The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Mug e highe In- FC.r and son were to tfe
7 said a _$800 Increase Ini Ft. C at 'today, an .r
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thou the revesose would be Hospituf, o4 vlill the former .t Guc0k
cdta4 rably highet. being .m d as a school building; : : .
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a Jan. S tetom
u hr mem of
th to iaon toe open debate el0
* "q4s soon as possible."
Sproposl for freebin
the as civiliips was ie-
1tavE Se support of the
ito and to draw violent
o iftwi 't'b Polish and
In.t f.l K. S, Thimayy,
the C6mmismaion chairman who will
pevb'bly have the pasting vote de-
clinedl comment on the Swedish
proposaL. *
.Meanwhilebe Communi'sts ask-
ed t y for reuton of pre-
likm taIls for a korean peafB
cAm umt e ."the top A
pac i Korea said
OSfeom to' come t '

vaIs a Ineavug
ed, aI have sent

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fot peace

lHe l'ent demand.
that t retalbe. In
tdian' -fo 0 additional
dty3 bdmofr*plmUatioq
by euniand a
conference decides"
their f .
But shbor broadcast of
u A'Rd s 00worrd,
t t io ea0g, in
N. a i ee-poin
plan for u tr anti-Red
priso"rs0e'$ ,Jan. 23 and
w4fmd C u.~f Interferene

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Twoo"., lttt iormi
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Birok City: noraMalI
tW to. work, blautomob lMe
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By N* gim0 Ship

OW a 11 (UP)-A Norme-
tcla r etto warning
shotBs. the bo a k s-
Ian trawler stertate
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ports announced today.
- TIe .. man captain. ras or-
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NIgS10d.3te Soviet trawler, WIth
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te l limits, It wa ar.-

Unifruco Experts
Leaving For Darien
The team of United .ruit Co.
experts having this week for
Darl6n province is expected to
spend between three and six
mnths there investigating the
pbhulbllty of establishing bana-
na plantations,

M mer fi'Calls To Jump

DespitfeArn Manpower Cut
A OTO an. 11 (UP)- -trategy. reducing It to Just a
Despt heava ca4 In Uthe Am.'s Little more than 1,000,000 men.
n dealt cals Ofsetting this 18 per cent cut,
a r ~.~'to al- however, is the fact that in fis-
S m W y 0of1- cal 1055 the Army will lose a
; arge number of personnel.
S r pr Army, turnover is now follow-
exp t ing a two-year up-and-down
1W|veat a vl, cycle, set by the two-year draft
Smn W.term and the large number of
of men drafted after the start of
"- be Korean war.

M.,. ,.be; The Army, therefore, will'ac-
e tually have to replace more men
I* In the coming fiscal year than
during .this one. even though Its
angth, has been eut muz h
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lletaM aid. Is that draft ea
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I T log-range study release"
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w ,hich t- be w la. attend the
Panam-WSASl Co. j d meet-
n wict* i be held here
withly-b week. .
Rumors that tf n o
sital would bse cl down or
put on a eatetaker bisa have
been circulating '% the Isthmus
for almost one year.
Last ZJne a Caribbean Corn-
maind spokesgnan admitted that
'for ttlen pt sever'lyars stud-
le haVbeen cddcted to pro-
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;" r he PANAMA NO IN2-74 I I'5 Lima"

s BMPI. s DVAN 0.01 2o.00
j. ".I .-;.. --
OUR PORUM THE alADRS OWN COLUMN The other djit a national labdr A-
SN leader turned to one of his saidesI 'lt e a
Su and-told him that a company was oio. a. w
suing their union %or several mil- p owera
l" Ion dollars in da .geS. The aide, Victor e.
M A a- -- L -, going along with what he thought I *-,wdid- .,. S he.~ 'i
SMll le mn open frum for mde twas a Jest,w isecracked, "Goodr, wae thbuy ha e t es, d ed
t' Maila bot an open forum for Madero paTheerne Amer- thet can take it otu of my salary." 'iS Ambassar d ary
Lew are received giatoefully and am handled I no wholly confi- Twat's exacy what sou me comy s ry. o try .th If ., aould
iMa mme panies now plan to do sue not 'n \ em ..n.- 'eU D t
if yea eatrbe a letter don't be Imepalef t M it oemn't appear the only the unions but all leaders of o Ar hr
Nog day. Latne P ara phlbhedl s tIhe ae f reder nedavd. those labor organizations whose e r
Pla fe try to keep the letters limited to one ge length. members slow down work, call t .. ....
dente y f letter writers hebold in stridest eoatideuo. lah wildcat strikes or hurt hales 1 -. ape :easet r es
This newspaper assumes no responasbIlity for e ,it .ms opinion: and profits., w l f U.VO
-p--gsed in letters ha M fromero.iaiL to r r.
t N I e "LE -aborr leaders everywh ere are "t t ih at-Thus1 tough
9gowin* increasingly alarmed over A- especlait when .Adrade remained a man_ warns, the .lra.
SENDORSEMENT a series of suwh law suits, running my ly mu. eir aw i the
into the millions, aimed not only However, the AdGo their uA
Sat to e unions' treasuries but at the civerAtion won -stras-4t
officers' personal ba k accounts. The BeJlivL..Apt,,4b_
Tiour coverage of the Booz, Allen & Hamilboo report was ex- Not only could this trend deplete p a sbout l
t. I wonder if your readers noticed an old fumilar- ring to I r treasuries, it also could per s" range !as1 nt, bot
g Whabheading "PC Board Endorses Booz, Allen Study." scnallv bankrupt officials of large an r
It was about this time last year that your paper reported that sprawling unons with hundreds of
PC board of directors had favorably eti he re iepanel locals. I re played .with'
m angationh. Only one recommends the parie wa ve r to m ma
the only one which would have nae .any appreciable The most cent of such suits "ofed r Dmv1 0 in -ad
rence in the calculation of our rents. And later at an ap- will be heard on Jen. 18 before Euroan ,tubic-Reltio Cl3 h
tons committee hearing in Washington our Governor ad- Judge Philip Forman in the U.S. o Efr due.q the er -- wa meta ch leS a
that total rental revenues to the Company were not very District Court in Trenton, N. J. ber o de _t i'w A' m hal' a
ent after Jan. 1, 1953 from the originally planned revenues The issue here could have tremenft- he e Pi t qnined s. eat |
tch were to have been placed in effect in-October, 1952. d0 rmp: et on the legal front and. drede b i t olf in the u pidr alt tiS. Army t
Now the PC board tells us they are favorably end6rsing the indeed, on all labor relations and ..LtudeL of La Capitaa l ivio. Ara,
Allen study except tread it in the small print) reduced even national politics. e in g cr P ie a Nets aemyi se A-
pts, free transportation, and free hospitalization. at aref0 aph e.
Naturally they concur with the retention of community serv- In the New-Jersey suit, brought t bass do e a ined &l
ma -- w e have none left. Y y a subsidiary of the M ack 1.u,, ba pare ve rs this m b poln.. .,
And witho u t the 25 differential there oul'd eventually be k Co. against Walter Reuther's o s n mel. H e id. | Se-.,l w I
SU.S. citizen employee, o. assuming they are not subversive, United Automobie Workers Union, h fchiodria a told ev
lOy are compelled to go along on that. the company is demanding $LO, e s wohi h oret uls hage l tn a A
As Ever 000 from 106 regional official in- yars in the U.S.A. be dec by the Na a T l e
Cautious eluding thie president of the local And that wea sWhat '- C fil. S
to union at Plainfield and such UAW Ite T. dlomats bo h-ag t WASHINGTON Pisg v"
d i r e eto r .; a s M a r t in G e r b e r o f N e w i l m t HH oe s ud n ot t .. ,
JUNIOR COLLEGE PLAY York. ... TROOPS OUT OF OQReA While alntost evere,pe men.
This case Is being handled for- berdjhe 3'se owrL* hA
o2ai:ey llmd the company by the same New The order to within w 21,010 Ied the srle teat a. p
York at ey, Julius Kass. who uisnt..., I and LI Ia~E of ie g .
I drove across the Isthmus last week to see the Junior College won from Su rektume Court the st tM. S. t. 0w6 e to
Isy and I would like to tell the school o tciala why students now famPonus decson that a com- o I UntaUon, but is on e of the most I trtwm.t U At to Me .
m the Atlantic side do not usually go to the Junior College. .anycan fire a worker for re- A mpo* bsehetale on, b I t ,A JoftheUmo1s tt
Th play was very funny and very well done. The one thing fusing to go through a picket line by e Statep h e take in regard th etUni A a ci
whidb the Junior College can always beat either high school in which neither the company nor fint' wa st, it
body Ile down here is in giving a play. But they try to the m.n's union is directly in. .' --. t- Io pletel reverses the odld os ley eC r p .e rS3m.dd "
ala Junor Co e "the Canal Zone," when everybody vL'ved. :..h1tk_ reklrtoent.Pnutag s polt 3ibiiciart ga Be ertt
tataIi s only Balboa. Th3ak CaTnralckhAtU The gentleman amot. deqrvlne man :-d a daeto ..etal r the "big picture" at all. All he S int onE'the Atom en o ab! e f ll oI T 'i rhlo,. I
Ie a play in to the clu4Nbhouses for rent on the Diablo the country, may set vital uree. S elder, whom I do not.ha "tl paehiscan e e ne po c t abs laal hg a lp"
SCollgc could afford to payeeycn the etrmlyhg sea thoughaiualt y isnknow t w se to e a of anc e on butobu sn on aI tet n *i d el
Certainly could afford to pay the extremely high dents because this i how it de- wo wrote a book called "Th Tea-' I elt the am warmth M Jt pig outofe bed stea of land ares.
Margarita clubhouse ld Rive the play over on this veloped: house of the August Moon,"'which when I first re Tom eggeb's at We have been at- Hitheto, Sere St Ae
hastbeenhenil, t vr oMitSRoet ,thtiAIth, ri 4wuadedopsdtkeoa VS
'h alor College calls Itself. Canal Zone why dOn't they The company *dciided It h as ft bee ontrived itor very dc- "Miste r Roberts," but ts isan tempng t i dot as l over the w d oe n wasmdead opsed to usig u Sser ditor .
e eefuj play in New Yor-"' additional, warmth. oegauae what with vast. mroey e cupatlo--a the A' mb iat iore or In retabont ve eand dem.. d.lhe ha lo
pla ,on the Atlantic side too each year? a Iud not paint its %er At i Mr. neider's story u1a a Uveara t ShAder ,l done is tell. a State. Dept t p ects c the on- mbori China So w Gei. Omf seldom aes aip
S analZone Junior College would consider both sides at Its Plainfed, N. ;, plat but simple one. It purports to te of story t l e ..P led n at t M. nd ha Ba a al o witho co
S thus with everything that it does. We do have their would shift this single o eretioi to with a ewldered yong Arm thf h rough o vr a at oir.cse- la o ly sucOeedea i in getting our- St Bf. SalO we stern zer o re aed mha
yI yI u qall them games. But their plays are really wonder- Allentown, Pa., where it -out fleet r did on Okinawa to work hbli. man4, which is 'the. true story of selves loathed wherever we have all.e And i dent lewnuan i tb
ought to have them over here always. its assembled truck. The ompny self loose from the difficulties he what Aamewlas. and Americans,weetn r an once let ro At, Ba. wae of ay
version has it that the men in the faced swhen a local gentleman gave have be trying. to do since the ir Y aoe l j.f1 ltn foretsie the idea tt he w a e be to e ne
Atlantie Sider plant protested andasaidathat they him two geisha girls. He wasfaced second Was' l" e -have noist Tete td to tdior rsid being th t-eOf the Bofn ro ul
opmight refuse to pa-int any other with the disapproval of his com- the needs of a people to what we I. Korea, ieat. Attlee, Prime ree t he m e on .the
I rtn o Poarts if t ey couldn't ph tpau decide nding colo, d the heavy op- the very pl expede t-of could vethem. If they. wMinister of En d came rushing best recent Carolin
Anwer to Previou t e.iee company i t c vil goy ment to th tease u lt, ule cama in with b, acro tlie A tie to stop kim. errors. ('e me bytheway,
srih to d a Iewltte- .lC pt. Coltd was ga*e them high W mSEt To it is Sec etary onoupned sar, Oviea t
.Ti r... on Ii el b to g- le the Ilttle whe waat tehey wanted Was more c .I.. DMr d the i vil-an north Carolina whore I .eoI
DOWN and t hat t o was s a balance, a sa cArr cy 23 he poleian and raked thw have rv thionsTL aso" a *ello d '9
I P ems m Tove theu iA ent government, and a est living and ne er, r.eAly got X. S. military 16ade ars d
S-e.---- butthe Thed Mi'Cronl n, Aiittds o d- -0 u. rd, &redpride In achieve. dow .to the problem of keeping theed do* btfuL Adm. .Rd .no .
me 'bra deve t' shop esutiittee of UAW leal and te ad t elha me at. Hed this with a p out of the bed. ford, C irmait of the Joint Chiefs
t' fairet 343, sen polisible loss of j- nd saaa iu_.t-. _W*Apricab iknow-hm Iimagine young Mr Snelder will al Staff has held a svivat debate
pay f .Sen i nthe co y's se d r das t where you traded What you haid pick up the PuUltezr Pried for this with 4eoretary Dulles, arguing tht Crash at MPH
4 Bridges efficiency move, a a -wnt have be larlet la .. for what you wanted, and encour- thing, but I hope Ile gets the Nobel if it beotm neeesary to stop ag.
Te Intb the shop and urged that* the L' L. gu 'o D ttg l.people around you to comn. Prize as well, and paybe a tluit. gressin we s ia try tb confine MGe M FBruisS
river place ino loading be ,stopped and that the The Ladles League for Demb-.pete. ble deboritlAn from his govern ourselves to ei.-'rlhi war.. -e
O la driverr refuse to move the eratie Actint .wanted everytAing, .. He restored hope &ad industry meant. He .has in due stroke sketch- We should not let war eWe0. ROME 1 (UP)Mov
I tielo I--Musi 2 Hih wind 42 Stable eatFor this the company fired including kimpos, that the a the old, and was abe to keep ed a pleee of-propgganda for Amior. This Is a. r veft al of IfoL orOE Po e
e solo crmusical 23 High wind 42 Stable w.4;su tlat; Y charge wanted & Wa materIlll a4 to t e young in line. He stoned to ie that ti t6y minfd Is more im- Admiral Raford. Now Inthe No. f rect obtoagelln, 1
point dramas 26 Property item 43 Australian Theh came a i ries f slowdowhs be forhished s wio at Iba&I -- complaints, and went ahead to e. Prtata thie* he enmbipied plan. ilitafapof the Admir- t t
7 Cyst 27 Open spaces ostrichstop and stopa Julius. Kass then ing, tIMgstatlio, and the task of .omplish one thing at a time. They nig of out, masters sine we do. al Radfo ,. late has be artgu, a, ac ar
8 Domesticates in frests 44 The litter's Up mage suit ke MIW i Jil's p lled him "bess," and it was a idd to save th world from Com- rg fOr "conventiol wea e" t ale-anhou
IC. iet 0C9Angers lISChieus smallest against the. t Union's internsa. ofot eIruW% Flowet's bed-title affection and esteem, as ummtim --and Iff we'd --e at the and for oUtla.wing the AA*S* otnb. sk id6 w -ayd- ut Ap oAp
S 10 Coin 29 he of 46"- upon onal office, ed by Reuthe, The : aubsqumt gol en of well as a veiftent of authoril'y. world the 8fder, ot fLPby, way, I it dse i 1
... .C11consumes arch" time" scrouoainc tr and enilving 7e drove him nearly nuts, but iminse wod would have spent, on-. SKEPTICAI R..AY .i , buil.*.i
I ar god of 17Good night, 31 Nu ny 47 Christmas Kass .claiar.ed tha under the con- Jed the a name Fi n- was so caught up in his single. idersbly em s and accomplished and-silver Ferrri racer WaS
sweet-" 33 Mohammedan- carol tract, the Reuther difice pledged by, to become suspect as-a mad. Mided, project that he never saw consideralMy more. Gep. .att R4d ay, Ar Chief Ireaed.
"The Middle I23Comforted Sun lsm 48 oad Jane th .A its -national WOO officials Oftauff aid ant ex- nuaan-
---- eu id l He- his uld take all action Aessaryoi doet in 'Kiore has been equally Roelli qundd bnd
Co nitisnen cludrng publi e action, to QIt o ol N o of te oeh n
,ssto- e, r sm24 Mimics 41 Ablutions mati wildcats a nd wdow s. The uni i n -N -.aftp l h oeom a. toe ss:thea hwe. ,t
49 uehr wetter-dehlaims Wt o-it !not a Tebabwe of to divlso Bfroomb0as i&o ab
ac nlner-and. at vie Esh s tr *ji "Politic.." (Thetbopi.w*wt uvme and I te a idaialmted
*Chenmwt wa' over before ay action co ul them l u oi.nextSepteber n r r- ..
bS ake. n id % .toer.) And lhe IniJA I" r t
Th Company also sued the re- cop-. r bt Rh e l otl1- arour utoa Bombat e w ha long
el e as in tdividunaly, personally re. WA, GTON-.NA)- Dth evh .ace n Koer a nd that the will neat, f h this mstuaU comd be d B. Otcy we tar y st' to e ao rsh.nd oChrle
!|ii tolw sponsible for damages. ,lmct.. Ia the orea n theater nmtla3nenth at n effesive C hlie t used In somea way to create a ask > ': "What ame we gring to do
alee tile end f (hr fmlol htl on Of .. ota between Red China and .h baby Atomic ohmbs if the' w.
'l""-ht issue, therefore, which will luly so may. .al.neqessar, a eve Korean.Preaident Russa, It might work to the ad- enemy, eomes hack with muchF
pc robpbly go up, to, the Sppreme co xmp emillio rhpvesaby the Chn- Sgmia" im w i not.launh an vantage f tn Uin. la- r At Bombs?. We now
re as well bas the im lrapo r bee And anther ug milh u it a s n ot h e le ar on n thl e r I D gBne we pt n t r. a d Mrs. Chari.
-V-t-m buyts for donmbus, Iflicted by e inot 3 o e t Ie el in es u nds hl thi ing. ioaby t Bomb, owr n a babyrabbitwha

z i inyrcontroversy over h e 5- in No rth KoreanSa, pprox- coou be ,lg. .ly Codmunist and Mds te ....- a coudburst.
aiisre C lag of operations whlh might er so'e 11 ml7 rNorth oanis, the natee at is that. biml
,g nen suits. I m.. No lfnnmn South Korea, o eue edlate rusn an i b ng ae orhtatively that Gn ange s

r h ncrry arms have been taken out e0.t oufnd-f.ed, balding ,- -mue aast what to do with t he,"
I"- t" The Jdge said that the union of the country and put in Russian eye w Yrk I.wyer Arthur H. 23,000 Korean-and t elhon- [-
1-alt mouds mus theicept the burdens, as* military Is or units. The Norta Ben Is the chief U. 8. and er.h tawwar h" isc -Anyth
weeaction. In Pittsburgh tjury ruled welso completely boa'hed that studa l fouipdu.U.L Ambassador _____.___'_______"
a ~a st the AFL bus drivers union they must be considered totally to ,. "IAalgatot -tlat.
which had struck the Greyh~nd j ,troeeed. wy.he waa president of YjDnhing I- .

