The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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No General

Tax Cuts

This Year r

S AMWtlGTAON, Ja U21-()


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anow ever seen on

S1 .the rlw wnB

a oarsb a t aboot

sal dt) uld be assigned ,
to d. the ay traffic
which i. elected on the road
leqdlng to the air show,
Mlt ary id air policemen will I
ibe n of pfing. facilities
w~itin' 3, e tomorrow.
e 0abe Is asked to enter ty
Coru RIoad 'a the CA
dj 1 elCpermnt-i
.whih.ect- nedo the Curundu
-* irc be11 o en hand to
JIt wke WO ".y


xfl-BASED SUt 'I'NE 'X4'- h.t' contains he apsK I, built by Wa tri
;Crporaon as an .e:erfimental mqe of the Wlear ppwer
.nto. Mark II) that l propel the .st-atomic asbisaarine,-the
au tilus. Thit huall eotalning the at4lli1 engte paM ies through
~e.Tank a&pat 5 e-Wtn diameter nd a.lnost-40,elt high so
th't fte reatoer compartment to eomistely submtgp d in water.
'l. modejla at theNational React* Testing 1ton, Idaho,

Mpm* Lawimches

000,0 below the last Democratic -it Zoe ." -" "'"" "
bug po proposall os
It stl would leave the govern- The fig t presents the differi
tfiscl ,ear of l, which be-n $13,300,000 pppropated for the o.epa
iens next J siy 1. the Canal Zn e government fo.rFical
Mr, Eisenhower said "necessitv t A
-rather than mere desirability-" -be l3j,8,4;s u sked for the codng v
was the test he applied to all pro- But Isth4iian authorities invlvdd
posed espeuditures.
He h "irmlv" belevesphi l shift had littiJiieht to throw on he
budget 1'wi: not only protect our hin in the Zone.
way of life but will a186 store eSgdthen h a C*r-i.,f Command s-'
our ecioc base and enhance a bb Command S
the w f all of ir people." rCeOid no_ iAtri- .ms to date g. cit
As in every budget since the out- option oti. fl*ta pil on
break of the Korean war, national oraotion Of Ilitary hospitals o n the4
security was the biggest Item by Sad Une CrecFtary of the Ariyl
far-$4,pO,000..000 this time. This lIitt ms than a week
was p3,80m,o,000o below the latest Who litt.i tba a week4 0ageo vtig
estimate for the current fiscal of hospital :fqlities on- the Isthmy:. Y
yesar. othe Caiil.", J

video moenatteiol elef b i.ot rPd la
lessumoney by ntting down on ri ll

r .fk~'wI

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P a z On th e ui ahm be a o a
thE l a an.
' four metbEs of the at -
l St tKte -l 5in -mq- |
oT cO, and e an

o. fifth o JT. AAD.t or w
is gI if led tn, t n'iO fale
,his, m in'y the amr -
a.1 ti l
hl5, nd ant red the sw

aly. and Cal?@d...
sy: bu a
o 1l lee, he
I itto evadaand
e i uaaneuvr.,
pt~jjon f.l ,,y' the
iw t capal m.C.


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- -- -: ;- % P

Swere aSengLer rom ayo w
today the T-38 l ettran-
ers on thid econd day of- U*
SPa" ma lvuit ol the "Whs-.ot
Ct'' pthe.Americas goodwill tour.
saN ie pIlt. tat g L. o0p. Reubn C. Hood, jr.,
Carlega Air Commander who
SC n arge of the tour, aid-6n
sat Tocumen yestethay
S. though theAir Force had
,been *tnkini about a let air
rhow" for almost three yearhte, te
Seent tour hai taken some nine
C*i mionthiFrof detaled .planning.
.... one 'nre and othnr mdaffble, Hood ar-
d fm g firlv ee ten rainer plotted by Mres.
(,b9-de.. njiaon cbrea_ Yearer, well-known pl-
.- lot who J flown a rocket plane
.the..: e t.iirtg at -1,60- mph..
tt,, nWn Hood greeltd Panama's foreign
K.I~racB1sary. vl niinister Jose. jaman Gulza'do
ai tl.. one grbLte red and other mieniers of the Pa't\-
V* tSMf e ea, s 19 T-ftered manl& n cabinet. thre.,of whom
lntmd ifromngoUlnd fire, were taken up forTi-3 rides,

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unasfa 4 A botte Of clH3a
a"pouw bow off
atuUMlS tday and launelde
would'sa linrtiAnic-poweir sob-
narfne inoe a new era of war
or. ace. *
Snat' first. lay
te.. 55,000,000 raft gliding to
the arms.aof waiting us, i ierU
lnrin an -a4l'hen the mighty
Stom will be 'put to work in
homes sad .iustria& plant, as
well s' In baWle. A
Thae .NButW .will mark the
first pratical vuse of atomic
ene_ r f.. populsion.
. atopet _rM iet for lt.Iltal
ride wni'eo Qdr.genel P..Wklin-
son, the NAUt4ut first skipper,
afd seveat 'OA cers and .en
o hiso W ilklnuMo's_ wife
stood 23. Elsnhowpr as

n a d

V R rt B. Carney, Chief
of m Orations, ad "The
N B t symbb, of United
Stail' determination to fight,
wli-hen. 0" f M.lhtnin bemes
is. er Tevolutionary power
rry.a sire to mse scieBe for
goo lto tais era of aatiun-
change. "besa.a t.
ourni goded that tl- 3 00-
foot .craft, believed capabte of
girdling the globe In :9 days
without resuring, is vlt#l be-
wutul there is a "posstalltY of
serious depletion in aothet. fuel
Describing himself as a ."pru-
foundly Impreated salor," he
Mld '"aside frame any mltary,
s fmlcance. this ship il a,cymr-
bo of many things.'"

which bulb th atomic power
platt to.pipelthe 3aut uajith
lititerto -adreatied of endur-
alce, saai:" .
"eIt i laa that IW ,
enera by the atomc- cloud
of desatnciot MaHirosma will
be. replaceI by. the bright sun
of atomic crea~ion. It gives
hope. .
That thia .mun will be.
comip tae albO of a future
day, 'wen maiv po.flor peo-
'. will lercome
S luty and fear."
Mina, prealdent of
Si5;cs Corp., which
said "Tlie Nautilus
i kink n a new
AV, .ktr ule be-
d estrdSt and
we cannot, If
S woud rVlve, be less than
first i search and discover
whether talt discovery be ml-
Itary or indutrial."

Com Wnity Chest
a Meets

To t At JWB
A spel mee, n.of.the board
ClOatlyChest will be held
POW .t -the JWB-USO .La
Bocia lnd. The meeting 9W be-
at ':
roped amendments to the
orga iaon's constitution 'and
by-es and other busine
be taken up at the forthtoa_
annoaLLiMting will be dlU
by the sLard.

B ...

RA YO .. RIcE, ator
of this t vice u
ean Aviation Inc., man-
ufacturers of the Sabrewhich
willbe cracking the sound bar-
rier high over Albrook tomor-
row morning..
The souid of thunder baUs he-
com eo asee mn,
that. even a th;Mnder lp9i tak
spaig is hardly.enmogh ti make
a reftA asimBit.'.. "t tha
a tl dr-lItL squad ttaf cont*

"MGgiue 6i i!..i '

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Vt? -Xf:'z...'.:'.~- -

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I.. A.
*t~..4t4Ah(.!iW~~7.~L,'..L- 2.! at

SOther big autk sl defense
items: $1,2t5.O,O for forig
military aid, 1,4e5 00,00Q fr
atomic energy and ,000;000 for
critical stckpwin,
It allows fqr te biggest airpowu
er buildup since World Wr II-
40,(09 planes by 1571 Instead of
the"present 33,000-and the biggest
atomic program min the nation's
Mr. Elsenhower's proposed
spending figure was P300,000.000
under the latest estimates for the
current sca.' yepr of 1954 and
$12,300,A00000 uer the amount
proposed by former President Tru-.
man just before he left office last

pita]j. .. .
"the deilWon to prnrMe ad-
ditional finis in the., Canal
Zone Goveranimt budget or
the coming f it year to miet
this event was reached
at, the W=atit1ton level., wtt
cost estimates being prodeda
by the Canal admnistatlftIl."
Highly un drlfied remain the
details of what Is going to hap-
pen to which hospital.
Johnson maid on his Frirvl aM
the lsthmus Jan. 10 that how
pitals here represent "one of our
biggest problems."
ulumorl that the Clayton
HIospital would be closed down
or put on a caretaker basil

bhas alsgtReet" I
Iano control faldtI
1950, its capacity
create from the -t
beds 3556 t dq .i
lies were avlal
tary personnel of i
forces apt their t
located ii the Atlfanti
. !n Aet of 19491

made to tte 1
of M a the
Accord tg tUiW
the co tee t
tient wa 3. dafl
with $1.14 which Itl
when t oe patent load
er, -
Rumors have also
that fte- possibility a
transferrnall the mWll
ltal "a too the%-AM

by theh
,GouUek .oapltSl

originally b r to
200 beds ai th bufldt
being ued to houe 112

AS reioflffrt
Sthe dottedd ft
Lenhower budgl

'I. -

IKE'S BUDGET PROPOSAL This chart shows the salient
pointss of the fiscal 1955 budget proposed by President Eisen-
hower. This is the nearest to a balanced budget-since 1940. In
a&cal 1952 (last full Truman year) the deficit was $4.01 billions.
In 1953 (largely Truman) it was $8.4 billions. In fiscal 1954
(first full Ike year) it was $3.8 billions.

. S S

also become stronger atincreas- as sound. Ordinary conversation rates shock waves in tht air, just
ed airplane speeds. is actually a series of preure as. a motor ooat on a still lake
waves which are interpreted by creates surface waves, or as the
Actually, they are r"r today, the ear 4 VPying pounds The dynamite blast has created a
when you compare the number louder .the conversation, tbe shock wave. Under certain at-
ot flight made at at ejoes c greater the difference in pres- mospheric conditions, t h ese
speed th -te reports. ae sure on each side of the pressure shock waves created by the air-
ooMa. North American AI waves. A very loud 0mand, where plane reach the ground and
pilUOt alaie have flown api e there is a very gpla difference heard as explosfve noies or su-
40110 fligPs over the Sipe of in pressure on either aide of te personic booms.
I sound, and. M Pores. mMel wave. is Interpreted by the ear Most of the booms heard a
tIave, flown ta ds O, but a an ile s far have been caused by diving
could oant on yo Unrs A luVloswiesl. an be airplanes. In thn typical dive, an
total er of "base readden relee of airplane is push ov into the
d ia tan. Af enery, such as dynaite blast. dive from level fI at about
Vles et Violent pressure disturbance is 4,00 feet. It *liite frona
ae cu e I t l away fom te eauMsed by this releae of energy below the speed of sound to the
s. and T and thee. psare wa ove peed mat emda ab At a
oer ras MWd outward, away from tbie eta r eed w l h ve !tep a
Aiy I u of the blast. he Haund, a imtter dt wave*
-re also =iNlled C+. com i re formed by the rla and
w iMtRar wen N waves, or we aove towur te
te p e these ck wa we theear.directu oof th tlane' flht
oB otti an 19 S ftio nots bcuId. TH Nfl at theW SO
loo dep on the anwnt ddee
a a of rewue a op by tw shock tattafrpAe.
TL saaf taa tall wave

~-'-2'-~ ..z' '3 -
-~ *4,':~" -7
20'"C *Ajqg'4-.$~ -t -

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dLWa omUT
- Sfanta'~~

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-in 4
..3.4I. ~

I 4' A

* 0.3:3 I

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_ ...

.3 ,'.,*

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"43. tj
~. ~;

~&g-*. wTh
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.7 4.


M. )


-S -I IK- -- T--1 -1 iLn, T -1 ALA-T

* tr

A- *

. : ,. .- .

: IM


. -.-i'.-

--- -~---,

-. .. / *I..

arepaga AIs AANM 4IW 4 rIMue
ImAD *aM,* g ... AN. PANAMA
*irp a W in MA AV W U rwrs WTS As -f 11o MenO
1 .1A0 -4 DWu W.
KSlm, N. I NUAVAJC 5 O13 C
1, WINEA. ON --var ,* 1060g4o


Labor News





UAiW #A s ki e forum for oders of T he Pnm. Amner-
Ire rved u med are handled ina wholly conei.
U ''to a le "*dim be impatinat if i doesn't appear the
t -ag e a- puhubled iN Nhe osder received.
te h t ap o ke tols' ibited atose pgeo W gtO
po' hlru wwrirs ri held in Wir pO aesusmes sm responsibility f dotfsseans e opinions
galdb -tolon from e a m


1, well, Mrs. Longmore and all of you other "US Citizens"
0 does it feel to be snubbed?
dVeUS citizens of the Army and Navy have been snubbed by
ears. You have Wver had it in you to go to bat for us.
t Stateside h ap fee was the latest nasty deal you
Mtalt us.
aWare all US citizens and every bit as nice people as you
you are.
.Unot pulling together you will find we will all be without
iatest proof of that is the $45 government pension de-
for local raters. They will get it too
le amusing art of that ais that haithe US citizens in the
a get Soclal security pensions of $45 a month or less, but you
don't know that because you have been in your own smug lit-
hell for ever so long.
You never believed "In Unity there is Strength."
Now- maybe you will. Thd local raters believe In it.
A United States Citizen


Cocoli, C.Z.

SDoes Cocoll have a certain time for folks to be quiet at night?
Here on Quipo Boulevard we have loud radios at all hours,
*,IS.WkI at night. Also parties which semh to start at midnight
anseld In the wee hours before daylight. And dogs barking all
W'tbn somebody please answer my question. And if there Is
4ulet time, why doesn't the Shore Patrol open their ears and
Things down.
Yours For More Sleep
S :" .-

Ciwma Actor

i ga


05M A Note in
- I-r, Guido's scale
6Soften in
A.- temper .
m '7Fra'gments 8 Dove's call
rstie .9 Male sheep
oroltl 10 Ages
roll 11 Domestic slave
V" of 12 Bird's home
19 Dutch (ab.)
hell 21 tort -:

Det, as, 11rm :
it 24 Traps
a. 25 Vipers
elh 26 Let it stand
lativ ,2.7 Song for one
29 Girl's name
le .

ob. form)
of straw
Ply. maid


San (slang)

aa a j &nP ei

ri I L-) [-][I
CIO r-IflOrl- 13(3"ki

1-1,1 r-I kii 1"3
kii t.i r.1 114 0 t JLALA
PllFAl-lVjIE:lUArlIL9c jur -1

30 Galf, mounds
31 E tiel
37 Older
38 Breakfast
40 Symbol for
1l Mimicker
42 Chest rattle

43 Dressed
. mnow
47 BIplical name
49 Falsehood
50 Compass point
52 Emist
53 Seniors (ab.)


:The annual meeting of the Stockholders of
"The Panama American Press. Inc." will
Sbhe held at the offices of the company in its
MLilig TiNo..57, H Street, Panama City,
pehllc of Panama, on

-at 2 P.M.

Harmodio Arias,

4' -
"I -

IuidM t over

w : ... '.
- 4



S*, -
^ -4'


* JI

-. '

I' ..

