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,] -. .; .r ,.
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.r Sr ce To South

ELD,~Engl an n. 22 (U
r I b rig t r ,: to the C
SIn tfrh Mediterranean neirly.two weel



L ,,


AntonIo Rmon Can-
Iv Scheduled' or 7:30
antiunal Stadium in
e evt -sponsored
.UW8. sie ts roo.-
H epaaIa Zobe ad-
of nos-tU. S.
S the eZon
mOn it111 h then

Worny Lamo.ur's room
al hotel'slat night, it
4 today.
iery occurred between
3 a.m. while Miss La-
appearing as the star
:lub ow mink
_c -.h luded a mink






')- A shiningComet
omet' I which crashed
ks ago killing.256per-
. I- -- L.- J .--b- --&

sorts.-..whooshed into the dawn sky toaay in a bd w st
a 'new London to Khartoum speed record.
" At the controls of the big four-jet craft, the first Comet
I1 off the production line, was Group Captain John Cun-
ningham, 36-year-old R.A.F. veteran and chief test pilot
qfo De Havillarid.
SAloard -with him were five be manufactured for the British
cwien 4i, seven company of- Overseas Airways Corpbration.
itan',4 observers a tital It will go Into service on B.O.-
13. Bt Cunningham said as A.C.'s South American run next
e board the plane, "We're not August.
,~. Sj t st



e Ye w rem the VIP view

~~I ii

repo diap reeit-
"a ti. s nded. l.#ence on
eS(tOrOfat f' ueday trssa ot lgs fnd
Of Slave Sa rt 1eia pttme,-
S t J., 2S,
S i iil beI. a prob;ion for the ,2
S rQPIELD XLJan. 22 jwo year pendlg good beh r
u ..-estoratlon orthe old Ca- e intt the cristobal dIivmlri
le 3, anarkethoue, the no;"of the UVS. District Court ys-
. the aot slave market of the terday to explain how he Wft
19th Century, wifl st4rt as soon about having his one-year sen- pepnits, state of- teneWsusp d at1r, conviction
flats said today. for grand larby"a I.
A Idw bid of i'965 for rs tor- Gutierrez thanked the court,
ing the histboc' narkt hose to an Said he was. atlsfied with
"asift and presentable on 1on" the liberty tiat hba'been grant-
was received yesterday from CY- ed him.
ril-J.'.Droessier of Dubuque, la. Buf he reiterated that he did-
. The old market house-cost a- n't kniw wheam he rag going to
b6xiut,M0 hen.i btn 1845 01o et something to est.
Hlmtone. native la walnut, And what he wants, he says,I
Wi eptxt atd bricks. is a job.

l let air show r

1 '0.0 ,.* 0..
V V *'~
'.'' -
~ >b'~ ',0~ -
>*~ .~4 's

. 0-

se Remon warmly greets Ma
wMg stad before the 45,nmnut
e;jinfn left)-and M U. Gel

F.nge.. tndei

. $Senati

A bil toi ae fringe beh- Carlson sa that in his bedg-
efits of f lkemployes more mnt the tim wts overdue when
auable. structure t aeWmen nts should be en-
tern net ,e.t with acted in ordeio to bring Wbut a
prac t -ndustry was more eco cal program for
tntrote recent- the taxpa fd at the same
ly, aco w'd received' time impoverworking conditions
here from t.tonal Federa- and.the mrale of the employers.
tion o d oyes.
T, l Iqf 9 heJ-ill limits the
Intr9fuced ,by Senator Frank number of pogitfons in the Su-
Carlso z i.), chairman of per-grades 18W17-18 to a maxi-
the mittee on Post mum -number, at any one time
Offio.iService. the bill, in accordaiwith Sections 505
S- 'at amending the of the CI s Btion Act. It pro.
Class ifa t of 1949 and 'the videos for l tiity step Increases
Federal Emlpfets Pay Act of to emplovey ith grade ratings
1945. -, below a O r. (Longevfty step
Increase n .I lven to employs
with grade i agsn of d-10 and
The bill provides for the Civil
Service Commission to be. given
authority to increase the mini-
mum rte to a higher rate when
!tIs lsmposli0le to find a fAI-
clent number, of qualified em-
ployes In a loca; area at tWe low-
er rate-crafts protective: and
custodial schedule is ellffihated
and the employes will be 2aced
either in the Wdge Board Scbed-
ule or under the General Schad-
ule of the Classification Act.
Title II of the bill is cited as
the Premium Compensation Act
of U. and provides a new pay
schedule for work officially ar-
dered or approved in excess of 40
hoursin any administrative
work week. t provides for call-
back overtime, time in travel
status, and night and holiday
work. But no premium compen-
satlon provided in this bill shall
be paid to any employee -with &a
basic compensation abas A 08-

; r ^i '.- .-
* p :q-* r
.'* '
.. -i
,A. '- .i'




* p -
BOOM, and the jet show was on, opened by Capt. Maui
E. Nordlumd diving his Sabre fighter through the sound rb
rier at 650 mph for out of sight above Albr6ok Field
O After Nordfund thus introduced the supersonic qge to
--- I "a B. w '- .- .r- ..Z. ,

.. c.. .. ace _tLeonaardd (2Bill i
Thfunderets and Sabres, the'lt fighters which-bore The other two pilots were
the brunt of t. terina oir war, turned on a show which Charles J. Bowers and
tp 1 ri- ro iDave Harston. All three are
stopped Pacifie we activity dead in its tracks. the 21st Pghter Bomber
Thousands fromPanam and the Zone crowded to at George the how wer
Albrook FieWl, while hillsides and roofs overlooking the precision team of Thu0de2
field were thick with, eck-craning spectators. ose spectacular stunts dm
Climaxing the ligh-speed low-level flypasts of the of the spectators. o
speedier Sabre fighters come the precision aerobatics of The crapk precision team.
the USAF's Thunderbirds, in their Thumhderjet fighter- With their 'fifteen-minute
bombers.' onstration which Included a,-di
The sonic blasts shattered some glass in Panam6 iodver o 1eatto ros,llionae y
and the Canal Zone. "bomb burst" at about 5009
The four -plahnt dGved4 ri
BHfore the show began, Mal. disturbed bV the commotion, and that altitude' diverged in. l
Chuck Yeager s ruced out in fluttered a ro un d nervously different derit-a, and St
snappy uniform and medals, who throughout the show. swooping down low, ton
lsst month flew an experimental Six black buzzards hovering towards .th f same point e-.
'rocket-driven pine at 1650 mpn, over the VIP viewing stand fill- center of the field. It wft
told spectators, "I would much ed in the breaks before each ex- breath4aking spectacle
rather be up In that airplane- hibition by slow stunt flying.' won respect and admiration
it's much easier than being down Although there were heay their fl technue
here on the ground." traffic jams on the roads lead- A speed VIP vfit
oing to Albrook and Curundu, the set up in back of PAD a
Nordlund's soplc blasts caused main traffic artery was cleared dated Panamanian and
a disturbance in the Girls' Pro- less than an hour before the high-rankiing -JAtn Am rei
feasional School in panama -(La show ended at ]C a.mi,.Jo aer- officials who were Invited tp
Eacuels Profesional). Apparently sonal Injuries were reported'. the jet Atr show.
unaware of the Impendin Seated mext to Peldelt
booms, youngstert were fright- One of the pilots of three Sa-
ened by the blants. The sc ool bres which zoomed in high speed Mrs. Jose Remon .Mar.
bell alarm was sounded, and the runs over the field this morning, Reuben C. good, .r. CarfI
girls were evacuated out of the was born In Ancott, Canal Zone Arr Commander who 14 la
buildifl. .. .. in 1923.: H is a Koran War jet of the tour.

Fifty science students from
Panams/s National University
were giVen official permission to
attend the jet show by the rec-
tor. This peeved the remaining
scholars, who played hooked this
morning by evading school
guards who were set up at the
entrance and exit of the build-
ing. Many jumped fences, sneak-
ed out back ways and headed t-r
the a ow.
Plategl*as In the windows of
Agenda Lumina Novey and Ec-
onogas companies were shatter-
ed aftet the sonic blast.
Two 18-inch ceiling lamps in
the Balboa Housing Office broke,
littering desks with particles ut
Even the swallows who nest
under the eaves of the Admin-
istration Building were greatly

SONIC O this morning brokagii plah
V window In Pananw
4.o .

-~ qt
-' -



* r~~



w 0 "-

House PC Subomimittee Chairman
Asks For Healngp On Canal

WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 (UP).-elpaubHcan representative
John J. Allen today requested that calbian AJvin F. Welchel
of the Merchant Mainm emasittee autherise herinp to be
called oeinielag opewatUons f the Panama Canal.
Allem, wbeo I chairJna atf the raapmua Can j subomnvit-
tee, mid l n:a ltter to Wi d toeay t he had been asked
for beasi fLaVeam fieg f the United Sttees Citi-
a Ames of theCatLZeie, and asi hby leeward E.
Munro., le IatiTe rerepve fe the Central Labor Unila
tad tbe v Tra CUfeal of the Zeae.
Aiea e e to be Ue confuon reciting
lr m. "tats- e operation la the Zone, and
also e a m"ig lmed by the Mereh"at Marie
sa" e uas -* ate e-r. bear-- -
*.- p Oa" t.o "t emlittoe' fatetiem ou tak-


The bfrsto





1 -

- ~ ~ ~,% -


S .-

17. H T5rE' w a. Me on34.' 0A, IN. OF P.
1N I. *Y 44*,,
M 6 A 'N o R ADVANCR.-- ... ...


Th Mail Box is on open ormm fo se*e adls he 4Panama. Amer
deem. Letters are received gaiteeulwy sad are .aadled t wholly conli-
dental mnnaer.
It you tribute a letter den't be Islpaleat it 4In't appea the
peaut day. Leften are published in the eder ropeaved.
Please try to keep the letters limited to 6e palgs gth'1
Identity of letter write is held in stricter ptidence.
This newspaper assumes no responsibility sr jtelmeints as opinions
e-pessed in letters from reeern.
0 -n-"

-Plcez put. ma' Letter in vore good column, the male box. Ah'm
G*od alcun citazen frum across th' bo'der in Lesser LaZonla.
'm not such a bad type citazen, 'cept, as brother Gaskinwky
amebbe a mite so on week days. Being a good LaZofian with
of practus in *.'dmf-nlsttktive' dealings, Ah'm coznigant ol
fact thet a good bit of coruspondince always begins at the
d.- so here goes.
- Ah hain ttoo satisfied with the way things are ahappenin
he n Iesser LaZonia. We ot a economy program, goin on here,
. 0 rankly Ah suspexs evert ing haint like as it sh d be. Lottsa
Onhan are cumpaainin an some are imugratin toward Noath
America with blood in thar eyes and a tight lid -on thar pore
Scailluzioned hearts.
An to make things worser, ah got a feelln our faithful Govu-
nor Is beginin to glt a inklin-of our. unrest. Take fo' instance his
recent statmint About all the profit the LaZonlan canal has made.
He,-ays thet the reason fer the good showing-(scuse, please, of the
Colbfany since his ahemm!) arrival can be explained by the fact
ihet the tolls had brung in a exter 7 millyun bickeroos during the
past year without a corruspondin increase in expenses. But he
appeared good and proud of the 111 old 7 millyun smachers re-
ported as profit tentative, thet is).
Profit? Smofit! Don' Yo all believe nary a wurd of it. Why,
when them loud-mouthed strangerp,,up in Washington (D.C., thet
is) git thru calcalatin percentages fer ameatorizin this here ca-
sal In LaZonia thar won't be enough bucks left to the Gotunor.
credit to pay Beasley's cayuca fare to Panama. Ah shore hopes
he (brother.Beasley, thet is) do better by yo all in Panama than
be done for us'n in LaZonia.
Now bout thet profit, bigger It out yourself, 7 Wllyun exter
trum tolls with no exter expense, still only 7 millyun net income
(smofit. thet is).
Whut done become of all them coins ay ted drain thesA econ-
omy maneuvers? ? 400 fewer aleun (u.S. rate, lhet ls) LaZonians
to pamper with cash an luxerles; .few .and lesser clubhouse
igervice centers, thet is) to attract ame rdm thar "rbIli lawns
h. spacious patios" Fewer hospital actlitees and Dorer service to
Suiscorige same frum gittin sick apurps ean Joln.awa thar time
In free hospital wards. An jillions of other money saving schemes
being executed with military preahtsbun by us more intellegent,
tjxtlngutshed administrators on LaZonia Hill.
Haint it a shameO Nothin saved but the exter 7 millyun caus-
Sd 0 by some.1 ole war policee action, thet is) a long way off.
Srofit iSmofit! If it sademn'a been for thet costly economy
flive ordfted by.them strangers in D.C. (God forgive them they
i Vah knew whut they wua doin -- an nary a soul tola them) the
TLaZonian Canal would a netted twice as much.

Plese donn' tell ma' boss ah done this,
-- Lil Blabner (writ bymeoblne)

-L ~rhA

ei Ar. aWt le

I Adam and 1 "For and
4 Jack and -- Loathsom
8 _-and Jeff 3,- and
13 Village (ab.) Dungare
10-& &and 5 "Emerald
ti sedi sed
7 -and *S0aucho 40Edges
h priest Abner weapon 41 Cat
SLight, whi L LAsr Fmench 42 Cicatrix
r al (Brit.) 9One* friends 43 Allowance
Divided sin10 -. or stProperty Item -for waste
l t fu iSl,.". a-d clnisleep44 Burden
21 laam and 11 Male cats S Gsek war god 46 Algerian
IBalaam and 17 Mobamfdja 9 seaport
S t 'Is n t t. 47 Ibsen heroine
Agar 19 Siouan 21 Disputes 48 Snatch
unflavored ian 33Nostrils 50 Scatter,
cake Irdea $8 tCy#driflat as hay
.61 Hebrew 23Grade
month .
b Greek letters -
Sailing voices
..4 Metric -
,5 Storehouses -
r. -Fire _- --
m. fleainder"" r -
M1 r ns M C I ia

a gh

S aknivor of
Herb gen s r
1# War god
M10ogod Quee .

, "iVekl L_, --- I


The annual meeting of the Stockholders of
e Panama American Preps, Inc." will
t held at the offices of the company in its
lbldlng No. 57, H Street, Panama City,
'hepublie of Panama, on

MONDAY 4ANUARY.25, 1954,
t-- at 2

S' Harmodio AriTas,


$.- w
. :... ,1* "i U '

_1_ ___8



f 1

S '4

Labor Newis



The old Franklin Roosevelt-New
Deal bloc, operating as the Amer-
icans For Democratic ActiOn and
now fighting Ia control of much
of the Democratic Party's national
machine, has been rocked by
heavy losses in money, manpower
and labor support.
The ADA has just lost the $12,-
000 annual contribution which the
CIO United Steelworkers of Amer-
cla has given it since the day!
when the late Phil Murray helped
such New Dealers as David Dilbin-
sly and Walter Reutber launch the
organization to perpetuate the in.
fluence of dti New Deal veterans
in the Democtatic Party.
This has cost the ADA much
more than the vitally needed $12,-
000. It tears out of ADA the CIO's
second largest union. It deprives
the grouo, now struggling to fi
New York's Waldorf AstOria Hote'
with a great crowd for Harry Tru
man's Roosevelt Day banquet
speech on Feb. 5, of the support
of hundreds of regional steel-
workers' locals. These unions are
in the heart of the great industrial
areas in which the Americans For
Democratic Action has' displayed
its greatest strength.
This is apparent from the man-
ner in which David McDlnald, the
Steelworkers union president, in-
formed the groyp of his.organiz7.
tion's action. McDonild sknt thz
ADA board a letter stating mer"'
that the Steelworkbrs execuidv
board had decided not to cottinu
th donation. Tjere was no express.
sion of symp ,thv or support.
Obviously 9tis is the first
counter-attack of the politically
cautious labor leaders against Wal-
ter Ruether, the ADA's dynamo.
And it may have sharp effect on
tle ADA's national influence, just
when the grodp is under attack in-
sit the Democratic Party, itself.
Dave McDonald has long felt
that iie ADA is too militant,'too
much left of center, and, influential
inside the Democratic Party far
beyond its actual strength. McDon-
ala's camf inside ('10 is made up
of almost half of CIO's member-
For that reason, Reqther has
been careful to avu '. any reflec-
tion on the Steelworkers. Reuther,
in fa'i, hLs gonp out of.his way to
make certain that the big Steel.
Union is. given representation in.
every CIO project.
Now Reuther is faced with a split
with his most powerful CIO col-
league over political action. Reuth-
er must decide whether to contin-
ue to throw CIr support .behind
ADA inside the Democratic Party
or to eare off and continue to avoid
an open break with McDonald.
Without CIO supDort. ADA will
be just a shell, with the machin-
ery removed from its easing. "
But'Ieuther faces an eyqc",rpat-
er prpblemn-of 'considersbl jtet-
est to the eiitire naton.Cbvlbtly,
McDonald's withdrawal of suinort
from ADA also presages differ-
ences of opinion op national politi-
cLI policies, candidates and tactics.
If the CIO's national Political Ac-
tion Committee continues to work
closely with the Americans For
Democratic ActioM, will McDonald
and his coast-to-coast union of
1,250,000 members work closely
with 'he CIO's Political Action Corn
McDonald and Redther, it ap-
pears to me have not seen eye to
eye on political strategy for some
time. Reuther has long been in-
terested primarily in the presiden-
tial and congressional battles. Mc-
Donald has told associates that be
is more interested in winning po-
litical friends on state and local
levels. This, in effect, is what Mc-
Donald has said:
"The Steelworkers wil: use mon-
ey, manpower and educational
work in state elections. That's
where the lawmakers have their
greatest effqet on us."
Therefore, it is logical to assunwme

session au
4ed tp
he attra.

