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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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St'Feb. 2 (UP)

ran end to school segr fete
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*les Promfest
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enr cOr

'At the same time. the lequa-
lure prclammind a "traitor" Gen.
MUAtI IdlirWs Fuentes and Col.
Cae Ctonutu.o AraA, Guate-
malan overtsment say is re,
teeiviyg support from six nearby
S Latin A oenioan nation.
'te res a," bil/ stripped
rp asof ltj ranik. NO co'la
aol Lti.on I.' nxeaac r to
S tilo, and the go-
t is .npni to do so



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Feb,,2,(UP)--Secretary of5,pj1J9
D, w"ejectNd S#t foreign minister. V
Moft'Is now peoe plan for Germany t p'-
an M ito "d fooIh chatter" and get' ,

W urge thatA4r Molotov aogree '
by pH.rmai-ftecftions a German go~.W
genuhiqly speak for ofl of Germany and tlh..
indisp l s bie basis for a peace that will .lWt, hi
wilf be peace of- consent," Dulles said.
1a0i t the eighth session of- 3g f*
*Co"m.nce, Dulles rap..l tu.. I
_ t'ycochll" which the Soviet delegate

Tb* lI.lma Mpl0tov plan clear to Moscow that t
w it il L aI l ern alley wo d W o n1
Sta '_q'id..isa t imd "fertan ,.'

t ed, 1:24M

S- r- 1 that- M sttes se e s

.-ff=. TrI .._,6, "hwr di ', ae hr d
i. at otal, has a new outlet better thi a
T two Na fle. who ver untld w olv tn
c t we njure Sunday afterno t T t daughter of the light of h lor th u- pt

SiesoIis order. uned on Brifa Rost, we rere 1nat 1e 1 (18 v the De of the Army9 Port u The- ??aa stricken worth e er f t n let t SgtwB^
14 Viktim Has l.,n thut -.., u ,r to- fu W ra

St Clayn spal tday for three aybe ni eb 8 the Ithm aterda ater- ca diagnosed As rce virtu an- a iot
Il -TheW f whke was in the consular Aection of the pC Sodlo deak.t pr t f? MtYitaso

.tt o eoe'. ault a the u EmbaV. i Her o i not considered Gehae 9 tq oav eut re- nwith in attte
Scidnt watatesa U ,led 1jyeoday is Du 4 ,qun utmerios. e DW ,uar- ptlentlv- frma a termination not ad ytrae b

spuarS d T two a Navny w h P a riousC typs 16fwi&?ncoe A anaW4 8 ri M Fto 4 P'rw the pub6 in use clght le a ha t yield tRisla on any tbiato B that he a
i lThe other aer i ea- th re m ao pam et en- I ed .. o.f aa .t er ptit w.a reported at ner oet prin.ple btto the hdenw en

woll" wsufferir from a frateured w pr United sate r CitiednntsI Abroad takin t the car o I to--- f

Srtl hd ,ero n Jtoa thi q e are beo daitribued ig eb. 3 J i eIbte lnfor at 0 ve arrived eke a at t-
:. '- s *trial c a sman stlH. Troun tn tular office la P. nam City The. ater- ea i t diagnosed =in-d r iC vrt v A lt rininot.
S-i. oaed a t of wec. p d as h mbsIyn thAencomLnote th ell on onoon. t ta d o i ut MJO

la Psei~i oaag g / tucv eor; to dpuce U. 8. oitiaem read this pofor For ttd0a h 1ohich belong- ut V l JC B
.Io eb WntphlIt which W pre-ed to onsidre w ad07Mn 18aauoohwh atun- 1n a A
of o alth'B 4area to compl te a pared Iv the Treary Departe yearod nn rom

ae yh sea n EdwardOleft trn onto thle highwnt For P 019be, Maree erronten/ m oril O 0
States eritenf-i nde, d W3 p nr lai

suffering, rom a fract United days Ctening tl ll.he c wao -a lio t olme ... .. r eit

A &. third nm ger Ry 5are balg dItricbuted at the con-! S .. o ter fmprsuse -e" eradfee pplerehdrethaIArestativeoftheeLon W
r. Trouta last ur ofe I PamN City Ralph C. Allep r, a 29- fitlL u t the uua dapper Wininton. dn pres he was one
thTel rfblw ieh Newsmen W ereniMtFito

A year-old ini was Burhtt A ralan wife came of the most compeen new Six
ew tod T*f fned ,$0.s60 sedte ted to wasalso.horea recently. Their one- h the Allied forces in 9
SeTeaur e a Itte oeif ue At am

,iSnlell to LOOr 1 U V Ofl S m8ti"1''". ma=- o ev. the Reds yearo on la In Peiping. the Paelwrin 1 World War II. He the IV..te LTe 1
neerthe case l int gonh owa oad v they Ke ogtny ir arrant.r Bur- landed with the first corrtpon- Air Fee'nE I
lFo1 t oPort an acc a I tM che, wa onstat shao a det Japan after the r-ound b a
nao es Dick Hayi .-h aavg h actress werea divorced hins Andol. fI Bu O: rent r the London rpudgi- Oed copondentn World wa P4

hWeaellla a ith iot tI tody helcan obtain hiy freedom ahe cr oaW h a T- fgtpe me a Briton ad t rheu repreynte the Pa- Winninton who say he has e th
s a sx- a m toa is it B mmedati b deostin ,a befsoie fre e and av Awraan e t, rts Red paper L'Hum andt. hbeen a newapeter man fof 17 Al

.-. a ra- -deriffa .a q. f Kondoh re tlt modaenent coul be ma.4te -the P e mnte Ga-naftel Both men Asy they want to re- yea mos become pe h nsbly I -t n e Tp i
t rt w f ord % 7n e, .-l.1g he alflidea $10 MU5 Dror h-4- --tracnc weaot W of oftpeedno t om e erne day. They scoff when hi tAte dfonal compe- "r f
Th ndepennr tO Sheriffstttornemilseids Let bo rn Ins *1X e rolesptu unS1 athe at yerports their Povernments enle la questlIned, WrWr tts

of-i thj oJalde the locI t Monoey CsS on.y od proba u .t they aTe. ,n dei ata nte.o._. |amiret prosecutive them as trat- Thte onlyreason you bame .
--. ltd h-.Ns spite in th sdte 2 iat cetnfrntin:rthe AE wt e-born e ny ne tt. fra asn .d.0eoe thes they as ors. .ga Communtr t because you ote eo w
aged to P 1 in amidtown ,Mah. attan. alner wli, married .M ai t5s- 40-,ear-ocLd ma A Tu spokesmen foir the were a talhire at homi,1" one -
to -te dt i ins Pe b .mm.ra- Ekti ue WhUotoM and Ists reaehlnim the Communist c linl .tL
"vr DT afr his ,om- vrn it aud rtei a deInoma- t wen Wo defend ,it the pri ias camve and co- "ha t like you Aierr- C i-
ean g troub) tcn aa nt, a hd posing "pdt*e appeals" wbooh ne ," Winnendton aWld. tnraing -
lAw I The -so lament t ea- ed the ed st soe rsoners to away. "When you oe n a- j. M.
he mu"l..i aei 1_ t e uel that can obi n oirsi t etabraien es as r lin b torturer mett you e t et into attacsint w -.w.-
._etl r ih pato raf oxOl ant *adhl ts pardenliles." afterno .t.toma
21 ssama rmarfn e aaiuUn7tedStesadm be h I p a s L.naanlt been age newlsadperda n f 17 A

w 2 ~Sei N.... mo e net BUl n. bewa a,.....ed-l..d u. tera n..t- before e tamen to myoey. In t al a ton ot ar y trmct be -t
ied ,~ "w M is Pio .r -'3 he t he act! day ofpg tome se rda They s f his it f on a -'
-i ... rbt trla e.a, marbt ro ecuhl .e them as t rai "hehe onlyr eas-on yo b iem
-t ..isp-iten. tordet-ftn the A ....rivigte -WnI BOCAn TWO.r.ea.,.W er.
nrtthapp end. -

vuOd InI'The IWtR t poytItoreh O fr st a riento aa- anal- Moh

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IgAW 401111"I:NC
w~t A NSP.
IT1 A3S 13TH WTq
MwCtk. ING.
N V. ,;

I. 30


NT Wll
Of UA,



The Mal E ll o o on eeM Iarum for reedlo .o Tihe Peoam Am.-
SJtefl teh da wolved gespefully end ee haudted i a wholly eCai.l-
S1 "ofwllr~ a low doeh l O I I ItIt des t appear thei
Plasew ftry l h* the tea He el tpage is
I *"*eat 1 wters l d Mis h uI
S TMs a'nums no Moi mk blM 216 -6".w a opi"ale"
e Op s OiE lad ITT frem reers. .

Sir: ..

B I -- l is with a great deal of Interest that we see where discon-
s terown K.among the lock operators over the concern about
Inon-crilt men to take over a portion, the soft part, of

I Aotually. tls practice la not new to some other divisions of
-UN pth amau Canal.
In fact. the electrical division has this nefarious maneuver
StwortingK very amootbly. Smoothly for the division heads, that is,
haty rou t a unfair for powerhouse operators. All over-
n cases of0aemwenciea and relief shifts is not filled by op-
Swta; rathnte ork is Riven to power dispatchers, electrl-
*: fcApd wlrselg Overtime and relief shifts of operators be-
long to -petun not someone of an entirely different chosen
v location. No other place in the world will 1ou find an organiza-
S. tion following such a chinchy and shortaslghted policy.
I wonder if these "no policy" boys give a to1dht to the rea-
son why all operators leave after two years? woder.r if they
give a thought to tht thousands of dollarsit oits =t for tranas-
pofation of the two year men? I have seen ma, godd operators
,conle. Ad go. operators who would have made a career here had
it not been for the tight fitting blinders worn by supervision.
I sincerely hope that the 200-odd locks operators have the
*' trength to attain their wishes before their morale U damaged
further. Incidentally. if any lock operator is interested in just
how low morale can fall, he has only to ask any powerhouse op-
r -- ~. --

I Cinese Challenge

ACROSS 63 Italian city
64 Rim
,I China Is in 64 Rim
n 65 Conclusion
5 capital is 66 Soothsayer
Nanking DOWN
SChinese people 1 Genus of
grow and eat males
2 Lone a
S lHearts
Slermit 3 Persia
S9aenui of 4 Declare
llows $99' Sick
t*E in Go.llmound
qudo's scale 7 Pifer .
e/ ndtde rte 5 The Yangtze,
Sfea lt Hwang ho, anc
V Aperture sarians
are Its
Sprineipal -
Most tof Chni Roman road
is -. .. 1Coi lh
controlled 11 Dines
M i0bon l Tiny
Hr f .gaDits. 21Huge tub
Russian rule
hExist -.
1$ Greek letter
I. Soak lax .*
S'i--s .s .
.. common to
tie Chinese
*SNew Guinea
46 Artist' frame
as we I

i.s tog
Chana for
of at
age '^l-

Answer to Previo'ljs Puzzle

EM 3 r 7 rti J | t H i jpl tj

13r Elif-" l VI Vr1-i~l~ u
Af I F

jr -


23 Sketched 41 Anger
25 Sblictude 42 Lion
26 It has an 44 Hit lightly
S.of 3,76039 45 Arrays
square miles 47 Storehouse
d with its 49 Arrived
territories 50 Its Gobl
27 Seines desert Is -r
-28 Asterisk 51 Peal :'
30 Husband Of 53 Proboscis .
Gudrun 54 Carry (coll.)
31 Horse colr 55 Heavy blow.
32 Saintes (ab.) 58 Against -,
35 Greeklvrar god59 Small child .
IrsFf r1 1r l

A .

-tione deAl mel of tie
eveheA atent as beet named
ill rH-il Ans It53 fby Piu<*.'
Is e -o i.osesqiut aI expert- t
Win' wtl cuitman tih ast
-ptap ad -biwtong eat%
IA -.- .


Towards the nd 4 e tupnl
Iuoux 1952 presidential 'emplgaJ,
General Eisenhower was anMete0
by Walter Reuther's didibuton of
a picture leaflet which predicted
that Ike's victory would bing with
it the breadlines of the early Thir.
ties. The leaflet woa loaded with
photos of the unhapi, unshaven,
ragged jobless waiting four abreast
for a soup handomt
The image of thi leaflet must
still rankle the President, lor once
he is furious over 91 charges thpt
we are actnaly in .depress.
And word ha gow out of te
White House take on Wter
Reuther and is. CIO in a td5tal
attack and pAste them with the
"gloom and doom" label.
At the samp -time; the Admik
istration, aided by business leaders
will hit the country with posttlyv
statements aSal'action in an eSort
to show that'the country Is iI good
shape and will begin re-absorbing
its jobless by next fall.

This Operation Optimism is the
first order of home front business
for the next month. The President
and his cabinet believe they can
hold the jobless to about 3,500,0f
and then get most of them back to
Typical is a recent speech by
Secretary of Health, Education and
Welfare Oveta Culp Hobby. A
Jan. 23, she reported:
"When we think of the future I
terms of certain of our Important
national needs-of, let us say, a
production potential.-the prospect
is bright.
i"t has beeta estimated that: We
need some forty billion dollars for
schools and hospitals. We need
some sixty billion dollars for'hfigh-
ways. We need some hundred bil-
lion dollars worth' of housing."
Earlier in the speech she had
said, "In America in 194, for ex-
ample, our production of gods and
services was over V46 billion dol.
lars. It has been estimated thAt
by 1960-six years from now-we
will be producing 416 billions an-
nually. And this is a Anoderate
Mrs. Hobbyls optimism Is shared
by many cautious industrialist
who i vision new horizons for in-
dustry from such innovation as
"steel skins" for building (en-
abling skyscrapers to be Walled up
in a few weeks) and the use of
waste heat from atomic reactors
-to heat residences. These aren't
science fiction dreams they're
actually in use right now.

Typical of the industrialists who
think 1954 will be a terrific year
is General Electric's vice president
Dr. W.R.G. Baker, general mana-
ger of the company's Electronics
Division in Syracuse, N. Y.
The other day he predicted that
there will be 65W television station
operating by increase of
300 broadcasting., centers. To catch
their shows Dr. Baker forecast the
sale of 5,20006 regular TV jets an
100,V09 W lor receivers, as well as
c't"t d d fort adie-
an dust roducti'of t
.io.4 sets.. -
beca e of thtMate oft r
military weapons, l:G Jee
also saw "a high level oXMilitay
electronic production."
In terms of sales, all thi addgd
up to the distribution of 5,200,000
regular TV units with a retail val-
ue in excess of $1,400,000,000, In
addition, he anticipates a $100,000,-
000 sale of color receivers.
The retail sales of radios will
reach $230,000,000.
Thjl electronic industry, accord-
a, to Dr. Bir, Will sell about
00, _9000 worth of two-way radios,
In addition to Mierowave and car.
re qurnt a ratus.
so.aitall tn s will be the sale
of some o00,0.000.o worth of elec.

The point is that in the next few
weeks, in testimony before the
Joint Congrssional Committee on
the Economic Report, the country
will see a picture of high prosperity
6pleo)d with a serious parallel
pro lem-of eventually having to
put some 3,500,000 jobless bac to
However, President Elsenhower
bepleves the country can do it.