~__ ~__~~~_~_~_~~ ~_

They met quietly. They talked
quietly. But their declflhns. may
explore on maly fronts. For two
and a half hours, John L. Lewis,
the graying giant who has made
so much history baiting so many
presidents, played host to husky,
pile-driving David Beck before
whom lies so much labor history,
Early Monday morning, there t
Lewis' warm top floor headquar
ers, before the king-sized fireplace
built to match John I.'s amagina-
tion, these two powerful mn plan-
ned, among other things. tg take
on another President Dwight D.
Closeted with only one top aide
each, Mr. Lewis and Mr. Beck,
leaders of almost 2,000,000 workers'
who can made this land stand still,
talked of giving labor "a direq-
tion." They talked, too, of clea1ng
house, of swooping down omn the
nation's watertronts and wining
out crjok aid Communist alike.
But they talked mostly oi a broad,
heavyweight (but, for the time be-
ing, informal) entente of their two
unions, the -coal diggers aed the
teamsters unions with treasur-
ies which together, total close to
They saw that labor is split wide
open .- and racing in several dl.-
rectiqns at once. Some of it, led
by Walter Reuther, is fueling' he
leftwing of the Democratic Party.
Another section, led by 'George
Meany, is independent working
with Democrats and "Dewey Re-
publicans" alike. Still otherjo ea-
pecially those in the AFL Construe-
tion Trades Dept., are close to Re-
publican National Cdmmitteemen-
the GOP political machine itself
And the powerful CIO Steework-
ers Union, led by David McDon-
aid, is playing a lone game, work-
ing quietly, off-the-record, with
Vice-lresioent Dick Nixon and the
White House through McDonald's
food friend, young Max Raab, the
ttle dynamo of Sherman Adams'
In the midst of all'this swirling,
"direc louless" strength ae .Johu
Lewis an' Dave Beck. Lewis, in
keeping with his tradition, is still
the maverick. Beck, still a Mew
president with a sprawling union
of many powerful local ch eainas
unaccustomed to dealing with a
central authority in a centraAWed
national uionl headquarters, Is just
about ready to move on a national
As they talked, it was apparent
.that they shared some very sharp
differences with the men who lead
L~te AFL and CIO. ILewis Jul*,
just don't like .
George Mea
their. ,**


1y, Wih

a i


&So Le with see*. t debate are 94p
ing str an s hands, talked volvls the. ..n ama ,
of together and slowly that bitterjljelel5ed vlqt t nREiW.tb
brinft otherss into their bloc to issue for. e ars. &r --,,g- "j-- b-. owr -..
residen .Eisenhower himself, Ohio Sen. J. sBlker'Rhl ( C.) w.a woum cha els i s in. the otherta .
th Congress and with the many roosedconstitu dment, require that alfof the E uooeanteA
State egislatures. dsne the Piden a' to. arms aid must go .to .mM .eth gIRheat. M V.._beidone .o
"ke- tise a m ,. recon.i t, t .to'e lterauptidnal n -h ll
They were concerned oer' mLy LeSLawrnce a s:tte as U reason ft i e iion
develop-.nts..Prs.ams.ati at- :nda I ennkUM dto hawlS U1.8b,"Also the United ft q#tbst. d' ..-
reallsti h, th bow t s for years In a game of eon- for "
te clawiup the TacketswAhih c V1 g local and business inter- lzatZonSf 08.uSSa laomcan shpr -a
)AV d el lot work should be done s
have d int some ,ere s.l a. a .vet the _st". Final approval is a"" "- A es-i 'air --; oulU be lonn \se toDw s a-
Thom ;s a were discussed,-T hey t tle -ma -Mainual try.
tio0s. -a.,ceomng, especaiSu toint astFns, er f treeaW wit lsorea isa'.A s ,, f.. Udteef- tagtreaties and Ii, f-..
the tbtfien of pesiaon .and wel. amgd3 would not c th mante r senate considetatln. almil it amotr tme, UnIt would cost tes, e,00 if- .t.
fare funds whichh run into hun- restrict, but it wo tirEaty w -signed Aug. 7, liocattn are now negotiation ter ire"riv t would cost ntState, aw C, .
dreds of millions fdollarsin their isle y Congress t s of treaty negti- but t n useo c how a ter it rriv toeackin h t States,
. a flnger at the moneys hasled sail .. u President SElsenewer, .- dent ygman Rhee's gov- new anias .of CoIgrs. .However, sin-the Japs would p .of ahj.
by either Lewis or Beck. But jbey -'" "--' a many cret tt rw un
know where the dirt is and that ,aI : vessel; i-
all will be contaminated It the -eae erir no
muck. is't raked and swept out. t. d lses thei s O .4
Those pla, too, were discussed. I Wk h n n f islf eb or. e continent, to
From .00r conversation. it wa Ill Itwee ad probably faces so Power Company the same
soon ap t that Lewis' dream conretonalqu that got haemilipwdr.t,
of a powca third federation f .. ... v --. .
labor to cos*te with the APL and -- NAE IVER BATU
to be dresanes Dave Beck as sWAY HOLLYWOOD t last two starts .. e b. I a stop being senate ua *Coi
/-. ,W.Aaeoprintt-. Ju. llrsCommintteGsal Ine
not now oladofn to leve the AFL. "-o. .e.St.-. Pay" th e ws Sct_ oth eranight ws eli airmus 'Wild 3B Laner of
sues but he is not quitting the Fed. arilyg Moo No 1 money-" ad I" fepue lead .. W the star. She wis ingle-0 Wrth-Dakota d f* *--a'W
Seraton,. it was indicated. maker Br-t-M Century- ox. g R and o fItres epe K t's c Street. v t tot ,
Rita Ha ywt ,.dtto for ColumbiA .. t 3bper cent by the endt 54 tck in toth or approving r
_urtberinore. word had come Pictures, bo&W ere e...a -.a a nnng for thae pany .ack in I E .for vi .ng Aer lrt,
fro David McDonald that thhe The W R I been. signe mhe put ever theDoris rDuke Wen.illy n prpuipower- pet
Steelworkers were staying in the The ptm lttMer gets e.." story thhis .client. .Dr.a yW s...i.n..Mexico.-P- -- ;
to u eir quarrel with Walter 40 p c.i orsey and mg club singer .. Alan Disk -0 &iuae i n't ,
utisNer lv burns so hot that Bert 45e i e ves Thy Neigh- .LE tarliamat cigs) and Marie. .. Maase. e Nr-
tarnvPto leave, they will stay tor... iA ins is the guy a gors thing, are r eho- o SIDE LAM
Independent who takes Nelso' i estramed aIn ti e anamas.-. a. n m, I a. -.,-. -.
-Davpe"Mconald's unionnews-The v adW"arenei. .u dda I c U. S. re"tl DaIl;---ana 1i1 ;"
pan er, "Steel Lab, ignored the a the murder of ip femme skierwl aeot r..,
CIO's last convention. McDonald lron s. ts a 5S.
has continued to needle Reuther. bob's fee. Rse r Wa on h .ad blessed-eve n In DR, w ere* M
He has now visited the 14th U.S. a quat... Wouldn't. oui.gthe extras (suh a .-'
Steel Corp. plant on a good will ex-ay l awife Betty t.a x-fr'" ."
tour with Ben Fairless, company (cow l e connivin Weo's udttAbtalmostI3aon; S-l-
president, while Reuther is whip. rackpt) bt res-a, o w tmA 2. .. -. l -emc,'thsa
lashing big business. However, the ft e- wyer' ewi wm icdentally, r"Vmtsnr Sl
Steelworkers show no siens of pie- ties. Sin'paop, MPO a radao WE' fteBBc. ntinuing to use- married Nmr 1 .
paring their rank and file to walk n'entator? The N. Y. Times a= as* 2155u.5.? J- ,. K
| la O-Mosroo ,, 1 t '-- print *Q IIh )"h--
out on CIO. did so p j.I.agg,----,ro.._ Ys--
.c l wedding bellsLn. page 21ur
_McDonald id willing to work with sppe t Inand other w.Yorker and Co_'_eerr;, "Sp--Oa f s a
the inernal Beck-Lewis bloc, wits) der ei4de as "Joe's f (and the cartoonbis world),--I-.
Which gives them the added power greatest aft' Like the stW-aihactag over what happened oS l
of other 1,2SO,000 members. with said In his ep.o aver a year ago. intoseuseags of Dec. 13t and Raw
a duea take i f most RaoW,0e, t Y t W ,-In the. s.--' _'-_ -, *e | ., -
ayer and 13,0o 0in thetrees- iqg Yerlq pifered Selower- roU tamewords
ury. There ip inkig More poplar "B....W a -1 w 1 -m I1"
All. which will make a to than love, t le.ove.istoriesoi e Nei (f *s3 ..k.a.Aa ayI
gbloc wih the I poplarn here's the S S.pals.. ,We wf- w li -
andChigh corn mmands, meeting st-ru oda lra n.sdnJe MOR. ...INowl
Itu Miami and W asingto respec- DiMaggso. svsa ^ Sf theM-__.. ..-. _-__. ?- d_ '.-,, ,a-, ,. *' P'
errdy the frst weetsi Feb"uary. aq)e, heae ._-.u "ter e? "I 0 l0.lrg S* Nor.. :-M ''
will examine care-. a. e er tory CO-,,_r-r ._?-, tl t -y ,
v uitm u b ss la V p uM .... w. r. .- We
Iw. fwvt pS p9 r.:ew .^ 0 ....

Iease bto",mi l. ae_-.-or

uaf-' -"

..- g -dli ,. .i ... -.. .... j ,.,
w-- a-. ya ag. y

i-s. a --

A m J...;= h !A'dtk .. .... ....40

V .
ao ]

. .. .


..1 -".. r .-
,..,-,* .-J... .

ongiessiol 'Battles
-B'. '

WASHINGTON--(NEA)- Avoid- Secretary of State lules and At- unefnt, or .a new outbreak of
ing pitched battles ovet long-stand- torney General Brownel all oppose hostiles ould aIl have bearing
Ing and itl' eonstrivwsial foreign the amudmdieut on finalSal tu action.
policy Isges should be. A major Sen, William F. Elkowlmad of Legislation is required tq ieple-
objective for Republican leaders in California has .Itttddcd a sub. ment a new international copyright
this lessten of Congress. stitute am endftiet wMS merely convention with 40 nations. The
New foreign trade policy, the restates piesa.t aMt. It aes. the tonventi, can't. e ratified until
Bricker amendment, extension of approval at Pre .'MIenIower, eor ufd ches. have ben
mutual security aad bfreig ail but t Senator m U.. I, There's, .
prqorams and profsals for joint :. President .Iseab recom-. mi )ve l am over which will be done
U.S. Canadian development of mendationms n the sar of the con fis t. ... .
the St. Lawrence seaway, are a- during foreign aid and mutual .Iak~nnection thiillsn ave
jor matters over which knockdown, security programs are being saved beden m nd- l tdi h r tor two
drag out fights tould arise. or-his sma*res .to A new s -, .a to. wtm N. aItet ,M e
Congress 'eteadpf the old,. re--aio f .. f.of N b1
ciprotal trAne agreeutr pr Srtyha sith eer otaTh ttr a
gram until June- 11, 19. Before programs muit pgo, F, .' au W th',last
that time, President Eisenhowe'= Operations rator Harold .s.
Lnnm.miBnn a n fnreimn ., tradi. Stassen has. sid re tot e ,

nswer o re o

us Puzzle

. I .

is-.- -,. : "
-., '. ... ?. ; _,:

4' P, A k : ,

. -
*"v* C nw* w..e, : :' ;*

4 *

b :. .. '', -. ", '.. ... ... ...'- : .- ,. .
.', .. "' '- ". -' ; ." -," *"'& ^ i,"- "
-'., ,.- .,,. **: .".** :- ^ *.,f,- .
:^ ..- .. ,.o0. *< ^
i, ** ,iii' i.^' e.. -- .,;|

I** .*,.I

,fW USatem inS CUa Sup tM, witth. KOUS titis i 1ftb i'

k nwm I ad oh of "Mfxnie
ombur over a. silk tiper for

Sgove t dthng mch came of
n we he admtraton devoted
me the follow 12 month to a re-
tetmarkabe frmngiiugUp of United
S states fresh liey, to endln r h
'Seaeanae 3 ptlenw f oial war ti Korea and D^Abta Grs^,a liella ad mmbratl
pi, ."s to a broad study of domestic
oprobem- and Pndite. Mr. El-
lgfone wf o Used ear to chart m-
ttle fna to r i ng1s the hPresident to
epunner- In.. a aged new i unfold-
oae~t. 'eoir olectiona year
S trJ. or pot- ati a eotvenial domes-
y ahootg war T whieh will make
In r eneu-a- wori e administrafon.-
mthdM.ot ltle p- nThe ofolfom of this political
inn4.,wilt come next Nov. 3
tho. oawhen sthe voterseWilldein tero- -lM Ofvwr. tai
B s He tot 'mie h whether the president Picn I neie nuikMrmo1bt theirnpoto or
t. hwe and his party have made good. ad Bis wife leave r ot ti to t t
l eor C r. ol~eiowers has chosen to is ae uO rsI The giu r o th bne mt
g .d We Cme fight a political war of many ai Dr. AbretGuroy, a plqn and6memab "
tlead fronts in the critical months a- To kbep the idrn In ood spiral, they have s rientri
ot aot miss head. beak real d#tmgeee. The preldat tnd his wli
ble.a P11 The i st -- ,witt te U.. fr oh mot, before, eturnia 4toTurN
't b e JOet i stantlally covered the field of i _h .- t.
domestic problems and the first
i fa, brewB .espel mfew of a series of many m es-
Snsat alreadyy in 1954 have gone a
s li title Indilton to Citol Hill. atumalNw M
in the anniver- Mesge -on .TaftoHartiey a. *UV IUiWEi
Of mendmnents, social security, farm m u sel V4si
Swore a "M- relief and public health inour-)UJt *ha3 N3r-It r i ld
WAel orchid," on of i ane followed the all-icluslve *O Uho E
oofs -thre ma nhwus .-In His HOk -
ft .posals will represented to O-fioe r. o N
oh a t fgros dayJ 2
Sieousepub clad09- As the fateful year begins GUATEMALA CITY. Jan. 21- To Meet Su day
I ock, told the there Is talk of recession and (UP)-Vice President Gulilermo Foi the purpose o form
ork- frof depression. Ovando Arriola was reported to,- g plans for- forc
Sebess l set. a epben 'have technical day to be recovering from a near visit of the rand 'director
o De blprof LAgaren eOrml
So accomplishn nrth et CoPreis, no fiee. ftal bullet would at the base Et Departmenttio
'i tCona eea of ther'nea, tie s1a special mueeting of
o g. end Athe ,oe s an or on First reports said Ovando who Orind Lodge' offeter. 'Ub
leby han .of the EHu.o at M a' reaMon- also Is presidentt Of the uate- a. DaughterSle
l ede tatl able wotMu f majlri. r moalan Congss. hatMn e et e of K le .on
tel. hoder sn- uch circustanes and target of assassination, at- ths, wlbed at the
,e. 1 avrq with the Senate weakened by the tempt last night. Club, 22 CeItraOl AOene,
-W: e of Robtrt A. Taft Mr. PA- sundt morning &commencli

cpomiuest o at ea
a a senhower is in a distinctly mon- dwowever pli auth -i l
iaeonole -and unpaom imsg eaid Ovandoways ohot ikng d
amn t by a night h p d-.go E B a Civlc in *

3S; ^ %a~ e AnMlod 1e Pr edempst cenelavnR bed tefi el m-mo ereained
~a ^fi th America poltica ttion bbit te hal. sht o tpr eiflose L- a ra
Anouce wthplasre**or booss on rel huntered a d :3r.m. emor
S ; 'e t n on te b faipm neapsoe Iigh- eweInil OfAth e b etheea

otq oept .monarmVth"vhintnh ethl stInn. a ecitwntt ao bie
ln lc of itecrop i ubsldes, nero fle the

H oinaon reWUYOK Jan.nereheW h W V itedCPle
a West Pot Andthe President mst beat scene e behind five month wi be eterted.
A the A terian. political tradition rabbits: he hadmyshot prreviousy.
'llthat af party- hi Power Ia weaker. s"r adn mr Many onterbksestHoanof be
Stt theas In an election off-

bY Pufser s'n We 1'J1954,an..2
ln t "Ueeit, Deh hnhe daemocrats U
t0 I Sn inrec entarm, Philly eNegro
rRi s k l ful and wlle b r A ve t 6 n wo
iooaolrkwddentkis. aware of AllB iVp te:l trae
e U h mercan Pre reading morehboOaks T-e lhia ro e
w president vorel, t p rhi"beforeMaemwhe. -or t le buosni them--c- o o norec
1 rrntoflMres released today
by Publisherse Weekly, the Amer- u-aiLDL iJan" 21 m i
; .a Last year 1i0c new books and dlB So a brnonae te
,,, ... .i new dltdi~ns were -published "MO"Ihew HL H[enon day'
uu tymt e IA almost, twice as many as in 1945. honor i f %Maegr exlorer
the last year cet ovrld War est M M eet hgeot1a, wli
tlon in recent times. "' ",i,'yW -who Is
Religiouas bo ks led the field I eAmeoea who s
S A nin book storre sale. "on the pole. He will ntrave
inbAooukilh pleasuire Phadelphia from New York
...- "More books on religion were an offiial-tour of tie city.
Am a r s& h .bought by American during the (en-wBl eeneoe the I
S.pan- year than a of 81
-WMW u TreW Dsine s best, sellf -IMof oa nn-f-
tion were on religious themes.-
Iper I r r cent of total production, was farm in Marand. He wen
I up b; per cent -over 1952. Myrs .ea 46t the age of 12 and wl
series and stce fiction m. mJem Ofer- ^ ef% expdlt
creased but not P much as west-wfth Pery Bes
-C' AB of Europea Car Tiree erns. Juvenile bo.uIncreased by safn PeAW ion 'two 0o
A 12 per cent over l9I. M.n.
WL, anj retrajif fli MMn Desimnl. .__.

