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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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a. -t _'*-. ,I-' ^ a B ... ,

V iC.ti
Scarpngas of the busbald ar t-
Mr.Callnder's widow tWdis-
SeussInag er claim te i"rning
6 with Canar authoiltdt.
w Mr. Fed4e who Plted about
X* 4:1S pi. y mra 71s. b6to
* Vebrtafy 1,1W I oWio, 3a-
lorado, ,
e WAs faiten, year
lth the bureau of Stt i e
Wshkiton, c I,1 9t1 ttpt
for Aeven Vndtttisb *with
VtA).t. Armn 4 a. l orid
Wr I In 1913. He w(as ealayeSd
a' laborttorv assistatit and IaS
.tr as pettanst cheilst .
-Mr Pde was smplbyed as
chemist at the Mtraflores ftra-
Uton fPant in 1927 a'nd w4 h$
promoted -to chemilt'-hi-eharg
of the laboratory there.

'i R bad an outstanding serm-
ice with the Canal orgaasta-
tiedf sid bad several s ltal
uslnmp.enW t In the
States lsmpeclaliued trainta
sau e# wihpa. ,
lnwork.wt at Mir w
Artosef the
0 .

_. Ihamd '-.s "
Ustmap of utr a' an#



A A.. FR- (NMA Radio Telephoto)
A RBAYER FOR haraedte emoag ma
0then, aa devout It pper for the wonud'
auwnrovement of P tonUf la teorted bito ube
ianln strengTh af `A.s Atta eotI astuwits-wheh has"
confined him to bed* tbPpl"pa.t.a.entn Vktifdau City.
- .' .

PS XIS. )efintIy

On' W4" ho. %ement
. .

M l'~~~ **^ ^

Senators Here USAF'

To Check On .

CZ Duplicafion
A quartet of senators serving
on the Appropriatida Commit-
tee arrived on the. Isthmus this
morning for what a labor union
executlve reported to be visit
to study duplication of facilities
o the Canal Zone..
.The group Ls headed by Sen.
Milton R. young (R-SD.). It in-
elude. Sens. Henry UPworahak-
(R- dShoJ Ale.JUod' ,.d-
La.) and John L. Mee (D-
ArXj.r of Arkansa. They are ex-
pected to spend three days here.
-All four Senators are members
of the Appropriations subcomit-
tee before which Governor Bey-
bold and other testified early
this moth' on ex naes for the
fortlcoidng lscal Year 1955.
This .beooaumlttee should
not be. teftued with he Ca-
nal soZntLabommittee of the
House. fterehant Marine and
Fisheries Committee which
announced matt Saturday that
it would not visit tbe Zone
unless someth issW up ia
the fothcomlngu e b= u on
the operation of the Zone
which appear to make a trip
neessary,. '.
From the Tivoli Guest House
where they registered early this
morning the Snators Set out
early for an IiApion of MWa-
Sforem Loeal. were pccomm-
"ahimd hw ...' #A& ,

. O a--

WASHINGTON, Feb. 11 (UP)--A sp-kw
the Air Force said today that its operation .Nmth
applies to Albrook Air Force Base in the Panama
Local wage rates will be used in poy4

7 Te spokesman explained thit the ....o.
shr evolved in the Zone woMbe
lM ;.c/rtoaIn types of clerks, an -I- used i
houo ping chores, and no ict id cS"r4
ly k sense. -. -:
A Albrook okesmu'ids y

plicati of Nu*. pn' oafdi 0Q the *i

no 60talso pr nt -a ..a
expect' t bei a -ffelv Ue w'"+it ," '-.
tevi% to

S-- d" pS Soath Htill c .. b a. e ,d : e ned o 5 w rentth
0Av- Blli --W :

twwqayr lnm nM terabnth it fl & hea hi Busual f, 4 tat. ars of si hes that n s emoe +ovI obt _roujl e
Arm 11a viio n

rtc ,nh t. be ta So wn o' wl+r. OolVotd -. t_ j p easr by iealtci si -

m a: _lppt e m t aend d nH re .omm enen d tohene a .o a esho. o. LONDO
is daimVe.,= sk it a.,M lies., spn last ai-b soe em al rm t hMe te aaflter erehe optera tr ,. ,the.fa P l ind ONeyll

cepie|Bd ill^^san k on n! s ee h Stmany dh w aver tohestate by t an out Iibof tihands f eused tu ty cation aren't h Of-
.....y'rm. ,* 1er. Me l d'. renia reen of po- said wS ~t bedside tc t ov resultedand were fol- O t ars eanatinadi whQ are not rplaced. Oficl l ao
it a ri ia. a ormer en- this or ttS t pontiff re lwed at a k of hm a ud exlaid b many of
... ....dther Ja tlallfl_. fetsr "I oil oft h A wop;nw' dvftistbeed ,O
Meo6 p-eeeeut sThe da tseoed

vevq th Sr ank bt aoa the ryof ao mnu ho t ta t citizn ens a of Pa-naa "more ted places w be alt
Mh et s e'r *en ru Souay" s a 8 8th WA yfld aVre at -n inlof .p*t- Ioewas aad chnc terd to do more taflelin tar U. the Uby ledat ciein
e e in q a e ptn n4 ,w l .enf N j al T', ,*a1.- to attendria nol am W the o tleeiof
rpa ibe a w ep"ackd0 r, ,o '.trf d6. l etheirWs brmengtoo

ae.leejIg gli4eoat d a- m. o. ea o hotbaid .t f M teleeArmy aultpov e aIn 0,tre es, hwver, oh s deNion
.R- Mr.reAd af tod-,..ay to nd a .inallbrUo, thrp iseem eith canegory Of be oft, of w tih sent BOae when it d it e on May 12 IAN. ., Feb. 11 (UP) Corofa l years duri g fiscal year fl 55, i
SWet r t ouhet o to tn heHonolulu ak 32. as fine everal omm arie nd po and will spe he wng bud- a ve
mtnh. rr ie stations have been roed o u o red. husband's na
S. xi it p Wa recalled, and oIfall oes w ll tha e replace she added that

Sthe Res The C9, Navy e rch pattern would n- cket up while l eat pne maor clubhoue ept pro eventually ma dren fro now on,
rii .. ahos p.,he tt .facltieswr t

l e r to t Cna cde h d L s H t a nd similar facilities exceed the 3 flau

Srt~ ^^^*iwheZonen was diverted yesterday, to yare the l t hted e wan loo ing t e at the Tvsol d uest eica said. on of local envil- The e couple wah i I
ie Bii the distraP raft, but Itdel la the aoab a sad rodt a f ls ns t w the US. Air Santa a
wpv stores an d .. -eto ssist e t in e to da wec a-wn er.s oi a ki ee dps an of5 *e tf o'endln. T ra

Meoty0rosse S Ietes- L ot* '.. caw .b! af gooY S.. cian wor keros h

glng yacht, ) Albatrcneoq u C c So Ar vsed Have To Back Up To Trnl A Comer *A
ato rY htClubplantlwit thatonthaat 90.00 (avera an-decisio
o a, t o bsea o chf fo r the i o t e ewi an n a
whichdsentoSO.. ,.' y 12 i'ApW 0. ew. 7ft'.dire(UP)n c oret apidy earse wl durin g fisal year vP e l"

arm sealTbeffrel Beaus oucful Dreamsi

wasr abouSt 31 Smdi lIO'a e h ftItnCO 3n'e c s aa ltilma

Woman Wilt C J"esitA- medr om Check Machinees Error iSun
.r, -ca0ulge racor vtom a ntaiplae hie In ese been h rioe d orec. l fcga lrd s, ty leAioree husband'a

eoidhtR s- MeanwlC Corst auard ot r If e U

S 1ve sses c^sla en Lou Angeles anId uhe MOBILE, A ta., Feb. li (U f -- athe of a farmer who received a tThe mun rces In the autome- had t00 savrtd up after d0 fro *- W -p irq
Ze.. w area r ey rational roaye w hoet e man and the$i5332 due him. the punches Tset pa off v "We talked abut a new home-

ta efuS g tah 'a is thed-itesdca mluion" ti after b e pi t a dse farmer tried through VA- amount sho sad Col. J nd that lon Cadillac. I'm not ,

teath ^. SgOerily J gqs^'M The schoonir a veteran of enect for ,831. from Uncle does "oanne' to Ke back W. McManus dsbursine officer iure what c I wanted the WAagSnwrf-
Sl wa Paci re s radod toat heavy Sa e money but the oenent t the 3rd Arm 'The machine car bt with e I would (UP)
SI t~i~DgP. c atled f rmt i en Bl W e"K' aithb 25, cr td nillton wa u bto. OlUt It oete the punches haverbtn h R. ples fed "
'lo "e agta t. aiod. f i at cmrr and his wown be tntrrn, recent man to talk o- ac V, (nte m srninc er a skin out has beer a s. an aa di

Iw hseat wh dnistrti utore oy malyin s t the k.a. he !w on h a advie o J. Person, ol- Bt he it couldn't yea .

BMt The James flinea- hack to the Ar- mi Tlon. but the affair was r!- Iwtor of custom. at Mobile, the .ue. be sa+i, no after talking" 1, wil. ,o.,
earn .IroB --. t l iU. S r io: was about "* yf ot J9. i.tot a in. t eiBy toruightened ou- -'rst governral et man he nould vit- Pat ere wrote a note d am
,,oto.reu eles an arln wi In'- :-o- "- at Maan aguMwan hhwldls __t
torit a be. nth o oprato rs ife ore i4s dhae the oor n i o eeer by
esirc.4 f-hpl w Si f fa l a osia "rd m to rplae-s e ad ts t
ama"r -!l r ru ureamsrn nv7a cluhue
aistance rflroutmet the "A;kedoIo..te

= IL heehe'S MenwoeCasGare daasulveinn no atet a e a he a ad Wt d. op afe 10.
caimen Ls A elver, y estWidaylto Thivoliteb (U --nlofaame woecid T suefts

-an4 m a pti n a Uns ,a g tie, thegsat be calt

n a m e d w irl eu o n W W I .: n e y o f I ls e r b eo u t ha W K ws b e e r epinrs
isu oMdt teta uheSi'ted" on a ha tHi e.o b atsaoh. gIal- Jl e k-.
bas 4Vk.- bttalllr tr et- k mS O n, but "he 'e cTor of c U pto ...a Moil T' tue, w he sat o -aft errtalkingOBee ur *,

nti"T st oaig the bahte se osfraoorm enom -heh41l-r 111 P rbe nos.

'under the U. S.ntrl fr r nhs1ie a *DZ"olao u r
SromPI hr d wne rs, the Pirro

--d e. J., Ce. ( -- M ,n as p faprer th o geteied a 'a" pu besin thet S- h U inoe havp baftr

tfr .vl7 % n-to Wet ueotw tr,- Mk ftipry e.
,Im. -Af ins n~r M Icl s n '"=rie
C01 l N v Th f ef .......ern a ti, eril .mea. up whi..e anrl
-woul In--i led ne ajr c.b ....s m t r.

+" ~ ~ ~ ~ h .,--60J. ., :... f.. o-, t- s... +-cho l .+ .. .,-- -, .--"-.

* j1 Ij
i. t. 9.

r**" '

- '


Nw. -- *

P-4~L r4


n B .Ulacre-.
n w critical con-
u Inn-wad hra.. "

, .,- **... f .' ..;<
. ;,.-. '
"! "" ... .. *%

' '. ._- :, ... '

* **'** -, 3 ^
Li tr.,r*^
S _-,':-.t

--7--- ----7

- 7

21_ -: : -





.' .

nAFAUAAMSInAN Mftl' ama -
' Mos uli. PANMA .. .. ,
low &.O t ta t .
girtetwasM, .''Tj AN uam tU'II .

wS 1.701
-. so a

* see '..~.m.n4*.a.-
vibi, en AEvANeS ~.a-
ft. IN flVAIIStss.n-.s-



lne AI tsa b m spur opseni S fate @9of T". Pem., e0.0
MR. iw evolved geabW tj m ud are handled a u theb lly ml l-
ut 14' a WbiN des't be ,mneBa iti dt E'm apper she
iStnfcto 'feCblbJt IMd the saw aecdive
phlet kp e lten li umed *t one. pagt n t.
:e e1r ll um ufs held in m rirSsft el ontedsc.
i fllWninessumsMM ** respoMRillbtiliy te dtaftetS s sopinmie
Slashes weed set N

picture of me you published the other day was real nice
ago holeneas., two. mne artist L alL done iari got me in
ty beat moments, settn still and Ittuniin acouL a pome.
Iame tnat as. dau pomes aiwaya mase me lgo% tnat way.
1'Te artist didn't like the Idea that he had to work in the
.ut 1 always no my setn bii unitlLnn L e sLaoies on
tor the atmoaiere i ,nopilin f nu makes trie pones saa-

S a lot of letters are coming in lately astin me about cer-
-prolegas. Now looSa neLC. ai neia d ee slIouiu uugaiLa isow
they lunt the sina ox piouemas i cn nanaie, ejpecasiy zWen
wolves hagn finance ana decimal point pusain. iow -Itten
lafsW leanovel puanm, hats more in my une. nbut bnai xetuer
a Wanted to know how the rest Uftices iost money selin ape.
delivery stamps, oughta xnow better. heree is a big lose in
-t kind oL business.
P et- Inatance. The stamps gotta be counted by the post of-
i'ealerts and postmasters. inen they gotta oe auoaleu oy ile
Motrnal auant boys. 'men tney gota oe post auactea oy tne
4AU boys.
Then Every once in a while somebody sneezes all over them
taq rat t together. Or somebody Kge s a colu an his nose
if all over then. Or gets sweaty anu his lingers sweat all over
i an they stick.
Or a termite or moth will eat one. Or a cockroach will gnaw
dl the paste.
SAll that comes under loss.
S asidea, since the Canal Zone post offices have to buy them
tle United States post offices ier zukl face value and sell
for the same price, anybody can see that there aint any

And since service to the public without making a profit comes
W the head of subsidy. Mr. Newman would object to that kind
y NMotree, its plain to be seen that the C.Z. post offices had to
South th sale of special delivery stamps an Im surprised that
te sellerr that wrote that letter aidnt know that.
Now Itfen all that sounds an awful lot like the kinda stuffI
s enta a disposal problem out at the bull pen. why I
it that at all. It even smells that way to me, two.

