istbso. 2

y lm 4In h Pn
Tme "mewI.
;o. %ilw N. M h" w
E1b^Bi'in u St

,..r .+ +,
-* r.i.- d- ,.-..

*rVOX I Ric
- URAII Re .

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2 AN .7 -
- -- 1 1

_ __________ _____~ _~



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-. 'sin. 4 3ntdadaas~


* .

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C- I u
*, : -- : *:.

...-, *; ?..- ",!, .,:'

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ebrsted Mondh

h Qn V. t 4.10leAej c lo

.r,* -, -'
has Se mi

bola'' .. 9 t h.a e
r ot L

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A wichI ~ aid drinks In town. a

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your on U AWUOvCIID...

ihfl 75;e s A fl P.

. .' j $, ,oN.Q D? -

W *. "'-TI5ATEI -

%aD)iWWK FF)Outit fihvA.

- I-*... i ,1 ,f s
-1 J.'f
f "- ':' -. *
bt 41 ;: ,'-.. i
-5 .be-t
,-V. ,' ,r ., -(

,*.-l -- ,. 4
ZA .4

67A^^^.<**; J

A young dlvi
her l6tt f t
the yet' in
divorce ha
most oUt
belongd tp a
soqiable MPOSE
afraid a'r
Thoy mpayl
are there 4 a
the jivemri M
ly flaidk lnr
hYr fiwn ou
very coy aro
*h is alwva

pove toh
mI/ *t ll -It lAe i _

4" ". 'tIb. -1
* ")-ttf;f .". ,,'^ "/ ",. *

,|u e 1 .U I .T V V

i and Mr. and Mrs. quletdates at the remote and Rhubarb and have clashed be
withe grwe.I. mtY 7:e jjr Sh Br of
rhl e C a b r e t h e a nse h
ma, o- WI fo
. 'M" who
'Yeanra Ago" pre- mSte queens, an a "Born Yesterday" in Palm Beach,
e t weekend ble fr that a. next moth with Chaleon
ipramac t pe arent Heston,as a ag, playing the news
gh od, e at di ** "
Saturday J 4 Yvonne: b Weh his nasag on she dotted line
Accent when he was bending my aster has shelved all TV plans
l (the 'oup io- ear about his love'for Ava for himself' "until need the
.th gMor e- Mr stashed it away in the money. Ad even then, I won't
Monitodn t'ill
,_ eam mind to use sometime or a jump i to TV until I have the
l P Aon r co-medy role." right format."
be past ei.k brom- b u----- .
samee Ann tac- Got Garbo's Tonl- ,' To Evans, gunning for either
An Gp Ad AAnne ole in
4nott MacS MIo"*1* Wn D l- -ne

SMr and Afosea fo i o fr r an
Cox Alexfs v win water rivals drchWbo l teV pan
SCtan'r to 'Our Mhisr .lok" 'V Iarih flb le n t will tee off
Stonne Br S... Pete Sdmith'. rtirebaS fael.. oAfle stenuotIs live
a Grge Jft- t MGM ia eomlader $rf at.otr sToV tiEMr. Banje Eaes.

4eesm. t4 _-,.

G" sa ome Garbo doede't want
cc to tlinyyeM^ e

raev Aom nalns Go t g T rgan- 'olson Into 1Eas husband's braeK-e
Ier in the last milk. 1e d o i In 195n i *

.me 1 f ealu.1snin cieMrc what until day ad been listed
coup roup to thi ear's act- wt lethal dose of the
Mhe sre an. g a to n prb sherme n b.

'Z bl ays r 4tiLoas r training these vt- ur. e rt
Coxat Ditasty kleI to "- The girl friend, ac cording t o
tn'e i. tate i m rSi' umms her ete b and police find-

S e. ar ason i aaong rn afto her eatinf-g a co balo awi- in .. -. glon h.naippe. a ew.drps .

SiM children .tin the Canal toue- bo-on oen her by Chrrata.-
lInit S w so ar soued1 ln Inuthe rui dml.. ur ded up 195t sl
; '- eaL cting oug i^"itceo tobut clnsc what until tuteday had been olsted

u cub is t focthat atey e te s dpr sn ote In ha d' .
moed o children in past ats to t th stuff before
aps, rakin other u of Irt."n e v
,',. f^ n, ,. Zfi The Al tfrebng actordenc to
byo "t 1y .o n
ton h usban lereatla a lvaue f a*na t a. coli. d iod ueo t aft er eating a

eti -t, tmoi, art ped. wua.y The e;Isb do ala turned up tto
-,idlta ithwwe C oomnftt olaw, and N ooe oneBkieno.
IT., ~. *.W .V O -e extPe l eco 'se In handi-.

*O. mmopailttei i qet inst. 1pmcutM wil ond ."
U"iq-ted 'her -s -wha u artall vWunteerU
ke .some ... ho- vMW. -omunit es ba;n two dala of querilolnln Cbr-
V.- lip =-....! aNn s., i te, a ort m .itgant. said,

C"UP-. mmltte aarwe/ear. Whor t wil end."

S-_a cats the

Itat Wives Are N m' Iie
7The way 'a eotIt
forget to Inv e dicee to th
next party, and the the neat, an.
so* a. .
The diva o l wasto main .
lain her friendshkips at to bendi
over badmvr"U toSat'Xear

svativy, f mao t
to the wo a s the amed,

[Panama Canal. kgeaira -
BALBOA :15,A8:10ic .uat.11.
all-,ve- '-"WMTWO"

|ATN t
F P!G 7 AT

WiLLMODB .m* ,
S .. ,

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' i.-**

7. A.

1-0l1l, oVOA)
o teruita y
MOW-t -wAone and fis
10 lS-.1 IUn. American Ser-
tS 30- ; V1AL. (V0A)
.11:00-TLw 0*W' NOe
12! dn Off
onla tl of Symbols
BnOE-m oroadcaa ttiag
RDF-R dodiffglon Francalse
VOA-Voles of Amnerica

