The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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Fire which frr tim4 i
ship gutted the mni~
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he" plan be is. fourW. ron to Bur T
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let bt on dedso eem -emeetig.w As tfh:

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KYO, Feb. 6 (UPl-Amer

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Labor News

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AEg- PA- a .0 a 40n LIN lt.

kno wNRAPO N*l ogoads s OC There is one linae tl geketeers
Balboa .Y. on toe iN:ew Lou whierfront are
4i* e IS TOUR FORUM rIN READERS OWN COLUMN not refusing to .sgu.ed today-
..-.-.-. tn7at's me mviet r'ow- -. a
pedaled them,1 b b t Bridges.

Ti s Modo en ao aen ep atem for rs dea of the Penoms Amner. in cthegtlhefl, I
MS oree mesived geio wtly aend e s handled l wholly 4 so they wai f .ad
die b se imalm Wt ft dee.'st appes, the brains in t Thtit
e S .L sa re puCan lh a d e Inoths Is order .tfliO f States o f *S t 't o I1-Ml
Ple.a. try to keep Ile.asel. nited to .n "Pa leng. e d_. Sta e in the hands u qu =MA *ira
...j ofsu....if. .fle..wtes a hold In. s resa eest ieS. -..-. ,tuc.- Rt .T. .L Ia UpaMnera. cnie' A.
,+ a et B u stt er s ul b ll BltY a m ts u s ml 1 u b li iy M pn 7 d I-. : ., :, 1. .-b. Ai c H ll a B r id g e h a s
We 01(i moo-nddeu sn w atolo. f,.4S 4' I i s
stes .o.esn let term e rems. BLongshoremen's Association. .
'.we wish them luck. We p "ledge r -' -.. _d a e a- *e t
h eens what support we can o er to'W ,' e ~s ar' t. .1"
SUPERVISION IS COSTLY help them get the job done.' ,S G-. I U.S. aftiag e ,ao1 3 0 at Mi
secretly, ridges has sent relay a ite at
Balboa, C. Z. teams into the New York ort toa eu t mo T b e c
Infiltrate some locals, wor with tomv tkt0I s
the notorious "pistol Local," die-
tribane literature quietly printed in ;ft
Here is a retort to PIrst-Pla After-School. Philadelphia and trucked into New n
verti eO eluded electron ? York and, especialilyto attempt les, aa d
My dear misguided operator. Don't y ou realize that It coas to. plant leftwingers in egro long. f d S t l
pr.-- to have a power dispatcher fill your shift than it doe to shoremen's units.. a o th r
Stim e? F rom now on there cn no leon. .in. lr t..
Sou ove oer be any reason for Joba Lewj E M ,
S: id you thi nk for a minute that you were working for private or the handful of lea den atop the i
dustry that has to account to its stockholders? o Longshoremen's Union, whom b .r ,_ /
Even Moadey Saim dn .ee where )t would be msoro convenient he is backing, to fall to repudiate I fs
.to 11mourshift with othersethan to permit you to work overtime support from men who have been s as e,
St,, h rdening supervialon with letters of explanation as to charged before Congressional co- i the t esta t .m Its
the resonfor said overtime. So remember ypu e working for mittees with being agents of the a On te t e
We Panama Canal and ucohomies is of minor coiisidiratioM Comintern. disstrU0 f, midon lateam
This burden of supervliltM Is so great that they are sewitng he turbulence on the waterront, t .t n *a" ma",.A D t
a s jobs for the young ftilof who can stand- the strain,. Just- Bri ges succeeded in placing l ..hsu ea. o ulr
r yeUars serviceIn a responslble post. Tht no dou n t o some day by th rowi ng up a hand ...
,lleve the older deservingth rem1 -wrpe m taomt sbtal atruror l of picket,..Or, if he could phro- a*St m e n ts could

pr. io ... s ho be1o tuth, io aocte olntical demonstrate ons be tby- r a one d Iiw ye ge. .

Sanit, _hoti r ...... .,v- -- 1 "* 1' '....... W- co D '' '-d '-
e t op fft Sn -m. "ths fl y si rr.n l e up dissat faction .e Cer

S rat atr e ande to n then piers o fo te p er h lan ra th eesttb r this vast h er eiie t saer im y el om ifl'l

retpe lettern witg and ei billt| V navt asle.t shipping centers S ab eat at m e d c erad a lo e
hrluanJoed gie heve them a boost to .e d tot t..i.n nrUes of a chap ca Roag him r l An iSe aIf y di
d+n.- I am rin C ue s v s Lg e at is ,Me of o.he givereaetu o rnald to ostiri.,_n d". fI 25,0_l o u, tu "'-iteada the fneediong ..-.

S resrponnbilItY of supervision just sol theys ot self Mabel, who operates from rm
reouhr f rr r m IA Lab at Manhattan's South Street aeeats ocv v Byailne Edri.h o e tb at coG=t Zs

f"I. Ai r Ol'to fiur Pou t th e ow t*Wfo th homme of dn p la an ons a, Wasmth o adp the othe ie avate t tor of
s t te r a in he keep s electrons th t is the o w a aan i a beanery 14th iv a
Z" tse u Kiowat e nStreet- near ighth Ave.0 almat dituo ofsom, 1ou,

I^^BBsi P .I tjtene ft Bogeo 4
S 'blot-A-llwle I .boys.havye omeaIn fromh San WASHI. NGTO (Na la ).-wR autI .a dpotor.oh bi cmldent EL. ben organ to run there huge BEch. Amd at d.o s.tWe ow
st I. rtate 1 AuoFral ncisco in two-man te amst. Atcent business on l mi a of Da ive t.o A ain ousis m e .nte- tiles -u t* .simp ly to avdddown, and Coo tper M. irehln p.a
U pt Otimes H oarry. thase flown ifn too e Bee k's miton thitm i i S t .e fro ankly tha. t payment o oes. i tl t Nra Y. flcm erkers donae h tee.r p .iSe'. a

f" oAf n" r to i ar tIo as le ft whor that e an le re ch- of Teamsateg-. .to oe ou rhs -al wheare e. Iga t d it- w ha 'kgedatee thsaptLae t nsds t
8'qua.InthvetUvniwron I1-American Communedcaon Aon o- a number O a l nwy,! e. ttuorned.t qu and h.ri IDg- o9 1 .to-es_.nD3
.- me i elati.on a union now being probed on the tax pcs ,l.s-r. -ck oe a mote r .ow Ing that paty, aa. ie, da fact. I and ., S od.Ma .t, Chase Sml m itho.
ACROSS 57 Poetry museo miwtraTrCod Nocsby the U. S. Senate. Bridgessbeds duiohainnsvabgo.rtbebigoWhon4t wt not aatad of oth t
S taerat. st t ~DONate 58 TioUer a Manattan hote i n the b ventle uor ani aas., -' -that this' te- the tt At of I Cda A meat. SIT a pa the uibed Sa -
ipa Ui -DWarNprt caricon Broadway, nearCommumanytayag heaies u .il oau' 'sea s cloe u b ties, smno l B edemome-tin
man" y a p 1 3 shows s B e"oincome requiring .ft .. ter.. r W.. awm'mo. ia_', rfa
--6-Western sae ALmot v Mt tlluen ..ier In n o of er tinyears past. assets al *over$1m tl e ee et Innte rmestoiter,
1h, eaI. mp uug ed"A- One of tahsu fams HIne m the 2el5 million of athis i ge Alo in U, eq o n ona-an. is n other cir Oe RaM d e or ..iker has ome ae o v0oer edal
i- in.. WesC. oals ismade u p 1 ofia f-ellow goCee bs b daLan -tt o : a ane y Robti, ,to er p ise o us wate ." on h exe, eiwel a- t te oa,, a d- s abs's IeR er tia r t BIil
p .agioo'T eIi engm himself Richadson mind an- lreent vi h, I ,at Bdeea has keq. e "s f;r L .. *her mavest-. u. d b e tau u I-o i-d r ata ter t Sta ,. he D se ar C in d
S (comb.ebf.orm, -ner. ma nami g o hehsl Ernort afle 'tn ,ge to get sote e.Tof..- c ae .iaen w s -ao ,d oe e. t bc. r_-_ied ta t he, t i og ell'.I. r1t' KiO~at.ea o ,
,*- d e. *Tl ,t h pm 1i, e ee. L B rae b l I nt le.,t Breau 1.h_, _t e m ,wer s ta dliby o a1 --0 l b.e l -T igtshele i ronf an d mi-t ep tl i" .. Iio

sh9 r|D o e ,.N', p:o'.. _1. .4en ~ o t he B- e his ,.cve en i e i ro d hi o riuled tlt Gd r t.u th i G Jtntf Jn
'k SC CA..aZ' "P O, ,oiI#s t wan rsalin g saong a Bas i t m.. .:. o.. aa uph. Bo a m e, ,- usineg e e h a u ot be .. fr..i

mbi25 Bo b rne @ 4 Greee i khilae gto o f 'aarmot bornIna? rfNorway .olF& ieoetro resneu at thertudat Bere m pyu*I.dep 2%m th d ehoe .
anChiaddon 8 Qualified 27 Soviet river wsr 6 been accused before a Con trhta a $1evi f okanc versiflg ta t n o oteady o rs
a r k T byrIrAmil.2yn dNouul committee of attenoding 4.UoA a podt 4 pe e ael dt f.. m t e hootee w4