Westrex Manager

Back From Parley

II Mexico City
After attending the Westrex
Caribbean arena technological
conference in Mexico City. Paul
W. Kayser, manager of Westrix
Co. Carlbean, here, is return-
-in to Panama tonight with all
the latest Information in sound
and motion picture recording
and rproduin.
VitoMr antving with him ate
IPed W. Blerwirt vice prelddett
of Westrn Electric Co. Eugene
9. Oregr vie prendfnt and ens-
oral manager of the WeatrX
Corp. and fita vice
president of W atre, Panama.
Whoare anlftia k*tobrof all tha
Wex orx ea t t subidU s
in Solutb l
The vigo a c erence

ments in r 4ten'e
and Ind%' i m Weap
'rdex Corp. ut the StWtI
cnntinUes to 1 a ait
rldal r-ol
the Htl a Pamito W t ea
444' -

.1'" "



at tSOeratep
ia day alle "

t to Soflet-
.-no more it
AnOther argm
didn't have
q wiere if she toi


. -'1 '
,' -'

* **' '.
1'- t

.11 t

Hemingway UInsporting

By 101 SAkK

-..0a. -- -
SYDNEY, Australia I thought has mostly done tbhfin his own defeated gent I ever met; and cer-
it very unsporting of my friend, way without hearing a tuppenmly taibly the most natural. It he
Mr. Ernest Homingway, to sur- curse for what 'the critics said. He wants to drink, he drinks. and if
vive those: plane crashes, because has played i4pt his averages on a he wants to fight, he fights, and
I had what I thought was a swell calculated basts. hen they said rough all of it he never cheated
lead all worked out, and there is the plane was down I said then the himself of toil with pen an j)per.
no newspaper fun like writing old goat w6uld come walking up I riv, read the stuff be writea
obituaries for friends. some dry river bed, because soth- since I Was a kid, and 'best
In one of his better short stories, ing mechanical can kill him-un- book ever written ab6ut Afriea he
"The Snows of Killmanja'o," Hem- less it's that bicycle. Wrote; had the best ook ab.ut
ingway wrote a preface about a The agret tlhtlg .about the old biuls; and tW o 14 Jb abOut
leopard found frozen high on ithe man is i.h kindliess, and c let warke andt *he-td n thiedt
peaks of the- great mountain in lack of patroniution. He is nicert called "Bi to.heatd Ri
Tanganilka. I f1got tha Wh6 t small p i aontne I know, 4s 4 = inol. i ttr b fi. l.
quote but it was something like: and wir a m r small peo- a short prq anybody ever btn
Nobody cowl smay whatte o- pie feel saloit I was around about any It was ult e
Pard was see g a at that o ." with him week amplena, a t a man's preprawti
This it s d .t' Spain, Iat sm er d was never a m e
have be a.brfee i s witb'th Thee have lnt, b f
Papa, weln bbieft -3lutuin rAl ofl & the kept up the *ve*age.eown e lo
n the high hills of Uganda. at man. It is kinat of eness Atht. Imd a es bitter lar
Hemingway was seeking s not is nearly lost these day writer 's naecae battle with the
Whhowli. statut'i Not od buuy twhe
When Papa wrote that short as ia long
I aia, of crse, qu arous l b tok, h t but he bau since -seen most
Oft I MoA ...made Into moviei,an
# be ursrtaus B important largely md
bag bee g fy SIV tauat' senest tbefullness of living
to polish him the M attnd still. intact and he is as un-
sy, and never uite sue- him a PTullitz a jaded as a kid. 1V iu.npt now, and
a .Ie will live to bolder than Patinona dt never was, one of the sophisaeated
d fth l v u, because -he'sa beeb had ; writing 4pMt l&te mlkup so much strife, and ter ixpla -what he wge Shoot- Oad caught to believe, that
other people's wars, and in add Jag at in "Across the River, etc., anythi that usipeas on any one
business add with lArge aqimals,-etc.," -but tore up the effort be- day to a e mn important,
that his only hope for extinction tause he reakohed no real writer and masbe tldk as import
is for same ribbon clerk to rua ever had to explain anything to ant if fUt mndia eight.
him doan with a bicycle, anybody they didn't get his I am glad the old boy walked at
A go hero is hard to come by. point In 6e. writings. of that cra*h in Uganda. If U'dW
Yehr by year, the whitembeard d -He als once wrote a piece called to do the obituary it wouldn't have
Mr. I. still rates hig'ont dthy lia "The Undefeated," which might be been setimental, out of difetance
mostly because be's a maq alB story of himself. He is the leastto th. ad. .

Thred At Big-4 Meet

By Peter Edson -

WASHIGTON (NEA) The th.t serus, in Washington. In op- _"TA b's offers said they had
most serious threat that might.o*it and trying to beat' it i ask Mrs. Hobby and
arise in the current Berlin confer. theta principal hope is in. to stand, ia te e-k
ence of Big Four Ministers would b gilA France and Germaly e afte r after they
be a Russian attempt to woo closer together. Tun they failed to noy the two'
France away from her American. 4.eretary of the Navy Robert ladies what was expected of them.
and British allfnces and win her Anderson Isn't as shy about using "T h Pentagon brass' hid a dis-
over to opposing German rearma- the private yacht Sequoia, Which cusslon the other day on whether
meht, goes with the Job, as President or -dot to release to the prega some
The suceqss of any such diplo- BIaenhower was about using the MW picture of the WAC-Corporal
matic mandeuer on the part of Willasmburg for short cruises in guided missile. Secretary o De-
the Russians is not considered th' Potonac and Chesapeake Bay. fease C, E. W e inW a e
likely. But it has been foreseen President Eisenhower gave up conference. ii.ement tWas:
as a possibility. If the Russians his yacht, after trying it out, as ain "NIy you reAlize, dfo't you, that
could put Mt over, it would be a eony move. But.since April 5, the WAC Corporal is not a pin-up
disaster for the western world and S19, when the Se'ubia cam"l out girl?"
a Communist world victory. of overhaul, it has ieft its Washftg- National Federation of Repuba-
The bribes which Russia could ton Navy Yard berth for cruises qan Wosten tal a Washingto
offer France for support of these i-times. The ship has bec l a Its I per echblk not
Moscow policIes could be a prom- sort of community pleasure, ceaft la. a. to lay for partcipa-
ise of peace in Indo-China and Tor members of the cabinet, how- tin of this oa i thls
disarmed Germany. There is con- ever. Other top government offi. years coigresail. eetidess.
siderable political backing for both cials have used the Sequoia sore
of this obectves inside France. than Secretary Anderson. The A light moment i the program
Should France vote with the Rus- yatebt carries a crew of 25 enlisted wis provided by Mrs. Robert Ash,
sians on these projects, it might hen hnd one officer, who spke the ladies about the
well wreck te European Defense importance of decoration, coloi
Community and the North Atlantic Three newspaper photographers schemes and arralgear eists
Treaty Orgniation. It would split showed up the other day at a re- at pOaE.l e MtI. A#% is
France asay from Germany, an eepton which the Congressionl a lsanOuetr at t. l Flow
alliance now regqrdc* as the key- Club gave for the wiveq .fr tbW l Aamag other
stone of western European defense. new members of Congress. What tiesls, ae I:
A split between France add brought out the cameramen was e've to demand bttr o.
Western Germany at thil- time Us annaenement from eldub hWea
might gl the Russians a te n- q*rter saying that Mrs. Orve.
perry advantage in delaying any C up H]bby, Secretary of e ws .e te 0i s,
counter oves for the unifications i sand Welfare, ad.
of Germa-y. sph cCarthy, wie
Over the leag haul, however, a Wis* sin seater, would be la the sei -
French-Germia split could only ri eg lie. Neither ia eM. a i '.
lead to an eventual World War U. and h turned out the whole ti.g N'Oeyf yi to Sitl up
The threAt is re3ardeld as fully wa- a horrible mistake. .w t wawlt )y," she sAa.
.. \ .. .. .. .. .. ... .. .. .


-. I
* 4.

- Sjrtt.
A. ~ '~L1tAYth~c9' a-

,offa If 04! 4 0e0aper, tal .UJi'I
a 'w s rean stat

l eson Otqred
No one at the bit eeti
ilisagreed with Be-alo t n.
the points le rae. T
where they differed WM ; d
the reaction of the An
lie. And almost every in
the CabWet who
sad th sell butter to a
l1an eulwife wouad rate' a as-
tiowlde futror. a
The sport price for-butter Paid l,
by the. epartmeno.T f Agric t
today Is around e7 eentsa a dm
The world trlIe for better, r
bp RUssIa J-is oud'.4 et a S
pound. Thi t d ernce of 2 1 nfts
a pound, the. cabin ,finally de-
cided, would brinf a ar ibur m
action fro6 i AerthUe wivs.
HoW the ap ft t en-
tregyb --.u nramStaeustel

By Al 1 Secrtary Beson has
.B w Adate ther 'it
---t ---- JAW.4 U.T or -

bohil ajff lgJ.MJ 'iil
ere to reduce fat fes somui:
what and he will go sling ith
will p lt the lw. price at
ataret ti troti e gi

li 9

now antique i

i ": i .'-

In tro
ae det ne
ka aet -SM

halt tem li i
There one all-nIoi
rhe is wlluiil
wbes;, aud'tt's thb-g
iy the United N... foi
rep*me ground Vr
.ever agAln. IL *t
*1l1 be vi. thi


Mias I
At Tins

4S ceants A. S. In wileS, 0Ww
ly's argue d, I sl wId
a ori yb eivd lt 'L and thenfe,-
rb the wAl ti btrM O ---. 1 4r
aeady cumlt a hOh c ned
will be abld,:'will hai ate
67 cents, but.ii te i hr 6 A .
under the f *ttee-s u
would be cheaper. '-.
Security Officer Quite NO '
Guarding a foreign president
while visifpg the ite States i
a extreme t itf t job t
ad a lot 1 prentai =at1
he welcome of Turkish a resident
Cel] USyar, who has Just arrived
in WishiA 16t4 ='
President Cdlai Bayer r" Ve- A
sets ona of the bet friendste ,
United States has anyplace ia En- Ea tte lues
rope or Ala Aenise ehappen U tn.4M
to be a stubOern foe oF XtiA t ot-- -si8 .--41
Soviet Russia, which has tpog esow
etdt the famed Waterway cM ett- the V4 ,,
Ing the Black Sep with the outside
world over whith Turkey stands c'nX
U.S. Ofciails, therefore ape not Bond asked.
mindful .f the fet th a secret "I'm frim Bolta," ito ~ sw
Tommuhlst attamp or tle Turkish r dli And hung ......;
President's lfe wne vlsting i the a Bond is from Nie t mpshir
UA.A. would_ be interpreted o Tur- amd. still lks like it


8. ,Cabt. Ih



I **

- L... :


I, 'FIN T,

4-- -"-- -q- -
.. .^ -.-.. .. < .... -.-,* ^..;. --L ; J e ^ ^ .A S.: :,
,. --. *. .. .- ; -. ^ fi ? .. ? 1'-. -
.. .. .. .. ..
&. -. ., !

. ..;.-

m- I

Aj1 maiw

;.-5 ~

~ I


___ __

$,-- -'..
. ?,.....






: ~

,; ;

"'"" --

'. .


__ ', ,.,. '

:-.a. : -

h4 ..-m k. .

Afto zagba. mir. !anwu it

- e- 1= Kegmc that
teat, pewt wil
fly was,_ i t ett e io memn
at. the b ittlie's tenae.

I for l

.~biA wnul~ae

."work -l m 1 l 0t-

-o*MT CA=. (UP.) -
Lt f.;Tuer obtained a di-
Sof deser ago after
HJ e" wasn't ea ming

S.. ,, ,:. ;

Big Loss, Snull Gala
MIDDLEBtit CoMn. (U.P.)
A burglar caused 10 damage
a school while stealing $2.
Florida has the largest number
of different kinds ao trees found in
any one of the United States-S14
The wedge-tailed eagle, also
known as the eagle-hawk, is the
world's largest eagle, says the Na-
tional Geographic Society. Its nest
may be elit feet in diameter and
nearly as deep.

' Into This Law g
LILLE, France Feb. 2 (UP)
- Customs ofllWb &arne to-.
day that anyone cm-
dtferent teeth than the
he went out with would be n-
ed "heavily" for Importing
them illegally.
The customs officials said an
organized gang was ferrying a

- -1
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' ..,.* "-.'.. ._ -* _* ?

- C: '.a-.-* .~: -

a,-. .. .. ., -


*.6 -I:

**-a 1

a. ,
- -- *;*-1
*t ': I
-, .,



" I' """'

3 ~ LIL~-:LTI~~_I L -- r i I L~ -

77 I

- -- ---

', .; 4,Y

j~e~ ~~ot

, *

i, o ,.
,& m .


|- .,







...- .- In
-. -*.. I -*

By OSWALD JACOBY and to buy ypurdejf a .bettp poop
.".I,'ED 1. 9W iel after, the *lr. -
| Written for EA .vf e .Toe etb16jio to e)- a
r oK Just calling the risn. i e
S. Position means a great deal in chances are very good that the
,r 1t 'I poker. If you are the last player other two players will. just call
St speak you are In the best posi. your raralse and that both will
tion to bet. If you are the first cheek to you after the draw. You
S NkEW YORK- i NEA) -Charles Laughton, who was Captain: to speak, you are in unfavorable now have a free 'idowdown. The
S Blih in 'MuLiny on the Bounty,- is up to ni.; oo.i in another position. And the mrst unfavora. hand has cost j.ou a little more
--T of 1iobunwue.otnahe r before the draw, but a lotl
S mutiny,. He's the director of the great new play, "The Caine ble position.of all is between two before the draw, but a lot les;
Muitiny Court Martial rood hands, when your hand s after the draw.
Lloyd Nolan plays Capt. Queeg in this triumph. And Nolan omlewhat doubtful, If either of the othe layers
S ells me how Laughton went over the Queeg speeches with him, Let'suppose, for example, that bets right utafer -raw
line by line. I 3ou are dealt aces up in a game spite of your -reraiae you may
" "But somehow it didn't sound right," Nolan says. "I went of draw poker, with jacks open- reasonably assume that he hasi'm-
home and used a tape recorder and played It back, and_ it stll ers. The player at the left of the proved his hand. If you still have
-'idn't sound right tne wa. Laughton suggested. Then I did it dealer opens. The chances are that only your aces- up, you should
for my wire, an she kaid, 'You don't souna like Nolan, you sound ;laciha open nhars posairon He o this case your investment withCharlie's O.K., I went back to doing it my own way. probably has a higher pair, r- brings you no profit, but it does
haps two pairs, perhaps even t save you a useless-eall after the
It wouldn't have sounded right, to have Capt. Queeg talk like ter wo pa even bet- draw.And onc a while, when
Capt. Bligh." you happen to draw a full house,
S, While you are considering these you wil 'really give the other play-
The appearance of Shakespeare on TV these days depends possibilities, one or two players ers something to rem bert
upon the baseball and football schedules. So says Maurice Evans, drop. Then another player raises.
possibly the greatest Shakespearean actor around. It is now up to you in last or
"lou. see, says, "I wouldn't lor a moment do a Shakespearean next-to-last position.
play m less than an hour and a halt. And you can't clear that Let's suppose you just call the
Mihch time during the baseball or football season." raise. The opener ecs likewise.
So "Romeo and Juliet" must wait on Musial and Williams and the thtee of you draw cards.
kee, alas, poor Yorick must stand aside for the New Yorick The opener checks to the raiser, MAl' iil
Siakees, and that player bets. What do you
But, between seasons, TV viewers can have treats like Evans' do?
latest triumph, "Richard II," on NBC-TV's Hallmark Hall of Fame. You guide yourself partly on how
7This. like his "Hamlet" of last year. was cut to two hours, but many cards the other players have i
E.vani thinks the Bard's works stand such a trimming admirably. dra 'n. but that may not be much
"That's the trouble with TV Shakespeare In England," he help. If they've each drawn one
ats. "They play it word for word." The.- figure they aren't card, you can't be sure who has h
muck around with the national poet so they run it too long. the best hand at the table.
"Actually. shortening it can preserve Its flavor, as long as you You certainly can't afford to
don't have to add additional dialog by Joe Zilch or someone." drop out with aces up. But if you V i*efilm l ragHm'
.-vans is happy in his firm belief that W. Shakespeare himself call the bet, the opcier may raise,
would lke his stuff on TV. And the actor feels that, in years to and you may be caught between SMl M tO Mi
come, TV may be the repository for Shakespeare. two good hands.tho h1t M rom Tl i
"That is," he said, smiling, "as long as we don't blot our copy The point is that you shouldn't M m wth
Which must be a Britih way of saying as long as we don't vest a fe' chips before the draw asVfT 1D
louse it up. E I Li

Harmonicas. like everythinA else, wear out. Richard Hayman, s
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L.ty are almost deserted. InA the background are the domes of IBALBOA-Ter
t. Mark's Square.

rigalon Company

lines Lid.

