The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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e el ine M.. ery .wa op a eto A hy-plaet sure din A ,

i """ need, at the :urn"u 8e b".id. closed hat U.8. Secr ryo -
s. -ro the ar good, te John "_"-oe.ter DulleM., Brit- .
leak r ng ere mov to the a- den nd ench foreign

p^Wrr^ qtr by. n orert adx. iWter George Bidalt would r e alrI in interview wi th
bIe **I tIat ourweaa- a vB a been atod ctlo id to .washt ,ag e at t ha t. m n -i. athea;n o p s e g sip s
o'lk 0+? a f 4to1otherch a nhad been accompithed at eN Yo-and he Canal Zone.
Foe-. m hor VAthe r nd vM- ut Do ewr Si coIrengy I. s
no dluk' ictlnml'.n1p. Private
a itpalt -Wit
631952. :.Ioon o Lt, a M USA ta he oft the Omma ob.
e e noo dwaed o by the a section A h gy-ped source plan Repentative Aen i chef of bomtt
.hasp..w ** Vs theo odseas th at U. a. ariecreCorymT1
.1 need at buil. closedh" ..
STh0t.e '. t = is B goods outte John ptoter Dule s he Said.
: list, Momt itware, houebot Its and attitude. An obecto to t w Molotov' secre t NEW YORKbe .

r paral- o n- uch plan, said, our t ,ho Co4$meaOu n a b. chairman, today when the in- Referring to the results on *
"Ni e use i op- require of the nation's tfiaaa Canal ter convened thir ninth s trip he made to the one to the Eden and rnc reg
be tal- n comtttoai-w mltt-toic strategy. p ent that the TI BpUT, Lebon eb. the ovieeby len added in
. ct in o.der. ae. llter George EBdult wo be anArh Th Soviet foreign mter anal and a government inervew w be-
ased re- o e ratteinr t yriata unprty Jebel Druse fe. otatetonto therk Jout of Commerce said thht Couesat re- Of.,

c. tumed ueuv- a oi a src to o.t yla r and huto hin' aSCerhn n uirej thaaa mmittea to take aaa.p o.L .
BIdea eie stttaa whlh made l~n'. oif_ thTe .si? o .to .. it bee reporta. '..d. of-tht big eontromeae, and t hlie superva-th n over twi. ,. -
.idt c eat Mr Force+..,i wa livd In titreao o.It Atl.aed here 1teday. n Me laye mea _propoW.l, the Ibjectk aa tter *o which mIs U-e A".
IlAmeri co-e drdke. t M we. shall be. Ate d n bertehhi d twe letelmo a ee fsMlt pw toe .Ieiw rTl- and to the paan e nger .., i u~

I A86 ^%J&S~inChatrman George D. Alken omthis n high wod nt jB nhe In rahlengC n yesterday, Al-the annien VdBFu .onm
d|(R'id hifie be or xm ofee n th- c i t Oct if the w volu e urt d conference. taol .o t- h .... I m.,, ,,ts
..1 ,n Ta ho tat Mhe M at three dpat ed by th governmen-e e cnub 0r havd ,
0, or r- -s hall '.,Co..-ti al ed a l W ei. .4S -..U..e ai.r-in
tou h ihn e e 1i; State- s Medlt suddel o the .. s.ron e n tl of the Soi au omft He het fl' n vsnathert t .. ..rm -sho the n .tr of: l-
d- e usa Wilso sa d the .Vyach iayv M. Molotov's plan Rep entatve Alien is chere .e bom ith ,-
,"-BO 0- otwee $Ia on atom" he gi ven mill 5- faor reuniting Ge rm nyp A the Hous Merchant oMarine Comfuo Travel from heb;
4T. .Ii-. Iha re 4t John aN e aor l sleay. .JI ...rga. 7 au IlI sie oo r wieb lashed with .nm 1 .. Canal Z m s much m b e
ilkmc-E oale aa e 117 e ut e ..- t he W st'. Iceas on all ma- Znd ee ts much more onveneat b,, than by oin a l. .

M, .g ete e rot f 5 ar are p,, a ay and1 )oa Io intelsha, train cB rr mov.etahert ar a
Tr .t in to- eau e, atigd oi o chairman. today whe the s0- Re erring to the results ofot h 'a t
l"Nik t thr*arw Lbe u. I.s obojet-orequire re Ihit w off .l the aUon'o taln Canal _A vinr o.pv'e turn to beoe e

h led ho # $ hGr; has .... .-. -- -. "e oltoMh o mt -East Berlin. "The manner- -in .I on whiceayve Zodn in

led aee al-- thM deoep ro-c la A *ta Ittinof e-'dgoiisat. hf -(UPd- Gvdnmtte pilgr im n tae Sove neia sstoy canlenth added: botnbhe tow- cha of
etec-.' t.* *W c* beesUs. ole hans 5 .R3. ave 4rr.sted Sultan El .a Tbh Soviet for n minister Canal and Ints government iso ..b
Tt r, stor-, o nTke Cm mins aaw as Peahla Oldnee wttl makl a i .operated should have aI e F & .. oTfil

B aa a.r. Io o Iv ed a heh mak a 8 h aoperat a ead of thessoul heo
1H 0.e 4 re- opened g the' ltse prt Byrlals ally JGbel oclt Committee to takebfo
se" ed '*r,-c to ttmhuttatemnt ;an the sub- hearo ing atmadr the ruleo that re o l n odd p W
Ifts -aih iclah made It Uwow Ieptit
.,ftp e^ M Foreh iunoi o te.. Sd._ h e .o ttihne ,i_..-ilt _- --.of t i l. ig eontr- o I ,rrA, and Tettive up la v ter 'er l i os,

Ther-,it* Ye t. Ca. down da gt no poeta ca' hhee omntl no rmartteto d.
re t o, r,.b %. b r : -.e'rownain-fl o the blhes m ter Gp d b hi _: Las

noo Go B e isplay confi omae ornk afrm ahton i I be gS5S oan
-,. eit ooh te m. n. lo b Jt ) antoles M 5al ho mlta Wind ofoutha "- h rt- -,

h Ide-eche vb i d st rew th is he cost o

pla-s. .. ... i -tr : am usel. n -p- e -_ h ,it _h e las he rd' to tf mn a
W1hat-it hopeswll q a blow for a0Uabo --'" r do IUS Pem a eme rWin Acfree, smct ptecost of socesderen rel -
SAmerican coils drinker.. ls..Mehli, s4miatmrato /a [e tefe: .o. no dirsev related to the o r- t nex yer
Ma lnoh u- Aof dawnodlty Exchange -Ad. ;.la t& btly T ward g th i r aTge Canal." ly uttia s- f
D ar said to harp rIm n badhinyton tg
( aChairman George D. Aiken mils ion.hi woui'd pt cntsr ort, "ee with r who caro id dtl*ai of ermany.. I- ,rn Wai ngAto- ter e a merdin r
e F ." ea mittee,to approve a bUlby Sen. dopteo told the ctmktee. *68- that freee tio could be begin hearings on an. day.
a `otera thing In ae rti Panamana4 'v t. t r of O- an th stuy n the pr o Canal .
the 4 ~ Q~uy %4,~tte. (D.owe) that te e J Guthrie AP gh e5ld oaf otier formation stveda 4f tha
A-.res,9f b1~U47Iwr4put coff..e tmlud ndTer 'mems 6.o way Ikow of that nXg to spe dS oit with aw- a. gvenment rgsan i au 3 ay. illave a
wantO.' .tko. safie .1edeTal restn t asthe btftcOu hurt the American n -. t whl-m-. Iao Comnis altnov'
cessa ,.to do ttur, wbft and others commo- .w.gier ht wou elp. Me ".. s eontp World T1War ld g...,at th, i'Ilmp evogsen -
piedlUe. a ot OLDr-ia e bwstonwit te West Germans.-i
oA Riouse awdb VPPa' o':lie committee met In closed with source qf supply yialI
have ordered .. the F: to w Tbr.eprebentautlvesof the New pill y Brazl. a- month tows h2s son's general ....-.. Shishakly beli u n-, at thisf-..t
be more cazefill uAceto b a-a'. York. Coffee and Sugar Ex- rI d merci ht beat si nrvnyt..
bout what it puts ia non-secret change, wherethe United States Meier of .-a t .omti.e p. remains shortly prou- l l awtrg me Wo .... .', be
porte. coffe trai, i done. mr on then poeded to et itnto the ckman oa.hOut ..rI. :. '. i W a t T B,
repo r F .. rcofe tagdingIst the. G et b h.ifter his divora,..tfrom Sylvia Stishakly *- yesterday he e a 0 war.elil yea .
.-. C _RhdlA. Mckfey Naew Y ork n he has been ordoted W ..p"- law bcasauIw .ecet political But iater 5u ng t Me- ."abomInabi' snowman" o t sb 4w ""i .
Makee veter-ant ois payments to date were Wp wtoonal tfl'1da and Instigated a E"_ro pqam g Asiatic points nothing bpt a Yogi who, likefor- .,
M tradekcAm veteran of ar yeara ploto OnanIeI a high conrer- mer movie star Greta Garbo,
In t_ __rade, came along only for c-ne seam altd, the Western ..wants to oe alone." However
the rlde 01th Labo but he found Rivr wers dEtded on its "all or Asanka Bekhar. professor of ame word '1
himself suddenly In the spotlight C Mmtaslal TaLek In teasasI noethmt strategy. anthropology at Calcutta Uni- legislative re
under haurp. queatlaorng -by vwi- *tSpIdQUT W IV-Wa Ii Eli River 11The feeling now Is that Mo- versity, that a Brit- ard Munro W.e
tually the entire committee. lotov most accept a rea set- Ish e:cpedltion hunting the snow- egrly hearing ..
-lHe conceded lNais an co1op- W12lL JLAWU Lia le tlement or Western Eurof will man may fJnd only a naked House Merchant
eratives it rice fixing get-on with the business or ih-- practitioner of Yoga looking for cries C ttee..1.
"re ctantly with Sen. cororating an armed West a quiet place to meditate. Muro hs
they Mst.llender (D.-La.) that -- -- ermany With.-the European- Followers of the Yogi cult can nsentative onP*
coffee until the desired price In ALLAAAD, Inila, ]Feb. 3 vaen en od The
reached. But ho Insinted be could (UP) _-% More than. 10 men,' con)1pum.Vm4 .lkuck keep alive in extreme cold.STe toi u
women and children were re- afootoni Ieiaa ts and camels, a often take off their clothes t quetion .repreentati i

-~Wgi tc ilk to wakte from PiI l while seeking seclusion In the
-. tr". f- Himalayas. en
at"heMru ada cSekhar maid this mab explain, In enlosig at ttuy
He s a h"ruler ov- s rivers. ,but. -peroons. This year SPohy m ain thin e ma o s
ernment "'can *ve Uk5 DQ y caof- "MIWS trebled the why mountaineers havefOral4rte munr a a
fenoe pe Iion the aod T i ly because the' upper reaches of the mountains "It will be appear
-. at-- e l riv th e rlier ba th because the WAGHINGTCN. Feb. 2 (UP--- or seeing hairy creatures whothee representative,
ealoobill to rea the pensions look Dart man and part beast. Canal Co.) aret e qita3

t- Tyke said et vitbas are sea- cruises to the Moitamess
.Rrd ar e '. a I Pee s mith the U.S Sixth P Is n
tL s lvu was a ned Ray. route troi Nortak, jt
tb@ ga~sema suftterhmBromertMn Washqtagto fm -
pluto adernzastlot M ,
--A third who S at k an.
"* 0 pa en ger In a t whi ch ha s v tted R ae de Jt,=tr, -
-' -i *as at overturned when it speedItg a- *l, Meonada, U'nflfly andaSr*
da trn on Bnaha ..Read, M Del Plats, Argetine. uS
r lays. seaman J. R. dreahs, Ig b At each of those eof-
:WTdp R ... _-l tes. "good. S.-i. AM -. ond. ..
,j.'~-j 6 -- -
W&' '1-4
..- W ) +' ;',---. "- -+ -', -.-z &J!- : .... +-" .-, +. -7 7

S r'~ ;, .J""t.-aae..a.nZaJk ...L...... ~ a.. V -r

- -

r-,..-,,,. ...: -,i T ',
V '*': A'i- '' '
'.- .. .

~Tr-. .. I~

I, "' 1 .. I^.
-. '+U r -?17,.

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*.' i'& .1} *l' <"'

-.2 ~~

4 W-4 ...
-,: ^.', --.- ..' ',-
*:** .\^ m .!6 -. ** '.-.-

~.&t C .t&jts '~
'~ *~
SI: -.

.'. 4.-. .. -

A $ .-, ;, Cr
.,' ''
'V '

FLAMES FLARE UP ff6m a gasoline tank-truck .s firemen in Augusta,' 0a., try to put
out the blaze which shot 150 feet into the air. Driver of the truck said he wps standing
to the rear of the vehicle when flames "chased lim" away, No one was injured in fire.
., ': "'..
,, .+: ,. + ., .,..,.-:<'+'

IT'S EARLY YT, but left start the nw .it,
ing Rhoda Pickett afs uSn of the S
Then pick your own titifor this Cy, Ga
I i n ii- ri i ii

- N o MaT BLL
k., L St box thelj
.*. 1* 1 i +,.-. ih+ i i ,-

' OF NOW in t1 i
ng placa. to seraath-
- 2.-i-'--- "ir ir

Wat Belle Isle;:
10o, buti.$hey
S- I- ---

, fores'tilisd '
an eye on thb
r .... .... .. d... idl

AN VMIION of intl-stthiAlrne airships used in
llrthip, goes through a light test at Wingfoot Li
WhJvb carries 4. orew of eight officers and sta

it, NIOitfTO4
t tl reins on
;. fparo&r H.
.and, ao mon,

iA,-who has a fondteas'&or--
ful.u Milace grounds. In tli
*Sil4ting bridle for C.kVW*
l4ft, lin.te Yoshinomiya. 1

lets his two sons take a
are (from ]eft) Empress
ice Akihito, Princess Kiyo- an expert horseman.

6ie0k4 and drivers st uy th.e6mp *n the Bets. Thy $lept in ire w'J o den gee
M ANY OF THOSE 1954 automobiles you see in the de~ur's. show rooms or on the
- streets had to pas throthigh- hugged obstacle .course on the Bonneville Salt Flat" In
northwest -Utah. These cars, like' soldiers, had to survive 'boo training" in order to
pass muster with the nation's p 'owners. One company of eb.S and equipment set fp a
bA the flats, where the pu re rnges from 110 dege sn t the day to 40 degrees
at g.6toad and water wire bOuflt in from Wendover, Ut One car crowded m6rm than
eig al driving int. days. Another ovted 69 miles in twd days.

Timer tols dridveto f 'iarsp e w

* Asity 4t ofthe page
rted Ie

ineq uniform
;wathe rb

A k~ t,4e.$k

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F' 6 *


*- .- ., .: .-.

'A.......- .., '. ..- ., .
"/ 'Ei/.'' ''' D U ;"" "
Fm IVA. ,,.. ..,. ..,
! s. ,' i,"''" --; ", "" ,i -k.' "-a o i. .-...., "+ -.+. ; '" .. s..