Teadihn Made Her

Sm Ai Te time
ACSZ rrVoLLb. Fla., Feb. 24
IUP) Th buxm daughter of
. Calfornia artlrt told juver iA
workers today that she fled a
Itahl abte Wsahington, h D.C.
sehool-wtb iltIne private he-
Thue 'e achs ,made 'rn
Im.ue a Phe tm e obe e
asce& Benry Colby, 16, wAS
held oeyaight at the Juvenle
etenlont ooter but a release
wa Vpel"ss to tu1rn her over to
ber farote dut' to arrive h)
plate Wte day-
The.2M p.aegrun~wa's r"
mance.if'y, wih Pfc. Robe 't
IWO ] Kemp. 18. apparently hal

te said she more or i-i
thouaghtabout" ma-yina hi

t hblerjaa _and he wi
It mw ow ed tt idr
touhe rer own *p $ t__re
!he ride wvtth lemp, whom. te
had bnv *.lotioly In Call-


F a -.A .
) l /''

on A bBt.c .I.


yqf C9J Ertfit^Std
jFVU .1.1 itpp -y nwifl4r
jbUe bet^t0

i ^yfl^ lii Ram fi


7 : A S- h e MA y L.

:o-Res ttfro he h D. .A.

L1: 0-TO5 Tiam lr t om

L ; old. hime
0:00- l Off

7:05-The Alarm Clock Club
S-- nt1.) .
8:5,.r4ning Varletles
8:30-MiaIc Makers
8 45.J.rry Sears Presertu
9:1&..The Sacred Heart Pro-
9:3-al tSee it
10:0--Ot- t4e Record
11:05-.Qa the Record (contd.)
Lil30--et the Band
12: 05-Lqnheon Musie
I2.i0-Pdpulr Muiaa
1:45-The Personality Parade
1:45-L-um and Abner -
42:00^:! 1 an
2:30-Th# American Journat
(VQA) -
2:45-,eo Battle of the Bands
3S:00-The Littli Concert Hall
3:IS-The Little how
3;0--Mulfc for .ASody
4 favorite
5 :0-Sein
5:307- t, Your FayorIt.e



mw a Uw'_,,

, B

L U X[ .'

"At War Wi.thThA.y"


O| Ope


w 5. 0 ~ 0.


Red Sket6o. in
* .*),~~rnr r~L


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- J-e

,.-, .;_',:.. %.'. ;. '. :i-,
t" -_.,,
dr -If.... ,-,, ,

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,o ,|' ,

- -ye'

..;A L.3V *-.A.


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I -

' E.






.'';.. .

ZI t

Suquesne, Ke

Dukes, Wildcats Equal Lucky Strike '

Ip2-Straight Win Record Plays Wmck

NEW YORK, Feb. 24 (UP) The Duke ,of TI I
Duquesne and Wildcats of Kentucky are breathing W 1
down the neck of a 15-year-old basketball record. -' "'
The last major team to go stretched over two mseins and P .ell T.l -*A.:.
through a schedule of 20 or more the 124th in a row on the Wild- L.4'
ames unbeaten was Long Island cats' home court. Balboa 1 .. -
niversity in the 1938-39 season.1 Duquesne is four games from American 'L
The Blackbirds swept all 22 a perfect season. The Dukes play Womack li 1 S f
games that campaign. Duquesne Cincinnati oaf Friday., PWton on Lucky Strjt* -* 0 4' .0 .
and Kentucky reached the 22 Saturday, St. Sonaventure on ,- ",..
mark Monday night. The Dukes Monday and Wthd-up against Lucky Str.ike,. w of 4.1o
drubiff Bowling Green, 79-52. Villanova on March 4ixth. Ken- first half, hope t4 regs n itW
Kentucky toyed with Vanderbilt, tucky has two games left with winning ways tonlgmti apai
100-04. It's the 40th straight Auburn orl Saturday and Alaba- Womack Wh .aky, ..
regular season win for Kentucky ma on Monday. Womack. WbhIs 46 o wa 4
____. ---- --- .. --to- start wilnin, 4nd they
The pitchers thre pave ,ova
*-s pretty good. Th a Cow a
P Pumas Cop Fasthch Loopand P arrington threw. Con-
rad is a little left4aleded pitch-
Ser. In direct contrast, Farring-
ton is tall, about 6'4" and right
First Half Championship handed. Womacklost their own
r Halfame on 8unsal afternoon a-
S. against Bal. ,
S By MIKE BRANDON lef giving up si* hits and three Ing to get hot. htis
BM B runs in six inningss was common oc race. Balboa
The Fastlich League's final Sutherland had a perfect dayHigh has always to ,uaw t
S y-off for the first place osi-d at bat going 3-2; Kirkland wnt until the second half to start
ion of the first half was yed 3-4 get the on. exztra base coming alive, but thliss not the
v Monday afternoon at the boa hit, a triple and Wills went 2-4 same league
stadium with the Pumas beating all for the Pumas, winner of the AmericanrLegion Is and always
the Palomas 7-4 behind the two- first half. while Barbler an will be a strongeontenderwth
hit pitching of Owen Sutherland Harley each had. a single for Wil Pretto at the mound and
and relief Pete Salas in the sixth th losers.. handling most of the pitching
inmni with no hits and no runs The informal of the chores.
Sutherland won his sixth second half of the season will With batters like Jerry Hal-
^ ume against one defeat, making begin Tuesday afternoon and man currently ta hitter &Ad
the op pitcher for the Fast- the public s cordially invited to power hitter -AbS diel i
coh League in the first half of attend all games played by the far from Jerry in hit anda
the season's play. rastlich T e e n Age Baseball master of the long *"ll plus
Barbier, (2-1) was the losing League. ],PJM others, which goes
p pitcher iving up one ht PALOMASHarley same for all thl t ,t w 1
fo ur runs In o innings; Harley abs r h p a say the second H'alf 100 pr
p coming in the first inning as re- Winklesky, 55 3 0 0 3 0 ruged, for any tea
Kot, -c 2 1 0 6 L one had better put'r B
Chism. 3b 4 0 0 0 2 fight.
SCurdts, ef 1 0 1 0 Probable starters f
Lopes, f 10rr 1 0 0 0 ame2 are Webb
Sen. Johnson0 crley, p 3 0 1 0 3 Lucky Strike and F t for
Rarmber. p. rf 2 0 1 1 1 Womack Whiskey.
i,:, & f 1 Schneider, lb 2 1 0 5 0 ---' A "
C d 'l Hatchett. If 2 1 0 10 0
Scores aaBans es- i IKirchmier Hurs