Sie fo lowi

vx x. W 13
60 x 13
S5:90 1

"S00' G4
o 14

ing are our new Molds:

5.00 x 15
5.50 x 15


K 15
x is

6.40 x 15



t*A't .-~..- r -.
r;~ ~ Xflr n~Vaq'rr~ *&%frw '~gtt2r tcettrn9'e,*t'.



We wish to remind you that the
General Assembly of Sto&khoMdi
held in the Main Office of atoe.CA
Eloy Afaro No. 77, Panama Ci,.
day, January25th, 1954 at7 pm.
In accordaee with.tlie
Company this meeting ean not be I
less one-baf plus oneof the itota
of toecholdeu are present or repr
by proxy, a td least onwi alfof

a s a oepre rmesed

"'"" '.'--"
.* x- -

STomeawuresTake Nos h Iwaes
As Ne Wldve Hits US'
A s. -New .-

IThe sub-mr b it pIJttaIrt Mnthree Shen who dedino the dyn broke down lthe the-
ten.m.euns as mrucI as 40 d cash of a freight lane lrfOulano n git u0se apfrtmentS,. sataM
t Dprevaled ne our pwtertons died in auto acil. nounced to a returning restdentm
the tr old wave of dents o used by fog and lay *.. want tWsORK you se ( I
pets we e dd pavement iD Iowa. TIwant a a=1 you fowe l c mbed t
F at warned of poten surance.
al mi In the collion f Motoristsa were warned to stay.
eit ar and a special at home where the cold turned Mr Horace 8mith, 5, wbho
irning of ba. and rain with rain-wet roads to lee. Many d returned before her husband
ratiou I0- rLoint. reported the drp. 'un rom a trip to check theu
road1uOditnn Kentc aS building and powr llnis the cellar' of the five-sto
ad.rTennenee and northern Al- turned to ice "before your eyes." building, old bhim he'd better e
would you like some vOnsmnn.rae
SNew York Citv was plagued by woud ouke a m ingrate
S q the plains the cold air was a morning fo off the ocean and cookies?" i
o l~ed by strong northbr- which redue vialbility to two BOX
*A. W0 e1 bowwaKt snow that blocks. Airline operations were Smith. eame up to find "tAN ltO
ted liys, cut 'vIslbility halted, ferries ere slowed and wife sipping ginger ale with the f
t ^edth ols In the Dako- several ps were forced to an- caller. The visitor quickly got a BEEN V T
a s' Nebraska and Min- chor off the New York harbor, finger in the buttonhole of bOs N
d up t unable to enter. Smith's bathrobe and began COME dtJDA
SThe cold wan intense-47 be- talking fast, like an insurance ,ND Iea
low abGOuow, Mont., an mi salesman. '-
SMrs. Smith slipped out and -
slrec aid It aleady had telephoned police. Pn l^ w'BB
kthwestwal to the 5
Scais PNnhwode andwwas due t g The cllmblnR salesman Identi- kCnr s me gU
trd to western New fled himself as Herman Mlntzer. '
i. it Pwatbacking ralny, fog- o teo papers showing he was a World T
at n-ahe Oh te War II pilot receiving pay for a
Sw 1 Iithelle A rl t O o a let y f" ;fo
:' U4aSoutheast.-Forecasters sail ,,n
bnay lose some ,tf its bitter ,e .I s e "a -,

o '0 ,,g Fashion-touched
thcsdau whrm a nwsMilarton three clowes-the beoutiful, the I
the atmC pherlu situation that to enter. Sie 1
gave ltucky 'est Virginia, Intelligent nd the majority
S Washigton 'D..; New York City
Msr Smith slippedewutI
I IJ th--1 Costume Jewelry
6er ~dt etr e ld isl sHra ite bi Iai 8 fBoky n rdcdt
I feku~an, o-ppr hwigh a' ol
irte npit Wr1 ,ltrcevn a o

the sweeping grace of the 18th
century in solid silver.
U.S. Sales, price 531.75 per 6 pe
Place setting.
Canal Zone delivery
price $26.64

from Europe.
Very fine!


I' j




. -, *



The Greatest Gasoline



a wil be
on Mou.

ro- our ,
held un-

he eacp-

_ annd

ra an
~~ _et

M AIN ...f r'-.&z,.T.. ---:.. -.. -'
.. .. ".'. -. -" _:- .- -
t .C- .,.*:, u ., 4. .. t ... .- ..r..-_ .. .

Development In


* *. a


Determined to abolish the greatest cause of power and fuel waste,
Shell research technicians discovered a unique fuel additive, I.C.A. Shell
Gasoline with I.C.A. accomplishes what no other fuel ever did before.



I.C.A., containing tricresyl phosphate, is exclusive to SHELL

* .4

start the Two-Tankful Test tod.y4'
& -. *tt-, -




HftHile fos is U.S.,Peuaoseilel. Puenlie o lie trepurbIe oem0leaeNj.S44 PlseFiset


exclusive to SHELL

, at .
iff &t '= e i *"***** **** ****** ^^ *^ -* ** **** *"""* ^^ *" ."*"^*'"" *

. .m I



~ -~~---~~ ~^- ....


RL -f -AL..- -- -~i _Z~.-_




:- -.. _. -.: -

- -.. t..
* -i

"-E"'l. -. 1 .";' ; "."4, .' "' -
a. P U- I -'- ..

- L J

there any way for three per.
i16 Olay gin rummy, with all
I playing actively?" asks a
gor rader.
I iaee-Tmereis the three-
me known as battle
rummy. FIast. tough.
-ftn than the proverbial
'player is dealt 30 cards,
aeXt card (31st) is turneit
.f the first player refuses
ar, the next player may
if e refuses it, the dealer
tAke it.
refuse the upward, the first
P. begins by taking the first
of the stockpile Thereafter
by in turn, from left to rignt
_ye), as in any game for
l Mnre players. I '.
n, t you may take the
of the stock or either ot
M previous discards. Some-
is gives you the chance to
your own previous discard
9 happen to want it.
$Ou knock successfully, you
hat you win from each op-
1.For example, suppose ypP
.with 7 points, catching one
MMt with 15 and the other
Spulnts. You get 8 points
'*e opponent and 16 points
hi.e other, for a total score of

knock unsuccessfully, the
who beats you scores the
Is together % ith a bonus of
for the undercut. For ex-
,Wppose you knock with 7
when one opponent has 15
other has 2 points. You get
SThe man with 2 points
you by 5 points and the other
by 13 points and gets 25
for the undercut, scoring a
r 43 points.
n is very rare and seldom
going for. If you do go gib,
`Set a bonus. of 50 points.
~ ing off in case of a knock is
complicated. The second
er may lay of" directly op the'
of the player who knocks.
third player may then lay off,
t only on the hanu of the player
knocks, he may not lay off on
hand of the second
In the case of an undercut, how-
r, the player who threatens to
by the undercut is subject to
g off by the other opponent;
I original knocker can never

Ie4;nme is i00 points
I.nus of 100 points
r Mapoi

Probe Fall To Find

Proof 0 $150,000

'Shakedown' In '47
WASHINGTON. Jan. 21 (UP)1-!
An intensive br-hind-the-scenpi!
investigation r'.vealed no evi-
dence that some State Depar'-
ment employ es once engaged in a
$15-',000 "shakedown" of t
friendly foreign country, It kas'
learned today.
Sen. Joseuh R McCarthy (R -
Wis.> made the charge of possi.
ble wrong-d' Ine last July 13. H1"
said evidence obtained by hi'
permanent Invstigtnlrs Su-,-
committee indicated the mon-
WRS taken by s.ime emploves "f
"the old Acheson State Depart-
Asked by the United Press :L
bout the (crrent status of the
investigation a State Depart
ment spokesman said:
"The Investigation is virtuall,
completed. Thero is no indici'-
tion that aiy State Deonartmet
personnel have at any time been
Involved in any way."
Attorney General H e r b e r
Brownell, Jr., announced on Aug.
28 that the Justice DepartmentI
had droppe'o its investigation ur
the charge after finding that
the alleged transaction had tak -
en place In 1947 and that no I -
gal action was possible because
the three-yetar statute of limits -
tions had expired. He referred
the case to the State Depart-
ment for investigation anol pos-
sible action.
Because of the serious nature
of the sensational charges. Sec-
retary of State John Foster Dua-
lea ordereo a thorough Inquity
by the department's security se.-
lion headed by former FBI agent
Scott McLeod.
In spite of tne intensive ef-
fort. the department was unable
to find any evidence that U ;E
diplomats took part in any
shakedown plot.

Army Fears Missing

Officer May Have

Fled To Russians

SALZBURG, Austrla, Jan. 21

(UPI The U.8. Afmy has de-
a, and there is handed the Soviets hand back
for the game a young American lieutenant
L. each. i.are- who may ile to the Russians
.the scorepAd, wbile .unbalanced be-
__ __i *c e0 i l/'fixiancial wor-
4 t'rl t1I yI bounced today.
'-h f Wlllr'tt d Adkins. 23,
of IlilIan old, d. disappear-
ed fron o Jai.ll e American
zone of Austria. Jan. 12, the Ar-


, nT mA It I IM tI


e e -i CI -iu..
wv TROMk z
RsGT 0000il ai. 4UPPDolT
S...IM Y ou've
TO MADE A R-40LtotiB
r^rYEAIL! ^

iScuILA'8 PFoP

T o tgao ent did not
ve r details of Ad-

sing soldier's1
in in India-
na ollfa *la wife, Mrs.
Bety dkns, is in
Ar-old's 1r r Hlald American
htduarteri '*;vldence Ad-
_4aM.__af bved and har-
S'ihritse Sm. r
"This officer has been under
investigation by U. S. Army a-'
gencles in connection with cer-
tain personal financial difflcl-'
ties." Arnold's letter said.
"This investigation indicates
that Adkins may have been suf-
fering from a mental break-n

F T 1

-.- y,,-

RABBIT'S DELIGHT Barbara Futlle, .f ,ota .b.A...Kan7..
nestles close to something straight out of, a.l nja v .t .f'h I ".
It's a carrot which tips.the scale at an-ounce wver Be.jpputdi.
The girl's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell fuller, grew the giaat
AI their back-yard garden. .


the last steps to attend a wedding ceremony in Germany's highest-.:
located church. Situated atop the Wendelatein Mountain in the.
.Bavarian Alps, the church was erected in 1889. In the background,
at left, are the Kaiser Mountains, and at right are Hobe Tauern
Mountains. It was the 250th marriage to be performed in the
. '*, storybook setting. .

one day combined plane and blat trips to

SAN BLAS............ $15.00
1 SUN., JAN. 24th And 31st

SUN., FEB'" Ifth
Two-day weekend plane and buy trip, #lying to
March 6th & 7th -
and BOQUETE All Expense $35.00
COPA 30 passenger DC-3 plan; chartered for
/ these flights
FRED BUSCH tour Director .... .Phaoe Panama 8-3171
Colon Chamber of Commerce .... .Phone Colon 807 or 1436
Panama Tourist Bureau ..........Phone Panama 3-3094

Keep Talking, Thistle



How Meohag!

LcowFioirM U

~j r-~

S ', ** C e* .

IK I...I


s4Y 35lJ M 4 9 5 .' M E D S-p


-1 .

- --

__ .. -, --

-- 2 -- r i

M. ., ..
.* .. ...


~~f: Y

.t ", ; .
allvejL W /Mj

Start Knoe na
)MTHE~l1 No3UaomW so
-4 HWA lei=
g^^ (ajOI

Time For Actlon



,T v




Giung Set

Vse w'omn

ufU ISuatWlim l00U22


1 WNT WID WrTH YOUI 00S( E I.~lt'sK'Aft
A CODLDIR6k 6NL.0punyAD AT a' -vSM

,.1444 41 BUNINY

* -"* ; *'

I.OU. S1




S. l "
?./',, '* .


* '~?1

.-. -. ..

- Af

d -

re .%4
.. ', C :, : 'J', "..