.4- '. -
~bm~ IEHA~ft led the


Ideas fofr
eo Inter-

t. ire;Mcwere
,--ftIn1804and._ in
M% y however, ever ca-
82.~aIw a purnedit, the
.. .. It would hae. ie

i- more state ved, it

Sth. AeiiJat pe n-
o goone eea to-o eth
i! .., feimend9 et o vl. naI
2 tor Instead of bo state leoala-
4 am8.. It was approved by the
a)ixt comee HQlUe fBye thies-and voted
ond o n the senate five tines.
ftA ot at l8o11,. S. both si-
t"g. i, necessary ilstate rated
i 't to yveat lSe ..atr

vice .

;..i ,-*'.-: r- 'i.. .-rt
'f -- --" 4 w. ..

D T ,
"' 11 1- 1 .
-. it aLI "
87.3 2
,., i&~ram ',

,bar. '.Of.- i bi


ide i. th lcee
it to Wes o first
t HIispaie had been
able. tot., _o _V e owly four
card.Oe t ,i _.i -. waOB
tHe the spades when

lblur' ,..- ,

a Vi-
h. i
ii-^^^^B .-5 _.ti^S .~t-.kif .m lJf

=- ,, -, .--n"--l., .

S- '

; "' ^ N = ." : i-g-'- nn-- -,

h T.t IIC S!S i
.. .

h. .N.$.. -- al;
I "i


Hui woman In a film baued on
the lift of Attlla. A llmer
midel, her real name I anr
Jane Hayd- and she was dis-
covered at a Washington, C.,
UK*" .unci. .

et red-threes still seem to s.
.ale canasta flyers, and tat
- s uble fothle samba play-.
ers. " ard add both splca
aid troubtle to the various games
f the canasta family. ,
.Let' see itf ve can review anll
of the rules that apply to red
To begin with, if a red three If
turned up by the dealer, it must
be covered by another card. The
-tr- lcfeard that is offered to tAd
.Wa y'must be a normal nat.
a..ot i.camnnot be a red three,
.a iaf ie., or a wild card. If
a rlbee turned up and cov-
ered, pack is then "born" froz-
SIflu do ialt aed red three. a

h d
I- ..l e .d .. at the

Ito' dr nw. -I W i.4 g."
wbgifdo H inolt e a rd' thne .
TI.s proe.s oi.gtting 1 cards
at the rniL ina not eomldered
part of the lay, moU have
lone th hu iaury Yu
iedde w:etber to drw Irom tie

I llrl eaeh laiwid

make ib pla.y. '

L7- ",
";.i1>. < .

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r' .

LF ;i W "-:
'.3 ~ ~ ~ -"V~ ^^ J:i]^ i
p51*'^ ^ ^ W 'fwI.-.".-';.

'' ** 64 3 sit,

R.m of.i

I it! 'f i4tlnii u 't 1

4"T. asai. I,

v w. ..." .l '-- -
) i .- 3
^ftj~pttt.- -tKo'lr 40-~iybi

hWr .War.Dlank.

AWOl For 50 Years
LONDON, Feb. 3 (UP) "Qeat
Britain toay forgaye -72-Yar-
old ert Doald, a natuiralled
Ameritan = of 3yome, N.
Y.. for having. gone abeent_ with-
iut leave 0 .year ag at,- the
end4 o ti. .r ar -
The War Office said it had
Inm.s&, a. mnaan-btan 'ne.ant .o-

frot moth R
because l feared the im_
of ga.ila life Io an3 4n i u
the bextemnt of the oer War.
lie boadet whlip for thea Unt
el tat"e wOere he be a
car center won ,w l h m..-
Last month a lRme newsman;
Malcol Alama, wrote QIeen
Elizabeth II oh Done4's bejal.ft
aukig. her pardon to tib deiu -

The letter was forwarded to
the Wr Office where a k
search of mnusty Ile ,onf10e%
all of Donald's story except s
name, which was hown to be
Robert Mitchel. He hadechanged
it in the -United States.

HIch-Hlker Tries

Holdup WI.h kife;

Killed By Motoris
CRESCENT rITY. Fla.., Fb. 3
(UP) A knife-wielding hitch-
hiker was shot and killed today
by a motorist he tried to rob
near here.

Police Chlef Sha m Guthrie
48-TSMI'-WO W. V. Pt- CI o.
Pomona Piwk i n-0 dri n-
Suop rman-tMlaitfleiai K H.
'-If', of: Washlnio.
d the ersfthat en tne
WUied .ut 9sw t"d lade
Sordered him to his
idkup tauk to the ai of the
road.- toed the track, then
ran with thi iptionu keys adi
a 22 automatte rifle he bad
hidden behind the tr No seat.
rSmith tarted chasn Potts t
before a bus and a pagalg mto
torlia P. L. Knowleg stopped a
the B& s
Kno0s sand the ba drer,
T. iul, saiud 8nmth
W th ,bem,." ot btof b
Sarove into town- to

II .
. Col -:


, I
1., ... .

is Cop llerxe

Sta Of Exection

a ty of ezecqtlon fot Luther
Carlye Wheeler scheduled t.
de Thuday milat for kill-
lnir--two lttealbu. ls. ,po-
llcaeap s M denied toai by
Wia Ci sc rustic~ Lgoa L
AdtvJr~tintanTones Jmat nu

The 3 -yer-old JackoIville,
midolstt pevuwrit te r me$1w,

Mothers Society
Bo^iZ -

To Sponsor Moss
The Atlantic Army Mothers
Society will hae a special high
mass, sung at the St. Joseph's
Church, Colon, at 7:15 p.m.
next week Thursday.
This I another of the church
services sponsored by this or-
ganizsston chiefly for those In
the Armed Services. During
the past year, like services
were beld at St., Vincent
Church, Christ Church-by-the-
Sea, pad the Trinity Methodist

1 -

-~ W

d..I d *F :. *,..irL-
nro RoSiothi:"p
Ito .r

fael. who QW are. being .
iinearn T uasei. com-
at ner here.
ne" er. .-.. d

'f "W t-... .....;.' *r ,,.
"lW i ".

.. '

iF. .


-~ 4'~'*3~


2Jrntine koo

*O'der thelaw Iv ro-

the on
i or fl ie '

I to o tho.e.
Itht. -The ~.b.y. th

000 moBe sub siedey ga toe t*e
are boar return itterm. t of
7t. .Per o 0 nv st d
imtal, Dome o,'

th e hum-0 th e ner-
U trdinaiment.o the U. .
Their aiurnem Court decision
torel, Ai r L-'aLatiMnAer.
Thle eontioverhy lentered on
the cpan d to sd
wFsth board estiMaed won d
ild -a'net rem of 7.4 per
eat. UntUd It yielded 12.51 pr
Cit.The company took in
000 more than necessary to make
the 7.4 rate.
The board refused to offset
the $M54,000 agaiUt the Inter-
national nd the Sn-
ourt. r that the
ar uld hve considered
the allne's "entire" operations.
Adventist Church
School To Hold
First Graduaition
The .DA hurch School holds
te gradiati.on exrqaes tomor-
row A., a a3 t the Ja-
. At .the elope of: the, graduation
ercise th fe will "e exhibit
S art wdrt dqae b .oscho
I O U.

First Count of Votes for the CARNIVAL QUEEN

Dance Music from 8:00 P.M.








. OW!, ete..
emnuue Partl

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Built in automatic series release
8 pictures per second

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all Ilm'es .

Color system for focusing.

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0 .

Drop 'h For Demonstradon

6 PORRAS- Plaza 5 de Mayo




...$ '

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,- v~.




* *,..





- '4;


_1___11 ___~__~_1 _1___~~ ~_I

S m


`L "


il I -- .



"-i'+ .? ................ ;-. -I-d

!; -YI"


