The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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:^S. eral .to.on ofPope
tidlal medical bulletin by ,hil r
.r RI1tccards Qaleait said e fI ItIrS
If. Pontiff. was auffetin from ';
the "symptoms of gastr an"t,
had a slight fever. He said tlhe -
pe's'a. condltiona was weakened .
tecauser be has Adifficitty in tak- .y ,
Sn nourid WASHINTON, Fib. 5 (UP) A
that the Pope. a .teas :i1 Dilweg discounted today reports that thee
rood condition and the hiccups prolonged del .in, a congpessidnal reviaiw .
which accempaled theatomaAsh i84i, Wih.'r iJLthe '-C ..J
trouble vanished three days a S- te acCOntillg system o t
k 1rpho)go +h ical yxw -Canal Company..
a o pl re report- s n the Vnaly n. : wi legal adviser here to their Vi"
St1he contiuen of Ganuge aner omratonRooi- i be- Citikens Asociation, and he expressed 5c"
p btheiuag a hfam- uver the state of. the Pope's O rwieW Woul commence after he was iI n1OI4
i. "hepith, Vatican sources qaid. repott thfpti ere might be a year's oIK g in.
S.... :. Meanwhile t heO souea db- thq.oi, AIl.Ln, a ,tiilton report .
co "s ,iwed that German Mater Pa-: f fton. report
S7ualia Lehnert the Pope's why there should be any
ie Papal aoartmr.tetyeaterday ... :ll flif SS reports," Dilwet ai4 'I 4
d brokeher lag. theeHiN H to Into action on a general review on or
The flurry of' ieiteepen t 1 '
SDrive vhlch this produced touched ofif.t ,L
that te. a nditiont ehe pe e1 t l e sub- recommendations of th.

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aam13 a.askinaboutth ?repdorts.Yeh:e ommitee.f" t
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ch they had been told in Oc-
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State Departmhelt offlelall
sald updeal has been made
with qW_ Red g Optment tfor
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After .2. ._e .! : at. .
apvwayed at th i ei6At .'- 2.
eway offlclsa proiHl Otl-
I the. Czech go l t a d

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0* r tot visit Ro w1 heaonorednbg his doctors. OT & 8 ofrom. an Ime ding

B rv. a gla I V e to 1 2 uni to, In ApI, r.t. ,o th, ,o.. ,C shn io ho tohisht o
wla o le.r e in beery omeenli$ to nue I ih w.lllnP .hc the WAW HINITttON, Feb. 5 (UP-- At wr the su
Ca p. Chea aho and pt it r Ir ea rs"wMen conprer lman Alen dre-

Smaler iterne tS lte e c ]atb dfDim bi r b trlAm up The Labor Department dtsclosed t Win De
S a S out otthecar h a a t htatat ta l e86r00m reactorwn o shall alti n with him v
..te ate, lay .(. 9 tIi n.aW d h hdb the be e-S,&, the fou, ath tIn lom,. o a nh express ny views on r

'isdln detl frm wtheer b,. tB d biStep 5Sl Bl. er weie aid of tcwaleeen mid-' wo mor a Ue of i l e tngWe
Ticots along -ever pi roch of e eoieen' Iected.ands ti f l t ihe, rcwtMiany 'eemeir ia d mnd-JLanuary, the ma Pte Drive ntn
hLrlaae witha Coat. were "treatitngvery rmethl. arn. .lhap labt e m
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b.._r ". r se led Queen aatendeed nefrmi' l ifh- n p. t e mpllth e nt to 16,100Feb.000, Ao. t oafyrnt Errol Flyhnn a
y.a colplearnh her." er o haaevtiueml oment fo4ryea Indover n ailon b.o r epe.T Le pDar-disclosed

li .! ner -o.f'Da e ^p- State Police Chief Ivn Green 'afSWmissionr i rr I ..e tln ut. the entire p ot he will Sue .i t off
Securaid at Adelaide -ti"4he th xtrate teesaotodaytllyltedou W tlWr pet38ol factor od wo ToAu r ionm bese l T. r
througadfreman.*s e re W tha ttee whis reduced manufactuxplo rin eo- brought "a few little surpr he

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Sa aL be e0 GTO Num. t e- oAd .siri aoanufaeturkin employment. oau htere Arneta arrived n- Or ym p i,.".
llli2 couple attnenh esealed from the Dun dr Neve 11 elesp.aue ad ou ficl of two Mar d ae Ar Force lane an -Q
,rb-'the r oes -ePoliceet- edGo ld h, il *t.lago ittMeil as the highest It no llheI ;*4 the uiloction off
Seters d s teA- h tin oa r t defatijoTi n the her enti re pesto La en's a o lot aeslabor sa
Exp 06111ted tint ti n letr Aelaidevee wrte)ea useWhae Wo r hi Wa11pe t r iWorldi W period. ArmyZ March of Dimes benefit LT- en lLtA ^

da1 ltes ,e I sb aeeld me of being ed tdt a program w -ir; Threew coml e Democratsi. f l of EhOW Olo

trirsaIhed e"" l ul poigc and ,,iGe ranged nllee wltoag h W.G h har ened the Admiexplorinatlg eo- brou gh'. When stepped out of tlhe surp n i
ld notp eth charge tern m te Pa n test unemployment at 2 ure in l0 a n represent ie dO
He said with ldiatiocd, th dicat nal i n world affaln.Ie t a lvaceof thse report was in hinting i ,andeu him a w allon ltk of Tbe .e "
l e shaft 1to UusUm al;first statstieal breatkdown of e And their five -weak,-oid Polk

country plihad ridden him t aechnc il-Ps "o' the dedicar -el they think th e al may be too e a olunte Gershmanow in Frani- Carl
ut ta e country eal aeep, taunt- was till b e announced later. ,ow. t really dove int it. the -poUn en of
at de e .bwer madh mebe-sa dv~as e--., labrtn 'ominrete n.A hopalga e.l tih
anse ote 1Y accused t of being ed that p program wil Ar. Three committee Democrats i
"that "harge."Dtoro Re te Hearn After 7minute Stop -
could not'#-vs t a 't ar raltetunu loy ent figures in Opte, anitairlint representatlte pole,
the Jutiapacpause haid hidden him tailsee the dedicatory ohey think the total may be too ?ozamln German bee'.- Flynn h *ado

out of the country io a jeep, taunt- will be announced later. es 3 Hours Applyter Operationt. the C,

gtuimn ceptinuallM during a one- sOtveton o ontnued the rubbn ad alo w a ff ti l .
hour.atemal and brought back eto life a -saidmnltered an
one oifthe tube w ifMte.ers "said that tod r en e a t le e
he the onm "04'a Communist f tdt
and 'tiddDom -Reih Heart After t Minute Stop-c
rather 3 ,4"Ia ad he had
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S W an~ 'irvWAND Lpbor News '9
I" N mile
.,-, ,. am e h b n oor
"O S as INNi d e m Comment. s

Say p O n nthetr i pe cdim pv ri' ."e .. .fr s. ... TPe r A pe ba. in C...

eas t. Lan pioi ltnn la the order re*ed before in g Nw de beralo Paty o ': *" 't ta
.0.APiAR .s o .C "l IS By VICTOR RIESEL t -

5I t to beentle .e 8 s 7 S ,. eo rt #B x ouc
mee gt.r. .-i .a.. The4 meeting of the DBig1 i s tigl- 1 i i
A` ami Beach is being followed more
YdpFOum -TflE tUIflRS OWN CV'I ',closely by_ more Coofu'eo m _.
S W are watchate the meale s of the
;^ ...1 17BigF r in Berlin. "

emstAThNo u;ongresi%.BT he Anyaou na derst s muchretsltl-'
for the White House.
I f VilefMA il"o "i le yartiLb lfnl on fThe teBig hi are l the national AFL
leaders whose actions may change o
The.M al ao men f eea.fern, Fo readssto el Pease Anrss the power balance in Congress--
ims. L m teet risoMed s a slly saede sed hudleed Is wioy s m0- and leave President Eisenhower In
rI? AC S Stcsuch an onstrategic position after,
S eTO N *t t. Ie IMraht it i po dea m epDiaeeyr et lethe 1954 A elections that he may have
t 1 day.Ltr om I p"before making any decisions on na-

sat ok (res. idt h okamb ole A tional eor Internationeal politic e dn g e s.We "ue k
Id;t o John and o In jtht aede i* to be For the AFL Executive Council
PThis anoplapamel0 tot daas J a c session, despite Jimmie Petrillto's
e asve anletters n elownl n and mimicry, is essential. .
Su 3ly a serious petica y ai o!Ieenii
atbSmasin gnthe Repo *.6,ued *ha itw
o "g MalAth ON .... hpaure they can take enough seau d.; ,
I failed to find a single article n your paper on he wonder- from the GOP this fall to override e -e
a g fe ent example of the willingness of Zne people to coop- Southern Democrats, P And they .:...w
A Sgt. Peterson Fan submitted' bc stheirsnt*6nhalped1ti A when

.r nd orthlessd X A comat Aoriv o Per'i ..... fomrksb m ormied, .And by./toeir nath p romon al Dtnca K lao atil hat JI O sl
h t le eo n cael director, Jim McDevitt, esoi thl Ofat eee rmoi ft ta at r W t e
air:it resembles a massive union rt.
SWe would like to know why The Panama American withheld ganizing campaign. vU in b or efff s a e
04othe wonderful C.P.N. March of Dimes PrOgra mdur" They are, for example going Intomy #, 'a
weekend. '7 Congrersional distr wherere.t'
"e e w a"r an h dmericaean -re s hgeeu d ITB -s e n R epb i r d anaRca nb defeated buy an c he" w rh a ah anndeef
ls t ceur-ng In the' %g as In offive n p eect of the te t lant he os aly

St I 411 a Typical ot f a the3 8 detailed feld" work n o It k n yl ea t t m el ta tpe e But the o lton oli o k ena t b of -a
How can ti be true if no mention as all Is made of a 3 ea on t e i contriothet ed wr k
progmthat raised t he unprecedented 4 over,. i0, a000done is a campaigl- outline lai is o o f d re th rihi t tB r t a
S -i AFL vie-presd ent David Dubin- o l oain the t rr nd t th
y r sucha worthy cause? Pooe skyone ofthe Federation's politi- tr tont sthe he should o".mw 64
r s h Jwo r c" 2PAobe rt's ehbholroaPete
ad SO yM n S S t. Peterson i roughtI u pnh-c l Dubinsky has already alerted the -m ils ho 'e p a-sow e. 'inWR ws fitOt O n why au utied.
It f do t b sot ins fe pleandd ls the musleathon, the 430,000 members of thhis adies' an of teh sJi nas aide Ut
htle P a k e t run 'n -t he, n n day re-ay' eng Garment Workers Union, including Ecom sicAd slI a e

38 Toward1.. e td mh W____ House a.e *tLIdht d f d mie andutHf itreengt h the.ds amediatelorebthno
S0I"'97 sd f"eBead r p n .the .. sUeh2 _t those in New York's Liberal Party, d rth se a nyem
stashn uClose- j s 6 Singundti tun se a it. to. benactive in a8sof these 87 ~the rht Isep0
P adwl ; vag tricks. These he ca ls the i at y,-e 'iA that i ie mt wa u pn to.h. ei evs
Is hss an -, i2 Pe t iny .iyor s squeezed le. ae I hs a local un A ra den a a however 'was
SghJe gflhef,' bad aboUet e ba1vF7 50 ons In each of thm. mi t theed that it owasrt uo
ioos Political Department has!A usrablia's Future not him,* -
Sright P- lo wih c nii O.f couhlt-., i, likdprepared a five-point program theofre nded eono a thdvs ate of -l
act: Ce .,.. .-.. a oo .. ,. a; ti y for "fromth e par now untmt il X hai o s t. himdr .ton t. a a th la
sill nwho .ped j. In, any way 1w Me s. "W rfulfu oue vote in 20 away from these i h s d tGP's haf e iead of
P -" -to the Demngratic Party. The I e a t ot yhe
...: union's p elii l Istrategists have t t r m rinMt c re a .pp A theE o io C re cfllateue s -
Slanned a propaganda cam thlS SYDNEeY, Australia -There hat than formerly, tard the. mpact land seems egnarked forgreat- economist rrque by law ui h
t ^^^^^louswhich includes material for tiendi G, it seems t s te, more than a America on this coneint has t and the eatness ies ahiev.
,.Aswa to rtil hlunion heauqueitrters, shops in wdwth ubtle hanpae ena sen ie I thinly bean id-. de a bl ony theie I as alss ei r c i-latei last summr ing vr r'
iknthe e:n s work and anywhere l as here foe .era.a.. sm T eea tim t m odl ai anal. w h s problems, i 0NoQw ti h me .om l s working oat at rdi f

