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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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DAY SNUA*Y zS, 1954

.':" *,*,: 1-. '" -
f:"" "-^ -' : ., *' .*
** 1 ''k hi*
^^, *''* *4 -^ **~ ft fI.

n **ae; I 4,**.- i V



CG Do Not

Want To Hike

Tuition Rates


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-4- 4ts


r aIfClIp pTheCOanC alp oe govrs arn I
c-wa. hla wants t adipit s many Pana-
t mactan,,htlldrmz end ohildre'of
n a s, h "Asmericarsa with nongovernment
been" ta t sd the Panaa obs as possible into lone schools
CaInal a ton sald today ilat the lowest possible tuition
wtr pro. HINGTON, Jan. 2. (UP a depression trend despite this pro-. rate, a spokesman declared tc'- -
rk W is an answ dedt Eisenhower b ps i gra and present measures, day.
Thn4s an we current ecae will boldly' ae use of theov- However, the continuance of The town of Pedro Mig
gprotet-aor by withhe td 00 endsoon0. ernment's "arsenal of stae ag tuition, ates at their present lev- 31, 1955, civic council lea
fguel 00 oAgrctl w 'U expressed confi weapons." Hq said: el-s presenting e C.. govern-
to the in whic am- "prosperity based on "The government will not hesi- ment with somefnlng ofa prob- noon.
bulance nthout doctors-m are "Our economy toed tate to makg greater use of mone- lem, in that the-total tuition be- The date of the closing
being out anwser emergency pYosrous and enjoys at debt pagemet, and credit Ing cha'tIa d ildren in this
calls. strength," he said in hi beralzed use of roup tll am ntsa to approx'. time yesterday at a shirt-sl
a e onfene nonmic report to CogreT fede ranc of private obli. lately only habi that of. the ay boa Heights.
hdt yet hivicouenci minor readjustment u 'd ga-r to modify the tax erasa c st pertupll.
held Ye Goe rnorsince mid-1953 is o kely M tr a e or to reduce taxes, or The lew tuition rate Increases emolition of the own,
upaGovernor come to a close, espec on a large scale the' announced lapt week, whereby will dispossess about 150 fai
Sective measure recommendations of the ii of public works, or to rates.f ra kirlne'rgarten through o th
twiration are adopted." '-T mpy other steps that maiy be the elth V gade $Sir qorers in one o the t
:u' e PedroT MiIguel iBut the President cone 'td arty." monthly for ach child In the On learning of the pro
Ped a roe M H economic forecasts caot bo 'Ised, tt .. ,. tuition-pay'r T group4 bas been town, the Mayor of Pedro
i" ^ Aarles Ha imo nd A he pledged thatethaat adoptedin er-to a uito Wn, the Mayor of edro
-'d easut "f the correave traton wil act "prom l- -t costs more e4 table, and will as- proclaimed ruefully todo
Smeasur taken, swe will be alch ac w to omq extent in meeting "'m going to sit in
t f the federal governmeat,-" .0 1 0 i .. Increased cqsts.
centered around sar to prevent a deres "A ting econon ds Present statutes require all ed out.
Looks F Chp r Tt er- b ran .6worwe ta da ta .On the ucation co#s to be recovered. Although the demolition order
W man, wh o a heart attack so pr ed iereas Io o viduat In Balboa HRIghts announced yes- did not come as a complete sur-
wh e to the hospital In entbeefit nd a gher th ow t a ts terday tha notes are being is- prise to some of the residents,
a d r balance. mm wage as ew-lanks b the allies ued by Sohol a Division of they said today they were "a lit-
Anonigs eat discuss- prosperity program. m ti' ePresli side the Civ il ffailrz Bur advis- tle disappointed," since they had
ed yeAmste w, th regard to y Eb.US we cfie ing that than as th tui M rates been hoping- that their town
pdrevidd- He ested that States W that -6 feal o announced la wet l become would be rebuilt or remodeled.
cal bll- thetr payments to te unel a cotho res effective!en Mal 1. Instead uf "We really like pur town," said
ts t l i the sorpt equalng tneat n en at the tre ie next one of the old-timers "and would
SIo s rps- of the ull Unaea de eat sen eieb.A '. havewatted to keep living in it,
a men'to a'ambul- met pa en or wy ,e nIin owL of Gov. If tt'all possible.",
.nMAlb la e ount l YtidaM br e eet "I hate to see all the old land-
. .. ,o Ee e- *dtMn"Ss quot e- mark, ani.ig one by JUW


S of a grim. dral, pflament.
ut countrytmy 's decision was tertalin to
I f A :newm pnrtw iPners who.
othe C wAIS&m tk Hdled reporte rst a tCom-
cI tea Mture o4 tr jnanket-sponsored "04zs confer-
ce ghters" frqn fese" 'Tuesday that they hoped
prison camp. to become civilians a. soon as
-th trhaas,&stBinl regarded pestle.
bW "t*A-igfla The 21,000 anti4Cotmunflpt
yer of stead free m North Korean and qinese cap-
"r ito trckuwd' trted by the United Natlons al-
S" ntd 'Wit '"Dvown wia., dy have been declared free
fc^ar smt placan. menfl an4 re-located In Formosa
nm a t w are v "4' st0outh Korea,
them a r 8 1 t i 19i: Gen,. e K. S. Thimayya, head
Irucksw mal 1 roadt U W aed Indian guards, agreed
mal road to R .K 3ed Ye yto turn er personnel
Chinese a4 to take t, n records f the pro-Red prisoners
cross ..amt s to. e theto -C9mmunist R4d Croas re-
into culaYt. In .a i and pesentatives and he added the
ba lr waved as W were"free to go at a
roUled tW9 te stireet!$nd a,L-Thead prisoners. made a -at ap-
reon, women utseqdtt uW )j*aL to Thimiayya to help them
ast, yellow trsati' 61 ,t covhice& the Red leadern they
gte the :arrtvlngo A"eroean shuld be declared civilians, not
ufltW, l Souh Koen captive. Tey ad 'their
and four South Korean return to the qC unlsti as
w rp. isoners was ?abi olntely un-
V*e asf-eiled "UM itb w ltti it Ilir." -
sff~~c.who rejected ther But informed sources, believed
s. i and redm un- they '-would have no luck with,
Sat would-not be their pleas because the Reds
de work Imdiately ,wqre bent-.op keeping theqa be-
a.WL ce cr= ar. hind, barbed wire, to support
a s a'"t Ai.te Sa-g 'their contention that "aris-
who informed the ltndiUa pnes shoId4 -have been., htn-e
a O force that the Rms i"I the peace conference was
y would take the POWs caled.,
referredd to the men as
sor war." l ettatdO it
Sae" Shrowherry glnde i
tb they would-tothbe
Sc.ianuntil afterthe n iry Ol
peace conce de- -

GIk Po -'He Never
I andlTwo In "til
d o NEW YORK, Jan. -(UP)-.
idtwoV from Iowa sled for Rome today
I b tall five to iveN-ex-King Farouk a hand
d pd 're..r-dalso in a $0 with his public relations.
I eq Mrs. Tomma Jean Rotinson, of
befor ee. udge Knowxvlle, Ia., said she would lay
A aiundee H l brez..2, the groundwork for an intamaUon-
n la d2 HectgrC. Tor.- &l women's lear- in. dete of
?I eAIdoR e'24 T"the ousted tkylsa n emath..
adorean.-Ru oLpt-"He's really suck a ga man
ay tis oral, a n ae, normal man Me 4h.
t mw owar w In o0 a! h
war 'l-r,"" d' said. "I feelp q s r
of the b-.illl .bel, i bad reput tA on "' :: -.
enhtfrwm nato off th6 V.
L in %p it %It itsa Des MOM i
Sor w". ww wkin. o Ia90 De i lrius, shu"
th A=.t Curundu, triet. wh,.. not ^
at sl -aon o0f whP l
tALbuaiwa at, & ad
l JI tbn gfe,"
Ffruay: .an. -u frls e is r aj task
I ?. *'- -:: -L-
:3 *4 it- -.

-- -- --a--- S.. -- o -

A fire believed to have been
started by a heating element in
a clothes closet in a Curundu
tour-famlly house, completely
destroyed one ao the apartments
Tuesday atternoen causing a
property damage Of about $8500
Thee was no report of per-
sonal injuries in the fire which
an Army msokeaman today at-
tributed to a heating element m-
Ther over-hetting, Or bursting
into flame when : tileee of wear-
ing apparel fell on It.
Fire rigs from Curundu, M-
brook, Balboa. Corozal and Clay-
ton responded to the alarm frotl
quarters 2109 la Curundu, whiah
was sounded at 1344 p.m. on
The apartment of Mrs. Louise
Neal, who works'for the Base
Judge Advocate at Albrook, was
complete de.troyedd y the fie
which started In her clothes clos-
The government estimates Its
loss at $6300. an- Mrs. Neal gave
a 12200 estimate of her personal
Apartment B. which is directly
beneath Mrs.. NealN, and occu-
pied by Alfred W Eiusnick suf-
fered some water damage.. -
Mrs. Neal is staying wihA
friends until a ne a algament
is made.

wage of ? ce I per nour m-in-
creqsed to an sbajecified amount
ind iliat ft be .qxtetded to cover
more workers. '
Peppite the "'iHght coatraotion
Ia bualoess" in the latter half of
last year, the report showed that
new records weti set in industrial
activity, employment and income
paytnentb for 103 a a whole.
"Feamer, 4foee income/fell
7A pecat i4 the year, were
tWe mamr gruf that did not
share the "wlrread wmpoeri-
ty.f t4
Mr.,Eisenhow*io attributed the
recent economiel downturn mainly
to a pileup of storieses that oc-
curred when oduction outran
sales. HA also A.cedcd bat the
administration's ht money pli.
cies, designed sto inlaion,
might have be a little too el-
fecti ve.
He added that the nation's eco-
D111 growth '*likely tp be re-
suited" Vtsr *yeS especially if
Congress .treng ls the economic
environment by ttnslating into ac-
tion the admlnlatrhtion's far reach-
ing-program." -
fs i program l for expanded
social security erage and ben-
efits, tax revision to give 1,00.-
000,000 of selfi3 relief for both
businesses and djfviduals, liber-
alized federal aid for hous-
ing, interest-fr 'ans to states
and cities for works plan-
ni, and an ln in the public
deb iWnit from 000,000,,000 to
q]ut,-he saidthere should be

From lowa Finds

/ll Wrong

Aade One Pass At Me'

in Knoxville enlisted In the caue.
They put up $00 to ship l, her
car and her toy poodle, Juli, on
the liner America. I
Aiming at an organization uone
million: strong, the blonde hase .-
wited Farouk to viat KnoxvilB, I
Des Moines, suburb..
Mr Bobinsona id she and Far-
ouk 'ae quite hiendly.
"He can't say my first name,
Tomms, so he calls me Jeannie,"
she said. "I call-b Im Mr. FIrsouk,
but he gets madt*bout that and
lays: 'CaB men Ia but
er, Just me Jugn
Meanwmle, In Cin ept, fr-
met Qween.rriSmn's lawy'Er
said e .has aspeed to give the
custody of ber sac, Ahmed Faud,
to Farouk.
Mobarram ral, the Que'
lawyer, asif PassA had accepted
the divorce editnas. T W lawyer
said Pareuk a*d tn I
metat is deBtoamoSg eat the
abWd bease Ieab wIreum'-
stance" sake ik 1bOsMk e fIs
S 'LI -

Narriman to bring the boy to
Faiouk, now in exile in Italy,
recently was reported ready to di-
voete his former Queen if awarded
custody of the ehfld and if Narri-
man reduced hbr alimony de-
Fahim said.noting today about
Narrinan's aimimo demands.

Two fisermen -and a baby
were re d,0 awned in a
gserles 6f de*t which
came to -. ntion of the
Cr al G
O t&c f., Hubert A.
Woolnou.L a .-year-old Ja-
maidan fer n of Colon
drowuqd accidentally near the
mouth of the' Chtres River off
Ft. San Lorento Tesday morn-
Lng. while .h and a friend were
fishlng off Abore tn a cayuco.
Two huge-waves threw the two
flishemaen:la t tbe water. Wool-
nogh last when he
wu fl f the rough wa-
ter pot come to the
The semag fisherman, Hora-
c t&tant,. Panamanian res7
Iden oft 7 anbirmna's Village in
Colon, went fAshing early yes-
terday morning, and at noon
his cyuca was found unatten d-
ed o.ta 500 Yardsa south of LI-
mot Saty in Crstobal. A search
of tW area. was made, without
asuc ,s and GOant is presumed
todv.bve beep drowned.
Te,:. b4by, who drowned in
QM, n' e.,.was. Cristobal ier-
n esl, of Eduardo Hernan-
deVt... M in Cilicito. Poice
Invetlgbl .dise d thaa the
-14moe_-olt baby was left at
home w t a si and brother,
aged 5 3 years, for a l LteS
minultes., W n the motfll. e-
ttned, the boy was missing,
She immediately ran to the
lake shore, and found him strug-
gling in about 2Av feet of water.
After pulling the baby out of the
water she applied artificial res-
piration, but unsuccessfully.


KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Jan. 28--
* UP) The judge dismisseQ
drunk driving charges agahist
W$lliam Z. Burnztte and Mlbburn
H.' Holbrook today when they
testified the only drink they bad
was one they shared while wawt-
1:k 45 minutes. for police tdAin-
vestigate the collision between
their cars.

Canal Won't Let Out Clubh ms,

Commys Balbo eights Rterates

The Iettlg eut by eaya fI amy of tse Pammss Ca-
nalenrv fasdtltes was t denied yesterday after-
eanm alt i te c s, Mi eonferese beJt at Bal.
IU. G NE 0. ramm _. NIt"d to eivie eaders a state-
ia.t t o figt p u bsg$ t Saturday.e a s red
the pS'Ma th rasss Catl C. had -" ltetlmo ef
leaig a ffel f ,a

masnirantio wi Rm i0"'ployes
at leat a 30y othot e in-
ctances of cbeetLwB:u tariffs.
The q.overO ". snatders that
statement of olka to be a gen-
eral contract w th t people ,
and determined.tat the change
in tuition rate should comply In
this instance (even though not
affecting employss.