O ownerr Busch a-Batted fA. No-Hit 3-0 Win
Corrigan, Sb 3 1 0 1
S--- Wills, cf 4 1 2 o o, i ,
O..NF'4 (O)- Sutherland p,. as 2 2 2 2 2

picn rt the h ofKirkland,c 4 1 Fstlch 3Qp
s. ap ca w h na.r Clemmons, lb 2 0 0 0--
tor Sdwin ohnson ays .Dohn, 3 0 0 0 Jd Kirchmler besgto.i Ritchie
t Bch ts 'row2is 1 e iea 3-o04M the opetinlt a
rdnals tb-and we Lovelady2, S t e secQnd half of the F
remotee the mofoIV oI t 1- h Teenage Baseball League as
# at 25^& 7,,7 1 9 seI d bap* toeCQ-
ot league baeball i Palomas 001 012 20-4 24 one-run leaa in the bottom

[ uafIriz' fSiAn SO mro ., ,,.

samDb 0 nt
a it ia nice roing for a
inson admits having had
apmf of the bro
rm hae been aiccelled t
he haiad no official rd
johnsop says he will re-
s bill to remove the anti-
law exemption from any
NU club which is owned by
is engaged in production or
f alcoholic beverages.
SSupreme Court ruled last
baseball is a sport ra
Man a business, and there-
not subject "to anti-trust

icific Softball


irst Eamt Itandings
W L PctL
13 2 JM
10 4 .71
i' MovsM 3 10 .23
2 11 ,14

1 0 l.2P
,a'In. o 1 .
0 0 .000
Movers 0 0 .A

JlrM 's Ins -aa m

to the

Jon Pire chalked



uy: Suleriana d. B Bas 2, Harley
5. Pitchers records: 2 hits and
4run ,ufo Sutherland in /
alngs: Oits and 0 runa'mts
*aia in 1-q innings; 1 hl~t 4
a off rbler in 0 t ninqinn
I hit and i runs off Harley n
6 innings. Wild pitch: Harley 2.
Hit batter: Sutherland (Harley).
Winning pitcher: Sutherland
(6-1). Losing pitcher: Barbier
(2-1). Umpires: ,Neville. Ham-
maond, Napoleon. Time: 2:00.

Kiple Wins Annual

Taboga Sail Yacht

Racing Classic
The Aaul Taboga Sil Yacht
R g Classic of the Balboa
Yacht Club was won Monday by
the 40-foot schooner Kelpie, owned
and captaine; by WIlliam H."
Clark, Jr., Commodore of the Bal.
boa '"Yacht Club. Kelpie led the
fleet into the Taboga Anchorage
Sunday with a 25-minute lead and
hl wone the final event witi the
total elapsed time for the n und.
it 'A ,b houts and 36 minutes in
a slowed considerably by
ht, and variable winds.
-- cayo, the 46-1oot keteh
owned and skippered by W. Z.
PeM., was In second place
t"l ayo was first over the fin-
ish line on the return leg of the
t Monday but Jost out to Kel.
OIan total dapsed time for both
eato of the cItest
tle little r-II = 'acht Nenau
recently chauxed from slooD tn

a c

kIsad, Caifornia, a nd
mne, a visatngyacht
w Orleans. These two
iced I* a thriftag finish
t f of the race, amn-
k W mawez r, owned
MinZd Miss Peggy
Min Lad II, owned
lered y II*. Holeomb,
* ie by* a Weat see.
,boh jace k sailed in

r H fmor
the losers also but Kirchmier
w aa little better. ,
'Fitk d ateman were the
f krx-,Jr ti*, Ocelots, while
_eivela the whole Ocelot
tih tood ot.
The box score:

Pra~gonl, b .b .
rtand. ctf....
Hayden, p .......
Blau. ..........
Chase, rf .... ....
Ch 2b ......
Reves, lb .......
Miflion, c ........

ab r h po
3 0 0 0
8 0 0 3
2 0 0 1
3 0 0 0
2 0 0 1
2 0 0 0
1 0 0 0
1 0 0 8
2 0 0 5
19 0 0 18 0

Nahmad, ef ..,.. 30 0 0 1
iack, 2b ......3 1 1 1 2
Bateman, c...... 3 1 1 9 1
rei~r, .... 8 l 1 4
MeGritf s ...... 2 0 0 0 4
NOW, lb ,.. 10 0 8 0
dfalvom'3b ...... 3 0 1 1 2
Thompson, ri ... 3 0 1 1 0
UJnfora, If ....... 2 0 0 0 0
25 3 521114
Ocelots ..... 101.001 x-3 5 1
oyejo w ..... e00 0N"-0 o 0
Summary: un 'batted In:
K trch ,etir. H a. a Three-base
hita: Ba3eian. Stolen bases:
Kn'Wsad, Rfw, Thompson. Sac-
riflce: Blau, Double play.j:
ir"chmr1; eh',M I HBahvosa, Mr-
riff. Err t Joes 5 Feran-
gloi, MKrklU Hayen. Blau 2)
Oceot I I ( ft on base.,
Coneja 1, Oe 5, is on
balls off: H& ao. S0.
2. Struckolt by:' Hayden 4,
KIrchmsir 8. ned rrunj: ose-
lots 1. IHit baer: McGritf
(Hayden). Wnnn pitche:
Krchmeir (1-5. 1 .n tB-
er: Hayden (. I. Umpire:
Mehl, Bruhn. 7t: 1:s0.

