The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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.. ...q 9T .. ...m .^ .. -:. .-- --~ .Y> i' P A,,
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I l i terl to.n try after t e ame civpa. redenal orde r ;n in t: .n

S.tS, ."welcomed. Ampud r v a-.. -ember .o ,--- o in 'e arGo o l d
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n .ad .oand er -, othe w ,r -I I .. any s o of tr-,e Cav Z n a

$i an stem V.DZutJ .,,r-- of the .f.P -., A. -'me,. TH. BE*.N 0. -A -- io u brne al es in i te cpitl e oro i e o
4.. a *i .n r e ...- a-. ,.. o:, ,tar-r -m. -. n o the .e a e nat.e C .o <. ...i... .. .. .
t d' .h- "nio or :

___e prisoners" the _enerrs a six hours a he rnreh wfs 4posi- The'0 s ee th ata the o
.*.to.... ..erve ha em o mntis

oTwole mer officers of th ded-

PLy Iithe wrounmeL C iouseide i1 the eesfetn e s pe ui r O f taO lao a iter s
t"- thaum=& Canal Co. al is.,ry

i.wfrer e camme; 1. The exiles, could march orR security of the United State It The Panam Ca nal Co. has "no present intent
"be se Kaong, the advance Red is was learned today from reliableof su ftes
Sed ater takhem i formallyacsources Zone, Gay. John SeyboCan d disclosed today
Ide -at / nt t m hem I the.neutral zone. Poster Bournes ,wh was u for-cof cesin gOu an dof
and 32 former bigt ed by Communist pa rol union wh waxs e.crte sfom sensation ou f local-rate esIploys was discused at th

onafrees toda. thi eM 4 set Calot.e aoththrough members h hC ongr es nofCny'gsboArof a to tic as
f 'days of captivity in withregular food mst. Industrial Orgaetdonha a out cent O t of the Boas l 's committee at y
pLsit du thoPresideont Syinal andie. toldt five years ago, Dba been employ-metn
't en b ejected w i Rt h OK national and mt n ary ed at theC oal'dal Hope press. igh ts. Ad o
beb e i e to '.rev eut" any of the also understood Itobe s- Seybold leaves Wednesday by plane t ts .'
Cormmunst rmas-p sowers from Denteringhis l cou- Ident of the O Cristobal- Ion
p&the; in. try after they became civilians. eral Pretl on -(NA elepho board meeting in Washington one week from

Buter r oarolaaeo hth ens tA yn 1 Tele o ) ord neetiong wi W
aeem oe Ay s Apuda, a former TH GI A NW' A The aomc-powed submarine Nautlusrests n the While in the capital, the governor is expected toap
Rbert Sevssaid Wednesday president of thelocal, works for T e River at Croton, 9 ., shortly after it w chrenedby rs. wlf t Esen how. tathea o

hmee ole T hel .of .EP ,AOparw w ty the. a ta t e on Division, t- N Ut will be subcted to rioro h atr ol o tests before i commissioned r of n erle r w
'eoe thery e l as o Th e me d1 wod be. but- latno r on.hand fora the lauthin o theundersea craft that Is expected to revolutionize sea warfare. Co. and Catal Zone government appropriations for
foodc holdA m n e ods. h 9 hanp d ne r a member of bre "l-coming year.on a
.W p the d e h f at ilederLo alef a sorort- the nrorco r-e
. t k heopr o the prisoners wias six hours away federalw, which e as. l LAd m on y he noInta enta n r a it n
Lt. Gen. S. ThimayYa, British scored by the CIO after the UPW n om endtion le n
teI aiteo no followed educated commander of the Indian o ster ou at out any of the Canal Zone ier- C, S*s l l
As Commnstd forces, drove out to the stockade They wer e g en so .days to Tefark o h ilitieny at the p resent tooime, ra
t .o l ~e ~ sody to tell, the men his su nervision prove that ae eDwl o mnt is T n hh s followed mof th s 'f speC ulatl on _-
4ro tal uids.wo th at over. them ended at midnight. cearorly satth wi l wthe stIcboth onpteat the pea a e n t oAS ri
by lthe t upt outside the Interests of the nation al secure. it -i Eed 8ote s-so a t pculanI.
lleoraeacs s bared win compound bySg g2 of theniont SbtateIs-tha plands w
.,a.d. 0o Corpof1 Proidenc hafdoot t o offer on le for
# sh i h eeee- os e leln an o sUn by private oerno som
S th.nsC n hc rbhom hor-all of such serve fall tio s
ta MI .9 .he ndi DalrX, Canal

ix. .-n,_ ,. J
:UP) -- f oed ithen araioa-
fir"n d:rrtn llo 'up the cut from htls robto1tSOqish mov
Ind ian M "tha mostof,-with grounder
Indian guarthanoft m~iadteu hold tIg of report last July e
nost of the 't!on.on;,Shbo e the east co ormnmh d that servicet fart...

a charge of up, bu since you9 e WithAthenlin forged th e r
67 fmer wN dru No- not, won't 0r1 join us in a French massed tsnk .- .. uPO M aeco ,a e lt
two K resettl o f Wine?" ._W A BR ZI4O an. 23 W(Ulp)W i.htheh -wort edsee
b a t h K o re a. It W as th en th a t th e g en eral T h e a pm sl nkstr atrot'a newcCnolan' l;h a d nua ter t
-e, t h a t .s o m e C h i n e s e w in e w i th t h e d e f e n s e p o l i c y o f "m a s s i v e r e c a s e8 A- e n nst r ,a m it m on l n H e l.a ,pl d .I n p a .: t. .- w ,o, n w -
e mta f l Into "h I se co, A n d rot und]e UJil, U i d i p .
t, he jobr .tallation" .J _n of further Frane 't e...
r-I-,lkrant e, -Al-.' In; dan said he .pow a few Co m munist aggression ran into Fran s ein oFe.. l monr t he widde e a o r be .afwnbo s et
I .S"ab .c.steo-determ inedforostfore from s w ho wishedetoibe
m a idee .rl n s e o u t e t h e hu t a n d r n o t e I t t o o k A lt r e d co l u mn b o a r d o t d i r e c t o r s a r e t o l l -s ad d'r
4 ,said late tie t.'he r ed. of cigarettes. group of Senate Dem ocrats y s- three day to e 30 m ll'ss t e O P. 0 bbfs thr (The authn have
z : f o od B u t ;g o e av e /faef-tte rd a y .th Ce erore d cnd h w r ro a n ar e l a t o lT ,y m a m. a n n ounmi t a t 0 n u .
lead off the attack charging bOa4 ws re Ianch union force 55 cu _lttee boerd this uwofld
that the policy l14 down by, e.Wn es.f"tZ=
r ao'l m. ]!J / T- 5 f e c r e t a r y o f S t at e J o h n F o s te r b e a h w id e s p a de t i o n n e f u l l t h e c i- o -- .
em r 6aflO&DWtIC" iId ss I spapf oa rre laun chedr&,Tmee.

outatothemtthan-thethaireachiden create for eta Ls auifomIifocnensa henwb s ieiat b gvn athe fullpBads on fU U e ,
.,oStates as hardly pef also pa wtheyaofaolU.:%ft.,20 northeas tCoe
e d,,.hFUmS0I fl rdeshof Canal.Zone oexcept2m aao tssa
wuwswwTue* eu*?sp" J"-J theya hlfb P R LIBttk indergarten and the raw. for *SrnsfI all U. U. O!- Thyhoa. 250 mites northeast of SlBiaeiito ala Washlngton. Survi,._- t.a diP^.a
caanl snot J S(edm schools, hadbeene The rJP Alate bos be afeal road to anoL waaluded alemogo the1 Oi to Na
SielSdo eTiis MW Wf5 Abard ^,ygai calae charged par- trag operation and
Theta ate ^olJ t a nd St zerland If t abra notakln no changes" an c os".t a tm s operations ad AL K .- .
Sl---ii w'o-PB t Norh S ,dtt emy T d i l- -- "' .. b Arimed t' Ia said. Teis. aor 0 1ad '

3S w caw u.f theF1*he l to h toedUnte Ma o o mdceklm ~-in n, *h,-,-n hd --,,-----, .OU rfSe sall --- thr Ja no--,--ee lnt..entarm^Jo^--
no'ezUp) c'IaW:U0aumaondyOT 'hT
f orS t ri al forthe ..a. mur dr Jan.. .3 ( )- A. le l l l m .- 'm .
Naa A, meLrlU1. .i p sect sneakedLaI-. on AIM~, uiiiwpttcular Job." ?a ?th #ri~~ d
-th r dt e ton_ 1m5ployes who live ..
___ tu~~~~~~~~~~w ntheat s choolahs nth lnc 'ilut ahngo t oe n hecmhe Ae~y~lt
xwft trilDforthe $Ima muder SYNNtanan.,2 (UP)d kwe akiwntll 1-elaffctedthmouflcorataksTamree eNway r *o th c

V51 f elow.rsE aonta a employes In th CMRrt alssme ^am^ g fi
anoa .-- a ud--inAmter ..... .ed D? t eW ocaif-rte, eM s have not A gnat deal of the food and closing of ce tt alt I .it/ta such i Pla o sia.
_0'"been'.o t h is of b feetdbywthe Increase. supplies were earmarked for th. a Uthe Maddencommissary and be ev ted to the
aa "w Seybad wprd that 7ogm, whe ei cl"v
C VD thi n t ue NUiw0retnited .-o ha 1 a ira f-#Pse B iNll ,- to.wo sBlthere Is no preset Intpo.
it .. "I Too. M. In dvnc. ...
L~r 'MI 4 In O ly ic B e n e fit inther ICanal Bone. Me
I"SU.W all.led.. -_ co--out that the lease of the Bte I mALNv 8.De
Aa DeceasedCatireotR resumes Washington faculties to e V. DCX y1 .
...Ah -krW ba.--4z-a.-,P.yOT oniht'
osef .ereconolightUoffa weekasee mnt ofI~

or six'tmd.sarii.
tahatmt od at fr th aino C4.
anp._. -.i .
==I -..-- ..0.-4 .A,4TonihtVas-i4as -

I .1" w 4' 4le
ex- .o '---the a _Tbo-t of-a we

"4+T, "rj g..,, ,. -. -9 ?
1 fE .1,get-tIF" 7:0

amThe-theam_=- Af t.-I., 1
T2* WON_ and
Fiii ft t iro --b, ,w V; s am .it. N Or,.cte. .;x n
Jill!.. .. .. -- _. _.. ..,--. .,-_ ._- -. -
V. grow 10. m ,.. .
+ + ,: --. -.? _1._"I"s_.not. M.. .im- 3-t,.. _.i v., .-+. ,.+


age-,.Peter Edsong-
ai m p ,1, ,,. ., ..

n01P T + LI o~ C Y AA! A I IA NDcn Prim too prs'ec of the+ Un"e Staes "e r^ ^ ^- d l H 'ha '' "y "fi ntelr 1
I t rw n l s on 134. PANAuM 0P "
g1 11111111 1 PANAMA NO 2 -.0740 f9 L-NIl2'.I.
P~t ggl t 9 A. l/tFT ~t AVANUI l8 Tr W asl a TM ? age t TIMSTP RI1171-
sritvet ,^eslvea- su, I OW9s. I.NCs n T. :
s Ieshes ftAvg, NOW VOn Is l a14 .

