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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Beasey Has
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of the sec-|rither ous8ed g the closin


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On Z Criticism

WASHINGTON, J anl. (1P)-
Peter Beasley, who says he has
been hired as economic adviser
to the Pansma\tian government
had "nothing to say" today in
reply to crItlcism directed a-
gult hI M In some Canal Zone
quate rs.
.Beasley was lIst employed by
the United Staes government
as a special consultant to the
Undersecretary if the Army. In
that capacity he was concerned
*ith United States policy re-
garding Panamk-and the Canal
The economist'said that he has
not seeH recent sues of Pana-
manian'papers a otherwise had
direct Inform ion regarding
public c men n his new em-
ploymnp. .
"If anything needss to be said
on the subject. I believe that
it Is p to tha ichlef of public
ino ton oft he Panampaai
g6Zrng'ent," uasley said. "3
hAv t nthng say."
BHi df'rturJ ate from Wash-
ington nalne uncertain, Beas-

that be
affairs to c
Mliy his de


Mtr: .
Oh Mr. Newman Oh 01 .|fewmanI Oh Mr. Newman! Oh Mr.
Newmant!!! What you must blink of Mr. Boos and Mr. Alien and
Mr. Hamilton, iffen you are thinking at all, couldn't be published
ni.this here f ily n"upI
Gorsh ll I.r. eN Jlt..think of a fifty percent reduc-
tion In the rents. took away your appetite for
breakfast this beau. An the retention of the 25%
differential without 2~ taxe no doubt ruint yer lunch.
Ill betcha that the Ire' trip 'to the States fer employee and
there fmillier every two yftrt killed yer dinner. And iffen.the
retention of other. fringe neflts we already got an a hint that
we oughta get e pai 3t to 42 percent more employes In
the same grade let In thAjates doet give you abad case of ul-
sters, Ill roll in tpi mud with the hogs. .
Well, Im sure, gld fe-the. employes who stuck It out. Its
been a long. meari rOad an it didn't seem as though it had any
turning. But the turn po"t did come an it looks good ahead.
I ddnt think we have tI #w* p*.py more about them GAO rqp6rts
and recommendations iiy r, Its like Mr. BoOm said: the solu-
tion fer the problem, cl eStbe found.. .'not through argument,
opinion, or fiscal or aacuAng theory, but through the careful
application of sound, well-4stablished principles of wage and
salary administration.1 AA thats'somethin the OAO never done.
Under Mr. Newniarh all Congress ever got was opinion
and accounting tlhe~~-- ,l point pushin, cock-eyed slants
and based reports and- Oendations.
Mr. Newman and. bg boys fergot they was. dealin with
humans, with men and OB tn and kids. A bunch of Americans
whd didn't like to be puhe around but didn't h4ve much voice
and little means to peint there views. Until lately.
When, with Mr. N@ewmls help, Congress almost ruined us
laA session, we fought bak., An we had help two. We remember
tlht the Governor did fly up" ta Washington and help us. An we
fefl-hls help was most vcble. An we are glad- he Is on our
ede a4 now that we Wont get any more foney directives from the
AO an the Board of Directork we think the Governor is going to,
bl in a position to help I- lot More.
*t An its a sad commeaf on the morale of the Canal ZOSaips
tHat they could hardly bbDVe the words of the report. They
aduldnt even accept vindicatlon. It was two good to be true. Mffen
1-waent sp happy today e uld cry fer them. JIst lik' a bound
g wbhtc has- bin whlpjedand beat aC kicked around so, uch
that he swaysa has his nM between hU laIgs. An if fen ou do
throw him'l bone, he yelpi'an.runs away on account he thinks
S bin ght alt time an the report proves it. An
er ar a thi n ew 'lat been dogs howlin Jisb to hear
alrsglvyb -O'AL k bf howlln because we bin hurting
iAm thl t tint d a .nta

0 A -

This Is A Real

USCA Barred

From Conference
. A representative of the Unit-
ed States Cftisen's Assoclation,
the group credited by most
happy Panama Canal workers
today With bringing about. the
Boos, Allen and Bs qiton wage
survey, was barred from the
press conference at which Gov.
John S. Seybold announced the
good tidings.

In calling the meeting to or- e n
der, SeybIold announced news- m c y u e I
men, representatives of civic i i iv L
councils and of labor unions had
been invited. He asked anyone
not in any such eapealty to --
Mrs. Flres LamIori. USCA Ponam6 Canal employ
president, had been refused ad- the results of the Booz, Allh
mlssion to the room shortly be-
fore, on arriving asUSCA re- announced yesterday which
presentative. of the 25 per cent different
Today she declined to"comn-50 per cent, and other ben
ment on the Incident.
However USCA legisiativo re- They were pafticularly
presentative Mrs. Margaretlen- wholehearted backing of tl
nie, who reMnained in the meet-
ing as a representative of the that the New Year Was star
Pacific Civil Council, declared They claimed a tremenhd
herself outraged by the barring
of Mrs, Loensmore. up by U.S.-rate civic, labor
Mrs. Rnnie said that when local-rater's CIO applaudei
in Wasinmton for the USCA
last senaper she constantly president of the Pacific CJvic
stressed the need for such a re- Cougat Samuel Roe said he per-
port as Booz, Allen and Hasil- son was "very very pleased
ton had made. witSle whole thing,'- and ex-
Several civic group represen- treEy optimistic of the results.
latives today conceded the I'ee' the work we've done for
USCA had carried the ball in the past 18 months has really
the fight for the survey, paid off he said. "And I am ex-

PC Chairman Johrnon

To Spend IQ Days Here


P -

es were rejoicing tgday ,
In and Hamilton wwa *e
Recommended the r tpti
tial, the slashing of. renf
elated with the Gm'tig
he report, and felt nen
ting out "just right" fortthi
ous victory had been chbA
nr and citizens' groups. "
d the report.
tremely surprised an
by the action taken
ernor and the board
Roe said that
report had "vin
civic councils and thor Vl
Isens' Association who ibe
ed were the "only t*.
advocating the
continued to fihe" ttl
vestifation throughout.
"Qther groups," he pV-0164
claimed that tey.qurldIl:
the -unnim's tnhonsah

ecevilin a mix-
pay*.%lt oif $45
Spra $t 25 P .
a-.i naforn

oft- C

passage by


co w oh

othe Ctei
S -ailpmer t i of

It c thltribu h

w a series of
ht Rantbo

mBoard. ,

. ..- ..


'mtw thwev WaE- XWgOM JJOO 1
M flZt in December, 422,
te ~euthan Imnth
adr ,000 more than In De-
tminr, 102. It also reported
the number employed at 60,800,.
o about 1;200, lesos than in
November and ,100,000 under a
CIO vice, prudent mil ieve
said tte department reported
"bid news" but that it doesn'tt
begin to tell the full story. Its
yardstick; he Mold, "lost isn't
adequate to catch hat, really
hai been h lenig In the Job
mart. It S months."

glle anct
off' the, a -resBalokhp'
SIeve criticism t be termed
"the recent tendency to, bower
t.ppegole with a.Yfah of figures
01nlt0d to s6 w that 'things
d dI& awfully od.'" .
S"f -our W had been
nataft I a "L_ emtowment
it,- there wpud hae been a-
foeund Y WO a ., be .te em-
ed this yea n-
1952 boast that many
S people enter the job mar-
et every year,'! he sad.

AD-ut' Dock Strike
EW YORK. Jan. (UP) -
More than 500 policemen were
assigned to emergency water.
front patrols today as city of-
iteali feared two isolated long-
shore walkouts might touch off
a full-scale dock strike.
Rival longshore unions faced
court action In both walkouts
on the Brooklyn' waterfront.
Each was ostensibly set off by
the blrin ofa union shop stew-
krd, Howeverdan official, of the
Independent International Long-
shoremen'A Association said its
walout, which shut down work
ot .two oblp yesterday was in-
flafnced by the genial "unrest"
crsed by a seven da-old ston-
proe called by the rival AFL
The new AFL-ILA walked off
another Brooklyn pier last Sat..
uray in a dispute over dis-
charge of a union steward and
was ordered to show cause In
Supreme Court Brooklyn. today
why It should not be enjoined
from continuing the strike.

waII% Wrn2m-fl^.y Ameiaons an flit UW* Jwwi robots.
ThSeM.M itlw- y o tiuhtjo do. .
tW 'tor the first tme in longR time we a IhUtin alone an
we ot ar backs to the wall. An bet al, we. sur got
plenty of'apmunition for our guns.

IIntity Of Dead, Injured

In Privateer Crash Revealed

The~,enity of the seven dead
anid'seun injured crewmembers
of the J lavy Prter which
e J.and -Wrnd whIle a -
'teoitf g to lapd at France Field
W edesdy night was announ;-
ed D.
Lt. 4 (J Stephen Everett Grit-
in wife, Mrs. Beverlv Grifftn,
Hut 1.00. NA.S., Mirpmar. Ca.
Raymond Michael Pavestch,
AbC; wife Mrs: Ethel Pavesich,.
5675- Myfaad Ave., San Diego,
SClarence Fry. AO1; wife. Mrs.
Clarn Fry, 2343 Judson St.,
San pla CaI.
C ar lBrbert Kratt. PH3: fa-

Jimmy Goldsmit, Radiant Tin Heiress Bride

Say Pap Patih

X bwfvut- 1w, e at his
side, aanoumed today they hal
reached an oq et settle-
ment wit her dl onalre
father *to angrl'posed their
rthe flpIs-toe-since their
a a4JCr the sma!l
heuder town ofatWIthe radiant
dweds m txow. It was
I end ed the story teir ru-
S Don Antenor fPtlo in hot
vrot much ike a traditlenal
.mtig century romantle hoveL
S"he settlement was amicable."
to, handsome Etos-edeatled
tudamtth. 80. axs he estoid
Mliag beside ) -year-oid
thier Maria Isbe PaSo
ibc he spirltedaway In a
oau .oyee.
.ut of persial ree-
M I e'it say _S s t

Made 'Amicable Settlement'

The voung couple, spent the
wedding night In tWe borrowed
flat of Mr. and Mrs. Redericlk Ol-
iver in Edinburgh's storied Prea-
tonfleld House.
' apa Patifo and his-wife. a
Bourbon prines who ws said
to have had half dozen roval
ters lined up for Isabel, as bhe
I known to friends, bearded, the
might train to-London shortly
After midnight and turned their
bacUs ft reporters.
The Ode had a secret cat-
tvermd with aher then be-
fore the ceremony but neither
ew- her parents attended the
Goldmith saidhe and his wfe
would take the train to London
toniht and go -a to Paris "m
s oe nee." He is In bblUst
there aM It was is thle r-h
capital wtat he me MiWs Pafl.

uU ree a0 1
StMhat r h
W a2 lw tQS

Village Ef -felao .which Sir Wal-
1r Scot described as "the most
icturesnet and romantic village
S.cotlan4~* Isabel said, "mtr
c upon seeing hundred
v l gathered outside. .
Siias phed over a can-
of hundred- miion doBars.
ftn, the vyen iw way lov-
JEtW/ JhlAnf tto marry.,

flue? ap the couple ward mar-
tied by. Town RegistI# Robert
MaUttle I hise office. he couple's
iawr word th a only witness
at 1{he- eremony.
Before there were married theI
couple S.ODped as thed Euaan Ho-
tel. near the Registra' office, to
allow Maria IsabelU to "pretty
,She were a twin sweater set
Sd skirt under a asvy blue oat

thar, WlUls,,. Kratt, Waters-
Xord, 'ich. t
Harold TZrfjane. PH3; moth-
Or, Mrs. 2 1 Lane. Route 6.,
Awboujieu, mu.
3Jo. R. Parmenter, Jr.,
AOt- WtfeM. DoBetty Jean Par-
meaer. 843 IOring St., San Die-
go, ,Cal.
Arthur I'.. l or; mother, .Ox-
da Manor, l1 E 0th St., Aua-
tin, Tex. -.
S Ceondin Critical
Lt. John Tiehey, USNR; wife,
Mrs. Eileen .ginia Toohey. 324
Aftoh, San go, Cal.
Lt. Jj) REIrt J. Bixler; wife,
Mrs. Patilci A4 Bixler, 3583. Wa-
co S Diego, Cal.
AndYew a Hinkle, AM2; f.a-
ther. Walter C. Hinkle, Route 4,
Lafayette, Al
taon4tion Fair
David Ro)ert Ross, Jr., AL;
mother, Mrs,%. D. Ross, 620 Il-
linois Ave., Welaaco, Tex.
Condaen Good
Robert ,Ve Uce Delk. AD2: mo-
ther, Irene fI. Delk, 1940 6th St.,
Columbus, ld.
I. mneth Dwight Klewer. AD2;
t ,er, Frank J. Kliewer, 1919
elm St. Ukah, Cal.
.Clarence Schneider. TR3: mo-
ther, Eliab4th Schneider, Route
1, Paradise, Kansas.

Lt. Sho Iders
Pleads Innocent
(UP)-Former St. Louis pollee Lt.
jonls Shoulders pleaded Inno-
cent today to a federal charge
of perjury and was granted 20
days to file motions against' the
indlctmer t growing out of tte

scheued to arrive y plane
Sunday light for a tn-day vis
it to the Canal Zone.
He Is accompanyig assistant
secretary of the Wavy Raymond
H. Fogler. who 1i paying a two-
day visit to the Zone.
During the timpie Fogler Is here
the two will confer with local
officials on matters concerning
the Armed Services and the Ca.-
nal organization.
A spokesman for the Ameri-
can embassy in Panama said ti-
day thatthev had no knowledge
of any plans-being made in the
Republic for Johnson to talk
with Panama officials, as had
been rumored.
SThey said that If Johnson
hould request arrangements inr
Euch .-conferences in Panama
during his official visit to the they would be han-
died after his arrival.
The specific purpose of Fog-
St's visit, the 15th Naval Dij-
trit has announced. is to In-
%pect the military and civilian
hbeaitala on the Zone.


Sgthedled for Ja-
ii scheduled for Jan.

The dkte of Johnson's depar-
ture ha4 not been announced.
Admiral Richard E. Byrd, who
recently: was appointed to the
board of glirector$. also ais expect-
ed to attend the Canal Zone ses-
3ion. according to a United.
Press dispatch from Washing-
Others attending the board
meeting will include William M.
Whitmpn,. secretary of the Canal
Company. and E. A. Bacon, as-
s'stabt to the Secretary of the
Army 'on Canal Zone affairs.
Bacon replaced Peter Beasley
who BLs been appointed an eco-
nomik adviser to the government
of the Republic of Paflama.
The Canal Zone meeting is ex-
pected to last about two days.
This will be Johnson's second
visit to the Canal Zone since lie
was appointed chairman of the
board of- directors in May of last

. On being questioned t h s He came to the Isthmus and
morning, the Canal organization spent several days here last Jun?
said they had mapped out no at which time he made an In-
firm program for Johnson yet tensive study of Canal opera-
and did not know exactly what tions.

imaweu ma we airvI
ewed morale consder
He said that his ores
realizes "we still hasi)
the battle, since we m
up our points in Congrq
However Wgner Ip
their legislative repress
Howard Munro. now In
Ington has been Inform
the wage survey res"
been release to the I.
the people. "Now we wl
et every assistance we-
up there."
Wagner added that a p
ty exists that a represi
from the Booz. Allen &
ton consultant firm ma
called to appear before t]
mittee which will hear
port. "Ir. that event," I
'we will give them eien
help we can."
Lloyd Vaughan, C
tlonal representative, ,
report as "fair and equ
a great victory" for Ut.
employes In the Ca
The CIQ, he said.
lates the leaders of
nations wch repre
rate employee fqr.thll I
tence and cnoert
getting congresslai-
their problen-.
Mtudp eN0a e
Ileves, with rei.;
rate employee who
make up the balk ,
(Continued on Psa'll

= **

Distressed Bobo Denies SW

NEW YOR.E n. 8 (UP) principle, though she raised The letter* was algall Be
M B b ( a Rockefeller some questions about terms rs Rockefeller

sars. parvaras txwmv nurwvicucwi
said today bshe was misrepresent-
ed as a girl after S10,000,000
whei she had old her husband
all along she would accept his
last offer "If some of the strings
were removed."
"She raised some questions a-
bout some terms, never the a-
mount,"- Ephraim London, her
attorney, told reporters on the
aidewalk in front of Bobo's Park
Avenue apartment.
;x reporters had been refus-
ed entrance to the building for
a scheduled press conference
with the former Cinderella bride.
She sent a message through
the attorney that she was "very
dWtsaged" over the building's
refded to allow them in and
even appeared at the front doer
at one' point- to say, "I'm srry.,
but I'm locked in and you're
locked out."
. "2bare have been many mis-
tatemants boat Mrs. Rocke-
feller that she wants to clear
up." Lndon said.
"Mhe s bo time refused the
offer ( her husband. She
aee ain witNieS the temt r s

not amounts, because she
thought there were some strings I
attached. I
"She asked at no time for more 1
money for herself, but only for i
her son."
London. who emphasized that i
he was Mrs. Rockefeller's "per-
sonal" attorney, would describe I
the offer only as "'2,000,000 in a
cash plus the income from cer- h
tain funds." 1
She will still accept this of- 1
ler with the former reservations. P
and London gave out copies of h
a letter she had written stating I
this. The letter addressed to her
other attorney, Leo. C. Fennelly,
"I advise you that I have not a
altered my position. I accept in
principle, a I did before, the b
offer outlined in the letter of v
Au S, 1953. signed by Mr. Her- I
bert Wolff. provided mv specifi-
ed objections are comnlled with
add povided various trusts and
a ts are drawn to my
sctctlon. 1
y deliver the enclosed i
a eIopy of this letter to my :
hm a's attorney. d

Mrs. Wi1e
and uan Wi
briefly a t

bellfor sent her in
onad hersaid her
bomber black t

crnose" make that A

ne did not dety ih
o mohave than enou
spite of the
her usan Wthrop Jr
feller, sent her n

uLobandon claimed herhi
Denses" make teat
he did not dy
no more than enaeo
ay essentials.
He alsoreAd a
Rockeffie made e
on. Wtnthrop. Jr..
"I have heard r W
huband claimsbe
uermitted to S W B
=! ^ 'ifj

iuoIr na-



.. .* .

-- .. -- -'--4-, -


'.o. ..-
.. .


rr, "_-
*". f ,-+

3', 1

Happy New Y

TL___ I%_


* -



u y
V-',- *"'* *


. ,

*-. .

...' 1'.

3~ti.. :;r

. -. -.

B- .,,o .-"

s2. -O


* *'~W'i *r :


[ 'R : B ?'ff e U N O. '2R A--7a4 mXj iN
p 9. o sor is4. PA, AA. *. P.
BIPM fANANO. <7. 4W ( asNe
IRg,, O.pW M 1t.517 CENTRAL AVINUR mrTweRM1a ;73 AMD 1TH
%.21. U4 u MAOIno Av. NNW YOM.. (17Y N Y.


-o -

The $6 question:
UI the Panama Canal Administration attempting to
atdeye Sam by selling the mindi Dairy? .
A. 'A
1(One of Sad
Many Frien

La Boca, C
I hope you and all the people who have read about
loan sharks in your paper some time ago will li
t I tell you.
The welchers who are hollering about loan sharks are
eSt employes who maybe have family troubles and nee
tra money for the hospital or doctors, and who get hel
ibe credit union.
The welchers are nothing but a gang of poker player
coterm and race-track gamblers who want to get out of
,'Jmbling debt, so they try to get the personnel division t
Jm out of trying to collect the money. It Is nothing
," porable gambling debt which any good gambler would
^thout trying to welch out of It.
Honest La Boc

. Military Men


1 Answer to Previous Pu

A four-- 38 Argumen
general 40 Turning
5 Vagrant 4) Manager
Property item 4''DiJguile
Mica 4 SBeen
I Sharp 44 Festive
Essential 46 Curse
being 47 Notion
Pennsylvania 48 Group of
college players
With full 50 Long per
force of time


eeral 1 Respiratory
Robert E. -- organ
a 4 AMirkan 2 City in
S Natan -- 3 Begged
I Mliary 4 Hourly
dtd5r,; S Prayer ending
Legiard Rented
$S Vase 7 Finish
13 Portent 8 Lackst
14 Ikewtisea Buttter
ie substitute I
L mountain r
Slier's 11 British a
flop-house 2
Grea paches17 Chemical
*1 Lamprey compound
i s E19 Military
decorationio' X

A hr f

I nlna wood
STm-as oer
- Houston

,w/ the Mc ouse9



Scotch Whiskies

Get More For (Ei.
FurnW hings Wilh
a Want Ad
Vre'd be mapeed how many tI
*0* ehkiug Se, whrfeter you hav
sts. TYe cane m 'em euk
"end hdeepwith a P smM Amet
Wmt Ad

II~v~if- I-

-' U.