Sports Shorties

ees 5A7
Vic Ras-
Was too
rs on the
gau he-

* : .',+.-. .... ...:./..
*'r &i^ ^ : **^
-, .'.. .... .. .. .-.

nrrtr-''I 1f

I, ;."


-~4 ~

h, i

I Liai

MCC oal
-the -op

AMERICAN LEGION BASEBAUrTEAM -- 6 bture was take of the' Americao Legion Base-
ball team after defeating the Lucky Sttike tealhMi th longest game of the Twilight League sea-
son at the Balboa Stadium last Sunday afternoon. -.The gdme lasted 18 full innings in a nip
and tuck battle that finally ended toa. 3-2 3wVia qo L team. L. to r.. first row: R. Glud,
L. Rinehart, J. Halman, T. Price. 0. Iour&ar y eoond row: P. Mohi manager) ,
B. Vols, 0. Castillo. 0. Dansby, R. RowSey, J. H:a. a PfiW, leetto. I
(Photo by R. Z. Frey)

Jim Rivera M.KP. In Sixth

Caribbean Baseball Series
--- -------,--- 1

JUDY CRO.SBT Canal Zone,' ________
back stroke champion. J Izdy. a -
bard working Pedro Miguel oGirl lip la @w yRJma
Il be saowing bhert Chaimpion# 1 itthesandsp*
shTp form at Gamboa Fool, tea -be Mounta'ft
March 5 at 7.30 p.m. .ah. (NEA)

Gun Club Notes
0 "
BALBOA GUN CLUB f tg a on. His perennial rival,
RflrLE TEAM WIN. I kn .13flnan, also firing for
FROM COROZAL O's took second with 417.
Balboa'I new big bore manage; ,
In the first rifle match of the Turner, left himself off
new season the veteran team Oe team as he was running the
of the Balboa Gun Club defeated math, but in spite of his duties,.
a military team from the. Pot l4p put together a score of 414
of .Corozal 1602 to 1354. Colozal's to take third. These were the
showing over the tough NRA only scores above 400.
course was excellent in view of
their lack of experience an' the Nelson Lute fired 385 to lea4
difficult decimal target. The torozal. It is quite possible that
match was a 50 shot match with he has the makings of a fair ag-
the big rifle over a course which gregation if the boys stay witl
included all positions and both Vieg pae, as three of their scorA
slow and rapid fj. -- were very creditable for the first
Individual ewinnr of tlin Ue over a course of fire that
place was 11ill ra, a be frustrating to the finest
total of 4M9 to : 4 ab. Detailed scores follow:
Slow 8lew Slow Rpid Rapid
Prone BR Stand Prone Sit Total
Bill Jaffray. .... .... 92 8'f' 84 '8 80 419
Dick D .... 88 7.. 77 84 81 417
Dude LueM, .. 92 ..85 63 82 74 308
Hank R ., 84. 87 68 63 58 360

Jim Sullivan,, ,~ .. ... 89 28 47 74
M. D. Burr4 .. 75 -87 21 68
TEAM TOT .......... ................ ....
Archie Turner. .. ... 93 94 686 8
Fred Wells. ... 8 85' 78 T75
Mel Mallrd. 84 79 54 89
MATCH T r 0 W UND AT pWAt that they at
S .- e Bal boo. COO.L
Another of th popular Ond Uo,
matches with t heAs rvwe *ether t e
over the practical pole corm ts w-take
is f to be ield *t the Crt iIJ Ot.t i
po.ce raw, th. eoaln meS id tum a u
!agF.42th. Sting tiU
b as soon after nine am i Police
the Pacific side contingent
ages to find thir
Although this reporter 9 not
Offcally recaiv f. theI
of the ma
the course ett
matches. iM

...... 1

(Final Standings)
Tea W L Pet,
Puerto Rico 4 2 .667
,PANAMA 3 3 .500
Cuba 3 3 .500
Venezuela 2 4 .332
BAN JUAN, Pubrto Rico. (UP)
SJim Rivera, eenterflelder for
Puerto Rico and the hica-o
White. So. yesterday was vtd
the most valuable .player of the
sikth Cariobean Baseball Serie.
S. versialm. w.m the leadip
battt wta .M48 a.t~ e -.
l e 0 mf nine hlI in II.
hrA i-wr imn was selete
.y the prss qd radio reprlen
la4 who e0d6ewe the S .
'IThe .Afll-talt eam: n
Catcher. Mickey Owen, Puerto
p; first base, Victor Petlot
w), 4o BIeo;o. saeOAd
,Luis "aclia, R'eneiO, ei .
jsbortatop; Ziggy Jasinski, Pan-
loti; left fiqld; .loberto Prescot,
aianma; center lmI JIM vl
Puerto. lioo. and right field, At-
sel Bi50ll, Cuba, .
Pitchers Victor. Stryika,
Panamx; boirado'Marrero, Ou-
ba- Rube Gom Puerto Rleo,
and Tiorton lKpper, Venesuela.
Panama evened their record a
"-3 for. the Wrles by doq, ng
Wxiessiela.- behind the pven-
i~t hburlznm.o1Vi c Stryska. It
f u ta rsda' second victory n
^ss single h In h
iltb .. innig gave Panama .the
-tryska did not give i'a
aiateg earned ran in the a- I
Anu bhe 'lthed to be the
-orot effeetie hurler of the
Cub managed tgat P t ie
with Panama for thA u nner
pot in the. champlonialf. b
lshing over tour runs I e
first lning to defeat Puerto RI-
4 4-2 in the final game of the
im Walsh then scattered Sx
hbts and kept Puerto, Jico in
check for the entire game.
The ltnescores:
Venduela 0010 10 000-11 1
Papama 000 010 001-4 10
aKperp and Bailey; Stryska
and Bhantz.
Cuba 400 O .00.0-4 11
P.Ro 100 010. O 4
F. Olivo, Tte Arr yoL CM and
Luis St. Clair:. Jim Wakh and
Emlo, C pbrera.