AnOr VtI$gviou I "urzze


ACRQO 7 Accomplish. '

tUnit it length
.2 Standard sof
t'u la notion I r S
of sun 4 Zes e *.
rm In 5 Entry in aU
E5rses h ledger 21 Lower in ranK41l Having '
6 Fortifies with Click-beet le depressions
(ob soldiers 28 Indian 45 Gaelic
t iles 7 Ordinal (ab.) mulberry 46 Female saints
sculine 8 Leapsover 30 Musical note (ab.)
allation A Foray 32.More profound 47 Bamboolike
SlOParadise 84H'reon, gris
h 12 Eaten away 85 Sailor 49 Scatters
letter 13 She has a --.37 Pp~m 51h-. 'eral rock
point nature 38 Approavthes 53 New Guinea
of 18 Lubricant 40 Spotted port
S If It I l "is rr is S 19 I .I

A' -

b Entflersity at P is Is $terlng ani intensive
m06 ta tr ,ah ltng People from February
-th. waI be conducted from Monday

Labor News

A r'

One of these wires was receive
by a Warren, Ohio, industrialis
who once did business with the So
viet Union in the. era before the
double-cross. Its wording Is reveal
ed here in the hopethat publication
will provoke public repudiation c
Malenkov's cooing technique.
"Numerous sources report So
viets eager to purchase large quan
tilled of non-strategic goods i
America including some product:
manufactured by your firm. W
are making survey of attitudes oc
Midwestern r'nnRIaitrers to do
ng business if export licenses are
obtainable., ay we nave an ex
pression from you. Return wire
The gentleman who is so eager
to survey sentiment and accept re
turn telegraph charger is one Man
del Terman, chairman of guess
what? The Chicago Councils of
American Soviet Friendship, 6
West Randolph Street. Stout fellow
Why wasn't Terman around trylang
to sound out sentiment of Ameu
ican businessmen when the Soviets
in China were holding American
commercial representatives for
At that time In at least 13 capes
:he Treasury department authorize
ed American concerns whose rep
resentatives were detained inside
China to pay "claims" made
against their jirms by the Red
Chinese. But this, apparently, did
little good.
On April 17. 1952 Secretary of
the Treasury John Snyder reported
that the payment of the
claims did anot bring about tSh re.
leri tatives (of U, S. businel" ll 4-VR
in China. AcerIlugly, the #
apartments (.resury and *
roe now convinced that it
H ble to isspe licenses oa j
bas other thin that of a n Ng;
ments Insurin, the safe i .
the representatives in a noq .
muniit area before payment Is
ma to mainland China."
March 2S,-1952, en. William
.nowfGd revealed that shotb
,6 ha t bqen paid to the So
vetisIed Chinese, but only fourlUA
uisefsMnn han been reloised.
Sen. 6 Xowland characterized thi
.' "etorstion and blackmail ".
t that time 32 Americapns were in
Communist China's jails, 33 were
under house arrest and there were
possibly 300 more who had not
been granted exit visas, the Sena-
tor disclosed. Presumably some ol
these businessmen are still in Chi.
na. Our industrialists, especially
those in the group which once ac-
cepted orders from the Soviets, are
now being asked to resume dealing
with this very same Communist
force which. not only directed the
war against us but blackmailed oui
businessmen into ransom. The
payments Were made, but their
representatives remained in Soviet
controlled jails.
The current sugary campaign to
woo Midwest industry has been
launched to coincide with a propa-
ganda drive by the pro-Russian la-
bor unions. The technique is to stir
up uneasy fears of heavy layoffs
in the machine and electrical
luipment fields and then urge
both labor and business to pick up
the slack by selling ''non-strategic"
material to Rusaia and China.
Once- these drives are coordin-
ated, the pro-Soviet fronts in the
Midwest will attempt to create "la-
bor-management" committees for
So- let trade "to lessen tension in
international relations." Then will
come the jointly run mass meet-
ings and an attempt to revive the
old-tim: fraternity. As always, the
Sovieteers have a second objective
if their most arrogant one fails.
'They will shout "at least" for
trade ii they can't get recognition
of Red China.
So it' is certain that those who
answer queries of the Chicago Coun
cil for Soviet American Friend-
ship will fall into a calculated
propaganda trap. The 32.000 GIs
who died on Korea's frozen hills,
the thousands more who were
maimed, the mothers' sons of
P1" re-as now dying in the jungles
of Southern Asia-these should not
so easily be forgotten.

front 4 to 7 p.n.m
kom 6 to 61 put.
es.m 7 to 8 p a
t. O.u (main baOding. of University) *

POO ilt JabOl ML *n 1hd

10 Mrrgn wu to e= e .4;tt
tk --let- eelc









* '*i -k3

t. .- ..*

il C;.+ .+ ....'. -*+,

......" 4''
'- ,. .- '. ,, I'' ,..L ..,.,.
.Y4,,, ++ -
;' '=/.. '.'f
,.z ".. '" .

_4 ., -
- .' -.




B By vIcron RmssaL
DAYTON, 0. Only a short
ain1 ago, tip Soviets were runnix*
a blackmail mill, kidbalsing our
business men and holding some of
them for ransom In China for as
much as $800,000. Like tin horn
mobsters, they failed to release our
commercial representatives even
after our corporations and banks
sent over thg ransom money.
Yet today the Soviets' blite spir-
its who doublecrossed our business-
men are wooing them through a
series of fronts which, amazingly
enough, simply bthirnated through
the Korean war and once again are
peddling, "oviet-American friend-
Latest maneuver in this "Opera-
tion-Come-Love-Us-Again" Is a se-
ries of telegrams dispatched last
week by Soviet-fronters to Midwest
manufacturers who turn out that
nice machinery the Russians. and
Chinese need so badly to revamp
their military. organizations, de-
'eted and run down during the Ko-
rean unpleasantness.

: ii


'- W ..... I
* :.'+ -. ,.' :': ;-,',
"..' ; ,, .., ; .*

a- ''



NIAr s. $ a*,a..,

L.a r-p

Australia 'sQueen


SYDNEY, Australia Since in in Washington D: C., all through were born I saw the Queen and
America we are not given to mass Mr. Roosevelt a many tres, and she was vwearng.. .." One knows
dulation of anyone but aviators, never saw him once, I am rather that the Queen -and her husband
channel swimmer, and crooners, impressed by the bond of strength were only going through the paces
it is a trifle difficult to eompre- that will bring out such Sasses of for *kleh 'they ar paid a whack.
hend the complete pandemonium people, the majority of whom nev- ing sum to perform for a purpose,
that surrounds the visit for the er saw England, to greet a sov- and to perform well, as salesmen
first time of a Queen to these ereign who "by deslgnation" is for the empire and its symbolic
shores. only a fgurehiad' o a s.ate, Erg- chairman of the board/
The parls and streets have been land, whlch his. very ltte .to do Nevertheless;- as an American 1
packed. Some two million pounds With a cotinent atthe'other end wqs thrilled When I saw the dvBl
have been spent to create arches of the world. yotg woman,' and- when we Are
and crowns and buildings have .Coau I our complete, or bo=. much oldet I shall retneiber
been draped with bunting' Mor n.'l .comLete, lack of inspired that it was a sualy day -i San ey
than 50,0o0 people sat up for horours for -orown Prsidents, a-d the band phyed "Dogge i
- A.j g from 12 to 48 with I am il impressed with the pomp the Window."
no.- J et a brief peek. and- cimumstance that can inspire Ad I was striking that from a
t -.. supA ater n..the part.of staiiddliat 4 thei oIl i r
'-here a' i M in ththehe day and age it out the wor'ild .aei
Spro -ew aw f b u tihi b about
mo.a.. ,11- 1..s- sae .
to its .Ela, histatl
'i nmal l girl h be- lungr riots I n or the reli-
louq a .irried to w a rn b s Bed S qare.
S.was a na- 4.t pave you, a very aleedinl
f. pan. of warmth that sues a ie an
tered seemingly -simple tlir culo bulug
off te a c ye erely by their presence
t C h[.people and for no other excuse thanteir
U100t1 1 I. emt off presezte Nobody name to, town
m212" coe taxes again t Is will, and ayoe Who
of .the score of" i,.deatf. sot desired was f1he to leave it.
e inspiring d Metiolks there's pot sough dAig-
c the Window.'! And her lie t crowds cri In the world today to permit
gm.^irt per was held in Da' qr arel sitfying eir own much of the King. business any
V Jones'. department *store. eges so at they can tell their more and It's a .pity.
Considering that my wife lived gandch:an "long before you Long live the Queen!

Labor Department

; By Peter Edson

S WASHINGTON (NEA)-There Meay, Reuthe, Dubinsky, Me- Hail w is to t to gt
Sis something decidedly different in Doota Poto sk., and even John Isasue dak ino-focus. It hs devI
Sthe Deptmet of Labor. Seere- o Udited Mine Wnrk. ped Ito a constantly sti
tary James P. Mitchell has been er' Non-Artisan League. Wn1 fg.t yr professal a a
on the Job less than four months, theyR aW doing is a good adminis- e law dan .1%4
but the change is noticeable. tratro offset for the union ofl. ways. It would r
When. she wat Secretary of La. ials' tqlgngtions from other 1-. if Congress na.
baor, Frances Perkins had the view. elottr sory groups which, changes which it has
point of a social worker interested they chae 7, are being tru by anti- to agree on fo- aix years. wo
In welfare. Ldwis B. Schwellen. libor relctozQries. Also make union l.boet forced more
bach, who suceeded her, was an Seary Mtcbell has not clepa- rectiye to the law.
ex-sen -or who came from the ed ti.e Department of Labor. of
s bench and looked at every issue I.Ua p uonth on the job, he haW watt
with a judge's eye. Maurice J. plot ,ait of.his time talking .to p f labor
* Tobin was politician, and he buein ..oFds. What were they do- diet t sp' igr period' r .
played the labor game for the good i1g? WIy What. was the cost? i nl. unm o l
of his party. Martin Durkin was a Wifat 'a they doing that they -1, tB n ailt c
labor union president, with that shouldn't b doing? o. a n O e
viewpoint. Many of the subordinates have t -hdl
Big Jim Mitchell comes to the bet und competent and even e* a ment b
job as a professional labor-rela- p a the Job. they were doing. l g in t
tions man whose aim is to keep Some mave not. There will be re. at law wil be1
things quieted dowu This is a far iliamenta when better executives would take in over X
I cry from the lusty days of the can -be found. Several employes w0o _ek .t .now covd
e. rly New Deal, when the aim suspialo,.as security ri u have Mvidee aw federal stad
seemed to be to keep things stirred been .qu ly reinstated. But there protect emp m of swti
* up as much as. possible. That was have en no changes for the sake s, outside .-.alea, and
often the result, anyway, if not the of callgM. -oll several elos .
aim. lanes in 'the lll uimu wage
The attitude o. the labor union The tiseoy shems to be that the nave ee the
national hibrareby on the appoint- Serettaly will be judged, not by W e House in a surprise mwv.
ment of Secretary Mitchell was the muatbetr of replacenepts h At present tin a third o
That he had a good reputation, makes, but.b, the job b ddes ain the worki force Is as tc 'by
They knew nothing against him. nia routptgucy as an administra- the Sl-cet minimum. A slart.
Since that tinted, the top union of- tor an staff officer to the Pflet- met of Labor plan called talt
ficials Lave cooperated with the de Agab the approach is bow Ipj in ma, i do those sot er
new Secretary in every way. Pub- cct t*lpg be. quieted down, net a exmpted from S* la
licly, they have been antagonistic. how can they be stirred Up. In retell ax. i ulmrl4 ilii
1a or the record, that has to be their 0t, .atl.. al labor situation whelh asd trade not I es Ia
position, and the new Secretary tai new Pecretary faces is ed talE mane. Thee gs oe0Mi e
probably recognizes this as much an Saft l sptsa," but It as WSpW said 6d be i euIar
as Ct'ydo. It's partof the act and n etirely bad CewsI a felteral minMum CfI l
this is the expected role they plaJy. t I as bot as it used to be, it has bees pIpe t
Privately, there doesn't seem to Secretar Mtehell's press a ier ct .iausing muOs m M
be much hostility. For instance, emne, in whith he disused Pre -l
the Trade Union Advisory Conr- det U!weh.wer's labor m sk outlook
ailtee on International Affairs. drew raly* bout go rebtten ea likSl af f
which hbs been dormant since cover t*e Depuatment A Yak
1944, has been reactivated bi See. Tea t as it would have e eems inevwtable. a
retary tai -n". it has half a n doze b or triple. d.M ar bere & )*
of the labor big shots on it S-becr-tary' job on Taft- hid..
on it- Tb- 0 ootb"


.. .C

. I

MeanwkIle, Shisv id vef -r -nj '
rv ofe sin a an 144w;ttac-m k ia'w
ofth nS thaUw.el l i M

mittSe; bit. ,hit ad ifl. xso.

Leset ceance w att "-- i
thanot bnge ot

district might-be
ibeastnr w t ez ptliaet
Raybun would baveter1 S ".
life belt a re-ed with an t a.
ctlhent chance of a eat.

latTexas kinew thtt he iwnt .* -.,e 0 ,ll l3o p
distar t road machines poobt am.

ads n ito gag e at rita zuatt jiettij
aifs be, akdc ed tihe. an tha t in Nl'bW8 r U ji r is 4as ibae

campaign _otrib : -defeat ..

toot St h riverma mifNt Dn ot yre
diti b ontate t r s te fi

tetelp usmovta the -ms. amm y wm.i

Ate anoy ra. W nk lIto0, l d:b

eithe jubyst -r d eve i fllaa 'Ryot "'k i ,
f e tigat o rhe p ctb "
SIf a into M bei Senat tority App itte. tf

and p one o Lt co h .. b
P.Ac. gas
selger boy'in Weath Will pan

nr r Was ottold lWn t t o3A6aa. Sinoe ti' rjya
Olwoh ad b id a sboesaiutvg od
whom he ran L iV.A .. weght t4 PAYd ,th^ e -
campaign oea ibutions. Orur a d L
Root just recved anIun
jiollar contract to h dlp Ui .d U. M Iz C
bases in Spain; so they .ca-ii a .rdti.t c.' '

t for debate Idn te Tea in

Hoas wevle, f Gt v en .r SInv b Ol rf B- ebe
At y rate Frank Ollot the d
tr. And if a to really bsa S m t _- :
SDR say 's Bamy Qa grqi
fprAN E ...weight. uteyndaft- Ae.c....-; "

tIag bhl quld et outa Towmm
for ebate 9110lcgaI In them wkporW
However, if Governor iers pItod the UIS'
wants to get a radistrieting pblut em
of committee In thie Marchwon' h-Mv.atraynean, but *a"s
tune that he1 talks heut bie (3. .
so. And if he really wAts to re- all of Saetamqut




* C



tnl The
f "o

~U...1,i ;..- ul~r ~~


- ~ __ 'OWN


li mB I I i i i

__II__~__~ __

-- t l I



.. '=

* .4; -'


r" I

0 "no




...*....a-r-- -


.r .* :


_^., ; .. 1;^..,... ***.;.:, }
-. ; '"' -. ". :, "-^ .: *'I
,, i ii'i:i -i .p' ii.j j ': ". ,**.
-.* ** :' .. ,,.,y
. h ,..I ,.. ,

; .*<
... ,---- ..*


o.A-4 e. VTW,

yf s w t firm aclt o '.

0" wag, 9' a. -per
,, ,, ,, s,. The irmodntd ou iht wie

aabo t tper cent ea-. a
Nb were w(nIn- fam-
Sthe.nat.n was dung more y
troumt teNlOw betweu tech- Y
nologista and .ad6rq.
**' Wo-o -Aecdag b.tuPont, the- prob- o1
ineluledofinSelm tworlde'sdincreas-b e
^neh ieri s E v in$og mafllions heightened b the 1i
tine y Adolf f t 'fact that n is graduaHy icShing
s.. ,,c iay vW& r toward d., the -limit of cultivatable
osk and (oi mlett while land.
ncln shot,' as. as ya As the firm ueen it, the world
SsUn. of the Dp Ecj must work toward stepping up pro-
Inch layer f blub tt duction r are in t- lnd air.a
he medicatl. wari! t u mnder t plow through science, If
pe inM. we are to minimize t e tsfet of
..1. population increases.
^ ., "

WPUPZW .... --w u, ,aw- w 'wrw- s,.- ,:
.... ............

