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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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The Booz, Allen &r Hamilton report submitted
gress after an independent and comprehensive I
compensation paid workers in the Canal Zone recof
the retention of the 25 percent overseas pay diffi
free of income tax. It qlso favors a 50 percent rent
tion and retenion-of many fringe benefits.

uu;sor- Joh S. Sybold told.newmnen and repre-
ss t, .~mai fl, plw .r it nooa ftpdyy ,that after uo
td rt e of irctors h tbmitt eybold
it to tiof fisb Coe of- s Comi
with a jo p Represents
B- 8 i4 t c1 t1 f t itl und retF reduc-

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A F .. .Tit

d d while 'clock this .oon of Coco Solo Cdr.John G.
e.ia r A ,our-man 4 nvesti- Medical Corps, SN, ex-
at la died in Coco Solo it, raising gaton was ordered meet to- aape officer of Coco sdld; 'Ctr.
ofA a-. cre the and who,. ..Mlng Corn- %1., executive officer of the

SDistrict; Lt. Cd. Vance W. station. a Coco Solo.

the crassk The-pilot-ofAe. plne, dant's taff andl executive of- boArd Tlmeet.

n the brook Field flew"over the crash, -
droppingnflares Ila", the crash corps, u Stef_-
relfH. Ih area an aid the r i e workers. b .Or s O
shey Cristobal police Station receiv- 'o
Sith edbt, e eash call'st 8:20 p.m. ,
Su la 12-man emernenY car.w -thrI A doctor who was*n eye wit- two Navy. and three Army am-
Sother re- sergaipnt tine pollcemelS- ness to the crash .sild todar blances arrived on the scene,"
under directin ot Lt. ugen.? that he heard a tiegific crash the doctor said.
S5, -hiple, assistant djtrt4t while he was ddrivng on the A nativ -woman was :helping
ce ambulances coisoap d r, was en the crash France Field Road-'ast night, pollee an5 military personnel
-o .. e the se~qttS min- wqhin 15 minutes of get- "I thought it was a bad auto- showing them the easiest

They encountered t big traffic
I'm on -Puerto amndldo s and
t l.olice peIrty'a first l4eb wj
C a way tbrougih triats -
gatiesing erowd, for-the eamr-
~-ee0y eNW asd-atsmblaaei.
cTe)6m w Idf Ieh &waned rap-
lyte a M. i w itsd -t0, was
tl-smkas o es -..

I,, _ae .of whom-a ltc

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S.. .- _. --

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mobile accident- unt I saw a
surging of flame and qmoke."
He immediately dove to t,
Puerto Eaaondldo Road
he offered his assiLance to the
urash victims.
Two men died: while they
were being cearf onn thoI
stretcher. he-salm -
Four others, who-were i uled
om th. pMne were av ady
dead. t bodis charted be-
yond recognitim. .
. "The pSt w MM
five mininauter -
emai of M 'I

path to get to the scene, and
two doctors summoned froap the
OCabo olo Hospital were admin-
isterkn ONt aid.
oA'boh the plane was com-
plde demolished, with the
wrcke spread over a wide
a of Ju e, the doctor, said
te Im d suwrounngs Mdid
C ea ht-.L= ft,
A iitm" Sher r the rash
mae whkh 'were droppM'from
g toI ,iumlnate4 s e
to thdagettewIea

13 UI- ClUH7 uljt-uY'r
g t better v
p ast th oqqna repciatspaEd

rard i"p'.i5 on the lee-

The Governor's announce-

ted U80 -p e tIypwritten '
tnbt srai in prt:l csbtmth
al chats, and
utaofs questionnaire vsey
wrlich wa made o e lyes,
former wemployes, retI r em-
plo e and persons who declined
eabptymnt dring the minal
art 1953. The epepndix also
givs a report on a price index
stuy4 by the coti~ultants, based
on-t U. S. expenditure pattern
and a cost of living comparison.
"The consultants emin ated

raint program would cost the
Panama canal Comany ap-
proximately $1,842,000 a year
and would result In a revenue
loss to the Federal Government
of about $,t0C20000 by making
the differential free of Income
"TLhe consultants' main report
was divided into six principle
subjects as. follows:
t "The bases for extra compen-
sation of Canal Zone employes;
an analysis of conditions of work

special emphasis was given to
the 'Isoltion and confinement
iunident dt, employmnest In the
Ca al Zone of United :State
citens, and the detrimental
effect of the tropical climate.
'*laiteBui. Space was devot-
ed 4o 9 hpoling, recreational,
and .meotlu fajitles avails-
ble-l elmoyes a.d their fam-
tek as compared :with condi-
tions In the United States.
"Special emphasis was placed
on the disadvantages to employ-
es hecauso of the isolated geo-
raplhical position of the Zone.
Soe0 of these disadvantages, the
rpIrt ated are lack of job op-
porfstis; confinement to a
llml a under 'markedly
reglmented conditions,' and com-
nunlt' resources to various de-
prees lacking In provisions for
medical care, education of chil-
dBen, lhouekeeplng conveniences,
rcreational facilities, and per-
Mishable foods.
"Un.der the heading of hazards
'o health and well-being. the re-
nort listed the higher Incidence
of disease, and the physical and
metaj Ill. effects of Canal Zone
life as being 'Intangible' factors
of importance.
"In the appraisal of the extra
compensation paid employes, the
,oisultlng firm briefly outlined
'he- history of extra compensa-
'lon and traced the diminishing
returns for employes by Imposi-
tton of income taxes, Increaos
(Continued on Page 6, Col. 1)

RP Officala, US Technicians

Survey Airport Sites In Darien
Early this morning, a group their visit Is the selection of a
of Panama government officials definite site for an airport to
and American technicians left serve the town of El Real.
for the province of Daren where The relocation Of the recently
they are going to make on-the- flooded town of Yavim and the
spot obEervations regarding possibiltlies of expanding the
orojectas planned for the de- plantations in the province,
velopment of this province, will also be given consideration.
The party Is proogeeding from
The trio .is being made by Panama City to the Provincial
boat the Vprty includes Nation- governments seat at La Palma;
al Asemoly president Pablo then to El Retil and Marragan-
Othon, and secretary Gavint t1 where SICAP's expeimental
Sierra Gutlerres: Ministers Te- headquarters is located, and
mistooles Diaz Q. of Agriculture finalH. to Yaviza.
and Inocenelo GaUndo of Publio The .committee to expected
Works; WME directors, Mario Do back in Panams late on fsanday
Diego: IOA director Vance Rog- and it is tmiNen Srir vit fw
er. SICAP director Dr. Benja- hJel in the development of Rh
aIn BlrdaU*it htenslean Servtce province.
director Porfirlo Gone: CSWAP It is understood that the kr-
technmcian Menalco Balls and field being cosldemed f1r te
Otto Hupb: World btnk repre- Real area Ri Bot p s i
aenUtave PentU Jajnen: and a fr
Ptvbe Work enMeer Victor ntTT ae
Yanit. whi t proddoe a
0- f the an. objees t eW tVM market.
at to -l .cp *n ~

= ssb is"n i
"Ir eve, he rmma~er
it w. be backeduptothe.
wi'hl _eXy onS o efi the
outlined in the letter froa a
Undersecaetarz zarl z .
subnittlaw it."." .r. ,k
Notin that "I have ,-
muc. Interested as a53
not Eore so," the ar ^
*ervetftbat ever siace
iaalDo of the repor
wee Mryint to opera
for Its release local. He
felt it ildortant t
beg should have the-.
.ormatUon, not conde ,
tered down.
"We tot perMiisl
tie niornini."' he M K
-The 0. rr
extens~le u t
and there ete
family, civi and
presentatives had aiS4 lth
gressmen sad GenantoM ,
"I don't think. ia.
ticipated puch a-. e
that pau.d l4 ilk
"I had a loo se"al ..
,eaors a e d,
that eventually a
was made ,which
order for the suv
he stated h ,

Fied For'i

. A member of Pi
adt Poulce aa fma
drunk driving tua
the Balboa Mxttr
The defendant. Jcq
tenor, 28. chIe of tWO
eaplonage eCtuo. was
n*W officlalc P
erashed It tn.-
on Shaker Reat
nue. complete do
front of the sedp .
The ear stes

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w A .

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- .-
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.. ", .- ", ., ,. -
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'- "aumg -*" .. Labor News

coA.. A Ps N NA .AC* PAi NA
gppigg. 3 17. Caeu'ea Avue'.~v Ubsur I t ANDo S TH o 31313
Piomse 'E. PTATIYVa 10.1411A U a Oe, INC. C m.eN. .
4 s MAniOmN Vg. eNEW YOEtl. ,lCn N Ont. V ." a .A.
in .IN"ADVANCE U, ,91. 00
., ,, ...s no as~ o1 By VICTOR REISEL O
YOUR FORUM THi RIAPRS5 OWN COLUMN The American Communist party, .m t a l.a
spar by specific orders fromthe Mat & i s e f mana i PCS
Conuintern headquarters abroad is -hw a I
wA h workingg closely with the under- lan a he l e
world' and preparing to defend Mere, d Reft of, Morse
H C racketeers wno, like themselvesA n tor l i rn poa Senator M
-M- g aoins exagopen rami the ro ades out The P. .e- A capt edln un iono se as fo .K bT.Pa Amr-. tot se
ii are loselved g otalla y and are handled 2i a wholly cof' In the past few weeks, Commtu- a B he P eons, wield t, who Ps
Stimat.e in It bu ap n nist Lagents from the West Coast b utr e tcal tur down
ifi o om let to oe. It'imsalMlt uIt doi n't appear the h avemet with New York w eater- "dlt ,pe, ie po ltchal pl
l en pubH d is sche ade euese b. tre"i nob:tcrs in Wc:t Side hotels him p a wered duck.
bty to keep thp leete limited to one page length and apartments. The political un- MtUe P ad a ted bei own Re- b ite Semate
anyof ilethr writers is held in strictest confidence. acreover agents have offered the pubHean Party tht middle of a This c
tis nespeper eanum owe responsible, to# statememls as opinions underworld's spokesmen money ho t campaign ud 0 over to the Pe land *urh o
l ble n a from ,eeoe u ana manpower to help them fight Deotcratmp An Democrats Rt Nbl gepn lu Oi
O the AFL efforts to' take over 4he. ha'd 'lat. 'Then thBe oeln rat he GO t' chairman
Eart Coast docks. supported had turned rn him, and, What Republican
WORSE THAN REPORTED At the same time the Comintern teaming up with bttu e Rd o ubli. you Aecommend
Balboa, C. Z. reps o niered the mobsters full su cans, arred him m oter l f0 ,' t
port against any efforts Capt R i cans, p arredht hto .im 6 rmin p o' "aldl" '
fI'l never learn. A recent letter in your column warned any- liam Bradley, the new president ofapQrtat Senate Comin f ttees- .ere hia h i
going to Coronado Beach to make arrangements for a hell- the old Longshoremen's -Ass'n., nor pof on DoUglas McKay, Repul'-az :ty at
to get from the highway to the beach. But, I said to my- might make to fulfill a publine orao appOted cretary of the In- slf.proeased sIers'
thi guy's exaggerating the road couldn't be as bad as that, pledge to clean house. Wsp "oitedieaof t
B. ut Boy Oh y, was I mistaken. On that 2-mile stretch These Communist waterfrot t forrtheurpoe, ac ong-to Re- la
a flat, I broke the exhaust iLpe and I got bumps not only emissaries have been acting under tI. su. .-s.d, leaders, of bu d pn "arh '
V head but on other more southerly places. .tough orde smah any reform t
ce you get to the place, it's really out of this world, and movement on the East Coast which seat Republicain leads, aMder- And
no idea such a beautiful beach existed in Panama. But might, ia turn, spread to the Pa. sl sore re out o r a "
Ot to agree with "Robot Iceman" when he says that all this c ic st and drive pro-Comma a statal e, were out 'fy ors
y and charm is just as securely locked up as if it were in r':t waterfront unions from power E eTrtt M eight years bore another i
If you can't get to a place. what's the use of owning a there. e eeaw h ohede en. JoeamBall of M iM ea l boser ta
of It? -1 i J esta ehtJa bekoed no her e or, wer
t, wie. You real estate folks, and fix that road. Not only Should the AFL succeed on the tnes i aet and j rged Tom Dewey
be doing a service to your country, rnd to thousands of Atlantic and thMh move i. to rush election of Fraankli.Roosevell Toh T Bgtr
you'll see many more return tov ou n the sale of lots at Coast the entire Comintern strat-. d Th 'e tried to hee eriwas ont' o 4
fine. unique development of unequaled beauty that is Coro- egy ai. ed at some day crippling into heo red to sarea ola ps opan
iBea c our strategic Western shipping anId Ie publican s diac res pt i pofGPln o' o
ach. Panama Jack our Northwest, Alaskan and Ha- pub li cans ,t respect hi, p a
waiian defenses, would crumble, andppoiWN t no wt lonely, Asid. i
V QUEEN'S PHOTOS, PLEASE A. a result, the Communists are b appoit edr "eo -se a dtor. Pso. wa
oP83 Bonner Hill Rd. willing to deal with the Eastern Seet, l nwe3, rOE eB A
Kingston-on-Thame mobs. Especially since the under- spe to snultggle ..up ew He teu a
Surrey, England world is content with what it can se- '.e hiss t Y ouI'"~
a loot from Atlantic ports without crats', s iat r ng dn.1 of q l l
am reking a acrap book of the Royal tour for my school bothering about the eastern wa- r U
Son nand Iwonder Ifyou could helpme with any spare terfront- which the Syndicate hase ds on n Wl no
p o" IhtS of the Q queen's visit, ignored fornyears. t at r l a" foe'uj onr th r ed thats hI
s of the Queen's visit. This tie with the crime crowd which the Democrats and Repub- hours and
Thank thyou Gardner Ae ) has id the Daily Worker to attack which the Democrats and Re- 2t hu rs and j tnt year
Anthony Gardner (Age8) fu atel d estate investigation tt- he' when hpoeri toujAfi teywrewa n d A ealE.
n feeral and state investigations of fully also e afftted both s par wi. te spec
P the crooked labor welfare funds: 'hen he thought they were wrong wr-taPWl.t .
Voc-alist I B* "1 B B ^! t*s,O$ o00 0 i0 n de.p ast' few years e CA T ,eboA "
V oa tby top, rime syndicate directors OREON REACTS APTAL N
,, ,hg cveial hundr. -unioin off-i WASHINGTON (N C A) Washington to give the young fry A hundred.bjections are said to firstt reaction in Oregon was PLYIN
AC008 DOWN elals as thei.- fronts AFL pres!- There's another grand, Pentagosn a sample of what dbate was like be raised against all plans so far skeptical; partof it definitely hos- Fore is ow to at
S Vallst dent George Me a n~nw is consid- snafu In the making over Presi- in Congress when mnht w d high put forward to mve the surpluses tile. But the other day Wayne ture of thei. 18 a
SkS Ial A A B ering a full-scale Investigation of dent Eisenhower's, new o r d er stiff collars and the tad speaker into relief channels. It would in. Morse, the Independent, the mn which, it claims, ea't t
.He- ut 2 n m this gargantuan theft which abolishes the "Restricted" had not been invented. Here is a terfere with U. S. trade. There I who stood behind his. convictions, cial tffraction-grat cBa
lar songs 3 t unusual As recently as December 23rd, clariflati on on government pa- sample sentence: too. much opposition n to any more went home. Ith 18 dayi he h Jyse ordCrd talqd
o 1il" o election of the Daily Worker said: oerw.rl-. This leaves only '"'top "At that time (when the first aid programs. It's too big a bur. ma'e 4: speeches plus three radio conhol to 'anr l
I1Rieu qum ANsaying"Gov. Dewey is taking another Eecret," "Secret," and "Confiden- Arizona bank was Opened t years den for the U.S. taxpayer to car tLoadcasts, and ae dom has a snsiies. these cametas del
1 It1 p Seine 5lParn.4aM tn step to expand his now familiar tipl" classifications. ago) we did not know and could ry. And so on. ator been givwen- such a reception, not only t6 photorap.
Scapreebooter Parts of ships pattern for state control of the Every ig I 'tRestrited" t ir not know that our nation was upon cers,'It any.p cce whi
4 Threabooter 6 Mexican hat orations of the life of unions, the old security orders. was sup- the threshold of marvelous age NEW OUT FO JURY UT At The Dalles, .Oregon, hitherto ali t reveal iear c l
STeaten Angutive of 23 Drr i time te mailed fist t ma posed to be declassified or realass- of such incredible achievement n Television viewers mly soon id to" y anti-More fly Jeadlng sitI.
i tred id Diminutive of 23 Dry region 40 More facile state is to enter via the man ied by .Deg, .15. But thereLw s q art, science, literature, ;luxury, that they can claim an excuse for Repu cans e ted wrtig. OlE OUL N
a -adr Nancy 25 Decay 41 2nteritice welfare-e son insurance funds m:ch material in this classmca growth, transportation, national escaping ryd by wa t tlpp UA
.) 9 Open spaces 20 Swiss civil 42 Short brb ions..T ame procedure is ti ti a ense Secmtary E,, power, chemical diteo a andontesp t a teds rEa
in forests official 45 Soft minerals be used--the 'racket-busting' techt Wilson 'put dut a sipplem&mtiry mechanical invefiffons 'that it may later pfove'to hle' a[aplec-.
10 Hidden 31 Craft 51.Male sheep unique r order saying;that security officers not be described- ven b a gap- tions. a e : om
title 13 2gtreaty 34 Cured thighs 52 Roof finial This long, oer-due probe of would have until March 15, 54, phire pen dipped for ink into rain. A Ws&;at t e
15 Itinersaton of hog i4 Worthless crooked funds is meared a4 to change classifications on "e- bow dew, nor by an orator of silver cleared tha
's lS indisposed 35 Click-beetle table scrap "blackmailing unions oa their lead. stricted' material. tongue and golden larynx." orre i er
31 T mp 36 Aer iy 5 Scotish es. ion ctagon reporters who thought ar n .. .. .
article cate 38 Boat paddlt sheepfeld This hok-up with mob nunionsIs they et a fl of eforrer PROBLE OF "CARto' seen.

they ma.l areas the d ght f lat a flood o tref ino* l Bo (e eens .. de d
art of the Coib munist Party W te s h'e aPy a aulCom FMasyy ,t foe nestle t OalT J
f ze e rt to bu sine fd et for g ipetrot im p'f
ot laborna&jfor n a# l Am a 'me'w'rear
to Infiltrate key industal a sd fe l icted" materiall i n %an t aM r. -a ."