^Ss^111 I^A&W
to mwnt se 0 1sho ntos oo ,
09Vp .r ts|4004.0_ "" I
TWO Pl....... C"NWASHINGTON (NEA) Be. ....
I,, TI IORUM --?GO THE RITANDs OwN COLUMN fore Dwight D. Eisenhower c er .
*` td to himself that he. might Was es
consider beid a a candidate f" Le ..!1BI i Ih \t
td b oee u oc presidency of the United States, he eas a he la t 8 e
TBwae v : ocech at Galveston, '71ex.. w -. ft ist
.-F in which he said, in effect, that yers 'l _-4e.h Flietl poch th
Is an pen fo fru oif an on wadten perec o *"*^a ufi tslroe"9 ...I \I i a i-- ve i."l* e a e i mM t
The Mail B me so n x pn m fore l dea r g t Th e Poa me Aes security, the place to get it was 'w"F ays bei"HI^, dr ''- 'ag lat nto a |
L e t t lr s ,ar e e ses e od ,ved e t u a n d a r e h a esn e d in a w h, l b 4 0 0 11 i j 'i,. .L b r w h I I W &' s w
I^^ 5 m eas t noGent ai Eisenhower was jumped be :; r h. Tbed i argg.S lS 5 g'
13 M 1 p letsti ll a lttef don't be impaltetI i doesn't app"n; 1" 01 u," it statement. nts cruleCAu .
dar. Leters are published lt the ordar uives. declared that no man who thought Been u1 .Jlg Ian
I Tlas & eV to keep the leten limitd toson etpassloagfth that could ever %e=l11d =19 gg
-..-,. i ,. +,+- ta ;y 'could ever be eeced. ,eve._.- rs -I
ihalls o f lefl r wri er s a hld In torillt e1t ae Fasenll Presid. nt. w e, eal e ci er
'"i newspaper essumis o responsibility to statements as epini e n his campaign, General Eisen- "s .eo r tofl
.-to-a .s h em heeee t oflctwer to ek considerable pains tro of Marsap di g r the rm e grdn e
| **e. 8_- mMexpress an opposite poin+ of a ttew polar caps TW *IN enl of si
A n his speeches at Coucmbia, J. C., nitely l tp c aou be I
GOOD SAMARITANS NOT EXTINCT Wheeling, Boise, Denver a., to. oLo, l FEPC Com
Angeles, heWtild the crowds how slr -aers to warmer wer ous states und
"B t, fturday night on the way home, I had a blowout. As emuch he ebelievedO itnr socis crwsecur- ..wir t.
tlekinsgthe damage. a youg man drove up and without ty and what he old do to A s rie dm
ado started to change mytre. strength a en the system if he was .. w a rl n
I1 it had not been for the generous, unsolicited assistance he elected. Every utterance ws nobserv! ati =1es r ea
Hired I would in all probability still be there. Within a short attempt tolive dow tha unfor. iam sl fo ernmet pnc.
he finished, and when I offered to pay him for his work he tlnate Galveston speech. a stars is neat Ud irdt Wl
refusedcompensation. Before leaving he gave me his call- T. e social-secupty message spring. The mossilte win bep i ,o( him that lue c
card, telling me not to hetate to call if I ever needed him which President Eisenhower sent ped with special a "m r ment
'"Lo lon s catr.ed out his cam- araaned on Mars, ani d ,ill bevedout but
With thie'and a big smile he drove off. p ign promises and shows that he into the stratosphere. to acddi er neae ahousi
I didn't read the car iuntilI reached home. It Isa plan is now 10 per cent or morea.en. a scientific e p edlton will jomtel, seead to kno
S card with the following printed on it: ter, and bigger socmiwelare trc loep ftntein, South Avie b nther a
Potential Politician What Congress does with the earth ree valsto obgerv o0 i t ed itO 4r wh:
P.O. Bx 488 President' spec-Ac recomthenua- '.e oa-as"h
2boa -852 Balboa, C.E. tions to Increase both patrol dee- they' aie pla ire F aroea as ale. Ia ,hin
S rbably will never have the opportunity to vote for th ductio And benefits tor ce rprd-ages a ert sr
t"niotuyong man, but I certaslinly do want to express my ap- retiremert i.surane for more obpeo-o t"ppaedsumming up its fi d- l wpite da otit
lon, and wish himce the t beat of luck for the future, p Is up toty lawmakers. ino Presiuent fonr] 5.Th ac
M I MdeR e te eMst-hou aishen m e enhow r'e recommend a o, it ion is n aAowled m j o th ese hi p cent of tx alde b lor e t
,-, o retur e th e i l just one more to n t o daoes yto the .eswuch_ r reoth Sssh -e i n s t --- I.
',," viwo hs oe infcnei tce more th, n 170 bills introduced in 4.%%MLd definitely ssc ia tedwit h i Thit ha
FOREMEN MULTIPLY ON CRISTOBAL DOCKS Congress last year to.extend tnt things. tde erfBlat

S- o h social e n acurity d hys in th e ot t m tem. e-aTon -d -' ... repUo'ltrh 'n DATA I oeq is. Imit o p ort
l, Aptng bbg cui u ess ha decne d won the Cristobal dock s; it iW ha t thi e onatupu ir thamt dr alr.-o e-n nm" ne-nal...o Go r l h
as ie th a tr pr o f l tatear thts ntt far tonlmost every, toe is now for social a rThe difiulty in evoSe, se t i a
S I nte fcewt, S. Rte employ ments hlav been made by theciefs s vnurity. polticafcly, e. i any, theser unexptlaned repo lt, a
o Te al as ma Divson. It's also ae fact, that hundr eds 6 dock congress en can today W ae th nt atiord to coring to the pi r phoe tograpt al leS
are' clanxiou sl i nep hopitgaowo erk, chey t i'ston e o rsocial'security SpeechesI n d i -"s.R T"s the Un eoei s based largely upon the b nI NTo, a1 TO, .nu-wthe'
n ea d e u areanioeslylned up homeda ly., w Which die. hard conservatives use d in acted rp, ficiene Reportccusave ba iceda -

hl inhM tch a dd rtan et enBnhe do e tty thre*1 make about the dangers eof the eed i the K re o h c s n hem a Id a.t o ld q u vrc i aSio z ome r hahpe -alioie Dfots ..e e .
vew of this some s- ifianceIs attached to the over- T "welfare state Just i nt go over .e an a y irea tal on one ot But i. ah d cnti oslty Vhraitersti. 'S t R a
er oitaf of checker foremen and stevedores fa these slow anymoit reet s ia e et n s onfree l n he eore. In the less than 2odeeut tha the esce A ir ppre oj a.d c a te. The. Ai 7o'rha mn
Sinomarlso to bygone days when al of the pars were since the first social security laws The arguments advanced by ndh officials rk were-'t to be held captive longer than 30 days "Theee majority of ports al a -

,'. ..g itt Brdl Mrhm akiglk rar n3 aHSSKxprlSstodry's" remne aged wag -ured or ml!9 r a ag as coneof <5 degres or nal Rusian eBaffo ht M]
re thecares iromone end to the 6ther that there was werTe passed, the country has come deciding to return unrepatrated war prisoners ey l the nd ohe explanation time.e hoe om ro oen i a
-sufficient space for mechanrcauoberatsons. Then there that far. to their respective catorate ery weak, even To read the terms any other way is to -flout civilians," continued the docume t he p l

oWyl alf many cies, who rode bicycles or walked; and Even toIn e Republican Party. though their effect may be good for the 2,000' their meaningn. Thocnson, under "Aboutrl per cent coWf rmae ie t het ..-,
t1p bicycles, It was nothRa facility accorded every ,checker which criicized the Democrats' men held by the United Nations side. "Timayyn'stcharmanshl o ,hDdanfuesmistaebie airlies pilots, w hle t pProximatel I*
M on.t ofist moves for greater social se- Despite Red protests. the United Nations o r- repoimlbliltv to kee .control of the prisoners 25 percent are reported by mi: eOa, .o
bcurit and took a prominent Part mand declared it would release theme prsoe until yesterday and thIn'ftleane them. in tqn- tary irsonnae. Reports have beoe .,

Ttn not dit, bcek more rapid expan, to civilian freedom in South Korea, from whence Ingthemack.IddithW t l received also from highly De- V I

v ow.f oathe b chBef w abl thls as ang rvan poll mediate oex tent th at sothi da d three ,oco nens% )iul itC blockeir jI
eS' fo remengs dhae r ha tng ed o s an ext e t soyed tol work on -of the system, is now heart they may presumably travel to'any one of, seven 'al lease., u ,a ont Itrs duelled Its own rconSib ty, scientists."

for^" some' conldratiaon ef vi"^l toward nnUS mlys i~ta gtaduale reuthbaion ofue S 4 ^^ry ^ ^ ^ s^ ^ ~ icdo -etn-hr aB f-.^
eth orem en and trente dof r sate em oyeu th wr k ne h soaul- o it. President Eis ten- ultimate d tinato o frees l'. I a t R e TheAir Forc e adds that it "h

disca r riore s t o o r hundr d tn ofcca Inor Ta wr a aAnced dom e 2 a meart d a H of pwr arbos esin t ge rd of thseReds ttshoutthatt
bebe e o C-c ommenda "B* oy 1 ^pla. Y t tes HOUSEn Mtios IS eLIdun N e roubhican have athPe rllehlu iorere lae e ie rniy Gp ara rpys of9 taeu
toto t chaPber a recommna venience or wosiroorsolri have tor an y An asptid date Chine pranthg tla re.l e y .asg d g
t0es owhthes tmtr sotheyrknowa chneck toeeycekef r omrebilnolad gly an expression Of Gov. intermniable wrangling with tho Communisl~t t& l atsUr lNehru always has proudly held images of radarsppojes," but pointICi eei