tonight, Wednesday

February 3

al 9:00

Come and enjoy

the fun at our



h "C .7,,

~~~ --;Cr

- .- .

Z- 107



M .. *. .. .
r,-: .,- .' '.- "

Sru 'RAt1

SNE. W YORK-iNEAl-This gorgeous blonde, see,-was a gold-
er type. So she jilted her.boy friend, whose father vas an
millionaire, to go steady with another guy, whose fatter had
half-Interest in a coffee bean.
St the hit play. "The Solid Gold Cadillac," Loring Smith plays
j.ead of General Motors. He's a fast-talking old-timer, who
Srf laughs from big audiences with lines like, "I don't get
-I give 'em." But he's one GM tycoon who drives a Pack-
d, and therein lies a tale. .
"When I was reading the script of 'Solid Gold Cadilac,'"
sith says, "I decided I needed a new ear. So why not trade in
e01d Packard on a new Cadillac? The show was sure to go
SpY9; It'd be a good tie-in.
"So I went to the Cadillac people, explained about the show,
told them I wanted to trade. They'd never heard of the show,
Of course, because It was still only a script. So they didn't get
cited. Told me they couldn't get delivery for six months. So I
prt a new Packard.
&. Jackie Gleason. on his CBS-TV show: "I found something ab-
Relately new at a big-screen movie the other night-wide pop-
0 I,
You'll be glad to know that Alan Mowbray has that old con-
fidence back again. Perhaps you didn't know he'd lost it, but,
making 297 movies in 23 years-as he did-Is enough to take the i
starch out of even an Englishman.
"It got so." he sighed, "that if I had to memorize three pages'
of script it was a chore."
Which Is why, when he began to do a live television show, he
was a little unsure. But now, after a few months with the very
diverting "'Col. Humphrey Flack." (DuMont-TV) he's back in the
mental groove again.
Mowbray makes an ideal "Flack"--an honest confidence man
-even though not entitled to the rank of colonel. During World
War I, Mowbray was an enlisted man. He says he was "occasilon-
ally a corporal."
He is very conscious of the power of TV. and is careful abo;t
what happens on the program.
"You have a moral obligation if you go into people's homes,"
he says, ''Just as though you went in in person. There's no drink-
ing to excess. There's no pointing guns at people in jest. And
It's unofficially in my contract that I'm to have no physical love
scenes with young girls-not that I'd mind doing them, of course,
but it would be improper."
At the moment. Mowbray's big problem is should he sell his
California home or not. Flack seems to be a hit, but you never
know. He doesn't like hotel living-"room service eggs are always
ld"-but he's not sure whether or not to make the fateful step
and rent a New York apartment.
*-r Besides he misses the California beaches. "I guess," he says,
"I'm a beachcomber at heart."
a *

-e~ r
Trtuag. --


DEFICIT SHRINKS-Chart 'above, from Bureau of the BudiLt
data, shows graphically how the budget defict .has shrunk Ual..
'the Eisenhower administration. Estimated expenditures for fisal
1985 are 512.3 billion less than the estueatp in the 1954 budget thpt
President Truman submitted to Congress just before leaving
office last January.
:" .,-i


WrHA4OJPep-pVuIu.Mg U


THEY ALL REMEMBER MERlRY-Movie start Merry Aft es
smiles proudly as she wears the souvenir battlecket given her
by G.I.'s she visited during her recent entertainment Jnket in
Korea. She sports division patches and other military Inslapl
as mementos of her "tour of duty."

sell their spot. Doing this often enough can be profitable; some
make up to $10 a day.
And the overhead is extremely low.
Here's a case of a dog putting on the dog, On the newest
RCA-Victor Dna albums. y you'll notice that the company's trade-
mark canine. Nipper, is all dolled up. In four colors, yqt.
And if you've never seen a lour-color dog, you Just haven't


Special round trip fape iao- ("ut..u-New fork,
Los Angeles. "an FVtani aw ia'ttle

To New, fork ......... .. ;. ..;....,..5240.00
To Los Anukeles and d ra .......270.00
To Seattle ........... ..... ..........365.00


Skats Helps


OUTA MY Nsu.Mer,c E MUfU.w r HI c P17ITACUE
S^ DOOlfiY... I3 W JAIL..

..' ,I: ., A L .E DS
a. .-

ALL2i 0oo


Be Iii


-. I'.
r *'. .'

a: v4sa~w~

Hold It

VAEXAbfi i;Bhk


lav CAME To 1"



mi~ ~~~ g.W.^'HII

'r Is Discovered

1 MlCi


Idi rA, a. I


Cold Facts




o 60 wU WONrT weTro ca


\ 'I. -... -

I. jL

.r AP




,.-. ... ..L.. .'
-- ,.-tt s &;.

"* C ".-/-" ""

t i*** ,

-' ,. ,; ..- I l .k ,.

.;o, -.'.

'- p., m


C~-7J I ~S~b-~



S.. :.

.~ .~ ~
-. ~ p.. .4<

.' ., .. '.

Dr. Wang 14 c son
voy extraordinary and nsnter
pVe tcAy to fL 4wr

~b*r of tir M .nda.- \

m ..ionm pl aans- E Sehe

IMrt artmho vfwill make
her lewhome In New York, ten-
dered he, resgation as Presi-
dent at the riul M. AIfredsa
Zelet~ea. former Vicepresident

MIen Ilregar

r. Rbert f. Luls

noa be bIrth ofteir firs
ch ^b a Atn Lulf, born
sthe form ar er-
bahe r mow, dauYer ofM-

,Paternal grandparents are Mr.
ahd Mrs. 'o -). Lulfa of
NorthOvle. .ichiga..

th n tive anch, was
the at nor At a beautt-
It ran tfarewell-retre-
I'e1 l


Pampered. a
. the %ay You'll
$mpk This Season.
with a


Monday thru rhursua
these can be bao

Make yur


twes ybur bob)

m l 1j

4 ~ -l

W bie, me 5 j sfw -

1nS4bee. at Hotel TIvTl
TetA Pacific ide Panama a-

J.l Barrett Wives met s ft
of oMrs. R B .
, Connard, '
g ,nA. Ar. H.
ritta Mrs. P ,'as
Searn Ira. iM. C. Hill,
Volkert Jannb. Urs. H. .
a Mrq. F. I. Johnson,
Mrs.. Jepa Nlaen, it0 R. G.
Renniae, Mtr.. R 1 C, eaa.
Mrk. H. F. Sin Mr.B.
ml th Mrs. Il Thoama, MM:
A. S. Wallace, Mrs. Pd Weade,
Mrs. H. L..Wentworth and Mr4
V. C. Whitehead.
Dinner at Union Club
The Ambausadi of the U ted
State to Panama. Selden C
In and Mrs. Chapin we
for a dlnnei Rl- m Sataaf
Ing at the ni

Ien~lnb..ra r o. a-

JSI iphtp. Orficer_. C.uh
a4 res,

Coffee Meetinx Pebruary 10
The regular monthly meeting
0 ch coffee Of tht _qury Heights
Q Clb W& atel tthe,
Qrey Help Officers' Club
Wednesday, Febru0r .1L at 9:3

Dridre Touru pnt Winners

reezorAl i tal .

no ther ga are a: d
w r polr and mdntUn. -

solr 'exetom r

tZrifg squad who H to
tatl 's defense p ir "an
ect ear dream that will not
=II adminitration through
S of state Join

pr la oOur o ea

3n whos i ive t
lbo" saidte a "Idon

Ite t w st rpes
term&G of .%He
national defenam s re.
ct- w o wasr captured three
The tanhe Oerman tin Worlcf
Wag and left for dead after-
bVcLnghot four times by a Nasi
xetOLK. mqd, also called gor
dNatlo1 is vefstligation of
K ornittr iy ate ries.

St. Mary's Starts
NoctUrnal Prayers
iFriday Evening

FThe Necturnal Adoration so-
rety of St. Mary's Mision will
Iol nthe hours at adoration be-

1 t, Van iii IIte f ira 1d ht1 t FMm a ,urt W
Linas who won th P contest Sundbyixght at'the d e in t lo,.,
ashionshoawn show honoring att will hi t toit Iities t the,
hote Batrting tat' _Z the patio t he ift U will open with a ade of beautiful young
amodla wearing es sons in dressba n .suits, shorts, pe pushers and evening
gowns. The aao-IR also feature K. Otp on the divi board.
ISarfita u wone the vote count of Sp$nadT a smal margn over Norita. On Friday night
at another gay dance in the patio the final remults.of the election for Queen will be announced.
The Queen will then depart eoon for Miamioer week's visit, part of her prise from Hotel
I Mnama.
The re-earnival danee Friday night will feature three lively orchestras... Tommy Nufies and
his Toreadors, Lucho Asuarraga and his Merry Musicians, and the "Murga," or Queen's Carnival
1h 0~

Groundhog Ac

re Cold Fo

(UP)--Punxsutawne- aweather-
wise woodchuck made his year-
ly groundhog day appearance
yesterday and bright sOu sent
currying back into Wbur.
*Q to snooze through 'a lore
aeeka of winter wea&te. L.
Ha the groundhog failed :to
see his shadow, spring would
have been close at hud, accord-
ing to the old tradition.
But the faithful members of
the Punxsutawney Groundhog
lub decked out In traditional
"waliow.tall coats and top hats
for the annual coming-out par-
ty, reported that "old reliable"
emerged at 8:03 a. r. ST, saw a
shadow 3 feet. 2 inches long, and
promptly darted back for cover.
Then, despite the wsan sun-
lght, the.Obsqrvet4 *treated
eMer. Int0 their topcoats, ad-
Muiedthlr secrecy shrouded
*U In--d W nex by bl 's" eed. t"ere way.
back to town for the annual
Goatndhog y festivities, which

.': ~' f i eac.- the Included a gla communl10 ban-
Caribbean Stamp Club. Rb~ Ile d4 amne toalmeat
The Cadbbean Stam S f 'thyr and .Tam U-Trpromnent coal op-
will meet Monda at 7a- Sdi in t :0 MaIsa there erator and president of the club,
:wll fleet Monday at "7/f ,e o t sh
in the library Of the Jewish W- 4e benediction of the blessed said the odbler's Knob gather-
fare Board on La Boca Road. An sa e ng was carefully uarded- this
auction of stampn will be e- er are expected to be bar to preve "ap '" from in-
feature of the evening. for thetr specified hourfiltrating.
Members ar reminded t ad hour' the pre- entioned no names but
Mei their .mps for theec, 0, o eb ed sacramentt imfplTaat supporters 'of rival
ras. All.ptereate Iadult are epoed on te., altar. groe t p at rryvme, a.
I.. to attend.",--. apd PrLe, Wis.. were out
ed .: this rto tea. their chuck's
Clot Notice I'MPl 1IO fcr
~l~iem Club No. 40 wl hol C- were carefully
regular monthly Meetin e s tle sing conven-
edav eehing at 7:30 at .L "e CarIton, managing
0387 ew coroal A ea. aW ditag the Punxstawney
plri was namedtheadAf a spe-
agiep W Meets Wit*ik ittle Caldate fo. the Drive-I! C1 t w11a uty committee
's Aurst meetfa t the Ci rl Theat *Clkat, queen con- to od u versv
i e rop t al a -wastest wl be kiaoduced to the f. dlsm.ed nas
A6l Monday WvSnfl f at the rer- th'ater patrpn.,tonight dur- a *ecuzM.u r. when he ad-
A' re ofl MrS. N. Little was- asIthe ternmissioY following Sun Praide 1 : Another had
Croi.l. Cr Lttle, wo8 th. utd i t- tlei
the firs sowing, of tonight's hisuOewbership card withdrawn
Jated M heic-chairmen,dM Eu movie, it Ma announcedto- wh he nvked the Fifth A-
Jamhes Marthnahl and MrS dael Fiftvh A
Bennett.. men ment in refusing to say
Lt. William Dolan addressed he theaters terrace haswhether he was or ever had been
the group on "Warden Service" been enlarged In order to al- a member of the Quarryville fac-
and showed movies to llutraae low space for dancing during lion.
bsl talk.the forthcoming Carnival sea-
Those attending selected a son- PgEngl is an odd jargon
Warden and Amsltant Warden Candidates will vie for the that as served as a common
for the Corozal townsite. Those honor of "ruling" over the tongue chiefly in the western and
chosen were Mrs. Little, Wai- Drive-In's festivities during the southern islands of the Pacific for
.. .. four-day fete. more than 460 years.,

1AFofL Urges Construction

Of 600000Low-kentUnits

IAMI, A BEACH, Feb. 3 (UP) bladt and plAnning of me-
S he American Federation of trup 't' areas to meet modern
Labo served today that 0 te utements.
,-min Americans live in sub- 3. Government assistance for
standard homes and urged middle income housing et-
construction of SO0M low-reAt peclally thorough long term low
Sun* uit within three years. cost loAil for co-operative and
T bull din of low rents %. non-profit hopstal and en-
S nits ould- tha first st eo mi Aouragept.e;of construction of
a "ld nad compiehenmsve outsinir.orUAL
the_ '. L- n up 3. Protection for home-buy-
1repie an g"oesliatic" sa ers under lederally-asslted
-- N-i po- gPS. Sprograu Includlnq is require-
S UfFe W min -tton proam. dat ry builders'
Si d admintstamtian's hous- warrant agatdst structural de-
Ing outlined in the fects.
I L N lea housIng message AFL PA sIdent George Meany
ido prsvide the drive at the sm time defended
,to asue 'the pan- labor's' ole in the construe-
,M so,..of houint activity or to tion ot. He said that
dkiec where such xtenalaoan- isa char itm r-beddingh lave
hV f a nud d apst, the nIaon lead- nt p" sal" that labor
ram "at eta seald Ia -a stement. l fweased while
iwft b L unzW4N 1ti M no* costaas i g a declin-
Swma wo sa ; iho s.' Mesn lbod a press confer-

tf, : I ; -S f
... 2-.. __ __ .

tion Forecasts

)r Eastern US
o -
I Imposters a. Johnny-come-
latelles," said Likht, in shrug-
eing oft the rivals.



Your car keeps that new car FA
n4i6 longer. eamw ROYALM T
i isee,9" event, pewer.rebbng depo.

e ffltsonds or
9. M4 end 10.30
hi.fram bAuidg.up.

I OPEN WIDE, PLEASE-Sgt. Henry Hammel. of
Wash., now with the Marine Corps 3rd Motor Transport
feeds a thre"-year.old at a battalion party for children of Waham
inatsu Ryo Orphanage, near Camp Gifu, Japan. The men
clothing, food and toysto orphans at the party.




Tel. 3.4987 Panama or wire s~eervatlon
Hotel Panamonte, Boquete
*** .,

ROYAL TRITON 5-20 o10-30



NM -O.weeM

enine respt starter.
cu. twee.fldowhg ROYAL TRTO" PO;'d '1-30 reach
a cold *gnoe's bore meal far hble mWo cmple-
1*. Thuisaves, yew botUery i'

W'WIol been provtI l .Prove i your cor l
verwy prom6e here gho bem ee p iem .-he .inod rf ous
of teal Peet drl. rdve ste prombihes yo cor.

A A. sur Al
LSUWil 11$

44~; e


HERE'S WHY: Thesen. s ld
combustion chamber deposits to a mmnlmum, mud
modrhiNllyc-duce Jrictlon wear during staot n

3 OILS IN ONE -..r.
engine with the thoroughness of a light ol end.
protect it with the toughness of..g.heavy Ail.1

5-20 and o10-30 .moor ol flow s o freely ,t ay.fU ert
icrese engi e ff.enemay.


Ue =yAL TRITON 5-20 rude wih say o ew cmr otse dpt
,. 2o wo(gM mo.L qa. .. MenYA WON 10.40 .rwo
w"h 7 cear. mew or oKld.amNo nmo a 30-ww eie
eI m Ughee. hgitS'e yeo dasiser pemiedhes rur
VWo V;,d' pi ~ lg_ G

. .




. .

ILw gal lENDU ZXimri:

- .~-1

- -I



.V. ;.

- 41


.4 9
4' -4. -

-. *. .4
4.. 4 -!

N sK

3'33Nx A SlOAN'X-m

- Minimum
for 12 words

. '.:. N P E YOR AD AT. .

., .v



44 ; 7 Street No 13

Juato ArosameneM Ae and 33 St
B Street No 26

Central Ave 14
N4. 3 Lotler Plaza
Fourth oa Jbly AWe.

H Street No. 57

Agmaelta Itemal. d* PubUesacionebi
45 Central Ave.
farque Lefevre 7 Street
I o0 Cantral Ave.

i11EETem A"
I mr 4,Sn 4

'4.. Tr-

L' ft RfetsI~iaL^^p&'SS9-J
-'l1 iiiimiii.--iik--iiBirrrnLi nn Irb



.. b...ti t.A i 4,m ':. i+. *..i. ,-.. -- -. ;* +-'*:y? *

I AAx rapb s X. o-at 6e Two or X me e
I..... WM ". -t .. t -l +ii
3 .bo.di f"M fedy th

GEO. F. NOVE Thsd great oe

a GcEO. FNAvE-YT?,: sewe a strival NpCe dtpait0iwaly
a ere to fid-h-he d'an clubs a ton al o
i i in Panama alsoh besides the 8000 '1 bortuhatel t t
a ktib%' club fcst i "at huslasts all B" la not tops in the -
.Samba ... Tango. Y rda he.thri auienet 5, w pwt'ei, o
.l isot, a F t, h.m.. -*er-poutar .tvery- erantie. .
SW %I dio kle, el IkavoO Is 7oug, retAder- back a beaurns'it
a.i te "soft otnd e.laow 'lDea of Panama, a, i.b