et of Debtse of our Mar
*j 1tary ent,- em- I wasup.toTra
a I ppwr re to t onto
.7 X-a0 w le Of to1t l holsW.witnaK wssV eIn histt
Is, an 9af '*ppi lfte r ol
p (e part of ome lgnary betia Lifted out 1 tWceT el
r fltln s8 to rectify the treaty lip even- became heto. t
Sino be dle which had to t ba
.h ha .sf sCO M= m b e iNDer lagE -A. siden
5izt creaaedtlea by ht. lm, and -LA ..OF LING n-u
h th ed ees"0 that result
22o5 mioru ao 4eore a omt I nst bil t) of the Fre b
.s. .e ven-t.. i TH O Lo D
ha m n coree says France must be giver
btha t.ajS*& -idInte toh hefll c Uditefor re Tight agmi IO
.a 1on u.. es oap res butthat 9ea s on mutual
rd to teno.a 7 the to8 r ne work in France ha s been
ontf Th'i s. a de to oIt desoClbeo Italy's defense efi- -l-
Srhn i etn. ',' fort at ,"about on a par" with (Compiled by Publishers' WeeW
Prance.: Fietion
Iht thu Ta tmew ""- It eays "things are not moving
.m.louadWlroatson might," and the t mpo LORD VANITY-Samuel Sheia-
Ster o Americanas. barge
Sa a s p owela pai, 0tieonte
gf i other betfl0d. as "the Implacabe -BEYOND THIS PLACE-A.J. Cro-
[foul* .ubcom- d" o, un eve where. n.
b ad untry weh has de-
oreg"woul u l e oteeda .t ounJam, on the bat-e TRIM P E AND TIME AGAlD-4Jamen
outri ll." ewoulbauthorizete -" Spanish CiVi to
highway bul Present ert Hlbn
ing im%.4q^ &I a 4' 'THE LADY OF ARLINGTON-
The deeedent noted that the Hanezt T. Kane
govern me$it now olee a .tg a o 'GOw THE SHADOWS OF THE IMAGES
bout 910 .nitr)n ooliUaa ft- -William E. Barrett
nualy on the gasoline tax, but '
r not uslb.,ol anywhere .near, THE ROBE-Lloyd C. Douglas
that much for aid to highway
bulldng.' He Indictet that be By United Press TOO LATE THE PHALAROPE-
would like to aeem yrtualI-ally a Alan-Paton
or te gasoline tx money re- The Russian planes came over
turned to motorists In the form on Dec.. 23, and the bombs caught THE UNCONQUERED-.Ben Ames
of better roads.' the crowds of lastminute shoppers Williams ri
in te streets., No-Flction
'It was p thousand times worse THE POWER OF POSITIVE
S fthan Peawrl Harbor,.New York, THINKING Norman Vincent
W111 rangt0, Sara Franclseo, Los i, Pealei
Angeles and Philadelphia were obh
lto'rated by Hbombs; 2a smaller THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS-
hities Werea blasted by A'lombs Charles A. Lindbergh
five .les as powe.hful asthe one
tha e foimb'esx is( L F Is WORU_ L WS G,:clton
Stb M rthei ermi s that-
fllowed and .more-many more-. TRIUMPH AND TRAGEDY-8 I r
ta a million were killed by the Winston S. Churchill
screaming' mobs that fanned ad uthurch
tfri the cities. o eTHE AGE OF THE MOGULS-
Because Russla was so much Stewart H. Holbrook
better dispersed and dug in than A MAN CALLED PETER-Cather-
the Unles States, U.S. counter- A MAN CALLED PET
s rodu no corresponding e Mashall
A untilbutn etplorrTetr
maxes tbut let ite betray ndo GONE. WITH THE WINDSORS-
This is the central situation of Ilse Brod
-Philip Wylle's Tomorrow! (Rine. LELIA-Andre Maurols
hart), a book intended to warn __ _
4 tAmericans of the nature of the
threat that confronts them and of up man's Inheritance of the Chris-
civil defense measures to meet it. duty to humanity. Manlios, a aim-
\To put his story In human terms, ple shepherd, endures a horrible
-eMr. Wylie-has Invented two cities skin disease as he struggles t
and four families--Green Prairie portray the Christ. A Joly ped-
S and the Conners, who took civil dier forgets petty thievery and re- '
defense seriously and were pre- members the needs of others. The
pared for X-day when It arrived; son of the village aristocrat for-
sh River City and the Williams, the goes his wealth and his idleness
s Baileys and the Sloans, who pooh- to prepare himself for the Passion.
poohed the whole thing and suf- Katerina, an attractive widow of
** red accordingly, questionable, virtue' pays dearly
i -,, .a This is not a pleasant book. It is for the faith she finds after a
IHH -not meant to -be It is a study of ceptingAthe role of Mary'Magdal.
"-. harsh reality 'by man well ac-' Kazantzals draws warm,be-
^... qualnted with the scientific and lievable characters, complete with
.... Aical facts of 2th centurylife, faults and virtues.
rin the franklydeal-ed to hammerthome
terth bere It is to late .
.lIti 'WIt takes "a great sense of won-
aa ,ranfa a, der, a slight taste for danger and
Sa the attraction of the unknown'to
n w iw Instill in a man a passion for vol- a
aene! caes, Haroun Tazieff writes in
Crat.rsl Fire (Harper.
4in a n many A geologist and an explorer Ta-
dleff wandered into the field of
wa flua"d c waainga v*anology while in Africa, It was
..... net long-he had har ad his
-trousers singed-before the term
iand the grandeur of a vlcarle
Eruption gripped him. He also wit-
nessed the r of a volctoo.
g" L Even with e H bomb man ,t A
cannot equal the force of a natu.
Sral e cataclysm.
h. Te"eruptin of Krakatoa in In-.
donesia was heird mo-than 2,M0
Furthew AI 1A, miles away. In the eruption of
Pandtaive g -At revA, Mont Pee. one person to 40M00 a
end G eup) -"te ny.olu*on. survired. Had the population of St.
ary, patented, pro-shaped Pierre been ten times that the
Qucg eap mn fa dkth rate probably would have
tef .'g u *pft-ft r about the same. -
^ t^lfer the brat1e .a w has written an exciting
tlm.Uia.o ok. He takes his reader with 1
tnite ftnal uses*qpch_ him to the brink of volcanoes and
sweats, with evey ga- ev inside te craters. Heatells etc., etc...
fall CmeM, wxltej pbamefer just s If volcano g g Pal

Ree 4.50 simplci"n Hmilou Beach
Re" !'uk" 4,5* we in Nlkoo Kass a i |lhlmtest
.. ..... 5.95 he(, ....|
.... a .- h.eises t si ( at

_ "s

-.4 -, .- -
-7.' 1**=
~%r U$fl, 7E~t 14- -~ a -r --~.~- ~
sra.cLk;~AThucr-i tMi-kKt-x->:i -A insrr2~

s-- -- -
i'~.L5tt-;if,5X. '2S4' C -&-

V-.;-rA&2 C,

9 4
'* !.'

IW '40 41 *43 '4'4'4 *5 % 'S V7
e dollar costY b for construction in the S. from 19e9 to the jtirmi
f the present building dollar compares to the 1939 dollar. The largest varla
itimated figures for 1t53, when construction cost approached the 835 bIllon mti
139 dollar it was worth approximately $14 billion. Data #om National Isiduastra

Ervybo4yRJs PekCassiteir






A* Complete New Line

I. S

of Automobiles !

i ,r. .
,'. y..
S* h:

ie new Bringing BVa ues in Luxury

SIze and Performace Never Before OffTered at the Price I

tSist Penle. Ever alU-t-*I4 lashes Over-All Legth New ie7mt, Ilnsie And Oat
New Castem.Syled Iterlba-New xterloer Clons
Meet-PowerflI Pieelae Ever wlls -
ew M eada-bilt AIpd Driving amse
New, Gre5ly Ierensed Cre-ouCe try Luggage Reem

TOU. cmA- a OPms
A muscm w
-fp- e

Here the first genuine luxury car ever o be
..offered in Pontiac's low price range!
As the biggest Pontiac ever built, the new Star
Chief brings you all the generous added length
required for peak roadability and riding ease.
And this extra length provides a long, low,
astocrtic silhouette like costly cars. n brought
to sen heater beau by a brilliant new treot-
mant of Fmantie's II l ive Silver Streak. Inte..
rims are in key. Here is the gracious, spacious
look of luxury foc which motorists have paid

several thousands more than the modes mot of
the new Star Chief. Add to all this an awen
mightier Pontiac engine and you will mdes tand
why you should not only see. but drive, this
magficent new oar seen.
See the completely new Star CaAif tofa wek
along with the wderfully iprved CbhfiW
Serl-General Moei la pried li
famous economy asi. They amply
demonstrate that, again in dollar ar do'ade-
you can'tbeat a Pontiae. a


p I-

I* --w suu u ininu PS NOW Pamr brab Nsw h M u R" DrWM
.l prR Isft ,l" tew llsbo ta .peE- yes t b.fttsr6 I Ji A o .a.e Sesrt
wo s4 OwJWNW4 tarsw m w oo. moIni rt asdfsmto MnA bMYsam aimambysimap

s WIth Its Beautlil New Companion Car THE IIL IlER STRIEAR C EERIi-- i
n" a S ,





Your Cadillac & Pontiac Dealer

~irihlruji- -.

' ... .*'" ..'\ -,'k.' ".-. .
-' -. T- .---- .. r- o *-- : ..
- -. I .- -- i '- ". ,. *,-- .
.. -.... ... ... & ....

S *A '
.*' .- ', .

- --


I; ~


..: .. -U

** .
i- .. -

S '. .- 2s... > f .. _,*


....... w,, ... .


Z :~"~-'"


Mr" -I



* : .- i .-

. ... .
J', .,
1 *ir ..:* :.; .

.for NEA Service
rage persOn who plays
*me doesn't understand
. are usually very strict
ings as cutting, turning
accidentally, showing a
.O on. The chief reason
strict rule Is the simplest
r settling an argument.
Aiple, consider the ques.
it by a Kansas reader.
hayer rearrange his heard
Sput thpm down on the
-has not yet discarded?
evening one of my op-
It dowp some cards that
Ave played on a samba,
I a4icgearded his part-
14,attenton to that fact.
Ire qukle moved on.
-a h and rearrange 1
to cards in that mel"'.
i that he had the rigli
Because he had not yet
1Is play by discarding.

is easy, but it's dif-
aIbtee a rule unless the
au-nde'stand the reason for
..earrangement is illegal.
as eards are put down on
Sin a .legal meld, they
down in exactly that
,gow let's see why this is
incessary rule.
Wth, your partner isn't
nsut with you on the
'f mnelding. You make"
lays, unaided by his
"ely permissible eon-
i answer to the ques-
I. go out?""
putd your
VIArely looks startled or
He hasn't said a word,
ias't Intended to consult
.but he has certainly in-
that something is amiss
meld. You take a second
your meld and see that-
a better way of arranging
rs. If you were allowed to
'i effect is that your part-
adviaed you.
Sjust imagine what hap-
inx game. The players
Sa fierce argument. The
that he didn't see his
S lace. The partner says
didn't move a muscle or
i .e an eyebrow. Then some-
asks if anybody is questioning
Stfulness. From this point
d can back down, and no-
M will be satisfied.
II obfthis is avoided if the rules
.strictly enforced. The player
t allowed to rearrange his
Ls, and nobody has to wonder
other his partner batted an eye-
SAll of the players eventually
Sto think about the meld be-
ey put their cards down,,
H eelings are hurt.

r, Son,, Span
ory Of US In
Sir Lifetimes
CARNAL. 1A. <.P.
jeeatkons-father and son
spanned the history pf the
-States. And the son still is
Charles 1. Bopha. .-I,
-Carmli whose e= a
S818 veteran, was 80 wete
was born.
father and I could have
A-lids with every .U. S.
S rom Washington to EI-
," Bonham said.


Written for NEA Serv$ee

4K 853

I 10642

North-South vul
SoutK Wedl Neorth
I N.T. Paws 24 1
2 Pass 3 N.T.
Pass Pans
Opening lead-- 5


Much of. your play at tU act4
bridge is based on the'faWtWfat
one opponent is more' dangenUs
than toe other. This has nothing itc
do- with the size or ugiianes' yo0f
opponents, but depends oily a.
whether or not one opponhut is in
position to make a dspiagin lead
if he wins a trick.
Take today's hand 'fior exailpl.
after South wins the first trick
with the jack of spates. f West
wins the next defensive trick be
will be unable to lead another
spade safely. If East vinr the ftnxt
defensive trick he will lead a spade
through the ace-qqeeif and thus do
considerable damage,
South doesn't have to be very
brilliant to see all, this and to rear
lize that West ip the dfte opponent
while East is the dangerous op-
pone*t. Hence SouthL ust try to
develop his tricks without giving
East too many chances to lead.
South kn'ws that he can surely
win five diamonds and two spades.
He needs two other tricks in order
to make his contract. He can de-
velop',one triek in hearts and an-
other in clubs. Thb question is
wltib suit to attack first?
The brrect line of play is to lead
a diamond to the dummy and then
return a low heirt towards the
South hand.
If West happens to have the ace
of hearts he will be able to win
the tri:k but will be unable to con-
tinue the dangerous spade salt.
South will therefore have time to
dev elop his club trick and make
his conir.'ct.
If East happens to have the ace
of hearts, at is actually the case,
he cannot afford to play it im-
mediately. (If- he did, South would
have two heart tricks and wouldn't
need a club trick.) When East
plays a low heart. South wins a
tricl: with the queen of hearts. And
now, South shifts to clubs in order
to set up the one club trick that he
needs.u. the AP %contract.
It wd ddo iMut-a m .good to be-
in the hearts by- ~' ng the suit
first from. his qa hand. East
would be able to "ajbe first heart
trick by cturg mmy's king.
East would mthiAeturn a spade,
and South would go down inglori-

Lucky Eleven
FORT WORTH, Tex. -(U.P.) -
L 'G. W. Turleys should have
tle trouble in recalling the birth-
day of their daughter, Terry Gale.
She was born on the 11th minute
the l fhoturof the 11th day of
the 11th month. In other words:
at 11:1 P.M., Nov. 11, 1953.


ALL-AMERICA GIRL SCOUT- Mnrs Ro. r LFEton. p c14w"
Chase. Md.. national 'orpmdenl of the Girl Sv nuts of. t 0U. S. A,
shows New York Scouts Marlfyn Waayhe .(eft) and Pamela
Winleri a brnote s iatiitte ol the typiral American Utri Scout.
rhe aix-incb statuelte. whirh was done by Sculptor Marjorle
Dalngertfeld of Ne YVi k anc Blowingi Hik. N, C.. Will be ftade
available lo Url Scuid councils throughout the country fo presen-
tation to friends of Scouting as a token of appreciation


Great White Fleet



-Arrves *

"HIBUERAS" ............................... Feb.
"LEVERS BEND" ............................. Feb.
"YAQUE" ................... ................Feb.
"CHIRIQUI" ............ ..................Feb.
"SANTO CERRO" ........................... Feb.
"HIBUERAS" .............................Mlareh

Randlina Refrigerated. Cbilled and General Carso

Weekly salings of twelve passenger shapb to New York. New
Orleans. Los Angeles. San Francisco and Seattle.

Fortnightly passenger service on our S.S. CHIRIQUI, to
New Orleans via Santa Marta, Colombia.

Special round trip fare from Cratobal to New fork,
Los Angeles. San Francisco and SBaso.

To New York ....................... ......8240
To Los Angeles and San Francisco .... .... a...,
To Seattle .....................


" ...




a, .. ..
L mLifh'^ i.I i L l^


7-w u

Oscar BidM AgA -


; 5f..




TiWru str& 1
' ? 'IO L
V\ -S o

. .,I ,



New Project


Mirk a Hunch

r-^- '4-.'m





B-l 's-lye
-T "--
wo I' ow I ONW
TOa s =L

iAJUR bUl4

Otl UUh WR .

. ',,: ,:o .- -. ..' ,,

"-;- ." -

'1 *'*- .

,^ c .
Ad '- r :

..;, O i


* ~ 4 :.- ^ ,'- ,.-'- .,


-I .

j o "



flC,= "J-;






V T IT ': "*.*\

3 ^ I

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I: 1~8g

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n the ltfls as the house
st of her pAUts, Mr. and Mrs,
4. .G o Babo. ra.
iltj i "_-,w,. n. i /, 1 i l. i i .. .

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,.ut ... t -f... ; ," i .t t ._d''y-l

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r.. howa s ^1
*play vem s" '- e

a Ci ckego re
YW. e can.

W'an ad miss Margarita el-
mnan. .
b RU, .. At

the house" ar
r. h r a ,
natd sIat--la Mr an; us,
F. I. -
F. '. Gew .Bilbbo Were n.'
tor b y hiu .ta buast
r an. party gierl at
Guests iiie4~d*r. ...d- .
J. Mle,. A.. .IL
Gerra'ri anSi t.P. J. Mor,
andy DoJal s Phrbty is

Q-fkiowMlr. J Wlf Ui.., Mr.
Allen Bt Galy.rew Hsers.

Mrs. Ir L. Wrigh of Balboa,
who will eave the tp
near, future, w hanoea ..b .e
embers o theaa 'Wdmna's
SClubi eae, ten@ g during
their .o ,
M rs., ta cbarpr m*.
tf s

organizatipua of thil grow. e
sngIs outlfoed with ixq~ the


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,m Chammb
Clara Climb
Eastern Star



f":.ULae ea- Ol qs*

runc CBI= n JUpafWT

-le a-d thA to obtain
epano eua cltel e
" atomic .fla
W to securf at a.w
Stead out 'P iun ined kndL.

