The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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do i etd g. -brAd &-pl tt iloeo wr ff te bocast h.or nd statda mm oe she emrbuasv but remained ordeta
20ca onrbd un~-abw a stsa he shaready sst mor, ,ryunder close watch of, police
..1 lt fr n o hier a s f 200 .cars on ho d ye caguards armed w.h truncheons.
d b found tleh ast few w kn he and e Offmicersfired over th heads o
acyh s0 o d the dl overn-i In the ch he is w writing ai tela d ay to end the rioting
r..a he as--sfor Lon o s maiga stophe ei -e %r-tenti were demon-.
gOES bidt r n to Afic a after 20i shtra i e.Ds ritabin's 250-
endeas dt" e g64 t d o b p u hnof Gi4 ,, nt thibrwern "" pea rete t prp a stCt: yf u' ad of. G i lr
t hat .sbr oogr ewe's.eb slsawe r,dsWAbIid. ttt*Ofob-. -a o.
S.fob Vtiaba, r "We t qoth.hwe riv- hE tlwnifer death to olne fI etdlcdI tbTw arnhlnutmist
o$d&w he nm ,mhe ndDeL.r. r (NAe c 'e hoto) them cheb visit of Queen
onfftrAU'Wahhete were lots ofhl DEATH DIVE-- Lufggla. Wilam w. ah- Elizkbet It to the Mediterra-
deeanri.. o rt t !e w i it. edn mD.H ltomeW. sy inn eandefense. nation next Mat.
Wa oezI e ington, D. C.a la eatP til. raln ote o mero a London.nmth-Foreign-Offi':e
..a -eow a etuPepo. nia" announced Britaln will protect
ped, a ente hiwao"toors ea o did not n made 1114 r keaO eap as
.ace htlemoato thto to RV on hi l yesterday's rioting In whlrh
h whioun lmV i rg w hundreds of1 410 *ctrlonk ed 'o.cores ao persb oWg arphurt. A
.*xrnwi. Ave t w. similar outburst nccprred agains.r
"tlw le"rh" "9 thmiBritishiconsulitp in Barce-
,ofetwope tie ~ .Draw'- u "c e Y "a Widespread demonstruatiq n a
'i uo e w o"plne'tn d i C U last wbek also ght a protest.
wbsn VnkhvA0-.coblte rohmh bPrismp S d w it oWnster

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L.A '-.

Ras rlnort wou rdw hat h ia ldi hir-hch n contad e there was.wd r mmedtate recte-
S: d o.e antI R e 'onf mt4ed ,o Pasti com wh upr I "
o" ; arn 1aom' moein scar oehing at tawaagabblehi ce he d 1.dan-nUdSntlrnd et n e corpsmen. at- ihdblet brio th a al thee t.
3sh n, aoa1, wt wn .i an.h Aef (leA. raIse I l
,,utaffi R m ed i n f itcwn t raill a leeday. It means o u-
a" s t to ol the smasliu .which j1 tOa eoe o mar Teu told that Army ge o s tat.Ci ao"o
S- te nte ah ov that a ol- A deegalon entered th
re Ii' -T--- ie lm Il, a civilian court building. Later it spokeds12.0n0
varou juries ludn a ut jfle of a for wh eh he is sen- addressed te crowd fromU n tl
w nBrowne" stated t3t? sheblrtllO ro three-year pen- cc n must begiven a a student. wound In yesterday
h, tmAto ehad suffering, from a spinal nury qursfor medical or t
could b nt which-has cut down her earning men beth 2t. servo Where the sentence i Lt a" the .rowds hot"ll d.
n-capacity as a porteast pained, and V .pe..o uf On o r less, the Army m Polie rem nred outside he
a Cl ',- disretlon, building to keerh from .letcincle
.to, la.ihnew riotG by their presen...o
.dtd he- vN- aiplnutb.the m.ul am pruueet'i i d z of' the defendants 'Polic final l drove _off th'
., ear-the'R asl v WaNhi'g'onubDt.C.T
aat asan tatmur-aF o y eo-'t they'had p o- lwllns-A tudeltoe from there Brit-
Smadorbut shanecaped in that on the evedin of an. 2 rmIna record was at.b u id en. .Laterday bp frt.jg
1 -.3,A -.r" dlouing a by rthe pahi resulting tioe pair went inito Pana ma CP-.Y to t he. at sen at thsed a cam

d bp' Canaldthe law: nra 9b Vanslefden, ra- e rm ,t hey decided 'to Te e ofwhlth eam's
aBromwnes'tatuld "d-Wt hi3m -ra djtro "roll" a tx driver. we ren st ca rrie s a Rast d n'.r w n In est ra
oWefossf4t'rfnuf mv -& only tu Attotrneystillam J. Sheridan. 'u m-a adity of 20 years in t i n
.ou l'feup sevehrote Jr., 'u 'representing Johnsonre- rip tey shoppedar!ean A
a.aPa It. rit yar iu4 T' reto
b :Sntsccr~apat orgas Hospital and s nhe con- light ram-beenuse he did not- o A rforisticking u o-tsiy
j-o.G a .. i n- rented to do C -ikoas it lh. could put up a cab t H carried a ed- .-'
lati for esp ew The case continued until much zeolatance. non required his victims .nw t.
Wn'.alling tshe cab and directing a- claims that this ffeeprc
6"Nmorechancethouddover to Ft obbe, the ro- tetime he s been ro- 'raltoay t fo se r
r ch ne, was Igien at-*$*'.era wafted until the vehicle h bed vary pa-shengers, ad r esist from ouewie
ed o a4'-.~mc ilst ci crimes to KYOTO. Japan. Jan. 26 (UP) 'eronsthedtu Cana o amidW. wa l Inm n,]e told a wathorities. In fact realleru in many a
doensm Jone.h Lewiru e mgtwy etdiatd penniless an Parama. C la"sb but the men we rea s r t s
SI r e ndefromt his spar time. "back, grabbpd the driver froni a--neeldersrmshed for Americas o
MRn .eirthrent Mre became rw curious they behind, whtle Ca spbell tured a feaps

t ariung Ttli,. -imn aoe w Uchda the mans walland set- re I'ade Da seLc end ortFebruary.1" there-
a ou ldtbe a n did.t" roll"atax -ff do wte rI- hEx r w n
m.way," t ,ng off down therroadm.S rss ny of20 aarters still had not pn on to

-n Zn r ,rpe gterins In the rear of a Cn -ei was becomig so pre-
Lre st- i owned shed near &he clous that at Chicago. a ganp oftyda.nrm

Tes .B npeseri. i n the .La Be.- ciaarets al S high ira nendorn-o
7 nnAmereicmuern California hon-
and-a a U 4. petha a chain letters urgingtreIlljants 4
toaafewotheder bay.-
SHoptl WseWo-lihnt a li"ense age 1or S tlooth tO frce psrcces4.
ataLdte,-oe W. Oieab, Lab Aniceles houiewives were
11ta-knng o f cossle fa leas
Ai iJ n( adjl ttol charge. [o teur Weidne s" a nid adu d buyer's I
Paai reported thatsk hadwe
hold*raudio station W! at Coun-he

l eu AUU1, If.p ia ae mepnone a
ufurvev showed soffee consumn. S
tlon there and in nea*v Omahe
.2 a-.y" a -WONeb. Is down I=tq 40 per cent."
I-'r-'v. Tie stathn camagmn j
t Ae, Ia. U brin prI n
raatft' e$ I I O1d- tLw jingle ever the ca- t
I 07IaaW fee, r h tea -- b4ut coffee
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the new nMWJ^
L orized kait


Wu, iIBu UO7. d
T w tition-roke, announced s$ iii
y. '.anl'as4 '"minor", d% ft "i
pi," will result ih additional e
jivi an pf $901 m ithly from the 824 p, ing
in the US.-rate eools.
Apnrepntly npt, included in the "inreaoed'
estimates drgwn up by the Canal, according .t an i.n.4
ed source, was fre fadt that. be&Inuig with- the
her It kindergarten teachers wer eliminate .
lace, the Canal Rjiit$ or assist .
ot imf- fl cl qualificaisD Th-
at an- hourly ro, ich is comiderably ie n
previqq .ts ki rten teachers were ltt
a de p ,e ral n tacer eri a wandce1

te n ihow much P "OftCtl arfai l

ne ana iiMnL^t sys e iZKCanil is r ow b
bratea t a e jus he- unsra-a .ae
that eate s o estimates ae buried for ached costs
made up.In ly, in advance Armed Forces, and
e cding school year. Panama Canal a nele
e.a ching staffIn U rate organization are killed, M
schools received pay.rlaes of a- s privately-payinR ,4.ed
bout ejgh% percent aver ; just They -a,- the ov
after school opened in Septem- for Panama
bar it was lear ed, children.
A Canal bpo esnman explain- Broken down. the 'ne iV
ed that uslnoOct. 15 school 1vi1 affect 11 childre1s w1
costs have bia under study, tend kpadersarten in
and the Canal as been "eon- schools, who will
... month to the Inco
the 813
E S S more
ExprM & idie

In a aspif resolution passed
yesterday the Panama National
Assembly formally expressed *
"deepe-ot recognition and gr T1-
tude of the people of Panama"
for Dr. Herbert C. Clarke,, Uter-
nationally -noted authority'" M
tl- field of tropical medicine. D2UP
Dr. Clarke, 76, is retiring June thfl. M
30 as director of the Gorgas tnref li
Memorial Laboratory In Panama gre y
City after 25 years in tropical tW 4 a
disease control in Latin America.i Scott sh.
A graduate of Pennsylvania Scotland
School of Medicine, he came to 40 n
the Isthmus in 1909 and as as- hi"seti San.
sociated with the late DY. Wil h if the
lianM C. Gors. Dr. Clarke h-s in a deep- fre4W A
received notaNe honors' for his ask or- .
contributions to science. TheL *ya4U }lplI d4
town r oth r wu
Last fall. the board of direc-tot wstrdeug
bors of t GornaS Memorial da
Institute met In lsbtA mgtadl and faQunSb08 asttigas
elected as his successor to held here -la,
'he Laboratory In Psna Dr. The ame6r sald 1 '
Carl Johnson, who is nowa.mhh ed Vat IR u eei '
officer for Panama City .- the val main. He pe r..'
9taff of the Canal Zone Wealth Navy fla= wrer bel l d
Department. It Is undetood der.w.on.
that no final arranRemerts have Ameng the cvnts
"eon made as to the director- for the RQc~aIt
ihip. ment was pe
----- ~teams of nre itm.
British Group "g4
Of businessmen
Off For Russia Chlap
LONDON, Jan. -(UP- Thir- M RP Pr s
v-three Brikish busineFsmen fly to
Moscow today ready to pay. $120 Meethil membUrla of
apiece per day for the privilege of wnrfktg' Dres' atM
walking business with Russia, ~ifaviday. -
"We are poig IU- expldre the Panama Selden-tz.
ossibilities of esahdg Anglo- Chap ei t .ylx
Soviet trade ,W% we believes well qcausinteg w son
enormoum poaetil said J. B. Interior as wW 5 w
cot, an for the group. cities of Panames
"He seaqeh of the businessmen NothnS that .
would to .ay at leat 40 cane an
und&A 1frl 20) on expeas aspiratama
or each of the 14 dog they elan to thie col 4
o sped n MO_0w negotiating slele r hbahas.
t a We ar o-fb

*,. .r .Q


- a-, .* -' -

,* .-.i", -A.

-- Labor eW
.=. OA Ilo.OIO AllNI&ll _.. ,"
*T, H ?1 iralrs 0. *W. i14 PASaN. R. W P.
O 18.17e CENTRAL AvsNUR GrTWulN '2TH AND 13TN 5R '1r E
= 1 9Hu RiSp lireNpATIVrEv JOSHUA m POWERS. INC. ,. '



VL ,
4. M... 4 ADo.. N Av. NEw YORK. uI7 N ". v --"" .E, "
OtS--- 6----O'9-2-0 "n'wer to-' ,o P
gal g a so YBy iV1. .. V- 'r r
I.. N ,, ADVAN so 1 M4 o )[an and boy, Ie ovey avt0
beat tor 25 year s. allf
SYOIR PORUM THE RS ADIES OWN COLUMN I knew every l. l tw'gn e .
Sa new one. ey roam around
*town with an official of a caket A
workers union. Just a bilat, see
SB w Don't argue, see? Sn ch subtlety! .
This leads to the b ckground ofh
TiMrl rex h *lIrsdgrs of The Pam a An the a new Congrespon io
he:-. Wh. ave reelyd gu.:efu : aid av handled in a wholly cenfl- the rack which s iiittee
2?e iiigol 3Sal a lette S b ImpatientIt Iten'tPPf i'th Bender, has just sold me lidm be o bi
g de maen I It des appear sweeping nvestigatn to
4"I+ IlltlS .g pblisakeep ft d B pledtodon@ r491 a' charges 6f naloowide ieketeer- ,
epage1ing" and which, he sky$, be will
WWl t letter wrers is kid In trictest confidence. make with the Cooperation of some a n
a' wppelr eumesic 8 n P ee pmiarilllity for statolsnt nels ep in labor Jepders. e
Ils lattes trem M does It leads, also, ti a nationwide .r,'
n- network which controls the distri- ori. ,I
EDUCATION NEAR AND FAR bution of juke boxes vending mn- us reolle ot5
-, .nines, coB-operated kidde rides r us are tlS o atWt Btht M. *
Ind a hundred other allied fields. re o ati la
o et me tell you the full iry. m two Ute n
Snow the United states, taking care that one hand knoweth o Y can wlnh trang it, as
.What the other hand doeth, offers all kinds of a chollrhips Congress will, with a: visit recently be weel .a.W
S gernandUgan and Uruguayns and Pinaman1. h. Y ie paio Detroit restaurant and bar whic te
lk Panamanian parent or an Uruguayan diplomat here get.the n Abane a8.
of starting his kid young g on the path to a Hemisphere-wide W!lllam Bufalino, head of juke bix Is no
tion meaning amlrty with at least two l nguages ind local 951, dropped in. With hin wars 'hmIs .. .ove *u to iiKom
I- t 11 ]Spanish and Nort American and right off he runs ellow whose card said be was .ou' lt i
aebdy in the ViZone schools, or tle Paqama. Canal ith a casket workers union. oigJ o ,
WemakN thet When this visit was brought to who os
an wo seems to ne i hard for im. Now a U- the attenton o f Congrsaonal pro. P blI I
up,4 unWredoicted. r t mid-year. bero Is P urs t an meot recently, othe sed. mtky'%hog.W, is o A t d a

a L teracounsel askednn, p"Whatinterut i, to
hlge program chip In? President Eisenhower has said he's do the casket workers have in juke
ovr of more ntude t exchanges. in any cue, an' we have boxes? Do any of thoseea- g
t lized program with some cons: tency? tion (restaurant) owners ee, anyd.
thL et'aGeothpDai ignificance in a representative ofl t. t
S M~ "' -1.with the others?" a p. o ub eff
Answer to Previous Puzzle on 'll make book on that one. point h e at
AiwSritoPDusu le fi that Mtsr, Bufalno we ma king t
"too convince" the owners l"t ino o l to m
l a oAal ( e ) thm ove the luke boxes already 1.N T u. ,, t+. i.e aat T
atChile eoas t5 B ato pade o in ue oorauen. ie Nrler in terence t
Ile lie on laden sic contraptions owned by friendser nu ta

ithe -- coat57 Boat P addle paf hi u l replace y eo u m eb o r d tceri s md e es. u i i lese Bu t f e on o a r ve ryi a cha r e "
of South 58 Petty quarrel A A EnAs one juke boxt owners ansociof e o e tafI t era f stre isn t liid Aof, jtaj AWa
?nerc DOWN ton ffi cial testified: o' y rm e tmerea sm a tw a
ernandez--ad IEited Soo"... the, W -- IWA[IA MMIS a' g 'oun Pafl*-
I mand e o Swa e eth have been uin"our locations tllin a haMs. I "