t4-u 1 *e k helped t ototttt e op here. his'
Wehd t rhs e I t Apo;i.iga ton his- .rd
A TT & DUN o HOti Very favorably
GEO. V NOVEV ENe,. The ,xod grea. P^ l ,t oi :,t res

m r A "e ..e .. t .f; .e .fin b-e-he-fan clubs ato for ral O M'r o ,.
S .25.cle RfInPanama.erim brators. l etheb8f If rt a ;t i t'4'1a
m aganb k... .e udge0. ast hg ta all is not lo.i thaein

*Ot, .7, 3 cu. ft, I year Jibt'i AhW, ant "ConhO To those who f;lIed to tickets
LTDA. 5th t. Central A.T Percus opt Bid alkin, 'Concert. ow

Household Autoumiobiles GREAT OPPORTUNITY in Almace- WILLIAMS' nt Clara each C I Au*t e I I
..-. ne; ILONKA TITA. Complete toges. Lr corritertoble, made, .
'SALE.---Generoa Elctri.. refr.g- FOR SALE:-1941 Plymouth, sedon liquidation. Merchandise completely Fear beach. lolbeoo 050. ucept
'.or all porcelain. Two hcndrr.ode good running condition,, $225. new, shoes for ladies pnd children. weekends.
spreads. Mahogany cocktail Phone 87-214. Sgt. O'Brian. Cocktail, afternoon, cotton dresses Pn1i .L Oceanside Ltto a to -t
le. Misc. ier,.. Hzu:e 0434-C FOR SALE:-951 Ford 4-door. good and bathing' suits. Great asiort- Clar. Ben 435. *elSli Phone
n -14 a. m. t1 6. p. m. daily condition. Reasonable. See otter 5. ment of clothes for children. From Pnel 3-1877. Crisdbal 8.173.
SALE:-.--Li..groar. fur. ture Hise..6416 Corozal. Jan. 29 to Feb. 3, 33rd Streetf.
,mio t3ble. -1 ch ,.. ,. 1m --- FRESH EGGS Delivered. If you are ao OL Cfampori Sn e sh iri ld
a. inctgdrg rnu -re- .1:.' 1-I... WANTED Ancun. B.tboa or Cu- Phne, 5HtAPNIZ elbe, 9. l31,
r cl 2 7-ti. P Co, r'e : ; r A 11 rundb. Tel. 3-1241. Potamo. or f caretaker IM ", t h
.ndu. P e Altomohiles DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. Gromlich Santa Clara Beach cottages,
SALE: -- Pcf.. r, tabs.- AANTED:-Smoll car, good condl- Cenital Avenue '-K' Street. Corner. electric refrigeration, -gas ioves,
er. Ccrcz:, 6-4. fi b.a.. P-.- ,on Will pay up to $-400. Coil 2- Telephone 2-3-49, PanamA. moderate rqt. Phone 6-441 or
er5p.n. n 5447. Dealers do not coll. 4-567.
-SALE.- Vieraion Lil..-rd 10 it -F Fosters' C aei. One 1011,1,111
S Bds co.,e. ch Wanted POSition FOR SALE C
AIRORS. taobl'-. kir,-hen cabinet-.' ...__ Mm l lln, Pholn Balo 2.1184. 1. t f s
i board. el' cck. Euopean born lody seeking position MiC an e lInens. Phone Blbea 2-
lo. Off ce dc. LATHE. PIPE as'housekleeet for working Amer- FOR SALE.-Gerdern Trdctor. Good FOR RENT I
READER. Au., eight Girl n couple or companion t-ldeilv condition. 2 mowers. Dscs o
ISESSES 6 1. 10 r 150 Pro.- person..Very od cok..M. Edith w F loo kr..n Io -ue---Edih r
---t Street, Bl, ii- ctgu Phiin Ty.poldos Box 16. Ancon. ..-- %r r F. r it ct N.i.
9.__'t street. Bo ..r Ph -' Ty dOo R nc n. Via' Porros y talle 9. Tel. 3.4981 ... "-
89 P. 0 Bo ) 845. FOR RENT:-Furnish .
SALE-- 1 bao- bo in;rci Gcen .- ---- ---- bedrooms, .parlotdj ~
vy 3i39. House 2539-C, Coco- Boats & Mio. 2 ALMACEN ILONKA "TITA.. Big itlf ~ e Kitc en p atio w, .o" '
s-- & M rft alel I of all m erchandise. Dresss efor c ar' Hara and o e ml % .
INS' BARGAINS! BARGAINS! FOR SALE --2 H. P. ror pew, )2 ladies and children's shoes, under-, 3.15t Poem. T pan a
reccndit.oned and Used Fdrn,- ft. Plywodd boat, .one ensed wear nd bch clothes from Jan.
in sets and individual piece'.; Boat trailer. Phone 1153-8, Co- 29 to Feb. 3 -in Justo Arosemena FOR RENTF- -House In' C-ri A l.
-w- fit an d pocktbool. Make a Ion.. "h... ... Av'eiu and' 33rd Strtet. completely furnished, fouat bed.
down xivmenr and we 11 deliver FOR SALE: Outboard Cruiser 8 Sealed b dJ. n triplicale, will be re- rooms.'swimrming peol, water serv-
furnture rodoN Vl',, us and feet, completely equipped. two ceicd ,n the olfice.-af the Engineer- ice ectri plant, act tlly occ- '
|5 r ~Vourse h bunk' brand ne~ eaipit 0 osnd Construction Dictor. hou edy se Mct. a ay,
popular .,oe in town troi with or without 10 H P. Heights. Canal Zone, until 10:00 or further r l .ornnl: .ta
mobile Roe No. 41 Tel 3-4911 Johncon. Also 12 12 De Luxe o. m. March. 3, 195.4, and then .Re Maol4 oi0.OtPone3- 0Lft.7h' nlyr
ional Ave I runcbout. Fort Gulick 88-25g. publicly opened, for furnishing all 00- nth.
SALE D bd rrre-- plant, tools, equipment, labor, *erv- FOR RENT:-Chalet' tw bedrooms,,'
SAE -Double Fb r eS2 FOR SALE,--.2' sloop, :' beam. ices, nd ..materlols, and for p.r-s livinag-dinngoqn,. SM allttn. d. a''" "
00. small tae. $2 00.4 2 daft, gaff rg. 25 HU Uni- forming ll work for construction Ju Arosem 9 top flo.
S ae white boaboo set. Double vers;l Atom;c 4 inboard Enginre t mng on work for construction ap- us ArosemOEN 97 t p floor. A -
clr, Ottoman. two chars. 75 00 Licensed for 6 passengers. Sleeps purenones on da d ge cul CHALET FOR RENT-4 urnished con' .
e 154 Cocolh Place. Pedro Mi 2 Ideal for fishing off reefs ,n vert at BoS HeightsC. crtte with refri.ritor. +Z-ed .
Telephone 4-46 Perlos Islands. Call Amador 82- forms of propols speciotions parlor, dmninare, porch, d kitAr, ,.4
SALE:t-E piece nhogonv 4140 from 0800-1600. Evening. rnd full particulars ma iob garage $100.00Suitabl for tt
adoom suite, ronge, bed. mat- Cocoa. 3193. ad from the office of the Contract couples. Enquirer 112 Via Blis
t nrght stands. vanity, stool C C -- nd Inspection Division, Room 343. rio Porras, near ,AS Stove.-
w drobe, double mirror, like new L 5 S Bolta Heights, (Telephone 2- FD CIT
Hollywood bed innersprig 379 or 2-26981. Specifications r/ REN I .-L
ress. One 8 mm Kodascope PLAY THE PIANO.. .BEGINNERS.. and: drowns will be issued an a
1. "7-A, Projector. Coll 86- tChildren or AdultSl. Lean th.deposit of $40.00 per set. Deposit A l t I
fundamentals of parcticalpol will be forfeited It specficetlons A'3'TI u .s:."J I ". 'O .-"m "
-eorn-~ h9 and drowns ore not ret turned A ll ,, ll .,
$- Three compartment. .yist ..... o n. 'quicklu sh ea..ti .., on, -o
$9a.00. ,V-- h s'-i n.c ,ruv P .o of bidi. bedrooms .hot, c.ld wa t er.Tl"
0o.00 Mahogany ubte -r-s ____g '-'___________ eGph- Panna 3.. ". "' "
-1 ..t,0.. Sgt. Gopzi'ez, No. 8. Lo.rn Sa. hit.ldh-. ..Mr$ ,. riU PR 4ALE:-New Hoffmon got wo- ALHA IIA I'MINT" I'I I
SAp. 6B. Tel- Pr r other: 30 g(. opaity, still M 2 4 n.
3985 oe Sinshipping crte,.Coll Pnm 2- r ..r. -i.-'. Alhambra's offe
iA + N T E -a y fl l -M i ifa ,ilm + -,' + .. .. .- Is 7,.-. "

.B 1,-I' Si S^SS'l.tered Cocker
WEIP IUNUP .FOR RENT :-FurnlIhd apfment.
..Roonm: .in C hral rone. Well trained. Tel. 4,2240, Kobbe. couple. 4rd Street No, I, Bell
by mature woman. Tel- -F J: R SALE:-Se-ing machine, 'New Vista. I
242?1.---- a ea .. Htme. Perfect cqndiStion. ^ ~ C FOR RENT:-Weci located two bed-
TO BUY:-Pmooth tires,*M artiao eIn t y ld. $ Navy 2386, room apartment, riving-diningroom,
to for reconstruction. Recan- atioa ifldiutry recently aind all elevator, hot water. Justo Arose-
,ctora Nacional S. A. No, 7. Pd- signs point to a permanent stay. FOR AL men 97. top fl.,oor.
. Avenue. Tel. 2-0406. Automaiffoh, which has revolt FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment.
: Help W nted lionized the automodve iadustr, Real Estate two bedroom, diningroorn, fivng-
--- sped demon, used b the "Curtiss-,age. Phone Panama 3-0898.
DED-Exgerjence4 cook-houise Wright Corp. to t partj in place, ISO CANAL ZONE FAMILIIS noW wFORoo E, a' en -
with recommendations. tighten bolts with minute accuracy live in St. Petersburg, Florida, and FOR KENT5. Apartment, $40.00,
a. eavy laundry Good wages. and dp other woick 50 times faster many more live nearby. For infor- niCe view, Airport rood No. 65.
l at or Federico Boyd No. 31,, than t1e, human hand. nation on Florida homes, aport- Call from 8 to 12, 2 to 5 p. m.6
.,,loor.00 -__ ''* / ments and Real Estate investments Telephore 3-1235.
-ur Cti-Wrightl chairman and write James F. Oive. s c/ RoberterR F RENT:-Fumrished apartmer,
residtt,o R 7 Hurley, said au- Eo Lea, Reltbr. 611 First Avenue also two furnished rooms, nde-'
soal tin I ole "frd ThR tipn North, St. Peter.burg. Florida. pendent. Private house, Bella Vista.
s.'1d l l i'of aircraft ngties-. hal the pre- R I45tir treet.No. 14.
C vious cost in one-third the area OR SALE:-Srall chalet. with 690 45t'r Street No 14.
required by a conventional-type as, meters Idnrd, fenced Low down FOA"RET --T Furnished modern'
se.s-bly line. payment. -x -52. Curundu.____ partmeht or. two months in Bella
FOR SALE:,-'Chalet two bedroom. Vista. for a couple only. Can be |
e S a result, double the number 184-A, Belianrio Poras. occupied from March 7. Call tel- I
l l aitt.c .nid foreign. airlines ... -ephone 2-3438 or 3-0766 mom- a
rma serv British Co t FOR SALE-Borrgain house 2866 sq. ings from 9 to 12. Ask for Mrs.
TN, Feb. 3 (UP) etliners hive signed tip for planes meters of land; chicken coop, fruit Mono .
-tate- .. ,e 1ry b.ut with Cbirtisi-Wr it's latest turbo trees. Pebo Nuevo, 4120. Tel- --
Ll.sne-of .t-e, .Ilavy's lt compounds reciprocating engine. phone 3-4696. FOR RENT:-Cool. 3 bedroom apart-
inetween sail and ateamr, .tme nt, unfurnished, 2 bathrooms,
oed today In austere mill- Hurley. said the new automatic maid's room fully screened. $150. I
s at Arlington Na- assembly line, first m the aviation EGA N 00. Tel.-494.
etery industry will.enable frth develt ta a FOR RENT.-Furnished apartment,
y was cared by en- p eaoniUpetob dana f swBritfhF jet I. CCtsel Ze America- s d
w to a. bllaite plot s a' me ithit aext ? ears,, U ITED STATS' DISTRICT COURT el 3- 2739, Cae quillo 637
l bears Navt "' FOR TIE DISTRICT OF THIE FOR RENT:-Furnished 2 bedroom 1
..CAAL ZONEC oortmenfr Ir *i#4 Vista, including
Su mDIVISION OF. BAL'CA everything. Call !1-1596 ofter 7 00-
Oldest flFt ff cr, W Edward Vasques Chavez... evenings or before 9:00 mornings.,
Wth US Lgabor Force officerPlin, --
Y ork S aturdaylVa W illi Is a a e s .. v. FOR RENT:--Nice furnIshed apart-*
and eventful 5 UJ L oLL aa n C eeFr mont. Military inspected. Via
eluded sej'yle in 'the .. ,SUMMONSDefendant. Pnrras No. 99.
har-. a War .an. ICAGO (UJ.P.)-The first day Civil No. 34154'
a nursery in the U. S. opened in New Civil Docket i FOR RENT I
SftYork City 100 ybari #go, but to. ACTION FOR ANNULMENT
a l&fettte pined five' day there are more than 3,500 7 the abo"e-msed e ." ROO
&UaUn's blaoiest con- day there are more than 3e0 Yenae Y hereby r"eqredt. appear Rooms
throughout the country. ., Rdand emn rcmmtaltfled Inthe
FOReU et th 4e o o lan- 3 is as FORRENT:--Farnished room. Re-
w the Nlkv, complete The American Society of Plan.-,bOe-e-o.titled antien within thirty1I FR Nroom. Re-
sail to stteamn and nng Officials cited those figures de ite ta Itrst datr of pablic.atio sponsibe married couple of good I
Alm-age of atomic pro-In a study of the development .ofu aEod in
case pI your failure te oe s per*. habits, kitchen if desired. 9th St.
Si the day nursery as a national in- ene r S for the No. 12, Apt. A.
Sfour years aboard situation. ed In the cm Cpa uta FOR RENT--Furnihed room. private
.fou rdWITNESS the Hetrbj GuthribrafFinil
s ilingM shi i SAnato- Behind the figures, the society Erowe, Judge, Unitd States Deta both oand goge for bachelor in
187 d1892.Court... .:-rt hisDin strict of the I Zon family house. 45 St. No. 35. Bella
1i8e andK Latero :ee said e l s the .story of mothers join. u this Fe Itbr y ee Zn ste Vista. No 35
tii bo1 La he, fl? eng the labor force in everincreas. c T. McCormick Jr .. _________.
all naval forces ng numbers through the depres-C r i i
Sld Ro elt's to 5,2.0 1930's,0 during the yearsough World r (SEAL) cool room for 1 or 2 persons
hLs active career II toar 1951. andn the.rpreent period 1r Lyei E. Hlrien Meals asp ilrt ble. Call 3-179 ou-
t of the u S. N a- si e need tor ay nurseries can no c .su' f is sa is er rewrd o

gM i ef;0 gtes elesj ,' qTergencity said the umba r a. Y. b.- ama 34992 house 3-0732.
S working married women within ---rr e f T ALL CO STUCTORS
M Wliam ID. Leakhv, 'Edrem undNer 18 rose from 1,5"00,00 Cret. Judge, IJ4.' State:Distrect. LOST:--Pasprt orsl with Amercan ic
i P ent Roon velt's to 5,262.000 during the yePrs fromin io the Dl oth traivellin docu-I
,__ 210titnerW as -was Ttneed fordynrseies ftwin thii i nb ltothe office .l hte ments. etc., wil pay reward toil
the -was10e need for day nurseries eCn o rko ef aid United States Districi finder. Call Soul Jacobs. office_
le t C 2 -bPanama 3-4992 or house 3-0732.1
.el..._ierso t..... i fi,4di N adC. T McCormick, Jr.
myLei. 3. tHrriao
thi e edt ]thia* on wheels TO ALL CONSTRUCTORS

.T. ELEPHMOE cr7ae7 .;:;!zed

A: dee-eo 21;w2 ws and










Rat Thesitte? Col6a.

r"'mp m Bertley N. Sprier Has 45 s
C Exper ence Of Al tg Isthnm"ns
i 12 -d 1 --"
*Stturdy U -1 13 now.

e cuts
STRANSPORTES An. zne ,al a
BAXTER, S.A. o n4 .-
Pa-t Shi"ppes. Me ers f i .i
U.*. RIUDESHEIM has een l
Teller Tranmportes Baxter 1918 !0
VLEAIO Tmrueom -tna-4, em,
BExpert Meenalic in Ultra- HeB '
matic and Hydranatic Tran
mis ,, offers his professional ol -
services. o
;' -* f~ffaithful servie.. a i-- ^- $ 1
SRpara instalation of ga ...Thie letter was presented by f hr dae hter.
I, toe. wifil heaters, etc. .i. keoward .W. poan..uoer- art in thhLocal--atehboa
g ;, SIDnN MORRILL. .iindent ofGorgas he reh lthe cal Zone. .
RN sIM I aer special ceremony held In the ;is yunet son Is now
r1OPL E or-LE2 presence ot ehe he of pofes- teqndhgT etW Qtgke-no o6-z
.. lal serves and sections of rctlcut and will complete he
rc o dl LIHosItLr.... o"r dre ,.,WO.
,- d,.... .r .a .aras, nd bgve fa b e ouummoy ot, e. -

Pe-o. gl n Dezann.s springer forefIsg
It Is n ipbrslve history, for _til haiAe' a hl
*0 S d rl h &,Amo t Apim I p crstewent to work -with of him Hei wan -toreiman
Acid HeJ4h'Zuieau shortly te Ihmu Wb X12,
Cel, ah,, .ye,, triv#-d"here -rokn9Barb'doldIn Ask, wiS t -inth4 ^,
(Paia'M' -tn t. 10 when he was 19 years old. .t... a p-
TROPICALELEmTRON. reMau hCbeeh fnbrdke. Love, Cherish
His first job was with the Gor-
Cel 4U Np. a -"- TM. |.1j gona dispensary where he be- An Evade
....1 N r r Ri. ctne a quinine.; sd -Ber. Thit And Eva de,,-
job' arqued tha he m-ake two AUSTIn., M11n. web..
I a-ow a lo *trips a day- thrQugh the shop The Burtop Chandlers have
Sw area handig out quinip which discovered tlO disadvantage of
".Aal w 5 14 as much a part of the con- befg t two-cat fa iUy with a
s'ructlon day diet as salt or su- one-Far driveway. .-
NAIL ENAMEL anad r. .and Mrs. Can"ler 'cold-
..... .I .1 ter Gorgon& was closed, he ed'yesterday As they 'grove 9.11P
worked at C.rozal, Paralso and autos out of the driveway. Dent-
LaCrone Pedro Miguel Dippeasaresbefore af -l. .- .... .. -
I '4l.l~ m i ___....._.. ...... .

EVICE e newest thing on wheels
R iEA Unit Custom Designed
1 and Installed- 4 or

See it at the

No.ViaNASH Dealer
i, .,. aler
il > --"J-- --.;*. .^ ,+

