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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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.... ._im, .4. ."i..s. / .. .. ', A b : Lin-
,. .-...' ,, w W a ,Y ,a ,;.
'*^ .T"i- '_" ,i ..; '. i/'r : -'_._ '" '" *

7IANUARY 181858

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-' w^.- r- ,,-=, '. <.- r "'' v

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a eO. N.




d said todsy It has. aiet
its Janucry quoteof!
s-- the lowest quota laa
Jg oly., "
Of the two Inducteeu.
an ablen volunteer who reia .
Intha Ctakl Zone, an4 othe o
isUS.781tzen who livesin
A City. --
Director of the Selective SOM-
t.* QBrd here. Forrdet 0. Dui*.
S- o if',sa iW today $A2at the shar
lumbusl drop In queai ft 3 25 Imh
ogleltr ..mber to two thi month i
of the iualf bf the world-wide order
ah vie- to out down Army inductees.
before Next month, the local board
will also have to call only two
wmnh) men, he 'said.

.. L .-. .

il .~ 4~ i k& '&: '_ .. d

A targe number of
tom eno U.S.-eltieum

I '.._

A ^' ,,,'r .J'''
yt ^ iT ia -- .'' ** :. :; .* ... ," I ^ ^ .

4ixty deaths rted in
the wake of in from
Maine to the C
Sub-zero Lemp
the Midwe~sta ld Ia ae
far uth as Kn, roe
International. F re
noted a low o -f S as iy
air swept sou Canada.
oReow weather an twiercury
sipped to-8 beow aDt. Molas,
las 4
Chicago reported r
' New York City sblr darkened.
Ind heavy snow b falling ej
shcvelers still bus clannlnip
L blanket left bv the e0ty's b16
Jest snowfall In five'ean. -
',Th new heavy fal cUt vli 11
I7y to two blocks through Man-
attan Canyons.
temperaturess fell to 132 grees
dI Oeorgia and 14 .t A a
au4 Mississippi. South oHl
prted a low o 18 degr Vi
; Tennessee a

- 1 ,';*'


*.* '*..

(NBA Telephoto)
$NOW HITS THE CAPITALI- A plow- eqlippeda eep pushes
pnow from in front of the Wbite House. At least 12 inches of
.snow was expected taWfall and a "snow emergency" was declared
n .Washington.



.. A-

- I.

Doctors, ,

Cold W&ve

Threat s

East C9st
. YORX. ^-A
'I)ttbe C014 W e altrd
4egp freeze on = td
statess they ... .. un-
ye& 4. q .' L

since one u.
SToday on
jured was'1
*.ue.r ast VA

iA .-P


Ft I

.T41 _

osapti ft hiesan clearilnt'dipow down
o-! Last, mon .of, the It,- wer cloi :- ut all Ameica par.ty 61-
as te a. h.. lolu ered, for in the cf.ea .today. r r-scked "we uel ded..yea--
.. .. k_..L 6,. ". .0 1. ,. .

'n; w't.tarty to Pennsylvan to a In te a
stou towfrre #- weo em death-alo l s I -Sich b boy lis but t
ar. tosers -today .Is rerpict near deaty dph- 4
d. dtbI aer *a Mondeay b .orI therha. A age tnow. forced e
Sr-iss than tc mi es from its goaiL feared,
theeeretees. um.n ito b.led tap hbwes
_ew b with more.than .. .. ., (.1,A Telephoto) of bIt 'u.rim 1dhen Ilem. MA lid
H ,l.nL'-Ab1eric2n deaths at t. ai, r 10 SoW UC t DIC M band.toethdr on a park- bI theaw thte villers where UII
ts h An A U ca
erdeaths attri tabo Storm.a 1N d New. w tty and att top.'.sf car that has stalled It eaushe ho wlses Hke paite-
'asteDue t. eyt-olt,.dMtaswo, a bracul ss ic 4~ The nbw hdh s of oars to stall and be nad scenery. an ped trains
trolleycollidedwh a bus, in- many minor traffic accidents, in two and bore o
T ithrsnh an, pmo, fro.. peIts.9-
f M--". h0 ". _.-, Oerman hepherd alanc he (m
AO'b1 X.I bnbur iedress to 9c- vic-
toh ioutalPs o t i As
HdarIti wt toe athee'g mrep eed
Teseyatloea.t wttern .rnemof. euar t the..

.sci to ving on the th-e abor ,p wrner* t~oul&iaeus 1
iam ;acile ,gi.antval hs swnefnh p iw o swe d (1 r
Everetrt,- M snthe ,tM QN9 a and Groseeie aler,

eelrieny of l wear- followin an avalanche dent,pI
-mayiing a oortarl not dwoaushe lont d 23 fIarmhl sr eso exet

n l urt ing2ncers' reported y had du, ouo nleht
ae ra A to e acket in qu- eight bodies. "Morgayr
tt on-year-old T e Blna disaster war the pro
f pfl p r. end t ilber Connrr heiihtened by a rle ir un of last' Valt
Sw reled the name ,water tat head to it~ r
"Wi in the label flo the ounde ter used d
wlt b L amonehes dammed the Lats terlsnc
RBlver, sentati
rc i police to The wall ou s now bl2okano thse. and ei- u
,Wirt -,beJWd1H hedsn Bu- Lut .River was reported to be further
lrra, a tce Atlantic ibodu 90 feet s h. h and ribbed meeting
e.eer ow s Jacket with the wreckage of dplinterwa i

itea Vr-keard aeouses. Mraw
indlpmted tar Dht rster teams wrklng by hlas notl
adas reeaw nd r theoarc hltghe t, last adtht foueht to from at
SWITER rral fr Albny, N.Y., s blast away the barrier and re- or
t ed r o them, e with snow winter lam tiht rip on most of ae the water beord t develo- er
ed with petty New Yor. w fences are used to hold ak the snow as ed enough olue to flood th e
;areeny... I tempohures in wee aarte dropped .belor rero. .,flley to the wo at.a lnt..
IIng eIchinese Rebelsn Surpriese s

WMlIn.cts Havy hasuadoes On Fi
A L. .Over t w i o a o-hm c ee noer arp oI, mo t reorf ubplth ai fe res to rit pple ;o Heron
wasreveale edwithpetn Nm e Yr nowa trer use strahold b ao thesnow abseehte

aIrcn tteem "eheaure l 'ste i at e dryoipettpred remnalaz of fn alter days ot tlhwe, a st as sa
lnathavchlneseme Rtebelb s Sied am seshRutzlln

icrpfictsiHeavy Casuhlooehalhtiesnt Ouhban leftihad ,

lia.."A.).a savger aiBuo w i sLoutz h opes pater alltegRinverd wafores t o re ipobl efvurthe
q iie W e Jhis Jacket wi- 0i cthtr tewR central Lao. is
.e indicated to-n ttea msr-nder .rat Gmog. Abyrheirssc p old us ancid

d thatit.whoat Isser, inatgttr d emnatshof hevwh t day sofugl f oughti fmLa

4 rF- .

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I, "'v. kt. Z~;

Rey To FtbI


VIENNA, Austria, Jan. 13 (UP) U..
prepared today to rush doctors and redef
isolated villaoes.ian the Alps where. 'it tMp.
ready h#. claimed 200 victims and cat off U
portatig. ,
A U.S. spokesman said the helicopters VM
lief ferry trips to the Austrian village of 3Blwiu
the weather permits. .', .
The village was swept into the Lutz river ao
under tons of snow in the "white death" avelond
An early thaw melted foudfa iQs ,from the
tains of snow that accumulated dulh ...tweek's
sending tons of snow cascading on i- fiWage1.i
countries of the Alpine valleys.
Tody.e 0t~* tion remained crlct Au%
in SwitzerlaO d aulorities said t:eor t:l
The caaualtleg so far includ- Soore o
ed: ted
,Auatrs,. 51 dead and 121 mu-s avalga
w,. little nna a f balnf r 3S

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rnd a

es arlocai
de coinclf,
disef ai

ifpore as

Wfry a to
a yt toe

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fl-.- 17.1, M"Mw

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.V. a* .






tetUPHONl P*MA* NO .0740 6 LiNals
.5 ITO COMIAI AVUW W;-WIavid r AsN 1UTH 0m0er,
Lee9AL 9 96,
ier jMa.evA *0 eO 2
v- 1 .: 5

7008 PORUM THA Respses outer cottissu


I--aad 26 Anth and
Fnloebwoman -- !
10 Davyd 28 Of the je.
14 Actual 33 Masculine
16 Attack appellation
20 FkTtea again 35 Draw together
22 Senior again
24 POaes 40
25 Nested boxes 4 V e


eCost. Las To Sell
a Houte Thi' Way!
yo f Ts-bi t Ot -e u"M
pro n Fw R we IF s I-- *out**
& ~ ns V eeh self la9 has a*** ..^
S.we. e N m ge i -em */ I
iWohe AMONt"
., .d.

.q fev ie, ,Ale,. ,
aM.Me e u.,
'.,MWecs Ad.






the big zarm fignt in Congress will
be over the as-yet-unrevealed Ei-
senhower-Benson program, there
are a doezn or more sideline wars
Ame. coming up which may be just as
a. much fun.
Contrary to a rather general im-
be pression, the quarrel is not over
h basic price-support legislation
which is expiring at the end o
flps. If Congress gets in a jam
rnd does nothing, the basic farm
paim law of 1049 will automatically go
back into full force.
Tnis 1949 act provides for-flexi-
ble supports and for use of a parity
formula based on a moving aver-
age of farm prices over the last
eorge 10 years.
)poll- What expires at the end of next
s for year is the 1950 amendment which
anal guarantees 90 per cent of parity
support prices on the principal
nonperishable crops. In case of a
corn- congressional deadlock, Congress
.Un- might pass another temporary ex-
blem tension of the present nign sup-
room ports, and let it go at that till af-
hran er the 1954 elections.
nces, If the new parity formula 1s al-
west. lowed to go into etiect, it will low-
th a er the present temporary parity
I the p'.. ,-ULton would drop from 34
come cents a pound to 32.7 cents. Wheat
united '-- *..I i...a .45 a bushel to
I Im- enrn would drop from
ban- $1.78 to $1.59. So another interest-
i,,, .Iing b urmisa ii in store on this

*;j- ~---~j

"M .tA* AUuc Maiw



* *3.


#eU N" a w.e apen erum feo rmaden of The Penesm
eh iMes -e eolved ig sftHy ad are handled Ih a wholly
u eult e a leitr d e- be mlfet t a I li appe
lue.w eie hlibbed b theli ese r eelvad...
Sy to ksep he lettes limited to s page elgth
e lef st waer Is hIeld ia strieest sealdemn.
ewape60e 1 seseames a noeNmlnsibilp ea s tgemects ea Op
'a in ses te-ea m e-

following is an excerpt from an article titled "The Ge
of S~udi Arabia" in the October 1953 issue of Cosmo
*-. found it interesting to compare Aramco's provision
'a with those of the U.S. government in the C

e Rader family.. .live in Dhahran, largest of the c
operated by the Arabian American Oil Company..
t Americans living abroad, the Raders had no pro
a place to live. They moved directly into a two-bedi
tlpartment assigned by the company. They found Dhal
xhtained community with all the modem convene
e same as any pleasant suburban town in the South'
kbouses are of frame or masonry construction, each wi
and trees, each air-conditioned. The children attend
any's ultra-modern school...Most of the canned foods
Nuropean countries, frozen milk is shipped from the Ut
and frozen meat Is sent from Australia. Liquor was
until last fall, when the Saudi Arabian government '
I St. The company makes Ice cream and has its own ba!
I fresh fruits and vegetables are flown in from Lebanon
e~a. Prices, quoted In Saudi riyals, usually are only a
r than in the U.S.... George's base salary Is about 25
ftlgher than a comparable job would pay in the Ur
i He also sets a living allowance to cover rent, food
necetaitles. Most medical services are free for hiUn
ie. t low cost for his family. He is pleased that he
> fllggr slice of his income in Saudi Arabia than he c
bae...The company gives an employee two weeks at the
Ir first year of his two-year contract, and after the first
a I completed, fifty days' leave plus traveling time. Ro,
,traspQrtation for the entire family is -pro e free of ch
ihort vacations, up to about a thousand uW. ach way,
Vacations, to the employee's hotW tW he Un
1-Br^- .-.,er

This is for Under Secretary Johnson.
Before you make any decision about which hospital to k
please consider these facts.
T me tati o the the e of the amslatantWto the director
Craiyton lHospital gave birth to a baby usa Gorgas Hoasp
he Itesenu moment, the wife of a sergeant'li the U.S. Arm
he obstretics Ward at Qorgas with her new baby.
h of these ladles, and presumably their hyabands, pre
S pay 'for medical, care at Gorgas, where kle hUead of
*derp t nents a cilian. rs Alhr than'a med
-. .. ,.. ', f e
,-_Aaa~~fcJ~a^.L.^,^.iLI- i ff 'I** ? !^^

Cl- -

A',I~ ikQ~ ,'.~;:.~b~ ~Q~

C. -

-~ j~ -~ a.,-

-- 'V

'and point. early in the mor to at te LAst suj .-
little &.rgdniaztion of fhe Soil Con- Mass Hand& then 4 on d0 0 Wa x nk t eD lq s 4gi t n eS
pe servation Service is sure to be for the Commiausts. lto s!a t rh
i per brought up in debate. There are "That's not Coham 100vtole- ter tha Aths 1
united two so itic measures in this same tion, that's total confu io" said where fa
and field which are holdovers of un- a member of the sagOP. Ber arouwEaAsarei
.and Lni.neu business from the last ses- in"W Mrs. Luce agreed asan ent aChicao ave be
can sion of Congress.9 nn to urge that the U.2 l a.- time w
would One is a ball by Rep. Clifford R. tion Agency intensify efit# to .There'snota ia
end Hope of Kansas, chairman of the bring home the real p ieag of ara.,"o ,a ed 'i.
con- House Agriculture Committee, to Communism to the Italians. a depression
und- extend the local v.atershed-devel- I During the discussion, memato .
arge opment program. A previous, ini- nI Ie* I 0 rswas made that the Communist b)ouglasr who 'oce tiu .4101
and tial appropriation of $5 million for were spending an estimated o- noacs at Amerst the U111
ilted me development of 60 snlali water- B R D AI 000,000 per year on propaganda in of Washingba sad th Jtv
s, heds has now been allocated. WB 'w O M UAN Italy while the United Staes spent of Chicb
S Under this program the projects about the sa-me amount or the en. Times fi p s
rre financed on a cost-sharing ba- tire world, including China, all comber autoobile p
si. Py local organizations, state One of the things that seem most They addressed all elders as ing about poljtenegs. We addressed Asia, Afries, and Latin Amerlcae off 12 per cent, ar oai.ngs12 pr
and federal gover, ments. Local marked since tne last big war is "sir" and "ma'am," aMn in later eath other as "mister," wifich I The effectiveness of Red propa- cent, mail-order -business down. 1
the siez of Department of Agricul- a dearth of good manners, in the life it was customary tO say "sir" have found cab drivers admire to ganda was illustrated by last per centy, steel operatifl rates
soi. conservation districts, are re- old Webster sense. Politeness; in as a mark of respect even to a be qaUe4. years elections in which the Corn- dow6 38 per .cent a buslnes
sponsible for arranging rights of short, that commodity which costs contemporary. It would never have After a short talk my driver munists, plms their cohorts, the failures up 0 e f cent.
ceep way, se:vlces and mternals by so little to dispense. I can't say occurred to me to address ayy who was blacker man a stove d Neni Socialists, totaled 35 pe "I we a ,.
farmers whose lands ar.! benefited what's responsible, unless kids man by hisa surname alone, and turned around and said in a volee cent of the vote. Blon eit
r of lue initial p roram p'O s t raisin' they used to, I still rise my hackles- at any- that just dripped South Carolin NOTE-Mrs. Luce timed her re-. aS nor r '
ital a t Wp ried to prac- body that starts off Calling me "You know, sir/' he said, "there turn to coincide with the tradition- should facet he danger, not hid
todlt. aditothr knowymeatesarenofforallirst i n o
y. t'nded. .. e. just plain "Ruark". Unless you ain't easy oU us quality folks left al Christmas lull Italn pol tcs, Pollyanna fashion as wa did from
- ..ther driv as n to in about just other know me well enough for a first in itt world" n whath the day bOOhOOetaola us* bg ,1S. li'
-- "ther drivq9 is o o i a*bout jis cw in- ust.y. name, or a friendly use of the I can't imaginewhat humor is to but her timing w reis V aWLy 0 ,NT-GabrieluIpm .a
f the sies of Departmept a A4ic hd e l ent aa tn.d it last one, "Mister" is still what I be derived from rudeness, or what the day before the Pm eijw HMO espaC e, dCOOI2=y4
fer- th "e loans to ol cons- at" back the other rapped Answer. to, aU tisf oa. Yet about 90 per cent Ra big lunchOae In 4e 0nn- differed vigorously.
the ,.&,Is and other' smnaUl a t A. b hmtofp wt of qur radio"_ bl tedlns mhr Pella ....z eal Dqfla, i9 W
cal ant toputd e found that over a period av t res oan d:TV. omed ans rR Pely a oe s t es
a ntmle aid k Io me very little sahou ginult d aV p sd elat', rs. Luce bad swer to
a"sak you" at 9, another, even u. predict& 'is_ k ddo
S and and e lr ses athi manyd m is stave, te yo

rt and prose. Csu ; ELL&0Saa
7% T Eupopean, whots all surp Wae by IL'*rp d har tm wfith