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30 Cristobal Tel.: 165415
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m .Bldg.. Tel. 2-1905


f(i w-i 4* 4.;< -.. *.4-t "'
war. -- > ,. ,
";'G .. "- -i -
.a.r. ,, s a -, t.. '


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.j T S .... \M..l W M1..





Just Listen


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&_TH~uw70 ME# -_^ H
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That's Different

TMs w4 ca smCN oNV saw o X mtV\ SORQOWIL.
TAT. MP5 W4OLV 1. W SW00 W O 'W ) '.i \ V%.% %O O !


It Vonses Out ?-
-'.. 4-. ,

a' Ljt toWil Sw4







Wrong Answers




I. PUr

Winter Sports




, oI OUr WA
=i UUMW.

-- ;. -i r t
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L BUT Oi. CURL.vY 7H .,.I
i'1 "tSH'MELL OF OfTo
sy MAW


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*.... i :- \ .- '. .
^ **n^ rl w. Oo ,1 -. .<,, f [ :[ ^^. ,*: "

*i '1 .' *. -- : ... .-. ,' -.

ise With

2. -
SW GTON,.Feb. 2 -T.UP) GOP House and Senate leaders, a D pi AWl
^ ^^ -enate epubUcan leadr.W ~iam said the questionPble section of
SF. Ko d (Calif.) d today he compromise under study' by
Td bith l g .eves Pr-u=dent W.thowfl w Ai the Justice and State departments. Pr sI '*1
B oo I" A exhtbit pai g uhort a compromise verklon of He did not spell qut its details. Ire ss us U aT hRI'u
e 4 noon y tha9 Breicker Amendment if certain It was understood that Atty.
FV tr p baic legal questions can be I'elas. Gen. Herbert Browl Jr., had r .
ba....sic l q t 4a b1eds suggested to the White House con- -
sahr M HeOrg al told .repdrtera after a. -fe. that the disputed section be WASHINGTON Feb, (.UP) escorted bY f f; i l -'1
F Febt 1 i a nd a, rst rGt VT an orn. : G:ip Te Vs "aTW rwm 2h ar White House conference elmiated pending further study. The State Department said to- snte tlJe .l ..
athFriends of t fa b- The now The Ithu Grou of that ifhe legal and constitutional He was reported to have said the day it does not plan to make a In the case i t
Friend both fa ethe Canal college problems can be solved "a consti- provilon could be restored in the top-level diplomaticssue of the United StatIs protetqote
ted to atnp the ceremoy. tali__ or _-s visitthe Leprotukum t.a Se- touhal amendment will be pass. Hse later if the administration mixed air battle off Korea In ita in "stror terms."
-- ...---- V-- V % 2 h,' where ir E arwtz isDi. ed by the Senate" to limit the uhrtprove it. which a Comffiuidst MIG 15 wae the Incident occurred 4m
Srector, on Saturday, Mrs. Rur .- president's treay-making powers. Sen. alter F. George (D-Ga.), shot down while Ettacking a U. !oft the Soviet coat in Internt-
Sitwit will act te fr the trip At the same time, Knowtnd At- the Democratic spokesman in the reconnaissance inane. dional waters. .
eb vowae m. s lovers' through the cqlour. traduced a Senate resolution that negotiations, told reporters that But officials said the Red at-
cIr p -1- meet edaesdea at Those planning to a are would call- on the foreign relations any such action would not be sa- tack-the first of its kind slne But Rusma ciimed thepl
tr pi Cana' l etp t.8: .e Ar ,cesasked to telephone Mr Doar 'D committee to make a "full and tsfactory to him. the Korean armistice-could be was scouting over.Ri uaal "
Th1 we $, a r a complete study" of international med adm aistratiUo nre brought before the Armlstke bera and nothtin came of
country hoe 1 SeiVtre "Chter, Ya poea ..eUy, Bary, Informead a
,otry h e ..n. .B, Le Arme mee al e executive agreements. Commission at Panmunjom as a argument.
V'm nge Te lr violation of the truce.
Tiase eu PFaod Frien Musicety f enter, La Road, at 9:00 study would Include- an "in- apartments felt one clause of the Air Force reported Sun
o .. Velm Me- ernd lr dvres nation ofto the number and compromise needed revision be- lay night that a large
Me mhK it Jul Mo-charmen roup are of executive agree- cause It might prevent executive tion of MIG 15s attacked the
aI lmesnd -thMir u M kmn da d -M4, r h lan e rtnSta ndt t t American plane off the Koream I niS -
Eoie -y Moauthority for, such agreements." Knowland said, said, however, It said an accompanying iU D
S nama are invited to attend. Such a study might form a basis"I think we are closer to an area force of U.S. Sabre jets seat-
StorkNote ARME FORCES C h a rt for fut legislation i current ef- of agreement that we've ever been tered the Red fighters and Fnh' S
-n'pd -k n:. ".,-lt e the* tn attend Itao p aru n ap po, ao"a. "er (R-0), Know I a n d held conferences shot down one o them with no -" P*IlY al
arguerte Flck. on Saturha teregular weekly bingo sponsorl armed forces in the proposed auter 6F Be 4troverslal ro- throughout the day with Bricker The Air Force said the recon- ndlo'
january S0, at the Gorgas ospat ed by the N. C. Wivs l b o fiscal 1955 budget, compared posal, said Sunday be is willing and Senate Democratic leaders in naissance .Jane definitely was
1 d e with the currant 1954 budget. to accept th1 _gm an effort to get bipartisan support over "Inernational watec '.
Mrs. Frij iss the -former Mil- Wednesday at 8:00 P.M. at the The Army will ge $4t.6bllont ed out by Bemte Republican for the compromise and work out when it was attacked. It did not
red Haas, daughter of Mr. and Fort Clayton C. 0. Club. less, the Navy $400 milo leaders If the straton the final details. give the nationality of the MTQJ
rs. John a .. Hag she Balboa, '.m a more while the Air froe'sl MJaupports it. Asked whether Eisenhower had but they are Rusqian-built and
Prnal p- rens areB Mr.o aytna Officer- Wives flub I -secret ompro- r "
Paternal ran rs are Mr.lyl Outbound u apared by $00 mliop., Knowland, after the unusually accepted the still resuably were based in Nort
ad Mrs Ott. i, forme.ofTheFo Clayton .d st Th e 8.8. of the Pan .- long White Houpe conference of mise, he said the' draft "in sub- Korea.STREN T
dambs, ,sa.-,qw r rpus Wives Club will 'shold its .. -morthy The .s..i..toal .n stantially all of its sections will The fler could have been r
'hrist,.eais LWides at : hlp.: s.t m he at 10 oWclon Friday morn Ci have the support of the President North Koreans, Red Chinese or ,enc Vf
w- gtan'sWedGnesday at 12n30 p.m a 'eth pa ers for New Yorf M eat e but there are certain legal ques- even Russians. .ode beam Gi
vrgan's Gardends at Miraflores. oa r o( rt-0n0DoeaChant TtAo l esS tions... which require further 'A State epament sokes- la
r -y A '-. .arPrince, Haiti, according t- studies and investigationn" man said no "representations" aend puddi t
dettr F, '1Frng was the' Tamie the advance passenger I/st. The administration has centered have been made to any govern- richerwl
| to D a e ae G le, r8US Foreign Aid Policy "s"the .o ior A en t and none is "Conteml1
:uest a t tou qi no-kt party vift LPSS W e e o rifts atkothe Bricks: Amend- merit and none is "contempla,-
aturdey oin.1M A t o .4 The 'Harnett and Dunn. Dines' D4r.WkoGde r, o f anne eopt UIA, mert on the so-called "which" dc""
ent years .Canal Studios, who as i et L rom the Can or-V clause that would require Con- Officials pointed out that n
ervice.T wasw hd at the ba1ro"n .dhnYe. g n TD e n Jdnj. a. s aon the gress and state legislatures, in high-level protect would be di-
.hief't d n C. Z. it was thursday and Saturda atHloe p S ailn for New prI, some cases, to pass legislation be- ficult since the nationality of
I d i i Mi s t tth we e t Mrs. M r ontier ATLANTA, Feb. 2 -(UP)-' A "The ta on of our people for fore treaties could become domes- the attacker. planes apparently
oI Ma w Yelbeb aMnoiitdsson y Hi'ut wtie fexe -o the oat ptak tr fi ed. an appretl
Mr. Shrapnel as presented to e route foro Ne ember of the Ra ltaUl f aorei n aid rhas continued so long aw. Uoffcally, the att
h & bhday. son In tmindt h Ineditn tne e
their host;soqnbia in ne wil take over dr- CQmmnasin on Forei Trade told it threatens to become a vested to addtion, the United
'-e of the Hotel bu'iiy rrden for us and u vested privi- The latest compromise is said to States does not have diploma-
'r today tuUS. foreign a d "mat" loge and humiliation for the recip- have stricken that clause. But it ti relations with Red China
Mr. Sraplaque of presented to 8pasa..g. for t'rot o mflcs b brolaht to an end. report
ith a laque of tbe Administra- We Passego and Mrs. Port-aurd Lam leming Jr., chairman of etermiiatton to bring it to an under which congressional action seemed to be that the United ______
ion Bua din at Balboa Heights Bak Wom 's lia the include Col. and Mrs. Conrad U. the boardon not abruptly but soon" Felm would be required to make execu- states had come' off by far the
here he 'had worked. Argram Ep ChurchsiTfaA of the the board of Anderson, Claytonr nmnaid, ny te agreements-as distinct from best In the incident and
Appropriate sopi w' Episor Mr. Willm W. Orayer; Mr. Co., of a ouston, aex., called for- tnr U.S. -h cols-e Ns no preest disposition
arrived out the'C a o spaso ke s and Mrs. W Alan How; and M. ip aid a "burden" on the U.. cotton merchant took issue treaties-domestic law. aen nispsition to
Bon I sale Olin m h po cv make a&major issue of it.
hene. The Shrapels plan to live d Mrs. Those who. receive it. earning trade with countries behind Although the incident occur-
Amonhere. itedwere The complete dvance .p P_.- 'hleming is one of seven public the Iron Curtain. He said he does red Jan. 22 the Air Force
SAmong mthe Ct Pin.ited wre t compr ew y6rk follows: members serving with five ea- not believe in preventing trade say anything; about it until It r.
Mrs. Peter F,.rapnel and Ju- Sger st for New Be6rk fllo;s tors andTfive congressmen on the that would help the people in those revived an inquiry from the Unic-
an, Sr;r. an d Mrs. Carl P. Hoff- r. and Mi. Harold L. Blate' Randall C4mmission. The cosmais- countries without increasing the d Press.
offman, with et ad lee; rMr. and Mrs. rold n sion recently issued a repoMt on destructive power of their leaders. h Both the United States and
offma i Get ad Mr SO lee; and and Mrs. te foreign economic policy. "It fills me with confusion when the omunists agrd in the
SBillie; ... w'- Mr. and Mr sN. Car Fleming told coapte athier- my government refuses to sell Korean ariistlce not to violate
nMrs. Ba .i a phrey with rnod" Mrs. ld" ed in Atlanta for tn- them our surplus butter and cot- Fach other's territo r the air
naldnd Mr. and Mr. an r.ave tabovbe seed oil" e said. Federal Emplot. However t is does not
Md- 1 r.a M r's. Walave, thet a balan shift. be useed oil,"he said.
rEsAsito;with ar achieved stween foMe Wt Fleming also called for the'res- Veterans Assoelatlo ar ly-apply. in the present
Yo Iraroe rt d M of aorei pid. balance ed foreign rency and the lifting of A. Post blNo. 10. will be held at over ej .wal r h

Army W.O JSoh Frank Drnek will The whole fIatall tSr' Dr. Waqnu Gilder; Miss Ma- zruest speaker on Veterans Pref- have toted. Mil Iii the long
Sbe solemnized Friday at 4:00 p. wiI Ioe ry bonnie G'lde.. Mr. and Mrs. -efl e rence of veterans employed in string I InCt s ta which
*n. in the Tort Claytun Chapel. w, i. Abe Gold; Ralph B. Orammer; In irung isiam eo governmental employment.Int Blak le \ 19 |
Al) friendss of the young couple Va.Asd Allen L. ram rt Paul 0r I y iili aiou next Mona- t
are invited tp attend the cere- of iaS. ,f use Orammer; Harrt Oruber; Mr. All veteran employes of the Rj enrs shot down
Smony arjs andMrs.eOrge fi ochIan;- L T U.S. ovhievrnmnt n the Canal an Alt connaissance
Sn. and Mr. and Mrs, A. ochi; ror a eC ith O IWO Mra0rif s Zone and Panama are Invited, plane f i b ber's
Coffer A isi Mrs. Margaret Ma cMurray: l would last Jlyt day at force
ee i Thrda s Mr. n i. a M. Moore, Jr; *- Disabled Ameran Veterans promptly r at f it ra t
CI h Oliser o y MoMr P. nkerM WASHINGTON Feb. 2 IUP)- the and thet fact the traineesoduc Ona l chapter No. 1 the h a
Corles f ba sWri Micetl Gey; Mr. and Mrs. W la.e c Ftro tw Iie ocrc fresRh fom college, were only to tsht ba* to '
Thur L"'C i ia M aI s"aee'ksoutofvne.sabled Veterans Asn. will be elv G7... StrIr Cl
Arm W o Frank Drnek Will e whole lyb tlo Dr. Wan lder; Miss Ma a the New Yu ca thorities speaker on Veterans Pro lanes apparently have been.
We and Fr. a40p will love itL k baaonnie aede, Mr. and Mrs. erence of vet.etrmns employed In me,trin e n hstrheElaP

Wbe od r ne s ihe sgtI h base hptgovernrmnth l meeting will be held atheS r l av'-a
SinThe All Star Circle will hold ts Wurter. dersjon rl Srammeit
Ao n 'frh e d s o f t h e Y o u n g -o A lle n L .-G .. mf 2 r l -P au. A m e 4 ne ,

ar monthly meeting Wednesday at The fathers said official Tuorts Althou he said the Marine U y Teample, BPOew L ncheoftn Mtina ostmrster
12:30 .m. t s Rite Incom r on what haeed during an aft- Corps to hithe temperatureon Unty Tern e, No. 75.
and MrTe Blbo. Ts wl be a Panama of t a th hike over rough uy w with a BPO w hold its regular
cove dish-l ntheon. ama Line will sa ted. from terrain at uto, Va. differ humidity w" 49, Mlon sait d a r ela io at the araio Lodge Hall oPst&poned 1 Weekl L j .
''olu b To1w Mee "- e or i toalo 0 arply fr at they have been own investigation indicated both tonight at 7:30, A luachon-meeting of the i
~W~~oman' ~ ClibF To Meet DBngerl,.o lri. and 42s C"P tl a others ofa the I40 reads a ctually were closer to All Star Cir chedu for to-