~~~ ~~ A_ _~_

E ."Tel. a
I---- 4 d
,'igOfLams sev
in history C1insultSers NASH
UkRftAdm0. LN C. V13
SuI | Iol S-, I H UI RtR- --- -
Iof Lwt pel.f .rt | LIONS.CLIUB -APARwTw'1

v v


maI e

S-i er
n '"'" Jl l .l


(retiw the Arows)

th newed tha on ..


aS anltW

w a. --


: I


A.-ts t ..- t- -.
V" St aSS-~ri_ fl 11,.




- -

i .

'- "* .'1 1 M

-I~ "-~~. r~-ul2-~r-r-.; ~ ;-.; -ro~~r.~aEi~a;;n.*;rura~lu.. .-~LC :..-il.i. ~.~.~i~--L




+ .

,.., -

_ I



. i .

; ,. .,..:

...r..- .. ..-. ... ... .. .. .. .. .. ...
, '. .-. .. .. w........,o,. ." ,., .',-.-3-f":: ,' .

"regular 0 .
ahti ele a.nm. r :l
S:- & ** : i Y M -- At U

T.R I..t ................."'.. 11 .
hpelar. B election will SCOND P .ER ......-........... .. W
1W will-We THIRD PRIE .....................

I g0ck doi%,t a eootribu- turn trom a four day visit b T hIst Thone Thse prices will be distributed .wm6ng those who submit the
S- Wi10-Ut Awton Oli "41 104%- will o rits b.t- *answersto the fo"ll"i qesons: -
m- : ..... "P E..Gawk.s; Atg a r di r mr
Ai. o Wt pThe aistBrisdTeat.. m eeg l.-If you were a doctor and you had to attend to a person
< t al dcte The A tlantic Bridge C MT t ata ,t .m30 p.m. who was gravely Ill, but you are sure ik yomr wife's
?t.da tsay htWide W ter onmet Mondl a at theiMarg e T h Annual Gol Touna- lover, what would. you do?
%ha 41sidBT t urto~r R iilubhouse : for "their e9Wy. mft will. be held S DBralns
meeting. d .uplite -gamesl. egl0 Club, eli l r I.-It y t4 managed t4 save the man's life, how would
Door were dona ted bW i wifters 'of the L e 414 sehbrarl git you act towards your wife?
Dor. r -V were aeYgam weltrrPNorth- anad South:-a special guests
M y 1.Ju lusL ta. .w. F. b- oppri.en hot r 3. being -What attitude would you adopt towards him?
:rSO '3 _MrCs. 3Ktpd Mi'ra son; 2. CaptaiM and Mrs. John conducted evYey Sundpy eve- 4*--If you were the doctors wife, what would you 0o?
* .Btitr(l Cox, MM. a son, Flieatock; 3. Mr. and. Mrs. n atUe Olub
,l. Coubrg M & Wi Lynn Cottrell. ning at the b. CONDITIONS
,sro, East. *. a Bat Ad West:-. 1. Mrs. Noel Y "Yesn tBe.
..r. n. .p#hillips and Mrs. William WAl- Pres" by Cl l. -Answers must be sent -to the Central Theater, P.O. Iox 1804,
Mau. VerMt P--f as9sted her dron; 2-. Mr. Peterson and The a lS d uAIttIC starting Feb. 1st.' IeC.-ontest will be closed the 15th.
dauglte pPlOr, with .Mrs. Chapin; Oswld GOn- Club _of Crtsk 14gb.
refreth p for tletrot. eand JO. o.O 'm onhO l rh ptepntln8 o yA 2.N.--Answers must be' ipil out in Spanlsh, double-space, with
eThr e mnt Members are invited to btinl easlj C awM .the g ti of anextension of not atore than 300 words.
included: Mr.' aAd Mrt Crt, lptereted friends to the games. February 19 d 20 :00 p.m. -The coupon th appears n The Panama American about
Mrs. R. a. White, am Frances thobal editor School Cis- the Contest must be enclosed, together with the answers sub-
Mo6wa Mrs. Aac. Rtm"t. ey Vit the T mbers1of the a st- in. cited. ..i ,-
"W s,," VitIhnii _Mrs.' Arthur Laney, of Chi.- ~cue1. Mles Virginla, Sheila 4.-The names of the winners will bi published the 18th of this
M"W Berlv6 Ai .aisloS cago. M eights., Illino. arrived, -Terry Louis, SBlly month and the praise will be awarded Saturday, Febaruary
and 19i4slMorma '. Perm recently for- l visit with her Morland, and Sandra Motta, the 20th at the Central Theater at I pin.
berton who6 re ititloned at daughter a ason-in-law, Mr. with Eugene Didler Alexis Vila, -C. N.
Charlastob,- C-, "fith" th# aSnd Mrs. Wallace Rushing of Robert McSparren and, Larry ... ....
Wavefo, rrw ece r Gatun. Miss Ann Dowd is coachinlr -
son's relativeq, S-t.3 4 Mrs. Rebekah Meetingr MrJ
A. C. ]rIh, of--Ir&:n-Ulck... Thi Cristobal Rebekah Club- Griswold 1p in clArge of the
.- Will meet Thursday, February stato management.
Mr.-and Mrs. Lee Return 4 at 7:30 p. m. at the Cristobal Tickets are on sale at fifty.
Protm or"4 .-, eraonic Temple. 'C. for adults and children.
Mrs. lee's brother and sister- Gatun Auxiliary Meeting ( t .
Min-l, Mr.ti M. rMhpA y of the Gatun gV u
Seeley, of .,18 rp X~ ch ,wil hold 1i
Myr2 DPer 'ent
.....r S D idends

W1~-WA TON. Feb. 1(UP).
The t.500 corpOrations whie
deport puttlicly on their divi-
dendr y'ad ".u.t f,54,o000,00f0 t
stociholdery Tat year, the Con. I
merce Department reported to.




| --




with. the Great Comedians


$1.10 PER CAR

SHOWS-7.SO,-9o,0. :b1&.p .

Glenn FORD

Ann VERNON, in





mm _I

--t t -
'BANK DAY $100.09 Free atof 5 and-9 p.m.
Robert Mitchum. in "BAD MAN RETURNS"
'AWkW ,4kjouaWUl 6& R.dmolph Soot

J aa Cpal &Aeaters -

IAL3OAJ. g -- DI*WlTS 1:15, Stt -
0 0 5..L, 3;,o
Jack BRUr'L

.4f .Pl
0 bwALLYSoMt
"Remains To Be Seen"
Friday: rFA COMPAr"
bATIIl 7:00
ALO ,_ E .- fd#w.J nOINON

f3@S tu "DaC3erou Cfri' &L
S ,ab t. .- Ak-C an -

*mlt nii t Th b. m "caAI


The tigdte was 2.5 per cent
higher than 1951 and would have
betn greatest if It had not been
.for the Jan, ., 1964 ~ut In per-
sonal income taxes. By postpon-
lg December dividend parents
until January, many companies
gave thefr stockholdera the ben-
efit of receiving ,he divid in-
come luder. th# lowered axr
rates. '
Reported fash dividends rep-
resent ap l oxmately two-trds
of all d so the graTddo-
tal for:13 al.about b lleon
dollar L ... ....
tn her, l lst' 9 0r the bebaforswere CeM-
Icals, oil ref iing Iron and steal.
paper and printing, electrical
maptunery. transportation
eaulpmtet. .and certain xon,-
clasain matuAstacturing indus-
tries, flnanning businesses, rail-
rpads, electric light and power,
gas au= coW=imlcatIons.
Those which paid 'lees were:
metals. othU than Iron and
steel, non-lectricl achinerv,
, Mtu imatgitlls and leatih
er, M. iwf.. d- d tobacco,
mi.ln and trade.

Classical Record

Price War Starts

With 1/3 Slash
NEW YORK. Feb. 3 (UP) A
new battle in the current class!-
cal records price war started to-
day when Victor records lashed
the price of their long-playing
Platters by more Mhn one-
Victor. a division of. Radio
Corp. nf America,. sent telegrams
to its distributors throughout
the country sumreating that th-e
price of 12 inth -loff-playlng,
clesical records 'be out: from
$5.72 to $3.99 tax included, and
the 10-ineh records reduced
from $4.67 to $3.25.
. ast month Columbla Records.
Inc.. record and Phoniraph
'manufacturing subsidiary of the
Columbia Broadcasting System
afferea a second long-Woay'n-
record at half priceZ rlded the
fist was buorht at rre price .
ranging from $2 85 to $595. The
Columbia offer also applies to
iong-plavin, popular records.

Scout News

Jack Wyrtzen Quartit'- Anthony, Faba, Woodman, Schindler
and Miller, pianist.
rlaBl- DSLos
.. .--,..I 0.1...h

Youth Evangelist,

Quartet To Visit

Here For Rally
'Ack Wyrtzen, ra0ln4Tnd
artist and one of thk best-
known youth evangepfsT in the
United States, is to e, eatur-
ed here in Panama in an out-
door "Word ofAft" rally next
Wednesday across from the
Balboa Rpalroad Station, just
below the Administration
With h M-.will be his male
quartet etf c1lege students, In-
cluding Bobl Anthony. Harold
Faba, Bruce :'Woodman, Robert
Schindler, bnd pianist, Leon
Mil le r. On Tuesday he
and the quartet will appear at
the lPacific Clubhouse.
Formerly a jazz trombonist,
Wrytzen was converted 20 years
ago and has been a tireless
promoter of the Gospel of
Christ ever since. He broadcasts
weekly over a chain of nearly
40 radio stations, end can also
be heard by shortwave from
HCJ. In. Quito, Ecuador, orl
locally over HOX0.
In addition, he travels more
than 50,000 miles a year In
evangelistic campaigns. He
-maintpins a summer camp
which accommodated 5,000
young people in last year's sea-
son. He has held rallies in
some of the U.8,'s largest halls,
including Madison Square Gar-
den in New York City which
he packed out with more than
20,000 people.
"I firmly believe I have the
only answer to- the problem of
Juvenile delinquency," Wyrtzen
declares. Born' In Brooklyn. he
had opportunity to find out a-
bout delinquency first-hand
before he returned to evangel-
ism in 1932.


Atlantic Side Girl z
Scout Meeting e
Mrs. Berenlde Connot, the a
new executive director of the d
Oirl Scouts in the Canal Zone, th
will be present at a meeting At b
9 a.m. Friday, in the Marga-
rita Clubhouse. (
Adults interested in the Girl
Boosts on the Atlantlc Side,
all neighborhood chairmen,
top leaders and assistant
lders, troop committee Meuin-
brs and others interested
adults are Invited to the meet-
Wrs. Connor to going to dis-
es plan for e Atlatic tide
leidera ttalitlg courses and
ftor Increased ctvitlm among
senior girl sm t. Then Is also
Lea r' Club omnt t ia atic
814w which will be dia d at
[he meeting.

Wyrtzen is coming to Pan-
Lama as part of -i Caribbean
our including Trinidad, Vene-
ue!rt, and Costa Rica, sponsor-
d by the Latin American Mis-
d0n. He and his quartet are
due to -eturn to New York for
heir weekly "Word of Life"
broadcast on Saturday Feb. 13.

If o grl ina sweater looks god
tjs !Muty okfloo .

Ipiscupal DIIopU

Of NY To Arrive

Here Tomorrow

The Rt. Revp Malcolm En-
dicott Peabkody, D.D., of the
Episcoal Church, Bishop. of
central Raw York, will arrive
at Tocumen Airport with Mrs.
Peabody tomorrow afternoon
from Trinidad. They will stay
at Hotel El Panama over the
weekend. They have been on a
winter' vacation in the Carib-
tean celebrating his 15th an-
niversary as bishop.
Bishop Peabody was former-
ly on the committee of over-
seas work of the national coun-
cil of the Episcopal Church and
the budget committee and has
always had a deep interest in
the Missionary work of the
Church. .
Bishop R. T. Gooden will be
inrrivlrn back from his trip to
Colombia on the same plane
and has arranged a scheduled
of social activities for Bishop
and Mrs. Peabody during their
brief visit.
The visiting btshoo will take
part in services at the Cathe-
dral of St. Luke on Sunday
morning and will preach at
Christ Church by-the-sea Sun-
day night.
Bishop and Mrs. Peabodv will
leave Tocumen for Mexico City
on Monday morning.

Transdens Seek

Reet Flecking

Ino Chicago

CHrCAOD Feb. 3 (UP --
Welfare Copimission r Alvin E.
Rose said today that transients
includmn hundreds of Puerto RI
rans are flockirg into Chicago
and seeking relief.
Rose said Iis department
,rants emergency or temporary
aid to famMles :,ufferin hard.
ship, but not to unattached, a-
hble-bodied men
Under the pre-"ent rule. a re-
lief apUcat dn must have been a
resident o. Illinois for one year
and a ree' ent cf Chicago for
six months, except in emergency
Rose said he would rather use
DublCl funds to belo return un-
c-uallfled transients to their
"We can benefit from the ex-
ample of New York." he said.
fThey gave relle; to non-resi-
dents and i.ow they have a
Duerto Ricar colony of 450,000.
creating a tremuncdous problem
lor the New York City welfare
department '.
He said many of the Poerto
Rieans coftE to to the city have
been wor nf On farms in neigh-
borinr states With crops har-
,ested and theih jobs ended.
Roae said. ,'ey have come he e
,ooklng for work and have found
tlew jobs.


lualvely Yo :, Hollyood
cycle of violent westerns, .
more adorm and gore than Mick-
ey Spillane weaves Into s who-
dunits, has Joel KoCrea"ls l
his head doubtful and
movie-makers are "ll-advised." .
The music of .bones beh*
snapped on the sounl trekk'
Joel, bid famiste a
bught to know because I've been
around since Tom Mix."
Waiting to do a -scene in U-rs
"Black Echo Cauyon," Joel winced
about the treid to bWutality in
"The western picture has always
saved te lm indutry fr
sage ims and psychological aeto.
rules. But westerns with violent
won't save anything. The msini
parents see their children rea'eft
to horror in western, they'll start
keeping the kddles home. The
great wester ns didn't have v',u
tence. The shack of gangs
drama la westerns for a double
pay-off just won't work."
Tall, gangling Joel, less weather.
beaten in appearance than John
Wayne oe Gary Cooper, is limiting
himself to two films a year, ex-.
"I've got my ranch and my
friends in the cattle business. I
want to enjoy life. If I do two
pictures, I look forward to them
with tremendous enthusiasm. If I
have to do moee than two, it's all
Maria Felix, the fiery Mexican
.auty who always gave a big
.NO" to Hollywood offers, inher-
ts most of the fortune of Jose
,Zegrete, a millionaire many times
wer. She refused all interviews
with movie scribes during her brief
stay in Hollywood.
4udrey Meadows, who plays
Jackie Gletson's wife on TV, will
Sbe screen-teted at MGM... Be-
cause Esperanma Wayne named
names and places, "The Angel and
,*he Badman." a 194 Republic
lieker that costarred John Wayne
and Gail -Russell, Is bring redls-
ued all over the country.
Linda Darnell's friends are con-
cerned about her need for seclu-
sion and her juLIpy nerves. They
fear a nervous breakdown.
Robert E. Kintner, president of
the ABC-TV network, Is about to
green light 14 new video shows all
of which will be put on filn in
Hollywood. Says Kintger: "Holly-
wood's importance as a TV pro-
duction center becomes increasing-
ly evident and in the year ahead
we'll be looking west for our pro-

Eyebrow-lifting quotes: Zsa'Zsa
Oabor, about George SaIder '
- "He sent me to hi psychtbfat,
who told me I should wait three
months before suing him for di-
vorce, otherwise. George would
have a nervous breakdown. So I
wait and while I'm waiting George
sues me and gives ME a nervous
Rose Marie tells about the guy
who broke up 'with his wife "be-
cause of illness-he got sick of
Alan Ladd's considering a gang-
ster role a change of pace. The
subject he likes is / alexander Kor.
da's "Forty Five," story of a U. S.
mobster hiding out in a British
Maurice Chevalier will sit in with
Hollywood writers on the plotting
of his filrd biography, "The Man
From Montmarte,' in which Dan-
ny Kaye will play the lead.
Ella Mae Morse, the blues doll,
has found a heart interest in
Reno. He's a cafe owner.
Ginger Rogers is smouldering in
London over those references in
the British press to her ove'-plump
appearance. She went there with
Jacques Bergerac to star in "Life-
Old Hollywood houses never die,
either. The Frankie Laines bought
the Richard Dix manse and the
Tommy Noonans moved into the
Buck Jones' ranch.
Overheard In the U-I commis-
sary as Shelley Winters passed:
"She's plttag on weight. Every
time she thinks about that Italian
husband of hers, she gets sendti.
mental and welts down a plate of



A mother complains that
.nany of the teen-agers who
lounge around her house never
wet up to offer hers chair when
she comes Anto the living room.
and that some of them dOn
even glance u from a funny
oook when se apeaks to them.1
Dea't blame the tm-agrsr--
lae their parents.