Ss position. In the outh, ly e aim- owed to forget it. Servandi nts are Wiaons, leader p ort e
o a ie did be r'uder than any forceful about not .people. th every re t side, now c ke.s. M se is a
Sto d consideration w ord w bentrue politeesa-whch lItem as w l 5ofal f i,
J 0 ave0advantage nicer to people loss fortunatethan hak the best ch.sze yet of and roasters.
onA Iite on th anyone, while oirarelf m ate play. An passing.B BthUse -4
h happened to be in an Iferior is an inferior, and is never !owexer, SIL .A 'wiley Mepen.AnY
'S nddepoiton. In the South, be allowed to forget it. Servants are of Watonsm, leader of g oretor orchkens, the Sesn
A'. M,) to protect L44 national tor-Yqu don't expeal;rUlmgratitude pditieness and consideration to ogh'san' ignore6 '-7 ted' as at 't4- 01
e rts from damage throughoilng but a lem a symbol of i is so colored folks, who in those dayi furniture. iga rman the GOP Poicy "No, thank you. They df s O
claims. of he civilized thing to do. were ja no position to answer back., I was thinking perhaps that a rece s. skid without consulting the Senwas be-
The myriad manifests or par- Maybe that's why when he died mandatory course in good manners hi sto B jite un- as they knew *bat, I eon
Hearings on this bill were hLdd ental authority taught me manners one hole street was filled up with might be stuck into our early pub. tilry 1. .. suted, his answer would be.
eaiy in 1953. need for new at avery early age, because down his ck friends, ina leavy mourn- li: school curriculum without r a ,aS But Morse, tuch It the ciarin
legialathi is said to arise fra Sout we t0k manners sosly the C 'n. harming-tfhe kids any, and aome ofsf Buth Morsee sa2 to the u'd O nt a
f:. mjl cases ilea just to I leaned that mall boys d not ear, liness was borne of it might even rub off on their i of the office sta. found out at
t get control of the land for graing start off a conversation with "Hey out not so loni ago in New York, parants.,All I know is that t*ha1 -had happened And wrote a econd
ts r % un-oe'r oresi conservation you!" or "Gimme". They said "if afte a 16ng cab ride on a rainy 'pleas & "thank o," "sir," and Yo" State bi l- letter o his friend in Tennessee
groups v..-nt to stop this exploi4- you please" and "thank you" for day, with t streets full of curs- ma'ss ha te an awful adia Amerien yd' g he would like to have th
n. De rtmeaw t In t e r i r when Athey were asking, and said ing drivers. s d estrians, all lot of vice ond urtesy all over lh iec iO ee I ckens.
omkesnmn aeh. past, back- thanks iqAgin when they got what glaring 4.' wa-taweit at one an- the world, nd. co me nt nearly h rcaso Wle h st eat re" ouSgoingt to do
the mf resa-at'in opposi. they ws asking for. other. a l I git to talk. so much gland ufe asA utor y'4 t(. .Ospend" more-timed o
to the Fordst Service. So an Ih8 Iwhich nshrald etg th athant you do

t the cres MAN ABOUT TOWN is supported by very extensive and comber" .. Mebbe Rub sa mar- been loath to do whip- p iO
Sof other dust bowl. What cconv a evidence" ... What ried the wrog Hutton. ran Br in os
S.epartaent .s in mind is per- Surprise Du: Joye Matthews wi ion anws! Dr. Rhodens help- iyo
en transfer of these lands to and Charles Add the New doesn't i any cure fr can- Dane Clark's leading lad "Thatreped
the forest Service. Yorker ... he P. Rubi cr but another great advance "GosMi Gs" is Pa*a r es, Sere o Oree

Now under stud by the Budget rosas (Barbr Hutton) received to cobat it is only a few lin. Her pop i N, State Su e ,
Bureau is a troa program to subn- 22 ra rs from crack- yea pree Court judge .. Frank Pu i A .
a. t la fees charge b y govacre ot.. n Margaret TruWan's now. aski (of "The Robe") chined his J LAN CI lt T iTR
iirtint agencies for their rv Jack La Vi, tis real intrigued Da Topping's gan: "Je Di date Chilean actress Marinar
mces to the public A typical ex- with Park Avenue's Lila King... Magio's gal misses a movie dateisters, recently betrothed to ___
Simple applying to the Department Wall Street speculators expect the an he's on the front pages. Harold oyd Jr. .. The Bert
-f' a Acumre is ain mirease r last half of 4A to be eth best I gotta win a World's Series to do Rue man the W the forimmr Cyn- in
the rems charged for the Feder- stock market history ... It may b at!" .. Jon James will be the thi Crse) are go cart shop-
au i rop assurance program. The be coincidental but since Babs first po st r to pear (in July) i. ndc ader ot Geist and -
s-i fees i hargecd by a-govarebill Manywesat TrumWa'y no,eo n- lBsuy (of "The Robe") changedhi s SIDE GLANCESv-uet

dea is to m ke thees prebyals cov- married Ra eoa the Woolwnrth with t, n phony a ms e. my Pan were wed yester.-,
ic at least the administrative c x- stock climbed P foar the firnt time in soloist .. Gloria Swanson is a day .. It's a boy for the crooner
ampl the taxpayers doing life for slaying his pretty He 'r on th ele Farmer makes a o eret of the am. e of the rt
Slbride, is reirese seriously ill. Lost (Mris. o Amon) rushed from coaser respae for mer hs- Cyn
department of Agriculture does 45 bs .. Market Wayhi e's 18-yer-... t may t h Hotel Langdes wil o bae the woes. Sea Langer has hop
I it now plan to press for excen- old son and thi.daughter of Mexico the ihame would be an American decided to do some la /alout it i .
sion of the rurau housing program City's Governor are making news ... l4W lWaastries (they make ... ASCAP just ifl a new *
lunue- *he *.... home finance... Betty Woodruff, the powers cigarette paper) just sent their bundle of teevy may among
legislation. The reason given is model, can chyck her job. Just in- second $185.Oeck to the Itunyon meabefs. About l&41 aX1_ fa top-
that this 'activity now duplicates herited $75,00 from an aunt in Fund to h defeat cancer ,... sobwrters ... Storm's
I heart the work of the trmn Georgia ... The Copa is looking They ay PFion's Mg interest ti manager Mik4e ha jone
Hon 'm"'istr..t'on adi there is for pretties. Salary $100 .. The his ael Girt Friday, a former liop over Phyll K .a. ere
no need to have both programs. real pay-off for Iopellitterl: Hel new in Buenos Air- w be ae massu lor top
been promised the next Tammani ... -.Trent are i Jpeple at Crowew l-: ,.
Secretary of Arigculture E-sr nomination for N. Y. Supreme portal UShel' mego to mother, --- "
Taft Benson's reorganization plan Court judge. It pays $3u,000 per who euanveiently dwells in Reo .
is expected to cause some criti- annum. ... Tie purchase of Telenews ie Hotel 4 i.if-
ci I Lnd debate, but win eyeatual Newsrel by Hearst Metro e d ach) ha u s
approval. Senate ratification of the Here is the most exciting news News ltane of a'series of Iape- out at belag i~g ia '
Aew A"at ,!crettrin. John L. bout cancer research in a long ing, a ovm to be, ade parking lots sad lta-
act v eee Isl- lkewise time .... The is Dr. C. P. by -rI aI za b tyitd eaea. 8ttl '3MM.,
t:W M to so0 th iou without Rhodgooneoa's atest ofd F Gde egat
mich o os'tfon. seientistl.. me ar chi o 'gide '," rameiure) w 3 a .
(over at the Runyon Fundi on the "Teahouse of the August Moon" GetlM Az
Elephant 'p'artUtter fal*:w's aceery 0 Ch rw-
TOKYO. -an. 13 (UP)-A 4 I d) aild vws eacour- Co lewr, a66f, Beread 1oa .
Sartment store here efftod 'al eposdlhiibty of deve& o Fihes eAeo wbrp "a wh
se thi ,-rr-"6 time it win tas: ., L.f' U-i a
eke for ar e' ohant to climbfeivey_ ap or. te le er be so 21-ab "ii'..,
twe m.h e--........e.3.



I ~



V I. -

luu-%{r,- -- .
CAt* *


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)l- "*

-rc 'i '.' "'.-
Sa."1s. .. ,- *' .. ,

4 -a' -
L. -

r. '*^ I' ..P9.:
;..* '' ** '. '
., -. .- i. ._ l ...l~


?TrV~..# ;r.i~fjj~j :1::. ~ a-
.4 ~
-'I'. I.

.-w fr..

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4- at -IQ~. *tfl2,rE4*i~
n -~

gItklie dk
NS .ll

.garS : ,'
.sih ,d vvSt
.4 bueii9tS s wya-. W *
ASi plicy Ke aM aiontra"t. WAS"
*t WJIPId. "e u"lereetaliatoy r" to strike aaiost mite. .

uledIt uealtv ablew th response d "decta ip
REi. -"ml Lb ad i atae pi lawor d Th O Wn l

bi i -' ig e mn arirs dittonrtot ant ad rech-
,mee.ttuin Pmesai lso., "Othbrise or m i.t o- latlon. ,Hete
a"in. tpseal tt i ipowera n t h r pt- threltern
ptrl otorto attack I1W Stat hiblttie. -
Wce would a f oed
DwHrgrtaied we tempt- ovha omadem state

si .t we rneWr htOen*eeCeeo.
e o. ce I placealt hIo p'ters.nio
. .. f .-V "ti ii ar e m b uo arad. ld own-ss

.t t.rynwa to eetr aggression nscrui anre
omae ue "t'Vo d n -tbe contne a"nit y to b e pro on he I
orats at*abler a apl tQ ua-ndm a 1d po

*En Ae Re." u- Iome b. e a,,o.. deo da M,._ E.senho,.wer
Ad B.e salR. sWe beta Pend lat laces nn an d w 1 ouiwelfaren
-e t pte o eana-of Itsahown.choosing."a mn
tonOfit eee said tatezisw nDlsa Hoby man, chairman
ystal r bae ee decision to overhaul committee, 1s sed a

en ts and as t places oa ouril hehi
na. ohrmo t ." ille r id untmon memoe a union
r coIe He said the former policy of He said his commitWh

aiqa tl-sa hatke re ly could not be continued "with- the protection. fare
month* ago Pm- a nd social onsecmuenset rat Ien reposl 14 Taft

Att cutting "fThe baI c decision wa b a Ge- day, Mr.s nhower

A iM men We bet- pnd l.rarIlyd upon a great units, ended a "thnoroughe
ty' l than ey ar ct y tr the ,- rt a instantly, by noe y secre all

Oc re e f or u ran entire pal o or nsodthe protection "
o epeg"nee, ta."aHe iid it 6 misbeeen to

S tta f a) th i p l ine i t h e ad- -QPend the wt his edommtl
uht re- a dstrateion to b maee duct thes" ws under w

Oad peoples lnan a- remlvae bee iongsted.'.
a a e of humd frsan welfare" bu will itmore ," Dulle said.
Sdns must be re- ote th te r newweaommuni- Presidf the free womrld c
ions. bonpled with highly-mobile each emplsye faced wltl
.AUs P ae6pi theyna2,.o-atk lbIaL a dmphiblous units, U frm llait bedg

ced y the further deter-han to de.the world into sphere ack.rreson that would m
tf assive retalt r Duls saw- f i d the adm. nistration ral war, u ll said
he .tl. " Atab aggresaves Its pol ya it he certain a dlet tmgover and fundament
e must now t vhat A canot sle tetq.r oft strength be- for us."
i taidt friew dmust- Hesaid there are "


Jug a.'
".t '. "-

* I -,- a ; + U.^ .

I .f ,- t ^A-f.- r*"-.i.-^ -^- ^



- 0-

For Tractorn

* 0 0 0 0 0 6 *


For Doats
adir 4 A -


R mon-

of the
a, ilntrist-
m welfare

L t tting
Ich they
o Mon-
bud of
dsto in-
tan pro-
tee con-
osal. the
d that
sa strike
iven "an
his free
held un-
before" a

eI and
man be-
r mide
l ns the
. e de-
eople fir
ods and
he sam
that tgn
e them-
v be
in spir-
an deter
ean gen-
"4we can
als work

Ectic current when in motion exhibi

magnetic, chemical and effects

The continuous and powerful charge of the
new Tasco Battery, is capable of startig
every kind of motor.

There is a Tasco Battery for every car, truck,
bus or tractor. Put a Tasco Battery a'er- yotr
hoot .ad forget your battery problems. It
responds ImMediately!

Iv, a labor rats6k eweit
ev com to 06nigeas,
said there are o many Im-
onderable-" In a lab A. te
i permit the strike voWtitn to
be effective.,
.'hat would' aty lbe voting
bl?" he asked. He asid an em-
floyer might change his offer at
te last minute belOre the bal-
"I'm against what they have
there," he said. "It WonT work
You can't make it worK',
Ives said that in lmost cases
unWons take a voteof thtk men-
hee before caUII*g a strike,
Tn view of this, he d ed that
"the members would rvere
themselvesAfter ones voting tor
a strike."
Ives said that aside,from the
strike-vote plan he thought Mr.
Elsenhower's suggestions were
"pretty sound."

Byrd's posse, m0Oposed most-
ly of law enforcementt officers
and highway patrolmen, was
reinforced thi afternoon after
and urgent call for Holmes
County cltizenq' to join n re-
combing the :*8 where the
trigger-happy Negro disappear-
Officers believed the hardy
Negro, who wa, last s en dlMh-
ing into the s4rub pine woods
hyre shirtless in the freezing
weather, was wounded in one
of the exchanges of shots.
His brother said when he
ast saw him Noel was lim
I*i s ihtly.
Noel shot his way past one
group of deputies Sunday but
a 400-man posse was reported
to have cornued him tl*t
night In a stretch of woodS
near his biome..Th -posse wait-
ed fIr daylight before, attempt-
ing to flush the. sharp-.'boot-
ing Noel and found he had

niSe Ly-Shernff

.I Ja- i.tqu-- tto .buse $"ac a
&ar st &s- :, to" --
to- a hwua
S. wm ell with 1le tied around his h
.. ..,.-. ,, v<- ,, +,. ? 'icim to- t Bch house firik then
i..Yot b '& t rOff.Der '.e,. yrt ftg in. themselves.
t an I d said those killed
e wO t* Noel- are Wflfm Raym
S ..~<^i(u^tt o ft May ,C.ntr1LOclaWd, .35, a oxburg st
lKK'flC=Q -a n. CmmUnitYi WVur, Deputy John Pat
"ed-ar Wpaderig who, lon, 6ep, of Lexmigbon, W
nex t wou t Ape m t the lght tn posse member Joe 1Bte
,- tMricdu a 3 l'A3a telephone company
"It roduced by ... t o t AAh. .
a- nd .. .. Bl used to ..,heet o.__._.-
FA.- &nae Ja between his '___ ne
*sfl- ry out Mr. e'a eprn Wh, f a % BIMf
.en1a.1 -B&ala provrdeee wn"a g he turn- ida Governor
Sthe strike was.' ed It or, a pursuing U
at A -ario depo w m pnLe member, 1
lcan told White9 5oue .+,"tetry deadly re
v Op Jamesa-C.mHa dnewsn l
'C. asha not kra YOver Succedingl Sel
ibmill pesen goetr'ow fl T ee o ItOr l wU unded --- w
onr O a p Ite guflstolua, 'TALLAHAS8El, Jan.;3 0
SPrede t'm ibnda- Posse e er.k oday- used Leon Circuit Judge .
strike Or tuhed l medlate adblocks, l1fhlane andW alk rsed to
of. i r M ar refused today to ce
Ss ae r ia-ldcoy in an ttempt to track e dy decision the suit o
t" ul b ft-Hartls a614'1m _n th lp _ertlne If the governor elee
. it was. 7% advorf
.4breag T^tenpd It 'Wp desto after a barrage 1 1956.



Following a two-hour hearing
on the merits of the question,,
Walker turned down a request
!rom House Speaker C. Pjarris
lBryant, who brought the suit,
th'at the case be certified to the
state's highest court immediate-
17 without a court ruling.
Such procedure Is permitted
Ey court rules in cases involving
novel constitutional questions
never before determined by the
Bryant urged speedy action,
arguing that he must decide by
Feb. 1 whether he will run for
governor or for re-election to his
Marion.County House seat. pead-
line for qualifying for the Legis-
lature is Feb. 1 but rubernaor-
ial candidates have until March
15. -.
Brant, said he might enter the
]o ov maoras race for me two year
unexpired term of the late Gov.
Dan MeCarty if the court decides
the man elected also could run
for a fill term in 1956.