SHrd$ iithleaesofoneli bCommunist watertos u M isiof o sco ti. 'aos ta s o in ote ai ent aad s rets'tdo ehelert wht eo rt- Atnt m s
.t.-3tivalcengsths(heb.) 4 xF m a!of1. Th y wasl. p d ( .n. 11 WMa ai t Vi e hbter po... M m .y c.te of. n on it ki kr o I athe*ida. Irfe... -ute

I Ofl b 2ht4T 3Ti Blissue s calling stood Wimmobile andull t toal, du hch0t poh r a f d aste pu s asovee PO a. u sle abu
.pll i r Dm tLD, oi 34.. poo I nldg aon the FifthAmendlmen n a .u. lb t pro ths or.d a. e &te aet g for teg it .eo Nht p sa nitt t e Unie d i t,
mo s ao. farp ret, id V inaricu ar a o fo e ighto he Ina mup f omi0i inuca- fa rm v alue i blse f U c a n drcker, an wo ld L a ve islae duck o e r.

aesm w str ofn M ( us w her ee me$a oarry ea ma e es g. It n og e st a rea thad c '* a foundationstt ohadequbate tr a te IMP0 n intor V -e
..memnnamed MaIaePiarkovandi .I st a W, asho thy na (.ma oU chaerme frm d trgum, and othe og an a an.- Bss aP.s t i t.4t ais from a reatv with..i St s aow e P e
aI_ Lta "n if uid forgidet a "lp e Mogae Asson sDua labor unions, c.ope ives thes i s am gw al l e to Federal Gove et ue power toab news, -it-l h
r SW Sthing p o rY. were" sh u, cit Angeles. and business leagues like C -hq.'ee acc umulto a un.reasonable de- regulate duck sh.ootin. arler eti n f -n M t qws*r
-i .r a among other things, Fto ruca t he ehauf loan Is a mco .pli- brofs Com.merce, te y Sla la b tir is for Supreme Cwer' r u each dI* reelur sslzlo, ,L

fo S .of..Mae Soveieteeringateaoemsfwere 4erta e de (a ft ie mad s du
: njj.jj-,;-. ^.. m. N i 3 s *aL it Is guarnTeed by th e 'to ay no Sxes w Anv on the exemp on. .B ate i fix Its ack- sso. o r rturtl ba .
lkes,- pls n nk. haveouo,,teei, tenmw hic n F nation, Inc., a char- ise oue frm t heir invest ts. 'ITheT.r..amur*hastmade 0,astt het State Departmintg hsd

bed S fbenop r satien don Cehb's aa bized to train see. Th reu a nt was that tf union flenane r .Si "a 1 t.e signed a tren I y u t ,
-AEC o durin s t df s ist an ad a rp

fiv tey week s ghsr er-the blind.It is Bur r c n the Bueau of I internal t'm'afrom 2 ,i m un witns.-thelit t e fonda- o :. th Is
alI th aweg t gpers ithrofmu Cahaas rin ear lat l -
m ts .rb t e..som-ething asrlantee d .ersonally by ta y ,u,.th at oe ytsrrorganed,, we-o w ee f rMi.O. ton l
-i ., e 'oka n arsNews," a pro-Com. Freb a resa:ent of the eo.- eJ.I objectives a di t ".n fron aduew-- whichea, of rued tat e Fad o Gan
"uads e !newspaper" olle y an% th ayir fons G Landsa, ash' the to tax exemptions crCouse tal xemsentthe rety a
It Ispulished lahIs Mabu ngtW.n k1, stiu he ttd*,e enemptd BillonTin Pan expenusitothe W measn tid
i- hI Is pubise InP e t athuy amajorstoch UN ..a a resultof theTextrona cts of the aniod s warenput at Canada could mueredefIl!due-wl
andLambmhedaror_ int oN. boaw "Yor at .m er in lueaad. a. Ri.ev'. York Univemut9 asoe, $.?.5J : IIonX o hich nely $8 shooting regulations of the t. state
-ar. r trck. Tn boys picer r, ans is a law partner of t.Aelaw n* changed y Conr mlt f t Intee Py.Y...Almosteoveryduckshoot' uowt

i .u tis me- al S. ,(Mission toMoscow).to ieta i onieoma r m t 2.. .t, t a
at mddw ayalongVthecoast.[hewas an rga wT r unrelatedvtorethih a ve rF s ih e r she r
-IaNrb m y. B Da e- n dDonald (NRA) Rich- .bt active business euntlrlirs Busin-or stlm -of un s ton is a g If d rt
p"lural. / e a0wl bt Stor sesfre peancrm od _. s alers atrlu e r0a= ''.l Y twer eunrelated to a .
-als|. on an e f._mn 1100 Club" 'e..m purposes of osarganua- .war..But thqa .o .t.x f-thor e.eobesgns.abon, North a.rl.tu, Nye, e11v0am1yofrthe
-l" amount of vital forlg i to get much. 1000 fi l ob u duct? would hatva been ISeiDude aaebur.:.MiatfWhus
of5ca 0 brgbo. -,. i. 7s otp to finance R.oosevelt's the Textron case, Irelted business ac te wa only long go. hae ands ,
J shoailgme aewowI
S _oen't Ray', .but as fast as they -riaa ... -- I WANOTpON WlaL the pouaaa
n-i... are recpg lzsd, Bridges reply: ce .- M aor. .or. .P U 'so- -- ,
r ate the ruadlng AFL dockside a l-1 J the hsnd Io uals'on.ofaL
'-,' n e h Iky, yoth sea. one.rate bia a'uiwt"o d

inet Wse d by bbyaner i, litera's annualrental for theBlack. Eye instei. JH i-r l .

ia I eel sexists a city .. a nPae autographing "iva over, Polly Hero's-it. ..- I' l-a
I ameThat proibi hal froml peaus at the Beverly Room or j rg .,. .t
On thi ortoe wunules they swank I riders. Two years a the i.nt a ,
rc-:iI opt(as an ,I -_at she dined daR i. on) _is d.epositsl e4tp td *re *
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SSallieIs Otr Alley Overhe ar~ ~ T '
A.t: t t hdk i t" I d. .... "e l "o r. ...
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M a cans, ~ ~hav o e z40.01 l

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I',.,.' -J
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widasy p .A ..".- *GL .s

"uonim. Wi t",
.r f .. ,* .WE "'

w -.dC a. t r. it~

5 uey i m ;...... a mi s

a di'" "r."l A i. W
1wnilE S ...- ., ,,l

,d ,, ., o, 4. .

Weekly Servic in all Churtch.
.. "a:-.-*S Mo.m2
J A I A Y -. S .
Ice, itI .w,. uAI MMlna. pm.
Pacifc Side'-P aNg YBal~s
Ditte, uior -V.3,.Waler

17 PaUami No. ViJM 8i O ety Hd
P'S" St."No. 3.' X 6'-6th St. 7 .
Puebir Nuevom g.A S. bjwq. 3rd- and
4th 1t. Rio b. it. _4 3.I
Balboa Chaw). a it Rt Balboa
i Saturday only).
Spanish Churcheo-Pqnlm* & Crist6bal
PanDistrictP Da'R No. Crl6bal,
panA. Cale
16th SL. & Colivar Ave.
'Oboa & uirlw
Diatript -1 .as -A.- Grize
Ganlbo,. PraMt Park*ru. Vl'ol.
ALantmic Sldo-Coldtt Qritdial
Dil .- V. NO. ewman .
Coldn. 'rd.' f Cv.l Ae. COre1-
tel. lt.t. i B r.Av. .

Un anINa an .N f
Toe ree. 'S- l Faer" .

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a104Wim aervo c we Chvurean s


Bnaison W lllllta
ThOe t 0ll *
74n. as*&

p1on0 .Eu.. -

I.s PupS
The Rev. Aleud & mow. PENN

ll a I
TM PM t **~ io".* ". MM*

f ;, _-& .." -T4 es -

^;^f_1^pfl^^,--- ^ u',u.. e
WSo..W :t 11*0
ma a
s.oa d.U 1 and0

"- .oand~7:11-"3A, .
t nda. n day.

