The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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iAff the _lait."n. at
of the Nw. ~t~'
04, divison fc ,is

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I -Who Knmla111M 1ft. bide-

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oriito v
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ONs French l,: !aeqnes .otbot
Soi ,n, oNw VIe -,& Plt,_ ._ler'
bangg NWheng. In4dIdcha.

HANOI _c him b. b
Vietainh- Comm.u'ists tOrroi b
the Red Chin' M OAre K :v
f e0 Fl" an, 0
SPh,, the Frk 'h common annouse
S$verl .W c-VtY inhlh bd ir .l l
fortified airsti. yin." t t h .i,.W' ,

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their positions bfore cutti o
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z..lemeptt of. -9 fur ani A
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Jtt ~ ~ a Intent'y ldw
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U^-iti acuthern Mexico
otlen .eo
p :0 ot8^ PeterlM
aff jew -eim
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tlip sdaid the
ydri~~fot extended 500
Sto seat. and about 250
beol Acapulco.
f lomtfals here.sald?
i lAnorft 4" ton1" bw
=bwb a Cmbadifit AW
(uttrd~ionton, cu(

. .. :.-f -
U. S. NiMuwa said Wash-
is inm Ited In the lawt
"tioen w fioohina to help
eiwatli*- of pOWNi#e n e w

So921 uohtre, #aid O'.Daiel may
be c a.sen. head an expanded
U.' S. m-ty mission in embat-
tled In
M4S _the 5erte foreign
co t a t hearings
don In ,,,y with Demo-
crat de to know how the
adm nilns to stop the
Cm .short of out-

Cal* ,were Adm. Ar-
thr iran of the
joint' and acting
secret alter Bedeil
The..bingl were prompted in
part,. bY IN amiitrtion's d.eci.
sloa toi ta 2OW0 O Force teehnm-
lan. to.n h (-|o help main-
ta vPe plane. Some Con-
.sumtS.EWwe-the fear that
St .s might draw the
tn ta to the seven-year.

Ve Democrats were
i I ; Sea. J. Wil-
~-i _-) demand-
4i-k.-19 how the administria.
,'.jrltalatry power stra-
Sq t" Uder conditions
ethos Indochina.
the Communilt don't quit,
"Db we bonb Peiping, Moscow
or what do we do" he asked. He
emaginued tlht he h not opposed M torYpower program.
it h bebtves it "over-simpli.
"P e problem, particularly in
S ae local wars.
I outlining the new strategy
Jan. 12 secretary of state John
Foster iDuUes earned that in ,the
event of new a session anywhere
in the world te United States
might counterattack with "mas-
sve retaliatory power" against
Miocow or Peiping rather than
Sy to stem the assault where it

A m war t fronts,- B be

a n.

parat110, .....

Observers ~ele la sid
aee ed a battle -for (4*)Sa g
,o shape us, lItihi 41 .

s on against ~ .l = e
Dr. O attl org Tr

ColoS e Heanlth O.

and Coflo are and ad ..
Dr. Ntic R .sS. been on he

boa HBlght. "* offes .. ,
The combining of the uer o Ha
G uuo ea e theta o affagesk
admlnistratlve t eheam ..1 l so i
It w1s also nounced that Dr. th
Car Jo/on, fr HeaOflthfIcai

Officer in Panamai/h tat .
assned C4 s _tb re atd Wldzt d -l

Dr. Oterberg has .bM We ing

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maw" A* v. MW ween veo 'w-
....... ah" AUOt.^A. .o e.. '..,.....,; .

M .'u- 1N h AI M i aA -


-- 0 --

Anywhere in the,Canal Zone
.0 i is for Sadeye Sam.
*red The Sunday American of Feb. 14, I'd like to corn-
Sar Mickev Mou4e comics to conditions here qn the Panama
Can To Qualify the portrayals, number them fro 1 to 9.
Is the cast Mickey as the dubious old timer, With a po-
ten. I leader whose feet are still on the ground.
Is the usual ascent into a time honored, systematic pat-
Reorganization. "
Follow the leader.
Is a representation of the complicated technical devising
lwh we have ex erienced very recently.
Srom where I sit, could be today and maybe a little o to-
go w while
and 8. could be any number of years between now and the
C hen all good Civil Service children lay down their loads to
e one of the "boys." "Patcher"

there is any indigent Canal Zonian so poverty-stricken and
that he has to murder a tame deer to get something to
ase let him communicate with me.
ill willingly buy him and his family a square meal.
tam waiting to see'what the. Canal Zone Police and/or the
'isk t Attorney's office does about the shooting of deer on Gor-
s pital grounds tarly Saturday morning.
Philip L. Dade

-Geepral Says Reds Strengthen

Million-Man North Korea Army
1- -

SE0UL, -Feb. 16 -(UP)- U. S.
Army commander Gen. Max-
D. Taylor said today the
S munists still have an estimat-
million-man army in North
.. and are "doing everything
ca, to strengthen their pov-

Ct C ;h i.d North an

s .a
thea ". .'.stiU is

w4 b rven

"Any field commander does not
like to lose forces," Taylor said.
But, he conceded the South Ko-
rean offer, which was rejected by
the French, was a "governmental
question" and out of his province,
He also a.i4 h uha dlWno' die
lions tt.Op etnel from his.w2
A y set to dochina
t join V. S. Air Fores techicians
Taylor told the press coaerence
tthat the -new w "

wean field, coummad, andnotmced
-da by. President Sndgman
,J as t a..'a
I. .I

Answer to Previous 'Punl

Costa Rican Trip

I Costa Ric is MItut kin
- f.- openings
Central Avoids
America o .
.Above 5 Certain
IRimploy g
-t7eAtury plant 7 Seine
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rot b'y 9 Ester af l e'M-i 12 and 20
acid J "s 43 Greek god of
bak bir 10 Separator lCanva shelter war
,SI11 Lamprey- 2 Tropical tree 44 Unusual ,
If S'9 catcher 33 Originate 45 Volcano in
.m. of., 1 Offered In 84 Hurry Sicily
8IV 8. W d0 8 48Sitter vetch
tion Plat' uicl (poet)
rsh ,m s Plaq', p -. (poet.)

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Labor News
And .


If the full story is ever told of
the piledriving pressure on Rep.
G e o r ge Bender's Congressloaal
racket-busting committee td. ese
up its new probe of labor rack&t
LP New York, New Jersey, EW.-
nois, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri and
Minnesota, it will blow sky high
several expensively nurtured na-
tional reputations.
Peing a sentimental fellow, I
want to say that it is heart-warm-
ing to learn that in this era when
so many lick-phrase artist try
to make th entre Congress out t
be a collection of knaves and shal-
low idiots, the members -of te
House anti-crime committee have
rebuffed all pressure. They have
rejected all subtle bribes aid all
offers of campaign contributions.
And they have not bee swayed
by threats of political reprisal.
Thi Copgressmen have, instead,
hired a c lef counsel who-trxawe
with a packaged anti-crimestroupe.
And they have told b to t naat
everything that violates civil ib-
erties or- shows the terotzatlm
of rank-and-file union mpembes or
the brutalizing of -small bUiness-
men or the looting of jadon wel-
fare funds.
The new counsel is that old atm-
esis of the Wmt-.pwn Rice
formerly with e ver and
Tobey committee. Vl re rcetly


,., .' .".; ; *^.*( ; .,." ':


1 1

eift a sroml
iIt r*Si- .A d


I *s.
1 4 ,.h
I .


ivan "i


.*A. a

terrific quiz program -i and is '
asking questions Which Will em- .., 'ar
barrass some nation h labor fig-% tCT mitt *3Sej CAflC rn -..
urea when the st hearings are f a, 10 MPis h eSEte eo i a
.... ... .... mbk d t.. .
next month or early in. April. dptesa are ,n wtmer-fte
Congressman Bender and the tet they at:e .,
other memberpI of the sulthatthcommit. e ... Si.U, o ee, af: atii t 10

AU su ageemets be tsub. a u P
erations Coimittee have told Rice. ..-f. .. N'sr e x" "w
to dig and let the dirt fly Thb. man ea A of the AmuEi .is E *fjjjm.
don't want to hear from him untlagreet sa becme efi
he comes up with the evidence for n Pret Ennr candy for Asao The other
By Nor E" cans fimiT ohd%*-
public hearing so they can honest- Gen. his 1w he pbli re a W n
ly tell,allpresure-artists that --- tis nprt.n A .
even they don't know all of the rv.ooti C tiON TE
details and therefore can't and WASHINGTON-(NEA)-R uWhen the foregoing provims of thist BRtICKER SECTONThe Te etRun nino sMe aBt t.. b b t
Sba t a establishment othis Constitution regulate al executive and other
t egrfre m oonboutto to ru1T1 -the othr hnd
'" Due .thelack .hahWw h Aa- shall be supreme law of this land agreements with any foreign pow-" NOTE -o thera

a ck, on" e n bo theI Brb- unless made in pursance of this er or s international ogani at ion. Demoeraets in C llfrnia having
,t 511 arr cleblr~li In&d 't e'omdintWe'atedso Constittion. All sucagreements shall be sub- a hard time lnn.gGdidov.
i^^irow F a boutas-telmeaste8 lAue ,tApik noaels ts. p trse atis btthe leisartibCe. gouo Ip an thee eoloPaysIr4iwle

I an 0the findie.-eIssue wiis makes It nearly to see J l to the itios i imposed on ast the
rmt obed. aib sitaton d. It rea: y ha o dtution ind COMPRO IEe TiiONT i19R11 successor to Chief JuedLeWarmren, Ma DEl la Ussi:
bSe. a, s shall be made tp aahei there- agreement shall become effective Lehaney,' of thaTe amser Union j, .
.Du" toA-, 0$i thetlaws orawof th 5ae apedSttowic trat. uchtrety or e bnen a lookslke huoNashmi sn tha oiV3I
Sto tte t -...- o i." of and althrestlesa .ade, or which as nternationafl law in the United evelng aSna n I ,,
tea thee shall be made, unde'tie authority States only Atheug legi slation by wist ondwaof w e*. v

oa ltn th Bm OMOSSB CTION TWO v;idar thento. an t so ti
Lea Co c e st oetat u s f the United States shal be thq congress, of uless in -advising and ai "i

S A investigating co compare original rick- nternary notwithstanding." comen- sal, are i effect as' internal yaw a lifelong DoatbcrattI wa help Had tie it Sta,
newebte t m aenen tinsgto antre t was some o

Swas ea shed at itsFlor- er amendtient with te new siubsti- fiAt with tp Constitution shall stahei ts f Senate rules.. Th s rt from on then many 14o..a te War r
ses ,Intefew tuteae section not beof force or effett in language e but have no cans.Ihav beensrprisedat saidkt s Ot
s they're _._t c. ap," -d tfbe T-

Swnowerloseb an od heCN OE O t DE beag on the grave isses that nonpi operate e San t
orlawsoflaw. p above. -tte somoromisesdo pe-e Air Fotce, e.s o l!C tl4

hrpSdo tFIteomittee set up A o of a treaty which 'tgete rid t.Senator Brickco are thate heart o the Bricker a tWe received fromDemocrats, gn stble pie act t-
bwhen the uni oston wel astfu a thusttuo aos introSeral aw in the Uned with the ena mte edUtervledmt" a

dal breaks in the N e r shall s ce or effect -Saubtituting another "which" the shuting is over th three tllat remfs me, remarked to f d
Ja wae reaninatthe original whi h would be va id inte. a- tr sectiesons mped ave. obert, who ao co frm Geor ws
sense timplylenromthee n ORIGINa Vi. COMPROMISE COMPttOMIets along with tra aal Bricker pee want, an ga, "of an oldsolored fellow Cown er to t
-hewrn ad en. way to get at this iS to a provisnisa treaty or other a e "on Petrto he ceLpronmits binet, member !o Ttherh' ac "It marked a o!flta e