Heminlways Hope

For Befter Luck

On Flight Today

NAIROBI, Kenya. Jan. 28 1 UP.
- Author Brnest Hemitigway
who left his last two planes in
wreckage hoped for better luck
on the third try today.
He was scheduled to fly here
from Entebbe, Uganda, where he
and his wife had rested con-
valescing from minor Injuries
suffered in crackups last week-
Hemingwav's son Patrick join-
ed the family at Entebbe. Yes-
terday they went,- travelling to-
gether by boat on Lake
I.t r ic k flew by chartered
plane from Iringa, Tanganyika.
where 'he farms.
Tht Hemingwavs were report-
ed "much better" today but still
turned down dozens of long-
distance telephone .calls.

contitfrmed the ,move by quot1ig
t h e following announcement
made by Acting Governor H. 0.
Pamxon at the monthly confer-
ence between the Governor and
representatives of Canal Zone
Civic Councils yesterday:



uel will b c A .
ders slarfn *
S / :. .
1g was reveltej for
eeve coegen1ce h1 W et

which was built before
nilies, who wilibe tytr
three new l
'posed passing of -
Miguel, Charles HNam

y house until they carIr

dro Miguel as a separate
will be closed out. ,
"A few pvmanent-type b
wings may retained and.
ed for sta purposes a
then be lidcated. -

Honduras Mayhw

Word has been reuplvet
Panama that the on4et Of1
dry season in Honduras h
parental .halted. the Inet
of jungle yellow fever
Since last November the'--
American Ranitan r l ,rael,

"Pedro Miguel will be continu- been carrying out an interW
ed as a U.S.-rate community un- inoculation rprA ap m
til approximately March 31. 1955. the Hondtf t "S lace.
"By that time, the new con- odtT P
structlon at New Corozal. Dialqlo Ju e Ullor fever wa
Heights. and the eastern endo Junge ee
Balboa Flats will have been corn- reoched Panama about ..I
pleted, thereby providing ade- years ago In Its current iW
quate modern quarters to make ward movement, apread
the Pacific-side U.S.-rate hous- Honduras, It is underc.o4
ing adequate In numbers with- a schedule predicted previot
out the old housing at Pedro Mi- by experts In tropical medtk
guel. Costa Rica and NlearaH
"This old housing will then be had previously recorded b
demolished replacement and Pe- breaks of the dlseae.


Numbers of monkeys .-
Mother'S IllneSS reported to have died in
Honduran jungle before
Calls USCA Prexy ry season began to cut do
the breeding of the Insect pe
To Washington which spr ad the disease.
Mrs. Frances Longmore, nres- ofSeveral cfaser enrepa l
dent of the U. 9. Citizens' As-'spread to hm I
sociation, left the Isthmus for 'mote rural are
the state of Washington early Medical experts
this morning due to the serious gas Memorial Ltboratoryi
illness of her mother Panama have received i
Mrs. Longmore. who will be histories in three human so
In Longview. Washington, ex- one of which proved fat.
pects to' be gone fur only a ______ _
short time. In her absence,.
Elmer Power, 1st vice-president Mercy FilhlV it la t
of the USCA will be in charge
of the organization.

From iaqn, S

rURIlSH a SDITJRIVS Richard C. Patterson, chair-
man of the'*Myor's reception committee, shpkes hands with'
Turkey's fhUtl Jad as President Celal Dayar looks on. after their.
arrival at Mew York City. The Bavanr are on their way to

An Albatross of the
Rescue' U m 34UIarh
flight this morlln
APB to J sque
Jomblan border -~t
a Panama i
Mariano Mhd$ai* -f
nephewof Don Pab
deputy representing
of Darien in tle Na
sembly, was reported
The Aloatross too f
Albrook A t& 58 a.
ed at 9:15. It was
Lt. Carlee F a,
Flight Sutreon ds t
Charles A. Berry
dizabal during tie
orted at t.e l
a Caribbea conb o


wad f
landed at
'WIt taken I

deftaen W

Caribbea -n.M

- -

4 ._ .

_.L- 4 .. .--.


.'-S .' .. ,


.4' 7

avorable tratnente.ftM i



I -wr


~ :~ L







..~-*? 0- .; .

*, .' r-

y; *, -.'
;', *-*' .-


. ......
: -----.anrn'*na

* i .h al Ym Nbs .mv PANAMA 6 -fP .- I..

-P.fsm PANAMA N* .
Ifp OMe. I. 1,7.0 CmNynAt AVNI U lWeeN ll 4 AND a T'N TAIrmI
rm4s i ippmeasinsnrvive JoHM14 P RIiqm, INC.
841 MADION AVg. NWa V"E. 4171 i v.
Sdie a- r. fle e aI
.72,0If$ Ar g IIO is
______ S. IDAN _-- lo .


The Mell Ba is am iepen erum for readers ot The Panama Anm
LMtews ue received *rasfull. end are handled in a wholly conil
I yeW SeeqWlbt a letter dEf't be Impatient I it doesn't ippseIr l
V640y. fItsm n published in the order roservd.
APqIh try to keep the lwoes limited to oea page length.
HA: J t*y Of lamr writs iIs hblf in triutest confidence.
.Tam ewaper eses nM epoelbspo lity tol t statements es opium
i n letters from see-s.
hWren you published the letter;offering boys and girls mn
aulted books you started a deluge of letters. There cer
pre plenty of boys, and girls in this locality who do reach
9y books and who did 'want these. More than 400 book
taken almost immediately by Boy Scout groups, church
groups of girls and some individuals. In fact there wer
y demands for some of the books that I even had to ar
a method of trading and exchanging. '
shape it would be a good idea for' some civic minded ,citi
4tO arrange a rotating system of books for boys and girls o
exchange system through church organizations, Boy Scout
e smaller schools. I am sure that you could get lots of suci
and that they would be read by many children.
R' could not possibly mention the many names of individua
Sand girls who requested these books and whom I am sorry
Disappoint, but perhaps you'would like to know that there an
tain organizations that,can 'distribute these buoks and make
m available to many boys and girls of the IsthXnus.
Some of these organizations are: Troop 3 of the Boy Scouts
d Palcks I and 3 of the Cub Scouts at Box 1564, Balboa. tele-
as 23577 or 22525; The Rev. W. H. Stewart of the Paraiso
ieh, Quarters 674B Paraiso, telephone 4-102 Drawer M, Pedro
Ruel; Christ Church Academy, Apartado 20&, Cristobal, (with
b9ut 250 children of five to 2Qyears of age); Mrs. Alma J Rob-
.ft teacher, Fort Kobbe. telephone 84-3139. Box 3884, Kobbe
th students who use such books; Colonel Clarence Shqen. also
Fdrt Kobbe distributed some of the books to Army boys who
paired to read.
An exchange system was worked out on many of the boys
.ke pad, the Bobbeey Twina'Books were in such demand that
h-a to work out a system'of rotation and exchange for the
ri and boys who desired these.
Perhaps many other people'have unused books for children
their houses that they would like to donate to a central pool.
the same time, perhaps some group or groups could arrange a
tem Whereby all the individual children or their mothers and
i could write in requests to this central pool and have a
P of exchange of books started between the children.
Perhaps telephone numbers could be exchanged and the
pks delivered from person to person or be started out from the
Change group with a list written inasde the book so that each
Hon wll pass it on to those who hav requested. that type of
Old Sentimental Bookworm

I r Sadeye:
I bear tell there's a big economy move In the Postal Division..
tn figger it out myself, so rIm asken you fer some advise.
a see, the Canal.Zone post offices sell U.S. special delivery
map ler 2S-'eeata a piece, -icA Is. what they.all for in the
Items. These stamps were sold In the Canal Zone as a special;
Vice who wish quick attention to their mail when It reaches

,low they're not to be sold any more 'cause the postal divi-
I must save money.
, adeye, eften you sold me ten quarts ot milk from them caows
lUnM for 20 cents a quart and I up; and sells them for 20 cents
rt, how much would I lost?
eat's a tough one. seeln' as I alathad none o' that there
Re education like some people here oes. I need. your help.

1-lu .lu...:E3,l

066i'~ip prio
LA" t,&i.klfjt II r
`i l I .-rJ prju

Screen Actress

n actress, 1 Social insects
'rancis 2 Fiddling
lies to Roman
3 Metal fastener
s in 4 Set value on
X 5 Heart
S 6 Years between
12 and 20
lcan 7 Rail bird
8 Male deer 2
t 9 Gaelic
of three l1 Cowboy's
t) 13 Tan anew
18 Sea eagle 2
;a 20 Italian 3
Sc alloy goddess of 3
23 Learning 4
91 sprin24 Afresh

15 Surrender 42 Light brown
16 Ice cream 43 Russian
container storehouse
U Type of 45 Company
molding 47 Final
29 Paper measure4g Reverberate
10 Children 49 A-tiptoe
33 Irritated 51 Fishes
39 Fortification 52 Large plan
40 Mariner's 53 Dispatched
direction 56 Bustle



Peter EMIj-


Wilson, a protege of former Sec-
retary of Defense Louis Johnson,
was a big shot in the Democratic
Party formany years. Last year
he announced that he was leaving
the Democratic Party to become
a Republicap-.
Wilson is 36, a native of Detroit.
As Leqion head he proved himself
a rabid foe of communism. He
sparked the Legion's demand for
the removal of Dean Acheson as
Secretary of State. He once said
it was his hope to see the United
Nations building in New York slide
into the -East River.
President Eisenhower stuck his
neck out at a press conference by
declaring that a woman's brain
and heart could be used just as
well as a snap's to be a President
of the United States, but that won.-
*n had too much sense to take the
American Association of Univer
sity Women has taken the Presi-
dent up on this neat evasion, how.
ever, by demanding that he name
a woman as one of his administra-
tive assistants.
A new government statistic,
which old" maidb are said to prefer
not to think about, is that Immi-
'; ?i lies show more women
entering this country than men.
'Ine ratio, sinci 1982, has been ap-
proximately 60 per cent women to
& per cent men.

CZJC 31Mig Course

TouithN1 Blboa
The acond registration for the
second asente4r ht courses
of thie Cank 1i r lor College
EAltnslon Dvision' l be held
ht from 6:59 to;30 Oon the
M flooj of the Junior College



. 7!f .-

'* "n'

<, Washingftn

3.ions of club women from 17
states are in Washington this week
to lobby for Ohio Sen. John W.
Bricker's controversial cgnstitu.
tional amendment. This is the pro-
posal to limit the President's pow-
ers to make trestles and interna-
- tional agreements so that they
i- would not supersede U. 8. law.
It's a terribly complex subject,
he and the women aren't too sure
what It's all about. Neithet are
the menfolks, for that matter.
Anyway, at left three women
s have been trying to do 'something
to simplify the legal language in
this business. They don't see why
IHousewives should be expected to
understand it, the way it's written.
It all started when Mrs. Louis
y Barker of Chicago and Mrs. Rob.
- ere Murray of Oshkosh, Wis., de-
d cided they wanted to see the Brick-
s er amendment passed. But they
h found they were completely stop,
e ped because they couldn't Interest
- either housewives who couldn't
comprehend the meaning. So they
have been trying tQ write it in
. "kitchen" English.
r Independently another woman,
* Mrs. Clifford quest of Bethesda,
h Md., made the same discovery.
She received a Bricker-amendment
l pamphlet put out by its chief spon-
y sor, Frank Holman, a past presi-
e dent of the Americal Bar Associa-
e tien. Mrs. Guest took this pamph.
Slet and a copy of the Senate hear-
ings on the amendment to her own
lawyer, and told him to simplify it.
s Tne simplification she received
- filled seven pages. It still wasn't
tio clear, but the hopeful house-
wife had 100 copies run off and
she has been bravely trying to
give them away.(
Ex-newspaper career gal Mrs.
John F. Kennedy has let it be
known that she has no intentions
of trying to juggle a career and
her marriage. The recent bride of
the young Democratic senator
frim Massachusetts says ,she S
thinks she'll have enough to doe v
just keeping house. t
A powerful lot of rewriting had
to be done on President Elson- it
bower's economic report to Con.-
gress to make it read like Eng-
lish. The first draft from the ex- c
perts came up in the usual double-
talk jargon which economists al- ep
ways seem to use in writing their lb
When some of the Cabinet .of- r
ficers got hold of it and questioned it
a few of its apparent conclusions, n
it was discovered that the econo-
mists had meant just the opposite o
of what their remarks ware in.
terpreted to say.
So the whole document was put
through the wringer to make sure
thrt the report agreed with the
President's policy. Fotimut6lyv
this. mUt. was discovered In c
plenty of time for a thorough re- .d
vision, a
Donald R. Wilson, former nas- C
tional commander of the American la
Legion, a former Democrat and a
member of the law firm of Steptoe it
and Johnson of Washington and th
Clarksburg, W. Va., Is reported to bc
have the inside track for the job
as chief counsel for Senator Jen- Dl
ner's Internal Security subcommit- -
tee. The job was vacated when the
able Robert Morris was elected to
a New York judgeship.




-. t I

. ." al 5 ,,

I o

.....f,.,., ia.