MamoseIs :a and 6.10 am
6 4 enWdt faiolvn.
f Deo tu i M o p.m. onm
Catobbnwio'.Cto: 3:1"-0:S on Tbhurday.
c T. A- i.

CBal6 :a -: "a
- :t :0.,- 4f:36 '. .W N. hwDC y.

i y *-a. '- e '... *

r a
MdyMss: 7: m.
o Ad s a Af': O atur .

a a T, t

i m.
Cpassbvln Cams: 1o ptA n- -n Tbudw.

T m. c
.: .- 6 a n. .. ,,d .
C t 'Cilami 5:15pa o Wdne aa'r,
undiaMau ,i 0. 5-0 and7 10:30 aom.

oiyWj :7-y:T.a tn d .C -and.

Sasurdayons: :04.-4; and 70B-a:00 imn
Iat mad. 7,0 Pm. a- nMday.
Ca Clan:- p.m, .on S".M.o
Sn: is ui.

s nun 7; "i

1%t h d, :Su ,.T:
Ctila~ hn !: 3:Ts' pj. oan Snday

r' s_, af p**a

Ut Tti ay..: T.tO t>.m. o M id87

Sunday Musess: 5:45 and .O0 0.-
Hly Na eWw; 5:45 and 8:01 aj.
sfturd: 4:--S:M and 7:S:00 -8!.00m.
-itafionf: Med*l: 6:15 and 7100 Dim.
a'. n Wed w. oy- ", .
Smarnd Heart: 7:1A p-.m. riday.
SmrowfIul Mother 7:1 p.m. on Sunday.
Coniert Clames: 7:5 an U onda
-and, thursday ewua."
eil Day Mamas: 6$ aam. Mid S50
.. :, :o6i .', to1r0-s4:00

,anfeom T *B tO m.'pan. S Monday.
Cateeim ca 45: a p*.m onwm 'dv
Team Ae C l'. 7 5I pm. mo Wedatsday
rinthPlldu Davoemu;-:fl P.m.
ioft tiAn *fle CeUML
nds1w MMa : *f:M i ud 80 .m.
me f sl-J 0! a.m. and 5d rnm
& = .r tes. .9m1. am Satundy.
Mllraeuleu Medal: :-? m mTueday
Sacred leart: 7.0 a.s.n Fri dty.
Cathimbl Clan: 8:8 *"L. on inniday
cli Inalnik-ES ailm.. on Thurn
C.I.O. Stud v Club: TiS .m. Ao n hur-
SiKnsv Msa: 5 a.m.
HdiDaT lNr I. 6:45 B.m... .
I UbM 7: via' P o 7ridtv.
S. ode Noavena '4- pm. an mnnav
ranfeailona 7*.S-.4 OP p.m. on at-dsvr
Cate'tlum Claw: t-"-11 war. an
Tw n Au Club:. .a-4S5 pmi- am ri-

SUndev Mis: 50 ai.m.
woly Daw Ms.- 40M aim.
j7i: *.afl-T7;. u-TI. e tor.
..-m... W 7 Tqf-.m.' an I*
Clam: 31:45-(s m n. on
'Un'aiTS Crb: *:00-11 P.m Mwnm-
*i:. Tprr.w

ac e MY sbo:W. A -d fff9*6
t;ie saw Ia.i,

paJm em au


R OL at ,. i

up. ., .... .... M.
W, MW.-P .L .

0.. .... ...

a' f'
a bea cno

9:00 sJm Cots and Sei m
ole30 *m. NeLihiy s,

VO a.mS. ut'ie, ArbdeMe .
:e d& I L Jbk .. I
47 rp_ P M'!S M5" '" '.- "*

ad&o m CaM s o Mr M-t n'
0. U 4


6:00 ajn NoW NOMIIV t
9:00 am. Choral alem S aL SdermoB
1040 ai Cu Swhh i
'10 pam. m. ft A Ba

*;00 an Holy gamimuon.

3:00 *uJ Chnemi* "5h3CUMit

7:30 P.m. Camlmte and mwtation.
In.. MAW fm VSWUlh

wT. suEBWRS 1U3nm

quo1. %naW y
solCinnmunlo ......... Ime It

Wll an" autllan bad & St Su dae3

Salvation Amy

Phoem 04054 __

S ialeta t fa-

m p m .. ;,, a

anE Bib a.
Ca s
a. -. a nh
io t a.m

'-.A < "I" -T > t ll
.,1W 6 s ......... 1oi 0 S
.... y-q:- ea

Arme s....n..... aW7 a
e as,'f. .&4.. ..-...... ,

na..,. 1 ,-a,

7n can cr
e aCOMM "

aidlyt Mae' .... e* **.e.*- 1.. 0iS i.
indIr i ..... .....' La. .

W.o w, andMaromAse mane


"da' t ranu OM

'oa I OlAVO t tl

.PFridMa .t .., **t*** ',.. *, 113 u.m.

o.... .. ..... 1
m S .ln --t J 1 : __

et airu'eiit easie

aundas 3e 1t ..... ,.... ..... ;
unf a l........ ..

s .w.......... MI
too*.. .... @f.. 1""
SI....... 9n SO

rhlp ............... 1

'*OJ ^ GLAY **nI *> .* ,
M i.darnf .. 9i;*iK .. a

o a a in9s o3


Paggestan WeMth T .... j
s rd ...........*.......... **. *



17 iJI.' ;.? *

fc. -~~ A -'< ^^W

Army Wa0tMtIl sdIt ntom-
[d at Fort Cayton.
frfe Meeti W.dday & -.tria

' Ir d .einut O es' Club on
.i ....L ay t. -1-_ n.._

.- .

L,. vt ,).


The marrtg of MssLoretti lou BarnBhJil, daughterg of
.Wd ftwohy Ba l of Dvsport, owa, to
.mLquMr. an. Mrs. Andres Lim f oCon
ijam. this Dineing In the ithedral of
*- t-fit'dlnible raing eereaoany was the Very
SReveepd pienont T.-Ferris, Dean -of the Oathedral.

The organist, Mr. Earl Keeney
accompanied Mrs. Mildred Hearns
As she sag "'Le Lrd's Prayer,"
LovY~oun TruY'" and "Alb Lie
berdtCe." He played the tradition
al wedding marches for the pro
celsional ad the reeeuaienal.
- Vows were exchanged before an
altar decorated with vases-of white
calla lits,
. Ecorted" and given n martlage
by her father the bride ore
loor length gown of white Chantil-
ly lace fashioned with fitted bod-
ice, long' tapered slee"es; peter
pan 'cllar and full Airt. A panel
of accordion pleatd nylon net in
tiers accofed th front of the
skirt; 'ad the rigote effetS
Chantilly ended in a Cathedral
length trin,- whieh war sealloped
p-all sidbs. A Chantflly lae' men-
tIll was :eegectively arranged o0
her hair ~ she crred e
Bible topped with a spray owhit
gardenias* tied with' satn stream

ride as matCir, o
floE nga wwn of pastel y*l
lw. loce. a bL 'nn over. tAf-
fete. TIe gou was -1- m with a
U apsilWs bodipe 1'ics and
a altsrtgf "16oAi 'net with
wht e W -short hpe Jacket
and. a.lg w bo length mitts.
Hehat was of Yellow
nd' s ic edL nosegay of bam-
boo orchids?1. '""
Mfss Be lre* ad Miss Ni-
na Browh were b esliaids and
each wore a gowl'id ntical to that
of the ratron of oor except for
color.. Miss'-J L woke pastel
blue and :MIss BroW'pastel green,
and eaid of the Wo attendants
carried a nosegay of pink carna-
Lions and white -go of'the nile.
Dr. Alenm Loan was the best
man tr the b~d oir'oom and was
assisted by ushed' Dr. Erasmo
Orillac and Mr, Alphonso Chan.
Follo.ving the' ceremony a re
caption ws blid hidthe Fern Room
of the tTiVoVU,'. where Mrs.
Barnhi motje. of the bride,
greeted.gueSts l lA cocktail gown
of navy blue ehl over taffeta
with which e wore rose scceso-
ries and an aorclcorsage.
Mrs. im, mother of the bride-
g a, ore b a frock of nile green
si.. Iwh..le aetories ania
coli~n ..:..of rit._ ,rsnats..
with a'three'.liger*ddig ca
opped with the traditional bride
andbridegroom. Baby .gardenias,
star jasimin and bougainvillea
were used for floral decorations.
Mra. Mary Wheeler was in
charge of the bride's book.
For he going awry costume,
Mrs. Lim-bhose a navy blue linen
dress lcemted with white pique,
with.-vhich.she wore white acce-
sories and a corsage of baby gar-
Fonowing a wedding trip to the
interior Dr. and Mrs. im will be
lat home to their friends in Curun-a
du on Feinuary 14.
The t Is a graduate of St.
Kathedne' School in Davenport
Iowa and is presently employed
with the Army Quarterllmaster
Corps. .Dr4. is a graduate Of
the Hhsnnola Academny in Costa
Rica, tteoded the UniveluitY of
Panuma~ nd the Palmer Schol of
hiropya8tc in Davenport, Iowa.
Mr. As tUmMcE ay
Mr, and Mrs. David 0. McKay
and WT 9ir6n Robeti are expect-
ed to 'arriveTfurtday1 by plame
tron LiUs, .Peru for a brief visit
ns Paama befe cemtimnng their
rip. They are en Aoute to their
im fa.Mlt Lake City, Utah.
RVMM'A~jX'an. Peabody