Thomias.B ,Th eweys earnlyiercay- other we th its hsenda fal dCo. ngress tinupasymblicof the a4 o a o drnut that "it is fairly well stab-n tr itdaw A
l Anwer tof Preiou -l tive os theadmisratoth end Tpur- f e termsIsre ls ee d it wa t is pirt oie thw nln Hfns that some of-tese imago rees rm Gr h
At mes the ier area bears the semblance of DaytonIo Beachca lrns -se curis t th bt ep- tro exeptfor.thA shefj n ers'_.etieo u t e airB *tuh .hat the IndaA er Bu t nee ate i e
tirit eey race up L and down like birdswithout, an o^bjectil vecaswmi,-ghtcanethe --id-so lw -Iut6ecfa's o iDterS w 5
T. hampr' ply, n b ie ghn saet coran poeithi icdslduonferthe. "uexn-.,, l 'aed ni. .fr some timne to cmasliwvdie th e gu "rcotnoundy obje ratn chn~ t th usinso
that the G OV could run it b eterms: a f, ert hen ch cofeidtd." thea tc o of t )he fuall p r .yer ofp w ath ar air a e v ... TheA
ofr me: ..t Ilpd -
$s ig as much gasoline andtrubberras1.ossable. t I t hereids on aer n d" ,ur' is eo e o e s a ween aped" p. d t p t

if therePoemisvors in ura n ote beeist l f ----- -4L-- -tr en n scpbeo oei-a tr a oeta
bild an unexpectedch l ck be made on these wingedle aitron eto Watt re4dni ie -stea a oe o De ree o rmand tin t

th determine their eight Bu.pInetofnthis rheeprisonertbekwholehskbelfrom iorizoa-NordealleneibeenAllisand.
omeeedatith irah-hour accomplish ent, they.would.erorhzn.wThoposdpmetpob-eth
erhsovp oed twl rb erentst. IndilL h" 'dlrod -to at. thatng be~ola Ar ero oiian
.have to C~onsult 0 tr 3toogs to find out what's cooking. ably come som e the iionioeU. S. Cnam- relIou Wnt thee :: .. I poesible r to-eto ona eies oef

beteaof;oels aged Ieople nost*overerbyease-Ioud otalPho t nto"orah l atesa co peIte
te privilege to earn estdough In this manner would notthehmWW conducted education- eds-aroroqwh. hapein tDe.
*le der idoI ho e big ch iefs t wwon u. etplm t d ed t.hb erp s n tstbas tse m-ofopnth e ,esat. night.'.."

3 a t-U.. m lo es nsed of su. e s to, oea ag : :to..appeIaE Vgo..E.
for some Gcon~dreekettowarod3nonm N or -t...b.. ..c" .. ,Netro

'ted nasl dig t 8U ed t'ofasfrug aliyto fs e4 ot teP* hgh. u eskof th le nhSoialeje me ntion h+ .. a White House4metd. te411eW
If U .S al Ia n rme c or. .si n oJq ry r
Sea. tt te e p esce'itno The resulted ofor tbh swist nc a Tnd ,l r' le ra n whichte se
When management resorts to this kind of tactics It's not for what an en d o asi at16-to.1 f ao-disesie11tonf et ot"
w ereroelrpt 2 A or gi u"pn .ere e sal'coverae b t wo "e obe Iaus t eo rr et e d to oe lo r hi s sh

11 u 38Preudied 0 -inkmedh' riningallthegaifuly eploedplac s .in a firee houtrh dy onk e fswesae&ef
best In terest ofIthe Cdm pany. ha9 arm i tee under ttefstWial-seeWrit y -yste..bcl are ietexdil

vThla for tu-ld an. e ft Pesdesome-U2toOUEit =,nowearl;Presidento get i f a pewocr
Mr. Stir am o rejected almost in 01nNrto.e nest outde offtihe e
t cD the chanober's recommends- sentence or to hiollee osne baQ toToanAicde--eveC anything that flies."
to'is. Thise rIs significantly indica, other. Yet that In. what4dM .mty n. O .'.'er- I an attempt to photoiesph
o p Answer to Previous Puzzlesbo OtnneYrS tire of the administration's trend Thouet t sl* Mnfeb otlofnying saucer, the Air Force wl e ro We S".
on ocial.cund i for Re .,restatines, bu-aP hten's idetlteo e. r wll.- havt o b k" r suggest that thore India orat up difra tion.raung came n
If stillunsettled.mightbethe g oonngen h at1 1neunjoi wn athy.di uat .at various air towers and also-use 0o CoFM e. .

Tre .hamors plnItbrefIn and 30 npoitcale. Temd In ent uiin tn o. se misSaalrRsi..f ho
AC01 IS h brsFloirbest- ~mtImrm tcorporated fou 9n1n, e Inia..some time to come &3 the au- a"., continuoutsly o0 crat~ingSebmidtl h usassowli~." _*..
AIOII 18 Forut corporate fou y principal reforms: I eso, whether such a confereneso,wa"$ h d or not, 'thentle voice' of the genptute' iieutral pprit, t ecopme eqipped with a eamer.,poie.. h .d" *
,A--Aan cea re l 1. Pay basic old-age and _sur- .*tes.. .i de pe
14 Pes"vpvors insurant e benefits to all of ture lens and isapableofcove orrr
U aBridlekart'w5 Wingliakeepartstoda'rretiredmaged.goie
56'Gaelic The stated purpose of thiserec i a oew o fe greeshorine ta
m vf 6 commendation was to end discrhv the whoiol.eThsky from ent wilz .o I
|kr sspa DOWNl 'in.1tion against Sonme fvemhoirtiz onThss eqipm t ent will a sso
Mak ._.a I Do04aged 1 people not covered by theItphossbeto graphi onpatesacoperies
L ili 2 Rooeused to system. ,.etually, it would have photographicwh ateshap copenlnt e s
lad hor... .es ded the present system of pub- reor f ha apen n:he;
'(em form) $ Obstruct IA11 ftrl ai A RawsOut o nr am lic assiqtpnce. to, te. needy aged at n ig t I."F P ..
4l mbot eG pa" t 80 _O-.. ":I~ zuntd by subUtltulng another form ofIK S F C
mt .Usi m ed to S take Spaf t 'P-esie.-tEisenhower rejected '" Negro leaders came away from
r.JPJ ~~2 # Tr.a --.. ,- 6" 3 be oeet) this as a plait fo*,"immediate ac- a0hte;osem07n te te
a".ton...hsow pandosday disappointing the Presidmt'
N~l ula ..8 fpoit o Atin mvrsbucoerae b
lw "milflion pe3oplerlvr 44 nal. ,tnswv. ot "cov ere. 2 stand onrfai ru~m ogtrdo m ll -pm4i~

&Ed.r- .h Sh SoodOand
t "eds& n widt" CHwRIiST A -S

:,be the per capita income of its
peple.Thus 'poor data would set
moeidthn,,eo ,,. 0 geri

s "al 'dag of the Sto cholers of Red Devils' To Be deposits o a ep d
a gle-g ar99Transferred To Ky. v -- ,e n
".4* VIV ft W -4 eem eM Y in its ATL N A Jan 23 (UP --T e Ind i dlv unat Pa : ,
much-d eootteld509th lrbor'" "Ee 0001 BR. .": V
-a; ..o FL. a. P
';AMA 2,9 9% W ..--MM81 (L
++ 4W 2 AM 816 .ZtA UV~mthm ". "".:Oes --+-.

... ... -,,,a- ,. .-.
"+'t -0. .. --.t-!:. -- '

r .

- .


- 17~ ~

I, r'.. i I. ia ? 4.^ 5
.1 p J6 4

W'~ J~~1 L' ~ a.


- i .;. j -. ..

- ; riP' "-'- a--'"'

,fli sii *" ii.fl S

w .-., .. .
a .

%MIL. as
+. _+_a 1

~k onwmt.
a.' a.-

Jill....lid I
S............... 1Oi
Union ........, *J

th en 4 3 ,
?11 Day
Awe ualya Priny*

"F.'. de l i.
Saln R& Sala: .

Av. .
or&. .l.-
~'P A A.G -***

air an .n -

inrrmm g s0: mI

i'. AU

In. Aranlal

sa3bdyMatMa: sOe,. 120:00. 1.10
Bad 1:00.
Holv ba~y a- aR:w, ;SM. 11:5 aad
2: o M. -6_ amd t.o-M .a I
Sl hurday: 7:0-1"S. ia i
lou a Mq D IM pan. on Monday.
ci :la Gm: :4:9 (afr m: 00 Nsw)

Holy ay Maine : Sa 1 a. nad 50a m .
Saturday:31"0-4.00 and 7:*15-60.
lat Thursday 7 J
asted Heart Devetloa! 7:100 PML a
Cat=Y'Claw. 3:1"-q a on thunduy.

IW4 NM- :30 ,=.
*i. Ts.iAl .

|c Noes: :0--,:ao ^,. It f. ,a
l mrias:3:0"6t: a.1 0n Saturay.
Saturday. ...

H .y M psM a0. _s L M (If It fa s. a en

C aW !s e 6. : a. on Satrday.

ctem sCl:A 10:00-1146 a .nO- IO
aeft MEr sc o ,

7S.T.- i. M
Holy MYaR: amOi.m.
Cpitfas: 0-7:5 0 pm. e I m.arw

ct.I ..a.: :0-40 .m. unIOR
eLW. 2in a.3n o s.un-.
Cas(le Ca O- PC ad a 0- .

cra n Sa m alT an d Midsi.
Mani nd .. on ayd.

Powi rt-Cgi: ht0 P7m. eon P anTiday
Wa~~- M 600M am. and GI W.I

_ .M. --II
1latn*s Mtdahin 7:00 P.m. on oursT.
c42n Clam: 3.00 p.m. o Sur1day.
leeW I. g p.m.> on Monday.-
to ftea

stuna lb, : :0 a .0 m. .M

iatam a 2-i : p.m. om n fluy.
Saer Iq Heart-7"0, p.m. o n Ir4day.
onIV Can: 415 p.m. oen W thursday.

,unda"Mat: 7-00. I-o and 1090 am.
tslyDay MiM.. : G."' 10 a8cm and
* 6:15 P' pm

te Clam: r 8 li:00, Mova a
IT. iW8B-'8 CAO.C -
Iundav MIus: e5:45 and ,GA Gri.
[o lF. y d Mauei: :45 and 8:0 0 a.m.L
SatrFday 4:.-5.:00 and 7:I-N-00 SWm.
,l- 6:15 and 7:00 sm.

Cqi5 a 7:10. an1 Monda3
m'uIinday evnnin
Ca: 3:100-4M0 pm. on Sun-

m..m. an
Confendonsi r: 45 0M oand 700-50
Tem P CWr 7-ti Brn% m on Wpdomsait
rirf ridav Deystiona: 7 s0 9.m.'
0va3 SADl (V fIWO COUiI5

ftrnsInn- ,7tBf ita Bi Sb" r.

^ J 'B J I* "* ** 1

*. .- -.

- ,Re. Z amd Moi

Ver~ y a, a*': ,hu

W S; a",

.,...I. 4 aam

Adta Satmy ridap Monarn ua-M.
IS am

iIf at
Ivor IIj

47122w. DL li sor d

0;00 AMa a. i

V aI. I,,. A. Bla, AdIM

/ e. r. a Ifnfe
Ga SI 'bImI

and The Rev. l3 B U At"dw . cuc. ...... ..s,.m

/ h W e t e urt I Sin

7:30 p*m. SolSop Sag ail Sle
sela .
7:a0 p.m. s_3" S
/ (o1mS il Flams

o:oi a.m JuniorC and m

5 io p m. cn ouIe
1 61. a* WWM d
"B. ....a n ,,,M1
/ SIT PAUL'S .. .lw i -

4:00r ad M i L Rol =t= I

7:3 pan Solmp EII aw mar

e.b A

.'" .