Air Traffic ,Control

By Peter Oqn

WAS'INGTON -' (NI.A)-Civil
Aeronautics Administrator Fred-
erick B. Lee says the volume of
U. S. air traffic will be doubled by
1960. In this prediction he puts the
finger on the growing problem of
air traffic control.
Whllp Lee is advising cities to
start planning for this huge growth
in flying, his own agency Which
has responsibility for the federal
airways and aviaton communlea-
ties systems is being cut to the
bone. Wa:-s are being sought to
shift a large part of the cost from
the government t6 private indas..
Early this year Robert B. Muay-
ray, assistant secretaryy of Comn.
merce for transportation, proposed.
that the burden ti ruling control
towers at commercial aitrti be,
shifted to the cities. Thu edal
government woaldn contino th'op'
erate the navigational aids an the
airways between the cities, -under
the Murray proposal. But the itles
were to take over the approaches,
landings and takeoffs.
The siren-like wails that went up
not only froah the -cities, bOt also
from the commercial airlines,
caused Secretary MurraySlo cancel
his proposal in a hurry. Air-traffic.
lanes hav- to bt operated by uni-
form control covering the entire
country. It has to direct traffic for
not only the commercial airlines,
but alas private flying and military
aviation which make up for over
a third of the total.
There are now over 72,000 miles
of controlled airways, 510 paved.

airports and 4501 t ved
CAA o"erate.. cntrol!twer
of the busier Clas, 14apo
32 air route traffic i i
Last year tbV #ir s
million las .w4 ave
lion fix ,
At. Midway AL O n C
busit field- .ati
war 205,00 ayiv and
tures last yr. pyer
800 a day, t bter he ON
two minutes, right ao.
clock. The prospect o d0
this volume of traffic at (
in less that tea years gives
men the jitters.
'The :iost amnag,- pef
Saviation,"p ay al.a. ai

er when eonamons ae
worse, tuM.of h tr c
control..'fn ,. medfe terate.
There is a tremendous amount of
strain. t# rer,
Total ieplos"enit CAA lest
Jan. was under 17000, of whom
4,000 were field men on traffic
cantroland communication. Unler
the ecnom) I these forces
.haey been cut 0 Jobs have been
combined so that traffic control
and corn: ..nlcatioq are handled by
the same man. Though everything
possible is bping done to keep the
3000 ir traffic controllers, more
cuts are -rumored and morale in

fields, the CAA flcid force is shot.
s at 179 The situation has become .so
rts and iqute that Air Line Pilots Associa-
centers. tion newsletter put in a complaint
ome 16 that safety was being threatened.
13 mil- The. pilot' letter dealt specially
with conditions at Midway, where
,hlcago, the erawding is extreme. In vol-
:, there ume of .total operations they rank
depar- Cleveland. Miami, Denver, Wich-
ages- to ita, Los Angeles, Dallas, Tete
e evpry btro, N. J., LpGuardia, N. Y., and
ad the Walington, D. C., that
doubling order.
Chicago CAA's budget for the. current
control year is $143 million, of ,Which $105
millinn is sa 'aries. How much of
this budget.-could. be -ransferrei
ople in to increased fes charged to aip-
dast the' craft opertorUifib.ndw tuder study,.
p pi ... -

collect about otore for
service "-hM i- A t iP
creased "nfdibg fees is euht by
the industry. A tonmileage pay-
ment has been proposed for larger
A spqeial tax on aviation gaso-
line sales has been suggested as
the fairest system of payhia for
gtvernamnt services, but commer-
cial aviation officials point out that
over Wo per cent of the flying fi
now doe by military aircraft who
would get a free ride.
Whatevc- is done, it will take an
act of Congress to do it.

Walter Winchell In New York
-"S -

u.*n vumrry
to -i afluftac^ 'tg
# be. Wa di
on must ofl t
al *JF ,..;,-
ge a s that id Ma'r
gave exc the same vlce to
his close friend, Ike Rlsenhower,'
back in.m apd this wva nw.
son Ike refed to run feo' resi-
deft 'at that thui
Bridley is -in triued attbue -
of being a senator howeverr, w
that he might make some eatotl-
bution. But the negative factors
outweigh the positive, At least for
the mo.pnt.
NOT -Adm. Tlm da at 'a
Republican mtary pan, was apr
pointed to the .S. Seinaete atr the
war-and served 'with bonor and
te.'m of Connecteubt's Stn. Frani
Maloney and did net irn for re-
NOTE 2-BradRey was barn It
Missouri as a Democrat, but had
never been identified with polites
one way or the other, though .he
was appointed by Truman to be'
Veterans Admnia strator and later
to the .c "t Chiefs of Staff. In each
case he did an excellent job.
P Adeidant. 5 -1i,,bt.. a
frank chat on loyalty probes wfth
a non yebsing -Democratic con-
gressman the n which
Ike con' led that somerpeople
may have im d',nthod s te-
c4t statemethat s
lcanis b9&ve& ef
Staggers .t i t he
referred (ih his.Stataof th.Unioa
mesare) to those who*al te,
tr)aso:.lle acts to ndfimia the
government. He 'did not iean fer-
me' Cimmunists who had been
duped into joining the Comndunbt
Party, but later renounced Com-
munism. .
"I d9 not ave tha pwe Ias
President, to giye cit to
anyone, b':t do have .f
restore cititenship to aW Mo "lo
has raid the penalty for his

t '- '"r alh.Ea..At

that McDonald may not help the MR. AND MRS. STARDUST tickets were sold for that perfor-.roadway play which also lasted
CIO Political Action Committee go saqe or the rest of the fatal ono consecutive p romance ... *
after congressmen in the fall ele Lana Turner, of all people, is week ... The poor Royale Theater Add, Double Standard File: The
wtioe Without the funds of Steel. latest to express diiay ab.,u. has lfad two flops in a row. The als in "5th Season" get a new
workers and their friends i operates dif Marilyn Monroe's sexy publicity record is usually held by The Play- sbltaMbl6 wardrobe each season. ',
foutto see how PAC can operatee How you do talk, Lana! You who ho s ... Prospective film titles But the men in the cast .p It pro-
effectively on A. national basis this built quite a career by putting a igelvIn : "Red Carters," "Pink vids their own .:.. Jackie leaason
This split was inevitable. It strain on a sweater ... Tentative sad "Black Hose." (No ee4 3M hooks on Spiritaalam ...
Thi split was inevitable. title for Puliser Prize Playwright tras"?) ... Lizabeth Scott John Steel, a star a the Ziegleld
comes now, exactly 10 years after Sidney Kingsley's upcoming corn- a3..,_ki' Dorothy Collins are eae, Clicking at the Zanzibar
Sidney Hilln launched the Po- edy: "The Kingsley Report." It's B7u -ALtke ... The top teevy- in -Frt Lauderdale, Fla. ...
litical Action Committee. It devel- comical,- already ... Fernando mi.e e far (we thought) was I*o thE. two of the Screen's moot
op at a moment when labor it- Lamas cocka-doodled: "A r l e noe e w 's. trickery from Miumn dtd gentlemen, D. Fair-
self is split wide open. Deep in- Dahl does wonderful things for Beach on the split-screen: One rawi, Jr and Adolphe Menjou,
side labor, despite its criticism of me" (Then came the storm)... sbhoing sunny Florida; the a beer s teevy ...
President Eisenhov'er, there s real Debbie Reynolds, who has deco- o .S owy N.Y. ... Despite C on will probably be unhap
reluctance the Whito sever all connections rated only a handful of films, has wedy statements by pessalmists, ith the soon-due French impo
with the White House and the old her beauty in more movie mags the uiodles cost of films (tupl. el. "'Intmate relations" ..
e Democratic Party t the same than most stars this month ... ed out wood last year) a- m 's skewp: ltat the last
time. Powerful men, such as Dave El- ine Stewart's sexclamation ceded --millon. It remains one a Csklk i copes have ha d -word
o n rf points make Modern Screen's page of the nation's top industries ... titl
others adinpowerfulunions.just 46 a magnet for stares ... NotA someone said: "Flowersn -"- -
don't wntalter euther to exert ny signducers can top Ava Hollywood smell like dirty old doi- f n D.ela
in recent fencee he has sown Gardner in CmemaScope vi a la" -bills." yo enjoy Jan In Dixielat
Thata salon will remake na- "Knights of .he Round Table" .. le then spin Jimmy MPart
tiona!n' politics perhaps this year. Movie Start nag has a unique, I" _'s a... ,S- ef "T p- topi
tona polit pe p y photo of Jane Russell. Shows only Another reason plays generally tootling ... One criti wenta long 1 e .ia1
.- her back ... Skeleton Rattler: must ruf many months (oefoi- re. way to say "So-s" when he,.obl t,. m0-.V...w .
Newscaster Ed Murrow's real first paying investors) is that most swervd. "The i sy t be doe-. .I
name is-Egbert... TskTsk. theatres a *slightly larger ihan srib d aI iota el vel n auer 'It's grand tore
.. phone both. Frixample: "Oh,..'' ;t meOy ne ... The week we oan
Ray Bo$er, who is 50, looks 30 Men! O Women!" is in a theater ca iow in- -
and is sprightlier than many teen-, seadtg ... Former chasp .n m in. Tea mai ,
agers ... d Charisse, who is a Jake LaMetta hopes to return to : Mafa .. ..Have a
Doll, has a hobby-collecting them t' ring in about six wamd vie '0 m4-e a uplitdm p 6 .: Hol A
... The ato who lays the most Pabst te fight show from Ste is ued ASK F0
^ "rugged heroes In Hollywood is ani Auditorium. "You can e t "' ins girls ar .e ya' oers.
named Marion Morison, better p h ittdig around doing n O io- to 0nll) *.. _
known as & Wayne .,. Greer L'hs e salad. "I'm also etta T A ot The.Nod,. The Ad ,
G rson wouihn ave you believe: up a sOnpam d danes act with r. *ct.. V .. -
-7"rn*There are plenty of people of cul- wife Vieky, Just in case" .. Tb 0 W dS _t.,_
ture and understanding in Holly- fumnest it on televisir: llS- ..;. ;** .. .. ."
wood. There are Hindu groups, Fred Mugpi the Garroway his. Pap" O J 4W .fishe w a 1s
musical circles, stamp-collecting paszer, e'Sg snow with lifted- a dW 6* m M s mma .,9
Groups and psychiatry circles." piky elgawe ..., The. ,ri k e s l.ew Mfat aA.g. l
Greer darling, I don't dig them face obly about half.r-da et'pat-a demand a retraction,
Don s Dilemma H. dus ... ames are the big new in brn Big. As m d -
inspiratio alon iomg Te Pan Alley. baell umi oe oe -Io e mPiP: i ,
We now have such soulfull ditties ."You can't beat the hour" ... "The Plekwlk Papei,"
Sl"a' peket- hal me ive, as "Yo-YHuirto," "Ping Pong" Sucees s Iruled by a form of tyr- tb ffilM t'
uing. and "I.Deek Cards." tOh Bean any kehwn as Hard Work. i lu Enss dom l*aS
BAs!) .. Pim the NY Babbath .O',Br T play bfe' aSt
Forw ouse mey he was iltma i irme book section: "Eseistologi- '"rhe Itmrkable Mr. -15 Bi* "
cal propyled message" he -piker" was produced. uS
hbena P. A. W t Ad hbe mans try to say "Use last -
te words."atr is y repeats .
On 1a eb..- we% bl dahUtei. Ironic that the first Shubert show Just about t yr ar uP Mutr _ILS' E. S e
In many seass., '"The tarerox iAstg, o-st of the f op a:
SStory." u d M 1d la see lMg t. Ho "Stamrees Story" aseebppa glJl e-r Iillr .-*"-'

ir -. A.

'- -

- Rr '

7 .-
n:~Mat- 24%k4. ~ .- -t iU~ sc4&~ -.

-. ".-'. -.:;
. .---* *s^ .- -sss.


- - -

I .... p


ope 8 a roettls
atre forutant, 1i
Hled, blt thi
r s: n mixiagL

inal uSeaula

upon faqB
art fbom
ons. The
iae. A. lad

se was
to- to a
1 gern. epro
cidi massn oft t

sens, selected by the 6 'dit, the
Vice Pre#ident and e Spea of
thi House.
Adm. ,.Jm Holloway, th .avy's
peirs6, i fai-
dogho fir sending a wr
sta t the Hous
.Mg.. ga
away Ann a '
oe co irprealbed requ
RHoti ya vlews I Air o.
academy ti Admiral 4
a stv ta in favor of it.
bured p44sthe atemet wa
confessuon Wit the Navy had b
using higghpre urtacticp on
napelis to e
from joinig ts chief rivauatae
Air- Fpree. .,v---r
When Deputy Secretary of D*
fense Kyes saw this paragraph, he
ordered it struck out. Ije was t 9.
however, that it was too late. Wl
statement had a been sM1
to.CapitoUl H.. t- 1


I -





~.--.~ .~LC--L~L~F"

fellow ad
"What's .
'asked W After all.
true. W ver the midh
men to n from sing
in the We don't wa
them he Ajr Force.
teach Inme things we da
want use against us a
ter." '
The truth, indicated his feldw
admirals, doesn't always pay._

.. ., 6;


. --.- M fii

5.90 x 15
We wish to remind you that the regular cond Vote
6.40 x 15 General Assembly of Stockholder, will be Second Vote
6.40 x 15 held in the Main Office of the Company, SUNDAY
Eloy Ajfaro No. 77, Panama City, on Mon. Winner of the lst
day, January 25th, 1954 at 7 p.m. Run

I In accordance with the By-Laws of our COME DANCE TO THE
500 x 16 Company this meeting ean not be held un. Tommy Nufez' Ton
525 x 16 les one-half plus one of the total number -.AND CAST Y
50 of stokholdps are precut or represented (Each cent .pe
550 x 16 by proxy, and satleast half of the espi- V.
tal stock is repreesepd.

Sw hl~dewho are nable to auenil REGULAR SUNDAY EVENING]
th ingSHULFOWADTDenlcous dishes delightful s
PflIESSd atseO FORWARD THEIR Bte ?p.m .
nda e. ON per pron (Patrons to 5bt
do not pay extra to -Mthe


2.(UP).'Feach offolaM A uationln rival ruler.
umoeiTao lay An! a.
onteront eGaret Vatwe accepted the de-
'(UP -ou i and and mada de-
S C chien MhFrseh nouni ln cach policisiIn IS O
get ot6t a t "ilbe .He nnhou oed b"we w for-
donse a pae ward the demand to nish
bob Pa hero t Chief of State Goner

) cJitii) ifla a the sext mote of os speech was Interrupted oy
a sd Opnerallamo Francsc thants o acclamation and war
t.o nis fi ,Lof: the utuit was the ragl Glou French Foeg Minihs
b0W y $O j' P ps Wipe OUt tM dtI- htjlaan otf French and Span- warned that France would view
ed decit. o Mh ed n with "grae concerns any Span-
b hd t e to stuth. mos Au mover b a ttept to separate Moroccos
--'" -.... 'sW ., i.tSuhoulr oha m-n vlie pFap Fench thnes-

r ts aen ouy eraa. wa altered for possible nation-
S1 Glaoui was conferring t- ti outbreak. French troop
Both R the opeon of the withenMol even athe nd police reinforcements wereA
ome d a b a ie t $ for ffee- er. Garcia Valo n conveyed a French fleet was anchored cff
earned the dbJc41 s te curity and doietle to France a acroll I by Mers-elmpebir, Algeria, near the
.t 14110 6"; rk t-,August.-

Siva rebndla cut ot o' W while Wetto Cthe Spanish Morocco religious and Spanish sone.
SIn id pding tan's overall obt leder demanding second
.o z .... Dan her almationench warmy

msoy. Ien ol lok* CX! U th

Sas more i of local state r French Morocco until the
.than b5,00,000 ayear. spopsl wi n ".y area.- o heultan, now exled in Coral- Al ea sit 1 ExtRerd
SIs getting very ta- 'hew he raded: ced Is restored. hl r to n
gatlt with this economy d "I a confident the Congress Although sources here held ie I e. I
oram," said one Senate OOP wM review the fs and make t hope for a Moqui, peaceft
aer "Harold Btasan (Forebl additional reduction in the ap-. settlement they sid Spain's
eratons inistrator) w ropiations bills thlt will soon eaoaragemeut of native sep- I hn
thave to t of ei tome before us for toneadera- artists wouai step up ltoe cale r ena
SSen. Mike an D -n." terror ist Mactites. an ani r
Mon), a reign Relations corn- Taber, a top leader the However, the Spanish Moroc er anh WASHINTON Jan.22 (UP)--
Sttemember predicted that House economy bloc. Indirectly -"-- Atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell, Jr.,
r lOC make "sitable re- acknowledged that a cut in new t said today the Justice Depart
mo e w i retsehthis or Idtam"e Arreq teeomn. sapti tUtWS eastOnSfor
u-n t e eO illose-does not heeeat mean d ?ner Cmnist under President
pa atI to -s* aBr. this kind ot AuttIrg' a ddrrqsponlng reduction In a-s Eisenhower's security proyramd
astr-at-ardser oaIIn an 0 afeet the tlspnding. istoF because s Tren Pith Brownelo declined tola entity
qhayelexmosere 0.u ha cnowtoio day ej siceDp ato
ItIVklUN AnLlssWhat tlim eR sd t a sden r figures Inclde money Tents For eee the ousted employe, except t n ton
wio goes o7. The loudsOpepart. ss foorethat he was neo dc attorney.
SPtoa r VSs' arTroop rO the Internati oL al "e g t
rftie e h-ne sds
$[ net.owim, laid hon Ifelle r will haview bteory oghe 1nd 10 B lyhou ts of unheCan al u IBron f elsed thurer m i ch
lpa b reds t he uaed o 0 donarp the t shn pstlmgtentsat t he site neatly had restecr in the oust-
overplong wodt t menh Bm t i seent adof this year's camporee r atRain- or of 2200 federal" employee e si

The.Presdcntpeommned, teeo Cyo.lstMay inocathNati
fe or det ofal$5r;b -whiht he campree will last until Chairman Stephen A. Mitch-
O N fo r fresfolwn gr...........otd aM ay S 2oeervt the nirn o meh Na te i

e E ELIr ed bge of 6 -asS n breeoe n l. o oehacalledo the igres"mis --
.E3 AMANDJ tiehele of activities has leading" and "dccpve."
wa earmarked for fore ole.a- le fewceu been prepared for the three days reid thoedeartaewt

This included $ai r275,w. 0 n rl.1s-011os~asto of D ,U cn oasa lsireed b ledaet r >es o
miitryshedand $1.125,000,00r in e c-dasioa to tal l k u t so fthe camporee, which wAs conference that there have been

ma t in hel op tr air arscouncil Ieordance justiceDreartent. But he tent

)SAN l .,lEXCAELSIOR warde thryo ee 4mta- me 0 tiaxttn T in veerauPse l 8 Troops dehthro er olved aeone exnp

,d~v lle I stonq.oe anst .udbr 3e2e )Aeinld mt o Tef Ca Npree chef te t ?ie wuot anw ttorne .
T BCIN DS pDemocratsen were quk to ei Id ir t- owe o e ith asf altandeI International sMaidhed sd recalls at leastone
T BL IND S to V Q charge that thne, to t r. huGOPwdll. Ads es that A. loe iadaSa for
latriehad nothlived oa Ee speakMedV .Mt A car- mire tolisted for after member of the C ammunist Pat-

Sof the fonr men aboard the hel- aod upa "a menace to Br CM camo ee scribe; Rey- apartment He s cleared b
s* copter were n tured when a tlts rlm a nd tre people eS St- asng eta- previous investing te

sky "somewhere in the uvin ul hat. bo a sness aaent of Ior spiritual dance. h. wa a s
wou b-the wreage tU the Neptuneth cal oALcans pubightalaS or'suun- eeelehts Office toar aed thefres "im i

Patrol plane. tion, wa T eted n. 7 n eight O cera of the local council
taliailia/ FU *TR The henlopter was one at counts. K count drew a $1000 S tBC wermree weelecthd en bloc ofr Spain Will
three Marine dot s t wM the first of i AF aad laoraed by e e very ei security rsOs

search w or the s erkage of ton leaden to stand trial on similar borne, pact, president, at in the| From NO
aldowned Neptune chae, anual held in Parso
The trwin-engined pqe was Jue Moore overruled a mo aw lte Sunday. WABHINeuTOc Jan. 22 (UP)-
Be cletn a ht roml Kwaja- ti fr a n tr baed on de- er another te aord e Eus h Defe artments an-
SBarers t aa a enetettat en anoned toda t at test
S LO a iil It was In radio otact with from contract. os adout commissioner ern Victory at New Orlean start
SLthe onolulu teontrol approach e was conv iced of an at. ealuteona we r re isenhted r eR Jan. 25. The ship I s schepa
center, but thenter lost rad t eaid the l reumedn that honorary ulted to sail Jan. 31 or Feb. 1.

