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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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p -

e League Baseball is well
ched on another season in
Canal Zone, which ac-
its for the supplement to-
bein brimful of Mickey
ties (t), In the. photo.-

By overwhelming voice vote the United Stte
zens Association registered endorsement yeslt Iygf!
noon of. a letter written by its president, Mrs.
Longmore, to Goy, John S. Seybol4 requesting tI
clarify the procedure under which it is his desire t
organization maintain liaison with Kim, if any.
,The letter also asked why the Association's
senthtive, Mrs. Longmore, was excluded from Thur
By a vote of 45 to 11 a tentative resolution of,
test was also passed. This the USCA plans to tramI
to a highetrouthority if a satisfactory solution of its '
tionships with the Canal organization have not -.h
reached by its next, meeting, set for Jan, 18. ,
Resounding applause followed the remark of0
woman: "I do feel we should stand up and say tlhs."fI
one of us was insulted in having our representateWes
red from the meeting." -
Elmer Powell, vice-president oftIqnlistion hau, i mnot i


14.1 e as, ed after .one pitch. inubb t re of doeld f Utq
_ _eri -m, 0 r take a o oserva- nts8 iI. 1*1 1 o
.. the wol e tr i the ope that& the nli oRher wanted
Scans troubleb Is r result of IE misMued ti
Tho ;Truman Scans derstandinn which can be- ahh
b solved 6 ected to act.
e rAPowell and Mrs. Longmore -" 1yin the gOve
ar Ogress with assistance from Mnrs Ma- lt -bf a
if4 tato his tr a ea'aSret Rennie, outlieled to the said. add~j.t
ge the the r r meeting the hlstoh of the tive w*n o
ag.(2) fashion os touch. Ifl bels grof I liaison w ISh balbn
Sala g. tt,0drab times.
Sth rt .s t Wahowoer N ti It was statd that as' early as
te NEWr YIORE, Jan. 9 (UP) last Aug. 17, at a Sleeting at 'Wp ar all Uj
e a t' omad a ub which Lt. Gov. R. C. Paxson epr a pg ,,W
ullie i ioar act qselnt mmande o ce alr t1 Harry a. Tru- sided ip the a sece rf th fa
ao ues aidear sensh por 'msentsCon- anEal oosnthe
e~' asLe sn ,a P W r d ptl the ebl e n- er nor the USCl waI told that l. L
k -V...Y /, IsbeIgshown n rbJdsmith t eseuincan. monthly shlr$eve conference 4 otbhr ebimtd

---M has T.. *--- Vo Ppoal R a e Py toani' Pam Anl'es. n t
Wtt o '0 taf v U--rtnaf. Tl. f. t fieldan aoa t notn e f would n the zituren be con nf ed na-, ea n a
SI do ~tod ilutgthe elose to discusioua nf labor A third
*d~ ItIRbOut 1h ld During hsl morni ebnde with the nlot.unloo and ,cros, taon
tonal wak, Mr. Truman reveal- and welfare matters with A
awwdlrst.d stct on the civillanc e d hm a n o en e ivice euneols. nub*br D
St t I nhe .has .lowropinio .of T h e wa
O Ul r PCses Chatrtonan E rloa n oen cld the fm o .
"-a n-*yea orCIO- LorfCaa ystan-nsyo.. -or eieiigroup,,but "i
T. oa e Te 0t h- d h-dra tha "p es tried to e s Mr.
4dre 31 Io at e s oro .Ir .r eC s ueupothtsearteowhna withyfee=
.low -- iT o,. ,- Locl.. ..Pay.l. tr A tanl o he omnyiL i thetNe and. n th Ntelessoth nUSCA.,as that- was f
r f or wh. gUrthe. prdlueenth i rs ton time, nsd the preudluo thti4 gvem*
.. v Jus t ks.e..a "cp snm trd U td; wag thre mlited -
For a while n s the ArmyI-- s ros.. ......--o, sri < hat. so hup nthee t Itdoo rt WM o hrea.
wato tsokhe b he 'oJ tnf enohMr.Truman en- r rfrombhis pf the I th6oras oee r
Olmr used in. e-y before ,Local M00 C a, written pressing problems affectingm f bthisIstruefor U.S..citizen.s itoeat the WaldtorfAs.o arshnce thato $he: =eeein .
World War I. butthi 6 ln wuUndersecretar ..of the Anay them ai- the absence ofap- n eui eyes who have a lways e .n- Twer at r7a.m.. well-bundled everal ocD a toset a meet- "We ar
.ud ot bto e wlrk Duq to arvet ate and prompt aet0on nby. .so much .pore benefits up against the .23-dd Stevera a to getalmet "Weedown
,found to be .too dve: Aook ;tle SU the herAdministati on;s arid the. nn-U.S. citizen emp O eran re Although f ewpedes- with the administration
ast 'a th e Army almost tonight, ur in4 ant ol _wage.S.rk realiKy f ng them that la teZone, it s obvious thalst triak were on the street, some hdcu certain problems, bu way de
.dper dde a m lloWlSid meanincreas esr -rate Pan- tltey have, not received an a-e annos torpped him to a sk for an auto- n ve always been put off. Iral At
f atdhd e w 'saanl empo croa hte-oarorea bo 1o e sto igho as ohAre we totally Ignored?" ire sm
In amCnlmowwornmaweCanalMIAI.hcross-the-board increase In rzott nd necessaryIt is that P reph. man .asked from the floor.

be 1io f t oo ve or- ed to the .lot where- efficient r ctly affe ngt e employee s ser ved. exange oaf l t-rs
ded th e Uromp ir. operation othe Canal is actual-W ill be discussed with the ptea- "I don't know what they. vember.Ath tnine e dL .

A- .rcto t of thmeCo mma'le m and workmanshipue dto start early',next month." graph of any value in this coun- she 'orted she that 6La a hemer 1
an- Hospit oompay5 s" "* mess d would more try.- that's Button Gwlnnett." Ven Dilmeg, law partuws .omTthet
-uff the CAMn0 .anl thnOf fseat amateto the Pan-,. .. Heereferredtoa rKepftte E mitet O'Nea wh6 has e td
An the sole, accreditedre-BalboaCops.Stil Wno t remembered mostly be- e-. tdher ft. reuin
psTentatve of allnon-U.S.etta e yesareen-'cause. -u hnsautographnis extremely t ad net h a eda& to'
At T -- ..... 0*.0,,of,, U 'o.n- i. cltetled to d equitably In the ., -ManWho-Lostr and placed at high value M0eet the gevrew.. This nt-.
At Tv i ,,m i.Pan- mad .the PanSamy Fm o. Professional collectors. t. f ehb4eenband

.I -low. ,tid q of W Panam forpny Ajttofy saransid heausd shersid, haly aen h. a fo a.
WON on te "S M Omeru. U 3n- the year 135t while those who waiting for the owner of a brand what they did with the auto- ed Seyb.utinth
.n-o thee_.helpe. menetthor.ees aid..... ..yF"t-',I"do there must be some __od- ..
mae thee fits ewtwo-toned sport shirt rifled graphs of wenator. He said they rea" (for the, way the aso w-a_
.was e... .d... 'p.i, before bare -t ales o nlfe? week.:MU sin.a atorsre s traded re t ean rCayt asicmembe nemnu rs- Anot
.10--b oaf .-MM0* 1111'.1p._me .W.1W .. to -Ifti u 16f ,thosed)e n char e k.a, t. tra d !o In ta nwum tm e ,
LUWU YDu or1 -bL- Ca lnl us to te, .man will call t the Balboa P- Mr. .n.a .no urer Onel.that made a o m f .m.

.. S 4.Ik h ".- Urni AA. thaIp E

Dime Ae

.thadtWlr .
The ahirt wa recovered along
with other atole pprty trom
1!0*f who bcw rtf1a cars
if I.

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SpU r Tp Of The World ,
S- :.. ...-* I a it... ..,.
Y'....1A Y. T


Arctic Is Cold, Dark;

'*1 : ;



Is In
a -



THULE AIR FORCE BASE, Greenland, Jan. 9 (NEA) Bright rays of optimism
i.1r the assured success of America's new northernmost air base, developed under a
f:ot Danish-American agreement, show through the bitterly cold polar darkness.
, ,The Air Force's quarter-billion dollar gamble that it could lick the staggering
.dfficulties of year-around operations above the Arctic Circle, on -one of the most
'lrttegic spots on the globe, has begun to pay off.'
Military experts believe the success of the bold move in planting the Thule Air
as@ here constitutes a major monkey wrench -in any Russian plans for the lavnch-
of World War Ill. It's also a perfect site for the day when guided missile warfare
E9het arrive.
This winter, the first in which full operations are being attempted, is the aeid
test for Thule. Here are some of the first results:

sTRATEGIC IMPORTANC of aeria doorway. Thuna Aaw has epend' to the Aretee i"
shown lG.ab In these eeast petures. r m t ef thae year, se route to the
But bg ears1 planes, e te C-lt oadng bel-w a0wO*"ayaayr reav)
b at' a yo Q6 -4

B*eent secret maneuvers
have proved that the giant
06ibers of the Strategic Air
nd can get here easily,
Iu_ on the lon*, wide run-
Wvys, be serviced in the huuge
hangars and go aloft again n
-n l sly ahort times.
Sort Instant retalia-
m be in the No. 1 pis-
10 the se.;Moscow-is-2,-
Smiles away, about the
-gd4I HiuMEs it Ia to Wash.
Th'" fig h ter interceptor
la as based here are proving
Ji]t-they n draw a nearly
.Q etrab ibline about 1500
W lngn i across one of the
T0t likely air invasion routes
Canada and the. U.S. from
..ujiat, the base's No. 2 mis-
Se air supply of numerous

Id and taktarJha UR*
titc life in f, casual
her words, the ikr Forge
I to stay with the con-
ie d permlsson the
constant propageada
I here from Moscow anp d
falls on deaf ears.

dAirr orc

upermairos. a pi
y frsn mixture of
mand -water.
Shule uas discovered

Sarsituation $ .U. & dean
l i the importaje
r 1 alter an
i w

and 40 degr0g belao w e
it fahr e"it
Most d f iat accompildh.-
meint this wi ner ia the Way
the fiter planes based here
.aye licked the great opera.-
Stional dlffictltlie.
Bass of the starfire l-
Sweaher inteftepore s .
William 0. Belof Hof X
probiemsa 4n tlga
I tthe north oe ole an
r'the violent I dl4turb-
ances to conmunloationioaut-
dd by the aurora borealis,.
Proof of Beltor's claim is the
fact that the only accident had
been the crash of an experl-
2 mental helicopter.
At the same time his Jets
have bevter yet ailed to et
into the air n. less than the
prescribed five minutes after
a real or practice alert. And
there are plenty of both.
He has maintained this re-
S cord through several roaring
L I L4Ibatercetr r wdstorms when every other
t Mnm. v- son on ,he base was confin-
0. Btn, rady for flight. to the building the hap
started n up-ecr ipned to be in when the wind
arted an up started ,
condtitdns. i ejay" was *ile -
cqde. ALERTS
Today, constuotion ls prac- Alerts are sounded a ch
cal cO pl4 ...time an approaching aircraft
u s every-Mding and gets a few minute off a hed-
nature of the 9_eat Is a won- ule
der of design. Its giant hang- -
am witr trem.n4ous autoina- AllI tbslat tot-eln
tic doors are ipenMously refrt- compared I 5' 1
*crated underneath to keep about 5)0 c n d f--
e ermafrost from melting. ficult to keep a plane flying
A:Ofle9is, lAving quarters and because of the cold. blacE
other structures are made of weather. But despite this Ma-
double-thick, insulated' alumi- jo0r Belton is getting better
nuta panels. usage out of his aircraft than
.,* ".IT. m8.t"IS, ,d.quar....

id, ter from freeng in the lake.
Weather is turning out not
Sto be bugaboo for, flying
'and 11tiR that wa first any
by ticlpated, --
en The air over the area is
ft- mostly stable and clear. Only
Kl- a few Inches of snow actually
se fall but more drifts in whgi
of Icy plea strike.
Winds are powerful enough
- to toss 400-lb. oil drums a-
n- round like tumbleweed. Winter
Ms $emp8altures are between 20

#The iMe tis Invalutabls
ftrbotJ the fighter defense of
the natdn d-for the support
of the- SAC mission in case of
war. "
'Tho Air "orcm may have the
answer tthd great dream bf
all AretOt g1plfflrs: extensive
etd;. d explottationof
hf -hidGt Mmoa Mial w alth
of A "eua 0ol gou.
Tias ouild ran the
unique dytem It has found for
supplyina meat numbers of
men operating t h I a newest.
post cosUv and most strateei-
Cally hImortant air base the
U.S. has built since World War
That system Is supply
through the air. It's necessary
because from Sept. 30 to July
1 the water route to Thule.
located half wav between the
North Pole and the Arctic Cir-
cle. Is frozen. There is no land
It's an operation which em-
bodieM all the lessons of the
World War II "hump" flying

-a 'a. WIS js Itme mae a i traeSge
me o e-Areme N a cWdl

and thBerllb and Korean air-
It's itore mbtiloug than any
k an s Air suppI, program
ause the distance is great-
e and for thd fiat Ame It'as
anuImero al part if the per-
maPet planning qn.Lna major
povnseas base.
Cahrgo ad personal funnel
Into bere from two ,ain gup-
ply points: the U.S. terminal
t estover W u8, ms and
ead uartits af the Nbrheast
Air omead at Pepperrell
AFB, St. Johns. Newfoundland.
In Padition to the tremend-
ous needs, of Thule for all
kinds of supplies, iany tons
of freight are reflown froi
here to advance radar stations
of the continental fence, 1sO-
lated forward weather and
communications posts and to
numerous leni parties
the r polar r Otns. Tas

Tremendous planning goes
ing the port's
TeS I~mwe that as much
o total nee as possible can
be shipped in.
However, the complexity bf
e other mrishlop duport of
of .now br Nal W ter-1l.
retr pe t ns, means
that thoands of unexpected
needs come u which must be
satsfid quickly by air. Buchb
things as mall and perishable
food n hust be flown in dally.

Oaro4%e1^ | everything
a n r 1r are,

system.. ter
frop* b .nUALRdW- snow
SCared t .' .rj r r tubes
WbV have l leovered to
beV1tnersb Alitense cold. .
o agroeat de-
of vehicle
moat eqoifwalt tends uto
break -owpmdru0 faster In the
cold 7

The knowledge that t he y
can get in and out of the polar
region quickly Is a tremendous
moral boost taL personnel up
here. So latseb rapid delivery
of newspapers, a es, mall
Opem% tab kreat aerial
door has effectively robbed the
whole arctic region of its
friglhtening remoteness and
loneliness. It reveals a whole
new vista for arctic living and
numerous large, highly eon-
tidential projects are under
way In the ArctWi now, also.
thanks to Thule's air supply
Supplying thq numerous for-
ward outposts au probably the
most chaBllengaiag aspect of the
Most of the cargo Is just
dropped or parachuted An. In-
genious ways hae been devis-
ed to do thie job aebh M at-
taching lone faes to dropped
cargo to keep it from being
lost in the mow and dsa*ms.
One oeapee is located on a
floating icebeWg, wth SWIM
navigational iems to the
supply plane.
C-47 wUth ls go
in when as an Ieasagg
medical cae. tbere have bia
several Inst1ae5 et 00V
stricken witM vadom f
beingcpinked pa Ifld Umto

dog team were resent pa .


I. done m attro4

SThe Douglas CGlobeasters
are oroving to be the most
Popular planes ior Dassenger4.
Their heaters utuallv work and
t vM aft-sta frnom Thulo
Wt WVaper.
The .Pairchld Flylug Box-
cars are proving most popular
aid useful for sertigIt heavy,
rough po and piuly drovs.
'e de ofthee tl antic
.vuliof the Ulitary Air
T)nsrt Servie, which does
tw b-t w of lthe hauling
hTera that not a inhe passen-
So riane has been lost on

As a resit of MATS i'mures.
awa reco1 the &oiumnercjal air-
Mn fe world have taken
a % WantadtU fThule as a
SMstoW place on a
M rTte to cities on
the eMir side of the be
.a Thule f-ice -eel
tM S rateM G atentlel of
tIM be as futtre benefit to
NeOMW m v Mrwse is as a air
If thb Is true. a Sure by-
treds ..I be fulfillSent of
Sdreams of grow
GN 1a k6pt V by air



worn the same as at Stateside
b 6nlvy time von ret the
'' nU I during the
tMICA .wmaditdMt when ev.
StrMy nuat stey in the build-
itg he banDens to be in when
the wind starts.
Winds last from a few hours
la a da) or two. acg balSJn
S *a seIf-contalnew = C
d:. Water syste and.[ap]py
4 C-rations for this emeren.
It's the only time the Arc-
tc weather really gmet danger.
are fine libraries! vnit
e. churchM clubs,
M earei with
.the Da which p the
-IN Oe on tb*iw Ove
,. 0 is no huutWA, but
a lUAe tishinj in summer.
Go fat. doctors rent.- men.
txl ttroubtles are oly 8gbtyv
above Stateside averages. The
climate isn't as a -ee
rimer has It, but wtnsels
dU m than at U., i e l This
winter there have Mlv been
lont Iuolet ees or aegbite.
D Mr and offers are con-
stantly on the g$ietftor men

A blacksmith can make an iron
an hour that wil last ftr 15 or
20 ye:rs at a coat of $3 or $4. But
the price goes up when cattlemnp
bring in fascy designs luch an the
outline of Oklahoma and want
every curve oft he bounding Rid
River depleted.
apd designs fall into four cate.
s-hmorous, sentimental, f.
ustratlve ap risgque, said George
Crause, head Of the state agrcl
lre department's brand registry
.He sLid some brands ritered
are prntable only on a er hioId
whEl a rancher's earth "amofe of
humor gets the best m him.'
The left side of a cow is branded
by about 5 per eot of catle
raisen CM said. It's a hbld-
over oa the old cowao custo
of braking a honesto come up
on thu left ide o a cow.
The cattle are braed when
they're about eight waeii old. Tbt
brand sear usually jets 19rger a
the animal grows- not always.
A cowboy uiMmon s a y a
whether the band t grow de-
pend on whether the animal as
branbdd by the ligt or dark of
the moon.
'1 don't know where the belief
emne from," said Crause. "So
don't ever ask an old cowboy to
prove it, because he will."

an pepred arbe'ee
IMts, Is dh aet
the suceess a f .
baSiese LtdI

ew Diese I .ve
great rHor poWer

"qee r U e ads41i

- .._r~:~-,~3=; ~e ~I..

* '- -- L~ C



I ~

- -.L ot,, '-,. ,....

3-. rrr~- ~'~1~'--- --- -

- -~ ~-----~-----_.~


-.' _:r ,,
..., ,,..., .A _^ .,,.. .- .; -^-.... ..