S t-e fA. thvesctigai sca- ilpar or aignl Brick- ISnttinal_ i ssamnte wh.h on- ptUee, an In effect oly Democrat, I ge more hel an the aiuo. of tea ats,
In at, oTrhe eew Yrk teNtindnt- or otheeyoe.r n suage ut have n per uans. I h b e hMas at e

-sessi n facr the fwrakete 5ostad 'now r aE R E, 1, ated aa ient
o AA ot .a treaty.which T ete natr ,B'ck, are.the heart th d.. e m aten I e d

last oldh:NE IrnMew Yoatht t eG
b dp l~Bst thtyear colts-t ths nstuon er con trversa whichh cl.ue e aThtr indl y.e arm hhed United

Sbne The Fer eSl ect, t anoigh Coand hs oarran ed thore i a"m
r .a. v e n f ine oi n Nheln campaign (ine l
members of the CIO International et e being .trailed soat i Pac ite eecompromised, now ons) to idestproy enator Me.- wreay who W isen ether ts
whenthe of w clt" furime osrkeyn-"is h n edNod by .ad.g at herles. in. tat it seatsw wnawtfqrs there is a vote on. the Gorge oremuedh vin cunithy g.sand"i rr a''vana

NUnion of Electrical Workers said ata S e story twill be a evoS atef 4y5 a t hre. Insiders to y and Senator Winchell" youil down to s ta -p men Me a
publicly that they wanmstersd an in- page a the ole bankrupt railroad es read the item and wrote t nurse said, 1 'nfrdi anou 1C. t

testified drive against "in-plant "*#--- now, has itarplue of over 100 in- ml tSat it has a current series by to HeBn' Uncle b waxed u, .
gambling" for i the sake of their Barbara Button's newest gift to I hl MacDuffie, American "'
v ery society from the grasp of a y-priced press-agent tolaun Jusce w qu cornered tEhere by a Bus- tIDE tLAeEIS -h
Scrite finals." der him up. .il Emen about loa c who asked: "Why' o g s on t .day ,rn-

"Iplant gambling Is only one or derworld. One's fro Winche have such a large .
Sfcet of lve international crime Anothe. po teevy perso- Nt o eD.. me C. audice" The Russian was -
Asyndlates' operations" the union l albor ity win gat th dnes over a r r -A u a. nl Brusti adov of Voks, the.U Soviet reward. A to o .a
asserted by a doll recently seen his program... Gee oeerneys mother and Mwd handling cultural relation
The sa people know it. And they, the other.".continuedn0.otahc.wf4sthe

ow "They deal innel. The narcotics whiher The wife a tal ng to lawyers b reretzg overs her plansoter Red fig n countries a. The nl ask m bowt -
are m ore and more enslaving oung Atar and her to m arry A ut Khan does not appear in the faCol-l d you opur r n t'
members y outh. They deal in the .. pros- The defamation of character suit -rre, no' iers article 'destroy' Senator were half dad t asked, Did ld te Unit Sttes
publicly that they wancorrupt the moral thrown at e arel (by the B wa's top torch is thebpt railro es read the item and wrote 'Y I

tbre of our very government implantt Marquise De Begassere) wi sta. coa Phil Silvers is totng tt n curen se
throughambling" the bribery of theiour public be o tl on's newest gift to udrey Hepburn. cffie, an Ame icani
Finery statement. This New Jersey a ncy-prtough, old ress-agen to la-us a reputrter asked a Stat e Walks ornered the Re b T ri- I m.r h

union is clean, to my personal volve a wedded exa with 5 kids ee if he had any comment World Walks Out." -

knowledge. Buti why, then, doesn't --la- ona Chanln's renunciation- of w s..has:"h. 'W -^ ---- -- uewrd One's .W
fat name the corrupt nation officials Corinne Calvet decision to hand e tt he said: "Sure, Harry Cushing and ,e The Russian wa
asserted knows are operating only husband John his program... wr gives a mo" the bloan handling cultural el s .
a few streets away in the heart tich The has a to lawyN e otes are i a over her pi nder that sies The
of this crime network-New Jer- beaming. Te top editor of a midget ma tf omes.

say having the worst concentrate 9 .t- W. onp. f the heftiest dreb (nat 'aH
tion of all. What stills the mtongue Editorsown ae tryg to contact (bythe e aiway) gets the tremendous sal- Miti Gaor in the eb. le- '
of ibronest labof our leader governs James Masone D ar wi sta per week. pe Today Mag: "s ng
Finte statement. This Ne y ao to a.Td SteWksIn Whlen te Rt S
now the moral duty ournest la Joan Cral d. an use (a o A.uelegate will addree the -. Therell fo atn old WW
bor to work wthfficials" legng she the Bender Com- chied after a bate. ) peace couc at : "A d One Who
itnowledge. whtry to cripple id| oibOn the .pln'sti, of Th- -. e. a

itThe Earl Tthe cor union offices C Calvet's dcFlorence tohand hr this e rally Harry Cuhitg and eq4aSl ey,
it we knows re operating ony hushat was ad John td his r- m. ve a aman te blomder bea, rrek ta_ 1i6 []

a_ few streets away in the heart PI.e has a Weealt New Yorker -o airwh Russia t ul and (thato sir Ion
of this erSme network-New 'Jr -- beaming. flf top editr of.a .midget m S Rou Xe. -
Ay having the wton oncentlra- wi e. hest .s ( -
on of all. Whet stal the tongue Editors tare elg to contact th e ) gets te temenaous s Mi Gas r in the ieb Pe
Tof honest labor leak.As James Masons, an'-oK S er week. pie Today Stag: "I Ourhlathe W .
Since there Is co thr daion, Itbis .. ....nonal t --- ... .. ..aot desert while m a rr ane f h 1
now the moral 7,tyom honest Ine onan CrawFord and M, Racknl A=-UN. deegate wil address the r .. There was aig(i
bar to work with the Bender Corn- chied after a sHt battle. -nsnwstgf peace council at a mcDAlotsm
mittee-rnst tr to cries itl -. ....wst'on the sb..The ...,s% .Justbackfr 4a'."Mwas
ritt camP. ArjadmO:e.
liilan Eugnam ,lingIsomla. e(Fo Sn.. on h mica.havea -l- .'_ -
asserted .dall ...... hssanda t'ick. They are +ndv_
"Thy daeal h saiWi That was a 1o la .puy at e.irams toleeanr etn countries The

_id h Rusai Angel and (opitor
Jtf.,lma+T hey corru1 1- 6kmrle inranw could be O D'(yteCoda

Our tatw' lg.wa.
".rp. ta-w ,- .--
a. miioth W u s eu am
amyone Co-wl-

trying to as4ow-
~fr om their Im
a ,Winder h ow spuw.
o. t. ew"appers.

..--.. S -- --.. -


.4. -' '

. ..:: "a.. -mr,,,,,,, v -- ,_ .. .


'mrs man

S. .
'it,. -. Z i.-L'.: .'-k"+: '. -- ." -

I -* -. -..
*-. .-_-*..... ._+. *: ..- "..- : **- : -.;

0- 0-: -- .




- :. :


.:. ...::


::::-. ... ". .:

.'. ...-o_'.-.1

Ay-j''a. '

-. 1

4 mEn

slg by Mr. ad ose J.
The onores j
Isthmus .until fho'e
guelt& of hdr bter-lw a
Ca tr, o aU .Gr,
The q.1I sa the daughr Af Mr .
and Mri. JobM ijdge of. IMnt e ,
.Ne*, Jersy ad for t al

Mr .'and ..
and Mrs. nd
MPa. John, o
Ridge, Slt, ate go
G. ar tq5 ..C. No
man 0. ,tGoulet.
Mr. d t a t arraca
Jr,.M ifI" .J Mr. end
AUrs.. hI Jr. -od MrM.
E. G. Kirc rs. tte B-
land, Mist. Anne Wlams, Mr.
and Mrs. s, Mr.
and Mrs.. Ja Sr Mr.
and Mrs, aobe-it Smarey ever-
end Father Jo Wy U, : ev-
erend Fjiher f E NlpPicb an, C.
M., Mr. ansffMs. Harry Dockery,'
Jr. of Margrita Miss Gertrude
Smith, Mrs. Dorothy McKenna,
and Mrs. Isabel Cody Wolford.
Dinner To HIJola
Mrs. Burdette.
Mrs. Betty Burdette. the Nation-
al President of the American Le-
gion Auxui .ry, u. arrived this'
morniorg for a isit. t several
days op..thet thin w ll be the of honor at an a i-atsl din-
nert o, 56 given Thursday evening
at tO0 by the Prfma Canal
Unit No. I at ie merkan Le-
gion Qub,. ort, Aihador. .
All Legionnaire;, Auxiliaries and
their guests a rpel sted to
make reservatibis by tel'poning
Mrs. Marie Bennett., 2-42S, or
Mrs. Dorothy Loehr, 2-2WM.
Minister laf Eatertal B;
At Ufnl.4w .h "
The Minister of Agriculture,
Comr Hoe,amhal.I io-
cles ;1 La .e4nBt:t er
given Stturday evening at the
union Club i ho S6r, of Setpr
John hcClelbaan~' tj .-
sentative Donald J nes, r.
-v ~
Mr.." lpez,.Ketl l ,.
;. .' pez left
Panama .pndatr Spai follow-
ing a.i on t latha af. Before
his departure he wa tja guept of
*a -- : .

ofwl Frewh'sVITA-RICBtB. uA1
Charlie Chirp. Yd. Preah's ird
tsMd awd Bisacut dietincre vir.
n hmp, a an.
fr11-.thEi. ltt to ham ungl7


d am eB4Mrs. Carlota d
t~. nad the late Cesat A. Par-
i, dring a wedding ceremony
l wed Saturday evening in Bel Church.
The Reverend Father Manuel
de Magmeglul officiated.
. onrs included the parents
o theI bride and bridegroom, Dr:
-dMrN. Juan 7J. Diaz,-Mrs. Lo-
a de Arosemna Dr. and Mrs.
Augut Boyd, Mr. and Mrs.
tnrlque-I. 'Boyd, Mr. Junt J.
plaz, Jr,, Mrs. Laura E. Boyd,
Mrs.. HrminiaB. de Maichal,
'Honrable deputy and Mrs. Lola
Navarro de a Oss Mr. and Mrs.
Mauel T. Diaz, Mr. and Mrs.
Jun A. Calvo, Mr. and Mrs. Al-
frado T. Boyd, Mr. and Mrs.' Cla-
rence O. Boyd,' Dr. and Mrs. Ren-
jamin Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. Ricar-
do J. Boyd, Mr. Guillermo Mar-
Uaeli, Mr. and Mrs. Pablo Ro-
Jas. Mr. and Mrs. Jose Pardini,
Mr. Oscar Townsend, Miss Fell-
cia Pardini, Dr. and Mrs. Ricar-
do Maryindll, and Dr. and Mrs.
Arturo MartinellL
The bride who was given in
marriage by her father, wore a
gown of white Chantilly lace and
nylon tulle embroidered with seed
pearl "and rhinestones. Her fin-
gertip length veil of nyon illusion
.was attached, to a-small coronet.
She carried p bouquet of white
rose buds.
'The maid of honor, was Miss
Juliet Boyd Diaz. Patsy Pardini
was the flower girl, and the rings
and armas were carried by Ricar-
do Antonio Boyd and 'Alfredo Don-
ald Boyd.
The best man was Honorable
Deputy Felix Espinosa.
Following the ceremony .a re-
ceptiord was held at the home of
the bride's parents.
.Meeting Postponed For
Play' Reading Goup
Miss Kaye Clark, Chairman of
ftle Play Readding Group. of the
Canal Zone College Club, has an-
nounced that the meeting of that
-r o u p, originaBy scheduled to
aive been held this evening, has
been postponed until February 23.
The ffibtLhe W fllitinet at 7:30
p.m. at the home of Doctor Doro-
thy Moody,'Frangipani Street, An-
con. Mrs: Franklin K. Van Zandt
will assist the hostess.
Mrs. C. Norman Little will bel
.n has,: of the ogra, which]
_.L _E .;L Afn

a.......... a

ber Mamna" by Vs D'utet i
Reservations Flled Por
MIOeanlght Craise
No further reservations are be-
ing accepted for the "Moonlight
Cruise en Panama Bay" to be
held Friday evening by the Cou-
ples Club of the Balboa Union
Church. The oepaelty of the cruise
boat has been reached.
"Cootle T- Bad Plcnicle
The military- Order of the Coo.
tie, the fua organization of the
'Veterns of Foreign Wars, stag-
ig its annual picnic for members
and their ests on February 21
at the N. F. F. E. Building and
grounds' on the Chiva- Chiva Trial.
SArrangehents include a family
style barbecue, and games for
al. The gathering will begin at
12:30 p.m. and the barbecue will
be served at 2:00 p.m.'
Tickets may be secured from
members of the V.F.W., the Aux-
ilary, or members of the "Coo-
Woman's Club Meeting
The -Pedro iguel Woman's Club
will meet Tubaday, February 23,
at 7:30 p.m. In the basement of
the Union Church.




