The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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those hoed In the na Zone. such move might not he ome nrs and patients at An Ary spokesman said to ad. dirua resin Vatican affairs Elsewhere In Indohina the Relations Committee called
P '.or further comment wor hlie. Gorgas HospItl were shocked day he h no record of Fogs ford. who most frequently ith both Setares State Reds turned a k a third Secretary of State W..

tn k r Panaeavigtan worlg gelender revealed that one tchl morning to see a deer shtt emlosmcreo The American duet pls a charge p ayboy in the thimonine. M"nignor Glovan- French-led attempt to break out Bede-l Smith and Adm. Ar i

iersin b u at ath te local con.oldatlon project which ilat outside the lower level f fSn Tomg a 450 this had e ked re- ttt MotI lled short- i"sutpt of Den W Radord, charma'of
rati U rate, loader has not yet been announced the hospital. mornn, iouly with some of the most tesr n d Monsinor Do- BinPh and cored minor ans Jont Chiefs of Staff to Ah
pld the sta d o n wl se 3 "I thin, contnen a aot an hor

in tho ied States as a who'e that's worth while," he obT A check vhlh n Canal Zioe po- Hospital ofhicialc at Ft. Clay- ineetent Sharman Douglasn ner d dor(a-.rtwervsretoer.heCaalbadtuneh
Ist titsethmn thatnof anycoun- served, gis e revealed that they had a rei ton declined to reveal Schultz daughter of another .HAmbassa-o t m s onth Meanwhiled intSeos South Senate Republican leader ith '
try (e named Autraa an He also revealed that last yer rt of the shooting, which. condition. wa listed by Pan-dor. Korea edherofto lonam F nowland (C

S"I don' se anyone d.tion of faculties. About nie certain un club In the Cana No further information on the born in London and camr to the b theeCommundts t andi o idcto- e cn. dic tell
could are that thand porle o n-whieh have been adopted. Zone permission to hunt in ther occupation or residence onited States n 1937. He started da ahe alto wa6 wun to th has came aa
man hold bneofpaid the Idaho mentor Henr. Ty wor- rea. av ampbell could be ob working flms n Hollywood n end ar orce and na t take the lead
rosame wa were favorUnited steha a epuban, said: I ted. 41, t most reent ben men res" f h

lStatetb USSena." drondu't thIpasink I apps the rIntention 0pr- Since autnot had n been giv- the te, Injured Americans aster Parade," "Royal Wed- oielorldto a The triple offer came from ree o do
All three Seniu or who mhetCahe C;ongress to discriminate in n, police said, no arrgsnvestere were ta to the Santo Tomas dig." and It Should Happen ROK defense minister Adm "M
Zonewsme pha ed t any way a t there Canal Zone ade. emerge by a Panama- T prepare He tht
tat.. too n ny, anaspendtures all. sver twhe world.' hIouo .nd sek (rere l tens iand edieast oHa Frnch r p a, utnashea F th "n
t eh to tthen r l o r t' bseneMit ncivilaairseletoteti onna
livg out of the P.nama, Canal." JAco the rankildn RepubieCanal and eptred buream'swoled I I r ope's voice wasd sron aannouncednt roday.a .

s was the on en can of the .st is on edore Hugo Vllacisres oTheeweser esnclded only gesroud ection to a pro to
y wp brought to fourc pthe fatalities re- t heA goveiment so preee US. an o Iadc
en Alln $.ede -La.rst visit here. a ting from last Saturday's ex- pared to send army, but o the ench.erious
e ht in second h Jloon aboard terthe rad Lturneas- cy d neorced The expedr- ec being glyen toe the eic eth-i
it tglfhJ Y ongup Is In huons farin excess of ROYAOUET.- Vlholtae. tsononary force woeld consist ofeaS Diroposa e tl dhat nt," .

s c t those men who volunteer* A. Van Fleet, former S
S. Mr Villacres was born In Cha- The ROK air force consists of meander In Korea, be erit
NE" ioe eb. 1ht (toP) magnolia blossoms flanked by ,de the floral offerings of the the Loyal g hon and grandson .Egisenhower, whose own an- td c : .1oer' snTicano e-an s to tainl s" almed" to tal eSh "'e
Severe yoLth rea 'tdl ifernally fAt he ionfer. w ee broke 8 brin The s Confeder- Oanthehosl dui'g her curva He late d tht privbe ontrators. -pe sels ulied o com
at A toln cof nt after the Marine Grant III,n a vicnueder o to the ceremonies took of by plane for a weekend He wa green 1947 as a the United States. Infantrymen if the
tema a act ly to th e question othe epsll the .w et reatsr o rseanTh Foun hrensc ureasa oidthy wer ul s 4
emre makthemch sue yet si old f the w rl ore but it hasurc t raidsaginst "larg and

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sontaof n Joh As tecnrne Ah- A i J Ra 0g in rose Ro colonel-n he 2d d oesthed in Panam Cith ventet on in ther dothini wtre tWitt General Van nvadte
shfor e ofPanama neons ot n Arkan Cavalry during the Hopital uhor nnoun- pear of Chnee nterventon create effective
tical United the Conf said "we decided that Mr. nd overal hano oodat in the should not lead to lukewarm aIn t. a h
the: b, a: Y unar said a greatly demand owash ishuecnribut n.h -m wkls ne odsriectoritisr thbarese n os rcs a Re
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them Ltater'oScb _ra ..a. We ttfrmothat--n.,,,-e aAnnAm ericanmhJam estRay"FoI onI an. a o ubceved ooiWhw

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get at tSeI'hotasiter... Fopormehr Ambassador Jo- niht a wa an .p toea d sDearestfightee .tw

PrStit hefor urt .iecommefi- worthh whilerestalwehe eg pital were shocked day he had no record of Fogg'sc wurrd. who most frequently with both Sei.'rtsrles t of State w
on er Panailaan workn.revealkedtteto morning to see a deer shctl em n Tcan ieplays a charg payboy in the i moraine. nRnnr tinvan-ench-edatta At a.
rate r ,- U rt!,nd...Wiler re has noi yet been announce the hospital. mornin-" vousl wih some of te most v after nite nd Monsgnonua oed mitno to
i' t.-:led Sites t a wboaeta o tice Scvith .Canal .Zon.e po-/Hospital of ieials at Ft. Clay- ndOng Sharman Douglas, later. -',uor t e e're o f

try (he named Aualiaa Hheoaleoereedh t e rt of theshotingwichocaconditon. waslitedbyPan- dwo. r, lsKoeuphrofatrostd
"I do't se hIo anyoneut certain gun c In the- Can |No turtb information on theoborn in London and came to thetna
could argue that thpople oavebeenado pteld. Zone perision to hlt In thsotoccatl and or residence ofll nitaStates in 1937. He strteddayea
Panama should bpd th d StHr Dwo.r- ea. GrIa vee Campbell could be ob-workingi filn Hollywood in
same wagre is In the.Unitedshal, aRepublican, said: "I _taed..,941, the most, ,rent beingF a iin
States." don't thinkditistce autrority had t-edu. Injured Americansi futer Parade," "Royal Wed- Toem
All three menhtorft -iwho mettlr e Congresh to discriminate in n, police said, no arrests werewere takpl to the Santo TomsdlP." and "It Should Happen chdefene mintie
;-I-*engaemen lea sbed 4~ statnee n.rKorea

et ahisreportsethataFor.raCe-ommudi
I rI L" *. P 1P ate 6 pen. yesterday of. Ecuado- "Althouoh the oritnalgro.There appears be .little
nir/ iousht to four the f ata litiesre- troopattheCgovernmenteisFpre-bmore o.las--_ ttate
s4tinplsg from last Saturday's-rpRedstusndronarutn ere
rosioenaaboardthebfreightlneris- nvencd airpfo rce.
Those men who volunteers A. Van fleet. former U..

NEW lC~it'eb. (.UP). magnoliaa .blossoms flanked bywside the floral offerings of thevthe Loyal region and grandson Eisenhower, whose own an- CaalpZto, e inao9r4 ad cal dock preller-driwen ,M- ustngTed tot, as ert-
Adlat Vr. Ut o* siened lastetwo Caonfederate batte flags, u president and the Sonsk of thetof the Civil War general and cestors fought with the Yankees at Balboa. Later he navy Is a small orranization_-.
night the .eublicanrpeart s ".Iit's t bad they didn't playConfederacy. president..It was idea to shook hands cordially with Vir- laboredor ard- se pi
e hTe peofer 'iaxie,' too,'s said the leader of At his side-was Ulysses S.brig the os of the Confeder- den, grsnt and Dural. He later dti and with private .aontr.chor. Gppi about tooo corn t.
tr( .a hadAu oina .econ tnt after the Marine Grant III, a vice commander ofnacyeinto the ceremonies, took off by plane for a weekend Hewq.a reem.ln in 1947 as a theUnitedeSta.tes.
_____l________ro___l_________rere47___eciheBle 8of quail shooting at Thomasvillea stevedore In Balboa. Sohn evidenced displeasure assign Van Fleet to "help
wrnega-a14ofst G.thanw90bHymn of the Republic." atr t e whadoenedfat
ltev)n-arAJZ... 'h n".s.. crease our own t tes p. a4ta
"otuThe' dead i-ion woned have the ROK offer betaouqe of fear the same ti-oe traip andi*ng1
S argtevenn- however, it was a Verden, urandscn of a private been 32 ve old oS Feb. 24. He of ChineseCo1munut inter- ize the armies of Indo
sonignal-a A galahoccasion asUCol. John M. 'who rose to colonel In the 2nd sided InMPanam. City mention in the ndoehin wrr. "With General Van. nmusa.
ta..nted the__ Confederacy,___joed sol- war, said "we decided that Mr. I ,veral hendel today in the should not lead to lukewarm at-ense forces and the

-stats." .. em tribute a rt the impressive Lincoln was a great deal more aonditon of the bl]st victims, titudes which will only "pIp the provide assistance much
teva tele- Lincoln MemorialIn Washington than an Illinois Republican." hougb James McDaniel. Ameri- Communists further their aiW done quickly." *the
vised 1a in honor of the Great tmancl- *"You know, actually we can., jd OGuIllerTro 0. Melo. Pan- gression," Sohn declared. "If we nouncement asid. ".T'd
farm on ator's 145th birthday annlver- Southerners look on Lincoln as amsntPr are' at 1' tr.' mast crit- hesitate for fear of Chinese States will be qbtal
Etsd W* saryn-. S a great American." be told re- Ipallyv ll. Melo was a latle worse Communist intervention in the tory over comrurinism
podbt snldo h ~orters. "le was for giving up this oroninr. Indochina war it would even- cost 25 times less than if
Mn- Oxs cold but sunny day, the a magnanlmous peace. Americap Hqrv E Townsend tually brrini more danger to the ican manpower hau to be
gft .6. ned hands before Lin- and Barbadian Morris are free world." ized "
p a the Mlitary Order of "It was after a madmam shot on the uerlourY ill list thouhrb john's statement followed Reports flterS-g m io
0 egion of the United o him that the really wild men Merris showed some improve- that- of a forelit office spokes, the tanled nmoala sit
ed Yaakee counter- took over, a band led by Thad- ment yesterday. man who said that South Korea gle country In Les
the the first time since the deaus Stephens who was mad at One uther blast virtlm. AsIslo still is "consulting" with the advanelcj Reds we
"tshNV ws 89 years ago. us because we burned his mill Zrntamrano. who wap r.ot consid- United Nations Command on the tically n.laging what 1 i.1
Nba W wer pla d l a w eath of u in PIansylvanla. Then the ered serlmusly burned when ad- advimabillty of ending troops to the villages b
1R80 and blue carns ons Reconstruction was clamped on mitted to the hr,-vitnl "as plac- Indochlan. French in their
emoria and stood a- s and that was a vicious ed on the seriously il list last In Sao today. Vietnamese withdwl to
rcall WWn thaeuS ed before the huge statue. hn.r Ight. foreign matister Nguven Quoc tions pf lear rak .
North seemed to be ying Dilh warp the Ig Three to- Returnine nilotsa
fher ea ter as"d he read to hi sel **...-... VIrden and Nell Bohlinger of Ecuadorean stevedore Jose Be, day not to make any deal with were slaughterIng slat bu e
lea not t6 wd of the first Republican -ittle Rock, Ark., national cornm- dova hqr improve i ucuh to be Riam over opennla direct neeo- the natives most pirai
th, president inscribed on te me- m ander of The Sons agreed that taken out of the seriously ill tiaWl t1- Red leader Ho Chi sIon. for food. Refj i M
"t h dw*e,1 merital wall: "we got whipped fair." and "aft- clarification. Minh to end thP Indochina war. Communist d
m ff aat "i mi werr all, Mr. Lincoln was as much "Ith atnlda of any future from natives 6nia
wus the da "With analice toward a ne on r ide as he was against." TBig F meettn on Asia is to Closer to the
undot bu t -o=T x ttu.or n; fd ulaxlnC oftr egotto- raAtal, the
and inr sad el|b elmrity for as ih a" -W expect complaints from include te studlnig of negotn- emultal. the
nd d SAM t rio as at constructed sonn, but tona =th No Ch Mi.W this faded back.
e s to we the rtlket A 'et fem aquawl" AURORA. 1Il., Feb. 13 (UP) -- would e an extremeIl serious 8tSon Conmnunlat
Re of to finish the wt Interal Rvenu officials re- matter, Dinah said, forces. ireanwhl,
iadeat P J-3 .-lta"'"..." 4I35W S o e t's a hort of a truce." said Dorted yesterday that a peddler "An.Sy, Vietnam would not their siege of Dias iKaam
Ident on-. tFT-OWE W AM ICANS Reprmseting 17 countries s, .retired Air Force of- walked up to a line of waitin'-z re b lelatnns agreed nrThern V
hated wander Wlam tha ts are part of the I children who were oancee was pes attache taxpayers and offered to sU to l" he add- Several
braham Loyal n lli, s rm tin s im toe United a States o t he B5 rklyn, N.Y, oer wihewer at NATO head- them butcher knites taluns, strtin
The ns t r Was Weral fLO e children ruge frain three to 17 yeas old. -We just decided it was "One way to end your tax Mwere inflicted iolatd Fritit
erans genral, el aA)_ was tUs eofi.t t hea.tin atSY towhich only chi- t .ie to break th tnae peddler shouted. a Comunist-led h..a
l mir ttra.s..- "onlf"W .. the J n- t_


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a aborn ,en u o PARAM D I
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5iU ORUM THE READERS OWN Co Uat the pattern of lac rm t .r.c thus aoiu
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port OW ., X .HEoREADER, bathe"patthernofa brcioes-i pn m. ___ _!'mm. )lya

Kraa l Birdo' h e FBI, wil t meomefor hicef i I est }l I 1 .mint- -p m ta r.r, r/e0t ataa ,. -
into a niany-prongbd go building Spdel'h14 inLI e AThd. .....

dete r a in the on this front in the Buckeye

'|p e, 0 G er po8 iLhare, 44o Arrow Jpost tn raevs e rey, the proSe .Th"e ae nt eir toao ne a- a Me tat__
l a fr d r OrumTffg B Treaders I The Panama Amer-?. S e 1 5

w-O-I M i a D lly Iain It ts an taow bere wovealed that |the s M tep tende at be S t D c"be.

Dar.i grateAllyer 4 P r eviohI le IoDet of Just e I e as. se taul.aetanse eer. t ao 1
"e a set.but fast-mov8 oin task for hce ton re- -N ArLIeV amts,, aG y, y
p'monltribute a letter don't belpa t lo int If It dwn t opes the view all r icen labor-racsa w-ee Iin hy: p meaflttBof

ch oters .la Rubliad in the Order lvo "m s .. a w, n r a t

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S try o. i oit theeeea an r re limited to pg l egt M u toeerpaogelre ht 'cpap l_ r.ap. h \4 .-_
f wr iters is hlr md irnsUtrictte diMwlL" abuses.Apaintak j n- e w a

gF p rovid ed opopsert-it R o a ap nhis a nbea ndo gee e T h ene v e r as out W t f o.Co u nt ws i:t th e
S on th edrl hm esI po sse a io 2 8 arge d 4 A rr p on i sn ra k e sh e e p rb e be in4iA L ThMe toro e' enntoun c ed' e 10 .. i t _, ti K n7
S m -1Pitched A rbanc"a 29 a 7ddlt orey 1W. i %nun ad si elne t the as. nm do n o t k E Rlish,0* slah theAt-1'*a a

SD POLITICAL DUST?' come tax bureaus I o nu A uis oe'. tt n cs -ob lit aaThie nnneor0 r gat od oei o n w thnlot oc
Whent i task force, working SCKs c tiverRan dotrmslte0d f thint Ob theuM
with the treasury Dept. and the Ybdn, award00 hit Gtbed et 1 104
FBI, will move for indictments inr Cold bl Isebeon d.eata. da's otrO t

. d pe many still hadractor alliancespushing dirt in the FWeats have Ohio and ohioan t his amove hasi.n i w ,o fs. e. W al
his dusg while the other contractor In Diablo Iallowed special White House approval. There is a lot O tiv talk they'll fy hi brand of m a sea n

?- L.subltanee caI tl cI y oI 5 Woody p t 52 New ( mb._J| Already, CongressmanBender's WmAng the IN re Nardet Ai)-h-w- With their narrow control in hibtyest membrrs of ehoer 87 Ol metsh roauy "a rar p. r ueN al o d se
i m peole' ine ta breathe dust all day long ,esa r d1 -ar dittg eri that o r rather than Conesso the ReFublicans are run. vious optional,.. C,, u re e te rpreter.1" the e .
c' a ol t ie one is a Repub iangtoe a wi li t o th was voiced lasDt iu s t week td Vankvhao s reply. Czeid e tbo"dro wth ro O
' .-- de-of a s ,a I Iia I. a closered sessions run by Othioe's R ohave to make over control of pour nearly Thw mlMli into the states abo fter Ut eco conven. .on..y. .a. e..t. o /n S.a t and tA_ "er r_ -.
So. I i George a Bender, whose racetbusthommitt S of ober le campana. This wo sI 19i. Throe ntuocntessorg go d o e atobn tdoten llr co c to "n .... b e
o't ...... e a t nt rlbcoAnswer to Previous Puzzle out over th neire naon e e enthusiasts eve o so a is double ca howe r, wthey entin 150. Elsenhower his beehhead i te u o ut ,
S40nthuiastlretary of Labor James i r; quarters ew ol as n to say that the Presidents asga It ias lrobeaibly dotee what i e National Cemlttet a dele- ase s. pa n. dcIarran gt a
So hb1eAd e01lhand National Laa eoreRe aonefairs. T a frh o the Aet

ear ; lBoarde chief Gutow y Farlm s we e l rtoe make over nthe RepublicanDe Democrats wi able to sBen'Pia te e rpend, gates who kb eeod voted t Wor hmm oniS w 11t
AC41 r S 58 Pinnacle. T5 ti l il N der that they knew f itilltnothing specific tel eoir th first allte plans wep oer great at-h e sr ho ns w a ma .
l sftench 59 Close about labor racketeering but backe tseetoonrev d oahthe o cnolt a t Wse m a ty l pn r prt p o no
t lnaro ak l ,up his probe and offered whatever i tsenattoe rrompNeadanthndunoa ru onlteen rer he m t h i pte 1
seaport city DOWN % A N 0 1% 1 A help their agencies could provide. W MAttAN S s ao ar

a Bird's homer At the same time FBI c will take some time and some do i ef N m t eti. But A lt