1' rth neSd e pltalrend Ims wSouflda me *r ne lse aanbthptcnswouetre 'soeta Cs alan es caenato s adrlve from isAutrliaathssprbes 3tee. B wor it
else in precinct where people to me that the outry has struck ogy makes llf nt. The sen-onlyAusth is actually able to They do t aae th-
ACOS 57Picerga there in the 38 "tight squsee." off on its o rw ad has lot a great timent .al e but the old smell aout own solutions. rnie, oenta for big Repu
dhpos. c deal of its old dependence on Eng- childarean's et s ee It seems that recent years ave liten contributor je' Pw and t't

_)*as ay s afe dear tahes sipatedProvin -hl a nd w coyrich w it hag u nt t3a1 comoantthat o-war
_netarver's' any state say, PennJ ltare but young child had sud- I noticed with thatin the natural resources, and that the ex-
oWn" nicknameThere, the 1500 union loca m aMi' den gained confidence and chop- recent mng- to e lne t aie oletation of these resources tr.usiess Ik regeso l o Q I tee
m41.JohONehthenanizd Ab tra.k the seWt e anew Sok l., ee ty
te alr h eosy tt ped the apron sraistersoAutrlinetoraskedain.T time the harnessed ao a h
S eAndy's partner Federation of Labor have he re Is a stirring here thatMr A. Butler, chancellor of the, boutd to allevtate the water pro bhavse oi t ea
e Albert'sach me l i more felt than seen; almost smelt, Exchequer if Egland were aware sl coun yis ili t have to examine the eonom uialms v of oe
andM y'o Aereachedou by his interpth pol non, aS a matter wte-o f' .woere as of this tradition discomf migrants who pr Wle !. own economic at nght, the l d

al he willH^ ^^B M^ ~ontin e toa^met^^^ r~iat end wthLwell nm woue wt opuA pplnsedy ot thy iae raUt S whose pB'?%e was old If ]Sol et|t ntionhn on ced
1 uIa Alcott's ie Amuse h working a mthe in s e ophey y ure ture of Several. tave. roth e population n 0a *.evea.o hudwasa e t e

12ed. At AT you and he-Panh I o nesa. r *ed. Th are^ di sm Mse4an_ A0 -. ao. u
L ienlureaonpresisicd th atethewe ind (oa.Cannt da, g present. Chancellor Ra in swer- nexnw, I t ea. some norf the' lo l e
Itt Be eadnprewd25 Girl's name 2 who arrived tl Bo atrthe start .of I t. ed that it wa" iindb ad stock musthe a by the network s
ieu-ewva d tie Bre sr -28 Sinn oe 2day to brief the fL g. wl gine we in the rls ethng more or less a e problems the peoples of tomorrow. t eat el ay to prays8 .
h, newlh26h idenio43nIothersstates, ioudima ethatt the way to p1ve
1,7 Jhn ewel T2 Livein esso u44d s es, a1 erpe.ELofwthe same .a Q back home. The e- ashatThere is e aspect, and It s. to repeat over
SWnJewel V 8 PLverianess 41 rsoa o fple, the AFi -n Wt er, to wlan Australia md t, so.ew to labortw must be. a "We cannot hiave a t ne lie A
oethlessc nrleh2y461 organized lk .as to roll t d rer the thhme ehhelnead to fulfill the pronou The 'reu t eee .
8a t 1r10 Throw ligls y wa steal t48 ofubera frn a h- A51to9a dvewse (14 w .. ,dn h edIis' '
Alay :2 llwactfr47iN or b towfedin a lIn'l "i
Wrese -pesas 11 Command 31 More MusIen traI meet y erenent ado:n
1?Insime 1imlckers hitt'ss ble..Nortae i commdo'in ths adtle t et.dtcanwe'le sn
O1-fjpteourso. hIS mlrath Calm inaga.n s m some It hamstrung at
'oi"sort of gak make sure tat .9,. ..
d InrOf rer had c e -t h ntsof a the0 old_ a x t- he same sart a -i1t-a
s24 Century plant 41 Foundations 0,eageris tohead ms-e a-earslr e"Inent of
ynmn ,chine-andwt s oPersonaleensatno k resulted from the war, at war vtloe -i.Dg th En d, and .e o ur dationsadardyb en wand t released s pend- nion soase u
S withsome labor chiefs has bannd hat it took several years to leva w etompletiBut at the firmly coptructed one trd wor
"I &1 '1 conducted by President Elsenhoiw-recover frod it. And with those same -am-there must be some re- To be blupt, I don't ae how a spending. nusle n employed b te nit-
er, Vice-President Nixon, Secret yearcsenme a realization that Ausn her aethat Australia must man, or a country, can afford the work tao con
JJ of Labor Mitchell, and the White trails was on its lonesome own out fi.. f.or herself.; that thereis, vsery right oa retirement before the right exazpirs4 fRu S".
House's "anonymous" Max Raab. here, and must stand on its own, it support t be ainS in the to retire is earned by toll.
S LBLLI JJI J [ to speak itotheAFleaders, he'lri with much less dependence on Rng- future by a childish de ndencetnu But o one thing I am certain: Ohn Interesthg thing Igor Gou-
dgI, to speak to the AFL leaders, he'hland than formerly a, small and momentarily impover. Ali&lsaa on the move as aqln, stak told a. duribg my visits ooaICom
ReubicnsAustralia looks more toaAmer away. This, he explained, is because
Tastioni hst Uno president, the England for guidance, but. as to bI heaVljthy ent it even In tta, drowsy virtually different code Iaused f1 r
seckaBe not out to fight leak._less to .. ... h .a. s a ..... almost every sentence. Th was a
gISthelocalTeamsters inthe ; .also why the Russian Embassy in Forme residentt aepatov-.
states are bucking the Ad i anada was completely braie er today announced ceatio- of
I.t Peae tUon. feck isn't likely to try-to keep about sanding the atoaticA secerts auk Mor~s"0j I.'b Otvtttset
doesn't want to gdt into another 'k en the nanes of some a their stud tha fa era p
I fight inside the AFL's high comin-1soles back to Mocow by cable.
,*.fe u,--emend:He has taken on a man-sized Ability to break -the secret eaje atecs traofh lin theUe
eers e already in his efforts to get of a foraa nation especilyit
@O John Lewis into the AFL n soon WNG FOR AN ANNIVERSARY on him h Wrpost are still tuhn IV ngesttin( (a horrible word) wavtne iw .Ar ang The task tore beded by Nlw
as possible despite the feud be- sent. h av n y
livere BweenSeekehas toldnsome AFLchaiefsh Tonig there will be threeduth him. Qu eofh sin-laws tried toget alon, theseo.reteetbtjone] e llook hto tle,
tre(w po)on 'he would like Lewis in and that -.- tr ,".. S_ wouldn't worry Aout MentAg_ off within promise he'd States may have.eih""ar OmPWm, S V

(conult 04.x toatalSndism eat. m,,.e_. )ls.a deli..tful story- hive your authbr.grsplu' it thj, .aonz;" sh peseuoe4/

t 12 "S'wA 7th


.; -
*4 """ ". ""t r.r

.. ,; ,tp l iif ... .;.
'".. _. G-f .W t.
Mi-tt a*K -mi
=fa^i^f^^ ***<"< ma--a--^ti-'


- -- ---,--...-.-- -- ,.. -. "-

"catelaste. te
7te l7- teller. His pet is about the census. Dolt lfsmeoWed's amse ,
taker, who called at the shack of a Qlbert Roland's pearl of wis- "mean last aght?"
Adbill-billy tribe in Kentucky. dogs: .'Iere -are no real lovers -
.......... "Your W omes?" he asked In .vie. today." "Dear W le writesl-rs
d es "My Pappy, said th younggirl n. When's the daool with chra o"at i- se.
y as the ear's tat the doir"is In the jailhouse at Gedo=-xdisa
- J C silver it a Chclago, A R A eingt.. -an-.--
lq p YtS7LIousU. "tour ammam home?" Um1*#1a the What's M Ise?" arpt
RUINS -"Oh, mar in a isIn the craney-* One of tIhe p, blamed the -and
house at Cladnat," : S SGei hial that did
". a ta?" skd:Are y M Abeli Caut
_._. tr 2.7m-h. m
004 O -WO t 8- -1-O.9.1.,h5'.J 0


.-1 .-


-. -

__ ~_~~~_


H m

Pin waml



:.- .,.
,. -'V. ',
4t&,. ... ." o .-,. :.
min ..... ... -
1 t4 du."s

', ~ ''t "' "" "'.''..""" p a ''t '"

tv? t

K -" .

:bn .New
acp ~ hew
w w



p--~ Tel_ i-~ls AP.L Ribfhi tIltman~-- ---- UY~l~~ ~l~ -i

i '

7. 5*i

S-r Th tg r.-
*i.* rsuited

Tks AFL kk

uinesst bqld Swing Up' With CGlee Club
(a .... ..-TP-tmiP of Beib.
'4-T "the Pxaeudeht'a oEfonomic Bb
CAuncil fesi that the reeo- b -se 7vet e
endation for a increase would Ulee Ou when tKb 70-voice
.,or n ai ros n leaves campus Sunday for
"om bhe explained. 3W 1 m id-wintr towr.
a ll-s -he told- the AFL Nflman, son of Mrs. Ethel Pit.
CII that e degree of the man of 1475-B Holon street, is
mun bm 4s sophomore enenld in the l-.
.p~re yt at mere a L timiLic I englneeringZ course at Buck-
h1i i vi ng uu- a.a
Ofwardn195L'"The glee club will ive a total
TW, "la b of 15 concerts before alumnl
vs I a Iwo groups. sere olvbs and church
e.rber, -,W rle andschool auditnces, during its
neB three-Atate tour which will ake
30 Wit It*t& cities and towns in Penn-
and A,. M dent 0r4 t. sylvania, New Jersey (rod New
0 _.dthat t York.
div. at they The Alr ibfn. calling at-Yok
-u ttentlonW tu em e tmat I tt
Wd lteard M lat e Asuae t sha t job. did not amplfy the remark.
i put iL "bu el'i dded, but headoes n.t
INIn t with Mitchells a" e th the couneis state. The AFL, chice disclosed that
uxint S minimum we ant ondav that ,pubilo io has agreed to resume wort-
from resnt5 w rk ed to dprove Joo. with Forei Oprations Ad.
ld be post ed.n Mltchh itd he also told the mustratlon eaded by Harold
Sonc&il hehie concuri in the Stassen after being given a-
"We .deflaltely feet at is rdminOa k iO businessmen Al- aurance" that any anti-labor
thb tlme for Inrealag. tert C. 0t oz San Sog, Calif.. pratUes in the FOA would ce
par e' Meainy t 4he national Labor Relations corrected. Stassen asked labor
hatslD stabilize the l erd. leaders to form P labor advisory
h., ...ro1p but Meany resigned sev-
"is deallKS wi hun~nhave ertmonths ego.
Sgoo,, "ih been good," i ,e .

"Press 25"
"Superflood R42"
"Superflood R-34"
"Superflood No. 4"


I i

o 4
-1 & .. w -.-- ,,.i,-.. ....

No. 1 Via Espafia

Tel. 30388

re.y C oo.trctlve," slet lfieauhatlpa are not
the eon'ttbhat ne-e-a ; qu esoned. Do.u been
h1 PreSedm iUhenhower tht q fed be ream khswas a on
i not the thme to In ,e anagement slp of the
minimum wage and etend tab."
nge of the minimums vSOF '-
ft Meanys comment on Mitch.
eiflfc recommendations to "l agreelnq with te President
Sad wll be made by the that the thie w4a not opportune
inistrt tn "at the proper to frereage the minitfum wage
,' Mitchell said. was, "He had fetter agree." IIe

Th ; a-lovely dris. for You at Felix's if you're a
7 15, or 10-220.
rea paby priced at $14.95 and $79.95.
-- '


No. 2t Central Aienue

S No. 6 Tivoli Avenue


Attractions New Prices o New Bargains



Tel. 3-1713
* Automobile Row No. 33
. 2 th Street East No. 22

p. -C. ~ I
-- -C
C-C IV C-C..

2 ti'
3-...- A.

b .. 'i, L. ... -i-

- 4,

- -








A -.S --

,_'-- .. p.
.. ,- :


.- .

4.. -
U *- -~. -

~- I

S-~,.-,-,- -- 7 .: ---,. j II. J

-- P.C

C.- .- .- _

a-,; -A -









- 4......



.,* .:.

C -



- ". '. .- "


I 1.


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' I



~ .


........ .... . . .... .. .... ......... ...... ......... .. .... ....
., ro fW ^Ml. .^; -* .:.. .. ,A '. .' ..-.**

0. .