cn' MoL %m, Molply' -f -A" Special, entef iienti l _
La o eMrs V, Ir ...t
nnaWill.e t atthe bo 'm rs. o r Immigration, census and birth
kALy,6s. Nancy Jea B aisey, 006 B errlicK iaa, i ative giv na certificate reprds were introduced
I AncoA, on Tuesday, January 26, at exhib a o cara a aal t the trial to show Adonis
;Mrs. A"ln de l"igJ e ore for 7:30 pmo.m..t d "" as born in Italy in 1902 and
te t ehenn ose. or 7h204. prllerat o rmontu-,d bIMromug ht to the United States in
S. The object of this meeting is to nas i.tpted to-wear them. e 1909.
p,"I' pwlan kue writers' table1a W the AU l"l' M Cf, mber.'and UAy IPI r *
a e Jorthcombtg benial xli& their are invited to attend. t, t AYf David Harris, New Jersey depu-
Sa Air. Writers ar eqested to bring $I.00 per, person., ty attorney general and prosecutor
Ma mw of publish- \ *, ,h1t.+g g ooo'80' oo z- of the case, charged Adonis had a
aO _ed w ak Ol tei l hf "sor.- .gin day U a l I "fraudulent" certificate stating he
ed 'ganiztio are cordiaBy in ited io A "it"--eeintg.p for t ------ as born in Passaic. He said
attm -beri -t of-he Mow -? he tlwousta here was no dwelling in 1901'at
f.. ....----' *' Group of the Canal Zone Colege the address given on the docume-
band, who i resident of Play .Reading Group To Meet Club.will be held Saturday at 9:00oo I0 15 !. mept.
the cana l 2 e son teof r Mips Kay Clarke, Chairman of a.m. Those lanning to attend are rhF semh
FRAF a Sfomer Chief the- -Play eating Group of t e Msk((Loto 0eeone Mrs. Donald Harris Introduced steamship Tee-
of Canat zone College Club, has an- Biery, 2-3-575 before Friday N words showing the Adonis family
stoms p noueied the next meeting ol this noon. arrived in NewYork from Italy A
p .K group, wifl be held Tuesday, Jan- .- S July 11, 1m09.
!"C% Xuir,, at 7:30 pjm. at the home knt Aid Cla-ss 4J ,h "
-stuebgrund t" ulay r E. Mi730 580-B C I s Teday Ott mmA in Adonis, whose real name is Jo-
rqtive costumes udr e rT eighls. Mrs. henry tar- Josep bJh0Retehart will sU .- Mr Franca hornton l e Dotoso was ordered deported COTT
-sio of Mrsw.llaty a r res serve as assistant host- viransesin first aid to. be held W IO.OO M know anal e.oIMeresident 0 last year, while he ws serving a o1
te the Na e. from 9*00 to 11:00 a.m. beginning man. years, die at 7:50 af sentence for gambling in the New
Il officers~W e _t held its -Dr. Dorothy Moody wl bein Tuesdby in the Community Build- today. at Panama IHospital after Jersey state prison. He also was
o .' at thl" charge of the program, which *wil Ilg Carunudu. Classes will be Presents$ an llness- of several weeks. She convicted of contempt of Congress,
P a prseat W, Priestley's "Danger- taught-in Knglish and Spanish and was 52 years Old. but'this ruling was reversed by
J XWee a!M vely dec. ous Corner." for advanced student.. --- Miss Thornton, a slater of the U. S. Court of Appeals. Fed-
Sestive fruits- nd All members of the College Club Mrs. Henry Starrett will -be in PhilD S. Thornton, acting man- etal incomee tax liens totaling
n&mneren a ,nd aianria i arwelcome. charge of Niglish. peaklng stu- Today, Thursday, Jam. U ager of the Panama Canal Club- $413,9 have been filed against
S nd utis dressed in festive -dents;: sergeant Angel Si erra, house Division, had lived most him.
by Mr" Harry Ransom Tambeorio Class-To Meet Soanish 'speaking students: and P.M. of her life on the Isthmus. She
r omittThe regular meet of the Tam. Mrs. Charlott Kennedy, advanced 3:15-The Little Sho was bori in Newmarket, Va., and Federal officials have ruled
Jsabelle Angeline gave- a borito Class will be held this eve. students. 3:30-Music ~or Thmt came to the Isthmus in 1909 Adonis will have to serve out
tlk. "Thd P611leri and Mon ning at 1:30. at the USO-JWB 4:00-Veature Review when her (ather,-the late Stuart whatever sentences are handed
tWo of the wiesB modeled Armed Forces Service Center, La 'Cavalcade Of Artists' ?Monday 4;30-What's Your Favorlte G. Thornton was emplloyed by him before he is deported to Italy.
s. Boca Road. "Cavalcade of. Artists," a bene- 5:30-News the Isthmian Canal. Commis- Thus, it will be years before he is MAIN S
haf ofthe .Club members, Military personnel: their families fit concert performance for the 5:35-What's Your Favorite' ion. banished from his adopted coun-' 21 Centr
Mrs. D. F. Chandler welcomed and the public of the Canal Zone March of Dimes-fund, will be pre- (Cont'd She attended Canal Zone ele. try. .
aew additoena -t the Club. They and of the Republic of Panama sented Monday st 8:15 p.m. at the 6:00--French in the Air (RDF) mentiry schoolstand was gradu-
aeg Mrs. OL'erson, Mrs. Fisher, are invited to attend. Balboa USO-JWB Armed Forces 6:15--BLUE RIBBON SPORTS ated from Balboa high school.
Service Center. .*REVIEW later attending college In the
Artist: who have previously per- 6:30.-Th Bel Telephone Hour United 'States. She has been e1n-i
formed in concerts at the US 0.7:00-Lowell Thomaa played for many years in the
J ClubWillbe presented at the 7: 15-The VA -S a Club Ar Civilan P esonnel unit-
benefit affair, 7:30--Reort From the.,U.S. A. Until the. deaih of her moth-
SGeral ad asion Is tea dimes, (VOA er. Mrs. Lula L. Thornton, t lI
student# fiv e. Te. iUcy of 8:00--The Pltt Parade, October, she had resided at Cu" DA '
the USO.JWl dmits s1cemen 8:45- ommentarY on World rundu. S L L
| '".g :. &.M '. ferehtoall. ts how r, be- ws "1 "s" Miss Thornton bad been ill for
cause of t thy ca admis- .:0-PlsO Pli.#OA) several weeks and had been a
5/^^A-i sfoh Aifttlve dimes Biitary O:30--Over.-to ) patient at Panama Hospital *
...- 10:00-Toni.r .1 his since the. first of the year. I
cn e tMemorial services will be held is
4.*YveV 5et t \ -o'clock toW orrow afternoon
,iUlAnc g l -ees Win be coi- l
'ducted. by the Very Rev. Ray. m 0
W1. An.1f: mond T. Perris..-
retltv "t It has been requested that no
oLsFarrRa wil sneak on Tom21w, ~ flowers be sent but that friends says
r .Lus Farrugla soek on Tomorrow, Fay, Jan. 22 who so desire to make contribu-
"The ChessStamps of Cuba." All A. tions to the Cancer Sund. f B
interested adults are invited. -Ai g q3n.The a r S laim t l too che af
SWy -Nol ewspape d 7:i--w A ta BrIWelknowa throughout Chile for
SV- newspaper --Alam Clock Club He Is World's her beauty S. eorit. Voisenst u
S7:30-- n rif Salon .. c mf w eroqu itea omplesion. "It's the b es
S8:--Morn Varietles ,COLUMBUS. .. Jan. 21 (UP : bead try eatment I know." she says.
':30-Musical Reveille COLEUS. 0.. Jan. 21 (UPt
Vr C Jana ,- as Jo Ity freshman s Saaid t6otday hene Sbelieves
o. V Cr overl -Zan Vie, b(UP)t tee It.. he. e1b world's champion gum Wherever she goes; Sehorita Voisenat's
The official Vatican news- t0;: ewa chewer. lovely face brings her friends.
C paper, "Losservatore Romano, 10:0--4t te Record (Cont'd) Don Glendenin of Springfield. lol fc bng haef tri n.
accused the ovie industry ye 11 t Re ad ., dlai m to theunofficial Yu, too, can have a face that make
terday of "exalting vice" and 12: title after hearing that Bert people want to know you better. But you.
4LL q' cald for stat Intervention to u- R C at always show it at its prettiest.
clean up the flms. 0-Music' felt he wAs-the top gum chewer. u always phow it at its prettier.
In a front page editortial, the 2:- r c Rackett claimed to have chewed A truly fresh and radiantompleion
newspaper charged that the 1: 48 sticks. of r for three hours. dmnds th vry bst cr-lwys.
f a d Wmovie studios of Hollywood and :lo- rson ,v Parade -wry Glenenn demands the very beware alway.And
Rome are naged I a market 1 d Aber ounce today had four wit- beauties everywhere know there is no
In screen stars that have "the 2:00- tqm and Reason neases to prove that he chewed -
cynicism and brutality of white 2:1- o of France (RDF 50 standard size sticks of gum
slave traffic." 2: O-. noon Melodies four without stopping.
It did not refer by name to 2:4- It te of the Bands That would be six and a half Pi 'S
actress Jane Russell or Italy's 3: Star Cone Hall cubic Ines of m.Po
Gina Lollobrigida, who protesed 3:1 'tIA w Th 18-ar-ol youth said heSO
S"recent overly-sexy roles, but the 3:3 f wai better equipped than the av- .
.Osservatore saad: 4: erage man for retaining the
Only recently we have had the 4: W30- at Your Ivorite champ iona p. His father is a .Wr,,,, o"
opeh opposition of two actresses 5:3.i.-Ne3it '-
who, hurt in their human dig- 35Favorite
nity, revolted against the moral. -'
prostitution to which the mner- l: Bokshell
chants of this new lavedom OA
S forced them, although with good :1. SPORTS
Miss Russell protested against 6:30-HawaiU Calls
a dance she did in the 3-D 7:00-.:, 11 Thomas
movie, "The French Line," and '4,.1l & ari3Ues, U.S.A.
Miss Lollobrigida refused a part 1:30- Aort -rm the U. 8 AWo
in the movie, "The Lady without "
Canmelas.' u: howor.Pard
The editorial said that "the 8:3::E BibfCroftsby Show
Industrialists. the producers and (VOA)
Justa.lttle i Tmaw the directors" are finally respon- 9:00-The Devil to Pay (BBC)
Keftimp meates Savor sema sible for what goes on, and "the 6:30-Yout Playhouse of Favor-
actors finish up in a state of sites
tion! You'll ethe subjectivity which precedes but 10:00-The Musle of Donald Vot-
tang it adds to your favorite is immensely more serious than hees IVOA)
mthat of the public." 10:30-The Adventures of PC-49
mmeat the delicioum-savor it 4..7E
S to soups and special sc11:00-The 1W' Nest
Made with stwcCrOent,
-pelow tomatoes, vinegar &N h tI Symbols A beautiful smile i

T can dpicate o -. teeth cleanest of any
'atchup .. a "- Re "" M breath fresh... gives

held at the Immaculate Concep-
tion Cathedtgl. Colon, Saturday
c at 7a.m. f the repose of the ....*a.Detr, j.n
soul of Mr'"."-i.' D. Inno.ent.e

.- wfdbw, w ow e Innocent.
t ,, wom,,e ,,,. ,,.,s.t-,en., =. ;t .- L:+


al Avenue No. S Tivoll Avenue


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cleansing with Pond's Cold Cream.
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.v"t.s 2t. a a T aOMOtRI O b R
.^' .h he' id t 2 no d. .DAA 66.

--^^^ Q]o@i9 '1 !' ,wh bs ee ncn r hoegen County h rand jury he was n o b* 't
About h date.eoah birth.i JANRI...

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3 % *- A r T ,W j

S treet No a
"Jm Asmedenma Ape. and US .
S J Street No. 28

| Cotrai Ave. 143

ub of July Ave.



H Stwet eB: 51


:. Household Autiomobile- DR .WENDEHAKE., aMe icalP Clinic.ltem"I O "
sA)LE-Diningroom table and 4 FOR SALU--14 Chevriet 4-door telephone 2-3479, PaneMa. PhoneU rlaMIAo 138i l 8 G'ro et
,E mahogany. 765-16, Balbod Seden new pint, excellent me- or a uur s t e. ..
|AZ.3D22, after 5 p. m. ahanical seedlpSer dep paid. FOR ralSALE .rauh Sata. CrfSc.h qoft1 ere ,d
.-Leother C. covered Living- 0 melct ,f ,r,-o g .'
f 0. .- 16. St. Caltrl Avene. Tel. 800 IF-Rmddt Iem b in ,
1 2 5 0 0 M a h o g a n y D i n i n g F Omo, .r a t e", ,,__ _hP!_w iga ."_I
S$79.00. Beds complete FOR SALE:-1951 MG good condi- FOR SALE -.-Registered Cocker Sp apup-567. O
M a ttre s s f ro m $ 3 1 .5 0 tio n $ 8 5 0 .0 0 J e fe H o llo w a y T e l. .i i.Pu p p ie s, tw o m o n th s o ld M a r k F o st r's eIp e O n e P ind t (.U O St h e I c '4 3
Chairs $2.00. Tables $3.50. Bolboa 2-1992. after 4:00 p. m. eid black and brown. Phone -84-S bri g har le I WMi
v es $ 1 0 .0 0 W a r d r o b e s f r o m 2 4 .l A L E| _,9 4 9 C h e hlet 4 d o or 2 4 n e m u l..".O f. ."s.-w a l. l'"
00. .any hedr Bareaim ne ;. thuiflpaint jbendR. FOR SALE:-Galvanized corruated WILLIAM Santa CIora Beach Cot* .
..-UF4W e t e lr. e it d buy it iron Apollo," 2' x 6' and 2' n x 1t0'116Loaf"rtab'e. '"cu m
rmnt"2y Hunnhcult A.tiS 8 26 gouge. best prices. Phone new = "Balboan5050eenp t
Terms Arranged. Households CCan Ae P. 500" Colen." 626 Colon. w.k dI. __...d M@ I I ,.
S41 Ntional Ave, TelFO LE:-"Buto" 7 passenger, FO SALE-Boxer pups, 4 months Ph.. Oeans de Slcottages, Sant.ray LOS ANGaS, Calif. Jan. 21 -
L -ete 1950 GMC first class condition. old. AKC registered Telephonesred TlI ns 4 5, p UmP os. a nd hi- w f,$agul Abbe L ana, qeIr C li 1s u
-LEr-Mohogany settee ahd Inspection for 1954 passed by Pon- Balboa 1674 and Panama 3.5371. P1nsne 3187l. Crtol i-1673. 10 i kinapedad ebb of $ 21,550n.
noirs to match Misc. house- ama am nd C. Z. For further Infor- This is to notify the Clients of Trott FOR RENT _keS. .i ewea nd*, d their n berte o t* N "
f imlshing. potled flowers and motion cail 4-402 any evening, the Cleaner, that Cecil Bell aod r l bducttratenied to shnoo -
.52 9- E D b w 606.i after 4:00 p. m. Seargent Lee. are no longer em- B aum__._"_ _._. r_.N. the rhumba kingd.' e t t r a" :" B2
I-Mshoany bed.m MR SAL:-19Feed 4-deer So. played by this establishment, and G .t whi be"tried to talk re. heldNpn -M o
oadny bed. madL, tS Die w, a rl they arednot permitted a receive FOR RENT;-Furnished House. There E INClision" etothegumanwohl t2.(1p
springs. itjffet, mahogany & *,,,, 8 $5r7 00. Smeao y/ any cleaning or cash receipts on bedrooms, parlor-dinlngroom, tawo '. 24.1410 a ntg ,.brd -'-0"-- e'- d.,- t I' l O
..nytb. es.rCnllm Kobbe 84- .wTA.110. St. Central account of Trott the Cleaner. baths, kitchen pto with alat2 gut, we' e u a taIi God dty dm'. wraSr'ep
___7._______- Avenue Tel. 500 Man's winter clothes wanted for Eu- r garage, d's because we got oat with our lives," Spmnanho .of t Si
LE. Complete chid's crib, FOR SALE:-1942 Oldsmobtle 5 pas. rope, size 5 ft. 10 in. warm over- t-12Strenet a T one H e igts T *h thi Latin bandleader said. "We the -zeh: *ich .I -,-io morrbO "
n and bothinette. Phone 861- nger sedan. 8.200.00. H. R coats, jacket suits. Apply 2-3404 3 .. a nonma. 2S Ci Q"drt don't ch~e aboit the jewelry I'm cba. .r ... .... .
S-e269. Boll, 5C. Rousseau. from 12 fo 2.3m FOR RENT:-3 bedroom chalet fornc ot o to church and light a can- The laders-a~-nlso The tud lift
ttAALE F o ifa rrd $400 0 3 months, oll modern conveniences, s "'---- '-"-11 dI e." .. tywolo.d yltot Jto ct li.tod* tt~i~llOt o
SALE. t- MM A .--1951BuickSuper 4-otult, e,.!"g...
LE: Sofa-bed $4.00 1951 uck Super FOR SALE hot wat. From February 1 st. year THe young robber. armed with tho rlty
i bet built .0.. niaho badeen, duta par.ide rt ad mio new $115.00 No. 15. 48th Street. tiK! i1S.t '". It s pistol, wa. hiding In the back of i
e0. da Apart..e ts, y iil S. A. 1th. St. Central M y FO ENT:- urous andmodernn. t C ac o c yL u DA.nreS.~ ..
S No. 23, Apr. 2 Tel. 3- Aue. Tel. u00 Celm. FOR SALE: Triumph Speedtwin fui sheddresidence n exclu en eet at te Pan Pacfic cSais n eatnt it d tar "e ot
FOR SAlE:'- 1953 Ford Victoria, slightly used guaranteed, perfect 0347"nt4, sector.l Telephone 3- _W __ auditorium :He forced Cugat to tanli. wi presented to l .hour t
5i SALE:-Bed inneripring mat- hord top. Yellow body, black top, condition wil sell cheap. MOTOR- 0.. drive sowly through trafflc:from High -CoanIeUsaloner _
r s., rug 32" x 65". Tooster, baby Automatic Transmission, Radio. ES NACIONALES, S. A. Ter. 2 tFiO DENT m ar e P { lot toan alley behind lino in tfat Spa l i.. r
ki,,hi-chairs, party chair, stroller, WSW,' 5,000 miles. Call Corozal 0787. i ; I fUIn a market t htloks away where capital teday ar tt; o i
M board, floor lamrnp an Ency- 4176 days. Panama 3-4383 eve, FOR SALE -Just received Triiumph A- KCA UM h took fdur pieces of JeWy and marg the climar of tension Sdii and ht
o Americana. 86-6296. nings. Terrier 150cc motorcycles, 100 ap.tment $150 cash and- escaped. betw S Spain and Fraof iW er am s 4a'a
SP.SALE:-25 cycle Westinghouse FOR SALE-Hlilmon Minx, 1950. miles per gallon. MOTORES NA- ATTENT3ON 6. I. Just built modern -"Tat fenow. was-ver MoryoccO ofi
pr erator about 5 yrs. old., good good mechanical condition. extra CIONALES. S. A. Tel. 2-0787. -furnished apartment. one also:. and very Angrythe53-year- *r old .
to, $9- Maple 20 et of toNs. $C0a Colon 1447 "rom O,----n o C'o n 1I4, bedrooms, hot. cold water. Tel.i .e. dl .i d a o n. ," .
t'wwhite palm beach suit 0Slo'g 8 a. i.t. o4 p.m.m. rPositionOffered .P "maanamaaoe1-4941.)ahFeruI1.r w*.. er Apti,-re. a.
Othir items not over $5 eich. ,* Offered 3pble Pkma 3.494. ... 3t i this In New York once andtalked digat' o phpT -9
-chi rel_ I.bray tble.R ALFT 14 ae1icap 4-door APPLICANTS FOR ARMY SERVICE aO RmNT-Modern apartment. 2 -i- tme fellow out of it by talking rell- rocc6. I.le th.e
S. b ork m lbr chP SsaKl; a Ir Bw 4rI T is A FOARMY SERVICE bedrooms, living diningroom, hot gion and other things. / ,. t estMI
~ic~er 1ary t nablrss. ~'k adio, r "n4 CLUB DIRECTOR WOMEN) DE- water, 5 closets, garage. Justo "I tried'the some technique on 2)-Announced uncondltiotall s"&that 'I wo
n f ^i nleum Sgrasser,6. bargain SIRED.-Preferably single: between Arosemeno 97. top floor. this guy but It mSade him very aP loyalty and grateples of thehr it hm .
s pr aes, tColo. tages 26 and 40; dute r F RENT-A downstairs cotge RANSPORTES ;ra.a told he 'Now, take eeoeo thp Spgl ah 1 3ptt '
g ,rri l tric Clocks, nfir- p l Cr Sedon, 4 or related field. May substitute for apartment, suited for American w ha We
Ua 'J corner. Heights qT ,uarry -oads F iboa Heits. battery. G. Richards. Tel. 2-.3649. exper ence in social. recreational or 9079, 8 v' an Santa Isabel St., .Packesn, ippen. Mov e s.' But d e a.s 1e,r lh fundamentoal"L e of r esaery Be a
FOR SALE:-1950 Chryiler Station similar organ.zoatons. Call Staff Colon. F. UD E you. h.e pot11 the unity of the Sherlan emrJ
| ,l 4..I Wagon. Fully equipped. Con be Service Club Director. 82.4279 FOR RENT-Two bedroom apart. P Tr.oer V. Ml Bastr | yLfes.. ..i pti't,.e o .,,.... e a. e
Sf1 ry financed. Telephone Amador 5149 p services, USARCARIB, Fort meant, with Jage livingroom, kitch- /I l .a. 1 .
An. Bdor.en. garpge. etc. 10th Street, San ALInRI .FUROR Thgsmye ,,14 the mjor poitswere
hf, Page 1) yd F RSALSd lFrancisco No. 5. Tel. 3-1637. Expert Mechalic in :Ultd. tbp 4 1 C We ist.csA
he P a or 38 office e FOR SALE FO P :-FurnisedapartmentA ft a P MtTn .
_.'*'- II', b+cll.,rq,, ; l ,W q uudinnngroom, ivilngr'oosrt lu... offers his plfesin" car ,S '.UA ,*.
,- J.t., ich, ioiid's room, garage. Te.I I'ns i "'.M.
.. on FOR SALE:-Week end Cabin. One Panama 3-0898. -.d. -.2.tfor
r1.21,*an- hectarea and 6.400 meters. Price FOR RENT:-Fumished apartment, RepA rof. i8ta 1UQ1ight gas of1,O
A .'. ".$800. Fenced with live posts. Call centrally fcated, bedrooms, dining. Atoke8. water beae etc. I e tlce O I _. .
...o. --- .S' od Diablo 2-3468. room, ivi ngroo ,bathro om. Co.ol, a t pa .te gS ,
toofoI A1 Oma beis I tin Jbeautiful view. No. 12 Cuba Ave. General Supervisor. sound duringised .r I
Se nu .N. o Apt. 9.Telephone3- T 256- 2 4. II the portion of the airlan
t. he P47. S X l Tr ALL WORK oGUARANTEED. flight which ix anve tsohe spe|0d 0O AI$0 ,F