-aI S2 Roman road ,Edg anr Hoover told his regional e date a wa clrlesrly demon- plea to support Ikes program at cably strengthen the Presnentt's. 2te s
Califorynia 3 le e..a .1rmM uen to giveBender aom e tionthe lope ro eetin ti al Commnttau pecue sineor gots tstonat y ou e ra u to pel uTimh. t. ati s
r rCapital city B to b ia e d th container M n A ation ehe seeks. Benderoaf ItlsIopTNe h they sueo er e e therUooh cl, tomo o bundldingldbcueth

o in er i n Ns to at n i e National 4 Gives as an in inn Colabthe state capital T aol-_, l

4 .S e rs. I I It J | I -eeve too of Micaeh2higan's5,d dR.gT. Demtnam d l tl o" 144_. attain wh be wot h _or i o e sdpanitsh owf vuaie. H~ Oa .lit lt aid.n tl
1. English- .townL...l ..l *i lare H.lowingup leads handed him by the mC A tedaint "Dwigot D. Eisen iower How ale 142 mem rs wor t, er r eamps t e the trty a t e or amr w ,a
on the Thames e 24 Greek warFBIur entg sevetroit oquere nto eaiof is te ost popular man in the ovide as 1 er cent backers of vice chairmen, to are o-s ermns y or a

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pial' r n i ahie fiT Wha .n the next th air pam and l mre i sym euUve mt se tor' voieay eennounced:-I v i
a4, drn s -- y l band eit og oo T rt' h At hh an A Cto declared th the ngressmanender with the oliies, of a Old listed as ro-Eenhower five Old noat s pe b erankeie.ta o. & t
snatched 7 Sewing tools Roman 40 Ex wi h ar de isdot annto r duncednwh ws Gurn we een, e Wasnmeddtdetermined wit Gurd me and by Spanards with e .-|. e a. W.tPea
16B i -A s ep 41 H hBead of theo anti-cgry upstate i- treohima eaingPr det u e. a Naoina Commttee i te s sympathetic and favorable .ae. h.a.u r
17 Wightar6 e tee of the House -Committeeon"CoAdeoL md -p th sIra ytnow.' deroyer.

e g t -o '\ n eiiGovernment pans tons, that he thr support the mrs of the party losel as-members sted a Old Gard are, hCn era to a a A
d lomd tio 9 Eiptsi a 2?' D i 4 do would f is the hearings in th e k ope bo t lk .s da g the h ni. .,indd wtth its ier WCornnd d, u art e d eldr e wish to r .ceive an .ope on i M.
l 10 Greater 28 Diicharged, 44 Arrow poison rackets here the robe wIto ex. aviThe ommttteeemen and ommitr with the persn rpbey ero the .t. in theo. someter then took the respond to e p
.-A." agreement quantity as a debt 45 Solar disk tably go far Ley' t his field which f s 0 e celveid r and translated McCarran's o h the e t l toCeo

ri11' Pitcher 29 Norway's 47 Valley is just a s e ide line to "the boys." wolln Sat on their handsn.ties iEnlv aat down writh hi. 20 tcat y Tn hey were oe d .p Mc l -

.S^-'-'?^ : L \ ,'' 1 etroUtt juke'. oox noes, wlliami iWhn sh the National C rmmitteer- p mr and steckd or te Na. t! a.:i n. fact. It is perhaps arran wire toaesfacu hn. .. d o a e le the
22Nuhufx 19 Golf mound capital city 48 Girl's name I ._ "A and aw een av yetu ik bnw, I have always thamted the. e to

'.t t lia o r t eri2 Dublin is the 30 Mma y ker 49 Erect The so-called unionleaders whnnd because may ame o, "at I ow no oeionists dnt a t tt
capital city o35 Woody plant 52 New (comb. conDurg r eeot q st inheuke box "labor field" WAare not sold on he Rep. 6 proe d Guard paad uelt a tb e r 5as, O ld Gare noI y alt oin er.tin,.. :t ", cCr oi? ie). l .,
omIthrmybevtaroJden heopen witer of r eua to Hll the worbaohor eeatn

i i36 Infri form) in De tr oit and Cl e ve mtte inkenowin b rormeeting the i tway Ha rll is. terminable ve the resident all reoncid havin the in t EliN To h is aithle to uya anm lo. w e'ea .
ii^"^H ^ |bfwith oth eres. Theoers' man, Angel Ohio nal Committee In Wasington. ommtteeman o thee 1 and the sd-e would with Inter sth0ll enough thie sjowu e my d s s. n r'dowith _.m .

P.^..^l"-'..:_. i3 "' cMei, is a wealthy operator hnow ..--o------v-i.ded ----orit r---a---n wca- cogrsen T--h.nR....r, --..o.. at.on ,t th clastry as s tobteMaaeai n al o wasto apermeitimopni o .rh d
.. ..... "iiii^ ... .up tor deportation. He has a policert, ,r e tr h h e.been pulling wires both in Wath-| e .A.terfcaf Er .bassy tO tfle
ufa':";-" 'n' Irecord tw some 17 arrests, p nl e lik the P, de b tieia mi n e bI t h ington and Madrid to cut a group11 Cchuoreo.. om. -
'f of aH" 1 charts rand in e from murder to each, i a J. h-I re u B rk o 'k B o ot German contractors into the ha ."c .... 2 ... ..-f-
"i .^ / Congreessman Bender has let it te m e meraeno o o howe, a roOl m Gurd 1u e a thei r hn a e pm or Teptpart of their payment i ur./ t, a .d.
S' to e r' a i te knnnown that he will subpen ro m H i *. G e r c pin, us Ec ommoditis from the dr-e iOsin ma ,. eh, 11 to th-ePm,-
po the garment industry, some chu WW on Communis of tee GOP tate Brown went on to ruCandd of th oe ritheago tn s ant arbisd ta y eliti a
1sax' thine plants, the ontemtornort hierarchy could be counted se aItIindias d both to my country Dn stortm toast

S- *. Presser meanwhfe, has been o t .t an rol Ousman, who sentoats the day.y aern Eiay htv O te
world, Joe Pay's crowd Andt senhower Rtbein, and how tatives running for reelection this that Preit ay have made ito r toot Czech

re end on heavy transport on for the Old' Guar n adod ."Ifthe Democrats win, over the at on erman ontrato tle contnuo for
strv h khereIbs a lot oielktheollruifyuh." -his brand of Repb asm. m, pa oar s e r t e

SAlready, Congressmaneender's among the more ardent Eisenhowf e n ith their narrow acontrol.r in'Thirty- ers there as l. .
1111I Bakedclaychiefinve sitgatora h ad hittib e that sooner rather than Co ,theRepublicans areerun- vio1Cnrlate thm "t e Iran the rl- LONDOreireb 13(h)m-bnterpreteot

.tD.ssignal ap by thie name of Art To l, hai es, wo ,o ..iatedV.a Plll Fe nkfeld was put in tne hole os is Show Biz too: Joe At- eee i .. .
d ois .. "- .-' ,, ,,- Athlat a -the or attempt is going to nire ng senault (just bace willing from ito o win re-eletin in their AC rtt

.l l .* .. .-eB t" !-e solution S ... ID E ,LA N ,,t *B .. Ol
di. "9-ovi red linkstbetw e therod e- have ,ttt week in Leaven- time as .a aiter at Louis PeStteMrs. Gleason's crack about] .h .
i-on d nx crow /ere. wora' solitary for several role ... Benie err n, who gave a. This breaking his other leg" a "
.razl pea .... s to their nathis crowd that it a enl. thusiac to s eveincludino so g hoar ig "Lolly o t hee es (a gra p, u some o he ithp uetion of building m
1e.1tt, '. ., "pni" mon ee ... A1 C5po0. -inng), move bae here 1 e ri steam her $, etc, [ c g
nthusistic quarters in New York. To W rl was i- to say that the President's T ask It Is i probably double what the National Cn tth of 7 dole. bas In Spain,
the big town early this week t ra ck- is "to make over the Republican Democratters ofwill bable thio spenders,. For l ga tes who had voted for d him on down to the point. "s know of v
41tamryg own the se n h a d iheParty i his own image ifit is But all-out s a for the Plat the- new first ballot e rious plans which offer great ad
62 Mineral, rock 008, far' e- ugh, he'll find they e x- a a-nti.ueipowerand in, o.ce. d epaiansg-. VIII 1. h h anghhat appea l

"".~ r.JW ighntkb o th...e coru tNhew Blyo'" g against ea g oteror .a cale in g'iasr., The ssaetv ae.rTeN Ytr aitas prt pesantr.Jaeommy z.. me

Srig ht toesthurantt, 8I St. Clai10r Ave.t tQ *nedahat nbt ed or yo
"Tr BEAT THE RECORDt A Fre-nch Navy rNsrs III hre N Cleveland, charges she wasvl .. theos Mrn e-I m V resetr eti.y et thse relae.d.d_ eyesl r t
I ts loWeetd fao te water 20 mees off Dmakr for a te. t | sor co ulnt bx a b stuca asBrandoa ars to the on one --- wth l'Wo M %ey /i I l i
a ept. Nicolas Houot, of the French Navy. and Hendr Welm, wl w bs cmh e.Lon Broatay pwho doesn't wanna tot Ike'sprogramathe all t y strengthen the Pres J i
J Mes hae ha proe~t

------J=u rem e e- -e t e un-
ine engineer, plan to challenge Prof. Auguste Picard's ret- i on-uke box owners combination be diacov1 u1ed Car bit is really a iY ire so vu ibl lves?*
of 10,344 feet. The duo will make the attempt 120 miles off took too much of the profits wrek. Only one third of the ... Oh, yes. at ar man
the Dakar coast in French West Africa. Obviously this probe will make Remember John Maragon? (Yes dolast yer ... T yo Joh ants the Court to w out
Snational headlines and national don't?) Well, tenagrate, he's the o Nast have the downs. manl of you.irOGa at the
S su es since it will hit at the Midwest Truman regline's 10 percenter, Partd for 3 months. Nice kid., p-trial allamitbtLAn: don't
UNIVERSITY OF PANAMA section of the nation's biggest un-. in. a Itre Ter e .. The ... T evy is 'getting l -the lue Waiter's aMWNr, Ril I
I UNIVERSITY OF PANAMAion. out of this Investigati laon5 tcap ( d6 0ttnl feote thet td ct --- W, | w
(SUMMER SPANISH COURSE) come the real showdown on all la. night) e the Stock Ex. the A.1.W n has 110 mill radio
Sbo r rackets and perhaps a clean na" you Ialn aiem e, s l e op n erao At Police Hil uaros dr
ata ongeopefro(Coi t 1954 Post-hall Syndl- nd"Fiaa a aalnbew") ste k a f ,Image of the (defending
ihi. be conducte d fro M onday dat.In "c hei ass Mairgarela Ftleura, wlhea taiMntd with to rNOlag aglert the iI
fIA. H y kin own oostofaTaxco...Vineeat i gin ilalsfola ln rtan doathe
Clayton Holy Nome Tsavers It a hit (theenk) ( o ahes t.ffer and te a m
S. ftom 5 to 6 p.m. -" nDarli ng ey' t ht O ... Katy Crel p' is clasml your *as e t*-
from to p.m. Society To Attend Snwlla" I* D AraI ti et) nha aa
rsOffee (man b.iling of Univelty) Communion 'Fast jPrie,. a .itt .... ,t ,-
(Francs) told-chi.s at the)
A commotion breakfast wil bers he wIM mary Jauell ae nw To .
--tr wig Pebrusa1f 17th. 1 awrved for members of Fo-. Voe an heiress MI Prk. At at. i r htthe i tei ,
la.ItoM's oly Nuiae Soety to- Pat Mar. 25th ... euan Tord. tr t (Va l Fil h) ..L 1
il d f to p.m. Prior to the breakfas ham (the hatichek you vignatail) .... IForlsfUt (t- I..te rer t e.
lwUl attMd I .mi. mase ras had 1U afers Wbecause of wi ll ,retire to make the Citvil a
mot R9111avigh as A an PsAt.Chq u.I pbli. (0dood Beryl) .Mrs. A11111am
7 W t p m .ha 24PAit pentteo -)M is ae*:kas.;a *
p Ns s, Sas'er '* Advangre? I hem' mnk& aV In
ials hnt.,eew D the P artedS.t. .ns m rf ro"um Se. E ass a
itaiiias6 sootil-agglast her mater's 7.. Oartomu ia UV" W amr sio ralaest |" ** -


- I-.

* T*Iv 1* 'M

.: % "%_

:.t .]-a *.; -

i. ,. .. 1.- *.

hay ~ a

lChurch of Christ Saov.ti^p A1wy Pears
J ._ r..- ......" I ... .- .-.P.o ra oe
....w.q (eve ge

s) cut in half. so giblets

,-. ............. a SCENE OF TEE.-DAY CAMO~EE held in Rainbow City recently by the Internatlona B

*.. ... m fon ..y Scouts of the Canal Zone, showing layout of camp. District Commisoner R o G0. tde
., cu.......t. orblettso

ol .S ..... ........ ""--.,o l Yard Works Internal Revenue Office G
&aa 24 (eevemie24

0 0.4leggs".,l p 869tLO N DON, Feb. 13 (UP) -I cot- DES M OIhel I a., Feb.C13 (UP) Frel clattered the coinsl nts
gag, I J e,*- A 1ton.S usto theoCadp, f and Z on e.a, ay u ofo bloodmp n thr

--M : 7; p' onMoa. ...g..... ,..._. 2 qookd amned rain-soaked earth outside said today he may dump 8.473 of them.
ic. ("ua: CI'laB (eArw 'S0 Mi "t U "'... "***** ce pe d halves of a en an old people's home today for in back taxes an a bucket of "Count it" he said.
O Sna. I or oven. Baste clues to the bludgeon-strangling of blood In the internal revenue corn- "Count it yourself HIapl
S-5 '" 1 both cides atf chicken with the di- an aging, self-styled "lady" and missioner's lap In Washigton, plied.
c---- l5AC D over N ad behe her- red-haired daughter. Robert Frie, 27, Councl Bluffs,.
"e--e .) Police throughout soetheastein put on a show in the Internal Re- Friel rolled hi
5.15 e l p.. a6 .- mor v**i0* t./ eleo tw i- Enegland were alerted, tdy venue Office here Wednesday into the mess d bgan
2.5SfI co SSRmb.: d~th e_..0id l' Cuin a search mfor a "ted ar aiht when he dumped 4.997 silver chain-s hokn ligr and
,... .... L *" S' "ed unt chicken 'tnde"r and official appeals form efor action, with two cans of animal blood, office turned up noses
**.*Ii, n*m ci: 1-L vErV. ,. b, -sb row......n"""."n" browned, about 1..hour. Detectives would not say who he 'Here's your. blood 'money," he strong odor.
a T. A k" ik al If a c s in s desAred, place case. The money was part of $13,470 Three hours later he

l... ma "Wea_ nM u. it bislb very rapidly. Chesney, 42, operators of the home
n s o a I o&i e hot gth tar for elderly getleolk in suburban If the government rules he has
a.ey. -a s o a.n. dn i., .................. a .hod. Sr Ealint, were found dead yester- to pay the rest of the money, he -". ,
--- 'Slaur.: m-, u.---- a a.. (nldlan ted) towih pdan dny. oth had been strangled, and said be will cart it and a bucket Now
C____ ___,__d_) Hearhichp and 'e'

SOB LD' o0 FATIMA Ed -. n .hpe cooked gi etS Mrs. Menzies bad been beaten on of bood to the office of T. Coleman OW H l
Johaebeen aded. the head. Andrews, internal revenue conm-
..........* u m 8 itt n Boly n .......... AL ------ -. A maid found the older woman's missioner in Washington. ,
0nlr" ......... Mae H.y--K: 60 e.m. .. It 5fiblls CI a n.flA f1-JLt ElW bloodstained body sprawled on the "I'll dump the whole mess right With .economical :
IS,.-O, .......... O C.-4 ,o-a. s ufI yI aturday.n hearthstone in her room early in in his lap," he said. "
SPr rw ... *a M the afternoon and called detec- Friel, a construction man who T R A l I T
tubdar7 al I-o iln NkLI tives, who found Mrs. Chesney's seeks a Democratic congressional m I M I u. $
M o .-. a Ma sIL Udhe sid pae ,rallynude bopd. in an unfilled nomnaonid he ifs "'d to.the t Aid '
an rea smao v e -." Il uesbao.thet..uban man adjoaning room. teeth wit te government pushcag
it I Ir'a .. so e' au Ft.: i OA naigv Three elderly men were found me around" and feels like "rasing
We ... _iesACa=aI day. -.. ..r. U. I de r a ed room at the same home. A e 2007 .ou'r
.*. s.e a.o: d e.5m. .l' Adult Btiad. Oweup MnBla s ,d NE kWL _W YORK, Feb. 13 (UP) coroner's jury found that their He said he will ask Atty. Gen. one battery ,
Sm p, o u .s 7 r, t s Il ,l '~Rebeln h battle colors tody The present occupants of the investigation of the internal reve- .
a 6. 5 oi. an- u "slbaotle home, 19 men and women aaged bureaus in Iowa and Nebras- CRAW FORl l
S m. e New York Central Rtil- b .ngtl double murder. Ft was a becae thel
D alles de w After preliminary questioning government fileU a $4 2e4lrll ?
e.nlneL. wClt tm. ra Th"dara S5 eMran aimoel t s 0lhnilo w accepted phrased to suggest the police were againStlis property for back taxes .Lr C
f T. '0 .0w10oT robbery-l -, -ae wenre r 3it ,ata'o ed
i ft tre -lld ight murder squad took charge. t k raud penalties an inter
so0.o2 ._ Th .1 C Oth Churdues f c o4a 1 tie ra ilro Boxed 1890 Pait d
27.a TE %_Vge.eMb_ 0 .olateii-s_ op unde
go. D0 t"e ntt l m n ora of the railroad,
ISOn a'nd a m. o AL itlate ye er y fitcbil -ve r y a lyrW ed e sne ym r hdr toso he

i a 'T.S. i' T. JOHN DA nnB LA SAL.. m5,p* -4ila P* leSo e Sm.. nentoB day r ed to make Young NDAY '
.--53 .o. ," E'.m evidence of the behlnd-tnf- ?"gfl AT THE
aWW W. ..... ..fN Y ....stork C.H. Uo R
Shal owH CoetCls: 7= L. on Mhond. s Mathri ea assauEt nt N httng Not York Centdal BALBOA HEIGHTS. C. Z.
it ll. 5S PS as otemcilon, Di. ptrc ewag d .o a s the. (ust below the Adminihrateion Balaldlg)
SoIA-" S Ma.: 7.d t wi.hea Atil usad Young was reported to be 9:30 a.m.-BIBLE SCHOOL
o rw e 1 1 _nd_ venu n H .L a':- ,A.. _- buy-g (hVimo e o dame for am o age )
S..I..-,.S..C.. .,aae -7, .. ,5n the o mll while t the 10:45 m.-"OilEATNESS OF A OODLY ORDER"
l045 :5p.a caS dy pmal.'. 4:lC pumnn. en wednCd- e. auU mmler kholdrs e ai c What can you do for the Neheaih 1
am Se Heart: 706p.m. en., wod ubm hi candidates for another of a friend who is visit- (A new series of messages in the "Know ust Ug
-s 00 con5 s cW ars n m a new boerdof directors at the ing her married daughter for a Serite." Expoaltory me1 will be from tek
.ai .. .. W ATLAf.CMa Wo ,.B bI ...- ....... ..** annual atomolders meeting month or two? One of the most of Nehemlah) .,
--- a..o. ". nsS S ...*........ i Mary 2 at~Ab 'enN.Y. thoughtful things is to have a 6:30 n.m.-sB.T.U.-Traminige18 mp .It
Sj wuus l, hA ISOr asuS Mt7:00. :00 ud 1 a.m undC School Wf ar '""nce) If the stockholders elect that rarty for her- reoen if it is as h si
,Sic .a, H-l OyPC-S0. &Z, o- .C -9 T ---ansi-o ALO b thhe an, b. aid, he would ne Jimple an affair as a morning 7:30"JOINED TO mClaTn
*:oB eUs t mt on HPof :p .m -_ Chrur .' St U-aW. nomlra ,lrman. coffee"-where she can meet I Cor.
"-and SlE -- cenam: p-'-'--,o -0 i-o pm.en. vn. L 5bb5, __ youn 'a ultima',e some wonme. of her own age. RADIO OUTLEt.-HOXO 760 Rev. W. H. BEBY, Pater
4 ""urs0day: o p. __ mtrd _.. am _.p, a tmto t nations One paMty often starts a small. ... .. .
ceteahim Cls: Al S Me m first monthientl rlroad. molal whirl for a visitor, so by BVERYONE WELCOME NURSERIES PROVIDED
OI 3 Cprtall-ndebo yin annun fiilve him a direct lnne fron Boa-bi oi oth ben g gii hsven.,,edt