-dragged out an instrument called a "Stroh violin." This was used
at that first recording sesnson, bac kin 1904.
1 It's a regular'violin, tricked out with a h6rn tb make the
larger sounds needed by the primitive recording equipment. It
tlli plays, producing an old new sound that should make Lea
Paul drool.
One of the most fascinating records td comin along in quite a
-while is Capitol's 'The Passions." This is a long-player, done in
S "full dimensional sound." which interprets seven different pas-
t' alone musically-d6spair, ecstasy, lust, terror., jealousy, hate and
joy. (What, no 'humility?")
S Les Baxtek's orchestra Is featured, along with a chorus and a
gal singer named Bas Sheva who expresses herself with growls
iand grunts and sighs and screams and la-la-las. Baxter uses
"-' harps and xylophones and rattles and bells and a dingus called
p guiro-a Latin-American percussion Instrualint-,plus more
paual devices like violins.
The strangest part Is that each segment comei6.,emarkably
O lose to creating the mood it's supposed to. This Iksfarticularly
r. true of despair, hate and terror. In hate. for instance. Miss Bas
Bheva (or is it Miss Sheva? grrrs so menacingly that 'I'4 e. scar-
ed to meet her in a dark record shop.
S ? There'eslntd .geni~'se you've bten,. rying. oAhe folk-
I ong aatply anza2g i9bt. RCA's H y fon ne of the
10,p fjoyJn l u. aSys the situ 0 d tirol, and
| Ne'ulla^'nD^'' songs. poppwig u;aR
"I've got a couple of hundred at ho m," he says. 'Soie are
i st snatches of song, and some run 116 verses." :
Every so often. Belafonte pokes his nose into the Library of
S Congress in Washington, where there's a tremendous collection
of folk music.
"If you dig under the surface down there." Belafonte says,
"there are t ousande of songs. That's where I found 'Mark
(Twal ."'
itjon'r .'Ttt^ Is the song that stops the show when Bela-
l on di I t Murray Anderson's "Almanac." It was just
fIINJM '. Iarry a Igonearthed it, but he made It into a show-

f f l jnd bts!dsome, takes life and music seriously.
,He ine f )nusic as "a lyrical and musical representation of
'the es.
As for the preatnt times, he calls nowadays "a great big con-
'lomeration of nothing,, culturally," which is why there's not
niuch potential folk music. It seems like a fairly accurate ap-
praisal-can you see some 21st Century folk singer, interplanetary
.guitar in hand. strumming "Ricochet?"
THE RECORD SHOP: Two young sungrp to watch Wyoma
Winters (RCA) with "Repeat Perfor; AiThu Miller
;(Capitol) doing "The Pucker-Nut Tree, 'twb good Iautruf talkss
--"By Heck" (David Carroll, Mercury) and "'The River" (Percy
0Salth and Mitch Miller, Columbiai; two fibe bsalladw Margaret
AWhiting (Capitol' doing "I Speak to the Stars" a tlIchard
'Hayes (Mercury) with "Downhil." A4A novelty-L i De Lyon
(MGM) imitates an 18-piece orchestra qetng "The Band Played
On." ,
Back In '38-'39, Artie Shaw was terridfl. He still is,
but RCA's new Shaw album is pretty that he'll never
Equal his '38-'39 performance. These al NIs from the old
days, taken from radio broadcasts.
RCA has chosen to issue Beethoven's "Appassionata" Sonata,
I played by Edwin Fischer soon after Angel's version by Gleseklng.
ut both are good. Fischer. on this new IHMV release, plays
chubert's "Moments Muaicaux" on the reverse. Schumann's
Etu n qjues" apd Brahms' "Variatioas on a Theme by
3* ~~lgi~t Oeza Anda &s a handsome Angel re-


ackache, Gelling Up Nighis

humafilsm and Kidney Trouble
*" sit ek _iieaIhe, 4tronr is no i i jiRthMsijfds tofas5"
lU 'i ] ntg.'i. n l !es, Rheu- kfdney aclin tbme 8 pomitlve wayS:
tism. Leg Pains, swollen Ankila 1. Helps kidneys clean out poisonous
Vanes Dia1nsuu ard feel old adlds mad rity the blood. L Combats
your time, kidney trouble may germs In the urinary system. 8. Soothes
bsao e En -nd_ can ittrritted issues.
a: 'Sink S woarry, colds C atx is now imported by leading
Y work place avy strain on drulltl, ao there is no need of any-
neys so that they fucton one sffertin from no nachee of ting
and often may need hp to up Nl htI and the other yhe l oms
pu fy your blood and n=1itlUn mentioned above without the benefits
an e.nergy. of this great medlicul;' r
*S 1 A Kidn. eU Get Cystex from yQV#nrugglst today
A bta gLeralIdicFn. claled and see how quickly It helps put yqWE
Xg9. da1P4, by the Kloz qontr.l on the road te better health. .



7---C p '-7 'g--- U- -. 4 p. %F tS.'1~-~ cr-C Sr.- ~l~ C~?m '--RF.L -- u''u.T-R.rrPC;nI-I.T- 'm-Ir -I .-rw 'r.r- ,,-r---.,-.-- -- -r



Great White Fet


CHI I .. ..,........u. .',r.. .'A ,
" C H I UE I .r, . ; .. "l ". .
"LEVERS BEND" .............. ........ .
"YAQUE" ..... ... ....... ..... .....
"CHIRIQUI" .. .... ....................... .
"SANTO CERRO" .....,........., ..... .....F
"HIBUERAS" ............,, .

Kanduins etricerated. Chill ned. seW C


S.S. "MAJORKA" ............................,.. .eb. 5
SS. "HEREDIA" ............. .,.......... b.
S.S. "MARNA" .................. .......... ..0.. eb. 17

Weekly sailinn of twelve passeng i tps New N
Orleans. Los Angeles San F= s8 ,

Special round trip fare from O:C tebal to New Terk
Los Angeles. San Franelse and Settle'.

To New reYtk. .. ,........ ........ i/
To Los Angeles and San FraWice.o ..........8i jO1
To Seattle ,.;. .... ..... ....... 50
CRISTOBAL 213 P4'&M 2804 COLON 36


* .5 .' '* .*

TO EUROPB ':'' '.
S S TROARN ............................... an ry ljth
M.S. WINNIPEG ...........*'.. ''*...,...., ,DrY .1. th
S.S "COUTANC 'a ............................. February fth
M .S. C M I .................... .,........... ..I. ,.r h

M.S. AMlURGENT .................. ,

------------------------------ t I'W '
S.S LIBERTE ............:...................... Februai iXj


3li~ n

"., ',
MRCELa AND s IAL ND a Meete Basoo

f -'- -- -I

Weekly Fast Cargo Service Between Crlit6bal. Balboa & West Coast
o U S. a .& ,
For A ll om I. c.n ,
Crisl6bal: FRENCH LINE, P.O. DBx ZS TeL 3-VIa & 1818
Paname: UNDO & M4DURO, .L A. Box 1038
rel. Panam6 3-1983 3-1091

Evrybody Ra6 C'a ,'.$ei

WELKIN, Fbateet

PI AU I.E 7 1
o nu s.+..+..ZBssea


Last CaU


VMS" Tr" w



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.- +.,..l

5*-S. J~'S.



LX ~. T. 'MAii~~8 -


&kotr AND Iar Psid

Q4 iet!



- 1!


I .- I. .'


. I 09. L I,. -





K -Attj

.. l ..


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++ -++

" mAy

e / h iai e d-

S. t alous out
S~inw --t aa dies- all lowoae

9 a11h s The a e tsc bled to
atao ftstyt.r

M... nr v o c lor a w tr for me c h whic inbau a on
r he same time, authoretias
ADab! l a m ca.. t wa-rn
h1.'. lu guco a Ithey- u faced a to rribIm an-

A Ad srahtotal of1 th .persons in0
av.. ./Mrs. /, mks.' I / sp hMrs, o e o ours.
whOW Mn_. of B WemDean a ud M rs. T. *.et, Mm, ..Joeed. ,' s o buy butter Pd other e-- Mt ur ntined arena of Cook Cul -

atra th 6 ae T da at e .oa, which rencudes can tgleo ind
SA& V01. 114, T.e pren or abut doA h a h tio or all o stray dust o
Ii ,C o...G. r a. b r l l a ofte no n n r y.l e
a"e AII.. et ei. h"One human eifr is more Dm-

rwasde-It.acLos t o the nrot rtantthedar a theuaso mole toi-
*Pwh.i r D T t b audg ,rsiialeaithe ami y t ,,. e w ts bu TOer dent of the Clo oioad of Hea th,

C; G officec for sa"eps 0ho 11whdtoo, to subu &He s aid dcm with cle-n h dsst
.-O V C .ijtarw as oee ma eservaiio ^ bt 3 e ) pond anrldjtu' .ec 1 n o hapeat e tor ltate ofdicmlas ta ou-
-Mrse .b- o th .Carh ai.3" frosmurre aes n aaa 6 iss y oke at once a new state l I

4011 t =tha t'Aan s luborha- ea llthe a lsI beo d -ea o e whic ra hen resluies lti e r ab s mo
rdayh -ul is butter to l ula-on- for all fop s not custom-
A N It oh e r rsa.cL co Fos rexame .i tl e hel prc om eoI8e The la on o wco c Io t nt
re tt r aer Mr i.iDnDnt better prise t t obleat n t cot h dunde -
p .'"4 Za. w'rtl onnrd we s m wetse ra la eby rgl uU a p ed and 1 Tpeaofcdann dltoneBeshea irr
dyMr T e* G "lt n d

.I. th '; A harS kty T e wud alo t a ver Bwee ad i ma nt br
Sat 3S hAout Thse cn a eib ad nd ao hu.tre ta o r rde Fuct ererat wsoon oi e
T RAN SeuT0. .RTor". amloe, 5~ Malt cet ak-t inie Oifoitlhingstotctom-

. e ea uat ,s ov.ea omto Ma3 a e o re. n a li y he e we Dof uy Ch etdern hasnsdan,
"T "t in iackers goatner y.n eupl meashedorak adho

n bigt Orco .,lrs.theJtoRn nialty e bto sithnwhat o sai NEWBe -t Feb. 5 U

wrihtL Mrs. Calvin.H. Joh anic Pl derweh t, or TV comager that Ver 'co act be
F-., .et 'Ifuouneldnd ol encm

Ab H.t (heaer10 fsrnuilnru O La rk Ctlubt h at z e
to heoo fSo-- Cillon Belev n o2 4

Wa lf thea amVacattyaeg ar CtCl fca said -n ahIs own proafram. BiusllMngoleyh
its Mrejlr bt Mceo r D ra Mrs. vorank Rymond, f --hiw d make h is average te ma t-e aeueirom e-
S CR hebime o Mr. and Mrs. c e Beeson and about cents and permit ner and tn to do wth his dislike for
T. .N IR= t.'Cohostses. w eMrs Liv stOuWilam MK e w ,aretil price of about 58 s e enw a think of coming to the dinner am h cm

l bur andMrs.Er D r. enDo pound-welo below present Pol u -tablew tl ouT d vor ong eorealn tMa"

n elVn dEl *m VU yers, D;* m Chilre are s Smoi rew3Sbm
-V| 1. '- E 'M,

1" Se -,bienniaa_ I e G rf e ni ofe Ezraa. o'r h taed t.t 0 C rwe do tha n N M

O ,1.l."p e tegDr Ca \ eonl Mre has a history alont t cs eAW IN AN N5diTANT un r ceto bri d
M ... ,=;. \ wa Mts wsW ,ol -t Sta! a s h sa revelation of the t thinking w *a-uEe OiHAMDEN11K, FebConn. 5(U.P.)-Withn

e e' V.. S.W p? ^TeSmbasdorf nzl4a.nd meaeuWrn behind the Se etai n three hours on a short stretch o
L .Wr it p Ms CEaS lvna strogoo weesn written b a ler part, or hraaT, state policean investigated
Mr Anb wayd ra Marln Eoda le t o l e k from M tyandoun e t m-i acc frmo mtdr i i sad
M. .. 1, I "a.n rs. e la w oere. co e st, wo ed Obf .N rod a ,tew den g a eh to
h bu.tysp-i ena#N.C. ero si tA lA t S tha st escaped injury.
,thed1Otae year hesatn s conB a. e .i ", '- -e

W.,deh-d .y.. -fora.a y evegrlopg toff A e ,ee otsd ne osnde Ox- 1-
.'./ .. Y.tb rToday A n star cCeSl on Arit En- *
.. Mh.. irom 4:l O n sehai te .a tl i that the sati -ean d ay-

Mrs., 10 at4 12 centu rya Ltook Set "bcn- W b m p
M e e--"em-oM. andr, Mr J artn e n i i c toue T
Mr ano-st fo o bu or t fs e and DsoCn D.uri b.n .'Trium.h aWUd e add th FRaDAY anpg
mnn' d room class at th B YRCA But etihi iThs at n Fa rOUS SWoigos