St. Lawrence Seaway

By. Bruce Uioset

For more .than two decades the St. Lawrenci
leaway project has been a topic of bitter contro-
ersy in and out of Congress. Through this span
he arguments shifted, but they always added up
o the same result: No action.
Now the project bag won Senate approval but
t still must buck heavy and perhaps' fatal op.-
osition in the House. Some observers are pre,-
Icting it will never get past the House Rules
committee .
Unlike many perennial Issues, the seaway proJ-
at was fought pro ant con along clearly discrn-
ile lines.
From the start, the salt-water ports, tbe rqilc
,ads. ths .uUjilt.n the coal interests battled
. They .eared it 0. .t them and said
10 1 nly. I I
On- te other side, the''f mh-water io, .
f t reart l J whole, ex anlve-
SLt.el forly that It meant
inW |!J^BQnyy. BBaB8f XXifJdX

to et. A cause they' thought It would ruin their
: tinental business. It did not.
.SO one can really be sure what effect the St.
,wrenoe Seaway, opening the Interior of Amer-
icA to larger ocean-going vesuvl, would have on
the oads and on pDots like Baltimore, Phlla-l
40 and New York. ,
e, vidently a goa c aM y senators who*& own
arn are not directly affected by the seaway is-
saa have become convinced that the national In-
.st' Justifies upsetUnin tradltothl transporta-
t.on patterns in America.
' UIt oubtedly they may have been nflthiened
ettonh)n too, by the outside pressure from Can-
adte .
T1 e Canadians,.weary of waiting for the Unit-
ed ft tes to make up its mht&;, annoWned in
195t thewt tEaeto to proetecrt lone with the
Jet,".maadaa parliament authpead coh-
4 -a.u.der this plan Woutd ot'coape have
1. i seaway fa.itL. ,

Sov erf ch this

~~! ~ Al.az4totm e

sa g .:gat
- 9Ff ASS

re.g 9

e u- TO. '. -a' "

we t| r 'e
ithg V wfet : wt

to .too ueh t M

Both D[8 S 1W fa ni reams;
to be. c i ..,, At
M arty' two ai on the
FCC. C. Db~ttet of Wis-
consln and Robert. Lee. TheI i
also kew that onR the same day I
Lqe took his seat, the FCC. -
the firt ti*se reversed l
ha4 tefuied to reverse on *I
separate oenalans regagud 'a i TV
channel In Milwaukee. When Lee
took his seat, thhe FCC proceeded
to reopen Milwaukee to McCarthy's
*friends. .

~l~; -----'9.

y t. ago ,
1Wiy oarf

Robert aurns. 3%.
Wash.. and Bsufmm
I5. of C ntor. T", E

Shower 'bli ,
toriafmlly oae
licaqp of, pal
vnlvid. PaliAme

lii sylstent, these qreu ki vle..-. -J. 7'-... wnlio a osnawum s rw uur a
tuld apy to established In- -Whether these sameoconsiderations might pre p)atojt 4 Ugh Q t e ,CC.
nd mWs overt fully developed water vail in the wore explosive Souse Ja.vncerta pls e,
u oppaothis tndhn lleast,.t1e arAo* see Already the nation has sees
a t oWVp senatoor, '.ll
JustasoAreun for the old ar&)UW -A3.1dI0100tidlo for a vam>I hw~i eao ry W~mi
ey yhad .aufIm-t1 arength to keep the. project e t. ;,fence Sqwiy has been held in tb was able to -ee,00 ofre
titled up in .ongre.g yeAr after year. .a. 8 Adel s ".. WeW .bo rdq4io.and TV tie-to answer P m a
The ceenoi' of transportation are not i' a our frienhdas lp olth aecid aon Way br dent Truman. At first lowe rie
ie.. The rabroads 1fo4e.. the n eIon etwo officials p annodt
S- .- .. ..e ... ie irth rado- ih
slace Truman referred not to the
senator but to "McCathyism.Y
However lgher-up. FPetwork too-
gos e n whs hvpde
WtIL ] tCay' g. ',9metan th
FCC .l-ul~o bprwise. -
Hoyt's newspaper has p ted
et that eat' friends, te,
Sno qualifipcations to regu-
late TV or radio other than servy
Jag as moderator for three months
on Facts Forum, tbje TV am
Pared by TDexasoil nMflfoaire
S. Hutt another M cCarthy
friend and baceet.
Lee was also embro d in the

I tht hempaign
of the Corrupt ]


The fallow who iN
knows women like *
wouldn't be so uhbeorpble
didn't try to stort a library. Wsi
-' "


-t .

g tHORaE tJ'tr 4rM oJust grew tf
*ter-n i Denver, so
co w wt 9 o fth atmosphere

S. ,


Il I s It kt", Amre
Is theftl t-i

I ". '. "" ;-, F. "
..4.111 '

- *. I ^ -
-. r. .-" -. -- 3 ""
:.:'- .- ._-: : ," --. -*:_ o-..i -C-

sot do L


bf inbSShwiu.

7 oI juIW-Mr -c-kharteLretl-,
Sflppe tae Steamboat Spant. C'oI.
e. (NF mA) 0. ,

,,. ... >... .* *
1 .--1 :.; ,'.
,. A. _.<- .-
.... & ^i. ^ :.-o _
Eu ]_ -





= I I m

. i nl

.#- .



.. .
S. I .-
/.^'I.* S


thk N,

* .. .. "-= .'

. f -

S... Oij



w W 1if7

" ..' -.-,
1'? ~

,!" --

--.1~ L~l
- ~ ..-:

Ain ,... ,, e "' -.Speaker '1%
; .* ,, ,' p t- It to a .,g ".t M rt-" ""r. .

T .4~~~w rYou may want to tryeoid O/ n l *t
w. ( h we 6l s It RA i ( p c a ( c) pWASnf TOn an. 2 s ) 5 dn a
..... .od va.ue ."lilygood iv a -A btg m settle- Howe e ar

SttlhJ41 5tsosmall 1eO loh, The evlpa structure Hc tl porrs he doe not 4P objoiln ij I

Oit R g ee s thet I t teke and weed a It may replace steel cod i will be uch tha t WC thatIne said tI
,- -.. ,C i d .lo arin me Corps engineers, for Herman P. beh oe rt1 a
i. C tio as a m. x r Melt shoitelog heavy ilet whom the hemisphere sha no(D-Pa.), a member of th a ix

of.b. rlim a. .d Cons isio' c.C n f ...m u .n u cu. .c.aid. .arinu s vi arblUm o -k
e.s e r s .a b t. di0 a .try to f it 20 m iles p ani r was a 'st.op in the R It a
I"- b b Ii thin-slced aw pot toet' at"a' "' 1e e llp0 mlndrir eoion.rsli"e d oe s -

.(N.A) vwes cnto h and spr aklea witch p vegetables Rep. Richard .. m n (

Iehr;. i.ok that will never smepr; th, r o e cheese combon tio then dot at Cl. H. C. Lane, engineer in Pa.) another memi ber, lha s l So
S, debs ad,---h det o- es t..he 'Reds a* ov- with hits d yled ham. Con- char n e of the test, said the a proposal similar to e uti o &.
wa ils h b,, I1c reetil oe dqa '.t tsn to, ake ly ie this way Bpll ro 18 feet hig and 36 feet Rep. Robert W. Keen (e-NJ.) oet l
thatip yod until used, s ter can h _e- fro f d med rooheth t t Item sUr, k
o. bv, -e M t R, ( .- son .. .e.o... the .a hll r re -ts er o ar n m m r' oint ..

.'ae mad te s .. e .cfrtw d e to a ndm k it way tophatn du o n- ttasr tin'T't oIject too typos of admlssioui
Cat 7U paht, must they we on Mr. Blaen no cane *rem a ho Iheri ane Press down firmly l an *nd venlent to camouflage because It strongly."2 The lons s a
polt-:_ cook over madderate heat Io a casts little or no hfbadow. Indi0ved.salw r elved a 10 n
ed1 nd p cabe pne ha. th. moa e Prsidentsaid 10 m= ortea : about ]- \ 5CNE
t.hat-de ,ash gi y ..... ... .., e ary. __ow to ler ob q VIhe. I c m t.chn..,over loe.--w Id on o ntute d faew cut Jan. 1 when tlte eil- a5n
_htilleil di- .hte0WOe'-s oe i tallni e r -m (oler Bi- l M' ft e nl e .dl onu melutes, To rllevea lopedd polyester .which expired. n t would. wa

now .ai S e da sidi ha e t o shas ----ov-- 1or h n m
Sp -e ngosver the r"l' e tlhas .. u h po b to deaonn wh d rer l htncn ohe optrlds dootla e on le oar inIa.E 8. Wemte. h .
o le aid. Te a i ll a i o h e d- o er ae ou t, c olc a gine Em

thr e' e" blto rmIe-- A'"l -|oesst hea ta-~- D m sr 0 tHrn outae o to sidee up on, h I2ae said s sostr- ta s e ladio tw Hous o- cr, se .Ut o p I

"a l l .. .. raeb .aut tefteted .ir. Indvmidoalt e. t o sh a Cad ker c k. Vo. mges.zon whe rU el M h. t ind os back Par- A \ A1 .
nreor)v e noeeszth lf Wo rdTe l a & a tndl$mpovp Ie apedrauet womobheeanomiO e ete w i n oer tihe eint ,aler paert ee ash Mr
snw owhran weeo th ree to justclp-oic he. beldeled oon ntirip.A d i w
....ige 0 ni n --t 'o' "- andt"r-ooelatl u to r t a aAbe"e/r o t e on. it'lng Jwit -t fo rgelic n .o v er h aulr ofh t r ppouse
.' .' ... Coia doFro m-thesNew H m i,,-,re, 'Et e bodes of atom iles. t I h as5 anp porv e- dE. m, o a nd p r lI
p ne weeks, then ww,,two .we ek m _ici fo hwuhv ~M beievusrieiid m Service comes this petatoand- so light that Lane sad the bi

d.-Ne, nothing but leep. he ever .-wlmlefitnde -pense Fold like be a

... .. Ma.Ae,, s id Tess Jsed permanent -ahi a gv-Re i n r isonfew i- .r to ,h rd Mta re c n
lady -ntoby Sen. Mioh2 Rf. Youan (v.-eb I that e Hhle .r ander re- Edw rd HO M M Sipo
lMevi.M e tvs e w0 -e f r oa ur rWn r io h. l l eftGIVoE_ ad *, WIT
l I ame. p w en sIM ey were tirl ce Imb fired repret s nt no than e f redtsquandhered hn b con nAH. i ol. c I A total o 5 p sen rs ti B.. N
".. s aothinltgon ifg the cam- adve a mie aNoaff or wi t hc.,eduled t e s tal otem Crlts aobile aP
tien It %U. nlRes, redadpn. tat d mae .nsto-tan ke the p laera fe h n S-i ooswiou B f esbmonu il in g h w no Nes Rep. FILLtWgKih cnRuNEb

'ilt. a ow "butA-- Ias o tr Ules w o joined ehl e o r aon r ih w r an td M er s I ome f omt
llf ire th ea ta li tyof bisbdothend ri rpo i9tt r c at b o re- % *. e z opa engers. .9. te tide sofbattl.i
s Eo.e. tY rw _.hatlk % ; dovic Sh e 30 jstco ps ric e bevohdaofDeeC Wo asokl edbasunt lc .Admhftfily.. A

isedma the world Greho y nere n renli- ereed confidence ,a s Ne s rt c EA AE
fl tand, healbei" BhoIuseliehe'onanevedne any" Isl, I i or a bete lee ,udgesa ad ope r.eB for Haaas A snclua ,t IL
tP Il"e but ride houties." o b eslelpudinee d e Chve op wl th ey hae r oe- set. Fd li"S Mr. akond Ml t. P._ TRner,,- -
So -study d tenionis, the in their e rts ean d po utll scar c eni, Ms. elen
-T -l.C e Mutnwy Cour Ma U.s off a lon Broadway e rbmanentrga ilye wAsP-rig of humns .yta dl.en-I tTo csaiume a en. W e, Frank Wh it, Mr '
.s% ti. e impan imt....." o me osi B l e .. e .ew poertionct again abput his pln .th 0y ie dealing wif l.eir el-6o wor d .oarte e lF id arlret 8. t leite.I
b R ed M R. You1 opepn^SEL Coverskille ti amndcsn cent taxUR IItJ

Seveilea .r. he te ves itochan e dene work into, .n wie e The o lee a vance pas-Al
e u -A~iso o.os hap mple drea as He repeated a-n, -year-m .at for New York ol-
A.1Mor.n: eaene; werw n aor Tel._ r m / 1 bt ha ndled norm ahy The oderb waad Slet ReeHo waa b.uWI, THe nrrd R. c "rf
at (P ower pre ve; relatively e mall number which here nar Brininer; Mr. and Mr. o-
that idea..T oau ahl- ,.,a..i.allc.. .. o to un. em.ym ent a.,e- he _er2r et Teo o_. d "eveph T. Cope and don; pe.e N EW A DDiIT IOxS to opr"
,a H IS eulo dn ta r .s ad killd.aftt, obo h r dMn Oer-rI ..Atta.f E5 2.passeng.r s I
e aoufera t Iartnhol nohrr.M M ran, r e dmano to.
d(ec vecishle l ie rs e t is p oe. nly t rou MTM olu -eI h ase hil the rdmheW MeD ,ilNo. o .1p.o rram o msosrning fotrNew Ie .IMH

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abet a dorGtel so eq dh. P arha. Waeng two- o reetg a- e p res sd o I iMiss Florf Ketehman; i it '
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tite.*- h' .. -ber dn h -oue lk e.he s .n o slah'g tuso o ne for ao oi oipjd in such case Pasirncorre. forht Harit Incdhe Camit.easily .L n
th 3 but ride h soues th igteotI nlnu nd b red Cinh .to tl ow t.. h hav W.l s Mro-1/l W /. a/nde M"rs.l Po ... Alxade, II, umulint

1 .. I .e u'o u.MeM a r i n e Dof f n dia l sD Or eTn tIre s t e
U' ity idnls ca i MesZ IOscgar, n hdn o Ms.- He ele o .

is ut io t l a Deesedwn a s a In t n ra an ppee Mrs. hiherd sln d ricbenoMrn Plr.ngn which t. M r
Son, a Sl e t oflrfeof the w ids t i r s toh e e Suthoseai pt hiplon vefr ns d i the ter fer l o a theh Ir o n R ero und ,htM.WEe
Z .aVe u wwe a tIe d o-esearethenall-oustadj eties tochae mn edeee b ord ino d p ro n

t H'r isd A trson (Time) Van dn Ch Aip-rs to holod H 8 S

a ( aut, vin' e (r adTiu terDs are e epaa ted.ase.xas, lt A. -Yartd toerssgsltf 'o/Iop se re ite
y u ]mow.what eedoe o? m agns.nthan. Tht .is .l n l .w r .n .c..srteitM s
'"" "th n W rlTm st oe ne wr toil Nc. V fo a ow Mr. and Ms. J a -

-Wf, alw e andg norm hea er 1 i n l t he se be red on vte h I- a w Cr.uandgMrs Howar d .e
) aetshafc 1 d a D icit. oineerlm t areas a ro lse wialn this e "heey .and.
ad, must mothw o D idisionof soek y Ua or aManeT Cooldandksoo;eMrt.