S Labor .Ne ws" A

SeiComment t
The forces _psund Thonmas I. 16
Dewey, who ate believedby many
in informed GOP circles to be or-
gan~lhg'tOWin another Republ.- .'
an presidential nomination for the
stillyoung New York Governor Ain,
1956, have proved to be the mostso.
powerful bloc In the .White ,House *
today ..the W
President Eisenhower to woo the t
nation's i9or leaders-thus defeat-. 41 b-0 Of
ing the more conservative business
men who wanted the party to stay /1,I
S Evidence of the Dewey victory Ile DN
has been obscured y the bustle oft
a returning Congress and the pre- '" .s
s rations for the PreideInt's ma- lominouse ai M or e i *o m'1 -
*ds for speecks. However, the sign of 1, 11 b om j rgi,- -j i-*

there In Mr. Elenhower's decision a. s
to issue a special message on La. lee ae ad with ItS 2.j e W o r he' e r
bor to Congress on Jan. 28 or 2 od prmnirim a o rsati
Z. giving some union chiefs much ofr i a
te fwhat they've wanted since te -the lt $ iu on k ea o .. ..
the so aftHarley aw was first passed. *~ Mau a
In 1947. w out of la of i
In other words, as it now stands e i, wi t

T henotd r e thht onadent th rul Uea th' at ro
not the inside the White House, a message n aecot erun he ca en
d some will be prepared for Ike. in which ed atra 2'a.,
p from he will ask Congress virtually to ia u
repeal the toughest sections of the p o an sao ural
s, crap controversial labor law. betwe the Coma nists and r- emuf e
yin between the Communiu ts and in- of5&ea lles
paying Thus the President will tell labor diea i The M .ds info a i
o scare he is taking no punitive action the In e o a the
but an against the AFL and CIO for buck- enf thei tobMae I Swrs a
pay him in the '52 campaign or for d fuse to g e iare
heling Martin Durkin out of the Coe e p at, d r t he.i
Labor Dept. last summer. e ta ri Co er o .d te AWem
can The details of this significant I-d Korea haf und t.rt
document are not yet definite be- As a "c.ult, the alarmed Indla" goerment
cause the "neutralist" bloc in the ask.. bo to th s as to p r.e Ie at t
ozzle Republican Party has not given a. w itten stateAnimts on whprat iey" w I ay
up fighting the Dewey bloc. It will th a wir ind to do a the prias on r-e w t

b:.ttle for a very general state ir **- satin',o do*' lith pr "'"u u for ilol-ula-, t il rS
meat-Iand delay in itsd d every. n pgr s still begged pPed
So if you see the message on labor 6fWeek (ow a en* aast Week on a tsiesi
being pushed back into Februnry, NO "GAS TO'R h
closer to the campaign and to the MOr "GAS" TO R]1112 to Lp froat- .
moment when most CongreAsmen egOtiator Dean

S ilL say "We've got to get haome ido' or from th ge to reo fuet ree, a-ne pr e efn vw
the Dewey-Adams forces were fc. erou, 78 y l Pete th e ar -old s "acanR e l Ry S4 .
nally set back. B y Peter'Edermay :t r f acros the Stio pua llel p 6"d
But the odds are that President w.ithRK tro that they have This cola( in gt
Eisenhower will ,rge Congress to I:tually t'tiohed *theea gasoline, and a -
pa-s anywhcrr fr, m'6 to 10 amend- supply, erRhe'ru
ts mets to thae a the most sinifl WASHINGTON (NEA)-Red Communist spokesman wod read garbage. He Najd that unlespn e Foo s ni : ,'lk ;I war .As ea tim ran a
part cant of which will be one givigChinese and North Korean Commu- a prepared statement.m .Uiglly this *nar was iwthdrawn he woed -'s rd'e, afd the I l able South Jw: and I 'and
ial grt power to the AFL's 3,000, at peace negotiators havc let it st ement would conta a denuu eat t as potiee tht the Codsmi- otre n leader could t the fuse .nrtor McCa e a
member Construction Trade e Un- ekno. t they m wi thdraw elation a the U.S., the U or South nists wished to recess tahe lks to the.K6t-An 'pwder at any al-di. )A
lon. This proposal of Ike's will their charges of "peridy" against Korea.' These statements became i tefinitel7. Then he walked .qut moment Ce .
sa", in effect, that a construction the Un ited States. They have r- increasrngod abualve. Thft maneuver obviously caught Everyoft from Prpsidpt WI 1-
union can go to a contractor or ther declared their wlllngneap tp Ambedr De at irst le Wang by surp rie. It came on a zia- hower on j has p l
older just after he has won his uge the record of this remark, tl ti roll hs i aw- tuidy. At 4:40 a.. Monday the Rhe. ls Indiat at he tl a
bid for a ob and sign him up wjit Cuomm'inists ate most eager yers a wthput comment. His communists mot' we t6 the Uni- would gIWv peace c0ofe e it. lea& '
St' : union 1Oh before he ha s eve to tw peae negotiations desire was to get on with arreang- ted. Natl is' neoat ptors that thy time to operate onceit got started, pulffe power.
od hired a working feorNe. In othei -decision to going a peace conference. He made wanitq to resume the negotiation ut demanded that it got ate
words, the men abut to be hired addr Ar- a rfect negoatro the Uni- pext y. ..ry I2.,
Swilla be 1 these Aniong before e t aiei e to es e Nations point of view, e ause There was in offer then 'to with- MeanWthd tl, US l --
e first power-spvel dig he being he didnot get angry a A id d -not i h oft he ra b t he I a o peaO -
"epfirst bit of earth, Dd te girl aXen me i i" ied utes
r t h e ert a i t n er r a he -
ede nd these *ro Psat n a e W l ona w- w wa h9a nd o uM bean oC A eied Ro s Wab'a -3. h'l

'Unrident tol. '""_ tfar"A

IS, Aw i tt1 a at hed tl ch h lL dire eI Ae, aat hClk itta *, aleigerent. far h

It one of the deat over a fu
.'lin ogeth

Opyerr Dwna-h as y a fate "l- 11%of A into at dates over a
SW G C"o out a ct n r thow own. ha me bssador miW aassion adof oviet use l to 'the O mU PP rOT
f e. hs Zpecial !yelstl wrnce e.asd when Dea was admitting the chargers. ectasae r lde a a el eion w
&the-irep miia leade. peacatalaa- as a neubren. t-at Yhen Adh' Steveasqn okb In cars.are t
S f It is the eeeire agreement came on Dec. 2 rean stated blntl Alan a ho of onetime De sa
0. m i. g the fight on the rule was trealIaey onedtW dro l
Ikewaterst Sode wish to' reply h"hidiately to a I Cbinese delegate, made a m-ke hehi a matter of record fame, he could liet be pen by ts week days.
waterfront So i interested is he In:le Se wh o ide i o h p one fh a ik tsa oa the a
pushing this new surge of racket. statement b the other side, it statement throu the North Ko. and to mk% sure that the Kremli surrounding crowd, so' someone
busting (the sort of drive which could say in effect, "Your state- ream delegate, Xl Sol Bok, it was would agree to live up to the peace brought* out Coca-Cola case. Ad- Toll* of 80 .eoti eaC W aWf
gave him his early reputation cs a meat ia notUL" The session could.thie ol eharge that the U.S. had terms. He said Cotnmunist China a1 'tiod on the case and delivered u yelimated Inh ia gI5, .
crusading District Attorne i atl then be receiisd while the answer- esved with.Bouth Korea in re- and ce th Korea were more his speeh, which used Go. Her nuly hem
he as actua e into toe id in side thought p appropriate re- lasg 27,000 t ommunist stooges of.RUsaS; anyway, man Talmadge to remark: half the 20 years
hsef, i trips to Wa marks or oterproposal. Neh Koean prisoners of war last Wang Huang-hua objected and lat's's the most support BobD ured to, aimortli th p
Ington, in the fope that he can Whn the. Lea oa over time, Ju d en Wang accused the U.S. of asked that the r*me rk With with. T~)o4ruff or Coca-Cola has given a-.. .
clean up the wateroant despite the place tad compestn of the peace i _dy" In this act. drawn. "The point that the Chli- IDemocrat for 20 years." Only l miles I
mobs' 80-year strangle-hold ion snfereneo began n October, the Aem ssadeor Dean saw that he nes as delegate does not wieht 0 ben
EASTERN SHIPPING Commsr tst a9is t& to use this pro- could ~ollet c that one pass. Imme. known as a Ctooge of Ruaist is O'KONSEI. RENT i FROM eOs
t n too long, ago, for example, bedurec iktlhe propaganda. At the dsfateyilie denwnte the-charge as noted," replied Dean in effect, and OKbONSe G eaa. t,
fter a Wbashingt8 n banquet he tart ho pearly every meeting, the untrue ,9. oi .t .e.. bunk... let it pass.. Good old Congqreman O'Konsk: hlftle es1i0g
dIipped quietly lver to' see Guy r-a -, -oa Wisconsin has foun4-a pew way world's toght
armer the new chairman of the to take a little more money rom.
na Labo Relations Bo..rda lern*e the taxpayers. And -It's a ll ppea Detatla 1
For two hours he argued for a de- and legaL He does it .by rutiS ".Iastc soo : C .g.
lay i.. th. c:Ullrg of an election on office space in his own radio r sh". resosl f -p 1m
the New York- ew Jersey piers, tion end letting Uncle Sam pay N._U ats tp6nes n..
thesI matter to know tat the old o- .g ongressmen are perO_ amte,
Longshoremen's Union still had from the government to a
enough organIatIon 'eft to defeat TALES OF THE TWN....... Mouth Rk Centennia i tn h w- ac t their home
Sthe AFL. Midsg1' were excited over witl'- at. pdge ... A rate-coin papering n. T a burst po m.' thore's bo space .. al l -af -.
S And he wah right. The old water- t#.: report fom .1s Rancho in Las colleetr gave Murrdy $100 in old- placed dence one' ay his l, ederal building .
front crowd outvoted the new one, Vegas. On New Yea's Eve % that ing pm fo it... .~wasn't Mr- I told OIally he W thinking With ao federal t aI == M"t.a e
mkling it very difficult to drive s ,t was takee" for about $200,. ray's gmeet With Dame F0 of'r "HOwiyou lketo take ava able la Li area, --a.Olsaty
the 7" top mobsatet out of their 000 when a die-shooter held the tune P. .et r he won a hefty my tobo he a ued. 'n man from WiseonsL a reed asa oe A Ga
do:k domain. And difficult, too, dine for an hour and U0 salutes prige in tha Iris.a sweeps.. "Only," snapped -Frank, "t,- -
to show a clean-cut racket-busting .., it reca 'that eight t the Des. you'" take mG AN
victory. Having failed to budge ert Inn (VegaP) loat more than Teddy Rodriguez, the dancer, S SE GLANCES
Guy Farmer, Dewey personally that wh .'a ,tealist-threw 27 pass. was first in this this: "The*poor ........ ..
tacKled the -old victorious Long- er ... The "Right" bettor profes. ..o'Ir add the rich"get "Pr- Hat bnauufactui'er Hau'r RolnkE-
shoremen's Ass'n. i na gapblnrp cleaned qo', but fl1... ( 2arliad, Texas) UI5lof ho a *.......
Thus the picture emerges of Dew- i lucky cubs-tosser (who ob- 't~anter tell" ,ae one about y nas reporter from a abl p.
ey running thrie sati-crime cam- v..'usly didn't know how to shoot the two traveling salesmen in Tex. who was vacationing in Loan.
paigus on the New York scene-- craps) won ... He was as ..*- car brobe down near don during the Coronation ... .He
and at the same time bping the a squ-re, too,"a a witness, "be- a aen-nous. They fqueated eablede his difor a" long,, beauti-
power behind .th pro-labor GOl e. is< he was ahe only man in she the occupant ... A f*'J yritteuuatory about the event ,
bloc on the tlinal seege. If this town who wore hat!" ... When be (who turned outto. .. *e E cabled baek: "Good
hps higs re-electieh in New he retrieved it ns the girl at the I widow living solo) was hos- st y. But where's the Texas an-
York this f his people expect door he tipped Iar a dime. .-A year latir. her w- gle?" -
him to be the only one to whom yer- o the Ofice door.of
the Repblican Par y can turn if The El Rancth.dealers will miss one $I ualesn and handed Four years ago a cople o'
Ike makes good Ms threat to quat Countess Di Frsiso, who died sud- him, a ... After the seree. writers submitted a script in
the White House at the ebd p1 the denly. She wasa $50 tipper-win vlni ,the.chap phoned '.hich a crook got a Job at the

first term. or lose. the .@V' eW alar an ,. "Ree.m- Governmeudt Bureau t Engraviog
S, keep your eye on that Jan. ..V betr. ibigh tt that ranch-boune?" and sv matlir looted p ac kag
28-29 labor message. There'll be a Harry Bobbit('was just in. Said he b ed t mOmade love to that of money was impose* i e
lot more between the lines thai In he hated like diything to spoil a do. di't And ys u used toy t> film the story without shooting
olks them! column but inat'he overheard tw9 na gt" ...."Yeah," giggled.the 'oee scenes at the gov't plant
e-t- -____ trees in Centra )Park complaunin otiui, "sP-wVUt?" However, the setting -not only
ski! 1IL -- I.- about the col spell "Ab, L,'".Va the retort, "she Jost would have too expensive but
SLIU Ah'd .ne tree, "it'll be nice to die J ME her ranch and a someone in Washant reft to
S- h a Spri g.'.. neaiai with all the miiall "anl okay the story "Because,"
MADISON, Wis., Jn. (UP)- beautiful foliagA" h- he said. "the beo gumisik of the
Diane Nelson, 20, was p e) on "Yeah." said "the other, "leaf Freak. V OMalUey, the news- filmV was wrong. It was not possible
.for eS M W be beauOtiffub pam h out apse fr anyone to steal money from the
Rilall f 'ro blerr r -,,. n f f h asEAlo. Burcaul" 1 0

.. Goe a
* editor'a of.
,_id O'Mal-

t to-iall te

The wreea author were vinad
heated on the treat pa Memdav
the new of e .A M g thea
t a. the ,o .ey-p.intew.
L- t ,dt:,At tl's -the wemft

r ems Amntine- POW,

ia to oem home to the

ga b.ivs wd-

wa al. i!L"g V4~t


.' :---



_C ~ _1



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?liu-.rtr. .- rr-. --

-, -.. ...

-- .,J

It I g, 11 d t o p wi l co .... .. .. ;t S' .... .....
dot 2 atrMt Amer W^

cdim chitii .f thk nestrOptria L h Eud; St
t .slopM, .iS guard troops will condt a
I n th. north camp, where 350 prison er LONDONJ, (UP) .' ca .:,.we. 4,.. nt- i
to remain iith he Reds now are he ld. ear's rt b a nit tomorrow, ey venipr
r eaitnitt "heead coun owar d tJ utawtidrUtin.
Indian mni"headCounesudden la in ea e newly gna -us
S* a .t wek marching 4,000 anti-Communist .e kp and saw.lls,wau -
a Wasking each for hii name th n S thw Pe i
giluS tto "check the records. p e lovel.
ef"' wmn witske if lhe desired repatria- ~IttaTM wa simuh e 1
,tr b. nt they wanted to return to Communism ,n rro a rm. the Netihersa .d
4tet -pope and serial numbers.- I pae v ls:a8 ,r;tel
-. .M a"eal explanatiSonP pEfM which manref o t& bT. b
etm in~ ,~'bhoad ended Dot. |o o .

00?sK *ep5Etn e risiolbe detain- coastdl Ba in. Ii.* 12 J
p'lrrOCt eMaB y IM me T.i.| the-r t/a p B ho.-r-, a'Z ,-hgi.ri; buts hi

* ,p IIn oer developfilments: to tert Lure ond ~ be- .
b.u ht a stern Gen. Maxwel D. Taylor, U. 8. e -am ana. u o
WW 1w Maxell 8th Arma ncommaNnder, was in wep ahre .1Alafte w
n A r cer E Hull o n nhe defenses ed .a. A I e l
ntr oop s com a n 1 r ...n.... ,renc e at outh Korean Foreln Mign ister ar M s e teh .
o ryon = UWE Tae ref ose d otrat Dabov e Me $ra p
*='.' -T'Cieu rteorted braw hlr threat to use RO RKV ,eWe- stter percnhim spo a f k ly on
--I Ti Di .-tronops tn ey -eraw otYe- do. A PDCS U t U At bJunq o 4d s,7.
woro- armiron sBechdule. hS rew e n e e bat
;aera' coM- e TaIntr and south Kore founded Frenc trawl-
taof a.. nothe 8~th Ar commander ,h;a lef oos d st hEe ae t
t otq. a s ,deanf T yo n thatt re rsorer i tud orts of het F e hdplo a le t.

h i It ar t with him before u to lng wito e e e e ne r.
r eW de s i ra t action against t the treaty suffers a s We am nti ind ah a-
the CoAlliedforcesstoodready to' t.ion recorded the first major vlc- on ut o
eclrNtatrlios toes 22,t2e disputed tory of t current "sho" Capt. NcolPpW_.gO, tle
S2 ldnot reach prisoners If they aere released at fensl In Fra'ce. i th. aon w ie up e
r rreeefeatofd on schdtheehuecr"ewa ship awm n wev .luerS
s fo? Mton o one minute pst mhdnghtero toe French, _o now felmn
STne Chines wond beo tras- clearly Aat. In Lnlel'at s on ek -
aof. ane A'wyr rtern seIen e ranIthess el t-
toorth K .henserseral o b l i- pleduff n the atlal sem.Pe rals from a d i ghnut-sh.p-
C0N*h n tease a. 80 a u -hk 'orted na tW ndah- t Fe o u
y stronghold on Formoa and quit stlig and give a fied lye
Sw the r eh Korean wold e Or tO European a500Tw te iurola
P be taken tO South Korea. army. s ch-
he at iidl additionre age won hft 31 to 24 a con-
sTsemd iasn ? t he p sPt fidnce vote ror h th a chSmbatrls
on, charged the Ur weyt of deputies, gave the United
urn earppt- e .-- uti the.,elUA e r. .. P1.... States what It wanted moat In
tere i 2 de an t t e fit" Vnrt SWi Stl n end t current t didohiatc drive.
*r" 1 itS- hnfrtedonhn g hedule a .twe 'vsh esf tlee lseu- Highly aut.oridtive souces
3ernd.aeea E enin '" -dw a y -to t he EDC, Is now pezonaHy
SThCe Red, rnthelenew uletiml laInb te ou. er' convinced the Un is eto blut-
ost o Gen.. 0 l be Hl.nKai- shersN *atn ranc is a fl awhen atwasrn taooft the Od ul-
Ssrfoongnol loa 0 e aorguormeneQ of andore"a In1ethi x 0fuaal. f
.t EDC ouli be".o- "ag,--
n oa Europesano a n the prope-
a g duouorouhrKoreatnstwouawj
I t smepioenon -la y r o ean res ore t .
c, och tareddeo. o lev. thot d When athe Frse ch dep-
]Br.-- ----,-- _B. .^U su.wat,9 ., A. e.o, .:o tia te w fated with ..may- I

Sedate Vincent sr salatn swent They ala
oris Meeting nsach fr a second term In h aoNe enough to trlshton eii
oe n old aum at McNeil IAland fed. FrenoehnEn outside t phe oarmi o-
Re doy eine eral ison esterd owing lid an think the d

e te ar montMWy meeting ir neit sie out. The important ob.jectivn, t-
SPs0t 0 0 w4 be aLoreS rand fe, was nd is to get the epu-
I Stf[leB fc floor f 30 days a013 ndtndepen- ies to vot They think I=nW

To iiagenda are a d icus- P this time faces 18 ew in ne otlY twe o ys- c aro
fo eranf attai eleo- month- in prison for Inconme government has ever made.,
e counttee. a et evao. .
-.o ya--fo r H3e .1e a cn Indonesians Make

eSa nt f zurrzeart To Their Homeland N W
i J ed womfenn who were Marsala yesterday morning
I l daedu M from the .alllnhn; sume PARAMARIf. Suprinam, Jan
forces of, tihe UiltoI active political work n1 his e" 8 (Upt A m m zadiu of in-
Swho te no e lese a1nd 0 F predicted eventual 'a T re*i0te ac to
w~o .i t e hav the Uet for1mw." hotend began today when 00. a t
i eol governcallntoa U didbltthink we would Fe amles, anout 1.000 personsa- In
oay_ tv. aren eingbl to rse amnysterayonhaein n al sbie aboar l the motohinth
S th. U J he Trum&an administration," he Langkoeu.M dhtoctn
3itson aid. "But the morale has ha- former Imirant. who Ain n Ford tnu
V Amo eeating Te here .during the Dutch n sUtrnative design.. .ol th
*o 1 wn Ie..wor alinan wa found guilty late oos ed is rule over their natve
ploy veteraiay branch lat year of evader $26,739 In land, plan to mettle on the t1. Lt.,fl..nteriorandexterrst)
o U.& COevment in the income taxis and was fined Sf0,- land of Snumatra. nno".t wnoowr,
Zone. and area a dso 000 in addition to the pron This i the frt oup o power
a .bvwret ent employ y sentence. He will be eligible for planned migration of about driver asists.
v eteran. p arole In adx months. 3,000 IndoneiIan. Se the new Frd at your d(


UMPS A GRADE-Lee Dia Koon, Korean war orphan, flashes
is promotion-winning smile for foster-father, 8at. William Freer,
f Toledo, Ohio, at a Fifth Air Force Base in Korea. A picture
of Lee, wearing his enchanting grin, was marled to Freer's mother
who offered to adopt the child, and started the chain of circum-
tances which "promoted" the Korean wait fdom squadron mas-
cot to adopted son of Freer. Tony has already learned the English
alphabet and counts to 100.

