The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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ation +.

Most Zonians confessed themselves puzzledl. |
by the apparent snub administered to the United Sl
Citizens Association by Balboa Heights officials
dent with the release of Wedniesday's "good news
on the differential and fringe benefits.
Mrs. Frances Longmote, who consented in her cMA
city as president to preside.over a protest meeting ce
for this afternoon by the USCA executive board, said sh
did not understand it.
When asked for an explanation of why Mrs. Log'.
more, in her USCA capacity, was refused admission m
Wednesday's meeting a Canal spokesman made a st
meat which did little to clarify the reasons or pelicIl
behind the incident. -.
"It was decided t
Mrs. LongImore aid that so far immediate way of
as she knew her organisation information o. Y i
was*-oa good terms with Oov. earned at one anthe-
John 'B. *8ybeld and other was to cNU IA e
Heights offielsls. She added that the r
if this .were not the ease a he ot te
would have appreciated knowing rivi
eto A aS tesatag tweble the....

W -- I -%, .
a de r her. m A the rttmity pru- S r i llyatl S
S1 Bo,.rd of 2 DIe-oeS of h l Amej ulAe c."ons drat in vitatio nto tten to. .e Another cpmm
-oo '.as, s ith I rn on. teir pW Ab Go eoof heroa amea lt f the elkg ta
., .- n[g ifee repom~ewr a s In thr gro up
E gon -Insta tus. rIai h I Wake the oppoetddnity pr r h comroe Goe t a
"0 oth Sed lr.jed that a LddIL ter a eoo-ed ,at the ,pit to reto ara to y te as been ae r eti d, a sd. NEW nIthe abnr

ate ammo &o at.. Boardhof 'e A wplnr d ertlohe e r ud ci pia t heto o ma Ano t ,omm

Wutul .. g e a g6willleav shp'd no go"Ih7 tn o u ad the R oon meslhue4 10o s Id
FM MA s.t :.o't as-. through the them v My es Ai4ighst and-most Qweo-ie .a -N hAe t an .

., t.S"I ne..Dying C Ni ow .n .h.. ,
s.c levo -alco a f ,e her eo tu eton t, o s,, h e T tter's vila are 1 i5h ershlp of

widlon hre e :lmh anges e. ,. a .on". wohot hto m nor .n"r n MrsIt L ofe u she 1ca s of i .ia r n 1 .iw
r-hdld we h Prk se .. d oe 'ed tinte d ht e d r "Thi- l s w o gs erat e l a ct o w" ,o t sre a tem eart wa ., I *m eatlt ",'
fa ctpde. d t- nn -bn.t 'the entra andlgh l y o uf otoe o fber a n h con-du ct loult he a made ficre rvsias med ie
e ted l la bor hobofbutwithin M.lokdn.o.- ,_oe'r-- ,," ... ... The th sc nt tb h e a outer m o

i~~ob onsgned as pre she- openket. Anye otettd -nhes -e o t e .lo asloerbiaN nta a w es a .o t. a ,re -
] dedl rorhhdmo- operator" oVn t ee :h.itheent.ance a.ndifi yourne al oh nao I,_ouldhi of tow b. hIa g hr ,tisolt ihtoi
f eri tb te o n-ad r ietceate t dabtedo te b c from hehea Paacs for a planf tr m n .

out ofghower the Ji o a ia t tI hat I of th sa acegrpl ac cident Iucn Inon ti.he "added, teeervrn Go to Tue Plo A
r t eet at h t he U t o e eprt.s ra i tot e tha A d nt.o o tear f o t _
dIluo"a"- f e e9siai"hoyi gueotbepInidd e dr _r di whoe heiddo e f or h e plane a. d ,e. e"r t hey htal a f Aer -
Nrl *.aet_1 se.mnsitve positinnisa at "prueo Ax man d.wwe in woul d.,_O Fp to. s~oe fe i
,amon ke th. Aoot o ,aa o "in i NT lei Ma I represents the gratude repre ve w barred from onths wi

oil the positions on the looks pecifie 0 it ni ergoin Bsot ed t takea Mlo ta fory ite said
a alsS fAofV a w esft h w r oden grt
wit hsVnigh ebs.equenatlyo waesi M _hl ad fr edhicr.. -he ay l-
0 iP) eluaders "naI t hows 'as Bo mbh eroubl ac-k CsadC lourseil fonCtheifa- sor
Sof $,000 eu Wltneweifdenuo nLa- -reseverl d r-t o rTim e f.' as 'me moe, .e rt an the ec- ome t t d -ah
.CO.-by. t eatening h ---ath- E-e L-- gae. 3e, araeed W a .alnIite duet o e w tosis

WO"WO .fmotde^n i.. FcsmiBnmVDbtsHhef b toer ofe tl1 .om ly ae atMmo the p eole ofa "n thy wtnenoncnedatasp.eki... the-- sg s aIt- ..e ,1u
4 orexis t3*B4%Ora IUW1[Y-9 i1 Fp5*55111pl tooN the stop th B o 2 Zone. ^-^a "a'BBI'b
,.S. ettd t,,lo -- .r, o r.- .^-n- ..w s an n fi. n -at3 .n^ll alebea ..laas d th rs .la
one.. Lq.g,
Six- ral-n"a fewA ioe.eW .ingtotlnn.., ___o_ _- __-_' '_ _',_., _-- __. .._-___'.-

.t ...jldortosworkershf I31w s ftaesd by )ool Ch ul found that he" ia4.betm lieu tdm
Stork. am-c -h itions on the, .mid.the con. once on the PGeo R hs epi_ W
Iil ok, P oalice n. r d -lb the n few onher head and W ,, e le "...--,"he tak forcewl be corn- levealoted arwema wo oat cAn'benthegov
die d dlcted on three w" h-"esort Wleol 'weapous tests s equentl A hg atomic d ource saio n"e wmoant9lofV t weo U. diease givig th
cOf Wit lthe PSata-ii. ed to r-. S progsevraldlwyernuote to eto It Ito the o,4 aen oe a Ise rt. of a pln t ai on
fr m l Mrle and r Ite -de deikK0$"-We" n to the teat In light f ny of tgh t.bob and ctonduct a e...I ardo. the r st orItegic ar el wo .ic
flCI .' -bom more than by,. sldoent Eisenhower'0 'ece, nt test fI.dW atre estdeng theeff ct this co .. ..that.. ren lui
the gro.WSto, m, e r e du o gwe" tow s hti Nationsaid oda the p los t, 8t of
:, usl delivery of d a bombsSome ., e ,e, atpthpe es2fhI m eI.donct etnd thaeay will l
mrh s obdwas a enn s a wa could have escaped do- Wilson sali the d oenhower
as-h II wih whihthetom.xpst. m ille s the
otartdtoawed, while hydrgn plwthe
I winbot On-hewe urey. are in the orange of D test. S so
thesnew today by usually Weor a d 'stopped, ept
tri d + ,,, o whm sohch hsnt4rtth hW Itw



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laborbr rm Ation
easo nl



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-'- L --- _Q .. ..- "'V-,, '-'+., K ..-. .* F -,
-y ,,i**^ ^. : -/ *-' ,. -.* ;* r ^ ~

.. -' I + +, r : i
.. ^ ..a ^ y .. ,- _. .., ,, .., -. ... ., l g
_ ".-* ,. o -- .'," n r i a .- r i"- l .


,,I, 9*i SO W pMB lP *vilI 0*t I INC
.-. 234 MAaOlm Ave New YORK. 11l N V.

*'R Labor News

nd -

.. u- m. I t b .." i '* i ti e ". h **
oeob 00u oo .46
le Oa NSEi_.._ s- loo f of% By VICTOR RIESEL .l 1

You POU e ADeRS OWN COLUMN, 'e vio rone kind h h s is re. t. tre Co -
-." ...H. .....W.. I.Ap eating itself around Pr sident aE- a .-t e tin Hi-zeo
seaho%.-er. And I resDectfully Hui- )_una. .e
mit that despite the eandowas -.oI Rlo n b t

The Mail oea as open forum fr i readers ., The Panwma Anmer advisers, in or out of the .White 'h t. "i
S it. ersi rs e received g iateilly sod II re handled in a wholly co,- Hur.e, are entangling him in this k--lr."lP.
mser te ho mae t. t_. weird series of events. and *. .
Sacmelt labt a letter don't be1 nimltlnt it it doesn't appear lie Five times now, someone has,-- ,- -
hiave* Lerois, are published In hee ordle receive tried to mickey Mr. Eisenhower in- I
; t to hak p the le limited to one pPage length to providing cover and prestige, e not b"0-
S It of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. an I po 'er, for some of the tough. Wilta E ..
newspaper essumes me responsibility ter sela smens as opinions est mobs. operatg inside labor. .or l be t.
inm leerfs om resa' rs.wFive times they came close be- ..b ei.. 1..
o cause of the confusion of the early .' ad ue .W ab t
days and the Presidents under.l ,o- to'S ',Wvedu o
WILL SOME LITTLE GIRL ELF LYNDA st r'vable lack of intimate knowl.- ~ -tu u. Bo. ,
GE AN ,, H EoOedge of the intricacies within '!re- -4 4
GET AN ..A" IN EMISP1ERE GEOGRAs. ?,Americas powerful unions. toi0 athee o-, ..;
Now that mysterious someone is ob
trying again. Because he,,or they, 'but. I k O" t"
Same is Lynda Low R yer from Pittsburgh are either tremendously ninform-. .
yndy are a Bitrye wantsaurg tr emin G nag Bus he, ,oer they, Wee, autoll onJry
I am 11 ears old and am in the Sixthl ra ll ed or malicious, here is the tory: l
Our teacher has given us a project In geography to get aa It began in the early daysi oe ,o ll ramu.' iy
p ypal-in order to get, ano A" tor the course. G n. Eisenhower's campaign. Admnt Batlasilo leader are ex W iwever, ; Defr i
My country Is Panama, and I called our paper, the Pittsburgh Someone got up. a GOP labor ad- .tremel anxious toget a rid ers
and they gave me your name to write to get the name visor.E list. On it weress umi member, d aa d e l. du e d t .- *o-m -
-a girl my age from Panami. I would appreciate it very much of a bloc in~kie the AFL onstnu-. p I -oI -t l t -o r kogi
U you could give me a name. tion trades which today is giving 1 o cent b e -eloete t a)- to sit oI~~ co,
I 9m enacloing a sell-addressed stamped envelope. AFL President George Meadv one Tc1 R hr .eM i
of his worstnheadachisonotwis Ia- cent i m Ime itz de;reake.
-Lynda L. Byer, bor front. Ih d l mare S t. a a gr$ a0 ae "
28 Oregon Avenue, care eutt1er r% a ea h-$d0eI* a

t a t" to hus uben own .honsiag awful un h n a nal. b ihg It omt as wa as Gavin to a dt Eal-, "o e pe r .e o n' '-
SPittsburgh, Pa. Most of these so-c lled labor eI nations bo s Fa isre hl
Th_ re er hismen were. ando till are. '"protect- cve., t' a t, -wi t creed icha'
Th Can to f in dn c p peland" by the tough Brom nklynthe mobs oldsters havb a h Flwa ti.e m e
Can you fnd space in your Mail Box for a few lines from hanging over irm the days ofd mn. th bthewithd IIa
The Dmocratc Diogest. about b errancho MtlhU..: gov rnmentM InIherd Inc. However they w ere t. c ser av a.
mcraic ofthU. enm brushed off in their firtattot G
that has been taking an awful punching? Its entitled iThen, a few minutes after Mr. El r G.R .w t e a,
h "TATE DEPAsTrgr ALLri. lsenhower was in foAIT rmedDthatt he .s' ove d"si-RB sI thelhti e v man a.' h-e
STATE DE-A*TlI.iAILERY had won the election and was on ..... uWi .lt
hThe Foreign Servi e dhis way do idn os New York's Hotel o,_ .a-e _o r one .es a nHouse a etno e ttork 's oHot
LaCommodore Grand BaUllroom to .e ,t e an.dbg Rp .pee o D uo.
SThese. are theboys who make the place'run. tank hi cam-aigR workers, ae .. .s e n l the a n si

SThey ave little publicity and no of the fun t n o a ifamg Jral hinra eth n r e i h Wa s arve,
They .loiter plan, an pk t ontfted r o ried ad c ommittal wst e .ot W b
Itsmjust oe befthod, ahind picWmthenooa pieceoethsWyions.are homlethed. ren- e.te Edl oN iuWi gtoe R a tof a' b ts e

And c lng to the rather d scripted thesis tative of labor." Only f es ase t action t oU+ itionfiomn exd ilt o saos sde e hav -, ,, 6a tonHte I
t need a trained staff ue to back up new menr preve ituoftistn anented pcus oF ostisomn and henteWeitod esaes oouna R n...t Dm -- b
So they don't repeat errors again And again, Ike together then. Still later, the Peterdncla tanderc Jistobge (nimated SenateDem an ll ca

No matter how sharp the political schism .residernW ol ngresn in a ho J the Bt ahiIg
"._ -.... .y. m y a si a y ow!.P ex s eomr eWieel o ,eiThe service keeps working from patriotism.-hr be a niefoto gestthe to pr et tled b an e osee arrn e as A ie laoth r ng he U e- man. -.,ia t_--. with awaotnV

._1labor group whia hads p o WASeINGTON- 4NEA) M During r the sulou teeues oe d f usa .. .j/ he edw aaivie to -
T ,o r .A t b o h h h d him", and he did go t i-' ewpri.hi terAMeasof double talk when ome ct l e ien cwh._ose tati tene on s t t ea t sesos tedly
peuLIONS (elG.) appreciation. FActually, they ala ind H atdadlok were i invented i their0d wActs, Dthe 1aa pant sieae Rd fr ntIde Amau up bt G ideso sa te Le
-u haodsare toughhandmwill s11nenougnb led6 the economisstsfrom Denwt thed rsta abethe .randrwhric ts. R cruistnna hvm vahed