Cyt astMa'\n3 led u sx o otttsre w h waleysacr o Heso e hs ms adeo ea
I. ..l.. tpecrremul wlaced ino. r etl ato e yg t the t o .
-KIMon oler- rPatWe S A ver'aiu andtmosterea il -
'C E.1m" .. -E '. D. dank RD e Stud a spon-, w b at 0. n auiic l c a h ofhi-
Ssoring free lessons n the t br otel W evening by her i a
Y .Mr. l v' on de PanMrsama; Blt&Aofrhes have Bhdy Girl e e
ft. erW-More the histend oryalonea .t sI A A Muos nublle Catyh"in

p V ons aInner- -- rt. and Mrs. Ben Bloom areD n U l
a. Miss Van Hero t or on nd porteren str of a bby girl boe
trees Miss Marit V can Wedne rieay t the we. Clayton h ighay state o l ac t gad
.'T didate for. Caoimval S haet vmRotel Hosital. Tihe Bloow u are rest- of a0t 1U O* th
S/3 beds. El Panama, wa o tt teert aob- oenta oinf thea tt They have a

C % and uther autho prstan ounedsoy allr mtate tallesca aed o Divr y.
L W rnd-Wooden trhba. a of t owee t andn eh a, Ina

Sd4 upholstered dins ai e a w
hos t.s.u ua er T a U eSerrly t rwnte to fsura thes e

/wier s ,e 0 e, 1 9 8a oW n* ,|ly i TURN OUT TO .finsh
atRthe MuOst wenth tiz
New Bo$3.-0Moaryt10Ca hsb teelesings
160bedsadeVeeu la n Loree ato o tive ourenkNo n .illn
UpholsanteMred erromRoymon d v.te nues ob a Do or In Rdtate e i n ti
"g chair.'h Iand rs. tand o U N Dane et inowt Lhhs Tri umh (RIDdey hat
Mr. ac.." .""for 'ffie a ntu edos Panom C uonger ll-Bere .ro he i a t hatefa n
d, ,g 1 be,, clases atr toad M ars. V MAueh t.h F cto -The IneteadIhold dancin g l e at to aon big; Int Aloo atLth e S
2-brner 3-4 stov.,day.through Frid.y.the,,. wl eof UJmhecan TWoreld cWooyw I
Pl-. ,Ds.- r frNm :00r."Berleancm

-heosuhervis ion o ere f., Miss .Iviar s:ehtand-
phis lae udh- naclab.hnbit of o pool of the, "--
to...x- .hand -the cMrs.s s s.
-, i,.t de IS;oata-" ;.| DlbWeou E iey5Girl
._.. UImmo- s int is the-doing handsprnlooa
Visati fors Carnvaenevelatospta. the tnlooms C a rtiv e Surgeal-
Cbrned to Panamfash i loinsh d .a d short Da"oidOr.nn Red
4oerfomveinigUphotstered bedinoo rock- om se8shndTtuphe
tri Caacs, chairs. The V nl
Swiel-chairs fro ic Suis

-awl ad:h'ciLUB-, $4-------5 'n T U RNoOpTaT O1-

"Sm on"fodngbdsicin' he*setanh

-.A oo e ...

CLUB- $1000


. *. ',.
m; -

that in lernqa of I'WbmffM
>_..,_ --JM i MJIJf^*
the famdi7 io(Mlbr- erM~ld
btred Wt for-MS aid
ftm- an do^ lapt "aJH
of binme end
in d.








, T 4 .. .. .

W--l, ... ,


8 a. m. to 12 noon SUNSAY .

Just Arosemena Avenue, corner 26th Stre -


* Aluminum Barbee
don't rust, big
specious tables,
Reduced from I

We are unpacking

cues. Theys

'a ~


* A Gallon Thermos thai
keep the heat or the cold
during 8 hours.- Light and
durable. -
Reduced fro n $9.75
NOW 6.9 5

* Big Mouth Thermos for pre-
pared foods, desserts. ice
cream, salads, We guaran-
tee that they keep thi

* Picnic Suitcases with".
plates, glasses, cups, fork,
knives, etc With boxes or
cold lunch and space f,..
meats. Very light. -
Reduced from -e13.95 -.
NOW 0V.0 "
* Aluminum Boxes with space
for ice and place to carry
thermos bottles and boxes
for meats. Very practical
and light.


-U ,~~a

* Various Barbecue Utensils, _
made of .unrssl .steel.. v.-
Very durable and at very ,
cheap ilcevs .

S., 4. ....pUY NOW


Cocktail Lounge

Ld SATUOPm INIMS, FEB. 5 and 6)
ers pla amp gnst interpretations.
Panamaii t- playtig ada singing
is her 41iilh a1fer.
Heart .%8 DOwtown Panama"



I '1
~ IL




8:30 p.m. IN THE PATIO

* Tommy NuAez' Toreadors Azcarrpga's Carnival Band

Entruce: $1- per person

"" ,l."-l. E l?.

- t "" ,- '-.- -_" -" ___.


. -. ..
^i^^)'; .lll:.-l ;. U '- ^ -* *V A 't


1-----~- L






'. I

,,. f-: -

'~C~C~L ~i


Pnft'0 DONT
Justo AresemonS Ave. and 33 St


'. Latilwn
r^^ 'iewe

I a


I Asonea Inter

PflAh%~ 2<*K

ants a




-. Household A aDR. WENDEHAE Mical Ci A
Household !!!ft Zl,_____ Central Avenue" K" Street. C(ornqlr'
SALE:-Livingroom furniture, 1951 Ford Cust oluCol Coupl V. Telephone 2-3479, Panam. .
formica table ,4 chairs, bedroom Clan sand Ne t qip- FPESH EGGS Delivered. If you are a
suite, including mattress, springs, 2 .pd with rs d end c*'"- resident in Ancon, Balboa or Cu- Gromuich Sante C ip
rugn, 2317-PhContractors Area, $1,050-00 rundu. Tel. 3-1241. Panama. eiect* tsfrtigg; g
Curundu. Phone 3289. C_.._ Th.aOLP-A OTORS "- .modems rates. "h 6-441 or
Tal. 2I1 2.1035 ORSALE 4* ""67
bedroom suite, rng, bed, mat- FOR SALE:-1947 Pontiac sedontte, F pst
tress, night stands, vanity, stool, very good condition. Duty paid, MIlchlaneous eSanto
r like new. $47"5.00. TeJ, 2-1103 Panama. P ea yoV
,ardro doubleimirror,,in nersp P. FOR SALE Stenographic machine 2 m Udsu.
_.utne Holbywoodnlei modspe .
0n. Hollrys. One 8 mm Kodaiscope irgI4 M4i i s to and books. Reasonable. Phone Ra- W- *
:Eight 71-A, Projector. Call 86- the GledeF alol ni h. no sf ur cho For Fan 3770 or 2382 day-
5127. today's specials for only $260 _tim.e. ______, .
Scor set; "Beng dining and bed- down. $775.00 fll price. FOR SALE Singer featherweight -.
wshing machine. 1 ith St. Centra; TelL. -03 .35. lent condition. $130. Phone 3.I .k I *-'"
jAve. 10100, Apt. 10. Colon. FOR SALE: '4 mobile Club 053. -. .. .
SALE --60 cycie 9.u. ft. refrig- Coupe. Hydrnmatic, condition and FOR SALE: Registered Cocker WC I .
orator '"rlgtdalq plorlaIon in- ires elellel e337-A, Gqil- Spanish,'thremothsr 6d. 1 ...-
Silde _r# out. Mx.llit conditions lord Hrnhwo Miguel, phone ll 8^ .f ," .... : -ki"
Phon4 Cristobal -2568. 301 P. FOR SALE:-Piano newly, restrung. H Th
S SALE-SlmmoS Studio Couch.! 1950 Fgrd Custom Tode VS. Ask good condition. "Crtn TampatFOR RENT:-Furnshed House. threl
ables, choir, almost new. No It o e se er numbserI 32..The Tudor Cclon. $150.00. b Odrni6, parlor-dlninlroorm,n tw
!11- Isth'St..-Pitillo -.-type ,t her oaliodu e s aftyf t ne lth kitchen, patlo with bor.2 1
1115thS P.a-tklddll.Ty hes phlaltadssremoiety pl 9 tgarolge, gid one maid's room.
m s e t S ec t io n d i v a n P h o n e 8 7 j h- h a t* el F o ite e_.,T ir-eO S.ODt r t 'eetf H e ig h ts._ _l T_1 g"
"221"7. ,h. ihe Il car for snaoyable dri LOS-T: Gold Masonic Ring with iGR RENT:-Chalet three bedrooms,
SSALE: :-Metoa library table $5. 2easoneik-end., $27 5 don, small diamond. In or near Wora livingroom and diningroom, Fabre-
Selectric clock, $3, linoleum $2, $800 price.-.. 4. Gorgas Hospital, reward for re-. go Avenue, Posdena. Call Her- .
Sporch shades, ventiet blinds, wall COLPAN MOTORS turn, no questlens asked. Ring now ftndex, Tel. 2.1463. After 5::00
ch shars S each. 157 Bal Tel 2-1033 2.1035 has sentimental meaning. Phone p. 'iM. ohll 3-2389.
S bo Heights. Tel. 2-2924. FOR SALE:-1951 Ford 4-docr. goo: Bolboa 2472 or house '19; An- FOR RNT:-2 bedroom fmrnished
L:.-Firestonegasrange. cn ,* cholet, livingroom, po th, dining-
- size, almost new. Mdust sell. I 35 i 6 L V.'.I perron who found passport coe mom, Parqu efev, 9th Street
Te'. 3-0975 11949 U .ed D Lue TuC.r VS. OGdo and passport belonging tb Sul No. a. Ehquirs sam ouse.
fOR SALE: Refrigerator, tobiesi reliat transportation. See thi Jacobs, kindly deliver same toLUnl- FOR RENT:-Concrete cholet. one
ef l Corozol 6416,- Bal bo, l35 l t i O, versal Films, Avenida de Cobi No. bedroom, modern conveniences, in i
SCorozal 6416, Balbo M 22 or homq. Riviera Apartmentst, Arraiman, 6 oa Nles, from Navy
S- Tl2- 1035 46th street No. 18. WUI pay r- base, sign at entrance, Johnson.
ALE:.C~rleyO Shevadar re ...n,- 2 word. No questions asked. FRRE c 2
riagrctor 8 cu. ft. 25 Cycle. Para,- S) I e l Buses 1952, Na quen skedNTConrte chlet 2 be
-0 Phone 4-365. lawith g distance body. rooms, 2 bathrts, mold's room. aS
F. :-Seven piece dinilngroorm 2 .-0Z J ( I C .., 'Prros I o. 91.B. SW. T ony. I
:Cot nercabinetph4. Day bed, cher 1 5 St r Forder Sedon. th: Roat MoltoI FOR RENT:-Two bedroom chalet.
.- $ 2 5 H ig h c h a ir $ 5 .ep a r v a lvpu -Fmo e l. "-Teon ee dr3-3 7 1 5
,".I.d lwe.r' $21. DHcoul $-ed$ A 6Pl e ._. -Ai_ FGR SALE:,20' sloop, 7'-.boom. ,,Telephone 3-3718. M a
/w 53 5... Ies$.1Do2ble ed ,rl .draftf*i5H.- FOR RENT r *'uca2 tc
S'ne 83-524. i.. versol. Atomic 4 inboard n. OR greatest
tR SALE -Wicker livingroom set. COLFPAN MOTORS Licensed for 6 pass.ger.s A$ll ite
;heap. Coffee table. House 2041, Tels. 2.1033 2-1035 2. ideal for fishing off reefs In ---------n
C,3rd.street. "_ _n 1 en"t1 I.
LE: 1952 Easy Spindrier FOR SAA M4 F 14or 140from 0800-1600. Evenings, furni
S arher, 6Ocycle. Excellent condi- rad S e. $1,200.00. CO SL _bedroomsahot, cold water, Tel-
rved massive dining- 1 950 Li LR -
AtE-oepisces, reasonai-0ble. 'urS r I L foot draft 20 H.P. Auiliar M n 2 4d S furshed
laefat.-.10.. pCioes, reason-le. .. Irf fi/n 1.. Rod=1 wth o,- Sea Mite Motor. Excellent condi- ern 4n 5aishedmbrs
!1 [ ln e ..w r -^ t' hdl t' s riS tion. Phone 3-2486, Cristobol. u. rA. b.. "i 0 i -
-1'^ el *'. .. WM R-k FOR .ALE: F ., .-..N.b oa.M t.. Ias o u
i SALE T:7 6 l
,i ,, -_ .. orn o rt"m nt. alini om.
,L: Estate .b3fte.. FOR SALE-Boat No. 411,7 /z' xl 1' elevator, hqt water. usto, rose-
A E al et 00 COLPAN MOTORS taf cabin. Excellent condition. nMenq 97, top floor.
SALE .-Smoil cholet, with 600 Tels. 2-103 2-1035 $285. Balboa Yacht Club. FORf RENT:--Cool, bedroom apart-
iT, Box 52, Curundu. .195o I u SAt ny r maid's room, unfurnished, 2 bathrooms,
.fiLE:--.PLYMOUTH, MASSA "ome herul wait low in le..-, ru t .. 00. Tel. d-5494. _______
JUSETTS. Modem, insulated, ege. l' wii, $9l full prFOR SALE .,00.Tel. 3-5494.
ii.eroom house., thermostat heot COLPAN Moulissl I MFtOlR, Fuij aprtme nt. ..
S-clrend.,. ft-s- *ipo ,il hens andI ,r11 .5dnll ii --- one bedroom., ideal couple without
i e n, nar be i lubeach g-o '"od 'F'"- FOR SALE :-Triumph Thunderbird children., 058, 10th. St. Colon.
srtgW. $6,900 furnished. Tel- .I9 Fe st....aOr..... ... Ss-"l 11,.350. P .nornic. *P.hone FOR RENT,.---One month for couple
Ba- l .fied 7 -9 .ptII 2.- 0083.' ogr bachelor furnished apartment.
I ,iS-. .. '- S t .- FOR SALE:-1947 Indian Chief Mo- 52nd Street No. 2, Apt. 8. Phone -
.arcycle. $275,00 or trade as down 3-4323.
... M payment on car See at 2050-B, tOR RENT:-One bedroom furnish-
-.i .n .- Curundu ,call 83-7111. .ed apartment two to three months
r of pract il pano p gW FOR SALE:-Indian Chief Motat- starting -March 1. No. 2, 52nd St.
Ithof praeati. call ". e lin-o '^ i 9Y. cycle. Exceflen condition. Price Apartment 6.
ithln a yean. l l i "S ro.n, $25^000 House 1524-E, Balboa. FOR ENT: mpletely furnished 2
Tol*.. bedroom oprtment, Bella Vista.
SI ANTED 45 East St. No: 04-A.
u o sit I. I FOR RENf't-Nics furnished apart- I
la-dy seekg -- A i Aqttnobilse ment. M'lttary inspected. Via
lady see king e v a Pn porro .W *
l [lP-fbop l working An .miiii. '^ .- READY CASHI for exceptionally good FO'A tb h u i..t.furnished
Sor companion to e l used cr. Prefer Tord, Chevrolt or o RENT a.i.A ,tbroom t nised-
B- k.e '._ _i.r-lll_ p Ie Plymouth: No convertibles. Tel- C 'tlTloth. dlR. -
Ithpg e on se v ql -g -2 O k-I phone evcenn fbsh86 623.h e
-Istn Cl *,-i St I.e en "66- soanblq rle od. Telephone 3-2121.
O nT '-W WANTED 1951. 5, .1953 hFOR RENT':-.Jrtmnished apartments