Along The Fairys
Last Thursday's "Low ,Or"M
Low Net" toumrn waMs Wt
Sylv Carpemtfr.and DO
ilton in the rirt "lkht. -
rv Jand& and Barbara in

At1 ~.*

M.L~'0 I


:or three. collectinD the other
1its. off p=ndJ *
Wee Wliwe VnItlke, Bobby
Sander, Mpd Oharie Bradsh. ,
each with fwo 't Tree, le5 4 xe
I tfes at the pvlata%
ThA box scpre:.
Peliee -ab r hb p a
-eowdr. I as ... 0 1 0; 1
Moltf 2b ....;. 3 .0 0 3 1
lAmlnft, ,b .. 3 0 1 0 -0
Cerfgan, s c .. 0 1
0%ott-lb ........ 1 0 1 0
A. Trd, cf .0. 0 0 0 0

P-ietor, rf ..0.. 0 0 0 0
B rf ....... 2 0 0 1
...... 0 0 0
otter, .......0 0 0 1
21 0 5' 158
Lmenoln Life.
gi.1o ,. IV ....... 8 1,- 0 0
l~ en ........ -3 2 2- ft
ub0a o' .... .*' o o ,,1
apwe. Sb ...... 2 0 1 1
.olan. -b ....... 2 e. 1 ,
Wfisor,. If ....... .0 0 0 0
.Beck, f .......... 1 0 O
IMcEihone, rf... 1 0 0 0 40
Bowman, rf ....... 1 0 0 0 0
22 3 8 18 .
Police .... 000 000-0. 0
Lincoln Llfp e,..02o00-.4 S 1
Winning pit het--8ander (1*
r2). Losing pitcher-Roe (1-21.
Struck out by'-ander 6, by R
i Bases on balls-Sander 2.
Two base hits-Satnder. Douhle-
playsb-Parker t6,Dolan. Sander
to Parker to Dolan. Umplire-
Ridge and FalL '1ine of game.-
1:15. Scorer: Mead.

Tem Won Lost Pet. GB
Curundu ........ 0 1000 -
(I6rt obbe 2 .... 2. j 1.
Wat Bank ..... 2 7. I
ot. Mli .. 1 3
AlbrookAPB ... 0 # OIL
Caribbean Corn. 0 2 .0002
AlbR at %V bb
Fprt Clayton at ir Con.
Wedt Bank t.Vvut nda
Curundu topped ort Clayt
3-1 to remain alone in first
place in the Armed Forces Lte
League scanamie Tuesday. I
other games, Fort Kobbe ant_
West Bank moed into a tie fci

while W
_ M


rvxth thePowl fl t rqd alsyo
but could only push 3 markers
4gas pitched an excellent
Eamb holding t Powells to on-
ly. two W4 Wfn turn-
the -a "w ie o'lasthe first.

,e-.... 0 0 0 0

.. ... 4 *
Va H .'.. v...... 4 I t1. "
Marrieo, ...... 0 0 0 0J

Totals 6' 8T -Ilk

KI' ftf^ *h/.. A 2..1 *I
lWlltf l..^'-^.'a. I" 8r a .
IM^ Al 20 0.06 I

mri. rob
+. ,s.
11'1m W*

r p'!t -



;S "-,i' I++. *
i ',.""

-"A;'-' --
-+.=. ,,"v .' .*
irSt o:_.+ .

ik AIP now la

" T'

Se e l vy, Bevo Need
',,,- + +- -.+ .. *--,,,RI R l t Dukes Gt B
"Ks 12 of t bW e o01 e m

asRalph Branca o hand
'Ca mp .a.,

We ase g sa DES a -GetrBY
Rel&VMw- Ist tee- t ae

T v
;. % ,a
w 0ul loe li,,M

To In gr s Pr
nea Inlast v some Ili %'A ""1'6
alld 0fU, -13 p la mnJr y
t W,, ItV Bpog,,kTool a tvi

Ir k, NOW...
'~ ~~~~~~e ffiau m .,+ + pwMV ip
he'3 akr ysel nMay

Tug-a e rae e r v a 0
tft o p)

e .. i

9afiS& ,,.* Perc. 16. %
g i the poor i _y 1llCI

40 .OtF I mu orM
Ihrp won the Widener Halcap eam a 0

Ln a
OnbotplY +, Ae, ... .
op w

.... .. +" .+ i .. =" '+ .. --+of

rile ri. and Hig
ei s.tI-^.
,tJtp vgi140r, 1



yn to B r, to e

_ 4 ye r. But

SUpo m ,er. '., ,s
Rotary, Excs

inPay Aain k

e ..
STomorrow PM.
wt., R.AN.INS



ter prorealnam scoring ace.
.:. -'i7r,
,".. < .. .. .' ,. _.* '" I '1

at, bt

I. *L e jr -


S194~~ Iudson Supor ......
19O o~geto SI W.

194' Dodl /4e %.ton S.atI..







C sulSUI ... .
Miercuapry ...... a
dson pWas .,.p .
Hudsonp Comn. 6...
Hudson Pa c k
Ford Custom P ... .
Pontilc ........
" hqdjip Super ..,.,
Hudso6 *
WoId|e De Llae *,de M

'uddpop Cosig,

Wv;4s4 ?Uper ,
VflrI .......