W contact as it wah tundg over sadeveloer M. Carpenter membershipbe conferred on a The equipment, being sent une
control the Barber's Point on a Omi-dolar housing nutmbs r (rf Cnhal,.Zodn ofwchlhtv d er th e recent agreement with-
Shere o accepting o av assted the organ Spa wi lt o manteny.
The plot ofNO t. (wn-A il cd ehoiento wre of naSuon.y r i u d., arne osi, artllerty, comhmuntca
copter had radeed he thought threats and of onpiring Atth ee the period of tions and eealectronicgs equipment.
a Cal 0ti he had aighted the wreckage of with two notn officials now the sixday training course idr tae ks verheiles and training e-
shdn wa ne thei l and Madde n Dam selected as the The department also said 'o

mprogralmsnor ofig/ Hone- (eadot bln-tods was t locattqa. Prerma nary plans were few!" T-33 let trainers will be
ai ist iteWnd the Moicto: Boy Scout Weerak this year from to the panish government i-
aSTOCKHOLDEn OF eERaE(EA Apri toe Mayu mrdet ebmr ary

O n foArIONAot S.iA. fer ,.. Tof r o PeI fo
5.50 x 15 (NATIONAL BREWERY, l a n INC.) nei l i the
lt n et e a the ta B
NaY spokesman. said non nostrict ndgebeorge N ord. e iey:t s
ofhtm .Id nlns" deana menace to CM caeessocw rmeHe wsearede
Cacapt-dweret _.iu. d when athis on-.tRme_.uMltred- .ther peope nid tewt n8eiesunstant
du he im llle-etrihhaa ."c p poe s cri ie'dS Faey o.nt previeedous invesptgt entio n h

ofv-Sthne pwtrolgbfotherNbeptue Ta rs 1A~gveoe'n ceearledots Ofiers ,van itarver dnp known tot-
Thes helanopterwaonedcuIibcountdrewaan were reeLectedvensbloc
searhef or thea..elicoageroto12eaersto tandrismalfeC. onsir Oniapstpresdent, to the t Fbreotwhenhome'
TN-v s.en sind p onewasu reorlaMoolMheeluhandsafety;uCdarWB
e ompIn h fomall t .f t=,rial bv anote EllisTe D o rment an-
afthefour.B..arber's.Pithal-midrtense contetiontat0.e toPro PD.C.t, camp hrefsid e; WRillaymnd a tunedtay thalent ntehebli
station whea I r acked uptdi- lnntfile d to eprov e at'u Arthu i. vicewpreid e-nt;Pa rl ishipm en t ii eouip
ingt N ay roundckcotrol aoachl oI bInter Al|ibee r wI IntersttLe e. Ford, Dv cet eaket fo pind owb loade
ofthed andig the d Nav the-id, -comoaln .I2n eAxtring maoney Moornetreasurer; Jam abioardvthesA freigter Nthwest-
m $.Athe hHopno l conrolwt oappi.oBhun' Hee w as -$ccted a atReouti'wereeel petseted ugeJn. 25osTeshipcis scarhey (a
center, but- the., centa lostradio tom t _o eot$0,000 fromrel reo.hined st hatedhonr ary oed to sa. ) ja or Faeb ho
thrKOMorvnOdfOr nrm fonressento-Cnaon0pfiiasthdefteofFern Vasten areent i
contrhi w "the Barer's Point o "tndtlhousi havea assitedithen oryan- anveSwillFons of maitteD-
Threptotedo e hell-stwone=sttogwheld. .Mari e- to otile comre ca
e TandnMamdenDamseleetahaedov. as- he iTartmUNT also2maidda

550 pl15 Nx ATfihtfoNA BRW ERYUo Io &nC.)ilbsdo e evtaohrtr r li TeDfneDprmn n
;w ureI "m

S towatd ofter, "-. a

. .-p.;.. : ,.-...,.-oh ..r.

Avenold AroseiMna Na ..
TeL 3-11M
(Across the street floaN Mat*
Inmaculada Bdli) -


. We are unpacking

COTTON POT HOLDERS ........................ .
PLU D H CLOTH ............ ............
COTTON OR LIMN DISH CLOTH ................ 00 .

. Bathroom towel sets
In colored ............. 3
e Bathroom towels ..... 1.8
* Towel sets in big siws
4.50 and ..........
* Bathroom paper case. i

Chromed shoe holders ...... 3.-0
Chromed hangers for skirts 1.
Chromed hangers for doors 3.50
Chromed hangers for hand
bags ...........ur..r 19, -

* Plastic bread boxes ........
* Chromed metal sieves ......
' Chomed metal feyep with
measure ........ .........
SFoutr plastic boxes for
kitchen ....................




It Pas to


I I In The



it from the start as we hold the

Count for Carnival Queen!
NITE at 8 p.m. in the PATIO
eadors & Lucho Azcarraga's Carnival Baud
mt for food and beverage Ie one vote)
Entrance: SI.-

- O


vote count)



a tniw

. ,.--. -.
-.r a~ .4.. t. -z,..-. .$ -,. I ,--,

- .. "- .. "'+


InS poubticirse
Ol o atiand tsersw
0 Atvtgs abOVOthu


*5S4AST wr

.' 1 '
.tli) -..

t- 'a'e-m ^

' .' I1




.o ;



5 (

dyear di


,atlEW Fi

-e f ollow


- ;W"~~7C;-~- --- --- ---- ---- --r:

~_ ___

"..I "


:; +....,


V ,-~

'1~~ ~_1~-.


RAISING THE DOME-At the first glance, one would think that'
tb-i 136-foot boom was lifting the dome of the Pnnsylvania state
* ,iwtibuldng at Harrtbuf Actually the giant boon was Just
g ventilating unites n a project replacing utility lines in
the building.


Great White Fleet



*, "IIBUERAs" ............*****...... 22
*S.S. "CHIRIQUI" .....................Jan. 24
B.S. "LEON" ......................... ......Jan. 26
*S.S. "YAQUE" ...................* .........Jan. 29
S.S. "ANDREA" ................................... Jan. 31

* aMsaual ebtsatod. Chille sand OGua Caru.



S.S. "COPAN" ....................................Jan. 23
8.S. "SAN JOSE" ......................... Feb. 1
S .5. "MAJORKA" .................................Feb. 5

Weekly sallings of twelve passenger ships to New York, New
Orleans. LoS Angeles, San Franelsee and Seattle.,

Splelal round trip fare from Crstobal to New York,
Los Angeles. SaM Francisae and Seattle.

To New York .............................. .52 .00
-To Los Angeles and San Franelee .......... 270.00
To Seattle ..................................1365.00



Written for NEA Service


610053 692
VKQ 9873
*QJ107T2 *K84
'4 4101702
8OXT2 (D)
I *A&

Zedt-Wet vuL
0ba Wedt Hee East
I 9 Pass 2 6 Pas
26 Pass 44 Pass
44 Pam 4 V Pass
4N.T. Pass 5B Pa
6 9 Pam Pass Pas
Opening lead-*

The bidding of today's hand was
not "perfect, fortunately f o r
North and South. North. should
have played the hand at six clubs,
for that would have been a safe
contract if the clubs broke 3-3 or
4-2. Even a contract of six no-
trump would have been better than
six hearts, for that also would de-
pend only on a normal break in
When the hand was actually
played, however, South got him-
self into a slam in hearts. Here
he needed good goodluck i the heart
suit, and his chance for this luck
wasn't nearly as good as his
chance to run the club suit with-
out loss.
In some hands it's better to be
lucky than to be smart, and this
was a good example, for the clubs
did not break normal, and good
luck in hearts wat there for the
taking-for the player who was
smart enough to take it.
West opened the queen of dia-
monds, and South won with the
ace. He naturally led a club to
dummy and continued with a high
club in order to discard his losing
diamond. And much to South's as-
Lonishmen', West ruffed the sec-
ond club with the king of hearts.
West then led another diamond,
but South was able to ruff. Now
declarer had t, vind and capture
the queen of hearts in order to'
win the rest of the tricks
After some thought, South led
the c.ce of hearts from his hand.
Vest clutched his cards closer to
his vest and glowered suspiciously
at declarer as he dropped the
blank queen of hearts. He was
still muttering to himself when
South clair'e, the rest of the tricks-
and scored up the slam.
West's suspicions were mis$
placed. South hadn't peeked. South
had correctly decided that hei
couldn't make the slam unless
West had the blank queen of hearts I
a' that point.
West's ruff with the king of!
hearts was inconceivable unless
West had the singleton king or the
doubleton king-queen. If W e s t
started with only one heart, East
would have Q-8-7-3.
South knew that he would surely
have to lose a trump trick to East
if he had those four trumps. (Eas'
could afford to cover the nine of
hearts with the queen, and woul..
eventually win a trump trick with
the seven or eight. Or East coul
even afford to play low trumps,
and South would be unable to f
aesse often enough through him
Since on- possibility the sin

No Soap!










.^W I.n
t-. '.,


117 7 ".. '1

Sevice to



1 P77..

mLSed No. 5,e.16

am NamBoutml.-am

i' i- anAirMWanl-d Air PaMd P 'O
W w e"dMAflr

MMt L e el.
CeIeoa emIds,Tel.109
*f.M..Uns..wa. fe. JLJ4P









' -..
tm ,


**. ?N~

' Some Rhebari4

That's Thatll

*iJtaEe margamna



MAJO auoo.Ks OUT UUk WAs s -.'M U4


.'- -~' I.

.~' .,., '



_, _'~7



~r vr~r~---u -I--------

__ +.,

~TAi.4Wvfl4~fl~9 I
* .4-.~--A-., -
S*.~. A$*,,j ~ -:

- - - - - - - --.-4... ........ -

nzw 40fNwuw&V'a5 vSt C":AT LUNCHS9W
4"Mrs. a. Oder was hoese. for a lu ona at "be b a,
i .,at CO." DSole,- ar, tonor t Mr. James Dons
6 A vi, u her "af -,AM

T. he other ues 1 were the wives 6 Mr. rd Mrs. T a d A
of officers oL Fasron squadron, It Ma michael.
with which IA. Vaughan Is statIos-i S
ed at Coco tJo!o. They included: Pooy Soalal Tomearrow
SMrs. Vaughan, Mrs. Shoulder ud Dop't foetget that t"marrw .
.7... arles Barret Mrs. John Me. Wash oo raise unds for the
(Abe, Mrs. Ed. Macs,4lll Mix. Lea Scho p0nd of the CacMA.ean
&nato* Goodman, Mrs. 9. C. toak, Mrn. College Club.
SR. E. Focstlera Mrs.D. L, Marn, The first table will be rather rt
Ide hMrs: John M clvaine and Mrs. J* 7:30 p.m4 and will contain pri-es
ew J.fohabuftet ,, Zarrielia.
|wtfast C ICArtrO, .a.. o) .M ...... -3 -
aeate l mgth on La CreateInbog at 1 M rs L Fitney r
I nd.l .on h on La Crestsia n honert o *Joe Dorfty, Ch ..ltrIA'e QUEBT1fi --et1a: of Agri- Viitbrs F. illi8 1111111s1
| mHer tue veilof fiX iwas u! o Ins Hera: PCaueos, MrJ cS. Dorey TCume ( te atrah t-Set ofe., Agp Vi Po l ro so
l ace by Hecrruastlle g hobof e b Mare v A. Teonrce Chairman of thw Boet ctltef$he him fight to get Mr. and Mrs. William Grady, of
id .hs eOaa by. n Comortteetm twre-nce .. blongmy eatto f Jd nhower's farm program or Margarita, have as their house-
S.. pain. Drennan, C etirspan 41A6e tod r954, Gen. todaa (W..r., right), one -of the most guests Mrs. Grady's parents, Mr.
-M ardeo Htshs a no--- lo mOakt, a.. Park Mby. and Wsiserardt M E
I atdet o aesr id as OArs Committee, ad he Co4armaRa, hostile members .the committee, Is violehtly opposed to the and Mrs. P he rhardt, of t
,i e YP .4w tv The Ambasador o .atemala B; Mrs. BJ.. program. a EPark, uand oe Miser, Mrs.

s .- Sub er W av Spreads Out I. anesMs 'K:

Is Mis 741Ad AstanAmonar their Ntiv Arms oC ORICAGO, n l2 (wPe- Te prisover. icayat3veond Tay n d e CD
hp? Gas Vaided MaI. Darncei Mrs. OP. bite ow 3 Er&5lit They will be on the Isthmus for
Nelide aaua .orJBd cman f N sbli Cr; MM Jack Stitc Sn orcast if)8 eIf SoutSDflI several weeks. HeAG Aidcs [

*rW K Uor.Colrai fofl a mr.agte Corn- row forf rs h Inotn athe a r nrcoun o Vt or z
o ft br d-t oLhna wore at bo r to toa M InIe"rs n "Pa M

$.O of.. "gal CIu-" Use.. CIub mitoe; Vaoi as S. ohn, Betor a ?delay Ofoce Th
Mo.wniPs ogpgstelauitra tune Ms.h A mbCitesanXW osVk cLd or The Atantic Chapter of the Or-2000 b wit6 c HA .
Wo I he h a n -t u sol.' .le. Ah Crab -. t der-of De Molay head its ceremony "
a I r. Co y trtmir door priest wol .A. W in taiat on at the Cristobal one batter
... .R1a I Ja.t boni. MOvn at ird M Ws foro u. ue a- h ad ra a Laasonic Temple lasniort Tuesday, atW Li t' .
es. ee v.r ting ont et homu4ae In honor of MrsaWiliram her one Vwing th meeg. 7:h3 potm .wsm tolni redt
vr A. i cstevenson. Guests a,.t oV CHICAGO, ed into Chicago 13 hours Thomas Hughes, openedthe meet. AE WCIED s.

I eh a Gtsnled arguei In bit t wn pa seatroe Iebx to Ig g. The otficers who served for S REDUCTIONS

_E Hayjre Gera F 1 erL.a "l aohrpoe- ON AFTERNOON and COCKTAIL DRE.eE8
S n MrL. mpn md her S Visitor Here Fo vera and knifed into the t, l snow drtt In Wisconsn. color Philip R. Sanders PMC;and EVENING GOWNS...
tiesido OCalon, Mrs, Clifford Payne and Mrs. a. VisitorHesreooreeni Soilorv ourth e ay andzrutw
I now was forecutas far i senior counc lor ith MVi aiz aa.

*oos a .r M iolustonTel as W arr ivmen d L o n ow wr ff lth In Monan 0ot the we amtord Siith John oav uilsJr.,w aih MNs MAIN STORE ONLY
Folliowi eS ceremony, a re. d Houston, t Toexas mrved M on the ay s Alabama and ?ei tsippI A it '.'warmed" slightly to about nc chir, PMC; junior councior-carl-

W e a^Ber namniCt wBI bei played Mondav at ld oto, o he U. 8. Iqoqau on Agency. Canal Zone District Court gave the
S, b he brte'.s Cu iWe ua lb ia mn.In te ardIoo othe o Cttoe and He ringed to hs anewaign- address of the evening. The flow- COTTON SHEETS and PILLOW CASESr ,

parents at atheo HotbTivl. ra out rn Nt p n et given by Charles P LADIES. SHOES
rh (afuNes Xl aies Club met sevra blytrferytu. tr nu toh PC u ialora ns tt-e P Harrison, Jr.1 Pam orgtnist_
d omapa's tr -of Cental Ameys e Smytenhratu wda and o sunociass tTer Dam n 't Ar.thur A. Albright. and Mr. LINEN MATERIALS. MOGASHELL
-a*i W ean Am e euf NLh greem ey todat W western N w central M ontana W wednesday. T her scr m n na as8fo ll P:n RLI1 7
e L da mr ie tial eta coldt.nln the MidwestTh coat nr throughout the world. Its edie- caniedremony Mrwas as follosWorden E. DRESS LINEN 1.7 d.
SWdnesda at e Cudu Club. York braced ford o wpp Mr. Albright, chairman of theofro
Mr. iH. Barbe o Cr vely Heigbts house. for a. no-host lunII o, fol. y-stto 10 above. s Air O kWand m fce a entrance of install ng officers, ad- Telephones: 2-2386y- 2-
I atThe ast OM -Paree air snow and slee one of Bible on altar; presenting of cCASH
6Jencb!o wia son ll benefit sale and card V pushed deep-I theft. TeX three Youths who escaped from f
sB Lo l chAwbe given bye 3 the el Vista dp t e-wth ors; placing of school books on al-
ot- e.Co .tte bo the I Oua, rcapturres'ho trar; presentation of officers for
S" rE Says.... Ameri. n Women' to the. ,Just recapteiv ured. a .deC toRtlo n; STORE R bw '

.l o for the De Molay Inst allation. 21 Central Avenue No.o Tl-nen w
Wome May Have to U Brbee apper Gve
MDoi s *oday it is ard to f.inda young man L- 80-degree a barbecue supper atThe prser, tymond Gy- .ot d yrs
0t dreams to go on working after CHICAG tOt 12 ub day. shivered in l 18. told his captors h Heen Ster-
S ea Dmarriage Ms. a Det lt to bad wouldn't "be breaking out in- th f R the housguest of her sis
au the is r my. aShe, brts. ri-. amF eo~t. tl-g moow to seewhich one- w er, I o pl home kin d b rother-in-law, M r. and Mrs. SPECIAL SA
_at t .Army- garet olad, Mrs. M el a. Bern- "Festivities w h a s h m kn o et ray r.corts were: master councilor-Les.