The Curundu. Woman's Club 'will .~ta r l en rouMtr to Port -a young men who took p-art. 100. Ocil, it was said the hike N isse Temple. BPOEW morrow at the Mason Temple
ouaelor;KIrUtd singer Haiti.Thean 42' .y to pivat other s of the 540 P. actulbie. wr the haikae "j:30 hapt ter No I y that

hold its regular business meeting PrinFce, Haptl. is The Te two fathers cWilliam E. Ma- was thr miles Malone said Narclase hempae.IFr w Ancon, ha been postponed
Wednesday at 9:00 am. in the uled to ariv in Criobal M ., and Joseph ome tra put i at from fve hold first meeting of 1954 to until nt dn at 12:30
onunt Building. ay J. Conweil of Greensbur PA.. to eight af. o morrow night at the La Boa al a ced y Distribodra ctric A
l C Ste ad blamed training mistakes for the r Lodhe -tallU. The meeting starts po t onen..t Wit the Dmetbia
nh. C. 0 Wives To Meet sThe oe t- advance pssen- deaths of their sons, William E.! Young ate tell unconscious at 7:30. Pt noi ftaute lnel Avs. Pro 72 18
T e. aar bimonly meeting per lt for CrisM.bal oowa : Malone Jr. and Joseph J. Conwel in the ehowlipe after the hike. His asservices oattat the
of the.. k N.C.O. Wies Club Mr. Wi hin B. Alien and Jr. father sa td I was "packed in ice" Royal Kl Gerge lodge temple an t aeto a orrow
wi l be hed 7:0 p. daughter Mrs Berths Bal: They testified before a Heoue for 1 hour after which he re- On Thursday at 730 pm. at
ane Gam Wer.ner: and r. 4B s' L Armed service subcommittee set gained conhmoustes, the Parah Lore H the oy
tTwo children. Mr and Mrs.Bern-ap to lk ito the deaths. -To my astonishment, I learned alKingeorge Lodge No. 17 will regular
SBlumnthtal; Dr. C. F Malone denounced the fatal hile i that the boy then was permitted hld its regular monthly meet- i l
.- Nties: Mr. and Mrs. Earle O. ig "asinine," in view of the wea-lto get out of bqd, eat breakfast, lg. tLh Ns A. & A.
mon hlyo t,'Clune; Mr aand Mr. Orvile -wally marked f retur o fury Wi hobfunral rie n to t s in the Soottish Rfit Temple
Woman'sand Mr. Ms A. l Aboard oKilled s4i0re din e coulls so aose n t L BAl ot C. Z, e dnue day February to- 94
The f s W a 'b w, that afternoon and dien the follow-Moa ri n e t i ch, for the lateBPOEW
B alba 'siesLs b Georin o DofU'Otso; Mrs. Frank h pal rs if ing morning. hand Nche so ho IcB hlar l
| HoveN- ^H L.Dow;Mr and Mrs. James A. ASum L Conwell said a naval physician brsh oriV f huidt t ufe ao
Dugan; Ab'han FellXSon; Mr t. attending hs son told him the hike day from Bronchitis or Asthma without WA ostponedW ND
ana Mrs Fiank J. Granalsa; M. Wma t t e haen **-had resulted in serious injury. Mend a h This ea tIbtrnal.
on and Mrs. Walter H. Hoby. w ilu not only to your boyh but to hal n Amerlan borat eory, works Lodge will be opened at 1:30 p.m. Funeral Service
d Reed E. Hopkb. Jr.s Misf Mt he the boys on that march. l through the blood, thus reachii oure l
ria Jackson; Mr and M. Les- TOKYO, Feb. 2 -(UP)- A U.S ung. a nd bron l tubes. T. a wh will commence at 2:30 p.m. with Interment
ThM.Wma' lb*l ean yor, aetc oe o.s o the Maslpyo thr

ter Johnson; anAr Force courier plane plummet. The lon t session of Con gress ways. Helps nature dissolve al Cmet .
SeguarStanley B. Jor son; Ms. Mar- ed into the icy waters off northern was thJe .d session of the 7thmide ethik Tranle. i m wl Pro-tat Crz te fl lowng
fte. eadoo ...We.ulris V. Jones and Mr. and Japan today and s Congressdlhma, from Jan. 3, 1940 to Jan. h oleeo r gs foires otng d oun el e Frank A. Choltar Phr--a A .A

rd a M O Kaktenbelper; aboard were reported kIll ed.'as 1941 366 days. The first session saer|ue masins in.. ADOD
wi be dTMrs. Ey s.eth H. Lae hrbaeh: some tried to parachute to safety. of thte7oth Congress and the s mosree nhtu aet t B Worshipful Master Secretary
twO. yo TELdre. .M r and Mn. T he 30 passengers and ive crews of th 81st Congress n
|John L.rLowe; M r. A. m were Americans, daFar eat the lased was pme.. dIubts reula mnhl bete-
Sta n .MFesley: Mr. and Mrs. iarl'eas "nas were withheld pending nou- gt or b

,McKeo anti 2 children: Fred- fiction of next of kin.
rick Mad'yro: Mr. and Mrs. The twin-enine C- crashed in .
C Mam le: Mrs. Yer- the Tsuar traIt which separ-' MONTHLY P Pre l ,".tory
aret Mason 4 children: ates Hokkaid Provine from thet

in. *tG and Mrs Ewarr Mensac : Mrs. Japanese island of Honshu. i b the ra o sfe a nthe
wd hn d'Jaes W.aF Morrison: and J. Japa nese on hore said dthey sawp as onshmet Ia i nGe orge wih t
i Muir an wife: the plane losing he altitude rapidly tLUB
t n y Victor Navar. an Mrs. an M after amepilot flashed a crsr essan wa
:orie V Jns n M.A % A- -f"Wlapntoyanal. .eon .gre,'o a., o,' nr;oi. 'u';P'8AAsb

-,map---.'-- ., --- ,m Tohn Nukeyv: Dr. and Mrs. The wiee said they
S. OtU; Mrs. Margaret Pepp-m: then saw parachutes open as the 0
a.rt.?'-..X" *'Mrs. V. A .Pierce; Mr. and plane careened toward the water. 0 M ny
SMrs. Howard Potter:; Mrs. Cath-. Early reports from an Air Force '
o "tJ -i ~ I erine Qulgney: Miss Ella Quig. amphibian said parachutes could r t-- A,.
ney: Mr. ana Mrs. C. T. Rich-be seen on the water through the !
ardson and am Mr. and Mrv. light snow as well as an oil slick.'
I Myles Rocker Mrs. K..Z. RocK. It was the parac rates and oil slick-
-wood: Mr. and f.Uames Rog- which led search parties to the
Ie.sra: and Mr. a 'IIda. I ernard cene.
S. Rosen; An Air Fors spokesman said
faed "ps .tt.fs. o Prson bom dier had been recovered by ,B i--,
ed cun anidf f .Th-er As for Asoa & Prses Mr. and Ms. 1 nl.atfor4d. P& ne but according to To- I
.ab Ifa l *nIThsei famous powders Miss Florec A. -0ce Mr. in aeo p ports fUt r bodies hadis,-

B no Sir gM hine Adios o. B. wMiims oR Mr.andMr. T pl wwseoa routle mls- .
Pamns laa tl by Wlred JTo M. nd r C ls m al rm Tswear w Tokv -o

-. and Mrs. Doroay ek. trieto ditch te aircraft

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o s- .. l AO A, -.M .. '.
a. 1235r b FAIIIADO IRSP A. Ave. 543 I
S I treet No. 2 l oi 1Jul AV ll .
I Street No.






4.. door 3I i 4 door -r l ,uAu I--4:l O_ ..
SVG Ithe 3See it td,
e im s l NASH Deal Dealer
I.;.A,. .'
"t" 167 IOW.N -" ., "

:o.. .o- .1. ..
HouseholdI Autonble GLADYS HARLY formerlY's of A es P at a.
o hClayn Beauty Perlrdcr wo ^ S ^ PROFSSIO ..NAL b 15 bt^ T
LE:-Porch glider. Mscella- FOR SALE:-19.41 Plymouth, sedon like to notify her patrons that she ftPnM. lI SS ON.% o*
S lous porch furniture, household good running condition, $225. is now with BRINDA'S FOR BI M ed
ds and ends. 1504-A, Ak.. St. Phone 87-2194. Sat. O'Brien. TY, Tiveli Hotel, Anmsn, C. Z. -] C .11 1S
lbooALEC. ,magep4 967; Anm- F*
c.z. WANTED:-Sll cor, mood condi- GREAT OPPORTUNITY In Almace- E rAa ,
SAE:--General Electric refrig- tion. Will'pay up to $400. Cll 2- nes ILONKA TITA. Complpt, I BY As irper, 40117 i:
ter all porcelain. Two handmrrde 5447. Dealers do not call. liquidation. Merchandise completely U IN t oln f ,fti3 iVW '".
.spreads. Mahogany cocktail FOR SALE:-1951 Ford 4-door, good new, shoes for ladles and children. a !1t. poli OE tl 9t A I .
Misc. items. House 0434-C condition. Reasonable. See ofter 5. Cocktail, afternoon, cotton dresses PA h1 3.3 Ih- 0-- Club

E o as coniton Res nbe See a 5 nob;,) ..
4 o. m. to 6 p. m. doily House 64 r6,.'CdFG4hl. and bathing suits. Great assort- NOha A T T, PAR_ ithe'
LE:-Doube bd with sri mentofclothes for children. From ol t. hoe t Als 'e

-t rmic_ table 4 choirs, bedroo- n r ,-on r R SALE:-Grden Tractor. Good -67.i nA Associath Ue PUlix ank CL 3 o
~tfress $25.00. Simmons In- wan taxPositionn on 29 to Feb. 3, 33r Seet."J ANa-" a1AlDpi,

S upri.. ncludn g ma stress. spr 2 condition. 50.00. Cal 2 mower- Dc rt r .n Af

R SALE :-Livngroom furniture. caon couple or companion to elderly MISIM li electric efrlration, O t h s

IR SALEHii be ho furni se r M tors modern ate rote. Phone 6- 44"1 a. ll ." rM he
S ble 4 chaos, N FORSALE:-2s Box 1P. coorn.Ei2 dFOR FORRENTH ALE:--Ga rdwn Tractor. Good 4- 567.i
"c' 3 B AreaVia.Porrsy ar e 9. Tel. -48
it ,-231 -B. C on tractors Rrea Harrow. Floricultur Noclonal. FOR dne a h as i deo
Sh. FOR SALE Via "arras y Calle 9. Tel. 3-4987] REN AT WL Feb, 2 (._V)_ 0 0k)3"i. "o

S$85.00. RCA 9 tube radio. toble Avenue and 3rd Stret. 3 -124 Panama. C a A 3 try In Atants or 29 years. He dvrt ai pts "by :amlh ae m
S.model $35 00 Mahogany dsnin g- 1 SeP.aled bidsox in triplicate, will be re-w nativ, of a Fla., nd scheme f or com l al reuns a n h
room table wath 4 chairs, $25.00. Ex-I1 ri.l ceived in the office of the Engineer- FOR RENT :-House in Corre Azul. later thole. Ni.holas C. to stll the audisen they a;- and sueagtd ttht iM ue it
Everything B o&ood perfect condi- J r ing nd Construction Director, completely furnished, fot bed- i among h ro r read havect b
Clon. House 138 or- Panedro Miauel L OAL Panoma Canl Company. Balboo g rooms swimming pool, w r srv- n fe drlta e coy intended that he r ": o ,.
SMarch 3, 1954, nd n bMr FedcrconThe Wetlho elal a bu replant" eedfrm b
LOST & FOUND nA L Publicly opened, for furnishing all house may be ins etd Hbuny Threelati, a F 3est yWa tpe m In the patient e uths to au a Ar t M4
ClN H, plant, tools, equipment, lobor, serv- any hour For further m to Iive er e inde itely "get more utom.
pasort, other traelng docu- Alban e. rmrr forming l wok for construction entl $100.00 per month. DA. 5h tchique as npr cable on a
mens. etc, il pay reword to United States C on e Genal of paves ent utilities, houses, ap Fe R RNT:-2 or 3 bdrom fur. Teat Col the ond tat th tooth rnV r i s O

find. Coil ul Jaobs, fic Panama. die i29 to Feb. 3n St. Petebu prennces n d drainage cul- ishd house garden, on table mad's room. heart were deattack. H royed was d the Heed of th
PonR S E 3- et992 Reor oude -0732 Fla., Jan 28 according tQ new. err at Balboa Heights, C. Z. children. From Feb. 8th., 3 money s G V r toratINC .l d be onliy te I i
00 received3-1245,Panama. h He was T years Forms of proposals, specif icotions, or s s conveniet. 48tth Sy t in pOrary. L s or 29 ars.Hrt l
SR old and full particulars may be re obtain-. No. 3. ,n .e f n .f .f
rS ybo ld R e-Elew4 cted .ce ee,..d w lthed office';ofthe E e entr FOR RE -NT: .--Furnihed ouech l Ce k s t ,k nart0 ohr el' c
e he Bealch Mehoial Chc oel Id. Balboa Heinht,. i(Tellhole 2- FotR ly fu nhe Expobodn -0 R "
took pce ha on V. and dr e s Canal Z one, until 10:00 ice, electric plant, actually two bedroom. cu-Ttet
..n Mr. Pn who waat lo- deposit of o40.00 per set. Drpos o ww84- i g po o, 5 B drio M" nhedte r Oed t t

-'~ ov. J. 8. Sevbold was re- nlyn Schuber daughter of Mr. o enWestnghofob ivng-dinn room, mai activity.
LOST & Freslden of the Canal and Mrs. Jpubliames B. hcly op, fr r onif shig Justo Arosemena 9b 7 op floor. an Ramd T Prig of the

VEIVJ'WnYTWWI of ttooe Chapter held st U-in shippant crate. Cqoull Panam 2- a furtefinformatio rt tee g. Alad ser ndelorcustomeis
A veteran of the U.. D959 :30 :30 :30 dn aty, me ava to ey t
SLOST:-Passor erve Amer4ican iesa and materials, a4d for per- call Mr. Marconi. Pho d ne 3-0769. IB'. IN CI L todei iste denounced thte" omote o ltic", B

. Dunsmou was reflected with the n mtate Depart, tto FORiSALE. Zenith s-wa s Ieed *oPIrras SASSto g the gl l V *n e a t, who tlo Iptso n
a rma n. Other officers Norwaylba Sw eden. Argenti mr forming console woPr. ect for construction Rental $100 .00permonth. LT DA. SrS A v1 e t n ea* pt1ha,' otrio.

ror t year Inchde lombar Panma and P&I Rl- 7hSt 8052amo l,,3 NewCrso. tJ orl e. n*et oralot. l o .s "h e lr ic lp0
ent I.P. tePan A. reward co. He rettreds Cn a G e al events utilities houses, ap-. FOR Rt-2 or 3 bedroom fur' I Th a Col.. tttds t -to a g Awt. o
finder. H L Donbsvan, voice hnama h ie d in St. Pet rl. r nces an d. drainage c. nihd house garen, t ne s ontoe The t m y retart
Poinao 3-4992 or house 30732 Fla.Jn 28 it.ording to ew.i %err at Balboa HeightsC.hZ.echildren.From"thrtoration could be oni tern