.31, 196 rundu. Mexo which has a vigorous elce British American unl wave. is with the ma ad
th c-ti'MFO"S "--4Ca. ...t "V1b.d m u. ndsr s FOR RENT:--One bedroom apart- o c BOUd aethr1 0 dfliVS' Qi"
154 Cm h arglsom A oL S0-00, P e.0. P,,th ceo AU nJ iVmel t meant. Completely furnished. C aonm-,___/shockW ___ ___.Jhocrlave& 'Of. vAry i.i14 i
o r0, craegesron FO L., ar dM, la, 4-d, o i mantdnM i9ue or fortmle ad coo. Colls Pn 9oh o whe a b, --
.,zont.employes 0 CIta nd. .'.. 0.,?Cali 3-5245. canopy are' -n -ST. LOUIS (u.P"j-,to

0of Germ ent a com pa FR oSo the conference are the Wes- FOR RENT-FurnishTwo bed m m TROPICAL TRNIC wave and r b wave hic party b steb. erth
a. .,"n es't'imated'SMe fid0 0 og,.nd i trex Corporation of the United roptment ne Bella Vista The hiL itletweenhThe po r "Sure he's good," aM gie said, .n after i

ftih o curet faicalryear appear States _nd the Westrex Com- e.Cl,3-156of'er 7:00 p. m Sll 5 N. 8 Tel. 3.1215 inl out of i.l dive a "hecost $601 .' yef
nAls otaany a4 n0any, Meico. monthsTel. feet8tu and a doe, S Why thit's inre I ae for wi tht .u

5 Boptal c t ne3 F 242, hou 2126i Cu airplane, low dowte ut W Cards paid f ih quip .
ayear 1953" the rundu. Mexico. which has a vice pres- Fphone 3-1251 Bell Vista. hockwaves do not Seleed iti AnpruisWave. is with the mask and

t slB."oceangolngra le ibdent o f Westir Electrc Com- boh r to frfnl ooe funrsh edl "atYeah0Cbntt to v-owa
he hhems lveal om r redentwand uxenerae, $l 575.00. Phone e c manager d iooor ns i a" t change in the hap rery 1 Joe excla eda Ue.
ef the U competed of the "Pnference are the Wes-"wave,.v..vothe" nt ic'e -: ..- 6,hi. party ? o"
$ 0 l 're '. i -- of the Watrex Corporatio n of theUntedFOR RENT:-Furnished 2 bedroom TROPICAL ELECTRONICS of the shock wa now that For e," Joe said a ecent publicati
tiaed 2 Mn" 000emen- the United ates and Uda B. dpam. Frrtment ner Bellea Vista tey arb e not us by e noe Behavior Tsagahe

's 7ere atome 15 per Pan City and Colon aud- many. M exico, are arriving coe-sad, u as they travel lean tae too t
W o .a le, -will pear at the Westrex Caribbean Area p loaon. 48th Street No. CORDERS dly become
f'in the tolcr i t rFred chnologial conferenwirth vce. 7. s lh Vik. waves, dO a dynamite blat anno id. .
-t san extremely an in ta City en oef Wesern ectrc FO R RENT:-Furnished room in f S be heard It at ii f ar at'le s P ear' bba.'lhg..tle s
thexePde only hv e war thetl Cobra Man, ano Leai n g today to attend the iey home.s"I Wheg independentoteI ocean view a teer, the in of f s
said through cet. n Ao ttac dance. ,nfeugenlne re aul W. Kaysnagerg IAq iu-N.As a C "r s change I n theduc. by the rtry, rd.

.te and tolls a- gesnatinyeng nactoafla magrgr of Westrex Co. Carib- p. m. to -0t p. m. m out of the wave ifie oe aid
t h e.O, IA ,- of the Wbetrex Corporation OfIFORRENT'---Furnished or unrurrtish- '-L J T I r of the shock waves, now that" For o ce"_Je,.iT. iO
*'- "*t ra Man" Olemon- the United States and Uda B. adVd rom.'Firt street. Pere if I-,,s' |"Iey ae not b"fpu "oL 19t5 5W. u pt uir B. .vlr.f* mc 'e-

7 ss 1 sharply up, appro anx .,_ne control, wi be team Panama, and Miles StormsF.rt-- ., st"",... W'"ML I/ on e, high enough. atu, b .h -,. -a
r fro m commrd. 8b e.. le Clay beton and Do- iorevt represldent of Wing Venezuela, s 1 eiac4. coupe. Private entrance 1 Via ECpaln d-caterin effects ot ah curreatrin FOR ls
year ofU2mated the anU r. llWU Cubad-wll appear at t the WeTrndad resrex pectivbbean Area plearsatocan. th 'treea and Rd andtmo erln turbulence r Prra No. 42 .

yent a t teRe1 tonight for s aged tat One ololof the principal objects w ia chin. 32nd St. No. 14. casi additional reductions nt

(ial 195\ the 8ome as appro- m g ttlh will Hegin at 8 to acquaint the Westrex repre- W dyn1t( rOSItOR LOU n V Asunn that the lCLPPIN 0 6A11130 t,
t-t edor the current fiscal p.. al admis ane 50 entatves with the latest tech F RNT:-Furnshed room in fon" pubea heroi itive at w "--
Steats with A limited nndber f nicai developments in dthe m y hom, Independenth reanc vew. f I latehock waver, trave l of '
I*". through 16. nd .tap dances _onfere sce'are nPaul W. Kayser,1 'As.Awesu eW. 7, Apt. 4. 4:o 00 the wave s red.uo Wcetll i r

R eo e d lat and 2p r1u3 dkoed6-th on of the United States con- ~ os sOuo Private entrant L 1I L e t tha e wave 1J Tn ih r rALdn-Me
gactsre sffhe irt ofWestrex Co. Cab la a leadtng an-d po Sto Sig p. op rm t o e f e ve
Atrgfias andetollsear n- :UMstify actinvIt riofe apand MetrIysreheged ilto eDt
shlply up, appr- .o x cWYontrol, will beRbanPn21,arMleSoroFOh

23 the canty pfro enm i11 of t -e with his to Wh Mexico City, Blerwirth, o and Ore stoJr.P.s- Funished room forreboms In t e arsand Um
printed marns n ltot 7:30 n the and Ross wil accompany Kayser CHICAGO (u.P.)-"Yied ign lombia has vNoted. tIe Unia the warplane Is aoceleratd orde2 % Ar
st. ettma proposted thean- eiltl *LCuba .. t Panamad Trnidad res veit and will awi replace the traditional ger"Storp tiond iuma right delaraon and er ur
ym t .tlte Republic1 wi b be staged t .One of the principal objecUt wos, .machine. 32nd St. No. 14. and.t eAddtional reduetlOMel Vra"O-n_ No 4 "-'.. ,,

rn of th cu:t0000ariappro- Owti o t he la technologicr all on subsidiaries in South signs in some cnmitie. ac treaty e Organsa of sound e j
a 935. t ha e shme a which, _-i WoVWb eg .atC to acq, uaidnt the We trwexroepre- o te. erica, unipal Assuminerica g thatie byCrderla the tLIP *-'
tted for the current fiscalp.ttn aort.nt matters. ntves with the late tech-. lIuiatio: "lls from i ts du ve at2 0.1.t a--. ,. '

vr. w ireAisr* tednrerf t. ura chero s Club i natheon said Lo w references t a u. to thoes.k waves trem. '
r ve s ea and 25-ce. )t tion'lS ctre science and industry for tss Hanfund the *workPoradV fl9it tuandnt s -do, M-tlitian- h
'An!__le no _e__oncetbte.In Which the Wutrex Corpora- i-roning by the day. Tel. 3-1016.. wav a wes%. I"AB-"6 ,, ..
e thew wn_ ini. actie role. "wave are colwectd il sf5 two"

n- A r I. anifproveset. e cohnc's general bord Sb l
diing which tma- F CouneE B l mboreeTomorrow e.f-* co nv eiaode pubbe a ln.s2 UPIe pr toboe we so -r *
SI s tp se'u11 the -nights tofColumlit Meico City, ith, Grvegg'oTeaNatooSalnCoucilo, 'Chu'' e'. of' "'ten'r."Mu-.h-U

Sthe a f .Tr Ap-' "I J 1. nhi taor a begirt atreg 7of Christ charged today that C la- .e e ,a, '. *

c it te e" -" -met 1~"t. cord-g .e.o the Amrcn T.ahi an border n the io
het annuity psyr.etD;14.amu ro I i-ter.t ma tesAssoecation. Munial ea P as a o a Ive ounds .

Atoet-Sa W ".-0 On 0
AtoeLoga sigChn tber 'e be K ? Protestants SI. 50lon WbIU. W.
FOR SL:bess 10 accidents dur'Ill~b-,-.chuaf h dUI!%gsbas m l&d!and f?401, W
to n et m~o n since teCIUMMI"Mer. thre five years, a,. comh~ai&~
doWe' two la isu m b d bi pliy ma- --awsm
93s*tyew'I Avemne. For do letaind tie ra p liy owa d Pre'n tu
,- m,0u'. i r -sve,-247- 0-,s-4 p. dm ,- i-i

.....f+ +,- "
city..-lel. I_ .. M a..
f.. .. .- -4. ,. '. = i"" 'd- ""N" "" :i__.
,..+ .... .. ; +... .; -.,. ...
+ .... +.++ ., ., 7" ,._,: -. .. --.NO-V

I- .. I ,

66 -l l'






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___ ~__~ ~

.,J "

lf.. ,I "- ,. '"I
_. ... .- .'I

,F F --


-' r -

N q. 37 ... "I

si t--( A Pah are gaspin at the athcks
.th idfaga e n ; his the Scu h: inga O' smen m the private lives of nerol
Buiaa0 !. .,. Bbne N oI Dfl, Gregory Peck, Bruce ab-
So A tand Lorre ina La ie
*. B U-I's ,e the R...Mmp m tay/ Ia Piee .t -, he,. we ds gea
a der because of 's llne". But -
there wiL be w blame be- tPaul Gregory and (harles H
Mrs. twee theire4 1 to n > n a deyyingo the rm s, M Is

'M a d : A t e IX.e ..a,

.wd Ya.rNte. a Tlrjcq?. ae U ae A8
Mrs.erl.go oMa d G M r. aOd Mura.lvest o i l o r f ti ou s ul t
a d rbn.Li, tea s tt Ao Na; CheapulraG M rs a e fo 3 ea r wie t'sko eaIst chan ce t nn o ld u p ait

*~~M teW w aMrs. Fanny _F-llg;"jiu a r w'A, were--ed13t e tele .rMe. ai rie "e E ln e, Pa A reSm d" th hn ie hope
ecretar nd Teas ~- er Mrs. ora, d wMa MxNi. TH AT'S cE L sr .dhe eh yo Lnao tha cthe k uear c om m ur i the .
Sm. o ibi t. ss t -r e its m a rp Book ob Bride, a new book on
rial. oNnyaDl f uI a Mr p n oe T ih e ners. ow A eev he then showsur
Mrs. D. Grny er, 111 J. wr aele h oer a e i os ut ele the reoa had ow. B co h the hd pa
Secretary AW as^ 'rtos ddd- w. wMl d ae M s s

G. a M r.and Ms bt. Cow an E Catrl near ha ollywoa one -or -eDutch buslne n i"mahn, C. hien hadee in n hic e u eld u i t h
.Sa).. DT es two ui s ga l d o i nle to ar e in wo m nd per

AIA O Mr. ". in Te HiR. Ya sIg A o Wes e o w~s r ..t, t oron the in rod earnd too

l 7 'DsGd aA t i l, Ce .J S e an T even L dj b an skoa l febieet hHg two hearts and a diamond.
N TERRITORY" b nat ua .lcpg t4r a nary S. I've said 'No' to t .bJa Ybu must provide, if you can, for
,. Ile.b abiyo.e b noLau,.- babned Lqnn ly, I think it's t oa n as to. o Mter endurig *0 uhad py mar- the loss of the club finesse.
Become a star." rnge for 8 yar here is a we "Your best chance is to hold up
-- r. u is the iorm er Pat who CIs thinking T walk t on the ace a rts in the ho that
T TAMI e, dau ter ot Mr. and Mrs. THAT'S R T RchIC her husband yoG can cut the eo lamu atlons
SJUT F s .dV5.o.MOO.- en duller, who resgd iarn Mar- between th twoonponents. You
S.. garita. Maggie sel a.sting According to her story. her hus- e eaim is to restrict the e losos to only
..." about all f o w i ming band was, never around whhm she one heart trick.
rNTH* ne abo"utalf snuah to