1WETO -SPARE-If ywore. vitNvibt W .o tw.wP

1 poal. cities througuthouthe world..
i the arrow at the top of the dl.
Sanndd dial. With thidockyou ca
L it' .1 p. m. In friankt, it will bej 7T6' *
f- -'---- --'- --<' r *'*I

50 ft.
50 ft.
75 ft.




1/ price off

....... ....... 10.20
................. 22.50


No. 88 Ancon

,,. it


A venue

Come in and see the

.,0 .R:
NEW "54 ""j

On Display Now

Again I 1954, Ford continues to set the trend
in automotive design... a the way down the
tn'....interior and exterior styling... fine engi-
ieering... engine power.. power-operated
- driver assists.
See the new Ford at your dealer's today. Let
,hi tell ,you about the two new, deep-block your Ford Dealer's

engines. These are the most modern power
plats in the industry.
Iarn. about the Ball-Joint Front Suspension
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road (including the most expensive).
Learn with delight that you can practically.


custom-build your owi car with the addi'W
of five great power features: power st eri
power brakes, 4-way power seat power wi
4dw lifts and, of course: Fordomatic Drive, theb'
most versatile of the automatics.
See ... today ... why the '54 Ford '
than ever the "Worth More" carl "




a .. -. *-, -



Your Friendly Ford Dealers

Tels: 2-1033, 2-1035, 2m1036


* .t -j j a' ..
* '" .- ,

- ..z.

* J ^

:: -4.'

+-'+L-a .-.

Pff 1tiu
tie 0 *i. 0

4- -
^ .. .--
, -, 2 ... a .

S t-

a. *
" -i- 2

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_~_ _

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I I _. .

_ _

'.. *-

' iJ1 f'



" ,. I-

.-_' (

_- d- .





e m-i


h.p. '~*'$'

trs' Lure 30 MiNion

Square Dance 'Squares'

' IC.
Mr* '^ :

t ea the squanes gea
I their intricate maut
and there's a smile on
6 and a,eooek II the, Rye
(mBCer at h tUbelis '-

honoring him as "big brother'
of the year" for 1953.
.'harles C. Berwind, Phila-
oeIhia coal company executive,
and.preaident of the Big Broth-
era of Ameri, sted the

The citation presented to
Rickenbacker a y n h er
said in part: "T.A leader f

4ent (Bi-Boot) of the `. t you ft, f.1.
a0 l 'heffleld A. 8heffle" yyL te
i,1e, ilUtodzaIre cold atoraue 'vi'Y M
lBu. Orator. Shefftie for'ied
S.any hours attending e lto
to the- business of the keepklg ,Q tr'-
1 .e is assisted by several dltioIs r,'0 aae bl
[ lppers" women meqn- brothbr t, o which
fCotake care of thb sna"lc you arY U
-bar ando afte-dan rerefresh- T Ihe rb organization
pneatsd. is a volunteer.n1ovment, to as-
Sufeess -of the dance'. Shefme sist .bo o btw nt, th g of
eays, is the "caller." Th per- 8-and iI rlong o social
- -"rality and ability of the "call- maladj t bget' '. o

,* w,




: ,,-, ; *', .


is WELKIN. Planetec




i 7J"'

iAL A1

''T, ^ ':,
; '; '
k,,= :

py RALPH MONCRIEF or" to get the dancers to mix
and follow his directions is the
LLAS. Tex. Jan. 13 (NEA)- secret to an evening of fun and
eC to the center, and back to fellowship .
ar. Gents to the center an: J Such a caller is RaymornA
Sa star! "Ray" Smith. He in orp of the ,,
Y the rhythmic beat and top "callers' in America and a
idlous notes of t string band permanent fixture Pr t-,. 1,
'the i ltine voice of a **cal- and Slipuer. Ray Is a former
Q.30,.000 Americans swing football player, author of two
from their Grand March to'! hooks on square dancing a
Lmsquares for an evening of teacher in the public schools and
fnl from Maine to Callfor- .. weekl-, class of square dance
and the Gulf of Mexico to enthusiasLs.
Canadian border I When he swings Into some c'd
,p.1nto a square dance, any- hoe-down" number such as tne
e, and you learn about a 'Tennessee Waltz," "Arkansas
me so fascinating It lures Traveler." or "Turkey In 'The
Wgth the population of the Straw." the melody and tone ',f
Od States from their TV sets his voice lead the dancers into
-tce floor for an evenhItg the cadence of the song.
6Iaon so strenuous IL No one. even the most Av'd
ie 1stairini of a football "ancer. is certain of the origin:
O to keep up. of the dance Lloyd Shaw. called
the "grandpappy of the modern'
lance." names two possible I
sources: The New Englanr! Qud.-
... ride pnd -the Kentuclky Running
J. 3et. He fava the latter as e o-
eat to the odenr, soupre dance
Lee Bedford, credited by many'
1 in keeping the dance alive In the
Southwert. believes' it originated
twithl the ancients and was
brought to A*erica from Europe
by the early settlers.
As they mo-ed westward,
they carried t e dance with
them and it girew into what is
known today as the Western
Square Dance.
Bedford. chairmi of at-
rangements fot the N4 conver.-
tion, declares the dance variesI
in different sections of the counn-
rey just as other phases of life:
vary. but remain basically the
Regardless of the origin or
variations of the dance in dif.I
ferent communities. every ds3v
in the week dancers troop to
their favorite spot for an evr.-
ning following the musical voice
of the "caller" as he swings out
,e with: "chicken n the bread parn.
kicking' out dough. Grab your
: Ray Smith is partner and away you go!"
the nation's ten best.
'dancinp? Why. It's t jR
tioecatic pastime of al'. lRicsaMl fpi VVll
gvier of humanity. Aud
fin35.0o0 dancers from '5 3 Bin h er
'"Amertca to Dallas in
-three-day National
Convention. 'Pa e rm k
square the Wife r
"rq "promnenades" with I
om'her husband's of- WASHINGTON, Tan. 13 ruiother. a truck driveri- Cap. Eddie Rickenbacker,
sifionmsTe swing therr board chairman of Ealstern Air
to the "Flop Eared Lines, received from President
-,t Iirisnhow'er jtoda a lsnca r


OUT THEY COME-A sculptor at the German Heas t
in Cologne checks some glant models of human teeth hvtaging
out on a washline to dry. They are part of the museum's s bilee
exhibit which is currently touring Germany. The pl04# t6eth
are used to demonstrate effects of 'various stages ot dL.y Ui
dental health is neglected.

SEAL OF. APPROVAL--Perf t harmony is dmemtenia by
this jazz-loving seal and his trainer, Armand Gerrne, as they
perform at the Merdano .ircus in Paris, France. 'The sea
that played in the "Greatest Show on Earth," can suppeadly
play the harmonica cry with nusic ~d juggle W.
S -- .. .. .. .. .

-.- -

MIAMI, One Way .......$70,04 Rpgud ti. S i6,O
'UUAYAQUIL, One Way.. 80.00 Round trip 144.40
QUITO, One Way....... 86.00 Round trip 154.80


Cargo rates also reduced. Consult with our office
Perd Avenue No. 15, Telephone 3-3283 or see your
el asnt

,. :.

Cat Carols

A Girl's Best Fr'eid




Toe Tough


r ; I;t'i

. Ma

!rZt8 Aj s Pm iu ENDS


L0K1,c CAR.iFY ,, I gul'V
W ol .R AFW,. BE

*,' -
V... ,




o What?.

I MTW0~g..

12 as



BUUDiUiL Merry Chritmnaa


P mAm*H OtX C.HSNwy I
J00, VW91MWt s MN
-ti%-- Z ,
/Li 00- D


i-ag ..-

t a OA i

ExwittlDttTSU *L 00tQO T 4> W
IW vMWd"% Orr It
alktTAX M ON AMa3 ,0 Tn
fwP& ^ML'W.. WW J1e I U-l.

- 0

nVuu r W4Xi, wMa;


iaurahlaU b the Isle Log


. M660QN. I L R-. 1
P1571V1 -CiaR aITDn lAn Ui


vuIJ SOAAullt Muuu b


r m .-Lp r u N"


W E:
---1' ^ ^


JX .. .. ..t"i/, ,
4I. n- .=

tW R OH, Wh ,V
'l HADT "AlMO l5>1

--. -..,"~ -i~ '

. j 4 .









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I'LL M K T ON la iT l .

_ '. ,, ..

' '

- I;


,'. .,


Sa --



%Wb .0 1


tay agen1

' ." 1
,,, ., ,, .... ...... ... ,. _, .. ..

.of 2= "- lwB n ,.*e arevisiting-Mrs.
AP- ort apt thW illy, D oand Mrs. Samuel Apek Mr.

at. i' La .'.'.fve oter guests wmere bl. nd aiad. Captain id Mrs. :Arthur st
Sad Mrs. 'Aycoc, Dr. M Mrs. Joh Busbey.
M. Wilkerson, Dr. and1!ri Fzip4ik
digtE. Riefkol, and Mrs. odqgas Mr. Ad Mn. Fl
Dinner Honers "Ohblears" Reters From Vacafoen
M Idona ,. ead cMr. and Mrs. Fred Newhprd Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Flinn re ,,.
C eded nur attforf a group of visitors from Oo, turned Mondly ftrom"a vacatlofn T Brst
Starlkl$ -, ~and their other gqsts. were also spent in New York aud hristmas Curiu .g .
,S .o.., J..B. ,-ofrom the ...Buckey...State. with relo.ves O ro. I Oegon, nt
as Thehonorees were Mr. and Mrs. C in'houae.' -a
Fo .h.'I C., Lo We, Mrs. Dale Cr. Mr.. aa M. Edwd Mll each and
edg vi Jan- urc h win wn e ehael, of Columbus, Oo, Who spaugh etrtained the Fl with door. Te n rse at
uOry 6d to evu n ag t 730 at the home -t t. the omuseguesta of Mr. and dinner the evening of their arrival. mn.
ur oi stBmqso a ho.rd e 1 aopate. ?se Biatt C. h 3 hi na a., efpB Mar. ala bowu o wE ers a. e sote will be X
16- Won. vnelliaoetGm o l n d Ctldy. iguerite Martin and r, W. HMrs of. it Of. .b
o L & Avenue. Mrs. oremt beNs00l'amanC a asham, Sr., also o Columbus, Cflatobal Rainbow. Assembly No. morrow ev/ins at the am
Janye. LU heoattfr. Members mnO Hamradan Clightly goad Its .l o .
Mal i fte J ua fi a fe n vite d to ats d tegtirIB maon _r _--10_ .tvi.Y and Mr. and Mrs. Swearingen..
Mr. a-n th fl Ag.'n "- 7:30 M. 1 tl CtI. A. W. C. Fleas.-"
Ar6s have issued Inviatnl6m for M 9Ms Saow Toml ght Houe, d. Interesting 1. C
~ their daughter, The ry show 'Crossroads Mrs. pol 'Fernadez pre-
e7as. to Ro araevag I ibell beld at the .Y.. ir"W er a
,rv C. A. this evening at 18:00 and sembly of the ColQn Unit of the
o de. a Sa, l exhibit the at alen Th i; Cpuno lInter-Amer.ican Women's Club
Can t ene in P Gades a i, in n d Vocal-O tha st ealc o l t1 dhiMet Monday at the Club
da r Ppadgm. ~ eWime hn clde voc a&-aof thdi t a1ete Building.,
aeen -d uts, m-billy9 baaL. bs .. held m ,at $j a in the WELL APPR .gr'an walada a It hard. Mrs. Olga Roe was announced..h
V i. ...- .g and drum numbdra, a ballroom 4n a 91 0" Plans to believe his eyes-a e a man-size druimtics from as chairman of the rummage snale
ie.f iat ei g. B ark. s The chorus will at will be md. r the CpL Josqpb Gaapt of ad. Ohio., The bey. wam amon to be held in February. Members .
sdale"' Ltne regtC lob~ela Bb d ltea A wry. third aAy." mnnuan ". p Refresh- thousands of chiIgen gwh juestsaab of GI.N' stationed with are advised to send all used cloth-
vadsealt oe. threat isned to attchd, tnSl will0^ uses4 Tr &h WD1IM1011 bIn raesr
weala 5!a n el.F.esa i iswie d ta me held o. 2 the U 8..Tth ttreDivndfon in Cook ilag to the club, as ooas p.. .
S aret a We o so th. aat it may be classified
byjplano f^kir adn ,aaxon, D.lrl y d o mAt vi Mrs. LaurenGao J dne gave *an ,
Chfor; g ne rafs v e io ~je.. interesting report on the Cfrlstmas
Cad rA om.sfel hem doe" to thrvee f. 'Zed party for the ehlln at'Puerto
wuri j ..t e ot of p anfivt of re tthe an l on ( u the e'on. The members gave her
tuor .te I Sttes. aning of Jan-n trbe held ]adRe at 7:00 p.m. tthe
".d e a r al or -abhNhouse.dtortdi ed such a successful affair.
Mr. and Mrs., F. J. Kranse of llme l ting, lil The following eommhttees were',lcEl :l
Tranummuyu Fturls T0a. i F ....5 refres"ime

:eandey Migof R& tao noy t e iU p ne s I Te lo gl o alWeTMrmato4urgersr at pint tol n m teo we re
ae roMrs Ai ouet are m otot f lt ba arch n appointed for theu international ,
Corozat Areas who rth.y are ow ~ aheo l re a nmme rcial Exposition. Mrs. Car- an
go alFrdaiTcCats Quiroz ani[ Mrs. James Facer
a s o to t r ra. l b o5t hel sign u thuf d aniv i n f a re to he d ethe group. M rs. Julia .
Mtor. gdrs -. iv b dthe stagnating o the Japan-Unit-S r n tl o al- uh e anin to orga nie rthe 'adies
Mr A- d i.of r SW rd k ,Cd- e St l tes treaty on Marcho f, teur i r. .GAYNO MADokX s r wills act as ede a d inter- m y nF.
a nU^o f ALo ,and, Anv e nua P a r k a n e l l ti on.. outo n. M r s J o h n K e r n i c k w i l l c o il- .
a O o ano t e the charter ai nd iarett o r .mar t o ctplants to place on sale.n a s.
Ja -u, n rrHospo- cac the lt to be' -nhis M e Vam'vfileon Our Southern California' riends right, in. lightly 'greased shallow*R K. Y. Dusinberre will orjazse

Po 'ofaa Hih n o an, Voiey is osp untn prt-temt gill o r owo ue s t spon had iet tomt ange e chazrmanagp dat Mrs-
s of the Uited Stats N T ary Rev. ymo Tride themselves on the W they bak ig dish Bake in moderate a are gup decorate eas

br iiL aen C crs sd be f-a o mt re jnd th oil rr mea grou ap unies" margarlat..0 y
or Mar-Collectorsma y el-a er, ad of t e Cathedral have with fresh tomatoes re are oven 350 degrees F.) n rs. Auuso Lar and Mrs.
nnd d d stape 3-4 size nor e h o WI b. the two sugt tons from Los Angeles. uncovered, until browned- bout er are working to prepare
S LMrs.' l at dJ, Stryd s a ataha velops a d nd main s ar o a ual .iA. hinutjes. l aprons, pot- holders and other fan.
il Indp ns are Mr. sealed) ith ode-cent per cover parish hr.ld co er-idish Western Tommat- u roger Tom a's otufle via dA Spin ach cy work e
SEdw1rds'of' Gamla nd hgforwarding fee oeRaymond dinner at o e Os cogl Church (Makes 4 Ti. n,) Anyone d qlrLng to work withr -
Aln 1o/ Pnow poundSf-o amtooir mo forpowhequested t ilem e to the 1 w el
andMrl s. Th e all aton al eldoson.e. i Friday it 10:00 a.m.
a uary 13. Repoh from thie iparo or meat drippings, I small on- .fre 'i spnsch, 2 tabjpoons but-a Two trip are bela, organized,
o hiod a o sh, organ lztlins nd the-pan- Ion, mI 'ced r grated, .1 cupAfine teror marg..ine. o teaspsn F te San Bias Islands oni
fEdwarsd, oh Jan. 2 ome Commodore Mtew C. Perry tor e annual report to the con- dry breadcrumbs. cup fresh fur p heavorun reruary/1d at a cost oe to $ga operot the E- A
The Capilbor were former res- returned to Japan early in 1954 gregatlon will be presented. tomato pulp, 2 tablespoons mincedrdiluted evaporated.a Mrsat- 2and1ereor. Call Mrs. Gbo alozn
deM With the steamers usqueha Electins to the Vestry Corn- parsley, teaspoon Worcestershire pepp dash of nutmegI February o
s salt, peppdTe ow dqaer.oe dryobroadcdumb. "0ate1138-H for complete tiformabtion.
pal the f6imer r3otb' 'Powerha,s Misisisippi and Powhatan mittee Ctioscanderbsandelegates t6ndofAtheeiteauce, 2 teesi prograe of. OI
da ofMr. Tn r lt the saying ships Maceo- a nnl eonvoc tl in on l ab ut thin slice from stem end of Cut-mi.slieo stem end of An interesting program of 3-nted
Po f Diablo Heights. nlan, Vadalia, Soutbhamptonlo w hill !held. each tomato. Scoop out centers with sp.ooon, nd invet tor oo ueps uar the chairmus .sbp of Mrs.b
Sand- Lexington. The, receptions ao ma o mp enton eroaon ,pofMrs.
o Tounsament Wioners Most friendly and several lCapt."JY,`r. Dietz o I resent with spool (savet he pulp) and gJto da b. Cook od m a "Panama"
Sthe reniat pl tr. erences wre held. ab, preliminary report from the i rt t at rin- ab eo tK ieo were Nr. Mre
in e., treaty signeddMarch 31 OW iao tt nn og to IB for oil cr meat lthgs qlu ufhtih buttelehr margarine.. om of -Hoyt.r sot
hf. t fmanWves rS ivie tdt-o on oAprriS t ias fn oflu a aucnwomanlto e orani od t ,oand Fe sag a n