T arthem M(t be x lownls t a de t heigFou --(SEA)-of ben the Russia I o fa ar tl
i ntildp iark ( uStiaethem (the owners)t that we wern W INTOw..ftA)o T e tho Russa a t tlking is fear and suspicion of a strong 'The Carthy vommitte hae I.r eer lt

Sn o I Sain (ab) in the good graces of the -union, IB erliunonfa reoe of U.S. eeetr aa frin. A0e1tu111 9. 'tuurono u. Germany. ihs twoT. fluoet.been busy bnvestti "om. hd et i
8-- oiS one of Bullfighters Haveexisted 38 Shows ie out and hput somebody else s li th e tony Stt tn roed A te. b l. Preg nationn m Iery LAt ES o I

waer 29 Redact 4 Obtans of the ue box local Who the Bi Four n o Foreign riots in meth rsma one of East ay pefori tC further tde eiuse so a 1 t a t

Scottish made the Sig Fon to napn gpowerw1in tof Frinriots inthe i t leEtf rs H- Rl.t At e gl no
SLampdys3ksarriensdin 43Croffae ukea b- ox lo ,als. et ath 1 4460
4 Scottish pLampreys 30 Barriers in 43c ese tidnAcorlt to Con. w Mifnist uted ins ad Germany, ta hld111OtSoviet of eeP It deeds comei nthq It a. w s .l f
sheepflo)Ids 10 nexuaBrivers bacchanrl$
s h e e p o l d s 0 eu s r i e rb a a n l sg r e s s i 0 n a l t e s t i m o n y ,gw s a a e i t ha r s n o np ov u r o r m o f s u c en h f .t gi s lgo a. :t o es, 1 1 *
W I atl1ew 1 R1 ssia (erb.) 2 Chile's capital Co n l"moved in under the pressure from ters of the four power. If that able.. By oui;Tw a eUo4l n th e ev e ar4
1Cmps Angered 354JumpAngelovMe li." And who is heal? sounds like the difference l (btwe e n he for p rn

t at rat u 5e te an e v ed ne AltitieIt 21a te Te gottb at Geaio6vernmentlaxs tion of r tog Van C S a r-Pa.
aib apl at Attiron t Mln ha t TheKef auver report lists ipas weedledmto and Tw dled be tIt is SeteJmber K e en a e t' ll .
lb.) 24 vantne appellation ilkworm all-powerful in Detroit. He Is a also indicative of the thin threads to be w ellabli d i wet ries, w'ln to m pea
.i Hebrew2d ke5inh e6 C ontinued 48 a isiy friend of Sam Perrone, the man on which hang the chances for any. Germpy -' wit Atie rip 0 tT Wot ee aid i tlI
Se stores 51 egetable charged with attempting to a thing co tr f active oii out of A a s complete eono re. democratic eo t cei o o
,.-, c eten o torslVegetbeha ed wit attemptn to aThes-m eh ora a, sco plte e n o re ee t et rae o soIn tor
SL iht walpshoer senate Walter l athering e overy shows that removal o f oe. a unified 0e the wete. rn!
e Lai point .- Io I Mel, now up for deportation, has .The b ig Four C' l, as it was cupetlonfoLe s oin lete in T powers will tke gtem as pu ton.Ti m
SCIrelrt at least 17 arrests ranging from called for short, .was created i dependence for e sri n go- aoy. the w t
) ri v i om t o'bo ee u ramu r d e rd tar m e d r o b b e r yetO ee xa dr u n I t trhgiyia t rl i at ta
toW s shoe murder to armed robbery to etx- World War In days when theai ernment is whg o the tue, a to tate
dr inks W 'tortion to kidnapping., A uo power. e r ra t ia to t a o ly i i a r ar td wg
Ro pdrns"o weta ble dpaegree. W at i Itorial do it oit dRossii-Am e .o lnNow
14A '. -. --C EIn. addition, Mali i s the uncle of gaul tton a fi ste rul e pof r6. irntb r _ehp. ht ior t. V(bt el' uh-!
.Buti .-falhoI..wio.h lip'rBitt. g et h ts ia i pl c-
alib'yc 1Winh lr
a s lle"WARmove in"ethe-.is01 a Iatm-AM&l. IaCal
-p r e s i d e nt' o f t h e l u k e i o x lo c li, m a *, N T N s t h Jl s l i w i .
.h- mesave4 Out to Chleago. Theqr girla'l(ija'ldt 4u113WBMWW
pL-_- according to testi himnly. I ufalin ceomo Ben a umht. 'to aI ts r rugred, n... e etr oi o ni w it .h te e
insisted that "anyboM that owds n pnoin. Fa ah n' t e Ala a e w itharG e ro
an opea tesa e hx. en in siC m1949. It Crky tGle andie b talk aout reea Mlos a Waoe, eil- The lr. .li a s- ,i r
o h1, lti all rth s presume i d to have d or t bee ia l .*an _- IW lo JPi n hasI KaIs
bigt.,sa d i .+ ouslances macne.6 M missing in inaction. $9 the Berlin he.#l
Z o i ,on bar.., has been forced to Four factors C caused Meetngl paa 'i.b ete n owr Are i io r, h o r of e &a
so e 10 veoversThils m eeting of the fore i mi. eth time. G e n o wesern p ower4 a .E et-
mvoun eth, union h hT--h"is tnwhe roreig mN 9 tish ir et V'ign ever th t exraneous aop- a hlve, ID A CfSr
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,, n gracess q:, this gentleman? A:

,the Me4oa Wwilt: Co., whichowns"IrisfiletsinSeHoa t.. opiio nan6.w
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.......ortthem Placed aroundrtown-eCo si A r .ty.esssi i agr eater e
anybtown, neaep.W
Ae o0 Mr. ufalno believes' i n ver. w i fll O Aasowna tact ssn 1 .55
tical unionism pand industrialism',- the ow nI te s oga e( -Smli Cb
"I t"" l-"1 nlace the ms, MAN ABOUT TOWN orly Pabst !.. The Jay Goulds lity.white ahema.. ..o, ye, TunitPar ey Tin $awii. redldi.f
chines ab d Is in the m usicn reif. pth re L bC R om ay) w re c ( asen t l u n G u ycM fe w p in .-u himslf. I srid Bergman s daughter Pia geugrtir- graphed ... Peggy g)$a, ey InonGnu .l Hwo la iui ,
'.w eUne records g gr w1u9uM"B.s.Rio
Wellmaknsusl Yaln these yachSnes. Cal freshman...Clark Geable sacd Iu ku...8 Sia ikeels and W. of a Detroit res0*4 I lne,,. rs of the .sOs "B i
Ofoll y adYou'llgthtsgb pa ce writer JO iarrson have resume tm making like it's whwooeiety's J. W .fa inaa
',I tof the network in which th Un Old Habit Paulette God. ...,A!nOd Reuben's daughter his1flgKdo6- he will lnzvolvb yj-iLl this dsos
2k..::tV of the networs an which AarAY Torpe r is a Swedih Pt Thor-, modeL soc ,.,re .About TownDawme brshi.tA
J.. nare inoeand on il' summ .kk a at .. ackle Robino's ....Adagency huekster die _dig"W S, o.that

; -- o ".. a ,.c (r
BARABOO Wis., Jan. 26 (UP) t'al congid m.eb ....o...
-A E'g-year-olO girl was one of 'N up am.
13 prize winning artists today in ey Asag (t February) to ae the Joe and Ma
a ralonal competition here ', lr a.Ath) a ig si ght.l.pla
en h o *her "quite decIpherable"' LCeture wa pe- Iy
S*called' "Rook-a-bye Baby. aS e msi O '
g h iMary Ja"o ,Miller, daughter of se s
the Rev. anlo " 1".;.%pug be
StUf ag fWl i.n ler, Wauzeka Wis.. will hve she
petition in Maduun this spriu u.ani ." 's is es .-mms,
14mgto bip adpftfam- e .ThusHolm., Sall1
The na in Un is qe uitewldeo oonliat *- ti t .
obf so "etToheraie 'one ut i oe ua -em-thet- Gram ce) lotir iis ."
d. "T .;ere is a 'quite *vi.aeHef La 't...emd
.ree, ali olereo elln tawad4ftplng ile6 81' t ... /iamd'.
.4. colored dots that an ,I- lE.' _-..
5Ub l A i s w fowerif i" 45W 5UU05, ]I"- fell

K .~..

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* *V

-" -46.

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4 .as.

k,-. ,. v .

mk. U..L SllR ,n "

ti pa wioer* C.LOSE CAP IN FRE WORLD'S FRONT-Wth terms of the U. S. arms U liaUnc. ,wth
mrniof ia .ulea... Is are ek,-gAr mutual defea pacts with Turkey. Iran, Saudi Ara~ble Eranon ia j

ki .... n2rges beau-
Sboveortdig- .re po"e am, s b
^t oe., w S ro op n g pi' r efg inst..Mg i Sovi e x n ... ""o
hoa bd ConsuontUrges Onm The-Job
mitaaanoapolid asingle hips. their r f MURPHYSBORO, Il. (U.P. )-
ffu_.r mosFutu re W r r Customers swarmed into a al
e o- r A ng o ers i tver when it offered a onelday
tniaR-W t W u i> bZoad he odqd will be aheto waik. ers an. a i 's .peclal-E 10-ounce glasm of bier
w S lbe iunnft .f"or many vorced. *-- for 3 five cents. Some of them
wooion" 1r wedl o N )aie 26 (UP)-An at the Cold Spring headquarters swarmed right out again. They had
p ft rcnat WeneQA- abaN pr rom nd emi tth te se wal whisky to get the nickel beer.
11o 6 .an,1nd1 at-rt planning yor.a fl.ture ores r te d and th a B prepare aging, workers for re- h hoeas to tr e en c
e s o t e tra t hee lo -a a h btto p h re h-o r winr Tagt for rtl d 1 t e the o
t w10 rs it Zener when o b. ..w.uias elas cl o e ..olhr o, ehtn..p abonshtsis sdle a o rtr E aipro

for thyae rm Thola On gpfore ot lIFt s a tra .ha u 00 h

tl .ll underwent ete ve tUr Committee Chatrm de- m t .p e v t huto c a k' at he ed of their In more acute dai y Fau$1 p laht ot
t td'. mheortha 1Aterbth ea. eed (r 1 bo wAy.A? reer as they t when sad. There e7 now ire 14e millon i 01*0 611

1 u does," -t fuoed to specu Jblate rccerfe ia been r ug t isw :n persons in t Untb e d Saesa ove r AN I E
... the problems of loeomotoio c h ton in nreaet i w at the: bottom of the ; the -job tang prga fo 6t and by 197 one out of fiv
utn s- reports the issued c t nst the working: nlthr" who .cut t e pole npewes, he sa o thr o ll er he sai

bo ao T s ystem imiht wtennerows tap nher hpole.r o rthe afbo" el.o are Ili vng almost two STERLINo SILVER /N Hea lret

'a p! IT SEE T% EAY paid b
boys nh ha'be onevosmust seek em' lYme to malow y perch. A oro
mIM .- ti. th t ouc he he ad on the same "The amendnient agreed toto- casement o "A worker ahoult start train- 1950," he "They now are with* e*Olm 'a

atte^ tSeitr atla- aidem rspone. daen f^ wae to hroe. p snt o t, .or re or toe h or e ou ten And at s o raton
so -. O o n the truets that p uA : l

tVY gfe d q oued.u e iinl".B V ove he r.M roetrement'seveEral eas vin a life anda half. TRNISo rc
itbe mankland *lUS-bo n o1e1c- is we r and th ( U wt
w o bvAmerin nqw of Uh
n o, e" t "eondtinteresto to leave banng ,uver-sope delinque P an y Te od e e r otoa ea n u

?uayJamhap e tWIMe kii Vlesh*ea1 am Yo lrk four week, ads the 'oh, what a roble.' Loneviy Rn h the toa- Aon C P i
1,A u sitof engtbro lee" eHe asked s aa0by si ttern weeks t eraeelno" A lante shoul. dn 3at tei i sa d w inotha t o werpo bl t i
There very mother, and for sake of the ba- e temr alart sO ae a fire mmy wants aybe i ha challenge at is a tragedy that up to 2000 hours mei.M

X would h sa T emn eoaa. h o qauestersn hat dI h p I W
ddb h d bie' hath other deductions-he ^c ntru'S ladder to his-per onal 2eedh a new Boy scout Council Faught said Ip
d boe r 'u"or at ve a n boet trt o ol e de forget all -
e ea."r tte m;-r fa tc a le al etrw le t I..-For about toe thing r they always had .
jackets. wined this daini.s ea its like 've only beeto dp, here his retirement dinner; when he rejected by society and mranlts: Ab CmErNA CIE.--I
". thwb widow mthone lheld rt a ente a gts a gold watch for hs serv- he said. "ihey have a sense of With C.Z. Delivery
weekhemo Intead ofs hamnth' Ioces, he has no tear. in his eye'heeon les tihea omunte swen AigouGEaNgaTeype
10ibriedetoion- s bs he yommuonity, bo lr hot
.o l yeait a grsome a r Mrt was kepg rI shap bee- ause le has som rth e to loo d Many retire p people are ilyings ky h i 3 d
b oelt w o l fwith a se of ba Il ed p uhddya forward..toa boredom" sheire si 'ot
m nd e 4 o n t iol8, ransm oa oseoetandd d h M a i ar eli handake Faught thidki he can do some-I

So dv'f g pr 'rl worhl kers f ore- oa esehded .o up eea k e pe s hrtI s 1 L

W fUPl etorday 1me re ..oe da amd h ueaceniyPse ohtr e
dhe,-problems.ofhl attendrimbna20Inx ejAWoA-Stdteel bott m'hen to btoipgame7
the'a b- not hey"fumendmthe ains the wlorkngd". l or.Who.aut.e2W5- _, me is e. (UP) --
the natirnal l caze wiseao utmhe
r- ;'theynot.touched.thehead t estoWpreveandOte uOan ha ofteotl *i-Aw k '.e so d.
oliersboorderpatroelmenaoad .aens players hu to dp ceroWag F tra n dwaIsorectn
whose aeT e hlan"slautin t he .1w' -aQ t .of. o eoe ,Ione eais Io-26 m edal (UP)e o mohe -e
Oar t he re to kraeep Oelindan aplinetitP es yhe w oul d obe oto ae w ortkeradehtasbetn'ic ang e ni y O"'EED @&BA hOpN. ,
farmlaetborders la t of Um wlen i.s. have a hYotartkewise cssam I ita y
tory and" other u trooeps crptrolled caranayAe othe r Iant slinedconcsonhd iawn
Tentp. n adotedverth m.ther, o raearee Ye the medicalhJust stop invattanyoofou memmb r toesandtiaragdyha
usedthestandaut0prCtis.hip-.03 iardi na -
the brderlast p IwheoU.S5Ile about(taftertminestheydwINDOWs OFThai
De menta Og State and L sbor not take thahrOne card aend m .dicanerofwhesinhe. "d ietyEWndOfamily.',

can government. If a4liv, nly beenup -h......ey hve aoneseeritent. thev
Lamorer s ahot_ Mexicald, s :o1 -e ....n-e ta n.....onecrd. Kf one.. pr .ce 'fSrORESLISTEDBELo W
Mexico, stormed oa ros.-14he8 bor-$50s heibs .oait is peirfectly legal reorteds inhoi e j
ayer:hereFrwdykeepisg inma rtame becuseehaosf on,, oe thle. magazine As a'holder of one of these cards you are entitled t r y
Tas herwodeFday, fot by mn v o u s"aurrd foolsh toe d
lenw e comw o wnd pay L d -th bo- xotitao.l -- -ga-l, o,-. to con ''tors give an aver-! with all Panam merchants who Ur. members of the Cbm rclal Ap
despiter teguarde0morebtan"Ha- dhIneyoit hth-hahelp.of.d yo- charitable done-
1s000 aedxica w ior age tan -ico heasardimtaon or- 16 forewel than $k60 a Tthe S slips you sign when mak-ng your charge aount purhlse art
Ia-1.of boLXetry omedis In which .ut t rii t#m hepa st reeent- 'e d11y. Ifp which to make payment half in 30 days and tho bangs att.
Z Baby Foods they_ sneaked across legally, -, q ',tgat involved aidne doctor' in-.