An t P lh l r^o illbdtn me Msuch wonder fl kideJargopwho lavsn resi- g .. t gtLy D Yr tetaeated 'I .1h
expoiedd a' re c urrnt i dj.) bt r esstrg e "o etn ar w noaouneers hi 'gathered i oVas nga fator cd av s.naCato fri d o mte ad d- en '

I tsJu t ne ofh tis.mhen u t ag oato i- ve he es...t. urg .... ee. "e in- 'lur "h1 tIo ..welhich r- ,.Ia. 9&. ta.o., aie I os_. iieo .b rJ_ I I
ust neof those thns. When youl gtboa goyouotta, tons are completed, ton for their annual conventional bIt GEbTTING TH jR 60AT I asor taulng rit pu cieds pon w.kitho bhim. rta

Igo and v.e've goLta go. Aside from other thn g Ithere Is t fhe a started over specuai. at o iheo If eaiO w anshe I Idsa e d tot o ll o g I
t dn Ta-Hartleylaw.Tss Ihe of predlt'siomi ewg agwr ie andhe -IA FI y GPtol l
hnd th u lo pets. Cats. Then someone suggested that he business conditions in 1954. Still There was a ndoublee r ord oran hagr mnt, aVa a Ices -ommitt

L---a of cats and kittens, all beautiful And .healthyan ho se -nam ti]etdo.... peia Ai r b n i1ah om Ia,-whi us he vwb

broke and gentle d used to children. t ioner Joe Fa to his cabinet. This st i as touin 1929,the -ec.nomI.stsCommerct .ted nw f o balers E oer wh F e
friend0Was., AFL Construction yed itsafe thias'timde, and madeYearrfesmvtes. p a* t Pof oa- iDsisting that the R nssians be po- lad up s rthe, 1 ;of bothIe a-

noa 1h dfo ur of Ths xthbeT e p i G h,, o ir tadredL ti.ANs OoLw T U. .. nderseretary ltear Wil- ent? In e that II ap4cr ts and R4 tei o
:. They are six weeks o ld now. And there are a couple of t ougressa meinIs a W oft aYingthere would be siana lwhoseb at awi Ue enra. o t the t Bthite
ST, o e- peyandm theboeffort to get thean to pressure Gov. depression, they talked about an But the chief. brthaey hwaseci b endik .toI o.rtio it he

Sa thAe hedo a joz onsohoueod Dewey into' releasing the big time orthodoxo recession I n an yre se otlatn thea ws ndtie 't o the ot't hadta I xc a
C nt 8o Huge acat? Doyu w a iI 'assur e ral cteiglt e h oenmabor racketeer. FB Itinformation saying thaat a 191;ot people might birthday was Dec. II I.a e g a en rod tea.i. uP dtwic ea
re y Tu huseatocdou Iswetheandaeeyounwilcfallinelovet? wi stopped tray's appointment. lose their Jobs and becof pitmo aThendwas- a eaPhD. d coffe thahonth peace eorfer en Tke astotrovgresiotil, Patea
youhi todoIs oeehemadryohwilof.lTInlrewih ployed, tth eutcnoihistt o talked. I t odee o A andel c was. asouitelynohe te d Rs ppth e i hmerniDy thate t-n w n te-

Spthese are super, extrg -seial ctat i' o ie let raandkittens. Now we find that someone In ab ort increa sing odispo tee i wamareo E h. mw asa boluelyn hewlyio& o m the lteolra L, lldu ei re b
Anvyhl10e'yok Will be doing me such a wonderful kindness the .osup which is advising Presi- Ip wepon. taoeslRedss-t
-one tor or more) you.wII I Ibe ,ingyourself a big de -Elshower on his specit Ill her eo a b 1P 40 i-tho. taxes, ,,R kto d 's wb- lovely pet. 2 Edes ge to Conress is prepare 0 an n 'u. oo e ur h atrot aeor t m ,f SIE G, .
%a D t ivpocAP paraton trading suninasfrom as $00 util -nihll.ti te ofTit't

fie i | [. 3 oi senl Balboa 2811toext rt xpt the rue- see am to be thar' fat here Wony, baNr Ph.O a.Enlb s e atos S .. I
f. W Taft-Hartley law.72s T i the o k predict .it'..cami Ifthe x- a Eng ls. atemen t.InChin e.l I Y a .1
CCeithe ho a feomi 5 at- ac eN e lace ClomghSDtCLeeANCES

a lerng" ". sci. n w .h es r date a o pmthy wdo i s t am e ssis n-Ta- u as ,It has not been i orted on tha t on, th a s. n had
Thousands of construction wo neri as they didn't in 1929 it's of in deval, U, S. Specal 'Am as1a- been insisting 11 alongdb st hie*So mean siadhe ivipisbwant
._ __._the r ht to vote for unions of their course unorthodox. But-either kind doer Arthur Dean h been dish-di y
Answerto Previousownchoosinghurts just&a-shbad.d. dhat11 comms niatooM r si

prn .A,1, di Iol.wea mack Green,' erpdR t .,.0 r ,p( *e..
O n cef beo r e b t h e o dr i ti n gon h a s o u n"x p W e d I s w h e t h e t I t eits qri toI n hS p l v C o .td P r o b rtk

.I I m n ,,ed b Gr nd J r Th e ssew oYeeChan s iho nr rais. gs- his o e paige a s ey
IeIo rIealdaIgorthose controfVeroala ,i points lasto than "un.ployed. The heasy.- ao e th m K .a g a
e. ia re b ertt an es. i treaty Arrangements At Pau DepartmtOf Defense d the letters er L
1c.u..ckoo .ailyo.thni eidnto Dexrhe p s remit- e .d SOLNS t U. S.-SAth orea delega. Verrec publirelese of news up his tnge ativiesfo
Su y s on a coslted. of onlyf And ict on the aelttren araft tor e McCarthyt in the Marylandl
&-. Rguay 2Bi rIhomesIftoiierst among r19 AL con, With C ongressback i nWhing .n iators.for the Unit-- knw -sthe 0o 5oeelieve hey can ,
ongirilsaa ,dindited tC oni Gese Wash ing-s l o natili of 19Mt.o s e em e

0 4 d s4t h c ntrad eabders iGndic ty the e 'S. B otni hNations aide. They have been "Nik.fat Lee's confdrllm ation In
"'. : h a f a t N lobusy *January. Eve ry con p t d- a anywhere from. 25."-,I-' th- ecind tamelthe

I." -.a."..A*& 7ofociali tOne bie i Seig t-led inav gs. lAtTed o the oernmentMe i advisershabo been Defense Oeta.Charles..i .. -P r l ident Sherman Ad-m in .e
2 dad4aThis gentle derianeartis tt whatever you want to callnit

Mirot.tall.ti ms. ne, .- lBarbara 0I "i'e be war -- sta.. h
N' M' vwaqW~i rfnveuT a'
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I I construction trades uniaio in sev. story on why she onIbar i; Sat Z a- -a.s.... -a-
S -ral' states. Big Fling ... sb Can- o qe ry ,, "**e -Co ,i-at."
S I Digest ha. a piece on marriage an- .%.-- _.-
AFL president Geor; Meany is nulments which clears up many -
I RSeagI"ro to clean these up, too. Lead- things on the Below SimpsonSI IAdd Manhal an Rul : a .". .
ero the crusadin- AFl Interna- O'-wyur split. .< rim $ .
A0=,, o ch asthWsa-e -4'v*4e. I '..--
thscrowd sano J4@b -inAds wivdbe Attys 40'a.
e~hodsa.S om o f isa sore eow a
gWAS a eastreWerand Wa, chvift Pic K. l ess bg*dt ane.sw
a abol diga i.S that thious- itemed a -lot as ma i_.
to he Miii jUseuob must that oe. I beer hobe.

I II1 'u -- .- a -... .t .
i ~ ~ g m ---- ch- J t I
have',... ,%`."a..R. ..-
-.-"-' +-' --"".

-. .

-- Rd,

-'. i,-+ ,


- .

c ,.- ..

;.' F .a~t

... ,, I 2l -. .. .

4 ** P f N A^R:U UUV4 | -- -
CAPTAIN AVtI MS. BAD -e:r for the day includeavoo W .
EN- ve ueri A di3mer party gIvei hry Captaln and Mr. N. M. tBad, at Pratt llod by a ooof
%IIIIWE '".i WiiwS their Co. Sote Quarters, last evening for their houseguests,. in charge of thl aea- mes ms Ahw
hemdees d o 'la S- Captanl T. 0. Dahl, Comm~naia Officer of Fleet Ar WIng 11 from 9:40 to 10:00. Revered
o **f J eksuonvlle, uFlu., and Captin Neme Howe, also by Jack- ert Peterson Is chmrman of the o t
5- k n p gam hour from 10:00 t ,ll: l Rede Bnie' therM 1
S aJ ip Che ,a--- ee' se .a t. e~lemiS S.vy S nay my .a c .dm The honorees are on the Isthmus to. honor her houseguest, Mrs. group Leadohihpe Dynaic tr oS., .... ...a...
J!!.,,LStrfege eem .l g I I M. Ch'sehe *for the Chhage of Command Cere- Hugn Thomas of Monrovia, Lali- The ladies of She hurch. will ., i_. wSUea M ip
,--.-m W SisA-A selp-klih tlog i dto I immamo t Ae p I.iS ..lkl oom > mony which took place, at Coco fornia. serve lucheo a 113 a m.m.. ,- -.-,
p. -,-- i -t.a. et, 81oo, this morning when Corn- The other guests were Mrs. r ___ a "1: .i ...vfon i eMded tod
i.< Mhi, .i. .i se.llj hi-l me i telem wander William T. Luce took over.Leou Egolf, Mrs. William Van Sic- Mrs. Estes P ,,dd ea. ltry p n1D ;
wson r p t.i,,. e e. s o o e .,..,, ,iea, *A es ggs esn. a a -. te Coma :and ,of Squadron VP.45 len, Jr., Mrs. E. J. McCarthy of At Gau.n Angary
'.;asag teSt e a ni mr -ael, soe,,t. e..: __ #r_, who is leaving fdr the States, lills~a ugh Mrs. Fred Newhard, new ye..... orko. the A, r_ It dee. t.. a.
arZe.a*O,. ve me -t eor'e t loeting tour of duty and Mrs. kred Schwartz. of the un Uron Csy k mrnat th, Katioh would w"rkla,,"r
t ,iDSb Churl, of Chst lEps.cop i, : e:ve,. Thater'. .r dsnne we : I The prizes were won b Mrs. C Thursday morning at the mah PrUp cfr
S Bud ---, l m n avanbly v, Goode. 7TJ / in CIaLna~had.Mrs. W. A Thorn, Newhard,' Mrs. Egoif an Mrs. Mrn ro wJ.b MSr.4El d,..
ari^Sai aaus .. 4. *asne C-l0r IumoB u to(onmgrrs Commeasderand Mrs. Thomas R. McCarthy. Morning coffee was served bby W~loumhby. Mrs. R. A-.
.-M. & Oaerv S!, ound, 10:0 an-r. / r &v i COMM w C _P ,Cower and Mrs. W. -.. the new officers. With Mrs Estee and Mrs. Jolm Wn ing. -
.. aServices smudy Le:o0 ---. li0; ar'- .; mas Rel C .a -. s, -Commander and Mrs. Tree At these include Mrs Bmuen g-.
butu _lh & srvi Ca aS W sn. SUT Ma reb.eb................ s Mrsldri ge iod, Commander A group .of families at Brazes Frank Sulc" Wrlei andM Ww -
m raBUJO1: 1out ihlM. 303t0 i.l R. n. C ..SS., ned tws. a W rhip .........* .... ant. .lf. A. L. Maccubbit. Com. Heights met at the home of Mr. During the business iheeting BOSTON (UP) e a
h eI..S* ----~-l~-s. .. ... .. ee a. o car- c caUc mauder- and Mrs. H. E. Wheeler, and Mrs. John Kernick, of Brazos Mrs. Gilbert Lee was elected see- Durgila Park's, ooe .of]<
t 5t 5 o *. Mornna ft5rw and d. o 16 *e Washite ~ ne or Comtbaader and Mrs. V. W. Adler, H:ights, last evening for a Wiener ond vice-president. ed- old resttiantisi l a ?rrt
i_*_.______ 1 Irms o .5 h s a. .w t a and Co.Lpander H.T. Uoyd, LUeu- roast and tree burning, Reverend J. W. L. Graham gave warning: "We are slot namudl
-,---.. Hot COobaM o i. S ?,S CoM T mmander W. C. Camp-. a talk on "The Meaning and the for any steak ordered weir
anien CaiUdn e e amnolis Psf Am lEIOt : sra" (. ee aigd Lieutenant-. Commander The faminilles that partiepated Ministry of Prayer. Charcoal-broiled steak eodd li
-ce a Unionag U asWK us e sr. Caey of Jaksonille .... cluded: Mr. and Mrs.arold Mrs. Caleb Clement was the so. apt to be tourh, a chb explaalend
SMJall ,u wN i g u .i s ob C ....... '.. 530 a.. ~ F"l Sur M ada oa e*n a --.- White, Mr. -nd Mrs. Percy Alber- ..a.
to,.eas a-s..,tf>.,.= ar 0- ., IA.W;C. General g. Mr. and Mr. W ,iim Mdd.l-,
,a' lasanume C, u ,-m -- --r sN- mi ,m, ,b hatL' a bcam AseMbly Pulea Sam Blas Trip mas, Lieutenant and Mrs. William
Ml.m m -- u 1m e SdoSl S t,, Go Mon da n Ca r 9 -l-he reguia. anenealh Apsembly Middlemas, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert
Aa .0 a' C b.e be Mon d a y g 'oup byllat a730 Mrs. N a t Nel a rvom oa j*
" aoem. euse 4 o bSS tBr S r Ndm., Chi th ei willr be eld h M ron y lat even i nh M for ta h M r housel Mcrty. InEohar ge of t* I Osin
*:23 a.n-h s md t an w -id WU"* i __ -" -p. ,u, W' w OaS.I S. *_.*. iD S ,m' O the..It, A~-C lB aing and Mr. and M rs. Kernick .A n ew -- ar m '.-. ',
15i .o A RiRs'- P e a l ,..le ganAdA 'c pln re b.ein made for a trip Shrine Club M ewe'ig whll n