te atudIe-F. gob o p eo r on Stir in flirve r br ety lend .A t rib of gurtad rists Messrs. tBred-e
clauses; e t favald-na attaanne h ir min g dand ine farmh pcual CIonas, Morales and Fuaez sang andW
an am~ beahldoL2gth to!g u'Ite an in c re m pand s3 c o eiqusdl played during the tea..
an a M clouded itas te;akodaed orcs nedfom satcusowit h zanMt.ENr.adebadk
Sm m i tk.'oe h u u .tqmtle p-slightl.tickened. Add cooked spin- The beautifully and appointed tea
an". aArcanshipse foroal Te awoman'solorynB g acn eason with salt, pepper: andewas served by Mrs. Lus Hernan-
o de o withae "IalrbmbsuantTwithhbutter. Bake members were: Mrs. Clarence Al.
Yu sailorsn.and Itmt en absu,5miu esin m e te the i o mmittee. Tbs colmidte Hor,
AWne *= eoTh about 15 minutes in mdceratebovedberga, Mrs. John W. Forrest, Mrs.
A I' *o"arg .e em-" (350 degr-es F.) until crumbs areJohnRa. Mrs. Eldridge Hord,
t pyearPar wasW he donp oe and lightly browned. Mrs. 0, -D. Gray, Mrs. Arthur E.
a or aoa o bythe .United states with f b hre- Invited. Enter in- hd t" aLander. 'Mrs. Olga Roe, Mrs. Jerry
frs. yTh'e IORn w a five-cent commemorative meant for t he children willbe J I__ Jr. xolZarriello. Mrs. 0. E. Jorsta,-,
Girls. The sallatiw hldpostage stamp on July 14, the provided following the dinner. Ie Mrs. Maximo Carrizo, Mriss.rGl- Do
as planned, on January 23. IOQth anniversary of his open- riltia Castillo, Mrs. Carrodad Domin-h
T o h lTmar he M aribbean College a 'Club's guez, Mrs. Anibal Galido, Missa
about hbeln Olga Grau, Mrs. Juan Venturat
DlCard Group of the Balboa RU Mys.E 'on Jan. nys amo~fle o held a sRI ER at le O A .
Ls omtoBiWoman's Club wileC bhl hold idtsregu-. Ithislleo.1D.lictee....
Chi .ty luncheon gathering at noon rShe has been W~eede for more ae an attendance to bqual or ex. The Atlantic Brige Club held n sers h s
mn hJcuary- 1 at the home of Mrs. H T IN than a doSetnyears but never kave teeu that of liMt yar, whel ap- dTit rglar evening, games Mon. t m
HeihtsR. rgevat ;.-ma- be plaib about her husband. ;the affair... t pee;The Club Is having an individual ,, ,
Sabmstetponerourasetatdb ouryba
made by Tphonig- MA.; ady, They know his goqd quali qs- for the club to award 'a $40 m
Curundu 2 2; or Mrs. Henry Star-t- "' Mange has seeu to h Alil In May, 1953, to atplayed at 7:00 p.m. Jan. 22 at the G fm tod It1s .
rett, Cur 2col Mrs. Starred t 'r clt telltyou what Marge wish- rnduating senior of Cristobal Margarita Clubhouse. All bridge ..,,, lain eetter-aN d r.I
and Mrs. T..' Tassin are co-host- tjpE t es, be would do that he doesn't 'High senhooL-.o players are cordially invited to .
h Eady for the Evening that swish he wouldnparticpate. Entries must be by
esses wit rs. Eadyfor the vennn m ~ whot wasl. he er Maria Gonzalcz toJanuary 20. Ptse contact Mrs. -,,'fgn.Jnury40b Son 'tact
luncheon. ". 'rhe regular monthly..meeti Consequetly ...eAp fesie.ds n of Colon A d Mayor Jose D. EBa- IS.n. :oa 3-
Social 31i. Mondayy scff Lo ends" National ernot -only h a lot ,l ,,,.at, a zan have thec luted compli17enta- orgt. J. V. Fleming at 77-. l l
The N. C'.O. Wi'ei Clubof Fait ctFederal Employes,wilbecall ..pect for heir husb ,ad, they all r sticketr le Ptherclub's presi- Monday'sig"aa t7I7.1
Clayton._.wX sponsor a social bin- to.orderprowe psutky nive ndindtcUMtheir Interest inThe office Isth erdm-
go Mondsfe'All at7:00 Intiru ue onhve Chive, .She !srrt- y,.Zem'''s. is.Wie"n ert"proval of thepri ih rn 4 or take your social were: North and South: 1. Mr. 1fh
14. C. 0. Wives are invited to at- mber intlrobfor a woman to go auId talkig to encourage and help olur friends dt.'t realize this you Jeaune Dobie and Mr. H a r r y ,
tend.. should be in the lobby o ut he r b fat
Curundu Clubhouse at 7..o howl uer toumend ttlhouen i po -nto continue their' can givethem .f gentle hint by F.edland; Mesers. Sidney Pas-
truu hem upwaain- the hndy h education saying wheh at theIsalaigue and George W. Geiger. '
-hel TMsnamas one- Lonte, A discussion of hospital-serv- Andisee'or.wie enough o kn caldlEast and west: Mrs. T. Paterson
The. Panama ea~and charges hospital Insur- that if a wife lets her husband's 4%h& no wmanaent of the you tonight athome?" S and Mrs. N. Chapin: Dr. and Mrs.

.....__....____....__"_,_,,_ ,l v~t/th o welcome the passengers of the MAASflAM.,

: At the Arralin lbeundary line Robinson's 'Patent' Barley
I .accord th Artle V Section 1. of the *laws, added to your baby's for-
Iaccord da with Article VII, Section 1, of the Bylaws, aua Ley ula maa cow's nulk more
use on ill be held rei tm Glden fried chicken digtib1l graduallUymau-
sB,^ 5 on :at 7:. pJ. Trsh bath Hometoade rols tms i to Wehy foods.
1. idnaWa 1 beminutes of the last Annual, a etria ebele at S Try x- how your baby
_. t1.s -_--ALSO-uhtese. -eF.r,.
1. ilgbsie of Oe or"l CommitteeCreoit i -ALSO-
Committee, and... v (a-i t ,. 'i e e9
3". f i"tait a. r -I-Ib--w_ ___ .eea. h-a-B
4to a declared as S... ..
e5-' gia o~n~ w- (AIca O o.m ARRAIZONA RESTAURANT P OS I
B 501 JO1 W. McCOT u -eiraSt trip p ut
Prea __ twHit. Male o te al raUM. h the oeantry. I

S ** ,. ... .. .


& -!Jhe 2forentine koom


Managed by *"pre" Motta, S. A Colo .



FAC -E. .

I. i

M' W SJ my saiB| Ave. ea n aE


rL._-.International Harveeter
trdf 7 cu. ft. $150.00.
Avenue No. 91. Apt. 6.
_SA_ -Mehagoa y btedrom et
let* with double innerspring
I $150.00. House 1553-5.,
:-Krohler livingr-oomr suits
table, end tables. Hollywood
iSgInisc. items. Phone Albrook
or see at Qtrs. 275-9.
LE:-Large four burner gas
$71.00. Delivery Jonuary
telephone Panama 3-0226
office hours. After hours 3-

FOP SALE: 947 ludebekq 4
deer mdle. RaII like a tip. leIy
payMsim. Cea be flienMd. SIeet
a HeieMhIIt, r~ semet,- Centril
Aveeue. Til. 00, Coleo.

FOR SALiis---l4rgoin, 1946 Ford, 4
door, radio, good condition, infor-
mationt te lphonem -1251 er 2-
OR SALI-1951 likick laper 4
dper sodem, drle, mew tIe, *ye-
flv. See it nd ie, It. Sm4et I
NMikult, Ifth elhmt, Ceirtal
Avenue. Telepbe s00, Cele..

FOR SALE:-Packard V-12, 7 pas-
senger Sedan. $490. TeL 3-5422.

.Chowr $2.00. Tables o "p."m.
no Closets from $2250. FOR SALI --194 Chekulet 4 dokr
i a from $19 00. ,Mahog.- i an. miiedn .ed T e w-0"Ut.
u Set $59.00n o New),t Mete mM like Mw. meet ,d
Sofa Bed $125.00 New Huq..m, 16M Sheet. Caltnel
"leds completely $39.00. Ave,,ue Teele 0 Cele..
aed% complete with new FOR SALE:-1949 Cadillac convert-
$3 .50 special'. Mtal bible. ekcelent' condition See et
Ii frame only) $2 50. Rebuilt Austin Agicy. Tel, 3-0607.
ia'" $25 l00. Side-'ir .i SALII -" 4 d" -
Sfrom $1200. Many other $65 R w i.- rio er ee00
.House Auto Row Down pymendit very low. Smeet &
1, Payments. re delIver. Tel' Kumweu. ik etqt Cent e
'1-- ..... Ae,,. Tepe,~eae lelei ..

ii.6t. 60 c.le0. Pr r Cer $ -6 new tires, r;dio, heater $250 00.
Apply River Bldg. Apt. i, Good condition. Gotup Radio Sta-
ply Riiea lg. tion.

A *aell IlermaL de PoblsalesU
S .. 45 Centra] Ave.
raque Leeve T e .
16e C teal Ave.


DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central Avenue "K" Street. corner.
telephone 2-3479, Panama.

(Dane Combo)
Featuring stateside rhythm and Latin
American melodies, birthdays, recep-
tions, anniversaries. TeL 2-1282.


FOR SALE:-AKC Registered Cocker
Spaniel Puppigs. Phone 84-2240.
FOR SALE:-Sidewalk bike. Excellent
condition, $15.00. Folda Rol,
baby stroller. Excellent condition.
$10,00. Albrook.2102.I
FOR SALE:-Young plants of Night
Blooming Cereus at twenty five
cents each. Call 2-1083, Jordin
FOR SALE:-Borgoin, piano. Colon
I th St. 8052 (Store) 4 to 7 p
FOR SALE:-One Mellink steel safe.
practically new. Apply 8055 Bal-
boo Avenue, Colon.
WANTED--Diplemot desires furnish-
ed chalet. Telephone 3-0388.

:- endix yroatle wsh FOR SALI:-1949 Cevrolet 4 dew /
f iu^size dresser aerm never wld
S i hon eFotl tk street. Cantiral Avenue. Tel. Employer wish
Phone. Fort Dvis ephe 00 as maid o
i' _'.. -_- "_" FOR SALEI -1a97d Dodge 4 door nd refer
:--Leaving zone. Must sell Re n cndr an. r eo
January' 22. Dou b ed .odcndtion.
anua/r24-44222 4Dou3e b Telephon 3-4845. 48th St. No R
iius. Caoil 4-442 4 30 to -
S OR SALE:-1953 Ford Pick-up Ike _
wn er, eecr new. Must sell this week. Call FOR SALE-.
ie. $15.00, ironng board, 2"
.le; cabinets. Dunlop lathe, P 2- Tel. 2-57-
; matching mahogany double FOR SALE:-1952 Buick Dynoflow.
-$ ingle beds; telephone table; one year old, good qs new. 8 300 FOR SALE-
n Shepherd Dog; Misc. 150, miles, duty paid. Leofter upholster- rooms, 2
i e treet; Balboa Hb ghts. ing. Make ae ntfav. ResoW. leav- lvingroom'
doone Balboa 1389. ing country Calle 2a. House 210 For inform
-Prc i La Cumbres. Tel, 2020, 39,. An
S :--Practiccly new .refrg- -- --- F SALE'
,RV&9Cft.. roosonable price FOR SALE.-1947 Nash 4 door Se- FO SALE:.-
tiVia Porras 56 Apt. 6 don..May be een at Union Oil Co., furnished.
4. .- La Boca Rd. Telephone Balboa hot water,
ey's bedraood r t. Venr- J257 Telephone
3 4. 6 X 4, refrigiroter, -" .
t r44 no ,3 SALt:. Be ,db oker 4
......... ". 'r. ot.I'a i o.p Curundi
-lp Wan wted S. WS kinon. W.C. Rak
FOR SAL.1949 V-8 Custom. 4-
-- and housemaid. Apk- deor eden. Radio. new seat covers .
jly Atrbix r-g. Apt. 6, Colen, R. batter. Vry liberal terms. Curun- c -
t,7rylb rlfrm.Cru-'1h Wl

r w


u 7- "'
r~~ *\ ------ --


ed Position
eho t piece reliable girl
id laundress. Information
ncp. ~ql B'alboa 3041.
eal Estate
-Farm ot "Maria Eu-
;libre, with water service.
13, Hassell.
-House for sale. 3 bed-
bath rooms, dining and
i. Maid's quarters.
nation write to P. 0. Box
)on, C. Z.
-House in "El Volcan"
gas stove, refrigerator.
fireplace. I hectare land.

I Residents

mmbig Pool

/'^^f~a^ 11l011


Foster's Cottaoges. llo
Santa Clare. P N v
linens. Phone BaoeZr .

WILLIAMS' Santo Clare 0h Cel

hie Oceanlde
-Clers, la ? 435. .a
Howsm on bqeuo Smte-Cle. Alm
Phor ee Mcaretaker h Ie
orw caretaker OwN

Gramlich Santa Clar Beach cottages,
electric refrigeration, .lla rtoves,
moderate rotes. Phone 6-441 er
FOR RENT: To reponsile partly
only. Furnished three bedroom
chalet on the corner of Via Espana
and Calle Colombia. Rent i.200.'-
00. Apply to 8th Stroet 4I. IT.
FOR RENT:-Furnished Hoeue. Three
bedrooms, parlor-dminngroem, two
baths, kitchen, patio with baher. 2
car garage, and one maid'* room.
6th Street, Golf Heights. Telephone
3-1245. Panamq. _
FOR RENT:-Luxurious and modern
residence in exclusive residential
sector. Telephone 3-0347 or 3-
FOR RENT:-Furnished chalet three
bedrooms, two bathrooms, from
February 1st. to April. 30th. Tel.
3-1206 office hours.

ATTENTI)N .N I. Just built modern
furnished apartment, one, t wo
bedrooms, hot, cold wateh. Tel-
ephone Panama 3.4941.
FOR RENT: Two bedroom apart-
ments with maid's room and private
terrace. Rent $110.00. 48th St.
Jy,-. l5 .&$on I'..,h'-.< Sf

* bedro 160ln'opm, Iv
, *~,m o#om, rpor

ment.- reeed .diol 2
Set it 34th' Stletkt No. 2;
I-4 b L-. a.-, -..