Ford .
fowd T


1949 Buick (new palt)

$ 950,a00

ge 19400,00

, ., 13 0.000
....... 0 ,oo
,..,,,.. 1.3M a
. ...... 975,00

..,... 650.00

........ 61".00
S*. 1,050.00

* ......* o.o
..... .. 1,05 00

......,, 1,000 0,

s .57-io



,IMW :+ -

74096 :

i i*i 1,+
^M^W^W .^!'^^i4

j,,q iAiasnii l 4i., SI1 5. -- T,

* .t

3 *Y

- & -

' r r'l

Uci- -.- 0

." .= .r



-T I" = -.- -?*3 r-'.
, -.,-AV. ry 4...0, ^ 8 ,
. -" -'- .... -+:" <* (,-<--- i, ='*A -* ? '"- ". ;;
..-+ A ^ *\ .." -- -... ;- ^--.- -
k _--I .'.+ +',. ++* -- -.. -++.L .. +..... '., .. ++- + + ....m-


.. .. \.
%-C.K"- ." "V-

., .. .. .,4. :

- !fltr-
-7-. -- --

---- IQ. '.
.;^ ,.. ^. -. ,..
.,.' ,- *-.
-- ::-;:';,.: .-4!--, -.

wY p

KKK's Former

'imperial Wizard






RALEIGH. N.C Feb.21 24 U- Let the peoplee know den4 ea nttv th ee 11W.
Former Imlerlai Wizard Thoem- .
its L. aamiton of the Ku Kl.jx :
Klan has been tiven a parole y TWWTW-NTIN A T rANAMAA, R30 1mR21 UART1., 19.54. ,.
ths state board of paroles.
Hamilton will be released late-r
this yeek frem the Castle Hayne F Be .
He ha served one year, Freh Break ndoch
y e a r a e n t e n c e .h. : n -.
He will work as an automobli '.
salesman I Augusta, Georgia,r .
and will be under the supervi.ure upos Ne r no
ton of South Carolina parole au- ,Oa :"-
Hamilton was the recognized. C .. O
leader of the Klan in the Car
elinas and was the leader in HANOI, Indochina, Feb. 24 Red River delta by seizing. But the ruined bambbo huts 'of the caIped4 0he. vue peace talk in
: a series of floggings in south- iUP) Fre Ch Union troops to- Thap after an artillery aNid tpik village. InOOd.*l"4 4- .. .--n-. .~' )_. 'a1
eastern Noith Carolina in 1931 day broke .be lull that followed supported assault. Suddenly at ndflnight two But. .nndVle aemeee .-t Z- .
L and-early 1952. India's call for a cease fire in The strong Franco-Vietnam companies of rebels sprang mlit !fflt I feared It b1iS MEiTS WITS CONGMiRS$tG t4-y^bUib
He was cor, viced in July. 1952, Indochina by capturing an im- attackers found the village from underground hideouts wouIl be .tflult If t iyt- tell a grqup of congremtlonal leaders *s. ltevt
in Columbus County super or portent rebel fortress only 11 honey-combed4 with foxholes, and attacked the French possible to .ula the fghthin b stejp toward United States reon ti'n atlt theetMns titon
assault in connect Ion with flop- ous hand-to-hand fighting, ouflaged machine gun eipplace- bayonets, front. Knoland; Secretary Dulles; Sen, Iter r ( r
rnus of both Negroes and Prench. northern Cmimander ment. ,-. Franco-Vietnam soldiers grab- Tex.) '
whites. General Rene Cqgny opened his After all resistance appeared bed their own bayonets and rl- The high command annouee-
He entered prison Oct. 1, 1952 drive to clear and estimated 70.- quelled, the French commanders files and clubbed and slashed at ment of the Red withdrawal In
and became. eligible for parole 000 ted.guerrillas from the vital decided to send the night among the guerrillas in the darkness Laos lent weight to rumors that r I
last October --- .' ..- untti al Ithe Reds were either the Coamalnzti wr*e reluctant
His case was reviewed at thAt D. 'uil ee w
...i 111 wi rvine a thl *Ikilled or captured, to ahed bood with a peace con- U S -en .
timebut was turned down. But Thap is only one of dozens ference in the offing.
The last of some 85 co-de- of Vietminh citadels which not i
lendanis se.Lteneed to state pri the teeming alluvial delta plain, Infotmed military sources re- o C a
Son was alsn given a parole to- logi infested with uerrllas Prtd theRe i dvsni
S day.- Olhtly organized under direct Was centered t Ales north
tSeveral of Phe Klanamen as re I control. of Luang, P Under the
Thervin federal prison sentens day such villages shoghway and march ary sources eva pece erence ed "In
dfor taking their parolemsboard on railroad tracks believed r w m. e 20,0000 But RepH-Walter H. Judd o-B ad recognlse Cotel at Chla ndI e

ihgnfmroundlthathsufe fo Red nrtoqlpeasantlf the French MinGT), a l eong4me expert on htFtevona ann a l r IW h le
s rthaitleot the spine and s n Manwhitg th angard of sttheghricearmern Phu, on Hastern a nttr, sidhe doerf eSit He R seld .rthrdectlwon to horkd sI'
Sof an operaton. a Omamunbt sorege army has the.La der bee the deciwar on willweayett the Geneva a retlag was mae ig nar
ton recommenounced the Klanroleto peace ad fully in their paddfe imarchn len o the Frnckh the debate over the wiseof nokt be give twhe right to k rs e ct
luF a letter to a newspaper editor ** .A talc flf'fFdD ,
sdg Octobers sad t urged his f- aras caches and stalk French cm- tomp theiesl caught I n ar rep ent to iamnvite Rt whe t omM niat lcente
w .memadbers in pillow suit [dnoc ahglta yghrsr eIsoldiers. Often they plant mines If the a a vision des China t taggr r.orthcoml O-" ne a e t d a
Throle forme from Klan boss Ander- under Important highways regroup army urce repotary sourcesevand the conference. tes "t out to .tn
p~ealed to the parclesiboard on ~railroad tracks.b rh believed i 'A IW .n me 20,0000 But Rep, -Walter H. Judd R. e recogmunst
the ground th Carlina newder a busng r bombard- troq --- '-the French Mlnn, longtime Cxprogrtos Oh- pgan a"d e.A