S.,B .,, ve, to 'iilta I iabboa ,
S.coatr. tion a a. W
i ii Canail a l 3ol. is I*
9wo ,oovaer the opera4o o a t club.
l Nilm 61L an annd ui% 91atA unratoUtN

^ ^ W l Bal* .Athaiselve
Ma to wr tor t b % W
iiceme and *oI
kt. uies r lso Wido ieu 6
Sparttcated in. bar civilian and
.IMr..W. ritz Humphreys, chair-
man te ..omiadto at o auage'
a- i at, pAisded at the dinner meet-
at ig. Lbe Aeimbers who were pres-
w~eI)r~q al 'HOwith their wives were Colonel
-' J-eoaF ..Taylor, vice chair,
Man ; cretary Rev. s. W.-L.
I^ i^,I --Ga .bam; Teaurer .- Mr.ID. L

men eamlta, D. Judge E. 1. P. Tteli a
7.e30 American Co hrles
I r Vi. ha rner,' Aa r Ur; 4n: d Chapli (Major)
a b e h e l re all I I .
J5. L H..... .
t, ~O .gue ts Invited-I :uded: MJ,
trs. Stanley p Mr. a
S .'J.-.w -. Un kedma*, Mr. 5
oneMrs. .rnold Mr. d
*** TA** Ms* r.s

a i % .a2Te

his eat Named To k. 2 Post

In, Hr, llhWU

,- .. ....... 1. .midn-t E ao,,, l. t 'da.
I "a. ............. |I P u klnaI 27-year~wi. Harvm.Ti
.::.::::. ute and New ork .at

]._ -- o l sLom, e r t nl. o one on l

i N h, .A ( pild c to Lite t" p

Talk' P.resid t 'A itO i Oi t r I nn Y
o Sli wo too
v^i.. ..... I. Wamt. osWe Yr a 5ri'tMu

........... T .m .nmy w a" n4
..S, m g ray-e b nn n- o a Ith t

it ........ diec.a. of goe.r eft roovrdi
t" Tll r PerkLn las fiteo one of .he
I I iiaiIJI liara.G ,o C Qst wo n nvhwtero tor a ear

/ i -iin ............ a. cI t a l em ald an 2-ye ar-old
I, I a............. taat -qecetary of Ctal r
^^* -:,r. *b 'dW~aoeallWorwithpuli a.W*

I o uree.el th w -eSar-

I S ..%. : Rela o D

I evWi.dw" sAiMUMM. 19t,. ^ .
IAIt 0cur er In Dos
e .. .....'. .i. For te' la tfour months etO
Su:da .l. ...., o a.. h- s bee a &ipeolal conMultant to

,y 7alanth:nad 's--hdmItpee-.
Inay Of -wear
paayen w q1dn aID 18* 91 rStag
N_ ... :O .. .... H o ht io, odltdr,, th o d r ar

nrtw ..o. .......o... eb" Mwancn sultant

I ............. ... l II I S eta ry eo the upr
... ,,,******.**** 1 IM &W M lae y
M......... ... .. ,7 1 1.

|-...i s.. Laughter a. o Ver a "on
PraUel- 2s ) ipag. ... d:8o n.m sionae DiiBator N etaleMday.
Mumb$. ....... It occurrter dtnlnad a House

larCo rao ver water storage

-Nov.. U.rn Utah.

.15:15 Da0:. 3hel feature of the-proj?

SpSierra Club.

SE d.- o .. 7:0 P1n "We ASH ikcomn o Ven(al to
u:avoE ...... 6:3 ..... io nave D iaur N stional Monu-
.^t !: i meat for. yo people so thel
...A. 32" Ua~nteniouin sild he replied:
SOY AMADOB ~ 'Did l t wier occur to you torat
Da~ly Vas ...a............... 7 inE t not want to be savU a.
t*.~ 'aWe want to edamned.a

a:15 T,.. 16Aikirleu ab nt -tiha-s Told:

^^.^^;;;Foiti DrqOT Coffw

,. 7.... -........ ..1
V.;.. ...... IS
't^w.,VV.,, "

ON. Jan. 23 (UPI-
Aike (R-Vt.) all
aW tday to t
milk to drive down
U. MM e eoufltrl
gldass of -ft ae


do so.. -
-n Social. -o t
Slong looked for Penny Social
of the Caribbean College Club will
k1 held this evening at 6;30 in the
ballroom of the Hotel Wash.ngton
The arst table-wil be alfled at
7:30 p.m. ad will contain gifts
suitable for, children.
A radio, wll be auctioned at a
Chinese nation and.there-w*ilbe
a, mystery prize.
, tickets are only, fifth cents and
may be obtained at toe door or
from n iembertRefrenhments of0
cookie and punch will be served.
AU prooepds go to the Club's
scholarship fund.
Mr. and NM ri.
Ent rtai With Isadt Party
Mr. and Mrs, JT p n'Cr ckeren.
tertained with a cocktail party at
their home jn- Colon Fiday eve-
|_"is r,' /itKluded Mr. and
irs. Chfes Wbhtaker, Mr. and
Mrs GilbertN Morland. Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel Puller, Mr. and Mrs:
Jcmes Gump, Mr. Mand rs.
Charles Maher. Mr. and Mrs. J.
B. Dorow.. Mr. afd Mrs. C> W.
Wirtz, Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Jong-
bloed, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Rinder,
Mr. and Mrs. C.. _. MoCormick,
-Dr. and Mrs. Rafae DeBoyrie, Mr.
and Mrs. Albert Mptta, Mr. and
Mrs. Bernard Eibner and Mr.. and
Mrs. Kenneth .Newlaid.
Change l Dite Of .
Ot.-Door Dfiner
The FL-'t Goup-'of the Gatmun
Union Church Auxiliary will hold
a dinner at the Church of Feb. 27.
The date-~h' been changed be-
cause of other activities on the
Gold Coast.
Dinner will. 'be served on the
lawn, and lrynags can be chosen
from a wide-varety of appetifuig
Farewell Pry
For MXW. Mltop
A luncheon and canasta party
.'ere gimen by Mts. Fred Schwartz
at .Le Giatu residence Tlursday
to W .i Morris Mirrop, of
Balsoa, who Is leaving soon toe
make Eer home In the State.

S0 'a .1 ..G.r t.r,. Mr

P rt, ,
4dl aW s. rit Marcy -n
iWoaet'sa G l' ,Pro rm.
HIU' hs. i l s i Uemted
SMr. d rnd H e Ker aymond

Mrs...Dale afmithaA who havI
e t9 r At their qiar.

; r si r ri t 1 i st ess for ve-
An .lucthe- at h r mSe Stein ing.
WhP is viUtinj. her wtrw and
.Thurrdar honMr. and Mrs. Earl

Vlan 51 ei N O cl o e r
Mr. and Mrs.: H. C. Lbbchler and
SMrs. -.Dal Carmieha who have
Seen the 'hoieguesta Mr. frand
Mrs. C. T. SW-rlnm, Of Gatun,
spiled yesteriSuy to return to their
houe in Col mbe rOhio.
Lpucbeem uRqn Vidln
Mrs. J. T. Stlfa Was obstess for
a lupchmn at hbar home in Gatun,
Thursday, honoring Mrs. Barbpra
War.and Mro.. Nancy Dyer Brown
of Rpuda, California. who are via.
it their parents Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Dyer.
ne other guests ware former
fIe.nds of the visitors, Mrs. Kpth.
been Huffmin and Mrs. Je an
Yerly Ger eta t mAeeb ey
T mutwu.AififtMnd Womens's Clubs
On January 30, at 4;00p.m., the
yearly Genepal Assembly of the
inter-American Women's C I u bs
will- be held at the Hotel Tivoli.
As thUs Ieetin ig of geat impor
dent requests that all members
who caia attend please anUaiM to




Everyone Welcome... Nurseries Provided

Radio Outlet-ROXO-760 Rev. W. H. Beeby, Paotr

Goodyear .de Panama, S.A
'* "*' It

Aimounces. wilh.plo re

iatNEW Full Trf "O I

Moldslawve been received for

All Sis.? of European Car Tire .

We can retread them (Full Desigi).

The following are our new i Mtlla

5:20 x 12

560 x 1,H

5:90x 11

500 x 14

,.-k.$ ~

.' 69~
Ji I.

I 5.90:15

6.40 x 15

6.40 x 15

I -'


- r

*' '
- ,i



^"'^ -4,

To welcome the pmas s
day, he 26th. TL he.'ll-
ing from 9p.m. ommid a



Mqnegd by INVERSIONES MOTTA, S.A., C.*1 -

.j.~ a ~


Cabo Vi
I Penaln
I" St. N

I -"'~"~"'~


; : ,

~_ ___


9:30 a.l-Sj SCHOOL

.'n,-IttS 9iOD TO pl "

Jr. and Sr;. Choir S s -

6:30 p.m.-B.T.U Trmainig

Beginning '2nd week of





~ s00





%* **


- e

IF_ a

J ,

-. .


w1ene jdenmurrer filed ..
t Court Thursday By OSWALD 0JACOS I
-, attorneys for Panamfa Writm fior NA ,ve th
rgq1nel Director _d- e
A. Doolan sought dia mln d
i Mbl aitt on the groulda e
-te atute of limitations OW () 6
is the defendant in a 6K 4
action filed by James F.
ind, a Canal admeasurer, IOA53
E ias charea the Personnel A ,
with writing defama- WU8 EAS
etters about him to the 6 7 3 6
,.Service Commission. The VKJS4 VA972
on which Redmond based *'A 100B9 Q287
,,according to his corn- 4 J7
were written In July and Nov=
of 1952. *AQJ 1082
was not until November v Q 10
that suit was filed on Red- *N# n
dp behalf by Attorney Don- I 410 4
i MeNevin. But-West vuL
yesterday's amended de- N e a ad Wa w e
Doolap's attorneys Paul N Pab 1 W Pa
and David J. Markun, Pas Pa O 4 Pan
ahe statutes of limitation F p- P P
Sunder the Canal Zone L u Q- Q
provide that a libel suit Op m d--Q
be filed within one year _. 1
te alleged offense is com-
&terday's amended demur- When you're playing regular
"Iterates several previous rubber bridge you doit't have to
oents for dismissal, namely win every possible trick. Your
SDoolan wrote the letters mam objective is to make your
Mthe proper performance of contract. Only when that is as-
*:official duties, and that sured should you pay much atten-
onl's complaints are "am- tion to possible overtricks. South
us and uncertain." lost sight of this elementary fact
Letters in question had re- in the hand shown today.
e to Redmond's appeal to
'Civil Service Commission West o ened the singleton queen
nging his dismissal from of clubs only because he couldn't'
-service In May 1952. The develop any fondness for any oth.
atem on later ordered hi oer lead. He wae afraid that a
nlate rorere. h trump lead would give declarer a
free finesse: the diamonds were
obviously a good suit to stay away
from; and there was nothing at-
tractive about leading away from
MAKE F-RIFIDIS the king if heart.
C *% W Singletons as the queen
t * ing lead, but in this case it seem-

Skj*i Sores
U l t Itching. lo sina, PimpleS,
fin worm. Blackheanls. Acne. Piorla-
,'When introducing a stranger ts. PooL Itah, Athlete Foot (Alipuf1a)
a group of pDisons you don't or other blemishes diMgeure your skin
ye to repeat the stranger's .s y a other day without
tryingg Nix01fm. This rest medicine
Kne each time Give his name sombats the Karms and parasites which
then go right on naming the often are the real cause of skin troubles,
That in why Nlxoderm so quickly makes
trsons around the room. your skin soft clear, smooth and at-
WT less stilted an Introduc- tractive.GOt Nixoderm from your drug-
i soeunds--the better. lat 'Sday-'-ee how much better Fo"u
WkIN ooks and feels tomorrow.