-. *:as l t ......S. may. make reservations at the preside.
u ommdx Oi B irauou e oiS.. o Monday. e0. d aD ae San il. Islands by All Shriners are invited to at-will
c4 INg Study c- o1 da. ad ...... 0. a r n wil ab meet Monday evening Ja k nuary 11,tero is t r
Woo. y henedulioa: 5:00 C.m. Wednesday 7:00 p.m M ah ms 'W3 he wn lunch and the group will at 7:30 p.m. in the bgo om of
a.. + mol e ty l ; ss, o, tAA sd e' se.t i saN 0 p ... I aMm. Hte, will discussroathe tera rita b e. Mr E-O
m ta ib.oi awt s L _mam..a. P S. and IeM | f"'mns MB sioN Cp ay. Mra. Jame F. agreed to T errs, the new"Cu rious Savage" will be
"aSS'- ts Selowade W ttS. Sna.. for the -I: ofand Co50man0k. I CC A h oLas f Moo mal make re Inta rn at the on We dnesd aA
S T d nTy Pa4 e meti n meeting. ," A S e Civic Theater.sto at

3:4 RSun, U .t n bloSt. C rcuism cM a.i 6 0-1:4@ on Tounday. V a Acai MT w s L w-ll e prese nt ed by a pianist sale at $1.00 per person. They weill *
Curlabo m. Adle: i : 0S0A Ml. i.. u n "* 10 mS lnS

''^S us^^he ^ aS~a le comell W W ^ S oe e a om.nday Tea will be served by Mrs. Lurs Mrs. Rodgers 5-576. Mrs. Semon Sic M E P.
. arghip Mpervies- untar3 Sunlaw8:3 s B-o f i Albbl Shool aM thB He*nandes and Mrs. E. N. Gard. Theriot is in charge of reservations over!
4"0.S Hour ChunA- Ho n -a... at 0 tma and a toa ,aM a2 .e od the 5andcraf a0-telephon which MAD she.
*m3S:ae0 ow' as D H --, m. hasto been madke- rtm lomo. s m "The Reoruigio Saworker" ern Vr. oA
.I I. .t "owY.eturdoy. t.e C sn c ...x... ... 10:80 xm With L-cheod And Cardt Federation MeePO g 100 Central A vene, PanaFa

cit S 9 o u nt ono UB LADY OPrAT.MA a MoaDumale Nt. g'u v : m Mrs. Robert Thoma wats host- Th Isthman Religious Workers

^^"he.Arwe'.'0 em.;- Sacramentnd Iuranets a len ids tu o dmates on earned Mrs.owlee Schwat z. C- 1 Fr Stree, colo
ibert AvF ud a y aM e ae hol t Ma e muc luncheonn and canasta party given tobal Union Church on MondaSavage" be

olThe Bev BaImed A. r.Miaf.t0. Hoy myMei00 s ses 5:55 *..t p 5 ..i's aTr .id C h e, wtd CH wC : a w OOD amt h:a as charmea'f 'the committee resented at the Ga The busn A
ai._Sa Conson: S a e, me for the ehibit at the International eater on Wednesday and Thurs-ura r
af J. W. oSi Saturday 3elia G ymnasium- woTanesalp; 3.30 p.m. SS Scholol ............. 30 .ml
Ssa .e eo- 0 p So."A .C i O .O i March in Coa Civic Theater.
ulta: a S S m 5s r A progm A Panmaan mu- Resered kets are now on

^pTur*.o. a.&-COD- r Telephoe eJSsWor. Fcmul roD I I And I se 1M1
S BALBOA:r Mav se s Boad Sib e emp Prares and Mrs W g the ned a 3t N

A elmadoeL ay .a Yoth Flowd a 0 S 5 a
Servi es Onndy ,10:00 T am. "-r, AWN Ch a., sic will be presented by a pianist sale at $1.00 per person. They will

,. nab"-- ... ......... s -... .... $A
Macke; M, Srv-- Suda 19b11 SiCatec hsA SCNDAYS: .. M ts'm ft M as. and guitarist, be delivered to anyone by calling X ga r
30I.i_ House No. 30ft at. ift i evening aship ............... AtM an % -9 ..... A. L.-*r omb -Cam- H t e metho e h
a Olase S-823 Cesnesdlas s 0 Lay. z lair 11 __
wu so a l c !oi & 6:0 ,rS a HeRP nandes and Mrs. E. N, Gard. Theriot is in charge of reservations sL D f
"" eh- --T). ui ? = Va M Th.. ? .....h .r. OT D. A

@oWSrvu .ScholW Catechism C loas:o0 m Su-y ro s anmd7 tree 3g Rev ren J. W. Laste

S .sctc : e nre L P el an Merls n g'. Worship .... ......0 r. -a H os.ored
Hos Julyoea. anumi at a choo---- A::.4- -. W. C Cp ---1:3 Fel Me eh Meang
....' .... Ones ochn Ad Cd 1e Meetinge 100 Centra Ane 5y : f W Son a nddg Pam SL

ua v ie ,o the T1 UR L .mA SFAInA e v J.SoSD B Pia Nidht's Service ,..i ........, :m Mrs. Robert Thomas was host- The Isthmf an Relgious Workers
u n, on cA 81sW AA0at A .DC a,"i PlayraMeetint--Wefnesda 73 .r? in-" ess for a beautifully appointed Federation will meet at the Cris- Front Street, Colon.
eM.,a : 600 a-aa. (Jilt t a ,0 m-M-- h kraye ren Cbm' l.3 CHURCH OFGD !at her Gatun residence, Thursay, January 11, at 9:00 a.n. The busa-
Hl C. 9 a W-e Mr. iO Mrns TPuredayrcy _r VM I : c
to Geinera a Sday. at. J. Jo9nlnm. Mieatdl
4asP in ERR Coo "do M Wl, 7..00i
5i i p.m. NY. t holin'l So m Massaa1011 h 4 1amW -.. N Ui llwsl 1R Sl e7a Letm : M s 00 p
le't a sS Ce t y Pra Mass:e 1 sCoo a a. Rev -' omM d-i:ay.. 7M1 pm
L IVCI tAt CA Mot "" aH Ea E- r u Gse r H.l

--" .. I.mB 'n. S.ddy .. s:< Im o.n 1 S py. G U ES. m T. #al Mbe"o .. .. .. .. th ee sr* W o mn.

W. ;ses cman Chrfeph s ma. Wv* On*g ahe "PHII I. -TP AE
sNa M m 70 C o .a. aes 'n Seorvice,....... ..... 13'g ,m l
": .. *n t A' ii "oV L i M and Md res. S l" P
.ot no ,,d, a.. 7t10 A nm

aiP,,'.,W # ...&...a- d:Sinr2Bhrlyi eK Arcil po nt for. sev- co r c ,uPsm.y d
mj "a ^ 87 S.f 6 3 to all SM: 3 via. d a a s M ond al :0n. ol y Cm -
," am.i shi a" s fb .: Oi am; =do M Tet L r1 cr ... In h "' pb- f"o T h
s- ''4.a- Youneg aD' M su=a d W l ( Ia '5Bi.i i.00'.... 92"a S t Sts SrI s.'....S.....7... C30lpb wpSi

Man 6:0 wa an t i2 .W iA tt di Go up. Fnm y Prned a- a* for ree0 me p r o fo t k m e M n a J

Th e 'j m am ., on Sunday. Wall.o L -ae r 5*rn Ei.t oi
41 = A W im I .) o 1hee e p l at: m T h u r s d ay .+L Ui.r s nn F i hwOi
-eu Bod-t aai =4Wag Bak~. 3Every:00 Saty at 9 L my 8 0 K
lot 7:---4-0 t and ohe Andre AtW(3 .1 eLn.ath............
J6on Suada o '- 3_- ............. ... ............Caeinvitdtoit

Mialosday- : 0-- m. 10ov. tee &e. s ,red d e rmo 1h
at "a=, S... .. .................................................AttacintG
c, Se V v. Lad hulvldts00 Sun Mamm. 5:500 an. 92% ,anual -s .AVII U1-1 2+

: 'a 'C -s act as Ait. (i.. ...... .............
l:t Thursda p: 7.40 P1....,... .1 n..
,atechism ,+ C aSs 31 11546 M il Maidh In Coon SiCic h
.a... m ean" H evr t lo70 p m o0 Prid a AA p rog raC of 3:3
Aano w s tr F ri d a S L g t eo a d n dfa yr-. 3 0 0 $ Lb. a ndi U Mt s .. si c we ". .s e.. . .I.. r p.. .y i
Ar ed MCoat chis ue: 3 :" 10 T uday. a. JLCg Aden t W C N 3 ........ "so
A*@ busST. 7.30 -. .. tit .......-........ Sunda Tea will be w ive by th e L uis M rt R od er 5 76 M

-0-A, e ai". ,ist mawO 70 -Iit' 1 J rL. eliiond sewe oohnde"y.
chur ch -K ay. MASN' M= m Orll
C"n."m mo4 3:00-s M at'sa: 5:4d and G W .J G n o "ev. M rs -w B ayes R W:r er

so -:a- Stmu'y Mass..... PHILIPS, 91 Central Avenue, or Shaol .. to Station HOG, BoCe
,. Posed Instt: r7:1% Vo. oa Lelmue Nigh'ts, Snd .........a. S:LS e 3145 Mrsa by 8m P.M Fri ay m k g sure to -inklud
s,.,_l Ae.n.....ue undday Maw.-'i. 1 Sr no4 Sacloril a" serum, ..ua1E "" t" Cnm, pm. oandun. ___ -""____-'"__"_'_'_""""_,p... your name and address.. "u
,,.. P ,W4,euiwu lv '. .'3 S... Each entry will receive ten points for seven correct gu.esse. ".0.

v,,,,choo..i anT Ho y M,,,s ,.0 ,-. ,d l.00 hOeg, Eight poiutS for6 points f 5. points for 4 Two -
6.60 nP-droa 111._. 0a PrOUdte, i0.t _Wo S ayL Sri .... 3:00 p .

*un mm14.,'. .Smund 350 Pem. ConfeMone: 4:00-8-00 and 7:0"-4'00 PANAMA CI !W "" .... w.....,
,.ay..- c. Saturday Snior PAA n ad m onal .............. points for 3. One point for 2. Half a point for 1 correct
Sif. t 1e 2 m 4 i s MIir-UNlWu. Ma dal".: : p.m. on Memonde 15 de rebrre
dflIPROa nATWi CU, C a" d"la., 3:45 p.m. o- T ,esdv Phone .-200 9.43+....

SSA m SUM oto LrAD sj--oo co su l s .a -.............. "Bit" tunes will be selected on the-basis of requests received .
.- .9 S. u- Uol D. qySIa.i. 60ant-n 5-0 did. A wuum" o o for popular songs by Station HOG up to 6 P. 1. Saturday.
BLCn "ia TBas m. oAr aftlr -. n munSdi No S iSa. Sdal Be ................ ...%-
n 'I|e .iro eln 7, ne TfB M m 4 a'.m :-00 Sunday UM chooi. ."'.. .- I. ................... *
B.i. iu 6A oa d Y. ........... S= Entry with the highest score at the end of each month will
^-B ^ R* R'li- Intrut tiuon;: 4.B B. on Thurs- ?113 B ais e s Meand SIf I Sr... Capt .. .... 11 W 1 -.
9- .... tuda.. Cub= L 10. NV rs DDT C. jCk ft. a.aN receive a brand new PHILIPS "Cavalcade table radio.
1 Stu C 0 m. on S al w DTN. __n o, 0 D al ..................... :" "
Building Nol 62 y ..... ,....... 5:81
n iST TWOA Im 'Ml APOSTLgE 30 Sunday School. Naval Ep al ............. 10:
S,3re- Pneat -- .ep.m. "A 7-"" YTLYour nr. an
-- S.. ,U.. Sun bow .................. ,a recniv a ba me PHILP l t l

.O' fU,,d..--.5 6- trd. --.oo. C.i ,ist LISTEN- I"N
Sim C ntu _Clu. .- T- Ma. coan ?burs RD -aN d M. X M eCAeA e U A L TA c N
a V Not ta eSunda y ::" '0
ay COLs T-H D Sn v ... ***. .*W.... PosH the

- s' Cs i ..M L A c*, 4 .m.. 7. 0avno-tio r. -.
8adaV, ...i..g. -n. Send- In You E andm-~- t
te-**-n / modal as-sm an 'e IM A i
Ot -1_' 'a=--""" PA-_ sm. 9m 8

r" ..S. 9.. I COLON -__ H O G
T* ,uinv *a SMI LSFTeel ems Lu-

730-5 pm a m M8u..H--
s n.Mow a Dimiy. a .s iae i / t moy ... P o -"a

Cor--h'.m 4-u0--n 51 am. an Wurd sti m ** r. S

,,,4r "- +' .. p..- .. -' ,

- -.