n- Aayof, s -n o ... .th there, ncoat emb-dt wrn guad. Ma ..eiat.. .... F1*- y aim
S l ,- must launch "a variety of move* having e original material from of these ulirtea s 0 now e at ate Communist polleeP sli ares f-r l
ents aofctruggle-now .q v. : nee w dspatcIes cows se J a t b..f. It a dto of ed, emr Lre .patcd. M '
That's an accl tualccs. quote from t wri-tten! reporters are, of course, reach $6 billion before asJe 30. ret Ifgway s ia n kow wn h Ioaduct geo t t
dictum of the Comintern to the stymied. Storage charges alone on: these ed Id Hungary. Acc rdin g to the t sak hollowe the a
UneParty there. I ,Army Ordnance officers. esti- surpluses are over $650,000 story told to theCommittm for a Commerce tw wr so much from C v
Under these iltration orders mate that about 90 per cent of --nea rly $165 million a year--a Free Europe by a refugee from qit_ 16 i 6 ""i
long in preparation, the Party has their "Restricted' material will be least that much could be saved if Budapest, plainclothes government public led by a tht sad ed
ealredy succeeded h amoflaging up-graded to "Confidential" or the surpluses could be got rid of. Inspectors are on the okout k Went to rinipl the
,ll -ttfIrish S! At least one powerful 'union as a "Secret" and not made public. people iaIg untaxed lights, s l ked f Morse eo I -l l
I mmuuist ofit. This"union, wrePo n u t oe people using untaxed.lighters, school iH ked it Morse c
n-mm Mr. Frenoh points out however, which e made by Mpetal workers speak thre. "There may be soe ol
under orders to move in on the STILL GOING STRONG th the transportation Chargesfor and sold to avoid an oppressive riticm tou," Diick warned. WA NG
country's chemic I land other Henry F oun Ashhurst, per- moving say $4 billion worth of excise tax. .
ve NW& of strategic production centers, now hps the last of the old-school ora- tieen surpluses from the midwest The routine Is for the. a ent to "Sur 11l,-lot Wayne oXi
CIO anegod United Mine Workers Un tors, who spouted as Ariozna's sen. to aboard W be $W million, stop "suspicious" persons -ad ask peak w the repl. Morse a Christmas
ooeion offers for even greater coverator fbr nearly 30 years, Is still The etiar is:,. Whe and how to them for a light. If the victim be best ad of the school- missing Guy Bi ep
role on offand s fo r even greater cover gushing at 79. Copies of his recent rais. that mauc The foreign gov- produces a lighter, the agent looks teachers the U.. Senate." was brought to
Iand power, speech before the, Arizona Bankers' ema itswho .sed the food sim- to see If it hps the stamp ladicat. At ,Robert tSawyer, Edt- .unlst agent
of- n .-Wr~hikor leaders-are not aware Associatipn are begg circulated in p ,i* t ave that kind of money. i-g tiat the tax h been paid. tor EMeritus of he Ban Bulleth, t .-
Sof the nature of the undercover ap and i s tof Nm re
paratus now Adirecting this union .".---'-ao _il mctedNrin te'
odreieptre dfashionrbycive th'e na -V i. bhI? eE oMW ed 'Bu Cell-et,,eeer, the
b-.tiemlImiousethir a:W alter W i h oell 11 lNmew Y .tim" w

r ling and meet with the proBROADWAY bos i I ow 25,000... The Ties Square Circle: e though a conservative Re p iut t30
wrvhtd apparatus. hese .mee ts Celebs About Town: Pierre Mon- She 'e6 .'li the other day and ,ardless of the denials race- he wanted to be (air, ly that he-won't approve ll
a" ave taken place in New Y tea, (the Met's great conductor) asked him to give it back ... "You tr-ctc biggies are reconciled to the frt- the privilege of latroIu~alg to e lan
Washington and the midwest inre' who has clashed with Boss Bang are making a joke," he replied, fact that there will be night reclng Morse. thttue
-atwt weeks. The latest session was andrquitting Morton Dow- eThat eqr a geeft" here in about 5 years. Movie firms, the g p.e d t -b it was a'
.n New York. ney doo lhis wife's name baseball and theatre showmen are Sawyer cS,,oe.,mw
4m tern directive, Communist labor the Stork ei a.e.LCU .U Mrs. Tl Mart garesfl late s t ey Priowraiser-n... .,Diana reerbert (the play-he papg.ufiper he had so long ddiet.,tha
Sr.i orniers plan to infiltrate -the Manville, the latest "headline" the-Lodapdn art-set: She appears wright's daughter) and Argentine
coal fields, steel areas and the 42 readying a night lub at for the in pqblc ?(Jevv, s!) without croesus Rafael deS PaIdo did the *'S
"soft labor" districts where there Las Vegas "Easy Come, Easy Go" gloves ita MeClintock says hand-holding bit at the Village Van. DE GLANCES By Colbraith
On9Saturd y Ja n g are avy layoff.... circuit... H rmibne Gingold (the there nabat suemetling wrong guard Medallio. Theatre ... ,
"-.."Almanac" art, -whose unusual wither teevy set. She still ets claims -the largest teevy hookup--
In these areas the party hopes name as pronounced "her-my-ob- Hal .. ... Journal Ame an via 129 CBS stations zh Sar -;. -. e '-e
to dust off its old "unemployment knee" 3(ariko Niki, the Jap. ra l- Sheldon ot-' did's crowd report Lee Shubert al-
coni" tactics. This means or- anese actress of "Teahouse," who t _a K eeaaa n wags eIMd: "I kon't knowr why I .......I- -. ....
uganizln the resentful meass er- had hers changed by Maumice June & Begorral) 1 work so nard. If I go first.I'm sture
.peciay the 53,000 who have just E"ans. (It was chi) .- Ralph Tonl Ardin'i favorte eejay (even my brother -will break my will" ..'_"_
the preholiday season.-Then come n ant around a sandwich named Jo ',WNW) Dale Hall article in the Su,. Viuror (on 1

the wild soeal aid n tional unem- c loria Stavern Col. Bernt Bal- toalId ge ticket to get Is the model' dates every lght in i I F
,plyment demonstratns, to give chen, who flew Godfrey to the Are- for _"*T & ySympathy" starring the week): "Saturday ir date is I ,,
e world the imoresslon that the tic (and Byrd to the South Pole) Deb er.. The suburban Lynn '.owell, a news(ag erman.,

S- U.S. hrs hit such a depression that nd lea Norwegian Unner- adore I-... W tenpy .Kaye rUilled but poeial" e e -
^ -f Ge Mr F* Ol f~\ its people are rioting. The direc- ground. Senators will demand to every adt at Le Ruban Bleu, with for lHvinm'I 1 .
Le tre or 01<1 ive specifically refers to exploit. know who is keeping him from his bandclapppng Pat w for 4 '
Furnl things With ing the old militantc" of the promotion. (He's the world's No. Gtleed newsboy alog ---
S1igsWminers, who have hit hard times I flier) Joe E. Lewis, author the Al'BandIob Shop beat, got
a Want Ad indeed. of: "There's No Place Like Home, a howl with -his headline on the Broadway Smalltalk: Judy Gar ,
SFinally, the directiw orders the After All. After All The Places Are Duchelsof .s dive from first to la(d's first million-copy recording
'd be sM piwed o w mn y fwlks Party to infiltrate political groups Closed." lat place in the Best Dressed List: (in many seasons) will -be "The
ev ItNakie n t.e w( ht,.. vn heya to in New York, CaU .ornia, Pennsyl. -- "uess, yor slip is showing" Man That Got wavy.' Ira Gersa.-
a*me. ** wa voweh m wqekly vania, Ohio and iehigan in an Sallies In Our Alley: Some of Aus r r vn dad Harold Aries wrote'It for
d c p wh e Peeam Ameriwe. attempt to influence nominations were excited about Cole Porter's "Star Is Born" lar
Wo w A& and the November ehictios. "Can-Can" wow breaking the Shu- 1P Wdeshow: Editor& Pub- are waled to be on the al rt
. The comrades sure are rolling bert Theater's 30 year record: M55,- isH r gv" to Ted Thackrey an pastorr forging Nat Kg)
Sthe Ne Year t ban 0 n one week .The critics the late unlamented C s name to checks ..
the New Year with a ban. (except John Chapman) panned it o M sum up where the Ferr-dpy and Gig Young (of
t l '"Am:atng the-way it clicked," bla-i .:iafOr its demise) as a Meal Oh, Women!") ire a eoi
Woman, 102 YearS, observed a lad "-without the crit. eI to oter publishers det Clifford Gray. and lhwly
ics h.inganytdn to do with It!" eLr l, t e ft-of-left Thacrey PtgY Flounay's hideout is Bil's
0a" Dies L.eoving ... "More amaxag," flipped a- the Big Vlla : Stea e Ma Bande
other," is that Rodgers sadd prop
0217 S ivors st 7wmerstein had nothing to doe pIwe- _othew I *N .11ee .
102 H IVOm IT" Her Henay Ynnsman awBe,'Owt RHan A U Ji Twle
"That Rubimes gay got that to .M
TRA QDD. .Ala.t. 7 (UPI hiding in all those closets!" ..nAmspad ON&at'
--- "-P-- w be 3ilf.l y2 mb eeId .111 a r -m it
1here taom B a yar- Midtown Vignette: Barbare HWt-- 3 The T1 mg B
Oe woan Wo uri- ton's new hushand laare.h i'd plaa. to .
ToA aei l inl real-great -,prea that he has O oiM a's .n Ut, 'd Give '
RO**at n : .of hii own and 9t 11 M Ie For o1uld ft lat
Mrs. Mart Bra let w bsev- gave him anythi Wt t ,i Lbve But
AN burled at Elvesta,* O ry Aft-- legend persists that as l" w -Iwauders say Mein has
K AN .. eral services I n-t a ms. d,, r Te s ts(is.=a YO.v*got too b.l, _
p C hu rchu Iba mM 00 through long ago,1011 g e4a ) ad I 3 .i C. O 2 at
Svorces (Who expeFacted ton i O.s".. O..s

a. 1 .1
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Wa 7 I I __ .

y Es Can: 'Take It Leavef Deles

%ttorwya fl -Bobo and Win- said aner attnes lor ..
Rockefeller tried today to couple met ior more than an
*Mf ,. 12 1: lea a divorce settlement as haur discussing high finance. TEHRAN, Iraq. JTn. 7 (UP)
S. th e estranged couple Issued Roocexeller complained in a A police commur
.T_- .,;... 4 .- 6' in a statements-but all statement mtued through his at- today that a 1R.yesar
T milons-as to hov much tomneys that hie blonde wife boy had twarted
,......... 7on* ....... W&.a bride was de- repuate a written are eme t iN at U.S. Vice Pident
Sl ia DeRerf. entred into three months for M. Npon.
o throw said Bobo has up- the lgar gal, a ony offer on
.ain i Pg I t wfett *Ih Ing Ib Dobo denied it. she in- charge as noense. plot, ani could n
the..a-- :j .-r Lima_ -ma s itd she hasn't made up her frends 5Equoted te ,- t
S... rep" ". mi re"s-ona Sto her exact currency de- r tualk of 5.00 saO win a t hl o sit the United States. A
'Jn.7 ) embassy wre s1.b.ect to mit "-- clo. to th. Rocke- .iate as a... bill.
9000 tA, J 7 Pr ltoema y arthe subject to hien tt" U.L II Mmliti com akO n -hd A soohme o bo such offered Mn 3 Earlier police s..tatemens had M
de V Ta ort his to take oft all their c r their u forget ah. hopes "e might was ever made. contrmed hhe boy 's story. cue
s of cot ,8o at the nearby buildings. which .-r -N d -. mutCente ,ior 10 miha on Bobo's attorney.eo uch en- sh
-o~il~MbitIL~ theS^, WComi u rties i>red the remut.. edgsSn Tehura newspapers hae be stru
aba in lumpll nt 's offeriof five !nelly, Mor, with Rockefeller's
hme, hem as wn.a L.a Bight Peruvian po0e Mowl The V note rns the U.M tl ll e d a I slton beque, asn wyer, Timotht Ptelffer, but puolishming prominently the th e
S1. earermanely t rt tno vilion statqs- at 11 iond the spokesman put t "'hat' I edmment on the that wh.en Ni on h s
J ,SB~o~~-cars anywhere they ma o, 1l after might Jan. 23, Wir rded by tihe catice, and "it's now a matter of-take it ence. l ar month .l tled an atpt
f Tlembp said. must bi Md. itw l d. 'Why make a different offer against Non.
must Ellnli has l ,-- '( tse us. whsent she Is constantly chang-
co.auee or area en At T said h cau.sedpenaket,
cau- of this tratmnt, Co- a %spoblit" ng her mind,", the aide asked said he caused the ar-
deman .tht 1.9lmbla maintains only a Charge oAo wid -. the Ii armiMstce a9eement.. o h Los "Maybe when she reallses the rbt. o ,t ,,_w ,o le
to fa t d Affaird s in Lima. At the mo- capital. was no 41 The ,eeI- t ffer s linal he'll change her De. 9 cluning -Nixon l-'sit oan
,as common .m ment he is Dr. Jose Joaqun Go- terna tve to f the men. The the U-j wa.. trooz V AT m I d again and ccept it" ~ Dec. 9, uplni Nixon's vsnth and
h lS Be a po al rt. Gori, his wife and children, as only dedlon mahhlni was *". *erhl i| Alln Bobo's friends denied she was that t aepolce founid the re-d
well as any other persons goin how it would be done. at. holding out for 10 million The that Communist planned
^"'j.a _pee Pr_ in and out of the building, mu t M: u Ift r- illA Isaid her hemltunAt .-m y. to ram Nixon's car and throw IP
I COW be' Son t Identity themselves to the Peru- Three'. by Sout. Korean for e4 all of fromsi the fact that she "e hand grenades at him. F
>ho eTOo vian guards. water PR Te p rinek of wa l.O.'et she has to be very careful be-
*_.fjt o ac thnt ; The SiHounana. m ft lOO, Jan. ? (UP) The cause she is up assan said first.that Nlxon
SureBrig. Gep. Alfredo DuArte fuse to telmeMe the uriMnl s 00' was highly or's M achsetts Supreme Court lawyers an soai muct so many had invited him to visli the
Mtthe tau* ue, l two Bliun. resent Colombian Army brought a hare w from, uncement e fly today that a taxicab driv- Rockefellr. who recently eUnited Staties. When tpta was
i5Sn _S 1 In commander in lhlef. was with- 6lgh i A1rmy -comm* er LL 8 okyo li Mely ag orTr o lest his voice after help- tablished residence in Arkansas dened Ft wao rpotea that
.A tLof JustfceO drawn two years ago as military Gen. Maxwell D. lor that U-.- t ces with A -teom- i policeman seize three men l expected" to follow the flnan oint Four officials were ar-
u "__ i u.ihemre __ attache :to the Lima embassy, troops would fight ,Oforces if mtader Gen: Job uJ ius eligible for workman's com- clal setltement with a suit forranging the visit.
thee ema be rapdly nearing because "the Colombian armed the Indiens were attacked by the gouth Korea treat ended to pensation. divorce. In.hln s nth se- To
rm forces could not submit to that Koreans. take "violent acti. aR ainet In- Patrick ;. Egan of Brookline, cued his wife of s ent he ac-Today's communique confirm
for ths feeling kid of treatment" dian troops duarctln' 4e Rprson. sam he los his vower of speech; fuoed ibl mo eey-P
t determinaextended extra-territorial ad o nfused Ktrean war pris- n proteaed t screen lce an who wa l In i statement
"' t allia n vTheorom ler diploma a n government pro- owner situation too a smmddeu erneis. "cr nae ation n vio- arisoners ata w point, Tlere .. no apparent way oftold

SSS Sv to h"vtl the embassy I"itself from the plm lalon of thne parmpyttlc agree po on a erh e vtion for help.a
m u.- pe at Hi expected turn today iftrainconv-ence. i meeting Mrs. Rockefeller's In- medal and a bicycle ledor
SOlf an e h by t a week that Haya bi e rr threat ned to throw Ame- Thursday whic ti.n 135 D 1952. satiable financthe nial demands" he In challenging the left whono
i overne an troop a es a nt SoUth Korn orty" with tBe agat -cement. n aed down b the o.said. were distributing leaflet's
.llom expected to teeent thed proeldeet ar itodrer s ti dsem t Mrnwhle, soces said tottetn that when bEgan sto- s
a.- in extended extra-terrtoril nd t 0- Pvun protested the "screen. lineman who was holding three
_.diplomatic Immunity rights, U or Iin" 'A a "criminal actkm in vio- prisoners at #am poi, was
u t t s n ave the embaLy itself from the POWs. at of the armlatich e agree- to go to pol oe station for help.
In ie subjei et l p present inconvenience. issued South Korean mt." But the U.N. Command Egan complied.

L afem -,Because aslum rules impose ok ^^ u g ae thm rnd nt w a v aubected to parole
o Iola N his two rhe Coiem ent, ot f ew r ls contained an u e ga l mi. Pan hemIndian -o n bwcause "ni, n ,,, er bhe r -qu- sEgn it rem -no

oI h ,pesed oThe Coeim nablea o.e.nm sent iSn .oh tl .o..d.a. plc e cew s i te ld STYL you prefer
ont s p ,' H aidhei a thshe U.N. h today h United atlonad Corn- pea he ~Pame of mploye of t need
S openly and would not etamon ut aythg uer n mount delegates have made no city of Everett.
pthe. acasipnt- tow arde.old 6g t wasic rb-d.
ust am a w i t- towards rolvin the bslc pol ed ash word- attempts herI either directly or The coa rt said Ega was not a7

ra maintain a u-hour lack of uhrestal activity. Those later aune Yu*t resTpaion H alf .S 14 .IAI i
Sncear sndtime th embas Wlnho saw him recently say h y lstueme _ysLay rn tal a to resume slled peace volunteer, that he was using the
e seIvere surke p nce wouR f tarm Colombia ingn a e statement yerday in W shic erenhe neofrec srgoeet street in the course of his work
She m aerhe "noticed" ROK foeI .mi- the soutIi e d a Me Indlan and that failngS to sWop could18 20
ia ktater Pyun sung Tan tdreiat ed command certainly would be a- hays subjected him to rosecu-
tdiJ attempt o smug- Becausens; as hr speaks ito take action if rs s ware of any dre R Jant 7 (UP)
orouh coninement, very thr oops continue their "om b ease any suc Under the rulingoz, Egan will re- -
e aet e screening" of the prisoners. me the STYLE you prefer
e 6y sch "ougl treatment outsiders have been able to see aaisth talks would tako place at their ceive a suir of $4,903 plus
in.rloZip t"r-" Havae in the past fiveyears. He The general said south Inorean he idq ent weekly payments of $.50., the SIZE you need
t the present a even keeps away from embassy 8ra ofa secret, negotiations, were, I
hert i s lithe windos lest some stray bullet w tat i the R p the sorcali c the Muorn d ea

rhe r is notooms, ond fot elRol nlte r-, progress h e ouf the rmini; Indepndence Idrty leader
ILadising t dane cl aseth t on.1 a n would beictse an a i n-o d r
t 4 go on ient d itstrget.eyee in the tougB y situation Inhe ofS"dianers. e MttitenMr D ae
ibla's lea ding newspaper, The 58-year-old Hays oas smad U wroe fall re- The, IndIan report made It dp ec cocktail
go 8- ur shifts of 200 arted to have grown much stouter, for 12.larI tbeare 5any s- JBidTo Special Small sizes 7
hm lmen will be scheduled at 8 p. m by soth Korehyl last June of President Esenhower
fcand couplesai Oct e who saw hi recently tosay his Mu YmA the ta00 rpetomd ba the United Nations14, 16

t.&wl be $3 per month wor ind- U.N Comand would ask or Independence or New
ined Sluaps and per month J ,or The soure said Heang and P. R. Jan 7 (UP)ld
heware D-d dter theve Commnistt hgte s -ougv.eois mtohus U. dMe. onr de-
on ndefindety nI wto rthe prelwth ary tald chlkar witcni

Jut Unpacked I estre, a teacher In the Pan-w .
i ball o a n1 s y s t e m whe s e b o e So f f o aPe r R i o

ben in ete C c f Snasses. e ta e a ttignedn a o c n ot i tio n f t

'I TIm CF" will meet atu 7 p.m. on Tuesdays. U Z
PANAMA forec l e e BIt IRl t iiiL Ic l atue t ass-

U SoMadge Loe school of a idanc- t on s t
Sin for children meets f Mondr y, te.e at he nte d ope- Va s61o 1n ,

From will be held ate' 9p. m. Chefdren wishing to learn t atiedea surping" legislative
i-* an. h e uls. t m ro sofleeve e centy to t e URe a i o

r1,ec" z t.'Mw The V" i o'hc[lose"- tahat. b e De-an mt d ou "auIonomy Inittiono Puertolo "
Tii fe fo thi coure Nr oeean pris of t he to him Pic ur Regliaature to ask eces-

Sela to Aroremena Nor 70 Tel. 3-1126 A young r end's swim and tates
a (ACo he stret frop. Maria Inmaeruada Scwhoo m cla s will get under way at r *
t o the t _6 31. teaher o t ,.I,---r.thnr Murcla sh tended the social func- the Governor said.