UN THE d merlna e c I ass ool h toa T, ;GraynIn needed him, even tehou he funlg "Havig imad your plan, you
Is e- 0, The To borita Danci Class of Heartsil. The Texao And time for other waonh. Io wp plpy a low heart from the dummy.
r ide "WAI w- #seaWarv A sou the JmterAUrlean iomen's Club told about a .eidelin lak home tight with money ai$d ever gate East puts up the king, and you
wsll be 4 at the C Building who has three g pools: hr ts. He left the responsibility play low. East continues with the
e eITA W toCotre afternoon at 4:0 p.m. 'n" e has warm ( for his for b going up the .ildren to her. Jac of hearts, and this time youn
e ha f d who elation for her il now, when e point i holding up any loner,

son reduce, e ay, to honor he's sorry, that I'm a oderful draw trump West discards a low
Mrs.J.TM. Cu m gs who is Audrey Hepburn's astill-_deu aglal a ,. e heUsekeeper,IPet. heart on the second round of
leain or the tate. talent turn to me u h umps, so you know that East, c
Meretwa sick and no other woman holds for t the ve missing
/B 1 .11111111ST,- T5 ... ed *at c t11i w6fee service. Th Hrty H elidy" and s d tc n thatpe oe Exae a-e a u o roe to r
of .hem, discardin low

--I '+l+TARTS tadls calle ddung the morn. mor hao anyg t o g to do with the dnAgfant a yuna of Ime four ofvu them, daydin the lowat.
ST R ame season, wol Emn ThAnd I don't aee twhy YOu e' nd ready to try the
OE" 7ey g e eed man. yers r mthen towaelkb finesse. Y ou lead the ten of
P 06 HOPE Eet e e1 "We-we-en, eaFRed for-two years kid o i now..nside hi n the clubs from your hand and let it
STh lbean eoe Club's but we wers aearated mo t of beenha o e s ride fo r a lihes. Eat ws with
P t ta ew I I d 0- : the 'tr. go"gious Audrey tol d e''e lthe king o- cllubs. o
S 1 CLONY .o eoloe "This Ie aa disappointment. If the geeiu
.owillaryud Ltme aaWspe led acr ther tdeile Well,-there are afew is n none hand succeeded your iond-
at ,tmraiud iler The sabt tA We knew ia urabg ou ladeo th 'ere
,"or gotAA.I erot- " andU Th i ns a Iut hink Tared1k.w Tar e a r on yo haurv us eha d wto roheust c s the acedr of di.
S oftb comea sitlarb"uM er 4 at 7:, rthb oe needs you. ey'erhs, r. a wifer monds. Ytu are gand cto ee thl
'" ..'. ." ". ,, E t .hI or wi orse..hi m n hi mo w al i nge oael w ou the a te o d iae a

4.." that- de n te ex se on thrr lfst loun d e art. su mi

-, ; :B y ^.;-; .. .i. I r'tbicket aeit c ess i eh ai- DeG Mhoea 8. d'rea r y ts bues hear t s. you o e h des ...ed you. c eny c ntrp y losi one hee rt .
se:Ir l ai ei 0t fore. and tO CPitm Pd ae s a or t lrowe ii s o tn h in a kes husnd 't "Now esut eads e other doat.
-is .- da ~P.e at M e r. e r and th ie, al u e hacm ve mth I nd. Thanie to yue holdp he
olr dloi no "A dr inrd i ha been d h e te i i- iable to lead another heart. ,
-airaB M T= L MTHEi 1e KILll beolrr a J5rr Keaang OMre- who Youru?.
sonig Acorin to hert ou ted un 81Mtisth o rtestrictmelosetoonlyc

-TH EsteyLOriDoeanckssc seo o n aRThat is what y ou ahre deta6 Ynou win the secor r nd r ound of di
fin01210sM.w A TheThT bsrD edra r e eh -- yar. go.ime er f s y dur ertnh yousbn modly wiat*he trom k and aoo nr
.. 0 !. I In w te mea luth l e ln ser medC tor.lers utaIU Nic .h FRIENDSHIIP did go back on his marriage vowsg safely run the clubu to dkinan d

M22ay b Catt he doorBu St t e Beitashed ea c os o n read b e talo respt yousebl. oit lay l Esto heat. ou it tak e
AB- fr T m m qrsa r.ntpaeed the rr of e s ae for the first time Walk o uon si husband and oneOr ulJ ad ens diamond
tie Mea t Tthe dy. A 'e Aues all you'll have to live with through i thereader msaes a holde u
Smrs. M romance ISrrt blossomed in the edge that y finally gote yen don't blame alswold--or me. A
E Te O J en c it,-- with him that you waited uilt twanh nher osao take an ace
oeCZNCt sor br arteeed yoouid ao ttha EIf yqertoh aid e tonth eist o round ofa

m oMrs whol e, .. Trebaury ds him, as you feel he s deserted youl u o ua
Iw"i lBreta SatIpter of Bea Bi- Aroman ItlG li oo
S- The first Wsroking Group r of the o. he bnghhln-r g o at because sheon
rC ur y atntrIo s at e:00 p.m. al ot ao f iu to r ohu ases r am h ly
btruarm aine tol some 250 homet
LA... SHoW F Y 1fo0:30 P.M il Mrseros Stibe by'hno tA and takc care W' Pla
tle o re r ith bl e h anth in i publc- him, a ndn.ou'll have something t omd rv e an o
-4" I AR"dard LOin-gOSTEcaLLO Awing "kfdy"e e r g t -r mucnh better to lEYive with -- thO41 .h 1h
a IA otnP, a_ w h of w- inhlu knowledge that you are doing a the the A tLr e
." ''9. r ,. Mrs. lta It'w ale over between Pierre a right th ,ng. te'welnto0wal
Mand n.. Roage" ran MaeTha Eos, Io youn do that ad be En

SThe next mteetlg will be held was rtio.ed to be his-next bride, brou enough he tos lt Yur y I Lq us- r i --J
at the home of Mrs. Hol bearg. vi6 e e k nhe ebdeen or
Reree were served by Hywe t an read b to respect yourself O US, .. an. 21 (U
e to the .uests lro pfm the business '--A fnt ed tor today described
thtessae eion. w

-BflO t YATe 10 mao ior workinuwr ne ; th e udon wsorig hles u -t
D mae-dspll f "E sth the Sthes e "better
ENIIi*THOOD MARTINa be Xoanuar at"m n0 mm. wdoe Ysuuce gahouseeork ts.he

s will b rd b t JHPANnnRCHRDTODan fs t-ha a clter omedim-
fr .i -maker," who "spends less timea
1)RaVE N VfsWocminGroup ofthe on food shopping because she
4_ _,_s'm. h eM SNhWS:,rumyi r p'-Ia n he u.d i

DeanMarn "OtanduJutaytle is Grace M. thihite of New Yor,
IIpm. food editor of Family Circle
,February 2. Thankd some 250 home-
...e. will betru bffeat u-'-makingeOperts from throughout
J=o sntlhe odin l lthe ,enAd tblet othe W htnation at the Amdnherha Gas
willsterypriseandookie n th e lsawnd te ]Mrlt Asn. home services workshop f
the:, sodin serraved ol bt yr g Ph orhe law v foron wit that th re eworkn n wife t
M .R d5 mente. willE M l toc onac Wvriet marria. vy "not In the recent bride class"

of heme-Joeked dihes from whicb Here's thc picture Misi Whete
thy-e c a ose tk h.i guuestn may make their e painted of thae average working
*dos. 't i degrdin twl-s pwfe:s r
.y rmanc frti.teed" She's been married fYtor 10.
city Girltaywid Of the Yearugh t w r fuel to tak an ace

TECHNIC ALR! The l dI, othehe Ya Dnactn'. band Lis In the mid-thirties, a is
i U Cass@ Ju u athm ay:0hd p ehdm.yu have one 10-year-old child; sp l
t rB d den s; he gets a little,
Sig-r"A-thArm -a--. J oPAYN &andbRICHA*RD TDand.aster doesunt at

'MAwards ireseetod At EveLYN KEYES GLYNIS JOHUNnS but not much. add/wonu, hep3:
ifrom her huabnd. ywmtad
-c-The, M. prese.. .. '- ek. Finally. said M Wi tes thed g

The traditional banquet a n in n wQrking wife takes advantage of
awarding oftres was held at new kitchen Droducts for quick I T l
the Coco Sole OinClub by the "99 RIVER STREET" "THE SWORD AND ml mMuonan. o-
Mixed Bow Leels, at the stick THE SWORD AND my hn out" the 80 EX
clduson at lad name. food expert said "to say that in
Dr. Jerr y Zarrieb ,.. l mg THE ROSE" the over-ai picture, he average
mt mi -"o. C, S homemaker tuas 'out a better
rCapte aie nXS meDC.,ag product W1, a- mix for cakes,
reiaeed tek -e an1saver t t e li a t muffins and bi-
SCris and B 4amander Md scratch "
r" f, co Elx ga me O samet.B.
F h ladies, Al Par er-
Jene H *l*so tOesg v Meat Packing Heir
..* ,teb he a ver-, Says Leslie CaronE
Od ; dta Was Cruel Spouse wL '
Lt. Sn-d team- Dr. G.
Gv. Zrn, am Dr. D.. J. & d-NLTWOOD Jan. 21 (UP)-

elcdAlr $le 0e1 of 7:9:V Lp..s Cam for divorce ,

Mae. *tI o++ + .oen,,
CK pJ aIt" Cbapts m aoe to join a ballet

e ihs I v ry much out-of-jM f
Jnivernal.ateru aa1n elo! m fl
h.Iu the Eappuo bakgroun f M
hrdC oa-str, staked opt* hI b
which make. oy's Interest very

.TtI Fe 0 .RL"-- at wo d be Pamle
SC so natd cause she "can p
Odm teby ina tr" LukY in etor WVM.
2..3A I L.



- 5:10 7:05 9 p.m.
her kind of woman
1 give him his kind
vel I*
Curtits Joanne Dru
le RBiger, in


In Wide Screet
&I a great dras bs
And with a New Type
Viewers 100% Imp
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.crm~o ... J4 3 Puo
GLENN.FORD "Miuion O ey
-In- i H An- LAIzA

X0! $115.N
Ala LUdd In
pgktrkia Rock in

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; .-.+ *+ ,. .,,


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.,.. .I~Ii~.,...;.


" .. .. .. -- :...2"" "-': ,
.... ... ,. ....,.. ., -
** -. p. "



Dick e





SUNDAY, JANUARY 24h-4 p.m.

4 BULLS--4

To be fought to the detth
am the Haciedka EL BKUJO of Je de la Cis De Leon H.
by the aemrageso bulighte,.

sad .,-

----uFL -- AlMr>

sw AM A S....t
w ..............w.m | n r i .5...I........
m .rt ......28..2 l. I4 IM.d ........,
i .dmtmeo O... | GmailMR ..,.
M (ht pret) Lff CI (.miMiii. .U

SALE AT: Ihbefl
feasHm. Ticet
=ay Naow so

S.....cut their list -.01 oiscontented missing it, in. lasi night's game.
Totals 31 34 18 baseball players to 10.
*Pltchine In the 4th. Sothpaw Curt Simmons drop- The box scores:
CARIBBEAN COMMAND ped from the list of "reluctant
Pere, c.t 3 a 0 0 Philles'" when he signed his WOMACK WHISKEy
Shive, c 2 1 0 contract. Simmons. who won 16
Gibson, lb 3 1 0 games and lost 13 last year, ab r h po a e
Fisher, if 1 2 0' okayed terms after a one hour Cox, as 3 0 0 1 2 0
*Bodkin. If 1 1 0 discussion with secretary George McOde,
Roland, ss x x Fletcher. Tie Philly official says .rf. 0 0 1 0
'.*Metcafe, If 1 0 -'fimmons' contract is not the one C... 1st 3 0 0 6 1 0
Howe. c 0 2 0 originallyboffeTed. Fletcher says: Filo,.rd 0 0 1 4 2
Shaw, 2b 3 0 0 "There Yere" some. adjustments, Luna, .c 3 0 0 7 0 0
Defoy, rf 2 0 0 but everyone is satisfied." Herrfing, ef 3 1 2 0 0 0
**Metager, rf x x x Woodaruff, If 2 0 1 0 1 0
SParet p 1 0 0 Simmons ass he is "well sa M rf, I 0 0 0 0 0
***maisher, x x x tisfied" butthe Phils have 10 a- trey, 2nd 2 1 2 2 0 0
--- other hekdaighs. AMnong those SuLsnan, p 3 0 1 0 0 1
T obtal# 11 7 0 *balking at terms are Robin Rob-(
laying left field in 4th. erts. the top ri ht-hander in the Totals 26 2 6 18 8 4
** Playing center field In 4th. league last. year, second base-
**s-Playing right field in 4th. man Granny amner and relief a-E..brey came in for McCune
**Pitching in 5th. pitcher Jim 1Konstanty. In the 4th.
Score by Innings Elsewhere .n baseball, pres-
rt. Clayton 063 1780-34 18 3;ident ClarenUSeMiles of the Bal-!,
iarib. Comm. 101 401-7' 0 1 timore Orielbe predicts his team Carlin. R.. 1st 3 2 1 8 0 0
S__will draw an attendance of over O'Leary, ss 3 0 0 2 0 0
!two-million for its first year in;Dedeaux. 2nd 3 1 2 2 3 0
the American- Leag...i Mes Jones, cf 2 1 0 1 0 0
made this prediction lt night' Medinger, rf 2 1 1 1 0 0
in Milwaukee at a-dnner in!Kourany. If 3 0 0 1 0 0
honor of home-,run slugger Ed' DeLaMater. 3rd 3 0 0 1 1 1
Mathews of the Braves. 1 a-Dlorio, 3rd 0 0 0 0 a 0
Veteran St. Louis Cardinal Neckar, c 3 0 1 5' 0 1
'outfielder Enos Slaughter is go-: Hearse, p 3 1 1 0 6 0
ing to enter politics. Chairman
;Maurice Joseph of the St. Clair. Totals 25 6 6 21 1S- 2
'Illinois. Demnoratic Conmittee -
who is runzir for sheriff -i a-Diorio came in for DeLaMater
says Slaughter run for no-I in the 6th.
'ruination As co* clerk on thel
same ticket. .. nScore by innings
Outfielder Pat Mullin has.
signed with the Detrolt Tigers. W. Whiskey 000 020 0-2 6 4
S The 36-year-old Mullin battedL. Strike 321 000 x-_ 21
.268 last seaw'o mostly as a,
pinch hitter... .Summa-ry- RBI's Embrey, O'-
The Cleveland Iians an-iLeary, Medinger. Kourany. 22b&:
'." ounce they A l tf" >ll 77 Dedeaux and Medinger. ai's:
*road games tlm .. The In- Cox. Earned runs: Lucky Strike
diansi haveb'T- tckout on 2, Womack Whiskey 1. Double
'i"i P ....l. ay: Hearne-Dedeaux-.carlian.
_Second ba an Ot Martin Lft on base: Womack Whiskey
of the New Yo* Yan a. should 5, Lacky Strike 2. Wninlng pitch-
T mffn learnn today whyj hisb 4Berke- er: Hearne 2-01. Losing Pitcher:
T e 4mtfidcr y. CaTlformia draft board wlUiSuisman i10-2). Hits of: Hearna
i the B wi4.manln. ,hLbim into service. Martin lsj6. Suliman 6. Runs off: Hearne
Tis Cinha n beeoe re-claasitfled from Three-A 2. Sutlaman 6. Bae on balls off:
frt ue-A. At #i~t, was believe; Hearne 1, off Saimuman 2. Struck
rthebbsri Wt e b Ard avIWt es- out by !.Hearne 4, asmnan 6..
--a.te.a.. U7uT!mSW ohi and G140.L,-

.. .; -.
: "t&Si- ->--.