-.___~ ~ 1 ,. -z

,-- .. *"
;- = .-. <- -r'..-. .. sw '- *... ^ .

w. C .. ,. :_

fiia. To old Upsy AfooiteFng'

Plan To Hold Up Atrocity Flm

.1' d

.-- S -

OTON, Jan. 9 (UP)-
of a television film de-
Korean atrocities and a-
ecogressmen promptly
iedad the action "appease-
and "pussy-footing."
Sn. Charles E. Potter (R-
) chA0rman of a one-maq
torce investigating Red
Ulties and murder, termed
cancellation "absolutely rt-
t ous" and ordered a con-
Wpa/onal Inquiry.
l film depicts the torture
*:Ajlled prisoners by the Com-
l 'An Army spokesman. who re-
btsd use of his name. said it
felt it would not be "op-
tue" to release the film in
vfow of che forthcoming Big
foreign ministers meeting
a Berlin Jan. 25. Officials also
i tlthe delicate" situation in
State and Defense de-

Rep. Lavwrence H. Smith (R-
WI.), -charged "appeasement."
"What in the world are they
doing, calling off the dogs?"
"It doesn't Bnake sense to me.
That will get us nowhere."
Rep. Jam es P. Richards (SC),
top Democrat on the House Fbor-
eign Affairs Committee, said the
State Department might be
right to withhold the film tem-
porarily so as not "to pour pitch
on the fire until the repatria-
tion of U. N prisoners In Korea
Is completed"

Legion Auxiliary

To Hold Secudity

Program Saturday

to UMU ty -"mutually I
It- defer" Iuseof hI A national security program
to defer se of the will be held at the Balboa USC(
,he Am sid the JWB Welfare Building at 10 am
ler the Army said the next Saturday under the spoi
e Department dictated the worship of the American Legic
and the ite Depart- Auxiiary.
t enterd a denial. The Ar- The chairman of the program
ood by its statement. rs. Hollis Oriffop, said that a
State pepartdient spokes American Legion and America
n Henry Suydam resolved Legion Auxiliary members ai
mounting confusion by an- invited.
i g iat was a loint dectslbn.
Be refused to say why the film p ecial guests will be Rabl
was withdrawn. Nathan Witkin. William Dolai
It uws to have been shown Frank Wilder, Mrs. Hattie Mat
"tdva don ie first of about 240 shall, Miss Bernice 0. Conna,
tions on the Army's weekly Girls State Alumnae Assoclatic
levtslon show. "Th. Big Pic- representatives, Maj. J. T. Davi
re.." Ten prints ol the film editor of Legion Topics: Mrs.
ad been imailed and the Army commons, president VFW Aux
had to notify the stations a liary: department officers of ti'
substitute would be sent American Legion and the Amei
The stations were told the iean Legion Auxiliary: depart
film probably will be released ment chairmen: unit president
about Feb. 1. and post commanders. Don 1
The foreign ministers con. Cox. Veteran's administrator
ference will heve started--and and R. H. Ashbauih. Boy Scot
. perhaps ended- by then. executive
--.'A Defense Department of-
ficial said the tillm required Feinlond Concert
"further editing" for errorea as is"' s'u i ^ll C
a result o0 rechecking on Red AI. JWhB Postponed
atrocities. Suydam agreed that I lW P rIpUIIo U
the film probable would be "re- '
edited." A chamber music concert b
He said there was "A slight "The FelnmAnd Trio" which wa
misunderstanding or misem- scheduled for Monday at th
phasis" on the origin of the de- Ba!boo-USO-JWB Armed For
clalon to hold up the film. ces SFrvice Center has bee:
"While tliere' was no specific. postponed until Jan. 18 at 8:1
-6redtests from the Department p. m.
:vf State that this film be held The program will include
0," Suydam said "there were works by Beethoven. Paxtor
consultations between state and Clarke and Brahams.
Defense at which it was mutual- General admission ls $1 an,
ly decided to defer release of 50 cents tor students. Service
ih particular film." men free.


#u*- ht ServIn to Colombian Ports
pting Goeral Cargo for
% ao. iavenituni. Cartagena, grranquilla

,. *APPLr : ,
S .Wilford td MtKay, Inc.
Telephones: Cristobal: 2998 1160 2535


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S.S. "SARMENTO" ..,........................... .19
M.V. "SALAVERRY" ............................. Jan. 30
85.. "LOCH AVON" ................................Jan. 11
S.S. "DUIVENDYK" .................. .............Jan. 25
M.V. "DONGEDYK" ............................. Jan. !7
8.S. "DRINA" .......... ... ...... ...... .Jan. 8

All Sailings Subject to Change Without Notice
FRD CO. C. PANAMA-Ave. Per* #55. Tel. 2-1257/8
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: TODAY MIdQbt Show!
Diana Parker, in
"CA G ED."

S- TTI OL I' -
Joel McCreo EIvelyn Keyes, in "SHOOT FIRST"
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Finding esahade of face powder
S to bring out your loveliest skin
tones... a powder that won't
4 d1 Your comp-exIon ... .a a

XIW~-wnith new tere-toued
PQAd'mLPoier your problem is
solvehi'ecause this emarkable o
S new foiwpowder isaa -combina.
ltion of axe4Iolor blending and
#Wtitre. lUny panicles of
'ae umio6t onlty over yur
Ar#flu 'your coupleuiom
i a-shmr veil of lovelinmess
t. h*6leand feeso nmmturaL
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AU& Roedbest MeS Whi
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IL :a#,
No.-. O

a StU;6 9:10 p.m.
greatest story fo.
* love and faith I

Errol Fiyan, in
Dois Day, in

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SCLEOPATRA... Her loves I
Her timel.,. In a Lavish
Teehncilor 'S1ectacle!
..... n .ma.+_o. r -- M l lli

Hi- cocoP.

"Montnp Territory"
Wm&l m*weI pVa mefrI

CA P Tr OL00
Glenn Ford, in
Kathryn Grayson, in
"80 TEi S LOV "

SuaEn Hayward, in
aory Calhoun, In

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* Richard DINNING

7:001 CRISTRL :15 -
AlII r.CMtkom d
G"lij=HPIX=Cf i
*6m- A' n


'So Big" has the finest performance by an ae-
tress since "Johnny Belinda"!

'So Big" is the prize4ftner of all the famed
Edna Ferber novels that have become screen

"So Big" l very, very bitl

Warner Bros.
Edna Ferbelr
Pulitzer Prise Novel



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04 "r#aerch Fr w NwPrm emier Tott Aml -
'""" ...... ...F... .--r, A... II Parisi... .g is Find Me g '

".. -Ito. t Jm. (Upr) Pre- or. tic. %unit. Liberal andb, "
*...r wo ldenutl h hurrie4 h Moaeia ea. After a successful aver Mem- Hotel al P C
Wta co e D a' 'oA P*rty .Itd- Al a, tobny ce hebr Canvas which helpe to re- Junta for IM Ito
-, m er a new premier et. -w Zema i willEau pk for trievin many members for the meeting yeste .
Varwe4 *iv-, beforer the efour-day-old gov- premise Christian Democratle Parish of St. Peter's, parishion- The Ijuta i .bpo.e.of: This *
-gtp ede hous ettats u l"Va riety ernmnt crisis-plunge Italy into nominee i Amtintre antanFni-a era are looking forward tp the gello Afl ro, archict OUeffto +turni uSPn to
.. .. W I CoWa f 4it' Ia presented oll man more to the left that he annual parish meeting. Andreve. Dr. Teodoro a*. Ma-
._ r --" W oThe and ti e, 80-yeit-old would 4)ke. This has been announced for nicipal architect BeraaoA .
hl, alboa, will President er a prolonged Einaldl's personal favorite Wednesday night at 7:30 in the Cardenas, Maj. Art Dre, lue t '
.. '. Be '. ; p.m. crists furtherr discredit his formal school pupil and fel- parish all n will be preldod Eduardo tag Jonta Va- this
L ..,-- iwU pe wlMinta their famlia the parUi W irepri n th.e low-eoanomist Oluseppe Pella- by the Rev. John S. McDufftte, no E. and F ubI Velarde, Jr.
1 an I1 ad the p t P Canal T eyes e S.thei anpubl, ru signed as premier last me- priest in charge. Also Prewn t at h foewtind were *
B, a at sS -JW nd of tie Repu o Pan ~ ma ready itro the downfall of day flowing a bitter Internal The agenda for this meeting w 1 Panama's public relatibl pressed -u
Cl C ,,La Boca Rn, are )ovited o tahe opuer nluseppe w at a one te threat tn o iudes reading of reports front staff, Mrs. Audrey line M slo, 1ie, M
.else W-et e Pella, and pave the wayto pow- eed to ear apart the Christian the various parochial organiza- Manuelita de a Guardia d ha o lo,
*s Meolbeelr o a r wlug C ae Cha r ftwd BhgS aorriris ex- emocratic party. Itlys tions. elpetion of vestrymen and ra. Vilma Arias an i
s aMr. n.. sor .Alexander Finland,. vi ls. las in sewig Taistrction for .tre mts bulwarknagainst Communlam. f deleates to the district con- The Junta's first meetnr was ehoru e in'a.
LrD. Bome. Mrs Feland Violin cell; a fashioning sative tUtw of po- "ao ,with t uene 1-With s Aintment between Pel- ventln. devote to deoldlog how the vot.- "This tIe AW
u rie, -- I. Wroteor HQ Jainowits Serasi montuats ad uinontuaosUnud e h'tr u la i and -ge1 a ytstiam ilder Dtri button of pledge boxes is ins for a queen would take place TheetertingB b tk

g- ~~~~~~VPaal M4 Ul-I. ic tress for thele classes. received the Christian Dem]- Quick Aenon Foremost among the services the candidate ofbla cdol-. Oth- cut that Panam'
--day as- left .-s"a a ie Pil -athe" Clas of the Bal '- HARTFORD, Conn. oUP).-Hart.|for the first Sunday afterr the or rules governing the election new an idga tc4
t' ot return to t1iehome wlltsfrahAto a in ._ig--b........dford pol ce sent out a nine-state E iphaniy i Choral Eucharis d at of the lucky debutante who wel that
S Betty Jeas p m for studg- a In Iw .. i evedi wa nw be held o f! c e oste rm overy W,-u thatiu.r nwhuro office. Members wno cry' cent spent at the hoe for A ol

th. United SJea. Wlm-a tht Fu .alarm Or three men wanted T 7 a.m. when the young people re n o ver the wfour-day Carnival wear, et, vi be
A M ts.' olniey o tesvea eheorsa the d~aB roet memon connection with several burg arie will make their monty corpo. featvlteon in February and planed.
Mretun. rsC. W e a o admiBn wr be ch owh rged o te m t the l U r da roe U The nx9 day two of thema waltee dese communion, with Father Mo- March wa e also passed anved th _. +_
' n the o their iry ,pershmn. w e wi be eld P Road, aat : .m.!l IInto police headquarters Tnd said, Duffle as celebrant and preach dactes were set for the forthcor- It was decde, ilana
Mr. and rs.!. Mye ms, lretehmentg wl. be erved. at-he uines slumoete, reforeow- "We heard you were looking for er. a h Ing vote-count dances ("escra- ,ra'sau rea
lJr stiy o ae r in gathe business meeting, reresh et, J MoSn prayer and churenos"). .woul tntoa..h
e ee d ents, Ala NotIe J. Mr t will be served. school will follow n t 9 a.m. and Ma. Dreyer felt that services lain manamaas Calt
o Cboe.r--L .e t.. .Sit --- -Ei.. venson with sermon at '7:30 personnel would be interested in nival do to- tQl
4 d is -y, left IThe ma Phil hod its b -month Moral e Guild Meets Foremost amon the services the candidate oia i th t thanks
1 h )"a-oto ry to their meeting at. Tuesday evening Wih : p tlphaiv Is Choral aucharsft of the icky debutante w w.

hoe, in thei Stas in the Sorority House at Curunuu. The Morning Guild of the CI.Iiia-...
'--7mw t "y- thedral of SL Luke met Friday ver theur-day C
S Vaes e M y Albrook N. C. O. WIves mrnin aft the home of Mrs Har mke e month n February
aMr. aol bMi -eon ee, oam leebywho resif ext door of the r s Creot Union thlh Iv e aE AR I TIaU E-D -. --t ia our. Mrot he rglr
ck. wll. boe among passengers ar- C. O. wifes Club will hold ts--- It C NU .D-Dd't miss lourfBI
c om paniedoby her son Fr.der-sTheiAlbeooadAireFortenBaseaN.smeetinwrofsehatrIroup.
rivIpe MonIa :0oard thc S. S. morning coffee Saturday from 9 Rates Decrating Class
Mr Yor h. ig, refreshments wibe ved at the blo Clubhouse. Foow- or vote-count dances been visiting for the past sev- The Bat Decorating Class ofPO
Ser weeks. Wednesday Eel the USJW Armetingd Forefres h -er- us ornn prayer and church tnios").

vaiio will be played Wedl- ic e Center, La Boca oad, has llow t a.. an reyer felt tht
r turn t 0 U. S 'b. evening aCt in the Fort Cla- been resumei b on Thurd.a evey _
d Geoe C. Chea to N C. pt under of Beta Si at :0 under he tteae of wth serm at 7:30 pers el wuld be Itere
li Northpot, y.g se ma Pndorhip will hold Its d M i y C G ald lery ad Mrs. start
S wyo haveb to their ensitin g aThe 7:1 Tuesday evening rdy. stopi C pm

Vatie Moa Al k N. C. 0. Wives mrnng t the home ofMrs. ar.worrying. o S A
Mrs i in ee s Open from 8:30 am. thru 9:00 p. for the regular monthly.
accompanied by ar stonth FrederTusbe he Albrook Ai :0 s. uas of that group. er first gray st and! Let it be a

ickdrw lltrator of The Plica nrs rC.blessing in disguise" awill hold its 'f
rivi"a o Mboard the S. S. morning coffe Saturda from 9 ate De- ating lTsaDA
Aofday' ro :i-0 a.Yor, whera. thtill y :0o uoon t_ t at the Club A

h eevInt the Worksbe o the Morgan looking new haircolor So I
eralweeks. ResidencB Wednesday veing t e USO Armed Fores. r DIABLO TS. 6:15 :10 PEDRO MIEL 70 GAMBOA

--el John-b PAltRoyaBc Rita HARWORTH AnnD'"'
Me hdr eNotces over! For ,Rux .Oil Sham- I e a AY Stewart oRANG 0 A AR ION
SReturn t'. evening at 8oup in the Fort ay- e on Thursda v dull
M.d Mro. George C. Chva- d a7 unede thte t ttele of1 b h a i unedthet r gray hair, give 0 I
L lof the o fw y ,ar Aen hil l ig t "n e .... I"I.r-Conditioned Added, CARTOON NEWS
I oNorthport, g Islan sorsh vat the home Mrs. CadenW highlights ad Isre, adds t I .. fiIe I& A ,o I s. -t r 1 I