,?' 'Ias eciht vee Coomblairy orts
Accepting General Cargo f -
Tum suea 9ce t ur. Cartagena. Warranquilla
Wilford & McKay, Inc.
S lephones: Cristobal: W i. 170 :35 -



ad tobe the least of evldU& heartsl at2
Declarer won in dummy with then gvWest t
the ace and should have g9ldftight took y freoman
after his contract by datnq uld have been
rumps and giving up two club trick.
ricks to .the king and jack, He
woufd make a total of six trump West then r a.
ricks and two clubs. elar& won with 'd
Instead; South decided to go ad- led a htier heart,b
entering after extra tricks. He velop ier a heat. r a
ed a heart from the dummy at ruff dutmy. Nater
he second trick. It looked safe for West was able to -
no--,h to try for a heart ruff in ond round of he a
ummy. but this one little 1ilp was other trump. Th l
enough to defeat him. er to six trump trin a
East hopped up with the ace of ace of club.

The Pacific Steam Navigation Company

Royal Mall Lines Lid.
_____________________-.- .

eKLS ,A .. I- NDSI

Semi In a ~ag

Sir pe

S.S. "CUZCO" .........,........................... Jts. 23
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" ....................Jan. 28
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons)

M.V. "SARMIENTO" ..............................Feb. 4
M.V. "SALAVERRY" ...............................Feb. 1O
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" ...............................Jan. 27
S.S. "LOCH GARTH" ............................Feb. 11


- t..
% 'a!

,t mk

L *t7


S.S. "DRINA" ..................................Feb. 1
S.S. "LOCH RYAN" ...............................Feb. 16

All Sailings Subject to Change Without Notice
PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION CO.. Cristobal Tel.: 1654/5

f I ANAMA-Ave. Peri #55, TeL 3-1257/8
FORD CO. INC. 1BALBOA-Term Bldg. TbL .2-195


Top Secret

______ IJ CF~~L~___' tiC ~ PS~t dl.Oi#~1~ AC38~g


At Crlit6bail
5.5.."Flandre" (2450,4 tens, January 26th
Ss "Antilles" 1,9s.828 ons I January at

seitg ,wfot o;
Kingston. Havana, New York'
Hvana, New Otleons

-Water ot, P

Weekly Fast Cargo Service Between Crlst6bal, Balboa & West C'ett
of U S. & Canada.
Accepting Passengers
For All Information, Please Call
Crist6bal: FRENCH LIKE, P.O. BOx 5015'- Tel. 3-2476 & 1818
Panaml: LINDO & MADURO, S. A. Box 103I
Tel. Panama 3-1481 :M1

S, 3 .-
i -

~IMIiWL~N Planetes

' That for 'You!'


A4Y DIPT You oIT Fo I N To4TL.ES CASW-... voumEAN
I.. T1 ,.TLE A SorALTK F..Voui
sOUO FsOE. 90 VAr- A Sm -- CoVERT

sda DIkfS




MW I &




~k) ~ *IIL

"X 1" ." *''"

.. p I

.; e MAflU UWAL~'"~If~ UZ


Hidden Art

... ... ... ........ ........

I ul


Bk u3U3.-

. I I I




. '...., .' *


S.- -, ** : --t



uM~pfMisum'flrnV^S MartI. of Dmel IMS, hemaylnasI,
S*4 th elggemean* and spwomeblsamarrlage of their
"a.',,-,.,D.. WR, t ~t. M u nar I B ites, on

* 4 '. ,... .-.. .
Now-a face powder

!to your Floig V.

can dultyour radiant skin tones.
And the rwsvbhade can give
your complexion an unnatural
"made-up" loo.
1 -lbah new lecatn-toned
Pond's Powder lends color.
pmootbness to your special skin
coloring. Minute color particles
-;pertly blended-matcf your
anost atterig skin tones. And
--becae this lovely Pond's E -
Powt o1 fier texturid-it f
emootlbsonlightly, evenly. Giva t
your cadelfiba a bote, .t.
ore ooe your

.b~iefa~to~W.S^ '' a

; air -of diamond e V
, rs. Ainn. ato, t _ron of
g%.,u ot beme.dr
ueM wtiit a. mas* eane rfel
mm. with r lSOwore
ateoi t a eadaress
was a al baby orchid. SheA
carried a ou elt yuow guSMo-
beMist a as Uste d uas
bri ballerina of

pnq iuev tdrticld to ade
matchiltmisa a'baby or.
cisso awee y.uue of
aerg W ,t a 1tar was the

eptiwt hel d was the by usb-lrm
t Mr. Jaek TFieldas.
mrit Prtl mother aof the bride.
wore .a badmerna l -gur gownof
navy blue importeld g liun 'ade
withL a c~ped ne Her ae-
cessoigs were of rped-.d she we
FoUlwhigmeTcemOWy, a re-
qepliawc.w held in the ballroom
of the Noeel.TivoU. Mrs. Harhamn
smith, podmother or the bride,

-... 1*- --l -

uUfUs, FRma ma MIN ruL u4iU
and W
Rma Aa, Arie e CAbben -
ots drepr fentaye rom the

Mr. h B m To
Mr. vi le of ew York
City who has been vit g for sev-
eral" dys on the Isnt f as the
house just of h>W, W tIn-law
and sister. Lieut ta d Ms.
Clarence D. Howam
passengers saill.n%,#te rda y
k. -
IEzecutve Board
Committees. 'To eet
The Executive Board of the Bal-
boa Woman's Club and Commit.
tees will meet at 9:30 a. in.
Wednesday at the home of Mrs.
Leonard Ruppel, 785 P Tavbrnilla
Street, 'Balboa, fot Its regular
morning coffee and n'thly meet-
Ing. An exchange ot fts will be
Those planning (6 attend are
Askc to telephone Mrs. Ruppel,

- if

Dr. borothy Moody will be l .
pr s W.P ..L..
All embersa d the College Chqb

Wed at 8:00 .m. t t
Timt ubWle ii invited tof eed
the regular we y. bg _
id by tp % %Z OWWE
Fort Claytop, kId e Re h
Wednesday at 8:00 m. at te
Fort Clayton N. C.. Clb.
Natural ier Ste e
The Patama Canal Natural -
tory Sociity wll l ld l ts
meeting i the Gorgas Memorial
Laboratory in Panama City at 8:00
p.m. W yh
The ofat Lady ot Panama, Do-
na Cecilia Pinel d Remo, wi
speak of the health and welfare
work she and her assistants have
been doing among the natives in
the interior towns of the Republic
of Panama. Moving pictures of
Mrs. Remon and her narty at
wirk will be shown at the meet-
This meeting should be of great
interest to all the members. Non-
member guests will be welcome.
Alpha Chapter To Meet
The Alpha Chapter f Beta Sa-
ira Phi will meet Tueday at 7:30
p.m. in the Sorority House at Cu-
rund% Those who. are unable to
attend are asked to contact Zoe
Ann Kant.


GAI 8A 3:11
"soBtwp rp" Technicolor!
_AE luDu. e VaY1 l

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RR ,--.-'*-.-:


~2k ~ -: ~ -~. -'*---' ~ :-en..- SW'
-* ~--tVri.:r~:* 'r--

-.-- A. -.-. -

I "

2:30 4:30 6:30 8:30
Rosemary CLOONEY



Color by Technicolor!
'-^- m.p BsMt. &, Me.




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-TM GLObtR a~aIGa

"ra goes to, hen to alon-
06 If n |i
orope,.ty; .e k a ice this mOrn-
eis. Bh i.4ne s1 dAbe w.h l
t Od te laed be bia l
= 41116 44ay holutg period
reqirIed by law
Carol wason her wa to a l-
let leon with her mother 1t.
ew 8&a& 40, when she
Mrs. Schindler saixd she was
urgtina Gdol not to be late to!
her lesson when the girl ouae
before stAe wndow to ook at
"AuddeDy ahe put downher
rp conthi her ballet cos-
tume nd picked up a piece of
green paer foldd over three
timess, M. Schindler said. "She
ndrhed It to me andr d a, is
t real?' I told therp Itoughtit
was stag, money."

Spni sh Shadens

MADRID, Jan. 23 (UP)- Two
thousand Spanish studeata broke
throu a pece line and stoned
the British Embassy on downtown
Castellana Avenue today shouting
a.ti-British slogans ad demand.
Ing return of Gibraltar to Spain.
Police reported no arrests and
no serious injuries but s aid sev-
oral students had been hurt inq a
baton charge.
he M tud entms marched from Ma
drid, university down Grand Via,
the city's main thoroughfare,
citing "Long Live Franco" and1
"Gehr IOibraltaurs."
They broke through a Ioltee cor.
don which had been thr around
the British Embassy, .a broke
several windows In a. sije of
stone throwing. Police finally re-
sgroped and dlupersev the mob
with batos.
One youth elude oe police and
climbed to a first flor balcony of
the Embassy where .he attached
a Spanish flg to a Iron grill over
a ndow. He was carried away in
truluph on the shoulders of his
University students also sent a
letter of protest to British Ambaa
sador Sir John Balfour today. y.o.
testing the impending visit of
Queen Elizabeth U to Gibralta*.,
The letter, the text of which wias
published in several newspaper.
said the Queen's visit was "d

1:35, tM, :i.1, 7:0*, I .m.
* Os ?ane *oredtt"
nniAMFrrcd TiitIftlt

1:1, 2:17, 3:M8, 5B.39, 7:', 9:01
M-G-M's timely drama set
to the beat of your heart I
Filmed where happened
...With stark reallam
In -

Alan Ladd James Mason, in
I Leo Gann, n


Chapters 11 and 12

loflnitedae w byridZn on mohworn
Dtiere. You eam avoid it by using Goodyear's
world-famed nepping evice that Puts new trad
new "grip" and new safet into old tirem. This
trpatut sing fatoy methods and Goodyear
quatty mAterialsf-save you money by giving you
extra miles of extra-safe driving. See your
Goodyear dealer.