.. ..EIidpe r man ean t2rsilrls h e 1dN tret
'a V .. .. n l k.H e tlIng the Isthmas. 'h hterior tor wife in a D t wyhrawf NW A.T
d SeCOND P, ESENTAThaN O P THE SEASONT. r i ed .ru;psents 7/o/n Weasfr qu aemea u p e nge rs. ii
si crihtiwaspositiondrr igd w thes eCao .giea n ,d eaed0 fa Mrt. C Jaroltdfre. SA
'herB-ilsaid;-eadpan.r"tatI'd mak ellthe ilt toe Senfeastinhis sai freom

d L A cold m ake allR t e s al -e ii p.mOnl y t eI n.- no -.ngfor.Ne"
IN HONOa OF .pa F rb e hs toe i Mer. andsMrst.oEdward t Cpe.I O-

TOiFtocles DiaIw chnder ad.ldlllimewn H Lth p1rt o
fl-Armrsaidy. the ige e, are e B- p ,abii adolh b an R ve, Sd s ;M .i nond th e,- .Dmct hi-
itdi o~rceaiin teralt er ,1 had done the onyeInrg po s s-dea"to xresseon Ionetre en'c s Pcela ao i
I i0 b id h is .o rowshre or talaArmdMr. andeMrs.B.P.rAwerxandery

P QuinngineMr. and Mrs. Har-

bf:Mei fiscru d tn d.nae w ah he c4 hs, ui age In StevheMr. and rs.Dh-7 T nd"

Wf l Jltrt.oeewas an l so e e l- ________________._____ Mrs.- HaJrod Wrigley.
that, t2 seinted nsonfirme hm. 4 i.cin ofy. k,091ie ,.in-
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Mutin atCtou be UnDer e he ... all ofhst.s.he
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rectos of theN PMr.maCanalMCo..BS.!Bmradw erke d: Wrn here. 'i the P BLI
.:--I DAY RY--h4 hi VogEl o-wa VtgelfArst toI Mholdh Mthe;" mine."Me
.'_X o r $15.06_m two itlee of lieu nan Sr... -ellonAavi .-
han am.uC a n a l I Ju ly 1940 a la e 0Aa nd MsA nBon a die M el

L !1bMMHt y fori are in Da l nlasTexaswe,

M normierce and Awrlouftre. II. ,,ltln from es -ro 10 ,I bs--. heard only

Changes was place the handsof p epnses and taxes
.U. L L S 4 .. f and proceeds
.,- b st- h.t to the death Cofederacy Lui g a ,
Sdo "ns:S Fas' Vatimbb Sll baye M b 's tro t.N
. as al FBat o. t edhig tat hew an ea
".. ,- s .e6 de .i Crus do XLe6n'slg .. .. .. '

.m4u i te Spuib rivr newnarly a mil Mon, for $150,000 in
;I- t I*a MhJiTi3i'h II RICHMOND, Va., Jan. 28 1947 p0d wee Slad to get it' -
two Pan$MI R(UP) The Confedes"cy ap- si0ce the faibiy dlggizs had
L o~t9iAI-BBO AND ITRODCI feared to be 1oa few more no plimblg central heating or
2 y B ighter square feet f v aanishg electricity.
Swsoil today-this Jim to park& -
Sng l ot. t". '"Take nc a pound of flesh
5ihB a Vuras. (61TANIU ) l ^A State86e0a0te CJS teeu
.I -Voted to aspPRI mf debate .
," rdAw PRICS l to give VirgiaL Ma- T-a hat United N-
a a, "a af f i ...fUp-ar-"
-do- -- .
- r...... ...... FJ S s .... o.... f ,, l ,,..-,, J* U '.;.-
_MA I as .&..... $.8' ; ...wJi i _it__ b ae, to ,ant A i ,m".
A. "' -V ... t tiib.enth,._ "' .m,7.'! a d 'I I i m \ t" n
1- 1,_ -.-a

- -- ^ -" -: ,- -..-"- -. .'1;.
e ... .. .. ... .... .N a m A m -a
-"- ...='' -' -- ar m -
.- .. -.:- .. .. ..A... T 1.7, .,, .. ..
: "P .. *. ... ; -
.'r.2':';- .-'--f z ,, -, ". --. -


per Zone Pastor

to Guest Sunday

1 AM Breakfasl
trier. Canal Zone priest,
SFther James J. Murphy.
be guest speaker at a com-
ilo0 Irekfast sponsored by
)koly Name Society of the'
wculous Medal Church on
day at 8 a.m. In the Hotel

'F!ather Murphy's tour of duty
d.leded from 1932 to 1935 seri-
mg as pastor at St. Vincenr'.s
Urach, Silver City. and assist-
t FathPr Burns at St. Jo
ce his departure from tl:e
I Zone. Fr Murphy has
signed to the Miraculous
wissluns In the U.S. In
.-e received a leave of ab-
to oin the United States'
hlaplain Corps. for duty
e attached to the US.
ored Division.
lurphy has acquired a
of knowledge and expe-
on religion in combat,
his participation ih)
er.agKLnents, two of whihLh
e takJng of the Remagen
ead. and the Battle of

U.S. Arrm discharge, he
ed to teacli at the Niagara.
rulty from which he was
erred to the Vincentlan
Band. Germantown, Pa.
Tl he is conducting a
at the Miraculous Med-
h. New CristobaL

former, 72, Runs
Vt Of Names
wwer 23rd Child
oZUMBIA, Tenn, Jan. 28 -
)- A 72 year-old farmer
d today he's at a loss what to
e'his new baby girl because
ran out of Ideas naming his
other children.
Fate Keley became the father
twin girs, one of whom died.
today night. The babies were
ae 14th and 15th born to his
eat 43Tyear-old wife, his

iKtley said he has a "passel
AhiUdren in Oklahoma and
V9 1t" and he doesn't know
..many grand and great-

uesl famous

SfWh bidudft ib
mems with Tutevk~..
.... .

U, M AUi ; iA CITY
I DI ..

S' l. a WELRIN. Plantees

r .,Rm

et"aiLA't POP

WVritteM for NSA Servcke

-- U -- -- -
NORTH (D) 14

6 AQ 108


AKQJ 10952
North-South vul.
North East South West
Pass Pass 3N.T.(!) Double
Pass Pass Redbl. Pass
Pass Pass
Opening lead-A A

Today's sad tale was told to me
by Dr. Louis Mark, of Columbus,
one of the finest bridge players
and one of the finest bridge story-
tellers of the country.

Some years ago. Dr. Mark re-
lates, rMany players used the open-
ing bid of three no-trump to show
a hand that had a good chance to
make that contract,-regardless of
distribution. Therefore several pla-
ers at an Ohio tournament bid
three na-trump on the South hand
shown today when the hand came
along some 15 years ago.
At most tables West doubled, and
South stood bis ground. West usu-
ally opened the queen of clubs,
and South took the king of clubs
and eight diamond tricks.
At one table, however, where
John Law was the declarer, the
contract was redoubled. John was
both as skillful and as brave as
bridge players come, and he was
willing to play for all or nothing
with a redouble.
West opened the ace of spades
for some reason that has never
been discovered. John followed
with, hi- blank king, and looked
gratefully at dummy's jack of
West followed up her surprise
attack (wouldn't you know that
this unorthodox lead was mIde by
a woman?) by leading the queen of
spades. Quick as a flash, Law dis.
carded the three of hearts from
his own hand.
The Chicago. expert had seen that
he couldn't afford to discard a ina-
mond, for then he would be thrown
in with a diamond and allowed
to take his seven tricks. He hoped
to outbrazen his opponent and tus
collect eight diamond tricks and
one other trick of some kind.
West was.:'t a bit deceived, She
instantly laid down the ace of
heart, once more catching a king
from the South hand. She then Con-
iUnue- with the hearts, allowing
East to take the final trick in the
suit. Eastt heta returned the ten
of eCis. which ut .We4t in osi-
tten tak*& ~ub twrfs.

Altogether, the defenders took
ten tricks, defeating the vulnerable
redoubled contract six.
Some of his friends asked John
Law later how he had come to
go down six redoubled and vul.
nerable. "It wasn't easy," he


Near Mia


'.' __*j ^ 1 ji .^ "

. I


Greal White Fleet

OL .




"LEON" ................-,..'....
-'YAQUE" .............. ....... .*
"CHIRIQUI" ......................
"HIBUERAS" ........ e.........
"LEVERS BEND" .. ..'. ......... ...

* Bandling Rermereted C~Ullh4 ed



S.S. "SAN JOSE" ......................... .......
S.S. "MAJORKA" ..............................,P- ., 6 -
S.S. "HEREDIA" ........................... .... e l .
S.S. "MARNA" .................................... a.. it

Weekly salhngs of twelve passenger ships to New fork, New
Orleans Los Angeles San Francisco and Seattle.

Special round trip fare trom rmnatobal to New tork,
Los Angeles. San Francipre add Seattle ..

To New York ........... ......... ... .
To Los Angeles and San Franclseo .......N..P. 'M
To Seattle ............... ........ o ....



S -

S S. *TROARN" ... .......... .................... I rbrn S3th
S.S "PONT L'EVgQUE" ........................ February l th
S.S. .CO ANCES ............ ,.... .... bru .th*
M CH ................... ................. .. .... It ,

RsP. epR PM 4 .., .7..............j.

S.S. L1unRT ......... ...........................W7
S IilaPNDca ls ,.* -..
Weekly Faul Carp Service Between Crtd6beJ. Balbea & WeAl Coat
o 8. & Canada.
Aceepthr Pasaommen
Crilt6bail: PRENCH LINEM, P.O. 515 Tel. -3.U4 & 1813
Panami: .INDO & MADU O, 1. a e Ing
TeL PaimS 3.-S -- 3-1

am I. I ll


tilW DoE' THAT

Be Caal

'.Kr C"''* 18
K I^4r^.|I



VRBCKLtS ~3W ~ #4 3133

.3 __________

. o -


Answering Omaar

'. ', ,

Pt.&3S&' ^M mi.,aI^



vit;! 11W

aeb~bU~n~i'M~ I MIjJS.3


R miEC AQ o f OF ALOU EC ,, 1

tULf nAM4 (4. tGM! P"46
6PECTlf* .-A 0}
F.Xnf n^


'On the Doi



I -




.....-, 4.,*^ ? ^ %
.* -*** *** *.- :: c ^ ^ ^3
:- ** **. ^ y "4
te'r '..l '. *. '* .'

-i', ir',' i %.

.I *. w,.4
,r. ,

* Br..,, I? UAMLDI



S Oki, at ..


Tacky Tries to elp


CHA-4.A.e I .c
?. A & 1-






-.. I

*; : ~ 5- :*( I *-:

,. t, -. **



r \ (^7"
Vic^ ^ '*- f
^-p*I M41 ^^
T *n-it ^ "

"r ^

." B


a K, I'

. I v..

in- -
t. -

WBy amU.etitC CAMflWGe, > Lr oSS-
r n rfvie (UP)-A tor State $ 4
i |,- C y S& W -< u -- tr__.,i.e ^ u.' .,,hcUni ted States. must provte
,ye cap ia ca help L& de ier-
a sed to the ad ar i cai t 1 opetw to def eat cowe- Se
Awe tay a-awsherea ,bodtoheseo-defe
haeaat e ld ta the aer mupism south of the border. Wt
i tin, ae v* r to eeligible e me out. I t Robe rt F. Woodward, depu
Yras the N a turn p ti l--etary ofat-- tu-itfor '
7i "- .th Noth. lin a r%: I nter American affairs, the M
o. j- :".e ". ... ers again s trinthn w.i Commun are onduct .m bua-
S. ,as adin.ten ive gand ca e fl O a
Ie.. m n o u '"North drew fos t' stock and designed t discourage kteut
thai :Sba t tb *Ikrsat 10o paii the of melding out. f
.....- ....H.p-.. ....etWIkae rall- Thad y .ar. eonoin.k-4z r

,ciw.* u er It Pane drin o g ohl obea r or an A.thefore quitt t and he used d1, to tgut e o tes,
r ltor.I n1tAhthat space to a ehis melds CoVtes Of usett .
Sl o ,t .., ,a .idbefore addthe o twhe partner Iee aideth a m at

.4 ..'.on. ad.i. llSn:ba cat mereo A -or .e.en a th e ar- t a ." "S e any of L eartds at'all--that he i a a o e r d

: .ndB- Aibhs drs. l o "h Natiehi b threi sanc cesst uneaaunde tesar a d a tlley ok nd wouhll d rfate r clhapr(opr ee n
ar arquit playerug ed ep indopa d aeve opme nt.e

R. .t B. b, Bo. a a-o rtit w-- be ..unde thewta ke report s e reng t ac- She roa t otet d n-' ate penalty and eavee the cards capital has ,,1c o sevant
. u p. lo o a te ,uom -o tt epcn. 'ti"- -- 'pur meded of the community .in our coun- S th I in. the. mo near. ethe pool. blenuSDrt ontet d el "Was l possible for him to do wtry and. canbecomed he same
W_ p an ratoy farts, seed bs etr s o th e w n o isoh servan ei octer nath ons. UA
diMspel eayf nativpe arts a Nd crafts o".4 Wsow Sum ae are. o ode d would r e ie t the a
1 :. lon St a as wl be exnt Febvuaro l, n the vlr t taam Noth A o didng t toMt wathe anulerd efiinw y
Atr stsa u.BLinder ae 9ofro t at to veri ac m. a-ote d Ino ar atea held by North peltyn anrdl cave th ced apit aom t servant
l.-a pervi.on of Karde. J.lBa ti vRe a at t w ti e-re *"u e"o te;ny all on the meldable cards that he -
T a. hde c. .hit; th d phioncrte., ebwelvoegin ,o iac e.a y- ub oonte atd eb l- (o"a t sie r m .00,) l ooo dio he ms doa on the table, and e
St of B .o e ds A l y w f h .R .W unb eldabe fca e up on the r t oi
at wa the ee- an, wo s n charge o f he saf vo. embers ire ,asked tol Nrooe crdig to t u'les, te
ii P lb. aama Reserteos ma Me Wmade by a.pedinpame ur s Your Com munity S i North plye w he tofmender development."