I heard it over


1090 Kcs. 1230 Kcs

."^ ". : '-" *"' "
.:-' 4" .. 4.. ; ),, :, -

.'.;- '. _.' -r ^ .. '- '" i o. _. :. 4
--^. .- ^ -^j.- ______ ** -* *~ **-





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im te you a out t e two


.. ,. ',W p .-.--
1je device whiiat-
le, to see And ha two fferUept.
television r he same -,IOEi.B
TrcelvWer S ; &
The man tflt t r muageotea por i S
that the invention ftculd solve.a to :.
recurrent B. DuMont IOab w- r ae llar-l*e a .s
ing adults to eve* t-e i c. ""k one;t
of programs silmu ne usl d To the Theb n -n wrr. ,
watch another.ograms a cuthe w
The te Cale tdu ots-r Dealer.n wIt olltte

is filtered by the t ses. o'/ew conrco of in aot
thversinthe asses DuMont Laborater- Ceks. Du aL
les. The duother opc receiver. ill eoelfo lide. -
tsounds from any theparaepro-bowout tle ti M tw aSree.
programs smulaneoualy. To th bthe aThs nw receiver tt
oke d eve the progtam$ appear catho rVc tya tattit

equipposed with eight earpiecess,.
ermut by wearing special polar- ed toa .ap at
thd glasses, a viewer vees on mely onto the .
one of the programs. The other Dealers wUll gt a t &he
Is filtered out by the glasses.w de3 ew contraption I two
reversing the glasses the viewer weeks. DuMont Me
sees the other program. will t reunter-ary slide
Bounds from the separatee pro- bout 0 -when tHe At." '. afb
rams are channeled to thvice mak in- the st-year-o man 1
ivildual viewer by moans o 'Those *ho are l ofwill
earphonrps-or l earpiecesor J s have to o about nor t he
the manufact er prefters tocarl first, hand-Made eas .
them, since t rby are Small and ,-- _...
rln, to the ear something like a Ela --. As M .
hearing 'aid. Each set comes Elec riCity, AhW
equipped- with eight earpieces, -
permlttine a large aIudlencl Hater Le v r. .0
Enthusiastic television men
Do ted out that the new device $104 233 git5
,zives rise to a number of inter- CO UMBT,, 0.,
:!sting possibilities. COLU-B
For exam pIs the device makes A 93-year-old manf
It possible for one family group viciousa of elae tric
to read play bridge or just sit automob li, and P ,
and brood while another part working 9n a perpet
watches television In the same machine left an estate of*Df 4
room without disturbing the oth- 233. his wil lhAwedjoafr..
ers. Ironically, Joseph hut
Or, a large group-can watch ani lured fatally a few.
hear a favorite program using when struck. by 90aqwme
the receiver's lobdubealter while -ifter he reluseda r01 hjMe
the lone wolf of the family can a car after caUIng Wp
tune in his choice of program or of h1i bicycle rep =

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A AYI ~'

- A. r

r 0 P ".IP

t Written for NEA Service

6,102. AQJ9
I 108 3J65
S8953 4 10864
KQfin76J 3 98 2
North-South vul.
Nertw h N) E at Sel' West
N.T. Pass 39 Pua
.6 Pass 54 Pam
.T. Pass 69 Pasm
-' Passn Pass Pass
Opening lead-& K

SWhat do you do when )ou find
Myself declarer at a horrible
tpntract? Some players scold t4e
!Iumm!y. This does nobody any
Spt a)l. Others just .encl
teeth and go down quietly
F s is better than making a fuss.
t not good enough.
As the reader has probably gath.
re,, 'm in favor of the player
ho tries to make the best ofa
.- 'uation. When you're in .a
t contract try to dream ua
t ''dsibtribution of the catds that
pill permit you to make the bid.
tven if the dream proves false.
you've at least made a try; and
Pe d-' am sometimes comes true.
"he 'and shown today,for ex-
inole, would have been forgotten
'ery quickly If the average player
had,been in the South seat. It took
place in a team match, and the
North-South pair needed an unu-
mual swing to have any chance
tor victory.

L Hence they overbid fiercely, and
Landed in a ghastly grand slam
contract. As it happened, South
Ted legos, a very fine play-
and the hand was not fol-
gotten because Ted dreamed up
The right way to play this "hope-
less" grand slam.
West opened the king of clubs,
and Legros won in dummy with the
ace. Ted could count only 12
tricks, even allowing for a normal
trurp break. A squefez was out
of the question since there was no
way to wind up in the right hand
at the right ti'e.."
afterr some thought Ted saw' he
eculd make the hand if onle oppo-
flcnt h ad three trumps, three
*pads,. and four or more dlh.
sonds. Thia was quite a lot to
hope for, to be strp, but he could
lee no otYer to make his
contract, so he jbciddd to tr'Air
It, l
after winning the first trick in
,MSonmy with theace of hearts,
iwoa took two rounds of trumps
Ma hand with the king and
'9bsD. He continued with four
.Itouis of- diamonds, discarding
.two spades from his own hand.
lie then led out the top spades.
-and ruffed a spade in his hand.L-
ain the meLntime East could do
atthing but follow suit. South fin-
atly led a trump to dummy's ace,
drawing East's last trump. This
gave dummy the chance to cash
.Ue last spade, and Legros the
chance to disc rd his losing club.
both's last trump was then good
NtIr the thirteenth trick.

.. !" '*
.' >



Army Sergeant Dies

Shielding Trainee

From Hand rtenade
FORT DIX. N. J.. Jan 8 (UPi
A heroic Army sergeant was'
killed today when he Jumped In *
iront of a,tralnee to shLld him
iron an exploding grenade dur-
ing a training exercise. |
The dead soldier was Sgt.
Leonard Mbran, 22 South Bos-
ton, Mass. n instructor with
Batery A, 34th- Field Artillery
Battalion. He wa. a Korean war
Moran fled In the post hos-
pital irom Woundsof the head,
.chest, arms and legs suffered
when he thrust himself 'in 'tront
of thb trainee *hen a live gre-
rlagle the recruit hurled fell
i*dck from a trench Darapet;
The trainee, Pvt. John 'D. 0'-
fChllaghan. 20. New YO.'g uf-
tei*d slight flesh wounds .df'the
thigh. His condition was not
*..Capt Harry Laphani, post
pitlic information officer,. said
oran's l.rolsm wfls witnSeed
by other Rainees An the arts.
Moran, 11, months
in .:Korea and .three battle en-
gaement, Wa a.i a pit tasttruct-
a., O'Cafighan In ,grenade!
Lapham said preliminary in-
vestigatlon showed that O'Cal-
laghan attempt-3d to throw the
live grenade from the pit. It:
apparently hit a parapet and
fell back Into the trench.
Others trainees said Moran
hurled himself between O'Cal-
laghan and the grenade. He
tried to kick It out of a alit In
the trench but It exploded. The
full blast Amtruck Moran.

Russians Salling_

fusing stretch of signs i sup-
posed to help motorists find
their way through Albany,
N. Y. The traffic light is an
aid-as most everyone slows to
a stop to read the signs at the
intersection, which could be
called crossroads of the nation.

Collier's. mag
the Eisenhower &at I
to avoid trade
Rentlna thal mig
Ident Juan Pe
which It called "a t
state operating d the
transparent,. Macade of pAloqy
legality." '
"The Uuite(d Wt S U t
world' .rhUt et.r t,
owVIS peral no "," Cop-
liero jaid In j .et Ia.
It said "diplmat. correct.
nessa was "Nt far at the Amen.
lan government ought to go"
toward PerIn. e
Collter's said Argentlna's e-
conbmy 1a in trouble because it
cAnnot live up to its meat ex-
port commitments biut that Pe-
ron should not be allowed any
dollar aid from .thbe'U.B.
It noted that U.S. policy to-
ward Argentin; has changed
from "tough ralism.. through
apreas ent to aloofless,"
"Present events Indicate that
Peron'a regime Is weakeniung
under the weight of itM political
cruelties and economic Itapti-
tudes," the editOriAl Said.
"Let us give Peron no more
dollars, which would only serve
to bolster and prolong hie pow-,
er. And let our government dor
nothing to impede or delay the
liberation of a proud a d once-
free people."
The eventual collapse of Pe-
ron's regime "will be accomplish
ed only through Internal up-
heaval, but if come It must and
come It will," the editorial said,
I'let It be soon."


Great White Fleet


*S.S. "YAQUE" .................................. Jan.
*S S. "CHIRIQUI" ................................. Jan
S.S. "LEMPA" ................................... Jan.
S.S. "LEVERS BEND" ..................... ........ Jan.
*S.S. "SANTO CERRO" ............................ Jla
'S.S. "HIIBUERAS" .. ...............................Jan.
S.S. "LEON" ..................... ..... ... .. Jan.

* BmndUn Refrigerated, Child and Gmrwal CarM .



SS. "COMAYAGLA" ................. ..........Jlan. 13
S.S. "METAPAN"....................
S.S. "COPAN" ... ............................ .Ja
S.S. "LOVLAND."O N"..................M.........Ja a)
'. .. :' **... I O

Weekly sailings of twelve passener dAlpm to New. Irk, New
Orleans. Los Angele, San Franoetco and Seattle.

Special round trip fare from Crstabal to New York,
Los Angeles. San Fraciscsoo and Seattle.

To New York .. ....................... I5 4
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ..........5270'.0
'o Seattle ............. ....................$365.00






l e


Just As Usual;

In Berh This Time
BERLIN. Jan. 8 (UP) The
F Rpalans nave. deadlocked pre-
liminary negotiations for the
scheduled Big Four foreign min-
isters' conference by insisting
that all of its sessions be held
In Soviet Berlin, informed
sources said. todaY.
. Tte informants said that, at
yesterday's meeting of the four.
commandants of this divided
city, Russia's Sergi A. Dengin
refused to consider the/ Western
view that al least three sessions
lin four should be held In Berlin's
western sectors.
The commandants meet ain
tomorrow tp seaua discussions
of the iasue, ut twaOpereId un-
likely that the deadlock would
be broke.
The Communist press, parrot-
ing the Russian line said toaay
that West Berlin Is not a suit-
able site for the conference be-
cause meetings in, the Vastern
spetowr might be hamssed I&
The Wetearn allies already
have let the Russians select
Sevlet-surromuded Berlin as the
late and Jan. 25 as the open-
ng date of the conference, and
oftcials hare said those are lust
about all the preliminary con-
ceasions. t11 'WesA I .tbnds to
The United States Britain and
'rance, believe the onoerence
showtl meet in the four-power
control building in West Berlin.
Western officials said they are
willing to yield'to the Russians'
only to the extent of sbeduling
one .ams In rfotr in the Soviet

. .Heading For Mars


0, 1 gl, TWH06L-T


,ALL TiE N .-. ii

Short-Changed ,



we 4 v. 4 au 5 tO am





b *r',v-#
-p *2r'~4ft .S-'

-- ,- -- runi.- j "A -
rusEtLgAM- 16 FL MNDS




i .

-. .. .
... _...,.. .,. *
,. -,_ .' IN .- i .

ieM't Go Away

it 1W4.1A esasLin. ... ./ ,

Poor Company

IMS... i
w CAM**SA...


Be Sure!

r.v L e Cfx l

. ( .ELL9

..-4 --, ,.-,,


POW ,'t)I PftggPWE
TI .


CsTArAla I '

1W4' qK
*1' -j^ ^ *
-~ *ViLF

gUliB KHOAnHih MUd
4 *'.' -- -

nW t1ou niEY MA
m Mt HIDDEN Me eE6 E4

1.5 -


SWtAL'L%. 1 TM-O R lTrD (PR QW405 MV, Q
CWRM-%?WIIL WINE I M Wl wit4 M.T\MG0 O MkSTLtkO. a W

"M roe sD uesa

NokSo. Good


I Bpe.-.M a .r.rl
51 M.CJAL u'MJUIW ."%


L '

I. V

as a.s. wILLaA

A.- ,

-,_. .... ,

*at 16.
", ,-,,U
"- 1

-. -

- .4 I

rY -.

1 _-

a .n


- 'r .. -


_.____._._ I_Y_~

-n- __._ i

4. skom


-- ~-~---


,; -. ,. ; .



. *

.:- ; ".
.'% ]t

. -.
-'- -

u~rs i~

* A
. ....- .. .- ... .........

'Bil .l y t M R64 Must Pay Eea r)

t-e.... For $30,000-A-Year u
S.. NWJan. 8 (UP) "I am takVot. -uh
6; ga f Showmen 31 1y. p will pay his Whbl. I ab.'wo that
a '.lpol Tameeln a stranded wife, Eleanor Holf, this sorry mess has finly re-
ad" M 845l the i ty of 30,000 a a ektallmony, Supreme solved itself," Rose a 'Too
.. "" -Nova Nally announced today enough to have that cup of co-
..Y'd firThe separationasttlementlapu fee, 34 months ago." e5. a
S rganla and Mrs. Ela- roved by McNally aso includes
Miss .m1bn tr provision for p am= nt of 82C*.- seU ln
,,. Mr. cud I 0W B ilrln o0 ad ina ,u 10 -,early
S.and Wetidnddu stallnents of $20,000 each. I' u a 2
.a, Cboa'to'CPar0l ^ H8 ina..n ./ e"d-O .+t. But the alp^ f A~~r W'~hh 'QI ^ Ii I^ I ^iBti E agreement specnit,,d Th, alon hae bte l ,
Sa',n I. n4ddiem-u n ow the alimony. and cash payments d for tonlhts in r
4.O 3.3 4Ind an are to be paid only If they P-1e members ipay ala pytsd
won b e no-Ion .- At Lei I hmandand owiferm,,by Aprilday ch-l ,yl-.
by'tt.. eby* t hea- se.bpodo10an she does not remarry.
-iIn 4 T`he ntonnual r-t oGh tree McNally Bld that the beau-
yl IMr. White from the lic Group at burning featvIU be Inthe c h TIf LAST WtOt tt
U"noi ed 64tjhIle regular m a e 18tiy ofm, uCubre ksha m ,.deaoiaan hthe estate of
Sthe Music Group of the Otal Zone been set for7 tomorrow. the iiUled showman in
Rol rt MaloBeyea"r'TK U T S U.S. College Club w a.0t 1e1h6 Jan- A big safe ba64 I Pomse1LF Hatn>. at the Epidemic Hospital

o heas "a hs rents at the home of' Mrs Nan, .Wit- te up $1 each for the grown-k u d~ .~ driven. e"haa Inquired of cOlbsel afor bot.
i7efto .. ..ji hbeatvie thereartes and has been asaud by
Shotp "ther -- a .r "- sshem that there is no present .YV.
mus Thursiay ornng by. Miss Jose hine Wihers will be them that there is no present
ane for th United' States en i charge othe p ram. oe- io Chu c contract or the:procurementof
to r Fu oW, South Caro- -ChurchnutcraoifoIrthoe-prourementdo.
it student attheByuch a con t would mnake
Sar eoard e. gll oiry the lat er tl ia promised by theer a S p pprovai of a separation a tle-
*, "" -+ "L "' '" 1:W b ".. b n '-t r- e oa st ..,rs .g,.
Song Hate ld American Wa Clb wll enouh t wabe pnit. lega .d. .

h eM at f 9:3 am. sh ar oomop, Wed ies-t to o r
Ma Dioo ata Club p wHeadquarters inA u Pulpstd 9s tethecurtain aenu mi*
.arn Gra rGi l ee, President Irene Doovan has To o el "The baattil. Tf tesixaUnonbt tle w hia h has raged be-a ha t-u
Betty rant, Adaost Colla, Nancy ested tht aurun boar membersunity e sml r nihurches on b.the rCanal Zone twe m the two for two years. a cup ed to their E
.Thursdayo o athen ei mtreui .INr chairmnen of committees be CARLSBAD, NoM., Jan. # -(UP) hre exchanging pupits for the Rose said "bod nu, he had bellev-

ry v f o t e snor Al san.o t h rityovrcaT.^ll rr nson- th e ited S unday IT STARTED .
a nr MrS New eari eventhainga 4. pra The faepro ulllekiJanuartiettled b. an lawynuncter or the cour. s y71, retired Bet admi,

,:J ^I intend to attend a d meting al "u .d wk.,d ConB res to work for extending Cmetablt atient-ihtn.rea seefa r h ei oh c .i
ebtor' Wdih L le were suspended during the liday 200 a yar inta f 900; re. the ine through a. ll on f each ea r has beUnion Church -observed and sureOpen om :0New York's Memorial
reilar laen meeting of season, have been resumed with "Universal Week of Prayer" for nay met ate night Holloway o he eases for a physical c
na B u lors'ia s z, D ol ore Club, rouwill hold a bineo Md d e ion BkmanPlaceose(whichSpokemen at the hospital
Mar. ixott, Albrook 3188; l Mrs. P for members and th pr o neon paid to the socia r-sthe study and tee first locked him out of and he d red that taust becau
.Betty alert, d a, acy at the Pa urndama Rary Club met anye program by worked a.nd Is ea neethert s.hater stormed andover a cup someones is admitted to ti ..
g aFo owtdg lma tfomusal enl Thursday for its agula p weeklof coffee In-to ay thethe kitchen we quickly institution, t does not m the
A.ite nam r. waKgrentBlted. lune OnWIn Se, Jan.l t P pfore a $100 this special week. ree n the alimony and set- patient Is ufer m c
i ra d aB JoM eArta twey. hope ot NaNt ofa url; dt ntaV1,d a There pastors will use seermmon ted ItWEN .ns oters

de. Me Bri--*l Ato .eve'.a federal 9- rile Paralyasi today akounced pThe Medbcal.AsocIaton of the a t the e
The bigeglar ,, etob men o Its peent olriga 873,485 Wtsenr of .1-Search ofth ean Canal esofne, is apon
sme!s ewatrtgz Jorge in- s to make rat to the an to 30 ege andga- sorin the United ofrst Amternationa IT STARTED
,Des n Free- Am eric. LloA N tiee social ui c ay prtamce, but in the county e aIn Ithas prepared a special booklet, heldl
aIiS.The ra Atmeyeros critaclca-wa aim- "I would hh agate he"Thley ,aw HI Glory," for daily THIt
raf^eri^iets *e m edC arl Agencias Pan-Amcarl T. sherifn s would have'
ar the Is .M rnN, -Nect usen Many outand medal au- week.

adby Mrs. meeting iTMkf ato0d noicl r af o Th, tonptsl" said5 The schedule fof r United Stainter-
T-ome-gFrt. A* & lt -3 0ue*lS '- 24o-nl rr rFeoe on additional of A meri Centersal and South
n r re- to methods of reventonhanges soo on In $1000 Amerca, l present notewfine fororthy ow

^yKfRINDS 'i'$dplannins ito'ntar.n Amicablem Bre a n Impr PreovedN" retnte"perVto the assembled doctors*
ne aar 20 N ea rit ing the present old ae program Isting ona injunction aae There wtbalUnion Church -

Bd T fear r iW -r AG nd as rie-ce 198 the 'oundation has aad IS e loT1
Ioftwe Curundb Worn- rui .. to c their tailed a Altmeyer urged Democrats in to'entin 'pr6perty it, aonrcls nive rito nrc
a niT' tte daotnok Congress to wdrk 1 r extendizP 'Carlsbadiresidential disto fight c is no w.y-deroped. ere will be
h eon td bB held coverage to movie than 10botl- ed by an anti-res h al even ant on gol and fishing,
y, Jmnusry 20, at the Cu- pualsb TCua simed lion person nclu farmer Thestate, for tents wo re- ente Margarita Union Church
u House. Spanish clbssoe e Inter Increaing eefits permitting .o ut c al heishe dded who w attend to re- ev. Norman Pratt of Cristobal.
merican Women's Club, w h I c h beneficiaries tq earg up to $I.- move her from Jail by collecting Gatun Union Church Rev. (OPPOrSIT ANCON P.OA)
t Wive canben ntere spndd during th holiday 200 a ye nstea of $900; re- the fine throu a:- lin on her Raymond o amoa. enfro 8:30 a.m. hr- 00
reer I onalmeeting of- but seafruits, have been resumed with ducin woMen'a retirement age proper rty.
he Doctors' Wives hCl w a change in time of meeting. Be- to 60 and paying the sampokes- Pl OHI o y o Pedro Mu o u

^^E ally wiing to listen pp paration tiPe droslc- m i lethat only moCec was h.
eld Januory 13 at the Summit grning January 12, these cesms benefits ior permanent total Rev. Henry Bell of Margarita.

o m lPd. T0a0 0eans at dishes of HePn ry Bel b ofd Marga
olf Club. these person who ay be be held on Tuesday and Fri- disability as for old age rein r last Balboa Union Church- Rev.

ade with the chntrating, Mrs. days at 10*For further -a.m.,instead of formation tele. of singer aRosa and i la
ider White,-24170; or with days and Thursdays at 1,:30 am. C akes $
embers and askher the kind phone -1844. hs p enchant for kidding trlu- "
Sif. qaott, A ibrook 319;oMrs.a s onss paid ot eterto the sStC Swe l pioh social r-. Medical
S Walker, 24#'. "he Panama Rotary Club met ane programn-by workers anZd W0i A .t pan
'FolowAg lua' ke attenuscan for Thureguda for its ula weekly empor --ye to pay the cost of L To pLonsor P rey-
G welGro- i hented.duncTIuefRUiHMILLXnSay Po na e ore unpacking c.- o orf

r OinC'P"-.- A. 30 miles per galon. relief,
NY FURNISHINGS eyer Table lanps, for lvng 1)-TQ. What s the capacity o thhe Here VW transport
di & -. orost friend tt theyn tope t rooNat m al d porch, lInan- of 1680 Marchbs. The sa wa en