S-iwenIg bout boys of .Pat or 21 who der- tops in weight-reducing. salr ard, M 1 i Albrotc. with Miss Br Ra
hea li.i Lou-. eek forms, Mrs, Helen Ben baked food pounds senflower sales, an Olne Mis d y.. -bra TArift; senit Mor councilor John
s pan it.-rot to her dieu ." Gree Colbert. M-r.- refreshments served at 4.0pm. Fourkear-od HRoor CWsor, rTi tX ; senior counwilor / Joh o

a'1 a. talk, Ms.tea, b w s. c o ankton, S perflod No. 4 f ley' jndiyor councilor Th Jamas
fonaen Pebru 10. V i ty,.Mrs. Vary Es ,Seveae attractive door wprima at;iih on A Count rYroad nexr Laso Dam
n o Na n oi Fragioni. Mrs. h be awarded. t mdilS ,Gibson with Miss Pamella Haw-e I
I To 118eg0 Fifa.., -Mrs. Viola Grlffith, 1- Tickets ,t $1.00 may s Ebe o ainad thorne, senior deacon -- Jay A. AL
S unt ndCouness deGen- Lena Hosns, Mrs. Eoise death ed fro Mrs. R.S. Nourse of rent died of exposure near Cunninham with Miss Jan Fa
tes, who have been visiting on the Mr. Ett. Ho, Mrs. Margaret Heits. Mrs. Otto G. Haus- the railroad tracks at Oklahoma ceei; Junior deacon Henry Miz.
Isthmus Jfor so.,r a! I ays oA -the Johnston. Mrs. Charlotte Kenni ey, minn of Bella Vista and at IAWC City. raceh with Miss d athleen Brede;
ue guests of r. and Guy MrS. Bea Lombroisa, Mrs. Anna Headquarter in Ancon, or may b n Minesota an 18-year-old with Rach ael; juni or Steward
asgglo of Golf Heights, left belle Leap, Mrs. Dolores La Roe- pm-chased t the door, The u.c boy died when the trhck in
a by clame Wednesday to ca, M .5. Thelrma Monagn, Mrs invilted to attend. .. which he was riding crashed In- -Robert Hodges with miss Sarah
o .' "B dogot, [ 'a Miehselis. Mars. Cde Re: seeds from the 'afternoon to the rar of. anotr Bargleld; marshal Bruce G. BEJEWEW
chat. Mrs. Babette A. laio, Mrs. used t purchase snetled 'wa s tal wth N. 1fr. Vanle wiara Snders, 3rd with Miss Marie
:Alma Starrett, Msars. So wetrh r for e 'i V e' de tm ras line. Fraser; chaplain Richard R.
Sin pa olet rel d i Irn the Cunningham with Miss Carol New. NEW NYLON HOSE FASHION...
'~. Tasslue, Mrs. 4ite 4 Home Pin mL t wa e; h-3. wh -ard; sentinel Andrew Bleak- The seam glitters and gleams
I LrMsecture At U ,W B. lis o .In, N.D., -31 at Mob Wi-e, ley with Miss Marcy Rudge; stan-
LonaI Ut.February I -;' :' -eS... e34 Cat GrintsbuxgWs.. dard be Zrer-Malcolm Stone with
etta Hayes. Mrs. Jul Ora-W Robert MacSparran with M i s s
bor* e l tht Shirley Anderson; preceptors ON AFTERNOON and COCKTAIL DRESS
e a Therme s. he US R an foredat "no tqute so William Eaves with Miss Betty
ey rcn.Service Ce, oba *ULindgren with Miss Marie Bleak-
Roche, Mrs. Billie H a BralLINGERIEMandsOSTbMEgJEWELRt
Marilm Britton d M.. W p e.. I Iy; Third James Facer with LINGERIE
t .i iliti I .lWaA ao r Miss Colleen Salter; Fourth AtlDUCED FRI
Kegks1,a r.. : a. u tyw aio 4J:t' "3 Put ra' James B. Taylor with Miss Lynda

7" vthed auwtn,.. .S commercial Harlan an, 0, oc Stamford, Sixth John Davis, Jr., with Miss MAIN STORE ONLY
Pil, daughter of Mr. a~d Mrs. establlahMqpt we, loreed to It the new chief at the Sandra Hughes.
Johs J. Prill of Balboa, to Carol Drft. T"oerament Monday s eCon te nw. chi e ot Sadra Hughrs.
H. Whit::, United States Army, son The regular weekly bridge tour- close. ThOuands of workers were InternUt.b oMalt Pls SeAlen of Judge Guthrie F. Crowe of the
of Mrs. Eflg'nia White San.Ber- nament will be played Monday the U. S.Qnao Agency. Canal Zone District Court gave theDRESSES
-of Mr terni O nd Whithete .in LL-ofAath" OM NI -ve and iHe fri'Sg, to his new aepgn- address of the evening. The flow. COTTON SHEETS and PILLOW CASES
nrnairiad hete io li. 0f0.ace zdi 9 1'Wt out In "ment a vist expq lence In edi. er ritual was given by Charles P. LADIES
Mr. Hugh, White, will be solemn. Hotel 400o0. to LW oHOE
sized this evening at 6:00 p.m. at 4 0 l trial wnk publi relations and Harrison, Jr.
t-i Yort Amador Chapel. Car ilval Tea f 8trong northerly w[ds and *dyertiaing. 'he agency's oper- Dr. Jack C. Randall and Mrs. LINEN MATERIALS. MOOGASHELL
-o tunedg.- ColN ean''o -k blowq snw 7acpmpapled rse alonservaesn7oreip posts Clara A. Barber sang a duet ac-
but aA" I' c 1a the 'dwe companies by Mrs. Worden E. DN$
.cnal hyu and slowing transpor- orialt and -.Petqrial output is French.
.nviso r *.l..-l d,6 the t4 earned In foreign newspapers, Mr. Albright, chairman of the
.43Iil *1 T "- i"-at FPort AM*- auke. R ad stream- Ih, zleios and pamphlets n advisory council, presented Tom-. CASH SALEo'ON-LY
_ dMrs. L ouis G. ,-.. a dn S to 5 p.M -' y, a. If wath more-h 40 langua esHu hi t master coun-,
aughter, 3 rbira...r'&: stead of -te a" V Alt on." ctl or's jewel. ,
to arrive this evening P in yesterday. Followed in tp banquet
Utah, for a visit of two months Open, tafltli -
to be spent with her ads, Frederick The abhy of r Attentod. Ph De-
B- Harley, a.4 her parents. Mr. and order of, gldbow O Nr. Girls p Visitors To DeMoly
.- hold ah,opf elation torl- --AInstallatIon
.a Th P Misses Helen Thomas of Balboa,
ass as E Say.. i is Just receivedr. and Miss June Rowley of Cocohi N.
M:f I"LJ-.k5".tR Justreceived... "were visitors to the Atlantic Side STORE R-. IU UR
for the Do eMolay Installation. 21 Central Avenue No.BTivolt"Aveue

w.ean.a.l.". .__ ____,_ _.__, __.. by res.iLoui HOOnd Mhywrs. Jay-.....

-U .s ri

A n A.N -t. W. e and -ily." r o s t E i by Mrs. Louis Hooe'r, Mrs. Jay-
a, .. Judglag ee nthe sumbeof let- -r roe and Mrs. Leslie Elzey.
W ters I reeelve on this subject, it W The members preset included: I'
is one that really has today's young W .Mrs. James Facer, Mrs. George DISCOUNT
woman worried. VCarlson, Mr. Ben Levin, Mr.
*WWus w.1eu 1She accepts the ft tha.t she -V i James Evains, Mrs. Aubrey Co n,
a a .a l shod support herself until mar- a A noted ud icl authority Mrs. David Kaplan.
WArow!Ww riage. She doesn't object to work- We vp Jm wm &oi Bingo and canasta were played,
A W a s. n *ag a year oro after marriage wwumw.,Sl iwbtS wmo me milk te and refreshments were served by
hepbayoung man ge a start. -jkLn bra daink the otsm..
S Wil But she balk at the iea of men a,-hp dai. Milk mippls thm- with
tss S e assumain that a wife shou work A I A Als Mrhes! the caldit and phosphorus Gatus Star Club
so that the husband won't e1 that amevery Whieh lemma Youthul
m rrige a fsad" l. ait S3 Pbr nepn u um V
e.-' tWage is a w a.aarw padn ,pthe e& sod uec Itoft i A= =tt The Gatun Star Club held a pro-
Vdeoi,% we wo mol i we've : 5 e )q3 5aby's teth Rnd b Refreshments were served at the
oversold themh it's mar oym fault nt7esT 'uome of Mrs. R. A. Orvis. The
We should have am tr is is t"c e business meeting was held at t-Se
to of A- home of Mrs. Eugene Shipley, sad
. trexpe M. r OSft e01 S mB a crazy bingo was played at the
Sse a evidently taken -sS home at Mrs. Starford Churchill.
th-t small step. And what can to- Eighteen members were preset.
-' .. die s aung wond o booSt t. Gm yowr bay he cula KH ea ik Mrs. Orvis won the door prize. .
S- the aa n' place Farewell Parties For Visitors
beh in the ome. Pure, sae KIM 41pp 1iq11d1 Mras. Thomas Gibson gave a
u before she starts tat eslte rinm nt for batien. Aqpecil pd6 luncheon at her home in Gatur
bowha-rd the m Md]S, ea n W d f i Wednesdy for Mr. and Mrs. R H.
-,-,., r*- ,. C.a. C. Loec.her and Mrs. D.le C ar
b er A h m0 'M gae ichael at Columbus, Ohio, and
_r "d eafet oun It'swmi Mrs. C. T. Swearingen.
-e Mr. and Mrs. Hube.tHarta ye
C T. weariagn AM thr hose

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for 12 words


- .t-'~."9TY. -


^LEAVE YOUR; ADB*r ONE or OUfA jOh|Sit OUR W' i4E 1 CN stt r, PANAMA. '."rR w
DCatIA AL 1ATU48 O RA"ca60 L VAZEACIA EVfAlD f006 tO
InNrab sema 0 Ave. and u 1 We. a st* :T. Cnche
Street No.21 low.P of July A '355 Cauett J. Po2 D .. de la OsmI AL a**
THE FA ANAMAZERICAN row ofpot=A a th 1s$
|Z frStreet Nu a. .-as..-.'Wi. t the* ii. wiW..l
Faa'sea tar wittes, Pol -k wa t=
.7 Household Autoobils hose who have herd are talking oli SaCl .o. PROFESSIONAL ', M.ui ;- m.i =thoa othet Mtr".. "opai
___ _-.........- about... Zez Bennetts ociety electric refrigeration; gm staves, criRt office of t rm a o rt s Bld re an uDi'i
SALE:--Leather CoereJ Living- FOR SALE:-1941 Chevrolet 4-deer Swingsrers. iFeaturing a soft swing moderate rates, Phon* 6-441 -rCri oheri ld r
m sets from $159 00. Soa- Seden, mnw paint, usallent me- style Call Zez at Tel. 2-1282, 4-567. Bibleoea dJame L. Cop was n he live t
$125.00. Mahogany Dining chenical slloodbi,, duly paid Panam a. We Have Ky'h company Rev. J. W. L hiks- hi e;frot Marcila 1 m
t fr from $79.00. Beds complete $675.00. Smost y Hanunicutt SA A1 Foster's Cottge. O0 mile past To Kcep eeirlawmann, ioc aretpfti Cooper,,oSerof the Court 0 1 a9 1 1
New Mattres from $31.50. o1th. St. Central Avenue. Tel. S00 U'. WENDEHAKE., Medical Clihi;. Santo Claus. Plueo bn your and Garde Meanful soultI, on tr p through C 'rwo Wter. a ourist landmark He aid he had W t th
nChairs $2.00. Tables $3.50. Colon Central Avenue K Street corner. flnans. Phone Belbo 2-lI. Daring the, Dry Seasn, tral America. Nuasbaum w. o l thk French Quarter, wu ac- woman "about three yearr iu
Stoves $10 00. Wardrobes from M--- d- Telephone 2-3479, Panama. WILLIAMi' lam Clore beach Cot- ..return to his home in .ere', cuod e61 beating and chokinghle ihav.'t. aeen her JR th-rlt I
ye 9 Mny other B.argaOns in L .91 d E. M Ggo o l'Id., to p 4pare for him Ia-socialite wite t. deauhmboths oso W
00 .anyotherBargains in 1o,1 $850.00. Jefe Holloway, Tel./tg Lerg e comfortable. modern, Toolst RUopbre .o'WsSedre fe d e i ll
ew+ and Usedl Furniture, w@ Balb'oa 2 4992. ater ,4 00 p m FOR5 )rlE. near beah, ikolboo SO ecopti ture to Liberia. West Arica, 8r! retus.ed a reconciliation her ma man, o w.eoxp
elvr at first small down payment. -9. r weekends. 0 O where he will open an Amert- which would have ased hs sup- fled, he "often" aw r
STerms Arranged. Household FOR SALE: 1953 Buick Sedan. MI1 iIu eus p Ine secticies can Bible Soioety Agency. port payments to her .andi A Realled to a gts.
g, 4No T bonds. Call 3-3138 off ice time FOR SALE: Record Player. Good Clr, B 435, Gmo P Sprayers AZW aot a "k at h wit
S-------- -- or 3-3342. price. Call to Radio Arcinlegas Pneae 3-I77. Cristobl 673. Wheelbarrow al d presentation fie th ba
SALE: Complete chid's crib. Phone 2-5426. Calle Juan 3.. So- Hou.s. n*a& Sn Clk ,*. Eeb arrtio ewsethet d oly.d ha .
tpen and bothinette. Phone Bal- M SALE:-1949 Cheolt 4-dr oso No.r2. SolS In andt e ze o e Yvn -soyb- ho mc m

6rw Ifew makes can do thisi. FOR SALE.-'"Busito" 17 passenger. -0 f Eu- K love Wlth a cop and did a spy relatlonuhi with Patrolimma,
w edition bought nto4-6- 190 GMC first class condition Man's winter clothes wlonied horEu- S GEO. Fet. NOVEY NC bthat o 9 tmvne I ed Walter Hofna before.ha-e
Sor over $500 discount for Inspection for 1954 passed by Pan. rope, szq 5 ft. 1.0 in. warm over- -------_______ ---u-- hadm i tted nt ae muhe a rBed h am l tt O Htober. et
gash but duty paid. Moving Tues- ama atid C. Z. For further infor- coats, jacket Suits. Apply 2-3404 FOR RENT:-Furnished House. Three 27 Central Ave. T l4. il t e.l ad"ted toheae "le-had kBut is en admitted Hoehew'rutdq
a y to Zone, will sell for $390 mahon call 4-402 ony evening, 'om 12 to 2. bedrooms, porlor-diilngroom, two -___ PANAMA CANA COMPYL "b altht he hbd k2lwed hse an apartment foP hq. Wal.
AIhRE. Come wth mon, men, and after 4 00 p. m. PANAMAANAL COMANY bh tchron "Apollo." 2' x 6' and 2' x or ma h finally t nd
1 truck Stday. 9- a. m. or n 0 SL-194 Fd 4-dr Se- OFFS MILL US ITEMS ca garae, and ge a h rm. M lb Rthe Ui 8 P YM o thtoic the B "Bt .leep withls
-.or Sunday 9I a. m. n haggling den, radie. tie like new, a reel F b p icE. 3-1245, POtOanama.T.atf A -'r iai ]e 1 ri1 d o? I m ab s PpS .
ndrment that k heep oes a hcrem t A.. 5. t..e be receed untl 10.30 A. M.o FOR RENT:-LuxurfouEs nd modern Fxtet als coes .ron bi to a t he dtse e tto rehd Iw
M 4" reditantore hs a ve br o Sety S reet ol H t, TMan's mawinterclro theswte nted f r Eue- VOdSd J rsaIeue O se e

cash to heop m oef ttoen s euw a w ar mn- t o t s e
-.0 y traZone. 2 l sell for $390 motion call 4-402 a ny :eve Gind co d bedroomscpcrlor-dia shg da i bces 6R Tu N 2 Vroismta llI. ad e h.t ,fwr 2 10whtenhh
` .T "fome 4wth0,, ed tN Lm. -- -' I F baths. kitchen, pataiiwih' bar..21 2 W JW, 22 t USIBI -. _? ne n ae ",,

sl--- .0 $42c5.00.wic TSlee 3n 2C Praigrag ps h cEN ao e,FcamN HT A. OPN Cl Atopat kint officers ofop e rh ointna yssu s O oear" pme

-1 V a.-M. OrdFOR Seden9Fr duy eld, rSoOFeSMCELL A NE OUSIcTEMS R b .
"truck Sbturdro set. 9 r FOR Si. F l nledLni ,i 6the o Streetab GolfHeights. wdhTelepsone iiited ds- the Stiltr, hia tPar aas on tfo iled i lU a e
a or Sunday 9.-11 a. m. NO haggh82 dnd. radio.tirslikeno boareel3-124 5, SALo "- !245,PaInama. wfuahe aparlmetrol WilloVisitliven LatnlAmer-b.eeUr-o.d.UuSsa,.ipd uan

& wooneerfu of Amador Rod) l t mitt Storehouse, telephone 2-27201 A. bdFO m hot. cold wader. T lIS- Io C a w tu f r d or .
R SALE:-Himn inx, 1950. station No 50 may be secured from eph r Panama 4941. I leade the Latin
"- c odotogood melchsnicT l cond.ton, extra Jn above sources or from office of ur ,shed r dence i n exclusive di. V sti l
S ra- Double bed, buftrnham Ca of a es. ll Colon 1447 rom Superintndent of Storehouses, Bal- resR RENT:-Mod r. Telephone 2 whwt fot y, the defaeanena for thlu Sear'.tei t a heh a o be
ef. 4 ihmfu airs, B tove. retrogeralor. 8 r m. to 4 p. FOR AEge or telephone 2-1815. t bedroom vno iingroom hot lL l nr callet chane to op -