,"o ..a..-, .

Mot important, HEINZ Qualty Con. ( eld workers) had Iade their am allowed to pek te now b 5
way into this counUtr rousaEowedtopckguith 14. s u now bil
l rsu orfoods the prts of entry h start new d of t are easier. 4. El Corte Ingles 14. Almacin Taboga
uewL so thatpdoines idition, te magazine said.
San Lus, Mex., ne Tua, r the three ines I action, the magazine 16 Tivoli Ave. uS Centrl Ave.
ofthe best oArl to ie canasta ines?" there Is a strong trend toward
The*eP-eapbprosnofs h. It seems.,toMWthat mead out peciaation and speel~its ~
abyFoodsceptig ay e who he to the ques- more than 5 per cent more 5. 1. L. Maduro,Jr. 15. Paramou Vesti
S]I cross the border for employ- tmi W fs t act that the genel practtioners. 100 Central Ave. 102 Central. Ae. ] :
ment was adopted th of ion s
S t ibor es the player i al 6. Bazr Espoiol 16. El Baaor Amnricao
teen t .nanM oo, ad d p e 54 Central Ave. Cereal Ave.
a new contract. rmt thi.. 7. Chmlbonnet 17. El Bozar A riean 1
'aF phipeC a house ulK 79 Central Ave. 71 Central Ave. I
that Moiaoites Is o -e of t-
WCASA MU OZ w t P e fe r tUe-ATi 8. La Aurora 18. El Bazr Americano
fi. enie M sa&d othe. prefer their 64 Central Ave. tel Pan
O LOSJO thea l r, mwer t o9. La Aurora 19. Household Ezchang (0
1 ,comga Lp 'sI li6s atow. '_7t Central Ave. 41 Atioble no.
No.. 2,2z6 5 ; d X.94._ a- man "ad add-,

whIt, amet Ofid jna who o waer. W l AccNaS,, Inc. Teephe: 3 ,
n bA .a P.o.

A- _. -, -. .d ... ...4,-

b-- :;..5'*L t.

*. ~-' ,*3~,-lY~;~

SCondon .o $ght AEC's

d 'Poor security Risk

INOTON, Jan. 26 f UP)-.- "It has beeh a deep personal
l ert Condon (D-Cal.) shock to l.ave ugrh a reflection,
e tejoint Congressional bowe :r unaisrrglteI- cast upon
bEergM Committee t hb.i my integrity," he told teJ.ouwse
to defend himself under oath last J'.
charges that he is a bad He said he didn't believe that
ty risk. Congressn)en should exempt
don was barred by the Atom- froni security precautionss, But he
Commission last May claimed that the material used by
w1aessinu sqgret atom ic the AEC to bar him involved rhat.
-fL 'IyVada although other ters "tht no fair-minded person
jlf is ere bn hand. Later could consider other than trivial."
er 'Conusait testified be- Charles D. Blodgett, a former
ute ftoe ungAmerican Ac. Communist who said he once was
s Committee that Condon a reporter for the Communist Peo-
with some Communists in pie's Daily World, told the un-
Condon's answers are." American Activities Coommittee on
ot of questions" will be ask- Dec, 3., 1953, that Condon attended
*hs'imtn W. Sterling Cole ,of a ,meeting of the political affairs
B toni, committee said toz committee, of the Alameda County
*tat the extent of the Comiunist Party witich''was dis-
t'will depend on how cdO cussing choice of a Conigressional
Condon's answers are." candidate.
a World War 11 infan, Condon said he didn't want to
an who won the silver star appear before the House Commit-
avery in combat, asked for tee tO answer the charges because
li4ng which will be ojeba to the Committee "is political and
lie, not responsible." He has said re-
Bald the Committee has peatedly "I am not and have never
over the AEC's information been a Communist or Communist
adn ad.nts to get Con. sympathizer."
'a. sideo te story." ,
reply tp questions, Cole said
t as fpr as he knows the AEC Child Cr allly
*ver- reversed its decision
I 9don still would be barred
a retb atomic information Ill As Wi es'se
a to other Congressmen.
have hot been advised of any T
," Cole told reporter. "I m ransf lon
e that is the situation."
tiflon, 41-year-old W a I n u t LONDON, Ont.. Jan. 26 (UP)
Cal., attorney, serving his An eight-year-old girl re-
term in Congress, claims the mained in critical condition in
's action was based on "hear- London General Hospital today
fy" rom unevaluated FBI files. s her parent steadfastly refused
Doctors permission to administer
_~ a. blood transfuAlon she may
need to recover.
Crown Attorney C. C. Savage
warned Mr. and Mrs. Fred Prud-
ham, both members of the Jeho-
IlUna fm Anau vah's Witnesses, a religious- sect,
I that they might face man-
slaughters charges if the daugh-
ter,'Margaret died.
The parents Insisted they were
"following the command of the
Lord" in refusing the tranfusion.
SI Doctors had no definitely decid-
ed whether an operation was
,h ef.-- necessary to save the child's
** fe"WV rems- life but said they could not
operate unless the girl was given
'N r6M J I dgilde raf a transfusion.
rom. s w^h Televiln "I would have no pangs of
remorse for my action if Marga-
.. ,t,-A ret died," the father replied.
The child suffered a fractured
pelvis and damaged kidney
when she, was hit by a car
Prudham, a bricklayer, said he
r 7th Ayv. ur V itf based his objection on a Bible
at 0th St. n. passage from the book of Levic-
N TIlN$S SiUAI AT *A10 Ci C tBus: "Ye shall eat the 'blood of
IN* INS S I ATNAO CT no man of flesh. For the life of
. .1., a ..rel.4. nitif'.Af all flesh Is the blood thereof:
whosover eatest It shall be cut
__ ____ __off."

-1-.-- U.

* 4




-3 ~4.

S* ,,
iI I3 :I. ..i


VII I I lw


Grea .-, ). :


SS. "ANDREA ........... '....
S.S. "LEON' .............. -...
-S.S 'YAQIE" ,-............. '. ....
S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ........... A....
-S.S. "HIBUERtS" ......... ......
S.S: "LEVERS BEND" ..... ....

Ramdus Inosratmt.edi.. Geon


S.S. "SAN JOSE" ..........................
S.S. "MAJORKA" .........................
S.S. "HEREDIA" ....................&......
S.S. "MA NA" .............................

Weekly salhrng of twelve pasaMger ShIPs to t
Orleans Los Angeles. San Francisco and

Special' round trip fare fI Criutoba"k to
Los Angeles. Sai Fnemlsee and Seg

To e New Fork ........ .. ...
To Los Angeles and San ll Hi aeo .,..,j
To Seattle ............. .. ,.'..


... .. 31

t(ew XefJ ew

The Pacific Steam wvw~ftff


M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO' ................... Jap.28
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ......:............... ....Feb. 9
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICOP' (18,00 Toas)-
M.V. "SARMIENTO" ....... ... .^. <.......[, e. .
M.V. "SALAVERRY" ...r,.. .... ;.Yeb. i
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" "..... ..... ....;. .... ;Jan. h'
S.S. "LOCH GARTH" ... ...... ............Feb.
S.S. "VRINA ," ..... .... .:.'. ......:.... .... b. 1
8.8, "L C I.gYA ............................ :. : .
Al SafHngs _ubjecf to Chan e Without Notieu
PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION 00.. Oritohml Tel. lt4/5
FORD CO p. Mb BA Ter B. 'e 3si
IDALBOA-Tom ag.. rpL 2-131


MIAMI, One Way ......570.00 Round trip SI26.00 *. -
GUAYAQUIL, One Way.. 80.00 Round trip 144.40 .wr
QUITO, One Way ....... 86.00 Round trip J54.80 O wmEor *560is

Ca$.go rates also reduced. Consult with our office
at Calls Rocket No. 14, Telephone 2.3221 or see your
travel agent..

-. *1

. ,.. /


,, ,t.-;A
- *i. lr

15. ENDS


-. -

An Offer amd a
1-1. i 1 ,a t



ma\tOO 'cP!
R-i t4

W 5j mw4 5U ,, .J P( i." LwSiM 'IMpq*t l .

LTMM2 .. ..PM -see e -

WSmUA a r
c.^^^/^ Y~i^SU^-T T


Let's Got


WELKIn F eORoufl

That's O L Girl


lide the Tumale!

0owAy. -uTr LUfTME
IT SiDE 15 IS-W14ATi
rr suesas e w t r
ass Tcm IA Vu'vwe




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y51 vIWT:

A/wMA muranu olva)U"tI
A a A *u a : .i g q 5 i. '

MMU~ 50011J

At' Banvilie's

** 5-.V ; .


' ,- ,-J 4. ...

3 -.ff .

I f'5 e'A



* ..y. .*~'*
*1 -- *--* I.


S 1j

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1.~' f~

VID91mm! k P06u*
In Cre. MAUMlA

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m ri
I waSm
-s W@



-----71--'1, '

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-- -Aw qmm6,


1.& .


2. AB3L

bymea del gates. All mmabe vt speaker. ,
moa toaerabat mee and dednce to at .
Mon olt i Canal e ;voting o Privileges wip re ordt A C A oie'd
agents i.. Meter", fonlloS Wmeg who have paid I 5a9

1ra .vnigr_ L a. dae Foe -* n er. tT BaA tlManr ode
co e.)p ge ho lae uhd deatofhoHr I Mr.retl d

(eo *t hiWdis, Ialte toaed ate askedtoeCard d Meet

Guillith e 1o~ld als 1o a ti, iiont o at a. tow be Shof. street. Co-hostesses will 1

do Osi .t 8:00 pm. to 8:00 pu-. by the ReserDvatons may be maMre 1
rdo, Mr. Oscar vr d ab wal telephongT. r nisr Attimer 2S 6 i

T.rLaraaWLar7n oppo sr cam- C Mrsu. Otenbig, 2-4366; or rs. Va
Am? inB s *.- C. tlard TF rsda enter Lut. A.niarSim Z

e0, Maurice altSeri Mt A. Idcoln.- and Capty Lecture Monday Evenin g
o Mr. Gilbert M d, all expert aaI'M teP An lUt treated talk on She
Sl will be on hand to Inote Card ian by Elmer Stevens and Get
Mir. Lo ande Mos ya e ati on regard ari te atlM wo bebv'a Cat tl

GuiUta J0iper, Al Ajubit, Mr. t airn a visIton to be Snts trer Lat. Co-hostesses wiBalboa
rcoin. Miss Mart nd Ga Mr. r and Mr Charles Morgan. Miitary frsonnebl their fa .
osa M [h The dia g room will havep a r table and thet V co Horn. ,
* do, Miss AmaM C Oslgia, Mr, An- p m. by the Reseratons may be madei
SdyTerres, Mr.sear feeatigMr. w
ttng for luncheon. a ve fruits a nd of epublicurg, 2-4366; or MP.

0 or at'. andvegetables wbe eu asinabthe are l to attend.

evening10 ,1rd1iai1itioetedd- RadioePorm
SyB eveAat rm0 eCaptangFraink A n MuaN City,-
SM. Mae ort, Mr C olon and the Canal Zond.Caa e Monday Even
nd r. r. ennin er and lltrated talk on the
Mr. A.o Bchaa ma, ers wi e hnd to ans b Elmer Stevens and G
ear prsentl ita, Mr. ihe Ut-ra ve USO-JWB Armed Fore S4r
eMr. Dai, d r and Mr. us and Mrs. Charles Morgan. Military ersonnel their faumi

lt7MILETo^ Ji Yo.. cAmmnnity statIon
SRon At Pea* Thedin room wl have a table and tu of the Canal ZMI

eyMhave Potbents
cin K Mi settingfdb lunebMon. Native fruits and of ish erpub.e of PenaU

:. 'd ,ables be Ld i th are to ttd.

oyris$ Am0 rM .0 oon b eande i io P gama
Tnd Mra; M. P. B Mnninger and --- r obng M A 2

inthfs;luua,.rand.M,. and.rMrs,.. O *,436---rk-V--
Mi wMau.. r'._. .. ,I ,'AMILLleTTA,6 e Your Conmmuniny $gtion
iwHv Mr. ,t el r, severa.'of t .i n W a(14,000 P. m

slTlr of p.leIant at home,
le Vi ethi- mb entsoared ep a
re ,omb_2 b'r

ar $ & 0 a
*i- AO u.Iw

loai she woulw
Slan try to
f omminanlntfl

6:00-The B a n d of Ameril
6:l5-:1 RBBON 8POR'
6:30-The, Rc'd Shop.
7:00-Lowell Tm -
7:15-THOE Cin*'iA 4
7:30-Re- a rotf thS. T .
(VOA). U
9;00-The Platter Parade.
10 -Scilence on the Mareh.
9: -.Osvalcade of A m e ri
0:I--4ftcb Bitlng in th
arsh (BpC).
10:00--Tommy WNfiez and h

.. .....10" 1 ",.a ti .. ... o. .
xe ) I she would keto h 10:l5-tin American Serenac
1s:30'-Variety Bandbzox (BBC
A nB hdd f 11' l00-8-The Owl'p Ne&st
flow Ce tagles Entili 12:00--News.--lgn Off.
R. IfM No "7 Jose San A woman.who really wanted to Tomorrow, Wednesday. Jan. 2
Martn. Vista, on Thursday change het husband from a silent A.M. -
at 7:30 p.m. partner to a real, companion would 6:00--ign On. The Al a r
Sump at the chance of going on a Clock Club.
' 'ab Membr '' ti w him. 7:00-News.
se- "e would gim avel folders 7:05--The 'alarm Clock O0
= 1 Jpesal Assembj 'f mem- pad get him tirt in making (Co1
-js a- She would ate so mueh 7:30-Morlnin Salon
.- 'uiasn trip that It 8:15-Morning Varietile.
v wold be c8:30-Musial Reveille.
a'Te she would en the trip and 9:00-News
r ]w n Social ould :m -Mornm Rom".
TOaabeut wU-% they were busy seeing 1i0:00-Rewo.
s new sihts. 10:05-Off the Record.
They'd have so~ang t' talk 11: 00-News.
otur but f at w.'i ft2 Wyhlgot 1:05-Offt Record (Contd)
be, And at 11:30- Meet e Band.