RATTA an PHILIPPIN tle s*toilhdive r federal I sand They sharysdes om comfortably eaV lht passengers. ta p
he regl talr I rt, Sob.-- ernmane Jf oits phhen affair wigath a.*$ 485 2 o each IathmLan Canal Zone, Is pon-
u ea /ive,# was he /t the r wo man e rad thy to the old antsto30 How dos the pricerig the first Internaionallr
ie a .- te er imblic assistance, bu t ons Ac meica convention to be held

;oQve him Q. Are there sufficient parts in stock for servic-n. the VW transporter?
Sey okeep and Ptle Shades all sizes A. We have n e ock enouh pars o service any VW tranatElPanama Hotel or.The
he e fl trution to the "Cncueten-otor parts or the Pi up, staton wagon, pane and
Smi lmps too. White, red rio of are all e subame. oThe Volkwagen has esablished a

SS green forraUing and nydeposit outnd Bogotang Colombia to medical-upply via air freight any daler who
I d. it fle playin.den may be thoriti fhort of ro tany spheecUntedc paSta. es
a.?bardens will -.- n cw- S~&,or- 248--forine mt oM addl onal of Amerjikc Central and South'
d plants -will e as methods of prevenio of What ls the daly production of VW veAmerica, wihces present noteworyand where are they
RINS planng d micble Break andBoumdoprovedr Lamps. Pi treatment tbluech-apers to the assexporembed doctorto?
emindsd to bring dishes. for gar- niques, and. 971,,8 for. pioJects and nurses.
dens ad lunI .'In professional edutcat hn. he There will be several scientific air
-N YORK-, JAn. 8 (UP) lald. and oommerqlld exhibits on di.-
Bridge Tournament Arthur Godfrey and his seve- Since 1938 the foundation has lay during the whole conven-
t oldiy Evening year Sponsor,. Liggett & Myers, awarded more than 53 million tion
-be regular weekly bridge tour- reached a artling of the ways dolla morethants to schools ani am as It
namcnt will be played Monday at today, a but a spokesman for medical I titutlons to fight pt. s Inow. developed, there will be
Hotel '-sai. said it wu amicable on both m ll1in 01lars has been sa nt on .hopping, golf and fishing, Is
-i "Tides. treatamittfor Datianta w o re- entertainment for the delegates
eeek'ig Cloc,.. To G Tuesday The tobacco company an- quire# financial help, he' added.1 who will attend the convention.
A ba .ic course in P aOmenian nounced It, withdrawing
truction of'Mn. Mercedes Alegre geaent" With CBS God-

can be an inter- fTh'-Introdteflo'- of yr opI c a I Grey' s empioybz'o
job eratonaliste- but frults and vegetables,.their nautri- Godfrey wa unava'", ble for ... "
'ftn be a mood'Wtene five value, aud IW*maaner of comment, but the CBIP spokes- SECOND FLOOR
eay wIlling to listen pn paration wit. i tiltclassic- a said that only money was

'hat you look for new friends, green. ivory iwashahlep. A. The factory in Germany is manuhUIturing close to 1,000 vehicles per
instead of looking for a new hus- I.88, 1.10, 1.65 day. An assembly plant has been installed in Brail. The VW's are
band.o li sold all over the world, and are the best, sellers in Gemally, elgim u
oanc an be pretty re that any e Chromed Shoe Racks and Peru. In Colombia as in other countries the VW models are today
...:. Ifres who are!:r& to Push 1, 2, 3. 4 compartments. selling more then any other car Of European manufacture.
you m .mriage toward e divorce Speeial 3.50, 4.95, 6:15
.* coa .t areant real frlad.. 'They are Q. Where could you obtain a VW transporter?
getiog a viearious exeditement out
Sof te troubles they are supposedly I Chromed Tie Racks. A. Agendas Pan-Americanas, A. are the exclusive representatives for
helping you to "slve." y 1.65. 2.95, 5.50 the Republic of Panama and the Canal Zone. The address Is Calls
r 7yut 'sl 'Estudiante No. 90 the telephone number is Panama 2-1746.
De.'t Year Marriage
,. .t..Y Nwew.ear e ra Q. How about the passenger cars?
lTh.fote g at poll r p e i s two hIe n..t "A. You could plae a direct order through us alone wit
, The itest atpopri pi Drpop010111 0wo &lea dsno Idelivery Is made In two months and at a verye
By CIsUB som new o es. Chromed 12 place suit price.
SMEACMY PAYMENTS But dAut make tWe mistake of racksa. .
t IT IT n poaq I# T P. .AV diu seyawhusband seyour!p Ll ".5
.VTA1 y4T P AV marriage wft your nw fo nd -

R member O t a lot doV ew !S pe d 21 A" .2-01
who get douecm don't ......
"r_'u% &*4 BU'Y NOWoi
-. R~ ND FLOOR S AVDSA Agencias Pan-Americanas, :>7+7+-.


-,b A.~ 1. .



_ L 1_ Ii__l ~ __

g ::r

. .

.- I-

- '* .


vi l wa n 1 .l I--mmo

f words

* 2;-Wi^-r



7 Street No. 13
Jete Aro ena Ave. and 33 St.
5 Street No. 26


H sitrt No. 57

SALE: Refrigerators 25 Cy.
S Miegtlnghouse with freeze chest,
.5 cu. ft. 2 vr. guarantee $180.-
'j 00; Cresley Shelvador 7.5 cu. ft.
ood 1 condition, $90.00. Bar ma-
'iomany red leather front. 4 Rattan
is, $90.00. Beautiful mahog-
dining set, 6 chairs. China
lint and sideboard $325.00.
3i 267, Rodman. _
SH ALE:--Tappon 4 burner stove
Instaolloation and Rock Gas tank
~doLre refrigerator. Bedroom set.
Tephone 3-3378.
SALE:-Lesving Isthmus. Sac-
Aftfllng seven piece Custom made
ehagany bedroom group. Cristo-
*bol 3-2398. -__-_
S SALE-Leaving country; Beau-
i' r1tful chest of drawers, harmony
house, deep bookcase with top
4Srawer uiteable as headpiece for
Hollywood bed dinette set. 4 chairs,
Electric sewing machine Kenmore.
e d4k with two chairs, beautiful red
W.t 9' x'12', another greenish, 6'
rxw', evening dresses 14 and 16
eqverything like new, very lIqw
''krice, 2nd Street No. 210, Las
.Cumbres, Tel. 2020.
#OR SALE:-Used and reconditioned
i furniture. Chairs $2.00. Tables
$3.50. Dining Tables. $14.00.
Wardrobes $19 00. China Closets
$18.50. Mahogany Double Beds
y th Brand New Mattress end
Spring complete $77 00. Easy
payments arranged. We deliver
Household Exchange. 41 Auto ROw
(National Avenue.
Leaving the country must sell two
bedrooms, liv.mngroom. diningroom,
Venetian blinds, water heater, six
foot Frigidoaire. four burner gas
Stove, all very cheap. No 37. 44th
Street, Tel. 3-3489 Ant E.

FOR SALE:-1952 Studebaker Com-
mander State, oall extras, perfect
condition. Wilt accept English car
as trade In. Albrook 2126.
FOR SALE:-1953 Metcury H. T.
Coupe, Merc-o-Motic, radio, leath-
er, many other extras. 5711-B,
Diablo. Phone Balboa 2675.
FOR SALE: 1953 Chevrolet four
door De Luxe. Radio complete Mc-
cessories. Price $1,550.00. Phone
Fa. Kobbe, 84-2187.
FOR SALE:-1950 Pontiac Catalina,
very good condition, $1.045.00.
220-D Rodmon. Phone 3267.
FOR SALE:-Or trade, 1947 Olds-
mobile Fordor, clean, hydramotic,
leaving soon. Albrook 86-7223.
FOR SALE:-Leaving Isthmus, 1947
Buick 4-door sedan, priced for
quick sale. Cristobal 3-2398.
FOR SALE:-Must sell 1949 Buick
Super 4-door Sedan, dynaflow, ex-
cellent point end mechanical con-
dition $800.00. Autoac 15th and
Melendez, Colon.
FOR SALE:-195f Morris half ton
pick-up in excellent condition.
Plates and Insurance paid for
1954. Has almost new 12 Volt
battery and Firestone rebuilt tires
See It at Household Exchange, 41
Auto Row.
FOR SALE: Willys Overland four
wheel drive, in aood condition. Call
phone 2-2341 or 3-0294.

FOR SALE:-22 H.P. Johnson out-
board motor with class C racing
runabout. Call Cristobal 1 569 from
4 to 10 p. m.

FOR SALE:-Misc. household furni- FOR SALE:-12 ft. Sailboat. Excel- i
ture, dishes. 765. Apt. 15. Barno- lent condition, fully equipped. Suit-i
by St., Balboa Tel: 2-3046 able for outboard motor, $100.
OfR SALE: Chair $200. Tables Call Fort Clayton 2236 after 5 00
53 50. China Clo'ets from $22.L0. P. m,
Wardrobes from $1900. Mahog- F R EA E
any Dining Set. $5900 New). R LE
599.00. Solo Bed $12500. Neo
holding teds complete' $39 CO Real Estate
Metal Beds complete with new FOR SALE: At Cerro Carnmpano.
Sfattress $31.50 pec2 50. Metabul beautiful small lot '6856 meters)
CId's Wardrobe 25 00. Side- at 126 a meter, magnificent view
Chilbo Wards frobe $2500. SMany other in all directions,. also wooded lot
bomrds from $12.00. Many other 190W mat, stat 10 a meter, 0
b rgoins in new and used furnitui
broinsn new and used wonderful orchid section. Phone
''t MIeouse Exchange. 41 Auto Row. 2-3631.
"VE=lli'Payrmrts. WA deliver. Tel. 3 --1.
Pay s. deliver. Te FOR SALE: Nice chalet &- SaI
..r...-...7 Francisco. 550 meters for $13,(000,
!R SALE:-60 cycle. 9 cu. ft. re- 00. Easy payments Thomas Real
friprator, 20 months old, stove Estate Agencies. Central Avenue
and watching machine. Leaving 259. phone 3-1069.
:'urgently. Coal Panama 3-2779. -
LE E, n uoat- -- FOR RENT- Concrete bungalow:
hi-SALE:-Bendix outor.atc woth- ree bedroom, three services. par-
machine. Like new. 5100.00. lor. diningroom, big closed porch,
3446 St., Panama 3-5101. kitchen, maid's roam, washrooms.
W SALE: Household goods, in- gwage, hot water connections.
eluding I 1 cu. ft. General Electric 135.00. SoO.ny Boy, Sabonos 810.
deepfreeze 60 cycles. Mahogany Telephone 3-304 I.
dresser, mahogany dmiingroom set, FQR SALe-. American Coffee
ple chairs aifnd sMall tab Frm n production.I
wEE bench. Mqh wrfitinq tabl*te *n, p.r.N N te. P r ,-
r, two metql 'beds with springs, P .nar -.-______
Smahogany 1 bedroom chairs. .
hogany and leor storage chest
hes. kitchen ware. potted plants. .' -
isc. Odds and ends Hose 1546.; 1Vtl I Astild," U |
Mango Street. Gavilan Ana, V this sp lc at Spln ,
_I_ __lboa. ".emurtable reeeatle
Siend vlot fnd mspletely
w Fm laV furnished two bedroom|


PC OuNfi
enty permanent emplpy"
dc the.Canal organistion
rlg the last two weeks in De-
Nber according to information
pm the Personnel SuWeau.
of the new employes were
AnUti the States and twelve
re employed locally.
o of the new employes from
e worked before in the
organization. They are
SA. Bishop of Caribou,
supervisory' accounting
I', Ofce of Comptroller: nd
L' NH. Jarvis. Jr., of Athens,
_gia, lock operator. Atlantic

Ibuna ow Price $1,500.00.
Call;l Wriff Company,
Tel e -vm Panama. 5th
Stret No. 2L

Rosary Service
At Gorgas Chapel
For Mr. Kelleher
Rosary services for Maurice I.
Kelleher will be held tonight at
7:30 at the Gorgas Memorial
Funeral services will be held
morrow morning at 9 a.m. at
the St. Marry'sMission In Bal-

Agenda internal do PItiseclene
p central Ave.
Parq 7 fe 7 sree. J'

For your birthdays, receptions, and S
anniversary parties. Soft music, swing. I
romantic, latin and Dixieland Jazz. WE
At just the right tempos. Zez Ben- %
netts Society Swingsters. Tel. 2- i
1282, Panama.
No. 99 Peru Avenue. Hours 4 00 C
p. m. to 8.00 p. m. Saturday 8:00 R
a. m. to 6.00 p. m.



FOR SALE:-Ford V-8 Customline
Tudor Sedan, two tone blue. WSW.
directional lights, vinyl upholstery.
11,000 miles, original owner. Also
mahogany veneer diningroom set.
consisting of a table, six chairs
and buffet. Call 87-2203 during
duty hours, 828-3076 after duty
FOR SALE.-Large crib with Kant
Wet mattress. Phone Navy 2262.
FOR SALE: All state trailer, pne
wheel like new. $60 00. Phone 2-
1562.' House 6385 New Corozal
FOR SALE- -:- Pedigreed toy pups.
Purple rbbon strain. U K C. reg-
istered. Amaloys (Toy Terriers)
parents sery small. Elaock a n d
white 'lth ran trm. Affectionate
and playful. Very alert, good
guards. Phone Colon 723.
FOR SALE -Homart Exhaust fan.
24", 60 cycle. Excellent condition.
Phone 2-4254.
FOR SALE 4 K. W. 115 Volt.
Direct current generator. '450
R P M. Just the thing for Tuna
boats and rural homes. Call Bol-
boo 2-3046 or write Box 268,

Red snapper season soon We have
everything to catch them, including
boats, motors. $45 00 up. Under wa-
ter equipment. spears etc.
Your patronage appreciated.
FOR SALE -Piano. green. $75.00
Cabinet sewing machine, $75.00
Good condition. Telephone 83-

Rackets restrung. newest method $4.
00 up. 2 hour service.
No 99 Peru Avenue.

Wanted Position
lA/ kl-nT i--^,11- ._

ear beh.
Upe. Oeft
Jlae, Box
menme 3.11


electric refrigeration, gas stoves,
moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or
4-567. |


servants room with garden .In best
residential district. B.130 monthly
46 Street No. 22. Phone 2-0436,
before 9 a. m.
FOR RENT:-Modern chalet, three
bedrooms, reasonable price. Tel.
3-5293, from 10 a. m. to 4:00
p. m.
FOR RENT:-Furnished house 2 or
3 bedrooms for 3 months starting
February Ist. 48th Street No. 15.
FOR RENT:--Completely furnished
concrete house Ichalet) 2 bed'
rooms. Road facing Paitilla Airfield
No. 109. Call 3-0553.
house, with oil convenience. For
inspection, Sunday or any day,
from 8 to 12 between 10th and
11th St., back of Belisario Porros.

ATTINTSON 1. Just built modern
furnished apartment, one, t w o
bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel-
ephone Panama 3.4941.
FOR RENT:-Modern apartment. 2
bedroom, living-diningroom. hot
water, 5 closets, garage. Justo Ara-
%emena 97, top floor.
FOR RENT:-Beginning February Ist
for three months two bedroom
apartment, completely furnished.
40th Street No. 13. Apt. 3. Bella
Vista. Information Tel. 3-1251.

FOR RENT: Beaofifully- furnished
room for couple, kitchen privilege.
Bella Vista, Mexico Avenue .No
69 Phone 3-0553.



.i Just Received



279 CAeras Ave. Tel. 34140

Dm .AdS& ll i
(Palmer Oilus
It nd -'p.m.
Saturday: 8 1 U ab'.
SPert AveMue e,. I-SU
(1 block from Lmx 1hitel

Packers. Shipper, Moves,
Taller Transport s Baxter
Expert Mechanic in Ultra.
matic and Hydranatle Trans-
nitssi offers his profesalona'
Repairs. installation of gas
stoves, water heaters, etc.
General Supervisor.
Te.: a-S. t 3-5

e Selected British & Ameirlcag ueif
* Special demonstroaie facilities
* Cobinetf ts your *pecificetiqq.
'(Panama's Hi-Fl C'ent0r)

., s ; 3. g


r U jJIictc U liiii FOR RENT-Furnishe I2 bedroom 1
dress-housekeeper. Part time ore- FOR RENT-FurnIsked *2 bedroom "
ferred. Call Navy 3881, office apartment, near Bella Vista Thea-
hou aloff ter. Call 3-1596 after 7:00 p.. m.
FOR RENT:---Furnished and unfur-
nisned two bedroom apartments Z
ideally located in brand new build- s
'LIng close to Canal Zone. Also 'iyo
available one utility apartment ine
iE completely furnished. Enquire at -hav
Household Exchange. 41 Automo- mod
S llingy bile Row. Tel. 3-49 1.
-I FOR RENT:-Furnished apartment, of
2nd street No. 14. Perry Hill. Coll hOU
A total of 58 passengers are 87-2221, before 4 p. m. (at
*heduled to sail from Cristobal FOR RENT. In Vista del Mar. em
orrow morning at 10 a.m Small apartment. 3-0276. ,,
to New York on the 8.. Crs-FOR RENT-Newone-bedroom apart. the
arel of three !pasna Line. There ment overlooking hotel El Panama ed
au-Preince asg e o r. gardens, Apply Foto Holcon in sai
au-Prince "El Congreo. Telephone 3-2407 rat
The Cristobal arrived here or.. 3-1179.--____
Wednesday, two days late and is FOR RENT-Very cool modern epart-
sailing one day behind schedule. menisi three bedrooms two r-,in
bothuemsll, uluroom, diningroom, P.
Passengers en route to Port-, etc. at ted. rents one soi0
au-Prince are Mr. and Mrs ftor.1.IO., the other B.150.-
James Brown and Mrs. Albert 00 monthly. Phone Paname 2- M
Mendel. 0027 or 3-0763, both have hot tlve
I water. whb
'The complete advance oassen- F D er!
germ list for New York follows: FOR RENT fie
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Allen: sai
Leopoldo Argon and two chll- Miscellaneousu 'l

dren; Mrs Jennie L. Castro; Mr.
and Mrs. George L. ChaDman.:
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Chlflemi:
Mr. and Mrs. James Edgar: and
Miss Jean. Bpstein;
Stephen Florio: Mrs. Gertrudel
Hayman; Mr. and Mrs. James H.1

-. .Herrlnqton; Rupert Hilton; Reed'
Rhet new permanent em-i.Sa t ,a E. HODlrins. Jr.: iss Helen Hur-
Vf -from the United states,j3 Iley: Miss Kathleen Jones: Ar- i
birthplaces and positions W U thur P. Loughran: Mrs. Arthur lIe
as follows: ]Aj m a P. Loughran and daughter: Mr.
toss E. Anderson. of Mason, Al rMUp ajiOWI nnd Mrs. Morton Mace: H. T. tf
y, Is., recrational snservisor, hl Mehrenhnltz: David B. Marshall; biCa
tels Division; John P. Sam- A Aru and-Ralph D. Minnlehb: .
g of Boston, Mastsr.electri- ilm IWe$-
Loommissawy Division; Roy Mr. and Mrs. R. O'Brien: Jr. l --
%=e11. of Coalmont. Ind., WASHINGTON, Jan. 8 (UP ,nd Mrs. Joseph J. O'Donn Il:
operator. Atlantic Locks;The Armny vaid todav it cancl- Mrs. Cora H. Oliver: Miss Ma- New.s
e T. Goodrich, of Roanoke, ed a filmed television showing nuelita Oiler: Miss Gertrude 01- L. Pren
electrical engineer. Con- of Korecn War atrocities at the *en: Mr. and Mrs. Jack D. Pal- Carnnl
Istton and Engineering Bu-equest of the State Department. mer and 2 children: Mr. and hospil~
a; Floyd M. Johnson of Guth- A State Department spokesman? Mrs Ceorr, R. Peck: Miss Hele- Saturd
,Okla, conductor. Transpr- denied. a Rosenlum. and Miss Sara the Is
kno f d Terminals Division: A Defense Department off!rlal Rosenberg: old.
iak Newlter of Milwaukee, offered another reason for v.ith-
miedical technician, Health drawing the films of torture and Mr. and Mrs. Norman Scott; Mrs.
U. :rutality of Allied prisoners of Edward G. Schnake: Mr. and Plan,
Sthe Commtuni-ts. He said re- Mrs. John P. Seal; Miss Marie Isthm
personnel employed local- heckin. ldicated the filmlE. Selss; Miss Bvelyn Shea; Mr. he wa:
I contract and inspection needed "further editing" for er- and Mrs. Bonnall A. Tappen: Dr. Store,
f- Tilla M. Arosemena, rors. Helen 0. Walker; Mrs. Herman Canal
I.1 3BAn. Charles P otter YR- 3. Waters: George B. White: and ploed
tion and Ternminals Mich.) denounced withholding Dr. and' Mrs. Pita-Randolph old u
A. Barrett, supervisory cf the film as "absolutely ridl- Winslow. tat Q
llr. Griat M. Dep.aps, culous." He said he would begin b__ J
11 al cwk R.Connreaional investigation. ervlce
vtx~t~I W ,J W 4 one-man task asAT am mowin the IeAftm
Ieentlyheld hear. W WllXWNAibecame
4; "*wSl. "j. "? i f Ul en war akosel iZs inu ttjmajh em bb- ba r c
rl 1:isLa I-'" le PD. _.__me__________ -- S ll tre and m,

"-- De ,Sp, and Donald W. Io mvcia e fromw t
got clerk-. -. eta. amt11 g Sat OWer i be to tent
S p 5Sleottlcal Divialon D a afike kneh. mr a. .He L i
SX-dlsloq Ren'ry 0. 1 lll r-26brah s ar eme *IN. amt three a
.P...,lea up- m 2-1mlif t. intarm
-4. l a s t T V

FOR RENT.-Office or store :C.OLe
in "El Cangrejo" foci.ig Hote E,i
Panama. Apply Foto Hclcon. Tl-.
ephone 3-2407 or 3-117..
FOR RENT: Furnished ro,rrm .r
American couple Private e-ronarnr
nrd kitchen. Calle 32 Eni rto i 14

ence Prentiss,

Il Oldlimer
-in MakairL.