Recreational-minded and com- 'RINArm *B i
SmLnunity-spirited residents of Cu-
eOf Harrison Remains r,.. ^,,.
S. .. Area are sponsoring a fund-ra-, 2- 3065
*/ e j ng project to construct an out- -
ided A g i st 1 ijfl' door swimming g pol in the ve FOR RENT:-Unfurnished one bed-
.e AgW aIn11 fc I el cinity of the Community.Cepter. room apartment with kitchen, bath,
The Curundu Swimmlng Pol diningroom, Ilvingroom. break-
-- o -- Association Is being organized to fast room and garage, corner Apt.
Foster the project as a commu-1 La Joya buildirig 4th of July. Ave.
yU5S. lan. 13 iUPI-The between'the boy and myself ana nity enterprise designed to be-; Rent $85.00 monthlv. Phone Pon-
V. Rf lon house wa tle isa id0,iwit.hiam." neflt approximately 580 families ama 2-0027or3.0763.
n .W y but there Hie re used to take seriously with over 800 children. y rtty. fur she apartment
gue.. about it being the.appHlations of hbi-wife, hi., The swimming facility, ac- *rys Frl"tdfuer telephone. Va Es
ioa vnst itself. 19-year-old son and the only cording to the initial plans, will Qs ,v.-- h Es
on, 'a venetian" blind other womalptl e r-ms. m be c6istrute byi-contributed la- pa"o last lows before Juan Fran-
eturtr whose. place f l etsh in te A cpetiters' bor and fund-raised monies c _.
4 sti(hbeing. 1p ete; on through voluntary contributions "
tee t.peratture by his "They're justba ing the union and entertainment projects, al- R T
I is.l vUe,.w IncIlned.:a? lherage" h Id. ready under way. R ,RENT I
S strike. f4, higher,'ge Jr., carry- TihL saturday evening In the .
."r ulous.. .... Uni h a, said Olis rear of the, Fire Station in Cu-! ROOmRB
i8' n Iv doing in th flliher. had erae t(l.o'boost lis rundu a "'.kick-off" dance has,^FO RT-it-- h-- o ut
at this time of the year 75-cents a our pa been scheduled wih Angelo Jwith or hout
ison"..d.Our AYt h he ned -to marry bn pe andsheiul14piete l or asta furniture to couple or gentleman.
Sqr u ... thoo n he,Lanl omIarry inlpe and his 14-piece orchestral p. ^l'
4x. _anyone out or tw, ... engaged for the occasion. Tick- Poerne' 1- o 14 At
.W. nobody would Mrs. In wh. said she eta are already on sale and will Ph,. .-- 39
wat toe.get in. ha!nd WoeksA.,Oml .the iVlt"t flz also be availaible at the dance. )R RtNT:-Furlshild room L
of our_ brain do.O t ye-. d.tdheIe .WTeeIv- Admission price is $1.50 per per- str~ No. 8, upstairs, behind
one and ma and- Re .d -no '? ll Bit she wat son A number of door prices alre Boyd'si o office, facing De Les-
..expect n" .-n caler L 'att.aperl to. ab %u ri-being offered to stimulate dance saps Park.
e. Certainly none to the _n'si r W- to the seire. attendance -.,'RENT:-ella Vst. clean fur..
"0e WAS Just as sweet as. can tast Sunday, "Dodgem," a no-, R RENT:--.Bella Visto. clean fui
on said his cleMffe'jbb *-be,' she As. "He didn't say a vel carnival auto-car concession nlslh n Kitchen focilties.
be family picket line wae s ord but he's aoog to be s opened at Curundu and attract-' Electric rTertor. 43rd St. Ne.
b te effect of the pu.- before t's .ll ove1r." ed a large number of lun seek-I--- -
ton his other five chil- Tom Hathaway, business agent era. OR SALE.--NiceIy furnished rooms,
.o the carp'ienter Locial*, IMV Other ects planned to bachelors, preferred. fine location,
thi uproar is bound to! plied the umbrelh and th com-raise tl.: cessary funds to No. 45, 4th of July Avenue, up., to them," ve e,.r n. ..... reatlze the construction of the stairs.
'I've 1ee11 0M n gazrda laborlool Include a three-day fair, .... ....
ife should be harre wih ,for 20 yesa kI T've never heard time in February. Several iFOR RENT:---Congrejo. nicely fur-
i. This is a family fe.nd.f anything like this before." thsan dollars worth f przesl ,nihed cool ream with means avail-
have been ordered and side able. Cotl 3-1789 or 2-1693.
shows and special attraction IFOR RENT:-Nicely furnished: two
I Stayed Away Fromi CZ Doos paralIelng a real stateside fair .ge. eMiA, -bl rooms; pri.ati
Effort willbe offered,. bath and'frigerator; hot water G
Y ,Q D-kaL g I .1 An old-time minstrel show kitchen privilege. Peru Ave. No
t YIeIar 9 Mla Oj I IKeS ItI and a Litle Theater production 65. Lower left:
and several subsequent dances -----
-.- vPrer also planned for the future., Oi
ll on the Isthes forban 24 hours over the headwats The general jpublicT Ginvited. ive 6
ir ea vr of 1953 u raabe-'rf tho -harm -io n

CLE cA e- V.P ov- C ine i~ates and PuUWu RI-
atd e we tersl th and the er Director lecture On India
n one of the e tlle~t on1 T he eitherr waa a little I
had It not been broen, warme thin umuat dtrtn' the hrL I
1.E.\*:1.* '. :1thrn usul.:r: n v te 6hi ied Misslies Tooi* A 8
ber, ac.oriLng, to the bal begin" 0.3 degre-.end Balboa M. i o 1
r ort issued by the 0.2 degrees abovee the monthly 5 I1U Outl Ahead IUnirverat pofessor Dr. Wil-
and Hydrqgra- mean. i US u VIA heid liam Campoem. world famous
WASHIM TON, Jan. 13 (UP lecturer wilt dewver a talk on
bo the rainfall The hottest day in Balboa K. T. Keller. former Defense India at .I. t. t night at the
i rn felae lesl -' 1i 'hts ra s Deicente. 29th :r:,~ment gulded missiles di-. s. InfKetation Center here
Crb', the hemometer reached actor said today the United under the eponsorshi of the
Crspot ofbl the tradi nad I9 degrees. :.t:-3 is m akin "tremenduoma" Internatonal Rouse chapter In
oinhMeo of trein The ogres In the eld of automapnama.
.of 118. 7 In ..hes of an The c Amy.... .... d fI th tic weapons ano he does not
ili.a. i S. as d a e i lieve Russia can keep S0 pace. The ow' .lecture will
2*4 =a M.I tl;nw fysr 57 4 I -,,, "-a, .e P'cover: )In1ia,. a sub,-r.-ti-
,l 6?. 'a -* &ment after A ApHaroldh era, climate.
*13 US 300 dmlago 415 B. Talbo..ttpr the Airb(2) Indiac dry. (3) The
g '_.. .__ e conrdd e ,dl B Force awp'd for ZWeption4al Cl-I Pep a' ).a ( ducal' ion
*--" iW* 1mrs N dur- vilian service. In -nd. (5) Ohandvs place bSSeaem It .. Keller's defense con- IU t, cigy of Ind an.
S.lnt 3thon ll of tributncpn during two world wars how Inde Ut we was Mrved.
SIn W"' toef and the Koreau War. li) What the British did and
*lby b cak to fet tlocaly. Theother Ketner said r-ided mtiieW did a- t do eT India. (7) Prob-
,,".:!. u nd. Pmay be supeaod b b tter lIm tIing Indiam today. (8)
m In wvons ame d, but mjPagIXndt's a e plae I tae futal of
-AM-ri- are- "the best n I e M iLW to wr

O Dipla







is Beautiful!
*;* *





-. : 5

* .:^ -* .1

usk'*""'*' J *'
*MiMM-h~~~IPee ~ii -

F. da*5 13I

mie.a =. htMINX na' I
IeXce. S.A.
nuuia m ~pr{wi8a


Ancon, acprding Jo the ad-
vance p-ajger IIst, Of these,
seven will disembark in Port-
Iu-Prlnce,:HajtL ,
The passengers for Haiti are
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Brun-
ton, Mrs: M rvine M. Davis and
two cfldren, and Dr. and Mrs.
BarretP. Tyler.
The omplate advance pas-
senger list of the Ancon for
New York follows:
Mr. and Mrs. George M.
Baumgardrer; Harold Berko-
wit ; Besle B. Campbell; Mr.
arid Mrs. Lester T. Chance; Dr.
Paul De Crocco; Evelyn Doher;
Heny H. Doudican; Rev. John
Enitrom,; Hector i4cobdsa;
Mry utnk*; Mr. d M
-Aaro mGoldstein; Rut Hall;
Rev. Thomas Hayes; ad Mr.
'and Mrs. Lloyd John on;.
Rev. Bernard Kerr Ian; -
bel/ A. Kramer; Marie Lauer-
man; Mr. and Mrs. Willam
[lvin; Mr. and Mrs. George B.
Lowery and 2 children; Mr.
and M. Ralph Muller; Wedad
News; Rev. John O'Donnell;
Mr. and Mrs. William Pensh;
Glenl Pnaridcs; Mr. and Mrs.
Freddrick Rave; Gerrtude Reld;
Mr. and Mrs. Dino E. Calk and
Ison; Mr. and Mrs. Robert
BchlesInger; and Henry Stone.

Fan nil Starts

Tr g To Or aize

ROME, Jan 13 fUP)tY-Premier-
.leslgnate Amilntore Fasfanfi b.-
I.n organizing a lightly left of
canter cabinet ttoday with the
Ipletedg Support of hb ChUtuan
Democratic party for a vital so-
dIel reform Program.
Fanfarnil provisionaslly aceeptod
Preldent Lulgi Enaudl's d1-
natten yesterday to form a new
government to ead Iaija poUh-
Oal criaWl
Shortly afterward, t Chrts-
Uan Democrat backed hlm
ttrongly. FonY a meesat of
party executive presided ovw
IY former P-mtr AWN e do
CaIperi last nI:ht, a Ateiet
wMa Jseed saying:
S"The oam aes of tia
Vill permit frfanl.. to Z YU
Ie obHga uns a h away as
tIo obtain the MSfest 1sde cd

ri uen. as

~.'1 new 195O FOrds were on
dIly 'recently at Colp M6t -
w th e local lori dberl
TAno. ether of attrction-.'
P Bew. .-b y 'wer e blAVe-
b~ htd of bi cuc
der MlA this el11aiftUtpAye.
noew orde. n the alln the Cr
Another ew Inmovatioi In te
Fordsua IUs xb nlno bail joint
AUsppSPOMp which I fain
troliner I p more.nltn ant el
ates the 9ld style -kinm pins
and bushngp.
Two aqw m~obls were Inmtro-
duced Into the orWd Uin4a A
new forder called the Crst*
liner is a more.lutullouA l1aa
and featur mmnore by iirb -
mnunm pid may ote M
awomey. woven nylon w_*

A new Crestule Syer cm
alio be"n 0dto-tbp
that featiwe a new & t W de W
ed transparent roof senn
coveIntgl r driving comptrt.
mant. T 'top. creates a *
mosphere of openeda ag d yet
filters out 50 per cent of the
sun's rays and 72 per cent of
the gIare. A .curtain. Is mount-
ed beneath the traspatrent
panel and can be closed quick.
ly and Masdly.
A new astra' dial controll
panel features a .sper dmeter
alm0,ot directly in the driver's
line of vision with a ti pa-
rent hood that allows 'dylight
to ilu celiste pthe r al, e and

0o an o raive or pthne f-

-fdr a choice, of either the 10
m. l. ... .. .-
Along.The Fei oys

Last Thursday's Initial event
for the new gear, "Bingle Ban-
gle Bungle," gathered4-. larxe
number of ladiea who smoothly
ed along the Ft. Amadqr
Sast Cour.
Events have moved In such a
wAY, that ladies claim It jat
Mae. them enjoy playing antI
et a be ter game w n starting
C.e Is used.
For the benefit of those who
cannot play 18 holes, the organi-
n3ation offers a weekly 9-hqle
tournament, starting Jan.. 1.
Bu i not thise is ty .tth Lbe
you can get There la; hwa rath.
opportuty to be with h Iroup
and get that tan so- delred.
No doubt about that.
We will have to admit that
Alice French was tops last
TIur sday, Jan. 7. She.wag lM
Only one to get 25 points ies)
of 54) which entitled her the
lst prize in the lt flight.
She was followed by Ruth LI-
coM, Ethel PeraftI and Bev
DUfer who came ,ut with a
flat 20 points.
Luck of the draw favored
Ruth Lincoln and Ethel Peran-
tie for 2nd and 3rd prize respec-
Winners First Plight
1st Alice French 25 "at
2nd Ruth Lincoln 20 pil
3rd Ethel Perantle 20 p i0ts.

Winner Second light "
1st C. Heffelfmnger -Wlnts.
2nd U.. avasic -
(A newcomer to te p. I
feckon we have to conIgrtulato
her effort,. Well don a" keep,
On.) ." -.
3rd M SeyboMs. pnta
It must be ree ee tn_,
tomorrow we woL M
ond event of t r
les of the Pan will
be "Beut 's with eme throw
out." ..
I will ome overt Yt Ioue
sry -rooram -.-of- -

new 1.
L. arry 0

YonraVoumusily Stwtim.


4:OQ-eae Reiew
4:30-Whabt'a Tour Favrte

7;a Jo fatr Sow
,,,.,,. iBPORT8

(et.g y .

S:00-Varlety Ab .y m) -
9:3O-2ThwHfa4uW" Hour
lOW:OO.-KQIwoo D4opf Ouse
10:30-The Old Thme asprioo

ATem w, T ay i. .
.11:0.-T.-8"ge on I

AM. ew -l I "

S:A A it* 1

10:0--Off 0e.lbecord
n.... ew ', .
11;0--Ofrf t1 Reco .(contdM)

1 .f.-Luncheon Music
1 1:0--Popular Music
1.: 0-New .
1 l5-Th Personality -Pha4e ad Aner,
2:00-A GOa ro LMos Paul
2:15-AVate stsr-Dmftng
lO---PhqL American Jei.ral
2:45-Th Battle of the ban4' h
3:00-TeA StWAr Concet Hall
3:30-MU _c for Thuwsap7
4,0-FOatUrc Review .-
4:0,- Ta Your Favorite
5:30t-News .%
5:35-Wh*' 'Your ravorfte
:0.--Frenchi the Air' (Lt
6:0'lS--TUE M=XBON gP01ni
f 'I-T el mtm I ...



-~1.4 -




?rourft of JulA1 4




- I


- -- I

I ~ ~___~____












c A & M-;,ob i! Ir





* 'w S" ;*

ijp- rorqi



ames wiwth a t. 0w hich
t tar wear
some ofUN ontoe Ofgetop'Jean

ro 2.,. y f i fhor.
reut mar un-

of Inl eon.

ta ay bachior
tared And a more seri.

td un theee and ens to. bum all her marital
sophtipme ea behind her. achaor
of hi r e '. htccese ele aw frm .an ex-
vhile Ao R. te *-rte _m.l a..wkar, crisis justbe/
voiced turunh ean ho atd- Soe her v Aher m tl

ance,- hisOtOE it tro of staro Aan, has room for frequent
in, anter. JoOus peiflortana tncaS and terpachorean -til
asa goodtnatute talt erate. etlona, which, eabtribute as
The sparkling comedy of "ELt's much to the picture's entertain-
Do It-Again"'-tol agal t tu f ment value us o the'sitution
luph and. plus .h b lund of comedy and wise cracks. -

ir tk

isyu AuwAu *nww. -Tn

Steg-flf Afll-Tint

Ad r4Blandy, hatHeaded

Bi kt Tests, Dies.. Suddenly

UW Y100K, J). 13 (UP) -- "npndbr-hi-cblef of the Atlantic
Ad W. WWla Is P. Blandu, who pleet.
beaded the ,askle for the- ...
Ii, died at Pt, Albans Naval 0os -6. of hi$ est famo -
etal yesterday following a t.~-r St ils es t
Iandy, S. entered the hopi- ra." many washipS t allU
tlBuqnda iait atte* c d" '
fering a tMphe 4i ls home h re pbrta work, 'he received qnug
His wifeW.a so ..JM Oak lead cluster, in lieu of nias
.bedidr a t .. b b ur t Distinguished, Servicea
nt 3:1s0 pm. (Ti ), a -Navy MfedaL
rpofexman said. Until earlI 1344, .BlDr was
:..._ .i *.-.- assaIttdo to Qie setemar lfNa-:
-50 nS 2?' offt ce. Bt resaw& of
ff1 abaft

t N;k j force d M!is the dit s9 Q
e.. 11and 4agur .%tn te Palav
an, tl4pI ? Later he headed a support
n ane, onq 09 ay & = ,u.iP the- pretnvasloa as-.
or na"e rSi. ie 195 relt, o,. wo Jina ad other
but re e t las nds near Okinaws.
v.l Aei aluaon' oard, a 81 a m *
serviceazqd .cKill smetop r n
by the secretary oft he-fvyy* f U. I
study tM Nkr'ls reserve p t r .For Re-Ele ation
Blandy, who was respoiul _WArI 3 1. 13 (,P)
top-mi of thf wea vy, WASHorG,,,, 13 (UF)
c;ples Ir~i ug/ Sen Johz a. parkMzan (D)-
wag cq ndemp4e.In 1946 of "Op- Ala.) today ,said e will be a
'ration Crosaroads"-the first candidgatW' or rerf e Dtion this
naval testdof atomic weapons, ayer aMd will announce his
Not enly did he qperview candidacy formal wheo the
"Oeratow Corewrens," he st- Alabama Democratic Commit-
s had the nlibUlty of de- tee meets Jan. 23.
w ied or Sparkman 6llned to com-
the ~. .. 'lent opthe. .esible can2
Blandy, native.of New' York didacy of Rep. lIourle C. Battle
City, was born June 27, 1890, ani (D.Ala.) for the 'Senate seat.
was appointed 'to rthe Naval
Academy In 190-after attending .
the University of Delawate. On The Wing
Ji.e was the honor mam tf Ah
raduating-clas. and his.,4,t MEIPHIS, Tenn. (U.P.)-Wal.
tour of duty b-e illa .t .WA- Ipe ey, Jr., didn't fire a shot,
cruz I 1012. e uIM ed aboard bvt be got .Us equal just the same.
the bt o da at Vera 7 aid the flying bird bit the
cruz.. an through World War I. barrel of his gun and broke its
EventuallyA TOqy neck.

PO. ; .