Mrs. Edward J. Husum of the Pa-
Snama Canal Zone and formerly of
Chicagb, Ill.
Miss Butler attended Fonlbonne
Hall, and is i graduate of Cam.
bridge Central lDg School. She is
also 4 graduate of St. Vincent's
Hospital School of Nursing, New
York City, and is t present on
the staff of St Ma y's Hospital
Troy, N. Y.
Mr. Hasom Is a graduate of Bal-
boa High School, and also p grad-
uate of Rensselear Polytechnic
Institute, and is continuing his
stdies towards a Master Degree
in PFirpolium Geology. He is a
member of Phi Kaa, Fraternity.
A sumtiner wedd is being
MIs Kathlen Charles Weds
Joba Fraik Dusk
Miss Kathleen Charles. daughter
of Mrs,, Sarah Charles of Detroit,
Miehian became the. brde of Aae
toy W- Jobhna rank Or ekdurJq

Major Wimlim Grew (ehaplkin)
ofliated at the ceremony before
an -altar arranged with vaes of
white gladioli.
The, soloist sang "Ave Maria,"
and a program of appropriate nup-
tial selection* .was presented by
the organist.
The bride was escorted and giv-
en in.marriage by Colonel James
L. Murchison. She wore a balkeri-
na length gown of brocaded white
organza, made with a sweetheart
neckline, fitted bodice, cap sleeves
and a bouffant shirt accented with
embroidered qrtandy. She wore el-
bow length mitts of white Chantil-
ly lace, which matched the tiny
lace coronet she wore in her hair
-and to whioh was attached he
fingertip length veil of ilk nylon
illusion. Her irhite prayer book
was topped with a spray of white
orchids tied $ith white satin rib-
The brid'r only attendant was
Mrs. Robert Speir, who served as
matron of honor and wore a cock-
tail gown of pale blue linen an
lace with m hating lace mitts and
a tiny bat ko the same material.
She carrid a nosegay of mauve

Speir, -salted by ushers, Mr.
pnls Leonard and Lieutedant
C.lonk l Veto Blekits.
Following the ceremony a recep-
tion was held in the Nurses' Quar-
ters at Fort Clayton. The rooms
were decorated with arrangements
of white gladioli and white baby
Captain Lella Jones was In
charge of the bride's book; Mrs.
Faye Lothian served the cake and
Major Gertrude Wuerdinger, Ma
jor Pearl Graham, Major Florence
Burkhead and Captain Corinne
Suant alternate? in serving the
Mrs. Drnek hose a dress of nas.-
vy -blue nylon with white accesso-
ries. for ler going-away costume,
and wore with it a corsage of
white orchids.
On their return from a wedding
trip to the Interior they will be at
home itd their friends after Feb-
ruary 12 at Fort Cfayton.
Mrs. Drnek is presently station-
ed at Fort Clayton as a Lieuten-
ant in the Army Nurses' Corps.

is oh

brars ean aSjps 'm To Meet. try,
meet Monday it 7:s8 p.m. in the -"" i
library of the. Jewish Wilfap r pr ot thf
Board on. LA Boa toad. At aue. iiW"- u ,
tion of stamps will be a higbligt
of the evening. Pie odalThursday
Members are reminded tg bring The Auliry I9 t
tIeir stamps for the.veternt. A ill i. -Chur' will .,
interested adults are invited to at. sela"' to be ',lil "
tend. the Church onThr
_- p.m.
Balbo.a Wonma Ca' O bThe public U -"
To Meet Wefy -,,'.' ',.t _
Senora Nora Isabel'Angelini wI Daneo At St. itww.B *'.
be guest speaker at the Wednes- the Colomnbiantr liar, it
day meeting of the Balboa Winm bo will sponsor a i
an s Club. ShO will discuss "Na- eld at the St. Mary's C
tive Costumes, Dances and Fet- l. unrcb Hall this evening r 'l:
tive Costumes, Dances, and Festi- to 11 P.M. \
cities of Panama." This regular All teen-agers are cordially 11,
meeting wiL take place at the viteo. No admission will be O .
JWB, where the business meeting ed. Refreshments will be iear
will begin promptly at 9:00 and
will be followed by a coffee. Mem- Study Group To Mee$
hers and their guests., are adked The Thursday Momni dt.dy
to wear polleras or mofitunas. Group of the Can l3 pls_
ub will meet, F4bWuD i.
Music Group Meetlag home of Mrs. Leon ..
The Music Group of the Canal man, 625-X Aacon i ; l '
on College Club will meet Mon- Henry A. Starrett will
ay at 7:30 p.m. at the home of ho s. .
Nrs. Subert Turbyfi, J6-B nB- Coffee will be served at @.
cott Stret, Diabo,..., and win be followed by'" I
M.r. Turbyfll and Mnr. Roger lustrated talk by Mru' Pat la
Culinge will preet' a piano duet nard on "The Birds ofPmat
-- -- .r .----------"* :^i ,,

Victor's Nove ies

.Advises its customers that we

,have received a bira4nd i

Assortment of drapele in .

colors and futuristic detiliiu.

"J" P Stret No.8 :


They're here.- .
* i "a. .. i .u w .

O. iile o 45 or 78 RIM Records
*420 *6 RIRPM
(WihNarah Vaughn)

Between "J" St. & Tropical Theatre

S20% to.50O.








I 2

.':~-~ ~
~' '.i-d

- *' .~

AIilR L "' .&


trirend M. E. Pea-
i. Pagledy accompa-
irgnht Reverend B.
Arrived Thursday
a Colotmbia. The

a r -e-A Oc-.

ibla. ilK JUilOer

t "" -"

Cotil Lounge

n'uow(T MW!tT V356) --

S t i. b.: S-:-a" eas r. -

-i^-.!*^,.e- ar. ^ ^ -a iat iH






* *a- r-i-


--- -- ----- --- I




- I



v. .

: .. i.'. ."

,~s ~
p. -- -

.... .. .f: 3&

i. .- -i ..' :-

r iSmtretNo i0
7ju Araaemena Ave. and S3tL
B Street No 26

H Satrett Nn 57

i Household
-SALE:-Lminroom furniture.
la'ico toble 4 chairs, bedroom
including mattress, springs, 2
2317-B. Contractors Area.
di U. Phone 3289.1
gL;:-Sitting. dining and bed-
set; "Bendik" automatic
mchne. 11th St. Central
10100, Apt. 10. Colon.
LfAlf--60 cycle 9 cu. ft. refrig-
I:V0t r '."F gidaire. porcelain in-
E ndoutr, excellent condition.
Tristobol 3-2568
LE;-Crosley Shelvador re-
rotor 8 cu. ft. 25 Cycle. Poroi-
3.iB. Phone 4-365.
-ALE:-Seven piece diningroom
$45. Upholstered char $8
her cabinet $4 Day bed, chest
awers, $25. Highchair $5.
a dtsk $10. Double bed $25.
:-..:Wicker livngroom set,.
'.. Coffee table. House 2041,
!*,, rd. street. Curundu.
SALE-1952 Easy Spindrier
Whe', 60 cycle.'Excellent condi-
i.t4. Cbll Coco Solo 7'75.
SSALE--Corved massive dining-
toom set. 10 pieces, reasonable.
jt Colon Beach, New Cris-

LE -Bedroom furniture. like
twB. pieces. Made by Cowes.
-Z7atNo mattresses. 47th St.
Tel. 3-3338.
R SALE: Simmons. t 'wn Studio
couch. Upright piano. Set bone
Ir. service for 8 Knick-knocks.
ridoy Sunday 2 00 to 5.00 p. m
S13-B, Pedro Miguel.
^~~ 25cye Fgidaire re-
1_t 1o. Excellent condition:
3564, Quarters 711-H, Lo-
mnor, C. Z. ,
.SALE-Stave electric four burn-
.- l Hot Point. Josi de Fbrega Ave.
'Noz 16. Apt. 2.
SALE:-7 each venetian blinds.
x 60. Single Bed and Dresser
: Diece se't wickers. Setee,
eiar, rowing chair. 4 wicker
559-, Doblo. Tel. 2-

Real Estate
SETJTS. Modern, insulated.
5ledroom house, thermostat heat,
.i screened porch, tile both and
ehen, near beautiful beach, good
i $6,900 furnished. Tel-
lBoaIb 3467.
perty in Santa Clara is
fe for a combination of
."The price, $10,000. And
nt and easy for 5 forpilies
think for vacation the yjar
'there are two Stucco cot-
The larger cottage beds 6
the smaller 4. The larger
-completely furnished. In
-J Electrotum kerosene re-
y bid Iorle new gas range.
S.' partially. furnished. Large
IS ply and privacy. Avoco-
S and mangoes, trees for
a iand' flowers. Access
b. x. 3657, Balboa. C
)kLE:-"Santo Cruz" farm In
op, Wonderful opportunity.
lphoae 3-0271.