Slin.The comoafy asked for $100,- Uuav nrsy
S000 ,nd the jury awarded 00. Chinese Communists have take.
F wa'. the money. It wPI the over. The tu. the ruined villages. W Huang-ha hmow- U.S. ind
principle, whick was important as Chinese c n the thouuads \ 1ato0 and he has used SIn
prece ent followed precedent) a,* 'eging a +i I rehabilitalte Ilsd e fectvely in dealing
f .rp"s, the m esand the seat- with Aasador Dean. H- a om sm
Larlier thisyear e dateredY po.r w nd after ndusin.tries. lied Fesaklla D. oosevelt'o o.
Packing Co. sbd the Pad lere are reports that some Chi- dest~yaw dtoe with the 'Ntitri as
Hcuse workers for 0 .0 e se troam a re b*r moved out. a proedet iI Asi's furishi
for SO. 000 a dy for e of Where to Is NR arms Area
of whbties.tld the CIO T'le |) Vjts t is that there -gr".Vi .to eve y
national command as the poliMol is_ gu real North rea tatedt orea
tactics which are being decided for the Unitl Noatm s t deal with. Sok n a urehed.
this week in a series ofd meutn, l re e mr:, it will be made
in and out of Washnton. David with Red Chine, or at best a pup- What Lmhas wd here Is that
YeDon-ld's Steelworets wialt Red CnML the lnted tale. is o w dealing
.more emphasis on local oties' to the fl gths sace the fight- with B~ I~a a Kearea mee ..
elect mor fri Amdl 0 ad Red Chinese have are cited to "
gislatures an l1consoldate theirmD that ns unma
aempbasis onCh.-M FpIo, in KoErea. All the -an In 1dt yi. .
Tme now yearwegrtalany k ot-us ,ni Dnegotiations at *Dge ar poeaMefa M W 1 elo
e-, tactics-on bI**sides Panne Comamuniat bleating o d'." t aln I a
had o d is

M"Minister awaharlu a emet.
sienee himself si r e s aAe klacathms that the Witha" in coae4 Oa the
-3. are tAfo doftheir vaehebegCs.b7a hve los 't hboeb N _,.b.Amb"
."r- -.-. ... r sta s k e d p e a c e P opIr e1 b ti- ". a "s a... -."

4ii 1In ItII0 Ii Ii
+ +C" "I .. ..tIhe or""+" "+I i n i iI*I: P ..

"4 -
I.~ *~

,, : ..

.,- -' q' ,. ".S S^;

ed A cc"se AD~~.. Blame SlUmp Faltering Phii#

,717 I Vc ses 1
.. .. On 1953 Over-Producion

Hi stm1 t eSie dyco oBoon .k...bel
SS SSl ot eioppoto aAMI tEe.AC. JanILCUP)idummerfield nd e ancr to eary of
'";r'-7 Bauti .is nterior D Iaa McKay, who NPst W Or2l PMT e Iem f he rgi- themselveswill speak to the

the mplas ase tM last00 fmeelwst e aerowidl balernufacturers willghave ,1
h.......o '"..l ahowroo -- no ssion NADA onv ntion Wednesday. R I E
-- ,. r -....

,; A.I, i I nc or"e4 Ge r m. A.u f. t o
Oil-72presnaOient o'OtheE
dl oIal De a ers frsodm a, : o

a Clto IADA first offlepMas ident,

-"ie d o m ell tIo 1 O aci ata i e ae Ito d e theater er the uind trysi
i d t etip..would tire tthirro.ogotio tothe oe 20 a hto e

A hfi icontr e d n, .e aa$a tertthe foopoign mig s- re t a resionIt on t ar he
*r-lfinditeidwetakerplace.- in 6s. "We overproduced In 21953,"1

l'lotof on eglusd h Auis t y Michs (U.P.) On held here on R SF NADral EuZs The Sovieul have so 7oc er h- r h er before b
e lar it a tn erw .e U. and Armoat s Fo all itd e t t e A
S o t Iu alrund Sep ete. ie or u n ece lH convention got un-
l o ")rtodayt. dealers and
e; AAjnutw stra# e will beactureru will have to

le a.'It a deoT e ad0 ae areg s bea. lore the responib lity for th e e

diete horse ig rWu Vt to edndtle ma ae ite forro otlasthhe t a Ban lat Wstad t year's L T
r aa eeem r adi Ae-I).b Mhiawn'b coner tahto hold theeur.Iebytrhorenano hid o ee drasle a 7
.m e to**a- n- the .eforheandthe Big rQuate time to build up theirV

S ay unlh fo rhuldbeespecialey atn aceotlume. And Freed. wo a

-.(h propaganda. C anada geese. Thrma ant ha al- tya. .u *o

. talk to m ove l ow ly '
u .m.. .. th m withdlyoto tewSlt ate1s I tnk ive rmlaot rt w
oil-de tal at Berlin. ,e ., old eaileswFreed und. 2,"ALL ETIC
ston brso__wCKY____eti____ __e rmacosi A who s t imated Dl m

the tou mtr> compeN. ioumncthe
e te Mdelproble. .. luUp without reao e ct, ae for teemi C C YU S E
Mid ost at~expertsfexpect ; ;=.owlya n ,d mtio to"iArMe on a _etlween aforl
lta tom oeeach offll o ,, Oclcel or t e fars .e nee o h
that furlher m etoWofre ",-.pre.ssure ink would be great-A
t e e he ee o i ot ae s year than ever before but

r"I ti2o''A: LLTICK iETS (U&) (NIO Ches her o a o
foretot to duleos s"oresuh-cmai opeortnties wetre OUR WEEKLY FREE RAFFLE
-' ..d t dise'pcuss mo r I pe psb- gce | t P (ritr "he7ushoweo s Pw there for the
.d JU~ A; w nodt te co mdent along the eas of the arpro aichtt ta MkM n coere d 1c I "Th e
Bled twsee River 12 miles south lm e"a t.I Vmpos- men who know how to sell," he
t to ealud 2).pr oDlvetm.- a _zpAor f ourwiU nuioty- 'o f t, -a dCO
a I r V.. M. ured and wiU be mant ed t. ew ht In hh he pe i r Ue said to"
o o .enialy amd A. lby Michigan's consrvation de. outl ele in lenh US. ws.up a e gIr2 Com m n police' Med y r
MOM th hMet and the U.S. Fish an on0d tthe fn lI tflkr. TAH
tl.eead.vises of r.Iin A Service"er nW e. HATOR, Conn. (UP .P..-
ad& .tq ho U oit e gOTiI band of government h owaned fusndrnte ae t tdwy fl e A. ` e P ued t e seline twoud a restaurantE W
E;ufsutr1 lf, th lea.tone-.. -teo namue thetld rttmere .n f ul nidi. uvri-afWetsarrest a art 1blpcanoplahisYearthanevertbe e b u T

.tII River13milesSo(ThicreuylsPhosphate)

Sbowedto incue.,
anfold fia=beespeiiaa-
r ofThat'svg tIheWagSng ratin."rreoP sp t

,,i ..o,,. .-. ....

Your Shell Station will soon offer
S.. Shell Gasoline with I.C.A. (litiof
~Control Additive) incorporating T C P
",HA..P L CI(Trioresyl Phosphate).
Shell with I.O.A. Is the greatest gaso.
I. fi lne development in 32 ,yar shne.
a a ^ ||the introduction of tslratbeyl lead In I
*, be-S $ 1A2. Watch this nwsp* for t-
- I--.g Introductory date of JE.. w'th
R C ; IN I.C.A. --

'Ex leIShell

*P f r
7- -o l

m,-i. ,,'-. P

a -
~ ~i~I

_. -. a : .4h P 0 ,_- .. .
. ..a. t. .. -. .. .. ..,-...... .

' kL

.. ^. _*^.. .^ .. "- .... .T l .. .. ...*'N.
S" .' L "A
o .o .. .. .
-. ,,- .:. 'y ...... ... .. ..* ,. ; w:.- *. -- "<,, *1 ., ^ T '. ^K ^ W
: ..... ".". e; r.
: ~~~AW J 1'',r 1, k ,h i",A- o .. :-.


' Cardb u inera

SNew Premium Item


JfZiUD for NEA Service

4.. .1*


P indebted to George Coffin,
Waltham, Mass., for today's
d. Coffin has written several
on end plays, double dum-
-problems. and other- knotty
Ws of pla. In recent years he
Ls devis.d more thai a hundred
Oerttrick" hands, in which the
ea Is to "qd the surest line of
v tno matter horn the cards are
Ltrlbuted and no matter how
overly the opponents may de-

NEW YORK (U.P.)-A camera the
size of a calling qard is the latest
item developed for manufacturers
to use as premiums to spur sales in

- Th- cardboard camera costs just
eight cents, takes a picture on veri-
i chrome film and can be re-used if,
the owner want to go to the trou-
ble to have it reloAded. /
S"It folds flat for mailing and
!won't be sold In any store. just,
given away as tales premiums,"
explained Robert Kaufman, presi-
dent of the (Taylor Merchant)
company .which jUst introduced
the cardboard camera.
"We started developing it two
years ago when business was so
good no companies wanted to look.
'at give-away items. We were tired'
of key rings and ash trays as sales
Now Kaufman and his business
,!artner are having no trouble ell. !
ing the idea to.manufacturers, who'
plan to give it wav with various I
products, includlhg breakfast food,
under various names, such as "spy
camera." I
It I.t an kdaplation of the orig-
ana -k.n..raa ih W h i..W

Mlal pin-holiie camera wni.n was
used extensively in Japan during
World War II, Kaufman said.

It's A Pleasure

To Be Arrested

In Naples, Fla.
NAPLES, Fla. (U.P -,- Many
tnwns have been accused of operat-

i today's hnd West opens the ing spedd traps" to glean dollars
t di .mond against South's from out-of-state motorists, but this
ebStrart -f three no-trump. In the city, where officials tend toward
age' game, S.uth would rob practical jokes i. operating a speed
p"y fire: my's queen odia- trap in reverse.
vionds. This would be a mistake.
you,t it wouldn't be a fatal Once a week Chief of Police Cale
ake to finesse the queen of Jes "arrests'!.an, out-*itate
ronds if East guaranteed to re- tourist not fcr any offense bu
the suit. Declare would win simply because he is from out-of-
diamdlnd return in dummy, get state..Jonel haul* th iniiioent
his hand with a club and try driver befd* Mavot W. IRoy Smith
art finesse This would fai for "qusti if ing.~
3eurse, but then th defenders At this point,toe bewildered, and
be able to tak oinly two probably sputtering, motorist,-i let
r' diamond tricks. South would in on the joke.Mayor Smith hinds
S" make nine tricks, him a key to the city and a "sum-
trouble Is that a defender mons" to the city of Naples in-
tli hits upon the best de. eluding on- night's free lodging for
If South finesses dummy's ithe driver and his party, free
n. of diamonds at the fist eal for a day, free theater tick-
*k Eal. iU wia with the kne eta. and a tour of the city.
.may then shift to spadeR. If It's Naples"'way of selecting a
happens. South is in trouble. tourist of the week to help publi-
M lqEast in with the cize its charms.
of heais. anid then East can -
r m ret ft he spades; to say Army's New Field
1W.JU of som diamonds.
S "ure trick" way to play Stove Light, Cheap
t, is twin the first trick in Light, Ch ap
Bmmyi'th the )e of diamond", WASHINGC'ON (U P ) The TU
h ear get t hit owit sai' 'S. Army is cooking on a hot burn
a club to trv the heart finess. er that has saved tax-payers more
en though this loses, there is than a million and a half dollars
way for the defenders to take during the past two years.
ore :'..n one heart and thra
a m o n d s. Whenever they get The one-burner stove was' the
ugh taking their tricks, South brain-child of the Quartermaster
a run his own nine tricks. Corps and was invented for use by
combat forces. The idea was
S .curi .. use theheater for warming ratio,
SCu ,ri .. e images, and iater. It a smill
ne cooking, stove tit stood
RTFORD e : (U,P. ) ( o, eboyI in good'stead in IKorea.
Lodge a te c V-
scanned ..It.was found that the little stove
ole in one of th state'): ist ch a handy gadget that the
a but couldn't find oneC '.- '- w y bought it in quanty-more
As a result. LogMe had to dey' a an 322.000 of them at $4.75 each.
creneh consular official per~i bout half the price of the burner
in to' hunt in Connecticut'; ,-'' he army had been using.
SThe state has two Lwa that. The new stove weighs less, lasts
.eplt non-citiezns 'from hunti longer, produces 35 per cent more
laws are based on the ptl]- heat, and any duffer can operate
at that firearms .should be kept it. At 20 ounces, it is half the
t of th hands of aliens as a weight of the World War II model.
It's made of carbon steel.

"4 C.pS KIN. Planetei Thistle'i


! 're l

a,,ih' g




ILLUSTRATED MAN-Pvt. Bill Seraphina, gevin -Wit.'a .
Aubiralian army in Korea, is the very picture of l;Mbbiv a he
shows part of the colorful tattoos he picked.-ui dut 0&VifMl' 7-
foreign nations. A former native of Scotland, Btllu mir to,
Australia in 195,1. .. -
-.-.-- -


SS. BAYEUX .. ....... ............... ........ .Tnury 16th
S.S PONT AUDEMER ..................... ....Jnuary th
M S WASHINGTON ....................January 1gth
S. RT EN BESSIN ........ ....... January 13th
W OMIN ............... WYOMING .. ............. .. January d


re .

4 -



e Aau WI
HU, ADI Weatamr..'FITsolSP

BOUMa AN A IDat Mui asuAL


- -, i -, y z *,
IX v.T U :N

a V.I

31 o~LDG4*ni 4IAMT3 i

7 o WE to.

*Y VOV ",WE\^
-,f, Wr ** :.'%'L


^*--*-B-IL^ Y RWv 50 1*1
ExtS^its M
. n t^

atn't LOO

D. -A aa a....UblU





IWll E APM 6 .-We I
WE'VS a55N /
M W6CI4 9-OLLy?

f. r

Familiar Names

5! MW*I$.O'MA~j LLR%~_~

You "ea, e4 s ws 0ea, ZI
B.S5 10 DTAIMUCtS *Oi Af
Noy 'V4m" A.e .r r
0 1,


VA ..
~"': A '





'F *~~'4**~5~ -~:,. .L -

- 2f.. -

' NORTH (D) 30

6KI108 Q9753
V 10 852 VK9
*J986 K32
464 4O872

6 Q 103
North-South vul.
Nerah East 8th West
14 Pass I N.T. Pass
3N.T. Pass Pass Pass
Opening lead-@ 6






~:- crrFlc~e n ;~-~
.~ z-~



s> A l *^ F^^'

? ,.

s~PS~? :

-. 4;


Rr ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~c Pf W< UH ICr~tWf OMlrfi~n&TI\t< af
Pttow/'^W. I KcAI t Ml-1^Ia'S y- *^~JN '?TW

of fqT
,41. t .f he un- P* **lk .t wpw hi ? frequencp y an Clerp in ai letter to thae B odl nh t tn h e a-
-C- "" T# Ma.:3r.u t-ednftan To of tl ctr pand .ion valop i ay

u Gok th ^aa S < t. and dary M p.r... ,, ^" .. Super h -frequency cele lltedar ca .o th B rii sh ken oh -
L -0 p. ,- A o-- 10-y"a.n pson o nrO

l r,* nt ~ 9 r machine. a yow- Friday an
FlattSj~lton) w rlTh Cue P16egdn 7 toa lng rltlElectrion C. ue6:d1p1.a We-t s e t

o Va a l e U aS1 ori. a d erw ee der rattn will bocallAed on the a three Wist wen to hae

%h. 'h roll AL i J r wlh g n atl~t r eported e ffeatiofl when ".lJunir ieem ent d gtweea the university ernmentsion Pars London be
-w r v underli *

re rte Bd e Lj a i t en eliin the C aystn- res le. o produ- end iteoae ~pnyr The accel rn eera- Whinetoen.
WrGo. Araob w s la- str. k, p The fir' X-ray department ranking N arethe clueto Il n at
Sbs:t MT enhi r so ais th e nm hdeld o p u, aled te k tord Sh al beervind swto ene t wa lea
el o is. $t p e w dhr er IOds t 1er y's bilion-volt.De Adlnniauerdso esdt request ad now gwL h andlAe .th s
or.i ao. Forrp t of, ..da. v i arro. rl oulde h -frequency acelera in a let u ter e tio b t hrdre or h a. th e n. t.,w" eA=f-l w .,tr and U.S.a bgee p ont o ner.

is p b c i Do -ou d hi e n y ou lo3 .