(Continued from Page 1)

nme personnel."
iuch u study. Vaughan sa.d.
mdd reveal the many v rirg
quitles that now exist and
ve existed over a period of al-
at half a century."
Re said he Is ure the results
such a study would bring a-
it a complete reversal in the
nal Zohe administration poL.-
s with respect to local-ratp
We are pleased to see thifl
administration has support-
the survey's report," Vaughan
d, "and hope that If a locRl-
4 study will'be made, we li'
o get their full support."

dt t& e 5 CA. M-.
m* marvoloue."
rts Margart Rennie. legisla-
e representive of the USCA,
o' attended the meeting yes-
dav in her capacity as Pa"!-
Civic Council representatives
d she feels happyy end satis-
d" that right usually comes
in the

Mrs. Rennie said she thought
the efforts of the USCA to
ward 'liemekli the surey.s
and the ultimate results, have
proven '"ery satisfactory."
The man-on-the-Canal Zone-
street today had plenty to say
;bout the survey's results, Herp
are some comments received
trom employs:
"This is a real Haopv Now
Year, a few days late," chirped

EIl nu uuma "I believe it has given people
in the Canal Zone the best
of the death of Clarence zhqt i the arm they've be;n
ntisa, an old timer of the redding for a long time.*
construction oerlod. at a
&1 in Omaha, Neb last "The report, in my mind. It
ay has been received onI excellent. But I'll believe it bei.-
thinus. He was 76 5ear, :er when I see some action.'"
"I only hope they don't bury
:t. a, thev did other previous
PrenUias was born in Belle beneficial reports:"
Iowa, and came to the
us in August 1905 hlien "I always thought a study orP
s employed as a General percentages was what should
eeper by the Isthmian have been done Iil tme g 1o.
Commission. lie was em- My one hope is tat they ill
as Storekeeper in the Ionvert the recommendations
uartouuaster Department Into action."
Wn regnation from the s e
In October 1910. M
r leaving the Isthmus he AIi MeMsll M aad, a
e associated with a lum- he ursl ust siSy'
omasny In Clinton. in sai. d w re ink
eo,.d to the Omaha office alhlss n ante
t firm in 1921. He retired *m e.ib m a
be company in 1947 as As- _J Th n e tr s
Treasurer. .T ae go
Survived by his wife and Me3tMs Oae l _=S "
sons. Funeral services and 'tliis s a tue vMtdij"aZO
wesiby afte rnoon. Iw

--,--- ------


News of the death of Dr. Ed-
ward Arthur Roae. 34-year-old
former Gorgas Hospital Intern,
in Lenisville, Ky. has beeq re-
ceived on the Isthmus. He died
after P. brief illness which fol-
lowed an operation Sept. 18.
Dr. Rose left the Isthmus a-
bou$ a year and Pa half ago after
spending a year on the staff of
Gorgas Hospital as an Intern.
His wife also was on the Ooras
Hospital staff as a nurr-,.
Born In Elizabethown, Ky.,
Dr. Rose attended the Unlversity
of Louisville before entering the
U.S. kqvy. He served three and
orn half years in the Navy Hos-
pital Corp. before returning to
the I -University of LQulsville
School of Medicine. After gra
duatlon he came to the Isthmus
in 1951.
He left Panama for -Alaska
where he was in charge. of the
Alaska Department of Health
mobile flit and was the med-
ical officer-in charge of the
Alaska Native Seryic. HospitSl.
He returned to Louisville last
February and took over the
practice of an uncle.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs.
Ursel Rose: his mother. Mrs.
Minnie Roxe Thomas; and two

lMR .8aw 3M ,lM.
ws Bam Allt KlWbdir.m o
aS Som. Mee =re
earer. nw sas be
SPVery Ci C
Mbrs%" a"- t ti
SQ0 mCaM. we Ta09

had no tube getting a Job
when first arrived here..
A native of St. Lucia, oneI
time French colony, Edward was
educated in the EnglUh SchoolsI
and was assistant muaten in the
Wesleyan JuVenile Schools be-
fore he decided to seek his for-j
tune in Pamn a wherp the
French were bUinIlg the Canal.
fh arrived in Colon one rainy
day in August 1901 on the Royal
Mall liner "Atrato" and disem-
bafted at the English pier as
the Royal Mail docks were thenI
Colon looked a lot different
than it does today, he remark-I
His job with the French Canal
Company consisted of keeping
books in one of tleir storehouse;
in Cristobal. The books and receI
ords were kept in French andI

streets, heowe played
One tof hi
new Isthmalan
was with the ein
Constaoumon DIv "Ul,
ant tim rkeepr
worked an the Atlantic
several years and it was a I
life, he said. There were
fights, dances and e
Culebra on Bundsys.

.He left the Canal erganilatlda
in 1108 and went into buatnem
for himself for peversi years.
Since 1988, however, he has
world with the Manlptenane
Division which was for ly the
Municipal ulgineering PIvlMon.
During is years of srvice,
which was always clerical, Ed-
wards has received several .let-
ters of commendation for his
good record.

in an abs~ortl% ads. mal -
,on. New AmerMa Library hn
long been aware of te ga tht
nas existed in thet paprbound
ffeld in the non-flctn catUe-
With the exception .fe wtee
scholarly non-fiction publhed
under NAL's Mentor imprint and
a sprinuing of popular noph-fl-
tion ana reference books, the
vast majority of paperbouqdj
book titles have been fiction si
"Gandhl! His Life and Message
for the World"-a study of a tr-
ly pivotal leader of our times by
che note writer and political in-
terpreter, Louis Fischer, will be.
the first Signet" Key title sn-W
'vill be published on Jan. 30, the
anniversary of Gandhi's death.
Other titles scheduled In the
Signet Key program of provd-
tig the mass market with Infor-
mative oookl are: "The United
States Political System and Huw
it Works," by David Cushman
Coyle; "A Beft HMtory of the
United Statel" by Franklin Es-
cher. Jr "How the Great Rell-
piElo Began" bY Joseph Gaor.
IAyes of Destiny, As Told For
The leaders Digest," by Dona:td
Culroas Peattle. In the instru-o
tive column Roe such titles as
"Speak Better-Write Better-
EngIsh." by Horace Coon: "How
to Make a ucce os of Your Mat-
zilage," by Dr. Eastacp Chesser;
"Flewer Arrangements Anyone
Can Do Anywhere," by Matilda
Rogers "H.oyle's Rules f
Games," an up-to-date volume
containi-g instructions on Boll-
via. Scrabble, Bamba, etc., as well
as Bridge. Canasta and other
games, ov Albert H. Morehead
and Geoffrey Mott-Smlth: "Diet
to Suit Yourpelf," by Walter Ross.
Exact publication dates on all
of these titles and others will be
announced as soon as they are
scheduled for publication, usual-
y two each month.
Future plans for Signet Key
Books will encompass the entire
range of non-fiction from his-
tory, economic, science ani
agriculture to biography, heal
and personal Improvement. N,
let Key authors will be r
Jn their fields and able to
sent their subjects In an ilttI
gible. pertinent fashion. '
Signet Key Books will sell
tWenty-five centM, and it is h
y that the subjects they C
wU bring new fkowledg6
wida popular -p liBce to 4
mood book and ent
available. 81inet eBOOR
include some origal pub
tons, whenever subjects of
verbal interest are apt cov
in a hardcover book availabiple0

Former Gorgas

Interne Dies

In Louisville


week. Feb 7-13. anu annoupnef
the annual co l dindinner aiud
be held Feb. 12 at the Margari-
ta Clubhouse.
Assisting in the cubbing .aes-
sloa were cubmasters E.-N. Bur-.
ton, Park 2: Win. B. MIlldTy,
Pack 3; Vincent Biava. Pack 10;
and E. S1idr, Pack 17; Den
Mothers FdyGte Glamer, Pack 2:
and M. Trea4well, Pack 13. As-
sisting intoe Troa p Sesin we.-a
ScoutmateraD.M. Locke. Troup
7: E. R Je"tlskL Troop 13: and
George H; Perry. Troop 15; in-
stitutional representative Prankl
Hohmann, and chairman J. L
Thomppasn., Assisting neighbor '
hood commissioner Hans Pedpr-
sen In n t' exploring session were
H. & S. chairman Wm. LoehrPand
advisors Win. Taylor. Post 4, ashl
H. 0. Heltom, Post 7.
Scout executive R. H. Ahl-
baugh asked that all year-end
reports be sent in so that the
annual report could be made.
District chairman W. F. Fearn
brought greetings from tbe pt-
trict commissioner. 'Ooa -
er Taht announced the txt
foundd table for March 2 atste
Ship 8 Quarters at Aniad, after
which sc.-utmaster tobvrt Aoche,
Troop 4. led the cloa ml cere-
Canat Zone Sceuts to Set Up
Special Training for Leaders
Under the leadership of Lt.
Col. John J. Davis, tratnlng
chairman Jor Council No. .:0
Noy sous of America. a $raIA
ing coure for Scout and explor-
er leaders will be offered in the
near future to provide training
in preparation for the coming
Camporef and the summer
camoliD session.
Utilizing in large extent the
educational program used In tie
training of Army of th .tb
course will be broken OPWP
two-noux sessions one am I
week for four weeks.,
will include instructor
Jungle survival field 5ant14 ,
and man reading.
Visual aids wift play an Im-
prtant part in the course. Cred-
t toward the leader traintfg a-
wards will be gived upon com-
pletion of the coanre.
Davis in conjunction with Ma-
for R. L Eaves, Atlantic DiMt1ot
tralinen chairman and Samuel
Roe, Jr. Palt hf tnDietr tut-
Ine chairman, haw st u9 a!M

801, Boy Scouts of America. will
meet at Coconut Point, 1 I
Cristobal, Monday evflng at
7:30. Purpose of- e aeetlM its
to reorganize the l(dge and ap-
ply for its 10 charter.
There wll be an election of
lod&e officers and the divls
of the lodge into two chiM
representing the two ScoaWi
trits of the council. Of azpu
Interest will be the brotheam
degree work which will be give
to all ordeal members hi
standing who have had oyer
year of acceptable service.
All mrutmnasters anid explore
advisors are invited to attend a
well as all members of the otrdur.
Servicemen who are brothers I
the order are invited. Unit
'and saches are to be worn.

training commltteema f.
scrlption of the BScout-o-
utive R. H. Ahbau. The
urs e yfr t

chair an A. tox. th

Hutchison qi.3ak 1, Mar4 a,-

ub; cumau Wilbr

m EI _a ,t
A.8A.. JaMlDudgeon. ot j.
R. E. Robinen F, Pt. 0ip.
lick; A.C.M. C. oas Debn t -
thers Mrs. Katherlne Pmnj -
ton, Mrs. Rose ebt, .
Myrtle Rodgd-s and un.Mldrcd
Hakao at, Pack 12, Oatun; ?aec
chairman Howard Wheele. Den
mothers Mft. Howard Wheeler,
L. D. Ellsey, Ethel Slalkwskli
Mrs. M. W. Jones, Mrs. J. Oed-
vinski. and Dorothy Davis, insU-
tutional. GWezeBfeltv O. ,.
E. Davioe 4nW. A. tEai. --.
lic "Atzipts -

40 1

HANOI. Ildochlna,
(UP) French uion

keep up their attae the
force rabel Oen.. Vo
Glap to split up hie for
use them in minor thrum
These observers said 1
of Dien Blen PhD, an
Fench stronghold in
west Viet NaPf tw ali
Utiry In the =in bof
Unots who haw beoo


Centl Ave. 146
No. Lottery Planm
Fourth of July Ave.




Scout Ne ws

Pacific District Senoters
Plan for Coming Events
Cubbers and 8couters of the
Pacific District, Canal Zone
council No. 801, Boy Scouts of
America met last evening qt the
*cout Shack. Amador Road, to
discuss plans for the forthcolu-
i.:ng Scouting activities. District
commissioner C. R. Taht presid-
ed. assisted by Asst. district com-
missioner Al Sloan.
The Bcout-o-rama appearance
items were described by Pacific
District camping and activities
chairman Wesley Townsend, aft-
er which he and C. A A. com-
mitteemien W. H. Esslinger and
H. J. Milliop. discussed the Den,
Patrol, and Crew standardI
events. bcoutniaster James Rey-
nolds, Troop 1?, led the discus-
StS ar 82giL MFromj

. I

. I -

. 1.




~-- -


s .






*- f i *-r ^' -

uPlans French On Cii I ii
r YORE,Jsan. 8.-The New
riflrt Library of World Lt- Fifty-two yin In Pianama- q- T
re. Sac., world's lget pa- mot of Itpt Working p t tAuho
cunad publrer, an- Canal rlr oioit off aO-
Mef t win launch a Thomas 3. 8d, 7S-ywX.old 0opej7
impilatntelget Key Books, employs of the uaintenan stoufl fnr luue'uw

----~-` --

. Dayl .,n'e v ho I leaving ,o make her how t e gn ,e. B .e n rh. -
, etotb u n tr bekrl Cdti78

Ds ,

s wh l s thiM .fd .r i n e r .t-

The o no.. .. t...ts were a ti l o s h ablt

FI p oace NyeoualPortland a held Wedr Pns plan at bo rafhip
n to te tabsnle, Sl a a a iam NEi nIr ba t est Bl and

a Ai nd ste hon-oilat Ce ea Tef Gold bioast rhi d Pte wCluban enterin-
a.drs. N. o utaein.r. cr. t t h T o ou S f or awlen t C ola e jf tj* Ion
onbmh. Mrs.. alfore W )db te, o r a r 21a e toe w t. III "
G-aI.,.M oj y MrS. 6led .e6@ ing_ f r m te oe 6 f rm !
h *iam b B eug r Kn r. Issell Dud.g The -! Nl.&r pr ib

1on-iolapr, din David r Doan attraton b f the enin dnc teurNtIDTH -- --
ois r T e i eretin biM rooks a e eoo iu i i aa

e y -no d eds ng co rn J ddayit te aRd r fo .r di vr p f. he
C.. SIn rLU ra the nnedrtiorret M l an t a .
ands b .ta table, a Ir an r s. Ail&on Nixwals tvr hbe o ret

'at A. Oln ~I s a n New Mt Le pres ded apu the tea ta h b. Wilv be a at stpdine
_teg totBonk me t th re .i tle rc tIe ot r an d n do ths o Au tioo tal .
dies. o W iiam ngltte ir -arwe Ano aMrD actite o oe nol, wlotnaie hcm b

Sa ni s. Pr u oUtg. GTe r. fo irstta -r Pal- he a lave bee cohe bruh
mWl re. Si~p~eqbt"6 gebe a ude atl

l ebreerde. cmpatuead b- ted(h& nrwrtewgevberblhled at

Gl e oery, orf. P artld hie. E o-ut p a tc., nt a,"lt o t the tabe i I

daugh tr and sop-ln4aw, C Mrt The Gold hoast Ordhid Society mTherh will also be an entertain-
P&us MorsN.H.Au m eteatthe TrrllD. oiaHousereoma

W hld eaynFeay m. Ct h Ptent asionaries who saw county board t up a wo-day out the state as part of a driver
JUST REC ID chapman of Exhibitastated eir work destroyed when the chool for busdvers. About 50 education program designed totr n
Stht l ed China are were noed the course, wh ich curb the mounting a client and

aIKEN d A WIe ce d the one held last yea M.r. starting fr6m scratch here with included lectures on bus mainten- death toll on state hig ways.
a.. Me a fe dr-Wat hisuewiOaea rs.Art houu r.L 01w4 C11iti n D oSo e ve Letld ol..
Don- w ero ni, .bat bIralOamhII or n ,rlic" tib h ,c m n boolte-woogie beat on hii drumsI n one oF his many jam -

wora brinN ow f te i .apd resad ed th itea te Thre-Wi sll t a Cltan Kai- cprsiza representative of theePonn- The American Municipal Asso
P Sof St. Pte r who 15( ahd A moing th # ar wa ereTet Sng at3:00m p it Gautos tessn a i Ith pictldont for his Ls program has been encouragcus
the 6ow eiuest of her son and disoeosq by M r. n e u a d o t the YMCA-USO i oris-i hr winter hoe In Berk W, Captain and Mrs. ofoudtro tondh lra____tsp ,b.e
' Dooahoe. who hi.lasttip the Anterior. a plant is _____t__..__"___, __l_........._ _"_'_"

;.rs. t1. H Tay an Ms. Mlton 1s never befor .on It i ber
diAllen did the honors at th e ir ea own traot in Panama. e:M.' outig:.Th, ist-

In-'lted to meet the vsitorswere of an or d from the doli, ran th rvo

tMs.i eHlre pte d re- Wo rk nelbrafllsid a cnt

nes arly n.ebruar.Mp mlThe patient lsiond ais who sawe ty board e up a To-day out the state as part of a driver
IlehonoredguestswasehoooftoIteastaben t co r b s Ab
FEI- nee C Ny wiRottla ap acMhity techcal Ad- n the green' swiiwpt fiedi ent, pupllsafety andhighway lawing session included classes as
vor i""o...the06t..t. .Cnear the sea. fthe are sowly be-e r
Son-in-lethaThise whOrchid So ceteshb I ttb.ane te
.u... e a r uberg annou g to build V Univrsi- "wl t a wtn teta nd a
:p e Itae t ri.g.htgm;tMr fis ege at staert-rL ectresI tclue.oi ce oi i na
r se or laeslection of .ion: aMdres. 8483 Acara are, shek proved his Nationalist gov-syvlvania Safety Council and other eiation said response to the train

panIn L fro-me ,t ondLesloie ,ng The Uie Board for Ch.ristian fety. 'Iter attending the classes, ing.
amir and -r-. -el h at ci.... .. .-._ .-e" .. Crof, ,new u ev eniledNtVte, j sit aus It baycke
IA a nd M rsZ Lwre. and in rs.. E. S aisl, Jrnor. 13 on li.eCwina mainladv bth efore-o m eau-oge-ogi bato hs ru sinon o ismay a
I. Phoeb 27 Ca tan n Mrs.'hfudt h Wasl, 'Mr. i p rint lU. -Ifm h bw teehC. .m. .i
"H.Taylor Lo.,k Smuber,,4 Se Prier, ,so far, tie new ,oimool ie eot I h- I rI r r
Allen -idhhiatbrown earth iw a, hillside cane/ "-o ..DENTE T
S to1.eette istr wr f nochdfomteCC i. not the missionar ies aTlreSadyi'
ha i ve plas for several buildingsI TONIGHT-I I MIM.olrNIEo SHWo

They MRankly admit they need a -' TIMEo IN4 PANAMA.-

Juiu Aeot more. They are hoping for con-I "" .
III lua.iibaties from eloan
,. II R.E.Co. rs 0tseo the nor Or so bigI MrTuntryIAr'FbeRin.gv nspecial
Ge orgeIWaMMar Wit, Eia uine which, back t edIO,,. PARIn a ..... h A 'I b.d ivii

115, 3:12, 5:07, 7:02, 9:01 p.m.

a omFICEl

-In -



"SO- BIG"'

BANK DAY! B. 100.00 CASH ond FREE
A- At 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. Also:

fi anama Canal theaters -
B 11 -IIIB I *ii ii i i 1 iH.m r ,

Tecbnlk.or gal. "An The n*. .r& VallU.t"

' *. -usesua_, -rm .uJ s-neso-
-Pedro Miguel ^ ST0RLING
I Te icolorl I~t Y "ALOaE"
8 Au s s a V r o o fp T h e o r hC A o un t r
&sMU 'I.. "wron of the North Country"
.--- u Ce n l ... < 'i 2 I _! LGO_ ii

Vice President Rlohard M. Nix-
on .dedicated the site on Armistice
Day and broke the first ground
with a crude garden hoe.
Dr. Thmas W. Gra #, White-
aid isaiomary re eMehung the
United Board, voiced the hopes of
the little crowd on thel ilipde that
Tunghai ould carry on the work
that the universities in China had
to drop.
One of the best known of the
China schools was Yeaching Uni-
versity. Its mainly developer and
long-time president was Dr. J.
Leighton Stuart, retired U. S. am-
bassadov to China, who spent most
of his ife there as an educator.
Many of Stuart's 61d friends and
fellow missionaries are among
those working to get Tunghai
The r.4sionaries explained that
promising students on Formosc
are cmoring by the. thousatd l.
for a h'-nce to go to college. The
island's wn college facilities are
relatively sall AM one of the mis-
sionaries, P1?resbyterian, put It:
"We .hope to go back to
China and pik- up where we left
off. But tbee's a remendous job
to be do here. We felt we had
to mAke a start."