N. W4a e Nw WLe sL

Free On Lepat Slip
I .. .. ,

WCNcg is"anI S wP_)-jr,
r L aOIn 27. 'tn' 10 elra
Impryibment uundr re stefnt
traffic vIolatIon sentefcq eC*t
Irtposed here. won his freedom
today through a technicality.
Chief JTUstice Chartl L.
Dougherty 'of criminal court
heard arguments of Charles Bel-
Irws, beas cm W ked byv. -
erson, aL~ 0o hoa entered 1jU
last seoptt.
lst. SOW ds-. Judge Joseph
Bute of teet.. Court boulW
Leverao guilt f 71 separate
violations and fined him $5,.349.
Leveron said be was broke,
. and Butter or4ed the fine
worked out aIn .
Attorneys figured Leverson
would have to drve at least. 10
But Bellows arguing for the
release, said' there was nothing
.n the ruo 0 to show the sen-
tences o- he ftnes should be
,onsecutt: In. other words,
nothing to snow that he
serve one penalty .sftpr another.
DoughetIy ag!exL He fouad
that since Leeve' p already had
worked oi the largest fine, $1CO
for spee di he a tree to go.

Conow m an

No r*- Wind

the wind as u-pwu aw *e
It installed In e atd
Senate dexen aal a
maps nch are -to-itte
they =ve n-wslie t ^fel 'n
three comeet
. Two eflrt s l n-bs
art of draig IpW aWM
been "Msu. d teo -to
qpiggess and tspk
up the -.
The Job iL QQ ptaieB lust
before Congref davenes bSr
t*a day.
fus a grB can tell
at a lani& wn l it's rain-
ntog on his consetUent. Caones
In sia y is fWlIhood cm-
trol II* .pendjg

HOLLYWOODp (NE) IC- and ,aetrea, not husband and
clusively Your. Pro football star wM."
Elroy Hirscb and his wife,. Buth, --
I can now pUIl it,.bave kissed ano Gary Merrill and Bette Dayiq
made up aa t off are talking beut a trip to Italy
the dome jame !! t e the q Gary can join .Shelley Winters,
release of Ir's ht orai o assman and Sylvana1
phy, ."rasyLes." a.. ,* M ano i "Mambo." It all de-
The *If, o.' HIfyted star left pes on Bette's health.
her hulbO uto aa een k w
ad R uTW out-of-nds There's a r-4-at-the-studio an-
pe ltys ti tthei bacitht le behh.44 Laurie's hurried
the family huddle. Now friends re- tr, to Ni w Yfl t with her mother.
port: ur.I' yU beVtty wants bigger
"Buroy and his wife. are happier and better "r s, and resents beau-
th-n. eveS," ^ ties being ught in from the
!. outside.
The "otherE MU" and her es-./ E WP ARRIS
tran bed ban Isaw roy play THE 'EW PIL ARRIS
in the ast Los Angel Ras .,. .
game of the season. 'hg Harris has stopped playing
Ruth and Elroy both blame Phil Harris for the peaty role of
themselves for the offaide aa iso talkative Ed Joseph. the furniture
d after Ruth saw "e mo'ee alesma% "Tein o and the
"Crazy Legs," friends quote. her d-tL-" amd he's admitting there
as saying:w will be sere escapes from the
"1 see now wbgt ,I htmid have caeris h r "if the roles
been to Elroy hut what JI-bvea'st ome along."
lbeen for the 1a few oeIIs.". Phil played straight role last
Sear Mn Wild. Bls Yonder,"
Sample line from on of the hut Ed Joiph is. the best emoting
songs the Gabors-Zsa Zkt, Eva opportunity 'e'l ever had on the
and Magda-wilU warble when they screen.
open in a night-club act: -- ----
"Our mother told, us that we Hollywood star-whd attended a
should have the skin that imen certain T ph arty In Rome are
kve to touch-MINKI" still talk abotu the fireworks
In volvng g arouk and Tessa
WEDDING BEIAJ*-MAYBE Prenderg st, the Jamaican beau-
S, .. ty, who has the second feminine
Marl Blan.hard sad Greg Baut. lead in Burt Lancaster's "His Ma-
tler 'he Hollywodo .ttoMey, have esty OKeefe." The former 3Egyp-
a date in Mexico' d -, pary, and ban ruler tangled with an Italian
ot could mean wedding bells for nobleman when Tessa spurned the
thi elusive achlr. advances of Parouk's chief body-
Gordon MacRae tests for the -
role of curly in the big-s.reen ver- n case Terry Mooa's been won-
sion of 'Oala "Bo'" tMt oth. denug what Glenn Davis, her ex,
bnd he's being fTakkblout want- has been up to lately, here it is:
ing the role: Glern, who returned 'to football
after a year in Texas, has been
I"If I don't get It I think I'll working as a model in ads for a
shoot myself," he me. .new line of bathing trunks.
It's Tony Curtis L.nj Janet 4eigh Susan Hayward has been so jit-
playing cellulock. lovers again inm try over Jess parker's legal ia.
U-I's first CinemaScope spectacle, neavering tat the ha; crew mem*
"The Blac:-. Shield," bit when they lag their aills dew1 In the wilds
walk on the set, say Tonysirst' ben harpn g th1ir nals d n
not as Mr. and Mrs. in a fighting mood about h'. chil.
"Before we worked together in dren and iq property rights.
'Houdini,' he toldlmg, "we made
a pact we W divorce our. Sight Complex
selves on the saM It's the Only
way a husbands alt wife can work CHICAGO (U.P.) The 18-ton
together in a movie,. vault door in the Chicago Federal
"If the -"ector bawls me out, O Savings, and Loan Association's
If he bawls out Janet, we agreed new office has 100,000,000 possible
not to come to one another's de combinations built into its locking
(uease. Ona te set we are atotr devices.

IIT I R I' -


"Edge of Darkness"



At Sdnd 9 p.m. T
Jane Russell, in


in -

mf 1e F # 0


LI $100.00 CASH
Cornel Wilde, in
"Sonof Musqueteers"

IPanama eCanal Yheaters -

A.eo...b." "MELBA" -- Technicolor!
115 &i 8_:3ThBradar "SHOOT FEUST"
S ~ Thmu.da 'l*c DE aX RAC"
Pedro Miguel oT, r)
Tij p "iv mu1 L or ow SILmVxI s WOOr"
I Pe.' T1 LT= L O (Te hniolol T OO
C AM .0 A =" BAR T eSMc KXZfE
Swny sT sac or marsTM
"THE CURIOUS SAVAGE" Curtain 8:00 p.m.
MARGARIA "Demert Technicolor!

. .... n W COMA

4r e-

Vn, a regular perftrmer. on

cenocpalat .ppip for the
gas. but It might neo tte!
momvol training ct .for
She lpste thMa **vole* C ec-in
tion" Is more Important than a
plunging neckline. According
to Vela, Many an Illusion i
,umully ihattird when a. walk.
lag drmm is Qldbe a talin
dream as weU.

Murderer Fights

Return To Georgia,

Charging 'Torture'
- A convicted murderer who
three tlms escaped r o m
Georgia road camps today ask-
ed the Pennsylvania Supreme
Court not to let him be taken
black to the Southern state
where he said he was tortured.
Georgia authorities have been
seeking return of the fugitive,
Edward Brown. 40, a Negro, to
serve out a life term for mur-
der. Brown and his attorney,
David Lavinson, asking the
court to prevent, extradition
claimed torture was, Inflicted
by Georgia prison authorities..
Brown charged that he suf-
fered broke- bones in 1his leg,
arm and foot at the hands of
Georgia, prison authorities.
He also claimed he was pre-
vented fr actiA lx* era
or appetiY W e.4-1'
To f4 tn rep 4 of
was returned and escaped a-
gain in 1940. After seven years
.of freedom he was captured
for the second time. In 1950
he made his third escape, and
was arrested In Philadelphia in
1952. Sinte then, he has been
in the Philidelphla County jail.
Brown was serving In the
Cochran and Blackehear, Ga.,
work camps before his escapes.

l:0:. 3:40, S:5 p:1 ptj.

ni- It-OJAa J m
I l --..---...-- ,-,

$150.00 WCASH
On'the Screen: 2 Big Pictures
Burt Lanaster, in

[ mRe c In

Spanish Double Program!
Laura Hidlo9, in
David ISva, en

"Come On' Leathernecks"

nAIS$ON on


Important! i

Tyrone Power, t .-"
Mark Stevens, in

Rita Hayworth, In
Randolph Scott, in .

A ,

Faltering 'Philip !
fbIVp'a iqf tf (led welth ibrasw.
Wed-worn steps a4 ru gs he m. es
Rlpalrs mdr. ft hbeo umh aele o..
F. & Clasmiedes the right clue!

-Ma .ioma


!., ? ,.p "" In TECHINICOLOR!





s m s jn



:. .'1
. .,-lB& .,-

III mm



* -' *.,

_- Vb ;

I' .1

I '1"
-. ,- J


'es. Re]nin To

Tee O

- +



g Pros, Amuateurs

hemisphere Take Part
; ---- 0-

* *

* *

*.-. .- *


evident Jose Antonio Remon will make sports '
at the Panama Golf Club at 1:30 p. m. to- i
when he will tee off the first ball to in-
to the $7,500 Panama Open Golf Champion-
he largest purse ever offered here for the
play which will end Sunday. ."
Ait Remon will be 9:40 Meeks. W. Lt. Col.
a 10 karat gold tee sent Puwell. E.
Spalding. famous ao't Le Brun. W.
rers and a Spa'dlin 9:50 Beall, H.
b' Robert n3. BobIl Bartholomew. C. J. O
local representAtive. Bean. D.
be the first tim In 10:00 Swarts, H. W.
of golf that a chiefI Taylor, J. Fr Col.
make the first of- Sewell.. B. R. Majo.
to launch a ch.irm- 10:10 Trim. Sr-t P.
urney. It is expected Kilpatriek. W. K.

professional and a- PAIRINGS No. f10 TEE pto thh al ds
h[ois shot^. T ^ Ir ^p nly n ".

ers from the United 0
uth America and18:00 Galindo Gabriel
Perica have come to' Arias, Alberto t t I
this tourney. Rober-T May,. Robert H. W
eo. Argentine ace, 8:15 Bieda, L. .
the title he won in Cooper, 3. R.
beating Slamming DesLondes, Jim. HOW TO REACH PA"R3aA OLF.- The above road" : published for the benefit of those
lsead of the United 8:30 Barber, R. K. MaJ. residents of the Canil ZeWl who do.not know heo .'jMb.the Panama Golf Clhbwher the
time. Dalton, 0. PETE COOPER, 38-year-old $7,500 Open Golf Champio*Jhnp will be played whteom 6rouW 8i TONday. The op- will be.
ur e un ea Curtis, 7. A. lorida professional olfer, has receded by Paul Hahn's spatiotal bxhiabitond todey 0 i bf Clinic parade of stars.
ateurs get under way 838- Demarest. J. H. come to Panama to play in his .
So'lock in the morning Crocker J. lirst comp petition here. Cooper, "

'Me No. 1 and No. 10 Clibee, T. A. p, onsore byfEsso. may well be :f.6r .
proBreoisnals e ill .tart8:48 Colery, itdr | fohft Y aches Re T ur rs o M t H op e* dkitfhe ol ree Vw

r Bob rretlad -..i
wlonal pairing are: eu.linskio 8. Coopers pro career came in dfction aS L .1e;.

?pro. Beet lan oP: o 0 ope,,. 1949wl. w mhen he won the t. Pre- A_ lonbre .N;'aIr o.n_.t1a ,4 "
p- Alexander. Anzel MaVitle.2. the pro job at the Cen tury tionalt e coA iol Hoy w i
ogt*an. nO 1hHur1stS tcu
tman. 9'08 Johion, J. G. Country Club, Whitee Plains, h P ry wa a
o Crd Pablo Mo- Krakk. J New York. That same year offering ckts party. e
Egdriguez. Matthews, dM.'O. Pete carded four sub- ar t oftrign ic a (7 l
ned, Pete cooper a 9:1s Med ngerhs R. rounds to tie for thirdew in the theDnA MO 130 LEAfUf '
M ond J Mills.. % Capt. famous Tam 'Shanter Wlorldhwe Fis th e
Wrlmond, John J. fth, Jap Championship which netted teki tuckyF i tal cem m2 t Th lriWadug .
ohn A Wright. 9:24 Kehna, 0." him a check for $2,750. He fin -
,Sal~l 3 Mi-4 s hed in the money 14 timeasd It fi atk pw nd e l 4as.O.,u 1 ,

B ur 'a T > lao r1Lj' v-n...10 out of 17 starts up. ws ,Sto 1952. sauI tait B.ake" .n. 7 U 1 1. et... A t Kf l a
farh dee,- 9:30,Clar Pete Cooper possesses tn t remen- etings Dw indles w
rn Nl l because Vanan dous power and driving ability et a e ers.. / I tfiI .- p
10tee. at+ 14 Van vie and is one of the best liked 15
SNo. i 0teeat45 40 Wood, Joghn pros in g-olf. NEW YORK, Jan. 13 (UP) votes and 286 points, w Oklfa- TO NIc
are Anibal Galindo, Workmarn, A. e e ehUndefeated Kentucky's first homea remained fourt as'it M t. R Sl0s Yalkee.
llrnd Carlos (Chi- Shine. D. Maj.mgin in the UnitedPress picked p one first pla vte o e I1 1B aea bers
E.,'s Ou.ardia. 9:50 Beldena,, ti international u W. basketball rating dwindled to and 222 points.B dar te.a A ..M A48
opaoo Hany 14 points Tuesday In the Minnesota, beaten.aadInsnARGARITALEAGUE.
a" ollbp for .Tope, R.E o..n face of a rebound by Indiana's at Minnea oils atir ItumLAWN s l 1.thWeek ....tal-- -- -- 8 -181
w.ill otpete for a : iue R abinsotn H. def ending national champions. bled from et ta el place. o hre tt to h ., .
e00 in prie s. The Mi ller Tj. The Th35 coaches who maL e up This major revla abled 0 i th only three weeto l -. 178 1 -
w,5ill we broken down PManning, 55*5flal.* the United Press Rating Board Holy Cross, Western 4cky in the first halthe, Bas 18 1en19 i
Sp egave Kentucky, which as won and Kahsas each to move up onee ag pe aAve taken .ovr the 5 to.
Tickets for the open will be~ all nine of its ganies since re- slot. try 4" o sa by threebig .
,000.0 sold at thp entrance to the Pan- n to active competition, 16 Holy Crem, now makstinarua nwihsori;o.2

1. I 40i a ma Golf C lub. tThe daily ad- frst pce votes and a total of gam p iMed up th w inst n e .2 ,and 95
1-.0' mis- son price will be $1.50 fornip 315 points. .ll frt pd thage to g o .an send e a hi fee term e n rs CAE
Hava a poins.wm w ht S ai ph 0 N dr ed the Smok anter 7
10eg Thiqr lay Friday a"d Saturdayi ItheHavana cer was the pro-pu reased.Itskfs t from 1V 2,3 -Wg ,.
50 0.0 and $200 for each aon Sat- season op sel etaI of the pneune e"-aatal fe fthwrm y to e, A ., 1f7 r A 1
450.. urday and Sbnday. Ch -dren will eoauen s sla ty ham n hbot IP t foplOaw u a aLastther n "ltthene an wolowedr.reIn 5,t l- 'n J '- 1

WodSw. bh e admitted at half price. NEW YORK. Jan. 13 (UP) the fir t two weeks ef the se- IWestern Kntky, otinkbeat te ams me at the pana Oy n and an .. 1 .4 '

'all eve tf, ticket forh 4.00rmakes itt t fa tn to holdd deros elees points and o sea. t _whipton t led ta ta

mas it *a tae most fr- l ug wra ee, r and eEdwd, mar. who ro. To O n "
int wih oa GE NTIn each operation in the history of minor Th bustl Hosra thus veth 5-0 nee tr B tow led The Slote)s ,a B4
14A6a s basIbasob .1. picked up four first place totemKs s ,-poit -'. frs sht... .Icdh wa..goodior .i

Se lb o ip lin what and 14 pols Baf the pu A t frt 1 6. .it mb to season. cla an
A le gu Ptsdeatldtnk Shaugh-I weeke pe, WI Duke ad N Hock was In rare( hi ae B 153
BAXeIS- Loapia nes y last weekcalled a "mere Un orna tied for ni nth with limited the huattD we 0l plast w no eks o -lead 13
Sfo r l t wila a mn e d R ic h Haav at 4 p ota esh i e w e e k D u e r s tno th reis u U fors seo d t ltd ro p p ed, (sh th e G a
monVginia, and Havana as sas rated 1th ad California by Arche th to b a e for se d A with the i 157 158 191

6 Cck- off _fic members gaana re- uwas. rateadWn fht .,da. 'sth, e ls whenthey -Ost game d .
.hi.her If.t es0 ~a timor aoa member Russel Ram e 41 atworz S.and total In *bb 0k6 i .,a

,. *i I Coeuy Cu Ameorlobaan Leagu c .and At o homer in the mnh Ra IMatch wo wa from 186- 796 DiSMa
mon Mi elnd thkes the plac0 1 f w w aced his teamma it tw inspirational. O 's 518 -4ed .nthes
ore Tpronigtd, Massachusetts. Da tSucceeds Munn hits in three et p a plate PO
Low: .Sterling 6- 11The International League nowI Manager Al KibaZ ftiad ari f thelk's wl 509- v 1 45
r- h od stretches f lm Canada to Cuba.l and HocknbuSry each lat The White 1 ,took._. their f- 140 .. l 1 .