M tarty aar th..he S. La us dhon r p.m aendl, hvg theporee o arst-owns ly- reea s Lppof:oe l Srad ford &aisreleeted unicavcersty ernen ta on Partion G N, breand he o the hey a
Sae e e St l 'at the e I, a e l t r the e orf ind te t machine. a pow- lFrida y.g au .e"s yofe e ia
Mo an. dn te w Mr. as o r o Br. J o, the di Mrb bencrr a aw otu aor dw Vi straletis- L foIptroc W~ d l ea Fud for de nuclear of the r Commsioder tmn.the a r

Sto a r an 4 thh "t sfr d e a a smalle r t version will be Allied sources idhn te brneda hs t Ii
..ran,. Ev.hl l Gna-r diae: tbsening G U llilw AqiA 7 f~u e te island .. .d. "Tes re- pleas rUtreOd e k under awill en sto ti s t a

t*e Ithm, b p l, Satudertopr. .t..dd. n thrhsewm b sn wthn ound a. apor prce co pan y ore ofee thesi mer dan ta gets the a owitsndn fo tb4ne to with e s mie ow .l any wies ms
t aeoearvatl_ rt uri toa -. eCol-n tdl oi b ee, Aror ome une elthed fpe ial~me S a- pr.d greiaoement crdweed the university lo ernments in Parister abLn oi you a

Mr. alnd Mo. I ueo ew of eddral dasoU Members and thelt f uendsAre d surpluses oauur te. l M ontta n iBGe T oeW ser ai
lemit lnton, N. J.oard he S. vtI have lu n Issued dl invited towt&endh b tt there froi wAod *h and lt -or Pd Tedical ra as in on er
,Ia A oa att U te Stees th ed Iel~ollo nrsl a4 jeA the Hoel T-Tm a e PiO ron nhcteot trt oeoresf ts ri- t h tld e to n tromet he t s e el a il" .
piihg -oan the Isthmus a for several t wedding of Miss Rita Cecilia- -C-e as lt w -n the faro- ole a ine let eas hvera, times in the past attem de e

d ru t.nft kw i a Mrs an to ers.b tor e Tn show v t "nclr d r a h as n r t 0 pd n eteome do de.yp st ur-c an c mpanysabd. l e th wb to g h- eaS o ets o
ys" as. -pguests Htel I. in dath oughter oalf a e.eEveninir t gaGce theo ni-eo let Seoisoo eetwiertreI Bb Sa l

. weare teede6WC rptmt e wladw and pa hde otads for e or ar yeearo f,. me d- ithrrs i pm
oncw ere,..he ges oifn or Jun Jr., Ito. 10 ws M. TheE vening' UWd y of the iCa- rfthe UnVion nessioal sursday, s," a s et GE er era wll pn a e t mr e Jra dr wt*

it a cocktail aygiven Sat f thdy e ourad to -i en attenal t esdt. thoe ar will em itlen atous, 93 ad j a h e aed si tu ya o drhe deln general improvement of c t- i ert tia hi
AVbyIr.VprJn.t e thadno6hratesupmad

n An r. unr L t, d- rib e Ar. der ten n od cele Including Piot But the Russians have tu r a te
dry, Huhoe n Ancomas Pe oReyChourch eineellaVs at :30NGetman,l A e 0t-L o. Place, h Bal-biy s tem.n itYAddw at i ottW. a son t a odi al accelerator no w ebei w eheri such movwe.dYOU e pa rUednc.l

Mr. vi e of ew Yor low a t ofeera days on Ado is free.The p issroads other nofairl eh l e A atmnt a nford School of t
araboard the S. tl Isthmus during hich timeinvrtea to eStend. But there were neal tantord San Francisco, PORTLAND. e. ( ak

S re siden s at t P atndinw V1111 V11117r N~8Jul ivaob hewmth-T o thehel Urae o for h e c proaram *n to I xhir a
Monrovia sCa oruevis tiang-on 3. F rest .(* was M.C.A. on We eaday e fenn at Various congressional sources Otfiur a ls a t th% flexible where, radiolog*ts plan to use it H. Farnum, Jr., rogam dire-

ghterr Mabellei isu J, anounce a oE e -rldnaEe Cneheedote
mu e Unwited Sth.ates they were guests at the Hotel Ti- tron iy ndicaton tlt ngro ss indicate that elifton from a
sths ti luncheon the rep the vl Civ ell To P would sito n the e atldera- iner accelerationen
upmey are the house guests of their at the 11otel Tivoli, Asi in an- talent froth oth dAy it ..e hense storehouse --ate 0i te Rily force t adsof rnargi- the ead of teh t year. could figureaout an easy wy toge t him thim w,
ion. and da ig tet4Ww, Mr. and or of 'Mr. L. M h. cFell the di- ribbean Area.ladmnstratlion' al I qr fi-n]produle rA tW a p l Ing Funds for development of the other side of his car washrt
oeNational A. eies4o- ta ,hi l s h a to o-ld -d' e siSlanfords 'ilot accelerator were The right side was washed cl e la t e
Red Cross in Was a. ban& -.harmo aand drum numsnltaind r yfarrtraowtle y the h heeor Nav au istle when he parked hi b w
Mr. Mitchell and wile left herse andteanishtdancesowillbe'Yir o dercrpswhichin the long run, rIesearch, the N dto l Cancer autho mbie windows shut t te n me in ed sae
to asthnes by plane Saatuirday to presented. nsingw n do p oove prolithble. Institute alid. the AmericanagainstAndowntownfountainth ee s
Mr. Alvin'M. of'New orkatfairyisithof rjodaysboaAdmisson isl fee. -e p l s nw at fairl high e A oint tement b 0 e and ice wonft permit parking of c ar. d y t
M. arrived today aboard the S.dWn Isthmus during O ich time invite* to attend.,But there were Indl earing o -Stanford -aid iedleal reports breakehimhof theehoney.
tytitorn. the United States they were guests at the Hotel Ti- a tronguindicataond thst Cueigrsi.dicaten. theatd orer drection Ittie shoulttaeta ou but
iousenguest of his "brother-n-law"Janaind hold to the reseift r on sMME MENDS'a over lower-voltage X-rays bione,dat, and musc"le,inst
rd-bL.alir. Clarence Vgcao -era Return Th-i Pedro Mtel Civic Counc "h" suaporta -t 90 perIteon
i re o s GrhmF wil eet nit Modaylit7:3 .-p.ent of so-called rr."nt"Thisro. y
Mr.". and Ms. a in. in the ballroom of Wee Boatohernge.siohal sougee InMdoreoe n -esthtend
.child of Patila have returned Club. Refreshments will be serte dMoreof h crte anoiteon atted efocfke
#.With b bo a d yess -thent s aid. re-being" oruntreated -ardpevents laint.Andeveryoneof
G a iothere ware accompa-nied by their adults of this area should *o dIcorn-
04sond David, .e a shape as it ..atsemmon
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a.e n '.Bogots, FelA,"nhave e hme of r. .3sps, 1Gorge D. Alken,.,.-Vt.) Don'
v.itifg irPanta for several Wilslamson Avenue. 'fMrs. Forest red that 53isen-
bers and tir friends are In-relieve "honest. doubts, about an4 r husbamktlieIk gneui
toretrn totI.eir homeb Two Sages ..President's detail plan -will notaoh aco o. to we reINVNT R S AL
Bis P~hop P.GeodeAR~v. I.K., Colombiaee. KUSSO satisfy "organized criticism that to the.dace.. But_ y_-11 .*dj .
hiday morning The newly appointed Ambassa:" -TROY, N. Y. (U.P.) Russell attempts to hanstrin, .the make sure You ,sleet.
plane for Colombia for a visit dor of panama to Argentina, Dr. Sage Collage students raised pus- kimagisttattion." trhe t Vill go wit tbe. 4 "ll (PP SIE' A .O.
several. wveeks.. lie plane to re- Sergio ( onaslex Ruiz, wa* the zled eyebrows .when a taau gentle-P lankst announced that Seers- .l"OStN Near.
early ary. A guest of.,hout at _Adinner given man wag introduced as "Mr. Rus- ta AgriCulture' Ezra T. Ben- pt t weat. i t coron e::
Thrusdm evening at the -Union sell Sage." .60 will be called before his corn- tha ihets with anr eveningfo : a9
-l e. Club byj, the Secretary-General of Even the greenest freshman fttee at 10 a.m. Jan. 18 to ana- gown! -
ItI .di tl.e Prehpdete, Vktor N. Juliao. knew that -TE .Russell Sage, lyze the program and to gi~ e his
otot for a week-end house Birth dowed the college in 1916, died in oftlook. a --
iu l lbra'Influential far stateRepub-
birthday 'anivpa no iti 'les"t Mendes z turned out-the visitor was a lican and Democratic membersi
lighter, Mabelle a-A 0. sto h son,aE. d -wt# 66i r-old General Elbe- if CongreSs have served notice d
Clara t i ,t R. Mendel, on an. 1. Mrs. tfie ;fimining ,engineer. Hes said they want to ciitlWr the pres--.
Bhlss. ~, '.' L des Is- th- fqmer' Marlt Sk lte. 'Just a "poor and dist.ant ent program requiring hlgh. rl-
... of the -I..y --_ 1. -p Lt and... -
In wail ilmas th, ft lpd= 174 crd[Y;;;. r 0 e14 AuA 10%-4A111 AWS rh4vi

-V ur. and Mr-.r laaA. D-oln* t .mei"ewa-t the mesaesasajzve sManeenu-
T.. B[,alboa W eights B, flds Ffa St. Louis. et I J.Q pur o;
atedi ncladed Judith a C kt .il party glv Trilys ev.' d my na e to the regis- arms in v -jngland, the
iedMane. M aLg at their home in-onor of Mr. ter," he said "and a fair official Southeast, the Midwest and F-rI
ney Webster, Diane Hut. and Mrs. William G. Arey. commented 'Russell Sage.' I al- Weast They lepo here again tu-
Martha Webster, Heather ways thought you .were too busy day to valt the Southwest and
aid, Carol Sue Elich, and Farewell Luncheon- to take a weekend." mid-Sout rJ iheJst. of "grass
Davis. An Canaste roots" Ihei'la, "
. s.,. Mrs. Keith Gittere, who plaps On their previous tours, the
'eetig For t. leaveL Panama Jan. 16 for Hol- Fine Theft members found-with the pos-
hi'%U Cirdle *land to join her husband,was the *Rlble exception pf New England
*eMe organized "Lilliai guest of honor. -t farewell lunch, WESTPORT, Cognn (UP) Aer --much support for the rigid
circle ofthe Balba Union eon and canasta gven Fr- caused of breaking into a home and high price program.
bdrcle of the Balboa Union day by Mrs. Q R .I'es 1 Hltotell at stealing $15, Anthony Leigh, 16, Plaguing tle administration
Iad jts first ma e ti n her. home in..])ea Vista. explained he needed the money to ire bulging warehouses of food
.at b home of Mrs. "' pay a speeding flee. and crop conupdities,
or in the Ch)ich VIDAors Refoir EvadW
* 'Twenty six were in at- 'Dr and Mrs. 'Taneiscd sez
of Q-qito, Ecuador, who avq been
to serve for the isiting here with friends add rel-
I lW M s. W. C. Mer- ti-/a. left by plAne on Thdrsday
'Jdr.A A'Itarin- tb*-.' stay-they were guests at Ho.
e ary irer. 'he proj- tel El Pa,,jna. *.
^A.-'- -;. '**- *^6tt f I-I'- A i

ior itMae LUto measure

S U I T S;i

* Dacron

* Nylon Cord

* Orion Blends




* English Woolens
(all weight)

We make your Suit in 24 hours






with amazlnI ew iHIIIh.P. HYWN

fow-faed your dog Ken-L-R~ition
food that gives hia complete no
plus the amsing beofits of chloroplilii
own purifiep.

, the dog
n, Nature's


Ken-L-Ration Is the famous dog food packed with
lean red met ... choice cuts of U. S. Government
Inspected horses meat. It's the canned dog food that
0ds dog odpxf-Awt-now that K-L,.Rati on cm-
tain cbhote. Aad the woaderfu part of it an
I that S-et-R&tin hrimp you this redou
utra bemfutd a ri* A COMt
If you've e bm edin .g your 4o table Vw
i sh. tAft i liaiiKI f tinitiom Kew.
i b -aj .l u .at the on ti- -rid
B r,.t gA-vefp todw.

**.-deo rto as It oe Isbes

Join our.

"3 Golpes Merchandise Club"



25 & 71 Central Ave. Hotel "El Panama"

Opposite RlreSta r
_. "- "rJ'

* 5 5- ~ ~ ...-..~. .-. -
S.- ~

Affiliated to

Haberdashers And Tailors To Men Of Good Taste ..


. -- I







,' i .

s wzimmu. VEtClDO
i a"at k. No. 13
5Jt Amomma Ave. and 3 St
13 e Streeto. aw

S- Diningroom, bedroom
irore. sofa, coffq@e and and
, other articles. Tel. 3-3359
Ko-nlao St., No. 6.
SALE:--Household furnishings.
LiJfe, Bendix washing machine
C cle). 890 Morgan Avenue.
'SALE:-Breakfast set, Grand-
pe clock, 2 tables, console
new steel guitar equipped
.iamplificationi, trumpet, like
W metal shelling. 1 HP 25 Cyl.
;" other household items and
lihquipment. Aquarium with
eptl, filters, etc. House "798-B.
P0rUCa Road Balboo, Tel. Balboa

C tral Ave. i1

_eurth of July Ave

FOR SALE i- 1 47 tadbker 4
deer s-dt., RuM like a top. elsy
payment. .C be flMnaneed. Sewt
& Hunnieutt, 16th street, CenBal
Avenue. Tel. 800. Colon.

FOR SALE:-1951 Morris half ton
pick-up in excellent condition.
Plates and Irlurqner paid for
1954. Has almost new 12 Volt
battery and Firestone rebuilt tires.
See it at Household Exchange, 41
Auto Row.
FOR SALE:-1951 Buick Super 4
dear s$den, redle, new tire., dyne-
flew. See it and buy it. Smoot &
Humnicult. 16th stret, Central
Avenue. Telephone 800. Colon.
FOR SALE: 1940 Willys sedan,
aood transportation. Reasonably

SALE:-RCA comb,nat,on ccf- priced. Coll Pfc. bean, Panama 3-
table, radio, phonograph, 4362.
finish. $100 00. Phone Al- FOR SALI:-1948 Chevrolet 4 door
4248 sedan. reoenditiened throughout. PA1
:LE: Char $2 00. Tables M*ter runes lke new. Smoee end OFI
0, China Closets from $22 50. Hunnicutt, 16th Street, Central
robes from $19 00 Mehog- Avenue. Telephone 800 Celen. Sealed
Dining Set, $5900 New). FOR SALE:-1952 Tudor Ford V8l will be
.00. Sofa Bed $125.00. Ne" with radio, plastic upholstery On- Jr.uar
adding Meds complete' 39.00 ly 8.000 miles. Call 2-2349, for Superiri
tel Beds complete with new details. boa, ts,
ress 5$31 50 special' Metal writers,
Bd fr onI $2 50' Rebuilt FOR SALI:-1949 Buick 4 doer me- tomete,

ins in new and used turnture Hunnicutt- 16th street t Centrel Buildin
Fleuse Exchange. 41 Auto Row. Aveane. Telephene 500 Colon. Area. 8
Easy Payments. We deleker. Tel: FOR SALE:-1940 Oldsmobile. two be obt
J.34911. new tires, radio, heater $250.00Q. intended
SALE:.Wi q bedroom set vene- Go d condition, eatun RadiolSta' telepho
aon blinds. 36 x 54, refrigeraorW ton.
S ng table. I'-" Mango St.. Bat- FOR SALE:-1940 Chevrolet 4 deo
'inca. Tel. 2-1638 radio, 2 tone. Excellent condition. WANT
SALE..... ...h -e othe For only $950. Smoot & HunniceStt d ess
ILEratWes9cu. 25 cc 16th street. C ral Avenue. Tel- re
.:i~gerar9 ar v.e nt Af. Di _phene 300 C.. ... ourr
;er 4 30.- IFOR SALE.-1953 Mercury H. T. .
S' AE1. C n t g Coupe, Mer-o-Matlc. radio, leath- I
SALE: CcldGpo r. ogt 9-or e any other ext ras. 57 1 1 -B.
I CU.-ft. .porceladr ,nand -t edc e as
cu. f o d D.blo. Phone Balboa 2675. Learn
0 cycle. First i corid ,iin ---------- _---------- _
.1, 5.00. Aoply 23rd Street. Est- FQR SALE:-1 48 Paonftlc 2-dr ract
"' :. House No, 1. uptair. sedan, silver-streak I with radio. Estu
iL '-.----a Horve.te- Good condition throughout, 5650.-
':SALE:-I FRen,,onal HrE.--,9S3 ec |
" u.fige..rator 7 e.on. ft. an.. e0.00 Phenq 25-3195.. Aept. R4-1.
Avenue No 91. Aot. I Rousseau. WANT
al yLE.-Washing machine, gooa ( eracl
tion. $28 00 Cuba Avenue RotuAslu W T4.2
a. 12 Apt. 9. Telephone 3-4217 ". .. Y a UI an PC
r"T C Ad C A- T....-Ia ..... .PC



DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
'Central Averw '"K" Street, corner.
telephone 2-8479, Panama.

Call Balboa 1334, children 3 to 5
yrs. picked up fjoM Bella Visto by

I Oaicp Combot
Featuring statesM.fehythmre and Latin
American melodib, birthdays, recep-
tions, anniversaries. Tel. 2-1282,
8 a. m. to 11:15. Free transportation
Call 83-2168 or Balboa 1214.
Moderate prices Foto El Halcon in
in front of Hotel El Panama

bids, for opening in public.
received until 10:30 A. M.,
y 15, 1954, in. the office of
rtendent of Storehouses, Ial-
r Underwood and Royal Type-
Type-setting machine. Cdmp-
r, Hind and Electric -Adding
es, Bookkeeping Machine and
Protector Machine located in
g No. 28. Industrial Division
lalboa. Invitation No. 45. may
gained from office of Super-
nt of Storehouses, Euilboo,
ne 2-1819. "
Wanted Position
ED:-To place excellent loun-
-housekeeper. Part time pre-
d. Call Navy $881, .6ffice.