beWo n o sarea' ahnwfA a o rAnad el t f fa- Wor Rob hd pe oe enr)do nisc e ta the a

City 3Hotly Sha w r. to M MDars ands M Dunn, na lorl 1 pPe fonri's be wl will b w h ts, he w aourld ha et leave of the
S s. A dn, Mrs. cocdsioaln o- eis e eramSics. -e rar 71 at.r W'h6t8 Pietteshow umeldabl them mcrst stand bup ll "on t
e -H ra. fr 'bt--e aomAttoT P r n 3(3) ,tbleals penay ards .c '

dI athatwer,.M h. evem- te on,.w hor-Amier /oveed pon in .the UchargStee so.fhw eeaons o lied."or 5:30 Nws | own side of e ble ratherI
i o FaMry wwW, Mrs. diromen's shu o we a eonellestio maken a Me ire, M e Wnom.oenerhne uhna a*ed :-Whntd -dr Favorite than gelser with the par ytershipe

Mrs. T em a ea at ne id navy i Doewn a ariety and Con i er, .l o I 0 ont m on the Sou t side othe ta-

t i' Is ." Johrstwl is la Am T_ a = ror N. rs ervat .on f or. t het a rSea mcain ,hew "we ons 12':0 N S e wiBal Ala. bl. Y o a -an 2 (o eP e. ...
ChMbis G rac whhN K.Mrra r andr Taylor, u-1er e o heyinldarge suDig an T T:oday ThuaOay ,Jaan2lr ov p ut r cards eonit table

-i ll MearrU a le at e pnze, a wcaktwt dooate b/ l-- ay o Al three o t e new weapons fL:1.-The i, -ebo If mel n lg t emla ta an by 10 ETR
, l. -, aste. te leo dia eF cf Bel; MsRer C ommitteelms "e ben toper d lo ;^ t- '1 C T"A MI8 A tc misp ev o youLEA
b'cunr- voa 3 ,Ecktulane an tyofhe form~r cardsNCareaduring Ar a May, 2:3O-*The Pn e ThursayL asade the mustameld those card.A
d y'oi g aafts. Tlowo:D ftr m.rerowts are'X11 1.tpwul iraher afe cnthe, by the

M r .s. ut. a ,s. T l wVi a abaderthe r I ad e e canan eone gloaUege dlaon bwnaee here wll been plrD-edwotn a ori th aonth eue the cards cho t

/ t .ill to Mr Cu h l dd a.beefit of esa t fl u te Metro Nm-e ted into tt -ne held b.. a :-.o r /b l ofs the tlathe a w Fr, 5 DAS o nl,
he Ma en T e m -. ver d ith the Amy&-le, Clev e N nb ador Am- any a ub C on St rdaye, Ia-leir" fonrtes nd wlthe b ren :0 '-P (YeFtvdo by te tnowle dge oft those r .hi
/ for tha9 who ta iA the tour Mini dy, Jr, of B rtbo He ghtsed flntry Dvie o froay mens Camps Tom__ ., ,- ,a. pt Brway vent se any b laer from
.o. a-ohnton Fot d T t il, per Those halfla .le.atorrIta o lPonk. VB nOt ft te A ( putti) Yo -centge tand down at e ST-RTIN .ATU
1 C s M c wa atadd by sr c .. n ber andr The feld Air tl ry and o : dv'aiT nt- an. t of
I Mr LI rIpesntai are W nveteda con ten. d e nt "co pr ora l"-g round-.t.u. ndV jTe someldafy cards), whu cA
D ei 'f e r p RTrie pa we m a y ade iros i i a rde mat e bIey a tp l uidd pmi l p c p---T h nOw'otf N P ) r o dnga t o s t. o, he tble,
*% 'R eta od 7:0t Y ownel) ThNst at on.

Zy Z adteleph ,am F. Rob- b een toe s. .el :00.-New a.- gn Off ( North) must ape are one of temeii .,
S 'i- u o to- er.St Wa tson, Clac To ro lo as n to complete his pafe. At alol lar I A I UrEr
A!P m 1 W Z a Rnebae he r wtU be p -IAr T la nthe ma y melt ha nd outt T R BY PO

'" f P C d a ela t e o r -, a -e sr Clk Club n e left a FRIDAY NIHT, JAN .
Sf n a ,. Ne lvi a lo h e s Adults o. n l- Tee
ts Datd Ms F n m 3he t 3 no* eadmeua CYDA) fit by Ie kno

io R 'thaq" w t tf.Mne ho thoaeit 1 f, I V .S.Lauufn :20-Ove c Ard. oeo Bid er ,, y'ave n eSBAin o.
.Thoe htoasvnd pollestos mnonta -lbeks -" Ca 0:00--Teflw t ,or at Cwtr t any playerm fro
wili ar be g u s abed eui a t te"d h:0"- -".,nattTne t u n a e -------- cards c, up......nt
/ ,amisini 10 ereaperso.Iad 1a ent IrePooeA. Do o tea l0haA a U 12:00-StrNew se MOsAbleae .pen Jan. a l tuf

too.. that asteevewhoisinouncedthatonlymembers.chaIP.o_. --. A Mretty younn wom#n, ap-t
Shave aid th due wl_ bw. weaP, c 12:0---a ncheon Mui paretr y t o eape to honer o them
Williamrvote. 12:3--PO .ar Muanc toI pl e bridge here today lt ID N IN U
So ntiec i Wa -a t:-,e ..remorse over her infidelity o 1
s Gr 'W Xre Mned it CT ofi the AW Es-lt ,ar2e i"mt lover R nay me ond," police .re
ofnthemiftheybecomeheOdabe;RETURNEDO BirelY PObInn
onle by toStevotc manerd b s wcollecti 3:00-ORhytamand Reason in Whemu stc wis o sincerely t ny
hlleei g Uoe It. oen. Alu bcy d o ohos ndwho entcondolenciscar inoeofthepealA.e a

I ..C t.:.0 ,. ommt...o t enttir-meon icarovned ollspnlc Revei..o e alle nthe e Shrodse pannineua leets-,, T0.A MILER
Shd a. b f iti and the a n by u Canal Zrne ly p ed highway use taxt but e:30--M ei d for Frday s db ten o tera i the

n .t o sand Ch t Prnmave e a k Nw Yo.K and other 4:00-ettre Review wA f te r Leap. bu__ T hm MpS. i
Mrs Womnre de ated. Istats Ime such taxes 30---Wh5 t's Your Favorite ( nt'tge t erwith)he r, artn es i
i+.ncurJ.n do,- a-. 21. ureor f r :3.-0--Meet otheaiur Cuuordlu.C inn tee cream
hav.e. I p.aiWi dues-will d --ma iht t e" 'r o ," ,, 1:05- e L c erican ookshel The u otey found in one ofdut
Dnete.ranl anned ToewUP)dow -12- ,i. houb en B R B M i PORT h oh a b dged heea y nm,8oil"n& H eso s pye r le(.neLA .
MeIts Aitolofbthe-b sr aitaardirst 'mylovero... Raen d., po ice wen.-
aid Doyhe, her l be vu red seeotaat o nth ruck th-ontas aFrance( o) Onlbye two omnll shoesandwholsentocondo
= .I b et erU"mbCaub-secret l-evies.h:45-tteIof leaso tLa" wyulere fu ofayolowng

.In a'teeh n'Cs F* se or an -C o rmm crd game.i tence h:3t date. 101n-t0eth adventures .o 8_df PCh"Blnce Newtu Y
S1 avor to for door pries, aTere will oe (BBC) thOfficers said an a acrveeIk
Soi ln o 'livenuaCevery her. on thes Other otthern states haven b:00--The Owl Nest young woman wear-a wing shoesC tTHeOMAd

oa nd hor. Cbeuy procsedigs to cancel ax u 3:30 Off lGike those found was seen g n-
--t Walosr F.wsard, cooked Re-ereshments ll :. inluded/reciprocn ] ke elements wl th .- la nearby care a ort timehni
a o i n Pa--eub ,. rice dcatnon w tA kOmho, scd in t Naew o nal ad ov- lnate i Sembolw earlier. fohe ate break st, what-.
o 'HllM. illport str end stss ou r ve or ite matter ae rs/b pymraonr m In thought r r.yaft.
T-l--Rir a e. ..... -aor the men Wn an, C om r o t summer of New RDP-- ifd-W adtafna son Fravori e. ihe t wlkhe d towam rd.thebde"
..divssoniPcesmad ll rToucato slweiegh t de.D-i eYor,. OA--Vet0 e of America. B h wlhen she lefton the caoe. of iiiARy

Tomorrow=de b aen ates oasOhoa -aaDo'rIBBO N)" t NLY MSR DTS Se addsr wonderfullnar thsc
UUDiro.s.7Thomas-lt phPlease..tell m loe Ray-
the Cucl11Kng tsof Coun,-Ppay ..o$10eJhisnitat tr. ws Ia dNG

busI o Khasat:00-The N laTte arad nw y use ometie wisl
iitoralil!TaNghtAemem, aawor-(klcut
alti e .;6yj Ni-sOnly two wm'n EMshoes TN
ramPe ro reGeo_ : aadtoaan eloie
USOJWBSlfAggAnte ine."lnce ewfSo

with ecosuiwf'epk

HearipgAW .
Sto 2000 ho. rs vd
* one tattry 6"


No. It J s f ,.r .
by It r. ui"


* "- 'L, I.

S... ,.aEp



the year!

IRDAY 30th

it Oreitre

re Staon)
hnagers 0.50
ol Association
l Zone..

all the kind frerndif
id floral offerings
leath of ,
hons M. Kuuad *,
Sand Tommy Kat



tj f the

at the

Balboa Heights, C. Z
TONIGff...7TJ0 p.'

r. Ralph Hfe Sp

I' I

ry-- --s. 4 .




WHAT" @t
Wnar is...

i Wi -i -

r wffiawew"

P xsomNr's ORAL DrrmEBGNT $m
teeth cleanest... makes them spt "l
Your breath stays fresh ... you wioy
clean mouth taste for hours... wi .-
use Pepsodent with m o ne m'E-om al
it today

'".v '..

At .6'0l .'I
I '. "

V,. I

_ ___~____ Y


, *, :,, .
,,.. +
.,. ,i

.V.,- I _. *4.,


'L. .. ,

*r. *


T ..AM-' .- A AX' ;DE"-' .. .D-D-
.Trm PANAMA _aNI CAN A" IN"3 -"N^ 'mWl '"' "

-. -~*'- 2
.~*' -vi-'
a ~

6 -f..-- .

Get First

egro F


65" First Base Star

Played With San Diego


The St. Louis Cardinals have-acquired their
first Negro player. He cost them four players,and
mi ore than $100,000 in cash.
S The new cardinal is Tom At- month-came back last season ti
tn. a six-foot. five-Inch firr.t hit .329. He hobbled through the
.bieman from San Diego of the entire 1952 season with a broken
fic Coast League. Last year, ankle suffered in spring train-
; stn hit .297, drove in 101 runs ing.
j uo. slammed 23 homers. It was In other baseball develop-
: oil. his second full year in ir- ments:
a gafed baseball. Alston is 24. The Two state senators from New
C0 lds have sent. first baseman York City want to wipe out the
)Wkfi isler and pitcher Ed Erautt reserve clause in baseball and
t Ean Diego and will option two football contracts. They've in-
Wers there next season. produced a bill to that effect in
President August Busch. Jr.. of the New York legislature.'
the-Cardinazs says he's been try- Ticket manager Tom Maloney
,h ta. or five weeks to get Alston. says the Chicago White 8ox
"Were very hign on him." says have sold $300,00(, in tickets dur-
SBusch, "and that includes man- Inr the last three weeks. Ma-
ager Eddie Stanky. our -scouts loney savp if the sale keeps n3.
and everyone on our staff. Now the Whiitq Box will beat last
that I have met Alston in person, veer's record advance sale of
I am even more satisfied the $660,000.
S Cardinals and all St. Louis will -
S be rQud of him." On the other hand, the Chica-
Alston says he's "very excited go Cubs report they lost money
about playing with the Card!- during thp 1953 season. Publicity
m1als. I intend to give St. LousI man Cliff Jaffe says the club
rans everything I have," he saw,. lost over $400,000.
---. Pitcher Robin Roberts of the
Another basebil sluhgger--ou- Philadelphia Phils has been fin-
S fielder Monte Irvin of the New, ed $15 for speeding in Newport,
E T'wk Gianta-halt signed his Pennsylvania. Roberts and teamn-
S 14 contract. irvin will get an mates Curt Simmons and Del En-
estimated $25,000. Inis were stoppeC while return-
Monte--33 years old next ing from a basketball game.

SAM AWKWARD MOMENT--Sid Jones, Leavenworth Kans.,
Higb School guard, be high hurdling over an Invisible,
barrier with the ball at Atchison. The youngster had better'
'start dribbling around that omoonent. (NEA) '


. 4


Round Trip


.Rawd Ti

K lt~

AL, '""

Archie Moore

-'I'm Ready

For Marciano0

MIAMI Fla., Jan. 28 (UP)-
Light heavyweight champion
Archie Moore, only slightly
marked in his decisive victory
over Joe Maxim. said today he
was ready to fight heavyweight
champion Rocky Marciano.
"I woult like to fight Mar-
elano In this country or any-
where," Moore said with a
smile as if he owned the fight
He wa4 Jubilant over his con-
vincing victory, his third ovrr
Maxim since he won the title
from Joey In December 1052. The
37-year-old Moore said this was
one of his beat fights--"perhaps
my best"-despite the fact he
said he had not eaten for three
days and had run four miles yes-
cerday morning in a rubber buit
to get down to the weight limit
of 175 pounds.
"I knew I couldn't eat the
last three days and get under
the weight," he said. "And I
got up this morning weighing
180 pounds. I had to run four
miles to lose the five pounds
by the noon weighing-in time."
Maxim, showing cuts below
and above his right eye and in-
side his lips. blamed his bad
-hewing on it being "Just my baJ

Maxim said he did not know
whether he would retire but his
manager Jack Kearns, said he
definitely would not quit the

Sports Briefs

CINCINNATI, Jan. 28. (UP) -
Six-foot, nine-inch Bevo Francis
has been held to his lowest scor-
ing night of the basketball sea-.
son. But Bevo has an excuse...
he got out of a sick bed to play.
Bevo led Rio Qrande College
of Ohio to a 74-67 win over
Morris Harvey last-night at Cin-
cinnati. Bevo scored only. 27
points... five under his previous
low for the season. Last year,
Francis averaged more than 50
points a game.