'.TO BUY:-Smooth tires,
for reconstruction. Recons-
a'Nocional S. A. No. 7, Pe-
STel. 2-0406.


S ~

1-~ ~7

IIT .10merly of
SUClayti Beauty
li keto notify her
sat sbe is now with
'. Z. Phone 2--371.

*R Cwbwfe V A I

Tel. 2-23ou

-...ASAEALDJ Agutl a L. 4-a ll;Uwp e iS 4-.,
PzPs rque J.7avre 1 S 1,
Fourrb of July Ave. 1 Central Ave. '

""*^A.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~. p'"< *"gsw ';* tsg!0

FOR SALE:--Two Diesel Buses 1952.
with De Luke long distance body.
Excellent condition. Call Panama
FOR SALE--1951, Mercury Fordor
radio Seat covers. $1,200.00
House 6347, Corozal.
FOR SALE.--I'2-T Dodge Truck
$595.00. 1947 Nash Sedan- $295.
00. Telephone: 4-505.
FOR SALE: 1952' Austin A 40
Somersel. Excellent shape. Duty
paid. Phone Locona 3050,
FOR SALE- Ford Station Wagon,
1942, recently overhauled through-
out, no reasonable offer rejected.
Phone 2-2914. 0816 Plank Street,
FOR SALE 9-1949. Lincoln Two-
door sedan. Owner driven 29,000
miles Heater and Radio. Con be
financed. $800. Coll 2-6339. to
FOR SALE'--1952 Morris Minor,' low
mileage, reasonably priced for im-
mealare sale. telephone Balboa
3569 atter working hours or Bal-
boa 3604 during working hours.

Autbmobfo m__f
WANTED 1951 1952 1953
Chevrolets and Plymouths, We pay
Cash o ln'e spobf. Brig your car
in today and walk away with spo
cash. Call Panama 2.,.4966 or 2-
2616. AUTOS EISENMAN. next to
The Coca Cola Bottling Plant.

B. I. Everson

Is Scout Speaker

For Annual Dinner
The Canal Zone Council Nn.
801, Boy Scuut s of America, an-
tilal dinner committee, have an-
nounced the acceptance of B. I.
Iverson, Deputy Transportation
and Terminal Director, to be the
maln speaker fo t the rAnalB
Inner to bo held Feb. 12an. the
Margarita Clubhouse. Th6Ndttn-
ner will start promptly at'I":30
Everson has haId a long tenure
?n scouting, startinR in October
1924 wnen he joined Troop 2,
through De ember 1930, as lie
advanced up through the ranks
to reach the coveted Eagle Rank,
the highest rank In scouting.
From 1937 through 1941 and
from 1942 through 1944. he serv-
ed as assistant .cottmaster to
Troop 2. During 1041 he was th-
acoutmaster of Troop 2, and
Irom 1944 through 1946 he served
6U troop. cowmlitteeman. In 1946-
48 and 1953 he served as a merim-
ber-st-large of the executive
board of thti local council..

While attepdlng 0C a nlgi'e
ecb he wins a member/of Al-
pha Phi. Omega. National Bco.t-
InR Fraternity. Everaon is active
in many civic affairs, ambng
Which if thq.t of serving as po-
tentate of Abou haad Temple.
The annual dinner, although
primarily for scouters and par-
ents of scout ai open to Cubs
and. Boy 86outs r accompanied
by their parents. Reservatiwas
tre limited to 50, with tickets
avallale torn Atlantic district
eomnitteetan and from the
scout office ih Balboa.
W. R. Price. Pas Coduncil pes-'
Ident and now council commis-
stoner, will serve as Umaster of'
ceremonies. Awards to, be pre-
sented include the silver beaver.
higheNt .award vailalle to local
.sRouters, statuettes, certificates
of recognition, training awards
and veterans Awards.

Arrow Shirt Co.
Vice President
Here On Visit
James W. Morrison, viee pres-
ident and export manager of Ar-
row Inter-America, Inc., of New
York City, subsidiary of Cluett.
Peabody & Co. iw.. makers of
Arrow Shirts, arred last night
on Pan American Airways plane
from Mexico.
Morrison plans to remain here
in Panama fSo two weeks to at-
land to.thU busine.f his com-
pany. and also totake a short
vacation with his le. Nora, who
will be on the 8JA. Panama.
which is scheduled to arrive at
Cristobal on Monday.
While the vliat6rs will stay at
the Hotel El Panama, they are
the gusts of Cwa Fastlich. 8 A.,
local representatives of Cluett,
Peabody & Co., Inc.

DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central Aveue 'K" Street. Corner.
Telephone 2-3419, Panamb.


FOR SALE Stenographic machine
and books. Reasonable. Phone Ra-
dio Far Fan 3770 or 2382 day-
FOR SALE:-Piono newly, restrung,
gopd condition. "Contina Tampa,"
Cclon. $150.00.
FOR SALE-Appliance and plumbing
store in county seat of Moore coun-
ty, Carthage. North Carolina. Near
Southern Pines and Pinehurst.
Mild climate year around. Only
plumbing store in town. Established
business. good loiaction, good stock.
Will sell tor inventory. For further
information contact' Box 1660,
Balboa, Canal Zone.
More cute toy Fox Terrier puppies
for sale.
(8 m out Tronsisthmian Highway.
turn left at sign to 72 Chivo Chivo
road i.
FOR SALE- Linen Polleras cross-
stitched and Mohtuna shirts. Es-
tudante Street. House 75 Apt. 2.
Tel. 2-5159.
FOR SALE--16 mm. Sound projector
60 cycle Good condition. Very
reasonable. Phone Curundu 7282
FOR SALE;-Winter coat with top
fur collar, srze 16. Girl's coat size
S8. Tel. 2-3788.

Will person who found passport came
and passport belonging to Soul
Jacobs, kindly deliver sanw to Uni-
verso4 Films, Avenido de Cuba No.
22 or home. Rivieora Apartments.
46th street No. 18. Will pay re-
word. No questions asked.

Boats & Motors

FOR "SALE:-Sail Boot. Sloop Rig,
24 feet long 7 'z foot beam 4
',' .foot 4itlaf 20 H.P. Au-xiliary
- SeXA*fWoe *rkari. '4illeqiinmtjo
t. Plippi 24, .Crito i... ,
FOR SALE:-Fishing boat inboard,
engine. Phone 86-3270 or 86-
FOR SALE-Boot No.'411, 7 !2' x 18'
Half cabin. Excellent condition.
S$285. Balboa Yacht Club.

FOR SALE:--Triumph Thunderbird
1951, $350. Ponom6sica. Phone
FOR SALE.-1947 Indian Chief Mo-
torcycle. $275.00 or trade as down
paymeeit on car. See at 2050-B.
Curundu or call 83.7111.
FOR SALE-Ilndion Chief Motor-
cycle. Excellent condition. Price
$250.00. House 1524-E. Balboa.

FOR RENT-Furnished room. Privilege
of diningroom, livingroom and re-
frigerotor, 9th. Street No. 2612,
Rio Abaoo.
FOR" RENT:-Furished room, very
cool. Facing DeLesseps Park. Es-
tudiante street No. 105. Apt. "A."

FOR RENT:'-Furnished or unfurnish-
ed one bedroom apartment. Gar-
age. 168. Via Belisario Porras.

Passenger Poke
(Coa'inued frem Page 1)
gets are all at the Hotel Tivo-
II. None knew their future
plans this morning.
The Chief steward (who is
married to one of the steward.
essesi said that .when he heard
the alarm he thought the fitr,...
was ashore.
At first, he reported, they
thought the fire could be readily
The steward's staff, including
a plumn jolly young. Norwegian
first cook, lost some of their
clothing but sayed some.
"No more food to cook now?"
Someone aaket4 the blonde chef.
He grinned: hook his head.
"And it was such good food."
Mrs. Owsley remembered, hold-
ing ip a soa y rag that bore
faint 1'efmfnlanfl o a blouse.