L.. .4oChevro let a- SdbunP7dS.ppl Estu- 27a
bf be -rS FO CEvTrole s bedroom: flW4 Mkitchen, bath, I
.1 .. rI1 ,la icash on thm sispot. Bring your car o1l ly,, n No 3 Aveni
m G o ,41.0ntoday and walk away with sp Oilt2, Avon !
e ,s,,Plbnme46 6. or/ .~.~G N o 6 6. co Ulronama 2..4966 or 2- D a.'Crest.
m M rI BLAM PiLS Telh. 8 2 A-12316 AUiOS EISENMAN. next to FOR RENTt-Fu bedroomni oapartmint
ed r" I Balboa.The Coca Cola BottinPlant. in El CirelO. Call Tel. 3-0769;
be'n t u ilS -T lla i n-E l -n .C a $e l .-li0B7 6hou; i rm
--,,f & FOR eENT.10l3 -2-3 DII? FOR REINT-t hcelmy furnished small

.... m ,. ANWANTED Roour
!! lnnj,,t yt^ i E l rCl au- Cu.CExeoislni rI' 1 'I I owZfarm/ent, Pwru Avenue No. 57.
^ ^ .r ... lir s 5 "ons Av ls Feb. 15. Tel. 3-07468. "-
S- 2-1035 ROOMS for rent furnished, unfunlsh FOR RENT-Apartment well venti-
19Ei edst* Ds L ii. G ,e ed. Panama. TA*o room apartment Bted. For information 33rd St. No. 5"
i p t' ik" 110.l5(inihie Do le.Gotod Sobanas unfurnidshed. Apply Estu- 27. ?
40.Who "r e diante Street No. 98. APARTMNT FOR RENT:--Spociou|
**rottctlon biiY^bro =fitebTW l ili.i ..\ of diningroom, livingroom and re. rooms oparftmret in best residential "
/ fol~--- 194'3--'|.l. Ii l'd -'A'-od frigerator, 9th. Srt No. 2612, district. Largely diningroom. living-
.. I.... ...l e. ,-I
LI cation *W4 *~,i"A-..,.lsr Rio NAboa room, s. Ample c arnJ .
i !.^ui of theo a E. _eP|_.Puilseric .$ 11 $3 5FO R RENT ;- Flrit class furnish al --r oi-4 t I
i. ^rherd Included trs. S4 AN MOiunRS cool room for 1 or 2 persons, Mseal IIIPO a p| O ,
^ ESl~rS^_^'Mr Luce e.- TIsle. 2-lAID 2-1035 avoilabe. Call 3-17"t9 or 2-1693. FOR RENT;-Furnished one bedroom -
ihet zo, Mlne Ta Iswe uu 61 3 1941 Studs- FOR RENT:--lndepend.rit furnished ptmt ktche bt "o,
0 Ra. The ether is July Avenue No. 63, Apt. 5. -

Ior -- e s "ee --,e.........roomktch e.prM B- tnhm Airs. C .. ,
^tal 1W-1s' I FORREN :-Cl. I. _T .... ---

i ..- .r ru.. tJlrt .NJlu wlil* Avmu- Tef 2-040 "

plain in diderant types

-6 -U mS 19



.3 Hotel t rca. -
4 to 9p.m.
Pan. 3-IO or 4-1601
Mambo. Teusf -antn1s, N bl l t
Chberhlo fJlcmu& TephfAer
Wits, rox fot, reau .. 1t
Jiarnelt & C d(n fl '

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25 Ckle Refrigerat or I Scou H
Wstinghuuhe, porcelain n &, "
aot, 5, 7, e. t., 1 s
LTDA. th Si centr Ave."M.
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T P 1. 1 JDSr :zter hairman L. A. Kaufer. KauttrU
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VALERIO TURON a dinner to recognlise scoutes
tar outstardLnr services bu
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tand Rdramat Trans- mpanled by parent.. li Tel--ephoto)
I iuui. r opfez, his .professionali resident
trvic.* un dtt r isenhower leaves the White
orvlce.rt .a ntor, aFd H ftor' w conference
R ,epair, tailmi 1 on- a i 'nd former Eag'e Scout wliagl ite Build-
R'parI. ',he speaker Can Newhaird, tt
S. A lchalrman. reported
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ELECTRONIC d H.e As rn i or Gatu

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r event o oy Scouts wlhywB H old My
Cul 4 1. 205 held Aurle 2-3. 24. 25 ou n the Pa bh i t I

SA SK4IA 04*tat
will be held In early April
-f v dIVent. Kxplo"rA Willt- Ov a A i lf caledit

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e yu The meetoring o lroo sof L. d a"l -
AIL ENAMEL (.rent o pttln. "its ". '
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course la_ 1ttrod.
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that first a d- f ra t t u-d e it
F d 1 nd explorers will be hold In te .
S .fa alr. ll. R. R. A wt .i c S er T t bt-fi gun

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president, announce& %,,r

*CondlW t workcrpetwwould b f hre#. 1peales as h
Lontact him ,o ,s '.
--'" H-- S m "A IIr rlA full re,-,ort o'..o- I,- ^- -
Z Mtiona in the 1it .e tr n eK
viewed by trailninlg a n .

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|-_~, -..-'F IJr. l eader eBmtn __ ByW t e j K -

-; SLI ChurchI.I _I'pTrooap q, Ft Go. a 6Mtl. V .Ju1* ) th_0 01
S"U 'tr's basic anrse Is Just Wo the h
l., Te d ? f n &"BBcourse is mwA y -through. ;e. /BS_ i
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A, i LSM in .- a Ivelo u e& tora g Rh the/ tbl
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wea bits -carnations and be- who snkeWH o.Feb.I5(UP)sa
f4 s bf bra sth iithe Center- o Ve U@PanUm.S HOLLYWOO-(NEA)- Behid Davis, the noted American poet neHosTe ued 5atIon t-.
a h e a onsotra objects atieast the Screen: Sonja Henle, about to and novelist wine of both the day to provide 30 adanl feS d -
Swone of the costume dols to the Vegas, has her next hubby stand. "Honey in the Morn. ju 4dh4ow lnriruq w 4h4 td he J(* F p h rv E DeCd4j
__________________________^ ladies. Th d rgw hnct i by-Ijell Holm .,, aby Th -- r im ieal~sure^ ^ N -^^
rnn~ra~. !'d~i~a gl, Clubk night club bill--but Jobni nied tat ~arati Se coe differences between Cd
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scored as a member of -the Club. Paramount and Jan Sterling have Wynn says 's only one time and mt d by the
Farewell was said to Mrs. Louise called it a day. Her trum contract a man should marry a woman Senmut before dohe White
h Peterson, who is leaving next w Utorn up and aeu iriance for money-when he crn't get it House.
.week for the States. She was pre- inV the future ... .FGV's "L," any other way. nir a r E Y
.eMted the traditional bon voyage will soon reach a full year's run It would v President Rlaen- i LA! VI LII ...
noBuver'r spoon. at the same theater in New York, BIB 10 GLUASON shower his frat chance to apD e D A.Paid. ew Paint
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Pat -.B th t *i-t abd she gamd a report on the few films ever to pld12 months There's a Hollywood movie in The bill would seek to open up ammi i
9 0Thrt Shop which is in operation on one screen. Jackie Gleason's future. Two additional vacancies tG rUo IIVULt HI
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aporeciaon for the aasistqnce Marilyn Monroe's suspesuon at during his summer TV Vaation.. allow retirement at 65 with full pedan, Exelleat Coaditne, Duty
ma given by the Davis Club, and e- 9nth Cenh.ry c Fox in arnewri r R R has takeO all t Freid pay after 15 ears service. Thi l
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ASH! sEoWS: I:M sa a. for the clb,.hs a token of this ap- be a bo break fo y M r T erry. oo ereloak l e 1n a eidinot at 1 1 .U i
A~i~. SHWS; .M -9,W ~m. preciation. ,. The Mu io's promised her afl:-f O f ollywood's tunefiltas, these 70 after 10 years1 service.-'*"w*.***** *w
___*__________.__-__ _-_- Mrs. Peaces and Miss Priqr Marilyn's future films if Miss Cra- were the best. The new jupsahtpa would in- P -ppj tdan. Radio, Two Tone, Dynaflie
Were guests fo e the afternoon. y His remains on the offisalary -- t elude permanent judgeships in .
Tea was served and Mrs. Elton lst. Susan Hamard's wordage about eastern Vire la and southern 40 nAlEA
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a ice. Vanessa Brown and two TV net. the border location trip: si, i Middle Tenneosee, and 4-Door Sedan, Radio w/w TIres, Leather
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BANK.F.D Forts Di., in 5. Kenox, I y., Chat-d. Cost to date of the expensive a nightmare all three are trying a
seatfee, Ark. Bliss, tTex. Leonard pine production tests on lox's to forget des gIt es the crowds theyw ld
Al oan FREE of 51.L9 P.M. Woodd Mo., (rd Calif., and Jack. ~ThenEgpta~" @$25,00 dnE-atrce to tiast Frontird Ho
o h lb h oe f this A n- n ambtbed arok wouldTer hapy tel. shel i m ev-onsil e -ianoth er h t la aloigrermnt t

YN"- lus "CAPTAIN ^ Basict 0.cation courses will be to get a fractm of that these days from a distance. i w
f discount nued at all other Aryf...b. The w Io *Lee show was
posts and event overseas. he picked by WB out of a total of
Army sae i thatsforta amately one 0s pgro maes sa n t hed l by agencies
^ M~lTea was|^ Bse:-.,v *ter fink "h a. ^j

.o.Y .aW3kAm .34y g D tmhe r-- to f ifthe Gabby ayes time spot.
my Is unable to pass a fourth Oa Wanuury 25, PiAky spreads from
ura ed. e1dr n'etS.... 15 minutes to half an hour as a
th thTAE _.5 fin', dr a weok kv attraction
TOMORROW! -0W, -- b i ,.,Viol a Elvin, the ballerina
STARTSin 15elba may never dance
ent throu ghIApp.... ..anas theresult of injuriesto
le gtusle.&h 's .Vadienca aver
4TI hfJ EOPUCH hospital. no. 80poda

Paraountewillste;sootn announey L a naasweaa
vades more car'era anglesl shze QUALITY DUPINDASILITY THU Ig :8
and scope and tte greatest picture O

petition of Chema? Cover It.I.SThefatt' you as hedr, y o with
Ut. 19 tewfil: tro duob hehe owneredgin t eliepstaionsfte discveedh

Wj9 9one"wsc written by ILL. Ah a ghs Gtudio
rmi x rJt pu i vrle akPlne hem vevlan

(Panama Canal cfeaters -

The "Shane" kiLer
at his most


a .X

IASDE- ~--
:hil'a.t flyatBisMMAMU MIl.
. B^^amT m > AsPMM......
- S wuq #hi. .^Est~i So

ian dancer Gaby Ir
bumsy getting into sape or he
next tour of the U. & She ay
American men am trt eit'W
her "French Figure*- curve-

-ilo wan.