-9 a. on the same v igaay. Ladiesr Pr l a i
Sher series of fot trot, wclth and Dearo-rop off the prelimin
/g '* "" Latin dante cimpo on Jin. 12.oary i lk because Huanfg /cus. G ilberto Concepcion de r a cia

**_*A special c lan for teseraersed the United tate os "per claimed Muf Min Is cur-
will meet early on Tueseday Get the greater pow release sr legislative wer
Pin fee w ill be $3 per month for iIndependence or-

tIuORHl and Thrsa r *mornings. and K rear atonomv e Would
RNave no indication they woud recomad to the U. b. Congress

S- Families. wishing toe erfidy charge. enroll on 9 it

S. on ther children evenin swimming under

S. e esthe Indstructiod under the N a
.," Jus unpacKed.. Vestried a teacher In the Pan

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Sttonal YMCA *puatic progrAm
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S- secretary for ela days and Y y a bett
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S-. .w. ,M ..- ,.

5 '

S1 scoudffews Four'Accused f19 Atte t

.G Muder Walter Reuther -
T Gooden. vice-pres;- To Murder WaterReuther
ON BUt dent of the Canal Zone Interna-
tioral Girl Scout Council; Mrs.
B By OSWALD JACOBY Pe:,rl Pascal. Leader of Troop ,-. a --
iten for NEA Service and Mrs. Hazel Scarlett. Leader TROIT, Jan 7 UP)-Prose- Jcob. a an itin w
re resen the Internatonal Gil cutor Gerald K. O'Brien yester- arrested in Ont. He has
Scouti at a round table tralnin. day announced solution of the a long police record J .both the
conference o be held in San Jo- attempted assassination of CIO Unitd states and Canada, in-
NORTH It se Costa Rica, e rom Jan. 14 to 20. President Walter P. Reuth-r evolving burglary, liUqor. rfoeev-
K J i 4 2 Miss Oooden. teacher at the nearly six years ago. int stole' property and smug-
S 2 retain Panaour men one of them a un- gl n
A has served on the board ofdire-. 10n -busting racketeer, were ac The forth alleged conspiitAor.
1Q5 tots in the capacity of vice-pre-:- cused of plotting the shot un Lombardo. 1is servipit a five-"year
WEST EAST (D) ldent a finance chairman murder of the red-haired labor term In federal penitentiary at
',Q873 6A 0S since the council was organizedleader Arl 20. 1948. in an at- Leavevwort)2, ain., for. car
Q7KJ two year-. ago. tack hat shocked the nation. theft.
Mrs Pscal has been worki Reuther was shot while eating "i am convinced the sheotig
0 AQ 104 Mrs. Pisca1 hasbeentroo i a bedtime snack In the kitchen of Walter Reuther has been solv-
S A 2 8 7 with1951 and Mrs. Scarlett's Inter- of his modest home on Detroit's ed O'Brien ual after the ar-
SOUTR mediate Troop was first regis- northwest side., His asSailant rest. "I -c discus ease
5 tered n september 1952. fired throu a window, cutting further security reo.
Y 10 68 o Both Mrs. Pascal and. Mrs. him down in front of his wife, Four 'John D6e" warrants also
K 9 Scarlett are from the Atlanti" Mae. were iMssed, indicating other ar-
SK J 104 side. The lades plan to eave The shot touched off-one of rests were planned, -O'Brien
Neither ade vul. from Tocumen airport Jao 13 the nation's biggest and longest would no,. reveal what new evl-
Niu h r joti Wvr Nealh via Pan American Airways. p pmanbunts. But thousands of tips dence he had in the si.year-o!d
S. o k w I v-iirw ended in blind, alleys despite re- murder attoanot. TO roto t wit-
I Z r aass I 6 P a u Marera to Resume wards totalling more than $200,- nesses, he aid. they w ld not
SN.T. Pan Pa ss Mee to esume 000 for th.e would-be killer's ap- be Ideqttlied until pre-trial ex-
2 a 6 Pass 3P 'Mriner Troop 48, orf Gatn, pretension. aminatlon of the accused four.
P2s Pass .Pans wI esurt their meeting G xt a b ut police never gave up, and They are charged with assault
wpea P lead-s 8 esdav at 7h00 p. m. at. the yesterday Santo Sam Perrone, with intent to commit murder
.Opein lead-6 3 esda aof the p. leamdr- te 58; his bon-in-law, Carl Renda, and consolrace of assault with
a me of' their lea der.' rs. 35; Clarence Jacobs, 53, Tecum- intent to commit murder.
Te L os l e wil 1 n work on sAndtrnseh Ont., and Peter Lombardo, OBrien said yesterday's arrests
The group will begin work on 50 were accused in two-count concerned only the Walter Reu-
When today hand was the mod of the Golden Hind warrants of conspiring tQklll the their shooting. His brother, Vic-
SWhen today's hand was M played at this meeting. militant tabor leader. tor. was Ihe target of an assas-
pitnships in New ork, a fine Perrone, a wealthy ex-convizt sin's shogun in May 1949 under
E more was made by Constantine South to ruff. South led a trump who lives in the fancy suburb of similar circumstances. He lost
l tais and Ivan Wichfeld on the to dummy's ace knowing that East Grosse Pointe, has disappeared. the slbht of .one eye.
i orth South cards, Before I tell was bour. to hold the king and His son-in-law was arrested :n If Walter Reuther had any
te story of the hand, however, I jack and that therefore no finesse his fashionable home in the suspicion* about his attackers,
must call attention to the way that would work. Declarer was reward- sqme suburb yesterday morning, they were never made public. In
this partnership was arranged .to ed when East dropped the jack. He was released on $25,000 bond. Atlantic City, today, he said on-
show how important bridge tour- Care was still necessary. Platsis He said he "didn't even know ly, "Any information must come
S laments are to real enthusiasts. led the queen of hearts from dum- Walter Reuther." from the police,.
I dropped in to see Platsis at his my to force out the king. He could
a-ice a few cays before the tour- then ruff the diamond return, draw
lament. Just as I came in the trumps with the ten of hearts and
phone rang for him, and the oper- stilL-stay in his own hand to run
ator announced that London was the rest of the tricks with good
calling. It was Wichfeld, calling clubs.
over the transatlantic telephone, to
arrange a bridge date for that Sat-
Now to get back to our hand.
Platsis, holding the Southl hand,
thought long and seriously about sf o
passing two spades around to his
partner. He was sure that North
had long shades, but he was afraid
that the enemy might get away
with a mere one-trick set.
West opened the three of spades
against the final contract of three
hearts, and Platsis naturally fi- aa0 ,
ased dumnmy's jack. East took 2000 speasreem.s-
1 g1e of spades, cashed the ace 'L
a diamonds, iand led another dia- li l In e "IrJa
nond to the king. Declare k\now .
a d to find out how to pla the .qVl'qSl Wilh *Tuvislen
v leading clubs. thst_
West took the ace of clubs on th LL TO ...OP............ .....
second round of that suit, thus giv- .S. POT AU
g Platsis the information- he was TO COLOMBIA ECUAD9R, PERU & CHILE
king for. It was clear that West 7th AVs .S. TROARN ..................................January h
ad the ace of clubs anthehe queen at S.S. PORT E N $ESSIN .........................January 1th
f spades. East needed every one
t missing high cards for his ON TII[$ $Stial RAI10 i Y To CENTRAL AMERICA & WEST COAST U.S.A.
pe bi ans d his eventual aI Ca ble A d rg h' M .S. W YO M IN G -........ .... ......... .... anuary 24th
6n VW f-oef.clubs S.S. LIBERTE A. a.................. e t, t

* -.,

SNoHe all .ew Ball-Joint Front

msptob on the 1954 Ford

Colpan Motors Inc. '

on Saturday, January 9

S CBRI WELKIN. Planeteei


On the oose

SS COLOMBIE .. ............... ............... January 1]th
Weekly Fast Cargo Service Between Crtll6bal, Balboa & Wet Coast
of U. S. & Canada.
Aciepting Faunfaeri
For All Informatlon, Pease Call
Crist6bal: FRENCH LINE, P.O. Box 5015 Tel. S-47S & 1818
Panam6: LINDO & MADURO, B. A. Box 1038
Tel. Paumai 3-1683 -1I.1

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'rCKL. AND 1 B IL 45i


In a Cloud

'No Meat on Menu

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I I E m m. u 4 'R I 5006 WU a...DO wii
I I mui'rmf HT. IOWmIepaTj
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I m1 THCA .,W .

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51 M3RRLL UlW* .
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What Goes?

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Vic2 FUN

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Ask Pop e Knows

t3 ? .iA NEWV.

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P: 11114i- BUN

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CL=.c. Riew mm.R'.s

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Too Good



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TMAV GKF."E .-hl N %M AM 194
VTW M %A NO~I^ --- W-W!
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;J "I A ,

1 ~Mbes UIt'e t

."o .A-

ofr 'VOf erln

Is,5 uliirs. Anita tvievof a laud, was a ad by ushers, Mr
l 9M, lw Jersey amd Oze late William Vernice and Lieutenani
!.eyl, W soden. Jm C is.

da eve 't 7:30 At a held I the Ca

i.of, An- thedral aedlately fol
Ga Wllim Ne
le;'s.Ant a tel of ot land, was a era, Mr..
lo Jersey Ik Oe late William a'nc and Lisatenani
Mel p Reylg, weg galeimn. Janries Curtis..
t .' : d a tedug ,at7:3D Ae ara in held I te a-o
l lowing the ceremony. Mrs. Fritz
doue MrDag cereinaony was mother of the bride, greeted guests
ae O Reren in a flpor length gpwn of royri
it a sted by the blue crepe accented Wilbeadworki
Raymand T. Per- embroiderv. Her acestdries were
7 of dpsty pink and he wore a waist
k rit ienney, organist, pre- corsage of gardenias. r
W arhofselected hnup- Mrs. Reyle, mother of the groom
k finloetTune"' by P&. who Is visiting on the Isthmus for
e,"0 Perfect Lov'e" several days from her home In the
by: tiecsPional'fALovgr' United States, wore an orchid taf
(Wa er"Music) by Ran fat .gn and matching access
Brthh Appears The ies. Her corsage was a pale
lB ApUpHowA er mauve orchid.
ofr ; Ho Guests were received before a
te.Nuptial jd-P, background screen entwined with
t 'ique"l, 'n myrtle and white bougainvilela.
lto h eral nLarge baskets of white gladioli,
a rea aeelfloor candelabrum a apanthus and calla lilies were
Har a lwhioe kpers l hted the paced at effective Intervals.
Cathedalfir the ceremony. 'Mhe The buffet table was centered
altar held large staindng baskets with a three tiered wd^ing cake
of white agapanthus and Madonna topped with a miniature bride and
lilies, and three branched cande- bridegroom, around which was a
labrtum were ppeed at new a floral arrangement of gardenias.
altnataly with .bouquets Mrs, Willian Penichb was in
ilies. -charge of the bride's baok; Mrs.
Susan Boles served the wedding
ft(ed and gives in marriage cake- and Mrs. James Curtis serv-
ber father the bride wore a ed punch.
aufth gown of white slipper For her oinig away ensemble
Aidagoti qy lace. The fitted the bride cbpse a nahy blue linen
Ibdiee Was te*d with Chan.- suit, withr- w she wore a white
eai oped at th necltne and blouse and red and white accesso-
e to a yee at the waislne over ries. Her corsage was-of baby gar-
te-satn the ong tight sleeves dens.
t W its over her hands, Following a wedding trip by
a the at satin skirt ended iplne to rranquilla. Colombia
train. 'Her fingertip and, to Jamaica Lieutenant and
tof silk nylon ilusion Mrds. Reyle will make their home
AtAicbed. to a tiny halo-cap. t 421 North Thomas Street, Ar-
a white prayer book ungton Virginia, where they will
wh white orchids and gar- be at home to thel& friends after
,tied with white satin J :anuar 16.
8 adrAers The bride Is a graduate of the
The bride's only attendant, Miss Balboa High School, the Canal
W Elaine Lombard, served as maid Zone Junior College and graduated
i *"** "* '' .- _



7Iyoulove that



E J- : ^nz gooks are proud
> their skiUa: They
^9P'T^^00k Ia.^ H" Heing s Jf ^il~EL':^ -4M the sam patient
*^^'Jsj^.-amB ^tba restes ihatl
urwl homemade flavor.
and gednm) lin Heinz
Vegetable Setf a
choice vaiety of deli-
c iou, .ciculmnt, garden-fresh vegetables an,
*" i t^opgdi tj riclbroth until the ai timpt-
in* y4dir and the flavors perfect-
Ot Thin'mI ecamy in Heinz Vgefable 0oupi,
too...ire anounring mellnitnelf...with all the
lmsuosy $Oor aoWoud in-ruedy for you to enjoy!


'' -f l~ -** *

~a~s w m~ '~

4 -~..- -- .- -' v

from Smith teto fafbr,"IMP.
ton. *is in she Is
Iye seuay pl y e -
to e in W Nsia

an A2 an
sevig witfthe! f-Ar
Force, stationed
l. C.-
Wishtrs Prem
Mrs. PJ F. Ka .wp, pn.
aald byjr der ,
arrived Monday .pla aOM
their home in. San. eo, Cfo
nia for an extended vist with her
husband's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Paul F. Karst of lalboa.

C.^ai I M 01 7&i 1 $11
ffM4cj-? .*. c.-1" *- ;- .

Coctall Party hood wanted to le to sew, but
Aboard "ShffeM"- that their mothers were too busy
Corimodore K. M. Campbell. to teach them. That's how the
Walter and Commander R. M. W. youngest sewing circle in town was
MacFarlane were hosts for a cock- started with its patient teacher
tail party held Tuesdey eveang the nice lady who always had time
aboard R. M. S. "Sheffield" Piet- for children.
ently docket at Naval Station,
Rodman. Mothers Foand They' Oald
Guests included dignitaries of Leara Fror. .er
the Canal Zone, the. Republic of
Panama and the British commun. The children's mothers found out
ity resident in Panama. they could- learn from the nice
lady, too. For she seemed to hi-ve
Peera-Montuna Classes a greener thumb than any of her
Changed .- younger neighbors and was as sen
Classes in sewing instruction of eros with sharing her flowers as
native costumes of polera antu- h sharing her cookies.
and monitpno which have been ,
eld each Wednesday evening will And every once In i while,when
now be held o= Tuesday evenings a mother got in a jam and neededd
at 7:30 at the USO-JWB Armed someone to stay ath her ldren
Forces Service Center, La Boca wh&e she ran an errand, the nme"
Road. Mrs. Harry Taylor is the lady seemed plead to be asked
instructress for these classes. to help out.
I.A.W.C. Meets So in a short time the nice lady
With Mrs. Munroe has become a re ut of her
The Bella Vista Children's Home neighborhood likdelird and
Committee of the. Inter American needed.
Women's Club met this morning at
the home of Mrs. Frank Munroe No older woman nee to feel
to discuss plans for a benefit to one and loely, even in a neigh
be held January 26 at the Fort borhood of young coupes, if she
Amador Army-Navy Club. will look about her and see all the
possibilities for making friends and
Installation Of New Officers making herself useful.
Orchid Chapte* No. 1, 0. E. S.
held their annual Installation of Thelonely older womeR are the
SOfficers in the Scottish lit e Tem. ones who think, "Nobody ever does
pie, Balboa, on Saturday cve g ing for me" not the ones
The Installing officers were; : who asY themselves "What can
the Reif, Elsa L. Bailey, P. M., I dir for somebody else?"
Maurice A. 7ewinkeil. Clara I. -
Neville, P. M., Kathaleen Priest, Martha Reif, Outgoing Worthy Ma-
Ella Lombrola, P. M. Dorothy tron, then introduced the Pro-tem
Hamlin. P. M., Lucille E. Smith. officers for 1954. They include Wor-
and Margaret Wright. thy Matron, Louise Sorrell:; Wor-
Mr. Robert Schultz, the guest thy Patron, James C. Kennedy;
soloist, sang "The Lord's Prayer" Associate Matron, Ella Lombrois,
after the invocation had been giv- Associate Patron, Nolan Bissell,
en at the altar by the Chaplain. P. P., Secretary. Gladys B. Ken-
Mrs. Elsa Bailey installed Miss nedy; Treasurer, Louise E. Bar-
Mary N. Orr into her station of nes; Conductress, Els;. L. Bailey;
Worthy Matron. Miss Orr was Associate Conductress, Martha E.
presented a bouquet of red carna-- Reif; I. M.; Cha lain, Edna E.
Lions from her parents by her lit- Knapp; Marshal Hazel I. Blades;
tle nephew, Freddie Wells. Mrs. Organist Betty E. Yudine, Adah,
Lucille Smith sang "My Task" be- Norma Iilliamson; Ruth. Eliaz-
fore the new Worthy Matron was beth Zfrkma.; Esther, Lillian C.
conducted to station in ogs Martha, Charlotte S. Cag-
East. .'eyleta Ruth D. Danael; War-
Mr. Clarimie JAt .was instal- der'L aM. Esler; Sentinel. Dew-
ed as Wort by the out- ey F. Wright
oin, Pa M1 pMagrice Tewin-
-The office IMata ofl theonrchapt-
ssociate, Motioi. kise ersg ftielIsthmufw'Mrs CJara'
orrel; Asociate Patron, James CamberW rthy Matron of Roy-
C;. JX#6edj, Sedretary, M a r y al Palm Chapter No. 2 Cristobal;
Belle Hicks: Treasurer, Claire E. Mr. Harold Chambers, Worthy Pa-
Ogden; Conductress, L e a h W. tron of Royal Palni Chapter No,,
Greene; Associate Conductress,' 2 Cristobal; Mrs. Nellree Smith,
Louise R. Bissell: Chaplain. Har- Worthy Matron' of Coral Chapter
riet Tewinkel, Marshal, Lillian F. No. Z, Gatun) Mrs. Charlotte Dai.
Ryan: Organist. Consuelo H. Ma- ley, Worthy Matro n, and Mr.
duro; Adah 'Irene S. Walling; Charles Hammond, Worthy Patron
Ruth, M. Zell Adams: Esther, of Fern Leaf Chapter No. 4, Pe-
Kathaleen Pritt; Martha, Marion dro Miguel; and Mrs. Melba Fox,
.0. Wells;: ,lea. Mildred N. Web- Retiring Worthy Matron of Fern
ster: Warer Dorothy L. ]icks; Leaf Chapter No. 4, Pedro Miguel.
Sentinel, James L. Hodges. The newly installed officers were
Following Installation of t h e the guest* of honor at a reception
above officers Mrs. Mar g a r e I held in the banquet hail of the
Wright sang "I Believe." Mrs. Temple following the installation.