wil direct a

Ti w~ay avow
DoB Dia

V IWMMf WI j.l"19mir--f>wl.
etr seals t Q"eral A
Victor' Ehrti^ e h
bo testra fi

oH ;rCtho #4f

A. .

or the

The Canal Zone" Art League
will hold its Febluary m t
on the Atlantic ilee gt the-hon
,f capt. alid Y.w '
sinberrl opn Nt y Naval' "
'tal fludS., A t'bitWi30-
MrsA, DLA.. ?tAnne Her
'hey du atBbe s he s known
Fn art and educational fields,
graduated from Mt. Holyote
'ZtUege In tM22 and qutered the
Academy of FhjW-Artb and Let-
ters of Philadelphis to study
: uler the noted Professor Oral.
ley. There-she received a num-
her of aware, but her art career
was temporarily interrupted ny
ner marriage.
As the wife of a Navy doctor.
he has moed 105 times to live
?i many countries. Her deep In-
:ereat In art has led her to delve
;rto and learn something of the
art, history and technique uZ
each country she has temporarl-
iv called home.
During World War II, when
her husband was overseas and
her children away at school,
Mrs. Dusnlberri taught ceramics
.or a year at tl# Schpol for the
Educalon of the Bld .in New
Though she ha. had a grep.t.
deal of trahang in. the dlfferen'
arts, she prefers to be known as
a sculptures Her most noted
work, is a memorial plaque, a
,jortralt In rouse of Professor
Dodd of the Frank11 and Mat -
shall College of Lanc aster.
Pennaylvia. ,
-WbleW- ateuonedw'In Shangha,
Chln,. woodearvipDr studied ,un-
der and old master accupled ev-
ery available hovr. She has per-
feuted a te4hniue about which
she will talk to the Art League
members and their guests at her
home on Saturday evening.

Filing Cabipets, Varladex
Filing systems, Guides and
Redi- le Changing Foldets.
Find What You Want
When You Want It!

SoYD BRo'ni' lM
T9E-:2-61A I I

4. -, .
- ____ ... ___ **


-- ,"T .

mOUTBh (*
AAQ 94 3
9Ah 103 "
.IAI9 "
A. 1 '-
Nealher side vul.
h& Weot Nore* Ab
A PageS 4;-
p* n

plays is traus
:et win.nit t c
eiA toe tr wt.lth th
ty play oleadig ut

Us3e JPb to ose l ,
r ~r exa sup S
the nora
S of spades and Is
S to find the oub
SIn East's band. ir i
have 10-x-x, and 4 *
tru trick with his t,
I f( s man cards fi be
ace oO'spades. South wil to
dumaly and lead a small mp
towards the queen. This will gerve
the same purpose as an ornery
finesse, so South loses nothing by
having fist played the ace.
The advantage of leading the
ace first comes when West has to
follow suit with a high card. In
today's hand, South is lucky
eao~h to capture the king, of
spades. This'enables him to limit
the trump loss to one trick, where-
as he would surely lose two trump
triks if he finessed the queen f
spades and lost it to the' blank
Life Is not Just a bed of roses
for South after he has captured
the blank king spades. He must
time the play very carefully to
make .his contract.
Declarer continues by leading a
heart to dummy's king and re-
turning a trump through East If
East plays low, South can win a
finesse with the nine, after which
everything is easy. ft East plays
the ten of spades, however, he
makes things more difficult for
South. Declarer must allow East
to hold .the trick with the -ten of
East naturally returns a club,
and South takes the ace. South
cashes two top hearts in order to
discard a- club from dummy, ruffs
the queen of olubs.An dnWm,, and
then returnals a tmp through
East, Now South can finesse aend
draw all of the trumps, after
which the rest of his hand is good.
South loses the slatm eontfht if
he makes-the mistake. of winning
the second trump with the queen
when East -pots up the ten. He
will eventually get to dummy by
ruffing a club and lead dummy's
last trullp through East. There-
upon East wins with the jack of
spades and leads another club to
make South ruff; and this sets up
a second trump trick for East.

Help Y r Piles
Don't suuer front painful Itabins
O lases Oid. Upon appctt Chln, r ma
tarts curbing Pile wineries 3 waye: 1.
Fa;R NM du I f. i elp shrin
qeal irritated mIembass and atllry P'le
Nerousnes Ask your Drulhat se
ehr.raunte tma. .


Piece by piece
by set.



200 Discount

on down
I, Oo payment


.Elep .oursef_ are general
natn, and are led for
a o Scout

"r ? P* i th court is
Wl be ,'at .iSFt Blboa Little
Houe f to 1 every Tues-
day a .htraday morning
rtn h urse

4jU been ewronedaly erted as
watini on Feb. 15.
; Both courses will last- fotrj
3eeks. All leader and potential
leader are urged to atend
a. .

#1..a .; 4

NEW YOTKlefl "...(UP) -
Th~e United ...f,-,'^n.., ha

States to south Aaere and MM he
Far Rast, now ha b es e the
first world news pgqujM to lnau-
turate simlnar Brvifcbs to 'Eu-
After several mwna 4? expert -
Iment9, the United .Pas has
now started transttian ews-
olcturea by reglarlv scheduled
radid beamcas to rope.
The pictures rre transmitted
directlyy trqm UP.'s New Yorki
headquarters to teaetvhg -sta-.
tions fn Europe. where the radlo
si nal is fed into telephoto re-
ceivers. in United Press offl de
at Rome and other capital itiesa.
The. pictures are swiftly procesa-

On Safety
Mhe oGambos Worne,
fts spteduho ltfl*
tr MaRch 4 at' qM t,
vlc Center to hear talk by
Frahk Wilder on th- "atomle
threat t6 safety ata. security.
At heir last ihwthng,
ere of the club head. a lta re
from Canal Zonm'`i1I' defnq4e
chief WUUilliam Do6Tl on cnle
defense with Inoves O the 'd-
cent UA.. Ltomlcq in Neva-
About 20 medibers'were pres-

ed and distributed to United
Press' newspicture c 11a n t a
throughout the continent hb
Seans of U.P.'s European tele-
hoto network. the largest of its
kin in Eurcpe today.

-I -

Mrs. Housekeeper:

Here is the best way to have your children taken
care of. The Fatima Nursery is pleased to ihnounce
that effective immediately it will receive aH children
whose ages do not perrnit them to attend kindergarten
classes. .,IT
The Fatima Nursery will admit children, under
any conditions and for any length of time parents may
consider necessary. (Day pupils, half day pupils and
boarding students.)
.The Fatima Nursery will take special care of
children, endeavoring to improve their phyeloal de-
velopment by giving them nourishing meals and pro-
viding helpful games. .
Each month, all children will be examined by the
well-known Dr. Pedro V. Nlfiez.
The Fatima Nursery will ",be adrimlhist by
nurses and a very competent and selected personnel.

For further information, call Panama #27,. .,


etc., etc.

Genuine Parts

nio.waster .


DisPtrlbtida E; ftricl,
Ave. Per& 72 e' .

, i i i i 1i r| .. .. ... .." ..

*- .. ',

," .'-'*! "fl
-:' = .. I 3


t? I .e
- fl'
'-Wa (1 hA

0 fj A

a &

combustion chamber, deposits




S, L.4ta UNION 78


These new oils hold
to o' minimum, and

.-i *

r.' .



r i i' r i i ii'
.. ,- .! *
'." t ;
,'> i ,9
-:" -,' "
; a-.' .

. 4' .i

.- Na's *'I
.* : -' 4-

-:."?'. 4
'.- .,

ii'. *i.3

. .',

...- ,- ""- .."*- -;-";
"^- '.-:' l *' L.. -*

/** -*-;

-'.-. a.t.-9- .. "- -

- '- :.:1-- "

Special for the

Firemen's Ball


a 15% discount

J[-,,.:]Z -,r.

. r ,n.r.. .. -
t ,
2. -_ A-^ANA .".

-. __ 1..

materially reduce friction wear during starting.

3 O ILS IN O NE: Lubricate your
engine with the tboroughnes of a light oil and
protect it wilh the toughness of a heavy oil I

5.20 and 10-30 meos ofA flow freely Iw Hwy materially
incmMas eg*uM fficnme.

wH _..,,3,, F .O yRO i YO CAR- I

5.2 gods wd oaa
Ue DYB AL To 5 w.,-- evad' '

V IlS '' O

Ot"UNO N _*-


Your oe ine responds quicker to the storar

b.ecou fri...ow OYAI TEoM ON, 5.2.0-d o-w. reo
a bdl gkhsAe. for ru- labsime. aoe c ausd0.
'lhh Temr -

t.~. nra maw-rn as in-rn
- fftWU[4Sbhh~ dm*~t*sae.

'S a.