St wqrk will be hown you wn yo won.t even trto0 1:45--Lm and Abner
oe of clety will ma lie plasant at hme 2:00-NThree Quarter e.
LCi i A when he sugeWh the pw g T D

n t tory doitf s wants to vew a 2:15-Its l Dnce.
.Atr vomes Avenue in sulky, F lnt man the rest of her 2:34-Atternoonf telodes.
iceu inwork. be shw
a, m .i_ But is wife on-meber .ifal $.:05--All u r Cueanc .
b we o t th-m r (All ri ts resr ved, NA Serv- : tIS o w I.
3:30-Music for Wednesday.
-4 00-Featre Review.
4:30--What's Ypul Pavorite.

Sy :30-News. or Shop.

ww:3y-.n t port rotm the oU. .
.Aoeot willUmae BfeI plesan m I (-LantdAe.).
Ah 6:00--thrlede fAorr (BC) .

.,:30-Mus foreine sd.

~1Li~pU 'q~

*..your good health




will be followed by a report on
taltzers. The Institute is a trade
-atMoatlon representing a large
majority of American deep sea
Today's passenger fleet has a
capacity of 9,321, in contrast to
3.954 passengers which could be
cO ;ed In the pre-war fleet, Not
Inl'.ded are today's seven Oov-
eroftent-owned ships, in active
sexvie or the six Government-
o0;Iq eae ger ships & our

While the U.S. merchant fleet
repren 4 39 per cent of Itsepre-
wr sWe. the world-wide V .-
sefner fleet is now 69 per eutad
its Pre-war' atus and with the
cq on of new ships wll be
Sat of pre-war. No ALier-
-nt"Soen'Ser ships are-bunal-
4 on -oranrder."
Report also consider the
umwd problem of bloek ob-
o a,,. eb e weI n=

.r 1 :ALr .I

r7te6or 0 4AKi

,4 IJ ,-
87QJ1I 1

Waar GaP ee E
684 kag

c a st-W t vuL
e aar a n'th e of Caripal .Norita Po- swab se ul NWagm
a30 ac ab net coat e te dange a n San- 1i Pa 3 6 Pass
Sk t e The three 46 Pau s Pa Pom

STnreoday's hand was prepared for
an "Olympic" contest In italy last
r. year. Sucha c contest consists of a
series of prepared hands, in the
SIcourse of which each player at the
table gets several chances to make
the tar play .
The star play of an Olympic
Sand has to be unusual, against a
player's norr. al instincts, but ab-
Solutely local. The correct play
he by East in the hand shown today
-C^ is a typical example.
s. The bidding and the opening lead
are quite normal. East wins the
by first trick with the ace of hearts
2 sand should tldakr-before acting.
The "normal," procedure is to re.
.trn, a low trump, but this will
k ve South his contract.
If East returns a thmp, South
Sowins and draws another trump.
h e 1Thn he leads a diamond, forcing
Iee out East's king. No matter what
an East returns then, nothing can
stop South from knocking out the
other top diamond. South can then
~ get to dummy by ruffing a heart
Sin m order to discard two losing
clubs on dummy's remaining dia-
(NUA Telephoto) monds.
ANE RSARY GIFT P sident Eisenhower holds a large
Steuben glass cup that wash tesented to him by members of his If East stops to think after win-
eabinet commemorating his inauguration anniversy. Admir- ning the first trick, he will see
e cupD In the Prealdenvs offle re (left to'i~ght): Mrs. that South must have the top
C co Inothe Mss Eleanor appp etateades and the king of hearts for
power; eta of State John Foster Dulles (left, back- ades and the king ofbid. East can al for
); and Serut of al. t, Education and Welfare Mrs. s oen g bid. East can alSo f se
Oveta lp Hobbyjust how the play will go if he
makes a "sale" return.
SwThe best chance to defeat the
idtJ-** I,"a contract consists in getting a club
t rckto add tSo the ace of hearts
iory aalp r d geWaitress and the two top diamonds. And
East's best chance to Bet a club
trick consists in attacking the suit
SBr T immediately, even though he must
lead away- from his king right up
fSOl r T to dummy's ac tquen. ,

.. When East makes this Olympit
Stake e" Ms lead of a lo: club, dummy ,,Vs
S-S tdon'ut td r i o ,Mn't i ssCan" with th9 quc0's Sp t th eb drs
a 0 e .o uenmrs and a A lno t
teservdir n,- h -you say-thnea o. e. n gi e i diamonds. East next
112 or a-mnute wh uteember" said Miss Candis. o e auhse of diamonds, but East

* la u wnt we oerr" said Miss Candly hadg ated. on ] I

leae4a1 s'ml himl me remare relioely e sth en
Sth 4 thr orders or 'Ie young wona smiled is then in position to cash a club
assorted drinks. "es, she said, "you did. But trick, defeating the contract.
hea A ed, the t rson I didn't want ice that If yo like this play ad moeh as
aitre for as that had a cold." do, take a word of advice. Don't
the serce bar. b ,,go too far out of your way to
"My Where yo s ?" de- I n another occasion a man came make such a play at thebridge
XI- msdQ one ofthague su ,,lncredu- la'd sat at a table. To the wait- table. Once every five years it may
louely. "Ypu didn't write anything reas. about to take his order Miss pay you to lead from a king up
A. down." Cndis said "He'll order rock-and- to an ae-queen the rest of the
The waitreissturned and smiledrye with .,,mer ale on the side. time it waill cot you a trick.
enwaitr ss half gone he'll order
SyuoLi get what youertered," she an l _`
Sto drinks He did just that. It developed
o. and NA al.A;juM wrebt we or- that Miss Candis had waited on
a .4dere1, t W man,. "I'll give him'Some t-rOee ff ears previously at
at y. the ,at OA. Ho .
Thi dtnas .returetI with the Some of her friends think Miss
.and wOketed Club. They figure it would be more
j who "*na 3ss Eleanor appropriate if she worked in near-
Cazkdl4, 25 a pesrt brug~ti. of Ar- by at the.Memory
i ony., J :be surprised at her
17 oe 4iiancaSince she started a
Sa waite St yehrs ago she has L -
astonished her guests witlf her al- d
most. tniraculous memory.
6t .y, she no
hb em e n l 1
Oneyday gwomanordered

H peefsv rot cl

First row ..........
2nd and 3rd
General admittance
Children (half pric

...$3. First to .w.....UqB^-.
:: 2nd and 3rd ........
. 06 0 General admittance
e) 1.0. Chcldem' (half price) ,.

TICKETS FOR SALE AT: Iberfa Restaurant, Hotel i
and Hotel El Panama. Tiktt reseimatomns at the R
from Thursday until saturday from 4 to 6 p.m.
Phon 3-3033.

I.- -

_~I -*

S* I

Ashton Parsons

Infants" Powdels

Baby is fretful and feverish when gums om .
This i. the time for Ashton & Parsoms Infaum' Po
soothe baby into rstidalh.40
5i,4sIa ad reduce hi 4e-

Mother an be M.m .
po-.. .verm ocealso,. .
they are absolutely f are
aod wffy, w otie. "y.


ionds Lips

Always radlently natural I For
lips that stay on and on-and on-
Pard's has the secretly Now Pond's
wonderful new formula makes Pond's
"pW stay on. onger fon ever...
keeps your lips creamier and
nsblher than ever before. And
new Pond's "Ups" come In a
dumnng new golden co e.


:i .*^* .- *
-. ...:" -: "
ibob Dtica_|r if uf ini Lru

MlrM ^. ^ --
Cor- G o. --*
*. 4' ;l -*' '. H r P

to..-^ i .A


--.- .....,.
N'- **

*WA Rea


.**Li ^

- i .


.- ,

,-A-' .. ',

1.- *




Don Temistocles- Bia",o
Minister or Commerce and Agritoultur. -.`

4- BULLS 4 :
To be fought to the death
from the same hacienda that supplied the apluta
last Sunday's show Jos6 del, ns de Lema'
aclenda "IEl Brujo." /
In action will bai the Spanish mtat mr .

LoremoN PascuI (BELM
The Gypsy Bullfighter .

Salom6n Vargas (61TANUO)
with their Asslstant.

V a .. -. .

trAm : N YOUR AD AT *:
", O SAL F. S -" ,M .- .. -

IEI H eo ADO AD '. 0a V PR ..
cot No.43 i vs.Uin

SAE-Chrs, t.ble cupboard M ST ELL:-'5 2 Plymouth 4 Doo Telphon A. Poma. P a S a fils d
to mirror, lamps, Misc. apprecate. Coll Albrook 6173 AL Grmch Santo ClaBech-co "for and oused b th
id item. HDOu 712-D07 after 4 p lctric rfri n, o ATE ut trainATUed ythe.RO ntt ther trp t

,lo. FOR SALE-Nh 1950 Amb M e moder rte. Phone 6-441 r nder th new agreeaeedt, e ad JF g fen to fr

., S 6 OR T r c? F E ukl o a *ak 2k urSONe atOo ag 2 u
pl e "" ".,-h .. .. W A N T ED h^.E u.ed k g, a me isa i>h

"uEnDmr oh r Nr OUSFI:7 ..... LO.ESggrt. "lt"-- "'* Nv
sALE:- Leving. g ru ,d. Full JulAormetion ot Cs S GEO. F. NOfor ex. dlr t '
A ItreaL.No. 30A..26 rA."S.Pco onNZA FIARNT. Hou r

,,THEhrANAMA AMe ERICAN l EID" bout ., tha Aoey

IStree lnt condition. O L E CANAL -ON' FAMILI" o tw OR RNT: h U ttic pmente anufa r ra wtt-h .<>e t o r s
S2 e Aendo Apt. n S P t Florid, n o d Vit H m No. u aprng t o it p In ishe- ry to
ot bed prin or m. FOR MISCELLANEO, r- 4822 1:00 to 5:00 p. m HARNe rt filn U.S. .of labor ,t- dea should &_e ) trials, we
tr .-nirmons. WElectrW motor 25 CeLdic. --kS pas Ude aE s-CROF iv- m erESS NAL federal Court Li, Nwakf N. J., ch ad today Peie 1et s tr.. ipoi it .i|
% -tr".ir 2ndut coln.kd ,uusol, -omCentral u K Strt Aee, te c ot T o -vS .0 lrner." n UIOiCpth cotI In- d a .c aal t coi.' ae "'h e .

A.table. cupboodIMLST ELL -'52 Plymouth 4 Doo Telephone 2-3479, .cn, mo s, room, w rooms, n to the A ir F ac. told Snate Labr Con
GERATORSw, 25 e clck avnd Sodoam. 6o o m ile Cos. Mu ca to FOR eSALE or6I000. oI nt aerin Ar v Wtigantp were the tt hwve that

tools, mirror, lamps, Mic.p just fw 25 cyc rfr r a ppeciate. Call Aibrok 6173 FOR SALE Gramlich0 Sano to Clara Beach0.cotlss It pays-TteboUti300 0, n theY l io vot 4od t *9T
S special terms. House 712-0.00 today to prevent c Tho 259 A T phon 33041. n en NJ Joh Dixo C tble ratt t

$10.00 monthly. Cob Spar_ port_ poR to kidnap him. Te. 3-109950 DAT -OUYSC o. e y Cy NJ. The Eaelecrle cotricrefrigeration.mence." The$PEut commit is tt tra to
S n trl 223 int to Encn' himd n Yo e, L S moderate r Phon LTDA. th t B enl" or York; 4 th
Th tre Phont Ponhmh 2- Dho-owai dusrte lart Aug. b be- or dec 4-e Undger the new Ae fiae Co. 4r 1 ngaA.
tSALE:--Teivineg dinink,-o d b d a M2or. n, aUD iowe o ModR SAL EUpright piano.. Sir- 4-57, "Fo "mioidof e engineers will drop their A y p d a

at, choirs, refrigerator floo The move came a report ir- ALHAM20 pRA A"A.oTMI5TS :00 rp .ounntrie fo -r nr..-.- ... .S... ,, livdaroom e. Peru Avenu. culate that fabulous ums ad Modrn 2, 4 ond 5 rooms, furnished o It accused the Sour companies Ecret(arv- alSa o b&H assciate
tNo. 23 blew. 17aterL be en orfere d to ol er $ as t 5we- o- Sauh. sest buffet 's d. Alhmbr.. O 's offi t N A t stteme Ipiring d fib on aa ha i l it aee th

SSAL -Electric St'v. 4 bu0- t. police col Otto skon 8C6], 10th Strt D Phon P-tr T r, hoie their leading b.nd7 o6lead pen- b r Se g ally outh. C .
.1 Dreht sideboard, niht tabl, the man who reed t Gate leg mahogany table. chair 386. nta Cai L To ri to the AirForce. and to allocatP e d Their r tedone
ay.e dela u err.i- SAL 1950 Buick Spec owHouse 113-B, Pedro Miguel, l b t,. uTEForce a D take odera ej oAr a

at 'once. Use it I I saF: es sfi? Kans *( 1s Es T ovae f'PO.''g& WA.;rr.
whdyoneonr-1c Ph'aaroUeIcClap,. 's Armyd .dgpersonnelg U saidSe 1
paymeat. n.TUkeit-witwhdys On wFOR SALE- -Cute r sBegitBtered Cocker Le comfortable. odm.' ""'m' Aaite, rt esi ent, tC

dyougdtmove.S kaorlt2omes-_ORMTIt

*:s conet. to bie lic id m e IrePhoe 84-2Z40.oo ep cut in Army manpo*eT : wB .th 9O U111 e of

Lchn, dro s ru, .nd hasf.o. ,e- p TeWASHERS:r Now av itin FOR RENT -Aportment w..ith gb. : ,tttw? Thea er eo. o". a look tab sd c" ofthe ed I ." i' *nlt

',rundu 2187 H r 5:30 p. m. "00000?franca E(1A4F8,000 (m r tos. hi e.I Flm/ .nuRbet t the borIs No 124. upstairs "r- .O Vn a tia newspap- LuOsseo. program is. imed f nore ma- mad y G-eorf" .P"'
t sE rontees ill-e haovesr. Dipomt desires the bedro om cho- for direct shipment to you Thor ENT o w u ished tor an id ay a
*% ^^ ^. ^ m$?5eTO So.Botei^ Household Good'h e l .03 Paam Spinner Washer, latest models. Saved that I17.. Wuial-aI I Ieee I D-ummilf^
-Auto Row. Exohoan ge. let thnearly 40 oe1 apre w e 7 Yta Threes Me mD. op ;Mr N M i e

L fE 00Leavg Refcomrgerat l kore epreseFOUND dof i servicing n finance, ing t x o Ae in itprper tiv a
o r di cningro e ndrbet -o n i puested. Full information n at Caso v ot oll y hadu nthe arel GEO. F. o, Cd Bnra y
setr T.Ch ap o ter0 At.0 'a. ST-Lighty blue ladies wallet op- Spartan. C central N o. 223, ITnedto ifl e 1d. u v T

| t^. Cheap 0. At1OS T:- 9nt .. S eOS.oe t r !.