S .to -h sp elan Meanwhile, the vain g s n rd of troghl p Cky Says nhu, on asterh affairs, sad he t tHthTdecison tolled
Sof an oereaton. a Conmmunt siege art has th La*VIW border be ecisionwill wealtei the Gg was
an olieltor Clifton L. Moo,'of abandoned-battle stations at A battaliqon the 308th, re- Americ's psitlon or lead to Re largely i th iscbunt ,'s tcrms+ tra .' .'4
Sicitwoprsclitoa .Moo. ofrygat-4 ra- jolni thke pqfloees after a. ; CMOWadiplomatic recognltlol4 'Red aid "o"d,"ehod
ugwwon recommended Ha- 'thee e parole.gba fallen Cback t orth- futle 1-4d luitoS o the French The debate over the wisdofl be not be give the ,right to "tk d l tiOUe t
Moorelle. a superior court the Rod lexandefrom the aotian royal outpost Allf a oone at, 35 miles the. April meeting with_ R except on KoreA Idhna C oh "n S t a
Mlor-; sow ai sUlkeepinge wo 'heo l' aa,.r Frech oorn- to the hes;, wd caught inlChina picke up steam tasnnecre w,,hee Cornr.mlt QCpA ha a t tr t meet-
r -ad tae kepng the high marching coldl by fighter-otary of Stfate ohn Foster Dues Interest as' aaggrossor.... in abtthe am

Iatl&eaderinprisoalem peal .dran ceasennfure. l6 M I WAlrea#y paid for. WASrIoStONa Feb. 24. (UP)-o Alon the route erltaBek roved, i t
ms uet ae 500 tne. Farther north, a been on the spotocky did not explain New te Dorothy am er wa robbed at gunpoint by ence b teend at
The olry protest against the ,308th Division, backbone of the it was "blown to pieces," .anmRelations committee today t o I _. Z. tesn
Sarolrme frt an Ander- l enyasion army, was regrouping army saurce reported. defend the conference. ot
,r4th orolina, newspaper u Hones der a bxusing air bombard- Dulles ,lcO -.. .r.. ESICW 'o
editor Tod. i -met and. showing signs of back Z. o ays D eu oiis s cue to a a and n aa
thr countries and with (UP) Many terrid ebuck upwards, crack the cat by Prague radio. Zootockythe people tonht when hell

Ja20 enled men and offi- idnt of this -ling comA- wa of hes ana pushing outo But aur told a.a-r-. .o '"""
6J11 afe the arrive oDaily om str-et French patrols thrust eight adte tt h rere ,ied on thi.e ."' st -oers i
SPacfcAsk ide,d TlasT i tM nighlles duco thejunglult andes around, a ond ernh j FCas
ib _i s I m g P a dno .r Inf deaI centig.fur Meeting ine r ate t
Jb n presto, onda hLeo alnii ,000.00 .. o.. yo in swe Lus.r ter topdids nThey lied n een The aech will be carrie !-- suUUe i f
boa erd -ft0111-lsoe7% 100 BUCKons S ere -Red e ofote Oee ploha dby i n Ch onese ocki n-es Paid For _________n h c or f er t t

'6ar 3rrty I W ca Hou. Tax W rd s esORLEANS F eb.24().
hw.eman JC. ioryDuvalo Ra o he ten t er pa days o the md-1930's td she was delayed three months 1nstdd goods-th
t se n to, t tersection of the Road le.ander_ treethd rthe roadway The-foen4 tCosUti I t o.rkv n"eb" Stoncautthr -- w, Caad tmot. ro

susprAeltheedl to-o. a S Colorado agreed the federal towards Loulswana. She spent saboteurs Itro dr6
-en o a $10 fine. widewak were thrust upward. and Viet AoM tospita. one niht ri the Boutte l at The Unite

'atmen.w Mexico, .... b knoke t ll prca s oil and prevent a House tax writer today Nwl esen idre bfor pril 1 er couldn't fgd other ac- e m-ove ndm
ne since the Berlin decision wha d dust bowl. a second Demeratic ma tsia whea rates on he d three bditmoda in Mexicot G av Bor
nS? r I Yussls li'ilkes- rrte Res idene ts RP Clkford Hope (R-a). crase prsoni i income tax'.ou1e aSolity A esare 8aeforitk Bekerolivia, and lost 40 tri of re B ur

I rF- w-,R y CO-PENHAGEN Fb1 24 (UP)' I f ro.l 0 ceamsn. d.rely chair n ohe Hoase -arleal echnts bu on0 bi t1dt a bsvheddled to be reduul ced autorat- e flnancll.o herrrh riby hhe .s a cas ofKt
drImal Nehru's cease-fire Apealmeant'a nptel mill which wast ue moved a rs remark that w H H parade before s fel n e a Grotewohtald a bti v

w ill tow h Aned to;a / Kennsh s Cno r we W odwar collsr h a 's tdatae a pa S ri A mn ommttee re-vfer's battle fU.r co. nwtrolnW 4I i er, plans to ride to Washington o ..
AWfirea 1 Today tbl.rcers b.Hp*'sw gbheld w hent U. f.a Brlo
Mnll. yh *dmthe o o -lUp a Ai ya rsO' o.rws aoted. Wllion"m jg y, .wb r hwas,,bu..r medd o res t youewasklasled'bthA ftt ac be, .aibe"whiewh sent .eh 40ql .

L .tine t countries nd. with.(.UP) -- nrvtie'r law xen- buckle urpwardis, crackirnaII c ast S. Pralgue radio. .or an itinher of Com* a forei ght dlay.. w Wd .... onII.oE d '
S r 'mna m om -wa e. o -ne an ur told t tosa ef. wh l.ef.t.. B s erratic o t_ k. w hn b.

na Distrit McLeosaid hie underwent ix elephk were tostled in a produ rut that e Ree Cooper ( .) re
compo' at hhphaving rg" frl Alres Oct. 1,190, said she. was .he re
are scheduled to arrive oh nty relprofned or Jewa F ruk aom t wakoday and a Colorado tie .e named a madOi the new move i oak d Hom