..d h.-n .v_-aeue. a 0 .m as-m. 8 0pa s, n a Cda ton and Key York to St. Louts,
.a7 1VAL.:attubinaadliaj i r o-S..S ... -- Tt h taths-borm oradilroaar,
:15m.. e Ilt ld Was.a struggle LAST VOTE COUNT

Sc .ud 5E,, CS m The Sew SIb am. twe. Is r ra anw trustees shall pre- for CARNIVAL QUEEN
fifo2d c fitamTem. "ucaII se euimSeo Young "nmounced his plans at
oant ma a. a .nd 5 CO Ud. a prs se n.trench e in hs e blocic- II
*opp eoal SAnan ay.Rim alo Winier home at Palm aho.
AT-Wiau..a :S.-N and -06 the eay Sar y fi ............ p. eoeh Ia e- e said he alreadyro e .p..

aire-am --"ts:---pWm. M90lERblGS p. m ::= 4... ..C.Ro bmeeder et". stockho denrs. O 8 tt)
3"ou ,:S7a.m.Cs ah *Inau-IhIng erupower-
anfth 61*dthe ,1N vorke of the banker s, u 1 A n "TI

iM .tet rrid'v o.ons 1:41 -Jm. T. r pjs. srolemiAalI A-n ,II f ul lnterests,,he sad. -
aa"lTe Ln..IL

r aA t s sedfr...q uestioning, Fgovegen B e e r o rent f e a $ oo m 1n
Coneaulou. w.m. m m n.m. t., KITCH!BlR, nt., Feb. 13 -
)-A doctor at Jo aph Fin- FEATURING
f ry. M. Uaook,,.a. d5-rb. .key sla ug brifor eae ai test
M ca t.a T.:. .T s pam. Sic e how He r s man could drink
ono: "fty. V T. lilts of silveraddltislaEwashtub., ebI

how "good coorinaon JACL DANCING
AerVc -- --- --S- -d. s i-d ydot orstos ter-p l-

Cy a VA.ULW na m~and. tv.. to the effects
..I Of I..- l n I
LA- *-iAn. pg. U of____l LOS CARIS

...II. -- DE ESP AA,

:m Aj s'.-TuiS n.m. m
....10 a :--dub=.m. e a I- "

-:3ITI ,i+ ..;IT
.., ,M -v. U .-610- W MM*' ..
sm-- s..
tom Ago Pm L Usk-.s

oi. Aw mod-" -10"-44
,. ._

.* 4* W l. t .
. .. 1 ... .i i
~~ :. +. .'_ ', ', .., .* _. .,* ,. .--. ..
,,J" "; ^-. Mi .- .. -., ,



, i-'


- ~.*.*.

J's Payg


Feb. 13 (UP'-Primne
Sr Winston Churchill's
Itlve government scored
victory today in a by-elec-
d. in the Harwich division
ervative candidate Julian
le, polled 19,532 votes to
for the Labor candidate,
SCatlin. This gave the con-
tives 59.05 per cent of the to.
vote compared to 58.. per
of the total vote compared to
per cent in the 1951 ge9 'al
tion. Labor had 40.95 pdW ent
ipared to 41.068 percent .

Generoe Secutes
Line Of Retreat
OTrAWA Feb. 13 (UP) -
George Randolph Pekearkemem-
ber of Parliament, succeeded
last night In corecting a flaw
in an armed forces. bill through
which he said a widow, getting a
pension could "narry and re-
marry" servicemen ai each
husband died and become
eligible for two, three, four or
more pensions.
Pearkes said' he did not "want
to be accused of robbing" the
widows but shuddered at the
"thought of a female Bluebeard
...marrying elderly general aft-
er elderly general."
Pearkeq 66. is a major-gener-

appealed to me electors for elevation to the peerage of Sir
Sof confidence in the gov- Stanley Holmes (National Liberal
mt on three counts-itat we and Conservative).
nearer to peace, our econ-
is sounder, knd because of The balloting means that Chur.
agnlficent work done by the chill's government will keep its
iment in cementing the ties safe majority of 19 in the Houue
Aimonweaith and empire." of Commons.
Ridsdale. "They have given In the by-elections since the gen-
confidenec irrespective of eral election only one seat chang-
". ed party, and that was in Chur-
v.aancy was caused by the chill's favor.


Fast Freight Service to Colombian Ports
Accepting General Cargo for
Tumaco. Buenaventura. Cartagena, Barranquilla


Wilford & McKay, Inc.
Telephones: Cristobal: 2998 1760 2535

The Pacific Steam Navigallon Company

Royal Mail Lines Ltd.

SI.V. "SALAMANCA" ............................... Feb. 13
a.S. "FLAMENCO" .......... .. ................ Feb. 20
| M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tens) ......Feb. 23

" .V. "SALAVERRY" ..............................Feb. 20
S .S. ""CUZCO" ...................................March 20
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" ................................. Feb. 15
d.S. "LOCH GARTH" ............ ................ Feb. 16
.8.8. "LOCH RYAN" ..............................Feb. 16
8.S. "LOCH AVON" ............. ...............Mareh" 5
All Sailings Subject to 4'hanae Without Notice
ORn CO, N ANAMA-Av P #55,Tel. 3-11/8 -
rigC BOA-T eB Bidx. Tel. 2-1905




Great White Fleet


8.S. "LEVERS BEND" ................................... Feb. 16
'*S.. "YAQUE" ............ ...... ...... ........ Feb. 1B
'8.S. "CHIRIQUI" ................................. Feb. 2t
S.S. "SANTO CER1O" ........................... Feb. E2.
*S.S. "HIBUERAS" ..............................March 5

fandUns ierrsarled 'Chilled and General Cargo.

*eeklya salings of twelve passenger ships to New York,

- '

Orleans Los Angeles San Francsco and Seattle.

Fortnightly passAnger service on our S.S. CHIRIQUI, to
New Orleans via Santa Marta. Colombia.

Special round trip fare from Crstobal to New fork
Los Anreles. San Francisco and Seattle.

Io Ne r fork .........................246.00
o Los Angeles and San Francisco..........270.00
1To Seattle ............ .....................1365.00


- PANAMA '-2 04 -'COLON 20


SS. WINNPEG ............................. February 16th
S.S PONT L'.VEQUE.......................... February 17th
S S *COUTANCeS" .. .. ...................... February 13th
M.S. CHILI ............. ............. ......... February 28th
SS. ANTILLES .. ................ March l
S S LTBERTE ..................................... March -th

Weekly Fat Carso Senvle. etweem C ili t. salbom a west Coul
of U S. a Ca&md.
Crbls6bal: FRENCH LINE. P.O. oBo M015. Tel. 3-4701 A I11s
PanamA: LINDO A MADURO. S. A. Box 1038
Tel. Panami lIMS3 3-tal

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a beutifulyr S~PPoUlt 1Upe0aeo20 given at her reaidenoe Fri- p.
The u ah .is x
The other Ms w ra M C. Mrs William batham College *
tla .--- L Kocbur, M awrecn~e ami. Visita ing Gamrn

bars, Mdr.
S,.~.,t~~~.,It. lumbu, is the houseguet of her Carbla
at..-, 1. l i m- o a trI .r 1rea un te -- r1baB edaulhtt and son-l-law, Mr. and hl Feb 1 at

pe7,30 ll? awrr ed? ra wlanh hr N wh M with *he p w h Si. s ac d4 Mi e hr chs. Fred N e Ruthd, of Group n Mr. Cd at raed
eXu evi D tehtndpngsete
..e....fwM tu i n. wa o r, i. e "e ..William Basaz Jr.d Ir r. e e. ,in chrc n the a Paci ficS.R Zo e ,n
The brbdi ei ind Fred Newhard, M ". koshli k0 Mrq. Baaham is planning to dn
E other Circle of Mtes ate Mo Lw a Thomas reS pgy

daSE BS Ban of Ancoa. was j-- SAVANNAH, Ga. Feb .19 (VP) Mitchel. known as the NAACP Aulus Def Mrs. Henry Ferri turned- We1 Eday from a w-S- ts I Fa
,4V N (nft Ch -will meet K f Music Lvenr' Kveain Ficets Ciles vet
atL. ml the hoe of The Musl Lovers' Group of. theat awSup
An Ater. .. 11i USBO.JWB Club will meet.Wedust Dhwer Party
." Lt'h. d at w. n rmeet Dmer 1ay h ,Because of confllting afair. yearbko to .... ,.
resedlytheiyathhvThe tsWives i notisAtlgoher Atlti

ib by on at up To Meet Delegaoutt he peoe who have ac- ir HeetGra, Mr. te d di g t ihes he Ruth Group of Mr. u

th ed at t eeor t d N wl together, and held a dinner party the AI Germa
H.e. of at the Brazs Brook Golf Clubary haI decided tr change the Mr. d M t
T i ot o included on thew Dry be. fmrlThursday evening. i rsed Gorofhoner nne

Dr V T Tho piat to attend "y discusseddu the Robinson of Richmon V, re- ic Mr. nth oe M. h son ghtern-law Lt a
ama to n edto bringicnic es ond annual conference thhch onal counsel o the NAACP R Rubel M Lucen riwether of An Air Force track
oxr. ;.and plano by "S Mrs. Conrad Dldrickson, Mr. o.

layed l be held b. 26-28. atto t Leo D ue and Mrs. ter. C. tle o S ifN the weatherao the ple to t
7editO RergDuncan. willbe eaten on thelawnothek,.
r" ''ussT other La1e s attend church. -- '
-,,. l. d a... y:- CzecAthvw ft ere: Mr R. A.nAllen,-Mrs

Sa in le ainsll 'urta ending segregation beOf se the a Dr Oum r M. Wilder, o er l frontier ard drove t
The t ee the la e of the Canal. Zoe R. Calcutt, MWrs. Jihn Camell, ~ i rs. Thomas

Of-th Mrs Carl Cet bin H h:- 11 ofs .Return to Gab
Oar"'y Club met Thursday' a a ond f Rthouepublir of Peanama -o-antl Camera Clubs.oH-rTyo-Czay- liersMr

yaa z -. Tier honae of Mrs. ti Mr. inve to end. ton Msp. John Thomas
eots man of Ancld s S T M BAVeANNAH, Ga., Fe~ .19 (UP) Mltphell. known as the NAACP 'ullus Deltz, Mrs. Henry Ferrl, trdh-, Wedh from a wed-

doyat b 00.p.m'theTFortClaodeH ctowrrGra. Dona s T.LendiThnt The U.S. Srem Crt s ( met othAtitl i Boa-p A PTadn on i a d. Cp. JIr
S assisted byl Monas w a i s Delegates to rthe Sbtheast- watchdogg" because of his ac- Mrs. Hector Grant, Mrs. ar

a n^ n 1n !$or0nade ag^ Wnt e r 180C O To Rehim AMrtl-T.t C
beu yea- ewuer 2, at an.-.MA. Harry P aesid- With en rop enm eRegional Coneed of the tIvity governmental affairs $Hate, Mrs. Roy Hearn, Mrs. Wi- will reside f Gatun. Mrs. ThGen .
o- imd fG a Er if andNational Association Vor the Ad- affectin Negroes, will talk onl am Hopkins, Mrs. Art Hops- as the former Miss Glenn Lee WAIDHAUS, ermany
he he Garden Group of the Balboa Vancement of Colored people "The allot I Your Birth C- tonMrs.Geor Hudns, M Garrison.

Mr Paul Br arre a Gen dm75en to retur home undea rece
d iWom ub will meetWedes-here will formulate policies to tifcate." Theme of the confer-Norman Hutchinson, Mrs. P. Mr and Mr. Merriweter Force returned t
The 0 plan to leave the lustrated talk on "The Birdsofay at 9:00 a.m. for an outing at "end r a c I a I segregation," a ence will be "Life Begins With Johnson, Mrs. Walter Kuhrt Mrs. s i t

lsthIes aon tcin1 .flaue PU Panama," and was assisted in Westwood," the couy home of spe okeouan said today.ieo and ia sld a

P nm a," and wCit- as sisted W.rLe.wirr Atr. OArri vodo nM
ed es wher Petersurgmake Beon work by Mrs. Ida.MMrs. Earl A. Schilling. Dry flower Mrs. Ruby Hurley, reg ionalne a o a pnin n e ds- Mrs. T. G. McGilberry Mrs. wnM n nAr-rllnlti

the. oCAIRO Feb. 13 (UP)- e dictated asoon as the annulnt Honeutt who wa dihared he
ar E. nl Mrs. J. owE. most rangfabulous auction in history was effectiveNAACP secretary from Brming from the Army lastonth, is egeg- turMcLeanT rs. J. Meeh er rh and
The group sent a small far t, opened yesterday as former King vorce proceedingationwouldt irst ing willth a brother in Concord N B. Rainier, Mrs. Roy their sonBe andd Je Sa- a e. i

a nM H.W. Doan, Mrs. B. mind to brings sp collection mos nd annual conference hich counsel of the N ACP; R. W. Rubeli Mrs. Luc n and Gordon Merriwether An tk

 b a d wll eb t e S cou Neb Rws Odk1 dbh e. ned I ul 1 o r i thhir t <
tPhey, Mrsm Perlta, Mrs. V pudgy exiled monarch is eeted He said he married Lake Lure SO (D) country. Anti-Trust Act.
Sen routeah Mrs. Date United to yeld at least in Concord in January, 1950, bt AQ.7n B a ad

r. Julian .tMr.A. E. -.Wis lawyers to sue anyB buying Up fr CanalZone Yeang Men he was stationed at Camp Polkg, e .o. d ,
ra they will make their home "Cuopertin Going Pt the t din segregation be programs the nd1954 Dr. -He sid he lost contact with rQJo7 .ue, o.i. _i

Mn. Roberhvil ateny, Mrs. esay.Tand ThUr4say supreme Court decision sur te e et he Brow until he received a lette r from North-out M. Tn Thre wll be a.i
Those atte.inB, rs. guestSon, step of guara nteeing buye against w Can one Council N. er in. January u h the Atlantic Camera Club Mn- Tw e f e r n a
Cast Of 'e e ico p4 th irty one bert atter won't be handesdowrnesniestic ,d a7Judge 3t--moandmMissbFred&rsoi daylie7:30rs.drme

SAM r aW te rj.JA.D..Sum-legal action~ at early," Mrs. Hurlet of beyon oeupational duty in nor ther y O a m A NIVAL
M tma TheiMrs. E. Fontaine, Mrs. Farok's treaure, ranging Bufrom t are g mf er oie NAACPAmaette Ja.