Spbnish with Mrs. Rome'a .
tical Conversational System.
diante St., Bldg. 77-A No. 2.
Help Wanted
ED; -Maid, cooking and gen-
work. Ist. Street Perepl No.
nd floor.

Position Offered

WANTED--Troctor Operator. Eng-
lishb _eqk with Iogging expe-
I :ay'.hr person apartment

in COO
Phone sI
or eCe M
Gromlich So
electric rn

intsonaL de o T
45 Central Ave. NO.
Parque Le ue NOroT Seeet M
IO1 c tral Ave. _-: j do la OeuAve.m 41

toges. Lor, omfortele, modern,
near beach. o 3050 5 e0wApt
Phillip. Oceanside ctt Santa
Clara, Box 435,lbot0a. Phdn
nrmae 3-1877. CtOsbat, 8t -673.

Homes /
FOR RENT:-Furnshed ch t, three
bedrooms. 3' blocks from El BoAur-
ro. Telephone 3-3873.
FOR RENT:--Comrpletely furnished
concrete house (chalet) 2 bed-
rooms. Road facing Paitille Arfield
No. 109. Call 3-0553.
FOR RENT; To responsible portyr
only. Furnished three bedri*
chalet on the' corner of Via E ao
and Calle Cojombia. Rent B.00.-
00. Apply to 8th Street No. 15.

ATrTNTION (. k Just built nern
furnished 4 artment, one, o
bedrooms. hot, cold water. -
ephone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Furnished and unfu.-
nished two bedroont apartmentA
Ideally located in brand new buUd-
ing close fto Canal Zone. Also
available one utility apartment
completely furnished. EnquiTe,- at
Household Exchange, 41 Automro-
bil Raw. Tel. 3-4911: '
FOR RENT:-Furnished 2 bedroom
apartment. near Bello Vista Thea-
t. Cl 3 a-1596 ofter 7:p0 p., .m.
FOR 'RENT: Two' bedroom apart-
ments with maid's room and *private
terrace. Rent $110.00. 48th St.
No. 11. Information in 8th. St.
No. 15.,
FOR RENT:-Apartment, 15th St.
Son Francisco, Via Porras. Apply
to house: 14 some street.
'k. ,J, f.DCKIT



Just Receiyed



379 Central Ave.. Tel -.14i

hasba Rnmba,

4-s -esm
pAlTCmT T&Uf
FoireLt. Walti,
St1i Bal b


Packers. Shippeg, Movers
Taller Transportes Baxter
Expert Mechnic ji -Ultra-
matic and Hydramatic Trans-
miss 1.2 offers his professional

Repairs. Installation of gas
stoIes, water .heaters, etc.
OGeneral 8uprvSaor.






.. 7=09Elv;.,NnNo. 7, Panama,,sAtL WOW he
i rntral Aven ow of te ame'name Alponst *- ,- ,
h by peal Services, SAR- with or without H-FDELTY
IE-gos on tour again to- coue br genlen.
house -nrd lot; New ^ tfro Page I it St. No 14 Apt. 12. featurng Co
nw0Call 84-2 '. 9 Selected Iriih & American units
A _AMA .e. w ich put i tlting plant at fouFnt FOR A1-aton, clean fur-Special demonstral n fdctes O
awm. '. iin Puerto Ri small branch at nished; riwAvhr facilities. Cabinets to ou cin
d%. for itW -m0 o- Electrit reriete43d,,1. No. a "hu F y "
W ., A. theor s exI-t; pected to leave the 13 (Panama's HI-Fi Center) wr
of. -nh "'~-h,,of1i, 1.w64 Stervie -tomorrw ~ t-musttomorrow at Iuan p.u FOR
Ite.tF C l r-;,a I. rute to San Juan,. f ero Pe RENTo ..nished ;eqm o TROPICAL EoECTRONICS
t*e&"ebchf r lots Mir %mintson vjse TROPICAL EoTRONICS Sea
~ 1.ns"ot of 11aild'ngs loca .ine. st s Jonson-isi also beingA acoi Ame can" eo I. Privatelentrance n
S et n lte lots of 4 will appeal ah e Balboa ,anied on a visit by Coal.i as.prid kitch. o1 32 Qst No. 14. Celle 45 No. 3 Tel. 3-125
cfins rcch located iN Balboa. A t. Er g Tday, tohe worth I. tvs, formerly as is-
tn N.V. 53 ncy be secured from troupe will perform at the Foit ltansupervs ing engineer of the i.i W P I F

nmt of Storehouses, ter.hone performance at Ihe Fort Koube -this efodTO that the SED wals eTa.
s5 f Mnrervice Club next Monday, st aged t in the Isthmian Canals o
.3 pm- tudies of 1947 which resulted in i ro

o McCowin I cast are: S versionofthe nn Stocklon, Cal. eeSckAt a.m

TodaylbOhe C I McInes n esPROTC. BCrisoia s ea-heveuywaterway.a1 u See Sck Ia
S5er i Anin M- e School; Pfc. Richr Davis has had several asiog STOCKTO' Calif., Jane 11 ipW n, Rieoa nape 2-
S the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. so ddle GuyT, 03rdc Baet- sn .d t i The coup) was married yes- d thehst o rfu e,
'dmo.o Mchowin oft BalboC. -l at r John Benson. 408th Zone, I including tour y e t double-ring ce- bdoinatit at one
who died as ret of a chron rdnanc Je, C45t Recon Bart in Korea. He is presently on duty won the title of Miss universe cloratckned ulcer s
condition i be hel Fort Clay468thOrdnance. Los n the enta wishand Ie Churhe of 195waseading for her llm MaLod the
ead of flowers, it ha been Phlip 20 are P v Co Fort Gu- s staff band, Ronnciation rengo. cian dmtte at a corn b
a i5-ynr-ot d American FirtFemo ntub2nd MRU Fort Ama-T Ihe'.heatIletthmanROYCapper. 25.

eatedug that contributions b Mrs. dor: .ddi ne Guy 20r out of lu, the Ti was married a- ers inqcest sterday ant
Sney reserh ial reception at there "what the beli do you want ae
Si *t WASRNGTON Jin (P- home Q Marened by 1,000 Wellntsto come at this time for?"

AI, Ml kU i.C'.n Al UudeAn American robin'has turn,: te-he newlyweds lett on their He said patClents got him ot
co n n Fort Clayton: Crtsh Louisles and w shat moon. They planned to f th bed a ast once a week an ta

S TT dO AMC _- AoildsTA P. R. ,he National Ge""raohic Socie t-e gone tor serwerwha y al- he thet Capper simply ate C
TEad of flower, it has beE Phil ips The robin waCo.. Fort u reported -efllAnnun es his fationher's two depart- Dr. Doalecent phyiianadmittedat a corn- al s

s tha t c ib s d n sd ther o LN o ent store 1t ed lareter a y
t to the :cCowin Memoral UsP Coe., F r Gulick. d o r n, ment at th d proper time." -

4. s2 cocoln. to be -used'Pa K e tckide tt o" woa v Swtol Cap es f
iRn, Scorun of persons had been re- (tP home qTO Italyrn parents, to come at this ty1n for

areH rMwhy nW tINTOar ported killed in frigid temper- a recet iobioa have bein cleooe, the swan, languish- {iwat ed wat Hi
S r '..i A .arp a nowfalln srheet-laden lnoo steal long rides. Tihe alone renwlywed s lef t on their He said patients got him

hra r diae Satr ral the Nedjan. near Gavlo. Two of r reae a new mate ti o ease her e lo e
Se nche while walking to nave spanned t hena ocean under Gphic Sociene Pars 40evea aol -eillia urer si marry the e

H ^ a. "'were killed. Many other deaths ewPoundtland. It ra 2800 miof sC5eoe wiswhadin f or lo he f bnea tatnvest ao per he pick bi
t 5 c. T. MtcFrmst J. war; repo,. ed from the bitter Jrom there to Lundyn by a down. Wthdead oea h us-teeo the rort soclied a to
Arc A a clwnth cot e and accidents resulting wind route. BT addib a wind lonnce Mare dine civ' Koea. R
a r.. r the storm, of 35 mile an hour to the lege otlaiThe aturer o tskgo, Wissa
D A n o c AC wants to kn owcula speed of 35there ter which they will return to o ln in his bunk reting c
M d TATZ3W arItoICT COURT L minE amridethJager t e Bm twhered by men hoim .
e d o Th death to was feared like- Ph. he Geographc figured tahe s thepr's two depart- Dr. M alore combat asgnte
Am brd watut her Sn Lundy isle of the trip res. Iet cite r 1e- late-d a copy o
VIoeNNA, Austria. Jan. 11 e UP 2 the west coast of.England. -per that he thought
t if Avalanches thundered down body 0aorstn heatle mith m oehe nwha e l a
Va. C Alpine mountainsIdestoda thyd iyws fd w n thor surehowitgoh ands eto. bed m ade li ee mnet a t beenku

,he a ovS n pped A T Con. (UP.) A Cone a7t fore near t though Caerm ade n t
.^?3??A.-**g~5 taxi drive John ra~itnter uwhrich"they a willow tree at- wote her a grtte e ad wceivtf .
c*=, .. a s, T k anOws piled up e wants took cou it t yHa t her mte w away and promp ply.
Ialto a a of Mnches in rs, some r a mas a gri tptpnse but late was killed by train. She re- when he roe home on d
Dat mo n levels n carried them ro in te food and was n danger last yer he clled on hr
S under thick-packed ton- s.ceted his offer aftgot mixed up in ts denl started nibbling at fish ormerig a
Al of persoansa d bae also ir justice eace again n three days ago. Jan. 10 (UP)
eallont meanhngpIto.rtt i e.per
t o tid te curse robins have been Cleofe, the swan, languish-
owanl to steal long rides. The ed alone in Trento's hose
nin" -ety-. ,. winds. At least 16 men were pre- Geographic kn os Of one thatipark today while swan lovers I
ofs 1 3 ~ra We to a o PP- eum ed lost In the sinking oft a,,. Inntheatail of and nsterdam S a w A U 1* i rai
Judge, vbm storm-lashed Swedish steamer. "amberI nd traveled 1700 miles dickered over efforts to deliver-on
by, a dae ear S.. r thelNedJan. near Oevlo. Two of'ftr free !a new mate to ease her lone-
I. ..inhI. three brothers trapped by a But the Lundy robin could lines. whUIcWi.Jn 1
e ai s ti w avalanche while walking to banned the ocean under Gluseppe Paris. 40-year-olduthe
i, && Coined near Fontanella. Austria ,ts own rDower. Say It left fro1- s oaon keeper who has watched
,Nt. were killed. Many other deathsNewfoundland. It miles Cleofe Pinewa for love of a
c. T. uC.rein. war reposed from the bitter from there to Lundy by a down- long since dead male swan tt near oer lihe pick
cl and accidents resulting tind route. Dv adding a wind sala her salvation lay in the Korea. .sa
Clark-obiln own cr ui1sing speed of 35which prom ised last w,'ek to
ntgre,&" boo The death toll was feared like- mph. the Geographic figured the before a, combat 5s --hi
biar r d souse have ofprov wade ehea vtre young alnhen be tound I copy Of the
cu; me s r im asn the r e r vaof snow he trihursto take Cleofe's m ind off her we n .k audtrnal. 0
r O a r e d _do w n t hea t ol_ _lbo ts o r r o w s Z o o o f fic i a ls i n A m -ib e k s o ve s h e f O odl 4'
tos_ e w ast hofun nbaru kste rdam said they w ere w ait- a N ctu= O f U11 "eB loyn W alt % W
W 1,r.lhous sbefore 1 g tor a go-Shead from Trento. 1lwaukee. "aen he o t back
Big 8 k1bogh A V6 beetrapped&W 'RHARTFORD, Comm. (U.P.) -- A Cleofe sat for nearly two *ram thaeegmbat minr- h16C
I tavbeen t d taxi driver, John K. not montthe under a willow tree at- 'wrote I late a id rcvd.
I piled up toek a coupie-to Citya ter her mate flew away and a prot 'pi.
C_ T. .kCasJUIEA regions married them in his cab. -Mary fused food and was In danger lnugh UAst yr he called on her C
3, U.- 3 Masas t w raf15a of C Krs1rk. ar.1 Sydney i. fICa of perishing until she sud- and a romance tbsomed. Tht so
my Lb ILlQ1 1 in areas o the con-.Lcceletd his offer 'earning denly started nibbling at fish ormerr soidlegWOll ueft@ SWClC
be-aiso a justice o the peace. again three days ago. Jam IL-"


I -

DALLAS. Teo., Jan. 11 (UP)--
my Capt. Harvey J. Collins
is flowm back to Fort Sill, Okla.
the wee end. to explain why
e wrote a aulcie note on hi's

OolUinn, 28, of Taooma, Wash.,
rendered to the 3323rd air po-
e detachment, in Dalla s. I
Ale the L-19 Army
ainer-rfrom the Fort Silk alr-
rt at 1:30a.m. Wednesday and
washed it at Temple, Okia.. 37
ilee to the southeast.
"He mAde good sense when he
Liked to us," an air policeman
Id. '!He didut say where he'd
en-in fact, he said he didn't
OW. H1 said he didn't know
w ut of the plane and
mat had happened since.'
The air pol06e took Collinsi
ho was dressed In part. of an
my uniform and a. flying quit
ad needed a shave, to their
se, Carswell Air Force Base, in
ort Worth. Tex. In deference to
Nsrank, he was held in 'tech-
eBl eustody I the base hb -

Hedid tell theair15r'lice that
stole te h pl ate and titendid
kill himesela, as Is note said.
Militia and civilian authori-
s had ought Collins fr
nthern Oklahoma to the OGuf
aast since the wreckage of the
one and his suicide note were
und. .
Most of the note, addressed td
t wife, was not legible. "It wa.
itten in grease paint on the.
ders promoting him to captain.
t one sentence said: "I am go-
r to die in the air like r want

Mrs. Collins, who lived near
)rt Sill with their two childewi,
id she had no Idea why he,
*le the plane. Her husband is a
.rer Marine. who was taking
lotrainn at Fort Bill as pat
an r aviation, tactics
urse". :

birosa Is First

S110 Best Dresd

4 Ahead Of Ike
tw YORK, Jan. 11 (UP) -
esiadlnt Eisenhower and his
other, Milton, were named
on the nation's 10 best
rt j today, but helreM
!o' ewlusband,
ir Rtibirosa, headed the
ta" -

adfd 'Balletta, a New York
iler and chairman of the
aums Tailors Guild of Amec-
*aJ,, announced the Guild's
.;q. t4e 10 men who have
t e paces a scrificing
Btf look "4re-d up."
nt .w a was
"d .the best-dressed aan in
ib--U a, and his brother, the
e .ent of PeanaylWasia State
e, was listed the leader
the education, fWe..
"The highest I score
the survey heved by
orfilto Rubiroe, .alleta said.
Others listed4n uded come-
an Bob HOPe, Je television-
Ldlo club; ; uer AhjArens, gen-
al manag o Motors
adiUse fLon-'lduatry: band
ader Bamy I-K inmlc; ac-
r John .Wo"gswif; base-
all lierr ,lsprta; a -
r Charles Soyr, thber. and
iehard C. PtMrn, Jr.. New
ork Cita new official greeter,
vie alal.

hscar StralS
hocokii Soldier
composer Dfe

S .- s ,-.T-

s wow

fL '

,y 9.U. VAutaX
can cheek the tepra rI on

etar, h ieb wb-e m_ i g traas
rnt plastic e*a to se
view ho a belb i .
The scale, r 4 de
gree below.*00 10 e. u
above, is de the s tr0im
iento Ulat aim g are

the ue of "inaudible n e'Mt
protection against "| it
traps prowlers just by thwMr move
The device caosias N f two 0
mounted on opposite
unit generates *ltra o c waves
whilceh g to the receiving uit.
Any., iiot disne turb%' these
waves causes the receiver Uit 1e
transform the sound into electri-
city, feed It into an amplifier ad
then sound the alarm.
This sensitiIt y to air mases.
makes the system act as a fire
lrar also.
The ultra soloe vibrations are
Sn10Wte from slender rods of
umke wound with epper wire to
set dp a magel ic Ald-(Alertronic
Corp.). _.
capt an w tho stot

Crashed Amy Plane

Srenders To Cops

4. Elm.nating ae pr
requirement that the
counsel must eft cokdt In-
Jtctlons against furliadtlOual
strikes and secoad0ry boycotts,
leaving such questions to his
discretion. I -
There also has been' a re-
port that the Administration
might seep one change in the
section dealing with strikes
eaMusilng national emergenclef.
At present Presidential factr
finding boards Investigate such

[T'' .. -. .. .^ ^'

ciapptei, rieort o9;ly acs d
make a finding wheth'_
strike would Jeopardize nafl
al health safety. The :goveIr-
ment can then go to cow .to
asar for an anl-atrika Juc-
tlo e
The change reported under
consideration would permit the
cards to make recommenda-
tions for settlement of the dis-
putes. Amy suih proposal ais
certain to draw protests frpm
Industry on' kounde that the
procedure approaches compul-
or aritration.
oontroaersal as Tatt-lftrey
amezdmnents; Senate Reopub-
need to add two mem-
,to. ,the..14bor o .
Place the. Ite tn.
ot A. ft (R-0.7 and
(R-N. wi; Were r b
DpAibe eoies Vt.), the va-
to ,shft M'. US thenori d 1T]
Mlolt ooommittee.
Today RuJqsia. hB no
(R-N. H.e p re rent e to bthe
potable oles Mr the va-

To US A-$oobenr
PARIS, Jan. In (MI) -e-
Ajf&- M. iagerthft declarl.

new U. Stratolet bombed
said could eauser "great 4tsn-
age" in the Soviet rear. and
render Aay vCommunist littack
"very cotly."
.The buildup of the WeaWia
air arm, the SHAPE com~en-
der added, was partly res0p04-
gible for an estimate by Notth
Atlantic, alliance leaders ta11
the "peril of war Is les. im-
minent thant thantany tm e since
NATb was organized" four
years ago.
Gruenther gave his estimate
in a luncheon talk to th6
SHrAPE correspondents aaso-
cla$in -in a review of .Wstern
defenses just over three years
after den.: Esenhower arriv-
ed ae t.e first SHAPE cornm-
mander, : .