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j ,. ., -"";. : i
-.' r-. 1, -,,-, -. -*f ^ '...-. ^ ^ ''-
;4.^" -i,;^ S' ll' <:. .*a
"T H"' ". .'
. eA. irI ,rar

enew Kor lW ara-ep Short

He WAINGTON Febt. I& tE ee b th
fe use Qumi IfChairman Dewey Short (- .l inl nd ww t. i
E _' .. "~.'. ....of the House Armed Servt 'ti`a:.4'1.7
S T Cotmittee said today he i -
id Scenes To Aid son the united Stats Wi ral t
^... e the Communists with eery of
S weapon in its arsenal it they 't
0q o new. the Korean war. eao
WS 1&I:NUTON. Feb. 16 (UP I- closure of his true Short also -declared Urn$"tha the iy .Cbita
White House is quietly with his former fi hting would not se cniOh ea R itnew
behind the scenes to In b tial- ee othe Ko rean Peninsula Iti ed t. Ben-
-i be wfor Albert C. sonsm ea d. break the "uneua"true ha d uat
S pB i foveralal nomina- urn ta He smaid further that the Utted wl ucom-
conrversial nomina-rurnu tq I d 4p t-t tont-h
the National Labor Re- relation a to build up t,ths cot oito the
SBoard, Senate sources Mach South orean army to r01 & of0tdOl they
Pre sidn o- peatat- ly-trained and equipp dwt* ra ittlatte la
.said Prident Elsenhow-t odersto te cO- slto against thr threat of.t new
es have been telephOning tons. ad14 n* war,. Shprt wia rod what ta
soliciting support for Jose n per to Cver widetasl g oC nt thb It Rta es'odigattk
Jose. CaLif.. businessman return. Cvtary n subjects on the ja C teleat
ppontment is sc he eduledi Te vsiTon oroTram,. Youth Wants to . et conrlderaton late nomn Know," Short saild aut is n p- IZ4 l0 tr plan be able
ek. Mine vo sarly able of delivering the a to i oo-t down lig er cent
1; Democratic members of the vie e ltv a. "- wre bomb on U.S. cities and.thbat ls of the atta g bX rs and
,toe Labor Committee are try- teltimalb mowei ebe
t Lpersuad e their part y later rp gan country would be able to shoot that great e would be
S to persuade their party aft a g do-n only 25 pr cent of the at- Wrout. He added, however
h command to make. Some oua partyh- outel a acting bombers that Rmuia immediately would
1the case. Some 5outh- ou The Missouri Republican said be hit with eterything the Unit-
I already have indicated, ,O dues not b,!le te-ither .the ed-atte has.
er, that they will vote for M United States nr ut is cp- ht h
a 3 M&*n. W'i~anffa~yy^ oble o' knoRkins ca. the 6they attacks tonight." he
t Sen. Wayne Morse. the with a single atumio "strike. the Go a.
S independent. said he $#.ENbS O en. John E. Hul i t o. "scotrm ." *
ot In Beeson's Democratic me arr'er ek the rir riet. sid .
oppositlon. Morse said at o wrenew e d e
Beesons testimony beforeth leey the Kran war
f enate Labor Committee shows unless they think. they can w
Beeson "misrepresented t h e nd rlaht now -thaew nO at thinI
Beetsonso. But he exotend qrn"
"- will vote against the no*1*- -I ve'r the (txtim. ilr b Idup
actionn unless the mattr .an "n Nr! RKo ea .
cl?.nred up completely," MoNA .Sho-t smid ,"it is uttb-lv nos.
a4md upcftioJr. It could very weltl hruen"t
Democratic committee men- .t 'the Commnin's woeu atn* Hty
be. on the dftRa scn a -s e e'r. '"then our efforts d%;
jerela it whle l 3te r &rr-pe will not be confitn. g-
on of bs and ad 'ahe Knreqn PeninIl. lp
q testo aOflhe -'_, d"I don't know where r F1 w-
|RMKrJ. .ae l.f'.- it. '- b i n." he -*. "B, t I thin 4
e t ful dpmitee a -' -e'0 t'att- our command and throw every-
art Beeson promised to si tp rere' never
alt connections with Food WA ie a wa t-
aforegohwarmth" -.
n abmIn 11 Pac[ Stle am aiiaeton eiopany
Atale in company-paid pension uA i'. t mumt 0e r o p.
f f strate_. ists Ain e m matter .what INCORPORATS B 01RO Al CHARTER 184
. iratlic istrategists ni ty tin L

w' i e" bet eliminates any 16 bud
Stsai. 0 not ft th, t o I F.ST4I.FREWIOI AND PASS OFR SERVICES i .
He -are s~otatid to el Pth

OQfte will have
d,' tho -Demo ratic
B mem rss are rep
to state n their he
that seeuro.q Intts
'0. .

^ .. .;.- .. =,. ...


RA. ................ e. 3*
-* ,. "REEA B PACICO (18.000 Tons) ......Feb. 23

TO UNiTED i QpON 4,OtM -CT ..-

b..S ".LOd P GARTH" ............'... ... 18
S' "DLET'IE D1" ..... :,,,r .. .....Feh 21
SS.S. "LOCH RYAN" ...... ...... ;.............. Feb. 21
F611,-. J ... ......*..... ......,,_Mareb
ONs~c. "WI$S I WfcTli EVER Al Sadlings Subject '4' wWi
a l' "1 IPANLA-A Pr 55, Tel. 3-19/0
SC. O iN BALBOA-r 814 Tel. 3-1905
a- -mme:


i .t ,

A -.. 00
-. K W :",. .


t'a UA Jin '

m& L
a. Lumgu4.

Looking Ahead


, .

.'. T 4*4


." 10

2 -

* ~ .- :~, *~*~*~

'k~aefpe,~ jig&E -.


Uieaf' A4ZM

nlgsag$.M'0 P

Meting of Mintads

TIe MIiOTrY 5s*ft.4. AN'
ou'lE AN E.RTtAN.tOI
WHA'r=K I li 001H' i

I qy~^


Perit ot Parenthood



HuegMN TBjis V.itfom rCO PALOUf le
.. AND TWA 1 TALS T lv ff ,
f FOirA* SAY OVtteraMWA.p
I>. mg zfIuRflv


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ED1l!P/- *.B
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*? **1: Al"

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'16 "
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91 10

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kowwe are.avery building 0hbe different
SIaeany or a" caTD owee- -

i t -buil .i rena"ate ..OMW oro or-.
ation qual are 30% cooler ".M SC I IT A a h I.... .. "
_o.r o ., .. "- W M UM .Bmn ot. to ntm l. It
"oS .. s 1 A y' qe r drzeminently it to"panam
t6o.*"180U%; ;u xactiveneas, but 0 be-
1 C OvWf, r rEr wa sad Iv to honor the J, WII .n -4. a..hA'.he0Ide1- "f.|at m ,an,

P -": -"- "- ". .0." ^ .... "> 0 ... .. -.._,. -x. aTr. an M. eni, r iAh t t o aI.-- : "u .o er t aA M
.. ...-. t the 1- i -, -h. everyy wa aN pe! t na t e W L Y -
.." L wr. '. p n ag50.. ... The product ha bad te- Edmund

I W T RI A U l O F Ai FA" I-ili":ll i_., M. E _rs. e ullnet wa t al bw._ ...ot .trirln le ihe mother "R OMA N ..HE .AC----l ..
.o,.ond~,n ,BIG LUCKY. IGHT io, mri. a c vene the l t 6e In Cex n t.
4 LW T at 4ODAY.eI 15,; ooo''s1- ? M tIim rh OLAY

o C EiT *, 4r 1 .Tid M. LLi rd bam.t AtYo.Y d! *- I "-

.i-o ", r -" "- '- i;'> M r s.t i, Mr. e h he to t o the right side wihrertodir ei rte i- n'. .. l'
o A SO : L* ad M rs. Wr.l Daibels, Mr ndor s nsthe bao ithep seI en t Ufo tr foot -NAi b
B.. .;.. -w'th-N and M&IT.f. Toa oe Rev, uum del o ..le .tof"addC. NOd-Hi Wother ._

Te a he w B in *er,. ,h t.ou o.eand M. S Mily, A. Cood.n, Mr. a nd s oPi ng t ou'. ub rdo u ot r'I< 8TA E TUt _- i
an d.. -Lawe~-Co dW aitton, Vow your baste s o weih e left hen hIer b.Tsi c atep mY HOLI AY" I! O
mgt.od ot era nd i 3. Cra e rlt m. a.
Mr. .Nd. M9. M Dvis, Mr r.i The ot lowino isI te RtAi i h t si i
i at o tt aaal lM t t aarvion wit, th e andS9 ,,ahrC i tratarabtine aA -
-5..r.. WInfai B r1do na o .-- t h f ol ffir t Wt he cou "o o r ars "oD plaTR Omer "o "sF UT EKLM OO Y.-
I-ac' a Mr and its. or&ale Far RTi, ..e. o il nIhat.o r eS-- it frl mo, nv0d in _ie fI.NresO AI I -LA WL..,.

I *+ ..-'.-7--.-.'.. a1b- a ...W.. D S S W M .Ta-owGHt3! a n Y v .bu Mridii Gaon.r's ch eroeuic out as a Bab- ...
..... Greene, dnMrs. and m onl .M Wl ill s old t sho e soeaife the l o her ist. .

15.M. R. M t5w.hthi right fo.- ont q j wel w a il spi n heg wit a ma let h aDtA vet rit R
RdaXits, Liaeutina .s ai Mr s. .D.r o.-- S A Lorward with t5e Don9'6 pS i t i thmis wy ar ,tner wnhe movie priT E tD O oIt O.
L. Howard, and Mrs. Dtonald nvtn ou r r su alow) moe orn Busess." l e h l
r e i .n ed iWrs. E 4.-c te rk .. o .s1 fio S
E..mer, ir. .aHnd Mrs. John L. vend the left. (qlok) ,,tentgdoinue-en 7011 critiea-es Is. a Ibu: noale_' arid
Lees er, Mr. and Mrs.L.W M The swil lo|i t you are ready m movie atudiences in such au. "EIUNM] OF AILEN" A V L 3 3"er M
livaina, Mr. T- an M rs Hery l n w- y f.i.. out, w.._ lAn t*<,o d dus l a o s I' r .. ___ __._.:
ent ar e al a ndt o acGs oTlden
... .<. Da-:vM "inzi-, ,Gn d in;. Sa Anir .'.ll be on ycurr rihttfoot. Repea; baoS rF.e irl.," ,," Jufufi E .
SMa Mr n Mr, A 7 t s "1" t r e
.. a n.Jlrl r i ,te -me onl llful Re el But she ieectin the e n
Mr.ey start with their rht foo G e your s t ns te..
sae td "rs. JWf G. Qt.tain d ;W Va On A6.t h an Fsends wlaMyin who didn' et lonyng a
Perkins, Mr..and Mrs. Robert r. ba ci r nt up b onk f is t,
to D.a MCnotonous by lust doing one or backstage u ca"A
TIV OFn td Mun. A. W. t I M.Ds.okeeptherhythm by Saysloth Td. movie pawic
n oe o- "e .. r o your hed, soulders o/doesn't i v wi a Do

Fnd.M rs',."sooo T e my. .e .. arvey nee ilcoejwlip ll dae yioqIur dincing y v d om..e, l
Sndit r. A..CooksonRobert. more th.nfathim.elseDone.,aeat.geta. .tIH..
with" Mr s "b'ad-Isp. orde rA to`9 a this orn fe e

iro.,rain e W -pm .. D ay, bo. Thefolldwiexitotge* I sd De'r"" ap g"a te pIs-f tYu H si r
theSO ':and rs.W.At ,Da nel s nd firthe u i gr step.( if menail r eSbt a gi cu r otardpm a y'.'TVsproeM tEN c o
Mrs.TAdmissionPrices...andrIhe M erueo Mr.Jack e08Tratinsett n R h eingwi, tea Ad i