tutterfly pictures ...... 5,25
Picture frames 8x10 ... 1.95
WalNirrors ..... 5.
Photo & Scrap albums. L50
Eaton itationery ....... 1.50
Plastic tissue dispenser.. 1.50

Gold orchids :......,....99.50
Salt & pepper shakers .. at
ZIppo Lighters .........from
Leather biols .
.. ...............
Artificial flowers .. n



AIn&ouces Jao Mr&

Afr Mncs.Arilyn' Moroe'

no ., etati^-made up
matly of young leading
usy lves.
- But t1 a year's 1t0i she has
bect me one e*:*a. =st important
persons in the ilberbood.
Right awan li" vade friends
with the children who promptly
told their parents -4bot the nice
lady down the street who always
had time to talk to ism and usu-
aly invited them in hor a cookie.
It wasn't long before the "nice
lady" had discovered that several
of the little girls In'tlhe neighbor-

Radio Programs

Your Community Station
Where 100.000 Peole Mew


Today, Thursday, Jan. T
3:15-The Little Show
3:30-Music for Thursday
4:00-Rain Check Performanme
4:30--What's Your Favorite
5:35-Wnat's Your Favorite
6:00-French In the Air (RDF1
6:30-The Bell Telephone Hour
7:00-Take It From Here (BBC
New Year feature)
7:30-Report fropi tbhe U; 8. A.
8.006--The Platter Parade
IOC-Pithno playhouse (VOA)
8:304-Over to You (BBC New
Year edition)
10:00-ToWny Nihes and hip
10:15-The Owl'r .est
10:30-Carblegle Hail VOA)
1:00 a.m.-News Sign Off
Tenmorow, Friday, Japn. 5
f6:00.-.e On The Alarm
Clock Club,
7:08-The Alarm -Clock Club
((ontd.) '
7;:3.-The M3ornlnt Salon Con-
gort !- I
8:15-Miornin Varieties
9:15-B.'njour Meadames (RDF)
9:30-As I See It
10:05-Off the Record
11: 00-News
11:G5--Off the Record (contd.)
11:30-Meet the Band
12:05-Lu cheon Music
l2:SN-P.ulaB eMusic '
1:15-Personality Parade
1:45-L'ano. and Abner
2:00-R;;ythm and Reason
2.15-Songs of France (RDF>
2:30-Aiternoon Melodies
2:45-Battle of the Bands
3:00-The All Star Concert Hall
3:15-Tne Little Show
3:30-Music for Friday
4:00-Rain Check Performance
4:30-What's Your Favorite
5:30,-N,.ws .
6535-What's Your -ravorite
6:00--Tiie American Bookshelf

does not have a finished script
on the picture and I want to see
it .before I report to work.
"There Is absolutely no foun-
dation to those marriage ru-
The marriage report blossom-
ed because of what pordeap said
was merely a coincidence.
A pal of DiMaggio's was In Las
Vegas at the same time Marilyn
was suspended for not showing
up for work at 20th Centru Fox
studio. She and Joe momentarily
vanished from the San Francis-
co home of his sister where
they'd been vacationing.

"People saw Joe's friend In
Las Vegas and apparently as-
sumed he was there to make
wedding arrangements," the a-
gent explained.
Hotel El Randho Vegas owner
Beldan Kattleman, however, said
some Las Vegans made plans for
the ceremony At his hotel and
told him It was on orders from
DiMagglo's pal, who was to be
best man.
Joe's friend, New York ticket
broker Georgie Solotalre. flew to
Los Angeles today to mourn that
"this happens every time I go
any place."
"When I visited Joe and Mari-
lyn on her set In Canada every-
body thought, well, this is it."
said Solotaire, a Broadway wit
and character famed in show
business circles.
"Every place I went in Las
Vegas people asked about Joe
and Marilyn and I kept telling
'am, there are no plans, no
He Insisted he hadn't promis-
ed La.s Vegans he'd stage any'
4arilyn's agent said she had
not been answering hfr nhone in
San Franfcisco because of her tiff
with tho studio.
Hei ,p-star, Frank Sinatra.
reported to the studio for ure-
recording sessions but. minus
Marilyn, had to sing solos.
Joe-and the curvy' blonde have
been 'keeplna steady comoanv
for nearly two years. Half of
their friends believe "they'll
r.ever get married." One-fourth
insist they're already secretly
married and the other fourth
predict a wedding any day,
6:30--awall Calls
7:000-Lwell Thomas
7:15-Radio Varieties. U.S.A.
7:00-Report from th U.S.A.
(70Ai I
8:00-Thp Platter Parade
8:30-The Bing Croaby Show
9.00-The Devil To Pay (BBCC
9:30-Your Plaihouse of Favor-
10:00-Music of Donald Vorhees
1I:30-AAdcventures of PC 49
11:00-The Owls Nest
1:00 a.m.-News Sign Off.
Explanation of Symbols
BBC-British Broa d c as t ing
RDF-Radlodiffusion Francalse
VOA-Voice of America








\ >" g" "i"!



at s .

Marilyn Monroe solved the. mys-
tery of her disappearance todaI
- she announced she's just mad
at her studio and has no pians
to marry baseball great Joe Di-
Hollywood's favorite blonde, it
turned out, has been in seclu-
siaon in San Francisco and "Irve
never been so harassed in my
life." she told her agent here,
Jack Gordean. by telephone.
"Everyone's making such a
fusse," Gordean quoted her as
saying. "It's just that the studio

"The loveliest cream

I know"
says the Marquise do Lbvis Mirpeoix

It's like a magic passport! The
happy confidence that comes
from knowing you look your
best brings you an extra charm-
-attracts others on sight.
For your pretiest face-use
this famous cream that so many
of the world's loveliest women
rely on. This i the'way:


how quick


* -.3. .

t .

manse-swirl Pond's Cold
Iall over your lace and '
Tissue of well. -
. quickly with mm "rkin.
Pond's Cold Creami
of lightly. o
and night-do this- re
Pond's treatment. See
kly your skin respond


Costs Less To Sell
a House This Wa 1,
Ya wen fS.,, v m -s'
youwbegfjlm. Mw&Imtvp
1w 960 Owmemi


Sun glasses ............
Books ....... ..........
PlaylIgs cards..........
Dominoes .............

Boxed chocolate .....
Tablefamnps ...........
Flower potsu...........

China figurines .

I. .


from.. W ;,



0.. 0.07
redry" 024

.. 5.1k...

S -* a j

a&At^' Q^M^
-lovely member atonm of the
mon distinguished families of
France. "My beauty care be.
ginas with Pond's," she says.

F,' *" .




open from

8:30 a.m. thru 9:00 p.m.

These are jusi a low
of the terrific

youH ftiid

Modem costume jew

Sheaffer Pens...less 56% dlscout.

foys gamess at drTaica lyrd dp

Camera supplies almost giveo ay.


Sorry, N exchange, no gift wrapping.- Cash Sales, only- (Opposite the Ac
***ite MMMUlB^i^ M^WIMml--ilIhIa---k

~_I ~ ~I__1__ ~1_ ~_____~1_~11___ ____ ____

- -----.


__ _~___ _~ ---- I I ------ -- -




.- t-.L -- j.

J I .

am am M= sm




7. Street No 13
uIato Aroamiens Ave. and 33 StL
B Street No. 26

Central Ave. 149
No. 3 Loiterv Plaza
rourit ol July Ave.

U Bl.St t MA6 K7

SALE:-Must sacrifice, mahog-
y livingroom set, like new, rea-
oble offer accepted. Albrook
47. Colle Dorien 5. Apt. 3.
SALE:-New baby crib and mat-
$30.00; 3 folding steel beds
mattresses, $15.00 each
406-B, Tivoli Avenue, An-

SALE:-Mahogany ding table,
chairs, $40. Telephone Balboa
after 5 p. m House 765,
16, Balboa.
LE: Furniture of 5 room
complete. Tappan Ga s
ange with regulator. Fringidaire.
iD.iningroom set, I steel bedroom
A set, mahogany bedroom set. Wick-
er Livingroom set. Pictures. mir-
I, rra, etc. All for $600.00 cash or
-will sell separate. Can be seen
SI daily after 5 p m. 825, 13th St.
i lose to Airport Road.
FDR. SALE: Refrigerators 25 Cy.
*Westinghouse with freeze chest,
7.5 cu ft. 2 yr. guarantee $180.-
.00; Cfosley Shelvodor 7.5 cu. ft.
,good condition. $90.00. Bar ma-
Shogany red leather front, 4 Rattan
i .taols, $90.00. Beautiful mahog..
a- *ny dining set. 6 choirs. China
..ccbJnet and sideboard $325.00.
Il. 3267. Rodmon.__
R SALE:--Child's crib with mot-
ass $10.00; two upholstered liv-
I.'! room chairs at $30.00 each
'Oth Street No. 30, upstairs. Tel
OR SALE .-Tappan 4 burner steve
with installation and Ro:k Gas tank
Sj.igidaire refrigerator. Bedroom set.
B iTelephone 3-3378

. <(ttunuinued from Page 1)
rents Commissary prices, a.
prtain other benefits.
*,. "The net effect of measdi
.-ble compensation changes, i
iesh and kind." the repo
tated, "has been decided
S.dladvantageous to the Zor
worked as compared wit
workers in the States."
support this stateme
t t wereresented wh:
That Zone employees'
bhas Icreased inly 2
rom 1946-1853, as co
d a 55 per cent 1norea
: rents have i
82,6 eent in the Zo:
with -f 4-1per cent
; food prices 55.7 1
compared with 43.1
1:7; And the Income T
S100 r cent
or Zo workers, as co
ithonly 11 eer cent
eto mployea
f"lurinag tle course of the
S 1ra compensation survey,
;0t Btlng firm made faqt
.Anmparlaons of various cornm
iJ-tlon factors of Panama Cni
is with those in oth
ment agencies of t
V and1 with privatee busin
on the Isthmus. In V
grity of the categories. t
q=ldeplloyes were found
ye le* compensation adva
-than any private busine
in man, o; the category
other Govex nmen- agency
In conelidin.' the retort
.M phase of the study the ci
tants listed the following
L, 'oluslons:
411) Conditions of work in t
*1 Zone lustifv extra co
aution for Canal Zone e
QpupensatLlon heasbeen.
ftl*I in the Canal Zone
ars and has now teai
point where emnolyess
ed and are leaving
numbers. And,
-) Canal Zone compensate
Wst com oetitive with comp
paid elsewhere, either
te,industrv or In gove

unk In Despair
m RLW RUKBE. Wis., Jan. 7
]-'Prank E. Gregoraki u
HHl*n 'v yesterday to t
Sexe, time he quar
ail sweetheart.
nsluspended a re
ehar re against K
Domnaeslask. 20, who i
8i 0 upset about a a
girl friend that he dx
into Lake Michigan un
oft ate.,

I. Vol
hilac. ap

FOR SALE:-4947 Ford 8 Station
Wagon. Good condition. Duty paid.
$350.00. 83-3222 87-5105.
FOR SALE:-1952 Studebaker Comr-
mander State, all extras, perfect
condition. Will accept English car
cs trade in. Albrook 2126.
FOR SALE:-1953 Mercury H. T.
Coupe, Merc-o-Matic. radio, leath-
er. many other extras. 5711-B,
Diablo. Phone Balboa 2675.
FOR SALE:-1952 Buick Dynoflow.
4-door sedan, leather upholstery.
one year old, like new, can be
Finance, reason, leaving country.
2nd street, house 210, Los Cum-
bres, Tel. 2020.
FOR SALE: 1953 Chevrolet lour
door De Luxe. Radio complete ac-
cessories. Price $1,550.00. Phone
Fa. Kobbe. 84-2187.
FOR SALE:-Must sell this week.
49 Mercury Tudor, radio. seat
covers, fog lights. Phone Albrook
C224. for details. ____
FOR .SALE:-1950 Pontocc Cotahna.
very good condition. $1.045 00.
220-D Rodman. Phone 3267.
FOR SALE:-Or trade, 1947 Olds-
hioblle Fordor, clean, hvd'amrnic,
leaving soon. Albrook 86-72223.
Mot cyele
FOR SALE.-22 H.P. Johnson cut-
board motor with clals C ro-ieg
runabout. Call Cristobal 1569 from
4 to 10 p. m.
FOR SALE:-12 ft. Sailboat. Excel-
len' condition. fuly equipped. "5i1-
able for outboard motor, $100
Call Fort Clayton 2236 after 5.00
p. m.

Agenela Internal de PubHleadones FARMACIA ESTADOS UtIDOB
45 Central Ave. No.4 TvoU Ave
Paraue Lefewe T ,te s50 strwt No. 53 i
160 Central Ave. J. Fco. die Is Ossi Ave. No. 41
Via hImfla No.34

For your birthdays, receptions, and
anniversary parties. Soft music, swing.
romantic, latin and Dixieland Jazz
At just the right tempos. Zez Ben-
nett s Society Swingsters. Tel. 2-
1282. Panama.

You can have built on )our lot, a
fine concrclte structure of 2 bed-
rooms upon concrete columns,
from $5.200.00 to $6,500.00. For
detoil, call 3-2489.

FOR SALE- Craig SR. 16 mm.
V>ewer-splicer. 2000' reminds. Like
new. Cost $97. sell $40. Call Sun-
day afternoon or Monday. Panama
FOR SALE:-Six weeks old, black
Cocker Sponiels at reasonable price
Call 3-2436.
fOR SALE:-Ford V-8 Customllne
Tudor Sedan. two tone blue. WSW.
alrectionol lights. vinvl upholstery.
11.000 miles, original owner. Also
mohcgany %encer dirngroom set.
consi!tinq of a table. six chairs
and buffet. Call 87-2203 during
duty hours, 828-3076 after duty
FOR SALE--Lorge crib with Kant
Wet mattress Phone Navy 2262.
FCR SALE Baby's bed 719-B, El
Prado. Eolboo. Minor repairs.

NEW YEAR right by learning
Ball-oom dancing. Take advantage
of cur low price $10.00 for a
3 months course. Repistration: Ja-
nuary 7 and 8. 5:30 to 7:00 p
m. Saturday morning. January 9.
9 00 a m to 12 roon Balboa,

SReal Estate 'Blank Check'

i1rt Soending Again
ly For Sale; "Villa Astrid," El
Ie Vall.; this spic and span, Under Probe
b comfortable recreattio n
property enatste of laid- WASHINGTON, Jan. 7 ( ---
sa=d apd. aim.pletebl. A second House investigalibn
ent fu ished two bedroom was under way today into -r-
tio Tbunnwow..h, 2i o _Me 0.O. ports lunketli congressen
Call:. O e& Cmpapy. 8"4 TeB a ama, 5th heck" foreign currency, in d-
m- edition to travel funds apprcri
'a.s by this government, "ot over s
,. ,, trips las* summer andr.aln.j
S' The legislators are .noq raeq r-
p t Re r "d utnd" et. law "to mike any his
Re county p of how they spend this
. (Woutinned from Part1) ;o-cal]ed "-counterpanr" nonev_-
ax on ed from local curencv nut up bv ore ,a
in- had voted to recommend 'that governments to match dollar aid
W. h pital and medical care bene- iromi this country.
c fit be cotiued in accordanc
with >tha wLeLq Congressiona
ex ctivKnow Thyo the, iina- w Neighbor
the foc hoepl iton VW ofe .11inIand
Us] meiflctl ,'wHib' %1 effect ,L ',
e..- Jan. 1, 1964. Seybold said the Pamn
nl board thought it not advisable'
bhr "to tell Congress a law la wrong." MEMPRIS, Tenn. (U.P.)-Some
hAi He added that requiring some 450 Dcr.-of3s were invited to a par-
ess payment for medical care is a ty because Bob Martin couldn't
the yorld-wlde policy adopted by place the man who looked so fa-
th: o United States in its over- mllar.
to sea: operations. Martin ran into one of those
n. A newsman asked the govern- face is familiar but situations
es-, or "Is it possible that some while d'v'n*own with his wife. He
eas, member of the GAO staff might couldn't introduce the man who
tes. not be so happy rbout his? spotrm so nleas'tly because he
on The Governor, znd everybody couldn't place him or remember
on. else grinned: hio me,
n.a TThe situation was resolved when
"I think that's an apt ques- I'artin met the man the next
tlon," he parried. morning in the building where both
the The Governor also thanked wor". He was A. H. Boshwit, anI
m-I civic and ,-nion leaders for their elevator acqu..intance one of
m. help on the report those persons you see day after
Walter Wagner president of .day and with whom you make po-
- CLU-MTC unions, said that lit small talk but seldom kno
f id orga lation wanted to ey got' discussing the rob-
.c d al io'irob t their coope-.le and decided that people in
are ration, office buildings ought to get better
In .Later.. soie of those present. everybody n th bu M iding gested
expressed themselves as par r at ybod inic. he building getked
ticularly happy about the state- n oe ,with others in the
ion mert ina Johnson's letter w'hc and met with enthusiastic
en- transmission which said: seo ton
r n "The study demonstrates Nearly everyone in the building
r- dearly that not only should the turned out for the ri-.' and
present salary ditrerential over bpr ., thlir families.
U.S. base wages be retained but "I hope it .preads to other build.
i that additional comp- natiosn or tt." said Boshwit. "We drn't
offsetting benefits are required er want our town to get too big
Sto be retained and added in ot- be be neiIhborly."
lip der to' Secure for the Company Ge
and rerItIng position n the Shop Thief Gets
renaret anid'a stabilized efficient r
Nk e w kfforce." '.75-30 In CZ Jail
en- "* or stealing a pair of shoe
saad You Think You've tirom a storeroom under a Bal-
pat hea dwelling. a 21-year-old Pan-
rove" IOt. Debts? anamrantan was sentenced this
2der C t tDUebts? morning in the Balboa Magis-
I trate's Court to spend 30 days in

- The government was $9.060. -The defendant. Juan Gonza-
M04,M48.80 n the red when the -z. was a.o fined $25 for the
S 7W Mr came in official fig. petty l thce s. ( w $.
MuOwed today. stoe the shoes (worth $81
Ian. -1 marked the half-wa.y ch belonged to Charles Bar-
int in fiscal 1954 and f m the storeroom under
Several deficit about thousi -A Balboa. Gonzalet
da efmi tabnU t hM hsI had six previous petty lar-
aln been midway thrsm h afit h ny cenvictionsa. and several
throughh =- their arrests dating back to
flWding In the firt six when he waA 18 years old.
nth of't e t f S-
p W... Deep Freeze

O Ill., Jan.
der. 17. and
wrfcd for two
deer frozen in
I Rivw.
I to nlve the
I1 ualration,
w* not only,

Gramlich Santa Clara Beach cottages,
electric refrigeration, gqs stoves.
moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or
4.567. ,
Foster's Cottages. One mile post
Santa Clqro. Please bring your
linens. Phone t"lboo 2-1866.
WILLIAMS' Santc Clara beach Cot-j
togaes. Large. comfortable, modern.
near beach. Balboa 3050 except ;
weekends. '
Phillips. Oceanside cottages. Santo
Clara. Box 435. Balboa. Phone
Penesf 3.1877. Cristobal '-1673.
Houses on beach, Santo Clara. Also
in COOL Campons mountains.
Phone SHRAPNEL. Balboao 1389
or see corMtalket other .