Brown s




14. .
9 .r

U1 4

DiMaggio Falls 14 Armed Forces a,

o>tes Short Of Minmm Little League "7-4 In 14-.lniing
0 -. L eg,71 '. I., 4 -' ..
"N" W YORK, Jan. 21 (UP) ThIer are three -. a .
--a inody in---.-g-' f a Armed Forces Little League
names Ttoday in basoelu's Half of Fame at STANDINGS
perstown, New York. a ret
Fort Kobbe 3 0 1.000
Rabbit Maranville,!ers of baseball,,ended 17 years Curundu 2 1 .667
Skey and Bill T erry iadewith the Yankees In 1946. The CFort. CBavLon k2 1 .6
aLde when the -252 ballot 46-year-old native of Bastrop'West Jan 1 2 .333
senior members of the'Louisiana. managed the Yan- Car. Command 1 3 .250
SWriters of America had e briefly i 1 He then left^ Abrook AFB 1 3 .250
n Maranville w2as the Yankees.. but rettfred as RESULTS MONDAY
unted wth 209 votes. Dickey coach in 1949. Dickey finished Fort Kobbe 8. Curutdu 7
nOid with 202 votes and with a major league batting Fort Claton 4. West Bank 3

ark Yabnkee slugger ;olled eatchin 100 games or more in 13 row as the first hal! tftle chase *.er
otmYe but it took 189 to straight seasons. reaches the halfway mark. Fort
e ir n average of .313. iMen 1937 Dickey Aribbnook 6, Carbommbeand travels to 5.
*ishe thefirswdido arsetplacmaeor league record by hitC-

a n auar o. wa gerh othe Gans o e took over tme lea
,a eio came within 14 tLeang grand slam homers in two re i en erttn eas uInte
S jt tiand Maranvile th consecttr ia tve n battles Dickeyo alsoi ro pot ea tm aturi n-
S Yankee slugger o lld .catenoetht 100 games or more in 13 rowea.. t halts was ie ae. S.

Lti S. htht- rs ih.e nee GtWin s tlsh pre e at-
in 1 sar9 to ree-q arl ter' T934 W eaor l te rtibu lesy pt l'aye.a cl;o e bmo int g kin eo n

,iS oe oJ t f r tall 14 of his mair ole at; plate hose ti West t aeL
S nNew York G.ants 'Memphis Bill"Caribbean Command travels tot

n- a s pitcher aan ah lttle, a
Vl who died w O replaced John J. McGraw as'Curundu e o
It on ji uarN 5 wa s manager of the Giants in 1932 hi Kobbe too ok tie least e
.- i ke otstandingI sort Terry is the last Nat tVe Monday with a th rouleng
Th e61-year-o Leauer to hit ry 400 or betterHe8-7 win over Caribslubean Cont-

SM ssachu-'tte0 19 mpah aen Curund. but Fort Clayton
o eleven e hT OU T- g e Light hep tcet champion .Arhi ,

8 m whFort Clayton Armed Forces Lit-e f dees inst J y axi n. (NEA)
Odf WSpriielm tie L eague team a surprising 34- the
broke I i itteBso theGat sbet strctrem o ve h moving bl j|| Into 9 ,

Two years ate 1934 Wld SeriesCommad youngste at ort
I I I I'OR OTE Ioh -- hawClayton on Saturday .Jan -
P (B .) S a^ nt e" th and anf n act th at Claytons pitchers Fun-
ton classics. Terry resigne"Sder ilhelm are dakowski and Tharp pitched a
to the YanakuLeague1o and wentoInto private bus,-Caribbean Command-lastfBat

-nat h m r a see d no-hit ame over the defe attlinged ma eg n BHS Tonight
A eLHI A, Jan. 21 (PHP) sk 21 .UP o h atl score was e
Seaue-leading Kobbe, was the a te
g by tePin l f addelps aere trofde Aw w tthe he
b eaia .run. his second of the season,
t be t he first maorl k p rh another hard foughtsw the ilt. Ao: 't

Sbrot sie co ntr es to hes plu rd n rof d y homplter withe lko aedibset. H Lucky strree2 1 do Tith
t6-5 victory over Caribbean Com-

rBb e oern Hur t n o oWand. h b.terdhe a nd l e 1, 3 t., be n o. .h e-
Shteen hits and the se ason'su ofid 4 time e W omack hie 1o t w .i20e 1Inehi I toI re Itrim
triumph over the Caribbeaa

bp whnyietik alo ithe pahtes Dow s a
Command youngster at Fort.

aClayton on Saturday OJan aste1. 1Lctie'ghtrs'whogttrtiek
.PrtR'S NOTE: Both Wil- Even more munusudl was the ..3

W 1 Is n2t1a3and inndes Hod, ha nurn, i in of game.
n n heSped. W ilh emar ln fact that Clayton's f'dpitchers Fun-ui
;L79 Sahw'er the]reio 5 Yankeesof te ite efaenmr a the hio.n T t
Bad.i no-hitn&&me o theefo a k e

t nein t isThe Basketballhr like score was
his rem oJan. 21 (UP) loW n eu t d gnb excellent batting on

tcher 1 lmer S tht antz. thfeboparto-wof thed Clayto n lineup. ar I hit ie ea y the At Cun a kin t
g aSh a i th .ter Pelfee gtg diancewayd'both
ithit bny nbthPhaila tarelp adtherhi inng e w.asemal ge Ano toe furt a freItl
;Ule yesterday fromiOttawa. ...... .rtmsa tcoih m. thy Thor had a perfect record with STANDINGSw'theDn e.h t. -

nteratinaLeague.5 bc runsb Ope of his h t it s was the3 W tl.P
will be te first mor homer with loaded bas esIe His Lucky trike 3 1 .7 ans rrg1-eatrst the
pip, brother %battery since the iteamionte mand co-third sacker Amer. Legion 2 1 667yAe 1/3 gameon_.t=I

o/3Min nino s.Gi bson.p i tur f-oope 1 diner2 3 heding batte2or 2I
ortn r r and hurler battered the oppo ainogs h w as .treipa cedtby
h-aA nnoed.thatchuTker for 3 hits out 1 4 times WoPIAckWhiey 1, .251 et et on
uT b4 T-p while also crossing the plate, ..ilii. hab .,e hrih igi the
p, No2Another perfect batsman was Hrt nightin-galoLt t Strike a
er"mAoCe lwh. wfe A si d e
attbw. .2 3L% u otJa1tivepiUPl ,rbasemanhadcliffethittbucetooruWl nNkey aggregation

whb was relieved by cibson after h. Players who' ot three hbty

the eighth, won his third
straightt game without a loss.
The Yankees iced the three
hour 13 minutes contest with a
three-run rally in the upper
14th, Catcher Ray Dabek paced
the Yankees with four hits in
seven trips to the plate. Gran-
ville Gladstone, with two for six,
was.the only Brownies to get
more than one safety.
The Yankees collected a total
of 13 hits while the Brownies got
six off the combined efforts of
Neville and StryskA.

Ooops! Here

They Go Again.

he old men tf the Panama
Ro7y CItb have decided to give
it one more whirl'- and have
hufled t ehall0geit the t Exm
.utives or wldi -KIlD to a gamure
of "oftbalIF" -hnekt -Thursdayi
afternoon at the Aneoi Laundry
These twW team* met 'In a
series of games last year and as
of now the question of which
was the better team has not
been answered but it is a known
fact the "old men" came out. on
top it thp art of putting away
the keg of Pan Liquido that was
always on tap at the games.
Paul Klener., the Isthmian e-
quivalent to the famous U. 8.
catering firm of the Stephens
Brothers, and who made his re-
putation In the recently com-
pleted .Panama Open Golf Tour-
nament will branch Out into the
softball field by dispensing his
famous "perros calientes" at this
Important match.
There will be no opening game
ceremeoles and it is not planned
to have a band on hand for the
festivities or a well known .cele-
brity to throw out the first ball
for the boys are champing at the
bit waiting to get on the field
of battle and show the expected
overflow crowd of fans how the
game of softball should be play-

The Rotarlars will have Dick
'Casey Stengel"' Dehlinger back
as Manager although we don't
know why and the f)lllwing
players will perform on the
team: "Twinkletoes" Hale. Wan-
dering Dick Nelson. Errors Fred
Gerhardt. "Turista" Carlos de
Janon, Slow Starter Guillermor
Andreve, Gordon "Lep'; Daltpn;
"Tireless" Dan Pagenta, "Las
Cumbres Flash" Oasise Madure
Roly Poly Roy Glickenhato and
Six Per Cent Bill Bcbmidtt Ias
well as many other including a
few dark horse rookies.
The Xxce. will bnce again be
under the management of Fred
"Rosy" Mead-with Bill3 1 WI
sisting, ad usual, on the strategy
end. Tiger Jim ThotpiMn re-
turns at the catehin spot and
Ray Wilson return to the
mound as a sophme this
and will be I$Att d by GOI B813
who replaces brother Pete O1y
on t~e roster. Pete's cont
was sold to a tem im th a
Softball loop at th bed ief
the 1954 season. Bob Rft o
Lala) Lawler, Speedy Chale
Howe and Tom 8 pen4r will l.b
down thb Infield lons 'witW
those who speedy and fjM
fielding outf Red Tlravel
Person) Smith and ierbe Cs a-
nueva will roam thw outfid pM-

TOMORROW'S' GAMIS dy at :3 The reuoi
(PFat gamn starts at f p;.) began wiQf r r .?W'r
Pai~na Stadium: Yankees vs rfag and a .d8lton speeh t
Bombers .(doubleheader). Lt. dr.- V i-e W. Adler, e*,
tto fl telinifP"
LAST NIIGIT'StESULT e*; Soothe Naval"t
Yankeesi 7. Browties 4 *lmle Joh o expresehl
(14 innings)_ aprectation Naval perc
l lelvfllans and fatherr of th
ULittt Leeguers for thbtr service
The last place Bombers will 4 r0d onat r'that went Ink
get a chance to ealn on the lead- e pletion of the. "he
ers when they ike on the first ,the -cs oo .Brave;. tI
place Yankees a dQublehead- Bed up and gav eth
er tomorrow night at the Pan- t% awith anapPy salute amn
p Stadiump.a Qis, to!",play ball." Lt. Cdr
aa Olympic S n. Aler n threw the first-b
to dtart the-Vgame.
Tiast night the Yankees in-to ritte L arates lne
creased their first place marginLt g-jmes ill
over the secn om lace Brownies -JplaF-topn."
to twowand-one-half games by at
turning back the latter team 7-4 aen 4 'T O fn Mo6 at
in a 14-Inning duel. p SaWe41,1tf me d il a .
i platm. "a garlta and Wl
Poor support prevented Vibert s ta rt'ta.g." a3M.
Clark from winning in regula-
uon time. He went the distance clEa Bath lMargatita, OU
and was charged with his sixth __ Ban_:__
loss as compared to five vic- ,
toried. Vilctot Stryska. who re-_ ,_ "__ ..
l!au-d s..arfr. EddieNeiMllin iw,-


e. r: -, *A ( e e*,-.
S lne. ng in m il'. A ad ,lg-
shihiesd nmi s e.Bu menkuwt
dib r ed Awhe d

Jack Baldwin and Plal Rue
nestran will noGt tuw thS
year wi the wiea. w sad
to flu tubmamm
hopeful at .MMe 2 C. f ..

GOaae' 4: .
Anm, La

'- .' t' ;
,.... .... *--... '-. .- ,__, i; Sk-.. *,

4 11
.* .'

* ,. ;


*.g ,- .:: -_. I.
,. ... Alt .. ,- .

"*'' '~~~""

; ~~


W-W --' -TiITi


' ~"?"'' -?

low .,, ?.

"'.. .





- y,


SThe box- *re: -
f Cheaser, 2b a 0-
e. Detore. as --02
fr Kalnl,"c 0
t Smth. 3D. 3 .s1: 1"0
r. Scott, Wlb ... 1-. a
SSc ,. Ib1> -
L-ag, rf, p 1 10
_Suvan, r3b.rf W 0 0
Woodaide,.~ i'0 1
d Richardson; cf 3 '2 0

._. .O 0

nelda .-p, o' 3
T mder, c : 0 0
Cunningham, st- 1 0 4
TerreUl, ib, p 1 .o-.0 0
l"OoinI. cf l1 f
Trotter, 3b, lb 0 1F
.ty, rf 0. -0 0
gadler, 1i 0 0 0
Bath, p 0o 'Oa

Ii'pies were, A .m t

YMCA Swim Pool
To Be Re-0p.
"The wmming ib of t,
uao wWl he 'reopeed Saturday
.to members, nlUtary peraonWe1
Tlete installatibn orff ne6Sfl-



_ I

..*o, -' v.-
-". -- -... / -
-T m^SH .. -o .

at. am

r 43%

*~~ ~ ~ :- ...I .^ ./ .-^,*;
. w .,,.w i .:

+2-t --i *ltl

LS9Lgfte ^ '*y .J, I
Mks.-* 4,,,pr. i 'w
itaa.AtiM [i^.



SUE i~W -yS
lefthander mow-
tefr pith co~iP
N t w thad twra
^witb. e~er-
tiow. and it was
ree base bla to i

. or the mler,
aitia atnings
e 6of06
fU.aar .Wk
as tw alse of
lout the night
ecdrd at the

*.-... s .. ;. .

Ovdon, rf 0 2 0 0
'. '. ,- ..1 .1 0
e. 2. 2 1 0 9
T ,-. .
rota.. .37 21* 12

p a
I- in

I U 1
re .
n -

'S# 753

the las ,i .1
n "Warn-' *ax .eq
ntis< f-I~


' .

"i get cry-b"b .esm sp f. -
toe O every call against
the .. t' a ever that's catch-
t*. ..V*ne MkkelnSe solo.


-. ~

*<-. > w
[ .,, ... ":^


o _ce f



and Ralph Felton of rylatI
as the be4 fullbacks but tbilil
the Ae get ehane. -4
A former AfI-Amaerleq fr
Purdie Bermle iFsowet -
Ies It t. Ctazgarp. 7g
Football Leage to play for
the Baltimoce ,C6lt .
FloteW the Colts' Aeerd
draft ehlee lat yes; -J pI0y*
ed for the Ottawa Rough-
riden -
Preasident Don KeUlett qf Bnl-
timore., now is after the Co]W'
rmpnbero me draft cholc la t
sea=n halfback Silly Vels.
Veuie .-r- who waui an Al-Anoe-
Ica at Oklahoma ptarred for
idin intn in the Canadiauq
League last season: Kelletti in
Oklahoma city right now at-
tempting to get Veusella to come
tack from across the border,
add the Edmonton team warns
it doesn't like It
Manager Al Anderson of d-
mnton ays: "Veeb u t going
into the United States Army
this year. Buft if he gets a de-
ferment and if he plays pro
football anywhere, he will be
p ai it Ed. oiton." Andthp
EdmtotonAit threatens 1mi
action in case Billy does play .for
the olts.
.Defl'tb.jback' OChris'

champion professional football
team next ason.
S b s has denied rum-
ir.s he .a i pro .blIn' JCa.

thi. A t ..o r
^ tra fm 9 Cas Sshdq4'w

S.Cricket News

The Pacifi Cricket League
Sand the Atlantic Cricket Leau
are pepring fo a blgseuann
s a result of the incre d rdjlp-
terste i the game following. the
victories scored over te Nathan
Last night the Pacific Cricket
League met 'ad elected the Tol-
lowi to serve fto the 1954 sta-
son:t lift A. rUA Bor., pros-
ident; Alfonso flei., vice-pr-
Sdent, Carlton RoUox, secretary,
and .. arrlin, measure.
be grcasurie
Sears C. C. Will we% Clovelly
Jeer Clorellc r
C. C. in the opening match, o
SJan. 31, on the La fa Ball
Park. La Boca, C. C. and PSRaJio
C. C. will tange on the Parsir.
Oval on Feb. '. Spartan C. C. Is
listed to oppose Sears 0. C., at
La Boca, on Fpb. 7W
The umpires of -the Pacific
Cricket League are: A. Barber,
H. Barber, J. Welch, L L. Agard,
0. BYnoe, J. Lord, C. Weeks, E.
bPinte, C. Mike, X. Kerr, and R.
The championship trophy win
be donated by the Mercurlo
lJewelry Store. Agdw a McBar-l

The 1954 Criket Season *111
be rate olfl ally augure.on un-
dLa, Feb. 7. whin these Atlantic
Criketor League swg into ac-
tion with its opeo g galue at
the Mount Hope Of
The application of a new clud,
WNll C1 C.- wh formally ac-
Scepted by the Lea e, thus eight
clubs wilt kU popr 1 this y -ar's
S activities.
The majority of the Ideal l y-
ers are said to be tIn top shape,
thanks to the re vidt of the
Jandcans, and are eager to de-
Sntrate what tbey learMned
S w watching the s~las of the
aif visitors.

a 4w stronger of the WO As sideI
S teams that played q Bigst the
S'amalcan is to be *eeld 04V
:. Sundty. Jan. wha the AU-
L tau=led by N it100na meet
Ithe colts. sppere r Sydney
f .Vl01 m a me day encount.
I it wm. be rmembed that
SwAn Star u e Fr
ea draw with the vistoi.s theq
t$S Colts handily won thr ingage4 1
*te- 1 n _i 1S _. ,m w Ci

aW4156 Mi inru

. .'