Berto Ms. E was confiscated T or and "told her repeated in the n J
e ao mpson, Mra. C. A.Beree and sent at e DabloC e -ile. paned eft to the air explorer a don letters from his wife after

nes, Mrs. N. Newm and Dr. The stamp collection, one of the enon acquiring a second hus- my duplicate ames many times
e dle Mao vid ay eLu rinson. ost complete in the world, is ex- o addedband. writes e oynd, Walter Bo"Yun. us o I sne toeGs Bh

D nson ieolenzd S Gs of mMier presetfor th included pected to fetch at least $3000. eirt activity after the scout- Ie U.waS e hands of the whole of Brooklyn, an Ahe rLdes Bow- iarnned ft urne
day at 3 SER0 p.m VICES the Fort C n. Thweek. sale og f EIM ian stalAp o-rama whictedh w rulqe cths s on e on Del rates frn youth counl y qli te wi' art was hi crewman, ask f y
S Ch c lara W Mrs.Det days. even with two se s a cmm eb. 20, w be a "Wt lw opens the jack of lbert

ll r G alMr ost every htae d the onstituick March 2, 27 aI nd 2 c.ege hapr n le i aitendto do. East always
All fd to thee Sudan eNIn. CV.Ru ies e arse r.John S. Wat. A* Imatiuu Perftula t .ll he eton nuln t aswis withhe ace. If East then CANAL AGENC S. .A.
ited to f nd the.eremony son, Mrs. Eto om, Mrs. H. T. given sh a. tl martin i b eh is.te Georgia, M.ssippi, P a m start o W e- A t PLan MA

inear year just to asss and afternoon. Throughout the en- er maker five diamonds, two Phone 2032 Panama___ __
v .. cata.e. The triki a trenc period the explorers will e ANAZAWA Japan. Feb. 1e and the two back s.
al .. rates ct the wondelHolton McrsIoarden S. Sheke, theed o afternoon, n their campingte know- eP) T wp y.ount lovers bleis A e siem Ra ies wo r 'k -
Thid Birthd ayt Mrs. deorge V. Daniels, Mrs. Wal- night performancr-s being giv3nw egnon. per at, d Tepneams e 4il artio l latl i side ladies who are

Vmore than 2000 wa hes, n"al ow with a Roa'of 650 out o( themwives up with a stlck fa spade at the second trick. South
Str A. Dryja, Mrs. Joseph J. espeeall for adult theater o-conferen as o qualce ty for dynamithe n a hotel room tod er must j cordiallymp up with the ace of

MasreAlous stoneston their eondnero, Ms. F franklin K. V th andt, man' broth spade order to begin the dia- A
f1.andMn. Carl W. ir Mrs. Wesley H, Toesenit their man onrre hs ace of on L tl l

SAfter cap hs been set-up Hotel staff members rushed clubs is removed. If growth finesses
d th'U. S. Nvl Stallion, R OUnHarry L. Bach, Mrs. Car] P. Hoff- the center aislf are. be re n the p n te q (UP)- A group of promi-We
mla, cole at.. third., aniver |- man, Mrs. Edward Sheridaenm and erved at $1 00 eachh, with te nr n s whe explon ro d win and reurn a cb.W nent rgentie political e te
geddtml afternoon her house. gs, Miss Mary Shert- rest of the theater seats being m e flor of the mpsturned dpowi today the charameed by Me
gr. rndis Mary Green, both eneri Admission" at 75 cents t o return home unerder a remakes his contract

S couts, rty a w Mrs. young couple in by developing the dramonds at er A Svin Acc
Mats..I Riad :Sergea t, Mrs. Elmer" 1 ctor Herr, will pla,, the over-BI E 3eo decision said the Peron govern Federally u andg lhaeI

 amwil plays1 G e enode uHaIg Ih e ment of Argentina operates out- toDap ganT $.
k.. Msohose attending eluded Paula J M d Feeney. tre and wll play weenthe -
1..k I,. ani, F *rW anu A d-AndPOL beW N'nFeb. 1- Zhr'wa husband Robert L-e w duHoecum a ere de We make loans with eluarantee, onrfp.t anrd sab S

d e refs vme services SUnday morning, f*( ha been able to establish the dia-no ph- tofie a108
th, Broeives Club was held IF.- katafter Mrs. ReeAe said In mer petition Writtenfr ANA Icee The rop mIncludes- r, of An e
lattuduV' Wedethet. ter Far tnd o husband she had married Reeee sn April 1, the Chamberk of Deputies ecaric t and W l
r re, Landa DOieb Officers. The LeeonCor- was. miss in Kl" u5n ed to- 1953 in York, S. C. after she ====
reLind Mem .te '. hanrananed by Mrs.. n r .to sbboth o awsp w"heard"Honeycutt was missing in tiohdTamLade, 'has
G'me :at.ors. Fry.s nd re*LuuH ce an d Lake eNORTha ct Tonwhoe brota.her untlgn ar
.iblei W_--9, hirfilda eion *k..nulmedt bitaher qf tiwen1she'6 44denti eZ ine e
i xy W rs, la Jeieenth bre 2andtplrelb t hei wa save and vin 0623 of Salts, has been jailed by Pe- advlsemept r 1v moh
S. J. Beaydry Mrs. T. G. Douland, CAIRO Feb. 13 -(UP)-T h e indicated as soon as.the annulment Honeycutt, who was discharged # A 7 roe for the nasA four years; Al- The counter-cla .fa
MrI. F. E. Council Mrs J. E. most fabulous auction in history was effective, she would bring di- from the Army last month, is ]iv- WESESTA2 roanoAruoMAnv. Z Jo e nihadt
CLlbyrf, Mrs. K. DaveVort, opened yesterday as former King vorce proeedings against first Ing with a brother in Cncord, N.r hKJ10686 5anviaia. Jleta- and Ces
Mxa. H.W. Doom, Mrs. L.M. Dren- Farouk's stamp collection moved C. He said he was not aware that K J 10A46652yavia dletrhc aind Wp test
nab' Mrsm A. H. Foster, Mrs. A. under the auctU0neer's gavel at the y t his wife had remarriedGuntil "OlIs e 0Ax74 tbey said theoeary on the matre n it uethting u p

i]h.ey,S~ i-'V, Peralta, Mrs. V. pudgy exiled monarch, is pepted He said he married Lake Lure SOUTU (D) country. Anti-Trust Act.
Rchmo rrs. David _per, to yield at least $,00,00% 'in Concord in January, 1950, but -A Q 97
.-.. Mrs.r" V.W. 1,, .Yu Faroukwhas threatened through Extensive FExplorerProgramenet theywseparatedin April, 1952. whiiP Y K Q a
rn.the property, but telptiann Anxtensive program for 1954 Ia. Hle said he lost contact with QJV
*. Mrs. Rober t. atheny, Mrs. R.F. government has taken tU 11-nsuselup frontheexpIloreLis her until he received a letter from S e 4u
2 'Muolla ,Ms. W. G. Nelson, step of guaranteeing buy Agaalst of the Canal Zone Council No. her InJanuary 19%3 while he was Bo Wud Noel h gag
-1..-rs, .,. 14aW Mrs.J. D.:Sum- legal action. ,O1,Roy Scouts of AmerIca, by on ocPuptional duty in nonther 1 psa
:, 4d'amlugi t of'tow. r 1iLE. Fontaine, Mrs. Farouk's treasure, ran .hfrom new explorer eoimitt~e Japan. 1 Pas
D6.- ,ggo, 1, W. Walk- the most exquisite wo,-.of art heae x Goraerc A. Doyle, Jr. He.said he corresponded briefly I Pa. n 2U NCI
IS eMr. .IN,Audgin, Mrs. shocking items' PhY, noted "bush=lWa' and explorer. ,with hipr concerning an allotment Pgns TPNI
SBornman, Mis;. wl-k when President Iyear--ohda and oler and ar- letters to get a divorce." Opening iad-- J

ar. along, nay. land explorers bnd sea explo- her remarriage but she did not "I have slipped this hand into
nes, Mrs. R. N. Newman and Dr. The stamp collection, one of. they.ld oe ax or acquiag a second hus- my duplicate games many times.,'?
Bal.oa 34 7 Mary Lou Hinson. most complete in.the world, Is:ex- ban..write UW
3Guests ofmin m e tber a Included peeted to fetch at least $300,000. First activity after the scout- ba wash my hands of the whole o s Brooklyn d, W"anthersult is Up.ou
ARMED SERVIMES Mrs.- D. -J. Markn, Mrs. F. The sale of Egyptian stamps o-rama. which will be conducted thing," he:said. ohale y o q;;Wet n" r Occasional-y, courtesy of your
Holdren, Mrs. L, Lit, Mrs. Stuart, alone is expected to require four ov the camping and activities however,. it produces fireworks.
'Miss Clara W6odrinil, Mrs, Dietz days. even with two seislons a commltte Feb. 20, will be a "West always opens the jack of "Gilbert Hall of ,
end Mrs, Hughes. r day. This sub-colletion includes rendezvous when wll Ube held at pLovers ha agaL, t three no-trump, as
R- .andMr Hu-h-s--- ~almost every stamp Egypt jnd the t. Otillck, March 20, 27 and 28. .a.....hLeoIsvetendedt a o do. East alwas
To Meet Tueay is original sketches and being arranged from the ne Btame returns a heart, Southhas
______A combined lunvteon committee signs. Friday. late r-I% alla.the time In the world to de-oCATE

e n But Garnd says he wIlW not Following th.. rendezvous, a 'Once, and only once, we had
resiran As he pu it: "They dumber of other activities wl'l an exchange of brilliancies when
can expel me If they wh. I ill in the balance of the year: both South and East were very CHR ST MV
Ssh all entinue to regard my- pme unit, some district and fine players. East won the firs.
self as seout. The scouts ar* some council sponsored. It is trick with the ace of hearts and
Iet politleaL I oirate an a planned to secure a sponsor who duly returned the king of clubs. .
-t S Sgoodsout. When Inthe wIl recognize explorers ho hike "Thi put South on hismettle deposits re accepted thru per
71 -. Toning Co'MUtitot League L the Los Crioes trail wft the He wai the second trick with dum-
.*..- .-s~at "a a gsod ye oUtg C imn presentation of a oppeak medaL my's ace of clubs, got to his hand f 4 wepk
alst*A 3" nThis wI be done on a uftleve'L with the queen of clubs and led O 0 WeekS.
If saltabe arrange "tan- I9the queen of diamonds for a fi-
-. mepts can be made, it i oped ss East naturally held offIndividual safety deposit boxes, for ry
-ficsB I rp .% ', condtct some sort of a boat bust was well aware of what documents, in 4 different slue.
6A NISea h -Amlrace from ocean to ocean. Week wasng eon. He knew that East ,
ran fndencampments onsomed aof woldh't hayv led the king of clubs OFFICE IN PANAMA. COLON dRAMisN .
T q=In.s-. I with some OFFICE IN PANAMA
"1. 41V= V grer"sy triOlpa. E ona P rPt ~ *itti are tb pI threatening diamond a It. Ceantr Al Ae. at t
PIMPLE bird. Trip to Bar1 Coloraordt o r nI teet.
MM w .m se AI NO w a ,,. v will be ther on a "So outh eotaed with a dia- -
- z f sl -- "_ unit modiactel. ad eBnd to the ace, after which he
uontor.kdirce hurtl, sand ksj1 *. A. DW ROUX, CARLOS MOU
a re to bve en al n -y sihwing u took te th s and the jak At U, ,R
of,, &-athe ApI, S Zoo. e.0I, f e s..ll s ,uanal step was to Maa. -.-.;'
51.UMexit with the ie im s, allow-
mp-f yml A hilade, Of M1te0t tomost y ng mN.t hag Wt to i W thte ten. West HOURSe ..-
At 1;810 -As Te t week. cu ld eath.h ls st heart bat then m
.. ...a an. n nn v had ti lad pas upto decinr- m 8"8 0 t5W .a..-
,d w S *veli -l
i' i ~~;10 M~ nt" I *""

- *-- "-* ...
,*: -..* -r -l. -*

-.. -*: _. -.


,- *--
4 ~- K -~



S12 words


". *L ; :,' *_' .
'* -'.- ; ..
, -. -. .- *.^ f -/.' ,-.,



7 Street No 13
JUM Aroemmen Ave. and 33 St
8 Street No 26 __

H Strepr

Cwsf A". I*
No. S Lottery Plaza
Fourth 91 July Ave. -

til .;a'AN
N. I

Agenela Intimal. de Publielielon J FrAJMAVL
46 Central Ave.o ,M .
Paque Lefevre 7 Street ,
10 Clentral Ave. J. I gil_

.8 akm. untill 4, &.. dai b
A representatives of *\(
1 xrill be in attendance

Household Auitomobiles DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic, Gromich Santa Clara Beach cottages. PROFAL d
Central Avenue "K" Street. Cotner. electric refrigeration, gas stoves. .P O (li lly u nt1a3 l lcan.?
SALE:-Sideboord, Ivngoom I OR SALE:-1952 Mercury Monte- Telephone 2-3479, Panama: moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or "E,_!_._ _hti 1| o_ l ld. u The afl nl.f
Simmons double bed. desk re' hard top Mere-o-matic. For H coloshampoo 4-567 G A tha e w ill b e from 3 u to 5 ,1
ry, washing rchine. refrig O ly $1,850. Coil between 4 and Have a color shampoo. it brightens -- ._GITRow_1 N111the 1le will be tr am 2 to i p ,p
Hlary, waring r e, rcehnea. 7nly p. m. Curundull b3-284. the natural color and it covers Foster's Cottages. One mile pot .and from 6:30 until 9 p.m.
a 3 rugs large, venetofn 7 p-.mF Curundu 83-7284. gray hair. Cristobal Clubhouse Santa Clara. Please bring your F A B S PR A Y
and other household aI- FO(- SALE.-1947 Ford Tudor Super BeouLy Shop. Mrs. Esther Lorenzo, lnens. Phone Balboao 2-1866. PUTS NW Th.iK O u eC I" t -.OUre have been arranged
House 100 Apt. 11, Gain- De Luxe. Excellent mechanical con- Ma.uger. WILLIAMS' Sonic Claro beach Cot- aO LDw tn give employee of the .C
C. Z. Call between 3-30 and d_____n._Rado__$450.00._0859,_WILLIAMS___ortClarableachmCot-_l
.weekdays. Mut sell by Feb. Cleaner Place, Balboa. FOR NOSALE tt r emden Tt A Te PAr Sabr.
FOR SALE -1950 Buick 4 doors, weekends. ortaAB-bPmod"tA I. .Apn *t fo dwua be acid on.
:--Venetian blend 0 ft low meoge. Wonderful condition. Mlee iMOUne ouw pes. Ocenda Portal. S-s i.a.0, bas ods will be d on an
IRORS, tables, cabinet 4h Street. Hom 18 POODLERS FOR SALE: Thirtee Clero. Box 435. Balboa. Phone a buyerq must arrange for nces-
Sdesks, electric co.'t. DRES- 46 treer.-- boxers., French poodle puppies for Pnem. 3.1877. Cristobal 3-1673. mp sar customs clearance for ar-
Sto 11 yeOrs. Mscellaneou. FOR SALE.- 1951 Hudson Super 6 ,ele, reasonable. Finest bleed line Houses on beech. Santo Cloar. Also P*ore. o tices POrted into the Repub-
cheap. Shrpne. 10 Pros- edn, Rodo, Ventilator, 20000 beth sides. weo0ly. tme slick. in COOL Coalyn mountains. It tr l beC Of Panama.
Quarters 90-A. Albrook A. F. Base. Call 800 or 945. Colonel. or ee caritakertwr the a Trit moreq(an 00 Items to be.
,.treet. Telephone 1389, al-' urler. GoAd condition, $1.500. MOat b seen to be appreciated. Phone SHr La gaolboA 1389 u .her Th' mote i 600 items to be1
.----Ra bPhone 86-6170. --_ sold represen an accumulation
S--Rattan dining table. 60 OGRSES FOR SALE: Three riding F R ~~-- C of u? Iinc ed freight and baR-
Mahogonv buffet. Rattan'FOR SALE:.1947 4-door Dodg~ so- horses tsth stalls at The Lone Star FOR RENT 4 III Splany1,m s t, gap whic hhve arrived on-the
rattan, cc.ffee table. mo- daon, $600. Very good condition. Stables in Curundu. One dapple cavUm pfetf a the pst year.
y van ,rh bench and me- Tel. 3-4845, .48th St. No. 7, grey horse 16 hands high. suitable HOUe stOUans ,- r- eeks. Water ipelt. Houehol o ana pll-
'aniy wadtht, one dalomina 2y handse .. .-OR ENT -urns Houe.hraawaf.ea r ,,e 1
E. Chiffonier, electric floor FOR SALE- 1948 Buick 4. door so- or adult, one dark bominy horse 13 nds RENT-Furnished House. Three A t ater toolperohal e t,
ecelrent cond,.n. Qur- don ih radio. Will cfice. Telehone4124, Quarters -A bedrooms, parlor-d.ningroom, two f, goods, cosmetics, clothing, farm
519 B. Curundu Heghs, of- 545. 2-3322. O LE. o i -- baths, kitchen, patio with bar. 2 GEO. F. OVEY, epme sewing machines, au-
St3:30 evenings FOR SALE: Mercur3 convertible FOR SALE -Four year old horse for car garal. nd one maid's room. 275 Central Ave. eI. a Atomobile parts, tire and tubes,
-Frigidareerator 51. New top, good pint,W-S child. Genteasy to hnd. Call 6th Street Golf Heights. Telephone andeo articles wll be for ale.
.00. Bendix automatic wash- 1 t.res. overdrive. Radio. Excel- Army 88-87. 3-1245, Paonoma.
S machine. $60.00 Both in per-. lent motor. Con be financed. Tel. FOR SALE -Piano made in Ger- FOR RENT: Complete furnished Lean Balronkit ICan ing
-gcondition. 25 cclie La Boca Panama 2-4468. rna ny especially built for the trop- chalet, three bedrooms, livingroom _I Win
d 'No. 95-B.36 Tlehbone 00. I-OSA-LE-Chrysler Wndr, like Bargain, Colon th Street and drn hrgr1om, maid's room, gar-
ba, office 3677. Balboa. new. 1951 low mlege, No. 19 8052 Store 4-7 p. m______ age, good neighborhood. Second No el Bf l .FAfn T 17
A SALEn-Leav Isthmus. Bar-I 45th Street.. FOR SALE -Girl's 26 in. bicycle. $8. Avenue, San Francisco No. 94. Tel- Hears: 4 to pm. La I
in price: Lngroom. diningroon -- Corozal new housing area, 6410. phone 3-4531 and 3-2858 for ]Pap..3-1ge 4oag I
m set. General Electr', re. FOR SALE.-1941 Plymouth. good appointment aall Dr. Del Rio.
'gerator. Magic Chef toe Metal condition. Near Colon Motors FOR SALE:-200 ft. 3-8" wire rope, Piano for sole A-I. condition. mb, Te E i 1
d cha N.- ..2". Peru,' Fromr 9.00 a. m. to 4.00 p. m hemp center, two 3-8" 'tackleho Chlarles.t S B, _,e. ; '
enue apartment -2 Ask for Julio Feder bloc., brand new, never used. FOR RENT: Four-bedroom house. Walt, Few'ret, IP
nue rtment FOR ALE-Snger Roadster Qtrs. 2153-A. Curundu. 83-5294. completely furnished with swimming WAS itNGTOX, Feb. 13 (UP)
SALE:-Solid mohogan double FOR SALE-Snger Roadster good-- pool situated in Cero Azul or Goofy rrt .f R aillal clean u-paint
d, night rtoble. Rattan chai, condition, best offer over $800.- fOR SALE --Potlera, Estudiante St. Lake. Call Tel. 3-0769, business, U n & up tbl brleau a p-pid today
.'SOc, and End table. *i porch CO. House .75 H, Curundu HOgis. No. 75, Apt. 2. Phone 2-5159. hours. Hammon nd., was grand win-
des, 4 Venir.on bi.nds. ne a ne 5197Ae' Curundu. Pdor position dereal FOR RENT:-Completely furnished 3 Arer its "national cleanest
Icken wire. ione calme FOR SALE:-1951 Poniac. 4-door .oSition r fere bedroom house with swimming pool. 25 Cile Refrigetators tow" contest. or 1958. .
I I' tnow sut. size 2 Wall rr- Hydromoatic. radio, undercoated. Available for 2 months, 3-3069
Phone 3-1614, New Cristo-' Call Navy 3160 aftoer4-3p2 0WANTED: Experienced beauty estingpouse, poreelala I & Hammond also won top place
380-B. 2nd St. operate for Gatun Clubhouse Beoi- OR RENT:-Chalet in Park. out, 5, 7, 9 cu. ft., I year in the 50,000-to0100 popula-
...-.- FaOR SALE: -- Chevrolet 41, good ty Shop. Phone 5-411 or 5-248. two bedrooms, diningroom and snaranJtee. Easy pD ts See tior category. San An t6n10, Tex.