If go

I.op pounds of coal.,
--posed by Bor .w
SDowel from
b s qi hn reach
sulphate. Th
wheei-dr.vlnq motors. .
"T2e second of the
.Ould contain a conde t
yOr. ve water and c #uW.
t e r .o *'
Te reactor Itaelf -w .
e tWo feet wid#,te Ie
. t ahid three feet ,on0 bul
OU he contained
2sioeld four feet' tji aA
*i n 200 hn to tble
crew from- atofrta ,
Asked if" there w- Ube
1B 1 event of a wreck, Bora
,'I tbhnk not. I would be wili
Ing 16 Ide on it an placeA"

n'sptwd e aind fooimtnone net.p
P- r " th"n powder ... s*y onlwmh h

spend week i iw than heavy mknWrupsl
t2 a tanun Neir tNoL t atessy fnl iei W

Work and seven orqute t*! a- Angel Face smeft glmemeur n 5 sesendil
flBB rte are.MBa, Tan iMon *
and r. Te os

le W 'r't. fr w haedm L
Ida'M: ar^"l U9rii^t*w i -wire min, pu. nd

.Ct T.t.. ?.
are's good news muslelds:
d. -o tr k g di TW e .louth*.
r adlmed t m.. stack e-te
-daktftg 00theerm or
thi musltian's l fnmilr et. "--
', The -tootl -bIs- a sa .dreular Jig
I that sip vr the-brass histru-
Smeat.*P t. a against
Sthe edge t u other
I agoahpt the .a e Cup. Young
r paste th e from the
Mr h by tC O&re on
I actingg te 'p. Products,

.A new ma"le projects slideN
and sinultaneously uses long-play-
,Ugrecords to dei',ra centlnuoa6 ,
miviute sate fafta or training
I ,tre. The whole thing works
Automatically. '.
I The unlt.-c-Aalleathe "Micronma-
i tie"--fits nto a container the size
a of an ordinary briefdise when not
r us e. It icl*de, a stripfilm pro-
ector, .reo player, amplifier,
filas, record ad screen. (DuKane
i orp.)



ca"dptny of the Balboa Woman's.
Club will be held &t.noon Febnury
18 at theahome of ltrs. .s trrtn-
gioni 5c- Curundu Heights/.uMra.
101e wto wibev -d*toae.s.
m4Pev t aldd their guevet are
J* attend a.dr'e ttquest.
eld to o 'k -*for.w.v"UlOnsA .

.aub wnwr at nfut'eted In attend-
ins Spanish Cla. s = a mo asod to
contact Mrs. Elden W*7Cofe, 4-

, The mbli bI .Invited to at#Wl
A 'Pie"Sod" this evening
-00to.7:30 pa.. ou then a.IpA
the ]alht Ubion Church. 06.
rial it spo .orqd o-the Woaisn's
Auxiliary of the Church.
i' "; ,

can be cleaned
ricks with a so-
ctainl two

re to wear rub-
r, as trisodium
mg irritaol.

No PFourth Strike
FO tT WORTH, Ter. (U.P.) --
RMn ipal Judge W. H. Gilmartl i
w-sd= whiev atmotorist asked for
aore time topay his fourth' spepd-
JSg ticket. Glmnrtin- reminded the
tootorist that a baseball umpire
lever grant more than three

.. .. ,r


'W S t k ImI




Our se.A in t c ly tender FPV acks with tel
tw hadhe r Chedar chees btid in! A rich
g* a asw k jr w fheIw 7 *en dunkin.y
wW)Whi 6EV -MG%7
.a m t... ow a M -.

.... I -tTAVERMIN .m 1md ae

Q. Brown; Laurence F. BJmhong;
Mis. ZIA Chugin, Dr. andMrs.
.amsf Clqne; Mr. and Mrs. Or-
vile Colby; Mr. and Mrs. John
S. Crump; Miss Mary H. Edds:
and Mrs. Nettle Elsenmann.
Mr. and Mrs. Galon H. Gates;
Clarence A. Greene: Paul N .
Hayesa; Mr. and Mrs. William W.
Hendrick: Mr. and Mrs. George
V.- Holdren; MlisN Ruth P. Hop-
kins; Mr and Mrs. Lester Joht,-
son; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley
Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Kaltenoacher: Miss Helen E.
King; Dwight H. Ladd; Mr. sad
Mrs. Join L. Lowe; and IMI.
and Mrs. Nicholas H. Luder,-
Mr. and Mrs. Canby C. Mam-
iSele; Mrs. larrIe B. Maeyerhoff;
' rs. Estelle Morg;an; Mrs.
James W. Morrison; Mr. and
Mrs. J. Lindsay Muir; Mrs. Lily
Malca and 4 children: Mr. ana
Mrs. John Nuakey; Mrs. Irene
O'Brien: Mrs V. A. Pierce; Mr.
mnd Mrs Ercole Porrino; Mr.
and Mrs Howa:r Potter: an-.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamea H. PUgh
end son,
Mrs. Mabel J. Rigby; Mrs. E.
E. Rockwood; Mr. and Mrs.
Bernard J. Rosen; Mr. and Mrs.
George Safford- Mr. and Mrs.
Robert J. Sl8ton Mr. and Mrs.
Walter dams. Jr.. Mr. and MIE.
Gilbert Sommer; Miss Myrtle L.
Spencer: Mr and Mrs. William
H. Snurreor" MrM Martha Sul-
livan: Mr. and Mrs. Dick ThomD-
son; Mrs. Katharine Tyler; Mr.
and Mrs. George Wolf; M;is
Georgeannme Wonl: and Mrs. Dor -
othy Zenker.

Specialist On Wild
Turkeys Keeps
Mum On His Sales
nest N. Latham of Julian. Pi.,
raises wild turkeys-and never re-
veals a 'sale.
Latham raised about 500 wild
turkeys in 195a.-mainly for sports-
men's clubs which liberate them
on. their own grounds.
But he also. sells them discreetly
to hunters who want to make sure
of a kill. Most such hunters stake
their purchase and shoot it. One
let the freh bd stain his new
hunting jacket as though he'd car-
ried the bird over his shoulder.
But if anybody, asks Latham if he
sold a certain hunter a turkey, he

"I don't recall any such incident.
If a man buys a wild turkey from
me, that's his business."

yar duOe of 7 lovely
An-e FaP C ado

. ..
;4'. .
- o

I i- ,.,,....'t ,.f
/UU & -' .. t"
Ansel Faceolmes Im th Inheswl 'e
Sblue-and-_ltd bo& "r pu..

For owyanw en ch of Bm ur-Pou4fs"WS'

It Pays to


In The


The loveliest Eau de Cologne in the.World



Eau de Cologne

A dry and refreshing classic cologne
of superb quality, for those who
appreciate fine and lovely things.



k~iE*. -,.--^'

Use Atkinsons Cold Medal au de Cologne
in your morning bath, smooth it on
bands, neck and brow duftin b4day.
Start now to make ev&ry day more serent.

. .

-. f -a .

Xabi ro, -, ARW .'A.,#,VKW/ -V

-.-,.. -- .

. M r .
of C




........:. .P.,
; ..',.


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I- ,---- ,---- -;




J?:' .:{.. .


, :-



I:. ua ,oADO

a,, aemsena Ave. end 83S



I- .D WITW.0lih OF OURJ t'AQ F ---11RIW II@IR agg
..,- .' o ... .. -
I, A IV :.
I ~~~~JI.hhIIIe~

" .' "- ': ." '" -.
.-. .a .. t
'.'. ., .. :_,.' ; ,,A'i. U ;. ': .?-




A, S.A.
D r
IDa.. .r


: Household Alntovobltles DR. WENDEHAKgE ,Mdil c .
i Cdoner C GIni q,
Central Avenue 'K Street. Corner. ~58 Ba ,
Livinbroom suite andPFOR SALE:--1949 FdCustom .4- Telephone Z-479, Pqngmi. Pne -
a cha, coffee.t.. table &din, heater good condition. Tel. I-ve a color shmnpoo, it brighten .
bk slOts, seinir table. two Navy 2472, Sgt. Tucker. the natural colored It cov ers'
., 2725 FOR SAL:~-Two buses "Mercedes- eautyShop Mrs, Esther. Lorenzo, t
A C. Z. Benz" 195.2. D-Luxe body~inpe p Man-ager. "
i ,Wa.Inghouse refrigers fact condltion. lese Motd. Tel. Mnmde
y carriage, foldig- 2-2064. FOR SAL modeirlte
-dep. i d Panama. Leov- FOR SALE:-1952 Mercury Monte- i,,. ,
lesthmu. rey hard top Merc-o-matic. For IWflce!l aPOU "1
:--5 cIe Kenmore wash- only $1,8.V. Call betwe 4 and Restred Spaniel P le
r In o.. .Good codto.ial P Registered 9Cckr Spanie Pl -_,
*ac Ifc 3156. FOR SALE:-1952 Buick convertible Kobbe.WLL
EI nfIlid gas water 14,000 original miles. Terrace t
i I l. c ty atm rn wL re lr Iti r r WSW. FO R SALE:-Radio 5 end. 60 cycle. tarrtleg"resno Caun Trgli
SThrm 3-2515. rado, dynof low, CaCurundu Reord player 25 ycl, th f
Aoe r. nro 3246 fafotr 5 p. .. ..2A28.- .25.00. 1511I-A, GovilanIReed IS U
Simmons double bd, desk FOR SALE:- 1952 Singer, $arr m. d room. I

Somee,, 'ma. y xemlent hoseNo. 5J, 8FOR SALE:-o-Tw: o standard ~t trt,' g ngT'S:. Thon
3 rugs large, venetian Diblo, phone 2-2701Balbod conditonn and working order. -24 Pn .
e, and other hous"od ar- FOR SALE: Chevrolet 41. Good Panma3-56- opell
ouse 100 Apt. 11, m- running condition. $10.00 -POODLE:R 0 oxeALrm ThinBrindle..emale.FRl N cle eoIn, .Throem
C. Call between 3:30 ad rundu 044 nr, oll tr
weekdays. Must sell by Feb. "......3158. .J___ baths,-kitchl e, patio witho bar. 2d
"ri. S- cc.... FOR SALE: 1952 Austin. A 40o c... -- w- --.. cl ar ran Frand oe maod'e rom.
oirlrsIR aecb Somerset. Excellent shape. Duty FcOR SALE :Two standard typewrlt-id ith tl fH Toe
LE Mho anybed without d. o 50. ers, working condition, Call 2- 0912 e4

Spaid.honeER L d achat in La 3- 5id6n.Panama.
trss, $65.00. Hginlo Duran --120 before 4:30 p.m. m. to
1. tv S Houeho. Re.rger new, 1951, low mileboe, No. 19. P OODLERS FOR SALE ThieeF chlet e edr vlhtwfbm

ST ch l iFOr A 9r 1aFdu uheed lr $0i0
F45t Ahrenetn bStreet.mboxers, Prea-2141hH11S9peedNeYpuPpiesfarand dinangroom, molds roomger-
L:, reesonablePinesbleedlipI@ good neigorhood. iund
N-'Rde. Studio couches. beds, chit- FOR SALE. 1947 Ford TuISupe beth ldep. Seme woeoly, ue.oAlick. AvUue, n Frunilca No. 944. Tel- c
folers, MIRROR, tables cabinets, Dm e oLuxe, Excellent mechanical con- Mut be san, i be apprteed wa pqg-dir1 o4 8
fPicedesks, electric clocks. D E h.S-oditlon. Radio, $450. 00. 0859 l 3 o45 Caolo. renhotnt 11 Dro $ o
I-Calla 8 00orn92.0 privolentssDr.Dal Rio..
50, 6 to II years. Miscellaneous Oleander Plarce, Balboa._ a RENTen "he, chn c ie
i.. p cheap. Shrapnel. 150 Pros A N E LESSONS P mn alA oto IV
H" ect. street.Telephone 3i 89, Bal- WANTEDi L. E S50. N... .aI-- Td t n .l..f i.
S Automobiles. 12 Hour group ballroom doncq phone 3-1206 from I e. m. to 13
',Vt SALE.-Household. Refrigerator, WANTED: -- 151 -c1o --1953 curse for ONLY $15.00. Reoleftr ". m.
s e, table, two" chairs, dre"- USED CHEVROLETS PLYMOUI HISolon Panomni El PanamA Hotel, Dcli:' l5R-i.'--T umnchaetwith FR
rf, pledof -drawe lamp. 42 PONTIACS. We PAY CASH On 4 to 9 p. i. Tel. on. 3-1660. Or rerWigerator and p rer $o000.
-y First StreetPb h ma, 3-2234 T UR4-591 Mornings only. Hernett oNo.12, tG o Ae u, Caol co del ir
.AL. ret bamboo, 9 pieces. TODAY AND WALK OUT WITH Dunn. S.n Francisco.i Teloephone 3-2152.
7 005 choirs. 2 foot ret. CASH. Autos Else mnn. next to thRAP MODERN PIANO CORS POR RENT: -Futhird chalet. Lv-
$.Sffea tables. House 8512 C a s; Coca Cola Plant. Panama. Tel- Sensotioncl, new. brief. Three wIn Ing-diningrom, 2 bedrooml, gar-.
oIrPlace, Margarita. ephone 2-4966. method. p:actical, populaor. at ssa.Phone 2-241e5from h 1 to 91
.... ... -L O scal. P[oy In 20 privot ol oessons. al.m.
0LE.-Cdoldspot refrigerator, 8 Zez Bennett. Tel. 2-1212, a .. ".l
m.* .- porcelain In and outside. 60"1 ; n Id t- .-.FORRE
First n and aucon idk5 FORRENT Position F O fferd FRRENT:--Furnhed. chalet cg n
C o. Apply 23rd Street. Este .s A unieddoor os .
Haute No. upstairs. _Rom sORExperienedb Talh rai'o0.e
S A C-Ratn dining table ROOMS FOR E NT, -furnished, Pan-, opeotor for Gaton Clho O E,
1 .p 40 "& M aho g y1 bulfef. R ottn am a. iTw oa m ppartm cents. un- ty 7Shop. Phone 5-4V1 it c u f shed h
m Rattan, coffee table, mq furnished. ply Estudioante 98. Mrs. Ulla Hart, Manpger. pol, st ted rro
any va n".Pol, tsitouatedIny si rroiA.eayl_
:: *.1 3_wny van ith bench and ma-/FOR RENT: Furnished room for Goofy Lak, Cafl
Ma chiffonier, electric floor, bachelor. Private entrance. Estu- FOR SALE businesshoursCa. :.
I t all excellent condition. Quor-.dionte street No. 71 Amt 5 ..
5198. Curundu Heights. of. ... Motac,2eles l.OR.MduNT: m- Por-_"bedroom Ijus, I I
3:30evenI.ngcs..-' completely furnished with Ing
rI air. refrigratorL.T & 7 N RALE -Cushrnanscooter g olesituated In Cerra Awl _or
.00 cfr, I $, condition PhCaln Cribol ii41r82 la o Tel. 3-06, buni
conditia. 2- oa.1k mh hotel El Pana-NO 1 R4JRA-11.3 bedroom house us-ma
ff._l 36??, 1 SALE BRS&Mtu eluS Enclosed yard. velfa ista, s0.a
i4Lj IEtJgsrrwu. a- FORU ALEFOR SALE-Boat No. 411, 7 ',xI$' '-ho-n-.Tel. 8-' 14. Aval-U
sET. General Electric re- Househld0a $285. Balboa Yacht Club. 1FO#"R.JT, twi cr.iec co
WA_ chair. No. 25. Peru condition, $28.00. Cuba Ave. No., WANTED scree InspecrranrI
!2ment 2. !2, Apt. 9, Tel. 3-4217 M e omilesfrom ruwtos, on internq-
E_'-i stove. 4 burner.FOR SALEA, rol refrigerator 7. .. _.'" Jtlnal Highway, s -gq atdriveway, Wardrobe, dresser, cu. ft. $200.00. "Modern Maid" WANTED: Good used Volt.Ohn. .. ..
board Allpracicaly ne.Sp~~~e1gas stave $75.00. Kitchen table test meter and tube checker corn _an fl3L1.
p. mW..built maVhgny w- e 3.960A-i condition Jer6ni-1 binetion. Call Colon 48 daytime or rII iIc Tii
@ .Te 23518, Panama., ma dl Ie Oss No, .1, Apt. 5. 14 after 5:00 P.m. A1 I N I '



.We have only a few "free entry" used cars in stock.