* Two Notre Dame football sta
-- asipended almost two montip
ago- have applied for re-admis-
sion to college next month.
Quarterback Ralph Ouglielmi
and Halfback Joe Heap'- both
starters were suspended for
'breaking the University's mid-
night curfew. Each left campus
after the suspension and re-
turned home.
A Notre Dame spokesman says
Gullelmi and Heap will report to
the University next Monday for
registration. He says they'll be
eligible for football next fall if
they keep up a 77 average dur-
ing the spring semester. Heap
had an 84 average and Gugllel-
mi a mark of 82 until the suse





Luxury Flights to MEDELLIN and IOCOTA

"Theok Smith Eddie

Pitch. m sel ti Tap Tonight
*. 7 ;: ,'.-. ,, ..*J .' l

Brewers Down CHS 1.I;

To Play Powells Teigt

- I

ATLANTIC TWILIGHT of the first 1
RTANDINGI but it can 4
W L Pet. that. With 3
Naval Station 4 I 00 Idle. the Balb
Balboa Beer 3 2 .600 to keep the
Powels 2 3 ,400 burning ton
C.FLS. 1 4 .200 on Powehs at
Balboa Beer 11, C.H.S. 6 the garage-rn
TONIGRTS GAME still hope ft
Balboa Beer vs Powelis same thing as
-- night. Noel 0
The Balboa Brewers kept alive starting assil
their hopes of winding up the slated to star
first half of the Atlantic Twi- Powells nine
light loop 'in a deadlock with right-hander
the Navy nine by pounding out snuff out the
a 13-hit attack against C. H. S. boa Beer.
and winding 11 to 6. The box sc
It was the first time this year
that the High School team has BAL
been outhit. Capi Morris, the
starter, and Noel Gibson teamed Welch, cf
Up to wield the five-hit perform- Hall, lb
ance that downed C.H.S. Gibson. Hooper, Sb
who went to the hill in the Gibson, N. as,
fourth when he gave way to Swearingen,
John Coffey. In the first frames Morris, p, 2b
two costly errors and a barrage Jaramillo, If
of five hits, topped of by Capi Diaz, rf
Morris' three-base blast Into Kimsey, rf
right field, gave the Brewers five Tulley, 2b, as
In the fourth the Beer-men
again staged a five-hit attack (
that drove Stone to the show- Gibson, T., If
ers. Coffey held the rampaging Hatgi, ss
Brewers to one hit and an un- Price, lb
earned run util he was lifted for McGaughey,
a pinch hitter in the sixth. Lung, cf
Crawford pitched the seventh Perez, 2b
for the losers. Newhard, 3b
The Balboa Beer third sacker, Robinette, rf
Louis Hooper made merry off Smith, T. rf
the offerings of C.H.S. pitchers, Ramsey, rf
hitting safely in his first four Stone, p
trips to the plate and finished Coffey, p
off the hight with 4 for 5. Taber
Swearing and Tulley each had Tuttle
a pair of hits. Crawford, p
Brewers Play Powells Tonight
Sunday night the final game

half of the Alantic
*wi^' pyed,
I h ended. before
Naval Btation still
WILr try
l ie, of hope
t Mwhen they ta ke
p. pe Stadium.
werb tan overcome
ea rhen they must
or CBS t9 do the
Lesit Navy Sunday
ibson will draw the
rment. Bowers is
Sopn the bill for the
and if the rangy
is on he could
Sdim hopes of Bal-

ab r h o a
.5 $ 1 0 0 0
5 0 1 3 1 0
5 1 4 0 1 1
pi 2 1 2 1 3
c 4 2 2 12 1 1
2 1 1 3 '0 1
3 1 1 1 0 0

4 1 2 1 2 0
S11 1 00

S1 s0 3 1
4 0 0 0 9 0 0

1 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
1 ,0 0 1 0 0

S 0 0 0 1 0
0 0 0 0 0
1 0 1 0 0 1
0 0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0 0
28 6 5 21 13

Yankees...... .
Bawn ...... U

(Smith vJ. efl
I 1

The experts" predict as, ed-'
hot pithitg duel toAniht At the
Panama Qlymple St9lun DeO-
twief the ace rjigthander,& the


era would virtually eliminate
them from -this season's cham-
pionshia race.
Last night tOe Brownies came
from behind after trailing 7-1
and 9-4 to edg the Bombers
10-9 on Nathaniel Peeples' two-
tmn homer In the ninth inning,
The Brownies trailed 9-8 when
they went to bat for the last
time but Rqelaldo Orenald
promptly singled off reliever
Ronnie Hagler who had gone to
the mound after Fernando Osorlo
and Alejsahdr Chavez were
shelled. Peoples ended the cob-
test with a smash over the cen-
terfleld fence.
Grenald with three for four,
Peeples with two for three ana
manager Leon Kellman with two
doubles in two officials trips to
the plate led the winders. Clyde
Parrts had three for five and Al-
berth Osorlo two for thee for
the losers.

Tiger Rags

The Cristpbal High School TI-
gers- baseball toam moves into
another inhtrscholastic' season
with an enviabli record behind
them. Fm three successive years
they have been the dominating
tiguris in the intermhool da-
montd ,port. Fr those three
qmpajgns It was fiol y
Hug' ed b tin st ,ball ad his
bat that' spoke with authority
that played, th* mali role In
their repeated championships.
But this year the Cristobal
right-handez penned his name to
a )irofeaeonal contract and the
big question before CH8S fans Is
whether or not the Tigers can
repeat without Hughes.
This writer will go out on a
limb and with a little personal
prejudice mixed in, say that the
Tigers will again emerge victori-
ous in the 1954 baseball loop. But
as we look over the records ol
the 7 ung Atlantic Twilight
Baseball League of which CHS
is a member, we find that the
selection 'of Crlstobal High to win
against BH8 and JC is not en-
tirely without foundation.
It is true that they will be
weakened on the mound, but
though another Tommy Hughes
'oes npt seem to be in the mak-
ing, Johnny Hatgl and "WAmbo",
Lunz appear ready to carry the
load through the coming sea-
son. The Tigers are currently
bringing uo the rear of the At.
lantic Twi-Loop: nevertheless,
rdatgl and Lung have both turn-
ed in more than creditable per-
formances, each being the vic-
tim of costly errors against su-
-erior and more experienced

Pacific Twilight League

W L Pet.
Lucky Strike 4 1 .800
Balboa HS 3 3 .500
Amer. Legion 2 3 .400
Womack Whisky 2 4 .333
Breaking the three-way tie for
second \ place, Balboa's pitcher,
'Sandy Hinkle. pitched a four-hit
12-0 win to push Womack back,
down in the cellar. Sandy also
got himself a free Italian dinner
down 0 the Atlas Club because
of his shutout.
Leftv Evans started for Wom-
aok Whiskey. In the fifth Evans
gave up a triple to power hitter
Ed Napoleon and, after walkl.g
another man. was taken out and
replaced by Jim Carlin.
Although Jim tried his best he.
could put BU5 out. After the
dust had cleared. 6 runs had
scored and -mmy was replaced
by Eddie Flo.
In the last two innings, Wfl-

Fight Dope
Middleweight contender Oil
Turner of Philadelphia won a
unanimous but unpopular deci-
sion in his home-town Tuesday
Turner came back from a
rocky second round to outpoint
Pierre Langlois of France. All
three officials gave five rounds
to Turner, four to Langlois and
called one even.
* But the 72-hundred spectators
didn't agree. They sent up a
tremendous volley of boos when
the decision was announced.
Then a fight broke out among
fans near Turner's corner.
Langliols calls the decision
"disgusting." His handlers say
they'll file a letter of protest
with the Pennsylvania Athletic
Turner was groggy from a
series of head blows in the sec-
ond round but weathered the1
storm. There were no knock-
downs. Turner suffered a slight
cut on the left eye-lid, and
Langlois bled from the nose
during two rounds.
TORONTO, Jan. 28 (UP) -
Heavyweight Tommy Harrison of
Los Angeles has spoiled the
chances of Earl Walls for an
early title fight with Rocky Mar-
Harrison upset the Canadian
champion at Toronto Tuesday
night by winning a unanimous
10-roud1 decision. Harrison ear-
ried te fight aU the wayand
floored Walls or a nine-count
in the fourth round... the yon
knockdown in the fight.
Walls is ranked fifth and Har.
rison eighth among cotender
for Marelano's title. Walls bhad
predicted be would wkp by an
early knockout. In tha dre g
room. he ounedeu %irh b
"a very tou gh gtec

Ham "Caey" Carlin, Sr., pitched
and set down 7 batters, allowing
no hits. no runs for the rest of
BHS' game. The final scored was
12 to' 0.
Tonight, the league leading
Lucky Stfike. nine will match
bats with American Legion.
Probable starters are W. Hearne
for Lucky Strike and Dick Pret-
to for American Legion.
The box score:

Martin, rf 3
a-Perex, rf 1
May, ef 4
me, c 4
o, as 2
ero, If 2
vera, lf' 2
4muond, 2nd 4
Ta=ker, 3rd 2
ot, 3 0
.- l ot 22
d.nk din4, 1st 1
Hintle, p 4

rh po ase
3 1 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
2 1 0 0 6
1 0 0 0 0
2 1 2 2 0
1 0 0 0 0
0 1 0 0 0
1 0 4 2 0
1 1 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 5 0 0
0 0 1 0 0
1 2 0 0 0

Totals 21 12 7 21 4
a-Ppres came in for Martin
.th6 th.


b'4vera came in for Cicero in Amazing as It may seem. the
the 5th. Tigers lead the Atlantic Twilight
e-Scott came in for Tinker in League at the plate, They have
the 5th. hit safely 38 times in 131 official
d-Obodin came in for Reyes In trips for an average of .290. Main
the hth. factor in Crlstobal's meteoric'lie
Iat the plate has been a little sec-
ond baseman named Bruce New-
WOMACK WHISKEY hard. Bruce's fantastic average
for the Twilight League shows 9
Cox as 3 0 2 2 4 0 hts In 12 official trips for a .750
aritn, W. r. average. And to top It off New-
3rd 2 0 0 1 2 0 hard covers his second base no-
Hserrg. cf 2 0 0 1 0 0 aition with precirion and -speed.
File, 2nd, p, 2nd 3 0 0 4 1 0 Defensively speaking, Crlatobal
Luna, a 3 0 0 5 0 0 has one of the top three catch-
MeCule, 1st 3 0 1 6 0 1 er in the Twi-Loop, and cer-
Carlth J. If taly the the nterchol-
2nd. rf 3 0 1 0 0 1 stic league. Gene Mceanhb,
Hehiselman. rf 0 0 0 0 0 1 whose Twilrht Leage baiths
Carlin, W. Sr average is .33n will play Nm-
rt, 3 0 0 1 0 0 portant rolein Crtobas quest
*vna a, if 1 0 0 1 2 0 for championship number four.
__, __ __ i Last vear's batting eham4io,
Tot22 3 4 1 9 3 IBill Price is currentlyhEvtn
S ere by ini 2 .312, but i value on the 4
Baibo a og 200 2800-13 7 0 mond is always more comneeted
W. WhItkeys 000 000 0-0 4 3 the fatSt that he py first
ba wwwith a smoothness -ad abil-
SIty that would do credBt to a'a
more experienced first seker
Bill In a smart ball player ad aa
good clutch hitter whbe would
rather punch out singles than
ftor the fences. MaurI e 4 !
Orstotal's power hitter sad
bat fourth In the anemp. "
Tomrnwrow night the '?us1
travel to Balboa to taawBarta
the 1n4 season th a gle a-

- 0 *7

Pearson went all the way for e
oben and evened his itsltal
record at win and 1l t vi
li nie hits. striking out
walking three. Cuillo reti
ed one batter on strikes and 13a
gave up three walks mooring his
second wine a ac ga te iAncst
SPek Pkrer was theled
hitter of the game with a erf
day at the plate with a triple and
two singles in three trips to the
Plate. Brockman with a double
and single paced the Agency boyS
.at bat.
Twospark l were made
t the. field with ln of
tbeULifersmakln a leaJn one-
oafded stab 6
?: an extra base blow and w-
lestoa of Seymour robbkiw
der of a base bit with hise1-aa-
ingt catch down the third bMae
SThe box score:
oSeyaour Agency-AB R H PO A
Pearsn, .... 3 0 1 0 2
Pere&t s...... 3 0 1 2 2
Huddestol. 3b. .. 3 1 1 5 0
Kline. lb .. .. 3 0 1 5 1
Pearl .. .. .. 2 0 1 0 1
lrorrs, f ...... 2 10 0 0
Price, c........ 3 0 0 3 2
Brockman, cf.. 3 1 2 0 0
Boatwright, rf .. 1 0 0 0 0
Totals ........2 7 15 8

Lincoln Life,- A S HPRO X.
Engelke. ct .... ? ? ? ? ?
Sander, If...... 3 1 1 1 0
Bradshaw. 5b.. .. 8 0 1 0 0
Parker, as...... 3 1 3 2
Dubols; c .. .. .. 2 2 1 2
Canwell, 2b .. .. 3 0 1 0 3
Dolan. lb ...... 3 0 1 9 0
Crook, rf...... 1 1
OUnblio, .. .. .. 1 1 2
l'rota-., *. ..,, as a 4?
'Seer. By Ina r
SeYmour Agency 129 00-
.L:ncoln Lre 8 Olx.-4
Winning Pitchet--Cublao (ZI
1). Losing Pitcher-Pearso. (1-

Pacific Divisional


Teams W. L Pet
Army Transp. 2 0 1.000
National Dist. 2 0 1.000
Pan Ideal 1 0 1.000
Cerveceria Naclonal 1 0 1.C
Navy 2 1 .678
74TSth Engineers 1 2 .333
Quarry Heights -1. 3 33
Comm. Tom Collins 0 1 .000
Ordnance Club 15 0 2 .000
Navigation.- 0 2 .000
Friday, Navitlgaon "a National
. Monday, Cerve.eda Naclonal
vs Commissary Tom CoIM.
Thosday, Army Trans tlon
vs Navigation.
Wednesday, Ordnance Club 15
vs Pan Ideal.
Thursday, Quarty heights vs
National DiLstilleries.
Cerveceria Nsaeloal 4, P. Ideal 4
Cerveceria Naclonal, defend-
ing champions, and Pan Ideal
hooked up in a bitterly fought
4-4 draw yesterday, at the La
Boca Bali Park.
Pan Ideal pushed across three
bix runs in the second frame but
quickly lost the advantage when
the champions roared back with
four tallies in the upper half of
the third which featured five
- The Pan Ideal lads of the Co-
rozal Sales Store salvaged 00t
game in the fifth with a 0e0
run splurge.
elgrave and Zuge DUdley
Intsed Pan Ideal to ou btts
/erveceria made seven
ff wnre.v .