9" NOW ON Bmwa. W. ?moil


TWo a

"Mission Over :Kdo,
John w.,

C 4 Pi T O
MpanishA Doublrl


Charlton. Heatofb
-. *DABK c.rpM
John Pay &

jIt Pays to


" P4N&M1AJtWArn


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* ;-'

WD CAft O. A.

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1 Nrfw1



Panama (aul &(keatres Showing.


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1/: .

A .f~;
' ^
'13^7 i

.U AD A 1"

.. .. -- t i' .. r .r *.

lAwtot .o. is
.ItoU Araanmaea Ave. ad 33 SL


N4o. ery w Pl
-FARMA OO- 4l 1 ;. ,
.............. .K>. u M "r> -;* ,* ,+ A

- .i.

-tre o. NII'"28 t
H.Strad.No. 7 .h.e'. ....... ...._..

Household Automobil DR. WENDEHAK.Mdi vie F. F s S S, .,.o.o .'
Control .Avenue- K 5tvaFt c' urrr .ant".4" .. -+Sr-."; ,
IRE, Imperial Cycla-Matc FOR SALE:-1941 Chevrolet 4-door Telephone 2-3479, Panama,. o q. Sp i ,.. ._,_.
u. ft. Magnificent freezer Sedan, new pilr,. Iexcellent me-""

duty paid. Mon Tus- FOR SALE: 1953 Buick Sedar FOR SALE Record Player. Goad PMIli. Oeaidt A1 oc o tee.
sone.,ll sell for $390 tc.w doors, rad, white price Cllto Radiyo Arcnlcus. N, Toi: o... ,.i
with r money men, ond bonds Coall 3-3138 office time) Phone 25426. Cole Juon. So- t. t3;'8l7C7 ; w
'Saturday, 9 I- a. r or or -33-2. a No. 2 lra i6n o i onlatibn a urt
yt. y I ca. Mor h lng n e FO RSALE:-.19 Crole 4-do FOR SEALE :W -Rndpeci Pler-. Good s lS i by the CIanI
;Sdo. Ilfl p$int lBb end -n PM 4M. Zone Tbr .
Onic noter. See it *.d i. The ,bk which is the nine-
yI %reo.y Burnhm. Cole So o y Hunnuor iA. 15th St. FOR TRADE: Two quarter horse GroIch Sont ea B ages ll- 111 1 U.. t
No. 2. Beila Vsta. Apt Central Ave. TeI. 800 Cpl. refrigerator 25 cycles motor for electric rfrlgraltion. go tOvs, cros
trne ting a Ba FORSALEStubker De Luxe e two s.t cle moto Collway, moderate rte. Phoe 6-44. or i ol phtorapy today
te ^Two sigle beds $4.- don 1950. perfect, radio, over- room, 245,. Hotel Tivoi ---_ .+I56+ ;'l -Sprinlere o U lt]e wold.,]Jul fnpSortantron] SIflc,,.i he ..' ii_
S 30.00 complete, springs drive, hill holder, seat covers, FOR SALE: Engr. drafting t le.ience
Street (off Amodor Road AMrgarita 4th St after 4 p. m. pApen d complete forua Ho.e te y
g,, weekdays, all day Sunday. m.otte' bethinette;' Misc. lhfant .C F ol
Ea o Livingroom, bedroom FOR SALE:- 949 Ferd 4-doOr Se- grants to 1' V2 years; carrloge FOR RENT:-Furnished House. The 'tI'B Central A aoI tol ir pttura. W t l
diningroom furniture, den, radio, tir M ilk new. a rel and crib netting, maternity skirts, b=edrqoms, parlor-dihingroomi, 1 -- -u tog i ,b s
a mscenro 12 noon buy for only $875A0. Smnet iumperocket, size 16; Misc glass baths, kitchen, patia with bar.- The complete.lttofnew boots ty PlSo S
m nd 60 m on. East Hunnitt S. A. 16th. St. Central coffee raker parts. House 64-A car garage, and one maid's room, aend the lir .axtwo annOaned bybW
man Shepeerd N5. 2A1l n e. Cn 045 a
ef o p Tel ves e Tel. 800 Co. Roaod (near dm. Bid. 6th Street, Golf Heights. Telephone C il Refo er to Live etI

ortOble w oter warmer for aol S ile, duty poll Superintendent of Storehouses, Blal- FOR RENT:-Spacious house, com-, ...
portable bathing. Phone Pan- tirI. A drmrt er e it et Sm boo, for air compressor sowing and fortoble, gorage, hot water, ate .... CIamil rla, I If. and a f. .
Tl. 36. deliverTropik Nm cunntt S. A. 16h.St Central EL mches r wnch ondrms A NoM 18 Est, 48th Stret. Telephone '

.f you'lTke it, we will return FOR SALE:-1942 Codilllc, 4-door, Balboa; Loroin crane parts, diesel MODEf N, CHLET for (efit, sutabVe l l ral, as Kirt-
payme rt. Take it. with you $350.00. Phone 2-4424, 6412, engine, merino gluer machines, paper for 'ANri:oan fmly or service S S hi, D .. e... .a
ou bthg. hnrmove. AdCorolAel. 00 ir cutting machine, electric motors and mr lh Ne ar .Golf Club, ol G m C.., -l.
" ance.Usle hor d ays Ave u i ue Cevroletwsedans yoclted at. the fris- niotnces, Saturday and Ar441Sunday on2y 456erad"PA ltressa of- Ueo
S n e c f FOR SALE: uick uper 4 fom 4 to 6 p. m. l das r e yor
1o s ?nlesbeids $1k0 te19,wilfet O raE, adiac, 4orenr, o1 m2byo; o be lcurd io Ir non. Bpcatof dileerio I l -ugl aep a nri t ..'wt s '
i N~e le o oriol owner l tin rm n t e lt ms a -fom office Porra betwCip t and It St.Ro; o .

Sdobl innersprlin mot- S LEcil ,oe, 5 nw Buic hi green), $ Not 5d09, aPoto housr, complex atly fanmished Sleeps hSPO S re F ArsE. ho0: an Jt l. het
,'Lt .i. A... T.|. ro i -o ,,-, -.,-,--. po.0o^ KENT .+, '=o..o 111'I 9ei s.,w*nn ,,+ cwt.; a ,ES
i' curlors nd b e bi between n 8 948, a wai te s0 i a tiR n NoE 1m bdserhd 1. Telephone 8lflBo7 3060 i ftrR e a e&
inne 4 chairs, and wht not Ls--h-0. tAmericn coupe. Private 3a h FO RENTi --'n Co h bKYE arM dr, oir y Dro rolb ; i .& .
l--fpo Miguel 113-no Simmo Clun- WANTED and kitchen .with rfrigertr nd ptm with two dimln rti- Tlkp 4p JIteh niqet Yanltf n ... t
CdCnu to 4 oet, MoAnd ov diin g .d St; Phn f ormu4. 80m. u's0 Celona. -- FO "A.. ba e .ci rl .---- $,E. .I'
J to i4.O SAL e: 16 RFoMSoFOR RENT:-FurCC1i shed. u L t h o n the .

d -1/ '2s d ur a- E 4 .0 O R

E .Very fheap. vie cl cnkDhor. r Ivn it r E e ut I f P .. o o ai r..
thxtsprio. phors nd mumo sClubCwpnt eflid drove, goc Vistn- Mexico AFve. No. 69 ATTiMT1rN -. I. Just bule 4hoo3.rn S eln osd Afw LI
nd refnishing, maple nndotaltion tleph$0. 00lboa nePh n43rd t. Phone 3-0553. fubnihedr portment, w ong, w e thpae aTaih Tee tbfi an cdn.u ctenS
l cidresser o bmbenc. 06 7etwn 5 p nd 0 p. FOR RENT: Furnished room for Pabilloo, tel. 5cd7e. Tel-. ayC o trOlIAA el, ap Crbo; l'arkt.It n te; ws-oW'thae

hdiBalboo e o o 48t Street N.' ephorn i e1tn941. M m r skirts. 1111
ale-wo, 4 chavingrs, cand hat notr'Amirs coupe.i Private ientrn Vista.I FOR RENrT:-Monk m ltm 2 -".1,, t, l,. ,.S .to i-
adred one mahogany sewing FOR RNT- bachelor furnish- bed'kl 4 rooms., ng.dinnroom, +adt Hf LI i. n. g-, *o ra
o el 4 or Monday ED nd kitchen with refrigerator and btmnt wHe tpected. tw and alrr n that t d
E^ -^p *^ ,o Fil Showings *+ + o, + ^,0hi,..:d s,. TNo. :4.L."+'' ,."a;." .--1 Le .,.." .to*'^ ^! r,+, ,
tN -o Ave uel Mi80C0anieom. CcI ROOMS FOR Xetdm. e, Lid.iRts'iw it ta ,nu. Pimeeebyvnim"
-I-- tudT o m a l2 B P'm ... furnished in cih and oSbanas. Ao- cfu e d -o r he ort. .. n a t a i
r0 ire Twt Fea Ro Tpo. .ie. t d s thrco e bedroom cha- plyb E- '--n.. AS.o eCi ld- ,? 0N .h' trlaSu toLiet.4s lo-i aon'su
:-. ht donta. .d0b $2FWANTED: intle. dInried a lt FOR RENTd.-Beoutl uldly frtdshed i A ar -
Coupegcm n o eang dPsth- ream for oCple, kithtr7
c t2slon, choPrs and mus. don't want him'destroyed u nHa ViCoa Mex co Ave. hlo. 69 A'rTTION a.1 I. Just .. Meect- edey nid 3i3 iw.1
E n refinishing; maple Informoa tion telephone Balboua neb 3rd0 C t. hone 3-0553. fun shrL, Aparlm tm. oRN. SALE ree' xpnre-c usmve l .. Ph 303e

M totete o h thegreat bedca oin I__e in*uff. Peerbug No.ia a2 Moder 2,_ 4 a_ furnished Duintm IXe chapatear ,t and 6 E .d
tiy.dresser and bench. 0906 --FORRENt:--Irnihed room2c0ol, e e0nrn0.Alhab__o1c.t.Utno 8_a..
S ,ar d hi e, ar aeu tia. Jo pleasant l ocotion. 48thi street No. p 9phePnams .. Telepn hone 3- 6 m em er ani vii reo t o o -.
:-Two Il vingroeom chairs saan, b7, BelOa Vista. FOR RENT:-Modern u apartment, doromset 2 tot h wi $.~.. n 1 tath. e.

rd L eo emRaahoan y sewiFgrsw Aenue thu r hege. VIa F'spdrta No. 58lJw EiNASEL oq8, of which $o1f ,- iab oMe ., retodtid Jbe
ery.=e aortnbd uried, bu; a50h W ml FR PNT :--Fer bachelor, furnish- bedrooms, living diningroom, aln the Sa _n .ta. p ,ort w WU1$$;Ut D'O.,' tr -' 2
.. A. t 3Ph9 w and e am, private bath and. garag w aer, 5 closets, garage. "Just Omfn ReT Cprm. olnda.e Cl ut o da '
W". li-a nt lreho omily huas. 45th St, 35. Aros emeno 97 top f floor t a tteendance of 11er0 memory .

a model alad mark t bed during the convention. Trandishmian Highway 7. cnl located b, denn Meeatt aldre ot thesOr heeld t55,nd. in acno.. u:: nt .. ..
i beoatdi e a. Their ; (Blla Vista). FOR RENT-- M on Pan Twoo beadtroom oprtr n .liAh Amedca l their ti enlo Is. e etn c ed a ll rec i r ',. the ..d "v
at Stdire. coue ectin Iene gra muc a dit s .i an FO RRENTa--Furnished rom, No, furnished, for three months. TAIl C bhns ult The. S tNhe boalr Iher er Am id-a at aI 1. i ._. ii i
B' aions da re. e Hour n Ir s 160 rla Porros. San Francisc. Tel. phone 3-1251, Bello Vi st. r eT1eleptre to',yl.lllfIcn of the bo lld, trbelurar, e di ft N r
-,. eo.+dmettee, ondOo. apervlsory cor- 1 6.