Wmyward Fihh
EDOARIbWN, Mass. (UP)-
a from its satgve
BSBW^S5' ^ old
--^^ e. IMV~lP'^f


- *.*.

H Street No. S7


- I



VALIANT LAp -- Miss Ribecca Ord6m, 48-year-ored f. t"
Lock Haven. Pa., spreadss sit in a wheel chair P ale 4 J in
hap Willlamaport, Pa.- Masm Orous *ism in n t aoblle
accideflt and had t haeys both of her legs amputated. a8e pad,
"Wh&n I have leaded to walk aganu I expect to go back"to the
zExpzs aona ful -time, peqnanent basi.".

Cool Reception Predicted

.5.- -.
,- **, -* -,

WASa GTON, Jan. 11 (tUP)
PrAedent E senhower's new
labor' ,gram will Include, a
muth diluted version of the set
of Tat-Hartley law am6ed-
ments proposed by former labor
secretary Martin Durklin. Ip-
formed sources said today.
A high Administratlon oficlal
predicted Mr. Bftenhower's pro-
posals for change. g the' act wi
ring cheers from neither labor
Leaders no: the National,,A o-
clation of MsdufatA .
The President wlasend his
recommendatlosn for. amending
the statute to Congress later
\Chalrmnu H. AleXapftr nilth
(R-N. J) of the Senate Labor
committee, intendss to introduce
a bilk Imeddiktevy to put the
message beforee the Senate in
legislative lM,.
Informed sources said the
message would contain a much
diluted vefalon of the program
preparptj last summer by Durkin
--r with Durkin's most. contro-
versial proposals Junked.
The drkin program, which
was published but. ever of-
flially endorsed. by the white
House, drew angry protests fro~p
industry "nd from Congreatiol.
al backer. of the Taft-Hart!ey
lat. Durkin, the only Democrat
in ,he cabinet, subsequently re-I
In his StIat of the Union mep-
age lst we*e, Mr. oiwnhowg r
said the Taft-Hartley act wvis
"balcally a sound law" but that
experten, has shown ite caza b
1 i understood tdot the' tone1
of nst ed0ag o f t I ow IdiaI
i ud i d s W a Im @ h g! 3 1 :
1othy for the principles of the
law than the one endorsed by
Durkin itst summer.
Mr. Eisenhower's program s
expectedd to Include proposals
calling for,
1. Permitting union shop con-
tracts requiring new employee to
Join a union wit hn mevei days,
instead of t0 as now provided,
in "casual" employment jobs
such as tnose in the coQntruc-
tion, niaritlmne and entartain-
ment Industries.
2.- Equalizing the present pro-
vision requiring non-Commun-
1st affidavits from union of-
fiers buc not from manage-
ment, or eliminating the pre-
sent requirement and perhaps
seeking to deal ,, Commun-
ist-dominated unions in' gen-
eral anti-C0nmmuntst law.),
3.. Prohibiting union repre-
sentation elecetond at uat.e
bqund plants during the .mtat
fozr months of Ar strike. -(The
law bars employes on strike
oVer economle tisueb fbipm tvdt-
int In Natioal -bort
titns Board el 6 que=:
teni of union niti0n. Mr.
Eisenhower termed .. a "*n-




' ..

L Wa.~*~

Anderso. Mr. a Fm
hard, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moum,
blow, Mr. and MrsG.G. G. Thomas.
Mrs. Caleb Clement,. CaMrs.
Lee Nash, Mr. and Mrs. Ca W.
Rey'olds, andthe son and daugh
ter-in-law of the honors, Mr. md
Mrs. Robert Thomala.
Hail And Farewebl i W tY.
Cemdr. and Mrs. Thomas ft.
Perry and, Comadr. sad M.. WflI
liam T. Luce were the honored
guests ats dinner party given by
Comdr.,and Mrs. A. L. Macclibbo
at their Coco Solo rasideoce Sat-
urday evening.
Comdr. and Mrs. Perry are ha!.
ing the the Isthmus at the coaCl a.US
of his ouw of duty as command
officer of S 01cqud ln vp-45 and
Comor. a Mrs. Luce have re-
centlyalrWved ib the IsAthmus. He
will assume Comdr,- Perry's for-
mer duties.
The ether guests included: Capt.
T. 0 Dahl, commanding officer of
Fleet Ar Wing 11, of Jackonville,
Caot. and Mrs. N. M. Head, Capt.
and Mrs. W. A. Thorn, Cpnidr. and
Mrs.BHoulder Hudgins, Comdr. and
Mrs. Eldridge Haord and (rowTtin-
id.d, Com dr. Frank L, de,Lorn-
oz, comIanding officer of Squa-
dron VP-34 and Comdr. Joseph

W ith Dier .arty
omd .'d Mrs. Eldridge Hord
"the CoSolo Naval Station, en-
tertalned spme of the visitors trom
JacsksVi, Fla., with diner a
their quarters Saturday evening.-
The honorees inluded: Comdr.
H. F. Layd. Lt. Comdr. Thomas

rkSWhoSaw Red

5uerillas Kill

Pare sts W,

OMAH b., Jan 11
)-.Pvt. K.- PIWO.
ed Communist guer s kIll h
today kttk. t 8asic rai=ng
In the U. A.:Ar 'y.
S pateaio' said bt hopes the
"Army: sends h(i. to ,.EUtope, O_
Shcan visit; what'A left lilat
. )'Pati A,. awon nto'te 'my
yesterday, told how tW .Rid
- aw down, out of 'te hills.
a1tu, took ower, his patlv vil-
#ge -of Oura. 9I the Corinth
; SHe said- they held meetings
in the village church and said
Se y would fight .the rich and
bel, the or.
"Then tey. ,would steal ev.-
S erythlg the..eY'could get their
hands on," he said.
Raiding guerillas seized his
grandfath r, "stood him against
a trae and shot him in the
head," PattiMs said.
"He- was Just a- harmless old
-imar, a seml-retUred Greek Or-.
thodox priest."
Pataloa said the guerrillas
killed Villagers in "wholesale
lots," and duped their bodies
In a pit near a church.

1 Grace W s aid. M .

ral apter No. 3, Order of the
tern Star will hold its stated
MMg at the Siber r.od iHall
iatum tomorrow with Mrs. Nell-
miath ag W wAy .Matron, pre-

i thme mbs uminess meeg me w..R.., UoUn
foUowtug ers were tedi 'Ehe W.l.So. w d regular
president Mrs. Helen Stern; weting at the cemy.. Israe-
vle-pregadent -. Mrs. Margueirte lita, on JUan. 1 t. A.. All mem-
Gout; Secretary-treasurer--Mrs. bers are urged to ptend.
Louela Gilllckson. Gat CI
Mrs. Betty O'Rourke won the Preduciu Th We
dark shore. T'he Gatunh Civic Theater will
'present "The .urioue Savage" on
The Odd Fellows joined the i Wednesday and Thursday evenings
group for refreshments. The host. at the. 0 t Clubboupe theater,
so ww Mrs. MaNble Bath. Mrs. Admission 4a4 per person. Tiek-.
ntase Cuta 'and Mrs. Virginia eta may be obtained from Mrs.
Catl. Semon-Theiot.5-4 or Mrs. A. H.
--__- ____ ---- RBodgers 5-At. They arm also on
.. sale by members .of the Civic
Trd k l aTheter pad ud* r.Council M
II loh bers. -

Now Out Of Date
* ANN ARBOR1 Mich. (U.P.)-The
old. red barn i$ oh its way out as a
type of architecture, according to
Prof. C. Theodore Larson of the
University of Michigan.
The traditional American gener-
al-purpose barn- is an architectural
fossil that will soon go the way of
the covered bridge and the one-
hoss shay, the architecture profes-
sor said.
Farms are becoming more -mech-
anized and there is less and less
use for the huge loft to take care
of hay and grain. for horses and
cattle, he pointed out.
"What. we're, looking for," the
professor- explained, "Is .a low
structure that Is mor like an uim-
brella. In that Iit ll protect me-
ehanic,'! equtprent from rain and
snow. It also must provide storage
for tools and other items necessary
for maintenance of farm equip.

Larson said that more rapidly
changing ccodaitidlis also make it
necessary that the new type of
barn be ohe that en readily be
dismantled and reassembled. The
university's Engineering Research
tects toa achieve such a structure.
*LarsoE said Athe materials used
will be mainly steel and plastic.
The plastic would be used for sky-
Ughts in the umbrella shaped
structure. ;. ,
Present plans cal for unit that
can be assembled or taken. apart
with a screwdriver and a wrench.

Old Bqstton Tv,ern
SaVd Frbm Ruin'
BOSTON (UJF.)-,A S78-year-old
landmark has been ,saved from
demolition. .
Old Richards Tavern, -i Boston's
West Roxburv district, was bought
recently by Jorge Epstein of Bos-
ton. :t was assumed the ancient
structure would be raezd to pro-
vid te e for a modern building.
But Epstein didn't want to see the
tavern destroyed.
So he gave it to Old Sturbridge
Village, which is a re-creation of a
17th century New England com-
munity. The taVern II *1be dis-:
mantled, moved in 10 trucks to' Old
Sturbridge Vilage, in central Mas.
sachusetts, and' re-erected."
Built in 1675, the tavern once was,
a. regular stop for stagecoaches
traveling between Boston Oand New


Several correipondents h ayV e
IANr~b -K W 6 % -, o-- -8 ,o

(NEA) -

Mamie Van Don, the Meare
carbon at U-I, ist q and Colleen
Miller iS In a lley Winters'
sidekick in "lygir." The whis-
per Is that lowered the
boom on Mas .
Only Gene vt.n loseat friends
know that d otde pe.ted the
worst when he ent mar
surgery. Even 7me thought i
days were numlerd. The 'rugged
actor, down from X0 pounds .to
186 as the iatm ot health now
in his first aln role n Mckay
Spillane's "Th Lon1 Walt."
U-I was about"to& dr"p pudgyI
comic Buddy Hackett until they
needed' him to replace the ailing
Lou Costello in "Fireom r Save My
Child." Now Hackett will be builtI
to big-time stardom p the lot ast
funny man to Hugh O'Brian's
straight man.

esMW -ow SOr ew game of of bo|
via is played by three people. Odd how film history repeats t.-
The' mot interesting way to -do self. The same studio was about
E. r my opinion, is to adopt'the to drop Abbott and-Costello in 1940.
"cut-throat" method, whieh :1is oft. "Buck Privates' 'made a fortuue
en .used also for regular canasta at the box office, and the boys
nd samba. W ere kept on at big pay increases.
In a game of eut-throat, Coming to ,a .bo ,IrHale -oach,
separate, scored are kpt. EachJ .'s -TV ovet Is a n drama
player begins i hand o his own, series for Reed Hadley, star of
withoutt partners. As. soon as .any jackett Squad." Handsome Reed
player, akas the discirdap1e, how. Is still under contract despite #is
evjr ihe o'her tWo players be- boss' sale of the "I'acket Squadl"
come. partners against himt and series to ABC. .
are Tllowed to merge al their.. a7 I
melds whether, or not these If Tallulah could do it,- so can
melds kyer6 -made before Jhy be- Ann Shreidan, Ann nw orders no-
Caw-j pLL-ers.. thing stronger than milk. Pals link
The partnership continues until up'her abstinence to the death
the end of that hand, and then the Stve "Hannagan, the Mr Big i
next hand biins again 'with each her life..
player on his own..
f n thi Church dignitaries have clamped
e two partners get the same own on interviews with Garth
asre after hand; of cut-throat. e ughes, the former movie idol of
The lone volt, naturally, gets his the silent era, who is now Brother
own score. Tie partners score sepl David to the Piute Indians at
arately for their red'threes, but 4ixon, Nev., outside of Rano.
otherwise, get identical amounts.
Suppose, for example, that I loz fussell and hubby Fred
play a h&nd uagaint Mr. and Mrs. Brisson a-e cooking Up "The Pri-
Birown. I take the discard pile, vate Wore Skirts" as 'a flow-up
an4 eventually meld out with&a to- to "Never Wave at a WAC."
tal score of 350 points. Mr. Brown -- -
has two red threes and Mrs. The TV grapevine is atwist with
Brown has rtred threes. Their the report shat the I ponsos of
combined ntelds, less the cards Ray Bolgr' s "Where's Ray.
left in tehir hands, total 274 mod?" and Ray Mi'And's "MMet
plt,..Mr,jrBwn.then .etsccredit Mr. PW, up c
fdor s the scoipad. eckso t e exensl svsrws
,* m! ,er the _Jttal batch runs their
Two p.a"sI s playing* together course.
can really mfe one or two samn- t
bas (seqnot zp uc anstal. and per- aWhere his leaves Bolger, who
hiap a bolivia (canasta of wild owns his show and has gone as
cards) If they are allowed to play m- h as 2,000 per stanza over the
unmolested. The bonus for a sam- budget, we wouldn't know.
ba is 100 points, and that for a
bollvia 2SMT points, so that the FROM ITALY YET
partnership can pile up a big score
if th game goes on for very long. LEGAL, wizard at Fox are pon.
In view of theis big scoring op- deriog. what action ny, to take
poItunity, for partners, a player about the billboards of the Errol
who wants to take the discard pile Flynn-GCha Lollabrigida costarrer,
should think twice or perhaps "Crossed 'Swords," which is being
thrice-about it. All will be well released by United Artists. Right
if he can meld out very quickly. there in black and white, in paren-
If he cannot meld out quickly, he theses, right Under Gina's name,
will probably be sorry he took the it says:
pile. "The Italian Marjily Monroe."
,As an exception, however, you -. ';
may wish tp take a very large Overheard at the press preview
discard pile towards the end of a of "HondoW' a -western in which
hand even if you cannot b" sure John Waynhe takes one beating af-
of melding I.out quickly. For one ter another:
thing, you May find the right cards "Wbo wrote the script for this,
in thev pile to- mild out immedi- EMperaasa?"
ately. ---
S- Talk of the Sunset Strip is the
For another, 'you may' be abfe rift that's developed between San,
to meld enough to compensate for ford Adler, owner of the Cal-
the melds scored against vyo by Neva Lodge at Lak 'Tahoe, and
the wo Opponents.'And finally, the his pretty daughter, Tara Sum-
opponents may not be partners imers, who started a career as a
long enough to do you much dam- singer'last summer. Adjer doesn't
"c if orly 'a few 'cards are left in want her to be in shoWI business,
the stock nlf.- And now father and daughter no

1l00, 1:40. :S5. ille p.m.
Prices: ...... ......... 75 .0

The trI' ofs womanus*tlaw, caed with s00 desperate men
t .a a8u1n0 e against relentless heat. saavaenights and the
ix-shooter law whl. preailed in Arizona Territory during
the a tt dangerous O of the Old Frontler, is told as real
as IUfe t "Devi,' CaVattn," RKO Radio drama in Techni-
color, wvoeh some to the Central Theatre next Thursday.

longer ta&kto ea4h other. A real a ride on Sunset Blvd., in Pacific
heartache story. Palisades.
Sight of the week: Franci, X. Orson Welles who's 38, plays
Bushman, the Clark Gable of the the father of Margaret Lockwood
silent pcrea (he still plays fea- in "Trouble in the Glen." But
tured roles In movies) thumbing Margaret's older than 38 herself.
C ill II l


Canal chgaters -

S A L 8 A obert TAYLOR Stewart GRANGER.
A .cu,., "All The Bros. Were Valiant"
:I : d Teghnlcolor! Tuesday *'rA DEVIL'S
Pedro Miguel (Tuesday)

AM'B OA Ct' nds)
?I A"SALOME" Technicolor!
'_Technicolor! Tuesday "GUN. BELT"

s:is' a 8:45

Greory C Audrey HEPBURN
Tuesday "VICE SQU4AD"

I -' -' I "'ar


*5ka- So a

*a,, am." d 8 -0 ,.

,@' |-oW Cl

A"AniMlctu de .Cm a

=.d.C n I,.0 00 Y
'I J i c .w ie ril'. 'IN
[ I ,wn bim, (,M C. S'I

-4. l a-C.

I ALQUc I,,f
l'dl a ,
*i or 'I a 2

't-' -
ask^ 1-4 I
1"""'1. t





CALLE ?a. No Is


CALLE "B" No 26









L- 50 No, U .:

AL, 141- "-



'~~~ :-I--

- .~-'w-
= "I'

Thegreatest story of
and faithlI


A smoulaerng fuse chat
explodes a niahtmare world
In -

Errol Flynn, in
Doris Day, in

Spanish Double Program!
Sarlta Montiel, In

Her tlnel. In
FnZ. O
L a n

a RBom Poem


"Montana Terriory"
wan" Hm" z..Pt

Glenn Ford, in
Kathryn Grayson., In

Maureen O'Hara, an.
Alan Ladd, In'

mm :t

Vow" tAJS0rwu


63~c4 oQsdelasip~d'

"..*,' A.