- r,

' *-'* "'" r1: '. :- '"''.*' .- ": "'* : '. = "' v' -'' !.

i iMS ~mfiF:- ^- ;%n' *,hw1*?-W *---.'~. ,*_
*^ i -l .~ ,. .. .-
r "" -*** =*. *.-. --
t N I1-X ,." 4 .,p, -:. --

1/en ons

mell dinne
t the Clai
and Seltt
No d

.d Mrnds.
Dr. and I
vear their
h G1tter
ed dutoJein
his new'O N
and 'Mrs.
Mr. Terte
Mrs. Mertt
Mrs. Paul.
Vishori -Ft
Dr. and, I
of Ecuador
the Isthmti
tive$, are ti

ed during, t
Ric wftlA.1

., .-

* g u'm'- Ay. .-'...u: ; T ..u.
t1190DA "ANMKCAMa'

0A,.UN4W101l Ul I" 1

'I L
lo .g ith I- UP)-Ne
P'am be a nther't En,
t. i .rN1r the m
For further info to-so tg rmenft-r
'J(o-e 3-1846. 'lpawnehop. a Paris were order-
.- ed to, return pledged clothing
ig 'Wedaesday |and bedding without payment.
JIPAPlace e of tne ragtlar nontdlng Temperatures as low as 9 he
oa tdie ou nwolen's. ow sero were td on \_1e
b ..r, a a Ice p.lgued ontiann as l,
pattylc a an l first com wave of waitr mtound-
( ufltho 3C.omna11 ed. out h, f~d $ lu& wekTt~zl t
ha'.W ca'a W Id 4etha W 1Way
M. alone.
ZeeA P rmo iR d lee blocked ,thel ai riv modtr i
1F .bring a WbII .phae 84 ;r,.I 4 m .raldn l
us a. a a prz ,.Hal.
'.. e eu abtat.p. .-b,
A....tar..tle ,ToR na ed axs, d .
The At MSciel6ty Of St r to -France wr*
Mary's L;o700 191""1 fomaole,
its regular, monthly meetings a tarfrom ed pQlie.. .-.
Novna Mo ay even ing i St. Icated the freesq. rwo -ior-
MOS ar .s men in Catania, Itly. were how-
N. o ~-oDltalized for present of axpo-
Memberu.t p the Curundu _sure after a whirlwind capsized
an's ubr. invited to attend "tltbir b oats, and In Triete a .boy
A b 11% inv ie d to b at e nd-awas Injured by -a cwr set rplling
W ,t January 20,b at the Cu. downhill by an Alpine gale.
n mdu N~lt H House.'
.. Firemen Help Out
p-ose ""meows Ar- :'
S Argiesn Wothes's CbeAs rosSitg ops'
held' at 9::. a.m.. ab0 rif W "-'6" G ( U f
tdy at CIO Headqutarts lii UCAGO (UP) -. latwformeda
con. Presideat Irne Me; take ga at polte ng
r eted that all boar Ioa. Cfte th Whitt
oaf atoln tSot? I. sfurban
~Park -

-. .. -.adhol
Util Grpp eeij~g'' .~- rox Ing
MISS CLAUDIA DEfL NOLAN failed "r. .i ". t
Teregular 1 hkdufe.
t teMu G sictt~he Vll...n
and Mrs. Fernand EKplan of (Ciutadu annonee the
eont 6,f' bhir daughter, Claudia .1 Nolan, tAu to an N9 SaZ n".
l D ol. m'.
Nolain g'adnlted from, the Baliba High School with __ .s a
s of 1952. Airman I/e Done Is with the 570rth Supply hedutyof ennret hi ,,.
r .e at Albrook Air Force base. Wither win R cha of t noon ren nootont r...
late has been set for the wedding. pr o .noon when school lets -out.
Ire. r Entertain the F od Sale of- the ben tb beL g' e
Mrs. Cleveland Sooer ofhlied January 2pL the'oramtA AyIMMI4'T By 5cn ol Ca sIr
*wie hosts for a $are-.dor r yNavj Club are aked .oMika.0 y VUia
r vn Thursday eve- contset Mrs. rowder, 2-1063, for .. ;..
r home i-hotter of Mrs. further information. '.". .
reof ELCa rEjo, whence
I~auna ers 1 vas cnec
I. to Join her husband lt D tSri-, W lVub ngsters To Bypass Science
The .regul.r b hcheon meeting of
stguests included Mr. the floet Wives Club will be
Tony Car er, Mr. and held We day at the Su imit
nce 0. Ford, Mr.' and HillsGo~lft ib. Rlervations may.
in. Ford and Mr. and be made with .the chairman, Mrs.
Kayser. .W4)dos Whife, 2-4170: or ith
members ot e h'comittee-. Mrs:.
om leuador R. S. Fixott, Albook 3198; or Mrs.
nP. W. W Olker, 24347.r
Mrs. Francisco Navarez A m uiCeal program will be pre-
, who are visiting on useted following, the luncheon.
S with frienpdsa and rla .
he Ej Vale house guests AS !. i*- L' '
Lr'ild ; A.4as. ,, A' -melean Le' on Au*-i ary
ors have been entertain- Unit No.or
he past by Dr. and bMrs. meeim l t t
if p, wt a wrista o IHome, Fort ARorat :30 p.l.
iaen at. anea, ..- .
lte, And by r 4fl''VUs ~' ~

Gardti Group' wil Ib. held. Tues-
Summit Bills Golf, Country Club dag' at 5;30 p.m. at the Morgan
Winl e Cloqed Mondays "' Resldece at.Milraflores.
The Suamnit Mili Golf -And -
Country .Club will be closed on Coklng Claiss To Open
Monday starting tomorrow, a. A base course in Panamanian
announcement states, uniesa holi- Cookery will begin Tuesday from
da'y fall on -a Monday. 9:00 to 11:00 aap. under the direc-
Qn Mopdays which are also holi- tion of Mrs. Mercedes A I e g r e
Sdas ia the Canal Zone, the club Smith.
wil e opn The introduction of T r o p i cal 1
-- fruits and vegetables, their nutri-
Senora Tejeira To Speak live vElue, and their manner of
, Senora Otilia Aroseandea Tejei-
Protessor f Psychology at the .
lVrity Of PanamL wi address I dreamed
e Uniftaan Society this morn-
i a t .103 -on the s u b j e rt: rode a streetcar
UIfSCOa4s an onganiaztion of the .
V utod Nations. in my
The public" is invited to this- ga.
-bering in the Uibrary of the Jew- f
-iah Welfare Board Center apd to Ti
hmrticipate-In the discussion period -/
IT fellow the services. ll
, r. Barry D M f T Address
lI re G0te bra
s'hc Speciai terest in Panama All0-ette bra
LGroup, eDmposed of Poin Four
.a wves, .sponsortig an
ruatstrated talk ph orchids to be
eIdW.1edpBadaa 7:15 at
e oe of r, and Mrs. William
FR. 2JOL. No. 40, Fiftieth Street,
[Belai.ViiV Guests will include
bands (Of Group members,
. Mrs. Harry W. Paine, chairman,
has snrpunced that the y ll,known *'J
4Mr. Harry Dunn will be the guest
lheaker. MrX Duna. a& authritQr

S eonert origin scheduled
to be epr ented oday at 6:00
,,. ft ;be ,AO-JW Armed
tret '.Service Center, La Boca
SEoad 9albos, has been postponed
ntila Mqnuay, Jsnuary 18, at the
sane place and time.
L A, W. C. Group
' Mrs. XW BrWwdiyr Jr., of Wt4
t Harred Place, Diablo Heights will
". be hostess to the members of the
l bad 0 ro e 'e-f. the Bella
SCldrn's Jome Cohmmittee
I e -4he. JN -Air Women's
S Al' iteA.Lmeriaa V o m e n's
. Cltsuainerv wishing to bake for

Itrs liNe aet osa m lb
Masstestd tr...
At-m br! ,b w R

i-gewrtus abdeu
asM i I ,u
acur A mwi&

"-. .- f,.l bt M at.

-.*- 1

PROGRESSIVE WAY TO START Leachlng science In early grades
is demonstrated in this Cleveland kindergarten, where "yea" and
"no". signs teach what magnet will nd won't,-plk .up.

WASHINGTON. Jan. 9 (NBA) electricity can start being taught
Ameripa schools, through in kindergartens and on 9..
neglect; amr easing the nation'. They're dong it successfully an
voungpters to bypass the moat some advanced schools such as
lucrative career field that exists 7hit leveland, he says.
today. w. Wever, t. great mass of
This conclsiasn was reached .1W.ol, don't begin teaching
simultaneously and indepea- abe '-igetip dntil,. abput thh
gently in a report made to thbe'hi r.gtade. The FSAF study
Tord Foundatlon-aponsorefl Mid l volved a poll ol 425 science
century Conferenoe onResourees teacherS ti schools located in 42
For the nFture, and In a study tates with a t6tal enrollment of
of ublie schobis In 42 states 3$1,060 students. The responses
e by the National'Education, were frankly self-critical. Iere
Asociation. are some of thert replies:
The careers which Amerlean "Many prgml4ing students srt
children are ignoring, partly be- not allowed tb elect science
,ause of their own laziness, it is courses due to group scheduling
claimed, are hi the field of sci- and poor counseling by home
ence. This includes engineering, room teachers."
where the greatest shortage df "Our guidance peoples are,
ell exists In addition to the not suffielen$ly acquainted
broad fields of medicine and in- with the n- eds of industry nor
dustrial and scientific research, of the opportunities,"
Positions In these profespons "Too much money spent on
and occapatlois are among handicapped, not enough on
the most highly pald,,too. gifted"
Despite this' demand, 'Ithere "The dynamic nature of the
are those who advocate that the scientific and engineering fields
teaching of physics and chemist- tends to make obsolete or inade-
ry be abolished In the great ma- ouate science textbooks. labora-
jorlty of high schools," says SEai Lory equipment and the instruc-
p. Stevenson, rppr ting to the tor's storehouse of information."
Pord lounada too. asls a noted, Another root of the trouble Is
aciedtisi and adviser to the I the drastic shortage of science
,Atomic Energy Ca Djaisslon. I teachers in the public schools. In
,-Man's Insatiale curiosity, 1950 there was a shortage, too.
eonoeramag the aiyill-world ls but equipment are 49 per cent
the greater resoue.m of all as fewer than there were then.
we race theproblet q indefn-d In addition to causes attribut-
tle growth In a flU .world." he able to heir own shortcomings
Maa. "d.mandlin smore science and a'scarcity of their numbers
edueation. science teachers cite the follow-
"T is edat ina process ln reasons for decline of Inter-
now apota r to breaking eat in science courses:
dyOI. at. b.A pt't iege," he "Too many students shy
,n. "and. we!ao.rl0 arerof away from seletnee because-
"IF013n 8 d m,.. rvin;m they are afraid it will lower
tllfklq fewB_ Win1rc.." their grade average."
*i&;e-suM E made "It Its difficult to sell a lon%-
.by 4WlJUt Amer. range idea of f'tture occuoatloa
sea, wIt e a it iM catiunmin absence, Many of our studeslt
'imna U e v.p, several can obtain jobs paytnr more
1 R e- noa than the. beollnig aclence lobs
Sin with no futer training."
-auture ale m e teachers also fee:
ll ad that are handicapped by
t the l tendenMy of schools
Sfl^- to phaota subject ma&.
Space ta." further claim hat tuo
rand a m ets. m teachberfa have
.4 gisa"ApO X a iso llt adenee majors aMd as a
U 4t*0, l a'pMs, reult "pay as ltte atUtnion to
S, s aem s am they can-"
a ee A .- rem t.- they claim. most
a-ssb high cdwel with
In .ateresl ai-

_ _l____r_ ~ __Manne

US 'Foreign Leion

PUERTO ORDAZ, Venesul Co. this .,ear Is expected to re
an. 9 (UPI)-The first hlpment 20,000 tons. it will moreas,
,t iron ore from the united 000,000 In the neSt few y4
states 8teel Co.'s huge COero Bo- and 4 e.ttually perhalm to
ivar conqsalon will leave fcom 000,00 tons yLyr.
jlef tody for the company' .a ..
t'umiwpe at Morriatow, Pa., evYUl. to th woV
t. :tll rl n week it ar9e t i ht rade tra ore
r Wn0 4 b111 PUt outuide the United Sta
l ell a Pefent Marco CEro Bolivar is eatirhated
J tOime Z, members of his nold 1 au 2,000.000.000 to M
L a =.h. i, B Ateel wnpauy '^00,000 to"l.
oela fleiw wre oerlp today
ou Cfaromas, to prestie ov
crfeH e. enarklnr the opening
f a new aLiLge l Veheauelsa's i e-
ef' :lt4a,lar developmAnt
am lith ielitiona with thn

The U titA bsate St Be Co. has
pent. moreitthan $),000,00u,
chiefly in transpbrtation fa li-
ties, to note the ore from Cerro
Aelivar, the "ten billion dollar
ouritalp." .In the Venezuela
hinterland; to Tidewater.
The. Bethlehen. Steel Cp,
which haS ben ehlppItko Vene-
znelan ore to Its blat furnace
In -the United States since 1951,
Invested another $50,000,000 Ih-'
fore the first .6r was mined.
S aclRtles built by the U. 8.
S Co. Include a 100-mile oe
sy ay om Cbrro Botvar to
thls Caronl. tlyi prt. ros
Us9 *aM^# tsavi al-

amulor wOr
.t ers !111 :i tbl~jn* "/ I

lat;. the .oJ:.' .
Ori ebr steel
lhd B Driving
l HMA2'TON CCI'V, Calif. (UP)- r pv
John Bcnd3, Aot Hamilton City, \
Cal.,.had'a pertct excuse'whea
arrested for drivlnl-into another
ear. -He is b nd. Confu ed offer
found Bensor uW scompletely blind a
in one eye, had 11-S0 vision in
the other, was receiving total blind
aid Ihor the State, 'nd was beris aiT,
supplied with a "reader" by the
federal government so be could at-
tnd coUege.

". a
4 ', jrI"
\,o.;- ., ,-

~,. 4,'.

r.'~ (-

Phutp's U6;h is riled with br 606.
Well-worn epi 0iad rgp bhe Eu SM
R opai woealm kqm he bmh be e now. "
PL -c da. te t alga
/ ; '< ,,

,, B,. ,

I -U-m 14 M ,



tomorrow, Monday 11th, (12:30 to 3430. p"It7

to welcome the passengers of the CARON(At. r

FEATURIfGC: Good Nat ive. ,i',

an Exhibition of Native Dances.


34 .palm/n Coui


mTanaed by Ab lreaao Motta,

S. A. Co

.. -

Now on all routes between Mexicb,

Central America, Panama and the United States


.a- 1 PANAMA

LOS ANGELES..................S 195
MEXICO CITY ...................$ 121
HOUSTON ........................$119
NEW ORLEANS .............S 119
HAVANA ......................... 115

GUATEMALA.................S 69
SAN $MVADOR..............S 60
lIGUCWGALPA...................$ 53
MANAGUA ....................... 41
SAN JOSE...................... 25

Avail yourself of the low tourist fa0me Ia effect to many more Iltes of dthe
United States and South America. ,
On your next trip choose PAA's new "FISTA" ~ti. Your t'cke *111! qo' m b
less, yet you will enjoy the lu. ry of flying on .t gudig mt o 9st "k
Clippers. You will relax m s i felm i Mblittk..
be servedd delicious nWas.. mid you t .-
this at thrifty tourist farts. ,"
: o '" ,- ;. .. _1 .,,11 "1 1

Psem L Sbes Ne 5, Tel. t.a70, C.l. SalnS, TeL 1097

- F I -

- .

* '
.~" .



- ... 1. ,
... ,v _.

F "

L -

---*- S*Ert

W.v 1~'st*m t Ba p0
.4. .- =

- 'V


. .


_ T____~_~_____ ___

1. II


.. .. ..

_ __ ___

,:'.. ,. .'




i :

.1.' .


-.. -: .


A'*P-i' "

~v.wry 9I'~C UW~'~
.4 I-


Itch the Shoulfles'

- /

Lr tevfnin





T WTlu spring, clothes for evening are sdft but elegant. While there'
are full skirts for after-five, there are also many straight ones!
lUkb these (above). Shining silk satin evening gown (left) by
lacques Fati for Joseph Halpert Is In From front, it
gives efect of double-breasted coat dress. Back skirt has deep,
f40 pleat. Black silk linen sheath (right) by Mollie Prnis has
wbite cotton lace bodice and short lace jacket. Bodice has Em-'
pire feeling sharpened by band of black velvet. J

NEW YORK -(NEA)- During clothes this spring. With evening
ftigons past, women h ave igown3, this mean that the full.
ved in separates for after five. skirted, tiny waited look h as
we have the one-piece lopk,given way to the Empire line with
er costume look interpreted: more cover-tjp, more sophistication.
Ut dress ,with its own jacket. Prints are lovely for evening,
SLeEIth isn't much of a discus- handled in delicate floral motifs
anymore In evening clothes. or monotone abstracts.
's generally accepted that the' The low hiplne silhouette. also.
rt length fits in best with the present in daytime fashions, ap-
Serican way of life and that pears effectively in after-five fash-
jlericad women do not want ions. This hiMine is sometimes
Sveng gowns that are too bulky er pbtsazed by bands or crisscross
cmbqrsome or tricky to man- drapes.
go. Thus the development of the'
that really has a very form- Just as spring's daytime clothes
look (almost a ball gown air) are soft and ladylike.. so do
amept foe its length, spring's. evening clothes, show re-
Shape ig everything in all straint.

RuM/ 4/c lieltt

Arise Men, Demand 'Say'

In Entertainment Plans

0 -
Mama's going to have a oarty "How mugh ean I spend on it?"
u the only thing you are gojpg -iou' be ready for her.
W-ave to say about it as the
n ot the house is how mu4 of Draw Yourself Up
NUr hard-earned cash she cab Aid Start Naming. Names
d on It.I
don't expect to be consulted on You'll say: "Well, now that de-
emEacst list, food to be seed; pends on a few things. First, are
g and closing hours, or any- you planning to invite that nitwit
. else. '.. ..ways insist. on doing imita.
tions, or that Mrs: What's-her-
rt has just told house- name whose talk gets louder and
the frst and most ims- eAs- fnny as the evening wears
i in giving a success- on?
is that the husband "OooDe to think of it, maybe
ave absolutely nothing to yep'd better write out a- guest list
ja t the party-beyond mak- and let me okay it, before we de-
Dacisa statement as to cide on how nmuct:we're going to
Sb it may cost. spend eOr _s otna .
.^-, "Ana. .... SK-,i' .r question.
-are a- mouse you'll fall What are '1 10Sing," to have to
Swth this plot to make you eat? It's btd enough to have to
ore than the guest who go to a party and. get nothing but
"the check at parties in drippy goo you try .to make stay
,hom. on-potato chips and pretezi: until
you get them past your necktie,
o'rne a man-to be fore- without having to pay for such so-
h enable you to be called 'food.' So let's see our menu
before we tau mopey."
at .rs ..W ought 'dbl to handle
Lt re et. a maS
amss up w 8hW 164a a
an 'i


flew 'ines, flew SAuhelles

Spring in


,. .- ,

e e -

i -,.;'--. \. ,
.'.SS "- *... .

BEEF BOL4-UPS WITH OLIV0 L4UCE ia n&de of WuhAl b
mBd inexpenalve mutt for good wintertime dbih, Z
NA Food and Mrtets Editor

You'll enjoy this colmbinatlou
of ground beef and Wicults This
recipe cones fgro 4S8r s who
,ive on a farm urthCi Hudson
River. They -. nijy tOId' food.
Here's evidence: ..
SBetf Ro1-B4$ ..
(Mikes 8 roll-anp)

The straight, rounding coat alu the Sted @eat make up the his- with es and eP fa wOOL wo" a s
portantsithouettes. ths spring. There's great variety in styling a pure ilk lnlang at e *1a. Dress is molded to the body. the
of the straight cet and evenin the length. We show the fitted seven-eighths lenf t0t (rig$) in navy ude is an Important
coat (left) In navy worsted with molded shoulder line. This sprtlo sUhouettdl- idlha tr. grosgrelsiWn ntto htuestons
Ben Zuckerman design has horseshoe collar, is single-breasted. butun at neek. _flt' sgerman design Is -d in whit*
Dres-sand-coat ensemble (eentier) coMprise one of spring's oat- taffet/ Sucht cotarte "SW wit r l w, S.tUple plrta. .fewo
standing fashions. This particular design is by Molie Farnis, fi coat fabrics .Itur n hss. tht are lightweight p iep.
By GAILE DUGAS second dressy coat, this might be irne .i, ebryo sMtIp gi prth ,1i _e eo 1Att .- l navy,
it. Or she might pick one of the vq(ersp, ,4 e r 4ayti e lp s e beige, black and grat 'are liked
NEW YORK --.NE/)- Thougih jeweled coats that are at their,nts p, .. in cities the ebum? .a a, with
the fitted coat is playing a return very best In silk or fleece. These Color. choicesa.arn A t.t pastels' relose~emLeo .. -.
eiiugaemcut this pring, tWe Iu-c -- ='M ; -
ilared coat has undergone drasticS| 0 / A "' 'I09 *a "' -

low-cut neckline and ge n e r a I /1t ..f V --5- -V -'"-'- !..-.. .
'Whis new, eaIn y lt e skr coatr-
-js'rts at the ra bandl linet.h a n k'
cost taper 'wine adge perlecly-i#

ness that characterizes the look
of all the new bpritig lashions.

Cupola is a new fashion term
invented to describe on e of
spring's coat silhouettes: the one
with bell-shaped shoulders. This
rounded look extends to the
sleeves and to the body of the
'oat itself. 'Ahd it's a definite de-
parture from the vo luminous
greatcoats of seasons past.
The fitted coat has extra Im-
portante this year because of the
fitted end Empire lines in dresses.
Fabric for the fitted, or princess,
coat may be a very lightweight
one this srinag alpaca or mohair
(sil blend), a and worsted mix-
tures. These lightweight fabrics are
characteristic of many spring
coats and of duits and ensembles,
too. Put this fabric trend down to
u changing climates and our
o r changing climates and our
lighter the year around than those
We wore ten years ago.