Bring in your car and get a BETTE- USED CAR

We hove customers waiting for -
Pontiacs (all year models)

Chevrolets (190 through 1952)
Fords (1952

: : :- t:- -"

& 1953)


FOR RENT:-Furnished one bedroom
apartment, kitchen, basement ofl .
private rMsido e. Belle Vista. CAl"l
3-o 3. .F.-
FOR RENT:-TWo bedroom opart
mont sithteed in El Coungrejo. Cale
3-.0769. bpslness hours.
FOR RENT :-eaFwmlshi apartment'
Splendid laIn om. For one or two
couples. 43od Street No. 13, Belle
Vista ,. I C
FOR RENT: --,hW Modem unfurnished
apartment In thidr, house of street C 1
adjoining EW El Panama oe
bedroom, lin gdiningroom, kltdh- Rb.
en, laundry, et waler connections,
excellent neigbors. Apply Eoto P
Halcon' (naxt door). Telephone 3-
1179 or 3-2407. R Q
FOR R[E`NJ-- ,-C" completely rufy -""I
nihd one beoom 'apartment. |
Telephone. Hot woter. Residentibi
Section. CA 2-2335. 1
FOR RENT-Apartrwnt, 15, street
San Francisco, Via Porras. Apply
to house 14 same street.
FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment 2I
b- dlnlroom,. ,,vinroor.,
porch, garage. Tel. 3-0898. 5
FOR RENT:-3 bedroom apartment, ,
tw.o 1rthrooms, maid's room, in I
Vista def Mar. Phone 3-5494.
FOR RENT:-Apartnments in newly
Cantiucted DEVEAUX building
facing hotel El Panama. Only re-o
Wap nle parties need apolv Clia
3-5177 Panama or inquire at
2034 Vi aEspauo Road. P4
FOR R 'EINT '.,A, hJ ,
ihvfn1grom, dinlngrooeen,, 2bed-
romis .ge stove. refrigerator. N. 3
64 43 rd streetl, Belle Vill. ON11
one bedroom beside El Panie"h
ftO f~ft;;~l00Per at
t Call1- 1179, i111 O
Hacn or i-3810.

Auto .,' v t'.
o I 'd ., .

-- ,.-.. 5 4,p,,
25 bfrl frto"'




`11111," N

S'.. av

..... d. ....d. ... .

N 64 I1

Iuw. DA T R S.A."'" : .sde. ,

tsu* -rmdwm' r or "

qa rroseo 31

41patr,. I fX 4

5; CASA M Ad

i wl taaa, And: b

isA4{ uwC
q .pa L, t nkr~n .A .. .

11 0

ute ex-
C..uF.4,p!. a

i'. -...

- Js

. .g.. :


e, U.-You3Slts1 "

JUUOQU AO F, ..-..

.~Ph ,-4,.""I...i.._Of

JU O .UJ 0,, :.. -

--.. .. ....


. 12, 13,, :14-

k, Olds., MChiet76

Isk b.eN Uw.
w.A. U a ..




K.. 4



.,f .4


PlyPIlouth. (1949 through 1952)
Smell Dodge (1950-1952)

(l. 5t Olddsmobile "88" (1950-1951)


~ -*--s ---~-----~- ;.------ -.----;-Tr-- -r-~e~~F~an~-n~-1- -- -r-~ --



__ __ ~~__ ___

S i* i I I- III ...... ...... ... ... .. .... .. .. .. ... .. .


4~r~a2.t~ S

-_ "-

M. maiw


benlRw>p4 -VM
judiew aj aema^lve b t*
**iF^H IWWH rK* "Wo
l^Bo ^'?^ -^"-

Panomi, R. do P.


*i ... ---- .' "
tAJ<. '

rfb 44~t~t p1.47e. er
Womm uPb o cll"e WoRn W 7a -I

TE M $aI4 T- .o 't ie eee was me. m

(.A .oY sppeo a. the ste: 7V san. .-_:.v9

U ri"... ,'Club J u d, rowl, o WmI.tA .hI l
whenses tsoh be ade house e Immediately.
u e-e st Spek t e... h. o -i North Carol.n a bounded by r .
Do: 189!0. PanaA a m.e On Joint Program ra for e%@ :...v t
ST-W).! l e Wr Judge 'O e Crew. w .11 a pai for wi n a .eU Tenn See
Ts t of the le. They a o mile, ath Atlante
Terqe wi be fften game. and *n a 1eegon a- enseu that arc no O a, 32 miles.
S. 2, m rt -. Wa a l tome.

Se. Under existing w when a

MembeJ of the Legion anti De sOel611 lS house to buafi-
hea.e R to o tA he il not etopsy
Ao _A."oed tout t- .e. Tofh e we, b ne

4n:nofeMoftVda} r e n

a a n f l a MS
S. e t ao t rff tlm ur the r fsale. 1h al e t,

=---n I: Ji r "_ I ,msrrec wet be Ifte a s and i was anion ii 1 stauy senses that d .e nation I p-, 5 3 Mi ...
of the eat engoand Young ctible Iln omputld, with ixae
i o and he iqs noi mulOl a

? the Iaon1

$"PiRT ofToe t the e
S' :- and nationalH er t h of our b E -

S 44 actio b.. ttp LUsa fl
jq Irtai --.dt 1)..

bshSew uta oe orth* rAdboln
"She df1 -il l MN Of AelegonTe 'Gelle r E
No. t AOt-'-.t i na, !on ded by bur

-o w ,I D v s ff e __b ____u h &I *
Whe scat of nga ad Yu dvucble Ind God. with lib-

ashes eke, s -.e.. a,-m _11 '_______-__'___ o......__ 10. _t -_Ic __ T f om

Panam4, February 10, 1954.


...--. -. ~ I--------- -f--




cuss wnAbS tSVYAWU Mn

DACRON SUITS, 4 Colos................ Reduced
REPEL-0-TIZED Hukbuk Suits.... ...... Reduced


t s$

Repel-o-Tioed Tropicalt with 2 Pants, inc. Whis. .. Now $33

LINEN WEAVE and NYLON CORDS.... Buy several at


$25 to $35........ ...,............. All Lumped, Now-$

iousa wam samsli
boA. ipe or baby

. ",

.. .. -C

..P.b m


mI pkk^bnyu f
^^ '- bOW fl-sit ..y

iKM^ yv w

,mliii) viii

ar" -

.7. Ii ,*.;-- -'. "

PLAYEROS (Casual JoeA t), Vales from $8 50 to P4,5.............. Now $5.10 to

DINNER JACKETS; White. or Bamboo Nprthcool $21.50 ..................... Palm 5eachk
'. .. .. i *_'... -


At prices to stock up for a .whole year
Ho -Wide Reduction of 40%...............Some as low as


Sise 134. to 18.

Shot Long Saeve
1%11 lumped in 2 lots .
613. up to......$7.50






Value, to $24.75
Coa tony Rayo


Now ,$ .75



luer, Gine, -oe. Now $2.35
All i. TR,,,C WEAVS.

. -. .. --


18" Square

$1S, osim

BNS sox

ilw3 ge

diU I II I I i I 1 ..

Also usblae -
Sim. 2 to 34 S1y
' le- $1J5

White -I.W--Gen
N.mblt.d at
* 25

_ __ I -a-- 5 1

,. .- -
i.i.-..-= ..
-' ." : *.,

:A-- .- -

b- ..a'-.
~-J- ..-..j-
^>. ". "* '' -.* -t "" -. .. ..- '- *: -. t SJ t .-* -... -** "M T