Balboo 4:40, 6:15, 7:55

-K matu.m.

DIABLO HS. 6:15, 7:55
l.est. '903rnsUY sp
P. MIGUEL 6:15, 8:10

4o# asltsr
ME .AI n 4OLa.

S- SFIw ToBer
r so ass. |S. 'faiwzs to agSl
I *ff
MUIA 6:15, S:U CHU f0SAL St_-, SEW

tm..:.. *.. : seer lc Ii:u
*e I
'U. *sesnwwrem Wmr* ue. *'mpl 4. isewe

*:sssl:61 1 imB tZw,
4 -,' *. -i :****


Famous 'little
brother" of is
B. Genmay famc
RA ily up cho"dtully.
.= ucamksCnD,

r tReliable favorite
wdnitmeand boys.

Wuche w DBuilt for 's sedm
^^^^rloofcins. ecn.
toWwM-tamiWMlak OcrymL
Wolku of VON De-lf's takyl

La U. No. U.S.A.
Weam 0Cod C.C, Ltd.
PeerbrmIugh Onr, Con.
m ie.sAlm* Mm4 ,
a? no~M Iblp ^







1:25- 3:18 65:005-:55 -88:50
* JEAx rrTRus, OMH
9 swwactsvN, N-I

6RXAsi iow use
r.. 4'N0.0 1P I .

OwSlsi, Si*g
sav 1gg

fit t I8'A
coat *iiw morn r
,22s&s 0ma
p. j




niic =1 771i ii T Fmem mrma7 antn.


iS f* -. -*-. '- -*- -- -,-wq a. *{'

- .- rr t ~ -.'t



* :d


> -*- .



;I g, l' ..:.I ,- .. -* .1-. --
.=- n : ,2 .^ r .* .


ferry Masob,

1,I1, *

mbist, Patriotica Also

irters In $600 Sprint

' ,. O
o -
Two of the most impressive recent additions
Vthe Juan Franco stables will be the central fig-
Af in tomorrow's featured $600 Class "D" six-
done-half furlong sprint at the Sabanas race
They are the speedy Irish colt Merry Mason
I the probably speedier Chilean mare Vedette.

Merry Mason defeated Vedette bay eciding will be meeting tw,
one length after a hard toughest field he has met thts
Ittch battle over this same far in his meteoric rise Despite
ance the previous time they 'his. ihe expertse" are once
r in the lower bracket. Ho:,'- more picking the son of Supreme
Velette's backers hate Sir-Fair Portia to triumph.
reason to claim that Mer-
s.son did not prove his' sn- lRquil is sure to get'stiff oo-
pfatfly because the mare g <'!tosltion from Carmela II, Kios-
*fflast while Merry Mason w:L's.-o. Toletazo qnc4 Discovery.
PIto a fine start

' I Elgpt other potential tnrm-
his time hustling Virgllin backed races complete the pro-
ilo will guide Merry Mason' ram.
MRi of Bias Aguirre. Coloni-
r hockey LuLs Giraldo, whn
rOb to action after serving a
nnth suspension, will rideJUn nDS
Kte. Aguirre will handle R-
Chum's reins while Chilean Bv CONRADO
1-Victor Ordofiez. who pilot- ---
Vedette to her impressive 1-Muchacha Bijagnal
rv last wee will aboard 2--Jlm's U Agua de Oro
hist. _=.J .......

the latter he., been literally
Ilinng up the track in work-
11 and wl;1 bear watching. Re-
SChum. which Is showing
Ie Imprcve-nent, could also
etthe favorites.
. -

3-nBXguau Tapnazu
4-Tin Tan Sinceridad
.5-Golden Wonder (e) Don Grat
6-Chic's Ned Silver Domino
7-Rlack Bull Grisu
8--Riqui Klosco
-Empire Magic Granero
10--Vedette Merry Mason

ren-hlorse group :.! ___.
it by sprinter Patrl- .
could go all the way a a.
ritish-ored newcon-
Lna and Barge Roval. Texa w
I attraction on the Ra R,000
1. be unbeaten native WBU II I
d Rioul's bid for hi -j. "
uirive victory. The
.little three.) ear -id f"lnu$?'.V Years

I UPI Texts A&M College
offeredd ves erdey to hire foot-
rnll 'aDl "Bear" Pryart
f,f Kenturk, as Its athletic ril-
rector and bead ronch at an an
rual salary of $1b.000.

WS6i-d Texas A&M. whose football
.'BACKACHE fortune, have been bad since
HEADACHE 1948. offere-1 Brvant a six-veir
a Il XMISM r'untract. TIe offer ,'as wired to
.H= RISING Bryant at 1 D.m CST.
UMgU .President David Morgan or
Semo A&M said be expected an an-
S7 wer by s v 1m. Bryant called i
1ILL ore*1s rnnferfnce at 5:30 p.m. In
... Lexlngton, ;:y.

Bul fights


Racare na


day, Fbruar 71, 1954- 4 p.m.

JDJn Miguel Angel Ordhfiez
Mayor of Panama District
SfSilted by Mr. RAMON CASAL.

k1fwm the Hacienda "LA TRANQUILU.LA," of
S Mr. Desiderl de Le6n.



onmt tAirai 0
of e the uOs P.


Fri"s) 5 IM

. a Caik-Ticha

Pbl s e t .........-. o
.IM *see 4*..*........ 1ie
j2 mahkNiaw ,.. LeeI.



Vedet- t e**

"' i '" :*



* ~iT?~4.4'K. 71-

Juan Franc, Gra dt.tres...
P.P. Hone Jockey Wgt.oCOMMNT
lst Race "BH" Native 7 Fgs. Purse; 75.00 o'l s lota 12 iS aa.w- o7i. -'
First Race of the oeM.. '
1-Cosa Linda R. Vas. 113 -LonPihPpaLosslty Tittleei4 s Wt WEDN ru RW.TS
2-Tap Lady V. Brown 115x-Worth l eIthiI nlte aam t IttleMott
3-Muchacha A. Ycaza 109x-Good racs last out earg
4-Con Valor 11 A. Mena 108 -Could score' l upset -1-15 coln Life 3 T l thri
5-Romantico O. Mazue. 110 -Distanqe In favor 34 Smour Agency 3 one o
,7-Collrlo C. A. Oonza. 102x-Nothing to recommend "- Mka 1414 5 Charlie Bath a
8-Piel Canela H. Ruiz 97x-Field much stronger -1 Police ~ The Oers 6 wof l le-liU
------- YESTERDAT'S RESULT t.'teibootof ^ s.i1
2nd Race "I" Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: $375.00 Pool clous: 1:15 TOEDAY'S ST of the first rs the
SSecond Race of the Double Seymour AgencyS v G. Lfae T. Cnningham.. staw a
1-Hyper Guard 0. San. 115 -Returns in good form 2-1 ----- first a bant working o S ti
2-J. Anne J. A. Gon. 105x-Last was revealing 3-1 The Lincoln Lftirs took a first to men to come D
3-Wild Wire F. Hidal. 111 -Would pay fat price 15-1 firmer hold on second lace and was-then hit with a pitched
4-Salcedo J. Reyes 115 -Usually beats this claes 5-1 also kept their hopes ave for a and Malay doubled to dee s e
5-Jig's Up A. Ycaza 105x-Dangerous contender 5-1 possible tie for thoe first h scoring Lara. Person a 9t
6-Agua de Oro A. Mena 108 -Will Improve here 8-1 bunting yesterday defeating the wth one that away from t
7-Prestigio J. Cado. 113 -Rates strong chance 8-1 Elks 2 to 0. center fielder, aeorln Maloy.
Charlie Bradshaw and Danny Petersonwas moved to third-
DesLondes hooked. u in a tight I passed ball. and Leon walk-
pitching duel with Bradaheaw Philps singled to cn$eUt
3rd Race "G" Native 412' Fgs.Purse: $2750 Pool closes: 1:45 holding the Elks to five hits andd scoring Peterson and Leon came
ONE TWO DesLondes giving, up four hits. in as the catcher tr1d to get,
1-Bagdad R. Vas. 110 -Distance to liking 5-1 Both pitchers Bent-ix batters Phillips going to second.
2-Sherry Time A. Mena 112 -Blaing early speed down via the strikeout route Margarita got their only run
2-ime A. Men g ly d 3- and each gave up y one base inthe fourth as Hilty led off
3-Camaron V. Brown 112x-Not in this class 30-1 eave p oth a walkand was forced at
4-Taponazo 0. San. 119 -Must be reckoned with 5-1 'The lers scored a run on second by elds. Fields scored
5-Domino J. Cado. 115 -Unpredictable 10-1 T Ler scored a run on cond ies.eAdscored
6-Proton Julio Rodr. 18 -Dropped a class 8-1 Parker's double and two infield as Cunningham and Ender each
7-Riomar F. Avila 118 -Distance handicaps 30-1 errors in the fourth and added got a single. Margarita threat-
8-Bufleam B. Agulrr 1182 -Fastst at gtaway vn a run again in the si*t on a ended in the six as Fields walked
Bu ea B. Agre -Fastest at getaway even other double by Patker who stole and 'Cunningham got on by an
Third and thte saort v on an error. With no outs G. Maloy
4th Race "H" Native 7 Fe. Purse: $5.00 Pool closes: 2:20 Infield out. In the meanttne. came in and relieved Phillips,
QUINIELA Bradshaw was holdlngihe Elks who had plheed a fine game,'
and did not allow, runner to to put out the fire.
1-Sinceridad A. Van. 11.j -The horse to beat 2-1 reach third .base until the sixth Cunninghant also pitched aT
2-S. Velludg F. Hidal. 100 -Nothing to indicate 15-f and final ining, very good game after gettingV
3-Pedestal H. Ruiz 102x-Dangerous If in mood 15-1 "Perky" Parkler was the lead- tagged in the first.
4-D. de Mayo S. Carva. 105x-Seems off form 15-1 ing batter of the game with two
5-Tin Tan B. Agut. 115 -Should win this time even. doubles in three tripL and Sanny Score By Innings:
6-Sandra M. Ycaza 99x-Raf'well last time 16-1 peaLondes led t1 astoeat bat
7-Opex L. Oiral. 117 -ShouId be close up 5-1 with two singles in thrL at- Margarita 000 100-1
.--Canasta V. Brown 105x -Returns from layoff 15-1 tempts. Motta's 400 00x-4
0--. Naciente A. Ycaza 103x-Must rihprove more 1I-1 The box score:
ab0 rh wa
th Race "C&D" Native 7 Fgg.Purse: $355.00 Pool closes: 2:55 Engelke, cf 3 B. Hilty. rf 3b o
Sander,If 30 1 01 jBHilty.rf 3 0 0 2
1-Fru Fru H. Ruiz 105x-Apparently off form 20-1 Bradshaw, p 3 0 0 1 4 Damiani, 2b 3 0 0 0 0
2-Don Grau A. Mena, 111 -Running to top form 4-1 Parker, as 3 2 2. 1 0 M. Fields, ss 3 1 0 0 1
3-Mochito A. End. 108 -Could win if breaks 8-1 Dubois, c 3 0 0 0 Cunningham, p 3 0 1 1 4
4-Amazona 0. Mazusse. 109 -Rates good chance 81 Capwell. 2b 2 0 0. 0 2 Ender, c 3 0 1 4 1
5--(. Wonder R. Vas. 120 -Shoul score easily 1-2 Dolan. lb a 0 0 7 0 Trotter. 3b 3 0 0 0 0
6-(Golden B. J. Phil. 108 -Will help entrymate 1-2 Cubillo. 3b 2 0 0 0 2 Terrell, lb 3 0 1 7 0
7-FilonJ S. Carva. 98x-Will force early pace 8-1 Crook rf 1 0 0 0 0 McGloin, cf 2 0 0 0 0
8-Don Jaime) F. Htdal. 108 -Nothing recently 8-1 Beck, rf 1 0 0 0 0 Bellinger, If 2 0 1 1 0
24 2 4 18 8 Totals 25 1 4 15 6
1t .- ,o ., i'& ..a -.. .... .. -. W....... ELKS 1414