- __ __ L


* i ,

- '





t I

- ~ .sJv w~
~, -.
- ~,'V-tn. ~'&

- -, "

'^ A .' *


C %, :-7

''. '. *./

t-V: "t69ieur.A.ij. 'i'
S^^p^~~~. -. r ;,.--.1*'%^

.- '* -.: ,, .' ._ .


ing Golf Pros Start A.C. Edges. Yan Ms 4ttle

Shatter Par Alr y ge 42-41 Clara Mt. I pe L-

rie more top flight golf pros are scheduled' ,, ,--A ,
ve here tonight aboard Panagra'q tourist Inf lir .A A Snrr
-"El Pacifico." They are Skip Alexander, who i The SUa N' fo *m rr.l
2E sponsored by Civa. S. A., Anzel Snow, who wnmnPetso los laf .p.oa
the National Distillers' colorbearer. and Pete Teneahltec po the PThelfl hnttle ampi1 Tv.m11
who will represent Esso Standard Oil. their home schedule for the The J f itAW 1. T tN
-'1453-54 sage season at the Crl,- ONGWTS GA'ME (:M) derway u".t
Internationally famous to bring these stars here for the toba5 m U ITuday night and ri- OiMtbe. Repe 1t0. at.41-Ad A.
are converging on tournament. roppe_ their.econd consecutive Brownies (Clark 3-6)v park John a
City to compete in the The s nsors and players are: decision to the Athletic Club. (team of Bre Joh ,
anama Open which hget Lucky Strike .his time by a narrow 42 to 41 nies maa the art
y ursday at the Pan-1 Roberto DeVicenzo. .nargin. Kiofw tea ta o a, roh
Club. VB. V. Despite the JIck of reserve The eod place Brownies twl te amg.tag. m. t uardo S maene, Roy
Harper of Ft. Benning., Antonio Cerda., strength, the- AC. had only ix will send theIr aa o left-P ,wt. M aebuwan, Ruiss
ending champ Robertol I Es Standard Oil rltyers suited u for the tga n, bender Vibert Olark to e The r ad on Su t
of Argentina. Anto- Pete Cooper. they managed to hold firmly to mound tonht In an attempt
of Argentina .nt 1 '1, .Hotel El Panama a slim advantage fot most of the score heir ctory of the season ,,aIu .IN
Club's own pro An" Sam Snead. 2ame. Cristobal's three-pointat ount Hpe"over the league" ,,. .-
have ut in a t.w National Brewery lead at the end of the first quur- let Yankees- who wiltbe le single -g e at 4 p.m. e e sBlton, Man
..'rounds afready.a Clayton Heafner. ter. 10 to 7. was erased by ha;f- erected in the pitcher's box by twee 1 ar to Balboa 2401
y Harper shot a four- Panama Insuranve Company time mostly throu h the efforts :ctortry a al e start o f a.t Sera s, Co Practe Tue
68 and had a 73 yes Charles Harper. 1., Wauy Trout w ose shooting Strysa a the start of teat a ay 4:00 p.m. at aboa Ral
eVicenzo carded a 7. CIva, S. A. was almost perfect for the night. contest. n t In the next road tati team roster:
while Macarron got a! Skip Alekandef. When the second period end- r te Hatch Adam
turned In an excellent National Distillers ed the Athletic Club were sport- e l m hd
r g. Anzel Snow. inar a two-point advantage, 22 to They have split the eigh me met po h bt b lfy, ot,
her Argentne. Pablo M- 0 The A.C. was three points 9 In which tfl.f have faced each met ld W .all, SaSith,
Ss pro at the Club Without the generosity of the c.etter than the Tigers in the e. Isre at Bcaramanga. Co- above firms It would not have third quarter, upplng their lead ISCUSS FOODALTC. (A s A levi contest wil gnihts are tf, o ,o the kaal Gotdon .otel,
l arrive in the next beenpossible to sta e this tour- t five points when that stanza ISCS b he r th manWW numB, J s Crae, Paul M oy
will arrive in the oexnneefl h reon director ar' tbhb Natiox$ Collegiate Athletic" 'pog, rubber game of their series thus and ties' e for mb ie- Br D
s to compete in the open. nament. The firms aave accept- c-nded, 32 to 27. a&if R e fro prac.
Is one of 17 Argentine ed the sponsorship as their con- Drivina belatedly as the game andRobert Ki e, chairman o thegma tices. t a re ted Robt. McOth, Kn MKen
nals who are scattered tribution to promote the tourist neared a close, Cristobal's chan- ittee. discuss college football telecasts at ews cn e at to call ana their Richard Mdfatt, MarliMno l-
rent golf clubs in Latin trade in Panama. onship quin got to within Cincinnati. They indicated that restrictions on c The Brownis' new pitcher, team optional n- hadq James Potter and William
ai whoreone point of the leAd when the ball telecasts may be tightened rather than eased n t. Ba Willia and ePatcher-out- formation, '
a is bringing with him VIRGINIA DE LA GUARDIA vhlstle sounded to end the con- fielder Nathaniel Peeples are
amateur golfer of Bu- WILL, BE CROWNED QUEEN test, 42 to 41. Wally Trout and fast round nto shape and lONA' "IFE SAVERS"
an,. Ludwing Haksplel OF PANAMA OPEN TOURNEY Pr b Gibson paced the Athletic ma see action before the end..
S who has a 4 handicap Clb victory with 14 and 13 wee William Stck.. M, Teley Dave Kelleher, Manager,
llio Miartus, the long-driv-. Miss Virginia de la Guardia, points respectively, while John .J Saturday night Eddie Neville n e Curndu -oach Bobby Buultan. Practice
ot'n Argentine pro who"young daughter of a socially atal with 12 atod Tpper" Di-- a 'n Itched the Yankees to ai h Nedneaday Wt.e WeCoheso 4:3u .m, actboic
,flmja-troer k0 Am L a t ywthe Yankees to anf deight- Railroad Stand -on d,4Aton. t r
in last year's open will bepr om in t P a nam a dier. 11. were high scorers or S B3-2 victor over he lt R inad thon nR I4E00 llroad on. e team r
an. Miartus is pro at the I nian family, will be crowned the losers. BHS Blanks m encan Le on placement a p m. The ro tr: Lloyd G der n, Bett-
Club at Bogota. Colom- Queen of tle 1954 Panama Open D p. 'son. Bruce 'll, as sa am 1Bett.a, 11 Bletley,
I Golf Championship tournament The box score: .- swot.l Dougfg Aseron, nk Albrtton, Bobby atchett
aMble has been received atI at the Panama Golf Club next TH. STANDINGS through their comblnda pitching r Aseron, Po Denton, IA. W. Ken Klin, John Zei, Dae.
a Golf Club announ- Wednesday, it was announced by r.H.S. rFG F 5 P TP efforts. Delegado went the whole VlW Munyo, DatdICollaure, Ran- mer, .ts o ~ Jeffrey
te arrival of the popular the tournament. idr .. .. .. 3 5 3 1 Lucky Strike 1 0 1.000 way for American i and dy Colelate, o Barb, EdwN
Colombian amateur from Sedorita de la Guardia is the ati. .. .... 4 4 2 12 BHS 1 0 1.000 tried his harder td the alsbury, John de Haseth, Cee
in Jame Saenz on daughter of Don Enrique de la. Hayes. ... ..3 3 2 WomaokWhiskies 0 1 .000 Balboa High dchool down, ampo VI .O High, aul See Jonathan irkman John Bo Joe T-
Sin, 3ja p m e Baumonz.onoHaugasethAmCecie Norton00J1oe .Sate.o.. Richard
esday to compete in the Guardia an Dofia Maria Elena Smith D. .... 1 1 3 Amer. Legion 0 1 .000 b It was wasted. for Lhur, Mle sel Dubbs, rank ley, Keith Ghaud, J n
Obarro de la Guardia. She is Roberson .. 3 3 5 Balboa High Schol Eddle A Stewart, RI hard Keigley, Bruce Bassett, Cas. Belden, Robt
BalboHigdedeIsieuarEia.vShadisPeobersoran00a0eTInhaBwerveMk h nen toruslerRelpFr d
Breaux the golfingithe champion golfer among Lessard..... le 0 In a. twelve-innin thriller Npoe th a.3 4 r- Lovelady, Peter Mack, Thos Bove, Loula ingelks F4r e
o Pan-American World Panamanian girls. Morris .. .. .. 0 l 1 1 yesterday afternoon, on Bow- age. 2 dbles ad 2 Pearson, Chris ke. Wee and Donlad Rhtt.
a, who won the amateur The coronation ceremony will Quezada. .. .. 0 0 0 men's Lucky Strike downed the The box scored: BUPTALO, N.Y., Jan. 11 (UP)
M .p the 1952 Open, will re- take place during the free cock- Smith. E .. .. 0 0 0 omtckWhiskye 's team, orto LUCKY STRn Funeral arrangeMdnts were RAMADAN GROTTO Pract ce for the. fe Savers'
iar again this year. Breaux tail party that win be given by n Both te pitcher. Don Morn hb r being comnletpd today for Rocky will be heM.m ,th boa Rail-
lniot complete last year. National Distiller, sponsors of Totals .. ..... 12 17 12 41 and Bob Suman, of uck Carlin. R. 1st 6 0 anas, rugged little ma Rex Beck, Manager, Telehone road Station on Tues-
Others amateurs are expected ILou Barbaro. In the tourney, S trike, an m Whr O'Leary, 2nd 4 PI'D 0 2 0 who won the world lightweight Balboa 3163, Coach Dick Scud- day afternoon at 440 p.m.
olombia and Central A- following the Golf Clinic on Athletic Club- FG FS FF TP respectively. went the whole Dedeaux, as 2 1 2 7 3 4 championship in the "golden nor.
1'fOr the championship. Wednesday at which. Paul Hahn, rany, .. .. 1 0 1 2 andboth pitched brilliant Jones, f 6 0.1 0 0 decade". when his division was Plrs on the rostat of the
t business firms In Pan- trick shot artist, will perform. Kourany, 0. .. 4 1 3 Both teams Were scoreless un- Medinger, If 4 0 0 0 0 0 overflowing with. talent. The team roster: bate Glass. rm League teams l>
re contributing to make eforita de la Guardia will Dedeaux. .. ..1 2 2 4 til the sixth nning w Luky Dlamater, rd 0 0 0 00 Pract Wedneda 400 pm., their man r by pon and re-
the 1954 Panama Open receive L cultured pearl neck- Prout.... .. 7 0 4 11 Strike broke loose and ith we Hearne, b r 2 0 0 0 0 At th E boxing Balboa Railroad Station. The prt prom to team practi
Championship. Because of lace. a sports outfit donated by Gibson .. ... 4 5 2 13 outs, twq men on, pushed a' rn Ridge, r, If 5 0 1 0 0 champgn y di hetre w his home team ratee: B e nr emeined above.
apOnsorshi of a particular ;Motta's and Jantzen bathing .cArthur .. 0 3 0 across the plateon an error by Kourany, 3rd, If, 5 0'2 1 1 1 town yesterday at Rodwell Park fred Chame, Pete B uer, Oary n ,
atonal golfer it is possible .uit donated by George Maduro.l- Womack k. Nectar. c 4 0 0 6 1 0 Memorial institute a cancer Hutchson.. Richard Mo
Total ...... 17 8 5 42 Th Womack Whisky ru ine Morton, p 51 1 1 8 0 research hospital. He had en Ronnie Pea, John W Jack
om. hal. oth e si the T stred the Inktitute in Oetober Blaney, Jim Larsen, Robert "eedI '
bo .ttomhalufofthe s ixtlte Totals,4 15and41 3 11 2616 5 and h r d SrBmith, HnKRpbertSE.ougeMt nor. (U.P.-
Ss F result of wo errors. For Anothe rtrgnS G o r ge n

e tud Buena Fe stout-2-True Blue $4.2 2.20 lead. Ln 0 8 Whte Johny u ndee, Johnny MTUAL O OMAHA G w 1. a

ix-year-old bay Chil- 3-COocaleca $2.40. Bo Tahts West Bank team In the bottom ail o the 12th. Herring, If 5' 0 0 4 0 0 Kilbane Ad Wolgast, Freddie radiator, etto, earburett
he Noveno yeyter Qteorline threat- Gibson- rf 5 0 2 1 1. 0 Welsh Willie Jacson and Richie N. D. Ra n Manariuel
nqon was in fine form. Blue) 56.50. .Armed Forces Little League as cltch h,. tqr Bill Carlnl, -,, sn and Mihell. ph Bo -3, Come .
Sth or the f eINT RA y battered Albrooka Jitchers pushed across two more runs. Totals 44 3 3 4 5 L -__. ..
e had sent of the -Caomel $420, 1.3 for eleven run t is in- a ring on error. Bt CORE B ININ
Fe.entr Nt. ncaude o-tO bo SO nn ofTh4ind.' s_ s,. cr5although there were no outs L. Strike 000 000 100 003-,-4 J
S ar a big favorite in the OmeTwoCeC aI-Tele- for the eleven runs en A wn camen do tn thre W.-Whiskies 000 000 100 002-3
50 .six-and-one-halt tame) 3 610.2. brook's stprtln pitcher Main, to thr e went down on three a.1eiamater i ean in- for Med-i ,
jorkey Ocar Ma-. 1l-Nove inlt,. r0 ido e S e itblob me In t 'e second game, Balb oa 1cnme in to p id hit forr Dela- .
Wtook a henefn the :B2-Jaque.mao $ .60. tn dn hs al'ae lobpbthe.0 at- I gnih School downea the Amer- mater in l 0th.[ iTe ea r
m took a chance on ttee __. '..60. s.nce tif the Sme.can lpgiRon rne n f as mine 8[fc, J 7,as in
Sand managed ito uee r----------- Johnnyulera. a m retl ings of play. Louies Cha rules Ru n batted in: Jones 2. De-
on,- itb hayf-leri t otr UPmen H CPhrehrooavbe k'uponoe shedacndy ,Host or BalooadsTus 1, William Carln I Tr- ,

dg-y h.alf-Mento vocrer h, tS ..t teo Ae aBbu os osI
Wlu ace with outcaniza- .In dimion.e 5o r Mther vit- nothing and allowing 4 hits Strike io, WomacR Wh k es 5.
harsimspo ih n closest naRA addiete lof nberstkou at hn O Walt otL: trui0man 5. Strike-
S for first half then Iandll Iri atnwhstarntaeTame was .. outWs Morton 5, Suosman 7. Hits | '. .. 0 I '
te ig quit and Jaquimazo s WAs-t Bank'smwfirst bame n. w th, off: Morton 5, Suiman 7. Runs. '
the chase with Anulia | r Franks, who had a double and doff:'Morton3,lusmann4.Earn-
third until passing the e l t n 62 twoosnrles ing rutmesal ant I UL J ed Runs: Lucky 2, Womrn-
where Florera stopped. T CIored i two run andS batted in ack Whiskies I. d Pitches:
S head of the stretch, -' ou'r. McNabb and Allan Scott I I S nlsag. Hit by Pitch: DedeauxMro -0 f i
eW o, which had started slow- CeIT. Jn2nhaided their tNeam's cause by c,- /I irnl e oa WLoingn pitcher. Miorton al-0,
Swaleady with the lead- XICOCITY, Jan.'nKn two hits in 'our times athe bU al LUoHhherhak owleman'h "1r n-t ""'
Sand. he cae through be- _The favored Mexican soccer bat. T0ime: 52. Umpires; Mohl-Ci- *
sia horses then squeezed tea yeerday easily defeated a cero.
r on the inner rail beside Are Alerio All-Star aegge- The box score a 2n ae box cores
e fast going Jqqulmazo to f whose memb-_'s Armed Force Little eague BA A HIGH SCHOOL
S going away by a half- were play ither for rh' WEST BAe- AB RH d.1 l 1 r ..p
qMt~_bro rfrotltme 4.: e acrowd of Cabrwera s ..... ... 3 0 tanUn.s. Cicero, If 4 11 0 0 0 0 I
Snntry paid .60 to win. ithet c dadiom. Berg 3.b .' .' '. 2 0 we i Raybo, sc 3 22 420 o h e W a B a
lako's time was a fast 1:214/5 y he Mexi, .ad .which at McNabb c .. .. .... 4 2 2 We Curund 1 0 1.000F n,.b 2 00 4 060
th e distance. However, New times 'dispia, y and r- Scott, If.. .. ,. 4 2 2 wForest Bank 1 0 1 T000 aptslhcue b p '2- 0 2 01 / r ,-.
l1:22 mad e udend er a pull lay, h t+eba'll Amer- Ad-lera.p :" Taeke ttS 3 f Fort Kobbe 1 w 1.000 Napoun o i, df 4 1 3 2 0 0 ]\+.I lB^ El- I
ousc day was much more ican t.errit.or for 80 of the 0 ranks, l.... ......4 3 ort Claon 0 .000 Hammod, a2nd 2 1 1 0 0 -
. J.o.s ,nrloetUld have ..on b lsutton, 2b. ..o.l..f.... 3 1 1. S .00 -i .. ,r5 f a ........ 0i
S Saddle materkd Jose o Or. 5e, oal. Officials nul'i- Bergere., .. .. 4 0 1 Car. Command 0 1 .000 Goodn,1ist 4 01 5 0 u
Sthe s a wiseAcd-half goal whatnonzalez. rf .f .. .so.. a 1 0: Tinker, S urd 2 00 2 00 .
de.r~ of old^ w p t t d o ise d c ,ghResults Last Week Charles, p 2 0 0 0 6 0
winners in six attemiMt. v2two Mexican detente s. Totals .. .. ..... 29 16 11 Wueutdank 16 Abo k Cyt 3 ..... 1 0 0 2 0
nopr th r s ty oy American coah dJi e Az; Frt b 1 Ca Command Totals 53 211 11 -
imount of close finishes. w nd eedthat hsLBROOK- A R The Armed ores Little' AMERICAN LEGION
dividends squad will S "ke a better shoua- re ..u Leag0t moves into ts second : castlo If 4 0 0 0 0.
idend: me Tacett. c ...... 3 0 week Monday wth CurnduLombana, 3rd 3 01 320
-_ FIRST RACE d- Thrsoaainitht hasrt e-ss 3- i 0g meeting West Bank in the ea- m it a 1 01 0 00 .
t 1 5 60 2.40 thad."...... .t. or.z n Smith.s-p ...... 3 0 0 k. Both teham er d it Halsall, std 2 010 7 0 0
RACE0 w.ry wt thn high.Jan ........t ........ 0. 0 *gtoru in their league openers. Halman, as 3 0 1 3 2 0- 1

L Jimme added. *W'l iv a alaher lb........ 2 0 0 pair of one-hit performances Kouray, 0.. 3 00 1 0 R
d e m eco-Gold- muochbetter perht.ormace in ou a. f...... 0 w turnd ion g day el p 1 0 0 o 0
MAI ho ses ... et anie" a.t h.esilry. a0e d" one base blow and struck outll Tshe ho ear his whisky s
Sera 2 At0 he five-minute mark .or olhtn 5............. 0 1 ,lin triemp h butbrsdwisastof.fulhe'whchooaes
Meios.ho eS'0nAm ei a tche over Aidbrook while V e r n o n 'a BHSL RA I0e took over
0efll.ado. Whepts' an Aerica,, eo nn Sanders tossed a similar game, catching in 4t r.lynn ,n- Whit Hone.' Tvey drop is whisk, shb

a wlhiu en x he triedogivth e to_ for Fort Kobbe In a 12-0 wln jury-"-,
(" llea3m-Tape- .over Caribbea n Command. b W replaced Raybourneben d e by dolon ti methods
American goalie S Qrl but the At Curundu. pitcher Doug at a. mM --M o S m- .
. u .n x 1 5 ehardshote vae a ric Chassing held off Fort Clayton's c H nrtie .lie .in for Dhlegado .To ae thidebi- Sooeh is to sO'w
$660, 5. 2.203 nalle andt .he1-bo its see youngsters for five innings while in 7th wdp0aIsh.o mae -
I2 a0ond score at the i4-mzutemark.ismate4spicked up an eight run (S(SBy fl[ wflfl 4o ekfmWW Hml y asa+
ruaranjoac- leadedforiUthid5ad f

.0 4: Oaalss anl w eo:aM- ^. -'8 .. .. T. Whlk
S1r.-SVaarmi) c for. the+ third and+ fourmni '*, I lsla Cufor an 8-3 Curundu win. Che Amerles 000 00 e 4. "
oals in the second bal. i victoryy enabled the defending .
.Theloud ,pplshowev,, chmploAs t to the lea e a- aR m d

.ACZ .ha agB r a do a
S, enWith West Da and'
Kob beat the. end of the first In.v W E H
bamesC4' tist b ek t :Mond lay, s B Spi -i _V. :W
u Cundu- at-West Bank; Car. ChalgeIS3, Dle 4.i
playedi Comm. at Fort Clayton;, Albrook SO's.C i
... I'Of a ~D at Car. Comm., CurundI tse 2. am-De-
Of P"aFort Kobbe at Portleao pitcher-.
tIn.ray: Curundu at Chares- (1-0. "j'AS F:R.I.. NAME
%6I0 _.. afte .. ... Nbrook, Wst Bank at Fort Clay- B13 HO 4 RS. --. 0 '",
0616; -%6-111111 1 2% C_____. -1. A_

&-9L 'LI

..e. 2~ 4

W- C Nl I ._W -. C'w w1me A.