S S ~ -~j-~. j~~j t-... ~ -u
~a' a

--n r.. -' -. ".r' l ',

hweM PtotwiM l be A trl utad 'iBoB-a wo "Iw '
o 1) If tyu wer a doctor ad folu bad to a#nd t Io iMnup, --
Wa iravely Inl. bm.wit*lu you aa Un smI .r wle. ivqv,"
what woum rum do t1
2) If yre mmsed to lave the man's Uf, btow w e se1 ad i
towsdS ym wife?
o 3) What attitude yould yea adopt toward Mh ;
S4) yua wen the' dejfl wife, what-watd rye. ie .. ?
alooa with this coupoed which is published exditstydly in-Th m

am- ma -mni.
/ _

STARTS The 'IMot-Dtaght"
TOMORROW fu Story ... with
WEEK END LU X Thee sreen's New.
RELEASE "-t Rtar




as the American newspaperman


S a the runaway prince






LU ISHows: 3.5B. s:5,
LUX XI :%9:00 m.
A Wonderful Story About
a Wonderful Guy!
LE- -- rP


Ioo ..owI



TODAY Wednesday!
$150.00 PRIZES!

Ronald Reagan In

vc rd k 0__ i A....

Richard Widmark in
Linda Darnell In

-- -- 'ir -Ba

3:00, 4:15, 5:50, 7:25, 9 paJ
Trapped in a World of Terror,
i nv i4t' pev -" thr'-wa-