Fur-trimmed coats appeared last
Pi -aIg t1 DbaeL in force this
*t everytob, perhaps,
t' for the oenase we needs a

i\ 'c-IL-
4)a\w 4)tna4 Dttrt Stnla4 Zfown
SW f V "f> .* ^..-f-' ~k*" v

rt has.




NEW sYO wNlAr with suit nlookcgafee texibs tye il ycusle A..
of jacket lengths akd styles. Some thJjtxy, teh t shils re*(p p (. t t 4
Dress-and-Jacket ensemble with suit aieft) is by Sephi9e Saks t
wool. Jacket aleves are easy; jacket ls hort-cropped. Be a t
.white braid binding (right) has seft l t ,TbaE a six-gore skort e i h I Zkenma esg.
NEW YORK -(NEA).--.The suit midcalfut Ideks shorter because
tory is a short story this spring. of the narrow- ook. .
That' because Ahe suit jacket this' Despfte the bact that skimts are t a torate
year is short and fitted-the one.someas tt shorter, suits have a
suit silhouette with greatest bg-'mode g et look due partly to lI m o e
nificance. theta l dl lightweight fabrics t.
a a in wsew they aae cut and partly
Suits are feminine, cut in light- to the fact that colors are more *
weight fabrics that can be worn subdued. Navy is agmin a prime Nc one has to tolerate unshape
wel into the early da.s of sum- spring favorite, followed by gray i y ler. There are numerous ex
mer. These fabrics are mostly the andbeige. Blues generally ar eLrcrn: for minimiezgs or increase
silk mixtures, thin worsteds, al- strong, ranging from the lighting eir curves. And remember
pacas, chiffon flannels and tweeds shades to those with a pinkish whanetM pn e a dress .
that are oose woven and tat are loose l wv en and therq. Isriirs t s i glrt.
fore without the heay bulk usual a ara
ly associated wifr tweed.' T!fre are many suits this year r 'e sd6tae .- s for t
Though the jacket is shorter, witl low--ne:ked collars and cres- gir ho fels her legs are straight
skirts generallyy -ae alim, in keen centis.aed sleeves. Ana the "m- asU :
ing with the sim a straight m'rea i-- ce, seen in .dresses, 1. a.i m A -li gt f t lI
silhouette of almost all s n r i n "a. pears in suits in the formt .of and f*i k, s lM .w Wto l
clothes. Xs for t, ler ith. etsil- or seaming :under the bust. ed. itA .te .the tirele

bemt 3. I aV anga
S .._ M.U

GOOD grooming implies o hVoi Anor igracfully sturdy. s times, up M h
se/-respect and eonslaeratie r CoeM _tit cu fbe u ed to avod We t.
atherr. Everyone prefers the com- that ft.ed bekuk 4ti t Asquiriag l&I L e on back with rtg U
pay of those who are attractive a .*#. -A t.fh of % tooe p atd asowly
to see as well as hear. powdr i ad eyebrewr seta wake lriAeem lA
-'ns true of people regardless 1 1 "fl tar tsi an stureV16
,t their ages. Because on. has e twoith If l g MI se_
'-andchildren. there Is no reason -resl te ealat e al leks.
3 thick it in unnecessary or a t *at. me M Wt 1 a .. Mp a#, UM h a k
coming to take care ia groom-. M soe emo wMo amW avM" MI Vv a 111 *11 S

The older wm 11 s01o4ld be As NJ* WIe

z.-i--- -i m ~^ ^^~

.ough. Roll out on lightfyl-flour-
ed 'b o a r d to rectanle 12 x 8-
ncheg, 8 sreav l ee-
wise, jellyroU flsMu..'Qlt jato
eight parts appnrlhatlyr-
Inches thick. BAik lp. r
baking -sheet ift odate oven
(375 degrees. .) until browned,
hanbt 30 minut fnt .-

Filling: One pound lpangroum ',- --
beef. 1-3 cup nonfat dry milk Oivi Sauce
.owder, I teaspoon 'salt. % teo- ( erves IS
oon pepe. -
Biscuit. One and one-half cups One a4d w e-halt cu wAt. t,
sifted floqr, Wy cup nonfat dry 1-3 cup nonfat tit powder,
milk powder, teaspoons bakng 3 tablespoons. flouor,'%,t=n
powder, V2 teaspoon salt, V% cup salt. 1/4 -temwpn.cIM poTr.
shortening,, 2-s cup water. cup,-.1;',-
Filling Conmine alkt ingre- Place wat4r In to f. deobi
dients. Reseap. boiler. 8trinkle nonat dry ,miS
SBiscuilt: iSift togffether floir, powder, flOur, salt And uarpy
nonfat dry nIlk powder, baking owder perw surface.of .water.
powder, rand4salt-otCt.u In short- Beat. with a rotary- beSet ,mu4l
onln with two i nives or pasy just blended. Cook. afMTinz:con-
olender until miture,.rejembles stautly,, over. hot .I ter .IUntjl
toarae corn meaLI Add water P mixture thickens.. Stir In sUied
little as a, time to m-4 ke .soft olives. Serve over Beef Roli-Up&.

Brigt Wittlenoe
&~h C4~AU4fJ4.i

I o...

B. '' w hat -.,,4 "4e .,- p
By ELI*EIaf'Ik u ~l y b 4ie sy 4e
omen wtarir ght colA s hehe ONd -
times are good, according to jn guessing mgI.1't
nusi al forecaster of, the natIon's caive said:" t 4it-
business outlook. ad tings should ci ence that's lot
be terrific thb 'lin. signed fealdre the
Wardrobe olors w/ltbe*-brighter same season,"
thbn ever. Even stekins ,are ..He tigtested that b-irfoe as
promised lb: colors 1*ce. goldenn woman tight make a fairly c,-
sky" and "peach 'dawn.' curate guesks-atfutu e olos .)y
The comforting connection be- looking back a' couple-s1. a t
tWeen the colors we buy to webr s e whet ha& d-ea bj pMa _i kt
and the condition of our checking tHen checking the a 1 tL outlook
accounts came from Ben Heller, of the public.fur globnyor.' ear.
a youthful fabric company etecu- ful undertones. ., .
tive who prides himself on guess- "Pastel .apee w*,i *asr Ib
ir.g coto' favorites a year ahead of wools last fail, so yp -w that
time. they spiagy .eirels
"'When a depression exists, black spring," eller exn
is the biggest seler in many prod- "We're bringing tV to., lfe
ucts, even cars," said Heller. "In this spring, though W w jpas-
good times women are willing to tel 'shades, and th .are ew
take a flyer with bright colors, shades orange ha.will bepop-
whether it's cars or clothes. They talart. -
get away from baqie shades." Bright print linens are :e u
Things are looking so good, Hel- made into daytime coat fr" srpi g
ler continued, that not oply wion- and summer -ay fow .pr ,.o
en but men are about to expert- wear over "a .platholoied Gre
meant with new abandon in adding There are unusi color combl-
bright colors to their wardrobes. nations too-b-ight, b4e with moss
The men generallyy will limit green, piink With ied and yellow
their color flings to le i sure with green.
clothes and shirts. One local Not to mention the coloT o Igs
store has been advreiting a and in MInkerie fotte a st l spring
bri ht pink sports Jpcket for and summer. The e to
S 'wear bekt stockings .u
We'll see "more bloom" in the Wear be som! b ig
rose colors, more color in tweed people insist. e j the
and more Orints when 4; dajs'get well-dresed
warnier,' Heller predjed.e Early wearing -bu e Ia
spring fashion shows bea' out this stockings-coordiA I Y
forecast. say, fm hea to .



eHpyts gfeel '"O

... ,-- ... *.

,- 5

Every mlk .. evey ywe .. tw
air '-t -a .pear -stm



. I *' '

- SE -AT MliBWa

* .
* I *

Women 's

* a, -'

e &i -


ht JaTeque atIs f w orneve
wes. The skirt Is warn ever Kwis

I i 1 I

* :- <'

;]" i '