Ishustdftnu o damaged tbom etoeday. eat en le, o.r;iFrsl t outl of "the federl l.arese .ecsmeta x.empon A. AS tSS ,
the Pacific TOJad an .Ui further earth s hifts simi Dressed most in night too, that tany i officulties an nd a o'Y "thr t am tq o in tie J O because e
Sex-G eorge Jorgense the wer b in wore a re etef, the oab of the eate to te ared that. the e f
B S4). composd of the USS Ta-e ansrfe upheavals w iera. stf othef ta, they la n S uted to the stree CITY, n. Feb c the a t t l 1, s -t w he ker i the cl or mt Gt
M 4 l an s- t s d erMany refused to return to their io this is silly.e of the the Liberals In the hivil war. e
andIt roianmned iwe mors e thiacn$100000adamg No injuries werere- tUP -Farer who sw'end inuien o pr rt s.,~-f said she eiage U to b:candae
and Cedro, and the moretan ,u damage .their top soil winte. wheat' ontid I
m.inesweeper Qaleul, Is More than 100 pb. parsonwer a p ' $7w ec w n e- ."o,---- ras fponMpursuedyer b le t r. r
S"earth squeeze" --abdut a e he most destruceAt Conservatives
tme Athanicase, tsaeearih.rna-he91d ['-heatorms since the dust bowl HrTteer wv" O'swe' bI aotript-
Mcet umrine. u as ra McL d t terviwe I wde a t" aofme areas and drift s td du t She was delayed three months sars and g Usi d-
S k ne r the mn .poe I rm ce that pleed up some federal ms i the border between the Unitded Gem
tl. Zru K rrings t am.Cria- W ..i.... M t homes ..valued-up' 0t.o0,0.S l o n e States and Mexico over a fused beceui:e thU
fro* Kingston, Jarrive at Cris-W W0.A sr aW* ' poiui calleaders in nearby technicality. and then rode on 'a sending sfle.
will-transit the O-nal to- r .s.ed.ah-istJlO'mate.$1,*0"000Colorado agreed the federal i towards Louisiana. She spent-al botours ntl-.k onq.
t~rwaid will berth at the LvUiU ilenmarlxs -da :-aged 30ndas.. governmennshould at least 3'- one night Ii the Boutte jig at TheUnite4. .te-ji
NataStaorticARodman, until Ouckledv'streets, walls, cellar o to stop the loss of WASHINGTON, Feb 4. (tJIP)-later. date? He said it cetrtanly the Invitation of the sheriff aft- r mu'e tbe.4
M en knocked obt dtIlt$35. precious soil and prevent L House t'x writers today rejeetetwihe umuideredlevoel. 1 er *e couldnt ind other ac- cennlt.fee movesm th
1. w AntICmf ,I,_Law State ofilcals nave blamed second Gust bowl. a second.Dempcrsi .bi ticb ia.dwhanrates on llqo.e.idrottes. conloatous .. out.Genarv ebb -q
t the Naval Ition, Rodmen, t subsidence.. on "the nam- Rep. Ciford Hope R--ft,), crqsse p rsonal inceose. tsx....e,,h er,gasoline anM ao .miblaW are Sefioritg Baker; who wasback- eatS of t-meRigFur fborg l
Mil Monday when they will COPENHAGEN Feb 24' (UP)-- ins .6f' coal seams directly be-chaircanof the agicempxces from 000 to ?00 aUd4SoPaedted to be reduced auloint- ed financfi~l oa her trio by the tote' conference in leIn.
si. t e ,o,,l T I on ern- .A N8year-old American ex-sert- neath the affected area.' How- ctU).eutmitutene whohation a- excess tpxes on suel it 'ipa ioW late Eva Fei2n,, said she has Mooao* flea not yet aehno';-
ftotpt, t... Frenh ti n an who folnd, it dhdifflcult ever, his was dent.d by spokes- cc. .ed routine siwitation to fsfrs, cosmetis tad -movie ticikti. The comnmite ,sp- hopes of riding in a Mardi Gra !dged-tbe prOpsal.
p 1prcc t to Fort De- for me to ght job$ as aman men for the Glen. Alden Coal speak '110 tonight found him-.. While there was no formal 'ote proved proposals wh~e0_ would parade before continuing her Grotewoh tod a qieial sm
ce, Mlke, while, the, claimed today Dnish surgof Co., whne Waodward collieryhbAtinaetge heartd of theareai
amps W depart :for converted 'him to' a womantit Mails eben ath the section. hit _- la -.Friday's deatnc t L ?I#.D an--Re t "' wq1nta y Freais threcn Cit, shg-woea s free wlna e nt
e.. "" Christin e J do f en"n"l" An --r.iantcommittee re va ir's baffle j j plans ren m vfIeEWterkattl- edfor n resp lant:rid et w wtr-m-
tu y returning- t, -n ana a., eald e got arou p S-s farmers in Eastern narrowly-dividedCongress.-Do o Weee-d.ot a possible -interview with P
ft yw. ll de parn ing t he6" Iti,.atle-. c gt ane w 0n- C e -.--C, oiorado .1 r plar is came in a eeto' Soi. WalteraF.iGeorge Ga,, t op mmlt apprOwe d -arladent Eisenhower, and then on toa
b Trainer l lnured._aspro-_ _ ,,to ici..t castration .

.rtianon be pro'fessorJo ent th -t-upk acet todayand .eColsorad. he .name a tisr tarhe ne -M.. Ao-- ':,.' ",

Shad'4. oX a Feb. 24 UP The storm also bacaene-
Sonre. e ol C~ometolo_ the pky as far south aU Tmexas. to 5 0. .p-o -
In,.e...-16en gae..
J- *rig tiatonal Basuty BaS, Tdes NY)f Sips o
fS r e mj a md _iuls, .reso 0 .5 _.talthful cuo is a rk ow mp,, .
"aed- by" be." "s.... I t shopst..., "14 AS-............2"27 U mo "ad"
S -. I- s -h .badt- -aauM. ... ..a... .. .eam 4.: ....., 11&' .
..*. .... -..... _. ,, .. .- .
'+,. .+ a ,-...A + ". + +. -+ ,.a. 4 *. w- .-. -
:. .: ..- :.. A:-. -.:::.. ..- = -. .. o-_ .s
I. t Aii


*+ -

I. -.' --

-' -. ,-_. -. .,C

*'. .. i

-. 2

S" I -



If- -

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