Atart at 4:30 p.m,

s. .- s.




_ II I_


_ -~I h_

". 1 ,' .. '

- 6,.

F F '~.hF ,~~~~'__'4 -.



CINCINNATI. It should not be presumed that when college
sortf ldes aemble for theie annamsl eonverstlons, as here
this Wt6k, all their ta. is .devoted to suM frivoelpp problems
em4t st atelm upkeep sad the Idiesynervai of t redr
biT- oesettle. Th"e Ive hate thel u spiritat omeots,
Invariably there comes a time during the week when they- ex-
pos theumlves to a specter (of their.wown choosing-who deplores
the life of sin in which they live ant dedrtis the nypoc.yof
their jositlon whiit' omn the one hand;, Malts the virtues of ama-
teukdim and, on the other, glorifties the boxoffice buck.
SThii a 'of rh lthe' of which eludes the
Ta" Mr.t el-,
other who ca t oWwi't
'l p~14 where my faith In college football re-
for J lowt even, inquired into the identity of this
w6e'j preacher. er aPfter year I MIten to noble proposals, see
them ad-pted with much ceremony and, that's the last I seem to
hear of them. ,
-hfeveral ya ago 1 had hope that something -substantial
would come ou pf a program a group of college presidents set up
In Wash n heretofore they let the athletic directors wrestle
with the whereas all along it was properly their own
tposa= ibiy the presidents' determination to take over
was edcoutai, .


BHS Quintet

Season'# 1st

'A 10ng, long seasio will coina
to a close for the BhS basket-
ball team tonight for all in-
tents and pauposes, Although
they still have the J. C. Tour-
nament to p1py later this week,
tonight game with the A. C.
Rams will terminate the regular
season play for the BHS boys.
Opening the. endings double-
header will be the popular BH8
J. V. and the Wolverines. This
is practically .,n@tllwrew Wol-
verine team, srd they promise
to make It rough on the Junior
Varsity, which h a ae-p on rec-
ord of 7 win andd 1 'lo1, Thia
game wil tart at.6:l0, and the
doors to the Gym will open at
Sp.n. It wl be the last op-
portunity for the fans to see
next year's varsity i action.
even ng, the hih flying, unde-
feated Athletic Club Rans will
be odds on favorites to .tck up
win number 8. This team of bas-
'ketball. players will qndoubtable
hold one of. the favorites roles
in the forthcoming J. C. Tour-
nament, and wlw % be putting the
resure on the Bulldogs for all
four Quater8 tonight to Justify
this role.
Paced by high asoring Bob
Gibson the Rams shouldn't find
thin .too tough. If Gibson
sheod have a bad night, and
that we haven't seen II a long
time, there is always Wally
Trout to count on. Between the
two qf these lads it looks like
a lost ea aeP. the high school-
Bill Martin, who started slow,
but haL'sote along -fat in theq
pst nt1h, will have' to carry
the brunt of the load for the
Bulldogs. Bill can hold his own
in an~ basketball eirdles locally
now. and given even average
gooring support from his mates,
the contest could be much
closer than figured now.
Last time the two teams
tangled the Bulldogs played
their only really good basketball
of the season, and made the
Rams really sweat before drop-
in a 4 point decision to them.
eight at the Baboa GyMn fanM
will get to see if the Bulldogs,
can finish the season in 'a blaze
or glory by upsetting the. Rams.

QUESTION- IL-through over-
sight, no announcement of a sub-
stitution is made, when is the reo
placement consideredL as having
entered the game?
Answer: When a pitcher takes
his place on the rubber, a batter
n the batter's box, a ruaner the
place of the previous runner, a
l F e reached. the npition usually

They-jina e up with's policy aimeat the evils of over- occupied by the previous fielder.
The ne wtha policy named he evil of over- Q. Who holds the American
emphasis, recrtitifC, subsiadization, loose entrance requirements League record for most consecu-
and om credal, and outlined penalitles which would at- tive errorless chances at short-
feet the educational prestige of offending schools. Most of the stop?
schools agreed to conform.
*. .- A. Chico Carrasquel of the White
Curiously, the lwpiudent's committee was headed by Dr. John Sex accepted 297, May 27 to July
A. Hannah, wbhesf.chel, Michigan.State, was even thep in th, 7. 1951, breaking the Yankees'
process of pu'itt j together the nation's No. 1 football teain, and Phil Rizzuto's lsark, hung up In
a-year later ',V* .W investigated for irregularities In the Big 194150.
Ten, and Bubme tlt'. ut on probation for a year.
Dr. Has ltnagainst over-emphasis *ith par- Q. What manageitwon American
ticular reB t who represented the Big Ten League pennants 2 years apart?
In theian State% It's thing like this A. Bucky Harris bounced down
In thte hma i -fLg and t histSlgouls. I in front with the SenatorsIn h19 24
th eat ma 1' rising 17shool a- IkheM 25, won with the Yankees in '47.
Trhe l ned 17 ooj s, k th e bagged the World Series in '24
preside; backeded wo. aes, but and1 '47. "
Maryl l.agd play M y&ennesee In .l i recall aidl .about Dr.
the 8 the#fuspend Maryland for a Boaby Brown, now 1 Korea, at.
year, promptly O] ned anote- conference tending several universities. Just
with m, vlt.s. At th point' a SouWsrn Conference how many did the former Yankee
said "th eli witilit 3'fted-ttli ban Italte, third baseman attend?
That ow the p lnts' program worked.put. It Just didn't. A. Three-Stanferd, UCLA and
And o tbe meI t eall a pptdoached the problem with deep Tulane, graduating with a medi-
concern a In fal heqi P e a q n. a, lan h, even cal degree in M0.
though the.circumatanoes Wuld Jto o therwige. But
if the men whoran thetApool can't inate the abuses who
*'D ,' -, ,E

In all failesas, t ia "a difficult asslg tifet. Off harnd it

would seem s to apply, a unUonrSprogta, but It isn't. Not
all colleges havftae sas tedudational stan4arIs. A fleet young
halfback who lda't et in College A in( 10 years gets along
famously In .Co0le. D.

suuumw. l

Kansas Coach
Written for NEA Service

*I- It
K _


DE VILBISS AND EYMOUR Van Wie 177 171 f88 516
MAJOR BOWLING LEAGUE 896 901 766 2583
The De Vilbiss bowling team. Fuersa y Lux
led by Billy Coffey's splendid 648 Stephens 193 169 171 533
series composed of games of 173, Thomas 169 185 193 547
216 and 249, took Sy3 points La Bree 166 201 168 53&
from the H. I. Horns quintet last Kaelln 157 188 189 535
Tuesday night at the Diabl Beat 174 184 164 522
Highi bowling lanes to go into9

R. Boipmers team for .three Presho 238 180 194 612
points. Wheeler 179 162 168 509
In the De Vilblas vs Homa Lane 191- 17 215 563
match, Coffey was followed by Zemer 150 155 178 483
SLhultz with 601, while for Melanson 200 193 189 582?
Homa, Joe Filelark racked up a
fine 615. followed by Schmidt 958 847 944 2749,
with 613. De Vilbiss took the first
two ames and pinfall, but tied'
the Anal game at 981 each.
In the Seymour Agency va
Sommers match, Sommers tool
the first game, dropping the
final two and pinfall.- Waggoper
led for Seymour with 5 _2 fpl-
lowed by Colbest with. 55T, while
for Bonmers, Riley led with
Meanwhile, the Max R. Stem-
pel & Box i tem, leading the '
league, started off after .Sout
Ponto froh Local S. b,
ta tbth first two gathe, butl
thy fell apart ti the final
ame stand lost the game and a e
aplnfll as a result. Zeletes lad
"t tmpei wtli 543,' followed
by Wilber with 540, while. Bill-
meer led the Seymour group
hl-the final match, Snoworop
Froen Foods juled up .Into a
tie with H. I. Homa for seventh ;
paes by taking three points
fromh the Fuerua y Lus team.
Leo Preaho had his highest
series o< the year with 612, with
a fine 238 first game followed
by Melanson with 2. Thomas
led Fuerza y Luz wit 547.
The present standing of the

Mx R. Stempel
& Son 43%
Seymour Agency 40
De Vilbiss 40
Fuerza y Luz 37 '
Local -595, NFFE 35
L. B. Sommars 33
Snowcrop Frozen
Foods 29
H. I. Homa 29


J Ave.
4 .604
I'l .520
12 .409
l .409
.-2 .4

The ten highest-average bowl-
ers as of present:
Name Games Ave.
Baker 54 198+ 8
Coffey 27 192+ 8
Melapsoh 51 189+ 7
Colber 54 186+16
Wa goner 54 185+46
Val Wie 48 185+41
Bllmeyer 54 185+ 6
Best 54 183+48
Eady 54 183+26
Oleichman 51 182+14
The scores of the play:
De Vilbiss
De la Guardia 147 127 166 440
Teaza 149 157 147 453
Coffey 173 216 249 838
Schultz 219 200 182 601
Balcer 180 151 217 548
88 851 961 2680
vs H. I. Heom
Hudak 166 179 159 504
Klumpp 161 149 185 495
Rogers 140 110 158 414
Schmidt 179 211 223 613
Filebark 179 200 236 615
931 849 961 2741
Seymour Agency
Waggoner 205 204 183 592
Damian, A. 164 159 176 499
Hicka 159 174 192 525
Bates 165 198 182 545
Colbert 192 163 202 587
US5 08 .935 2718
vs L R. Sommers
Reinhart 160 188 171 519
Bleda 182 177 180 539
Thels 102 170 143 505
Riley 184 150 211 554
Stamets 183 151 188 522
s1 545 39T3M83
Local 95, NFFE
Oleibhman 182 157 183 522
Prangloni 118 162 181 611
Bowen 181 18 16 50
BIlmeyer 194 2a 178
ay 158 174 195
30875 nMan
V Max L Stempel & Soe
P. 109 146 152 487
170 177 193N 540
181 1 9 fl7 4M
N1- 206 1346 43

right referees. The Chicag'official
7the rules. Left to right, Enright
and foul fair pushing. (NEA)




j.c. ieats t is

n Basketball H.uri4-
"-: .., ..*

mOst 40 feet.out as the bUTser tlime WX aV i
ended the game. The. bol hit the ia0 51fI
the rim, bounded high In the used the s en rateKT1
.air. and then, fell to the floor time they a ttgit
without going through the bas- late to open t
ket. ThUt the vi 0toy was pre- basket, and ti
served for the hlgh Schol boys. them, leaving" t
As If that game wasn'tt enough at 29 each. .
to give the fans t4q .screaming Sud4en. deth
meanies, along comes the 2 var- fot one of the
site. J: C. won 29-31. but read to the Intershb st I
pn and see how. Starting out the time a third ver
slow and uninteresting,' and riod Is necessary the f
poking anJng at that rate for t9 get a 2 point edge 01
three- qua aers, the game didn't declared the winl6r. T.-
shape up as much for the fans J. C. got the baR from'Ul
to see. About that time, Balboa ter jump, and within 40
got back Into the act. Ray Niekisher ad de
With less than 3 minutes to the winning field gpaL.
play, Jack Tinni, made the mis. C. a 31-20 triple overtime
take of fouling Bill Mrtin. MAar- Jack Tinnin %gin w 4
tin dropped- In his 2 free tosses, man for his victorious te@
Seconds later Gus Troncesa' du- 14 points, and Bll Mart
plicated Tinnin's mistake, and 10 to lead Balboa. An into
again Martin dropped in two feature of the gmae 'V
for Balboa. This ran the score fact that Balbo gScorni
up to 25-26 with J. C. out in points in the last quarter
front. they did in the entire p
Bill Martin played the-hero's 3 quarters.
rols to perfection, when he was Next game for Balboa.
fouled again, with less than a tonight when they fbg
minute to go. He scored with regular season with' aW a
both his shots, and BIHS forged against the Athletic Clua
into a slim advantage. With a Rams are still undefeated
horn tootinig, trornboze sliding! over CH8, and twice ova
fans practically yelling the roof The first game tonight's
of the joint, College scored what header will start at 6:30.b
everyone thought was 2 points, the -J. V. and the- Wolv
The kWeened eyed officials, If these twb games are a
however, detected a foul on the tingling and crowd plpua
part of Martin, and Ray Nick- Friday's battles, fans will
fisher was awarded a couple of fqr a real treat.








"4 .'M

" "' .4y

?. itfo,


X,7 -'

, ,. ,-

'"Ml. F

"' i '1

"' .- 1'
, .. "

e* -
. |


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L:'l'i.- L ~7~P~L~

................ .....-. .:-. ,
: : "... "' :'- '-
I ,-'' .







"Let the people know iet truti an he county s safe" Abraiaha Lincoln.


nYI6 'cam'B



S VEPORT. La., Jan. 11 (LP)
Sll t--amphlblous plane, burden-
. with a deadly load of lee,
I pthed and burned last night
M'it attempted an emergency
ding on a flooded lake.
.. welve persons died in *he
amona them T. E. Braniff,
Jtrdent of an airline with a
S*year safety record
T.en of the 12 killed in the
A of the private plane, a

Sost Comet

-Have Been


"it RTO AZZURO, Island of
i Jan. 11 jUP) Btish
.m3 of, investigators rushed
today to this island of Na-
eon's exile to hunt for sa-
clues In the crash of a
jt jet airliner in perfect
flft weather that killed 35

--edlon'at rule out the pos-
20itty of sabotAge." a British
Yfpseas Airways Corp. spokes-
*" said at London.
BOA4C' manager in Pansms
^0. 4. Caineron, today denibt
,a tgesltion Comets would
We.l g.fded as a result of
e crash ,
20OAC% Comets have flown
.M0W hours and carried 50,-
pa engerI e saice they be-
a scheduled operations In
.19652. he said.

- $' operators of Comets
AC. two French airlines and
UIroal CatCdian Air Fporce)
iown 12,000,000 miles with
t airliners, and are cur-
1 flying 180,000 route miles
y with them.
The lost Comet, the same
ane that opened the world's
tjWt jet airliners service almost
1 months a go, crashed in
Flames into the calm Mediter-
zanean sea yesterday 10 miles
elf Punta di.. Calamita.
I. t had taken off from Rome
ly30 minutes earlier on a
j5 t to London that had
in Singapore. There
I tfb 29 passengers and "ix-
| w'*members aboard.
| Wet-eyed fishermen held their
.hats as two launches yeater-
| py unloaded 15 almost nak-
ed and dismembered bodieS,
Including the remains of one
of the crewmen.
The recovered bodies were
those pf a 19-year-old girl,/atX
father women, four children and
r-men. They were taken in
sea to a little cemetery on
It edge of town. Almost ,the
'fitire population slowly 1ol-
)owed the funeral cortege.
'The full !lbt of those aboard
0-Y plane will not be released
next of kin have been in;

For US


To Agree
N. Jan. 11 (UP)-4'J-
tive Ameritan quarters
today if Britain and Eg'ypt
to reach agreement on .he
canal zone, the Unit,,d
woual have to give "serl-
hought'! to ways and means
Egypt in the western
I they said, the United
Shad decked against,giv-
liryai' dtoo Egypt until a
u t of the Suez'dispute
~been reached.
I* Is out of the question thAt
should be. given which
be turned against the Brit-
the canal sone. But, ift tne
negotIations *+%U
would have to
mh8 mmutan honw


the Volk store in Dallas; E. B.
Weiss brother of Milton and vice
president and general manager
of Goldrings Dress Store; Justi
P.. Querbes, Sr., insurance agent;
Randolph Querbes, president of
the Shreveport Electric Supply
lo.; Chris Abbott, cattleman
from Hyannis, Neb.; Buddy Hud-
dlesaone, pilot and Louis Schex-
nayder, co-pilot.
Braniff International Airway.s
is now the 13th largest airline in
the world, employing about 4300
persons in 75 U.S. cities and 10
Latin American stations.
Mrs. Braniff., the former Bess
Thurman, survives. Their only
other child. Jean, died in chill-
itirth in 1948. Jean's husband,
Dr. Axel Tenrel. died a year lat-
er from a brain tumor.