Ni street. posits "J"W St. Police Booth on Cen- nto bea Vist o h itself i n ..'Phn Apt, 9. Telephone. 3- S cta i Amini. l t nfiet ih Cat. S t Pre pro o
,_ tral Ave. .. ,anday.afternoon. Re- Pa o-namao2-4591. bdRooaI REN T tw oA

L--an dra:tsman, deg Pout OffC Bb 2.. 9-lephon. Pin *o fl- t-.--.w.- Pa a Mdn3-earltu ot, 3tfr- yer a wo 'rathe" prolibi g., 1& ee c ,ar:
Is. btth coloric, Mchi ti ns teraturewI.btotv".edhIZ9 bar. 2a
twR c a a S ALE ;or garENT-Two bedroom nt i i aou r oer r ee d atervice- mi, t w h% lo ns
S uNo. T. i (UP- 0 o Sor n .e e at to r l e r1 re l Telop .nel. T dAS ti Oe t saN. than.oe d .o m pb ey m A w havei a e a

iohower's neiw Tpfes Jul'u nd Ethel RonenD t'Rary school, FOR RENTp-Furnished one bedroom |,NAwL ENAMEL P ka ma hred ballot in Utrike votes He sid. "We were now pUtom aelCll-
S -or orlow income have arted rf an ew with 31o .2 Pasonry astau prtment. ldPa l ma rried couple are tu r ea td ci an't duck th r on lty of Into the poui

woul d ompre with mort- ter parents whro are trynl g "se d mnt which are now without children. Inform. t.on 8058, l a hsd biportea ot ex- protecting the individual un lion steers. The maiter e ek aB\chj
SALE -o-. Dubg minisbui-.on can chil ren or station and the Crtbal-" \. t a ouman mouth de. er-
n ronditiO.w IReasonable. Ee 10 CANAL ZO FAMILIS-n ow :-.kaotMR2.bedroome

2Peruesenidaral hou20 The bo, Michael. 0. and R- After his retirement from Ca- -vote wd t inr- e at

me, ahoi mis buying a new mrt. 6. are 'heginnmn to be at- nal Mr; Hitt went to New Rtolnr ee i the leElrnal affairs of la- habf
prPmd-at lP,00r must put up bnlorbried inthir new surrounding T h worked for several ; |e It T Teo bor'dVons ... comparable to hav- Noosul i E|tt

N o.Atte maxi abd aotrities" said attorney yesr adine architec- FOR RENT: Furnished room feor |n rd t1 og N t eve 1 stockholder'' meeting
tid of i ears. manel Bloch who lherit tr a ntl ring firm. Amricrn ch pe. Priva of ntrar D on
,n ALE :olEi deed n Sen pil m y electric chsprn Iga 865 F 1 rryP- s.rg Informatchine. 32nd St. No.hof | 6e 3- A e D elei nt fialead be ISI l OfL i l mou
=bbe d motion noa? i -O lorlMds'homes, apart 422. 1:00 to 5:00p.m.T p artdIn -
ps Simmons. fur ctri, m tr y w.n dorad ll l IinF R R T r et i EHARNn-I ;OfLa"ore drItwo,. as m it y Ot u
le t. 25 dp ], a Rl s FOP. RENTe e. cbu Federal Court In Newsk, N. J.,Chdkoday reskatI.&*
yles V4 H. P. House8021,Ate James F. Olive. ch RoCpthitobun gEcOtew:

atE. La. Rasher, 631 ,FirstHAvenueAfaI a trai t
h iai E p e P A R ts J a n 2 6 ( U P iU F ry a n oe d N o r t h S tmu e l t ert t b u r h F la r i dlt i r ontin r gpoi r'a a cibtci aci r o ro o d -tis t i e t I f i g h t
'. theitchedTmaids"oroom, wca room .. 2Srlg*ItU S ..-,butdeserves a ti a

o s c t $'0-00 Pacific today o t prevent abre-.Te om. s259 CnrlAvne3,41o ut,, 7, '.. ..s m e u 0L P l HUt~d te d a'*o-ef slitm
M*mCentral 223.( next to Encon '. Sidi M0 ede hren yg1gA aRt e'OUYNES TCI C.Jersey City. N.J.:The Made commenced." Tecomin nee
L ie ,Theotre Phone Panama 2- FOR RasNTte last Aug. e-l oSlLTDA. ath St..Pencl lCO.. VNOVYork;,n, he% s* at-e-'
SALE:-, l t. dinngnd bed- esin Moroccow flownfroMt r The department Sao these tapcoN ia a
cote ri6. Tel. 3.3359. keephim fr centofatmaahn feurih armen. OneIn twt s la won't w ok to
___ n_ n n rallying pointe or Moroccan VILL. dents. Ew'et'sPiano Studio. Tell b!&eail-t ;ot.. coili wo Teo
KiSALE:t..-,aDouble bed, bmoas a erf-2-1262: No 9. Juan 6,-Sopso ,tt. e non Paina a3.4C S. S e ct trat ll eI tl
._i taleptblivirtroom e50h 1Peru Aven e culated- that fabulous ums.Bad Modeln 2, 4' and 5 rooms,. furnoished o M.f It accused the four companies dW.= 1u i l
No. 23.hd o. etofrer ed or unfurn-'shed. Alrombrots of f.iae wrtman g' 46ehf on a hle sadn t1batr t -r
R SALE:-Eoctric Stove br n cretmpolae Cal e -POetinlto 8k 3eadlionglo burnhe FOR pen-.,110t- h onedaaa-elM -uth.
,.i. D1tifr. sideboad, night tablethe man who freed Ital1386.r. ".-.. 11 aMRLim Th.ells, to rig bids and to allcale 0 3t2of
D sperf sen certomtbuiotal government
*.rdrtatorB m enito Mussolini nMoha OfaUII = FOR, RENT:-Aportments in El Can- d. beroom, init6.. shold ls4 r
any furrtrtureepractitq-ly new. World War I1, lopm ate glraen re streel
to2,5 8 new- buildings o ne block Caelaler an l a In d oth ian n n
2o5e8.nthe kidhoodpl t. etrfromeVia Espaft available Februe- users. e
$T i. ha.r.V4, o t Bh. St:. re porvot s ofp hrt o t |S m e eH i thhe e l tnidet pa rch each, udini og-l'ving-oom B A IPt oe Pa .- _.
o Us eJn t. Tel'' %a ".' 1|1ie .." '- 'r ,1
Uin K*,a., Ahe A111.14' .AI .. -nfoapi- hbthrooft. Special t ph e "nside aee&GbNM
d,1. 1 alone building HKvins and Ironing;s. hAone r ;wet e ie s ep s n. det t wrrhe pre ar r #=B, For further information call 3.. .vALERi G =
A4 0,-iwo.W01 "seee3-d.&wlore year Id l7)Paam cer'doart .tV'By
_-.1 Tkrov. i Fr, -to, ,l gterb a.n h ... "O nA --ne w r*frC ror Fa .n(U o" l-A V(,,( ryfof,
t abom p l etl g m p s yre s s e T h i s n ei tn ooe lrn t u r a d& t hel m.r e ofo rft h imMP 0 9 9 1111 91.11 0iA- ne1 n oe!rglbyo L d n e e drM ; s t oe n a to d i t trmeft b .
A ALE :-.--CI -. lete ll-yiroi'O ropub. latagi. rep irtlof vived b the cated f or servicemen. O rn and two r rl.iw I__n _"- c i r _
"Q" sings,' including plot was printed W ba .-e -- a-n iMa|;dsa Q.r bedronms. Enqui're at Household 4 .. Cat ol ci it st at 'n( l o f s ervnd mt.- .aed r
',finI__d livigrow tsnite, enbd c uaa tI oon netrspett.e ,HI t. All.ofoh me are Exchange. 41 Automobolaol& eow : y bolt o
i raesid s andhassock, Skorep i nlas t reported to, inMo F NA s.Ertni wit o s- wat "roeaters, etc. Romanl h .
. Mightpesell separately. Call Madrid. had bee offered old construction day em- telephone and refrigerator. ViapRomanCeiba c Chur eh. Mitche said thea n.s.'rt-
rundu 2187 aftr u5:30p M. 000,000 franca 1$1.428,000r(m W Uf iLrt1e1 aome,,totthe Porro s No. 124, upstairs. 7 .,.: II O 'Me Vt icnd w- orL i e r- rme ise1*ee0 am
-I LEouin C edm i ng-s take the id -Sultan 'to8 a ( to for'the FOR RENT- .New.furnished apmrt- 'Te V "tican n .aa Ls r- prora ia m- m
c i the offere: N94 mA FeoAbraryI .O U AA$T5. 00., n s "T,_e.DevIl" place theu s oa l a ed Traft -Il se
7, Siet from $79 00. Beds compnl SkoreR by representation* of ter4 f ae nce In t he Na- .,paced formally on I -index di Acte in its, proper pes $ dve I d b ,e
eM atrs fan y a ew$31.50,the ArabrLeague.' forsence int heidden books. It senedy I fo i nzr e 1 t.ItI r .ehl ..
Stoes $10.00 w ardrobe s ...moveint akiwngSidt ohe o-an- l ... organl.a-q.ra y otedbedrowimddining HL-FnEh I rore oerAcanon 1,b9R.0t the can- should p 'ly in Sit
~FQWI$T9.0(). Man aff Brg8rainsfaItN from hi-saholnelandIRP
a m do-...Sultan m h re- nto business for himself In 4 floor Apt, 9. Telephone 3- Ser eted British & Ameu sa. m al vationum in conflict with- Cath- th Pre a tdqn 's
use_-_gai nthe _Moroccan seret,._ -etwe' '134 And"1936..hew s .& r-ICoo i th ren" br oeb U a., l u"s a -' t ries a-. --a ""le boree -to

....... 3 EIItI
,git maeuiwe ope bOYS had taunted them ocn |last ll s ce.
dow. ndrreleared.1 "l 4i FOR RENT O[ RWi o r h pl ea e
ei t ^et.r od.. ^h we
home, either ya wsre used In Communist- dre ollis riffon, as tpres- ml" i c landratn hI*- rute r e of
.toet rd aIles nd appeals fIr ident d and present national exe- O E mnte oare. new No.ryViA uT'-od' %we
1 he bevisits Amertoan Laon Auxiliary. de- ground -firo Telephone 3-0513. gone in m. aLp. his f a-
.'.. ..Ioch the boys 'refer I tme tt r the Canal Zone, FOR RENT.-- Furnished rolnomn .h. man. a"f it-
oth mirdp t het boystimeferto Aleave b tomorow f Wah--room 61h.plminmanthers a a tmee-
theirr e shntsS drotdCtime totio me -n giC. c owher -, eetshew i a...f r Street. d Vista Hermosa No .
w FEB. ,*~a ,~".~,1atoa-, Memoridw Shre e At.C t wMTf aa- terr h- __rwa*_
ut. l never Me toor Chtri n teon siAu l .om o n p- .S .. duTa ofi the nuo-

S ,Ie i St .s fon .elr n Ameca electrtdan ntl Thate, thte art hm a _m t of si ,s ner,
,... Ap tT '- the y __e i le ... at _C ha- hI. tl German Rffl tomorrow dWgckets hate a harl .
Malta tbm theiretM~ atnent." ( 5 3mt curity to be tatel tOf

b -tw--- -,o _e T h u rsd ay .o t hsatr "
hitf ade 850t Iedt'i h ,!AW oMemorial- t Service At. eCnt T c tr-4. C.t.- ic;
SCie o e Am a member of the Tspecialhie d r4 e r- rde

Ssd of t' eadviryc rommltte. tt. atShSe '. yrano dtiye erOwO,,
7" '""' t .-. .d r -"a bcw' or serYbs forCharlestom .'t' row at 6 P.11Lby ly th mt aOnl .. .he Lin-
.. ..OF ua -A ,gO .O .. *In0O-r-an, an American electrician Central That-, as.. the 4-rt ,lra

o .... ... thI a -e dfens-da'.whoe ieds .aterday at Gorges p rin- of a w..l ic W-._ei ._
sa higii t at ta 21e 1 meee B I *m H g tAi Mbe heNdtomorrow tickets ha" Woneibamste ipL v -' .Jhed i

:'F-7 % I -9 -"iR

- .-4~- -

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y Elmer B, an

l ehsaae .as _Ma service Center,. MoB iN d .
ea radway hit, hedI" IdiI a "C Eohnv type P .In
a. nd Mahe'a warAeS ay. ~for si0 part. B th men h ovea A
in a4 memo tom theo p ~or i rendship of the C. anA s
._ 1&~t (p *IMax* pointed out: and ahe been agedt6 by GEORGE SAPT
.41 --a.NOOM as to say the changesin them.. Doyle re~eatly comply et-
410m ws eeo e tsoipt are extensive. After all, ed a 350 mile trip-up the Ba-
a ..... ol Amet abuseh." yano River, roua of ea SIDNEY GREENSTREET
o an'* w maelf oldo 20rnghu-
S' 9p troupe .the- TDOWN naque verge outat1
Mro. *a m as d 1 ia, MdorrDO to say, French star Martine Carol, 0ep- th Darien Indiap. country. L
r- r winding up t: ated r m but not yet divorced "Plntain toPancae
v. wDsir, "at's what le waited to l firm Howood ee ownr Steve resume of the extensive trip "A p
4P. L, Be,.. ,.t.osP L wame. 't iat. ntt d?" I Crane, an ex -of Lana Turner 's, made to the .,no River S
.t as o-ho ~ ""Yes, sir," eed a grateful became famous in her native coun country and their exerlences
rrace or At A thed-Afinale inoia by playingin a seriesofwith t C I ens, asbend
"JB, .uJ aMb m l Suda y d inerd try d-eiela etng the pawte two yrnwt-un i.ll Bh e Tg F .
11t. a. u g n ored rs r .. M. J. f. thkedBao~ eo.. .leal films all with a "Forever written by Mft. 'mvens, anTO
5nAm .ro.- l W i4 n W Stes ,W !- "IMABs ;," d Amber" flavor. has appeared in the. magazine, ,T
Amber" -idb "The litary Engineer."
I'l. s- Caea '1, *-M. ye.' read ,our Hs bettor toT'h The: story Is told that recently -or."
US3X=. I. pk. D- Aa- hean yg dd ti if he rehears Mte took a new novel about DAN I
.. i-a '. r. Mrs. a Mls.. .-. ... an Amberash, busty, -historicale
i "O"e, ts. "ll' evd a u a filml producer n l.Paris. cu t Newsal
..U1 C i Phil Harris o t 4 on 'the set ."But, .Martine, t hisb runs Canal Zone 1 I Seont Connell
SaC. of "The :High an 't igh t." 1500 pages. complained the pro Meet la ng
..'andA young And tery nor ducer. "That's 500 more a es The annual meeting at te a- TOMORROW... At 6 p.m.
"let eMa r. DeO studio executivqwas invited fthan the last ovel we vlit, to nal Z one Girl S eout Counall will
i a men rl friend to S day dinner to aapicture be held at the otel Tivol i Fr- Will Be The Big RAFFLE
r u. t ati r meet her family.p 6 trelativesn. ureday at a.m.
-sad oer eluded parents, asserted auats, but lthoe m ages there Beside the reu lar bu ness pf the Car. You must be
rd ,B If uncles, sisters, brothers, nieces aret k lovers a mymeetie ander elecon of a i cers
Sr, a ad et and nepews and uven a 'dog last picture," insisted Martine. "I the council is to be honored ou Present.
p inpo i sC.u a It turned out to be a happy comm saloners from Chile and -
idaf oB .o e hold ad sh e attended f I1 named and. clR r at t T Ib d the attendance of two nati onal
I i Cik a w ewho can not attend erin nd the tudin eecu- An Im rtant visitor, being Peru. TI OL
SIru ive later ask ed the if hadshown" arod a movie studio. was One is Marie Rose Barrolihet
htro Club ik made a good em introduced t an actor in his dresS- gof SntLiago Chile. the first com-
havizg fa amtoe nt wmemberm p V- rs- "O ef coarse i-"but Ing room. Oil the wall Was a pic- missoner Chile has ever had.. Jane Wyman and St lgden., n SO B 'i
MeGiMat tpe rgar L- and Ir. oscoe Hannon, r. ig o the wa ture of Loigellow. She is also-a'ribwn leader and PLUS: -
y ,anW. '1.* *k m vialng their e'th the mCa press "I see you are a fan of Long- trainer. The other In Dr. VloletA
e" a -lgear a as fam#,., Mr. an Mrs... i ttaeo his home ~n "For even' why? he fellow," said visit *Anlo of G ima. P ru. whe rrol Flynn,* "E096 w r
eaa, ssoGibson, oA f Margarita.-M, dufg askd- te ask ed. w L,.,.-
. du t asked. pressed with, the actor's teraB was recently made national com.
S -idays, according becauses" h girl, t ste. missioner for Pern. She has been
Eflen C ow ebttes s Rer.oi r1*t W4ie& .t.o A sovIed oon the lath- "they want to get the dog in pie. mi guide under the British Girl
a S iy The CritolClon Rotary Club m. a years ol. tures. "Who?" said the actor. Guide Movemit for five years.
-Mr r, a I al. o...x, O New will bold r6tular meeting, o, "Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. She is also serve ng as a trains r.
Cta wita sup- Thtd at at traawkerCityKansas. HE WENT WRONG That's his picture. She has the degree of doctor of
party at u resident, h Cub The elma ~e will e to te loh," shrugagd the tr "Is history from Madrid and froa
to aqmc their be 'held and the pc uttion of 164 1914 and. was em- Homer Croy, one of Will Rogers' sat who it s I tIPanejut co his Lima.
o-E b 0j0 b Nttn ** plo'ed%. an counting clerks close friends, wrote ,this in B s whisers whes .1 make up f In line with the international
ay with i A ,ackMhical Division. new biog.aphy of the homespun. character roles." theme of the meeting, Mrs. Ber- IT'S SHOWTIME TONIGHT! -
eeaa tr re :wth the Mchanirrope -,twirling star, -'Our Will en ce Conner, executive director M
hunt I eDiM when h Roers. Overheard: "A woman's best as- of the Canal Zone Girl Scouts
pres fr te hunt were wo by signed d returned to Kansas When Henry Duffy engaged Will et are mn'smagination Will iv the council a port on B A e I N
Alt yCi' M t play the George M. Cohan role her experiences as trainer at the
haby ib the west coast production of f l international convention held :1 :se w us