'Old UnualfuI'

Bode fs identsd R

CLEVELAND, 0. (U.P.)-Resi-
dents of suburban Bay Village look
and sound like a bunch of bird
dogs these days, but experience
shows the effort may pay off.
Gas is leaking from somewhere
and resldu. al f g with utility
and city eeWerts, are trying to
te: its source.
%erm has beo much tfin-g,
teaef di g and but
Odsr residents are certain that
d Uai Jowe-time oh
Maher a s a, t it

I IM6, the on il made its
frst appearance w a eped
up trough the

,f it calmed dews an a

atural 8ssescpe b" air.
Two frs later, fte ever-bub.
bu w becaq stated and
e $the hffit

Tho. vinga h e O Road
--- h. ribrhur

S Accompanied
by her partenalre

Prohibited for Minors
under 21 years.

LVWOOD ON TV: 'Television may
e Aituaton-comedy happy, but it
will be Mr. ?.usic when "The Ding
Crosby Show" hits the air. b
SCrosby's first hal-hour tel-
slm1 due for January, .s the blue-
nt of the TV entetrainment he'll
Sdishing up next fall in a series
of six shows. and t's all musical
In the January show he jokes
with Jack Benny, hoofs with six
bhorus girls and sings five songs,
hte his latest hitt "Y'all Come"
to "I Love Paris." Explains Bing
on why he'll never do a weekly
"Whetler It's lve or film, TV
is still a movie, and you wouldn't
want to see a movie starring the
same person every week." ,
Ronald Colman, after refusing to
do a televerron of "Halls of Ivy,"
has changed his mind about TV.
There's a pilot reel of "Ronald
Clman TV" making' the agency
rounds in New York. It's a dra-
matiq series with a different story
every week. It's an about-face
about TV for Ginger Rogers, too.
She's just about set for a CBS
dramatic series, playing opposite
an actor from a different state
every week.

Eddie Cantor Is beaming over
I ae good news. His doctor says he
J; completely recovered from his
Heart attack ... Paul Hartman's
*creaming about the straight sit-
uation comedy plots on "Pride of Family." Ha's a dancer-and
Saints to dance now and then.
Julius La Rosa's first film at
Paramount probably will be with
Rosemary Clooney in "Here We
Go Again." "Mr. Humility" is due.
i)r a big film build-up ... Arthur
Godfrey's sister, Cathy, debuts on
the home screens Jan. 16 in a
show agented by Eddie Joy. It's
called "Up for Adoption," a tear
jerker about homeless waifs.

Network moguls, it now can be
tild, offered Ray Bolger as much
as $25,000 per appearance to head-
line live shows on TV, but he chose
the film form .nd explains:
"On live TV I danced from the
knees up and from the bead down,
but never with my whole body.
The camera juet couldn't follow
With the famous pooch Lassie
headed for a telefilm series, Own-
er Rudd Weatherwax is saying:
"A dog Is man's best friend? Are
you kidding? Lasi cost me $10
and has earned more than $250,
O00bi the movies. They tell me
shell make more ik TV. She gets
a break, though. She doesn't have
to read th scerilts. But I do.",




.f tha1 TM e
,h r WH .a 1 f
-t rS" '-l ttbi

whaling taverns as flees fro hals la Res
throughout the worm assemble for jing that the o m -i

al from the United States, ing t6eulckuutwaIN
Britain, Norway and Germany from the irritating noi.e.
massed in Table Bay have radar ,. .
and antl4ubmarlne deviees devel- The whale's stal.*bt ea
oped in wartime, which now are orators elalm, idmahB-'I
applied to pinpointing whales. target. A Oudge op i
Eleceric harpoons that can't harpoon buo a eir'sIg I
miss gleam on the spotless decks The Cape 'a
of the modern fleets which as however,' hat "early Swm I
are eq dipped with helicopters to ate moe 4. cliaed i
spot surfaced spouting whales. method dIe s a r v v ."S
Controversy among whalers pre- whalers say the WI]I .b
paring for th3 season which opens a straight line, all ight *
at midnight Jan. 2, 1954 was cen- straight down.- .
tered. however, on a German "'.
"sonic ray." Oldtimers who can Often, the Cape Argma
recall adventurous days of juggling whale dives 75fjtho*flf
heavy harpoons in an open boost under the beam" and 'tlsk
believe the device will bring whole- can be blanketed eQ4 by.'= .
sale slaughter, block." '



. I


Mmmm !


Tempting... B

Mouth-watering Masterpieces I


This SUNDAY, Jan. 10
from 7 p.m. on
In the lovely, leafy patio
with the music of
to make your evening perfect I

Call Maitre d'hotel,
2-166, for table

SA Klrke*' Hold ,

.) P.qx



"r, s

I A b' ....A STARTS

M-jfM I

3rd Triumphant Week!
1:00, 3:40, 6:25, 9:10 p.m.
The gr*eitest story of
love and faith

I c1
& ^.1



ABLO TS. te Show Tonght 10:30 p.m.


A smouldering fuse that
explodes a nightmare world I

Spanish Double Program!
Irasema Dllan. In
"LA cb IE"

CLEOPATRA.. Her t igyb I
Her tmnel... In a LcMub*
Technicolor Spec.tajWi
William '
*L lIIR-ll-^



"Montana Terrtwy
WM B-ri -- "M~itfl
weas&. *-i.1.

Chapters 10, 11 a4
uDJA or


1mml. o r HA=Nmw -luxS


g 8Al O A
' B. so

4i *

* WL.


-'4 II -4




my". *.*.w-

. I

1 -



^ *r.". 7;~':. '**


U 1 Cl rin i.

~. 5A"i

0 -

wbridge And Cambist

tenders In $600 Race

ty improved New Look will undoubtedly be an
rhe ing choice to cop tomorrow's featured
ine-half furlong Class "C" $600 sprint at
kal Franco race track.
ralx-year-old Argentine- most dangerous contenders.
roy son of Black Out-Am- These horses both came from
Ijs fresh from two straiglita the ruck last week in seven fur-*
s-- in which his last was longs to finish second and third
OIre impressive than the, behind the itrprovde Tanger
'Newbridge. which got second
ns were over the short place, wound up fastest of all
one half furlong dis- in the race.
e same as tomorrow's, A Question mark in the race is
further enhances the the highly rated Chilean bred
if Ricardo Miro's speedy newcomer Dejelo Solo which will
ilsive top class candi- be ridden by crackerjack Pan-
huste t amanlan rider Bias Agulrre. The
hustler Victor Ordo- clockers report that this horse
rently back in his form; has a good chance to make a
1il try to coax the grey' triumphant debut.
,to his third consecutive Speedy Patriotica. Klosco. Lu-
;. .loso. Postinovich and another
blt, with the now consist- "debutant" from Chile-Sedur-
for breaking Jose "Paco", round out the nine horse field.
up, and slow starting New-' This race is listed as tenth and
which will be ridden by last on the program. The pre-
tg Virgillo "Squinty" Cas- ceding nine races all shape up as
uhape up as New Look's' potential thrillers.

In Franco Graded Entries



iaee "7' Native V, Fgs.Purse: 5275.06 Pool cleses: 12:45
First Race of the Double

bIel 0. Masue.
4y Moop F. Hidal.
erry Time V. Ordo.
fn A. donga.
Iaf Mena R.
G. GOrell
omar V. Rodrl.
Dton J. Chuna

112 -Ih the lion's den
10t -Could "score at price
110 -Returns ready to win
100x -Another .shocker?
102x -Rates fair chance
11 8x-Back in top form
108x -Will be too late
Illx-Good outside chance


Race "R" Native 7 Fgs.Purse: $275.01 Pool closes: 1:15
SScod Race of the Double

' .I -. Huincho J Chuna
Sj-Lady Caren A. Ycasa
i.3-Ma1laya R Guerra
ck Gold V. Ordo.
amaron B. Agulrre
S Valor II Cruz
S-Aflvto H. Reyes
Sndy A. Gonzsa
wdy F. Rose

Il1x-Returns from layoff 10-1
10Ox-Good race last week 8-1
117x -Usually beats these 5-1
108 -Apparently ready now 2-1
117 -Dangerous contender 4-I
112 -Could score in upset 10-1
118 -Longhot 1ossbdlity 20-1
1lx--Would make bakers happy
113 ,.-Disappointed last time 8-1
116 -Good effort last out 4-1

Native 7 Fs. Puse: 17,S 5.00 Poel closes:

-aeflo A. Gonza. 102x--Begging for retirement 20-1
tolp Vas-. 112 -h6uld do better now 5-1
0 11 ey cUUld help 3-1
:O 1 .. alutz thing. 1-2
Sad. 1 a' apyti .ng 5

SImpites .i h. e: n7. Peel eoses: :

A. .Ycaa 17x -aites good ce 5-1
O. Sal. l fonhld 5-1
R. Gaere4 11 -*eu 6m yo 5-1
a H. Rula d1 ,-Noo.d ra laWst week- '3-1
_. A e. t it m-
5 A. M -aoxndActes 2-1
6.f, J tewi -.-r4UlJU Y fractious 8-1
ysS J Samaw*e. l'-.-te'hetter shape now 3-1
S X. 8al.~~p mood 3-1

Rlaed" C6% Fgs lg '1 q ..M .' e .9 "
P.n R. Vas. 1 -I eelfind n 2-1
V, Ordo. 14 at ape also 2-1
.iatru, B. More. 1a edeven
S A. Yeaza 99na- ng t recogmaend 3-1
.0, Maue. 106 -- go..hab 3-1

.ton .r"d,',r .F &- IPt 3:35
^ ;, PInt Race ed,"J BiM< ,
"Uena R. l & i 'well last Sunday 10-1
G. Prescott 11i -Nothing to indicate 10-1
V. pastL 115 -Will fight )a oat 5-1
0. Graell 11. --ained groufid in last 2-1
lay, A. Ycaza 1IO-L0* ked good wihi 5-1
o H. Rulz lOIx-Always dangerous 5-1
0. Mazue. 115 -Returns from layoff 5-1
bl J.- Bakes 1i0 -Poor recent races IS-1I
J. GOngo. lOx--Has shown nothing 15-1
II ba B, More. 108 -Could upset -dope 10-1

-G" Imprted 7 Fgs.Purse: t4*.0 Per eloses: 4:05
Second Raed of the DoubleM
l!'a Moon V. Casti. 111 -Strongest finisher 2-1
R. Guerra 10tx-Apparently o from 15-1
lamitno B. Aguirre 113 -Will De clo :up 2-1
('ne V. Ordo. 110 -Hard to beat here 2-1
H. Reyes llOx-Different competition 10-1
SPae F. Hida, 105-Hasn't done much 10-1
ee Brand Cru 114 -Improving asowly 5-1

"I" Imported 4% F .PW : 7S.*M Pool loses: 4:4e

S J. Bravo U1 -Seems ready now 2-1
N:n. cy H. Reyes l0---Rates slimn chance 10-1
Je J, Goongo. 100-Good early speed 15-1
Fair H. Reyes 103x-Needs- mote stamina 10-1
iastr A. Yaa 105a -Could be4 the winner 3-1
de Ore C. Xge. 110 -Seturns from layqff 15-1
V. Casti. 115 -Also back from rest 15-1
B. Aguirre 113 -Rate fair chance 4-1
S J. Cado. 105 -Dstance to liking 8-11

S "V". mpeorted 7 Fgs.PiWre: $5. Pooeel .lesa: 5:15'
re R. Vas. 115 -Could score again evenI
J. Gongo. 115 -Disappointed last out 10-1
G. Prescott 115 -Blasing early speed 10-1:
0. Orus 118 -Stops after sprint 10-1
A. Oon ft. 105x-Usually close up 5-1
|l J. Blave 110 --S-lo s fourth straight 2-1,
0. Ma ln. 11 -Returns from layoff 10-1
C. Ige. 118 -Seems off form 10-1.

'l"pe ted % PrsL.PFia: 1MAM Poeo elkees: 5:40
S J. Bravo 115 -Distane handicaps 4-1 I
S. Aguirre 115 --a v-rMte newcomer 5-1
lJ. 10- Bat early speed 1I-

is rU I. om too sob i i 8-11

N f

. ,- : -

TIm,. a n aiur Mtk.ET' John Ryan of Illinois tumbles the b0a as
he is hit by Bob Garrett of Stanford in the Shrine's East-West
Game at Ban Francisco. West won. 31-7, r

Can Sam Snead Overcome

De Vicenzo Jinx InPanama

"Will Sam Snead df theUlitit- "Chispa"bold him thtt.a T.or an
ed attes be 'able toAGvere6Ote 8 iron would do the trick "pro-
the, jnx m placed on hi. in PaO-. vided you don-t hit it tOo huard."
amra by- Roberto e Vicertzo of Thai was just what Sam: Siad
Argentina for, two- successive did. He ,hit tre ball just a "e
years in the $7,5000 Panama 0- bit too hard. It passed over (he
pel Golf 'Championship January right of the green and rolled
14-17 down the step bank. It- as
That lathe question which ev- Snead's second shot. An excel-
ery flowerr of sports, especially lentrecovdery to near the hole
golf is asking himt ad herself. would have meant a sure par
In ai52 and in 1909 the long-hit- and sewtrity in his score. -
ting American,, always the fa- :i.ft the ball was almost bpried
vorte in 'the betting, has fin- in the rough and was -pressed
ished second to the handsome, down by, two tall blades of. grass
smiling golfing Gaucho. S am It was at this point that Snead
'Snead is sponsored by Hotel El must have lost his temper, for
Panama.; something cracked.
Last year Snead had the cham-
pionlhip virtually in his grasp l He jabbed at the ball, not like
when he, exploded on the par the golfer who had won the most
four 371-yard 13th hole. Snead Important championships In the
took a disastrous eight' on that world,, but just like an ordinary
comparatively easy par f our duffer. He jabbed once, twice,
hole. three times. Then again and a-|
That"coliapse by Snead under- gain. He was on the green in
scored the fact that in' golf one seven-! He holed out with one
must concentrate and remain putt for that devastating eight.
cool-and calm at all times. Snead That was the drama of that
was leading the field when the Sunday afternoon while several
last 18 holes began. De Vicenzo thousand people watched t h e
was re hin m. AlL Snead matches. Ro pberto De. Vteenzo
needed to be assured of Victory played his steady game an iihot
was at least a one under par 71. a three under par 69 to finish
But on the 13th bole, no.w with a record-breaking total of-
known at the Panana Golf Club 274, fourteen under par, for the
as the ammy Snead hole, the 72 holes. .
t nla .finAncier hooked Snead, only three strokes be-
T 2 : rds into the hind with Clayton Heafner, of
Off the fairway North .GarrO and.QCh. rl sa
S tko'61f the hill. Harper thf Qo e.0b,0 Art
h. hsChispa." B1ring, G M s -
vnV- terans of ond. Each -f M ib who
th n Club, what will be back agttbiaA B j'shot
cl intes hte,ahould use. 11 under psi& t Stjio

' *. ,' *-""------

P*,nama Golf Club Course

LBe At Best For O.pen



CINCINNATI-Putting one Ulttle wwd afte.e and
. af.e.. of Mar land's No. 1 ranking? NeM iasMter
bero (f the Serippo-fohward Ceh the
Se the apins were beaten by the 'ying
n tem natl einence, nauew a wk Wieaule.
>. fowaneo tee los of a key ina, wbl. hd to
Sfedl the tekamore front.lack of I-
S dinl o6loe a spirit and stiffen au
e Tea hs h. t had a severe tOt all s- haf
ei!r even e beh ein When the chips were down and te-.
ad to do it, they eouit, Whether Bernie Faloney would ha
made the difference no an say. They didn't miss him t
muh agast Alabama (-0) but Ok m was something f
.e S
As repeatedly pointed"out In this space, national ranking
are not only futile but issble. For example, Oklahoma was
ranked fifth back f Mrnd. In '50 Kentucky, ranked sev-
enth, best Oklahoma wi had been voted the No. 1 spot. And
the following season AMGyland. third, whacked top Tennessee,
28-13. Because Notre ae earlier beat Oklahoma, the rush Is
now on to crown the rsh; All along I rated the Irish over
Maryland because.of th*ir stiff schedule but stopped there. Visit-
ing master minds, Whoaeaug the bowl gamer on TV, are al-
most unanimous in declaring Michigan tate the day's best.
Could the Irish have taken the Spartans' A year ago, with
much the same personnel, the score was Michiga State 21, Notre
Dame 3. Never get existed over nati~al rankings and judge
all unbeaten performances by the caliber of the opposition.
S.* a
'The most impbrtaat factor In mbdem football Is speed. Ev-
ery w:nnin4 bowl team had thi. edge the ipa_ rtans .cbion lous-
ly so. Their pony bako'; Wells, DOfm.On4 EvAh onee ooacc
Biggle Mann rejiggered nil atta)ing trateg, weht pl es and
did things on sheer 'peed A giant has no trouble erushing a
pygmy but first h.'mrut eatch him. West Virginia wa aelother
teal which grew soft a e. sf: w.eae *n1 WiN' wa* .y .ver
rated. (nationally ra ab9 tly, a. example. In king
Gqorgia Tech, I ca tentlp to Wet Virgla's mediocre
pase defense, and fhl ai thaly the t. The fllow Jackets
paised for .8 yard s toord for the d. .
l .. .
There can be d .ilill theetc understanding for the Ala-
bama player who a th bench to tackle a e ball car-
ier on his way to f a1 touchdown h the Cotton Bowl This
la a anifestatio -f emotional attain a youngster experi-
ences in such circunsiiae. You can hear him he sits there
desperately screamntop himl Stop im I Oh, for God's
sake, somebody st'op Oltr1 Ad Wheh nobody does, o& can, he
blindly and hyterlal s him himself. The head healers
will tell you any game whs h stirs a youngster to uncontrollable
frenzy is a threat to',is a1ental and nervous stability and pos-
sibly they are right. But there is also something healthy, nor-
"mal and admirable about anexression of loyalty to a beleaguered
school, no matter what forai" it take.
.. s
As the Alabama coih ild. "This has happened before and
will hapPen again, Ai, histari instance was In the Navy-Great
Lakes gashe in 1918 at Annpoli. With the game drawing to a
close Navy, leading 6-0, fumbled on ft. Great Likes fivq. Half-
back Hatry Wellson rokvered and was e0 his way to the tying
score when a .Na.y aub prang off the bench and tackled him at
midfield. IJ"t''ln the Alabsma-Rlee game, the officials pro-
perly rolled the run a te.6hdown. The point aftea was kicked
and Navy, bet n the. i that year, eate
Thi sort of :thing is not restricted to players. At times the
Spectators get into the act. too. But in sutrh cases the motiva-
tion is liable tobe less noble, as with. show boitt and rum pots.
Still remembered is the Joe College who climbed out of the
stands to line up with a harassed Dartnouth team making a
goal line stand against PrInceton in Palmer Stadium.. (Later
five different guys were to claim having enacted the I2th man
role.) On another ocealon a spectator ran out on the field.
and threw a goal bound Soult Caroli. ball carrier flat-on bh
* lier Tnh: sam withl CiWtael. Ti Wat soored as a touch-
down, to. The rplui provide nodistnctions.
*, *
From what t cai learn ont here, the Ivy League ban on
spring training is to be continued. A compromise to except
non-letter men and freshmen was likewise voted don. The
presidents are weakesftg, but feel it lift the ban new woqld
make them look bad. Apparently the ban on post season games,
Including the East-West is also to be continued. Third is even
more ridiculous tlhan the spring practice attitude. The East-
West gaime is 100-pereent charity and dnly seniors may partici-
pate. The ban on post season trips Is discrimiuaory in that
it apteb only to* football piayets. The Ivy League presidents
are adult enough to know there is such a thing as carrying
virtue to, absurd lengths, and that's what they have done here.