--1 each medresser ond I | ____ Mieellaneo ing-diningroom, 2 bedrooms, gar- c l .- al certificate for "aontinuoU
2112-, Curundu 86-3148 -- WANTED -Studio Couch-A-1. and0 age. one -C foIRt bePR Ce
cen 7-3. WANTED 1951 1952 1953 porch or lawn furniture.' preferably 0. m. LNIKheKALIV`1 beau tlfcati
a-USED CHEVROLETS PLYMOUTHS, meaor metal weave. State, price. I A The bureau tea ribes n tselfx as
hLE -Mpscellnousm fumrure PONTIACS. We PAY CASH ON, Drawer "R" Ancon C. Z. FOR a A. a nonprofiteorp estio an vot-
F- SAL 'R.;- "e-- S ALE FOR RENT:- Furnished alTet a cSe r eanA"toep is re eivcg-

ngSA mEt Balboa. caEr St.. ePhon. 2A966. LOST:-Fawn color dog, name LVLartn ToUtO wo PO WiAteon cpeoV ioooton oo.-
a.d d S Hl, I -n cora rirtaiand Loc r b edr o9 bhot, cold waterTe- 00 C 10, ond 00,I

nrk-ben se t. OR S3o-A rr Cl .pone 2-4966 FOR .SAeo th r ales olro doPa nLa. uE7s op- V a partment,Ph o,4ent w4 ma e anaratis fTro r- 13,bln
I k i t c h e n t o r e s p e ab-e ._ o r_ S p l e n d idi s P h o nb eho omsn eot c ol d w e t ter Tned or bEd- sof ot io n to r y1 0n 0 0 0 A tl an a d,
A t J* F R E N Te o Ra Estunda t a cdose ZoP ne. a 4 d Street No. 13 onde -.,over. Ba0tetl e b o, rr t n
_E :- M odSe Orn TRHis & H r dres- I F O R S A L E Park. N notify telephone 3-4008 eirri V Anam a elphia,0
So daer Panamaint 'd FOR RENT:-Two bedroom aport- TRANSPORTES fi t-rst ,P1 50 .
sIo-b r all y nT E w- 19u llbr-e 9 me rt situated In El Co ngrrjo 3-5 Call an TEra l0er- Tr- sr.t, landu ,V tc on.
so 1524-J. Gavilan Area.lo rei _______ _____ _0-.fi0st, _
WD0 nd 3-07,69. business hoursnAaTE R,- S .Ctegore VaI.- 100,000 to 500,-
SA eFOR SAoLE-Cushmn scooter good FOR SALE FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment Packers. ShippersANover*D 000-first,-San Antonio; sec-

SA lEcondition Phone Crsto bal.Y 3-248. Splendid loca.treet No. one twoF. DEEM ondtie between Atlanta and
ALE. SELL OR TRADEEDS FO R SALE: -FCompletely furnished Vt weveT.ptgths pRr S ta0 lr0t. e ad r
and disc SanderO I HP. 1u PouSe Po A d home in Cerro Campano mountainsate. FOR RENT:- bedroom apartment, N IT EA YHammondH nd.

Ichylet o tp Bea dt e a bderR. EN C-rrn nii hed w rith he Oce, limae. Only 38 two bat. F hroomsmaids room, in ipert Mennc in Ultra. 25,000 to 50,000
i b mt vr y M a kihn too rcatal Pn ho miles from Pan Business p- Vista del Mar. Phone 3-5494. mali and Hydramatc Tas fs I land ParkMich.

n thrs3 at 7l pm r kt e 3b opportunities Phone Shrapnel, Brl- OR RENTn -Furnished re b I- offer is professions. Category VI 10,000 o25,000
7. FOR L PLYMOUTH, Wr______ 1 Category

mturi SeroeCubto-itudhy h- l SOhrape. BRING hU nd Co roobedroomrcshd Eope rra sed.vs fir std2.a.oe
am~netT and lh 36non, tabo he. 50,oDYeNaDWrerhisd nday. $0 eo .lh.,dge. e '" F hom e I
ey envoeed Re p_ er T aurosho rOEs ieFOR SALE: M meMASt t $130.00. 2-1715 or 3-i2517 Repairs NO installation ofs n l

o rap' --our -Igerot r N ore -o frca Coul o nt e in ofm__ 810....R ENTlhadDn inrtmentuen eriei nmtwn | || -n
Iansgraphy League Mt b nd entran ce, suitable o a TSModern Insulated. FOR RENT:-Sma apartment, fuAr- s s. water heaters.etc. Ca grVa1 r t 5n W t .
ATrsm eth lo Cat or bachelor. El Carmen. Avnido2-bedroiran house, thermostat he ea RTnished T rhone o2 ret T e I Mceri r v y u er o ,000,
wl'hct Se7rv.3e D b FO07tophA god. Co p- c larade iioned porch, l El tPilebatTongo l'o 2 7no p. m m IA a31m "a0I--o1erA 0
.a.a. ald l .arit aboen Pear ea u du oes. gioeo otif dItooel epehs for bdroo moInd 311ro nh- io st lda ro Va.; second.
la l the Armed pFoessr dreo- r.WANTEDt g n u, the aloer. e. T o el- .n--_ o er oe_ TalS a: 2-2582 n chon steaueVa.
i b es r nly inew bre. -epho- e Balboa3467 OR- RENT:-Modern E aparloment, ALL WORE GUARANTED.
r-i'a r-e. ao iabre t-. C9. ,, osALA FFR.BEN XbedroomsH complete fo el eSy furnished. _____ __- Iuro ft _oon. a
--toono there league a.whi chre. rgt property ine St Cr i" PR ..45t1 Street No. 34-A. $15000. O-fa L
FOy entered th Le pictu ea I so WANTEDt ---Furnihoeda rsteters, La o RENt-- iThd eoerment IIhm elE peet 0 n b ht e .tn e
Si the aoor Ama- American couple for three ortd. y C suitablfr a combination of te an IS IT REALLY H1
tiraphy League. Must be modern. nicely furnished qners. LThe price, $10,000. And t. l r information 33rd St. No. ons d t

edroupmets e very AMon, rian good los ationCll Pan- ofteas -l ed g and e or 50 fl 27. t-p7t LaCrosd s d / to Bte Sponsore
anm Thursday at 7 p.m. at I ortt e 2144. to purchase this for vacation the yeat' OR RENT: -Furn isedroom apartmn.H- ^i e necessarily se lijc e
S and tri, s upe ande w ber Feb. 3 income. Furnished, 3,200 M2. w OR RENT:- edr apartment. address and .252 et
exhibitsce anlub tosteudy,-to nEe o nd wicrifice to csh buye. No. 82 bedroom beside90.00. El CPanama.e Mrs e u. Ell-a Heurtematte anh
Iaes invoh ab ad in proper an oat oes. P individag Road or room 331 T4 e First Avenue, Mari Building No. 1 Mr. Leiih i Cramer, io-chair-
aehdiCevtOes cottage is completely furnished. In Telephonei 3-07 77 men for the ftvl, er ain m cnetaa
rdes o'eripg photoger, b in haphyl Iro I'ad FOR SALE--Good ,tore l n excellrosent FOR RENT: Furnished 2 bed-room T C QUALITY may be obtained from ed
tir, the league arie r Le tCoursen location on Centrtiallyl Avenue, steady apartment, inroom, hous e of street rCe rst, n bd tefs l, p anc
liaira it to a ll parts o f Pan- n F es f doe limes aPondomangoes, trees for bedroom. Vos sto ond Nrefrigertors. ing-di m, kitch- le d
A ill sore sponsor pho-e leagu fruit, shade. and fodence. 814Access88 M. FOR RENTModernfurnished op- en wre teUlephoning the Union C

S onl organtesaton of it beach. P. 0. Bo3657. Balboa. nc. e ment in Bella Vistgh fors. a couple For Hi-FI UnitS Panama 2-1500 or IAWC head-

In ful' operation In a local forman elr'Edn u 645.92 M. with 3 bedroom. House only for two months, starting a(arten Dinner reertayions tor
r, Service po N b. tontfo r hn -20 a i re'l t,"e'' e ner o 983.84 M March 20. Ct.1 telephone 2-3438 A 8 MOROlOe who wsh may ald be,
attiesulregavailable toldThetCan.l Zone chapter o? fOnRd SAL E1",--'eBUILDING:SSultaloe alc,,9.dor )rp oh e festiVa. Is
eroup.- teie Alen Red Cross wi ll of f Acrwo use, shop Corner 50thurhro. T -io or 3 -3268 7. "C or Mrs. Mon. to raie ath ne the Un Club.
league i comprIse l la faan.t e 12th. Streets, Son Francisco F0R RENT; o- n oberoetm apat chOLA times to bnWh le ucn
coOnl members who takeiainin volunteerss to serve ICAw heater. Exs..ian o e
e of the varlouf- org t'ia- Amffa u lr b.din n Ancol F. ALE:-At Gorgon c Goncrt dren, 4ds. Cunrba Avenue. byributla evenn or thaes and-arnatit-
fl s as e Clayt on. Tuer house, on beutdroom nroew home. n tl. 32 2 tion andfor te needypublic throughout

fu ctio$ su ch as "sr -#godo8. week The ofel 3- dinn29room combined, kichen and F R RENT:-Unfurn2shed one bed- 1 No. 1 Via EPs p to make their tesyrvations a
sreducati onand aprrm eon- ar ,n m 8-30 am to n bolh. 2 989 m 168 ss In addition ntreted g
and trpsalisaru*T n..3 the-i Phonou i 83-4177ished, Curundu. wilOR RENT:-Modern pushed apartment.- 2 o ,t e i.,, i i wl l b l-
sUP li a at the bosp',aiand will coft... .... oe crifice to cash buyee r No. 82 bedragus,$9.0E

oa i s. d g. -Hape E o;P _____________r____ _t._orso. Rd SLIP COVERS wdd
exhbis.e bedroom besideUEl Pon07-,
amraand p learb and t the' rages. he er __ttin__beds__Hotelr91. Telephone 3-0777. men for the festival, said t0cieet,
thea ettr In Serfiorus Shape t!vtes e OR RENT:-ely furnished e, 2l dERINr r Old Civil
M t aprt.s L ,-lt...I | nd oek.rehes|, edoo. n nrm. h- ~ Ware Vata from co
K'twei leogesos di eosr ora- ar' s. iU-t fptal C |' d nId f l eoer st n s ta143r t. a.; rn Oemr or at by Unipon lu I.

or nt:ss then photoe clir N ea IOI. CalPaaa C2lle9 .ner g-aos Msoerd Fo GreOrtSor -A ricaI dssi -

lown RE-2 turnish dNEW YORK :U.p.) -- Chdl ra *M eg," I
4 i) .todterall wip. L S~iM nnis milter use. PaOn- are more lined to put their almes modaI V
M A C. l l l s s a m= d ,a m
3 003.. ..Ca f50N o.25. away whe there's an attraedv Riddls aow of rAveI
Lalt pm Rdttordln.-chief r4 Mtmitre f e
"er%- 10I areeplastie shoe Ug wito k Oe.|e WIereanefmi

- a- res',-n

." .----.-r _-:------ ml Molther (-oow ehaftetn -
YANTED. .: i~i hougkoew the .m
sib* M
.; L- .,. "... .. o .. m.. --.: .

IuTs a Uneman-UIH asum uiw"
and" h M d covpt. Topp
He Is one of seven Ge
,- .. '

fr- ma pilot 11erbe1t A.' '"
Vy which has a quilted lInada tel
acnsiall paddles strapped to hI wr
ma who are training at the Hohi
Fi(vertty of the Air."
.'".^ ,'

AND IT'i&S OLDO UIO..-- MauW.,.bI t. o....
prices, but the gals seen to be going for Iced tea depits the
winter weather. Bight ut of every 10 women among he& 1500
employes patronizing the, office cafeteria opMated by Ufdory
Stores at the Bhidgeport Brass Company's IndianapoLs plant
Want teed tea with their hot noon mqals. Typicral is scene above
where Mrs. Helen Medlock, left. draws Iced tea for Mrs. UOwl
Pingl Mrs. Muriel lYoutsey an04 Marfetta Piemror as epeteldes.
; -,-- ,

4 i

HAPPYfriYiTIMAY-A birthdaye card," .a u'-
44th anniversary of the Boy 80outs of Amedre Fl ar
TV star Loretta Young wttb two Saout frJendt e B '
left, and Bob Schwarz. National Boy Scout We s W,


. p .

Spo.rrs.N 4' 2-T 3-2 3.
vow i .m.. ;'W t 0 .1
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i' n,- *' .
. ..... .

at i, '. -. -. m'... R HOLLYWOOD (N-A) Be- row is that x Cox' Ws
S ." ......L .1'. .. ,i \ nod the Screen Candidate No. 1 are shop .t
WASHINGTON, Feb. ,13 (UP) RepublCOanS'd wor btheo eOcar jd Bever me te. a Pate it d
mocrats marked Lincoln's birthday yesterday with a if he happens ... acquire a gold- a rear a "fig Town."
rrae of aug oratory toppe by a Democratic demand .. i e ecowa- reg Eular .A.. t h.. '
I a resident enhowr fi)e GOP National Charr m Rnrmpedn urt Lancaster can take app ft ial e1 to
rd. o W. Hall. the- ~emai and the glory, be says, by n the of v ry
A few temperate ices were roailed, itlduding thosi s fr nt .n- an ome tuai are. r eas
tDefens Secetary Carles E. Wilson and Senate ft w VR^kinne`1hve de W SS bWooin t
.. blican leooder William F. Knowland. But they were al" -aed, "But e role isn't rea of bats who hd t ar
', "e- st drowned out by a. round of epithets that came only Academy caliber, old man." g.overnmentt.ibdo
t d a r o b 'no of .e s thaptcam m "o Oscar or no Oscar I'llplay any- Iof "VIley of
S" o'days ofter Mr. Eisenhower's plea for political mod- 'thing I think i commerala," ays till urging Pharaoh-a
ration Burt, echoing the sentiments of aches ... .........
,,. -,..-- .- ....onG. Gary Cooper, Humphre3 Bogart ..
m. -RELL A VIe5lPTA In New York, Ben. Homer Fer- He said he never had "gone in and Clark Gable, three Academy .. rC._.m
.m.A/ VI i.son (R-Mloh.) told a Lincoln for blanket Indictment ot the winners who didn't join the artistic
1:1(. J :0,151 i. Kw --^ ..... T-eu ...... as a. oa- set and let their Oscars ruin their
l~~. "" ".y _.. a lp-traded the febood of Amerl- ralton." careers. n It .lJ
:! a ON PANORAMIC SO n youth in Korea tor a war- Knowland declined comment o D
thN As Htnmee s economy that promoted oc Jenner's soeeth because "ev- ETERNITY REALLY CLICKEDT O WI
Fro i the i"ony prom erity to save ery peraon who makes a speech u. in I
Saturday FPr.ecntlW and 'eItr jobs." He said h b o assume his .own responst- Burt's emoting in "From Here. f Ss te
N a ew Deadler" want another d. .ilty." to Eternity" put him out in front* '
resaslon to elp win the NSoem- lLos Anreler. Vice Prealdent in the annual "best" sweepstakes ,
-vrcongial electlass. cardad M. Nixon backed tihe but he's sti scratching his head Installatlw of the veutry coi-
,, T'Bhooaa ZE. Dewey of New President'a view for the second over why the film clicked as it did. ndttee elected for this yeAr o
charging that theSmocrats President wants his official fam- "but none of us thought of the p tlc-Inr admia.serlnl the arl .
"ov'rnmt w iror men oSdJctivgs b ."it was just one of those films e arilst omorr w 7 a.m.
and women who wer daecr Obd In New York. Wilson lashed that added up when it was put to-. Comprising the oommitte, are
3..s security o althogh- out at those whc rnk the only gether. It sticks with you It just old Hyoten, garden Ivan
... some case "tha descri t was way to keen employment Is by comes off."I Har ods eretar K .
,iot_ ".... man out-and-Out un er state- lo bsely vendng hu O m fr Harris, par treasurer; tor
art.pnRdrRA! ment" la ttacks ci those who ce- e, "His Maestf O'Keefe," and Kenneth owen, dimund Morris
tFAMiOFCALCTTA" nstso h erGOP Ra ps ta dlet a derrOlado s "Broncho Apache, Burt's now Ethelrldoe panels.
S" rA OO CALCUTTA" onDemora-tn egeenallse ,R i veddel."ns oeOxico.bou nd for another, "Vera Another feature of this service.
OF ,'aoehnicolor Louis C. Ranaut (D-Mich.) Call- But he did not specifically be- ,, fol rn wh and Gary will "eL the monthly corporate
i ned on Eisenmower to fire Hall labor the Demwolr ats andd Gary will be the monthly corporate
wi tth I -ubr S i ? a r lpaLig reference to Cooper will bat .ach other around communion by there young g eopI.
ai-E hade C o iS. th o,,t a1ealb "Nlew Deal' Wilsonconcentap t as Cable and Tracm once did. He'll Taking pait as preacher and
In ,P 7 EL had. "gnored then- -e--e'Ad- ed 6liths accomlshs athe mIns .the Oscar affair because of huest ceelb'nt ill be the Re,.
v ie to rdtheGor we a Eisenhower adminis tratld the film and a ys: on hn H. r owiesaend, executive
Cabinet meOm bs t d- ticlav. n his field o d- other, am glad I won't be eretarv of. the diocese.
E. ance to l- *mqcra.--e-I th
BeSgins the pielenten se ryr.. s
L. PLUS. -- disenhowerIhi C msel ewas o l t awh .ee sanemorn
S..Eisenhowe3 d a ,We~uW as- h w hi f a Maybe there's not a word ofo.Ill continue With mornn
tne Jwsryn ratoan spotghet os 1 hhautei- g oG eoe ag ia lanel wu" eit Pe _i I or sc WE

SUD are too serious for extreme IGtr from the r political wars. 11t th a i wn ta t ory'sgo iing pFraer and c linrc sicol : Wi EE
i -tinc .. -y of t -ami alt. e thr e in" nMepcoian .and stha daughter, Francesca, saw the pet in charge a off. in
n l neSen Joe R Mcarth aloer he one eye, she expla ed: Regation of St. Peter's Lo orepr-

o-f" thpAmr-la p e 'lae ..... "eb mady f goofey, meorT s alaym sai t th ck Bratdb tom Porr b ob
'C e nAP#y- Lterc h5 nInd.) held theG OaP Anco DRY was on a huntingtrip e S in I flueo(R SnespRrMexnyoiGltthdorP 1 Rb
SIn oatorical spotlight athlpais ttheeo guest of Te as b rT Linl. bi i."co atog ein thcheduled for thea-
9"SA1,1 t0 THE KING" speech at Jeffersonvlle, Intd. lionalre Clint Murchson Bu Its rLathedial'of St Luke next SaL.oCo