Bobcat Champ
OM OT. a.Ma ft.P.) George
Barton., whek J years olk has
baged 250 jt i is i me.
s a P ...
IsaIl We t*-We
of oing paa 4 tn Whiros he

I .. SaA .. : '

E t A 1. a

GramIlch Sane Ct B'

mpdere4 rptes
4e>o7. .. ....

- D 2 ,ac.. a

Houses W eag. dy as
11nlli Phonei Blb.oo. .
WILLIAMS' Santo Clorr e a .
nbar k atchen. pali9050 ba.f

ar.Phil OeC mni. oe .).n roam

th Street Golf Heights. Tawr

FOR RENT --PoirM*hWd-loWW. Thre
bes(oqrns, ps oar*4i moom r ''
car falegM iand. 6th Street Golt Heights. TalWphon|

FOR 'OW--Chalet thru bedrdths,
livingitt and diningroom, Fabrm-'
go Avenue, Pasadena. Call Her-
nandez, Tel. 5:;00
p. -.n. oaft 3-2389.
FOR 'FENT:-2 bedrqoem ,- fyl.M t.
chliet, Ifvlngroorn,' por dlain -
roorp .Prque *Lefre, Tth Street
No. 6. Enquire 5 -hu.
FOR PENT:--Cpnceteichalet, 2 bed-
rooms, 2 bathrore..m rqid's room.
Go6d neighborhood. Vi Belisorlo
Porras Nq 91-B. Sr tofy.
FOR RENT: Chalet 2 bedrooms
stove. Refrigerator, hot water, clos-
ed garage. starting March 1st. 210
2nd Street. Las Cunbres. Coall Bl-
boa, 2-3124.
FOR RENT: Furnished concrete
chalet including refrigerator two
bedrooms, parlor, pori. d, hhirB-;
room, kitchen, garage, $100.00.
Suitable for 2 couples. 112 Via.
Belisario Porras. near Roosevelt

Alsrt .....
AT OTION '. L-JSt fit nudmn
bedis "il, elhat, tgo

Modem 2, 4 and 5 rooms, furnished
or unfurnished. Alhamnbra's office
8061, 10th' Street, Comena Phone

FOR RENT:-Well located two bed-
room apartment, living-dlningroom,
elevator, hot water. Justo Arose-
. mena 97, top floor.
FOR RENT:-Cool, 3 bedroom apart-
ment, unfurnished. 2 bathrooms,
maid's room, fully screened. $150.
00. Tel. 3-5494
FOR RENT.-One month for couple
or bachelor furnished apartment.
52nd Street No. 2, Apt. 8. Phone
FOR RENT:--One bedroom furnish-
ed apartment two to three months
starting March 1. No. 2, 52nd St.
Apartment 6.
FOR RENT:-Completely furnished 2
bedroom opoartment. Bella Vista.
45 East St. No. 34-A.
FOR RENT:-Apartments furnished
or unfurnished: livingroom, dining-
room, bedroom, kitchen, bath. Rea-
soanble priced. Telephone 3-2121.

FOR RENT:-Two bedroom apartment
in El Congrejo. Caoll Tel. 3-0769.
Business hours.
FOR RENT.-NIcely furnished small
apartment, Peru Avenue No. 57.
Available Feb. 15. Tel. 3-0746 3-
FOR RENT:-Apartment well venti-
lated. For information 33rd St. No
unfurnished 2 bedrooms, 2 beth-
rooms apartment in best residential
district. Large diningroom.
room, porch. Ample cedor hIned
closet space. Coill Panama 2-1661
for appointment.
FOR RENT:-Furmnished one bedroom
apartment, kitchen, basement of!
private residence. 48th Street No

FOR RENT-Two bedroom apartment.'
Hot water heater, near Bellao -is-.
ta Theatre, Ave. Cuba No. 58
Tel. 2-1227 3-3329.
FOR RENT-Furnished apartment
bedroom, Bella Vista. Telephone;
2-4760 until 1:30 p. rn. end 3-i
2036. .
FOR RENT: Furnished modern,
apartment for two months ,in Belloa
Vista. for a couple only Can be'
occupied from March 7 Call tel-.
ephone 2-3438 or 3-0766 morn-i
ings from 9 to 12. Ask for Mrs
FOR RENT.-Furnished apartment
one bedroom. First street Peretl;
No. 5. Telephone 3-2652
FOR RENT:-Furnished opartment,l
Slivingroom, diningroom, bedroom,'
porch, kitchen, bathroom. New fur-1
n'ture end beautiful view. Apoly,
No. 12 Cuba Avenue first floorI
C Apt. 3. "tredo" Building. From
ea.--. ta.7 .m.
RENT:--ool, 3 bedroom apart.'
Int, unfurnisied 2 bathroom'
"M od's rm, fully screened. $150
- 00..To!. -Sr-t494.
furhed qspori -1
-9P Via
.P*S, P*l' y t

,_____*I. a


Lafir AC* WHS

FS A B'laafad -tt

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Stp.lian 's e i.-' r1i Sp .

O Be,

LTDA. 5 th 'Ae.
"BRx Te



U- UsUU-p.
o Aif :sTtrs
11 .t..

liachelr., bipue, Movers

B tem'r"'-miB "Ts"mtra

Repairs, lastaftllme of E'g
stores, water heaters, eta. -

seia.2'2M Z 2-2
,-.rfi C~tHJj- *. k *Y -B "

All that is advetimd these days as
Is- t Me Rseily M. Your
addresss d..25 wIll get you
s .fty p* P fPit te HI-FI lH*s
mudie tywom. batitled "Understand-
i'n High FIity." -
.(PPAnamf's HI-Fl Center)
CIe 4tNt .3 Tel. L-215;

"C y c Ion e"




TeL 3-46 U


Central Ave. 30
Santa Ana Plaza
We have permanent st6ok
* LONDON Reoor*
* vox RueMh

ft-H^. ,ipm^<

,'"-v '^ ^

Famous eye*Lb W A lurcan hitoiry-wletn oeo .ad inte
film "Captalin aiSmith and Pcaftih tau AaW
the title ,.w. P.theeolor film will l-.% syht. theDrIve-
r o. .- -. re -lea .e ..- -

24 'A sfr Ir

A t-El. i

NE.'-YO.r, 7tb; 6' (.P) -
Fir'b$s od t'4tstfIe Net Uoft
p615 W row' i aper
sid thousand watchedgfsn.tb
*treet as fire'eurt esued a-
(a1 ladder 24. prsons trapped in
the smoke and flames. -.
Thousand:'more. saw the. ffi
in their tele4slila ets ato-sme
Gs* cameraman sw .. the twM
TV statIon fWledt

the .fire'wiI,,tn t-u pres
room =houmd kri-j4'1l-nlgr air,
inex, bu pm kes, -pread thUou gt
lower f1oi oft the 37-story bv-u-
,irg, ttcl, between 1,000, and
,500" b0ice .wOrkeri to.-evacuate
the first tine foot .
Four persoBs sUtlered smoke
WP0a workers' on the 10th
floor 'nd employed in the Unit-
ed headquarters on
the 13th floor kept their otra-
tions goinR though amoWe .iter-
ed into some offices aid hall-
News editorial employes were
forced out of their city room but
ihe newspaper said it would
ublh iluits Saturday editions
with th use of another printing
plant It owns In Brooklyn and
with help from other New York
The Ore started in an ink duct
being olesaed in the two. -ptsry
oress room inning from th e-ind
to the 4th floors. Pressmen tried
to eqotrol it but the fone
spread quickly to wastes pp B
the floor.
8izo ng rease in the. press
rOom poured ou acrid smoke
that forced firemen to use gas
masks while cutting through the
steel duet with torches, :
Most of the damage was done
by smoke and water. Newsa ct-
culaton manager I. M. Annen-
hemr aid he expected to eat on,:
a normal press run for the first
edition. The News has..the larLr-
eat dally circulation il the- Unit-
ed States
Most of those In the room
managed to reach doors but 24
were fit-off by the smoke and
had 'to make a rush from thU
windows from where the firnmen
saved them.
Up on the 10th floor, French
actrea'Denlse Dareel wlbot
into the TV statn- *te height
of .the blaze to do'a sow.
"She kept rewU -under- em
trol, a studio spobesw n s.a4.
"but left as oon-aa she athS.
ad. '- ".
The News fBlldiur Isa eafttd
atr- timend Avane ad -43xe
town f aha tan OW the TUnit
If id atf~ -,'.r Iii



FrOnt Fiig Pri es
m t*.t -' ''- p O l "' a
WA' "Feb. 6 (W^--,
tathe nation' o lead
,inufaturetB-areed today t.
Lrerin-rom enrteeif any a
mew- to'tl mrniltkts, and to-restrain foreign

The: Juatite fptrtmst an-
nounced .thsattvnti4rutt orsent
et ha beant iled in fted1
eatourt -In NsWaaris, J3., aM

NJersey J, E1gle.,l.A
Co, ,X1 ."' York.. and -
Faber Pencil VCP.. L9pak lAY,
The cowent, d5re. 91
civil anti- trust was fil-
ed against the ft coppOOl
less ha..two wee..i
one of the fastest tt5ni O
ap anti-trust sui .n reord .
The Justice Defl st sai e
that, with the filin of the con-
sept judgment, the four compan-
lea ls]o eutered pleas of ".0.d.
fense" to a; paniao criminal
action brought afalnst them on
Jan. 26.