Sondiong. A2 FORSA2. :-.92 Coedela ti-a rn. OR ALE:, l HANDPAin NTEdi BA- aual6 ro ,ut .pI' -wt o I nvesma b e son
$4 lP0 oo ssa A h. e Na 4 hone m ci ne'oushc anc msdiorEoleuk, FcOR RENT:-Spcous house: comrn Ca Ivil n Patrol Na nal Com- 5 tin by Iu .n.n rb ad-eotJ
t.MIRAL" Refr rgerator, gas ooa s furnishe, gorage, hot water, etc. Ader, heads the U. ,hd lea- Bd et A pe iron. en nto abrd
SALEs-- onhrold West i -0607. 9 motos. pump. roA.- d roller, 9' tanks.pFOR RlNT et-n phonu 3.1251se Bll. Vis E on e 1 the tr;eso lob- o. WmoPortant r oaB ourS
Eu v---i---- e tll h... i ecs. 306 ,7 de. I ew dir mWea'tnhueeoo Blgs. 5tirk Dia.n F At out, i th e d.
brook86-61uer 4and trailer located In t0h "300"i A-a
STo. A ret S uckt and PX telephone twitch- ATION. Justilt modern e the t Ike Favors Lower USxe
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ankS dSr ingo mattressesnr. I Storehouse, telebh io B SBone S02-2720, In-bdr ,htcodwaear. Ter,a nLdi

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S of. Am r OR SALE:-Hioman Minx. 1950. station No 50 may be secured from phne Panama 3, c. e an Wha lonal leaders in the Latin o .
d -m.a C l ood condition, aextrathebove sources, or from office of Ft ArcSnt p uri tio to ediscussle se fl

S 45. -C Pedro Migu. try ve beautiful Phn 2-3631FOR RENT:--Coold clean apartment mis e offers e U ert m a Or .L e

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ALEt".ETomb mir sl 4 An- Doosy ars8 ort DeLesep b12 FOR bENb- nf t [a t lf laxatno t Inc
145. nami Hotel furnished, f50 ect, radio, over- St. Petersburg, Florid, and 4th fo o r Apt. 9. Telephone 3- mineral Supervo. A ri ni a gated foret bran

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Srs. at Household change Si Nut'dnucniau;'Fch A. 16th o tt me dite occupancy,0-7.or

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.t o w a -r Ave. Tel'800 Co O A -. carter horse Comi' ra a P ans are already under wad laws

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E0 Lo be dom d oSALE:- Stuebaker Se oan,$- two sixty cycle motors. Collaway. ct4ool rotm fo -e or tTehls beanAiedAoa
i'plom and cdiongroom furniture. ddrStje-Rec/1 0"06 we340rr 4 s.iliaa a- rateeeb dm-".
imiscellaneous.- 12 noon dr. Roateomcnet ls oTa4te room, 2t45 Hotel Tilvoll. 78r4 ...-4 9 hdi DA -r..idTEI. ii
.?m,-aond 6:00 p. m, on. East baoer d,-T.I4 --_ or unfurnished. Alhambra's office t I*o Aip e. hat ande fftlIC ar.&.8 lnvitnaei Aroad,1but' tres. a i,
81.1 p. m, pna e D.s--.--- r ~-C flb C. ORo 6ETStato.lon. Poniahedwin
Street No. 29, Apt. 1. Tel-GFOR SALE: NOTICE r A48,.O ALEy h,1316. t a ,:. wpend so, ,Applgo r e .
R --ther occ-iga-dions. i Phone 83-TATE242, house. 2126 Real Estate FOR RENT:-Large furnished aprtment. T",I as.a a d then d tp a.rt re oin Rcetof rd ,te m 'dBreoVe

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-1A SE-ur-Lvinge-dining lbai b rthurnd. ", t ,kitchen, refrigerator, G. I. Inso ct- VAL ERI hem lol i lm The nd Court of Appel r
ur e who MM overflow crowd ammed the Rio located in San Carlos be- ?p i BLn-Cfl.trom today that decon ofnon Post Office Tel-
wi .m ingsway e Luxe. $675.00. hone tude 2,750 fthe "obra i M ding coun- maas in New York. hen shout. of Military a A "pp regli vedtent |ime l'ma._o
-. tkL of o.lo nlend Jardis La Loma, of. a-.side the mltar t -, -
4.475, 168-c,. Pedro Miguel. try, very bealuiful Phone 2-3631. FOR RENT :-.Cool, lean apartment muiofferse his pdrofeSr- u.e h .as. -e a s I N O
FOR. SALE:-1953 Dodge FOR SALE-Woon house In Pearl Telephone 2-1456. nt nd forein ea b A Ts
S PRPAEOCANAL m.0y600tHarbor.Cativ$2,150.00..ApplyrRENT: Furnished o. a 8.rnant, Repairs.l.nsatlou lofW E fl- ..--frona-foauelg u -'
in TAmborito-Cumboia A.$1,650; Salisbury.; 651 .Af- Daisy Dyers Fort DLesspes 612. er lo t oe wra. t.Eff i In*1 at fla^1
SPsi. Eery Tuey from r El2-.1414 anytimer phone 3-1786; p ie trall ltw d, bedroom l, ding-p a lwo iater t us tdorsaIft -l t ro in
P. M. Salon Pamnmo. El FOR SALE -Studebaker De Luxe A- 150-CANAL ZE me b bat Ave. SIDNEY MOWREL=. Local r)mldla-eor fol
norni Hotel. don 1950, perfect, radio. over- live in St. Petersburg, Florida, and 4th f", ,r Apt. 9. Telephone 3- Gemens Superviso Fr R s gt f ore
HARMS!r! 1 drive.. hill holder, seat cOvers. more live nearby. For infor- 4445.9.Telephone-2- W G ARA E.h
RN PIANO INSTRUCTION-for- $ 00..Phone.3-17"3 or 8125, matfr'an Florida home, opdrt- FOR.RENT;- To responsible parties shWORoulOdAb eD.
in ern and advanced students Ar. .aenr p.m. nt a Reel Estate Investments Tmeri i nThe worik week fu t local-rate e erate e'o
netts Pindovn Studi. weekdays, all doy Su'-, write 'J s Oliver. cio RbR modern ttmehts In newly.con- e-of d.ow r .a s rglar o
n-tt's Piano Studio. Tel.2 .. Leeltr 1 Frst A e rue, IUX building Heting- r u t mPloy-- n ofrMendi e f 40r ho s yloer. iar ta
8 Panr Force WNorth, St. Petersburg. Florsda. E f HI-FIDELITY e e t
A o WillNwater. For patriculars call telephone 41 hours effectpvea t t sh o
atportable water wormer for 2 34. Via Espoafi Roqd ,' nIt was announced yesterday
.1McKeevsr, 'Store A .Weapons co mfert*Jbathing. Phone Pan-..- -inju-sBritishe11 feri.tca.n roxiThe 10hangei,, At o C tl. d
m 2-1326. We deliver "Troplk F R.S.I demonstration faclit- proximately 110 local-rte e "
PC Worker1 All Over W world Shower"' at Once.-Use it two days FOR RENT eeeM e n ft spaCifie.etion bployesubostt eef whom will be nei to ,neudh aIx ta~j
WASHINGTON. Jan. 22 iUPi for payme ht, Take it with you R ms" m -C )hime pay. te theyprlncipml fern:
--The Air Force s plalnn 0o move._ F--. -TROPICAL ELECTRONICS -Iontheb m aot the lo'- abe our
3, McKeever. former closed today. two choir, high choir; pota chair; -14 .Apt. 12. Telephone 3-0397, oseshorked very le Ify countrvit ,
Ut of the isthmus for anny A Senate Armed Service sub- laette; bothinette; Misc. infant FOR RENT; Furnished room for l "uooe ti Dairy has been operat- ot uieshto adat t ol
didd at I o'clock tils commlttee approved an Air garments to I ", years; carriageq Artrlcan "coupe. Private entrance 1 rh 0Da...ig tha b een O od
Sat Oo s Hospital. le Force request for authority to and crib nett;ng: maternity skirts. nd kihtn withrefrigerato. 14. and ''ts T -th o s wt retslond t loa -rat anti nr !so 4
years ol"& expand its "special w e a p a0rs aJumper, locket, size 16; Misc, glass $"ad kitachintigera2nd St.HNo. 10.4.I F"Ir thoursio l-re st e- n andrat4 to
McKeeveir, o ed at ad storage program.' coffee maker parts. House 604-A ROOMS FOR RENT:-Furnished, un-, ny awnets miore efilciint operatlot In ad- med Th lbutt 4Icou.
e Street n Panama City. Cicodas Road (near Adm. Bldg.' EfurnishedInacitye St ara. App-e gv mlsg
been a ptitient at Gorg.s The Air Force said the pro- 2-42071. OotaOIurnOshed In city and Sobma. Ap- dntioncs 1 aivinrea lotl4on0iT.con

= 00*b leu t doault frt es UJ ors who failed to ge t iC ets Lindaler x. N1e1 comptroller amaCity.aln
ty, all c..wniaIIcases.admyrve tome d ay.,l
*u im alm the itl.wph t h after 7p. eWt, .ge. e forSatold t o f %e PoteanalCo.. Willal aOthe, Cases. 6A- .
W ITrs.the He rul; 0G.kmrl7 .empresarlo Cyril wrehce to l today rtr-Panams liner day's run wmade on
Uad t-AUtody otm-lnsa gne Milio
SCert jr "Ds"rl t f the mal t i+e. schedule another art atit *f PIngt A a m ; oht alt t -"appeals of Royal Bar r haw t
,.,tu.- Nfw.. r'Dso, hses Z the Cobra Man and his troupe the United SOates on offial West Mdford, Mss. d Robert As,..:
Ibis evesli" I luxandhis ofed MedfoWESTCLOX.DarndR
S", c.T. CtK.cral.k, the Rio Theatre on Tues4 7. businea4, M Nole will"acom- ke of New York C
ai) C.k For last night's performance, pany hm n- t' ttrip. Thisk i to notify the ilenta L:a Soe, IMa U. iLThe military court affirmedC l
iL ~s. K. Karr. H+,which started at 8:30 Cobra Judgments vtainst them which
01.w T1,,r. Man dug deep into his repeqrtr The comptroller till attend Trott the Cleaner, that Wa*r C Ce.O. Lidl i dishonerabe ds- of
a .1e-.fl UWel w..: and came up with some feats the mee*ln of the Canal C0j. ?SptL, bCeI Tayg pi ut
uph. .es.ei.. m..,u.., h. s that were new to PanamA City board of dl rectors scheduled for .01T&-iMLo bToday's opino Ciruft
".rde o". o a'*ble 0ls"..tF cmwOe control over hb mn his tn L tr no longer byJemploed~,uyeddg* ore T ca
u.. i. .of i aaca-..* npej mued.e t t a a I a O .wo. i -.bM e t, andfthey .c conaeri upn o thn e bar lmap
09 e alesii.j ao C-O f tv .a one leg on a pencil clenchedine g" rid-4p+; hatrip an 11".. _LVcurt'1" wlo.r4I
+"*A .a. *f-tot10 .mo f, cn his teeth and wm'pping his les mpanf and h aMnal Zo d to reoneo tOaP. "Wheoutse a taW e
e, -sd. a.oe andpratehearis Fas i e is Oin 4 Miltar Appeals" mete." ."
~~> Veg 'ids Obad klaxsa n completely around his wetd like a"eu ppreltlns fe tdoSehngme-Caahrs- auMILs
ame dl.MWeeh Sa belt, in addition to other feats cMIg f stul. year. d o ru i. & lo.s nosoke1 remd *oth a
DES w s! A= 3r=. An. -Am.AW W ? .ali
C, T. Mc.r~s a. Next Tuesda lot'f soTrot b
A. otEDES ; r UK the Rio Theatre winl goan wa -ar
atIIp.m. with ral adae ne ws *t a s wa
th ,M1-.W".--3F

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hrsa tr e i I'ar tbo p it, and so i y ne auvi to Th val cnancei, ps e s ee s a
S .r',,s o thla -ia te T Pr d As' A" s athe oha r to .e u i ntowBureau, have been lnl .vinn 1 n
2e1"TDalaartaInfwa lm toed fo ,tke I some odd cardd e reasonss. some appea
s. s.I -u" s..e oMahoa e. gth aughwith ve-to It years ago, help tl"
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t no _1 an7d fuy But" (ME--ra c o ad Geriot-a u bt'stheidne ,to M A conti e nuous uwia Biat. acd t trend Ina le f.4 a Wcalr-s vteKBPs
heabdre.astnoho CSgra Mo i fron t i s What by the pport A o a of hospital, uabirthi t. Iidrb
.ithO" e irs t h -rwe t h eA atgo Vsbe 4 ip'vi.o1di b b wa ttar a,, pn ek.W ttog about o15 years ago. La-
As -V .. ridle at Wu, os. ori. i s. n l "I put the three jrs f onieto- figures show that closet 0 I l ree re
!Wir 'mlt7at.h pleasantly puelhd l o nsJether with tuorc ei oa 9 fves, tent of all births were In hos t-
sePI LAGp ti me-es1h ea a SI held the ot here two fivea Ile me tl.
ot. h olam'srhux r ne's .wo ltehr hor lc ey "8p-h madrtable fri the treinn ae both t 'ol ret nrd of livIn i
iM "iti th ril se Jen 'he folrne jokersm 8 so would Iproved o onc va-

hsp a sal r t hea t Bonsors "do asteps pnow -Athe e w cea tim -LongAWod-a a Im Nw L5t oa-t h pom onus ;w se she betterds"it loTe l lk ide
s t;a.. w Welt,"e couldn't resist dertbiag Abreaks "mAks ablae,a I-plus 150 p ints lIns oti a eu ing better diet The old idea
S7oe aof edark5 with the -uc for his fat M t 5hese point f the enemyl.o enlded thOata, mother-to-be cat for two
Seinty winll star in mer* "*r iis .more blood .spllanedl pieces havens en recorded out suddenly. rittitha be ni e o o ot o
tileflma bas. a Dunia' "The rthan ,- c ,mea. '"As it happened, they didn't Today's stress i rs quality-win.
otemt ae asnio0 o eld out. My right-m o IcreasA in special faciliti-for
t'-iteC"-Vso.:-- e .,et ut. M righaulonp o t*p
-A-t -dtae a Tonay JohLR Me e was offtred ther It is evitabl thathsub1ect nt bext discard was ali ve nature babies. This te
r Marl enny O S an (eome C rATp ThantpoIhc produced n Itwo is nevertheless the maor
Jne t. anm e'sflhb writigtheoin k nw en her Saw is prai(seCd and fives and swooped down on the t nt o.

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a 1 .nd theo a t"tfmly:said"No." Not vice versa. Bu en takes a discarri pile. Medical advances incdin LUCKY A NEW YEAR: Among other things, he may never have to face olio o

Moe ys a nAlet:l"W e' D even Gor n. MandA cp l e Of back seat ansto ts o tpeka his "It was then that t ftdebate hcigtrlfal raever.a
pidgget 4-te films.bait.. new.'54 eal newest umbaelase an.a aed. My oppne nsaid that oI To "nmiiracit" drus and greater avail: Th following safety facW better anT so wi l exp
hea flt way The utudio-pays- -ttended play -it-ld4110 a14 h'.1o ot played fair in melding o qli ninorll
ea e ae:-to.m fi. teabiityo f lity of medical care. are something for Basy New which at last count was mn
ieer of y lrr J ny Goodman rets JackTea. two fives with threeljers They WA i Imroved situation plus purer od imp esaear54 to think ver. five years greater a
i ra Eer Wam.i dred.A ired, o doing ne 1one joker with thpair f hna water and milk eupplis.
s'-: Paramou aw ear lyric for these old -time tunes Tea Ptrty,"6 I btr -fa, sia dt he otrdwtT ferencewa n a u
* I;d& color a mnd... ,wide thAt. so back t4o6 the 1 g00osY ou aave "Dr Heckl and M r. Jibe" and "I whe .re ,Wa.achidbist .M"Hvm lvm v,-th- .woe me pre years towarhdel ess anesthesia b n in city c 4d

'tstloo, 'empo de Cenreo" fiviE that were. still in njb hand, uld tl l depaf, the.[tkhmnw.rebc ild cAn le fsnor she oyrv i ng born toHEumd
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You -c.*anDthe sa p# Is running. Gr Sain'is ec.the pile e2entuallywith pairtche, 2 a chei Cthdren' Bureau.dlntsens a than a backward state. lut a b
G.]rlUC&D DNG D It cG c e so.,,co-n-s