SYork, w have.ibres ot TTursdia.. T~e hostess willl I,, uog .
teir daughter. Miss Ruth AVu s L : 4:5 6:40 8:45 A UBOWING (PO. A P.O.) {

Sbe assisted by Mrs. Edwin M. c- that changes your worry to
l S tt irhei 'oni .T II iedelightn^ r BROTHER A AGAINST BROTHER... AND MAN AGAIN

ipur.. .TLI 4 es ata1kby r."dKa tr la S a umNT IsJ Sd euneBeu-refe ..tgrrl end --sbe
,BI-.'o the Rei aubn c or Panama. I "-. .- CW
tar" 100 ste g Cupignato nyor e. uoualy TA rs Ie. O nc '

S.I.D.D Finch and his two sons re-I .Id1or. l ab.el.
lcently were .awarded the -highest Disributor I eub PamA1"
n rank in the Uy scouts at the sameor .a neii-o
ceresimony. trneb, ,s.rt6t scout. JULIO V I1ili I1---OS- I
master of Trop 30, and onnie No. S "A" StriI.
I s ilFinch had Johnnie Finch received Telephone t-2971 Panama I"
their eage Jadges. Johnnie i a FARMACIA REXi

ixplorer...0uaa.JanmV E RLm1 a 4 Ac7'
I irr-W. F,,,'-* l *I"SAMoA l I


Now-+ texture-toned

, ,+fate powder th4flatters

ur compexion i -

MARGARITA 6:15 8:20
a a Jaxei STEWART
* 0 Joanne DRU
STechnicolor 1I


4 -


--i_ rI~I t __1__ --"_ ~ ~___ ~ _~__ _


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__~_ ___

**;W4 4gw

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-" ,-. ."- r* 1 ... [ ; ...
--. Jw "..- ^ -' *
-: ; si. ;" *. .

I P"

ir tianmum
^.r I Z word




._____________.,,~7. z____ *=_____ Jc]SM1J
***r~l^^^^^^^^^^^^B^T^r^^^BBQuick RTt^^^S^^,^^.ot

SALE -Leas'.g lhmrnus. Sac-
*I Qaig seen piece Cu,.to.m made
Ofly bedr':om group. Cristo-

l4he coujtrt mu; sell iwo
rs. liingroom. diringroom.
on blinds, ,,trier hearer, s.x
frigida're. *oui burner gas
all-.vers ,- e -, D o 4-4th

., C-.- M c M:,,:Id turni-
I dishe. 16. Apr Ap Borna-
SBalboa. ei. 2-304E-
SALE:-60 c-'le. 9-cu. ft re-
rator. 20 mo.,;IFh old. siose
I wolhina machine Leaving
ntlv. Call Paanorno.a 3-2,79
SALE -Bend. auiomatic oash-
k noane Like new. 100.00.
%01-46 St. Panomc, 3-.510'.
|1OR-SA.LE- Household go:..ds. in-
ic lauding 1 I cu. tt. General Electric
-. deepfreeze 60 cycles. Mahogany
S Ser, mahogany dr.n.rgroom set.
S b chairs and small table,
_I', W bench Moh writina table and
ir, two metal beds with springs,
ribahogorn bedroom chairs.
hogany and cedar storage chest
e: l kitchen ware, potted plants
, c'jT Odds and ends House 15'16-
S Mongo Street. Gasilan Area.,

SSALE:'- Diningroom. bedrpomr
" rlLIrnltUre. sofa. coffee oad end
tables, other articles Tel. 3-335Q
"Colpmboia St., No. 6
SR.SALE--Household furnishings.
S rjfle. Bendix washing machine
25 cyclei. 890 Morgan Avenue
.Iboo 2-4464
. miS'-SALE--Breakfast set, Grand-
a'fthet clock. 2 tables, console
.,odio, now steel guitar i equipped
.tIrramplification I, trumpet, like
Wth, rmetol shelving. 1 HP 25 Cyl.
W" 'motor, HO gouge model railroad.
"` Ausdid; other household items and
f ,irlp equipment. Aquarium with
supplies, filters, etc. House 748-B.
it Boca Road Balboa, Tel. Balboa
4I*1 717.
i ';R SALE: Furniture of 5 room
'* ousu complete. Toppon Ga s
;v' gA with regulator. Frigidaire.
;K_ i'lniagroom set. I staee bedroom
- f mahogany bedrooM set. Wick-
I ,ivingroom set. Pictures. mir-
I i SA separate, Ck;n- be seer
.. BI1 Y.Or 5 p. m. 825., lth St.
iS to Airport Roo
r. rR SALE:-i 3 wicker chairs, $2.00
i .' *Mahogany rbtker $4.00.
f 'illW n Phyfe Drop Leaf Table,
' 0. "1438-D. Owen St., Bol-
.Call 2-2729.

I ted Position
D:-To place excellent laun-
busekeeper. Part time pre-
Call Navy 3881. office


aN Governor

| Statehood

GTON. Jan. 9 (UP) -
Gov, Ingram Stainback
B N:Hawail said today this is no
to admit the territory to
told the Senate Interior
i inlttee that Harry Bridges'
wing labor union is "moving
I |e bodly" Into politics and
i d ,have "substantial in-
ce" in electing the two sen-
Hawaii would be entitled
I ve s a state.
I b Elsenhower adminlistra-
wants immediate statehood
,and Chairman Hugh'
I R tNeb.) said the In-
w Committee hopes to get a
I _Jdy for early action. I
fita bajk, a Demnocrat. testl-
.t*efore the committee for
day. He was ques-i
about his statement'
,Md that Bridges' Interna-
l --Longshoremen's Union
'"economic stranglehold"


-, f 7 Street .No. J13
u. n utO Aro.Aemena Ave. and 33 St.
L A B Sireet No W2

Central Ave. 149
No. 3 Lotiery Plaza
Fourth of July Ave.


Agenela Internal. de Publeaciones
45 Cohtral Ave.

Parque Lefevre 7 Street
160 Central Ave.

For your birthdays, receptions, and
anniversary parties. Soft music, sweng.I
romantic, latin and Dixieland Jazz.
At jubt the right tempos. Zez Ben.
nelt's Society Swingsters. Tel. 2-
12822, Panama. |

FOR SALE -1952 Studebaker Com-
mander Store. all extras, perfect
condition Will accept English car
cs trade in. Albrook 2126.
FOR SALE: 1947 Studebaker 4
deor sedan. Runs like a top. Easy
payment. Con be finoneed. Smoot
& Hunnicutt, 16th street, Central
Avenue. Tel. 800. Colon._
FOR SALE:-Or trade, 1947 Olds-'
rrobile Fordor, clean, hydiamatic.
leo.,ng soon. Albrook 86-7223
FOR SALE -Leaving Isthmus, 1947
Buick 4-door sedan, priced for
quick sale. Crisiobal 3-2398
FOR SALE--1951 Buick Super 4
door sedan, radio, new tires, dyne-
flow. See it and buy it. Smoot 6
Hunnicutt, 16th street. Central
Avenue. Telephone 800, Colon.
FOR SALE.-Must sell 1949 Buick
Super 4-door Sedan, dynaflow. ex-
cellent point and mechanical con-
dit.on $800 00. Autoac 15th and
Melendez. Colon.
FOR SALE:-1948 Chevrolet 4 door
sedan, reconditioned throughout
Motor runs like new. Smoot and
Hunnicutt, 16th Street, Central
Avenue. Telephone 800 Colon.
FOR SALE: -- Willys Overland four
wheel drive, in oood condition. Coll
"phone 2-2341 or 3-0294
FOR SALE-1946 Nash 4.door se-
dan, excellent condition duty
paid. $295.00. No. 23 E. 45th Sr
Tel 3-3654. ______ "
FOR SALE:-1949 Buick 4 door se-
den, radio, beautiful upholstery.
Down payment, very low. Smoot &
Hunnicutt. 16th street. Central
Avene. Telephone 800 Colon.
FOR SALE -1952 Buick Dynaflow
4-door sedan, leather upholstery,
one year old, like new, can be
finance, reason, leaving country
2nd street, house 210, Los Cum-
bres. Tel. 2020.
FOR SALE:-1949 Chevrolet 4 door
radio, 2 tone. Excellent condition.
For only $950. Smoot & Hunnicott
16th street, Central Avenue. Tel-
ephone 800 Colon. "
FOR SALE--1953 Mercury H. T.-
Coupe. Mer-o-Matic. rddio. leath-
er, many other .extras. 571 1-B.
Diablo. Phone Balboa 2675.
FOR, SALE. 1951 Chevrolet two
tone breen, all extras, $1.300.00.
Call B lboa 4211 or 2768.
FOR SALE 1950 Studebaker
Champion De Luxe. 2 door. Ex-
cellent condition $500.00 in cash
and balance, $350.00, In easy
payments. No. 23-Nicanor de Oba-
rrio "Anoyonsi"Apartment No. 17.
In the Annex, 2 blocks from El
FOl SALE:-1948 Pontiac 2-door
sedan, silver-streak 8 with radie.
Good Condition throughout, $650.-
00. Phone 25-3195.. Apt. R4-D.

FOR SALE:-1952 Tudor Ford IV81
with radio, plastic 'upholstery. On-
ly 8,000 miles. Call 2-2349, for

FOR SALE:-12 ft. Sailboat. Excel-
lent condition, fully equipped. Suit-
able for outboard motor, $100
,Coll Fort Clayton 2236 after 5.00
p m. ,

(turn left at sign 8 in,. out Trans
Hiway to No. 72 Chivo Chivo Rd.i
FOR SALE:-Converter 25-60 cycles
500 watts $10000. Phone 3-2794
New Cristobal.
FOR SALE:--Golf Clubs left hand set
of 4 matched woods Pedersen
Good condition. House 2470, Mor-
gan Ase. Balboa, C. Z.

ambler Joe Adonis

Sues To Block

Hb Deportation
WAbHINGTON Jan. 9 (up i -
Joe Adonis. New Jersey gamble,
filed suit in federal district court
today to block his deportation to
Italy, claiming he is a U.S. citi-
7en by birth.
The suit maintained he was
a'ken to Italy by his parents
when he was a small child and

I- returned here at the age ol se'.-
It said he has been In this
country since 1918 except for a
n :hree-day trip to Cuba In 1946.
is 't was tils trip which led to the
e,c deportation proceedings.
*a Thq government claims he Is
y iot a citizen and that he return-
he ed from the trip without proper
re-entry papers
The government listed au oth-
ir grtd for deportation his
convictn1 on a gambling con-
- sptEla charge for which he
s-.serve' a erm in the New Jersey
ie fitate prsAn.
1- The shit was filed under his
.eall Ine. Joseph Doto, by New
a York and Washington attorney.
1 He iS now under $10000 bond by
mni Alon and NaturaU-
-Wkt V20.


0 8 tIFA,4M Di

I. reo. o A,. aNo. 41

Via sp a ...., ... ,

Stoges. Large. comfOrtable., mocdarn,
near beach. Balboa 3050 xcept
iWe&kends. .
PhIlUip. OcensId a coetoage. SAto)
CIra. Box 435, Balboa. Phone
Pmanem 3.1877. Critobal 8-167".
Hwia sn beach, ton Care. Alom
In. "COOQQL CAmah mountaln.
SPhone I4RA9NEL, Bolboe 1389
orp-se coBretakfir th'O .
Gramlich Santa Clara Beach cottages,
electric refrigeration, gas stoves.
moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or
4.567. I

Foster's CottoL. One mile poit
Santa Clara. Plese bring ,your
linens. Phore Balbbo A -1864.


FOR RENT:-Moderrn chalet, three
bedrooms, reasonable price. Tel.
3-5293, from 10 a. m. to 4:00'
p. m.
FOR RENT:-Furnished house 2 or
3 bedrooms for 3 months starting
February Ist. 48th Street No. 1.5.
FOR RENT:-Completely furnished
concrete house Ichalet) 2 bed-
rooms. Road facing Paitilla Airfield
No. 109. Call 3-0553.

house, w;th all convenience. For
inspection, Sunday or any day,
from 8 to 12 between 10th and
1 1th St., bock of Belisorlo Porras
FOR RENT:-Furnished chalet, three
bedrooms. 3 blocks from El Batur-
ro. Telephone 3-3873.
FOR RENT:-Furnished chalet three
bedrooms, 2 bathrooms from Feb-
ruary fst. to April 30. 33rd Street
No. 39.

Rackets restrung, newest method. $4.
00 up. 2 hour service.
No 99 Peru Avenue.
DR. WENDEHAKE. 'Meoical Clinic.
Central Avenue "K" Street, corner.
telephone 2-3479, Panama.