Sp eag The three Canad ia n members 17a for four turn at e Wrlt Bros. and- d 1
r are Ottaswa, Toronto and Mon-- S Lt .dI U e_ ecarpe outer on top *,,th a. three to eDugan 13 in o

.trlg all P 1 SI,., d ree al. The United States teairAs one win. lArmintrot of e R a n BarIrae. 10 14 2
a a s Richmond. Syracuse o- a te pe throh with a nice 585 to
Stera Silg .1-Lchester and Buffalo. Havana a- o t- aifke0f l fA ten ca A onbgs isof
ierud loane. downt nehfmI20ma.d'2I
roudl out t league. DETROIT. Jan. 13 (NEA -losses are hafbak.Billy Wels 2 arI a ee's 522
"er.ieng 811- Sam, ne Cha& Harlr. On hand a the New York Hugh D. Daughtrty will be the and end Don Doheney. d high for p eiirs. aTher loss -
Skip Alex er, Snow. meeting were President, Bobby head coach at Michigan Stae dropped the Plr another
Sterling i array Oa Cooper, Madulo of the Havana club and when ae Munn moves up to Th partans on't ve to o notch in the standings to se-
gi 5et on t r at h leboldi representating the athle directorship. o0to o e family for a head mat es 0 h venth lace. Thsta -is a sad state Johnson isae4j 472
snnd.knows of affair when only eight Weeks Arnold 17 I 146
on the agenda will be This is a certainty and why it ;ooall..persa were go
CAN maifig up the 1954 schedule. nan't been announced offaenally fiid them, speciayIn the an-Ina am
Looping: I Bob. ,6etl 11T Ham- Maduro repeated his guarantee p-izzles midwest close observer h n The last match.of the evening .a iou as agg
Smaed, John A. right. that transportation expenses to Duffy Duerty inherits aasaw the Cafe Caribe tem take vs POWELL'S
w: SterlingHavaawill be handledfrom splendid nu ce- four deep. Daugherty and Earle Edwards, The man who finished ndall four points from Powd's in Tortorici 122 17 1 405
terliNeARGENTINE w York or some "comparable" He'll have 30 of the 44 who made the e l to the eat Ben Hog& he runaway. The closest that B Id 444- 144 144 452
AR Eiteen th,-tt 193 OeChapt Powell's came was in the second W tt, C. 148 144 138 430
Roberto de Vicenzo, Antonio The "comparable point" will; .g a potent backfield combin%- attracted t6 ast. He iswill of the dark e and the lost it by 61So ft. He3. 124 348 140 418
Low: Looping 11- arda1Pablo Molina; Anibal be In most cases Richmond. tion of quarterbacks Earl Mor- LrictlI L Mendu havingin the Panama Opep pk took class B honothor W h,. 1. 124 )4 48
Prime Low: Sliverplated IacarirntMigurel Sula En-ruo ed It rail and Ldevoy____en___________-rtle mwn w he I atSi
iiwette Chest. Mlartus, Ridarlo Jurado. Mo- as a "Jumping off" place for;ett I Bert Zagirs. Gary Lowe and case's line .eoacb to the late Argentbrp feAslozial with a Powells with 432.
UM s Low: Silverplated Cm it pe aramangalCa e Co-l trips to Havana. fillbacks Jerry Planuts and Vic 1930's. He took time out to drill winning asant pr al- ThI week'sprie win
rette CheSt. lombia, Miartus is professional New York's Ttinlty Prep and ty. wR being spubsoredby
String at the Military Club, Bogota' LI0 Lnemen who penetratedPet five years In the Arnmy HVD oCls A Armintrolit5

=1e tot player who San Andres Country Club, Bo- S 0.00oQuinlan. tackles Randy Schrec- Leee I deris isn ettiogte four strokes. Tmed TOP h1N
tthe lws soedfor_8gona, Colombia. Tonih 0h enmst E and Cabrlys Rbinon aui ithe l most out at the singal e wingI with %U-better known -eow (21 or oINre gnaiw) I

unV LoOo u agans mArer- i-- .*o -
twer R O N WI l ve -inn;hrle.4 to2 IMhe e-hm Yr ~
V I.IiB bumg t ea sOeM 00a LM00 9ol p.
DoIBreu thrsga ewb hutn out thefistbal p s Is th e smd- Mesays uq. CE
C. H.. American Legion 5 to 0. f t$
tVioThe game tonight prodikes t o eba tIsarl cia eav lierbt1
some good action As Americant vr er~M a "i-a., 8 gt
Legion will attempt to knock- O E W IsMgh T h YWeigh from 1 ,,SA h
plL Womack WhiskyIWhisk intonthecelUlr Chife. Ckhs gostigIt sWmIM I
and gain a hold on third place.1 lob"d sfer bid"Sto Wae
.C Don't forget, tonight at 7:001 Vakles sad Wa" Mn J Nm
at Balboa stadium. Admission,ture b- b rom& Ceafa t mL O h a
73 usual. tis gaeebynshuttingon-.e oe for CMW'a" ih"
wnnSn.'7deen Am nn erican Lgion&5.o.0...a filta

* .- .

. --- ...' .*

~ L_ ~ ~ ~F

-,, --UW --- F uaN I-U4 y meur .


'. !



I I~ .~y
I ~ ~


.Toa Maid

. ... .....v r: .. .. ..* D ..< --. rd.- ..,-.e ., ^ -,,
Cain y Stable Ha Three Coaches Divided On Fire-Engine

th Some Would Restore' Rotate C'
Others 'Goi S ome"re

.DEtRO'', Jan. 1 (NIA) Diaght counteract the fire-
The erao addicted toWatchiZ. tlei
-noun -en race arodun4 rules favor offense,".c _
Jball into and hook t, sho tast "When a co
AGOJan. 13 ( basket may ve developed to t point fitted to the
pound pe will take spotted w I t where ey're alnnost impossible to teacM 'l boo to
in a e t e u o n ma e at guard .othLr tid dow '
ApI'The use of two referees in- closely, t og
4 of one forces the defense
111i'I eThe addich more cautious," assets "Incease
h e a d hants n Hall's Honey Russell. we co do Our
Ol oftloosely on his -000oo- en the ,
S W i v 1c from Northwestern's Waldo F~sher proved: .
61id to mcide and Washington's Tippy 'Dye
aster than a inp atically oppose the return Not mch doubt abou
t." fi real oiled com-- o the center Jamp. like things -aootlng, there alder
"Ibination on a the way they are. Baron Rupp bie concern about the inter~ is
1 1aeree ve a f fe .T h Is admits, however, that offensive And the druwtlhtai'bcs fnclded t
Ofton te 32 Gavile 3 -reent D AN comes from .theteaching has completely outrun far too many preecitltions a,
to 25-per itr. abel ~~, r e yl o uI, a d defensive techniques, stiff n..
i4 w the ame Dr 0 m oveifFedsit ketball has reach..
b til 'ow oftevislon p90.ed.
orof ln says he it that at a bet bof
do avilan will be first flh college basketball
tuhan Randy Turpin. Si p o le' fyoiuPowtlA ategory,
I sy: P- t uI-.them do not like it.
"---"- -f. 2 -- "-buser fi g h"ter- -' a e- ^e wouldrestore.
.--, tila ,t, llt.. .. ,: i lis is a- busier fighter 'p
mTuln but I don't think and~. ~g n ter U
ea t h.. D r. .0ld AIIph Of gansrs, Ok-
didn't think O nlsBeooat blat lahoma A. n M.'s Hafics Ibea
S Gavilan I wouldn't have gone and others violently,oppose the
for. .the. f1ht" one and one rule.
Oloon decsibned Turpin last "The rules committee made
fall'for the title Ray Robinson.two tragic errors at one sweep
....._.....___ _.___-__ says he wante%4 thp Tiht to be jump," says Dr. Allen. "The team
he'd in San Francisco but "We scored upon was given the ball.
i e .. -- k el bee 'hIeyghl of 1 couldn't get together on it."Th co ttte theednte fre
Id111tub toai. y -01kotepkyahsseal ouiner hue MC -ight to_____sighthto rotate the center jump.
f1ere4th .. t w .a rh Fesnk lakA ee ad they shown this foresight,
tofe.1 4b Ipto t he I0 Lctime would have been out after
$ Armebd ai3Sre C For c as i m 1 1 each field g al until the ball was
*oI's Wl .- a S.1/ I- S S r toqed uip at center. Thiswould
g ier Uftlictici 0 eat--l-dt u *-
erty 'Maa UV the 14-14 tie gla meR withi n-G~ .. givingg the offended player
rl Ji.outolm *ted ini l the .l whhUf enuI .e NEW YORK, "1 1s A Smith s ag '"take_ Over the on a "lfoul the balldout of bounds
the or- J '"Cain Hoy Stable-s snag a M I Mo Chance 4Patm string of 18. whether- he iasde or m issued the
thO iao t tor au four-pronged t rust: 4 the richThe. material.- :there, so you shot would help correct de an-
cr't-- oapt in James Proctor's or three- ear-ol4 atale, m a toee Mrs. Ell4abeth sive faults. Basketball is the only'
M, script, bbeLitle Loguer contain~ ~ rn-To, Black watr. Sup-_ arnhal m's-stock one more sport where the ball Is taken a-.
honori T m a tt e, intheir nnin way b groud- colossal and Giant. Cracker, ro to thefront. Mrs. Graham way from the team in possession
COt tommo Iy' r to the Harry F. Guggenheim string h her most pronounced su we-o
l.dalsat ng ung .h n Monday statKobbe by a core has atomic-like potential. I s on the -two previous occa. Alcoholics and the rules com-
c the ietre Dale-*au e aq .eutas he t 9- easily could be the strongest ab-on when Allent Tom, now Inmttee are the only ones I know
S to ape oveow crowd saw Robert phomore hand since Calume his 20's, was with her. ''h. old of who want two shot for the
Bais, obbs cater turned sFam trotted out the great Cita- Gborgia blacksmith is a great nrice of one.
His only explanation-was that a higher 4t.ity" hald pite er, hit the Iogn eat ball of tion and Coaltown in 1948. hand with horses. Iba believes there Is going to
trutoo hima ttoax Illshoughts either 6nthe air or A -hee.d shrttald vehelet g oain Hoy could remain as s rn h be ao swings back fror wild-saer-
ino *e later IIf@ 01011 Ns htael dinner. field fence withaa drive that hot asIt gotHindso aurpr4" ly Mris. Grahbam- and Smith. will ing offensive play, has an idea
S. wa vibly ake dal the dire- traveled 175 ft from hoMe plate beating Native Dancer with ttff' however, that numbers the customers want basketball
W9h.elCmh inanifestly came from ane ol op un ierity .XecU- Mitty Musser, Kobbe's first Dark 8tar in the Kentucky. Der- do o assure Priutnph in the that is planned.
tivain-wbe alggrently reasoned thAt tNouch has Alred be ba bman, had two doubles out of by and accounting..for. the more Important thrg.-year-old "Scoring has bencheapened
said -and written about the incidft .Wn c14 .,oo!a, thre tips to tbe t world'a richest race, the $mkeel f~bes In 1 he appeared i such an extent tat a no ony
wiuei rma anbrokl and conversely o oya.e, nationalal San ders w, uanrU pItchlr Garden State lar .two- pat-o h. lav th wm oie up with worries about two pints any
o n u d ad1 x, tckdo and more," cuts in Ntre Dame's OVE AR ELS. the irst time in the l of te
A tltors h Im taper mitte~1 to- sea an adtae o su wi the h 3p-nol~f o la .Jr But .long came Assault. perhaps the return of then e

stan wkMhad s ito an" calle out. ThS hit would looking, Irish-red abn of oyaI
tha heC$jMol 'have made-no eftort to .condone.. 'p oic and have given Sandets three for dCh cor'could d*arf -Cair oy'&
t his euaugeoas to eliminateA-t from futur. gineas wdel three. uar 4 olastar.
hxav de hted his admirers and even m adertandin, o ..1tove a a8, secon base die a .e . andc shortst o .4p e tlvely. ti"!. _n .rn~l1.a
ut .pbef theaahy oFltt. ~A i 'etb. o ate.Z w .hrd thee
V pt f tei n n r w as a r o u s i n g Pa z0 T h if i w i a s t h e K th b b O f n h. bi do a h e a t he00 0 .
r i ers.when Dr. Harry B"yid, former 6pr@1es0ofbe th, honle ns this season in"an of- -
U of M 1d. presmnta the lDp1~.~-oHwa 4 plaquit. facial Armed l'orcos L I't te -Tun-ToT et' Guggenhelm
the nane lured from Qklaome seven years ago. ,, Lueilime. The' const e s $8000 at the.1t52. emeoland
Virtually all of the w0 coachewlho pipaedin.t ie retord altend by ot Commander; Yearling Sales. The dam, 86USrce
confidental ll which eventually saw Ta&n. lead his nearest Cul. A. G. egar, and music was Sucrie, by Admiral Drake,' was
coni"~ptio rHetiary anders of UCLA,.by 40 v4k, were rWesent t hfurnished by -the 71st rm.y bhiuht to this country carry

SBecause the time schedule'of the air program had been dis- FORT KOBB. atpasy. The ae, Roy-
loced by LeAhy's enforced withdraw o, was able-only m A Charger, wa& imported several 4
recod a few conventional setence before the sign off signal.- torer, 2b 2 0 0 monh a o ge,,. ,
T was regrettable from the standpoint of home viewers ano Fonseca, 3b 3 1 0 Turn-To, a real good one. raced 't..c. a- t a
lits ere because later, In an extended talk in the hall, he was Tomlin, cf 0 1 0 only five time, but 'wit him ..
Improess ve in his simple sincerity and moving in his acceptance BS nders, p., c 3 1 2 moeggenhelm banked $7,807,2
of the aseolade'of hia fellow coaches. Rastettir, f. I 2 I mrtnl f ba ke-.d -l80
Dr. Byrd was preceded by Do Faurot, the inventive oed6ch Qf Musser, lb 3 1 2 ~le~me SEohVENp e en,
Missouri University, and in between times the coaches roared to Burke, as 3 1 1 Black Star Is no rlatio to e
the earthy witticisms of Do Rowland, a, paWd thrill- Bantana. If 1 0 1 Dark Star, but his background '" .g -- M
ed to tbh.atlrdg ongs ol the-famed Pensacola Naval o cbojr *Bean, If 1 0 0 makes him fust as intere' at -
under the direction of Lt. Ken Welsh. Later the e hearerd this point. He is a rangy ay s .. ..
their new president George Munger of Penp. whose ailcide sched- Totals S* 9 9 Gy Pe laon-,agat, bred by the
ule made national headlines, a, gest a plap by whIch Coaches In *Bean playing for Santana in A Khan, who lt Guggenheim p..LSa.
smaller cotaes would receive r hter conslderationa the voting. 4th. to forik other $29, 00. -
The alstagfia Tatum thbraded his later remarks with mil ALBROOK AYB rhat's tho' much to pay for .;-i -
pleasantriese, gested It as lol tle ,coach g~'pamed him _AB R nany horse, but I think the Stars 1 -Sa-,,oe.
before the -Orange Iwl game Ine whih Maryland was beaten by Green, If 3 0. 0 will be popular in. my stable --, CASA ZALDO
Okwahoia. .Beard, cf 3 0 0 now" qommenta the owner. ,-AVE CENTRAL No. 45
In tUa!is e Tkinm was Without tihe services of Bernie F lth.b 3 1 1 informed observers con-
is -*eeulbfnl dto mwen I didn 't have aloney" bmmy, as 3 1 1 T ad luck with a series w FARMACIA LUX
Tatum e "We "to ean fone ting. It means you C 3 0 0f o going potward saeve- for i
should have madehin thm Cach,of he Year instead of me." 'e. .... une, lb 0 0 0 one occasion. H lost by a nose SERVCIO L S
Dff M e.ventag, ha had an unusual *Stephen% lb 1 0 0 toe Gosn, the fourth-ranked SERVICIO LEWIS6
career fl played football fot Maryland, Main, 1. 2 0 0 V a rformance that E ALQUI AV.T.Lf
later' and still later he was the prel- 2 wasn't at al ad.
bdeti Totfis *ier.oafr.NOVEDADES ATHIS
oltn, a that around the campus Dr.-Byrd a battg for Ternue SupercQlossal is a fit-appear- % ..VIA WARA No. 34
had been known Pf L atam professed to ag sgnificanee a in 6th. Ing son of Polynesian, sire of 'A "N..
in .,.,.. resijnd bmmedlately at Native Dacer, which imme- ERA PREIADO
"I .e*.a was going to get fired. That watch.
toot Str and's defeat himself, of- tmic Bomb Pamela C., the FOTOGRAFIA DOMY .. -
a. and unique ep lon. g iuo .re by Stimulus, was bred by
Mge a M MI a even letinl baloney get in uniformA e William Hells Estate in New

cast s ae Inniform I did methin to Bn- another inter ng note rm FARMACIA EL BATURRO
of 11 se -evlent to him that if a critical altua- Wr *en f N erve Hialh that e veteran TomA E TR
LO" I 3W to call on Faloney, badly hurt as he Qulon:" Cllifft. and CALL! AMOUS.L,.-o
I U t Ym e t a.clled s O..,den.ce have lyu d Fod erS#And HOUSEHOLD EXCHANGE
on1a s for what has come te professional AVE. JoSE rlo. BE I OU a .
-abigtlmo al" Bel-onel.- In Some Sport -
itan.ver ti m"hw eee sin., Ior6n. 1 NOVEDADES MORRISON
simpy ber si'. shn In Co AVE 4 Di JULIO
amoa popular this Or team gets ale had three memorable
S"I.r' ,ere Saot It Amer i' suppo ed to is;
t- er Smoky n.. in .-b FARMACIA EST-UN, DOS,"
sowa T mte t em er ada t cmltd l r! 1 t agyMoe e. k sseor

m w.ehe flrst expds srte to o theI. sh a otbew m- *qars nas= o*" L t'. a :^
sm T.a.' e- e-iaevention T, and briet b be nswer: n n riinf.It' te .
la eusto years. ek u M&I AI ,,
ith standard pat tmin_ uMR r, lCSIuaga 'a pair
sure Wa rereseale Ma
Tot" -o ua. a. Up ,e t1 At1ASNOW o 1-
t-"_aSS A.Sa w a... -m e s a n o

ai,.er A *e la '*
so, r bt1 b o o w 4 faw i

-. AA; ~ ~ ~! ~

-4 ...