< ..-"- 1 r **



,- r k


, L




~~~'.4- -.

,-,,: ; .... .* i ?-^. ..
S-..'..., + .... ( ^ .' ; .

-1TV. .*

5 sam nAMAfa


I. .-


11 1' 'W




blt SWr iM a

ongs from the Shows


Orue, ub e Alarm

lae Alarm Clock Club
gRe.e, Seton t


1 :0 OM s' "

1:15-.Pea sesnality Parade
1: 4-Lum and Abner
2.; -ThMt th I Trio
2:"16.W'.Time to Dance
L ftfa~u i~~t70f "1

WF a Touo Favorite
What'sour Favorite
Po1.5 Bring Adventure
e ack- mith Show
F from the U.S.A.
Platter Parade
1I to of Last
W It frpm Here OBC)
eird Circle your Win-
The Ow) MNest
N ws-gn Off
Tue0at, as. 1U

on B -The Alarm

ih r Al Cloek0 Olub






a l

-I.- .-.

:1 e ,e Show
5:30-Music for Wednesday
4:0o--Feature Review
4:8.-What's Your Favorite
5:~5-What's oear Favorite
6:00,- .,t eMOk VOA)m
6:15..B-LUJ RIP80E MOM
6:30-The Recall Sbop
7:l5-LT hl loI-Btif abow
7:30-Reot from the U. S. A.
!:00,-'he ukta Box Review.
: e-..Conmi tary on World
00-V.Criet Ahoy (BBC)
:30-The IWintingc Hour
l&:10.1UjWQf' Open 4OU11
10:30-The 14 Time =aUn
11:00-The Owl's Nest
12:00-News.- Sign Oft
Thundaly, JaU. 14 '
6:00-Sign On.- The Alarm
Clock Olub
7:00-NewsB .
7:05-T'e Alarm Clock Club
743-,oo. Itt _Va Prisetts
9 -4-ew.*
liSenaptr Hea*rt Program
9:30-Aa I See It

ll:0" ff the Rec"d (eentd.)

L2:. nheonusic

I .MnwaUlty rade
2:00-A Call from Lea Paul.
2:15-A Date for Dancing
2:30---The AmerlBai Journal
2:45-,4attle of the Bands
3:00-Alt Star Concert Hall
3:15-The Little Show
3:30-Musei for Thursday
4:00-Feature Review
4:3),-What's Your Favorite
5:I5M at's Your Favorite
6:00-& L E Ajr (RDT)_
8:3a-S to Telephol M four
7:00-Lowell Thomas
7:l S-TkeVOA lEtimp club
7:30-- Or t&om the U. 5. A.
tVOX) '
8:0--The Juke oxz Review
4a-C.mmentary on World
9:00-Plano Playhouse (VOA)
:30.L-over to You (DiC)
10:o00-Tumm y es and his
10: 15-Th. Loti Amecan MWre-
10:- 0- ea AmerIcsaa (VOA)
tl:0-00tse Owl's N ot
12S-.VwS--0A n Off

1rI-wudia"fdoiu raNh
VOA-Volce of America

. ;' ,



,- "

T '/.o.
s --. -

'" #.

~: r-.r ~I;~r;Jr- =a~r~ ~-78

.. JfL l- 5'

11 A


8:0--The Pir# ade

9. MWer lawks of r-

to )Jude: siaof s D la

&WAMYt. 1i
10 0- uocn o The Alar

9:l---Wmet ^World ()VOA).
7:3S0- as'iaan Ja. 1

9:30-# 41 : 'e AarI

10 0-5.TOffhe .heord

'5> Word IVOA

11 D

1. P* .a I, '. 1C

4:00-eature Review A..
2:10.-Ns AT tar vorlt.
3:80-The Yamt 'o "

9:30-Wha's. fyT Fay or 4

0:00-Loet lar

a Ale (RDC)
:4-- t e U.S.A.

La... wh V. i-

nes, I n h Iat eascaro, Mrs. Blen e.Yee l we
Cmman der o dq, s ~a.r n a t e at the cof fee

wander and Mrs. Luao. T it S
2c0iers a s oere in uced: M'rs. W. F. *c-
A adu. t ig aney, ..RI M M* Minney, c
d ed.te l ermo Jr., Mrs. L n ZamoraE Mrs. Aor-
Mr T. I haer H.C. Burk-
1te, hd M H elen ~f ut b twe.
mi iierida, wb came to the Lit ketS11? eAd A .n

mmus for Soe.6eauis. a. C. *. John.
W&- a a Wniad, as hoe r a rta ic

r Commander and "- who ire f ving Ir M s
PrWry, who we hae the MIsth- eOM

d Mrs. W. A. TipIaptain and Cha a nt- Mrs.
r .nd r A 1 Y. T. D. Ar lrs.
eG, ordon Gre ,- EdeUtiave Board-.*
h. Mrs. J&ck R.A bht, MrsC. Chat-I
~ fora lottee .an Wtlke J. W Pb. h
a = do. .-. ,. Co rt- Mr. ,a dd ndue. f

C xomm wander a-A" reiMh. & s mt Ia ,
r tgn. aI ion WtAib eali M m
D ., t o Cmw. itth an e"al, aoi M iqd
mander ad KV. T A. and buffwo e M irnshe mu -
O. wo a B Leth atn -e. r

Sct,. an d ctt, LI. rnd 3 Man fieb d *c h ri. ieVat
#aer, Lt. ath m j A. Mars all, of Gaet e he sareo
Li. am o rs 0.-T S 0el The ntatr d to tma e histhome in
Mrs. A. C. C Lt. and rs. aMr. M l. a fht M ChaLi
aI. L, MSLt. and Mrs. J. Balnt Is the P, Z. Fire Dasiment
-'s, LL. ad M John On- b" b "een enpjl dby

mady, Lt. and Mrs.B AOfD-tthe astI M1years.
Lt mrsud o T. Stuaret, Ltr At d hi a br a ren

Uri. 3u ~~jla s an d e n mFire Departrut pr es Mr.
-Mrs. o. D TMarw all a wat0 as a f areWeR
"P yde- d tda-. made by Mr ,Car ton Hlet nd -

Fotl. DW. UiL, Mr.P.ff. tBoggs Weesedny at
06, Fot *Davis..40, ClubU .the Gatun tirae A i ho me.
i lls J. J.d rsMr. and Mrs. J n i c .Hubert Harten-t
ad, A lli s and eiLn. M a fmLm a r

Mr. P. H. Rolgs, Wednesday at

1 P.-SWVSi K ftaid Ma~n_ ad. Mr.


Regular sailing from U.S. Atlantic & Gulf Ports. -

argo accepted for the Republic of PANAMA AND CANAL ZON 4

oBsatimerde Ph Iphis New Terk OOteal C.
B.S. LBNNA DAN ......... Mar. 1 Mar. 11 Mar. 18 a
M.S. GIM)A DAM ....... Jan. 11 Jan. 14 Jan 3L n..
M.S. GRETA DAN ........ Jan. Jan. 8 Feb.
M.S. PAULA DAN ........ Feb. 16 Feb. 11 Feb 1 M ,
MI.S. MARNA DAN ....... Feb. 24 Feb. 25 Mar. 4 Mar. 3


5.8. TrS8A DAN .... Ja. 1 '
LS. "MA.AN ... Jw.
BALAN. r* 2r 19
-LL ik leb. I



Jan. 21
Feb. 3.
Fl'b, Wl

Jim. U
Ja. 2

New Orleans
-- Jan.

M1r. 5

For further particular .
A. t.



IIy~c .' m

*; 4,

-. a .'I~ -
I -

I~I ~I .4

*. ... ., ,a ;

Rio, the magnificent! It's w6rld renowned for that spectacular, '
l.wel- if seeing whee majestic mountains rach iht dow.a .
famous beaches. Gay cabarets, rhythmic sembas, amert hoftm. And
Ireniffs L Conquistador, wperb DC sleeper, .Is the mo, lvxurou
way to discover Rio-or to rem u bustling, busines-lke Se Paulo.
You can take advantage'of aevings up to 25% on the flma now DC.- -
tourist service as fir as Lime. Elther wey, you're p li1d y .. .

Smillion-mile captains, backed by a 3 billion mile ,fty r .
l .. -. .'*
FLor Inforatilon and reservetions Oe w your travel agent er-,enWf it
Avenide Tivol I9, t.l ph,.s 2.t975, Houel l Painai, -o1/ 4
Wt. '130, or Panami 3-472,.,Coln TJc kt Ofi, 779... .

-' .- -'-:i.^

CI l

-. .


. .. : .
"31 -"



rk. iMd WMi M' y Ww Who
Slang the ismu to ride
In neMo. t

Scout ack in New Cristobal Moa-
dJay, 2vuary 11, and Wednesday,
January 13 at 7:39 p.m.
Anyein Intereisted in apy pUse
af theasttal productions is cordial-
ly in"ft.d to attend.
Mr. Brrmer Jorstad is directing
the play.
Mr. Kailan VIl~H Famiiy
Mr, Arthur L. Kapla an lived by
air, Friday. fro ItavaMa 0o a vis-
it with so and dster-in-
lw, Mr. sad w1. Dao-Kaplan
t Cef Sobr Mr. Kaplan is a-resi-
dent of New Yerk city;:

MtIaneCe ipers Cub
S.q mera Club meet-
og r Hi Oday, at'7:30
p... Tew illU a short busi-
ieu a-ln[,. The Nobtatating
Cmmmitfe" wI rt pael of
aaeer'1or 1 ad there be o
K first. of .twost t a alt
mdoti the c antitioan.
The program includes portrait
contact fo1 NUak and white fans.
B t.g eaera. n Ea..h S conte.t-
ant Wilb tgo a liWaited time
to pose a ,*l et Up fights add

_~ ~~----~ -- ----- ----- -I.

-* I '


*.- .

: .

from the rai rafr s
fruimsnh m, .Mtaoa
Amers Hel )V1r e. 3-3

man iuld ent .. .Pu lr
The rapAdl c ri S po ed t ."
the r2,0elmO6 d n ti -'

takre ot' t Plovit t be judf j
at t i a ttacn p- won
po tot me it.

tbino .ruoo the M l ..a. .
hqupent A "zat ., ip.tea the
hokee. Wlr innrs lar inited




.- *;-..:'< .

ry .
". :' ". '- .., ^. -^, --".

wmf IOMMIW a

:!j*P;;I,~ I : q

fr I? uwrwi

.. ** ^ ~ ~ ~~~~~. pI .s J ..A i


7 Street No. 13
0j2 %p4W a Ave.and 33 St
B street No. 26

Centra. Ave. 10
4No. 3 LotteWy Plaz
Fourth ot July Ave.

Agenela InternaL do PTaluMesalelt: 'AU A. I h

Oaracv- I TAg IS-
-Par- ue 7m "54 ;
C-ta ...v'over..

am1 -

TH r ANAMA .kCAN '-A *0%(:AN,'v P"- ,,4 !. v.K* :(:
H StreeL No. j7 tToy 1

o s ehold Auto obe DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. Php. i PESS
Hnsehold AtmoblsCentral Avenue "K".Street: corner. lo.,.5h
..-Misc., household furni- FOR SALE -1952 Studebaker Corn- telephone 2-3479. Panama. 3 -- .l"73. ,uch l,..
s e.i 765. Apt. 15. Born- mander State. all extras, perfect. o sa today
Balboa. Tel. 2-3046. -condition. Will accept English car FOR SALE. C Hal Jt ec t -
Household goods, Sn- b 4S eOUSse krhaMA would havo b thjeQ
I1 cu. ft. General Electric FOR SALE: 19e47 Studebker 4 Misclan. e.ooue e. ak the tPw.e ak. ". r r ? ,.
a 60 cycles. Mahogany door seen. Runs like a top y FOR SALE: All state trailer, one Groaflrd S.ahb Clar Boath cotoges, I O .iig andb .e r, $( U
mahogany diningroom set, wayment..Cen be financed.' Sm" l wheel ike new, $60.00. Phone 2- ,as 112 a i. A powar n: S e a. Ba er 0 i
chairs and small table. Hunnicutt, 1th street, Central 15 House 6385 New Corozal roa o ndY. tel r pr t, O
bench Moh writina table and Avenue. Tel. 00. Cleon. Area. 4Hou#07I68N wCr o .. 4 e avoritto rst prbSM money.
m awo metal beds with springs' FOR SALE. 1951 Chevrolet two FO-I SALE:-Hom-rt Exhaust Ftr4 lCaaa f On mie at la.

aSf S reer. Gav iltn Area. doer oaeen, allextras, e $,300 .00syn- 1De c.rren genertor 1450 1 11. c11110A m O -made

AE: -- DanrOm bedroom c alSr beOts Oand rutrS Ae CLl Bo--mrEhut a ... | Ave.r I bt lanOnab l UI US
urend so coffee and end boo 2-3046 or chest. Box 268, O
kitchen wave, potted plants. Phone 2-4254. llIr L. O a ?' 2r-I-b.. ,

rOdes and ends House 1546- FOR SALE:-Must sell 1949 Buk BR alboa. 4 IK rUr l nl I Vl Wl--a.aL. v e. d o ,
Street. Gmo 6 an Are a deeor e re ieor, enw ores, I FOR SALE ATER (U)--drd persons thei "d-i-do
Sn nd bu it Smo R.P.M. Just thelthing forHTunaP a Il2o b d 5'279. Fw.-192,uiaF;p6 "t
SALE nngrouseholm, bedroomnisini, ieuen Th Auto t boats and V ruralcer, 2000 rewind. kear der, and "promenandeweekend
un, sofa, coffee and end -oloa.2-3046 orw8.ashi3

furnishings. cellent paint and mechanical con, FOR SALE:-Craig SR. 16 mm. Room% rofcead"rmnue
tSALEi.-Houhold $lition $800.00. Autoac 15th and'Viewer-splicer. 2000' reminds. Like TNI5WKNM.WJ ang
ARil. B oend, wshing machine n -'w. Cost $97. sell $40. Call Stan- FOR RENT:-Furnished hoese 2 .r a. ot In lhlf that is -n ihAtco'ng more and Haase said the square tdace fe- e.. 8 9 0 M o r ga n A v e n u e M e l a nOez .oCo l o n ., i e h o u s e 2,r mli n g
O ccle) 890 Morgan Avenue, elende.oon ddy afternoon or Monday. Panama 3 bedrooms for 3 months starting (Pa.Gra uS u urumore fashionable all over the na- ver even has spread to Britatl,
aBo 2-4464 FOR SALE:-1948 Chevrolet 4 der 3-2326. February 1st. 48th Street No. 15.C110 rC tion where there are two record com1
-- --' sedan, reconditioned throughout. 2 12Pand Is-amd
SAE:-reakfst set, Grnd- un rcen. tie n FOR SALE: Geheortd 6-0 OR RENT-u Fr ch alert, three! Satu 1 A hd .A thw ernt a The ma s R e dan ae
f ceek. 2 tables console i Hu.aicutt I1th St.r, Ceutrel Adams Realrman Silver, -new bedroom. 3 blacks from EBim ae- Ue Ss e ad
I nw sbmrteel f uto r lrupetd Avenue. Telephoer 00 Cales. 502ess.E- *27-v00 Guvk ghts ro. Telpaot3-3B7. collegiate taking an interest t thbe sare there are at least 3S compie
" "mplificationi, Ft like --SALE 1952 Tudor Ford ( oR -- r t cylsRN "Available Jones." dance about 30 vears.go aid ete.- cutting thousands of records yer.r-
; metal shelving. 1 HP 25 Cyl. FOR SALE -1952 Tudor Ford 4 FOR SE ovJn s." O a es about 20a nao as adlu square dancers.
rnor HO 'gouge mSL ne rrter-2 plastic 5-60stSL C e 6 sO
i. or. HO gauge model railroad with radio.. ,.lic uphose ry. to 500 watts $100.00. Phone 3-2794 e.t th, RANeruouIOghout te r an-, ai n. Il in t- ha poput r sonss or nr. u
unused; other household items and ly 8,000 miles. Call 2-2349, for New Cristoba-. Am9MBe TRANS a ast St. is. ., adtjnic r- j ated 1,000.w person taie taven er .ia sill are ths favorite e
- ,.uipment. AQuarium with details. F fr aermatedihe ha 1,000,00 rso ag amn vea s are das, vo" te
S fefilters, etc. e HoHouse 798B. FO SALI-1949 BuIck 4 door so- OR SALE -Golf Clubs left ht t ATTT a the few pfes- n h
La Boca Rood Balboa, Tel. BaRloo de, di beMiful upholtery. of 4 matched woods Pedersen. furnished apartment. two $ ihpp o oarthe odd job hasughtwsbands hin an sional square one aofe the ers said, are "rkey in the Straw,"t
"' ______ Down paynsent, vesy Smoot. & God condition. House 2470, Mor. bedrooms. hot. cold wotr. Tel. l. 8 au-su1 lOffartle whasl*d watps in an sional square dance teachers in tdhe aire "Tre velSr"
71. ____. attic, washed wuwa in a 2, nation even to-b-as be said- "The A-,anau Trrveler'' a wd :
SALE:-3 wicker choirs, $2.00 Hunnicutt. rth street. Central g'n Ave. B'-ba, C. e 0 3-,e. -- T port tee house, iked ar, don o vs a I 't know my e Ccn e ,
h- Mihogany rocker $4.00. Avenue. Telephone 400 Colon. OR SALE:-Hy-score six shots high FOR RENT:-Seginning February lit gqrde .ab gutters right foot -o my left." Haase said ny of the oiser-
ucoan Phyfe Drop Leaf Table, FOR SALE-1949 Chevrolet 4 door power. aIr pistol. Cal. 177. With for three months two bedroom VALERIO TUNQI an als? perpe r roof. t He has ite thern I usyet gr r
00 1438-D. Owen St.. Bol- adi., 2 t. excellent condition. holster, ammunition and target apartment, completely furnished. xper Mechanic One woman had me tar th iiis an. n aro
S2-2729 Fornly $950. smeett Hsanict tarid $20.00. Call Panama 2- 40th Street No. 13. Apt. 3, Betla alc skhd Hy dramf 'fans- cracks-between thq floorboards ib square dan* at-and estt* ut the "ar,'ewhta t
LE: Frigidoire 8 cu. ft h street, Csntrol Aveoiw. Tel- -2 miasha. offers his prT o.15h ap am t eep the beetles mates he has taught "several hun- e fiTursy tmeca -
5_ ___efm r chest. Par$ale c ot, FOR ENT:Fuenhed qnskidu
freezer chest. Perry Hill No. phone 800 Colon. FOR SAl- Block female cocr FOR RENT:-Furnish nd untur- ser vomentn
'o 15. Apt. 11. FOR SALE:-1953 Mercwy H T. SpnieL pup A.K.C. Registered 10laar se w dtsaeeph --.| o selo p redt e
house ^at 1 et. Apt. It2ddI FOR SALE:-iTD95 Hetoderoeraserdite as
AL:--lnnerspring mattress. Coupe. Mer-o-Motic. pedlo, lI- wks oldQtrs. 286-A. Albrook ideally located in brand neowU ild e L V 10 1s fr square- dacifg, es
and sawhorsadouble $15. sr monv other extras. 5711- or 864121. e to Con on swathteret wife and ow mathemati stu- so much fun an mixes so
n-choirs, ofee table and _-Dablo. Phone Balbo 2675. ....alale one utility aartment tovWater t etc wife ad fe a ae and al le
It- o-cn$5ha25,cwfefert able an d- t2Acimpletely furnished. Enui*r oat N Mdent,allie, is not itiompietely ,. in eial -Eu aily democrti;" hV
tn $75. 25 cycle refrie rot-FOR SALE:-1i8 Pentia 2-d or Household Exchange, 41 Automo" General Supervir.i q never get 1m to do any-
r 35, Lodder stool, $1. 1466-B, de, sil.r-tr.. k 8 wt eo. Mi-elaneU bile Row. Tel. 3. Tells. t---. thingg around thethouse," she sai4. | i ';
41 ", Balbolboa. le cl condition throughout,$690.- "thing. Lroun. i im homT.."
Iideq Balboa. ee- conditl. throughout. ...- FOR RENM-New one-bidroom apprt- ALL WOR.K rARANTiW D. I .
SALE:-RCA ombn co- 00. ne 25-15. ApL R4-D. WANTD av ig country desire ment overlooking hotel i Panmd li, :,
table, radio, phonograph, Reueau. home beautiful young male cats. gardens. Apply Foto Halcon in 'Local 900,- Q C'-C'IO, wll,
fi sh. 100.0. Phone A- IFOR SALE:-1951 Morris half ton .. Hu"El Conrejo. Telephone -24 HI-FI".ITY o ,.L. a.
4246 pick-up in excellent condition. A A,.ns. Telphonse Bblboa I-F I ?LTY run a special Vam of rom.,U

No.7 o3r 6-1 Al o .hs o-. TROPICAL..LE..TRONI b "ssimte th..alwffnbO
plates and o iR 4nsurancel paid f-LIM. tn_ W.

1954. 2Has 'Almosbt n-w 1o Fo 2 b7IT Z-OC suwuw hav^er
rro ft. f dNo.r .launch.AboP lint s, trict, T ee bi ness alterl range a n 4Winikn

O o-oSL| Eae .bater anFiet El tS lti. sad.i mII el ti fir, t me,, tigG r from .iht rtng"-ng, m ut.iliP-Air- thi union .i Bending out t .iu Caewwrt. I IS
e ltdrh lawyer leaving: FOR SALEth Balboa -Mcou I get tto t ost to t government offcal Montarwa acuitedee.

o 40.t andIt. Mrury Ta. Ber Conn. radi ent and electronic aids o pr a- Boy Scot wh w

Strain m Real Ette H. n Smith veold an- tor of t C one O out -r Arican mas- o all over the Repontl reed on a eco
br o to the bare andH.Rob i Council, sid that th only t a Uited ri Co. ip Commerial agrilan ome 1500 flaet l Monta is o ba pe a
FOR S deny the motive for their trip is which artee held to expand wth. as i PacifiBar peakl actaes, fl*w ex gee Detective; arrested Montat
.. rChampi 'Do -t 2 der. r"x- all hours flown by lgeneralsayahio l th.i on. t, a d ",e ai hit al

l .a Astrid advete. D g the six-months- and e .l a w be buried-, dr te yr ey ay, read to
S Ho head of a V adi thl i a nd span, to-yar expedton they wi do e And al flying suc a rant edb eagist

a I 50. mt I aa n thropological research in cooPpu pi to conn uig t s mn he i me .ortyery. .nd t ht
p ir t S TeeraO w the riert of 'P ubcation ofg-Aircreaaed by nU othepol at w

!i-lMwith a goup of Ma- a t a a letel ty s department of anthropology e tlt to Ih _eed per cent everf the prevuss yoar, was qetoned several house
enen aout blo a t bedro andarchaeology. a er Top "" aboard a tota o f 315r ., Hew en k
nI.i. .War the snowW ] '1' n W ina, board for Pai u ndcud the three ae a tew- big_ t increas.'oin Beral R c nhave dureno the arestoninag .

e played. a Wl Company, But, operang on a shoe-string eld:. aier. nior t um-fln 2- aoe than S percent
Sama, 5th dget the two young scientists a nd coating he chief mate d other than -w g it
,ll h can produces P tnjt r. a r tmo bouf oid to strike adventure. TI of e troop to tlhe usceuanedets atory he union-a endl o ut |n

at e as he causd a l iteyl i wiVll make the entire trip w7 .s tolb. ilons to govern toic srimental fly-g fwr- a c.
rk ever yers o. ed motorcycles, which can even and former o to amount of flyg done Jan. 9 A band of hung-
he t.o o omra .Mra. Bernice Conner. uu and elect roids Zone Rthe hrersand radio. Cbun-l BO bfl 1 oblsaree rlf le