j in Wahngton tid i- to make up av ihlobby pQst- rope thLi past summer with a :A7:T
A 'aok rW. o0 ne t* O E'Willwoul of r outs A afrom the w't pcf GilSoutsDr
n kilthA: aneddied this mong Word Arth PaIfl. e du t O mo Will walked nto w ,n-. United States. dwrd O U o
ib g who'il so.'addeaf ,i orsa "i 7- -O HT
Smiith tCoxeaso sted btthe starlillin'hll ee.survivedrbteaeaistere nbP ddalleMhowI EdwarduGryRelNA t oetthreetco
talM ha r orie -Clark, whose billed by the The~ter.Guild .in. ow-o t ersutShel- A
t"eir p re ts.h .hCH ASHA. A ., Ok. T alterna t, maer scouts Shel- G2a E S rMA
hr t was employed for GdI gives an act namanians Gladys ornelo la, eme jnj toinm .GAM B OA
." ..11103 40 1 e th many ya in the Clubh ous epn' einand Dorts Campodonio w -an Jt Br.lf W d ah
Division. .or the posters read e pear on a program for the se.- The a t v to he Tneolor md
S'r i=%r1'E., shows to be presented Jan. 31 Uv tq to s tti G ATUN .
ek.1omiG ,"% I % ,Oklahoma College for Women Girl ScoutsA at the Jubilee Low n a.. .
atdt Greo g. ov e. WKY-TV, Oklahoma City session there.

the 3 A a at Panam anian dance. a d assay,
'Ira '."ns. was in Naad m --lrthm a gehe program, titled An OCW R-1efL atr ILO I.
SLse .. N ed odb yha forvby1 ae'" s- t .cw y tajotA g 3 of th OC V : a :5Wed. & Tha.r8. -0 5r W .im
lamre Ad oar O tPoln. aaceedftow.. Sao"tie schinent 'm d t Ueuf I.campus. .n teznat.onaIdances arti
Sa e a ae t directed by Dr. Juana d Labali. LA BOCA "THE GOLDEN HAWK"
bIe imfle t o .oe. .The D in. AttTW. llas U 0lelty i New .i Shortly after publication of Polly dnee. director o the college. Tcnolr wemn da L
ebae rw-:b d 'f se ordra an. ops to.odsrniuo 1w Pauls Wont the'r&' l Adler' book. "A Houee is Not a Miss Corneso i the daughter L.Wn,
ad to barter with the TndI1i. the caris' of death.. Mr. 'and :Mts. Wo 4wfi ofRHOlne,"tddile Maxwell was writ. of Mrs. Matillde Sieenz ofLa.Clio-
SI olon. .' inr a y, I dlen script and Nd -rrera. and Miss Camnpod onico Is PARAISO "Destination Gobi Technio
.Iceated oMne characters as a the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Do' '.
Protei i'heYiia sophomore, a former "Bil1 ]10ouse" typW%' itiulsCapodonico of Chitie.
', C dtudent.oo Crpitobal High School,
maintained an SNr-s haverese SATA CRUZ,15 ad .-AIWE8' cCnOVY'
of ?0Oor betty during both om- WeANAa C RrZ LoAN s
esters of bil..frehman year to
Sq yoo ohles.pteaw os p.,.awardsIa-undergraduae Today and Tomorrow! CHAGRES '3U3W m s, .
:jg -' 7 _- 1--.*._ -I....-_ scholars ip7:3 0 e: n Wemeter IDNAPle"
3:08 4:55-6:56 9 p.m.wa
col e, ne ,al and fel is Cl llste under.
,,hWARRI Jai "1. hro es l~pover to grant steva- odae raldent olllmeges ., AMP IE R u A
'oseph R. .krt to be a fed- should be men "above abuse of Wonr is ate for Yale's Iny-lt ,AE
eral aomimunicatic comfini'te- thel t powr." hacnelor of Wiee gret and Is
alone despite De~~oraUtc elUfms "If, fthPCC Culd be packed mal,0ring in.ooloii.
he Is unfitted for the job. ivith men partial to ont aide," t'e
The vote confirming thle for- said, "regimentation and thtout
mer Ptinan and ountam to control botald e eareal. U'UD
the 4115,`00, seven- at r10 m C' ,-Alother'CC ..i4x nEA
was 58 to 25. f 0comtnismlond fis 'a WlsuonI't I a SPECcIAL
F7aty Republican were lom- supporter of MeC6rthy. LA VISTA V flhLFMZI
k Leo T ntone m onrrao exaerience ru- 'tsI -4:8 ,rM -, "'. The story of love, lie, and A magnifi ent Motion Pifure.
wons .) and two e t L spofsred by weozi Texas on- "WE WANT A CHILD" The Story of Love, Life and
St.ana h-se e ne maI'6. I an.. Human Birth!- Wonderful!
me.)- te nonatin. men,...1 ea ts~'.e Wholesome! Sincere! Moving!

ep..who has elrtieized
lnvesti tin seth- T,, ,ran I

WJThn. Brde .ker.(R,-O. TDAY "Le Pacir"
,,s ghimemn of the sh i om- FROM 1:00 T 9:00 P.M.
e Committee wro-rOV- with
le enre Lee w"con SYMBOL OF STAiOTh- CAST! k r
s a a trushri oob" orni A motto that was Charle. "LURE OF THE "-

7magne's in the year IWo ogrn WILDERNES" A CAVIMTC
S art of the n My oredA TOUCHI.. .o.iI
IIsign.iat AT 00ofedqArt Allied.M"ONE HUNDRED
S. phrases arQnd the shield means SIAK PREVIEW! LITTLE MOTHERS" o3iV.WAs '1M MaW
ime meqW. B s tandg SNEAK PREVIEW!
us We E W be W M
Isbanl6is is a I
C AC N 1 0O C 4 P10OL 0 siM.ImIMW-uJm
"the fr of IMSpe." On WAMOOt $11505 BANK DAYI O.? ".,angbmiWllIHlI

emRd Cameron, in f John Payne, in
Muirs: Burkh in a* Noew, In

3 VIC 1O1h ) oUL'


* .. 4 V
-- "-.-~:. .-

- .4

Ltre Dame Denies

- -.. ..-.'....-.,.
;*' ." ...." ,-; ;.-

vy Whips Powells 83; &Fastlich League -.", e

eWers"V. ledJ O g4it The first game Baturday'suF-71
Wewers Vs. l Tonight double headpee'ockeabusy '
double header between F matpfch N` .P5JO W t
Leaguers ConeJlo and Oe lot ."
was a thriller of four to three
S"TANDINGS will be fighting to stay i .the wat o s S .'-w--... -,' ,,, .-.' '
race for first half honors In the winning pitcher and he contri- PAN ,.: .
lantlte Tiwigfht Baseball Atlanle Twilight League. Their buted two hits for his own cause, TAN WJ Ji jS Z
League ^moud selectio AWill most cer- the leading hitter fdr the one- -
talnl be their JtOr ri ht d- jomsL t.
W L oPa er, Noel ibson. His ,School0, K rchmeir was the losing .Yaees .. .807aut
S1tion sent floundering in the c pitcher, going all the way for the 1th Ynees 1 .tdi62
sBer 2 2 .500 ar will send McGaughey to the Ocelots. Black and Kirchmeir Bbers 1 a 42 forth LJ ear' fot
S2 3 .40 h were the leading hitters for the. Bombers 11 1 .
DI.. 1 a a25 m Ocelots getting two for four. '- TONIGHT'S GAM (7 ..) I,-.-,
Game time, 7 p.m. Klrchmeir get the only extra ow. at a.O.. .. h ana.qM(7 S u** 'been : .
YNIGS RESULTS base hit of the game, a.trlile.p. m (oe.vs..or
S staon 8, Powells 3 The box score: In the second gamea o the a d e.;ISi ms s Yank. b) ron -3n(ba ) r'
ATafternoon the Pumas sufferedTW L Oe The *1ka 141. Smeet appeared h Ct
STNIGHT8 GA NAALSTATION their first defeat of the sonsa s nd LA GNI WS T 30 1 "
:.-CR vgab rm Beera six to two win for underdog I' O handf t -.eBo ,OUs.b Amit ... .b
rz, 2b 1 1 2 Macaws. Bruhn was he winning. defeat sson. The Yank ee will end strong e Or r r*.

8 I^l k s ^^: h, $ .. r, d h t h a n d e ll k n .. .. .
E r taola.c 2 1 1 5 1 1 pitcher going all the way whileS 10oala de .. e. S 18 1dr ighthan l ken- 't ie
Staton nine mod Gifford, is 2 1 0 0 0 lls took the loss for tee Pu- t u I- to'the mound tonight In f. eV T 1
oI a first half victory Lott. f 4 1 0 0 0 mas. being relieved b Krkland t attempt to further widen ood a Notra' a.UP

b hw hrn s .. ...... 1 r, ana* w hh., won. 5 h i nolo
lanti Twiht Lea le, 2 3b1 8 .00 n third Inning. Durfee wasthe of th sn a ly plAer to garner more than
spun a three- hl Reno. 3b 2 1 1 0 10 leading hitter for the Macaw o. 'huMy Copper tcher, Ind aAeor 4 3 o one u gaks Abia m a trip s ~t
the hpf 0 t4 sarafin. if 3 0 0 16.0 04with a two for three eobtipu..utr 7. P.114. o... 1en 1 i 1 In tihe anPdm *ey Pro e etssional g as"ad n'
with an 8 to 3 vi- We If 0 0 0 0 0 0 Loeady, utherland 3 Tand Salas, S3 19 2n l wil tha o had utbI. Wou a a
Chamberlain, c 2 0 0 40 1 each tagged up a hit 0apee fo Ma 4A ai'b. a, b. elasds t oambe -'a'b- ow i h e e
SBaron, ;r2b 1001000 /the Pumas. 111141 Y M-Olymc Sita- iium ha.n .. -.
three playing date. re-iBurns, p 2 0 0 0 1 0 The Ocelo t and the Macawsl d
I M e GIthalf anWNG WEraham P I1 1N will tangle at Albrook Field to- The ibra ar e... S .1 Th lab ero AB ore cuted
moo aR fecuia 4r 4 Score by Innrno at futn, B y itain* 3r*obS of 3 0 0 Bomber vie- Atla i,.0
ton as only one amweek, C 1o 100 008 4 3 The lon awaited "battle rf.. Dwon ste o An mft re- elen, f 0 0 i
Sfgndays date aPoslft TOP TEN 200 000 1-3 4 2 champions" will become a rea- 0 tory will lea d the cellar r 2 0-
to complete their sched- to attend the games payeo y ao. Brandon. .- 1 0 0 ieoff t
ih tor Insured t heTas n G Kir he-mpund for wthe ine urs ane d.out offirstp laufs ace, W B,~-B

we.r. ..t r7 1 ,re hi Rtiyr; oun The National Ba.ebal Con- 0efes Bane them game S ,

Sv0th W ro07 1 olebases: 2. tihr preioi meeting, two gew yesterday announced It time to decide the winner after .X 1 b
lew t a tie ior tirt pl mockery. 3 (ery effete t t c ota 9 18 0 A t t clo. Da re ed a .*11 o 'U
one oint btng, 0 4 0 Ocelot 2 (Halvosa, M llr). e a TO r Bourne ts socaton in tals.. ...1954 .C.1811 WAs- tremendous ovation from theLe
imore f itor a los b the Manninga 17 Bases CONEJO K inning when the Police Unhod er ts st night the Yankees ed ed B e .a l
SBrewer!s will eld" 4 trkeoute by: wi 0 t aerss their three ru' this group wl he u n the rowndefea5- in a thriller 1
ineth fram rf 3 T TANDIG3b 4 K10rch31a, Haydeato 9. Pitchers The C olon Boxin Commison of approving all Individual um- Pompee Ian more than 0 fihts uaber' 1
PTwill e eBall, the first no:n4omas runs off gave the "green ight t fm P a s an amateur and pro -"a s at Wall, p 0 h1 3. U llr h
mar up going into the Kirchmer n 7 Innings; 4 hits bot at their regular eekly and .... o the sea. chPat Patrlck, wthannan 0
Lott, who led Na guO> ... 111batsNMaona -k t hee ? d*tyn
mrads in, .their previous HughesW., b 0 0 0 0 ODrennan.rof 0 0n 0 0 and struck utyone batter.or ester cf t A:s 2 d a L0 0 wtohe4 ,i. SasoneroftrTerTfro- b& oor a

didcapeonly 25fpou Powe1 30 00 PUMAS 0 pI c Pancho, a 1our- 2--. o ws d f C a
With, af urto1 0 0 0 0 ,Chas,' '0 0 Spik .McNeill.Gibraltar short- empsey as 0 0 0 0 0 ped his second gap e as com- 34t 0. Wayne W all gave upon
lt ga th oar er 0 0 0 0 heysn, lb 2 0 0 e histeaatthe plat rne .. 1 1 to w. hit ad thatcaMeWithoq

S ibn b the leader in' s r; 0 0n 11 12 15 a.B l2 a 2 0 1 1 2 paredr Yoono Gewn
night's w eganme with twoampls, i 10 I 0 iran, 2b 2 000 0 0, 3 Ju o u
for t s to the plate. Hodgs, f 1 0 nel, 2b 0 0 0 1 wisingle in three tr Brown, If. .. ..Zi ana wth three for n te ven Inning. H
rtLanan, J r t le# Million, 1 3 0 0 0 1n "" lreeoce le den K d H.
fe 0m h0anI 744 960 0 M illon, nd Marta n oe .. 0 the winners. Fo but ran o trouble one two

SPOWELL3 Morton, 0 0 1 0 D go rough with a co0 0 1iTANDINGS t
atMt. Collins, t 1 0 0_ 0 t to meet Bore. Hs pen W L
t a rosWr 18 5 4 23 7 h-twi tn four cipe. O ne of t.e losers, Herman Ch c tt wn te ge
for thope first time t Martin 140 170 10 4 4 ACAWS lri'nes. w.l be iven eT .. with two forfour- was 1 on- Buick.
- econd night of the season. Tortoal 112 1704 3 1 Mbrd, u 1 0 0 onef th-year season. or a threery Crria .cionl 1er to garner more than

: ghpst there conalbo Brewers n Hk 18 1- 8 OC Dae, lb 3 O 2 4 ott, hs enforced layoff plus a $5 e 2 1
a, 893. 888. 0 and 852 or a 41 0 0 2 e 74th Enf in teneer 1 1 tird a
KrmBlack, ap 4 20Police C 0 00000T onwtGl rDawsont40n00' r1Won awle throwtat hrd. Wall0

e er having 0 heir troubles WRIGHT BROS P 0 0 0 uarry Heights 0 2 .000

SBatem only 2 one of their Brasel 171 164 160 495 i reo Ifn 1fe 1 0 1 0 tn te s h to
th ith h 815 Wlkingstad 0 21 22 85 alvyo, 2b 2 0 0 0 Stru Wednesday, Pan Ideal s n e a Ce-

ong led the Ace's Larrabee 173 194 172 539 6 5 21 5 r Navigation vs t W-. I
Swhe Adern Hndicp 50 0 0 1a-5gee 1y In0 0s 0C 1, Bases on BaleriVes. .hhoe u I
behind with 51. The win 000 0- 3 4 riday 7485th s Na

Uthe Plbrst from seventh 943 98 0 7 a rfc 411 00 x-8 E Co0ach Ba Commlisary Tom CreHol-
Recls 454 w good Bensen 181 171 151 483 alow nd Fall. Srer-a Naconal IANG .