STwCC Ear wnder -. enhsMdD.iJ.L 7a-tr,e
uns iermes.r ve. d Fu .t ad o t ben_ n a hso tEr-| O epf Dlt Justhadaitththhte ,. etigoitwots !r
.0bdMr. anmd Mors' Bnrlted W till oughbyeYWO u; ,an
ofo 'bIbhe ogt hae asa their hne- rsW.lithch,. 4(si sr i rao u f ine taenouel I' T u m
andrsfil_, D rn an.r s. Markveye ,Mu u G TVo" D/orsLthe b irt dsteo
e.-. .estoo mi n n eA ,ew lonadthat it Is 'r' -- ,

aT odM sen vMitrs a '. fr O -rf o re rieh Dms band St
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"750A 3l0ernoon o;3games. Refreshments c ..- A _e Over Korea" il,. lattii a great T sho..t Quality Contolr you,
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W..b"M Mt..a t th e M"uote l W4.. .. "I
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ft ,'-'i ,.w m _w-'- '+-- ;. f n n. {11 Sr a.lina US-A- Zi eSLfgilt r _:,_ _____ I,__, i:U_ II_______ Sif w.,iI I-_I
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MOuRRIN FAMACIA LOBARDO LIWI uK o u thr iou MiO .ed fr one ...
3 Street Nos Fourth o July Ave. i Ce A. F .dl. e A v0h1
SNo. 57a No. teit
be op"Ic4t:re w te t ae 4 sa
i FOR SALE FOR SALE FOR SALE S:. ,d ', to,, -, a- E 1
"W, w ousve.old 9Automobilm Miseelzaneouw cot- PAL tes n sts awadwr m. .h

set. Cheap. 1535-A. Mango don. $390 cash, full price. New cycle, very good condition. Price weekend. .-. flW.L. lSipbon, manager 4 M exteive S ti beds that became banks deota n w .t
boa 2.1317. re uty paid. 3-2051 $12 00. Call Balboa. 1464 o aaa, : aou. ircle. Spring's us an
RATORS: h We have e oIC- FOR SALE:- 1947 Kaser, good on- house 0590-. Bayno St., Ancon. P Ocean s the first time that a h lie dt Sr bad r legre aha e i i hi
us a few 25 cycle refriger- dahon. Best reasonable offer. Tel. fOR SALE:-Baby basket on stand. Pin e. P-177, Crs bol 0 167. OLD Yalo -. mtig on Its o reaom ha Warden iI' 'off r wo d al E i
s4bamnd newt special terms Quarry Hg ts. 4149, duty hours. Pa, 2 liners $5; wicker stand for ubeicurr the two re a
down, $10.00 month.a FCOR' SALE:-1938 Packard Sedan. baby needs, $2; child's chest of be aChm nt c n s NboeTe of pc toures oef I.naSl e n to eloter ie. t o the-the it oI

t hBedsaTrbe dFrawers, one side h er3- 6angers. .phne Fo lm a so mone ,m*r. pas. OT Tpp 'a E rrfor sh w os dthu n
___lThSrat re)"__ ,,__ condilton. t nNeeds uphelsr6 8 ceto r ther. a single e Week on the th
..F"Ose A 5 h ft.,pne d ondi- FOR SALE: 53 Slyoruth cash r FOR SALE:-Comluted sea of Enc lneniec rerBalgbool. ese eitpiresl t del d-- r Comin ty 845f
RE ANTED .-RQuao2 t0temucPhhr Ptnb o dA, BoAm a 1953ic S. Rhoe. pRSant-o. Cb-,? :3- se Gbe T estival lclude the ollown: e whe. 100.000 .efo
hea...530-C cali...C ( reuse.$ Excellent condition. Many l rsac"tH Pi moderAte rote. Phone 44. a th a tol hr. It 'bel )

--52 0 Seti.Cwk2s$ Phone1Rober0son.alBalboa. 277 FOR RENT M o a "A TE B "Ths te to.rnt l
ui Couch Iike new exras Ori l ower. Cl Cp 48" 2 H.P. Compressor 8.5. c. f.r t tet regret

Pon ,Pno -2e59 FOR SALE:-ash Sedoo 1938. duty FOR SALE L Tlephe AT BAND W N d e cl essin
Business hours. ae t n o t mounted tank and wheels, 31245 Pn Bamo. Ooapp reiate ther d taire) of the Texas legislature March 15 5:3-Nw
pnewlF-OR-Sin.t53 Plymouth cher or FOR SALE:_- complete setFOR -To responsible peofon I to consider mdA embeship :35--W Y r
Misc rn l alboor 89 SALE-.-Cheviet, runs lIlinenske new. ho e Crr.m o.s. Ep i .. For information RO Me behip rt
e n. 2 cot couches each $25. clopeda Americana, 1953 edition. ps 2Rna Ltea te 1i Nap. lYa. mAgAw rw W0 o

Miscellaneous FOR SALE:-1950 Foesa Ivory C-WE bo- 1389. Aa NOr o ditiong unit, Hou se i An l A-n- El le T-o A.sOn to 7:sS i

;'Th eat refa .ootd ra d $850 House--est f d ro 3 d-- Ovalco two *e o m drnlnQ ^ *^ T"" lr for showin gca during a at
n it F t6 (UN e FOd A LhEoItneg or ia or o e e esn ho "DAN E W U EN nET p ded or tre oaton, murder, ad ts s.1 e o nA b thA
SStredn Martne Corps hen dllc convertible, red up- "PhiRENT-Exco" 200 V. 60 byeeut.- priced. Call telephone 3-1444. Th r t pe RCe Ha s ) SprOvide for oer n o r 80-T-e la tt, Parad.

$ed toe Crali FrY. Phone 2-3770. e1449-FO, iT d one m Peru Beo--ch. one 4-549 rter 4:30. TPORTES w an be seen, A i mm ida
cesd 28 a yfe 1l.elClub oR RENTe.: BoFal N. FCrOR RENT BATERl, S.A.' zes (mpJan declaredd Ma i e p -l th3:a I-e aitaSl
ion-a mud bartment o o oupe ood condition n Avenue. T rephrive bathroom. Electnhc, Packer. ie patio withSi p ivleged to join important I '6 0:SO- e o

y uand ad Jones AErd to sell. r frigrtr. Nor. i3, 43rd Street, Apartmeentd F. as. RdSIISo M M -W I w a worl" in ea.
m he couldn't ,et the FOR SALE-1950 Studebker Cham, .C ATTmNTION & Just built modern Taller Traport. Baster of te orld will be on M- aa a
t the ban beauJe th pion Tudor, overdrivt, hilhold. Wanted Position anurnshed oporent one, twe VALERIO TUrION 4-M1 during the Cestival week. I.g. 4
t ot r in the day undersea, clean and sound. Cll bedroom hot, cold water. Tl Lovers of t4: art 0 the cinema
at nihtwhen he o t. Balboo 2,1744. WANTED :-Experie ncd bookkcep- ephne Panom 3-4941. Expe'n Melanic I Ult d ail p eople looti to m o- i.
t PhoneP1noma 22159 FOR SLompre Ser dan.193.fdutyeviut Sintn 'aif. Tmehe "BAND WGN day hen wl laselssi the oth-WhSr Your FflOI7It

.sheddnot nho---- ----- er Panamanin with 5 year E- FOR RENT:-To reponsible person small tand Hydronsat Tran- tn pictures f er favorite r

s.Ta blctor to take. l s 3:30 counting experience. will accept apartment on Peru Avenue, 7 m 0 cr8 h oe Ptoa enter a inm ent w ir rd the t.s-"
ad bee tolect of reasonable ofter with good firm, Tel. 3-0746 3-3099. service tval milestone In the motion VATICAN CY Feb. 6 P) T
,r"ch af --r his wife re r tr r writ Box 650 Blbo C. Z. .* picte history "MOGAMBO" in thM ages of encouragement Cont'd)

t sdnAboar since last o-A. .- .S funFOR RENT: a eo-2 bedroom. prtme red ino the Vatican today 7:
ALL MiShrapnel, 769J 1389FORSALrFOR SALE:- Completelofurni ncr Ale Coom street 2an. VIQoonp

Sr t A ro home in Cerro Campan mo id' nse. REstly Reptpafltlo;r of the festFivl pltoruremn se EO wi nCatholica wh e chee- :15-
Ss construed ruling' " store. eatr, etc.*' be ese wn oh the Bel V "worseid thae Mund -|pe PS ss:-k.
SiDr. Alberto Navorro street No. 22. SNEt MORir eL Theatre's new panoramic mcreer. voe In his aal mes.
frgaita. Canal Zone. orunties e .el, BalFOR RENT: SFu malhd Indepenent. l2 O eraFer r. m isage toia of the word
FOR SALE:-190 For V w-s-Wttem boaed today to ithouse tAed the s i In "LATN L S he will ask the eisaA for a t .:0 e eord
RoiEcii Dolton cnvrtbl. red fli Monhrlba "ni' 20d V.- 60 cyclel. Va4 H Cl sdinclding t GagS
WEST Febariyn 16 (U) FOR SALE the Japanese M or, of the Balboa USO-JWH on brm uo S WN W" rovided or treason, rder and OO,,

=apd ne i Wt diferat sa armed Force service Cent Street, Perejil, $7p.00. See Jul.o Al that is advertise these Gov. as A0trCa8 rpor t e Pno ll- t
b i t cit d a o u ps h o uh orsl ika ivcy.g. Re a s o n -bl y 3O t, g e u .I t ,, F ed A stal ye )oYe a r ? ffa s ohe T i o st pa ax 1 :0e- Lt ho n. MMar c..
byCaribbean D r. HSroseiml Fe cemi, and ao- tncoghe Ie Idm provingW iol tae other
G oor.Good condition. Ece Jusetocro- Real Est col wate FOR R respon sibe hkeasonably out,, to os .derma king em .
aIic another had Lt tion n tI fact that he furnished AP e and rint adm,t HI;e-EN F-lOR RENT:-Chomletely furnished MOI I H N-F CentIA. The val films, f nead lerwingtype o i vernment-he te Ma

nd td not war a t al e bo t Mrh3e Canal a cedZ5t N t. -Tel. hr today when we conventional 4ei twoe weeks last eun.He-
dyboard a oOR SALE :-Cen 49 Chevrolet 2 she ve, telephoken's mission is to i b'd hrw bunldlin. Enquirer S Pntira he was fvinl was ram- attended meiss, na chapel vl..e

Sd tt brd o COOL ci t Onl Je o u-l' -nwh
tle ad Brig. Gen $500 cash. Lerde for States able March Telephoned s 068. FOR RENT: .-I Compttage GoIrgons en deinaeamnts ome ce ae ofthe" |israu id n: ng -' -

UpabSafe 251B panegip roano parlor largke n for aw r ta Choe, lo bers: NAIL ENAMEL | re not uer nco AH PreN3udoice BlV.t ara
_an sad oetttiu nO R S ALE; 1947 Hudson Club FORR ENT:TE b CutlfrsNSA Mr. sipon declaredI "I -am hrWsi_ enlty"negeousesyBm...tA(DBCn.4VO

.aWE The Alo dr6p* plosion of emotion among people ll ]Rooma@a(Estnh0l tye am. q 3-1504. by Garrowa here naon dooat heon c6r-Th- Fas. Men In Th
st r Vee- rsued y the ,Instinct ofa o r so J sh F REN -Comfortable p rEme LaCrost wa s r din snwly with a camera-I fil a tyIpeo 0oon Off.
handanot erdnd m tolas to fe uomoe bodution l tied wll be on maneuvers in the -ab in "El Cangrejo." 3 bedroom Iv 1 man, who was makng movtea .r Aa ine s Rel n 6:15- E R ON POR
-l Trnidd pAwith the hiebthF of ex ." Ibbean area at tnios timev tpass- inglwm, diningroom. Sraegeb. Cm1 driving to be used on one M t w RVIEW '