T bi reason why Ct Ra- DabyNew baaleekfor-andwproblems.ereUstiplainidinfrtcild'd esfornsb
me te t asninne Is- -en nofd rhythm It is such an t that had made on mr. the pos"a Cavalry Quadrangle ward t ts a gr stea o a o "irls are just eotr
Tlhe ea h eatireDas D aramais supervising those ashe play. ". Fort Clayton, tomorrow morn- He or she may never have this year, survival chances will be smiles Dr. a.
.th e. .osla rynt b y b rin g ingnin-I ta t 10 O 'c lo ck...o7 H eor sh e n
.ulis -La Rone film tests.. U's a loon"tat by br hatooutthis?"Bf o'coc suffer colio of rheumatic fever.
flde qh T wotplayhouseNAn othe AamenoR6A the anr inhea t 10
shows. yhclue to. th,4studio's high hopes for.(Cad Cam on the *. The meld of two fives atd-'TbeeeI o n Tb Dorty 't looks like there will be a opre-ar
..' "Mr Humility." .w,, thm. a bari.' he lgo ...a t. u e aD a.WBa
aeBanjoI a e te reven officer att ventative fpor lo"r.c
i.i .- f~- ----..single-poioDr
Medical departms TO. aie numers--then f are on two.-Is clever here wa pe arade. 'eommandinocerlintsoutalsoeat strdes
ohs speri-'Hollywood:-looks at itself depot: made up In energy in t ir new vegwrongy about Wi Ths opp aro e .ComDanoelnia out.h"also strvees
eoantfsu huswi r r l h0 ea Amanda 1$. plays an, Gnat w1n. cut Good Tile :Janz Releuse It's nentu had no conceivable -grounds -o ftroopswll, be o Lt. Co er ng -adoMon rheumatic fever." o
moltseur BoiBdmAtlcommanding officer oMor has bee learned about
in an Wffort to provide her with neo in "A&.star s Bon," When she a 10-Inch5 LW entitled "35uo for complaint. fie 45th Reconnamance Datta- epilepsy in the last five yeafts.
speual ifltalUmq. .-Boy' steps up on the platform m Acad- King" and features such oldtme Now, after having stated the po- Ion. Likewise, she adds "itElok e
mane with Gear Stffin, though, award it hes wearing a favorite as "Alabamy d, lton as firmly as-I an, let e In addition to the 448th AU medicine is on the track of blind-
a# 10001e1 t. '7th 'HeaVen pair ofdark glfases with large "fllojl, My Daby"' and "That Dan #0ointo the details. To 0eao tr (WAC) other units participat Ltgness in premature babies."
l ." him stosdded frames, jo Rag-" itwild cards with al pair. Three wild include tte_45th Re onlnmain.e About one out of 14 babies Is
of ayne and Plar Recommanded: Georgia Gibbs' cards I the imt in a meld Battalion. Headqftarters. Battery born prematurely, it's estimated
PalttnpeloonW nioarboeIM Love Ads," (eruorg) "af Adcafet alioi tLueu ,5th AAA Group. 903rd AAA Bat- according to the last available fig--
An r ar.,trBinRTexas PMean Pap-" by Ray AInthony (Ca limit ern if you then have moretlonlFietAU(toes.Thatmeansinant .
itellash- ulb o) and Tite .odrid e (RCA *id irds than natural cards. inueer Fire Fi tg platoon, in under five and a half -ounds.
ingf Houston nay-ethat Wayne iaaabrco
aske h"P.TheDerot erved ad ito." MGr S eondI atthe opat ha n n e a thl dilitry P c Co pt, However. In 194 there will e few-
asked abet. not to otograph him" I-) by the N6cturne. you have made an k eal meld, adthe 74s8th AU (WAC) Detach- bies.
fes itiviti tat ..-wlwig hesoiaml oarln the maid not four y ment was activated during Oc -...
thev agreed to skip the shots.wd of 45 enlisted3men. Up- tupit. birth iiury and congenital WEEK-END RELEASE1 Two ShOws: 7 & 9 p.t 4
They.p alsopr| l e oe.os5ay that Wayne etroprom-t. rr arle mf g eand t rent i T ar ery an rna
They alsewoul 'get thye frtm- Be01e W a with a'play instead of cafi at-ion departing th~s command, the malformation take their tol of
bed, els e ouo setthefi mw frsc Wap. h "te1 ktothi ar" omen will assume their new a r- young lives. But many more ba. JO PAYNE and
piot.reoof him with--ilar tuntihisVrtnments at various stations bias are being saved each year
was=" a EI""n 09i1ynTry, the psychological effect throughout the United States, from dying of diarrhea, enteritis, EVELYN KEYES
w UNItS"meldigall the wild carstwith Lt. Carolyn P~arpes Is in cOr- pneumonia and influenza. --'In
an, Mrs. uEdwar ta a l mt..fthe fives w t to make the m ind ofthe detchm ent and the Nevertheless, according to the N
meM oatdIsn t hp ua aeil th ove fsthat you had no more i rst sergeant Is M-t. Amy L.-last (1952) figures on the subject, IVER STREET"
pyu1ut- thnthrviews thva 6 1at' 11 1cU vbrtn n e Zaln hn
tine-J 5gensoff Ilvinf i;ivout ato. flvps in your -hanad and would cclia baby bornein NewhZealand has
-timet shbo.1ameu' e t toa n therefore need the wild cards. It a slightly better chance for survi- tO
th etteibaitn td .-Cooperv ow s.I .a ky of iwas not. illegal but clever to .v ii a ourn child born inlthe
teel tkhla t- 0o 'sdhe lintne. sosd -*h.. -4#? Aeri. with, the pairLl Unted States. Nations measure in-
a 'a A,..ui.,t.Sb.lf I-.-, -a..teU O rint mortality rate by the number
trteo ra of 3e- 0-Who die their, first y~mr, per te 0 T.E R ,:
remd _b.rt e T0 CO'N'STRUCTORSl h
T ano t. Johneton c r ated teIgavan z d is 28.6 babies while New Zelanad
Wl. .*auoinoeryoun perole Albrook. AL-,F$ern oMeer.,ecelv- No. 26, 2x6 and 2x8; Theohistory of infant-saving In

e c -"-rradio set Monday from -Lt. Col. strides. For Instance,
Wale of fame detective nWhen In. doubt you canlways J. K. Chensault Infantry Ad- reinforcing steel, 1000 died in am as compared to as hospitalized, end faces sayE, de pen "ou cand anow visor and MAO officer In Quito. special TroopsFort-4Amador,47 deaths out of 1000 in 1940.
' heartopeat.A es.-y i n e. recoilea rnnwhich was to service organization this week. white cement. mortality conditions at the
used... for aderonstatlon E- This orgepization became for- Ig of the century, 772 wou_ live
add mft *6odown as'Special Troops, C1 T to reach 20 years of re. Today
under the following dayt. Pamarr.A C a.n k i Department, C entreis, 12,116 Tel. 5p 7 the figure is more than 950 out of
wheA It wa&'4organized on Jan. i00 IMPORTANT
t i aencetCo.a&olaetor -ismediately On Feb. 116, 1948. the outfit be WEDNESDAYB27 Big Raffle
-,-.IT'S SHOWTIME TONIGHT! .. contacteG Col. Hwry 8. wwhg. oameMuo. &Hr. Detachnesent!
OrdnauuOfficer. SCoalW Special Troops. This detachmenti
A L" '5' DMle ROMIDTSON. a. Jeam.- CHAIN In turn -.Iftfo; 3 rr r wd ts.e on June 14, TIVOLI -
1.- 55. "City of BodMn Ternk@Icoor! PRepairS.oMp._. z rozat.eof the ARC IE9 with seven officer BANK $100.00 CASH pd FREE!
Ira-P t"'v' problem n*t d .sl -ln Ecuador wan nd 12Fenltrd en At5: andt:OP.M. ,
Ac sF ncls dihC It was not until June 24 1949, Errol Flynn, in "ADVENTURE INJM '
#FORTALGIERS" nosed the tr en l. that the present organization, VaLD

.. .. ,--,e e--stleg but, owI to its poor condition, E I ..
iFor Gir ket leac me itJ- exact Identity was uncertain for TROPICAL CECILIA L OW
8 M BO IB? PE .- -.' Reservations for the CUna Zone a long ti e. The new find, on theA
'Qirl Scout luncheon to be held fol- other hand, is l -almeost perfect 1 WIEMSCREEN mCACULAR DR I
lowing the annual meeting on Jan. condition and thefact that it is in 1:10, 2:17, 3:58, 5:39, 7:23, 9:01 'SERPENT of THE NILE"
Rosemary CLOONEY must be made bytomairow. Cypro-Mycenean script is not in in TCHNICOLORI
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TONY MARTIN Beers, as well a me the Chalet script existed in Cyprus from pre. to the beat of your heart Plus: -
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ALEN AIal reports to be given by Mrs.- balls. eyinder seals and clay vass .. .With stark realisl "MissionOver a'
*ARLENE DAHL Be'eaice Conaer. bearing inscriptions. The two tab- GLENN FORD John Jo .
lets, however, are the first d"-u. IHODIA K DEREK
Mrs. G wist Owensmemo discovered which show that inNPERNONA tPSE NTAIO- O
"HEREra. Gilbert Owens of Jaka. aB" '"TIME BOMB" LOS CAIS d ESPARA"
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in-law, Lt. aid Mrs. S El ."s04- to tranlate the text.
e y margarit. -- The full size of the city site is ... A
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tIstbmu beca is i elkeassaoft sad southern limits of the wall Spanish Double Program! T"E LOST PLANET
Mrs. Aleip*-. have been treced and excavated Chapters 1-2-3
and-the distance between the two "VICTIMAR D L DIVORCIO" Plus:.
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" .

.' **-;
* -* .r. 's.f



Jaquimazo, Vuicanizado,

Mirzatoats Match Strides

A wide open Class "B" mile race with a purse
of $750 will be the main event at the Juan Franco
race track tomorrow. Jaquimazo and Vulcanizado
shape in as co-favorites to take the winner's share
of the purse.

The other three scheduled
starterss are Mirzatoats. Anglia
. s eand Bendeguz. Mirzatoats Is re-
S rtedly returning in good shape
allowing a two-month rest.
ever, he will be handicapped
" ;the saddle department. Este-
SBaivera will guide R.P. coun-
*:, nan Rafael Marengo's classy
*bred horse while Victor Or-
)'4w will ride Jaqulmazo and
@oe "Paco" Bravo will have the
':* n -up on Vulcanizado.
Anglia rates a good longshot
l chance because the distance Is
to her liking and she will be go-
"; rg under the light impost of on-
Sly 103 pounds. Jose Chuna will
'* ad e Anglia
Bendeguz. with Adolfo Ycaza
dated to pilot him, seems to be
outclassed. Bendeguz will be go-
Il tg under 107 pounds and the
distance is his meat but he does-
a T 't figure to upset these horses.
The sub-feature, a one and
one-eighth mile run for Class
C" imports should be a real

humdinger from start to finish.
Sprinters Dejelo Solo, Patrioticr,
and Follow Me II and routers
Hurlecano. Rathlin Light and
Verticordia shape up on paper
with equal chances of copping
this one.
Nine other interesting races
completes what should be an ex-
cellent program.

Juan Franco Tips

3-Don Wende
4-Rea Wonder
5-Golden Wonder
8-True Blue
10-Camblst Rn

Golden Glass
Sun's Moon
Golden Tap
Veranda (e)
Quo Vadis
thing Light


17th WEEK

EPBA still holds onto first
4, place by the slim margin of. two
Y points. EPSA took three points
j* from Colpan Ford. Colpan won
the first game, then EPSA took
the next two and total pin
4 ping. Dooley was high m
Francis was high for BPSA with
I Auto' Cine took four points
from Isthmian to gain on
B3PSA Hutchins rolled-a nice 521
Si for the nite. He was pushed
hthe way by LaValle who had
4 sie 510 and Schaffer who
aoletIm. ea0f was high for
I1st munlan with 4W r
S.'me Palntp took tour points
I t m Team $o. t Iuddlto
r.. .led 490 fo8 Acme A "folaim t
P.yi'LU with 484 and Kennedy wthJ
t 40. Stahl was highSd Tea No.n
5 with 489.
Wally's Bar really pollabed the
bar with Jaen's Guardia in
,va, -of getting out the cel-
I' s w e with f7 o owed by
gewi with 478. Fledlefr as
hgh for Jae'n Guardia with 498.
Team W L its. Pins
i PSA 34 17 48 435M
Cito ne 34 17 46 43913
Mae Pats 25 26 34 43655
B Guard 24 27 32 S4043
_,ord 22 29 30 43209
5 5 21 29a 28 42415
I Coast. 22% 28 X7 42892
ally's Bar 21 30 20 40129
S Jaen Guardia
ler 178 154 166 498
el (B) 139 139 139 417
130 140 152 422
er 140 129 .159 428
104 183 143 430
cap 84 84 84 $56
t5als 775 829 843 2451
S vs Wally's Bar .
(B) 130 130 130 390
ker (B) 128 126 126 378
.am 128 187 162 477
l ine 143 123 133 399
wig 173 134 166 473
cap 136 136 136 408
tetaWl 836 836 853 3525

Ace Paints
iedy 152 172 156 480
in 160 127 188 475
143 161 145 449
145 176 163 484
lston 148 154 188 490
heap 87 87 87 201
alS S5 877 927 3 M
vs. Team No. 5
gp 116 127 151 394
re 119 109 101 329
159 155 155 469
n 154 141 151 446
C (B) 127 127 127 381
leap 134 124 124 372
cdR 73 788 90 2891

Cibla Ford
tdck 134 123 132 389
ka 111 12 130 37
oM (MB 1. 139 139 417
123 128 130 584
5i 190 17 124 489
124 124 124 377
stWe 88 *U 779 MM88

145 145 145 435
137 173 140 450
114 104 132 350
157 173 130 460
(157) 151 150 458
93 93 93 279
US3 39 740 2432

Isthmlan Constructors
yons 125 150 155 430
ughes 158 123 140 421
Sawyer 150 179 140 469
Cain 130 124 116 370
Torian 138 155 131 424
Handicap 101 101 101 303
Totals 803 8 .788 3417
vs Auto Cine
LaValle -"182 154 14 -110
Balutis 127 128 129 384
Hutcbns 100 183 139 .521
Scht Er 159 164 i80 403
Cuatlngham 139 173 170 482
Handicap 88 88 88 64
Totals 894 880 664

Dodges s Yanks 3

In Curundu Minor

League Opener
Before a capacity crowd at the
Curundu Little League Ball
Park, the Dodgers, showing good
form, beat the red-shirted Yan-
keem 16 to 3, Tuesday.
The ball game began with Lt.
Col. Robert H. Whitus, OIC of
Curundu. throwing the first of-
ficlal ball to start the Curundu
Minor Lqague.
The Yankees started off with
two runs in the top of the first
when Rogers' single drove in two
runs. .
After scoring one run in the
bottom of the second inning, the
Dodgers really came to life inl
the third, scoring six runs on
five walks and hits by Ourroz,
Mascum, and J Turner.
The Yankees bounced back In
the bottom half of the third to
send one run over the plate on
two walks and a hit by a. Ger-
arid. his third hit of the game.
The Dodkers put the game on
ice by pushing nine runs home
in the fourth.
The box score:

Hunter. 2b
Price, lb
S. Gerrardi, 3b
Snyder, c
Rogers, as
Ott, rf
R. Gerardi. cf
Hobert, If
Vecchlone, p
Shares, n
Rao, cf
D. 7arner, rf
X. Ceros, c.
J. unr, lb

T. Palnero, If
Myers, cf
Omasta. ss
Reiehart, If

3 0 0
1 0 0
3 1 3
1 1 0
3 0 2
2 0 0
1 0 0
2 0 1
0 0 0
17 3 7

1 1 0
2 2 1
3 2 2
2 2 1

0 1 0
1 I 0
0 0 0
0 1 0
15 IU 6


LIVING UP TO NAME-Commando Assault grows tirqd of
carrying Johnny Dowdeswell at the open ditch of the Plumpton.
England. Handicap Steeplechase. (NEA)

Juan Franco Graded Entries

P.P. Horse
1st Race "D"

3-Don Jaime
7-Don Grau

2nd Race "G"

4-Sin Fin
8-L. Molly
10-8. Time

Jockey Wgt. COMMENT


Native 62 Fgs.Purse: 300.00 Pool loses: 12:45
First Race of the Double

G. San. 115 -Could go all the way
A. Oonza. 102x -In excellent shape
E. Silve. 124 -Lost against better
0. Mazue. 115 -Could repeat victory
A. Ycaza 100x-Not good enough
B. Aguirre 113 -Jockey will help
A. Mena 110 --Could score at price


Native 7 Fg.Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 1:15
Second Race of the DoubleI

V. Brown 112x-Longshot specialist
V. Rodri. ll13x-Depends on mood
0. Sanchez 117 -Outside chance only
A. Enrl. 115 -Could score at price
'. Prescott 115 -Last was revealing
A. Ycaza 115x--Seems off form .
A. Vas. 120 -Hard to beat here
R. Vas. 112 -Scored at will last out
M. Ycaza 108 -Not In this class
V. Ordo. 120 -Notorious quitter


3rd Race 'Non-Winners' 4% Fgs.Purse: $250.00 Pool closes: 1:45

2-Don Wende
3-B. Baba
4-8. Naciente
5-Golden Glass
6-M. Lass

B. Moren
B. Agu
A. Gonza
A. Ycaz
A. Va
F. Hida

o 108 -Improving slowly
1. 115 -Should win at last
a. 96x-Is not race horse
a 107x-Could upset dope
s. 116 -Looks better now
L. 105 -Rates fair chance

4th Race "H" Native 4%1 YP : $2.0t

2-Tap Lady
3-Don Pitin
5-Con Valor II
9- (Duque


closes: 2:0

A. Mdena .120-Best. early spee
C. John. 110---lDistance too siort
B. Agui. 122 -Lonphbot possibility
B. Moreno 118 -Ready to win now
A. Yoaza 99x-Tougher field this time
R. Vas. 110 -Distance to liking
A. Enri. 112 -Is worth a bet
V. Brown 115ix-Distance suits style
M. Ycaza 115x--Needs longer,-route


5th Race "B" Native 8% Fp. Purse: $350.0t Pool closes: 2:55

4--. Wonder
5-Rina Roi

3. Chuna 114 -In new hands now
B. Agul. 110 -In winning shape
M. Ycaza 110 -Was never better
A. Van. 114 -Returns in good form
J. Bravo 112 -Fastest at getaway


1-Nehuinco A. Gonza.
2-A. Road J. Reyes
3--Alabarda J. Chuna
4-C. Brand 0. Cruz
5-L. Martha M. Ycaza
S--Delhia S. Carvalal
7-Darlene F. Hidal.
8-Sanluqueflo A. Vas.
9-T. Collins V. Ordo.
10-Sun's Moon V. Casti.

4-P. Me II
6-Delo Solo8
7--R. eight


V. Brown
0. Mazue.
A. Gonza.
A. Yeaza
J. DraIv
B. MAt9.

110x-Doesn't belong here
118 -Dangerous again
109x-Good recent efforts
113 -Dismal performance last
107x-Could surprise experts
105x-Not ready yet
115 -Rates good chance
115 -Down another class
110 -Returns from layoff
116 -Likes longer route

7th Race "G" Imported 7 Fs.Purse: 450.00 Pool closes: 4:05
Second Race of the Double

2-Atom 0
4-Mr. Foot
6-Welsh Fox
7-Golden Tap

B. Agul. 115 -In top form now
0. Mazue. 110 -Seeks thjrd straight
V. Casti. 113 -Always close up
F. Hidal. 108 -In Clas T' maybe
V. Ordo. 118 -Is overdue here
J. Chuna 115x-Returns in fair shape
A. Vas. 118 -Could win at price
A. Valdi. 115 -Nothing to indicate


8th Race "I" Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: 375.80 Pool closes: 4:44
1-Paragon A. Vas. 118 -Returns from layoff 10-1
2-True Blue 0. Mazue. 119 -Form indicates 3-5
3-Invernal A. Valdi. 110 -Completely washed up 30-1
4-Interlude V. Brown 104x-Rates outside chance 15-1 .
5-R. Gambler R. Vas. 118 -Has beaten better 5-1
6-(Veranda J. Reyes 120 -Ran well last time 4-1
7-(Mrs. Cristina V. Cas. 112 -Depends on start 4-1
8-Pepsi Cola) A. Mena 115 -Will be close up 2-1
9-Mimo' V. Ordo. 116 -Dangerous contender 2-1

9th Race "F" Imported 6!j Pgs.Purse: 55M. Pool eleses: 5:15

1-T. Lodge
3-My Dear
4-Quo Vadis
5-C. Prince
8-Carmela II

A. Angulo 112x -Needs better rider
B. Agul. 113 -Returns from layoff
V. Casti. 118 -Dropped another class
J. Bravo 120 -Down in class also
A. Ycaua 105x-Usually unpredictable
V. Ordo. 113 -Won like a champ
R. Vas. 115 -Sluggish at break
G. San. 115 -In favorite distance


112x-Returns from layoff
110 -Rates fault chance
96x -Distance handicaps
107x-Usually gets left
118 -In bst ornm evtr
115 A--The hr to beat
115 -At home in distance

V. Ordo. 11 -Everything indleatae
A. Ycasa 107x -Distance to liking
J. Chuna 108x --Could pull surprise
M. lwve. 113 -Returns from layoff
J. BraI 113 -Jaqubesh eWtfeme




s-I- -C -. C-~~4~- -

- .