Gen. Lemay So

In Stratoej After

10 Hours Training
STAMPA, Fla., Feb. 6 (UP)-
g Cn. Ourtis E. Lemay, 4', cour-
manding general of the Strategic
Ar Command, "soloed"' a huge
847 Stratojet today alter only
10 hours of training
The general lipped into the
B47 base here at MacDilate
Tuesday ti "'famnilarie" hisel
with the wing-swpt bomber
with aix jet enginorBiy learning
to fly them. 1%e was used to
flying P17s and B29A he com-
Inand in World War UI.
. MacDll officers sa the gen-
eral spent 10 hours In IntIve
ground school study without a
break ,"not even time off for a
soft drink."
. Then the general went through
pre-flight exercises Thursday
while the plane was on the
grpund-actually going through
me motions of flying wi
taking off. Col. Ellit Van 0-
ranter, instructor-pilot, and MJ,
Robert Liithfieln, an assistant
pilot, pronounced the four-
tar pupil ready for a'"ol0
S"The general' made '- a v
smooth takeoff," Van Devat
mald after a flightthteiW-
Van Devanter a-L
both of the 30th.U
Wing of B47 Jet. ^e ot-
w crew memhe 's- on L= m ay'5
f flight as. a WA6B.0the big
The B47s t ae.
filt iandt tB t
wl tor

a tier
0 ;16

S-feW tio .which *4hAs' s.-

vy h1hartecPM- RMepts
arfM'- 'pardsve equ -

'The -featlr otthebi~ajelling
S uIB).n tow 4n :.S con- .

for a government con
Strike vote dbtefore .walAt-
.prdltdei labor lWftb: a (Cu}re_

ley Law.-

"must not be permitted to be-
come law" the council added. -
'The wAole bil, the state-
ment said "falls d ismally -sliett
of the action needed tp--cerrect
the imbalance of the Taft-Hart,-
ley Act." .
The A -eBounckt-p ,poed in-
stead that the labor act Ite
changed to restore the right of
employers and unions t agree
on wnion securtffy, tend
met by injundctin, remove "ti-
te ne" in t.i ainn-l *,
initted.,uider F_ pr e Wt
and w# o s K on o farm
workers from o folid hts;
The -,ouncl a zvoiped opI-
sea otio to.the lekr Anfid-
ment to curb to a Magh
powers because It would 'mr1-
.ouiy' -weaken -this C* 'V- in
relations with other Watims
Me*Sv bismed. Irbor t
an opportuntoed o f;-
eri.juder.the? t

ems labOr.~ position, he said, and
Int ebr.tuion, swbve
jnattd t fthe meends be.
cause on onseand emploar
er oppoaEtioi,

Young Passengers

Charged By Height
Op Flint eus os

dren wh-o n e ar d e
uay "tSaa to--W -r t It bJPa
the-rle Flint busao :
city's -.btipprta&pn

R. cut

;- 1


iamay[ S.
t. '.,A



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Thri u._B hM led Nevile,-Am

o o St rs Atj
` AN 2iOURr

?4ttrtV" frwn -mlei .* ?e.t. S 5 S S rl Fe ur t a ae t
1W "- W L, -

see acsion are trum t he Bacle ; gg
STh tRn.Ro eI heder2 led Nvl h u fors Tour
oo ar r4 4Waege 1re na o Starter CiA tum Moiges riis

ta Assel SSesB who wlle as. tANE fle LIGU Sos bum brace^^
fiste.rousvep Ms CatoghiecsL r. T-- TaBkeDe N g m wa shm hd e

TheIe oths ol ae Brtwne d as 1onma sh bl

b e e -a u pr m u ch qu ick ch li ed% % o n -- in thr8 | a a
S n Fr. Ia lTONIGHTS G S r fla me (s
7b of IJ L2s (Nevins 4-2) Va. Brownies (k- onedaIe U t e

tano:er i AU vil beo- LASThdr nIG ESL KouesIam oaht hnM l
Bsf ss QA aeauola CM=k it fqeha- Ve, TaskM an0.-

S-Th e our n Koly bulls t An i 3Ytneeolie B o
N_ GibMsee action are from the Ha. 0 t- Alie f T

eye*I~ul**4 ,30. 19 1-2 t70 .C A P Thi rie com lpaght mhkeited State s ^ew Aor three w g e the The ; nao0Cit po.)lin T our- A nfl gi3
Gold 6 @trhn r da La Tranqluik l %:l of Dtthe ier o T he ao leain M t loagmuedl w
Sd at LeonT he rei t wo bU Anwia try toMove a step loe eato r r

.l s fi e 5 | ee- a ro Pl b eres lofaa Aohi eBr
TTh te ts Do e 0 9hDosesasone t e-d a ". oreh re Panda Lennant o ob

to gamedink t- y$atpdou R. Ts- a ad 2 lIJii br beae ree eayerbymPan- night we tack Feb h tl roy tOT e

the take t.% gowglr s h. r a onne olaner Ig. OEA$SCT O I.UP. BO The 1wo 16^ th1 At at. ple re t
h Bd -r y Ye 8 lto^ Up. t l tes til being all oWroe eaost e an d Wi ahe F anti Yro ne wb e n e. tp
INCl T. Angelw O f w will be ". at the Mount Hop S tdum. bt r t
slatesaebyheRamonaseL The anees D magic numbrpmnq

Admmo c e Db tt the 1f no to alo n* e-Ad. rat.# fhe IThise n e thheetmn -el nte

N&W-Vtow Hurry!MV7 at P onm-othat
Se be bhe T urn te rw m their 'remt w
wh 1 rieeori a s i isk 'Pr be rtogo llo the wibn.. as o to rfo theth) clinc te hfora Toeo Bomb er de- ei
T.0h rGe. whoma D loiah bu d bey gn'leghis m i kie mcebut Ina huehde. wit cht -feats T rwouldsday a th
4.o ,r Lh Avu ed wih 5et d 9 m dnser the first bow, $1, tor-cthe i 1elltheeYom]
w whensun.l torts or he o e

bynr. ,on o Dian Phe took on avaee dt Eac onnetted twic the IhaWes mi3
V. I.tal ned a W a' theerr wase amo oueeen l0

7leer 6e 4d 0 eTA BJL OO Au sGiar nef h KO'st o t e he- t weod GAf0 l. r n

.r .1. In Firstn Arnnual C Nity Bowling Tou a
_777i t__ flrCM3 vs55,7 To 18F1 At AO
o. 0 a91hen o.. h..A$ 111o ceos"ee 'epy l farbetoa, 1574, of Phil- a

1 5oBsa eianadrihia, lAs1nthe h ale T e Ru bI h e d o t knocked r
TheP 1hW,78 a 5172.8 Th7Ba71201oo e G i CEMW R h oe UnitedStates NOWtYork,*radtimeshBa tre e a wlingThou- Lin2:30 fem.YsS4th
V Jtancric OlyPeoCra bhe ploelop Medley.B1raTineds fl '1053. firotuend to snonn a m1e was Fot get0 ud rw aytonightsAcm
9a3 M US 140 m 1 27 "Q uondouthethree otathc eknoekout ath :45 of the tinrt at the Aibrook 14w Force Bowl-

Snow-ap Poen dsell b!stiigto udho isr iomln C flttlRnd.l Lit n bretstro. Aele iona l enound tin the main boeat i Aled Ina
o hulen 1 er. s- tabG u rkn o hrd*e -the a. An are ableM e2 p