,rs Osx


..,iM ,
: wt..... i

V- UA-:
S*. ". "" -
-- ... "t'.. yt. .. ..- a '". .= ;-

4J -*


-~----- --------- .L-~I~-L_~r


----- -- --

~~~~~~~~-~--~-- -~ ---~ ~- ~- 1



By order of the Board of Directior, the satokheld rs lof
STILLERS, S. A. are hereby notified tiat the annual
ieting. will be held at the main offls tof the Company, i iS. 1
renda ovar P Cit, R. P., on the 23rd day of March, lW1,K4
4;00 p.m., for the bllowlng purpoose "
(a) To read the minutes of the previous meeting; .
(b) Tor elet of reelect Direotors; *
(c) eo examine and approve the balance, profit and lo s statement
and the report avbmilttd to them by the Board of Ofteetr '
(d) To consider and ast upon all the matters that their bod of
Directors or each Director Individually or any stooekoldar
submits to them.


.. __ q

' r ^r

' "-- .


T. .B ..

-- ~ ~ F

10LLYWOOD (NEA) A- e-.
...P...s" governm...ent:, Invitation 1t S .e.

to iake pictures there provided liP"Tontpe.
rumt no actors or techniciane of
Sthe Hebrew faith (or kncestry) are t
i:-uogiht along gw with the Hollywood Cwit'I oliwscoma
Even with the epltanatio n that .onI -" .4Di.

^-ondH t e .. .. .Ba.b. .a
gypt Is s a tiodds prth o e thhe
-harsof anmy fathby aoe 2 u u ToE .g- ,:i.tob.. Irdwi
mentno actors or technicians oft Ame n-i J illIN"II ......
try is an outrage. The great ators l n t l s h Ich Jll cn inue The Roemr Sx J tanbo, e.
SH s i Iarl roew f ait n (o est ry ei w b h a 9 nra eer n
W o th e C nsal o n g U n iothn H oll y w p -leaF le o we
Eienth israeli-yptianai pol k atcs. Flwer arrangeme l atitt di- not mention hele -
dctione s sas in Egypth no atter oid la s o ee color ua 'tem
Hg0 erm wee, afs enra against Aeri- CA ovr tE gi ast ew p Reifldb aereaw of Mnato, M w
t or is an outrages to great actors ivn gBr wnie Toed doownp D on request
rIn Hollywood have nothing to do thetCristobalU Ua to. e l Ci0,00 t ... oa gnt era

with Israt eli-Eg ypian p ooltins The ou arras gementel to flaenroll eting place., We, Gayle Fettlao Wl ?tteurt
i HHollywood should cancel per ro-yfrom othe Balboa YM es, whcbu wlld-oeinue .lfo r Rosemary SeIxa nd ; .n te ovilt W16.
reay dekisad aaaHdu tion plan s in Egyp, no m attle Monda everi ll be w. l 'The nd Sbe ando did- by U. me. Jaon
now haernesus-.000 ther h week .m. e were escolorted t~ the "oin ante R Nf a

stheudHotel SahaVegas gany Ao 2000 sturdentco hae so r rp ofns older sot' V; aTiod Ishio ,reua-
HEpLATE--WlBthasearingflamefrom -- terialsmsaalsohtaught agh b messes MarbGarnar wae ade the committee I
time she says 'Yes. benefitted by the many coursely toer, th mt rzprestati e ofteo-
uVegaone inch s oier, a. another for $50,- Msud at Morgan ha cn piaucted ant S rod Julie Perezm Int e n
Sled per week, pluthis percentages thrim- In orde o give ver t ne pante .Rthe Bo r eo e rsto -g poI ne at tlh" rew"s t-
~to oo t agai,00Amer tonssofIaC.-
S,"Chicago Theaterthl is r e the stkey to thent may se many rs. obert y- A to ty te
strategy of her aents in bootiand exotic plat inS blomt r r. Thom I lus btter at 46 cents aino --
acids. He ss it sn heneer arly rom $10 n top u3000 This clabut i des is oe totals Lpr and hsr wt on.1 Poundn The. venm- pint eenti ran B C
.S recently demonstrated at aLondon. England, show. .._ lens Dietrich's$W.000perweek ateight weekswill beateld atd p9 were eSan ra l t y

Sbiograph, Sng Sucker ing residents f the Canal one, au rM averanoo5 cents a pound
htime she says pesi. The Las e vases, dlyt. orods Fe rUAnwing C wedth ahan to s b u s

stund admio. s t be offered to anaa, both military and v Air or dry and the rrent ma et pric
c Sronmn Pet .$ Ann C O, ZThe minfler, -.Dwayne Andre"

g Hon poerod e, Gus a ved ino e -r e t af Mrs. Pat d tMogan chaa d Ot. warmt. sway. Wo w d buter at., the grocery Is a-

E i* tirement at No~rm"andy ,Shores 'n All one nit do is to register dried in cool a 'a- he r out 75 cents *a pound,. John Robert J *-
So Prek y o re hagsthe YMCAo eittr in perso r fabe lardens ef oport p ul 1, whichhretay Ea Idli ptk
for Miss Coe razy Hips to hPlay the years. The.girls wBenon ..-a.. e onemreque

Chicago Theater. are the key to the h usrey ,sto the tto expresentatl 20,0s of tonshe Cor-
spress gent A radio votingereTn reurge to not lmt nasn, W s. ikemn t re ie.l uStateft and Agriculta r
,of Waly Cox's TV hit, $1 Mr Peep- ,b iq d tsvegetal ,..pand Mrs..r .e..

ler," is being planoer..a class attathl- Morga n, Lut Jo At hse.ation dnlstr a otion,

SGus Dan (remember Van and there thfdent may see m_ ath pps. a Robert s ala a du plu oht drtsr c6-repes, cents al
week at F. This saletang his auto- tex anteHe ad noom bU.Mss.".-.
n dis fr o residents he Canal Zon. Fh .wves. o ~ as a pound f S t
ianwShisB nd.aSehr wnthuspens ini "SOa r I efor butter at the grocery ri
he var reportdWas gde .b the committee NAT.,'ltetiao a sOdat:be e er, -eITKa.'..'

tirement at Normandy Shorese in All one uat do i to rgistert dried In 7:00 oPut crs -a d n o
A sThMiami e- Patrice Wm ore as AAgre S35 GTretarly Ezrwa T. ind a *
notie n choreogrrh J n Ge gu ar-s -I aclurd.
Sune o Hver's ready for thatru sJl e mphas s'.on trias a iceenson to an e tve Cinr n A -
sorya trcoact she wa be o back ane the nr .s o the .Coran
rU. S wth tiny terested are urgd to reir t ne and ea. L f r inlied to favr"es and Agrult.
of Waly Cox's TV hit, "MrPch to e tasty salad dressing s"urplues to ta oiet hbloc

ONeOUS-Tonwea atttreOpearathseAItprepare a dance act.tanfor theaters oe

er," is being plantolneod. class at1 t Morgan Gardens,. a son ob L' ro a d t ont
u aSE C- OWS p "hn hemer an I where heDsudent may see maH saisot tndreas anted to buy uthe
i s a n r e ,t d h 1 e d iyARA A 8:10 The and nitiesbth e deC FlAyncns hie
owill visit Pa's parro.ents in-" aKansaso. T-Panama oceans A- sroo tu 'bett r4s6 e the tIh .
Sahenck'u'io; sdcomplet ain g his auto- This l_ eLewhich is oIpento l x andhr,_ ... o. Pound.aa The- vernmentoa ponaidran .is ,k ,.1..

.nie.... Seai admits it will be offered to PaneO D,. t plrmdt "t least.h- on il-os
SHollyoo us disco vesry from TV whi-re- BALBOA 6:15, 5 DIABLO O i Mfrsl Ar yam

Movie The Thi," walked ou t E NGs for bter at .the roceryis

B.Ctirement at NormandyR Shores.B -in2 n ,3 e ted wihout d isha' dre out 5cnts -a pond.Joh

of want tGM onthat, hand a 1big- o I* sAT CRU : o P o F "CITY W
Mistar build-up, t ow an be told, odoausherA i Leg r a d ou e
because sahe had to choose between P n-orrdeO IE In Plte crera*'' ia-
o'the studio and hepr husband "SO TIIS B" an. i
.she v p r to theR Since space is lited, .th Combine eq tl p May -earlIerhi week hewa not
Thief," Ritak old me: untiGAMBOl 73 h LA oc Mrs 8rot:5a CAaeP D ::
S o. w ih wti ed m terested are. urged to register naise and cottage De 0 rAInclined to favor" selling U. S.

'Flynn in February or March o se Ninety-Nines, or.ys
ED SNOUTS -- Two newly arrived a rs at the prepare a dance act. for theaters u-rae p testc
t onsr of milkw raw ehgs and meat. Their original, will visit Pat's parents in" u b: -be 'of-fe-' the crash ofal tp e

Lumere is South America. T'au naan "TE L' product at leat... on eR
PCALMOST") has to liveb(B)se of his PTE A h HE Tomahawk Gap
wh~zooTm d ky rfo anh ptueo amot
IWS:"hen the studio sl4 wu s fet as It took of from a r
-Ad n Is R DAr P ri e s;h a v e to liv e in H adlly wkiiitttst Ia e wenircl 'O Mg O R Rb yW
SSaucer-eyed Rita Gam thego-
geous dsfnd and thact i h wouldn't o BAL John WA 15 ABr-Co4dllend 6pl..edMM artly. '
made headlies without saryi :apJosep C T
-and 2- cl o tion. The studio in.a agreed to "Flyiii LeathereckS." g Ray ILLAND
word in Ry Mland's dialog-oes ir-odtinedoi TA blamed the crash on the pilot's

movie in Europe.L E
star build-,t s-and-

the tudio and her husba "O THIS IS OV "RIDE"THEM
Et o inin faing m T oher s B why But.
she everr reported to them "hsadioFr I dAWt: C 6o 5, Th WCHITA, Kan., Feb. 11 -
hafter melting the celluld in h .UP)d-,Mrs.Roberta kMae

DThief," o Rita told me: C nIFRwAo)i HUt y .lERED
SI never should have signed r Iby ithd c. A ",,,
Sthe Poane I ta' hap. fSe d"-EAADEVILS .
M etr tew a te work of the Nnety-Nines, or. -
mute to Hollywood fro Ntil OWGATUN 'OiCAA-:.o ofswoenIc-f, .GAO:. :.

York, wenhere i m r ol A r h. .waskilledhere'ate.
Lume, director Te ghI cre"omTE OUTLAW" In'the crash oagt plane. A
wor rolofromdanelt-tude about 5d
es; have to live in gtollys0. BarkeriniofetheeCk-enAderarefto
AoD fused..I t r old them 1 1en4 ..itiMAnRAgi& J sl,8:10TO,, private field. Wte1si It6 W
..60 & .30 huslo nd and that. wouldn't-boy-John WA NO -CPlunged-abruptly.
ardize our marriage with a separa- loyri RYAN nne WYMA
t s ll e o Leatherneks" Ray MLLAND An investigator for the Civil
dhestad reTECHNICOLOR) "Let's Do It Again," Color Aeronautis Administration
t, vne, In tear up' my contract fI a d do one blamed the crash on the pilot's
@.P "'naot repete.ollyod. wntfrom one of the contrhos, He
want to be with my husband il I A--,.8S ANTA 0RZh615,0:oL
yovNew York when I'mEnotiworking."E 730 ]h
eto conquer Rome in Uh s "SigAl

there's another role for her.5Co

erei Wagon." With La Dietrich's

"Tackles Troffic ROBERT

aee naryoa as .ete GRAY- ARLEN f o niT- .X T
western University has established EN"m.a T T.X .
featurlg a program aimed at the JULIE LEON
solution of major problems in the
St nation's tra sportatio pdustry. '" TH
e The enter, a joint undertaking, -.
of thi university's school of com- with WM"
,,. .I, meree, technologically stitute and i BLAKE Re SERMAN
traffic institute, wtill carry on a
Program of research. undergradu
ate tralnl id gaduate study of
:e nu ma prolems n th 1iway, rail, air -
S jr I DWAY 10:30 P. M. pipe. e sa water diveions of
iThecater was established be
cause htew ofdtheu.ver
"tnit' lmn has become in l ii i $1t 1^ g lar l HI | H k t lM_.
S-Ros .Miller. .
and has create -___"
hf o. A i*.
a.- .... '-


..VH-Uat I.


Alan La4d, in

aT aU.s ivbe's


rTE 114 3-N
hELM _


- ,I -.



, -'-. s

- ':'^



f '

aiUm w oW thVw .'
re -

I n ,y


ed a
the a

set oAu nt
ed,"i J
ed 'I V
in n
As a A
nesas the I
a three stao
4*>allnd tin



paves Iav=

u a

ae te-labor .oraranm tia n u on e
Se'l~bfgesit heaabehet."
SThe pla agreed 'p, a.vmtary

6 adopI*n by th .AFL eonven,
1 1.ttflpt by the dlsputlntg
. paries -to re mong them.
'a e i)a. ....-

It f-. Appolntmet by the AFL4
Satarb tt to assist them.
S. Condration of the issues t
h a treep- committee made u
Sof ee man from each .uni'a
4a man aIntld by the 't
Suions, or e AFL resident.
"We that thi will hMelp
.keep the from reaci
Sthot nai sty e ,which i. y iy.
S sie.aomemqq Me u sau d
Tlip counc I e to pr
patre Mn',i :.pii ets to e
N t ".' ist~ ,A nd pr
I eome edures In adm on

o pretty we '-w Mebny sal
otMers, but a few "have been careless

a -- r

nd. J6

Of b

the fl.u- e B th
other uand.ia due to depoalts
and lead to bbat o'lu oM
the sparZ
CA -eUlOIL ;eu arch wor0-
eras to.1 t an to
failure. B e dtte

rflJ hanIxleus cpunds
A.. helps WAmtaIn engne
.eiiegy. '"

For every girl who goes to col-
lege to putirsue learning there ore a
dsen who go to lanm' pursuing

ixtUi t -lg t

a MPa % ,

a 1..

L7717 7-s S' W
.~~ ~ ~ i^ '-l|.'.ll. -l. l'li M ^

aven a"A, win on saun at uM
etor, is the deepestproducer.

bm Oh C.4k 81 P!R F.
ula leas the 10 stag
38 s adr Udeeptkst, 1U ai Is

the most m14rtat deep i
the word; i has ine wfe
duein from below 1,000 feet.
aqs.s ~second I numbn r of
we-ls.below 15.0 f 'e d Its s
deep Wells, 11 were dri lt
yeer, more than double any other
The only production in Texas be-
low 15,000 feet is in the Puckett
field In Pecos county.
Wyoming has four wells below
15,000 feet and one deep field-in
the West Poison Spider field in
Natrons county. PPoduction was
started by Pure Oil at 10,000 fet.
Six other states have wells be-
low 15,000 feet, some producing
from shallower sands. O8klaoma
has sit wells with two producers,
Mississippi three with no produc-
:rs, New Mexico two with two pro-
ucers, and Alabama, Colorado
and Florida each has one well
deeper than 15,00 feet. Only Col-
orado's is a producer.
Foreign operators have -drilled
only four wells below 15,000 feet,
all in Veneuela. Shell Oil0 drilled
to 17537 feet in 1M to set the
record for foreign drilling depths
record for foreign drilling depths.

the M

Pizza O i p
Torno gave.
ehestra to conduct fr
gram on television. e

"My wife and three I.b are
amused at the idea, but my gets
on the program ate my product
and seemed to enjoy it, said the
51 year old mufti$ who is a
specialist -at making jai;.
"You have to ad lAi while
the pies are in the oven, but the
s engineers say'the show Is
pretty smooth," he reported.
Another Torno favorite is eggs
with onion satce.

"You btown onions. In butter," he bVa
said, "put them Into a sauce o
said, "put them into. a sau 66 so a
flour and mlk, pour it over halves prea
of hardbolled eggs, throw on grated pira
Parmesan cheese, put it in the to a
oven and wait"
Torno gave up his job In the or. do_
cbestrq whephe realized he..could O
not appear on. daily, televi.lon Wt p

I aatIad
and U~thus
to trawl1 -
th uSSwu

rmw answer 4u
and b"m

cme a

km a


3..-- ..I

~2. ..~.


* *j44

cigarettes made



9. "




You like

44..* 1- As -"4? "'
a.**J*-5S,^ l-s 4 ... -* -


A'-. .-" .

~;*tt fTP..)? -4
.- 4

- -*

- ,







4 .~ .3.


-~ --- .



_ ___~~



% i


f-...- ,,-,- .. i. .

. .'

ran catcher-WaJl
lyv hPs Btten h
ght with the Pittal
er wks the cei
Seaterday slmpi
tied to "keel
b. hat happened.
.,PtratMs announce
#ld c.tehcr-relea MhlwAukee-
kt.teems." But lat
-p announced-
5'a:I nvt about
t, started an
ir'.t whole ato
immex Oeneral
h'Rlckcy of Pittab
rVoppsr to keep a'
I.mOunced the dem
kfthineR i1 straight
In, Siineduled to
fe Florlda on
taflnng A 1I

I tiurt as ca'

tcOlds ,ays he has
aied contacts a
1eI to NeW York n
ifta In person. All
M0.00 tor the

IpOlds says-"I wo
, Rueba fo the i
Aw ed there In be
Iftl Manarer Fro
U 11 hfo White
iI In a1 1n n *"

a thed I
a Ia Da

ker uoop- eason.
i, si- n'o The Milwaukee Hotel Associa-
burgh Pi hon must be counting on Joe
Pnd the rest fI the Braves to
enter of a come through n 1954. The Asso-
v because ciation has sat bn a committee
p mum." 1o take care of World seriess ar-
rangement next fall.

-dhade i- '. "-- ".r
er n th urundu
-"I don't
the P!- m
Suproar. I lAnII I
ry ca" L SmUm
Manager.; ,. .
)urghed .. ha Ddr. auntll. a to a r tn l
rundu Minor paseblM .4,
ened ot. handed the YafXlees anotbiz
report atft the score of 1i to 7.% u
ttburgh for the vitorlous Brave., ,
I0 ..?' 'Vecchlon, a. Girardi
es pfrba. Suares led tha Yankee at" d
ie R& while Wheelr and Plala w
utiou Is Braves' beat batamen.
Yankees 7 8 3,
i rejected Braves 13 6 2
nd plaris .
3ext week The Indians, behind the 'two-
me is 8Rld hit pitching of Butch Zent,
1954 sa T. hded the Dodgers their first
defeAt o' the season by a 6-2
count, on Tuesday.
m't say I D. rner .od Thompson were
money. ;" on l Ddgers to get a hit off
ent. S1now and Frangioni led
the plate.
kseball ...
Ink Lane Dodgers 2 2 2
.x i'n-t Indians 6 4 1

hd their at win- tr be9ting
in thi t ae Indiana n an 8-1 bll iame,
I ., wth Y-ey pitcher V? 1io
IWs- 4ify m .ap o~I one hlt.. '
.. ... ". *"Car-agher recorded the tn-
l_.AN d.aa as ht; .s Roe and
ilVcci paed the Yaatn*
II neiat s Iak i
.- an -8 S 1


QXXB10K:An lntemtiona'ly
.i g daaed ba re'.
Iw!agOw 'X uup In a gamine.
WMat MWd the umpire do?