* g;~t

Tens W L Pet
Navy 2 0 1.41
Pan. Ideal o 0 1
Cervemeria Nacional'.l 0 .i
National Distilllriek '1 0 1
Army. Transportation 1 1 .0

Ordnance Club 15 0 1 -O
uarry Heights 1 2
day., t:30 Lna., Commissar
IV National DIstUlleries
Sodidby,, Navy vs Armn

,.rL0S DJAL$s..
W p 5
TS. .. ,

Siadsl. ,ln. 4.gith va NeTw
Sday,. Jan. SL, :36 sA
Comissf.. vs Ordnance lub

L bos s-ore; .

d, b t3 0 T '
4' 9 a" (

L"rlg'a ''e I2 l 1'"
3 2-1

... Q ru i.dli, f $ 1 -o

dors, IbIt
i., b A ..

OIS tt t t C
Dehllnger, If 0 0
Ctawford, IfI 1 0.
R40, ef '0 0 1 "
KN ,, .

BriM BAses on l: lippe
t4, t -
Is ouardia, L. ,, Am -
Srat). Double plays: Ammirati to
0 grower. UWrn ri aI
R atr i pi;l3'soe: ea



National DistllerIes 13; l74th
Engineers 0. -
Navy, 4; Ordnance Club I5, 3.
Army Transportation, 17;
Quarry IeightIs 0. -
Pan Idea 0; NavIgatio, S5.
Cerveceria Naclonal (CLO),
10: Coamismsay Tom -olO 7.
Navy, ; Quarry. Htight,, :-
Pan Ideal (Corozal Sales
8toer), 10; Army Trans 0,

Atlantic Pony

Weea Lout
Buick 2 1
Motta .1 1
C. P.o. I 1
iM. R. A. 0 1
BMuMs befst balks in tme
Ailantie Pny eague
Uot oved t tie ft see-
od a la Atlantic Pony
Lgu when a ta defeated
Bck 5 to 3M day afternoon.
s r ldd tm sapite of the
fact that they d act get a hit.
leet4 base runming accounted
for most of the runs. Lue Pa-
labo scored the winning run.
Louie and. Wayne Wall
pit a al but base.on
bal.N uk
gofa tr ph t4 Bor t,% rse of

"r ARRsB a
Albera, 3b 2 2 1
asso, b4 0 1
Hana, rf 1 0 1
Taber, p. cf 2 0
Wal, ef, p 2 0 1
Htannalans 3 0 0
Triable. If 2 0 0
Mareer, If 0 0 0
Babse.c 2 0-0
PemrnIott, lb 2 0 0.

S0 0
Sb 3 0 0
2., 1

pb M o 1, ft *.
1lae.-- ...s --i& ftlh

.if 1
B', .:J


.: ;- ,
k -,,a .:-

aXSMI ft~

I- .- -'


A'. I. E I


* Ar-",


I .'
.. ,

'.- -





To The


Every Saturday at 9 PM

A'.' 5


A, p*'t

HOG 840 Kilocycles

And win FREE



A PHILIPS "Cavalcade" Radio

Simply GUESS which will be the seven hit tunes for ea i -
week on the "PHII.IPS HIT PARADE," -

Send your guess to Station HOG, 57 H Street, or CASA
PHILIPS, 91.Central Avenue, or mail it to Station HOG, Box
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Each entry will receive ten points for seven correct gResses.
Eiht points for 6. Six points for 5...four points jor 04. Two
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- .. -

- 84EU *y5 *M
.. WW,,, ,, < ..
__ ', ,..., ... ,-: .: _. k .-. -.i .:.Ai

-- -
X-i ..' ., =_ r .-:L -. -=T.

.' -.-,'"- ".t

,-.. 5 ..4.-' ,i.! ....^


wa M

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W* tL -


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The nd"n',o.N.,,W

on"ommis .o"t ... .

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II & ... -. --,r' 4:
-. M .......- ... 47

4. 4Ps

-Red POWs

-:1wdt. 1a dussth Over R4ed if
p andOM Korea tJanhe WA1- SHINGTON, Jan. 21 (UP) ton of the arrival of Molotowould be headed Molto. It fr
The- Secretary of State John F- for the Big Four conference Indian command an-include deputy foreign num
todayeits guards will with- T NTN ight wth Russia lotov wANMA, ., THURSDAY, the polce and were uctor a he confront them
tomorrow and let 2trans from approaching closer cob Mal, bassador to Great Four-bower
S tha t the Main purpose of his 4,000-mile than 200 yards on either eade o Britdd M Pushkin and clade
ve to let the Communists if opening The sealedoff zone extended ree" tor
K. ,. Thimayya, India,4

fO't want them Thimayl Monday from the Brandenbers gate. on h min. .ri he pa 6 Com I n pe
onCommission. said 1.the" .. .
t ie prisoners then would drhrond we o the coneence and o
beoasmatter of concern
irs to me thab after mid. i"thRa Oer
22) we will have no
N. Command coThimayya said. reworks Communist police said the Repots fom East Be
y men to withdraw from.4.
to and go back, the rept The WASINTO, an. 2 (UP tion of the arrival of Moloto would beeaded oto. It f AN FRANCISCO, Jan. f21g" fa
^ ne. 22,000 anti-Communi Secretary of State John Fstat- for the Big Four conference. will so include deputy foreign numw r.. t .) ." -
Sand North Koreater Dlesng headed today for Ber- government sources said Mo- niternre Oromyko; Geor- loughs for that Mo- accused mastermind of an am-
the Indians pe the in and a sur fMoloight with Russia otov wasse due by ta Saturday g Zarubln, ambaador to th lce i Bo were ,bductors bu fue $300confronts000 kidth
the prison Big Fivp over whether Red China should Armed people's police barred United States; er gt Vinogra- d to vd for ayer"
ld he would tell the be invited toChina anworld peace par- both automobile and pedes- do ambassador to France JAt- the duration at fene. ranom fro his family. -
as, one Briton and Sley. trIans from approaching -closer cob Malik, mnbausador to Great Foarb.0.r eWln'..
Twenty-ehat American Main purposeof his 4,000-e than 200 yards on either sideofBrt- ings ust aM. Pushkn andman who "cae to visit."
n we refused to take them flight is suppoedto be to di- the embassyr- which s located on L. F. Itev, members of the of thed oour s-cracking, 57-
cuss the future of Germany and the city's Tamed Unteo den in- policy-muking group In the for- meeting that-ep k
"<. Austria at the Big Four foreign den. eign aftJslfnlitW. morning,' by
have to let them know their ministers conference opening The sealed-of zoneextended will meet n these enin ear-old forer private cop and
antom want them," Thi Monday. froesem the BrandenberSS gate, ont m Sii, w esit eb ae pelLMmu--
Sramed ther Andrder, to Frie- Russian embassy desterdy thering Stathe a- d nlca t shrink
ys theCommunist highe edIn of Athe last 4 hoursllIn ot rnd wei nthe conference andt fe ra
and onc e more to accept Washingto andMosow prac- Side streetsPrrunninices Soa Berlin headqua- th eliws Wa ewel three W ont Talk- .
ers who have said they do tmially guarantee that the Chi- rear of the embassy on Behren eetersN O 0r o-

and oncemoretoaccp W in g to and Mosrow pr Side streeht runn Into the building his er hleadqoLuiar- was -nmottt
r.t. go home. na mue will produce themost strasse also were blocked off.\ w uiq e r ad n i c
SCommand completed fireworks: m Communist police said the Reports from East Berlin tau' in bdm e-o -SA F, Joan 2 e
recovery, the receipt The Moscow newspaper Pray- restricted zone would be on ti- said the Communistswe. m AN FRANCISCO, Jan. 21
S2,000 n t-Communis a l off with an editril sat- ned throughout the Big Four .raI in o 3,000 people' po- F ai to- )- Dapper Harold Jackson
and Nortth Koreans. todayng that Rus' oreign n- meeting. rio i augment the Rusia a idc at Mo- accused mastermnd of an r am-
arted shipping the Chinese iter. ". M. Molotov, rwl maIe a seetrs, regular pob ee force.e o~a ioW binnonheu -d eoo at, futile $300,00 kid
a proposed imai Five conference Radio Moscow announced ear- Welart authorities, have In- m i to n
telet em in t Red Ch nal and diplomatic ler that the Soviet delegation cr tfedi their military, police o the j Itensity toy and said the victim was
ty-eht Am o er ican m -recogni tin of the Peiping re- e ,oSt io o s ov ietd e0or A hings j just a man who "came to visit."
we A iSon e d today iel, "Major issues" at-the Ber- maa M tedit6 wI the ap- Jacksonc a w c thlracking, 57-
I on. e gier-n talk s e pps e o v n l roch o1 MoMt da opening Year-old former private cop, and
s .l-Cminud ?ist Chinese ,i Wiiiofeeie V 1 W e ns dayO -y. Weistrndipo- Joseph William Lear, 43-year-Qld
ea riaammed t ha ai r And late ydtotherdy the State sere.frst ed them wIte shrink hearing aid salesman, are hel

bL hh been aed tT^Tr* land, 'where the State Restaurant Btrs. Ceell" a Pinel de Remon the March meeting. Members wlth
il d "'" sociatio voted to banish a w be uest speaker at the next were tod that in order to hire rand Jur ationoncharge
het, struggling in beavy view of .Amerleas policy to- 3r3uttt O" tough" 36. w eaarancoskovitz.

lin iraln ar eased a adverting coffee and sub- meeting of te Panama Canal a full-tme manager their dues of kdnapnLeonard Mokovltz,
they, racing f sutte p mk, tea or Natural history Society wld have to be increased front 3. wealthy San Francisco real-
a"ident was the second InVorri lI b, le, unyleldla*... 0vhel a! 'tpprag=h ntor.
naval disaster of the 0-. mouthpieces. .. subserviene tto l- -- f a seep l.hto3 hn of-
Se ou were consider- are work ne and eluded: They were apturedrday AearE members The review sidwherever the WASHINGTON Jan. 21 (UP)- coffee have been holding the rln poved a w fvby the Tuesday after keeping Mo kith

So tiees Age.a will be adiTtted wholesale coffee prices are spr- ives the Interior towns of mended by te Booz Alen and f tr dy O'l

T- to tSShedacel for 50 cents w'hi I becausee Brazil's coffee bean Pandma. Movrnt pictures ak Hamilton wage differential re. ,
I irewmn operate the Chinese Reds "appear at a con- ep. Lawrence y lH.Smith (R.- stear y. M rs. ctsin and her party at prteu- and I..nstructed national a' at S fanse '
ndci a andone cWi) called yesterday forn a"coftt it has bee n 95 cents in Detropresitanddent Rufus &Lovelady to' re i

Bf d pe.t of Th n ^T "Ddte m"1 concre"ont ditt supplier. Nan-member guests win le advfee AFGE national president ( f to f .
were pulled from the tiate ven r the simplest matter feel retasWedil prnes have notch week lcoan e at tshisameeting to be tight or the points recom- resin
aNat he by rescue boats from Cwithia them. Ohies t mate effort to e lam helid nsar- in the Gorgais Me t scrapping of the' ahenrth Atlantic der almost -n. xthigre he 1Jhn ,eetltrakI V
trasport-Ingcoffeepriced. .hpsale rise begins to tell retail Treatyn Orgniezatnu-ithe aurn nin" saidoke .Le wor-. (f "h
nativesampans.e eonaughyW chle b mthe depart- 8mith said tne working-mea prices may climb to as much eats.y,yand.,tlait-.ilbit.the ,1: tbtr).-.was .-

r. tn cheeefmnt's whvi on tinu ese throu f his Wisconsin district ed Press- .a pound. And there are re.8 Atlantcderman ea e AGE

yte nfair, the article sald itw showed tha t pnces for a pound of c m. next Wednesday. lodge meet tonight. lie ande cot yite gavte -
issue, mch less to agree to He made his proposal- as oen. oa let paid gloomily-it may be government Orga l .vtla tha accomdplice.wa
Ameurica etoregze R ee. e Cthin a at A ble toteMonr atp th; at ricer "Ofiast.r theAlure Do.rue bith U. S accompoce. bi" ,It. .. ,le', p .dz'
S sou thea Tepin reime and some. restaurant operators 0nd an i d wa
thh, W r erned e coffee industry It is tere" sa firm tdtowrd Wlow. d ina-dJackson in a waterfront pa
00.IDuli 4 rEs, the Barljn -oinx to drive coffee drI'ters tor prices. .. t theUeI te.Tem wvie bd.
herto ti.o _,iwhose ee ,ee t en iJ.rO m tea, kmi or chocolate I it Ikeeps S- Snetl.An 7.o dor of a klsia Stt m oct'll-, ace phd up Sn a n s"ai en$. t he tm
to letwhosen e, ranking Democrat on the Sen- daf rnand Jackson told him he had 'a his office: last..BA
StinttwoGermidSGermay and freedom Some caft men launched a c-ommittee, said tn talks nd formation of ano inup-one wth lots threatened
onl Dlt Rode l rfreo fee boyeott, the State Department should con- all-German government as the of money involved.", the rantsom dean"d as nt
Sto l -an kblo RoadlMy Plan is a coffeeless Wed- duet aunimmediate investigation to first stage in an flat-West set-
SH e taed $a nesday each weet," Smith saidCo rs lewn. rtrheU
sealed off the Soviet embassy nsoday ea weproblm.e" SmithUsaidAFrancisco Jan. 11 to prepare for for Leaf- -story
I'dt ranloiaco0".-.----. sional Record. "If we.- do hat .Mrs. John B. Sullivan, Demon athe "big Job" but. he did not
rood coffee will be available a raecogresswsrealize it w.'s a kidnapping until "He's full of bul,.
4, oVe hitruck too3 reasonable prices." snoti, sent a letter to Sbcretary last Saturday when.Jackson
the left 'when he wasr' bUn uI Hs Theogressman wh ontraseo manding to know if the depart tings rUm H- edweTime and said: requestedJackson, 0
top no eh.r car,, and ins government price d ontr'land e-,matispking an effort to reach -told reporters M o.
-with Eq. 504th at Ft. mand" will force a reduction in an agreement with coffee-produc- "E want you to guard this sel-Mlnust a house gue"' .,.
price if the people volun il naons "to asre an adeqi~te W DsiInger low. e h We're gon- kidnap victim.
p~uaa t.riefsuse to drinkcfeople onaly su 'the reduced production.".
year old Panamanian refuse to drink coffee one day a we also asked Dulles to cheeks
preliminary hearing yes- Dnce week. Sh l aske pDieche c discussion as to whetherk... "'t K 24
beutynersmaeor -lac o:Ldge 14, of the A m e r I rcan
of t o the food 1d jumped prices on n F .1 v air Federation of Government pm-
rWtodeotation. rtcte of Curundu moved to-,Ial bands three cents a pk .-p.ayes,.should hire a' ,full-time....f

Soms 4,000 Communists
lurking in the Jungles t
spokesmen prelicttet!d
Wie columns wll link up in
'days to cut off the retreat -
SIrunt of the Communist
pcross Indochina. T he y
'the aItt launched main. -
ows. v44,

baa 'the COrn,. -

d of u hesssot- etthe
m ont he130-
oeid" oa of l le f
wla.Lo t K De n t

to ed r*on te aam CnatCmpny Cl.Hrrr0 Pisna anm
1 1 II' II:I

Rces.m t to 1W S~hsrf g the closing sealen of a two-day atta tln E ,il
w~~l ttdt +l 'L_' = i.r recommendations on tisala policies of the com-
-- i~dofdrctsLndsleCay;H Noble comprolr O. Fans.n C anala- ,:-..

-,3.1t waft.. N. .. e
..'Agin-"A-e n.AM.Cana cleCompany;d Har iry0. axsonharPanama
22 "MC+% wt---06t"Y f te Ary i chage o.Paama-.,,laffirs;Zar
OUII + + +I MSI r f ircor;Lidse H Nbecmprolr.Pa% C w

t .

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