NO;, Andesr Abare ol talk bot Y anDike ad how she laged rt Cladton tah d o T pe c
cu at a laheF ser E, ead ge1 l ofheir reshepattwo inainnts r *.comingrSwim meet at ramboa, M oai p em
Heightsb A j11184i1T2BeE t er teces 12170 515sbeatlher Yankees4a otLe Co.cui nMosbe h4e ueve a plush u The tod too .ont maJ
Tesa *3 1 1 ehch wheeler6190 l 1 365 e499 usI w n tbeadinbl ntternfu eveto
took0thtee 1 i i mLieS h181 1t 171 52gthe.Incdian,. Ilgbman t tthe :
of ow e s a T N- 157O 176R16 n a4e7 o m i r theorankep was Hu t o rron- l hi ui ifhersoaseu7r :F rhb. Tr p
g ord 2 2 6 1 6 5B 2 8 1 5S oste r tor i e
Vsoh1r) The referentbe tooattp
WL m No York t e ufas 'k rookdn-
&W outkthe r2N2 0131 91713& aThinIdn Ito d ueaotoe gl a'b e rwibchde ineas boxer a n Sunday,aFebruaryno o

we *. t L Sm th... e- And Dam beaten idol. both eye. closed, tang lone in'
Eudak W_ i M7 M I2 731 at swthe lme, dt their sa iroom wttbau diftW^^ -- sit lips:
VmflY f51.13 1.** ." i
IS- 1,1h La0 UM -e9n

i-110 a_ PN W A.. PAN-AMERI
ias2 in,11c1Fw inte 0eto PASS G0T JANE ggg
H *2317 2M1 3l tPW Oou asmy .ae h as nd evral m -a W a oa ths taold. t but Uhlm .
Sab wabst v bs)a-a ft st ward-Ae-wtd accowt. I led br to the dateSed O G S
anna ,?'&.* W u 'T specriatth S to e sue te s hatedpnto r eat. I ttof "K"en
it~;~S.:1M ~ ~- ~1. b"ismGeorges
m s u f154spr vhs onea" GNP-
-useo lw s un1"e91asasmeas. 31 2am r deg.eo
an-,a t 110For aenooyykmidmedor the

as ,i0ri f*a* Eify o
IftatOe a- -1-, o
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'.T o R ".;v .. ; + e .'. .
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AT a uvittt ~l k +,.:., ..,.- .: ) k ..

"Let thie people arut sid the

wer last nII jt tog Xeveal --
fly Commilurttti SWh-aasus1waa
2,200 ;-MaYAte ay
ousted from the .go#Em-,; 014....flIfhokP "Case
in.M.,q me
tb-br-tt Republila ad$id-"entdthe o of
of 'O 01 te exicinsftTouMunto
o ra riskexicans gigd1ai
at': of Ioii6 t"* =
I.hoaxes ever attempted pnin why ,bshe pn' .. .-
w'ican history." *.
remdn byt s Quake Demolishes4 T as A
that everi on."', as'" e D e
ulisubversiOn liji Qe j.(051h- uS
gratin ap .Q 4 TUXTLA, GOUTIERRKZ, Mex-
ble Wash14gtpU r- ico, Feb. 6 (UP) A "very
ts., to. agStoft, hi4 destructive" earthquake lasting -e r-"
SHe said he -hid, Vpir more than 20 minutes demolish- ervrwtitt ,-
dfo mour town #10
knowledge thttthei wre ed four towns In southernmosthic pt.
few, if any" Convmuidsta Mexico and sent inhabitants A reminder tha the vehicular Of'as
vernment when Elsen- fleeing into the mountains, crossig over the guard gates at AM a lh
,,took, office. press reports said today. the notth nd of Gatn Lockes.afP4
., will be clded to traffic at 10 a.jin. amo nlj *o hfl aft
Trtman Jumnped into, the Travelers arriving here from tomorrow was contained in an foreo IA s ',. ',In t. -
rs" controversy ,I. Athe devastated area reported announcement ast B a b o a IAt.o em o na ap i Ios i
-at the annual,, rXZkn "numerous deaths and hun- Heights, withfeet oR e o ,I
psevelt dinner -1pon eddreds of injured walking dazed the Waecosn Is e t eR
SAmericans for -Deme- In the rubble." Te at roing is. bea n te a ir
Action at the Wal4otf- The quake affected an area 50 closed for the removal of the u t. -.
H a e r g o m le n d ia m e ter In )ha p a s t e r an i l" -d'
Hatel. As he ro-to MileIn four guardgate leaves and their ,, .
1040 uesta state about 80 miles northeast replacemen by a. permanent .
of'the arIrshy 0of this state capital, reports typeh edoul d The n eulkof he& teuThuo woas a
,. f'he ll, hary. said. bridge Isscheduled to be in- Tibl d hktotioi W
.lCentureoldlHarry. stalled and ready for use about devoted to lsating in tAhe fey
address, titled.-".'e s. t structure Marh17; sen he felto wern Afill
It in AmericanaPol1t1b" were said to have toppled and A temporary f erry service a n, house,
er ProsidenWt .h Ted. many buildings were severely cro Gatun Oaopea oe ronam
Repuj damaged idn Mie four small oof-u.o roohp ed s part-timi a womAL n anlod whohand M
ablro gdo, r ft cen20trers whose hcme D-onarlimit- eress for fothree children who
b aid.t fee centers whose combined ed ba l ; i who l the work Is In a d
Spolicy af l epopulationI s less than 5,000. pref Two LCfee. will be c
la r'h m a udeel, etch capablei of PaorYUn M bu oon. astee "
-Ivel of the ,fU1Ar1 w" TUa a town of 1,165 per- two m0* gor .ars on ea legnt =My 1fHithu '
an.eeh o on, was reported "virtually o torp wlleirsanspored. tt0ns;. 0;"I

ma. TrmtSmd '-oint,. f was trip.atV c90 ent of =17"
Erased from the map." The will operate from li-I0d l oencal-dedsbck
atioal weathAt Ion YaJlpo the largest of the .e thema willdeck nperareQfro hb
t the maln dockpnear Gatun Rall- bTesbholhuta-ele
*-x zow. boetng ditflOted four towns with population road rlradaio to the west Gatun ?l li- ioe

0frmIt3-or. tothr "tgd h rprswlb paon t h est atnelltyh
pefrm'Tha .por'to of 2,000, the Catholic Ohur ch on hourly biis from tIes l tz

DM annILA hourlygMOO'
sad.H. ftsase ivison .toib
She said. was destroyed and the city hal, am. until 4:30 p.m. They will .

April 1 it hasbeen ano-Iced
atabcane'taggIPh .l .....l.. Mr| ....s t U
I) lei n. Jail, nirket and other old stone adaIs a b week.P Qnle .,I,
.rich matls tax relierbuildilaa wev damaged severe ar Mn-beteart*gRypublinetiinnr dpt c of Pnanoyo '
hure If I everlhmard of one.l ly, the reports said. Fieus wile s i rbte WomU0d;P10h
t. Trumsie'madeJ--aoiht.of A4 estimatedgo 90 er cent of 3 0- rt
hho the "deception' in eh thi home in Yain were Serv ice
at.nsts-in-governent t damaged, and abandoned n t I i tof po r,
ro.n- .the a l-ngm 4*tioft occupantl fearing new tremors r I r1o i usiM
than on "Irreapsiable' Twetityrfour houses were o sv-' t r. oh d0un _
ir of Congress. eledin Chilon and nearly rswioNwh beua opuie1w
J T hothersad damaged, the reports e one-hei
The chrch and scores ofh.....
" ha hqmeq were reported lefeled I-,.
". 'e o. ftPtalrclh u dgo, I C*'T t t 'o.L
F b .7Do llH e r..I
A Redwignuto.s ...-(bohatt F4.,leay i'.4,2
Be,:-M-"-flger. a formon;*#.W'

dhe ehService Cenber NixonSepes d s To u ,niaoeB a 1ffd.
The Parke.a Canal ClubboIs
,bDivision Ia be lberenl hoelid TaO .* u A ." ,....
"lr Service Center Division 'eetlvd fli rr gahi ua U Wn tand dPrue
... .April 1, It bas been h announced Pr-- oe '-h
a lbohtwbamd W Gon Fleb 6UP-H4aBolthprlieadsM
.t e same tim the he IUled-b 6( 6UE,(Tph e. OUP)-- 7n8M I-
sametim theIndvid-'QHRLO~E AAIJE Viginrushed preparations tolday fo a
isswnbhoroes will be renamed WASHIrNGTON, Feb. 6 (UP) -- R-0. aalA:-follow the party line-1O.Ae. 0 ( -AMALIE, ViriheCn dianPrie oManstros
f oCente .Vice esidenl Rlchrd lxn oceoa ;rogram has been form- ad,Feb.(UP MielCanadin prime Minister Louis
Ssaid L0syReptbllcans ai elect ed.. Boic.-Jr.. U.S. Marine Corps. at.- Laurent's arrival toofw
The head of the unit will con- _Ot POe next November "IfLWfl enhower'program it, wa s to Puerto Rico -today but French officials tCSMo"

deat itheudidnoengie uofhi S ials l d
ore ctromIwn t. I am spenIei assea.ias
hnr te kow i as the f "ore Support President cotrtrWe Can go to the nes ithwt-a bullet-wound, the aoso O

's .e P0.t:co.u,,tVASNCA 8t
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Walter Reutr; Adlai. E. Stev- tional conmlttee elected W. Ha: withl a long 'kftile h eanr AlD Med
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NEW YORM Feb. 6 (UP) -Al ftoanalaw-m'.TatTO s V 0
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