An Extraordinary Film!
In Technininr'
Van ,

Barry Fitagerald in
Dan Duryea In

t = ._ ^- '- -* -,- .* .*.,
+ "" + ... '" "r +"!' ** --"- ... B EL-A V IST A-- __ i i
s ux ca.a ronxn fl FILM .. _".....
. ;-. *** +* a+c-:ic^ a ./ j i^M t ii a~c
~~~~~ 12 W.-7:. .t

.i .S-timiI

"' -- .. "'
,A.-T .....-^ -" ,**. .... ,

* R


S, f ---:s, i

yW av A:-. mrN W

~_,~~. ..., _...... ~-.r....r~. ~:fl* r







-". .. '*.W', -. ''
* ,. .. -. .
A -

Big-Name Fighters


H ave _t____

,Latest 'Ring Magazine,'

"Ratings Drop Topnotchers

f NEW YORK, Feb. 3 (UP) Big-name fight-
ers had a rough time in January, according to the
,Iattest monthly ratings by Ring Magazine.
Coley Wallace dropped from Rocky Castllani is ranked as
Sitnth place out of the rankings Bobo Olson's number one con-
-fter being knocked out by For- tender. Joey Olardello ranks
,e r Champion Ezzard Charler. second and Raniy Turpin thirn.
olher heavy:vcight E a-l The welterweight rankings show
Ws of Canada slipped from Carmen Ba:llio rated behind
to seventh as a result 4,: champion Kid Oavllan and fol-
-10aato Tommy Harrison. And lowed by Billli Graham an.1
-iad Lastarza fell from third Johnny Bratton In the light-
ourth because of idleness. weight ranks wese Jimmy
n- the light heavyweight Carter relgn as rhamp .- Burl
at. Yola^de Pompey of Tr % smith is number one contender
;'k i went from third to four followed b Eddie Chavez and
'after being i,pset by Bobby Daw. Orlando Zulueta.
n. And Danny Nardico drob- Champion Sandy Saddler's
,ed from fourthh to seventh featherweight division shows
,hen Charlev Norkus kayoed Wille Per a number one chal-
redne cnrr with Perc Bassertt se'.

Judge Orders

Golf Facilities

For Negroes

NASHVILLE. Feb. 3 (UP) -
Federal Judge Elmber Davies or-
dered the city of Nashville to-
day to set aside the Shelby Park
golf course for use by Negroes
two days a week until It provides
Negroes with an "equal and a-
dequate" one of their own.
Shelby is one of three city-
owned golf courses. City officials
told the Judge they expect to
have a golf course for Negroes
completed by mid-June.
Judge Davies ruled the course
at Shelby Park must be set a-
lfAMP~ 11 AP hVl ITWMparn nn-

i. The heavyweight divi onld and Redtop Davis third. Wednesday and Saturdays one Valencia III Is a eourgeous bullfighter whr will return to the rin this Snnday after being
S hows Kiflo Vaides as the to' Robert Cohen is rated number week and Wednesday and Sun- hurt during his fint appearance. ValeneiaI. lwil perform with shaquite de Madrid who
;Is contenderr for Rocky Marclano's one behind Champion Jimmy days the next week on an alter- Is famous In his own right. Both of these matadors will leave soon for Mexico, C. N.
i let footed b Charles n Carruthers in thy bantamwelg t noting schedule beginning to- ...---.-...- --...- ....- --
title, followed by Charles an section and Jake Tull ranks e- morrow
arold Johnson is rated th hind titleholder Toshio Shirain T T
-. bl threat to Archie Moored the flyweight ranks. He said also he will "entertain /i
light heavvyweight title with' -- a motion" later to open one or V C la rk V we LJ / I/V
'Joey Maxim second and Jimmy I/ u I f'l both of the city's two other' e Ed
Alade third. K n I courses. McCabe and Percy War-
In the middleweight division Ken u ktlll ner, if the "traffic" by Negro -
players warrants it.. Tonight At Mt. Hope Stad
a I I I l- His order came as a result of -
m erilcan LOe Ion, IinpnK iflnlal an 18-months-old suit by two i
American, W a s In diaaJ I Negro golfers, Paul Hayes and 1 I PANAMA PRO LEAGUE
i Herman Long, to ban segrega- *',R t'I IThe 8tandings
Womack In Crucial on u A rook Ketalns 1st Place wa ,i,
,a In I/ U ~tlnn,Federal Judge Richard Witkln' Yankees 19 13 59
1Iro est Ton hi in Iall KdT f ruled segregation does not vio- rm ed Forces Baseball Brownies 14 18 .43
late the Constitutloh but the city -. TONIGHT'S GAME (7:30)
Tonight's game between Wo- NEW YORK, Feb. 3 (UP) must furnish "equal and ade- Mt. Hope Stadium: Yankee
[mack Whiskey and American Kentucky, Indiana and Duquesne quate" facilities f6r Negro play- A A (Neville 4-2) vs Brownies
SLeplon will mean a lot to see. are ranked one-two-three in the ers. j Up; Arm yV A tlanlt 2nd (Clark 6-7)
"nd place American Legion. United Press basketball ratings LAST NIGHT'S RESULT
i-tomack may profit by it also, for the sixth straight week. -- J Bombers 5, Brownies 3.
S Mot wanting to end up in the The 35 coaches who rate thr
Stellar in the first half which teams picked the same top 1C V r Panama Area Armed Forces Navy Westbank -. McLaughlin Tonight the pennant-bound
Snds Sunday. teams as last week. But they Rova y, -- vv Basebal Leaiue (LP) Gregus (4) and Paradee, Yankees will send lefty Eddie
voted Duquesne to 'within I THE STANDINGS Baaqcner (4). Neville to the mound In an ef
American Legion is only one points of first place. Kentucky P In both game played Satur- fort to move closer to the Pan.
#ame down and if they should received 309 of a possible 35rr0,r Team W L AFt day afternoon, oEe run was the aro Pro kIague's 195344 sea-
S.wIn this one they will gain a poltns. Indiana got 302... Du- ia /IIU Albrook APB 6 1 .857 margin of victor r'.'Arpy Atlantic son's championship. The Yank
ialf game and wait for Sunday's quesne 296. Oklahoma A&M is Army Atlantic 5 1 .833 squeaked past ort Clayton 2-1 ees will most likely face thi
mes. ranked fourth and Western Coc Solo 4 3 .571 and Albrook edeged Coco Solo Brownies' lety Vibert Clark Whc
I If Lucky Strike loses tomor- Kentucky is fifth. Rounding out Special Troops 4 3 571 5 to 4. In a Saturday night af- will be going all out for hi
ft.w night and American Legion the top 10 are Minnesota, Calif- The Panama Rotary Club soft- Fort Kobbe 3 4 .429 fair, Special TrL'sps smothered seventh vjtoft of the oam.alin
Swings tonight, then a tie for first ornia, Holy Cross, Notre Dame ball team will me the Eecs ort Clayton 2 5 .28 Navy bank 19-3. Last n the reru-hot m.
place will result. But don't for- and Kansas. tomorrow afterno~ n the Nay Westbank 7 .000 Albrook jumped out in front bears came up with a three-ru
ft that BH8 still has a slim Kentucky gotost s t omorr o wd gAa thethekisec.,-000- 3-0 1inthe. first game when cen- rally In the eighth inning
Sthat BHS still has a slim Kentucky got moot first-p.sce ond gMe of their weekly samw i Fort Kobbe edged the Albrook terfielder Warren Woerz sin gled o rcomn the e ea
i votes went to Indiana... seven at 4th n Landry diamond Flyers 2-1 in the feature game with the bases loaded to bat in and give "MamavilaP Osorio
Womack, of course has ant t o DuqIndiana... two of Ol hoa Lat 4:30week the Pan Sunday afternoon and moved two runs and the -hird run -3 victory his third of t sea
ance to ull BHS down in the A&M and one each to Caitrnla reaton ended the H ag- the idle Army Atlantic with- scored on a ground out. son against an equal number o
Iar if they should win to- and Notre Dame. bo ekni otan edg te 7 h n i a half-game o ate mAlbrok scored single tall In osse Bob Swanson was the los
ght. The second 10 includes Louis- thrd and at Inning. to er It was he forthsttFs pd
Probable starters are Pretto lana State, LaSalle Duque, t e a Forces Baeball Lea e. I cth move to a 5-0 lead. RightfIelder win for the Bomber.s-an birt
AMierican Lea n with a 2 North Car Stae. Iowa, r the Rotarianths weekill be gun other Su*y pec John-: Sspheno fingl d- to consecutive loss for the-Brown
LngrCthhtotadians this week Troops bdton 9-1 d ho s .
d 1 record andSuisman for Wyoming, 3 ey, Loaville* abd wi besab f T roops b lay n score second baseman Gerald leg
rack Whiskey, .isa linono ang WhiWta. y nibe teamble to field their and Coco ed Navy Cain in the third, and shortstop Reinaldo Grenaldt with-a tri.
ma Wiyitteand Bill l a b a'ifr Robert Johnson hit a lon fly yple and single, was the only





Sunday, February 7,1954 -4 p.m.
Dr. Miguel Angel Ordoilez
Mayor of Panama 'District
assisted by Mr. RAMON CASAL.

frozen the Hacienda "LA TRANQUILLA," of
Sf.f Desderio de Leon.

AM1D zrrTsqacUiNcj

E0V3Li Azmmzwand SL "-TABLERO"
S"lMtef M la a Dr. ANMBAukwhM-O P.


Ckv&=_ yd 0 a

pm attnd the opening Stre Ver-
Jormance but they wit be on
hand to strengthen thq team
Dick "Casey Stengel" Dehling-
er will probably call on pitcher
Angus Matheney to attempt to
still the bats of the sluggers
from Wisdom Hill and either
Lionel Moses or Bill Andreve will
handle Matheney's pitching
slants behind the plate.
The Execs will send their ace
Ray "Fireball" Wilson to the
me~and and it he encounters any
dIffieult: Geo. Riley will be on
hand to answer the call. "Tiger
Jim" Thompson or Bill "Strate-.
gisl" Wig will be behind the
Bill McKeown, the silver voic-
ed umpire, will be on hand to
handle the umpiring duties and
will be assisted by another
"blind man" Myron "Pintor"

Along The Fairways

Last Thursday's fea t u red
"Blind Beat Twosome" was easily
won by Lou Grohs (who Is back
again to continue her golfing
and displayed a nice game. Wel-
come, Lou!) and Mary Seybold
who shared honors for the first
Winners of the second prize
were Ellen nKena and Marge
Belden (who shot a wonderful
gMe. Congratulations). Irene
Robinson, who is playing excel-
lent golf too, shared the third
qpize with El Davis.
Among the participants in
the nine-hole tourney were Do-
die Dow, Anne Moynlhan, Ellen
Lancy, Terry Hunter, Judy
Council, Anne Cummings and
Katherine Coffey. The winners
In this group were Anne Moy-
nlhan and Anne Cummings. Well
We are sure everyone has
made here choice for the big
day. Feb. 14. If not, remember
to pick up your card and en-
velope at the Amador Golf Club
and look. at the sample invita-
tion (unless you can make your
own rhyme or poem). Send It
now and have your Scotch Four-
ame ready.
As usual, we play tomorrow.
"Poker Hand" is the game. Here
I9 your chance. So... come on
lAt gals!
.oft forget to take a look at
ard. Every month hand-
Xs are changed

Leag Way Armad I
EMPHIS, Teu. (U.P.) The
ldos D through. A letter from
addressed to "Glami W.
U1G -. ow,. Mj phi
d AnIIP b xaOl 4

oabeciebed er victory on Cohen -to score from third
only oe lit, a 'double in the after the catch.
seventh by shortstop Mares Coco ^o broke the string of
Abrook moved out n front n shutout Innings In the eight b
the sixth inning when Robert mscori two tmes on a single by
Johnson, shortstop, singled, Stu Poole, a stolen base two
moved to second a sacrifice infield hits by shortstop Gifford.
by second baseman Gerald Cain Another rally in the ninth by
and came home when catcher Coco Solo netted two more runs
SHer b Betto singled but not enough to catch up to
Kobbe tied the score In the Albrook.
seventh. After Mares doubled, The line score
first baseman Jose Trudillo wasAlbrook AFi 301 001 000- n 2
hit by a pitched ball. John Clap- Coco Solo 000 000 022-4 5 3
person, centerfielder, hit into Batteries: Albrook AFB-Ret-
Sfree ot attsecond l. Mares eneller (WP and Boetto: Coco
t l started for hone. Solo-Blake (LP), draham (8)
flbOOf Tirst-sacker, Leslie and Eola.
Cteh na"ew wildly in an at- Pitcher Lyle Lackner and
S o nab Mares at the platshortstop Dan Nespo but to-
he aLlellners winning tal- ether a brilliant pitching-hit-
ly came in the eighth. With tIn combination for Special
pitcher Jose Rosrvio on third Iroops in their 19-3 triumph
and rightflelder David Gomeu over Navy Westbank.
on second. Angel Hernande Lackner whiffed 18 Navy bat-
caie to bat. The squeeze was terms, while Nespo pounded out
on,'but Hernandez failed to tap three home runs which account-
the ball. Rosarlo was on his way ed for eight tallies.
in. to the plate and apparently Nespo's homers came In-the
would be caught in the rundown. first with two men on base, in
However he slipped p a s se d the third with two runners on,
catcher Boetto and safely cross nd In the fith with one team-
ed unprotleted home plate for a n te h with one team-
mate on. The hard-hitting
the game-winning run.- shortstop also had a single-for
The line score: four hits in five tries.
Fort Kobbe 000 000 110-2 1 3 Trooper third baseman Mike
Albrook AB 000 001 000-1 64River also had four safeties.
Batteries: Fort Kobbe-Rosa- The line score: -
rio (WP) and Rosado: Albrook a o 543 120 301-190 4
AFB--StaS- cki (LP) and Boetto. ToWe r 543k 120 301 001- 1 3 6
Special Troops remained in a Batteries1 Special Trnoo0 --
r ti tr Lackner (WPI and Conner;Navy
Clayton 9 to 1. Leading the Wethank Makmknd (LP) Dle
Troopers to. victory was first W tbank-tMakoky (LP, D
baseman rnile Heckman who () Oreggus (8) and Parades.
hit two homeruns good for six ,
Setting .down the Fort Clayorpes Body
ton batten was Trooper Gaill'r *
Miler, ho. struck out nine T 50 From
Fort Clayton banged out three
extra-base blows a triple by
Jose Hernlaudes in the seventh Mauch Cun
inning, a double by Al Rose in
the eighth, and a double by Ines MUCH CHUNK, Pa., feb. 3-
Fonseea In the ninth but (UPI -The body of Jim 'Thorpe.
could manage only one run. voted the American athlete Of
The line s=: the half century, will be moved
Fort Claytsn 000 000 100-1 5 7 from Tulsa, Okla., to a memorial
Sp. a ,= _N.200 331 00x-9 7 1 center here for entombment. it
Batten: .rt Clayton-King ws announced today
(LP), Rbuikel '), Mora (8) and Mauch Chunk off6clss
Mohn, mela (4); Special Thorpe's widow, Mr. Pat
Troops--W r (WP) and Con- Thorpe. gave her consent to thO
ner. anmsfer.
In a real-'agfeat. Coco Solo T2% MImrial eenter baoW-
scored 19 tame on 20 hits while aw the famed Ind"la .tbfee
Navy WestiMlk managed seven WB aul. d a heVrt l *<-
tallies on 15 safeties. a muMM A
Lead.g .tbe hit parade for 1lMhgz -s nereateaU usm .
Coco So wA catcher Tony N- maidonts of Mateh Vumk
solae wh Jfouri and five and a Maucah Chunk i Ve.
rum-b In h fay 18 a on the quest aUvmo-
toiura mh ills do CeCn- i the two boroughs Into One
fcalso bds MBn rv hlchuguM-
a two- Banm. Bus Thorpe, Pt.

srWttftefld Wanr Me10y 01 Imp"






player oi the game o getI more
than one safety. PablBernard
who was ejected from the con-
test for attempting to attack
umpire Aston Parthment after
a close decision, led the winners
with one for two.

Pacific Divisional



Teams W L Pet.
Army Transp. 3 0 1.000
Cerveceria Nal. 3 0 -1.000
Pan Ideal 1 0 1.000
Navy 3 1 .750
National Dist. 2 1 .667
Quarry Heights 1 2 .333
'8465th Engineers 1 3 .250
Navigation 1 3 .250
Comm. Tom Collins 0 2 .000
Ordnance Club 15 0 2 .000
Thursday, Quarry Heights vs
National Distilleries.
Sunday, 9:30 am. 7465th En-
gineers vs Pan Ideal.
Monday, Navy vs Commissary
Tom Collins.
Tuesday, Cervecerla Naclonal
vs Quarry Heights.
Army Trans"priatlon 12,
Navigatlmn 4
Army TranAportation unleash-
ed a 12-hit attack thmt opened
the way for a 12-4 verdict over
M Lane, the winninz pitcher.
hlrle4 a 3-hitter., WilliamUs wa
credited -with the defeet.
At the end of the upper fifth
it was a tight ball same with
the score 5 to 4 in favor of the
victors who stepped on the
throttle in the lower half of the
same frime for seven runs.
The leading hitter were H.
Nelson 2-3, R. Joseph 2-4 and
F. Spencer 2-4.

'~ t 4

". I
"* r ..T ,. *.

** *'...t *. r ; ". West L

i'rax, l Life .........
1 1414 ............. 3 4
ce ... ............. 1 i
Seymour Ageney 12, Elks 2
Pofet vs .ears

Anne, JJU aIo5IUAMa, s*UnoL UUr, K
and walked two to even 4fl5
pitching record at one win shd
one loss.
Tommy Bright pitched the
*lrst three innings with brother
Franklin taking over In the
fourth and finishing up for the
Simms Allen led the hitte
with a perfect d*? at the
collecting a single, ouble'
a triple in three trips. ea
Morris, Perez. Kline and Bro )-
man of the Agency team eackb
hammered out twoft. e h11I
lead the batting? a t.k. -
Charles Croas, rookie -btbi,,
of the Elks, ldM 1 tia tel bt
with two singes- in two trip tP
the plate, .-
The bao scored

T'. Bfht, 1I lb .. S 0 0 1 1
S .... o0 3 3
p a ........ 1. 1 1 0
o-o w .....,..,:.. 0 9 6 0
23 3 6 15 I
teits Aei. ab r I -P
Er, If ........ 4 I 2 0 0
Perez, as ........ 4 1 2 1 1
KlIJe, p......... 4 22 2
Pearl, cf .......3 1 2 0 9
Pearson, 3b ...... 3 3 1 0 2
Wrauenheim, rf ... 0 0 0 0 0
McGowl .c ...... 2 2 1 6 1
Allen, 1% ....... 3 1 3 6 0
Brockman, rf ... 2 1 2 0 0
27 12 15 18 6
Elks 1414 ...... 100 010 5 0
Peymour AMen. 034 14x-12 15 b
Winning pitcher Kline (1-1)
Losing pitcher T. Bright (1-1).
Struck out by Kline 6, T. Bright
3. F. Bright 1. Bases on balls-
Kline 2. T. Bright 5, F. Bright 1
Two base hits Kline, McGow-
In, Allen. Three base hits Pe-
rez, Allen. Double plays -
Stoudnor (unassisted). Pitching
records T. Bright 8 hits 7
runs in 3 innings, F. Bright 7
hits 5 runs in 2 innings. Umpires
-Fall and Rager. Scorer-Mead.
Time of game-1:20.


Coco Solo
Police Pals
Coco Solito

Won Lost
5 0
3 1
3 2
2 4
1 4
0 3

M. lelBs, s,p ", 0
Hmytf 10 1
aH t., rt- ;' e/ i.
Cttinmgham, p 1, 0.
En r,a ...... 1

Terrell 3
* mrAiAS3b 1 0
Trotter. b 0
bhriltoph, If 1 0 0:
Waino, If 1 0 0 0 1
Totals 135 4
Soore by Inainng
com to S-s13 &
Margr& 0 002-- o 1
4. Foim PaIsI

b'* cores:
ab r a s
3 1 1,0
4 I o
40. 1 40

S.,- 7 -
Totsb 1-A '.$4
m bg
Motta's 1 8
Police Pal, 100 000-1 0

Mar ft Malice Pab 0
The box scores:
1Poll"e P?
Kenway ss 0 2 1 I
Yohors. If 0 0
Egger, If 0 0
Palumbo.'p, lb, e 3 0 0 3 0
Areemen, 2b, lb 2 0 0 2 0
Humphreyd e 0 0 0
Goguen rR 2 0 .1 0
l, c 2 0 0 6 0
Magby, Sb 2 0 0 2 0
Ebdon, lb 1 0 0 2 0
Ibdon, lb 1 Q 0 0 0
J. Brayton, rf 1 0 0 0 0
Kleefkina, cf 2 0 0 0 0
Totals 25 g0 2 15 2
Hilty. rf 3 1 0 1 0
Damlaui, 2b 31 0 1 1
M. Field, p 3 1 1 0 2
Cunningham;, as 2 1 1 1
Ender, c 1 0 11 0
TotterS3b 0 0 0
Terrell, lb 36 0 4 0
Mceloin. ef 3 1 0 0 0
Bellinger, It 2 1 0 0 0
Totals 6 3 18 4
Sore by Ianblui
Police Pals -0000-0 2
Margarttk 131 B0" 2j
-_-- t T

~,'~!p :"r
A ,.


* .a

._ I NO

I i Ar A 6A- .1. .. s I p


- -A ll* *s

Al lt -. "'- ,o t,,- .7..., f
Go. ,:. Club Ss
Famednh 4.4


T.i.e 4 ,11 .I .et .--
Srtte. ea tt
S,' ..A 1

-'._ ch "h .m ..-..b.. '.B "*
i0 nh"det 'Is.W or Fe

tebe an is tooe w.n oasat en 10,or me t tt pt t m, no on l a II
il Snerve tinl r on e a n I e os Mr no .n- M4 lf l n a p
r.e.r littlee 4 Teat 1 t

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Warren Vote Wantlfl
S WASHINGTON, Feb. 3 (UP) "Let th people know the truth aid th. country is mpae" Abrah i ein .
-Senate judiciary subcommit- ,1. "
I heard unexpected opposition TWENTY-NINTH YEAR PANAMA, JR. P.. WEDNESDAY. FEBRUARY 3, 19- .. o ,IITU'
] resident Eisenhower's choice ,.. .. .- i,_ *.--. _i'. :-,y.- i -* _ _
irl Warren as chief justice .. "
and put off a vote on the'
Qbairman William Langer IR-
d the subcomm. SenoteGives McCarthy Funds
ran himself. It would be al-
un recedented to sum
ahebajustice while In or-
Warren T Coninue Communst Prbe
ass ppointment.
*Subcommittee action ap-
nd merely an effort to clear WASHINGTON Feb. 3 (UP)- He said he also may go into he said. He noted that bia sub- found anye at Fort