~J' r4~R



oc ta m one a

Con lbm Aoun
hmer,,m bo. .'*;.1:
fb SoHto- ato-

Ca n efol0o ..f 9.. a -
K aa a.*... I 2113I1

S.,-, i
liae. rf' b. 0 1 1 0
RDetrdon,cI. .. 3 0 0 0 I
Pi -. -

oe ..te. 33 3
Castello, **p.. 4 0 1



. A.

WorLn t
4 1
-2 2
-2 3
-11 2

In a hard fought game on
Tuesday at Coco Solito, HEo
Dodkery's Motta best the c.o
team by a aore of 8 to 3. b1T
feature of the gam.e was the
pitching of GeorgeWett who
struck out ten batters, In. the
second I otta ad
powerful lead by scoring 'runs
on hits by Luke Pohlubo and
Wetzel. 0. P. 0. made the first
triple play of Pony Leagues I.
tory whqn ,Hamc caught
grounder and threw to Perkns,
who threw. to IZlA fh thret
to Crawfot to ate 'a
out. Both hamlton a4wWet
pitched all the way.
C. P. O.
Crawford, b 4 0 0
S a. b 4 0
= of 2 0
.Meald< a I t I
IP=k. cnc, 2i 1 1
L__vorit , 1 0 0
JW 2h a 0
raw, .f 0 0
rd m. rf 0 0
rf 1 0 0
3 0

Pabon, 2b 3 1
Nermann, If 2 1 2
Newhard, as 4 1
r 4 1

o- f
s .. Si. 2SWS E 1e

iN -wait = a fuL hU -
a"ll m


. ,, .

Lucky Strike, Legionnaires

Cla4Eonight;J Balboa High

Whitewashes Womack 12-0

every Mon.. Wed., Fri. and Sat.
Immediate connections to any place in



S" *. / -w
is!:^--^ *-. ^ '

i R~ ,~":

-- -- -- -

---~ I


r I


0 -----


-- -.`

^\ f

kW MOort


tmrgh was. ue oI nas neaw cuemwome
, ;* A( brilflait. $.r-ueoug man,
go.hi te goe
s subtltte reoqrcefulness and
,yUt t' ,ara system, and In due
tWlyNp.3 was out of B Looiag
tQ te could get along

uuruusms auy
ess.; *"-'.

i. l ty t

ladoftold me,
3d he M Iqttoduced an.
toU-aot 1t4. Imzpct on ao-
his was vastly more im-
put Rickey back in busi-

e, Rickey -could
in the relative-
onor, Integrity
pugp his mo-

edge. and wht ithur RtthanneU art
,e materials and, tt Same, con-
I', ft becouies Ti -Sft has5 no
lemis that btf hb tn bat others
H'sueMr, U- ouM t approImatew $I,-
Mfaae hmD.rmasdy in s ltt plce,
** owneri to w0fl 14
S ofl ggiead and the fta s, once
S.oppe to 686,t In 'I. An-

idon sAid RH r
1: wio no mo.Yg1p
0 tWore. to.
O a any MW e.-
4. it ienOV*s

UUS1 44
hav flet

expensive for him. Bignificant-
im in Brooklyn. He was too ex-
jh. operates he's the any guy
hbe 4lctors lamented. From
saying: OY are telling s.*"
Yt le U1ap n Sii he
taeN 3 isX 0 hat
thrown-.ns: he
a18t p*oer-PkeY


precisely the type
I a8 the ircu.m-
ottom up. Incl-

31 Qs.u q A lt teast ba#4 yer
-we isi tjre driver! seat. key
pnly because; can' do more than the"
en they began to slip he could se l-iem
tut those days are gone and It begins .to
l. never sae em agft,.



- .

,the o oe
n to ".,,

aw I
f ts

an WunI

Jr; .the ,eoW SW
"*'0 back here.
an" -

11.... A


w Ir h- fre ester
ll ~4' pl iote1g 4p" ;ea st e r
7th.rem t?4a thee
01a 1o0950... II < ,stat
,i Iith is pitcher gob l0, with only
*"?iM:e. 8g.
won and hoed B BlJk atR,,li o
- ItaF i bus b eA t to g g.e e a
ML tJk. fL j Em a De fr &A .-el sL.*

turm-boqt seuse... fTwur
tletsed fights... more ru-
seon ablM getrdatees to aine.
P ion.. t and few rleumdplet
ed title -ebsluengenr.

Pacific Softball

TEAM%- W. L. Pct.
CAA .. ..- .. ..., 7 1 .t67
Firemen's Imnuranee.. 6 e J
5aute'gL .... 3 5
Navy.... ...... .. 0 I .00AR

Baxter's Moters vs. Pan Liquido,
CAA, t9&o plarta in
the PaeI k #Ptdau.Le sr M-
thrday by l lnp N .vN -to.
Bven *g_0 th: fan teamn
has yet tow tte the w i-cohl im,
hir tearn tI lookmik ert e

partal (Ca~l'tooll y
four Wis. alTAsMobotlf t"in
b booe- .i;be ed o, V h
part. of al concernAn
t ebe!. ae rsp-i oite run oh two sale hit,
and three basws on ball& He aio
what Is belite ed to be recordd In
local softtie circles My getting
the tbird strike, by thirteen of
the Tari h
Hflert went- the distance. ,m
-the moupd for Navy and 4d4 a
creditable .lob against the Aer
club's slugger allOWing only two
runs on four hits and using tw
gree passes. Hllpert struck out
five. and hit.. onp batsman with
a pitched balL
Fettig and Lamblri; were the
only Tare to connect, safely.
Malene. Cain. Tarfllnger and
Ortaip chalked up one hit each
to account for the four safeties
off Hilgert.
In whit will probably be the
Rame, of the year, CAA the ton
team. meets Firemen's Inrflrance
Friday at 4:45 D.A.-at the Gatl-
ard Rlkhway diamond. Come on
out and see softball at its best.

The box score:

Porter 3b .. ..
Malene. .. .
Cain. ss-2b.....
Sutton 3b ..
ox. c-as ...... .
arflinRer. lb...
PolOmaki. If .... .
Williams If .... .
Hobart. rf ...
Kelleher ef ....
Ortlip. .. .. ..
Totals .........

.. 2
.. 2

.. 2

ThtEs .. .. .. .. .. 2
C ne, If.. .. .. .. 1
tig,. lb. ...... .. 3
rOI#fTnal, 3b .. .. .. 3
in ef-... ,. .. 3
ero e .. .... ..
- brls 21.. .. .. .. 3
nnelIs rf.. .. .. 0
te. ro f ...........
et, D ....... t*. 2

siei" ar iV


j- .
-^ f +. ,g,,' -. .-.--.

S k. "
.: .+ ... i .
r": A ,^ -..." -.*:c

ft .

HIGH-..MIao Towl iwll o
w I__,,bt _,' .i _1. t1,. w t f
S e ..... ,I E hth of .l artleles written for

raraFso )poMI

The Cardinals gia' sotbbUl
team, in the local-rate
4 unor HIgh School Leagu.e, Yes-
rdaj dpped 1 he leagujlef0d;-
kylarks 17 to 9 1or their
first defeat of the current -sea-
son.. 4
The Cardinals, to stop th hbird
playiug Skylarli, haT Q.NTBh
star hurler Genevieve MOlOtre
to the hill. -
T. 'e Winners scored oni t6e ark
er i the initial frame, ftur ;n
the second innlnA ni ft In
the third, but their oppo- V ts
bounced back with futh in he
second and five in the thrdto
knot the score. And' w, i a!
this juncturt that the t10l o
the squad decided to thrW. In
McClure -
The Skylaiks opened withi V
ma Stqwart on the mound,. S b
wave ay to a six-rmn ralJ1ft
the- ftuth. and two, t 8
in the fifth.
magnificent performitA
turned ip by Ivan 'i.o zk
the -boys' bwasaalS ewg m t_
weri he pitched a ni
rub rs9 to giyP the I h
er their second win 1 irv cir-
cuit. Lord, who is an accoouv
~had third-, sacker, and ha,
%* dvering the p tio n both
In the local Intramural aad-in-
terachool tournaments, asked tor.
the assiumnt when the tel'.
No on. t ewM, ft sed
the stuff he displayed un th4

weu controlled "drop" that be.

W fhe il-hittr "w'as In I
progress the winners were
pounds the oafertngs of sevetr
6o1 oaCTO perg Itr two. ru=s
In e fra rame, two lit the
econd (nd wo ina the fourth for
the 10 'Vito.fl

Gold Dust

COLON, R. P. Alejandro
"Power" Colthirst has written
Pro League president Raul Aran-
go that he i desirous to get
back Into baseball. He is asking
from the lopal loop to use In-
active pTealdftal ballplayers in
exhibitA.n games during the
ope.dates of the Panama Pro-
fessional .eaue.a
In hts lettPr. Colthirst detail-
ed his 'plt to select and, tnan-
age a team of local boys who
played ball for Ipay an..are not
contracted by ans team. thil sea-
son. Golthirst pxplaipned tat the
games will ere "o0 keep the
boys in cotidi on and i so do-
ing$ uplift the .tsndard or calibre
of baseball .oh the fsthmus."
Apparently, there will be no
Capsa Zpne Local-rate baseball
leue this season. President
Vcto Carew and Compisioner
Joe robpe are not available any-
time, the question of the 1994
season is popped.
With five wins and one loss
the O.P.R. outfit of the Colon
Amateur league continues a half
game lead over the defenditig
champions, Spur Cola and holds
a four 'am cushion over the
last place ers y7 Luz team.

Teams Won Lost
C.P.R. 5 1
Spur Cola 5 2
*mobers 3 3
Dep. Saens 2 5
Pubra3 y Luz 1 5
The news 9prt that White
ox scout Ixh 4Aexandler Is
very in te.utd In Allan ailey
ha t* r us effectsde-
triLenigt t the Colon Amateur
Leae. AMtr the PN-7l tie
on Pdy&Tf Light
W**lcsal" pand
I iWfuWl. -if '^^ .

.2 -7tj i

P -y Bpasur wt
ufl is t amtes
ffift anfd ofeti
onk onaer of
4hbivonan 'I

~~2i*-r-. -.
.. -, I
'A-: -I
-- it
-Sn,. --

- s--:~ ,
4 -4- p -

iY drv

U. --C' A
." ., -
+w.-= -;.L-~. .k :A -- u+._.= : .

-s0 4

S sdealt will
Sprovince If t

4 --
-~ -~ -'p

NEA Service
Four-Time Women's Champion
After releasing the ball, con-
tinue the upward movement of
the ripht arm ttil the hand
is approx1imalty as high as the
The follow through Ls as vital
in bowling as it is In golf or any
Highly. Important- In connec-
tion with the follow through is
that the position be a balanced
The right toot teused as a bal-
ance when the left foot has com-
pleted its slide. .
* he left arm is tended out
to the side as another aid to bal-


A.- b


right arm aMt asa nm

If you do not follow through
properly, you run the. rk of
dui.ngs tile bil., lat Is drop-
ping It on the alley without ap-
plying the necessary llng mo-
tion of the fines. That pre-
vents the ball from rolling Into
the pocket and creating the best
pin action,
The follow through helps make
tht delivery a complete, smooth
motion-not a short, Jerky one.
To Insure following through
properly, make certain that the
right hand is brought. up level
wit tge yeq after you release
the ba
Try this a few times and it will
become automatic.
NEXT: Most high scorers are
spot bawlerp.
Los Angeles (NEA) Fred
Wampler's triumph the Lus
Angeles 'Open wls ii first ma-
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your ndmte and address
.Eath atry will receive ten points for seven correct guesses.
EiAht o4iuts for 6. Six points for 5. Four points for* Tis
puitsu f6'r 3. One point for 2. Half a point for o1-tftd:

"fIl" ttoes will be selected on the basis of rwqe la received
for. pupta r songs by Station HOG up tq A:P.l4.eturday.
Eglry wih the highest score at the end of eae6 antS will
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Under Ne. .N D -Drug. .oo I Fs,,

: "rst-handinf.ormation on thif. A .n9kw pTo Cr tn M"h Mv m-" ...^.,. .,,
of bolargac ass" a newan -Mjraham 4lpreroth.ehSM- ha
tc ager.t. will be given at ond e .' ......athe Intwaebroutbac hiern month andA r icANAdeveloped u't tto e 7 t .