FOR RENT: Unfurnished ground"
floor of residence. 2 bedrooms and
servants room with garden in best'
residential district. B.130 monthly
46 Street No. 22. Phone 2-0436,
before 9 a. m.

FOR RENT:-Modern chalet, three,
3-5293, from 10 a. m. to 4:00
p. m. r
FOR RENT: For 3 months only
Well furnished house with washing
machine, refrigerator with freezer,
2 bedrooms. 48th street No. 1 I.
Telephone 3-0081 for informa-
FOR RENT:-Furnished residence 4
bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, livrngroom,
diningroom, porch. 2 garages,
maid's room, kitchen, hot water.
No. 25. 44th street. Telephone 3-


ATTENTION G. 1. Just built modern
furnishd apartment. one, ft w
bedrooms, hot. cold water. Tel-
epban, Panama 3-4941. _
FOR RENT:-Modem apartment, 2
bedroom, living-diningroom. hot
water, 5 closets, garage. Justo Aro-
.dmena 97, top floor.
FOR RENT:-Completely furnished
apartment neor Hotel El Panama,
with garage. 'Telephone Panama 3-
1099 or 3-4347.

FOR RENT --Begipnkn RruoW, lpit
for three months tw6 bedroom
apartment, completely furnished.
40th Street No. 13. Apt. 3, Bella
Vista. Information TeL 3-1251.
FOR RENT:-Two bedroom apart-
merit with private service and gar-
age. 15th Street San Francisco No.
FOR RENT:-One bedroom apart-
ment. hot water. Second street.
Perry Hill No. 11. Telephone 3-
OR RENT: For $60.00, furnished
small apartment, military inspect-
ed. Via Porras No 99.
FOR RENT-New one-bedroom apart-
ment overlooking hotel El Panama
gardens. Apply Foto Halcon in
"El Congrejo." Telephone 3-2707
Or 3-1179.
FOR RENT:-Very pretty furn .hed
apartment, gas, Frigidoaire. telephone
Via Espaho, house before Juan


FOR RENT Furnilshed room with
private entrance and private both-
room. Modern conveniences. 43rd
street No. 13, Bello Vista.
FOR ENT: Big comfortable bed-
rooms with bath and kitchen privi-
lege both and kitchen privilege
Calle 45 No. 32.



Just Received



279 Central Ave. TeL 3-140

Learn Ballroom Danci

lauo211. Rumba.
Saibl s. Tango,

Foxtrot. Waltz.
Studio Balboa
4-891 2-21319

12 and 2- p.m.
Saturday: 121a
6 ,erI AvmVe TeOl-lM
II block froan Lua Thealre>

Packers. Shippers, Moar.
Taller Traqsportm Baiaxr
Expert Mecnanic in ltra-
matic and Hydramatic Tlins,
mismitn offers his prpfesia'
service. .

Repais.' installation of
stoves. wt.4., heqters. io '
General Supervisor.'
Tels.: 2-8$ -v 2-,4

* Selected British & Amarica units
SSpeciel demonstration facilities
a Cabinet te your ipecificetions
(Panama's Hi-F Center)
Calle 45 No. 3 Tel. 3-1285

f--*v 1 Wlnah

WASHINGTON (U.P.)-Plastics
are replacing metals to an increas-
ing degree in the economy-minded
U. S. army.
Substitutes for steel, aluminum,
wood, and leather are more dura-
ble and weigh less than items they
replace, and they save materials
which become critical in wartime.
They also have high resistance to
rot and corrosion.
The Army's plastic items include
cups, bowls, tumblers and five- "
compartment mess trays, all
daily in messhals. The plasti -
bleware is virtually non-b~ra
and much lighter ,th n Me-
p.ed, Foo4~so st4a t
wirwere anti meti t
Placed. Fo' also Ryo.,$
longer in plaStic count ierftw
The Signal Corps ha) fou
tic radio antennae li iter a
cheaper than the steel orh
used. It also uses plastic tele o
hand sets on "handy talk" ,a '
"walkie talkie" radios and p s
jackets to cover rubber insul o -
on wire and cable.
During the Korean fighting, tJ .
Ordn. nce Crops adopted a land
mine weighing four and one-half
ounces. It Is small enough to be
carried in the palm of the hand
but powerful enough to blow off
the foot of anyone who steps on
it. The case is made of a glass
fiber-reinforced plastic. It contains
slightly more than one ounce of
high explosive tetryl.

Its cost of $2.50 comoares With
Sr $13 paid during World War II for
,Ro in VIrleU Its nine-pound predecessor but in
flc ts just as much damage as the
WaC Mau TOla I heavy, mine. Being non-metallic,
I it cannot be located by a nine de-
; -: T tector.
e-..AiUjDQG, Mass. (U.P' Other plastic items currently tn-
Sald ufi of *W-year-old concrete dergoing tests in Army research
I--4 in serviceable condition--re- laboratories are assault boats
covered from an ancient sub-. weighing between 200 and 300
merged Roman wharf, have been pounds and capable of carrying 15
brought here by Henry L. Ken. men, pontoons for floating bridges,
nedy, president of the American and plastic lockers to replace foot
Concrete Institute, for examination lockers used in soldiers' barracks
at local laboratories. and the locker trunks used for
4 .shipping their equipment.
Belleved to bet he oldest known T
we P. ca hedrau'e concrete 'Cobra Man' To Be
S wee taken ht At Elks Club
unde WairSt h

~'s S ~under water, t1Oe
sf W e taken from piers
ts-pported a large wharf
in ths Pozzuoll, Italy, near
Mt, vesuv Th. The wharf wag built
daf the ritgn o: Caligula, 12-41
A. D.
Prior ti, discovery of the wharf.
it was believed the mocieqts had
not learned how to make hydraulic
concrete. Aesording to Italian tech-
nologisit who presented the sam-
ples to Kdlnedy during a'recent
trip thee, engineers dis-
covered t the volcafdl ash from
Mt. Visuvl reacted with lime to
nask. a cement that would harden
under W". i-. I

Dan's 0lemmo a..
Dan's pocket had U s ilVer

FPr some muey
Fbhe a P. &

be wI eIgl
Want At e

1Got a "-o -nw b*% dfulhri


The famous "Cobra-Man." a
Jamaican con tortlis-calypso
singer, will be featUred tomor-
i W night at a dance-show to be
held at the Elks Club on Cen-
tral Avenue.
This will be the Cobra Man's
second appearance on the Paci-
fic aide of the Isthmus. General
admission will be 50 cents.

t regular itibetinf' of the
Knights of columbus will be held
tonight at 7:3I I t *b Lodge
Hall. -
Several Important items oft
buttess will be discussed.

Sound Sleep
NKW TORK. Jan. 7 (UP)-The
Hotel Edlon notified Its guests
today they could order the sound
of steady rainfall if it would help

A Wks:tot i e Mt a record-
= 7e~f lDmuiwoud f

S ,..M.


.. ,LADXERWH. N.C., ,an. 7 (0
-A etra .*"vampire beaet'
with curved and a lust f
blood slppd deep Into the
wamos near here today and
eluded runrter s locked by .r-
ports that the al eaped at
a woman last nightW
The animal, which authorities
believe may be a n outain ion
or anther has killed at least
.eight de*s on farms. in the
swampy low country near here
within a week.
The dops' throats have been
ripoed and their blood drained,
leading ro the attacker being
called a "vrmoire beast" by the
frightened farmers.
Last night the animal attack-
ed a dog within 100 feet of a
Rrou of hunter Earlier In the
evening Mrs. C. E Kinlaw, wfe
of a farmer. reported that she
was "charged" by a gray animal
which lunged at her from the
shadows near her home. She said
she aereamed and ran, and the
animal fled.
Hunters who glimpsed the
beast yeA.erday had described it
,Ps "sleek black" and cat-llkt.
Footprin'ls revealed inch-long
Police Chief Roy Fores said
most doe owners in the area are
keeping their pets locked at
night, end that several local
hunting dogs have whimper.2d
and run away when put on the
setznt of 'the beast.
B. W. Garrett and Joe Gore.
Wilmington. N.C. hunters
brought a pack of fearless Ploai
hounds, famed Western North
Carolina hunting dogs, here L'-*
try to track down the animal.
Fores said one man from thi'
Wilmingi un area said he hiad
seen a black panther In the for-
est near Wilmington about a
year ago, and that forest fir-e
may have driven the beast to-
ward this area. Others believed it
was a w)lf or large wild dog.

Anny Increases

Use Of Plastics


Witt RAL


'I -

WA rc,1

,. 1.








n OEM% M06 60

I -

I __ I










.--" 2'1




S were also made. gpta n
Coia 11 u and .. H. 0 gelke

S.? _atn Ce; Cat a ,ule o
s o Eve year the town of Gatun
"f BnBt ,% 4cthe Iexttxorf u.. hwo me duri song
ea., an s .. r"wer e e m tr
Mt.e C-rA.tma'atnro CiYv, A Wommit-
Mr. ao ssaac iey itifer in Coloh left Wca Se the folowing awards
rim'l .n I -ae-i to retu- to' f -or
tr6 -c~Ts b*tb --Z.. ra d i Mr. Thomn.
.. t as 1AJh1
Mai Ist heri?^ The Qdhtmas Tree
S:- .Captain Bure. We reiat of Gtun
S ad Miss and h torda at
trgBaret it .:-- V .. a5:00 5Lra battle i oouse. *esi.
teeguets ttendang buffet sup- Veatry PlhaD dgstts i remin b their
ar abeard-the H 2 ShciL t Ckadk Eve t s''. ftood,'4I charcoal erg,.and
Te s inced local rel, esty of the C h of Our te U will thachar
dhe who had entert "ined ths of- saviour met at tte Church Tues. coal. the Boy will sell
e i Pln edra apdo hthe e.i~be ght-

Mtr,' aa a.I at l edat Rorh Aea will ybe o
:Sr- Mr. oeay *and for the annual meetng whleh band for safety.

n.dE' Jamakca Inventor Of New Languae

So e ttLeaves RP After Attending Pa ley
ettFrut L,' -t li t
ho"" .'
SFitz Heey nven enty-i" would be lly ex-
Monda Mr.andMarIflc language call- preasedjby the word "'LUB."-
Srett MM a supper I r^t Bl < ^ hiwch ^ he hpsAsked wihy he called his iwven-
and glan. Vaek-guest o het ofof r

ncho i guests o the ev l be accepted as a universal tlon "Panfrlsh," Fitz-Healey ex-
Seechretrned laned that an s from Greek
*I hStnav amaia by to- meaninR "all;" tr Is abbreviated
e aee a a fromth English worad friend-
R andr e1'rAnold C bu ness meetan of the Bah ly;" and Ish Is borrowed fom
Sa children, hve re- World Faith held at Rooseveltr words "anfrlah" deoteo "A
turned to nBluefie!k'. :5rrguat, Hotel. friendly language for all man-
s he torate of St Mark's Shortly before this visit, hi.s ind"
ChurthUthird to Panama. Fitz-HenlIy

S- esos, g r..ievig oR Aier t a the P Ra f e

Mesh; Board of Governors-Mrs. nat of any other existing form eThe symols ae oaraing hwa
tair ,jstjset' Tii aU C.add

oberutt o countin .ni I e odn a toe. toate

lon shows. lta-Ietfeey, who-
asdoes not ea pte aa r
`;013,Zlk s..PVV.-' '- tle'amtbiss nashot datIea;s
toIand Birowillyfer' atendfaeis m t nse woma iat;e

-e -ed 5n ... o

guests.ndhilrnabfever- lt yos e anlP mis 'wahatheiA

the EaAte1i Ir exclaimed, "Yes, W t
& hdepto'th rd tIs-oand Pnpme w-th a goode.cap-
.. Ces fteeewuiding atsMta lat o o t oo."re aill"beran

1:15, 3:12, a 9:01 pi.

' At l (f t
li B e T ,.,

in -'


S---- -- eleseof The Serial:

a ,Laaaza Canal &fleaters -

-(I S 0 x Howard KN. e Day E3GSN
. '-Y*fl'ay Ir" atow H rad.ol WTYOMING"
S I Alab LADD Mut seDAHL
.4s T Desert Le on" Technicoor!
SFrMay Jt ARM' AM IM S AH4lr"

PedroI' MMrdFMM -
STedmTchioloar Frad iIfta TANQauMW'

b' "Woman of TbeNorthCoatry"
-, w,. .. "THE M~IBLUE"
... n wmy I I I A IL A hMl i

Cjat ,i r
, "



An outstanding advantage
claimed for "Panfri-h" is that
"it is easy to teach, easy to learn,
and easy to read and write." StIll
another Is that non-Eftgl~sh
speaking people learning t
would automaticallyy add Eng-
Itsh to their native speech and,
pso, become tri-lingual."
"Spotlight," Jamaica's most
widely-read magazine, recently
reported that "Fitz-Henley, 55,
has a background of varied ex-
perience: newspaper reporter,
translator, court stenographer,
private school headmaster. His
experience In languages, apha-
bets, color music adphonetics,
were first developed as a hobby.
Now that he .4*a retired from
his official iost as- senior short-
hand writer to the Jamaica
Court of Appeal they have be
come his major interest." -

Thewornopn who turns her non
up ot otherpeoe usually has a
husband who has to keep his on
. th grindstone. *

J "'<-

e Screen Tes hope orJie-happY Toby's vesio of the
Jack Caripn' situation comedy plot.
televsio' .res "Here Comes But he tells t story this way:
Calo ." The uii reel filmed last "There's a real square named
Septea"er went oa t helf when Dirty Freddie cutting around. He
NCrad out f time slots, but routes all the loot to his abode,
sponsors are st bbling at what cutting out the Honest John. When
Jack says is "one of the be t Honest John's Eagle, that's me,
I've seen and I dnsy ta t row up he decides t cut down
because Fm in. I," Dirty Freddle and get back his
A al a's TV old man's perishables.
dish.Y' A M IMus when you "The -Eagle goes out on 'his
those oe shot shows you ora y hone to.d battle w Drty
never knw. Th hey a gt, iredie, who digs the ska tune
your .you the Eale splag a tries
) anyt make It fl The agle won't
S's. big screen enmting .for stand for it and smotes Dirtv Fred.
k right noW as the movie-town die I bKnacle. Dirty Freddie
press acent Ia Judy Garland's "A swears to et even.
Star Is Born." Again hp doesn't "Meanwile, Honest John's bud-
get the gal, but h can still joke dyhas a pretty Poly, that's Janet
about it. Q' his at night clb Leigh, for a daughter, and the
tour he intr d himself with Eagle digs this kitten the most,
"You probabi bkiw me as t but so does Dirty Freddie. Dirty
guy w Qie ea't g> girl.;Well, Freddie and the Eagle have a
you'l be arprlis t hear that a party and Dirty Freddie pulls a
girl was pounding on my door t fifth ace from his sleeve and tries
4 o'clock morning. And yoto dust own the Eagle. But the
know some ? would' Eagle routs Dirty Freddie and his
her out." sloppy mob, makes out with pretty
a .' Polly and .they dig it ever after."
Hall Bartlett, producer of "Crhy
Legs," is screasUtn "illegal pro- HOLLYWOOD CUT
Sedure" over Repblic's diStribu-
tion of the hit foot er. Hollywood economy note: The
The studio Is ,nl gal notice from film version of "Don Quixote" will
Bartlett's attpruey that-he's pre- discard 560 of the 600 characters
paring a big lawsuit, claiming in Cervante's original classic.
theaters had t6 buy another Re- -
publir film in order to play "Crazy Three extras playing Persian
Legs." thieves in "Princess of the Nile"
failed to show up on the set after
-" Asked what he was going to do
Betty H it7 A'nd CBS-TV are abcut it, Director Harmon Jones
close to a deal for Betty as a- flipped: ,
home screen state -But there's a "I guess wejll Just report them
surprise for Bett's fans. She'll to the Bireu of Missing Per.
skip the singing for wning in a slans." -
situation comedy. -
se-- Eddie Cantor bows out of Com.r
' Talking' about p certain nov'e edy Hour at the end of this season
doll, fashion designer Albert Al- in favor of film. He'll do 39 half-
tardale flipped: "She's a three- hour shows on celluloid for the '54
handed glrl-+righ- handed, left season. Telling Variety about it,
handed and underhanLded." Cantor said:
.- "The handwriting Is on the wall
/,solid Jack named Tony Curtis and costs must come down If hour
in a tailored tin suit invaded King shows are to survive. Besides, the
Arthur's efa tO save a real cool hour show is too fatiguing on the
chick in distress 1i U-I's CBema- performer and takes too much out
Scope 3peetacle, "The B I a c k of him."
Shield." ......... .. --
ut he ate Dou Fairbanks and James Mason's illness has his
other when.-. ighthood .- was in- friends worried. He's been consult-
flower heroes of the silent screen ing medics lately. -


-'and 1 T


R 7S

io ena lmmit U ilQYi
hbSnD g ovation to Hep. aam
tayourn tlj-''ex.) who was '42
Congress, for the first time,
was reconveauni on tne former
apeake&,a uruaiaiy and noth
uart.ei made Wre mosB of mne
Rayburn, who holds the rec.
ora Aor wigan or. service as
speaker, saQ quaetj In ire bacic
or tne Canber as nis colleagues
praisea Ac m.
Republican leader Charles A.
hiuuaui anu. w~inea hmu "niian
more years of happiness --andr
certain mands oi success." Tlhis
is 4 congressional eiecuon year
ara bhaueu couldn't, of course,
wyn n s Democratic rnena a re-
turn to rUk apealership.
House Democratic whip John
W. MeCorrmack ca call e a Ray-
ourni "a citizen of thu entire
UAb1fd States" though a "Tex-
an by birth." Rep. oere ooper
ne noted for tie record that
Rayburn was born in Tennessee.