S on a lte he ue Tadshi i id over roncea on sundon mid' rom hot water, etc. Te. of his two televon ows whe WAHINGTON, eb. (UP 30-The ed Shop
st Orid heone Phoaeti wPaa BSaturday. Anrl 17 and contln. Ponoma 2.1456. the collision occurred. Rep. Frances P. olton (C, 7-NESCAE ORGAN MS
c he a cud t a h hEker uCha 1 FmUYd AJt if TIoe i "5 o t o n"ow
crshe baeurnecadl. U thP on Tuoean ot erdrve aid-., r ncanted Posidrtion, fh Wotgore 168, Vne. BeliraRrio PorrU atEo inrane man, smathed festival week. el3,

eAyrund r over swi heroo l s and isuln twi o pedsonsm of gohldide oavl g arrowayw r In-uts in hem ca es, awde rm rn anreo- hrto"
eer na ydrd r nt -o piPne 2-377 o -ea C ll 5 9 atct urnbes e no '. avit es w a d t heethri ed by ajr
ovehedidn t theoea' R he r o R Panama rnian with I year FOR RENT:--N Ncely furnished, small s thu- i s stres to fo.n te
b ti herel.-t no reasohsAenaeN. 34ce apartment oseVosa oo ffdERlisMr.iipsndelner ainm wl Iamd the fcermn- Fe_-eb 6P Alarm
adf o by fore ner. i room, gs tove nd refrigertor, tted for treatment o counting experience wll one's freedom

t e s Jones.n F Be Pr No 64. hree-lah laceration just above he ao aid e nation has Fl Syn
hembales and nte -Under Ofsr i g odtl h7n 9.a ay in Toe-d l i left eyeu .orof en ding "prety wel Mesaes ofin enourat
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to- e-ig -anra h manisn ano- mold' ytearoas rqaen R ce fHO tirans-g A noturse fesora it r ilr or e tod
ie bi monument. anheader imy Ded ey was A I a Vptr FOR RENT:-SitIhed fer oce, 2top floor QaESe sage to the ck of the world. 9
taa5eribenc.,,,estaSt. $125. For information see 1 GOEU Ar ATie e nt Aavn w al l ef.the fes Millions of persons t bon0 ....
ofoicservm TOKYOaFeb.16 (UP) -n Four i jjsidsofVTheIroNCurtaFea
t... LL.o.o _adeao nab. le go od oim Tol 3-0746o:0-3'9 o.
pro..minent Japanese in is'iferent Carl unma -AreaerJulo Qu-ano0_Balboa,_C._Z.._pictureWothe Pope's recorded..uvoce& which 1:00--New '--
anaiyme thefl Sincebla t ,r .ORnRENT:-F2 bedroom o prtment' pourtIe d i.' _, '
appealRof ac Rabbi ma. nw.Ahadbetiia1'ictre s 11:50lMee e aatholicsd.
Mariyn Moroe the Japse or of the Balboa -W S I .. e o bt eHeIFoI Ye .Wy MeftUe. tv120-ethe ws
.' eb .) erh.nd-r. came up with dierent aa~ Armed rore;r -Nervice Center. rter.. t s J I Feb a .- 1e5re '(U P)v -rat r u 'I-FlI is or Kom fidgngwpn aic I tiff= 8vs condition we "steadily 12:05--Luncheon Muslcr
onofficals today Fegnd-sweprevi arrfromet.2iP yes s ag mv f 1e 0tesiothestrahl
--"addressef eel .25gI will o Cet rtahEisE
thrlywekHro M m, d as-oco 8o0 yestrday for the U.. FOR RENT-Modern two bedroomm e I l pe Re de H NI-Fl ie i lovng- mIday, ort hai:00lNw. Ms. .2.
oan etplo~e, salo. s.o professor of social vlBps oB oaN4 musk y llm s entitd Undes e das- WAi Feb. 16 (UP) Tel.- Th e sources sd he now is
Mate. O Oods o at' te Hitoubash Universi ba. Aptr. 2. Rent $I00.00 monthly. For lq. i ." o tar Dave Garroway, who ble to take moe food nd o
S c., appeared on-deck o ty, said in, the newspaper Yo iu. From there Rabbi Within wil details ol Zubieto. Phone 3-3336 "PIA"R Iss tc Ion r eri
onwe_ 'a t ef o&2 lhig h-powered sports each day. MeViRae ..Matipoabl s r the1 t lea4i 'I' '"
Voc. Soll elen d a ord th e un b. FOR RENT:---om r wle telyi fiurn ( o' do S'uW@ to H home day .enter
Mckliner h2 left traction lis in t4i fact that "she blan to return .to the Canal e-cn t-FCente car; suffered ead laceratio his sickroom ftr Ihe It tim$ 2!A!-
,an, 25 and 1t14 the det e ot wear any spiritual uA- Zone about Marh 3. apartment located near Canal Zone CelIa._45 Ne. I Tel. 1-1215 today when t1e convention in two weeks last Bunday. He 45-B t a e Dibd"'
s-hd stowed away be- derefthing. In -that respect she is aoin brand hew building. Enquirer Po.ntac he wa drivIng was ram- attended muss. in:a chapeL adr -a
wshited work. cdifrent froa4 other movie stars,' Rabbi aWtktn s mission Is to Household Exchange. Tel. 3-4911, 'I m broad'dab y another-oautso joiningg his room. 9:15-TheuL eSow W
entnhi to the religious needs of the FOR RENTq---Completely furnished i GLAMOROUS... "reported a ohysician after i0yh _" 3:30-Musi fo Wednes..

I Thlnapstowaway&bo p ty oMiss don- D.maid's room, garage. Cool, beauti- He did not suffertain ead. 5: -hews
He-will t also make plans for ful view towards Hotel "El Pan- NL rON."
:CnIpper, also bound for re for apat e ,gils was an ex- .he coming PIasnver holiday and am.'c cr Gceare aw y broken vacAtio n A-e PrejFiditMeI.
'wa-. Thie AICo drop- ploslon of emotion among people will arrange fortheneedsneof150thonevU~tIon
w r at LaitirarVthn- peedssoetheinstinctofwant-ofathw RENt--omfoable apartment Lkom was ridian slowly with a camera- R-Moon )

Sstadiums as well es linic hospital where he was re- lat automobile. B" Avenue. For information York dvertisne firm who was
set ery parted" to be ufering from a o Tort, 5-year-old work- Jlio Quilone. Tl3-428 directing the camera work for -
perisonphoto ach ulcer that may require er, was critically wounded last FOR RENT:- Local suitable r films to use wthe "PDaCar-ITH
...*y.. ...ii a l- ngt whenW strucgk"inthe stom- restaurant or pdofountoin down. ~rwvhL ''d" i
rp ,cuollectiv4d: a"llad n u s G a r torArowvt has remarked to
.'..tnterptisesco f-year-old musan and ah by .t .Wsniper's bullet Arhile tairs house e o. 78'on B" Avea.m v *
tr ctor stations, -Mar: b bher i yi have can- strollg -ear the city gates. For information see Julio Quilan me h everad time that he l racing
-Zher ports and railroad eGed their 'band' *magements Cemre Donninl, 31, escaped had an accident while ractn.
,t'* ilext two weeks, a with only a bdds hole through FOR RENT--Comrnarcial site ground sports cars." Ford said. "And lie .
fSepmn ~saN. Jimmyr came his overett. floor of house No. 9 on 9th street has this kind of luck while driv-
DO C:._ icb over the Police ad a eight watchman, corner of Cental Avenue. Enquire ICentral Ave. 30 in a Pontiac 12 or 20 Ies an
W I* is CeslD aq t heh tal. dtor, a epenter and a at Julo Qulono. 'Santa Ana 'Plaza Patrolman South esaid
valt to .young worker als reported the the aceldent. whic rree as
duvuiept to su. -sniper had. fired At them and FOR RENT:4111I P $&STORES Ih We havO permanent stock Garroway's auto crousegA high-
Cos.t Je 10sveas. Missed, new buildingin Plaza 5do Mayor way Into Ibe park, -upeae"du In-
iThr aDD ENEW low Police threw up roadblocks at Apply to Julio Quijo of Albert LO O Ra a nod he a ar g wopld
toW af irS W W variouss points aro und Florence Lndo, tH a nte aiLO DON Records avalMole and no ehargM w-o w
mva ld l |k ~ om d Flrnce Linda. t(Hotel Internaion[). b -1,60
ISilWand started a full-time inspec- 4. TERRecord.s-b-_FirteaI"
w AI rUson foft it g gq inean At- FOR RENT:--4ac suitabu for stbre MINSTER Record Mos Of Dfn
tempt to loca the car and or office Srt level. Enquire: Records Most Of Defe
.*bthe man, lle laid the be- Automobile Row, stairs. LMIA Record
t lANIA Records Reserve Flet
MW_ ru li-e thR Ame I. nANe-,---.- w,,oo,,,-, ie _

moms"A4FOR SALE *O R In US IUncotive
RATIAN ~~~St !on Centrakl Aveu, MI eod eev le u
IMTON ax" I iIii soere nt 1felr' fl~e tsfr?! |s jhm Te tOaot s am,
WI .,.-w VM .t
gAtgRgo "UtOf the
OW .-$ICA A.-._n Store deo ,-l
$8,oCall.P-qu....*-. the fla-tiossa.l
__ le ee.n ciase -."." "Z.'r" -+ _." ."_;

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,," ,'- ._ : : ._ : ...:L ;-- ~ .-4" ;- .t..- .

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i o oBig Albrook -b

twopan"ALes aArsrd Force BDsa-
SgrPb.1 ball Lean sStandlming

(UP) ...sire to, m .
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TT.m W -iob 8 .7 m I a,
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P.2 .. 0" d o Bael we eu e In hI s 3latedto s tart co 30 fin t id n the a g -

.toua and Coco Solo cIaeng w- Ar- Ib oo oa n
an We are Ireads, lb 2 2 Cliff Ragan, rank RAM my Aflatic at For t Davis. Special T.
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ui"' stt, W I Lou TAdLop npoeul, who ha Ivea tee .
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Unhiet.h Aga, takle o u o" -e part I; a b s vto 0 .or. ies th s isas on. are t a ll creased the r lead to thrsre fullM (
".evl114er0 as ae e- ev i o0 T I ... dnt ble fan tamwel ht fell or the NCAA Tournament. Samoa G ekdf pa thej
gt at beahetbar faem iaI the ould o2 tan 15 7 champion Melvin Boure of, nama at.y is an m alebecause they have completed Special T opes aturd Albrook a sed t.
ano poliusdw ~tivsa, ovie sone otbr e r o t fn atlon work on their degrees. Acordin ight and !tC Solo 5W come foto
l # i gt oW a .. .. TS4 Colon I10)- .R. t .adC.Ped o
.9a art. Kobbe clobbered CocoU Bonn t hor. two rtti
resac bt'po lo an un weo n toward, c 2 0 pT o s ... In Rg av Whoa Kle r vt dropped bM- Innother games of Saurday, t e Claire
bmm twe ir the apdrts value of any Heoardn, lb 1 a20 9 &,* tGus- ketball for last se*s aion *at ao1 lr 2 ot at d o1 *wo r *
-- u = w. -of.the ir.go. .-N ardp a suro afte-rmath toThS fix sO d sc --yv.
te he N. he ap not .l tero Cfinb y H e0 0 rime nr 1I .b i9a a tAs 8 to 3 and .krmy Atlantic .01in- d i.
fCoraces. t an4 are noth Iter- Cbfta, lb 0 4fire 0 w.i n" Ie oronby axw which involved former Wildcat ed a 6-Q forfeit win over -Nvy catcher e Boet
fateo m- 1 er mapi, a Garca, 1 0 lo plAyers, Rupn vowed: "r never e xtbank. home two m In h
wfetern bo p i K^tuInas0 plt un 0il the a3 ?aadYiin
kyu. shi pa malew u- ,eelev added, f Russia had Pobib, Sb 1 0 Imr YI.. Ientucky can't plays hands me tn 5-1 Sunday ernoon, w Coco 1uts
beat's u p.-IM been organadieg I'e next World BrUce, BStb 1 0 0 the champonshiD trophy." Special Troop wa credit wh sing,
end ey.eeed basketball champion lps, in- Pa n, Rb 1 0 0 ,UEU-3 The.ldca..... ..... foeit win over the wihrawn ron, cntfld 0

been organifti It aim' R ico f rf^^^s^
at b. tead o Baz mi, we wold have l n- Baby 2b 1 0 The Wildcats should nl the Navy atank team. ola.
T ... O- s'.. re- vited .the BrazilIala to come to Hadarits, If 1 0 0* uho B ot :uctm Vonfr ce'o '',o to push ou1n a -fft