T hhmritJ L go, Tdbto

.i s hoIle h coleire at the Pa- Macarron has built a new tee I'
n ;ig'lf Club will be in the for the par fiVe 530-yard 12th ---
s over f thd 1954 Pa- hole. It is An elevated tee and is
n-OlO olf Champlonship located on the side of a hill to Fotreears the: Pacific Twilight
Jal r .7. it was announced the right of the old tee which is League bas been a mainstay in
bya.X l' tWi^.inz. Chairman of still there. It gives a strikingly the Canal zone. It has always
gt" Oreen. Commttee. picturesque view of'the course to been run for the "enjoyment of
"Our popular professional, A- both players aid spectators. Canal Zone employes only.
nival "Mac, Macarron H., has Ahother Innovation this year In e pt. bowdver.It ws
beO, working daIly with an extra will be the modified green on ona _ay t 4:30 hi the afternoon
crew to put the fairways and the par five 565-yard fifth hole. and would collect quite a crowd.
greens In perfect shape," Mar- The green is banked on two Teams Werb sponsored by manyI
ti"s said. sides and presents a challenge Panamaian firms then a? now.
. "Ohe Mac" is a native of Ar- tq those who hit the long ball to Playera were employee. who n ed
gentna. e s one of e Ar- try three Ar-y to plant the ball near the the game of baseba and wanted
gentile Professionals who will pin in two for an eagle. to play., 1 ..1'. r
pla0 in this'year's $7,500 ivita- Macarron has also enlarged r i a he Warm afternoons
tiholal open. His other pompa- the practice green and the prac- aft h a d da f work many
triots are the world famou, io- twice tees.near. the clubhouse. Itv er eqatd A,
berto D Vicenso and Antonio will be there that the Golf Clinic emler nent, woldmigrate to
Cerda. De. Voeno will try for and explanation .and demon- eher tab e w ouluad masipcold
the third: successive year to win station of how the -game should eeraoads" u A d watch their
the champinhlO here. and should nut be played, will be- friends, oias brothers and
"t Of Corse, Ma Will playin given by the vialting professional n the ~l aond unless at
the open s the representative experts on January 13. be and uils i alth
of eanClu," ar- It is expected that severaltooth d nail It s still the
tinz saId. ". nobody expects hundred persons who have never. a
him '-, win ]the championship played golf beforehand have nev- -whe-n the alits were put' u
Mac.A. -cant be' elected to er been on a golf' course will in the Balboa adum.the Pac-
play dLa pinship golf whenhe witness the open this year. Many .fiTWt .hLeague', at extra cost
has- all'there-sponilb l and have already bought tickets forI to them. put On night games fbr
prefwupattI o on sW owd ers the four-day tournament which ,the ettr convenien of there
of k'lepng, the course i perfe tclutes free a hsion to the .....a ,r
-'tInic onfrt e evm i t azt h* fiiployes ana ns, Games were
.. ..Ool Clinic on.. e -started-t 7:30. to. allow those
d r "i' I -' .1 "' "I i .who wished to go -lenty of time
.. ". which to get ready.
S '_...u ~ Time has. passed. So have the
r ^ HS Speople, passed right by the St-
@* 1 r VSS'BSwKiS Widium on their way to other
places. Where-ls sort of a mys-

Baseball has-always been pp-
uoar, the National Pastime of the
United States. The caliber of the
Twilight League has always been
oulte good. The teams have al-
ways gone at it tooth and nail
with no-hostility present.
There has always been a pleas-
ant azd friendly atmosphere
with a cle@A excitement add-
ed. Th excitement of baseball.
Two men on bae, one rdn down
*,wo outs in me lat inning and
1he tying and inning runs o
base--or the las inn for the
olitcher work o an a o-hit, no-
run ame-there's your suspense,
excitement. TMne situations -
3tupendoua eatbes- mIraculous
: plays or a howa run. Have I
Itver seen a hImdm gSame in
baseball? Not you don't
I know what tle aeb aU a ib.ot.
SBut whet an tw people w
used to 1coe fit ft ma
Watch ta4
to do nmw~r W

-U .-JLL1J

bout those who haveinever seen
anything in baseball. But of the
handful of people who have
shown ur for the game, it is In-
-credible thpLt there are not more.
Of all the people down -in the
Z on e, .1I think only a handful
don't cre about baseball-only a
handful, Then, you 'may aak,
where are the rest? It is up to
you. Yoe are the rest.
No one can tell ou to go to the
games in the Twilight League,
but oudon't know what you are
missing, even If you have gone
nly to big league games an'l
Fanama Pro League games and
don't believe anything else is
worth your while Why don't you
come out and find out?

JC I. ii l To

-Winner Is Dficult To Pick

S .'.

Armed Forces .tle Lague

Sunny skies, a brass d l klt ja.rounder to the iith
speeches, aid a 8-3 victory r who throw to first nea4ig ?
the Curundu teta over .Fo-t rally.
Clayton's yongsters marked the
opening game of the 1954 Armed An additional two runs croWse
Forces Little League Baseball the plate inn the third frame
play Wednesday. four in the forthi and anth h

Before a pac cIty crowd mala
miniature -Yankee Stad lu 'at
Curundu the home tetmers
showers off the diamond :$II
that has made them two-time
champions In past seasons,
Attending the pre-game; cere-
monies and the actual ppa1
were: Lt. Geao. H. L. Mc14de,
Commander-In-Chief, C. r I b' -
bean Command: b Oen. L.-J.
Whitlock, Comman4dng Gonral,
VSARCARIB: Ma. (en. tuen
C. Hood, OCuLaU& CAIRC;
Brigl. Qe. IM .. Chief of
Staff, Caribhean CoMmand, and
Captn 0. w. Patter n, Jr.,
Acting Commandant, h N tVal

The 'b sh. began a.Y' r
GanerJ' twet.o. '.o ti
flrsB o ichal ball It the '
and the umpire behind thhe plat
called. "Play Ball!"
Lead ,off- batter for the Fort
Clayton team was steonit ba'e-
man W(lkiknsn who. went' doWn
swinging. Shortstop Baggott was
given a base on balls, but een-
terfielder Hodges hit a grounder
to the pitcher forcing out Bag-
got. Catcher Fundakowski he t a
fly ball-to the defensive center-
fielder to retire the side.

CurunIdu scored the first run
of the game iA the bottom half
of the second when left fielder
L. Latore bit a bounding single
past the firsl-basemnan. He went,
down to secondd on an overthrow
as Clayton's catcher Funda-
kowske tried to pick the runner
off at first. Curundu catcher M.
Eady hit a single. First sacker
T. Ashton was given a free paMs'
to lead up the sacks, Center
lFielder H. Lavender was given
a fielder's choice forcing the
runner at third and scoring
Eady. Third baseman L. Boney

' ,'

in the 'fifth making the-eor '

It looked as If Curundul
hurler Chassin Would h&b j
shutout until the Clayton ai
came to life. in tle top of thl
nth Ipnlng with three runs mna.
ing the-final score 8-3..

The score by innings:
'Port ,Clayton' 000 '003-S 4
Curundu 012 41r.- 6
The box score; -

Lavuded, cof 3 "_
Boaemy, 1 22
Bade'y, rf I




Totals 20 I
*Playing for Latore in 6th.

Hodge, cf 3 1 1
Fundckowakld. -.' '- .0
*Ea lb,' 1 1
Aber- r-3 rt 93
McNelly't B :0 .
Rtcdlffe; p, lb S i
Spider, b -' I .-t
Tubte, lb,.e S -@.:t
Totals 21. :
*P ing for bIbbO In 4th
Battig lor rudakowLki m .th
nt inn *

Juan Franco Tips

1-TUIRA Lady Moon
2-BLACK GOLD BUag.ualO .. MilG
S-ROMANTICO-Lenely Mally
4-SINCERIDAD Piel Canelat 111
5-MERZA MATRU-Golden Fan
7-PALE FACE Sun's'Moon
--CASONAZO More Fair
9-Dark Mmillionaire P. Pearl.A
10-CA!MBIST New Look

IA 4


i f

-- 3M Thsosm i
Cesc Eriek 'Liadn. right.
Thbrwom will lad a tem of
sight Swedish Olympias Bd

T- f f rh'olne
-Mr eUie

- '-- -




- <*'v

,, ., '


, .

4' -
I -~
-, f.a
-A A~
~ ?M~~*~MUi~AW -~ ME

ww* wmP~

OPEIXNG PITCh -.4 0 H. H. L. MeBride. Commander-In-
Clteft Caribbeani winds up to throw out the first
l0tch of the 1954 Little League season at Curundu
Wednesday. Pit awinn stil ing at the General's
right, hurled CUr 41S8-3 w o a Fort Clayton in the
e-opennR tilt.
(U. S. Air Force Photo)


Lincoln Life 2
sears -
i zMmuu Agency 1I
pole 0
G ibaltar 0 ,
Elks 14146
LincoAn L 21, ts-3 .
Sears va Police

The Lincoln Lifers scored their
second stralih yln yesterday,
t Jng the I 21 to 3. The
Tot of to a three A L
in tf to of the ftrst i.,
Lite Mae baCck wlth ..
nM I Ir half of
ang t on t "on
ru WS r O
au o pitched e fi
four lnnlA fos or the wl neb,
collect first win while the
Elk' s tirter, Franklin Bright.
V wi t w.ger. Charley BrIdahaw
pitched me -lt two frames for
the Lifers nd Jackie peVore
S.and Tommy Bright fltished tip
the game for the SIkM.
i erky Parker was the batting
star of the game with two dou-

No Iy Welbmk Full

SO ew Faces For

Ferthcoming Season
By Pvt, Doug MeArthur
n ., f, u I '- ,* hL ..';,L

UD bles and a bases loaded home
run in three trips to the plate

I -- --

w4 i'LE


The Elks' Tommy Bright and
Lost Day ondes were the only
0 members f the losers to collectL| |J
0 a ht with each man getting a
0 double, plus a single for T. I
SBrl ht.
1 Today the Police will play.bost
2 to the Catal Boys from Sears 'Ia nVc
with Roy Watson the likely I
T startqt on the,-inand for Sears
S and Leo Dehlinger the likely I afl
i started for the Coppers. |III n IQ
The box score: .
SL814 With tonight'

0. Hern
J. Hen,

T. Brilh
-Paj&, 2
CroSs, 'c
F. Brigh

Ward, r]
Wilson, I
Beck, 2b

$an, of
awl -45.

ab rh po a
I 0 0 0 0
0 0 q .0
0 0 0 0 0
3 1 o 0 0
,0.0.- 0,. On 0
2 1 0 0 0

3 -1 1 2 0
t, lb. p 3 0 2 3 0
1b 1 0 0 0' 1
r, 2b 1 0 0 0 .0
er, rf, ct 1 0 0 0 0
rf 1 0 0 0 0
3 0 0 10 0
t, p 0 0 0 0 0
p, rf 3 0 0 0 1
22 3 3 15 2
ab r h po a
cf 5 2 2 1 0
lb 4 3 3 4 0
w, 3b p 4 2 1 1 0
mS 3 3 3 0 1
2b. 3b 4 2 2 1 0
c 4 3 211 2
e, rf 0 2 D 0 0

If 1 0 0 0 0
S0 0 0 0 0
p 3 2 1 0 2

in a e'rilesef articles preent- 30 21 14 18 5
lag prosmits of each *f the SCORE BY INNINGS
seven teals that make up the Lincoln Life 10 28 lOx-21 14 2
P an Forces Elks 3 00 000--3 3 2
M AlLeas fn for 1954. 0- summary: Wizning pitcher:
pnln day of league play Is Cubillo (1-0). Losing pitcher: !F.
,Jattiary 16.) i Bright (0-1). Struck out by Cu-
S_" _M billo 6, Brashaw 3, P. Bright 1,
A. y WBTI'BANK DeVore 5. T. Bright 4. Bases on
Shills: Cubillo 3, F. Bright 4. De-
The' nEtrlok wwinV~be vl- lVore 6. .Hit by pitch: McElhone
denet when Navy W Pi J .'- Cenwell by F. Bright. Two
takes the field '1 'J OalteiiR--- I-ita DesLondea, T. Brl-ht,
Armed. Forces a ebaWI.eague, : Parker (2). Umpires:
race. 'Th l4a wn.L1 O1 -w -' I ad Potter. Time of
mal W orlwio 135. Seorrer: Mead.
Lt.' Comm A L. el r" -. .. *.
tL evia dati fr Even Up
the.trti tMUNiVa year and will
hay t rely pr the most part
upon newcomus to the West-
bank-wsene,-Only four seasoned YANKEES
performers are available for ac- ab r h' po a
lon. Kubsaki, lb1 1 6 0
Biggest blow to the hopes of Hardin, 2b 4 0 0 2
the Webbank tea is the loss of Porter, If 4 0 1 2 0
all-leagpe shottop VIo 'Krtcer, Rac, rf 3 0 0 2 0
who led tle'ffi f ito fifth and Wilhelm, 3b 4 0 1 0 3
lsxth rcW .'Ite two halves of Kropf, d 4- 0 0 2 0
the teaars e last year. Jasnshki, sn 3 1 1 2 4
Stalwarts 8 at gM~ to, Joh n Dabek, 3 1 2 7 1
ChabItt and .ill r are Hockenbury, 3 0 0 0 1

e( an


Moore, 1

'Tbora, I


3U 3

b 4 1
et 3 0
C 4 0
if 3 2
lb 2 0
1 0
p 0 0
2 0
S- 4
- 002 0900
AOB o8 u1x

e 24 11
0 0 4
1 0 3
1 1 0
1 10 0
0 0 0
e0 0
1 5 0
2 2 0
0 1 2
o 0 1
1I 1 1
0 0 1
1 2I

he lak.i reular sa uiion oppor-
tunlty the BullIogs will have to
break into the win column, fans
can be assured that they will be
plIying with all their skill and
abli ty in an effort to upset the
favored. junior College quintet.
The first game, between the
J. V, tale should be another
spfpe tiger. This one will start
at ;SO0, and the big boys will
take the court following it for
their tussle. Doors to the Balbel
Gym wi1 be open at 6 p.m.
Last time the two J. V. out.
fits hit the hardwood against
each other, the final result
showed a sim 2 point margin of
victory for the Bullpups. 3. C.
finished the game with only 3
men on the floor, and still the
high schooler boys were hard
pressed to win.
The College J. V. haven't won
a game this season, so it is as-
sured they will be playing this
one for keeps in striving for
their first win. King sized Bob
Morris and Claudio Siu will head
the J. C. boy3 while Ramon Re-
yes. Ed Kiirehmier, and Owen
.Sutherland will be counted on
heavily for the Bulpups.
In the varsity get together
someone in red and white wil
have to come to the aid of de-
pendable Bill Martin if the Bull-
dogs are to win. Since mid De-
cember Martin has been the en-
tire show for the Bulldogs, an4
unless one or more of his mates
can find the range tonight, it
is difficult to see- a Balboa vic-
tory in the cards.
3. C., on the other hand. has
a trio of young men who h4ve
been able to seld the bill
through the net# at a great Ie-
nough rate to be termed c
sLi ent scorers. These lads :re
Jack Tinnin, Bob Dolan, and ,UI
Nickisher. Balboa is reported to
have a new "' et't defense to
throw at the Green Devil five
tonight, and it might be the
-topping stone to victory for the

Sorts Briefs

ST. LOUIS. Jan. 8. A St.
our men's store id literally all
Lie," up.
The store bought bath of
ties bearing the emb of the
i now extinct at. LoUIs Brows.
They w nre to sell or

,t tha wBro w i tl to
Ba noThbe lpea ft the ths
no a1nt cent each or three

'Peep!. WMgh W tt"

out by Abumo 4; by H okenulry
. Base gon- ba"s o_ Alma 1:

Hahn, the world famous trinc
shot artist.
Harper finished in a triple tie
for second place last year in the
Panama Open, scoring two suc-
cessive six under par rounds of
66 done stroke- over the course
record of 65 made by Clayton
f^per will be the guest of a
friend, Major Barber, at Fort
IKobbe, until Tuesday when he
will move to 'the El Panama
Hotel. Harper is being sponsored
by' the Panama Insurance Com-

Siabhn will be a feature ati
Iractfrn at the Golf Clinic
next Wedneslay afternoonn
which wIN heart W 4 p.. The
IOulo'e w "ff be.j eti* 'bsy
"Ski"d. Aleo'ayde-, popular pro
who qgeln is being sponsored
by, Citl, S. A&
Admiaslon to the Golf Clinic
will be $1.10. Those who have,
?purchased the 40 "all evinta"
tickets for the Opebh get into
the Clinlc free of charge. Service
mAn can obtain those 'all events'
tickets for $3.00. The dally ad-
mlesion charge will be $1.00 for
Sturdy and Sunday each.
there is a saving of $3.50 by
purchasing the "all events"
Besides National Distillers,
S. A. manufacturers of Agewood
will be host at a free cocktail
party at the Panamna Golf Club
Wednesday, January 13, Imme-
diately following the Golf Clinic.
Never have the fans had It so
They will be able to witness
exhibitions by Robecto De Vi-
cenzo, Sam Snead, Antonio Cer-
da, Harper, Heatner. Pablo Mo-
lina, Pete Cooper, Lou Barbaro,
Armel Snow and others and tho
stellar show by Hahn.
Paul Hahn, Is the sensational
trick-shot golfer. The public of
the entire region will have the
opportunity of seeing hkn per-
form his great golf act that in-
cludes an amazing repertoire of
trick shots.m ah 'sskill with the
club and ball is so remarkable
that tremendous crowds have
turned but everywhere to see his
exhibitions. It is one thing to
see professionals playing in a
golf match; it Is astonishing to
witness the mastery that HIahn
exhibits over the game which
so completely masters most of
o s exhibitions, 90 minutes
in length, have rapidly be-
coeee -te most talked aboUt
feature of United States golf.
His appearances this. year
have Inetsded the Master, the
PGA Cbammpla1i"p, Western
Open and Amateur, the Na-
tional Jayeees Junior Chamo-
pleiohlp, i6We in mash large
are as as the Yakee Stadium
(before 31,0- person), and

pacific Divisional


The uoular,Paclfic Divisional
Softball aIpe will get under-
way, Sunday, January -17th at
the La EBos Bal Pak with
colorful opening ereweenonles.
Bnr huIiAm loop for the
neow semmo ae 41 Bknlasers,

Off 2. lbw r- Arm
ni fis. J-I m: s WmI ml I
(KelbanM); 'Ta( 4 1).ftop
buff2l) gn-i~m.'A a

L -' -
+' ". '-
++++ :.- =....,.^,^,,,, = *--.^, + "- x .- ; :- -'

S The Standlaug
TwaLi*- "' '" W L
9 6
Bombers 6 8


con 0 ',- -'.Fro LoopIs Ist Doub
Conejos, o Loo st IjLOUDI

Palomas T- Tnight' At Panam

The Fastllch Teen-Av e Base-
tBopenin of ehe Canal t r ,e
1Jan. O Sat onf.S,. ? th at d P om
A X i um w h a dou eh a r
featuring *r of the fWive t eams
that Mparl .e p stlie ach Teen-
'Age ague.

en th h e Oelots will be rDn
Mthe I ube r ma the open -
The P 1ume which will be-
[between the ConeJor and the PI-
Oaes Paln IAs o will y y tout -- to
the Cone The probable star-
ngl battgeri s for the Conelos w!l
be 4 ng, Richard Hayden; ,
aA by 3.L0a MoIloan.
ae Plomas. managed by M.
de a Peps, will hbve as. Its ten-
Barley: ca tin.n TiL Mv Uotz. SHIP.- Brig. Gen. JohnS. Seybold, Governor of the Canal Zone
Te ~eOnd r ame.fthe day, and Preident of the Panama Canal Company, will attend the
will be between toe Ope P.anama Open Golf Championship and the GolfClinle Jan. 4 3-173
aild the Punas. T Oceto t the Pan& s i Golf Club. He is shown ta the center t eceiving
sting as home team fbr the guest badges -or himself and Mrs. Seybold from Fred. Gerhardt,
fame. Co-Chairman of the tournament cominimttee. At the right Is
Th probable starting batter- Richard L. Dehlinger, member of the tournament committee.
e, for the Ocelots will be d
ICirtehmler, plihing and Bruce
!tateman catcing. Managed by
d Sutherland.harlie arper, Paul Hahn
The Pumas will swing into ac
t-jn with the tentative startint
ither ing wen 8utherland Arrive Tonight For Open'
nd c -Ing Teddy Webb.
ManAgPd by J. 1. Clemmons. -
The pliblic Is cordially invited -
to attend the oneninm exercises The first two professionals Griffith Stadium In Washing-
of tfhe astlich Teen-Age Sose- who will compete in the Pan- ton, as part of the National
Ihall Leaz-ue and all supporterslama Open Golf Championship Celebrities Tournament.
"rnd parents are lir.ed to be out will arrive late tonight from
to root for their respefttive Miami. They/are Charles Harper, In addition, he has given
teams. ro at the Officer's Club, uortishos t .nearly .300 country
e .- ~ening, Geor ia,& and PaI clubs and has made three ninht
n M11% n~ornnd-n 7o% ~H tho

ulub appearances. me was Tn e A Mi "-*'** -- M ----, g-.^g JWW AWL -V
subject of the recent Grantland first loss..
Rice Sportlight, produced by Manager Al Kubski and Ray
Paramolunt Pictures, "Wizard of Dabek smashed homers for the
Clubs." Yankees while Gerry Thorne got
Hahn Is scheduled to fly to one for the Brownies prob-
Puerto Armuelles on Saturday ably longest of the year since
morning to give an exhibition at it cleared the Stadium wall in
-the Golf Club there of the Chi- right field.
riqul Land Company. He will re-
turn to Panapia on Monday to Dabek with two for three, was
practice for the Open. the leading Yankee at the plate.
Harper is expected to practice Ellas Osorlo, playing his first
at Panama Golf Club starting game for the Brownies, pact
Saturday afternoon or Sunday the winners with a double and
morning. single.




1 2 -* ,1







CALL Ta. No 13


CALI "K; No. '





- a~

.-. ',
-,, al

I '
, 4-.