Cordnne Calvet,

Husband Decide

On Separation
HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 7 (UP) -
Acrress Corinne Calvert yester-
ciiy announced a trial separa-
0ton from -her husband of five
years, actor tohn Bromfield.
In a statement. Miss Calvart
"When two married people
happen to be lucky enough to
have the same ambitions, the
amne haste and a great love,
they may at one time or an-
other start to look alike. This
has happened to us.
"We wanL to get back to look-
ing and acting like our own
selves the way we were when
we met and fell In love, she

"We have decided upon a trial
sepOratio, aas-J- *eUve Johir Is
the flu*,t yotrig a tor In HOlly.
wood and;. I wnt ,hlm to have
the chaioe 'to Work uninter-
ruptedly in his behalf."
Friends pointed out Miss s L
vert has reached star bit g,
while Broo dfleld Is a le ,r-
known beginnr g l actor.



S Accompanied
by rer partenaire

Prohibited for Minors
under 21 years.




more diefae tracts In uneam-
ploymeanut areas. p ore
m. "the ir vT-,
to t he li ego dnt, o
mit defense contracts to compe- 'i
titi ddIn rather than nego-
tfuirodtby a in unemploMent W0r4ttWt
areas. But the two, entoM ape- feo w wBs
cbfled saie major exceptloeaa to
compel tive bidding: The Cal
1) When an offtcla finding i dao ,Wa 0,
made that "market coudltlons do dero B, -
not permit full ahd free compe- o Iple gr@Ip
2) When secret projects are In- l trat -
volved and the secrecy might bq 8oumr
ruined by advertising of any foremost amn
"precise specifications." May- strongly IWt
bank said this was for the pru- senhoiwr pm
tection of the Atomic Energy slon. SoI
Commslion and of the military complained tll
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Saturday the 9th


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"Montana Territory'
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ue President Accepts BHS Seeks 1st Yankes ek Tenth Vy Amar To


^ Club Before Deadline Win Tomorrow Tonight; WinStreak Snapped Enters Findt- Ro.
-7 0 --
OND, Virginia, Jan.7 (UP).-A three-moelh battle I *-
t e capital of the confedercy into the latertonal aSt PAN A PRO AG 's to' be now per- Alyce French -
League has seemingly come to a successful conmle- Agi n The Standint 'P haps neverPor the Obia d hodes -
od became an official nber -of theleaguelateTeams yow female Fortf Amador e mep- erne Robinson
.iuend became an official member of the league late Balboa High's basketeers will .i'Yankees B ,-4I bers remaining .. te $1000.00 ioln -. 1
hbt. Richmond Mayor Edward Haddock strongest behotooo the Canal Zone Jun- o Ta Btty at for p 31
Tor Triple-A ball in the city -received the news in a b Colee basketball team this S rowilles 6 T8 wt 54 holeBttd there fo r 1
from League President Frank Shaughnessy just a i daollniht at the Balboa Gymthis .. ONIGB S GAME (7: ony remain 18 to ge'untiU Dow 7
S b e final midenthusiasght deadline thought the. The preliminary ame between Panama Stadn: some sharp golf be drivl M n 73
ate nd baseball enthusiasts had thought the.i troubles the two Junior Varsity squads 1 :Yqmkees (Nfkepbwry 20) ve around wh.a brand new set of wtrtomt 7B- T
lre'after their itv council agreed Monday na. ht t. o per- will start at 6:30 and the varsity I' h B les (BwanW ) Goodyear tires and, tube.s,or a ryJtanda 75
iLe of city-owned Parker Field as home site for the new l"whing ding" will follow. I.Ag$NI O ..BE80..LT easco battery :to make ;it.f Sadonsk ,8-
All that was left was to see bonds to pay for increas- This will be the final game ? "Boibee 9, Yankees 3 Sr, or a. pair of Godyear air- HotS .74- 74-
field's seating capacity from four thousand to 12- between the Green Devils and ye --- .. f1m mattress to on aft-Petrillr 74-79-
aid as required by the league. the Bulldo s, and no doubt both '. "* The" league leading Yankees er a hard day at the glf course. Jeane Ware 83-9 '
l ever. Minor League head George Trautman, gave coaches will use the contest as -- gh try to resume their The. final round must l com- Wlson 73-78-7
Haddock and his colleagues only 12 hours to raise the a tune up for the forthcoming wim, g wqys agains t the hard pleW prior to 6 p.m., Sunday, Colbert 8-_ 2
5200,000 or else lose the frakebise. .J Invitational Basketball fig Ing Brownies at the Pan- 10 January. Torbert 75-71--8--"-,
terday evening.. after several public appeals and nu- Tournament. J. C. won the two ama Olympc Stadium.Bill Hoc- Airman Bartholomew of the Barbara Clark 70-78--.
s phone calls, Haddock was able to announce that he previous games they played with .. enbuiry is scheduled to open for Albrook Air Forse. Base dived Davis 75-76-77- 8
eeived pledges for more than the required amount... Balboa, and will be heavily fa- r. the YankeeA on the mound a- bombed the Amador course last Marge Cramer 71-79.81-2 1
ainamed Richmond businessmen offering to mortgage vored to repeat again this time. ,. against the Brownie's Bob Swan- week with a net 61 score and ls 'Koenig 76-82-'4---
.homes and their offices to help La of any consistent scoring .. .. son. the 54 hole leader in the 0. toLevit 73---233
as been the down fall of the Last night the Bombers out- 15 handicap group. is 3 round araret Abarr 71-83-8-34
Bulldog all season, and unless sgged the Yankees to score net 192 in just 1 stroke in, front Buela McNelby 7-78-79-234
one of the boys catches a fire ".. an easy 9-3 victory. The Bombers of Fort Kobbe's top golfer, Lt. Blake 71-76-1-238
lFriday night. It will probably be .. Jumped on starter Joe Hinch- Curtl. Major Cramer at 195, Jim Helen Miller 83-80-78-241
Their big stumbling point again. man for four runs In the first'Hinkle. Vinnie Lombrola, Lt.
i Bill Martin, Balboa's number 1 I inning to sew up the contest. May, and the 36 hole leader N. 14 to 30 Handicap Greap
basketballer, has had to do tie The Bombers added five more J. Lewter, all with net 198 cards, Low Gross Scores
lgi3BSe lion's share of'the point making runsM in the next three innings could slip ito the winners circle
for his team In the last two A PATRON RIBBON for the 18th Annual Panama Open Golf off teliyer Tommy Hughes should someone falter. Jim Hib- Coffey '88-82-85-255
.. g o -- games. If he could get some help Tournament sl presented to Lt. Gen. H. L. 'McBride. Coaitnander take a 9-0 lead. The-Yankees kle has the 54 hdle low gross Martin 89-81-87-257
SL LE LEAGUE The box score from Bob Bingham, Tom David In Chief of the Caribbean Command, by Fred J Gerhardt. chair- got two in the eighth and an- honors after firing stores of 71- Yotmgblood 86-84-87-257
LITTLE LEAGUE son or Lee Rigby the red and man ofthe tournament committee, as Richard L. Delinger, a other in the ninth. 71-68 for a gross 210. Vinnie Kendall 90-84-84-25
Standings .. .. white clad round ball advocates committee member oolts on. Humberto Robinson gained Lombrola is 3 strokes behind.', Bean 83-88-88-259
Won Lost GIBRALTAR LIFE would githe dope bucket a big Enlisted, s ice person el have been extended a special rate his third win of the season al- Major Bob Abarr arnd M. Drennan 86 -8--25
ks Life1 0 na knock of theGreen of $3.00 for the 4 ys play and the Golf Clinic. Regular though he needed relief hdlp Schoch are separated by .single 1ul 8- 2-91-29
oo Lifen 1 0 ab r h po a Devil. rates for the events are $4.00. Tickets are available for service from Theolie Smith in the ninth, stroke in the 16 to .30 handicap Msser 88 5-87---260
wor Agency 1 .0 Brandon. cf 3 0 1 0 2 e' Colle e lads were any- personnieliat all Post Exchanges. .'I Hinchman was the loser. group with the pride.of the 0-3 Barr 92-85-84-201
1414 0 1 Marquard. 3b 2 0 0 2 1 the n but impressive in te This tourney promises p enty of action as there be a Benny Taylor paced the winners Section, Major Abarr. ittin 'on McKenzie 89-85-87- 1
ar Life 0 1 J. Morris. ss 3 1 1 1 0 am Monday night with the bigger iferd than last year and a total of $7,500.00 ty prs la with four for five while Archie top. Their 196 and 197 ind ate McNamara 88-87-86-.21
Sce R, RESULT als. 2b 3 0 2 2 athletic Club. bu; they are ex- offered. Roberto do. Vicenzo, the Argentine Champ.: wh has Brathwaite, Joe TumlneUIl, Clyde some handcaps are due for a Clark 91-87-84-262
ESTEuRDAY'S RESLT HGallar arC 3 0 1 ected to be fully recovered from taken thisevent forthe post two seasons, will be de- Parris, and Bobby Prescott each sudden drop. Making a race of Mathews 88-84-90-26
your Agency 5, ralar Racer. ip 3010 heir Christmas holiday by Fri- tend his title a ainat Sam Snead, Clayton Haefner, hry garnered two hits to aid the it are C. J. Browne with 201, MoynLhan 84-91--265
__Life 4 ..Ste'.ner.. 3 0 1 0 0 .day night. Jack Tinnin Bil Harper axd 20 other outstanding pros. vAmateurso oe-a winners. Bud Hardin arid Spider Ledr. Bass and Major MatBews Barr 8t-2-.-23
TODAY'Si GAME Wilson. prf 3 0 0 0 Nlckisher Gus Trncosa Ray ices will compete' as well as outstanding professional or- Wilhelm got two ff four each at 202, Col. Coffey and Lt. Col. Greene 92-85-86-263
Eft4 vs Lincoln Life H. mond p 1 2 1 0 Nickisher and Bob Dolan have Ice golf clubs like Buddy am d of Amador. Har at- forjhe Yankees. Pablo Bernard McKenzie with 204 net scores.
D. Snyder, lb 1 0 0 1 been plunking In the points at man of the Norfolk Naval Station and his partner Ji eDon- smashed the only homer of the Low gross honors at 54 holesA Haa. and W
edged the consistent re ts sea- tre t a_____________ ti forT a 2 o -426
'e term yesterday afternoon son, and barring the unusual, of 88-82-85 for a 255 score. _8
score.SEYMOR AGENCY thesame Friday. eaY C C for the $40. mater prize n C0l and 1art
"r-V IVnond and Jeff KhEne iMOR AGENCY e o n d L title Leaaue Farm Clubs CHS Cops Fifth Lt Co and Mrs Blr den
i"rted On the mound tor thea-b rhIs po it With the basketball season ,t ..... visi o"
rte and n the AgencyBoys and Pearn ab 3 4 1 1 3 ust about played into the After overhearing some 19 ajo Mrs. Cramer.
- Man pitched three Inniangs1 Perez. p 3 1 0 0 i boardsforti 00thee1953-5 4 hseasonS a i.g and '
pi. martin Perez and Charleyl Huddleton. 2b ss 2 0 1 1 0 fans would do well to tak e i fnalth To l t, P1 to be another battle developing Maor an M.Arr
g taking over for the last'MrOwin, ss 0 0 0 0 0 final few games oorA to the o SChaigIhOcShh tonemsdoen t,, eres glone. Sng and 3 0nna.
e ,Innings. Perez was return+l ,,l ,, plb..1_4..ons,
S5 0' tneir are plenty of good seaszor:,blank head down, this week. Aft, 4S0
wSner aere our e 3 1 0 5 e pey of o ea 3or election of players for the as volunteers who will work withI Tuesday night was Cr Sobal' e 54s t first pl Capt an r ittle
ny scored a run in the'Allen. lb 1 0 0 2 0 all. six team Farm League will be the, players 14.the Farm League night at the home ikb ketball has developed amongst Col. and 437
hto break a 4-all tie. RagerFrg.uenheim rf 1 0 0 1 made on Saturday morning at will be on. hand to, make the champion, as the Varsity Tigers Mr Barr, LL Co). and Mrs. Bel. Mor and Mrs. Kevan.
charged with the loss. Broc rrn. f 2 0 e i 2 0 .,i the Pacific Little League ball selections and' form a well'ab"l-ndowned Balboa for the rt d. 0 and Major dMrs.. Cri 448
ar took a 3-run lead in'R. Morris. If 2 0 1 1 0 Da park on GaIllard Highway at anced. league. time this year. 34 to 21 an er A have a 42 net score. orn aMrs. Cark ,
pofhe third but Seymour Pearl, 2b, rf 3 1 1 1 0 3ac tO am"c. 'Ptl9ite Little+ League 'All the players who registered thereby removed any mathe- The 5 4hole Ca ai s. r
ey came bark In the bottom ,--- managers and coaches as well at the recent. Pacific Little maticalobt from their follosr.
a e of the innin and puhed 23 5 8 18 6 League tryouts and any other patch in wlinIng their fifth d 3 .
4 runs. Gibrsltsr tied it boy in the 8 :to12 year age consepltive basketball title. 6 to l e ..
north, sneri a run SCQRE BY INNINGS I i Ri Z group are requested to r Even the Ju rlor Varsity boya L
-ivt o A;e rn dsR B. IIG n promptly. It i expected "ha gave the gold cast rooters Bawthologn 04M61-192 '*A
.. -' l *X h more than 100 players will be o something t cheer abot, bt- C s 66--62----10
MB$Bf_'<^<^Ti..^^'Kha. 'n4JG '" '''' '' and the rosters of th tm Balboa's J. V. rig-ht, do C l., 7 I- ....
z. _. .cW L teafn will not be limited to aw t e -iast a'eond oT L .
Me'4 3 Wc t sety umbe of players- 'ou. a close 27 t P I'"
*lb' ^ a t e 1-Struck TT uT y 22 1 The Little League Farm a Sy the first time this ea M- 18 .
an. Pere Raymod 2, teft; is being formed to p.vid tat Cristob, Junior rsit ..
biip Pnttle' rh W"ia er 3, BaA on ballt Kline 1 2 baseball, for the young playerst has-been able to bring hoo a .e & rr -oo 201 ICK VERBS N
.les in a tre`-3 osn 3t00, and( sih sponsors, hafe, come winner against their PacificI ide Dan6. Ba-6--208 P
ifole.. wiUan=RPOA Y' 0 forth to furnish the financial rivals. k s '-o POtLAG
r44 w T e a'RDAY GAME supot needed. The Lions Club Jim Phillipi ld the scoring for n 0-1--04
si, aound-lab li t 1 'Mohl apd oquido 2, NEavytThe-.ofBalboa has announced that Crilstobal with 9 points, while aning-67-20
f- "e ir frst win 1 e o antono one : 130. S Balboa's corerKmrchmier dropped In a Mannn-g-4 l 4fthe lid o 1 Wl 2 2
Xax .rbt i nMvof e vs Fire2, nna hed ed.T LinCbv;ireturn 71o69-64--26
Sa Movers VS F schedl s Iand willIe represented at the total of 4 baskets and twfoul
| ,.' ,-, -Insurance match betw4 s1 M10 n selection on Saturday..' shot for 10 points and high for Spencer 66-74"-65--2 J 11 it o o
l l e o t tamweigbt oIo l n Th other backers of. tfams the game. Bean r667-70-70 -201 daon
.n,,rotin, :,. fr..' lAlty SnmockNeoeing the muo eAcg "rrt-tlg o are the Levonel Co. of rPanama t.. VARSITY WINS De e 70-I-H--206 BudIlt, l t 1953
ointi tardeth.He,' otCe moctkhe toing thon te mud ort Fed. Z hio enn 2_ s
t Icna r ch i rteam, won him third consecutive fdrweigFlt thtoonee sponsoing .the "Life Rvers" INTERSCHOOL TITLE Mills 68-70-69-207 tanl With M. R. A. runnlerl
B d Nv m he hotsto ohgame yesterday o when they shut v a t ta ee Army int wand NAvy Store The, 2gr needed 8but o nta n7-7--2 1 of a ta a .
.,'- fo ..ameo1t.rdovy temenwthey a. -- of _rsporong the 'Kiwi' victory to win their fifth con a rr. 6752Botht6ms1 ma
pe NO-Pt n rhod. B or d w on t N-h avd way team n with ano-to IS lIa c 6
Pole. -tThid t,tnd ,After pn rd and game. Thbl boys s rto make eentry,.iita Insurance eutive ch lonship in inteL- naid 874-71-66-21 and should