all questions on Warren en Joseph R. McCarthy tR- other aubjec!s if it appears thit committee cannot. onvic.-any- Monmout et Me-
ination since none of the Wis' declared today In a heated earlier investigations resulted in one of espionage, but added: Carthy hadlf f'. ,,.
stors displayed any inclina- ur ument with Sen. Allen J. El- a "white wash." "The Fort Monmouth hear- Hoover refuum, -i4clopse re-
to challenge the appoint- enderr D-La. that he uncovered While Ellender eventually Ings will prove the most pro- sults of FBI. In tiohs and "
t. "very, very current espionage" voted for the subcommittee's ductlye we ever 'held. fromn the DuUes aid tih ot deal "
ny call for Warren to appear at the Army's Fort Monmouth, funds, he challenged the re- .standpoint of decimating the with internaiio affairs. BLAZE BATTLERS Firemen pour wateronq ext p n-punctuated fre, whie
3 onally presumably would be N.J., radar center. suits of McCarthy's Fort Men- Communist party Stevene. reated a the Army winds, whieh destroyed an industrial blc t in Bomton. Nearetro temperatures e
signed to let him reply to al- After the exchange, the BSenate mouth Inquiry. "The party is poing to bleed found no evidd of "current' firemen. The fire blazed for more thn ten hours and caused damage estimated at prly
atinps made against him. ,oted 85 to ] to ive McCarthy's Ellender lead to the Senate a very heavily. They will go to jail spying at therab1i, y. $500,000. Scores of firemen were treated forminor injuries.
an 80-minute public hear- permanent t Senate investigating betterr from Army Secretary Rob- for contempt of the committee McCarthy not hat Stevens' ---
today, Warren was endorsed subcommittee $214,000 to con- ert T. Stevens stating that the -that will ut them out of cir- letter was Wltt..e an. 15 and .
Edward J. Falk Jr., chairman 'inue its Communist-hunting Army found "nq current espion- culation jt, as effectively." said the subobm tee lat Sat- 2 MeHn usled
the American Bar Assn.'s and other activiles. The lor.e age or other subversive activp- Eleer disclosed th!t he urday took tes pnfMiy from an O t t ... .- .
lttee on the judiciary, and vote was cast by Sen. 3. ty" during its own inquiry at sent letters Jan. 9 to Stevens, Army major ,acSed of recruit-
gene Price, president gt the william Fuibrilht (D-Arkk.) Fort Monmouth. FRI Direetdr J. Edgar Hoover g soldier into e Communistrom ultmal ..
fornia Bar Assnf. Before the ote, McCarthy Stevens told a nqws confer- and director Allen Dulle of party. McCarthy earlier asked GEu te mi a '
leading the opposition was disclosed that ho may re-inves- enoe last November near the the Centra Intelligence Agn- he Army to court-martial the
Dr. Wesley Swift of Los Angeles, tigate the 'P45 Amerasla stolen close of the Army's investigation ey asking whether they had malor.
tn sald he represented the secrets case Ihat he hai no evidence thete .
Ohristian Nationalist Crusade was any esu;onage at the center .f
He American Ant-Communt eently. V ( GUATEMALA CITY, Feb. 3 -
S ue. He said Warren vetoed I T But he salad there appeared U,~ I (UP)- Two American newsmen
Ijb.providing loyalty oaths for LUcUi l l p "."e '"proof" of espionage in the u have been expelled from Guate-
chers. (d To early 1940s. mala for filing dispatches offi-
"en. Thomas C. Hennings (D- Ellender suggested that M.- cially said to have "defamed and
charged th. wift's oran- ArreCarthy leave Cummunist-hunt-. T Ob tm en OStDOn i offended the (Guatemalan) re-
rtidn or one witi a similar lne to intelligeruee agencies comn- public and its government."
me distributed "scurrilous" 1 YVaon B R glar petent to do the job. They are Sydney Oruson, of
:, nature before the Repub- VI gugy E uI3 uar McCarthy In turn accused The New York Times, and Mar-
WAi convention. Swift said he HOLLYWOOD. Calif., Feb. 3 Ellender of making a "silliv NEW YORK, Feb. 3 (UP)-The shoremen's Association arid the shall Bannell, correspondent for
O not know, but believed tl UPP Police today credited a. statement" In declaring that threatened strike by 3500 tug- Marine Towing and Fransporta- the National Broadcasting Com-
nizlon favored Douglas tip from TV actress Lucllle Ball the Fort Monmouth etife boatmen was postponed today tion Association would remain atheB Journal of Commerce,ut-
CArthtr for the OOP nomina- for the arrest of ex-convit tieon turned up no ples, when the union agreed to sub- unchanged until after the tug- the -British News Agency Reut-
tn Kenneth Darline on charges he McCarthy referred to two vit.- mit the tug owners' latest wage boatmen acted on the proposal era and the American-edited
or the hearing and a9one committed somc 5QO b rglarlrs nesses who refused on grounds proposal to Its members, next Sundpy. Spanish-language magazine "Vl-
rcose essinLatter said of dressing rooms in rad o, tel,- of %wesible self--ncriminatio to Roman Beck, attorney for "The union has agreed to sub- sBanell told NBC in New6n"
.asub-commitee is studying 97 vision and Movie studios. answer questions about esp on- management, said the new offer mit the lastproposal ade by York by tell tho ne that the a
unhents submitted by oppon- Darling. 1 who said he has age. to the union was a general wage management to an open meet- York againstele him one that the ac-nd Gruson
Sof the nomination and the reallyl been living for the past "That is the most convinctn increase amounting to six per Ing to be callednextSunday onagains him and Gruson..
tup will decide later whether four years, was arrested last proof of espionage you can get,. cent. He said the proposal also afternoon," O'Gr4dy said. sumbolize "the end of the ree "M
call Warren. ni ht while "casing" a dressing contained increases to the wel- .The tugboatmen were sched- press in Guatemala." nO .a~ TWo to Conggeua,
cSenntaate ajoIsy ,eae r Wim. K-nowlh- (left), of
a date for the next meeting r0w min the pose of a writer fare fund amounting to 40 cents uled to go on strike last mid- Senate a orityteoer Wl o
pet. with a script under his arm. a week per man. night but postponed the dead- (U. S. Embassy officials and d xBpaker dt the house ph Iartin, of Mauachus
"These people are careless. City Labor Commissioner Jo- line temporarily while negotia me independent newsmen who po after a e Houconference. Knowl
SThey leave money lying around.' seph O'Orad said the dispute tions were going o share Bannell's opinion went -to thought Preldrt Eisenhowr would
USe oSSS he told officers. Ad between Local 333 of the Inde- the airport yesterday to see the the proposed Bricker Amendment, i eerta bac ge tiona
Theyv said Darling's robberleA t pendent International Long- two men off, NBC said. All wore canbe "clariled, '..
SA t ionin Tort included $32 from Joan .Davr CoOrOZaIChiOOSeS black. ties as a token of mourn- i
r U dretnpg room and $50 frbom i Har- A n ing for the free press.)
r Injuries it lliard's room at a TVstu- at s Kingpin Joe A ons Civil Deen The official expulalon: order or
dlo..prepared by Forelignps .ist4r
o upi- ,, ep e rst C Ao o o. ,3(,UP ,-Lieu. Given Conditional nsiilermo Tore lo o ae org n Garden To hatB C bse
ins3Blead or;the iar, who sai LuhoRobirt C. TayWor rd r\esvOlleW rden\ GraSon "systemaitially defain-
se todaY p .and ette $00 n thet W will be a asurplrise guest at 2-To-3 Ye r Term Mrs. N. Little was sected ed" this country in his dispatch-
*Se a.te a Ito prot~ice netted n e1t000 iiin thefts o Wit, will b e a surprise t Year
te survival Ca oyear, wb sped Fb 3 s wnste warden, of the44 cOitascelebra!to.a oniatoivil e n.e.w To u li A t e t l
in in tort taer thesat o through Dtes nAr in az d thin. HACKENSACK, N. J., Feb 3 a Defense oranl t on in the new "Gruson is one of the mostO r nstv
person ltoble for the injury month ao. Police circulated They are the ones he missedd (UPI -Upderworld kingpin Joe townsite of Corozal at a meet- tive agents in the malicious and
te r anal Zone her description of him around to while he was In Korea last year Adonis was sentenced, condition- in held this week, growing campaign f discredit
aider present Canal Zone television studios, and in 1952. ally today to a term of two to Mrs. Even 0. Evans was elect- being waged by certain organs -- -
Sactions for injuries to per- He wa spotted at one of them Arrangements for the delayed three years in prison and fined ed as assistant town warden and of information in the United
Sntiroperty abate on the and officers were notified, festivities were made by the $1,000 for lying to a Bergen a committee was formed to se- States against Guatemala for Morgan OGarenp will be of the *tnal all the way to
tort-fta or of the Parlia said h made as many Congress Hotel for Taylor and Country grand jury. lect neighborhood wardens to the purpose of damaging rela- closed to fourth public visits Ped Miuel Locks.
I'ttiol oats "10 touches a day" and was his family and will include the Judge Lester Drenk ruled implement the self-protection tions between the two countries," this sejasqn after Saturday's "Prof e ogaOnvla Hill fol-
'ulr 'of moot. if not all 'iyfg in a $25-a day hotel suite. traditional tree. Adonis would not have to serve program for Curozal townslte, the order said. "spring testiviel" accfrdthg to low PFae W"lk to the torch
...tnJ ot Ifrnot atilprogramdfortooroz.l ttothe tlorc
stAitatof the United States His 'clothes wer- of the latest Taylor's wife. Carol, 24, was the sentence. or pay the fine if The civil defense meeting was Bannell, who had lived In this an announcement today by glntr ,e *- 4bat K! ed- and
2 de $or.the survival of such style and custom m made, police told bythe hotel of its plans for he is deported to his native Ita- an open-air gathering of resal- country four years, said he in- Mrs. Charles P." Morgati. sh5 ) p# k, The iwalan red
of action, and there ap- said. them and their three small chil- ly by the federal government. dental held at the home of Mrs. curred the government's dis- "The Gardens. ate at- their gnger Is also in this area.
to be no sound reason why He served a term in San Quen- dren. For him they will bq a sur- Inmigration authorities have Little. A. feature of the meeting pleasure by writing a story for best this time of the yeiar,"Mrs. Walk down through.the to i4cal
hllr rule should not obtain tin rison several years ago for prise. h ordered the gambler deported, was the showing of the motion Reuters about Communist riffl- Morgan said, "anql I hope that. plant to the wood rose~ -the
-the Ganal Zone," the House a $12 burglary. The hotel has gifts for the but Adonis 4as appealed to the picture "Overatlon Doorsteo." tration of Guatemala; all flower lovers and camera vine here now has both the
ittes report on the bill "I don't think my new acconi- children, too: qurts for, reversal of the deci- W. G. Dolan, chief of Civil De- (In his phone call to New York, enthusiasts will. take advantage flowers and wood rones.
o- rdations are going to be as e 1). A trsiL and track for five- Son. fense in the Canal Zone. attend- he said the government object- of the occasion of the annual baiboo and vanda .orchid
ieant -as those at' the hotel yea p.ld Bobby. Drank said Adonis would have ed the meeting and gave a talk ed to. his televising, a bullfight spring festival to make a tour are also beautiful at this time."
Sl were he .as staying Darling 2. Toy automobiles, stuffed an- .to solve the sentence if the ap- on what-and why of civil de- ridt "in an attempt to discred- of the tropical plants."
Sie ge commented whe arrested ma and crayon or Tmmy, upheld. eseit Guatemala before the. world" The spring festival, being
LAnN.Abet3oUPRiI2Y. -a referehee to an NBC telecast Mrs. Morgan's recommends- sponsored for the fourth suc-
4 U States post office ond AF Pr nne 3) A collection of rattles for In November of the opening of a tion to festival-goers, especl- esve ye a Morgans r-
rdSthe1 hPottoAhficfc bull ring here that turned into a th e t al
ed the 10,000 residents The Taylors are scheduled to rn free-for-all because there were close lesirig o to ens b th athedrda o t k
sad oAn rt h d Concern A bout Pope Rises -clo b e o topich a
nedge. Long Island. thpt Crashes, None Hurt pend a week as guests of the'not enough seats. ant s ats at day Aupftln
as it is concerned Plaih- hotel, en.loying breakfast in bed -(BanneUl said a Communist in their best flower, is as fol- a ntAil dark Air"n
does not exist. FINAM LIGURE, Italy. Feb. a and the services of two standby feiau V member of Guatemala's Congress lowA: arrows wh ish be 2 n all chi wide
authorities paid the in- (UP) A twin-engine C-45 Rov- baby sitters, t r ra of Plalnedge should al Canadian Air Force plane Tayr will find one of his Ko cow had denounced him in a gin near the entrance of T
-Isr "mall directed to the crash-landing in the Mediterran- repn G.L. dreams come true. The speech. Less than an hour after gardens. Then go to the top .There wi beplenty food
post office-which could Pan just of I this resort town to- hotel will provide him with two 0 the speech, he taid, security po- of Bougainvilla Hill where the tfor all-dy famiy outingit and
apeque. Seaford. Beth- *tav but- al five crewmen sR- ,rh- "n*ocktalls a day during lice called on Gruson, "roughed vines are in full, briBlant plenty of attractions, including
armingdale ork.Levitteown. :. aedinjurv. I' ", VATICAN CITY, Feb. 3 UP-- hipt up a bit" and ordered him flower. The view from this hill a merry-go-round, to amuse
-aunn kl c-Levittwn :s-ed inuy ---- "Concerns was expressed today .t...o get out of the country within is magnificent as one can both children and adult t s
..1.4. X ioover the condition of Pope Plus 24hours.) clearly see the Pacific terminus throughout the day.
aien 1954: SovieT Tales .or .ids vire s -ai1ihe D
5y ]yLkON DENNEN ." though I were a creature train ,h'Kon.soi .lka "They are mi-. cont ainued rovde nO 6 Ill .'O V
S. "Mars. After years of Red propa. j'd by capitalist propaganda.' led, but was reported he was
RN Feb. 3 (NEA) sanda against' the "blood-thirsty -- one of those who treated King ....
dB err,' said the little ira-iWall t eet warmongers" tne "I shall buy one of your George VI of Great Britain. The A t r e A II *-lAIr I':' '
rt dy in German, "can I little Rus woman was prob- books," I said. "I want one king died of a metabolism fol- .....
fs book o0 beautiful Rus- ably surprised to find an Amer- without propaganda." lowing an operation for cancer i .
B fnr cdldren?" [ikanets reasonably civilized and :'There is nevel any propagan- of the lung."
was standing with a even friendly. A in our books especially in Vatican sources said the Brit- ---. 4"t%-
Swoman behind the' torieq for children." she sal'. ish physician held a consulta- LOS ANELEs Feb. 'CUP) Wie "blatnaied" him fa
-neteuatand at ,the presB -"I don't $ge America," said Ruuia does not glorify tion with Prof. Riccardi Galeaz- Rome!le Ro lt.wil tvti a 1945 letter s tu
to the cuastle where the younge- woman, who until litary or war. We are fr zi-LlsL, the Pope's doctor, at the roe James Roose al- tatimao n t
our Foreign Minlstenr now remained silent. Deace.' Pontiff's bedside yesterday. leted extra-marital a at of the women M'
pn B, her accent 1 She was a nrt of about 20 and She handed me a lavishly-i!- The Pope is suffering from "the roper time ai place'vorc: candal'dtitring. atbr
-muss she was Russian, 'Leemed very 1u'tere. She look id luattated book entitled '1954: A gastritis and fatigue, largely in- with 'indisputable Iidetnce," .ast term as President ..
tir9 Ukrainian, the typical mediated Komsomo- book 'or chtldreh." It was orint- duced by hiccoughing which ha liaer ateor e7 promised toda, ; ..S.hf.. rf
-k you. Madam. I'd love :ka. yqun. Communist. Her i'd by'the Scviet Ministry of Ed- disturbed his sleep for nine days. ecrka ifffernwan torwietll,-
m wa bnk of Soviet cht- inlack hair, combed straight, wq .lcation. Monsignor Giovanni Battista LAwyer mA-, hu .- f an! meant as to whethel_1!
b or/< I replied-in Rue- tiert In the barck with a faded A drawing of p Red Army of- co-secretary oftate of the Vail- traded as "rema hat .? /ti putaele evidence" .El-l IC
led ribbon She wore boots that fleer surrounded bv a group of can. paid his first afternoon visit eltsi -denial yester .that ne ".eses at tehf hss -
e little lady smiled. Her reached all the way to her skirt .miling kids attracted my atten- to the Pope yesterday. Since he h ad been intimate 'l W epa wate min
Sbtow eyes began to spar- and a yellow threadbare jacket lion. It was an illustration to a was cogfned to his private en as Mrs. Roosevelt e s ie third letter written?
*. "iCveor a wine-colored sweater, poem entitled "Our Officer:' chamber, the Pope has been re- er separate main so to bla wife mi bet
H .-- i generously soecked with treae ceivin thile secretaries of state in :aned accompanyin, letto. .,tRooseveltlf rJe l

.MYk pmy luguae." pots. A tall straight officer eame the morning e unrevealed letter in
SIussi It is a ea?" I asked. The kida love h.m. They follow tista'was quoted as saving: le evi ence in su ; ot is unreAd andlt in wblhche war
equ liu!" him everywhere. "Thank God, he is improv- allegation it would o atney the'names of nine wm On w
aSn a"ot nevea "tM se in or every youthful pioneer hopes Ing." .been. filed,". thie attorney o- mtea oegf lw n it-
noamcountry It L.a dden y the to row up Later, an' official Vatican nounced et
e l. rbW. ow-i2 tmlMidldhin e aM. To be brave as a Red Army pre.s taulletn sild: VMrs.eseveltoeomplaint tirhate.-
4"n r u 4f n" r skry re mostly officer, ',There _he. a ply been neg- xpesks forltself.
:n *w *an d native results ton-a, would boI Ih ibe .'- n that latter hgs.l "this
*W b care. I can OafYou we wer ea "Now I am convinced that 'Tfhultreo ." 8"hiyebwennt e.-a
to but o much the sky in America as Soviet uBais does not glorify The bulletin said the tests ovteetjta RAUZe f ,st.
.. .doI m Rwattlet la the same tr," I told the Kmsom elkM., conou etm tht the Pope's gas- sIn to b wbtie .
niesbpleftetc 'ky." *hty ty was lost on her. th tric uble of narvtps origin fact," he added. -
St5i w It a W ppAnlks hez own way she was sincere. MeUSnwhil, spbable source-" ttij
,ikslhe iprag .ig" was nwlbbly convinced mad t.ils showed thr. N .ro. w t l.
Raots was really fighting for tPOW and circulator .4 wer6 revealed I
ans war." po1e at the Four Power-Con. good shape, an, iaW .- --
..' lforme. possibility of a -- handed to reportrS-
d f r After yearm of led agands sto hNMW4..L.I.Dr fie.
Mt* Pease?' she had bken metorci t The soueases mid the Uesti In. Ga1MzdrlList lesjf It was her only rep. i esea1*Sor m0
AKI abou tine,*Am. nf fan-washlthatl*the*1-od'.graphl*gex.*es f PCaOn of- _.
j --PS~t -* -so o-
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