.*> :



-.7 1



;- -: .
. '.--=.+ .-- a

- I-

~*., ~ ~1

eheader Smoot And P

a Sodium First RoundM
-/0 A"

Bts Last

To Win

e Race

s basketball game



. -

I.. ..1rn lea 1 =Iili



There should be some excel- from' a
lent golf at Oamboa this wet c man e,
end, the luck of the draw has fBlg jo GO
pitted some excellent golfers a- t04,'J5SIb
against eaRh other in the first a ol& I u ii
round matches. drop the
Inm' the Championhip flight, ofMe e Ow l
the outstanding match will be. sa I -bAf L g
the famous Riley Brothers bat-l tho I Ingt w ,
tling each other, and you can walkway.
take your pick. Jim, the more -
colorful with his long drives and Th ste S M9.0 lP
long Irons will have to be on his for thO variodsiisy
game to compete with thte labrot Th I wb MB
smooth swinging and deadly would )ve to do
putting of George. the engraver soremt
The Gamboa Club has .finally or FI a pUd mak&
produced some golfers that are ,- .
equal to any on the Isthmus, WI t i~iMeo
Ace Goodman, Tony Jadkus. *.Ia Wi'w |.l.W ,'"
all capable of wfnning this tour-s a tnaMle ano B:
onament. Sergeant Ace Goodman e l t WWr l
from Ft, Clayton will be playing an : .
Sergeant Mlie Kulowsl5 from Rl tir .a t ""*
Ft. Davis In a match that will toum =ww .* .
the last hole, they will be play- ,ma *,,eaa c .e ,
In e for not only the SmootPa- (By w ITc D mrX, ,S'.
trees Champlonahip, but the A veteran of 14
winner will also be unofficially season is hang n
recognized as the Service Champ. Rght.-an-Ieder- t'le
Crocker, a coiiparative new- of ashington says b
comor to Isthmian gplf, ts prob- jIng t evote- fpjl timotit
ably one of the longest hitters as salesman for a- l
on thd Isthmus. He played OGn- Freeport. Maine. Ma ste rts n
boa for th first time in hoe e- three yeArs th tr h l~.
tremelq hali winds an came inl box a&ldt t in ta A
with a 3 over par 75, Dale was with WashIngton t1io
Bean always close to the toPp, his major league career.
will have plenty of trouble with/ tine record ts 77 wlpn I
this fellow. losses. '"
It's too bad Paul Richmond '
has to play Johnie Ma in the Heftre and there n
first round. The Htrvey' Beall southpaw Ob Ml ar d &lW a
Dn Mathlesan match will be a asemtan Reno Bertdla of t
d1lly, and .Tgriy Jankus will have have signed for 10M.,
a tough time with Col. Shine.b onus babies and most-' i
Trim Jr. will have to be sharp to ,n we Detroit --ter. Mhl
take Colley. Engelke wlll have to ed last summer for a $bl5
play the same golf that brought nus bertola also sionedfa "
him Medalist honors to take for ah estimated M .,000;, ':
Chadwick. .
Gamboa was really rough for A solemn requlem hli
the qualifying rounds, gusts will be held in s plngfluld.
of wind up to 30 miles per hour sacnusetts on Saturday for
at times had the golfers con- bit Maranvllle. The -shVore
fused, drives with a 2 Iron offt eterAn of 23 major league *
of number one tee were going sons dIle Wednesday Itn ow
275 yards, and on number 4 a York of a heart attioL .. '
2 Iron would not reach the 170 .. .
yard hole, the slightest hook or I :..
slice usually ended in trouble. BAD CAGE MKN ''.
It was too much for Herb Mit- ,
ten and he scratched himself NEW YORK -(NSA A.I
after what was for him a (ter- Lloyd .of Syracuse anm iJ .
rible 83. -- Doc is in the low Alex Hannmum were lea '
seventies all the time, and wasllational Basketball Asee.t-.a
Medalist at 6anyoa last yearlpersonal foul coklumu-,
with a sub par score. Don Hausethe firt several wee.

( t'rt starts at 6) ,
Panama "Stadium: Bombers
(Milliere 0-0 and Smith 2-2)
ye' Brownies (Clark 3- and
S ArthdO 10).
S anke 3
. The first twtbbI of the Dre-
sent Pro Basbalb League season
will takp place tpntbt under the
lights at the Panama Olympic
Stadilst between the second
place Browides and the last
plaes Bombers.
Probable starting hurlers are
the Bombers' newcomer FlOyd
Milliere, In his first local start,
against lefty Vbert Clark of the
Brownies and in the second
game, Theollc Smith versus
stout-hearted little Stanley Ar-
The Brownies' pennant holes
received a boost with the arrival
of pitcher Sam Williams who
won 26 games in the West Tex-1
as-New Mexico League last sea-
son. I
Last night the Brownies nip-
ped the Yankees 4-3 in a hard
fought contest. Andres Alonso,
who relieved Bob Swanson in
the fifth inning, with the Brown-
ies ahead 2-1, went on to gain
credit for his second triumph as
compared to one setback. Bill
SHockenbury gave up only alx
%his In a rout' goino Iob for big


* I.




-* -. .
.--- < ,
- ** .4,

:t ,

I. **


- .1 ,t..


II I- ~ nlII r~lh.. ned


"Let the people knowde truth ani the country is safe" A ra arm iu9coin."


e Of The Union MessageRaction:

me Trouble Ahead For Ike's Plans
GTON. Jan 8 (UP)
can leaders hailed Presi-
$1senhower's program today
e of peace, prosperity agd
to defense, but lawmakers
parties saw trouble ahead
sf arm and tax proposals.
re. Speaker Joseph W. Mar-
predicted a "substantial
the proposals in the Presi-
State of the Union message,
ered yesterday will be adopt-
y Congress.
ep said the chief executive
"eoumter his "greatest dif-
71," winning approval of his
etals to keep corporation
is taxes at their present

ithern congressmen went
with many of the proposals
'Wverq not satisfied with the
enower's tax and farm pro-
SH ne8tt w.ith'immediate objec-
bitter election-year f i g h t
ped up on Eisenhower's call
a gradual shift from present
gh farm price props to a
support program which
d ean some lower price sup-
2 1mairman George D. Aiken (R-
VL, t.) of the Senate Agricultre Com-
ttee said the President was tak-
ing "a sound approach in an effort
to get a long-range program and
get .way from a series of farm
Sen. James 0. Eastland PD-
Mg4.) said any plan for flexible
gonOrts is "derd as a doornail."
Se-i. Richard B. Russell (D.
6), started applause by himself
S when Efsenhower spoke out for
tate control of 4ehools, and
UR It UP until a smattering of
. crat joined In.

other issues than farm and
als the reaction was
less sharp. Rep. Carl
I.), top Democrat on
Armed Services Comn-
hoed views of many
By challenging the
Military polcy. ;
"F uned fear Eiseanhower
=W lastingg sea and
i felt the admluis-
i out to balance te budg-
te expense of well-bal-
I defense by making "too
I a cut la the ground
Htrry F. Byrd, the econo-
e Virginia Demo g r a t,
ga s to fight a debt limit
-a4 hard as I ever did."
in D. Johnson (D-S.C.)
i position to "giving
tomile secrets" and was
Iomt p proposed postal
a unt he studies the

Hans Janowit
md hia violin


t *

NEW CONGRESSMEN TAKE OATH Four new congressmen are sworn In as members of the
House of Representatives, in the well of.the House Chamber, as the second session of the 83rd
Congress convenes. With hands upraised, they are (left to right,: Olenard P. Lipscomb (R.,
Cal.i; Harrison A. Williams tD., N.J.); Lester Johnaston tD., Wisc. and William N. Natcher, (D.,
Ky.). ... .

Rep. Daniel A. Reed, staunch
tax cut advocate, will make a
last-ditch fight against Presi-
dent Eisenhower's plea to hold
corporation and excise taxes at
their present hig h rates, his
friends said today.

The New York Republican,
chairman of the tax writing
House Ways and Means commit-
tee, has already gone on record
in opposition to extension of the
levies past their April 1 reduc-
tion date.
Mr. Eisenhower asked Congress
in his State of the Union mes-
sage yesterday to postpone for
'another year" the scheduled
cuts in corporate income taxes
and excise levies on certain items
including liquor, tobacco, gaso-
line and automobiles. He said
this would prevent a revenue
loss of $3,000,000,000. f

House Speaker Joseph W. Mar-
tin, Jr. (R-Mass.) admitted the
OOP House leadership w o u I d
have the "greatest 'difficulty" in
passing the President's proposal.
Reed, who waged a stiff battle
against extension. of the excess
prof its tax. last year, would
not comment directly on the
President's recommendation. But
he indicated he was in no hurry
to act on that- part of the ad-
ministration, program.

4-Man Army Team
To Study Training
In Carib Area
A four-man team from t1e Of-
fice, Chief of Army Field Forces
will arrive in the command via
MATS next Wednesday for in-
s.pection of training in the P.'-.-
ama area and Puerto Rico. 0-3.,
USARCARIB, has announced.
The 'group, headed by Col.
Rothwell H. Brown, will seek tol
determinee whether or not th [
training standards and doctrines
used in the CONUS are meetlifl
the reantrements of overseas
The twam, which Includes Lt
Cols. Battle M. Barksdale, B 'b!
Edwards and Francis S. Ke lv.,
will be orleled and Inspect ma-:
jor units in the Canal Zone dur-
ing the oerlod of Jan. 14-20 awij
in Puerto Rico from the 22nd tu,
26th after which they will retui n:
to the United States.



The only Theatre in Panama

3rd.' WEEK!


LONDON, Jan. 8 (UP) Eu-
ropean newspapers expressed
hope today that President Eisen-
hower was not just "whistling in
the dark" when he said the West
is taking the initiative in the
cold war.
Some papers considered the
President's State. of the Union
message a "cause for confidence"
in the free world, but others ex-
pressed considerable skepticism
about his views.
"The measage... contains a
good deal of' wishful thinking.
none ofat it too harmful," said the
London News Chronicle. "The
Russians still have the power,
unhappily, to change the pace
and alter the course of affairs
almost anywhere in the world."
In Paris; two leftwing news-
papers reacted cooly to the
speech. Franc Tireur said It was
designed to "reassure the free
world" about the dangers of a
U.S. depression, while combat
said it was a 'work of compro-
mise" intended to satisfy Dem-
ocrats and Republicans alike.
The conservative Irish Times
of Dublih said "The free world
will have much cause for con-
fidence" if the President's mes-
sage "truly depicts the condition
of his country and the spirit of
its rulers."
Another Dublin newspaper,
the Irish Independent, said the
message offered "nothing new
on the vital question of rela-
tions between the United States
ft"A itaAllgb 10.I


President Eisenhower's surprise
proposal to strip convicted Com-
munist conspirators of their U.S.
citizenship left Congress pleased
but puzzled today over Its exact
The proposal provoked the
most applause of any part of Mr.
Eisenhower's State of the Union
message yesterday. But Congres-
sional experts differed on what'
it would do to Communists when
it hit them.
Vice President Richard M.
Nixon who predicted passage of
the plan, said it would h a v e
"great moral effect at home and
abroad." He said it would show
that the real crime in Commu-
nism is "loyalty to a foreign
power." ..
Sen. Margaret Chase Smith
(R-Me.) quickly introduced a
bill to carry out the President's
proposal and to bar persons af-
fected from holding federal of-
fices "of trust of profit.
But Sen. Pat McCarran, for-
mer chairman of the Senate In-
ternal Security subcommittee,
called the plan "half baked...
not thought out."
McCarran and Sen. William E.
Jenner (R-Ind.), present chair-
man of the subcommittee, agreed
the plan would add little to
present penalties for a person
convicted of a felony. Including
the crime of conspiring to over-

Corozal Folk Fght K..

W ater In I "le
w--- .' .. .,,,::.... j 'u.u u


License Section
Announces Change
In Office Hours
A change In the hours of serv-
ice at the public counters in
the Canal Zone License Section
located in the Civil Affairs Bu-
reau has been, announced. Ef-
fective February 1, the counters
for service for the 'publie will
open at 8:30 a. m. Instead of 9
a. m.
Although the License Section
begins its work time at the
usual hour of 7:15 eacr morn-
ing, the. counters have been
closed to the public until 9
a. m. in order to give the cashier
time to prepare necessary de-
posits and reports.
The new hour of 8.30 will
coincide with the hours of the
License Examiner and is expect-
ed to be of mdre convenience to
the public.




and its Allies.,, I.w >.W i viiirnment. -
But Jenner said the 1 important Americans are great ones for
InrM T Rnak l thing was not the details bt having money and putting those
IIncomei Ta Bo ok l e fact t ha.t ..t pr savings to work by investing in
Sho wed he as not going I beistocks. bonds, and other places
r 1953 A ailale soft on Communism." t hat pay for the use of the sav-
for 1953Available wings.
This article tells how to re-
Al L7 I rarv ObservalrV R port the dividends and interest
f !y O' 1 IU D you have received for the use
S, of your savings It also tells how
tion of "Your Federal Income lReopenedWv nigV l ness or profession.
Tax," a booklet of informat!'.n Most dividends and Interest
designed to assist individuals in The Miraflores Observatory are taxable and have to be re-
their income tax problems, have Aill reopen at 7 o'clock tonilghr oorted as income. Some, how-
been received by the Canal Zone and will be open to visitors eacih;ever, are not taxed and do not
Library and are now available to Fridav night for the duration <, fi nave to be reported.
patrons, it was announced to- the dry season. Clarence Trt:e Here are payments you may
day. will be in attendance. receive as a stockholder which
Later this month, upon his re DO NOT have to be reported
The booklet Is published aAt- turn Irom the United States. Earl as income:
',ually by the Internal Revenue Dailey will open the observatory v A return of capital invested in
,Se'rvice. It does not discuss the to the public at 7 o'clock earchthe company.
g.ihly technical features of the Sunday night. The Sunday rniK '.t Payments from earnings acs-
lax laws but is compiled to lid openings will bq in addition to cumulated prior to March 1,
the great majority of taxpayers the Friday night openings. 11913.
and to provide them with infor- Tonigr.t only the moon anl'i Stock dividends or stock rights
nation they require in prepar- the plant.t Jupiter will be suit- which do not change the stock-
ing their individual income to\ able for observation, holder's proportionate share in
returns. On Monday. Jan. 18. there wiI' the corporation.
be a total eclipse of the mnou,' When a corporation makes any
"Your Federal Income Ta.<" rrue wil ooen the observatji of the above distributions to its
contains an explanation of the at night forthose visitors hose vio tockholders, will generally
various icinds of taxable and -x- re especially Interested in vie,'- In c 1 u.d.e a statement telling
empt income. In an explanatory ing the eclipse through the tele- stockholders that the distrlbu-
,oreword T. Coleman Andrew cope- tion Is non-taxable.
Internal Revenue Commisslon-r However, he points out th,.t Most dividend payments are
states: "iewlng this phenomenon with madMe out of erPOmrQiSX
"Emphasis has been placed up- the naked eve will be found io earnings and must be reputed
on making the booklet readable be more satisfactory than view- as income on Hlue 3 of Fet
as to subject matter, typogra- Ing it through the telescope r,- 1040A or on Sch d le A of
hy, and arrangement. Explana- cause the magnification of orm 1 4. Ai Infr-
tionis made of the various kinds telescope lnlits the field to. rn- .mationi.n found enPaoge 4.o
of taxable and exempt incom: ,y a aesment of the moon. the toffieal Instructor ee.e
cnd of the exemptions and de- The moon will enter the umbra bA table Itet reeivd
ductions to which the taxpayer at 7:32 p.m., and leave the um- by you i" t br ,rt on"in
may be entitled. The more tinm- ora at 10:55 m. The middle o Schedule ,of FU 100Mt o on
portent requirements of the law the eclipse will occur at 9:1 nest
and regulations are summarized p.m. During the total eclipse the toret Ie i aable.l
and the trend of official opinion moon will not be entirely oo- torH ereIyyo m s
in the administration of thcse cured due to the diffusion of state, the nterOt these
laws by the Internl Revenue light. butwill appear as a ddrkr.ot taxed. Thee ins oemIn
Service is shown." copper color. united States tIondalnbue
The income taX booklet is to March 1, 194. -r
printed by the 1.S. O41 ermnent Btlboa Tides partially tax
Printing Offlce an 'opies may have any such the
be bought at 25 cets each from HIGH LOW section under "IntW pa
that office, at Wuablagtm 25, 6;:3 a.m. 12:29 a.m. 0 f the oeial Is SP
S ..: .M. Y2: .

Redsdents of the now Cana
townsite of Corozal today wext
hoping against hope that the
* ispmltig pool would not be 41s
- Several weeks ago almost al
of the inhabitants signed a pe
titlon begging the adminstra
tion to keen the pool running
However, work to close it down
has been continuing at a slow
Housewives and mothers oi
pre-schodi age youngsters whc
live in Corozal claimed It was
"awful" that the Canal had
chosen to close down their only
form of activity.
"We 'have nothing to look
forward to here now," an In-
dignant parent said. '"There
are no nurseries, player i minds,
movies. clubhouse or commis-
sary In our town--so why can't
we at least have the pool?"
When asked today why the
pool was being shut down the
Canal said they estimated it
would mean a "loss of about
$1000 a month" to run.
"The Corozal pool has no fil-
tration plant." a Canal spokes-
,man said, "and it would require
3n expenditure of $25,000 to/put
it In satisfactory condition. not
including the tiling."
An unofficial source said it
probably would cost the Canal
over $2000 to fill 1i the hole,
and complete dismantling pro-
Whenf asked whether the ad-
ministration couldn't let out a
contract to a private concern to
recondition the pool, they said
"we could." And in reply to a
cuery about when it was decid-
rd to close it down, the Canal
said "when we found out what it
Meanwhile, the residents sa'd
todav they more than were will-
ing to "chin in'l for the contin-
ted maintenance of the pool, and
operate it like a club. They chor-
"The Canal says the Balboa
,ool is reasonable close but
let them try to lug their tiny
tots on buses to and from. Most
of our husbands use their cars
for work, which leaves us strand-

It was the first Communist
denial that the men had been
taken into custody by a Rkd gun-
boat as they sailed off Hong
Wilnnington and Burchett said
there has been Ao word of the
three m'saing men in Chinese
mainland newspapers despite
-ersistent unconfirmed reports
that they had been Jailed either
in Canton or Peiping and would
be tried on trumped-up espion-
age charges.

Both Red newsmen knew Ap-
nlegate and Dixon when the A-
inericans were assigned to cover
Lhe Panmunlom truce talks.

savings and deposit accounts
when It is credited to your ac-
count even though it has not
been entered in your bank book.
interest represented by a bond
coupon should be reported in the
'ear when the coupon is u.o and
payable even though you don't
clip and cash it.
You can report the interest
on Defense, War and Savings
bonds in either of two ways,
First way: Ignore the interest
until you cash them, and then
report as interest the entire dif-
ference between what you get
and what you paid. This Is the
easiest way.
Second way: Report the in-
terest each year as It accrues.
The amount of accrued .Interest
can be determined from the
table on the back of the bond. It
is the difference between what
you paid and -what you could
cash the bond for on Dec. 31,
1953. Subtract from this any In-
terest. you reported from these
bonds on previous returns, and
report the rest tbhi year. Once
Sou start sing this method, you
cannot change withont first gget
ting permission from your Dis-
triet Director of Internal Re-
Income from a busnes or-
profession Is rgpOrtd W a

u0 al has l a Bos,
eont tax MhI.M=eb sIt -
.fet JM. 1. .,:l 'M -1w --I
tile of the lmw wli tenl "y
how to ftU 0et t seetba oa
Only PWMOn D In P Bsin
themalv. ifhoGile Sehd
C. This tMeanse man
on his m eh or or w3CP

oae on
d VLu -;


.. Canal'
hoPunmm Canwl
! 11, 0 r ,

- 4' 4. 0

4..' ,.,.

All set to go in for a swim, these-youthful resideitsof o
find there's something wrong somewhere So watti"'

ro.x Pri
C, orest over the information
on page 7 of the offielal In-
structions under "Business or
Profession." Then refer to a
copy of Schedule C as you read
the following helpful tipn:
Lne 1 calls for your total re-
ceipts. This i largely 6 matter
of keeping adequate records
throughout the year. If you
made any allowances for return-
ed goods, rebates, or discounts,
subtradctsuc amounts trom your
total receipts before entering the
amount in line 1.
If you produce, buy or sell
merchandise, use Itnes 2 to 10
compute and deduct the cost of
the goods sold. The important
thing in this computation is to
show the correct amount of In-
ventory on hand at Jan. 1, 1953,
on line 2, and the inventory on
hand at Dec. 31. 1953, on line a
Tb official instructions tell ho*
to figure inventory.
Thr main problem hI f
.aut Sehedle C is in dWer
which expense w -
na'y adnct on the eu
lip as provided. DedWS
nm t spat the following t
ru attaents:
1) xpese must be Icwured
in your trade or businEss..
2) xpense mst not he for
Opital Item. This ma tat I
you hw1o rsomethinpwhikW^ou1
Last m=orW
year you Impro 1re )1BAt'
an e
=I 1e ~ except
lweelation spr(a 0 ov1t11.
of the property.
U The expense B -5bciO -.
nary and Wtf ar-
rimg on of -
Dd not du6Mot
from your forbu r OMIL

ducted -from your other,.
reported on Form 1040. f
loss exceeds your other Income,
you have a net operatIpg
which can- be used to offset'i.
come 1in their years.
. The next aticle will tell
you what to do if you have a
net operating less in It3. It
will also show how to comipl.t
the self-employment tax geo-
tion ot Schedule C.

Tax Primer Q^A

Q. I Washed W "
and reNelt e ebrv
taxable. v" ..e '
A. Only the l&tdre .av | G
b #tert W-$15. ..

"'5 "

. :. -.*.,

.*',- .'a;*
I- -. ~.,

~J"~ ~iLL~ 5~&~~J& -- -~ '-'



WORKMEN SPARE THAT AX is what these -Caoro bl=a0
laborers who were in the process oft

Red Correspondenis

Deny Communists

Holding US Newsmen
Communist correspondents Alan
Winnington and Wilfred Burch-
ett today denied that Chinese
Reds captured American news-
men Richard Applegate and Don
Dixon off Hong Kong last March.
Winnington. a reporter for the
,ondon Daily Worker, saad Ap-
plegate, Dixon and merchant
marine Capt. Ben Krasner might
have been seized by "pirates."
But both Wlnnington and Bur-
chett, representatives of the Pa-
ris newspaper LIHuxnnite, said
reports that the three muen were
captured by the Communists
were "just an American news

__ _1____ _____ __ _____ ___~__ ~

_ _

_ _~_1~__ I ___


rI _

, .



7 4 .
, .. --- : a-
"&,*_. ;


. M ^. -. .*" :.

I _-

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