Tkr m vd t rn dThisT ne l t is the second no-hit, no- weight lioanit e y126 pounds. In league "br aa t ase hs t P lhye n-g a Mitten 69-71-71-211 st. a .P

nd. Ds dr ba Thy T tea tenr si go by. ADELAIDE, AavymeJi a opc Georg will o twe 0 0v 0 0 ,hl 73-69-71-21 t M. R, otea, Wt H.nA
Sthe )t1. NoT On B bawrld edar s tri e go run ga t oof the season so far. their prev s eting, almost Jue' a nd the Mutual oX ow andcareful. Sgame against Belden 75-68-69--21

garS ~ 'VIE ea .whlded d s d tletd tc. e hy loss whon sent t safeci U prnviotemeete ing, rt o Cristobar l 11 7 ft COnriel 648-73-8-220 25 Buick va M -
.F' Anbo ,t ear o. RabeMn raatlslle o teAd th a nd e to his credit anod 'a ,elr aby, Martines adnmils- OMiAN and Hamad an Grotto the nE ldog Cristobal defense. ct haptl y 72-70-70-22
Stao o l oadi oa.ond 'aatsn ecrl o by8ndt Syewithaeste r da's g ee -^ ^ ^ i~~ tteams =qomoite the make up of w7e-perfect.Po-70-0-22
.,.. DI8 atts rotectgada art.l h ond$me inNewrk Excnyptk, with yesterday'&. game,wrtn tw redo ^ l o Borna athe I Trim Balbo oe d oRly i es end6 70-7560---212
B.In.heAtleate_ s.e nte* ePityher Willie Pretto, hals a freeto ticket for dinner, However, Bourne aplars the I- l nala t ered fory lin 740-8-75---220 n 13
't wilightobr s tubmnt.Luer oaboofirnhbilland uC goa ln dthe entirePfirstChalfM .
,pr In s Lenglen the center-fielder er- Pizza with wine an d t rimmings) bave ilroved much o 11 t n n M i.
e f h ,red the bell Andriola came a- at the Atlas Garden. than parties since then and lat w be ed to govern lay ad a o p 13-t-7t-212 o f a

etfes. The tourth ame M acs or 14 t at aSok A wr w a I hi w ly% no te lay wl o for Drenigh' t 4 7-72-69- t 3 M ar at Recre-
P 00ir oundto score the only run of Note to Smock: See Manager has gone to some really ia- play l tWplayers will be out- for the r night's work. B the e
l 0 ain ;n pee It plam eGl on Ju d t fve a Lee. pressive m toes h defense was stiff too, for .he -72-79 i tiwe 7A-713-210 1 Ma.P.O a Rra io
r .000 The Tilliaht league, already Lieut. White's Navyme'n are The tti wil-be at sx and- b ballW caps. Games will oth erowise lo aivesc oarng p ttie 79-67-70-218 .utt, pj of he B k

oll3 roner N bes w. on W aodesda o an 1ro f Crtobalt th 84--0 C.P.O. vs lot1
y's Reslle': noted for Its hitting pitchers. looking better every eand iro under t wee n Leslie t. I dIt 71en-of-w8aste79-6--216 M. tesam, .
Ba, eer has another n Navys raham. considering their competition ho id Le ano ur t doubleheaders even do two-pointers.
h'se ameoD Oe five of the Tars reached iCa will euP ihe d. m t plaer tre i- ore the Raboa encounters ate- ftpIm ad th
wl vTw s Bas e nigh1 w ita rtse-- those by three free pas- doattlili Srkl.fa Windl oter 71-70-78-219 start immediately a s. I
Indication of l1954 F wd error and lit 126x finger maly n' '.viss-7 on atu-
t fans they ca loo oPan liudo halked r er prelim wilen ggils 2 0 Moe i 7lan70ey, Theodore A. point tot% ch 70-2-1-- O io e a
,pimsm towards one of De N Htwo tallies in the bottom 'of the out at 118 pounds in the open- Albrit6oaf,-1.. Ronald Pearl, Billy John Hitgl accounted for." 10 Tleming 79-73-8--220s
at ees.son in their fif-: third on an error by the Navy's ing contest HerreraE ,.DOlo l Rhett. Ralph Crlstobal markers second best r70-73-75-2
history. NEW YORK. Jan. 7 (UP, third sacker when he made an __Glazer, r LeVee, James RL. for the Tigers. Bill Martin fromI Beall 74-74-'75"-ZP1 So, come out and Five t1lZboys
-atolling on the hll for! One of baseball's alltine greats overthrow at first on a ground- L1 j McElroy, Cecil A. BalbOa Wais the only Buldio gMah 17-744-122 a go aend-ffL

aIWw," 'T7 'M.1JA. VS Buick
Tota, 2 1 s ix-for seven-vt 1 0 0 2 Bean 671-71-6318 18 Mot-1-a .C.P.O.
S-Popped to Mat or mpROe, sHa' .Ntwo. 2Tunod 7-68-1--21 23 Bui0ck vs Motta
I Ar Q 1 1 es i p--n- 647-Tl5 24 M.R.A. vs C.P.O, 1
anMot !torsInc. _q &4o._.
P r bon" lb 0 S 0 ee Bay pas and retur d 1 1 7 ..n.--11 Ma 11 rt.t B a JC P -
Varu f0of 2 1 1 1 0 012..b 70-7 ---2U 4 CP.O vs,
-1----aJan.VOff,-1 Jn.10 2174-76-42--24 8 M vs .
-f12 0 1 W Les Bingamalm ueeped aE0 1 12As T-1-u7 6--3-14 9 k vs .
.: .... ..... i] J o. lb 2 *0 Green Bay p sq r t -] N I] 26112 bi t-1
INI- l 13' 0 0 yard to help Detroit utia SiS 1 1 1 1 ay 76--- -1 otta vs C.O. .1
debesion, the 300Wpoond guard r- acniow 0 S 1. 6 sae r '76--70-1415
~ft- SWo1 myS- 1OS1 M fLs@?f.70l-s s4:0 A
-y .... 0, 0 000 0-0 i m"' iir '1 'M M U1 1 is 1
D2 -2 It's Craw IZ +- u- a


I" ,-

~A2 'i,.iF~ -~ -- ~ im~a-~



~_~_ ~~ ~ I_ _I


[P l -. .' .

SChampion Amateurs, Pros

To Tee Off Next Thursday

P. .a.t Joe Antoni Rf c on Mitten Dr. Erle Gerrans, Jal
".th od with ia dll ona the t0 19t me d a Guardia, Hector ("Rqy')
b a *"> ,",,y cale y, 0sn- t it?,"'
led .. poewh eY Jr., to mention only 4
e ."' Vi im ri iht Ibk i Pana Golf "What about your brother
S|(bht was announced by Fred Ohicho? doesn't he rate in thai
too .tcu:h to K aa n J. .ardt and Erneato de la class?",
Int ha nos om.Cbmpuag eof the The interviewer, of course as
t t hevea eat committee. referrtig to Carlo A. deo laG r
io diBte ThI tiI -.Me see tld Sces- dia, Director of Public Relations
O eMP .e resident Re- of the Presidency of the Repub-
t. There i.. e ntf .twoW, beIprwill olog c hampo'golt. the.
the a ern t to Wh andfhe profersrarn and nelarur. "Oh,O h," be said as an
So et tl are than e ver. the United States, Central aftelhought. "Well, I won't
ipler -ya -old eventp tould South Aarp andP m bet ts he will the cham-
S, Weverthqiee r t hod *naa tu primes."
l Ift e t ae f_.or what "ow -- t vel-- f hlad iptoa, t.l t v It wg f .p u4 ta t to Dacer.. Ne Aeia, Mho a. t tonl .omseti ton ever cud beto Capture one of the
be S i eto. .n .. not to r an. t heu.ingia ly ss hagape hel here. amateur priles.'y
4ltt, i thl ue where the fbel. par e Utel- "P. "Does he play well enough to
J addloe't the d o remarkably lenient. R n," said de be ear the top?"
or I o demurredeand M woIt aax .warlt-dwgoolneerd is Guei 'is a ardent golf- should ," Don Ernesto re-
Is deuperedo A W.........Eeh at a wa t t' plied, bea he has h a lot
Sl nation wasi om JiMugly remniCent of the 1940 Derby th aoe. o1 the pn the- of prsktpcfe playing recently wltlu
wh.]Blneh, called by Ed .radley the y th eatet horse he ever *ve rI -M t .~_ me ihavea pern Prsidnet eonrman.
ha lmunbeamten anda. p.roibitlv. fVOnit.. lost to 3 1 MINO.A GUz TEtM CAPTAINS -- Captains of tl ur teams i a i-e 'inthae CI .pern- "You are General Manager of
1 u that could heap a Bimele it could s lo happen omprIig the Curtidu Minor League Baseball League look on0 tR u toInaas inlahe "Cincuen- the National Brewery which Is
to 0 Dancere, And ithi. Dark tar, a 5 to 1 shot, beat as Lt. %.aobert t. Whotus; Officer-in-Cge af tnd 1 ra s sits a on nson clalleng e ans 'rt?
a s_ Vanderbit P". hpded. eague's schedule by Mr. Richard Ffe. team .n- I isn't it?
captalas are (lt to right) Jqe Suares, Yankees; W er, "What do you mean by per- "Yea, we are. It is only natural
MOTING 0 BOAST OF rcves; Joey Turner, Dodgers; and Ralphe ran. ns. onal intfrt?" that we Should because you re-
The league Yasponsored by interested adults who avon "Well, one of his cabinet min- membO Heafner b r o k the
I had no cause f ifactl om in sealing MdrAcianqt confirm A steered their services. (U. S. Army phtef sisters, DOD Ricardo Az ias Espl- course ecor. at Panama last
a ve dsiss Wan t m mory e persuade Iobnfluence nosa, bet a.known tus as year with asevef nderpar,
W+ul harm memor -- p e p Jlt t ,-, 'Dicky,' w Is seco d vi-p and he w helped by a bottle
of the4r former battle a great toe-to-toe brawl, and seen through i tid ok o e c ioe-pr and e w hel ra
the n^oiqWalcott hJelknce for what It wa. Sheer brayado identf pubnrc, w. e crb- ohich e e drank
the nly W o de ce for what w eer raapete teur class. Also at eah refrmnt stand. We
smAn e so trahnaPTintdheart. A...Carlos guet, the former would be ungrateful both to
i n' "--rm-alli lre'tly uo U l Panadia GI-Club Caddy, will Heafner and, to the people of
ollimn IVl f ePanama It We di not sponsor
enu r was no war g hee or i any other olmn lay undr t clos of the
tlhatt r alerting thq reader to the flaso which inpended uert ArUeU olf Club and
in a0 tht night. Walcott was hero n the first fight beyou will rem er that last year ill President Remon play in
eaue. hed.ilxaraged MarIno's punch power. in the-sof- President 'Remon made hI m a the- open chmlonship? ....I
ond onee Ived in terror of iJ1t. But few us were acut 1ou ift of a 'Set of clubs with which don't knqw, Don Ernesto shrug-
to ~ t .e cha.nge. to playIC he open" geod his aioulders. "Why don't
ev@rtn on the LaStarza challenge., prreet s to .he -"w about Dia Cecilia the yu k him?
t0 Sim l nadeiuate. An Imporntantand Qbyiuftor first Wil be a a,1 it will be better to ask
as lso nade A n o ane pld TOOCurndu Minor a u The four tfintr un"am after t ladY ll b be a spectator"Mo, wy i hich w
prepared for what fOllwed, *a long peS.l n 'l..vt. oBJ r willopen ieau pmaa the two op teams of the Na- ,,heW a O ?r t0 n o r weth Presl-
1 iW.iet k no punch knock9u man the heavyweig t LAttle Leagle Ball Park, where Leagues, will be Yankees, will be a spectator again this swer we will know definltey by
n allft e ames will be plh d. Dodgers, Braves, and Indians. AT-becausethat the
'ed ws the frustrating affet of Marcano's anxiety wh is operas 20- ae schedule as- been ..set y nenar" Janaryh 1ot decau that is t e
Md +Mm *0"Oliedmeao*n- Don r rnesto, who won the o- day whenll tle entries close In
"stloatmt w ith' aBt" I" mirso le ,0 at
n ly and empatically and twth four eamq Apo rsored b1l up lrthu minor 1 users In this/o chnlp -,nshipIn IMWais the nat"e* clas."
)rI&h~m he had to take when teir rat, figlht resulted in a9lnter**d autatCurundu their third earoperation. mP e____abouthis
e ww hmn wn'Iwax..In htge volunteered the serv- The rules for this league are the o .. ,a about ris
vt whatever punching rhyiIl Mariano has had to *smf- tees., lPid to purchse he e-I same s the standard rul for o accomuplishments n h- I a World, Chess Champ
lfore a de emotional tenaldn. Inevitable but still unremarked. qu npent were donated by the Little League Baseball, with the -neer about me," he To yefe i
At leut in this colum' + Pee anontrts n Cu -age of the player ranging from Never m .. ab ..Df T
On the brighter side, there wre two ex rating jobs that rund .;o to 12. s Amr god ainst Countrymn
broul ht full meanse of Satifactlofe Piemking oe.over innyouig ,goula' American`an dCuty a
ro e Ya eell over ths e Dodg.e i.n e. World Sevrie e- Panamainiahs, who were borni or MOSCOW. Jan. (UP) -
gat oom" team of all time" keeprin nd. in ipy book, raised here. They Will play in Wol dchuss champion Mikhail
Swtt B'ooklera team d aH m, seep mn poible t the ~mAteur class and try to Botvinnitk will defend his title
pThve it in adverce.d nLwht ,os4 apture on' of the 15 prizes and 'ainst challenger and fellow
.. o..veraed i'the medalist prIze donated by fttifan Vassilli. myslov here
.P.OINTING WITH raDms'Pan-American World Airways.!' March 10 through-May 11, it was
V ho are those cracks you announced today.
I.thought Turpin overrmted wthf -h e dreW from the ,s spealt about Twenty-four games will be
Ray..obinsonf +ght. Although he W.tknoked out in the 0th.W e areet johnny and played with Botf1nnik retaining
it eras e eiv 'a" thenl. ws hadthe 3nltvn ahead. Sudden srCharlie MicMurray, Dr. Herbert his title in the event of a tie.
In thl'oth *6 Was cut a.d bleeding...ustatsuddenly.
he'tbvtied a ta"dftoW' him aparti y feeling was that_
atiany.tme; .' sated as long as he did onid su '17th ek .r,
feranc6a,~fl. do' 'm ( l e ore
aA 1ms+ mo~nt + deftl.n N'w *.tmy tegard for "GALLIGAN'S 677 HIGBST dA o 43 1i-16 .
sacb** evuiot Imp"aOvLJlg'o certain- SERIES IN YEARS"A sS 181.' ,

eouat long range. 4

lek -a-.V- t3 w as .S mgL pitch and I
ft Was lbttat SSjO
a sma ball park. Btei If batti -e ta *stood up in t.
series, wh1 seldy actldd In slae of thetwO
r" t nt ni the w nce MleaMSe. pitching, h ft to
beonsldered. And went the Ykee became te lgal
piqk because it wai agreed from the start they had the edge in
I in all, then, I had good redsen to regret the passing of
T d if any one should hrppel to remember I picket the
Gants to win the NL flig last spring.., well thatn,must have
Sbeen one tmna the old eeer left me on my own... The same
ou, aid r--' ..

Pacific Colt s Jamaicans

is tops In
Jim's b

> Anderson 51 17r*3
Brabeae., .. 1 i -'
milntrout 48 1a-1
blson 761, 1-4
a4lae 4 176-
!ploney 2 .175-,
r, Anderson 51 172-4



-m .'. 3


I r-
e '* ,, .

----------------*'----.--. --... ...

See the new Asra-Dial control P
In bhe 1954 Ford


* ..-

Colpan Motors

Saturday, January 9

...I Y


168 181 188 53q
135 161 148 -444
134 115 115 364
175 178 175 528
207 23$ 236 17
47, 4 47 141
86 916 s e.2691




CALL Ta. 1 0e

CALL **'B" No. U




CALLz So No. 53



,.- .

-i *
.. 9t -"

, ,.- I
- tt* j..*
.= ., ,
- f'.. + 1 .. :

Arexanunr peeit u+ugan o ut "s.
-. I W A W *l 5t 37 and while Spinney
and Bensen were high for the Ben On 183 1868 19' 548
SAce's with 5'8 and 548. Alex- Stilson 178 140 161 479
ander's 528 was good tor class B Anderson 188 169 153 510
S--- or& -* litey 194. 165 .214 573
Rbinaon 191 211 170 542
After cqnpInx l run, the Pacie Colts held the Nathan The Poat Office jumPed back 0
C. C. d tica. to 7 T or the l of .4wicet aA drew itito a twe for first by taking the W 53 895 68s
the S* of th u rfla et e .eie_.' .flr_ two and total from the --
u p loWa. crlCkte s a tu majetity tof fanby Cpplng Cafe Caribe. The PO started
the erwse within two vttotle tWo drKwn match The Ja off with a nice 918 game but POST OFFICE
Smalans failed to ain a vi couldn't kep 'up the pace and Wallace 199 201 170 570
,If yesterday's minatt ta .ea. Her .Male5tls Ambas- dropped the last game '761 to Oriy 155 151 136 442
MdOr ric Cleagh, presentedAwrds for the Pacific 1ide, 855. WAlface led the PO with tt Long 1S'1321336 4831
0toy ast, captain of the icf All tars, received the hand- fine 570 abries while Noel O1ba Brown 22r 128 138 4$8
t ums Anbaassadtora CaW for wltinig the opening match. son Jr's 5.4 was high -for Caribe. Hogan 179 189 181 549
io .mA tto WA awarded the Foto Russell trophy for the
hhest ind al score for the visitors in thi opening match. The Elk's maintained their 918 801 761 2410
oar berts, outstanding local batsman in ,th opener, re- third plaP position by winning AF A
R. LFller capture Agencias Fuller prize for the beat tWL 8nd t-tal on Powell to
bowll average for the JaimaIcans in the first match. Alfonso remain within two points of the Gibson Sr; 132 131 152 415
Lu3k 0 1.tSbe. Letelo MlM trophy for outstanding bowling In leadira. Hrons posted his best Glck 1-72 157 188 517
the Iaor-. ohnsofth eason,n1, to p oh n 152- 12 173 497
For yest "y's game, the following received awards: Egbert the Elk's while Martin's 505 was Arnold 150 131 160
VWade. 1et a ota batman tanford Graham trophy); Colin Do- th bestth Poell'Gibson :r. 203154 17
iltto, outstanding Jamacan sataman (Diputedo Cragwell trophy). could Handicap 16 15 15. 6
Keats aUl captured the Mercurico Trophy for making 102 runs, muster. ,,0 ,, ...
SpeW mention was made of the aid given by Diputado Ale- The pore ole Wright Bros. got
man, r., to the tour through the Trans-lethmlan Express Bus clobbered again even tho "Chief" E'
ftA .. Larrabee came through with a Stas'ca 2n3 16 146 ri.
ore of yesterday's match ftoow 4 series, might be because the Holland 14 17 38'
PACIFIC COLTS "blind" had the next high wit Louis 149 172 163 4p4
.- 1 Ibw, b Alberg 3 493. The Smoke Raters continued Hirons 166 202 193 501
O. t Young 48 their winning streak by taking Anderson 178. 128 183 485
W. Bonitto, b Albe 18atwo and total to put them Into 8
A. W a eth e Priestley3 D g, b A b rg 8 .1.23...
V Ra g 9 ourth place only 2% points out
L. Jaom$m b Comrie 39 of first place. The loss dropped v" POWLL ...
& l.a 5UJttp b Young I th, Pibra. another notch to sixth Trtocri 116 159 155 430
R rts b rbB omrM M pple. Docurro led the Smoker's W C. 170 137 4
A. ensls c Rall, bOomrle0pa. -rg, s
mC. .. 1 with 482 to capture class C hon- Marun 144 190 171 50S
.mim. -a'out 1 ora. Wright, J. 159 148 139 446 "liamsas 't "Handicap 64 64 64 192
Z"kRI ___ The "Under 100 Glub" caphur-
-TL- -t ed another member when Hoop- 871 815 2435
ALL WIOSiS: 14; 2-31; 3-42; 4-71; 4-101; 6-115; 7-175; of tUN eSmoke ates posted a
; # 9 "" in his last game. SM AT
SOWu ANg TAl4M 8TANDINGS Edmonds 144 168 158 470
,F ArAf 44 Fuller, for ; er; for ; H. Yn, 2 for Docurro 115 179 482
Sdtor. t e oi,, S 18; Comsrie, for 12. alk r 140 174 140 044
19ATSWAI S RFD-t Office so 2 8LT. Jhn. 15N 147 143 448
C, bs UmBy* Dnks's1 M 27 31MlandicaP 42 43 -42 IU
F temok. ,rs30/n1
a. Wrigt B ros. 31 31I"RS
LtMot a0 16e10Cab C2 8r -' i 3 8%Ranker- 151 173 148 4
a o 4 WKILY PIZlP'S Wiklm stad IV 1 147 422
--- [16i1 161 483
._ for 4 wkta. T7 Class Oilln 1 5* Larbee 157 S 4 6s
S Wym I o ; rS3;313PKW -bert, m. NI 81- c uss

- N

- r- .- 1

- --. ".-~-






- 7s. _T -'-a,

L _. .-

* .~ ~





(NEA Telephotos)
IJAGE HALTED The wedding plans of James Michael
i:nith, 20, and Maria Isabella Patifio, 18 abovee, In Edin-
h. Scotland. were thwarted when her father, Don Antenor
Patifio. obtained a court order to delay the marriage.