Amwr: The mpire Sosea
. th d e*CU-r If he ean't Io-
Seike r, u the piten-
er _a Bta dheNIr Or dam-
afied babe pltebefr la removed
IMondf~~t rl day.
;w u dSid Ml t y o oodjah
o.tle O ft bat when he lei
tbe aelo n Leame m 1950.
adw mau poutkma has lie
01 -ad?.. I
121 MW IABme everything
- p_ b.m m of o
Q.~Yi4~eb cam eOf TOM.

wh tIm no.

* .4

iond Ranked

, Break Six

NEW YORK, Feb. 11 (I
Zme rolls for that lucky se'
lional Invitation Baske
;w York.
bee second ranked Dukes, sinci
have tailed to win six pre- '1h
1 invitational tourneys, have erie
ld .to give it another try Moo
March 6. The 12-team Invi
= ent ends on March 13 I for
,1 n other team entered so "We
Western Kentucky with a this
o0f 22 wins and one loss.- Id
got its ,.19th win last first
ulat Caroegie Tech. NCA
e, by accepting the qual
up a possible Invita- ing
1. 0. NCAA Tournament. clinc
rules limit a member ferei
e pot-season tourna- year
Ik es were eligible No
._ Tournament as a stay
tir t large." tour
e official says the nigh
bbeeh assuredd" a bid ean
CAA tourey. The athle- In 15
Sncdl took that into consl- 92-61
Uon at a noon meeting. Crus
I took less than 30 minutes 18. 8
gcale on the Invitation tour- ingq
tesi. School officials decided stress
M would be less traveling and Sdur
e, would miss less time Cir
Sclasses. family
oaah Dudey Moore says the Tehi
btloa'is "Just one of those bach
p." Moore says: "Conve- nam
me" wax probably the biggest at oc
6F in the decision. The coun- Cinc
members feel the Invitation Cinc
ey requires less preparation fore

:- '.- .

!innati iranert payedo for
inrati three seasons ago be-
going into the',Navy,,

Cge Scores

Boston college 70 Boston U. 58
Alleghany 78,i Bethany 65
Colby 67, Maine 53
Gettysburg 88, Franklin & Mar.
shall 74
Conhectlcut 71. Wagner 61
Holy Cross 98, Springfeld 1S.
Niagara 74, Slena 50
Providence 101, Rhode Island I1
St. Francis tPa.I 99, Westminster
(Pa.) 7
VllUanova 61, Beton Wls I
Hartwick 87Kingp (f,) t .
Trityg 90, NBtes 51
Ph. elthi T xtonsi

BLf(aIo TSt Thr. 7,
Montclalr st. Tch. l
field Coll ee 102,
Wake Forest 98, Clemso n 57

B a St.t 71d
ShAi 71 Howard :6
Bthont Abbey 98, Newberry 77
a 8_rnnah St. 60, Morris 68
Mceese 59, Southwestern La. 4I
oeut Liberty St. Tchrs. 115.,
Bfckley 74
Mississippi southern 7,.Cobn i
lnary, .
Ra l Macq n 73, Catholic
Lonoir Rhyne 95, Atlantic Chris-
9 an65
risk 73 Mexico U. 52
Tranayiania 64, Sewanee 56
Berea 99, Centre 95 (overtime).
Rio Orande 101, Anderson 84
IMacAleater 83,' Augsburg 60
Bowling Green 75, Toledo 71
Bradley 80, Do Paul 69
Il amlioe. 85, Concordian (Min.)
WIcbta 89, Drake 60
Mustaiu= Adolphus 109, Duluth
Branch L.wrence Tech 77, Assumptltn 65
Ioras 100, Upper Iowa 74
LoyI0a, (111.) 79; Western Michia
-a, 9056
Notr Dame 74, Michigan St. 71
abUash *,,In dIana Central 66
DRa1urst 76, Baker 51
D uUqe 87, Penn. College Si
,ansa Wealeyan 79, Bethel 65
St._ Olaf 78, Luther 69.
lice 61. Texas A&M 47
OkahMa 808, Missouri 78
alWor 63, Texsa Christian 58
i.i 76,'Tezaa College 70
Howard ?ayne McMurray 8B.
b-mver 60. Wyoming 49
dalo .St. 71 Colorado St 54
]Wsteri Mohtaaa 87. -Montana
.Mines 86
GS0na 65, Whitworth 64
Set0We 85, Puget Sound 72

Sports Briefs
nW' TW j. A crocker
ISPUNhasMWMthe world mria
'Champton Carmor's Rise and
ahlne" was laIed bwt-iuabow
at the An t"W nel Club. hw at N w York. Al-
.. os Hd e.I n the
Ri. a d 8 ine has been on
the ogra ow cirietm o- mi

way to am top. He's owned
Mrs. Ciarl Mwogaof MSooIN
North Carollna.

Dukes ryNaval Station

Time JinxP "-

UP) -- Unbeate 4 DU- A. Il
ven next month AI theM It OUnt 1' ,v.
tball Tournament at
e it is played In one place." (SecondiS alf
ce NCAA goeS through a TANDING .
*s of regional tournaments., pW..
re was asked if he felt the Powells 1 0. i
station touranMent 1tnlucky' SBalba .on
Duquesne. Moore answered Balboa Beer 0 0
1. we hope to RO all the way .. 1 C .
time." '
abho State has, become the Tonlght the first half am.
team to Inove into the pions and the runner up t
A tournament The Sngas Naval Station and Balboa! Bee
ified Tuesda ht beat- eet for the first time In
Colorado State, 71-54, to Tsecondhalf of ply.
ch the Rocky Mouintola Con- The two pitchers who oc
nee for the second straight honors in the season's.
1. Graham arid Gibson. will
itre Dame and Holy Cross meet on th! diamond. In
ed in line for a post-season previous meeting Graham
nament with wins Tuesday did Gibns o four-hit rfi
t. Notre Dame beut Michi- ance with a no-hit whie wjl
State, 74-71 for Its 13th win Job.
5 .a over Opringfed.d The started another Tw'illht Le1
sadern have won V :ut of ,ame since that fis1t Nav-y+
leattle, after lmu.-open- Brw eng.aemen .alnanl ,'.--
Same stretched Is winning uary, he has had brief relief
I to 24 by beating Puget atint. and has not yet b e.I
d. 85-72 b scored upon In thil loop. : '-1[
inclnnatl'wll have a new, yet Tonight's game will start at
llWar, face in itasllneup. U.S. 7 P111 .I II
nis Champion Tony Trablrt, --_ "_____
from three months o tait- .
atliar, a ^ Coll"ege" --b. -I .. "
*_ *. *_ii .* "-_-* *f -^- A i ._- a_ t.- ., J-*

, women bowler Inwfive out oM al_ x Ip .

At coffee held Monday at held total "f'
the Any-Navy club FortM Ama.L 840,. for an
dot 'trophlea wer, awarded to At CroAa;:
the, team membeh reasoning .aonltG,
'Pacific Women' Bowling D. Williams 1 1
ague in the P c.Albrook Relse ,ia8. I i 1
Wne Tournale (. Ellen. Kenna 1i. I1t
A nsx-Une, home-and-home, V. Medler 141, .14
series bowled't the Core al Al- Nancy Egbt 13 1
eye January 1 at Al-
brookAla me mwtb eek .j
ae'up the tournamns t. I .,9 OO 1
'*e wa* won- by H. Maugaaas '
l 4D n _League L. Brown 114 1 1
,whipta .,_~ wo Av. o4 ,- 1 L
I ,. U.V Z
'I ro'aLI 117 1

forte osinnhlbrook t 1, A? A hk 4

no o el0 oDwf r .ed,_o Rei. 1PACIFI&
E g ,. l high triple o.0 W .' .,_ '
T Qma .Fox, wo al as i

Cae Association to oul di s- Beth Wolson 1 11 11

I ll ti0ons averaIe out to 15ioloia bx, 1.8 144 i,
ly n man per g hamh yearI
last season it was 2.2. M 4
BvIboa, Higho Ifts l

S"o 23rd Win l Ro

ltyUcholstio BaIseball
:. Won Lost Pet

It9IJ' h 6,Cist01obal hIgh 4
- A -br fourth- iing, in which
tamboa HmlhSchool belted fou.
flits off Cltobd's John Hatg
two Of were back to baye
It leh "mffl .. scored four ru.rj
Ia ..,'B dos their third
^n~c~v-md In the latsr-
Se and sent thet
%ell B towards a baw-
bas'bi their first Ia
rio started on the hill
for ai '.nd took credit for
the v 7Tht Balboa right-
hander .W 'hi streak of con-
Pr,cutlve. s oiwl e innings a-
ainaLt. CIM .to nin before te
Tigers t41 oue In the thirM.t;
Heb .4 4p 0 aut out rao -
to -AV Xwq0 'UfriO3I(vq
onloy A hi at walked aevTq
battenr1 UaMl~b^ Inni a
duty .te w Bfldin tifltt
with a l and MMontavasl
came1V to pvwrer the viet or/.
IJohHt l wmnt the route for
Critobal a though he bead
IBalboa sco In the ftrsttw
had lust t innings he wa hit
hard in thr third, fourth Wl
fifth. inetu n v bases o109e
Cripleby M=lhn. :
DObO& Imred first in the up.
"er-Wl af'tbe thrl. Rivera td
0* tong- o dee shptt
and WkxbHod- -at secon~d.-

Ir la1.. d" a ad: NAPo-Bu
aroiMU toikHedt. farclnffSg w
at -z W"th two away _
Iay oboom *ied a two-.nN
pait &cow ftH the S a
-2 % tSM Charifs end ti
Wiw.MSi 099 to teW

.. ,..

r.., i*' /-*' .^.` j.W ', I ,'1

0+.. b" lea s th.emhl.L "
margin ,-" y".-"- 3. "
ra t the red FoIii

If*er to h at1@22 Ar .
Slma t. 74wstel .

a 2 igle gro*l b ay nohte
Sat Mount 6o. ^_
38 4. atfmnr o th e A r -eal-
con38 t1w s a
5 tuck us tAto lD ntwh 1W
ii whft eft S aowewd' i? o
men% twt ,
m3m t Ioa e _4 r a

I bf lol-wen- t aIuo n,416

ie mth ae -b, are yld toal- In-
dou) 3I8 of hiOf la e ln hih oheae M
,upoq rmnuw;-trio-4lnlter. .
i with fMI thwS M.i tein l
a. Inning h too l re
f from fit d' f .doIby .yd ea
Parr:8 but w .out a6 the plate. us
L4 J22 He will proba be 1ot .to the
18. 464 Bombers fo-' the ret of the-sea- t
8 417 on. I R
65 416 Vuni AuMtin two fq caree,ca
14 420 Bme Teylor with twoL f or l,[
--. Clyd Pars4 with two for a ur
a 2189 andArchie Bfthwalte wth two to
fot five paied the Bobeit at A]
X4 437 the plate. hM YalXee got more
49 3g Ian one hit. tartr Floyd MU- bI
48 38 &eof the 9gmbea ys.e WOi om- i
8 365 I f-our h1t in hm milx-i .l4
10 34 t.,f -. n
-- u9mel Rao and Mana r 'Al.
S1 1989 ]ttbai blasted bas .,
hpimers wb sobby PmoIot i
a two-run rondtrlpper. 40

Blaoton .Collier |
,. 18m0 4ri r.0 ^1i4

!4 396
27 373
s0 405
4 358
53 475

a run and the first
&=IU' by Cristobal In

ourth fraMe, the Bal-
ealy came to ife As
SA freely for four
fr Ham ond had ha d
Iteftff. Gqoodt s=&~
wthaone base blow
STlnker walked andli,
ied sharply to ,t
much* to stop IL tIte
he sack& Scott I~e~
eietrMgo by and h
. faU Martin baet a
eh over the right fid-
L for three baseas nit
Another three _bafure
coter, orinef M
fourth run of thi Ir-
bourw d wa tossed out.
e fltt, to end tha rally.
kctau hey led oef tlt
r I their half of the
,dfew a pr. After
M b. M retired, New.
Kto t ht, Gau-

to ,e mer
a~ t stebuff, out both
i uarla uncorean-
4u.tch. .' '
i. t third tcr
_tof hl4b L h es
ft Mw Balboater
?"'il unof the. shme

Mw Charl la~oat all c*.fc
~,. a e~ o a
fo ba remoted

. I

mri- W In a the toIt &
'dt'"v in tfeiSS ilm

ld we pitch to Oona

_ the mawl who e lla
r the Dd. eorted
i't beat ,Ie -aunkam
M1 Hertyfformer Villa3
icke now wtb W hlni
.edsklh Is, fltta a f
gaMe.Am. A-t= d.eni
hio State iouarsehka k Jo
y oo re" oomel
tb hisr 9 1 r9-ae
al-Anmera fatng.... Ho=
Ut ngoiton pdfet
an 10 i JstrI l

Hw"e the I
,l s draft i


S1. Ew

EIIUI~lT, VIIU- tnn of Bevb 'rs.nef:, "_ e..n*

At Kentucky U. -
LEXINGTON Ky., Feb. 11
UP) -Blnto n Coluei, is.
tau peftch of the prefesehbsl
ClMMland Rat* yesterday was m T -.-
lnaed. head football eetat o
tas Uietsity of Kmentu ye
pWa Pais Bear yah ACIFIC ULAGUB oer i
d to WONam aeye M BT ea
bail e ar ,e won LWf
tot frTea hAIU sBa72eam 7.s2
i-." .Lincoln Lfe 8
C Smour ency 5w T
NfAeWo wibraltar Lif ee The,

trIu-i1nea coure In (,tontoli o 6

uevneIe Pk Ba~nP ot.lic.e c 1 6.. n _.

o0det by redera+ a~l lhdW% ear! !is falam +
.(vUeP. Te Negr.ei w .if w Ifers big flt rt _*,.ar L-u .,o w
tO v the first thme h tihem w nk o ac.,s -S

tda week unt T t e 0- Harry Rayslond p tse .f
viseea .plaat1 aI .t o oibrajtar but CBarltey iao' _11A
ouse 0 the i twtb. 0'" gc kI on tl o t

Nrs vlll..elte Danny a wfts went Ln tah .
._ .erl I .l liway. for the ..-,m ng
More tha. 30 SW".mra 14 igrht and w tg Wim.e .t A. .
th e 0g u rae today. -/. '. 'Isg e 4 esr e.
e altoheter an hi wta _n a
.egregaal cort to^ [Onfthreew Se wS td i e

.^^ *j'lgii ui M ee C ada. s..i_. .

~ -- -- -t


m ua


.1 -

wrmfi ..rBt4

-l .. 4 .; _
I '. ". '"
10ms.l :, a f- i

,. 4 ai i 0
, .. 'I ., 'm ^ o

r-a.,fiT a o 0'<
1b Iio

%b 1 *O...1 3

.1 0 0
ihep $ 1' 111 o0

V2, i,.1 1 1 2
'.m, i I 2 :
I ;. i .'( O 1 -,41

;* .-y. ~ '-- f i x.* ri
it =.. 2 1 1

r .' *e.' '

IE ]td

f~y~s TlUI~l~r~tr*. '

iriitM ntl~i^
*' f. j* '' '

r-.. a --
--.5 -.

walker Cooper, Pirates

ixup Straightened Out

By United Press okayed a contract. Adcock o it
2.5 and drove lh 80 runs last

''a. -- -' -
* '- I

*.- .'

* -'a.-,

S..-- ..
w-or'.-_ ; ..., ,--

* .

1 K

peald ME&



I Z. *e.e. LA I

at.A, et X Ch pot

S' hool. a r
S, e .. n b t ,s. A
it' a~a eo B a's Moers i lwh
I----- S i t..ia. tP. l t-.-,---I

I "Irln'osnt.title. th, A S th. k. frl -

W. R-.P an or.s~... ,o t l"atrs.
411 V.' ,Park ".onrG:"S -,iebx ce: 'r 'l
IBig John Pistro .,.w In

ntry und- e te at In t e h, rd3 ce 5 6
Balbtoa ta6l orlJ., rings.Fistic walk d .Mo, a f,
r bacbase on a f e cho. e,

Another on antr rror by thet f Ca4,p e .
Snd a thryn to walked off with ab -'

d dit e ticket for an Italian dinner w. .. h .
Iev atoS 'su.e etoo .t Lee: ait le
.-t ~bolk e l. ,gar an.sauce PB the table.o f
f. i,, pIt" runs on fiveh t s n Ws. f-

Se-u struck out on eal a e a wast Sho.2

leyNEA sinrc etr n extreme it took over the mound du- fOT &L
..the Dtd rs are ries in the psixn th e t for Navy e an .
theu have to beaa* 8tun edu s .awascharged with one hit, butad o Ml ne, Sb1

re I a Freddaiptzlve&. whouLfen s. t f ngr lb s #'
Hoart, rf S ,..

tla t t h From the lants' viewpo t, ~n Basball Had Moh
with iInjured back.of*.-.

Slef. tar a r r seon d ars the d most e ctiv th.~ the trade is welcome d r

T oBrook lcaded Brooklyn batting order. lad1 To- dePlo round bashd
S dd a at Halua hc,. but the seondt11 do itiiairhe c at I-n tio Pt c T o
d aI iol ih e whn-y'. ..veto Sodde o o .. ..." Wtent in l et e -eI Tha SD n, she -k cl
eat hed ahalf, b ottom he'sthe aswiner by the -t n met Doleand might oedP ttce .n l. t
I hsees a nd the n EA)or t t. ie he ogrefMalighte ito r iheave'n uU y .
I ...ththt e batter changes thse0l So oBratem o ftesllohm

expedte8 pa vlte Itincclti n m league htinh Is beenleo Ldo v peseI To G n NEW O e. art C^k A
nnt to r a l a e foIt wau' ta ea no t'I d n G Iln t-ura o Sunday e at the hit last season may have
o th hi Hr.rt eri an extremely us eful fll er on both sides. sond ba. o sh o 1 t

,;nPbe'This is the opinion ofhpho
HWY Klaus, .23, a sw bit lor WHiY Klaus Is infield Iuisir inneftiin.Department ofTh

-1e morl Aa Ssng b c e goYing m for eh t e A f oam habitOflian oem si tosinc chpecil aly as a backer-tip Cooper which ran'a

ebrut to aoe tEU OI vr fALe Maus sws.dInbakat secondbase. bat0b aOfAm ericanCaadtsta t
SKian.'tI osbl o rurt elnIxedtand triumphantly a lnd Eve Warre league he sl t whoB Leage balls from the stocks dt ie oS t g
.M o' eftat to From the antl' viewpoint.ino1952and'53.t
97, -wag l. aeto, a.t Afternoonhlu wnh hIn ty m L Tetophesof boa tt effec \o i.e....P. .- the.tradeI s w. "The increase in dis.

nastylaon a t as lon steycol. .And l can 'relt magtot-e Coo ora l nrSiohblb w and
e w s otd d, at ote 1 T he s o e B b o l 4fr gmove.would probably be about g 1h .
.t, o ( b-en....uo-:..)na i :- '- siod.o vno'oCrhou&f nsc!.basemfl
r lly d ng h a ah at this, but I hadfreach- 'll a Countryru Pbw "bhavetihcol Ch4ich0ibon0 11-sitonIts fanstoolong.Ward.vr
ed a p.le I { t r the p re I re antzd uallyt been v ted to pIarticipatenIn a the, .r to join in j n t, -n o i
drdedthe' timewhmn4'4 lve-to dress r for the game." n 2 Mihael p inhandita utoU pahn. the MlwSit uke club felt
As bla-wen ajoai Jote'i aBgel, in t aonr fly on business .Te lt b nl1ap ons tch play r it yeast erloaded with
ae % ot n fr h e oa come oil out and o aw p .
is. i 'utt o t he phyrs a ha dic e A un eo r w hich he played th e revnta geof this one. u1 J That is WhyBi. dsville rnp lped
-r.I t o t .... ,nd ,ihn playednhi. td-lle nof t (hem. Jlria sAl a to lPr l --- ---
to o es l"i"n o.. .t.. l t'es thioe0 Uie t rt. t lean aet afln. thiu .a.e i ad dy thtor th, t Yi
l oI sa f .- "t en. D o j.. iet.e -dintyl -, -u this w eeon th e Mor.eOufleldi Plbby Thontaon.I
I e hI t..Was bh,. r tm .ftor i t'-e ol "Slora,'. ta amyeWeb._b-wra..Go mmso
*I toup .J, ru'I ceeatt oHe'd hgetrlit by a pitched diLes. bullhetin,'bona t Cbes C ot .Gnleu sh -.
b Ins t pa1 rYto- 'v, e .a t roelspot:ioiallydu% .-ave notetl"this,'i'm'tournameut soSunday, .j',
Jtha e .oenanuST l-e ie- are re/d ... ne kd uws re wl, _e
ms aesnd dle 1 o lthmlie lcS n rte *
S.. .t a hrun t. ul a m. i m a 4 un quw es u4 a,. n -vd-oe.ul be the Pa-r t
..," o dl- tao meow 'ul arceaoeonf t urtt e ffici.e..nt
Ody the h b ea ` futh ea tned his .oreer 'c did.Then L mes Ianter-club team Cr-ubl. n so
hnad.Wi g12 games l.SA