Sby, -


From now I yeaug fellow going hif4 t eu." won't
have to be a bum it he doesn't want to. D p .iek Job with
a sportlnr foodgekfrm without imperlid g. s babtltY.
This concession Mews an Inexplicable u eM i p of atp. fhkbleh
seems to have overpowered the ruling fathersn ts a moteant.
Up to now the United States Lawn Tennis A lpcticAlly
made it impossible for a young player of talent to op a busi-
ness sense and an overhand smash at the same time. 5He was
barred from the one field in which he might reasoably be ex-
ipected to lay a foundation for the future. Tennis..
He eould peddle poodle insurance, design aney' ve0s for Lu-
cious Beebe or cl4 ol djokes for Berle on commercial terms and
still be athletitoly pure, but the moment he looked at teanal as
a prospective business in later years, he became an untouchable .
To the lay, mind this could not have made a great deal of
sense. To the tennis mind, however, It was unassailable logic
because it represented a, defense against texploitation.
But just as ter? are several ways to peel the hide off a pussy-
oat. so does exploitation of tennis prestige offer a variety of ap-
proaches. The padded expense account, the under table fee for
exhibitions, the free loading technique are all basic lngredlento
of the tennis bum.
Thus, while the fathers were protecting the players from
forthright and decent commercialization on the one hand, they
were tacitly encouraging them to practice petty larceny on the
other. They were blindly inviting such tawdry chiseling incidents
as the Charleston, W. Va., charity match which involved Gardnar
Mulloyn their No ankin laWa er- and onme of his tvnical money-.

-Li- .

" ." ..


Al -America Woy... -
-T A^ .. ^i.a

grabbing pal&

The Newport Dreamers

Whether the fathers were motivated by a belated determina- .
tion to throw off hypocrisy or by America's dwindling position
in international tnlCs, incidental to the fact that they made
a sensible decision .
Why they waited so long would be utterly beyond under-
standing If yodl wire not familiar with the mid-Victorian attitude
which has long insisted that what was good enough for Newport
and the Grover C eveland administration is perforce sufficiently
advanced for th et ,age,
What made this. fossilized policyall the more preposterous is
that it existed nowhere else in the tennis world. The Internation-
al Tennis Federatin, for instance, specifically provides that ama-
teurs shall be pemitted to work for sporting goods firms at no /
risk to their eligibility. So the precedent has been there all along.,, ,r aleg ap.r I" W
Nothing but the stubborness of a pompous group of old men W etr a kne.. IS ah 1
who refused to recognize the realities of the present, denied A- .,a I
merica this opportunity to build teams, and possibly character. om.C ee tilow-thrcugh J
too, in the same practical way which her rivals, notably Austra- WtZh both hftwt. "
lia, have long found so healthy and beneficial.- ____________
This is more than a conventional step In the right direction
in that it represented a significant break with the horse and
buggy concept of amateurism and gives promise of a more en. A
lightened overall direction. The sport will be no less amateur -r| | T Ifll
than ;ln the pask. The only difference is that it will be more r lilv FI Vc LJ Lilet Le UU
wholesome. At lea.f the opportunity for honest assistance honest-
ly arrived at'will be present. --
What the tennis headliners do with it is something else a- In an extra inning struggle at to Rico. He was replaced by
gain. They may find the padded expense account racket much ort Cl o^,diam thfe.ort Manuel Torrem.
too lucrative to abandon for a business connection with small Fo.rtCIay Ar iembn tq he t W innhr
pay at the tart. Heretofore they had some justification for liv. cl- y moeadfes thel cba ad
ng off the game. The promoters made money out of It, why ank Atmed Forcestte League the loser Chain.
shouldn't they? Now they can do It the decent way. The decent T -3- on* Mondayi d .
one will. The others will become post grad bums, thus fulfilling off to a fat start by cori ng
their original destiny. three s the bottouof thO FORT KOBE-- AB R
.......hree rea "ik the be ato 8torer, 2b ..
.4 first inning. .. ..
The wlinnI pitcher wmad- cf.. .r.t.,, 2
/ The Main Challenge cL-nf who n the route R5ttArf.. .. o
struck Out seven opponents. 'S era. p-c ... ., 2. Y
It doent neaessaly follow that just because the bars have losing pitcher was Scott who Beals, c-p, ....... I 1
been lifted the Davis.Cu will be returned immediately to our hurled the last tyg innlhpg for 1b .t. R g
shores. The problemian's that simple. A'ftiltt*iT nit only much West Ban. Burke, ** ***.** **
better organised but sanction a program which would not be Burke, i."" 1
attractive here. The development of youngsters at the sacrifice Th psoe o t 1 .. .. .. .... 3 0 1
of school hours. Hence the unending run of fine Cup players. C XafCI V. m A "22
S lut that' and ta coun tr as larue as our. may well ItMdon .. l..,, as .. .. .. .. ... 2 9

concede. without undue adhisAwrte eblent st

well plimnned, smoothly operating andh hly efficient machinery ct ., .A .. ABR H
which tennis-minded Australia has set up. Matching' this, or S, .. ... i .' : ... 4
And retrieving the Cup after four successive def ats should t:dcllffe, o .. ..1... .* ... ... 4 0
not be the main objective. Providing greater ate, satamlatt M4cNelly, If .3.. .. ,.. 1 ........ 4 1
log new Interest, getting the proper lead what the ser, rf.. .. ** 4 0
Job calls for. The Cup will be coming back. sel eough. After Tubbs, c .... .. ,r ,. .. .. 2 1
all, we used to win it between yawns. ,- 1n 0*' .. .. 1 0
Totals .. .. .. .. 25 6 1 rt :. a... 0

Pacf Softball League Cabrera,v 2.......201 Totals ...
.. .Berg, Sb.........3.. 1 0 e- In
0- McNabb, .. ... 3 0 0Inings
TAMSTANDINGS The box score acott, lb .. .... .. 3 0 0 Crud 11 01 9
W L/ PDt. G Aquiler. I .........3 0 1 Fort Kbbbe 0 1a$ 30x-89
Pan quido 5 iV .833 FIREMEN'S INRANOCg utton, a .. .. ... 4 0 0 ro .
CAA 5 2 .714 A R H Bergere cf .... 3 1 0 The Albroo M PLW. flyersscor-
Firemen's Insurance 5 2 .714 Catlei, 2b 1 Linfors, 2b ... ... 3 1 1 ed their t- A the sea-
Baxter's Movers 1 5 .187 Neckar, as 4 1 2 Gonzalez. rf ........ 1 0 0 oson by edh Caribbean
0 6 .0 H, gier,Vp 32 2 bAberlerf 0 Coma ........ 0 Screofo
Navy i t. o u 3 2 2 elrank. lb ..0.. 0 0 to 0 n. is,1 .
WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS Peaned, lb 3 0 0 -- by their
Pan Lit udo 5, Navy 0 Dlnn, c 3 Totals ..... 6. .B 28 3 3 I .tting marks
TEITe ATS RESULTS Huated, 3b 3 0 0 aPitch.ed in te 6th tn compared to
Firemen's Insutance 6, Baxter's Lacey, If, rf 3 0 0 bPlayed right field in the 3rd. CQarbb 4m d's two hits.
Movrrd 1 Melant, rf 0 0 cPlayed first base in the 6th. AU W m *iT. "

saqrn of five to zero. Smock al- Carlin, c 0 a0 ers," fighting bactr allthe way, AL OK-' AD
lo onone of the Tars to foster rf 4 0 nipped Curund -7 at bb Buy F.. e .3 1
opp onentluzd ertofn feahetTa 052 d 4 0fis, t 2 -.1 00
reach first base that being his Herrifg, If 3 o 0 Landron Field Monday <(16 e 2 c. ........ 3 0

Sov the'toost in at W.i -..- *u 2 1
ioppnent lert in the bottom Medinger, lb 5 0 0 feat dar the d 952. eih ra ** **.........
othe secd by a free p 0as. Stanley, ss 3 0 0 anie d i thep .plast of fSt b.. ...... .. 2 6
inSmock w presented with his Roberto, 2b 2 0 0 oao and allowed lobbe a *o t" t a h 3
third ticket for a free Pizza din- Kouapy, E., rf, ct 3 0 1 trke over the io m tS n rn 2 .. .. 2 60 0
ner-at the Atlas Garden. Kourany. YO., 0 0 ed Forcese g Oun M lb AND- 2 0 .

Vmorckter, 3 1 2 A vTsi'L GLud Going to the beage of the RoaInd, Sb......... 110
n_ 1 1 C|A vs Pa quldo sond they trailed by a 150Pereyrf........3 1 1 2 0
The box score: Cheney. p 311 ..e.Kobbe w-hic hf-. 2,

R hartb 4 0 0 Score By innings fmes to ts oOwe l l ......... 1 o

a,2 1 0 0 F. Insurance 300 031 te n econdandpickedupsthr er ... .. 300
Smit If l0 w.aoa ..d.forbood. Shaw. ........... a 1 1
Rwey.m o 4 1 0 utcbMct00 v 0ernon a1n1- ,e CA......... AB R

Sh 2r's Gline drive home run which Paret.. .. ... 00
a 5 eated the cnterd wal et Metc ...... 1 0
b NAVY e 185-foot marker. This was George, ct .. .. .. .. 1 0 0
RuetdnLlb 3 0 0 pOiBadter s second round trppperf Roland, rf. ....... 1 0 0
Diorle 3 0 0 the early season. Kobbs To.ta. 3 1 5 R
Ch*nc If 0 0- "al 9 eame near a homer hi ot ........... 21
itgprt. p 1 0 Inw0 alsf when he bs a Chas
g~uis~b 2 0 0 H H^^l tltch uga'nst tPxb1e
lulOer, cl 2 0 0 as r t nU o 1
doaliodr. s 2 0 0 m rnuw ichPnt 0

T a cuos made S total of nhine g
Sby Inn hits each but Kobbe committed
Pan S00 010 4- six errors while Curnda made
Nc if300 oDe-.l four mslcues.
S-the iwith third sacker .had.a triple. Go _t,, m

th distance g et while teammate sS

e L0s. IW ncoslnthree tri"s to the

SC S ilts darne 51t thne n -^ Cf ISSII KSWlitt the soLre-
ron r a:w -e r p i. stftialler far the

pee B b d I W W.

* ';;.t~tS14.T4i~. :~


. : *' r. 'r :',' .- : : ..o. .M.' i.. -
"" C-" ; T -- t n"- r-'"

** -- '* .. ... ,. -J.-* -** '. 7* t -W T
- h s *.*..- ,, .,* ,, ...

Features jm

", 4 s .

" I

,_. '.,, .
'i l


Seybold (B)

6th Race "0" Imported 7 PFg.Purp; 450.- Pool closes: 3:35
First Race of the Double

. th


10th tRae "D" Imp. 11;I MilPurse: 500.M Pool eleses: 5:4

CINCIN1.Tl -(NEA)-- When
rthe Redtb e traaingin Tampa,
Feb. te toenU wfl be
.. Iri J ). Ite r Adwe
N -be IM*kar Prea
&l, Ed BaBlM y aft mees I a-M

llth Race "B" Imported 1 Mile rPre: 1$75. Peol close: xxz


" 'r ,


_~_ ~_

... -.. ,- ", .-,. ... .

'; ;' :":

: I


3 as

"" "

I- ,- -:

22 (U a d i 1
S tha ta R Mar-
|..|tcI~e. ^Wf^ ,

&* -

onm.- muenr Mie
LaeS ainaS

P*. Di# L vina-
) I "
IV~~ ~~~ *'^'-H

4V the vacated 4- n
Utfp. fltka agrw toddler
wqrbeed three tuAep fights:
whet be geI Out of the Army
bte a defangdn. But after
ti three Jlets,- sp Putka,
S er a~ be forced, tode-
fed aghinstircy Bassett.

League ... College

STA mNGS ge Scores
I T ims.. W L-.Te -
Navy 2 0 1.00 -
Pa 140eal. 2 0 1.000 zest
Ce o :Naclonal 1 0'1 Amnherst 59 Wealev
tieries 1 0 Army 7 r.Pezznnsylyv
7 rs 1 .1ha t.e"4, R
.. 1 1. sin oll.t7, I
H E .71ech b #5, t 85
o Oo Corne 7, Sampof l
si? 0 2 .000 Treiton Tehrs 75,'..
L T. 1 Tehrsa 80 ".
Massachusetts Poly '$ttor-
I$EXT GA)ElES chester Poly 40
New Baven ehrs 7;.- .g
Sunday, r030 a m., Commissary New lard
vs National istilleries. ak rckard
oba ,06 p.m., Navy vs Army ai ', ;
Tr amhi st, ab i( 53
TM S -p.m., Quarry Templew D are 57 74. 6 Engineers. Drexel T 74, Penn. Military
I Coll. 61
.5th nGINEERSa 1. I Norwich 75, Middlebury 70
A74I5th NGINEZRS 15 Providence 62, St. Anselm 61
NAVIGATION 11ena G ,. Villanova 58
7465 M crashedMuhienberg 62, Lsfayette 6
into tM. f 6o uzhn with 15- SOUTH
11 decision over navigation- In a Western Kentucky 62, Tennessee
slugfest yesterday at the La Bo- Tech 51
ca Ball Park. a Savann h 56, Berndict College 52
Sisco weathered, a 16-hit at- Ta 96 McDill AFB 44
tack by 'Navigation to cop the Austi Peay 871 Delta State
decision dyer Pierre, Ashers, and Coll. 62
Campbell who yielded 11 safe- Westminster 79, Bethany (W.
ties. Campbell was tagged with Va.) 87
Sth defeat. LouisvIlle 94, Hanover 55
IQ* Cki. Hughes, and Ashers Auburn 80, Georgia Tech 56.
had -0 homer piece. The leading
co, ugh.s, 3-5; Mount Unn 4,Yougton, 62
a as Sandoval. 2-;, 7pY 'S,, toqal,61. -

V "


$d 8N0,0

I. .- ,- ." ,

pynsalTahd h omep ruatleOgl
W I Mfathews of lat e oIay,
sd terms after briel aOlt office
eonf Sref d. l .e "
Mushal says he rol"very hal-
lor a rep ed "f '- or a-
bout $5l" for ey tamn be
palys.. The tanttpdw outfield-
er-ays: .
"I dida a cut. I had
an aver y*" battin .37.
After ani I Sin't lead the
league M-m t 1u tn the Car-
dinal officitals- are very f4ir."

and Catdiral second baseman
Red Schoetdlenst.
The 33-year-old Musial picks
Brooklyn -s the team to beat
this. yIfr. Stan adds: "Milwau-
kee will be tough and we're the
dark- horse."
Muslal says Alex Grammas,
the shorttop picked up from
Cincinnati will help te Car-
dinals. Stan's also high on Tom
Burgess an outfielder who hit
.342 with Rochester last season.
Musial says his goal is to col-
lect three-thousand hits before
han g 'up his love. Musial has
to-thousand-23 safeties. He,
has averaged about 205- hits a
season in his last nini years.
Sn iysa: "I'd like to get
those three-thousand and be-
lieve 1 have a good chance. But
rm not going to hant around
when I think I'm slipping. I
couldn't stand being just a pinch
Mthews Met with Milwaukee
officials, signed and started
for his home in Santa Bar-
bara, California. Mathews re-
ceived a pay boost but.the ex-
act figure isn't announced. He
hit 47 brne .runs last year.

It is believed Mathews receiv-
ed $13,006( last.season. His new
contract is aid to be "at least
106-per-cent. more" which puts
Mathews In the $25,000 bracket.
Cardinal owner August Busch
has Musial In the fol4 but seems
headed for trouble with Schoen-
dienst and southpaw Harvey
Haddix. Busch was- asked: "Are
you and Schoendlenst fairly
close on salary terms?" Busch
replied: "No," The next question
was: "Well, are youtor aptr?!'
Busch said: "Say bdtwlxt and
petween.".. .. r -, ...
. .: .- .' t .



wR--. ,NO -

. -.. *-:.