al Conveia n last year. re ary of State John o te Illusion. Our mral sene obds anit ve It behn demand. He a .mplained bit- t r. tl
ld, the usz of the dru s Big Four foreign eRuzinisters aban- Molotov pounded away for 90 toy ha other Ideas. The dead- discriminao a in t the of other developments on the co- nsy
Swth ed Cn whh h uncomrmtto of his outdrun hopele wrangle os reported toproposed cate Colban ambassador Dr indu. p .
Sbooked fotrcl h hbern l hman misery and ge o na on global peaceament One after another yesterday at a ive co: investigation l e eery-
S ed forMach 24furger 2 atul treaties see sgns that the t would .a re ult of France nclud ato weapons. fee producing coa a re .ot en
t Hospital inEl Panama C Opening today's fourth seson give grond said firmly tat tey would not 2) Poical l id relaxa- ed n speculate or any other
explain to doctors and el.oreign min And after the third seon oin Red hin n a five-power on of tension ques tactics to rae the price of cof-
taOneull both Americaslevoted to ers conference, Dulles slated broke up. an of confeenlons concern__i--. a. fee. .
Sof a pane l oup with they be included in world talks move on with the cuGer- rrenn Molotov han n his ee rosefrom to 64 ents a
ena oLa nhs rm s committing mny until agreement had been era ue a Koean .et capacity as terday, between January and No

i t. Dr. Ben Kean of Cornel open aggression In Korea and reached on China the first t3eWent is resebed. But he did an appeal by tht z go v- vemter 193, retail prices climb-l1
I. ersl, Medical School, t. promoting agresson against In- temon the program, a t that.xehapes n Far ernment t on of fron 8 to.1mmi ssion be
rbrt lark of the or dochna" Dues said. The West ha h d to move Earn questbe East nd West repre moth and developed o
SEurope by a Panamanian B"WeRLIN, Jn 8 (UP)thi. sou Mr.ce oldtov has portrayed to- ctried out through reula m r budse ntatves when T i erence id g l to press futor M Sen- -
r scian last year. reda ry of State J hn F o s t illusion ur muwith ralsense prbids an e hnn. demandkes up Ge complained bit- quipng committee invest tga he
r of the United States.Frit Is un- Diles demanded today that the us to accept hi."ers a But the Russianpoke lastde it plain terly about t Ad economic Meanwhile, there were a flurry .
rod. the us- of the drugl Ws Bi Four foreign ministers aban- Molotov pounded away for 90 ie.hs4 other.Ids. The dead- discrimination al I;In at the .of other developments on the coNt- study
ain the experimental state. ve don tht ir usute may on peace tal minitep yesterday at the West' had met shs wedlan ofdrggiearly ngommunist bo idera feeonro t: .b.a bill b
ed thr on Cha mise it demand for a geeral LIquctlo l ofhopeless wrangle over proe6p n n cate- .I Col e ombian mbassador Dr. .t
S cAnumbepr of other saner blasted as a source of so rhuch denda for a mept wlh Ch- procedure. gories of probl dtsshon da te F

liVn t ur.the anel discuaion ,owth theping reime told plot thaT shod be rey said eA retail thrice of ri
be nlrion s when thAm s work on Germand I and Astrian an world IN trae. e.rofessed to XVles, nthony Eden of Britain. e) Reduclon itask even Has gone and for that the o. .p.. -"'
see signs that-the west would a..d Georges EdauttW of France inclun .a ,Wtomicwepons. fee producing eoui*" s are not en. ,.

n be d for Mach 24. q question treat i es. a Western spokes- knowledge hapon tpp tday mong the atr foreign n before We onstrated the last w months ay -
-0,111, Hotel El Panama. Opening today's fourth session give ground. said firmly, thatthey would Dot 2) Pol tical s=s0rtd relaxa- aged in apeculatioi or any other .
S for comments f the four-ower foreign minis- An after. the thar sessi on join Red rence a a ve-power tohat ow cnson- acting qcules- tactr inres to raise the price of cof-
t- ful day will be devoted to sisters conferehae, Dulles blasted shesbroke up an office i conference. L w tions concerning. blua. tfee."
problems of tropical me %rle n e Chinese Reds in replying to sp kesman, Fedor Illylehev, in- Btdl added that they would -Economic peowi, Includ- 2. GovePrern t statientstis showed
the discussion to be in te s late dead ta, ed. Iwoulnone be possible to not ree larda one. while g ternat that althougfehe prealf i imported
Am of t panel roupday will Drthe be includedton world talks. move on to Austria and Ger- ee n ss.elf r.Ea Molo to v hand w r idenh .eIn a h oM-e rs-from 51 to 5f 4 cents a
Sto th. Ben Kean of Cornery l Open b gg doore" in In h rearand reac The waiter proteted the fiwarst not Isallowe reached. But he did an appalbytheA ego vemet 1 retai prices climb-
J rs't Medical School, p.. nromotng aggression against In- i tem on the program.e te s Iat hand raised p on Flasr mentor t. on of from 86 secute off9 nts.
.rbprt 'Clark of the Gorgbnd o chtarDulles saidt h health m health The waquter dmitrank e ast nd Wes i repre o w. n Gen owBea (R.Md.)
Menorla! Laboratory of Panam,, "We do not want thin, source on tb Germany. and Auhtruj, to- eml4ried out through regular sentatives when rene td etis toing to press for a Sen-
iward Saabury, Medic of so much hutan misery to day, in line with Da e s pro- diimatle channels. takesup Germap Eain olltte investing
lor of the United Fruit Co., sit i judgment on the prob- podal that the ministers take "no -Molotov spoke last. He didn't ready has ref. si mit tion in 'spite ol the FTC inquiry,
., Carl Johnson. Chief a lea of the world., German.- to the. Sen. George D. Aikn (t-Vt.) 0said
.. artmentlof Tropical Med The We'itn foreign ministers Dulles observV4 o e min- his Senate A.lulture committee
t. Gorga Hospitai (and believe that Russia may combpro-Lq u u 1 sisters had. met O 45. two plans,- early. Ndneideratlon of a bill
ied mit t o its- iedemand fora'ge otheral s t hs been an ced specific bo prolePolce ny and to I toffee market under

i Medleias. tha t I ople starve y *he of the Canal Zone Police Didl a compement of one sergeant, I d Charned (Lucky) Luctanop was utt '
c'nprislA i the panel wi-vr-power conference pn worldC a Ai a sederalk etircl
pe, maernl care and ot ace poposin cifc dis- as the Canal e onnel e 1947 lead over charm s of laxit. How-
.. 1..iowfn he panen l dlsc.usin cioJullos.i*.with the eiping regime .tol dypootn suf d t ry saidwth retail prieo
ffi. l eperloets when thi 6n Kofia and Indochina. workinS Jan. (mh-V. Mb.Moloto of Rused on a wtand c- seeing frt0e en Portu.altask even has gr.e paboot 5 cent a

be shoIng will appear tn a tobal .imtrict Station. The obtaa th no station co- had ro t ed las0to nt year etancey
A be on sor wh qule the c lt WAHIN s Western spokes- k atui d polde statmpion t tippler todi y among the four foreign b thaetwo e ee oovwh p ar ticulIar teItaly. thw ea
Ss for comments from ma- aidovet Claregnce Buddfngon minis-ed minister orttenin the patrol months It hats w ia Da oivorepiorted r2 Transe Cosnello an other neat f-
_n4atives from the many ter Vachelav Molotov hase Re He refreshes hintself during conference recesses with ts k whck prn la bring us ture wigs were De nte
S ofI El Panama will ase n tlveno Indication of a oommitteer- wa y, almost straf Mat- rgar nd er coldest sot n Western Pant Eisnt h h oweriodi ld
theroblem under discus- iseo far. shower admn one br reak a Mo lot dowa e three large ones while ,,...: T. e Norwl +O e. has ersw pel r in-
is being dealt with under es indicated he hadmwor at rad- wit rad nm- d a 24-hor whove aha inge drink. l isthe n.afni
L .amrndlh ephsc e d"Rpt"w a-wa h- a teapoahdMl-coffee -utures defintely played
allSlb dp esteem teon d o low it -Pei- to wltl t*l glaist1whisky.n wla t Station. trSy..t S wet'onduing tie stat ad
A.thr ompalet day wil b m ping I lnto world talks byo e the o waiter to dik the other.- the probe n S. Sentor find e to frbert

d lled Inoratallast aid the ton were held now,. a h re In re. hman and Charles PoletAit, l

pertoaing to teilr That, he -added, could lead' to ce cefo the'Oambo Itillstl be used by the O-. Democrats, and Gov. Thomas B. violate
Sto the field of surgery an Dem"bckdoo Preden t in 195. -hittzg Th waiter procuted. that wa not allowed rter n tht CO an (y edeal laws ated
r'.osland chArgtoea thmemr -:g li Mt pa th giasso 9 %io band, raised his own glassm
M f sttona the. top-level s id, "orlcan co Thalt.,'ice shth.- A The waiter dras a com here dur a triple Spokesmen for De were's aid -
." be Uhe e: mitteei c eme d out "this coE- ti oldeSecretary of. tate J hn Foster Dullessips orange show las ht but ll o ranemes for. Lucno's c
onsultat for the U. with the oer four ratpow- t r n the buld- abs with underworld char
ho a per on ert wuldart e n American was b con- e escaped eath by what fire- were set up n. May 194
S states of a- heKorean Feb. 56, to plandan peratd as a ubtat of te b the stampedin co on the ubect."
lcta and the.wp rm Coo-of the Balboa Central Police Sta- ah than the lames. Dama n Washington, Lehi
SyTomas Hos"tal S ta .lshtomal Weapons.gettle was toreld a whle he was Go r
lP racis Mk Carter, proe- as l other 4%dtq- ad a achieve fo Tharte d m i4on the bal- New York nobodyy -

am tal Iaswere not surprised P w ly oe U. O.-ate IV conr and foH Avihable fire equp- knowledge or coiet"
Aug-iotaTnd ] TO Root Jamboa tlF 3 Police Stafions .
t vel wr t oape, C l uj wh r t ha % M r an o 'f the lnick and'tb too.
'n"M' ural -wanIzena 07toW m wjustrmqhtopkh1 d ou t
o fsysm i oDiesres." -" t prl anVAC 28(Ud
e a e a, w hige nlt Monday has been net as !ate 1930's. Original personnel the flood in the ftherls
''" N ext"MonorBdfToeo.'.w "
tdith Inapapns ug'ow means .o .ma!int lg .owi he datal for thecll of, three included one seg en U..- an steppe foe annals and
|e .' +-'' .a C,_w o anal Zong. police at om and rate policemen and one Iocalo- tp priedcanahuae
te chtfthe AFrtSeelF ~s ae twoe *.r oem At the p entfloes that cut,. communications ALBANY.-N.Y., n. 28 (P
S ,a r alm others it has been anothncs Stie ubosa Police Station t 1 with ermays North Sea Disclosure that vice king wb y
M ee. thAt it eh ny the Canal Zone Police Divi- a complement of one sergeant, lands.
meicaeretl ad M ayP soid sit with ur. olce' station willobe o operator. After ondataitla ereoverea oe ation' top
-'u.f Dam, Margarita, and that area .will ba covered by rM., with ow and lee. -rs Pinhprison cell shook New .... J
qhown-Aftal each" panel Ginboa,, while the police ats-.Alo patrol car. o ikal : i:
-. 'oheso are of an eeu-I tin at atu will be changed to de.l.t"longsprouted.circles -
naturenand4 wit tOflmm I afl- ataatrlost.ThenPedro Thqlagarapoll a froth the fountains In London'i The disclosuree added fuel to :2t" ""'" i
naofre and deal wth r ahcPatrol Pott. The Pedro enaT.. tan 6falgar Square where the tern- aigpolitical battle, etwepn "' -
9 5 1 d Icaladn ast he Canal Zone -or .,-tpersonnel i-ude peture at noon was 25 the Rep
cnn luded coldest sinte 1947. ,d"oecharges oflaxtIn
of gene.'al Interest. ThIe 9$ prn tr Woinca and Juveniles' two nA.4 s and eleven po.'th -ltkt's penal system. They"
Wisordlay invited to at-W like 3-wt wD of Jfltr t andltea Northern Greece suffered the te each p tem. "3-
thee nd i2 picturesD Dto t-wl b l covereby radio #i "-c S"-teiber 1052, the sta-coldest weather in 61 years ba ahote.E'$ U,-
6f the subjects and tlke fntrol cars working from theU0 1 hm been Used on a R;tand- beoee oU froze in Portugal. ostrs, he was rLucleost- X2. /*.n0
o@f allng' wll appear ii Icrslatobal District Station. The bw b with no station corn- UoAeow--radlo .reported it was ed fnjhi a 30 to 5 year sehimae ":a-'...
qwrpapers while the cor WA'SHINGTON, Jan. 28 (UP) Gatun, police atvtion willlbe.-atl- Uilddroftiled to it Wd for83Aerseabelow zero at Ykutsk ,deported to Italy silnt
a6 InsIh aeeion. Novelist Clarence Buddington lied ovmnerll -,for the lake patrol ith?%p .#ataWerl rhonths It hs in Siberia. Moscow reported 121 flanbi Costello _i.d other gi
Kellad, a member of the Re- imunches :which cover the v -t IAi Rtualy cdlssed.tbeltwn estrn-- bi,+igWa nte
X1 Panama will bg the'pubUcan National Commit ee'Inses,,o. Ga.- v.Late. to4 Of Margarita and meet with him "pertiodlcialy."..
em. th e on 0 tlnhowerap of be etained- tIhouslhp areas are pros. .was Tynset. Norway,
hfties will takeX6-Ay "1la In- .in t pollee station iiblihtl br-radio car o e mercury dropped tould w nted "s nLaA
terrace and in the feila'hptnesi-und lack of teamwork."," fcee'1.0,4, radio and. me- .tWded onp a 24-houtr ibiowcu giveassisa
in.,Boothsan -Hz e also said 'lack of leader.0 ter4 lm.outofth C- "War'etfort."
rmuz..and phairmaceutiial ship has c a u se d Repti)$iOR O i Station. wttauthorntdes said tlh e tala
bhM ,s.ill b = i"sp' oasaiow.n.u,- T* tai o-m- Police Station. Firet Destroys m n"stratIans thre t
Ontatives of the I cul edqtlWIy doubtful' the, party b rcio a. c Pvitae rwin h'wbull Stoew be used ah. e d

action n "is tat RePublicPiaaw l b Al ad.mIuac
JIM ____m aanal Co lap d-M~ateand.hmi-ull au-
.. hnmor guest at a larewell par- dies.if ."Ma in at Suspended
+ tar to be jiven Thursday night for At leuAt',,week.
A ,- W wkE +- nefit Castno. .On th. et0 of his retirement 't,., wa m
-.Iromn Canal service. The Pope canceled an audi-
S Ow oW The farewell party Is being ence with British ield Marshal
given by amgseq in the Ad- Viscouunt Mbntgomiey scheduled
laympiTeemor Ca- .t
awtg ma tia!%A amb and many for toaiow.
tof a
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.*.f__+ +. L.. -.' &
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