F. -. It's Pribe rndadenUG ar ta t o. H^ on a ars eand EorH .selman t ,o
Jenner charged that Democratic Thrsday night he repesed reati e i"Fromthe ns n:'day reArnOlar HostenE Lyor omKarl.
f and.Mteel nRennie, in "Fair Dealeos" sent Ameri.can c-iAS that tNhe Roosevltb-Tran e f ron om he stand oai n te Hrrn at s 8Iant hn
U CROSSING" troops to Korea with the inton- maP admS tration adbed e g'erlogy, Joe a" d Marls Atenatearsan E. Hayo
es a ....Q ton of having t Iem defeated br to .n 0 years of treason." are perfectly mated. HiS age and Edmund Morris and Etholrid -

kon Fow s Du r ecr io omie e th yar l ue oer duppeted yteo ent oor of tra
N ine Commm ?nts. her .h bust she are both 3!Danielp.
S* I CIII II "But the Americans did not Claims If Lincoln r Thre'sg a heart-tug ae story that
SI .. ne war, so they went ahead and m lke l ..hasn't been told about "Cease Vaoriet S N ig t
.6"SON O 3GeaOdMO" (6-) won It," Jeuner said. p e h las O Y ma ," Mis A ie thevenu ove ow e n T o
SO Nor, MM Deo(64 Ae wonp I" ager.b lTddied In Korea. For one se- To Be Staged
S"TEN TALLMEN" Democrats fired back In ane 1 r quince in a small village, he hired e g .
ndr House Demi catic whip John W atn Ike an an a o-year-d loc al.Korepa mer At JWB m
SMcCormack de t bounced Jen er MANCHSTER. Vt., Feb. i3 for a bit role After tw b days of A J Tomorrow
NGER I A.) Abraham Lincoln's bqin itn the biove spo ht of the
I He sad thltat rien ",,i, -granddqtghter *al& .tddayLK.rean thanked Q-R0p .'bfusey
S..t.. pu.l 0 an"- if tie n e 'whill mslI e 'But i. ws nothing" sairod nnel and Iva will OP be .gv-
nt). Mdlvr n Price lD-fie l.)n said bh Mary Lincoln B a e, s A rump. "You helped me out of a en at the Balboa UA *a
onthese blabbermputhr not on vsaid her great-gr ndfather sp ot" ed Forces Service LCenter tomor-
;-desecrate the mennory of Lincl "liberal" Rnep ublican eandr -f You don't understand,", said the row at 8 gn.m
'- '--- bat they lnsult the intgence gewerelivi are'd be an old get. "People have always Featured Will be numbers v
Sof the American peope Eisenhower e publ can." made funof me. They always said TC. Dick BrGdburn and Pvt. Bb
,/ "-l, Sen. John J. Sparkman (D- Miss Beckwith. 55, lives here I was a failure. Now, you've made Friemont of Fon Amador. Pg.'.
A .saidenner's criticism on an estate built by her grand. famousronn I'i be a r ki r
Democratic" boretane wars olclu fther, the late iobert Todd narwhwl becam -
"We acted on his MacArthut's Cristobal Chapter INoCaAlumnnt Glee Club "ELo
-advice in pulling our troops out The censors and RKO are still m.anied by Miss EmIly Butcher "EL
btoKorea" before the wari s out- To Stage Program battling ave- Jane Russell.dThe Who will aLro bd' heard at the
-sending ground forces back in."friomsJane' ea busars"
Sparkmar said MacArt ur and At Camp Bierd newhfilmb"The BigstRainbow." e... .vOcalist. Juan Hoy:
k'.trohn FosteaDu'lesr now, maent The recreation committee of Starlet Joy Lansing, who recently
..... ul lvisers"i e Far mat Cristobal qOhapter, Local 900- shed U-I's Lance Fuller, will wed
Dues thetIn erwas at GCCCI win sposor a dou-. Larry Chance the day after her
Dulles atthetimewase 'a spe-b e program atthe Camp Beird divorce decree is final.... Marioa r a7 C nalc
7:00 & 9:00 P.M. clal advier to then Secretary o f eaater on' Wotnesday at 6:30 Lanza's worldly goods are now
rate Dean Acheson and was a p t.m. stemped with the branding iron of DtA1LO HTS. 6:15, 3:10 PEDR(
working on the Japanesep Featured O nstane will be ZAl.. Uncle Sam's Director of Internal Bob HOPE
--reaty. Spiarknhn said bothI" tisRevnue..EenDifarioPkesDa
-Dulles and MacArthur' thi'd u ley. Zsggy.Jim Puneli other movie, the government will 'Here .Come The Girls"
'ack that" sendingvi .oother-well- take most of his salary to satisfy I TICHNICOLOR "From
se into Korea after the 11ghg owthe screen willlbe a musical
started "was their recorida- show" Claudc Haywood and hts Despite the big success of Mr.
W.r Amd the blasts, Knowlani-ynbo will dispense the music. .Peepers, the word around TV hIGARITA 6:15, 3:30 GATUP
*advanced the olntion that "yuu ". 0tace MUNSEL 0 Er
can't draw party lines" In li- L B A" "Mast
tirc on the basis of patriotimati *CH14ICOLRo


aw A

e i~

CO Lo 3 C

-In rough,
tough few
crime roll


-~ -


\^ V

Open g Tuepday 6th





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ert STACK, &
oleen GRAY, in

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Admission Prices:
60 2, .r.

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Of Toim wye p


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got 9.
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VW IKI -Wrs. -
with Richard. CARLSON
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And Hi, Orchestrd"

John Robert Joy
Hodiak Stack Pagle,
"Conquest Of ..chise
.-ALSO -
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, i *' ,"' '. "; < ^' 7' M T ', "
^ L. r '" aii, ,. ^ ul'- ,J .-







Coeh Takes

ival Threatens To Quit Execs De' Pro Lea ie- Ls;

ameToAvoidKentuckian Rotary 124' Playoff Would Vie Tomorrow

Exces. 2 1 S
A rival basketball coach has taken a verbal Rotary Club 1 T T ms W L P t.
'wing at Adolph Rupp of Kentucky. The. Exces. scored their se nd nei s l 00 -
,ohnny Dee of Alabama saysRegret now that I have lowered straight win over the Palaa r0iowlni s 1f6 4 .41 "
yi a y' Rotarians Thursday after i |oon TONIGHT GAM (T:6).
may quit basketball so he myself to Rupp's 'pop off' level." at the Ancon Laundry diamond o -
In't have to associate with Dee added: "I am seriously by a 12 to 7 score. "hePanama Stad -i .ro 9 e
pp. Dee was quoted in a Cin- thinking of getting out of a pro- The Exces. took an early five- PACIFIC LITTLE LEAGUE n for a banse radI*orine War. (Smith 2-8,) Bombe-a
sat newspaper as sayingce fession that forces one to have run lead but their opponents STANDINGS ford. Sanches an Melende wa (Millere )
"talks too much" and be- to associate with a man of came back with five runs in the Team Won Lost o walked load them p. Vega
the Georgia basketball Rupp's caliber." third to tie t up. The big blow Sears 7 truc out V wa walked LAST NIGHT' EULT
Dfe also is quoted as say- of the inning for the Rotarians Lincoln Life 6 4 bringing Bolling 0 I. Sanders set. Bombers 4, Brownies -2. ACA
beaten Kentucky builds Kentucky has wiped out any was Dick Dehlinger's b load. Seymour Agency 6 3 tied down to slke Castillo out BOmbers 5, Brownies 4.."
record ainst soft touches chance of playing in the Nation- ed home run to right ft Gibraltar Life 4 5 putting down he threat -Thea
SXavier of Cincinnati. a Invitation Tournament. Dehlinger lost his stu ff after Elks 1414 2 6 The sizzling hrt Bom bers keptmae R l te b h
The remark about X Athletic Director Bernie Shively circling the bases and the Execs Police 2 6 POWELLS tace iry targ wogames fror drld to denionatae great is t t
S remark about vt er says the Wildcats won't ask the Jumped on him for seven ars YESTERDAY'S RESULT ab r h p a he last place Brownies last
rtqd a rumpus. Sports WriterSoutheastern Confernce for runs in the fourth to ce the Police 6 Lincoln Life 5 Fernandez, 2b 3 1 0 0 night to move to within a half
I my Miner of The Cincinnati special permission to play in th game as the Rotary Boys could MONDAY'S GAME L French, 2b 0 0 0 0 game of the first place Yankees.
took exception to calling NIT. The Southeastern Confer* score but two more for the day. a

da the ersy sent the Lincoln Liers Metheny, f 3 0 0 0 they are scheduled to meet the
SO Gillermo Andreve was the down to a 6-5 defeat and ell Yarbrough., lb 3 0 0 4 0 Brownies in the season's finale.
g .l llC sa leading batter of the game with minated the Lifers in the race Weigle, c, ef S 0 1 8 1 A victory for the Bombers will
Sa perfect day at the plate col- for the first half flag. Docke r rf 2 0 0 0 0 set the sta e for the champion-
lecting three hits in three trips The Police showed hat th ey Taber. r 1 0 0 0 0 shp pl f ame between th
ra 'i w~u and Mochito Midence hammered meant business, coming back to __- Bombers and Yankees tomorrow
| i- rn out two for four. push across three runs in the Totals 4 5 18 8 nlgh at the Olympic Stadium. f
I L stW ee k O fT ra in ling Noel Farnswoth. Rosy Mead, Irst after the .ifers had notch- Tonight's game was originally
Herb Newhouse and Red Smith, ed two in the fop of the inning. COCO SOLITO scheduled for Mount Hope but
each with two basekiocks, led The winners took a three run has been transferred by league,
S* the winners at the platter with lead, scoring two runs in the Ellszvey, If 2 0 0 0 0 Officials.
n excellent tMol de a Pena collecting a third but the Lifers came back Bonfamte If 1 0 0 0 0 night Fernando Alberto
ECi roundtripper for the Execs big- to tie it up in the top of the Warford, 2b t 0 1 laesr|o scattered seven hits for
e gest blow of the game. fourth with three runs. Aleuas cf 3 0 1 0 0 Osorio scattered seven hits fora s
Sst The series between these two The Coppers came right back Bollings. 3b 3 1 1 0 2 his fourth triumph as compared
bmian Feat h e r w e g h t ing the underdog in the bettin- old rivals continues next Thurs- In the bottom of the inning and Sanchez. lb a 0 0 6 0 to three lowse in the first game
th on Pedro Tesis of Colon Most of his wins have come wit day afternoon at 4:30 p.m. at scored the winning run when Melendez, as 3. n 0 0e1 of the twiabill Which was won 'MACHAQUITO in a thrilIe "desplante." ading performapee
and Bantamweight Champ him being on the long end bf the Ancon Laundry diamond. Potter reached first by virtue ofVega,3 0 0 0 by the Bmbers 4-2. this one are seen every wek dr the ht t a. aea
lang Bourne of Panama's the odds. being hit by a itch, went to Velez c rf 3 1 0 1 0 Hmberto Robinson gained renBullB nIn Fran de l ets.
SX Bournetamw0 second an error r wa where he creede rare 2 1u0 1 I mber t h bso c ed rena Ban ing ir an c ru annsou demet Cale ta
V-horrillo neighborhood today Reports from Colon indicate crre0 second an error froum where he Cor 0 1 1credt forchi enthsutcess a-
'Wond un their semifinal week that Teals will be razor sharp A 4k score don Eliott's two base hit. Cast. llo p 2o 0 0 1 1rin t setbacks as Barnny .
n f nl rllt 0 b 11 prbylodr bolted homers to g Irish Football Is Big Production

E ftBra fr-thl wifor this bout. He has beto en bat- Freddy Roe went anll the way Totals2R o-IT E nte sa -4 w I Inth t Leag
at tr hs ig o n 8ound e wie T m in a 126-pund C A M e ts INS mopes for the Coppers So re by n1 f 5thomerga t-h o Tbr's
e d ten-round return clash Feb. tering several sparring mates Bdh ol rbngoth L rtedo t he ee a n ioo p sa5 w n. tor a
$5 t the Colon Arena. i through hout this week. He could holding the Lifers hitlet in all sowewll 01" 520orebn l aenY-Orh is.eeNondAbro-ke R Iriit ishtrtuLnwn ret

elurn chas been g roiing great roba w ly step Into the ring for Coob t ders amnd on rthe nitg s e s onh A rm2 ledn dh is Une ital IMhr r Uh atle d t
1r his workouts against he fight right now. I and fielded his position in fine Co(o Sollet .i.. 0 e 002-o o 2 -4 deadlock in the eie hth.
t weiht contender Horatio The semifinalists are also fast L fashion with four assists and a Stanley Arthurs washthe losing

'me Tourne Ottis dmprop-d out o 1 1 0 o ohnbaata bndga eu propl y Iofuaipe- det.n wl l. oth Bendshe liea Worbed Aot n It
I-hlJ. ch ouin Tedo mp.- ooheorounding into top form. Knock- Lline drive utout. Roe strudk l ihgARMED FORCES pL oujtrLm I YAhn hr d ue outcherwmin thewamefirstthhoegame whilewIh
i aclosedecision to Tesis out artist Lupe Pancho meets out one batter and gave up only LkAGUl am Wi wthe And
alonths aandcould be Leslie Thompson in a 126-pound tTEAMoaes aSTANDINGSwbads sd t het Wae hst aam and a defat
". aptowards solving the six-rounder which will be the Bradshaw started on the The West Bank tpam gained a Tn d -
eof the classyAtlntce t mund fr theerlseoewinrs wth Bob- reepagri e frors eonnds t w ndE Wo threeig oni the BYORK eb. (NEAo)oh- iwttiedefor ertoder whes N turnEte

ST I Atlanticb sro iwinu o a nel p ogrm W t by Sandler coming onIn the ltheMret haln of the Armed was Inevitabe that FrankLi d a sr ,
Melvin is the most promising Pancho. who quickly put Kid CAA ........... 12 2 57 third. Sander gave up the win r e e u sagiucoachingfootb at
boxer In Isthmian rings at pres- Chocolate II to sleep in his last Firemen s ins 9 4 .692 ning run and was charged with Wednesday ite h a 42 defeat re Dame. Moose Krase ar. 2,19.
T Since winning the bantam- outing, hopes to extend his win- Pan Liquido ......o7 6 5he9edts o rl. 11 R N. Sofh a ro h "r om p

i t rown from Rodolfo Am- ning streak in order to climb Baxte's Movrs .. 3 9 0 ten losi s N a copare un u fitalh camo s'th dn ,t t.t
nn, B ourne has improved out of the semifinal ranks. avy 1 11 n wins. rep oa a sch as Soth Bend he e of CAC., pol atd out In mak -
t* each outing. Thompson. on the other hand. av Elliott was the leading stick viously sche uled rained -a o aut a a IEard ac

p wes s........... th head man is hard and cruel. u ceme her t1
p bigest handicap against hopes to regain some of the pro- YESTERDAY'S RESULTS man of the game with a double contest." 1more that. any other squad, tame u semi to h rel
ibetheweit. The eminence that once caused him AA 4, Fren's Insurance and, a single in three trips for West Bank's 3ohy Aguera the Irish come closest to bein tion t too ad
Surn. A aree two f ror two a a u tched a aone-hit ame and al- the natl!'s team. mended on L ah. e.
this scheduled "battle to be considered a sure bet to aokeredttwoLforstwba t w tched raone
ans" Is 128 pounds rnd become an outstanding lfe ocal MONDAY'S GAZ Crook led the Lifers at bat with pwed two runs, otneunearned. p Ihe e en in m e G a ch a
rlt t the expert featherweight. Navy vsFiremen'sInsurance two hits n three trips to the both of whio were scored n the r prophetic statement durin t erfor the duties

Powella .......... S 1 0 1th Wura in flf t Swearn 'o sos iettini sesS each. Boott, l b y 1 1 0 10 1 l e e l v to 4 e mn favor
hat Ta will be bit too strong Battling Siki and Windell For- plate. Walter Browne of nanthe tird rinln3 A hit plar1, a0toh- 0-, s an cted ..
-. this weight for the 118-pound tuna will meet ina 12 -pound CAA edged Firemen's Insur- Coppers made a shoe string ru Ion base, squeeze bunt le d t. wYra "
four round main preliminary i ce four to thiee yester a to niPg catch in right field for the er enabled Curundu to a- y sout ersi gthe.. J
e cold be all wrong,how- while Young Gibson and J.uan ive the A reo ,ntlb a tigte r fielding gem of the game. semble its only rally. G V outh Caro-e

y nrln ar t saven te ote a. F-our ht n a rewsns w1t oPing therm so pTlay ta e phople to .thepres, oe tbn \c \hdVi
er a Bourne has repeatedly laar will et things underway hd on firt place ft The box score: West Bank retaliated n its. ln Feb. 13 (UP) Furmans to co
,sB up the exrts predi- with a four-round 118 pound llf In order for the Firemen's LINCOLN LIFE halt of the third inning with a aulou Frank elvy with his o Winner, You belong tc he strat of hy's f
S-they wil have t, win their re- Engelke. cf 2 1 0 0 1 -run rally I the fourth in- for the first time -5hit fo. 51 radi....vp

athale th ae oyruh n td oh atv t wih fortwoeirtre-dE ngte hp e o h ........ 3 2 l k eh r2 Roe ( 1 the.. R.. .re.e..s B atw ePu clI r n.. w ho t a I
SBinaneing three ames and CAA Sander, If, p 4 1 2 1 1 ning .ff relief pitcher D nlgljs p r Its lastn nht a the Purple I noice ow that I become .
Brew s na i" Se will have to lose their remaining Bradshaw. p, 3b 3 1 1 0 3 Crhas in brought a victory toHurricane defeatedwir t Iwess fatigued a little earlier eachthe o
reBigJohnPistro chalkedil up Capwel 2b 2 0 0 0 Aguilera 1sBuck out nine men clas anigh T ty shed elvy
l Vthe wi en was charged with Dolan, lb 3 0 1 5 0 and walked two during his past the four year South Caro- I decided to disconnue coah-ue the NtreDame team
r r e fo nly three runs on four safe hit rook rf 3 1 2 0 0 winning tour. Pitchers Zent and lina scoring record hheld by Eller- ng. During the fa get
ol Tth Aetlanic League CABR h Hit,;.b aeriey e mher"-
AA nl uuan ic wi oe utMPistro issued two free passes and Cubillo, 3b, If 3 1 1 4 1 Chassin alac struck out nine. by Neal, a Wafford :oll cen- twice a week. The

S S'rAN dINGS er i and didn'tt fare too waedlingles and two bases on balls. POLICE fr 3; and Berg, 2 for 3. of the all-time majorcollege me only i nights n 90. The Lhy, th ck
Atlantic Twilght Bueban te ae n the hot batters of the Lou ot the third strike by forBrowder I 3 0 0 2 0 scoring record held by Loyola's rstof the time I wa out, ud a knee ti
h League eBalboabeer He was greeted o the Aeromen. xEillott, 2b 2 1 2 0 2 Al .Jn Lacy. There was dire need of wtwher afhlticl at of R o ptPro
Wa Beer on lste u.w a singl e to right by Hall Naci and Ed. Jones accounted Ammiati, 3b 2 2 1 1 1 A t .. 1 In addition, the Tech game Therewa.sdir o w adrms th e hosi
S rop B e .1 n0 1.flP rthen walked, wearinge.i. for four of their team's safe orrigan, as 3 1 1 0 u0|2 ..V 2 0made o elmvy the first maJeOlrcol-er o wh hrtlt aeoR
owe .......... Mrrls' infield blew hit Swearin- ows getting two each. Scott S lb 1 1 0 10 1 eg player ever to score more
I; Baval Statin .... 0 1 000 n a oi ng to second for the first Jimmy Pesc d led the Fire- ow rf 301 0 ......... than l50 pointsea game in his col-
SH 8.........0 1 .000 out and Halt was out trying to n's at the plate with two fbW rawford. ef 3 0 0 0 0 lg career.
".... .lfer iome. Jaramillo lifted a ft d wo 2' 20 0 1 4 h Leaeue9 ehaplesas Georgia Tech
THURSDAY'S RESULTS fly to center to end the rally. | NOTE FOR THE FANS: It- P]tt~r c 1 uI 1 0 2 0 tem was outclassed through-
1 Salboa ien n, Naval ntati o ..en 4 requestedthat parents ofrsmt Tm out the ball name. Furman took
rr The Brewlrs had L a Ledrn kee thetosatyfo2.. w .p3 o rnt-- -P---s PONY the0 lead early. and at half-time
S.a -khisite screen. It has Ye4a 20f6Ith13rws8tLAiTIC
l U IND.Y GH A aGnal e o bSte hits in the fifth and sc theN eak- screen. It has bea 1r 0 ore by Innin gs5 StandingW-.. .......Wn.. t he soare wa s 0 to 24 1 favor
Powos v s.Naval Station one additional run. while Navy noted that small children lin fe 200 300-57 uick................6 2 of Furman.
Two Navy pitchers failed ton t Sb ae ra l torl do hP|ro a.nt the screen with tMr. P 1e- -lsu302h0x-6 C P o ... ............3 4. 2 Lleeaetsoha

had been retr- *Z r aes rtartd I -t of for Hause, c ............... 1 a lard Hihway. Jama
albo Brewers a Mt. Hope i etc. It a ball g -et na R-.Alol paeher: Sander (0-r). M.tta............ 2 4 journeyed from. Corbin. Ken-
hurasday ni-ht and while the way from & catcher it coul out% by Roe: 1, Bradshaw .. saw teir first buke-
-men's ace and workhorse Louis Hooper nd "Capi" Mor- t e a umr, on the child r2.Ses on balls: M. R. A. 13 Buick 2 ball game last night. The Selvys
Noeli Gbson wais twirling a neat ris share htttir~.honorsfr the or even sever a finger on 2, 'on bashits: have three sons who ply basket-
four-hiter his team-rs e ac Cornwe iMehtott and Sander. For the second time in the sea-.ball including one who plays
bed offhurerings ofor eht hets p air t ndt work. he t-DOu lays: Scott ao Pott. son the Buicks were beaten, this for the House of David.
d thersfeti tsoH ptc. Potter Dy der time by the M. R. A. teem at

Wf h&AU f et1 l q .J _--._....30_1 -4ri.. ,,W. U. -a a ,n~ M...Iuulo mh... ..