Catholic Agency

Reports Priests

In Soviet Camps
BERLIN, Jan. 11 -(UP)- The
Catholic News Agency said today
Protestant and Catholic clergymen
are being held in slave labor
camps in the Soviet Union.

The news agency said the clergy-
men are Russians, Germans, Baits
and other nationalities arrested by
the Russians in states occupied by
the Soviet Army during and after
the war.
"The arrested clergymen are not
allowed to hold religious services
in the camps or undertake any
religious activities" the agency
It said this information came
from persons recently released
from Soviet imprisonment.
Efforts of the German Catholic
and Protestant churches to get in-
formation on German clergymen
in the camps has been without suc-
cess, the agency said.
The number of clergymen said
to be held was not given. They
were said to be imprisoned in
"numerous" camps.
The agency said among the Ger-
mans held are Father Hermann
Tiehen, a Catholic priest, who was
arrested in September 1950 in the
East German province of Meck-
lenburg and sentenced to 25 years
at hard labor Ib the Vorkuta'labor
camp in the Urals.


Grumman Mallard, were promi-
nent businessmen. The other two
were the pilots.
The plane crashed in the snow
near Lake Wallace, where they
attempted to land when it Pe-
Ran gathering ice on the wings,
while Braniff. 70 ,and his com-
panions were returning from a
merry duck hunt In southern
Louisiana. The aircraft was own-
ed by the United Gas Co.
Braniff's only son, Thurman,
was killed In an aviation acci-
dent in 1938.
Efforts were being made today
to Identify the bcdles of tie air-
line president and his compan-
lords. Their bodies and those of
the pilot and co-pilot were so
badly burned as to make identi-
fication difficult. Only three of
the victims has been definltelv
identified u to this morning. /
In addition to Braniff, aboard
the plane were:
R. H. Hargrove of Shreveport,
president of the Eastern Trans-
mission Corp.; J. B. Atkins, Sr.,
cf Shreveport. president of the
Highland O11 Co. and an official
of the Atlas Refining Co.; J. 0.
Evans. Sr., Shreveport oil man:
Edgar Tobin, president of the
Tobin Aerial Survey Co. of .San
Antonio, Tex.; Milton Weiss of

'Miracle Serum'

Flown From US

For Austrian Boy
INNSBRUCK, Austria, Jan 11 -
(UP)- Hopes of saving the life
of Gottfried Eder, eight-year-old
Austrian boy who is near death
w0th uncontrollable hemorrhages,
rose today when an American Ar-
my jeep reached here with a "mir.
acle serum" which had been flown
from the United States.
The jeep fought its way over the
Bavarian Alps from Munich to
Innsbruck in one of the bitterest
snowstorms of the winter.
The serum was anti-hemophilia
globulin, designed to coagulate the
blood and end the incessant bleed-
nlag which results from hemophilia,
a rare blood condition usually as-
sociated with some European royal-
Young Gottfried started hemorr-
haging last Thursday, shortly after
he had an infected tooth pulled.
He has been kept alive by blood
traflsf-ions, but the new serum
was 'is best hope of life.


Most taayers own property
of some kimd If you do. and
have sold. exchanged any part
of it I1P, y ,pay have a
gain to on your Fed-
eral inea e tax return, or a loss
which can be used to save tax
. This article describes what
property sales of an average tax-
nayer should be reported, pnd
how to report then.
It also explains the rules
which permit you to postpone
the tax iI you sell your home at
a profit.
The rule gifenPhere do hot
noply t ,1-ale of ioerchandise
to cistonmrs or property used in
a trade or business.
If you had one or more of the
following three transactionss in,
1953, red. this antle- e alefully.
1. Sal of you hoot, car,
househo furnishings, wery,
'r other personal property for
more than it cost you. If von
*old any of these Items for less,
than it cost. you ammet deduct
the lose.
2. Sale of securities you bought
for investment or Opecuiation.
3. Securities or non-business
loans w4- Wbgldssr I
1953 .s W "*
Any .i tb t tons
rnnst bWe t e aate
schedule D emes wth te
blank returns. If the transaction
Involves your residence, you may

report a los thdce
your tax.
2he first step In ftaii out
Schedule D, Is to' determine
whether voor transaction should
te shown under the part marked
."Short temn .iA -alm and
1k'ase* w under thi Dart for

.o _a

.- WV' ~ -
*1 --
I- Je' .-


Exams For Radio
Announcers Off
Until Next Monday
Examinations for aspiring ra-
dio announcers and commenta-
tors, scheduled for today, have
been postponed until next Mon-
day, it was announced this
morning by Tomas A. Cupas. the
government's representative of
the, examining board for an-
Postponement was agreed up-
on after consultations between
the three members of the board.

Avianca Crash
Takes 22 Lives

BOGOTA, Jan. 11 (UP) -
Twenty-two persons died today
at 7:10 a.m. when an Avianca
aircraft crashed near Maniza-
les. Colombia.

Reuther S hoipmIr

Escapes From:i!
I -"' \I f~

.0-, "
Iv, ""


The prosecutor quoted his es-
caped witness as naming Per-
rone as the "brains" behind the
shooting. The witness said Ren-
da paid him the $5000 to take
part in the plot.

LONGSHOREMEN STRIKE -- AFL ILA longshoremen huddle
around a fire during a work stoppage on a Brooklyn, N.Y., pier.
The men staged a sympathy-strike over the discharge of a union
steward. The newly-formed union was ordered to show cause in
Supreme Court, in Brooklyn. why it should not be enjoined from
continuing the strike.




ur less and the long-term itf held port a tax on the profit from the rate as your other income until
for more than six months. .ale of your old residence on yoJr you pass the 52 per cent bracket.
If you sold your residence in 1953 return. That occurs when your adjust-
1953, read over the special rules If it develops that you don't ed gross income exceeds $14,000
on page 8 of the official Instruc- buy or build and occupy a new on an individual return or $23.-
tlons. Then check over the fol- residence within the specified 00 on a joint return. Thereafter,
lowing additional Information time, then you must file an a- no matter how high your income
and tips: mended 1953 tax return and pay gets, the tax on the reported
a tax on the profit. capital gain is limited to 52 per
The term "residence" Includes Here are some tips to help you cent.
a house, houseboat, or house fill out Schedule D: After the separate Schedule D
trailer. If you live in more than 1.' After filling in columns 2 is filled out, transfer either the
one place it must be your prin- and 3 (the date acquired and gain or loss to the small Sched-
cipal residence. When pdrt of the the date sold) check to make ule-D on page 2 of Form 1940,
property is used as your prini- .sure all property listed under Tomorrow's article discusses
pal residence and part is used long-term capital gains and loss- income from rents, royalties, an-
for business purposes or rented es was held. for more than six nuities, pensions a n d other
out, only the allocated gain on .nonths. sources.
that part of the property used as 2. Put '"0" in column 5 (depre-
the principal residence is not elation) unless at some time vou
taxed. The Rain on the business rented out the property. You
cr rented part of the property must show depreciation for any Tax Primer Q. & A
must be reported. period during which the prop-
For example, if a taxpayer, erty was rented. Watch for Arfi-
renting one third of his resi- cle 8 for instructions on how tc Q. We sold our house at a sub-
dence, sells it for $6000 profit, he compute depreciation. stantial profit when my husband
must report one-third of the 3. Remember to include in col- iwas ordered into the Army. We
gain, or $2000, but need not re- tinn 6 the cost of any improve- won't buy a new house until hc
port $4000 of the profit if he :nents, such as an additional sets out, which %ill be more
otherwise complies with the sp-- room. front porch or the like. Do than one year from the sale of
cial rules on sale of a residence not include the cost or repairs our old home. Do we have to re-
The "selling price of the old and ordinary maintenance such port the profit?
residence" is the amount of case as painting the house. Any cost A. The one-year period is sus-
plus notes or other property out you include here reduces your pended fcr up to four years dur-
up by the purchaser plus any taxable gain. Ilr the period your husband is in
mortgage, trust deed or other in- Your cost or other basis, which the Army, provided, however,
debtedness on the property et nlso goes in column 6. is what that he serves 90 days or more.
the time of the sale which is not you paid for the property if you That means if he gets out ary
pDad off as part of the sale. Corn- bought it. If it was inherited.At Lime before four years from the
,missions and other selling ex- is the fair market value at the sale of your old home. you wUl
-senses are not deducted in order time-you acquired the property. nave one year from the date he
'o arrive at the selling price. Itf It was a gift. Include whatever Iets out to buy a new one. .
What is the purchase price of it cost the last person who Q. I sold solne old furniture
the new residence? Inhlude in bought it. and clothing that had been tr-
purchase price the ski Items Note that if you end up with ed in the attic for years Do I
as for sale of an old residence. capisl less, you cannot show have to report the money I re-
Where any part of the new rest- more than 51000 of it on the eeived?
once is acquired by. gift., the Form 10" even though you file A. Only if you sold the prop-
value of such part is not Includ- a joint return. If you and your ertY A more than it cost wheCh
ed in determining the purchase wife eaeh have capital lo mes, yvm' s very uniely. Since thi was
price of the new rudtene tmay save money by filing separ- personal property, you cannot
If you claim the benefit of ate returns. Each would then get deduct any los. c
rpeclal rules on e f your to deduct his e tal sses up I sold
residence., be sure to attach to S1 Work onu your tax both a Q. I sold Mt y summer hoe Bet
8dhedule D the Infealhtheask- ways and we the cheaper meth- a new ne. Do I have to repa
'ions. Even th"I Bavn't The schedule automatically r- A. Yes. You can forget the tax
purchased a am# by Dec. lchdes only half of any long-,o "ly when you sell ^Your princ.
S31. 1953, if you t .po aay term capital gain in taxable iir-' I residence and Purchaseor
either buy or wMlitM the come. This half becomes part of ulldanother w ChintLu
requiredd period, ye MeMd nat youar income tk 4d at tLhe sam = tied tme.p

\ o

- .,,

O'Drlen sali;
caped.from tboh
a m. while he w
by three plain


DETROIT, Jan. 11 p) The
key witness in the the's case
Wgaint four me li ed of
tryig to kill CIO pre tt Wal-
ter P. Reuther disa s. from
ni. police-guarded Iay, It
was revealed at the eand,
aThe witness, a Vifn who
aaid he was paid r his
part In the consp asa-
sinate Reuther, s b ved to
have fled across the Dtroit riv-
er to Windsor, dt,.
His name was ijot royealed.
But the prosecutor's-'office said
he participated in t~1e attempt
on Reuther's life, Apil k 0. 194.,
and named Clarence Jacobs, one
A the four ,re'ited, as the ac-
Ltal gunman.
Jacobs. of Tecumseh, Ont., in
being held by provincial police
in Windsor on a technical charge
awaiting extradition to the Unit-
ed States.
Prosecutor Gerald K' O'Brien
said the motive behind the shct-
.gun attack on Reuthft was an
attempt by anti-R tther forces
to gain control of tb union so
numbers and policy racket$
could flourish in the auto plants.
Reuther has conducted a mili-
tant campaign against gambling
by his auto workers since gain-
ing complete control of the 1,-
250,000-member union in 1947.
O'Brien said his case against
the four accused-Santo (Bam)
Perrone. 58. an ex-convict witn
a long record of union-busting;
is son-ir-law, Carl Renda, 35,
Jacobs, and Peter Lombardo. now
serving a term in federal prison
-would collapse without, the tes-
'.mony of the un-named witness.

DETROIT. Jan. 11 (UP),-Pros-
ecutor Gerald K. O'Brien .re-
!eased today the following sign-
ed statement by the miaqing key
v)itness in attempt on CIO pres-
iaent Walter P. Reuther's life:
"I was in 'the oar -the night
Walter was ul5t.'
"For about four 'gr five yeark.-
had been. working f or Santo
(Sam) Perrone. I made about
$400. or $L a week.
"Ip the o.cupe.tlon I was in-
well, it jt wasn't .what people
would owI'work. ,
"Clarence ,Jaobs approached
me for thin particular job.
"He tqld me I.Iou d-get,1ive
grand (5000).
"I was approached about five
aays before it happened 4and
asked Jf I wanted to go.
"This conversation took place
in Perrone's gas station there at
Jefferson and Canton.
"Perrone asked me several
days before the shooting if I
*vas going' on the job. I said I
was. That was also in the gas
"I didn't ask a lot of questions.
These people don't talk things
cver very much. They don't ex-
plain thfigs.
"All I knew was that Perrone
had once said: 'We'll have to 'Rt
tnat guy out of the way.' '(Ques-
tion) Did he mean Reuther?'
"I was living around Detroit
hotels at the time. For a while
I roomed with Jacobs.
"The night of the shooting I
wasoilcked up in the gas station.
'"The car was a red Mercury. I
don't lkow wo it belonged to.
"Is in the back seat. Jacobs
drove -and Peter Lombardo Was
In the front seat with Janobl.
"The shotgun was in the frobt
rscat between Jacobs-a d l on-
barun. It was a Winchester puinp
un,4~ ~2gauge.
"I was tt'ere In came.there was
trouble. If anythng'hagipened, I
0'as to drive the caraway.
"Jacobs did the -hootlid .
"H6 was the only one who got
out of the car.
"I don't know how long he wat
gone. It's hard to remember
time. Maybe a minute or two,
maybe: longer.
"Itheard the repoeitof the gun.
"Then Jacobs ~ back in the

1- .- :3i" .
6*25 9:16 P.m.




ar sFrOte' ot this mortg
retitrnlvg to the Oanal Zone
aVftr deportation w a ord
pr fo trial in the U.. District
Court a'Ancon,
Ball for the 34-year-old Pasa-
anian defendant was set at
Four-loiterers were found gull.
ty I.ncourf this niot
F'in f riplS6.were I d in
two lW'year-Oid paiamanlan
girll Adtlia C. Stevens sad Rosa
GO ler who were fountd lto-
elI 1z4 abindofned qtaterd H
Iia Pedt Mlkuel. r
Vintet st. John Brown, 27,
i dal ws do for

no. se true name ii
t, 24-7 ;r-old Panin
was flA .and saatesm
speAdS te A d n l d
tnr in the iO Ooml a
Six Panamanians were
for trespassing in the T
F. Aive nd3f"6 l hoe were egcb
tined $10 ar llv 8. Wynter,
&&IA.18-11 .

car and-said: -'WeH, I knocked tn l.MWl20d-Ro
the down.' ,0en oedl
"We took'off ft a&hurry. 2un n -22 nJos
"We-fhadir't fo.wedhim .(Reu- ,ar, 2. w i s
their) hodt from tln meeting lihe
-"as Oa s I donI't kW U
how the n th

took to t thee or to t B .
I don't dw that pa.r of the TAIP "F6ftn tin. IL
tcity. h d Natia m oman e
I"After the Job they dropped a- I at J md
me back at the Hele' 4Ba6abo2 azra S
0oo Iee o_.iBe *.tsto.. h x4ect,
on]t pnow- t- they did u ,
with tie tr.r 'heAikter It wsV
demolehed ,an jJhked. 'iIae
."I haven't avy Adea what hap- "I ant lp tiet3ble'" n
p .eaedto said. ',Th e ta toe are
u'I')a4 somqetks at the b expic," "
,ana fl went ~ Hulld saw saia h wl "
'Renda. Why always went to ullsaid he would
spe Renda, He said 'I hv(e-some.- LJt .fla t4Ch6t1 .der
Lt0ing for-'iu,' "' r. comal ntd. lan s oas.
"He got a bUndle of,;cash and ferrinW the 14,000 soldiers frora
handed lt to me. I pra to Fornmosa.'.lhe,U.N. wfl
"I went downtown and' met a wbrg the idhines here by ee,
qlrL I stayed with her until 4 in he aid,,ading tht the USq.
tne morning. Then I took a tai plan is subject to NatfOmallst ap.
.o Windsor. proval.
"I didn't count the jponey un- Hul 11lso was to inspect Gen.
tl I got to Canada. It was exO- erallssimo Chiang Kal-shek'u
actly $6000. r1 Nationalist army,
"I went to the nqxt .
day and made a .deposit. I for-'US Colg E
get whether it wAs $4500. ot $50M%0 OC ge Editrs
Lr.ut in the banlc-I don't remem- TouringRussia
erno. .d ourng Russia
"I didn't have anything to do K a
with the #hooting. f Victor. u- Leave KhWrkov
their. I was in a ptenitehnlary up .
lh-Montreal at t tlre." -NDON. Jan-~-1- p)- R.

Stiff As A ^Ir.m n college newpar
,4 etON=c touring the Soviet on
"r Wj _l;Mp two days .^ Kharkov. and
IOr0 l *K'l. lift tdaWy for Odesta.
ATLAI=TIC. CItY'Jn. 1I (UP) 'The.Broa4qast moualtored i re
- WM A Jo, eos ed th.a.ometa of*seven
senteneAro .. Yo6m, in youig efdtoro" who eoatly, enter:
the MI X ea .-ob A t of. Bss is on a tqur to acqua int
drunie f t d emsves wit-h 'te people and
Boardwalk lthe culture:"
SMulal JUd phn A. They are: R l Id Ward of the
am en yeater- Utiversity of C anago nd New
dayon'apdrtmk- ochee, N. .; Craig Lovitt and
eKIM witr IeW` Wud be William Ives of pox College;
found putting. ijf Ii there% r Widen aod. Gr
categy of of ;
JS Mwas he 1lYaw t( Itg
oh os. Iar a late Ore.; -ne nd' D oa dt.*e
ass of s Minnesota and 9.
ong" thm M ous ami wf '. n. m
^~: *^-


-..:.*.: *V il^' Y^1<'


~2Ts~- 4'

ail .. .
s .; ,_ .... .,j

(N1I )hQOt)
SHOOTING SUSPECT Clarence Jacobs (right), of Te ,
Ontario, talks with his defense attorney, Res Riddell. J cobi
one of four men accused of.being involved in the 1948 shooting of
CIO president Walter P. Reuther.

'Jacobs Did The Shooting'



I w pmw I




r ='< [



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I ca



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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID ENDF5F7YP_L3ST06 INGEST_TIME 2012-08-16T12:43:00Z PACKAGE AA00010883_00258