C. Stilson 170 152 161 483 an. Errors: as 4 (Suter- Question What happens vsCommissary Tom Collns T M The A
26 (UP) Mid ewe ght by

oyecod place with a three Arm"trong 189 193 141 620 Macaws (Fallenbaum, Pitt- the gameleaves the clock n- Navigation e '

B t wth over the Cafe Carobe. Robns on s 160 150 137 447 mani L .-.Ilt on base: Pu n .as 4, p nrnt during a ---o bo. n at r :*. 0 0 -----*_ I
popping the firt game A-Hogan 591 Bae:s on bs by: e-o r ,- Amw TraprtationimnOut- Crawfod, I b "
pina tey went on to 83 83 783 t Brh W 3 Kirand 5: to start lt Army Trans tato wp ee o a m

S next two and total ---Recc Stackoutby: Bru 11, Wls 3 afr one t frt 7-un ecit i 0
SI we the bo's tas and 2 runs oft Bruhn on over Nav. E N V

n tamcore o and 137 182 174 493 ld 3 htn and 5 runs oft Answer: l t n In the A lu est, Navy took ad- na. i m

,,team t eaf thran' 60 1 137 212 537 in 2 Innings; 2 hits and are occur anta of a trio of errors at.
las t dotel ln 184 17805 189 551 l run off Kirkland in 4 innings, e n B|e e3 of seT beoe o hwle paaelo

V" .0 were W iWcIint Stewar t 157 138 146 441 Wnn o pitch i :eB.Los n etursne. p eund s i Ko f ath 26L Pt wo-foits,' ed-.
ort he first lft e Pcest fT 6 6170 177- 2 B rane. P a 0sAW b-3: P i 2 am pago henw bot"iehl b o e irea la- it hed aea. ru n t the ti h fa .I e. -
bi on point. Dthe b Andero 6. r 17 -21 o1t- 3 (Ryte Ha,4yden, 0onreliar healon tm on ta csDo.
Shad anthrne but anWallac 18 174- 0 Oelot 2 (Hoa Mal4 0 a niore aouf e plu sa ntsa-tremo ovol
tme o it tho for aoth the PrIe1yor 18 7 18 43 4U100pia r'es o u, hei ee th e th s o derters 0 th c ohater te
frme InUfoute rI G dec14- V. Anderss 51 172a!-4 8 y7 Hn Nd a
nerPow 0team ws five TWnUTANDINGS Klnc1 S 010.Haydn 9 0tcesh .lo T 10NC Iso m .11 i a uIb
to sthepovel-e-ree fro P ana anaaeaemaernpoianBoarne ".._,
d"ad up Pginglnto the Won 52 0bst ecrs: 4 h t an 4 0uA 1 f gv tea,".reenP)tw
only to lose out to the Post O5fics 48 32 Kirhmei in 7 Innings; 4 hitsbn
-2when they failed to Acst p ra 13 in pt r: Haydn me gra offiesers at Iofdeid ther 2 oaon -I r tl .Th T d "... .
0 7Wte- b fin 1620T?01benwe re. lb

,b131Min h a 1.Then 2l r ih Br .p esM .Tm :1:5 ep As- thatoclos e.rd include Yoe, nd _f Ma ina tre pud th e on es h.a-
a .end Ca earib .17-1eJo 4 ss3 M sHmiden,'lonatprelMainnrynfigterssecretary-treAsu trervioeatithannD w onth

g.e o tnd c w ithe fin W..a e on 130 170 168748 s .a n, Sb 2.1e 01au 2wit- h Pe dr a t1e 6 pou nds ad cov is diction
ac e s o. T we tl rt ga me w a s f i v eOoSTr e o d s : 4 h 0a1 2ru s ffon: /h e g r e a in s- o ut n do hrm f or I-o AI RPI.Bna" .a po_ 1
but theup, .wo t ntotheW n ._ oe 144,199 181.521Sutherlandns; s h0 1 s 1ouen i irel a b tw een o1*a-nd _mn zg,]-ron se e b t e I..
onl hoeoe Hog tn'sl9t1 rowOcn 191 235 171 Se7r1frkland, 3 he s0aa yf ciatio

p off Hayden in.7_in- n._etigl vetterda 164 244 181 1m tihe 1r ogramo-f ,rkhmd n 4- bnp ,x rieghdon ae,2orleecI.el p
w tin theseond th. e ce1744 90 146 2X pitcher: f 0 0 0ueC g.-mentn, W mM v Martinez for fail-e ns m are op or enr .uer-
thei s lu m 'o 1iskloliConCA r Bddr s Dm,. op14sul/ leeaeb 2 .b00 -
fortefirtti since Ma rtin 14010 17018 484.Corr Migan Neile. wl be g e ith /herrI.a ne nd.1at1 0 2 Apoundanda

215 10 162 57 2 : ous u'horitt, bry Tap orttlon kept
-e 1andaball lies iCn the third, fourth, Land
I4 14 1n d a bU lr. .. _, t
lawKeJr. 151 168 174 493 Dr. P .Ai with two see-fith, during which Nelson and
nee", d U24 24 24 4 S Wr lef se rgrt to strt ItBer had a homer aSplece.
and Michigan teek the ball Out, the winning pitherre-
817 I 81tgog mis sed a log et, then mrte"a la aedtod in rr fir u-
Sa pNholer SMOKR EATE the rebend fo r the winaalni qahreon woh took over frm .
- a by M0 paus dmonds 16 159 174 40 6 mm re. The Welvere would Rolnes in the third. inherited
Sn thei by Docurro 17 15 183 tt hd do sif the the defeat. i
BOt 13M 177 519 had as It was supposed Spencer, 2-2; and Nelson, .3, mi SiUEt.A ?A
he l ker 194 189 183 80 l ea- were the pacesettoir at bat.
-e_ j0 ls a-E01 81"40.... 0 0 AT -
Sv. WT AT CLB ep a le
lt ms IAramftrout 1M- 185 -1-9 543 L --T Td : .imni.. .Los Angea_ -a(NMu) Tii.t--- .- -
L WaUPS mrcktl 136 11 5 123 374 q On a. wcterjminp, what lbatwoBepB art 1 W '
9 FH lJips if 181 1 46 1 4 3 S*S." ~r Bte .at .1 .. othe tted -er rearo)L
at fr 177 IN13046 We 180 418 tb flor ne of the men otrols beet, la
Ir r. r', -0" '- -eff M om s,. dM ..-,-" :' Ld

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4' .--'r _'

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41 m~-





Seventh of articles written
for NA service
rour-tlame Womea' ChamplOn
Most bowlers want to throw a
'.ven it they-dont score well,
they are happy if they can de-
velop an impresamve hook.
Actually. unless ygu bowl more
tian once a week. you shouldn't

wnat ne


= ri ".-4 L

On National Bask
sociaPin ,

bet on frt Wayte aI
the bookies grew war
On' chapritable
New Jersy learned ,
about olina' pro
money when it
lurbAW grad $lt,
mobey to appear in
game... And later r
ill from the airlines
same travel,.
be's -owa:
get awreeand you
.e"... "Ne the
the. f t at as
to the baker
as coah retuh

rm for all
Mahaam In- aladim UI

ranT. resuort was a bi; tsartling. I talso tup 4tUerl ofe bconte ut -I.ersaction t th: m (fof
S. weeded to the p NAL TOCH' part t lift ver is what causes the ba'
iEaL te learwdstythe ht. ..IL(P)ard -
larse d if he could learn that in ot t they leav I

I y fal to see any merit n individual A SIGNED on The u ingn th fingers w-
, rt'.ther that he's uch pronounced SCOUT e oart a slight lifting motion tn
kl Y Sal41 of W weakness to socept help from hR. &4EBA COL OACT tP he ball as they leave. It sla this
aUW he'W altogether ronessg, but .. well, Af Xig motion whichli cause the ball to
y t do It in baseball the days." o eCOLOR, P he best bit iiF i I ore-ivl hook toward the center of the
waly; That seems to be Morsby's o of base. news to t the At- alley and into the ppcket.
wer. likely to 4bn4on it, the wrtoM. are we lantle, of the tihmus iscthee
cr aatlto ofthe.Isthmusin-thea' Moat experts ure that, the
Ioter super-stars who. t ir ne0 o reason a n All (nCWe. to a To- IMWRo ..rclano winters.Mooth t r
pOhalo tbe cshrsy vkWL haimOcaonrt at Grduinger, U. Y., his favorite in well er different types oj
t gotJohnson, to nam e a few 'resort. o n eio s
nson to name a few Alexander. he manager's idea today It generally gets the best* pin
SAt eet Dailey. l. member seems .to be keep everybody corm- action.
o DOOf the P.tie mco-, lately unaware of the fket that
.the RodfsI eorge (Birdie) Tebbtts I ononqa 1u .ose tad m
making hismdemebut as a m r-league ea de has a champ. NEXT: The follow through.
tl Tebbetts has time to concentrate nations Yankees pt our Pro
nt a staff of able assistants. Loop. Qu ael, Biley 'pl -
right idea," Paul concedes. "I take ~i l~, hisng trBle ir ace
ngel a s mana r but it obvious his club and isaamong the RBI ead-
he servi of h mea nas Jim Tur- era. .
ot the ts which confronts ht new Bailey is sturdily built, He
tting and pitching, I offered six ptes a 5101 structure torwhich
ate for Danny O'onnell but he I at d app oimately 165 Amble M e ,M e" 09 10
'n trying .swing another deal now 0un e dla sure
twoe long way to0go, an udd I'll t ansshelpi ma kebhis
rI ir i division." i strong throi u. arm 4adeadley-'i .A t to .

l. raleo N eeleote to be Pt oI ISvonlI.., .hT o
e rigrthe Im a dep .. he .c. '; ...

sr a e age: Even You wo r what's in
ge Uor 41 n lllp0

:z ;ea wan.:n5s n V'Sry Saturday at 9 PM

igh With pray belnngd tey mind- Fo r year i Johnton shouted A

.. ii mental In the signing of Alan that Moore was being denied a T
pA il ey are Al Kubski, astute richly deserved crack at the .
Yankee manager and Jimmy crown. Now that the St. Louis., .
Campbell, one-time Canal Zone Negro has it, Johnston, like Ho '-I
SLeague manager. After we got many other pilots, ~s put a -
this release from Alexander, we tle in cold storage. It ha. to be .
.otb~il ^' o -"-, ., talked to Kaoki on the tele- Maidn, It Mems. or no one.
sOldh i. W* phone and both Alexander and Ma la e se e National Box- A I
Kubski told us identical thin InR" Alociation Iss clamoring for
about Balle that should mae Moore to one more tackle young
him good all layer.. Harold Johnson, the Phlladel-
wS Win Bailey will I ve sometime in phlan who won a decision from
March for spwhug training. He im. Either Moe or o Maxim
oe will report to Topaka, Kansa of could t a pile of money boxing .
i 1 Wtrri Association. Harry Matthew in Seattle. But '
- l Along TveheFmrwaymanaylor. tpy SS which win e
On he Fairwaysaualbin leh mrer who.h tah e wet S.ihe *"PHIl IPS HIT P,!
s aThe Panamae Worman el o urley, who haos l. Matthews, guess to. St9P ion
received TheoPaionad Wntwoerclfb saihne a u ut %atJakecthr 91"Central Avenue, o
b th0will t get underway in Feb ru-ary. anged ndsdut
Each competing team will be "000- 3Y4S Panm, by 8 P.H. Fri
l made up Of four r olars and Thepe was talk of Danny Nar- 3 4 Panam n 8 P F
tWo alternates. he low hand- dico boxin Rocky Marciano In u tr .- ame 1an address.
You ant leap player will be captain of the Miami in February. Nardico Is a : ,..
wat bad 1team. Summit and abopleaing lub fighter and a .- will reeiv ten
Une of, clubs will combine to enter a lightheavyweht, yet you never ry receive en p
A ay B'- team. hear the Taamupa' neme men- ELight points for 6. Six points f
S- e The first match will be at toned in the lanme breath with
,'-- from 9 6r, Panama on February 6; Bum- that of Moore O xln. Ifau i.. for 3. One for
rmi* a .. .. mit-Oamba vermus Amador, once Johtoa.and the vener. -- e .
,Abei Davis e .iaoe.s Tee-off able Jack ,e,, who unides h ,,,n,. .m
ion beforeW a rh is um 8:s0 a. b repreenta- Matha, turne mup ai bih w heelo Mai -
nab t* l .g IISLI. (NEA) tive are d to call Alyce and palay-wH in the InW tr. tit les w hll be sected on
twl5 French. pBalboa 1892, to make national Managlers Ould, Moore
die oeb of the Warriors, is final arran en. The roving and Ma i became a dancln fo p apular so by Station I
ays Beve rek b<>u rilht now...Itrophy w re -l t year to team arvts ana Julta and s
-nd sera- and iirhuat year ofAmador o h won it four Marge and Oower Champion. ctr with e h n core a
New yearthat our da before the fi
lsos the T'eT. F e first regulTr monthly PW. the promoters had to putd ex'-
bekptball In a duel g tWo A tournament of 1004 will be Layne on the card out of con-
ah Gar. ive chs,. SAr a held at Aador, Saturday. Feb- ditlon to hypo the asie. Even
fho lith egura ttu i.ta od 30. For an hour before the then the Od un promoters, who
*" t1- Ea c comptien r te al Distillers happy Moor kPtpoly but were not
St hat Ron Cor. h n the bo sting swa lost i nd I
-- Feb of era t 'iC Send In Your E
icapplayerwicapto aoidgolf Theis trip Moore and Maxim l
a. i bne a p.Smt an of relaxa- and the IBC .are insured by a
o 'lmb g d broadpatineg fee. i
PAo Intfirst m the Cervece- he production ill beIfortunate LI S t
it- ramlt al tou ament todoe mush ma the gate.
idtlwhisp te comings : bo Ina March. ,ee .iel
asts aretewAp with csreatir d I Intheelrs ittet
F,! j tren o audi92 ltplaye-nluckyaMat er s uld mi. Th saoe tol
dig W.eb' Ot Wrrifl1g ".t to The
lavrehto4e d t to thewe1 so bad 0ivan before hse
.il, (l) tournament Ae yery bod y It of the savG e battle that
M N teowlB ,. w.nto rto y t and rsee the rse IBC lined up o kee a
..t, () ern a ye, .o all Te ao tel eularei the -
S Tl th re r mt to nt ply to mher a it on.
'J b le Ina rde ly# Autrnameto 1eo o ayaxim- are now o c
*round 'at "aboa c.; n1I a f being fut|-
.o O U -MAat d A FoNn-tAohy Do t e e Eo vG
ltet w "e .0111t$0 Rochester. N.T(--(NAlaiox iJohston has
Ar0=TV'" rodgtnge.

a.4 4.L


twryjboly R C. a -sil,
''* ~ ~ ~ ~ A- ..* ^ ^ *



The .