Gi hface Hn ImPUrted rgs.rPurse: 400u.uu rool closes: 3:35
Firi.M R 4. idt the Double
1-A1 Fulmar V. Ordo. 112 '-taknovwn q UntW 25-1,-
2-Chic's Ned R. VM. 116 -Stems best here: 3 -
3-Pebetero M. Hurley- 115 -Eaqy win last olt S-1
4-Alabarda F. Avila 116 -Distance to liking 15-1
5-Roadipaster 0. San. 112 -Could repeat here 8-1
6--S. Dmino B. Agl 120 -Wul fight it out 4-1
7-T. iH L. Gi 118 ---Se us effort now 10-1
8--Mr rl m C&aT. 112 -AgSast tougher field 8-1
9. A. W 117 ..--fl eatly sped -Z -1
v., -., .. ;. T
7th Rate, "" ImI orted 4% Fgs.Purse: -400,00 Pool closes: 4:05
Second Race of the Double

I 1-. Windsor
3-C. Brand
8-Black Bull

M. Ycasa 102x-Has plenty early speed
V. Ordo. 108 -Must bold her pace."
A. Me 115 -.-Could make it here
B. Aul. 110 -e ockey,aduld help
0. Maas:.1- -Is top contender
E. Orte. 105x-Has shown nothing
J. Reyes 118 -Depends on legs
J. Chuna 103x-Good recent races
A. Vas. 112 -Mutuels favorite
F. Avila 112 -Needs more distance

. 10-1'

ath Race "F" Imported 6t Fgs.Pgrse: $5N0.10 Pool closes: 4:40

1-Carmela II
--Piropo II

V. Ordo.
B. Agul.
A. Phil.
J. Gongo.
0. San.
V. Casti.
A. Yeaza

108 -Will set early pace
115 -No. 18 in succession
118 -Must improve plenty
107x-Could score in thriller
116 -Tough contender here
113 -Consistently good races
115x-Dropped another class


Oth Race "G" Imported 7 Fpg.Purse: $450.00 Pool closes: 5:15
1-C. de Gato R. Vas. 115 -Was never better 5-1
2--Oranere A. Vas. 113 -Vastly improved 3-1
3--Henr Lee 0. Mazue. 108 -Rates outside chance 8-1
.4-In Time E. Orte. 102x--Must drop lower 15-1
5-~V. Brsee V. Castle. 115 -Doesn't seem ready yet 30-1
6-E. Magxe .- B. Agul. 118 -Victory No. 2 3-5
7--C..Prince A. Ycaza ll0x-Rates slim chance 15-1
8-(Nittlear V. Ordo. 115 -Is no motorcar 5-1
9-(Albeit J. Gongo. 102x-Could be close up 5-1

1h.b Race a4 Imported 01a Fgs. Purse: $6000. Pool closes: 5:15
1-RegatChum B. Agul. 118 -Bears watchingt here 10-1
2-Alormina F.-Rose 115 -Unknown quantity 25-1
3-Vedette L. Olral. 118 -In fight to death even
4- Royal A. Phil. 115 -Unknown quantity 25-1
5-Patriotica J. Congo. 97x -Speed to spare 10-1
6--M. Mason V. Casti. 118 -In serious argument evn
7-Cambist V. Ordo. 110 -Will make trouble 5-1




0 0 0
1 1 0
1 61
2 2 3
0 2 0
0" 0 0
0 .0 0
0 0 0

i-2). Struck but by Bradshaw 6,
DesLonds 6. Bases on balls:
Bradshaw 1. DesLondes 1. Two
base hits: Parkr 21'. Umpires:
Fall & Rager. Scorer: Reilly.
Team Won Lost
Coco olo 5 0
Powelb 3 1
Motta's- 4 2
Margarita 2 5
Police Pals 1 4
Coco Solito 0 3


im arter
as bhe
layum (WE


U *-



B. Wills,. cf
3J; Wills, rf
Larx. lb, ss
Maloy. as. p
Peterson, c
Lon. 3b
Phillips, p. lb
Morland 2b
Bowers, If ,


.... 3 0 0 0 0
S .3 0 0 1 0
3, 13. 0 6 0
S 2 1 0
1 9 0
: 1 0 0 1
0 1 1 3
, 2 0 0 2
,. 2 0 0 0
25 4 4 '17

I ,-
5' .4k 'L .'. ~


Wsm u E '.

Y e't nd torrea. Sb *J*?
....Carn .. r

a T arle w ra.

l ,., t -, f-ci,, ..- Tthel Si ... ..

itso n .m. tdt-It, ar ..te..s 3 1 1,e .
Lt. Wite manain t Na eLaMae ....3 0 3

cn thf ftIC .1 the future wbi'h Totals 3
rie e. Bsted's t

aonflfenes. ft its a frotji ah: 'a Panama Edapittip... .snu tb
crrielrmeav tmop th ne <[a yro so. utn opesrd o and copseq.uent
aincid ll y tim -S% bloo a!rifo wt.... i ...

Lrto Wbhtone bithe N ta- aLstater that t e Il
*D,,,catt. .t h i ts
n ...bTotals

ynewr Ke as to sOr,, I~e x a i e ths, .

:ripds tothef plaitto Pipmens tac B"at itBteadb f ot-la 3 alt oa
insurance. Al. Hsted, pl. ying 3779. P .
I n ed"er 4h theto im e of ji r undtof ,.......... ... ha 0e .
9 l ed ge l R hr" 14t0&tr ftglood, pf .. ...
Anemauler ca m 'a n V ar- Ioe lb .......... .... :3.1 2
oeentv ft rimdintin l e ft r em Dun r c .......... 1'0 B ..b 2
to Cild a team of e t Thua hapt-hRused, 3b ........... 1 2 2,
at va .time. ey, rf ..........@...e.r 3 1 1
D Lt. itjmae nagin theNawy-ivrDeLaMater,2 b ........ 3 0 .
team, thbi e .kes b a ot leut, --OR ,r- V -__
an the fi histhl es,.o ..r t e T a llTotals 22 --

or to 'be late.rckAMen 4a#0d at BAlboa t.o "bo

13Vnsu trn ce. lr.i Hu ted, tai e pe a77A..boD

WE WILe EANat 'rodN, om


8 a. m. to 12 noon SUNDAY,7th

Just. Arosenie Avea, r 26th StMe
.___ oq* Or



*?1 *1

-.'1';* -, -. .. '

*-., .- .'.. .. ".-'.
r'*_ i =Z' f >--% .aiP Tr" -' i- ii '.j- .- *- .* ;-;*

~ 44%

- -

.1 '- ....d -F .. -4 W. ..

-;!- i 9 i


*':. 1 ;r- A .'- *


a g






12" Ph "'P '"^. '*

,. .. .


* 4.: .: ~,.

--" Ell;. z u" *"-,
,. .r.' *. '. '* ,- '


,,ia pen-
.vne took on.

sach bft

m,' wwuaS ,--------- ---u- LM* ier wi lrw4J OD 0015
~.-- ziae.lSW r sy: '.f .tBa
U'r St ia Rrb .U u w faLBtOI r at riaht hL
MR443Sk In rIZbW. b&ct^utlFaYla
T .* quartervlk. fHe' aripe t
kA -o at bg sogh for quart
ingon ouRedvkifs -bac -'

beautlul .bro.lem, to worry a- n
A' S"Cards
eldlb-out ." i e Shantz.
e' Shantz.

. -W .
I .t '"1
a& >*

tbJSF wui*r" amk
14= 1111Jimt Raint At the Coll
The lae b la a 6
RA .; a
Rik tonight hibe am itS m pg U d ttaeg-
S1e-an ie 1Saah baShed n p itt? boers
,bA I~ 4?at thb Pana* D or hroSdan has a
Obi o.her Wht to btn4jm tw for
A lea snmpwill t four while tea aito
or W"as fpsa a' champions for t Arthgra pae4
witH meUM.a Hdwever, ahdui I ree tu
&BY. tWSfOve. taSke both gIame BOwOJB
wiS l mov, to wlthIa w fo t lombr ut
p 6 league aders Iot

1' ~ "' -- -- -r_-L ..r_1





f'i ter 4Yin" J r.

fa knoperat "o
IS''*' Sc cout time".tn
,ia ,ded Mantlue,
oiitfielutr wll IA
B.a. .. -..
YfP'ifl" t b& (UP)t or
it der-o -dtifti for middle- ager caney Mel n b 6
t Wa t Iaetet toe lr tri l u Mantle v mltd ,e

kam-o 0 0 soisal d. day tt! '
fA 1)* S tengil a. dh
actier hfys- 'T'e iroldWlfour be up ted ou n -i :eButa
o the coabao In y tarde i newcomer'row. Drm er remo
16f ~delnlwi. the ndpber ty o
ptonde fat theONOduewetDr. Bertram Meyer, who 10
t^~!PcP.WSt fed the opr
Catter uaye-o "'e tinil9r be up -aind ounf in crutch
ofliW the coabblatlc nm^y b to~orrow. Dr.'?Myor removed
meet, win over Randy Bandy. a 3cyst from the knee.
e .leafedI've judft got to be w
re*real," And Walt adds- won 42 figt. and lost t0. LaSt
"rge Kot o. keoet reasi x And year in London Walt tounht a-
rnchi.g a4 the time. Watch ralnit tandy Tuxpin In thebtlg-
ne trl the tables on lrdelb geat flotohte ,eelr. But ar-
tagat" tier waS dOiC In lntier WM'
The 38-year-old Cartler haa ond round for bQiing.

* -~.

rove and,
w u --' .'

lights to be
red nao
Cronin ske "

_ t6mainta wfla


p~xe at1

Rac Series OK

Tivr key players on the pea-
Sant-b o at d- Panjm Pro
Iea^'%, TVMkees toy re-
msjo tons e patent clubs, to
a esp tbe bamti g.
Th .re 'atqher WUmrl
(Billy) of the l-

wit ay esmblblhu
Carineh. the

r *a vie. tu or
por deeats.


small boys
S Maytrad
the Initial.
'.lbattersn. fi

r Maynard

Sthe inter
blntic Bide
j tky In
ed the


/ I





It .





-7" .:-."-*. -

: --.;^'..--

rame w a
three tant
for one the end
steady .hit
ti th one -in
the sigth Ab..h, how-
Parfto I to rally for
ftmr mark the third inning
'n walk.I : tan S ing and
Harold and nles b
Cecil, ItMulyPate and
. st a dtU by Nevill
t. The Paeffic ders
,'eO thewr fifth run on a four-
.tgL? to deep center field by
tuy Pate in the .upper sixth

al Hawks. under the
of Alvin Good, have
ceastOdul in the local

Sports Briefs
ST. 1,0MOt. W -
-It main _a s 2 imay
bA l4 wAJ DI .aw1m)


Powerful Nine-Band Receiver
for Complete ShorbWave and
Standard Broadcast Reception!I



. ,


-r. .**

- *It -


.' ..
i .ft '..": ,.
*, ; "^



'" .4

f g

4 -~, *
LAiv ~': *~: &

tathaC* ~ ~


- .?i.. -

,.pI Lu

, ,


tWafg out

t~ -, a

., ., /
', L, ,
ip 't;l,:




'. -.
.- r-- s."" "

---I-- -h-__J .Ir .-__lr-- --- --

_ _.~-r--


. .. .",1

11mLrftC2&~rMAIble bM t~ed O M


, ]. ,'

. '. .

. ,,f,




.-' A i. r -. '.
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o oun alnt.e -st BERLIN, Feb. -UP-The olotov impo ibe demands source i n t be done ea Dulles Bril Secreta. s

..- the Bannam.a ... the united States today accused u- anththe Wess rensal to consider ). r Anothy Edea l deh Fo .... ,-... --on---,.. -
1Hou valley, and east to Ban sa of attempting, in the Big four them meant that the Big Four t of an Mimuer G Bidault held consu mpti.rVfb -as
;;wang Inhthe uamlee s- i'orein n' conferfn'eeto Sraiy MIsters' Wonferech was auldtnhb gos h ^"d*0 A. .edhathe
d v ar .g a thr -ie. e ., ^. .