____tecti mittee.d rdercwiltlrvote Wh y te -no he 0 0A-re,1 elu6sieon t ao '
H'oTslde 765Aptu15 T.e.tern Aeoriand )te ial SALE FOR RENT:--NOW 2 bedrooms1 12t' (ohaamna'a Hp-ter. eadquar) voteTs oin- lhe Se'..-h
I rse e65,ltn, Ap wl5. The onter ecn l edca e Po SALE bt, g rornd floor furnished apart- tCea AiAL Bie e d oa clae d i T f C 0 '
a d ate hater ie e na fl mnt. Immediate occupancy. Phone O r as d other' pn omtlr ensat e a ty
t4oader.t wotthe all E l i owe muoch o R al e 32 t ~ r 4 Tel. -15 will elect directors and common b e.wTihi y
Smt h atceen to thae hHACvoluntis Ineo ee ray uIIdS now tlyvth I MTeeretI n iaNTS te l e't, fll expiredtofrrm. O I, fy .d
S'1 which laa been pouring li ve i t E F Ie fundIr 4 ad 5 rooms. furnihd Du nl .ti pas year the credl- ,i Al
t. Sl x e a oad a l ingery ,r n s.t e i o en StellPeteorsburg, Ft orida, and t
si8ce the first, plans were r m -nva t ve n nearby. For Infr- o unfurnished'. Alhombra's office. e dMOIIB it unon made i48 loan tns to '. CEttO
discussed, a repesetarefenatiave matian on- Korid homes, apart- ~R T tret, Colon PSene Emember'. Califlff i |Se i'l 1 TL Jan. 23 ()--e.
Sf .p ohnnhng comdtee ss id ol Esttillee investments 3-8C boud-12 nio to-a 0.2 The total lolnede .
Sfw wrtne te James F. Ol tever. /oi Rober FOR RENT--Cwod, clean oportment I dur thrigS I tonth se wa. $ nn e o ..
-ib6ericn ad Br- E. Lea, Reltor. 611 First Avenue with sprage. Via EpaRI No.. AMEL of whc $,3 s now e
atres ( pl ni- o rt Ao r. Sao ad a North, 'St. Petersburg. Forda. Telepho e 2-1456. L. eo '
-- but don't go away, niff Aierways have offered to f FO.. AAa o- ,,1Baba -..D -r
hy a r bam downa 'films and materials to be FOR SALE: --.tuncilloA front lots on FOR RENT: Furnished apEfortment, re o r
i a model railroad used during this convention. Transisthmlon Highway, 17 Ct. & cemntrll Iaocted, bedrooms, dining. I M g ui held 33 .
e be operated by o Thist move opens up the aci- 20 Cts. M2. Phone 2-1733. Pan- roo.,tvigtromo, blthrm. Coo, -l The Gi)anUal' meeting of atne reeeldble l, h
itabei atween librariess, 4th.efloor apt. 9. Telephone m wldb" o'
ch yand f oe I nght i Abouae .000 pharmaceutical houses, ohe 8s A edrsal so nsolas a Id r noa.
ttr etp sub- and research enters of the L En S 0 N S 4O5. R Tf lote r a 1heeFllho wl9l tbe r.hoo t t-af.f' t'occ-. .
eastern seaboard and the Midde O E FOR RE:2 fu id s tche bia
tl ars West not only to the deegtes ODERN PIAN INSTRUCTION for bathr, IndpJ N S E N d .
but to all Isthman interested n beginners a odvnced students 540.00. Private Meance Va
the health and welfare o t.e Bemonett Piano 'StudioPor NoTel. 2. p, oa 99.raeCerT t r4,10e
aal S n-ra.nche andaa of tn e others interested n w t
juni=o, e era- P..PA. :# CARNIvAL FOR a s a." rm EA KE RS
4eaSloader. T'eir work week will be of interest to the to P. M. Slon Panama, E'.,

tion to make these available to; FrigriDoebdireo ot.bth, Dllars ...'L "
Sthe Ridea of F --allninterested persons. Films ofl' Tel. 3-Ph648. -, C11-'E Denevolen .
to, e Jense u public health, prenatal care, FR-Furnishdu E1; .P tet ou m
he dontr,1 lrid stmellrNte
S 'enaen, who worked subjects will be shown in the ro, Abuilding, oneb
li 3 training, do-late afternoon after the close of .- ry 1t Tw errbos"iPr
e wold benent in the technical sessions, ry Mvth. Two. w th r-
schar rair To date. Invitations to spear k i IQ.GKONG (U.P.) A BaUsh wit con ineg'orhlrgoda .
h a i t the convention have been ac-t shipping firm does pubtc penanem bJtho. e
idiie itofour nlpted. yO by doctors from almost every 'L r giving Its founder afv Sce vene an
Sixte lads re everyy Country in South America! 21. gun semore than 10c p rs ,,I kt." Grage. .-A SIle. b -t .
ltiexaspas well as many from the United ago. -a10 yerse l BUMisr R7
ehiy and coupling. About 1.000 guests are expect- In the ]i0's, Jardine-Matheson oou9 P"s r durie ofA s o o ho.. 1vs Asoo
l so everyone d for the convention, company decided It would go all3FOR RENT3m apa-,.Om o noa, -4O' Npu at the a-
at each position.. oUtneoWelcogtte af orkongod thce all onomis. hot, coldweir. tu11al. a'AuL.t Clay andtMl Stshe. .... .f:%%W to
head, h :A at u ee yof trafie et11- -" -- -
lul saln-tl from "4 battered e Nold ,., ,,- .. ...
dyWATCH' Punoq perched ato,. amontn Isthm Ue 2- et. Le
on FR (U.P.)--- sailed O into lport.f ; el ,adksh mr gt-wl O" '. .. 'ri
on aprdine5shshipoosP'mad-et-aan+1 LIY`
At F EB. heIlIyaly was4 etitie rl. -ii sto .gaag.aJ'td t. u-mwm
D_ octaImonarchs and beads of state.otm LAn liTd ed pmerve o-he lwmlhott w eCguti
for a shipping magnat It said. r mm ."oVm
i:" --.I ~h rqd lo frihd pr- ite.wd-wl vte-nt

ACTU I m I y ike t fire yIr earn. Presdnt com- I BR
T U I N I IS T "'sn w e y*S *, .t .' -"
A d= i Un" -3a d*d tiie r4

1 Tei *y a I. ,B=eft

lebus dc Ut o theE pi O -diho

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Y.o ;. i


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-- y-

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At Ml

... ... .,.

.'6 etwig a'am of the Touesda Night The inh
W P2Mixed' Bowling League t Fort individal

I i^epit gsmv I n.; Ill I^ I I I I I II I 'a
T" teobbe etor bnone ed ohr dropped Nag
S.. ints n t this week, d wa -

The k Wings oeeder the cVan Wi

S ,V t.. ^- -second -neTm of the-r m-a:h to-D. tey
Stbafor first by clo bberind a olltheir i
A"iKats 4n b I a 4llteyer0
team effo rt we ord the %ady
Sbutin atady gamep and series, Th so of .
though none recorded the high MS
StheBeamte the week. Wilber
IA On& The Okles, afterlosn the Van We

o'" tW.S tp!& eartao, t .. i...... tomorrow fewrnwheih bull- bhweesu trit lorao t a,
SwW i i top -s on p g e efforts of twohne a Bet
2thn be bit and womee Miss Kathy Banddg1te
....=-+e.--.-I i. i :RIA F4. 4 ..I' san Pln at At MOunt Ho e -_.,thaft
I r i l"" .lBaxter'L d esMovers 1 5 2 7/ M orris titche_ ptl .ain3 .n 5n ( a l the Cl in BaLaer r a new r L I
S r Nav 01 y .Sc000 ota .. al .wo4 h. bower. rolled approxmaty 0 Hudak
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Sn t broke the b and Morris,.. 3 1 0 2 STANDINGS ls Seek is face TOMORROW'S GAlE p.m.) game n a 501 series in this ;
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stranding for wn.b.ow .ot :wh.o oeroe llAy.o A-erYT 0.e' 1,n te fminal ra e feru 8Id 8
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"aSTm fe|'- lt t i twoewcr recorded a40d 0 0 "7o on M T ae The gaoudm w o nh on
_ot 0...... .SIO 21ND A li e ., l, y the wp a rnes y~o~e~h a In thac e nit wdeprt Int.
el .. M n srs'busyIn the sLPane. a a x0 T? Bom won taen ting h league tt dings
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Sd.o. "b -wae s et- T o___ 2 f .1ea a, r 0 1 0 0 l e nockwn ou hY a dron ag The 2. r 8Lom s temoo ra su
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g1V INto'uxL-AiB 0000n o0en T Won edn Lr a. .e -o- r-s ROUNDt, lb 3 0 0 4 beh th fr t ul ing o e he .a lr-me. .r i. b

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-otrc ... s e ndo.. 0..o-uera net at ther D.Luo Cb -A
I-o fInn "-at awegme itn SMe rou ,between 12- 30 In the hamplonsamp md two./ ho. r thoew

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.t a0fr d d b aRfura d e .h--, f 0tol0 4 0 al fbt, Sthe pyb- e no wih ,Str e wo-l P0 e t
O a l ,, ,,,mi .O;,00 8 The bo dore: The BalboRoCA annLounCes A sIwger:-i RUinD T ESAtedTntotviewthehmatelsaremadue, th me t ta m ihd Ia
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cOWtneL ha. n E t le toe thedf on lk el the'leas t cardesome Ttor n andwon 5. the tenth, S rand 0beo-MM
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1. .whe28. DU -.. Mith hrp.. at .. h u d eb.ilLa ie5l0oarin toeng an 201,do ie othtake omakerschr e om" er wo. the
rir aelt he s ide, a.. uani bgt osart at 11 pMd i r soor.ldbe eyix-hitteretInth Ji the thir d n Vae with the Ifgkocin