Received Dwts 7 years F-rrms of proposals, specifications or lee s as convenrl ent.r lathSiu oF- Itp .
ldnoan. aeurftar. t la ~r mtal fBTe obtainNa3 c- f said phe o "
heed from the office of the Contractn are two da bedrooms c ter el. l t e a C
o nd Re-Eleced Funeral sevice&wereh l nd Inspectons, fDivisi onRoom 343. R Le e e .hatu

Jr,2-l.o for the yearop include lomtbt b P andds Sim, I S
nf m o on Forda hmis rt dtsbu 4 ndint ftent 3739 or2- 26981. PSpeci fi catiam E t a I hns in telephone 3- or3-1
Stook place bI Charleston, W. V'. and dra wi 1b ssued on a FOR SALE:-Chat two. b endroom

de an pws he oM was -l POR SALE.-Smapl cha'et. with 600 184,% Beisario- me3 cae ea- LT w'Toer aidT _4rJmsth declared that eace
Sthe etn ncld:, will be forfeited if spe ications 39. led on thFor one or o t attetfo aonCeq ao reued ide r oath to ind endence" or all country
D ,Nauhton and Cll 495 fro 3 5 or 16 An- rd Street No. 13 Ber i Mri uni r, a dtoa nder nswer all eton about of Asia. Hairp ret. re said the "veryotece-

la. ch an:,and con. Veee ;i fMl on gtu T hope 10 Conupunlat Party aettylties, ter of thls problem lt umante-p,
wlans'w, e l k w loally wo ileugheand d rAwiNgs oentrund n rFOR RENT:-,ha olet. two droo, Ilo I S A l "uSt mdade tlea t

. e w as d wa ehe ar M within 40 calendardays .ftqrMlo srd TOeCAL ELECTROCS IrA Stae Of Mind i tus ipr
ale ; J. t o reer. firt aido lyn Sc ber dagter -of Mr. on o.t kitchen, osemen J chpler ill pt h "found a

.gC. Lockridwi' life saving: T|e W&is r' he, m86ny mote residence. 48h Street No ttt, h||,|A| iM0 0 Jo the c.t, Counell today Ar, ed h Tmprovent po I
g. Jean A. Karch and Mrs. nited tate Mrs. James B.irhpac ROOMS for rent ed, unfurnsh luon calling for the etay an erinic
Wiia Are ad Panama a. unfurnished. Apply Est orunrnnd sister inahrs FOR S ALs ofihe "t CHa TJ O T O. p nh .ie which.1eslgn *e "aepara eal two years a I frg
e rs, t 1E54 LeFo RENT: o, 1 Firs t Aovenuried 138: sAlL EHTFAursdp rofi n t, ]oa4, ..m t rn d (Xid so 25-1uge report on ha t fui
ee re Duno the ann -J ier ry Paao persons ter hea Boyd Noter: 30 gal. t a thct d e on thanwell as

--.tin J.f t BeA r.H hnele lRobert Rtr i Phone 3-P5l I "am 2-Cretwith1 r.Ls eIrla to r witn sal iCt finanthie powerful pnychotCcal bmao tor

We Jdek tel s E.D Colo, werved 4 FOR RENT 4.-Room. bachelor ongy. F RENT -W. el located two bed- OBB for a5o B .ubulmet p problem ef ir w s a sparate oter-Voitte of Ch11ine
I BSNVe nL a tob ad l-,Ct. r 1959 n:30 -e ue 11:30 1:30 House omR rhe a ~tengroom, U' -t fe$AoAd hebe a bytmat Pl democracy."

,e th l.l~]in sveteraintaot lara .3.-3. Tebus- sFeEdll d artm FOrnroauwdythe Lead evra wn e-as refe ONr..oatheot.
ese ws el rnor reenlect. .hlo.l. Ter t .hde1 -athy a leT hohpiert .
to~Dunmou dFaO reeletd wit e D Geprte W. 30R S gLE g Zenith 3-way speed N- Fu9P6rras e near, ISMStare-t yifl tie i g

Lcharman. Other officer Norway, Sw 'den. Argenti CO "radio-console.Gperfect. 8conition.VolDet ROeo tie e nena

e for the year and Spend Bill a$$ 7h St. 8052 No. 3, Nw Cristo- CatrralO. th SitIN m tha
SI.tP ratea, A. L. c. He retSn iReturns FO RENT-FlniAe bold ErNTe, ..r -

y. ^ Tbo Isthos Af.r Yfarly O"Roadls ^ Stwo: bdroom, d o lS it '. rIp,0
Han Doesa ie ? 0 r WU A rm. 3.o8knd ar c- s P.ter to.m eretiry
man:r 0.dTurner trea- He ha WlTed In St. Pe OR ,SALE WU, hor;ser-09. e t l,

t. r of iho ,S9 a'no Offalc-l Trp Sre in ,nt. Te rSb lroday FR FEN1T 491mefOf "0. fI00t lg tlar.. l! -t los

1." Wi Dolla H. L Do I. ppo ns;d uvt tWnhe federal overn- nice view. Airport road No. 65. "I y y v c b hadrt U o t e r
Witero..ubrea.n~ oe Slvee sn. Fa i- AL2 toM5EpNm* less.Wa0a e te Ir auTr I e
dtor to t a n w ns F n W N10TED. .essad .y he ihe

pe- 10 CnAN A ? O NEoFAMILIESnowbedromsNcodaer. STP COVERSel. HUg VI6ST TO DAY 1
ile -o wA eLe ChaIW the ost r, o c o p or aT Ari.onv o REe PHOLSTERIE l A. 1 or rs1 r ONS CLUB APARTENT aOUSE rENo RAFFs uED L

forien a t. C a Nr h t Petersburg, Florida, O 2- Va. adRmt cs LOCATEerATTH4 oKN.OF'l OTyEa |Asa
S.P'mOn maank D Naagh- iDurlin hl6a0 L0Rncefrom, 1- Olm. oen BUY:-Smooth tires, a tb -. i ow erl
S1 Roy H TnaYl e B. Pfredman TOnTOn eb. Fi e o.p r The rnuit-ae for reconstruction. Recons. AUTOMOBILh KOW i n .f hea '
anhrd H. Stokes, red erved py and Japanae ,people feel "o norry trucor Nocionl s. A. No. 7, Pe T S IMs .. I
anton D -- E r nished.taret mehv'n- n officem.e te e ise nul 1! r1. u Boo hope--- to CO f l Paty
4wri fri ot ame s. 3Ftu, ant 5 tr. e1t. t Roer t 1 lo Str eet. No.M1. Ju.tto Aoe- r-ataini t
Ion.tPhone____________ the Coivi0.let1"e

ofdtio to. "eee, p.- F R RET.omfodeoetalF ro o hnh mn t ooreStw I
E 'Lo.miontei 6. of -irt Aer .. e 1.8 6;r1 w t r bus stop Ff* T-u hre mont r.rinds. olow theS mith a de I learth|t

SerstN DISPLAY tee t l tw yr St. e DISPLAY i QNr dh ON DISPLAY
r those newest thing on wheot n N the ne-eoat thing on wheer N WESTMN llrds c i cgn m
yi. aNAb re DElcyonalecally. 1863 nSE.PHONE t with6t tORhR NT:-rnCAstheaomletedroom.i tda. rh W
m. Lockrtdlendidee c. S 3. The-Co em i rmp ye, fom tta t c nthe offic erh ad bee
which r Plp.cuwrieltorrppsnorIn Marocrh.e-"oud1anfunl
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FOwALE: SeCie .. ohbnnas u furnished.FORARENlTys.-Furnished.apartment.IneBaltiVistewith the C e remyn. e. 'thPaeracaHd-said
of'the iA D bb 4 e oct.. ...e .,Ah .Santa Clara.$300w- bormderocationrForoorla t e S t Long n-and.t wo"caN serve-s'ao: -ef "sd....a

oel USA. F. Ho e955 fr.o .b3r 8 9 oro2B693.6,An-ter, IL fo r wardtoa)nde r obAnswer aIfEiT:stu a sr atmeato$40.0fof"
D L. h Noble a petcoposStree trance Hue No. .rn o a en t 'No, A iviortnrodN o. in. 19"9;whe4 four "b.ndituot
Vea. rhltnae a. H. Wrn .o, ,. pl a pyear to m poen. Estudiaytestreet. "oleftohot ater-3. .J1Arlose0h, -om th C olum Lba Stah e
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tO1re omm. it te dect.ors: of VF ORSugEsTs oFORheENth.-forns thene berioneh'om .. idwas migteneeht.enot,
iLl11iSP er Hds.aterandbre- FieeDivision -, re t ,, 0modemr oGarage.16 iSIP COuAdi D t a. VI"
SLtaesle, E-I r Ld o hn s C olemana,_fi teds 1- _eSyreetZo.e, aat
M. lV. Fac tto d a Jaz.A W ta i "tn dUt-Spen Bo illonnt$ Vi 3 E -.YRo'porro 3for5AllYour, HI-FllTelW .4CT me LINAS Ia eAAfRMi n i
20 m, Mrs. Ve ne.ltn'mtyacoringt o n~ w FOR ENTRuEiT:-d apartw m ent. Re quHOi T|remenicn.
7t. A. ufbapRoyrne. lanU- rns. Y0e a rly ietoroase tlo bedroom,,,.dn neroo ml
loberRnuArsinold6, NE, WYORKt After 2 WA5(U-PG3O Feb. 2 age for ronaci and
e, w id o. rodtc a Tr iptSerd. on. Via ,ra ole fa e l "So daorT y" FOrft che NT:ba s S. Art amento. $40
".lj F. H.irs in, Johner. Supl yyearlocam ro. highway Te en .a. .
Theele fromt hseteend a bloundor Call fo N S D
eanA 'Jerry.aWells. Unied OStaL 0e, teirwoto the xROOMS n h

'M ,o7 theDpSrAesentLO.0N.. d.2_2_ath U VISTL TODAY
rVm. ne ne CB- R ; ifeNnF l osethenat w de t to e R n th ne et. e whewo. n: Do
C W. M e Jhnso Retuns FR REN -.umsheNoIo Emnta

,7 .;F4 !t-47. 1

lem Club wl a defender -with a high
I' .0 ." s 74a i

h-- o n o6 a-

She Caribbean Command. needed to make h
on open to Tw r the. ican buld ther own bas train- chemical weapons and o hh
lola cmsthat fact. Strangely enough, how.e
s be r- du ee eore totheNaia eje vedththe BALBOA 6:15,7:45ia deuce often l -

rdioclub. rctor3c at the Nation. apivil Defense Traning Center. Alaska orc 194 to 1945 and t au We(bottom) u a App-lauded ar telI

- he Training Cen- Wheeler completed a course 1.1 liked the country so much tt kin
tdeec ee u qf C ongrfs that fa lure to face up to ehe dni, of.
todayhfromo to .O eaCl, .. SELDEN CoAFire, new 1ted 8tares eAmblaador to Panama, e a st as ira ll "can brin catatrohe to the peuea

ea'ch eeninl TeME a through a Guar.d of Honor Ceremony by Ar. Fore ly, East's dece of clubs told d
cridat8,ai wl be, Ae, T. i cotac.a. .. .n.-

e o eme en plane an speclcton for the ArmyOrdnance course et ond th clare was
be ron t se Pam2.$t ratM

L n a\.n f nprepritng r ofu.e, enikerao and hau- enrst lhlruota ie wiie este ce tr mTpN IT'S SHOWTiME ON
orebrZone amateur ras a -1en of the rb rs a paf"R eet.oud e declarer's ruffin
liee.ctsnopp"eve senstuct 2e Nde et. th. oaddm st nu
rilwo-l Before un to the Natal eje served with the Army In power South won with the gAhA 6:15, 7:5 DIABLO T I1 O.
Sdinsoub. retor at thee Nmatin- c hasedIuCenter. .e os

-lo",- ee 6t-,rt tresdtl. raniu Cen = West could win the second dhow-* _MBltATwrs d y We n.

]W M"se scre hng ulr fenove te, ev en ac I TOAW A" '^L ER O
Thedfecbn bet rneretoaon the war h ally hdpmod ut th re lr-ic oa

tphofluborh dheiam obfdu. I dCQD.AR
yf'om te ad y W. Wheeler, oaa-sered more than 100 alarms eairba ad, where he its emp thed oaethede of clubs .od
rne l Canal Zone, a se- w ith tie N.w .ork FLreDearto as and electrician by the anrdi then dummy's queen of club PAAo A-sEDRO M"ATcU A
Look Y Ir Sop o oened asndpeaand p'i woutd put up the queen at on e.
eia shItnhttonsh Aoslueaton O rt playI o the deuce, made South. bs d CO
SrbCSri, Alaka, a member ntn dhl was r all South pn needed to mkn. hi :CAMiBI : 6:if
*tgeagr l tDrcatlona tc Ued larer won the secd roung U
eca.e" ToWWokers, nd dte-o of spades with the queen, drew hifIT 1 HITeI dJASveE'

reK er otc ,ft rescue, emsineerlng d on tr p with t he a ts, and__l h__ewonw
SD .e debris removal n the Fair then ran fouronte roundsme cu of he!a

~.a ,g BfrIRD SCi EDwe e rateretddiscarding a diamond from his fe w oA O woA tn finiaihSot A'ls *Ax
celedes ntfIntupe [terndonthete last heart. He next1,
Shalte led a diamond from the dummy
a In"Ip methods f orga rnin rtothehih train and finessed te o ten from his own MsftGARITA 6:15,ne
Sredul a toendst hann tai f us wh a ta ln e and Anthony Quln.uwin t te second d- SH
for en e'aw- ih'- ul ls fens due trick witte jack o d-arer TOMA AWK A"'o
even e School return to their own comrub or a diamond.. If, he return d Seat Man Crothe are featured in
IoC eberstcy withinbthe fami Ig ditces sherin1 and bre nto the ace of clubs, South would uruf,-'.L
ay mfm emterswil ab ww -alls anpd copib With t e i i ed aed then dummy's queen of clubstAOU t-oA .h-e i t:A MI ui cA TRgu
l bo b d w; a f Thtgay at the BMdTd utilities, would herset up as the 10th trick. IL
peNen another's mail or roen. lsfyldi mkh he eturnu d alow club, dummy, adEs-naHOl-
Lonok _h.__,,.Yd'oefr. e T, ledelIWes, and water pipes. wouldd put up the queen at oee. of:clubs.
Lok YoCnal Zohetaeithotdosew YOnktM ghtsaneletrichan A diamond return would byHGE"AESCe
AMNRtn ge I sp or wel d. vs about s n- 'O ihtematters equally easy for South. De-wa o. and "COV"
theh iCanallZonehsIto]ak1Wcotrack t.The play of_
diamonds,. Lth E ast's
ath r htt ycy hoe Up-e s ci d tfwonse unir a f onearbl his 1fthed c m eSu sCA .:15,8:00 6 Sre
.-n"ry~ Innde~.nrg t oAl.a' ska, aI n embe Ar, puleiua asr If South had played the ,k no..rbar RUSH 11 9 Sr l l
E Ie, ric ... ', b0mb bu. ever Resoue Stret,h dite onds~ a'ostd efostrhrg k

io ,a~ agol,"mm to A "t nre ace and would have returned
Civil pe oraanizatirn.l! or a diamond ig East's queen. A club
RD EEDDoet table would then finish South's
hand.onfehe last.' nexd
| dde tt eh aiTee den l i nlda'.d.on"o ." .. .. .hehash.
thehods highes 1 mt' the etraina-eandfinesdt
~.. ~. -_a_._.-"_"_.... Iina, loWErtheiniro wn idhnws. ,effChandlerecomes unde the e otic spell of jun eL
1r4 1iyO"l them down lXders, and Wcan u h in the hoh ro-"antlH moments of the Uvsa-
rsend them o fird tgatilns. nltrnhtioac Technicolor production of EAST OF SM[ATRA"
'Graduatea of te Rescue whih an d-ster Marlyn Maxwell and Anthony Quinn John
-School return to their own crn- Suttonh Jay C. Flippen and Seat Man Crtheraare featured In
. ot O within..he.fami-munitiof Dreiltad to establish-.thf e ec. UuirddaUeo'ttlcher directed. "EA Y OW SUMATRA" willed. V-
rules. --"i-N ee rmilards e trainti ngalcoursesp f-r civlt. we n the. ELA VlTA sheAter. -Ad. .