- *~'*-



. .,






in Meet

es On And On

OLIN, Jan. 13 (UP) The
Pour commandants of Ber-
i*t today for the fourth time
Oen days in an attempt to
Sthe east- west-deadlock
selection of a site for the
p ministers conference Jan.
qt agreement appeared no
it than when the prelimi-
* talks began ,ix days ago.

tern delegates
that the four-
Iontrol Authorit
1,U.S. sector, re
Ily neutral site I
House the confi
*usaians are d
st least half th
o. Communist E
s Allied delegate
) to agree to ho
of the meeting
n, but on" instruc
governments hi
Led Soviet demand
,te East-West tall

tlied officials point
eastern powers ha
0 etfed three import
e Soviets:
The location of It
Berlin instead c
The date of the c
an. 25 instead of
by the West.
:) An open agenda.
Balboa Tide
. Thursday, Jan.
|11 a.m.
: p.m. .

have pro-
power Al-
,y building

"Let the people know t&e truth and the country d. sa -- Abraham Lincoln. -




rave Consequences

regarded as

inect If Holdout POWs Released
ast Berlin. 'm
s are pre- SEOUL, Jan. 13 (UP) The liberation by the Korean armi- cangements for resuming f ego-
Id one-in- Communists demanded inde.ft- stice. tiations for a Korean p ei c e
s in East nite detention of unrepatriated Lee then accused the United conference. s
tions from Korean war prisoners and warn- States of attempting to 'ab- U.N. and Commuttist liaison,
ave firmly ed events of grave consequence duct" anti-Communist North Ko- officers at '.1 a.m. to-
ids for al- would occur if they were releas- rean and Chinese prisoners, morrow, Allied negotiator Ken-
ks, sources e'd from the charge of the In- causing the Korehn situation to neth Youngsaid. "
dian custodial forces. become serious, gradually Young said the Comlmunists
North Korean Lt. Gen. Lee threatening the peace of Korea." sent him wotd they wdated to,
t out that Sang Jo submitted a written de- **If your side persists in going meet tomorrow to "agree to a,
ve already mand at a military armistice your own way ana gives no con- date" for reopening the prelimi-i
tant issues commission that the prisoners sideratlon to the serious pro- nary talks which were broken off
be held in Indian custody while posal of our side, your side must Dec. 12 after the Reds'had in-
the long-delayed peace confer- bear full responsibility for all suited the United States.
he confer- ence deliberates their fate. the g r a v e consequences," Lee .I
of Lugano. Maj. Gen. J.K. Lacey, chief of said. Young's announcement came
conference the U.N. delegation one armi- Lee did not elaborate on the as a surprise. Red China' adlo
Jan. 4, as stice commission, rejected Lee's "grave consequences," but Lt. pelpingha indicadetrtU'the
proposal on the technical ground Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor, Eighth Communists w oul d Afbt meet
that such a decision must be Army commander, azinounced United Nations' "conditions" or
ihade by the two high corn- last week that any Red interfer- reopening the talks. '
S mands. ence with the prisoner release Meanwhile- the U.N. remain'-
Lacey would have rejected It would lead to a resumption of ed silent on refusal df the lNeu-
14 in -any casq, since the United fighting in Korpa. tral Nations RepatrlatWn 0om-1
Low Nations is committed to insist At Panmunjom t od a y the mission to promise outright rer
5:10 a.m. on release of the prisoners on Communists accepted-a United lease of 22,200 war prisoners on
5:32 p.m. Jan. 23. the ate' set for their Nations invitation to make P.r- Jan, 23. *

'Iour Income
Y RICHARD A. MULLENS to social organizations even
1 I though they have charitable or
-. Jp to now, the Tax Primer has welfare subsidiaries to whi:n
mi tnllen vnou how to report Iitts are deductible. You.cannot

me on your Federal tax re- deduct gifts to individuals no
Now we take up the de- matter how needy they may be.
as you can use to reduce Contributidna to political parties
come, or to any organization which
"ry taxpayer can choose el- ures the money, to influence le',-
t t itemipe his deductions or iJlationjor for the benefit of any
the deduction of about 10 par particular individual are not de-
otincome which Uncle Sam uctible. And you cannot deduct
a Those wh6 do not itemize. contributions in excess of 20 per
Can't choose wisely until cent of your adjusted gross in-
know what your itemized I&- come.
m are. Once you know this,
Sh is simpDle. Ue Any contributin claimed must
0r larger have been actually iald In cash
Ser ne aeIn 1953. A ledge to pa money
e next article tell n some future year is not dc-
-a be deducted If duetibih In 1953..
d them care- Printed with this article is a
e lo neow what "ceck list of some common or-
n, .gpnizations, contributions to
mbit cf yobp itemize de- which are deductible. There are
'umutt use Long many. manyother organization
ou file on Form which also oualify for deductible
sor FormI 104, the contributions If yqu are ut
sh si automatically a!- doubt, asic t the nearest DIb-
educton of about 10 trlct Director of -Internal Reve-
our income regard- nue's office.
pclegal deduc- Interes payments are the nert
s category of deductons to be dl-
tuto can be Itemized ussed. Many taxpayers have

att edule on page 3 ef large emr Jnteritdeductions

Scientific organiza-are purchasing a h e by
l c letefor the dpreven-u pd nthle p yments hae sundoubt
ttruev to children or an- edly V-yl' a cpnsiderablw,
VIwS to Kovernmental or- amount binterest-each month.
i a exclusivelyy pub- lItretaym t on all perso-
W emmet deduct dues paid n, incurred to purchase single


lig 1 ,


Primer: 9

_ h w -

premium llte Insurance policies,
endowments, and tax-exempt
securities can be deducted on
page 3.

Usually when a loan is repaid
a certain amount each month
goes to interest while the rest is
either applied on the principal
pr for insurance. service charges
tnd the like If 3ou don't know
ow much of your monthly pay-
ment is for insurance, ask where
you make the, payment for a
statement showing the interest
payments you made in 1953.'
Do not deduct as Interest any
financing fee or other non-in-
terest amount included in your
payments. If you are buying on
'the Installment plan, your sales
contract must stiptlate that in-
terest is being paid or you can-
not deduct any interest.
Many of the taxes you paid in
1953 can be deducted on page 3
of Form 1040 if you choose to
iemrnlze youi deductions. To be
deductible the tax must be im-
posed' on you and paid by you.
That mean you cannot deduct
taxes you pay on your mother's
Page 10 of the official instruc-
tions lists taxes which you can
and cannot deduct.
Most taxpayers do not have



are grateful to the public in general for their attendance at the exhibi.
P tions of '"T ROBE" and their kind acceptance of the new and mar.
"lodeus system CINEMASCOPE and take pleasure in announcing the
AJIRE" (Technicolor) starring Morilyfs Monroe, Betty Grable and



S1_ DULTSC.... .75


CHILDREN..... .40

--* -- ., I

I. -



receipts or do not keep a record
of small payments f or deduc-
tions like gasoline tax and sales
tax. The Internal Revenue Serv-
ice will allow an estimated de-
duction provided it is reasonable.
The gasoline tax can be esti-
mated by dividing the total nur4-
ver of miles 'driven in 1953 by
the average number of miles
.'our car operatic on a gallon of
ges. Then multiply this by the
,tate and any local tax per gaj-
len. Do not include, the Federal
gasoline e tax. A list of the state
taxes on a gallon of gasoline Is
printed with thiL article.
The following plan will give
vou a reasonable estimate of the
Uale tax:

There Is generally no sales tax
on food, rent, Insurance or sav-
ings. It you.will add about whit
you spent on these things, and
subtract It from your total ex-
penses., the remainder-. will be
about what wes subject to sales
To this remainder add any-
Ihine you bought out of savings,
or installmepts that would be
subject to Wales tax. Multiply the
rum of theme by your sales tix
!ate. ThiS will give you the a-
mount to duct as s4les tax. If
ou Ulve In a state where food Is
subject to sales tax, add what
yr u spent on food to the amount
subject to tax.
Other deduetlons will be dis-
cussed tomgArow.

Tax Primer 0. & A.

A majority c ;report,
signed by Indis .t Com-
munist Czech and represen-
tatives,.voted insteWd to return
all of the POWst'- thdr original
captors. That would send 14,000
anti-Red Chine h and 8,000
North Koreans ba .to the Al-
lies and 350 pisoe tra including
21 Americans, oackfto the Com-

The commission 4decilon, di.
rectly opposed to tib u.. stance
which insisted, the OWs b
freed, under terms o tie armi-
stice agreement, shu.I leave th(
Entangled prison &tatton ex-
actly. where it wa Wen the ex.
p)anlation talks bEtaS" pt. 21.
Good sources said the U.N
probably would accept the ma-
ority commission pi" as a "last
resort," and t was- -t*umed the
North Korean and W~lnese pria-
oners under Allied control would
be sent to South Korea and Fora
mosa respectively.


Q. I gave $160t a needy friend
dnrinr 195. Can I deduct this as
a contributions?
A. No. Contributions to indi-
viduals, no matt* how needy,
are not deduftble.
Q. We bauKgt a house, paying
S2500 c a md have monthly
paymenUV .llI W'per month for
20 yearn. Are -in the monthly
payments b e-Wntble?
A. If you itese your deduc-
tions. ft ot W vo much of your
monthly smze.ts in 1953 was
for interest mi how much was
for taxes. be uMnounts can be
Q. Partf my job, for which I
am not remabuned, Is to entef-
lain bh whM my bos as Is
a-vay. ONe dimur party count $
ineluding-$10 fir entertainment
tax-,aM I 411-1t thUe $0 as a
taz? I
A. FTsd entertainment tax
i. not da& a tax. How-
ever. ff a f wa necessua-y E
and W busine. noe
you, C= 4 it w entre $% L.X
As an 9 inl t deduction DC
'n the .HaV scfeduig a.
rap .

'-.. .^.. .- ^l_ .

SBut the Commniunlts who re-
peatedly insisted the 'POWs be
eld until a full peace confer-
ence decided their fate, were ex-
pected to protest the plan with
charges the prisoners were being
"abducted' 1

Red Cross Office
At Cristobal Needs
Men's Magazines
The Cristobal office of the
Canal Zone Red Cross chapter is
urgentl 0 1 need of men's mag
zincs, 1; was announced today.
The magazInes are. desired for
distribution to military person-
nel at Army outposts, patients
in hospitals, and crews of trans-

iting Sinps.
Atlantic s I d e residents may
deliver the magazines directly to
the chapter offices at 1029
Roosevelt Avenue, New Crist6bal.
or Red Cross personnel will be
lad to call for the magazines if
honors will telephone Crist6bal
1671 or 1632.

medals to five Marines as the
courageously resisted Communist
the Pentagon are (left to right):'
Laughlin, Charlestop, B.C.: Secret,
Walter R. Harris, Glen Ridge, N.e .

Annual Community .

Chest Meeting

To Be On Jan 25
The annual meeting of th(
Canal Zone Coinmunity. hesl
*will be held. Jan. 5 In the.-audl-
tarium of the -Balboa Jew'sli
Welfare Board-USO. The meet-
ing is 'open to the public and
t?,ose who are members ofthe
Phest, by having made contribu-
tions, are urged1-to attend. *
At the rt1neh a report mwl
e'e given on the recently conelud-
ed Community Chest campaign.
Members of the community will
also be elected to fill vacancies
on the board of directors.
The. board is made ip to 12
representatives of the Canal
Z ne community, a delegate
frtm each of the civic councils
aid three appointed representa-
tives of the armed services.
Any necessary amendments to
the organziatior's donlstitutibt
and .by-aawA 'wll lso be present-
tA at the Ji. a2 meeting. The
meeting will bgin at'1:30 pih;.

Distress Signal"
BT. LOUIS. Mo:, Jai. 13: (UP)
-Robert Moore, a repailnan,
Shouted and beat his a In'vari
cn the six-inch walls ot a- tay-
ern refrigerator after aepiden-
tally locking himself In.
After 30 minutes futile effort
Moore got a brilliant idea. He
shut off the supply of beer to
the bar upstairs.
Seconds later the bartender
crume down to investigate and
the shivering Moore was releas-

Fugitive 'Witness Gives Himself Up

In Reuther Murder Attempt Case

DETROIT, Jan. 13 (UP)--Don- tempt on Reuther: had been the
4id Ritchie, key witness in the object of an international man-
ambush shootinR of union leader Lunt since his disappearance. -
Walter Reuther six years ago, "He called us from the res.
agreed today to return to the taurant," Preston's police 8gt.
united States shortly after sur- Tom Conway said. "He hAd been
rendering to Canadian police, drlaik tig, and after we plit hiq
police inspector Paul Slack an- in a'cell he fell sound aleep. He
rnounced today. sas' awfully tired."' .
Ritohie, who fled "protective TWo Detroit detectives arrived
custodyy in Detroit last Friday, in the Ontario town before dawn
wave himself up in an all-night to question him and Slack nA-
harbecue on the main street of noumced a few hours later that
.reaton. tnt.. shortly after Can- )Ritchie had waived pxtraditio
ndian authorities arrested his and was on his way to Detroit
common-law wife, Betty, appar- with the detectives.
ently foiling the couple's 'get- one of four suspects named fn
away" rendezvous. murder charges filed last week
Slack said Ritchie is now on on the. basis of Ritchie's Infor-
route back to Detroit. nationn, Clarence'Jacobs, was still
The 33-year-old. Canadian on held at Windsor Out., where De-
whom Detroit authorities de- trolt irthorities haVe began ex-
pended to solve the murder ar- tradition proceedings.


- d

I'..., -


ofra 1
@ Pvabt-business m died. leSe r6ein

ChompChamp '
CALGARY Alta., Jan. 13 (Up) a i3
-Bert Raekett,41, claiedon he lick
gumrn chewing. championship-tf c .
Canada t edry aferfamnd 43 .A L T A, ia.,: J4n. 13 (
standard imed into his "Ma"rt Tr iln '
mouth aid .ch ,the4 0oa"
three hofs, hhoa'.s.

Cimetfer.Valzalsm pomore. ter,4Sg
'a even-week peridd to-
SALEM, Ore. (UP), -- VanM e first rb.e. :
pushed over 28. tombstones and
anke. two others In .St. Luke's. "Jane Rusiell," another n
Cathoic etery at Woodburn nas cloe-seioStheI
north of Sa. ,- gga.. .

vIL Ic L*
-- -

.I .

_" .1,
I, $ 1

A.the. ,- .t. "..'&

pSull, l
H^ .. N.._^
I'*- ^ W .

~sL, 1L

0 :..

-~ ~1


r -
'1" 'r



e'a Contributions Check List
Here is a lt of sme srtplsato to wskeh teotributllta
an dedneuible. There se either orga Uatios o the ap.
proved M. You can dedet w a yu ave daring 1953, In money
w tmhe fair value o to a thatI not exceed 20%
.d lte- 4, pge I f Iore"17j.
Amerlca. Cancer society United Swi*b Ppdali
Amnrisem Red Cross Veterans Ornizations (By name)
Se Beouts Vaun Mi's and Young Women's
., ChrisUas seals Chrissan and Hebrew Astocia.
cemmuniy Chets ueons
wts benuts. Churches or gstabilUhed rellglous
NatitmnI rmeuaUeon or Inefantle orgenatiuoMs (y name
Pararsis tem-proet eollges. university and
sivaUMe Arm seahoo s (By name)

4 tM dbGM..nsli f. l.,.
S -flg) S tiY W. ,.in1ir .. \
geI naped eft ptaLUle a key \

S- -.. .- '_ .

_ _____ ~_ ~___

I~ ~-

-~bP~-- -- -- --*-- Ip_







,, .. --


- | t

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