- HOG 840 KilocyMcle
1 .. .;



"Cavalcade" Radio


". .! -*

the seven hit tunes for' each'
lOs' 57 H Street, or CASA
or mail it to Station. HOG, Box
day, making sure to Include

nts for- seven correct guesses.
or 5.' Four points for 4. :Two
L. ialf a point for 1 correct

the basis of requests received
lOC up- to 6 P.M. Saturday.
t the end of each month wl
"Cavalcade" table radio.

ntry and




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it Paras 4(

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... K. .... ids'

May Be N RIUpF
| -p, "Let the people know tle truth and the .oe rywtu h safe" Abrauu''Im'neoln. Na1t^nal lYO. m.

e.:a'de government held out "yr .. ear ea
nt s slowing down tion n a
in a couple of Industrie.fTo R uI s sa --w C
L bor Department said A fingerprint check o .
y of employers in the rhornton la arrn .]ateo y.
149 major industrialIs n his lavish Park: Aenue
Mndicates this Is a o revealed that he wm"dl a inr"B
B.,Olty. BERLIN, Jan. 26 (UP) Georges ault on each point was considete. a .nof China at tthe top tf -proposed H9mndel.andth me oJ
Suntil arch, it Secretary of State John Foster of his speech.' It constitted, heavy weather' of ill agenda for the present cfer- lmfra (N.Y.). Re lOta fo heoownt
Dulles gnve Soviet foreign therefore, o studied Westerne e comingegbtlaqaing ence. O ermany, dudn Bu- burglary. He l entity '
"little or nt minister Vyacheslav Molotev a ply to Molatov. lo gaol. p ean. security md n Austriansd with conspiracy, grand lar f ,W
Jr*I I mintsoyment 1cy- firm "no" today to his., de- First official Western eac- a or Mplotov't thet to treatywere i 4 orand third ceny and pttilnin- .
SWe tan half the s man4 that the Western aises tion to Molotov's foreign por ae Lte an eastern dofens bckl points. dictment a naRe.d, wn bW- -.
reases in one-third of tion and drag Red China Into disappoin tent but little sur- W aa4e it ces. e was ran situatlo w ause and
Sand further mea- any riferenc on Europee n Eurlpe. prise at oe Kremlin's "offer- iced to esor l falve efforts to arau e ft fi6ce con- The h ndsome mn-about-, *
In creases In nem- Addressing the second session ings." groupings lust to ie t e ference had bron.wn, Molo- town began his c are er as i- i
int about 20 regions, of the Big our foreign minqlters American, Frenrh and British threat from Russia's. t l- toy said: bricklayer 'and became one of *
conference, Dulles told Molotov, spokesmen said a preliminary tary buildup and *fr the "All this Is to a great extent the nation's top model a ener- I
qridZance, shipbuilding, it was understood: study of the speech reflected smaller network of Ml- connected with the abSlence of atlon ago. He eb st ald his own o .. .. .
aiens equipment In -The present conference was practically no shift of the Krem- iance whitlch she h C ea. 'in normal relations btpetweIn certain model agency In'94 nd styled f a r. .
e4 appcor to be called primarily to discuss the ]in's attitude on any of its ma- the postwar period trough great powers (the UnIted States himself "The Me ant of
or'further joo cutbacks German and Austrian treaties lor principles of International her tie-ups with the satellite and Red China). Venus." as i an.
March, it said. and d should stick to them. policy. states. m"There can be no doubt that WThladuthornton has claimed that t I .
S c, e h 2-Red China has no possible But there remained a flicker Russia offered to end the the calling of a five-power meet- Mariyn MOnoe, uan Hayward, e
inihent officials believe connection with either Germany of hope that Molotov's speech deadlock in Korean peace nego- Ing would contribduteto the re- Laui ftacall, Joan Crawford, ti r
unwsi ment Is now or Austria. Therefore itcould hamd left some scope for bargain- tiatlom It the West Would amit moVal of a number Of difficulties She ey WNtors, Arefe Dahl, poe e r i
the 2,t0,000ooo mark not conceivably be brougllin to ing on individual issues, provid- B CadCina to a five-power Oqn- existing now 11 B d to the Lizabeth acott,. Dorothy Me- da the '-dRiDut an,;
.'thanisjanuary of the part In any talks about ed his statement was intended. Korean questleato he ho lu- Gulse, .and many 6ther stars Voeimnth t
n strictlyEuropean problems. as a basts for dthcussion only. .MOlotov warned at the same tion of certain other urgent In- were products f his e n c y w
ofears b loesI w eU If Red Chinas ants to show pood Diplomats felt-that whatever tim ef that unlessthe Eur0pean ternatlonal problems." build-up. Anllhave defied his afthl-ev fl sd ,s
yerlfsbu t hn ored China n th u prbems ltH d-ucp.A havedenied theirsh'haf t herlvk o e ,f Rid
4,600,000 peak of the will, it has every opportunity to the ultimate outcome of the army pla bis stripped, f. Be- That was supclue any o- claims tatlve a. tew i
f' usually are the Korean war. come prepared to give anything Eastern bloc. saying there *oul- be'an Keo- Since 1950, Thornton has de- DeiS.n-v dft. t l2d t
t.ighest unemploy- 3-The Went will not in any away and that they will ask a Molotov's tough and generally rqan peace coifereete under voted his efforts to publication .tep.osnm ate n401t o' 1
T spring pick-up In circumstances abandon the price for any concessohn they uncompromising statement was he present cir a it us, and of "the model casting directory." t els ii dtsumed on s
y shows up n March. cornerstones of its defensive miht be prepared to make. studded with demands that th o West had better with a catalogue .Oft child models a tain nion i eo n S
S. ot e alliance including the Euro- The price, they said, might would spell the wrecking of the Red Chin arelt ua l meet- whiqh he told parents wah dis- rPanW."ot- C l.o.l
ro.dls of the employers' pean defense treaty and plans however be lower than it would Western defense setuo and the lug iit wants -pte con- tribute, among big adverers. The Reds refused to s.ay .
a n released within to rearm Western Germany. have been some two years ago abandonment of far-flung U. S. fetenpe. The Weo t aThe d clst He Inducedparn to have their whether the. walkout means they dtb wrRdo d'mn .
ment's announce- 4-United States bases in Eu- as a result of the West's im- bases weekend to- rejltiS bid. children's photos published at Intend to boyco, the second- Y
t. yesterday that 20 of rope and the Middle East are proved defense position. "The building of U: S. mill- The West countered with its $40 to $50 each. s tr .# i,., i niytely,. t t
Smlas Industrias centers strictly defensive and can not be On the other hand, the to- tary bases in some European own peace progtam.Jtw s based District Attorney T. V Went they iset,'I t o.t eor another
ri 1 smaller Industrial considered in any way a threat tal absence of reference to countries. In North Africa nd In on the unification of Germany Qutnn said the charges against liaison sesif t
leOw have "substantial" to the Soviet Union. free elections in Germany, the the Middle Eastern countries a f t e r all-German elections, Thornton were based on fraud The US. envoy broke off top- r eemiWU" d uafu A, t-
llIoyme=t. This Is nine Though the text of Dulles' continued hostility to the EDC nothing to do with defense pur- guarantees against anti-Soviet in connection with the publica- level tlftl Dec. 12, betuse ,the W yeopfKrea
than In November, the speech was not immediately and the attack on U. S. bases poses," he charged, aggression, and President AEsen- tion. The Better Business Bu- Communists .Orsltted in Isult- m.rf9e'l 1.
iaament's last' survey, made available, Its main' points policy in Europe and elsewhere Molotov put a meeting With bower's atomic pool plan. reau said that once Thornton Ing the ltited States-and in- l"fi ,pokemn said
Swere learned n advance. Eden offered the Soviet addl-"collected the registration, vir- a that Ru'iabe adLit ed tor a
Sasntea classified hayo Dulles d ha pent last nitht tional security guarantees if tually no emente a th
L aad this m n rewriting his they still felt uneasy over West- taned for thee children." e po
'. sntiar joblesss totals eech in order to reply to the ern defense alliance the Eu- Thornton was' release in $2,- tie
Sof ast whch Moloto loosed yes- ropean Defense Community and 5001 ball to apWar for rralgn- lonI ,t o1bA thw r .,
upply jobless. rdav at the peni session. the North lti allan, m t tomorrow.
AT 60PMMolotov had called for a vir- EGtandmnaulor:thrht hdre '.n
clarification enyt4es it .!al surrender by the West to Eidaul forthrightly endorsed
rnment aid in ense Russa's terms for a global cold peanrm
Is and special tax ben- war settlement. European army and apan with ed r
,for firms.buildine in czdtu Biih to .Molotovito -falllin0 with o -. toaRh'eUmb his
"Ams building In the Dulles consulted oth British enhower's atoma-ftor-p e a c e ... 'h- .jlrt ". w, ',
foreign secretary Anthony' Eden plan. a era c e -.
4' and French foreign minister In, drumfir. order olotov'mi D o "L -,..
0t mmmm sp )i ..R .,

SBIG Scraping of ED and U.S. The Canal Z e r.bbe- tan t -of 'r h*tB o a
Sbases under threat that the leg. dExbltaon is brdeasie SS 4
$H YbCommunist. bloc might retaliate its second regi aLns t

S" US. e6TORr CAR FOa JohnRE ose ulls fe nheD*by forming an Eastern defense second e mes IterAl h e ag t ;rfq clU^ete. 2 th
.RF ....E 2. Recognition of Red China fl bounced by Deanm oger C.- i- y h a.. at
A.T M. L rES ar d admission to the United ett. h e*,,tgsehd
T 6:00 P. M. REGULAR S RICES Nations: with a warning that Re stratlon Iwi l betken la- :. 'Le ca 6, 1
0. A- pe UC so until then a Far Eastern peace tw/een 6:30 and' 8:3 q'etl 'ekTh.J rw I sit9a,
Conant. Next to hm is hs we. settlement is impossible -o a day ateroons or on e-hour t ni o
Rthe implicit offer to get on with f loO r:o f the Junior Collee Wldr- t fot..sS .a T
z nii~ T H E A TRE the Korean peace negotiations ing in Balboa.w e efttr &
when Red China is recognized Three newcourses will be of- cdunl r a .r le
by the West. exact ered in the second semester. of h= c ean ldeo iv t he d
3. Calling of a Big Five con- They are auditing, criminal law expert entf. 0 cours teh '
I"ALGAT" t CAR FOR CHILDREN. ferencet with Cina after the and high peed dicftation. The e taught by. J. Herbert L. .lFowleW MI M o
Present Berlin meeting will be offered only on the Padc- Jr.,e te r of M fw om
A- -,0MEXCOBYkTeAn erea4, Banning of atomic aliand y- I cSid. ribbean Air'c wmmandl; who is'a s r nr
$25.00 IN CASH. You mut be present! t.ertwq American diplomat taketime for prayerat the 5.- Dropping of plans for West taught by James A. Lyons, he ad tion of f k e
American non-Denominational Chmreh. In the back pew are German rearmament within the of the Junior College commt- -in b d rso
u.s. secretary of State John Foster Dulles and his wife. In the E failing which the reunifi- rial depkttuent. It will beA wt. pe rJ t, o...
ALSO:efrontrpew Cotiant.S. Nexthtom himsioner, in.oJamehB. catlopaofnGermany would be im- 'clock on Monday and Thurs- studkidMor.kthl
UConant. Next to hCmIssio s i po-qible "rano the chances of a day afternoons for one-hour s e- ,at t e he ty -ther "
O1V FERRER & MALA POWERS, In new- war would be increased, slont Other courses t o Wrqdue the aar fe'ce
o"The creation ofrthe so-called The course will Include" a. during ,tbe second a0 b rvee boys from all oter the
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CYRANO OF BE GEetionof an army of several ing, court reporting, and other construtlo llt e go to h faster and stay-
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many would constitute the main students capable. oftaking 120 and cuumel l
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creation ofa defensive alliance to hit classes e first. dS, will hee t A fe Korea oit
another Furopean ountries b for Jude Edward M. Altman, of Fn, 1. exce V to be t ee and sured
OengTudatheir secuieur Ml a erse on crinar law. for the first th Feb. 6 Rhee criicd C ark f or
"The solution of the German This subject io expected tobe, of No tuition wiltbe collcete on sing "dsparsiugiy" of for-

I He pOroposed a solution of the study. s ttlts are tdorem., O f thesesu genera's f b on
TleWesteenspeewerecouldeth ave bdAF to t," e
phasedd that free all-Gennan ir-po meeti-. l open
steh toward a German peace -' orworesop

a etar of .Sttate John -poster Dulles; Freh Foreign Minister LI %i I luI
Geormetrldault: &ritain's Forign Secretary A~thony Eden. The Much
caelegatefor the USSR Is V. M. Molotov (not shown). The meet Not Much Sp ach
aigs are held in Berlin, Gertaz*. J(
CHIWOO, Jan. 26 (UP) ---
*"*"* The armed forces this year will
.eat a lot of tomatoes, but not
Molotov's Demands much spinach.
mTheA r m y Quartermaster L .-:
Corps, which centers its food
A buying here, reported today on '
LIN a. (UPMolotoy sted.It his speech s- canned vegetable require-
WtISIKJa.-,6 (1P)L-Molotov HfstJn his sech yes- msnte- for 1954. ..
,tely, leng series of demasads that tM West would hav Service cooks must like to dish
to Lept as.the prie fer a weald pease ettinsment. Among up tomatoes because the QM
wr.'cj te wss ..'.said It Wranted 52.513.000 pounds. -rf C
lmo1estfamount of any vegetable. <-"-"
t to mUtoed atms. eas came next at 25.302,000 :-
-.. A6ha.umait st 1 pe .o WDise mmnit pounds, followed closely by h
vo pisNS to emrTeWsenm GbanaMy Mhm the'sc"uttli of Amer- string beans at 24,479.000 pounds. "
Ash dobe be an&Corn appeared to be a moderate -.
geurm-nsentas fte first favorite as well as Umn beans,r
-. li~ro~ii. wsapns ofbeets and carrots, I,"r
4fQ8 ls aat *hrem a and eatwespens of 814nach brought up the rear, SNOW NITS
us ui4e, lmaswithitheQM Interested inz' B"s 4 3rn000d'
wIa C3.,r.r,
....... ..- .---.-- .

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- "- 4 a* "t -
'S .. .

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. *f -A

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