Gordon eand t ow for g 03 buttheowasnot y b PDUC JAMAICA
Iimt emN The a.. So; oftball League in e and K~g camne t on White. If".............. 0 01Grotto vs Kiw l Batehboa RR. Wkt t iS S 0 Got T n amma.W
MmmAnd f'Im his nice o jb in cutting out waj W fod who tried to cut Ku I ltWhlllford. 2b ..........._ 0 2Staton. Life lmaat Mutual,
Ar the tyir -u r ft delivering the score-board num- -don at the lte but ua CRanoiln. ef............ 1 0 ] o S Feb. o 20.f O M aLions
PXMenu t t ln lm H ent 1,,b Jr.cuttin'g and--- No one ^Axd In hnBA41410 4,C ........... I .Gbata M aa
.... .. ng .....23 2 2d&G to.
fht mTh PormTnaie .tbam name plate and the Powe t TO ............4: 1 2 W d r fb.- Lift e rvs

aS lam e pol aeoel o ga bn. ............ 4 1 0 wSIt1Seb. jS.- uboa Lions er
.rk.the little rac Tr01 A am-.. ............... 1 0 1 ve Oibraltar Jrs. Me Savers vs
St oU, llig the dowa- o/.e 30 13 11I a.M.&-WWIH

WE Am~ IL _-, lG T .* o
[] I !o~ii~ Ha.i,I.,# ,m ,_, _... .. ...- .

mb struck out Sam *
. a. '
tv.66 w

L IMdaiU OrotIo




'.~ ~


S7. .0. .~* r,*.

iTfI USIT byi ThbfUaMna Injurance Oo fny. ftr
a .fbin hi iAp in the year I
awa 21 Panma Hotel. These pernnaeat trophies
mave UmA NeOa in the lobbyrof Hotel W Pana: a near the
e*Myvao. TUI uIges Commiutee Is compseed of one representa-
tiveeh. o BaamjUrance Company, Hotel Il Fan-
an Panam Matin Club, Panatna Rod aid Reel Club, the Ca-
nal Zone Tarpon Club, and thtBalboa Yacht Club. The trophies
are belti engraved With the winners' name and will be prepar-
ed eoon. ,
Award for the Outetanding Catch of tlerYear willUo to in-
ternational fiheawoman Eugenle Marron of Brielle. New
Jersey. MrLMaaonijnaO this catch during the lIt Internation-
al ailfish and Marlin Tournament, sponsored by the Panama
Rcd & Reel b J u.e. She handed a S6 lb. sailfish on 3-
thread, 8 i. n Tf IJa a i onble wooid'i record.
Teod 6t ch dt wIh the aWrft for the LARGEST
Marlin of 19wf, hfrli blact marlin weighing 854 lbs., caught
irom the Cahn& II near Caracoleg Point in the month of No-
vember. 1
Ktherne Tallerelo wl recelve-the- award for the largest

Donald F. 8oott will be awarded the trophy for the largest
sailfish of 1053 caught by a man, Scott caught 180 lb. sail on
August 29th off Oarachine Point. He was aboard the "Huskie."
The award for the largest sailfish caught by a lady goes to .
Eugenie Marron for the 128 lb. sail mentioned above. Thi was
caught in the Pifas Bay area aboard the WaHaAn. It is expect-
ed that Mrs; Marron will be in Panama to receive her awards
personally. .

1 *-

4. -N

BSraying the premises with'his own particular species of non-
sequtturs. Casey Stengel. before heading South, wound up and let
ro with what lhe come to be his favorite pitch the other day.
The reason the Yankees always win is because the rival front of.
Sfiest ars inhabited by a lot of knotheads.
Frank Lane. general manager of the Chicago White Box, has
become Stengel's No. 1 punching -bag.
l'hey gsiged this fellow .Out there to a five-year contract "
id the YaplCfe manager. "In that time he's tried out 16 dif-
ferent third basemen. And What does he need now? A third
". Btean a a s d. point., ut it .loi 0 fm to
. ?anIder .a Ib Bt-odut nrrelevant staibecf nd e himself
,, f lt. l~h attblguus, reapoa1in that only ajtuqt of ad-
S v ed abtaadfba with a prlaticel ear c -hoV e t6 catch'his
drift. ,
In fMis inattace Stengel. though squarely on the beam, was
out of bounds twie. .
ITo start with, he left himself wide open to shattering rebut-
S tal by calling-attontlop to the White So traffic jam at third base
with the pointed inference that if Lane Wasn't incompetent lse
would have come up with a third baseman by now.
How about the Yankees' problem at firat base? In the, five
Years ftengel has been In the Stadium he uaed a dozen or so, five
in his lirst yei Offhand, I can recall Tommy Hlnrich, Billy
Johnson Di 4trykoski, Eddie Phillips. Johnny Hopp, Johnny
Mize, Joe Collins, Irv Noren, Gus Triandos and Don Ballweg. And
what does Stengel need now? A first baseman.
At leat. It would seem to be a reasonable assumption that
he needs a f1pst b or why else would he be bringing in
Eddie Robifto9 the AAA's? So if Lane Is to be fauled be-
causk hs can't MC third base an, it follows that the Yankees'
general manager, .torge Wels, equally derelict.
The fact I there seetns tocome a-time when virtually all
clubs are smlaulrly Gitressed.. tlere will be one certain spot they
can't satSt lyl. It murpe in the outfield, the infield or
behind the bat. They wigo ra before they get the man they
want, No explanation. It Just happens. To winners as well as
$tenlel also made an unhappy choice in holding up Lane as
Shorrible example. Of all the general managers in the league
Lanz ha been the timt active trader. None.of the others has
worked 4mM industriously to try to build up to the Yankees' level.
That he hasn't made sensational progress, that some of his moves
have even been pointless, does not detract from his manifest
awareness gnd effort.
Nevertheless, 8tengel was taking dead aim at the proper tar-
get. The lopsided state of the American Lagpe can be traced'
directly to the inefflnoYe an. Inertia of Me Several front of-
fioes. Either these fellows who calTthemselvf general managers
don't know the score, lack sufficient means or are complacently
satisfied with the status quo.
An bsa f fn notid so oftl, in this sp&te the general-manager
is the jugular vein of baseball vitality in the modern concept of
le business. It he provides his manager with capable material,
me n aer wns ames. If not, the manager doesn't. Stengel's
previous frustrations make him acutely aware of this fact and no
doubt explain his constant harping on the subject.
1 -

Stengel oul.dnrt get out of the second division in Brooklyn or
Boston ana he was just as sharp a mangsr then as now. He fail-
ed for the ae reason practially all managers fall. He didn't
have thee pDlaye. His unprecedented success with the Yankees
provedt Whoka ufi9 us o lrlzu all along. It was't hist fault as
Smanae* that teams o"ld't win.

bAlli = 0 M ac--l t a basd
-a C ww tr. Those who grew up with
the ganle and those who bought into it. For some reason which
e a@tgfe sm am Xio to merit special cons ration.
P"erhB 4.*m"m L O.ed sto J. e loyal and devoted .
It .i. 1, of course, at they are in baseball because they
can't mae a go at anythnelse. Prominent among these af
families of beaball an the St ashams. the Oriffiths and the
lSKuw W n^M luL M m d that three of the most i
UMA'. Virub basebil aft the oia8 Washnugtoun ad

-4 .5... ';

2o hawMV aod to last pID oin

o o .

wI sllaabs th

.- B ,-" ... -s '- '

Belmonte o,


In Contest

over the ",e lds," He Wif b
ausltte., as uial, by Rmon
Adimnuion prices re $I for
the flrqt row, $.50 for. the Sc-
end and tWd rows and 2 fte
otherOaftte in the shaded aoe-
tIon. The"oann seectloftt's"
Are $2 for the first row, 1.0
for the cond and third row
and It (one dollar) for othet
leatb.. Childrea's p es afre 1
In the ihd 4e ind N ents In
t aiektsre n ule at Amer-
lean Clu0 the flea Uttafu-
rant and .e Hotel Central.

Pacific Divisional



m W;WIW Pot
yeceria Nacional S O 1.000
ny Tramp. 1 .750
SIdeal 1 r.750
lonal Dist. 3 1 .710
IgaUtn 2 3 .400
Lry Heights j 3 .280
nance Club 15 1 .20
th Engineers 1 5- .17
im. Tom Collins 0 3 .000

Sunday, 9:30 a.m.. Pan Ideal
vs. Army portation.
Monday. Ofll'i BoSboh Leatgu.
Tuesday, Navy vs. Cerveceria

Thursday, Qt arry H e Lts t
Pa Idea' IT; 746811 En-
gineers, 2 (WP-ilvera).
Navy, 11; dommisarty Tom
Collins, 8 (WPI-et).
Cerveceria. 16; Quarry Heights.
9 (WP-Belgrave).
Navigation 10: Ordnance Club
15, 5 (WP-Phtllpa).
National Distilleries, 9: Army
Transportation, 8 (WP-Mosely).

Cricket News

The Pacific Coloh Expresa
Cricket League has three inter-
esting matches listed for 8tuh-
day, beginning at 12:30 p.m.
The grand .old game return
tc Paralso where the home team,
,Philip Morris C.C. will be hoit
tc the champion La Blca C.C.
which has beer re-4hrldtencd
Seymour Agency C.C.
Over at Santa Crus, the lm-
pressive Sp rton C.C, will Lie
gRinning for victory over Clovel-
Iv C.C.
Scheduled for the La Beca Ball
Park is a bl attraction which
t-atures earis and the ,Li-
nutado CramWe C.O.
The new officers of the Pa&ifle
Colon Expreso Cricket League
Pre: Clifford A. Bolt, Sr., presi-
dent; Alfon.-e Ali, vice-presi -
dent; J. J. Harrion 8r., treas.:
and Carlton Rollox, secretary.
SThe foslowin umpires mre U ls,-
ad for the 104 e6a"n A. Ba-
btr, H. Barrer, J. Welch. E. x.
Aurad, 0. Bvnoe James Lord, C.
Weekes E. Pinto. C. Mike, ItH.
Ker and Ito' e.%t.
Agenda MeBarnette has a-
warded a. oat tW the leading
batsman of the new eason.
Reserve guard AlI Lag leaves the
North Carolina basketball, team
for spring football.
TUJCSON -4(NA)- C h A r les
Vassar has replaced oA Herwi
as Arilzona's line coach.

Oltuate.I oi boundary line
first stp out tO Interior.
oildeu Fried Chicken
Fillet Migml Stoakk
Hot 81 o

All Kelftj 6o DBl1eloaM
At ,
The a fDrt =1
Cocktalls Mint Jleps, I

_t WM r m-Irl. .
; tO ,1

- .'.. 1 9

"PBA took ...
aice -2781 ari, thiid .hitM "for
for --i j nnet&y
for BIMA with a nlCe Thi
high for the year he was push-
Sby Kunkel who had a nice
4 %third high for the night.
Gain was high for Isthmia with
Auto Cine kepg right Up with
PSBA by taking jur points from
Colpan ford. This leaM them
three pots behind E with
eight weeks of bowllng left
Ohuck La Valle had i alce 516
series, to lead Auto Cine. Shaffer
had ,Lnice 504. Di ck.q I was
high for delpan with 41.
Ace Paints and Wally Bar
aplit for the night. Acme won
the first game and had enough
pins to cary them for total as
WaUy's came back and too .the
next two games. Kennedy rolled
a nice 543 to lead Acme. Mus-A
talne had nice 506 for Wally's
his high fdr the year. a
Team No. S took three pontai
from Jaen Ouardia after drop-
ping the first game, t e came
back strong and rolled a 983
third game, the second high for
the year. Charlie Stahl roiled a
488 to lead Team No.. Ray Wal-
ker Is back after belfi laid up
from a car wreck rolled a 451
to help out. Feidler rolled a
nice 819 to lead Jaen Guardia.
1. Cunkel 170-51
2. Kennedy 164- 9
3. Cunningham .181-18
4. Huddleston 181- 6
5. Pitti 158-40
i. *ledler 57-17
7. Lane 157- 5
8. Cain 17- 4
9. La Valle 166-23
10. Seabold 15T8-2

Team W L Its. Pins
EPSA 41 19 57 51542
Auto Cine. 40 20 54 15786
Aemne Pts. 29- 31 40 731w1
J. Quardia 28 31 $7 48074
Cool-Ford 286 4 S368 SN
ITeatN. 5 258. 34s 33% 501
Wally's Bar 26 34 33 47615
Lith Conat. 28% 3861/ 28 /0424

'TE No.5
St U 131 17 142 '4
tah 174 147 *62 483
Bryan 17 18 09 464
Walker 114 10 171 485
Hancap 127 127 127 381
Totals 834 875 9882 01
fledler 183 107 169 519
Voke 135 119 158 412
RiM 153 1 7 131 452
Itofftan 144 147 134 425
Lane (B) 147 147 147 441
Handicap 1l7 107 107 321
Totl#s M69 194 847 2710
Hugh 189 140 106 403
ai 18856 157 104 477
Toai 141 188 184 463
.Lyon 1 39 138 182 459
lawyer (B) 130 180 130 390
Handicap 10 103 103 309
Totals 8io 8M 819 3501
Bennett 1F 208 179 564
Heeook 12 143 47 419
Frans 188 13 1 471
Sebold 181 18 1 507
Kuhkel 177 16 54
Handicap s 99 99 297
Totals 9 3 I9 1N 781
LaVAis 17 199 143 516
Balutis 391 19 128 890
Hut6e~to 106 14 148 438
Sohaffer 167 169 14 504
Handicap 978 87 261
Totals t 033 13 35538

Zae 1- 68 I 4 r

Helton () 1410 1841 118 41623
Doolsy (3) 14 148. 143 420
Handicap 107 10' 101 321
TeaUls 91 31 813 4X3

Lenokbf 10 10t 101 310
WIekham 105 128 10 5 396
mlustate 189 197 19a 50o.
feols l (B) 10 1o 130 390
Banlcap 3 1 11 .398
Totals M0 8 2" 8 3t X413
w. Aeuwe f~t .
Kennedy 218 1n 1i M t
Dishong 145 l- W 87
ifudrl~tl I3 10 10540

Na had thebest it b
over e 4 ars TWimn e mn
ow thq $ash team was on. Jim
JARwpkl led with a 0 series.
As folowe4 with Riley
w y-W Calbot 7with

yAVE it a tr Aries.
J. Damlan came through with a
nice 598 series.
Team Standings:
Team W L ,Ave.
8, Agencies 51 29 980
El Panama 43 37 931
Nash-Wlllys 38 42 917
Sears 28 32 922
Melanso 19d
Baler 197
Coffey 197
Colbert 104
Cowes 193
Schultz 193
Beat 193
Beat *198
Van Wie 191
WagJgoner 190
cady 188

Van Wie

Wa goner



193 143 181 518
192 110 218 568
269 146 177 503
194 IF 17 3 583
192 148 22B 565
1039 84 971 2794
161 210 217 588
183 178 173 534
193 15 190 598
190 175 169 543
168 215 167 550
9N 908 916 I818

215 14 199 598
174 304 163 541
180 9 168 527
181 1 176 508
235 14 200 679
i 90m 999 3853
192 194 304 590
18 188 204 577
213 168 201 580
188 158 6 20 564
211 184 177 572
898 888 10e Xsg83

,,. .