FOR SALE. All sfate trailer, one
wheel like new. $60 00. Phone 2-
1562. House 6385 New Corosal
FOR SALE Pedigreed toy pups.
Purple ribbon strain U K C. reg-
.tered Amatoys IToy Terriers)
parents ery small Black a n d
wbite with tan trrm. Affectionate
nnd plaoful. \.?er olert, good
guards. Phonre C.-.lon 723.
FOR SALE --Homart Exhaust fan,
24", 60 cycle Excellent condition.
Phone 2-425.4 __
FOR SALE 4 K. W. 115 Volt.
Direct current generator. f450
R P.M. Just the thing for Tuna
boors and rural homes. Coll Bal-
boo 2-3046 or write Box 268.
Red snapper season soon. We have
everything to catch them. including
boals, motors. 145.00 up. Under wa-
ter equipment, spears etc.
Your paorronage appreciated.
No. 99 Peru Avenue. Hours 4:00
p. m. to 8 00 p. m. Saturdays 8:00
a. m. to 6"00 p. m.
FOR SALE:-Piano. green. $75.00
Cabinet sewing machine. $75.00.
Good condition. Telephone 83-
FOR SALE- Craig SR. 16 mm.
Viewer-splicer, 2000' rewinds. Like
new. Cost $97, sell $40. Coill Sun-
day afternoon or Monday. Panama
Sealed bids, fol opening In public,
will be received until 10.30 A. M.,
January 21, 1954, in the office of
Superintendent of Storehouses, Bal-
boa, for bar bender, hand Ind pneu-
matic drills, pneumatic hammers,
chain hoists, lack&, grinding ma-
chines. pipe stocks, tempers and
wrenches located i nthe "300" Area.
Balboa. Invitation No. 44 may bf
secured from the above sources, or
from office of Superintendent of
Storehouses, telephone 3- 1815.
FOR SALE:-Youth bed In good con-
drtion. 0307, Cable Heights.' An-,
con. telephone 2-4313.
FOR SALE: Greenheart Rod 6-0
Adams Real, German Silver, new
harness. $27.00. Gulick Hghts.

But their father was a trovelin" man-
Anyway, the puppies ore as cute as
can be and will make adorable pets.
Priced to cover feeding and worm-
ing. Also hove tiny Fox Terrier pup-
pies about whose pedigree you can

ATTENTION 0. I. Just built modern
furnished apartment, one, t w o
bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel-
ephone Panama 3-4941.
FOR RENT:-Ueginning February Ist
for three months two bedroom
apartment, completely furnished.
40th Street No. 13. Apt. 3. Bello
Vista. Information Tel. 3-1251.
FOR RENT: Beautifully furnished
room foa couple, kitchen privilege.
Bella Vista, Mxaco Avenue No.
69. Phone 3-0553. -..
FOR RENT:--Fumrnished and unfur-
nished two bedroom apartments
ideally located in brand new build-
ing close to Coawl Zone Also
available one utility apartment
completely, furnished. Enquire at
Household Exchange, 41 Aulomo-
bile Row. Tel. 3-4911.
FOR RENT-New one-bedroom apart-
ment overlooking hotel El Panama
gardens. Apply Foto Holcon in
"El Cangrejo." Telephone 3-2407
or 3-1179.
FOR I NT-Veiy cool modem epart-
maft of th ne bedroom two main
bathrooms, Ilvlynron, diningroom.
at. Contrall locetl. rents one
for 11.12.00, the ether B.150.-
00 monthly Phmne Panama 2-
0027 or 3-0763, beth have hot
FOR RENT:-Very pretty furnished
apartment, gas, Frigidaire, telephone
Via *Espaia, house before Juan
Franco. ,
FOR RENT: Concrete bungalow.
threj bedroom, three services, par-
lor, diningroom, big closed porch.
kitchen, maid's room, washrooms.
garage, hot water connections.
$135.00. Sonny Boy, Sobonas 810.
Telephone 3-3041.

FOR RENT-$50.00 mcihth, 2 blocks
from El Panama. Will rent if buy
portion of furniture, .resonable.
No. 23 Nicanor de Oborrid, "Ana-
Ionsi" Apartments No. 17 in the
FOR RENT:-Far $6.0 furnished
small apartment. Military inspect-
ed Voa Porros No. 9.

FOR RENT- Furnia room for
Americat couple. 'Prl\ao entrance
nnd kitchen. Calle 3 'VIW No. 14.

FOR RENT--Office or storp space
in "El Cangrejo" fqf Hotel EJ
Panama Apply FalOb &;fon. Tel-
ephone 3-2407 or 3-.179.

American A *es'

Transport W 4ers

Vote To Strike
NEW YORK Jan. 9 fUP) -
The Transport Workers Union
#CIO said mechanics and other
ground service employs of the
American Airlinem voted
"overwhelmingly," In favor of a
strike as the result of a dispute
with the company over wage in-
creases and other elands fori
a new contract.
AA spokesman for the union
siad that. while no date has been
set for a strike, It ms favored
by the union membesllp, which
be said covers 85 perlo of the
6*, workers in the lansport
category employed by.tIMe caft-


Iust Received4


I emitr Ave. ti 14M

earn iai-rootf Dacfg
m/',, Romba,
Samiar tnIs

Foxtr3t. Walti.
S Studioe Balboa

4-591 A 2-238

(Palmer rsdu
S 12 tand p,.
* os .z'2 -"
(I block froma Lux Thatra)


Taller Transpertes Baxter
Ixpert Mechanic In Ultra-
Smaic and Iydramatlk Trans-
missitn offers his profesaona

Repair& nstaln tion of gas
stoves. water heaters, etc.
osmeral Puperise.
Tela.: k-2562 -- 2-2451

Selected British 8 America units
Special demonstration facilities
Cabinets to your specifications
(Panama's Hi-Fi Center)

COql 45 No. 3 Tel. 3-1285

Panagra Employes

To Alflend Sales

Trainig School

T. o representatives from the
local Panagra office will attend
.he three-day sales training
school to be held in Lima froin
JTan. II to 14, it was announ-ed
'iere today. They are Miss Vic-
toria Suarez and Walter Garri-
do. -
"This tralnlng school, the oB:y'
c ne of its kind to be held by any
airline i n South America Is an-
cther effort bY Panagra to make
sure that the service passengers
receive on the ground is as good
as that they receive In the air,'"
,hccordiue to Gordon MeCoun,
director of sales promotion for
the airline.

The program outlined for the
traininR course will leave little
Slisure for the representatives
Irom the seven different coun-
tries served by Panagra who wiUl
be attending Every phase of the
airline's operations, from sale/
nromotlon to maintenance, will
t-e Included in the agenda. TopD
experts from the company's New
York office will outline the lat-
rst developments in their respec-
tive fields.
Subjects to be taken uD at the
rehool Include tariffs, documen-
tation, ticketing, reservations,
refunds, sales promotion. selling
'nethodar c a r go. operations,
Irmalnteanee pass er service,
advertislae and publicity. Each
subject will be handled by the
airline official who is directly
responsible for that particular
phase of the company's opera-
Diplomas will be awarded by
regional manager J ames T.
Scholtz to those who successful.
ly complete the train course.

*A> amWAmANT= .
iea& aI r 9 L -0 a a0 i a Ie@hike- ad ske W c bec mI
II ,-,- r ,.,l ,m, r m ,,,t ci
the OW*f Ceu ws be in
,e ha da *, IDe. m o. ,.
no _- l a4 is' af a .M


FOR SALE.-Leaving country. B.S.A.
Motorcycle 125 cc as new, phone
Panama 3-1127.

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-Buy American Coffee
Farm in Boquete, in production.
Panama 3-2863.


Poer Sle. "Villa Astrid," El.
Valle: this spic and span,
' comfortable recreation
property. consists of land-
seaped kIt and completely
furnished two bedroom
bu falow Price $8,500.0.
Call: Wolff & Company.

.t.ed to retreat from e Te 2-2388 Panama. 5th
tkement and added thatlu Street No. 22.
tent Influence, both econ- I _____
ly ad politically. is great-U
'?.an a year ago.
Itbdk said he doubts the Heart Attak KilIl
Etdbti dictate election to H Irt AttCa iliS
ate of-its "own men But Silr A -
gned it to the old Anti- SaIIor At Rodman
iLeague in its power.
grVcoUld beat anyone they A 25-year-old sailor from Rur
smant," he said. 'man, Robert Samuel Zellende
Opilvto a question by Sen. BM2, died of o heart attar
,.'A 8Smathers iD-Fla.', Wednesday at Cocoll.
W a-Southern Democratic.
admission of Ha- The sailor's father, Frankli
k said: Zellender. has been notified. H
,rlguld be considerable home town is listed as Crestliln
the national govern Ohio.
1 ls admitted at The Navy was waiting for wQr
arrived at that eon-m a to the dispolition of the bodc
reluctantly." The ilbr was attached to th
he said, Haw N ldtM tatlon at Rodman.
statehood. But eI ..
e n S' nd. Squabble
nU a k's IM i :. -
voted to ed EDOvUR, Del., Jan. (UP)
lHawaiian rtsb. er lem 31, today dis
Bl?. -,% : o' >>I tfe 91B er Chicago, that sh
t Ms ymgent grand

r'M -1
.- .!....--
;. .. ,-.


WIST SNone 4A Ty
SV8643 Vj 10
l .A lOf SS* WK ~
None *OU l0104
| 9752
East-Wet vul.
Wed Nfth adt Sonth
3 40 Pass 4 6
59 4b Pass 6
Pale PUa Pass
Opuln led-- A

Put yourself mentally in the
EL:. seat when you examine to-
day's hand. It is up to you to
defeat the slightly ambitious con-
tract of six spades. Get a good
grip on yourself, for it won't be
easy, I
West opens the ace of diamonds,
and you have no problem. You
drop the king, and wait for the
next play.
West continues with the queen
of diamonds, and South thinks for
a long time. Finally, declarer ruffs
in dumm3 with the ae of spades.
It is clear that South has decided
tc play you f- the queen of spades,
and that he will sooner or later
lead the jack of spades through
y, .' queen.
What do you discard on this
second round of diamonds? Make
up your mind before you read on.
If ycu discard a club, declare
rill lead the jack of spades
through you and will pick up your
tniamps. He will then cash dum-
my'. three top clubs and ruff a
club. This will set up dummy's
last club, ahd South can get to
dummy a high heart to cash
the las club. In short, South will
itike -his slam easily if you dis,
card a club on the second round
of diamonds.
Le.'s try again. Suppose you dis-
card the ten of hearts. Declarer
will still lead the jack of spades
through you and will draw all of
your trumps. He will then cash the
ace and king of hearts, dropping
your queen and jack. This will set
up dummy's nine of hearts, and
South will have no further prob-
Only one possibility is left, but
this happens to be the riht ply.
You must d-scerL, .ttur% ow.-*
second roundf ILs bZ. DesiaN
er takes the spade finesse through
you, of course, but you don't have
to dicarq untf dumm)I'e It
dunimy dissards a daub,'" yd u eara
likewise discard a club; if dummy
discards a heart, you can do the
You- not be squeeze if you
,simply copy dummy's. discard. The
whole point of the defense is to
divcard a trump at the second
ticl: so as tt. postpone a heart orI
club discard until you are is posi-
tion to copy the dImmny,

First Np World

Wrflui Manuscript

Goes To Florida U
The 'manuscript of the fitrs
'"New World Writing" hAs bftuj
depoofted by the America" Li-
brary With the University of
Florida, p part of their colede-
tion of aeative writings.
'New World Writing," a Vol-
ume containing new. previqusly
unpublished sho r t writings,
chosen for-their literary merit,
uvas fiptput out In 951. and tla
the first of such collections to
'je compiled and published bY a
paperbound publisher.

The manuscript consistA of 34
short stories articles, poems,
oleces.f criticism and sections
cf novels by such writerS a
Christopher Isherwood, Louls
Auchtiloss. Tennessee Williams.
'helby Foote. Gore Vidal. Roble
Macauley Charles J, Rolo, and
others. It Is the first in a serit-
uf semi-annual collections of or-
iginal iort writings published
Inder .the Mentor Imprint by
New AmsOican Libraryi bginling
in the,.sDr~ of 1951i The fifth
jolurme ofrNew Wbord Wrtlna"
will appear in April 15 4.
The election of creative writ-
ings at the University of Florida
serves a fourfola purpOse. It op-
erates as. a center of study for
students scholar. and Interest-
ed laymen. It is designed to en-
courage writing aWmon students,
to function as an archife Tar tt-
erary activity in the South and
throukhout the country, and is

jedtorial proje
Ar bel J. Por
tel&sdnew- wit

11 41

Colon Hosplial,


Quits P( Service

Dr. Wayne Gilder, superin-
bendent of, Colon Hospital and
one of the bast known physl.
ciz.a on Lh'!Atlantic side, twill
retire volunfirily from service
with the Panama Canal govern-
ment at the enad of this monthly
and will 'eave in February 'for
New Orleads where he has. been
employed by the 'United Fruit
Company as assistant port sur-
He will be .accompt ned by
Mrs. Qiler. and their young
reeer M 4 ed a g
a2 a nurse and wit make her
bone with Dr. and Mrs. Gilder
in New Oru ?
Dr. GUdMei S retire-
ment come aftg m than 33
years of service wilh the Canali
organisation. Born in Butler,
?Ala., lhe cagA WtoTh O Me Zone
nIn 1920 in 1920 after his gradua-
tloanfrom the Tulane University
Medical School. With the eucepei
tlon of a few iahotho after he'
completed Interneghip at ColonA
HospitAl, nhe has been here ever
Almost all of hi service has
been on the,'Atlantic ide. He
was at the Pedr6 Miguel dis-
pensary for a shbrt time it 1923
but the majority of his service
has been at Colon Hospital.
From 1933 up to the time he was
appointed superintendent, Dr.
Gilder was district physician
and for 9 tifne. chief of the
medical and obstetrical service
at Colon Hospital as well
During his many years as
head of the obstetrical service
Dr. Gilder literally brought
thousands of Atlantic side
youngsters into the world land
in 1944, when "Margarlta. Hos-
pital opened and the -obstetrical
service was taken over by other
physicians, 108 Atlantic Side
families banded together to
present him with a gift and ar
letter of appreciation for bis
A gift of a $250 war bond and
a& large bouquet of orchids for
Mrs. Gilder, who shares her
husband's popularity on the
Isthmus, accompanied the let-
ter. I
Mrs. GUilder was the former
arie Agnes McNiff, a nurse in
Colon Mspital when she met
her future husband. They were
married in Colon In 1922 and
all of tbeir five children were
born on the Isthmus. James B.
Glider, the youngest son Is at
present employed at Margarita
in the Commissary Division.