&/, defe'k,0--ot n se mattere eqThllyaresyv- SouthOOD--(N .)-7HO:2 ..



LYWOOD ON TV: The film in-
dustry's charge that hundreds of
films celored for theater showing
are being viewed on TV in unex- x '
purgated versions is a legitimate BELLA
complaint worthy of the FCC's imELLA
mediate attention. A2:3, ;:40, 5:25 7:1% 9S.M
Big sponsors, networks and sta- A Wonderful Story That
idoni rd t welks andtv Takes Place on a Baseball ACTION!...ROMA1iO
blue pencil on five programs and ADiaond! DVENTULr?! TTT
new telefilms. But there is little, THE KID FROM
If any, censorship on old film,
much of which isn't even preview- LE. IE l
ed by station executives or spon- with rLAMi
soro before home-screen showings. F fBI4




ijfBut Hollywood's or Dan
STindustry can't be blamed for all of' DAILE'
the.spicy celluloid. The biggest r-
9.. heon of objectionable,o Id TV 9mie
SWentrmen Concerts "LUCKY TUESDAY** was made for Skid Row theaters BANO.
Sand foreign distribution by left-field
Two Shows: 7 and 9 p.m. producers not even recognized as
mPresents at 6:0 and 9:00 p.m. Pl es*$75., $300 mem of the film business.
and $15.ta local ap
KSTINE reviewand these old
SIfllTE M, It's thed sutymof teFCC to 0 WIDE 8 CREEN An Extaornar
S(Mr. B.) ith Stanley Clement TODAY In Technicolor
S*" 31 C et-'' 1 *reThe average television set, ac- ATTRACTION!
according to a recent survey, s turn.- wiA J YhN
an his'- -- ed to "ON" five and a half hours 0JANAWYMAN A
gO I$ B i I wo der how many of these sets 0 RAN MLLAND V
"INSTRUMENTAL TRIO" are owned by people who once AO RAY, in
\eB^ SCA complained aboutthree-hour dou- 0 J 'Y in
bl featm at the movies? May- LETS' DO IT AGAIN THE GIRLS
be those trips to the ice box dur- PLEASURE ISL
ing the commercial ease the pain. In TECIINICOLOR! -
-" ..There seems to be a big ques-
SENGLISH VERSION OF tion mark about the success of N C A N 1 0 C A P
Snew pay-.s-you-see movies on TV
,- -^- ^^ B t :* <-.+ in Palm Springs despite the quali- 00.$
S"ON CAMILO'S t_ of the films "Forever Fe- "7TB GIRBL WHO HAD
SIt o amp TMORROW ,toang "-wand "All-bhe "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" ."'WAR 1
bn of m a s -d L NNEXT I-TLE WORLD" "SLOWING WILD" per-p tre viewing trate, i
waft -esM nrtarw.. 3.0b t THURSDAY Sid --- nThe--ser I* rel
Ij'dus.1 o M-n .. ATyTiw1e int TIV OL sthe thi.n We'" rather wa VCTO t.
a-t ofo aaMndmm oury tender IV 0 L I the ree w."n A OR Ao --- rv
"M.I.- Cs .. .e."- LUX Theatre uti "ODGE exective of Telemeter I" DAVGHM OF DON Q-
,,,,, cnErrol Finn,in"DODGEbCITY"txeshoenrat esotheatnbui, ,l.iJ(3"4)
| -''main-u b" -" ': ,. Im ]'IVjug.n A ul ib col boxes have
LAW"62~2-arn the Y ear ..iudi O'riae, in "BREAKTHROUGH" nstaedon rnthe lown's. etsn D Muse OPUeevP



-A a- -' -4 -"--


ir--^;.^.. ^. U. .- -


.; :

'ants Get John Antoneili, Marciano May Si

7n Liddle In Exchange Defend Crown

United Press Sports Writer 6X M nth

NEW YORK, Feb. 2 (UP) Bobby Thomson -- "
s.i-*b called the answe* to Milwaukee's pennant pray- NEW YORK, Feb. 2 tUP) -
... A ,- .i wi -i f Heavy weight Champion Rocky .TA..
b a tofaay, while Braves' officials shrugged off any Marciano may defend against
eation that the Giants may have outislicked Dan Bucceroni next month.
.Representatives for both MAr-
M'or the second time in four years by acquir- cisano and BucceronI will confer
rtchers Johnny Antonelli y Don Liddle.i 'today with Harry Markson And Al
S 1" Johnny Antoneli' y Don Lidlle. Truman Gibson of the Inter-1
'm tickled to death." said ennant push of 1951 and the nati ksonsays: "e aCe optlnis- A
waulee, Mainager Ch a ite; general consensus was that the, Mak li on says. are P Balboa
S oWf the six-player del BIRraves were out-mpaneuvered jn' "ti. PowellnI
birotht him Thomson and that deal. If the match s made, it would C. H.
B Caaoer^ e ----- m --- --be staged at Madison Square1 SUN
or Mntoneiill and Liddle, A .m r Garden in New York -on either!
er b o, St. Clair. infieidr Rl ," the 19th or 26th of March. It
r-n St.Clair.infieldbetAmerican Lwo ehe third title defense -C.
l us and an estim ate wou'd""U Vth .... oi k- d ne The C
h for the 29-year-old Rocky. hitting
o m niveLsus the htin,:U 0 The lanky Bucceron known t o
we w eed end he's a fine Downh lB. -. S, 8. Q I as the Philadelphia Butcher eve-
osvp outfielder as we'l u Boy' -is 2-year-old and rat- e-
['re the jubilant Grimm. ', I r led, fourth among the heavy- league t(
o.e entire Milwaukee front Wnm r r l weight contenders. trsm ho
fice took or a World Series' at- Lak vS rn I UliCelll nht ..... hhalf in
e w.e the deal w asi- Last night welterweight Johlve t
y consusnmal.ed late yeate- -- ny axton, l4911,mpuncnhedout John
t Pacific ligbt a unanimous dec usint over o's ch
yihtLeague .France's middleweight Mickey C.H.S.
Van real make plans for STANDINGS Laurent, 159 at the Easternight-h
)* p inant now." declared Don- Parkaway Arena in New York ll.sxhi
taid Davdsaon th o Braves' public W L Sere saxton was heavy i-s favorite amme
Relations director. "Thomsan Lucky Strike" 5 2 n- despite being outweighed. offering
beat the Dodt er s lor the pennant Amer. Legion 1- 4 3 .5 h71 -- -eBoth
.r'pnCe and be mav be abFe to -o BHS 3 4 .485 ( C obs
1t. aai.d Wom ack Whiskey 2 5 .285 lobseth 1 2ws In th
I te the- Braves were cele-e ( e w r Twiligh
bratipg the arrival of the 30- eesdgne
'air-' -d Thomron. whose dra- American Legon tore through That there will be some dras- drag-au
Matc oner aga nst the Dod- 1Baltogas High fhool 8-1 with the tic changes made ithe next time R tho
rs'Efln the 1951 playoff won the!added help of WB s -ewn P- a' representative Atlantic side their wa
Annant for the Giants the erors a gcord a i Tr thi ye r. team is selected was evidenced Baron s
t tnemslves were elat The funny ti Is Balboa High last Sunday at Mount Hope andwa
er the sorely-needed help tonSchool is also te only team this when the highly touted Atlantic rorby
ielr pitching staff. year to have an errorless game. All-Stars were put to rout by and Lot
Both pitches went the whole their hard fighting cousins-the blast RIC
it marked the Giants' biggest way an(F both pitched a four Atlantic Colts After 0r
Wlance 1950 when they turn- hitter, but Pfttto's 4-hitter al- ries of r
ay aid Gordon. Willaxi1 lowed only one run, while Salas' The Stars, betting first on a followed
1al, Buddy Kerr and San 4-hitter allowed 8, only 3 of hard wicket. amassed a total uf had cle
tip the Braves for shortstop which were earned. 92 runs. Top scorers were M. nine wa
ark and second baseman Dunn 22, A. Shy 17, L. Morgan first ha:
e Stancy. Dark and Stanky Abdiel Flynn was again the 12 and W. DeSouza, 11 not out. bulge.
a instrumental In New YorK big gun for American Legion, The destruction trundlers were The H
proving that changing uniforms J. Brathwaite (4 for 341 ,. ever.. we

iliudicf a ndtball elasidea b e 121
three runs-batted- n .n two tor the loss of only 3 wickets as the.thir
Games he now has six RBI's.'A. Critchlow was out at 25. all conti
|American Legion picked upi Drakes carried their bats for 40 ing acro
14 held scoreless into the 4th,ing for the lovers K. GriffitI double p
where o nit nn 2 hit. 41.. garneredd 1 for 32. C. DeSouza. I Wing.

MX'J l.Tr
C.? -
4. -

................ ...,.. ._ _

*. o .. -- '. .'

-= LC .' ..... .r

: .. L --

wanson, .Osioott '

Probable Mound Starters
d ar-te-' '

ewers' Hopes Stay Alive

C.H.S.- Downs Navy 6-5

antie Twilght Baseball
Won Lost Pet.
Station ..... 4 2 .666
Beer ....... 3 2 .609
............. 2 3 .400
. ........... 2 4 .333
[.8. 6 Naval Station S
Cristobal Tigers had their
togs on Sunday night at
e Stadium and staged an
hit barrage against the
leading Naval Station
o keeo thr Balboa Brew-
pes of finishing the first
a deadlock with the Ta's
bch alive.
HatMl was Luke Palum'
lce totoe the hill for tihe
nine and the CrLstobsl
ander turned in a neat
performance while his
ates mad" merry off the
as of Navy's Stewart Pool.
pitchers did route-going
he first inning, Atlantic
t fans were Just aboft
to another knock-down
i affair and it appeared
tRh the Tars were o'-
ay to a lopsided victory.
tartr.d off the hectic first
A given a life on an er-
Newhard. Gifford walked
tt uncorked a two base
ong the right field line.
raham had singled a ae-
nucr too frequent errors
I and when the smoie
ared the Naval Station
s well or their way to a
If victory with four-run
igh School. lads, how-
ere not to be denied and
Poole could not find tne
the lower first. After
id rolled out, John Hatll
a neatvly laid bunt down
d base line. Stewart los;
rol and walked the next
tters to face him. push-
ss two runs. then finaIly
hard to bounce into a
play that ended the in-

Andlrola and a pair of singles
by a.ordon and Pool thwt did the
lob for the Navy. C.H.a..lost no
time recovering that one run
when Richy Basso belted a three -
base hit into right field and
scored moments later on an in-
field Out.
In the bottom of the seventh
with two away, C.H.S. scored
the run that gave them their
second victory of the season anid
an important ope from the view-
uolnt of the Brewers. McGau-
qhey hit Pool's first pitch Into
left' field for a single and was
moved to second on a' sacrifice
byhv Tommy Gibson. Newhard
popped up weakly tb the
mound. Then Tabor became the
hero of the night when hedrop-
ped a looper just out of the
reach of Navy 2nd baseman An-
driola for a base hit, his third
for the night. McOaughey scored
for the winning run. "

Both Navy and C H.B. hav
finished their first half schedui
in the Atlantic Twilight League
The only game that now re
main to be played Is the Baz
boa. Beer-Powells fray that w%
called off last Thuplday because
of rain. -
SNo date has yet been official
Iv announced for the playing i
that rained-out game, but it i
%enerallv believed that t h
league-officials will select nex
Thursday night, an open date
as the play-off time.
If the Brewers can stop Pow
els they will wind up the firs
half deadlocked with Navy amn
Sunday would Pe. the time fo
the first-half play-offs. Shoul:
Balboa Beer lose that game tc
Powells. Naval Station will ci
declared first hall winners.






T TSTANDINGS scored 6 runs.Tere were 5 er- 35 and R. JGoalona, 1 for 17. n.scontinud cutting down CRISOBAL
m Wo ot P. ra made in bninBg. jl TheMorrfand and Fewcks s- s 'by ..Pice .The birds wilk fly! Piteons