Vt., Jan. 9 (If o wMrs.tConner,h eXecatibve tiners thla ber. 1a men be rscore orygas te l
adZ venue Duings ssg acrso ra
etr in-ma o RdpmNo' ,ranSiv;.-anvto osthed o Zne Gr o l.-c .. out.i. ad ,, a.roam xvertt u .t r o.l

ro srano a ,tsaWe a luethropolo cand urerch nR 1Coop cM p o o at a ba s.overu" .t 1 ome 1-,h heeiepi b lo e
I t o 3 lOd rhe o e-of. ors as y'o emeearn gs1 0 was oundto ha-edhedrsa-o Seldt-GOgrn iet r m oWA'distributedaro i rP .

E saenD atWob-et be room gaamerha eo logyWrong For PrisoaSes io ro"0"w0Ji

plDyland. Ch W olf k C ompany. cmaiin on a s esri ge nteior aerth oi C15,060ne ters nd* DALlAt c W is. (i.e.)--s e was ir k a
*bti irtr for,0ei ti co with lessd. th han of anastoe andfin olWoEmtg Jh. -imrke tardn os per ceWt he hwa eeheSu

market "or savings' coiitrinies ite ing, bach parttfle daing ai esdSronrsc rsed to be guitgSl Jt af -drtpr *Caagle
SK ^ T cording to a survey conducted for Panama Chapter No. S5, Na- and civic activee in the new W ,IoP .norttuund B from other .mate." aced ot sped
ho canOW pr i tUnited States Savinga an d tonal ojeurners at a ladies program. tript- t, tolde the Wonmi o Bank- the cenr o the wdi ak
Sos hu dt disclosed that: t-turky din ner t meeting triper-- asoci .toa ta s iat.trin il 'o IS th e. Alilf

R, rew Zoalan .e' F tytnine per cent of Areri- hela Wednesday at the Albruiook 1tf8 a i arv orts of amateur penol wOlo One We kleSd saR. at dl
Ps i families now have savings ac- Air Force Base Officer's wcilub rOlegAd 'byB 9d St oat to 2all6 or-ov~,drmt ot -eurrtier ahdly LeL. M
Bto i a commer$ipl bank, a installed their 15 offleis 11 institutions. -The bus conti-i M a its
Saavgf.nd le rea ssoti noor a nt mCol ia.agisar. a.- -O ndy n Loos i p iRi ae imater o o'm at a Rier. rwter Canale retrieved the da ogla
I ae l -tttal k. iora ch was ith duct as .president r lasteart, they wat ptectio animal ad ung it on the
ConnerO v inglsrse by 31.5 d

Inavupeof MauF- 2 Sixty-five per cent of these otivthea11oni'-afeiparmtont organ-olOund T H oIC'uL S w ff .e:01Bu1r21.aaid. u. a trophy a thef or g ye
bn abut^e. soW a.e.- oldig accounts at a sa ai eomosedofpastand II as To f0" Ir the11 weren't ad toolowf. h

l cad loan assria t ion and 67 present ocer of 5t Armed cii act it irtn e tnwere a Huntsh returned to the are n wais a ememrr ot
e of t'ode ho tve at a ro. uLsAcSS l Inmates tche teaef man p- today icn March of the wolfak. Present aeower' apry
Untaved ul incomes f tM So s l o r-UP) c to work oh-" The 'etek's heavy snowfall chutic, a
heecan anod irA aim& My-lepre nt2ofoAnio-hl enesdaysreat the troopIthe is tiiB Ya I S Istal s caitefory o 1hahady widn

&I eamlas odnow hav sg cu A reywiBaethe efiretr' to 0 atJaio 'th edo eothi mm cf
fairL-ers ard lano asocatiobleor ad rm Vonle thrsallyequip A beings. .' shp anv.- _Tin atsontwaP-

at Vvn t t n e behtHthety t e a a ho home s whnt foctn anima anr h g It ok
-1bilt ~; 1it I SAits
stua savingsyeark.g Iof Meerchcwa s ,A u ct ca neves praesient"f_ Twi aight.Li offorne eJan. (ilP) -yearofa
2.OM Slx g p er c of th e a ct oro up r e i e ad.

d heloan ass itio and 67e rmerlset -ftrears. Jf Ple Are d, -wreeiw Hutsrtrn- eds to the arsmTstesaeore a stars nwte et rwle
The.-s-4a wekm heav snowfa& uoteryta
Bad_ ba naiv cave an l Income o les o pa t UNsa ide l a tt astelalofrofo o

* j~i ~ ..boul~Pd bi Mont utatealde, conducted di -,-mm nt5r
gla-meetini e introduced the M *5- d m
--.,- ,the eros-'Included Robert L Reasler, Oae 4 as U NSM .M1 .W m.
d m m Ia-i& national president of ma No=_ inbb __ Z 'lb w- --
to Otber i o. .ourners..who in .o e. ..4
vust .gon the Itbath ua, wow- -vA
., -F .1 1-1. __
I .. > w ')" '* ... -." +' ; --N "1 "-. s .m ,,m )' dlal l D ++..4,.-'
"- F.- ; + .( .*:." ',. ...+. .o. a).. ,.' ,I- s=" ,..-: -- ;+ +_.;" "='' ..I

. 9

- -...
i dl



W-o odom.

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A. .+ S .ii- -

* ;*b -

4.~C-~ -, -

. +- '""- .. -",.-.-

I. -.
-~ -I'.
~ ~I**

~. ..i.~. ....-.. ..:-*~?~'.

-C ~k'
..I. "ti, ~V i~~L4~i..C' U

-* .4

Y :*..'"/"w w "
Sw .w ,.N.

,-- ..1 p -nmw. il-.ALr ,1- l.. i L-w .,
"-. ,W K ;., -.

a o, -i
Ur Rm

a a!, me

. tel'hoil^^t-_.ltPtn sScrn A TENS QMkNT wIt-sit eal M etty Jo Suiaohter, wiho prly the leamlrs I theuPa-
iatioson the part of Keenan eaun Cvie Theater's first preqneon of the yar. Curious about Whirt I potih ue leo *aea-
Wynn ast.. te aJ... bels f the eart, eladin il litt right: Duane Brikner, Barb.ra Thrift, LiA.h Cit, Mary
James wtmore as the unscrup- DBeB. ulhCurts GmS0 r 4Wnodle, L-eI L.. a~d Rbert Aftold. NO&OuOunning-
.1..s.. a;"Qtt. oLewlq Stone& ni wooheiq.awo- w tf te Mi l Jonubs TIU 'The. Cariou S ftr lO heduled for
Capt. Holt and Robert Burtonsi l __. m la.. Clubhou. T ... I ti ckets. t 1 are iow n sale.
Asa Worthen. .
Tuiq vIv "'Iventure-drams was
directed hd Thond Hepburn,caster, 'Shne
was produced by Pandro S. Bet-. .A d e
man, thq directoirodder tei .
responsiLA .fr' .Vai..oe" l '



"letL afo-rtune pearls In["Te Prisoner ofZendl,'" t_ ol ,
and !iqoo, -aid',,-w-wants M-G-M's gref st..auces S "An/s
i in retrieving themth Bthers r '54 Winners By UP Writer
ih l ri~a r tol risk hists m their third hit It'a rdw.
"-:"' + ilt~lHr' ~i"B ^ If ..I / .y-. .'f' By ALINK 1 89m election support for his role'a I thef
"*y7 fK Jm,.B f l l !i II f 7 /i "r*- -- tunasergetmt in "'rom. Here to
./ tl t XII OLLYWOOD, Ja 9 -(.JP)- Eternity." Tli pilxie-faced- Miss
S "" li J i i Biilots to launch IBllywod's "po-Hlepburn, star ot "Roman How!-
lie' l" season the famed Aca. da," bolds her popular support by
'. k 4 dimy awards Will gi alied out a i marge m.. ,
]d | ... a k .. w "next week, and I pic urt a- Her s' competition in the
*Y RICHARD LEINER +l l Lll caster, Audrey Hepburn 'and fltl balloting, :wan winners to-oe
o -m- .. ..m"hane" as top favorites for the revealed at the awards ceremony
4, II .. .. l O IIhonors Maren 25, probably will be Deo-.
SYO -( a One o k in ( .moniy. It prah Kerr in "From Here to Eter.
a maer senatsilM was Nor- could happen aghin. CL lNT D. SONE 'his year 4 movies. their stars y." Jean Simmons also is a
neu r l I om Canada .- THEPOPUA -oLYW 0,rT1pI--Oae of the aid makers--are e4gible for the sure-fire nominee for 'The Ac-
B au. lte_'t. th eOPU e ot rrilIs a r o hardestdet jobs' i i r out- of show statuettes. A film must hae been "ress," 'Young Bess" or *"Tn.i
n Al Joiso n d. But .mooksis t hi errsil Is gm ror busfiloes is i" a a *.s. a lashown In th' Lo n.. s ate by sbe
nsent to ~ae that "I wo drickson ZBe Ww .M-W aid 'has hadit. DC. 31 to be euI0I1- Others whose performances are
.-- mmEitJ Dodd (boi^mizntl;ly golfe +s a Receeuy, nir compleig "TheI ... .. Itbeing acclaimed for honors areT
-i,-ha "^ve recorded I- Felt a Ltttle aine Ma Btof But omy nU, i James Mason ano Jai.0 tie~kut
o s Jod"o 'or Mde cuy 's -about *atuposing e n e f "Jius Caer ," Lesreen pictures.

t luslva asa' iand-ala l Ilt.r a i iatir. Osa ti t e vt of Actr ss" best f rm in plSa-

BWti story. ban g cl Siesub i-D, and many of theB blactOland-
sip ree r i .. h6uld' re 'e d whie. ThFa1 'n e maa er s concentrated
S' i --- a te CLASSIC. e o reco-fm. heese.sai L ca A .ati (UP)we pIt's Mlo on stJWymand less on how

It d roon;" he says, beat brunette, eve .Ia s -hght i 2 'W" h o t the f.miy wii tpF i I was.
it rit 4ak 7adnit oun "d the a s eMg forshneesec is.......en- f. .e.. "- eamo "us rated in line for Os-.
,t7a t im i ,n S i e wi e' ail vet" i-n rd r e-iie didt.. dest woark, n"F then On Acrtirestur" W ia s des lane, ifr nlud.
Tal ra at. h eB d.'l r -ar'o" witts nt ah sest irhe h 1ki..d p- Te am ill Riiedup a "i. w r AulFo.u er-wide green p ito tureshe
us t bS etee7inDCK PChl, .. ..i .... unIs, Som- af eer gettinghf Ls the cod .
Stin t rte, m d & Lwhite. The makers concentrate. s
tp." i' Bt "L -" ro ab o a c l epho lx .. -DAol, and man y o f'nd tie Boy owt,-
sGn ,olB .h o e e b.nCe, e itbl. worhow e i.w l sel ,bd af i (uP) Its eows

e com lif eo etnii Sinor O O ONIt wh a p fy t she 2 bouthj N IkVa nha e o e k "Shave "
"m. de ift h vala .hte a it e Dpti o heu,,.116i. fli C bad-nges.Poe.iao nwor l dhe ese. I

.a.. traEn BIt O TIa n e oft oedt e t om. hav. to was because, o.e t Mot Ficte

aM e ba w ee b t anF l stik SMpehorn through t n- l. ha nM a cuf' 1e Ea. T t .e r mandie rltlea "nTune r e,
Amba .4ai hehopeaniawEtRnis clbm:Inn na...-Ted- p it' Kae-.-e.ebee -i l eame. .f-th eo/l anew
Pi TICK',,,-e-"ata. hope o 'rcu --ing wh..oles en umi's -tbesagooenead hte T o a khtrop Cnrna

roe.ri0 0( a)otolns a de ( o
I .d .._l._ te<-- ,e.he.q.h bt tw bim -t Ur ly-,n work M o n- .we l u.em."e al a soe, withi' .- ',-t ,' r ,. u-,. ,,andless e onh -

. made wh only voc5isi eahnou nd tha taid shehldone Jo family riem a Week up a new ear ArtBBand S cnesaEocd 'th
tl acou mpa iet "-backudot T'" ru'ha "a ll.*'" o ut 1":':44', 6:ii, .-.1 i ip CEPA- Raw, a. Her lo
Sl t TiC a ton to l t r rte sm ar SMr ie. f s idern, b t. visue
.treos of on Jan-.E I ..i" I net So ir grounde tseetan a.. tr dno aE .e u e 1 tie I
t, I aiJhe ro c pe s .a ustred" "e ths ee.wol sIe ih .. s- rheeide t o t. b. lr. eE n.w
think'materwaln rtig t heby LEPeRW ." asS w as oadm nsg ty an le ard s'FLeM G

_ bad.ei th nly voc stlis and sos Ar posing for (Dmt JoB(RCA); ^ is"bo the so me ,
dLLe Mdaos fof,"r here s iLrserea

S"acco m anieAnte. "I e r' e' oia u, i 0 ants eeaad aot a tod tihsec. aa i

p gow"s:',* Whsn see wwiA"N *'A l r *ie e1
Sua a e t --o A ia U R F o rr lr"a s-- it dahe masrbec asede Adsomi es tat"eans t se | -e a ". _. i
l -o. gh s-"! on".haiilo .sohconidez *a It RI A LC BA

e' r1-s'oa c piesar t. re- "Udier Pals -E.. TO (aB at

N vho urs.d tSR N gRobe,"F
rn ooe o uod syut (fo flj l son nfor i h garwfeor-hav(be aor. synsanda ,ot._ ."Co-tina

tste aAford ri etuaITw) Myn ryOUeMen)and)IrI('Ther)" yos"n
S--A* bad. Utee ea o iMyBl .nes e e eal- o ..Aaes IneUOU A. or 'A had sin. inJ
t f -. r ve e y i oa all dress0 C ,, ....

~D~ 9M had.%pWoe in gr fo rh in. wasia' "lenTMord n i
oa AlJ 'ols irnha wk,"ndt htiher he lu naa ac bd so

DICK'S- PICK -itiwl-t hteestelrli ous t.Fun nyg rtheingr, thcn uIbe d VIS a illasex elvi
.. A .... .. .. r *--ma.- e. h i dy onst eo Smo.foi d tre. m to d ps i s eilil
6n1g -suits an r sh o r Iat s atel -a E aRnA W e e CLEOPATRAuHer
st'u Th eru she' "aoll-FSg o ne o u 1de. n a436-S.1 pro kam erteh..n Lai-
a sreadrd eowsaanies,.rsct .redyBeo e ek.were_. .. .. ---are ne greatet t i U ct il

caa eke pos e ang't avid he wt.h
ms .-. 9 eartnpi "ne ai s .A ed, he d onm eye thet mand s .o-.
y p Ml0f t ion fo dehoust.hWeL-tou-h.
Litt T ee lofyesrat mer'of ita' llIae..n_
JANE lvtues ,'r ~uiuoroleindnuewspiuins is CINEM
hawk I sandDriedr Nyse- aatw what they rest.. 'Lof,.
1,scre ,ob1 wtiul moe adaheI
le r od h er aw )ey th'Chard w d. "Ibdontlseoto- O A1 20,. ii

stuio The-r I s h-, ilaz gofe), ut II I r CLX T BENIH er DII

rat.'b and newispers ar ft. ft-"- II""'a m u n. ..
II. -te. Andso eaitim evI' m ur "111 O S ieeoo rrIsrec Te ,r-t--c -

p Uped my.' atIhattheyIsgeti." SERENT eOF

e t it arndhrm ose ythe I' harRhi
-' -- TI| I "qut. .LiiMroa. tAe r"e .r-Willi am
'._ -Ai I -'AbC OPi | | ,
.~f,-_ l llifrorel, w no. i at ,' IM IC E ILIA TmCHi*. l lj

. .

' I

a I

- <

gPanama Canal


i/ ri
owing 1 DA'Y

D.M1 o'o3wc *"y
Ipy" Tan ^ L BP.'" '

|g A | "h ml A Ak-Condtit ond ead caMaOmW- _r__ .
BALBOA 2:30, 4:35, 6:40, 8:45 n
h Lo d adehup .. prll and peaionn .
ating an d typhoons I/ thrifts ntearil
tempestuously acro ss aerent


UTF 8aOH 'liiAmr R '.i.

N--c-- ,, r'-

|*5a9' 5:14., C:15. s:1
MA -
-nw omo Yiqh owd

Fed 'li iB

'I ,.

I C'



Dig 19 His 2:3, 6:15, 8:20
S t o *a t G RA N O
^B .I-ar '*53A'tAfjt1


Tuj',i r ,,IAov 3I1A



_______ ____


___ __ ~___~____


) t

Let's Do It Again' Stars

Wy man, Millaed,4Ado Raly .

e'Wymani, wh fira achieved In "Le's I it ," the ar.
HoFlywood prominsnce as a co- rit between M WVma!i:,
medalenne Ray Milland, who, wn M and appears heded r. ti
tarly far fir his save sooh0s- ret en the later's rovm
lotLe cgeofye and _.4 y Rby6 eaM way .; ~n. 'i
Afdsa, g conredle necembr tion, at coeds a niful tale ,
io theH obwd secna l rve co- Mr:easpedie with arelo, *
bnted lia t op laugh direeteor Altex.- o! wa-aler .. MWh e .s.! iM! .
lder Hll .to come up with what marking tighe 'fr "ll&i'Inevitable r".tol ,
lollywood is heralding as a new- divorce. Miss Wyfpen is romanced ilm_ stsarle t w l,
Wind of intimate musical extrava- by both Helmore and Ray; Mil- London is ar
ganas. "Let's Do It Agpin." Film- land squires Wid etts. until a Within.
ed in color t echnlcolpr, the society l eiatches his t- y h.
eaw Columbiq Picture's produ-tion When Milland feels the old pang a m ul l
is due next ThurSday at the Lux again, isa. Wynlan suddenly i. .t
Theater with Leon Ames, Valerie herself with three men in her hair' no-- '"n.ho.thie
Bettis and Tom Helmore featured She climaxes her anti-dlvoece caa- ing old word t .ia
In support. iign with a wild dance that se- erected oa.
rates the -men ftom the boys -PVieveg ta n 4,a=
Miss Wyman, in her first Ul-out what is sid to be some of the Joan C0oma -B'*-S
glamor role as a retired Broadway most delightful screen entertain- Of a stfie e, o.12 ; .taS
songstressa reportedly romps ment that has come along in a brown,- ale., l- "
hrnugh "Let's Do It Again" with losg tite. corner is actiq a veteri !
Shigh-powered singing, dancing, ral yeIar's ,itae
and romancing performance that Besides Mia Wyman'-, torrid she's p iyel '
Will be a revelation to those fans teping, Miss Betts burn p the an Eton sult to a an-
who only remember hqr as ibe screen in a couple of cute routines car.
eloquent mute of her AcademyLof her-own. Even'Mt iand i ets lto Th* e. Arthur't Rank o
ewarfd-winheing "Johnny a.tnda" orng, first "time in aIcareer thrt lPosd- a'is S
erormancLMinlh and, aj her er- lpali mor than 20 years, and in A- stan. suzac ll ,
at on-riteg soe o lso eludes the- Acdemy Award former firstbig e, dance i ".
rlde. wide, high and handsome in "Lost Weekend." coe be-.os th c ourts
"Let's Do It Again in a role re.- ,I. c es bWoree Ie ourts tOU U .
miniscent oa such delightful cume- "Let's Do It Agatin" was written Placed on probation,. ,JoN ,:
lies as "The Major and the Mtin- for the scren by Mary Leo add he could act as we lOil
r," and "Lady in the Dark." Aldo Riehad Sale frn m a play by Ar- Susan Shestall llp -
Bay contributes another of his hi- thur, Rkichama. all, remember lar-halred, ble-t.."_ .
larios interpretation of a good. esC, for such coaie4 .hits as "Here a by an Italan Urtor,
matured illiterate, this time an Cornea Mr. Jordan'O 4nd "My Sil- Castellini to play Juliet
Alaskan Mdllionaire who th inaks ter Eileen." directed for producer "Romeo and Juliet" is a
with his fiats. Osear Saul, likely prospect.


SBlode Diana Dora,
ranked Britaln number N :
rjup girl, iS a -year-old u .ie
... lbion of Marilyn Monroe.
actress' Dians landed a
D part in The Weak and the
ed," portraying, M a inmka
woman's prison. Dina 'aT a
legs were sheathed in thdlekjf
Sstockin and abe wore p
a pctUre it wemrhine appeal --. andew
S-was in-. ev Y.
ritishiProduers e t
: 'GlamorousMara netwo
e e aous Lond er whohisi
A e e coloring gsadi ft l
puthe apx leabl .9an ne
Dd oe o n h el'lFilFms, although qhE i
-rwood- urreHolvwod d t _
affooth*We .... --_ queen Vira ai th tare for '10% d u i.-

'TIasge to keep a UP r.
ior ohThe drive Rbwadays "is for" "
oociting ngvoting stars, and ais ar
0d tm oh p rd thaving to rerab1erh soamein
limeio tmir y
/rwlh that the public wats newt

Thavle got d tm.

Dale 1 Roberbon and Stephen'MeN~aly bitle hn out o.t the Not Suly .
affeotfle i of. b snit queen g j brj l .#o@ r 1 e lft 0 ilAva.y.Not- .
RO adeio Teehnleolr drain, presente6by Howard Hghoes, PORTLAND, Me. (UP)--- I
with Arthur Hunmnmtt also starred. have left the shower on0" 19
The lu4. and brutality, the love and sacrifice of the 'people and khe'r patWela relt red
who helped o write one of the most thrillingpages In the hlsa from a wear-nd ts p-.u tro
torY ad the Old Frontier. and especially of. aILMen. outlaw an_ Ulingtoe house was "swinm
0 desperate men who were caged upmwlth her, Is pictured with water. Her father, j. oatw
all the dramatic power in "Del's .Can8 n,"' which comes to th llngton, -.fod her oft -
Central Theatre on next Thursday, January 14th. be diwsovuse a pipe ad.,


f Ki l-a_ A OL


, -, ; .,.I,. .

AM '
l .


-c! ..


ieanizado, Jaquimazo,

nglia To Match Strides
o -

.The Stud Buena le's entry Vulcanizado and
emno should go off slight mutuels choices over
K vastly improved Jaquimazo and clamey Anglia
|yin the featured $750 six-and-one-half furlong
iRst for the Juan Franco race track's imported


week .laQuimazo raced to fuels with slightly more than
wincing two-length victory 11.400 while second choice Dejelo
fveno. It was the second Solo. a highly rated Chilean
f triumph for the Stud horse making his local debut.
del Toro's racer over Luis was backed to the extent of Sl,-
U Magician" Farrugla's ex- 100. This caused New Look to
e newcomer. pay a iulcy $5.20 win dividend.
lia. a recent victim of both Delelo Solo shot to the front
and Vulcanizado, show- ,at the break and oqtsorinted