OG's Hit Parade Sponsored

r Agenf Of Philips Radios

Station HOG s weekly "Hit
parade one of the statil\'aS
Sq0t popular sustaining featur:-i,
a s now bein g sponsored bY Casa
'Philips, the local agent for Phil-
Ips radios for a period of 13
Starting last week the pro-
iram became the "Philips Hit
aade," featuring the seven hit
pngs of each week as compiled
ArOm the large number of re-
citia received by HOG for its
wUr request program.
As. ag added feature Casa
*hmlps Is. offering a new Philips
aval cade radio every month to
he listener who makes the high-
S score by guessing the correct,
o rer of the seven tunes played
the "Philips Hit Parade,"
h 1on the air every Satur-'
;l rt at 9.
[* etants will receive ten
ach week for seven cor-
Elesses eight points for si
Guesses, six points for
correct, four points for four
6 0ec"t. two points for three, one

i Auke Awarded .
Cbe troct To Fix
he. Building
1, contract for the re
a of. bulldin T-7A,.
S0~Al nd alterations tu
J *esance Batta-
oot FOrt Clayton,
awarded to X. O. Hauke
to y te EngW-
Army Caribbean.'


t ho- low on your tax re-
omoe' from salaries Or
,subject of this
21rwawes Is Ithe om-
inY'el x]coive for wdrk-
sta emloye. Most em-.
m requited to deduct or
fL certain. amount for
s each of your pay
income is simple for
0, had taxes withheld.
or must furnish yqu
A Withholding State-
W-2) which shows
kges before payroll de-
s. Write this amount in
.a'n page 1 of your tax re-
wax Vs not withheld you
ve to figure income from
. or ask your employer.
I' such income items (I
ate lines opposite each em-
ia, name In item 2. This in-
Sips received direct from
and wages as a do-
r"S-ervant, farm hand, or
. laborer.
me-employers pay wages in
other than cash. In
case., figure the fair mar-
flue of the property at the
ou received it and report
t as income.
s can get the fair market
0 hundreds of items out
e paper advertisements,
and stock"ex-
Sreports. If you receive
tt t isn't listed, get
your District Director
Revenue's Office.
s take a look at some
Hated on page 5 of
l# nructlons whleh
to be reported MHere
ttes of the Itqms
S to give you trouble:
trom jAmployer to em-
be a truer gift, the em-
Jap t intend to make a
I would not take a de-
or it on his business tax
report the value of
rovided by the employ-
Ie npessary for you
do your Job proper-
paavided principally
S benefit,. or as part
are taxaMle tt fair

you W.-

point for two and a half-point
for one correct guess.
Totals will be computed each
weck and added at the end 'of
each month. The listener with
the highest score will receive the
radio offered by the Philips a-
Entries will be received at
HOG's studios or at Casa Philips
up until p.m. on Friday of each
week. In the case of entries sent
by mail, see should be maUled
before 8 3,m. on Friday, -
Although entries -will 'only oe
received up to Friday, the song
to be played qn each program
will be selected on the basis of
requests received up until 4 p.m.

Dilligenti Quints
Win Xmas Lottery'

The DllitWenti quintufflets won
$76;125 ftom'a Christmaa. lottery
giVen theft by their 'father,
wealthy industrialist Franco Dll-
ligtenti, it was disclosed today.
T, he two boy and three girl
quintuplets, who will be 11 years
old soon, received $15,225 each,
with wIich they opened savings
With toe lionnes of Canada,
the Dillipentl are the World's on-
ly known quintuplets.
Balboa Tides

5:8 amn.
6:15 p.m.

.1o. ..m..
12:05 p.m.I


health, morale and efficiency are
not considered income to the
employee. This includes such 1-
tems as medical services, cour-
tesy discounts on purchases,
g r ou p life insurance, railroad
passes, and occasional use of of-
icial cars for personal reasons.
After showing all your Income
as an employee in item 2, page 1
of your return, the next step is
to determine whether you have
any "travel expenses" or "busi-
ness expenses reimbursed by
your employer."
These two Items can be de-
ducted in item 2, page 1 from
your salaries or wages. The two
deductions are especially impor-
tant because they are the only.
two you can use to reduce your
Income and at. the same time
use the tax table or standard
deduction to compute your tax.
Such deductions as Interest,
taxes, charitable contributions.
and casualty losses are reported
on page 3 of the return and can
only be deducted if you do not
use the tax table of the stand-
ard deduction.

If your job requires you to
"travel" as defined below, those
expenses can be deducted in 1-
tem 2 'egardles of whether you
are reburs tor the penses.
Of course, if y are reimbursed
u must report that as Income.
; a exAM iVINeS of an employee,
._, can only
i O-L& to Mtamn 2 if you are
1- them by your em-
.0-t, t- report the reim-
=et, Lcome.
i by th eMploy-
Mngli tin'sfc> I^ i a** **M ac
P ;WlB-l No^~a SB- f flMW O RMksa



M.I.t a
,^^ W l

"Let the people know se truth asi te courary is safe" Abraham Lincoln.



New Helicopters

Flying From US

To Albrook Unit
Lt. Col. Joseph C. Ware, Jr,
commander 1st Air Rescue Group
at Albrook Field. announced to-
day that four H-19 helicopters
were being ferrikd from the fac-
tory at Bridgeport, Connectieut,
to squadrons of his organizatioL.
The 26th Air Rescue Squadron
at Albrook and the 28th Air
Recue Squadro in Puerto Rico,
will both receive two H-19's.
The flight of four helicopters
with two accompanying Alba-
tross amphihian3, are presently
en route to Havana. Cuba, where
the flighi will separate and pro-
ceed to their new stations. The
two H-19s earmarked for Pana-
ma will fly to Cozumal, Mexico,
on the Yucatan Peninsula and
then through British Honduras,
Honduras. Nicaragua, Costa Rica,
to Panama arriving at Albrook
Jan. 12.



President Eisenhower told Con-
gress today that "solid friend-
ship with all our American
neighbors is a cornerstone of our
entire policy."
He appeared in person before
a joint-session of the Senate and
House of Representatives to give
the traditional "State of the Un-
ion message" which opens each
new session of Congress and
sketchexthe broad, pblicles which
the President wants todevelop
during the year.
This speech marked the vir-
tual beginning of Elsenhower's
second year In office, as he was
inaugurated Jan. 20. last year.
Today'% outline of his policies
was broader and firmer than any
previous speech, since he has de-
voted much of his time during
his first year in office to study-
ing national affairs and assimil-
ating information on which to
shape hi, policies.
In the case of Latin Ameri-
ca he had the report spbmit-
ted to him by his brother, Mil-
ton Eisenhower, after a tour of
many of the American nations.
the President today touched
briefly on each major part of the
world then devoted most of hit

This Is the first time hell~opo remarks to domestic affairs.
This s the first time he He recommended aan as he
term have been ferried from the has before, the unioation of
factory to stations n the Carib- Western Europe with a Euro-
bean and Panama. pean armysystem.
The new lrcraft assigned to en earnedd that the m lt
Albrook will replace 'the older o States s I ady to meet any
H-5h's which have beep a fam- renewal of armed aggressionIt
liar sight to Canal Zone and
Panamanian reident4 ince 1940.
The H-5's have been used In
numerous Metgeency -vaua B!
tions of Panamanlsan and other BL
national. in areas adjacent to
the Canal Zone. WASHINGTON. jan. 7 (UP)-
H-lB's are an improved version To'S summary ofIresident

Air Rescue.squadrons during the to Conre today
recent Korean conflict. TAX
Ware said that the asslgnnen TAXES
of 'new H-19a's will greatly en- No further cuts in personal in.
chance the ability of the squad- come taxes should be made at
rons to carry out their missions. this time. A five per cent cut in



deduct in Item 2 on page 1 of
Form 1040 for trips out of town
but not overnight, you may have
to go to the Tax Court to win
this point.
A deduction for travel ex-
penses or business expenses re-
imbursed by your employer must
be supported by a statement at-
tached to your return. There is
no set form. A sample statement
is reprinted with this article to
show you how it can be done,
and Incidentally, to remind you
of what items can be deducted.
Watch .for tomorrow's article
if you have any dividends, in-
terest or business income.

Tax Primer Q. & A.

Q. On a business trip in 1953
I received a per diem allowance
3 on Long Form 1040 and will be of $8 from isy ealployer, but my
discussed In the 10th article, daily business expenses were $9.
Read the information on pages How should I deduct the S9?
5 and 6 of the official instruc- A. You must include the $8 re-
tions shown under "Travel Ex- ceived from your employer a
penses of Employes" and "Re- income in item 2, page 1 of Form
Imburaed Expenses Other Than 1040, but you can also show In
Traviy." If you have any ex- the same place a deduction of
penseu which fit either category, $8 per day for reimbursed ex-
do not file on Form 1040A. These senses. The rerpainine expense
expenses cannot be deducted on of $1 can only be deducted on
that form. They can be deduct- page 3 of Forti 1040 under con-
ed on either Short Form 1040 or editions described In Article 10.
Long Form 1040. Q. I live in Newark and com-
mute each day to my job in New
Note that the Internal Reve- York. Can I deduct my travel
nue Instructions say travel ex- expense?
petses must be incurred while A. No. Travel from home to
traveling at least overnight. The work and back is not deductible.
Tax Court, however, permitted even though you live In another
one taxpayer to deduct as "Trav- city.
el Expenses" the cost of a trip Q. I lost the Form W-2 given
out of town and back in one me by my employer. What should
day. Internal Revenue has not I do?
yet decided to follow this Tax A. Ask your employer for a
Court decision so If you try to copy of your Form W-2.

Frie ndsdhip'


Korea, and he asserted that a "But we shall not leave this
strategic change has come over vital matter to chance. Econo-
the world in the last year mic preparedness is fully as im-
which gives new strength and portant to the nation as military
the cold war initiative to the preparedness."
free nations.
As regards Latin America. he At another point he proposed
said: to promotee "the creation of A
healthier and freer system of
"In the Western hemisphere, trade and payments within the
we shall continue to develop har- free world--a system Ip which
monious and mutually beneficial our alles an earn their own
coo eration with our neighbors. way and'our own eqomy eau
Indeed, solid friendship with ail continue to flourish."
our American neighbors is a cor- "The free world can no longer
ne:stone of our entire policy," afford the *Ind of arbitrary re-
In the face of economic reces astraints ,nm trade that have con-
slon fears expressed b%,y a few tinued ever sine the war. On
economists and some of his poll- this problem 1 shall, submit to
tical enemies, the President the CoCgrems detailed recommend.
promised to keep the- United datlons. aftet our joint commis-
tates economically strong. sion pn foreign economic pOlicy
He said this is essential for the has made Its report.
nation's international position, This last referred to the Ran-
its military security and the dall commission which is due -to
standard of living of every citl- recommend a general interna-
zen. tional trade policy to him and to
A strong economy here Is Ben- Congres before March 6.
rally considered bedefltlal to The Presl4ent said that tech-
Latin America, since It means nai assistance to friendly usn,-
sustained level of purchase of tions must continue and that
commodities from that part of sDeelal areas of the world, par-
the worla. ticulariy Korea, would contja-
The President devoted some of ne to need some economic aid.
his firmest remarks to the eco- Milltary assistance to allis,
nomic situation, saying in part: particularly the. North Atlant!c
R"This administration is deter- Treaty Organization, will con-
mined to keep our economy tinue, he said.
strong. and to keep it growing... He proposed to take stricter
S"At this moment we are in measures against Communists in
transition from a wartime to a the United States, takin citi-
peacetime economy. I am confi- zenship away from those who are
dent, that we can complete this convicted ip courts of consir.
transition without serious l ter- lng'to overthrow the governMent
eruption In our economic growth, by force or 'violence.


corporation .taxes scheduled fop
April 1 should be postponed one
year. Federal excise taxes oh li-
quor, tobacco gasoline, automo-
biles and other Items, scheduled
to drop April 1, should be con-
tinued at present rates. The ad-
Minilstration wil recommend 25
specific changes in tax laws to
eliminate "glaring inequities" for
small taxpayers and reduce re-
straints on business expansion.
The budget for fiscal 1955,
which he will send to Congress
Jan. 21, will cut federal spend-
ing more than $6,000.000,000 be-
low the current year's level, to
about $66,500;000,000. But the
budget will still not be balanc-
He is confident the nation can
make the transition from a war-
time to a peacetime economy
without a "serious" recession.
But the administration will take
no chances: it stands ready to
take- "well-timed and vigorous
action" through easier credit
policies, tax cuts, public works
and other measures to offset any
alarming slump.
Congress should enact legisla-
tion to revoke the citizenship of
any Communist convicted of
plotting the overthrow of the
The United States has seized
the cold war initiative from Rus-
sla and Is determined to hold
and use At to bulid peace and se.
curity for the free world.
"We are prepared to meet any
renewal of armed aggression In

The United States should be
able to tell its military allies the
basic facts about "tactical use,'
of our atomic weapons. Congress
is urged t modify atomic secrecy
laws accodingly.
The present high price support
program iglinnl up huge farm
surpluses and leading to harsh
government controls over farm-
ers. The administration favors a
swHith tfiexl i price supported
" n n to a

'4 M-UIB

meet sudden aggreson
where In the world.


Military aid to Allies and toch-
nical aid to backward cotntres,
must be continued. But economic
aid can be reduced.
He will send detailed recom-
mendations to Congres for a
U.S. trade and tariff policy that
will enable other free nations to
"earn their own way" by selling
to the United States,' and also
will insure that "our own econ-
omy can continue to flourish."

The government should en-
courage expansion of private
hospital and medical Insurance
pla=s by offering a limited "re-
insu,ance" or underwriting serv-
iee tor-'such plans. He wl spell
out this program in a special
message to Congress Jan. 18.
He Tavors a constitutional a-
mendment to permit 18-year-
olds to vote in all states.
The public sch ol system 4s
badly overcrowded and needs
more trained teachers and build -
ines. He hopes each state will
hold a conference on education
this year leading to a national
conference on the problem.
Postal rate hikes recommend-
ed by the administration last
year, including an Increase in
first class postage from three to
four cents, should be approved
by Congress. A permanent com-
mission should be set up with
power to fix postal rates in the
Social security coverage should
be extended to an additional 10,-
000,000 workers, azd unemploy-
ment insurance td an additional
6,500.000. Vocatlonkl training of
the disabled should be expand-
The Taft-Hartley law is "ba-
sically sjund" but six years of
experience have revealed that
"In some respects it can be im-
proved." He will send specific
recommendations to Congress
next MUpay.

he lW ook" defense strate- He will send a housing 1
rs de'k ]lUv", reauoe an ffram to Congress Jan. 25. It
air po. atooflc wempn. provide for continuation of
wit l.t, under-arms. The public housing program and
S*Aed 6bae mMust bnot be tied provement of various fedi
down to 3 one area but muwt loan guarantee and slum cIl
Lhav m m ailm ity" to ance programs.

I.,.: .

Now f's,

NEW, YOR an7 '< to
Ailing diUnm tore hire BAba 1gbef
Hutton has broken her .13e rio who enc-e a we
and has been forced to p9 tpeL co b eri EW a.6..i
her delayed honeymoon 'Wth. haive been publi- .
fifth husbanid Porfirlo Rublroea, actress ZaRn
for at leas sx .weeks, It wVU reM -tub and .i .,s
vealedtod. t"at gwveh .mli
Mrs. Rubkta's secretary, '-at W .Mwee
gat et Latiner' an0ounced- thAt
the heiress tor.$4,000,000 d tphe' Za2 hadeelsIm,
Wool~rtrioWrtune 2"d JpAed vIo pKdf, only a few
the bathroom" Modd ey n d fr. oNe race .tob
broke: her e t nk e e beoe. uaIne he t.unm do
Mrs. Rtair. P M "6 .. mart
S fftttakea..t Iket KIr1.%
Mrs^..Rth secret r ][, wee Ml -"w

Paeirt Ltier.aouced .t..
.h" hersAo.4,0000 h


C~uueu wie nem. w unc % vary opwraton., jil.mWs
eral. weeks at Do',cthe arrptfati efionm wa Comp0 BftWa V-0
shortly DefoIe her marriage .s'ex-ene C fm d ,
Rublroa. appeared frf ai d nd at I
Mrs Rublrosa's bathtub tum- weddrink deremlnay lautWed bi
ble was the second such Ini- day.

GARY COOPER, Bdo Office Champ-dof I-1I ctori ith
is. opening tody "(t the CeonfralT t.r..
S* f o .

Bahbarsa, Stanwyck ansdi pe. altogether
Mg Wild," Warner 3z Mo. wuu t avASItwe with -R-
man and Anthony qiB ta les. FlNis
.C i ."atY '.-$
"'Blowing Wild," new adenture-dramsa iusta
Bros. brings to these. an' ui utedtentd list '0
Award winners la in ax rdis. Gr Co r, wW3e
1952 Academy asi of e the y
ra Stanwyck. Anthtony._ a, Aw*rd in e m.s the ..
supporting actor: of -16 .R tt.h .Dmtan_ .dlU
Tlomkin, double wiqbW c lab r'.Oe. or tls mIt
of "High Noon," c4tod4d the krow.d Muc and
for lwing Wild..Ift a6iV 4MthObe 11to b FtDab.f
In. "Blowing W lae5
fights not only naf BS.,M*e .ndits'w _
icoOirIg the e & Ie ai w
Cooper a ome anxious woiaz4 *
rantafwyck Inu ~~iS t> bS ^ ggi

* J -f-- ull.






If you deduct travel expenses or business expenses
relmbared by your employer in Item 2, page 1 of Form
1040, attach a statement, like this sample, to yawr return:
I made a three-day busuess trip to Cheyenne, Wyo..
in Nov., 195. My expeoues *fre as follows:
Railroad, airplane and taxi fares....'....... $27.50
iMek, lodig and hotel expenses.......... 35.00
Telephone and telegraph chargmes........:. 1.65
Tips, pubB steno .. ............. .. 8.00
Total travel ......................... $2.1

- -


:_ ;- _* *
S, ',--*- :

I' *-

-- I 1 -r ?


- I





.. ,

ht" .,3d ?



: f

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