4 ."e5 56e1 o rumeu: B own
o' Insur 7 3 .700 bYwaking.a a They maie -In the opening mate hetecond tfamPe Cr.4bal knot-,, rather those, illusive birds
s, u....... '5 ,I by walgl nff maeithihet sAt.Ytedt
Movers ...... 4 added n tc last6h lnr n g4 the eason this Sunday at Mt. td. the. count n 'te fourth ma;e -of clay. The time set for
IA Movers 3 5 e375 t "" la s fope;andboth groups have been frame when after John Hatlthe take-off of these birds wil
............. 0 000 Due to lack of players, Bill practicing arduously during the had singled. catcher Gene Mi- be the first Sunday of every
"Casey" Carlln had to forfeit past two weeks. Gaugey unlaed a two base month beginning with the first
.,TERDAY'S RESULTS his game in the second game. In their first outing this yea, blast into left field. Tommy Sunday In February. This is not
Sobbv G-ans J femorlal Qnly nine mWit red and FPenwicks humbled the powerful Gibso oper.edthe.High School just an ordinary shoot, it's one
SGame) early in the tas ptchereas C.. of the Pacifc side, half of t e fifth with a to of the registere Trap Shoots to
a'u gunurace ?. Navy 2 pulled a muse c-TfrInh pitching while It will be remembered that itTbut i w ,r1 for naught as be held in preparation for tne
arm and had to leave the game. the Morlana duo, last year's he got cut down trying t4 big event of the year THE
'TODAY'S GAME Tough Luck, Bill. champions, fought the Pacific stretch the blow into a round- STATE SHOOT.
AA. vs Baxter's Mover ride winners the La BocaC.C tripper. rtce mkes perfect, goes
hardly afternoon at the to a standstill for the Isthmian From the se con d frame an oldtmeiwornsaying.Arprac-
p HilhwaY Pacific Sut-aponshl through the fifth Hatgi had he twice TraShoot is held every
, uePark, adjacent 10o The Atlantic Cricket League Navy completely in his power, Wednesday afternoon at 5. Why
Ale Leaaue Park, Don ,, a l tendd aa crdi Invitation to but inthae sxththe No. 1 team practice? When the great day
.s Fire-me's Insurance- i ill LihflAl 'he meny fans wrio witnessed In the Twflwht Loop. came back comes around don't blame your
behind the steady hurllnuq u the recent series( with the Ja- to lite Md ilAd into a one- shootin' ron If you miss the tar-
Slnger defeated "Navy p L .. malcans to continue their sa run ead. It walk issued tc get. Skills and accuracy will tell
n l HHH inger defeated'Navy r eklomc eally yv
to two p ort of t e sam locally by a- .- the tale, so,learn to shoot where
SW v tending- theweekl matches and they're gonna-be! For the con-
(jil Pealer toed the mound N enjor the hrisK and refresh ', D n veience of those who are in-
way for Navy but was on NE YORK, Feb. 2 (UP cricket as played by our boys. terested In perfecting their skill.
, em and of the totem po'l Baseball Commissioner Ford "" ''rnil l the Trap Shoot will be held fir.s.
he was charged with th Prick has lashed out at what -.ftewardes the regular Skeet
p seven runs, eight saf.- he calls "selfish interests" in OnThe Alleys... UI r hoot Witak'place.
d five free passes. Peeler baseball, N. W IOfre UDame The Ctrisbal Gun Club is
Sthiro strike by none o The Commissioner speaking hotnre dand proud to a
-poents. at a New York baseball writers FUERZA Y LUZ NOW TIEL nounce that the ANNUAL
dinner says he will fight the WITH STIAIPEL INSURANCE- h ^STATE SHOOT will be held at
dnaer chall:ed up the win selfish interests even if it should MEN IN MAJOR BOWLING 0W I l Co L cthe -Cilstobal Gun Club during
S runs.or, three safe hits cost him his Job. LEAGUE the: st week in April.
mf. walk- Lou rettird oh dear, the "MIS.
| the Tars with the Frick admits he might make The Fuerza y Luz keglers SOUTH BEND, Ind.. Feb. 2 ER This a perfectly named
rIslke mistakes in offlee, but he adds: pushed themselves into a tie for 'urP Notre Dame has named kind of shooting Which was in- I
"If toq mauy mistakes are made first place in the Major Bowling 25-year-old Terry Brennan to produced on the Isthmus by Cu:--
it this particular game was the solution Is easy, the Com- League last Tuesday night at the succeed Frank Leahy as head v. In a "MISERY" you (tr
a to the March of Dimes misloner should and will be re- Diablo Heights bowling alleys football coach. that is to) shoot a double round
ecIallv to the late Bobby placed." when they knocked over the eahy resigned Sunday niht of THAT KIND OF SKEET. The
. we had a can out for strong L. R. Sommers Contrac- because of illness after 11 yearsbirds in each position must be
Is toward the Polio Fund The Commissioner denies base- tos r four points while theonthe job. oken as double. The kind f
Which we realized $8.25, wv ball is facing a crisis and adds: Max R. Stempel & Son team was Brennan and Indiana Coach i"MISERY" one ran really enjoy,
W to leave the can out for "Baseball is as strongly en- taking three points from the De- Crimmina both former Notre but misery loves company so
IaLtnder of the week and trenched in the hearts of all A- Vilbiss team. The Stempeleers Dame stars were believed to come try your hand. A prize will
bute the-total take to CFN merlcans as It ever was." have been in first place for 12 have had the inside track for he awarded to the contestant
tr recent drive for the Without mentioning a n consecutive weeks, and with but the job. Brennan was Notreiwho goes the farthest with his
t of Dimes. names, Frick attacked big league seven weeks left of the 28-week Dame freshman coach last year 50 hulls. No entry fee will tb
clubs who cover up good ball scheduled the race is tightening after spending four years as charged in tbis Skeet eve-it
League dtslres to express players in their farm systems, as the finish line approaches. ad coach of Mount Carmel which will be held on Feb. 7, 1
reeatilc tfor a job werI Frick says he believes every At the same time Snowcro HighSchool in Chcago Durine after the Registered trap shoor. ]
n' the part of Sergeant player should be allowed to Frozen Foods knocked over the that time. Brennan also received Oun Club Members! The Re-
n and his assistants du- reach the top as fast as his per- strong Seymour team for three a law degree at Depaul Unver- r.aurant is under new manage- 'I
p0 current Musicathon. formance justifies. points as Leo Presho romped sity. meant servingr the same good
___ home with 636, followed by Brennan has signed a three- bribe your guests to en-
Meanson. Wth 635. and Local year contract at Notre Dame iov the shade, rhootin events.

L a 2821 series, took four points' umbled. He says all Notre freshmen.
I i afA I I rom the H. I. Homa team. This Dame alumni regret Leahy is! SUMMARY OF COMING
let the Snoweroppers back intolleav'in football. Brennan was.EVENTS:
Seventh place, and Homea in Leahy's startingleft halfback AREGISTEREDTRAPSHOOT
ws tfre wi: te g eighth, in the jockeying for last froi 1945 through 1948. the-first Sunday of every month
g. l Snr.-.t mu.-ch a e position. The Notre Dame president i'eginnlnk with the first Sunday
ism I rm I Melanson, with a 239, bowled the Reverend Theodore HPsbulr I:n February.,
aDo S ta'bs '- .* '-\ high game for the evening, and calls Brennan '"one of the PRACTIC' TRAP SHOOT heed
oit roa't Giu a
Dn'. t -leta s" a inu f" : E-arle Best of Fuerza y Luz with .most promising young coarhes In every Wednesda afternoon at
Aeo d d rWnt let a P s' ,-. 213, 204 and 224, bowled high Amera. .He iswell fed "Dm.. followed by 8keet.
a sor 2 0 a series with 641hih'says Father Hesburg, "to mani- STATE SHOOT the last week
m u__ at tM. -'J J -,"2 The present at.andings of est the fine tradition of sports- in April.
vs seatL uc- ,, a Iv^ ,,7tepames; o manship and competitive snlrlt THE FPFTY-BIRD ROUND ,,
Sin the league: that long have characterized, "MISERY"--Feb. 7, after the.
t e, blfn e.r Team W L Ave. Notre Dame. -. registered Trap Shoot.

Max R. Stempel
& Son 47k2
Fuerza y Lux 47i
S. Agencies 44
Local B95, NFFE 43
De Vilbis 43
L R. aonmers 40
S Freen Toods 36 6
I I. Homa Co. 34-


The t0 high average
slntcer 60
Melansom 60
Bes& _.

V 2 .565
6i' 565
0 .524
1 .512
1 .512
1 .476
'4 .434,
1% .410!

19+2 o



and Tomorrow AMONG THE BIG IZGU3 f51

All the Feel, Excitement and Actios of ow



- .." -

Teams LW P0.
Yankees 1. 13 .594
Brownies 14 17' .4
Bombers 14w'17. ,4
(Ladlse Nifl) .
Panama Stasm:. RAisw aWleg
(Swanson 14) We Dmber.
(O o,)o S-3)
Mt. Hope Sftadim: fankee
yg Brolwieg
Panama StaAtm jbelmbrw,.

Panama S tadui Bombers ys
lines (2)
Mt. ope. St Imu Brownies
Ts Yaonk
It will be Bob Swansop of the
Brownies 'againstt Fernando Al-
berto Osori.-of the'4ambers to-
night whetb the two teams,
deadlocked for second place in
the Panama Pro League race,
tangle at the Panama Olympic
Stadium in the-. weekly Papific
side Ladles' N$1h1 eonteA.
The winning team will move
to within fow "-gaes of the
league leading-. nkees while
the losers will a five full
games off the pace.
Besides the battle for second
place, the fan" Wll 'get added
attraction from the close batting
championship' raei between
teat teammate Clyde Parris
(.370) and Joe Toinneli (.361)
of the Bombe4'.

Little League

Pacific Little Lesgue
Team Won Lost
Sears 6 I.
Lincoln Life 4 3
Lihcoln LIfe 4 3
Gibraltar Life 3 4
Seymour Agency 2 3
Elks 1414 2 3

Lincoln Life 7, Gibraltar Life I
Elks. 144 vs ISeMouw Age7icy
The. Lincoln Liters edged thi
Gibraltar Lifers yesterday anO
moved into second= place witt
their I to 6 victory. :
Lincoln if get. off 49 a Soul
rn r lead I the top the h irsi
but Qibraltar tied ItKup w
the fourth only to have Lincoi
score two more In the bottom
of the fourth and one lanthe
fifth, A two-run rally for Gi-
braltar in the sixth and, with the
tying run at third and the win-
ning run at second Hartley lined
to Parker who doubled Rager at
third for the final out ending
the game.
Rager started for Qibraltar,
with Morris taking over in the
fifth and finishing up. Sander
started on the mound and was
relieved by Cubillo who war
credited with the win. Rager
suffered the loss.
Perky Parker continued his
batting rampage with two dou-
bles and a single for a perfect
day at the plate with teammates
Wee Wily*Engelke getting 2 for
2, Eddle Dolan 2 for 3 and Char-
lie Bradshaw collecting 2 for-3,
Johnny- Morris led the losses
at bac with 3 for 4 and Marty
Balas collected a double and a
single 'in three trips.
Bobby Sander made a nice
running catch In left field, with
a backhand stab that helped
kar the Gibraltar rally in tWe
ilxth Lad little lefty Snyder, 1f-
bralttr centerflelder, made tVi
fine running catches to rob baf-
ters of potential hits. Marty
3alas ,also contributed to the
fileding plays with a backhand
catch of Capwell's liner. In the
first inning.
. The box score:
-ab h pe a
McNall, as 4 1 l 1 1
Steiner, rf 1 1 0 0 0
H..Raymohd. rX 2 0 0 0 0
Morris, lb, p 4 2 3 5 1
galas. 2b -3 1, 3 3 3
Hall, c 4. 0 1 3 1
Rager, p 2 0 1 .t 2
Marquard, 3b 2 0 0 '0
Hartley, If, rf t.1 0 0 0 0
Snyder, ct 0 1 0 2 0
-. -

_1 I
3 2-
Pngelke, cf .. 'i &

7w 2b l 3'0 0 1o
MM. 1.,1 3 0
lo, S S00 1.
Ward. 0 0
Oclhoap, rf 1u 1S

,ww rt0 0 0 0


'-. --w..
'.-,*~ .e : x -,'*s', '-

S. "- .
Smoot & Predes nvitatlbnal Tbere wy a4ltle c; ..A
Amateur Gblf Tounamaent the course-tl$ lg t '
We had some real 'sharp pit Winsome b-in. bai0s
out here' at Oamboa this past s1ats, cad1ch few,.
week end.- The wind and river We had tocayry
were AltJl giving lots of trouble, along., ha& rdi
The only guys able-to ntt the before n, ,ftera '-
greens were the ex-poo sharks, a lot of 5l N a. la
..Ordon Dalton had to go ato
the M2et hole to win hi. match. iatcht -.'Wr .-7
Ths waa the longest match of I o f M AA .,_y' .
gb pe match of people cereal 1nd ey
to show whdt some wli do rt teuhtg b. ow
silver cups. th ,urname1- weS a.

Dal, Crocker fell by.the way-
side and Mike Kulikowski
couldn't have made any mistakes
at all town from a.golfer like
Crocker on the 13th hole. One
thing for sure, they didn't have
to walk as far as tloe fellows
who went to.the 21st hole. A lot
of money will be on Mike to go
all the way.
Jim Riley had to go"to the
19th bole to eliminate MaJ.
Shine. The gallery, in front of
the Clubhouse saw Jim chip one
In for an eagle on number 17
to go one up. That's real golf
when you have to get an eagle
to go one up in a match. Ac-
was In the gallery, Jima only did
that because Geo. was watching.

Teeing off on number 18,
Shine's and Riley's drives ,were
both well over 200 yards which
A& Lo0 gping up hill against the
alnd. Riley's drive wa a few
yards ahead so Shine was first
wIt his approach. This. is a
piaough green to approach. You
lvj-,to hit o -the igen and
stop deia. A str. cam wind
.as Mowin, otf aT. on com-
plicate mat ter.

Shine's approach shot was
straight for the pin but fell a
couple of feet short of the green.
They .don't bounce.on ,at the
Gamboa Course. After watching
Shine fall short, Riley put a
little extra In his shot and hit
the beck edge of the green and
continued on up against the hill
Riley's next shot was very
difficult with a bad stance and
lie, but he recovered very nice
and came back on the green
about 12 feet from the cup.- Now
Ma.1. Shine made his third- shot
and what a beauty. Any closer
and it would have been in the
cup for a birdie. As: it was he
had a gimme'. putt for. a par.
Riley missed his putt and the
match was evened up.

A lot of money changed hands
real fast around the Clitbhouse
as Shine and Riley nreaTred to
tee off on the 19th heil ;. :
Shine drove off a nice ball -
bout '00 yds. from the tee-lbt
It bounced out. of 'the fairway
and left a tree between him and
the green. Riley was right bfe
hind him by a few yards but had
a clear shot to the green. Riley
marked his approach shot close
to the cuo, close enough. for a
birdie. Shine. with a hill n fro.t
and a tree above, ha&n' almost
impossible shot teq-.ak He
eame out but in getting out had
to Dutt a little too.murh on the
ball end It sailed oyer the green
and into 'the tall bushes. That
gave Riley the hole and match.

Schoolboy Sports

STeams W L Pt.
Lone Stars ......... 1 0 1000
Flue Devils ......... 0 s 000
A. oricans .......... 80 1 000
The seven grade Intramural
efotball League for boys got off





M ant7 th i wo Itap-
e rt fall 016
6eheI d bft!0

Match, -P, ,
-Takea look 'at the-f ow- g
matches; tome come.'on -ot to
Oam.boa and follow. your far.
Eight ht Tee Oofr :'00g .

Tee Offr9:00 ap.
Collins ..a Haley.

Walker v'Boyd.
Tee Off 9:12. n.
Murphy vs iuou. ,

r u. .' .
roOW Bri GBT '

Tee Off 9:30 *..
Bieda vs .Hamilton. .
Tee Off 9:36 am.
Taylor vs Fleming.
Tee Off 9:42 am.
4Ooodln vs Dalton.
Tee Off 9:50 a9m.
Kulikowbki vs Viley.
Trophy Presentation -Party
will be at 2:00 p.m. Raul Parecies
and Bob Glern, representing
Smoot & Pa. des wilU be on
hand to make.the presentataims
Speaking for jil the golfers'in
the area, we wh -to express our
thanks, once again, to iSmoot a
Paredes and Bob Glenn for their
generous sponsorships of- this
tournament. That's what 'eopw
amateur golf alive.-

Fasflich League

- The first place Pumas beat the
Palomas in a 6-5 thriller at Bal.
ba stadiumm Saturday afternoon
it the tirt game of a double
header plaWt .by the Fastlch
The Pumra w 6e bu th ,
losers b"fr ANige or
every hit. Thenrat ht+=W run of
th 4alps hit by Bud
Crtb e Oalemas, getting
thre in' Ithe las'Int ning;
making four RBI's for hin'.
t kWland paced the winners
W t for four, a triple and
A% singlmi. He also had five
RBrs for all but one 6f the Pu-
mas runs. Owen Sutherland (3-
0) went the distance for the
wi "rI giving up five runz and
six lto, while Fred Harley (2-2)
went five and two thirds in-
nings, giving up five hits and six
runs. Barbler (0-0) came In the
sixth giving up no bits and no

a rourinr sart on auMoney,
bruarv 1. as aieu WUM fld In the second: game ef the
e Stars downed Wiaston doubleheada, .the Otelot shut
rd's Corsicans by the-seMre of out the -mt" *--ini l the
6. three-hit p g of ad Kireh-
metr (3-2. Edatke had a per-
reacher Heywood of the .Tr feet day at baf for the Ocelot.,
rh School threw out theS firrt going one for *. M Gmrff hld
11 which gave way to p thriller o of the five hits for the Oee-
it was decided i the last in-a da -lkM s mthae ta
base hit, a tri*p. -urfee aad
[e Lone Stars wet to bat r. Lesy also ha asinglet-lfo tte
p lat innmtw-- trua byem W M L Brwh. nrua (-2)1 Wmat all
m pnA were alle e*,* ovW the way for the in)aem gv
0 tallys to e"n co- iub ,- UP flw rms -mnd atn -Mfi-no
. was c rged Wti the Ie
ltad ne^ omlet. the Pi 1 e w R
1 m~k ttMrtst anit ed ttis otefMtin tst -
0 Conicam. t the lea4SOLSAt_ W

e.9ns .. F... .0. pm 1 -4 u8 1-

'CCC' -' AK~~
-C,.- 4's'

- .; -' -~
-.-Jk'..< Ec%-mtiM.