uch improvement In win- New Look in the run to the first
from post-to-post last Sun- turn. The latter, however, con-
uiulcanizado. however, real-i tinued a close second with
M ed like track champion-1 jockey Victor Ordofiez keeping
material the day he whip- a steady hold on the reins.
AlhAgna. Passing the mile pole, Ordofiez
eanizado. which will be gave New Look his ,ead and he
by ace Blas Aguirre. seeks took command at-HIl to draw
fth win a row at the local away in the run down the home-
rAL Stablemate Noveno will be stretch to score pulled up by
*4er the guidance of Colom- five lengths. His time for the
Ltider Oscar Mazuera. distance was an excellent 1:22.
inulmaso, as usual, will gasri Koceo, close ip all the way.,
r1ilded by fast-breakin. finished third only a haf length
ialoz,. back from-a brief su- h All the other starters in the
ol.n hopes to resume this race were completely outrun.
Swnnhin streak. Vasquez Chmblst. Pattritica, Newbridge,'
be aboard Anglia. Postinovich, Lujoso and debut-
eedy Florera. with Hector iant Sedur were also rans.
Ota" Ru2z up, and slow-i Ordohes was the day's top
arlln. Goyonder, with Emilio! saoddlesmilth with three victories.
-- sated to guide him, round The biggest 4pset of the day was
e the field Jubilee Lady's $16.60 in the sixth
ahe secondary attraction will race.
ra, even furlong dash in which e divide-
ite o (B. Aguirre). Bendeguz The dividends
'rav), PFollow Me II 1V.
alo Rrathin (V.I VIB.ST 40CE
ez)' and Vampiresa 'J. I-Lady Moor 9.20, 4.40, 2.80
tal are scheduled to match P-Tuira $5.80, 3
as 3-Sherry Time $3.
,The" Cuadra Dofia Merce's SECOND RACK
'Miay. six-year-old Argentine- 1-Black Gold $4. 3.20L..3.40
Sgrey horse'New Look lived' 2-Tap Lady $860, 4A0
r 'o expectations yesterday 13-Camaron 3.20.
Iti oo0 when he raced to ani First Double: (ady Moon-
lfive-length victory in the Black Go ldM 14.40.
iM red $0 six-and-one-half TRBPD RACE
Ilan Class "l'" feature %t the 1-Lonely Molly $7.20, 2.60
Ls4ragfeo race track :. 2-Romantico $2.60.
*Look went/ off the mu- One-Two,: (Lonely Molly-
Romantlod) 16Je.
'-Mirfll 17.68. 4.20. 3.40
-A 1 E f r 2-Lollto $11.40. 5.40.
wM nez. IIIrs 3--Sincerldad $2.60.
I... L I- 1 nIQuinlnela: (Marfil-Lol It o)
ff)1nt / I 'lti 1-Merza Matru !.60, 3.20,
'ij IV,' U. lql an--UarlU $3.20.


YORK, Jan. (UP) -
Gomes, the right-baagedI
Rican rookie, 'who be-
tenumbr-o oa winpe for
last season, became
ira contract signr for
mtoASY when he came to
for aboat $12A.00
omnS ; contract was
lt It to Preddent Horace
4nW by Acout Tom Shee-
who has been combing the
bean area for other prOs-
k: lt G Ooms idurlng tho
baseball season there.
he had several young-
in iaind. Gomea, he said,
in e. Ie

who did not start S
until May 19, had a 13-11
lost record and 1

Be- kad thr a
Record, a pair of two-hit-
Iove Milwaukee and Pitt4-
Andrl t ourmdtter ovr




J 'A .....'
Sv : ...... Ja 1
...... JAILis

siXTh ACzK
1-Jubilee Lady $1660, 6, 4.80
2-Begeordia *4 d .'
3-English Mary
1-In Time $'2 '1.40 32
2-Choice Bitd $3:40:, 3
o alreVmc' "o..(Ju.0a ee
Lad-y-zln Utlw H .

2--Ofiomaaw $3, 120
3-eoadmwL er 2. 0 .
QuinDls, (Ateo-OGaiona-

1-D. Millionaire 3.60, 2.60, 2.60
2-Vedette $18.60, 2.80
3-DisAovery $2.40
One-Two: (Dark Million-
aire-Vedett) $73.60.

*a-New Lok; .214k.T 2 -..2
.3-Dejeob8fe~ifo 2

Watag Peried




P. .Horse
. lt Race "

Franco Graded Entr

Jeekey W t.COM .EIT ,, .
'E" Nattye 7 Fre.Pdue r ff e, lo

Inrst see ofs e stle ..
1-Mufieco A. Ycasa 103---Consatehtk.lose up
2-Enrlqueta F. Hidal. 107- -Mu4 pin more
3-Pregonero G. Graell 110 -.Rats stou' Sitender
4-Souvenir V. Brown 100X-Should be oflto beat
5-Miranda Mena R. lO R -Will be in thi, of It
6--Ilo6n V. Ordo. 114 -Distance handltapa

2nd Race "C" Native 7 Pps.Purse: SM.$tM WPet i
Second Race of the 6mbe '
1--Don Jaime V. Ordo. Ill --atoj o chance
2-Golden Pick J. Bravo 118. g qp ; class .
3-Mochito C. Chavez 105x -Jetrna In Rood
4-Petite F. Rose 111 -should be cloe "
5-Don Greu E. Alfa. 109x-Will fight it.Odl .
6--Kontlki C. Johnson 103x-Would .?ty bl. ri0E.
7- Fuego V. Brown 111 --Could lo.seit; l .

3rd Rare "G" Native 4 i FPursea ,a.,'I.. M.,gi,
1-Bull Flea R. Vas. 112 to
2-Regia B. Agul. 118 t
3-Duque Mena R. 107*- 4
4-La Horn V. Ordo. 115 e..-.Su'8 )f
5-Diana 0 Mazue. 111 .I
6-Taponazo 0, % an. 115 '
7-Don Pitin J. Rayes 118.-4fu- lnpo pr.pre

4th Race "D" Native l .MilP Peoourge r ele lsei
1-Annie N F. Rose 112 -Rates Iest over route
2-Amazona 0. Mazue. 112 -Confirmed 2nd placer
3-Valaria R.'Vas. 118 -Distance handicaps
4--Fru Fru H. RiAz 106x-Rates outasde chance
5-0. Bound V. Brown 109x-Dlatance malh enemy
6-Tilin Tilin E. Alfa. 115x-Not goed enough
7-Dixiana A. Enri. 118 -NothIng recently

5th Race "C" Imported 2 Fga. Pnrse:. IM.60.- P ellose
1-Vampiresa J. Chuna 103x-Longshot specialist
2-Tanger B. Agul. 116 -Form Indicates
3-R. Light V. Ordo. 108 --.Shoujd be close up
4-Bendeguz J. Bravo 118 -bropped a.class
5-Follow Me II J. Gongo. 101x -Feathetweight will help

6th Race "H" Imported 6- Fsp.Purse: 400.0 FPool closes.
First Race of the Double
1-Slsmo H. Rui l113x-z-Ood post position
2-8. Windsor 0. Mazue. 108 ---Good recent race
3-Chucunaque V. Casti. 113 -Great effort jaSt
4-Sir Boss R. Vas. 110 -Nothirt to indi.atc

5-Avenue Road
6-M. Fairfax
7-Casa Buena

F. Rose o108 -Beaten favorite
B. Agul. 120 -Could score at price
F. Idal, 110 -Not among these
R. Guerra~115x-Longshot possibility.


,-. 3 : .


,tie acti. is.Mett ..I..arf-rby ot ts ,Pti
4.1 hem.ep.?, a ble

S tie. "bat.there'. u. *,/at= I t Ct.ol,,and if.he t
does '1,- have to. .and of
Lest Ward M rouche Mars, the Lunts and .t
.1-o realoudy dedicated $6 Wb ef and -Ome Of the theater g#t.,.
: :1Impressaon the coaae are prejudl d toward, the world of -:;- tw"A. ta, l .aN1 te-:
believe, this is to aftw-4thAn pwomptly uc 1ianot the case. lt 4. trI..Ah
simply feel a football field Is no place' for hlsttonlcs. 4 7 or' : 5V"_ f oini
1-.1 "Look at It th.l .way" MId one of the Apaches here .t .. ........ .e' .
,4-1 the annual what' a'-ro-with-eollego4thlels meeting and. th U br e bo0XJ MsGM:
19-1 Scripn-Howard -Ib f the Ye: r dinner: e L, ., e- r .
4-1 'We don't doe p.the Ther OGa d. to develop Johny r
4-1 Lattners for us, aio't bries Mhey 6. it0l9 us to d velopRay S8 1 W 4
J5-1 Bolaters for them." tf ,, i
3-21 I lan't that fa~biO5 Wttt iyrble ft pt deal of excep- Ad- PrIll, p 2 1
tonal talent. -' ho who hltd'O ood fortune to each Wombe ib 4 0 1 3 2
catch. the Notre vafti l0 Ma t0 an hlprovis Wom R l e 1
.: 14 melodramatic sk toppg e Cloa," or "I s There a i the o. letad a r
Doctbr in the Houn noltha bgt praise for the younger men's Itr aor for the dy. on rf I T
artistry, b i tma ne alxth., awe rf '. 0
3-1 "Warfield In hl.s.i Ma'ster' was never better," they glow- TA p loueld. get o tch- Clfr, If 0 0 o 0
8.-1 ed. er R Wt for only 1 run in Cotton, If 1 0 ,0 S 0
0-1 i ". *. the third and 2 rua _n .the Perantle, If I 0 1 0
bven BUT THE IMUR MUSTNT fourth. Wat& ,. .&,t 10. %en
.5-1 Especially outa o qng.ders tackle Va icblope, whose Pying down via/ m. trikeout', route, j1
8-1 ual lmpersonaatleo Ith y three seconds left .n the second walking 1 .ad giWing s p B hit, O ICE
-**-L quarter. gave thje W chance to run another pty for a 7-7 His mound opponent. Eddie Deblinger, 3b 3 30 I
half-time score, and Capt. DoPensa and his stooge, $ackle Art .Brawer, lb 3 '0 0 8 0
1 2:25 Hunter, whose skit, pd Twine," was used to extract an- Scott,, rf 0 1 0 0
other time-out and aC)l t4f tier 1ust before the game ended. t ibim i metIf-fl Amnmirati, s 0 02
3-2 There seems net th*Aghtesi doubt the Notr. Dame Injuries E.IM. swe. Corriganr,p 3 0 i 4 .
3-1 were simulated. Vatrkchimne ~ame back and played practically Barnes, If 2 0 1 0
3-1 the entire second half. There were no protests from Notre Danve fWl l O.r dEllIot, cet 1 2 0
5-1 lat criticism o U laeddent waes-u unwarranted. And Coach E-W --J .i. ..w KUp, er, ef ..1 0 00
8-1 forest Evasheski. of 6lettmied Iowa, composed a cynical para- L Orawford, 2b 2 6 0 1 1
10-1 pbrae for campus 'ptlon: rr Cn .
10-1 "When the O t e cqm oifeWrtt natpst ur name," s "
he writes.r- lenot tha^u'e t 4 rm o lsi thbut h glwe g4 egypp edt ..a't."B,., --2.,- -,,-,, .l ,COBK By umi res:
Notre Dame."oot ta a t it e pped A big a ming meet s ch 4- bra .- 102. -li,11 4Et
S:At first blto hi. y and wide- ruled to t t .a ol ce 80tfl) 5
2:55 spread, would t I ilous o nate the offense, spnsr. Was*^um IpRni ptr 5.
8-1 for the Irish had thrdly tn exploit a bthhe ,.fodoCtvic(ov qoel. WAa i 4l b A.& '
even loophole int the r scores of oth.e chess and teams have by ard ASboyS t ape ri be by
4-1 foud"t"h t for years Awards WhatedB-by varipu y W by s

Why. then, arll brickbats at Notre Dame and wi-ank Leerhy? ain ear. A .
The explanation Is not simple. Prejudice, I am distressed to sty, 1. 440 yad PTroop Me n .
5-1 plays .1 also a factor, for no college Uami comes s 2.25 yard. rsUe Girls
'a ta"than the fightg Irksh.Leahy years and under
-c10h i ouzt fafult. Indeed, he may be theroore 3. 25 yards Pree Sty le Boy,
-1~ .4 8 years and under.


9-Meon Eteile E. atlve. 118 eSu a rom lon rest ',-1I
10-Albeit .-' V. Ordo. 113 -ShM6 1 .elote' u '14-1

7th Race "F" Imported I MilePuae.e. 0.M Pool _"00: :91
Sbndd Race of f "" ," -4
1-V. Darlin O. Mazue. 115 -Distance suits style 8-1
2-Sanluquelo V. Rodri. 109xl Nothingto recommend 20-1
3-Double In G0. San. 11 --Better horses here 1-1I
4-Corangloe V. Ordo. 106 --IKocking at door 1 5-1
5-8. Chum V. Casti. 115 -In A-1 condition 2-1
6.-Hurlecano J. Bravo 115 -Dangerous contender 3-1
7-Mar&ini & IV. 115 -Could repeat here 5-1
8-C. Prince J. Reyea. 118.-Needs shorter, distance 15-1

8th Race "I" Imported 44 Fgs. Purse: $37.W Pool elopes: 4:4 yih Ilj
QUI LA for
1--Jepperin P. Hidal. 100 -Favorite distance 10-1 iJu n F'ir
2-Chlc's Ned J. Bravo 113 --mproving steadily 2-1 JUg1| |ll
3-Cradle Song H. Reyeas 10x-Needs longer route 15-1 4
4-Interlude E. Silve. 116 -Nothng recently 10-1 By CON
5-Paris Midi E. Darlo 100 -Raes good o M no 3-1 --
6-True Blue 0. Mazue. 115 D -D nce idap 10-1 i__t..
7-.Pepl...Cola J. Congo 112x-RBetur.rom layoff 5-1 t-S"e "
8--R. Gambler A. Valdi 118 -Returns from layoff 4-1 5-D-alaimoe
9-Cocaloca V. pa ti. 110 -Not puch class 8-1

9th Race "0" Imported 7 Fgp.Purse: 4M.00 Pool closes: 5:1 ---" e N
ONE TWO -^ e -

OTiSl,^ N.eb. (..P.1-A man's 1--Doi QW '. V Castl. 115 -No. in row even -
Scan bestrethed just so 2-Nehtuiz A" Mena R. 110x-Returns from brief rest 10-1 7-Soateb Chim
ir. Siamo .,aunold filed suit for 3-Or4raf &.Vas 115 ho ,ng improvement. -
A divorce in Omaha district court TAwSe 1 12 -UsuaLy close up' -C1ales
The Kauffolds were married in C-.a&..1.-" a S 1K ill.z D!t2 8
aM.,,rs.Kauffold left her hu- t, 118 --ShouM be up there 3-1
,and 1 -'1 .' V. Ordo. 110 -Early pacesetter 10-1 I-V.ulenhade (
.'- -(J-. hqtlw Julo Rodri. 112 -Tougher competition -1i

RMINALS LTD. ,iaee "" Imported 6% FIL Purse: $W Peel-10ses: 5:40
S-Goyonder E. Dario 110 -Distas" handlfa 10-1
VCanada 2-Angla R. Vas. 110 -b-ack iam bet 4-1
3-Jaqulmaso V. Casti. 120 -Improt even e4 l
..M.W 4-Florera H. RUIz 105x-Eariy 4-1 wm
Woalo 0. Masue. 110 -May 3-2
5- ,-i-(1fesafsado 3%Agul. 110 -LFeek Sr Jtraiff 3-2
nma A Canal w M with
t)ftan freight rat | '

Jan. 14
Feb. 11
Jan. 1t

il"' Y ....... s CirWsea C.1., Feb. 7, 1954
, -

P1 C. Z.

10 ^^ 9S

Fast Fredht Servie to Co lmbima Pert


Wilford & McKay, lanc.
CahTOsAL. C Z.
Telephones: Crtetal: I. li M3n

-r *

Stalon Lea e6 wlhat the boys d i
lfto besOl 1i if1-1. This 5. 50 yards Free' te -l lrts,
orthdx died in tt er 14 years and under. .
US4taga t ttphe It

er A% (o 'iWf Wthe Mel.,-
4tteorto oke .lIjiles. 8. 25 yard Free Style -Girls,
Iiftut Xfbevti 10 Y^ zR u iUd 4er
hl Jtrt, who 1 i fteOtt de It ltyle -
rit of tre Dame a isntque ah.ute to, .

i^fght at all times. -- 0oy,,yI4 f 1s ;^vnu
ing tendency to believe that Notre ]ame 1- 2 y100 BreatroRk -. /
ethics the reason BOg tor btyor ias and Women. rl
sks for itself. Fitat the sucker shf,, inow 13. 50 y .r Free ye -- Girl;,
"Victory at any price" is a tawdrywar 12 yea an aner.
SAt Notre Dane it just doesn't ft, l214.yards uFree Style Bo
~_. .^ 115. 0 yards Individual lied-
CO lips HoOsiers Prep 1. 100 yards Free Style Rlay
ADo r For Trobert Visit rder.e --a wrou *1 yearsad un-
""' 17. 100 yardp Free Style Relay "--
Mranda BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Ji. .x25> Boys, 13 years and un- BOCUS MCWM,b- j. Yjw lv,
(NEA)--- Tony Trabert, the U. S., der. f of Wke Forest t be
Golden Piek singles champion is scheduled 18. 100 yards Free Style -I at tLo .n 1be
play against gRdlana's defending Women. ban, but ly ls.
Relrait ..en tnnis titleholdert next .19 100 yards Free Styl i h ReR ol uDalem 1 h,
.i. Bound 1 "J .. M.C. Tutsuae'# PhnWlfl
Golen n Tra fl on leave fromA the Dni. Divim exhibition. puuedwh ;M'Put4 fthad
Tnee verfsity of Cincinnati. wil be back 20. 100 yards Free Style out fbr thflt ad tb oi ht
as a member of the Brnats' Boys, 16 years and u there. dke1rht wp.' ---
Albeit te m when it t le wthfina, 2 yarda retAtpk )
Iay..-1. Wh tihe, Indiana$, pea Gr G I years atid und r.. j _., _..----._ _
Wafah tai-eltet, Difadie Gomer, is lea. 22. 25 yards Breulstroke -
e campus to enter training Boys, 12 years and up"'.
Ch iek's Ned Wy sl
progrpui wifa Cal=trina *rm of 23. S9 yards Free: style
,Tm Per=ed public accounatts. He'll Wome. IOWA C6 .. W
be badk n time to ke-p count ou 24. 150 yards Medley e (x beas seven'r -
.) aquhlase'Trabert's game. 50) Men. er.a o Ai





? ~'


' .

,, -- .. ... ... .

44.S 'Y, "A S'a ..- a




; t ., ,. ,.. ,

. "cmRaQU".... ... ............ U
8.8. "L.MPA" .......... s"
&.S. "LEV RS BEND" ................. ............J... a 11
*A "sA TO C 0" ................ ..........J
08.8. "HIBUERAS" ..................... ........
S.S. IZON ........ .......... ...

*amuml abkfc. Uam a ows uii
,-, ;. 4' i

,. ,,-----,, .i^ ',. ,
L.. "COMA A*. .-.................. .. **
8.8 "OIAI M ..... .... .... ..*a*'
5 .A : ..,. 6. *;*

Wedy man"wit Mvalveen r siw to < mNai, n
or .Semms e ndaw 8 i aid fB -itt .

So A.A. -

oiU roftA 1 I,, *- .-*...l.|;'-


4.~ ~ .






0 H ..N I .-
Fc ol Scotch W1k*
Aft U .mff &.MaiWaii.,m* wb

_~_ ~__~__ 1~__ ~_~__ __ ___ IR I_Y____~_~ ~_I

_I__~___I I___ __~ __I _

_ ~ ___~ ~ _




I ,

-.OF* .0 --

_ ____C __ ~_I ~

- i1 .

. .


- ; -:~


> *** ^- -r^ ..^Jl



$750 Class
76de Op"en $70Cas" stt ~D cX
a i% ,.



' ., ';.. **.. ., J.,
_, ...*
W4",L,: ~


Dy umucag .
datesi s

W.. u.. w,. .., ...
* Low L.

* ..

i arce vr rour rmace umoa l

W Jn. y A-In SE I
Sc o conclusion of the
a val at M a I lson

m --Iw


*i b eaIm Joe .AnL
0 Wifso

-aw l

I. mLere
Carter a'
***S ewir

hr fo'aa bob
f, w Ato 7
"a a w
aCte~o to i

w = -pm
Is" a

Wal in
as as P
wants to |

(p%t S

_*~~~ ~~ -- 1 ti **

u so
Ne To481

far a aft
r ma dt E


Luxury Flgts

-".Si'.S-'.i1 "-,,.:.r

man rous us:n Aer

- A

S'"" sw- u E n. .

* -',


lawr q.
A bbia
:-qA -
I b"Ik


-.t "as i i aT atM:IM why e are,

BhSl tymd ihdh,.et drop the game be ce it way no gOB. r<|r
W Gho0sW tr i at. alon hah 3er who ixnsag at reak
"k hl, ean suck er
year at a t h am

SMe his jug'e ald hobtad whl ade Woretd w e t haW
do* 0nfo wt ai, W a fe it
dimmin, he d k wIaztwhk en11atrb s
bas7.1ll be Gaf,, tsra : an ,n or

M? : Ii... l58l ,h : S a Po rhil axi o, Wt
Seeea, e hu a. th.eaost o M eq i the '.r
on& 1 1% n I I" a e
los a they O hdrop-theigas merfo r bea uses itPas tooe a

Do 41 O Oerthe toutpiu aand .et vr
jmk toae as thhea Cum.iAms.a sunl 1% In E d6 For7 R
t '" .... -S"SOO Price. $5, Tag S yd 1 We 't Py si,

bitbo ok' YORK, J 9 -l-(NEA-- in roy- ta l t1t e e r '

me gn was mreiu poran .backh it .. .lb'k a h not rs. a aa t to-, bast y hh .g op. 0rW.t Tdi.--Fs.
me w h e 0l e .g gf, t1bna nstt c- purl-, -E,.

m4 redlyivap ..ged redh s t. h.. .^ i t ** i> the cy w aa !o P is & ^
tea aersw

set p conyinues to be ee o fsotiwrrp rc. om ,li fs Me .tg
o trirublk he o l Hyle OI, D70,000 came an ear-I II 11
z set rU at rae at te aut 0yt te y

h 1lk te S pmd th eel- W istt ed ae To t t for
tag" b *" "rh c'A
mei Perfpo.0tW n tam n ract o r s G ra u a ie.

op. Limited00, e _r o, ,.artIga"n

,1 e .. po. 'X ,.., l; atit-tno- S "maaers(10,oea ad .

wtllttnae fwm g wr inh yge l u nt t
o: o a o ierro, i60, woa sk ia^ emoC, i A A e A.

tow = IN moo N owd w o on an

at tn ale" a sed at he a hi s $- e aldi s was the o -ly e '10- tso aa .T
in r lmc k ft rea l f.0M the 0a'. u.I Ia- W whe the Albrookw sl a- Wg to prOve an exception to the Ato a E tertad A. ll
an 4i of real gof te .1 to make .me mor w *r ketkiI tam meets t. h ost list af falhsues, remind Horact the Harvard honkay squad was to *he 1
Inmqcitlgm for two whistlhig Alliets te*~as bquad of he 3asitor Colle. Wade of Gulfstream Park. May uae sevu alnes sad a bus comn- dqaC m e ethzlpu. Thi
Ae and then seemed to become w wiiugnn to compute in the
ec dd- t ea tpach Hary T a Lan- Thoet The pvas, that I ILp- U rom the Au 1 l
|AU eIv -s-ry a-. ages t.g. w MoU" straight tampon m f r te Ikmof th "r
V et pa tah ,m rareti "t MMI y e d eas.. f. Last year e lt to l a !rpt r-
in*- Dotrbate 'uu*ues e's only defense, he was vo t sw yiwsersal Oourth