.4".. FBF H Po Brazil, we would have in- Southe st Son ^ ? ShaSe'49a n S IBie
matin hBWtra agedow wlgutbqutiMtation." Blevins, If r 1 0 *tc ot1 "1 t undefeated. So should Louisiana Kobbe acted four times In the lead.
Ke tol flfth Blusil does n4 hive diploma- Wright, of 1 iHo upu:.m Cfanes State, which Kentucky does not firstInning to. tak6 L lead thei .
9 t the s tic relations with R i pula or Hun- Hnna, J. of 1 0 0 ..lay this 0 son.80 ThOffi- never relinquished. D. g blow of oo Solo 9
were el la' and did not vite either Wetl, 1 o -- clais will hav to decide whether te lmin was centerfielder Al rook 0 90
with I a s ry nd o parnot in the ba- glWete, 1 D the two teamshould play off Jhn Claperton's double which Batteries:

With Inthoe tbasr. am O n. $TANDI Powers, lMaros andg Dockery fell fo r the NCAA berth, or whet hier c v' la o to r in P" sad
top boted up 18 Mantis Twit b e n to the Na ucke. eitherhosen over the oer the Saturday tlt between F0or Bartholo (Wu),

ahi.. st. o eT, id T In uontaul l(soccer) o and so, Trmble e runs: Taber. val Station ...: 1ghs Ws a lif e when out n atly with his de o
SDame emg sih._ oul would ed offic als I d ob- D lder Cl e l T......... 1 h. o to n it r nt the roug playn.tneNCA. ds t A,' I' Is ab usn m 1I

_.reene. CeI.I. vd Balbor Beer lited a t fl. to rigt n Wlie Ronsi, a member of his ,--- o ,
a Sta move2hfrom .12th servers toahe World Sw o 7. truck t o ut: by W d. Di- the second d ban e his comments habo t t he a
o n ournai Powestar hunier.S Ti r d ntch. Wexth tthet. IUe a C nmt all e toin beHge of a unee eTa t Wildcats. NDING B a would Att the ,
Ul. n OSt pigti n fe ouhe, cer a to F re oweaon re ble 1
nt I jo;SUNDrAY II I .. e .- beter thee t.n t r T whcth wo siaker role r one down asto p-, abou two we"s,'* "* Team Won Loer Pet. p i

June.nineP itc on: her: Wet .Um p ires: Zef t 4 Naval 8Sta1:11s215 pod at thd. Hughes stles eed-
S. .- anz m o m Suna n rt, bt iford fe athe r The famed "baron of the Blue-b h
s. Any MIC Ser: Marion TONi d a nea i f-ndin aloe play at firs He alo remarked that HuFh unor Coheoe ..... Bb1 .l0it

V A L N C I tar (ul t O M .c t h ih A e s u fl j l e m e a s f aln eSOeGgue
Tr en- .-.ierwoI d, e v e lU'a tu e a only IbFter a am"emoBr o fs his .. ,0
... iz'hes, "- -rm ardsu allno r who has e -. .. .... -e.w.d v.
.umasL e..H M ,,at o b, to hi is -e- t.n .. ,

la T the cnejoast ao ft in w rtar E te ne on st *I t
Ii ii I bet er fat e" tha which'Wjsomaker rofle one slowly don toutwo weeks."

Handed to him Sunday n g k tl-ort. butGfford fest ldd the Balboa HIkng he s..... r 0 1.0

The 1o10 )o 1he Iin r V fn flt p re nr thesis tt ? e'
By m Donnturned in an.e th -ball d, In a close play at first, n aore. mackdtat luh uld ohe 1 t1 .50 I i* s

By 0941D&"Ho Ptr.mrked tht Hgh

SSTANDINS itta r or mancelfor o the pr ted theide.e Coy and Jerry Bird, two highly- CrIstobal High.. .00
Snai f mled owel, but never- Hug he was the only better a- e
DWL. the a & hustling ;N aA l Station b' to hitsawlmo et een outp homoesthIoiaM aI

S,. d the a a at5pine, taking ful dvtage ofalp h .t w twe bo asw lin four o beI ntopltAgshae BalE h ver a e
ss-, 'is db Mr &: f A S A l' -r u,' *t tt d t"ttwoo tetia h a n thi b n
*...s... ... d ...f eatgam.e .o F t al t h:iewn M*eet 0 3 Toonig the We e s a re ,ag o th ..
i ... ASA'" C'r it ett. i .

S.- .. T l ta d t l a t a e l w ~Pl rmatK .
freetheSaoend Afirstftud in "o th e The flr aain his be-p first l ans a a Ate the dirtp aftea hob 2
ar leso he o to ball romhthvie- ath Mt.b eHo wW budogsJuiorollegeosuhers
Rt e Balboa m of.P_.was_9d noutidmo e0be t PaldM esteCthadium a rt7 edDj a r str at the handh s ofthe Wewere4oo
game. o re..k.. .i na t o mtiae dt.kT.I te ote. a uc-ce. John T d.Tgery, currently e ai e 1mat c tem n f -r '
-anD o Bi Pin th e top ofe fa Into al zlsn- ovr thb lanky eraig theAr ts hthemsl es icpefro
The aorl0 SW 34 weme-T. mUp 0s7 in t..he his std u ers ot ong, est at i t h YI s eof' two thns ,.
_W"_Vkboes n eJo 5 ast Fda !ht. Tb, lacks then -'.

wasTthe Conlbo sa Wadaflias ato t hewsc art cptaln ky cool-hete dd ewthcnr St a la wisma metic e
8-3OrongDerei o t v proe dure(3
w..l 3 .... .3 TAB. t i.e f 2irt. ry irta nt ne m. TL. aBrewers will r feen oDevl& wr oeattis-d tL ia

 PalZ d Ct n for Btrft t ai n t 7re n I I Tao d d R c the hurtn Jth easoa gma -
andhe o a pn went2-4.Taweawitnhcedea.bsbeGibsntagain naoweerhhisg e
sndeul mtwetrg let Tobmy Giao ha s e at l st .- rt of baseballtonight, e onaeaald n Is iven to
S.. .Harle f to beotrase Hughes aided his ow caze ictImn .- _iPae aPl boa BeerTe T-ro a a Colon baseball f.
KircI ueir getting a long triple scored both. runners, 'but the .in"an ui oany fat this one. Five of the rece y terminated tner unusual seatiO for the
nto left center... wI t snuffed out when day ree ldAs.AotrthanGib-195.s Wm l any yea bh wo to ian
TE FaPRESENTATION OF ThtE SEASONThe Palomsa. rwwine ayurn.sentoleyande.hon l-rdinari to plae r thesxth Ca- yfirstlMen h mf the T

F. The second game of the dou- ream'in the top t lf -of the third In action at tisifor the Tigers, off theprosetheYankees thopes, jior Co inPi Or I
E bleheader was the most eltting ;when his fur-bae ertor gave should- WIT.Se 4"iv d Inolnertohofnthaitltsidr'bl is.I/ i4s
gmie of the year. The Cone:oslr..mvy three runerweet tho e iAMRico.prfl evrwl nt eat1 ciy, 7 .
IN HONOR OF ,- -: beat thePumae s8-7in nine in- of abane121t D started t"e"cen,
flingsn t o Into to two-wi tie rally oing. bi h -. J O LS c is l nadss pirnle entor.StewartDrownSM

er of the Leage (5-S), gent the 4tt a IL t d o. L .Marquez mo. sue, Includin oy Eu d.ondNow thin,.u.
MayorDdstance o the Conj llow- rolled out, p7ithe to first and Things haye taken a new turn him ef o 1 Iyers nl o Ohier titanO f tod, hO umairnp gp._
assisted .by Mr. KAMOJI CASAL.gsvnisId1 hits, wile Hughes see s ute- ouof the inthe V, ral baseball viw so .ai .eItoPjOuealunI with his'big n Pa. w .
BULLS 4 ihis first defeat oft ei atsua BeHwhen OIIr07om- drive to center at endi the-- fr boys wil "be I role of underdogy bethe I
A 1. AMI,. 1A giving up 8 rune and 10- its. to the waltIn.hg Roof Marloyal Hawks, who were consider--mad goe."n-bol & _g.1ItYou kHkwaet

cy. ~a q.. uan t* --g .Te lma -ei eu.!n, ,, nB. Jer a did ahe hur Justi
ch ancesawfor-I-" -- --.. .kaW and who o the to j o the B l
Fallgs. b eS .. T e a- As i maber, t O orioles, -.a is
2 7 the captincy O Cesar Reyes, to do same
toeDiblo J& tej o ftr
1 If ba i a b ana n aai n M b ple, t re (Antral -lptw nt at t
th & j, so. I* gar. Cinsibalt teatmsutfrth a ear's 3tO Wms sonm lime Vin trouble that nigt but If he has
S% t went setatbitterse .. a

7-4- n a s espg t verlwho, tp onds ean ory aspiratio s the Bulldogs have
sigtb bA hv- as eel- ra basesh iditea
c.o..% e Celey shirt.i the in th WIr o aVnH

Into UTba s sa"pns0an&ad-
-4; .a ba-df04 wI.

.. s .- 1111-. ..' ,.. W S O -
No b OSwt 1 bSM11" 1*iW65v. _Gbi &IN~
J~~ ~~F9E0ouooo f b.raS ee~e pa
I: r-t+ aa~tlh t-~a e'5 ds',r~Abeuresam -CSlJ am ei
--- --C-- --~~~~~~* fm __ __avag lkt wel.b hbSa-T.-
-Jr.m= --N- --- *tWW f Watd ea h

_ _1_~~~~ ___


i. i l,"