- '-LL ~ ~ ~ I I-. rS. t.'.*

All-Amerco Way

o--n o er"
k I .S
pas OR

^- ^-^ a;



- -j








ONE RETREADS give you "Magic Miles"l
Set the same high quality cold rubber ftreod moterlols as in NEW

*gsome non-skit treed d4Mth s In NEW PIRESTONE TIRlI8
some freed width s In NEW fIRESTONE TIRESI
.... "Your best belj tbetr with FIRESTONE RETREADING"


* -



I --

- -~~-~--i~- --- ~L-



- *... -7*7*

.' to. :,
u' 04

. .

e' t .i '

- 4 ~A- ~-'

nocratic Vet

s 'New Look'

ense Plan

-MI.WA8HINGTON, Feb. 13 tUP'
011O In E. Teague iD-Tex.) said
y the "new look" defense
is inadequate to meet either
6 l-out atomic clash with
a or 20 years of Koreas.
a ue said that in a global
t with the Soviet Union,
Id easily have an atomic
ft" afad lose the war as a
of Russia's overwhelming
FC AnId if Cold War clashes
h as Korea continue, he
we will have to fight on
~ round and in the manner
,f-tbe enemy's choosing "un-
we choose to Inlatiate
W- t5mic war."
mhe administration's pared-
defense budget is geared
more emphasis on atomic and
it' power and less on ground
'I to ward off aerresslon.
4'T ue. a World War II codn-
trt orncer. quoted assistant de-
4f5ae secretary Roeer M. Kves as
tying the defense cuti on
e ground that "we can no
longer afford to prepare for
Severe conceivable kind of war."
Teague contended on the other
hand the failure to provide for
r -yery conceivable kind of war
fqlfquently has led to defeat.
A Needless to say, we will be
freed to fight the type of war
for'whbih we are least preVar-
*bhe said in a statement
j ,red for the Congression-
egurue envisioned first an all-
S.gl0bal clash with Russia. Big
aleand production centers of
Countries would be wrecked
Sconce by atomic bombs.
ep Russia would send her
rmi5es in "all directions,"
ipe said. while her subma-
arrased U.S. shipping.

t ala To Block

At Conference

urb Comunism
Feb. 13 tUP) Foreign
r Guillermo Toriello said
Gatemqla will oppose any
the United States at
-coming inter-Armer-
conference to curb Com-
S in this hemisphere.
ello said-any such moves
4be aimed especially Oua-
Ia and would amount to in-
atlon in the Internal affairs
other countries by the U.S.
said he will head the
SH q. fGuatemalan delega-
ftO the 10th inter-Amrerican
rence scheduled to open
ch 1 in Caracas, Venezuela.
h Ws the first official an-
cement that Guatemala will

-Percent Civilian

Ordered At

vyAir Stations
INGTON, Feb. 13 (UP)
p e N~avy has ordered a cut
iioat 12- per cent -'In the
ter of civilian aircraft
enhance employes at nine

spo esman said. the total
of 34,842 is being reduced
t*,S The cuts, involving
of Aeronautics field per-
E-., were made necessary by
cuts. The spokesman said
7ravy will be able to con-
Smaintenance and op*ra-
of aircraft at. planned

stations and nunm-
tioyes by which each


WA Iit

"Let the people know th truth and the country is safe" -

.1 -.


Aiwaliam U~oI~



To Get



BERLIN, Feb. 13 (UP) The Molotov's plan, by being to-
three Western allies and the tally unacceptable, left Na-
Austrians prepared to deliver t Ism's first foreign victim #tll
united and resounding 'no" to- -vithout a peace treaty more
day 'to Russia's demand for a than efiht years after World
permanently neutralized and War II shooting stopped.
unoccupied Austria. Dulles yesterday gave notice
The West agreed today to re- that he can remain in Berlin no
sume debate on the Austrian longerr than next Saturday.
treaty in an attempt to break He said he must confer with
the latest ou three deadlocks at President Eisennower in Wasn-
the Big Four foreign ministers Ington before attending the In-
conference., teramerican Conference whi'l:h
nnTn) at PCaracna- Venezuela.

Although the three Western
ministers and Soviet foreign
minister Vyacheslav M.'Mole-
toy had failed to make prog-
ress on unifying Germany and
easing Far East tensions, they
*had been expected to agree on
Molotov, however, ignored
Austrian foreign minister Leo-
pold Figl's dramatic plea for his
:onuntry!s independence by offer-
ing a Soviet five-point pnipocal
tWtat was completely unaccepta-
.,ie to the West.
Yet U.S secretary of state
John Foster Dulles, British for-
ciLn secretary Anthony Edern
and French foreign -minister
Georges Bdlault were determin-
ed to explore every possibility 3f
freeing Austria.
Dulles held his usual strategy
.session with Eden and Bidault
before attending the meeting,
with Molotov.
They again reviewed the Molo-I
toy plan for Austria which
1. Postpone troop withdrawals
until conclusion of a German
peace treat,'.
2. Evacuate all troops from
Vienna itself after conclusion of
the Austrian treaty.
3. Permanently neutral i ze
Austria within three months.
5. Ban the use of the city of
Trieste, Which has not been a
Dart of Austria for many year.i.
as an allied military base.

No Cunt. Maybe,

But Ever Faithful

GREENVILLE, Miss. (U.P.) -
Tom Mullen lost- his prized point-
er, Lady, on a hunting trip re-
cently and decided she had bee
cently and decided she had been
led astray by her "no 'count" son,
Jeff. '
Mullen and his companion, Ram-
sqy Russell, searched two days but
couldn't find dither Lady or Jeff.
Finally, he placed an advertise-
meat in the paper.
A reply cam" from Eudora, Ark.,
near the place where they had been
hunting. -
Lady had been caught in a rus-
ty old .trap, and had lain therefore
three weeks before a farmer had
found her.
As for "no 'count" Jeff, he had
stayed by her side-catching birds.
and chickens to feed her. Bones
and feathers were scattered all
around the trap.
"No one expected much of Jeff,
but then you never can tell about
dogs," Mullen conceded. "And he
IS Lady's pup."

Two Texas Women

Own 414 Pfchers

uced Include NorKOlK, BEAUMONT, Tex, (U.P.)-Mrs.
ensacola, Fla.. 47; Myrtle C. Pryor and her daugh-
nt, N. C., 302; Jack- ter, Mrs. Maude Pryor Smith, have
i., 161. ne of the nation's most unusual
*a ,t4m nThe two collect pitchers of all
aU lBy shapes, sizes and vintage, and now
have a total of 414.
J The collection was begun by Mrs.
otvl g As Pryor in 1939 when she was pre-
sented a ar e boudoir pitcher of
f.-A-Afm white porcelain. -
Swa. oUW' 7 Mrs. Pryor's prize item is a
Rockingham pitcher, a gift, which
,tTO, Feb. 13 (UP) she believes was made in about
ll()U ,' H"uston Tx.. 1820. Rockingham ware first was
'was r tes to Tyxo made on the estate of the Marquit
ice asce. or to f Rockingham in Swinton, Eng-
-ot- former assistant land. It consists mainly of a brown
4.. au Lati- nA- glaze of varying shades and alse
Fair. is called brown china.
SmI-nated to s A heavy stoneware jug with a
WSh bee wnede brown top and h ndle is another
pats here culated of her treasures, also a gift. It
i b-ie -se I to take was found in the well of an Al-
h ba plantation and is of pre.-Clf
pu -a ,mebe of the War origin.
I firMm b of tker Anoter favorite is called' "d
atw firme -ofaBapar, f ,
, ad Parish which o day." This is an antique opaque
*4M, do Ct glass pitcher with a fluted top. Th
Cl M ,_ bottom Is the color of a rosy r
.i ,.rlyset which merges into a
O PalSSi o color and finally becomes a '
M.^5 4..( $ whitee near the top.
s iMni. The tchers "l d -"side b-
on four tie of shelves wbiky
5y8 t'W Ithe wills of Mrs. Pryor's
Sroono. Maity are from forei
p.'flllt s tries Germany, Japan,
.-. 'f France and Ital. ..
im vkH m Mrs. Pryor c, eo* ets
, .----,, ,. ^ early American presedg
.%.. .., IT ..phlms. But she s= "mid
r -.-' e lo e.

Russia proposed yesterday at
the' 375th big Fcur meeting oai
Austria to k.ep occupation forn-
es there indefinitely thus crush-
iJn Western hopes for the
prompt sign'ng'of a treaty with
Vienna. I
Dulies challenged the Soviets
to sign "'here and' now'." But he
rr.n headlong into a bristling
list of new Soviet demands pre-
sa ting a new deadlock on Aus-
Molotov demanded tnat occ:i-
Dntion troops stay in Austria un-
tIl a Gerfnar peace treaty is
signed to f(,iestall "a new Ans-
The foreign ministers plung-
ed into debate on Austria aft-
er a secret session at whleh re-

Earth Pulsates

Like Living Heart,

Geophysicist Says
earth constantly pulsates like a liv-
ing 'heart, says a geophysicist who
kes the earth's pulse daily in his
Dr. John Pettit of the University
of California at Los Angeles said.
the earth's pulsations are caused
by the gravitational pull of the sun
and moon upon the elastic earth.
A steady rise and fall of the
earth, which in some places meas-
ures as much as two feet, follows
the line of attraction of the two
heavenly bodies as the earth ro-
tates, Dr. Pettit said.
The university scientist meas-
uers. the earth's pulsations with
special instruments including a gi-
ant electric brain and "the world's
most sensitive" gravimeter.
The gravimeter measures
changes in the force of gravity,
which varies according to the dis-
tance of the earth's center of mass,
and thus indirectly indicates the
rise and fall of the earth.

Philippines Test

Helicopter Uses
MANILA (U.P.)-Th-. Philippines
Air Lines is experimenting with
helicopters to see whether they can
be used advantageously in the Is-
Two of the three-place Bell heli-
copters, such as those first used in
the Korean war, were placed in
service last December.

One is based at Manila Interna-
tional Airport ,nd the other is
based at the airport at Cebu for
use in the central Philippines.
A PAL spokesman said the two
machines had been used primarily
for transportation to out-of-the-
way places which vehicles have a
hard time -reachina on a charter
-PAL has no plans for further
purchases in the immediate future,
he said, although tl e world-wide
airline envisaged use of larger heli-
copters in a feeder" system to
'supplement its present tru ik line
system throughout the country.
One-of the difficulties that will
have to be overcome, hc said, is
the question of who would build the
necessary helioports-the airline,
the government, the cities involved
or a combination of all.

New Compound
S0lps To Repair
romken Teeth
Otr1 ALO, N. Y. (U.P.)-One
o entry's most difficult prob-
enU, that of uaing teeth that
hlMi.akJMa UIar broken, heu
W a nowe" chemical
to Dr. Marif



liable sources said Russia side-
stepped a Western proposal for
a Korean peace conference ini
Geneva soon.
Further closed meetings onf
t:.e Far East were predicted, In-
dicating some hope of working
out agreements on Korea and
Indochinese peace conferences.
The prelin inaiies fo the Aus-
trian discussion were barely out
or the way when Molotov pre-
sented the' Soviet blueprint for
keeping Austria under occupa-
tiln indefinitely.
Molotov's proposals were ig-

Tola Stlale Tax

Money Reach Peak
CHIfCAGO (U.P.) Total state
tax collections in 1953 hit an all-
time peak of $10,500,000.000. accord-
ing to Commerce Clearing House, a
private organization that reports
ax a d business law.
The average per capital state tax
burden reached a high of $68, the
report added.
Legislative sessions in 45 states
made more tax 'changes in 1953
than in any previous year.
Oregon and Yisconsin complete-
ly rewrote their income tax laws.
Delaware increased personal in-
come tax rates and Massachusetts
extended a surtax on income taxes
fJr two years.
Personal income taxes were cut
in Idaho, Iowa and North Dakota,
CCH reported, Temporary tax rate
cuts were extended in Colorado,
Maryland and New York.
Business generally was taxed at
higher rates, CCH said, Michigan
threatened with bankruptcy, levied
a new type of tax-four mills on
the dollar of all adjusted gro s re-
ceipts over $10,000 annually oh any
activity for gain. It does not apply
to income from wages and salar-
Connecticut increased corpor.
action. in. me taxes for a two-year
period, and Massachusetts, Penn-
sylvania, Rhode Island and Wash-
ington extended their emergency
corporate income tax rates.
Reduced rates for corporation
taxes, were extended in Colorado
and made permanent in Idaho.
Peanselvania, with a one per
cent-eyy, became the 33rd state to
adopt a sales tax. Such taxes con-
stitutad the major re-enue source
'n 23. sttOes, CCH reported.
! .- ---------

reopen an -i:
1' use.

u i

trn O

nored by the Wst, ltead, Eden
offered a d ZaIn. oZ behalf' of
all three We4'Br#power s e.Jlng
fur the comnlt 4 Of the Au-
trian treaty at$1his .onfrnce.
Dulles. obrved .t Austria
had been eo# AVl y promised
freedom more th ao.
"This treaty eod e signed
here and now, If t of us
have the will to-tpir X Ior one
do have that s i, dI notf
that each of -l h aIn state-
ments at thlt cOiift ee recoy-
nized our oltiati .to act ani
act quickly," he i .
He accused i taking
more than -g@ dollars
out of Ausr l a Ml profits"
since 1949 und the 0 uise of
German assets.
Molotov aougbt td. soften the
ncupation blow by sa'ylng the
troops left "temporarily" .in Aus-
tila "shall not e occupation
Their legal' status should be
determined, he said, by special!
agreement among the Big Four
powers and Austria.

Solon Say 5uOP'ers

Think Any Democrat

Is "Security Risk"

- Rep. Robert D. F. Sikes (D-
Fla.) told the House today the
Republican definition of a
"security risk" apparently Is -
"any Democrat who holds a gov-
ernment job."
"The only security involved,"
he .said, "is that of the Repub-
lican Party." .
Sikes, a member of the House
Appropriations Committee which
has been questioning top 'yov-
ernmept officials on the security
program, said he has "listened
with growing impatience to wild
charges from the Republicans a-
gainst members of the Democra-
tic Party."
"The failure of the Repub-
licans to give the American pub-1
lie concrete facts and figures on
security risks and security fir-
Irngs leads straight to the con-
hlusion that to some Republic-
as, a security risk is any Demo-
oral who holds a government
job and the only security that is
Involved is that of the Repub-
Itcan Party," he said.


* .18. uoi B~of tr .t.

,-. V
: ." ,,I; T, I
P "-*^I.\.

Melting Snow.

Threatens Italy

With Big Floods

.ROME. Feb. 13 (UP) Rain
and melting snow threatened
Italy today with devastating
The Tiber river overflowed i.s
banks north of Rome and a dike
of the mighty Po river collapsed
last night" at Stienta, in 'the
Polesine area where 273 Veosons
w6re drowned in the 1951 flodoS.
. ANuthorltie. said the Tiber was
flowing well below the level of
Rome's ancient streets. The river
/as expected to rise to 40 feat
later today when the crest from
the mountains hits Rome.
The Tiber's normal level In
Rome during February is only 13
to 17 feet.
Traffic was blocked on flog ,
ed roads of Rome when the Ti-
ber poured over :ts banks in the
Marsclano mountain area near
Heavy crop damage was re-
oorted as the muddy swirlinT
Tiber waters spread over 6000
acres, covering them to a depth
of up to three feet.
In the north, emergency crews.
started repair work immediately
on the 200-foot dike which was
und emihed by waters of the
swelling Po river:

. Torrential rain disrupted traf-I
fic on the Lascari-Castelbuono"
railway line in Sicily, as a series
of slides and houses collapsirga
-nder the weight of snow were,
reported from various parts of
A bus driver and 20 passen rEs
suffered minor Injuries when
their venicle skidded off a road
-ade slippery bi rain near .i%-
dena In the north
The day's only fatality was
Giacomo Cantalupo, 70, who
died from exposure in a Turin
hospital after spending the
night in an abandoned wooden

3 Couples Killed
In Head-On Crash

twe Tram, Auto
LOS ANGELES, Calif., Feb. 13
,(UP) Six aon-three -nen
'and three were killed
instantly early y when th9ir
car collided,. head-on with an
ontominR staee nar,
Police said-, aid the 1949 car
appar4tlv tried to nasa a sec-
ond car, crossed a double white
line and smashed into the
streetAar, which was derailed
The victims (all Negroes)
were removed from the wreck-
age after firemen worked for
a half hour with crowbars. The
mangled bodies were taken to
the county morgue in three
None of the 1'6 persons on
the streetcar was injured. One
qf them, Norman Johnson, said
be felt a "big bump" aind
thought the streetcar might
have struck a building. He said
he was thrown from his seat.
The dead were identified
tentatively as Ora Mae Mon-
crase, Marshall Cookeey, 33,
Mary Fnriances Lewis. 30.' Paul
Anderson, James Boykin, 21,
and Ethel Lee Andeison.

Radioactive Gold

Used' In liver Study

tors, through a new technique of
using radioactive gold, now can
visualize cancer, abscesses- and
cysts within the livers of human
The new technique was develop-
ed by the University of California
at Los Angeles Medical School and
Los Angeles Veterans Administra-
tion Center doctors.
It is based on the ability of cer-
tain liver ceUlls to pick up and re-
tain 80 to 90 pe eent of colloidal
gold injected intravenously.
A sensitive instrument known as
scintillation counter registers gam-
ma radiation from the radio-gold
and electronically activates a sty-
lus that plots the distritlitflo of
radioactivity in the liver.
Doctors are able to detect can-
cer, abscesses and cysts because
liver Vells in those areas are de-
stroyed and apep raas blank spots
on the picture.

Anything That Goes
Up Must They
Soy Come Down
COLUMU -0, 4*. 1 -
WUPyGnwy sob Kias *f nub.
urbM a today .l e
am, c a ew t ^. M
if the aiwn folow rd s.
n meweslM ta coffee aWl
prea f VO p"fags. -
hat weal b aenfit Uthe i
wf1 jd uh ft to a o n e O

BOOKED IN BObWI lt4 M KInj GS karol
ter), flanked by detectivea, Is booked at A New York.C
station folowaW his a&rest In connection witlthM kiflh
Max Bodenhei i and his wife. Police say Wetberg
shooting Boderiheimaer the writer tobecteo to his
to his wife. Then he .aid he stabbed odemnhteim's
she turned on him.- .


Mon real Lawyer Arrestde

For Black Marketing Bab es

MONTREAL. Feb. 13 (UP) -A
wealthy Montreao lawyer was ar-
rested today'on charges of mas-
termindidg. "an i n t ernational
Mack market which allegedly
sold more than 1,000 infants to
childless couples in the Unitel
States at prices up to $3000 a-
The attorney, Herman Buller,
was seized as he prepared to
board a plane for Europe with
his family.
His arrest cne after ayear-
lonsg investhgalwn by Canadian
and New Yerk' authorities.
Many of the babies were said
to have been bought by'couples
in New York City.who were .unn
able to adopt children through
authorized agencies.'
Ernest Mitler, an assistant dls-
trict attorney in New York CILy
a ho came to Montreal earlier,
this week, was. credited wita
helping to ctack the multi-mil-
lion doltr ring.
Mitlero rsai i many cases Bull-
"r himself helped a woman ac-
complice smuggle the babies a-
cross the bolder into the United
"The wQ21 i s reported to
have hid many tiwed tirs gy

birth to babies In her Montreal
home, aftet which she 4turnbd
the bales over to the lawyer,
who acquired faise birth certify t-
cates," Mitler said.
Authority said the blackmar-
ket operators made a-tremen-
dous profiton -the sle of the
babies because thdir only heavv
expense was to give care to the
unwed mothers.
Buller was charged specifical-
ly with illegal placement of ba-
bies and falsificatlon of birth
certificates. '
Authorities; said more arrests
were expected. The rina was be-
lieved to include o4her lawyers,
doctors, court clerks and social
United Peeps disputes from
New Yqrk --reecntly reportcd
some babes .ha been iMd
as high as S,=
Many chimless Couplea face
long. heartbftaking delays
trying to adopt children froi
authorized agencies and turn 1
Illegal baby sales can be arl
raged by I telephone call.

B ul lfigh.ts


-1 r



Sunday, February 14,1054 4 p.m.

Dr. Miguel Angel Ordfnes
"' Mayor of Panama Diatrict
assisted by Mr.. RAMON CASA..

from the Haciefd. "F)LO Wd" ot Mr. Cholo Colt

The- e --W .. .

*i the' "iii -Drn.. AN"" &A ..

sl -l.: *p. Sr i:. ..... *r..

-'j. ~

w. .

i l air

al: p



tanry H

--- ----t:

* ,w ~

March 1.


:-,y- Je- -*

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