19 Crewmen Saved

From French Ship

Sinking Off Spain
BORD'AUX, France, Jan. 9 --
(UPI All 19 crewmen of the
1.490 ton French freighter Cap
Falcon were rescued today
abandoning their sinking Uhip
off Bilbao, pain.
The Spanish fishng-ftrawler
Teresia of Bilbao picked up the
meh, radio messages said.
The Cap Falcon spraI a leak
lat night in hilh eW in tbE
Bay of hiscay and the crewtoo

ithe Ciivu l uunrw puumng...
The photoras show the
test bombing of we twe-tot'
model house in Yuc FPlats and
the thoroughness t. which
ofical observers are ind ri
ated in atomic .det rne and
rescue procedures. ,% .
Supplementing the poti.-'
phip, xibit, thb Nova zone"
the 1 Iadin.rtoomais
of books aniapamplets.*n-
many phase. Of a AtomIq rtflr3.?
as.wel as helal p.'Opea-
to poorstep," the subdt of -
tie exhibit. ..- ,
These books and lPa qWlett
imay be -borrowed by parsffa
either Troia thek Maln Llbrazi. =r
tbroigh any other stafI 1h
the Can 4qne Lbary ,g4em,

Neew B6ks

An athoritative land; ip-,
tl()* ut a cdA t, C a .: tUN-
p firan of'at6ftc-tevdaopment'
foe bon military 'k" dalcefulq
puposes in the Unite -atst es
has been written b S. eean
rQiiy retire Chairman of

Ts amod.dth :ly* RMlp^ _
clrcultloL during '1p) ft week
by the Canal Zone braft j"
Dean. describes tO .0 o t.*
of the atomic energy p -"
from the early dayup Ut .tI*
enormously expanded, ~.ot
today and discuses tn. y
phases An problem. of interest
U the M an, -,.* ,
The completA listo( new books
and their aWNWous pnmnced by
the library this week follows:
Science -. Report onthe
Atom. Dean; Orchids otf a,'
temala, Antes. -; ..
Child care Desiga- for-
Motherhood, Little.
Fine Arts Color Fundanen-
tals, Graves, I "
Fletion -. The Deep zixt.Dib-
ner; No Boill' for the' Judge,
Leon; .'Blroom of the Skies,
MacDQhaJd, Aos oBerry,'Seagern
The Florentine, Spislatell.
Children' s Fiction l'- T'
Taming of Toby, Beir; ncBl.yc
Detectives. Farmer: The tar
Seekers, Lesser; Alicia, Mes,.
ildren' -fit -
Grocery Store, Price; The p.n-
tr a Fivp; Qtatemija, pnurq,
El Jvador, Nicaragua, Costa
Rica, r-Greenbte.

Port Of Carr St.

To Be Closed
The section of.Co f -
from its Junction with Banbey
Street to iw te Ar
will be eal to traffic -sMt M
Monday, wunB further notice, it
was announced yesterday 'at
Balboa Heights.
The closing of the street. to
Wfe ins necessary toa eud
/rfdtg and the relockat(o' of
water lines In connection with
the construction of new house
In the Baiboa Flats area. Th,.
work to be started next week
will be done by Maintenance
Division forces.

Pat It On The Dg
dog costs his master a pWe
y these days. A Boston
posts these ories: raimncrt.1hebati
of color), $2.50 to 5; shoe, ,4g
overcoats, S$ to $36.


Via Ptrm Me. 42 Tel. 3.-2113.
.u1 HOURSt 5 -4 P.M.

RAmie VAiiMiOU
410N Od"006be umes mf".









..~ .,'





Former s aid
today the

Truman t d as d he ne
wsed the celebrate "fd her- ol had n't
.ing" tnt tow dc rbp coe 'w..ferep"ce
gressionl.1 D31IV a14ofA
las, as had b Tel ad9ely aat. U. ..tedpL".1W
uted to nim,
He made the.statements r dar tee 'wasa At
In a filmed ntervtew at h to. covft
sas City with cbii9t-i.-Drew
Pearson, whom TIuwan oIe h h
scribed as a "lla"and.aSn I 'n bt-w
The Interview Was part of tpe it staU 1
Pearson television writes sAartitg., =r. 4piO wU*e afy ata .
this week end. that there 'w'siU e
, Truman was asked whether he ho-gh.. Republiat
agreed with argument "that t re I poyer -alw. '.
McCarthy despite his metbods.ja er t=hef, mistakes
necessary to this country in oJ r tdckIg omteboy or same Utt
der to fotus attention on coul- tuot.g ,
iunuism and, put Commnistairs .i
"Well, I don't think the .pI iIOtItVai
method of McCarthy Are ever
necessary In a republic spo ,
as on," TrRman replied. At o
"The uI of Rights Is the Oasti
of the freedom of the indivtusl,A. -a i "
tnd his Idea ofr n approach ~ Ull Al IUW
,Y susprkln. andnot by fAat,
"The facts oS the case are that
the Comm6 who were work-I colleto o I b,0-Inch
in for th- subverlonof the htrp wingthe
o ermn ent in thp Upited States e0a of "O .i h Der
were indicted long before Me-a P," ,tateif tO *.
earthy ever heard ofs Commu-nr L Veg, Nadaa
tist, and they.were indicted dut- 17 1953 fI now oh dOMly t A
ing the adminjltifatlon of Pro I lihted case ht the tilinCi 'f
flu dm~wl -afala U tleinill

1 1 I

- I







no% I



S-- hrnst I

_ '- I


I ii

-.* >'

i "* "

H Street No. 57



Z .. ;- ... ;
. ,, .-.... :: : .

, .-I













.. .. V ol. .. A T46

S^* --, ,' ,.' "- ; '__ _ _
*i: *,. '. ,"- : *f -: ,.- r'. .: ..... -' "" ."

q *. ___ ,_.___'_"________ .__ .._ :,_ ____ m / P e .. A

.. an. 16 W ith 3
:ft W_ i`:". .- "

S2 ~A. ..e'trme mlined 1M4 yr h
mo the Panama Are Arm, t
.ed ore. 'Basba .ll Iea ;.. nsS;1^
,. .,.t ,chedu ~ t a str ,n
% T, three cntg saturday, Janed
and continue thr g e 105-Pa
0a gaiea schedule unt cham- aba
coac o14"tb p1a to crowned early I Ap.o
Nw Y at 'ree.,games make n the open- play-
ing day adbedule witt two on- Ae .a
hAtests in the afternoon asd one tice ladi
night ganme-to begin the battle
for the ., tle. at
10 toThe array of dignitaries" toss- mer"t '
$#Baiack.h dh out the first ball at the o- No d .
zf day festivitles give il to ea
The lo015n to the'expeated en- wi a
i. outh arew thul asm which will greet the I.. a:tian,
'.3 "0loofrTo.,new seven -team league in its-the tit".. e
0... ...of Texas Atasit ln, ration. Gen. L. M ea
to'in eBrie, Comm.nder-in-Ch 0 ienh
Sm *w ICaribbean Command, w6 f open up 3th
t the 194 season by throwlinagt t, s tea
ad hrnodoootest between t0d chai n
fending'champlons frim Abroot.
Play to owl Air eore Dast an tr e t
SEA ALL ee IU i Newsi Panaira: hiel a And for bb nine Th r s b
.esv- no 61 -'a I S d S e ruled b6g otr iVat 2gt d

hM i G eorge resignd te dn I II
St lA ACinic afe I daysth ago. lt v e r I r =ico In de a tmng oaS do r B 3ot the n st, alea .
I re -theti a ,e as iar s nl'o o n- I ls Inaugre a se .l ravy Won s a.g a- .
St artitA t o h ee iheD k e t 2Ii mad .a t ec other' 1m the ot h g.ea oalf C
Carlbbeae om ad wnl k,6'. m
dfor mo e ofy 2..owill. a .ou eBuc keeest aftehoop contp t Cca eo tn
Woe aI" i l i e U- t loenzh-base bltak S u Te Kth haav ths

l e d El Schedule I*?pr B n r ea*" ^^eS S S a^.s5 a mdo
tT. *1 hL .. r ic r a l
tst S a ea fs ok far Let a ne. ameto, .--atud ,wdoreSr atS rg by p. u.
Sis afl...T __stelLthe h o .lo n e ei a in hi t wow m myip e a t a sha dr e

... ... .S *Ta urte it- e ry ring,. pe b ePe ul laOnm:1

saeeo a pitcer tu oo ofenaLe gTuet rob a be etta ing rler bar Vtt i rt belato 1o r w
1toke e MaRb e Twii t beAeN ono T oRern i h ot m L eavsl tntmr the o I o raphe t

sob O 1e y | LW D ni m md o ty ffard hth bece thIolr amlo eWe dayl i lu.o n rw
lnlo 1-.edoown.e u is e" B es i g ao. rtight ch d ule e..ach ond.. .ttl.t e
S a t @ verb In'e h r,, ht-ClevelandG uadinrorw e n d lce Anho ptitching dhantete Iom latboCr a te pt ther
Brow= 9-hat1 4ombt opHs pl he ftdu b ha en to at s-r
1m g a ol A Bch Fore s ter ort oeothadntothe ifle aebrate th is t ball in the. thebatlh t
au-oboa. Sa .d MorrGe ( Hop) ,Army Alasi rewthoe oe- 1an tr
re *WM dskS 1 the lead geos WiX Ith therg cseuf ofba etthetbe ay b e. e Ka haen' bnp
..qi. Twi nrasy ho ved
WSW_%a Mast go of il ghehe Can Stoandin .isi gle
.rtrysk -.A).reo r ,,hfroh aMnWeororienastle1d The e b .. .es.,Wet't, uea p

hA. Leagusc o o' .a ulus e fe .. .....w l .p' hde s- su~,l~n on no theet Anr a t e
f o I .eO Rfse. y oa eLh e m r tdio. T h a n B a l b i v s4 7re. Ay a tf M I r t
Agg-agaleO0's 16,R god shoot* .,G ets in bo.f ywBom tee rss9r4ore__8,erlrraey..oo .- t e ingt1 udy ae tr a St cebrM0s'. .....1e. .

-- pI-, p-- -M ed"t,,s as ano b G0oe ,,, oseasos.*t TThe rew istrean in -e7 t yilor t.e
o kets are e a-e at t e A- A. d e lea om a tBronies t, Bombea. seven-ram league. Tim e gain with ,

0tr1. al wer won b oianorrow an 10 I p t B lk gamer DR bears wa brough ab out to give ne le &
3a2 0on I, adwin eers .. "fthe wm. o, B-. w, will ind vsamd s mihe et o th e s tl ankre ea o ns t hti p ora n of ase d adr. t n ll o i i
f 3i hen Temle t eebr.r wilfindhe haftor Ican Legion 2ndA game The lea ue eadI GaHnT k o tfan s the ano- orti toran-
, c.oft [eia- m the a e |ns e,,foe i n~ findy ,t W1-ia0) WhlAtln"i vs A.inr-l l l Ua
f llwal e ig h tr oLealu'o nine lheer two-gane marin, when t a. .ea ..amo ng I..,
ftkoknhredttthe 14 Lucky StrihkedvsBl boaFheyta :ote t baselagu thd 15rIwN d .
W h2ta .,"i' Irvri t gBrf s. e f al eo are im4 tea ms bem u -r b W .

= ad o *b f I1 & FJeer omtI Usi st03 7 hi k20 B lo ic h is ks:ec t k f a n s at urd a y en o tnig ht an d th re a nd Mt
4ore soup bo eInofthma fwer-Balban Legignbets splitTheleagu fleair ngdkeh e ad e e rmbran of mpl e
Na ll 8SiY!I Nav ..W 0 The,. '. th Engineer ". Co ba t berl-bethinghanie'lld2 American Legion thei Browni an tr p wc e -sac u ebaclh S wudayS. i

-t o ly ...... ..,. 0S oBt held t oe a. Iotr. -o n as b e s th i the winners of eceh ro d p pay 3-1 the h' d

.pW. 4_ m" t n'V" at Fona iobb, due la i I h y Innor the tls ti PIg the .
,."Bombeaemwhc e up Uilfoi.. la. .G t d e first g e to win 43 wh the
abrnrnehn A t Woe- rowni took he seomdes-4

hadt n ti Voa Liadet w *eA riaov"' "iH- first m got credi tn Lfor di tn o ha.
_. A- -acT BYet0 Wa3 r0ea wf]e ulayrie _2er Bun- ,rk! tlWhisky 2nd gnitlumb .a dert T .sS ao
.10V a ndSatu rdayeigot fatedo

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lob to.V.U t take2W m kW" r.skyV3 terYnee.afenon gae .1 'r~hav.
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sIComtany as .aken-. th Life nowe upr 't ssing eut 24 meratcanne e nd ofv oAtheeseaon Le gBme vs t. e a s usr, e
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Cn I N ,wer s e e nB o n t h e d th re e ra o feu r h ta n d t o_ .6 OM 4vo h alm m ow a.eo n y. _p geIw bupt a ntt o t oeb l:eae sa tre t aein g F e b. 4th. 0 .0 l
Inko N OTs_ __uBa .ter._.-e ni m nhv n.rt.Al harg d rto a n the Ilght oleunday games6start at 1 p -m.-U.the tr with th eoreH.P. W.ngs 1 ,4
captai ned. .by P i o e rLC an ... ,

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la ee ovme t the boy. W MOVS were also entered b new set-up will enable the Isthmlah rickt
' activItes of the ra n g e T*rhe C% WDUY, Pbyt 2% t*mteyt A*%apHey O se sm Accoents flt of t he Xfr gg ofd
as tourl ta. but when It-,f 4 1 eaFartothoe'bat- fttm the 3rd n of the In aog
tuaw. < ,P10f5 0_ e .-] iN TiAL N,,8l I l IthMP's, and the USAR] aua d
S-u. oi i n.G.. -*.1 INITIAL DEPOSIT $5.00 -I.. th ..v sii ." --e
jal rVwam- an 3 With manyofniout In f Manager PIlberto Pinuon haa Oaal.
Ba of W 3 0 0 training, tbe al leera high hopes for the new repr- frankly
^ .- ^ RSJf,_. '. P3 /. =, wS eu__fllto_3 We make loans with guarantee on first mortar ges sntes om ,rt Day.rand of ps.
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W--. 4 beT .i Summit Hilis Golf, ded. t ychero h tmm a .
MW" UIW.AcZ Country Clubt Will rUDKCeAdes Mors, a second baseman,
--Ibiretu 2 1 -Fes i CHRISTMAS SAVINGS the.Atlantic-"A
tm to t BNecal s3 2 1 t
,.-.J nesd f83u 2 1.a deposit are accepted thru a period /i
t a_..M = i. .IN thes Mf tn lb 1 o- ,.e------

VAN8 in- o oa qa a "Ind l sf deposit bese fr jewelry and
r,.b *. ? ir'e dWionts, in 48 week, se. ig Mk/


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AM :_ +1/l IM"..... ". .I

J sin~uue.