- .-

Osorio, Rbinsn F w
1 : **' : : "- ., __ __,* "i -

Parker Saysy Lons, My e .
/ ... ..... ?., < -' *Teamw P a W L Pet.
S, a2kees 14 9 .609
First Grid Teahr Tao Wins s T I
"bers 9- 14 .50

SStraigh National Tiiles 0s-'g
Snama iM: .ombers (6-
Str h -- .s. ;io/t l-3an "blntso 3-4) vs.
S- ankeea tick.3 Hoock-
Cach Buddy Parker ami ts bs this w .h : .t's le Ya- 2
his Detroit Lons may beme l With klaBondas A T-efr l a"ndi ng Yankees-
the first team ta win three o qurterbk iways has l el :any anke
straight National Football eaas falue. You can keep them lAnd last plae Bomber are
League championhjps. br trade them- scheduled to ay a Mcal dou-
Parker, who signed anew one- Another club official bas blehader tight at the Panata
year contract, says: "A wont be ethng to say about lyste -l The first et
]wechan a.n0 rFAfl O yM*sJpl9S. The first
a pcnDIc. n B rd. o will be iSed r -u change. AA asZ dated to get
Steugh. B k w 1 oonCy.t against a r he asaroaa
have a better team thbian W ad wl vote againataR a tM. The .roio.le, starting rulers
last season." Detro't has b proposal which makes th a are Pat Patrick and Bill Hocken-
Cleteland in the at'tw title e ald It any art of a ball car bury for the a nmkees siad Per-
gamea. rir's body except hand. and nando Alberto Osori9 and Hum-
Parker says the eighth rookie feet thoueb the rouod. Cr- berto Robinson for the Bombers.
he had last year wont repeat rent ruleI permit a runner to
the same mistakes, The 40-year- keep moving until the whistle A double Wls for the Bom-
old Parker says he will sheot for blows. ber will drop them seven
wsek p riebsas andapcadat ends
a fullback and a couple o ends Rooney admits some "hih games oft the pace and vir-
at the player draft next week I priced .stars" are n ttlng hurt tally enminte them from
Philadelphia. after beln tackeJ ut adds this mpenasA rate." however,
"But," says Parker "we're not think the fans want to see a iwep of the two games for
hutring at any poslton." the ball carrier get up and go the Bombers wiU move them
Parker says his new contract if he has a change .' Rooney says to within three games of first
s entirelyy satisfactory" It's be-'a quicker white might cut place and put them a con-
lieved Parker signed for $15,000, down injuries, tending position.
plus another $10,000 from a cut e
of the gate receipts. A candidate for the job Green -Both the Yankees and Bom-
Coach Paul Brown, whoge Bay Packer .coach Lisle. Black- bers have 15 more games to
Cleveland club dropped two title bourn left at Marquette has play.
games to Detroit, says he would dropped out of the running. As- Meanwhile, Granville Glad-
like to pick up quarterbak'Bob- lsstant Notre Dame coach Ter- stone of the Brownies, teammate
by Garrett at the player draft. ry Brennan says he visited Mar- Reinaldo Orenald and the Bom-
Brown says the Stanford ace quette at the request of the bers' Joe TuminelU remain the
will be Cleveland's cholde. If it school officials but Isn't Inter- "Big Three" in batting with
gets the bonus pick. Brown ap- ested in the job. marks of .360, .341 and .337.
Raises T-formation' quarter- In collegiate football, the Tex-
--'-- -- as. @4gies' athletic council meets
Saturday to discuss a replace- ONLY SOLID BET
ment for coach Ray George...
r k Coach Bid Gillman of Cincinnati NIALEAH, Fla. -(NEA)- The
F rnlUllI l iy Lea says he has been invited to dis- only solid bet at Hialeah this sea-
cuss switching to North Caro- son figures to be the chef, who'll
llna State but his wife says: be ope eating in the kitchen located
Individual Cage "81id isn't Interested." in the new $2,500,000 cluI-house.

College Sooring

NE WORK, Jan. 22 (UP) -
The Altest figures from the
show Frna qivy of Furman
has retained flt place as the
major college individual seer-
ing leader.
Belvy Idle last week -
had held on to his lead with
S' gpi aveafe of 31 point-
one points. But while SOivy
was, lfrVrl 4f hist rivals'
ewer tot" Three other plyeri
are ab*&.v t', 80-p0int mark
wi the senm half flaish-
BS Betutt -f Lonuisi State
Is second with almost 34 and
one-half potps i pgameL-Ar-
nod Shat ot-Okahoma Cty is
thlrd with early, 31. And bob
Sfhatr of Vllasova is fourth
with p flat 30-poit average.
Bun WikinaoB of Virginia
occupies, fifth place with a 26
and one-half point mark.

MartOez Favorke
Over Rocky Casl lo
At Garden Tonight
NEW YORK, Jan. 22 (UP) -
Welterweight Vince Martinez ts
a solid (5-13) favorite over
Rocky Casillo tonight In New
York. But the underdog's man-
ager Is confident there will be
an upset.
Jack Begun says: "I've been in
boxing 20 years and I'll stake my
reputation that Rocky will knock
Martinez out. Martinez can't
run from my guy for 10 rounds."
Cailllo has scored 17 knock-
outs in 29 pro bouts but Mar-
tinez Dever has been stopped in
35 fights. The winner will meet
fifth ranking Billy Graham in
Madison Square Garden on Feb.
19 or early in March.
Here and there in boxing,
Middleweight Champion Bobo
Olson and Joe Rindone have
tapered off for their San Fran-
cisco bout on Saturday night.
It is Olson's first bout j
beating Randy Turpt for the'
title last fall... Eighth-ranked
heavyweight Tommy Harrison
says he has fifth-ranked Earl
Walls "figured" for their Tues-
day bout In Toronto. Harrison
says he won't give Walls a
chance to score an early knock-
out... Eighth-ranked light hea-
vyweight Danny Nardico Is ask-
ing for a return bout with hea-
vyweight Charley Norkus. Nar-
dico was stopped in the eighth
round last night in Miami



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Armed Fores Baseball League The ptctMrt
STANDINGS Of the ball ,gBei
W L Pet. John Graha wbltd
Army Atlantic 2 0 1.000 Atlant_ batters .4
Albrook AFB 2 0 i.00W Harriutom at don la I
Fort Kobbe 2 1 .667 men evtSeBI'A"'
Special Troops 1 1 .50( The line sme
Fort Clayton 1 2 333 Coco Solo 000 000 10i a.I
Coco Solo 1 3 .83S A. kAmtua-O mm ',Ot
Navy Westbank 0 3 .000 Batterles:. Cocao u
Saturday Special Troops at Harrington and .u P W-..
Coco Solo (2:30). Army Atlantic In other e p 1 a a R
An at Fort Clayton (7:30), Fort C 443, aM i
Sunday (all games at 2 r '-| APB turned on the power
cl. Atlantic at Abrormy Akanl at lopNa Westbyk b 3 t
AFB. Fort Kobbe at Special .... ..
Troops. Fort Clayton at Navy m o ,
b- ., 65th AAA
Unbeaten Army Alantic and nd .
Albrook AFB, currently tied Sfor 1 || A T o
top spot In the Armed Force\m | m4 i.
League chase, meet their' tbr- JS U l l1.,
nest teats of the yet-young sea-
son this week-end and only one | 1 "
can possibly maintain an unde- jnflirv / 1 ,:
treated status. They clash with 'Ja uar 7.' 2 8
each. other on Sunday afternoon Empire and Plifer RaIM '
at Albrook. will be sites of the' m AisA -
-Fort Clayton and Fort Kobbe Group championship small send
get first chance at their perfect matches Jan 27an 27 and. !' -
records, however, as Clayton matches will determine .hi .
olay, host to Albrook Saturday scoring personnel to' uSl
night and Kobbe meets Army the 65th Group in th imPdI -a
Atlatnic that afternoon at Kob- ama A r e a rifle and pta
be. A win for the home ninesm matches. "
would throw the league stand- Rifle competition will be heU
Ilngi into a virtual deadlock. at Empire Ranke on 'the '9l1
An 11inning scores pitchers' while pistol firing wilt H dIt .-
was finally broken up bv the Ar- the following day at P S
my Atlantis nine to dump the Range "A", Fort Kobbe. 8tai :
Coco Solo team 1-6, In a game time for both matches Is S9 P
played at Fort Davis on Wednes- a.m.
day. Personnel to fire from units at .
Mendez Mora. Army Atlantic thd th. up ilhide IQ mi
second -baseman, doubled to'u"t each tfr in'th.9fe .
ul the only score of the con- talloni.-ad 76 .%AAS..
test. Mora advanced to third on Headqu a r Baa te.a'
a wild pitch by Coco Solo pitch- Grpup, the 506ht O l
er John Graham. When Colon Detachment and t
hit a grounder dotn to the Co- -Detachmeht will p "f* -. W .
ed' Solo third baseman. Mora men.
waited until the hot cornet let The ranges will be supervidiS,,.
loose with his throw to first, and by the 85th Group OperatmlO -
then with a daring bit of base Officer. Standard courses will "I
running scampered home for the fired. '
only tally. Spectators are welcome.
i .' !


..4 ,urm,--p-.. -



".^-'-..'iF-^' .... **fc-': :
, '


~ -
1.. ~I3FfllT -. ~miumim


Bronx Pirate



, .AR EILLE. France. Jan. (UP)
A modern-day Captain KiddJ,
omNew York's Bronx confess-
:jh todaV he led the pirate hand
ich boarded a Dutch ship in
Mediterranean and took
i 08,OW worth of American cig-
asd booty.
-3l*ot Burt Forrest, 30, was de-
l by police as the head of
--milllon-dollar a year in-
ational smuggling ring.
A "& told police he would tell
,i*whole story behind a 20th
ry pirate organization
h swept the Mediterra-
9e husky New Yorker was
ht to this southern FrerSth
today after being arrested
nearby Cabriere D'Algue
Pre he had posed for almost a
as a deaf-nmute writer.
est told Judge Jacques
ttigne, who questioned him In
rseillle court, that he organ-
the October. 1952. pirate raid
the Dutch ship Combinatie.
Four brigands, wearing white
-coods and armed with machine
ns boarded the Dutch ship
the North African coast.
ey removed their eigaret
.oty and then held the beat
I crew prisoners for a week.
arrest told the judge that lie
feared reprisals f r o m the
es for revealing their or-
e was found living in a farm
qe 4t Cabriere D'Aigue and
ir-mer said he had not spok-
a word since he came there
t. May
Iowing the raid another A-
,eran, Sidney Paley, known as
e "ailk pantie king," of Jersey
0i. N.J., was arrested, found
lty and sentenced to three
rs in prison.
Judge BattignF said today
Sere would be "several" more
rings for Forrest before any
mal cnarges were m a d e a-
st the American.
rret was recognized by Ca-
aere D'Aigue police from anu
K national police circula-
S Balboa Tides
S atqrday, Jan. 232 O
tl H 'l:'\ LOW ,
a.M. 12:'22 a.m.
V^. 12:36 p.m.

Shows: Prices:
|S .-4:35 0.60 a 0.30
8:45 Viewers O.U







"Let the people know ti etru ana the count .'. Abriam Une


Dulles In

BERLIN, Jan. 22 (UP) The
Western Allied foreign ministers
arrived tod-y to prepare for Big
Four talks, starting Monday,
w hic h may determine finally
whether a "negotiated peace" Is
possible in the Cold War.
Secretary of State John Foster
Dulles arrived at noon followed
an hour later by Foreign Minis-
ter George Bidault and by For-
eign Secretary Anthony Eden
two hours after that.
Russia's Foreign Minister V.
M. Molotov is due tomorrow to
round out the roster of the con-
Communist police already have
sealed off the streets around the
Soviet embassy in Red Berlin.
expected to be Molotov's head-
quarters during his stay.
The foreign ministers of the
four great powers have not met
for nearly five years, because ex.
perlence proved such meetings
fruitless. Some observers hope,
however, that the d e a t h last
March of Russian premier Josef
Stalin may have altered the
Few Western diplomats share
this view, because recent Rus-
sian propaganda has given no
indication of a sincere interest
in solving the German and Aus-
trian problems the main is-
sues of the Berlin conference as
far as the West is concerned.
The primary Russian interest
in the coming talks appears to
be to press the years-old Soviet
demand fo- a "Big Five" con-
ference, including Red China.
The Western powers have re-
fused this demand time afteo
time, but a Communist delega-
tion from China already has
turned up in'Red Berlin Just in
The Allies already have made
several concessions to bring a-
bout the Berlin talks, letting
Russia set the time and place of
the meeting and agreeing to hold

PC Telephone Book,

Slimmer; Anny, AF,

Navy Numbers Out
The 1954 edition of the Canal
telephone directory which is now
being distributed is a slimmer
version of the 1953 edition.
The reason for the new look
Is the elimination this year of
the approximately 80 pa g e s
which were used last year by
the U. S. Army Air Force and
Navy organizational directories.
These sections were eliminated,
it was explained, because the
Panama Canal did not want .o
charge its subscribers the cuet
o! this feature.
Section colors are the same
in the 1954 edition with the ex-
ception of the section on com-
nercial interests which this year
is pink instead of bluff.
Deliveries of the 1954 telephone
directory sLarted Thursday in
Canal offices. They will be de-
livered or mailed to all sub-
scribers as soon as possible.
Copies are furnished to sub-
scribers for each telephone and
all extensions.
They will be placed on sale
soon with the Vault Clerk In the
Engineering Division on the
third floor of the Administra-
tion Building at Balboa Heights.

Home Style
Pasta Fasula
S served Dally

a r-condtione



For i 4 Met;

Observers Not Optimistic

twice Russia's legitimate share since the East'ZoneCommunists
of the talkl on Soviet-held ter. cut all intersector -telephone
ritory. cables at the ezd- oftay, 1952.
Soviet Zone Communists par- as a first reprisal lor' 4nin of
tially lifted a 20-months old Iron the. Wist Grerma.peae .cts.
curtain on telephone service be- However. the restored ttle-
tween East and West Berlin to- phone .service was: only a limit-
day. ed onAe .oe
At 8 a.m. 70 telephone lines Of.the 70 lines put. Ito oper-
were opened between the Soviet ation, S0 were reserved for the
and Western sectors of this di- fouraodcupation Bpwers and the
vided city. It was the first time other. 20 for the press..
it had been possible to telephone Hai .the 20 ppeu .lines con.
between East and West Berlin nected6the Western press center

French Drive In Indochina

Is Berlin Bargainng .Bid
V 0

JTUY HOA, Indochina, Jan. 22
(UP) Loyal Vietnamese "po-
litical commandos" p l u n g e d
after French tanks and troops
moping up some of Annam'S
richest provinces today in
France's big campaign of "total
war" to strengthen her hand for
the Berlin foreign ministers con-
As spearheads of the 20,000.
man air-sea-land offensive
pushed north today from newly
captured Tuy Ho, "without in-
cident." French officials s a i d

Intoxicated Driving

Appeal Falls
After 5-Hour Trial
In a hard-foubt trial lasting
nearly five hours, Judge GUthre
F. Crowe last night sustained the
finding of the Cristobal Magis-
trate on an appeal of a conMMe-
tion for driving a motor vehicle
while intoxicated.
Trial of the appeal started In
the Cristobal Division of the U.S.
District Court shortly after 2:30
and terminated after 7 p.m.
lBiroy George Nesbitt, 48, a 9 -
tired American employee sf the
Army, told the court that he had
had a coughing spell while
rounding a curve on Keyes Roaa.
He put his head out of the car
window to spit and lost control
of his vehicle which went into a
Nesbitt who returned to the
Isthmus only a few month ago
*and is visiting friends here ad-
mitted that he had had three
beers, on Dec. 23, before the ac-
cident, but denied that hie wia
intoxicated or that these caused
him to lose control.
. Police testified, however, that
tebitt filled to pass a sobriety
Two doctors and a chemist al-
,ao testified for the government.
SOne physician stated that he
had taken a sample of the de-
fendant's blood shortly after the
smashup The chemist stated he
had found it to -have a .18 alco-
hol content. -A second doctor
stated that this is considered
high enough to- constitute teen-
Dieal intoxication. I
The figure of 15 is the level at
which for legal -purposes an in-
dividual is presumed to have un-
dergone impairment of reflexes
and Judgment sufficient to ren-
der him unfit for driving a mi-
tor vehicle.
Meabitt's attorney S. T. Fran-
kel Introduced several witnesses
who'testifled that the defendant
has a good reputation for sobri-
The defendant was found gull-
ty in Cristobal Magistrate's Court
on Jan. 5. fined $100 and given a
10-day suspended sentence. Fine
and sentence were also upheld by
the higher court.

Ordnance Men
Plan To Assist
Panama Orphanage
Snace the beginning of the U.
8. Army, Amerm soldiers have
been noted for their sincere in-
terest .in the welfare of need"
children USARCARIB personnel
In Panama for years have fol-
lowed this Army tradition by
co ua0 listing the Wer-
PrtVlM children'of Pan -
As rther evidence fat
members of the 408th Ordh
Co. of Cromal hav v
thefr time and flert to jt
over 11 beds of t* A ft la
JnfanCIa On PAaSsm
Cty tominrriv aiRNooL
The Ordnance M wS
provide their a p
tmmnlar 's fMs,= T 1

-- .-
.: .- ".."L" m-..
**4 a ^ ~ c
:,- ..-:-a.-i ., \

the. learned the Cpmmunists
puled. back from a six-mile-wide
co tal strip from. Nhatrang to
Faifo "several das ago."
The French, to strengthen
their bargaining position in case
Russia offers a deal on Indochi-
nese peace at next week's Big
Four talks, concentrated on con-
solidating their political hold on
the liberated area.
Vietnam "politlal Comman-
dos" followed close on the heels
of the. Vietnam national forces
that bore the brunt of yester-
day's assault that ,was the bM.
gest of the -seven-year Indochinal
war. "
After dropping thousMnds of
pamphlets O tbe .whole PhQ
Yen pro v se, t. _.psycholOgli.
warfare tean 1e r d
+hei thn nmh *a'i11Ml-. A Ma re

atFo, .np.o sena d Me xati.
' i[IKMfa'trAW"' north from Sal-
810 1ltir, bringln_ food an4t
medloal supplies to Tuy Hao.
Theb lberators met no organilz
ed opposition but got into some
troubTe.with the guerrillas who
have inflicted most of the Ope-
ratn 'Atlanta casualties.
iZlats. civilians tried to at..
tack the Invaders with rifles and'
hand grenades but most of them
we killed or captured. Many ptf
the grenades stored here for
years, failed to go off.
The -Communist militia forces.
eutbitted at 10,000 men, with-
dri into the mountains a few-
mAeti back of the coast even be-
fore-the first French landing.

Sb" their two-headed baby in th
he five-weeks-old boy is normal
*=n and two legs. Hi parents -
".,F -" .' ;

at the KatbrfttIUhioUe with
the rival CommnistDt press cen-
ter in the fore "n&0ud .propa-
ganda ministry B- Uldig in the
Soviet sector.
The other were t enable Com-
munist newsmen to all to West
Berlin or West Qrmay,
The lifting of th-Itotal tele-
phone blackout -oturred Just a
few/hours beore'.the Western
foreign ministers tched here
for the first, Big torW meeting
with the Sovieti sineA Stalin's

Colon Hosplat
Gets New .,
Dr. John UM, chef
of the medical ss a~t.Coon
Hospital. will oM a. aWyne
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tires at the end of 0 w month, it
was announqu ay at the
Health Bureau offf ".
Dr. Wllkerson. k served al-
most continuously the Ca-
nal organization s une 1943
when he was asSg dto duty at
Gorgas Hospital as an officer or
the Army Medical Corps.
A native of 8 er, Okla..
Wilkerson was grpl ated in 1932
from the Ut& erlty q Oklahoma
medical L took
,ost grr W-. -Memrcy
Hospital -U .. '.iet Mayo

trainuing AlM wIts ^fi-
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w, "*iaIt at El Rancho ber
I- he thied of a series
" .W .. fbast es to aid the
ai 49. 'Panaawa's Olympic
to Mexico in March.
The glewwll begin at 7:30
Stonlght tomorrow and Sunday
iirhts. Net proceeds of the
Isms will go toward the
' i.Y fund and the Panama,


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