S Luang faastiri. weie o tlpt be to the tjh cf er d n e, sour a IId to pesl frh saeh ub t heh :.
source hpe the Soviet Fore Minister V. graceful way to tell t at athr Ger trd un e runi rech
0i, Indos of th e tSt M. Moloo5v F ..Pwas the further debate on Geman unst c sniy d future, a o each ide had ng Gemann advr campalu the c hn mp- ......
Sin would havin e to halt fet's reaction to the Kremlin cation was useless at thFranco- time. made er it wanted o part tise fully st s c omm r inuon o, ,

soldiers nayd reitW r We- blueprint he presented yesterday Calling off the conference, the of the bt.Aers proposals. iAt-newspa E .J F-.: ?Od ,;S e ,In he -.
ommun re startooth or reuniting Germany The Ru s i h ch tt e oT llet e We i 0ohn -

three-prong was tr held by de et- t reA ..ti l ll .u o tut. e t otron lfeandtc ge nl t pe mble, that Ugit
the royal capital oM0o. ibnseierd .it. ga c e Used A tery e tar .. .. .udhr
ltary authorities resrtedh eat t t e Kre antd n ar The United tje.e,_l-.yinal. uiev*1cw.uinoep

l..fightingbe folr sta ig m40i e a-... r rm nyn 2 T ram a Ig lte t mil tIuti -.`-+ .
ST rh e a yretragL i r athe c U. tS bl Seeeetray of Srta t -vhd nr V ot er d den ts e d the tr ri- '.
tIne oC GsEd rt er staR aeo 2a r t faiw

ol torah ro u Inro thm to en Snxtin BerS Wenaito touB,.

pg^* Sal, an imih r oa d mIssible such tha prepost mht madeep alato dta oy lth e lyu pow- D ann Go tdha eslut soretbeca ne of larS a 0t S
t'& n r ilvanguardwas eetilahted afa I ?" drua e o' xedo rit d a troa ng uag aae n s p ,aebl 5n i6
three U day march .WA -it"Ly n e e I, U-
tol DuTTesai o ae ol the btt te p cio r8,.
d nsie nredra rrt, liud makpemotover c e te real too a nter rt coffee, uyl If a lcorOoal w"h C at. sh.s ee

om MoungSRI intheWe B-s ) The M olotov's imporl ble demandsrsory ediylearod be done ea. DullesBritt er o resolution which db- o e
__on t o n .B o h f o n r .l agsy do-n= than a y reo lutiob i rold o huge the
te0 th United Stat des today ause tu-oandohiechWest'sre al to consirdeer et.eto r en .thanuw elc umperatc 7 i offeem* cor-- -..
.a Itep s enge towa-rFodreign Ministers' onfermce, to Foreign Ministers' o thonferencee swasvnep ?eta w se ubm ,o a t linertheirrlatest

a .are' 4 45tO 50.miles. u y .v o .me tRn shiO, n hour Iu soontl Mmthat oo, ad. recotended that theor r- woI .l -

anntead apropoedn for-mtn ve r 1eeA s to ay then is te meealn will sbeOlgt l"' tso vt 1 oty. d a tridtosr tn t-ubl fas il u t j e nd r "t pI
westward f pm te b. to the A high honfe rence sow, 'wed soiddM, ,. 1 mee go-tinthe ir

oe te a e te io mal .. a es (UP) h Ib clifis t parr 1 m.toof tht fa -ud At far Mtt .l otiov o* hn .e wit
Rhine Rier.. 'w the time hdomhaduse1a uch tte se' arv9"04-esation bat thod yrepia r h. 1 Rtval froub hlt ger. wh off irials and A oa nd

v-A- hoe De o a o ryetfoin- t ae Gh t Pr e aken b hoCoi soeo laryDv wer e mait ws unbl ak tohe ned AnahSt t emklthGer
elite 3ttM. Molotov was told, was the further 'debate o G wai t uni sfit- mit nsfure; a hld eaehed foru G ny.o rted teodP I .n
ld have to a t West's reaction to the Kremlin cat io ro was useless atthi s time a r i it aro ngt w eu fo parts i fullyors ionaor- ofimnt.p "oao will te a fr. .,salt. t- -a4 ., th .
C all n Alcide e G asee, t theV previ ou om eel l s m e-
supesmand e r of M- blueprin t heo a presented yeste rday C ea elti e r lee, o f th e or P r oaldicu latnewspapern n n ar- 'n. -e ni l wo.u d Includen o "l "a
e iippv UwSl Sereu menta o anate.l wouldndelitt t le peoplee men the ed by the rr aepOf. the of a t
T nh I-e f hee he' r t0e t h cm t Ryo w i in e oSati Lo Istms son for re r oe a ahd t cl orzone i at t-
were already stra ut Foster Dulles warned Molotov that e rsa i th the

wou- nt tIrow-R the t*4 Ge rmnyer. Divciio n s tlvsn stationsr d Alprisos *oa ll-Ger- m Saindard 5Ozil. Co, hs ben
at ed o itl -i.t is la rete i, b qo late"to trya iames t selr Stion t i e rai ter I m er io n ad

oifficferof the S0t o, hn I lth ald Waerc aC. wh r U 16 percent to Acceat^ o
y an w oereiclos t her a rea r i er i c Iite. ,mi*A
atlist h lerlaist. to r theachst wled Ia retmet Be arltnn-a Ii volt n tol'l be TheUr d States. a ma e s ud ak n o
ction, atll ad by be gettin ty stg T tw Pullvt of the t s at or i u e i stro an n irof o th nee. a
Unionf or eo od ,elB T heA thritene rh wa ed e .. e t nbut nthelnommironhaetnt i athenPra- iet to nmr. hi t
Briishn Uo' duleryrmetneo Fe. Pe)- AHo aginativee "su o of Iom tic r~ .bl a'ty oiceA prova-i f Ca

te aou Td Mde olo to in yesterd eay's dr eoure.l M, a n feo aan d wopic eree.,
Sfuveeie Foe i gntMis aging coniqrenrV'aechs, rejected O .- 1" le e d we r agint n teue aavtdM lm A _-c..t -d
fusdo he Rvssian oofyred--- .x....s-movies, wueY

dill. the West'sal.-pb.Inf r 33ree Inf. 5e -- "whic w u h ..
h... en"e e th '* put ni hy e ^2 t and Gas7 r na l i tpsi l0 the i vast1 naf i l ctte w il submtptonltof widan

he^r Rdatcnd4" Germamn Iss s o a first r m stop PS tADN Oa or wer e. (rbe as o e t e fime ine ewfre
as, repulseH last FWttoward e i t dhrde d countA)e- cua Raos ebel.tosaenf r UmSln Uan manm ,"t.ewthe S f ptat iDept ent for appro-"s t of hated-made ics at otof *iBb .
eio tkec t rn. .. unity l0 1 ah nh. a W a. uiyton sommentato moloper ia toV a nI rd i a t s d
sd i" h t 3 Therest, wosot pre posedany fac-terview relela ed ay that is ..Pea son. slhghtl i 14 by mes ment t. trI edtu auO Ci .@list .end.
wetroamelne, ur-d a muche-piatu bitter wl separation bat'le wtoe wrehi -aw A te r cc p- franch erofiil
the Molot.v t.5mottooeppertaithextW edn ittno ,e x t r ete e tm. 5eUm 0 maint i
noe ye pneverne.t.earei" d"adultery letterhto efo entW is to 'per mre was un ke the tneces- olitl 9:W

u.therBihs tusin ituNd wrtehim tks -e- u t or tE u otthe o&hd y tOr an, alndopncou oins t an Wese rintraang e a rlia ak in pno tohR
^^houeeld a niae tsudhi wapo p o al tatetr ofp u itn ie Iinn OSt er a i o rotsa. a t of c tn.o bysi. e the fourpowna G o "i e eearn aresol u th-n will rise. da l
ngitRions have heelteni-n.... s ond e'then national om thetot e nI t theotfti.U
-OrditamrlRsi-hp.a. to 5 tlaev nhsbariof repne 2. PreptrationtIs ie Jrl.GDom
cOobetethediscussedrthe d, pier to call t Manl withuethoutet ifrom ehhmyhe groupse for edemd ra UcomNjs o rtiulen stfeUnitedgovst
.: not, throwteohe rGerm a sen.IIopre et the U S. N avyee d f nrt n w s In adult nsCom mite m i tr,.
mO weresoundotifasSdof the exp ectod ~ ,- u wbe nor tattn s30trep ren e a 2.n P5p o Cownercisnal IKraH. ee etGr-Ku n, the
C.. ttheU'o enrebels The thweesWd~ternB eig.nT'heeF Uaid.t m oat al n t cter sl trito,..c.nditionsit e rms..n
WON CIO" totheministershe a gnr.eedpriortohiswifehainmid t. fnn.fe ensad n o"
!;ac tivitycond en-ren are thoe i repi tooe .A A areb.in1--A Joh5ina Btingninewon, a h iof ',o rasn m nth drea ......'....-.. ,osa -.rto ....i.e-o.-c.
.-bg, a adset Rsell Lt oUad beele Rutioa Ws-. m ,atvo thest s oncanavian a rt dls924 $W .u
planRooev"lAgehey ehath .3'. _tt.I- teni n te mein o. tiwtllerepro- ,oarisndt erucks r .i.ion
P iy .... ,,00 ,as. eTrre--catmi cer Ipand trea-- Oevw7_W Of t"year. d i iw .,
n.wrd ot. A.eerd ci un-gar, AsiP oe n o the"Tb. e ely'. vi otiso bigges
oenthreet d itriht u 'ith .uta .eiprotestview partifthe ru toa e- 2vne slts compaM
memao,.t ns t om yestf thfrLsat lei-i w dere thtr ines-etake ny the dCommisyn- t ansrDF UP e "sld
no ~ to n co manho e d the tehIb ~m din was, ons somanagem entonvariouse i S o.thr e retelll ,
..n.4190topreparetheir rep lst "Ma1, the--e. Foeb.meetin.n d. Daco.O f
re 11 n4 to June : 7. 1948 ltobe .ussanrbtod.n fe d '- oeth procurement andsale t hewaar were uint in.
ae ye CoLeiffLowsentRI c.miny teamT, o2ntsperi a*rem woued mean food.i, w ,~ u al theGero m ran- -i WuW&.44
f te d 5 a u i- t eto art h steiro"vnt ia,_,with th
thweems board es t icd k*tfomionsnof esCo.,ests rbo en
besrestntyto AgdWight.h0,.1
vuE em of thO 504th. ithall t-heir a r rim 1i
for1th.. 2..Th e past-Wesrt inead e wllck an imTe o D ote drastof br*-KWmo.ra nytoeil Of.. .. .
IusenynheWtAmedaPminleitar y 'sy nigh annti-t"era mpravte-t-Innomee .by the
h aMutical ot wipero f or chiig otnsta ffaht flr senpot- mu.""-
,. serv.d-asmanager'1;4.,.
oronnhi mud n Orla. I t How 1 as h fve ena xtof ooed-s t ,o .-,
e-nt r iyRTssia netob.f reP- toul i thtebb aa oe rations!oom their Fr iancoat --
ay Icn edPeptnhs 't ae'pe sipr whisky? Or aend at ic-aed1 o-an u".
OThdiailypR usin and .s .ypr ent s teak ttoS.esargen 30 -afrepresenrtativel "ne n in rt hCUna on-in

eriwnthsaabo. e3 a 1e s a e at
Scr.*"the. vm e i The Atomic Energy Commis- me c -pn .e for Its Wn
The Resesveenf peran seoeia- or
7Tn ReserveNOfflcers Alocla- mon lon today listed such posibill- ftncerns.emeanbtlstaeo-omin-membeSe tardJA
tIp I. l the National -olourn- ties for te future In a pamphlet *Oder.tA 'Coi-tmber of- lu t W w
:+,, m+'a~t~ao.,+.- !le ro h. not+=-'L t,*n ,o t, ,.u, ina =,1- j a..+ ,_ +m" ._ "e'=m -"m
,HeNational en on-btdustrial um that ..all + i*_%LA r ot
rion i ai)ele t ing The W mg Ma ofi a it d thoufsayand crtmtad M w e
on tn pe- his herd aergeo a.track brott .r IP" te mall Bud
e bonds are wass e dt e 4jdc
S ROA to the a trad-zgte". 'e tr ara o lor tI me u u y ,A.s i.odr to gi.e l
I m~isubmitmlting th. was no jawagoc. us, et.e~io of flaws, mesreu--- .ii m .
he theme of na, tet of wear, elimination of sta. -,
w u~m olill go to -- Wygm et eel sterjllhntlon of food- .i'"'' i+ f % app. ...e '+
des inchool wia nert ,- t nd fast-ain of wh lsky 1. people a a 5' o e o w-1W
eItht'lU and me lt at t s
On In e1th '""berd 1cee- aa ve-- --es RU .. .-en.-- -. -

".e gae tal*Oas iu s .O lread ueayl h vr
db,-oteaAa -- +ne-
Io ofw ar.eim ation-ft
.. ... ma .t m teri ls+ ..s .... ri f .."
VAN will g to Im-n- S saft --"ilha.,. of foo :

mmm -I '. .- -- m m .mI -I .. m m o" ft

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