it; INs bam a tao,, le .'itaae S f ..,he. rop d PANonM tA c- B OK GO.
Whl .1vas a l im 8 sm o Brothers Pmnana &tistr "xweInma I
Ii e4 .R em lPa ye o-. at th1dham Pa l side wAla be w- -

vas ohe aironVa-

rae2S ac w sw re h o haed mso ad thuo8o walo eA
oa ae m the sit sa thea, re crds:rar o fE l ed a

fo o twoawhIltloa$
,.-gm eo .' t Hal N our, a., Dr. Aeo.. owd Bro o mp obig and "b s d'. .

upt.htreou -lfomlno.le 'ekpMeDEOWn, ceaner-IO

I.t"may"ftI M"" whe weakesnr"wn

yo ra V M sont n Ar Nt on frBom Belk.
a ther s eee to b iBo sp wa',it a- i In oe '. Ia t
rialaslo' --he Ple.AnEDrCe
a a toina t ,,,lettoe otor atfe

s' + Gei F OG.nI Vs e u T

Ofml a repOrn- Cm payl at ye arll.s Aad :.
meE... Wr"010,a-kdh
'a' Ia'" kcat" -

-SpLeculeaLe-ine-Qulstoontilebef*re ,k.t04 ri 0s oi

1,v..ue en -uM d Trap
---- 01$0o evrW .a


*[ .--' *

L. L


-"'., .---~
*. v* r

"~ r~;~L:5;~-:y K
I .Ap A

.. :-*r.*.

All. ,-. -,
A1 ,, ,
4.- .4*

S R- '




1 '7
, -.- "^,^

'*1' r

Golf's Best Shia rp#

To Match f mes

Sports history ill 'be ma4t~ at the Pan Cij
dent Jose Antonio Rei n6n di .t first ball of tl

Comaidonte BolIo Vollarinpoof l Vd '"Is, -
will participate as oneof the up-odad-coming iomateurs.
The best sharpshooters in golf will matdh. strokes
.' this week in. Panam6. -
This will be the' I", .,for ao in Ponm d aitd
the Canal Zone and, rt"ge .f weather, record .
sure to fall.
Preoldent Remon 4iHU start -the -
M--fIVL..C u M AIWIVU Afuli Lu

POSSE.. former Panama Open chalp;, ti t li Iceaman
is sure to make good showing.

from No. I tee. El Presidente,
since the inauguration of last
year's tournament, has returned
to his old haunts and is pla$ig
regularly again.
The President. will- be fol -
ed to the tee by the great gatW
from the Argentine and pr
holder of the Open. Champlohi-,
ship for the past two yer
Roberto De Vicenzb, And y9
can be assured he will be go'
all out for his third consecutive
. Next will follow Sammy f8n4 ,
who has been ranmerup to M.
.,Vicenzo. the past two years,. afnd
Charlie Harper, who tied. w)h
Bnead Wad Claytop Heafner in't
three-way tie for second, .9.
*nead, though beaten- iy t.i..
'th the past two .y`, 10t"Ml.
consl4ered. the man to^beat .4
n mnet h w.i-h he -
S se. and will be alter
'first wip here. P
Thils yeai's field will le then haeme Ind- t tq, be .pre.
stronger than In "53 and thus ent dtng M bstte eodieti.
the, erowd can be assuned of tioe. A .re himself. thb Ip-
sl6me fine golf. ulIr President will be like the
rest of usat-watebing the gani's
1 Some 8,000 fan Jammed the great stars in action, hoping to.
eom re last year to W.a the "b Meret,
M ao A W .; .- .
iVoiwit in any en11utB .. vaauy .- e;h.,V .?, x I
+!' ? -/ 0t 8^ bVe? ,, +. +.++ ,. + ++ ,.,,.

- 8am S"'c, Hotel Pa- a-

6rE" .
"" "y

..W .1

R$ LE.Y... of memIEh~ng.. ioo. pla te~epm~ oteh golt -+ ,iur5 '5'+, W'_ope among th'. nis ,* V.o.
IReb thers Tam- B~laase o 1t- I l t.h ,d ol. e t e W n -"
Rley brothers. T ey gll Holder of maany lathmtIn a. .- -"ino wot artis of a. anvten titles, t~ter hA.' yet to Pete Cooper, Lou arbaro the Johl M a~rray, be~t of' wU pri on ahtatists onea
oould h~es'be a "darkan horse"lank l o h bIut' tie pInu" fiel.-0h~e-Ime- pro at Brazos Brookr Oailtheloc 1~amaerwl r-x wlhui~o~iaioeal 43 ~
top amateur prize. "Slug- A former Ietbqula 4eunl. am-'tand winner of the Panama Oedoinate and .has an excel ent i the gr b.Patfl Hahn.
MRS b1ea. dt. w.APkt gam. aa amoii nDID e
Llytakes a baek seat to lon before turnill to golf Mit -it" 4.2 be~ 1d now a regular chance. Jo n is. a four time hg bPatHhn
s, .e ofthe touring profes- nre7o

as-., who kiU iaesa'7o i l-f o-f ten, rpcn winner of the "Cmn- lowO shows." Aicompeting
*lma h llwnlll~ :.,,' ":.'. .,ue ti.o tournament, atDtN, lna1, wril be' Introduced
r-w i t ..s Panari will also show well a- an i an exhibition how to
heOmo the 'amateurg-. ..a golf. ciub..
MThen, there are I.P Vice-Pres- mwin h this great show
ident DIqky Arias. Jaime de la tbntew&1 be a free cocktail
Ouardia, "Rey!' Valdes, George I sm the clubhouse for all
Riley from Aiaotr, Mike hull- memeustt paic d visitors. The
kowskit fz'om Pt. Dav and pr for this event will be your
many ohMrs from: Summit Hills, m'C r! .ticket or for the show,
Amador.: Brazos Brook, Gambof 6' 4h,- x "
and Davis. .l
ohan the best mai win.ImH
The, big player s and their
,Robert.O Ide Vieen~o, Lucky
SAtrikll ..w.& A "h t
op* gl. u+

The-hr.r P iePe-.

Idn +k ra.Jied a. _'t hsgetso
= yb reccti

* --~, F.~J

. ,- :' ,- '+ t w s .* :-. r .
... .e.'. ... o e o f t .n t
ptlbh 6trou ent. If a.d5 O-p'lr-he'll be u o
theIt1fIC6I on "t aeer]. b terrlf .lp
staat sMiuing eomeba4*. He. odl like -notix aiote thai
to a Pa s iaam Open crown. to his feata. Watch himhelose.
. ''. ", "-. ; "

'i. 4

S '

I~ 5U.J~


pr HAtMMOeD. a a

ie ln on ali uddY
. ; ,.."-.. f *

JEW' ~ 'w .1~
.IE~A&JY'PainsItS1Iinaa~ bepus tq. ~j~A~jmt~ CI
-... .. -. -
'~ 4.
F' .'. F -


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, f.
<" / :

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g., YONI.A., :" ... ., .
^ ^^"y ^ *.---'-7.; : P
..r .. _. ,h o ...,t r.. ,, .., .
. .^.. '* ... .. .
^r?^^^"^^~- -,fr'-'
Su aS -'tI .E~W a:-. 4;:. ',^ ,.'.: 'i .*-


r 'ti.'
II 4.

imis> 4st.r:

. .. / .
. ,1

%-. .s^Jt-^t^l?:.y y* 7 KT
."' ,.-' ".V., '-t;. .t .' ."* .
" i^' ." "L': '.., '" ^ ^ "" ..

.. ,'..4 '


Age You4
n* *W. r9^ w w
*temi wsta'.s f^
s4mt tnan qftle

r.' i.-r f, Iln f':!
t iM ," !*-. mliw
.iefe--.raph ai
;ae. east .
star. is th

*~-A L'~Eflflr


*. a

* nup ", I. ...... ....

laitn tear!ia
SBur Ja kS
the deql. Three Ji~u.laken top
of thU l ~ ffltowid W' lmIs-
4U emia tdx; thoq a fourth
rjblk;' aAd a& suoe hflisteat
Bard. -tf oaa$ a on alt one at
* um to qch ptI; the
*, iij f lc i :


1 t

St tpper
-att the

En. 44=- lit-we i
ring VW r tl thwrtte tps t yurpas
". o 'r a t! c ~b(d w -eWU to WIl.t baiM Sl

ka l Aw vonttl n ". ORM A1 P tO 4 n if
gW49 YOU UT-

eosmi'r. Sfl n-
tton obWher.
F L)ACB a. 1$"&
.0tr. wtv "nd

;uu *t, nth psOpe* thi. Si're
.. 18, bt UMen I +f iu 9, so thu

.x 00 .m + i ,e
,w ,w h.0 : + I qApBe 1. =

ix EitUo? +$1 9
tXlftprlt ," .(8 3l,r
I Ix loo. r.-4 +Ai ps
I X!I + IO+1S,

eX. 8 41 'p
---" "j< -

He to tW t a

- .a '. I_

4f0lutte. to
Proa. a Nw -ln

" o".. I
.- 2* eeietrta
*vasm m# on
gwglqdq pigrt



WWKt~a a crr aeywrd *j *.j

we"t twf. Th. wor yw o
l!.w AM sams te tam a Iof-

SA'" .-" .,,wpw ,, *.0 %o s, 7wr tw.w 9,
aI Ki a xs y,7 .% to 'w- s Ini aw. swpy
tUt)m ls fle Itt 1lt4M it two f Otm,;. 1AI e of. thf aow abowtag l
"Jpawpp4a" a lov s n ia t always Jump the espt o atf the*r epea
vtpV p st J eemtt e .,- pettiuag on tie nwt e, Utive v rowe. low, wt0e,
A f to ve 't, tLb ;pilMe of two mst b.e evpiy ever .wi, -w f l eqw
T 1ev twa ldndw ofa nwqtr haey wisi Ut h
;w0; s ,,0 ,sla-. '% -r'F -"

I.' M 'apeps-, t

, o _iq!, I -.'X.
T!os Iqy H Wsp
prlped at l
.. With twp

MtA dq ftw pth.
eontr t dme-
sle wttas e'wwons




-ZR '*' OORD C-2

Co. g. Why

Ieet. H teu,
be eoleq.)

Itoth'a ~ mtr^
mM MtI
w1t rU|n4
I)Pl ay




' 1 .T+

* r. -o

73Ws ,s& f 0 0i'UM
it a O. .~ .

rJva pM.tifaqMe I
p elpbz6Mleai tIf for ieU *-
pualitt to I*"" ta- puei Mue
of an su*e quip Th& Dart V f
the quip wblh I r ivea pr
* clue q to tm .mu ct.tIg a
for Itslf: N tekw. o l ,
R. Kew u the4p: -,ip
Twethl f q ule *Twto
* te .. -. ..

.o1rMUiAL JTm4 wn

Ten Ynvr Y" up
b_ k fl .
:0=. s.^S^*. -K mA ^



* .a. .-'A ,. .." '. *-1- H
- ,-' ".-
"- m5*

* .. : i- .
,, -.:* .-*;-, .. ....- *-. -1'._ 's s-- w

.- f

-4.. -.* .

. : t.

- *At

.9 '-I.,..I.'


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.: 9

.: "imLII
ES twfic


i I i n

lie l $ ,1 !ill; I4I,
^^": *^W ,^^^^^ ^' I ,K L?^'^^^^ KR~~


A Trick to Brk the Ice



.15 .O

13 .
i j4* ; EOMA C. Mt


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FT7~C ilK7.

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- I.'

'J-,. .
-. ,

; ". .1 .

0.._',-* m' -_ 4



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k1 "7,'


-- ,. ..
t 1 'y.

* V.

3. h.

TWi tKwOi iAS of a 57-*
NJ ., are strung out along the

iWh traiho oe wahih
ti.s. No one wa,

'UNANIMOUS CHOICE (at least with us) idr All-American honors this season is this squad of charmers from the mythi-
cal "College of Complexes" in Chicago. They may not be the best team in.the nation, but no coach would criticize them
4or lack of form. In backfield are (froni left) Ginger Lorr, Rosemary Kramer, Arlene Allen and Helen Zimmerman. "Line-
aien" are (from left) Bev Harstad, Laurie Wilde, Ruth Wurslin, Janet Knutson, Arlene Williams, Eve Reckek, Eve Evans.

Y. -
^..''. w.' ., -

r, '; .... ..
... ,..
u. ,,.A
I;,; / '. -, <'. .,: '

CHARMING eloseup of Prin-
cess Margaret was -made as
she attended a ocx*ait party
in London's Widterial4eague's.
young contingent. She met
overseas members at .party.

MEET 'BETW Kita.7 1
UNLIKE MOST high school girls, pretty Betty cCal V iwi, v.i,, peod-
Icee time working with electricity--. hobby that ett y gAfe6d ,t"t *t ,"s S *
Kilowatt.".Betty shows her neibhbomAuh g lgedtricitYy'1- .
dnstrations.and "pitching in" on electrical jobs herself. 'ieW O ft
paper articles and gave six radio br6ademts, besides appnrfngt efQeordflb*cd *%a4m r P
the house, she's a handy girl, helping rplwire her qwnjle. Betty, wft is also a 0 o
standing 4-H club member, recently won it contest inm rural eletr titon atnd- i .
sooxi cornpete in Chicago with 40 other state- winn ew .. Iht4 a holaship"qs i

.NO ATTIC ARTIST is Brurio M ertens, who does his painting from the top of his trailer in
taris. Bruno puts his paintings around the trailer for sale. Then, he moves on to an-
other spot, where he paints some,more. He has already' been in Italy and Switzerland.

WELL BUNDLED against the .old, "Rainham Wild Boy"
waits for his chance to appear 't a cat club's championship
show in London, England. He's. wearing two fur coats-his
and a borrowed wrap belonging tQ,one of his show handlers.
11 4 li.'; 7 t

I Bly ecks fuse "p jFqliO t" h switch box shi
i.,';i ,.

po *& *e wina born at WAen't- ikphal n New 'York,
r. rMtt o hif hbrthpiaee ha a attdent nqure. Poqtothy
atwin t qti-Luis Fglpe (ltM), and Carlo, Alberfo bkdzi

HCR CLAS$MATS are the eyes of bl Doreen *aJt.I.& t i 1
Mickaville, L I. -The ladItrial m for the- f es r .the e I
-a. program for education- of bind chOdren wil dtm" nofmn4al vi. ,
\ ing ?twu Sy n. rhi.aa

it.. I

*y .-
,. _- .--*_


t. CJ~fr



\.'* r

.- -.. -" "-
*.. .'- ti a s -'., .'1 <: "-. .. "<*- _
'r_ ^ ." ^ .-s- X. ,' -, -.'

r -
''A 0 I'
S" '- t
,. .\ ':. ,W .& : ,.-* < .' x < ,- .. .-, -
-.1 l ,-._ + .& ^' _- .. ^.... .... _:_ =

aA. ..



* .A

, -

** v

4 4.

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w 'i -

*, l s ,


ie makes.
'" F;. ,

, 1 1. -_l_ l~


7';$r.v ~ -,

ii. *-- ~45j
it 7.7

'- i~ $77
4'-.. -

*i -t I

'- ,,,. ,<-,,., -. ^

* ,, *^.._ .^ % .*^f. .- -

.-..t *..
." ." .. "

,I t.. *O. '* .. A
-^--^* ''^'" ,- : *; -. :* '
**^ -'<--. *' .**? .. .* *' -- ,

L. .V.. .. .

C'- ~ :7'-

.7 777


S -.-*Onut A leced ,

""- .- -"- "." "" .*."" -'; "-- A" -''- "'* "<-i^ -'--

___* t.

* 'YeUnr

-4.tat ctan
**..N K '


' 7fr.4tA-~ 4

,. -jf

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-- .7
7fr ~
* F)-


'V 4--

a. -m


-~ -d-


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-. :7-

.. .;._ .


,- ,; .:.".-.


1- .

ev ,t-'

,-- "-...
given to Caal e3 pW
Kimlnlatratlon W
Boo. Alen and e OwDA 0 .0 .JIg-_ *i .

Throughout the Canal Zone emplOys .t and, rifl
Fictryv Aknowi full well that h Wh r e omMe Well, o ems iwotl .me 2n
ions meant oa a their light would be cared to es re a

Congress, and not that they necessarily will become well they it o ana
law. But It can hadly te ed- lea
'Canal employes, who felt their morale wea get- thtt th alOdsol
thg a mee -needed ahot-in-the-arp, were par. having Qunof a *A101, at,1,
ticniarly gratified with the Govenwer's eeumte w
n threprt He said It represented "r way Molotov pt be the
h' n Goernor revealed that hbe had tried, since the hold' sW t- is
report was submitted to get elearahee to release the ldi mmOf .
results locally since he felt it important that people herself to be ad M
here should have the direct intormatIto. so muclr i
Although endorsing the survey team's recommnen. MaaotOY (
datloh, in thU main, the Panama Canal board 6di-. aor that ma a
rectors took issue on the q thon of free medical care S mS ie
advocated by the survey. They recommended tht ththe Wet Nun n s .. E ..
basis on whieh medical care went into ef t e first 't ila %b*their dw11 %.
of this year was fair and should be maat f. round the w l
, the consultant firm made mention of- the .~ad ~l Ins
ltantfges confronting employes here because of thr
olatd geographical position auceh as lack otf ob b ia at_.
portun s, hgh cidene disease, and other Want to 40 .
9Lntang'Jle,", but important factors. ( .
Seven Navy men lost their lives Wednesday In one ibSe
of the most serious airplane crashes re in the by the S *
Canal Zone fot many years. The re un seven of at
the 14-man crew on the US Navy Prtitee which ieture
crashed and burned while coming to t rnce to have
Field were hospitalIzed at the C1o islo HoopitaL ofe
Three are i/ated-as critlcaL one is fair and the ether W at t o,. .l.
three are considered to b In "good" condition. The / fl) "SI
Sour-engined photographic plane crashed at and
of its flight from Its base In Miramar, Calforn. The Voters k 1 diiI
men were to be assned here on temporary duty. CuriouS th bot vt D t t '
A four-man board has been approinted by the Navy a onef te. .
to investigate the accident. Teoos veers OWa'' Owls
The Canal administration declined when asked, to in the .Me.and stamp-ed tome
release the text of a notice which was Issued to-Bu. surely no aeris man wom gat
reau and Divisions eblef stating that Peter easley's woUbe better rU. wiW Msl b
services were terminated effective It October.."It was Yet here we have I th ple, w
purely an administrative action," they ueplied. tlon, "IAt's bshve.mOrse Mor io
The Canal had also been asked about widepread Of the oeM we have
reports that the notice directed that the former spe-. sot 0 seo to oq I w t, k'
ela cpsultant on Canal affairs and adviser to of-. Se's 2
ee of the Seretary of the Army have no further ot of .
cess to confidential or secret material in the Canal rSed abqt* $is- .Sh :l
es. (Beasley as recently named eeonoameadviser vr '
tthe Republic of PanamA), te airy".
R ohd-have no f ae
Rumors had It that theD Mia il Dairy peMU be- thirds Of ttlnMm. "
come the next easeiy in the Canal reu l c. *5t ft 1.
ley of leasing out various f thma aetivlai. e- ia- fwod tIt
ever the Compay denied it was eonalddeR' u tht. tu cns al-s r.a t. ich whmich woumalda -. Tdehe et
Other sources Indifated that same talk A Ac .n- the desires of. vaplreadyr t ba ,a
taed about siesef lng th D inJa.&--t If Ike undertook to b up all surplas ber _an. .SaSin..
triht, or leading the lair. t a i_ f blondes, .thus r.di i producer, of thee omkonU .-m-e c.-a
ma concern. Apparenit n t etr pt eaiden zm; dr04 f:L, -bIet wt nia stpet. 45,
this matter has as yet 6A i ftSik reholhedd thIao treatert a
-o e woulff!!! thearoug hi twit to
Albrook's rescue outfit, the iU Air RBane'eSquad.' wli sr theme ,p -- .Ca, na m
ian, is getting two badly needeakllet es gis k* 'L dwlt 3 SS Cro t. Ca.forntIw
, The H-19s are being ferried h1 itom the .actory in be o p t c0Ou, ,otR ta g In InM-
kidgeport, Coaueeticut. Two other will be sent for bItt f'Si, Opl.dS,,tr eW eandlOa
services to Puerto Rico. oPr.0' Jverry ecnte
Meanwhile. the first re J-ssofn ef tere ar f4Np ia" as. lklbov p#tty r
brought a badly Injured A nmrc erewsa sot o are I t mIaYry amste
war H. rerin 42. of Lakeside, Cal..-in from Ti o. makes muh wa. -'. heW al OOhuiress. S, .reJ
.noIn en o hs -. o-r's...e t f
Peru for emierency treatment at Oargas Hositald. r th to b of we
berlin. who ali ed in the engine room of his Come ^s in t th are te he f
the M/V Mern d, lat a third of his left leg whih dr the ativwhI Wan,,tn he
was amputated at the hospital who lopg gOt ii so on-ed f"ihting .lt
-- aoholnlt haat t he .u s o o p f t r wo sbut
The Air Freesrevealedtheyhadnet yhometew tom- too e e tua te ad sS
pleated their n oeIn.titee oaIe death ef a S-e a r-l d n d a- ,wr ..Jay o-nbhebmb_ thePU 1s3Bf- t

Sreveled The bdo trial ta d t ~as not yeto >t a b some sort of weap ,
Ou thrie Crowewh o e serve a two. to even to t a lub or th o-v

ear sentence meted ou lat Sept. for retunng to

s&dilliam ee am eOnpyeowl ... .Ahe .Hopita -
Secret rPolie Chief Jorge Ltds Ateae was peev- ponent.
on Taihar af trhb kig al Maew tort their tobs and n4sd medtealiaslaae I the tide
od burglar was erby i t Br t achaful present contrOebutokd bL be ti- d"c"lo
uthri FCre ewho ordteredlemdgt servet, la t. 0tead teitn 1n6. .. t. Ho t

Centeno was oad utand hs license t.spead. Tne admmtotration danced three lrp- mt itcceroe
enarsneeoafln. ."l
'Secret.cChie Jorge Lb A.A .ar was pe v-,i
oad Thcs b dwkukt baaew ge lost theltobs and nhd medialasesb*e.I them li -~ Wik b :_:.. .-_ -- ...:. .. .



bt y I'm O.
,owe- fun too stash -o'b