S-..* ..a

4. 'I-..."
- C)-



_ C_




! q

l Wr"-.


. .

- -*

V. e


* *'4I



ag >*

uivei f mwdsoit d
-" warn t.Ar ,

taut nIR. Tha.q as s flaouy
't.r s teel
Ahnaft.- C

hisi nthew al i a the

ofthh n9a
idt -t Cl a laatn. AnYwr t t itn w as th
tWe O tt We -ot It. Paerap i we.b id
tho. loWrounds our .todbalaswould
eha & "e b~t ostibdta t
u* td1r thaat tisl

Jhr.;litst it i A W V~~ tTil w tre .ta e in erotrtal

Goz a aPyinaeddy"ar "mesl lo a
ifir ^'WitL it ft llpefot tato
Vi Bw t i-tf 4. always thought, account-
ad -or t OlA *

lotAn a r3 'lofg-Ata heIha1t Sahe pta.tO4y
the fMial a l."", 1 td#Is-..x bhbt eo andpromptl
tbheW44ta O MMV Ajt d$a ndeq.*

No. You don't. ) fweva..r I Rol ] haj m Jones' iRuvelihod.

r .w a pp. '

ad etlw w o aff l at 1.. W.ith hl U w
arnior .lof tt e I
Lfturb VA 0. and tbe braye areeuna to carty the
heaveet I wouie too nmie.oi meon T mortp,
Cat MWouldM Not Be aFig tit

Ga mour B In PaddyDeMarcol
tehp the ~'" rt bn ardss to car h

i. 0

YORE, 7.0.2 -


r .s b t .g. r*a
S ..ay kve*4, Mwtst l. ast

ea ese Za I ,S
w as o seet that etlpas"
of to
Call ^:1* 08tti tASw*!t^
^SSS~Okm5^ 'S^^44WA,

hbttim, too, we'
4'iO t-. 4ft M

&IR .: r nam proH molllftlw wm'
i~du~ro* I5Rfl
t odtuz Ar flvahlewe t~
'tgya, ;Comj.-w -a ,e

~-a afMi ud sln4uoi.Ay-rta&
he i.-tdat -n~talor oi
W415iKaJWt C.2 aioreml li
ver. whenever pe cItW. ,
OGamt e for- tonrdshe: cqnr
tst haw ,e_ set At 7 p.7 .

Atlantic Pony


'ess Won
Btrio, .... ..... .... 5
C P. 0 .... ........ 3
Ott A2.......



On dasi,1if14 Q nummr
:r, Ote w t. of
hower cq o ite' an oer'-
W- C.P.0. tm retun to

q Dba I1t the Iuue yoe
,e 1a4V$rlt- by! sLe- ar

H-:%;,: a ... .My ove1 1
Sat. .

Ha lton. 1 ......... 4 0

Leves. S .............,,3 0 1
MeNorw alot e' fOr Mar
gfltaia d he fordCP.Q.

' twordb, 3b ....... 02; 0
t, a ................ 0 1
MeluIde, p ........... 4 2 2
Hamlton. lb .......... 4 0-
Leves. 2b............. 0 1
McGraw, If. .. .... 4 0 0
Wilmoth rf..........23 0 1
Perkim, e ............ 4 0 0

MJA. -
Cunninhai rr .....
('ropiner .............
rover .. ............
Willford, 2b ...........
roin, 3b ...... ..
tlnchpa, s .............

aDouan. cl ...........
on, i.. ...........
I f ...............
M1Oaughey ...........

3 0 -8
1 0 0
1 0
3 0 II

2 0 0

0 0
1 0 0

1 0 0

Summary: base on balla off
Melendes 3, GlbAncf 4 struck out
by MElinde 13., b62n 2., Hooe
rums: Melendeftt' W In"W l
hltcbe : MAeidms. aa $tal-
r. OiTson UDmlrft: Kdt
ind. Ca.rmso: Seorer: Rtuth P -

Rainbow City

Girls League Still

Accepting. Franchises

t COON. R.P -
11 what stormy or
mile. ta ..lttahnm

Lm ai

-r their
snd and tiha-

ante A

a f pt 2be'. mow ;
std., the tea Wa-! B

icm lame ma.

'I.thwelteam .
oer tb he w

zv with a b tfd 1utbs
0 lame.awt*out-tM 0*

*w Glli M
iit l tchey ants4wt
(2m 0, Ot. .i N us
led BBwU w 01
16 t t a fr ta wit w

o a h verligan l.e. -"
weekl 8 lWre..f

cIla 40' 35
's 44s 40.

Troatr o8ncr
( OisL: .U 7 ~li t
W M ^ 1104-2K
V dPKlon 17 If/4-35

Wfo oSARe So '

.' a" .2w 9. 1-60

Pacific Divisional


Amy Tamst, 0 1.
issarveI0 1.0
alvy "3 1 .'

P1t2 I2 e .0

To P "~2. 4-

cTo. cw ---io- .&j. 561

3. 6.' a

SS. Id a 12 19 4
1 1m8 136

7 SbS 14 B

Watson 1W 194 149 .4
"af-w 4. )39 4
iS148 2.148 2
-.- 130 1
11 1 4
m A nu 1 q's be

-. .. -
5i '_' ,

I who
the deft,



t ISO 1 158 448

S1 :
132 1 131 Sol
; w aft 2w 1. I n.' 1
7# 06a,. '7i 244

t..r, Bas M' the sRedil4r,
(otthe utwq~f a ai

'. Who wre the Pirhots
oA tt t '.gt. q. ajup"
*Wk. KG'r be
rllBlsdoert wita theirufrw
What w. BObby, McDer-
mot, the old profeudoni star,
Obteodfot? ,
A.,MnnUhd k|t

nde his (w basiketw *Id h.

rFiW Facts
Thi focsrfl treaty signed QOt.
1f, prcij tiAt pe "ct.
menuat b, u t se dp
pttos between the LUaI f
states Gt Britain, Frane,
Belgium, Ger-Ajy,. Italy, Polafd,
and Caechoilovfila.

SI S T" A l'.

L/ S Tr A

To The


* r .fP

- It~I

4 '.5., 5

. .L

Pataue h
.A rin '

r ui uuv -.

- HOG 840 Kilo

Andwin FIS

PS "Cavalcade" Radio


Simply -GUESS which will be the seven hit tunes for eachl
week on ti -"PHILIPS HIT PARADE- "-
Send yoar guess to Station HOG, 57 H Street, or CASA
PHILIIP.,91 Central Avenue, or mail it to Station HOG, Box
3145 Panama, by. 8 P.M. Friday, making sure to include
your naUe and address. *
Each entry will receive ten points for swvea correct guesses.
Eight point* for 6. Six points for5.' Four points for 4. Two
pointts'f r -3. One point for 2. Half a point for 1 correct

for pupuiary

will be selected on the bais of requests received
songs by Station HOG tip to 6 P.M. Saturday.

Enta with the highest score at the end of each month will
retelse a bread new PHILIPS "Cavalende" table radio.


4 .5

Send In Your Entry an$


- .5.

* ~~4l

to the

S.; -

%' ;

"0 '" aT "

- i m-r

- -,-r .-. --:- .,.-;.>
, .. .-- .f = -
L .... ..F .,,., ,' ,^ -,,,.A ,5, --. */ ... ^, .. .. .. ...... A ... .... ..- ?

fI I

.s. a-

- .: ..




-. *. :5.

- t.

Every Saturday at 9 PM



_- --',

.,,, ,!j.I

. -'"..
:. ,$ .; -y

A- J..




,._ -.- .i-- -- -- -


"-.- -., m. l

.- ,o
!'- '., T? :






-,F. --


..r. -'. .
r ...

. :'.'.-.,,,^ z '^., vK" t'. '.P y ^'- _
. ,, !? .]k ..^, ..-I .-% ^,%
., .-" .V,.. ,.
I, -- ... ; .-. '

P u' X II .... ... ... *

u CITY, Feb. 2 ..UPi t .
WoVement ...

is lnw "b h vmpdm
CAN CITY, Feb. 2 IUPi e" .' :Pe.... .
ha bII ,who a months
will celebrate hi MdTWtY4IdT"SreesXAit"
i ay and the 15th an- r .
t l I el prectonn L e cothn shhow-aving
gt improvement pro- ormer Czehisdeputy premier ackle, toothbrushes and other
Shiseek battle aRainst ants all were left be- .
a o garitis and fatigue. either been kidn ed by Red Mrs. Anna O
SPont 's doisa tprpointe this ts or has nto hiding to Rab er, s he had no lan '
S op he wasto forpend to escape Informed soy-es for a trip. At orld
Se days In the simple
S nred bed where tohe has said here the mystery nformedource S SIC pnn

Sof the foror Communtat eune- able evidencesuppote d, Vi iennes Stay he ted"stop
tia the Pope slept well O ra' o h he ft B "

rt st. onor ome f ls H ti e in d le- ls ao .o i Czec. .1 ..h
~~ip hts. t nd that his c an-g id .". o .a.t f.i
a slightly improved. VIENNA, Feb.2 (UE-) sang Luggae, clothing, shaving
t o the Improvement pro- former Cizea deputy premier tackle, toothbrushes and other l to... --- --u ". .
tl a week long period of Bohumil Lakan has probably personal effects all were left 1 R si s 'id tbe-" sn.e -r
the Plual apartments. either been kiaed by Red a-oiithe Nes landlady Mrs.t h Ann, .1n o '
il was disappointed this gents or bas fled' Into hiding to Rabinger, said he dd no lh l .. .E .- o ben 7rg 8 A H aLiC b. .7 :
em-onyr close to hismaidheretaythemteryInformedources pan t nernfhai JRnch tavrtd Eunem. eCan~ld, whogh t
n rg thathe ewas forced to escape thm. informed aou es for a t t ip. .0' ll at te N i 4ct. ng a we ...- or w. a nmel ho ah -

c ePur p iseon cl Baetto his maind e re e I O, on e o Z the ra paesau'fotom dr ourp ai eoasp 1 anp- Drw in Ir
oo t v of the former Communist fib- able evidence sup tWt e .. I i at No Ba sW e

PopS"t"e cath mo rnn.c ofatfplre t he y W ^ ^ fi o% ^^ ^ m-nYre
t'rre outing oft tionary' Iar eabe urtas deeue ued. napping theory L ea th epo o o
.trees, the. oman Cath- an Am el, nto u ma nt-am li burg into RuSlan-oUled tr- d t ,. A .....
of te dtg gathered wit wLaunosm's bac e roulid. rwry in an hour y au tiobIle. LON N, Feb. 2 (UP) a .Diprt. w, i Zal-'s n-
Mw -txsipeca of St. P water' at "he Com its 'wnted baly But the sosoeeos..d It. d lmatl o observerss said today l eernat o onal .
Lirthen m Rusas "Invitation" to Yugos- Moscow: nI -t. W, te y tW I
k 4rtcu for the aeremorn of toe t im ast p an e o aethannt ei sng- L via to return to the Soviet time ripe for M l 0 uI

hlmr Cthsb a loemen th-. Ai6t- m had Man, oigne o fn yphk urec- An at line pagd t a n James brother' sW S ac ia d
df1r e tion--or Candlema fsrm, is0l d phprpo wusanattempt to stir hecauseoxisbtioimfl ah
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to al k whe Popea s Lret fce i *Mr L org ahad. heu o te arth ifermay nd ao ete h o nbon W e '
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Feb 3.yOT eos-eMarl-.crowdseetforward,J6Te&-rTe.'caon at
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thW roths the rWtA- ut s lrriae t toan d o oT C nt.edr c tine
'wisea.-Under the agreentr- dS-ANGELES, Feb. 2 (UP)- h
bnit tAct man, signed Sunday as masurTen- An attorney said today James b uoth's oja nt owntpn. ,ma
i which both she and her matho wife for divorce rather.than ," e The- vies oate nth Matr'"
,e.-r .' and ttOp her sult .-for" $14, the 'paatghty. nine" letter be gave. e t.,
$de te lai- Anh .sae he reee ved the right, how- Mrs. Romelle Roosevelt, in her The statement saidin u on that ut4,e _e **o
in, oe0a n own separation suit, disclosed the point
and she' Wt-Flwrarouk,. whenever she contents of-a letter signed by the" ,w
beautyo dc lose d h .._ i -the eoD. ho former President's son in which recogiz,.bu my,4eslre to.keep ly two c an f Ea b w rr..e
Sthe cnNentZhactnf a side'A i n lundn. gfirl idy w rt wit whom he alegey hd thsed tnnocknt people from uwio each trlp M( 5 tp
*t o fentert.,n ..ainA-r S.nday.while.her motheragy.ithfed snakwhle .Iewas tooee rseas hour for e ro
Jajt'-.-p 0.rand' unableto.defend a SMe'ythese llmitation&. the.-tw lind-
w otM e woMuqtremon Lf onferenceyeserdds ake, ifpo a nan
"Vi vlal% the hosp4tl 4 A fr i th.. id the infidelities wi ceaW of o=ur marriae, my ae- e ,ss o
fI two= osire, et hrb"imaginary"u ad -sr to'prevent any .a- mum of c .g in eijh
d ng a w abup, thie- wand Narriman were wife9tor "blactkmail." on a th eiy led % "e"to'b& vs n ume o aeT ir aejf a'edni
"kelpt Japanese "~'~ p~ea~rsc m the baIoiny a a-Res imled the- ousted *wi-iconfer with Roosevelt tomor' -S"eretore I yielded si aF" ygned
an tour and a bo' Ck r2 p; 2-,emlems5 bose aw moiab into exile on July 26, cosider amending his 9t, togther with her.drss tuihl- ..A.
Sover photoir ~ r h~',"l-., IWt Walked .out on hjm Z,.mllant~ence suit to include "eT demand, both at t same SUpe
-phm Withd 19,3 0 rgin W ithd=4an time c the day. befre Ilelft fw
b krt p)h I e.'f-ewlnt originally asked on. -overs -duty,

1 is" tke e athY'''fewN '.- wyer 'lo aam rau im. the ti lawe er tsaid.e"But now there ;.' ...v"'0. .i e ;
18 to k80P 4f.. y6 A few ..iae P to jrOPi the all- bility lhemwill also a skJVd eesaul marriage. "3,.
Si -n Jarththe 'ha raa Yankee&: 4X -.son on thef votes -grounds at men- snof Frank Delano tDo */..0
.. wdefentreeain troops al Wtn+.ith th-etel cruelty. -We also h na e aoaA E F2dn.Ir ..

a~~~~~~~mid sbu,. mu "very pleased". to uhe would start divinee 1 .H I,. .:

hear ot evela's apol gy, and I mdwould na-sn .lal jIdl-
r i. Ie r Durant saidshe was yj 0 ,
tn tie
INA "quite relieved." a---te, Ioosevelt
lMosseOvelt and ibl wife wil face s iu s fifth year *.0 --e a
neah Sghir tar the first tame in 1 icn Whs Satine Corga sat'o
*4otkim!'Ieth Fria at a tutm hol 1s pr
Cour.k At hi timita
veltwin Pasks',q "as
for herself and their three ha.
,o live on until the main s"o V"
separatee mialntesiance burdes
mesi. a trial in six or .e. .n"
te readlg a prepared sign a -
yesterday Roosevel$
tha whlebew

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' *f t. W *: *- *. *.. -- :. '. -.. '*.: t, ',;," .' .." ?
.. "' !.: *W*.'-.,;; m'' P- .,



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