.-.t..--~ .'~.~~

ue ;,

'Z' i"t~;t"
It 1'-.'
** 3'

use Approuprition

l.. i.'.1. 1o. .s
UJIEEt nhanna (UPenrhe

itt e took Its first vote to- TWENT.Y-I1NTB TEAR PANAMA, R. P., Tyhwa S S f.IP wl 3 W B
T d thand reduced It only a rm
lob imittee. In its first c-tnlh
the$3.030.7300 requ .retail Buttter P itciio T d.
Wartmens forBthe 19551 s- "
S.', 'ar starting July 1. -. '

ited tit hard to reduce the
" sl budget O enoughh to eli- WASHINGTON. 0 Fb. 16 JP)- He said it will ra telly p arity w s fro"Iast o RfceiT bMF L
a. o the ,.000,000,oq tde -AgrVul r eeatrt Eta reduce" the Inae .lio.a. bvern t .Wow didi .. te .--
"- 3lc~1cl the dr.pninrstratton Benson) tlldait lad,,ar step- d pfarm famllites. v e.poihade rf t-Wt a...'o- ...... a: .Ht the.
Spediote for fiscal 1955. port prices to theibwes evel The government now b uy btt it mindss f.. e a Whie ..
he committee Voted e 775.855.- permitted by law and estimated ter on the Chicago market for anM I i pf dr e.mll m aS ne
or the Treasury, compared it will mean an 8-cent-a-pound cut average of about 45% cents a T .crear is coniced the ow

d dtrodnreaur yto oe ny o.thous5alldprod.......-.
he Post Office department But Chairman GeorgeD Aken 75 per cent figure and predict wia maane for fg (R FELLOW W
a voted $2,755,386.000 by the (RVt) of he Senate Agriculture that most of the sa.vl3i gwcu be abet a po sOF'ad a ,.l
' vmmittee. compares d to $2,760.- Committee supported the action passed on to the '0'onsumet.1ee p th'f l t but heo'Uto ledU C icaploi I l0.i
'e a rtment infiscal 1954. in e right direction 37 cents to 31 cent d dried a d the mp y D)
inAdee rigdt diection-...0fBenson alsot=aBd he "hopes tso n au ts a wa a an is
t r committee reduced the Benson announced at. a news skimmed milk from is to 14% ii y .o.-ha
rheswne.Fed oblcgation indtaar- ,rooo
r dossith retueoted by the7, conference that government price cents a pd et wes hani ally Ar .ien t*,er oy.Wnt, e t aa ohat he mI iid hepht
Waitcnd the Post Office de- supports on butter, cheese and The lat time dairy supportS i9 NI h v e ".l dmdt esds r d ooen
tArtment' fby r ic614,000. dried milk will drop from 90 e r were as low as v per cent of by 11at -* .r months Mas era Ili.a 1. hi..
I, addition to the operating cent of the -called "fair prices" X' ar e ad e r.. th eml t Nor .
S for the two departments, parity to 75 per cent April 1. a e tA o i, lk Pro4ue-
p committee approved o$10.191,- He said dellars-andients su Coanag- .13 re undt Ir ram *c
Stor fixed charges of -the port icvets wle be announced Se Dhm no i n lg aaaiuto nfesn
amiPSV et. f latert but housewives candcaunt 'Dnona' of, Ger d pe la 0 Ik NonqtesjiU
ders charges n s $6,800,- on a bout an hcent-a-pound drop M 9on n mc al Oo 00 GI9 t ri thoe
ny 'reartgesyluded$,601.0 t da0y. butan8 t'eD o odse n, 'toC r y. e enn-er e d, the tr. .movebackse, old 0. ,,
P Po0 for interest o the na- In butter."
1a. debt and $ 2.728,000,000 Benson also said he "hopes" to ,?- s e o." V I
T ,t'ax refunds. Congress, s re- be able to announce "before t oo bToks e I- .. ) f in e, le UI I Els.
'red by adlaw to appropriate long" a plan to dispose of some WASHINGTON Feb. .wo Inad mi R i s Te Prb
whatever money is b ew essay' to of the more than 350 million dol- Sen. Thomas C. H n Jr. g tad whelrn hbc movn aaedY re Ihiu r a -I o
a pst these fixed obliuatlons. lars worth of surplus dairy prod (fl-MO.) today iacoukted i- &troos aUppoedto e Le do 1 Wra TTN F. 1 6 ( o P
.e. c omittee noted thot the uctsapII e d up in" government lenst Republicaesn atta e fks-ar te Ct a War.fMid' "mpppoy t) h iFe b o d o 10 ( oI ad ef
foet i de incrtaent. has i an ware u eri under the i support of the normal give-ans ad e of.wehr ab" not ha uto wgeneralsrand a ?fa oredatSrP'any
thn conami ee reace. w c He si d them aersanac ata-le. new skm e reink d ho p Ie.t to eers Day 5she t.erCommunistoo tr d pa tMa i. onen.Henry.e --.-

t er Hoe committee has was set for thb new marketing r e s lasre t oh m"oina w ut1Uo d r "hea d'..,he tak=
S .teved legislation to raise year.. o Iepub ptty" a0ed olt g g a c q u11At h c a fii c
I kutalrAtes by sone5 $240,000.000 Rep. August R. Andressen (W- thpltI hla l ear S 1 C "asS mi Admin- Matine C -Pt. 1up t e Npers 1nattucttosg 1)"
Sandset e a substantial portion Minr), chairman u t chee'soiae and hTheo ib-D c oana e t! ritp A ltod I
S ostrfast&eGth general Ar- sharp slash n1b0d nfrs 0owrs I e rd a heloo f- -e
t r s et t ...a... O f m ontaiy r a .' et S ctavis
today to e prove pay raises as agriculture.he ., 1. .5 new S HoIa pam
uP al 3s5.00e a-- rear trom, UewYouIItserte gorjte PW *0 '4c he re-re
anef""u' ""be. to have 4
SeanHayworib~an,:i I t
f Hol e ennthersioaus whc-hidterm nnI

| dten fr atln huamen Dick samdh were o t ae d arroWst ofsander, nd .*he I h m'STo be Poe e By ourt f t
b la t t. S. Coast Guard of their eted. -room house n and name-caileg." oo re S o I Ai ds BSh-
en OOe Tuesdat moat of''thsr perTrFtiianab mv eH waw

,mdhanced Moneday. ee r Today was tr e deadline for dol-e f butte anm egs ties o rbeMf e i
candidates mufit be.Uni, eviethop under a town coortam. V;i:..: 75he ^LCere MAeaBo
citiz ensblttween the tae' uedment obtained by i gatuoerne u IeiSn t veulto o-W^ "J 2 S Sg ac a ed inTgovee..a16 tt(to thta W e Nd hen-'r
P, .and nn years, who hav e p- JoaephI .raeeer. Rita's twos tl P Tinaraday etnuln s' 1 tdanf orelbd t as aav of DeM I
to thed Commandant of the Gton and their goveqiesa a l.t Ard still they comet I sut rld$bf osn .lC- 'Tee today rto o n- th _/tbe VulI m e.
an'doast wh eave reei v W u ther esa aid "I pr esue oth e uii.Aourat68 ciset to-.Neo hue u. .. is j hei Can ?tm^tar- iz J. 1, 0 e hbtiee, d Di

-by presemit longlns, they must prst a ip aw.due to leave ton Kind o tfe P of i tx w ( )Hous aotth Nl kd"taI xeahm a ng ce Cou .naye. 4
otrer H e legitt ee' h s on co er keting He anovo th n "hoal A0lra .e aO nraiilTtod thd Me a nreC ct whech tbr a ed Afaha .t^k
tWga frt, e b- om e $ OOO.on the Atani .$75b t 'ret bu Mandosl O o the teriepuwil futh ae w.oadJ .Loba .. uldrNeda tal. Fe 1 Q Cd .
carter beiator to haie yewrt ofa 'damag K e ca msnotadreAi. sopu n io l N o t to n H e a Q a tq r
to take the dnfthin 4%-p thae was" tu an ae ton oe eVttle yi fce e
ls het lntlbetndab nphitiop einn.) ,eC c n e, j .n' cs-w V eb .. 1 9Zd.V i .eed for i n and "iv de

othe U* S eero At- 0, suia threatened beyskt Fon is H. L ow iste Tiv in SHo '" .. *." "in* A h i
ef4lsk Cin- eid wi oan attorn ey f rtl ide ,e y c .-detwo

dmii NsewLlnd n Co antrs oy, 'singer, asu11" t1I"n thcin Otdlantic Tetfln mA ^ s-ai, for Ih al the
uantuepoesdt raam o s a ti "t h pCere.N "aolt ei o n t h e ni s a i a el t ep r tf T E G
IU& twaynerfuture" would CristobalTuNa-derio or FE-

thedited ah eai ow tod Notr a f slit-l pssible the typoS f ta x r e-d IllsH w ifel a dagt W o-
,$.CiTax Sho tehl no-bais "redu s eactIo s pled ie cs war t calnled.ti sI e g t ngowcofee Ro gers Squgg t tur tot thU SAsV ih Cr'
Monda d Ty re 1 ,a t,-"", I Irks61'604 (wn merit reltanleof A mierca Jsl!..a .'', 0 '' IIga0 a --*,eo ....

(flf te 6 (UP) Cru trtened wothe sthe sreeiw l w hid is em otmI t"e wil l (P -e With l; B I k N i
candidates be Uoonitd eictio n wunde ratl o erm tted h r- O te b f utert a nde t iee M
iLti ensvb t, ag. d f'to gra.nphmnt to p r ICrut]u^ .t rbk "wTIbe" "'A I M.G.. U
Suan diiafte takin ay them d ae.g eb a cs f1u ..a,- j.. i ,,,_o., L__ 1. -u. r f K.,o-ete n .e io l roms ,
-to the Commandant 'ofo.t sevatheir goverFund u T... ursday"engteetTHE tB E LA '

at ohwhineand'.Is extremely dero uas zone c.eothn AeniWego- &ofmUn. -e

rir One Of e Dozen
f .. oO a n .
C .m aite MOSpY account Nariaber 20202 In the Artur 8
d we Staff Correspa det Sevent jns Oip0a Strept branch ste
iADNA. Colif. *. 1W io. am ia or BAi
p Documentary evien-e noro tn we amount to Irene not it Coal
a ooes roelt estgb Owens on demand." .oeaev$i
a tru fund last aummeN- Mi Omwes, also Identified as le
fmn rf tiot of tbeoa- lady rer. owend te not -ptAIM
ILea W-reapond mt in oo" aailata for corement n 'Ji.rinw g
tUed wife's separftte te wRooswt. a-se.W It-1eh w2 tss ata
l. cas was Intrkfdtc- rled more 55* tanwor kaago, that to. e
3r venteday. fT'e purpose W t* trust fund codge t 'w
S for Mrs. Roeplli wa firf me andi Mr. Sloan hu sou1htO
DRJodu4,Cd bank .rewda .Ace returned IL to me," pRo.- "ol
-a'w4evt hd ,eA- .- itBaid after rekdin, the osis pte ofu
MJiU -nuand ad Au;. Tbs trust ditoovr iedI
g'ame ut Ireng Ows. tfts second hlppoint in TT eraej1 4
theM S ebanktro.17 q-sa. fe1i1'-, following ftOf
G sM OM, d .o velt'e i that he what wx.
be re .adfan r a he and his wif- -nuS9
S wy non of the lats.;
Ott In w tF. ~ tu b)u'rd1
n'iMend ingt=e 1 6* a4 tin.m t..

...- a e. N
do '%e. iaz, J SI'E qh tne w

- e- .. ........

Co-Respp den
Ichf fa rmpn asked Ro elit d& b he wit
If on Nov. 8, 1953 as from k..m. account
I. New YOrk .leweltv mfi M' to Col
St o.and whether o Ohior.. 0I ,e n
I.s. usual broan e "
Sanswered, "Ye ."
n ensa inected that the ft puboat theO
Ve es not Mr. Roose- Mri. .m fit I
Put' Roosevelt' said p m- an.- on An .i
be beet ot his knowi- vitla 341* IdeW1ifli
m her size and he T er In hi-
her Inneeban
mn then Injected a T7U e vqrmled the
l n fa photo. -mre .h
drawer and on 7ryey
bmukaBs mklng, "Thi-n coet.
OWR d here'" -

001t 4Bd re. pafted a Uoe hat

rw man reduced to L -
us sa d tv^re-
Ces to rags" stad" of
Bryvnt came out
took her -months
p arrival. 'the t ad


um la aum- msonfi
Otman samd Roos
at be re; wifeMUs
thbtme. ur wbm

itt 3eOM-ijpw.
bU. Ro

. 4 ,A'S P

FEB. i

FEB. '30




- I r I t 9
-. -^
.iR..-L$ ;tj>.



laulsittat t'

r' -

Goof.' wbr .

WTile d, Fb. 17
1:36 ahm. ......... 9: i&
: 0 L p.m. .....t.... oI01 pm.

F. TO'
FEB. 34TH.



-0. *IT^-


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-V, ~ '. **'"
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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID E3MLCPWK7_RTHD9D INGEST_TIME 2012-08-16T13:33:20Z PACKAGE AA00010883_00293