bk to

:u t.N.ew-.*
of Brook-
. U .r 'lelen

"At wants to
Bia time, it

* an.
It As*
* each.
D only

M .W wg is j present rulein
IWSeted ant~rg ncuumenda-
Meets next b uday at Sara ota. Florida.
coach at Waldorf says the Pacifli
rfGe w abolah spring practice start.
Oklahoma Bud Wilmon lead.
te for the.-a weawFy-- says he's
ded" at ho
Jim Norris agd manager Al Welll Indicate
;lano wont defend hi heavyweight title
Oat Rocky to fight next month in Miami
gures a title bout will draw $250000. But
'"Thne's only a very slim chance Rocky
beaie June."
"d WOM is keep, his eye on the Jan-
S fiht between Engrd Chates and
VK-. :(, hosrleyln8 afd.b favored
uV wftnt":KIm tjruht Ica mo.1in June

delfhLa has

$5~l ox op.e
Sforp lurin T

aw aurt4 pounA
ts od tt1? rlnce. Se staggfred Tom
l times with ard left hooks, altough I
oor hima. Beronl was t eoa and
th fate footwork aa sharper nchi

II Qbaaplou ReirYjk Takeessn &
bj Tlyir~aug. jn 4oersaw
*k~~ -* r #- nnsa

^^'s01 cS^tw-*-ane-


T *I .

d. Well robably
ftg~tt n Buc-
24 1- mi.
a. mid
ereOls on
Pm ab~s. aer-
}idc where Bobo

*- .* "*

K ~.*


~- .'~
..J#~z .~,


PAe ( Gilbert ProvencAbe,
46.- dlay.inthe
a Pnrt wiager y In
D i Odt od wlfare. With a brnuh
ast elbbwiA to

-r "*-' ,-" -l -- -r d FA ;- n ^^ ,

j l-.

4t, -. .1

1fArAND4OOL IT -- iino* the igaing ce( 1
inuis ., m haO been O ow but i
ly. Aea6 tba a :kag popular comeback Mix Kimn
Pa' t a bowa e,"cuting authentic pa dai f A1
S' g U ervs ai the backdrop, -


By Calbroith

"4t. .i
'* ''1., --*- / "- T 't .,? '' -" -- -. "'. ." ,, '
-"'~~. *y **.^i S "s,-. -.*f : .!-" J ,- .
.-, ~ L~g. ,, .._,. .-.

IT -7
+.-..+. ,


______ ____|__-- -

--i L---

^- m i --
_, Vl.,---_ ,_ _'
-",.Di^ -

'1 -., ii i- -,, -f
_J3- .! -

/ .4

--i -,-

-. ? ^" ""' "" -_ _-_ 9
--. .. 1---
-r-- l -- fl
", ,i

-- -". -j- '-- -
, i~ -- 1 -

-~ ~ ~ lu .... a u1- I 1 I q.mb- -I U~ m m

iOW 57-Ml.nue
wning 59-Card
Wo game
ghtly @0-Of the
hot healing
luid. art
k216- 61--IMure
e* to
al In- another's
rument win
sty .-USplit
0~- pube
aimeter 65-Drtdge
.dng 6. -Final
Enwes invlng

iutary 7T-Comfort
0p 8-Stalk
bank. bear "
ent single
ske Sower
mends T-BalSam
luth 71-Origin
nmerica 73--Pro
ianrmoest 74-Malaya
ider- gibbon
found T75-Heavy
ftr *. sword
MAy W-Stake
tace- 9-Second
* tree most
tide -* abundant
d reas element
utoma- Sl-porbid
a 82-Settle-
eart ment in
ihtit Green
tcen land
not M-SS.unner
cob for foot
Illow 4-Chryso-
eedy lite
vimae 85-Lemur
dmamt 87-Eurpean
-s mint
teter 88-Tele-
mard graphic
irden tran-.
lls hitter

99-Of apples
for use
107-City In
re ic
with twa
plant ,
124-YIel owi

1-Pen for
Agure as
ing ,
Ing strap
sion of a
15-Plant oft
1 -Row.

85- Reason- ,-

45-Tlthe "
49-Die for
( / in
- 58-Dark
on -


: 1-Th
! 5-Ya
in I
I t

i9 S-Au



77-ULke oil.

:: r+ .. +evv o- wvSm x.it0" 0 "
Avoe te om*es hoa: -ms- e---me r -im V eu- us-e -

.. .. .er to f te Ma rleg ... .. .. ..ii I>
*' ** < ____

For the Best in Ftos & Features
.-- -\ .

.. Its The Sunay Amerecan

I..'' .

klkV In
^ ^+ ..+- o mi..,i
,,+-- ._+. .%W1.4,

8%rA 1



.T 1! ti -


__, r

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&vim= 4a"1


I ?V U 4T? % .

As gra. wlilh. he dew, falllag,
ThN apmn rW shall find ne ew n rare
When glorieua-hced I hle mw.e tD r OIver.-

My n n BneA GanimUrudn
Now th y look on me, noth I a tacmr
I found met poor, I felt my wholwiO .
Alo yditr never found a dto* .
So named of liCn whin ntornlMo aptag
As tr this woman w yoi looked upo..
Raising yotr ayes t hearing what sbe ang.
I shl Wbesilent mow lest an$ -tO
34y It nsa its the flat wanted lant
Say by the glow-onm my anOaebrow,
And tVhfsweet tremr ot my Iaboziu han,
Lor. ht is come; lews axe the gram adorti: :
Look l uport me. speak with tenderness.
When I go dewn the river in the mornIng
She whom you khied shall eem with tov ne".
Before the earnest edgeof spring
He comow to thi*a e y tmee to, .
Cocksure, cavalier, carolng, crested,
Flash-of-firewager, burning brqasted.
Not-tity cazi nal, like a klng
The whtdis shwp and the bough# are oar:
He doert not care-he has % a. a
Fortune's favorite, destiny's darlag,
Envy. ol-robin, wren and starling..
ElegnsV arrogant, debonair,
Lover .and poet nonpare .
Oaeels9 heaven, ae fm lh^ bon
Never a moment's7 melancholy, .
And a voice like,a god, a voice, like a be l.
Siner who ha" not been curbed
By theant of world dr word, -
Sin, Olife-lusting, joy exalting,
Passonte, perfect, mortal-Vaultin' i
Flamt-T*1ored, heart-colored, hewlame birdt .
S The Now Tark '

Wary of earth and shadow, wind and stin,
she crouches flat-eared with eleetfc fr, "
the roundness and the btaby softness gone.
Beware of jungle things. Beware of her.
Co,-t ed as pain;, she stalks"
a zn1eaf, aidthen is sud4- Meired
u)on it. Now hear the lound of violent death
echo loud through all the jungles of the world;
In The New York Tines.


S '* -
- 7
,k "

o'*. .'/ :'

M- q.


F. ~


V '

,1'~ ~ '. -



:.^-' ,. -"

,** ** -. .,

ift* ,
A *



Pearsoins M$erry
C it

WS rB4ON Here are m y tS CCd reit
predfa .or the year 156 tion's powers
rWCRU_ PlBACE Te Busigup bWil ion. ._
can't glor' an L-ttackAe the west- POIt( C f
ern "'. I4 for some -me, -due- to vito ta

T: .r L; however, be s"praic per .m. -1p .gMW. m. S.
trouble i4s e Near ig thFr rroh
P. XE --. An 1 EIISemA s, [ l
East .. Taxes, art rutnt. tOe .,r mtee h a* M dl eek i
KOft A Truce-peaee taiHlr H IO pr cent while the. Ej' -Prof tra Hebert Woods of Sears, Ro0
iraj on faterminay throughout its Ta"c expires altogether. amul- buck and others of the old Amer.
?" year of iSR. They.wUl tan,.ously, Social-Security Taxes lea first crowd. As a result he
give to satisfrction to anyon,-Whe are automatically increased, w hich mere political mocey to spend
.i'neseRedf wiJl du'k out ale very m;ag a abi saving for upper.than any other member of Con-,
basic isSue and Dr. Spagman Rhee brf t.,x ~ tW .little sav- gress. Aal 1 irlet that MCCRf@y
,'vil .constantly threaten to stat ing fothe lower .rackets. Fami- will pa"tel out 6tbis m sy te ro
war again. However; the chances lies with arz income of 3,000 for cus less fortunAte Republian can
are h won't carry out his thatt itan -wilL ain lha 1 r cent d*tes next fall there
I -fl Industdial pwdc- redunt .-tcounerb nd ,W e Owhe MeCirthy oe a they
th b down abo1 pr centlcrea elal eciurnt ate elected. As a result I predict
with reta pfbes aleo doppl- Ge er Motors, for dk e, will McCartay will build uo. a national
thou no2" tat much-for tae first ve a billion in -Prof- political machine that will boom
i decline since 't end o i-Ta alone. for Vice Pr'sident in 1956 and
Wor Waz II. Une rO wiU I .I S at t he .!' ident in 1930.
be about 3,000,000 by. ead of e diab d ,tha
the year. Asawresult .U1 ~ ioy- I. t pss5 o.P pt .ial :Sa. TIE OLD SOUTam lEUB.

Herewith find Msohllon to Sunday Crossiord Pat
Ile Ne 514, published today
Anawer for Suniag. Nov. O Crypte.i': WIN.
Ni- ... ..lill =hLWi3M6WII ft

- I


'' -1


. r




-" -S

b b. y'y
^ ^ *..'t j p-

+BL.jLC II iE Ul
wt pri ls *wl be ve-

' A."--


,4i4L a ,,, 5t f il*

a ai .m"-

Sen'.te' wUfe t* t e Mind wa din esidet hfat twlat sd at aU to t'
agkask. 24sW A a 009W.-hnoth w')de smeulnger be
.e t!o Up t2tlwas isn'tlated at an to the

a *. -fa y ved only ftoBnaelly, hew weBl

& me t g tJe eae Mmeical t out o to .o ma eml 0 our

W'...Ne te eupply labor for his 10 new w colleges,,1,7tfeder al and st t.-v can get ovei' the big crses tha a week feeb he is worse off If he
b -. nto. noeta. nstead, al e-eolleges, 197 federal ond state W the anot off of Washington h.. lost ve,'tie. A farmer feels
..oolla" -h l .! o a.t o.t P800, instead of the
Wi. Am plg a 5pe fer W Cearo atCo e'sa

rat = r te ame a year ago. s
n Wl ^syie .% -e d t lK Se Wha cot wil curt is the 1954 of living has ad-
bIe ldO dfune Imd -tlued soly nationally, how well

Sl t*te u crs h~userste votes feel they are ns a rea-
erful L construction uos were industries, the big criest er, when thy o to the
rand -tfiitMu labor forB. his 10 new 1 eoneges, 197 federal and stat t m an. e off Washingtah be lost se.tit-e. A farmer feels

at t.. -abeaeB e -- o f u, h,
.r- f directors. ` .

4rBon 0PZ WAU e Its ye trtefatLkowtbaq hodesia. a TYAR'S EVE th. iL babhlk or wild shrieks. Uj- sobriety. But the spirit is enliv
e. Do r :o M, tsiva n o cl a so e n e d b y a j a n a b v e r a g e
ues|mi.0!i aL .lerlal Meofpe i --.d-- o --m

rep entcdiwc nitieta It .r es. mean-

Mey Wnat d-tr M tal Re Amament of a new year is a wai s t wlW and destroys e racy.
mle, S anon t testament of t pity or passion. A drunk never There is a toh.h of amusing pa-
IaM te. a5e towhope nta ret "ft anythih, but contempt. They a hi is subways when folks return
-teauAia'd to Walter Hj"iz of eua. te when e be- pursuit a appo--. Faes "an
: v.uFa Party 0Sorced to c. wheel, of be a d be-or e arepng s an
_ee61 fipwr cas '-tlt with Mr.A .m other y erc a ntelect- ecme killers. fsp ti in the hir or onf t-
yves ,him Wa" Reul and 0lars proete' bt U ". avor. T a fr a-- toivi seeut i rpgmntrast withfes
ke very odr1s i whef Age.fta t agldions. re Eou and Yout Is in step with the carl- the general vearless. The gay ad-
ii yegr Mt Nt of stra- of dulaa fo Itfls eaw 5eo" c'hiita. The annual spit damming across the town. ventures of the night before are
B 01 fat i aLd why 's mmBgInto 'abor... nevertheless, co uiy the and hope .eepy p he b t
rs1 CO Pel a oI, No he future hdpetion that dazzles the mind
t0e* cofal .S City's Almg there aroe eaptesed e wo ntemper- their tenure .. 'e endeariongi ke a prweless gem-is never
stle ibassador on and area 1 leAd, the a ,b. an tero, deitiess yug love er en uea-ly fi And in the shabby
Rdt1id l be ,tald stome of a bas bal engso at t aval- ertials. And they defy the Bright-eye darits in mroing d So-t takes on the
1i h., C'f iei these able ."r egi.eera, madisas, thunder of. the future-by : Art evnag w makg aspects of a .mte jewel. Neverth--
n*-RepublidaIKr cstenographers typists, tool mak- too a. horn. sense at fuh man Aincident brighten
A week.latr, 'eu aPAC wvre.- and sia"ld d F or- elabs re general deMi- a uteceasary aplomb f a tu* 1n of older ,olks. And in retro-
irector Jac) *TWgch. weakh ad edatd a5.. nut ya deperate gaiety-b utey ars have ak almot t they always seem ga: as
, for..a .inar+-mt ---, ..e who fi. vacant us r fund buoya. Th dydreams.
*,t ..e woanm e- AC. matBe- Pr- etmos: "erre wi. be farr r acd fini some-eonsh- are fewmotiod so exed as the
dirodsrs ier iw.esth'Mar- mot stes 1S56'Ba mn 'Ss aharuag their emptiness pleas re of yh. ttoeIdor id The 1 so. of the New
aW flwty,% n^ : WiM wfl go fbMik 3 at ;i,,te new .w r. i.ts l latte ay b thae btets u.anomenon 1s clearly
fer n trustt tthry Sit.p -r .A A lTis is their .eaea-year to imagitatlth. fes are events ioeetropolis. The big eity tends
.e disiond i. Wabhb splt w t on n- Co eque., thep- that inevitably become momwn to ulomlate patp. They are i ti-
..i W ttr ..d.a .-wil; devieS an Dmve wad.wo wel-eMno a e. ae0- mrFew ever deviate fr im
ens thev h-e w t an age A wid t is re city s always vibrant with tte.of their daily
*"uie th-ledaswer .eilp the a;ua 'a de vele b.Aween" twa-it good i Is taboadlat activity. It scales an eeitlnq peak routiss. hre isittloe time tr
-ons of w-en who voted Re- bor led by eovsarvt g Ies as j d. The re- a New Year's Eve ... Thl towntedig social horizons. But the
6Uile*. in '52 ... '** "J DvfL l ikr.. "ts c. a:cL. c eSo filled with a million mys- year end celebrated sdeesp to shmt-
.n. .. tte4r .by ?" Me tif'tesme'm..o. tares. And ao secrets are more tv r the waBe people. The
a .*' -Wo, haa not veLbeen told -IZr .. ... I e a 'tll-Bho iae ral than those Abutled 'a the com on 'uoaena of good feeling
.,.. tea' I= Pl E r at ue m. 1r shadows sof aeNa.... For man-- ferges a commn. bond. For a brlei
A. -,W---.-e t ---"e tha t s ut intensithes i te o- -too 'aeiF strangers are
r 'CIO "Tremi.e hvom7 P f P l e ,as.
WR.dI.gM -... 't, _. -t fofae .maker Buatteth

."- .. sees,...s Theme a re d aysro
toll. ...:.. kne wth aew
r -.' -"W -.e a h uefrand
-":.l',-Cb furis4 otadzes themind

-.M IILIJjjj. II :-- ~
- 9 -
~ ifl7"TU

tim totheaiy Is strew"
eioU e1t -aShh rsar rmmrts of the carni-




an athe lag-
o- -.

,,"a .ar.
':,-ow "..,

at 118 own ~lr

oqsthetw the tisason, ra
eplay othe PsraemttleIeague
diamond, which 18 SEt llUise re-
a amOW I .ba r.
44 .e... e WparIt W, is
.eha el se, ,l foa ,1mpoemen.,
T, yew'... y e .,,'teut e re-
done. Previusly by had been on
ground leol wib thte playing
field. w they bp l owead into
the .groad th oRartet. flows
and4 n en trn. GAt con-
rt with pipe raWl And
oINCO LN ItaE nd -- i, I eetling I to r: Vie Dibole. n 9 of ceur a fancy raof for share.
LC e21_!e .infield W. Uo.plndid shape
Melhone. Stand' ,.tbf: RVh Pafrker, Robt. Bander, Bobt. CAWee 1 "rot; rles s, ,& lard d-niO soil d
and Manager Howard Engelke. (Absent.Coach Alfred Lomibkna and Ed Dolan) quarryiat was hdto. make the
....--- -bie s. lappoggple is dei-.
ely l"big.loaue tida,,.

Underway is the construction of
a two-story buildiitg which wilt
provide tolet facilities for men and
,woe, a aaoxsae imon the
atfloor.. Abovewill press
andoradle bo It Rlise
mwve,. as a. elubbovoe. ,or the
iJIslike the

All work on the imprayemen's
was done voluntarily by men from
the Maintenanve Diyielon on their
f. days i4h.-holidas er work.
te,.gring W o. Ray we... was i3
.charge .d s e wkthe ,.auastted by
Carl t .. William
Tall, WillrMG=e H1
.-hu-ae ed -P. ,, R. Am.
lillilmd, Q, r t
.t44 eA ion for the
payers ghist yearrof
Ano ba aBOR Jack-o&y
all-trades by '4,"ditches'
andl seez p, t detc.
A$ Pe.Pa Lt League try.
eat.,. .. pW players
'eg.! taired.. addition to
the playersli' a In previous

.e.ause there were ouly 34 va-
au.ies on the opters of the six
tsme i ?aetfle Mittle .Iegue,
the ofi oege setuP, with the
cooperitin, of interested lends, a
six-team arm Leae. This will
GIRALT LI to r: provide ty forNmore than
iala. S i oHAlrtley B .. 56 Ioao !Ca Rar, P. la hunrdri ifttal boys to "'ay
saymond, Coach D e.It efma:, (A O. .u ro-:.S, .-" n ../- baseball ia~ .alai.ed le..gue.
Ray dThe aCove ,dicatep that 'a 2
ofd t being lvan an ooor-
= Vt~flit earn bhieball r"
Heading up the Pacific little
League are Lou Glud, President;
Y Caldwell, Vice-P r e s i d en t;
ck D*Vore, pecretary-Treasur-
w H W 'eadl Player-Agent and
S an, and Frank Reilly,
is u ,na er. The six team
anaes, tor with the above
.6 o -ru cons tote the managing
Little League baseball is comn-
ai _mateur, non-profit, and
tro locally eommunily
I etive is for the blood
.t hto 12 who are eligible
p la"gs may and will comra
egula teams and farm
League, but this.
objective. It is to
end good Amer-

each bo, uear
of' fir plav,
"i a work. we'
mn at fellow, re-
gardless Is and from
wher" he .emm, i8s "good Joe"
'- iof thinin.-

SIn fact tis ipeads from t
boys to the familte from whi.,
they eame and .lthe commealli
In which they live." I is democra-

Little League isset used fr per.
i I ona o: Matinemnt. Spom=,
... ~~~~ ~ ~ .*"-. .ti ~
U43S G. .. .-2L


' U It i a nWAU

i Tsj

i he

L Imr

..- O b u.. M. i-
Sw~Sdet, Fred

"-I PaeLfc tt a
enly be ctw4i

arm d .

^y^Sa^^. ^ *J-4

)L MVri;ta. HarreBl
. 5ars, -Tom Peran-

D~#n ;-~0,,emm~

* Dan's .ek~ hU di

-For ge oae7ey be wa
Thebmi a F. A WNs

.- 4 1 .-...4w he ,e
.. .,


? ~i-

"--f--'-'- '*S S. <. ..6,' .,, ., -.'.*-- gg*.-
_. -""** '*- o., ,. i.- *: ** *
* ... o *... .S.. '



r A


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< c"*'II^,.5


., y J

rm- .- "
i-: *' *
. '' \



,* *74* 3 ,

. l 4.4 k. .. 2 i ., "




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p. i..


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*44$ *i'~'



.--1 -
* .* *' 7,2* ~

7 .7 *
.1- .


.-" S. ".- r .-. ." ".

.. ,' .. '7 -.* 4.., .- '
7 -' 7' .- : A *- *-'.

-o soc

p 4 .*
I .*
r~ .7

.* 7-l 7 .-,-

- *1
77 .1.
- ', .z -

--~7I 7

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* ;? -"

* "Y

V. ,


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>4?; **?


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F-..- -

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T. 1'

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-~.. ~.. ~

..,*d -
~.- ,-.~. ~'
. .. ..

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7 .:'.s~ r-~-

**-. *'-* *- ,-lfftK


*' .-.

'Is- .

$oy^ *-^,4** *

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S' ir


'^ -"*/ "/

plow '

-j" h ,-'U-'-'6

1-S-f... -^ .-' r^ .jg^ g
~It CAJ-
je our N
6wW*Dm Lau

~. 1~-



* -$ ,*v
*. m-* ^A S


:; <.,-"

F prl.


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I --~

'* ~'

- .5*1

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ti- -.

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N ~atJ,2L


*'* ?--


1 L 1.- *


i r r a ; j *^ : eKw ^-..i -
. or ."-" ^

? <~~- .


U. *- IF-.. 4 l -


~*"-~*~* -
I 4 t *
*.--.$rt *-- -- I --

*** C. -

* -- -,- -"- ,,-- Mo

.- P-

V* -



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. 3|


,* ,;.

*.* i *

t -** -1- n -A .% -



o '. -

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I .I

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