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- ';~ J'.

2". ".

.LIN, Jan. 9 (UP-Berl"n'
hig Four Scnference and

es t'ie Western
at- -- --

: r eomrmandants metm against P! r

-".oikS of the w fold pins its
States, Bour.onertain and '
pOkesman said eWestehrnIR-r

ae were willing to at leaJ an9t s .'. -
one-ourth ofth f the four- SEOUL. J E t e n i, "a"/P.-. "'..h'.-. Th ..ritic. I pted..
S er sessions in the Comman Army commander Gen.. Maxwell statesmen hae v.eran .- s. .
eust sector. 'D. Taylor reveAld a three-point futilely ch t
Stmaster plan thday .for quickly wip of peace th a.
Thursday Initial session, of freeing and resettling 22,000 an- that doeanot even al .
;: omimandants produced a to- ti-Communist prisoners. the concept," '' Is th bott"b oe "B
eadlock. The three Western The plan, based on the as- The bitter dtenun an r
gates Insisted the foreign sumption that the Indian guards issued at Seoul. bty a a
Sisters gather in the Allied will open the cpmpound gates on Karl, Ameriean-eda -H t U. N. wal i
tro Authority's building in oJan. 23,. calls for: tor of the ROK" Public Ifor | even a to.e btainR o p i -S
SAmerican sector: 1. Permitting the anti-Red tlon Office. PuIt I"'a,B Mm to n I*U .. *
ia stood firm for holding Chinese and North Koreans to "if Korea Ip to bes ituref politeal e O
".mseetans inn the east .eotor. march yader their own leaders by her friends as slew, teO, con ore ,--At said. R
.;'Wtern officials sai4 last to a pot lust outside the de- before," the state meanwhile, the RO ovea A tB e 15t .
F" .;It the Russians apparently mnilitarzed zone where trucks "the Koreans wait l t .annoreed it wod a- od d, n"and .i
were demanding that the Bg and trains will be rsaiti g. Samudio 8EI8 natrs.ons, MLra _ilam D) ar
l@e in because they feared nese into American trucks at the clrge of non-ri o "
S uuination If they came to West rate of 1,000 pe r hour and trans- now so that tmer may haye a triated war ners. The gov- O Md ben out of
S rn. porting them o Inchom. where cldnee to sellJ out .K e as ern teht d I as a '"ntidal po tl f'or sev-a M
L Alfic.a .li they will arl for ormosa on if theo tea nt se ta ~ U.ndinOng 'the Infian ar a; IA of a
1 .- _,e; offileal belaeued the Navy andidng, ships. selves."- ; pl" d ,.. .1, | i
84let tensand was prompted a. Loading more than 7,000 The statement, believed rea t h Korea issued a violent vhna was Florida
S least in .im by a fear for NobtCi 1pean anti-Communxsts and approved by South Kogwenndian troops took onMarch l moved
as safety 6f Rasuiss aboard nraln., with one group President Syngman Rhee, a count" of anti-Com- o the Isthmuo wi tangly ' West -erun. going to Kmisan on the west the ROK gov ent e "nt prisoners ad-135 of.the Im1. .1. .S
They noted that 'for the pee- coast and the other to Pohang accept any ap s 'retud to e, .BedA. e_, es her sr-
a straight day' the Soviet- on the east coiet. o communlam." 's. byenauretnosath 10o- by an -if l- er
..K E. d, newspaper. Neue Zet Soeth Kbran government It said South ea h ls + rea Iett stand, -nd said the W aluIn Jr. ..
?. .?pd* that "ubverslve ele- sources sid: the former pris- ways been "adamantly oppd Indlan action was "in donfoer- .Bt h of her @
.n i t.slght. foepent troublee if owners then' will.* t,put In camps, to the armistice and to the Id ,t.wlt the armistice agree- ployed in the C Divi- J
i _oaferrence wa's hiels in West for two to three months for of peace that some U. '6.-,. e. sipln to thte henaa.i
B lt. -'he troublemakers help- "dislndoctrination" and prepa- statesmen are. trying to -.s- 'Taylor later warned he would Funeral servi be con-
s.r l.b the antl-Communtst ration for a return ;o society. range." use American troops.. against daucted qn Monda at p.m. at
Last June 17. the paper But South Korea e~idanger- the First apti C Ba.
we dm ted rospectg of resuming the ....boaE ha iThl b wDl bev
o1_ f"e.W uIraftest are there." prelnl.ard Kiorean peace L r.HospdaN.LA-ialo f In ran er"e *
4'camuse it organ asked, consference talks today with an ll U pITUlS C" lLw e vi1
Dplans. are .ot beint made unprecedented attack, on the tn in0the..t .., tf
minds of these mercena- United Nations. .. l P
to, launchh attack? History The ROK government, in its a ,lrh Rw P af i
lj*i'of eot cables of agitated strongest criticism of UN. at- yWV Oi C D euyIon r *.t$- i^ t..- i
| Wa o belie.ed they could tempts to settle the Korean .... t .
e wfthelir political qspratlona question peaceably, issued an -- .
Al liedof" "ie official a atement which s .
lae AUItd offhidls sugeRm t- South Korea was afraid of being i Heaptallzation Insuran. e 1i tuU o1al ,Idao n ta l
14 that the 14't a vepta- "sold out by her fKenods." now avl eable to empp e of the The
S.7^. Kht aLou ae; "8inoe etalemating the war Panama anlCynal Co qal Isatf A.i Oy tagl
Bez tthe eo setfce saIt- and preventing the Allied vic- Zone Gemnment ram is aiIB
r b.v EK t a thE ist r- tory (hat would have been such making .,. payoo deduct1on it lt r -i uptlo t ee
a 'tnreof a moral blow to communism" service available t employes for
S----- payment o paemIums rough insrm ne. '
+ut horited employs i~*opliationfs 'hE".. Ma -i
Sorters saw a Am-bolSSadorChopin according to an. announcement brandhi Tlces if
t oc ov", yesterday at Balboa Heights, have conplctel __ __.__ __
he by J .- 25 thet c a o r oP has been authorized to reeylve surance for P .-Cte o empoy-eh ,
t a off asy's the St- lte W ea n pa roll dedultons for tht pur- through' the Qnr Credit i
L e 'at"._Tb. uraday's meeting, I.'N X .W UIO y pose tor U.S. nate employes. Union; :,J ,._11 -,. -L f .
uUftendl>;" Bttt the These policies offer insurance Only one firm has completed r T il ,
:spaly.rela AlUo pited Slates Ambassador to coverage to employee, their arrange t handle nhur 'r f
t--- '- .. o Pana belden Chap and wives and dependent children a .e'fr :t4 ate empYi ,
-uho .fbTuin"- Mrs. Chapl wli arrive on the for hospitalization and surgical through tio Isthmian Mutua '. .
t." I io ddnosday, a- charges. HOon, white ne t
S, MOl I S bord the 8.8. Comayagua of mployes must purchase,their r I in progreS
"._- '. roul the 'United Fruit Line. Insurance from the Insurance bet n an .ins rance firm and
i flee iay, Jap. 1a 1 Aia.ef diplinalt since 192h co m nies. and not from he th-e t-1T&. tzen Hospital- g .
i 19 m- Low Cha ia a served his country emp e associtions. Isati. Moclatson to. handle''." t1
"ln-M t r ahm. 1:'16: a.m. in Jsurone, the arn East, pn d Two non-U.S. citizen emplone insu.*Xe for local-rate em- l', .lc
'lP,"-'Jn.. 1:.34 p.m. thbi.BterSca.uh ig es e. associaUont, Thn Isthmian Mu- ploy:." BJi" JN "' "
..." .' *. 1" .- 6 .LONVO.-NEA).- In Moscow
ur pirct*' P iO'ner: t the red ab.
;--' '.. .i 5'J-i.c E L JA 5.i p a e.... InK.pee Ie for.rlt .t
mt.plns.. r.7.0t.. "- "' .' I rade delegtuon due there .
.I HARD A. MULL3N ber of ya partnership. Partner.. e sure to fill out Schedule C-t scan be dactedr any oth.r 1to discuss contracts worth
S i.Ic c fves tw lship irobasn e itself is computed f t a the bottom of page 3 carefully 1955 C ..Om, eutp you had *WU 000
,h' article covers two em' on a asparateo return ,iest .to taxpayers i 15). This Is an Information rs establshes your rights to val;- set .yoar 00 'loss, leaving ant colgnmnent of shiny new .
llor professional tatu whit1 sibouS how the part- able .al security benefits you w no- Income and no in-.s cars and trucks to be un-
ei Als the saltep- amentld inestse is divided ameonag t'o .that only one name is come tax to pay for 953. Ia on the dock. The ears areJ
ai" i the net other patSinc .Eaeh partner then arown on Schedule C-a. It both' laie "Made in' Britain."
Sil '. ea.lf-employm aeiis repo.rta is saare of the Income you and your. wife have self-em- But that isnt .all the behet 3t ritain itself, keelb for.. $30,-
cr' tifo, .f.ny self-emplya. Form lalt where it becomdic npoyment tax to'pay, use a sej.-you oeaB get fda m.such a loSs. 0s,000 ,0t at oe Russin trawlersl
l ne e exceeding and part ofhis taxable Inrcome. iate Schedule C a.d C-a for f ter deductin.- l5a other are being laid .at Lowestoft.
'.aditm 6Oa. It baus thit Lets assume you have income cach. IcO"4, stil have, $4000 of AI signs paint to a big revival
ei-li security benefit that from fa bu iel profession, or he lot r. This can be of Brtsh trade with Soviet Bus-
i Let. tanernail and it is not the We have already explain sedM to get b ,l the tax on sa had Rad China Sm 115.
'doss uot, ee ayou typerof baeowt lited under "Ex- briinly how a 1'53 loss from your $4000 of you in 1952. If Rsa, particularly anxious to
nt waM Io. a .se ina i. a tuions" on the back of Bchda- illness w prtfesusion cold be there isotti wi_. left aft'r runr 1p It n merchant marine, is
..thalines,,or profes- tle.O. Sch toome maust be en- -'l against .. oter, tax educt nmyOur.12 Income, vou ready to place orders for five car-
_,t A mall. people with such teted on e appropriate lines of inuma Heaee.l _niditlo-- can usie..'r r to apply ,m.lJ;four-pM ger vessels ;1
are not: iubject'Jo thh the schedule Follow the instr'c- lo such a. against ad aoon and a twbe faethry ship with
Am aot prof tttonsor filUng in the rest of a a. t year roRngh hBrit -ard.
i ian ai the leae and ou will arrive at me ta for th years:. T s a the more startling in
e Mia".!tf_ people _nA'ln- -he amount of self-employment If your baltain eseductions e al, ," he on"_w opr ew o- thLe fact that Angto-ovitet ;
.wbaWt to the ta is3 ta,. owed your business itomne, yba ... t. .some +_ trade declined to a 30-year lowl I--
iM I ack g ehehdulm The tax will not be more than have n Jos. For example, suo- cumsta e 195Is, Britain's exports to Russia
bTa.has be ._ wil. be less it, youer e:. r total inco ete in 1953 -um._ fore r -e be" 1 o~y one- Its experts
t elf 1 ompe r eployent incomes less than inall business was 0t0o ten" o to agu ,
tii pa. O'r if you had ages fror a -had business expense a i" "fsrble to The sale nmnager of an export
ms r,y.. e eha In gt- pwhch social security tax wasde- o rf 0O. UoS have a $5000 loss on;k the ". 'with yo'r firm explains t.t cynical outook
1meBo as a memt 'tat- atd. easl'e.a let operating loss which e rt ne p l-of 'b business hhad tmwa
bos-. ** *: o :. o e. n ey-Itheru t ha ndle heads this way: i
inut the a Via* f Srot thAse the United Natiob an l-n- tr,
Mrs.' Ch a i w i l an t.efa y ar-,li wwilh e Cs bg, Sco wat appeedb" ? l u a
ELLA VmTA TIaIEATRE ---a--.-ooo,. *. ,_o

.te._ _"o-gong "o St kicked.,Iandn we got the blae.
.... OLY THEATRE IN PANAMA WHERE CINEMASCOPE CAN BE StEN! Tax Primer O. & A. 3. ,goet"Siiaed r Hi i
we figure we might a

ow thirdR D W EEdK e.u -r' "A ra so ''" a ..

Is tht tig t' Britl battle 'fo marmg toL d ,..-. l_
IA. Ano Wb ol America and te lmKid& @i.
m6. t! fons ] Brhin bum@& lo
mumh files., s
wIol be gjy until vsad ae Britb Tra I
If I a ewpent a M db d
., a wswgasad"Usl os
? &W MI rVe Ncnt leashame of h a"o
- nean, we9w Do fr ComgKIPeMWe sGee

I'm Mitssr ,et

, i ,-
.UNION President Ilseth r tw.ah.Kft l
ea point session of Congwsaa a4be a
:W)D-Word stateIw. I
**A VA" I-f-I 'aREP

rlde If



iF laes
h A



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.~', Y'-.

, -
.- + -'+. .; 4

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,I I ,:" iI l
.-..., :'

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-4 io,


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U, *' *'

-.* ,


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