i ia e -"w_ '*._ 4. o .1d out a one V .int lead over Lrlp he fanuled 131, which is .
couw, lC aULL THE B fl neteam member are outworkin .riht .

often overlooked that iMaglo As one of the best base runners for Braos Conitulations, w .
in nd .. ..likely the most powerful of all. Unlike ta a ndkeepu th e gowk. U a
mos"o --er -"'*s e nl uTbtke stride 'before going i nto the .
the bag t otkiiei frotlh elidg Into left field. hs e u muscls.. sh k Panacc Team To Playakau,., ,, Mageti Tape

he itlad-a habit of out mti thepOther. gu on the bases. He'd The Panmune a Agenc.ies 'eCommit4 1 9 0' .".
comei to' ...bag ith h 1 kes. or-r"tend to. suddenly shift .y of New o brk will quonso a a '.
his f" qt. ,l s *2l4. A t Ure anchor with his ar m. Bqdue he u n.ftbil ta comprised ofema mobsl a. A ufl-'elli
never ,khi 00d _b .lt d.andpqworrbrougl him an cl'yes that will Oartilcfpat* L.

Iti.tan ver beoe. *n'short, I couln'tpu-fi lt S Imendous pot* tlal, Thomae.
+ i. ..... .. ... ="- despite lA = ,& lI ry"
nto Ibeen anv ng but an Ipsnired r
I Ib play a sli.e game. It Just wes worth rl'rip-ri n o e whir-h m4d "1
the the Little of Coogsn'"
I a in not quitting bhe ear before," whe IHnf.'- 'a-ly 0 '-
W ltr a d:' Wh atW ill t be for b er afternoon of 1961. Portable
The statmr. Idand ct hpis, y wrIter
*' ".however. bette4 ,Ps as, .00. -
-eIt r nfo 24to $a-homeirum
Iand drives in raond 100 r) m.
With Mat Surketit m to the $5 .
Pirates pnd AntatoWl a Laddle
rzk." ". fs. s '" .to the GiantA $he l. ',re.-
MwS A" Q Oiov end I 'W
eh;l^ ^ w^ m. -N:t;a*$155-a00t ..DO 'T MISS WTHESE BARGAJ$t
Pokeo a,.-' MPmeH.
IU, .--- NA AVE_ 6,H .

v. -'..... .- ,l JUSTQ MASOSEMENA.AVE.,F.
-7 if to ...

' r -" '


oO. .T---'.
coop '"- ier

I: .4:

mer icons Vo. unte'er To' Fi...ght *6 r

-aor Fra'n ce In-. Ind rc hinab p-7W 71111 .d
NIMNGTON, Feb. 11 (UP)- Communist forces estimated at ..
rench embassy disclosed to- 12,0 men are advancing from v

beevolnteerng for the ley despite unremiting attack obyCi1 I&n ople kowo r F r n c InKN In dc hna H4ta II -
. against the Communists in American-built warplanes. Y V'UNNA:" A: '
Just north of the threatened el- .. ".. .. TWENTY-Nfi'i-U*W e IPANI '. r..*
have received luts of letters ty, French patrols clashed, with- .h p
asmee telephone calls from Red advance units patrolling in --4O, | ....
who want to volun- search of a weak spot In its de- S 't i
spokesman, "but we fense perimeter. N resmNent enh
ia'them down because The spokesman said the ComrnG-

But it war learned risk a direcnrect attack on Luang Pra : DIN l r dIEN P ntHUa

ds, hloffers ther objectiv in in the a area aterje Democrata t i ue ; n o r th t Mea rthy a
Batmit was lechned risk a direct attack on Luang-Pro. DEN bang.HU
oee from pilots, mechan- bang. HANA. M ingth
ouh. wh eunem- meant is "vague," and the French MI NCH ,
t man so s e sending out patrols tryed wih and FA r T' NfONt r so h
Sate Department warned determine what the Reds intend LUANG a tNINHH
is "illegal for any Ameri- to do next. PRAANG WASHINGTN. Fb 11 (UP) If h follo a past prate, ha beem tos "Not i
go abroad to serve in any Some 105 more American Air .. The ee Preasident hemnhoer yemste he will take a view that he erat.e ad e hmaai
military force."h Force technicians have arrtied NDO-CHINA y r ejected charges by sonle has stated bs position eand and ta lly h iatn
he does, he loses his citizen- In Indochina and said warplanes dRepublicans that Demoyratr are the ls s a enow ress with the y a 4t len. Barnea. D
a spokesman siad. "It's the serviced by them have "notice- ainted wi th aon and ad- consc ences of officials. .th rei.

theK dotsu he^n lose Fac techniciae havep arrve 1 IDOCHdAhep u cam athat R-ad Den s roascienres ut ar aesad he ofe his ret wit t. ourthyAi th
ably slowed" the CounINist a- e vised administration officials to The President, asked for his i le i fla the tes at serio
.department said it has re- vance on Luang'Prabang, Vientione mPekson Hotink halt dispthya of "'extreme par- reaction to the recent -OP iqh5ment said t c n a ra lxti. i
no official request o h lo bomsni uani t rd Vet : ::n t .j. te tisanship." blasts, began by saying that he val or ssapproval Is sot neo b Ben. w erT -Ga.),
Jo*m to serve in the Indochiniese strafing the Conrmunist-led Viet- i He mader th statement a a was notmc of forthan him- ad.
der the MenCarrLan act, this minh who have brou ht the royal reared the t ee me he statements a was not much of a rartuan him- e howr was ked A..*- 1L he
.e k withe the ex- capital of Laos within artillery r Me news conference when asked a- self. a e to enhowpr clwas Askedit -baw ot
be granted only with the ex- capital of Laos witi artillery THAILND Milesbout recent GOP attacks on He conceded he needs Demo- thks it- possible to fright a n,"
approval of the secretaries range a sentflerrs. Democrats, including "political cratic support for his programs the nation int a depression anid but e eI
te and defense. its defense curving three to 42 :. IA) sadist" charges by residential in the narrowly -divided Cong- whether as sosnt Rpublcan r a c g a
authorities were asked me crah ench artillery assistant Sherman Adams and press. But he said he believed he have charged such efforts miht shakehe
Ameri cans have main and the roar of bombs resounde ad ttreason" accusations by Sen would say without belng stuffed are politically motivated. people ahd f t de-

Bamn? "wturean- aeusaatins hba Sea te n eh dte
l alito stce oefi- throughout Lunag Prabang as the oS(NEA Niewamap) Josp h R. McCat i y (R-Wis.) shirt, as he put It, that his ad- The President replied It would pre shon ,
.of legal obtaeles ad Vmin. t lghot Lus Prrbe a the CLOSING E One column of a Communist-led Viet Minh divi- national Desocratle Chair- ministration had tried to draw be possible to mislead and
eragament. The s aid Vetminligt units spareditthe slon has penetrated to within 30mle of the Laotian capital of man Stephen A Mithell said up a program that best for A- frighten the country to a-certain
sein th low-level strafing and bombing from the garrison-at Paksen, which has been late by the hower's statement is a "al- Democratic support for that rea- not a depression.
*)Foreuign Legion. runs. solat by the
awe F renc-led fares The 105 American technItians rebel advance. A French spokesman reported the biggest;engage- lenge to his own leadership." son. He refused to discuss the
whilee trend 1000 Colmu- joined 125 on duty in Indochina ment to date-is taking. place at Dion Blen Phu, 120 miles north Mitchell, in the West to bolster A reporter suggesteded it was 2*0 "security risk" the ad-
hils week in the Red River since last year when the Commu- of Luaag Prabang. support in the 154 copgression- encouraging "c ass warhra' to mnistration claims- to ha l
some40 miles from the air nists were threatening Luang Pra- elections a ratswel say that Democrat were"tned fired during the past year.
",' e L-'.s.s ACiv il Air .du .s het .Civi Aa a _c deet. They cla most of th
twh nelyarrivd U. s. os. bAng thei r0firstadunsuccess Kon- o ther se tho War andthe eveyi oed p n the Presideen w reason" an tatthey Demc rats. ........ have cud tgrhe n ya t r
4aehnch high command said Strong security forces protect line had been sounded out by Trap- He stressed that the United "The posltioa the President Calling n deeit They clai mot o fa t he
prsons, believed to them, but in Washington members nell to fly transport planes as they States is not sending co a bat has taken is now a challenge to untrue and unwise. Eisenhower and ave demanded a break wee readying for full
Sabrout thes Aer pressedd n did last eyearw. troops to help the French and Viet his own leadership" Mitchell said it is foolish to ca all mem- down. pacpa val
gerri senin the about then Americans' resene andThe seven-year warwas rapidlynamese fight the Reds and said said. "The country will see bers of another great political en Albert ore (D-Tn) .. h

up for isctreenfiscaiyearngpro-OfBtsfoces in abth Amercans p and approaching its w t1 e 1 t Sen. A lbe t U re
mop-up of the Nam Djnh Sen. Richard B. Russel (D-Ga.) approaching its worst crisis as the the 200 technicians will be return whether he can lead the Repub- group treasonable. But he said said he thinks the President's ,ay Fw w h
oth of Haiphong airfield called it a "mistake" that might Communists attacked ina jig-saw ed home by the middle of June, lican Party down a path of rea- there was no way a President remarks were "fine." He added, ra w precedes
St activity in the vicint- lead to piecemeal involvemenit of pattern but the French expressed Sen. John C. Stennis (D-Miss), sonablenes." canstop such remarks except a-e for at
Srie is not uncommon.- America in the war. o o saving Luang Prabang. like Russell a member of4 the The President refused to dis- among members of his own ad-, .ends. on Ash -mor-
l soine The Frenh hve been usn resident Eisenhower laid yes- Armed Services Committe, said he cuss individuals. But he said any ministration. eas In. -
-a. be u y .as oi e Te prchrasch wl been arr si n terday be sent military technicians was pleased by the President's claims that all Democrats are He then said he doubts that. wi oI i t i. eto aspe ant his or, 12 miles away 8lises to beleaguered Ltuang sra- to indochina in a supreme effoAt statement that-t h e technic ians tainted with treason are corm- anygreat display of partisan ship ch tra are tche uled i -
San and American invader ligh to prevent the trage of Ameri- would be returned in June. pletely untrue, politiqluy unwiseh te by his executive sta is pati- I- U It a he e, a .

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constantly prowl- the enemy. ti i ou a Shop serae cag e pea. ne MahacF.e r .pe
g o, toWeya spal d s disclosed to haveo a a o itposedalImust R lyF Moca b Be u rs e opa ,
"war dogs." visited the Maiphong base Sunday by_ the Snt Arm.B' -trv show tole raceL forth oh her .a 8r o e tdem oamts i heLrb "t se (UP ma. atrn dane .l.cilrem
x ,pectedas n Reds rounded up to survey the growing military. Cmmitte lst w i et irUee on e msoad Seotop baZ s tofe fames Ml.y r- tose r as wt e
-Din region were crisis. He returned to Haoi to betheamen already had bets sent U. .--- -raHe mas4 this alsoappliestoOondihei aeh lU BPoiee a noounectodaytha t0 _. aS
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I tary assista nc reeoe a i beFisk in -aeondinthe technicians r o Ehesnl oni. -. em a h male ,portigne teTin t ht e -
apparently were toattemps0 f ea ththexOr "whearwh le ofout w. eabhdedidn ,thatethePTO0were. s s
It PP awhr French netIdochina. s toladoheI sandn.era B aids he would 'puer ngub of rethet & fa, hae"- late fe n s _e e asbaeaI,
asteelosingeFren b eganorle the UoSa.t emlfls aid as t m' noet d t o Nct the futs uore cousdTe o e lion of the a foundry atr aa n"rat attse"1a-k imanV1111 .i.W,. tring- ..
Seted sud s u the h es te af world events But he nted there the od li deof the Industrial e gAtl foret theae wit- t be ode.
idt ,osdeserdngkthetandotherotho ,iewtion beparsodtgeneoe OPall yr neo phalease-ithIn 4 rin
accountable increase in teci Dclail would helpn iUralso- was a risk Involved in sending i u the ho e dia sor continued isenhoe e 's renniaks. Xen ti t m o d y'Ruer t
French aSnd native mechanics. food to the starving people of East March 2 because of a continued e ae at o tiaNe a tS
aomu troosts civilindo,, aore fro lcat o H said no one Is nwre0 o vpo nserd mootsed t ay at, Balboa Lhy o .. e Johnson caid the & 25o eLr-old dishes her,( who A nuthoritnatt e n ocitbpt de aE P, v P .g-
rm and the Philippines. ten he is to involvmen t an- W eights.o President's attitude "is on o a confessed slaying .poet-novelist hospital where Rean t as o tur a.
Thea phe lb .o b eere ompntedTe fslet landup thema-gen tleman ndan Americn." oMax ondew e i an is cared for are c rqetlng one ne wth
eK Nar ui iLor-.pls adl-sat sent b u. peentoatn hiai c a(0ea o ree r li ohi ereuse ta bedcm enRow ae o.e
:6 a lodieb1nd e 1o hi aIfnds.n the a foundry on teis unfortunate et atainte tasle ntdto h tkit n lafina
iadp Laurte stand-ybasis e faidry sis oneiters have put him in a position ward Jtoday aftr wademd- sleady tocpacted. Yery h ae t lebtl ea
do h n l et s art .or h .ie.dy r.. .e actu-ed b .. b .*toe ion the
days.edphofthethbeedmajor hundo tofhe mand w'he rseb nde tuliel Ybreblke leo., e
-cleatB id o O n a o"--... aVsresudl tIn the- oere edo "rwtt eJohnson b ack hi s strata uIsel nr oskeur f oa- n reDehospitalcharitiies. e
*a .oftaeancieth, wwRp ditrfial Division woic was nmate to emt ere icnfoter aoand te l Pd agnuccoea nhle, Rat hac rerm
oef Laos while somet rclosedr moved to Criatobal ear. e uhpen the fr sent- tHe dishwasher,H aoroldo meanwhile,: a Maolrarmrr

alroksmatne setai do st abbOt Gveren y Fb .vibes were closed in Baleboa.y 0o tiitdde eno we can"proceed wlbcih Winu gn-tratmen dot for thi e bursitis that Io ti e tera
SIndoroylFeb.heIroUn exp)-e-n--"-a n abius e veder mheada Weidberronro dutIidount t harie or.+ .
-winits keppment on charges of homicide by o acaed hisl den.
tesu-Canadian Prime minterLo boa wet'.te gas lint and the IaLspirit Of reason and Utity." shouting for his rights, pound- movements. DoctorsreportedT In lo

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isdies weLun l eftnb yn as 1:0ed Mra. 4lug a.m.bli ug
d ienl- aiot estCana toThe ls e ftheefoundry will the Presdent will issue any drt e. since he wasfound an. 1 d e
tio po 15 four-elamilye frame P9ar ddr"suo l nd te fest edducriong rth tWeinbergWs captured yes- W nL _nri iv
oi fiveU. 5.-rate and 1 local-rate Marksterday and cohfesaed the Slay- ntil a la d -t

in thie s Balonarlag ea, uildl Art.y aerrietdhe yesticera nots.fTied of ieall ambee ing of Bodenheim. 60, and hiswch l
emploethesonFtsra. Thyartyarrivdo e yesterday tehan0vyear a oilre m.adyee=35,becauseFriday Feb. 12dt m
S The houses are the last of the are his son, J P Laurent, ounry s n ot t $5-a-week room last Sunday. 11:33 in........ t d
qewhichdaughtr Mrs. Hugh O'Connell, e tki w
qnesnuarteresoin dtohata way a o adrs Danits pr of the Canal oprgaation,. NWle
f te constr uct ion.. f 'm of Fra o, ew an ,- Bir Riharde Gao. leew, com ntuction of the Panama o u De r edAwMs committed

'edaon Holden Street andetheo th- t nil construction period was done ly ihsane today, leaving his &Il- o_,li a rs
a's on Dohrman, Owen, Laa -Cru- Cofee:5Pin the shops at Gorgona. Ilegd accomplice. Dennis Wen- u
ces. and Carr Streets.The rageACSome of-the. Gorgona equipment rin, to stand trial alone for
-.building. fo- sale Is located off CHICAGO, Feb. 11 (UP)-- An was moved to .the Balboa Shops- tlo cuaiide-cocktail murder of NEW YORK,__Feb.. 11 ( --- by of an unortunate girl,.put It 1W ORK, F U (UP) --

ano"ther clig- ( and"~"" Mac Faddmn, ShofriSeot i oto teoszi ~n
m dedJon- adcnta rs
-ti t h.t, he eenr ts' y TDy.- ,, nie Lee in Florida 3n 1941, 'om- cut board and vomlh toe
d j. %N -..stw 'nally had rIeM sat ewAt ts to e r. She ied .- s-en ten to the



last f:X-. *, .,* i
Im- QUEEN. ftvTOJULU" "--- 'F.RT
.- C Ut E TO -I As her pulse for winning .'UERTO "I5.
*5 40Ml Panama's queen of Carcsiral, Marita II left .:-
lothther PAA's Carloh. was accomn- OW.nn.n
Alm Carls moti,. _a. Cro Vand lNorita Porras ,
41L BUM t r theUuoth w g- The group will .a
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