AIn.-----.. Iflc, .. -W; ** 0 o Umti g usdan d 1mf- In OW5 ID -,r-- dacno m place intelag.u. ,b.m
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Tota-ls'. .. o.. .. .. 110 Crop wth a fine.l, the h"
ore of the t. $b
The three- t lee for 8tem-

. I. .. ,. ,. 0
I T" .... J. &
t.' t ..-.. ... 0 1
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" Tl k. ........ .. .... 8
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''I. 4-
-''S *' '1 *


....1erda' started President W E"NTY old n w ]PoA N A ?L u nr ec ty the/ A m e do l t h h ea

RepublZZnmemm rsoWilson Warns He' /I F
-luan subcommittee oiWH AF t
tional amendments a-
the plan but held the Is-
l t favor tne plan. aTf 1 1te
.Pbsent Democratic mem* g iEie DV i I e w
were Sens Estes Kefauver
i In and Harley M. KIu WASHINGTON, Jan. 23 (UP) air and atomic power, he aid "we
8 u-W, Va.). Defense Secretary Charles. E. don't see how an enemy could
Wilson has warned Congress he get big land Army on the Northard Membei A i
all constitutional chang- will resist any attempts to trim American continent very qliickC- Chard e r fir A l
however,. it still must be ap- President Eisenhower's propose. ly." On the other hand, he said .
.4. by Iwo-thirds of the ed military budget for fiscal 1955. Russia now has the ability to Toe
and Senate and three- He sa d the $37,575,000,000 attack this country from the air. RFetiu r US V f. II
a uof the 4p state legisla- planned outlay is the minimum
amount necessary to defend this Members. of the PaamA Ca a -a .
.e measure would provide country against Communism nal Co. board of directors and -S(
the voting rights of 1I The Defense Secretary said he o their official here from the g '". .
T-oljd shall not be abrlidg. will listen to plans to trim thl e SU Eca tivo States to attend the siubcommit- First aid -r eie gh- 8(NEAR aioTel t he
by the United States or any defense budget only if "some- tee meeting this week have left borhood "4elf- C ; uadO M- Six year old Jftmy raier- oi4 l
the Individual states be-a body digs up a new point of view ror a" sobeduled to return to the was started at othe in t9 1%a eLin -a London Chaceo,' bewfted e7Wa
o.w o. rmi s e and new Information." States this weeklend"- l cal-rate u t t s going on betweenhis mol5r and-ather. a
feree and yeslteda .KIa su-rEh ar t P n C anaWilso n also told a news con- U.adersecretiy of the Army The ti 00 Ofthe h Thedw 'bo's ee Ee Kftheuv U=HillersofrN"t-t
T:e proposed amendment ference yesterday it is a "sure Earl D. Johnson, chairman of Civil De e Service boy Adl t his estanged wife to'
i ati bttle i n the full bet" there will be no land bat- LOc ra the board, and two other Direc- and is under the di of W. live it hher ttgart, Germany. o ias ed He
ate judiciary ommittee and tiesin the continental United tor l. Gen. Julan L. Schley G. Dolan, ch f defenseaiaorry guardianship of th ''
almost certain wrangle Iite a States if World War III should CIO executive vice president tand Matthew Robinson sailed whaodndh o dfnri she
a1 cen r anl U break out. He said the admin$is- bn yest y morning on- the Pan.a. tn al ot bo
e ate or. traction's program of emphasizing John IsV.n Riffe sentla or anan d. ohnson and Fire St..a ..attI first tPaaJn
Southern Democrats re- a Irend atomic defenses puts e lMatthe will dark In i f h t .. ..A ..... I o"ed'Aat
i a m s thingscfirst." extending 'sincere greetings a dtore rw a m
S amendment t as an i l-i ens to t on the mass m etin and all ri tatnUe nro the re btlpan -e a talk on WtS Apio edd
the rihtostates or Wilson defended his decision wishes for harmonious activity Karl R. Bendetsen, director, strer-ed theneed d Dreig.-
S eirolwn election stand- to cut Army manpower by 17 in the Canal Zone." left by plane early yesterday for bordhood beintg. ng IVr c a e a
per cent and said the Army still Miam n route to. PHousto in an fng lanbe .De'} on-
a Wi alsor ld genews conn-e p U eruere fntl ofth o arm Ay -4 s
rmer Pre.ldent Truman ana will be able to carry out all its Riffe fully supported the reso- where he lives. zatSon and ,ro-
Thomas E. Dewey of New assignments. He said the Army lutions on the Canal Zone and Board i m e l er Rear o Adm. teca o squads Cild uat
wien -a Rtui blin the fulls oe thext July be. ne mberb- the wnn to wico e board, andtwo col thseroDth- d an onder ee lived n w hhe r ist cuta r G ormany. ei.or et
ice -a.Republican presi- will continue to be a "big force" Latin America which were a- Richard E. Byrd. Edward A. Ba- care, fire-. guard .d I rem- MADRID, :an..23 (UP)-Gen- se eres In. Motacoi Wfl3
ScAndidate, have voiced for peace, averaging 1,300,00 adopted at the CI convention con, assistant to the Secretary cue work. erldterpciscoFrr itheterrtorud
tion to the plan. men in the 12 month s starting held in Cleveland, hiao, last No- of the Army who handles Canal The Warden of the anish iilidof tate, ha e-dgle s
Snext July 1. member. He went to Mexico r'-Affairs, and Col. Ellsworth I. governBtv l do- pledn in o" t erm" to e at
rtoman lald that voting age He noted that even with the cently, where he expounded the Davis, member of Undersre- fense organization staff- pressions of' I tyroma e A r r," the a .
be raised-not lowered. proposed cuts the Army will be olicy of Nation O to labor t 's staff, left by' plane st ed in e" torte entirely by chieftaIns of Sanh Moroeco, Spia CiBo e
said fe is "doubtful" in "twice as good shape" as it men from all over Latin Amerl- nIght. non-wO wives g others *eb-Inb omed souf'ces uald to- Pre atk'i be, t
bat e voting age should be was in 1950 when the Korean c, and promised to continue V. M. Whitman, secretary ofm since me.. ieo dy. e @ g ppear .the g,
to 1i. war started. sup porting all democratic labor the PIanaSm k Canal Co., has Amus .ernments In ',Aae f the d d not volte s trn
Speaking of the administra- unions In Latin America through lh nd to leave Sunday night at alf *0lm tecrul The so r saih Franca ex- Snany Spanih protests lodged
vac ine the plan in his tion's new look" emphasis on ORIT. plane f orle Washntday. ed for S pa er M,- po9 Ir recent years. r -m t! tMMay
S tht nUnl 3 a on Message. Mrte o tm wu b a I w e r-
dwer said that if 18-year.mi n a b t t tD j H a .
o opritsl Community Chest Board Apoproves o jL. wll,

anyieffortnto"cowpeoac-clusion Of Local Rate Dircdsrse
tiateitafllo i"Amendments to the contitu- the constitutional requirement the balance of 'the expiredd g"c s
4 mrly WsteI gtonieas tion and bylaws of the Canal that any amenml ents must be term.
Zone Community Cheat to in- published 30 days before the 'Acti Chairhi rn W. R.pisin Ar az reported-W o
~MAN. Wash. (U.P.m--Tools elude representatives of the are acted on by the general appointed a committee of seven rmass demosti ight reta by
g that man lived h,7 newlyt- organized general com- membership. -three from tc e bo"a r two from or-ca' at Tetuan, SDa8isl newapaLS be
oIn wht Is ,ow Washing mittee ofw-olocal"rateZcivicncoun-theretonncesnd of ild oa ned i,
i n. found in Lind Coulee els on the chest board were r- The annual meeting will be two from the general mearAmi Moroce.
*de. The tools, now in amended Thursday evening by held at 7 p.m March 1 In the ship to nominate four new The cornaln O also ,.ad
inuton State College an. the chest board of directors. auditorlam of the JWB-USO directors to succeed those whose that Martin Art reported on
useu, are the The proposed Amendments will o La Boca Boad. terms areexpiring. th ent Inteew IL ondon
eidetner found so far of be presented to the Community bSeveral changes in wording in The d t wl eteltdy a a In he lhe I betweeiB OSalsh absador .
Sexistesnce in the area. Their Chest membership at the an- section and articles of the con- the ors will be eleted at baked o hng In her life a o Anto
w s. detrmin d through test s u.1 meeting originally ched atitution and by-lawsaren ee fm thisate n f anld ri olR ab t e h ,repesntati lmt

A.lake qhore. postponement is necessitatedby tatives of the local rate ic i v tce made fromn the floor. but s
cuncils on the Community Chest
d h board of directors. 1jutn S'a.irl ....ticldciles
buzzed with talk that-the Trench
Tthe Board at present Is com- note of protest about the Tetn
4:4sd:35 21 men and women. Of demsno tOm gives ePAinf nt
S vby the general committee of eo. wehithible f6r breaking the rIt of
MGaNIFICerit- N WoDEhSCREENseentctives aofthree aredrepv -wMoyocCo by ousting the former at
MAGNIFICENT RNae WIDE SCREEN!ref a rmdeultanwlthout consulting Spain
PERFECT -WITH THE NEW & IMPROVED ices, one each from the Army or being Spanish Moroco's
3D VIEWERS (10% SETTER) Navy aW n Air Force. 2 SHOWS 7 and 9 'P. M. wpin may accu.s France of
would not be changed: the num- oltig the Algeciras trO a of
A Thrill You Won't Like ToAMisal IT's IMPRESSIVE! ber of civic council representa- 9 which gave the two national
tives woUlsh. remain at six, but ___but__.__ _'.
thea. mave d ,D nelby -orLd nrh.. tree tof tm would be atpoln (A 4- ofaTe n L
ed by the general committee of
~I&thow sheing tteII o civic councils and three by the Nn-
I" tumsa re1 the he p e mem t Ia Bci c c ouncIls t sn. tn


Another amendment recom.
mended by the board of direc-
tors, to be placed before the
membership at the March 1
meeting, is one providing that
after unexecuted absence on the
Dart of an elected director from
three consecutive board meet-
ings, the board could declare the
position vacant.
The directors would t hen
elect an individual to serve for



.. .. .. .. .. .- ... -.... ... ."-... .
:A i .'_-;^. .' --. .. i.'--" : .,-"2 '-



A A ~. ~ 'I

W A TeltDaDo)

TONIGHT- 11:00 P.M.,- M HT SHOW!
*** ... .** fl~fi'*f,l & -*--r



4 -ULLS -4

To be ght to the death
from the adGama OJ o o Iescs .... r IeftE.
,, W imu e- -I """flf h. "i '



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